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Have it or whatever....
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Encanto Imagine: How do they act around their crush?
Bruno: VERY flustered. Red a tomato around you, especially if you’re directly interacting with him. If you ever do interact with him, he’s like a deer in the headlights. He can’t imagine someone like you would actually want to interact with him. You’re perfect in his eyes, and he stares at you in awe a lot. Daydreams about you a lot, but refuses to have visions about you because he doesn’t want to see something he doesn’t like. Gets pretty awkward around you and makes jokes that don’t quite make sense, but also has really down-to-earth moments as your bond grows. Is always looking out for you. Gets very protective because he never wants anything bad to happen to you, and he’s kinda scared it will.
Mirabel: Delightfully dorky around her crush. I feel like her love language is gift giving, so she’d probably give you a bunch of things then try to play it off all cool. But you can tell she’s so flustered on the inside. Probably rants to her Mom about you a lot, since she thinks you’re so amazing. If you reciprocate her feelings she gets pretty red in the face and is more flustered than usual. Also has a habit of daydreaming and looking at you. She confides and you and insists that you do the same.
Luisa: Is constantly trying to help you out. She’s always been busy with chores, so if she takes the time to help and hang out with you, she means business. She takes her relationship with you very seriously. Luisa tries not to rant about you that much, but sometimes she can't help herself and seeks out Isabela or Mirabel to get it off her chest. She talks very fast around you because she’s nervous and that’s how she shows it. Her chest and ears are always a little red around you. Also, she definitely shows off a bit by lifting the heaviest things when you're around, just to impress you. She’s a dork, please love her.
Isabela: You’re, like, the first person she’s known who can make her flustered. Constantly accidentally growing flowers when she’s nervous around you. You know that scene where she sprouts flowers in her hair after hearing Mariano wants 5 kids? That’s her whenever she’s around you. Isabela surprises you with the prettiest flowers whenever she can, and is constantly trying to show off and act her best around you. But her favorite moments are when she can let loose and be herself around you, and she finds that you still like her anyways. Once you told her she didn’t need to act perfect around you and she got so flustered, it made her feel so special. Will 100% fight anyone who says bad things about you, she is perpetually ready to throw hands. Calls you cute nicknames like ‘Princesa’ a lot.
Dolores: Quite shy around you, but when you do interact with her she’s pretty good at dropping hints. Well, not really hints, because that girl can’t keep a secret to save her life. It’s pretty clear when she’s crushing because Dolores has no filter. Her favorite thing to compliment is your voice, because she’s always listening for it. She can hear you from miles away so she likes to listen in and see how you’re doing. If you’re having a hard day she can be very stubborn about getting to help you, she really wants to comfort you. I think she’s a little more guarded than the younger ones, so she always listens for anything suspicious. Of course, when she doesn’t hear you doing anything wrong, she falls even harder. She constantly advocates for you.
Camilo: Aside from Dolores, he’s lowkey the coolest around his crush. Though sometimes when he’s around you, he randomly shapeshifts from the nerves. Tries to laugh it off though. Makes a ton of flirty jokes, but refuses to play pranks on you. You’re that special to him. Does kind of mess with you, just to see your reaction though. He surprisingly gets kinda shy sometimes, particularly on harder days, and that’s when his nerves act up. May even lowkey avoid you on bad days because he wants to be his best around you. Definitely shows off with his shapeshifting, like 100%. He smiles a lot when you're around, like the biggest dopey grin and heart eyes ever. He also lowkey gets kinda jealous but doesn’t show it much since he doesn’t want you to find him weird.
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Okay okay but what about hcs abt madrigal grandkids reacting to saying you like them back, huh?? Thank you in advance
``reacting to you liking them back``
getting rejected
notes: aha angst????? what's that???????
warnings: none!
-hides her excitement
-oh you like her back? no problem. it's- it's chill. she's definitely not dying on the inside or anything, yk?
-if you agreed to go out with her she'd be over the moon, the only thing on her mind afterward being how the date was going to go and how she was going to dress and plan for it.
-if you ever stopped looking directly at her she'd probably fist-pump the air, little blossoms of plants and flowers sprouting in the ground along with her.
-the rest of the day she'd just have a happy dazed look in her eyes, the smile never leaving her face.
-if mirabel or camilo ever starting teasing her for it she'd get flushed and tell them to shut up, her face reddening as she literally pushes them out of her room where she was daydreaming about you and her together.
-just a wholesome woman :) she gets excited, too, but it's much more mellow
-honestly more of a relieved feeling as well, since she wasn't really expecting you to actually like her back.
-when you told her you reciprocated her feelings there would be a lot of stuttering and nervous words from her.
-"o-oh! really? I-i didn't think you'd actually, um," her voice would trail off from there as she nervously rubbed the back of her neck.
-this is where'd you'd step in and ask her out, with her saying yes of course
-when the two of you parted ways for the day she'd go straight to her room and then just scream into a pillow, taking in a deep breath once she got it all out of her system
-would be much more open about her happiness
-first thing she'd say after you said you liked her too was, "YES LET'S GO!"
-when she realizes what she just said she'd awkwardly lower her arms and try to laugh it off as if you didn't just make her the happiest girl in the world.
-"i mean, uh, yeah," she said quickly. "nice, nice."
-like camilo, the kind of person to lean against a chair to act calm and collected but end up missing and just falling onto her side
-finds it hard to meet your eyes but once she gains the courage she'll ask you out <3
-will be thinking about you for the rest of the day and everyone notices it, especially julieta.
-she thinks it's endearing, adoring the way in which her daughter was acting
-the most calm response!!
-would also be relieved like luisa, but i don't think it'd be out of insecurity like her. more like just... anticipation.
-she's usually a quiet talker because of her gift but when you told her you liked her as well she'd probably talk the loudest she had ever in awhile!
-also the most forward about it! just confidently asks you if you want to go on a date with her, a hopeful shine in her eye
-could not bring herself to leave you alone after you say yes, hanging out with you for the rest of the day
-just wants to be in your presence, and if she can't then she'll just tune into your voice and listen to you for awhile
-like mirabel trying to be suave and cool but like... 10x worse
-please help this poor boy
-visibly relaxes when he hears you confess to liking him back, that stupidly charming smile only brightening
-thinks he's acting all smooth while asking you out on a date but in reality he's much more awkward than he thinks
-you still think it's cute, though, so of course you say yes
-would probably kiss the back of your hand once you part ways for the day, making sure to really take in your face before going back home
-if someone startles him for the rest of the night he'll accidentally transform into you since you were all he could think about anymore, earning a teasing from his entire family
-totally worth it, though
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blueberryrock · 10 months ago
My reaction to seeing Luisa for the first time:
Tumblr media
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luna-writes-stuff · 11 months ago
The Madrigal family’s love languages
Includes Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, Bruno, Camilo and Dolores
Just to be safe: Mirabel and Camilo are canonically 15 in the movie, and I really did debate on whether or not I wanted to include them, so please, don’t make anything creepy of it. Thank you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Words of affirmation, definitely. He’d call you so many names, that you forget which ones are used as a joke and which ones are for genuine affection. You could make an entire essay about the nicknames he had given you within a week.
