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soundofalling-sand · 11 months ago
Adopted Madrigals
Adopted Madrigals can inherit powers as well! 
Tumblr media
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definitely-not-v · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have it or whatever....
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iwannabecamiloshovel · 6 months ago
Dolores: Stressed.
Luisa: Depressed.
Camilo: Possessed.
Mirabel: Obsessed.
Isabela: Impressed.
Antonio: Chicken breast.
Everyone: ...What?
Antonio: I just wanted to join in.
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bozowrites · 10 months ago
Could I have some cuddle headcanons with Mirabel and a short gender-neutral reader?
mirabel x reader ; camilo x reader ; isabela x reader ; bruno x reader : cuddling positions.
a/n : didn't rly mention height, only cause i didn't rly know how to, apologies. and i added the other three for fun :)
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Tumblr media
the honeymoon hug.
she likes having her face in your chest and just relaxing after any day.
loves if you play with her hair while you two cuddle.
legs intertwined and arms around each other, nothing could get better than that.
Tumblr media
lay atop of him.
your head on his chest and his arms hugging your back, legs intertwined, it’s perfect.
he’ll play with your hair and give your scalp a massage.
it’s heaven honestly.
Tumblr media
literally everything.
any way she can have her hands on you and be close to you, she’ll be thriving.
but she does find benefit if she can wrap her legs around you and be unbelievably close.
she just loves being all up in your personal space.
Tumblr media
the spoon.
a classic!
doesn’t mind if he’s the big or little spoon, so long he gets to be with you.
if he’s the big spoon, expect little tickles from him every now and then. just cause he likes to bug ya.
he’ll occasionally give you a squeeze, hands around your waist, just so you know he’s there.
and when he’s the little spoon, he loves when you play with his hair.
he finds it immensely relaxing and will biome putty in your hands immediately.
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camilxsruana · 4 months ago
Mirabel: *aggressively throws water bottles*
Isabela: Uh... what's up with her?
Camilo: she's trying to yell mental health and wellbeing into us.
Luisa, crying: it's working.
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somethinginthethunder · 9 months ago
Okay okay but what about hcs abt madrigal grandkids reacting to saying you like them back, huh?? Thank you in advance
``reacting to you liking them back``
getting rejected
notes: aha angst????? what's that???????
warnings: none!
-hides her excitement
-oh you like her back? no problem. it's- it's chill. she's definitely not dying on the inside or anything, yk?
-if you agreed to go out with her she'd be over the moon, the only thing on her mind afterward being how the date was going to go and how she was going to dress and plan for it.
-if you ever stopped looking directly at her she'd probably fist-pump the air, little blossoms of plants and flowers sprouting in the ground along with her.
-the rest of the day she'd just have a happy dazed look in her eyes, the smile never leaving her face.
-if mirabel or camilo ever starting teasing her for it she'd get flushed and tell them to shut up, her face reddening as she literally pushes them out of her room where she was daydreaming about you and her together.
-just a wholesome woman :) she gets excited, too, but it's much more mellow
-honestly more of a relieved feeling as well, since she wasn't really expecting you to actually like her back.
-when you told her you reciprocated her feelings there would be a lot of stuttering and nervous words from her.
-"o-oh! really? I-i didn't think you'd actually, um," her voice would trail off from there as she nervously rubbed the back of her neck.
-this is where'd you'd step in and ask her out, with her saying yes of course
-when the two of you parted ways for the day she'd go straight to her room and then just scream into a pillow, taking in a deep breath once she got it all out of her system
-would be much more open about her happiness
-first thing she'd say after you said you liked her too was, "YES LET'S GO!"
-when she realizes what she just said she'd awkwardly lower her arms and try to laugh it off as if you didn't just make her the happiest girl in the world.
-"i mean, uh, yeah," she said quickly. "nice, nice."
-like camilo, the kind of person to lean against a chair to act calm and collected but end up missing and just falling onto her side
-finds it hard to meet your eyes but once she gains the courage she'll ask you out <3
-will be thinking about you for the rest of the day and everyone notices it, especially julieta.
-she thinks it's endearing, adoring the way in which her daughter was acting
-the most calm response!!
-would also be relieved like luisa, but i don't think it'd be out of insecurity like her. more like just... anticipation.
