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ghost-mp4 · a day ago
virgin!kuroo who practically begs you to teach him how to kiss.
virgin!kuroo who comes in his pants, whining and grinding against your leg that's between his, the first time you two properly make out.
virgin!kuroo who cries the first time he fucks you because "oh, god, you feel so good, baby, so so good" and he can hardly take it.
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dottcre · a day ago
no words, just incubus dottore riding you until he has no more energy to bounce up and down so you have to do the work, being much more rough than he expected until he's crying and moaning for more, he doesn't even know if he wants to pull you closer or pull away, needless to say he left your house with a full tummy and will be visiting again soon <33 (also hi it's the anon who sent the monster reader ask !)
INCUBUS DOTTORE IS SO YUMMY I WOULD WRITE AN ENTIRE FIC ABOUT HIM (i might). he’s all dressed up in the prettiest lingerie AND HIS CUTE LIL WINGS AND TAIL???? you have his face pressed against the pillow harshly and he gasped at how deep you were reaching in him. such a strong human… he already felt so energized and you weren’t even done with him yet!! he’d practically be preening from the attention you gave him. if he were facing up he’d probably start blabbering out everything on his mind (though there’s not a lot of things. he’s getting too dumb to think <3). stuff like how you’re the best he’s ever said, and all that nice stuff. he’s sobbing and panting, tongue stuck out as he tries to handle the delicious sensation of overstimulation
also, humiliate and degrade him a little, maybe. you shouldn’t degrade him on the first time, maybe on his 4th time coming back to you or so, but humiliation!! point out how his wings are quivering, shaking, flapping, whatever, as you fuck him. point out how his little (not that little, actually) cock is practically begging for relieve. make him obey, kneel before you just so he could get a taste of your cum. it’s so filled with the energy he needed, if he’s desperate enough, he just might!
he’d probably also both love it and hate it if you came on him! he’d hate it because it’s a waste!! he’d have to collect it with his fingers and lick it off himself. it’s also just a little humiliating :( but then again, it feels so good to watch your cock spurt out ropes of cum because of him! he loves looking at your entire body when you shake from the pleasure <3
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binahs-sinbin · 3 days ago
Overstimulating the tweels? (+riddle and idia if it's ok :))
Well of course it’s ok!!💙💚 Did ficlets!
All characters below are 18+
Tumblr media
Cw: overstim, bondage, c*ck rings,
Jade playfully tugged against the restraints you had put on him, leaving him tied to the bed while you go grab a few ‘toys’ to make the night more interesting.
Though he wouldn’t admit it, he was relieved when you came back into his line of site. “(M/C), might i ask what’s in the bag?” He eyed the black bag you carried at hip height. You climbed onto the bed, settling yourself beside him, placing the bag so he can’t see what’s in it.
“It’s a surprise.” You hum out, grabbing the first toy you had, it was bright pink. You slid it down his cock, to the base. You flipped the switch to turn it on. You reach into the bag and grab…another ring?
“Why do you have two rings?”
You ignore the amused look he gives you, instead you grab…a handful of rings? They all were in different colors. You hum to yourself, slipping a few more into his cock, letting one rest right under the head of his cock. You click it on, earning a gasp. “A-ah, those are really t-tight.”
He yelps feeling you grab his cock roughly pumping it. Unsurprisingly he doesn’t last long, trembling under you as he cums. Jade collapses against the bed, he hisses when you don’t stop, milking his cock.
“Wait,” He groaned out. “It’s too much, please turn them off. I-I can’t take both.” You hummed in acknowledgment but made no attempt to remove them or even turn them off. You let go of his cock, watching it bob excitedly.
You let your hand slide up his cock to the tip. You roughly rubbed the slit of his cock. Jade jerks under you, yanking on the restraints. “You look so cute like this…you can take more.”
Tumblr media
Cw: overstim, vibrating wands
Floyd purred at the near painful stimulation. The wand trapped his cock against his stomach, you had it on its highest setting pressed against the tip of his cock. “F-feels so good, d-don’t stop.” Floyd murmed out.
You nodded, lightly pressing it against his cock, releasing the pressure than repeating the process. Floyd groans, cumming hard onto his own stomach. Floyd purred, leaning back against you, hips trembling. He bucks against you before pressing his hips against you.
He hissed as the overstimulation starts to become too much. “S-Shrimpyy! Please it’s so much!” He whined out, tensing up. He grabs your wrist to try and stop you only for you to slap his thigh.
“Quit being such a bitch, you just asked me to keep going.” You squeeze his thighs, tapping the wand on his cockhead. He fell back against you. You can hear his high pitched cry as you pin his cock again.
Tumblr media
Cw: overstim, , dracryphilia, tip polishing
“N-no more, hurts!” Riddle whimpered, tears streaming down his face. He’s lost track of how many times you’ve made him cum. There has to be a rule saying you can’t overstimulate the Queen of Hearts, right?
Well, no matter how much riddle tried to reason with you, but you had no interest in listening. Instead, you chose to teach him a ‘fun’ thing you read about. Your palm was flat against the head of his cock while your other hand rubbed his cock against it. He was grateful you had at least used lube, though it also made your movements seamless.
“Ah, ah, ah!” You mock, laughing at the whines that escaped him. “You’re a housewarden! You should be able to take this much!” You sigh in mock disappointment. “If your stamina is really that bad, I guess I could go to Carter…”
Riddle practically jumped up at that. “N-nnono! I can take it!” He grabs your arm for support, hiding his face as much as he could, muffling his panting. “I can take anything-“
“Anything?” You interrupt, Riddle nods in response. “So you would let me sound you?” Riddle went rigged, paling at the thought. He slowly nods, pressing himself against you.
Tumblr media
Cw: overstim,slight praise kink
Pathetic whines escaped Idia, though he made no attempt to move away from you. You thumbed the slit of his cock, watching in amusement as Idia thrashed under.
Or at least he was trying to thrash but it was completely pathetic, honestly he was so much weaker than you that he could struggle all he wanted but it was in vain. He couldn’t get away, not that he wanted to.
“Aah! Ah! So much s-so goood!” He whimpers, out, trying to thrust up into your hand. “T-thank you!” He trembles and you can feel his nails digging into your back as your free hand tease the glands of his throbbing cock.
“Good boy!” You praise, feeling him twitch in your hand in response. “You can cum again, right?” He quickly shakes his head earning a huff from you. “I’m sure you can handle more, come on.”
You get rougher with the tip of his cock, only using his own cum as lube. You drag your nails along his cock watching the panicked look on his face as your nails scrape the head of his cock.
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cottontears · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
they say that you like the bad girls
╰➤ sub! virgin! eddie munson x dom! fem! reader
╰➤ word count: 7k
╰➤ part one of two, part two (soon)
╰➤ summary: you are new in town, you are everything eddie munson is not, rich, smart, popular... but when he gets partnered up with you for a project, he discovers a side to him that he did not know he needed.
╰➤ warnings: 16+explicit smut, MOMMY KINK heavy sub/dom, face riding, dacryphilia, overstimulation, orgasm denial, unprotected p in v sex, thigh riding, blow jobs, degradation, humiliation, $lut shaming, jelousy, sub space, slight bdsm, handcuffs, creampie, cumplay, praise kink, vibrators, masturbation
╰➤please reblog and leave a comment with your thoughts 🫶🏻
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──────── ✧ ────────
eddie was mesmerized by you.
he stared at you through the heat of the swelling crowd covering the vastness that was steve’s home. 
you were dancing with some jock, his hands on your hips, your ass to his hips. your hands twisted behind you towards the jock’s neck. 
as if you could feel him, you caught his eyes from the other side of the room and bit back a smile, your eyes shining with mirth.
were you laughing at him?
something deep in his belly warmed at the thought of you deriving amusement from his admiration of you.
──────── ✧ ────────
because eddie admired you. a whole lot. since the first time he saw you. you were sitting with the jocks, a clearly fake smile plastered on your face as you laughed at what seemed like a stale joke from one of the shit-headed jocks.
the hellfire club noted his mental absence and they tried their best to bring him back to their table. but he was gone. your lips were glossy. *pop*. you blew your bubblegum. and smiled, the pink gum between your white sharp teeth. your glossed lips stretched open in an annoyed smile.
it was the second week of school and he had never seen you around before. you were new. at least he presumed, he had heard of a prissy rich family moving to hawkins. the thought of you belonging to them made him feel strange.
just another barrier between the two of you.
──────── ✧ ────────
that first day he saw you, he did not have you that day for any of his classes. or at least he thought so. then last period came. and suddenly you were partnered up in a science project. this week was introductory. he got to sit next to you. breathe the same oxygen as you. he shook the whole period. 
you definitely took note. looking at him with curious eyes, a perfect eyebrow arched in  intrigue.
──────── ✧ ────────
then he saw you out of the context of school. that weekend. in steve’s house. with some fucking jock. 
what else did he expect? he was eddie “the freak” munson. jesus. he saluted steve and walked to his porch for a cigarette.
eddie was kind of close with steve. as close as you could get by trauma bonding over almost dying a shit ton of times. he still had the bat scars to prove it. ironic. bat tat, bat scars. 
but he had no beef with bats. 
why was he thinking about bats again? 
oh yeah. to distract himself from you. 
“care to share?” a sultry voice brought him back to earth. back to you.
eddie nodded, grabbing a cigarette between his fingers. his heart nearly stopped when you grabbed his wrist and placed the cigarette on your lips. the soft skin of your flesh brushing against his finger tips. he shivered.
he had just the right amount of cognitive function to bring the lighter to the cigarette between your lips.
you inhaled deeply and exhaled softly moments later,
you smiled at him and nodded. murmuring a “thanks partner” before patting his head gently and turning back to the party.
he recovered slowly from your touch. he had barely felt it. but it had been enough to get him worked up.
──────── ✧ ────────
that night he touched himself to you. he imagined you watching him as he clenched his dick with his calloused hand.
──────── ✧ ────────
shame. such shame he had never felt before. he sat next to you in science class. the teacher was talking and you were taking attentive notes.
his eyes slid to your profile, your back straight, slightly arched.
you flipped your hair aside and took a deep breath.
the teacher droned.
you brought your pen to your mouth. tapping it to your bottom lip, biting into it. eddie gulped.
as if you had super hearing you turned towards him. he burned. he felt his veins burst into fire as the weight of your stare landed on him. 
your lips broke into a cheeky grin.
“munson, i don’t see you taking notes. am i going to be the one to do all the work while you sit there and look pretty?”
“yes,” he answered, before his brain processed your words. fuck. “i mean-“
“oh that’s alright munson.” your smile widened. you went back to taking notes.
his pants tightened and he prayed for the class to end. he wasn’t religious.  but still he prayed.
the bell rang and both of you sat up. 
“see you next class munson.” you blew him a kiss and he short circuited, standing there for a long moment, before recollecting his thoughts.
