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rinstaro · 2 days ago
minors do not interact.
mean doms that are strict and who usually have a stoic look, but they can’t help that a twisted grin forms on their face when you’re begging and pleading for mercy, just a break, just a minute, anything to escape from the pleasure hes giving you
albedo, zhongli, cyno, lucifer, satan, barbatos, sakusa, kenma, tsukishima, suna
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he-calls-me-kitten · 19 hours ago
Horny texts/memes you can expect from your favourite Obey Me! boys~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Belphie, Diavolo:
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Tumblr media
(he didn't mean to send this to you oopsie~)
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angelover · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters. boss!Mammon x assistant, babysitter fem!reader, x CEO, DILF!Lucifer. pronouns she/her are used around three times.
cw. modern AU. they aren't demons. Mammon is awkwardly good at sharing, he's not ooc just, not that greedy; anyway. double penetration, anal, unprotected sex, creampies, groping, nipple play, riding, kind of matting press, breeding kink. mentions of reader getting pregnant but she's not, it comes in the pack of breeding kink. Mammon is so fucking dirty talked here, kind of a tease too, also Mam—just the tip—mon. petnames: baby, pretty, beautiful, good girl, darling.
an. this is fiction ok? i know anal requires a lot of prep but let's let it slip for now ok? thank you.
3.8k words.
thank you to my love @/scarlett-vixen for proofreading.
⌫ tags; @threeleggedcrow @tinymaru @yuujispinkhair @httphaitani @mrsmorgenstern @myschevious @dyslexicashell @delphi-dreamin @ichigokid @jellymoonbear
Tumblr media
"so there's this new bar—" 
"Mammon, don't" you sighed for the third time, the papers in your hands getting heavier with each printed batch out of the machine, all tidy and organized for today's meeting. 
it was something you often did as one of the Three-Legged Crow Group secretaries, work that was much quicker if it weren't for the man standing in front of you.
white hair, deep blue eyes and a smile worth thousands, Mammon knew how to make all the girls in the office sigh dreamily whenever the chief financial officer walked around. 
Mammon was very easy to talk to, besides from the fact that he was your direct boss, he a little bit clingy but you got used to it, just like his never ending attempts to take you out.
"just once!" he almost screamed walking behind you, his hurried steps mixing with the clatter of your high heels on the marble floor, "you work to much" 
"and whose fault is that?" you replied with a scowl, not turning back to look at him, and instead, arranging the still warm papers in your hands on different folders.
"not mine" Mammon raised his hands circling the desk and leaning back to the wall. 
and you really wished you didn't look up.
he had that cocky smirk on his lips, arms crossed on his front with the tight button up clinging firmly to his toned arms and chest.
thankfully he spoke before you had to, mouth dry in just seconds.
"I'll take care of Lucifer" he shrugged.
"and how exactly do you plan on, "taking care of me"?" 
the shriek that left Mammon's lips was almost comical, quickly standing properly and fixing his clothes.
"it's, it's not what it looks like"
"it looks like you have some spare time, I should give you more work then" you gulped unconsciously, the look on Lucifer's face could terrify anyone, including his own little brother.
"no, sir, I'll be going, sir" 
the white haired couldn't even spare you a last glance before running to his own office.
"y/n" Lucifer said, his voice tone much calmer than before, waiting for you to look at him before continuing "there will be a charity event tomorrow night, and due to the lack of time i wasn't able to hire a proper nanny for my son" 
"i can do it, sir" you smiled at him, it wasn't the first time you've taken care of his 2 year old son, the cute little blond was almost an angel, and very intelligent for someone of his age.
he sighed with a mix of contentment and relief, placing both hands on your shoulders and leaning down, red bright eyes just inches away from yours, "what would i do without you?" he breathed.
as soon as he turned around, not before informing you that a car would pick you up at 4, you felt sudden heat creeping up your face, just like every time Lucifer spoke to you. 
"it runs in the family" you thought, even if he and his brother didn't look alike at all, both of them shared some sort of attractiveness hard to ignore. 
the skirt you wore hunched up slightly as you bent down to pick up the toddler clinging to your leg, a huge smile on his face as he palmed your cheek feeling your heart about to burst from the adorable kid.
the clatter of Lucifer's shoes echoing in the immense space of what was his living room approached your way, a hand fixing his tie while the other checked the hour on his expensive watch. 
you couldn't deny it, he was extremely attractive, even though you always saw him wearing a suit during working hours, there was something about him, something more elegant than before that made your knees go weak.
"you have my number if anything happens" Lucifer said with a low voice, a few inches away from you and enough to bend slightly to wish his little son goodnight, combing his hair with a smirk and sparkling eyes shifting to you with a low "see you later"
before you even noticed it was already past 8 pm, a bowl of half uneaten food on the coffee table, coloring books scattered around the floor and a small pair of green eyes barely keeping open were the results of a very busy afternoon.
carefully, you pressed the kid closer to your chest, climbed up the stairs to his room and tuck him in bed with his favorite cat themed blanket.
just seconds passed after picking up the baby's monitor when the doorbell rang.
you were ready to greet Lucifer, until a white haired person showed up in front of you instead.
"how did you get in the building?" you hissed, still holding the door half open.
"I'm Lucifer's little bro, did ya think the guards weren't going to let me come here?" he laughed breathily at your skeptical look "ok, i stole a key when he wasn't looking"
"Mammon what the hell is your problem?"
"i ain't doing nothing wrong" he said walking past you and into the living room, studying the large white walls and dark floorings as if he've never been there, "i came to visit my cute nephew" 
"he's asleep" you mumbled pinching the bridge of your nose, "and you have to leave"
"wha— are ya seriously kicking me out?" the man said with a fake hurt expression on his face, walking further into the apartment and to the kitchen, making himself feel at home with a drink on his hand.
"that's it, I'm calling Lucifer" you said, walking to the couch to pick up your phone.
you almost laughed when Mammon choked on the drink, yelling and running to stop you, his feet getting tangled on the way as he fell backwards onto the couch and pulled you down by the collar.
a yelp, a grunt and a few drops of sticky liquid in the bottle that slid down to the floor, clang to your neck and Mammon's chin with your body laying on top of him and straddling his thighs.
a blush spread through his face while you tried to think how to get of him without squirming uncomfortably, your heart pounding hard on your chest just like Mammon's. 
"are you trying to take advantage of me?" 
"oh please, shut up" you groaned, placing your palms on his chest to get up, only to be held down by a pair of strong tanned hands on your wrists, "what are you doing?" you asked with your heart pumping on your throat.
"you have something—" words hanging in the air as his tongue decided to meet your neck, sliding and collecting the drink drops on your skin, making a soft moan escape from your lips unconsciously. 
"you're so pretty" he said with a smile, nuzzling on your neck as trying to take all of your scent.
"stop—" you breathed, and yet didn't move an inch.
"look me in the eyes and tell me you want me to stop" Mammon mumbled, this time leaving open mouth kisses on your neck and sliding carefully down your collarbone, the shirt you wore was loose enough to let him raise his head a little bit and watch your still covered breasts.
"your nephew—"
"he's asleep, the rooms are soundproof and he can't come down the crib without help" he reassured you, "please, i need to— i need to touch you, please" 
you panted at his desperate plea, blindly looking for his lips with a moan dying on your throat, the hands that previously held your wrists, were now placed on your shoulders, massaging your skin on his way down your spine to hold on your waist.
"you drive me crazy, I'm so crazy for you, i need you so bad" half the words Mammon spoke were pressed on your lips, making it hard for you to understand besides from how dizzy you felt with just a few kisses, but his tongue did wonders inside your mouth, mingling with yours and licking on each corner and patch of plump tender skin that were your lips.
"be quiet" you mewled, his words making you sober in embarrassment and delight "and take this off" you said weakly, pulling at the buttons of his white shirt with numb fingers, sliding down each patch of skin he showed, down his pecks, the curves of his abs and to the prominent v line with a white happy trail leading to what you needed the most.
Mammon's hips bucked up when you cupped his bulge, growing even bigger under your palm as your fingers rubbed on it, teasing for a bit before taking the belt and buttons off to push it down his legs, the hands that held your waist digged on your skin as you hoovered over him enough to push his pants and underwear down to his ankles, mouth watering at the sight of his big cock painfully hard resting on his lower abdomen.
"'s not fair" Mammon mumbled, a low growl rumbling on his chest when your fingers brushed on the tip of his cock, "i wanna see ya naked too" 
maybe it was fate that you decided to use a skirt that day. sitting on his lap, you took off your shirt, the lacy bra pressing your tits together so beautiful Mammon felt like passing out in the spot, his cock throbbing at the sight.
"keep it on" he said, shifting his gaze from your tits to your skirt just as you were about to slip your hands down the elastic waistband.
"pervert" you giggled to which he chuckled back, bringing your body down to claim your lips again.
too focused on his intoxicating taste that you didn't notice his hands sliding down to hike up your skirt around your waist, the loose fabric giving him enough place to cup your ass cheeks, squishing and palming before pushing the crotch of your underwear aside, a single fingertip sliding across your dripping folds.
"is this ok?" Mammon asked on a hushed whisper, only continuing with a quick nod of your head, "you're so wet already, beautiful" 
"keep going" you mewled, pressing your hips back to his hand, a fingertip catching on your hole for a few seconds before slipping out and continuing his way down to your clit, the pressure making you squirm and close your eyes shut.
"did that feel good?"
"mhm" you nodded again, biting your lip to avoid any more loud moans from leaving you as his assault on your clit continued, occasionally sliding up to collect your pooling slick to rub tight circles on your throbbing bud.
"Mammon, please" 
"what do you want, baby?"
"your fingers, fuck— put them inside"
"like this, baby?" Mammon said while pushing a finger inside of you, his other hand spreading your panties aside so much they tore apart, but you didn't mind, not when his fingers curled and rubbed on your velvety walls so good your head felt light, grinding back to feel his digits pushing inside you deeper, desperately begging him to add another.
during a moment of clarity you decided to reach between your legs to hold on to his cock and jerk him in sync with his thrusts inside of you, exchanging kisses now and then.
"will you let me fuck you?" he purred, his tongue sliding across his teeth, trying to catch every single drop of your additive taste, a string of saliva connecting both of your lips as you moved to split apart, nodding on his neck, "yeah? will ya be a good girl and take my cock like i want ya to?" a chuckle muffled your moans when Mammon felt you clench at his words.
at that point it was obvious who was in charge, his fingers quickly slipping out of your cunt to undo your bra, your tits bouncing on top of him at the sudden missing fabric keeping them together.
Mammon hummed in satisfaction and eagerly lifted his head  to suck on one of your nipples while both of his hands reached back to squeeze on the fat of your ass, stretching you apart to accommodate his fat cock on your entrance.
your breath hitched on your throat at the same time the thick cockhead pushed into your wet walls. trying to remain steady, your own hands found support on his shoulders, pushing your body upwards so you could see the half of his face that wasn't covered by your tits, twisted in pleasure on each inch of his cock burying inside your creamy pussy.
as he separated from your nipples with a loud pop, a hiss started to build up on his throat, watching your vain attempts to move your hips and fuck yourself on him, earning a pinch on your ass cheeks before taking the matter in his own hands.
the way Mammon guided your hips on top of him was almost inhuman, at such speed you could feel your own energy leaving your body, turning you into nothing more than a pile of dough, melting on each sharp sound of wet skin slapping and Mammon's own loud grunts, that thanks to the position, could see how deeply your pussy sucked his cock and the way your tits jiggled on his face.
"your pussy is so wet, baby, it's like ya wanted this for so long" Mammon praised, moving his blue gaze from where your bodies met, to your own glossy eyes, "tell me, baby, did ya want this?" 
