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kingkatsuki · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— when you accidentally send him a lewd text
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+, accidental texts, m!masturbation, Bakugou has dirty thoughts about you.
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x f!reader.
Word Count: 1.2k.
Tumblr media
Working with Bakugou is becoming more difficult the more you find yourself falling for him, so your best friend suggests you try and put yourself back out there. Unable to even recall the last time you even thought about another man like that, definitely before Bakugou— And that one sexy dream you had with Red Riot definitely doesn’t count. So you agree with her, and you decide that maybe it’s time to put yourself back out there and start dating again, and even if it doesn’t work out it’ll be a welcome distraction for Bakugou Katsuki.
So now you’re trying to position yourself under the fluorescent light in your bathroom as you angle your cell phone to try and capture your best angle. Deciding the lighting is too intense as you move to your bedroom, sitting yourself in front of your full length mirror as you leave the main light off in favour for the subtle glow of your fairy lights that wrap around your bed frame. It’s the perfect amount of light that casts a gentle hue against your skin, just enough to keep a certain mystery about yourself as you lean forward to try and show off your best assets. The top and shorts you’re wearing show just the right amount of skin to be sultry and seductive as you begin to scroll through the photographs you took to try and decide in a shortlist.
But as you’re trying to pick you’re surprised by a text message from your boss, who rarely contacts you out of office hours.
Dynamight[8.16PM]: I’m not gonna be in early tomorrow, I’ve got a meeting with Cellophane.
You can’t help but smile down at the screen, even such a casual message about work has your heart fluttering as you text him back.
You[8.17PM]: Okay, have a good night!
Deciding that you can’t pick between the final two photographs as you click to send them both to your friend, forgetting that the last person you messaged was Bakugou, as you watch the pictures load on your screen. Eyes widening when the blue line reaches the end, and the little message below appears to indicate ‘sent’.
Oh shit.
Bakugou smiles down at his phone dopily when he reads your reply, telling him to have a good night as he lounges back against his cotton bedsheets. Bones aching from a long afternoon on patrol, the ache in his heart stronger for you today because he missed you at the office. The shrill buzz of his phone breaks him from his slumber as he lifts it to read the message, part of him thinking it’s Deku asking him to meet up again for the third time this week, but he’s surprised to see it’s you.
Opening the texts he almost chokes on his own spit.
You[8.29PM]: How are these?
Attached are two pictures of you kneeling in what he assumes is your bedroom. An ethereal glow illuminating your features as you hold the phone up towards the mirror to capture your reflection, your thighs peeking out from beneath an oversized— wait, is that a Dynamight shirt?
Bakugou feels more awake now as he pinches his screen to get a closer look, drinking in every inch of you as he admires at how soft and casual you look. So used to seeing you in those pretty office outfits, it makes his heart warm to see you wearing comfy clothes. Makes him wish he was there with you. The pictures aren’t even that sexual, you’re barely showing skin, and yet you have him hard as a rock. This is what you do to him.
But then he’s wondering why you’ve decided to send these pictures to him, you’ve never shown an interest in him before and suddenly after texting you he gets two selfies? It’s gotta be a mistake, he’s not a naive man by any means, but for a moment he lets himself believe they’re just for him.
His cock throbs beneath his grey sweats as he thinks about how pretty you’d look sitting on his lap in that same outfit, staring down at him with your warm eyes as you trail your hands along his skin. Groaning as he reaches a hand down to palm himself, his cock twitching with desire as he bites his bottom lip.
You[8.31PM]: Bakugou, I’m so sorry that wasn’t meant for you
You[8.31PM]: It won’t happen again sir.
Ugh, there you go again calling him sir. You had absolutely no idea what you do to him, did you? He rereads the text shamelessly as he recalls the saccharine sound of your voice when you call him ‘sir’ at work, squeezing the meat of his cock softly as he neglects to reply, instead going back to the pictures you sent. Imagining those same eyes staring up at him with your perfectly glossed lips wrapped around his length, burying your nose in the messy blond hairs at the base of his cock as he hears you gag around him. Or just having you stare down at him with those same pretty eyes as he lifts you up to sit on his face, your plush thighs squeezing each side of his head as his rough stubble tickles your skin. God, he wants you so bad.
Bakugou fucks his fist two times to your pictures that night. Leaving him in a mess of his own cum surrounded by soft sheets before he has to do it again in the shower, picturing your hand wrapped around him instead. It’s only when he’s changed and back beneath his sheets that he begins to regret his actions, the ache in his chest resumes and he’s reminded once again how alone he is. The bed cold against his bare skin as he begins to wonder who those pictures were for if they weren’t for him, thinking about who the lucky man in your life is if it’s not him.
Heaving out a sigh as he grabs his phone to unlock it, opening your messages again to save both of the photographs you sent to him. If he can’t have you, at least he can dream. Worrying his bottom lip between his teeth as he tries to decide whether it’s too out of line as your boss to text you back, wondering whether you’d be upset with him or leave.
“Fuck it,”
Going against his better judgement, Bakugou begins to type a reply.
Dynamight[9.56PM]: You look pretty in both, but I like your eyes in the second.
Tumblr media
Unbeknownst to you, Bakugou adds the photos to the album he has dedicated to you on his phone. It’s full of photographs that go back as far as when you first started working for him, images of things that remind him of you. The first coffee you shared together, the terrible birthday cake you made him, the stupid zoomed in selfie you took of him when he was in Uravity’s agency in the building across and you were in his. The flowers he’d sent to you on your birthday and hundreds of candid pictures of you.
Tumblr media
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killsaki · 3 days
my girl. ꕀ eijiro kirishima.
cw/tw : sleaze!kiri, college!kiri, dubcon, drugs (weed), coercion/manipulation, unprotected, size kink, possessiveness, cheating (?), what is a pov.
Tumblr media
kirishima … loses it a little bit when you mention you suddenly have a boyfriend. well, ‘loses it’ isn’t the best way to describe it— because he doesn’t make it obvious in his body language, in fact he carries on the conversation as if he’s happy for you.
but, fuck, is he irritated and down to his marrow.
the two of you have been friends for longer than he usually takes to seal the deal, but you’re different. that’s what he likes so much about you. it didn’t only take his large stature, pretty smile and smooth words to make you melt for him.
it’s not like you’re all innocent, can’t be with the kinks and fantasies you’ve mentioned to him while drunk, you’re just so… nice. nice and a little oblivious. you wholeheartedly think that the two of you are ‘besties’, and that all of his friends see you that way too. you genuinely believe that none of them want to fuck you, what faith you have in the group.
this whole time, he’d been under the impression that you weren’t even talking to anyone else. because you would’ve told him if you were.. why didn’t you tell him? when he’s gone through all the trouble of befriending you, listening to all of your problems, the torture of sleeping in the same bed fully clothed. you’ve wrung him dry while he’s been putting on this front of having innocent intentions instead of just fucking you the first night that he’d got you back to his place— and in the moments that he’s asking you how big the guy is, because of your size kink and all, he’s thinking that doesn’t even seem like a half bad plan to him anymore.
all restraint in him has crumbled. you turn into prey the moment you walk into his place, not that you know it. you still give him that same usual hug, and smile up at him with those pretty eyes that make his dick half hard just by the way you bat your lashes at him.
he takes it slow, wanting to wind you in too deep to free yourself if you start to panic. the two of you sit in his room, the same as always. you in the middle of his bed, leaning against the headboard and him laying at your feet, a controller in his hands. like usual, before you even have a chance to speak you’re interrupted by a knock at door.
“it’s open.” kirishima calls without looking at who enters, but the black mess of hair tells you it’s sero, one of his many roommates, who for some reason doesn’t even look at you. the usual jokes and playful flirts thrown your way nowhere to be heard. your heart sinks a little when he doesn’t even greet you.
“hey, you rolled this and left it on the counter.” he extends his hand showing the redhead the blunt between his fingers. “you know those gars crisp up.”
“shit,” kiri turns, grabbing it and thanking his friend—who quickly disappears into the unusually quiet house—before putting it on the bed between the two of you.
“you care if i smoke?” he asks over his shoulder, fishing what’s likely to be a lighter out of one of his pockets. his hips are raised slightly and at this angle you can definitely make out the outline of his cock which you truly can’t tell is hard or not. when you don’t respond, he dips his head down into your line of sight, a small smile on his face. ones that you can’t tell reeks of success. “i don’t want the ‘gar to go stale.”
“uh, okay.” you nod, and that slick smile of his lingers. you don’t like to be around the smoke, it sticks to your clothes and your tolerance is so low if you’re even in the same room you can feel the buzz on your skin.
he’s just finished turning on his music he turns to you, laughing at the way you’re breathing through your shirt. “you’re so ridiculous.” he tugs at the fabric, making it fall off your face which earns him a scowl from you.
“what? just hit it one time.” he offers it to you, between his middle and index finger, it’s all you can do to blink back. “c’mon, it’s me, you’re safest with me, right?” he shrugs, motioning again for you to take the blunt. “what would big bad eiji’ ever do to you?”
“i guess, red.” you roll your eyes and give in, had the thought ever crossed your mind to actually smoke and not just get secondhand high, you think kirishima definitely is the safest place to be.
he’s always watched out for you, especially times you almost did really dumb things. like meeting up with an ex, leaving the bar with some random, or some hooking up with a guy off tinder. his words of reason were the only thing that’ve saved you from disappointment.
it burns. your throat, your lungs, you can feel it in your ears. why does it burn so bad?
“it—“ you can’t breathe, it feels like the world is resting on your chest keeping you from even speaks.
“that was way too big of an inhale.” he rushes off the bed to retrieve his gym water bottle for you. “you gotta slow down, baby.” one of his large hands rub your back as you continue to cough and gasp between drinks until you can eventually breathe again. “there you go, deep breaths.”
he laughs when you force the blunt back between his fingers, but he takes it, putting it between his lips before scooting up next to you. his heavy body makes the bed dip and you feel yourself start to slide towards him without thought.
“sorry, i dunno’ why i got so close.” you admit, though you’re not sure if you’re the one moving your mouth to talk. he laughs lightly, pulling out his phone when it vibrates and placing his free hand on your thigh. you listen to the clicks of him typing for what feels like ever, the sound of the music playing becoming so distant it’s almost not there. “eijiro, i feel funny.”
“it’s okay, pretty.” he finally stops and throws his phone somewhere to be found later. “you’re with me, it’s okay.” he turns to you and his laying hand turns into a gripping one—it’s light, and soothing almost the way he massages your skin, you let yourself fall opposite of him, laying sideways on the bed, throwing your kegs over his. “you know,” he starts, pressing the blunt back between your fingers. “no one knows you like i do…”
yeah, that’s true.
“and who can you stand next to and feel as sage as you do with me?” you bring it to your lips, inhaling deep but short, closing your eyes as the burn hits and you blow the smoke back out. “i mean, who do you even know that’s stronger than me?”
that’s also true.
“there’s definitely no one that can fuck you with the same strength that i can.”
that’s definitely true, it’s not like you haven’t thought about it before. friendship or not, kirishima would hit your size kink check list so— what?
