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januariat · 2 days ago
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ok i gave myself brainworms about mama bruce reading to his sleepy pile of robin pups so here it is
EDIT: i forgot to say that part of what put this in my head was rereading @frownyalfred's a coral room, everyone go check it out
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sreppub · 2 days ago
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based on nothing but vibes. thanks for coming to my talk
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fakakta-art · a day ago
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Officially obsessed with every DP x DC AU (pspsps i love fic recs!)
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thevernofficial · 2 days ago
Batfam Social Media pt 19! Why Hello There! So it has been a hot second. What can I say, school started, and my new job so *shrugs*. But I missed the batfam social media. Welcome back Everyone!
First. Next.
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bruciemilf · 2 days ago
"Estranged son Jason" "Estranged son Dick" you are all WRONG, TIM is the estranged son. Jason breaks down crying if Bruce doesn't send him a paragraph of a good morning text every day.
Tim is never home unless he physically can't avoid it. Tim doesn't visit unless everything's going to shit and he has to do damage control and run interference to make sure nobody storms off in a moody fit and drops off the map for months. Tim pulls the you're not my dad card immediately Bruce tries to parent him in a way he doesn't like (literally any way that isn't extremely hands-off) and Bruce can't even say anything to the contrary because Tim's emancipated and Bruce was his legal guardian for less than two years.
Jason comes home for the week before and after every holiday, no matter how much he grumbles, and goes all sullen whenever he doesn't have his pile of thirty-three or more gifts. Jason handmakes Bruce father’s day gifts and sulks whenever Bruce glances at anyone else's for a second more.
Tim has to be begged and bargained with and blackmailed into coming for even just the day of the holiday—left to him, he would just send gifts and be done with it. Tim says him even showing up to Father's Day itself is enough of a gift, and gives Bruce a store-bought card and Batman tie.
Tim's difficult for the sake of being difficult. Jason’s difficult because he wants attention. Tim would be happy if Bruce only made him do bi-monthly check-ins digitally and the occasional gala for the public. Jason demands Bruce’s time and effort but only in the way he wants it.
The reason is simple; Tim grew up an only child with no supervision as long as he got good grades and didn't cause any trouble his parents would have to deal with. Jason was the youngest child to an overachiever older brother for years and was used to everything being his way.
LIKE, GOD, I LOVE THIS; Listen. Sometimes older children are youngest sibling coded and it doesn't fucking matter Jason is the second oldest. This motherfucker gets away with more shit than DAMIAN and that says a LOT
LOGICALLY, (and this isn't me wanting Jason to act like the kid he never got to be, what are you talking about) the person he'd have MOST beef with would be Damian for stealing his spotlight as the youngest.
He'll absolutely act like the big brother we all know he is and love, BUT. he crosses the line at Bruce.
He sees Damian wear one of HIS old sweaters that Bruce knitted for him and they both threw a tantrum while Bruce sighed in the background till he passed out. " MY sweater."
" MY Baba."
Tim????? Tim doesn't have a love language with a solid foundation yet, and he's just not used to (or expected) Bruce to be so attentive?
What do you mean you want to hear about my day? What do you mean you made a snack for me? What do you mean you love me regardless of my accomplishments?
AND YOU KNOW, I hear the " Dick drags his siblings to the manor because Bruce loves their company and loves seeing all the baby birds in one nest" crowd. I LOVE you people.
But I'm begging. Imagine you're Tim Drake and you get a furious message from your older brother crime lord about you missing family brunch.
" Literally how fucking hard it is to call and say you won't be there, fuck off Papi cut his finger trying to make that dumbass muffin you like, call home you piece of shit. Love you."
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kleinzarohe · 2 days ago
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geekotakunerd · a day ago
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ickarus-batfam-stuff · 2 days ago
Give me a Tim that's the difficult child.
Like, Jason’s dramatic, Dick's angry, Damian is his father’s son, Duke is an angel, Cass is easy to work with. Give me a Tim that's difficult without trying.
Tim goes out of his way to avoid spending time with his family, even to his own detriment. Tim didn't spend that long as Robin, and out of that time, not a lot of it was actively by Bruce’s side.
Tim refuses any and all of Bruce's attempts to parent him—he figures if he's gone this long without a hands-on parental figure, he can go the rest of his life just fine. Tim hasn't listened to a single adult in his nineteen years of life and doesn't plan to start now.
He never shows up to Sunday brunch unless actively threatened and/or wants something. "Missed his family"? Never heard of her.
Tim lies often, believably and shamelessly to Bruce; it's a constant game of galactic dance dance revolution trying to pick out the truth, because Bruce knows that if he accuses Tim of lying about something he didn't, Tim won't be particularly offended but will take it as an excuse to not visit for the next three months.
