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sir-andrew · a day ago
Trinity at it's finest
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gothamguts · 2 days ago
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everyone here knows about Bruce getting a horticulturist to create a new type of flower called the Krypton Rose for Clark’s birthday, but it got crushed in the ensuing plot, right? well, i think they deserve a little redo.
the idea is that Bruce (city boy) thinks he’s funny by giving his husband (literal farmer) a gardening starter kit, but it’s genuinely usable and everything. there’s love in taking the name of a dead planet and bestowing it on something that can grow and bloom, i think...
anyways i’m not finishing this anytime soon so here’s the lineart if anyone wants to have fun with colors! please leave the credit intact and @ tag me if you ever post it (i’m saintdevour on twt!)
[ID: A redraw of an Al Parker Whitman’s chocolate advert with Clark and Bruce. Bruce is seated and holding an open newspaper, wearing a dark indigo suit and grinning as Clark hovers over him from behind, placing a kiss on his forehead. Clark is holding a box of blue roses with dark blue leaves, the box reading, “1 Of A Kind! Garden Starter Kit. The Krypton Rose!” with a white ribbon attach on its front. Clark’s cape billows around him and Bruce in curls, and wedding rings glint on both their ring fingers. Blue petals from the roses float in the air around them. END ID.]  
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strawberrylet · a day ago
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if someone already did this then.. oh well
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kalelraejepsen · a day ago
superbat hosting a ghost hunting show would be so fucking funny because as we all know these bitches both hate the supernatural but in different ways and for different reasons. bruce hates the supernatural and magic because he WANTS to be a skeptic he does NOT want to believe he is a batman of SCIENCE, and clark hates it because he knows a ghost could fuck him up real easy
combine that with clark's enhanced senses and you've got yourself a recipe for one very smug skeptic dismissing everything clark can PERSONALLY, DIRECTLY HEAR SEE AND FEEL as a trick of the light or just the wind or whatever while clark keeps jumping at his own shadow 'cause he's on high alert. so, you know
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but make it superman and batman
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bruciemilf · a day ago
Positively bonkers for a spoiled brat, 20 something Bruce being booted to farmer Clark Kent to "make an honest boy" out of him
Luckily, Thomas' old college friend, John Kent, thinks his boy might help Brucie Wayne just fine. (He's totally not playing matchmaker, nossir
After those horrible rumours he spread about Local Saint (TM) and family friend Carmine Falcone, there was no way but down. " He's a crook, scheming, fake mobster trash and you KNOW that!"
" Bruce; It's one thing to be nasty. It's another to be nasty towards others." Thomas and Martha are at the end of their rope; Their baby is adorable, but they can't enable his behaviour more than they already have. " Now you're going to be nice and not DIFFICULT, so Alfred can stop chewing us out, okay?"
oh bruce is hot and fuming silently, but Thomas and Martha are long gone, their Corvette vanishing in Smallville's golden dust.
" Thanks for this." hissing like a disgruntled kitten, Bruce easily picks up his bags.
Clark hums, says he'll do good work around the stables with those arms after all, and Bruce raises an eyebrow. Snorts. " You're funny. It's good to know you're funny,"
and Clark IS smiling (and ofc the bastard has the prettiest most heart melting smile, too) but it inspires no humor.
"... You're serious."
" Like Mother's Day."
" Okay, this won't take long. So, how much? Papa didn't leave me enough, I only have like, a couple thousands on my card, but is that gonna buy your silence on me bailing out of here? I have a spa appointment in, -"
" I don't think the rats in the barn can do your nails, but we can try."
" You know, those things with long tails and big teeth?"
" Very funny," Bruce is DISTURBED. '' Well I can't go anywhere in half of what I brought. Shame."
Something about that glare tells him he should stop talking and Bruce isn't good at that, but he makes an effort.
He looks around; It's an adorable house really. Looks almost identical to one of those dollhouses he played with as a kid.
" Cute place. Really elegant for the budget. But where are you gonna stay?"
