local-aro-cryptid 2 days ago
Reminder that being friendless isn't an inherently bad thing. Some folks don't want friendships and that's fine.
They may want to form other forms of relationships, but they don't have to in order to "make up for" their lack of friendships.
Friendships are not essential for everyone.
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anentitee a day ago
not a boy not a girl just an entity with vengeance
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fork-bork 2 days ago
As someone who identifies as aromantic, I sometimes feel like I'm not representing my community. The majority of aros experience no romantic attraction at all and this leads to the community being perceived as people who dislike romance or wouldn't be in a relationship at all.
The definition states little to no romantic attraction. And that can include bending what society thinks romance should be. I'm not going to explain my experience on this blog as I'm uncomfortable with that, but I do experience romantic attraction, but in an exclusive, non idealized or seen in a normal socially accepted way. I want to be in a romantic relationship with someone, but if that ever fails, I'm not inclined to pursue a romantic relationship after that.
Many people have accepted that not all asexuals are sex repulsed, and can enjoy sexual relationships and interactions. However many people turn away when they find out an aromantic is in a romantic relationship or experiences romantic attraction at all even if it's just slightly or with exclusively one person.
So maybe I'm not the one representing the aromantic community the wrong way, maybe others are representing us the wrong way.
If you're aromantic and only rarely experience romantic attraction, you're valid.
If you're aromantic and experience an exclusive romantic attraction to one person, you're valid.
If you're aromantic and in a romantic relationship/or want to be in one for any reason, you're valid.
If you're aromantic and experience no romantic attraction at all, you're valid.
If you're aromantic and bend societal expectations of what a relationship should look like, you're valid.
If you're aromantic, you're valid.
I love you fellow aromantics <3 /p
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ageofsins a day ago
my aro ass when I meet someone new I like hanging out with and they tell me they're not looking for a romantic relationship
Tumblr media
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miles-edgyworth a day ago
being aro is NOT being on the ace spectrum btw. I'm aroallo I am in absolutely no way in the ace spectrum
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romance-evil-aro 22 hours ago
so idk if anyone else would be interested in this but i was making a playlist the other day with some songs that i think have aro vibes for me and i was thinking it would be cool if other people added some too so we could have a big playlist with lots of songs that lots of different people link to aromanticism. i just think that would be neat
anyway i don't know if anyone else would agree with me but if you do the link is here and feel free to add as many songs as you like!
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styxx-inferno a day ago
Dear aros and aces of this hellsite:
How do you politely decline a date if it's romantic but make it clear that you would go if it was strictly platonic and only wish to pursue friendship?
I'm becoming friends with a cool group of people and three of them have separately talked and invited me to "just the two of us" type of outings. Like- no, let's all go out as a group. Please don't have the wrong idea, I don't want to date anyone!
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shiutsu a day ago
The allopls have become insane.. Like what the fuck?..
Tumblr media
No,it's not?..
(Reminder that some people don't like getting touched and if someone acted like this towards me,I'd hit them faster than a car)
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happilyghostlyarie 2 days ago
Okay so, head canon since I apparently can't stop thinking about the gender and sexualities of my favourite turtle bois.
Leo is aromantic and androsexual.
Stay with me.
He has a very hard time mentally adjusting to it because he just feels like he's the type of person that SHOULD fall in love.
He knew he liked boys and masc presenting individuals and was just fine with that but it felt odd that it wasn't romantic attraction and it was never gonna be.
Also, the media portrayal of alloaros just don't help with how he felt, because he wasn't a terrible person. Was he?
His struggle is very internal until his brothers grab wind of it and state that he's a jerk but he is and will always be a good person.
Because being alloaro has nothing to do with morals. ( Still love all evil alloaros, I pray you guys achieve world domination)
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local-aro-cryptid 2 days ago
Just a reminder that platonic is not synonymous with "not romantic or sexual."
Platonic is not an umbrella for anything not romantic or sexual; things can be not romantic or sexual and also not platonic
Platonic relationships can also contain romantic or sexual aspects and vice versa; they are not mutually exclusive concepts
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anentitee 2 days ago
being an aplatonic aroallo and watching the 鈥測ou don鈥檛 need romantic/sexual relationships鈥 divert to 鈥渏ust make friends!!!鈥
fewd for thought: what if having people in my surroundings regardless of relation doesn鈥檛 bring fulfillment to my being?
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fizzlewizard404 6 months ago
Tumblr media
not even aroace but the new jaiden animations vid almost got me crying ngl
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samble a month ago
Tumblr media
maybe this will come off as badly worded, but the ideas of "media with lgbt relationships and characters are important for representation and acceptance" and "some people are romance repulsed and thus may wish for more lgbt relationships shown in media besides just romantic relationships, or want lgbt characters shown without focus solely on relationships" can coexist, and the latter is not inherently lgbt-phobic
Tumblr media
edit: hey can you guys stop with the derailing and aro erasure? this post is not #asexual, it's about aromantic people. literally doesn't mention ace people at all.
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thegyusorcerer a month ago
once again, I'm asking you all to please acknowledge the gray spectrums of aromanticism and asexuality. the concept of attraction is so subjective and complex that it can't exist on a black and white area only, a- and allo- aren't the only ways you can experience attraction. acknowledge the gray!
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inkks a month ago
"Aro/aces aren't part of the lgbtq+ community , they don't face any oppression "
The LGBTQIA+ community is for people who deviate from the cishetnorm. Its for people that don't fit the image of liking the opposite gender sexually and romantically, while identifying as their AGAB.
Aros and aces don't fit into the ideal hetronormative identity therfore THEY ARE PART OF THE COMMUNITY
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arosunflower a month ago
why is it that in unrequited love situations its always the person who doesn鈥檛 feel the same getting villainized? especially if they were friends with other person beforehand?聽
its not their fault someone caught feelings for them.聽
they were just living their lives and minding their own business when out of nowhere someone is lamenting about how much their heart yearns for them or whatever and like. dude i am literally just existing how is this my problem
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itsaspecsorcerer 2 months ago
shoutout to aromantics that have a complex relationship with romance and relationships. to aromantics who do not experience romantic attraction but desire a romantic relationship. to aromantics who desire a comitted relationship but don't want to adhere to romantic standards. to aromantics who can't distinguish between romantic or platonic feelings and don't really want to label them. to aromantics who want all the kissing, cuddling, holding hands, going on dates, and all the romantic gestures but don't experience romantic attraction. to aromantics who feel like words can't accurately describe the feelings they're experiencing but they know they're strong enough to pursue a close relationship. to all aromantics that have a complex relationship with romance/relationships 馃馃.
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