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Older Siishi doodles
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what else is there to do while running from the law in freezing mountains other than share a tent and spit whiskey into each others mouths 馃様馃 as cowboys do
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King Zagan
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Shhh they're reading
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鈥淕o to hell鈥, you say? Tell me more. Do you have directions? I鈥檝e got an eternity of demons to fuck my way through and time鈥檚 a tickin
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thinking about nebul catching his pet masturbating without permission and since theyre clearly soooo woefully understimulated he passes them around the clergy until they learn their lesson
[Amazing thought, I agree wholeheartedly. Fem reader. Pov is all over the place. 炉\_(銉)_/炉]
TW: Verbal degradation; Exhibitionism.
Tumblr media
" M-Master Nebul- I- I'm s-sorry-! "
It must be hard to speak. You've already come a couple of times. Three. You're not keeping count, but he is. Nonetheless, you're overstimulated by the number of tentacles everywhere on your body. A pair looping over your tits, flicking your nipples, looped over your neck, others keeping your legs spread and your arms firmly held behind your back as two tendrils ram into your used hole, one entering when the other pulls out and vice-versa. Last but not least, another one taps your poor clit at random intervals.
You've been displayed like this, over the bartender's counter, for what must amount to an hour now, he reckons. Gallon is more than thrilled by the possibility to ravage a new human. He's relentless, blazing red eye seeming to swallow your precious form alive while he plays you like a perverse instrument for the viewing pleasure of your master, who stands in front of you.
" Your words are void of meaning, pet. " Nebul tuts. " Why should I believe you, when you promised you wouldn't touch yourself, yet I find you mewling on my bed like a slut not even a week later? "
He says it loud and clear for the whole floor to hear. It's very easy for a wraith like him to project his voice. There are so many eyes on you, it's humiliating. It's exhilarating. Even so, he can tell you've never been so aroused in your life and it shows, as you arch and strain against the slime's hold, howling in pleasure for the fourth time when another orgasm is plucked out of you. Gallon chuckles, clearly very pleased with himself.
" Would you like me to shut her up? " The barkeep offers, pulling your arms down so that you now lie across the counter, legs up and spread, face level with his dick. This prehensile, orange growth with a couple of odd bumps near the root and a smaller appendage squirming beneath. It must look strange to you, he muses. The wet and slimy thing pokes at your cheeks and chin as the yellow monster rocks his hips teasingly.
" Yes, nothing of value will be lost. " Nebul waves a hand dismissively, inwardly beaming when Gallon pries your lips apart, letting the tip of his member flirt with your tongue before he makes himself comfortable, sliding into your throat. The bump is noticeable even to the wraith, you gag almost viscerally.
" Thought you would have trained that out of her by now. " The bartender jabs.
" She's not as fluid of a learner as you, Gallon. " The wraith stabs in return, veering towards someone else before the slime can get a rebuttal in. Ah, the dullahan.
He's been sitting a couple of stools back, hat pulled down to obscure his face as he watches the show like the lurid little voyeur Nebul's always known him to be. An unsubtle hand reaches beneath his garbs, no doubt coiled over his cock. Putting aside the spark of longing in those carved sockets, it doesn't seem like he's about to make a move any time soon.
" You. " Patches startles, face taken by an emerald flush. " Always such a spineless loser. Get up, she's free to use for now. "
It takes the dullahan a couple of seconds to process the offering, but he's not stupid enough to let it go to waste, almost darting to stand in front of your slick pussy, watching the bob of Gallon's length on your throat. He's pushing his pants down in frustrated shoves, fingers hovering anxiously at your thighs, feeling your legs and tummy up while his now freed hardness twitches with interest. Nebul could almost roll his eyes, if he had any.
" I don't have all day, Patches. Either you fuck her or you make way for someone else. "
" M3! 0H 0HH! M3! 1 W4NN4! " The robot, who has been hovering from side to side, no doubt taking pictures and filming the encounter through several angles, pipes up. Predictably.
