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cultcircus · 16 hours ago
The Stars Spell Your Name
Scaramouche x Reader
warnings: none! Pure fluff because i love scara
Tumblr media
It smelled like naku weeds outside.
Spring had finally made its rest upon the hills and valleys of Teyvat. The sun shone a brilliant gold against the bright blues of the sky. A bird or two could be heard every time you took a step, the branches of a tree shook underneath the weight of eagles landing to feed their offspring, who would soon grow into their own wings and take flight against the raging winds.
Scaramouche sat underneath said tree, staring at the clouds, pondering over them. His large hat shielded his face from the looming sun as he tried to relax in the cool grass. The blades tickled his legs and wisped softly against his fingers tips as he traced them lightly.
He wondered, though you never knew what he was wondering about. You stood a few yards away from him, picking lavender melon and sweet flowers. Your basket began to feel heavy and the sun felt hot on your back.
You always wondered what Scaramouche was thinking, but he would never tell. If you ever caught him drifting off into space, he would assure you it was nothing of your concern.
Honestly you felt a little hurt he wouldn’t open up to you, but you couldn’t say you didn’t understand. So you never pried, and only tried your best to be there for him even when you didn’t exactly know what he needed.
Today he had asked you if he could go on one of your scavenging trips. This was quite rare for him, as he always preferred to stay home in the cool confines of your little house enveloped in the deep forest and thorny briars.
Of course who were you to deny such a rare and wholesome request. So here he was admiring the outside world as you picked fruit and flowers. You kept stealing glances at him, the way the grass almost parted for him to sit down, the tree that shaded his body from the sun’s ruthless beat down. The foxes (who always ran away from you) and how they slowly approached him, nestled their way next to his legs and basked in the sunlight.
He looked so beautiful to you, but you’d never tell him that. You wish you could.
You trudged over to where he was sitting, and surprisingly the foxes didn’t move a muscle. Scaramouche’s hand fell down onto one of the foxes' heads and gently stroked it, coaxing a purr of a sort out of the small animal.
“I’m finished Scara. Are you ready to leave?” You patted your basket and Scaramouche looked up at you from underneath his hat, his violet blue eyes catching the sun’s rays and shining with an awful prettiness.
“I’m ready. Thank you for taking me out with you. I enjoyed it quite a bit.” He stood up and the little orange foxes bounded away into the underbrush just as the sun reached its peak in the sky.
The skin of the lavender melon felt soft against your fingertips as you skinned the fruit of its purple confines. Next to you on the cutting board sat a couple lavender melons waiting to be rid of their skins.
Scara sat at the dining table, admiring you as you worked your magic. His head rested in his propped up hand and his free hand fiddled with the tassel on his torso.
Scaramouche would not admit it, but one of his favorite pastimes was to admire things, to mull over things and analyze them. You were his favorite. Everyday he would stare at you, transfixed by your body, the way you moved, your mannerisms, your voice. Just you.
There wasn’t anything he did not know about you, yet he felt like he could know more. He wanted to know you more than you knew yourself. But he never asked questions. He simply cerebrated over you until it was time to sleep.
He stood up from his chair and placed his hat on the table and he walked over to you, his nimble fingers coming to your sides as you continued to skin melons. His fingers traced up, down, up, down your sides. His chin rested on your shoulder and he breathed in your scent. He flattened his hands against your sides and rubbed there, in hopes to maybe relieve any tension you had built up over the last few weeks.
He wanted to know you.
And you wanted to know him.
His hair tickled your cheek as he placed a chaste kiss against your neck, leaving a press of warmth where his lips once were. There were so many things he wanted to tell you, but if he was being honest, Scaramouche was afraid.
He was afraid of being too open and revealing too much. He was afraid of scaring you off with how overwhelming he could possibly be. He was afraid he would cower off and leave you behind in confusion. He was afraid, and he didn’t know what to do about it.
The naku weeds outside were wilting a little.
“Scara.” You whispered. You were both huddled next to your fire as Inazuma had delivered yet another cold spring night. A thunder storm raged outside your home, the rain ruthlessly pounding against your wooden roof.
“Yes, love. What is it?” His gentle voice bounced about your skull, sending electric shocks to your chest. He was always so gentle with you.
“Can you come with me outside? I’d like to do something.”
Scaramouche could never deny you. He loved you too much to do that. “Of course. Wherever you go I will follow.”
And so you led him out of your door, through the winding trees of your forest home. Scaramouche held your hand firmly as you guided him through the underbrush. The rain still fell without mercy upon you two, but you both paid it no heed.
After a little more walking, you brought scaramouche out to a large clearing littered with naku weeds. The raindrops made the weeds bounce with each fall, and the smell of wet grass and fresh air was nice.
You let go of his hand and he watched as you walked forward. His hand lingered in the air for a moment, as if expecting you to grab it again. He let it fall to his side as he watched you lie down in the grass among the purple plants.
He took it upon himself to walk over to you, and he stood over you.
“You’re going to catch a cold Y/N.” His voice was anything but lecturing, in fact a hint of playfulness laced his tone, making you smile.
“Oh it’ll be alright. Come lie with me.”
And so he did. He lied right next to you on his side and stared at you. He stared at the raindrops falling down your face, your eyelashes and how they collected dewdrops. You turned to face him, arm under your head as you examined his face.
He was lost in another world looking at you, and you’d help him out eventually. But you wanted to look at him first too.
You both lied there for a while, listening to the rain as it kissed your skin and staring at each other like artwork. Scaramouche’s hand found it’s way to your face, gently tracing the outline of your jaw, up and behind your ear, tucking a piece of hair behind it.
It was then he found the courage to speak.
“What would you like to know?” He saw the longing in your eyes. He knew you wanted to know him better.
You did not answer for a minute. “I would like to know whatever you are willing to tell me. You are allowed to have secrets, and I will respect them and you. But if you could just tell me more, it would make me more than happy. Happier, I should say.”