He isn’t that private when it comes to relationships either, so he has no problem walking with you around Encanto while constantly gushing over the way you look or the way you walk. He’d be right beside you the entire time, telling you things such as ‘Your hair looks amazing today’ or ‘your hand is really soft’. Has the need to remind you how much he loves you every five minutes.
Tumblr media
Quality time. She gets overstimulated quite easily thanks to hear enhanced hearing, so when she finds some alone time, all she really wants to do is just sit next you while she’s reading a book or simply staring out of the window. It takes out a lot of her energy, but she truly enjoys being around you, even when there is not much to do.
She does really enjoy walks around the Encanto where there aren’t any people. It is necessarily quiet, but it’s a lot calmer. She can really find her rest in the places between the mountains. Usually, it’ll be just the two of you at those occasions. She’ll try to keep you talking because she doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable in the silence, but in all truth; you don’t really mind. You know silence is something she doesn’t get very much of, so you’ll let her enjoy of it every second that you can.
Tumblr media
Gifts. I’m not talking about the big, ‘look what I bought for you’ gifts. Small things. Such as leaving little notes around your room, having already prepared your cup of coffee/tea in the morning, sewing together broken clothes that you do not want to get rid of etc. etc.
Since he spent a lot of time in isolation, he picked up some pretty diverse skills he somehow always managed to use; candle making, knitting, embroidery, calligraphy….he even knows how to build his own guitar from scratch. He loves surprising you with any new gift. Or sort of gift. Your favorite thing you had gotten from his was a self made blanket, that turned out way too gigantic thanks to Bruno’s enthusiastic knitting. So now you have to share the blanket with him. Such a shame….
Tumblr media
Physical affection. It is obvious she really enjoys hugs, but any form of physical connection would make her happy. She has the constant need to simply hold your hand, run her fingers through your hair, shower your face in kisses or simply wrap her arms around you. She is very patient if you are not comfortable with the constant affection, but she always finds a way to merely connect your pinky with hers.
Words of affirmation. I couldn’t really decide on one love language, so I used two. Just like Camilo, she loves to remind you how much she loves you throughout the day. And though she often does this with hugs and cuddles, she simply needs to express herself verbally at times. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. She simply needs to. She might love you more than she loves herself.
Tumblr media
Acts of service. While you have told her that she has nothing to prove to you, the lingering thought of ‘never being good enough’ and ‘I have to prove my worth’ is constantly on her mind. She can’t just switch it off. Certainly not for someone she holds closest to her heart. But she does slow down on it around you.
She does not push herself as hard as she usually does, and the acts of service usually consist out of clearing place on the couch or bringing you a snack so you won’t have to walk. And you do tell her to sit down once in a while, but she has trouble getting herself out of that mind set. It’s a process that takes some time, but eventually, she will let it go around you. And the patience is totally worth it when you see the look on her face when you are the one to bring her the snacks from the kitchen while she lays down on the couch.
Tumblr media
Gifts. Isabela enjoys leaving special plants for you anywhere and everywhere. And while the whole town is in bloom thanks to her, you know exactly when something is meant for you and when not. For example; when she discovered a new plant to bloom, she’ll plant it in your room. You’ll be the first one to see the thing from the entire town. Or she will grow a wall filled with your favorite flowers, or plants that hold a special memory to you. She knows what she’s doing.
Quality time. Once again, torn between two love languages. Before her talk with Mirabel, she would just sit down next to you and rant about everything that was going on, simply needing a listening ear. After the whole events of Encanto though, she would love to run around the town with you, finding new places for her plants to grow. She refuses to let anything bloom without showing it to you first. It’s a whole trial you go through, but it’s a wonderful experience to share.
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𝐹𝑟𝑜𝑧𝑒𝑛 𝐻𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡.
Tumblr media
Some days, (Y/N) found it hard to get out of bed. She found that by staying in bed, nothing could get her. She found that if she rotted in the covers that she used to seek comfort; that no one could reach her.
“How is she?” Camilo asks Dolores who used her gift to hear anything from (Y/N)'s room, but as always, nothing special or new happened. All she could hear just (Y/N)'s steady breathes and her normal heartbeat.
“She's ... Okay, but clearly not one hundred percent okay to herself.” Dolores responds as she started to walk away leaving Camilo staring at (Y/N)'s door with confusion and concerned.
“We're still waiting for you to come out, mi prima.” he mutters and began to walk away.
Some days, while lying in bed, (Y/N) didn't want to exist. They found that when opening her eyes, she could see. Especially whenever she saw her Abuela. And that was terrifying to her. She wanted nothing more than to sink into nothingness and be gone with it.
“She's not coming out yet?” the older woman asks to her daughter while frowning.
“No, Mamá. We tried our best to talk to her but we've got nothing but silence from her room.” Pepa explained as a grey cloud started to forming. The didn't notice until Julieta came out of the kitchen.
“You shouldn't be harsh to her too, Mamá. (Y/N) is far different from any of us, yes she is quite like Dolores, but she always kept her feelings or her problems to herself. She is— fragile.”
Alma stare at her daughters and then moved her gaze to the flickering door that almost dying and fade away. “Tell me if she's feeling better.”
With that, the older woman left her daughters. Pepa put her hand on her twin's shoulder, “I'm sure she will come out.” Julieta can only sighs in defeat. “I keep trying to be a better mother, even when everything I do seems to ... backfire.”
Some days, much like this one, Y/N felt slipping away from herself. Going into an unhealthy isolation. She didn't eat, didn't sleep, didn't respond to any of her family. She could hear the distant noise of her family calling her name multiple times but did nothing about it, her bones seeming to be glued to the mattress.
“Hermana? Are you awake? I've brought you ... Your favorite dish! Come on, open the door if you want to get it right away!”
As always, Mirabel keep trying her best to pull (Y/N) out of her room and so is Isabella who always trying to find a way to open her door. Unfortunately, she noticed that (Y/N) have froze the door knob and the window.
Nothing can melt (Y/N)'s ice except the warm of a fire. But Isabela knew that if she's going to use a fire, she'd be burned the casita down. That doesn't mean she's going to stop.
As for Luisa, all she can do is sit beside (Y/N)'s door and tell her how is her day without her sister's companion. She always told her how she missed her so much, she would always slipped a letter or two to your room and hope that (Y/N) would read it.
Until one day, (Y/N)'s roon began to froze anything, she swear she could die in frozen. She didn't even acknowledge the sound of her room door opening, or perhaps she did, just chose not to do anything about it. She didn't even know that she had to melt some of the ice.
“Mi corazón?”Julieta's voice came out soft and motherly like, staring down at Y/N's lifeless body.
She did not speak, Don't know why. But that was okay, words were not needed to express how she felt. Julieta sat down on the bed, resting (Y/N)'s head on her lap while playing with their (H/C) locks. (Y/N) let a single tear drop from her eyes, wanting nothing more than to let her mother embraced her tightly.
She's afraid, but she's also numb.
Soon Julieta decided to sing a lullaby, lulling her baby to sleep even though sometimes (Y/N)'s already asleep. “i love you, dear. Don't you ever forget that.” (Y/N) did not respond, and somehow, somewhere, that was enough. Her frozen heart slowly started to melt and finally can feel the warmth of her Mother's presence.