" Well? " Nebul's fingers drum on the counter, letting the other undead choose.
Patches shakes his head at the robot, using his thumbs to spread your labia and batting Gallon's hovering tendrils away. He takes one shuddering breath before slipping inside of you, thighs immediately tensing and face twisting in a myriad of sensation while you reflexively tighten and cry out senselessly around Gallon's girth. Nebul wants to congratulate the green monster for not coming immediately upon entering a woman, but he's beaten to the punch by his coworker.
" Hah, what's that face? Gonna cum already? " The bartender laughs, a little out of breath as his pace quickens. You must be clenching around the dullahan, because he lets out a most pathetic keen, like it's taking him every ounce of strength he has not to immediately flood you. Gallon only laughs harder.
" N- Not helping! " The other growls, taking a couple more moments to get used to the sensation before starting to rock experimentally. The first drag of your cuntlips on his dick has the male gasping, twitching and grabbing handfuls of your plump ass. He won't last a fucking minute, Nebul would bet his entire stock of pearls on it. Still, it'll be an entertaining sight.
While Gallon has no trouble using your warm hole the way it's meant to be enjoyed, panting and moaning quietly at every hum of your half-panicked self- Patches hardly moves, sweating bullets yet lacking half the physical effort of his coworker. Deplorable. Really, Nebul has always known that the dullahan is also meant for the role of pet. Trusting this cur to be dominant while in his default state is about the same as expecting a mute to sing...
Nonetheless, this isn't about the other undead, it's about his misbehaving pearl. And surely, letting an equally submissive, sad excuse of a monster shove his cock in you, must be adding to that sweet, delicious degradation. Curbing the need to bully Patches is hard however.
" Come now, pet- " Nebul begins, leaning close enough to make sure his every word seeps into your skin. That you have no choice but to pay attention even through the onslaught of sensation wrecking your body. " Make yourself useful. Your new friend wants a fucktoy that's worth his time. And we wouldn't want anyone here to leave unsatisfied, would we? "
The wraith is very pleased to see you squirm to action within mere seconds. Sure, there was the threat of punishment subtly hidden in his tone, but you did well to react so quickly. Bound as you are, he observes you shift inviting hips forward, essentially bucking into the dullahan, swaying them from side to side lightly as if to invite him to fuck you already. Good... Very good. You learn fast. Very adaptable. He loves that about you, it's a joy to work with humans such as yourself.
Whatever thread of self-control held Patches back from making an even more pathetic scene appears to snap, and the green monster whimpers, finally slapping his balls onto your ass and looping his arms under your back. Instead of putting on a show with deliberately deep and purposeful thrusts like the slime claiming your mouth, Patches just hunches like an animal and makes desperate, brief pistons into your heat, the sounds accompanying this near scandalous. He's more so grinding himself than actually thrusting, but it seems to do the job, apparently hitting some sort of spot that has your toes curling and abdomen flexing in zings of pleasure.
Gallon's fast yet visibly merciful pace becomes sporadic, eye narrowing in his chase for the peak. A reflexive gulp from your part appears to do the trick, throwing him into a deforming mess as his thick cock morphs to fit entirely in your throat, no doubt feathering around your esophagus by now. The yellow monster drips and melts like a wax candle, throbbing load after load directly into your guts while you choke and sputter, fluids cascading to coat your nose, eyes and cheeks. You make an odd sound, as if seconds away from hurling, and Gallon has the common sense to pull out, dragging globs of cum and drool with him, to once more ruin your poor, flushed face. Your coughing fit, although adorable to all of them, is cut off by frantic gasps and sharp cries while Patches unknowingly fucks you through your next orgasm.
The way your eyes roll back so hard has Nebul's cock throbbing painfully, but he's determined to be the last. To make you beg for him after you've been passed through the entire staff team like cheap party confectionery. Yes, that'll be beautiful.