-she's usually a quiet talker because of her gift but when you told her you liked her as well she'd probably talk the loudest she had ever in awhile!
-also the most forward about it! just confidently asks you if you want to go on a date with her, a hopeful shine in her eye
-could not bring herself to leave you alone after you say yes, hanging out with you for the rest of the day
-just wants to be in your presence, and if she can't then she'll just tune into your voice and listen to you for awhile
-like mirabel trying to be suave and cool but like... 10x worse
-please help this poor boy
-visibly relaxes when he hears you confess to liking him back, that stupidly charming smile only brightening
-thinks he's acting all smooth while asking you out on a date but in reality he's much more awkward than he thinks
-you still think it's cute, though, so of course you say yes
-would probably kiss the back of your hand once you part ways for the day, making sure to really take in your face before going back home
-if someone startles him for the rest of the night he'll accidentally transform into you since you were all he could think about anymore, earning a teasing from his entire family
-totally worth it, though
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yoursweetdenial · 10 months ago
~You run towards them~
The Madrigals x reader
🦋 Mirabel:
She simply spreads her arms, smiling from ear to ear and wanting to hug you.
🦎 Camilo:
He will run towards you, hug you and immediately start playfully ruffling your hair.
💪 Luisa:
She runs towards you and almost strangles you in her embrace, that's how much she is glad to see you.
🌺 Isabela:
She will most likely want to speed up your meeting, and therefore will use her gift, so the vines will attract you to her and then she will give you a big hug.
🌦️ Pepa:
She sees you running towards her and the sun instantly lights up the cloudy sky.
🍪 Julieta:
As soon as you get to her, she starts softly rubbing your cheeks, saying what a cutie you are.
⏳ Bruno:
Until the last second, he refuses to believe that you are running to him, but when you get so close and stop right in front of him, he embraces you as tightly as he can.
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heartdenks · 10 months ago
isabela: so you two are.. dating?
y/n: yup
isabela: why?
camilo: because i find y/n very attractive and fun to be around 🤨
isabela: no no i understand that im just confused why shes dating someone like you.
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larrythe1st · 10 months ago
y/n, walking into their own house: hello, people who do not live here
camilo: hey.
isabela: hi.
dolores: hello.
mirabel: hey!
y/n: I gave you the key to my place for emergencies only!
camilo: we were out of doritos
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dos-oroguitas · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
The Madrigals had been more of a family to you than your own flesh and blood, what happens when your own family wants to take advantage of that? Platonic! Madrigal Family x Gender Neutral! reader
masterlist !! part 2 is here!
requested by @frogbe
Tumblr media
You’ve always struggled fitting in with your own family. If you could even call them that. You were always the odd one out, left behind and forgotten by those that you considered loved ones.
You couldn’t blame them though. You were a curse, a stain on your family’s name. All because your father had knocked up the maid while he was married. At your birth, you were quickly abandoned by your mother who had insisted on leaving the village of Encanto, unable to bear the shame of bearing a bastard child as well as the fact that you had reminded her of your father, now dead in the ditch after gambling away his life savings. And so you were left on the doorsteps of your grandfather’s home.
He had begrudgingly taken you in, though not because he wanted to. Far from it. You were there so his family could look and feel good about themselves. You existed to make them look better.
The citizens of Encanto knew none the wiser. To them, from the outside looking in, your ‘family’ was kind to clothe you, feed you, and treat you like their own.
Your grandfather’s family never paid enough attention to you, however. Not even when you were starving and wandered the streets of Encanto, rummaging through rubbish and taking what you can get. You’d often be seen eyeing the different shops’ displays or even eating leftovers someone had just recently left. You were left to fend for yourself and somehow, you were okay with that.
Though you would soon find out there was a home somewhere in Encanto for you. They weren’t of your blood but they had treated you as such. With loving smiles and caring touches, your home was with the Madrigals.
And then you heard from a little grapevine that Julieta Madrigal often had leftover food from all the cooking she did for her healing. Though you weren’t exactly that well versed with the Madrigals. On the contrary, your grandfather forbade you from interacting with them.
“You stay away from the Madrigals, pendejo. You’ll only make a mockery of our name.” They would say in disgust when you would ask them about the amazing Madrigals. Each time you showed curiosity about them, you were always shut down and pushed away. So you stopped the questions.