Of all the thousands of little things you could say to him, besides “I love you,” this made his heart leap.
“You want to know more… about me?” He murmured, a light sparking in his eyes. You smiled and laughed a little, swiping some raindrops off his eyebrow.
“Of course I would. You’re perfect, and I would like nothing more than to know you more than I already do. In this world of uncertainties, only one thing is certain beyond a doubt: you are perfect to me. And nothing you tell me will ever change my mind.”
Scaramouche could cry. Cry? Is that what he is thinking? Is he going to cry? He does not cry often, in fact it’s been so many years, uncountable even.
But if he did cry now, it would go unnoticed by the crystal raindrops that adorned his face.
“I'm not sure you've noticed how much my love for you has grown, and how much I depend on you. It might all be a bit sudden, I know, but it's become crystal clear to me that there is nobody on this planet more perfect for me than you are. Nobody but you could give me this confidence and this deep sense of purpose and connection. Nobody but you could make me feel so beautiful and secure. With every bit of my… heart, I love you and am thankful for you. Please stay with me and let me love you forever. Please.”
It took you back, a lot. This was so sudden, welcome nonetheless, but scaramouche has always been so muted about this kind of thing. He unexpectedly paused before the word heart, but you had paid no mind at the time, as you were too happy to even respond with words.
You rested your forehead against his and quietly cried openly. Scaramouche brought his hands around you and cradled your head in his arms. The naku weeds waved in the rain storms wind, and the rain slowed to a light drizzle.
He kissed the top of your head, and his chest felt warm. He held you tighter, not wanting to let go.
“Your heartbeat is so gentle, Scara.” You said, pressing your ear to his chest.
He choked up for a second, and he shivered. He wanted to hold you impossibly close, he wanted to swallow you whole, become one with you.
You were so special to him, and he would do anything for you.
You had given him a gift he had been searching for since forever. And now he had it, but it was only a bonus. You were the best thing he ever had.
The heart you gifted to him was just an extra gift, as a thank you.
The moon shone its luminous glow through the trees.
The naku weeds bloomed vibrantly.
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softrozene · 17 hours ago
Wanting A Hug
Tumblr media
Anonymous requested: hello! ☺️ i really liked your bday zhongli writing and i was wondering if I could get some fluff/comfort hcs for him and whoever else you want to write for! The characters being in need of comfort and wanting to hug nb reader aka their partner? I've been told I give the best hugs lol and I would love to see how you interpret the characters wanting a hug how would they ask 😳 I hope that made sense 😅 thanks and take care of yourself! ❤️
This was such a cute idea! I adore fluff so your request was so fun to do! I hope you enjoy anon and take care of yourself too! <3
Childe, Diluc, Xiao, Zhongli x Reader (Gender-Neutral/Nonbinary)
Warnings: Pure fluff, angst if you squint, hugging, established relationship, fluff/comfort
Words: ~950
Childe (Tartaglia):
Pffft you think Childe would ask his partner for a hug? Heck no, he goes in for it
In fact, Childe is the master of sneaking up on his partner just to hug the life out of them
He lives for it
But in the instance that he actually needs it (which tbh I think it would be a lot just because I hc he is very lonely due to his deceitful personality) he is just silent around his partner. In this case, he doesn’t ask but he wants one and he doesn’t go for it. he isn’t sure how to ask his partner for a hug because he needs it for comfort
The whole ordeal makes him a bit uncomfortable but if his partner knows him well and gives him a hug, he is 100% grateful
He returns the hug with enough strength to squeeze out your life force, but he doesn’t mean to
He really just wants to feel his partner’s warmth and the hugs you give him in these cases mean the world to him
He is reminded that you are part of his family because you choose to be, you choose him, despite any awful things he may have done in his life
He is grateful for you and these hugs are the longest hugs because he will not let go until he feels a lot better
Be prepared to just be held for a long time
Tbh I can’t see Diluc as a really affectionate person unless he knows his partner for a long time and the trust between them is top tier
When he needs comfort his usual first instinct is to go off and fight Abyss Mages or Hilichurls and when that doesn’t work that is when he turns to his partner
He doesn’t admit it often, but you really do help him in ways he can’t quite understand
He enjoys your company but doesn’t like it when you see his negative sides and lol that can be a lot of his personality depending on the company he is with
So, when Diluc is need of comfort and he realizes that you can provide it, he will either go straight to your home or he will send a letter from the Winery and ask that you meet him, man has his maids prepare a whole feast for you lmao, but it is all so he can ask for a hug from you later
In the case that he goes to your home, he will look very serious, his expression softens only slightly before he lets out a sigh and asks
When your arms wrap around him, he feels like he is able to breathe and think correctly again
He hugs you tight and takes in your scent, loving just how you are his partner and can provide him with instant comfort
Even so, he likes to keep his hugs short unless he is in the romantic mood
Otherwise, like when he needs comfort and after a good hug, he just wants to hold your hand or stay in your presence
Not gonna lie, he would be the hardest one to ask for a hug
He doesn’t want to be close at all to mortals yet somehow you wormed your way into his heart
He takes that seriously
He watches over you when he can while being very dutiful about his adepti responsibilities
He is used to being alone and does not seek out comfort when he does find it too much to bear, but when it does get overwhelming or he realizes that you have impacted him in a way that he doesn’t like, he deems it your responsibility to make him feel better
So, his way of asking his partner for a hug is a bit standoffish. He will just stare you down and if you don’t get the message, he will get irritated lol. When he absolutely does have to use words, you best believe that he is capable of being flustered (maybe he is lowkey a tsundere)
He will still be cold but much diluc he will give in with a sigh and ask, “Can I hold you for a moment?” Or “Will you hold me?”
