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don't forget to eat !
Tumblr media
"reader accidentally skips their meals, how would their boyfriend react?"
ft. kazuha, heizou, cyno, tighnari, SCARAMOUCHE! x gn!reader (seperate)
cw: mentions of not eating (eat 2 meals a day stay healthy!!!), fluff, wanderer is a little bitch man (i still love him though), not proofread
kaz's notes: inspired by me forgetting to eat/being too lazy to do so lol. also i thought it'd be fun to write for scaramouche! idk if i should refer to him as wanderer in my works since that's the 'present day' version of him now i suppose? if ppl like seeing me write for wanderer i'll add him to my 'main four'
Tumblr media
✦ Kaedehara Kazuha
Your health is more important than anything to Kazuha, even when he's far from you, his home, he'll spend late nights looking up at the stars and wishing you're doing well.
The first time he notices this bad habit of yours is whenever he offers you lunch or a small snack, or how when he asks what you've eaten that day, the only response you can give him is a sheepish smile and a scratch of the neck.
On the rare weeks when he is with you, Kazuha takes it upon himself to cook all of your meals. Not like he wouldn't cook for you outside of this reason, but it gave him more incentive to make his dishes extra delicious. Are you picky about certain foods? Kazuha won't add it. Don't enjoy fish? Don't worry, he'll use more vegetables instead. Oh, you like spicy food? Good thing he picked up some spices from his trip to Sumeru.
When you brush him off and say whatever you're working on is seemingly more important than eating, he'll walk up to you from where you're sitting on your desk, wrap your arms around you, and whisper ever-so sweetly into your ear in a way that makes your knees weak.
"Love, it's not healthy to skip meals. Join me for dinner, please?"
Definitely the type of guy to spoon-feed you. When you do get a taste of the food he made, Kazuha smiles whole-heartedly at the way your eyes light up while your tastebuds soak up the flavours. Kazuha mostly admires you enjoying the food more than actually eating.
If you're not eating because you're too engrossed in your work, Kazuha basically forces you to take a break. He's still soft-spoken about it, but firm with you, offering a massage if the stress is getting to your muscles.
"A clear mind leads to better work ethic, how about some tea, darling?"
Brings you a cup of green tea and snacks every few hours when you're busy!!! It feels so domestic, too, Kazuha bringing his lips to your cheek and offering a few words of encouragement before leaving you be.
He'll give you some quick and easy recipes he learned before he leaves to make sure you don't skip your meals again. Besides, Kazuha would be greatly saddened if you continued this habit, please don't make him worry and eat healthy for both of your sakes...
✦ Shikanoin Heizou
Tumblr media
Pretty much noticed it right away. He's a detective, after all, and you're his dear partner, it's only right for him to take note of every little detail about you. His job is very important to him, which means he tries to take care of his well-being to be the best he can during work, which includes sneaking off to get a quick bite to eat whenever he can...
Heizou would rope you into these sneaky outings, somehow able to find you wherever you are and invite you to a quick lunch date. And you know how Heizou's specialty dish description mentions that whoever eats it wants to tell the truth? Yeah, he basically does that to you.
"Hmm, you've been skipping your meals, haven't you? Tsk, I can't have my dear partner be doing that, can I?"
He'll lightly chide you about it in a playful tone, yet you're still confused he managed to get it spot-on. He laughs it off when you point it out, just telling you that you mean a lot to him, so he should keep a close eye on your health. (He's so casual about it, but you can still feel how genuine he's being and it makes your chest feel tight)
Heizou can't really say anything about eating healthy... He eats fried food for almost every lunch break. But he thinks that as long as you're eating something at a reasonable time, he'll be satisfied. Heizou will make it a point to take you out for lunch, and even if you're busy he'll just point out the rumbling of your stomach.
"You're not gonna feel good if you don't eat. No worries, it's my treat--now, let's go, my dear partner!"
He really likes taking you out on picnics during your breaks, bringing a small array of street snacks and relaxing with you under a pink sakura tree while admiring the scenery--which to Heizou, is you.
✦ Cyno
Tumblr media
Sadly, Cyno is busy and on most days is unable to see you. However, when he does have the time, the first thing he does is to go and see you. He invites you for lunch, and you make an off-handed comment that you haven't had much to eat that day in a lighthearted tone. However, Cyno seemed much more concerned than amused.
"Have you not been eating properly?"
Is what he asks you, amber eyes narrowed with an unwavering gaze directed at you. The vague answer you give doesn't lower his worries, either--it's almost like he's interrogating you, but you can see the concern written all over his face. When you do tell him the truth, he only silently stares at you before sighing to himself.
"Order whatever you like, it's on me."
Most of the time he'll already be off somewhere dealing with his matra duties, but on your desk, you'll see a snack neatly placed on it with a note beside it...
"I'm coming home earlier than usual, I'll make us dinner. Eat this to tie you over. Love, Cyno"
He can't be there all the time to remind you to eat, so he likes leaving notes around your shared home, or sneaking one in your bag in the early mornings before he leaves. You're very thankful that you live with Cyno, both because you can spend at least a bit more time with him and because if he wasn't there, you'd probably forget to eat more often than not.
Obviously, Cyno will sneak in a joke somehow. His jokes always seem to put a smile on your face, even if it's a pitiful one, and he has a joke that seems almost perfect for this situation... One day Cyno had happened to see you around Port Ormos, and he looked almost giddy when he caught your attention. It's actually quite common for you to run into each other like this, Cyno never failing to send you off with a quick kiss.
He offers you a Candied Ajilenakh Nut, and I think you can see where this is going...
"Here, have a Candied Ajilenakh Nut... and I'll ca-shew later... Ah, no, I don't have to leave right now. Did you not get it? So basically--"
He'll ask you if you've eaten that day, and when you say yes he'll give you the cutest look, Cyno's eyes much more softer with the smallest smile on his face. He'll walk up to you and gently pat your head like you're a pet cat, ruffling up your hair in an act of contentment.
As mentioned, he'll try to cook dinner for you. Cyno doesn't think he's the best cook, and he's only perfected a few dishes. He'll give you something that's both nutritious and filling, and Cyno almost looks nervous when he watches you take the first bite, muscles relaxing once he sees you hum in enjoyment.
Don't try to avoid not eating under Cyno's watch, he doesn't care if you supposedly have work to do, your health is more important than some measly pieces of paper.
"I made you dinner."
"Oh, just save my plate! I'm not that hungry--"
Cue Cyno glaring at you
"I-I'll be at the dinner table..."
Cyno smiling "Good."
✦ Tighnari
Tumblr media
You should have already expected to receive a long lecture for your bad habit, nothing misses Tighnari's keen ears and eyes. Sure, you were getting a lot of work done, but Tighnari noticed your energy was more easily drained than usual. When he questions you, his ears point downwards and armed crossed unimpressed when you awkwardly admit you haven't made any time to eat.
Cue a twenty-minute lecture on the importance of a nutritious diet and needing food to keep you energized, and how Tighnari's worried that you've been doing this for a while now without his knowledge.
Doesn't matter what you were doing at that moment, he immediately says you two are taking a lunch break and takes you to a quiet part of the forest with freshly made pita pockets in his hand.
