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chilumi-shipper · 2 days ago
I Hate You
Tighnari x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Smut, NSFW, Ferocious Hate Sex, Enemies with Benefits, Enemies secretly pining for each other, Aphrodisiac Mushroom, Rough Sex, Riding, Forest Sex, Creampie, Horny Reader, Degrading, it's short
Summary: You are yet again assigned to go on patrol with Mr. Foxy Sharp Tongue, much to your dismay (endless pining). To try to prove a point during one of your usual quarrels, you eat a mushroom with... an interesting effect, and there was only one way to get rid of that effect.
"Damn it, just fuck me!" You screamed in frustration, the heat you were feeling was so strong, the pooling of your wetness was getting too much.
And goddammit, if Tighnari isn't gonna fuck you in the next minute, you were just gonna have to strip down in front of him to cool yourself down.
The forest rangers cheeks visibly reddened despite the annoyed scoff that left his mouth... his pink and plump mouth that you really wanted to kiss at that moment.
"You see? This is what happens if you don't listen to me." You were getting more and more desperate by the second, he knew you needed to be relieved.
...And he wasn't completely opposed to the solution you had in mind.
So that's how you two ended up in this situation. You fully ripped all of your clothes and completely bared yourself to him, and before he could ever start taking off his own garments, you pounced on him and immediately went for his pants.
"I need it, please...." You said in such a desperate and pathetic voice, your body was pleading for his, even though you were the one on top of him, he knew he could make it so that you were completely in his control.
"Now hold on." He stopped your hands from unzipping his pants, and he smirked when you looked at him with your eyes dilated and pleading. "I need to make note of the mushroom that you ate first."
You wanted to kill him after he said that, but unfortunately, your body was more interested in the fucking rather than the killing.
"Ahhhh... please..." The moment his hard and standing cock was out, you positioned yourself and let the whole thing force it's way all the way inside you. He was thick, and pretty lengthy as well, so much better than what you imagined when you tried to create a scenario like this with your toys.
You started going up and down, as fast and hard as you can, and Tighnari can't deny the fact that it felt amazing... you felt amazing.
Your pussy squeezed down on him, making him let out quiet moans that you didn't even hear, perhaps you were caught up in your own pleasure.
Stupid Tighnari and his cute ears and cute tail and big cock and snappy personality and... his big cock.
"Yesss... yess, please, I'm gonna cum!" You moaned in ecstatic, not caring whether anyone could hear you in the rainforest. You kept on bouncing on his cock, ready for your release.
One thing you didn't like about Tighnari was that during patrols, he was very bossy and demanding. And now you hate him even more when he held your hips tight, not letting you move up and down on his dick.
"Woah there, I know what's happening to you and all..." He smiled innocently as he saw anger burning in your eyes when you looked at him. "But can you at least try to act less like a slut?"
His smile only got bigger when he felt you flutter around him. "Oh, you like that?" He then rolled you both over, positioning himself over you.
Tighnari knew to cover your mouth before he started his fast, hard thrusts, he knew you would scream from pleasure, he knew your thighs would shake, he knew your face would be so lewd as you pounded your cunt.
"Tighnari! Yes, fuck me!" Despite his hand over your mouth, you still manage to let those words out.
The forest ranger chuckled, going even faster when he felt that your pussy was full on spasming. He would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy doing this to you, and it felt even vetter when he saw you drooling and rolling your eyes from the amount of pleasure you felt.
From your hazy vision, you saw that his ears were raised and alert, as if he was so focused.... cute.
Tighnari grabbed onto your hips, making sure to go thrust as deep as he could as he finally made the both of you reach your high.
"Thanks..." You whispered as you both lay beside each other, catching your breath after such an exhausting session. "I still kinda hate you though."
He ignored your comment as he sat up and fixed his clothes, looking at your naked and tired figure. "..." Despite his annoyance towards you...
"You know, we don't know much about the mushroom you ate. So... I advice that you stay with me in my room for a while so that I can... monitor your condition."
You smirked, or tried at least, at him knowingly. "Carry me there then."
And because of your stupidity and just ripping your clothes without thinking of the aftermath, he had to cover your body in your ripped clothes as he carried you back to Gandharva Ville, all the way to his room... You know, for research.
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gh0ullie · 2 days ago
Hello is it ok if I can request some nsfw genshin make out headcannons
sorry for the late reply, I've been off tumblr but I'm back!
[Cyno + Baizhu + Venti] x gender neutral! reader
18+, NSFW, Minors do not interact!
Cyno pawed needily at your ass as your lips pressed against each other, his tongue clumsily exploring the depths of your mouth. Your panting breaths mingled as he pressed you backward, arching his body over you as one hand gripped your hip and the other wandered up to your neck. His fingers laced into your hair, holding your face ever closer to his, as he continued to kiss you deeply. He kissed you fervently, desperately, as if he was trying to devour your soul. 
You let your hand wander to his front, pawing at the obvious bulge that had formed in his pants. He gasped into the kiss, and made a low, grumbling noise of approval. Biting at your bottom lip, he gently rubbed himself against your touch. Encouraged, you pulled the hem of his pants down, exposing him, and stroked your hand along his bare length. More noises fell from his mouth into yours, low groans of pleasure and carnal growling sighs. 
All the while, your tongues pressed against each other, the kiss never ending as he bucked into your touch with increasing ferocity. You felt as Cyno gasped your name, moments before he came, a strangled noise of pleasure falling from his lips onto yours. He rested his forehead against yours as he finally broke the kiss, both of you panting heavily. 
Baizhu’s kiss was gentle. His lithe fingers tangled themselves in your hair as his lips met yours, a humming noise of approval reverberating through the contact. You wrapped your arms around him as you straddled him, your tongue running along his plush bottom lip, asking for entry. He complied immediately, parting his lips against yours and meeting your tongue with his. The taste of tea and honey hit your tongue pleasantly. 
A thumb brushed your cheek gently as he tilted your head back, deepening the kiss. It was overwhelming, the feeling of his tongue claiming yours, the sensation of his ever-hardening erection pressed against your front. 
You ground against him, and he breathed a moan into your mouth. You continued like that for a while – his dick hardening fully through his clothes as you rolled your hips, his tongue making itself familiar with every nook and cranny of your mouth. Eventually, you couldn’t take it any more, and you freed his erection from its confines, breaking the kiss just long enough to remove your own lower garments, and returning to his mouth as you straddled him once more, sliding on top of him and positioning him at your entrance. Deep, guttural moans escaped both of your lips as you lowered yourself. The kisses continued as you rode him. You couldn’t get enough – kissing him felt like claiming him, and being claimed in turn. Moans and sighs fell between you as the bucking of your hips became more frantic, and soon it was over. With one final kiss, Baizhu let out a soft hum and smiled warmly at you.
“Now, I suppose it’s my turn to make you cum.”
You opened your mouth to say something, and Venti stole your breath away before you had the chance. You blinked rapidly as he wrapped an arm around your waist, his silver tongue curling along the length of your own. You sunk into the kiss as he led you backwards, your back meeting the wall, his leg sliding between your thighs as he hummed into the kiss. He was skilled with his tongue indeed, and you absently wondered how he’d learned to make one come undone this quickly with just his mouth upon yours. You could feel the heat rising high on your cheeks, and his thigh rubbing between yours meant heat rising in your stomach in turn. 
Your hips wriggled softly against him as he pressed you into the wall, hands exploring your body as his tongue explored your mouth. He was a vocal kisser, and the sound of his voice reverberating through the kiss only served to work you up that much faster. Soon, you couldn’t take it anymore, fully grinding into him and whimpering in want. He laughed lightly against your lips as he complied, moving a hand between your bodies and snaking his fingers beneath the hem of your clothes. 
You moaned as his deft fingers got to work, but his tongue dominated yours, reminding you to keep going. You did as you were bid, letting your tongue swirl around his, continuing to kiss deeply as he made a mess of you below. You couldn’t help letting noises drip heavily from your lips as he worked you over, struggling to focus on the kiss. It wasn’t long before you fully came undone, as his fingers were just as skilled as his tongue. The kiss broke as your loudest moan yet fell free with your orgasm, and you collapsed into him with  heavy breaths. 
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kaeddehara · 17 hours ago
pervert oneshot ideas <3
୨⋆ albedo + xiao + tighnari + aether + kazuha ୧⋆
[ nsfw, mdni!!, cursing, for afab!reader ]
Tumblr media
usual perverted acts, dirty thoughts, touch deprived bedo, looking up your skirt <33, perversion through dirty thoughts
albedo is very cold yet kind hearted upon appearance. as you grow closer to him, he’s slowly willing to open himself up. having such a pretty boy at your will is certainly dangerous in certain circumstances. not to worry though, albedo can take over when you can’t. he’s oh so good at switching from a soft spoken and quite demeanor to a needy, clingy one in just a few quick touches. meaning, you are his complete weakness. even things you have no remembrance of doing, albedo remembers so clearly in his pretty head. this includes all things. so the time you bent over in front of his desk to pick up your pen and he saw up your skirt, panties tight on your cute pussy lips wasn’t an exception. albedo is very observant but sometimes this gift can be a very large distraction to his work. trying so hard to work on finishing up some papers but all his mind is running to is you between his legs the night before or even just your pretty lips or smile. it drives albedo crazy knowing how big of a distraction you are to his work. it’s only until you start to realize what an effect you have on the poor boy that he breaks. teasing him time after time till he can’t take it and pushes you down so he can have his way with you. “finally gonna stop being a little pervert and fuck me like a real man bedo?” that’s all you needed to shut him down real quick. causing him to lunge at you and take you right on his desk. <3
possessive xiao, very slight cnc??, perversion through obsession <3
xiao is never one to go out of his way for anyone unless absolutely deemed necessary. but for you, he will do anything and everything to have you right by his side. so possessive over what’s his. it wouldn’t be a surprise if he were to catch you chatting to another man; noticing how he looks at you and the way his hand brushes over your skin. to you, this is a simple his eyes are filled with hatred and it takes so much for him to hold back until you’re alone. swiftly grabbing you and pulling you to a lone location. you’re all confused and begging him to slow down and explain to you what the rush was. like you weren’t the one letting that man look at you and touch you like that. just that was enough to break xiao and need to remind you that you were his. “x-xiao please i only want you” “let me prove it, i don’t want to have to keep punishing you for this” truth was, he loved punishing you. from the way you begged him to slow down or stop to the way your body begged for more even as your words were completely different from what your body was saying. xiao loved it all. pushing you against the wall at his stay at the end as he pounded into you panting and growling like an animal, it was exactly what you loved about him too <3.
