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valeksei · 2 days ago
giggling imma need a size kink with toji fr fr
feminization of toji is getting my tip sticky asf rn no joke
Black Lingerie
Toji never thought he would find someone much taller than him and this intimidating in his life. Even if you were looking down at him with a soft smile, he could feel a chill go up his spine at the look. Just the fact that you were in a relationship with him was still stunning, everyone around you two was shocked by how surprising your couple was.
He was a grumpy man that could go putty into your hands in seconds. It may have happened once that, before he could kill the poor worker with his glare, you wrapped your arm around his waist and he was embarrassed to feel himself relax immediately. The warmth of your large hand was spreading through his body and he was calm in a few seconds. You would still tease him about it occasionally, but anyway.
Toji was a cool-headed and confident man, and keep being that confident around you despite the height difference. It may be one of the reasons you fell for him. Though, he was shyer when you were around sometimes, especially when you would whisper in his ear, making fun of what he was wearing.
He would rarely show how embarrassed he is, except if you like sliding your hand under his pants and tugging at his panties' hem. The soft blush on his face was a blessing to your eyes, and you couldn't stop yourself from teasing him more.
𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕠𝕣 & 𝕓𝕝𝕒𝕟𝕜 𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕘𝕤 𝕕𝕟𝕚
You remember something that happened some months ago, and you can't help but laugh a bit. Completely ignoring the strange look Toji was throwing at you as you were chuckling alone in your shared bed.
It was a simple afternoon, just going outside with your boyfriend. You were waiting in line at a restaurant, standing behind Toji, your hands that were previously placed inside your pockets now resting on his hips. You ignore his glare and his attempt to take your hands off him, and after a while, he gives up and just looks forward, getting annoyed by how slow the line was.
With a cheeky smile, you bend forward, pressing a kiss on his nape as he jumps, placing a hand on the back of his neck, telling you to quit it now. You offer him a sugary sweet smile and just rub his hips with your thumbs, looking away innocently. You could still feel his nasty look on you, but you pretend that you couldn't sense it, looking at the blackboard to choose what you wanted to drink. Toji click his tongue annoyed, pinching your hand before taking out his phone, hoping you would stay still.
You waited for some minutes, innocently, ready to strike again. You were sure he wasn't paying attention to you anymore, and you couldn't help it. With a smirk, you grip over his pants the string of his panties, pulling them before letting them snap against his hips. He gasped, barely having the time to cover his mouth and the moan he was going to let out. You chuckle, taking a step forward, so your chest was pressed against his back, holding his hips so you could whisper in his ears innocently with a soft smile. But Toji hit you with his elbow, moving forward, cursing you under his breath as he tries to ignore his burning cheeks.
He could be intimidating if he wasn't blushing like crazy and almost rubbing his thighs together, making you chuckle even more. Toji would never admit it, but your actions made his body react in a far from innocent way. If you weren't in public, he would be pushing back his ass against your crotch. And yet, he was still tempted to do it, so tempted to just give in. He could feel the front of his panties stick to the inside of his pants now, and the way your fingers were playing with his underwear wasn't helping. Toji took a deep breath before taking a step backwards, having his leg between your own as he moves against you.
You were both so glad that someone was throwing a tantrum at the front of the line, so everyone was focused on them. Toji was trying his best to stifle his moans as he was rubbing himself against you, his hand gripping his length over his pants just adding to the pleasure. And when you gripped his hips to rut against him, he felt his body go weak against yours, and he let his head roll back, hitting your shoulder as he almost moaned out loud. You separated yourself from him immediately, embarrassment taking over as you notice how exposed you were and how far you were going in public.
You don't listen to him as he complains, holding his hips to keep him still as you hope the line will move quickly. And the gods answer your prayers, as only some minutes later, you were ordering, voice wavering as your body was so tensed you thought you were going to lose it. You paid as quickly as you could, rushing into the bathroom of the restaurant without thinking, dragging Toji with you, and you almost threw him inside a stall before slamming the door behind you.
Before Toji could know it, you ripped off his shirt and slide down his pants roughly, showing off the black lingerie he was wearing. The front of his panties was absolutely drenched, and the tip of his cock was crushed against his stomach by the elastic of his underwear. You didn't think for a second before placing the palm of your hand on his tip, rubbing it in a circular motion and chuckling at the noise he was letting out. He became even louder when you bend forward, licking his nipple over the thin material, before biting it gently.
Toji arched his back violently, head hitting the wall behind him as he let out a delicious moan. He gripped your hair, panting as you started sucking on his nipple and the movement of your hand against his cock sped up. He was rutting into your palm by now, completely ignoring the noises of two guys speaking outside, though they went suddenly silent when Toji groaned loudly, spilling into his panties. White fluids leak through the black material, coating your palm and dripping down your wrist and then, the door of the bathroom was slammed close. You tried to stand up but it was impossible.
“Princess, let go of my hair.”
Toji let out a groan of embarrassment as his grip loosens, and you were now able to freely move away. You could feel your scalp burning as he tugged your hair a bit too hard, but yet you still smiled, raising your hand to Toji's mouth, and you watched with satisfaction how he was licking it clean. The way his tongue was swirling around each of your fingers, a dumb look on his face as he was holding onto your wrist pathetically.
As he was going to lick your index, your smirk widen and you shove two of your fingers into his mouth, listening to him gag in amusement. And before he knew it, you grabbed his waist, turning him around and bending him over the sink roughly. Without a care in the world, you move his panties to the side, take out the plug dripping with lube and shove yourself inside, relishing the loudest moan he ever let out.
You refuse to waste a second and slam into him, the sounds of your hips meeting the soft skin of his ass filling the room. He could only cry out, eyes rolling back as both your hands grope his chest, using it as leverage as you rut into him. You weren't even caring about him as you were just chasing after your own pleasure, and this thought made him tighten around you. The feeling of only being used, the way you were calling him a slut and a cum dump, and how you were treating him was bringing tears to his eyes and precum out of his tip.
Toji felt one of your hands sliding down, caressing his torso, digging your nails into his waist before reaching his crotch. He thought you were going to jerk him off, but instead, your fingertip pressed against the head of his cock, rubbing it as if it was a clit. Toji could feel you pulse inside him, murmuring in his ear about how you want to see him squirt, ruin his panties and be a good girl for you. He was so embarrassed, cheeks burning in shame, but he was still so turned on that he squirted out a ridiculous amount of cum onto your finger.
Your laughter was cut off by a groan as he got tighter around you, his face was now resting against the cold wall. His cheeks pressed against it, his mouth wide open, tongue out, and with his eyes rolled back, it was giving him the appearance of a cheap slut. By now, you were more than close, and you were tired of teasing. You murmured his name lovingly, gripping his hair and tugging his head back, making his back arch. And with this new position, your pace got quicker, just railing him until he was almost screaming and your own brain was turning to mush.
His legs were shaking and none of his sentences were coherent anymore, there was no way the people outside didn't know what was happening here. You decided to stop going all the way and just push enough to hit his prostate, the more you hit it, the more he was losing his mind. Your name was the only thing he could say, telling you he was going to be your good girl and cum for you, begging for you to fill him up to the brim.
With a last groan, you slammed all the way in, stilling at the deepest part you could reach before cumming. The warmth was spreading through Toji's body, making him whimper as he felt his body relax. And you could only watch in shock as he just went limp, his mind froze as he released inside his panties with a spurt of cum, the fluid dampening the fabric and leaking down his legs to the ground.
You grabbed the plug, and just after pulling out, you shoved it inside of him. You pressed on it a bit just to listen to Toji's soft moans before helping him put his pants and shirts back on. He was so out of it that he let you do whatever you wanted, completely oblivious to how the front of his pants was sticking to his ruined panties, or how the saliva you left on his bra was also sticking to the inside of his shirt, creating a small patch there. You couldn't help but suck his nipples over his shirt, only making the small spot widen and glisten more.
With a soft kiss on his cheek, you wrapped your arm around his waist, leading him outside the bathroom stall. You meet the eyes of some people that were inside, and they immediately blushed like crazy when they saw you both. How Toji looked fucked out of his mind, barely able to walk by himself, clothes ruined while you were smiling brightly, dishevelled hair and fingers glistening with whatever fluids. You winked before leaving the bathroom, guiding Toji outside the restaurant so you could go home, not caring about the food anymore as you doubt he was able to eat by himself now.
𝕒𝕦𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕣 𝕟𝕠𝕥𝕖: Thank you for reading, reblogs and comments are always appreciated! Please take care of yourself and have a nice day/afternoon/night.
tags: m lazy, will do then tomorrow-
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coldfanbou · a day ago
Unexpected Guest
Tumblr media
It's MoHyo time. So I, uh, changed the story a bit from the prompt I was given. Anyways, there's some degradation going on in here, a little rough sex. breeding. Mommy kink. Uh, it's probably better if you just read it. Hope you can enjoy it!
Length 2.1K
Momo X Jihyo X M reader.
Jihyo’s tits rest in front of you as you lay on her lap; raising yourself from your position, you latch onto one of her nipples. Your tongue swirls around it as you suck on it. Jihyo lets her voice flow out as she moans. “Oh, that’s it, baby. Just like that.” Lately, Jihyo had been into this sort of thing, you sucking on your tits and being called mommy. It was a little awkward at first, considering how you two had been friends since you were kids, but at the same time, you couldn’t resist her. Jihyo had always been beautiful, and you were grateful that you could stay friends with her. Usually, the two of you would meet at a hotel, but this time around, she snuck you into Twice’s dorms. You were hesitant to agree to this, fearing being caught by someone scaring you. Once you had made it into her room, things were fine, and the two of you had gotten to where we found ourselves.
“Do you like sucking on mommy’s tits?” Jihyo says, breaking your train of thought. 
“I love mommy’s tits,” 
Jihyo uses her delicate hand to start stroking your cock. “You’ve been such a good boy for mommy; I need to give you a reward,” Jihyo spoke slowly and, using a low voice, arousing you to no end. Jihyo feeling this, says, “Oh, did my baby love hearing that?” 
“Yes, mommy,” you say; Jihyo moans as you say this, and you start lightly pulling on her nipples.  
“I can’t wait anymore; I need you to fuck mommy.” Jihyo lets go of your cock, and lays back on the bed. As you move, Jihyo spreads her legs. Using her hand spreads her lower lips  “I need my baby to fuck me with his big hard cock. Can you do that for me?” 
You gulp at the sight before you. “Of course, mommy!” Eager to fuck Jihyo, you align yourself with her wet pussy. Pressing the head of cock inside her, you both moan. “That’s it, baby, fuck your mommy.” You press further into Jihyo, her walls latching onto you. “Oh fuck, my baby’s so big, you’re going to stretch mommy out.” You couldn’t restrain yourself any longer. Instead of inching your way in, you thrust your whole cock inside Jihyo, causing her to scream out in pleasure. You start to throw yourself into Jihyo, the sound of your bodies filling the room. Between moans, Jihyo says, “My baby’s being so rough with mommy.” Jihyo pulls you into a quick kiss. As she wraps her legs around you, she says, “I don’t mind it; I could get used to this.” 
“Mommy’s pussy feels so good; I can’t help it.” 