"ngh— yes, yes" 
the laugh that left his lips almost going unnoticed at the sudden lift of his fingertips on one of your cheeks, forming a V shape to caress your stretched out folds, collecting your slick before bringing them upwards to your ass, circling your tight entrance before pushing the tip just sightly.
"M-mammon, not there" you whined and he kissed you, mumbling a small trust me on your lips.
a foreign feeling surrounded your body, verging on painful at the sudden stretch, thankfully his curved fat cock bruising on your sweet spot was perfect to forget about the pain on your other hole, his hoarse voice muttering praises that had your pussy fluttering.
loosing balance at specially hard thrust, your body curved forwards to lay on top of Mammon's, digging your fingernails on his broad shoulders while the other slid between your bodies to draw haphazard circles on your throbbing clit, sobbing and shuddering from the pleasure while his cock hammered your insides and his fingers fucked your ass.
"fuck, baby, your pussy is sucking me in, i love how tight you feel even after being fucked by my fat cock" each of his words sent a wave of arousal down your body, the squelching sounds getting even louder as you coated his cock with more slick.
"gonna put another finger, yeah?" Mammon groaned and waited for the almost imperceptible nod from you, a second digit joining the one that was previously stretching your tight ass.
"good girl" he moaned, changing the angle of his hips lightly so he was now harshly pounding up into you, your scream of pleasure avoiding you from hearing the main door behind you open.
"hey big bro" Mammon said and sudden cold shiver ran down your spine at his words, quickly bringing yourself upwards to look above your shoulder at the black haired man standing on the door frame.
"L-lucifer" you started, trying to get off the man below you, only to be stopped by Mammon as he brought your hips downwards so roughly, sheathing himself so deeply inside your pussy his cockhead pressed against your cervix, knocking the breath out of your lungs.
as your head felt dizzy, you were unable to notice how the older man shifted uncomfortably on his spot, a bulge starting to grow up on his dark trousers, your wet stretched cunt was on display in front of him, adding to the fact that Mammon never stopped fingering your ass and the wet noises filled the room.
"isn't she pretty?" Mammon smirked, almost angelical.
"what the fuck do you think you're doing?" Lucifer growled, waking next to you with hurried steps.
but Mammon wasn't going to let him stop his fun. 
his hips started to move again, thrusting upwards just enough for his cock to repeatedly hit on your sweet spot and push on your cervix.
your mouth hanging open with a silent moan bubbling up your chest as you clang onto the first thing you could, this being Lucifer's shirt collar, hurriedly looking for his lips to muffle your moans.
the black haired man about to kick you both out, if it weren't for the sweet taste of your lips and moans pressed on him, the way your trembling fingers dug into his collar and collarbones on each jolt of your body.
"you can have her too, ya know" the white haired man spoke, making Lucifer break apart from your kiss, raising an eyebrow to his brother, "she's so wet, I bet she could take us both. isn't that right, sweetheart?" 
and the way your eyes rolled back didn't go unnoticed by Lucifer.
"where is my son?" 
mammon huffed, "he's asleep of course, I'm not that much of an asshole" 
"no, but enough to fuck my nanny" Lucifer snickered back, his right hand tracing the shape of your bare spine upwards until he reached your face, a thumb sliding across your bottom lip, popping in his digit for you to eagerly suck.
"do you want that?" he asked, smiling softly at your muffled yes please.
"turn around" Lucifer muttered, the rest of his fingers brushing behind your ear. usually, Lucifer wasn't so easy to persuade, but endless nights of jerking himself at the thought of you took part in letting his lust guided desires win.
"hey, I'm her boss, you don't get to talk to her like that" Mammon said.
"Mammon" Lucifer growled, "i am your boss, so I'm her boss too"
"ugh, fine" the slow pace that Mammon kept, suddenly came to a stop, with a gasp of protest caught in your throat when his cock slipped out, cut at the sudden pair of hands turning you around to face the older man, your body laying fully on top of Mammon, who made sure to lift his upper body sightly on the armrest, so his head where next to yours.
"c'mon baby, you'll let Lucifer fuck your pretty pussy won't ya?" the youngest said with a hand toying with your clit and the other groping at your breasts.
"are sure about this?" Lucifer asked in a worried tone, taking his place between your legs but not moving unless you repeated your affirmation.
he's quick to discard the fancy jacket, tossing it on a closer chair with the shirt following next, pushing his trousers and briefs down enough to let his cock spring free, the blushing tip prodding at your entrance got you clenching around nothing, begging for a cock to fill you up  "tell me if it hurts" 
long and slender fingers wrapped around the bend of your knees, pushing your legs upwards until they dangled on his shoulders, your cunt gapping, desperate to be fucked, but the position made you tremble in embarrassment.
after being fucked for hours by Mammon, you didn't expect the stretch of Lucifer's cock to sting, he was grittier than Mammon but not as long, still perfect to scrape against your g-spot as soon as he was fully sheathed inside of you, beads of sweat pooling on his forehead from how tightly you hugged and fluttered around his cock with Mammon's still playing with your clit.
Lucifer's pace was also different from Mammon's, long and deep strokes of his length inside your wet walls had your body bouncing on top of the blue eyed man, whose cock was snugly pressed between your ass cheeks, occasionally leaving a soft peck on your neck.
"fuck, darling, your pussy is so good, you feel amazing" Lucifer said, almost completely gone at how you squeezed his cock, bending forward to pop one of your nipples in his mouth, fingertips ghosting over the valley of your breasts and down your tummy, his thrusts never stopping.
"hah, don't stop" you whined, tangling your fingers in both men's hair locks, "I'm so close"
"i need to feel ya cum" Mammon growled, lifting his knees at your sides and guiding his cock to your asshole.
you yelped, body curling forward to get a better support "M-mammon, stop, it's too much" your pleas going to deaf ears as he kept on stretching you, luckily his cock was dripping from your slick so the penetration was smoother.
"you can take it, baby, I know ya can, just the tip I promise" Mammon mumbled mindlessly with Lucifer gritting his teeth on top of you from how tighter you just got, seconds away from losing his mind and start pounding you in the spot, deciding to taste your lips again to keep your mind focused on him.
"fuck, fuck, so good" Mammom kept on repeating to himself, and truth to his words, he guided your hips on circle motions with just his tip stretching you. 
"what a good girl" Lucifer praised this time, both of his hands finding purchase on your tits, groping on the skin as he began to fuck you once again, each one of his thrusts sinking you down on Mammon, bringing our desperate cries and gasps out of your lips.
"i need to cum" you managed to whine with a hoarse voice, "i feel so full"
"I'm close too" Lucifer replied, a gasp the only response from the man below you, his brain fried with how fucking good you felt. 
a pair of fingers, unaware of who's, started to circle your clit once again, quickly bringing you to your own orgasm.
eyes fluttering shut while your cunt clenched around Lucifer's cock, the knot in your belly about to snap.
"yes, yes, darling, squeeze my cock, I'm going to cum soon" Lucifer moaned, pushing your body back and forth on top of Mammon, making his cock in your ass sink in a little deeper each time.
you've never witnessed Lucifer loosing his mind, not until that moment, bitting his tongue, erratically pounding your cunt, he was sexy and you knew it, whether he was at the office or half naked with his cock deep inside your guts "I'm going to fill you up, fill you with my cum until you get round and pregnant with my child, do you want that? do you want to give me another kid?" 
"oh, fuck" you whimpered desperately, covering your face with both palms while your legs frantically quivered.
"let me see you, let me see you while you cum on my cock" and you cried out at his words, a loud scream dying in your throat as you felt yourself squirting all over Lucifer's abdomen and dripping down to his pants.
both your pussy and ass clenching around their cocks made them curse under their breaths, Mammon gripping tightly on your waist to guide your hips as he rode his own orgasm, Lucifer following shortly behind, filling both of your holes with their cum.
mixed praises that you weren't sure which belonged to who, were muttered on your skin, on your neck, your chest, your cheeks, just seconds before you passed out and woke up hours later in between the two of them, fully clean and wrapped in a comfortable robe. 
your face pressed on Lucifer's pulse point while Mammon nuzzled at your neck half asleep, a smile spreading through your face, just thinking that walking up like that each morning didn't sound so bad. 
Tumblr media
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dyslexicashell · a day ago
Also, some manhandling and size kink, cuz I'm a lil slutty whore for this man 🥺😊🤞
Lucifer walks into your shared room, he didn't bother to knock considering that it was his room also. He sighed loosening his tie, "Mc, be a doll and get my night clothes out for me...." he mumbled rubbing his temples. He had, had a long day and wanted nothing more than to lay down for the night.
You smiled "Of course Luci!" you said leaving the comfort of the sheets and walking over to his dresser grabbing his sleep wear from it and setting it down on his side of the bed. He sighed changing into his sleepwear and crawling under the blankets. He noticed you weren't in your usual spot curled up between his arms, so he opened his eyes to look at you.
"Mc it's time for bed" he grumbled looking at you, he froze seeing what you were wearing, a pair grey flower printed panties and a matching bra. "Hm?" you looked away from the tv to look at him. He didn't respond seeing as he was in awe of your body. He looked you up and down seeing the way those little shreds of clothing hugged your body. The little plushie you held against your chest only seeming to squish your body more for him to se.
You looked so sexy, yet so, so innocent. Your small untouched virgin body sat in front of him, it was as if you were tempting him. He sat up and lifted his hand making a curling motion with his finger, his way of telling you 'Come here'. You obeyed crawling until you sat in front of him.
He hummed placing his hand on your hips and pulling you onto his lap, the covers and his silk pants doing little to no justice to hide his growing bulge. You giggled laying your head on his chest, your small body shifted slightly rubbing against his bulge. He groaned leaning his head back "Mc... Doll... I need you to sit still or I'm not going to be able to hold myself back..." he mumbled.
You had both agreed to wait until marriage to do the deed seeing as it would be more romantic that way. He would be your first, not just your first husband but also the first person to make love to you.
You gently placed your hand on his chest "...Lucifer..." you mumbled gently shifting your hips again "I don't think I can wait any longer..." you whimpered. He looked at you, a dark blush coating his face. "Mc... are you sure?... If we do this now, I won't be able to hold back..." he mumbled.
You whimpered "Please Lucifer just fuck me..." you mumbled meekly, that was the final straw for him. He flipped your positions, so you laid your back and wasted no time kissing you feverishly. You gasped instantly wrapping your arms around his next desperately trying to pull him closer. He huffed slipping his tongue into your mouth exploring every part of it he could.
Lucifer's hand roughly groped and grabbed at your body. You moaned into his mouth feeling him cup your pussy with his large hand. The heat from it was enough to drive you into ecstasy, he chuckled feeling you rut against his hand. A whimpering and moaning mess.
He smiled reaching behind your back to unclip your bra and pull it off, his mouth instantly latching onto one of your nipples. You cried out in pleasure of the feeling only to go breathless when he started rubbing your clothed clit.
He smiled detaching his mouth from your nipple, played roughly with your breast's admiring how they shifted and moved as he kneaded the soft flesh. You whined "Lucifer please!" you cried out, he loved it, that look of desperation on your face, the little tears in the corner of your eyes. You looked no better than a common whore, and he loved it.
He sighed, even if he wanted to give into his sadistic side and edge, you till you cried. He couldn't not with how sweet you had been to him today. Lucifer smiled and took off your underwear, he gently moved his hand from your stomach down to your pussy lips.
You gasped feeling him enter a finger into you. Bucking your hips against his finger trying to get some more friction, he smiled watching you. He hadn't even moved his fingers and here you were writhing and whimpering.