“who’s ‘gonna make your snack for you in the middle of the movie? or drive you to the gas station for food in the middle of the night? i can’t name a single other guy that would do it without complaint.”
well, yeah.. but, why is he—
“and,” he’s on top of you before you know it, his towering body leaned over yours, his knee sliding yours to the side, allowing him to rest between them. “i treat you so,” he leans down, lips ghosting your neck, “so good.” he starts with a few pecks along the side of your throat sending heat up your spine.
you feel so overwhelmed with heat, and fogginess that you have to fight against it with what little sense you have left to bring a hand up to his chest. “kiri?” you push at him lightly with your free hand, the high under your skin making it hard to push him at all, but he lets you move his body back to look at him. “you.. what’s happening?”
“i… ‘wanna be with you.” his hand starts to rub at your side, what could be meant to be soothing is only working your heart rate up further. “you’re supposed to be my girl…” he mutters, red gaze leaving yours to drift down your body. “it hurts me that you’re with him.” your eyebrows draw together as you feel a pain in your chest, has he always been so obvious? “you’ve always talked about your perfect guy, isn’t it me?”
you feel even worse when you can’t deny that, kirishima holds every single quality that you’ve ever mentioned looking more in a guy. kindness, humor, sense of safety, humbleness, not to mention physique. all the things that he’s made ridiculously obvious to you again and again.
“i mean..”
“it’s me, isn’t it?” he leans down on his forearm, using his other hand to pluck the half of the blunt out of your fingers and drops it into the water bottle. “i’m perfect for you, aren’t i?”
“i don’t know if we should—“ you’re cut off by the feeling of warmth between your legs when he pressed his hips into yours, the shape of what rubs against you making you gasp.
he says your name in a serious tone, making you look back into his eyes that hold the softest shade of red you’ve ever seen. “it’s me.” he assures and those two words make so much sense. “i’d never do anything you didn’t like.” his hand not holding his weight returns to your side, sending heat spreading beneath his touch. “tell me to stop,” he leans in when you’re quiet, lips making contact with your sensitive skin yet again, this time making you whine and shiver. “and i’ll stop.”
“don’t—“ your head pushes back against the softness of the pillow, you can’t help the growing sound of your voice. it feels like you’re going to explode from every move kirishima makes, it’s all too much, too good. “don’t stop.”
he moves past the green light the second you give it to him. his lips go from ghosts of kisses to sucking at your skin, bringing your flesh between his teeth before letting it go and lapping his tongue over the spot. his fingers finger this way under your shirt, under your bra and his thumb swipes over your nipple, his hips start grinding down against your cunt in a way that makes you feel the damp patch on your panties the second it starts to grow.
you’re so lost in it all you don’t realize that he’s stripped you and himself down— and that you aided him in doing both. or that you’ve wound your hand up in his hair, loosening it from his bun to pull him in to kiss you. that you’ve been sucking on his tongue and pressing your bare cunt down on his fingers that were already working to stretch you out. that you’ve been moaning and whining loud enough to bounce off the walls despite the music playing somewhere in the background.
you’re not pulled from the trance until he adds another finger to the thick two he already has fucking into you.
“eiji-“ you whine at the stretch, at how deep they reach and press up against your g-spot with an accuracy that makes you want to vomit at the thought of where he’s gotten the practice. “too much.”
“i know.” he slowly pushes his chest onto yours, his weight sinking you into the mattress and making your mind go completely blank. “but, you can take it, baby.” only able to focus on the direct sensations of his body and his lips as they come to speak against your own in a whisper that makes you pant. “i know you can.” his hand draws back from your cunt, making you start to ache at the loss, your heavy hands coming up in search of something to pull him back by. “because you want to, don’t you?” your unspoken pleading is answered by the weight that comes to rest on your mound. “you want it?”
“y-yeah.. i want it.” you nod slightly before taking a deep breath and shifting your hips to rub his length along your slit. he bites back a chuckle when you shudder at the feeling of his size, as if the weight of it and his body size alone weren’t big enough hints of how big his couch would be. “will it fit?”
aren’t you as sweet as ever.. it’ll fit—he’ll force it if he has to—but he doesn’t think you need to know that part.
“that’s my girl.”
Tumblr media
i have a part 2 and 3 for this in my drafts btw ! x
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tired-biscuit · 12 hours
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: 18+ mdni, fem!reader // mating press, mentions of breeding, husband!bakugou (yes, he's aged up)
𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗱 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁: 700+
Tumblr media
𝗕𝗔𝗞𝗨𝗚𝗢𝗨 fucks you in whichever way he can think of.
Sometimes it’s up against the shower wall, when he has your back pressed to the wet tiles and he still wears that same conceited smirk that had first ghosted over his rosy lips the moment you had offered the lame excuse of saving up on water by showering together. 
Other times it’s him fucking you from behind; hands and thrusts alike from how harsh and greedy they are as you try not to sweat too much because you’re both still dressed in your work clothes, and he’s got you bent over the now-disorganized desk in his fancy office – your tear-stained cheek flushed against the expensive wood.
He fucks you while standing up, making you watch yourself in the mirror whilst the only part of him you can see behind you is the focused and firm line of his mouth. He fucks you sitting down, when he’s tired and drained from yet another late-night patrol, and thus lets you take charge for once; warm, scarred hands that have held so much power and destruction in the form of a spark – and still do – turning gentle and caring for a change as they slide across the curve of your hips and guide you to a faster rhythm. 
He screws you when your limbs are effortlessly entangled with his own stronger ones as you lay in bed and toss around the bed sheets that he obsessively keeps washing after every more intense fuckfest. And he slams you in the car, too, when he feels like being risky for once, and decides to make you bounce on his fat cock like a little slut in heat, even though anybody could walk past and hear your kittenish moans.
Still, nothing quite hits the spot like a good ol’ mating press does.
Truthfully, you’re not sure of the reason as to why. The position could be considered rather vanilla in the eyes of many; it’s just spicy missionary, but goddammit, if it doesn’t turn your brain to mush and causes your heart to jump whenever he starts hinting he wants it. His eyes burn like fire, the red gaze fierce as he practically manhandles you into it like you’re some toy he likes to play with all the time, every time, any place, everywhere.
And perhaps you adore the position because of the angle that lets him sink his heavy cock so deep inside you that the overcapacity you feel at the intrusion makes your eyes cross and your jaw turn slack. Maybe you enjoy it because he looks absolutely beautiful whilst doing it: glimmering in sweat and panting in the midst of all the passion going on between you. 
Perhaps it’s the way he reaches out and his thick digits intertwine with your own; the chill of the golden ring he had placed upon your finger a long while ago, brushing his knuckle and sending a shiver down his spine because you’re his, his, his – all his.
It might be the way he subtly dips in to reach you better, so that he can kiss you. How his warm tongue tangles with your own, and he kisses you so deeply and with such feverish desire that you lose yourself in him; fade away to a point where he has to sink his teeth into your bottom lip to bring you back to him. 
How he caresses your face, brings you closer until your drool mixes with his own, and turns into something sweeter as the quiet, “I love you.” sinks into the saliva.
It’s the way he can rest his forehead against your own the moment his hips pick up pace and intent, and your knees are nearly touching your ears from the way he bends you to the brink of pain, and he has to focus to not make you ache, even though – fuck, it feels too good to do that right now. 
How he watches you break over and over again, then; crumbling into nothing but pure bliss as you cry out his name in that breathless sort of tone he absolutely adores, and that truly does make him feel like a hero.
How he can breed the fuck out of you after you cum and gush and turn oh, so very messy for the third time in a row. As that ring of milky slick gathers at the base of his dick and everything feels so sloppy and hot that he’s ready to give you his all and spill, spill, spill. Until you’re dumb. Fucked out. Dripping with his cum because he’s so in love with both you and your sticky pussy.
Who knows?
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honeesucker · 3 days
Tumblr media
Pairing: ProHero!DynaMight | Katsuki Bakugo x Puppygirl!Reader
Word count:  3,331
Series Content Warnings: Little bit of a slow start... Graphic Depictions of Past Abuse & Trauma Response | Profuse Usage of Pet Names / All-around Softness | Bakugo Experienced Work-Related Trauma (causing near deafness, being put on leave from the agency, PTSD) | Eventual smut™ (will be tagged in individual chapters - to include but not limited to KiriBaku, HybridxHybrid, Hybrid heat trope, sex toy usage).
*Not proofread.
Previous | Next (In Progress)
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugo wasn’t an undisciplined person in any way and anyone who had ever spent more than five minutes with the man would know it, back at UA his classmates knew it. His attitude and showmanship justifiable by his actions: hard work, determination to be the best at anything, unwavering confidence. So, it was no surprise that when he was presented with something that made him nervous, left him restless in bed having only gotten around five hours of solid sleep (unacceptable), that he dove head-first into internet research into hybrids, into the rescue facility itself – any reliable informative source Katsuki could get his hands on... he devoured all with a ravenous mind.  
He learned that there is a largely biological difference between hybrids and those with an animal quirk. He learned that there are hybrids of different biological levels – some he learned were bred or trained to lean more into their animal natures, while others acted similarly to those with animal quirks (largely human with animal likeness or simple qualities) – the bigger difference being they were still highly susceptible to the whims of their animal DNA (i.e., still driven by instinct, still at the mercy of their biological clocks as present in their hybrid DNA in regard to migratory urges, mating patterns... things of a more engrained nature). He knew now that something he needed to consider was what would be best for him – a hybrid that, like TetsuTetsu was fiercely like his hybrid side but if you didn’t notice the ears and tail at first would just mistake him for a high-strung human, or one that while appearing mostly human would be more aligned with their animal side internally – Katsuki decided he’d wait and see what was suggested at the meeting he had set for later in the evening at the rescue facility. He read up on the efforts of the facility and was nothing less than impressed by their work to rescue, rehabilitate and facilitate safe adoption for their hybrids, but also all of their compiled free resources to learn more about anything one could think of in regards to hybrids, as well as offering in-person classes to be exposed further to important topics and nuances of hybrid life and ownership – classes, Katsuki noted, he would have to take before being chosen to take home a hybrid.
The rest of the morning was a blur of Katsuki half in, half out of consciousness due to his lack of sleep. He moved around the house way too fatigued but managed to make a simple stir-fry in the morning just to get something into his body, and later giving in to his needs and taking a two-hour nap before waking up to shower, and get ready for the first meeting at the rescue facility to get the process started... and though he held a lot of uncertainty he was also looking forward to something like this – something that might help him not feel so alone. 
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗
Katsuki was just half-watching a street food documentary series when he heard his phone ping! with a message notification.  
3:37 P.M. [Shitty Hair] Hey dude! TetsuTetsu and I are on our way to pick you up... he wanted to come and see some of his friends.
3:39 P.M. [Blasty Boy] Whatever as long as the rockhead doesn’t drool on me.
3:45 P.M. [Shitty Hair] Awe are you wanting to make a good first impression Bakubro? So cute~
Katsuki slammed his phone down, a burning pink tinge to the tips of his ears as he grumbled to himself at the last message.  
He just didn’t want to look dirty for the interview.
Another hour had passed before Kirishima finally texted that he was down in front of Katsuki’s building waiting for him, which prompted the blonde to thumb through the folder he had with all the requested documents, glancing at each page for the fifth time again before deciding he hadn’t forgotten anything. He threw on a well-worn leather jacket over his casual outfit and stepped into his boots, taking a final look behind him before stuffing his wallet into his pocket where his phone already sat, and heading out the door with a final click of the automatic door lock.