Jihyo kisses you again, her soft lips lingering for a second. “My baby can use my body however he wants.” She repeats, “However he wants, " next to your ear.” This only incites you to get rougher with her as you start thrusting quicker and with more strength, the claps of your bodies growing louder. Unbeknownst to the two of you, Momo was watching through a slight crack in the door; she had heard the sounds of you fucking Jihyo and went to see what was going on in her room. Momo stood there with a hand down her pajama bottoms, fingers well inside as she tried to keep her moans to herself. As you continued to fuck Jihyo, you went back to her big tits. Licking them, sucking them, even softly biting them, leaving some light imprints of your teeth on her tit. Jihyo loved it all as you kept fucking her. You felt yourself nearing your climax.
“Mommy, I’m going to cum.”
“That’s okay, baby; I’m going to cum too. Cum inside, mommy, fill me with your seed” You give Jihyo a few more thrusts before you’re forced to cum inside her. She had never unwrapped her legs from you, so you couldn’t pull out even if you wanted to. As you plunge into Jihyo’s pussy with your final thrust, your cum pours into Jihyo’s awaiting pussy. You fill her so much that when you pull out, some of it immediately starts flowing out of her. 
As you roll off Jihyo, you hear a crash outside the door. Jihyo, not caring for the cum pouring out of her, rushes to the door to find Momo outside on her knees. “Momo, are you alright? what’s wrong?” Momo just nods her head as she tries to stand up. You both notice that Momo had her hand down her bottoms and that there was a large wet spot. Jihyo, not one to shy away, asks her directly. “Momo, were you watching us?” Having been caught, Momo just nods and looks at the floor. Jihyo gives you a look, a look you know well. Jihyo had always made the same face when she had an idea and wanted you to be a part of it. You just nod, knowing that no matter what, you’d end up doing it anyway. Jihyo puts her hand on the younger girl's shoulder. “Momo, would you like to join us? He’ll be good to you, isn’t that right, baby?”
“Yes, mommy,” you respond, a bit embarrassed. Momo tries to refuse, but Jihyo brings her into the room anyway. 
“Momo, you don’t have to be scared about this; I’m fine with sharing him.” Jihyo gets behind Momo, her hand snaking its way down to Momo’s pussy. Momo leans against her as she groans in pleasure, her head rolling back. Jihyo pulls her hand out of Momo’s bottoms and shows you how wet she is. Momo’s juices covered Jihyo’s hand before Jihyo made Momo have a taste of herself. “Momo, why don’t you look over at him?” As Momo’s eyes go towards you, she sees just how hard you got seeing Jihyo tease her like that. “See how hard he is? How hard he is for you?” Jihyo’s hand returns to Momo’s pussy, playing with it again. “Can you imagine his hard cock inside your tight little pussy, Momo? Don’t you want it deep inside you?” Momo nods as she continues to stare at your cock. As you step closer to them, Jihyo has Momo get on her knees. As your cock is mere inches away from Momo, you notice how she’s slowly moving forward, seemingly unaware she’s doing so. You take hold of your cock and point it straight towards Momo’s mouth.
“Does my baby want to use Momo’s mouth?”
“Yes, mommy, but I think Momo’s trying to make the first move.” 
“Oh, we can’t have that; my baby deserves to use the slut that was watching us.” Jihyo gently holds Momo’s head in place while you slap her face with your cock, getting some cum on her. Momo doesn’t resist, instead opening her mouth and looking at you with pleading eyes. You slap her tongue a couple of times to let her get a taste of you before you fill her mouth with your cock. Momo’s mouth was tighter than you expected, but that didn’t stop you from pushing yourself down her throat. As Momo struggles to breathe, Jihyo gives her instructions to relax. As Momo's throat relaxes, you’re given the space to start bucking your hips. Momo starts to use her tongue to lick the sides of your cock as you continue to use her, her moans causing some pleasurable vibrations. “That’s it, baby, use her mouth like the cocksleeve it is,” Jihyo says before she licked the cum off Momo’s cheeks. As you keep thrusting every inch of your cock into Momo’s mouth, you see her tear up a little as she struggles to breathe. Every few thrusts, you pull your cock out of Momo’s mouth and slap her face with it.
“You like being treated like a slut don’t you, Momo?” 
Between breaths, she responds, “I love it; I want to be your slut forever.”
“Did you hear that, mommy? She wants to be my slut”
“I heard. If she wants to be my baby’s slut maybe you should breed her.”
Hearing that, Momo's head shoots up. “Yes! Breed me! Please!” 
Jihyo and you both smile; hearing Momo agree was a great feeling. “Maybe we should start breeding her now, Mommy.” 
“I think we should,” Jihyo says as she helps Momo onto the be; Jihyoo sits on Momo's face and, from that position, spreads Momo’s legs wide open for you. “You want him to breed you so badly, Momo? Well, I’m not just waiting on the side; you’ll eat me out the entire time he pumps his seed into you.” While that’s going on, you rub your cock against Momo’s shaved pussy; you aren’t going to be gentle and instead thrust everything in all at once. Momo screams into Jihyo’s pussy, causing her to moan. “That’s it, baby, make this bitch scream, make her scream for more.” You enjoy the feeling of Momo’s pussy; whereas Jihyo’s walls would welcome you, Momo’s pussy had a lot of resistance as you struggled to thrust in. As Jihyo grinds into Momo’s face, you steal a kiss from her. Your tongues match each movement, and the woman under you starts to spasm as you feel her tighten around your cock. 
“I think she came, Mommy.”
“What a bad girl; we’ll have to train her not to do that.” You start to pull at Jihyo’s nipples, causing her to near her climax as Momo expertly ate her out. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Momo, you better not miss a drop!” She screams before cumming all over Momo’s face. Jihyo’s body slumps over you as you keep pounding Momo. You’re the last one to orgasm, and as you do, you yell to Momo, “I’m cumming, Momo; I’m going to make sure to give you a baby.” You impale Momo with your cock hitting her womb as your seed floods into her. You hear Momo moan, “Yes! Give me a baby! Knock me up!” Pulling out of Momo, you feel satisfied with your work as cum rushes out of her. You roll over to the side, bringing Jihyo with you. You all fall asleep as you lay there, tired.
Weeks go by where you don’t see Jihyo, her busy schedule keeping her away. Then you check social media and see news that Jihyo and Momo will not be able to participate in the next comeback due to health issues. Worried you call Jihyo and ask if she’s alright, her response was to come to the dorms tomorrow. Sneaking in once again, you see a congratulations sign as Jihyo and Momo spring confetti over you. 
“What’s this about Jihyo? What’s going on?” 
“You mean you can’t guess? It’s me and Momo that are taking a break…you know the two you cummed inside of?” Just then, it clicks in your head. 
“You mean?”
“Yeah, we’re pregnant, and you’re the father. You really took the breeding thing to heart, didn’t you?” Jihyo responds. “If it had to be someone getting me pregnant, I’m glad it’s you. I know you’ll do what’s best, and on the off chance you try to run away, I know where you live.” Jihyo says in a joking voice. 
Tugging on your shirt, you turn to hear, “If Jihyo trusts you, so will I” Momo stands there looking up at you with sincerity. 
“I- Of course, I’ll do my best for you all,” you say with determination. The rest of the day is spent discussing plans and what to do in the future after they have the children and need to return to their idol life. As the year passed, Jihyo and Momo moved out of the dorms to live in the countryside to avoid any attention. You would stay there whenever you could to help them, along with the other twice members who would support their pregnant members. After Jihyo and Momo gave birth, they would sometimes come to you saying that they still had a lot of milk left in their tits and needed someone to help them, It was always just a guise that led to sex, but you enjoyed it nonetheless. Tonight was one of those nights.
“Daddy, We need your help again.” You hear Momo call from the doorway, where she stands in a sheer nightgown alongside Jihyo, who wore the same thing. The two of them went on either side of you and dropped their gowns. You see, their tits are leaking a little milk. 
“Alright, we know the drill. Come here, you two.” You say with a smile.
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lone-wolf-nergiganos · 2 days ago
Like and reblog if you can relate to this
GN and Male Readers when they search for a Male Reader story but comes across a Female Reader story for the 20th time:
Tumblr media
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falsesubmission · a day ago
ᴷⁱⁿᵏᵗᵒᵇᵉʳ ᴰᵃʸ ²🎃
Creampie w Sana
male!reader x sana
contains: wife!sana, kitchen sex, unprotected sex, light begging, creampie
word count: >1k
Tumblr media
Your wife had been needy all day, constantly doing things just so you would reward her. The small girl had made you a nice breakfast- with nothing but an apron over her curvy body. She also put up Halloween decorations in order to get in the spirit, although it was only the beginning of October. She deserves nothing but the best reward you could offer.
Clothes were scattered on the floor, along with the juices that spilled out of Sana as you fucked into her with your thick cock. The sounds of tv static filling in the other room. She was bent over the kitchen island’s countertop, with hands desperately flailing around to grab onto something so she wouldn’t lose herself to the mind numbing pleasure you were giving her.
Her high pitched squeals and whines filled the kitchen- decorated with cute but cheesy Halloween ghosts, bats, and pumpkins- along with the sounds of wet skin slapping together. You planted your feet sternly into the ground so you could plow her properly, and hit that special spot inside of her.
A loud gasp followed by a guttural moan left the poor girl as soon as you found what you were searching for. It was good, so good to the point she was shaking, eyes rolling to the back of her head. You had lost count of the many times her pussy clamped down rhythmically onto your member, thighs shaking as she came all over you.
You couldn’t take it anymore. Your balls were throbbing as your cock ached for release. Every time you pounded her juicy cunt, wetness would splash around your member and drip onto the floor. With hands tightly gripping her slim waist, and pleasure spiking up your core, you grunted out.
“Fuck… ‘m gonna fill you up so good…”
Her puffy clit was getting abused by the constant slap of your testicles, heavy with cum begging to be released. Sana mewled out, whispering desperate yes’ and pushing her hips back into your thrusts. You’ve never gave her a creampie before, but the little squirrel was so good today, she only deserved the thickest, creamiest load. You only gave a few more sloppy thrusts before completely letting loose.
“I can’t wait any longer… Give me your cum!”
You moaned out as your orgasm finally hit you, like a fucking truck. Your hips spasmed as you gave her everything you had, rewarding her for being such an amazing wife today. Three strong ropes of white sperm painted Sana’s pink walls completely white. Two more were given, filling her to the absolute brim. The last few spurts of your cock left her absolutely dripping of your cum.
Sana had never felt anything like this before. The feeling of having hot semen flood her pussy was addicting, almost too addicting. She squeezed every last drop out of your spent cock, making sure to not waste any. Sana was practically drooling at the feeling of your cum pouring out of her tight cunt, running down her inner thighs and onto the floor.
“It’s sho gooey and w-warm, fuck…I love it…”
Your baby batter sloshed around in her flat tummy, creating a small bulge. Once your soft cock slipped out of her used cunt, you admired the thick globs of white that came splashing down onto the floor. Sana was completely fucked out, nothing but a panting and shaking mess. A beautiful mess that is.
“Y-You… n-need to cum… i-inside… everytime… Oh fuck~”
You kneeled down and soothed her bare red bum with kisses while she sobbed out about how warm it felt inside. For a moment, your mouth had gotten dangerously close to her cream-filled puffy pussy, but you would have to save that for another night.