Making a part 2 soon!!! I promise
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kjrael · a day ago
hello! i saw requests were open, and could i please ask for an amab reader with an omega lucifer in heat? like maybe lucifer hasn't been knotted before, but he wants mc to mate and knot him. Also maybe cockslut/cumslut luci. Thank you, and please feel free to skip this request if it isnt your thing!
Tumblr media
FIRST. ׀ lucifer.
Tumblr media
 ➛ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: omega!sub!lucifer x alpha!male!reader.
 ➛ᴄᴡ: a/b/o, amab reader, knotting, light degradation, namecalling, unprotected sex, master kink, marking, mating press.
 ➛ᴀ/ɴ: hi, angel. sorry that it took me so long. hope you like it. :]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"f-fucking hell, lucifer.." you groan, feeling his painted nails dig into the skin on your back. "you should've seen yourself right now."
and he definitely should. legs on your shoulders, bloodlike eyes almost glowing in the moonlight, mouth slightly agape, pretty pink covering his ears, "master.. ah!" drool running down lucifer's chin when he lets out incoherent moans, "please, harder!"
"harder?" you smirk, hands locking on his ankles and bringing lucifer's legs closer to ears. this position allows you to push yourself even deeper in his ass, reaching every sweet spot. lucifer lets out a sound mixed between scream and moan. "i don't think you mean harder, puppy, i think you want me to go deeper, don't you?"
"yes.. fuck! yes!'' he mumbles between sobs, not even sure what he says, "just like.. fuck! like this! and don't pull out."
"baby, i don't think you know what will happen.."
"i know. i want it," he suddenly whispers and you slow down a little, looking at your omega in disbelief. you've never really discussed it, knowing that lucifer probably just wouldn't want to be attached to someone. and definitely not to human. but it seems that something has changed. "i want you to knot me, i want you to be mine completely. i want it to be you. a-and.." lucifer stutters, moaning when you start trusting again. words coming out muffled with whimpers, his mind slowly going blank again. "and i.. ah! i want to be.. yours completely! fuck!"
"lucifer," he violently shakes, hearing so much love in your voice. "i didn't expect such a sweet words from you," you purr in his ear. "but isn't it just an excuse to get yourself better access to my dick?"
"it's not.." he tries to protest, but quickly shuts up hearing your deep laugh.
"not true, huh?" you smirk, cocking an eyebrow. "you want to say, that i lie about how much you love being fucked? how much of a whore you're for my cock?" he doesn't look at you, embarrassed. "so it's not true, that the only thing in that mind of yours, is me fucking you in every free moment? wasn't you the one, who cried that fingers are not enough, because you want my dick? you get so worked up only from thought of being filled with my cum."
you know you're right. he knows you're right.
lucifer is what a society would call a "powerful omega". he's good at almost everything including hiding his real emotions. but it's no use to hide it from you, not from you. despite all his power and alpha-like behaviour he's still an omega. and that's what gives away his true desires. that's what makes his ruby eyes wander down your body, when he thinks you're not noticing. that's what makes him uncomfortably shift in your presses, scent changing and slight blush appearing on his cheeks. he thinks you're obvious to it, he thinks you're not gonna notice. and at first you didn't. at the very beginning you just brushed it off, thinking that you're imagining things. because.. it's lucifer, right? it's lucifer, whose hand stays on your shoulder a little longer, than it should. it's lucifer, who tries to hide his red face, when your hand slips to his waist and you laugh, saying that he shouldn't be insecure about his scent, because he smells amazing. it's lucifer, who tries not to look at you, when unsure "master" leaves his lips for the first time.
but it's the same lucifer, whose whole body tremble every time you pay a little attention to him. it's the same lucifer, who claimed that he won't belong to you, just to beg later for your cum all night long. it's the same lucifer, who sucked your dick in the Demon Lord's Castle, because he got jealous of how much you were talking to Barbatos (and definitely not because he's a whore for your cock). who despite fact that he, as a demon, is more powerful, still feels safer in your presence. lucifer, who somehow still thinks that he's in charge.
"master!" he cries, choking on words. salty tears forming at the corners of his eyes. it took him some time to get used to your size and now it probably hurts to take your dick with a knot. "i-i.. i want! it's.. oh! fuck!" lucifer's pupils are so wide, you can see your own reflection. it makes you wonder if he's really in heat or someone just put a drug in his tea. "why.. why it's so big.. fuck!"
you groan, tongue licking sweet spot on his neck. "i'm gonna fucking mark you, if you want it so much," lucifer only moans in response, too lost in pleasure, "i'll show you that you're mine, i'll show everyone that you're mine," you didn't actually mean to do that, wanting to ask lucifer properly when he's head won't be filled with pheromones. but it's way too late, when your teeth sink into his neck while he cums countless time, with your name falling from his lips.
it'll definitely cause problems later. lots of serious talk and decisions. it would take some time for both of you to realise what happened, to mark properly appear and scent to change. but it'll happen later. it can wait. the only thing that matters right now, is your bodies pressed together and the way lucifer looks at you, like you're his world. everything else can wait. you move, letting go of his legs. hand slides down his wet back to the waist bringing the man close into the comfortable position for both of you.
"thank you, lucifer," whisper in-between your lips with a smile, when you feel his nose slightly brushing against yours, "for trusting me."
"thank you, y/n."
Tumblr media
(c) 𝓚𝓳𝓻𝓪𝓮𝓵, 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐. [don't repost, translate or copy my work anywhere without my permission.]
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asmo-bf · a day ago
Hello dearest! Do you think I could request something with Asmodeus? Preferably the reader has no clue what he's doing as in he's never lied with a man or a woman before. I'd prefer it be a male reader but please do as you wish. Thank you!
First Time
Character… Asmodeus x Male Reader
Type… Fic
Warning… NSFW, Amab! Reader, Bottom Reader, Top Asmo, Demon Anatomy, Gentle Asmo, Readers First Time, Nervous Reader, Too Many Words (lol)
Word Count… 2.4k
Boyfie Notes… This got so long, but I hope you enjoy. Also I hope I understood your request right and did everything you hoped for! Thank you for requesting!
Tumblr media
You could see the way Asmodeus’s eyes widened as your words tumbled clumsily out of your mouth. It wasn’t in a bad way, at least it didn't seem that way. It looked like he was just shocked. Shocked at what you were saying you guessed. Although you couldn’t see why he would be shocked that you were a virgin. I mean you didn’t exactly scream sex like he did. And sure, there were plenty of demons in the Devildom that admired you and there were even some humans who felt that way when you were back in the human world, but the opportunity to actually have sex just never came up. Or at least didn't come up when you yourself felt ready. But now it felt right and you knew it would be even better if you could have that experience with Asmo. 
You thought he would be jumping at the opportunity. He always offered to fulfill any of your “needs”. He said that often actually. But there was some sort of hesitancy in his face when he looked at you. Like he wasn't sure what to do. You just stood there looking at each other for a while longer. Him gathering his thoughts and you, too nervous to say anything. 
“You want me to be your first?” Asmo finally spoke. 
His voice was gentle. In a way that made you think he didn’t want that. It only made you feel more nervous. 
You fidgeted with your hands. “You don't have to. I just thought,”
You let your voice trail off. You didn’t know how to explain that you just wanted it to be with him without it making him feel like you were focing him. That was the last thing you wanted to do, but the only words that came to you were how much more comfortable you would feel if it was him, and how much you just wanted it with him. 
“Darling,” Asmo started, him standing up to place a hand on your arm. “I would love to, but I don't want you to think you have to have sex with me because of how I am. This should be about you. Your first time should be special.” 
“This would make it special.” 
Your voice came out louder than intended but you hoped that got your point across better in some way. You wanted this with Asmodeus and you needed him to know that you weren’t doing this because you had to, but because you wanted to. 
“I want this with you.” Your words were much quieter than the small outburst from before. 
The words were sincere, and Asmo could see that. You could see the way his face softened as his hand came up to caress your cheek. A smile made its way onto his face when he spoke again. 
“Then I would be happy to do this for you.” 
Asmo took your hand and led you to his bed, motioning for you to take a seat, which you did quickly. He sat next to you, still holding onto your hand, rubbing the back of it with his thumb.
“If you want to stop at any time just say so and I will stop. No questions asked, okay?” He said, smiling at you. 
It was a comforting smile, and his words were just as comforting. You never expected Asmo to be this soft. It wasn’t exactly what you had expected when you decided to go to him for this. It wasn’t bad at all, you appreciated the way he was treating you. It felt nice to have him take this seriously and also gently. 
You nodded in reply and Asmodeus got to work unbuttoning your shirt. He had no trouble getting the buttons undone quickly and it made you wonder just how much practice he actually had with doing this. More than the average demon you imagined but even if it wasn’t that much, any experience would look like a lot compared to your none. Asmo slid the shirt off your shoulders, leaving your chest fully exposed to him. He ran his hands over your skin, his nails racking against you in a pleasant way that made you shiver. 
“Lay back.” Asmo ordered, pushing his hands flat against your front. 
He wasn't applying enough pressure to your chest to actually push you back. He left the actual movement up to you, but you listened anyway and laid back with the motion of his hand. You fell onto your back and you stared at the ceiling. You didn't want to look at Asmo. Although you didn’t know exactly what he planned, you knew all of the thoughts that came to your mind were too embarrassing to look at him while he did them. 
You heard him giggle, which you only assumed was at you, which made you throw your arm over your face to cover your embarrassment. He pushed your legs apart making room for him to sit between them and rested his hands on your thighs. 
“Don’t cover your pretty face Y/n.”
You didn't budge. Arm still draped across your face, refusing to look at him or let him see your face. He giggled again and you could feel the bed shift as he readjusted. Then you felt his mouth on your neck. Small little kisses trailed over our skin, biting you very briefly before he trailed his mouth up to the exposed part of your face. Kissing around your mouth, but missing it on purpose. 
“You’re so cute though and it would make kissing you so much sweeter if I could see all of your gorgeous face.” His words came out in a pout.
It made your face heat up but you listened to his words and removed your arm from your face. You still kept your eyes locked on the ceiling but Asmo was still in the edges of your line of sight. You could see the grin he had plastered on his face, and it only made you want to look away more. 
“Thank you my dear.” 
He caressed the side of your face and then made true of his previous words. His lips met yours softly at first. You had kissed someone before, so the experience wasn't completely forien to you but it seemed like Asmo was still trying his best to take things slow and gently with you. You wanted more though. You kissed him back, doing your best to convey what you wanted from him even if it was a bit sloppy. 
Asmodeus seemed to get the message and deepened the kiss. His hands began to roam over your body again as he kissed you. His hands found their way to your crotch as he started slowly rubbing you through your pants. A moan falls from your lips, almost being completely silenced by Asmos' mouth. But you can feel his smile against your lips and you know he heard enough.
He undos your pants and you do your best to assist him in taking them off while still being quite distracted by his lips on yours. You shimmy out of them, Asmo still doing most of the work and with only a little trouble, you are left only in your boxers. You realized, now that you were almost naked, that Asmo was still fully clothed and you desperately wanted to change that. So your hands went to fumbling with his shirt.  
Asmodeus giggled and pulled his mouth fully away from yours for the first time since he started kissing you. Within seconds he was only left in his underwear as well. He stayed apart from you though, much to your disappointment, and he went looking through his bedside tables drawer. 
He let out a quiet noise when he apparently found what he was looking for. You tried to sit up and get a look at what he was doing, but he quickly pushed you back down. 
“Hold still, I’m going to get you ready.”
You bit the inside of your cheek, but followed his lead as he pulled off your underwear. The cool air hitting your most sensitive parts sent a chill through your body Asmo squirted what you now assumed was lube onto his hand and gave your cock a few strokes. The action pulled a moan out of you, one you tried to hide by biting your cheek again.
