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“ I could tell you I love you without saying I love you. ”
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 | Different and unique, albeit a bit unconventional and funny, ways they show you they love you without exactly saying affectionate words.
𝐂𝐖 / 𝐓𝐖 | gn!reader x albedo, zhongli, wanderer, venti, cyno and tighnari (separate); fluff, crack on some, stuck on confined space (tighnari); established relationship; if you spot the meme, very good have a nice day 😂
𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒 | Look, I'm not very good at writing fluff because angst is what I do best xD this is just what I could do now so forgive me if the fluff is inadequate lol. Also, this is part of the Fluffvember event hosted by @maehemthemisfit <3 I enjoy writing this so I hope you can also enjoy reading~
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was an established law in the house that the chores should be equally separated at all times. For example, you would wash the dishes in the morning, then the Wanderer would take his turn in the evening. An equal work for everyone living under the same room, and he agreed, albeit begrudgingly at first.
Though such was the case in washing the dishes, you would always see him loitering near you in the morning when you were washing the dishes, crossing his arms while leaning on the doorframe with a frown, under the guise of personally seeing you doing chores because he feared you would break the plates when he was not looking. Likewise, it becomes a habit for you to also sit by the counter to wait for him to finish his chore in the evenings before retiring to bed together.
You would, happily, daresay it become a routine, even.
When you were being particularly affectionate that night, you would just hug him from behind silently, your head resting on his back and your arms wrapped tightly around his torso, no matter how many times he complained loudly and sneered at you for being so clingy. (He said that grumpily but he made no move to remove you anyway, so you guessed that he didn't actually mind the affection.)
“Hmp. Come, hold my hand." His tone sounds so bossy and demanding, though you were not surprised. It's just the way he was, you could even say it was amusing at times. 
You wrinkled your nose, peering over his shoulders to see him holding the sponge on his right hand and a plate on the other. “...But you were washing the dishes?"
The Wanderer rolled his eyes in exasperation. “Did I stutter? I could multitask.”
That evening, your shit-eating grin couldn't be any wider to the point he told you irritatedly to wipe that off or you'll sleep on the sofa tonight.
Tumblr media
For someone who had lived for so long, Zhongli surely had a knack for poetry at times. Sometimes, it was a random burst of inspiration from overlooking the Liyue Harbour plains, at times it was about a history long forgotten, many times it was, well, about you.
“I love you dearly."
You couldn't help your stomach doing flips and your heart was somersaulting in happiness. And you want to return to him all the love and affection he freely gave you, even with simple words. 
Although Zhongli seems to have a small dislike of you saying the word of affirmation back to him.
“I love—"
"I advise you not to finish that sentence." He firmly said, his gloved finger gently tapped at the bottom of your lip to cut you off. Your muscles almost weakened at the intensity of his fiery eyes boring into you.
Seriously speaking, if anyone could perfectly pull off the dom-boyfriend thing, it would surely be a man with the charisma of a god.
"What? Why?"
A small pause.
Then his eyes softened as his large hands cupped the corner of your cheeks, tracing your cheekbones with light feathered touches that left you sighing pleasantly. “...Because it felt you were merely agreeing with me.”
Tumblr media
Albedo's curiosity is one of his charms, that's an undeniable fact. His capacity for boundless discoveries knows no bounds, so you couldn't exactly find in yourself to be surprised when he asked you such a…scandalous and funny question.
“Do you mind making out with me?" His tone never changed, the same calm, a bit indifferent, but with enough warmth that he reserved only for you. "Fret not, it's for the sake of science.”
"What." You deadpanned, not understanding where his sudden line of thought comes from.
Of course, you don't mind. But its funny how it's very Albedo-like to ask something like making out right now just for the sake of science when he had many chances to do so behind…closed doors before.
He seemed to have read your thoughts because a serene smile crossed his lips as he put down all his paperworks and approached you. “I merely had to collect many samples before I could draw a definite conclusion. This study is, if you want to know, based on my unpublished research that consists of you and me alone, by the way.” 
Albedo said it all in a matter-of-fact tone that you couldn't help but to laugh at its incredulity, his arms snaking around you in a warm hug that could dispel the frigid cold in Dragonspine. “We could. But I have to finish this first.” You gestured to the papers on the table.
The alchemist didn't miss the playful twinkle in your eyes as he gently plucked the papers away and cupped your cheeks so you were looking straight at his seafoam eyes, smirking smugly. “If that's your attempt to decline, I deserve to have the right to decline your declination."
Tumblr media
“Corporate can't ask me what's the difference between you and the world.”
It's been a stressful week for you, and all you've wanted is to curl next to your lover, with his arms wrapped warmly around and rest your head on his chest. There was nothing more domestically pleasing than having Cyno's talented fingers smoothing your hair while also massaging your scalp. It's a very therapeutic way of spending time together, especially since he has such a busy schedule during the day.
These simple moments you could cherish forever.
Though you couldn't say the same when he, of all times, chooses to break the comforting silence between you two with one of his seemingly dry jokes again.
Still, you were a faithful lover to him. So, as a faithful lover that you are, you indulged in his daily dose of humour.
You nuzzled your face to the crook of his neck, grinning to yourself when you notice a slight goosebump on his skin. “Why not?”
Cyno deeply breathed. "Because for me, they're literally the same.”
It took you a few seconds to realise what 'joke' he was talking about. By then, you could feel your heart leaping from your throat, and your satisfied grin slowly morphed into a flustered expression. 
He gave a small, triumphant snort, but you were too engrossed to the fact that he just told you that 'you were his world and his world is you', to really care for anything but him anymore.
Tumblr media
Tighnari is a man of many talents, a great leader who strives for the success and perseverance of others while also never failing to seek knowledge to whichever that piqued his interest. His scholar and Forest Watcher side is highly admirable, but that couldn't be the same to his…questionable sides.
“—I can't believe we're stuck in the same closet together.” You said in disbelief, both of your hands propped on Tighnari's sides to keep yourself grounded and crashing into him completely. 
Although you knew he wouldn't mind, you refuse to give him another teasing material from you. He would surely use your flustered state with this forced proximity just to get a rise from you and then embarrassingly retell it later just for shit and giggles. (He does this especially when you are particularly stubborn about doing something that would compromise your safety.)
You didn't even realise how both of you got inside the same closet together. Because the only thing you could think of right now is how he— 
“Truly unfortunate,” there was a barely concealed mirth hidden in the recesses of his usually stern voice. Unbeknownst to your appalled self, the key to the closet sits comfortably in his pockets.
For only during this time could he spend his time together with you, without anyone to disturb you both. He could hold you in his arms without any prying eyes, stare at your face without a single hint of shame, and gleefully hear the thundering beats of your heart.
Tighnari knew Collei would open the closet soon, as he told her beforehand. But for now, a man could enjoy his alone time with his beloved, right? Enjoying the hidden moment as if there's only him and you in this world.
Tumblr media
You knew Venti could be a little ball of menace sometimes (read: all the times), but he's very open to his affections and the way he expresses his love is a bit unconventional and too much for others, suggesting something unbelievable and funny, but you knew its because he's always thinking of you. 
You loved that he's attentive of your moods, that he knew when you need a good laugh, or a shoulder to cry and vent on, or merely times that you need a song to calm your raging heart. He never failed to read you like an open book, questioning you what you want, and giving you all the freedom and love you could hoped to have.
Venti is a good lover. 
Still, he's a little menace.
For example, there was a time that you stubbornly refused to let go of your fourth commission for that day, and you were undeniably exhausted and stressed from fighting left and right. As a good lover that he proclaimed he is, Venti playfully snatched the commission paper from your hands and ran away with it, laughing gloatingly at how you could never catch up to him.
It seriously took you almost almost five minutes and cursing and following him around to catch up to his surprisingly long strides. You hit the back of his head and scolded him for doing this again (you knew this was his way of making you take a  break so you didn't have any heart to be truly angry).
“Dear me, you could punch me in the face and I would still want you.”
“Shut up, Venti.” You tried to keep the glower to tell him off, but the way he heartily laughed and invited you to fly in the sky, just the two of you this time…
Once again, the commission is forgotten.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
TAGLIST (let me know if you want to be added in my future works!): @samarill , @maehemthemisfit , @chocogi
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Hi can i request a ghost x too pure for this world slash civillian reader . where reader is the total opposite of ghost like they too kind and soft and ghost met them whole reader was working in a local bookshop and they both just fall head over heels for each other 😭💗💗
Hiiii, this was such a cute request! I love the opposites attract relationships so much and imagining THE big, scary Ghost with this very sweet and kind reader is so fun!! Kinda got carried away with it, but I hope you like it!! Thank you for requesting!! (❤ ω ❤)
|| Ghost with a Soft Partner ||
Warnings: soft and flustered Ghost (^///^)
Tumblr media
It's not often when Ghost gets to take a break from his work, but when he does it's never for very long
So, when he does get a break, he spends it doing the few things he actually likes about civilian lives
And, surprisingly, one of those things is reading
So, whenever he's in town, he likes to pick up a few books to take back to base with him
So he pulls on the most discreet civvies he owns, a black hoodie, mask, and beanie. (Because you can't very well go about in town with a skull mask without getting unwanted stares)
He doesn't like how much his hulking form sticks out in the cozy bookstore but he goes anyway
However, he immediately regrets it after he sees the confusing way the store has the books organized
Apparently noticing his confusion, you would approach to help him
He is immediately taken aback by your soft-spoken voice and demeanor as you ask if he needs help
Would take a minute to respond and not notice he's just staring at you
When he notices you starting to get nervous under his intense gaze he would immediately look away and clear his throat
"I'm lookin' for your mystery books..."
"Oh! Yes, the sorting method can get a little confusing. Just follow me!"
He is once again taken aback by your helpful attitude
It's not often people are so nice to him
You bring him to the right section and are about to leave him alone when he suddenly asks;
"Any recommendations?"
He doesn't know why he asks but he knows that he's comforted by your presence
So, the two of you talk and he ends up buying more than one of your recommendations
But eventually you have to go back to work and he has to go back home
However you find yourself stuck thinking about the large, intimidating man with a love for mystery books and he finds himself in a similar position.
So he finds himself coming back to the bookstore again
and again
He finds talking with you to be like a fresh breath of air
It makes him forget about Ghost for a while and feel like Simon again
Eventually he gets up the courage to ask you out on a date against his better judgement
So, you end up going on a date to this cutesy cafe even though he feels totally out of place because he knows you would love it
He eventually opens up about his job but tells you the bare minimum, just that he's just a military soldier is the SAS
Your shocked and slightly worried because that work is dangerous but upon reflection you know he can handle himself
He walks you home and the end of the night and when you lean in to kiss him, he pulls back
When you look at him with a hurt expression, he continues;
"Listen... I don't understand how I feel about you but I do know you deserve a hell of a lot more than me. If we do this, I have to know your sure. My work is... Dangerous. I don't want to hurt you."
You smile, "Let me worry about what I think I deserve, Simon."
You place your hands on the sides of his mask and he pauses, large hands coming up to engulf your wrists as he nods
You pull his mask down and lean up as you kiss
Eventually, he has to return to base and is worried on how the distance will affect your relationship
You reassure him though with your soft smile and tell him you'll be waiting for him to get back
He feels his heart clench with a soft affection he hadn't felt in a long time
While he's going through his things, he opens one of the books you had recommended to him only to find you had tucked a few secretly taken polaroids inside
He keeps one tucked in his breast pocket and another pinned to the wall in his room on base
While he's gone, the two of you share video calls and you send him letters
He's always so touched by the time you put into the letters and he loves knowing your still doing fine without him there
He would be SUPER protective of you
When the other guys on the 141 task force find out he has a partner, they argue over what kind of person he would look for in a partner
When he finally shows them a picture, they are all shocked because just from the picture they can tell your complete opposites
You send him care packages with books you think he would like and homemade sweets
The other guys would always ask for some but he would refuse because you made them for him
He would be reluctant to tell you about his past because he doesn't want to "corrupt" you
You tell him he's being dumb and reassure him that, when he's ready to talk, you'll be there
Would still have feelings of inadacity because he's a cold-hearted killer and your so painfully good
You reassure him that his work helps tons of people and that your proud of him
He enjoys having you read to him while he rests his head in your lap
He's definitely touch starved so he gets very flustered when you get touchy with him
He loves it tho
I can also see him sending you books, trinkets, and rocks he finds while on deployment
You keep each one he sends and display them
Prefers to spend dates indoors quietly
Would 100% fantasize about marrying you
Would encourage you to be a little less kind when people at work are mean to you or too pushy because he doesn't like the idea of not being able to defend you himself
All and all, you would just be really fluffy and cute, a much needed softness to balance out his cold demeanor
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littleventcrawler · 23 hours
Beelzebub knows he’s absolutely massive, and is always careful to be gentle with you. 
He strokes your back gently as you climb into his lap, looking over your naked body. His stare isn’t scrutinizing or intimidating, it’s admiring you; it’s soft and loving, and it makes you feel safe. 
His forehead kiss lingers for a long few moments before he pulls away, brushing some stray hair out of your face. You don’t miss the pink tint on his cheeks. 
He lifts you up slowly, more than strong enough to suspend you on his own. You wrap your legs loosely around him, preparing yourself as he adjusts you in his hold.
“Deep breath in for me,” He tells you, just as he always does. “Deep breath…” 
And you do as he says, sucking in a breath and holding it for a moment before he speaks again. 
“And out slowly…”
Your gradual exhale begins just as he lowers you onto his massive length. It’s careful, cautious, almost excruciatingly slow. Finally you’re out of breath, and just in time for Beel to completely sit you on his cock. Your legs tighten around him and you cling to him as if he’s your lifeline. He might as well be. 