He comes off as a little bit curt, but it's just because he's worried. Tighnari gets out of his lecturing mentality once you bite down on the pita pocket, and even though he still has the urge to delve into another lecture; he stops himself and lets you enjoy your food.
"You lummox, don't just skip meals like that. Here, take half of my pita pocket, I insist!"
The next few weeks is the same question from Tighnari: "Have you eaten yet?" He gives you small candies or nutritious plant-based snacks throughout the day, chiding you on actually eating them instead of just storing them away in a bag.
He almost acts like a worried mother towards you; it's a habit of his, Tighnari always looking out for others and especially you. If he's a bit busy that day, he'll ask Collei to drop off some pita pockets for you. They're both very sweet, Collei cheerily encourages you to eat at least two meals a day.
You can see Tighnari's tail swish slightly when he sees you're a bit more energized, indicating that you actually ate something! You feel a bit bad for Tighnari kind of babying you like this, but he really doesn't mind at all. A part of him actually kind of likes giving you snacks or making food for you, it's like an act of service to show his care for you.
"I'm assuming you're getting kind of tired of eating pita pockets for lunch every day, huh? Don't worry, I made something different today."
✦ Wanderer
Tumblr media
"...What do you mean you haven't eaten?"
He acts more annoyed than anything when you tell him, eye twitching when you claim that you just "didn't feel hungry." You're just a fragile human, and humans require food to process into energy--why didn't you want to eat?
His annoyance with you is just a mean mask for his real concern. What if you just stopped eating and slowly started getting weaker? No, he can't let that happen. You may be a fragile human, but to the wanderer, you're his fragile human, and he'll be damned if you decide to skip meals.
He'll make an off-handed and snide remark that "Fine, if you wanna starve so badly then I won't stop you." and he'll curtly tell you that the human body requires too much maintenance--even though he's a mechanical puppet.
Please ignore how mean he may sound, Wanderer just doesn't know how to show his genuine care for you--he abandoned Kunikuzushi many years ago. But, if he's Wanderer now, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to act more outwardly... caring, he guesses.
Once his ears hear the low grumble of your stomach, he narrows his eyes at you. What's even stranger to him is that you still insist that you don't need to eat, humans are so odd. He scoffs, walking off to who knows where.
"Stay there, I'll get some firewood."
Soon enough he comes back, quickly setting up a small fire and preparing ingredients without a word. He doesn't miss the way you're staring at him almost in awe, trying to focus on the pot filled with rice quietly bubbling.
"Why do you look so surprised? ...of course I can cook, why couldn't I?"
Much to your surprise, the ochazuke he presents to you looks extremely appetizing--at least you thought so, maybe it's because you were really hungry. You gingerly took a bite, the light flavours of the green tea complimenting well with the plainness of the rice. When you look up to meet eyes with Wanderer, he's grinning slyly knowing you like the dish.
"Hmm, and you looked so reluctant for me to cook. What, did you think I was gonna poison it or something? Idiot, it's not like I wanna kill you, I would have done that when I still had the gnosis."
"Don't think I'm gonna do this for you every time you forget to eat, I'm not a babysitter."
"...What are you gawking at? Go wash the dishes."
Tumblr media
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Please go out with me for tax benefits!
— When you randomly pointed to a handsome man and declared him to be your boyfriend, you didn't think it would get this out of hand. You just wanted a couples discount!
— Alhaitham, Ayato, and Kazuha
This was originally written for my upcoming "Help me break my engagement by marrying me instead." fic but I got carried away and it became too plot-heavy. So I made a new one. Most of these have nothing to do with money, I just thought the title was funny.
Edit: If this hits 1k within the next two days, I'll write a part 2
Tumblr media
You blame Kaveh for this. This is entirely his fault and you will not be convinced otherwise. If he hadn't opened his big mouth to Alhaitham about the fact you've been spouting that he was your boyfriend, then you wouldn't be in this mess. It wasn't even that serious, it's not like you were actually emotionally invested with the man and this was all a delusional dream. You barely knew the guy aside from the multiple rumors about him in the first place. You just needed to access some limited-edition books for your thesis and his name happened to be the easiest way to get ahold of them. Sure, you may be lying to authority for the better half of a year about your relationship with the scribe, but it's not your fault they didn't ask questions. If you happened to threaten to tell your very scary and very influential "boyfriend" about this "mistreatment", that's just a byproduct if anything. But now you have a very irritated silver-haired man crowding into your personal space asking why the hell you're announcing to the world that you're both in a relationship. It's creepy. He called you creepy. Is this where you roll over and die in shame?
You swear you didn't think it would get this out of hand. You just happened to spot him in the background while the librarian was giving you a hard time and your dumb brain-to-mouth filter was taking a break that day. So you just blurted that you were Alhaitham's partner and that he would be very upset to hear that you were being treated this way. It's not completely far-fetched, Alhaitham seems like a very, very, private person and on the off chance you were telling the truth? Well, the poor librarian didn't want to lose her job. Besides, it's not like you were planning on doing anything illegal and you don't think you're the absolute worst person to be fake-dating.
By some stroke of luck, or maybe he felt too much pity for you, Alhaitham decides to cut you a deal rather than get you kicked out of the Akademiya. He gets multiple love letters, confessions, and heart-eyed individuals trailing after him all the time. Frankly, he's getting tired of it and since you've already taken the liberty, he won't say anything if you don't say anything. Though he makes it clear that if you ever do anything embarrassing, you're taking the fall and he's going to pretend he doesn't know you. A bit harsh but that's only a safety net. Plus it's not like you actually want to date him so he wouldn't have any commitments. The added bonus is that since he's well-known for having a...rough personality, you don't need to act affectionately with the man or go the extra mile. As long as you have each other's backing, you'll get to check out any textbook you want for free and he gets to be left alone. So for both your benefits, to the rest of the Akademiya you and him are a couple.
You should have known this deal was way too good to be true. As soon as people hear that Alhaitham acknowledges that you're his partner, they're on you like rabid fungi. In comparison to the scribe, you're far easier to prod and poke for any gossip and your quiet day-to-day life is suddenly thrown into the wind. Multiple people a day come to bother you about what it's like to date the moody man. It gets to a point where you have to actually dress incognito just to go and get some coffee. Seriously, didn't people have deadlines and exams to prepare for then to hound you down to talk about your fake love life? Alhaitham is no help either, only shrugging off your complaints and telling you that this is what you agreed to.
He's a horrible partner, fake or not. This isn't your storybook romance where he suddenly falls in love with you, he straight up ignores you sometimes! If anything, this entire situation has stopped you from feeling intimidated by him. Before you wouldn't dare approach him, his appearance and body were enough for you to shy away. You're impulsive, not blind. Alhaitham is drop-dead gorgeous but now that you've reached such an absurd situation it stops intimidating you. You begin to regularly pester the man because you know that even though you're both not actually dating, it would look really bad if he shunned you constantly.
He actually doesn't mind you. Unlike Kaveh or anyone else who interacts with him, you know how to be quiet and independent. Most of the time you both sit in silence, the only noise between the two of you being the flipping of pages and the scratching of ink against paper. If you ever do speak, it's always with a purpose. It's just a bonus that while everyone stares at your table, no one ever approaches. If they need to speak with him, they see your body right next to him and they decide to come back at a later time when he's alone.