“Mmm, I didn’t know my good girl loved such a nice, warm creampie~”
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cosmicscrib · 2 days ago
Hi could I request a nayeon smut please
Lucky Alternate
Tumblr media
TWICE Nayeon ✘ M Reader
Smut, Oral, Creampie, Mirror Sex
Length 2.2K Words
A/N: This piece is sitting on my draft and finally given thought to finish it because someone requested it lol
Also thank you for 270+ followers yoohooo!
It's been a while since you resigned from your last work, and now you're just scrolling through some email that you received because you thought about being bored for not doing anything; lying in your bed, waking up, eating, playing through your PlayStation, and repeating, that's your daily routine which makes you sick and bored.
An email popped up from your friend that is currently a cameraman of JYP Entertainment telling you about the 3-day job, He told you that he has a job to do but he can't go to work because he has a fever at the moment. Your friend asks you for a favor to be his substitute for his work. At first, you hesitate because you thought it would be a hard job for you although you have an experience before at SM Entertainment, you just don't know how it works with the other company.
Your friend begs you to do it for him and promised you that he will help you in your future job search. At the end of his message, you noticed that he also includes the work that you will have to do and it says "You're just going to film Im Nayeon for her solo comeback" and you didn't even finish that sentence and you replied to him,
"Alright, I'm in."
Driving to the location where your friend told you to go for the shoot and he also told you that the camera director will wait for you and will greet you. 15 minutes after and you finally arrived at the location.
"You must be that one friend that one of our crew told us to sub on his work, what's your name?" The unknown guy approaches you as you walk through the entrance of the building.
"I'm Y/N, and yes it's me. He told me that he's sick right now." He offers his hand for a handshake and you think that he must be the camera director that your friend told you about a while ago.
"Okay cool! Let's go inside and I'll introduce you to the others so that you'll work comfortably with us." Smiles at you and then showed you the way inside. As you enter the building, all of the staff bows down at you, and as a sign of respect, you did the same thing to them. The camera director explains to you what will you do when you start to shoot and you just nod as you agree with him. Later on, The staff starts to clap like they're cheering someone that is coming and as soon as you looked behind you, Nayeon appears. Your eyes both meet and she gives you a smile that made your jaw drop.
"Okay let's start!" The camera director shouts which made you flinch and start holding the camera. You are on her left side and she's just focusing on the center, Nayeon starts posing and you gulped a couple of times because you're just distracted by how she poses. You heard from your headset that the camera director told you to slowly focus on her face and down to her feet and you did as he told.
You can clearly see how she looks at you and gave a smirk and again you gulped. 10 mins after the shoot, It's time for her to change so you took it as a chance to get some rest but you noticed that she was heading your way and she offers you the tissue she hold, you just froze for a second by her action but you immediately bow to her as a thank you response. You noticed that Nayeon wrote something on the tissue before you even wipe it on your face.
"Follow me through the dressing room, make sure that you're not followed by anyone." You're eyes widened after you read that letter because you don't know how she even wrote in the middle of the shoot and looked around making sure that no one is looking at the tissue you were holding. You walk carefully towards the dressing room and before you knock the door opens and Nayeon appears with her black top and pink shorts. She pulled you inside and looked from left to right making sure that you were not followed and closed the door.
"What's the matter? Did I-" Before you even finish what you were about to say, She grabs both of your shoulders and pushed you to the wall.
"I know what you're doing back there, Am I that beautiful to you?" Nayeon asks while her hands go down to your shaft which made you hold your breath for a sec and you try to look down at her hand that is lightly pinching your manhood inside your pants.
"Nayeon, I think this is not appropriate. Someone will-" Nayeon immediately stops you from talking by locking her finger on your lips and leaning forward to your ear.
"If you don't want us to be caught, then don't be too loud." She whisper to you and then gave a light bite on your ear that made you lose your mind. You can't believe what's just happening, you try to pinch your legs but you're not waking up from the dream and convinced yourself that it is not a dream. So you grab her from behind and carry her for you to be able to put her on the countertop.
"You sure you want this?" You ask her one last time and she just kisses you torridly like it's the answer to your question about her.
"Before I arrived here, They told me about one substitute from the cameramen so I will make you comfortable to work with me. I hope this will help you" she broke from your kisses and starts to lick your neck so you lean to the side to give her more access. You started caressing her tits which made her moan a little bit.
"I thought you don't want to get caught?" You smirk and pull her. Nayeon kneels in front of you and she unbuckles your pants.
"we have 15 minutes, I dare you to make me cum before they start to call me." She said while stroking your hardened cock, Nayeon kisses your swollen head which made you groan. You closed your eyes to the sensation she gave you but you open again to make a picture of her in your memory while giving you a head. Nayeon starts to suck your cock slowly while looking at you.
"Oh my fucking God- Nayeon" You moan quietly and she smiles from what she just heard from you while your cock is disappearing into her mouth. Nayeon started to bob her head up and down, you can feel her tongue licking the underside of your cock which made you feel the edge of cumming. You realized what she just said earlier so you pushed yourself once more inside her mouth and pull her up; facing the mirror and you pull her pants down. You position yourself behind her and Nayeon immediately grabs your cock and she slides her wet pussy onto you which made both of you let out a long moan that echoes to the entire room.
"Fuck you're so big inside, fuck me harder" Nayeon grabs your hand on her waist and looks at you in the mirror.
"Shit Nayeon, you're so tight!" You said while pistoning her from behind, You grab her waists with both of your hands to thrust harder into her pussy.
"Oh my- Yes I'm cumming please don't stop" Nayeon whines and grabs your hand harder and you can feel her pussy getting tight. She quivers on your cock as she reaches her orgasm but you continue to thrust into her pussy because you can feel yourself coming too but suddenly someone knocks on the door. You immediately look behind and Nayeon is still on her orgasm.
"Nayeon are you ready? The new setup is finally finished" You look shocked but luckily the door is locked by her.
"Y-yeah I heard you, but my makeup artist is still not here to change my make up so please wait a little longer" Nayeon tries to recover from her orgasm by standing up straight and leaning towards you. You can hear the girl start to walk away so you look back at Nayeon.
"That was so good, you make me cum in just a couple of minutes" You can see her smile from the mirror while her eyes are closed.
"Too bad we're out of time, maybe the next 15 minutes will do" Nayeon pulls herself from your cock and you can see her juices coming out and dripping down to her thighs. You try to pull her back but someone knocks again.
"Come out when we're going to the set, Don't get caught" she pushed you to the cabinet and gives you a kiss on your lips one more time before closing the door. You can hear what's her makeup artist asking about the thing on her thighs.
"Uh- I'm drinking my water earlier but it accidentally spilled, that's why" Later on they come out from the room and you start to fix yourself and got out too without being noticed by someone. You start to shoot Nayeon a video and you know that she purposely spreads her legs for you because you can see her little smirk after she did that which made your shaft hard again. After a couple of takes, the camera director announced 20 minutes. Your eyes met with Nayeon and she just smiles at you, She told her makeup artist to buy her some food outside.
"You now have plenty of time, thank me later" As she passed by beside you. You asked the camera director where the comfort room is but you headed your way to the dressing room. You didn't knock and go inside that made her flinch in her seat.
"Are you that excited?" Nayeon asks and laughs at your sudden action. You walk toward her and catch her lips with yours, She grabs behind your head and caresses your hair.
"You're so hot, now cum with me" She said and wiping all the makeup kits from the countertop and sit there while spreading her legs wide open, Nayeon just move her panties to the side so you can have a look at her still wet pussy. You unbuckle your pants for the second time and walk toward her.
"Stop teasing me, we only have a limited time so stop playing. Fuck me already" Nayeon whimpers as you slide the underside of your cock to her clit and you can feel her quivers. You slowly slide inside her pussy and both of you groan as your cock starts to disappear once again into her pussy.
"Fuck- this is the best cock that ever enters inside me, shit! Fuck me harder" She moans as you start to pound her wet pussy a little harder. You lean forward to kiss her and she crosses her arm on your neck giving each other a passionate kiss while thrusting hard. The room is filled with moans and gasps not everyone knowing that you two are fucking inside Nayeon's dressing room.
"Y-yes that's so fucking good, keep fucking that little pussy" Nayeon whimpers in every deep thrust you make. Her pussy starts to feel tight as you feel yourself cumming.
"Nayeon I- fuck! I think I'm gonna cum" You said as her pussy crushing your cock inside her.
"Fuck I'm cumming too, Cum inside me. Empty your balls inside me baby- fuck!" Nayeon locks her legs to your waists preventing you to pull out. You thrust deep into her pussy to shoot your juices inside her walls and she quivers as she reaches her orgasm as well. You rest your head on her shoulder and still push yourself deeper inside her making sure that no juice will escape.
"Ohhh that was fucking good, I hope that you stay with the company so you can fuck me every time we have a comeback" She said while kissing your ear. You pull yourself from her and you can see both of your cum dripping down to the countertop of her makeup table and both of you just laugh at the scenery you saw. After cleaning up yourselves, Her makeup artist knocked on the door so you rushed inside the wardrobe.
After a couple of minutes, They're done preparing for the next and last scene of the video. Nayeon asks her makeup artist to go outside first and she will follow after a couple of minutes and told her to lock the door for her. She headed her way to the wardrobe and as soon as she opens the door, she gives you a passionate kiss and you can feel her hands putting something inside your pants while kissing you.
Nayeon leaves the dressing room and you pull out the paper that she put inside your pocket.
A cellphone number with a message below saying "Call me whenever you want, You're lucky I love your cock fucking my pussy" and you smiled at what you just read. You came out of the dressing room and finished the day shooting Nayeon's solo comeback.
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cruxifyyy · 2 days ago
🎃❛𝘫. 𝘣𝘺𝘦𝘳𝘴
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
【 ❥ 】 pairing…Jonathan byers x male!reader
【 ❥ 】 day one…face fucking
【 ❥ 】 content warning…smut, cursing, cheating, Wheeler!reader, praise
【 ❥ 】 word count…400
【 ❥ 】 author’s note…yay! Day one lesssgooo
kinktober list
Tumblr media
“F-fuck,” you groaned into the palm of your hand. Big brown doe eyes stared back up at you, tears brimming them. You glanced down at him with a smirk on your face. “Aw, is my dick too big for you, Byers?”
“You like this, huh? Me using your throat like you’re a fucking toy,”
“You like this, huh? Me using your throat like you’re a fucking toy,”
“You like this, huh? Me using your throat like you’re a fucking toy,”
Jonathan groaned and reached into his pants. The sound sends vibrations to your cock. “Fuckk…feels so…g-good,”
Jonathan felt himself grow harder, his length growing in his pants. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, you stopped your moments but still held Jonathan’s hair. Your pubic hairs are just barely brushing against the skin below his nose.
“Yeah?” you answered through the door.
“Have you seen Jonathan? He walked out of my room but hasn’t come back,” Nancy answered with a huff.
Jonathan slid his tongue over your girth, his hand wrapping around the base. You grit your teeth and look down at the brunette. Innocent eyes looking back up at you. You then focused your attention back on the door. “Maybe he stepped outside,” you pretended to guess.
Your grip on Jonathan’s hair loosened. Heavy breaths left your lips as you continued to jerk your hips forward. Your body moved at a brutal pace as you felt your climax coming.
“Yeah, maybe,” your sister sighed and walked away from the door. You gave your attention back to Jonathan whoose free hand was still wrapped around the base of your cock.
“Soo…fucking good,” you moaned, still abusing the boy’s throat. You threw your hand over your mouth as strings of cum shot from your length; your voice barely muffled by your palm.