──────── ✧ ────────
 the week passed slowly, the only highlights of his days were when he got to sit next to you. you did not talk to each other for the rest of the week as the teacher went further into the lesson, the real work would be done after class. in college they did not give you that much time to work in class, the teacher said. 
he would get to spend time after class with you. he worried about the setting; where would the two of you work? there was no fucking way he would offer his trailer. and there was not a chance you would like to be seen with him in public.
fuck. fuck. he was ridden with nerves as he watched the arms of the clock move. the class was ending. soon you would be expected to agree on where to do the project.
the sharp ring of the bell startled him. and he tensed.
you cocked your head as you stood up slowly, gracefully, to collect your things. “you alright there munson?”
he simply nodded, worried his words would fail him and he would embarrass himself. how would you react?
“hmm. so. see you at my house. saturday. five o’clock sharp. don’t be late munson.”
you left before he could gain enough strength to ask for your address.
──────── ✧ ────────
he was early. five minutes. he went over the journey he had had to find your address. fuck. embarrassing. he had to ask around. and everyone was weary as to why the freak was asking for your address.
you opened the door before he had the courage to knock.
he felt the air leave him.
your hair was loose, as if you had just woken up. you wore a t shirt and loose pajama pants.
his eyes traced the outline of your lacy bra through the thinness of your shirt.
fuck. fuck. fucking. fucking. fuck.
“come in freak.” your voice was affectionate. he took a sharp intake of breath. he wasn’t sure how he felt about you calling him that insult. but the way the words left your lips. the way you enunciated certain words. fuck he did not care if you insulted him.
maybe he might even care just enough to like it. shit. that was a thought for later. when he could be alone with his thoughts and his dick. and the fresh image of the swaying of your hips.
you led him inside. even from the outside your house was vast. huge. pretentious. it was sleek and shiny and did not make a show of itself. as if the materials the house was made with and the terrain it took up was enough of a statement. he liked that. it was you. not flashy. but it showed personality.
he trailed after you like a puppy, his eyes blown wide as he mentally compared both of your backgrounds.
before he knew it you were sitting in the couch, looking at him expectantly.
he sat. he had half the urge to call you mam, or…. no. no. he could not let his mind wonder down that path right now. where he was exposed to you. 
you flipped open your notebook and started to talk. you had a lot of ideas for the project, ideas that he did not understand. he tried to contribute, he really did. but everything he said was wrong.
how was he ever going to graduate? he knew he was dumb, or at least he believed the words of everyone who had ever called him stupid. 
the longer the time passed the more he stumbled on his words and the more the crease between your eyebrows deepened. 
then he had said some nonsense, he had not even been sure of, but you were looking at him so expectantly, he decided to talk. he rambled on and you looked at him so patiently, he felt like a child. he stiffened as he felt his cheeks warm and the knot in his throat tighten. he was going to cry. in front of you.
he murmured a sorry and moved to get up.
but something stopped him.
your warm manicured hands, long red nails, pressing into his wrist.
you pulled him back down. and moved your hands to cup his face.
you held him still so that you could analyze him. his eyes brimmed with tears. you smiled softly. and that did that. his chin trembled and he closed his eyes. a few stray tears escaping. his whole body was shaking. 
poor baby.
the next thing he felt was warmth. his hips jerked up as he felt you straddle his lap. your chest was flush against his collarbones. he wrapped his arms around your waist and pushed you against him. you grunted as your cunt pulsed.
he buried his head in your neck as he broke into sobs.
the juxtaposition of his very hard dick against your covered cunt, and his tears streaming down your neck was fucking hot.
you slid your hands into his hair and yanked. separating him from your neck, maneuvering him so that he was staring at you.
fuck he was a pretty crier. you rolled your hips slightly and he cried out softly, as the tears streamed.
“i’m not dumb. i promise.” he stuttered.
“of course you are not dumb sweetheart.” you pouted as your nails scratched his scalp. 
he cursed, his words breathy. as his hips jerked up. 
so he liked when you played with his hair. you wanted to learn all the ways you could make him come undone. and it seemed like it would be easy.
his eyes were glossed over as he jerked his hips up.
“baby.” you bit his ear lobe. he jerked and moaned loudly.
“am i your first?”
“y-yes. you-you, w-would be my… my first everything.” he flushed a deeper red and you rolled your hips satisfied.
you hummed. “not an ideal situation, but it will do.”
eddie did not hear, your words drowned out by your scent. your body, your warmth, the friction against his aching cock.
he was crying in frustration just a little more. he was so close.
he yelped in pain as you separated yourself from him.
you gave him a light kiss on the forehead.
“how far have you gone?”
he was about to bawl from sensory deprivation. “just some messy drunk make outs.”
you sighed, he had much to discover.
you were going to be his first blow job, you were going to ruin him for other women so deeply he would only want you.
you knelt in front of him. it would be best to ease him into it.
you softly ran the back of your hand over his crotch. he jerked and sobbed from desperation. you unbuckled his pants.
“lift your hips darling.”
he obeyed. his body shaking with the effort.
as you pulled his pants and underwear down. you freed his huge, angry, throbbing cock.
your shifted. your core looking for friction as you knelt.
you had not touched him yet. you were waiting.
you hummed. “please what?”
“please touch me, i’ll do anything, i need you so bad, please.”
you wrapped your hand around his shaft and circled your thumb over his leaking tip. 
he cried out, his head lolling back.
before you had a chance to taste him, you squeezed your grip and he came with a cry, his whole body shaking. his cum dripped down your hands. fuck.
“did i say you could come?”
“look at you. cuming from just seconds of my touch. pathetic. you were made to be a whore eddie munson.”
he groaned. 
you looked down to your wrist watch. “that’s all the time i have munson”. you stood up. “there’s a bathroom to your right. you can clean yourself up”
you placed a chaste kiss to his lips and stood up.
he was still shaking. he pulled up his clothes and limped to the bathroom, his cum making a mess of his underwear. he did his best to clean up and hurry up. 
clarity was hitting him and embarrassment was rushing through his being.
he rushed out of your house, making a beeline for the exit. 
──────── ✧ ────────
the next time he saw you. he was angry.
anger usually comes second. it is a side effect of another feeling.
for him it was desperation and embarrassment.
he was in one of his moods and the hellfire club was aware of it. they tried to make jokes, to get him off his mood. but he was determined.
he was angry at you.
you had left him, all undone and desperate. all alone. fuck.
he hated you. hated that you did not stay with him. did not help him come down from the high. you were not there to hold him in the aftermath. to take care of him.
but then again he did not know you. maybe you were his answer to his libido. but he wanted you to be more than that.
you smiled at him from the other side of the cafeteria and he frowned.
──────── ✧ ────────
eddie munson was being a brat.
you had asked him a question you knew he did not have the answer to. just to test the waters.
“if you are so smart why don’t you figure it out princess?” he sneered.
your eyebrows widened and you smirked at him. he wanted to play it like that. fine. 
what he was not aware of was that he was the rookie at this game. it was you. you who had the experience.
you would not be expecting yourself to win against him if you sporadically decided to play dungeons and dragons, you were not aware of the rules.
just like he did not know what he was getting into.
you smiled. bit your pen and opened your palm, drawing a single tally mark.
he tensed. 
“what? you are ignoring me now? bad form princess. i thought you were better than that. but clearly not.”
you just giggled. and drew another tally mark.
he was reeling now. probably searching for other ways to get your attention. 
“you know i was wondering were you went after you left me like some whore-“ 
you met his eyes with a challenging grin. 
he froze. 
“go on…”
he stuttered this time. “you probably went to open your legs to some  jock, desperate for any kind of release when you could not get it from me, like some- some-“ he had crossed the line. he knew it.
two more tally marks.
“go on..” this time your eyes were hard.
he opened his mouth but no words came out. 
“cat got your tongue munson? why can’t you complete that sentence? oh that’s right, because you are just insecure and embarrassed about the fact that you finished in seconds. embarrassed by how much you want me, need me.” you leaned in to whisper in his ear. thankfull you were at the back of the classroom, mostly out of ear shot. “be careful munson, you are on thin ice, and it’s caving in under your words.”
he rolled his eyes at you.
fucking. brat.
you inhaled deeply, reminding yourself that you were in public. and crossed off the fifth tally mark.
that is when it hit him that you were drawing tally marks. one for each time he acted out.
 his body shook. rage and lust intertwining into a monster. he saw red. his breaths were labored, and before he could say something hurtful that he would deeply regret, the bell rang.
“saved by the bell munson. see you next class.”
──────── ✧ ────────
next class passed without incident. the both of you silent as you worked a lab.
eddie was still reeling. he wanted to know what the tally marks meant. he was a little scared to find out. but you were calculated. you never did anything without reason. he desperately wished to know what they meant. 
saturday drew near and friday went by fast. 
the members of his club were getting worried. what could possibly be making him that way.
he would never admit it. he would never admit that it was you. a prissy prep who got under his skin so easily. 
but still he could not deny his attraction to you. it was obvious to him and to you. it got him looking forward to saturday, the day you had agreed to work on the project for the next few weeks.
you were looking forward to saturday so bad. your mind wondered during your other classes, during lunch, during cheer practice. 
there was a game next week so you had practice saturday noon, which lucky for eddie meant that you had not had a chance to change out of your cheer uniform when he arrived.
 “hello munson.” you greet him in the main entrance of your house.
he froze completely, sliding his eyes up and down your body, taking in your smooth legs, and the short skirt that showed them off.
“gonna stand there and gawk?”
eddie shook his head and followed you inside. he was prepared to see the project laid out in the coffee table, but there was none. you motioned for him to sit in the couch. 
“you know munson, my parents always travel during weekends, something about my father’s job.” you stared into his eyes, he gulped. “it’s a shame as i have been real lonely. and last saturday i  had to go to my grandmother’s house. that’s why i left so abruptly. I was looking forward to seeing you in school munson. so i was surprised when i was met with your attitude. arent’t you ashamed munson?”
“yes, yes i am”
“good boy.” you murmured. you slid your hands into his hair and pulled slightly so he looked up at you. 
he whimpered. he had no memory of anyone ever calling him that. and it made his heart ache for you. he wanted to please you.
“i’m so sorry for—“
“yes, yes, i know munson. and you are going to show me how sorry you are. you might be wondering what the tally marks i drew in my hand were. well for every time you acted out, i decided i would punish you.”
he let out a strangled moan as you yanked on his hair.
“do you object munson?”
he shook his head.
“good. and eddie, i need you to pay attention.” this time your voice was soft, it made him stiffen and meet your eyes. “whenever you feel like it’s getting to be too much, just say red.” you were going to blindfold him and tie him up, not today, but later. but you would never gag him. you would never deprive yourself of his sweet, sweet sounds. “do you understand eddie?”
you had been calling him by his first name, so he simply nodded. 
“good. let’s start.” your lips split into a grin.  let the fun begin. “let’s go somewhere more comfortable.”
as you led him upstairs his knees shook as his mind wondered into how you were going to punish him. 
god how he liked you, so, so much.
you were his deepest fantasies come alive.
where you going to fuck him today?
his cock hardened in his pants.
shit. you were taking him to your room. he did not know what to expect. 
it was on par with the rest of the house’s aesthetic. simple. smooth.
a four post bed with grey cloth draped over the posts, the bedding was white with red pillows.
his gaze instantly moved to a red drawer. he got the urge to open it. but a hand on his arms stopped him. 