He despises the weakness of this though so the moments are very rare, but when they do happen, he will allow the moment and will make sure no one is around to ruin it, and if you mention it later well… Good luck Charlie aljfdlak
But on a serious note, he really does appreciate these rare moments with you, no matter how much he may deny it later
THIS MAN THIS ARCHON – whoo boy if he needs comfort, he has no problem asking
It is just he doesn’t care when he asks, so it may pop up in weird moments
He will be like “May I have a hug right now?” or “I am feeling a bit nostalgic, would you be so kind as to hug me?” even just a small demand if he is really in the need of comfort “I’m going to hug you right now.”
He will apologize only to you later if you say it was bad timing but otherwise, he really isn’t sorry
He just loves your presence and since he is an archon… He doesn’t know much time with you he has so he takes every moment with you and cherishes it
Other than that, he really loves holding your hand or having his hand on your back
It comforts him greatly that way
I really can’t get into Zhongli too much without it turning angsty lol so enjoy that.
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scaralvr · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the secrecy of our confessions. [a modern au scaramouche x gn!reader series]
synopsis: when you, a talented drummer in a band you formed with a few of your childhood friends, has an infatuation for the student council president, scaramouche, with no clue that he's practically your fanboy, the two of you end up as the closest of friends with intentions of becoming something more.
contains: fluff, light angst, suggestive material, harmful language
update schedule: will try to write after classes and will frequently publish on weekdays.
taglist: @meowlumi (send me an ask, dm me, or comment here to be added)
Tumblr media
table of contents.
chapter one | sanrio band-aids (to be published)
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cyborg-franky · a day ago
Hi I saw your post earlier about the reader who has a soft voice but swears like a sailor. I was wondering if you could do that with the strawhats? Specifically Luffy, Zoro and maybe Robin. As someone who has a soft voice but could make a sailor blush I absolutely love it🥰🥰🥰
Please 🙏 and Thank you 😊
Yes! I can do that <3
Tumblr media
Does not phase him, he grew up used to Sabo having a very formal nobles voice and learning how to curse and swear like crazy, thanks to Ace they both learned a potty mouth.
He will blink at you when the first string of curses come out in your lovely soft tone, his eyes growing wide before he lets out such a big laugh and slaps his thighs and howls.
He loves it.
Another person who wasn’t phased by it.
He loves how soft your voice is, how sweet your mannerisms and when you curse, hiss in pain as you dropped your sword and the heavy hilt hit your foot you holler and curse and spit some very choice words.
The smirk on his face, he’s delighted and finds it very amusing and very endearing.
He’s listening to you humming softly as you work, walking over to where he’s sitting and you drop your tray of food because a fly has jumped into your face.
He flinches and watches as everything hits the deck and he opens his mouth to tell you everything is okay when you hiss out Mother fucking fuck.
And he promptly shuts his mouth and stares at you.
He’s very surprised and low-key wonders how long you’ve had that vocab and mildly blames people like Sanji and Zoro.
Nami expected it, honestly.
She knew that someone with such a level voice, looking and sounding as gentle and sweet as you were actually full of brimming rage under the surface.
Others didn’t believe her when she said you’d curse as bad as the rest of them.
So when you are all sitting around the table and you accidentally cut your finger on your steak knife, you are shouting and cursing and Nami looks victorious as she stands up and gestures to you.
He’s just vibing as he helps you hang up washing, he’s also being very mature and chill about having to hang up underwear.
You smile brightly when everything is done and then there's a crack of thunder and it starts to rain.
You kick over the wash basket and hiss out a string of for fuck sake this shit!
And Brook gasps.
He doesn’t mind that you did but it was still a shock and he just stares at you before you turn to him like and what?
Chopper [100% platonic]
Stock Footage baby crying sounds.
She knew behind that sweet face and soft voice you had an edge.
The smile that spreads across her face as she peers over her book at you when you hiss and yell at something.
Your angelic tones marred with Ouch, bastard! Give her life and she is 100% living.
She feels smug and powerful and gives a knowing smirk to everyone else who is there and staring in awe and horror.
She loves it, loves you.
He loves how gentle you are, he could listen to you talking for hours.
He’ll be in the kitchen with you, basking in your delightful voice as you call out what he needs to grab from the fridge from the new recipe book you’d bought.
Sanji just sighs, his heart skipping a beat as he looks at you with hearts in his eyes.
Then you drop an egg and curse. Oh shit, fucking hell.
And there's like this sound of glass breaking in his head.
“Fucking marimo did this!” He’ll hiss and stomp off.
He’s asked for help in his workshop and you are happy to help.
Back-and-forth chatter between you.
He’s happy your here, he always enjoys it when you talk.
Not used to being around someone so soft-spoken and gentle.
You accidentally hit your hand with a hammer and shout, scream, the slew of curses from your mouth as you wave your hand.
“Alright! Fuck that shit! It’s proven that swearing lessens the pain ya know?” He says and wears right alongside you.
Tumblr media
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raainy-daze · 2 days ago
the longest movie marathon
platonic!rottmnt x gn!reader
summary: after your snow day had gone to all hell thanks to ghostbear, a very alarming piece of information came to light: you had never seen a jupiter jim movie. not a single one. that just wouldn’t do. you know what that means - movie night! [set after s1e23b, snow day]
word count: 916
a/n: first real post! i’m not sure how i feel about the writing on this one, but i tried. i’m also still on mobile (i’m probably going to be on mobile for a while) so again, formatting might be messed up. hope someone enjoys this!
Tumblr media
That morning, you had woken up to a fresh layer of snow over New York.
Needless to say, you were delighted. You were even more delighted when you received a text from Leo, asking to hang out with everyone at the park. You had a great time; you built a snowman, participated in a snowball fight, and the hot cocoa was great too!
Oh, and pro wrestling champion Ghostbear got mutated and attacked you, but that’s just a given.
However, throughout the day, the turtles and April kept arguing over movie rankings. Even Mayhem seemed to have an opinion (every time you saw him, that thing seemed more and more intelligent). It was pretty funny, actually. It all sounded so bizarre out of context. You thought they’d finally dropped it after freezing Ghostbear. You should’ve known better than that. Just as you were leaving, Leo made some comment, and it was back in full force.