“please don't kept all your feelings to yourself, if you ever having a breakdown like this again, i am sure that i have failed you to be your mother.” Julieta brush (Y/N)'s hair slowly and carefully.
All (Y/N) can do is nod her head and hold her mother's warm hand shakingly. “Thank ...-you, Mamá...”
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midnight-fairee · 11 months ago
End of a Day // Luisa Madrigal x Reader.
A/N: okay, so I LOVE Luisa and I need to write some of those adorable prompts for her...enjoy, dear readers!
Prompt: cuddling with Luisa and taking a bath with Luisa (fluff version).
Pairing: Luisa Madrigal x Reader (female pronouns used).
Tumblr media
Luisa sighed softly, her muscular body leaning against the closed door.
What a damn day...it had been one of those days and every part of her felt it still, a dull ache throbbing throughout her entire body. Every muscle ached and burned, her feet felt so sore. Even her mind felt it, a headache thrumming in her head and refusing to let her be. All day, she had been wanting everything to be over...but more then that, she had been wanting you.
Her Y/N.
Just the thought of your name, so sweet on her tongue and soothing to her soul, had Luisa smiling softly.
All day she had thought of you and her arms had longed to drop her heavy burdens and take you up instead. And now with the work finally over (at least for now), she could finally do just that...but where were you?
Looking around her bedroom, Luisa did not see you as she normally did.
Her home had changed since you had come along, Casita shifting to make a place for you in her life. It was now like a little apartment, pieces of you scattered all over. The yellow kitchen (with your recipe book still open on the counter, always warm and smelling of good things), the living room (your books alongside her and your sewing box on the table), and even the bedroom (your sweater hanging on the chair) was empty...which only left one place to check.
Moving slowly across the bedroom, Luisa opened the door to the bathroom..and there you were.
Steam filled the little room and you sat on the edge of the tub, swirling in bath oils as a little song played on the radio. Clad in only a silken robe of brightest blue, little golden butterflies scattered all over it, you looked so lovely in the light of the setting sun.
Gold melted over you as you looked up, smiling at her.
“Luisa!” You said so sweetly (no one said her name like you did, oh, you made it sound like magic). “How was your day?”
“It was...a day.”
“I had a feeling,” you replied. “so I started a bath. Care to join me?”
Nodding silently, Luisa smiled as you helped her undress. She could have done it herself but she liked so much when you did it, the feeling of your fingers making her heart soar. Leaving the blouse and skirt pooled on the floor, you kissed her aching shoulders softly, undoing her hair from the ribbon and letting her thick curls fall free. Sinking into the warm water, Luisa sighed in delight. Already she was relaxing. Perched on the edge, you washed her hair gently and just let her vent about everything.
You were always willing to listen.
And she loved that, knowing that at the end of everything, you would always be there to pick her up when she fell apart.
“...and I’m just happy it’s over, you know?”
“I do, baby.”
Pouring the small jug of water over her, Luisa sighed as the hot water poured down her scalp and shoulders.
A shudder of pleasure shot down her spin, pretty lips twitching into a lazy smile. Opening her eyes just so, Luisa could see you through her lashes as you rinsed her hair and hummed along to the radio. Oh, you were so pretty! So perfect!
Noticing her secret gaze, you kissed the top of her head and whispered a question.
“Is there anything I can do to make it better?”
“Well...there is something you can do, amore...”
Her rough hands gently tugged on the strings of your robe, letting it fall away as you giggled a little bit.  Lips peppered all over your breasts and belly, each soft kiss making you sight so happily, until she couldn’t wait any longer. Lifting you up, Luisa pulled you into the tub and sat you between her legs, resting you against her breasts. Water rippled and rose, nearly pouring over the edge, as you settled into her.
The sound of her heartbeat, steady and strong, thumped in her chest and you smiled.
“Thank you, Y/N,” Luisa whispered. “I needed this.”
“Anything for you, baby.”
Taking your hand in hers, Luisa kissed your fingers sweetly, still marveling at the fact that you were hers...all hers.
The two of you stayed like that for a long while.
Bathing one another with the rose-scented soap and old washcloths, you just enjoyed the warmth of the bath and, even better, the warmth of one another. It was such a simple moment but it was everything to Luisa. Everything she could ever want or need...In time, she rose up from the bath and carried you out with her. Drying one another with the fluffy towels, you walked hand in hand into the bedroom. Luisa wore her simple nightgown, a white cotton dress that ended below her knees, and you wore one of her shirts. It looked so big on you and she loved that.
The bed, as big as it happened to be, was still a little small for the both of you but neither one minded very much.
Leaning against the big pillows, you held your book in one hand and left the other to rest in Luisa’s still damp curls. Her head rested on your heart, eyes closed. Long lashes curled against her cheeks and you smiled, thinking her so pretty.
Wrapped in a swath of handmade quilts, colorful and warm, the two of you cuddled close.
“Will you read to me?”
“Always,” you replied.
It was a little thing but she liked it...she asked for it often. Whatever you were reading, you would read aloud and she would fall asleep slowly.
“The man’s voice spoke again: ‘Are you very tired?’ ‘Oh, tonight, I gave you my soul and I am dead!’ ‘Your soul is a beautiful thing, child,’ replied the man’s grave voice ‘and I thank you! No emperor ever received so fair a gift. The angels wept tonight.’ Raoul heard nothing after that...”
And she slept.
Mumbling something you could not understand, Luisa held you in a sleepy embrace and you smiled at the sight of her. She was yours...all yours.
Turning your eyes to the page, you returned to your story and read a bit more.
Soon, though, you would join her in your dreams. Even as you slept, you belonged to her, dreaming only of your true lover. In dreams, she did not have to work so hard and the days were not so long. There was only and her and love.
A happy ending to a long day.
Tumblr media
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steveurkeloncrack · 11 months ago
Luisa is bisexual and likes himbos and smart confident women.
If she gets married to a man he will be just like Felix and Pepa like:
Luisa: *exists*
Male s/o: ❤️👄❤️
But if she marries a woman it would be the opposite:
Female s/o: *idk explaining something smart*
Luisa: ❤️👄❤️
Again projecting.
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the-ethereal-gal · 8 months ago
Camilo, lying in the middle of the floor and staring at the sky: I don't want to live anymore. What even is the meaning of life?
Dolores, used to her brothers existential crises:
Antonio, petting his toucan:
Luisa and Y/N, also lying in the middle of the floor and staring at the sky: Same
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jmalchanceux · 9 months ago
They realize being in love with you (Headcanon)
Classification: Fluff
Pairing: Dolores, Isabela, Luisa, Julieta and Pepa
Warnings: None, apart from reference to injuries
Word count: +1300
Tumblr media
- She always listened to you, small noises and few words, you were the quietest person in the village, even quieter than Bruno living in the walls, and the only one she wants and expects to hear, who helps her sleep better or keeps her company in the dead of night while you read in a few whispers before bed;
- But you are a faceless voice, she cannot identify where you are coming from and who you are, you are not someone who has ever asked Madrigals for help or interacts with many people, she could never identify you or track you in the small crowd of residents, which intrigued and interested her the most;
- Then Camilo's 15th birthday party arrived and just like everyone else in the village you were invited, Dolores was curious because she had never seen you before and when you spoke for the first time, loud and clear, she choked and made a cute little noise that got your attention;
- She finally found the mysterious girl with the voice that soothes her days and nights. Then she realized that the strange feeling in the pit of her stomach and the anxiety to hear your voice was more than just curiosity.