Though you would often hear Mirabel, or as your grandfather liked to call her, ‘No Miracle Mirabel’, sing about her family and you couldn’t help but stare in awe from far away, scurrying off to continue the errands that no child your age should’ve been doing after she was done. Lifting things half your size and running around town, you were basically the family’s errand child.
Though as your stomach grumbled, you figured looking for those leftovers in the Madrigal rubbish bins was better than coming home and eating nothing. So off you went, looking around and sneaking onto the hill that Casita was perched upon.
You were a minute into raking through the trash and eating bits of stale candies and pastries here and there before you heard a ‘hm’. You lifted your head up quickly, banging the back of your head on the lid of the rubbish bin you were scavenging in and then suddenly passing out.
Dolores was only curious. She hadn’t expected you to be so startled that you had managed to hurt yourself and faint in the process. “Ay, I killed her!” She exclaims as she quickly rushes forward, taking you into her arms. The commotion had woken up the family who had quickly rushed to see Dolores with a child in her arms.
Camilo would gasp dramatically. “You killed them..” He would then be swiftly elbowed by his papá Felix and would get a shake of his head in disapproval. “What? I can’t say she killed them? What is that? Not alive.”
“They’re still alive, tonto!” Dolores had huffed at her brother before Pepa came rushing over with Julieta who had quickly checked you over, taking out some arepas from her pocket. She had emergency arepas, just in case.
You would stirr at the yelling, eyes fluttering open to gaze at Julieta who offered you a gentle smile as you winced, head pounding. She would part your lips before placing the arepa near.
“Here, you’ll feel better when you eat this.” Sniffing at the arepa, you couldn’t help but notice that this one didn’t have the smell of trash or rot in it. You don't need to be told twice as you open your mouth wide. Julieta didn’t expect you to take it all in one big bite! She was thinking of a small bite! Small! You practically inhaled the arepa in her hands.
It didn’t take long for you to feel much better though.
“Can I.. Can I have some more..?” That, my dear, was the exact moment all of the Madrigals had decided in their minds that you were family.
All your days after that would be spent more and more in the Madrigal house. They insisted on you coming over after you were done with your chores and errands. Suddenly you understood why the amazing Madrigals got their name. They were amazing.
Abuela Alma would often gently pull you aside and fix your untamed hair when she saw you in the streets, asking some of her grandchildren to help you out when they saw you. You would protest heavily of course but she would shake her head at you.
Julieta and Pepa doted on you. They had taken it upon themselves to share the motherly duties when it came to you. You would almost always be carrying a mochilas filled with empanadas, your favorite. Julieta and Pepa would team up with Mirabel to get you new clothes and they embroidered designs that symbolized all of the Madrigal family in a beautiful pattern on your clothing.
Agustin and Felix? Best dads ever. They were both protective of you, however. When they caught wind that your grandfather was treating you badly again, they had almost knocked down his door. You had to beg them to refrain from doing so.
After all, your grandfather was still family.. right?
You would find yourself whisked away and hanging out with the girls of the Madrigal family. You were a baby. Though you were a few years younger than Mirabel, you were still a baby in their eyes. Isabela would almost always make your favorite flowers, showering you with them when you were having a bad day.
Luisa would often ask you to confide in her. She was technically your big sister now too. And despite your protests of not wanting her to carry your burden, she would shake her head. Leave it all to her, she would say.
“That’s what big sisters are for.” And the two of you would tear up and hug one another, sobbing at how you appreciated each other.
Mirabel would often embroider designs on your clothings, and would even make matching sets but tailored for more of your style and convenience. She even got you those mochilas you used to carry your food around with. She embroidered your initials on every belonging that you had.
Camilo and you were a very unlikely duo. He was a troublemaker, you were not. He was confident and loud, you were not. But somehow, for some reason, you get roped into his shenanigans.
“Psst, (Name), you got any more arepas from Tia Julieta?” Yeah, Camilo Madrigal uses you to get more food. And you don’t mind, you were given so many everyday anyways.
He would often try to run around and be you for a change since you almost always got into no trouble. Once in your form, he had managed to break a vase and he had expected to be scolded severely but instead, they didn’t even bat an eye.
“Our little (Name) can do no wrong, the vase was broken already when it got there.”