“I’m sorry, but have you seen the special effects in JJ Sails the Seven Galaxies? It is absolutely HORRENDOUS-!”
“There is a REASON PV4 is the last Pluto Vacation!”
They’d been going on like this for nearly two blocks now. You were used to this sort of thing - hell, you were a part of this sort of thing when you understood the topic. The longer it went on, the more ridiculous the arguments got, and less comprehensible. You were starting to near your apartment, but they showed no signs of stopping.
“JEEZ-“ You stumbled, dropping the sled you’d been dragging behind you. You had not expected all of them to yell your name at once.
“You haven’t said anything-“
“All day!” Leo cut Donnie off. April jammed a hand over both of their mouths.
“You’re gonna settle this for us. Which is the better movie, Pluto Vacation 4-“
“- Or Sails the Seven Galaxies?” Raph finished.
There was a silence. They all stared, waiting for your reply.
“Dunno. I’ve never seen ‘em.”
•°. *࿐
You’d gone years of your life without seeing even a single Jupiter Jim movie. According to the turtles, April, and (apparently) Mayhem, this was nothing less than a crime against sci-fi. Thus, movie night was scheduled.
One week later, you sat in the lair. Donnie was fiddling with the projector, which wasn’t turning on because Leo had unplugged it. You weren’t going to tell him that, of course. April was going over the ‘ground rules’ with you.
“Oh, and whatever you do, do NOT get attached to Planetary Percy, okay?”
The projection screen suddenly flickered to life. You turned around to see Donnie by the outlet, glaring at Leo.
“Gee. I wonder who could’ve done that.”
Watching the stare-off, you were just waiting for Donnie to throw something at him. Before that could occur, however, Mikey appeared from seemingly nowhere holding a pizza box.
“PIZZA! And plenty of other snacks waiting in the kitchen for whenever we’re ready!”
“Thanks, Mikey!” Everyone took a slice for themselves. Just as Leo was taking his, Donnie hit him in the back with a pillow.
Raph quickly snatched said pillow up from the ground and held it to his chest. You tuned the twins out and turned to Raph, who was sitting on the floor by the couch. “Where’s Splinter?”
“Oh, he doesn’t like Jupiter Jim. Lou Jitsu superiority, and all that.” Raph shrugged.
“Makes sense.”
“I still can’t believe you’ve never seen Jupiter Jim!” Mikey sat down next to you.
“Yeah, I mean, it seems like the kind of thing you’d be into.” April agreed. “Why’d you never watch it?”
You shrugged. “Spite.”
“Excuse me?”
“Spite. It’s like a game, seeing just how long you can go without it. It drives people insane, it’s funny.”
“You monster.”
“I know.” You grinned. “But I’ll watch it with you guys, if it’s really that important to you.”
“Aw, you do care about us!” You lightly kicked Raph’s arm.
“Are we going to start the movie or not?”
Within the next five minutes, Donnie finally got the very first Jupiter Jim movie set up. You were sandwiched in between April and Mikey, the latter of whom kept quoting lines as they were said. Every so often, Donnie would pipe up with some behind the scenes fun fact, or he’d explain some easter egg.
Jupiter Jim movies 1-3 was pretty decent as a trilogy.
Jupiter Jim: Pluto Vacation was mediocre.
Jupiter Jim Sails the Seven Seas was fantastic.
Jupiter Jim: Origins was fantastically bad.
You fell asleep during the holiday special - according to Leo, you didn’t really miss anything.
You spent all night watching every single movie in this ridiculously long franchise. You knew you’d regret it when you needed to do homework tomorrow, but in the moment, you had no regrets.
As the credits to Atomic Lass Returns rolled, you let out a long yawn. Everyone looked pretty tired - Mikey had fallen asleep on your shoulder three times already.
“And that’s the last one. Well, until May 23rd, when Atomic Lass Dies Again comes out,” Donnie announced.
You stretched, feeling a bone pop somewhere. “I’m pretty sure that was the longest movie marathon in my life.”
“Oh, probably.” April yawned. “But now that it’s over…”
Here we go again.
“Which is the best movie, (y/n)?”
What were you expecting, really? All eyes were on you, waiting for you to decide the fate of Jupiter Jim’s tier ranking.
“I like Invasion of the Squirrelanoids best, actually.”
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simping-overload · a day ago
Hello!!! Would you be okay with doing a situation where a male reader isn’t comfortable with kissing (like at all) and expresses that boundary and is comforted by there significant other and told that it is fine to have that boundary and that there’s nothing to be ashamed with any Genshin male character? (Aether is preferred but I don’t mind ^^) if not that’s fine thank you for your time, love your writing have a good day/night <3
FALLING LEAFS. 𑁍 I'm glad you like my work!! I haven't wrote for aether before so I hope I did him justice and I also went for hcs ^^m remember guys, consent is sexy. Have a good day/night!!
FLOWER POT. 𑁍 Aether, Diluc, Childe
GROWING VINES. 𑁍 fluff, boundaries, short hcs, ajax family hcs
GARDENER 𑁍 @aetherspacetime
SEEDS 𑁍 If yall can be so kind buy me a coffe!
this is a multi fandom blog that is designed for mlm/nbmlm identifying readers! so if you're female or fem alligened(she/her, she/they) please do not follow or interact with my mlm related post!! you will be blocked if you do not heed this warning ゛
Tumblr media
He's glad you told him, in my opinion Aethers not much of a kisser anyhow. Opting for hugs and handholding.