Tumblr media
- You've known each other since you were kids, but you never were exactly close, she always got angry and you ended up out of the games for not playing the way she wanted, rebellious as you are you took revenge on her, starting a war;
- Your cousin, the sweet and perfect Mariano, is the one who forced you two back together, you are his only family besides his mother and the boy wants you and the future wife to get along as a family should be;
- You try to be cordial most of the time but it's hard to maintain your posture when Isabela is testing all your limits and pushing buttons constantly, despite everything you not even managed to see her mistreating the lovely Mirabel, not containing yourself another argument started, one that even Abuela didn't want to get involved in;
- In the end you are too hoarse and angry to realize that Isabela's sash crumbled for a few seconds, seconds enough for her to realize that part of what had happened was pure jealousy of you and that she never felt that way about anyone, least of all Mariano, then she discovered she was in love with her fiancé's cousin and part of her perfect world crumbled into realization.
Tumblr media
- You used to work in the bakery assisting the big parties of the Madrigal family and in a short time you became Julieta's personal helper, she simply adores you and treats you like one of the family, so you get to know and get closer to the big and famous family of Encanto;
- Especially Luisa, she is rarely at home because she spends the day helping everyone in the village, but the occasional stops for lunch or snacks become progressively longer as you get closer, you usually chat excitedly about something that happened in your respective routines or news that Dolores told about, doesn't seem like it but she loves gossip;
- In a short time you become best friends, in fact she considers you her only friend and shares everything, besides always wanting to help you and feels a little strange when you deny help or you are the one helping her, she is not used to being taken care of by someone (besides her mother's arepas and affection), she feels very strange being on the other side of the table and for not helping you, because you are the only person she really wants to help and longs for;
- And it was at another of the big family parties that she finally noticed, you climbed up the counter to get extra glasses from the kitchen cabinet when the casita decided to give a little help and pushed you into Luisa's arms who was helping, she quickly holds you in her lap like a bride. Her eyes met yours and the girl felt her own heart miss a beat as she struggles not to kiss you right there. Then she realized that she is in love with you.
Tumblr media
- She first saw you in line for healing, immediately catching the eye of Alma's firstborn as you strolled among the sick showing off your funny twisted arm and bragging about the feat after falling out of a tree. She healed you quickly and had the impression that she would see more of you soon;
- And that's what happened, the following week you were in the sick bay line again, this time with a big cut on your forehead telling everyone how you fell trying to learn to ride a horse, Julieta listened to the story attentively and couldn't stop laughing at how excited you are even though your head is bleeding;
- Your visits became more and more frequent and there is always a different injury, accompanied by a funny story. Then suddenly you disappeared for a few days leaving her worried, even though this means that you have stopped hurting yourself and are fine, she felt selfish but wanted to see you again;
- A week later you reappeared, this time with no bruises or bleeding, just a little pale. Bringing with you a basket of fresh fruit, honey bread and a bottle of wine, a gift for the woman who saved your life so many times. You shamefully explained that you contracted an annoying cold and didn't want to pass it on to anyone, she could only think of how kind and empathetic you are, and silly too considering she could heal you right away and everyone else too despite your defense of not wanting to overwhelm her. Warming her heart in a different way and Julieta instinctively hugged you, in the comfort of your arms realized how much she wants to see you and be able to heal every bruise with kisses and caresses.
Tumblr media
- Best childhood friends! Since was a child she helped in the plantations of the local farmers, including your family, and that's how you met and became one and the same. The funny part of the story is that she asked for help to cry and make rain, you just kicked her in the knee and then apologized a thousand times;
- As the years went by you became closer and closer and she felt more and more comfortable around you, to the point of showing the deepest emotions that she hides from the world, with you she can create the most beautiful rainbows and the most terrible storms knowing that you don't care. So when you entered adolescence became inseparable, attached at the hip, accompanying each other in daily chores, having dinner together with the Madrigal family and having sleepover parties almost every week, sometimes together with her siblings who adore you;
- Pepa has always been the most precocious of the group, she lost her milk teeth before everyone else, she has always been the tallest, she was the one who gave the first kiss and had the first boyfriend, when you didn't keep up with her the redhead felt strange but at the same time relieved, she is a jealous friend and drives away anyone who comes near you with just a look or a sky changing color;
- Days before your 18th birthday there is a sleepover in her room and you shyly ask Pepa to teach you how to kiss, she was reluctant and tense to imagine why you would want to learn such a thing, but you do it anyway and don't regret. During the kiss she realizes that it was your first and feels deeply proud, in the middle of the night, while you sleep peacefully next to her, she looks at the ceiling, reflecting and trying to understand the weird feeling in the pit of her stomach that says there is something different... she realizes that she has been deeply in love with you since forever.
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lilian-maximoff · 10 months ago
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lizziesfirstwife · 9 months ago
Kinda came into my mind. Needed to do this :) enjoy, and pls like or reblog if you save, that would be nice!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hopepunk-fanfics · 10 months ago
The Madrigals going on a Cryptid Hunt with their s/o
Julieta: Brings snacks! Not taking it too seriously but is perfectly content to humor you. If you actually find the Cryptid, that’s when she gets nervous and will drag your butt right out of there.
Agustin: Is taking everything way too seriously. You can tell he’s trying to remain calm for your sake, but his hands are so clammy that you can tell he’s shitting bricks. If you find the Cryptid, he screams like a little girl.
Pepa: Accidentally makes it rain for the entire time because she’s nervous. Covers the entire area with fog because of her powers which just makes it worse. Jumps at any loud noises and accidentally electrocutes the Cryptid. Then she drags you out of there.
Felix: Not taking it too seriously but is also a little protective. Insists that nothing’s going to happen but is still clinging to you “in case something does”. If you find the Cryptid, he’ll get scared shitless. He'll only stick around if you decide to investigate further because he doesn't want to leave you alone.
Bruno: Is walking a fine line between pretending he’s on Buzzfeed Unsolved and jumping at literally every noise. This boy is sweating. If you find the Cryptid, he clings to you and is basically frozen in place, poor guy. Probably passes out too.
Isabela: She honestly doesn’t really care, but she’ll still be protective of you. Isabela is the one who’s calming everyone down and saying that there’s nothing here, so when you find the Cryptid she shrieks and starts throwing cacti at it. Refuses to admit she’s scared afterwards.
Luisa: She’s so protective and is getting very into it. Keeps insisting that she’s not scared at all. When you find the Cryptid she’ll straight up punch it from nerves and knock it out cold. And while you’re investigating it, she’s trying to get you to leave. She’ll throw you over her shoulder and get you out of there if she has to.