“not today sweetheart.”
he gulped.
“what?” his voice was weak.
“you heard me munson.”
he nodded. he could feel the heat of your eyes on him but he did not have the balls to look up to meet them, as he took of his clothes. he was clumsy, his hands shook. 
fuck he was so hot, all bothered and riled up. you wanted to rip off his clothes, but you settled to watch him as he fumbled.
he stood in front of you with nothing but his boxers, he held his clothes to his chest, like a shield.
“don’t hide from me munson, lay your things on the floor and take everything off.”
he obeyed like the good boy he was, you took a deep inhale as his cock sprung free.
you loved his cock, it was big, girthy and long. you knew it would hit all the right spots. but not today. no. you were going to make his first time special.
he stood trembling. waiting for your instructions.
you knelt infront of him and pressed your cheek against his hip bone. his hands instantly went to your hair, not to maneuver you, just to do something with them.
your hands went around his hips to his round, fleshy ass. you squeezed and he jerked, his dick bumping against your face.
you hummed. “i guess we do have to get to your punishments.” you wrapped your hands around his length.
he groaned and clenched your hair. 
dry, he was dripping with precum, but it was still not wet enough. you wanted it sloppy. messy. just how you knew he would like it. you licked his tip and he shook. you knew this was going to be quick. you swirled your tongue and licked him all over, kitten licks, driving him mad. one of your hands slid to his ball sack and you just cupped them gently, the tip of his dick dripped with precum, it tasted salty. you wanted to deepthroat him. but he would come instantly. and you did not want that.
“sit down baby, you are shaking like a leaf.” 
he sat with a sigh of relief. you worked softly at getting him wet, but it was not enough. so you took him in your throat. he was moaning and cursing as you went up and down, up and down. 
“ahh, fuck, i’m gonna- i’m so close- i’m-“
he was tensing, and you could tell he was about to cum, you were not going to allow that. you quickly spat him out with a grin.
he sobbed slightly. “n-no- p-please!”
“eddie, eddie, you should have thought about that before you mouthed off like a bad boy,”
“i’m-i’m a good boy, i promise!”
“well, we will just have to prove it. that’s one.”
he was shaking, his breaths erratic. “o-one?”
“well yes baby, one out of five times i’m going to deny you.”
he almost cried right then and there, you could see it. you could not have that. you needed him bawling.
“lay down.” 
as soon as he did, you straddled him, grabbing his wrists and pining them above his head and into the pillows.
your wet panties made contact with his aching dick and he yelped.
you started dry riding him, this time with no thought to his pleasure, just chasing your own. you bit your lip as you rotated your hips, and arched your back, your skirt fluttering and riding up your thighs, you were not even close when you felt him shake and tense. you drew yourself up, kneeling over him.
“no- no- no. please- please.” he shook. this time tears were streaming down his face, good. but not enough.
“aw munson, you really thought i wouldn’t notice? now i’m all hot and bothered, and i don’t know what to do. if i’m going to continue i at least need to get some thing out of this. eat me out.”
“i’ve never-“
“i don’t care, munson, i wanna ride your face.”
he almost came right there, he nodded eagerly. you slid your drenched panties off before you moved to straddle his face. you placed his hands on your hips. the moment your cunt made contact with his face both of you groaned. your skirt softly caressed his forehead. and he was lapping at your juices. you leaned forward so your clit made contact with his nose and you moaned loudly, the sounds were so lewd it made eddie thrust his hips into the air, searching for friction that just wasn’t there. 
he clenched his hands on the flesh of your hips and groaned in pain from deprivation. the vibrations of his groans sent waves of pleasure into you that had you rolling your hips faster, harder. he was groaning and moaning, and jerking his hips fast into the air.
your back arched and moved, as you undulated your hips and your thighs shook. you knew he was struggling for breath, and the thought of you drowning in your pussy made the both of you moan. he thrusted his tongue into you at the same time that his nose  hit your clit and your orgasm crashed into you hard and merciless. your pussy gushed and eddie lapped and sucked at your juices.
you took a few seconds to ride out your orgasm before moving away from him. when his hands were, free they instantly went to his cock. they had the chance to move up and down once before you yanked on them. 
“bad boy, you want to add another tally mark.”
“n-no please.” he sobbed. “i need you so fucking much it hurts, you haunt me, everywhere i go the thought of you follows. i can’t concentrate, i need you so bad.”
you laughed. “aww, eddie.”
he smiled with hope.
but then you walked to your drawers, your back to him. “if you even think about touching yourself, i will torture you all night until there will be no tears left inside you. until you pass out from the pleasure because it became pain. i will punish you, and destroy you so bad, you won’t be able to move for days.” your voice was stern as you unlocked your drawer and grabbed a pair of handcuffs. you turned to find him laying down and crying, his face still covered with your juices, you grabbed a cloth before you returned to him.
you cleaned his face as best as you could while he waited and begged.  “arms up angel.”
as if he was born to obey you he extended his hands to you. you manhandled them and cuffed each of them to a bedpost. 
you thought about the next three ways you were going to punish him. before moving back to your drawer and getting out a vibrator.
you sauntered towards him as you turned it on. it was a big vibrator, shaped like a microphone, the soft head was made of rubber, so that it molded to flesh. you turned it on a low vibration and pressed it to eddie’s length.  his full body jerked and he let out a strangled moan. you upped the intensity, and his full body was shaking, it did not take a lot of time for him to tense up, for his balls to clench, he was so sensitive. you turned it off. 
he was crying, sobbing hard. he could not breathe.
“that’s three munson.” 
you waited a few minutes, caressing his torso, exploring his body softly to get him to calm down. his sobs calmed down a bit and it was your cue.
you wrapped both hands around his dick and moved them up and down, one clockwise, one counterclockwise. the different sensations made him let out a frustrated groan. and he was bucking his hips wildly. you stopped before he had the chance to come close to cumin not wanting to risk it. “four.”
he was so sensitive it hurt. so, so much. it ached so bad he could not think, his mind was a flurry, and his mission was to cum. he had no idea what he was saying. broken sobs, broken words, broken pleas. 
“p-please. please mommy!” he froze seconds later, his words being processed by his brain. he moved his face to the side and sobbed uncontrollably, god he was so embarrassed. you were probably going to leave him, and hate him, and be ashamed of him. his heart pounded in his throat. he felt hands on his cheeks, wiping his tears.
“one more baby, one more. okay? can you take it baby?” your words were soft and sweet, he sniffled.
“yes.” he murmured, still reeling with embarrassment. 
“yes what?”
“yes, mommy.” 
“good boy munson.” you reached a hand to his dick, and slid your thumb over his tip. slowly jerking him off with one hand and you slid two fingers into his mouth. saliva dripped down your hands as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. you let go off him, and he wailed.
“that’s it munson, you did it, good boy munson, you are so good. you took your punishments so well my sweetheart. you did so well. i am so proud of you. How do you want to finish?”
“inside you, please.”
“i promise i’ll fuck you senseless eddie, but not today.”
“i don’t care, please, i need it so bad mommy!”
“alright baby.” 
you slid your hands to his dick, wrapping them around his lenght. you squeezed it hard and jerked him of slowly.
his sobs were loud and desperate. the tears were flowing.
“that’s it munson, slow and steady, you are such a good boy. that’s it baby. that’s it darling. come for me.”
his back arched and he screamed as he lost his vision, he came so hard he couldn’t breathe. couldn’t hear, could not feel anything but you.
when he came back from his high he was scared that you would not be there.  but you were. kissing him all over his face. you moved away from him and he wailed. “no! please don’t go!”
“i’m not going anywhere baby.” you patted his head as you moved to uncuff his hands. 
his hands fell limp on his side. you grabbed your panties and put them on, taking off your cheer uniform, leaving you in your matching underwear.  you leaned down to grab the cloth you used to clean his face to wipe his cum off the both of you.
you lay down beside him, wrapping your arms around him, twisting the both of you over so that he lay on top of you. his hips between your legs, your thighs around his waist. your arms tangled around his neck.
he was sobbing softly into your neck. your hands played with his messy curls, threading into his scalp and scratching. he calmed down a bit. his breaths getting stable by the second.
“how are you baby?”
“good.” he sighed, burrowing his face into your neck.
“you did so well eddie, so well, i’m so proud of you.
he sighed contented.
“eddie, if you can, please tell me what made you so angry at me.”
“i-i did not like it when you left me alone.”
“i’m sorry eddie, i should not have done that. but baby, that gives you no right to act up. you should have just told me.”
“i was embarrassed. “
“there is no need to be embarrassed eddie. i will always be here for you.”
he clung tighter to you.
──────── ✧ ────────
saturday turned to sunday and eddie woke in your arms.
“good morning sleeping beauty.” he felt your hands scratch his scalp and his whole body shivered from the pleasurable sensation of your nails on his skin.
“morning.” he murmured into your skin.
over the night you had shifted slightly, but he was still between your legs. he was fully naked, and you only had your lingerie covering you.
you felt his morning wood pulse against your panties. you bucked your hips and he moaned. 
god how you loved that sound.
“my parent’s are arriving in a few hours eddie.”
he hummed and rolled his hips against you. 
“we have some time to do whatever you please, but then you’ll have to go home.”
he just moaned and you felt him nod in confirmation.
you could easily get used to waking up to eddie’s morning wood.
you flipped the both of you over.
you found that straddling eddie munson was your favorite place to be.
you gripped his wrists in your hands and pinned them to the pillows.
“ i want to be inside you so bad.” he murmured.
“next weekend munson. if you behave like a good boy, i’ll fuck you to oblivion.”
you felt his dick twitch beneath you. you took a deep breath through your teeth as his dick slid between your pantie covered folds, and rubbed your clit. 
you had discovered yesterday how delicious dry riding him was, and you fantasized about riding his jean class thigh, maybe some other day.
you heard a car honk.
“fuck munson. fuck.”
“my parent’s are here.”
you ran to your closet to throw on decent pajamas, as he quickly picked up all of his clothes. 
“hide in my bathroom quickly!” you pushed him to the bathroom, and ran to greet your parent’s at the door.
your bathroom was neat, he tensed as he saw the laundry basket. he opened it, curiosity compelling him to see what you were hiding.
on top of the stack of clothes lay a gift for him, a pair of red lace panties.
he stifled a moan. he was still naked, his clothes discarded on the bathroom floor.
he sat on the cold bathroom fall, his back supported by hard wood. he wrapped the panties around his cock and shuddered.
his eyes closed and his head lolled. as he jerked himself off. it was so naughty, hiding in your bathroom and jerking off with your panties. 
you were surely going to be angry, he wanted you to punish him. he shook, imagining your hands on his neck, his dick inside you. he had never had the pleasure of being inside a pussy, and he was glad his first one was going to be you. just the thought of being inside you finally made his body spasm as white streaks of his cum drenched your panties.
you walked in on him trying to wash all evidence of his cum from your panties on your bathroom sink.
you caught on quickly. “dirty boy munson. i leave you alone for a few minutes and this is how i find you? how desperate. how embarrassing.” 
he groaned as he faced you, tail between his legs. you closed the bathroom door behind you.
