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thetempleofnyx · 3 days
taking his knot | 𝕥𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕟𝕒𝕣𝕚
a.n: i want to eat him. cw. knotting
ʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ
imagine the way he would switch between whimpering and growling. his hands slipping from your waist because he’s fucking you in such a frenzy that a sheen of sweat covers your body, the smell of your arousal driving him insane.
he flips you over flat on your stomach and fucks into you like that. he lets gravity do the work as he drops his hips against your ass, pounding into you. but when you cry for more, for him to fuck you harder and deeper, he grips the headboard and uses it to drive himself into you. the wood bangs against the wall as he splits you open, and he’s sure everyone person and creature in gandharva ville can hear your cries of pleasure.
he’s borderline delirious now. his body weight is comforting on top of you as he licks from your shoulder up to your ear, nibbling on your skin as he whispers filthy promises of how your gonna take his knot, of how he’s gonna empty himself into your tight hole and fill you up. when he feels himself getting close, he quickly pulls out and turns you over; something about how the lewd look on your face as he stretches you out makes him come even harder. he pushes your knees to your chest as he slips inside you, a harsh growl bubbling from his chest as he sets a harsh pace, hard and so deep that each thrust takes your breath away. you know he’s close when you feel yourself begin to stretch around him even more.
you press a hand to his lower stomach in an attempt to get him to slow down but he grabs it, holding it above your head as he leans in closer, “you’re gonna take this cock for me?” he whispers before capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. it’s sloppy and messy as your teeth gnash together, his tongue swirling around yours.
he leans back again and holds your thighs down, your knees pressed to your ears now as he has you spread wide open. he pushes himself inside you one more time, slipping in with a wet pop. his grip is tight against your legs as his cock swells some more before coating your insides with thick ropes of creamy cum. he lets out the most salacious moans as he fills you, showering you with praises of “that’s it’s baby” and “fuck you feel so warm” and “god you’re so good for taking all of my cum. for taking all of me.”
the sensation of fullness coupled with how wanton and filthy tighnari is being is what finally drives you over your edge. with a wail of his name so loud he’s sure the sages in sumeru city could hear, you tighten around his thick cock, and the vice grip you have on him causes him to choke. he collapses to your chest with a whine as his body shoots out even more cum. and after giving you all that he has, he lays there, his face pressed against your chest as he waits for both of you to catch your breaths. his tail curls around your waist as he slowly turns you guys over, his cock still inside you. you rest on top of him for a moment, your eyes sliding shut when all of sudden you feel him jerk underneath you. you look down at him to see his pretty eyes glowing, his canines growing a bit sharper as he asks you with a predatory grin,
“ready for round two??”
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anantaru · 2 days
୨୧ jerking them off feat. cyno : kaveh : al-haitham : tighnari x fem! reader
୨୧ WARNINGS: nsfw, handjobs, messy messy
Tumblr media
cyno slightly lifted his head before his eyes fell low to where you were fondling with his pants, pulling them down.
your fingers danced around his erection, carefully, being aware on how sensitive he could become when you proceeded to take it in your hand, his hips rolling into your fist involuntarily, trembling at your soothing touch.
you flicked your thumb over his slit, still being cautious not to hurt him, the warm precum on your digits making it hard for you to focus on your scheme. Somehow your thoughts drifted into dreaming, wondering how intense it would taste on your tongue, how it‘d melt into your wetness to exhilarate the sensation dwelling inside of you.
you leaned down to press kisses on his jaw, a faint hint of a self satisfied smirk working its way on your lips with it developing into a wry smile, menacing, listening to the small huffs and puffs you managed to coax out of your lover which worked in tune with your strokes.
"fuck, this feels so good." cyno pressed the back of his hand on top of his mouth to muffle his noises, now repeatedly bucking his hips into your slippery hand without managing to hold himself back how he normally intended to do so.
don't get him wrong, he knew he shouldn't be embarrassed whenever he was vocal with his pleasure, yet he couldn't get rid of the natural thoughts in his mind telling him to hide them from you. His body tensed up when you began to circle your wrist, muscles turning stiff as he neared his climax breathlessly.
"faster." he's whining now with his eyes painted glassy, arching his back into you as you obliged, fisting his cock with a combination of gyrating your wrist to motion circling movements on his shaft until he finally released his hot semen on you, making a mess all over your fingers. Cyno gasped upon seeing the filth, embarrassed but flustered regardless, his eyes were closed without wanting to take a peek, yet a small smile still appeared on his lips afterwards.
al-haitham tightened the grip on the bedsheets with it looking as if he’d actually tear them apart if he didn’t get a hold of his strength, digging his fingers into the soft silk as you worked wonders on his erected member.
you gave no answer to his tiny pleas he so desperately groaned, building up a steady pressure to a rougher pace of your hand with his climax building in the deep pits of his stomach.
his legs were slightly spread, his mouth hanging open as he let out a combination of a gasp and a moan. Now, his voice was breaking, sounding strangled as he drew it out in a rough sigh. "fuck." al-haitham couldn't think of any other word to describe on what he was feeling right now, letters dying in his throat.
of course, he would never shove down his pride, not for you, not for anyone else, never admitting that he was actually very much struggling right now, grunting a long moan from his throat at a particularly punctuated stroke from you.
you bit your lip back at the sight, refraining from moaning yourself as you fisted his twitching cock frantically, with him now thrusting up whenever you'd hit his tip. The sound and scent of sex filled the room, swear covered skin colliding as his climax build up increasingly fast. It‘s maddening, the way you were applying pressure and rubbing his girth with your skilled hand, cutting his words off.
al-haitham's hips stuttered as you suddenly changed the rhythm, driving him insane, rubbing your thumb over the pulsating vein of his cock with the sudden change making his muscles tense up, strain and burn, unable to relax them anymore as he tossed his head to the side.
"i‘m so close, faster." as much as you wished to tease him a bit further, you weren‘t pulling through with it upon noticing how fast his heart was beating while finally spilling himself on your hand, your fingers coated in the slick essence as you fisted him through his orgasm, watching him delve in his afterglow with the promise to get back at you for this one.
"i want to fuck you already." of course, he threw a somewhat analogical temper tantrum tight noe, kaveh's gaze wandering from his painfully hard cock to your adorable focused expression, with an obvious smirk displayed on your sweet lips. Archons, he so very much wanted to get a taste of you right now. His lips were slightly pursed, in an attempt to keep himself in check, breathing into his stomach.
no longer could he handle the ache in his groin, he was always so sure of himself but you intrigued him, processing every reactions you were making. Smoothly, you moved closer to your boyfriend, your lips merely an inch away from his ear, "you should see yourself right now." breath ghosting over his exposed skin, whispering as you kissed and nibbled on his earlobe, tracing your tongue over his sharp jawline seductively.
the way your pecks and kisses were different from your grip on his shaft, so tender, made it thoroughly difficult for kaveh to keep his moans in check. The contrasting of your slow kisses from your quick hand snd that was fisting him fast without any mercy shown.
"you‘re going to regret thid." he kept repeating the same words in between panting, forgetting everything around him with the air in the room becoming thick, barely breathable. The pre cum of his cock sobbed down your knuckles, the filth connecting you, melting your hand into his shaft as you felt him spasm, chasing his climax.
his toes curled in frantically while his back arched into you, you only needed to give him a couple more controlled but even thrusts before he poured himself on you, his cock twitching and making a mess out of the bedsheets, more so your hand while also running down his balls.
his chest was heaving, with shaky whines falling out of his mouth in a fastened manner, not giving a damn anymore. His cock was still proudly semi erected as he already motioned you to sit on him, his stamina never leaving in the first place.
kaveh told you you‘re going to regret this, didn‘t he?
tighnari was overwhelmed by the sensation that immediately took place, soft and tiny noises of affirmation dancing around you as you began to lazily fondle his member.
for a second, you let go to spit on your palm, your hand returning soon after yet this time wet, rubbing your saliva around the tip before going back to fist him tenderly. The way you always smoothed and caressed his body was beyond his words and it was seldom for him not to have a snarky response prepared. Tighnari‘s head was lovingly resting against your shoulder as you continued to pleasure him.
"i needed this." he admitted to you, "i‘m stressed and tired." butterflies roamed into your stomach at his lovable letters. tighnari could feel the rough and wet strokes on his shaft, more so when you increased the intensity, proceeding to concentrate on your languid touches with your hands settling around his girth so perfectly it made his mouth water, wondering when he'll be able to fuck you.
the slick sound of your palm rutting into him was becoming louder, embarrassingly clearer, the arch of his hips was favorable to your moves, slight pants of approval left him as you began to pick up the tempo on your hand.
tighnari‘s mouth gaped open, yet nothing came out, his voice dying, strangled in his throat as you took the opportunity to kiss him, pushing your tongue into his mouth before circling your wet muscle over his own, his body stuttering in surprise.
"i'm close, you‘re so good to me." he's muttering against your lips, "so close." he pressed his hips up, sweat starting to cover his forehead. Stumbling at his moan, tighnari was somehow flustered that he was this close to cumming, the vein on his shaft hard as it grazed against your palm.
content with his expressions, he began to break into pieces now when he finally approached his climax, the stimulation causing him to cry out your name with him writhing under your touch.
tighnari's breath was hot on your lips, hidden moans and whimpers together with lust covered whines breaking free as hot ripes of cum splattered your hand and his pelvis, overflowing with warmth emanating from it.
tighnari's body was still jolting up, his damp forehead resting on yours as his cock slowly softened in your hand, still sensitive but bearable now, finally your body embracing his own.
Tumblr media
do not! share, copy or repost my work. ✎ ©ANANTARU 2022
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kaeyatic · 2 days
—𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐝𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐢𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞?
Tumblr media
✦  consummating the wedding hc’s feat. diluc, venti, ayato, al-haitham 
✦ warning: smut, 18+ content, minors do not interact
✦ disclaimer: afab!reader with no set pronouns, pretty and beautiful used as a descriptor, words “cunt” “pussy” used, use of “wedding outfit” used, use of garter (diluc), cunnilingus, (diluc) tongue fucking (diluc), exhibitionism (venti, alhaitham), semi-public sex (venti, ayato), fingering (venti), slight degradation (venti), riding (ayato), implied breeding kink (ayato), creampie (ayato), airplane sex (ayato), blowjob (alhaitham), face-fucking (alhaitham), car see (alhaitham), unedited
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As exhaustion ripped through Diluc’s body, aching muscles lulled to ease by the hot waters spraying from the shower, he couldn’t help but sigh in peace. He got to see you decorated so beautifully in his eyes, twirling you around on the dance floor seeing his smile ultimately vex him yet again. He couldn’t help but cough, noticing his member throbbing from delight knowing the private affairs that usually ended such a thrilling night. 
Stifling a groan as he covered his lower form with the hotel’s fluffy white towels, Diluc walked out of the bathroom—hot steam exiting from the door with his ruby eyes widened gazing over you. As if time had stopped, Diluc focused in on you slowly peeling your wedding attire off of your body, leaving you bare besides your undergarments and a garter tightly adorned, squeezing your thigh. 
As if he was a man starved, Diluc marched over to you quickly stealing your lips with his own, intertwining your hands with his with the two of your bodies plopping down on the large, king-size bed. The smell of roses and your scent wafted from you as his lips slowly trailed down your neck to the valley of your chest before resting his cheek on your thigh. Seeing your timid smile, timidly widening your legs to give him better access to your clothed cunt, brought his face from pale to pink.
His teeth grabbed onto the lacy garter, slowly drifting it off of your thigh and leg before guiding it completely off. As he quickly grabbed it—chucking it near his luggage knowing it would be a delightful souvenir whenever he has to leave you for business trips—he buried his face back to your covered cunt, pushing the fabric to the side to see your entrance tremble at the sight of his prodded tongue.