When you do tell him this he just. give you a big ol' hug and reassures you that he's totally okay with it
he can avoid the urge to kiss you pretty easily
He'd be happy to give you any and all forms of affection you want
Won't let anyone try to force you two to kiss at all, angry aether is scary aether
Tumblr media
another understanding lad, he'd love you however you see fit
Even if it just revoles around hugging, handolding and so on
he'd still be a happy camper, melting st any form of affection he receives
respects the boundaries tenfold and knows how to hold any possible impulses
will totally fight anyone who talks shit too
Tumblr media
he understands ! and supports you fully however
he, struggles a lot. he's trying
however growing up in a big-ish family where physical affection, especially kisses on the cheeks were prevalent growing up
granted as time goes on he will get used to not kissing you
but he will slip up everyonce and the while, but will apologize profusely and make you some dish from his home to further his apology
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prideofcelestia · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
❝when he finds you posing goofily in front of a camera❞
Tumblr media
« characters - lucifer, barbatos, beelzebub »
« gender neutral reader »
« pairing - romantic/platonic »
Tumblr media
A hand flies to his forehead to massage it. Really? Mammon's influence is hurting your brain cells and distorting your facial muscles. Should he exorcise the expression out of you and hope that you lose the influence too?
Oh well, he won't be a part of the utter madness! After snatching the phone away from your hand, he gets the second shock that day! Lo and behold, a picture of Lucifer himself is visible on your screen. The audacity! Were you making faces at him? His room. Now. You must face grave consequences, which will include you taking the trash out five times that month in place of the usual four!
When he's back in his room, he tries to remember your exact expressions and act them out.
He'll act like he didn't see you while also imprinting the image in his heart. Every side of you charms him, especially the ones that he can embarrass you about. Prepare yourself for a lot of teasing and sly reminders of your vulnerable moment. The delivery is teamed with a small smile as he looks at you as if he had complimented you on some feat. Inexperienced demons staring at the exchange from a distance would never guess the topic of discussion. That may perhaps be the charm of Barbatos, who likes to remember the faces you had made once and laugh during moments of leisure. Sometimes he wonders if he can find it in himself to join you in being silly. Is he even capable of it?
Are you hurt somewhere? Is that why your face is contorted in an expression of pain?
...Oh. You're trying to be silly! Hehe, you look really goofy, [Name] . Will it be fine if he joins you? You appear to be having fun so he wants to share the memory. Putting his face awfully close to yours to fit in the camera frame, he tries to mimic your expressions but fails. A look of stoicisim that is his signature still lingers on his face before sadness replaces it.
"Why is it so difficult?!"
You try to tickle him but he just stares at you before breaking into a smile. Perhaps that's the most expressive you'll see him but you don't mind as long as there's a twinkle behind his eyes.
Now that you think about it, he is really close.
Tumblr media
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blxxdymelxdy · a day ago
Could you please write some copia X reader with intense abandonment issues?
Only if you're comfortable with it though!
Thank you- 🫀
Rubbing my grubby little hands and squealing I LOVE COPIA 😳🥺
Hope you don’t mind that I used my own symptoms of anxiety,,,
Also kinda rushed so 💀
Tumblr media
The anxiety and fear of abandonment always followed you around. Even in stable relationships you feared your partner would eventually get tired of you and leave. It was the same when you started dating the handsome Cardinal Copia.
He always made time for you even when he was drowning in paperwork for the clergy and chapel. He was perfect, and you loved him dearly. But the fear still lingered some days were worse than others though.
Today was one of the worse ones. sitting on his lap as he scribbled away the paperwork Sister Imperator gave him. He hummed a tune and bounced his free leg as his pet rat scurried across the table. The anxious feeling creeped up your body, gripping it’s claws into your skin. Your stomach dropped and you felt as if your throat was closing in on its self.
“Copia,” you began a small shake in your voice.
“Hmm? What is it mi amore?” He asked, his attention not diverging from his work.
“Do you ever get bored of me?” You asked “like do you regret being with me? Or even want to break up with me?” You rambled, he dropped his pen and turned to look at you his hands cupping your face. His eyes soft with love.
“My dear, why would that ever cross your mind?” He asked softly.
“I don’t know, I just, I’m always scared people I care about won’t want me anymore and will end up abandoning me,” you tried to explain as tears spilled out of your eyes. Copia frowned slightly and wiped your tear stained face with his glove covered hands.
“I would never, ever in a million years want to leave you or be without you by my side. You are my light and being without you would take away any reason to get out of bed every morning” he said cupping your face before peppering kisses among it.
“I know that it will take a lot to fix that mindset” he said tapping your head. “But I will be with you every step of the way making sure you’re loved,” he continued as you sniffled quietly.
“Promise?” You asked.
“Promise. Nothing will take me away from you,” he pressed a kiss upon your lips, brushing your hair out of your face. “Let’s go take a break,” he said shifting out of his chair with you in his arms.
“Where are we going?” You asked.
“To take a relaxing bath, my back aches and I know how you get when you’re anxious,” walking down the hall with him carrying you bridal style to his personal chambers you started feeling a little bit better.
You hoped his words were true, you really wanted to believe what he said, because you really wanted to spend your entire life with him.
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genshin-impact-writings · 12 hours ago
Clears throat
Xiao and Vulnerablity
- 🌸
Sorry Cyno farming got me in his hold so haven't been sending anything.. Almost to the reaching point I just need to wait for like.. 8 ish hours.. HE WILL COME HOME!
Sorry that it took me a while to answer this one! Hope you like what I came up with. <3
Xiao + “vulnerability”
You had always known that it wouldn’t be easy to be in a relationship with Xiao. The Vigilant Yaksha guarded his vulnerable side almost as fiercely as he guarded Liyue, and he rarely allowed you – or anyone else, for the record – to see him like this. No matter how often you reassured him that he didn’t have to pretend anything when he was with you, Xiao preferred to keep the things that bothered him to himself. 
But not tonight. 
You woke up to muffled sobs and someone clinging to you, arms wrapped around you in a tight hug. Even in your half-awake state, you could tell that Xiao was trembling – and the next second, you had already forgotten that you were still tired. If it had upset someone like him so badly that he actually cried while someone else was around, it must have been something bad. “… Xiao? What’s wrong?”