Over time, he finds himself seeking you out instead of the other way around. He's come to find your presence comforting and it's the only time when he can actually sit down and read. Being an observant person, he starts to notice your little habits. For one, touch seems to be how you interact with others. You always bump elbows whenever you greet him, pinching his half coat whenever you want to drag him to see whatever captured your attention, and nudging his arm with your hand whenever you need him to bend down so you can whisper something into his ear. He's honestly surprised and concerned that he doesn't push you away with your skinship. If it were anyone else, he would have sent them a sharp glare and pushed him off but he doesn't for you.
All things must come to an end eventually and you've finally finished writing the last sentences for your thesis. Your pat on the back is the firm shut of a book as a deep sigh escapes your lips. Tired but relieved. The goodbye is uneventful, you simply tell him that you don't need him to pretend to be your boyfriend and he's free to live out the single life. He just nods and with that, you're gone.
No one says anything when they notice that Alhaithem sits at a table alone for the nth time that week. There are a few whispers back and forth about how you either got fed up with this attitude or he realized that he was way out of your league. Either way, everyone assumes you and Alhaithem are no longer together and his routine before you arrived settles back in. Yet, he feels off. He refuses to call it longing, you both were hardly affectionate in the first place, but he feels a bit lonely without your presence beside him. it's been plaguing his mind ever since you packed your things and left. He's hardly been able to concentrate on his book, rereading the same sentence for the fourth time before snapping it shut. Letting out a deep sigh, he runs a hand through his hair before setting it against his closed eyes. What's gotten into him?
"Is this seat taken?"
His eyes shoot open, turning around to see you with an armful of books looking expectantly at him. You look nervous and he can't lie to himself that he doesn't find that just the slightest bit endearing. He can tell that you're struggling to carry all of them from the slight shake in your hands.
"I thought our deal was over?" he says this but he gets up anyways to take the books out of your hands and places them on the table. You just roll your eyes at him because of course that's what he would say first and push forward. You're probably the only one who would act so brazenly in front of him besides Kaveh but he doesn't find it irritating when you do it.
"What? So I need to be in a relationship with you just to sit at a table? I know your ego is big but not thattt big," you stretch your words as you settle comfortably into your seat.
He wonders when he started thinking of that specific chair as yours.
"No. I suppose not," he says with an exasperated smile as he sits back down. You beam back at him as you shuffle your chair closer to him as you open your textbook, your fingertips gave that familiar tug for him to lean in closer.
"Good, because I need some help with this section. I have no idea what the hell "bloom" is."
Although Valentine's day was mostly celebrated in Mondstadt and Sumeru, Inazuma still liked to dabble in the festivities during the day of love. Various couples' discounts on tricolored Dango or limited edition books from the Yae Publishing House. There was one popular series in particular that was having a huge discount to celebrate the holiday and even though you weren't in the market for a partner, you weren't going to pass up on such a steal. Only for your excitement to fall flat when the lady informed you that the discount was for couples only.
You can't believe this. You just stood in line for hours only for them to tell you this now? What kind of shady place was this? Of course, they didn't advertise the specifics of this sale, they knew this book was popular. People waiting in line wouldn't just walk away once they found out and they would end up paying full price! Well, two can play this game. You randomly gesture off to the side, saying that your boyfriend was just standing off to the side because he wanted to grab some refreshments. You aren't really looking where you're pointing, too busy digging through your pouch and counting your coins of mora before a sharp gasp stops you. The lady quickly bows and beams at you with a mega-watt customer service smile. She hands the book to you free of charge while profusely thanking you for your patronage. You look off to the side but you don't see anyone, but you weren't going to say no, so you shrug and take it. A free book is a free book.
To be fair, you were making it really easy for the Archons to mess with you. You hear whispers around you that you can't make out, anytime you glance at passing people, they quickly bow and shuffle along. You have a horrible sinking feeling forming in the pit of your stomach and you quickly rush home so you can avoid whatever the hell you just caused. Unfortunately, word travels fast in Inazuma, and every shop you pass by you're being confronted left and right with sales pitches and gifts of appreciation for your partner's hard work. All of which you decline, half of it because you're not actually in a relationship and the other half because you have no interest in their gifts. But you've already dug yourself this far in your grave so you just give a hasty no thank you as you try and dodge everyone who looks at you with that glimmer in their eyes. Who did you point at to receive this much praise?
Ayato is greatly confused when people approach him to congratulate him on his engagement. He wasn't planning on getting married any time soon, his duties as the Yashiro Commissioner taking up most of this time. Did the elders set someone up for him without informing him first? He's curious about who his mystery person is but everyone he asks doesn't seem to know where they went. Apparently, his fiancee is shy but humble, declining gifts from various shopkeepers no matter how expensive they are.
That's until one of the children points in your direction and his eyes slide over to you who looks just as confused as him. He's never seen you in his life and you don't look like anyone from a significant clan. He gets clued in that you boldly announced your relationship with him when you were checking out a specific book meant for couples only. Ah, he's starting to understand now. He offers a piece of candy for the helpful information as he makes his way over to you. His mysterious fiancee.
As soon as the man in front of you says Lord Kamisato's name, the uneasy weight in your stomach drops. You quickly spin on your heel to see the pale blue hair and amused light purple eyes. Oh. Oh, Archon's above, please, out of everyone you could have pointed to, please don't make it be the Yashiro Commissioner. You're about to burn this book into ashes and do a ceremony to banish whatever youkai were stored within the pages if you manage to make it out of this alive.
If Ayato was upset about this situation he's found himself in, it would be immediately wiped away because you look like you're about to collapse. He's trying his best to not laugh at your torment right in front of you, but the mix of emotions that's so openly displayed on your face is making it hard. It's obvious that you didn't mean for this to happen, you've just tripped and fallen into a web of misunderstandings. Too entangled to explain yourself without making a fool out of yourself.
If looks could kill, this storekeeper would be dead on the floor twice over. This man calls out to the Yashiro Commissioner, and just to add salt to the wound, proudly congratulates him on his engagement with you. You said nothing about an engagement, you're far too young to be thinking about that thank you very much. But Ayato just nods along with that ever-pleasant smile without bothering to correct the situation. You're not sure if you should be thankful or not. He might be planning your murder in his mind so you stay silent as well.
When Ayato's gaze shifts to you, you do what any creature does when they're in danger and there's nowhere to run. You hide. You automatically raise your book to cover your face so you don't need to look at the source of your embarrassment. Although it does nothing to hide just how red your face is, you don't see him and that's good enough for you. But this also means you don't see the questioning glance the storekeeper shoots Ayato about your behavior, to which Ayato gives a pleasant smile and waves a hand to dismiss the situation.
"Please excuse my fiancee, we didn't mean to announce our engagement so early," Ayato muses, and the storekeeper nods in understanding while you bring your book down low enough to peer over the edges of the pages. Is...is he covering for you? He looks down expectantly at you but when you don't move, he awkwardly coughs into his fist and tilts his head toward the shopkeeper.
"A-Ah yes, that's right! It was a slip of the tongue and I hadn't realized I said it out loud. Please excuse my behavior," you bow and you can hear Ayato turning his head to snort into his hand. This is awful. You think you would prefer if he just outted you so you didn't need to show the world how awful your acting skills are. This is why you read plays, not star in them. But the shopkeeper nods in understanding, apologizing for saying your engagement so loud for others to hear before you're leaving with Ayato's arm wrapped around your waist.