Minute man that he is, Nebul can't even pretend to be surprised when the mock-scientist rattles out a whore moan and empties his balls into you, what must be months of frustration leaving his slumped over body. Your legs dangle off the counter, limp like noodles, the only sounds heard being panting, hushed murmuring from the distant crowd, and the pitter patter of cum hitting the floor.
" Bravo! Bravo! I want an encore! " A new, deep voice calls out.
All of you tense, Nebul doesn't need to turn to know the demon is right behind him. Clawed hands settle on his shoulders as Santi leans in to survey the scene, eyes bright and mouth parted as if to taste the very air around him. Of course, like moths to a flame, the motions of lust summoned him here.
" I'm wounded I wasn't invited, I've already missed half the fun! " The incubus laments.
Gallon helps you sit up, a single tendril rubbing your bare back as Patches mutters a quiet apology for making a mess of you and rights his clothes.
" The night is young, there's a lot more to come, demon. " The wraith all but invites, curious to see how his pet would react to a hypersexual monster. And a seasoned one at that.
Santi lets his hands move around the older monster, stroking at his shoulders and occasionally groping. Nebul can sense his pheromones and the radiating warmth of the other's closeness, but he's always been good at hiding his reactions, always had a lot more self-control than the incubus gives him credit for. Yet still, the lack of visible reaction never appears to deter him.
" That's what I like to hear... " With a purr, Santi moves in like a hawk, sending Patches away with a heavy palm to that relatively flat ass. Naturally, the twink yips like a dog and scurries to the safety of the stools nearby. " Good boy. " Gallon takes a step away, cleaning himself up but keeping a sharp eye on the show around him.
Tumblr media
The demon. You've seen him before, in passing.
Never too close, but his eyes are unmistakable. In fact, the longer he looks at your ruined body, the hotter you feel, some part of you wanting to lunge for the male and ride him like a bull. He's certainly got the horns to be called that.
" Oh, sweetie- " He starts, looming over you with a look exuding false concern. The very sound of his voice is driving you crazy, empty cunt fluttering against nothing. You know there's some weird magic shit involved here. A skeptical glance towards Nebul reveals nothing, he just watches, ever stoic.
" What a mess, just look at you! " The incubus coos, grabbing your stained chin with a thumb and index, a sort of mania in his face, like deep glee at the sight of you covered in his coworkers' cum. " Let Santi help. " And with that, those yellowed teeth part, a roving muscle trailing from neck to chin and cheek.
You're not sure if it's the tingling sensation of the monster's saliva, or maybe just the buzzing warmth of those dark lips on your skin, but you grow restless, squirming against the hulking figure and grabbing onto him like he's an anchor. Like you must, lest the world around you fall apart. It's a dizzying sensation, making the other chuckle at your dazed state even as he shamelessly licks the fluids off your face.
The gesture is topped off with a sticky kiss, he's not sharing it with you, but still allows you to taste more of Gallon. It feels as if you have no choice but to pull him closer, hands clawing at his neck, in a trance of sensation you've never felt before while Santi chuckles with approval at your attitude. By the time you're given a break, his face now nestled in the crook of your neck, the distinct feeling of being watched pricks at your back. Your eyes dart to Nebul, who appeasingly palms at himself through those long robes, but he only shakes his head- As if he knew you were looking for someone.
A couple more glances and you find him. Another monster. This one a pallid white figure with two, no- Three, massive lavender eyes fixed intensely on you. This is... The angel. The one Nebul says works as security around here. You don't know too much about him, save for the fact that he often gets in everyone's nerves with his stickler tendencies. The monster, taking a stance by the side of the bar, appears to be deeply focused on your figure.
However, as soon as your eyes meet, those pupils shrink and his head zips to the crowd, he seems to fluff up with tension. Odd.
The demon still peppering kisses everywhere on your chest gets annoyed with the lack of response from his meal, drawing back to ask what's wrong when he follows your gaze to the angel. Oh. The most wicked of smiles settles on those handsome lips and you know trouble is coming.