You slowly slipped out of the warmth of the Byers’s mouth. Jonathan coughed and gagged on the fluid but still swallowed most of it. Some of it dribbling down his chin and dropping onto his now exposed erection.
“You were such a good boy for me, Byers. So why don’t I help you out now?”
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eddiesbun · 15 hours ago
Say Eddie survives; he would have bite scars. Reader catches him looking at the ones on his neck or he's looking at his ribs so Reader covers him in kisses and leaves their own marks to show he's still wanted and attractive.
Still pretty <3
Tumblr media
Sorry for bullying you Negan 🫶🏽
Warnings! : scars, slight NSFW hints, insecure poodle boy, small hickeys, slight biting, after vecna, Eddie’s Alive in this yall, again, my apologies 💕
Tumblr media
You watched your boyfriend examining himself in the mirror in his room, your eyes focusing on his ribs and neck as he poked at them. After the attack from the bats, the scars from the bites were immediately visible. You didn’t complain, obviously, you thought he looked bad ass.
But to Eddie, they were surprisingly unwanted, well not surprisingly who would want chunks of their torso ripped out, but to you they looked cool. You got up from your spot on the bed, walking up behind him and wrapping your arms around his chest, trapping him against you.
“What’s eating you, Munson?”, you spoke against his neck, watching as a small frown fell upon his lips.
“Bats, they’ve already eaten me apparently.”, I mean, he had a point there. You let out a mumble of a response into his neck, staring into his brown eyes in the mirror. “Well, I think you look pretty sick”, you spoke into his skin, eyes trailing down his body as you looked over the scars. The metal head let out a groan of annoyance, turning himself around to bury his own face in your neck. “I look like a zombie”, he grumbled against you.
You chuckled, hoisting him up by his waist and he instinctively wrapped his legs around yours. You turned to his bed, slowly making your way over to you before gently setting him down. He stared at you, his Bambi eyes doing it right back in confusion. You smirked at him, before slowly getting on your knees in front of him, a pink tone dusting his face. You slowly spread his legs, moving yourself closer to him.
Eddie stared down at you with a flustered face, a Cheshire grin planting itself on your own. You slowly moved your head forward, before kissing at his stomach softly. He gave a confused noise, before you slowly felt him relax. You moved closer to the scar on the right side of his abdomen, planting a soft kiss on it before moving to the other side, repeating the same action.
You moved up on his left side, kissing at the bigger scar gently as you stared up at him. He gave you an embarrassed look, almost covering his face with his ringed hand as he stared back at you. You moved slightly away from the scar, softly biting at his skin, a small whimper tumbling from his lips. You continued to slowly bite into him, sucking on his skin before pulling away, looking at the new mark on his torso.
You gently grabbed his hand that was near his face, bringing it down to his thigh to have a better view of him. God, he was so pretty. You continued your small marks, moving up to his shoulder as you lifted yourself off the ground just the tiniest bit. You kissed softly at his skin, the quiet noises leaving his mouth fueling your drive to do something more than bite and mark.
After, placing a final kiss to his neck, you stood, placing a gentle kiss to his forehead.
“Still as pretty as ever, Munson”
Tumblr media
This request is kinda old so sorry it’s late
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houndslayr · a day ago
The Kamisato lap dogs 🔞
Tumblr media
M.list | Rules | Navi. | Kinktober |
Gender: Male reader
Pair(s): Ayato x Shiba hybrid!Reader x Thoma
Warning(s): 18+, slight bdsm, whipping with crop, tied up reader, dom!bottom Ayato, very sub!top reader, switch Thoma, mentions of blood, buff reader, completely consensual, mentions of knots, slight blow job, slight finger fucking, pet names, slight pet play, both reader and Thoma have collars
Summary: You were a lap dog of the Kamisato clan with Thoma but unlike him, you fucked up a lot, and maybe this time you had fucked up way too much making Ayato a little too mad.
A/N: I have a Shiba Inu and she is horrid if you want to do something she doesn't want to do, wanna wash her? Well, she is gonna have a screaming fit as you try to catch her, stubborn as a bull. Anyway, I might make a pt.2 this was originally supposed to be much longer and go in deeper, so if yall want a pt2 or I get bored enough ill make it. Might go back and change a few things later when I'm not running on 4 cups of coffee and a energy drink that has been left out for a day
Words: 1,479
Fem aligned, yaoi/fujoshi supporters, pro/comshippers, mlm fetishizers dni
[Not proof read or checked]
The two lap dogs of the Kamisato clan, one a foreigner who got lost among the raging howling seas of Inazuma and the other a street rat mutt with no regard for respecting others and doing what he's told. Both are loyal to their master Kamisato Ayato, the fierce ruler of a large clan that controlled the island of Narukami. The two vow to stay by Ayato's side and protect him from any harm that may come his way. Thoma is the more "trained" one, always at Ayato's beck and command while (y/n) is the one often in trouble. The stubborn Shiba-eared human challenges Ayato against almost everything, wanting to do stuff his way.
The two stand on either side of Ayato's "throne", as a leader of a way smaller gang kneels before him asking to make a negotiation with the larger clan. Ayato's face rest against his leaning hand as he speaks with the man, a blank stare resting on his face. The uninterested (Y/n) stared at his master's tattooed hand as he impatiently counts the seconds till this meeting would be over. He was never really interested in listening to these slobs beg for mercy after wronging Ayato foolishly, all he cared about was laying down while Thoma made dinner.
Your ears were pinned back as he starts to get restless, starting to fidget around. A light tug on your collar makes you look over to Ayato who shoots you a warning look, you are on your 2nd strike after almost ruining the previous 2 meetings; one more, and you were fucked. You let out a little whiny huff, settling back down and finally looking at the poor bloke in front of Ayato. He was offering up his wife or daughter for Ayato to marry, you couldn't really care what his deal was, you just wanted him to shut up.
Looking over at Thoma you see that he looked unamused as well, then a thought popped up in your mind that made you smirk a little. You shift a little bit over and nudge him with your foot, at first he wouldn't look over but when he did he shot you the same warning look Ayato did. You just rolled your eyes before pulling him by the collar on his neck, hiding your faces behind the big throne. "What do you want?" He quietly snaps at you knowing that look on your face, the look you get when you are brewing up a plan. "Can you distract Ayato for me pleaseeee?" You pleadingly whisper back to him, with the biggest puppy eyes you could muster. "No, I'm not getting in trouble for your actions again." With a huff you let go, crossing your arms as you return to your previous position beside Ayato.
About halfway through the meeting, something catches your eye, the weaker gang leader's bag is slightly moving. Finally, the culprit shows itself as a small cat, a growl rips out of your throat as your eyes narrow on the small mammal. Before Ayato or Thoma could comprehend the growl you launch at the bag, the leash slipped out of Ayato's hand letting you loose. Knocking the wind out of the man as you land on him trying to get the cat as it shoots out of the bag and into the hallway, you follow right after it growling and barking.
Ayato lets out a frustrated groan, he was through with you messing things up; it was time you learned your lesson. He sent Thoma to catch you as he helped the man who either had a broken wrist or just hurt it really bad. Thoma had finally found you at the base of a tree in your shiba form barking wildly at the cat who was in the branches swatting at you. Thoma picks you up by the scruff scolding you before helping the cat out of the tree, placing it on his shoulders away from you. "You've fucked up this time big boy, the master is beyond pissed," He warned you in a worried tone, he knows it was your fault you are in this position but even then Ayato looked furious.
Thoma drops the cat off with the man who gave you a livid look, his right hand bandaged up. "Look, I am so sorry that this happened and I will deal with him properly." Ayato apologizes to the man before sending him off with a bag of mora, saying that he would love to meet at a later date to discuss some other stuff. You feel piercing blue eyes on you within seconds, the way Ayato looks at you makes you scared shitless, you had never seen him look at you like that; not ever. "Thoma follow me, looks like I didn't train this puppy enough."
"Yes, my lord" Thoma nods at him, as you start to squirm in his arms trying to get out, alarms going off in your mind. The two of them bring you to a room, it was the one you stayed at when Ayato had first brought you here after you were caught stealing from his clan. "Close the door and set him down, Thoma. (Y/n) human form now and don't make me repeat myself." You get set down and not ready to make him madder you shift back to your human form kneeling, your ears and tail drooping down in shame. "Please master please, I didn-" You try to plead only to get cut off by Ayato. "No, you need to be taught how to behave. I thought you were a good boy but you've been so bad (y/n)" He clicks his tongue at the end as he searches for stuff in a dresser drawer, before pulling out a leather crop and some red rope.
"Undress now. And Thoma once he is done tie him up." Ayato tosses Thoma the red rope, and the blond hair male walks around to the back of you. You shake your head in denial of Ayato's request to you, but immediately you regretted it as Ayato shoots you a look before briskly walking over to you. He roughly grabs a hold of your hair making you look up into his eyes, the look in his eyes was dead serious; if you didn't know you had fucked up well you knew then. He grabs Thoma's hand making him hold your head back, as your master summons his water sword and cuts your shirt and pants off leaving you gasping as a small drop of blood runs down your chest from where he nicked you a little.
A gasp was ripped from you as the cold of the air hits the warmth of your exposed body, trying to soak it all up. Thoma lets go of your hair giving you back to Ayato who makes sure you stayed still as the other tied you up. Now you were sitting there on your knees, your hands tied behind your back, the boxers you had on discarded to the side with the other mangled pieces of cloth. "Now, let's get to the real fun." The way your master smiled sent a shiver down your spine as you wiggle around in the ropes. He picks up the black leather crop, running it along your pecs, down your abs, and onto your thighs. Without warning he brings it down onto your soft skin, a yowl of pain comes from you. Not giving you another moment he brings it down on the other thigh, a whimper escapes you as he keeps switching thighs by the time he gets bored your face was tear-streaked, light sobs making their way out.
Taking your chin in his hand, running his pale thumb over your bottom lip signaling for you to open. Not wanting to displease your master anymore you open up, watching him undo his pants with one hand, pulling out his hard cock. He looks behind you with an amused look, "You having fun back there?" You turn your head, ears popped up seeing Thoma jacking off to the sight before him. "If you'd like Thoma, you can start to stretch me out. Lord knows how big this puppy's knot is." Thoma nods and makes his way around both of you, taking off all his clothes and pulling Ayato's pants and underwear down to his ankles starting to prep him. Ayato grips your chin harder, bringing your face closer, resting his cock on your plump lips. His thumb strokes your cheek, pushing his cock slowly into your mouth before he is fully seated in your mouth, your nose soaking in his musk. He lets you rest your jaw and get comfortable before slowly moving back out and in, Thoma getting in rhythm with Ayato as he stretches his master out with his long fingers.
Yeah, that's all I'm doing rn, btw tell me if I need to correct something
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mariondeux · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CW ; NSFW, Professor-student relationship, exhibitionism, dirty talk, desk sex
PAIRING ; Professor!Leo Tsukinaga x Student!Male!Reader
A/N ; Day two done!
Tumblr media
Pencils, papers, and other little stationery supplies scattered across the desk and some even laid about on the floor as your professor, Mr. Tsukinaga, had you bent over your desk. Your hand pressed against your mouth to muffle your moans as your professor's cock fucked into you erratically, causing the desk under you to creak along with his thrusts. Your free hand held onto the edge of the desk tightly so you wouldn’t practically fall off his desk.