He returns the embrace, patting your head gently before resting his chin on top of it, and you know he won’t move until you tell him to. 
He feels like he’s splitting you open, like someone so small and fragile should never be subjected to this, but when you crane your neck to look up at him with the most love-struck gaze he melts. 
“You okay?” 
“Good. That’s all that matters.” 
And it was true. Nothing else was important to Beel. Your feelings were always and would always be his top priority in any situation. 
He was the perfect balance: 
Able to sweet talk you into falling in love while he ravaged you deliciously. 
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𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐭
pairing: sub!scaramouche x gn!dom!reader 
warnings: 18+!! minors dni. slight smut. a hint of semi-public sex. 
synopsis: scaramouche is a submissive brat and you tease the fuck out of him!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
scaramouche has been acting up recently. his snide remarks are thrown your way calls you names and sticks his tongue out at you when you ignore him. you acknowledge his sense of pride, the way he carries himself while belittling others, you'd usually tolerate it and let it slide at times.
however, he has gotten on your nerves after the stunt he pulled today, publicly humiliating you in front of your friends and comrades. he needs to learn a lesson.
as a consequence of his behavior. you've been ruthlessly teasing him and messing with him. one second you're leaning into him, about to kiss him. you notice him as he closes his eyes and leans in expecting to meet you for a kiss. however, he didn't feel your lips on his.
disappointed he slowly opens his eyes, only to discover that you are laughing at him. "did you think I'd kiss you?" you snickered.
"fuck you, (y/n)!” he muttered.
you sneered, "would you?”.
he's frustrated, feeling the air thickening around him. huffing up the courage to finally confront you. "why are you teasing me? you've been messing with me all day." you've never even kissed me once." he retorts.
you shake your head, unsatisfied with his answer. “you know why I’ve been treating you this way, kuni.” you sigh crossing your hands, looking away unbothered. 
“don’t make me spell it out loud for you” he argues back. much to his dismay, his body isn’t listening to him. he's starting to feel his courage seeping, and being replaced by a feeling of longing for your touch since you’ve been neglecting and teasing him all day. nonetheless, you don’t reply to his remarks, turning to walk away.
he holds your shirt stopping you, afraid that you would ignore him again. “I’m sorry… for how I behaved.” he muttered. “you know I want you. i need you right now” he whines, a flush creeping out across his cheeks, his ears turning red. pleading for you to do something. as your foreheads are pressed together. his body following your lead, as you pull him in. 
“say it again, kuni, I couldn't hear you." you smiled as you looked down at him. extending your hands to him. Running your fingers through his indigo, silky hair.
he looks away embarrassed, “please, (y/n)..”
you nearly missed it. because of how faint his whisper was. you look down at his expression. "oh, fuck it." grabbing him by his collar and dragging him into an empty room. you couldn’t control yourself any longer, pulling him into a kiss you can see how desperate he is for you. you can both hear each other's heart racing as you breathe into each other's mouth. words can no longer express how you feel.
you feel a magnetic attraction between you as you grab each other's clothes. opening the buttons on his shirt, exposing his neck. he holds in his breaths as he feels yours on his skin.
the walls are thin, you can hear the people next door to you. laughing and talking casually. if you both could hear them they probably can hear you too. “you better keep your voice down, there are people in the other room.” he’d nods holding back a moan, covering his mouth with his hand. tears in his eyes, feeling overwhelmed. he wants you to take him already.
“that's my good boy.” you breathed into his skin as you suck on his neck moving down to his collarbone causing him to involuntarily moan out loud, leaving his face a blushing mess at the name you referred to him.
“shut up and fuck me already” he breathes burying his head into your neck. he's definitely your good little brat.
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➜ WARNINGS gn!reader, use of endearments such as love, dear, etc. not proofread. short fic only! lmk if I missed any!
➜ AIKA'S NOTES just a little draft from me, not the best but it's been rotting there for awhile now🥲
Tumblr media
To my only love,
How have you been dear? I do hope you have been taking care of yourself. If you ever need anything, do remember just to tell someone, and they will be more than willing to help you.
It has been a while since we have seen each other, no? I do hope you miss me just as much as I miss you.
I miss how every morning you would greet me with a smile. I miss how every night I come home late, you
would be there to greet me. I miss your cooking. I miss your warm touches, hugs, and words of affirmation whenever things get hard. But most importantly, I miss your kisses that never fail to make my heart flutter, the same kisses that assure me, you are there, loving me.
I despise being sappy, but for all those things I just wrote, I truly do mean them. I hope my sincerity has reached your heart. 
Writing all those things makes me want to finish my business here as soon as possible. Don't worry dear, I will be home soon. 
Remember to take good care of yourself, and I love you, more than words can express. 
longing for your presence,
your only love♡
Tumblr media
kamisato ayato, jean gunnhildr, diluc ragnvindr, al haitham, zhongli, kaeya alberich, ningguang, cyno, tighnari, pantalone.
Tumblr media
© aiikalvr — do not repost, translate, or plagiarize any of my works on any platform !
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prideofcelestia · 1 day
❝when he yelled at you but then you started crying❞
Tumblr media
« characters - leviathan, beelzebub, belphegor »
« gender neutral reader »
req by @lilithram. i think i diverted quite a bit :")
Tumblr media
Even though Levi had some ground rules in his room that everybody knew about, hardly anybody tried to remember those. How could one be expected to pay attention to a vast list of rules, one of which dictated that a visitor could only walk up to his figurines following the exact path he had taken? Any diversion from the set route would banish the visitor from his room. It was bizarre, but so was Levi and you loved him. So, you entertained the shy demon, and enjoyed it too. Bad blood flowed between you two when you entered his room in a tired state, and forgot to follow some of the rules. Usually Levi cut you some slack. Some slack meant a lot of slack, only because he loved you a lot too, more than he ever let on. However, people whose hearts are filled with love also have their bad days. Levi, finding himself in the middle of one, got irritated at you, and yelled at you without meaning to. Because that's what people sometimes do. It was only when you started crying that he wished for the ground to part and swallow him whole. Well, that was one thing he never, ever, ever wanted to do. Hurt you. Perhaps he could fall into lava and... perish.
When you left his room in a hurry, he gulped and messaged you immediately, spamming your dms with apologies. Without waiting for another moment, he broke quite a few rules himself as he ran out of his room without thinking and stood outside your door. Touching the barrier gently, he shook and whispered.
"[Name], I-I am s-s-s-sorryyyyy waaaah. P-P-Please forgive this yucky otaku I am malfunctioning bye. Sorrrrrry."
He was not one to lose his temper but as it happened, he was hungry and couldn't find the cake he had set aside for himself. It wasn't you who had taken it out, but at that moment, Beel felt such rage bubble up inside himself that his faculties stoped working smoothly. You had only been unlucky to find him precisely then. Without noticing who he was speaking to, he howled - and what a marvelous, beastly howl that was - blaming you for stealing his food. Perhaps if it had been someone who you could expect a scolding from, well someone like Lucifer or Satan, you wouldn't have been as shaken as you were. But Beel, precious, sweet, cinnamon roll Beel made your throat run dry and your eyes water. You didn't know if it was shock or fear of such a tall demon looming over you. Whatever it was, you wished that it would go away.
Beel immediately apologised and fidgeted uneasily before coming to a standstill. He didn't dare reach out or hug you even though he desperately wanted to, for the sake of both of you. A hug would help, and he knew he gave good, warm hughs. Hugs that you loved.
"[Name]... I.. I didn't mean to scare you. I am so so so sorry. Don't be mad at me. I don't even feel like eating anymore..."
He refused to leave your side till he had done all that he could to cheer you up. For the rest of the day, he was seen beside you like a guard dog, or rather a concerned puppy.
Belphie had been having nightmares for a few days. Despite knowing that it wasn't your fault, he couldn't help but lose his patience when you kept checking on him. Sure he looked grumpy and tired. Heck, he felt grumpy and tired. But he needed to stay away from the root cause of all his misery - you. He knew that he shouldn't have taken out his hatred of humanity on you, but now that he was traumatized by his own misdeed against you, all he wanted was some time to cope. Did he cross a line when he told you to mind your own business? Yes, he shouldn't have screamed at you, but you must understand his pain. He felt his heart constrict when he saw your eyes widen and tears forming at the corner of your eyes. Frozen to his spot, he couldn't anything at all as be helplessly saw you dash out of his room and disappear into nothingness.
Oh Belphie, you're such an idiot! Curses on you.
You find a gift at your doorsteps. When you open the box, you find a snow globe. Belphie's voice erupts from it, much to your bewilderment.
"I am sorry, [Name]."
He had never been good at apologies face to face.
Tumblr media
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slashin-whores · 1 day
a/n: my brain rot for this man is out of this world like omfg
tw: canon typical violence, cannibalism, forces cannibalism(at first), blood and gore, possessive/obsessive, stalking, unstable relationship, Bob bites a lot
it's a weridly domestic relationship, one you wouldn't epecxt w/ a cannibalistic serial killer
you watch movies, cook together, eat together, play fight and so on like your ordinary small town couples
though you can't go out in public, nightly walks in the woods are common when you can't sleep
wether you like it or not you will have to come to terms with the fact he's a cannibal and wants you to part take aswell
hes not above tricking you, so to get you used to it he will cook some human meat and just disguise it as regular animal meat
he feels if you become a cannibal like himself, or just indulging him by eating human meat every once and a while, you two can be closer and understand each other more. But if you are so serious about not consuming human meat he will leave it be
he loves to cuddle, likes having you lay on top of him it helps him sleep, you feel like weighted blanket
since he is in reach of your face often pulls you into kisses whether it be early morning or the middle of the night, he cannot hold himself back from tasting your lips
his lips are chapped but plump, with a seemingly permanent taste of iron on them
his kisses are either soft and sweet or hard and rough, sometimes he nips your lips just to draw blood and taste you
I do hope you are okay with biting because he bites a lot. he just cannot get enough of how you taste
you'll have to wear turtlenecks whenever he decides to go for your neck.
but is personal favorite spot is your inner thighs, since that's where the most blood is so he can get the most of you. your thighs will be covered in dried blood and drool, but he'll clean you up well
Becarful in who you talk too if he catches even a whiff of somone flirting with you, disrespecting you and so on he will kill them no questions asked, doesn't matter if it's a family member, friend, or some random stranger
he likes watching movies with you, surpinghy he prefers comdy our horror mostly the ones with the dad jokes.
if he were to watch a horror movie, he'll need to step out and go, kill and eating something, seeing the murder and blood gives him murder itch
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cynosfunnyjokes · 2 days
Held in the Arms of Another
Characters: Gorou (Lumine and Kokomi Mentioned (Reader is not Traveler))
Genre: Angst
Summary: The Vision Hunt Decree is finally over and your lover, Gorou, is finally back in your life- but things aren’t how you thought they would be…
Notes: A lil angsty fanfic I wrote for myself like a year ago that my lovely friend proof read! It was originally meant to have a happy ending but I never wrote a second part (gotta love good ol angst to fluff). but uhH- if enough people are actually interested, I might write a second part?? This is also posted on my AO3 (scarletchains)!
Tumblr media
With the Vision Hunt Decree and war finally being over, thanks to the dear Traveler and the group of people who helped alongside her, everything was finally calm. Everyone could now relax and life was able to continue on as it had before.
By default, you had assumed that Gorou, your lover, would be able to spend more time with you now to make up for the time that you both had lost to his position as General of the Watatsumi Army. During that time, he had prioritized everything else- which was fair, with people having their Visions stolen from them by the Raiden Shogun and then the whole issue with the Delusions- but that didn’t do much to deflect the slight pain you felt when he would scurry off in the early hours of the morning with a light peck on the lips and a quick mumble of, “I have to go see Her Excellency.” or anything along those lines.
Many nights were spent alone in a cold bed that was much too big for one person. His side of the bed would remain vacant until the early hours of the morning when he would finally step through the door…. If he would even show up. 
Sometimes, you would have to remind him to take care of himself- to rest when he was tired- and more often than not, it would lead to small arguments. By the end of the night, one of you was embraced in the other’s arms with a loose promise of trying to do better.
Then, one day, the mysterious Traveler showed up with her odd floating companion. The legendary Traveler, who had brought down a dragon to save Mondstadt and won a fight against a Fatui Harbinger, was now joining the Resistance to help take down the Shogun. You were grateful, really, you were, along with the other Inazumans that she had saved, but after everything settled…. Why was she still here? And why was Gorou all over her? Even with the extra free time, the hybrid was still barely at home.
Was he growing tired of you? 
The Traveler was far better- it was a fact that you couldn't deny. She was amazing at everything and hell, she was more attractive as well. With this thinking, you couldn’t find it in yourself to blame him for wanting to be around her more. Honestly, who wouldn’t?
Watching him leave early in the morning to follow Lumine like a lost puppy only to come home late at night when the moon was in its trek through the sky, it really hurt. Maybe this was his way of indirectly ending the relationship- by distancing himself almost completely. 
That thought alone almost had you in tears half of the time.
This went on for two weeks before you'd finally had enough. It was tearing your heart apart the more you saw your dear lover less and less. Would it kill him to spend a day with you? Apparently so.
Some days, he would rush off early before you would wake up. Today seemed to be one of those days.
The room was mostly dark, save for the small rays of sunlight peeking over the window sill, flooding a cold, and dim light. However the sun wasn’t what drew you from your slumber; it had been the sound of your lover clumsily pulling his clothes on. All that was visible to you was his back, tail softly swaying back and forth as he tugged on the armor that usually adorned his upper body. Sitting up with a yawn escaping your lips, you raised a hand to rub the grogginess from your eyes, as the other moved up, muffling the yawn.