In the elevator his body felt like a can of compressed air thrown into a fire – ready to burst – but he just took in slow breaths (agency sanctioned therapy) and as he reached the lobby and made his way out, he walked toward the dark sportscar that awaited him, seeing the back window rolled halfway down with TetsuTetsu’s excited face glancing around at the few people on the street until he saw Katsuki.
“Hey, heeeey! Bakugo!” TetsuTetsu was shouting out the window at the man’s approach and Bakugo simply rolled his eyes at the annoying display. Opening the door and sliding into the front passenger seat just as TetsuTetsu was shouting another round of greetings out the window at him.
“Shut up ya damn brick head!” Bakugo growled out, “don’t you have a damn shred of self-control?”
“Plenty!” TetsuTetsu replied, sitting back against the seat with an excited bounce, nearly jumping out of his skin to see Bakugo... even if he just saw him last week.
“Tch,” Bakugo scowled, but Kirishima picked up on the slight quirk to the corner of his friend's lips as he pulled the seatbelt across his chest. “Dumbass acting like he hasn’t seen me in years.”
“Ready to go, dude?” Kirishima beamed at his friends who only answered with a quiet grunt. The drive to the facility was about 45 minutes from Katsuki’s apartment, and he took notice of how the further they drove the scenery changed so drastically for such a short distance. Larger skyscrapers and bustling paved streets giving way to more rural, residential areas until he saw the large facility come into view. Katsuki had been in this area before but never noticed the expansive property even one time. It was partially hidden behind rows of trees, and there was a long, looping driveway to reach the front of the facility.  
“TetsuTetsu and I come here to volunteer a lot,” Kirishima finally broke the silence from the ride, “he likes to come and see some of his friends and socialize, and I help as an acting liaison since a lot of hero work does include rescuing hybrids either from disaster zones, or worse situations.”  
“I never knew that,” Katsuki added, though he had his share of hybrid rescue situations, he never once contemplated where they went after they were taken away – he wondered if they all came to a safe place like what was before him. “Also never knew that you had so much damn free time on your hands to come play around with puppies and shit...” Katsuki walked past the doors as they parted automatically, Kirishima laughed, walking behind him with a shit-eating grin knowing his friends was playing his emotions off cooler than he was feeling. Knowing what he knew of his friend, he was more nervous than anything and that made Kirishima hopeful for Bakugo’s recovery. Whatever that future held, he was certain, as he watched his friend’s back while he walked toward the center desk where a staff member was waiting to greet them, that he wouldn’t be alone and everything would be okay.  
Knowing Bakugo, he knew it wouldn’t be an easy process – but he could see the future becoming a brighter shade with each step.
“Ah, welcome back Red Riot!” The staff member beamed excitedly, “and welcome Mr. DynaMight!” She added, “and our little TetsuTetsu! Look how big you’ve gotten!” TetsuTetsu had a smile that took over his whole face as he puffed out his chest at the praise, allowing the woman to give a scratch at the top of his head between his tall ears.
“Alright Bakugo, you’re in good hands with Hina! TetsuTetsu and I are going to be in the common area, we’ll probably see you later once you’re given the tour. Text me if you need anything!” Kirishima was being dragged off by TetsuTetsu who was excitedly going on about who he wanted to see, his silver tail wagging so fast it blurred behind him. Hina got Bakugo’s attention, walking away to lead him toward the meeting room where he was going to be interviewed by the director, go over the paperwork and make copies of the documents he brought, thankful that this was all laid out in the call when he made the appointment – Bakugo liked to be as prepared as possible walking into new situations.
Hina had dismissed herself as she showed Bakugo where he could grab a snack or coffee, tea, water – she offered him everything even as he declined, certain anything that would go into him at this moment would come right back out. He was told the director was running a bit late but should be with him in about ten minutes. He was fine to have the room to himself to calm down, he could feel his palms slickening the more anxious he got and the last thing he wanted to do was blast the damn director with a handshake.
Maybe he did want that tea.
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗
Across the facility in the common room Kirishima was crowded by his normal little friends, excitedly saying hello and telling him about their recent activities since his last visit. His eyes scanned for TetsuTetsu he noticed was frozen to the spot where in stood just in the doorway that led out to the garden. He followed the hybrid’s gaze to a small puppy hybrid curled up underneath a tree bathed in speckled sunlight. Kirishima watched as TetsuTetsu walked out into the garden with tentative steps and saw the puppy hybrid’s wide eyes shoot up toward him.
What a beautiful little creature.
He took in how small you were compared to most other hybrids he’s met so far (aside from the very smallest types), noting that you would definitely only come up to just under his chest, similarly compared to Bakugo a few inches higher on him at the center of his chest - maybe. Your ears were tall points atop your head, and the large, fluffy tail behind you started to give slow thumps as you watched TetsuTetsu approach. Kirishima observed his hybrid sit and pull you into his lap, rubbing his cheek atop your head and watching as your body shook a little, light catching a glistening on your cheek just before it was thumbed away. You shook your head, palming away the tears before giving a beaming smile up at TetsuTetsu whose tail was wagging wildly looking down at you, but Kirishima could see it.
The way the smile didn’t reach your eyes.
He spent more time with the hybrids gathered in the common room, always keeping an eye on his hybrid and the new little companion. Kirishima was soon being pulled multiple ways by hybrids and staff alike to help where it was needed getting lost in the bustle of what normally came with spending time at the hybrid facility – work. It was a brief moment when his eyes darted back out into the garden where he didn’t see you or TetsuTetsu that Kirishima’s whole body went cold with nerves before he settled himself, knowing that even if you both wandered the place you were in was safe. He just always felt better having eyes on TetsuTetsu since he brought him home. It was when he heard a familiar laugh that he noticed you both sitting in front of a T.V. watching Pro Hero fights, TetsuTetsu exclaiming loudly at each incredible move, and you curled up into TetsuTetsu’s lap looking so contented just to share space with someone. Kirishima decided to walk over and introduce himself, but with the way he noticed your eyes always darting around, watching the way your body jumped – just slightly – at each louder than normal noise... he knew he had to approach you carefully than most.
“Hey buddy,” Kirishima called out, lowering his normal boisterous tone to a gentler level, “what’cha watching?”
“Ah Eijiro! Look, look, look!” TetsuTetsu almost threw you out of his lap if he didn’t have an arm hooked around your body holding you to him. “It’s an old Fourth Kind fight!” TetsuTetsu’s tail was whipping behind him with a furious thump seeing the fight. You were leant against his chest with your cheek squished by his shoulder as your eyes studied the huge red-headed Pro standing nearby. Kirishima gave you a bright smile but noticed the way your eyes widened, he wondered if it was the sharp teeth or just being noticed by someone new, he kept his eyes on you with a kind expression on his face as he got TetsuTetsu’s attention back, “Hey bud – who’s your little friend?”
“Ah!” TetsuTetsu tightened his grip on you as he turned his body slightly to show more of you. “This is Tiny!” Kirishima knelt down on the floor, squatting with his butt against his legs to be less of an impending sight to you.
“Tiny huh? Is that really your name?” Kirishima kept the smile on his face, kept his tone gentle and noticed the way you shook your head slowly, but then shrugged – TetsuTetsu popping back into the conversation with a quick, “I call her Tiny because she is! Also, because she said she didn’t have one...” TetsuTetsu trailed off, attention being piqued again by the Pro Hero fight on the T.V. but Kirishima and you were having a staring contest, your ears and cheeks dusted a light pink as you rested your chin on TetsuTetsu’s shoulder.  
“If it’s okay to ask,” Kirishima wanted to grab you from his hybrid and curl you up in his arms himself with how cute you looked at the moment, but knew he had to swallow down those feelings. “You don’t have a name?”
“Mm,” you shrugged, “not one I care to have.”
“Have you ever thought about choosing one for yourself?” Kirishima tested the waters, and it seemed you relaxed more around him now than when he first walked over, but you still stole tentative glances at TetsuTetsu for reassurance.
You slowly shook your head, “not really – not if everyone is gonna call me something different anyway.”
The way you said that made Kirishima’s blood turn, but he didn’t let it affect his interaction with you, opting to keep the smile and calm demeanor going, “What do you like to be called most?” Kirishima saw you falter for a moment, probably never having been asked that question before.
“I like when Tetsu calls me Tiny,” the warm smile lit up your face so beautifully, “and almost everyone else I know just calls me Puppy because... I’m a puppy, or really lots of other names too...” your voice got softer a trailed off at the end. Kirishima could see something brewing behind your eyes but didn’t push it further as you rubbed behind your neck a little nervously.
“Is it okay for me to call you eith-” Kirishima could get his full sentence out before you just grinned widely and nodded your head.  
“M’okay with anything if it isn’t mean,” you say softly, and Kirishima thinks his heart is going to explode.
˗ˋˏ ♡ ˎˊ˗
Across the facility at the tail end of the interview Bakugo thought his heard was going to explode just the same.
“Well, Mr. Bakugo I’m thoroughly impressed with how you’ve answered my questions, and asked your own,” the facility director was thumbing through her own notes and the documents Bakugo had brought with him ensuring all was in order. “I’ve never had an adoption prospect be as informed and prepared as you’ve made yourself which is wholly impressive and says so much about how you’d go into owning a hybrid – truly impressed,” the woman was nodding and repeating herself but Bakugo wasn’t hearing a definitive yes to moving forward so he kept waiting with bated breath. “I’d like to take you for a tour of our facility and tell you more about our efforts, and what you can expect moving forward in this program, and we can meet some of the hybrids who are probably out wandering in the common room at this time as well.” Bakugo simply nodded in a daze, heart rate starting to slow back to a normal pace as he started to collect himself, following the director out of the meeting room and into a long stretch of hallway as she went on about the facilities history and all of what they offer for the hybrids in their care – all information Bakugo had read up on but hearing it as he toured the grounds was still enlightening.
Upon reaching a more open area that the director called the common room he took in the mild bustle of the room, hybrids of all types wandering, lounging and laughing with each other and staff alike.  
“So, this is our common area where a lot of the hybrids who are suited for group environments come to socialize and spend their time,” the director drew Bakugo’s attention to the gorgeous garden they had, as well as a small food garden run by some of the facilities bunny hybrids who also helped out in the kitchen – they were a little skittish but super still super kind to show Bakugo around their garden. He also met a few wolf hybrids like TetsuTetsu, a cougar, two cats and a koi fish hybrid lounging in a large, open clearwater pond on the far end of the garden but what really caught Bakugo’s attention was on the other side of the garden in a separate part of the common room – more hybrids were lounging around at tables, but in front of a T.V. where old Pro Hero fight tapes were playing he saw Kirishima’s too large body sunk into a bean bag chair with TetsuTetsu curled up against his side, with a smaller form squished between them, mostly on Kirishima’s chest, nuzzled into his neck.
“Oh - that’s a sight that makes me happy,” the director sighed, sharing the same sight Bakugo was taking in. “That’s our newest hybrid, though she originally came to us just a short while before TetsuTetsu did she was also adopted out shortly after Mr. Kirishima took our TetsuTetsu in, but she’s had a hard time being placed with the right person – she's been surrendered back to us three time in the last year – she's had a rough go of it but always ends up seeking out the right people it seems.” Bakugo was drawn in to the three sleeping forms, walking closer until he was just a foot or so away. TetsuTetsu was snuggled into Kirishima’s side, mouth hanging open with the drool of a deep sleep. Kirishima was snoring lightly and had a hand brought up to wrap around the smaller form laying atop him. When his eyes laid on you, a little puppy hybrid with soft ears, tall, little triangles even as you slept, a big fluffy tail and an unnerving amount of old healed scars on the exposed skin he could see. Your face looked so peaceful, lashes shadowing on your cheeks, eyebrows drawn together in your sleep as if your dream bothered you, even a little kick of your leg across Kirishima’s stomach as you shifted in your sleep.