“kneel.” he obeyed.
you took of your pajama bottoms and your panties, picking a leg up over eddie’s shoulder. a hand to the wall keeping you up.
he did not need to hear anything else. his hands going to your ass, pressing your cunt against his face.
he took his time with you. not to be a brat, but because he wanted to enjoy it. and masturbating with your panties had sated him enough.
he kissed, nipped and licked you, and you bit down on your palm to keep yourself from making any noises.
he made out with your clit, and your knees buckled slightly, but you held yourself up.
he slid his tongue into you, as his nose bumped and nudged your clit.
“faster munson.”
he complied. squeezing your ass and pressing you harder against him.  he lapped, and sucked as your cunt gushed. he took it all, and just his obedience was too much for you you spasmed, and bit down hard on your  palm as your whole body shook, you almost fell, but her was there to hold you up. 
he stood up, put his hands on your sides and lifted you to the sink. he was tall enough that his hips were pressed against you. 
dangerous territory. both of you with nothing to separate your crotches.
you kissed him harshly, tasting yourself on him. his half hard dick pressed against your dripping cunt, he moaned and pressed harder against you.
“stop.” you pushed him off softly. “we’ll continue this saturday. okay munson?”
he shuddered, as he remembered how you said you would fuck him next week. he nodded.
──────── ✧ ────────
the following week was agony. a ticking bomb waiting to explode. you did not pay him any mind more than usual during school. during science class you were working hard on your project, you were not supposed to use class time for that, but you both knew that neither one of you would be doing any homework after school.
you threw him a sardonic grin now and then, mocking him. he squirmed under your gaze. plump, pink lips pressed into a thin line. your grin deepened by the second.
──────── ✧ ────────
saturday finally came and eddie was bursting with anxious energy. his friday campaign had been intense, he had gotten out his frustrations on the poor hellfire members, they barely made it. but he was proud of them for defeating him in the end. he had trained them well.
he walked up to your door, bouncing with nerves. 
you opened the door with a grin. your hair was loose and you were wearing your cheer uniform again. 
the thought of fucking you in your skirt, and skirt only was enough to make him get hard.
you eyed his thighs. he was wearing jeans. but no. tonight would be about him, you would have the chance to ride his thigh another day.
“come in munson.”
you led him to your room, both of you tensed with anticipation.
“do you want to take my clothes of munson?”
“yes, but can you please keep the skirt?” he blushed.
“of course munson, you are such a good boy, you behaved so well this week, of course i’ll keep my skirt for you.”
you lifted your hands for him to slide your top off, he reached to your back and clumsily unbuckled your bra. 
this was the first time his head was clear enough to fully take you in. his breath stuttered. he kneeled, you placed your foot on his shoulder, giving him access to you.
he hooked his fingers under your panties and slid them off.
the feather light touch of his finger making you clench.
he stood up. 
your turn. he allowed you to take off his jacket, his hellfire t-shirt, unbuckle his jeans.
the both of you panted as you stared at each other, him with only his boxers on, and you with your cheer skirt covering you.
he was quick to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you to him. his plump lips meeting yours. you jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist, your bare cunt crashing against him made you gasp. he stumbled a bit but led the both of you to your bed. he lay you down, his bent arms supporting himself, one on each side of your head.
“baby? don’t you want to be on top?”
“i wanna do missionary. i want to hold you, and feel you beneath me.”
“alright eddie.”
he moved away slightly to slide his boxers off.
before he moved back to his previous position, on top of you, he slid his fingers into you, circling your clit with his thumb, getting you ready for him. his touch was light, and it had you bucking your heels to meet him. he applied the right amount of pressure as his fingers explored your walls, searching for that sweet spot he had read about in his research on how to please you. he knew he found the spot when you cried out in pleasure, squirting into his hand, your cum dripping down your thighs. good you were wet and ready.
you met his eyes and nodded, his smile shook.
he aligned his cock with your entrance and pushed softly. he groaned “oh fuck, oh fuck.”
he shook as he slowly pushed into you , filling you up, stretching your tight walls. you writhed underneath him.
he was trembling and sweating. you were so warm he wanted to cum right there.
you moaned and clenched him. waiting for him to be ready to move. he slid out of you and you groaned at his absence. this time he slammed hard into you, eager to be inside of you again.
when he thrust out again he moved the both of you, moving your legs over his shoulders, and clutching your hips as he slammed into you once again. he was moaning and groaning so loud at the new angle that made you gush around him. making his thrusts sloppy.
you slid your hand down to rub your already sensitive clit and it sent you screaming over the edge. you saw white. your cunt gushed around him and he groaned so loud your skin broke into goosebumps. he sputtered, so close to coming. 
“fill me up munson. come inside me.” you managed to gasp out. “come for me baby.”
he gritted his teeth and slammed into you, making the headboard slam into your wall. you clenched him, knowing it would make him lose it. and it did. his thrusts lost rhythm as he chased his pleasure. he was using your body for his own orgasm. slamming into you relentlessly you shook, you    attacked your clit with your fingers.  your other hand gripping the bedsheets.
he came inside you and the added pressure of his cum, the sensation of it gushing out of you made you scream his name and cum around him, making an even bigger mess of your sheets.
“fuck munson. fuck.”
he toppled on top of you, and you wrapped your legs around his torso and your arms around your neck, the both of you shaking in the aftermath. you felt him soften inside of you,
“i think i am falling in love with you.” you felt him murmur.
“i think i might be falling in love with you too.” you sighed, running your hands through his locks.
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herwritingartcowboy · 20 hours ago
Maid Scaramouche
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Character(s): Scaramouche (Kunikuzushi, The Wanderer)
Warning(s): Smut, Sub Male, Dom Reader, Pet Play
Readers Gender: Gn
Tumblr media
p0_kii On Twitter
Sounds of slapping can be heard from your office as inside your maid was on all fours with you fucking him from behind.
"M-master! I need to-to" "Shhh, baby just enjoy this". You said as you pulled him up as his back was now against your chest.
"But remember who starred this with not wearing anything under this~", you said into your maids ear only for his body to get heated up again.
You rubbed at his sides wich causes him to whimper. "If you want it so bad beg" "Please master i need it so bad please" "Need what" "Your cock!".
And with that you turned your maid around holding up his legs as you wanted to watch his lewd reactions. You thrusted back in his small whole as he moaned out your name. You only covered his mouth as he started licking your fingers.
With you taking your fingers out you kissed his lips as his arms and legs wrapped around your body. As when you pulled away you saw his classic eyes rolled back tongue out lewd look. You ended up cuming inside him with just staying there not wanting your cum to leak out.
"Once you get up I need you to clean up the mess you make", Scaramouche only nodded as you fixed yourself up and walked out.
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bazthefirstborn · 2 days ago
Subby JJK Characters (smut edition)
Tumblr media
read at your own risk minors dni please!!
a/n: feel free to request anyone you like for something like this! It doesn't have to be JJK specific, I just miss getting character asks and need inspiration lol send me your thoughts!!!
sweetest service sub ever
will literally do anything for you with no questions asked
all around the best boy <333
not shy whatsoever and will literally beg you to fuck him in public
please get him a collar. please.
look me in the eyes and tell me this boy would not be the BIGGEST puppy play enjoyer
come on he is literally a golden retriever and I am HERE FOR IT
plzplzplz let him cockwarm you with his mouth :(((
stressed after a long day of work? he's ready and waiting, face down, ass up, on the nearest surface, spurring you on to take it out on him <333333
tired and hard? he's there, sitting on the couch, ready and waiting to ride you into oblivion <33333
I could go on but alas I have more to write :)
likes missionary so he can kiss you and hold your hand
literally must be touching you at all times, 24/7, 365
is a pillow prince
he tries to help out, but he just gets so overwhelmed with pleasure
loves to just sit there and watch you pound him to oblivion
will wear a cute outfit and make you dinner and do all the rose petal things just because he's horny but doesn't know how to communicate it
secretly wants you to fuck him in front of a trusted party but will never ever do it and never tell you
you doing anything in public will get him hard
doesn't like quickies (unless necessary) so he just hides behind you until you get home and fuck his brains out
wants you to fuck him so hard he forgets every problem and insecurity he has
we all know that she’s the biggest pillow princess
you have to fuck the attitude out of her bc she is the biggest brat
she wants you to eat her out until she can’t think anymore
the biggest punishment for her is making her please herself
she literally can’t do it anymore
loves cumming on your face, thigh, cock, literally anything she wants it to be on you
always wants you to cum inside her because she’s worried about messing up her hair
wants to ride you once in a while, because she loves seeing your face
likes doggy style in front of a mirror bc she wants to see you and also doesn’t want to stare at her own face, but loves seeing her body when you pound into her
babygirl <333
the amount of times I have thought about him sucking you off-
gets so easily overstimulated and cries easily
is really careful around you bc of his curse
sososososososo sweeeeeet
always puts you first no matter how bad he wants it
is a literal MASTER of teasing you in public without words (obviously lol)
he KNOWS what his lil puppy dog eyes do to someone bro
wants you to destroy him so he forgets about all of his pain and duties
sweet boy loves pretending to be innocent
but we all know he wants you to bend him over and fuck his brains out
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kingschclar · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
cw: sub!rook, blowjobs/cunnilingus/rimming (depends on ur biological sex or whatever u want), gn!reader (genitalia isn’t specificed)
rook would be the KING of oral. i can’t explain why but it makes sense. he’s so good with his mouth and he absolutely lives to serve and please you. he’d have such a passionate gaze as he looks up at your face, scrunched up with pleasure. his tongue moves almost expertly and if you looked into his eyes, you could practically see how smitten he was with you.
he wants to make his love feel good! he wants you to be so happy! he’ll obey any commands you give him, even if its telling him to stop and pull away. he’d be a little disappointed, since you taste so sweet, afterall. he wouldn’t even touch himself as he gets you off, though he could probably cum just from giving you head alone.