"I'm deeply sorry. There was a discount for couples only and I just pointed in a random direction and it just happened to land on you. I swear I didn't mean to start any of this," you quickly rush out as you bow before Ayato as soon as you're out of sight from the public eye. He still has that annoying look in his eyes but you're completely at his mercy right now. The smug bastard definitely knows that.
"It's no trouble at all. I found the situation quite entertaining," he chuckles before looking you up and down. Okay...a tiny bit weird but you suppose your actions are worse. There's a long silence between the two of you as if he's pondering something and you've had enough of today's events.
"Um...well if that's everything I'll be getting out of your hair. Please enjoy the rest of your day Lord Kamisato," you mumble as you turn to leave but his hand hooks onto the back of your kimono and drags you right back.
"Ah, ah. It would make a bad impression if my fiancee suddenly left me on Valentine's Day. Oh and please, call me Ayato," he smiles that same polite smile but his eyes tell a different story entirely. His smile even widens at how hard you're biting your lip as you match his with a strained one. For Archon's sake, you just wanted to buy a book, how did you get into this mess?!
As soon as Inazuma's borders reopened, you were jumping on the fastest ship back to Liyue. You even got extra lucky that your good friend Beidou happened to be on the pier and offered you a well-deserved ride back to your home free of charge. You've been so homesick but unable to leave due to the regulation the Electro Archon placed, so to say that you were excited to finally go back was an understatement. Although the Crux Fleet was mainly an armed carrier delivering goods between places separated by sea, it did occasionally transport passengers if they paid enough. It only made sense that others would be like you and wish to return home as soon as possible. It's too bad that one of them happened to take one look at you and decide that you were born to be his.
It's an incredibly awkward affair. This wealthy businessman doesn't appear to mean any harm but he's incredibly dense with no sense of social awareness. Although you've politely declined his advances, he doesn't seem to stop. Even when Beidou herself threatens to throw the man overboard, he just keeps his distance and makes heart eyes at you. Unfortunately for you, Beidou can't actually throw him into the cruel watery depths no matter how much you plead with her. The man seems to be an important figure from Snezhnaya so she can't exactly treat him badly. Thus you spend most of your time ducking away and running away from your creepy admirer.
You're usually not so bold but the mix of overwhelming homesickness and just wanting to get this journey over and done with, all of it compels you to act rashly. If your new admirer can't take a simple no then you'll find a different way and show him you're off limits. You've seen the man who sits on the crow's nest, you believe Beidou said his name was Kazuha, whose been a part of her crew for a while now. You've only made passing small talk with each other and he seems like a nice person, at least you hope so. Because as soon as his feet touch the ship's deck, you're throwing yourself at him. You have to give him credit, he has lightning-fast reflexes and is a lot stronger than his demeanor expresses since he manages to catch you and stop you both from sprawling across the floor.
You make a show of throwing your arms around him and whining about how he doesn't spend enough time with poor dear you. You can tell he's infinitely confused so you lean in and whisper into his ear about your creepy stalker who can't take a no. Your eyes desperately plead with him to play along with you, just until the ship reaches Liyue Harbour. It only takes Kazuha to look over your shoulder and lock gazes with said "stalker" before he's turning to you with the most tender smile on his lips and a soft apology for being neglectful. A promise to spend more quality time to make up for his behavior. You swear that should have been an omen because you feel your heart stop for a second right then and there.
It's not completely out there. As the lookout, he would have to stay up in the crow's nest most of the day, and given how soft spoken Kazuha normally is, he doesn't look like the confrontational type. But he does make good on his fake promise and you find yourself spending most of your time in the crow's nest with Kazuha rather than ducking into the shadows of the lower deck. Kazuha is a relaxing presence and you can understand why he stays up here rather than with the rest of the crew. The gentle sea breeze brushes through your hair and it's so peaceful all the way up in the sky. You're almost jealous that he has an anemo vision because you think you'd love to stay in the winds forever.
He's also a gentleman through and through. You're not entirely sure if he's just pretending alongside you or if that's just how he normally acts. You think both options are equally plausible and endearing. At some point, you forget that you're supposed to be doing this for show to keep a creepy man away from you and you genuinely start to seek him out. It's during one night when you watch Kazuha whistle a tune through a leaf that you realize just how deep you're in. Now your position is reversed and you start to feel like the creepy heart-eyed stalker. It's something that you must absolutely not let happen, not on your watch.
Your sudden distance from Kazuha leaves him a bit hurt. He knows that this originally started as an act but he felt that you and him were getting close to each other without any ulterior motives. That all your talks of your dreams and aspiration were real and meaningful. But now that you've suddenly pulled back, he question's if everything was made up in his head. It's not like you owe him anything, he decided to help you out from of his own volition. Beidou can only look at this scene painfully at her two idiotic friends pushing themselves away from each other because they can't sit down and talk it out.
She drags the two of you into a private room, her only warning to fix your emotional angst or she really will throw you both overboard. You both know she's entirely serious so you both obediently nod as she slams the door closed.
Beidou leans against the wooden crates with her head propped up with her arm. She should probably stop watching, she's being far too nosy with her friend's love life, but what kind of friend would she be if she wasn't? She hopes you both managed to talk it out and realize that you're both crushing hard on each other. She had been far too busy with Liyue fastly approaching to check in on your progress but from the looks of things, she thinks everything went well. With the red cheeks and your fingertips linked together, it's so cute that she wants to gag on her wine. Don't get her wrong, she's happy for you and Kazuha, but any more of this puppy love is going to send her into an early grave.
"You're not going to stay in Liyue?" she overhears you say. Huh? She honestly thought that Kazuha might pitch a tent and finally settle down with you but the small shake of his head and your fallen expression says otherwise. Damn, talk about a heartbreaker. But he gives you a soft expression, something really vulnerable, and his hand comes up to caress your cheek- and that's her cue to turn away. That's something that even she knows she shouldn't be watching. She instead takes another swig of her cup.
She looks up to see Kazuha standing beside her, the air of nature and sea breeze clinging to him wherever he goes. She politely doesn't bring up the charm clutched tightly in his hands.
"You sure about this kid?" Beidou asks, her eyes still trained on her empty cup of booze. She doesn't need to look to know that he's watching your back disappear into the crowd longingly.
"If I try to force something I know I'm not ready to finish, it would only lead to disaster. Right now isn't the right time. But I'm sure in the future, our paths will cross again," Kazuha nods to himself solemnly. This time Beidou does look at him before she shows a fond smile herself before she brings her arm back and slaps it against Kazuha's back. It's loud and hard enough to jolt him out of his temporary sadness.
"If you ever need a ride back to Liyue, just let me know. We'll get you there in no time lover boy," Beidou grins cheekily as Kazuha flushes a bright red. How cute, he can't even be honest with himself huh?
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Tumblr media
arcade au kazuha for @kazuhaauzine! leftover sales are open rn :>
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Anemo team!
| More artworks |
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How Genshin Impact Characters Would React to you Crying
Tumblr media
Words: 320
Characters: Kazuha, Scaramouche, Zhongli, Cyno
Post-type: Headcanons
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
• "Humans are so weak."