mentions of jerking off, riding pent up aether hiwjdjwjfjs, perversion through touch deprivation :((
aether is such a sweet, helpful boy. always willing to go out of his way for others and spend time with them. it’s what drew so many people towards him. just how kind hearted he was. along with his adorable appearance, it was surprising how people weren’t all over him. although, while aether appeared so willing the truth was, he was exhausted. he never liked to tell another though for fear they wouldn’t rely on him like they once did. that was until he found you. someone he could open up to a bit. it took a lot of time to get used to someone so willing to help him out and loving him for him not his deeds or charisma. you’d find him so run down and tired you’d instantly go to take care of him. but when aether finally got the courage to ask for something more from you, you were all over him. usually, he’d stick to just jerking himself off for relief on his body, but once you got into the picture, he couldn’t resist. pushing him back against a comfortable seat and straddling his lap. he was so unused to being touched by another. once you got down to it, you could tell this is really all he needed. to be ridden till he couldn’t even think for himself. even while you took care of aether you couldn’t help but tease little things out of him. saying how you saw and heard him those nights furiously pumping his aching cock, begging for anything to help him feel better. it was adorable. aether just panted and smiled to himself at how you knew about him. “do the knights know what a little pervert they have as their honorary knight?” aether could only keep panting and letting out half filled sentences that meant nothing. his pretty blonde hair sticking to his skin and face sheen with sweat. so dirty for someone so sweet looking <3.
perversion through wet dreams, he just misses you tbh, sweet kazu :))
kazuha aches for how you feel. everything about your touch is so intoxicating to him he can’t resist. even after he’s gotten what he’s wanted or if not, he’ll always have it on his sweet little mind. even as he tries to fall asleep, it’s filled with thoughts of you sweet or lust filled. this usually leads to kazuha drifting off to sleep rather quickly alone by himself. as he finds himself asleep comfortably, his mind will start to play images and records of you and him together. all those memories coming into his dream. whether that was fucking you with your legs pushed up to your chest or riding him till his legs started to shake from pleasure. it was all so intoxicatingly dreamy. he might find himself waking up in the middle of the night, woken up from his dreams still fresh in his mind. he’ll sit up panting with an impressive hard on this late at all. all from those dreams and thoughts of you of course. “if only you knew what you did to me, love”. to relieve himself for the time being, he’ll lazily push his waist band down on his pants and wrap his thin fingers around his thick, pulsating cock just begging to be touched by you. sleepily jerking himself off as his dirty mind continues thoughts of you.
pervert tig is the best tig, panty stealing <33, honestly just him getting off on your smell
tighnari seems like the type to not want to get too close to anyone. always off so focused in his work, it’s hard to even see him being genuinely invested in a relationship. that was, until you appeared and helped him out of this mindset. not only were you on the same level as him in terms of smarts, but also had amazing wit and sense of self. tighnari couldn’t help his beating heart when he stared at you even from a distance, tail slowly started to shake at mere thoughts of you. it took a little longer for him to actually call him yours but once he did, he got straight to the point. coming into your room late at night ( to keep suspension away from the others ) as he looked around for anything that could be used for this. ending up with your shirt and a pair of used panties you’d worn that day. tighnari couldn’t help the guilt building up in his stomach as just your scent was enough to get him off. “you smell so good..hm..” hell whine to himself all the while he’s got your panties wrapped around his pent up cock. tighnari dreamed of the day you two would finally be able to enjoy each other fully so he could stop these disgusting, perverted acts. until then, he’d just have to keep this dirty secret kept to himself for now.
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angelltheninth · a day ago
Hi! I was curious if you would be alright doing Cyno x Fem! Reader with thick thighs nsfw hcs?
Also have a great day!!!
No problem Anon. Cyno is slowly becoming a new favorite of mine.
Pairing: Cyno x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, biting, marking, thigh kissing, scent marking, cum marking, wall sex, cunnilingus
A/N: Can't wait to pull for him and get him on my team.
Tumblr media
Cyno can't help but stare at your thighs when ever you're together, his calloused hands always feel slightly rough on your soft flesh
He can't help but dig his claws into them when you have your legs wrapped around his hips while his cock is inside you
Of course he also likes to keep them spread and pinned to the bed so he has the perfect angle to thrust at you, feeling your thighs shaking, seeing your breasts swaying back and forth
He always dedicates a little time in between sessions to bite, lick, kiss and nip at your inner thighs
What he likes most though is when he's eating you out, your fingers threaded through his silver hair, keeping him close, your hips bucking upwards into his skilled mouth while your thighs are clamped around his head
If he didn't need to come up for air he could eat you out for hours
Even if it leaves him with a sift and aching jaw later he'll tell you it was more than worth it
When you're not in bed he likes to have your legs on his shoulders, so he's holding you against the wall, his fingers intertwined with yours for support while you ride his face all you want
It can get really messy really quick, especially when his dick starts tenting on the front of his pants, ruining them with pre-cum
Seeing his cum staining and dripping down your thighs is a sight he can never get enough of
Another thing that's a big turn on is seeing your thighs jiggle a little when he's pumping you full of cum, or while he's eating you out, with you on top of him, legs spread and bracketing his head, your hand petting him between his ears
He'll make his marks in visible places on purpose, he'll rub his cheek against your thighs, your wrists, your cheek, anywhere he can in order to mark you as taken, as his
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gojosatoruwifey · a day ago
Tumblr media
| minors dni! / threesome / facefucking / double penetration / teasing tighnari / and cyno barely containing himself / let me know if i missed something! | You didn’t expect your day to end with the fearsome leader among the matra with him resting deep and throbbing on your throat and the infamous forest watcher from Gandharva Ville behind you as he teases your sensitive folds with his fingers. You whined, trying to make Tighnari’s finger fill your hole but your actions caused Cyno above you to hiss as one of his hands caress the back of your head, and then suddenly, you felt your nose shoved against the general’s crotch, his dick snuggled painfully and you moaned, albeit muffled, the forest watcher slipped inside you without warning as Tighanri chuckled the way Cyno bit his lip and you trembling underneath them as he grips your waist, your warmth engulfing him so much that he tries to thrust slowly not to overstimulate you.
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amesrealwife · a day ago
genshin men and threesomes
fem!bodied reader but they/them pronouns!
also! the pairs are completely random, i literally used wheel of names for them,,,
btw i feel like writing genshin men as bottoms so dont be suprised if i just.. yk ♡
ayato and pantalone
scara and kazuha
childe and dottore
Tumblr media
ayato and pantalone ♡
god, being wanted both by ayato and pantalone was,, unique experience indeed.
it looked like a war, one day it was ayato teasing you and flirting all the time and the next day it was pantalone pinning you down. one being mad at the other.
what you never expected is pantalone and ayato agreeing on something.
so when ayato asked you to visit him and you saw both him and pantalone sitting close to each other, you were shocked. the next thing you remember is being dragged on ayato’s lap.
— “Mmm, shocked, are we? Don’t worry dear, we will make you feel alright yeah. After all, you’re all ours, don’t you think?”
at this moment you got lost in thought. the words shocked you because, you never expected them to make up. and not especially in a situation like this. did they decide to share you? not like you’d complain, though. you just didnt expect to be in a situation like this. being on ayato’s lap as pantalone looks at you with pure lust.
you kept on thinking like this untill you were held by pantalone, he forced you to look right into his eyes. he was so beautiful, you thought.
— “I wonder what’s going on in that pretty head of yours. Are you thinking about the situation you’re in right now, darling? Don’t worry, you’ll be only feeling pleasure this night. Are you ready?”
you nodded, blushing. what were they planning to do? you dont know, at all. the next thing you know is pantalone kissing you gently as ayato unbuttons your shirt. you were more than embarassed by this point, but you can’t help but like the situation. you were thinking about this for a long time by now, and it finally happened.
suddenly, you felt strong hands against your clit. it was ayato, toying you and turning you into a mess before putting his fingers inside. you were still making out with pantalone, moaning in his mouth.
— “No need to be shy, y/n. You wanted this, didn’t you? Just relax.” Ayato reassured.
but how can you stay calm when he’s is literally making you crazy, hitting that one spot? he knew where it was instantly, he did know you for a long time now, meaning he knows all the sweet spots of yours.
Pantalone chuckled at your face, he wonders what faces will you make when he comes in. he wants to see your face absolutely fucked out and destroyed.
— “My my, we just started and you’re already a mess, aren’t you? You’ll take me all, yeah? Open your mouth.”
thats when Ayato pushed himself inside of you, at the same moment when pantalone pushed his shaft in your mouth.
you choked on pantalone’s cock as he pushed in, you were not prepared on that. he was way too big for you. them putting their dicks inside at the same time made you absolutely cockdrunk.
drool came from your mouth, you couldnt focus on anything at all, you were too fucked out stupid as they kept on pounding inside and taking rounds, filling you up. they used you for the whole night, like you were their personal toy.
they kept talking to each other, including you, but you couldn’t understand a word, too fucked out to respond anything.
they kept edging you, when you were about to cum they kept on pulling out to make you more and more desperate to have them inside, just for them to put it in inside again with twice strenght.
as the night passed by, you were totally cockdrunk. all you could think about is ayato and pantalone pounding inside you. filling after filling you up.
— “Didn’t know you were such a slut, y/n. Getting so needy for two cocks inside of you, hm?”
— “You’re taking us so nicely, you deserve a reward, don’t you think?”
you barely understood what they said, but you kept on having eye contact with ayato. his loving eyes looking at you. it made you even more aroused by the situation.
and thats when pantalone started pounding faster, to make you bring your attention to him.
he thought you’re so cute like this, trying so hard to focus on him when your head is clouded by how fucked out you were.
at one moment, when you were already too tired, pantalone pulled out, cumming for the last time inside of you, ayato doing so, too.
you three took a nice bath, while hugging each other. after everything you fell asleep, as the two men kept watching you.
— “So.. we finally made up, huh? This night was good. We should repeat it some time.”
— “Yeah, definitely.”