" Belo! " Santi starts, tone very chipper. Said monster doesn't even look his way, wings folded but raised on his shoulders in a sort of aggressive dismissal. " Come, join us, you look like you need to unwind. "
Belo makes an inaudible reply. You can only hear murmurs of "gross" and "irredeemable" as well as a couple of ushered expletives. The incubus only laughs, urging you to lean back while he parts your thighs, eyeing the mess between them with the same hunger of a starved beast. A sweet kiss trail starts from the inside of your thighs to your flushed pussy, still a tad oversensitive, enough to make you jump in place. It does nothing to halt him, and soon, you're getting cleaned from the inside out, an absolutely merciless pace.
Those great horns of his won't let you close your legs even as Santi sucks your clit and groans against you. Instead of letting you cum, he pulls back whenever your walls start spasming, turning you into a flustered, frustrated mess. You open your mouth in an attempt to make words, then immediately shut it upon Nebul's icy glare.
You are not to beg or make requests, you recall him saying at the very start of this, you will take only what you're given and I will have you whipped for every greedy complaint.
Tears pricking your eyes, you can only spare the demon a desperate look. There's no room for mercy in the green blaze of his hues, he just winks at you and shoves his tongue as far into your sloppy cunt as he can. It rips a full-body shudder out of you, an embarrassing moan spilling out. Gallon can be heard whistling quietly, some others snickering and giggling at the lurid sound while you blush harder in shame. It takes you a moment to realize why the demon's drawing this out. You're able to sense his gaze again, the angel.
His head wings spread in rapt attention and he's caught ogling your indecent state again. You note the rising and falling of his chest and the way he looks almost pained. What a weird dude. It's more than clear he wants in, and it's goofy to think the fear of being "indecent" could be what's stopping him. This whole place is the furthest thing from decent! This time, instead of meeting his eyes fully and probably scaring him off, you only offer Belo a lidded side-glance. Enough for him to be aware that you know he's staring. That you enjoy it.
Santi, on the other hand, has no qualms eye-fucking the angel even as he keeps torturing your sex. It's an almost smarmy, victorious look. Nebul turns towards him wordlessly and Gallon offers a curious glance as well. Even Patches deadpans at him. Under so much scrutiny, Belo's eyes flicker in all sorts of directions and he tenses further like a coiled spring. You have to muffle a laugh.
" Should I start charging the peepers? " Nebul begins, flicking his claws nonchalantly. " Really Belo, either make yourself useful or make yourself scarce. "
The angel bristles, walking up to his coworker. " You have some nerve for an undead blight- "
" And you have a lot of repressed sexual energy. I don't need to be a demon to spot that. " Santi actually cackles at that one. " Is it judgement you're afraid of? "
" From the likes of you?! Hah! "
" Then I'm not sure what you're waiting for. "
Silence reigns.
Apparently peer pressure gets under Belo's skin very easily, because he growls quietly and takes a couple of tentative steps towards you and Santi. The demon all but preens with glee, offering an excited, heated kiss where you can taste your own arousal painting his chin. You're lifted without hesitation while the incubus gets on his knees, placing you on his lap. It doesn't take long before you sense the length poking your back. That... Lord, that's a lot. Nebul is already hard to take without a work out, you gulp just thinking about the stretch. But you're a good girl, always will be, you can handle this. It'll make your master very proud.
Your self-appeasing monologue is interrupted by Santi's tsk, while he rolls his eyes at the other's impractical outfit. Now that you think about it, that skin-tight suit does make it hard to work with. He'll have to strip fully for this, which you're not really complaining about to be honest.
" You should really get a zipper on this. " The incubus mutters, quickly sliding a claw through the fabric in front of his pelvis. It peels open in a matter of seconds, a good bit of snow white fluff already poking out. It's hard to see beyond the fur, but you're sure there's a cute pink slit in there.
" How dare you?! This suit was made by the most- " Said grievances are replaced by an unflattering yelp as soon as Santi grasps the angel's ass and drives him forward, a hair's width from your face. You get the memo.