Fluffy ears twitching at the sound, Gorou whipped around, facing you with eyes wide in surprise. A nervous smile settled on his lips soon after. “Love?” His voice cut through the silence of the room like a knife, “Why are you up? Did I wake you?” One of his eyebrows quirked up as his head cocks to the side.
Oh, how you missed his voice. It was calming. Comforting. 
Instead of answering his question, your eyes shift to his, and your lips part to ask a question of your own. “Are you going out with Lumine again?” Even you were shocked at the coldness in your tone, although at this point, you were too tired to show it. You already knew the answer, but there was a lingering hope that you clung onto. The hope that maybe- just maybe- he would stay here with you instead. Finally.
A smile spreads across his face as he nods enthusiastically. “Yeah, I am!” He sighs as he turns to grab his gloves and accessories for his arms. Unfortunately, by doing so, he missed the crestfallen expression that shifted onto your face.
You could almost feel the shattered pieces of your heart piercing through your ribs like glass. 
The sound of Gorou getting ready hardly overruled the tension in the thick sound of silence. 
“Really?” The tone of your voice, so soft and sweet, but tainted with heartbreak, “You seem to always be with her as of late. It’s almost like you’re dating her instead.” Your eyes darted down to the blankets, not wanting to meet his anymore.
Gorou froze in his spot for a moment, visibly taken aback by your statement. He turned, facing you with confusion written on his face, “What do you mean?” His voice matched his expression. Had he not realized how much time he had been spending with the Traveler? Or was he playing innocent? Maybe he would deny it until he would finally end it with you. 
“Well, you’ve been spending so much time with Lumine. It’s almost like you’ve replaced me with her.” Your voice was wavy and full of hurt, but your gaze shifted back up to him regardless.
Something seemed to click in his head, his confused expression shifting into a blank look. “Are you...jealous?” He scoffed, almost in disbelief, “Y/n, you know how she saved us. Why are you- Why would you…” his voice got quieter as he trailed off, watching your expression shift to a sour one. He could see the tears welling up in those beautiful orbs that he adored so much, threatening to spill over.
"Y/n…" Your name left his lips, his voice was soft- completely different from the one he had just been using- as the realization set in. He lifts a hand, reaching out to touch you in hopes of comforting you, but you flinch away. Gorou’s heart all but shatters in his chest as his ears flatten slightly.
Defeated, you stood from where you had been sitting, and slipped your shoes on, not bothering to grab anything except for your vision, the elemental emblem lighting up as you grabbed it. 
“I..” your voice small, and shoulders drooped with tears falling freely now, “I should’ve figured you would respond that way. I’m not even sure why I tried.”
Gorou stood speechless as he watched you open the door with shaking hands, “Hey!” His voice cracked, “No, no, wai-!” The door slams shut, cutting him off. All he could do was stand there as the quick and steady sound of your footsteps began to fade away.
He was left alone, in the silence of the room.
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scaralvr · 2 days
Tumblr media
07. mystery man chapter seven to the secrecy of our confessions [masterlist]
synopsis: scaramouche decides to go to the music room to leave a letter of his love confession in your locker but instead, finds an awful surprise awaiting him.
"what are you still doing up?"
scaramouche was taken by surprise by mona's murmuring as she lazily sat up in bed. "none of your business," he spat and continued to write something on a paper. whatever it was that he was writing, it sure was alot. "turn off your lamp. some people are trying to sleep." mona said, her tone flat but demanding. fischl loudly snored and scaramouche rolled his eyes.
he made no signs of turning off the lamp anytime soon. mona clenched her jaw and turned it off herself, only for him to turn it back on. mona's eye twitched and she pulled on the chain of the lamp, the lightbulb's luminosity going out. as soon as scaramouche let go of his paper to try and turn it off, mona snatched it from his lap.
"GIVE-" scaramouche instantly slapped his hand over his mouth as fischl turned in her sleep. mona snickered, "i wonder what this is, hm?" she teasingly circled him with the delicate paper in her hands and scaramouche lunged forward to grab it but fell on his bed as she stepped out of the way.
he narrowed his eyes in pure anger, "you..." scaramouche ran and quickly grabbed onto it, but her hands were still on the other end. her smirk fell when she noticed the distress in her brother's eyes. "don't you fucking dare rip it. please." scaramouche begged through heavy exhales. mona's eyelids lowered and she let go. he sighed in relief and plopped onto his bed.
"what even is it?" she asked as she went back to her own bed, pretending not to care about the way he seemed like he would've cried if she ripped it. mona tucked herself beneath her blanket and scaramouche clicked his pen, "none of your business." she scoffed, "you barely tell me anything. c'mon, i won't tell anyone." scaramouche groaned underneath his breath, "why would i tell you anything? you're so annoying." mona hummed in agreement.
she shifted her gaze to the ceiling. "i'll tell you one of my secrets if you tell me what you're writing," mona suggested, causing scaramouche to look up from his paper. "why does it matter so much to you that you're offering something like that?" he sputtered out in bewilderment. mona shrugged, "i'm bored. so, will you take it?" scaramouche warily squinted. "okay, fine." he put his paper aside and faced her.
mona sat up in her bed and criss-crossed her legs. "remember the party i went to a few months ago?" she asked with a serious face. scaramouche rolled his eyes, "uh, yeah. the one at heizou's? i didn't speak to you for a week because of that." mona waved it off, "yeah, yeah, anyways, they hosted a seven minutes in heaven game and guess who i got stuck with." scaramouche pretended to look shocked, "oh my days, i don't know, that himbo, itto?"
mona leaned in and whispered, "kuki shinobu is such a good kisser, okay? no homo, of course." scaramouche furrowed his brows together and his jaw dropped, "kuki shinobu? God, you're such a bisexual." she threw a pillow at his face, yelling, "shut up!" fischl mumbled incoherent words, causing the twins to tense up.
"but that's that. now tell me what you were writing," mona said with a wide grin, giggles slipping out every now and then. scaramouche's cheeks flushed, "well... um..." he hid the paper to his chest, "what about i just tell you a secret of mine?" mona deadpanned and he groaned, "okay, okay." scaramouche pursed his lips in hesitation. "it's a love confession for (y/n)."
mona immediately squealed, "IT'S A LOVE CONFESSION FOR (Y/N)!?" she kept on laughing and scaramouche's face was painted a deep red. "shut up, shut up, idiot!" he hissed as a warning. but it was too late. ei slammed the door open, her eyes narrowed and her lips in a sour frown. fischl sat up from the loud noise of the door meeting the wall and she stupidly looked around in a half-conscious state. ei flared her nostrils. "go to SLEEP!" she yelled, startling all three of them as they panicked in response, "YES, MOTHER!"
"(y/n)!~" yoimiya giggled, clinging onto you. you smiled, "hello, 'miya. do you need anything?" you asked and the blonde suddenly got onto her knees, clasping her hands together. "(Y/N), COULD YOU PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF MUSIC ROOM DUTY TODAY!? I KNOW IT'S MY TURN BUT I REALLY DON'T WANT TO!" she cried out, scooching closer to you. you yelped, "calm down! there's people in the hallways!" yoimiya continued to beg, however. "PLEASE!~ I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU FOR A WHOLE MONTH JUST PLEASE!-" she's stopped short when you cover her mouth in a frenzy.
you sighed, "alright, i'll do it." yoimiya jumped up and hugged you, "YAY! THANKS SO MUCH!" she ran off and left you there, confused. as yoimiya rounded a corner, scaramouche slapped some money into her hand when she passed by. "thanks," he said, to which yoimiya replied with a thumbs up gesture, "good luck!"
"ah, i wonder what that girl is up to this time." you wondered, making your way up the stairs. unbeknownst to you, a certain student council president had his eyes set on you from the start. ayaka came out of nowhere, meeting you at the top. "(y/n), perfect timing!" she exclaimed and continued, "i need your help, i forgot how to use the hand dryers again..." ayaka murmured.
you chuckled, "alright, i'll come along." ayaka allowed you to go first and she peered at the end of the staircase, giving scaramouche the time to sneak into the music room. she quickly handed him the key as he swiftly brushed by. scaramouche closed the door behind him and didn't waste any time in finding your locker.
"239... 239..." he muttered, brows knitted together in concentration as he scanned the lockers against the wall. scaramouche's eyes lit up, "ha!" he fumbled with your code, which yun jin gave him, and swung the door open. he felt himself blush. he was looking through his favourite drummist's locker. the door was decorated with a variety of magnets, which held polaroid photos of you and your friends on different occasions.
a soft smile upcurved his lips when he found a photo of you as a child with ayaka and ayato, as it seems ayato was teaching you how to ride a bike while ayaka cheered you on. scaramouche was quick to snap out of it. "i'm such a creep," he winced, and was bound to place the letter in your locker when the doors opened out of the blue.
you looked around the music room with a blank expression. you sighed, "no one's here." you made your way to your locker and lifted up your hand to open it, only for another hand to place itself on yours. you quickly turned around at the sudden contact and dashing purple hues gazed into yours. "cyno!" you exclaimed in surprise. "that's my name." cyno said, removing his hand from yours.
scaramouche had his hand over his mouth, watching from the inside of your locker through the gaps. "you scared me!" you complained as you punched him in the arm. cyno didn't move, nor did he flinch. he just allowed the hit to happen and tilted his head, "i was wondering if you were possibly free this saturday? i would love to spend some time with you. it's been a while, after all." scaramouche narrowed his eyes, 'who does this guy think he is?'
you looked elsewhere in thought, "saturday? yes, i believe i'm free to spend a day with you." cyno smiled, "okay. so it's a date?" you gawked and your face flushed, "a date!?" cyno gently held your hand and pressed a soft kiss to your knuckles. "a date." he repeated and you swore your heart felt like it was about to pop out of your chest from the rapid beating. scaramouche's gaze darkened and a gasp slipped from his lips.
"i'll see you then, (y/n). we'll have alot to catch up on," cyno said, leaving the room and you as a flustered mess. you didn't reply and watched him close the doors. scaramouche didn't even notice the way he was clutching the letter so hard, it completely crumpled. you murmured, "how odd... it's not like him to ask someone out so abruptly like that. but it's cyno, after all." you tensed up when you realized. "HAH, WAIT! I'M BEING SO UNFAITHFUL TO MY TRUE LOVE RIGHT NOW!" you panicked, holding your head in your hands.
scaramouche was beyond confused. 'true love? hold on, that's right. they previously mentioned that they had a sort of liking for someone with two sisters. cyno, however, doesn't meet that standard.' he went into deep thought, surveying your behaviour. you paced back and forth as you mumbled words scaramouche couldn't hear, much to his dismay. "please forgive me for what i'm about to do, scaramouche. you'll still be my future husband... hopefully i don't end up falling in love with cyno," you whimpered and rested your head against the wall in defeat.
the puny letter scaramouche made became nothing to him. his eyes scanned the paper in his hands. 'how stupid.' he shoved it down his pocket, 'to think that (y/n) would ever give me a chance was insane in the first place. a nice person like that cyno guy made them weak in the knees with just a few words and he had the courage to give them a kiss. for all i know, (y/n) hates me just as much as anyone else does.' scaramouche tucked his bottom lip beneath his teeth, struggling to keep his sobs to a silence as tears poured down his cheeks.
"HOW WAS IT!?" ayaka, yun jin, hu tao and yoimiya were waiting for him outside of the music room when he exited. scaramouche didn't reply and his glare sent a chill down their spines. he walked past them and went down the stairs to leave the school as the bell rang. ayaka softly cried, "this isn't right... (y/n)'s infatuated with him. what went wrong?" yoimiya ran into the music room and examined your locker. yun jin and ayaka followed suit as yoimiya opened it.
hu tao frowned, "ugh. he didn't leave the letter." yun jin's eyes grew wide, "what!? but he was so set on doing it! he even got us involved!" hu tao slammed your locker shut, "it's obvious he chickened out." yoimiya yelped, "hey! you shouldn't say things like that, hu tao! maybe he just needs more time." hu tao crossed her arms and seethed, "you can't talk, 'miya. even if he did give (y/n) the letter and they accepted it, would we really want them dating him?"
ayaka stammered, "wh-what's that supposed to mean? we thought you wanted this like we did from the start-" hu tao slapped her hand on her chest, "oh, we? since when was it we!? you guys have always been like this! you never hear me out and it's clear you don't understand what a bad influence he is on (y/n)!" she shouted as tears began to peek at the corners of her eyes, "he's such an asshole, that's why! you don't know what he did to me!"
the three watched in shock as hu tao wiped her tears. yun jin slowly reached out to her, "hu tao..." but hu tao slapped her hand away and picked up her guitar case on the way to run out of the room. ayaka yelled in worry, "hu tao!-" she was stopped by yun jin holding onto her shoulder. "let her go, ayaka. she'll come to us when she feels ready." she solemnly said. yoimiya nodded, "yeah, don't worry! this isn't the end of our friendship yet..."
hu tao sniffled where she sat at the bottom of the stairs with her guitar on the floor. she continued to cry, not caring whether anyone could see her at anytime. "what are you doing, idiot?" the familiar voice of her older brother rang through her ears and she grumbled, "go away." xiao rolled his eyes, shrugging as he stepped down the stairs, "i'm supposed to be the one telling you that." he seated himself next to her and hu tao looked at him with teary scarlet eyes.
xiao hesitantly held out his arms and hu tao threw herself onto him, bawling, "i hate them! i hate them so much! they don't know how i feel and they would never understand all because (y/n) likes him so they'll believe i should keep quiet for their own good!" xiao frowned, "...they've been your friends since you were little, hu tao. i'm sure they wouldn't act that way if you told them about it. and recently, you've been telling me about the way scaramouche has changed lately. what happened?"
hu tao sourly added, "but seeing him like (y/n) made me feel so... so... disgusted! he doesn't deserve them, whether he's changed or not." xiao's shoulders raised, "you should give him a chance, hu tao. you should wait-" hu tao huffed, "wait until what? until he breaks their heart?" xiao put his hand on her head, "wait until you see the major changes. trust me, you'll know when a person has changed."