Mirabel: She’s totally on-board. You two are the ones leading the hunt, and you’re holding hands the whole time to ease your nerves. If you find the Cryptid she screams with a big smile on your face because on one hand you found it, but on the other hand she’s terrified. You are the two who investigate further haha
Dolores: Will absolutely use her hearing to help you out. Gets this scared look on her face when she starts to hear things and squeaks a lot. If you find the Cryptid, she squeaks really loud and goes to run behind something, probably you
Camilo: Also totally on-board. He’s making jokes to hide his nervousness, and he just kinda stares in disbelief if you actually find the Cryptid. Ends up screaming, shifting into like 12 different people and throwing you over his shoulder to leg it out of there.
Antonio: Really into it and surprisingly chill about the whole thing. Wants to see if he can talk to the Cryptid. He ends up having a lovely conversation with it and invites it over for dinner sometime before waving goodbye lol
Overly protective: Felix, Isabela, Luisa
Scaredy Cat: Augustin, Pepa, Bruno
Totally into it: Mirabel, Camilo, Antonio
Overly prepared: Julieta, Dolores
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icouldntfinditsoiwroteit · 11 months ago
Yandere Madrigal family AU!!!!!
Sooooooooo...Yandere Madrigal family AU??
Where a pair of cousins, one of them being the reader, arrive at Encanto after an accident that has made it so that they need to go live with their aunt and uncle, their family has always been good friends with the Madrigals, this makes it so that they become close with the Madrigal kids in a short time, but there is something out there, wishing something upon the Madrigal's miracle, that will change the family and their relationships, will this change be permanent? Who knows.
In this AU the reader is gender-neutral (or in other words watch me do writing gymnastics to prevent anyone referring to them as a niece or nephew since I couldn't find any plural option like siblings, cousins, etc).
The accident caused fiscal damage to the reader and the cousin, leaving the reader with a transfemoral prosthesis (which is a leg prosthesis that replaces the limb above the knee) and their cousin with hearing problems, they both have small burn scars, (F/N) on their legs and the cousin on their arms (by this you can guess how bad the accident was) and it, of course, left them with psychological trauma but I will not reveal it here, that is what the fic is for.
The reader will be 17, their cousin will be 19 and the story will be situated one year after the movie's events, and there WILL be shipping, the ships will be, Luisa x reader, Mirabel x reader, Camilo x reader, OC x Dolores and OC x Isabella (the OC will be the cousin), not only this but I will make the older kids one year younger, so their age during the story would be:
Camilo: 16
Mirabel: 16
Luisa: 19
Isabella: 21
Dolores: 21
Reader: 17
Alicia(cousin): 19
It was a calm silent night in Encanto, one like many others, easily overlooked by the village's people who all slept comfortably in their beds, all unaware of the darkness that lurked around the village, with the Madrigal's home as its target, it would try and fail to enter the house for the magic would protect the family at all times, but it would wait and find a way to enter it, patience was all it could be after all.
(F/N) felt the rumble to the carriage as it passed over small rocks on the path, making (F/N) rumble alongside as they let their left leg swing over the edge of the carriage.
"Are we there yet?" (F/N)'s cousin asked as they tried to recover their breath from the seemingly endless walk.
"Patience Alicia," Their aunt admonished lightheartedly beside her.
"The trip isn't that tiring, is it?" (F/N) teased from where they sat.
"Easy for you to say, your the one sitting on the carriage," Alicia glared.
"I mean, if you want to trade place with me, then I'll gladly do so if you can fix my leg," (F/N) smiled innocently as they dangled their leg.
"I'll keep walking," Alicia rolled her eyes as (F/N) had used this same argument to turn her own down.
"Don't worry about it too much Alicia, we will arrive soon," Their uncle assured as he kept the donkey on track.
"Besides, it's good that you walk again, after being bound to bed for so long," Their aunt said.
"How about you tell us what you are reading," (F/N)'s uncle asked as (F/N) decided to just put the red ribbon they had been using as a bookmarker on the page they had been reading and close the book since they knew that once Uncle made conversation it would be impossible to go back to reading.
"I've just been re-reading the chronicles of Narnia," (F/N) answered.
"Which book is it?"
"The Silver Chair,"
"That one is the worst," Alicia said.
"It's not that bad,"
"It's just so predictable and I honestly hate Jill so much,"
"It is a bit predictable, but I like its simplicity,"
"Which one do you like best, Alicia?" Their aunt asked.
"My favorite is easily The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,"
"Pretty good one, but I actually like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe better," Their aunt said.
"It's a classic, no way to go wrong with it," Their uncle said amused.
"And a good thing is that we've arrived," He continued and (F/N) alongside their cousin looked over and saw how they had finally arrived to the village.
"Finally," Alicia said happily.
"Yay," (F/N) stretched as they were already tired from having to be on the carriage for the whole trip.
They entered the village and saw how lively and warm it was, almost dreamlike, Alicia and (F/N) looked around curious about the place they would be living in from now on, everyone was walking with different things to do, others simply walked around, it was quite calm, even though it was the middle of the day.
"Quite the change from the capital?" Their aunt asked as she saw their observing and she was right, even if everyone had somewhere to be, they still seemed to still have all the time in the world.
"It's a lot..." Alicia tried to describe it.
"Slow?" (F/N) aided.
"Yes, here in Encanto life has a different pace than in the city,"
"Weird," (F/N) and Alicia whispered in unison.
"Just different dears,"
"I remember when you came to visit on holiday five years ago, you asked us to show you around,"
"By the end of the day, you could barely walk," Alicia finished snickering.
"You two just walk as if you were being chased," Their aunt huffed.
"And you move slower than a snail," Alicia retorted.
"Alicia, leave aunty alone, you know it's not her fault, age takes a toll on everyone," (F/N) faked to be defending her aunt.
"You two rascals," Their aunt glared as the two snickered.
"We've arrived," Their uncle interrupted them as the carriage stopped.
"And just in time," He added seemingly relieved.
"In time for what?" (F/N) asked.
"To escape your imminent fight," He said.
"Your exaggerating uncle, it was just a joke," (F/N) assured but the look their uncle gave them, had (F/N) turning back to their cousin and aunt already having a small fight.
"Point taken," (F/N) admitted.
"Alright, Adella, please help me with the front door," He called out.
"Can I help with anything?" (F/N) asked as their uncle got down from the driver's seat.
"Let's first get you out of this carriage,"
"Then I'll give you your leg, maybe you can find what is wrong with it," (F/N) was picked up by their uncle bridal style and later sat on the table of the kitchen of the house and left to go back for their stuff in the carriage.
As (F/N)'s uncle had said, he quickly returned with the leg and (F/N)'s crutches, (F/N) quickly got to work and started examining what had caused the problem from the start.
*It's probably just a screw or maybe some sand,* They thought as they looked the ankle part over.
(F/N) had been so absorbed by their task that they didn't notice when all of their stuff had been unloaded and didn't notice either when Alicia stood beside them.
"You found what was messing with your leg?" She asked.
"I think I do, but I really hope it is not the case," (F/N) mumbled.
"Because I think it is sand and if that is the case then I'll have to take it apart to clean it," (F/N) groaned.
"Pitty to be you," Alicia then moved away in order to dodge (F/N) swatting hand.
"(F/N), Alicia, come up here for a moment, I want to show you your rooms," Their aunt called from the second floor.
(F/N) reached her crutches and walked over to the stairs, letting Alicia go first, when they arrived on the second floor their aunt was waiting at the door of a room to their left.