“…I had a nightmare,” he admitted, his voice so quiet that you could barely understand what he was saying, “about losing you. I’m sorry if I woke you up… I just – needed to make sure that you’re okay. That you’re not hurt.”
You reached out and wiped the tears from his cheeks with a gentle hand. “I’m here,” you said softly. “And I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”
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fortheharbingers · 2 days ago
a/n: just some rain ghoul thoughts to keep me going thru the day<3 nsfw content below, minors do Not interact
Tumblr media
Ghouls by nature are feisty clingy creatures, showing the intensity of their emotions with every sense of the word, be it their actions, way of speaking, expressing themselves and even fucking, (especially fucking).
But with Rain, you learn the word ‘fuck’ is an underestimation of the action. As cliche as it sounds, with Rain it is love-making.
With every thrust of his hips, you feel his love and passion to its fullest, buried to the hilt, slow and deep, he knows which spot to hit, which spot to drag against. Whispers and grunts come out of his mouth like a prayer, your name said in a plea, in a pray. Your breathy moans by his ear only makes him unravel, lose what sliver of control, of sense he had; fully losing himself in you, body moving on its own accord.
In his voice you hear his desperation, his frustrations– for all the lost years he has spent without you up until now, up until meeting. You, you and only the thoughts of you consuming him from the inside out, every cell in his body yelling him not to part away from you, not even for a second, not even for a breath.
Capturing your lips with his, he whispers his devotions to you, promises he makes for the future, for the better, for the worse; promises of gentle and promises of all the things he wants to do to you, would you like me to do that, how does this sound, you’d want that, wouldn’t you?– teeth clashing, he feels a hunger for you that won’t go away no matter what, he could have you at all times, be inside you for eternity and still it wouldn’t be enough, still he wants more, to be closer, to feel you until his senses have dulled.
Bodies pressed until no space left, nails dug in into each other’s flesh, spots of red and purple blooming on your skins, marks of teeth on the inside of your thighs, your neck, your chest, your hips–
Hands on your waist, keeping you firm in place, you can feel his every move inside you, each drag and pressure, when his tongue drags, when his canines scratch, when he is barely keeping it together now, nearing that high, so close, so warm, doing his best to make the moment last a little longer, resisting the urge to cum right then and there.
The look of absolute euphoria on your face and tears streaming down your cheeks, two of his favorite sights on earth and in hell.
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Don't tell the team 👀
I have a crush in one of them pt. 2
Featuring The Schweiden Adlers
Adlers x Gender Neutral Manager
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: This is part 2 of a request from @trashfox!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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chaengiediffy · 2 days ago
gender neutral reader helping jennie through a panic attack at the airport with hugs and the reader being protective of her as people had the camera in her face.
had to rack my brain and do a little research for this one i hope you enjoy!
With the way the crowd swarmed around outside the gate, no one else was on your mind except Jennie. She was never good at handling the egregious amounts of paparazzi or fans and you could definitely understand why. You looked back at her and gave her a reassuring smile, "I'll be by your side at all times, don't worry."
She mumbled a quick 'thank you' and tugged at your sleeve. "Can I hold onto your shirt while we walk?"
You gave her a subtle nod as you stood at the gate, "Are you ready?"
Gaining her approval, you walked through and quickly got bombarded by a barrage of camera flashes and phones in your face. The many questions and shouting of her name loud in your ear. Making sure she had a good grip on your shirt you walked with her as security surrounded you.
You kept trying to talk with her to get her mind off the crowd though at times like these you really wished her company could give her more security detail. You knew they were trying their best but with each and every step, the room you had was getting smaller and smaller. You were several feet away from the car, but the crowd had left you no room.
You were careful with the way you moved as you saw hands constantly grabbing out at her. But suddenly, one of her fans or paparazzi, you couldn't tell, lashed out and somehow scratched her, making her yelp out in pain. Your whole body immediately whipped back around and your eyes widened at the sight of blood on her arm. But that wasn't the most worrying part.
She looked like she wasn't getting enough air. She was hyperventilating. Trembling, shaking, tears flowing down her face as she almost fell down on your arm. She was having a panic attack.
"Hey that's enough! Give her some space!"
You shouted as you quickly made your way to her side and shielded her with your arms, not wanting her to be hurt again. Yet clearly they didn't listen to you as another pair of hands got close to her. You couldn't care less about the position you were in as you adjusted yourself around her so they couldn't reach her. You swatted some cameras away that got too close to her as the security pushed the line slightly back.
"Please bear with me for a few more seconds Jennie." You pleaded as you asked security to create space for you before you began practically running to the car with Jennie right beside you. Opening the door, you ushered her in as you shut it right behind you. As soon as you gave the driver the signal to leave, you put all your attention on the girl sitting next to you.
"Jennie... Hey..." You say as softly as you could, not trying to scare her any more than she is. You could see a frown on her forehead, as if she's in pain as she looks at you.
"I'm right here with you. Just try taking a deep breath with me, okay?" You wait for her to respond with a nod before breathing in slowly to try and show her what to do. She hesitantly tries to copy you but she struggles to do so, still breathing heavy.
She looks anxious, but you try to keep her attention on you as you breathe in again, waiting for her to follow suit. She attempts several times to breathe in again and again before she succeeded, her gasps of air being less frequent.
"You got this. Let's try breathing in and count for five seconds and then breathe out for five seconds now, okay?" You asked in almost a whisper.
With each and every breathe, you could tell she was getting in more control than she was before. You continue to keep doing it with her for a few minutes until you could see that she had gotten her breathing under full control. Her tears had since dried up as you got a band aid from your bag to cover up her scratch.
"Thank you." She mumbled, only loud enough for you to hear. "For everything."
"Hey, it's what I'm here for." You said jokingly as she gave you a small smile before she laid her head on your shoulder.
After several minutes, you brushed a stray hair out of her face before hearing her mutter something in her sleep in-between her slow and relaxed breaths, making the rest of your day just that much better.
"Love you Y/N..."