With one last glance up from you, Diluc’s lips wrapped around your throbbing clit, suckling on it, as his tongue swirled around the surroundings of it. Your legs soon found themselves wrapped around his head, your body shivering in pleasure with your hands tightly gripping the silk sheets below you.
A moan rattled deep from his chest, tasting the slick beginning to drool out and gather along your slit, with your body still shifting feeling Diluc’s tongue rapidly flick the nub and kiss it before plunging his tongue inside of you. He couldn’t stop his hips from bucking, noting your insides desperately attempting to cave down from his muscle. With a smile, Diluc grabbed onto your plush thighs, pushing your knees on the mattress, as he continue to fuck you with his tongue—nose grinding on the bundle of nerves above.
He’s going to savor every drop of you tonight. This is his promise to you.
Tumblr media
As people cheered on the dance floor, dancing and celebrating with the loud music echoing out from the musicians playing, Venti sighed wishing he could simply whisk you away after a long and tiring day. His emerald eyes gazed down on the wedding band on his finger before flickering to its twin on yours—a mischievous smile etched on the bard’s face. 
Quickly whispering some excuse to get you to follow him, he grabbed onto your hand leading you away from the festivities of your wedding and upstairs where no one walked the halls. He opened the door to a janitor’s closet, pulled you in with him, and swiftly closed and locked it before pinning you against the wall. 
It wasn’t fair, he had to play nice all day seeing you look so utterly pretty and dolled up just for him!! The wedding was officiated by his church after all, so as it’s God, didn’t he deserve a reward for blessing this union? He couldn’t only giggle seeing your eyes playfully roll before gasping as his hands, dived under your wedding attire—cold fingers cupping your sex. Narrowing his eyes with a grin, Venti rubbed small circles on your clit soon feeling your essence coat his thumb. 
His free hand adjusted your top to see your upper form completely nude to him. Licking his lips in delight, He rested his head on your chest, swirling his tongue on your nipple as two fingers prodded themselves at your entrance and sunk inside. A loud moan ripped from you as Venti, leaned up from your now glistening nipple with a mischievous smile. How scandalous would it be to find the bride and groom consummating their marriage so soon? Did you want an audience to see you in Angel Share’s janitor closet? Maybe he shouldn’t get you to quiet down to show off how beautiful his spouse was to the world.
Hearing you whine, Venti chuckled, placing your free hand onto the tent on his pants, urging you to keep palming his angry and flushed cock that was desperate to be inside of you at this point. As your lips continued to quiver as he went back to sucking on the bud of your chest, you could feel his lips still curved upright.
Don’t blame him for wanting to celebrate so soon, you should know out of everyone how much Barbatos is enticed by your mind, spirit, and body
Tumblr media
With all the power and success Ayato had, it was no wonder the two of you were already 30,000 miles or 48,280 kilometers in the air in the Kamisato’s private jet, seeing the beautiful night sky as you headed to your honeymoon together. Ayato merely chuckled, seeing your yawn as he poured you a glass of champagne. He merely clicked his tongue, saying the night wasn’t over yet before placing a kiss on your lips. His tongue soon found its way inside your mouth, before leaning away with a hand clasping your chin with a smirk.
This night couldn’t end until he watched his cum leak down your thighs.
With newfound adrenaline, his lips claimed yours once before pushing you down on one of the chairs. His hands swiftly and meticulously adjusted the bottom half of your attire, feeling the cool breeze on your wet cunt. He had his way to your hips, covering you above his freed cock before pinching a part of your thigh. 
The tip of his cock, pressed against your needy clit before rubbing his length along your clit causing another moan to whisper from your lips. Pulling you down, his cock easily slipped inside of you as his lips found a way to your neck. Sucking and nibbling at the sensitive skin, his hands squeezed the globes of your ass before pulling you up and down his cock, repeatedly and faced pace. The sound of skin slapping echoed throughout the entire room, almost drowned out by your cries repeating his name over and over again.
He could feel your velvety walls clamped down, as his tip brushed up against the spongy part inside of you, with your back arching in delight. It was so hard not to cum immediately as your walls clamped down on his length, massaging and trying to milk every drop out of him but he persisted. As much as he wanted to relish in this pleasure, he needed to make you cum first. One hand left your ass and soon found itself rubbing rapid circles on your clit, finding it difficult for you to keep riding him from how tight you were.
As your body finally shook in intense pleasure, your first climax of the night rattling through your body, Ayato quickly joined you with a grunt. You could feel his cock throb inside of you as ropes of his thick cum spurted out of him. With a low chuckle, Ayato placed a kiss on the crown of your head, keeping every drop of his cum still plugged inside of you.
Although he had hated planning for the wedding and was forced to play political games at the reception, it was all worth it now that he had you in his hands.
Tumblr media
Alhaitham silently rejoiced as the limo finally took off from the reception event. His social battery had quickly depleted for the day after the two of you exchanged promises and rings, with him wanting to do nothing more but enjoy the rest of his life with you. As his eyes darted away from the tinted window of the limo, he grunted feeling his hand accidentally brush past his slacks. 
As you stammered out an apology, Alhaitham sighed feeling his cock beginning to spring to life with just a touch. He wanted to curse himself out before being so needy with so little, but you had slowly managed to change to a cold man—at least with his desires. Making sure the driver couldn’t see the rest of the car, Alhaitham soon unbuckled his slacks, freeing his half-hardened cock. 
You whispered, demanding what he was doing before pointing his crotch—don’t think he didn’t know this was a little rouse of yours to burn some time before the two of you got back home. As your cheeks burned in embarrassment from being exposed, Alhaitham chuckled feeling your hand soon grasp onto his cock. Feeling your fingers pressed along a thick vein on his base, Alhaitham sucked a breath in—as his cock soon fully stretched in size in your grasp, precum budding at his tip. 
You leaned down gently placing a kiss on his tip before slowly taking him fully inside of your mouth, bobbing your head up. Alhaitham clicked his tongue again, tapping on your cheek so you would pay attention to him. He always preferred direct eye contact with you, to see you struggling to take your cock in your mouth than shying away from it. 
His hand soon found its pressing against your head, pulling you down deeper feeling his length hit the back of your throat. As his eyes briefly looked up to make sure the driver wasn’t noticing the two of you once again, he soon bucked his hips, grabbing onto your shoulders to thrust his cock in your mouth again. Your throat felt so good against his cock, he seemed to be lost in it but seeing tears prick your eyes, as you calmed yourself to breathe was enough to finally push you away from him. A string of saliva connected your glossy lips with his cock as it throbbed in front of your face.
As you got back on your knees, prodding your tongue out to finish the job, Alhaitham gently grabbed your chin to look up at him. The first place he is cumming tonight is inside of your pretty pussy, not your mouth.
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slu7 · 2 days
cw · gn!reader w you prns, slightly suggestive i think, tooth-rotting hcs, these made my toes curl rahhh
an · it's past 1am and i have classes tomorrow (technically in approx. 5-6hrs) and the only thing on my mind rn is,,
Tumblr media
scaramouche whose ears get tinted with pink when you do something adorable, he hates how you make his heart race. it makes him feel weak, weak for you.
scaramouche who tries to hide his excitement when you both share the same interests, “opposites attract” they say, but maybe they do attract each other only to find the similarities they actually have within; he believes.
scaramouche who denies his feelings for you until you did something that made his heart pang so loud, to the point of him losing his composure whenever you talk with him.
scaramouche who accidentally confesses to you while you both were arguing about something stupid, god you're gorgeous in his eyes, especially when you were mad.
scaramouche who thinks some things you do are too childish for your own good, but never seems to decline whenever you invite him to do it with you, he pinky promised that he would.
scaramouche who likes to hug you from behind and kiss your neck, maybe bite on it softly too kwkw.
scaramouche who becomes slightly too overprotective of you & gets jealous easily, which probably explains why he likes to leave hickies on where it can be displayed for other people to see.
scaramouche who shed tears and showed you how vulnerable he can be, though he didn't feel impaired; not with how you caressed his hair and treated him as if he was a real human.
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scaramuchie · 2 days
Tumblr media
picture by telamii_ on instagram
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prettypinkpuddles · 2 days
poor stupid y/n
the thought of dumbification is just…. so ahhh! i love it!!
i’ll be using Alhaitham, Scaramouche and Dottore as i thought they suited this the best
enjoy! ⭐️
Tumblr media
you let out a muffled groan, tears streaming down your face. your makeup was ruined, black smudges under your eyes, eyeliner smeared, and your cheeks flushed deeply.
you tried your best to hear Dottore’s command through the ringing in your ear. it’s lulled in your eardrum like a melody, making it impossible to focus on anything but the squelching sounds coming from your sopping pussy, the slapping of your skin against your lover’s, and the deep groans into the gag you made.
you blinked, letting out a whine of desperation into the air. Dottore slowed his hips, his jaw running slack as he emptied into you, the tip of his cock giving your cervix sloppy kisses. he reached down to the collar encased around your neck and pulled you up to him. you squealed, looking back at the man with wet eyes.
“you’re completely fucked stupid. i guess you’ve had enough.” he clicked his tongue and unplugged himself from your cunt, letting you fall onto the desk and coil up. he yanked the fag from your lips and brushed his gloved thumb over them.
“ple- please…” you hiccuped, not able to finish your sentence coherently.
Dottore chuckled, realizing how badly you were gone from the sensations you were feeling. your body shook in short vibrations, you blinked slowly as you looked up at him through your wet lashes; you had an ass burned red from his relentless spanks, the ringing in your ear had blurred into a buzz.
you slowly picked yourself up and laid against his chest, begging Dottore to keep fucking you senseless. a sinful smirk tugged at his lips, he took hold of your face with a firm but careful grip.
“you’re such a whore.”
Tumblr media
Alhaitham loved seeing your fucked out face. he found it so pretty. his cum sprayed over your skin, your brows knitted, your eyes narrowed and your mouth wide open. it was like a screenshot in his head.
he always tried to recreate that look; plowing into you as best he could with your thighs wrapped around his waist as he tried to make you into a mess.
“a~!” you couldn’t even get his name out, the first syllable coming out in a choke. he grinned, getting an idea from your dazed state, reaching to grab your throat and squeezing down on it hard.
Alhaitham chuckled at your sobs and groans for air, leaning down to give your puffy lips a few kisses, “i know you can take it all.”
you clenched down on his cock, practically strangling him and keeping him inside your cunt. you strained through a few grunts and an elongated moan, your conscious leaving your body temporarily.
when you regained consciousness, Alhaitham had you sprawled against his chest, rubbing small circles on your back. he grinned to himself when he felt you move your head. partially because you didn’t need a hospital and partially because he was so proud he made you have such a powerful orgasm
Tumblr media
Scaramouche snatched a fistful of your hair, pulling you up to his face, “you’re such a brat.” he snarled.
he opened his fist, letting you drop to your hands and knees. you looked up at him through the strands of hair in your face. you knew exactly what he wanted; you reached out to pull out his cock, opening your mouth to plop his tip inside.
you closed your lips around it, suckling the tip while keeping eye contact with him. your tongue circled around it, coating it in saliva as you encased more of his dick in your mouth. you swallowed the bubbling precum that began to pour in the back of your throat, completely swallowing Scaramouche.
he let out a breath, a bit of stress leaving his body as you worked your mouth on his cock. you licked a long stripe up the underside of his length, kissing his top again. he seemed to grow tired of your slow ministration, he grabbed your hair once more, waiting for you to open your mouth.
the second you did, he plugged himself down your throat, ignoring your choking and desperately sputters for air. your gripped the man’s thigh, spit and precum running down your chin as he bobbed your head up and down on his dick.
he asphyxiated a groan, holding you down to his pelvis as he gushed his load down your throat. you moaned and blinked, looking up at him once again as he let you go, a satisfied grin smudging over his face.
“are you gonna behave?”