"(F/N) sweetie, I had planned for you to use one of the rooms on the second floor like Alicia but if you want we you can use the one on the first floor," Their aunt explained.
"I can use the one on the second floor, I just need to finish cleaning my leg, and then it'll be like nothing happened," (F/N) assured.
"Alright then," Their aunt went inside the room and Alicia and (F/N) followed.
"This will be Alicia's room, and the one on the left will be yours," Their aunt explained as she went through another door that connected both rooms to the surprise of the cousins.
"This door connects both of your rooms, don't ask why, my grandpa never told any of us,"
"Thanks, auntie," Alicia said as she tested her bed.
"I'm glad you like it, what do you think (F/N)?" (F/N) heard their aunt ask as they looked over their own room.
"It's nice, thanks,"
"Alright then, will you two want to unpack or...?"
"I'm gonna finish cleaning my leg first," (F/N) answered.
"I'll start unpacking," Alicia said as (F/N) began the way down the stairs.
"Oh, almost forgot, don't touch my books!" (F/N) yelled and only heard Alicia snicker as they walked to the table and took a seat once more.
"Can I get you anything?" Their aunt asked.
"Could I have a glass of water, please?"
"Of course sweety," Their aunt left to the kitchen.
(F/N) sighed as they began to take the leg apart and just like they had thought, some sand had somehow gotten into some crook that had caused the leg to get stuck, this was one of the few times (F/N) hated having been right about something, they began to clean the sand off into a bowl to later dispose of it.
After a few minutes of doing so, (F/N)'s eyes began to sting so they moved their cleaning to the backyard's table where they had more light,(F/N)'s aunt had brought the glass of water when a knock on the door called her attention, she went to answer and saw someone she had always considered as a second mother.
"Alma, what a surprise!"
"I heard that you had arrived and I couldn't not come to say hello,"
"I also wished to invite you and the rest of your family to dinner, but don't feel any obligation, I heard about what happened," Alma explained.
"We will happily go, when has a Cardenal missed a party?"
"And how have you been, I also heard about what happened with your home,"
"Casita is back and stronger than ever, and my family, I believe we have been able to heal,"
"How have you been?" Alma asked.
"We've been getting better, (F/N) and Alicia both act fine but I know they are still hurting deeply,"
"I'm sure of it, after all, the Cardenals going from being such a numerous family to just..."
"The four of us,"
"Oh Luz, I am deeply sorry," Alma hugged Luz tightly.
"Thank you for worrying Alma, we will be there," Luz assured.
(F/N) sighed in relief as they finally got every speck of sand out of every crook and began to reassemble their leg, wanting to put it back on already, but their attention was pulled towards the sounds from the tree behind them that was from outside of the house but was still big enough for it to give shade in the garden and that (F/N) was using for the shade, they looked up as some leaves began to fall from something but saw nothing.
*Probably just a cat or something,* They thought as they went back to reassembling their leg, but when they heard an almost mute sigh, they knew that it was someone, so they acted as if they didn't know until they had finished cleaning the leg, without warning they turned around their head and saw someone with a yellow ruana and someone else with a blue skirt back away from view but as the figures did, they fell from the tree on the other side of the wall, hearing a loud thud from it and someone gasping in shock.
*THE HELL!!!?!??* (F/N) took a hold of their crutches and walked towards the wall to try and see who it had been but they were unable to see anything when they stood over a small box to see over the wall, they only got a small glimpse of the culprit's blueish skirt.
*Great, nosy neighbors,* (F/N) thought sarcastically.
*I'll tell aunty after I put my leg back on,* (F/N) concluded as they took their leg and went back inside the house to let their uncle help them put it back on.
"I'm telling you, they had this weird leg thing on their hands,"
"And I'm telling you we almost got caught!" Mirabel hissed.
"They didn't even see me," Camilo assured.
"Who didn't see you?" They both jumped as they turned around to see Abuela looking at them.
"Abuela, how nice to see you," Mirabel smiled awkwardly.
"Mhh," Was the only answer she gave them.
"What brings you here?" Camilo asked.
Abuela only gave them an unimpressed look before she looked behind them and they remembered they were at casita's entrance.
"I hope you will behave at dinner," Abuela said before she walked to enter, her two grandchildren behind and in a slight shock.
"Wait, Abuela, who is coming for dinner?" Mirabel ran up to her.
"The Cardenals, and I expect you two to apologize for snooping," With this they both left Abuela alone, not knowing how she had known they had been spying.
"I told you we shouldn't have done that!" Mirabel hissed.
"How was I supposed to know Abuela would notice?" Camilo defended.
"Maybe if you didn't climb a tree in the loudest way I have ever heard we wouldn't have been spotted,"
"You shouldn't spy on a grieving family," They both jumped as Dolores appeared behind them.
"What do you mean?" Mirabel asked.
"I remember the Cardenals being a big family,"
"But there were only four in that house," Camilo said.
"Well, it must be because of the accident I heard happened,"
"But how does abuela know them?" Camilo asked.
"The Cardenals have been friends with the Madrigals for generations, you actually met some of them,"
"What?" Both Camilo and Mirabel asked in unison.
"Well, it was when you two were 8, the town got together for a ceremony and later a party, it was one of the few times when all the Cardenals assisted, you two actually followed around one of the Cardenal kids the whole night and they did the same with Luisa," Dolores seemed amused at the memory of her little brother and cousin following another kid like ducklings and that kid following Luisa in the same way.
"But what accident happened?" Mirabel asked.
"I don't know, I only heard that there was an accident," Dolores said before she walked away leaving the wondering cousins,
"Wait..." Mirabel said.
"When you fell off the tree, they didn't see you, right?"
(F/N) fumbled with the edge of their poncho(ignore the model and heel boots please), nervous about the dinner they would have with the Madrigals, it had been a long time since they had been in any kind of dinner and since they had decided to use their black shirt and worried that it would stick out too much.
"(F/N), you ready?" They heard Alicia ask from their room and (F/N) took a deep breath to control their nerves.
"Yeah," They said as they walked inside Alicia's room.
"I'm so glad aunt lent us some of her old clothes, it would be such a waste for these clothes to just be accumulating dust in a box," Alicia said as she finished fixing her colorful ruana on top of a white shirt that reminded (F/N) of their dad's old work guayabera and some jeans that helped ease (F/N)'s nerves a bit.
"Besides the clothes are in perfect state, perfectly usable," (F/N) added.
"Alicia, (F/N), come down, we are ready to leave," Their uncle called out from downstairs.
"Pass me my cane," (F/N) told Alicia before they went down the stairs.
"You two ready?" Their uncle asked.
"Yep, but how far is the Madrigals house?" Alicia asked.
"It is on top of the hill, if you want we can take the carriage," Their uncle said as he looked at (F/N).
"No, don't worry,"
"It's no problem, we wouldn't want you to get hurt or tired on the way, it hasn't been that long since you got your new leg," Their uncle assured.
"Don't worry uncle, besides, it'll help me get more practice," Their uncle still didn't seem convinced but he let it go and they left the house, outside their aunt was already waiting for them with another woman.