Not quite sure how to handle a furred monster like him, you settle for nuzzling against the tuft of fluff there until your nose brushes something wet. You waste no time, warm tongue lapping at it insistently, feeling the powerful monster's legs quake by your side. By the time you think to slide the very tip of the muscle into his slit, your eyes widen as his cock is already pushing against it. Leaning back slightly is all it takes for the angel's cock to slip out surprisingly fast, making the demon behind you coo. He was trying not to get exposed all this time, the poor guy.
Greedy as ever, the first taste is stolen by Santi. Belo whines, it's a needlessly erotic sound, but something tells you he's not exaggerating. Little does it matter, as more get all but ripped out of the angel the moment you're encouraged to share him with his shameless coworker. For someone who was making such a fit about getting down and dirty, he's way too eager to buck against both your mouths, not quite sure what to do with his hands beyond nearly crushing the counter with his iron grip. The eay Belo tears up and nearly begs for more is undeniably hot. Ever since getting taken by Nebul, situations where you get to dominate are near non-existent, so you savor every single one of them like snowflakes.
With one last, decidedly gross kiss, the demon bites your lower lip and leaves you to take care of Belo's needy length by yourself, more focused on spreading your legs and lining himself up. Your little whimper is shushed when a clawed palm settles on your mons, this sudden wave of heat encompassing you. Sucking around Belo, you hardly realize what's happening until Santi's hilted inside you. Just like that. No pain, no struggle, but oh so very filling.
Everything seems to fall into place, with one monster lusciously rolling his hips into you, and the other holding your head so he can slide down your throat. Something about it all feels right, and you smile- Well, as much as you can, knowing that Nebul will be very proud of you, even in this fucked-out state. It's unclear how much time you knelt there, used by the two, until the pleasant, filthy trance was broken by dark digits flicking at your button.
It happened embarrassingly fast, though in retrospect, dealing with a lust demon excuses it- Your next peak hits like a train and you reflexively bounce onto Santi, wanting to prolong it for as long as you can. He was apparently waiting for this, because having you clench around his cock so suddenly sends the incubus over the edge not long after. He grinds up into you, moaning like a whore in heat and forcing your face flush against Belo's fur.
The angel isn't holding up too well himself, wings fluttering and member throbbing at the sight of you coming undone. Getting forcibly gagged onto his pink cock elicits full-body shivers out of the male, who breathlessly keens and promptly comes down your abused throat, groaning as he pulls out to fuck his own fist heatedly. Something tells you he doesn't get blown often. In fact, the way Belo all but flops onto a stool makes you almost snort in amusement.
Nebul walks up to you, curling his fingers in a "rise" motion. You spot the outline of his hardness beneath those grayish-purple robes and lick your lips.
The demon, previously fondling and nuzzling into you surprisingly sweetly, pouts at the wraith. " Aw, leaving so soon? Can't your pretty pearl stay for just a minute more? " He has the gall to playfully rut into you, a sharp gasp making you rattle in overstimulation.
The undead shakes his head. " You've had your turn, do not push it. "
A snort. " Fine fine, killjoy. " You're lifted off his member, lewd pearly white ropes dripping down your shaky legs. Santi bids you farewell with a harsh slap your ass. He enjoys doing that, it seems. " Visit us again, will you? "
Nebul's grip of your naked waist, although quite cold, still manages to be comforting. You just want to slump onto him and call it a day, but the sharp ding of the elevator doors opening jolts you back into attention.
" Now's not the time for sleep, pet. We have barely even started. " He tuts.
" Y-Yes, master. " Alert eyes observe as he pushes a button on the wall.
" We're now heading to one of the underground floors. " He starts, answering your unspoken question. " There, you will get to eat. And choose between who you'll entertain first. The waiter, or the chef? "
You tense.