Tumblr media
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amethystxbae · a day ago
do you think mina uses her flexibility to her advantage? because there are a lot of ways she could. whether its stretching to catch your attention or twisting into crazy positions, she will use it in all sorts of ways just to rile up her partner or make the fun times even better. but her favorite is acting as her stripper persona, alien queen, as she applies all her acrobatic skills to a private show. she'll dance so close and wild but never let you touch just so you'll to snap and take her.
she would 100% use her flexibility to her advantage to rile you up.
just imagine that she was the one who came to you with the idea of a roleplay of her being a bratty stripper and you being a new client who looks like they have no idea of what their doing, when in reality, you know just how to use that big dick of yours and how to tame a bratty bitch like her.
you try your best to oblige to the rules of 'look but don't touch' but mina was making it very hard for you to keep it together.
whenever she was about to show you her tits, she would shake her head and put her tight tank top down. when she danced on your lap, she would purposefully rub her ass against your pelvis and just get up as if nothing happened, leaving your half-hard cock behind. when she slid her body against the pole, she would flash her clothed wet pussy to you and teasingly let out slutty moans and keeping calling you daddy as she played with her tits and humped her cunt against the pole.
when you finally snap, you ravage her body the way she had never thought anyone was even capable of doing. with one hand you cover her mouth to prevent her from letting out any noises so that the "bodyguard" outside your room couldn't hear.
with the other you use it to hold her arm behind her back as you plowed in and out of her. her eyes crossed as your dick consistently hit her sweet spot and her mouth was wetting the palm of your hand with her saliva. her body bounced along with your merciless thrusts and sounds of skin slapping against skin filled the room. and it seemed that even covering the brat's mouth wasn't enough to silence her whorey noises.
every time she was close to an orgasm, you would pull out and prevent her from meeting her euphoric end. it wasn't until her third orgasm denial that she finally couldn't take it anymore and begged you through muffled words and she was 'sorry for being a bratty slut' and to 'please let her cum'.
suddenly your thrusts became harder and faster, and you finally released her mouth and arms to use both of your hands to grab her hips in a bruising grip as you used her body like a rag doll. she couldn't hold back her noises anymore as she gripped on the edge of the table you where fucking her on and let out every sinful noise and curse in the book.
who gave a fuck if the "bodyguard" outside your room heard you both fucking like animals. all that matter to you both at that moment was meeting your releases. and when you did, she laid there breathing heavily as your cock filled her with your cum and she squirted all over the table.
you should do this roleplay more often.
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bucknastysbabe · 2 days ago
Back to the Old House Ch:2
Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 4,456
Tags: PEGGING, dom/sub, family fist fights, racism of the fantasy variety, Aemond hates Strong People, make-up sex, Emotional discussions, planning the sesh while at distressing photo shoots, Daddy Uller is Angy, Politics?, Pentos has good weed hc
A/N: Yes I Named The Dildo That. Also I don’t beta so if something is really dicked up lmk lmfao. The idiots are together what will they face next? Sandy cunts, gay pirates, sacrilegious strap names could be on the docket. Hope y’all ~enjoy~
Previous Chapter
Chapter 2 - You’ve got everything now
Upon awakening you thanked R’hllor for giving you the strength and courage for last night. You stretched and noted the lack of stress on your body. You could still smell the hints of Aegon around— picturing the way he’d hog the covers and cutely scrunch his nose when it was time to get up. Mentally you slapped yourself. It was not time for semantics. You had a phone call to make.
You searched around the covers for your phone, cursing when you couldn’t find it from your prone spot. You sat up and moved around the duvet and pillows. No dice. You probably threw it in your rage last night.
Knock knock knock.
Your body tensed at the noise. Aegon was probably still hungover in a cranny so there was no telling who it was. Rolling out of bed you placed a robe on and tucked your hair behind your ears. Taking a deep breath in you lifted the bar and opened the wooden monstrosity.
Aegon stood there, looking haggard. You made to slam the door but he wedged himself halfway in. You hissed, “Get back you ass!” He yelped, “Ow! Stop! Just let- fuck- let me in!”
You tried pushing him out but the bastard was persistent when he wanted to be. Aegon growled, “Gods dammit I need to explain myself before you jet off! I laid out here all fucking night let. Me. In!” He shouldered fully inside and you jumped back, crossing your arms with a huff. Aegon panted and leaned against the dark oak door. His red-rimmed eyes pierced you.
You turned on your heel and distanced yourself to be closer to the dull fire, throwing a log in angrily. Aegon stumbled into a chair still catching his breath. Back turned you spat, “Explain yourself then. Because it just seems like I’m another little pawn in your life to be tossed about.” In a fit of anger you spun and shoved his chest with a shout, “And you of all people don’t get to talk about my family!”
Aegon held his hands up— bottom lip wobbling. He began, “I. I-uh.” He stopped with a heavy swallow and an aversion of your disappointed gaze. Running a nervous hand through his hair he managed, “I got so mad yesterday because dad’s right. I ruin everything I touch.” Aegon paused again with a sniff. Your posture slightly loosened but remained silent.
“I-I would rather run you off being a dick than actually trying and fucking it all up,” the prince warbled.
“Aegon. You absolute idiot. I would’ve ended whatever this is by now if it were you just being a dick,” you sighed.
Fat tears leaked down his reddening cheeks. You fought the urge to wipe them with a twitch. He replied, “No- no- you’re too good for me. You should leave. I was a monster last night.” Blonde locks shook along with his head. You whispered, heart aching, “Do you want me to really go? Because you won’t see me again.” Violet eyes grew wide and he hugged his middle.
The air between you two grew heavy and stagnant.
Aegon finally snapped, “Please don’t leave me. I think- no- I love you,” he dropped to his knees and fisted his hands in your robe. You stared down imperiously, a hand running through platinum knots. You hid your surprise with a flat reply, “I love you too, asshole.” Tears came unbidden to your lashes. With a laughing sob you added, “My dad isn’t a sandy cunt either.” Aegon’s face lit up at your weak joke.
He hugged your waist and nuzzled against your tits. Aegon promised, “I won’t call him a sandy cunt ever again. I’m fucked up but I can’t see my life without you. I-I’ll do my best.” Dropping to your knees you cradled his cheeks, thumbing away his tears. You whispered against his lips, “It’s about damn time, you better be on your best behavior” He surged forward to kiss you, the sounds of waves crashing and seagulls squawking in glee outside. Aegon gasped, “I’m yours.”
Aegon’s hands covered your own while his chapped lips pressed softly. You shared a couple of gentle kisses together gradually getting more heated until you pulled back with curse. Aegon blinked dumbly and asked, “What?”
You frowned and said, “You were too drunk last night to remember but we have a photoshoot today. Shit.”
Aegon groaned and tried to kiss you again, receiving a finger to his plump lips. You shook your head and stated, “We need to get ready. You look and smell awful.” Aegon groaned against your finger, hands coming up to grip your sides. He whined, “I’m so damn hungover. We could just skip.”
You teased, “If you get nice and pretty, behave for some photos I’ll fuck you with Blackfyre after. Be a good member of the nut jobs today.”
Aegon’s eyes widened and he groaned again, “Ah- you know I can’t resist Blackfyre. Or the wielder of it. Fine babe.” You smirked at his submission and finally being called by a pet name. Blackfyre was the big ass strap-on that you had. Usually it made Aegon wail. So you excitedly dragged the weary Targaryen up and shoved him to the shower.
Aegon scrolled through his phone and murmured, “Fuck- gross- we have to do it the garden.” He was decked in a fitting black suit and you in a fiery red jumpsuit of your house. A black jacket and pumps matched your official boyfriend. The sigil of Uller was pinned to your lapel.
You chuckled, “What’s wrong with the garden?”
Aegon rumbled, “Fucking thorns and shit everywhere,” he paused, “You look hot by the way.” You grinned wildly and pinched his ass, earning a cute yelp. The sheer giddiness filling your chest couldn’t fuck up anything today. Daeron walked up behind you two and hummed, “Wow. You’re up before noon.” The younger brother hit his vape.
Aegon nabbed it and took a puff. Daeron snatched it back with a cry, “Hey fucker get your own!” You stifled a laugh and added, “He needs to calm his nerves before doing absolutely nothing.” Aegon shoved both of you with a scoff, darting down a curved hallway. You still had no idea how this castle was built with dragonflame, it confounded you.
Hellholt was imposing but a pretty simple open layout. The old dungeons were a different matter. Aegon held the door open for you and his sibling, mouth set in a grimace. You eyed the ‘garden’. There was a tall twisted statue of ancient stone surrounded by thick, dark trees. Thistles and cranberries littered the ground. It had a nice scent though.
Alicent turned with a surprised look. She gasped, “My, perfect timing! You two look great. I’m so glad you made it Aegon.” She hugged him again, the man awkwardly patting her back. Daeron snorted, “Gee, nice to see you too mom.” Rhaenyra shook the youngest boy and commented, “You look fetching Daeron.”
She turned her icy gaze to you. Nervously you gave a small bow. The princess stoically offered a hand, holding yours. She smiled with an offer, “Would you like to have some wine with me one evening? It would please me to get to know more about Dorne and her interests.” You nodded vicariously and chirped, “I would be honored to! Just let me know when.”
She winked and strode back to her brood of dark headed boys and Daemon. Who was bitching loudly and frequently. Aegon, now released from his mother, pulled an arm around your waist. He asked quietly, “What did my dear half-sis want?”
“Wanted wine and to discuss Dorne.”
He kissed your cheek and muttered, “Typical ‘Nyra. Proud of my future politician.” You raised a brow and whispered, “Are you being nice because of Blackfyre?” You couldn’t help but be wary, Aegon was of the flaky sort. But he seemed determined earlier. You looked down out of fear.
He snorted, “No! I told you I’m on my best behavior. Maybe you’ve sweetened the deal but I’m yours.”
He nuzzled into your neck sweetly. Alicent did a double take at his behavior and returned to ordering the photographer around. Viserys was rolled in by Criston, the elder recounting fights with Daemon here. The rogue prince guffawed, “I always knocked your ass into the berries.”
Jace shuffled over to you and Aegon. He eyed the PDA and asked, “Better I presume?” You both smiled tightly at Rhaenyra’s eldest. Jace shrugged and covered his mouth when he whispered, “Whose boots do I have to lick to get some good weed around here?”
Aegon snickered and jerked his thumb to Daeron, idly scrolling on his phone. Jace lamented, “Blegh- that Oldtown stuff was mid last time.” Daeron, now perked up, joined in, “Chill man this shits from Pentos. Swear.” All four eyes widened as mutual understanding passed over.
Daeron smirked. He texted into a group chat, “Sesh at 5. Wouldn’t want to go to dinner fucked up or anything ;)” You laughed when you saw Baela’s placid face explode into a grin.
The family was gathered. With minimal bickering. Besides Aemond glaring daggers at Luke. Alicent was placing everyone around Viserys. Daemon bitched, “No no no- I get to be behind my brother! We can share! Otto isn’t going to blow up.” Alicent— in a rare moment— flipped him the bird and moved onto her kids. Viserys slapped his knee and turned to his brother with a grin. Rhaenyra settled her own, the younger Viserys on her hip.
Alicent moved you right in front of Aegon, making sure his hand was on your side not your stomach. You snickered, gods forbid anyone think the wayward prince had impregnated a Dornish girl. Aegon rolled his eyes and looked up at Aemond. He teased, “What happened with that girl? Alys was it? Did she get turned off by you killing animals in your free time?”
Aemond gritted his jaw and coolly stated, “Just you wait.” You did admire the second son’s level-headedness— he really did receive a lot of shit. Aegon’s face drained of color and you hissed between your teeth, “Quit it you ass!” He shot you a look and frowned. A quick peck on the lips lightened his mood. Alicent made her way to behind Viserys, a green gloved hand on his shoulder.
The photographer took many exhausting photos, some smiling, some where the children had to switch places. Viserys the younger cried until Rhaenyra had to retrieve the baby off his grandfather’s lap. Even Criston hopped in for a few. Alicent clapped her hands together and said, “Okay. Let’s just have the royal bloodline in the photos now.” Daemon scoffed, “Hurry up with the bloody pictures!”