"kunikuzushi! how did it g-" mona startled when scaramouche shut their bedroom door on her. she stepped back a few times before kicking the door open. "leave. me. alone." he growled into his pillow, but he couldn't hide the cries releasing from his lips. mona leaned against the doorway, "oh, baby brother. did they turn you down?" scaramouche turned to face her, "no, are you stupid!? as if anyone would... would reject... me..." his sobs got the best of him and mona approached him with gentle tuts.
mona engulfed him in her embrace as she sat on the bed, "shh, shh..." she scoffed, "you're so ugly when you cry." scaramouche groaned and mona teasingly added, "can't take a joke?" she paused before continuing, "tell me what happened." scaramouche inhaled her scent. a light perfume that smelt of strawberries. he shakily exhaled and his words were in a broken form, "do you think anyone likes me? anyone who's not desperate enough to get in bed?" mona hummed, "of course, kunikuzushi. there's always going to be people like that."
"i don't deserve (y/n), do i?" scaramouche mumbled.
© scaralvr.
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midknightwritings · 2 days
Tumblr media
Knights as shimeji buddies !!
Synopsis : Shimejis are desktop buddies that play around on the sites / apps you use and love to interact with various elements on your computer !!
What would the members of Knights be like as your little computer buddies ??
Era : N / A
Warning/s : N / A
Mentioned Character/s : G/N!Reader / Tsukasa / Leo / Izumi / Arashi / Ritsu
A/N : I felt super nostalgic when Electric Angel started playing in my playlist but all I could imagine was little chibi Knights running around in my computer LMAO
Tsukasa Suou :
He’s such a thoughtful little knight !! He’ll do everything in his power to help you as best as he can !!
Do you need resources for your school paper? He’ll gladly help you search and will provide you with the most reliable sources out there !! Is your computer getting slower? Fret not !! He’ll easily get rid of anything you don’t need, especially all those files you never knew even existed in the first place !!
Tsukasa’s so soft for your attention but he’ll never admit to it… He’s your knight after all !! He’s the one that’s supposed to be serving his liege, not the other way around !! Right…?
He'll 100% melt on the spot if you pet his head or gently move him to a quiet corner if he starts to fall asleep~ Small gestures like these show how much you really care and, even when separated by a screen, you still go out of your way to treat him with kindness. He really appreciates that.
Will definitely help you organize your files and folders if your homescreen starts to get a bit too messy. This might sound like a chore but you customize the names and icons together !! Now your homescreen has a cute royal theme going on :)
If you’re forgetful, he’ll gladly remind you of any important dates or things you need to do. Of course he wants you to have fun and relax, so he’ll let you have small breaks between work, but at the same time please don't slack off !!
Tsukasa loves talking to you and hearing your voice in general !! Your voice is so soothing to him, it helps him relax and destress if he ever feels overwhelmed. You both don’t even have to talk the entire time. Just hearing the quiet mutters under your breath or humming the tune of the song you’re listening to gives the same effect to him.
You’ll have a blast when searching for recipes online. Tsukasa will excitedly give you a masterlist of different websites based on recipes for cakes, brownies, cookies, ice cream and more !! Don’t ask when he created this though… He’ll get very embarrassed…
Loves being by your side as a whole. Whether you're drawing, scrolling through social media, watching videos, or more. He loves experiencing all these things with you. [ If you’re watching something together, expect him to slowly inch his way closer to your cursor. So please place your cursor beside your dock, it’ll save him the energy and embarrassment from having to climb up to the top of your screen. ]
Always greets you when you boot up your system and will always wish you sweet dreams / a great day when you log off. Isn’t he the sweetest?
Leo Tsukinaga :
Expect your screen to be filled with music notes 99.9% of the time. [ That 0.1% is reserved for the times Leo seemingly tires himself out and falls asleep. ]
Never a dull moment with this little knight !! Very active, energetic and LOVES being with you as a whole !! It doesn't matter what you do, Leo just loves being in your presence as a whole~ You give him so much inspiration !! Oh no wait... Where's his pen ?? He needs to write this melody down before it disappears forever-
When I say active, I really mean it. He will climb on the sides of your screen, move around your folders and files, close and open tabs. He’ll do it all just for the fun of it so be prepared !!
He will 100% play hide-and-seek in your folders and expect you to drop whatever you're doing and play along so good luck if you have a ton of them !!
Your playlist king but with his original songs instead !! He loves to show you his new works so please listen for a while, he composed it with you in mind <3
If he notices you overworking yourself, he’ll try and get you to take a break by doing his absolute best to distract you. [ i.e. Grabbing your cursor, opening your games, etc. ] He never nags you to do your work because he knows that you'll finish them at some point so c'mon !! Let's watch a movie together !!
Are you a musician yourself ?? WOOO BOY THIS IS A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN !! You’ll both pull all nighters composing and writing up new lyrics !!
Leo will be a happy lil knight if you want him to sing for you. Whether if it's for your original song or a cover, he’s ecstatic !!! Completely over the moon !! Of course he’ll sing, he loves you so~much !!
If you want to learn about music, or a music program, he will definitely help guide you through it. You’ll be a master in the blink of an eye with this genius composer by your side !!
On his off days though, he’ll be more dormant, less giddy and even tries to hide from you to avoid being seen in this state. Please comfort him :( He needs to know that he’s loved and that everything will be ok.
Izumi Sena :
Good luck trying to procrastinate with this knight around because he will absolutely make sure you get your work done in one go !!
The physical embodiment of those apps that lock you out of your social media or video games until you finish your work. Don’t misunderstand his actions negatively though. They may seem cruel on the outside but Izumi genuinely cares about you and knows how much you’d appreciate the free time you’ll get later. So please just bear with him for now and stop procrastinating !!
Gives you the best feedback possible for your projects [ even though they may seem quite harsh… That’s just Izumi for you… ] and his keen eye for detail helps him spot mistakes from a mile away !! Honestly this is quite helpful especially if you worked on something for so long that your eyes basically blocked out any sort of error in your work.
Always reminds you of any upcoming dates or assignments saying that he’s “going to say this only once,” before following up with more reminders later on because “it’s so~annoying that you still didn’t start when the due date is just around the corner !!”
Will go out of his way to organize your files. Every. Single. One of them. He will even go in and rename them all for you because he finds it unbearable that you have files called “ahufuhiahuifaf.ppt” or “FINAL final essay v2 (submit this one??) #5.docx” and you wonder why you can’t seem to find the version you wanted to submit huh?
If you’re the type to get fully engrossed in something when you’re on a roll, Izumi will make sure you don’t pull an all-nighter. Sleep deprivation isn’t good for your skin after all !!
The funniest commentator known to man if you’re doing online shopping. He will not hesitate to roast the outfits/products into oblivion in the best ways possible. At this point, you’re not even planning on getting anything, you just want to hear Izumi's roasts don’t you?
He may seem like a nagging mom, but he gets super flustered if you show any signs of affection. The literal personification of;
[ Pets his head. ] “What was that ?!” “Affection.” “Disgusting… Do it again.”
If you struggle with sending emails or messages to authority figures [ i.e. your boss, teachers, etc. ] Izumi will not hesitate to help you out !! He knows how the grown-up world works so he’ll guide you through it. Tips, sentence starters, professional synonyms and more; Izumi will give them all to you. He even went out of his way to write up various templates you can use for different scenarios <3 He totally didn’t do that because he doesn’t want you to worry or anything !! [ Spoiler alert : He’s secretly cheering you on. ]
Even though Izumi may seem strict, if you listen carefully, you might catch him mindlessly muttering under his breath on how much you mean to him <3 [ Don’t bring it up though, he WILL deny it… In a stuttering mess of course~ ]
Arashi Narukami :
This queen is your #1 supporter !! She’s always cheering you on when you’re doing work and keeps you company from the moment you log in till the moment you log out.
She’s like Izumi but more flexible. She wants to make sure you finish your work first before you chill, doesn’t want you to stay up too late, and will always give you reminders for any important dates that are coming up. At the same time though, she still lets you take breaks in between because she knows that you’ll get your work done eventually, she just doesn’t want you to do it all the night before~
Arashi loves hanging out with you !! Especially when you watch videos, shows or movies together !! The two of you would often make up various theories, predictions or just freak out over the characters !! It’s just like a super fun sleepover !!
If you play video games, don’t be surprised if she gets a little bit competitive~ It’s all for funsies though so don’t worry !! [ I don’t recommend playing UNO or monopoly online though... For obvious reasons~ ]
On the topic of video games, she’s the best partner you could ever ask for !! You always rank #1 in multiplayer matches together. Arashi never cheats by the way !! She plays by the rules no matter what game it is, even though she can easily go into the game's code if she wanted to. She knows you want to play fair-and-square though, and respects that.
Expect a lot of “older sister” - type of teasing and doting from her like c’mon~!! You’re both practically inseparable, did you really think she’ll let you off the hook ?? She finds you absolutely adorable and would spoil you to no end !!
Arashi also adores going online shopping with you !! She recommends the best products and even lets you know about every single website that’s currently having a sale~ If she finds something that she knows you’ll like, she’ll sneak it into your basket for you <3
If you’re swamped with work, she’ll actively organize your files for you to help ease your load. She’ll also happily tutor you if you need any help and will look over your work as a fresh new set of eyes to ensure that there’s no mistakes before submission !!
Swoons and showers you with affection if you give her any yourself~ She’s especially soft for your headpats or if you make a heart from your cursor movements !!
Every time you log in, you can see her pop into your screen and wave excitedly at you !! Arashi never fails to give you good morning and good night greetings and even gives your cursor a big hug before you finally click the “shutdown” button <3
Ritsu Sakuma :
Honestly, he’ll be asleep most of the time during the day. You can find him snuggled up in a small corner on your screen because your presence is comforting to him <3
At night however… This knight is much more active !! You better have finished your work during the day because Ritsu is craving for your attention and he’ll make sure he gets it !!
He will do everything in his power to distract you and honestly his efforts are quite cute. He’ll move your tabs, climb to the top of your window and minimize it, rearrange the apps on your dock. At this point, ignoring him is a futile attempt.
He actually understands if you have an important submission coming up though and will let you work. This is a long-term strategy because in his eyes, if you finish your work now, you’ll give him attention later on~
Ritsu loves when you give him headpats !! He finds them super soothing and it even lulls him to sleep sometimes. He also really appreciates the fact that you don’t bother him that much during the day [ even though you have every right to do so ] and in return, he tries his best to help you if he notices you struggling with anything.
A great planner !! As a "strategist", he helps plan out your schedules and timetables in a very detailed manner. All his timings include breaks so you don’t get burnt out easily~
He tends to be more of a watcher rather than an active participant when you work or play games because he finds your concentrated expression to be quite adorable~ Though, if you do need some help, he’ll happily give some to you !!
On the topic of video games, he will be such a tease. Ritsu’s your unofficial-official commentator and will constantly tell you to “get gud”. Even "chill" games like Minecraft aren't safe because he’ll purposefully adjust your settings without you knowing to subtly mess up your gameplay. Let's not forget that one session where he lowered the mob's volume when you were getting a glass of water so, when you came back, you constantly got blown up by Creepers from behind. Your diamonds will be missed…
You both talk a lot if you watch movies or shows together, but if you watch any vampire ones well… Safe to say Ritsu will roast it into oblivion as well. Poor Ritsu had to sit through the entirety of Twilight and no, vampires don’t sparkle in the sunlight so don’t even try to convince him otherwise !!
On the rare occasions where he’s actually awake during the day, he’s much more sluggish but will still try his best to help you as best as he can !! He expects a lot of headpats as compensation though~
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animeomegas · 1 day
Tumblr media
Summary: Having finished your 24 hour cycle with Neji, you were feeling optimistic about this whole drug induced hallucination/trip to the future. Although if yesterday felt a bit like a rollercoaster, today felt like free falling from a plane. GN!Alpha!Reader x Multi
Warnings: Talks of murder, some nudity. Nothing worse than the show, I think. 
(Chapter 2 is finally out!! Woohoo!! Enjoy~ @omeganronpa​)
Word count: 6.4k
Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2
Unfortunately, the peaceful wake up from yesterday (did it even count as yesterday if it was an alternate timeline?) with the slow opening of eyes and returning to consciousness in a bed with the softest bedsheets you could imagine, didn’t want to make another appearance.
No, with this 24-hour cycle, the tone was set immediately when some kind of gremlin child jumped on you, crushing all the air out of your chest and abruptly rocketing you into consciousness.
You let out a little oof sound as you sat up, bedding falling around you. Automatically, you reached under your pillow for a kunai, but you were glad to find yourself empty handed when the face of a small child swam into clear view.
It took a few moments to realise what was happening, brief memories of cuddling with Neji lingering. The phrase you’d heard too many times decided to ring around your head again.
“You will have 24 hours with the seven people you could love the most and who could love you in return. Learn so that you may choose wisely.”
‘Yes, thank you, I’ve got it,’ you snapped inside your head, mentally waving the message away.
“Appa! It’s time to wake up!” the little boy on your lap demanded, little arms crossed seriously.