Asmo giggled at you, and then cooed in an over exaggerated way. “You’re so sensitive.”
You groaned in response but it was interrupted by another moan. Asmo giggled again but removed his hand from your cock. He squirted more lube onto his fingers and rubbed some of it around your hole. It was cold and the feeling itself was forin to you. But despite those facts you definitely didn't want Asmo to stop, the exact opposite actually. 
“I'll warm you up, just relax.” Asmo’s words were sweet and soft, and they eased your worries immediately. 
He began to work a finger in and out of your hole. The sensation was a little uncomfortable at first, but it began to feel nice quite quickly. Asmodeus wasted no time adding a second finger. He worked away at stretching you, adding one last finger for good measure before deciding you were properly stretched. 
He took off his underwear, finally exposing himself fully to you. Your mind had barely even taken in all of him before, but now you were given the perfect opportunity to take all of him in. Asmo wasn't the biggest of the brothers physically. He was lean and looked quite small despite him being what you assumed was average height. His body was lean, with little to no muscle definition and you were pretty sure the only hair he had on his body was the hair on your head. You wondered if that was one of the reasons it took him so long in the bathroom. You almost wanted to run your hands all over his body, and you were almost sure he would let you if that was what you wanted. His skin looked soft, if it was anything like his hands or his face it was most definitely soft. 
You let your eyes trail lower. You were taken back to a demon biology class you were forced to take at rad when you first arrived. Demon anatomy was different to human anatomy. It wasn't that apparent most of the time, which is how you managed to forget about this fact for so long. But now, with Asmo completely naked before you, you were reminded. His dick was longer and thinner than yours and the proportions made you well aware that you were not doing this with another human. Ridges ran up the sides of his cock, they were small and didn't look like they would be unpleasant. His cock was also much pinker, in a way that was definitely not human. 
The reminder that your partner was not human made you a bit nervous. Not because you didn’t trust Asmo, or because you didn't want this but because you weren't sure how differently your different bodys would work together. Asmo seemed to pick up on your anxieties because he leaned down and planted a kiss on your lips. 
“Don’t worry darling, everything will be okay.” He said sweetly. 
You nodded in response. You trusted him, and if he said it was going to be okay, you were going to believe him. He grabbed the lube again, squirting some on his hand and then stroking his cock a to spread it on there. Once he seemed to be satisfied with it he lined himself up with your hole. 
“Are you ready?” He asked, looking at you to make sure you were still ready for this. 
You could only manage an enthusiastic nod, afraid your voice wouldn't come out if you actually tried to speak. Asmo smiled and pushed himself inside you. It was very uncomfortable at first. Much more than his fingers were. You groaned as he stretched you, it wasn't painful thankfully, but it wasn’t the pleasure you had hoped for. At least it wasn't yet. 
Once asmo was completely inside you he paused his movements and spoke. “I'll give you time to adjust, tell me when to move.”
You both sat there, adjusting to your new closeness and the new feeling all together for you. But slowly you adjusted to the feeling of having Asmo inside you. 
“Move. Please” 
You already sounded breathless which Asmodeus chuckled at, but he listened to your request. His hips started moving, slowly at first, as if to test and make sure you were really okay. Once the first few moans came out of your mouth however, he sped up. His movements were angled perfectly to make you feel good, and you were again reminded that you were doing this with the demon of lust once more. You wondered if anyone in the world could compare to Asmo when it came to pleasing someone. That was unlikely and truthfully you hoped you never needed to find out. 
Asmo was not quiet. His moans were higher pitched than your own, but they sounded beautiful to your ears. His hands ran up your sides, cressing you and squeezing your body when he felt it was right. You felt better than any time you had touched yourself in the past, and that brought you closer to the edge much quicker than you had hoped. Your legs shook as your orgasm built up and you gripped onto Asmo’s hands. 
Asmo, knowing that you were about to come, reached down and stroked your cock. Sending you blissfully over the edge with only a few strokes. You panted and gripped at anything you could get your hands on as you tried to see straight again. Asmo rubbed your sides, this time in a way that was meant to be comforting and not arousing, and leaned over to kiss the side of your face. 
“You did so good darling,” sweetness was dripping off of his words but you knew it was genuine somehow. “Can I pull out?”
“But you didn’t–”
Your words were cut off by Asmo. “That doesn't matter, this was about you after all.” 
He ran his hands down your chest onto your stomach and over to your hips. 
“Besides, I do hope this won't be the last time we do this, so you can make it up to me later.”
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villain-hotline · a day ago
underworld kinktober ft. darker kinks
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
its the underworld's first kinktober, and our line up is simply horrifying. these kinks are just the main one but each fic has more kinks, all of which are more on the dark content side. but i hope you still enjoy it. if you want to be added to the tag list then send me a message.
feel free to reblog and share however, minors pls do not interact.
Tumblr media
01. hybristophilia ft serial killer! ran haitani
release date; 1st october 3:33am
"ah, sweetheart, i think you like it when i kill people."
Tumblr media
02. knife play ft chose your gross! husband (nanami, liam moriarty, posideion, chevalier, mozart, kenshin)
release date; 8th october 3:33am
"now where the fuck do you think you're going?"
Tumblr media
03. cuckholding ft husband lucifer and belphie
release date; 15th october 3:33am
"what? did you really think lucifer was that nice ?"
Tumblr media
04. sadism ft chose your pro athlete (kuroo, atsumu, miyuki, kaede)
release date; 22nd october 3:33am
"its only fun if you cry."
Tumblr media
05. con non con ft mori ougai
release date; 29th october 3:33am
"you can scream all you want but i'm not gonna stop until i've had my fill."
Tumblr media
06. special kink ft special person
release date; halloween 3:33am
"what's your favourite scary movie y/n?"
Tumblr media
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143-cupid · a day ago
Consume. . .
♡ When he can’t sleep, you consume his every thought! ♡
Tumblr media
♡.Obey me!
♡♡.NSFW!! minors be goneeeee! GN!reader, daydreams but like at night?? Horny Belphie, Masturbation, body description (towards MC), Marking, scratching, cum play??
♡♡♡. I got…zero logical explanations for this. He’s hot, been on my mind for hours and I gotta share the horny 😠
Tumblr media
♡ Belphgor, Belphie, the quietest of the family, the tired one, the one who’s snoozing at all times, he suddenly became a bit more awake since you and him started things on the right foot
♡ He, like his twin, felt this relationship might get better, so he put in effort to listen and understand you, soon he felt himself feel things towards his you…maybe things that seem inappropriate too
♡ at first it was he felt comfortable with you, he felt fuzzy and content…
♡ The more you trust him, the more he tries to savor the view of you, the sound of your voice, the warmth of your touch
♡ but soon he wanted more, more than a quick smile while passing the in the hallway, he wanted more than afternoon conversations and snacks, he wanted more than just laying his head on your lap
♡ he found himself missing you minutes after you leave the room, he found himself looking up at the star he gave you more than he usually does
♡ Belphie found himself thinking of you when he should be asleep, when he should be drooling about the food dreams he shared Beelzebub, he was drooling about you trailing his skin, feeling his neck, the spot above his heart, marking him deep into his soul with your silky touch
♡ His thought got messy, hazy, too much lustful that after spending most of his days staring at you and memorizing the curves of your body and how your glossy lips glisten in the light, he knew he had to ‘sleep’ in the attic
♡ he tried to sleep but he couldn’t, he tried to count sheep but his thoughts returned to you, to how your thighs looked in the uniform pants, how the fabric tighten when you sat down or bent over in front of him
♡ he knew the actions were innocent and unconsciously done but he didn’t care, you caught his attention
♡ would your thighs feel soft in his hands? Would you let him take the pants off? Would…would you let him scrape his nails on your stretch marks, the ones you joked about, and make you feel the slight burning sensation that could almost match his when he thinks about you? Would you let him bite the stretch marks, kiss them? Would let him show you that they’re stunning on your skin and you shouldn’t hate them?
♡ “Mhmm” the sound bounced off the walls, the room was filled with fabric moving, his hand slid down to his own pants, outlining the place that burned for your touch
♡ What face would you make when he bites you? Would you be scared? Aroused? Would you moan? How would you moan? Belphie often wondered what would set you off? What would make you lose your mind completely and be improper? What would make you scream? Gasp, cry, scratch his back, bite his neck? What amount of pleasure is your limit?
♡ you seem soft to him, you’re a human after all…would you let him corrupt you? Even if you push him off, he’ll find a way to get you to beg for him, to beg for his touch and body…
♡ Belphie huffed, his fingers reaching down and in between his boxers waist band and his skin, going down south, he licked his lips, he can’t wait to have you on this bed and under him
♡ fuckkkk, would your fingers be softer than his? Would you hesitate to touch him or would you surprise him and grab him and squeeze? You seem sneaky under all those soft smiles and timid actions
♡ “….a-ahh”
♡ there’s no way you’re pure like the fake display you give the public…Belphie is sure you’re no better than him, he can almost picture you in your bed, eyes blurry and damp, hands groping your own naked body…would you be thinking about him? Would you be wanting him to be grasping your waist, bouncing you off and on to him, his dripping cock between your thighs? Would you be wishing for him to be behind you, groaning and biting your ear? Would you let him grip too tightly on you, enough to leave dark spots? Would you get off to him using you? Mhmm you’d like that, won’t you?
♡ Belphie started to pace faster, his fist tighter around his cock fuck fuck fuckkk why can’t you be here and help him out?
♡ his breathing got heavier, his eyes closed down but his mind is still focused on you and your sinful body
♡ Belphie painted you under him, eyes flicking from his to the twitching cock on your stomach, your hands up above your head held by his strong palms
♡ Soft shaky moans escape you as he rocks his body, creating friction to barely satisfy him but enough to drown the itch of burying himself inside you for a bit
♡ Whimpering and wiggling, Belphie painted you to the bratty type, the one who thought they deserved to get what they want and would tear up and pout when they have to work for it…
♡ The attic has filled up with his low moans and the sheets shuffling
♡ Hell, he’ll have so much fun teasing and training you to be his toy, he’ll do things, everything, anything just to have the chance to break you and mark you as his, to bite your neck enough to draw drops of blood, to lick your shoulder and trace his teeth on the skin, to suck on your stomach and see you wither
♡ The thought of you being under him and almost crying when he cums on your stomach instead of in your mouth or inside you made his mind fuzzy
♡ Belphie painted you to arch your back when he swirls his fingers in the liquid on your skin, bringing it to your nipples, painted you to cry out when he pinches them and pulls, feeling them get hard, he painted you to open your mouth when he brings you more cum near your lips, painted you to poke your tongue out, eyes begging for more of him, more of his cum
♡ Belphie, the avatar of sloth, didn’t sleep that night, his mind too busy chasing the thoughts of you, too busy painting you under his mercy, crying out for him
♡ Belphie still was awake at breakfast, wild awake when you entered and smiled at him, he felt his mind beginning to fuzz when you licked the jam off your fingers and your eyes meet his after seconds
♡ Belphie who was quiet, his thoughts didn’t mirror the actions of the demon, they were loud and wild and filthy…all because of you, a mere human who got to close to his heart
Tumblr media
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touyaspeach · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Finally it's October and I can announce my kinktober event! Every day I'll post a new drawing of sexy demons (and angels... and humans) in smokin' hot lingerie.
Patrons got early access to the illustrations, and full nsft versions will be posted on my twitter.
Reblogs are greatly appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Day 17 // Day 18 // Day 19 // Day 20 // Day 21 // Day 22 // Day 23 // Day 24 // Day 25 // Day 26 // Day 27 // Day 28 // Day 29 // Day 30 // Day 31
Tumblr media
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endlessmyth · a day ago
Taking back what's mine
A yandere Lucifer x Angel reader fic. You are not MC. The main idea of this is just Lucifer corrupting you and forcing you to join him in Devildom
[Song to set the mood because it reminds me of him♡]
Kinktober 2022 Masterlist
Content Warnings below the cut.