Antonio had taken a liking to you too, calling you big sister/ brother often and had made sure to keep you safe, sometimes asking his little animal friends to keep an eye out for you. The rats in your grandfather’s walls happily did that though as you were known for feeding them from time to time.
Tio Bruno was a bit more distant at first. He was sure you would be frightened by him but you had happily asked to watch his rats perform when Mirabel brought the topic up. Soon enough you had your own role in his plays, you would play the little mice that Bruno has casted as the main rat leads’ children.
You would ask for a vision once and he was afraid of scaring you off so he had declined at first, only for you to reassure him that he could never scare you off.
But he didn’t budge. He was still working on not being frightened of doing visions. And you understood that.
Though your grandfather had caught wind of your closeness with the Madrigals. After a long day of doing his errands, he was waiting in front of the door as you opened it, a disgustingly sweet smile on his face.
He treated you better tonight. He had asked you to join him and his family for dinner. Your uncles and aunts are scrutinizing and gazing at you intensely.
“So, you and the Madrigals..” He says after a moment of silence. “It turns out you aren’t as stupid as you look.” He smiled crookedly. “Good.”
You expected to be scolded but your eyes had widened as for the first time ever he had praised you. But you should’ve known better than that.
“We can use that, (Name). You can use that to our advantage.” He murmurs with a smile. “Stick with them, take advantage of their kindness.. they’re a very respected family and associating with them is a very fortunate opportunity.”
And you stand in your seat, swallowing thickly as all eyes are on you. You trembled but you couldn’t let your grandfather think that you were doing this for something to gain. You mustered up the courage, stammering.
“No.” And for a moment again everything was silent.
“No?” He says in a scarily calm tone and you feel your body stiffen.
“You forget yourself. I was kind enough to keep you in, you see. I fed you, clothed you, I made you.” He had roared. “And without me, listen carefully, without me you are nothing!” The harsh words stung and you had to remind yourself to keep breathing.
“Without me you won’t be standing here right now, pendejo.” And even though you didn’t want to believe him, a small part of you thought so too.
And you clenched your fists. “I won’t do what you ask of me.” You gazed up at your grandfather defiantly. “I.. The Madrigals are more family to me than you’ve ever been. I don’t want.. I don’t want to use them for your own sick gain.”
Your grandfather was silent before he sat back in his chair. “Is that so? Then go live with them. You think they’ll take you in? You’ll see that they’re just like me, I took you in out of pity. They don’t love you. They’re only saving face, plastering fake smiles. I thought you were smarter than that. You’re a bigger fool than your whore of a mother who left you to die on our doorsteps.”
Your lower lip trembled and before you could say another word, you were thrown out by your aunt at your grandfather’s request. The clothes that Mirabel had worked hard on to embroider now muddy as rain began to fall on your small frame.
"You'll come back, you'll see." Were the last words your grandfather had said to you before slamming the doors on your face.
Hiccuping, you try to gather your thoughts, gazing at the hill where Casita was. What if he was right? What if they did it just out of pity? What if they were just using you again?
Your feet carried you to Casita’s front lawn and before you could say a word, just like all those months before, Dolores found you. You ran into her arms, sobbing as you held on tight. The rest of the family had come out to hug you as well, whispering sweet nothings.
She heard and she couldn’t help but tell the family. Pepa had both been heartbroken and angry that someone could say such cruel things to a child. The rain that had messed up your clothes? She’d apologize later.
Julieta was rolling up her sleeves, rolling pin in hand as Agustin tried to reason with his wife.
“Julieta, mi amor, we can’t. Me and Felix found a few unattended bees’ nests in the forest, we can use that instead.” He would nod solemnly as Felix had enthusiastically nodded beside him. “They wouldn’t even know it was us! In and out job.” He reassures both Julieta and Pepa.
The Madrigal grandkids just held you tight, with Isabela plotting to fill your grandfather’s garden with sundews and cacti. Luisa planned on just letting the donkeys around town roam his home. Maybe even make it the donkeys’ own litter box. Camilo, the menace that he was, was already thinking of ways he can make their life inconvenient. And sweet Antonio had asked the rats to chew their clothes up.
Abuela and Tio Bruno were the last one to approach, gently cupping your cheeks in her frail hands, thumbs gently wiping away the tears that continued to fall from your eyes.
“Shh, nieta/ nieto. You’ll be okay. You’re okay..” And you purse your lips. “How are you so sure..?” It had felt the world was against you.