"Julieta, I believe you'll remember little Alicia and (F/N)?" Their aunt introduced them to the kind-looking, woman.
"I'm so happy to meet you again," The woman greeted.
"This is Julieta," The two cousins looked at the woman with no recognition.
"They probably don't remember me, I only saw them two times, and the last time was 7 years ago, they were so little then," Julieta still hugged them and they won't admit it but it felt like one of the warmest hugs they have received in their lives.
They both smiled awkwardly before they began the journey towards the Madrigal's house.
"I'm sure the family will love meeting you, I still remember how good friends you were with my daughter," Julieta said as they reached the house.
"It was so cute how little Mirabel and Camilo followed (F/N) like little ducklings," Their uncle added and the adults chuckled as (F/N) blushed in embarrassment as Alicia gave them a teasing smile.
"Mama duck," She whispered before they entered the house and (F/N) tried to rib her in retaliation, this caused them to not really notice how the doors opened by themselves.
"Mamá, we've arrived," Julieta called out and an old lady came out of a room on the side.
(F/N) and Alicia had been awestruck by the beautiful house and had not noticed they had gaped until their uncle nudged them to compose themselves, they quickly did so blushing madly.
"I'm so glad you both arrived well, come, dinner is ready," The old lady walked to a room where the table was set and there stood the rest of the family.
(F/N) had been looking at the floor mostly until a blue skirt caught their attention, and as they studied the embroidery on it, they squinted their eyes in suspicion, but it only clicked when they noticed the yellow ruana of the guy beside her, (F/N)'s eyebrows raised.
*It was them??* They thought as they noticed their stiff postures but the girl's eyes were darting anywhere but towards them.
The darkness that lurked around the house moved as it noticed an opportunity to enter the house, many approached the house but this was an almost perfect opportunity, it would just need to make sure that there would not be too many flaws on it.
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thequeendesi · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Title: Kiss
Alt Title: Mrs. Hernandez’s Fence
Warning: uhhh…. None? Female reader
Rating: solid G
Disclaimer: I don’t own you or the encanto franchise. Just the writing.
Pairing: Luisa Madrigal x Reader
Luisa chin rested in her hand as she watched the (hair colored) girl talk with a group of peers. Luisa sighed, getting up from the table she was sitting at.
“Lu? Everything alright?” Mirabel asked, noticing her sister’s demeanor. If she was Tia Pepa, Encanto’d be in the middle of a snow storm.
“Mm?” Luisa looked over to Mirabel. “Yes…”
“Lu, we’ve talked about this. It is alright to communicate your emotions when faced with an issue you’re upset with.” Mirabel placed her hand on her older sister’s shoulder.
“I wish I could get (Y/N)’s attention.” Luisa sighed. “Have you tried going over to her?” Mirabel asked, looking over to (Y/N).
(Y/N) laughed, pushing one of her friends in the shoulder. Dolores’d know what was being said. “Was that my name?” Luisa asked, watching her lips.
“Possibly, why don’t you approach her?” Mirabel asked.
Luisa bit her knuckle. “Mm… can you go with me? Just ask her if she’d mind helping us with chores? And then maybe make an excuse… and go on when I’m less nervous?”
Mirabel gave her sister a kind smile. “I can do that.”
Mirabel tapped (Y/N) on the shoulder making the girl turn around. “Hey Mirabel!” She looked over to Luisa. “Hi Luisa.” She smiled softly at the buff woman.
“Would you mind giving me and Luisa a helping hand?” Mirabel asked. “Sure, what do you need?” (Y/N) asked, the group of peers disappearing.
“Painting Mrs. Hernandez’s fence, you know how she’s been after Mr. Hernandez passed, I figured it’d be a nice thing to do.” Luisa said quickly. “Aw, Luisa. Your heart is so beautiful.”
Luisa coughed. “I’ll get the paint.” She stated, walking away hurriedly, silently swearing at herself.
“What’s that Abuela?” Mirabel asked over her shoulder, making (Y/N) and Luisa silently look towards the younger Madrigal.
“I’m comin’!” Mirabel said, waving to Luisa and the girl, running off.
“So, Luisa…” you dipped the paint brush into the paint. “Mm?” Luisa asked, paying attention to the strokes she made onto the fence.
“What’s on your mind?” (Y/N) asked, looking at the fence as she painted.
“What? What makes you think I have something on my mind? I thought I looked pretty thoughtless.” Luisa rambled, making the shorter girl laugh softly.
“Huh…?” Luisa looked at her.
“Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh.” (Y/N) sighs, placing the paintbrush in the can. “Have you ever kissed anyone?” She asked, picking at her nail getting the dried paint off.
“W-wha…” Luisa cleared her throat. “Have… have you?”
“If me answering first gets you to, then no.” She looked over at Luisa. “Oh.” Luisa looked to (Y/N). “No… I haven’t… kissed anyone that is.”
“Oh.” (Y/N) nodded, looking over to the muscular woman.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make this awkward. I was just… curious. My friends were teasing me earlier.”
“Teasing you?” Luisa asked, straightening her posture.
“Yea. I told them I never had my first kiss, and they were sure you had.” (Y/N) explained.
“Why was I brought up?” Luisa asked, looking over to her. “Because of my crush on you.”
“You have a crush… on me?” Luisa’s heart could’ve beat out of her chest by now.
“Yea… I’m sorry… I’m not even sure if you’re into me like that. I put you on the spot.” (Y/N) cleared her throat, the wall of rejection began pressing against her, making her heart race, paying close attention, she began picking at her cuticles.
“No! No! I like you!” Luisa dropped the paintbrush and held (Y/N)‘s face in her hands. “(Y/N) I…” Luisa took a deep breath, pressing her lips against the girls.
(Y/N) froze slightly making Luisa pull away. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean too… I…” (Y/N) closed her eyes, cutting Luisa off as she moved forward to press her lips against Luisa’s. Her hands rested on Luisa’s hands.
Slowly, they both pulled away. “Thank you…” Luisa said softly, placing her forehead on (Y/N)’s.
“Thank you?”
“For liking me…” Luisa took a deep breath. “Can… Can we be… in a relationship? I want you to be my girlfriend. I wanna bring you to dinner… I want to be able to call you Mi Vida o-or Princesa, o-or-“
“Luisa.” (Y/N)’s voice cut the blabbing woman off. “Yes.” She answered, laughing a little.
“Yes. I want to be your girlfriend. But only if you’re my girlfriend in return.”
“I’d be anything you’d want me to be.”
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simpxrainex · 10 months ago
Rewrite The Stars
Character(s): Luisa Madrigal x Reader
Summary: you and Luisa have loved one another since you were young enough to remember, but you slowly begin to realize these feelings aren't platonic.
Tumblr media
You watched from the crowd as your best friend Luisa Madrigal made her way to her door, anticipating what gift the Casita would possibly give her. She spotted your face in the crowd of people, giving you a nervous smile as she slowly walked passed you. You smiled back, giving her a small thumbs up in hopes of calming her nerves.
As she ascended the stairs you felt yourself shivering with anticipation, excited that your best friend was finally getting the gift she's been talking about for so long now.