Tumblr media
scara and kazuha ♡
ah, your two loving boyfriends. kazuha was so kind, so loving, he absolutely adored you.
everytime you two had sex he was so kind and so gentle, always putting you first before him.
scara on the other hand, always needy for attention, he needed you. he loved you so much, he can’t help it! he absolutely adored you. he felt like you don’t pay enough attention to him, so he first talked with you about it. that’s when kazuha came in, hearing everything.
you two never really had a threesome, you thought. so why not try it out?
for the first time, you were dominating scaramouche. he was always playing the dominant one, fucking you stupid all the time.
but today, it changed. kazuha kissed scaramouche as you started taking scara’s cock inside, riding him.
muffled moans could be heard from his mouth, turning into a blushing mess.
and you took that as a sign that he’s feeling good, so you started going faster, slightly choking him. you could feel him getting more hard from this, and that shocked you a bit. he never told you he’s into this, did he?
as the moments passed by, you could feel kazuha’s hands caressing your tits, kissing your neck. you could feel him gently putting his fingers inside you, as his other hand was caressing your tits gently.
you coulnd’t help but moan at the sudden sensation but give in, anyway.
you still loved the faces and moans scara made, though. he was so pretty like this, tearing up while you kept on taking him inside as kazuha fingered you.
the sight already made both scara and kazuha hard, so you started stroking kazuha gently as he continued fingering you. you kept on choking scara slightly, you could hear him whimpering but still silently begging for more, and for you to be more rough.
and as you heard that, you did. you did got rougher, kept up a faster pace, choking him a bit slighter, and he came instantly. you didn’t even realize he was so close already.
but did he really think it’s the end already?
as he came, you still continued to ride him, chasing your own orgasm, desperate for it as kazuha kept on fingering you.
and thats when the pleasure came in to the fullest, and you came.
but after all, you wanted to make scara absolutely fucked out, to absolutely milk him dry.
so, you switched places a bit. taking scara inside of you, as you started bopping on kazuha’s cock gently. scara tried covering his mouth to hide his moans, he was absolutely embarassed by the situation he’s in, but kazuha’s hands stopped him at the spot.
you kept on milking both of them dry, making both of them come inside as much as they can, untill they are completely fucked out.
you loved moments like these, when you had both of your boyfriends at your mercy.
both of them collapsed on the bed, too tired out to think, with scara falling asleep instantly. poor him, you thought.
— “Well, I hope it made him feel better. How do you feel, y/n?”
— “I’m okay, how about you, Kazuha?” — “I’m doing just fine, come on, let’s join him.”
you nodded and slightly hugged scara as you fell asleep.
Tumblr media
dottore and childe ♡
you, dottore and tartaglia just started dating.
honestly, no one expected you three dating.
but you loved both of them with all of your heart.
tartaglia was always all cocky around you, and you started wondering. would he still be cocky if you dominated him? you would never know without checking it, wouldn't you?
so, one night, he was acting all needy towards you. and so, you decided to finally do it. you pushed him on the bed and started kissing him gently, rubbing yourself on his thigh. seems like he liked it, you could feel him getting hard at instant.
you started teasing him, sitting on his stomach as you took your shirt off. he couldn't help but hold your thighs. he needed you.
— “Not so fast, Childe.”
and you pushed him down, holding his neck as you kept on taking your skirt off.
and that's when you noticed that dottore was watching you two all the time, with a smirk on his face.
— “Couldn't even wait for me, hmm? How needy.”
when he got closer, he adjusted you, chuckling quietly as he watched you blush.
you continued teasing tartaglia, you wanted to make him come so many times tonight.
you kept on kissing his neck, as dottore pushed himself inside of you, without warning.
he was way too big for you, he was barely fitting in.
— “You'll take it like a good whore you are, right? Keep on taking care of Tartaglia first.”
but you couldn't focus at all when he started moving, whimpering slightly, tears forming.
and that's when dottore pushed your head on tartaglia’s cock.
— “Come on, you can take it, right? Or are you this needy for someone to fill you up?”
he started pounding faster, and moved your head up and down to childe’s cock, guiding you as he fucked you stupid.
childe was so aroused by the whole situation, he came seconds after you started tearing up again from dottore fucking you so nicely.
— “Swallow it, slut.”
and you did as dottore told you, swallowing up everything.
you were so close, dottore was making you go absolutely crazy as childe whimpered and begged from your touch.
you took one of his tits and started sucking on it, making him moan instantly.
— “Both of you are such sluts.. You'd fuck eachother for days if you could, wouldn't you?”
him degrading you made you even closer without realizing. and that's when dottore pulled out.
— “Who said you can come, sweet thing? Beg for it like a good pet you are. And keep on jerking tartaglia off.”
he made you whine, how could he do that? you were so, so close. you could feel it coming. yet he pulled out.
— “Dottore, please, use me like a slut I am, please fill me up! I'll do anything, please Dotto-”
and he put it inside again, quicking his pace, hitting all the right spots, you kept on kissing and jerking childe off, as he came on your face.
— “You're doing so well, taking it all, y/n”
childe could barely talk from all the pleasure, but he loved every second of it. you kept on sucking him and you suddenly feel dottore filling you up.
— “Care for another round, y/n? This time Tartaglia gets to use you as he pleases, and you will suck me off. Get ready, slut.”
dottore pushed your head on his cock, putting all of his length inside, making you choke, as childe hugged you, putting his dick inside. you started sucking dottore off as he moaned, pushing your head deeper, making you take him all. he comes in your mouth so many times, to the point drool comes from your mouth.
dottore just smirks and continues to use your mouth as childe fucked you from behind. both of them filling you from both sides. you really felt like a slut, at their mercy, as dottore kept using your mouth. as both of them came again, dottore pulled out for a second, patting your head.
— “Are you ready for another round, pretty? or are you too tired? you can take both of our cocks at once, right? you're doing so well.”
he said that as he caressed your face. he often switched up from teasing and degrading to loving and caring.
he put his length inside of your throat again, thrusting deeply, but gently this time, running fingers through your hair.
this will be a long, loong night.
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moonknot · 2 days ago
cw – nsfw. shitpost. ooc?? the usual. i don't even know what to write here. just let me tease him and suck his dick. the trial of scorching sands event image did things to my brain. not proof-read.
Tumblr media
the more exposed a body part is, the less sensitive it becomes – that's how it works, right? so that your senses don't become overwhelmed when certain stimuli are applied, like the wind or the heat or even a touch? it makes sense to you.
here, with him pinned against the wall by your body weight, you didn't expect cyno to be sensitive. it's a treat nonetheless.
the way his muscles tense up and contract when you slide you fingertips down from his ribcage to his navel; the way he shivers when you press the palm of your hands against his skin, curling around his waist and rubbing his sides; the strangled moan that leaves his lips when you kiss and lick and bite his chest, slowly making your way down without leaving marks no matter how much you want to.
cyno bucks his hips when you mouth at his clothed cock, one hand covering his mouth and the other burying itself in your hair, pressing your nose closer to his navel. you laugh, muffled, sending warm puffs of air against his skin and he twitches underneath your mouth, making you flatten your tongue on the cloth of his underwear – it's quickly becoming damp with your spit and his pre-cum.
you drag your fingernails on the skin of his calves and thighs and he trembles; the hazy look in his visible eye is addicting, and you don't look away as you drag his underwear down until his cock springs free from its confinement, hitting you cheek. you don't look away as you lazily pump him a couple of times before taking the tips into your mouth as you squeeze the base, watching as the hand on his mouth comes down and tangles into your hair as well, giving you full view of the way his expression changes.
you don't look away as you slowly take more of him into your mouth, tongue flat on the underside, watching until he finally closes his eye and lets out a long, low moan – it's only then that you allow yourself to close your own eyes and force him past the barrier of your throat. cyno's moan turn into a whine, and you hum around him in return, digging your nails on the inside of thigh as tears pool in your eyes.
cyno curls into you, fingers ghosting your cheek as he whispers, strangled, "fuck, sweetheart— you take me so well–"
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satorini · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ও rating. explicit
ও summary. sex is a learning, even for genshin men 
cw/ tw. fem!reader, fingering, overstimulation, oral sex, anal play, rimming, sex toys, clit play, just the tip, size kink, deepthroating, corruption kink, slight m|m, pet names (ex. sweetheart, cutie, darling)
ও featuring. Diluc, Tighnari, Pantalone, Childe & Zhongli
ও an. Ok, eris might’ve found a tagging solution, so here’s my fourth attempt >< i even added diluc with hopes that it’ll stay. all reblogs are very much appreciated, thank you!
Tumblr media
One of your less-scholarly experiments in the lab went horribly wrong—the proof of it still humming between your thighs beyond your finger’s reach. 
It was embarrassing that you had to ask one of the lab assistants to help you home because you were nearing the brink of overstimulation and unable to think straight long enough to put one foot in front of the other. Not to mention that you had to explain to Albedo at the door why you were going home early without moaning through a sentence. 
But this was nothing compared to your lover coming home, looking at you with a cocked brow as he watched you squirm on top of the bed—clearly amused but not surprised. And the worst part was that you hadn’t even had sex yet.
“Here, let me help,” he said in a steady and low voice.
You fidgeted under his scrutinizing carmine gaze, biting back whimpers with flushed cheeks while stammering through your predicament.
Diluc nodded his head, the sound of him throwing his thick leather gloves on the bed making you jump. “Hm, okay, let’s take a look.” 
He moved to stand between your spread knees, and you were suddenly very aware of how broad and big he looked, towering over you—every part of you laid bare for him to see. A large hand pressed against your lower stomach, jostling the experiment inside you, and this time you couldn’t hold back the squeal that ripped from your chest. 
“Sorry,” he said, voice imperceptibly deeper, lips twitching like he was trying to hold back a smile. “Okay, you’re going to feel a slight stretch.”
You bit your lip. “A-alright—”
Slight didn’t even come close to the fingers sliding into you, spearing your sensitive walls open, and rubbing a spot you’d never been able to reach with startling precision. You reminded yourself that he has to do this, that he was trying to be helpful. 
None of this stopped the fact your lower stomach burned with the promise of another orgasm when his fingers accidentally pushed the slime experiment deeper inside your wet pussy.
“Ah, there it is.”
At the sight of your scrunched nose, he asked if it hurt. You shook your head, eyes squeezed shut to hold back the stinging pleasure. “N-no,” you sniffled.
“Relax, okay?”
A tricky request, you thought, his thumb just barely touching your engorged clit as he twisted his hand to try a different angle. Then he pushed down on your abdomen again, and his long fingers finally gripped the object.
“Oh!” you moaned at the feel of it dragging down your front wall, your fingers gripping the sheets under you. 