Bruno placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, placing an unfamiliar green slab in your hands. And it took you a while to know what it was or what was depicted on it. It was his vision slab and you were on it.
“Because you’re home, (Name).” And you didn’t know why he said that but as you look down, you had an inkling of an idea.
It was you, smiling so brightly and happily with the Madrigals and Casita behind you. And although no other words were said, you gazed up at the faces of the family that you considered your own.
“Welcome home, (Name).” They said with a smile and you couldn’t help but smile as well.
“I’m home.”
Tumblr media
Platonic! Madrigal fics makes my heart so happy. I’ve always loved the found family genre. I hope you guys like this one too! Let me know what you think!
My attempt to make reader gender neutral! Sometimes I forget that I sprinkle fem/masc words in so please let me know if I missed one so I can change it!
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mikalei · 11 months ago
Adults Madrigals x adult!reader
teeth-rottening fluff and sweetness
Summary: The magic is strong, and so are the drinks...and it does. You didn't think it was that strong so you decided to drink to your hearts desire only to when after you stand up from your seat, The whole Casa Madrigal did a 360 and now you are a mess.
Ps: Took place on Antonio's ceremony
Oh God...
you're muttering at how pretty she is and how dumb of her to let Mariano court her.
"He's dumb, his muscles are dumb, even his nose is dumb, I hope it breaks. Why did you let him court you? Don't you love me anymore Isa?"
as she listens to you muttering how you hate Mariano, she laughs at how cute you are.
You kept pouting at her because you thought she was laughing at you.
When you arrived at her room you almost ate one of the flower thinking it was cotton candy and you were asking one of her statues to marry you.
when she gets you to lay on her bed, you just said "okay, good night mi amor" and then kissed her cheeks before you passed out
Flowers sprouted on her hair
You wake up not remembering anything that happened last night, and Isabela greeted you with a kiss.
Tumblr media
Chaotic was an understatement
After the party Dolores saw you passed out on the table.
she decided to assist you back to her room, which of course, woke you up
Oh how she wishes she didn't woke you up, but she can't help it. Her crush looks so vulnerable when drunk, not to mention overly cute too.
There are some fireworks left so Luisa decided to use them.
And you being drunk, you shushed the fireworks while covering Dolores' ears
"Shhh, be quiet! You're going to hurt my love"
The statement made Dolores squeaks
When you arrive at her room you immediately lay on her bed holding you arms up
"Don't expect me sleeping without you cuddling with me, mi vida"
Dolores was too stunned to speak
She didn't have a choice so she lets you have what you want
She wants it too though
Tumblr media
She tries to stop you from drinking too much since she already know how strong the drink
The same drink was serve on Isabela's 20th birthday, she thought the alchohol was juice so Luisa drank it and got drunk too.
You were on you 5th glass now and your face is already red.
That's when Luisa decided that you have enough alchohol.
She carries you and start heading to her room.
"Oh wow, such fine muscles you have here Luisa, you are so strong I like it"
This made Luisa sprint but not enough to make you dizzy
She can't afford you throwing up on casita
The trip to her room consist of you throwing flirty remarks towards the strong girl, which lead for the girl to blush.
Once you have reached her door, you were amazed by what's inside.
You tried to explore the room but Luisa carries you to her bed
Immediately you passed out
When you woke up the next day you found yourself on the arms of Luisa Madrigal, which made you remember all of your remarks last night.
Tumblr media
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we-talk-about-bruno-here · 11 months ago
Yandere Camilo Headcanons
Tumblr media
•This boy loves to mess around with you. Be it lighthearted pranks or full on teasing, you name it.
•It's kind of his way of letting you know he likes you, with him always hovering over you whether you're aware of it or not
•His shapeshifting abilities come in real handy in this situation, where he likes to watch you from afar or converse with you whenever he gets the chance
•He even stands in front of his mirror, shapeshifting into you and pretending he's talking to you, acting out his fantasies of what it would be like if you were a couple
•He also uses it as practice for when he has the courage to ask you on a date
•He likes to act smooth and gives you a lot of flowers The only scary thing here is that he knows almost everything about you, some of it from watching you and the others from Dolores
•Dolores knows about this and how unhealthy it's become, but she chose not to butt into his business since it's pretty harmless so far, cute even
•Camilo isn't that dangerous of a yandere since he's mostly the stalker obsessive typeHis love language is food. And since he loves you, whenever he's got food in his hands, he's always sharing it with you.