The royal bloodline excluded you only. Rhaena seemed concerned but Rhaenyra kept the beautiful girl and her sister by her side. Aegon piped up, “Really?” Alicent ranted about marriage and you nodded, stepping to the side. You stood around awkwardly until asking Ser Criston to guide you back seemed the best idea. Before leaving you announced, “Aegon darling- I’ll be in our room!” Poor thing was probably going to pop wood in the pictures now.
Criston commented behind closed doors, “Did you enchant the boy?”
You shrugged, “I think- it’s that I finally told him no and he realized. R’hllor knows how much I do for his princely ass.”
“Good. Little shit.”
You cackled in the dank hallways, trailing behind the quiet man. You’d set up for the inevitable playtime while waiting on Aegon. After multiple maze-like hallways you were back at the familiar oak doors. With a curt thanks to Cole you entered. You needed a cigarette first.
Gazing out to the sea you reflected on recent events. You really, really hoped Aegon would stay true. He seemed upset by Aemond’s words earlier and expressed insecurity about keeping you around. But would he do the right thing? Flicking the ash you had to stamp out the rolling thoughts. For now Aegon seemed honest. He needed you, not the other way around. Maybe.
You stubbed the cig out and made your way to the closet. Underneath a false bottom in your trunk was the motherlode of toys. Lube, dildos, plugs, cuffs, collars, and the grand jewel: your harness. Aegon was going to drool. You snatched the essentials and Blackfyre. Then some softer rope.
The maids seemed to have already made the bed so you laid everything out on a clean towel. Fuck, now you were horny. But lunch first then destroying your boyfriend’s asshole. A buzz resounded through the room. You checked your phone and received a text from the boyfriend in question.
“i had to tuck my dick for the rest of the photoshoot. you suck. omw to get you now.”
Grinning at your phone your heart fluttered. You placed a blanket over the spread. The last thing needed was Aegon trying to jump you over some fancy food. You lit up another cigarette and watched the gulls dance until the door drug against the floor. You turned to the Valyrian and asked, “Make it with no casualties?”
He rolled his eyes and strode over to you, plucking the tobacco out and taking a puff. On the exhale he remarked, “Aemond’s still pouting about the comment but dad had a coughing fit. Saved by the death rattle.” You snorted and took back the cigarette. Aegon’s arms wrapped around your waist, his chin on your shoulder.
He grumbled, “I don’t know how I’m going to get through this damn lunch without taking you to a a room and fucking you.”
You sniffed, “You’ll be fine. I’m the one taking you anyways, little dragon. Besides don’t you want more awkward tension at the table?”
You regretted your words some odd minutes later. Aemond’s mood was apparently contagious. Rhaenyra and Alicent had exchanged heated jabs over waiting for Viserys or not. Daemon interrupted in his usual rude manner, letting the servants place the food. Aegon sipped on some spiced rum, trying to not gulp it down.
Jace and Luke made mocking gestures of Aemond’s sour face. Helaena caught onto it and laughed, “Ha! That looks like my brother!” Aemond jerked out of his chair and seethed, “Do it to my face then!” Aegon snorted and Aemond turned his searing eye onto the elder brother. He quipped, “I don’t know why you’re amused, brother. You’re the laughingstock of the family bringing a Dornish puppet up here. I didn’t bring Alys because I have respect of not letting lesser blood at the table” He turned back to the trio of Velaryons, “Bastard blood.”
You made a weak attempt to hold Aegon back. All hells had broken loose. Daeron grabbed you by the elbow and escorted you from the fighting family. Helaena joined you two, shaking her head, lilac eyes wide. Aegon and Aemond were struggling on the ground with Jace hopping in. Luke tried to pull Aemond back but instead made contact with Aegon— leading to more fists being thrown. Daemon had shoved Joff back in time. Alicent and Rhaenyra took the chance to exchange barbs before grabbing their offspring. Criston, Otto, and Daemon separated the mess.
You wanted to spit in Aemond’s face but held your tongue. Aegon was shoved towards you by Otto. The uncle hissed, “For the love of the Seven go back to your room.” Your boyfriend’s hair was mussed and nose swollen. You thanked Daeron and dabbed a tissue from your pocket onto Aegon’s lip. He sneered and pulled away.
Aegon murmured, “C’mon. Sorry.”
He grabbed your hand and led you along the winding stone. Aegon licked at his bloodied lip. The prince snapped, “The gall of that one-eyed prick! You have more class in your pinky than this viper’s nest!” You soothed, “Aemond has a fragile ego, he’s going for things you’re sensitive about.” Circling your thumb on his palm seemed to ease some of the blonde’s anger.
You murmured at the door, “Thank you for standing up from me.” Aegon pulled you flush to his body, stealing a kiss. He grumbled, “I told you I would do better. I have half a mind to put nair in his shampoo, fucking prick.” Sharing more kisses you smoothed his wild curls back.
You purred against his lips, “Well…I have just the thing to wear you out. Won’t even remember your name baby.”
He nipped your lip and grinned, pushing you through the doors. Your lips stayed sealed to his as Aegon half-waddled you back towards the bed. With a breathless cry you fell back with your dragon on top. Aegon looked gorgeous smiling down at you— full lips stretched across pretty white teeth. You told him so, enjoying the blush.
Aegon sidled between your legs with a soft noise. He groaned, “Fuck- need this s’bad. Need your cock.” You used a strong thigh to roll him over easily. Now astride Aegon’s lap, you started to unbutton his shirt while the prince pulled off his jacket. Surprisingly deft fingers pulled at the zipper of your jumpsuit and unclasped the bra underneath. You paused the frantic movements of your own hands to strip.
Aegon moaned at you clad in a skimpy thong. He gripped at your ass, shoving his face between your tits. Aegon moaned, “Baby- fuck you’re so hot.” You replied, “Lay back down I gotta get you naked now.” He obliged and cried out when his flushed cock hit his belly. You crudely pumped the taught flesh, enjoying the way the prince’s breath hitched.
Your pussy clenched around nothing watching Aegon pant and writhe. He gave control over to you so easily in bed. He whined, “C’mon where’s the toys I know you ah- have them.” With a smack to his flank you uncovered the spread. Aegon’s lashes fluttered at the sight. You ordered, “Arms out ass up.”
He panted, “okay, okay, yes,” and scrambled up the bed. You took your time shimmying on the harness and tightening it. Blackfyre clicked into place and Aegon’s head jerked to look. You tutted, “Patience sweet thing.” Kneeling onto the down of the mattress you grabbed the rope. Aegon whimpered as you gently tied his wrists up.
Pale arms flexed as he tested out the rope. Good. You purred, “You let me know if anything is overwhelming or painful. Am I understood?” A whimpery yes graced your ears. You grabbed the lube and warmed it up between your palms, eyeing his tight hole. It always delighted you when Aegon turned to putty. His body was lax but thrummed with energy underneath, flushing smooth pallid skin.
Your poured the liquid directly between his cheeks, using two fingers to rub it around. Aegon called your name and his arms flexed again. You shuddered and squeezed thick thighs together to calm your own ache. Wasting no time you eased the tips of your fingers inside him. Slowly you worked the prince open until he was drooling onto the bed.
Two fingers snug inside, you scissored open his tight ass. You cooed, “Oh you’re hungry for it.” Aegon nodded deliriously, pushing back onto the intrusion. His movements eased your way to that familiar sweet spot. Aegon cried out and tossed his pale head. You growled, “S’ been over a day no wonder you’re gagging for it. Slutty prince.”
“T-too fuckin’ long,” he ground out.
You eased another finger in. Then your pinky. Aegon was begging by that point.
“Oh fffuck c’mon c’mon please- MH!,” he cried when you drug all four digits across his sensitive prostate. You figured the babe was going to self-combust so with an off hand you lubed up the crudely named dildo. At the sound of the cap opening Aegon whimpered needily.
“Almost there sweet boy,” you cooed.
You carelessly pulled out wet fingers and wiped them on the towel. For good measure you poured more lube— maybe for some self satisfaction too. You gripped Aegon’s slim hips and eased into his puffy rim. He let out a long moan at the intrusion, back arching easily. He really was a good whore.
Sliding your palms up to his waist you rocked deeper, and deeper, until your hips were flush with Aegon. The prince mewled, “O-oh fuck baby I can’t!” He trembled underneath your palms. Waiting patiently you ever so slowly rubbed circles into his flanks.
The blonde tested the waters first, rutting minutely onto the dick. You were rewarded with a pitchy whine. Kissing up his back you asked, “Want me to fuck you now, your highness?” Aegon turned with pleading eyes and a nod. Sliding back out until just the tip was in you slammed back in.
Aegon writhed and jerked in his bonds, crying out. Giving an enthusiastic slap to his ass you started a punishing rhythm, really grinding into the prince. You grinned and grabbed a fistful of platinum hair, Aegon wailing your name. His swollen cock bounced against his pale belly, leaking profusely.
Your thighs burned but you kept up the pace— Aegon liked it rough. Yanking his head back harder you growled into his ear, “Whose ass is this?” He garbled out nonsense, pretty eyes scrunched shut. You pushed your off hand on his back, arching Aegon into a position you knew would allow access to the sweet spot.
“Ah! Fuuuuck!,” he wailed again.
You demanded, “I asked you a question slut. Whose ass is this? Who else makes you cry like this?”
The blonde sobbed, “You- you, always you! Mm so good I love- ah!” A pull at his cock cut Aegon off with an overwhelmed noise. You cooed, “That’s right. Those King’s Landing girls don’t know how their Prince Aegon really likes it. Like a two-stag flea bottom whore.” Aegon was crying now, squirming on your cock and fist. He drooled and whimpered, violet eyes gazing at you desperately.
Poor thing couldn’t string together a sentence now, brokenly swearing himself to you. The strap was rubbing against your own sex, making you tremble. You sucked in a breath to nudge against his prostate slowly. Your pussy was dripping at this point. There’d be a chance you’d cum before Aegon did. You wanted him to fall apart first though.
Jacking his dick you asked, “You wanna cum now baby boy?”
“Pleasepleaseiloveyouplease,” came the reply.
Using the last of your energy, sweat pouring down your back, Aegon was promptly railed into next week. His violet eyes rolled back up into his head. High pitched moans left his pink lips. The man came onto the towel and your hand, shaking like a leaf. You bit back a whimper and convulsed, cumming from just the sight and the right rub from Blackfyre.
You gasped with wide eyes, crying Aegon’s name breathily. You bruisingly gripped onto his hips through your climax. Gathering your wits you pulled out of him gently. He sniffled and jerked at the movement. You rubbed a soothing hand down his back, cooing.
Quickly discarding the strap you entangled yourself with Aegon. You faced your boyfriend, legs entangled with his own. His glassy violet eyes gazed at you, a tired smile gracing his features. He stole a kiss and pulled your body closer. Aegon rasped, “You, my love, are fucking exquisite. I’m a lucky boy.”
Blushing you snarked, “I bet you say that to all the girls that drill your ass.”
Aegon’s lips pouted as he remarked, “You’re the only one who drills my ass.”