Something in Bakugo reached out from inside of him, his mind or his heart he couldn’t tell the difference – all he knew was that this feeling was one he couldn’t easily shake. He didn’t know if it was because you just looked like you needed protecting, or because the director said you were returned three times and he’s never turned down a challenge, but Bakugo now had his mark set on you – you are who he wanted to know more about, to bring home and keep safe, and he would jump through any hoops to make that happen.
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sabtovs · 2 days
~Hawks dating headcanons~
Tumblr media
(Black female reader)
Just a song I recommend:
If you do something wrong this guy will tease you about it till there is steam coming out of your ears💀
If you take a shower without him he will fr non stop pouting. 'Keigo sometimes I need to take a shower by myself' 'hmph'
The first time you asked him to help you take out your twist's/braids he was putting knots in your hair everywhere. (He apologized like 1billion times lol). But he always tries his best to help you
Whenever he sees you in public dude will fr grab your waist and lift you up to fly with him
If he catches you staring at him for a while he will pose and say "am I that beautiful" them blow a kiss.
Whenever he has the chance he will kiss you everywhere and say "your chocolate skin is so beautiful".
If your sitting down on the couch doing a manspread he'll sit between your legs expecting you to
He always helps with the chores if you say your to tired to do so. Though the only downside is he doesn't know how to fold crop tops💀
If you just start rambling about something random even if it's the most boring thing alive he will still try his best to listen.
Whenever he notices your having a bad day he will crack the cringiest dad jokes but the way he says it is what makes the joke funny.
Is your personal heater. Once he was cuddling you for way to long and you were slick with sweat from his body heat but was to afraid to say so
Always likes to pester you by leaving scarlet feathers in every corner of the house.
Is always little spoon while sleeping. Sometimes his head is in between your tatas
If your rocking an outfit he will hype you up till you get tired of it.
He loves your brown nipples. He will nip, suck and tweak them until they're almost a shade of red.
Solid 6 inches🥵
He enjoys 69 because then he can tease you about the fact he made you come 3times already meanwhile you barley made him come once.
He always jokes about breeding you while pounding into your soaked cunt
He loves when you bounce in his cock. Could literally come at the sight of your tits shaking and hearing your sweet moans of pleasure
Ass eater🌚
If you piss him off he will either never let you come or make you cum like 6 times.
At times he will let you be dom he really doesn't mind just whatever you perfer
Big fan of darcyphilia💀 he will not stop until your eyes are burning with tears. (If it becomes to much he will stop)
Favorite places are shower and kitchen.
Always down for roleplay.
He has 100% put whip cream on your cunt and nipples then sucks on it likes his last meal
Leaves hickeys all over your body.
Once he walked into Victoria Secret face redder than a tomato just looking to find some lingerine he can fuck you in.
Whenever he throat fucks you he pushes your head till it reaches his balls. And instead of Cumming in your mouth he always dumps it on your tits.
Most of the time it's always you taking the lead because when he's doing work you make your way under the table to deep throat his cock so he can spill his load in your mouth
Loves when your Dom and start sucking on his perk nipples
At the start he will degrade the shit out of you but during like the 3rd orgasm he will give you all the praise he can.
After a really hot night in the morning he always thigh fucks you knowing ur pussy is to overestimulated to handle his cock.
Tumblr media
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coffeerecords · 16 hours
fwb with bakugou where he agrees to this arrangement bc he’s head over heels for you and he’d do anything to be the centre of your attention. he thought his feelings would fade away but instead he just falls harder for you and it’s becoming more and more hard to contain his feelings…
but you didn’t want commitment so he’s willing to take anything you give him even if it’s meaningless to you. he wears his heart on his sleeves for you while you remain closed off.
he’d give, give, give—
while you’d take, take, take—
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simpliheavenli · 7 hours
─── (𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙖𝙫𝙤𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙚) 𝘮𝘶𝘭𝘵𝘪 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘢.
─── (𝘀𝘆𝗻𝗼𝗽𝘀𝗶𝘀) : Your favourite player loves to dote on you ! <33333
─── (𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀) : FOOTBALL AU. fucking in the showers, choking, a mention of loss of oxygen, cheerleader reader (LMAO)
─── (𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲) : idrk what the fuck this is, but I was really just down BAD.
navi - t.list
A cheerleader for your university team, ur oh so proud of showing school spirit by waving those colourful pompoms and shoving bright smiles in the face of the crowd. The players are on good terms with the cheerleaders, so it doesn't bother u when they get touchy after successful games. It also doesn't bother you when your favourite player slides his hand a Lil too low on ur skirt.
U also don't mind when, as you're walking off the field, he grabs a handful of your ass, giving it a playful squeeze, as he slowly slides his hand under your panties. And you peck his cheek, rushing yourselves into one of the showers.
You close the curtain, pushing against him with a devious smile. His hand comes under your chin, pushing you up to meet his lips for a silencing kiss. And as you push your ass against his crotch, coming up to cup his growing erection before you both begin to take off your clothes.
hes quick to turn on the water, adrenaline coursing through his veins pushing you up against the wall as he kneads your ass in his hands, pulling them apart before letting a glob of spit fall form his lips and roll down your glistening slit.
he wastes no time, pulling your pussy apart only to push the fat tip past your lower lips. You let a happy sigh fall from your lips as he bottoms out, his hips flat against your ass. He nuzzles into your shoulder and kisses you while he lets you adjust to the stretch.
You bite your lip, trying not to make too much noise above the running water. It's a challenge as he begins to rock his hips, his length sliding agonizingly slow over your g spot. You take your lip into your mouth to stop the whine that threatens to expose your sinful doings to the rest of the changing room, but I'm pretty sure they already knew bcs of the way he looks at you,
with such hunger and shameless desire... and also ofc bcs of the muffled moans and whines. You probably sounded pathetic, and plus he didn't want to have any of his teammates see his beautiful girlfriend getting fucked in the shower. So he does what any good boyfriend does, muffles your screams by pulling you closer to his body, pushing his dick impossibly further into your warm cunt.
The sound of skin slapping as he picked up the pace kinda let the rest of the players know that they should haul ass to avoid any further embarrassment, he listened carefully for the sound of the door closing, before snaking his hand around your throat and pulling you close, a weary smile on your face as you stare up at him, hearts in your eyes.
He kisses you, beads of sweat and steamy water falling down your conjoined bodies. He fucks you relentlessly, a fluffy feeling forming in your mind as the lack of oxygen takes you to cloud nine, and the feeling of his fat tip pushing against your g-spot overwhelms you.
"Fuck!" you scream, your nails latching onto the arm on your neck for support. He coos into your neck, grinding his hips against your ass while he manhandles your body in any which way he so desires before you scream his name, creaming over his cock while he fucks you through your high.
Post-win adrenaline is really a win-win.
Katsuki, Kiri <3333, Bokuto, Iwaizumi, Barou, Shidou <3
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bunnys-kisses · 1 day
daddy’s favourite issue - enji todoroki
rating: e (18+) reader: f summary: loving the great endeavor was a euphoria you never wanted to quit. he was an inferno, a blazing glory of an old man who doesn’t talk to his kids because they all hate him. he’s a bad man wrapped in the packaging of a good guy, a hero.  tags: smut, rough sex, riding, sugar daddy au, filth.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
loving the great endeavor was a euphoria you never wanted to quit. he was an inferno, a blazing glory of an old man who doesn’t talk to his kids because they all hate him. he’s a bad man wrapped in the packaging of a good guy, a hero. 
which was why he loved when little young things came into his life. pull in girls who didn’t get enough love from their daddy’s and now cry on older men to spank them, pull their hair, spit in their mouth as long as they apologize and spoil them rotten.
they usually lasted six months, he ran through most of the college girls at the university near his manor. the empty house was perfect for bratty girls, but he often broke his toys. eventually he’d tell them to move on before they got too attached. but you’ve been in his manor more times than he could count, you had been around for over a year now. 
here you were, mouth hung open as you seated yourself onto his cock. the little necklace with the ‘e’ letter on it and the rings he so nicely bought for you. you were like an addiction. you made his blood pressure rise and at the same time had all the blood go to his cock. a large nine inches when full erect. enough to make any college girl with daddy issues cry. especially when you challenge them.
like what he made you do just now. telling you, you didn’t have to take it all the way. but you puffed out your cheeks like a brat and seated yourself on his large cock and moaned, feeling the piercing stretch.  
  “does baby girl like that?” he asked, his large hands on your hips. his cock pulsated inside of you. a throb you felt deep in your core, like a thump of your own heart. it was how intertwined the two of you were. 
  “it feels amazing, daddy.” you looked at him, tongue sticking out like a bitch in heat. you felt warm all over, a heat pulsating through your body. it could’ve been enji’s body temperature or your own warmth from the feeling of his cock inside of you.
you pushed the hair out of your eyes and held onto his hips as your breasts dangled over him with every hard thrust of your hips. his cock splitting you open, cracking open a shell of want. you’d pull out all the way to the tip then suddenly sink back down, the dizzying pace made enji let out hisses of pleasure and grunts of lust. 
  “you look amazing.” he purred, “you look like a dream come true. sitting on daddy’s cock like the beautiful princess you are.” he gazed up at you with  hose harp blue eyes. he looked deadly, he could kill you right now and no one would notice or care.
  “daddy.” you whined. but that was all part of the fun. surrender your entire self to him, you were his baby girl. no one else’s. yeah the issues ran deep, but this was ore profitable than therapy. 
why pay someone to complain about your dad never being around when you could have a man twice your age buy you a burkin bag then incinerate it and spank you black and blue when you have the nerve to throw a temperature tantrum. 
your rapid movements continued, you felt a high from the feeling of being so full. your breasts bounced as you held onto his waist to leverage yourself to get him at just the right angle. you felt the tip bully against what felt like your cervix as you rode him like the cowgirl you were.
your eyes rolled back a little as it hit just right, your voice carried in the empty home. enji started to squeeze your breasts, pulling at your nipples in a teasing fashion before those large hands groped your breasts, kneading them under his calloused palms. 
  “baby girl likes that doesn’t she? she loves, loves, loves being daddy’s whore. because you’re such a good girl, letting daddy fuck you on a school night. got a nine am lecture, but you’re stuck in daddy’s bed getting your brain fucked out.” he growled as he squeezed your breasts tightly knowing it was going to leave purple and blue splotches on your chest by morning. 
“i love daddy’s cock! ah! ah!” you moaned loudly as your breasts moved with your movements, your thrusts causing every part o you to bounce on top of him.
