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sugarfairychan · 2 days ago
yandere! bruce wayne x reader
tw: nsfw, smut, cunnulingus, yandere bruce wayne, reader’s a boss lowkey. sex with the cowl on, sex in the batcave. 
word count: 1.2k
Bruce Wayne, contrary to what everyone thought, was a man of great will and discipline. He had spent years cultivating the control and resolve he used to create Batman, to redefine what it meant to be a protector, but never a killer. Gotham City did not belong to the rogues that coveted her streets, nor the police that "protected" it. Gotham City was Batman's city, and no one would think otherwise. He prowled her roofs with eerie silence, claimed her gargoyles as his allies. He kept watch over Gotham's criminal underbelly, kept them in place. He was not a man many could compete with, and those who've tried find themselves on a trip to Arkham Asylum. Only fools (or the criminally insane) would attempt to fight him.
So, to see a man of such stature on his knees, saliva and slick dribbling down his cheeks, whose usually emotionless eyes light up with a darkening lust, well...who wouldn't get a power trip?
It's one thing for Bruce Wayne to be on his knees eating out a woman, it's a totally 'nother thing to have Batman worshipping you. In full costume, with only the cowl pulled down to reveal his face, the two of you lay waste to the Batcave. The lewd sounds that came from between your legs echoes throughout the cave, your breath coming out in short gasps. You're both covered in sweat, and neither can tell if yours is from excitement or exertion. Bruce leans back, hands braced against either side of your thighs as he mouthes at your inner thighs, leaving wet trails as he doe
Your head falls back and your legs widen, slowly inching further down the large black leather chair in front of the Batcomputer. He takes the invitation greedily, smooth hands sliding underneath your thighs and with effortless ease, he pulls you further down and lifts your thighs onto his shoulders. You squeak, hands finding purchase on either side of the armrest. His It's all too much and yet, you crave more of the same.
To think a man such as himself would have his resolve crumble just by seeing you. You were only fiddling with the Batcomputer, playing games with the high definition quality that came with this multi-million whatever computers were made out of. He hovered behind you for a while, waiting silently as you finish your match, and once it had ended, he twirled the chair around and got down on his knees.
Who would blame you for giving him what he wanted, even if he didn't ask? Batman wasn't the type of man to beg, but that would change today. You'd ensure it.
You can feel the slide of his lips against you with every kiss and lick, and it's a sinful act when you grind up against his face, using the armrests as support to help. The vibrations that come from his moan make your eyes roll back. It's so erotic to see the Batman so debauched. It's a sight reserved for only yo There's no precision or thinking when Bruce is like this. He tosses everything that makes him Batman, all the plans and the intelligence and the control, he throws it all to the dogs. His movements are sloppy as he laps you up barbarically. He licks a slow line along your slit, teasingly circles your clit and relishes in the twitches and the moans. He mouthes at your clit, slides his tongue all around it, sloppy and only interested in making a bigger mess than he has
It's so animalistic, the way he gets when he goes down on y How can someone so strong-willed and stoic through it all aside at the hands of who people (and Damian) would believe was lesser than him?
But who would not take advantage of it?
Even in the throes of pleasure and the way you can feel your orgasm reaching, it's hard to ignore him. Bruce is massive, even when he's on his knees. Your legs are spread wide on his broad shoulders. He takes up so much space between your legs, it even stings a little. And he looks so good, the way his hair covers his forehead and his barely-there stubble tickles your skin, it makes  your pussy swell and throb as he suckles and bites down.
His teeth scrape against your sensitive nubs. You gasp. His hands slip down, cupping and squeezing your bare ass. He squeezes hard, and whilst it's not the biggest turn on, the way his arms feel under you, biceps bulging against your raised thighs, you can't help the quiet whimper.
He looks so strong, his back muscles flexing with every small ministration. His chest rises and falls, laboured breaths coming through his nose as he swallows every inch of you. He's greedy, hands feeling you up, thumbs gently rubbing all the blackening hickeys he made. For all his compassion and tenacity, Bruce is, undeniably, a greedy ma
It's blissful when you finally orgasm. It comes out as an incoherent groan and your fingers wrap tighter into the armrest. His grip tightens on your thighs, tugging you closer until all he can even breathe is you.
You grind against him in the aftereffects, feeling it all slow down. Bruce, always so quick to register and follow along with your attitudes and feelings, returns to a gentle pace, almost like he's affectionately nuzzling you. Your breathing is heavy and you finally collapse against the chair.
He helps you sit up, lest you want your back to ache later. It's obvious from his expression just how turned on he is. Bruce is a man who likes to admire his possessions, especially you, his greatest one. Your cheeks are no doubt flushed, you can even feel some drool on your chin, but you're quick to wipe it away--
He snatches your hand before you can wipe it on the chair. Your eyes widen. That was kind of an aggressive move and you watched with trepid anticipation as he brings your hand down to him and sucks in your thumb. Fuck, if that wasn't a sight to see. His tongue sensually dances around your finger before he lets you go, eyes already telling you he wants more.