• Scaramouche seems like he doesn't care, but in reality, he does. He's just terrible at comforting people.
• Although, he doesn't fully understand human emotions, he can tell something's wrong.
• Though hesitant at first, Scaramouche would slowly wrap his arms around you, pulling you into a warm embrace.
• "This is how humans comfort one another, is it not?"
• If you, for whatever reason, try to squirm out of the embrace, Scaramouche would just use this opportunity to hug you even tighter.
Tumblr media
• "Are you feeling unwell? Should I take you to see Tighnari?"
• Like Scaramouche, Cyno doesn't have much experience with comforting others.
• But knowing him, he'd definitely try to make to feel better with a joke. After all, laughter is the best medicine.
• Prepare to hear the corniest joke you've ever heard.
• "Why did the photo go to jail? Because it was framed."
Tumblr media
• "Is everything alright?"
• Zhongli has never seen you cry, so seeing you cry came as a surprise to him.
• He would, without a doubt, make you some tea. Your favorite nonetheless. If you don't have a favorite tea, he would prepare whatever he felt you would like best.
• If you're not a tea person, he'd suggest going to Third-Round Knockout. His treat, of course. Well, only if he doesn't forget to bring his mora.
• "Please, do not hesitate to tell me of your concerns." He reassures.
Tumblr media
• "Is something the matter?"
• Kazuha instantly holds your hand and asks if you're all right. You can see the genuine concern in his eyes as he waits for your reply.
• He then leads you over to quiet area and sits down with you.
• "I'd be glad to listen to whatever is on your mind." He smiles serenely.
• If you're still sad, Kazuha would read you some of the several poems he wrote about you. And believe me when I say that there are alot of them.
Tumblr media
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⋆。゚🍁。⋆。 ゚🎧 ゚。⋆
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
look at you lookin' at me @boos2bies
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
KAZUHA 221126 MelOn Music Awards
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underneath the moonlight
Tumblr media
synopsis: in which you wonder if you are holding kazuha back and he reassures you how much he loves you.
warnings: hurt/comfort. anxiety/insecurity comfort. (not proofread)
masterlist. navigation.
Tumblr media
if you could put time in a bottle, you would have chosen any of the various times you and kazuha spent on the crow’s nest together when he returned home, overlooking the moonlit sea beyond the shores of inazuma below and underneath the glittering stars above. both of your feet dangled over the edge, gently swinging in time with kazuha’s soft hums that formed the most beautiful of melodies.
but despite the perfect scenery and the comfort of your one and only partner, you could still feel the cold chill of anxiety that sent a shiver up your spine as the breeze brushed across your skin, reminding you of the true reason you had asked kazuha to meet you up here tonight. to his credit, he had been patient, not pushing you to speak just yet, but as his song came to its ending decrescendo, the deafening silence was antagonizing you with each passing second.
finally, kazuha turned to look at you, worry laced in his gentle voice, “my dearest y/n, what’s on your mind?”
in that instant, you nearly backed out of your own plan to share the worries and doubts that had begun to plague your mind to him. instead of revealing your vulnerabilities and insecurities that were slowly eating away at you, perhaps you could finally tell him those three little words that you hadn’t been able to say that lingered in his every touch, in his every glance, and in every song he sang for you. that would fix everything and make all these baseless doubts disappear, right? it would make this night memorable for him in a much better way than you had planned.
no, you knew better than to play with someone’s heart like that, especially your own. your heart couldn’t take it. still, that very same heart was starting to beat out of your chest, your stomach was beginning to churn, and your eyes were starting to water at the very notion of sharing the insecurities that were holding you back, that we’re holding him back. so with all the courage you could muster, you managed to ask, “kazuha, do you ever think there might be someone else better out there for you?”
his eyes narrowed, searching your features for sincerity. he then brought a hand to rest on your forehead, like a mother would check their child’s temperature. when he found no fever, he hummed to himself before moving to tilt your head to the side, eyes roaming your skin intently.
“what are you doing?” you finally asked, confused about his sudden change in behavior.
he tilted your head the other way, still scanning every inch of your exposed skin. calmly, he replied, “checking you for any injuries. only someone who had been knocked upside the head would ask something as absurd as what you’ve asked me.”
you jerked your head away from his grasp, hoping the cold, night wind might cover the slight dust that had started to creep onto your cheeks, “i’m serious, kazu. what if i’m not the right one for you after all?”
he frowned, his hands slipping into yours, “where is this coming from, darling?”
where to start? you saw the way his eyes gleamed as they pulled out of inazuma’s port, the way he was able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone, and how his shy, yet gentle personality was alluring to all he encountered. he shined like the sun when he was away from you, when he was surrounded by new faces and new places, yet he always came home to you. it was endearing at first, knowing you’d always be the one he came home to, but somewhere along the line, that endearment turned into anxiety that he might be happier away from the land of lightning and away from you.
your gaze fell to the wooden planked floor, his gaze too soft, too concerned for you to hold, “you’ve seen the world beyond inazuma, kazu. you’ve seen places that i can’t even begin to imagine, and you’ve likely met tons of other men and women that are more attractive, more intelligent, or more free-spirited than me, yet you always come back here to inazuma, to me. it makes me wonder if i’m,” you sighed, “ if i’m holding you back.”
kazuha used his free hand to lift your chin, to make you look into his crimson eyes that were filled with tears of their own, “please don’t say another word. in fact, let me tell you something before you let anymore of those doubts creep into your mind.”
he squeezed your hand while moving to cup your cheek, “i love you, and only you. when we met all those years ago, i wasn’t sure who i was. i was a lost and wandering samurai without a purpose, but in you, i found something i had been searching my whole life for, a home.” he offered a soft smile, using the back of his hand, still enveloping yours, to wipe away a stray tear streaming down his cheek, “love, you were the one i would come home to after traveling with tomo, and in you, i found my rest. i still do.”
tears were now starting to fall down your cheeks at his words of reassurance as he continued, “while i may be gone for days or even a week or so at a time, you are always in the forefront of my mind. i could be climbing to the top of dragonspine or exploring the depths of the chasm, but my heart always brings me back to the only person whom i could ever love. you, my dear.” he pulled you into his chest, allowing you to hear his beating heart, steady and true, “coming home to you is my favorite part of any journey. i love to travel and to explore teyvat, but at the end of the day, the only place i want to be with you, holding you in my arms once again.”
you looked up at him from where you lay on his chest, “you mean that?”
he laughed, his laughter ringing out above the wind and the sounds of the sea crashing against the side of the Crux, “silly girl, there’s only one place i’d choose to be, and that is right here underneath the moonlight with you tonight.”
you snuggled closer into his chest, “how poetic, my samurai.”
“only for you, my love.” he whispered into your hair “don’t you ever worry your pretty little mind about holding me back, because when i’ve traveled the world and seen all that it has to offer, i will always return to your side, to be yours and yours alone.”
Tumblr media
@ shayewrites tumblr 2022
author’s note: i was working on kazuha villain headcanons when this came outta nowhere. mans is too gentle and kind to be evil! especially when he’s my comfort character rn.