He had to tell you to relax again, his voice cracking, but you hardly heard it over your heart beating loudly in your ears. His fingers dragged the hydro slime creation out slowly, almost too slow that you could feel it bumping against every slippery ridge inside you.
“Ah, sorry,” he said when you twitched, clinical—unapologetic—using his thumb to rub soothing circles into your stomach. “You’re so wet. I need to make sure I don’t lose it again.”
You nodded, pussy clenching down at his words.
And then Diluc’s fingers curled up: your hips started quivering, tears leaked down your temples, and your jaw locked up until your orgasm rippled through you. It was unending, the strongest yet, and just when you thought it was over, you felt the press of his palm against your clit.
“W-wait!,” you moaned, eyelashes wet, “m’sensitive!”
Before you could protest more, Diluc pulled it out of you and dropped the humming experiment beside you before he gathered you in his arms, resting his chin on your head.
You swallowed lungfuls of air against his chest, head still spinning and walls spasming from the aftershocks. 
He was murmuring in your ear about how good you were, kissing your temples and rubbing your sides. Moments passed before you finally returned to yourself, and when he pulled back, his brows furrowed at your dazed look.
“It wasn’t too much, was it?”
All you could do was shake your head, wondering if it’d be like that once you actually had sex. 
Tumblr media
“What have you got there?”
You squeaked at Tighnari’s voice coming from the doorway of your room, your ankles crossing in a fruitless attempt to hide the evidence lying under you on the bed.
“Nothing,” you told him. Although it came out so soft that it hardly sounded believable, even to your ears.
He started walking closer and stopped when he noticed the ears that were the same shade as his clutched in your fist and the end of a tail caught around your ankle—he blushed scarlet.
Tighnari reached for the ears first, easily plucking them from your grasp.
“This was supposed to be a surprise for…you know, your heats,” you explained softly, still embarrassed at being caught, watching him turn the headband over in his hands.
The ears weren’t as long as his; they were more like a puppy’s, but that didn’t stop him from dragging his thumb over them in what you hoped was awe. It was hard to tell what he was thinking when he was quiet like this—and the slight crinkle between his brows wasn’t very promising.
But then he surprised you by leaning forward to position the headband neatly on top of your head, finally voicing, "they're, uh, they're nice."
A little flutter unfurled, warm and sweet, in your chest.
"Yeah?" you asked, uncrossing your ankles so he could see the other end of the tail resting solid and cold against the curve of your ass.
You could practically see his adam's apple bob along his throat as he swallowed hard. "Mhm," the hum sounded choked, redness creeping down his neck. "You're the cutest kit I've ever seen."
He settled a knee between your feet, then the other, hesitantly situating himself between your thighs like he was seeing you bare for the first time. His gaze shifted between the ears perched on your head and the tail curled against you on the bed one last time before his hands on your thighs spread you open.
Another frown creased his forehead, and you clenched around nothing when he picked up the knobbed end of the tail.
“It’s not very wet,” he said matter-of-factly, that inquisitive confidence lacing his words once again. “What were you using?”
“Well, I…I had oil, but I ran out. So I tried to make do with what I had.”
“Which was?”
You tried to spread your legs a little wider under his hands, hoping he’d get the idea at the sight of your creamy arousal shining in the warm glow of the room.
He huffed, reprimanding, and his warm breath fanning across your soaked lips made you shiver. “You’re going to hurt yourself if you do it like that.”
There was hardly a second between you squeaking out wait and him eagerly putting his mouth on you in a place no one else had touched before. The wet slide of his tongue from your puckered little hole to the slick seam of your pussy had your back arching up off the bed, your hands scrabbling for purchase on something and finding their way into his soft hair. 
It was a lot at once, nearly bordering on too much. 
His tongue lapped around your clit and back down until you squealed and tugged hard on his hair, unsure if you wanted to keep him in place or push him away.
“T-Tighnari,” you stammered, flushing as he sucked lewdly and groaned into you. “Please.” 
You didn’t even know what you were begging for—only that you knew Tighnari was the only one that could give it to you.
“Shh,” he whispered, looking up at you with a dazed look in his eyes, soft, pink lips shiny and wet. “Let me help open you up first.”
Then he worked the tip of his tongue inside your tight hole with some resistance before you felt him slip inside, deeper and deeper and— 
You heard yourself wail. 
Tumblr media
Your mouth felt dry from the ragged breaths and sounds you could barely get out with how sharp the stretch was; imperceptible moans and whines spilled out of you continuously.
He had you bent in half on his desk, the solid wood and papers digging into your back only slightly distracting as you trembled and clenched around him. There was slick dripping down your thighs, and you were spread open as wide as you could go, yet it wasn’t enough because when you looked down, not even half of his cock was inside you. 
“Wait!” you whimpered, the feeling of your fingers digging into his abdomen making him stop. “I—I don’t know if I can…I’m not—”
“Wet enough?”
All you could do was nod, letting out a shaky breath, cheeks hot.
“Awe, sweetheart,” Pantalone cooed softly, lips brushing against the top of your cheek. “Why didn’t you say so?”
His cock slipped out of your pussy with a slick pop that made you blush before he traced your clit with the pad of his thumb.
“Better?” he asked. You nodded again, biting your lip as he dragged his thumb through your wetness so he could rub slippery circles around your achy bundle of nerves.
The tension in your limbs slowly melted away until you were a soft and pliant thing for him again. His name slurred off your tongue when he placed more pressure on your clit, stroking tight, precise patterns that had more slick leaking out of you.
“Is this all you needed? My fingers on your cunt?” 
Your head flew back against the desk with a resounding thunk, eyes rolling, unable to give more than intelligible constants of his name and please every time he managed to work you a little higher on his fingers.
There was an embarrassing sticky puddle under you caused by all his hard work. You could feel it when he leaned forward and kissed your swollen lips, pressing you further into expensive mahogany. 
“Oh!” you moaned as his fingers moved down to pet throw your wetness, his middle finger brushing against your entrance but not pressing in. 
“How about a little more?” he asked, lips moving towards your cheek. “Just the tip, okay? I won’t go any deeper.”
You nodded helplessly, reduced to nerve endings. 
Pantalone slowly pressed the thick tip of his cock back into you, the pinch still there (it always was). Even so, his fingers never stopped smearing messy patterns over your needy cunt, leaving you fluttering and preening softly.
The heat in your tummy was almost too quick for it to be satisfying, pussy clenching around the small amount he’d managed to fit inside your tight heat. But then he was thrusting forward, all the way in to the fucking hilt, and you swore you saw white, and—oh.
You wanted to tell him how deep he was, that you could feel him right under your belly button. Although, when your lips fell open, nothing but a watery sob came out.
He cursed, looking down at your drenched, swollen lips with a smirk hinting on his lips. “Look at you, sweetheart—Oh, fuck. Worried for no reason,” he crooned, petting your hair back with sticky fingers. “Look at you taking me.”
Tumblr media
“I—I don’t know, should we really be doing this here?”
You hesitated, looking at the large window where anybody could walk by and possibly catch you on your knees for Childe. 
He gave you that boyish smile that you knew meant trouble. “Don’t worry, cutie. We’re all alone here. Nothing can see us here.”
It wasn’t a matter of what might see you, but who. And that just so happened to be a consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral parlor and your boss.
You were about to scramble off the floor and fix your clothes, face flushed hot, before Childe placed a hand on your head, keeping you in place close to his crotch. Your fingernails dug into his thighs, surely something you’d pay for later, but you couldn’t be bothered at the moment. Not with Zhongli walking further into the room until you could feel his footsteps under your knees. 
“You’re early,” Childe said. 
“I’d finished my errands early today,” came Zhongli’s honey-smooth voice. “I see you started without me.”
Suddenly it clicked that this wasn’t simply an accident, and you pout, which he seemed to sense because he was looking at you again with another smile. “Awe, come on. Don’t look at me like that, cutie. I wanted to show him how good you are.” 
His fingers ran through your hair tenderly, and you hated how easily your body leaned into his touch. You should be more upset, and slapping his fingers away, you should—
“There you go, darling. Relax your throat.”
Zhongli tossed his head back with a groan when he felt you gag on his cock, the hand buried in your hair, keeping you held tight against him before he pulled you off. You choked on the air fighting its way to your lungs, and Childe’s thumb reached up to wipe off the bit of drool dripping from your lip.
He placed a sloppy kiss against your cheek, whispering things like how good you were and how he couldn’t wait to have you fucked out on his cock too.
His other hand held Zhongli’s intimidating length close to your mouth, lightly tapping the head against your swollen lips once you caught your breath.
“Open up, cutie,” Childe said ever-so-sweetly. “I think he’s ready to fill up that sweet mouth again.”
Zhongli let out a hiss when Childe’s thumb ran over his slit, which quickly morphed into a grunt as you took him into your hot mouth. You flattened your tongue along the underside of his cock while trying to take him deeper, watching his throat bob.
“Such a pretty mouth,” he muttered shakily.
Your brows knit together, sinking a little lower, pushing until tears stung the corners of your eyes—and further still, jaw aching—
The two men above you groaned at the bulge peeking through your throat, and Childe’s fingers wrapped around it, not applying pressure, just feeling. Zhongli’s thighs tensed under your hands, and he released a throaty moan that went right to your clit.
“I told you she had the tightest little throat.” Childe chuckled darkly, releasing your throat so you could bob your head back up.
“Perfect—Such a perfect girl,” Zhongli tried to say, but he was caught off by you swallowing around him, and all that he could manage was: “—oh, darling.”
Tumblr media
tagging. @venussakura @indigotraa @jordyn-degas @spookyxiao
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llunarbee · 2 days ago
sub!xiao who’s so eager to please. The adeptus will do anything you ask if it means he’ll get to hear you praise him again. he’s always so excited to try new things with you, he won’t say it verbally but you can see he is with how there’s a pale shade of pink covering the pale skin of his cheeks. Xiao loves it when you pull on his hair as he eats you out, he’ll moan against you while he unconsciously rolls his hips against the mattress. Please just call him a good boy :((
sub!dottore who’s an absolute brat and always tries to see just how far he can push your buttons until you decide you’ve had enough of his little game. you won’t give in, won’t punish him because that’s exactly what he wants. When you call him a ‘desperate whore’ he clicks his tongue and rolls his eyes before walking away while mumbling incoherent words. Of course, you still have to teach him a lesson so that night you simply sit on a chair, watching him as he whines and whimpers for you to let him cum while you turn the setting of the vibrator that’s pressed to his tip down once again </33
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saelipse · a day ago
can i request #7 with ayato or childe + male reader 🫶🫶
hit me harder + Childe
dom!reader, sub!childe, male!reader, spanking, degrading, dacryphilia, use of “sir”, fingering
Childe had a long day at work. Being a fatui member was sometimes physically and mentally so exhausting for him, he needed a relief. Coming back home to you simply sitting on your shared couch was enough to enlighten his mind about what he truly craved.