•But he does get easily jealous when you talk to others while he's there
•He wants 100% of your attention when he's with you and gets irritated when others want to take it away
•He really doesn't think you need anybody else in your life if you've got him. With his shifting abilities he can honestly be anyone you need him to be
•Whenever he sees you're upset, he's always trying to cheer you up but telling you jokes and shifting his appearance to entertain you
•If you talk with the other person for too long, he just grabs your hand "sorry to cut the conversation short, but [name] and I have a lot of chores to do " and drags you away, leaving you confused
•He even occasionally makes you wear his poncho so everyone can acknowledge that, and it gives everyone the impression that you two are already together, which he absolutely doesn't refute
•"Mi amore, that outfit really suits you! You should wear it more often!" He then proceeds to hold your hand, giving it a light kiss. See? that's him trying to charm you
•Like Camilo, please don't. You'll turn [name] into a blushing mess. But that's what he wants to see :)
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mr-stealurgirl · 11 months ago
could i get isabela and camilo x gender neutral reader hcs? separate ofc! like how they met, how they got together, and like dating hcs? please and thank you! enjoy your day/night/evening!
Of course!
(This is unedited)
How you met:
You were over at the Casita, hanging out with Mirabel. Despite being close friends with her, you never formally met her cute cousin. You two officially met when you saw him in the kitchen… stealing food.
When he saw you his normal, smooth personality was gone. You were gorgeous!! How was he supposed to function correctly? This resulted in Camilo turning into multiple different people. Obviously Dolores noticed this, and with her love for gossip she told Mirabel.
The next time you came over those two tried to get you to hang out. It wasn’t until Mirabel left you two alone that you had a solid conversation.
How you got together:
After a while of being friends, you would stay with him throughout the day. Follow him to buy food, prank his family, and play with the town's kids. This day, though, happened to be different. The kids that you were watching had decided you were going to marry each other.
Now normally you would politely decline and move on, but these kids were persistent. Camilo had no problem with this, I mean hey, wouldn’t you marry the person closest to you? With that, the wedding was in motion.
The children gave you two candy rings to put in each other, and made you say vows. Now it was time for the “big moment” as they referred to it as, the kiss. “Okay kids, close your eyes so we can kiss.” Camilo’s voice run throughout your ears.
The kids closed their eyes (not really) and left the two of you to kiss. After turning his head to you, he grabbed your arms gently. “Can I…kiss you?” Nodding your head slowly was the last thing that happened before he kissed you!
After the two of you pulled away the kids started to jump around all giddy. “Will you be my partner… sweetheart?” (Now ur dating 💀)
What dating them is like:
(Time for the bullet list lol)
•First of all, this boy would do ANYTHING for you
•He would smother you with love on an hourly basis
•You like hugs? He won’t forget that. You like holding hands? Your hand will never be lonely ever again.
•Now for his preferences, he loves kisses the most, your knuckles and forehead are his favorites
•He almost equally loves hugging you! Cuddling you is even better! He loves any and all contact with you
•In regards to his family, his mother loves you almost as much as he does . You’re like a second child
•His cousins and siblings love teasing him for his love for you
•If anyone dares to hurt you we will become ruthless
•Almost cruel type pranks (but only if you’re comfortable with it)
•All in all he's an amazing boyfriend. 100/10 recommend
How you met:
You were the baker's child. Your parent(s) owned a nice bakery, you made cute cakes and sweet desserts. Isabela, as her daily chores, was made to buy all of the ingredients for her mother to cook that night.
To treat herself after all the walking around she entered the nice shop you worked in. “Hello miss, how can I help you?” Oh my, it was love at first sight for the both of you. “Umm..” she rubbed the back of her neck, smiling softly. “Just a vanilla cupcake please.”
She took out a small purse with some spare money. “No worries, it’ll be free if you tell me your name, stranger! So, sounds like a deal?”
How you got together:
It was a comfortable Saturday afternoon. You and Isabela had planned to have a picnic with her mothers cooking and your desserts. A lovely idea.
As you strolled up the hill with a basket in hand you got a glance at her. She was truly beautiful. Maybe today you would finally ask her to be yours.
