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wordsbyjenpoetry · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Music and my heart are entwined eternally. Just like the memories I share with you.
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the-stars-collided · a day ago
I wonder how many stories are unfolding right now, which the world will know about later
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mkaugust · 2 days ago
I don’t know how to say that I’m jealous of you 
like I’m jealous of the ground,
soaking up water during a sunshower; 
jealous of you 
like I’m jealous of the sky, 
lit up golden just before a sunset; 
jealous of you 
like I’m jealous of rushing rivers, 
leaving their mark on everything in their wake without even trying.  
I don’t know how to say that all I want is for 
your light to shine on me, 
your rain to soak my body, 
your imprint on me while I’m swept up in you.  
I don’t know how to say that it hurts to watch when 
you’re giving it out freely 
to everyone but me 
and I’m left standing in the dark, 
hidden in your shadow. 
I don’t know how to say that I’m jealous of you, 
jealous of everyone around you, 
because I don’t know how to say that 
I love you 
and all I want is for 
you to love me too.
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soulwr1ter · 2 days ago
It's not just about my
story nor is it just about
your story or how
they intertwine
although that is important.
It is about the ones
who came before us,
those who are here now,
and the ones that will
come after us. It is about
the ones who have been
forgotten and the ones
that were left out. It is
about closing the mouth,
opening the heart , and
listening with the soul.
It is about connecting and
making sure to hear clearly
all that is being said. It is about
not assuming, stereotyping,
or judging. It is about
giving people space to just be and
in that space creating
peace and happiness.
It is about accepting
and giving without wondering
what good you will receive in return.
In a world where you can build
a bridge or a wall, choose a bridge
because life is about building bridges
of understanding and filling in
the gaps with warmth to let
the light shine unconditional love
and to extend it to cover us
all with the beauty of hope. 
-J.Wool, Bridges, Soul Whispers
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theheartofthekoko · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Spooktober - A Poetry Challenge
The delightful @fablesdelightme and I ( @theheartofthekoko) invite you to take part in our upcoming poetry challenge! 
The goal is to write a new poem every day for the entire month (or as many days as work for you, there are no firm rules about it). We have thirty-one prompts, but feel free to write whatever you want, the prompts are mostly there as a little nudge towards poetic inspiration. 
Post and tag your poems with #spooktoberpoetry here on tumblr to take part in the challenge! Liza and I will be checking the tag and commenting on/reblogging poems sporadically over the course of the month! We’re excited to share our love of poetry with you, and hope that you’ll join us as you feel comfortable!
There really are no rules beyond posting your work and tagging it. Other creative endeavors in writing and art are fine as well, if the inspiration strikes! There’s no minimum requirement or limit to how many poems you can write. This is meant to be fun, not stressful!
Let's have a spooky time,
- Liza and Koko
(written list of prompts can be found under the break)
Written List of Prompts:
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tenderfaery · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
— mimi evangeline, excerpt from deus mortis
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merebone · a month ago
i read once that a person’s love language is influenced by what they lacked most as a child. the common thread woven from each of the five love languages is a desire to be seen. touch, i believe, is the most intimate. to lay hands on a body is to acknowledge, leaving no room for doubt or error, existence. in other words, i am a ghost, and my mother is absolved of guilt.
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goldinkpen · 7 months ago
Writer’s Paradise Masterlist
As a Writer it’s my goal to help and uplift other writers and future Authors alike so here’s a Masterlist of resources I’ve compiled for you to use for your writing!
If you know any sites or have any recommendations for me to add, my asks/submissions are open!!
I’ll update these as I further my journey & research into becoming an Author one day, please reblog this to help your fellow writers!
Organization, Advice, and Research
Hiveword - A website with multiple writing resources available such as planning, index cards, articles with advice, name and character generators, and research capabilities. The free account offers the essentials such as scenes, characters, and plotlines.
Storyteller’s Roadmap - A website that helps you plan, write, and revise a story thoroughly. It including guides to write specific descriptions along with a thesaurus, templates and worksheets, an Idea Generator and more.
Helping Writers become Authors - A website in a blog style format with multiple articles and resources including writing mistakes, novel outlining, story structures, as well as character arcs and many more.
UK resources for writers - A website with resources for learning how to write with free and paid courses, writing opportunities, and more for writers in the UK.
Creative Writers Academy - A website with free classes guiding a step by step through the publication process.
Reedsy - A blog style website that includes Articles about publication and centered around learning how to publish a book with many tools and generators for writing.
Poets and Writers - A website for Writers and poets with resources like publishing your writing, finding your community and more.
Research Links for Writers - An HTML site with multiple links and resources for writers spanning upon multiple genres, subject matters, and history.
The internet public library - A website encyclopedia for essays and academic papers.
Writing realistic Injuries - A website with a list of different types of injuries and how to write them out including, impacts, and the effects of them.
RanGen - A website for writers with writing challenges, resources, and generators for things like personalities, characters, poisons, writing prompts, etc.
Ivy Tech Library - A library database website with a lot of resources for research including folklore and by region.
How to write a story by Creativepromptsforwriting on Tumblr - A different Masterlist with many more resources about writing, staying motivated, certain plots, etc.
Self Publishing
A step-by-step Video about Self Publishing - A video by Gilliain Perkins explaining her process of how she self published her Best Seller Novel.
How to format your book yourself through word - A video by Natalia Leigh with a step-by-step process on how she formats her manuscript. Her video covers: Page Size, Margins, Line spacing, Indentation, Chapter Styles, Page Numbers, and Headers.