Scaramouche twisted his face in annoyance, looking down at your see why you hadn’t answered him.
you swayed back and forth, your hand in your undies with your finger sliding up and down your slid. a dazed, foggy look glazed over your eyes, your lips coated his in his essence.
he chuckled at your helpless look, grabbing your chin to force you to look up at him, “you whore.”
Tumblr media
hope you liked my content, here’s some more!⭐️
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mystolli · 3 days
𖦹︎ ayato x gn! reader
𖦹︎ genre: nsfw themes (undressing, making out)
𖦹︎ a/n: be grateful i didn’t take this opportunity to have faceless ayato make an appearance ☠️ also sorry this is so short guys, but i intend to be writing some things for kaeya’s bday 🫶
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ayato has many, many workers, but he takes a special liking to you.
whether it’s unnecessary touch or flirtatious conversations that never extend past his eyes scanning you up and down, you both know there’s something palpable between you two. you’re his favorite and everyone knows, even if it’s not acknowledged. he calls on you to pass along important information, requests your presence during his meetings and conferences, and even speaks to you when there’s no work to be attended to.
which is why, of course, you’re called to escort him back to his room after he returns from a long night at a luxurious gathering hosted by one of his many business associates.
you shake your head as you sling his designer coat over your arm, turning to ayato. he’s most definitely tipsy. there’s a slight sway in his stance, patches of pink blooming on his cheeks.
you shake your head as you sling his designer coat over your arm, turning to ayato. he’s most definitely tipsy. there’s a slight sway in his stance, patches of pink blooming on his cheeks.
“i’ll escort you to your room, sir.” you say. a smile threatens to emerge on your lips, but you hold it down. he simply looks hotter than normal, despite his usually neat and tidy composure being stripped away. his tie is slightly looser, his hair a little more messy, his movements a bit unsteady in the most charming way.
as you hold his arm and walk him towards his room, you sense his eyes on you. you continue staring ahead, ignoring the butterflies pooling themselves in your stomach.
“where are you taking me?” he asks you, and you feel your heart race at the sound of his voice. it’s steady, as usual, but a bit deeper and less contained.
“your room, sir,” you reply. “i’m going to be getting you ready for bed.”
a sly smile appears on his face. “is that right?”
you nod and stare ahead, swallowing nervously and hoping he doesn’t see.
his room is dimly lit, the bed neatly made. you guide him inside, shuffling around to fix and straighten anything out of place, avoiding mentioning the obvious task you need to do.
“aren’t you going to undress me?” ayato’s voice comes from behind you, soft and almost a little breathless.
you try to form words, but you know the only thing that will come out will be embarrassing, so you simply nod. your face burns as you adjust a sheet on the bed, thoughts rushing through your head until you feel a hand on your shoulder.
you turn to see ayato standing before you, his half lidded eyes gazing almost sinfully deep into you. he raises his eyebrows a little bit, a small smile on his face. he holds the fabric of his tie, holding it towards you, almost like he’s asking permission.
you look straight ahead, too nervous to look anywhere else as you feel his chest under your fingers. you slip your hands under his collar to pry off his tie, removing it slowly and placing it on the table beside the bed.
you turn back to see him carefully watching you, a look of amusement spread across his features. your hands are slightly frozen and you hope he can’t hear your racing heart. he seems to notice your pause and smirks a little more. “go on,”
you nod quickly, moving your hands to his neck to undo the first button. slowly, you slip downwards, his white shirt opening more with each fumble of your fingers to show his undershirt.
you finish the last button and pull the material off his shoulders and over his arms, leaving him bare in his undershirt. you know what you have to do next, yet it seems so unavoidably sinful, so forward and unasked for. no matter what you do in this scenario, you worry your facade will crack open and irrevocable need and temptation will seep out. you reach forward, your breath maybe a little too quick and your cheeks burning.
he grabs your wrists. you look up at him, confused, only to see his eyes aglow with something sweet and smooth. “if your hands keep shaking, you’re not going to be able to take off my undershirt.”
you start to stutter a response, but he silences you with a doting look. “here, let me help you.” he murmurs, not breaking eye contact.
he holds your wrists, slipping your fingers under the soft fabric and upwards. your face heats as you feel his bare chest under your fingertips, grazing parts of him no other gets to touch. you slowly pull it off of him, leaving him exposed to the moonlight casting on the two of you. he brings you a little closer to him, moving your hands to the waistband of his pants. “mr. ayato--“ you whisper, because you both know you’re far beyond you referring to him by his formal title.
instead of replying with words, he cups your face and kisses you deeply, the taste of wine on his breath. he’s a little more ragged and sloppy than he usually would be, his hand lightly holding the back of your neck. he touches his tongue to your lips, asking for permission, before you let him in, the heat of both your bodies becoming one as tension is broken between you like a wave.
you finally break away for air, breaths heavy and high. you look down to see a noticeable bulge in his pants. he tilts your head up with his fingers, gazing into you with lust in his eyes. “you were so kind to help me undress. perhaps I should return the favor?”
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garoujo · 5 hours
Tumblr media
feat : scaramouche, al-haitham, kaeya, diluc + kazuha.
♱ warnings — f!reader, teasing, a little sprinkle of degradation, cunninglingus. / note. thinking very hard about them & i had 2 add kaeya since it’s his bday ofc < 3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
scaramouche had warned you not to touch yourself until he came home, you knew better, he’d like to think. but then the first thing he hears when he steps foot into the room is your desperate, needy little voice crying out for him as you sink into the mattress beneath you — fingers trapped between your thighs as you so desperately chase your peak.
“i need help.” you plea, a whispery, addictive sound that makes his jaw clench when his sharp eyes cut into you — there’s a dusting of pink on his cheeks and a sudden throb in his cock but you’re such a disobedient little thing.
scaramouche doesn’t say anything before he approaches you, bringing himself to your side as his fingertips reach out to brush along your cheek, gently despite the irritated expression he wears. “you dare to disobey me and then ask for my help? i thought you were smarter than that.”
you’re starry eyed at the touch and his words only seem to make you feel even warmer, burning under his touch as his hands trace their way down your skin.
you hear him click his tongue at the way you’re leaning into his palm, pretty fingers rubbing sticky circles into your puffy clit as you try to lure him closer — down to where you need him most. “hah—oh, what’s that look? are you truly this weak for me? tsk, pathetic.” scaramouche goads, smirk twitching at the corners of his lips but the bulge in his pants gives away the true effect having you spread out for him has on his body.
although he’s not one to give it to you so easily as he chuckles dryly above you — letting his featherlight touches stop just short of your pussy before it leaves you completely and he looks over you once more. “you better not stop, you were so greedy a moment ago. i’m going to make a real mess out of you.”
Tumblr media
al-haitham had been busy, doing his work as a scribe as well as finishing one of the books he’d been reading recently — you just wanted him to give you a little attention, so you decided you’d take it for yourself.
but you already feel too hot from where you’re sinking your fingers into your slick pussy, lewd squelches filling the room and fogging up your mind so thick with pleasure that you don’t realise he’s leaning in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest as his gaze stays trained on the desperate little movements that come from your figure.
“well well, it seems i’ve left you quite dissatisfied, sweetheart?” alhaitham smirks as he pushes himself up from the doorframe, the low, ragged tone of his voice makes you jump but it makes you throb all the same with his first careful step into your space. you watch as he pulls up a seat from the corner of the room, sitting at the end of the mattress, just between your thighs.
“i assume you don’t mind me taking a closer look? this is quite the show afterall.” you’re breathing hard when you feel his arms hook around your thighs, pulling you closer until you’re spread out right beneath him like a meal he’s about to devour.
but the sudden attention makes you whimper, followed by the quick press of two of his fingers as he suddenly sinks them into you — pulling a groan from the scribe before he’s leaning down to press a quick kiss against your clit with a hum. “maybe i should do something about that pretty mouth, hm?“
the look alhaitham gives you is teasing when he draws his fingers back to push them into you once more — so easily grazing them along the spots inside of you he’s able to reach so easily, digging the pleasure out of you so quickly as you feel it burn along your skin.
but the next thing you hear is the clatter of his pants as his free hand works with the belt, followed by a particularly deep thrust of his fingers that makes your fist twist in the sheets — just as his own wraps around his cock to give himself a particularly rough stroke as he groans. “matter of fact, i have something you could preoccupy yourself with.” 
Tumblr media
“my oh my, what have we here?” kaeya goads as he lets himself push through the door into your bedroom, finding you in such a compromising position — fingers stuffed into your cunt as you prop yourself up onto the cushions behind you.
you’d been waiting for him coming home, but the thought of him — his cock, the way it stretches you so deliciously had you almost delirious, begging for some sort of relief with the anticipation you felt twist in your stomach.
but every step kaeya takes into your space makes your breathing hitch before the mattress sinks under his weight, letting himself kneel between your spread thighs as he sends you an almost too sweet smirk. “it seems i’ve made you wait too long. how will i make it up to you, i wonder. hm? any ideas?”
you open your mouth to answer, you do but every thought and sound dies on your tongue when he wraps your thighs around his hips — deliberately rutting his clothed cock into your bare cunt before you even have the chance to answer him as he coo’s. “none? oh that’s a shame, it truly is.”
kaeya’s grinning down at you when he lets himself curl over you, lips grazing along your jawline as he rocks himself into you — grunting at the way you’re already soaking through his slacks as he throbs against you. “although, i could suggest a few.”
you know what he’s going to say as your mouth opens to let his name drips from your lips, your hands grabbing at his shoulders as you try to meet every desperate thrust of his hips with your own — chasing the pleasure and the feel of him you’ve longed for all day. but then you feel him press a kiss against your cheek as his movements slow to languid, long thrusts of his hips before his breathless croon of a laugh rocks through you. “if you’re willing to listen, that is? let me hear you say it.”
Tumblr media
diluc had been doing some extra shifts in the tavern with how busy it had been recently and you’d missed him, so you thought this would be one of the fastest ways to get his attention. so you wait, until later in the night when you hear him return home to you, his footsteps stuttering when you let a breathy call of his name fall from your lips.
“archons..” he breathes lowly as he lets himself stand in the doorway, you can almost see the way the mere sight of you makes his cock twitch in his slacks — flush across his cheekbones as his hooded gaze sweeps over you.
“my apologies, it seems i made you wait.” diluc grunts as he takes another careful step, shrugging off his jacket that he suddenly feels too warm under before he rests beside you. his first touch is against your cheek as he leans over you, pressing his lips against the skin like a wordless little im home before hes pushing closer.
“you’re beautiful.” he sighs, desire thick in his words as he works off the rest of his clothes — his want for you evident in his movements as he all but rips them off, his eyes never once leaving the press of your fingers into your pussy as you cry for him.
it feels like it’s been too long when diluc finally crawls over you to kiss you, mouth moving desperately with yours as you feel his cock smear pre-cum against your skin — cutting through your folds as you both gasp and grind at the touch, chasing more of eachothers touch as he grips at your hips.
you’re intoxicating, he thinks as he pulls back to look over you beneath him — chest heaving with every deep breath he takes as he keeps you pressed to the mattress. he’s so enamoured by the way you’re rubbing your slick folds along his cock, making him glisten with every needy thrust until he’s letting himself rest just short of your hole. “oh, how i’ve missed you. if you will, allow me to show you, hm?”
Tumblr media
kazuha had went out to run some errands, granting you some alone time where you suddenly found yourself having a particular itch you needed to scratch. although you didn’t consider the fact he’d be home early, maybe he missed you a little more than he thought, not that he cares when you already look all pretty and spread out for him coming home.
“this view is breathtaking, i could watch it all day.” kazuha breathes from where he watches you, a soft sort of smile on his face as he watches the way you jolt to blink up at him — fingers resting between your thighs as you halt the circles you were drawing around your puffy clit.
kazuha wastes no time in approaching you as he sighs dreamily, fingertips reaching to squeeze around your thighs as draws closer — dropping himself to his knees at the edge of the bed before he urges you to turn to face him. “but i guess you could call me greedy for wanting to truly have you, my love.” you can feel his breath fan over your folds as he speaks, making you shudder as his eyes drop to gaze at you.