Laughter enveloped the room at the silly conversation. Aegon murmured, “Let’s take a nap. I’m sure dinner will be separate tonight anyways.” You yawned and nodded, feeling the sweet soreness of your body. You whispered, “Love you.” Aegon repeated it back with a kiss on your forehead, a warm hand stroking your hair. You felt blissful— floating in a post orgasmic haze.
Sleep took you easily and tenderly.
Sleep left you rudely and quickly. Your phone was buzzing off the chart. Aegon muttured, “Shut it off- don’ have class today.” You snickered and felt around for the ringing device. Grasping it you checked the caller ID. Your eyes widened drastically.
Papa. Shitshitshitshit.
Your thumb slid across the screen and you answered, “Afternoon papa.”
His gruff response made you wince, “So you tell me you’re going on vacation with a friend, yes?”
You answered, “Yes papa.”
“So why don’t you tell me that you are cavorting around with the drunk Targaryen boy? I get an email from my assistant with you in their family photos. Care to explain my girl?”
You held the phone away and huffed, “Fuck!”
Putting the device back to your ear you responded warily, “I didn’t expect the photos to be released so soon. I was going to call you this morning. I apologize.”
Your father laughed, “No, no, the dragons sent the collection to me personally. Like a threat. This reflects badly on us. What will I say to people asking about my daughter dating a detestable member of the family I call to be disbanded?”
Aegon turned and mumbled, “Wha’re doing?” He groaned while stretching and you slapped a hand over his mouth. The blonde’s eyes opened, staring wildly. You aggressively pointed at the phone, mouthing ‘DAD’. Aegon nodded and stared in horror.
“Papa. I know it seems strange. Aegon is a good man and I like him very much. I always have Dorne’s interests in mind. The princess Rhaenyra and I are having a meeting discussing the welfare of our lands.”
He hummed, “Okay then. I expect a full report back on Rhaenyra. If you like the boy so much I’m expecting a visit to Hellholt. Maybe he’ll learn what real strength is. Enjoy your vacation.”
You sighed, “Yes, papa. We shall visit soon. Love you.“
Awkward silence enveloped the phone before the Dornishman snipped, “Love you. Remember your blood comes first. Bye.”
You shoved a pillow over your face and yelled. Aegon inquired, “The seven hells was that? Your dad?” He peaked under your pillow, smirking softly. You croaked, “He knows about me being here. With you.” Aegon raised a brow as you elaborated, “I didn’t explicitly tell Papa who or where I was vacationing with.”
Aegon’s lips fell into an understanding ‘o’. He deadpanned, “He’s pissed then. My uncle Otto probably sent them to be a dick.” You nodded and shoved your face into Aegon’s warm chest. Mumbling against his skin you added, “Very pissed. He wants to meet you. In Dorne. I avoided catastrophe by mentioning Rhaenyra.”
Aegon stroked your hair, mulling over the situation. He laughed, “I guess I’ll get my sunscreen.” You rolled your eyes.
“Save it for later. I think Dragonstone is growing on me. When the hell is Daeron providing the Pentoshi kush? I need it.”
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kyrviu · 4 hours ago
𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐭
pairing: sub!scaramouche x gn!dom!reader 
warnings: 18+!! minors dni. slight smut. a hint of semi-public sex. 
synopsis: scaramouche is a submissive brat and you tease the fuck out of him!!
Tumblr media
scaramouche has been acting up recently. his snide remarks are thrown your way calls you names and sticks his tongue out at you when you ignore him. you acknowledge his sense of pride, the way he carries himself while belittling others, you'd usually tolerate it and let it slide at times.
however, he has gotten on your nerves after the stunt he pulled today, publicly humiliating you in front of your friends and comrades. he needs to learn a lesson.
as a consequence of his behavior. you've been ruthlessly teasing him and messing with him. one second you're leaning into him, about to kiss him. you notice him as he closes his eyes and leans in expecting to meet you for a kiss. however, he didn't feel your lips on his.
disappointed he slowly opens his eyes, only to discover that you are laughing at him. "did you think I'd kiss you?" you snickered.
"fuck you, (y/n)!” he muttered.
you sneered, "would you?”.
he's frustrated, feeling the air thickening around him. huffing up the courage to finally confront you. "why are you teasing me? you've been messing with me all day." you've never even kissed me once." he retorts.
you shake your head, unsatisfied with his answer. “you know why I’ve been treating you this way, kuni.” You sigh crossing your hands, looking away unbothered. 
“don’t make me spell it out loud for you” he argues back. much to his dismay, his body isn’t listening to him. he's starting to feel his courage seeping, and being replaced by a feeling of longing for your touch since you’ve been neglecting and teasing him all day. nonetheless, you don’t reply to his remarks, turning to walk away.
he holds your shirt stopping you., afraid that you would leave him “I’m sorry… for how I behaved.” he muttered. “you know I want you. i need you right now” he whines, a flush creeping out across his cheeks, his ears turning red. pleading for you to do something. as your foreheads are pressed together. his body following your lead, as you pull him in. 
“say it again, kuni, I couldn't hear you." you smiled as you looked down at him. extending your hands to him. Running your fingers through his indigo, silky hair.
he looks away embarrassed, “please, (y/n)..”
you nearly missed it. because of how faint his whisper was. you look down at his expression. "oh, fuck it." grabbing him by his collar and dragging him into an empty room. you couldn’t control yourself any longer, pulling him into a kiss you can see how desperate he is for you. you can both hear each other's heart racing as you breathe into each other's mouth. words can no longer express how you feel.
you feel a magnetic attraction between you as you grab each other's clothes. opening the buttons on his shirt, exposing his neck. he holds in his breaths as he feels yours on his skin.
the walls are thin, you can hear the people next door to you. laughing and talking casually. if you both could hear them they probably can hear you too. “you better keep your voice down, there are people in the other room.” he’d nods holding back a moan, covering his mouth with his hand. tears in his eyes, feeling overwhelmed. he wants you to take him already.
“that's my good boy.” you breathed into his skin as you suck on his neck moving down to his collarbone causing him to involuntarily moan out loud, leaving his face a blushing mess at the name you referred to him.
“shut up and fuck me already” he breathes burying his head into your neck. he's definitely your good little brat.
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crysatoru · a day ago
Tengen , Giyuu With A Very Perverted S/O
Tumblr media
a/n — i’m not 100% sure by what perverted means in this case but i’ll try my best! also this is just tengen. i’ll contain giyuu in another part
contains — gn!reader, sub!tengen, headcanons and a little blurb, pretend sex toys exist back in the day, groping and dirty talk in public, tengen’s wives do not exist
giyuu version
Tumblr media
you fluster him. he hates that you do but the way you’re so forward with your lewd thoughts and desires makes him blush
he’s actually kind of amazed by what you’re into, what freaky toys you own and whatnot, especially if you’ve got one of those monster dildos
even though he can sense you approaching you somehow manage to catch him offguard everytime you show him affection (in your own, odd ways)
he goes insane if you fondle his tits where you may get caught
“hello pretty~” you chirped, hugging your beloved from behind as he stopped in his tracks. “how are you doing today?” you seemed to be in a pretty good mood, which almost always ends up with tengen on the bed that night, fucked out and panting.
“my love,” he smiled anyway, trying to turn around to meet your eyes, but you wouldn’t let him. you stood your ground, hands snaking around his slim waist and starting to move upwards. “what are you doing?” his eyes widened a little in surprise, though he really shouldn’t be.
“nothing,” you mutter, but your hands were already cupping his chest, index fingers pressing and rubbing his nipples over the demon slayer corps uniform. tengen felt his breathing hitch as he sighed in pleasure, the soft movements sending small shocks down to his cock. “i cannot wait to get home and fuck you raw,” you hummed, and his face heated up, snapping out of the trance you seemed to have put him in. how could you say such dirty things with a straight face! anyone could walk in (more like discover, given you were outdoors) on the two of you at any moment!
he let you do your thing anyway, pushing his rationale to the back of his head as you caressed him intimately. he had to admit that your ways were really growing on him.
Tumblr media
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ghost-mp4 · 2 days ago
kobeni holding onto your hand as you go down on her, threading your fingers together and squeezing your hand when she gets close. she lets out this gaspy little "oh fuck, fuckfuckfuck" just before she comes, and you take it as your sign to hook your arm across her stomach to keep her still while she bucks her hips against your mouth.
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moistwormonastring · 2 days ago
bunny!shigaraki with an amab!wolf!reader are the only things occupying my mind right now tbh.
just think about how obsessed with praise he’d be, how much he’d love getting called your good boy, your pretty bunny- he’s obsessed with it all.
and how, when you come home late from work, his nose twitches because he’s so upset, so you make it up to him.
you take him to bed and bite his neck, marking your territory hard enough to make his foot thump against your thigh. you growl and he whines and it’s all so perfect.
and when you’re finally shoving your cock inside of him, he’s crying, because such a small, good boy can’t possibly take your entire length inside.
and when he’s stuffed so full of your cock he can hardly breathe, you can see his little belly bulge from your size inside of him, and it only makes his foot thump even harder.
but you don’t stop fucking him until he’s begging for mercy, legs pressed into a W shape so you can watch how perfectly your length disappears into him, how his arousal manages to get absolutely everywhere because he’s so, so turned on.
and then he’s finally cumming, making a complete mess of himself, and you growl into his twitching ears that he’s such a silly little boy for making such a big mess.
but with the way your body is at least twice the size of him, and your dick is easily the size of his forearm… oh god, he couldn’t stop himself from cumming early! he’s never loved being a silly little boy more in his life.
and, when you’re finally cumming, your knot presses deep inside of him so none of your cum spills out. so he’s completely and utterly bred, babbling about how he’s so excited to have your puppies while his foot weakly thumps against the mattress.
and when you finally pull out, so much oozes out of his gaping hole you laugh and nuzzle into his neck, ignoring your instinct to bite and draw blood from his sweet little frame.
your bunny. your perfect, sweet bunny.
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sinful-indulgences · 3 days ago
Ok I have many ideas but here is one of them: A very needy and whiny Sebastian during his heat being teased and overstimulated by his fem s/o that he is desperate to breed with (creampie?). I have this idea where he still has a contract with Ciel whilst having a relationship with the reader so when he is in heat he becomes so unsufferably restless and whiny that Ciel (whilst making fun of sebastian) has called you to come get him for the duration of the heat and once him and his s/o are alone, the naughty begins 😏 This arrogant man needs to be reduced to a needy, humiliated mess at his femdom's mercy, his constant cynical grin drives me crazy!
Tumblr media
Oh hell yeah! I really like this, I imagine Ciel as older for these (like demon! Ciel whose god knows how old since demons kinda don’t due to old age) and like, I love the idea that he knows what’s wrong with Sebastian but still choses to torture him by making him work during his cycle, and occasionally inviting you over for tea just to watch Sebastian practically drool at the sight of you.