You already noticed a masochistic side in him when you both trained together, when you gripped his throat a bit too tight and finally when you hurt him in those said trainings. So his request wasn’t really surprising to you.
The ginger was bent over your legs, his ass directly meeting your eyes while his back arched when you fingered his hole amazingly. He gripped a pillow tightly as you found that one spot he particularly liked. But fingering him wasn’t going to fulfil his needs, and you perfectly knew that.
“Y/N, more. Is this really- all you can do ?”
“Y/N ?”
Loud smack resonating in the room, his ass slowly turning red from how hard your hand hit him. Childe gasped loudly, expecting you to tease him longer, as you usually did. But you placed your hand over his ass, waiting for something from the fatui member.
“H-hit me harder, coward.”
“Oh shut up.”
You complied to his demand, managing to hit his butt harder each time your hand met his skin. He shivered at every slap, moaning loudly and precum dripping from his cock, that was hard from the harsh treatment. He kept on babbling pleas and yelped when you slapped him again, this time groping his ass.
“I didn’t really expect less attitude from a needy whore like you but, you have to remember your manners when you address me, slut.”
“I’m sorry sir, I’m so sorry !”
Another smack resonated in the room.
“I didn’t quite catch that, repeat it for me sweetheart ?”
Tears were starting to fall from the corners of his eyes, as well as drool all over the pillow he was holding onto.
“I’m really sorry for giving you an attitude, I’m sorry sir..”
“There you go.”
His back arched when you palmed his cheeks again, expecting another hit until you inserted two fingers back into his hole. The previous spanking stimulation and the fingering was enough for Childe to moan recklessly, repeating your name. Your fingers went in and out rapidly, bringing his climax closer and closer until he finally released over the couch and your pants. Both of you knew this was just the beginning of a long night and Childe couldn’t complain for a better treatment.
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cream-stew · 7 hours ago
what if.. heizou, kazuha, or ayato, dottore taking sub afab!reader’s virginity
Tumblr media
🔞 minors dni
warnings: afab reader, spanking, oral sex (reader receiving), public sex, virgin reader
// note: I already have something like this for kazuha (read here) so I only did the other 3, hope it's ok! also I made heizou a bit of a perv for another anon🤝
heizou: he's not exactly mean, but he definitely loves making you squirm, the fact that he talked you into letting him pop your cherry right out there in the open is the glaring proof. he has you face down in the grass as he fucks you from behind, having already stolen your panties and tucked them into his pocket. he gives your ass a few light spanks as his cock plunges in and out of your wet pussy. you're good at muffling your moans, even if he disapproves, but the loud squelching noises really make you worry that someone might discover you two...
ayato: he's not very romantic, but at least he makes an effort to be gentle. he indulges you, dragging the foreplay on for sooo long and eating you out until you're cumming for the third time in a row, rendering you completely boneless. he starts fucking you then, breaching you slowly and thrusting in and out carefully, until he notices that you're too fucked out to care about anything else other than your next orgasm, and he can finally start fucking your pussy at his preferred pace, hard and fast and making you scream his name so loudly that everyone will surely hear!
dottore: he's particularly interested in "breaking you in", as he calls it. he'll push you down on the bed and try many different positions from the get go, curious to see what will make you come undone quicker than anything else, and when he's done, leaving you dazed and limp just barely long enough to catch your breath, he'll just start again, sticking his cock back inside your loose pussy. he's after his own pleasure, this time, manhandling you however he wants and instructing you on exactly what to do to make him cum. if you're good at it, he'll even have a reward ready for you.
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eimivile · 2 days ago
ꫀimivile’s genshin blog!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
childe: comrade, i promise we’ll be gentle. // m.list
art cr: ha__ze
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dearbraus · 2 days ago
— Strap on, Strap off
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Starring; Lisa, Beidou, and Dehya.
Warnings; 18+ only minors dni + gn!afab!reader + strapon sex + squirt & praise (Lisa) + creampies, breeding, & edging (Beidou) + knotting, cockwarming & slight dacryphilia (Dehya) + bottom!reader (all).
Word count; 0.7k
Note: Just some headcanons on the kind of straps I think some of the genshin ladies have <3 I have some ideas for other characters but wanted to leave it at this before I got carried away, enjoy <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
꧁ Lisa – Pretty in Purple ꧂
Specifications; 7” in total, 5” insertable. Made from plush but firm silicon with a bulbous head, bulging veins, and pair of realistic-looking balls. It’s coloured a deep royal purple and comes with a suction cup with is harness compatible.
❥ Most of Lisa’s toys come in varying shades of pink and purple, usually glass, and always too pretty to touch but her latest toy is all for your pleasure.
❥ With all the toys in her collection, she never had much interest in getting a strap-on, they felt a bit plain to her. Your skin wouldn’t shiver as it did with her precious glass toys, the cold material leaving goosebumps on your skin without fail but she did like the image of you split open on her cock.
❥ So, she doesn’t get anything too big, something easy for you to take and her to handle and by God does she love it. Lisa loves the way you get cockdrunk even when she’s still something of a novice, squirting and spewing half-whimpered praises her way when she’s nothing if not nervous.
❥ Such a darling you are, getting on your knees for her to suck her strap off so she could slide into your pretty pussy with such ease that it surprises her but she supposes you’ve always been one to get worked up so easily– so wet, just for her. 
꧁ Beidou – Creampie Enthusiast  ꧂
Specifications; 8” in total, 6.5” insertable. Made from thermoplastic elastomer, this realistically coloured dildo is designed with the sole purpose of simulating ejaculation. Sold with the harness, it has a pocket which comfortably and safely holds the bulb.
❥ Beidou’s a bit in love with the idea of breeding you, driven by an almost primal urge to keep your cunt stuffed full with cum that she spends months searching for the perfect toy for the two of you to play with.
❥ When it comes in the mail she takes you right then and there, on the living room floor; she may be too overcome with excitement to lay down towels but she takes all the time you need to be prepped though, she only lets you cum on her cock.
❥ You’re quivering and trembling with need by the time she sits you on her cock but she still takes her time getting you to the brink of orgasm, it makes it all the more satisfying to blow her load in you.
❥ And when it starts to slip out of your spent hole, she pushes it back inside you even though it’s a fruitless endeavour, the synthetic cum is far too thin to do anything more than coat her fingers and your labia but she does it anyway.
꧁ Dehya – All Knotted Up  ꧂
Specifications; 9” in total, 8.2” insertable. Made from silica gel, this knotted dildo exists somewhere between distinctly human and something straight from a fantasy book. Coloured with a mix of reds, whites, and black this toy is fitted with a knot for a bit of extra fun.
❥ The fascination springs from a drunken night of reading fanfiction with you, and though the two of you laughed and squealed at the mere idea of taking such a thing inside of you, the thought of being knotted/knotting refuses to leave either of your minds.
❥ The sheer girth of the knot is intimidating and thrilling all the same. Dehya’s chest swelled with something unrecognizable the first time she uses it on you, eyes were blown wide with sheer wonder at the sight of your pussy stretching over the bulbous knot.
❥ But the way you called her name, nails biting into her shoulders as you all but cling to here, balancing somewhere between pain and pleasure. Dehya grows addicted to the way your legs tremble around her hips and the way your lash line grows damp with tears.
❥ What’s more addicting though than such a debauched sight is being wholly entangled with you, a flurry of limbs linked with one another as you warm her strap, chest fluttering when she inflates the knot ever so slightly.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to dearbraus. do not modify, repost, or redistribute.  
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megistusdiary · 19 hours ago
I can’t believe no one’s suggested this yet but TIGHNARI + mushrooms that he found/tested for safety (he IS a forest ranger and botanist after all) that are not only not poisonous but works wonders as aphrodisiacs. Just imagine him testing one out (or letting his s/o try it with consent) before they go at it; pleasure ensues! X3
Tumblr media
ooh this is the one turn it up. this is such an amazing concept >:)
kinda turned a bit long. so much dialogue because of a random plot i thought of while trying to do chem hw lol 💀💀
warnings: dom!tighnari and sub!fem anatomy/pronouns reader
69ing (lol), aphrodisiacs, tighnari calls you a 'good girl,' praise, degradation, hair pulling (sub!receiving), dry humping, coming in pants, fingering (sub!receiving), messy
Tumblr media
you observed tighnari carefully as he sat in the chair across from you, gingerly holding an ornate looking box.
"so...are you going to tell me what's in there?" you asked, pointing at said box as his lips quirked up slightly.
"it's a finding i have been eager to share with you for quite some time." tighnari explained, setting the box down on the table. "don't worry, i have done very thorough experimentation and research. there also happens to be the element of the 'word of mouth' about these."
you could contain your curiosity no longer, leaning forward as he opened the box. your parted lips sealed shut when you saw what was inside.
there were two mushrooms, a light brown color, of the same, small shape. "mushrooms?" you asked, puzzled. you failed to see the glint in his eyes as you reached towards the box. "i don't really know if i'm following here."
"they're not just any mushrooms, my dear." tighnari picked one up between his fingers, holding it up to the slowly fading sunlight. "they're very popular with the locals seeking a boost in, well, libido, if you will."
your face felt hot as tighnari's expression remained stoic. "l-libido? you're telling me they're sex mushrooms?"
tighnari chuckled at your boldness, shrugging and setting the fungus down. "sure, if that's what you want to call it. they're completely harmless, i have tested them myself."
"really? when?"
"that's...not important." tighnari scratched the back of his neck, elaborating no further. "i will keep the description of effects a secret, but just know it is intensely intoxicating without being overwhelming."
you remained silent, picking up a mushroom for your own eyes to glaze over. you rotated it carefully between your fingers, leaning forward to smell it.
smells like...earth and dirt. as expected, you guessed.
"so how do we do this? just eat the whole thing?"
"well, some people prefer to cut pieces off, or even cook them in some type of food. i've seen others make drinks using herbs and-"
tighnari's eyes widened as he watched you pop the entire thing in your mouth, chewing and swallowing before he could stop you. he rushed towards you, pressing his palms to your cheeks.