“Fucking slut — Look at you, trying to hide your whorish moans.. Shit! You’re bent over your own professor's desk and getting fucked like a common whore. Bet you like this, huh? Tell me how long you’ve dreamed of being in this position,” Leo growled into your ear, gripping onto your hips harshly to bounce against his thrusts. Few strands of hair stuck to his sweaty forehead, tightly knitted brows showed on his face as he concentrated on making you practically see the other side.
Leo could stir up your insides without even needing to stuff his length inside of you. All he had to do was talk dirty into your ear and you’d fold. You could get addicted to this sort of risque situation. Who knows? A student could come in to talk to Mr. Tsukinaga and they’d catch both of you in the act. 
You were so angry before over how your friend ratted you out to your professor, but now you’re quite happy your friend had done that now. Hell, you could even repeatedly thank your friends! It hadn't changed the fact that they ratted you out, but at least there was a positive in the situation. Without that happening, you wouldn’t be here with your beloved professor’s cock, fucking you with need. And god, did you soak all of it right up. You never wanted to forget this moment. Maybe you could even get your professor’s number to hook up some more or even hopefully be a thing.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST ; @exhokai @shuvies @venniin @leeuxry @s1cklyang3l @4kumaa @ambassadoro @noahrandom @mayoisilly @1694 @ajaints @berrycolaa @Mikonyu @twst-rui @trulyminervas @trulyamane @kytesakuma @procrastination-is-my-profession @saikisolosgoku @maharutolol @maxx0inwonderland @Chiakiiyi @resluv
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amethystxbae · 2 days ago
I need a Mina x m reader fic or HC where y/n is a new student who befriends Mina and eventually they end up becoming fuck buddies. But Mina wasn't expecting the shy and sweet to be as dominant as they are (which is very).
Pls and thank you and have a fantabulous day 😊💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐅𝐔𝐂𝐊 𝐁𝐔𝐃𝐃𝐈𝐄𝐒~ ♡ │mina ashido.
❥ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: sub!bottom!mina x dom!top!male reader
❥ 𝐟𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐦: bnha ׀ 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: smut ׀ 𝐰/𝐜: 1254 ׀ 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭: oneshot
❥ 𝐜𝐰: friends with benefits, unprotected sex, aheago, praise, aftercare, comfort, cum marking, begging, back scratching, squirting, rough sex. All characters are above 18 in this fic!
❥ 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: You have a fantabulous day too anon! I hope that you enjoy this oneshot as much as I did. ^^💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you and mina hit it off as friends the moment you two met. you both made each other laugh your lungs out, train and work out together, and comfort each other whenever either of you felt down. she was your best friend, and you were hers.
and it was your job as her best friend to make her feel good, emotionally and physically.
you were the one who brought up the option of being friends with benefits to mina, saying that it could be a way of reliving stress and that it could be a way to comfort one another. you gave her time to think about your preposition, and she soon agreed to become fuck buddies with you.
you two would privately meet up together at least every once or twice a week whenever either one of you want to fuck. right now was one of those nights, and the reason for that being that mina got stood up on a date that she was suppose to go to, but the dickhead never showed up. she was feeling sad and rejected since she really liked the guy, so she called you to meet up and to comfort her. by fucking her brain into mush.
"that bum was an idiot, how could he ditch such a pretty girl with a perfect pussy as this?" just thinking about that guy made your pounding rougher, making mina cry out and dig her nails into your shoulder. you were making her feel so good, you were comforting her by drilling into her tight hole just the way she liked it, making her feel appreciated and hot at the same time.
"a-am i really pretty?─ah!─ do you r-really mean it?" mina looked at you with lust filled eyes as well as with a desperate questioning look to go along with her desperate question. your thrusts slowed down and you looked down at her with soft eyes and smile that her heart feel warm.
"mina, you're the coolest girl i've ever met. you've got a perfect body," you thrusted into her cunt, and you were rewarded by a beautiful moan, "a perfect face," -thrust- her gummy walls pulsed around your dick, "a perfect personality," -thrust- her arms and legs tighten around you, "you. are. perfect." with every word you said you speared your cock into mina's cunt, her eyes crossed when you hit her g-spot and babbles out incoherent words as she whines and drags her nails down from your shoulders to your back.
you let out a deep groan at the delicious pain of your best friend scratching your back as well as her walls tightening around you. if only that asshole could see what he missed out on. mina's body was covered in a thin layer of sweat, her big tits were so round and so squishable, her pussy was as tight as a vice and deliciously wet, and her expressions whenever you pound into her sweet spot were so hot and slutty. how could anyone ditch such a fine girl as mina? well, he missed his chance, and you would make sure that your friend feels like a queen.
"(y-y/n)‒ ahn!‒ fuck me harder! please! i-i need it!" mina pleaded in a loud and desperate voice, she moved her hands to hold onto your neck as her hips raise to meet your dick in a fast unbalanced pace. all while moaning like a 2-cent paid whore. your mouth curved into a smirk as your hands grabbed onto her plush pink ass and pulled your cock out of her pussy until your tip was just on her wet lips, she whined at the emptiness and was just about to protest until you said, "how can i reject pleas from my best friend? you want it faster, harder, rougher? you got it."
as soon as you said that you spear your dick into her as deep as you could and started drilling into her without any mercy. mina's back arches, her body possessed by her own pleasure as she holds onto the bed sheets for stability. her face twisting in euphoric bliss, her insides were being abused by your length as she presses her naked body closer to yours.
she is close, you know she is. from the way her pussy clenches around you to the way her body squirms and shakes as her tits and ass bounce along with your thrusts. you're no better, you can feel your tip dripping pre and marking her already wet walls as your balls tighten.
"Your cock feels─ uh!─ s-so fucking good! ah! i-im close, so close (y/n)!" you acknowledge her words with a grunt, your thrust became harder and faster as you were desperate to reach you and mina's releases. mina tries to say something else but they are overtaken by her own gasps and moans. her body completely gives itself to your cock and her head rolls back onto the pillows.
"I'm gonna- gonna-!" the knot in her tummy finally snaps, and she squirts around your cock with a loud moan that you know for sure will give you noise complaints. her eyes roll to the back of her skull and her tongue lolled out of her mouth, her saliva still connect to her teeth as some drooled from her mouth to down her cheek, "feels so fucking good!"
a shock of pleasure ran throughout your body that became to much for you to handle. and before you could joined with mina and the heavenly pleasure of your orgasm, you quickly pulled out from mina's wet, warm cunt and fisted your cock into your hand until ropes of your hot cum splattered on top of mina's stomach.
through the haze of your own orgasm you managed to take a glimpse of mina's fucked out state. her eyes were closed shut as her mouth remained open in an "o" shape. she let out soft exhales of satisfaction and bliss, her sweat glazed body occasionally twitching as one of the hands that were holding onto the sheets was resting on her chest.
you let out a satisfied sigh as you got off the bed towards the nightstand that had a box of tissues and two water bottles. you grabbed enough tissues that would clean both you and mina up as well as grabbing the bottles of water. when you were finished cleaning the mess you and mina made on your bodies, mina is fully recovered from her intense orgasm and is now laying on her back due to her body still being a bit sore.
you then gave her a set of her clothes to change in as you starting changing yourself. once you both where done with that, you began chugging your water bottles. sex makes you hella thirsty.
you felt a soft hand on your shoulder and turn to see mina looking at you with gratefulness and content, "thanks again for helping me out, i needed that."
you smiled at her and put your hand on her back and patted her, saying, "its no problem, you're my best friend. and i'll always be here for you. whether its from you forgetting your wallet to pay for your food, to fucking your brains out to forget some dick that ditch you," you gave her a thumbs up as well as a smirk, your determination and slight goofiness' shining through them. she giggled at your words and ruffled your hair.
"aw you're such a sweetheart. what would i do without you?"
Tumblr media
© 2022 by amethystxbae ⎯ All rights reserved! Comments, likes, and reblogs are highly appreciated! Plagiarism is strictly prohibited!
Tumblr media
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floralbones303 · 2 days ago
"Car Lights" Pt2
Billy Hargrove x Male Reader
Fem Aligned DNI
Content Warning: Homophobia, Bullying, Rumor Spreading, Angst, Hurt/No Comfort, Mention of Cigarettes, Descriptions of Panic Attacks, We also have Hurt/Comfort that I didn't mean to add but yk, Reader gets beat to shit, Toxic Love, Slurs Mentioned
you did this to yourselves. repent for your sins however you deem fit. also I had just been watching A Court of Fey & Flowers before this so the wording has become regal, I apologize. I hurt myself with this as well so have fun.
Three weeks. Three full weeks had passed before you went back to school.
A fateful Friday, the day of your return, was also the day of an important basketball game, one that determined if the team would go to the state championships. You returned to school on that day in hopes that the game would overshadow your existence.
You hoped that not even he would notice, you hoped that he would be too focused on practicing to be aware of your presence.
Three weeks of letters being left wedged in your car door. Three weeks of gifts dropped off at your door in the dead of night. Three weeks of calls, three weeks of cigarette butts littering your garden, three weeks of rocks thrown at your window. Three weeks of this, three weeks of that. Three weeks that told you he was going to notice no matter what.
Your arrival was rather unceremonious. Your car sputtered into the parking lot and you slammed the door shut as you walked up to the entrance of the school. You speed walk past a group of teens chattering about in the lot, keeping your head down.
You had almost made it to your first class successfully, but you heard someone call your name before you could slip into the door. Panic arose in your chest, clutching your lungs and your heart, making you light headed and wobbly. Your breathing quickened as you slowly turned around.
A sea of eyes looked at you and the whispers began. A glance here, a cupped hand to an ear there, they all knew.
And they were all staring at you.
Your skin felt feverish, but you felt a chill run down your spine. You were freezing cold but burning hot at the same time. Your hands begin shaking as your eyes dart around in an attempt to find who called your name.
When they land on him, confusion and apprehension fills you. The former proclaimed "King of Hawkins" was rapidly approaching you, a nervous look in his eyes as he realized his mistake in calling out your name. He quickly grabbed onto your arm and led you to an empty classroom, flipping off anyone who made remarks about the scene.
Once he closed the door, he let out a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get everyone's attention."
Steve rests a hand on your shoulder in an attempt to calm you, but you flinch away. You've heard about what they do to people like you in towns like this. He quickly retracts his hand and holds both of them up in surrender, not wanting to freak you out.
"I'm not gonna hurt you, we're on the same team." He gestures vaguely as he speaks, but the way he says it hints at something more than him being an ally.
Your eyebrows furrow in utter confusion. Steve Harrington, a queer? You motion for him to continue speaking as you relax your tense stance a bit.
"I thought you might-", he pauses, thinking carefully about his next choice of words, " I thought you might want a friend. I-in a situation like this, you know?"
You regard Steve carefully. His posture, his facial expression, his everything. He feels genuine, and for the first time in three weeks, you relax your whole body, almost collapsing into him. Steve catches your body, helping you stay upright.
"Yes, I.. I would like a friend." Your voice was raspy and broken due to lack of use. Steve just holds you as you attempt to regain your composure and clear your thoughts. He seems awkward but not willing to pull away, as though if he moves you'll break and crumble into millions of pieces. Ones that, try as he might, he could never put back together, not correctly. Not perfectly. Not you.
Unbeknownst to you, or to Steve, a certain blonde haired boy watched you get dragged off into that classroom.