  “and daddy loves your sweet, sweet cunt.” enji replied, he could almost feel the fire in his throat as the curl of pleasure tightened inside of his gut. he pulled at your nipples and basked in your sweet, almost pained moans. he did it against until they were nice a bruised, nothing a few kisses won’t fix in the morning. 
you moaned and panted, almost screaming in the empty house. you felt your brain become foggy with want as you moved yourself up and down by instinct. you grit your teeth and arched your back as you laid yourself on his body, your head not quite reaching his neck.
you realized how small you were compared to him, he could break your bones if he tried. he wouldn’t need to try that hard, you’d break in half if he so desired. your head felt heavy and unfocused, your body felt limp and your brain felt so fuzzy. you were operating on instinct as you rutted against enji like a helpless little puppy in need. 
you were enji’s bitch on a leash. 
you moaned loudly as you felt your walls tighten around his cock. nothing was better than pleasing your daddy as your voice squeaked as pleasure thrummed through you with the beat of your heart.
you were such a good girl, always have, always will. you were bark and play fetch like a good puppy as he fucked the brains out of you. you were so well behaved, but you could cross the line. be a bad girl, then enji would simply have to punish you. 
he knew how to reign you in. 
he grunted as he continued to grope at you with a need unlike anything else. he felt his cock grow rigid with impending orgasm. you continued your brutal pace on his cock, happily bouncing on him.
  “it feels so good, daddy.” you moaned.
  “i hope it does, daddy wants nothing more than to fuck you the way you’re meant to be.” he gives your nipples one last tug before he sets his hands back down on your hips and lets you have full control of how you ride him. 
you feel your moans roll off your tongue as you felt yourself move by instinct. the pleasure curled further in your gut. and it wasn’t long before your pace was as fast it could go and you were engulfed by pleasure. practically melting in the heat of pleasure. your body fell onto his as you came around his cock, soaking his length in your wetness. 
he held onto your hips and pushed your bottom half up and down his cock. you could hear his moans but they felt in the distance as you were wrapped up in your own orgasm. 
with a grumble in his chest and through grit teeth, he finished inside of you. soaking you inside and out with his cum. you weren’t getting rid of him that fast. soon he dropped your hips, but kept himself inside of you. making sure his cum stuck to your inner walls. thank god you were on birth control.
he rubbed your back with his large hand, you were a good girl. even with a million daddy issues, you were still his good girl. and he’d protect you as such. watching your horny body move up and down his cock, 
you were his favourite issue and he was making sure you stuck around for a long while. 
xoxo, U・x・U
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tojirights · 13 hours
"stay away from my sister, dude."
your bothers words ring in dabi's ears as he puts your legs over his shoulders. there was nothing he could've done to prevent this from happening. you were caught in dabi's web the moment your sweet, innocent eyes met his dark gaze.
every drag of his cock makes you moan, eyes rolling back in your skull as he fucks you impossibly deep. "d-dabi please," you pant, barely able to catch your breath as he relentlessly thrusts his cock deep inside your aching cunt. "shhhh princess." dabi starts, putting his hand over your mouth and leaning down to whisper in your ear. "don't want anyone interupting us now, do we?" he smirks when you whimper against his palm.
"your brother would kill me if he knew."
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rinnsdiaries · 2 days
🐧Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou x black reader
🐧Summary: teasing Katsuki leads to a punishment
🐧Warnings: cursing, spanking, oral (fem rec) vaginal sex
🐧Word Count: 1500
A/N: Hi! welcome and thanks for reading! so this is the first time I'm publishing any of my work so please don't hesitate to let me know what you think in the comments.
“fuck” you cry out as Katsuki’s large palm makes contact with you ass
“Count” he orders, voice strong and commanding. His hand makes contact with your left ass cheek, and you know from the strength of the first hit that it’s only going to get harder and harder.
“t-two” you stutter out, mentally preparing yourself for when you finally get to ten. You feel his hand make contact with your ass again and you groan out, the slight sting where
“three” you whine, you’re barely able get the word out when you feel his hand lands two more hard slaps on each cheek.
“fuck!” you groan, “four, shit four” you mumble out, ready for the last few hits because you know after you finish your punishment that your finally going to get what you misbehaved all evening for. 
his cock
The gang had all come over for dinner and Katsuki made you promise you’d be on your best behavior, because lately the two of you had been going at it like bunnies, you couldn’t help it, its not your fault he looked so fucking sexy in his hero costume.
And pair that with the fact that he’s got a 3 day weekend. Oh god
For the last two days the two of you have done nothing but fuck and eat, since he had a little mini break until he had to go back to work the two of you figured to that having sex constantly would be a good use of the time.
But you and Katsuki had invited the bakugang over for dinner at your house and so he made you promise that you’d wait till everyone left to try anything. He even fucked you about thirty minutes before the guys showed up, bending you over the table and pounding ruthlessly into you as he whispered how much he loved your tight pussy, while rubbing hard, fast circles on your clit.
But the promise didn’t last long because as soon as all of you sat down your hand found his lower thigh, he didn’t think much of it in the beginning because the two of you were always innocently touching each other, but as your hand continued to travel further and further up he knew whatever it was you were about to do would be considered innocent.
He grabs your hand before it could reach his dick and places it back in your own lap, sending a warning glare in your direction, but you just smiled back at him as if what you were doing was completely innocent.
As you all begin to eat dinner your advances seemed to have stopped, at least that’s what Katsuki thought, but a few minutes into dinner your hand returns to its previous spot on his thigh, handing slowly inching closer and closer to his dick.
He almost chokes when your hand find the outline of his hardening member and you grasp it tightly, he fakes a cough as everyone’s head turns toward him, yours included. He almost rolls his eyes at the fake look of concern on your face as you remove your hand from his cock and begin to lightly pat his back.
“are you okay?” you ask softly, and he just nods before everyone turns their attention back to the food in front of them.
 Clearly his glares weren’t working so instead he leans over and whispers in your ear. “you better stop it, because the longer you keep this up the worse your punishment becomes” he says, voice practically a growl and you have bite the inside of your cheek to keep from moaning out loud.
 You absolutely loved your punishments, especially getting spanked, the way your ass would be sore, and it’d hurt to sit down for a couple of days was most definitely worth it.
For the rest of dinner your torment to his now rock-hard cock continued, you would go from rubbing it softly over his pants to sticking your hand inside the waistband and stroking him.
But if that wasn’t bad enough he watches as you gather his precum on the tips of your fingers and slowly suck them into your mouth. his eyes widen and his lips part, tongue sticking out to wet his lips.
 He looks around at the other people sitting at the table trying to make sure nobody just saw what you did. When he turns his attention back to you, your swirling your tongue around you fingers and he has to fake another cough to stop from groaning. God how were you so fucking hot?
After dinner had ended and you all said your goodbyes, Katsuki had barely waited until the front door closed all the way before pushing you up against the wall, hand finding your throat and applying a little pressure, he knew you liked being choked.
“You think your funny don’t you? You couldn’t even wait a couple of hours?” he asks but instead of waiting for a response his mouth is on yours. He grabs the back of your thighs and signals for you to jump, which you do. His hand finds your ass and he lands a hard slap to one of the cheeks. He leads you into the bedroom and tosses you on the bed
“Strip” he commands and your quick to get off the bed, hands finding the bottom of your shirt ready to pull it up when he holds a handout to stop you “slowly” he says, taking a seat on the bed as he watches you strip out of your clothes.
Turning to face him you begin taking off your shirt, flinging it somewhere in the room, your bra soon following.
You turn around with your back facing Katsuki bending down as take off the pants you were wearing, your underwear coming off too, seductively wiggling your ass a bit as he groans.
When your finally naked, he pulls you down over his lap, ass in the air as you wait excitedly for him to begin.
The last hit is always the hardest, his hand comes down fast and hard  “ten!” you scream out, pussy soaking wet, your slick dripping down onto the sheets beneath you.
Katsuki gently massages your now red ass cheeks as he tells you how good you did, how proud of you he is. You turn around and lay on your back, wincing when your ass makes contact with the bed, you slowly look up at him, noticing the way his dick is rock hard, still confined by his jeans.
Before you even have time to take your eyes away from the bulge in his pants, he’s quickly pulling your legs apart, causing you to let out a gasp at the suddenness. Within seconds his head in between your legs and his tongue is licking a long strip up your slit.
“fuckk, Kats” you groan out, hands instantly finding his hair and tugging on it, as your back arches off of the bed.
His tongue continues to lap up your juices before his lips wrap your clit and he sucks hard, tongue swirling around the bud.
Two thick fingers are being pushed inside you walls, and your still stretched out from earlier so he begins thrusting them in fast, quickly setting a pace.
After a few minutes of him ruthlessly finger fucking your poor cunt, he pulls his fingers out and you whine at the sudden emptiness, but it doesn’t last long because he’s quickly thrusting his cock into you.
You’re not even sure when he took his pants off but you don’t have much time to dwell on it because the delicious drag of his cock inside your gummy walls is enough to have your mind going cloudy, your only thoughts about just how good his dick feels inside of you.
He barely gives you any time to adjust before he’s roughly thrusting into you. Loud moans fall from your lips and he bends down and places his lips on yours.
A few minutes later and you already feel the familiar tightening in your stomach, clenching tightly around him as your orgasm approaches.
“You gonna cum already?” he asks as he feels you clenching tightly around him, all you can do is nod. He runs his thumb along your bottom lip and you suck it into your mouth without hesitation.
His thumb finds your clit and begins rubbing fast circles. “cum for me” he says and his tone is enough to send you over the edge, your orgasm washing over you. He follows soon after, spilling inside of you, coating your walls in your favorite shade of white.
The two of you lay there for a few minutes before he gets up and heads toward the bathroom. He returns a few minutes later and gently picks you up walking you in the bathroom and sitting you down on the counter.
He finishes running the bath and tosses your favorite bath bomb inside, he gets you settled inside and sits behind you as he begins to gently massage your shoulders, placing soft kisses on your neck and whispering how much he loves you in your ear.
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shiggyscumrag · 1 day
I've been looking back at my old fics and headcanons and mu god has my writing style and interests changed. So I've decided to make an updated HORNY THOUGHTS WITH SHIGGY!!!! Tbh most of them are gonna be wholesome <3 Bakugou has been on my mind A LOT lately so we're gonna start with him!!
Wholesome headcanons
I feel like sometimes when he gets home from patrol he is either a cuddle bug or doesn't want to be touched at all. Being a pro hero puts a lot of strain on the body! So when he comes home more emotionally exhausted sometimes he likes being cuddled and being taken care of. However when he comes home from a patrol that was particularly cruel on his muscles he prefers to just kinda lay there and not be touched.
I love two ideas. Bakugou either not being to handle his liquor at all OR being able to take shot after shot and not feel a thing but hate the taste and doesn't like to drink very often because of it. Like he'll go party with you and friends but he usually won't drink unless it's a special occasion. For the light weight version he would take shot for shot with you on a holiday (New years, Birthday, etc) and after the second shot he's fuckinf gone. Like he's there but snaps back into reality every 5 secs but he just looks so cute with the blush from the heat of the alcohol under his skin. Or on the heavy weight side he would also take shot for shot with you only getting tipsy as you reach your limit. Let's say around 5 shots for fun. He says to you "I'm glad you're done cause that tastes like shit." He just hates the alcohol taste.
I'm not a huge fan of baths. Like I hate them. So in this headcanon Bakugou would instead take showers with you rather than baths. Or if you wanted company while taking a shower but he didn't want to go in he would just sit on the counter and talk to you, read a book or scroll through his phone possibly looking for new recipes. And I course you would do the same thing for him!!