Belatedly, you realised there was a second child, who immediately started bouncing on your legs, clearly unimpressed by your dazed look. They looked about the same age, five or six years old, probably twins.
Your twins, you realised with a terrifying stomach lurch. Wasn’t that a weird thought?
“Oma told us to come get you,” the little girl said proudly, clearly happy with the responsibility or perhaps she just found glee in assaulting people awake. By the massive grin on her face, you had a sneaking suspicion that it was the second one. You also had a sneaking suspicion that the two familiar red markings on each of the twins’ cheeks gave away which one of your omega friends you were going to be spending the next 24-hour cycle with.
“Alright,” you said, trying to gain your bearings. “Go back to oma, I’ll be through in a moment.”
The twins bounced on you a few more times before running out of the room, shouting something to their not-so-mysterious oma and thankfully leaving you alone to gather your thoughts.
Right. You were in the second 24-hour cycle and along with a partner, you appeared to also have twin pups. That put extra pressure on you not to fuck this up.
Putting the pups to the side for a moment for your own sanity, you focused on the issue at hand: had you really hooked up with Kiba? He wouldn’t have been one of the people you expected to show up in this weird hallucination/trip to the future. Then again, neither had Neji.
Although now you were thinking about it, you could see it. He’d definitely been a feral child, but he’d really mellowed out over the past couple of years, from what you’d been able to see anyway. He’d bulked out, chilled out and he had a cute dog. Maybe himbos with dogs were your type and you just didn’t know it yet.
Theorising over your own romantic type completed, you got up before a second wake up call was sent and donned the dressing gown that was draped over the edge of your side of the bed.
The room itself had an incredibly different vibe to the room you’d fallen asleep in. If Neji preferred traditional minimalism and organisation, Kiba clearly preferred chaos. It was absolutely filled with things, kids’ toys, stacks of boxes, an overflowing wash bin and a large crib in the corner of the room.
Your heart jumped as you realised what you were looking at. Was there a baby?! Would you be expected to tend to the baby and take it through with you? Would forgetting the baby be an immediate red flag that you weren’t who you said you were?
No, stop, deep breaths. You didn’t even know if there was a baby in the crib yet because of the blanket covering the side you could see.
Slowly, you approached the crib, fingers crossed that it was empty. Five-year-old twins you could deal with, but an infant would quickly expose your lack of knowledge over parenting. You peeked over the top and were incredibly relieved to see that the crib was both empty and lacking a base, so presumably not currently in use. Thank kami for that.
Bullet dodged, you went to the door, stopping only for a moment to take a look at yourself in the mirror. You looked about the same age as yesterday’s version of you, but where you and Neji appeared interested in pups but waiting for the right moment, you and Kiba clearly didn’t agree with such methods.
“Appa!” a voice shouted from the other room.
Right, you had to go.
You followed the sound of voices and sizzling pans downstairs, but with each step, dread began to grow in your stomach. The number of voices you were hearing sounded like Kiba plus three others. Did you really have three pups? Already?
No, you figured out as you rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs. You didn’t have three pups, you had four pups.
The room you had walked into was open plan, with the kitchen, dining table and living room all being visible from where you stood at the bottom of the stairs. The ‘décor’ from the bedroom had been carried through to the rest of the house. There were dog toys and children’s toys mingled into a combined pile from which you couldn’t differentiate which was which, piles of books, even a box of what looked like miscellaneous weapons that appeared to have been placed at the very specific height of ‘the twins can’t reach’.
The boy in the kitchen, perhaps about nine or so, was stirring something on the counter, standing on a little stool so that he could reach. The man beside him was definitely, 100% Kiba, who was tending to a frying pan on the hob.
There was also a girl sitting in the living room, who looked just a tad younger than the boy, head buried in a thick book that she was halfway through. She had a larger than you remembered Akamaru cuddled up on her lap.
And of course, the twins you had met earlier were performing some kind of horrendous duet under the dining room table, a bottle of shampoo and a hairbrush acting as stand in microphones. Despite yours and Kiba’s obvious disregard for contraception, you were at least glad for the foresight not to provide them with real microphones.
You had four pups. Four.
Actually, scratch that, because as Kiba turned towards you, the wolfish grin he was known for on his face, he revealed his massive tummy.
Four and another one on the way… Hence the empty crib, you mind helpfully supplied.
Is this the version of your life where you go crazy from the loneliness and make it your sole goal in life to never be alone ever again?
“Babe,” Kiba grinned at you. He was wearing pyjamas too, like all the kids. At least you fit in. “I didn’t realise you were so wiped out from your mission, you’re normally up way before now!”
Before you could process that and think of a generic reply, Kiba walked towards you in big strides and grabbed your face, slamming his lips against your eagerly.
It was nothing like the comparatively innocent kiss you’d shared with Neji last night, no, this was passionate and fiery, the kind of kiss where no one’s tongue remained where it was supposed to.
The kiss stole all the oxygen from your lungs and all the thoughts from your brain. Kiba was incredibly warm under your touch. In fact, everything was warm. The vibes of the whole house were warm. You decided then and there, with Kiba’s tongue down your throat, that you’d rather had a warm but messy home over your boring, standard issue shinobi flat any day.
When he pulled away, you were left stunned, the only working brain cell you had left was desperately trying to keep you from actively drooling.
“Oma,” the oldest boy interrupted, knocking you back to reality. You looked over and the boy had moved his little stool and was now tending the pan that Kiba had a minute ago. “Breakfast is burning.”
You had somehow survived long enough to sit down and eat, even though it had been awkward attempting to find the cutlery draw and challenging to remove the twins (Your twins! How bizarre!) from under the table.
Other than that, though, you had to admire how smoothly Kiba pulled it off. You couldn’t imagine serving four pups breakfast every day was easy, but the twins were happily gobbling up their cereal, the older girl had sandwiches with the crusts cut off and the older boy had the same cooked breakfast that you and Kiba had. (Akamaru had a mix of dog and human food in his bowl which sat at the side of the table, of course.)
It hit you suddenly, amongst the chatter, that you were at a family breakfast. How long had it been since you had one of those?
It hadn’t occurred to you that this 24-hour hallucination/trip to the future could include pups, but in hindsight you should have probably considered it. It wasn’t bad, it was just… more pressure not to screw it up.
Like, you should presumably parent them, but you didn’t really know how. You watched as the twin girl obviously geared up to flick a piece of cereal at her older brother, unsure how to stop it.
“Akemi, eat your cereal, don’t throw it on Minoru,” Kiba said absently, throwing a piece of meat from his plate to Akamaru. Right, the girl twin was called Akemi and the eldest was Minoru. You definitely needed to remember that.
“I wasn’t doing anything!” the girl denied, pointing it at her twin. “It was Kaito! You’re getting us confused.”
“It was not me!” Kaito squawked indignantly. Okay, the male twin was Kaito. You just needed the elder daughter’s name, the one with the book, but she’d brought said book to the table and didn’t seem much interested in joining the conversation. Ah, scratch that, her bookmark had her name on it: Ichika.
So, it was Minoru, Ichika, Akemi and Kaito. Got it.
“I literally watched you, Akemi.”
“Did you though?” she grinned a grin very similar to her oma’s. “Can you prove it?”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever you little monster,” he ruffled her hair as she giggled. “Eat your cereal before I donate it to Akamaru.”
You also took Kiba’s advice and turned to your own food. It was different than Neji’s cooking, but definitely not bad. It felt hearty, like the kind of food you’d eat on return from a mission. Neji’s food was traditional and much lighter.
As far as which was better, free food was free food. If someone had lovingly cooked you breakfast, you weren’t going to start ranking it against other breakfasts. That would be rude.
It was only after you’d almost cleared your plate that you noticed that Kiba had barely touched his food and seemed to be playing with it more than anything, cutting it up and pushing it around to create the allusion that he was eating.
Kiba ‘I once challenged Naruto to a ramen eating contest, ate twelve bowls and then threw up in a hedge’ Inuzuka wasn’t eating his breakfast. How strange.
Kiba looked up at that moment and noticed you looking at him. He playfully kicked your foot under the table, clearly well practiced in its exact location, and mouthed ‘morning sickness’ at you. You winced in sympathy, figuring that morning sickness this late in the pregnancy was super unfortunate. He did look a little queasy now that you focused on him and his muscular arms, no that wasn’t helpful brain, stop it, but the second Minoru looked up at him, his grin was back in place as though nothing had ever been wrong.
He was hiding that he was feeling unwell from the pups for some reason. Automatically, you thought that he should get scented by his alpha, something which reduces morning sickness for pregnant omegas, only to belatedly realise that you were his alpha and you would have to be the one to scent him. You blushed red and tried to hide your face by taking a long drink from your glass. Yes, technically you had Kiba’s tongue in your mouth not long ago but scenting just felt a lot more… intimate. You started to imagine it for a moment but quickly had to stop lest an awkward problem arise, and you taint the memory of this delightful family breakfast.
“Appa, how did the baby get in oma’s tummy? Did he eat it?” Kaito suddenly asked, looking up at you with wide, innocent eyes.
Just as you were starting to relax.
“Ah, well, you see,” you started, looking to Kiba for help. Like the arsehole he was, he simply snorted and said nothing. You had no idea what you’d told the pups already. They were only five, so they didn’t need details, but did you lie to pups this age about sex? “There’s a special thing that adult couple can do if they love each other very much, and sometimes that ends up in a baby growing.”
Kaito squinted his eyes at you for a moment.
“Adult things? Like alcohol and kissing?”
“Yes!” you agreed immediately, happy to put this behind you as fast as possible. “Exactly like alcohol and kissing, it’s super gross.”
Kiba lost it, cackling at full volume and setting off everyone at the table, even though most of them didn’t get the joke.
“Super gross,” Kiba agreed. “But only if you do it right.”
The rest of breakfast thankfully passed quickly and painlessly. You spent most of your time observing Kiba as that was what you were technically here for after all. He was a very attentive oma, you had to admit. He wiped faces, cracked jokes, cut up food and cleaned up spills, all while heavily pregnant and feeling sick. He had matured a lot from the young man you knew, but his personality was still there, shining brightly underneath the responsible actions. Sometimes it burnt brighter than others, like when he got into a rock, paper, scissors fight with Minoru over the last slice of toast and defeat him with tickles instead of rock, paper, scissors, only to give the last piece to Minoru anyway.
It was so nice to have breakfast with a group of people for once, especially people that loved you.
After breakfast, everyone had dressed and the pups had taken off to play outside and make the most of the summer weather, although Minoru had needed a little convincing to leave Kiba to do the chores while pregnant, only leaving when you had double pinkie promised to do most of it.
(“It’s summer!” Kiba had said. “We can handle the cleaning, go have some fun!”)
When the backdoor swung shut behind the last pup, Kiba let out a sigh of relief, immediately leaning against the kitchen counter and bringing a hand to rub his face. His whole demeanour changed completely in an instant.
“Are you alright?” you asked, moving over to him. “Still feeling sick?”
“Yeah,” he sighed. “I can’t wait for this morning sickness thing to fuck off, I can’t believe I’ve had it for like eight months.”
He sent a weak grin that was interrupted by a wince. It hurt to see your friend/mate in pain, so you opened your arms, offering him a hug in the hopes it’d make him feel better. He accepted enthusiastically, and although his bump made things a little difficult, he plastered himself to you as best as he could, nosing at the scent gland on your neck in a way that felt unfamiliar and ticklish, but not unpleasant.
As the nosing got more and more aggressive, you belatedly realised that he needed your scent to calm his nausea and you were just standing there doing nothing. Panicking at the thought of him thinking you were withholding help on purpose, you immediately unleashed a little bit too much of your scent.
Thankfully, Kiba didn’t seem to mind being metaphorically smacked in the face with a wall of your scent. He relaxed against you, still so warm, ridiculously warm in fact. Were all Inuzuka this warm or just Kiba?
“Thanks,” Kiba muttered against you, a powerful purr emitting from his chest as presumably his nausea subsided. “The last three pregnancies were nowhere this bad, but I guess one out of four isn’t bad odds.”
You laughed a little.
“I know some parents who would kill for odds like that, although I don’t know many that make it all the way to four.”
You felt his grin against your neck seconds before his teeth followed. You jumped a little at the affectionate bite.
“It’s annoying trying to hide it too,” Kiba continued after he’d removed his teeth from your flesh. “But Minoru has been so freaked out since he had that sex ed class at school. He’s convinced I’m gonna just drop dead the moment I go into labour, and I don’t want to stress him out more by making him think I’m sick.”
Ah, that was why he’d been hiding it.
“I thought he’d calm down once I explained that Inuzuka are built differently, that we’re safe when we give birth, but he’s still on edge and I think that’s what’s causing his nightmares, too. I just don’t want him to feel responsible for me or worried that my pregnancy is a ticking time bomb that ends in my death, y’know?”
“You really care about them a lot,” you said before your filter could stop you.
Kiba pulled out of your embrace and gave you a weird look. You flushed as you realised what you’d said and rushed to explain yourself. Kiba cut you off with a barking laugh, sounding a little like Akamaru.
“You mean my pups?” he asked playfully. “My pack? I care about them more than anything in this entire world and I’ll kill anyone who ever touches any of you, that’s a promise.”
Maybe you shouldn’t have found his promise of violence so hot, but you definitely did. If he said these sorts of things often, you could understand why you had so many pups now. And you’d spent all evening yesterday cuddling with Neji, so you didn’t even have the ‘lonely’ excuse to justify getting all hot and bothered.
“Ugh,” Kiba groaned, looking around the room and killing the mood immediately. “I know we promised that we’d clean yesterday, but do we have to?”