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crimsonji · 2 days ago
AHH your writing is always so fluffy and comforting to read 🥹🥹🤍 may I request a younger sibling to your main four? (Seperate) I’m curious how they would be as older brothers ehhe
Genshin Boys with a Younger Sibling
Tumblr media
ft. kazuha, heizou, cyno, tighnari + gn!sibling!reader
cw. fluff, some angst in kazuha's part, tighnari's sibling has an ears and tail, platonic obv
kaz’s notes: thinking about my favourites with younger siblings is so cute….and I think all of them would be the best older brothers ever!!!?! you can tell i had wayyy too much fun writing this haha
Tumblr media
✦ Kaedehara Kazuha
It'd be really interesting if Kazuha had a younger sibling since his clan was far into decline and ultimately disbanded. Having a naive young reader would probably only add to his past self's stress, and he's left with a decision that weighs heavy on his shoulders.
Kazuha entrusts you to a very close family friend of the Kaedehara clan, the Kamisato clan. While he's still a wanderer of Inazuma, he basically visits you every day to check in on you. Although Thoma had insisted Kazuha could stay there as well, he fervently denied it as they were already doing so much taking you in as their own.
He loves to take you out on walks and let you explore the grassy fields of Inazuma with you, teaching you how to play a tune on a leaf and practice poetry. Kazuha will make haikus about you, how you two are the only family you have and how his life would be far different without you as his loveable younger sibling.
The downfall of his clan still weighs painfully on his heart during this time, and despite how young you were, it was just as difficult for you; Kazuha remembered the times he saw you stare at their bedridden mother while you knelt beside her, silently seeing you crawling under the covers with her and falling asleep.
He'll be there for you, he always will. Kazuha's your beloved brother, he can't let you down. Even when he flees Inazuma during the Vision Hunt Decree, he's still thinking about you. You didn't have a vision, but he was a wanted man and you're his only related family, what if they found you? What would they do to you? He can't go back to protect you, he's an ocean away to keep you safe.
Ah, but we shouldn't dwell too much on the past, should we? Kazuha's heart has gone through thunderstorms and crashing waves, but it seems that through it all, you've still been smiling. He's grown and changed, become a better man and more importantly, a better brother.
He's beyond excited when he docks in Inazuma again, seeing you bouncing on your toes giddily until Kazuha finally steps foot in Inazuma, letting you tackle him and giving you the tightest hug he can muster. Even the sight of you is enough to make the ronin start crying. It's strange, he rarely cries, but even after months of being apart you still welcome him with open arms as his family, maybe even one of the only people he can go to.
He laughs airily when he sees the fat tears dripping down your cheeks and staining your face, gently wiping them away before pulling you into another hug. The sight from the perspective of a bystander is enough to make even the most heartless people cry, the pure and genuine care radiating from the two of you.
"Don't cry, my sunshine--Your big brother's here now."
Kazuha teaches you that like him, you should never burden the responsibility of the Kaedehara Clan, that when you're older go travel the world and experience everything you can. Carrying the name is already more than enough, is what he tells you.
He offers to teach you the art of sword-fighting, both as a way to honour your past family and to protect you and your friends. Kazuha's always surprised to see how much you've improved over the time he was gone, saying that when you're ready, maybe you can go against your big brother.
You're soft-spoken like Kazuha is, even when you were a little kid. It's almost like you're a mini version of your sibling. The main reason why Kazuha let you grow up in Inazuma first was that he wanted to let you grow up in a 'normal' environment, or as normal as the life of a Kaedehara can have. He wants you to travel with him in the future but says to wait a couple more years. When that time comes, he'll show you everything he's learned and let you get a taste of what freedom truly means.
Kazuha's made himself a lifelong vow: that no matter where he is, no matter how long it's been, how many hurdles life throws at him, he'll be there to protect you by blade for the rest of his life.
✦ Shikanoin Heizou
Tumblr media
Ah yes, the infamous Shikanoin Heizou. During his childhood, he was quite a troublemaker and didn't care for rules. It was quite sad, really, but it's shaped him into the person he is now. And, as your certified cool older brother, he'll do his best to make you proud!
Absolutely adores talking about the latest cases from his work, purposely choosing the most heartbreaking or disturbing ones to show you (not pictures of the crime scene, obviously.) Your parents always scold Heizou for exposing such dark aspects of his work to you, but he usually just laughs it off and insists he's teaching you the dangers of this world at an early age.
He somehow manages to sneak you into the audience of a court session, shooting you a cheeky smile and a wink when he spots you in the audience. Everyone there knows you're Heizou's younger sibling, he adores you to bits and never fails to mention you in conversation, but everyone just keeps quiet because you look really excited to be there... Heizou will be reprimanded afterwards, but he thinks it was totally worth it.
He gets into lighthearted wrestling matches with you, letting your short self pull him into a headlock as he so obviously fakes his pain. Obviously, Heizou's not gonna actually wrestle you, he just likes seeing the pride on your face when you oh-so easily defeat him.
"Oh no, what to do! I've been captured by my own sibling, the betrayal!"
A part of him is kind of glad you aren't as reckless as he was when he was your age. As fun as those days were, Heizou's an adult now and can see how utterly stupid he could've been at that age. Your father is a renounced martial artist, so it runs in the family that you know it as well. If there are any kids that are bugging you, your brother ruffles your hair playfully and tells you this:
"Only use your fists as a last resort. Remember, your mind is your strongest weapon, not fighting like a bunch of barbarians!"
Your family bonding sessions usually consist of puzzle gadgets shipped from Fontaine. These gadgets have a... rough past for Heizou, but we shouldn't dwell on the details. Whenever you whine that you can't solve a puzzle, he smiles at you and gives some vague sentence as a clue.
An overwhelming sense of pride fills his heart when he sees you finally crack the code, high-fiving you and pulling you into a big hug. He knew you could do it, you're a Shikanoin after all!
Sometimes he'll take you 'out on the field' as a treat, searching for clues with you and taking it as an excuse to show you the beautiful sights of Watatsumi Island. They're usually low-stakes and tame cases, he deals with the more serious ones by himself, you're too young to handle things like that. When he brings you along, it feels more like a fun puzzle than a real case for work, the satisfaction of gaining leads and information is better than candy.
You have a tendency to look for him while he's working, your short stature trotting along Inazuma City and feet bringing yourself to Bantan Sango Detective Agency. Sango's already used to your unexpected visits, even though technically she and Heizou don't even work together. As annoying as your older counterpart is, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. However, she can't help but feel irked whenever you say or do something exactly how Heizou would do it.
"I can tell that you're Heizou's sibling, I'm glad you're not as annoying as he is."
"That's not true, my older brother is awesome, he's the best detective in the world!"
"Oh? If it isn't my partner in crime! Hmm, Sango, you weren't talking bad about me in front of my sibling, weren't you?
✦ Cyno
Tumblr media
Like Kazuha, he's mostly unable to spend time with you, especially when he became General Mahamatra. He tries to keep the more... gruesome details of his job a secret from you, and more focuses on the justice his career provides. He does his best to be a good example for you, and Cyno never fails to smile when you boast about someday joining the Akademiya and becoming the next General Mahamatra.
"Becoming a matra is hard work, but I'm sure you'll get there."
I see his relationship with you a little bit like Tartaglia's with Tuecer, he loves you to pieces and would do absolutely anything to protect you from harm's way, but is sometimes forced to keep secrets from you. You're too young to fully comprehend the cruel injustices and struggles of this world, and that was something Cyno chose to shield you from until you were ready.