He and Bruce’s dynamic works so well because Bruce doesn't really Know him and Tim likes it that way. They don't argue because Tim doesn't even ask for forgiveness, much less permission.
Out of all Bruce’s kids, let Tim be the one he can never vouch for. He would like to think that Tim wouldn't slowly skin a corrupt judge to get information, just to dump him off with Jason to finish the job, but he can't be sure.
Tim's siblings say, with conviction, that he would and has, because Tim drops in at their places regularly. They know him, and if they're being honest with themselves, he's the most likely to go to the dark side.
Tim that chafes under every single one of Bruce’s rules and as a result only works with Batman when he has to.
Tim loves from afar, because that's how he was raised. His parents loved him from other continents, most times, and that's his attachment style. That's how he learnt to love; it doesn't matter that he doesn't come home for holidays. He sends gifts and cards. He can love you and keep his distance.
Tim that loves by trading information and weather checks and tracking his loved ones and photo albums full of candids he took of you.
Tim that accepts Dick's hugs and Jason’s gruff affection and Damian’s sharp love and Duke's movie nights and Cass' odd gifts that appear in his apartment randomly, because he knows that's how they love and he's nothing if not adaptable.
Tim that isn't quite sure what Bruce would expect from him of not perfection, and strives for it daily.
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arguablysomaya · 2 days ago
Damian: I love you. You're the best big brother. Did I ever tell you congratulations on the SATs? Are you doing something different with your hair? It looks nice. Th-
Tim: what do you want
Damian: nothing. Can't I tell you how much I love and appreciate you
Tim: *sips soda* uh-huh. sure
*5 minutes later*
Damian: ...Drake, will you drive me and the Kent boy to the the movies...?
Tim: I KNEW IT!!
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aliteralchicken · a day ago
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Guitar that was in like one panel and never seen again I miss you
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lovesick-joey · 18 hours ago
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the batbrothers love you!!
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trickostars · 2 days ago
the batfandom on tumblr is weird because unlike every other social media site I feel completely safe to say batman is queer and has always had some level of queer coding without any worry but I never plan on detailing how I think jason todd stans are the center of every terrible fanon interpretations we're seeing now because I would fear for my life.
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spiralcass · 2 days ago
Season 2 of Wayne Family Adventures has added Harper Row to the main cast, and I couldn’t be happier. 
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thevernofficial · 2 days ago
Wow I've got more Batverse Memes
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bruciemilf · 2 days ago
You and that last anon were so right, like I bet Bruce pays Tim a million every month he keeps the Wayne in his last name—Jason stopped replying to anything but Jason Wayne when he was fourteen and it carried over to when he was revived. Tim comes for family brunch every once in a blue moon and half the time it's because he wants something, and never called to say he won't be there until Jason threatened him.
Tim "why the fuck did Bruce get me anything for my birthday" Drake and Jason "gets fifteen different gifts and five boxes of chocolate and a box case mix and at least thirty different books" Todd are not the same.
YES PLEASE - tim drake who has no idea why Bruce wants to parent him so much; why he insistently invites Tim to his nest of jagged, sharp beaked birds, but a part of him cherishing it and loving it and not wanting it to stop
Give me Tim Drake who DOES show he cares; as much as a child who knew alone before he knew anything else could. He's so frustrated that he can't responds to Bruce's love with his own, because what if his love won't be enough?
What if his love is wrong and misfit to this crooked puzzle of a family? But still. When Jason slaps a stack of photos to his lap, glare hard, more intimidating than Red Hood could hope to be, Tim stares back dumbly.
"... What's this?"
" Your mom. Superman. I want a shit load of data on him, with a side of weak points. Just in case."
This is about Superman inviting their father for a drink after saving him from Condiment King, most surely, but Tim won't add that.
Dick, face mask and towel tied around his head, sing songs " Mommy's boyyy~" as he passes both of them, but clearly aiming at Jason, to paint his face a red hood red.
" I WILL EAT YOU!" He turns to Tim, again, arms crossed and glare dulled, but still stern and impatient. " Can you do it or not, Tweety?"
"... I already did."
"... Did you."
" Yeah, I was worried about Bruce! Superman's like, insufferably perfect, but you just never know. " Jason spares a few more moments staring, something akin to approval growing in his spring green eyes.
Like, God, let Tim realize Jason isn't pissed at him because he was replaced as Robin; Jason is pissed at him because he thinks Tim doesn't care about BRUCE
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seartsy · 10 hours ago
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Please enjoy various doodles from my sketch page (and please extra enjoy Tim in Kons jacket)
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bulletsxlattes · a day ago
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bit of a remake during a lil artblock
(Headline says "The Nurse that Stole a Heart of Steel" btw)
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