You snorted despite yourself, something which Kiba too offense to if the growl and the punch on the arm you received was anything to go by.
“Take a look around and you tell me,” you teased him, gesturing to a pile of dog treats that looked like they’d been co opted to play Jenga with.  
“Fine,” he huffed. “But I have to keep stocking the birthing nest, so you can handle in here. Bye!”
He was already gone before you could protest, his laughter echoing down as he darted up the stairs, too nimbly for someone that pregnant.
You shook your head, amused. Oh well, it would probably be good to have some alone time to clean and sort out your thoughts. A lot had happened over the last two hours after all.
About an hour and a half of cleaning later, four pairs of human feet and four dog feet came running back into the house, tracking mud over the thankfully not yet cleaned floor.
“Don’t run in the house,” you half-heartedly chastised, figuring that sounded like something a responsible parent would say.
“My idea is better!” Akemi said, ignoring you completely. “Yours is annoying!”
“No! Pillow fights are way better than lame movies! We watch movies all the time!” Kaito argued back.
They both turned to you simultaneously, fisting onto the bottom of your shirt, one standing on each side.
“Appa!” they both demanded. “Tell her/him my idea is better!”
You blinked at both of them, brain stalling, but you were distracted as you caught Ichika wincing at the shouting and covering her ears with her hands. You frowned in concern. You had noticed that she was a quieter pup that preferred books to people; she was probably at the end of her ‘chaos tether’ after an hour in the garden with the screeching twins.
“Alright,” you said, holding up a hand to stop the twins from making their respective cases for the afternoon entertainment. “Let’s keep the noise down a little, okay?”
Kaito opened his mouth to argue, but Kiba, who had just come to the bottom of the stairs interrupted him.
“There will be no pillow fights or movies right now, because you’re all covered in mud, so it’s bath time.”
“Oma!” they whined, letting go of your shirt and running to him instead. “There’s not that much mud! You’re unfair!”
Kiba only laughed at them.
“Right! You two first then, just for that, go upstairs.”
Minoru rolled his eyes at their actions and went into the kitchen and started cutting up some fruit as a snack before his bath. Ichika was sitting on the armchair now, but she still had her hands over her ears and her eyes shut. You could only imagine the noise that would come from bathing the twins, and you weren’t sure she’d appreciate it, even if the noise was muted and coming from upstairs.
“Babe,” the pet name slipped out without your permission but you pointedly ignored your blush and carried on. “Are you okay to handle bathing the twins alone? I think I need to take Ichika out for some quiet time.”
You watched as Kiba’s eyes dart over to her and his face softened.
“Of course, I can handle the twins,” he agreed. “They’ve got nothing on the kind of terror I was at bath time when I was their age, I’ve got this. Come on you two! March! Bathroom!”
“Can Akamaru come?” Kaito asked.
“No, he won’t fit in with both of you little gremlins, unless you’d rather get hosed down in the garden with Akamaru instead? We can do that.”
You quietly approached Ichika as the protests and arguments over having Akamaru join the twins in the bath continued behind you.
“Let’s go outside for a minute, sweetie,” you whispered, offering a hand that she quickly took.
“What if Akamaru just sat on the toilet, then can he come for bath time?”
You led her out the back door, the debate inside fading away as the door shut behind you. The garden was exactly as you’d expected it to be, a big open grass space for the human and canine pups to run around in, a little paddling pool in the corner, dog and children’s play balls littered around, a hose that was definitely part of the reason for the mud, a climbing frame and a casual seating and BBQ area at the very back. As you took in a deep breath of the Konoha summer air, you imagined the days you must spend out here, cooking food, laughing, maybe Kiba or your team and any of their pups would be there too, splashing around in the paddling pool or playing football.
You imagined all the details. The outfits, the food, the jokes, the little table at the back of the seating area that was definitely for alcohol. It was weirdly emotional to imagine being a part of that. Shino and Hinata would definitely come, as would Naruto, Sai and Sakura, you’d have to drag Sasuke of course, but that would be part of the fun. How many pups would you have between you all? If you and Kiba had five, there would probably be at least 8-10 pups in attendance.
It would be fun. But now, that seating area was going to be used for a different purpose. You led Ichika to one of the sofas and sat her down, sitting down next to her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. You imagined that she was probably somewhere between lonely from the lack of attention today and also overstimulated, so you decided against speaking and instead just held her to your side. It felt strangely natural considering she was basically a stranger to you, but you had instincts on your side. Regardless of your rational mind, your base line instincts knew she was yours and that you had to protect her and make sure she was okay. You were her appa for the next few hours and it was your job to make the hurt all better.
‘Was she even a real child though?’ you thought suddenly. She felt real under your arm, she breathed, she snuggled into you like a real child, she lowered her hands from her ears as she relaxed, just like a real child. But you hadn’t technically made the decisions that would make her yet and maybe you never would.
You pushed those thoughts down with a shake of your head. It didn’t matter because she was real now, the way she fisted her hand in your shirt  was real and how she purred as you scratched the back of her neck was real. Even if she ceased to exist tomorrow, her pain and comfort mattered because she mattered, existentialism would help no one.
At that moment, she climbed properly onto your lap and buried her little head into your chest, the tiny pup purrs automatically forcing purrs from you in response. This was your pup, your instincts screamed, comfort her, love her.
You still didn’t speak, wanting to wait for her to do so first, but with this new angle, you could stroke her hair. The weight and warmth of her in your lap soothed your frayed instincts, but it wasn’t enough to calm your negative thoughts.
If you didn’t go for this life, you would never see Ichika again, or Minoru or Kaito or Akemi. They would simply cease to exist at some point tonight. Kiba would be there, and maybe he’d find someone else to give him these pups, but it wouldn’t be the same.
Ha, this 24-hour thing was more emotionally draining than you thought it’d be. It was physically draining too, being a parent of four and a partner to someone heavily pregnant. There would be many occasions, if you chose this life, where one child needed special attention at the expense of spending time with the others, just like now. It would be a massive responsibility having this many pups. Could you handle it? If you chose this life, could you be good enough for these pups, because they deserved nothing but the best parent.
Was the ‘full house’ style family even something you wanted? You thought for a minute, and while the version of you a couple of days ago would have probably shied away from such a thing, you could see it now, after living it for a bit. The laughter and the cuddles were constant and there wasn’t a second where your home wasn’t filled with love.
Ichika pulled away from your chest for a moment and looked up at you.
“Can you read me a story tonight please?” she asked, shyly looking down. “Just me?”
You basically melted at her cuteness.
“Of course,” you agreed, despite knowing nothing about evening plans or bedtime routines. “What sort of story?”
“I like the one with the baker and the ninja solving mysteries together, it’s the yellow book on the tall shelf in my room.”
“Okay,” you agreed easily. You didn’t have to worry about choosing your future just yet, you still had more days to live. That was a problem for future you, present you needed to find that yellow book and also make sure Kiba had survived bath time with the terrible twins.
Unfortunately, you never did get to read her that story.
When the baths were done, watching a movie won the most votes for the late afternoon entertainment, so you had settled down as the time ticked on and the sky grew darker and soon it was almost time for bed.
Everyone was packing up the blankets and snack debris from the film when Kaito asked for a glass of water.
“Sure thing,” Kiba said, bopping him on the nose. “Wait here, I’ll get it.”
The room was quiet for a little while until you heard the faint sound of water droplets hitting the floor.
“Babe, can you make a clone to go and fetch my mum?”
“What?” you asked, baffled. He wanted you to get Tsume? You turned around to see Kiba standing in the Kitchen with suspiciously damp pyjama shorts and a puddle on the ground between his legs.
Your mind stalled as you realised what this meant.
“Seems like the baby finally wants to say hello.”
You tried desperately to keep a lid on your panic, but it was quickly boiling over despite your best efforts. Kiba was leading you towards a door in your bedroom that you’d previously assumed to be an ensuite, but it was clearly a nesting room.
His mother had just left with all your pups, overnight bags in hand, to look after them while Kiba gave birth. Poor Minoru had had a fit, demanding to stay with Kiba and crying his little heart out. In the end, Tsume had to carry him out of the door as he screamed for you and his oma. You could tell that it had put Kiba on edge, his instincts sending him mixed signals about what he should be focusing on.
So, you were trying not to upset him more by panicking. But, as he opened the door to the nesting room, you realised that you were absolutely panicking.
The nest was nice, very comfortable looking and stocked with all the supplies that you’d need, but it being nice didn’t stop you feeling like an imposter. Kiba was going to be incredibly vulnerable here and he deserved a real mate, not an imposter.
You tried to calm yourself down by remembering that this technically wasn’t real, and if it ever became real, you would be his real mate with actual helpful knowledge and experience. It didn’t help much because it certainly felt real enough to panic about, no matter what your rational mind decided.
Were you going to have to help him literally deliver the pup, you thought suddenly, heart racing.  Kiba had said that Inuzuka pregnancies were different, easier, but how different? How much easier?
You stumbled into the nest after Kiba, just about managing to close the door behind you despite the mess you mind was in.
“Minoru will be fine,” Kiba said suddenly, probably misreading the cause of your panic. “He’s done this twice before and we both know I’ll be okay, and he’s got grandma there with him too.”
He sounded like he was trying to convince himself as much as he was trying to convince you.
“You’re right,” you said, taking a deep breath and sitting beside him. Kiba needed your support here. It wasn’t about you right now.
“Then let’s get started. I want to meet the little monster that’s been beating me up from the inside for almost a year.”
You snorted, panic abating for a second as the stressful atmosphere broke. Kiba was good at that; he could change the atmosphere of a place with only a sentence.
And then Kiba started stripping, pulling off his top and throwing it off into the corner of the nest before starting on the bottoms. Oh, you should have predicted that he’d want to be naked in his birthing nest.
Strangely tough, comparative to how flustered you’d felt when Neji had pulled his shirt off in front of you, even though you only saw his back, it didn’t feel strange. I mean, you had seen Kiba almost naked a few times already, he had almost no shame after all, but the panic and the fact that this nudity was linked to childbirth killed all sexual attraction. He wasn’t there for sex; he was there to give birth and it was only natural that he be naked while he did it.
When he was completely naked, Kiba curled up on his side, breathing deeply. He needed his mate, and for the moment, that was you.
“You’re alright, deep breaths,” you cooed at Kiba, spooning him from behind as he winced in pain. His contractions were getting more intense now. The first few hours had mainly been spent feeding him snacks and playing board games, but things were speeding up now. “You’re doing so well, I’m so proud of you.”
“I’m doing this for us, for our family,” Kiba panted, squeezing your hand. “I would do anything for our pack, for you, anything.”
One thing you’d learnt this evening was that Kiba was surprisingly romantic, in his own feral kind of way. You’d also learnt that childbirth was terrifying, but you’d been trying to ignore that fact because it wasn’t helping you focus.
“Anyone who tries to hurt us will be dead,” Kiba promised, a concerning glint in his eyes. “I’ll rip their throat out with my teeth, because I chose you, because my pups are parts of me, no one will hurt them. I won’t allow it!”
You growled appreciatively at his words; they were pulling on all of your possessive instincts.
“You wouldn’t have to, because I’d kill them first.”
“Psh, as if,” Kiba disagreed, flashing his teeth at you. “Me and Akamaru would get there first obvoiusly.”
You decided to let the omega in labour win the debate for the time being. You looked at the clock and saw that it was about 01:30 in the morning. You had no idea when you’d be switching to the next 24-hour cycle because it had happened in your sleep last time. As much as you had enjoyed your day with Kiba, and your various pups, you hoped that you switched soon, before the baby decided it was time to say hello.
You sent a quick mental plea to the mysterious fortune teller, asking that the next partner be a little more chill; you were going to need a serious break after this cycle.
Kiba tugged on your hand, pulling himself and you up into a sitting position.
“You need to give me more attention, I can’t settle,” he said bluntly, staring at you. “You’re being too stiff and don’t think I didn’t notice you still wearing your clothes. Is something wrong?”
Your heart jumped. Of course, you weren’t doing as good a job as his real mate must have done, even though you were technically the same person.
“Sorry, I-“ you struggled to think of an excuse. You picked the first thing you could think of. “I’m just worried about Minoru. I feel like I need to stay clothed so I can run to him at the drop of a hat if I need to.”
Kiba’s eyebrows furrowed in concern and he nodded, he seemed to understand thankfully.
“I get that,” he said, voice surprisingly quiet. “I hated to hear him cry like that and honestly, I was close to letting him stay, but he’s with family, he’s safe and I need to feel you properly. It feels wrong.”
“I’m sorry,” you apologised sincerely. “I didn’t realise.”
“You can apologise by taking off shirt at least.”
You chuckled but agreed to take off your shirt. At this point, you were happy to do anything that could make him feel better, to make up for being a cheap knock off of the person he deserved. It didn’t feel awkward and uncomfortable, not with Kiba.
When your top half was bare, you drew him into an embrace. His skin was even warmer than earlier, and softer than you realised now that he was pressed against you properly. Kiba went limp in your arms, nosing at your scent glands and running his hands all over your back. You shivered as his fingers ran over a particularly sensitive bit. The way he traced your body was intimate and you tried to return the favour.
“That’s better,” Kiba sighed, sounding much more relaxed now. He didn’t say anything else for a while, content to nibble and lick at your neck while you held each other. Every now and then he would pull back and steal a kiss from your lips as well.
You traced little patterns and phrases over his skin, and although Kiba made no move to say the phrases out loud, you knew he was focused on them, because he would bite if you said something nice and bite harder if you said something funny or off topic, like he was playfully chastising you for teasing him.