"i wouldn't have recommended that large of a dose for the first time!"
"is it going to kill me?!" you panicked, grabbing at his wrists.
"no- no, of course not i just- nobody ever eats the whole thing...how are you feeling? is it hitting you yet? any fever? tingling?"
you sighed, leaning back and rubbing your temples. you watched tighnari lean back, brows furrowed as he picked up the remaining mushroom. "so-"
tighnari did exactly as you did, eating the entire thing as you gasped, quickly standing up and shaking him by his shoulders. "why would you do that?"
"if you did it, we might as well be even with dosage. i refuse to be out-lasted." tighnari flirted so casually sometimes, it knocked the wind out of you.
you stammered, feeling too flustered to reply quickly as you sat back down, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. "how long until we feel it?"
"you'll know." he assured you. there were sounds of fabric rustling as tighnari sat across from you.
it came over you slowly, beginning as a little flame in your belly. easily something to ignore.
it traveled up into your chest, spreading downwards as well until it had your thighs pressing together ever so slightly.
you could feel your heart thumping louder, feel your pulse quicken, your limbs feeling light and tingly in a very...pleasurable way.
your eyes opened, seeing tighnari in a similar state, ears pressed against his head, one hand gripping his knee, the other over his heart.
you stood up so fast, you felt the blood rush to your head, stumbling onto tighnari's lap. you were coherent enough to be aware of your actions, and by the archons did you want tighnari.
he welcomed you in, pulling you against him and smashing your lips together. your eyelids fluttered shut as he held your head against his, licking the seam of your lips as you whined, grinding your hips down on his thigh.
he suddenly tangled his hand into your hair, pulling you away as you mewled, back arching. "be patient, don't be such a desperate little thing. behave."
"tighnari, please, it's so warm. you were right, i think- i think that dosage was crazy powerful. i feel it everywhere." you rambled, holding your head steady as he cooed, petting your hair.
"oh i know, i know. next time don't be in such a rush, hm? now we're in this predicament. ah, what a mess." tighnari chuckled, feeling you trembling on his lap.
"i'm sorry, i'll be more patient next time, i promise, nari. but, please, just...do something!" you begged, feeling his hands slide down to your waist, grinding you against him at a leisurely pace as you gasped, head falling back. "fuck-" you sighed, gripping his shoulders and moving your hips to match his rhythm.
"good girl, such a good girl for me." tighnari mumbled, pressing kisses to your neck. you moved your head further, bearing the skin in a display of submission the fox man seemed to be very pleased by.
he could feel you shake in his hold, clearly turned on by such little stimulation due to the mushroom in your system. he felt the same, barely hanging on by a thread as his dick twitched in its confines.
you moaned when you felt it, pushing your hips down onto his lap, moving them in circles frantically. "close..." you bit your lip, feeling him push and pull faster and faster until you arched your back, barely managing to muffle your moan as you came in his lap. he held you steady, grinding up into you through your first orgasm of the night.
he heard curses spilling from your lips along with 'thank you's and garbles of his name. he pet your hair once more, letting you rest against his chest as you recovered. "that was...embarrassing." you whined, still feeling the heat. "i don't- i mean i never..."
"it's the mushroom, my dear. no need to be embarrassed. in fact, i found that little display rather endearing."
his melodic voice hit you hard, feeling both the heat of shame and from your core as you moved to shed your clothes, peeling your shirts and pants off until you sat on his lap in your undergarments. you pawed at his pants, feeling him twitch under your grasp.
"can i touch you? please?" your eyes gazed up at him so beautifully, he just couldn't say no, opting to remove his pants enough for his cock to spring out.
your eyes shimmered with delight as you reached out, placing a soft kiss to the tip that had his hips bucking. "archons," he held the back of his hand against his lips, watching you seat yourself between his thighs.
you kitty-licked the tip, tasting the salty pre-cum on your tongue gingerly. he watched you carefully, gathering your hair into a ponytail as you kissed down the sides, licking up the veins running along his cock.
"you look so pretty like this..." tighnari sighed. though he couldn't help but feel selfish as he watched you rub your thighs together. "as much as i love it, there's something else i'd like even more, my dear." you stared up quizzically, letting out a squeak as he pulled you up onto his chest.
he spun your body around, making you face his dick and pushing your back down, presenting your clothed pussy to him as you gasped. he pressed his nose against you, inhaling softly as you shivered. "you smell so good..."
"don't say that!" you gasped, feeling him slowly peel your panties off. "it's embarrassing-"
tighnari moved his thumbs to spread your folds, eyeing your hole as he bucked his hips up. "come on, pretty girl, get back to work."
you leaned down, suckling the tip and slowly taking more of him into your mouth, desperately trying to move your hair out of your eyes.
you almost collapsed, however, when he licked a stripe up your pussy, swirling the tip across your clit.
you moaned around tighnari's dick, feeling it twitch against your tongue as tighnari groaned deeply. "oh-"
you pushed yourself further, taking him deeper as he continued to lick up and down your slit, playing with your clit. he moaned into your pussy as he felt your tongue lave over him, causing you to shiver and whine, moving your hips back against his face. you could feel his tongue slowly pushing into your hole, teasing you just to feel you tremble, enjoying your body's way of begging for him.
you removed your mouth from his dick, opting to lick at his heavy balls and the knot at the base of his shaft, pressing wet kisses from your pre-cum covered lips.
tighnari doubled his efforts, circling your clit and coating one of his hands in slick, spreading it across his fingers before moving them around your hole. he collected the remains of your previous orgasm along with it, gently pushing a finger into you as you cried out at the sudden stretch. "tighnari!"
the second you took him back into your mouth, he was bucking his hips, taking the reins and fucking your throat while he pressed his fingers deep into you. the second they hit your sweet spot, your eyes rolled back into your head, throat constricting around him as he came without warning.
he softly sobbed, feeling quickly overstimulated as his fingers jabbed into your g-spot, hurdling you into your second orgasm as you collapsed on him, cum spilling from your mouth onto his torso and the sheets.
you both panted in the otherwise silent room, twitching from your orgasms as you collected yourselves.
you could slowly feel the mushroom's effects wearing off as you sighed, turning towards tighnari. though you were stunned when you saw his cock slowly rising again.
"i probably should have mentioned it before but...this specific aphrodisiac tends to last quite a bit longer in foxes."
"but you said you needed to take it quick to outlast me-!"
"it was all part of the fun, my dear. now, won't you indulge me for just one more round?"
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angelltheninth · 11 hours ago
Loved your cyno with a reader with thick thighs
Could you possibly do the same for Al haitham plz ?
Sure thing Sty!
Pairing: Al Haitham x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, cunnilingus, blowjob, desk sex, grinding, needy Al Haitham
A/N: This man legit drives me nuts. Does anyone know if there's a standee of him? Cause I'm gonna get an Itto one soon and I wanna get all my favorites.
Tumblr media
Al Haitham tries his hardest, and his actual hardest, to not pop a boner in the morning when the two of you are getting ready for work
He knows it's a unbecoming of him but there are times where all he wants to do is spend the whole day with his head between your thighs, feeling them clench around his head while he slowly, so very slowly, eats you out
If he starts his day with thoughts like that he's very irritable for the rest of it
He will try to take his mind off you by burying himself in work but it would only make his need for you stronger whenever he would see you
However he's very good at restraining himself, if it means he has to take a some time for himself to jerk off or else he's going to ruin his pants, now that would be embarrassing
There's not a lot he can do to hold back however when he finally has you alone, when you're tempting him with his kisses and palming at his erection
There's no patience left in him, not anymore
He lifts you up on the desk he usually used to catch up on work but now he's using it to prop you up on it like a pretty little doll
Within seconds his mouth is between your legs, his hands griping, squeezing and caressing your thighs, holding onto them for dear life
Despite his composure his oral sex is always very messy
He always wipes the slick off his chin on your thighs rather than with his hand
He really enjoys when you both give oral at the same time, that way he can enjoy the warm, wet feeling of your mouth sucking his dick while also having head between your thighs, his hands keeping them spread just a little so he can move comfortably
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ilycorisradiata · 18 hours ago
Hi!!!! Is it ok if I request alhaitham x btm!male reader nsfw where he is sparring with him but the reader keeps getting distracted? I am so down bad for this man 😩
ಌ distraction: al haitham x male!reader
ಌ theme: you've been sparring with him for a little while now, but you keep getting distracted
ಌ cw: 18+ NSFW, male reader, bottom!reader, you get smacked in the ass by a wooden baton, brief non-detailed solo reader jerk off, handjob (reader receiving), spanking, thigh fucking, al haitham has a bigger dick than u lol, solo edited + solo read, cross-posted on ao3
ಌ wc: 2.2K
ಌ notes: hi hello!! thank you so so much for requesting this! i've been dying to write for him, so anyone that reads this, do not hesitate to request more of him, maybe even a pt 2? maybe? hehe >:)
The past couple of weeks were hectic. You had asked Al Haitham if it was okay for him to train you, help you get better with a sword. The sudden reasoning was because you’d heard a certain harbinger could use a plethora of weapons, and he was the talk of the town in Liyue that managed to make its way to Sumeru. It was more of a competence and challenge for yourself, wanting to get better in something that could prove worthwhile later.
Al Haitham was more than willing to help, which was a surprise and you didn’t expect him to be so enthusiastic to help you. He had asked to see how you fight, and he was quick to pin down some things that you could improve on, especially when it came to being on the defensive and to watch out for certain weak spots. Using long wooden batons than swords, you went at it for hours every day, and no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t even get a hit in with him. At first it felt pointless, but he started praising you after a while because he knew you were getting stronger and that will to fight was as well, the glint in your eye that would catch him off guard when you threw yourself at him. His reflexes were on point when he managed to guard himself with his own wooden baton, the impact and vibration of the two hitting together rumbling through your hands and up your arms.
However, the more time you spent with him, the more the feelings that you didn’t think would awaken inside of you until… It did. It crept its way into your heart and bloomed like the many flowers and trees that surrounded you both, in a way that the vision dendro always caught your eye. You got distracted a lot in the start of your training sessions, having to be reprimanded at the start to keep your focus. But how could you when you had such amazing fucking pecs in your face? Strong arms?? And when he swivelled, foot going under you to trip you up, moving in such a graceful way. His thighs flexing with each dodge and lunge, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he downed water, droplets of sweat rolling down the side of his face to his jawline, it evaporating as you stared at his face. The face he would make when he’d catch you as well. He knew you were staring a lot more lately, but he himself couldn’t tell if it was to predict his next moves or… Something else.
