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The story of Mirabel and the Big Bad Wolf
Originally done for Encanto’s 1 year anniversary
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Julieta: You forgot to do the dishes, didn't you?
Agustín: [drinking out of a vase] No, why?
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blue-solstice · 2 days
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Took me a very long time but I couldn’t resist turning the Madrigals into witches 🥰🥰
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acewithapaintbrush · 3 days
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This day was incredibly stressful for me for many personal reasons concerning my health and the health of a family member. And you might think this comment I found in my inbox today couldn't have come at a worse time.
And you might not believe me when I tell you that this comment has actually found me at the best time.
Because just a few months ago this would have really bummed me out. I would have been sad and dejected the whole day and wondered about their motive, what is so 'horse shit' about my story, what did I do wrong?
But all I was thinking was "Woooow. My first insulting comment" and all I did was grin and chuckle a little because I realized that it didn't phase me at all. I feel nothing but slight amusement at this comment.
I am stronger than I was just a few months ago. I am confident in my own abilities. I am no literary genius, but I know that my writing has brought joy and sometimes even comfort to people because they have told me so and I am inclined to believe them.
I am proud of that. I can very well be proud of that. Nothing wrong with that.
I can look at my own writings and drawings and say to myself "Hey, I like what I did here and others seem to like it too so I'm not gonna let one comment ruin my day, no matter how stressful that day has already been."
This comment has actually lifted my spirits a little so hey, thank you, 'horse shit' person. You did me a solid.
(still deleted it though, I mean, I welcome and accept criticism, but at least put some thought into it. You got all the way to chapter 18, I'm sure you can articulate your grievances better )
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reversia · 3 days
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Encanto, 2021
request for anon
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Isabela: Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t attack Mirabel.
Luisa: She is your little sister who hasn’t done anything wrong and I’m your other sister telling you not to do it.
Isabela: …And if I attack you first, then you can’t tell me not to do it.
Luisa: Please, Isa, don’t don’t do this again. I have super strength and you will lose.
Isabela: I am a PRODIGY—
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Girls with glasses
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coluccim · 1 day
Happy Abuela Alma and Abuelo Pedro meet for the first time to those who celebrate 🥳
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prophetic-hijinks · 6 hours
Bruno is helping a six years old Pedro with his homework at the table while Elena prepares a little snack.
"yes, lovebug?"
"what is a virgin?"
Elena stops cutting vegetables and turns around to see a very uncomfortable Bruno, and Pedro both looking at her.
"oh, well that's a good question. Let's see, a -STAY Bruno"
Bruno, wide eyed, hand on the back of his chair clearly trying to escape, obediently sits back down.
"sweetie? Remember when you asked how Dolores got pregnant? And I explained how adults who really love each other, usually when married, do a special adult dance in private?"
"well a person who hasn't done that dance yet is called a virgin." Elena finished gently. "Do you understand?"
"I think so...." Pedro replied pondering a moment. "But what's extra virgin?"
Confused, Elena falters. Looks at the bottle of oil next to her. Tips the label to read it. And face palms.
Bruno dies laughing.
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waitingonavision · 2 days
Encanto Drabble: Leftovers, & Love
It started as a little collab with @empty-cryptid 😌💚 To be posted on AO3.
“Bruno, do you know what happened to the leftover tamales?”
“Uh... no?”
Julieta squints at her brother. There’s sauce in the corner of his mouth, and his belly is looking just a bit too round—beneath a shirt which may or may not have crumbs on it.
She pokes him in the stomach. “Then what’s in here?”
“...Love?” Bruno answers, throwing her a winning grin. He gets a look in return: cocked eyebrow, folded arms; lips pressed together in an unmistakable effort not to smile back.
“Well. True as that may be,” Julieta says at last, as she prods those pudgy sides some more and begins to steer Bruno in the direction of the kitchen. “You’re coming with me to help replace my mysteriously vanished tamales.”
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glendybluebird · 2 days
💜💚Familia Guerrera-Luna💛💙❤️
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✨Their triplet dynamic and some info about their parents. Sorry, it's been a while. Been a little too busy these days. Anyway, here's their redesign. I would've drawn more if only my tablet didn't get broken. Drawing with my phone and fingers takes me soooo long to finish. Funfact: - Again, Alora/Luna's real or legal name is "Alora" -The three have some triplet intuition where they feel a harsh pinch when and where one of them is hurt. This started when Alora had an accident. -Imelda was actually 5'10" and Manuel was around 5'6" -Lauro and Lorenzo are currently around 5'6" to 5'7". They take after Imelda. -Luna is currently around 5'2" to 5'3". -Bruno is the triplet's godfather -Bruno was the best man at Imelda and Manuel's wedding
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Bruno: I really like this whole ‘good girl, bad girl’ thing you girls have going on. Isabela: It’s not an act, it’s just that I’m mean and Dolores isn’t.
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Luisa: Wow, you have a better grip than me!
Camilo: I was a theater kid. I clench my hands dramatically a lot.
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cloudy-encanto · 3 days
@watchfulabyss made a video of Félix from one of my fanfictions (When Félix Met Pepa 💛🧡)
Thank you so much for doing that 💕 Of course I’ll come duet with you 🥹✨
Here’s the scene with Pepa 🌈☀️
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(Not a submission) I'm currently watching Encanto with my friends and the whole Tío Scrungly bit is GOING in my head I'm occasionally forced into fits or struggle trying to not laugh at the thought of a ass that don't quit
It all fades to black 😔
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reversia · 18 hours
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Encanto, 2021
request for anon
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