Abuela Alma spoke to Luisa almost in a whisper, everyone craning their necks to try to hear what was being said. You watched as Luisa nodded her head enthusiastically, Abuela Alma moving out of the way so Luisa could place her hand on the doorknob.
You shut your eyes as a bright light shone from her door, everyone gasping in astonishment at the miracle working its magic. When the light died down you looked up, an image of Luisa holding something heavy above her head depicted on the door. Luisa stood before her door, her eyes wide as she decided what she should do to test out her new gift.
"(Y/n)! Pssst!" You heard Luisa call out to you from atop the staircase. She waved you in her direction, everyone's gaze locking onto you. You shook your head, retreating into the crowd. You weren't one for much attention, so this was definitely too much for you. Luisa giggled, her small frame running down the stairs to your spot at the bottom. Luisa's family watched with grins as Luisa grabbed her little friend, picking them up and lifting them above her head. You gasped in fear as Luisa twirled you in the air, putting on a show for everyone while simultaneously trying to impress you.
"We've been blessed with a new gift!" Abuela Alma announced, the crowd erupting in a fit of cheers as Luisa carried you up the stairs, everyone excited to see the inside of Luisa's room.
"Happy Birthday, (Y/n)!" Luisa cheered, running up to you and engulfing you in a bone crushing hug. You hugged back as best you could from your spot in her grip, a bright smile on your face. Julieta walked through the doorway of your home a bit after Luisa, a bright smile on her face. You noticed the cake in her hands, the number 13 piped on top with icing. You gasped, staring at the cake in surprise. You hadn't anticipated to celebrate your special day with them.
"I thought you had too many chores to be able to come over!" you confronted Luisa lightheartedly, giving her a playful punch on the shoulder. You puffed out your cheeks, crossing your arms over your chest.
"I couldn't think of any other way to surprise you!" Luisa replied, giggling at your expression. She poked your cheek, making you drop the facade and giggle as it deflated under her touch. Luisa wrapped an arm your shoulder, the two of you leaning into each other as Julieta brought the cake in front of you, placing a few candles on top so they could sing.
You sat at your vanity, combing through your hair as Luisa sat on your bed. She watched as you got ready for a date with someone in town, her heart clenching with an unfamiliar feeling as she admired you through your reflection in the mirror. She watched as you smiled brightly, your body shaking in anticipation for tonight. Your date would be picking you up soon, Luisa's mood growing sour as time ticked on.
"Are you okay, amiga?" you asked, looking at her through the mirror. You continued with your hair, determined to pull off the new hairstyle Isabela had taught you.
Luisa sighed, trying her best to stay positive for you. She knew how excited you were and she wasn't about to let some random feeling ruin your evening. "Yeah, I'm fine," she reassured, her chest tightening even further as she lied to you through her teeth.
You turned around in your seat to face Luisa, making her able to take you in fully for the first time since you started getting ready. Her breath hitched in her throat, heat rising to her cheeks as she stared at you in astonishment.
"I-Is something wrong? Do I look weird? Is it a bit much!?" you began to frantically ask, Luisa snapping out of her thoughts.
"N-No!" she frantically replied, waving her hands in front of her face, "I-It's just you look so great! I-" Luisa cut herself off, groaning as she threw herself to lay on top of your bed. She covered her face with her arm, hoping you wouldn't be able to see her flushed cheeks from where she laid.
You threw yourself on top of the bed, laying down so you could face Luisa. You moved her arms from her face, lovingly looking into her eyes with a bright smile so she knew you were there for her. "You can tell me anything. You know that, right?" you spoke, Luisa's cheeks once again heating up as she stared into your eyes.
"No I know I just..." Luisa tried her best to think of an excuse, "I just hope your date doesn't turn out to be a total loser," Luisa joked, hoping it would appease you. You let out a laugh, pushing her away as you rolled your eyes.
"I found another one!" you called out to Luisa, guiding a donkey to where she stood, holding them all on her shoulders. You watched as Luisa picked it up off the ground as if it weighed nothing, her muscles flexing as she supported the extra weight. A bead of sweat rolled down her cheek as the hot sun beat down on the Encanto, your heart fluttering as you watched her walk off.
"Are you coming or are you just gonna keep staring?" Luisa teased with a wink, looking at you from over her shoulder. You let out a squeak of embarrassment, shuffling over to where Luisa stood waiting for you. You opened the gate for Luisa, your eyes never looking up to meet hers as she placed the donkeys inside. When she finished you swiftly closed the gate, turning on your heel and speed walking away as fast as possible.
You turned a random corner, leaning against one of the houses in hopes Luisa didn't see where you went off to. You let out a sigh of relief, a hand clutching your chest as you tried to calm yourself. Your knees felt weak, your stomach churning as your heart clenched. You felt the heat in your cheeks rise further as you thought of Luisa, patting your face with your hands in hopes of making it go away.
"You okay?" Luisa's voice questioned from next to you, making you jump up in surprise.
"Luisa!?" you screeched, covering your face with one hand as you looked away from her. She moved your hand with her fingers, looking at you with concern.
"Are you feeling okay? Your face is so red," Luisa said with worry, placing the back of her hand on your forehead. She went wide-eyed, bringing you into her embrace. She picked you up in her arms, your face flushing an even brighter red if possible.
"W-What are you doing!?" you gasped, wrapping your arms around her neck in surprise.
"i'm taking you to my mom! I think this heat is making you sick," she explained, making her way to Casita. You watched as the town stared at the two of you, tucking your face into her neck so you didn't have to meet their gaze.
"So we all agree this is painful to watch, right?" Camilo asked his siblings and cousins, all of them watching as you and Luisa spoke a few feet away. The two of you were constantly touching and flirting with one another, but neither of you actually made a move no matter how hard they tried to get one of you to confess.
"This is worse than painful," Mirabel groaned, slapping her palm against her forehead as she watched the two of you blush at something that was said between you.
Dolores let out a pained sigh, the words she'd heard the two of you speak about one another begging to come out. She finally gave in after a few moments, marching up to the two of you with a determined expression on her face.
"Luisa, you think (Y/n) is one of the most amazing people you've ever met but you don't think they could like you back because of how long you've been friends. You didn't want to ruin your friendship so you've kept your feelings a secret,"
Dolores took a deep breath, turning her gaze to you this time.
"(Y/n), you're constantly talking about Luisa every chance you get, and you also don't want to ruin your friendship by saying anything so you keep things to yourself. The whole reason you go out on dates is to try to silence your thoughts but you can't,"
Dolores took a step back, looking at both of you this time.
"So for the sake of all of our mental health... ask each other out already!" Dolores groaned. She turned away after everything she'd wanted to say was out of her system, making her way back to where her family stood, their jaws on the floor as they processed what it was they just witnessed.
You stared up at Luisa and she stared down at you, the two of you too embarrassed to say a word. Silently you reached your hands for one another, intertwining them slowly.
"So," Luisa started, an anxious grin making its way onto her face.
"So?" you said in reply, your nerves growing as the silence continued.
Luisa groaned at herself, sliding her palm down as her face as she tried to hype herself up for what she was about to do. She took a deep breath, leaning down to your height and placing a quick kiss on your cheek. The both of you jumped back from one another with a squeak, your hands covering your faces as you turned away.
"it's a start," Isabela shrugged.
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