When you had stared a little longer than usual, he managed to get behind you like a flash, wooden baton cracking off your ass. The noise that spilled out your mouth was strange, a mixture of pain and pleasure, a sound that you never thought you could make until now.
“Pay attention.” This made you fumble and fall into a crouch position, embarrassed at the noise but also at the fact you got hard. You were fucking hard over the fact this hunk of a man just hit your ass with the wooden baton you both had been using for weeks on end to spar with, what you’d both been using mere moments before. Crouching like that for a few moments, Al Haitham got worried that he had hit you a little too hard.
“Can you stand?” He offered a hand to you, looking down in a somewhat apologetic way. Composing yourself before you looked up, you smile and took his hand.
“I’m gonna go for a bathroom break, so… I’ll be back!” Excusing yourself, you ran in a pathetic attempt to seem casual, but you probably just looked desperate to get away from the moment. You found yourself a secluded area, looking around before pulling your pants down all the way to your ankles, not wasting time to get to work to get rid of your current predicament. There’s no way you could continue like this, so maybe rubbing one out before going back would work, right?
Wrong. Once didn’t work, and you cursed at the fact little you was still standing proud. You thought of everything to kill it, anything and everything disgusting, but it just wasn’t working with the way your mind would wander back into the gutter, your ass stinging almost too nicely and Al Haitham would be right there in your mind. He might’ve been wondering where you were, you were taking too long and you couldn’t take much longer. Either you grin and bear it, or you make out that you didn’t feel great and end the session early today. The second option seemed a little more plausible. You tried to hide it in the waistband of your pants, trying to hide the fact and not really enjoying the thought of having a far too obvious bulge if it were positioned any other way.
Walking back, he had turned to you when you emerged from around a tree, and he was already ready to get back into the mojo of fighting. Lifting the baton into a fighting stance to continue where you left off. You waved him off, briefly asking to pick this back up tomorrow as you didn’t feel well. He didn’t buy it. You were practically fine a few moments before you went for a “bathroom break”.
“I don’t believe you. What’s up? You’ve been out of it lately, staring a little longer than normal… And don’t play dumb because you know for a fact I’m not stupid.” When you shifted uncomfortably and didn’t answer him, he came closer to you and the back of his hand made its way to your forehead.
“You don’t really have a temperature…” You flinch away, but he catches you and pulls you in closer to his face.
“Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to force it out of you?” That sure does sound nice, but you grit your teeth, and an almost comical gulp following after. You were chanting in your head for him to not get any closer, moving your hips away from him and then the rest of your body. But he wasn’t having it. He brought you in real close, but it was his turn to flinch this time. Not a word was said between you, and he was purely looking for a reaction from yourself until he decided to drag you off somewhere. Hand tightly gripped around yours, picking up both of your stuff with the other and marching forward.
“Wait… Where−”
“Kaveh won’t be home for a few days, he’s on an expedition.” Whether or not his roommate was home was not your main issue here, it was the fact he knew that you’d gotten hard and now he was dragging you to his house! You questioned why you were going to his house, but he didn’t answer, just gripping your hand tighter and almost hauling you off of your feet. Not being entirely sure where this would head, you weren’t exactly sure what was going on in his mind, but surely it was a good thing he was taking you elsewhere. Right? He didn’t want you doing more public indecency… right? Surely he wanted to save you the embarrassment of sporting a chub… But it was another thought that was wrong.
He only took a few minutes to ask for your consent, which you too willingly agreed to, before slamming you against the door you both just walked into to his house, pulling down your pants, and watching as your cock pinged back against you. This was worse than growing hard in an area not far from his house, it was embarrassing. Almost. He touched the tip with his calloused fingers, not missing the slight whimper you made from finally having him touch you, something you thought about many times before. It clearly gave him a confidence boost at that. Going further, he slid his hand down, using his forefinger and thumb to squeeze lightly at the base before bringing it back up. Leaning down into your ear, you almost felt the smile on his lips.
“Was this because of me slamming my baton at you earlier? Are you into that?”
“No! Maybe? I− I’m not sure… Fuck.”
“Is this why you’ve been staring at me? If that was enough to get you going, then maybe I should’ve done it sooner.”
“What?” He picked up the pace of his hand, and the feeling of someone else doing this for you, especially it being him, was sending you over the edge. But he stopped, lifting his hand away. You groan at the loss of touch, being so close only to have that be snatched from you.
“Let’s move this to the bedroom.” Dragging you yet again but this time to his bedroom, he shut the door behind him and practically stalked you to the bed. Pinning you to the mattress, it’s like he’s testing the waters this time that you’re 100% okay with this. So, you peck him on the lips. It was quick, not sweet at all, but more of a confidence thing to help him just do whatever he wanted with you.
“We’re not going the whole way today… Maybe next time.” He stripped you, touching you everywhere he could, whether that was smoothing his hands over your skin or grabbing and pinching. It was his turn to stare, watching your every reaction like a hawk like you had once done during training, and he didn’t miss the way you’d inhale sharply when he smoothed his thumb over one of your nipples or when his hand got dangerously close to your cock again. You’d shiver and twitch in excitement, and his stare was almost menacing at times. He finally removed his own shirt, unbuckling his pants before searching for the lotion he had in his little bedside table. Pulling it out as well as his own cock, he lathers it up and turns you over.
“Squeeze your thighs together.” You do as he says, squeezing them together and keeping your backside up towards him.
“Like this?”
“Yeah, like that.” As soon as he said that you felt him pushing between your thighs, and you felt embarrassed again because of the position. You looked to where he was pushing through, gulping when his was entirely different, bigger, in size. No wonder you guys weren’t going all the way. It felt extremely hot, and it was throbbing between your thighs. What was even better was the fact that you got to feel his thighs on the back of your own, and you were sure anyone would kill to be in your position right now. He bent over, whispering into your ear that he was going to move, and asked if you could help a little with your hands. You held both loosely, and he started moving his hips. This felt way hotter, sexier, than actual sex, seeing how his cock would nearly disappear only to reappear and rubbing against your own.
He picked up the pace after a while, and you couldn’t keep yourself up on all fours for much longer, collapsing onto one of your shoulders and one arm breaking your fall. Taking the opportunity, he held onto your hips in a tight grip, slamming himself into you. It was embarrassing how much precum was leaking from your tip, mixing in with the lotion Al Haitham used to make this smooth enough to do. What you weren’t expecting was to strike your ass again, the similar sting you felt earlier coming back, and you flexed your thighs in response.
“You definitely like that.”
“Shut up…” He did it again, not missing the pure guttural moan that came from you from it. He smirked to himself, gripping one of your ass cheeks and rubbing it. Noticing how noisy you were getting, trying to muffle yourself with his pillow, he bends over again to kiss along your shoulder blades. Nipping and licking as he went. Using a hand to pull you back up to all fours, he kisses your cheek and you turn your head to him, letting him devour your mouth entirely.
 Messy, saliva slipping out from your lips and your tongues dancing like you were starved of this type of touch. He drinks all of your moans, before pulling away to flip you over onto your back again, spreading your legs wide so he could see everything. Taking over from your loose hand, he jerks the both of you off at the same time, watching as your face contorts as you cum all over your stomach. He followed shortly after, it going across your stomach and chest. Slumping forward slightly, he looked at you through lidded eyes, and you lifted your hand to card your fingers through his hair. He leans further down, kissing much more gently, lips brushing lightly. You brought him closer, rolling him over so that he’d be lying beside you. He picked up the shirt he threw to the side, using it as a towel for the meantime to clean your stomach and chest up.
“I really like you.” He stops in his tracks, looking at you before breathing a heavy sigh and smiling.
“I know you do; you weren’t subtle at all during training.”
“So no ‘I like you too’?”
“Of course, I really like you too.”
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rhine-gold · 2 days ago
Day 56 of waiting for sub heizou studysjsbnsns no pressure seriously I just simp
Sub! Heizou x GN Dom! Reader
A\N: It was tempting to wait full 56 days to write this, but i’m not that petty, I was just busy. Hope you enjoy.
Warnings: nsfw, overstim, slight degradation, spanking, leash play, anal sex, cock stands for strap\cock as usual.
Wordcount: 3k
I don’t think there needs to be a lot of analysis to justify Heizou being a sub, it’s fairly intentionally in your face in both hangout and ahem, birthday “yawning” art, because that’s the most most obvious bottom “O-face” since Gorou’s “moaning and tearing up over the bowl of onions” emoji.
Like in two endings he straight up says out loud his confidence is partly a facade and he’d really love for someone else to sometimes step up and take the charge, but no one does bc ppl think he’s too smart.
”Haha, well, as you might see, I’m a little less confident than people might think.”
“And everyone around me thinks I’m so smart that I should be able to handle every case on my own.<...> But you’re different. Unlike them, you don’t have that kind of prejudice towards me. <...> So I’d like you to decide whether we should expose the truth or not.”
He’s not a pushover and he’s not a pillow princess-y type, but he’s also not a brat. He’ll encourage you to take the lead and won’t criticize your choices, but he will *evaluate them*. 
First of all, on how well you’re keeping up with his hyperactive ADHD goblin nature, and second, he’ll leave the unspoken puzzle and see if you’ll manage to figure it out.
He’s open for experimentation and fairly shameless, but how far he’ll go pretty much depends on if he judges you competent enough for this.
Like, meeting him in the hangout starts with him openly calling Traveler “so dreamy”, and then he lets the Traveler decide what course of action to take, but only divulges hidden information after the Traveler showed that they have a deeper understanding of a situation and connected several puzzle dots themselves. 
His inner conflict is when it’s immoral or not to withhold information and does it depend on how capable a person given this information is. The law does not really factor into this, Heizou will act on his own principles instead.
Like in the hangout case he only tells the Traveler that he will follow their choice (see above) after the Traveler presents him with the evidence and proves they have sound judgment.
So he’d *LIKE* to let someone else make decisions, but he wants to make sure that someone else is qualified. So he won’t like outright lie, but he will withhold context if you don’t show him that you get it.
Then he can get quite clingy, like telling Traveler that he’d love to have them as a partner all the time, haha he’s joking, he wouldn’t want to be so greedy…UNLESS???
In a situation where he does trust the other person’s competence, he likes to feel helpless, overpowered and needy, if you indulge him in it. His ideal situation is where you understand that he’s smart and capable himself and he doesn’t strictly need you to take charge, but would enjoy it.