Cw: Non con / dub con , Reader has a vagina, Hella angst, Spoilers, Reader has a chasity belt that they wear willingly that Lucifer removes forcefully, unprotected sex, just mean Lucifer taking advantage of your trust and obsessing over it. This one's more plot oriented and I'm sorry.
You remember it clearly.
The look on Lucifer's face when they announced that they were going to execute Lillith for her mistake.
The despair on the face of the man you loved brought out emotions you didn't even know existed.
You sympathized heavily. You spent most of your life by his side and couldn't imagine what it'd be like to be punished for loving him. You loved his siblings as though they were your own. They felt the same about you.
So when Lucifer fell first, and learned Mammon chased after him and the rest of his siblings were going to he panicked
Nothing will measure up to the guilt he felt seeing his brothers mangled bodies after hitting the ground. That awful look on Beelzebub's face as he tearfully explained that he couldn't save her.
He lost Lillith.
He had to scrape his brothers back together, and waited to catch you.
But you never came.
When Diavolo offered him a deal he waited a few weeks, risking the chance of losing Lillith forever.
He lost you too.
He held himself together long enough to decide to join Diavolo, sealing his fate in Devildom. After he went for a walk through one of the many gardens on the castle grounds
He was trying to get rid of the thought of you two, but the betrayal he felt overwhelmed him. He could practically see and feel you holding him and telling him how much you loved him.
It was as though you were really there, gently rubbing his wings and telling him how pretty he is
The thought of you trying to touch his new form and being disappointed in him flew him into a blind rage. Months of suppressed anger, guilt, and grief- not only for you - but for his siblings, finally broke free.
All he remembered was screaming profanities and kicking the ground beneath him, then feeling thick liquid dripping down his back and his hands. He turned around and saw feathers littering the ground.
A blond man stared at him in confusion.
Lucifer hadn't payed him any mind, instead deciding to take his anger out on the gravel, punching and beating the dirt under him until he calmed down.
When he finally stopped he stared at the crimson that was spilled. He never saw anything like this in the Celestial Realm. It was quickly going to become his new normal.
The sounds of screaming and yelling brings him back, mostly because it comes from voices he recognizes.
His wings are gone.
Mammon's yelling at him.
The blond man seems angry as well.
Mammon brought the two of them to the HOL- The place they were now expected to call home.
Barbatos explained that the demon spawned out of his rage.
Lucifer was baffled. He stopped asking questions shortly after.
He couldn't understand Satan's grudge against him. He couldn't understand why you didn't follow.
Was this another punishment from Father?
He spent the first few thousand years in his office, numbly filling out paperwork. Whenever he finished it he would drink demonous until he passed out. He wasn't able to sleep at night without it, all he would do is stare at the ceiling while waiting for you to join him in bed.
But you never came.
He never knew what happened. For millennia he would wonder about you, where did he go wrong? He would have fallen a second time in order to bring you back.
He would happily fight hundreds, maybe even thousands of wars to have you in his arms again. Because this way he wouldn't be fighting heart and mind, but fighting for you.
Anything for you.
You resided in the Celestial Realm. You needed to vent to someone about the war breaking out, how you didn't want to fight but you didn't want to lose Lillith.
You turned to Azrael, a man you thought you could trust. Who then turned to Michael and discouraged seeing Lucifer.
When he and his brothers were plummeting towards their potential deaths Michael had been distracting you with mindless work.
You thought you'd come home to Lucifer, and when you understood he was gone you tried to chase after. Michael sent Raphael to hold you back. They kept insisting he was no longer the man you loved.
Due to Father's punishment he would only be a husk of the man you once knew.
You screamed and fought, begging to be with him.
You caused such a fuss they demoted you to work for Simeon.
After a few thousand years they made an example out of you. History books spoke about you and Lucifer being star crossed lovers, and inseparable. People spoke about how he was your other half.
They said that your refusal to join him was a sign of your dedication to Father. How that in life you must make sacrifices, but His love would be worth it.
The mere mention of Lucifer's name would make the other angels look down at you with pity.
It was as though you were a dying animal that needed to be put out of its misery.
They were right. You were miserable. They told the younger angels that you were a symbol of strength, and how they should all look up to your resilience.
Anyone who knew you personally knows the truth.
You hate everyone here but Simeon.
Simeon is the only one who could understand your pain. Simeon actually had a choice, and he questioned it daily. He questioned Father and Michael's motives. He knew Michael had a hard time with people and empathy, but that didn't mean he was emotionless. Michael might have sucked at working with people directly, but that never meant he didn't care.
You disagreed with him whenever he tried to justify any of it. You knew he didn't support it, he wasn't trying to convince you of anything
He was trying to convince himself.
For years you and Simeon grieved together.
You weren't able to sleep at night without Lucifer's warmth. Simeon just needed to hold onto someone as he cried. Two birds one stone, right?
At first it was awkward and wrong, knowing you were seeking comfort in someone else- especially someone Lucifer once trusted.
You didn't have anyone left.
Simeon would spend all day working with lower ranking angels and you would assist him. Luke had been one of the lesser angels you worked with that would report straight to Michael. He was always such a happy kid that looked up to the three of you. Although, when he dropped a file on your desk with "Royal Academy of Diavolo" printed on the front you pause for a long time. That name felt so familiar. Luke proudly announced that Michael had given him special instructions to attend R.A.D. You didn't think much of it until Simeon came to your shared living space and explained what R.A.D truly was. Simeon was always a rule breaker, and knew how to play his cards right.
He explained to Michael that Luke needed a caretaker. He's just a child, they'd kill him for sport! He needs guidance, especially in a rotten place like that.
When Michael agreed you wailed and sobbed, just as you rehearsed. You cried and whined about how they had taken everything from you.
Please don't take him too! He's the only family you have left!
You sobbed and begged, take someone else. Anyone else. The others felt awful knowing they were taking you away from your best friend.
Obviously they had to send you with, for Simeon's sake.
That's what the two of you told the others. You just wanted to see Lucifer. You doubted he would forgive you, but you just need to see that they told the truth about him surviving. You needed to know his brothers were safe too.
You had to see it in person.
Unease was written all over your features when you stepped through the portal. Simeon gripped your hand tightly as he addressed Lord Diavolo. You kept glancing at Luke, who appeared more distressed than you.
For different reasons, of course.
He grabbed your hand and stood on the opposite side of Simeon, trying to avoid the pair of red eyes that were glaring holes in his direction.
He wasn't sure who the glare was pointed at, but he was scared regardless.
You followed his gaze, and met those wonderful eyes you used to melt at.
You weren't sure if you wanted to run into his arms or cry. You stared at the floor in shame.
The butler explained that you, Simeon, Luke, and an odd human named Solomon would be staying together in a place called Purgatory. On your way out Lucifer stood by the door, you glanced at him for a moment before smiling. Unknowingly encouraging him.
His stomach did flips at that smile. You weren't mad at him. His brothers spoke fondly of you for the first time in a few thousand years at dinner that night. He would have said something or reciprocated the gesture if that stupid lap dog of yours didn't drag you away.
You were at the dorms getting used to your new temporary home and getting acquainted with your new roommates. Luke spoke about baking and his interest in Devildom culture, making a point out of degrading the demons. You and Simeon wore tight smiles as he praised Michael and bragged about reporting to him.
It didn't go unnoticed by Solomon. Even he had heard the stories of you and Lucifer's glory days. He picked up on your discomfort and lured Luke away from the topic by offering to do a puzzle together. You and Simeon went to bed shortly after.
At RAD the next morning the four of you walked to classes together. You swapped schedules to make sure you had the same classes.
You had botany first hour while Simeon and Luke had some potion brewing class you didn't bother to remember the name of.
Solomon had the same class as you and was going to sit next to you before that all too familiar champaign colored hair popped back into your life. "Sooolooomooon~ Come sit next to meee!" You can't even be mad, you feel at ease upon hearing Asmodeus' voice. It's been so long since you two have sat down and done each other's nails while giggling about boys. Asmodeus was the reason you and Lucifer got together, after you sheepishly confessed your puppy love crush for him Asmodeus immediately snitched on you to Lucifer. You swore you were going to die of embarrassment. You smile at the memory.
A green eyed man disrupts your daydream by setting his backpack on the table next to you, the sound of his keychains clinking together and startling you. He doesn't say anything at first in favor of opening is bag and getting some notebooks. While he's distracted you take the opportunity to soak in his features, but take a special interest in the multiple cat and coffee themed keychains dangling off the zippers. He notices you staring and speaks up.
"Hi, I'm Satan. The Fourth Born avatar of Wrath."
You pause for a moment, unsure if he's serious or not. His expression doesn't hold any sense of irony or playfulness, so you press him further.
"Wasn't Asmodeus is the forth born?"
Satan's jaw tightens as he glances at some demons who are eaves dropping, then he gives a tight smile. "It's been a while, so you must remember our birth order wrong. I'm older than Asmodeus."
He's messing with you, right? There have only ever been seven, counting Lillith. Now he's claiming to be related to them? Right, as if you don't know your own almost brother in law. You nod dumbly, not wanting to anger him just in case he's telling the truth about being the avatar of Wrath. Satan pulls out his D.D.D and ignores you, so while he's distracted you turn in your seat to face Solomon and Asmodeus to ask. You don't make it obvious so Satan doesn't notice.
You point at Satan's back and give the two of them a confused look, then point at him and hold up four fingers.
Solomon nods and Asmodeus grins as he pulls out his D.D.D.
Your D.D.D beeps a moment later, a new notification from Asmodeus. The first thing he sends is a sticker of a creature winking and sending a heart.
Asmodeus: Heeeyyyy!!
You: Hi?
Asmodeus: Sooo that's Satan. He's our younger older brother. Try not to bring it up.
You: ???
Asmodeus: Come to the HOL after school, I'm sure everyone is just as eager as I am to see you again! We can talk all about it!
You: I don't know how to get there?
Asmodeus: Ooooh! Shoot I forgot. I have a fan club meeting I have to go to after class. I'll have Satan walk you there!
You: I don't think he likes me
Asmodeus: Nonsense! He's heard all about you and was excited to finally meet you!
You frown. He doesn't seem excited...Maybe that's just his natural demeanor.
The bell rings before you can finish thanking Asmodeus and put your D.D.D away. Throughout the lesson Satan answers any questions you have regarding the class.
You don't really pay attention to your classes for the rest of the day, instead stressing out about the walk to the HOL with Satan and what the brothers would think of you.
When did Father make another one?
You heed Asmodeus warning and don't bring up the birth order, instead asking Satan basic questions about himself. This time he acknowledges that you've never met, and he had to make a show out of arousing suspicion around the other demons. He offers to tutor you if you ever struggle, and tells you to be weary of Solomon as he invites you inside.
Your heart began to race as you stepped in, fear of what his brothers would say to you upon being reunited.
Lucifer was no where to be found. The others waited at the door for you to greet you instead. You almost regret coming to the HOL and consider bolting out the door. Instead you're distracted by Mammon who immediately makes you take a seat on the couch to catch up while Leviathan makes dinner.
Mammon babbles happily about the new human staying here, about some of the witches he's scammed and the latest trends in Devildom.
Leviathan came in to announce he finished preparing the meal and froze to gape at you. He wouldn't even look you in the eye, just kept stammering that this isn't real and you aren't really here and you're just going to leave again.
Asmodeus enters shortly after, noticing the tension and speaks up before tears begin to stroll down your face. Did they really think you wanted to lose them? If you had then why did you come back?
