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bruciemilf · 2 days ago
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Jason Todd has " Thomas and Martha Wayne stan" on his birth certificate, actually
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capsrecedinghairline · a day ago
Dick: “I’m not his real kid. I’m the only one he didn’t adopt.”
Jason: “I’m not his real kid. He didn’t avenge me, he doesn’t really love me.”
Tim: “I’m not his real kid. I forced my way into this family when he was grieving his actual son, he never wanted me.”
Damian: “I might be the blood son, but I’m not his real kid. I’m the only one he didn’t choose.
Duke: “I’m not his real kid. I’m the odd one out in this family, and technically I still have my parents.
Stephanie: “…”
Stephanie: “Every day I thank God I’m not his real kid.”
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sir-andrew · a day ago
Trinity at it's finest
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gothamguts · 2 days ago
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everyone here knows about Bruce getting a horticulturist to create a new type of flower called the Krypton Rose for Clark’s birthday, but it got crushed in the ensuing plot, right? well, i think they deserve a little redo.
the idea is that Bruce (city boy) thinks he’s funny by giving his husband (literal farmer) a gardening starter kit, but it’s genuinely usable and everything. there’s love in taking the name of a dead planet and bestowing it on something that can grow and bloom, i think...
anyways i’m not finishing this anytime soon so here’s the lineart if anyone wants to have fun with colors! please leave the credit intact and @ tag me if you ever post it (i’m saintdevour on twt!)
[ID: A redraw of an Al Parker Whitman’s chocolate advert with Clark and Bruce. Bruce is seated and holding an open newspaper, wearing a dark indigo suit and grinning as Clark hovers over him from behind, placing a kiss on his forehead. Clark is holding a box of blue roses with dark blue leaves, the box reading, “1 Of A Kind! Garden Starter Kit. The Krypton Rose!” with a white ribbon attach on its front. Clark’s cape billows around him and Bruce in curls, and wedding rings glint on both their ring fingers. Blue petals from the roses float in the air around them. END ID.]  
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lovesick-joey · 2 days ago
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the batbrothers love you!!
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incorrectbatfam · 21 hours ago
Damian: Where are we going?
Jason: My place. You can sleep on the couch.
Damian: I am not sleeping on the couch!
Jason: Fine, you can sleep on the stove.
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stealingyourbones · 2 days ago
Short DPXDC Prompts #251
As a way to not be reckognized by civillians, Danny’s core masks his true form by appearing to others as the person they have mourned the most. Only differences is white hair, hazmat suit, inhumanly paper white skin tone, and toxic green eyes. The Justice League meets Danny. Who do they see?
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aminetko · a day ago
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Without me, she could never grow.
But without her, I would fall if I grew too tall
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summershot · 2 days ago
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michillangelo · 2 days ago
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I meant to just do some bat-shaped warmup doodles, but then the mushy dad feels got me
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winterstars21 · 2 days ago
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Gotham Girls by irispardom (x).
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batarangsoundsdumb · a day ago
as a fandom we have spent too much time making fun of bruce and tim for being rich and not enough time making fun of jason for becoming one of the richest people in gotham twice, once through adoption and once because he beheaded people in the criminal underground and then proceeded to take over their territory and become a druglord.
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thesuperheroesnetwork · 11 hours ago
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Texts From Superheroes
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timdrakeslawyer · a day ago
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yes i’m still talking about this and no i don’t care this will forever be stuck in my mind i LOVE what dan mora did with these homage covers
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toxic77340106 · a day ago
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finzphoenix · 2 days ago
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Sooo I decided to give my other Crane some much-needed love, and actually managed to come up with a relatively decent plot… I think. Here are a couple of somewhat story related drawings for you all! (^w^)🧡
(The little girl he adopted is Ivy, she is much younger in this world c:)
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He's a very tired, proud dad~ (´◡`)
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stealingyourbones · a day ago
I can see Danny's ghost side affecting his human side and he starts to develope something along the lines of poliosis. After meeting the Bat Clan and meeting Jason in particular, they bond over their deaths and having white streaks of hair.
Oh Danny having matching white hair stripes with Jason is truly beautiful I love it so much.
Danny’s hair is like frighteningly white. Like people will normally assume that you’ve dyed your hair if you have a white streak in your hair at that young age.
Danny has absolutely no idea how to respond to the questions people bombard him with asking what hair dying processes he went through. Dying black hair to pure white takes some potentially dangerously strong levels of bleach and has a very high possibility of permanently damaging your hair if you do it wrong.
Danny’s go to response that it’s actually a medical issue and not hair dye normally makes people back off but on this one day this person just won’t stop asking. They continue to pester and ask exactly the medical condition and what was the cause of said condition. Danny feels trapped and is very overwhelmed but suddenly the person backs off.
Danny looks up to see a very tall and intimidating guy with a leather jacket berating his inquirer on personal privacy and keeping to yourself before turning to Danny.
The biker’s eyes slightly widen taking in Danny’s appearance and smiles in what could almost be a friendly grin for a Gothamite. “Well I’ll be damned. We match.” 
Sure enough, the big biker guy has an almost identical white streak in his hair to Danny’s.
Danny’s nervous grin he had plastered onto his face shifts into a genuine smile. He light heartedly shrugs his shoulders, “Guess we do. Small world and all that.”
“Yeah… Speaking of small world kid, your voice sounds familiar, have we met?”
Actually… now that the guy said it, his voice sounded familiar as well. Danny wracked his brain for any possible previous meetings with this guy. At first he thought it was just a coincidence but then he remembered the phone call he interrupted and then joined in with Dick heckling and chatting to someone on the other end.
“Oh shit, YOU’RE Jason?!”
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