He wants to have fun without anyone making it too weird, and he wants to know you have a clear head on your shoulders, that’s it.
One day while you’re walking down the street near your home, a group of obvious miscreants runs by and a young man in white shirt and brown shorts follows them. The last of ruffians shoves him while they’re running past you and you catch him to stop him from hitting a corner of a house with his head. When the bandit looks back, you instinctively shield a man in your arms with your shoulder, and the bandit obviously judges it not worth the trouble, runs away.
When you look at the man you’re holding, he’s looking up at you with a wide smile, bright green eyes twinkling.
“Oh, thank you, my savior!”
“I didn’t do anything,” you say, putting him upright. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, sure, I’m fine!” he suddenly pauses, looks you over and says in a weaker tone, leaning into you. “I mean, I’m a little not fine, nothing major, but perhaps if someone could look after me for just a little bit?...”
You take him to get coffee just to keep an eye on him and end up talking for hours. His name is Heizou, he’s flirty, fun and cute, has ruffled mauve hair and little twin moles under his eyes, asks more questions than he’d like to answer about himself, wears a choker and a shirt that leaves his sides bare, and would very obviously love to get dommed from how he talks to you. But you cannot in good conscience take advantage of him now, because his eagerness might be an effect from the shock, so you let him go.
Day later you talk with a neighbor and he mentions how the young detective who from his words meets Heizou’s description just caught a group of pickpockets. 
“Detective, huh?” you ask out loud, and some things that didn’t make sense before fall into place. Like an exaggerated weak affect and how eagerly he pushed himself on you.
Couple of days after you walk into a confrontation in one of the secluded courtyards on the way to your home. There’s Heizou and opposite of him a group headed by the large white-haired oni. It looks incredibly awkward and staged.
“Oh, it’s my savior again!” Heizou says coquettishly, smiling at you. “Hello there! It seems you’re just in time to save me once again.”
“From what?” you say calmly, crossing your arms.
“From being mugged, of course.”
“So these guys need to be arrested, huh?”
A tall oni starts shifting nervously, looking back and forth from you to Heizou.
“Hey, hey, we didn’t agree on…”
A green-haired woman elbows him and he stumbles.
“I mean, you can’t arrest us, we’re big bad bandits, rawr!”
You ignore him, looking Heizou straight in the eyes. He pauses for a second, then pretends to be fainting in your direction. You catch him, rolling your eyes. Green-haired woman punches the oni in his side and they run away with the entire group.
“Oh, thank you,” Heizou says, looking artistically disheveled in your arms.
“No problem, Detective,” you say coldly and he tenses, straightens up.
“So you know…”
“Yeah. And I don’t appreciate being played for a fool.”
“Listen, it’s not like that… It’s just that I... I wanted you to treat me like a sub, but you didn’t do anything after we first met, and I thought maybe if you see me in an even weaker state...”
“I didn’t do anything because you seemed too irrational from shock. If you just told me the truth that you’re detective and were fine, you’d be spread on my bed few nights ago.“
He blushes, but his green eyes light up.
“I would? Oh, I mean, I am fine and we cleared the misunderstandings, so?... Um? About spreading?“
You shake your head, narrowing your eyes.
“Only come to me if you’re ready to drop your bullshit. I’m sure you can figure out how to find me, Detective.“
“Hey there!” he’s bouncing on your threshold a day after with the widest obnoxious smile, and you wouldn’t see the tinge of nervousness under it if you weren't paying attention. “So you said I can come if I dropped the bullshit and um, you can pat me over, including cavity search if you want, to make sure I haven’t got any on me”
You roll your eyes, hooking your fingers under his choker, pull him close and kiss him. He stumbles for a second, but then melts, throws his arms around your neck and presses against you. You can feel him getting hard as you pull him towards the bedroom and then throw him roughly onto the bed. He looks up, his green eyes sparkling in delight.
“Cavity search?” you say incredulously, crawling over him to slide your hands under his shirt and pulling off both of his layers. “That was terrible.”
“I know, I know, I panicked,” he moves his arms to help you get the shirt off, then pulls frantically at the ties of the armguards. “I was going to say you have a search warrant, but somehow it turned into a cavity search.”
“You’re lucky you’re so cute,” you grin against his cheek and pull his pants and underwear off in one smooth motion. He gasps, and when you grab his ankles and forcefully spread his legs, he blushes but looks you straight in the eye, already fully hard and breathless in excitement.
“I am? I mean, of course I am, but do tell me more about it.”
You kiss him instead, roam your hands over his slender body, and he arches under you, moans against your mouth. You slide your hand down, close it over hard, twitching cock and he whines, bucks his hips against your palm.
“Oh yeah,” he whispers feverishly. “Yes... Don’t be afraid to treat me rough…”
“Oh trust me, I won’t,” you grope his leaking cock and balls in your hand, firmly like you own them, and he whines sweetly, looking up at you with excitement in half-narrowed eyes. When you slide your hand down and circle his entrance, he comes immediately, pressing himself against you.
You chuckle, kissing him.
“In my defense, I spent some long nights imagining you touching me, so I’m not taking criticisms on how quick I came,“ he mutters, squirming under you, cheeks blushing brightly. 
 You grin and stand up, moving away.
“Well, you’re not getting away that easily, kitten. I’ll be back shortly.“
When you walk back to the bed, he has finished taking off the last piece of the guard and is waiting for you, naked except for the elbow-high fishnet gloves and a choker.
“I have something that I think you would like,” you smirk, showing him a leash and he gasps, visibly lighting up.
“Have you thought about becoming a detective yourself? That’s spot on.”
“It wasn’t a very hard deduction to make,” you hook your fingers under his choker, lifting him up, and he follows, grinning under the bitten lip. He’s so lovely in how blushing and eager he is while you’re closing the leash on his neck, looking up at you from under the ruffled bangs.
You turn him around, so that he leans against the bedrest and he giggles, settling down on his knees.
“Oh, great, I wasn’t sure how to breach the subject of… consequences of being naughty.”
“You don’t try playing hard to get, do you?” you grin, slide your hand from his intentionally arched back to caress smooth skin of the perky ass, obviously and eagerly presented for you.
“No, why, would you want me to?” he shoots you a sharp glance over the shoulder, analytical even now.
“No,” you say pleasantly and slap his ass, hard. He gasps, shudders, but arches even more, presses quickly reddening, tender flesh harder against your hand. You spread him and run your fingers between his legs.“I like it when you’re being open.” 
“I don’t see the point in denying the obvious,” he says, still sounding mostly collected, if a little breathless in excitement. “And if I don’t show what I want, how will I get it?”
You strike his ass again, several times in a row, until it’s blooming red and he’s whining quiet and sweet, then you stroke it.
“Very logical of you,” you say, squeezing his sensitive ass while he’s squirming needily under your hands, and kiss the sharp curve of his shoulder, move his ruffled hair aside and get to his neck. “Unlike the stunt you tried to pull earlier.”
“Oh well, I miscalculated,” he says airly. “And it’s not as if I was trying to deceive you, it’s that I know that once people hear who I am they misjudge… the way I’d want to be treated. So I just wanted to make sure you get the right impression.”
You tug on the leash, pulling him close, his back against your chest. He gasps, arches his back and rubs his ass against you.
“Or you could’ve just said so honestly, you dumbass,” you run your hand over his chest down, close it over his cock and kiss him, still tugging on the leash. He kisses you back, eager and a little sloppy, rocks his hips, rutting against your palm. 
“Well, taking your advice on speaking openly,” he whispers breathlessly after breaking a kiss, his eyelashes fluttering against your cheek. “I’m close again and I want to come from you fucking me.”
“Good boy.”
You pull him into your lap, over the strap\cock, and he squirms, straddling your knees. You catch his chin, while he’s lowering himself over onto the head of your cock, make him meet your eyes, his own hazy green, cheeks bright in blush, pink lips half-open and taking short feverish breaths. You put your hands on his hips and push him all the way down until you’re fully buried in him, and he moans, shuddering and arching in your arms.
“Ah! Oh yes, yeah, like that, oh fuck…”
He rides you, his hips moving rhythmically and his hard cock bouncing against his stomach, but when you close your hand over it, he whines, digs his fingers into your shoulders.
“Please, no, I’ll come too soon if you touch me…”
You let him go and chuckle, pepper kisses over his neck, chest, lick over his pink hardened nipple, while he’s whimpering pleas and fucking himself on your cock.
“You’re really such a slut, aren’t you?”
“Yes, fuck, I love it, I love how your cock feels inside of me, please…”
You tug on his leash, making him arch, suck on the tender juncture between his shoulder and neck. He comes just like that, screaming, his movements turning frantic. You push him down on his back, roll over him without taking your cock out.
“Can you take any more, kitten?”
“Yes.. yes, please keep fucking me,” he’s trembling under you, but says this firmly, looks you in the eye without hesitation, his ass clenching around you. “Use me like I’m your toy…”
You lift his legs up, pressing his knees against his chest, exposing his ass and thighs, still pink from spanking. You can see his oversensitive red cock getting hard just from being spread and exposed like that, and when you thrust deeply into him, he screams and tries to lift himself off the bed, writhing under you. You grip his hips and fuck him hard, hitting his prostate, until his mouth is going slack and his eyes roll over, his pleas turn into incoherent moans and whimpers. 
You lean down, cock buried deep inside him, kiss the corner of his mouth. He whines, his arms tightening around your shoulders and his hips rolling to take you even deeper.  
“You've been very good, kitten,” you whisper against his parted lips, his green eyes glittering with held tears. “Come for me, baby.”
He comes after a few thrusts, clutching at you, and you fuck him through it until he goes limp. Then you slide out of him, let him curl against you, his chest heaving, trying to catch his breath. You hold him and gently stroke his hair until he stops shivering, giving him time to come to senses before you’ll move to clean up.
“How fast will you want me to leave?” he asks, quietly, but his voice is firm, neutral. “I know I can be annoying in large doses, so if you need me to get out, I can…”
You silence him with a kiss, slow and sweet to calm him down. “It’s okay, kitten, you don’t annoy me. Don’t worry about it, just rest.”
He freezes for a second and then suddenly presses himself desperately against you, clutches at your shoulders. You stroke his hair, neck, sharp knobs of his spine soothingly, whisper sweet nothings in his ear until his body relaxes. He rubs his cheek against your chest and looks up with a cheeky grin.
“I am lucky that I’m cute, huh?”
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