“maybe it’s from being out at sea, hah— or maybe you’re just irresistible.” he hums as he lets his face dip between your thighs, pressing kisses along your pussy as your thighs hug around his cheeks — urging him closer as he drinks up the very taste of you he finds himself craving now.
kazuha was an expert with his mouth and you’re already wound up tight from your own movements, back arching as he lets his tongue draw mindless shapes along your clit. he’s rolling the muscle over the swollen little bud before he closes his lips around it, suckling lightly with a pleased hum as his own eyes roll back. “oh how i’ve longed for my taste of you.”
Tumblr media
© 2022 garoujo. please do not copy any of my layouts or writing and translate or repost onto any other sites.
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1wingedtraveler · 3 days
Heyyy 💙 I absolutely adore how you write subby Scara 💙💙 I especially love the one where he dreams about Ei and then reader “takes care” of him (lol trying to be tame in the description).
I have a request for a similar fic if you’re interested in writing it. I was thinking Scara x afab reader where he has a breastfeeding/lactation kink and after a stressful day dealing with harbinger duties he relaxes by nursing, but of course Scara is a greedy little menace so he ends up wanting even more attention from reader and either fucks them or gets fucked via strap on. So yeah that was the idea I had if you’re open to writing something similar, feel free to change it up if you want. A bit of a “taboo” kink so if you’re not interested in writing for it then no worries 😊
A/N: Hellooo!! The one you're talking about was a commission from a friend acually. She gave me the idea. I don't mind writing lactation i read my share of fics about that😤 anyway thank you for the support❤️❤️❤️ hope you like it
Smut, MDNI
Warnings: lactation, degradation, reader has titts, no pronouns mentioned for the reader, spanking, strap on, spit as a lube, mastrubation, scara barking for you, brat taming
Tumblr media
it all started when he came back from work, mad, extremly stressed and sore. You offered to cuddle him to which he agreed.
He climed into a bed with you, burring his face into your breasts. You started to run your fingers through his hair. His muscles relaxed a little. A memory crossed his mind
He once saw a mother and child together. The baby was sucking on its mother's breast. Scaramouche knew nothing about human infants so he thought it was just another thing he didn't understand. He looked up at your face
"Why do human infants suck on their mothers breasts?"
You looked at him with suprised expression. That question came out of nowhere. He did ask things about humans. You assumed it was his subtle way of trying to understand you better. Maybe he was just curious?
"Well, the main reason main reason humans breastfeed is to feed their child"
"Feed? Humans produce food through their body?"
"Humans are mammals so we produce milk to feed our young. It also helps to relax the baby and put it to sleep"
The last part made him think. His harbinger duties are pretty stressfull, there's not too many things that can pull his mind off work. Only you were able to do it. Your touch, voice, scent, face. Almost all his senses were overwhalmed by you. But he wanted all that you can give him
"Can I try it?"
"Don't make me repeat myself. You heard me"
That convesation went somewhere you did not expect it to. The eager look in his eyes told you that he was being serious. You weren't against the idea, who knows it might even help sooth his nerves.
"O-Okay, just don't bite me or something"
His hand went up to your loose tank top and pulled it down, revealing your naked chest. He went on top of you, laying down on his stomach. His lips lowered towards your tit before finally taking it into his mouth, making you slightly gasp
Warm tounge wrapped itself around your nipple, kneading it gently. Scaramouche's mouth was instantly flooded with warm substance. He let out a quiet breath of satisfiaction through his nose.
It was so sliky and sweet, it remainded him of dango milk. Hand wrapped itself around his hair again, bringing him closer. You resumed petting his hair. This affectionate made him feel at home, like exactly where he belonged
"You're so cute like this Scara"
Your soft voice rang through his ears. He felt too good to argue, his eyelids felt heavy. The warmth filling his stomach, your touch lulled him into peacfull slumber
After that, it has become a routine. First thing he did when he came back from work was jumping on your lap, pulling your boob out and sucking on it. Then he also started doing it before sleep claiming its the only way he can fall asleep. But more than two times a day? It was getting ridiculous. Your titts were sore
Besides you had some paperwork to do. Deciding to ignore his whining you left the room and headed to your office.
Oh, Scara was not letting you off that easily. He decided to go after you, opening the door to your office. You noticed him come in but you disregared his presence and sat down on your chair, starting to write.
Short man sat down on a small couch, few feet away from your desk. First he just stared at you with bored expression for few minutes. You quickly forgot he was there after getting pulled into spiral of work. Then you heard quiet shuffling if clothes
Scaramouche started to run his hands through his body. Rubbing his shaft throught his short while rubbing his nipple through his think tank top. Breathy sighs were starting to leave his mouth
(You've gotta be kidding me, he's absolutely shamless) you thought to yourself. Staying focused was getting much harder
Your sneaky looks didn't get unoticed by Scara, he smirked and decided to go further. He pulled off his pants along with underwear slightly, making his cock spring out. He brought his hand to his mouth, proceeding to wrap his slopply lick his finger. When spit covered most of his hand he began to jerk himself off
(i've had enough of this brat's shit) you thought, slamming your hands on the desk. You pulled your biggest strap out of cabinet, quickly tearing your pants off and putting it on.
"I will give you what you want, cunt"
your angry voice boomed through the room making Scaramouche shiver. The fingers that once caressed his scalp, wrapped themselves in his hair pulling him off the couch on to the floor
"Annoying brats like you should be fucked on the dirty floor where they belong"
He yelled, pushing himself up from the ground. You pushed his head back down smashing his cheek against tiles.
"You're not getting up untill I tell you to. You wanted attention im going to give you some"
You pressed your giant strap against his unprepared ass earning cries of pain from him. Taking some pity on him you spat on the toy and spread it around. Finally you were able to push the tip in
"Shut up and take it, slut"
With strong thrust you pushed it all in. A bulge formed in your boyfriends flat stomach. His eyes rolled back and mouth opened in silent scream. After giving him some time to adjust you started slowly moving.
Scara's moans were muffled by the ground under him, his nails scratching against it. Your hips were slapping his ass harshly, making his whole body shake. He felt every bump of your cock deep in his gut, his mind was filled with nothing but that. His tounge started to hang out of his mouth, drool leaking out of his mouth
After few minutes, he started to move his hips along with your, fucking himself on your cock. Your hand slapped his plump ass loudly, leaving a red mark. It made his cock twitch
"Stop moving, whore. You're so fucking dumb, you can't follow simple instructions and stay still"
Your pounding quickened, making it harder for Scara to stay still. He felt a know forming in his stomach.
"Oh fuck no" you pulled out, leaving his ass gaping
"You better beg for it, dirty dog"
"PLEASE! please, let me- let me come"
"Hmm how about you bark for me? like a bitch in heat you are?"
"W-woof, WOOF!"
"Thats a good boy"
Giggling you started to fuck him in extremly fast pace. His body went limp, letting you do what you wanted with him, you could hear slurred barking still coming from his mouth.
After one harsh you pushed the button on the remote making the toy cum inside Scara's ass. The feeling of cum filling him up triggred his own orgasm making him come all over the floor
"Mhh wo-woofff.... woofff"
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llysol · 1 day
Tumblr media
“You’re finally mine.”
Ft. Ayato x fem!reader
SUMMARY: After your wedding, you and your new husband couldn’t resist each other any longer and you guys fuck.
WARNINGS: nsfw, slowburn, consensual unprotected sex, soft sex, fembodied reader, cunnilingus, virginity loss, kissing, body worship, praising, ayato has a breeding kink, pregnancy kink
word count: 9.04K
“Alright, seems like we’re done for the day,” Thoma sighed as he dumped the last of the trash into the bin.
You, Ayato and thoma were clearing out the aftermath of the wedding dinner, helping out to take down the decorations and salvage any pretty bouquets of baby blue and white roses scattered on the silk laden tables. Now that you were finished, the dining hall was sparkling clean- mostly thanks to thoma.
“Once again, I’d just like to say…congratulations, My lord and My lady. Have a good night.” The blonde housekeeper bowed deeply.
Smiling, you watched as he disappeared upstairs while you stood beside your new husband, arm linked with his. In your other hand, you held a giant bouquet, a mixture of roses and baby’s breath and other pretty flowers.
Ayato’s gaze lingered on you- his wife, admiring the beautiful ivory gown you wore. Now that the veil had been taken off, it looked a lot neater as compared to the long trail of delicate fabric dragging behind you with every step you took down that aisle..
“Let’s head upstairs too, shall we?” you offered, pulling your arm from his so you could take his hand instead, interlocking your fingers with his slender, pale ones.
“Hold on, y/n,” he said, smiling tenderly as he turned your body to face him.
“kiss me.”
You didn’t hesitate, standing on tip toes as you reached up to meet his lips, pecking him quickly before you could lose your balance in the heels you wore. The clan head smiled again, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he did.
“My precious gem..” he sighed, partly to himself. He adored you so much, and seeing you in the pretty gown you’d picked out together, and the way you smiled so brightly when you swore your vows during the ceremony… it made him glad to have you. “Come, let’s continue this upstairs.” He led you up to the second floor of the estate where your shared bedroom was.
You shut the door quietly behind you as he took his dress shoes off, placing them neatly at the corner beside the polished otogi wood door. You did the same, then followed him to the space between the balcony and the bed.
“Y/n…” he murmured, his hands encircling your waist as you looked up with curious eyes. “I’m so proud to have you. I feel like the luckiest man on earth to be married to someone as perfect as you.” Though his affectionate words indeed warmed your heart, you couldn’t help but let a small giggle escape your lips.
“Why the sappy language? I knew you loved me, but i didn’t know you were that smitten.” You poked his chest playfully, eyes wandering across his body for probably the tenth time today.
He donned a black blazer and matching dress pants, along with a white undershirt and a complimentary baby blue tie. in the pocket of his blazer, a small sprig of flowers and now limp leaves hung out.
“I just can’t find the exact words to express how much I adore you.” His smooth voice was like music to your ears.
“Well, I must admit the same. And I almost forgot to tell you,” you played with the end of his tie. “You look absolutely gorgeous and ravishing in a suit, My lord.”
A faint blush crept up his pale cheeks. He chuckled, brushing back a strand of your silken, curled hair as he leaned in to latch his lips onto yours. His left hand moved to rub against your jaw gently as his right rested on the small of your back.
He didn’t let go and neither did you as he continued kissing you, tilting his head so he could better angle himself.
When his tongue tentatively pushed against your slightly swollen lips, you gladly let him in, parting your lips so he could suck on your lower lip as his tongue explored your mouth, meeting yours as he tangled them.
Ayato bit down softly on the plush of your lip and you let out an accidental groan. You felt his grip tighten on you, so your hands moved up to slide through his silken blue locks, a faint, lavender- like scent in the air as you massaged his scalp.
While still kissing you, your husband skilfully swept you up and carried you to the bed bridal style, laying you down on the mattress with such heartbreaking gentleness that your heart fluttered wildly in your chest.
He began taking off his clothes- starting with his blazer, then his tie and undershirt. It wasn’t the first time you’d seen him shirtless- yet your cheeks still flushed whenever you got a glimpse of the pale skin and toned muscle beneath his several layers of clothing.
“Would you mind helping me take this off?” You knew he was referring to his belt- and you willingly obliged, fingers moving to fiddle with the buckle until it came off and fell to the plush mattress with a soft ‘clink’.
Then his pants were off, breathing heavy as he hovered over you and slid a hand behind to unzip the delicate silken dress you still wore. His lips clashed with yours in another passionate kiss, distracting you as he fumbled around with your clothes and eventually pulled them off.
When you looked up at him, there was nothing short of affection and pure lust in those gentle violet eyes.
