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mucho tiempo libre 
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2. Mommy’s back part 2
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© Thierry Le Gouès (1997)
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To all my Jewish friends worldwide - Happy New Year 5783!
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Happy birthday to @niverine !! Sorry if I missed your birthday so I made this! <3 I usually don’t write for females so apologies if they’re ooc. I made an acception for you hon 🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖💖
Forgotten birthday
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➤ (Diluc, Tighnari, Zhongli, Xiao, Eula, Itto, Kaeya, Ayato, Childe, & Yae x G!N Reader) SEPARATE
➤ Warnings: Forgotten birthday
Tumblr media
Diluc and Zhongli, being the respectful gentlemen they are, would most likely take your hand in theirs and kiss your fingertips while muttering phrases of apologies and pleas for forgiveness. They’d then proceed to pull your close to them and embrace you tightly, peppering your face with little pecks until you give in and melt into their touch.
Tighnari would just curse himself for eating those weird herbs and apologize right away. He’d then tell you about the new plants he found but then also hand you a beautiful flower he discovered. It’s silky petals decorated your hair nicely as he kisses you on the forehead and blushes, embarrassed once more for forgetting such a wonderful day of yours.
Xiao and Eula would click their tongues in anger of themselves for forgetting your birthday before claiming they will make it up to you in such a stern voice. It’s as if someone just took their ice cream or something and they are now gently holding your hand while aggressively dragging you with them to dinner.
Itto, Ayato, and Childe would chuckle nervously before they scratch the back of their heads and take you to a dinner date they totally had planned already. It turns out they made last minute preparations like a picnic under a tree or sight seeing in the wilderness.
Yae and Kaeya have always been the smooth talkers in my eyes, but also very honest in their own ways. They’d definitely chuckle before sighing in defeat. “Apologies my love, how can I make it up to you?”
Tumblr media
Happy birthday, Rin!!! I had to say it again >:3 Sorry if this was short!
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hi hun i hope you're doing well :)
may i request levi x fem reader with mikasa and eren relationship but the reader is his quiet assistant who's always besides him
please take your time (>3(*_*) ♡
a/n; my love!! this is such a good idea, considering i love eren and mikasa's dynamic (+ their tragic love story gets me every time T.T) and applying it to levi's relationship is interesting to imagine. so sorry this took forever for me to come out with this, uni and the hells of adulting has been kicking my ass lately – but it's so good to be back!! i hope you enjoy <3
*side note; i'm gonna do this in hc format since i'm not too sure how to create a fic out of this if you don't mind. i put my little twist on this too ><*
Okay for one, Levi is VERY protective of you, in and out of the office. Doesn't matter the time of day, if something is wrong, he knows exactly where to be at the right time.
Anyone giving you a hard time about your quiet demeanor during a meeting? He's quick to speak on your behalf knowing how hard it can be for you to voice out your opinions/thoughts.
But it's not to say that he tries to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone a bit in his own, uniquely levi way. He'll give you a reassuring squeeze of your hand when you find yourself choking up during a discussion or give you a gentle pep talk behind closed doors when you find yourself curled up on his lap during after hours.
"It's okay to speak up about how you feel, you do know that right Y/n?" he whispers with a tender caress of his hand against your cheek down to your jaw.
You nod against him, tracing patterns in the hardness of his defined pectoral, voice slightly muffled but coherent, "Yeah, it's just... hard sometimes and i feel like i shouldn't even be a higher up if i can't do these simple things."
It was frustrating for you at times, but Levi always remained patient.
Tilting your chin up with two of his fingers, he keeps his gaze firm as he his eyes bored into yours, "Don't beat yourself up too much over it okay? It's not something that you can just fix overnight, it takes time and that's okay. I'm right by your side always and I'm so damn proud of how far you've come."
You felt yourself smile and ease at the thought that perhaps, it wasn't all bad. It was going to be okay.
And just as Levi thought, you improved immensely with your confidence that you'd even catch yourself off guard with how surprising it was
Hell, it even got to a point of you defending Levi in every verbal disagreement you'd find yourselves in.
"Don't speak so lowly to Levi like that. Know your place." you say with a dark frown that drew upon your face.
Levi on the other hand, was utterly speechless to see how much you've changed within the span of a few months and he was more than happy to welcome this new side of you.
'That's my girl,' Levi thought to himself as you regarded him with that sweet, sweet smile that melted him into a puddle every time.
You were his precious gem that he would protect, always.
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giannipalumbo1 on ig
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Playboy: The Best of Anna Nicole Smith
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i will collect all the cats mark my words !!!!!!
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Aporte enviado por @ja_vip88 [IG]
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Two funny fellas I drew last night that are coincidentally making very similar expressions. Love draw big smile!
Second character belongs to my friend soup
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Shalom Harlow • Issey Miyake (1996)
© Irving Penn
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Open to you
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➤ (My Fatui boys x G!N Reader) SEPARATE
➤ Warnings: fluff / reverse hurt/comfort with Childe
Tumblr media
Childe wasn’t always so open about his troubles when you started your relationship with him, but I swear, you can see right through his smile when he visits Teucer and his family. The broken hearted yet loving look he gives whenever his younger brother jumps up and down after being given another toy from the “toymaker”.
He’d breakdown when you’re both alone, flooding your heart with his tears as he apologizes again and again for being such a liar and having to bring you into his mess. You don’t mind, really, it’s just, it hurts you to see him so vulnerable. At least, you know how strong he’s being for his family and for you! You give him a reassuring hug, kissing his drenched cheeks as to help calm him down.
Scaramouche isn’t as rough with you. Everyone kind of collectively believes he’d be a softie and also still a brat, but we love him okay. I also headcanon him to be an amazing cook after being alone for so long, so he’d make you meals that turned into your favorite after years of being together.
He quite literally jumps into your arms when he enters your harbinger office. Especially if one of you two have been on a long mission? Yeah he’s running and clinging onto you. He’s like a little puppy!! A little puppy for you to be exact. Still a little bratty but it’s more spoiled than demanding of you…
Dottore drops everything for you. He’s pouring chemicals into a beaker? Or shit, it’s on flour now… He’d blame you for the mess of course. How could you be so god damn attractive? He can’t focus now and because of that, he has to hold you in his arms in private to punish you for distracting him. Lots of people think he’s a horny bitch and all, but I think he’s more touch starved and just a little nerd that is also still quite evil and dangerous. But, the reason why I think he’s gentle with you is because he’s never been treated with such kindness so why not return the favor?
He’d pepper you with kisses you’ve given him before, and would squeeze you in his strong arms just not enough to make you suffocate yk? Maybe a little. But still. He’s a little touch starved nerd that nobody liked until you gave him a chance that he will treasure for ever!
Tumblr media
AAAAAA I LOVE THIS SO MUCH- This is going in favs. Ok but anyways, I hope you enjoyed and I’m sorry for being gone for a while! Writer’s block is a bitch </3
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Friendly reminder that big noses and joined eyebrows are beautiful and cool and if you disagree I will bite you but if you have either I will gift you a cool rock
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