You reach up to brush away the sweaty strands of hair that cover his face. It's a peaceful moment, loving, even. Neither of you say anything, words aren't needed in moments like these. With little pressure, you push the chair away from him, and he watches like a hawk as you stand up. The saliva and slick is cool between your legs, and you can feel the clear liquid slowly start to slide down your thighs.
Everything in you wants more, wants to be pinned down and fucked ten ways 'till Sunday...but there's something in you that wants something more valuable, something harder to get, a challenge that when you win, makes you feel worthy.
You want him to beg.
"I'm done for the day. Thanks for that," you dismissively wave and leave.
It's 100% undeniable that Bruce will figure out what you want, and there's a 88% chance that he'll give in.
And for the leftover 22%, well, you've always liked a bit of edging.
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Tumblr media
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viaov · a day ago
Tumblr media
Kazeki, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy
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missingnightwingsmullet · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
this one is so sick
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nat111love · 2 days ago
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The Bat and The Cat 
THE BATMAN (2022) | dir. Matt Reeves  
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valentimmy · 11 hours ago
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imagine--if · a day ago
Still finishing up a long Eddie imagine, buuutt-
The Riddler with a s/o who’s always sleepy? I don’t know, just a random idea I had, but I feel like Edward would be more and more wanting to stay at home and cuddle in bed then return to the cold envirnoment of his workplace out in Gotham 🥰
He reveals in the comic that he only really naps during the night, but with you there to drag him to bed properly instead of dozing off in his chair, all the warmth and closeness and love makes him so excited it wears Ed out 😂
I can just see him staring with heart eyes at you for a solid half hour before he gets so overwhelmed with obsessive, adoring thoughts that face in his head, that Edward has to eventually make himself relax in your arms and bury his face into your hair. It’s the best sleep he’s gotten in years, maybe all his life 💚
Tumblr media
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k3niv3z · 2 days ago
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୨ ✿ ୧
wanted to turn my favorite photos of paul into a moodboard ! \( ^_^)/
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urlocalavenderhazestan · 2 days ago
I don't wanna look at anything else now that I saw you
Tw: none, just fluff. so much of it. blame Taylor swift’s songs for being the best thing that has ever happened. Since my brain isn't letting me write the second part for this love I wrote this instead hehe. This is based on that one line in New Year's Day. I heard it and I couldn’t stop thinking about how it’d make for a perfect prompt.
Tumblr media
He looks at her. Because somehow that makes things easier for him. Sometimes he feels like this is a dream and he might just wake up any second. Sometimes he wonders what he did to deserve her because there is no way in hell that someone as beautiful and understanding as her would ever be with someone as pathetic and boring as him. He looks at her like she is the sun. Resting in the warmth she gives off. When she smiles, it radiates a calming warmth like nothing else. The peace and hope her warmth gives off fills his heart with overwhelming amounts of love and devotion. 
So, he sits down next to her and stares with astonishment at how the person he loves has brought so much colour to his life. And he blissfully wonders if she knows how much beauty she radiates every time she laughs or smiles, and how every time he looks at her his heart soars and fills with joy, he feels as if time could never catch up with him.
He wonders when he’ll be able to tell her how he feels without stuttering and mumbling. They have been together for almost 2 years now, but it feels as though they have been together forever because he cannot imagine his life without her.
‘I love you' these three words are always on the tip of his tongue. Anytime, anyplace it doesn't matter.
Funnily enough, he used to struggle with saying those words but then he discovered something peculiar.
“You remembered? Oh my god!"
Her voice echoes as she enters the Batcave. She rushes in with a big grin on her face and he knows exactly what she is thinking. Bruce knows that face all too well. She skips a few steps and gives him a tight embrace. He eventually melts into it.
"I can't believe this bruce! You remembered and I only mentioned it once- and you-" she sniffles as her grasp on him tightens. His fingers slowly run through her hair, and he murmurs "do you like it?" "Like? Bruce, I love it. I love you. But you didn’t have to- This complete set of merchandise is so expensive Bruce. So expensive, it's worth my one month's salary."
"Love, I'll give you anything you want all you have to do is say. I'll give you the stars, the moon, and the fucking planets." Bruce inhales her scent and sighs. God, he cannot think about how he would ever live without her. Her eyes seemed to have teared up at his words and she just squeezed his hand three times in reply.
His eyes were piqued with curiosity. He asked her what the gesture meant. “It means I love you,” she whispered, her voice was so soft it was scarcely audible. But he heard it. a smile made its way onto his face; he immediately squeezed it back. and no, he didn’t stop after three; he repeated the gesture six times.
From that day onward, Bruce repetitively told her ‘I love you.’ Sometimes he squeezed her hand randomly- before he left for his nocturnal ventures.
Aside from that sometimes when it was just the two of them alone in the Batcave, he would casually tap out the gesture with his finger on the desk.
tap. tap. tap.
She would look up from her book and make eye contact with Bruce who was sitting across the room. She knew what it meant. She somehow always did.
Bruce said I love you all the time now, more often than the ones she said out loud.
