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someday we'll reach here, my love.
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inahallucination · 3 days
you know that year long urge i’ve had to make a dps social media au
just wont fucking leave me
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so have these 
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aeshwaryadudeja · 3 days
I walked miles and miles seeking a heart that was never mine....
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meekspoetssociety · 2 days
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inmybook · 2 days
I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world.
-Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles
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neilsmirrorball · 3 days
what ever you do don’t think about neil and todd getting to make holiday memories and traditions of their own, no longer bound by their parents orders
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thelaststarsblog · 1 day
Sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate all the good things in your life. 🦋
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thedarkacademian · 21 hours
surreal experience: being That Girl at a social event sitting alone on the steps reading instead of socialising
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taleeagrace · 2 days
my existence has been tainted on the basis of my constant thinking,
rationality is no longer in the foreground of my mind,
and I am repeatedly finding myself trapped in the endless corridors of my thoughts,
door after door, hall after hall, thought after thought.
nothing but thinking.
- t.g
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ilovehimbos · 2 days
todd is the only poet that would be capable of murdering someone in cold blood. he is unhinged inside i know it. my princess.
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ethanhawkelover01 · 2 days
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Ethan with Ryan on the right at the Gotham Awards, 28 November 2022⭐️
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inahallucination · 2 days
dead poets society but that jumping into neil’s arms thing from that one soccer scene is actually just how neil and todd greet each other
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fathertollerssinner · 5 hours
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Oh Ethan 💘
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millyswinter · 2 days
i'm here again to spread my young royals x dead poets society agenda.
it's been said by others a few times, but i think wilhelm really is anderperry's love child. he is the perfect mix of their traits and personalities; the endearing awkwardness of todd and his crippling performance and social anxiety mixed with neil's charms, his ability to make people listen, and most especially, his frustrations in life.
wilhelm's anxious mannerisms, like biting the inside of his mouth and fidgeting with his hands, were almost always present but especially noticeable when he was in a counseling session with boris. his anxiety throughout the show was evident, from scenes with simon to scenes involving the most mundane school activities. but that did not really stop him from doing things that were a constant surprise to the viewers.
todd anderson's refusal to present and recite a poem aloud in class and his refusal to speak during the dead poets meetings paralleled wilhelm's refusal to speak about their book presentation and his refusal to make any public speeches. but the thing about these two boys was that they were both good at what they kept refusing to do. todd proved this when, with the push of professor keating, he actually got up and made a mesmerizing delivery of an impromptu poem in front of the whole class. wilhelm proved this by summoning last-minute courage to deliver a speech in a way that felt most genuine to him by going off-script. twice.
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neil perry initiating the revival of the dead poets society and having his classmates participate paralleled wilhelm convincing his classmates to crash a party with him, knowing fully that it was exclusive for the third years only. they both have this authoritative charm that made people want to listen to and follow them. neil had always been looked up to by the other boys, and he had always been this figure of leadership in the group that bound them all together. granted that in wilhelm's case, being the crown prince could be of great advantage in making people obey him, he rarely used that power on the other boys, except on august whom wilhelm constantly tormented with his power play. he would just stand up, take matters into his own hands, and prompt his classmates to deflect from traditions. he never directed them to do anything. he just set an example, and naturally, the others followed.
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neil's frustrations rooted from his family's, especially his father's, unwavering high expectations of him that caused him to step away from what he was truly passionate about paralleled wilhelm's frustrations rooted from having been born to the royal family and having this preconceived role that he had to fulfill even though he never did ask for it in the first place, stripping him of the chance of ever having a normal and private life. their futures were fixed. they did not get to decide it. they were both merely just pieces of a board game that would move in whatever direction they were directed to. both were trapped. both wanted a way out. but both also feared having their families disappointed in the end.
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so, there. wilhelm is literally todd and neil combined. the fact that he does look like a mix of anderperry is just an added bonus.
[bonus anderperry and wilmon parallels]
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giolovesyousm · 2 days
ok I hope we can all agree that in the "blue&yellow" hypothesis neil is the blue and todd is the yellow
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neilsmirrorball · 2 days
todd anderson was on to something when he sat in his bed writing with some amazing natural light behind him
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