Rumors had spread about the school like wildfire.
"I heard that Steve Harrington kissed that little queer guy!"
"Well I heard they hooked up in the bathroom!"
"No way, Steve Harrington wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole!"
They all got back to you by the end of the day, Steve reassured you that rumors wouldn't deter him from sticking by your side. "I've been through worse.", was what he told you, a scary look in his eyes as he said it.
You had said some goodbyes at the entrance of the school before you both parted ways to your respective vehicles. You had majorly relaxed since the beginning of the day, no one dared to touch you with Steve by your side, and most people were too excited by the game to care. Even as the sky began to darken and the crisp autumn weather grew colder for the night, you were almost at ease.
Hairs pricked at the nape of your neck, you felt like you were being watched as you opened your car door. Most people weren't in the lot, opting to stay and get ready for the game, so no one should be watching you. You gulp, attempting to push the feeling down as you clamber into the car.
Before you can fully sit down, a hand grabs your arm roughly and pulls you out. You fall to the ground with the force, looking up to see the one guy you had been avoiding for weeks. "Billy, please-"
Loud, howling laughter surrounds you as the rest of the basketball team steps out of seemingly nowhere. You knew what was coming, you just weren't expecting it from him.
A glimpse of pain flashes over Billy's eyes, before turning to rage. You see him wind back his leg, not even registering the blow to your side until he does it again. Cheering sounds from all around you, the situation feeling so surreal. Billy kicks and stomps you, shouting nonsense and slurs. You don't hear it, you're focused on the feeling of blood leaking from your nose and he breaks it with his fist. You don't attempt to fight back, not seeing the use in it, you can't win a fight against Billy. You could never fight him in the first place.
You accepted the beating, knowing that, unfortunately, your feelings towards the boy couldn't change.
You loved him. You loved him even though each kick to your ribs made a sharp cracking sound. You loved him even though blood was leaking from your broken nose down to your busted lips. You loved him even though you could taste blood in your throat and in your mouth.
When the jeering quieted down and the jocks felt as though the show had gotten boring, the reminder of your place in society had come to a stop. They dispersed without even a second thought, not even a glance back at you, at your body that had curled up in on itself as soon as they started leaving.
Billy stood back for a moment, a look of pure disgust and remorse adorning his features. He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but when he saw you tremble and cough up blood, a tear fell from his eye and he briskly walked back into the school.
Leaving you there.
On the freezing cold concrete that welcomed you as you lost any sort of consciousness that you were desperately clinging onto.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Curruption 🎃 anal
Warning: innocent reader, male reader, NSFW, A/B/O, dirty talk, mentions of female anatomy, no actual female anatomy don't worry, the word "boy pussy"
Aizen (bleach) x Omega reader
Kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
"Are you alright sir?" (Name) asked the collapsed man before him, the sweet Omega checking the brunet before bringing him inside.
(Name) cleaned up the alpha as best as he could as he lay him on (name)s futon "you're not bleeding...that's good at least"
(Name) lived alone to care for the shrine, keeping it looking nice and giving prayers for travellers who passed and offering shelter.
Male omegas were a sign of purity and fortune, his home village keeping him here for his safety from raiders and monsters and though lonely (name) understood their want to keep him safe.
"Oh! You're awake!" (Name) said moving away from the stew he was making to help the brunet sit up "careful, you collapsed outside my shrine" (name) fretted gently "who are you?" Aizen hissed out, staring at the Omega threateningly who just smiled gently "my name is (name), I am the priest here-- well I'm in training" (name) said with a gentle laugh and Aizen just stared at the embodiment of purity and innocence.
A pure male Omega? A shrine priest?
"Who are you?" (Name) asked sweetly, Aizen hesitant before answering "Sōsuke" he said not giving his last name to the Omega who just smiled "are you hungry? I made food, you're probably exhausted" (name) said returning to the stew, checking to make sure it doesn't burn.
He kept staring at the Omega and he has to admit, he was a beauty.
He was unlike anything he had ever seen before.
He was absolutely beautiful, he could smell the virginity radiate from him him.
He wanted a taste.
"Come here Omega" Aizen didn't quite command him with his Alpha voice but the look in his eyes practically hypnotized (name) who curiously crawled towards him before sitting on his knees before him only to be pulled close to the handsome brunet, (name) blushing heavily.
"M-mr. Sōsuke?!" (Name) yelped as Aizen snuck his hand into (name)s robe to fondle one of his nipples "w-what are you doing?" (Name) said with a blush, hiding behind his fist as the other gripped aizens arm "have you ever had sex before?"
"S-sex?" (Name) asked incredulously and Aizen nodded while licking up (name)s mating gland "I-I never...."
"A virgin? How cute" Aizen teased as (name) pouted "y-you want to have s-sex with me?"
"I want you, all of you" Aizen said heatedly as he took in the already blushing and shaking Omega in his arms "p-please be gentle..."
And with that (name)s clothes were ripped off, exposing his front to the warm air of the shrine and Aizens sensual gaze.
"What a treat" he mumbled as he began fully fondling his chest with both large hands, watching the other fall apart "how does it feel?" Aizen asked the omega who whined and moaned "f-feels weird..." (Name) mumbled as Aizen made no plans to stop, watching the Omega subconsciously push into his hands as he rubbed his clothes erection against (name)s ass and the other jolted "w-what is that?"
"That's my cock, it's what's gonna fuck your tight little hole" Aizen said deeply, biting at his ear as (name) all bug moaned at that "I never did anal before, I wonder if it's any different than an female omegas Pussy" Aizens mouth was filthy as he continued rutting into (name)s ass "would you like that? Me fucking your little boy pussy?"
"N-not a...not a pussy..." (Name) choked out as Aizen hummed in consideration as he removed the last shreds of cloth off (name) "really?" He asked as he freed his own cock and rubbed it against (name)s slick ass "because it's tight like a pussy, wet like one too..." As he began pushing in and rubbing (name)s poor cock "but you do have a cute cock, so it couldn't be a pussy right?"
"A-alpha! Hurts!" (Name) cried as tears rolled down his cheek, Aizen pumping relaxing pharamones as he pleasured (name)s front to distract him, trying not to thrust into him more as he bottomed out "fuck... Virgin male omegas are far better than any pussy" Aizen hissed out as he let (name) adjust "are you ready?"
"R-ready for what?" (Name) asked confused, weren't they already having sex?
"Oh sweet lamb..." Aizen teased before moving to grip (name)s hips and fuck into him "S-shit!" (Name) practically screamed as Aizen laughed meanly "our sweet little priest swearing? Naughty boy"
"And you came? From this?" Aizen said continuing his thrusts as he moved (name) so he was mounting him, fucking hard and fast as his balls slapped against (name)s ass "I don't think I can go back to pussies after this, gonna ruin you for anyone but me, sound good Omega?"
(Name) was completely cock drunk at this point, taking what the Alpha gave him with a blush as drool leaked from his pretty lips "you're already fucked stupid on my cock? Who knew the virgin priest would be such a cock slut"
Aizen felt his knot form and so did (name) "gonna cum inside, you want my pups yeah?"
And with that Aizen locked into (name) and came hard, watching (name) come undone as the Alpha bit into him "you're mine now Omega, no one else gets you"
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Just a Call Away | PS4 Peter Parker x GN!Reader
Kinktober Prompt 1 - Phone Sex
Summary: Peter has never needed to hear your voice more than right now.
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI, phone sex, talks about missing each other and not seeing each other for a while, helping peter finish over the phone, begging, dirty talk, male masturbation.
Word Count: 507
a/n: I'm gonna pretend like his new face model doesn't exist. Dark-haired peter parker supremacy. His new face makes him look 15. Not as long as I wanted it to be but I have a headache. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
It’s been building up and up all day. His need for you. It didn’t start off sexual in nature, it was just a normal case of missing you while you were away on a business trip. How could he not? For the past year, you and your boyfriend hadn’t been separated for any longer than a day, and now you’ve been gone for two weeks. It’s been taking a toll on both of you. 
You’ve dealt with it the best you can, sending texts back and forth about your day even if it’s just an emoji. Calls at least three times a day. He makes sure to take a break from patrol right when you’re having lunch so he won’t have to miss talking to you. Really in Peter’s opinion, this whole situation was your fault, you know how much he misses you how could you expect him to hear that comment you made about what you wanted to do to him when you got back home? And from your tone of voice, it wasn’t very family-friendly. It got Peter thinking about how he’d give anything to touch you, feel you. A very distracting thing to think about while trying to fight criminals. 
All of the cultivated to this very moment. The nightly phone call from Peter came earlier than usual but was still very much welcome. You greeted him all cheery and excited and just hearing you say his name did more to him than he’d like to admit. “Hey y/n.” He couldn’t even get the whole thing, his voice was shaky. He had tried to blow off steam before your phone call but it became very evident that he needed your help and you were happy to be of service. 
You immediately knew what he needed. Of course, you did. But we’re you going to give it to him easily? Well, that was entirely up to Peter. “Oh hon, you’ve been thinking about me all day haven’t you?” Your voice deepens, dark and sultry. He could finish by just listening to you talk. He probably will. 
“Of course I was, I’m always thinking about you.”
Sweet boy. You think. “You know what I meant Peter. Why don’t you tell me what you’re doing right now? What you were thinking about?”
“Was thinking about-” He curses. “I was thinking how much I miss you. Need you here with me, can’t touch myself like you can.”
“Yeah, Pete? I miss you too.”
“Miss you so fucking much baby.” He gasps, he’s imagining his hand as your own. Slowly stroking up and down his cock, his thumb slowly rolling over the tip. Trying to replicate what you do. The sounds coming through the speaker make your stomach clench. You wish you could see his face although the mental picture isn’t half bad. 
“You need help don’t you baby?” He does. He really fucking does.
“Yes god...Please yes.” You smile, he sounds pitiful, your boy needs you, and you are there to help. 
“I got you baby don’t worry.”
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GN and Male Reader writers when they catches female aligned people in their Tumblr:
Tumblr media
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A Day With Dad - Batfamily x Reader
Tumblr media
Requested by Anon - Now what would really be cute, is Batman bringing his youngest (male reader) to the watchtower for the first time? The league is shocked! Bruce is just like the meme, what’s that?, it’s a smoothie
Author’s Note - This takes place during Dick’s time as Robin. It made the most sense to me. 
In the deep darkness of sleep, Bruce could almost hear little footsteps running down the hall. At the sound of his bedroom door opening, Bruce burst through the surface of conscious. Fast footsteps ran to his bed before he heard a jump. 
Opening his eyes, Bruce held up his arms only to catch a ball of endless energy in the form of you. Bruce smiled as you belly laughed. “I told Alfred you were awake,” you said. Bruce held you above him.
Bruce hummed softly. He slowly brought you down onto his chest. His ribs ached slightly, having been cracked the night before by a mugger’s lucky hit. 
“Dad, do you know what today is?” You smiled cheekily, snuggling close. 
“Wednesday.” Bruce hugged you to him. He kissed the top of your head as you groaned.
“Daaaaaaad.” You narrowed your eyes at him. “Don’t tell me you forgot.”
Bruce felt a smile tug on his lips. “Is it my birthday?”
An adorable pout appeared on your face. “No.” 
Bruce ran his fingers through your messy hair. You were still in your pajamas. He wondered if he could get you to nap with him. “Christmas?”
“Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.” You reached up to mush his cheeks together. “Stop teasing.” 
Bruce reached up to pull your hands away from his face. “I think I remember.” He smiled at you, his heart bursting from joy. “Let’s see...is it our special day?”
“Yes!” You bounced on his chest excitedly. Bruce grabbed your hips and lifted you off him to save his ribs. “And Alfred said we can do anything!”
“Anything huh?” Bruce tensed slightly. Of course, Alfred would tell you that. That way, Bruce couldn’t use Alfred’s disapproval as an excuse. He held in a sigh, but he had to admit, the excitement sparkling in your eyes made it worth losing a day of sleep and work. 
You snuggled into his side. “First thing is breakfast in bed.” You grinned at him. “Alfred is going to bring it up. Fresh strawberries with cream and waffles.” You licked your lips, eyes wide. Bruce chuckled, holding you close.
“Sounds great.” He ruffled your hair, making you laugh. Bruce oddly thought it would be a good day.
Bruce stood at the bottom of the stairs when he saw you barrel down in a Batman sweatshirt. If he remembered right, Dick gave that to you on your birthday. Of course, Bruce wasn’t thrilled, but it was your day. You could wear what you wanted. 
At least you were wearing his symbol and not Clark’s. Bruce had to hold back the glare that almost crossed his face. 
“Dad, are we taking the Corvette?” You hopped down the last step and hugged his leg. “Can I drive?”
“Yes, to the Corvette, no to driving.” Bruce ruffled your hair, smiling at how your little nose wrinkled. “Not until you’re sixteen anyway.”
You pushed his hand away. “I have the day planned.” You went into your pocket and pulled out a flyer. “First we go to Skyzone.” Bruce took the flyer, studying the image of wall to wall trampolines. “Then we’ll go to lunch, then the zoo so we can see the baby elephant.” You smiled up at Bruce cutely. “After we’ll come home for a movie night. Dick said he’d be home in time to join us.” Dick was with the Teen Titans for the week. Bruce didn’t really approve, but relented as long as Dick kept his identity from them.  
Bruce blinked. “The car is outside and running, Master Bruce,” Alfred said with a smile. You cheered, running toward the front door. 
“Alfred, what have you done to me?” Bruce mumbled to him once he knew you were out of earshot. 
“You’ll be fine, Master Bruce. It is good for Master (Y/N) to have a day with undivided attention from his father.” Alfred crossed his arms and gave Bruce the coldest glare he had ever seen. Bruce swallowed. “Master (Y/N) has been talking about this day nonstop for two weeks.”
Bruce held up his hands. “Okay, okay.” Bruce stepped around Alfred somewhat nervously. “We’ll have fun and see you tonight.” He hurried out where you were waiting impatiently by the Corvette. “Ready?”
“Yes!” You jumped in a circle, barely containing your excitement. Bruce couldn’t help, but smile back at you.
Bruce raised an eyebrow as you played with the Robin figure you got in your Bat-Mite meal. BatBurger was crowded for this time of day. He nibbled on a fry and glanced around. The idea that he had a fast food restaurant named after him was still bizarre. 
“Dad, do you think Dick will want my Robin figure?” You looked up at him, smiling brightly. The trampoline park had been an excellent experience. Bruce actually was considering constructing a mini trampoline park in the cave for training purposes. You were able to get some of your endless energy out too.
“Maybe, but I think he’d prefer for you to have it.” Bruce folded his arms on the table. “Finish your burger, (Y/N).” 
You put Robin down and took another bite of your burger. Bruce glanced at his phone, frowning when the Justice League alert pinged. He tapped the button and sighed as it informed him Superman called an emergency meeting. 
“What’s happening?” Your smile fell. Bruce flinched slightly at how quickly your shoulders dropped. 
“A meeting was called.” Bruce pursed his lips. You set down your burger and shifted in your seat. 
“So we have to go home?” A slight tremble came to your lips.
Bruce blinked. “Yes.” His stomach dropped as you turned to look out the window, letting your head rest on the table. Your sudden change in mood concerned him. Was Alfred right? Did this day mean that much to you?
A sniffle came from you. Bruce froze, suddenly lost. Usually, he handed you off to Alfred when your emotions started to get complicated. Especially when it involved tears. Bruce rubbed his chin. If he brought you home like this, Alfred wouldn’t let him hear the end of it.
His phone beeped again. The meeting was to start in twenty minutes. He couldn’t miss it. It would set a bad example for the newer members. 
He pinched the bridge of his nose. You weren’t apart of his life as Batman. The league didn’t even know he had another son. However, you glanced up at him with teary, sad eyes and Bruce figured it would probably be fine. You could wear a mask and stay by his side at all times. 
“You can always come with me? If you want?” Bruce smiled when you sat up suddenly and looked at him like he grew two heads. 
“Really?” You bounced in your seat. “I can go to space?” You grinned brighter than the sun. “Do I get to meet Superman?”
Bruce had to stop himself from frowning. “Sure.” Why did both of his sons have an obsession with Superman? “But you need to stay by my side the whole time and do everything I say.” Bruce narrowed his eyes sternly at you.
You nodded happily. “I will. Promise, Dad.” Bruce slid out of the booth and gathered the trash. You picked up your Robin. “Can we get the Kite Man Flightastic milkshake before we go?”
Bruce followed your gaze to the advertisement display on the far wall. His nose wrinkled at the disgusting green color. How on earth did they get that color of green in ice cream?
“We’ll get it to-go.” Bruce dumped the trash. You cheered, hugging his leg. Bruce patted your head and wondered how he got wrapped around your finger.
The zeta tube flashed, bringing Bruce and you to the Watchtower Annex. You gasped, looking around in awe with your Robin figure in one hand and your milkshake in the other. Bruce smiled. You had proclaimed he was a cool dad before stepping into the zeta tube. His chest puffed out slightly in pride. 
Bruce was in his batsuit. For you, he found one of Dick’s old domino masks. You even came up with a code name for yourself. Batkid, because Batboy sounded dumb. Bruce was glad he didn’t suggest Batboy, even though it was right on his lips. He was in the cool dad range, couldn’t fall out of it now.
“Wow, is that the moon?” You chuckled, pointing to the window. 
“Yes.” Bruce hummed, placing a hand on your back. “We’ll look more later.” He guided you down the halls toward the meeting room. 
Hal Jordan was outside the room talking to Barry Allen. Both were in their suits. Barry noticed you first, jaw dropping. Hal followed Barry’s gaze. He snorted and crossed his arms at the sight of you. Meanwhile, you were awed at seeing the Flash and Green Lantern in real life. Bruce had to reach down to close your jaw.
“Did you kidnap this kid to be your new Robin, Bats?” Hal said, smirking and leaning against the door frame.
You frowned, confused. Bruce put a hand on your shoulder and squeezed gently. “No, he’s my son. Batkid.”  
“Hi Batkid,” Barry said, getting down on one knee. He grinned at you. “What do you got there?” You relaxed, explaining your milkshake and your Robin figure to him. 
Bruce stepped closer to Hal once he knew you were distracted. He leaned close to whisper in his ear. “If you make him upset, I’ll break every single bone in your body.” 
Hal paled. “I’ll be nice. Geez, what do you take me for?” Hal mumbled, quickly walking into the meeting room. 
“Dad, Flash said he’d give me a tour of the Watchtower after the meeting,” you said, nudging Bruce’s hand. Bruce sent Barry a warning look. Barry just held up his hands and smiled innocently. 
“I mean you can come too, Batman,” Barry said before zooming into the meeting room. 
You took a sip of your milkshake. “You could be nicer, you know.” The look you gave him reminded him a tad too much of Alfred’s.
Bruce grunted in response, led you inside the meeting room. All eyes turned to the two of you. You blushed. Bruce felt you press against his leg, which you only did when you were nervous or scared. 
Somewhat protectively, Bruce scooped you up in one arm and marched over to his seat. He sat down with you on his lap, making sure the cape was around the two of you so you could hide if you wished.
“What’s that?” Booster Gold exclaimed, breaking the stunned silence in the room. He pointed straight at you. 
Bruce felt you flinch. He wrapped one arm around you, gently guiding you to set down your milkshake on the table. “A milkshake, Booster. You haven’t seen one before,” Bruce replied coolly. 
You laughed softly, wrapping yourself up in his cape and watching the room. Bruce had to purse his lips to keep from smiling. Clark stood up, clearing his throat. “I’ll call this meeting to order. First welcome to our guest,” Clark said, gesturing toward you. You waved shyly. A roll of chuckles echoed in the room. “Second onto the crisis in Markovia...”
By the end of the meeting, you were fast asleep, snuggled close to Bruce’s chest with his cape around you. Everyone filtered out of the room except for Diana and Clark. Bruce stayed seated, looking over the notes of the meeting.
“So...Bruce, were you going to tell us about...?” Clark gestured to you. Bruce bristled, pulling you closer.
“There is no need for you to know about my personal life.” Bruce glared up at Clark. 
Diana shook her head and sat down next to Bruce. “I believe Clark is asking how we’ve been invited to your house for dinner several times and have never met or heard of your son.”
Bruce held back the urge to roll his eyes. “So you are hurt that you didn’t know everything about my personal life?” He felt you shift in his lap.
Clark sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Friends know important things about each other, Bruce.”
A reply was on the tip of Bruce’s tongue, but he saw you open your eyes. Bruce learned early on that you were the best excuse for a topic change. Shamelessly, Bruce used you a lot for this purpose. “Superman and Wonder Woman are here if you want to meet them,” he whispered into your ear. 
A blush came to your cheeks. “Really?” You peeked out of his cape to see Clark smiling at you before turning to see Diana. “Wow, you really are pretty like Dad said.”
Diana smiled, giving Bruce an amused look. Bruce quickly looked away. Clark raised an eyebrow.  Bruce narrowed his eyes at him, daring him to say something.
You climbed off Bruce’s lap. “Oh and Superman. You’re Dick’s favorite.” You went over to Clark. Clark picked you up. “But don’t tell Dad. He’s touchy about it.” 
“Be careful,” Bruce said. His chest tightened at the sight of you in Clark’s arms. He thought how quickly Clark could crush you. Logically, he knew Clark wouldn’t hurt you, but the fear was still there. 
“I will be.” Clark nodded before focusing on you. “Why don’t I give you a tour of the Watchtower?”
Bruce opened his mouth to protest. “Can I, Dad?” you asked, eyes wide with excitement. Looking into your eyes, Bruce sighed and nodded. You cheered and Clark took you away. 
“The protective father is a good look for you. Hmm, now it makes sense why you didn’t tell us about your youngest.” Diana crossed her arms, sly look on her face. 
Bruce snorted. “We can’t now. Don’t even give me that look.”
“What look?” Diana stood up and walked away slowly. Bruce’s eyes were glued to her hips. She glanced at him from over her shoulder. “I’m sure Clark’s tour will take a bit.”
Running a hand over his face, Bruce followed her rather eagerly. “But only a half an hour max. I can’t let another son join the Superman fan club.” Diana laughed and took his hand as the two found a place to be alone.
“Dad, that was so cool!” You were a ball of excitement, bouncing around Bruce in circles with your Robin toy tightly in one hand. The two of you just arrived back to the Batcave. “Superman was so nice and space looked so big.”
Bruce smiled, putting a hand on your head to slow you down. “I’m glad you had a great time, chum.” He headed toward the changing room to shower and change. You followed him. 