The chef... Isn't that the huge blue guy? The one that butchers people? You don't remember that much about the waiter, except he's short. Short and bubbly. Your lack of answer makes Nebul tap his claws on the handrail next to him, a sign of clear disapproval.
" Hm, if you're not enthused, then we could always just head over to Vinnel's- "
" The waiter! " You instantly squeak, horrified at the mere mention of that cursed jester.
His ensuing chuckle, albeit ever monotone, speaks volumes of his amusement.
" Very well then, get ready. "
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A big shoutout to the wonderful @horny-for-them-always for commissioning this! Some of this was new to me so I hope I do it justice for you. (I know I said there would be a wait but it Came To Me what can I say.) Comms are currently OPEN
Title: Make No Mistake Wordcount: 2057 Kinks: terato, cross-species, alien x human, breeding, impregnation, eggpreg / oviposition, dirty talk, degradation, positive degradation??, man handling, size difference, aphrodisiac, both parties consent before the aphrodisiac kicks in! Synopsis: Sal and Gashnek have been working on creating an aphrodisiac for the big pharma company they work for. They have also wanted to date each other for as long as they've been working on it. On the night they finally finish it, feelings - and chemicals - all spill out....
"I think we're almost there." Gashnek held up the vial towards the light, swirling it gently. The liquid had a pleasantly pink hue - a side effect, not an intention, but considering the clientele they were working on this for, it was a very useful one. A dye could interfere with the chemical compounds, after all, and considering how hard they had worked to get it perfect, that was a very big deal. The company had sunk a lot of time and resources into building an aphrodisiac that could work on his species, notoriously nose-blind as they were. Lacking any real kind of receptive organ that read pheromones or influenced them outside of their breeding cycles. And with space travel destabilising those further, well, this little concoction could go pretty far towards making sure his race continued living..
And, of course, make a pretty penny for the company that produced it.
Sallaroa - Sal, for short, his lab buddy, the expert who had been working with him this whole time - offered a bright grin from where she was sat at a microscope, turning to look at him. She was always so very pretty. A lot of his friends had said they just didn't see the appeal of humans - two legs instead of four, the fine hair that just got in the way, how much they seemed bothered by things such as 'smells' or 'tastes' instead of just taking their nutrient slurry as it was meant to be. He had much been the same, until he met her. She didn't look at him with disgust or uncertainty like many humans did - didn't seem bothered by his different body plan or height difference or way of speaking, no. She was beautiful, and so, so very smart - Gashnek had been carrying a candle for her since the day they had met.
He wasn't sure what made him do it. Confidence, maybe, from finally cracking the recipe; just the bright smile, or that now they'd got it down the team would be sent to different projects, or just some strange burst of sudden stupidity but -
"Would you consider perhaps a date with me?" the words tumbled from his mouth, "Romantically. I -" and then he felt the heady rush of blood, embarrasment, his ears folding back, "Or not, of course, if - if that is a - work conflict, I -" "Gash, of course I will." Sal spoke, cutting across him, standing and taking his hand in hers. "I've been waiting for you to ask." His brains flat-lined. In astonishment, at the touch, his hand loosened. The vial slipped. Alarm - both their reflexes too slow as it hit the floor, and the fragile glass shattered, rose liquid starting to spread in a puddle. The vapours were invisible, but for a split second, he invisioned the cloud around his head.
"Sal, you must go at once." he spoke, urgently, "The aphrodisiac will trigger my mating urges - I may hurt you -" "You won't." she stepped closer to him, pupils blown, but the concoction should have no impact on a human like her. "My species is - we are not - it is not a uh -" oh, his head was already swimming. It was potent, the chemical, his throat flaring open and drawing it down into his lungs, flowing into his body and sending crackling heat - the kind he hadn't felt since his last cycle, a clear five years ago, a long and lonely situation - into every part of him. He could feel himself stiffening, slipping from his sheathe, the white lab outfit straining and stretching. A low groan rumbled out of his chest. "I want you to do it." Sal insisted, tugging at his clothes, and he helped, fingers fumbling as it fell away. Revealing the short-cropped fur that covered his form, poppers opening and falling away, leaving him bare and his drooling cock almost shivering.