Strategies for Marketing your book - A video made by iWriterly she explains 34 different strategies that can be used to market a book (while marketing her book lol!) and includes a downloadable checklist of these strategies
Masterclass How to copyright a book in 7 steps - An article guiding step by step how to properly copyright a self published book.
Fiverr - A freelancing website where you can find someone to make your illustrations, covers, and even get editors as well as someone to voice or make an audiobook for you.
Up Work - A freelancing website  where you can find someone to make your illustrations, covers, and even get editors as well as someone to voice or make an audiobook for you.
Beta Books - A website for Beta Readers can read your book and return their feedback. It lets you sort and filter your feedback by reader, chapter, or keyword, to get your book done.
Docucopies - A printing service website with a short guide about self publishing, buying copyright, and ISBN references and sites, all while including printing services (10% off of orders over 350$)
The Book Patch - A book printing service which includes Print-On-Demand services or cheap printing services allowing for smaller quantities. The Book Patch does not offer expensive publishing package, and keeps book publishing costs to a minimum.
Affordable Book Printing - A website with book publishing services including printing books but also formatting e-books, Cover Design, as well as Marketing and more
Generators & AUs
Random AU Generator - A website that generates AUs randomly.
Fantasy Name/Realm Generator - A website that generates random fantasy names.
Random Name Generator - A website that generates random names based on the options chosen with the ability to choose by region and gender.
Service Scape Writing Prompt Generator - A website that generates in depth writing prompts as chosen by the genre selected.
Writing Plot Generator - A website that generates plots based upon your selections of genre, title, etc.
Art Breeder - A website that can use a series of images to generate photos or the perfect character for your story.
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transsextual · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
what mary magdalene said to the young transsexual, elle emerson (@transsextual) after clint smith
text description under the cut!
text description:
What Mary Magdalene Said To The Young Transsexual
Child, I know you think yourself doomed / Written out of history, or else / Kept slinking in the shadows of alleyways, / Disappearing into unforgiving crowds, / Putting on airs in strange bedrooms, / Spoken over and denied / A place, a heart, a conscience, a home.
I know you have struggled to synthesize yourself / Into something logical, singular. / They have retold you into an outsider, / An amalgamation of sinners, / The repentant fool they would make out of you / If you let them.
I know you are not what they have made you out to be; / You are, in fact, good / & much more. / I have seen you with my whole heart & this / Is what you need to know:
You never were and never will be a singularity / In the sense that you are not and will never be a single thing. / You are a singularity in the sense that you are the celestial point from which / The universe of yourself will burst forth. / It is the nature of people like us to be / Pluralities, multiplicities, / Code-switchers, rich with motion, speaking in tongues, / Contorting the canon of love & sex & gender to fit our bodies / Not the other way round. / Even at rest, we never stop moving.
Child, they will try to keep you from yourself. / They will try to write you out. / They will smear your good name / (And it is, by the way, a good name, well chosen, / do not be afraid to choose a new one if the notion strikes you.) / They will call you perverted, call you out of line, / Call you scheming, call you outrageous, / Childish, reckless, evil, out of time. / They will run you out of time / Like they did me
If you let them.
It does not matter to them / If you are beloved by what is pure. / It does not matter to them / If you are devoted to the same forces / That tuck them into bed at night. / You will not change them with kindness. / They will eat you alive if you try.
So protect yourself with the truth / & with blades & bullets & fists / & tooth & nail. / & give them no further thought than that.
Child, we are something else. / We make ourselves holy. / Who are they to claim power over us? / They may dictate history,
But we are the ones who live it.
end text description.
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sweatermuppet · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
from blessed be the ones who tie off the trash bags by silas denver melvin
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the-stars-collided · 7 days ago
The feminine urge to become the kind of woman your father always hated
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jellogram · a month ago
For years I've been submitting to literary journals and gotten fed up with the process, so I've decided to start my own! It's called Goosewax! There is NO submission fee and NO long waiting period! Already published your work to Tumblr, Wattpad, Substack, etc? Not a problem. I have no issues with accepting previously published work!
Obviously this journal is brand new, so I can't claim any kind of prestige, but it is an official literary journal and your work would be considered published! This means that in all your cover letters from now on, you could list publication in a journal. You'd also be helping an independent journal get its feet off the ground.
There are very few rules to submit, but be sure to read them on the Submissions page linked below. Basically I accept short stories, creative nonfiction, and poetry all with a maximum of 5k words (no fanfiction please, only works that don't require knowledge of particular media). Since I don't have a backlog to get through right now, turnaround time will be lightning fast and if you choose to provide an email (optional) you'll hear back about your submission in a day or two. Here's the submission page:
You can also email me at [email protected] with your submission attached, if you prefer. If you have trouble with either of these, feel free to DM me on Tumblr. You can also remain entirely anonymous if you'd like, or be published under a username. It's up to you! If you don't wish to submit, reblogs are GREATLY appreciated as I try to get this thing going. I am super excited about this project and I can't wait to read your submissions!
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crescent-july · a month ago
August has always been the most distressing month in the year. The emotions are wild and untamed, the hunches keep haunting you, your heart reminds you of who you love so deeply and your mind warns you that it may not end so well.
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strwbrycigs · 9 months ago
and if i look at anything for too long it starts to become a metaphor for love
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tenderfaery · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
— mimi evangeline, from girlhood is godhood
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meanwhilepoetry · a year ago
I hope you look back at past versions of yourself with kindness rather than despair.
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soulinkpoetry · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Keep watering……
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