If you had happened to stumble on him reprimanding some lowly scholars, a brief wave of shock goes over his face as he quickly drops his polearm to the ground, the cowering scholar looking over to you in utter confusion. That rulebreaker could only watch hopelessly as Cyno is suddenly stripped of all his exhibitions, dropping to his knees and ushering you into his arms protectively.
"Now, what are you doing here. It's dangerous, and your brother has..." he shoots a glare that sends shivers down the scholar's spine, "some work to do."
He's less experienced when dealing with young children, even a little awkward at times. But at the end of the day, you're bonded by blood for life, and Cyno won't fail to show his love for you in his own way. He's not terribly affectionate, but his face shows much more emotion than normal, a gentle smile on his lips and a voice comforting and soft. Cyno's stoicism is still there, it's part of his personality, however, anyone could tell the high uplift of his mood whenever he gets the rare chance to visit you.
Cyno entrusted your care to the Village Chief of Aaru Village and Candace. When the situation in Sumeru dies down and the country begins to heal, he makes it more of an incentive to go and see you. The relationship between the two halves of Sumeru has been a strained one, and the two of you were children of the desert. He silently promises you to heal this relationship, and to use his power to make Sumeru better for you.
He has a tendency to give you piggyback rides, whether you're taking a stroll around Sumeru City or you're traversing the desert and you're too sleepy to walk. It's quite amusing, seeing a man of such uphold and power carrying a small child on his back with a sense of contentment on his face.
Cyno's habit of telling jokes gets ten times worse when you're the receiver, feeling a slight pang in his heart when you're so brutally honest about his jokes. However, nothing can match the happiness he feels when you actually laugh at one of his jokes. As long as he can make his sibling laugh, he's happy.
Cyno has brought you to Gandharva Ville a couple of times, which means both Collei and Tighnari have met you. Collei is much older than you, but it's kind of like she's your older sister in a way. So much so that you've developed a habit to call her 'big sis'. She and Cyno are so shocked when you first said this, Collei shooting Cyno a sheepish look before he simply gives her a rare smile in acceptance.
✦ Tighnari
Tumblr media
Hands down THE BEST brother a kid could ask for! Especially when you fall sick, he's already got your favourite food fresh and ready to eat with an array of extremely effective yet gag-worthy medicine in store for you... He's already kind of seen as an older brother for the kids of Gandharva Ville, vigilantly looking out for everyone and caring for those in need. The other kids are a little intimidated by Tighnari at times since he's infamous for the long lectures you'll get if you're too reckless.
"Don't worry, you're not gonna die, all you need is some rest is all. It's alright, brother Tighnari is here to take care of you."
He's so happy when talking to you, crouching down to meet your eyes and playfully scratching your fox ears whenever he sees you. When you tell him that you're going to play with the other kids, Tighnari reminds you to stay safe and keep your tail clean before sending you on your way like a mother.
If you happened to get a scratch, he'll be there immediately with a first aid kid. He'll lightly scold you about it, carefully showing you how to disinfect and patch a wound for the future. Tighnari likes to teach you a lot of things, even if it's tidbits of information in random conversations. He stresses the importance of the forest and its state to you, and Tighnari feels so proud when you take it upon yourself to plant flowers or pull out invasive weeds as it's "Not good for the forest!"
If you express any interest in forestry Tighnari gladly teaches everything he knows about it in a way you can understand, pointing out certain kinds of flora and warning you about what types of plants or fungi to avoid.
"Ah, this species of flora is a subspecies of... you can usually find them in... some variations glow from the expense of leyline energy... Hey, are you listening?"
Keeps you a billion miles away from the radius of a withering zone, even the thought of you getting caught up in such an invasive area of the forest sends chills down Tighnari's spine. He's dead serious when talking about it with you, eyes tinged in worry when discussing what could happen.
Tighnari likes to refer to you as a 'junior forest ranger', jokingly telling the other rangers to refer to you as 'master' and letting you tag along on his patrols at times. The whole time he'll explain an endless spout of information on your surroundings, and it's so much that your brain can barely take it in.
Tighnari's more or less your brotherly mentor, letting you be his assistant when dealing with sick people such as mixing ingredients for medicine or quizzing you on procedures for certain ailments. He smiles at you when you look up at him with a bottle of medicine outstretched towards him, petting the top of your head softly.
He teaches you how to take good care of your tail, and on slow days brush out the knots in your fur and rub oil through it. Sometimes he'll put cute flowers in your tail, gladly letting you do the same to his tail.
"Be sure to apply this every day to keep your tail shiny... Oh? Do you want me to do it? Hehe, sure, I'll get a brush, hold on!"
You and Collei are two peas in a pod, and despite you being Tighnari's sibling it's like he's both you and Collei's father figure. When Tighnari is busy he puts you under Collei's care, who likes to play fun games with you! One time you two played hide and seek and your hiding spot were so good that Collei nearly thought that she lost you. However, Tighnari could tell where you were from your scent and gave you a short lecture to not scare the both of them like that.
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chaebyssal · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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greennya · a day ago
Synopsis | Playing cupid through manipulating dreams sound simple, right? Unfortunately, you have a band of single men that no matchmaking dream can conquer.
Characters | Zhongli, Xiao, Kazuha, Childe
Loosely based on the webtoon "A Summer Night's Dream." // T--T had to repost rq but i hope you enjoy nonetheless!!
Tumblr media
Zhongli is the graduating senior who leaves everyone slack-jawed at his poise and the elegant fashion he presents himself to class. The kind of guy who would listen to your woes attentively, and nod quietly at your vents of frustration. The guy who would give you a deep spiel of his thoughts from the rationality of humans to mundane, little things like the sweet aftertaste of his morning tea or the rain that interrupted a good day's streak of warm air. Zhongli has a calm presence, and in the dreams you craft, his serene demeanor has you clutching your sides. You don't wonder about the number of admirers wishing for his name—except the failures of past matchmakings have you at a loss for words at the sheer will of this guy to not ever trip and fall for even a single dream.
"Oh, you believe dreams come true because its fate? Perhaps you're right. But the ability to make dreams come true is at the hands solely of the dreamer, not fate."
Despite the grunts that often escape his pretty mouth, Xiao has a fair share of admirers lined up with wishful gazes that hold the desire to have a piece of his attention. Xiao is good at studying, with good looks to boot. The kind of guy who has an intimidating streak of certainty, but you sometimes raise an eyebrow at that because !! no one notices the little telltale signs of an easily flustered boy. While he seems like he doesn't care, you can't help but giggle at the sight of his obviously confused face once a dream starts, and a tune of love preludes the start of a short-lived tale to at least give a girl a chance at shooting her shot for love with her crush. (Although once said admirer wakes up the next day feeling vigorous to confess because of the dream, he still ends up rejecting them anyway)
"What was that? Sorry, I'm not interested."