“Tell me if I’m going too far,” he breathed out. “ I’ll try and take it slow.” You nodded, fingertips tracing the lines of his smooth back, breathing ragged as he began fondling with your breasts, thumbs brushing over your sensitive nipples as you head flew back against the pillows.
“You like that, hmm?” He cooed, grinding his hips into yours as a noticeable tent began to form in the center of his pristine, white boxers. You let out a groan in response, reaching a hand down to palm his erection. The moment your thumb brushed over his clothed tip, a small damp circle seeped into the fabric as your husband moaned.
In return, he moved back a little so he could reach your pussy, circling your clit while pinching it occasionally to get you ready for him. You squeezed his cock, legs trembling as you moved to wrap them around his back.
“I need you to relax, princess,” he murmured, taking both your hands in his as he intertwined your fingers together. He kissed your inner thigh, head leaning down as he licked your folds in one long stroke.
Your whole body was on fire just from that one little touch of his tongue against you. He squeezed your hands as he continued to taste you, licking quick strokes on your clit as clear fluid began oozing out from your hole.
“You taste absolutely intoxicating…it’s so sweet…” You couldn’t help but let out a moan at his words. His voice had gone an octave deeper, humming and making small sounds as he continued to eat you out.
He lapped everything up, occasionally using his middle and index fingers to smear your own juices all over your pussy till you were all wet and dripping for him.
“Look at my wife being such a good girl,” he smiled, gazing up at your teary eyes as you panted. “So nice and wet for me…just a little while more and I’ll give you what you need, ‘Kay?”
You gulped and nodded, clenching your thighs as he toyed with your pussy for a bit more, taking his middle finger and prodding it gently at your tight hole. He was well aware you were a virgin, so he wanted to go slow to ensure it didn’t hurt for you.
He pressed one last kiss to your swollen clit, them crawled over you again, brushing the hair off your sweaty forehead. “This may hurt a little,” he warned. “So just say the safe word if it’s too much.”
You nodded, closing your eyes as you felt the tip of his cock gently prod at your entrance, breathing in as he slowly pushed himself into you, inch by inch until you were full with the length and girth of his shaft.
It stinged a little due to the way it stretched you out, but the pain soon morphed into blissful pleasure when he began moving his hips into yours slowly. Though you were his first, the way he was rubbing all the sweet spots inside you seemed as if he had previous experiences before you.
“Good girl.” he murmured, loving the way you were taking his cock so well. Your heavy- lidded gaze met his, and you watched as his soft smile melted away into groan as he pushed himself further inside your gummy walls.
“Is it okay if i go faster?”
You desperately nodded, wanting more of him- you needed to feel more of him inside you, wanted to savour in the feeling of his cock pounding into your tight hole.
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you lifted one hand to push his head down to yours, kissing the little mole at the corner of his left lip. Ayato blushed, and you giggled as you repositioned yourself and opened your thighs slightly wider so he could angle himself even deeper inside your pussy.
He began thrusting into your at a steady pace, hips never faltering as he pulled out just till his tip was still inside, then slammed back up into you over and over until you gasped when he hit your g- spot.
“You like it when i touch there, hmm?” he did it again, this time you could feel the head of his cock press on it a little longer before he pulled out. You could barely use your words to describe how it felt, your whole body convulsing with pleasure as he hit your sweet spot again.
“y/n, can I..hahh…c- cum inside?” he managed out, voice breaking as he felt himself nearing his peak. The way your pussy was clenching and unclenching around him was driving him insane- it felt so fucking good he could barely hold up.
“please,” you moaned. “do it inside.”
He leaned down on shaky arms to peck your forehead, then pounded into you a few more times until you could feel him twitch inside you, his tip kissing your cervix as his cum spurted out and coated your walls deliciously, the thick, warm liquid clinging to your insides as he pulled out.
A mixture if yours and Ayato’s fluids began seeping out of your fluttering cunt, the milky white liquid pooling between your thighs.
“f-ffuck…” he whimpered, the sight of his cum spilling out of his beloved wife was turning him on again. But he knew he had to attend to you first- so he instead took two fingers and spread the stickiness against your folds before pushing them in.
“ah- fuck, ayato..”
“Want you to have all my babies,” he breathed. “so I can’t let any of this go to waste.” Truth be told, Ayato occasionally had fantasies of breeding you so well, Until you were carrying his babies in your swollen belly... Just the thought of it was enough to get him horny. But he decided to save that fantasy for another time.
He finger fucked you till there was no more cum leaking out of you, completely stuffed with his seed,then joined you amongst the pillows as he pulled your exhausted figure into his muscular arms.
“I’m so glad you’re finally mine.” he mused once again, his thumb rubbing reassuring circles on your shoulder as you let your hands roam across his chiseled chest, enjoying the feeling of his warm body so close to you.
“mm..me too. I love you.” Your hand raked through his tousled blue hair.
He squeezed you tightly, sighing contentedly through his nose.
“I love you too, y/n. Forever.”
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figgrrr0 · 2 days
can i request florist boyfriend!tighnari with a gender neutral reader smut? i don’t really mind the length of it, but maybe ‘nari needs to… “unwind” after dealing unruly customers demanding to see the manager and treating him badly (when in reality, he is… in fact, the manager)
i just think ‘nari is the sweetest boy! he’s so used to taking care of us and giving us gifts, so perhaps it’s time that we take good care of him and shower him with some intimate and loving nighttime indulgences (top!reader x sub!tighnari)? <3
i hope i followed the format correctly :>>
Got a bit carried away, I hope this is what you wanted! 💕💕
Want to skip the lead up? Look for the NSFW sign that marks the smut! Also, I didn't end up doing any actual penetration, it didn't feel needed with the way I took it! But if you want to see it, feel free to send in another ask and I'll try again!
A/N: I ended it before I wanted, I felt like it was already too long... I had a bit more planned at the end. If anyone wants to see that, lmk! (tiny bit more smut, then aftercare). This is my first time writing smut so please be gentle with me!
Character: Sub!Tighnari
Reader: Dom!Gn
CW: NSFW, massage, nipple play, handjob, slight biting, praise, pet name "baby" quite a bit, dumbification?
Word count: 3.8k
Tumblr media
Two long hours. Is that really how long it's been? You double check the clock once more, but it doesn't change what you are now certain that you'd seen a second before.
Tighnari, your competent boyfriend of the past 3 years, has never once been home late from working at the flower shop he owned. Not without warning you of the possibility of such in the morning. But he hadn't done that today. He wasn't supposed to be late.
Tumblr media
As much as you know you shouldn't worry about him - don't have to worry about him - you can't help the feeling that something has gone wrong...
'POP!' The gurgling crackle of the overflowing pan you'd left on the stove breaks your tense reverie.
"Oh shit!" You exclaim, before promptly forcing yourself to calm down once you realise it's not as bad as you thought, and move to turn down the heat and place the pan in the sink. You hope the contents haven't burned... that'd make Tighnari's night even worse than it likely already is.
He's been dropping hints lately that he'd been craving a particular dish that you knew him to be fond of: mushroom stew. Mushrooms were his favourite, after all. And, after planning to make it today, you'd kept it a surprise, knowing that regardless of his mood in the evening (right now), the reveal of the food would cheer him up! Hopefully.
You'd just started stirring the pot for a final time, when the front door to your and Tighnari's shared house suddenly opened. Had you been so lost in thought as to not even hear his keys jangling outside? (He often gets his keys out before even trying the handle to see if the door was indeed locked. Because of this, he'd locked himself outside plenty of times before now, and you're certain he'll do it again)
You wait to hear him call out to you as he always does, but his voice never comes. You're relieved that he's home, but now you're more worried as to whether or not he is okay... It's unusual for him not to seek you out first thing after returning home.
"Tighnari? Are you home? I'm in the kitchen!" You say, raising your voice only slightly, knowing that he'll hear it wherever in the house he is. In return, you hear his distinct voice uttering a displeased grumble, followed by a painful sounding hiss. At this, your brows furrow, and a minute later, his arms sneak around your front to hug you from behind, peeking over your shoulder. Turning your face slightly, you greet him with a quick peck on the cheek.
"You making dinner?" He asks simply, his voice holding a barely hidden sigh as he slumps behind you, obviously tired.
"Yeah," is your reply, keeping your voice a bit hushed to not hurt his sensitive ears, what with his extremely close proximity, "are you hungry? You seem a bit off..." He nuzzles his face into your neck, hiding his eyes as he leans on you for support against the counter top.
"Got a headache from work today... I'm not much in the mood to eat right now. Sorry..."
At this, you turn around and tenderly cup his face in your soft hands, making him look you directly in the eyes, wanting to properly convey your next message. "There's no need to apologise, 'Nari. It's okay if you're not feeling well, but I promise you're gonna want what I've made for you." You end, sending a knowing smile his way, and move to start serving the food.
"Go sit at the table, Nari! If you really don't want to eat it, that's okay. We can just heat it up later when you are hungry. Or I can make you an extra 'special' breakfast tomorrow~" Putting some emphasis on the word 'special', you shoot him a wink, to which he huffs and turns around quickly to hide his reddening cheeks, taking a seat at the table behind you, further back in the room. "Well, that's odd..." you think, normally he'd hit right back with some teasing of his own. He must've had a super hard day at the shop.
After a couple minutes of relatively comfortable silence, you break it, eagerly wanting to hear about what kept him away tonight, and brought him home in his testy mood. "Sooo... what happened? Bad day?"
He let out a sad sounding sigh, "To say the least... a few weeks ago, I had a customer come into the store wanting a bouquet comprised of hard-to-get flowers... because they don't grow in Sumeru."
You look over your shoulder as you let out an understanding hum, seeing him rearranging the vase of flowers displayed in the middle of the table. He'd brought them home a few days ago, and even then he'd spent an hour getting them to lay 'perfectly' as he'd said. He was just never satisfied, always having to focus on something. Perhaps that's why he's been getting so stressed recently... he just needs some help taking his mind off things... to relax.
"I told them then that it'd take a couple of weeks for the flowers to be shipped over, and even then, they weren't likely to make the journey healthy enough to survive. But, still, they wanted me to try anyway. Even though it wouldn't likely work." He rolls his eye, adding in an annoyed scoff, " they came in yesterday, and even I was surprised that they looked well; they stood tall, their colours vibrant, no fallen or ripped petals or leaves, and they looked amazing in the bouquet I arranged."
He lifts his head to look you in the eyes, his face softening upon seeing you so interested in his story, despite being busy with the food. "I honestly think it was the best one I've made yet, I would've loved for you to see it." He let's a weary smile make its way onto his face as you approach, holding a bowl of the mushroom stew in each hand, and setting it on the table in both of your places.
Upon realising what the food was, his ears perk up, nose twitching as he took a revering sniff, picking up the spoon you'd laid in front of him at the same time. "Oh, love... you really shouldn't have-"
"Shhh!" You interrupt, "I know what I do and don't have to do, Tighnari. And I know what I want to do for you." You take his hand across the table, gently running your thumb over his knuckles and feeling him soften under your touch. "Now finish your story and eat your dinner."
He gulps, his Adam's apple bobbing in his throat, the flush rising higher on his cheek bones. "Right... uh.. s-so the customer came in this morning to retrieve the bouquet, but then- and this is the most ridiculous complaint I've ever gotten thus far: the flowers weren't the right colour! They never specified a colour!" He threw his arms up I'm the air, still holding the spoon, as if he were still in disbelief. "They said, when they made the order, 'The colour doesn't matter'!"
Though his voice was full of fury, his eyes betrayed him: eyes wide and tearing up, he was blinking quickly in succession to try and bid them away. As he finished, his throat was wracked with barely fought down sniffles, "I spent the last two hours arguing, trying to come to an agreement with them, and eventually I had to make up a new flower arrangement including what we already had in the store..."