She realized that he had a unique way of declaring his love, and it was okay because, in the end, it was the love that mattered.
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undiscovered-horizon · 2 days ago
I love your writing so much! I wanted to request something with Eddie, something like the reader being a waitress in the dinner, and when she's nice with him he gets so curious about her, at the point to stalk her social media. The rest is all yours!
Tysm, have a nice day/night :)
Made your request into headcanons, hope you don't mind!🌺
🫀REQUESTS ARE OPEN🫀 || Batman-inspired playlist
Eddie stalking your social media ~ headcanons
[TW: stalking]
Tumblr media
You're working at the diner just to pay off bills while you're finishing your degree
Probably not a dream occupation but it's better than being homeless, hungry and cold, you know?
Diners have that vintage 50s feel to them, so you were given an appropriate uniform
The other thing is that your manager wants you to go a step further and address clients as 'sweetie' or 'honey' to keep up the vintage spirit
Creepy but you have bills to pay so...
Anyway! Because by day you're a student, your waitress alter ego comes to play at night
There are fewer tips, unfortunately, but also less is going on in general (so no swollen, aching feet after running between tables for 5 hours straight)
Eddie just wanted to get some fresh air, clear his head
He sees you sitting by the counter, bored out of your mind, reading through the newspaper with a pencil tucked behind your ear
That was the moment he considered bailing for two reasons: 1) you look so pretty his mind is shutting down and 2) the pretty girls were always the meanest to him
But the diner is the closest and cheapest place, so he has to be brave for a moment
You hear the doorbell ring and you frantically get back on your feet and straighten out your uniform
Eddie is completely embarrassed and anxious when your whole attention is on him
He quietly sits at the counter and you ask him the usual cringy 'What can I get you, sweetie?' with a smile on your face
He's just lost
Stuttering, he gives you his order and you tell him it'll be right out, then forward it to the kitchen
Nothing out of the ordinary
While you're waiting, you ask him if he wants to read the newspaper but he's not interested
You serve him the food, give him a 'enjoy your meal' and just hang around, knowing that you have to be professional even if there is only one, disinterested guy at the diner
He pays for his food, leaves you a small tip and is gone about as unnoticeably as he arrived and you carry on with your shift
But for Eddie that night had only begun:
In the diner forgotten by Gotham itself, he found a waitress equally beautiful inside and out
(can't stop thinking about your smile and the way you called him 'sweetie')
There's something bizarre (good bizarre) about you and he needs to know what exactly. You make him feel funny and because he can't name that emotion/sensation, Eddie is frustrated
He knew your name thanks to the tag and knew what school you're attending (you know those freebie pencils with logos they sometimes give out?)
And, obviously, knew what you looked like
He basically broke into the registry of the university and scrolled through every person that had the same name as you did and he finally found you
Now he knew all the basic info he needed: date and place of birth, the programme you're enrolled into, year of study, full name, etc.
Goes through major social media platforms, relentlessly finding your accounts even if they're made private and have no identifying info
Makes a whole dossier on your friends, family, people you follow, and content you watch most often
Spirals into obsession within 24 hours if not less
You know how people in movies pin pictures to corkboards and tie a red string between connected people/events? Eddie does that, except it's covering every wall in his apartment
Every picture of you that was ever posted, doesn't matter when or where, he has them all printed out. They're probably hanging above his bed or above his desk, so he stares at them most of the time while he's home
Through very illegal and unethical means he gets a hold of your conversations on various platforms, reading every message you had ever sent out or received
He just wanted to get to know you better, right?
Well, Eddie already knows so much he could pose as your friend, relative or even better - boyfriend
Having said that, he'd definitely photoshop himself into one of your Instagram pictures
If there's a piece of information he cannot find, he phishes someone close to you
Eddie makes a backdoor for each of your accounts just to check up on you
If there's someone you have an open disagreement with, he would doxx them but not before making up a wild and very incriminating story about them. Also fabricates irrefutable evidence
Doesn't matter if your taste in music is in any way similar, whatever you're currently listening to, he's listening to it too
He finds himself re-reading your social media posts whenever he's not planning his next hit
Eddie's invested in your life, although you don't even know his name
Oh you mentioned a certain brand/product on your social media? Eddie needs to get it
Whenever you post anything hinting at you feeling anything other than happy, he's upset and frantically goes through your texts and emails again to find out the reason
He has to fix that issue
So when you see him next time, don't be surprised when the quiet stranger seems to have so much in common with you. A little too much, perhaps.
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cccovers · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Catwoman #41 (May 2022) variant cover by Jenny Frison.
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ladyantiheroine · 2 days ago
How Gotham sees Battinson:
Tumblr media
How Battinson is:
Tumblr media
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viaov · a day ago
Tumblr media
Dan Panosian, Harley Quinn, 70’s
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furikass · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
So Scandalous! 
And yeah, I know Paul Dano is taller than Colin Farrell, but I’m a sucker for size difference.
(pantless Edward on my twitter)
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nat111love · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
  Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz for Wonderland Magazine (March 03 2022)
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