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teresalace · a day ago
Yandere Emperor x Gender Neutral Reader Oneshot (🥺 Smutty)
Tumblr media
▪︎Warnings/Trigger: Light degradation, READER IS A WEAK AND QUIET PERSON, fluff(?) + smut, reader gets fingered, reader has a burnt scar on bottom half of face(read the manhwa if you interested in the actual romance story of why I put this detail), Mild yandere tendency, psychological,.
▪︎Words: 2612
▪︎Manhwa: The tainted half (ITS NOT COMPLETE, dont worry this oneshot is spoiler friendly!!!)
😭👏 Author's note: apologies everyone, for some reason when it comes to smut, the universe keeps making tumblr shut down whenever I copy paste the words. . . So screenshots to the rescue!
Being one of the many descendant of a loving union between a goddess and a human, you were born in the Yul clan, who were blessed with such incomparable beauty that was like a curse as your people were exploited, sought after by man’s greed and trapped with no way out. It was difficult to be living in a time of his majesty’s endless tyranny, enduring the scorning of fellow concubines, the disapproval of courtiers and not seeing your cousin, a fellow concubine, was incredibly isolating to you. . . Luckily or unluckily for you, the Emperor has graciously been showing interest in you. You can only hope things will go well from now on.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
😩👍Gona be busy these days with more studying!! Hope you all enjoy this!! Bless you and as always, remember to never give up, it doesnt matter whether you believe in yourself or not -- JUST TRUST YOURSELF!! The situation will always be better than you expect ♡♡♡
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scaralvr · a day ago
hear me out on this scaramouche x reader series idea that's been rotting my mind for months now but i only have to thank the rhythm game bandori/bang dream and colourful stage for this😭😭
ok so drummer!reader, right? drummer!reader who's a part of a small band they've formed with their childhood friends* yun jin, ayaka, hu tao and yoimiya.
*basically leo/need from colourful stage in a nutshell
drummer!reader who gets blisters from practicing 24/7 and eventually has to go to the nurse's office because of it. y/n enthusiast!scaramouche who also happens to be in the nurse's office after getting himself in a rough fight with heizou, the enemy he created after saying apple juice is better than orange juice when they were kids. (which i agree on, not to be based or whatever but moving on.)
y/n enthusiast!scaramouche who can barely contain his inner fanboy as drummer!reader casually sits next to him. i mean, who wouldn't panic upon seeing your favourite current five-year battle of the bands champion due to their drumming carrying their unit? he would choose you over any other member anytime.
despite being your biggest devotee, he has to admit that he knows nothing about them. he hasn't approached them not once through all of the years he first found out about them, so drummer!reader doesn't know he even exists or breathes the same air as them.
but in reality, drummer!reader probably has a bigger infatuation for scaramouche than he does them.
basically, 'the two stupid idiots are in love but won't come to terms with it' trope <3 IN CONCLUSION SHOULD I WRITE IT.
© scaralvr.
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lmaoplsdontlookatme · a day ago
this can be read og or rz mikey but i specifically had og mikey in mind 💕
(no minors not work safe)
You’re pinned at the wrists, Michael’s huge hands easily enveloping and crushing you down to hold you where he wants you with your hands at the sides of your head. It’s a bit hard to breathe with how you’re folded over yourself, thighs tucked against your torso and feet at his shoulders as he uses you as leverage, pressing himself deeper with each downwards thrust. You’ve got your face turned in a desperate attempt to keep yourself quiet but it’s fucking useless, Michael’s thick cock fucking into you hard and fast and so fucking deep that he’s pulling these involuntary cries out of you, sharp as you clench around him. The sounds in the room are so lewd that you can’t help the heavy blush down your chest - your loud moans, the thick grunts of effort spilling passed the small slit of Michael’s mask above you, the creak of the bed and the headrest against the wall, the slick sound of Michael plunging deep inside of you. It’s all too much and you’re trying for something, to grab at Michael, to kiss him, anything and he knows how close you are, convulsing around his cock and turning into this whimpering mess underneath him. It only serves to quicken his pace, thrusts quicker but shallower and when your orgasm hits, you see white and you can’t fucking breathe or even move and your stupid, fucked out face is what pushes Michael over the edge, fingers leaving harsh bruises on your wrists as he cums deep inside of you, hips slowing so gently and then not moving at all as he catches his breath, chest heaving under his tshirt. You can’t help the shake in your legs as you come down, clenching uselessly around nothing as your insides flutter. Michael lets you drop your legs to either side of him and in the rarest of soft moments, dips down to rest his head against your sternum. He lets you hold him, fingers soft at the dirty hair attached to his mask but you don’t mind, not with how pleased you felt.
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cyborg-franky · 21 hours ago
*stumbles over her own feet in her rush to get into you ask box* Hi Franky!!! This sounds so fun!!! :D I'm pretty sure you know for which characters I'm gonna ask anyway... hehe... could I ask for a date with Ace or Marco with #35 or #18? :D (I just imagine the CARNAGE Mario Kart would be and have to chuckle). Thank you so much!
I don't normally do *both* but I am in need of some love and wanna do both the boys so I hope you don't mind headcanon styles but with both the boys <3
Prompt: playing computer games SFW GN Reader x Ace GN Reader x Marco GN Reader x Marco x Ace [Polyam\age gap]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You don’t think he would be into video games and he kinda is, he doesn’t like the ones you can sit and play by yourself. His entire enjoyment is from playing them with others.
He’s a killer at rhythm games, guitar hero, rock band, DDR. He’s just really, really good at them for some reason.
Marco doesn’t mind sitting there and watching you play games though, he’ll watch and make comments, ask about certain things, ask about the plot he’s missed, and whatnot.
Likes to see you having fun.
When he told you he loves to play rhythm games you and him buy rock band and some guitars.
He’s excited.
You’d planned a nice video game date, pizza, drinks, and a night of loud music that might get people banging on your door.