You stand up from your seat abruptly, taking your dish and stepping behind Tighnari. As you pass by him, you rest your hand on his shoulder, rubbing his taut muscles through the fabric, "you know that this incident has nothing to do with your skills, right, 'Nari? None of it was your fault. You had no obligation to continue helping that person, but you did because you're a good person. Unlike them." He pushed into your touch, a faint whine forcing its way through him before he could repress it. You could tell be the way that his alert ears pricked up then went slack that he'd liked your response, his inner instincts keening at the venom your voice held towards the rude customer, proud that you'd agreed with him.
Before he can get ahead of himself, you step away into the kitchen, but not before leaning down to press a slow kiss and a nip onto the back of his neck, and whispering next to his ear: "Finish your dinner, Tighnari. Don't keep me waiting too long..."
To which he replies with a barely audible, "Y-yes, Y/N..." with a certain shake in his voice.
Then, you place your bowl on the counter, ready to be washed later, before heading to the bedroom. Opening the door, you look back to see Tighnari shovelling the stew into his mouth, eating almost as quickly as possible, when he then notices you staring at him. He nearly chokes and looks away in embarrassment, covering his face with one hand. At that, you step into the bedroom and close the door behind you. He really can be quite immature, sometimes... as endearing as it is...
While undressing yourself and changing into some light sleeping clothes that you knew Tighnari liked, you begin some preparations. It seems as though your dear boyfriend could do with some... stress relief, to say the least. After everything he does: working so hard at the flower shop, being so caring towards you, and even bringing home some flowers every now and then for you, you decide that it's time for you to pay back some of those amassing favours to him...
You start by blowing out the flames of the scented candles around the room, preventing them from disturbing Tighnari's sensitive nose, but still letting their calming scent and effects roam through the air. Then, you go into the bathroom, open a cupboard, and pull out some massage oil and a towel; after touching his shoulder earlier, you knew that his muscles were extremely tense, and you were going to help him with that tonight.
Tumblr media
No more than 10 minutes later, Tighnari opens the door, walking into the dimly lit room, the only light being that of the few unscented candles that you'd left burning. His eyes met your own as you sat on the bed, your lips upturned in a welcoming smile as you motioned for him to come closer. He eyed the towel and bottle of lotion next to you with an air of suspicion, then met your eyes again, one of his eyebrows going upwards in a questioning manner.
In response, you sigh and roll your eyes playfully, starting, "I'm giving you a massage, silly." You pat the bed in front of you, urging him to sit on the edge. "C'mon, 'Nari, hop up here and sit down like a good boy!" You knew just how to get the reaction you wanted.
He growled in warning. There it was.
Usually he'd try to put up a bit of a fight when you did this, denying the praise and demeaning acts, declaring that he "hated being treated like a pet!", but you knew better. You knew the truth.
You knew he loved it. And you knew he was too exhausted to play his usual games tonight, that he'd accept and do anything you wanted. Because tonight, he wanted to hear those words.
"Good boy." You let out as barely more than a whisper, voice soft and encouraging as he comes closer, turning around to sit between your thighs, sitting right on the edge of the bed. Just where you want him. "I knew you could do it, 'Nari." He looked back at you over his shoulder, a deceiving glare shadowed his features, but his tail was wagging discreetly. After the years of living with him, of loving him, of playing with him, you knew exactly how to read his reactions.
Not paying any mind to his slightly rude actions, you slowly slide your hands up under his shirt, making him flinch a bit in surprise before he eases into your warm touch. Splaying your fingers flat against his stomach, tracing each curve and line, dragging your nails lightly against the tight skin of his abdomen, you do anything you can to make his breath hitch, to make his chest rise faster and faster, until he can't help but beg you to do more. To touch him more, to give him more. He could be so greedy sometimes, your Tighnari, but you were glad that he was comfortable enough to act that way around you. You wouldn't want him any other way.
"Are you going to take your shirt off for me, baby?" You chuckle softly at his confused expression. During your ministrations, his eyes had drifted closed and his lips had strayed open to let out his content breaths, but upon your arm pulling away, his eyes had shot open, his mouth has slammed shut, and his hand had darted out to grab tight a hold of your receding wrist. "Well how else am I gonna give you a massage, hmm?"
"You could always just give me one through my clothes... or are you not that good?" He smirks at you over his shoulder, the light that can usually be found in his sly eyes finally shining bright again.
"Oh, but then it wouldn't feel as good! And tonight is all about helping you, Tighnari, I want you to relax for me..." You place a hand on his cheek and guide him to face you, giving him a deep kiss. When you pull away, he chases after you, trying to capture your lips with his again. "Do you think you can do that for me?"
He grumbles an answer, and even just from the implied tone you can guess what it meant, but you want to be sure, you want to take care of him and give him what he needs. "I want you to tell me properly, baby. Tell me you want this. Tell me you want what I'm going to give you." You look him in the eyes, imploring him to obey.
And, just like that, he crumbles.
"I want you, I want this, please, Y/N..." He begs, shifting to take off his shirt in a hurry, as if he couldn't possibly wait to feel your hands on him again.
This is how things always go between you and Tighnari; he pretends he doesn't need your help, pretends he will be fine without your touch, when, in reality, he craves it, begs for it with so much as a slight prod or a threat of receiving nothing. He's so easy to read, and yet, still just as fun as when you first met.
As soon as his shirt is peeled from his body, he casts it off into the room, only to be found in the morning, and as soon as it is out of the way, he reaches to grab your arms. You let him, of course. You just can't help giving him what he wants, especially when he's being so open about it, so... needy.
He leads your hands straight to fondle his nipples as he coaches your fingers to play with them just the way he wants, pinching, pulling, flicking and circling them as he groans, whines, whimpers and cries. This is the loudest he's ever been so soon after starting, and you haven't even really done anything yet... maybe you should just let him use you however he wants at some point? Make him tell you exactly what he wants, where he wants it, make him tell you how to do it, as if you don't already know what makes him cum the hardest... and the fastest... let him think he has control, only to make him submit and beg for forgiveness when you refuse to help him anymore, watch as the embarrassment paints his face a deep red as he realises he was giving you what you wanted the entire time... Well. That's for another night, perhaps. Tonight, right now, all your generous, caring boyfriend needs is some loving touches and sweet pleasure.
Once he is certain that your fingers will continue the set rhythm on his perky, pink nipples, Tighnari moves his hands to traverse his own body, surfing across the soft planes of his stomach and thighs, working himself up for you, just as you've taught him before now.
One of your hands moves away from him and to your side, reaching to grab the massage oil you'd planned to use before Tighnari got ahead of himself. He complains about it, but you know this will make it all that much better for him in the end, so you ignore his pitiful questioning whines and shuffles.
You spurt a few small pumps of the oil onto your palms, running them along his body where he'd been stroking himself a few mere seconds ago, giving him more lubrication to warm himself up and provide more pleasure in even the simplest of touches. In addition to this, you begin kissing and nipping his neck, littering bruises and bite marks of different sizes and severity trailing from his jaw down to his shoulders. Each bite earns a high keen from deep within him and a tilt of his head, readily giving you even more access to the surface he so wants you to bite into, to mar and stake your ownership.
"You're such a good boy for me, baby... so, so good. You want me this much? Yeah? Want me to claim you as my own, make you mine and let everyone know?"
He lets out an unabashed moan at that, nodding desperately in agreement, "mhm! W-want you so bad, wanna be yours, wanna be your- mmh! Y-your good boy!"
Leaving his hard nipples lonely before they become uncomfortable sensitive from your teasing, you smooth your fingers along his strong, slender shoulders, pressing into the crevices and rubbing in the oil, continuing the massage that he was so ready to forget and push past, wanting to skip straight to the main act. But, as you've come to learn, while Tighnari loves to care for you and your well being, he can be quick to forego his own. Well, you're going to show him right now, that taking care of himself can feel amazing. Starting with a massage.
You press and grind into all of his muscles, slowing the frantic pace that he has set for himself. He cries out, upset that you're teasing him further, but he quickly shuts up when you pull lightly on the base of his tail.
"Shush, baby. Trust me here... it'll feel good."
You gradually work your way down, following after his own hands in their wanton display of lust, feeling out the tense knots in his muscles and working them beneath your insistent fingers and the lubricant oil until the stresses on his body yield and he sighs and moans in relief. You work his abs, his arms, his thighs, all the way to the top, where you pull away just before making it to where he wants you most.
He breaks.
"Pl- hah! Please! Please Y/N, touch me! I'll be such a good boy! I need it so bad!" He sobs, crystalline tears finally falling, begging as he shakes under your calm gaze.
"Awh, 'Nari... there's no need to cry, baby... you know I'll always give you what you want, right? I just want to take care of you first."
You press your lips against his again to take his mind off of it, pushing your tongue into his mouth when he gasps. For a few seconds, he tries to take control, pushing against your tongue and attempting to set the pace, but he quickly learns that he much prefers when you take the lead, letting his spit swap and mix with yours as your tongues slide against each other, swallowing each other's noises.
Again, you uncap the oil bottle, spilling a generous drizzle onto your open hand, and take it to his ready and aching cock. Instantly, as your hand wraps around him, the clear oil mixes with milky white, precum drooling from his sobbing slit. He mewls at the touch, unconsciously bucking his hips up into the wet, tight heat enveloping his cock head. One hand slipping over his hard cock over and over again, and the other swapping between each nipple, giving them both equal attention, you proceed to kiss him at the same time, nipping his lips with each pullback for breath. You're overwhelming his senses, making him feel so much more, and even the lewd 'shlik shlik shlik' that resounds around the room only serves to make him shudder and whine and beg for more.
"Please, please- Ahhn~ Please~!" Is the constant moan streaming from his mouth, as if there were a dam inside of him that could no longer be contained.
Just from his erratic mannerisms you knew he was close: the tightening of his hands on your thighs, the shaking of his legs as they hang over the side of the bed, his ears twitching and tail jerking faster and faster.
"Cum for me, baby. It's okay, just relax... let it all out..."
As soon as the words are out of your mouth, he stiffens, a silent cry forcing his lips wide, tiny squeals of his voice intermittently ringing out when his throat loosens enough to let them escape.
Still, as he's coming down from the high of it all, you continue to stroke his now sensitive cock until he begins shaking, and his face scrunches in displeasure. Only then, do you release him, guiding him to lay back comfortably in the pillows of the bed.
5 minutes later, after a short break and a continued massage all the way up both legs, -which he did, admittedly, enjoy- Tighnari leans up onto his elbows, staring down at you in your position between his thighs.
"Uh.. mmm.... do you.. -I mean, should I return the favour? Can I make you feel good? Or is that not allowed?"
Ah. It'd seem as though he's beginning to regain his wits enough to start being snarky again, accompanied with that signature little smirk he always wears when he's proud of himself. Seems the shock to his senses was just what he needed.
Maybe he could do with some more.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you for reading 💕💕💕
It may not seem like it but I spent almost all day doing this (I edit and reread while writing), so it took probably about 8 hours cause I write slowly.
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Nene's Ultimate Husbando Line-up (NSFW: Perfect Distraction! ver.) click and drag game!
warnings: flashing images, NSFW/explicit sexual themes
Please DO NOT post reaction videos/results of my NSFW click and drag games onto any other social media platform. 18+ blogs are allowed to reblog
includes male characters from the following: Genshin Impact, Twisted Wonderland, Spy x Family, Attack on Titan, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Jujutsu Kaisen, Haikyuu, My Hero Academia, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Obey me, Free, Tokyo Revengers, Chainsaw Man, PSYCHO-PASS, Howl's Moving Castle, Durarara, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer, D.Gray-Man, Pandora Hearts, Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Black Butler, One Punch Man, Naruto, Kuroko no Basket, Death Note, Fire Force, Ouran High School Host Club, Fire Force, Bungou Stray Dogs
*how to play
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
being in the knights of favonius came with its own responsibilities, yet why was it so unbelievably difficult for kaeya to get up in the morning when you‘re laying next to him all pretty and riled up?