If you were an artist of any sort (I'm an art major give me a break) he would absolutely adore the home made gifts you'd make him. When you guys eventually move into your first place together he would hang up the gifts you gave him in his office or around the living areas. When guests came over and complimented the piece he would always subtly brag that you painted it and he can only have the best art pieces in his home because he has the best artist in the world living with him and making him custom peices. Also if he ever did a charity event and needed like a design or logo he would come to you either asking advice or commission you to do it. Fuck asking for it for free, even though you'd tell him you'd do it free of charge since you're dating and it's charity. But he INSISTS on paying you because you deserve it for all the hard work, love and care you put into it.
He would give you the aux in the car everytime. He knows you usually ask everytime if he has any requests and just queues them in between songs you like so it works out fine for him. You're happy he's happy, nothing to complain about.
However you met (preferably outside of UA) he would find it pretty important that early on in the relationship that he introduces you to his friends (kiri, mina, denki, and sero) just so he can see how you would fair around them. I mean he's around them 24/7 practically so it's important you get along. They are like family to him so it's also important they approve of you, even though he says he doesn't give a shit about their approval.
He secretly loves when you feel up his muscles. It just makes him feel good. He also likes when you rub his back with your nails. It just feels so nice, especially after a day of training and or patrol. It's the perfect relaxer. I feel he would also like it if you rubbed his temples gently when he laid his head in your lap. It could honeslty soothe him right to sleep.
Not so wholesome headcanons (18+ MDNI)
Biting? Check. Choking? Check. An occasional creampie? ...Check. Sorry just had to check off some of the kinks I think Bakugou would indulge in and fantasize about.
Bakugou is a pretty aggressive guy. Some might even say he's a bit mean sometimes. Cruel even. Never to you though. He can get very possessive though. The way he questions when anyone other than his friends and family talk about you. The arm around you at all times in public. The marks that litter your skin underneath your clothing. Oh yeah, he likes to mark you. He swears it's all for your pleasure, I mean you do love the occasional hickey and the way it feels when he bites and sucks on your skin. But it is a bit much when they cover almost all of the entirety of your body. Of course only the parts he can see and possibly sometimes a few on your neck when he's really worked up.
If he decided to do a little quicky in a semi public place he would most definetely let you bite down on his shoulder. Which I feel would be a rarity just cause he'd rather not deal with the possible repercussions of getting caught. He doesnt mind the pain. Like at all. Actually it helps him get off a little bit. It gives him just the right amount of pain and pleasure to get him going absolutely feral.
Some of his fav positions include: normal cowgirl aka riding him into oblivion, reverse cowgirl aka riding him into oblivion just with more ass, doggy, missionary, mating press, you riding his face. The list could go on.
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magoliaomega · 2 days
Sneak Peek for, 'Centerfold'
“I think I’ve figured it out, finally. That time I flew off the building with you, that picture. I know why it bugs you so much: It turns you on.”
You were staring at him, lips parted and you blushed. You had opened your mouth to argue but you instantly bit your words off as he placed a hand onto your knee beneath the table.
“Don’t deny it.”
You didn’t. You couldn’t.
“Granted, I didn’t know you were scared of heights then. For that, I am genuinely sorry.” He held your gaze, moving to feed you again.
“But it made me realize something important: You were turned on by the fact that you were able to be vulnerable with someone. In that moment, someone had wrested control from you but it felt safe. It was exciting, wasn’t it?”
He felt you press your thighs together beneath the table.
You both ate quietly, the hand on your knee moving to grab yours as you reached for your wine glass, lacing his fingers with your own before placing it gently onto the table. Taking the glass, he tipped it to your lips and let you take a drink before placing it back down.
A grin spread over Keigo’s face, reaching his eyes as he narrowed them at you. “So now, babe, I’ll ask you, just this once:” Your eyes widened as he squeezed your hand and his voice lowered into a whisper.
“…Do you want me to dominate you?”
MagnoliaOmega on Ao3
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youseeingthis · 9 hours
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kiwanopie · 3 months
suggestive. college au boyfriend!bakugou. installment II “poor timing”
He’s barely awake when he picks up his phone from where it’s charging near the bed, blearily sliding in one of his amplifiers as he presses it to the side of his head.
“Th’fuck are you callin’ me at 2am for?”
Kirishima pauses from his side of the line, curious male voices leaking into the speaker that irritate in their familiarity. “Are you just waking up?”
“What the fuck else would I be doing?”
“That’s what I’m wondering too.” He plops himself on the large bean bag sitting in the middle of his roommates floor, after knocking on his door for what felt like hours. Kaminari starfishes against his comforter, and he has to snap a few times to stop Sero from going through his friend’s stuff.
“Dude, where are you?” He asks. “Your truck’s not in the parking lot. Are you at a hotel?”
Bakugou stays silent for a long moment, fleeting as it is, it's a little disconcerting, and the chat runs empty as the sound of a running fan hisses through the static.
He sighs, brief movement stirs sleepily under his bicep and he figures it’s best to end this conversation as quickly as possible. “I’m with ____.”
“You’re-“ Kirishima stammers a little. “Can you say that again?”
“I’m at _____’s apartment.” Bakugou repeats himself - he’s obviously trying to be quiet.
“No fucking way! Dude?!” Kaminari chimes in from somewhere in the room, because of course he’s on speaker. “Like is she right next to you?”
“Can you be any fuckin’ louder?!” Bakugou whisper-yells.
“She totally is, isn’t she?” Sero chimes in. “Did you two fuck?”
Kirishima grimaces up at him from where he’s sitting. “Don’t be crude.” Though, he hesitates a moment before speaking a little closer to the speaker. “Wait, did you?”
Bakugou kisses his teeth. “What the hell was so fuckin’ important that you had to call me at two in the morning anyway?”
“Well, those of us who weren’t out getting some wanted to know if you wanted to play DnD. Since it’s the weekend and all.” Sero says.
“But I guess now you’re too good for the loser club, now that you’re some bigshot with a hot girlfriend.” Kaminari pouts.
Bakugou audibly scoffs. “I was never a part of the loser club to begin with.”
“Says the guy who’s gonna make us look for another DM in the middle of a campaign.” Kirishima retorts. “Seriously, you couldn’t have picked a better night to fuck ____? With you two gone Jirou’s gonna wanna take over your post - and she always gives us the worst scenarios.”
“They’re not that bad.” Bakugou jumps a little when the hand around his waist slithers to wipe at her sleepy eyes, cursing hushedly before the men hear him quietly apologize away from the speaker.
His three friends blush as a familiar voice leaks softly into the receiver.
“What’re you doing…?”
“…Nothin’, angel. Go back to sleep.”
The three squeal in unison.
Bakugou kisses his teeth again, whispering angrily into the speaker. “Shut the fuck up. And don’t call me this late, again!”
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tteokdoroki · 2 months
Tumblr media
"eyes. lungs. pancreas. so many snacks, so little time."
Tumblr media
♱ �� katsuki bakugou + monsterfucking.
♱ — synopsis; katsuki’s been a bad fiancé recently, he tries to tell himself that it’s all in his head ( literally ) and when his neglectful behaviour nearly ruins your engagement dinner — he has no choice but to make it up to you, with the help of a little symbiotic friend.
♱ — length; 5K
♱ — warnings; please read for your own safety! mdni, smut 18+, heavy smut, characters aged up to 20s, mentions of eating people, monsterfucking, dry humping, tentacles, overstimulation, pussy jobs, public sex, clothed sex, oral sex ( f!receiving ), pegging ( m!receiving ), fem!reader, venom!bakugou. not beta read !
♱ — notes; waaa!! hello everyone, welcome back to kinktober!! im so happy to be participating again, i hope you all enjoy whats in store for this year. starting with this baddie !! - m.list ₊ kinktober m.list ₊ taglist 𓆩♡𓆪
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“just eat her…katsuki…” 
“no, you can fuck right off.” 
“why not? she is unpleasant…katsuki…its not like we like her anyways…” 
for the first time that night, katsuki indulges the mangled voice in his head— listening to the symbiotic alien that sludges through his voice and his body. venom is right. he hates his mother in law, soon to be mother in law, but the practicalities of it all aren’t what matter. red eyes drift to the devil’s incarnation of a woman, traditional yet rude and deserving of a beat down— katsuki thinks. if he could just take a bite, crunch down on the woman’s skull and swallow her whole, all of his problems would be solved.
“goodness, bakugou,” the woman leers with a nasty curl of her sweaty upper lip. “i’m paying for the wedding not for you to be dressed like a complete slob— you look awful, and at my only daughter’s engagement party!” she drones on and if venom were to murder this woman right now, she really would deserve it. 
“see? you are a loser, bakugou.”
he wasn’t dressed that bad, sure, it wasn’t the burgundy blazer and pressed white shirt you’d told him to pick up from the dry cleaners on the way home from work but— it was smart casual, a nice pair of jeans and a smart jacket. you liked that. that’s all that mattered.
bowing his head slightly, bakugou wordlessly apologises before fishing himself out another glass of mercilessly alcohol free fruit punch. “‘m sorry ma’am—“ 
he cuts himself off when your name flitters from between your mother’s lips— the syllables that usually sound so pretty when strung together now ugly tainted by the evil woman. “she deserves so much better than you,” she doesn’t ease up on reminding bakugou of how lucky he is to have bagged you. to love you. “better than a wannabe journalist on a motor cycle.” 
“die… pewny crazy woman—“
bakugou feels the familiar crawl of the venom symbiote across his skin— sharp-edges, dangerous claws reaching out for the wicked woman to snag her head off when he controls himself, controls his little friend and forces his stare back to the catered pile of desserts. 
“venom,” katsuki is barely hanging onto his sanity, voice tainted with exhaustion. it’s like having a child constantly on your back, begging for things that aren’t acceptable for adults. he wonders how he’s been able to put up with this, how you’re able to put up with him. since becoming one with the alien life form— katsuki bakugou has been nothing but neglectful of you…turning his back on you during nights full of romance because he’s scared venom will hurt you, he’s missed cake and wine and menu tasting for the wedding because venom craved a little something meatier and sometimes even more human than whatever you’d been excited to try for your big day. katsuki forgets calls, doesn’t reply to texts— cycles into the night to take care of his little problem when he should be looking after you.
katsuki’s been insufferable; meaner than usual, flakier than he should be and he knows that he’s hurting you— not loving you properly like he should. blaming venom alone  would be the easy way out. yet you stayed, you kept that ring on your finger and put on your best smile, because for some reason you still found it in your too big of a heart to love katsuki even when he didn’t deserve it.
still away with his thoughts, blonde is absent to notice venom popping out— a creepy, sticky black head, to greet a curious child after some of the sweets at this swanky engagement party. “want to play hide and seek? the mouth is a good place to start.” venom’s attempt at a coo is far from comforting, rows of razor sharp teeth covered in alien slobber only frightening the little one more.
“fuck off venom, cut yer crap out or i’ll—“ bakugou waves a hand, pinching the bridge of his nose only to be pulled from his revere by a whimpering child ( now identified as your five year old nephew who still hates his guts ). “oh shit—“
“would you mind not cursing in front of my kid?” your brother hastily appears from absolutely fucking nowhere. shindou is far from impressed, hates bakugou’s guts as does the rest of your family and if he had his way, the blonde wouldn’t have a leg to stand on at the alter with you. “yanno, you might wanna behave yourself tonight? it’s important to my ma, to my sister so if you could—“ 
there’s a burning rage that flickers through bakugou’s veins only heightened by the alien that makes a host out of his body, and it only makes it harder to fight off the urge for manslaughter. “we should eat him too…katsuki…he is getting on my nerves. i am sure he will taste like chicken.” the alien growls from the deep corners of his mind. 