Asmodeus was just as giggly and cheerful as ever, but there was this glint in his eyes. It held mischief, not the childlike kind that you saw before the war. You didn't have time to get a good look in class. In the Celestial Realm he'd get that look when teasing Belphie or Mammon but now it felt...Sinister. When he explained he was the new avatar of Lust your heart lurched. You remember how insecure he had felt back home. He was seen as the jewel of the heavens and now he's...
You put on a smile, and embrace him. His hands don't wander, and you appreciate that.
Beelzebub and Belphegor watch in silence. Belphie glares at you and leans into Beel to whisper something but is cut off as you are tackled by the gentle giant himself.
You cry into his shoulder and squeeze as hard as you can, afraid he'll vanish if you let go.
You don't stop crying, even when all of them embrace you.
Yes, even Satan. He may not know you personally yet but he can tell you're important. Nobody protests, for the first time in a long time the house is bustling with life.
You stay for dinner and Simeon spends most of the night asking for updates, mostly concerned for your safety. Lucifer doesn't come to dinner, and the others insist it's because he's busy and you didn't do anything wrong.
You doubt it.
They can tell you miss him but try not to bring up your relationship. None of them acknowledge the war or the absence of their younger sister and pretend as though you've been here the entire time.
Mammon spends time bragging about his crows, and gets interrupted by Asmodeus who is excited to tell you how his fan club meeting went. In between bites Belphegor mentions Beelzebub's fangol games, which causes the ginger to smile and explain how the game works. Leviathan cuts in to tell you that he makes the strategies and how it reminds him of the latest anime he got into. You don't get any time to talk, they're all competing for your attention. As the night progresses you feel more and more at ease seeing how they've moved on over time.
You stupidly decide to stay the night. They all argue about where you should sleep but settle for sleeping on the couch after watching a movie with them. Throughout the movie Mammon talks loudly and drops popcorn everywhere. Satan criticizes any plot holes he sees and Asmodeus giggles about how attractive the actress is. Beel remains silent, munching on his extra buttery popcorn and occasionally making sure that Belphie stays asleep.
The movie stops and Satan's the first to leave, he thanks you for your time and heads to his room to read.
Mammon explains that Satan's only being a little standoffish because he's torn on whether or not to trust you. He was born after they all fell.
You nod along, now understanding why his behavior is so erratic. He was born out of Lucifer's anger and has his memories, he likely has a few glimpses of you and feels familiar with your presence.
Was that anger caused by you? Is it your fault he's here?
You try not to dwell on it, and instead interrogate Beel about the best Devildom dishes and eventually he leaves Belphegor's sleeping figure on the couch to go make some more popcorn.
The others eventually bid you goodnight, leaving you with Belphie.
His eyes shoot open and he sits up right, glaring at you.
"You made Beel cry. You left us all behind and now you think you can just wander in here acting like you didn't do anything wrong? If you fought for us maybe Lillith wouldn't hav-"
Beelzebub's sniffling makes Belphie freeze, guilt washes over his features as Beel speaks up.
"It's not their fault."
You can't help but cry as well, did they all feel this way?
"I'm- I'm sorry. I should've-...They wouldn't...I- I just.."
You struggle to get the words out. Beelzebub whimpers about how it's his fault that he couldn't save her, and Belphie didn't mean it.
Belphegor immediately shuts Beelzebub's self deprecation down and soothes him. The two stand there holding each other as you grip your borrowed pajama pants.
"I wanted to. Raphael held me back- Michael didn't tell me until after you all- Simeon."
Your voice trails off. Beelzebub pulls away from Belphegor and hugs you while crying into your neck. Belphie stands and watches.
"You really mean it?"
You squeeze Beel and look at Belphie, your voice breaks "Why would I willingly leave behind my family?"
Belphegor's composure breaks, it's obvious he never wanted to be mad at you in the first place. He rushes over and the three of you curl up and cry together until you pass out on the floor.
You wake up to use the restroom in the middle of the night. It takes a while to untangle yourself from the twins limbs, but you squeeze out of the pile eventually. You walk past the kitchen and freeze at the figure holding the fridge door open. He feels your eyes on him and turns to you.
You feel dread and excitement as you fumble awkwardly.
"Did I wake you up?"
You frantically shake your head no. "I uhm..I was just texting Simeon to let him know I'm okay."
His expression doesn't waver, he just stares at you as you avoid eye contact.
"The floor didn't seem too comfortable, why don't you come sleep in my room?"
You smile and step out of the doorway. "Lead the way."
The walk up the stairs to Lucifer's room is quiet and tense. He pushes open his door and you stand in the entrance watching him. He motions for you to sit down and get comfortable.
You take a seat on his couch as he keeps his back turned to you, he opens a safe and pulls out a thin sheet of cardboard that keeps a thin vinyl disk protected. As he takes time to dust it off and determine which side to use you look around his room. On the right side there's a large desk with a window behind it, and in the corner there's a bunch of file cabinets. On the left there's a velvet dog bed covered in brown and black hair. "Cerberus" is engraved in gold on the side.
You hear the sound of Lucifer cranking a record player, and admire the second half of the room.
The most obvious piece of what you hope is decoration in his room is a skeleton. You have a mental argument about yourself on weather or not to look at it, and eventually settle on telling yourself it's fake and not to question it further.
Lucifer wouldn't kill anyone. You know that.
Music hits your ears and you look back at Lucifer, he smiles at you and you can't help but return the gesture.
He walks towards his bed after that, and you let yourself admire his form.
He's always had a cute butt.
You flush at that thought, and direct your gaze towards his night stand instead. He has a pair of reading glasses resting in an open case laying on it and an alarm clock. Lucifer walks back into your line of sight with two glasses and a bottle of demonous. You raise a brow at that and he grins.
"Like old times."
You nod as he takes a seat next to you, then he uncorks the bottle and pours you both a glass. He takes a deep breath before taking a sip before staring at you expectantly.
"Why did you come back?"
You grimace and reach out for your glass.
"Wasn't sure if you were alive or not."
Lucifer scoffs.
"I mean- They told me you survived but I wasn't sure if they were just telling me that to make me feel better."
You take a couple sips of your drink.
You don't notice it, but Lucifer smirks at the idea of you missing him. "Make you feel better? You came to Hell to visit me?"
When he phrases it like that it makes you embarrassed. "I just...I wanted to be certain. They've been..."
You don't finish that thought, instead you glance up at him in hopes of some reassurance.
"So you came here to tease me?"
"No no! Lucifer I could never!"
He chuckles at your distress and wraps an arm around you, then pulls you onto his lap. You set a leg on each side of him and bury your face in his chest.
"I know you'd never do that to me. My little angel would never bring me any harm intentionally."
He grabs your chin and tilts your head up to look at him.
"Would you?"
You shake your head no, but you can also feel his hand guiding you to do so. He sighs and leans back a bit to admire your features.
"I wanted to."
He gives you an odd look and hums.
"Wanted to...hurt me?"
You grab his shirt and huff in annoyance. "No. I wanted to be with you. I didn't know you were going to...Then Raphael stopped me and...now things are weird."
He doesn't react, he just stares into your eyes in silence. You attempt to fill it.
"I just wanted to be friends again."
The muscles in his legs tense underneath you and then loosen. "So that's what you're calling it?"
You tilt your head, and he speaks up. "Us."
"Oh. No, I mean. There's no way we could-"
He grabs you by the throat and pulls you into him so you’re inches away from his face. He's always had such pretty lips.
"After all those years together, you come crawling back to sit on my lap and say that we're just friends?"
He seems so distraught. It makes your heart ache. So you do what you always used to do to soothe yourself.
You slam your lips against his.
He groans into the kiss, hands sliding from your shoulders to your wrists before shooting upwards again. His kisses seem a lot more practiced and precise. In the Celestial Realm they'd always be chaste, and quick as if he was afraid of you. On one occasion you had been laying in bed with him as he rubbed himself against you, he kept whining about wanting to be inside but respected your wishes not to. He wouldn't stop apologizing for trying to soil your perfection, he knew how important your chastity was. It was your virtue, one of the only things making you worthy enough to stay in the Celestial Realm. Angels had been allowed to bed each other, as long as it was in moderation and came out of love rather than lust. This rule applied to everyone except those who had chastity as their virtue.
You gave him a key to your belt and forgot about it, you promised him that someday when you became a stronger angel you would happily elope with him. Your mind is too lost in guilt and pleasure to bother questioning the whereabouts of that key.
His tongue slides into your mouth and you almost cry because of how much you missed his taste, but instead you desperately try to keep up with his pace.
Then his hands wander from your shoulders to your neck, then eventually down your chest and to your nipples. He chuckles and pulls away as you grab his wrists
You gasp, mind finally catching up with you
"We...Shouldn't have done that."
You're caught off guard by your own self control, but it's the truth. Lucifer is like a drug, and if you don't stop now you'll get addicted.
His eyes that were once filled with love and devotion turned dark, he glares at you now.
"So you really meant it?”
You can feel the muscles in his arm tightening as he clenches his hands into fists, and for the first time in your life your scared for your own safety rather than someone elses
"I think I was just...Confused."
"So you never really loved me?"
You feel like there’s barbed wire closing around your throat. You worry that if you say anything else you’ll make it worse. You pull away and climb off the couch and walk to the door. That's not what you meant, but regardless of your intentions you made it harder on yourself. You should have went back to Purgatory Hall with Simeon after dinner.
You hear glass shattering behind you and grab the door knob, only to be grabbed by the ankle and dragged across the floor. He throws you back onto his couch and you land on your back.
Horns and wings come snapping out of him as you roll off the couch before he can pin you down.
"You said you wanted to stay with me!"
You'd never heard him yell this loud, his voice always was so comforting but now it made you want to hide forever.
"Now you're here with me and you're trying to leave again?!"
You try to make it to the door again, but he blocks the exit with his body. His four wings block any areas where you could have potentially squeezed past.
You always had some fight in you, it's a real shame Lucifer took it from you.
You turn and run towards the window at his desk. You figure you can just charge through the glass and fly away, never to return again.
Your wings come out at the thought of that, sealing your fate.
Lucifer reaches out and gives a firm tug on your left one, causing you to tumble backwards. While you're on the ground he grabs the base of both of them in both hands.
He pins you on your stomach and slams your face onto his desk. Your shaking and crying at this point, gently murmuring apologies in hopes he'll let you go.
He leans down, rest his chin in the crook of your shoulder and whispers
"Michael won't get in our way again."
You wiggle at that, feeling yourself cringing at the proximity. His grip hurts, Michael was trying to protect you. Why couldn't you just listen?!
His free hand wanders to your pants and he tears them off, then he fondles your chastity belt for chuckling to himself.
"My little angel save themself just for me? I guess you really were telling the truth."
You're torn between celebrating the fact he believes you, and fearing what he might do. You weren't saving yourself for him, your Lucifer is gone
It's not like he can get it off, he'll have to let you go
You relax a bit, feeling smug knowing that he wouldn't do what you thought he was going to.
The you heard the jingle of metal and your heart drops. You feel the key slide into the lock on the top and your last hope hit the floor with a hefty thud.
"Don't- Lucifer cmon, don't- Don't do this, you- you couldn't! This- it's not- you.. you-"
You're crying even harder now, and he laughs as he slips a finger into your dry pussy.
The only thing keeping you sane and pure is as least it's Lucifer, the man you once loved.
He slips his fingers in and out and plays with your clit, gathering slick. He doesn't make a sound as he does, focusing on the way you squelch around his fingers and whimper.
He admires your halo, and marvels at how much you've begun to squeeze him.
You won't let him taint you. You can't let him taint you.