୨୧ WORD COUNT: 3.1k
୨୧ WARNINGS: nsfw, fem! reader, prone bone, fingering, morning sex, morning wood, biting, he cums in you, basically kaeya doesn‘t want to go to work.
Tumblr media
there was a pearly glow in the morning sky with the first of many rays of sunlight casting a rosy hue up the bedroom, prickling on kaeya's bronzed skin.
fluttering his eyelashes open for the first time post slumber, he scrubbed his face with his hands as to try to wipe away the tiredness that was still viewable on his handsome features. He yawned, stretching his broad body, tilting his neck left and right.
if only he didn't have to work today, he thoughts to himself, fighting off his laziness and huffing out dramatically.
naturally, ever since the grandmaster left for an important expedition, kaeya had to work more than usual, do stuff he in any other circumstances wouldn't have to bother to even bat an eye over.
of course, with the entire cavalry gone, one would think that the cavalry captain himself wouldn't have to particularly do much, yet he still had to aid the knights with various tasks as they were short in staff.
a low sigh escaped him and his heart bubbled with swells of delight upon taking in the look of his sleeping beauty curved up into a ball, your breathing tranquil with your eyes scrunched together.
how can someone be so cute and beautiful? while also infecting him with blissful joy.
leaving nothing to the imagination, his mind froze with his body feeling light, as if he wasn't entirely there yet, wandering his piercing gaze over your heaving figure, drinking in your peacefulness.
he tried to decipher on how he managed to end up so lucky, how it was him, of all people, who captured your heart.
on further analysis, he focused and crossed his vision over you, his breathing slowing down. He caught a glimpse of your white panties nudged out of your sleep shirt, the fabric was flimsy and was barely able to keep everything hidden and tugged away, the outline of your puffy folds poked out just slightly and watered his mouth on sight.
next, kaeya heavily settled his hands on your hips and pulled you closer into his embrace, he was still very much tired and exhausted, the thought about him having to leave for work in a bit was annoying, straight up mind shattering, a frustrated growl tingling in his throat.
cocking his head in the nook of your soft neck, kaeya took in your scent, so familiar and soothing, kissing the thin flesh under your ear. The strokes of his rough lips on you ultimately stirred you from your sleep, a dizzying sense of pleasure crawling over your shoulders.
"kaeya?" your voice was whispery and barely there, laced in with a raspy undertone when you cradled your head to the side, meeting his hooded eyes. "morning, beautiful."
you couldn't help yourself but roll your eyes at him, such tease, your brows crinkling at the corners as a peel of laughter echoed in the large room. With your hand, you removed the navy blue hair strands that covered your boyfriends handsome face, stilling your palm on his warm cheek and brushing your thumb over his lower lip.
"don't you have to work?"
"hmm." nuzzling himself into you, he continued, "how awful would i be if i don't?" kaeya crossed his arms around you with the plush of your behind pressed against his member, your eyes growing to the size of saucers upon realizing how riled up he had gotten.
"jean won't be happy if you're late." attempting to disturb him from his little fantasy, he set off the heavy erection in his pants, gently rutting itself within your softness, his rough tongue eagerly dragging over your neck and biting down the wet spot, ultimately forgetting about your words, as if he didn't perceive them in the first place.
"foul play!" he feigned a dramatic, teasing tone, "but this isn't about jean right now."
his hips bucked up yet again, this time unconsciously before one of his hands wandered towards your stomach, hooking his fingers into the elastic of your panties to pull them down in a single motion. Your breath was trembling with a sweet squeak robbed out of your mouth, melting into his warmth with your eyes closed.
his hand disappeared within your heat, nudging in between your thighs as you spread them a bit to make it easier for him to travel to where you craved it. "only for five minutes kaeya, okay?"
"five minutes, five minutes." he repeated sheepishly, gaping his mouth open and poking out his sharp canines from underneath his upper lip, prancing on your neck, adding his rough tongue up until reaching your earlobe to gingerly suck on it. You whined from his little scheme, noticing your nipples perked up from underneath your shirt and rubbing over the flimsy material as you whined at the first long finger poking at your entrance.
your cheeks grew warm, drizzling hot and your eyes fluttered close to relish in the digit filling you at last, the stretch was barely painful or to be perceived yet still pleasurable. Your insides were twisting and turning around his skillfulness which had kaeya's vision turn blank, jaw dropping loosely before a massive grin heaved on him.
considering on how your moans sounded, how they pooled over his ears like sweet liquid, sugary candy, kaeya figured you were very much sensitive, might be because you had just woken up, carefully wiggling his finger deep into you to wheedle another reaction out from your lips.
"don't hide your sounds from me, don't even dare."
his gorgeous face was behind you, kaeya absolutely despised it when you hid your pleasure from him, your lust and ache, sometimes you even did in on purpose to drive him mad, yet he always made sure to punish his sweet little angel properly afterwards.
"kaeya, it feels good." he was spreading the mess over your folds with every shove into your core, you nodded frantically to signal him how well he did, your head falling back against his neck as he added another finger into the mix, almost immediately pulling it into you and searching for more with his hungry eyes.
this time you stretched further, hole parting, the combination of his middle and ring finger rubbing their rough pads into your velvety walls had you short of breath, nudging your sweet spot. You were rocking side to side as you held each other in a loving clasp, moaning and breathing in sync.
a simple happiness, that's what it was for kaeya, seeing you unravel for him in such a short amount of time, a confident bubble bursting in his belly as he noticed the heavy dent in his boxers, growing, aching and rubbing against the uncomfortable material of his sweat shorts.
kaeya drew in his breath upon noticing your spasming walls, letting go of the air in his lungs with a shiver. He shifted his leg, pressing you closer together and increasing the pace on his hand. Without warning he scissored your sensitive cunt, curling and sending waves of electric thrills throughout your skin.
your eyebrows knitted together in concentration, tightening your jaw as you moaned his name, arching your spine away yet he jerked you back almost immediately, "I'm so close kaeya.. please." your skin was heated, yet the warmth crossing you from deep inside roamed into you in fast spurts, slumping back and forth.
"i want you to cum on my fingers, can you do this for me?" hoarsely voicing his command with authority taking over the room, he shoved his fingers in, thick and wet, delving them into you as you grinding yourself back, meeting his hand halfway through his heavy tugs.
"i‘m gonna cum—" moaning in protest, your sloppy hole suckled down on kaeya‘s slender, skillful digits, clamping your thighs to hold him there when you spasmed, shivering and whining when your orgasm threw itself at you.
kissing and biting your neck he hummed in satisfaction at your tones, your pleas and begs, the vibration he exclaimed was filling you and hit your core in a torrent of electricity.
your hands abruptly clasped onto his wrist to still his movements yet kaeya was chasing your release like a wild beast, finger fucking you through your climax with sloppy noises turning you into an embarrassing mess.
creating friction through his rough way with you, you grabbed him, your mouth opening but nothing came out and throat tightening when you cummed at last with a silent cry of his name, sobbing your words.
pure bliss, that's how kaeya would describe it, his palm glistering with arousal. "now would you look at yourself, what a sight to behold." your mind was a bit off and still wobbly, cradling your head back to look at him through lidded eyes, meeting his lustful ones.
"shut up kaeya, you wanted this." your sassiness was maddening and set his loins on fire, truly delicious. Kaeya pulled out of you, a string of your essence connecting him to your core when he did something that almost brought you on the verge of release again.
pleasantly dizzy, his slick covered fingers found his mouth when he pried the pads past his plump lips, lapping onto his digitd to drink in what you gifted him with, moaning and groaning around his fingers and hollowing his cheeks to suck them dry.
a whisper, a moan, taking itself out on your craving body when you watched in anticipation, now fully awake and completely forgetting that kaeya was very much late for work, not to mention the little '5 minute rule from ealier' was nowhere to be found. The aroma of his scent clasped around you, filling your nostrils and getting you weak in the knees, cradling your senses.
another long inhale, you yanked his hand away and kissed him, hard. Shaking, tantalizing goosebumps bristled on your skin, a sharply edged euphoria playing in your heart upon noticing his fully erected member resting against your thigh, a big wet splotch plastered on the side.
your fingers listened to his silent pleas, traveling down his stomach before cupping his groin, caressing it with your warm palm. You rolled forward, eliciting a groan from your boyfriend when he captured you in another kiss, rutting himself into your hand like a horny beast. "you're so fucking perfect for me." he sputtered, adding his strength on your hips to pull you back abruptly.
kaeya rose up, displaying himself to you as he exposed of his shirt together with his pants and boxers, cock plopping out and standing fully erect. His tip was swollen and rosy, desperate and needy when he beckoned you to turn around, following suit.
you lowered yourself onto the silky, white pillows with your behind perked up, your drenching pussy on full display for him to indulge himself in. Fuck, he wanted to be inside you right now, wanted his cock to be drenched full with filth and lewdness and make love to you.
"five minutes, right?" he taunted you with it, amusement finding him on how you thought you’d be satiated by a mere five minutes.
kaeya couldn't wait any longer, simply draping your shirt up and not giving a single fuck to discard of it completely, your glowing back greeting him. His rough hands branded your shaking skin, a satisfied growl deep in his lungs was leaving him as he got a hold of his stiff erection to drag it in and out of the little tunnel he created with his hand.
"i'm gonna be so late." chuckling to himself and in a way, it sounded as if kaeya was making fun of said fact, butterflies cascading through his stomach at the mere sight of you alone.
of course this was way better than working and fulfilling his duties.
your glistering pussy fluttered around nothing, sobbing and aroused, still mourning the loss of his long fingers when you trapped your lower lip in between your sharp teeth, hiding a moan.
"baby—" you're mewling now, "please don't tease me, i can‘t take it." wiggling yourself back, kaeya couldn't help himself but smirk devilishly, so unbelievably handsome that the sight of it would've made you cum on the spot. "who do you think i am? i'd never!"
pretending to be shocked, he lowered himself, hands pressing on your behind and gripping the plush of your ass, squeezing and wiggling it. An electric pulse went through your bones when he brushed his cockhead within your folds, collecting your filthy essence on his skin and slobbering him wet.
the natural lubricant would come in handy, surely, kaeya was mostly rough with you and in all honesty, you didn't mind, more so did you secretly encourage it whenever he'd claim you like that, whenever he'd show you how much he desired you without actually using any words.
he was perfect, truly, he was broad and thick, pressing himself into you and filling you to the brim, cunt parting in a rough manner you wouldn't want any other way.
every twitch, turn and twist of his cock you could feel, witness and drink in, you cried out whiningly in a breathy way with tears dwelling in your eyes. He draped himself over you, chest flushed on your back and licking a straight line on the back of your neck with his rough tongue, your tiny hairs sticking into the air from convulsing shivers.
"fuck, you're so tight today." his words were lustful and imploring, savoring and distracting you from the slight discomfort of your lower region being practically impaled by him. A string of saliva connected your skin to his lips, he was messy with you, adding spit and drawing it on your neck to continue to suckle and bite the wet flesh, hitting your sweet spot but not moving where you yearned for it the most.
kaeya pushed you back, leaving his tip in and waxing over your reactions, sending a bolt of lightning down your spine upon snapping himself back, roughly and so unbelievably hard that you thought your heart would actually burst out of your chest.
crying his name you moaned in tune with the pace he was settling for, dragging his raw member into your shivering insides and rubbing deliciously on your favorite spots, punctuated thrusts pressing roughly within you.
relentless, that's how he was with you, marking and branding you with his thick cock alone, his heavy balls smacking at your behind and eliciting arousing torment in your core, feeding into your desires when the flirst droplets of tears covered your warm skin, sticking on your cheeks.
large hands tilted your hips up while simultaneously applying pressure on your back to nudge you against the mattress, the new position making it possible for kaeya to dig into you more.
yet in comparison you got tighter, your hole delicate and milking him for all he's worth. Your oversensitive pussy was on its breaking point, drooling and making a mess out of his length, swallowing him whole, as if you were made for him.