“they do not taste like chicken you stupid fuckin’ lug.” bakugou grunts back. 
and to the outside world, the shitty excuse for a man is talking to himself— getting shindou’s back right up. “what did you just call me?”
“stay outta this, man. s’between me and the dumb fuckin’ alien voice in my head.” 
insane. katsuki bakugou’s little alien friend makes him look absolutely insane. 
and before he can get his ass beat by your brother— you swoop in, slightly flushed from flickering between guests of friends and family all night, there’s smile lines in your makeup, you’re tired in the eyes and you’re still the most beautiful person in the room to bakugou. his heart races when you’re close enough for him to smell your perfume, putting a safe distance between your fiancé and your brother.
you’re angry with him, bakugou can tell by the heat in your gaze when you get shindou far enough from the dessert table— he can feel it in the way it burns against his skin in broad  waves, see it in how you twist on your heel so fast your dress, pretty and off-white like a bride on her wedding day, rides up enough to catch a glimpse of your thighs. it’s shameful to admit, but seeing you so full of rage turns him ( and venom ) on.
“what the hell is going on with you, katsuki?” you bark at him, hands on his chest enough to make the blood rush to his cock, swelling in the pants he’d just managed to throw on for tonight’s event. 
“n-nothin’ sweetheart, ‘m just—“ fuck her katsuki. she’s angry, venom goads. she is pretty when she’s angry. we should fuck her. the blonde shakes his head, trying to rid himself of vulgar thoughts— clearing his mind, focusing on you and how your chest heaves, with annoyance, tucked away in that tight fitting dress that hugs you in all the right places,  as you look up at your fiancé expectantly. fuck. “the only one that’ll be fuckin’er is me, you dumb fuck alien.” 
it’s embarrassing, whatever’s gotten into your fiancé— because tonight was supposed to be special, the one night before your wedding that you could trust him to behave and not make that familiar prickling warmth coil in your core at his vulgar words. your eyes widen in shock and you push again at katsuki’s chest with furrowed brows. 
“kats, please—“ 
shindou squeezes down on your nephew’s ears, hoping it’ll block out whatever filth spills from your lover’s mouth. “that’s my sister! you dipshit, get a grip—“ 
“fuck him too, katsuki…” 
“yo—“ you turn around again, spitting venom ( no pun intended ) at your brother too as you grasp at bakugou’s wrist to pull him from the banquet room you’d booked for tonight’s celebrations. “go check on ma, please? i’ll deal with him.” 
and you exactly that, nagging the man’s ear off as you tug him to the bathroom— tears glittering as pretty as your engagement ring in your eyes under the artificial light. you’re nearly broken at this point, months of being treated so differently, akin to trash possibly, by the man you love most being unleashed on him and the symbiote that sits comfortably in his frame unbeknownst to you. 
“i’m sick of this kats,” you might as well be screaming at this point, your whiny and emotional voice is loud and noisy to the alien. it echoes through the cubical you’ve locked yourselves in and it cranks up the annoyance within venom— and you barely notice katsuki trying to keep him down. “i’ve been good to you all these years, haven’t i? i’ve loved you well enough for you to know that i deserve better than you but i just can’t—!” 
the final straw is when you bang your fist against the cubical wall, the noise rattling the symbiote inside your lover, forcing ink black tendrils to take over his host body and a scream to tear in the base of your throat as katsuki transforms into something you don’t even recognise.
the man towering over you now is built in a suit of sticky, obsidian black— white, and cloudy slits peer into yours in a way that sends shivers down your spine and has your thumping heart leaping into your throat. this isn’t your man, this isn’t your katsuki. horror seeps through your body, takes residence in your veins as the monster grasps at you with claws and tentacles instead of your fiancé’s slightly calloused hands. it dwarfs you more in comparison to bakugou, it makes you scared looking at what it’s made of him as thick slime slides up and down your pretty, blemished skin in ripples. 
“don’t scream.” the rasp you’d come so accustomed to, the one that makes your breath hitch every time he speaks, the one that fills you with butterflies despite the roots of fear wrapping around your heart. it’s him, your katsuki. the tendrils of black have peels back from his pretty face, his ruby gem
eyes send a flicker of comfort through your soul. 
but then he’s gone again and the dark mask takes over— screaming at you at a pitch close to making your ears bleed, and you’re scared again, close to screaming too. it, pools like an oil slick over your mouth, suffocating you like a bird on the surface of oil laden water…but you like it, even as if claws ironically gently at the insides of your mouth. 
“but we like it when she is screaming. katsuki. we are dirty minded.” the creature addresses you, some kind of twisted affection reflecting in the white of its eye.
“venom, i swear to fuck—“
it’s… katsuki’s… venom’s tongue, long and pink darts out to smooth over your face though you quiver, body toppling over with liquid dread. it’s warm, wet and shouldn’t send a spark of lust down your spine making you let out a muffled whimper of confused arousal. 
“mouth…breasts…cunt…so many snacks…so little time.” venom pins you against the wall, pouring over you and invading every inch of your shaky frame— smothering you as it slips under your dainty little dress while you squirm about in it’s hold.
eventually, the ink black peels away from your mouth, only when your muted screams die down. “t-this? katsuki? this is what’s gotten into you?” he’s relieved to see that you’re still filled with anger as you gulp in fresh air between ripping him a new one, he’s completely aware of your growing arousal too. “a parasite! you’ve let a fucking parasite take over your body and ruin our engagement night and now—“ 
venom, is offended, however. “—i  am not a parasite!” he growls. “i am venom, and you are mine.” 
“ours…fuck, i mean mine.” katsuki comments, but he doubts you can hear him through the layers of teeth venom wears while arguing with the symbiote itself. it’s a back and forth, but even during that your fiancé can practically smell how your cunt drools into your barely-there panties— from fear or desire, he can’t care to tell. you’re so wet, and between dealing with venom and not seeing you during wedding prep, the blonde can’t remember the last time he fucked you good and proper. 
it’s been ages, and you look too fucking good tonight.
“we should just take her…katsuki. flood her insides with seed. she is asking for it, like a hunk of meat waiting to be devoured….” 
you squirm against venom’s web like hold, “don’t talk about me like i’m not here you piece of shit! give me back katsuki—!” 
“her pulse has quickened. she is hungry for us.” the voice of venom roars from inside his head, equally as desperate for you as katsuki is. katsuki, in combination with the symbiote, surges forward to kiss you with greedy lips and to press his saliva covered and syrupy  tongue into the heat of your mouth so he can  silence you. it’s big, hefty as it fills you up until there’s drool pooling out and sitting on the corner of your pretty lips. “i like her. more.” 
and then you moan, it sounds like a symphony as your mouth swells with the thickness of the slimy tongue exploring your throat and rolling over your tongue. “we’ve been neglecting’ you, hah, sweetheart?” bakugou, your fiancé, groans against your spit slicked lips— smiling at the way you choke from his tongue retreating from choking you down your oesophagus. “wanna take care of ya, been letting you work yer ass off f’this weddin’,” venom’s strawberry tongue slithers out again like a snake seeking out its pray, leaving a sloppy trace over your neck as if to taste the salt that shimmers like crystals on your skin. 
“i’m getting hungry as well, katsuki.” 
they’re both starving for you, depraved of a meal that is your cunt with your panties tucked between swollen folds. “i-if you think…that you can make it up to me.” your speak hoarsely, throat still raw as you pant and catch your breath, “k-katsuki if you think i can forgive you…”
“let us fuck you, baby. i just— we just wanna feel you. c’mon sweetheart, you trust me yeah? y’missed me so much i know,” all three of you feel it, the way your pussy throbs against venom’s beefy and wet thigh from where he’d shoved it snug between the pair of your own. 
“d-did… i did. m-miss you, oh fuck!” you stutter out as thick digits belonging to your fiancé— thickened even more by venom, brush against your hip, dip beneath your skirt and panties to glide up and down your pussy. bakugou teases your entrance, scissoring two fingers inside of your warmth while you ooze into the seat of his palm and grind against him with wanton. “fuck me. both of you, p-please kats,” you beg, riding his fingers until they’re pulled out of you, coated in juices.
your body admits it before your brain does— that you’ve missed him, he can tell from how your chest naturally arches into the eager hunting path of katsuki’s mouth. your flavour reads sweetness, like salted caramel due to the sweat on your skin— his, venom’s tongue runs a course down your body, the sweetheart neckline of your dress rough on his taste buds before he drools between the swell of your pretty tits. he leaves trails of saliva every inch of you possible.
a patch is licked down the front of your dress— katsuki barely fighting off sharp teeth desperate to tear through the front of it so he can kiss the softness of your tummy. instead, hands large enough to crush a skull stick to the dips and fat at your waist, the doughy-ness of your darling thighs he’s missed so much. 
the black veil of venom peels back as katsuki’s head dips under your flimsy skirt— and he practically moans, huskily at that, upon seeing the crotch of your underwear darker by your ever growing wetness. “must’a really missed me, sweetheart,” a wildfire of lust sweeps over katsuki’s ruby red eyes and he coos deviently, nose nudging against your pulsing clit before venom’s tongue happily comes into play this game of sinful chess. he moves just a touch, mouth pulling wide to split at the sides much like a snake unhinging it’s jaw, and latches onto the entire length of your silken slit. his tongue greedily pokes at your hole from over the soaked material— sucking until your juices stream against his taste buds. you’re like a drug, ecstasy— sending waves of dopamine over katsuki’s brain.
burning desire trickles into bakugou’s bloodstream at an alarming rate, bursting through his veins and shaking about in his lungs at every little whimper that bubbles wetly on your messy lips— these soon turn to gasps, straining for air as if you’re drowning when your fiancé peels back your wet layer of clothing, nearly tearing completely through it with a life threatening talon belonging to venom, so he can expose your hot cunt to the cool air of the bathroom. he laughs, breathless and giddy against your mound before dragging his tongue along it— kitten licking your addictive little core just to see you twitch and writhe against the wall venom has you pinned to. 
you’re heaven on earth for a greedy, predatory creature like venom.
but you’re the universe to a regular man like katsuki bakugou. 
your cute little clit is his next stop, pointed teeth only just latching onto the pleasure bud before your fiancé rolls it between the two sets until your nose scrunches adorably and your eyes shoot back into your skull. “i think the little human likes this.” venom’s deep voice inches down your spine, hits deep in your core just with its vibrations— and even he is amused with how wet, you’ve become. gushing like a fruitful stream, pouring liquid gold straight into katsuki’s awaiting mouth, down his chin and painting his cheeks until they shine like treasure. 
there’s an uneven rise and fall to your chest as you’re fucked by two entities— you can barely breathe between them both, the shapes on your clit and the stickiness of venom catching your juices before they have a chance to run down your thighs. bakugou is lovesick, and so are you— big bambi eyes staring down into his own so earnestly, imploringly. the blonde pushes his tongue past the entrance to your fluttering hole, watching as your stare trembles before flickering to between your legs where you stretch over the fat pink appendage. it’s so big, that it might as well be a fucking cock. 
