#The Batman 2022
potato-girl99981 · a day ago
First time drawing on an ipad, it's so wierd
I used some batman panels / drawings as references
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bumnby · 2 days ago
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my lil no. 1 misanthrope.. i just think he’s neat.. !
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better res on my twt @/fly_froot
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shiyaxe · 2 days ago
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a creature
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nat111love · 2 days ago
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 You’re asking me to stay?
THE BATMAN (2022) | dir. Matt Reeves    
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tinyufoboss · 10 hours ago
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hey so. purikura riddlebat charm :-)
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riddlers-den · 2 days ago
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New art from Riddler: Year One just dropped
by Stevan Subic
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imagine--if · 2 days ago
Ok this is sooo cliche but I need a hurt reader quietly coming home and hiding in the bathroom but once edward sees her he lifts her chin up and asks, "who did this to you..?" as he's filled with pure anger and rage
Yeah, honestly, if this happens, Edward will immediately see red.
It's a vile thought to him that some scum of the city thinks they could touch and harm one of the world's only purities, and when you tell him what happened, you'll see a growing look of crazed anger infect his expression. His murky green eyes widen a fraction, but he stays quiet and frighteningly calm, making sure you're okay and comforting you as much as you need to be before he 'runs an errand.'
Eddie manages to stay calm and gentle while he's with you and reassures you, but needless to say, the Riddler's followers get a bonus stream featuring 'a pig who never learns.' It's pretty intense, and his gloved hands end up bloodied when he returns to you and puts them in the wash.
But by then, you'd never know it happened if it wasn't for the thrilled, exhilarated look on his face he gets right after the action, and if you turn down watching his favourite moments from the trial, Edward will just cling onto you protectively and cuddle you through the night and way into the morning instead 🥰️
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3nigm4art · 11 hours ago
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Ed Nashton sketch
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edweird-nashton · 2 days ago
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angelofthenight · 5 hours ago
Dano!Riddler: Ugh (y/n)’s family is so against us dating
Stream Viewer: Who are they to stop you
Dano!Riddler: Their spouse and kids
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broosepayne · 6 months ago
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[ID: A series of fake tweets set in the universe of The Batman (2022), from the perspective of Gotham’s citizens. They read as follows:
Cedric C. (@/cedricccc): Ever since the flood last year, I’ve seen a few weird fringe theories about who the Batman is, but the craziest shit I’ve ever heard are the folks who think Bruce Wayne is the Bat. My man looks one dropped ice cream away from a mental breakdown.
Penny E. Larson (@/penny4urthots): i went to high school with bruce wayne at gotham academy. we got partnered together to dissect a frog and he started crying when he saw it. i had to do all the cutting. This man is #notthebat and we also need to protect him at all costs
R. Wilson (@/gothamtoaustin): I used to work for Wayne Ent. before I moved to TX. One day Wayne had to give my department a presentation and he was so awkward it hurt to watch. He dropped all his index cards, mumbled the whole time, zero eye contact. There’s no way. #notthebat
Javier Perez (@/itsjaviiiii): Bruce Wayne came into the 7-11 I used to work at, got an icee, realized he forgot his wallet as i was checking him out, then put the icee down and speed-walked away before i could get a word in edgewise. i would have given it to him for free. anyway yeah #notthebat
Alice Li (@/aliceingotham): Bruce is a regular at my grandparents’ restaurant. He gets take out a few times a month. I can’t tell you how incredibly soft-spoken this man is. My grandma always tries to take care of him but he shrinks away. Can confirm he is definitely #notthebat
Noah Crocker (@/gothamisnumba1): This poor bastard. Leave him alone. I was at that library charity thing last month and I saw him honest-to-God hiding behind a curtain. I went over to ask if everything was ok but a GCPD guy got to him first and pulled him out of the room. Cut him some slack guys. #notthebat
Libby H. Lewis (@/gothamlibby): Gotham, come on now. We can at least protect our boy Bruce Wayne from this nonsense. Are we all forgetting that time when he “ran away” as a teen and was found crying in a port-a-potty at an AFI concert? It was in the news for months. Leave him alone. #notthebat /End ID]
Image description via @t4tchucky
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potato-girl99981 · 2 days ago
Continuation of midjourney Bruce Wayne
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guinevereslancelot · 6 months ago
in the next batman movie selina is back in town to con bruce wayne which he knows but he missed her so much and obviously he can afford it so he just lets her
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velaversal · 6 months ago
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saw a movie
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stratfordsympathizer · 6 months ago
bruce hitting alfred w “you’re not my dad” immediately after turning down his Nirvana playlist while residual eye makeup runs down his face within the first twenty minutes of the film. at last. an adaptation that truly Gets Him
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aspiring-wildfire · 5 months ago
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literally haven’t been able to stop thinking about this
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imagine--if · a day ago
Eddie and his darling having a movie night and after a while he notices that darling fell asleep and when he tries to take them to bed they groan and grab at him because they want to stay cuddled up with him 🥺🥺
Edward loves watching either mystery crime documentaries or survival/horror movies, so binge watching that with you curled up by his side is his idea of a perfect evening. Every so often he takes his attention off the Tv to glance down at you and hold you a little closer, or ask if you need anything 🥰
He’s so touched and as wonder in his eyes as he looks down near the end of the show to see you leaking fully against his side and under his arm, fast asleep. It means you trust him enough to be that vulnerable around him, that you really are understanding how you’re meant for each other!! Eddie’s got to calm himself down for a bit so he can gently pick you up and take you to the bedroom 🥺
It’s when he tries laying you down and then stands up again to get changed that you sleepily grab at him. “Eddie… where are you going? Can’t you stay here with me??”
You almost sound as whining and adoring as he does with you 😂 and Edward’s quick to soothe you, pressing his forehead against yours as he tells you that he “won’t be a minute, darling, I’m gonna come and sleep with you in a second.”
True to his word, Ed reappears a few minutes later and snuggles in beside you, whispering endearments in your shoulder and stroking your hair 😍
You being clingy makes him clingier, so have fun with that 💚
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