“Afternoon, Isabela!” You took a seat next to her, looking over a gorgeous landscape. “Good afternoon to you as well.” She smiled at you kindly. “We should eat.”
(After you finish eating)
“You have something on your cheek, Isabela.” She blushed and looked away sheepishly. “Let me get it for you.” Then you cupped her face and wiped the frosting off her. During this, you started into her eyes.
“I love you..AH WAIT!” You we’re quick to catch yourself, but it was too late. Before you could retract her hand she put hers on top of yours. She was smiling like an idiot at this point. “Be my partner?” (Now ur dating 😨)
What dating them is like:
•Isabela loves you more than anything in this world
•She is very kind and gentle with you
•Will often blush if you ever show her affection
•She loves to hold your hand the most
•Along with this she becomes rather flustered if you show her off
•She loves doing anything nice for you
•You like blue flowers? She will grow hundreds of them
•When she kisses you (if you like kisses ofc) it feels like you’re kissing an angel
•She will help you if you ever want to change your style / dress up
•If you’re ever upset she will go to hell and back to make you feel better!
•Overall a very sweet girlfriend
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iwannabecamiloshovel · 5 months ago
Y/n, *watching Mirabel and Isabela fight*: Are you sure they should be fighting? What if they get hurt?
Luisa, *not bothered by the chaos*: It’s fine. They’re too evenly matched to hurt each other.
Y/n: Then... who’s the strongest out of you three?
Mirabel: Luisa.
Isabela: Luisa.
Luisa: Me.
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domxmarvel · 10 months ago
Encanto preferences- leaving them secret notes
How about Encanto preferences with a shy fem S/O who has a crush but would leave flowers with notes of admiration.
Tumblr media
Seeing Bruno again after casita was rebuilt brought back a ton of memories. Specifically of the notes you use to leave for him,you'd always leave little notes and flowers for him especially if one of the villagers was being mean to him. He never found out it was you and you kept bringing flowers up to his room whenever you missed him. His whole cave was filled with flowers because you were heartbroken when he left,you spent every day thinking of how you'd tell him how you felt the second you saw him again. But now that he was standing in front of you,you fell speechless as if your voice disappeared. So you just ran up and hugged him instead,he hesitated for a moment before hugging you back. You wanted to be alone with him when you told him,not wanting to confess in front of everyone. You were about to ask him if you could speak to him alone,but he leaned down and simply whispered.
“I know it was you”
“I saw you bringing flowers to my room” You didn’t say anything,not knowing how to respond. “I missed you too”
Tumblr media
“I’m gonna find out who’s sending the flowers and notes”
“And how do you plan on doing that,detective Camilo?” You teased,he handed you a piece of paper.
“I already have a list of suspects” 
“Camilo,that’s almost every girl in town” Of course he’d think like that,but you were slightly offended that your name wasn’t there. Did he not want it to be you? Still you helped him with his investigation,you went through half the list on the first day. He tried to see if their handwriting was the same as the notes,but they weren’t even close. The next day you came back.
“Y/N there you are, let's go” He immediately tried to pull you out of the house.
“Wait I need to use the bathroom” You lied but he let you go. You snuck into his room,leaving a new note for him that simply said ‘Good luck,detective’ You made your way down the stairs and nearly bumped into Camilo. 
“I just need to grab something from my room,I’ll meet you at the door” Seconds later he ran down the stairs with the new note. “Y/N! They know!”
Another unsuccessful day,Camilo had gone through the whole list. You kept sending notes,he didn’t even seem to suspect you. You tried to be a bit more obvious but he still didn’t get it.
“I’m never gonna find them!”
“Camilo,you’re a terrible detective. A good one is suspicious of everyone,and you of all people should know that the best place to hide is in plain sight” 
“You’re right,Y/N! It’s probably one of my family members playing a prank on me” 
“What if it’s not?” You kept trying to hint that it’s you but he still didn’t get it. 
“How do you know that?” You were completely done at this point. “It’s definitely one of them,Y/N. If it’s not, then who?”