Clark is amused; Albeit a little, but amused none the less. " There's a nice shoe box around here. I'm sure I'll fit there if I'm stubborn enough."
" ... No way."
" Yes way."
" But - but, there's only ONE shower?! Only one bathroom? I can't live like this!"
Clark shrugs his ridiculously toned shoulders and points to the barn, " Your second option isn't looking too hot, darlin'. " Then leaves Bruce alone, a blushing mess of satin shirt and muddied shoes.
He screams, " I HATE YOU!" To the trail of tires that left him in that horrible place before driving off back to Gotham, to their sweet Rosé and designer clothes and his beloved Alfred. Only for a few minutes. " ... I didn't mean that!"
At least the ducklings are cute. He fails at most chores, but he plays with them and tries to sneak them into the house, " Because it IS cold for them, CLARK!"
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blueplanettrash · a day ago
*scurries out of hiding*
Okay, imagine this. Manosphere podcasts start talking about Bruce Wayne for some reason. He's the biggest alpha male they can think of; he's ripped, he's rich, he's constantly surrounded by hoards of women. He's their king, they can't get enough of him.
And then...
A week later a story comes out that he's dating Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent. What are they going to say? They can't say anything, backpedalling makes you look dumb.
Okay. Bye. 👋
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goatbutter-writes · a day ago
Bruce, upon seeing the true extent of Clark’s power when he sees him destroy a building or some shit
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nkp1981 · 3 days ago
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Henry Cavill
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positivityjediprince · 2 days ago
Their ADHD/Autism dynamic has me bewitched body and soul.
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hautedawg · a day ago
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i’m rusty as fuck, anyways here’s more medieval royalty au bc yea
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batmanispointy · 2 days ago
I know Bruce and Clark and canonically the same height but the idea that Bruce wears demonias to fight crime and is tiny makes me happy so I will chose to believe that
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0ellllllf · 2 days ago
Billy Batson (before joining the Justice League as Shazam), prepares to jump off a roof to then transform himself (as one does), but gets interrupted by some hero or villain (whoever that would be) right before he takes the leap.
He then gets lectured... But also maybe he gets a new friend?
Later, they meet again on the same roof.
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ramen-flavored · a day ago
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Red Hood: Outlaws
Episode 9: My Own Worst Enemy
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blorb-el · 9 hours ago
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Pete Ross’s son wants to know Superman’s secret identity as his dying wish so Clark tells him but the kid straight up won’t believe him. Clark is Very Done about this development.
action 457, “superman, you’re not clark kent - and i can prove it!” 1976, script gerry conway, pencils curt swan, inks tex blaisdell
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bruciemilf · 2 days ago
Doing a JL fancast cause WHY NOTTTT
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne// Batman
Tumblr media
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent//Superman
Tumblr media
Emeraude Toubia as Diana Prince// Wonder Woman
Tumblr media
Pedro Pascal as Hal Jordan//Green Lantern
Tumblr media
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Oliver Queen//Green Arrow
Tumblr media
Michael B Jordan as Barry Allen// The Flash
Tumblr media
Adam Driver & Finn Wolfhard as Billy Batson//Shazam
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maxmarvel12345 · a day ago
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Scott Chantler recreated a panels from Action Comics #1 in his own Golden Age retro style every day of the month of September (Sketchtember), as well as a tribute to Superman’s creators , Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Scott Chantler’s 2022 Supetember (Part 4 and Final)
Day 22: On My Way
Day 23: Shaken Out
Day 24: A Distant Planet
Day 25: No Time for Horseplay
Day 26: A Signed Confession
Day 27: Your Idea
Day 28: Not Fighting a Woman
Day 29: Smashed to Bits
Day 30: This Superb Creation
Click these for part: 1, 2, 3
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allthepandasintheworld · 2 days ago
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the best part about living in france is that what's an ungodly hour for me (12 am) is actually a very reasonable and high traffic hour in the US, where most(?) of my audience lives so that's great i love it
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