You can hear him taking off his belt so you take long and deep breaths to steady yourself. As soon as this is over you'll get Simeon and Luke then leave. The human exchange program will shut down and Lucifer will be punished by Diavolo.
He takes his hand off your wings to pump his cock, and you take this opportunity to try and use your wings to knock him off his feet.
He pushes your wings flat onto the desk, one resting on each. He's got you caged.
He lets out a grunt as he pushes himself inside you for the first time. He curses as he rocks back and forth slowly.
"Wanted this."
Your ears are ringing and you see black. You can't hear or see Lucifer. This isn't happening. It's not lust if you're not enjoying it, and sure you're not a virgin anymore but it's not your fault.
"Just friends? Ha, you don't- You don't get touched like this by your other friends...Do you?"
You continue to insist it's not lust until he slams into your g-spot in frustration, and moan loudly at it.
"Friends?! After everything we've- Agh..fuck.." He has to take a moment to stop himself from cumming at the idea of taking you in front of everyone to further prove that you aren't "friends". Never have been, never will be. He finds himself getting particularly upset about your "friend" Simeon. As if he could ever replace-
Lucifer hears a crack form in your halo and grins, pushing harder and faster in that area as the cracks grow larger and darker. He continues to stir in his anger about you being with any other man. Demon, Angel, Human, whatever. You're his.
You're losing your mind, your stomach feels so weird.
"Mh, ah! Ah..ha...Lucifer I can't I'm gonna- Hn- Michaels.."
The mention of his name is enough to make him pick up pace and lose his tempo, now he bucks into you without second thought
"You're wrapped around my cock, not his. Mine mine mine mine-"
He continues to chant ‘mine’ in between each thrust, ignoring pleas of mercy
He growls and sinks his teeth into your neck as he slams against your cervix at a new, deeper angle.
His hips still, but yours do not.
He pulls away and watches you wiggling your ass desperately in order to get him deeper, harder. Anything.
You’ve let go. You started out resisting his attempts but fighting him was useless, did you even want to fight him to begin with?
He grins as your halo turns dark, only a few bits of gold remain
"Thats it, fucking cum on my cock, dedicate yourself to me entirely"
He jerks himself back inside you and you begin to desperately rock your hips back and forth while trying to get the same angle he had before. He laughs at your desperation and rubs at your clit.
"Gonna..gonna finish..feels wrong" you slur
He finally begins to move again, a lot softer now. Still shifting nice and deep but not as forceful.
You drool and Lucifer pulls his hands off your wings to grab your hips. The tips of your feathers turn black as you cry out for more. You aren't sure what you need more of, but you trust Lucifer to give it to you. He’s given you everything he wanted before and you know he’d do it again. 
Maybe Hell won’t be so bad...
Lucifer's cock aches as he feels that familiar peak hitting, his fingers quicken and he relishes in the way you begin to tighten.
He's finishing because your now pliant little body is just begging for his cum, and in a haze he begins to mutter to himself "Love you. You're never leaving..fuckfuckfuck yess"
That simple L word is enough to make you finish, Lucifer swears seeing your halo shatter and your wings all darken is enough to prolong his orgasm. You cry as your fluids mix with his. You go limp as he slides his dick out to admire his seed dripping onto the desk.
He leans in and kisses your cheek as he fingers his cum back into your spent hole. "Welcome home, my love."
Tonight, Simeon grieves once more.
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cookierin-simp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Professor Satan X fem MC!
Tw : teacher x student dynamic, cussing, porn, teacher fucks student, Satan's big dick, taboo relationship
A/n: hi lovelies ! Today, I came up with a teacher x student ff of obey me because I have daddy issues. I overdid this part and the words almost reached 2500+. 2500+ words for part 1?!?! Omg
Genre : smut
Link to my Masterlist : Erin's Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Everyone, submit the homework that I gave yesterday "
Professor Satan's words made your eyes widen. Homework? You were sure there were no works assigned from him yesterday except that one class which you dreaded so much. Seduction.
But you for one sure that Professor Satan didn't give out works. So that's why you, stupidly, asked Mammon about it yesterday and he confidently said there isn't. Mammon's face shows authenticity to his answer and so you bet no questions or doubts about him.
"Oi! " you whispered to Mammon who sat next to you in the class and gave him a death mixed with anxiety stare. "you said there were no works! " your finger couldn't help but pinch his thigh. Mammon yelped in a quiet tone "fuck! I forgot to text you that night! " the tanned skin demon replied causing your blood to boil.
"so you're telling me, you finished the homework?! " you took a good amount of breath to utter those words, hoping for Mammon to deny your statement but he with his sloppy uniform shrugged. ".... Kind of... " an innocent smile was carved on his face.
"you fucking-" as you were about to hit him and ruin his white hair, you heard your name being spoken aloud to the point that the whole class were looking at you being abusive to Mammon.
"y/n, I believe I asked you to submit my work. " Professor Satan said as he put his arm on the table to support his standing body. He folded his sleeves as they reached the upper part of his elbow. The view of his veins was clear and a few light scars were also visible considering your professor always plays with stray cats no matter if they bit or scratch him.
"I... Uh.... " you stutter while your head thought of 1001 excuses to be made just for Professor Satan's curiosity to be fed. Professor Satan raised his eyebrows as he saw you searching for words to defend yourself.
His blonde eyebrow offended you as well as his 'you can't get away with this' grin on his face. It made you feel as if you were losing and of course, you hated the feeling of it. Though, you show no sign of hatred towards Professor Satan's expression.
"meet me after class" he broke eye contact as his hand reached for the nearest chalk and focused himself on the board. The blonde lecturer jolt down the basic formula for potion making. A cough escaped his mouth as he starts to explain today's lesson.
"You. Will. Pay. For. This " your whisper was only heard by Mammon as you mimic an action of slitting your throat, signing the demon that he's not going to run away from the mess he'll make.
Mammon gulped and put both of his palms together along with a face that was begging for forgiveness. The second born couldn't bear the thought of you getting mad at him when your happiness is his priority. But did you care? No. You were deeply offended knowing that Mammon ditched on you about yesterday's homework.
"Listen, I'll.... I'll make up for ya! I.. Um... "Mammon's sweat was now visible as he reached for your palm, hoping that his touch will somehow make you feel better. Yet it backfired when you rejected his hand which caused Mammon to almost broke into tears. "I'll fucking kill you" your eyes still emit the deathly rage and you meant it when you said that.
"I thought your guilt for not submitting your homework in time will make you less loud today, but what are the odds? " Professor Satan, who is wearing glasses along with a book of potions he held sarcastically comments on your rude action. It triggered you when someone is mentioning you but didn't look your way because in a logical sense, when someone is talking about somebody, respectfully, they need to look at them and if they aren't, it is just straight disrespectful.
Professor Satan is too intelligent to not know those basic rules so he must do it in favour to piss you off.
You, on the other hand, were trying to balance the peace of the three worlds by not commenting on his scornful remarks or else, a hell of war will surely be started.
A bell rang indicating the class is over. In Devildom, it is 10:30 am which is a time when the student could rest or eat. It's not lunchtime since it is still morning but it's surely a period when the student could ease their mind and nap for a bit.
Thanks to Mammon, you couldn't take the sweet nap up on the rooftop because of the date you had with Professor Satan after his class. When everyone was getting ready to head out of the class, you held Mammon's hand. "I'm.... scared.. " your confession made your partner feel as if his life is getting crushed by a giant hammer.
The demon with a sloppy uniform smile as to wash your worries off. "listen, for ya, I can toss my nap away" the words he utters felt like a blanket to your anxiety. As soon as you heard Mammon's warm word, you grinned to ear. None of the demons nor angels could deny how pretty you are when you're smiling. It compliments your face feature which you were never aware of it.
But just as you and Mammon were about to get another 'feel-good' scene, the professor interrupted. "I wanted to meet with y/n, alone"
He took off his glasses and crossed his muscly arms.
"ya can't do that! " Mammon defended. "She's a human and you are a demon! Anything could happen to her! " your partner confessed his worries when he shouted the reason why Professor Satan needs to let Mammon accompany you. But not even a reaction came from the lecturer instead of his taunting smile.
"but Mammon...." the professor replied in such a manner which shows how professional he is handling a situation that could cause a nightmare for every educator.
As the professor walked up to Mammon, his lips reached for the greedy demon's ear to whisper Mammon's darkest secrets. Your confusion was at its best when the loud demon suddenly froze as the professor left his ear, only for him to gaze at you.
Something fishy about Mammon and the dark energy from Professor Satan was fleeting around him. You saw Mammon's eyes meet yours as he mumbled a goodbye to you. What happened with all of his warm words? Where did the promises of being with you forever go? Just like that, Mammon's item along with the demon himself disappeared at the door of the chamber.
"Now, let's talk about you" Professor Satan turned around and leaned himself at the table desk.
You growled with your breath as he sent Mammon away, causing an intense situation in the chamber. Your neat uniform is starting to pick up your sweats. The way your professor fixed his eyes on your figure made you feel as if you aren't his student, but rather his prostitute.
The continuous gaze from Satan made your left eyebrows lift as if to question his intention of meeting you alone. "Professor, I believe you wanted to talk about something. "
Professor Satan chuckled as he rubbed both of his eyes with his thumb and his pointer finger. It was obviously a burst of sarcastic laughter. Your decent action was replied to with the professor's shitty laugh causing you to question yourself and his existence of him.
Finishing off his chuckle, Satan ended it with a huge sigh. "I believe YOU owe me something " he uttered as he get off his table desk and made his way to the teacher's chair.
You rolled your eyes as a subtle 'fuck' escaped your mouth. You didn't like the fact that you need to go to such an extent only because you didn't finish his work. Every professor of Satan's students will receive punishment in the class and not outside the session of it. It confuses you why he decided to do the punishment at a time like this.
But you never really had a choice, so as you pushed the chair back and stood up, you cough a few times and pull your skirt down to cover those sweaty thighs of yours. Professor Satan bit his lips as he saw the view of your legs. You didn't notice his sultry gaze as your mind thought of possible excuses and apologies.
You made your way to his desk. The figure of you in front of Professor Satan's desk was a rare thing. You never were his pet. You never were any teacher's pet. Hence, you loathed the educators here. To stand in front of their desk or ask questions is definitely not something you look forward to.
Despite your hatred towards teachers, you always strive in becoming a good and decent student. Well, can't really say that you are a genius but your results never disappoint Lord Diavolo. It's truly magnificent how you juggle between hating teachers and also managing to score on tests.
So, as a decent student, you already arrange the alphabet as it turns into a polite apology. Surely, Professor Satan will forgive you as your words will make you look like a sophisticated student.
"Professor Satan, I deeply apologise for my indecent behaviour as you were teaching. I also will promise to send your work tomorrow morning before I go to my first class" you smile as the words were being spoken confidently. The sudden wind from the room blew your hair as the scent of your morning shampoo entered Professor Satan's nose. He made sure to breathe every air in the room but didn't make it so obvious as your eyes were at him.
"no need" his simple reply faded your smile. "I've marked the work for today, I won't mark the same assignment tomorrow "
You wanted to bang your head on the wall and let it bleed as you died a horrible death. Will it satisfy your professor? You come up with the best apologies along with the promise of solving the issue yet your genius, the mind-Einstien professor thought of it as a horrible plan.
Professor Satan laid his back on the chair as he eyed the chalk to you. His hand reached for the long ruler on the desk and brought it closer to him, signing to you that it is time for your punishment.
"I want you to take that pink chalk and write down your fault" he spoke as his finger glided on the ruler. This is literally unnecessary punishment. Why can't he resolve this issue with peace? If only that blonde professor agreed to your proposal, you wouldn't have to work your arm by writing your mistake. Plus, he will get his work done by tomorrow morning. It's a win situation for him.