Kiba was fun, you realised suddenly. He was fun. You had laughed all day, in fact, your cheeks hurt from smiling, wasn’t that weird.
Eventually, the patterns and phrases died down as you got lost in your own thoughts and it was over an hour later that Kiba broke the silence.
“They’re getting super close now, the contractions. Maybe two or so minutes apart. We’re nearly there.”
You were going to have to accept the fact that you may very well have to deliver this baby somehow. Maybe you should ask Kiba to run through exactly what you should do, just in case.
“Kiba, I-“ your words cut off as a blinding pain in your head stole your ability to speak.
You pulled away from Kiba as the pain spread, burning behind your eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Kiba asked. His voice sounded close, but you couldn’t see him. Water, you needed water.
You crawled in the direction of the stash of water bottles, but you didn’t quite make it, collapsing as your arms gave out supporting your weight.
“Alpha?! Alpha?! What’s wrong?! What’s going on?!” Kiba’s voice was warbled and distorted to your ears, but he sounded distressed. You wanted to reassure him, but your tongue wouldn’t cooperate.
You forced your eyes open and were met with Kiba’s worried face hovering over you and a view of the clock. As the clock ticked to 03:00, everything went black.
Next chapter - Coming soon
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tinytreatsworld · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CONTENT WARNINGS: unhealthy behaviour (obsessiveness, clinginess, possessiveness, elements of mild delusional thinking, worshipping r.), established relationship, pet names + name-calling (slut), drooling + begging + crying, mild power imbalance, mention of light subspace
dubious consent (dubcon), elements of consensual noncon [fantasy, talk], faking an orgasm, detailed descriptions of yuuta's genitals, referring to the vagina as "he/him", sex marathon, heavy petting, rough treatment (biting g., light hair pulling r.), dirty talk + possessive talk, unprotected sex / breeding [talk], genitals worship (g.), oral sex (g.), fingering (g.), multiple orgasms + hyperstimulation (g.), praise + degrading praise (g.)
WRITING STYLE: drabble, ±3000 words; referencing yuuta's genitals as 'dick' / 'cock', 'labia' / 'lips', 'hole' + 'cum', 'juice'
DARLINGS: yuuta okkotsu x reader; dom!reader, dark!reader implied, dark!yuuta okkotsu implied, trans guy yuuta okkotsu implied [?]
NOTE: attempt number five; I apologize to all the treats who have to put up with me (⊃ω⊂)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
   The absence of climax was not a rare completion — sometimes it was not even a goal, sometimes you were just exhausted to continue “making love”, in other cases you pressed tightly against each other, squeezing, rubbing your thigh between his legs, or allowing him to rub against you just to be closer and tighter, looking not for sexual satisfaction, but physical 'discharge’, obsessively trying to get rid of any empty space between you to become something unified, clinging to the skin with nails and fangs to feel the beating of another heart, craving more intimacy than pleasure.
   Yuuta loved it when you didn’t bring him to orgasm, making him to whine and feverishly cling to you, refusing to satisfy him until he fulfills your conditions and confirms his status as your good boy, taking care that you cum before him. After all, you knew how important it was for him to be a pleasure giver, and you preferred to go along with it, indulging, — or just taking advantage of his puppy-like nature when he looked with huge doe eyes with adoration, knowing that you are enjoying yourself because of him and are more than grateful to him; that he is the only one who can touch you like that, and to whose touch you react like that.
When Yuuta feels your taste in mouth, or when his fingers try to caress you as skillfully as possible, sometimes twitching from overexcitation, feeling that you feel more than good, pulling his hair or saying how good he is, letting him bury himself as close as possible into you in a blind search for more of you — maybe awkwardly touching or rubbing against your thigh is more likely during senseless nervousness from delight and overexcitation than in an effort to also cum. Not that he cares about anything as much as your pleasure — even when himself does not reach orgasm or does not understand even when he does it, preferring to try to bring you and feel how you fuck his mouth or make him move fingers differently, clinging to his hair or biting his defenseless neck, leaving lovebites.
   … Sometimes it happened that only one of you came.
   This was also normal. You both knew about such cases and were ready to discuss if someone felt wrong — there was no point in lying about it, hiding it or feeling uncomfortable. Orgasms weren’t simultaneous, just didn’t happen, only happened to one of you, or weren’t even a goal — and you were both open about it. Yuuta would not lie to you even if his life depended on it, preferring to be as honest and sincere as possible with you, fearing the possible consequences of his lies, while you could not do this with your beloved, who was almost obsessively devoted and loving, believing and trusting you unconditionally. Of course, you could commit wrong or harmful actions, but not when Yuuta looked with his puppy-dog eyes, believing that you would not lie to him about something important to him.
   In fact, there is no reason for you to lie to him or not believe in his words…
“I'm— I’m so—”
   … Therefore, even when you didn’t feel the usual pulsation — or rather, you felt it, but not as usual, — you just kept silent, hearing quiet whining and trembling in his body, although Yuuta’s hips were not pressed as usual, and you could easily move away, as if it wasn’t him at all usually unconsciously squeezed around you almost to the point of pain with his legs, forgetting himself with delight. To feel how Yuuta relaxes with pleasure, breathing heavily, as his body trembles slightly with excitement — not quite as you are used to, usually he does not even have the strength to tremble after orgasm, — as if trying to feel even more pleasure, experiencing the last waves, covering his mouth so as not to be too loud.
   His body is soft and sticky, deliciously warm when Yuuta presses against you, touching your neck with his lips, letting you touch his body, reacting only slightly when you stroke and touch him, without blinking from post-orgasmic sensitivity and without twitching when your fingers stretch lower, drawing invisible lines on skin. The only thing Yuuta opens his eyes to is when you ask if he is well — and in response you get only a gently affectionate “yes, of course! it was wonderful…”, but you can’t deny that for some reason you don’t feel satisfied, even when in response to the clarification “did he have an orgasm like you” you get a nervously enthusiastic conviction. But, hm, will he ever deceive you?
   Would he deceive you?
“No! I—”
   When Yuuta stops, as if realizing something (maybe a promise not to lie to you about things that are important to you, or that he won’t hide what concerns him so that you don’t worry), you still don’t want to assume that he is trying to hide it, he may just get cold, — but his subsequent strange fidgeting and almost guilty tone turn out to be more eloquent, even if you want to believe in him.
   The silence was becoming uncomfortable.
His peaceful breathing (which recovered surprisingly quickly, apparently he used the reverse technique or was so used to such physical exertion that he was not impressed) turned out to be heavy again, although Yuuta did not say or do anything, just lying on top of you, and definitely did not feel any pleasure from the situation, even if rubbed his thigh lightly against yours leg, neither calming (himself? you?) or trying to seduce and distract you — but for some reason the thought that he deceived you made you feel wrong. And it wasn’t about the orgasm. For some reason, the idea that he just decided to deceive you, that you would believe anything, that you would not even pay attention to his usual reaction and false — all this made you feel… strange.
   Did he really think you wouldn’t notice? Did he really think it meant nothing to you? Or did he think that you wouldn’t even pay attention to it?
   And perhaps the most unpleasant thing was the thought that perhaps this is not the first time — you could only pay attention now, having seen the wrong friction, the wrong reaction, the wrong behavior, without even realizing that Yuuta had done the same thing earlier. To be proud of trust and openness only to find out that your beloved was not honest about the topic in which you were proud of yourself and how hard you can make him cum is not the most… pleasant feeling. And to feel his desperate clinging to you, in fear that you will get up right now and leave him for something that is not his 'mistake’, only broke you even more.
“I’m sorry— I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, but I just saw that you were tired, and I decided—”
   Yuuta freezes with nervous fright when you pull him — but doesn’t stop, letting you get comfortable between his legs, not wanting to somehow hinder, slightly arched when you touch his stomach, stroking to make it clear that he can relax. Even if you were a little unhappy, it’s not really his fault — after all, it was you who made him think so, seeing your tired look after the past day, and it was just his attempts to somehow please you or at least not let you get upset so that you could rest.
   Definitely not his fault.
“… Love?”
   It wasn’t your fault either, though.
   But it’s up to you to do something about it.
Tumblr media
   His legs are shaking — not falsely shaking — when your hands are wrapped around his thighs, preventing from moving, not letting hide from you; when you casually kissing his hips and lower abdomen, teasing with your breath, making him squirm with impatience when you blow on sensitive skin or bite so close, touching his labia with your warm cheek, making him shiver every time from a soft but welcome rub when you draw a line on his thigh.
   Yuuta is cute, especially when desperately denies it, whining in embarrassment while you talk about how handsome he is at the bottom, with thick lips and a small cock, absolutely worthy of a lot of kisses, but when you gently touch his dick — delightfully sensitive and hard, hidden under the hood, — with lips, Yuuta can’t hold back moans, squirming even harder as you gently caress, licking and sucking, trying not to overwhelm him too much, contrary to the need to only bury head more between his thighs and keep fucking him with your tongue until he cries, just to continue it.
   Even when Yuuta’s fingers get tangled in your hair, convulsively grabbing because of the inability to wrap hips around your head, you tacitly agree, rubbing swollen, slightly protruding cock even harder, hearing his loud moans and feeling how he pulsates under your tongue, trying to push even deeper and harder, feel the heat of your mouth and how much you want to taste even more — mumbling vaguely about something when you gently push finger inside, allowing the juice to flow out more freely, facilitate your slow thrusts and strokes despite his whining about more, blindly looking for a more rough, but not teasing treatment. Inside Yuuta is soft, hot, hungry for more, and you can’t deny that you would like to stop right now to stretch him well and deep, as he likes, fucking him until you make him wet and swollen enough so that even a fleeting breath feels like too much for an overly sensitive dick; feeling how malleable he reacts to every push, greedily squeezing you inside, fighting the desire to grab you with the freed leg and press you even closer — and perhaps the awareness of the latter reminds you who you are currently doing and who has absolute attention right now, and that’s not you, even if Yuuta teases you so much that you only want to drive him to unconsciousness.
   When he throws head back, lifting hips higher, trying to make you touch his throbbing, needy cock with tongue, tightly clenching your finger, arching his back to make an almost gasping whine as you continue, becoming even more soaked in his juice, but fucking him until Yuuta shudders again, trying to wrap his leg around you, giving to understand that he has not finished yet — ceasing only after the third short wave, moaning your name, and abruptly dropping into your hands, again securely holding his hips.
   The air soaked in his juices and filled with heavy sighs and muffled moans, this time turns out to be much better than the past, — and when you see how he pulsates, being so lubricated in juices and cum that you could easily push two fingers into the usually tight Yuuta, you need willpower to stop, listening to his breathing.
“This… It was…” Yuuta is interrupted for a moment when he feels you gently kissing his penis, hardening again under your lips — but instead you go further, touching the top of the labia, and continue to kiss higher, making Yuuta to breathe fitfully, afraid to stop you while you draw a path from the bottom of the abdomen to the chest, leisurely kissing his collarbones and finally touching his neck, full of your lovemarks.
   When you put your hand on his neck, his heart beats so fast that you wonder for a moment if everything is fine, but Yuuta blissfully closes his eyes, breathing deeply, allowing you to touch him as you please — but when your fingers reach lower, his breathing gets lost for a moment, feeling you stroke a little above the hood.
“… Thank you,” his eyes, distorted by a gentle charming haze, as it should be, almost glow when he shyly looks at you. “I was wrong when thought about… Uh, I’m sorry.”
   … Still has so much energy, huh? You were sure that once would be enough. It’s not that you plan to continue, but, in that case, of course you should, right?
“H-honey, wait…”
Tumblr media
   He’s always so wet.
   It doesn’t matter if you just took off his underwear, or have been preparing him for a long time, he is always so delightfully ready for you, even if it usually takes a little longer to get him to accept two fingers at the same time, stretching to such an extent that Yuuta drools, watching you push them inside, feeling so full just from something so small, nodding enthusiastically when you ask if he feels good, if you take good care of him, if he feels good being fucked by your fingers, being much more sincere than Yuuta, such a shameless sluthole — and only yours.
(Even if Yuuta shudders, you can feel him pulsating and squeezing you inside in response, much more honest in his reaction to you.)
   Even if you bite his ears and neck, leaving your marks, Yuuta moans feeling your careless thrusts inside and back, filling the space with filthy sounds from which he blushes even more, knowing that you hear them, and waiting for you to tell him what a good and pretty slut he is for you, being so needy and wet, — but you are silent, not giving him any praise, kissing his ruined neck, only by changing the angle and speed,
and Yuuta can almost feel you grinning, knowing his need to hear you, waiting
“Am I good enough? Do I have to do something? M-my… is my hole g-good enough?”
for his sweet requests.
  After all, he is such a good boy, even if his hot, throbbing hole is so desperately squeezing your fingers, not letting them get out of it, soaking everything in juice, almost begging you to be rougher and deeper — as if craving not your fingers, but when you will breed him without hesitation or doubt, filling only with yourself, forcing him to cum while you are busy trying to make Yuuta break his voice from moaning.
   Such a good, sweet thing, loving only when he is fucked and forced to cum even against the will of the owner, and when Yuuta hides head in your neck, breathing fitfully, whining from overexcitation and too much sensitivity, sobbing briefly when you touch his dick with your finger, making him to distract from the fullness inside his hole, although he took only two fingers, — but he can no longer accept or hold, even hearing your hot whisper that he should last longer, you are ready to fuck him until his hole is ready for the third finger, roughly stretching it as it is necessary for such a slut who adores you so much that he is ready even not to feel an orgasm just to be silly fucked when his lie is revealed.