“Sure you’d rather do this and go out? I don’t mind booking us a table somewhere.” He offers you, again, but you smile and put the disc in, setting it up.
It’s a lot of fun, he’s a graceful winner and loser but you can tell on some levels he’s losing on purpose to make you feel good.
And it’s sweet and you love that about him.
You guys play late into the night, complete the game and just go over your favorite songs over and over.
ACE and Polyam Undercut
Tumblr media
Loves to game, he might even be that kinda guy that has a twitch and streams things.
Likes shooting games, and party games, he’ll spend a lot of time in the arcades.
“Hey wanna hit the arcade tonight babe?” He asks and you shake your head, pulling him down onto the couch with you.
“I bought the new Mario kart and thought we could stay in tonight? Pizzas?” you suggested and saw his brows quirk and he was very interested.
Lots of food on the way you both start playing games.
You forget that Ace gets very competitive, how he turns his entire body to turn the wheel like it would somehow make the car in the game move better.
He makes it personal, always trying to get you with his attacks.
“Ahhhh your back in fifth place you’ll never catch up.” He said with a wide grin as he turns another corner.
“We will see about that, Freckles..” You find a cheat path and end up in front, beating him at the last minute and he pouts.
Not a graceful winner or loser.
There’s a knock at the door and you see him perk up, his bad mood at losing well and truly forgotten as he rushes to collect the pizzas.
Tumblr media
Marco and Ace Polyam
Marco orders the fast food on his phone as you and Ace bicker playfully, toss around smack talk as you pick the game you wish to play.
Ace wants to play this and you want to play that and Marco is just sitting there on the sofa looking at the choices before he suggests “Why don’t we take it in turns? rock, paper, scissors for the first choice?” He asks with a hum and you and Ace agree.
Ace shrugs, not like he doesn’t like this game but it’s Marco’s favorite.
“Alright but I get drums.” He says and is already pulling out the fake drum set as Marco hands you a guitar, fingers brushing gently and he smiled softly, warming your heart.
The three of you play, enjoying the teamwork aspect of playing games.
Pizza turns up and Ace throws himself down the hallway to go and pick it up.
The three of you get comfy on the couch. Eating the food and watching whatever is on TV.
Ace leans into you as he sips his soda, you feel his arm around your back, his hand pulling at Marco’s to hold.
Marco chuckles and leans into you, getting closer to you and Ace.
“Mario Kart after food right?” He asks and eyes you both up.
“Yes Ace,” Marco hums and you grin at the thought, looking down at Ace.
“Desperate to get your ass kicked?”
He sits up straight and fixes you a look and smack talk counties as Marco happily finished his ham and pineapple pizza, extra pineapple.
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let-me-simp-in-peace · a day ago
Player 2 (Kenma x Reader)
Tumblr media
You really enjoyed Kenma’s streams. You usually watched them on your laptop upstairs while Kenma filmed in your shared game room/office. Since Kenma had a specific streaming schedule, it typically knew when to leave him be, but every now and then, Kenma did surprise streams, and he often forgot to warn you of them. That’s how you ended up popping up occasionally in one of his streams.
Sometimes, you stayed for a few minutes if Kenma asked, but you usually tried not to interrupt him. That’s why you were so surprised when Kenma told you that his fans wanted you to join one of his streams.
You played games with Kenma all the time, but you’d never played on stream with him. You were surprised how much time and prep went into it. It made you admire him even more to see the effort he put into the content he made.
Once the stream started, Kenma smiled softly. “Hey everyone, welcome to today’s stream. Today, I have a guest.”
You rolled into frame, waving lightly at the camera.
“This is my wife/husband, Y/n. A lot of you have been requesting that we play something together, and after some thought we decided to play Dead By Daylight.”
You glanced at the chat, giggling at the messages. “Everyone seems really excited.”
Kenma leaned over your shoulder, humming quietly. “They want to know if you’ve ever played this game before.”
“A little. I played while we were testing it for the stream, but other than that, I haven’t.” You saw several comments about how excited they were for your reaction. 
Oh, if only they’d known.
~20 Minutes Later~
“Is calling it gonna help you find it?” Kenma teased, ignoring the glare you shot his way.
“Maybe! You never know!”
You turned a corner and saw the generator up ahead. “Hell yeah, guess who just found the last generator!”
You ran towards the machine and got to work. You hissed when you missed the skill check, and the generator exploded, a shower of sparks lighting up the area around you.
“Shit shit okay, this is okay. I can work with this.”
You heard a noise in the distance.
“Kenma, I hear you coming.”
“Kenma, if you’re behind me, I swear...”
You hesitantly turned your character around.
“AHHH I FUCKING KNEW IT! KEN, YOU BITCH, OH MY GOD!” You yelped, accidentally smashing several buttons as you tried to run away. 
“Come on, Y/n. I just want to give you a little hug.” 
“WITH A KNIFE?! No, no, no, fuck you. Not happening.” 
Kenma snorted as he watched your character. “Stop running into things, and you might get away.” 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about! THiS iS oBviOuslY riGhT wHeRe i wAnT tO bE!” 
You jumped when your character was struck down, bashing the keys as you struggled to get away, but Kenma had already caught you.
Before you knew it, you were staring at the game over screen between the gap in your fingers as you whined, “How are you so good at that? I was so quiet!”
“Yeah, blowing up two of the three generators was so quiet.” Kenma retorted sarcastically.
You slapped his arm, your lips curving upwards. “I had a lot of fun though!”
Kenma smiled softly at your enthusiasm. His audience also enjoyed the dynamic between you two and asked if you could do another stream together sometime.
Kenma found himself hoping you would agree as well. Getting to play with you and seeing his fans’ excited responses to you warmed his heart and reminded him why he loved streaming so much in the first place.
Once everything had been shut off and put away, Kenma took your hand. “That was fun.”
You grinned and kissed his cheek. “I’m glad you had fun, love. We should have a rematch next time.”
Kenma smiled. “I’d like that.”
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