(Also I’m interested in your other ideas 👀)
Tumblr media
Cw: heat cycles, humiliation (on Sebastian’s behalf), teasing, (spitting I guess?) spit as lube, slight dumbification, breeding kink, knotting
Sebastian had only been able to last three days while on his cycle before he broke down, begging Ciel to let him go ‘out’ with you. Ciel had intentionally been keeping Sebastian busy. He didn’t want to have you ‘burdened’ (as he put it) with Sebastian until absolutely necessary.
Though to given Sebastian credit, Ciel hadn’t thought he’d last this long, which leads to an awkward call for you to ‘take care’ of his demon.
Well, he was technically your demon too.
Sebastian was lucky that you weren’t actually busy, otherwise he’d be out of luck. He dropped to his knees infront of you the second you walked through the door, he barely gave you a greeting before he’s pulling you towards one of the spare bedrooms.
You barely had time to catch him say his Master and the other servants would be out for the duration of the day. Still, you had him lock the door behind you two. “How bad is it this time?” You huff out, starting to undress yourself.
He just groans in response, wrapping his arms around you. You can feel him pressing his clothed cock against you, he’s already hard, not being bashful in the slightest. “Can we just get into bed?” He hissed out. “I don’t have much patience-“
You slipped out of his grip, tossing your clothes to the side, Sebastian following your lead. You clim on the bed and pat the spot next to you. He’s quick to come to your side. You pushed him against the bed, getting between his legs. You grab his tie, he’d placed beside the bed. “Hands on the headboard.” You ordered.
Sebastian obeyed without a second thought. You loosely tie his hands to the headboard. He gives you a quizzical look before mumbling out. “T-that’s unnecessary, also I can slip out of it-“ You smack his thigh to silence him.
“If you slip out of it, I will stop.” Sebastian frowned at that before taking the opportunity to rut himself against your stomach. “Do I need to slap your dick too?” He paused before grinning at you.
“Yesss, please, fuck!” He wraps his legs around you, pulling you closer to him. “Just touch me! No more teasing, just f-fuck me already!” He hissed, frustration starting to slip into his tone.
“So sassy.” You grabbed his cock, squeezing it in your grip before leaning down and letting saliva drip from your mouth onto his cock. A loud moan escapes Sebastian, he’s purring as you rub it around his cock. You straddle him, slipping his legs off your waist in the process.
You line up his cock with your entrance, gently rubbing against it. You groan at the wave of heat that courses through you. Sebastian gives a clear whine before you seat yourself on his cock. “Ready?” He quickly nods.
You slowly lift yourself before slamming back down. Your pace is tantalizing at best, leaving Sebastian desiring so much more. You don’t miss the way he’s subtly thrusting up into you, his attention solely on where your bodies meet. You roll back onto his cock, lifting yourself just above his cock.
Sebastian picks up what you expect of him quickly. He bucks up into you, his pace is uneven and not planned, his cock occasionally slipping out of you. You were nice enough to help him get it back into you. You really aren’t surprised when you feel a warm, wet heat filling you.
“Awww, did my baby boy make himself cum?” You dropped your weight onto his hips once more, just to make sure he doesn’t try to move. His eyes are dilated, he’s panting desperately you honestly doubt he hears you right now. “You’re still hard, do you want more?”
Sebastian makes an excited yelping sound and nods eagerly. “A-again!” He grinds against you hopefully. “Need to cum in you again!” He whines out. You click your tongue, tilting your head to look down to him.
“‘Need’? What’s going to happen if I don’t let you?” You purr out, Sebastian cries out, feeling you pull away from him. You grimace at the ‘pop’ that is heard when you pull his cock out of you.
Sebastian is trembling under you, you can see he really wants to slip free of his restraints, but he can’t take the thought of you leaving him like this. “W-wait! D-don’t-I!” He hisses at the discomfort of being removed from your heat.
You watch his cock desperately bob, you had enough pity for him to grab the base of his cock, squeezing it in a painfully tight grip, stopping the impending orgasm from happening.
“Nng, Please, M-Master I-I would like to cum inside you again, p-pplease?” You can hear distress in his voice, you hum in consideration before being merciful and letting his cock slip back into you.
The reaction is instant, he’s trembling as he cums in you, but you don’t wait for him before your fucking him into the bed. His cries turn to near screams at the overwhelming feeling, leaving him breathless.
You’d be concerned if he actually needed to breathe.
You can feel your own orgasm approaching, so you don’t give him a break, riding him quickly and roughly until your body clamped down on his aching cock like a vice.
Little whines escape Sebastian, his cock is softening inside you, though you don’t slow down until you have your fill. He had his fun so it’s only fair you get yours.
You bit into Sebastian’s shoulder as the intense feeling overcomes you and you end up stopping, with his cock completely sheathed inside of you. You’re caught off guard as your suddenly flipped over, so Sebastian was ontop of you.
“Wait just a moment Love, I-I just need to do something quickly.”
You feel the base of his cock swelling inside of you, you instantly snap back at him, smacking his chest. “Don’t you fucking dare! Sebastian, if you knot me, I swear I will leave your dick caged for the entirety of your next heat-!”
You freeze up and tense at the odd pleasure of his knot trapping itself in you. You glared at him. “Was it worth it?”
Sebastian panting lightly, barely focused and seemingly drunk with pleasure. “Totally worth it.” He groaned out between breaths.
You sit up, giving him a kiss, to which he happily obliged, letting you pull him onto the bed besides you. “Praise?” He whines out. “Please? I want-I want your love.” You hum out, kissing him on the forehead.
“Of course, Baby. You did so well,” You kiss him on the nose. “You were such a good boy.” You kissed him on the cheek. “I love you-“ You move to kiss him on the lips, but he quickly jumps up and closes the space between you two, practically shoving his tongue inside your mouth.
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cottontears · a day ago
caught red handed
╰➤ eddie munson x reader
╰➤ word count: 0.6k
╰➤ posting this again cus i lost my account
╰➤ request:  Hey! Could you do a smut with any of the stranger things boys in your master list and y/n, but they get caught. If not it’s okay! Thanks <3
╰➤ a/n: I chose eddie!
╰➤ please reblog and leave a comment with your thoughts <3
╰➤ warnings: smut, slight degredation kink
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──────── ✧ ────────
You and Eddie had not had the chance to have a good fuck.
It had all been quick fast fucks, not that you did not enjoy it. But still.
He was in the middle of a campaign, but you were needy, so sue you.
Eddie was in the middle of his lunch antics, when you walked towards him.
None of his hellfire members were aware that you and him were fucking on the low. But so what.
He had been neglecting you. You sauntered towards him, your white mini skirt showing your thighs, which you knew were Eddie’s favorite.
“Munson!” You called for him. The Jock table and the Hellfire club turned to see one of the most popular cheerleaders strut towards him.
“Well hello y/n, what has got you all fired up this wonderful morning.”
You yanked him by his hair, causing him to groan softly.
“Fucking Pig.”
“For you, always.”
“Move, Munson.”
You ignored the pointed stares in your direction as you yanked Eddie by his hair to an empty classroom.
You slammed the door closed behind you, to gone to bother locking it.
You pushed Eddie against the wall. “You have been avoiding me Munson. Why is that?”
“Aw, Babe, you know it’s not personal.”
“Well if you wanted to you would. And I don’t see you wanting it. So maybe, I won’t be giving it to you.”
“It being?” Eddie cocked his head.
“My fucking cunt.”
Eddie gulped. You looked down to see the tent in his pants.
People thought Eddie would be the one taking control in the sack. But you knew that wasn’t true. In a world were he had to be the one in control, he liked being controlled, losing responsibility. You liked to be in control, in a life where you had little control.
He lost it, you loved it when he lost it. 
“Please baby, I want it so much, I missed it, I missed you so much.”
“Then why did you stay away huh? Munson?”
“Because I love it when you make me work for it.”
“Good boy, look at you telling the truth. You are such a good boy Munson.”
He groaned as you palmed his erection.
You unbuckled his pants and lowered them and his briefs down, freeing his cock.
“Fuck me against the wall, fuck me like you mean it Munson.”
He groaned and turned you so that you were the one against the wall.
He lifted you by the waist and did not waste time thrusting into you. Thighs trembling, eyes rolling to the back of his head.
“I missed you so fucking much, masturbation does you no justice.” He panted between thrusts.
His thrusts were erratic, with no rhythm.
You were moaning and groaning, close to cumming.
“Oh FUCK! Oh Eddie! Oh my fucking—“
The door slammed opened and you let out a yelp.
Eddie dropped you and rushed to put his dick back in his pants. Your skirt thankfully helped to prevent you flashing the intruders.
It was two members from the Hellfire club.
They yelped and covered their eyes.
“Oh God-“
“We were looking for you too-“ They talked over each other.
“Um tell you Lucas was not going to-“
“Yeah, anyway.”
“Henderson! Wheeler! Get out!” Eddie yelled at them.
You let out a snort and hid your face in Eddie’s neck.
“How the hell did you even pull her Munson?” the curly haired boy asked.
“You don’t want to know.” You told him.
They cursed and left closing the door behind them.
“So much for alone time.” You laughed.
Eddie snorted and gave you chaste kissed. “We will finish this later, y/n.”
“Yeah, go beat those kids up Eddie!”
“I love it when you call me by my first name.”
“Alright Munson, don’t get too cocky.”
“I got you to fuck me y/n, I have the right to be cocky.”
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herwritingartcowboy · 19 hours ago
Fucking With You
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Character(s): Aether
Warning(s): Smut, Sub male, Dom Reader,
Readers Gender: Gn
Tumblr media
Being a Harbinger was an amazing feeling for you. Knowing you can ruin someone life just like that, it was a great feeling.
That's why you loved ruining the small blondes life. The way you grabbed him by his hips and suck hickeys into his neck.
"Y/n please you know we cant" "But why, you know you love the way i make you scream at night"
You dragged him to a alleyway as your hand went up his shirt playing with his nipples as you pulled down his pants just enough for you to finger his whole. Aether tried to tell you to stop not knowing if anybody could come around and find the brave traveler getting fingered in an alleyway by a harbinger, not a good look.
But you only shushed him with your lips as you sucked on his tongue feeling him becoming wetter and wetter with him pant becoming to tight for him. With that you pulled out your cock rubbing the tip against Aether with him breathing very hard with it becoming more harder. Talking your hand away from his chest you turned his face to yours as you see is eyes looking like he is begging to be fuck with him still whimpering. "If you want me to fuck you, you just need to suck me off okay baby", Ather only nodded as he dropped to his knees going to work on your cock. Licking the tip as he rubbed your shaft with his hands as you only played with his long blonde hair letting it get tangled in your fingers inly to push his head down as he can now feel in on the back of his throat.
Aether only sucked harder as you only chased out promising a good fuck. With that you took your cock out his mouth only to cum all over his face. You smiled his you saw saliva, cum, and tears all over his face.
You fixed yourself up as you were about to leave only for you to be tugged back. You looked to Aether holding onto you with pleading eyes, "W-weren't we gonna-" "Oh you still want more but where will we go~", you teased as you wanted him to say what he wanted as you were gonna leave but who can leave a beautiful slut like this. "We can do it here, No one will see us", you smirked as you only got closer to him. "What about not wanting to be seen with me" "I don't care I just need you so badly so please fuck me".
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