   Then, at the moment of disclosure, you just had to bury his nose in the pillow and continue going against his words,
and that’s enough to throw Yuuta over the edge,
squeezing and twitching on your fingers in delight and another orgasm.
Tumblr media
   His body is so deliciously warm that you can’t refuse the opportunity to hold him close when Yuuta digs nails into your skin, experiencing post-orgasmic delight, — real this time, — squeezing and unclenching grip, hiding face in you, calming you with his breath and a slight tremor. Even if you feel how Yuuta is gradually recovering, coming out of his ambivalent state, ceasing to react so worryingly inhibited to any stimuli, but you can’t refuse the opportunity to kiss his hot wet forehead while stroking his sticky back, letting him feel warm and cozy when he wakes up — and for sure he will worry that you’ve been lying down all this time instead of going to wash while he wakes up, but you don’t think so.
   Because, well, now it’s definitely your responsibility.
Tumblr media
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countingsheepboi · 2 days
Suprise Kiss! ~ Riddle, Idia
-He turns beat red; in fact, he turns the shade of his hair. He has a constant studder and always avoiding eye contact.
-He desperately trying to form a coherent sentence, he fails horribly. 
-He quickly turns away from you, embarrassed. 
-He won’t ever mention this, but if you mention it. He will blush and shyly look away.
“I- (Y/n)! Don’t say such things in public! I- No I am not blushing!”
-He combusts.
-Blue hair turns red, while his face bursts with colour.
-Eyes wide and panicked movement with his hands.
-In fact, he ends up falling backwards with his flailing. 
“(Y-Y/n)?! Wha- Why?! I- Um, uhhhhhhhhhh, um...”
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divine-donna · 3 days
studying session
Tumblr media
pairing: aemond targaryen x gn! reader
word count: 756 words
ao3 link: 📚📚📚
Tumblr media
Books were interesting objects to you. The way they held knowledge, the gentle smooth feeling of the pages against your fingers. To be surrounded by books was your dream. You enjoyed just being alone, with your thoughts, and with your books. They couldn’t hurt you unlike people in the real world. Everyone was out for blood, literally and figuratively. You didn’t care much for politics. Why should you anyways? You were the runt of the litter amongst your siblings. Underappreciated, timid, witty. Your sharp tongue detracted potential spouses for you were a little too honest for your family’s liking. They were of a lesser noble house and ideally, they wanted you to help advance the family upwards. But you weren’t interested in that. You were more interested in becoming a scholar and ideally, a solitary one.
Your own little cottage, away from everyone as you did research on local floral and fauna. Your hunting and foraging skills were decent enough that you would survive on your own. They would get better with time. After your residency in King’s Landing, you would be free to leave behind the world of interconnected politics and bloodshed and just be solitary.
“Doing some late night reading?”
“Gods!” You exclaimed, turning around. “Don’t do that!”
He smiles. It’s almost annoying the way he smiles. It’s irritating, smug, as if he knows better. It’s more of a smirk than a smile. He isn’t any better because he has Targaryen blood in him, because of his pale hair, fair complexion, light eyes. Or eye really. “Did I frighten the little scholar?”
“For the record, we’re the same age. No, in fact, I’m almost an entire year older than you!” You turn around, looking among the books before pulling out one with a deep red leather spine. This book felt expensive. “I should be calling you the little prince instead.”
“If any one of us is little, it’s those Strong children.”
“You mean the Princess’s children.” You turn back around, opening the book and skimming the pages. It was exactly what you needed. “They are Velaryons.”
“As if. You can’t tell me you’re that naive.”
“What does it matter?” You close the book. The sound resonates throughout the empty library. “We like to pretend we’re better than everyone else but blood means nothing in the end. Not when we all end up as ash and bone.”
“That is true. But who decides who gets to be ash and bone?” He raises an eyebrow and leans closer, lips grazing your ear. “Those of us in power.” He whispers.
“Running away to Dorne after this would be nice. There, lineages don’t matter as much.” You scoff. “Besides, what does it matter if the Princes don’t look like you? Doesn’t it matter that they can rule? That the Princess can rule? Not whether her children are hers.”
“You understand little of the world of nobles, even though you are one yourself.”
“It’s not a life I imagined. What are you doing up anyways?” You turn back around to look at the books and search for the one you’re looking for. “Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”
“I was having a bit of a restless night. Figured I’d walk about, do some late night reading. What about you?”
“Preparing lessons for you and your brother is not an easy task, Aemond. At least you show up.”
“Where are your honorifics, hm?”
“You’ll get your honorifics when you stop calling me little.” You pulled a book from the shelf and turn around. You feel your cheeks become hot upon realizing how close he was. His hair could graze your skin, his clothes against your own. You hated how close he was.
But part of you didn’t mind either.
In fact, part of you wanted him closer to you.
“Sure, little scholar.” Aemond cocks his head to the side.
“That’s another hour of studying for you! At this point you’re going to have to dedicate a whole day to studying. Her Grace will not be happy you know! She understands my time is precious too!”
“Good thing I like study sessions.” He cages you against the bookshelf. You cling onto the books, holding them close to your chest. You expected that your face was looking like a mess.
“R-Really now?” You ask. “Fine. How about I give you another?”
“Sure. I do have a question though.” Aemond leans forward. His nose touches yours.
“Probably a ridiculous one.”
“Oh? Think you’ll find it amusing.” He smirks.
“Does this count as a study session?”
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postwarlevi · 2 days
Content: over 1.7k words of you trying to find something of very important value. g/n reader, more on the fem side if you squint, so don't :)
Extras: Another story for @levi-supreme Happy birthday Levi event! This one is special because she gave me permission to do somewhat of a sequel to a story she did last year, Lost and Found. Go read that if you haven't because it is referenced at one point. Thank you Rei and I hope you love it!
You blink your eyes open and smile to yourself as you wake up for the day. You yawn and stretch and slowly sit up in bed. Today being Monday, it's a regular off day for you as your husband gets up for his job very early.
He always tries not to wake you so you can sleep in and usually succeeds in slipping out without making you stir. While you wouldn't mind getting up with him, you do appreciate your sleep.
Looking over at this empty side of the bed you see a note and smile. He's always leaving notes for you.
Morning my love, I hope you got some rest. I might be working late today. But I'll make up for it this weekend. Breakfast is in the fridge. Lots of cut up fruit and yogurt. And those biscuits you like. Don't worry much about chores. I'll help out tomorrow. Relax and I'll see you tonight. - Levi
You sigh happily and put it in your nightstand along with many others from him. Sometimes you like to go back and read them.
Putting on a robe you shuffle to the kitchen and pull out your breakfast. It's all set up so it's easy for you to make a parfait with the fruit and yogurt, and put jam on the biscuits. You make a cup of tea and sit on the porch reading your book while you eat.
It is in fact a lazy day as you don't bother with dishes but put them in the dish washer and draw yourself a bath filled with lavender as you pamper yourself a little bit.
After you're good and wrinkly and the bath water is no longer warm you drain the tub and dry off. Deciding to go be slightly productive you head to your room to get dressed.
You sit on the bed and check your phone that you purposely left on your nightstand so you wouldn't be distracted and see a message from Levi.
It makes you laugh out loud, the funny things he sends you when he's supposed to be in a group meeting.
"Having a good day at work?" You send him jokingly.
Almost right away you get a response asking you to come rescue him, making you smile.
You go back and fourth a few minutes before telling him to get back to work and he says he can't wait to see you.
With that you put your phone in your pocket and think for a moment. Something looks like it's missing from your nightstand but you can't figure out what.
You shrug and go about your day, getting your binder and looking through the fridge to see what you can make with the ingredients you have. You find you like to meal plan, it saves money and gets you making dishes you can eat for leftovers.
You have almost everything you need to make one of Levis favorite dishes and make a note to do a small grocery run if you can't get enough carrots from your garden.
Even though Levi told you not to, you dust a little bit so you don't have so much to do later in the week and pause to pick up a picture on a shelf.
It warms your heart, this picture of you and Levi. He has a real smile, one that's generally saved for special occasions, but for you, always. His friends said he's never been so happy since he's meet and married you.
You feel the need to send Levi a quick "I love you" message randomly, which he's gotten used to and doesn't question if anything is wrong anymore when he gets it, but instead sends you one back.
You head outside to the garden to check on the carrots and other vegetables and go to remove your wedding ring before digging in the dirt and let out a gasp.
"Where is it?" You ask out loud to no one as you stare at your naked hand with no ring.
You frown and go back into the house to retrace your steps.
Did you have it while dusting? You look around at all the spots to see if you took it off so as not to get it dirty, but it's not there.
You look around the kitchen, by the fridge and on the countertops, but nothing.
You go to the bathroom. Surely you took it off for your bath? But it's not on the counter or the floor or in the tub.
Your stomach drops as you think maybe it went down the drain but decide that's overreacting.
You go outside on the porch. and look in the chair, on the table, all around the area, but cannot find it.
You feel yourself getting overwhelmed. If you can't find it, that means you lost it. Your wedding ring!
Heading back inside you sulk back into the bedroom and look in the nightstand and in the bed and under the bed.
At night you usually take it off so you don't accidently scratch it but you can't remember seeing it there today.
You sit on the bed and put your head in your hands. You feel your phone buzz and gasp at seeing it's Levi calling.
You debate answering or not. You could always pretend you were taking a nap when he called. That's more than believable.
By the time you decide to answer it goes to voicemail and a moment later you get a text instead.
"Brat? Are you ignoring me?" Brat. The word he uses when he says you're misbehaving.
"No sweetheart. Just didn't get to my phone in time." You message back, and it's not a lie.
But even through text you're sure Levi knows everything.
"Coming home soon."
You stare wide eyed at the phone. He's supposed to be working late! So you can have more time to look!
You jump up and start tearing up the house. You must find it!
You had it yesterday, you're sure of it. It has to be here!
Things are moved on shelves and the couch is pushed out of place and kitchen chairs are spread out across the floor.
Clothing is pulled out of drawers and things are moved in the closet and you search all over the garage, and still nothing.
You walk back into the house and look at the mess you've made and sit on the living room floor and cry.
You don't even hear the door open and your husband come in.
"What happened?!" Levis shout makes you cry harder. "Did someone break in? Are you hurt?"
He drops everything and kneels on the floor and hugs you as you shake your head.
"You're not hurt? No one broke in?" He holds your cheeks and tears fall onto his hands.
Would it just be easier to tell him that someone stole your wedding ring?
"N-n-no!" You sob as you tell him that no, this is all your fault.
"Love what happened?" He speaks to you gently and it hurts to have to say this.
"My wedding ring went down the drain!" You fling your arms around him and cry more, getting his shirt wet.
Levi rubs your back and smiles to himself, letting out a chuckle.
You push off of him and stare wide eyed.
He's so angry he's laughing? That's not a good sign!
Levi kisses your forehead and helps you stand and gets a tissue to dry your eyes.
"Stop your crying. It didn't go down the drain." He smiles at the silly thought.
"Well then where is it?!" Your voice is loud and squeaky but Levi knows you're just upset.
Levi digs in his pocket and pulls out a box and opens it.
"My ring!" You gasp as there it is, safe and sound.
"I left early today to have it cleaned, it's all nice and shiny now." Levi tells you as he holds it up. And yes, it's very shiny.
You frown and your lip quivers and Levi laughs again.
"I'm sorry love, I took it this morning. I thought you wouldn't notice. Sometimes when you lounge around the house you leave it on the nightstand, so I was hoping you'd rest up and not even realize." Levi tells you what the plan had been.
"You were trying to get me back, for last year." Your brain tells you that's wrong as you say the words anyway.
Levi sighs and looks at you like he's disappointed. "I most certainly am not." He takes your hand and puts the ring on.
"There, right where it belongs." Levi kisses your hand as you look down at it.
You close your eyes and sigh. "I'm sorry." You've finally come to your senses.
"It's okay. I should've just told you." He rubs his fingers along your palm.
You lean in to kiss him and he returns it gently.
You rest your head on his chest and hold out your hand. "It's very shiny."
You both laugh softly and share a sweet kiss, holding each other for a moment.
"Oh man…" Levi looks around the house and you're ready to cry again.
It's been turned upside down in your attempt to find something that wasn't missing.
"I'll help put it back together." Levi tells you, as this is somehow partly on him.
"I moved everything, even the bed. I'm sorry." You pout, rubbing your temple.
"We don't need to do it all tonight. Let's at least go put the bed back." He takes your hand.
You get to your room and can't even look at Levi as he sees the mess.
"I can't believe you made all this mess while I was working." Levi jokes as you huff.
"I really thought it was gone!" You cross your arms as he goes to push the bed back into place.
"I don't suppose dinner is ready?" Levi continues to joke, making you groan.
"You're never going to let me live this down." In ten years, maybe you'll laugh, but not now.
You clean up a little more, saving most for tomorrow, and make a quick dinner together before heading to bed, putting your ring in your usual safe spot.
Tomorrow you'll make Levi that dinner you had tried to plan earlier.
"At least I know you'll tear the house apart trying to find it." Levi pokes a little more and you roll your eyes.
As you slip into bed together you cuddle up close. "Of course, I love you."
He kisses your forehead. "And I love you."
You close your eyes and a moment later hear him chuckle.
"Down the drain?" Levi grins.
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Russian!Reader: BAC
Captain Price: Okay, I have something to announce.
Soap: What is it?
Reader, part of SpecGru: Why are you looking at me?
Price: Your medical exam results are back and unfortunately you're not cleared. You won't be able to join us for this mission.
Reader: What why???!
Soap: Y/N's looks healthy to me.
Gaz: Yeah.
Price: Your blood alcohol content was at 0.40 percent.
Soap: How are you not dead yet-
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