“Me!” He finally realized,but only after you shouted. “I’m the one leaving the notes and flowers! And you didn’t even think that it could be me? Maybe you didn’t want it to be me”
“Y/N!” You were already on your way out with Camilo running behind you,and Casita trying to block your way. “Y/N,Please wait”
“Why? So you can tell me how much you wish it was anyone but me”
“Y/N” He ran up and stopped in front of you. “I always wanted it to be you!” He yelled out. “I just didn’t wanna lose you,I was scared you’d think I’m weird for wanting it to be my best friend”
“Camilo,you’re still a terrible detective” You both laughed as he pulled you into a hug.
Tumblr media
The whole town loved Isabela,so when she found the notes she didn’t think much of it. In fact she threw them all away,probably thinking it was from multiple people. It broke your heart but you understood her point of view,she didn’t know who sent them and she probably didn’t like the mystery,or care enough to solve it. You decided to write one final note,more of a letter actually telling her about your feelings. You left it in her room while she was out,later that night you were in your room reading when your mom called you. 
"Y/N there's someone here to see you" You knew immediately who it was,you led her up to your room. 
"Why didn't you say anything? Instead of leaving notes"
"I couldn't,I tried so many times but it was way easier to just write. Whenever I spoke I just couldn't find the right words,but about the letter I left you. It's all true every single word" 
"Y/N I love you too,but I didn't say anything because I was scared that it wasn't you"
"You wanted it to be me?"
"I got a lot of notes,but they never sounded so genuine as yours. I could feel your emotions while I was reading them" She pulled out a stack of notes,tied together with a purple ribbon. 
"You kept them?" 
"Of course I did,and I plan on keeping the new ones too"
"New ones?"
"You're gonna keep writing them,right? You're not gonna stop just because you're dating me now"
"You really want to be with me?" She kissed you before you could say anything else. "I'm going to need a lot more paper"
Tumblr media
You always left little notes for Luisa,telling her to take care of herself and not push herself too far. Sometimes you'd tell her how good she looks,how her eyes seemed to sparkle in the sun. Once in a while you'd leave flowers and she'd wear them in her hair for that day. You were just sitting in the living room writing a couple of new notes,when there was a knock at the door. You quickly got up to answer it since your parents were out. Opening the door,you were face to face with Luisa. 
"Hi," You said,very awkwardly.
"Hey Y/N,I'm just here to drop off the flower pots that your mother asked for" She did tell you about them but you completely forgot. 
"Sure,you can just put them in the backyard" Opening the door more,you gesture to the back door. Thankfully there were only three flower pots,she set down the third one as you remember the notes and rushed back in to hide them. When you stepped out again you found Luisa looking at some of the flowers,she had one in her hair that you didn't notice before. She picked up a new one,comparing it to the one in her hair. Standing up,she turned to face you.
"It's you,you're the one leaving the notes" You just nodded and immediately she hugged you. "Thank you" She kissed your cheek before finally letting you down. "I have more chores,but I'll be waiting for a new note tomorrow" You both laughed.
"Luisa,wait" You grabbed a new flower and walked over to her,she knelt down to let you put the flower in her hair. Putting your hands on her cheeks you pulled her into a kiss. 
Tumblr media
You always tried to make her feel a bit better with your notes,since she was the only one without a gift. But you focused on the good in that,telling her that people see her for who she really is and not just how they can use her. She constantly said that she's fine but you could tell that she was lying. The day before Antonio's gift ceremony you wrote her a letter,trying to comfort her since that night would bring a lot of emotions. You left the letter in her room and she found it almost immediately,you wanted to wait a bit before going up to talk to her. 
"Y/N,could you please go get Mirabel. It's dinner time,you're free to join us if you want"
"Thank you" You quickly went up to get Mirabel,gently knocking before you opened the door. You saw her sitting on the floor of her room with your letter in her hand as she cried,she didn't bother to pretend that she wasn't. You sat down beside her and she immediately moved closer to you,letting you wrap your arms around her. It took some time before she completely calmed down,you kept rubbing her back as she put her head on your shoulder. 
"Y/N" You responded with a hmm "thank you for the notes"
"You knew it was me?"
"Nope,but I just found out"
"You sneaky little fox" She laughed "but I really did mean all of it,you're still special in a different way. Also we should get downstairs it's time for dinner"
"Y/N will you be here tomorrow?"
"Of course,I'm not gonna let you face that alone"
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camilxsruana · 8 months ago
Camilo: *sneezes*
Bruno, inside the walls: Bless you.
Camilo looking around in confusion: God?
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