"Holy shit." Sal whispered, and he drew in a sharp breath. "I can only apologise whilst I still have my mind." he murmured, before leaning down, grasping her and tugging her close. Sal let out a rumble of her own - a moan, his fogged brain connected the dots - as he kissed her roughly, her lips so startling soft and wet against his rough, fuzzed mandibles. But she leant into it, arms around his secondary back - the part that stood straight, like a human torso - grateful for his flexibility, even holding her up like this. He couldn't think past the mating urge, and here was a hot, pulsing body, ready for him - "Perfect little breeding slut." he growled, causing another noise to escape her as his spare hand tangled in her hair, yanking it back so he could mouth and nip at her neck, marking her as his -
He didn't mean to fling her, honestly, even with his instincts. But she was so much lighter than he was used to, swinging her around to slap her down on the lab bench. She yelped, panting, as his hands made short work of ripping her top away, pressing her breasts into the cold countertop. Bracing on the edge, her knees found the long seat below, as his claws shredded away the rest of the fabric and revealed her dripping lower lips. He bent in, drawing a long swipe with his tongue - it was rough edged, more used for breaking food apart than tasting, but it felt incredible against her clit, causing Sal to yelp in pleasure. "Good pet. Going to fuck you full." he reared up, hands either side of her as his front legs slapped down by her hips. Their bodies were short but dense, like a truck without a trailer; powerful rear legs and more nimble front ones. And, fuck, it wasn't like she'd spent nights reading up about how his species bred with a hand down her pants or anything, totally, but feeling how heavy and damp his cock was as it slapped down onto her pert rear made fresh stickiness drip down her legs as she trembled in excitement.
"Fucking perfect little whore," he snarled, unable to help himself, all that gentle nature lost in the vicious heat flooding his body, "Designed for me, aren't you?" his thick fingers parted her folds, a couple of quick pumps to make sure she was ready before he adjusted, drawing back and pressing down. His dick missed, at first, rubbing the bumpy surface over her clit and causing Sal to squeal - the next thrust was true, slipping deep into her desperate entrance. She nearly howled as he tugged her head back again to kiss her roughly, stretching around him. It was tricky, even with how soaked she was, breathing hard as her legs trembled. He was oozing pre into her, startlingly hot as she moaned, eyes rolling back and thighs jerking slightly, unwilling twitches as he held so shockingly still鈥
"You're going to look so fucking good, my filthy -" and then he drove into her, causing her to squeal again as he smacked in deep, a slight shock of pain followed by bliss. His powerful back legs were driving so fast and deep, and she was gasping, lost in it, "dirty whore -" he snarled, "perfect breeder," and every slap was punctured by his words, "mine, mine, my fucking breeding bitch," his top hands came around, squeezing her breasts, "Going to fill you," he hissed in her ear, "Make you sloppy and perfect -" and she came, howling as she clutched the table, squeezing around him. "Already? Does my dick make you cum that easy? You're going to take every drop." he panted, knowing the eggs dropping into him, making him heavier, were fertile and ready to take up residence in her body. She would do the rest, carry and nurture them, give her own little packets of dna to make sure they weren't his clones.
"Fuck," she slurred, and he slipped a finger in her mouth to suck on, feeling the strength of her commitment as he picked up the pace, bouncing her into the table and not giving a damn about anything other than packing her perfect, svelte form full of his young.