"I'm so close-" you sobbed and he growled at your voices, changing the intensity and snaking up one of his skilled hands to your shaking clit, rubbing you fiercely in tune with his hips. "i know baby, i can feel you." your heart erupted, kaeya was delving as deep as he could possibly go, blown pupils directed to where your bodies connected and sloppily drooled over each other.
kaeya believed he was in heaven, more so loving to see you dripping wet of arousal and he was the cause of it! he alone was responsible for your fucked out state, mustering the strength to keep going, rubbing and pinching your clit in between his rough pads.
tearing you forward, you cried out his name in between panting, coaxing him on to go faster, more, you needed more and had to release now.
"I'm gonna fill you up." through gritted teeth, he told you his favorite way to come undone, something about you trusting him this much was catapulting him to cloud nine. His bruising grip overthrew your body, no words were bothered to be voiced by you, far too gone with the ache in your core threatening to break, teetering on edge and so fucking close, you wanted to get there already, your whines laced with frustration.
sore, sweaty and aching you twitched around him, soul smoldering and stinging when you finally cummed hard, each thrust barreling through your body and sending you over the edge, fisting your fingers into the cushions under you while almost ripping them apart.
your toes curled inwards with your skin shaking, jolts of torment and deep pleasure grasped and hid the control of your body from you, leaving you to kaeya with your sensitivity. How hot your body became, igniting flames in you and bursting the sweet bubble in your belly, the one that sent you spiralling into desire and bliss.
he flattened his hips on you, stilling himself when he came in a broken groan. Kaeya shifted his weight up in a much more convenient angle so he wouldn't suddenly crush you or collapse on top of you from the intense orgasm.
"fuck, that's it baby, that's it." his thumbs buried into your hips, pouring his sweet cum in you and archons, did he cum a lot, it was quilling over and sobbing down your aching hole, staining your thighs together with his pelvis.
he slid his cock out before greedily swatting it back in, moaning in tandem and feeling the residue of your orgasm wash over. He sunk in on you as though overwhelmed he twitched yet again, eyes pointing towards the filth in your legs. Your entire body tightened and his groans sliced you up, how blunt and raw they sounded, how shameless and unbelievably hot.
"fuck, what a mess i made." he heaved out a satisfied sigh, grinning and laughing wildly, casting a gentle shadow on you.
turning your sore body around to face him, you met his gaze, drawing your arms out for him to kiss him. Kaeya chuckled at your adorable teary expression, leaning forward to apply kisses on your lips, swaying you with his charm.
"i don't want to go to work." he painfully admitted to you next, pouty lips pecking your nose, cheeks and going back to your mouth, nibbling on your skin.
"kaeya, you need to go to work." you gently whined at him while still being utterly sensitive.
brushing his bangs away with your fingers, you settled your warm palms on his face and watched him display puppy eyes for a bit, as if he was waiting for you to urge him to stay yet you simply squeezed his cheeks playfully in response.
he huffed out, nudging your nose as he carefully drew himself back with a frutrated sigh. You tilted your head in an irritated manner when your confused eyes followed his body leave the bedroom.
"lets hop in the shower together, i‘m going after i promise."
Tumblr media
do not! share, copy or repost my work. ✎ ©ANANTARU 2022
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uplatterme · 11 hours
Pure and Sweet (For Old Time’s Sake)
cw: sub!scaramouche / sub!wanderer (how do i label this now), virgin!scaramouche (but not really, you’ll see what i mean), sensitive!scaramouche, dom!reader, fatui!reader, amab!reader but gender-neutral pronouns, stomach bulge, over-sensitivity
summary: after the events in sumeru, the wanderer meets up with someone familiar and does some familiar activities. oh you know, just for old time’s sake
Every day, the citizens of Sumeru sees the Wanderer come up to the highest peak of Sumeru. No one knows the reason why, nor does anyone stop him even if his body was not suitable for climbing such heights due to recent event that everyone’s been talking about.
Perhaps, it was the fault of the rumors going around which is why no one’s dared to talk to him. Even though his intimidating glance would serve enough for anyone who dared to try.
The traveler claimed that he’s grown softer nowadays… Yet, he still remained close off.
“Come out.” His voice ordered, stern as usual.
“Did you hit your head that hard on the ground for you to not notice it was me?” You questioned him.
He stuttered, not expecting your arrival. Especially not when he looked like this. “(Name). What? Have you come to get rid of me?”
You laughed at his antics. “Me? Oh no, quite the opposite actually.”
You stop in the middle of your words, admiring his new appearance. “You look like an angel, Scaramouche. A new soul.”
There’s red spreading on his cheeks from just your compliments. “Don’t call me that.”
“What? An angel?” You teased.
The repeated teasing made him roll his eyes. “You know that’s not what I mean.”
“Show me a tour? For old time’s sake.” You asked.
“Can’t. I’m not allowed in some areas.” He refuted.
“And yet you go up here.” You uttered, knowing he could clearly hear it.
You walked closer to him, his feet obviously wanting to run away. “I’m surprised you’re handling this heat well, Scaramouche.”
He let out an annoyed sound, hearing you call him by that again. He wasn’t complaining outright, looks like the traveler was right about that. “You should say that to yourself. Let me guess, that bastard Pantalone got that trash for you?” He said, referring to the cloak on your shoulders.
“Mhm. It is quite hot. Mind taking it off for me?” You told him, not really expecting him to do what you said.
Scaramouche closed in the space between the both of you, taking the cloak off slowly as he struggled not to meet with your eyes. You could almost hear his heart thump with each slow movement.
You raised his chin, bringing his lips closer to yours. He tasted sweet, pure, and innocent. Unlike when the two of you shared lips from before. There’s a whine that came out of his throat, wanting to let go but he instead kissed you deeper, wanting and needy for your touch.
You caressed his cheek after you separated from him. He flinched immediately.
“Missed me?” You ask.
“Shut up.”
It was new. His reactions from your touch was incredible and you hadn’t even purposely touched him anywhere erogenous.
“Hn.” He trembled in your hands.
You took out his cock and he sounded like he was already ready to cum. He shivered, grabbing onto your shoulders as you pump him as slow as you could.
“(N-Name). Wait—ahn!”
Drips of him fell on the ground.
“Did they give you a baptism? You act as if you’re a virgin pure.” You joked.
Scaramouche faced you and his eyes are tearing up.
“Shit, doll. You can’t just look at me like that.” You said.
“Hurry… Want it inside. Please!”
You took off his pants, wondering if he needed any preparations. His gaping hole opening up and closing repeatedly just for you, clenching as if there was already something inside. “Please.” He begged once more.
You slowly insert yourself into him and if not for your assistance, he would’ve fallen on the ground. He orgasmed again, his legs trembling too much for any kind of steadiness.
He choked on his sobs, moaning repeatedly with every pump you give him.
You could barely understand what he was saying anymore.
“Ish—feels—so-so good.”
Scaramouche was fucking tight. You didn’t know what kind of shit they gave him in this region but archon were you thankful for it.
“I-Inside… Fill m-me up!” He whined.
You’ve lost count as to how much he’d cum at this point and by the look of his eyes rolling up with his tongue out, neither did he.
He cried out as you pounded him deeper, your cock bulging from his tiny body, hitting him in all the right spots.
The dirt below him was soaking wet as his cock continued to spurt out as you milked him for more.
“F-Fuck! Ah—Ah! I-I can’t.” He stuttered while he felt you throbbing inside him.
His walls spread out as you came inside him, pounding him a couple more times just to make sure your warm cum got deeper in him.
Scaramouche is a mess, you’re not sure if he’s even able to form any coherent thoughts anymore.
His clothes were ruined and you weren’t sure if he’d be able to walk for a few days after this. You covered him with the cloak you were wearing even though you were sure he’d argue with that.
You carried him back to his current settlement and accidentally bumped into a few familiar faces.
“Watch him for me, will you? Tell him he gets to keep the cloak.” You said to the blond and his companion, handing a bag of mora in his hands.
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cream-stew · 2 days
hiya cream ! new anon here … been following ur page for a bit but i’ve never requested so here goes nothing :p. could you write some kind of scenario w dom pierro (or capitano if u don’t want to write pierro for this <3) like this: like he’s got a bit of a crush on subby fem reader and she fucks up somehow (can be a minor or major offense— up to you) and proposes that she’ll “do anything” to fix it ? thanks >:)
Tumblr media
🔞 minors dni
warnings: afab reader, rough sex, facefucking, gagging
// note: hey welcome <3 in the end I did both capitano and pierro, I hope you like it🤝
Tumblr media
[ intro ] you're not usually this distracted when on the job, but you spill an inkpot while handling the paperwork he's already filled out, ruining several forms that he'll have to replace and fill out again. you feel so bad about it, but he doesn't seem too mad. he seems quite eager, if anything, when you babble your excuses and tell him "you'll do anything to fix it"
pierro: "good", he replies, the hint of a smile on his face. he sits down behind his desk and motions for you to get closer. "on your knees", he orders, staring at you with clear hunger in his eyes as you comply. you settle in between his legs and look up at him, feeling yourself already getting wet as he pulls his thick cock out of his uniform pants, and gives it a few strokes to get it fully hard. "I have to waste the morning redoing this paperwork, thanks to you being so clumsy, so you'll get your mouth to better use and keep me company", he orders again, a hand threading into your hair and pulling you closer to his cock, the tip pressing against your parted lips. you open up wide and let him all the way in, gagging on his length and feeling your eyes water a bit, but you don't stop until your nose is pressed to him, and his balls are slapping on your chin as he fucks your face. you hang onto his thighs tightly and let him hold your head still as he drags his cock in and out, hitting the back of your throat and making you gag over and over, yet always pulling back at the right time to let you catch your breath and rest your sore throat. he finally cums with a loud grunt, and he stills to make you drink all of it to the last drop, but he doesn't pull out afterwards. "you're not allowed to get up until I'm done with these documents", he adds with a smirk, and you settle with your cheeks resting on his thighs, slumped over as you try to breathe through your nose even with his big cock all the way down your throat. he starts ignoring you then, focusing on the paperwork on his desk, and you really wish you could reach in between your legs to play with your clit, but you're sure he'd just punish you more for it… it's best if you just wait :(
capitano: "anything?", he repeats with an amused tone, and you nod frantically, fidgeting under his stare. he orders you to strip, and you shiver a little as you comply, pulling away each layer of your fatui uniform until you're standing in front of him in your underwear. he pulls you close to him and holds you still, picking you up by grabbing the backs of your thighs, and he carries you until he's sitting on his chair, keeping you trapped on his lap. "how about you show me exactly what you'd do to make it up to me?", he tells you, likely smirking under his mask. you can feel a hard bulge against your clothed pussy, so you know exactly what he's alluding to. you rut against him for a couple minutes, gathering your courage, then you reach for his pants to free his cock, finding it huge and already leaking thick precum. you lick your lips at the sight, and you pull your soaked panties to the side to press his cockhead to your folds, teasing him until he's coated in your slick and you can try to sit on his cock. it's a tight fit and you really have to strain to make it, but you manage just fine, feeling your pussy stretched to the limit as his cock slips all the way into you, giving you a slight tummy bulge. he lets you ride him at your preferred pace for a few minutes, taking in your quivering thighs and your sweet moans, but it's way too slow for him, and he doesn't waste any more time to grab your hips and rush you along, making you fuck yourself on his cock hard and fast, quickly overwhelming you until you're cumming on him and falling limp in his grip. "I'm disappointed, that was way too short", he scolds you, starting to move you up and down on his cock again, "you have to keep going until I'm cumming too, you know?"
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scaramuchie · 2 days
Tumblr media
smash 🥹
(art by @_Splotchy)
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