Luckily, you were too busy with the tour and Clark to notice Bruce was missing for a good half an hour. Bruce smirked as he reminisced that half an hour before pushing it away. He didn’t need you to suspect something was up and ask if Diana will be your new mother. Bruce shivered at the thought.
Meanwhile, you chattered about the Watchtower. Bruce listened, humming when you paused so you knew he was still listening. He changed out of his suit, stepped into the shower while you sat on the bench, eyes down, but still talking.
“Did I hear, right?” Dick’s voice came from the doorway of the changing room. Bruce smiled when he saw you jump up and run over to Dick. “You went to the Watchtower, little bat?” 
“I did!” You jumped into Dick’s arms. Dick spun you around, making you laugh. Bruce turned away to focus on washing away Diana’s perfume that still lingered on his skin. You recounted the day to Dick, showing him your Robin toy. “And I met Superman and Wonder Woman, but Dad is still my favorite hero because he puts them in their place.”
Bruce choked. Dick smirked. “He does, doesn’t he?” Dick spun you around again. “My favorite is still Superman and you can’t change my mind,” Dick teased, distracting you again.
Did Dick know about his relations with Diana? Bruce frowned, turning off the water and grabbing a towel to dry off. He hoped not. “Why don’t you two head up to see if Alfred has the snacks ready for movie night?” Bruce said as he stepped out with the towel around his waist. 
“Yeah! Race you,” you said, sprinting out of the room. Dick’s eyes widened.
“He’s fast. I guess the SkyZone didn’t take that much out of him,” Dick laughed before running after you. Bruce noted Dick was holding back to let you win. A smile pulled at Bruce’s lips at the sight. 
“Aww, Master Bruce. Thank you for joining us,” Alfred said as Bruce stepped into the den. You and Dick were good-naturedly arguing over movie choices.
“I was just showering, Alfred.” Bruce took a seat on one of the armchairs, eyeing the tray with milkshakes, popcorn, and cookies. 
Alfred hummed, taking a seat next to Bruce. Bruce noted Alfred had dressed down, wearing a simple sweater and slacks. You must have convinced Alfred to join the movie night. “Master (Y/N) had a very good day.”
“He did.” Bruce smiled. “Thank you, Alfred, for making me see the importance of spending one-on-one time with my son.”
“You’re welcome, Master Bruce.” Alfred patted Bruce’s shoulder. “Now I would suggest you help the boys decide on a film before the milkshakes melt?”
Bruce nodded, leaving his chair to join you and Dick on the floor. You climbed into Bruce’s lap. Bruce held you close and wrapped an arm around Dick as the two of you still argued. His heart felt full.
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yourftmfriend · a day ago
I just wanna see afab! Steven come undone on my fingers
Oh he’d be so cute
Trying not to make too much noise but failing
He tries to cover his face and mouth with his hands but you pin his wrists above his head so he can’t hide his face or voice from you
Make him look in your eyes
He’d look so beautiful with tears welling up in his eyes and drool running down his chin and a pretty blush on his face
You tell him how pretty he is and how he sounds like an angel
Your soft words are enough to make him cum on your fingers
“You can take one more right pretty boy??”
He just nods his head
He wants to be good for you
He wants to be your good boy
You stroke his clit with your tumb while fingering him
It has him seeing stars
Bonus point if you eat him out through his orgasm
He’d love it if you cuddle him after it
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fandomfluffandfuck · 2 days ago
consider 🤭🤭🤭 choking seb and calling him a good boy 😳
Tumblr media
I am considering it.
And I think we have two options for this delicious idea. Are you on top of Sebastian, calling him a good boy and choking him? Or are you underneath him, calling him a good boy and choking him-? Let's explore 😏
Both ideas here have bottom-yet-dom!gender-neutral!reader because I am feeling™️ subby and useless toppy Sebastian Stan today
On top:
You're sitting on top of Sebastian, thighs spread around his bare waist, his cock throbbing inside of you. You're not moving though. Not right now. Earlier you were moving... moving- riding, actually.
Riding him not with the purpose of getting him off, but riding Seb to help yourself along- making your own toes curl, your own head fall back between your shoulders, and stretch you out. His hot, hard cock filling you full. Hitting all those places inside you that feel so good. Pleasure throbbing through you, all achy and hot. And that heavy, full feeling of him in combination with a hand on yourself...
Oh, God.
You've gone a few fucking rounds yourself. Pleasure frying your brain the longer you go. More and more intense. For you...
You've not let Sebastain cum.
You haven't let Seb cum not even after a few long hours of teasing and allowing yourself to cum again and again and again. Until you arrived where you sit now- on top but with your legs quivering, muscles used too well, and your body impossibly sensitive. Even just the slightest brush against you sends feverish shivers skittering down your spine, pooling heavily in your gut.
Sebastian is in much the same position as you are.
He's just sensitive for the opposite reason.
Sensitive because he hasn't been allowed to orgasm so now he's on razor's edge- sweaty and shaking as he stares up at you with glassy, desperate, and wide eyes. Strung the fuck out.
He looks at you like there is nothing else. All his focus put to whatever you want from him, he wants to be good for you. He wants to please you, please. Can he? Please! But he has pleased you and he's being thriving with it. Glowing and blushing and squirming under you as you ride him, bouncing in his lap and collapsing over the finish again and again, gasping his name, telling him how good he is for you, telling him he feels so good, all of it... filthy praise and moans falling from your lips, yet, now he's gotten to the breaking point... he's tongue-tied while wanting nothing more than to beg.
He wants to beg to be allowed to cum! He wants your permission. He needs your permission.
You can see it in his eyes. He's desperate. He swallows thickly, stifling another whimper. Head lolled back on the messy sheets, a bead of sweat rolling down his temple. His hands curl into tighter fists in the restraints tying his hands to the headboard where you put them when this began. Leaving him helpless. Exposed to your every whim...
And your whim includes, grinding hard against him, shoving his cock as deep into you as possible and-
Fitting your hand around his throat, watching his watering eyes shut extra tight with hungry eyes. It's as if he's savoring it. Loving the way his head spins, oxygen lacking. You feel his cock twitch inside you as you start to make clumsy little circles on his dick, too tired to bounce but moving enough for it to feel good. Anything feels good when you're so overestimated and he's been edged for so long.
Those pretty eyes fly open the second you ask, voice rough, "who's my good boy?"
The feeling of his throat contracting under your hand explodes another ball of heat inside you, swallowing needily. Then, Seb struggles to get out, "m-me." At first he can't. He opens his mouth. He shuts it. He opens his mouth. Speechless. His face turns redder and it's not from the choking. Embarrassment. He doesnt want to accept the praise even though it lights everything up inside him. Devastating him. You let up for a moment, letting him breath but raising an eyebrow as he stares into your eyes, gasping for air.
You re-tighten your grip. His sound cuts out, falling back into oxygen deprivation beautifully.
You clear your throat, "who's my good boy?"
"M-me," he finally pushes out, struggling still even as he says it. His voice hoarse and shy.
You revel in it- in watching him struggle. Struggle to breath. Struggle to speak. Struggle to admit the praise to even himself, let alone to you. It makes the worst best part of you grin like a predator, ready to sink your teeth into him. He's so pretty. You could eat him up... and you just might.
You keep your hand tight on his vulnerable throat for juuust long enough, he struggles depsite how much he craves it. How much he needs it. Then-
"Yeahhh," you finally let go of him, letting him breathe again, breathing in big, heaving gasps, "you're a good boy," you pet a line down his throat the center of his chest, stopping just above his naval.
He moans sharply. Violently. Twitching under your fingers.
"Such a good boy for me."
His cock throbs inside of you.
The incredible fucking feeling has you shutting your eyes, processing the lust raging through you, and it gives you just enough strength to stop circling your hips and start bouncing again in his lap instead. For the first second Seb bites his swollen, glistening lower lip. He tugs hard at the handcuffs. Then he gives in. He cries out high and loud.
He sobs, "pl-please! Please! Please! Ah! Wanna, unngh, wanna cum! Please-!"
"Do it," you groan, "good boy, c'mon, baby, cum for me. I want you to. Wanna feel it inside me, c'mon," you rasp, collaring his throat with your hand again.
Sebastian's weight is pinning you to your bed, his dick working in and out of you exquisitely. Your bodies pressed together with Sebastian's forearms bracing his weight by your head and shoulders. He's not fucking into you fast at all right now, he's fucking in hard and deep though. Tight and deep and hard in a way that keeps fucking sounds out of you, ah, ah, ahs that undercut whatever order to have for him. Punched out of your lungs. The little noises soften those orders whether they be to grab my leg and put it over your shoulder, go faster, go slower, stop for a second, youre close and I don't want you to cum yet, etc. Not that it matters if your orders don't sound concrete and steady because Sebastian follows them anyway. The perfect little submissive. Mmm-hmm.
Either way, everytime you open your mouth to talk, those sounds make their way out of you. Moans and gasps. His dick game is just so fucking good. And everytime you open your mouth to tell him something, he obeys.
He obeys beautifully.
Just thinking about his submissive obedience and witnessing some of it now leaves you clenching down on his dick like you'll die if he slips out. And... you might. You might die if this heat is taken from you. It's so tight and heavy in your core. Orgasm building and building.
Sebastian whines in response to feeling you tighten around him, burying his blushing face in your neck and shoulder as he keeps thrusting but... it gets unsteady. In and out and- stutter. In. In. Out a little. In. He keeps whining, babbling out something that sounds like "you'resowetandsotightohgod-"
Pleasure sparks in your gut and low in your spine, coiling tight. He's so desperate; so fucking hot but also so cute. So submissive and fucking biteable. It's incredible- incredibly arousing.
But you can't have him going soft on you. As much as you love having him melt on top of you like this, going stupid and boneless, whining and whimpering- useless with how much he enjoys being inside of you, you really, really have been in the mood for a good, hard fucking recently. So...
You sink your fingers into all that pretty, thick hair - he's growing it out again - and pull his head up to say, face-to-face with both of you out of breath, "c'mon, baby, ffuck me like you m-mean it, be, ah, good."
Sebastian whines needily. Nodding clumsily- frantically. He wants to be good. Always.
"Be good," you moan it again, unable to resist brushing his longer hair out of his gorgeous, pleasure-slackened face. Then, you tug on his hair to make him follow your hand. Arching his neck, head back.
And how are you supposed to resist an invitation like that? Nevermind the fact that you initiated the invitation. You can't.
So, you quickly untangle your fingers from his hair to wrap them instead around his throat.
You squeeze.
Sebastian moans hoarsely, his hips jerking forward hard. Baby always has loved being choked.
"Fuck!" You moan, squeezing harder to get him to do it again. His dick hitting you just right, pleasure lighting up you from the inside out. Boiling over.
Again he thrusts hard into you.
"G-good, you're so, oh, God, so good, Seb."
And that's when you see it. It's fucking gorgeous-
The way Sebastian melts that last impossible little bit. Melting entirely. All he wants is to be told he's good. All he wants is your hand decorating his throat, owning everything about him, including whether or not he gets to breathe. All he wants is to cum inside you. It's all he wants. And all of him is yours. All of him is yours to order-
"Do it, yes! Yes! Good boy, ohgod, c'mon, baby, do it, cum for me, sub. Ah-!"
Tumblr media
gif credit @/flysafepapi
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