"filled the board with your mistake" professor Satan continued. Never really wanted you to feel easy whenever he is around. At least that what's your thought is.
You groan internally as you went to the board and pick up the chalk.
The mouth of yours cursed him to death and he knew it but it made him happy to finally tease you after holding back to it for so long. He loves it that this moment will forever be planted in your memories. In core memory even better.
In the first few lines of it, you decided to write on the left side of the big blackboard. It would take you one day to fill the whole board and it is ridiculous considering you also have other classes to attend. Maybe your professor was just joking about filling the whole board? You hope it to be that way.
As you were on the left side of the board, it is only natural that you are close to your professor as the teacher's desk was placed on the left side of the classroom. Your body jiggles a bit as a result of your intense writing on the board causing a view of your jiggling butt to become the first sight to Professor Satan.
His eyes hungrily scanned your butt. Lord Diavolo deserves a thank you for making a short skirt as one of the school's official uniforms. Your high-knee black stockings compliment your meaty thighs making them look deliciously edible.
The thudding sound of chalk against the board didn't dominate Professor Satan's mind. His head revolved around dirty thoughts as he scanned you from your head down to your toe. To when your uniform lifted a bit when you're desperate to reach the top of the board, his chest tighten. You suffocate him with the slightest view of your skin. He read so much about humans and dreamed to meet one. But never had he ever dreamt about fucking them.
As you were writing on the board, you can feel a ruler resting on your butt as it was placed underneath your skirt. The ruler slowly lifted your skirt making your underwear exposed to the air of Professor Satan's room. You yelped when you felt cold between your bump. You shifted your eyes to the left only to be met with Professor Satan's hungry eyes peeking at your undergarment as well as his hand holding the long ruler that lifted your skirt.
"I didn't tell you to stop" he commented. "Go on with your punishment or I'll spank your pretty ass" his gaze goes to you.
A faint colour of strawberry emitted on your face. The pattern of your breathing was a mess when you felt a palm caress your buttcheek. The goosebump to when Professor Satan cursed whenever he touch your undergarment made you bite your lips.
You bend over as to write your mistake a little lower and the blonde lecturer groans. "you fucker" he gritted his teeth. The red underwear stretched a bit, as your pussy was exposed a bit more when you bend.
Using your sense of hearing, you heard the chair that your professor was sitting on the move. He was standing up as he dropped the ruler, making your skirt fall back to its place. Professor Satan's moan was getting visible and your heart was pounding as it was demanding to get out of your chest.
He placed his crotch to feel your clothed pussy. "prof... " you moaned when his tent wobbled your legs, causing you to almost fell on your knees. Professor Satan replied to your moan with his groan as he compliment your fold. "you are throbbing, y/n. Do you have a crush on me? "
He rocked his hips up and down to rub his tent at your clothed clit. Your arms stopped as you dropped the chalk. Both of your hand leans on the chalkboard to support yourself. Professor Satan didn't mind that you stopped writing, hence, he was feeling even more turned on knowing your attention was at the thought of fucking him.
"God, aren't you just so fuckable for me... " the horny professor moaned as he noticed your throbbing pussy was dripping wet and it left a mark on his crotch. "professor... "
Professor Satan groaned again whenever you mention his title. He aggressively takes off his tie and put it around your neck, as if mimicking the function of a dog's collar. The image of your professor was at the same level as if Asmodeus were in heat. His neat buttoned shirt was already messed up considering he took the time to unbutton it. A few strands of his hair blocked the sight of his eyes, but only god knows how ethereal hot Professor Satan looks when he fucked up.
"Now y/n, ready to be a teacher's pet? "
Tumblr media
request for part 2 if interested!
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crowaftermidnight · 17 hours ago
Day 1 of Kinktober - Leash and collar
{Satan x gn!bottom!Reader | Minors DNI | Sex, leash and collar | Satan has cat ears and tail}
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Satan explicitly asked you not to touch his books, which you did not do. You browsed among the various tomes inside his room, noticing a book whose cover caught your attention. You climbed onto the shelf, trying to grab it, and in the meantime, Satan appeared in his room, letting out a shout toward you as the books fell off the shelf, threatening to hit you. You moved out of the way in time as Satan caught a book on the head, causing smoke to be generated all around him. Once the smoke cleared, Satan had two pairs of ears and a cat-like tail, complete with collar.
Silence falls in the room as you watch the demon squint and watch himself, frantically moving his tail. It gives you a murderous look as you sneer, amused by the scene. "What did I tell you?"
You apologize under your breath as you approach the demon, brushing his tail. He blows at you, frowning, and you pout, looking at him. "I'm sorry, okay?"
Satan brings his hands to his sides, looking at the mess of books on the floor, and you cast a spell, putting them back in place. His tail moves slightly, satisfied, and you bring a hand under his chin, chuckling. A strange idea passes through your mind, and you lean close to his ear, whispering it to him. The demon watches you, wiggling its cat ears, and you grin in amusement. "Your pretty cat ears would look so cute between my thighs."
He remains interjected for a second, then grabs you by the hips, making you laugh, and sets you down on top of a stack of books. You make a leash appear attached to his collar, and pull the demon toward you, kissing him passionately. His ears twitch in surprise, responding to the kiss by resting his hands against the bookshelf. You feel him licking your neck and biting your skin, leaving purple marks all around. His tail sways as you pull on the leash and let him down lower. The demon unbuttons your shirt and gives attention to your chest, focusing on your nipples. You sigh as you feel his breath against your skin and feel him bring his hands to your pants, unfastening and removing them and then tossing them somewhere. You pull the leash toward you and bring him back to kiss you as his hands linger on your underwear, slowly removing it. A shiver runs down your back and Satan brings his hands against your buttocks, squeezing them. He presses you against the shelf and takes you by the thighs, pulling you to his groin. You lean over to unbuckle his belt and drop his pants along with his boxers, revealing his more than obvious erection.
The demon goes inside you and begins to thrust his cock fiercely, jerking you with each thrust. You bring your head against the crook of his neck and sigh in pleasure with each thrust. You feel his length rubbing against your walls as the thrusts make you slam against the shelf, making the books move. You bring your legs against his hips and let him thrust his cock into you fiercely as you feel him purr against your ear. You bring a hand to his ears and massage them, making him purr louder as the bell tied to his collar jingles thrust after thrust.
You see his tail sway in the air and grab it, making him jerk and thrust harder. You moan in pleasure as he lets out a cry against your ear. The more you massage his tail, the harder he thrusts, moaning and catching his breath. "Good kitty," you murmur against his ear as he satisfies you. You keep a firm grip on the leash and feel how he slams against the shelf, moaning louder. Pre-cum drips from your thighs onto his precious books, mixed with your juice, and its length slips inside you, bringing you to orgasm. The demon lets out another cry, similar to a meow, and lets go, catching its breath. You pull on the leash, forcing him to lean toward you and kiss you, meeting your tongue with his. You cling to him, letting him take you by the hips and lead you to the bed, making you lie down. You look at him, confused, and murmur his name, then your questions are answered as your voice dies in your throat as you feel his tongue travel along your sex, causing you to lose your grip from the leash.
"We have just begun" murmurs the demon between your thighs, returning to lick your sex. You stare at the ceiling, red in the face and breathing heavily. You bring a hand to his head and push him against you, sighing 'Yes, kitty. Eat me up' letting him satisfy you. You will probably spend the duration of this spell enjoying eachother.
Tumblr media
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angelover · a day ago
who from obey me can find the clit?
Tumblr media
LUCIFER, yes he can, without a doubt.
MAMMON... not at first, it takes so long and with you help ofc.
LEVI, might because he've seen hentai.
SATAN, duh.
ASMO, duh.
BEEL, LISTEN if he's eating you out, it's so fucking messy and his mouth is so big he accidentally finds it.
BELPHIE, not really.
SIMEON, maybe yes. i want to think he does.
SOLOMON, finds it on accident and pretends he knew all along.
MEPHISTOPHELES, no. he tries and gets frustrated but tries AGAIN because he has to be better than Lucifer.
THIRTEEN, DUH OBVIOUSLY. she knows how it's done.
RAPHAEL, no and doesn't even try.
Tumblr media
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dyslexicashell · 2 days ago
I would love a possessive Simeon x reader(female or neutral) please and thank you!
Possessive Simeon x gn! reader
You squeaked again feeling his cock brush against your sensitive spot, Simeon smiled "I'm sorry darling I know your overstimulated, but I just can't help myself... You know how jealous I can be" he smiled sweetly placing a kiss to your neck. You moaned gripping tightly onto his hair while he continued to pound into you, he panted seeing your face twist in pleasure.
"Simeon!" you moaned; he hummed kissing your lips "Yes my dear?" he asked. You rutted yourself deeper into him driving his cock deeper into you. You were sure your insides were mush by now, but you couldn't care less. All you cared about was him and his cock.
He groaned "Dear just a bit longer I promise I'll let you cum soon..." he said softly, you whimpered waiting for you release. He huffed holding you close while he continued to pound you. You moaned loudly feeling that tight knot in your stomach snap, Simeon groaned Cuming along with you at the feeling of your walls clenching around him.
"Your only mine right darling?" he panted watching you nod feverishly; he smiled as you pulled him back for another kiss "More..." you mumbled. He smiled "If that's what you want..."
(Should I make a part 2???)
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luxthestrange · 2 days ago
Incorrect quotes#659 Odd Quadrio
Lili: Hah! 69! You know what that means?*Wiggles eyebrows at Simeon & You* Sim: What?*Looks innocently at His Younger Sister* Mc: That you're innocent as a baby...*looks at Simeon with a pained sigh* Mich: HOW YOU GUESS MY IQ?!?
Tumblr media
Would Simeon be a himbo?...is what I ask myself a lot...when his outfits leave nothing out the imagination, he is so vanilla...
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villain-hotline · a day ago
Hi there! I saw the other asks for game night and I like the spiciness so now I want to see the match ups for mine, if you feel so inclined. If not that's totally okay! I would like this for the Obey Me! fandom please, female or gender neutral reader is fine 🥰
My three are:
Praise kink
Daddy dom kink
Size kink
I hope you have an amazing rest of your week 😇
hey hey, welcome to villain hotline ans our game nights ! glad you sent a req♡ and thank youuuu , you too ♡
kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
praise: solomon ♡
daddy kink: satan ♡
size kink: beel ♡
all three: diavolo ♡ he's so gross, he wants to praise you, to say how soft and pretty you are. to tell you how you have him wrapped around your finger. however you shouldn't get too cocky because he isn't afraid to put you in your place, after all you're just his little girl and he loves it when you call him daddy... when you look up to him towering over you and pout - fuck he really turns into a demon when you act like an angel.
Tumblr media
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satisfactooru · 14 hours ago
ꜱᴀᴛɪꜱꜰᴀᴄᴛᴏᴏʀᴜ ꜱᴛᴜᴅɪᴏꜱ ᴘʀᴇꜱᴇɴᴛꜱ…
Tumblr media Tumblr media
welcome, welcome everyone to my very first kinktober! nothing much, just a buffet of smutty fics to enjoy this october ‘22!
i’ve been very busy w work lately, but the plan is to post three fics a week (dates are subject to change)! this is the kinktober masterlist post, and it might seem a little empty now, but do not fret! the fics will be added as they’re posted!
Tumblr media
all fics will have the appropriate warnings at the very top, so please read them before going any further ♡
Tumblr media
sexy pro-athlete cums with the voice of his girlfriend alone! (oikawa tōru: haikyuu!!) [october 2nd]
huge man destroys girlfriend’s pussy with his monster cock (ushijima wakatoshi: haikyuu!!) [october 5th]
more coming soon!
Tumblr media
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