With a soothing voice and a warm smile that makes the world turn faster and the sun shine brighter, to know that Kaedehara Kazuha is still single is a fact no one is willing to acknowledge. Because, honestly, a well-spoken guy who sounds like he can treat you ten times better than everyone's exes combined... is single?! While Kazuha maintains a polite disposition, it's hard to tie him down simply because he is a free spirit who wanders, not actively seeking luxury. He is "a free man enjoying his freedom" are words he would reply to questions about his single life. He may have a romantic side to him, but sometimes you scrunch your forehead every once in a while as his eyes shoot to meet yours, with a knowing stare like he knows a secret shared.
"Cheer up! Isn't it better to brighten your heart with the clear weather?"
For someone with sharp features as striking as Childe's, no one believes him when he says he's single. Childe is another free spirit that longs for the thrill of life, an adventure seeker who you can't predict the thought process of. Because of his relatively friendly nature, you often find him at gatherings with a smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. Which you note as something interesting once his echoing guffaws reach your ears. While Childe is a complex character that makes you curious, your toes tapping the floor in anticipation, his indifference to dreams set up for him is one thing you narrow your eyes at (and exhausting, god bless the girls and boys on this one). Perhaps that's a problem even you can't help with.
"Pfft! That doesn't sound like a problem you should get involved with, right?"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is what i mean when i say they are my meow meows btw
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smoking sessions. ⠀ೀ⠀ . . featuring kazuha kaedehara, scaramouche (kunikuzushi), gn! reader. modern au. warnings: weed, mention of throw up, cursing. note! literally was stoned as hell and started talking about kazuha and what kind of smoker he is or whatever with my friend and we continued to add scara and now here i am.
Tumblr media
smoking with kazuha was always such a pleasant time. he was always patient and comforting whenever you were with him, never wanting you to feel pressured into anything. he’s always keeping an eye on your actions, grabbing you a snack if you start to feel hungry, getting you water and if you feel the need to throw up he’s there to hold your hair back for you. he’s always prepared for everything that could happen, and would even leave you little pre-rolls as gifts if he couldn’t be there with you.
however, kunikuzushi was no where near as kind as him. he was aggressive and rushing. he would always be teasing you for the smallest things, and critiquing every action you make. he would challenge you to inhale for 15 seconds, knowing you barely make it to 10, to purposefully make you feel like shit. he snatches it from your hands before deciding if you wanted to pass it yet or not. sometimes he’ll catch himself being a little too easy on you and quickly going back to antagonizing your every move.
you hardly ever chose kunikuzushi to smoke with because the purple-haired male made the experience insufferable. you’d much rather have your time spent with kazuha, he was so gentle and made the time enjoyable. of course you’d pick him, you were able to relax whereas kuni always was picking on you and making you wish you just stayed on your own.
but then, something you thought would never manage to happen, happened.
“jesus christ, could you roll up any slower?”
“let them take their time.”
you found yourself in a rotation with both of them on a cold night when it was only supposed to be you and kazuha. unfortunately, kunikuzushi had other plans. inhaling the icy night air, you finished up and let yourself take the first hit, using your match even though the wind made it a little difficult to light.
starting off slow, not too much on the first hit- something kazuha encouraged you to do. the other male scoffed at the sight. “what? can’t take a bigger hit than that?” he taunted, his hand grabbing the blunt from yours.
“shut up, kunikuzushi,” you retorted. you watched him intently, and although he wasn’t looking directly at you, he felt your gaze on him. he rolled his eyes at your comment, and after a few moments he passed the weed to kazuha.
your attention diverted to him, his expression peaceful, but his eyes seeming tired. most likely from the third member’s behavior. “just ignore him, dove,” he told you, his eyes meeting yours, but had now softened up. just as the two of you smiled to each other, a load groan could be heard from kuni. you swore you even heard his eyes roll.
eyes narrowing, you turned back. he had a smug look on his face. of course, until kazuha blew the smoke in his face. “what the hell-” he huffed, going back to take the blunt again. he was unsuccessful. kazu moved it from his grasp to hand it back to you. “you lovebirds make me sick.”
you ignored his comment, taking your turn. you gave yourself more time now, inhaling two times as much as your first time. looking up to the sky, you let a puff out into the crisp air. you crossed you legs, adjusting your seat on the shitty old picnic table, admiring the stars in the sky. there was a faint song playing from kazuha’s phone. it was something calm, but still upbeat. just as you were about to inhale again, you noticed an emptiness in your hands. “what the-”
“you took too long,” kunikuzushi said casually. you sighed, leaning your chin on your palm, now looking at the cracks and stains on the wooden furniture. your expression looked neutral for most, but kazuha noticed the annoyance resembled on your features.
he got the boy back for you, though. taking the blunt from his hand before he was able to take another hit. he was a little more fast with this turn around so you were able to get back to your own chance. kuni couldn’t complain- he knew kazuha would call him out. so instead he just let out an irritated grump. “just be patient, kunikuzushi.”
“be patient,” he mocked in response, clearly unhappy.
now it was your turn to roll your eyes. it was maybe halfway done, possibly a little past. you were thankful for this, for once. you had no intention of staying with the likes of kunikuzushi any longer. when you all finished, you and kazuha would be on your way.
kazuha handed the blunt to you, smiling with gratitude. you put it to your lips then kunikuzushi started to speak up. “why don’t you try taking a big kid hit this time, hm?” his tone condescending, with an eyebrow raised. he was challenging you, and like hell you were gonna deny.
“fine,” you responded, irritated. kazuha sighed softly while watching you start inhaling, it was like you were a child trying to see how long they could hold their breath underwater. you could start to feel a rising warmth in your throat, quickly becoming uncomfortable. you still wanted to hold it out for a few more seconds.
kunikuzushi’s teasing expression could show he was clearly ridiculing you in his head. you finally released your breath, moving to pass to kuni. you tried holding back the coughs but it was starting to burn a little more. he snickered at you when you finally let the coughs you were suppressing out.
thankfully now, there was not too much left to smoke. it was rare anyone would be excited for the end of a session, but you doubted kunikuzushi would want to join you and kazuha on the way back to hang out at his house. yet, you couldn’t even be thankful for the fact the meaner of the two wasn’t saying anything anymore. you could see it all over his face.
“here,” kazuha said simply, passing you a water bottle he brought with him. it was already unscrewed most of the way, so you just took the lid off before taking a few sips, finally able to catch your breath. you could definitely feel the affects of the drug, your eyes starting to feel heavier than usual and having a hard time with keeping up with your own train of thought.
however, the other two seemed to be mostly unfazed. kuni was his usual asshole self, and kazuha his wonderful self. nothing was different.
“god, are you really just gonna take the last hit without offering it to anyone else?” kuni antagonized the other male. kazuha, of course, didn’t have much of a response to him. he simply pretended he didn’t hear him. “you’re really going to sit here and ignore me?”
you watched kazuha as he finished off the blunt and then put out the last flame on the table you all sat on. “shouldn’t you be on the way home to your mother?” he asked, standing up to throw away the trash in his hand. he heard kuni mutter behind him, leading him to have a proud smile on his face.
“shit head,” kuni cursed.
you stood up, walking over to where kazuha was and taking his hand in your own. “are you ready?” he asked, ready to turn off and leave kunikuzushi behind. you nodded your head, starting to walk off back in the direction of your car together.
“where do you think you’re going without me?”
your head snapped back, immediately regretting your fast paced movement. “what’re you talking about?” you asked, the purple haired male standing up to come with you.
“well i’m obviously coming with you.”
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