He pressed his hand into her back, squishing her into the table, feeling her gasp at pert nipples on cold metal - although it was undoubtedly warmer than it had been before he began to fuck her into it. She was so small, compared to him - he wished he could see her tight wet hole stretched around his thickness, it would look so gorgeous as each thick egg was about to spread her even further, but he couldn't鈥 it was beyond his control now, anyway. "I want to see this," he panted, rearing his legs and grabbing her shoulder with one hand, calf with the other - and rotate her. She cried out, but Sal was so wet that it was easy enough to spin her to face him, placing her legs over his secondary hips as he dropped down, able to see her spit-stained and blissed-out face. "You're loving this, aren't you?" he growled, "Being just a breeding bitch, my little fucktoy鈥 going to wipe that expression off your face鈥"
And then he moaned, and shuddered, causing her to do the same. The first egg was truly moving, now, little bucks of his hips as it slipped and dropped and stretched - eyes widening for just a moment before he felt the 'pop' of pressure break and into her it went. He rolled it up with each thrust, grabbing her ankles as best he could, hips jolting and curving and then he felt the kiss - the gasp and groan from her, but his body had done it's job and even with the ache her face was bliss, not pain, as it settled inside her. Just one was enough for the slightest curve on her belly, and that made him tremble. "You're going to be so swollen鈥" he smirked, "Oh, everyone will see what a filthy slut you are." and he laughed, dissolving into a moan as his hips kept moving and the eggs kept rolling. The next, and then the next, moving faster now as he pistoned tiring hips into her. The heat was easing back with each of his progeny packed into her, and her skin was clearly aching. But Sal's face was lost - eyes glazed and lidded, just moaning and slurring in pleasure as each baseball-sized egg popped past her cervix and into her womb.
Six months, then nine; now past that, but the egg flow was slowing. He reached to rub over her, as the last dropping into her tunnel. His hands lifted, massaging her tender breasts, so fascinated by the soft pliability of them - and how she shivered in pleasure. The last egg, and a gush of fluids, feeling himself soften. Gashnek slowly eased out of her, dropping back to the ground. She was sprawled on the table, legs draped down the sides and spread, pussy lips a sore red and still dripping. Swollen and beautiful looking. Above it arched her belly, tightly packed enough that each curve of his young was visible. And oh, she looked鈥 so beautiful. He was exhausted, sore himself, as the aphrodisiacs had worn away鈥
"Sal?" he called, voice gentle. She moaned in response. Careful, cautious, he slid her off the table, scooping her up easily and drawing her to his chest. Folding his legs to sit on the floor, supporting her, he managed to reach a spare labcoat. It was a poor blanket, with how much she had swollen, but he kissed her head gently. "I'm so sorry." he admitted, "The rut got ahold of me, I - I hope you can forgive -" a hand on his mandibles silenced him. "No forgivin'." she slurred. "Felt so good. So good. I'm happy. Promise." and she gave him a sleepy smile that made his hearts pound and his ears flick up despite himself.
"I think we might need to adjust the strength a little." he admitted, after a few long moments, and Sal's sleepy laugh sent joy through his whole being. He carefully rubbed his hand over her mountain of a belly and wondered to himself just how it would be to be a father. After all, in a few short months he was going to find out for real. He had a feeling Sal would enjoy the laying.
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Teratovember Day 29: Cephalopod
Tumblr media
[Bottom Text]
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( 蜖鉂涒準 汀鉂)
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demonic possession has its benefits
鉁╟heck the support link in my bio to see the entire image and other spicy wares on my patreon!
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Tumblr media
What if we were in love and our tentacles french-kissed?馃槼馃槼馃槼(lol)
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Can I get some daiye or Kaiser
Oh gosh I completely forgot about this ask but!! Here's a couple lil sketches for Daiye!
Tumblr media
Here's a "what if they went adventuring" because the comic IS set in my D&D homebrew world, Manala! Daiye would be a wizard and Celestelle would be a cleric!
Tumblr media
Here's them race-swapped! Celestelle would be a SUPER cute lil jumping spider drider, and Daiye actually looks hot as hell as a Drow...
Tumblr media
Also here's a header I never finished for the comic, which I never posted anywhere.
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Something fun just finished printing 馃憖
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me flirting: oh fuck, your spiral horns are wicked and would be excellent for grabbing during carnal pleasures
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liquid gold commissions for midknightwolf17
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the night before
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