“h-ho’fuck…h’my god…ka’suki…s’too much. too fucking much!” the words feel like cotton in your mouth, slurred over venom’s tentacles and while the world spins on it’s axis around you, you cream around the base of the scorching, spit dripping limb in venom’s mouth as it wriggles inside you— tip writing sinful praises against your gooey walls, languidly stroking your insides and pressing up against pleasure spots that are new to both you and katsuki. big hands grasp at the meat of your ass— the tips of piercing nails marring your skin and spreading you nice and wide, pulling you onto your lover’s face so that you’re practically suffocating him with have no escape for you either, making your hips canter down to meet the thrust of his tongue in and out of you, barely parting from your honeyed sex.
a scream rumbles in the base of your throat as venom’s lengthy, girthy tongue twists against your lush inner-walls, churning up your guts. the symbiote using your partner as a host is quick to think— shoving his slime deep into your mouth again to tame your sacchariferous griping and grousing, the inestimable melody laying flat against the saliva pooling on your own tongue. “quiet sweetheart, can’t make you cum if yer too loud,” bakugou breathes, his voice laden with lust and amusement from watching you ride his tongue like it’s a plump, pretty and veiny dick. “y’gunna cum baby, fuck yes…gush f’me just like that, oh yeah…” 
“for us, katsuki.” the beast inside his head reminds your fiancé, his mask coating bakugou’s face once more— easing you into fright once again, one that makes you quiver just right on him, nearly pushing yourself over the edge.
it’s disgustingly delightful how the pink appendage has a mind of its own, acting like your own personal dildo, fucking you good like one and it’s not long before your body succumbs to the mounting pleasure— the taste of an orgasm like honey oozing across your tongue while happy chemicals dance across your brain, accompanied by white noise as you finally get to cum. you’re spiralling, the tip of venom’s…katsuki’s… fuck it. you don’t even care anymore, the tongue brushes against your g-spot hard causing you to clamp down, suffocating your fiancé,  and your jaw to goes slack. 
you gush as much as water falls, humping pathetically at your fiancé’s face until your entire body is limp and strands of the symbiote have to keep you up and away from katsuki’s eager mouth ( he’s still hungry, happy to clean you up ) where your legs can’t. 
venom slowly retreats from your throat too, but your brain doesn’t have time to catch up when he does, for bakugou’s lips replace the heat that your own mouth has lost— pulling you into a frenzied, spit swapping kiss. “‘m not done with ya yet sweetheart,” he laments, lips grazing yours, licking into your open mouth so you get a taste of yourself too. your body bows into katsuki’s, you feel it before you see it, hear it too— the clink of a metal belt, the sticky tap against your stimulated mound from underneath your panties…fiancé’s iron hot cockhead twitching forward and poised to push through your awaiting salacious folds. “venom wants ya so badly, wants me t’make it up to ya…paint yer pretty cunt with my cum.”
the alien matter has crawled back from surrounding your lover’s hips, sitting just beneath his weighty balls, heavy with seed all for you. it’s obvious how painfully hard he is, standing at full mast and the sight makes your mouth water, pupils dilate and a hunger settle in your chest for katsuki, one you haven’t felt for a while. he’d been neglectful, dealing with this venom shit alone when you could’ve been beside him—guiding him through, though you supposed that didn’t matter anymore…seeing as they were both willing to make it up to you now.  “our cum. we are going to ruin her…katsuki.” the symbiote growls, making his presence known to you both in the heated, sex scented bathroom stall. “i am going to ruin you.” 
underneath his hair, matted to his forehead by perspiration, katsuki’s brows furrow in confusion. “what the fuck are you on about—?” his question falls away into an airy exhale, twisted with a sharp clap against his ass, like skin on skin. “f-fuck…oh fuck….d-damn parasite’s f-fuckin’ m-my ass…” your fiancé’s head drops to the junction between your neck and shoulder, pointed teeth latching onto your saltine skin as venom twists his ink black tendrils into a shape made to ruin katsuki from behind— thrusting sharp into his puckered hole. 
“i am not a parasite!” the symbiote snarls, pulling back to pump into your lover again, this time with no mercy on bakugou’s ill prepped and fluttering hole—pressing right up against the blonde’s prostate. the force only has his own hips cantering forward, his cock, wrapped in pretty blue veins bullying it’s way through your swollen pussy lips— dragging back and forth against your overstimulated clit.
the whole ordeal is slimy, hot and steamy— katsuki pressed against you with no room for anything else aside from lust and the doubled down sound of skin clapping against each other. him grinding his shaft into your sweet cunt while venom pounds away at his warm, tight ass. when the symbiote pulls back, bakugou peels his seedy dick from between your selfish folds— clinging onto him by viscid ropes of evidence from your last orgasm while his cockhead smears fat globs of white against your mound. 
“my fuckin’ god,” you can feel every twitch of his length between your messy thighs, every throb as venom pushes deeper into katsuki— subsequently pushing his tip against abused and sensitive entrance. “m’baby’s got the prettiest pussy… can’t believe ‘m marryin this fuckin’ pussy… oh god.” he whines, drooling over your shoulder because he can’t keep quiet without pacifying himself on you, bakugou’s venom covered hand descends between your bodies to tap his mushroomed milky tip against your pleasure button a few times, smirking as your body jolts and the oil slick arms of venom spread your pussy lips further apart to watch more of the action ( your throbbing cunt and the pearls of arousal that leak from it ). “can’t believe she’s all fuckin’ ours, hah parasite?”
“no one can have her. only you and i.” he says in response, and your tummy flutters when bakugou repeats it back to you— the possession both he and the alien have over you doing nothing to stop the ticking time bomb of your orgasm building up in your lower tummy again.
to see your future husband with flushed cheeks and vacant eyes as he’s being fucked raw ( by an alien or not ) only serves to turn you on further, pussy drooling and juices slinging between both of your thighs with the back and forth of your humping, sticky noises accompanying your in tune breathless moans that follow one another’s with ‘O’ shaped mouths and end in sloppy kisses. 
with your gasped pleas and katsuki’s gruff mewls echoing throughout the bathroom— venom picks up the pace— rocking his dick shaped appendage harder and faster into your fiancé’s ribbed insides, forcing your bodies against each other in a passionate miry dance of nasty, filthy sex. the walls of the bathroom stall creak on their hinges from the force behind venom’s thrusts, jamming hard against katsuki’s prostate which in turn has your rubbing down on his fat dick, faster and faster until all you can hear is the pap, pap, pap of your sexes working with one another. 
“want it inside, need you inside! f-fuck yes!” you garble, almost pornogroahically, katsuki’s convulsing creamy cock driving you up the wall insane. “please.” 
bakugou presses his forehead to your own , body bouncing forward against yours from the power behind venom’s aggressive pace inside of him while your pebbled nipples brush against each other. “can’t,” he whines with nearly teary ruby eyes, the crystalline droplets already gathered in his lash line like yours. “been gone from the party too long, g’nna cum soon anyways. s-shit!” though you whimper with faux disappointment, you’re not far from release either— the feverishness to either of your movements dragging you by the ankles to another high after all the abuse to your sensitive sex. you find yourself throwing hips down to meet katsuki’s rapid thrusts. his hands fumble for one of your meaty thighs to hook it over his slender, slime covered waist while you grasp at his taut ass to spread him wider, allowing venom to reach deeper spots inside of him. 
katsuki shifts, changing the angle of his venom controlled thrusts so that his glistening cockhead breaches your entrance only just— making your eyes roll back for the millionth time that night, your nails sinking into his peachy ass. “‘m right there kats, oh—! right there…” you warn him through gritted teeth. 
he tilts head up, tongue licking over the sweat on your Cupid’s bow. “yer cummin’… g’nna cum f’us baby?” you nod rapidly in response, barely standing on the crumbling edge of your orgasm. between that and the alien parasite tearing his ass in two, jammed up on his prostate— dancing in the back of his mind and commanding him to cum… katsuki can’t seem to hold of either. “let go f’me baby, lemme feel it. give it all fuckin’ to me. to us.” 
“cum katsuki.” 
your body follow’s bakugou’s lead, and he, venoms. “ohh fuck, uhhh shit! ‘m fucking cumming— yeah, yeah. oh yeah…” your fiancé beefs needy and loud, his first spirts of thick white seed barely hitting your cunt before you let out a large wave and gush so hard your release makes a crude slap when ir hits the ground. your panties are soaked through and blood rushes through your ears— all your senses numb to the world except for katsuki using your shaking body to ride out the rest of his high, pouring his release into your soiled panties and against your slit. 
you see new colours, new galaxies and universes— everything hitting you so hard you barley have time to comprehend that you’ve just fucked an alien that’s using your fiancé as a host. it still doesn’t register within you as katsuki puts venom away, pulling out from underneath your skirt before he fixes your panties warm with cum snug against you again.
“‘m gonna take ya back to the party sweetheart, we’ll have to talk about this later.” bakugou coos, though you’re both wobbly on your feet as you come down. 
it’s so cute that all you can do is nod, seemingly appeased with your fiancé compared to how furious you had been before venom helped fuck you good. 
if katsuki had known using the alien as a sex toy would get him out of trouble with you and back into your good books— he would have done it much earlier. 
“i will not eat any of the humans here tonight… as long as we are able to ravage your tiny human again…katsuki.” the symbiote promises when bakugou hangs back a few seconds as you slip back into the party— hoping that your sins go unnoticed. 
and even if you squint while watching you join your family and friends for the rest of the night, you would notice all of them— the way you stagger on your legs and the shiny marks from venom’s slime decorating them too, leaving a sweet smile on bakugou’s face. 
“oh buddy, as long as yer a fuckin’ parasite in my body, we can ravage her like that any day, for the rest of my life.” katsuki boasts proudly.
“for the last time. i am not a parasite!”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Bakugou decides to put his delusional secretary in their place.
Tumblr media
pairing: bakugou katsuki x fem!reader
word count: 9.6k+
genre: fluff, SMUT, maybe a smidgen of angst
tags/warnings: 18+! minors dni! reader is not the secretary, basically this other lady is trying to seduce your man but katsuki isn’t falling for it! marking, exhibitionism, oral (f!receiving), riding, soft!bakugou but also mean!bakugou, humiliation (not really at reader), a couple spanks, office sex, praise, degradation, pet names (baby, princess, angel), crude language
author’s notes: this is very overdue, like incredibly overdue LOL i started this wip last year but could only continue writing during random bouts of inspiration. so i apologize if the smut is a little half-assed and if the characterization is questionable. but enjoy my late kinktober 2022 present to y’all 
Tumblr media
The sound of Dynamight’s heavy boots hitting the floor resonate throughout the wide hallways of his agency, drowning out the heels clicking behind him. A woman quickens her pace in an attempt to catch up to the impatient blond hero, rushing into his peripheral vision.
“Sir? Oh Bakugou sir~” The dulcet chime calling him is sickly sweet, enough to make him grimace. “I need you to look over these reports before I file them away.” She whips out one of the thick packets of papers clutch to her chest, bringing his steps to a halt which makes the hero point a glare at her.
“How many times do I have to fucking tell you that you’re suppose to call me by my hero name.” Malice coats his words, dripping off his tongue as he swipes the reports from her fingers. The woman, to the hero’s annoyance, indulges in his feisty attitude.
“Aw, but ‘Bakugou’ is more fitting given how closely we work together!” She waves off his displeasure, hoping her excessively cheerful personality can tone him down. “I am your secretary, after all.” She leans into his space, too damn close for his liking by how he could get a whiff of her pungent perfume. The overbearing scent has him side-stepping to create more distance between them.
The blond rolls his eyes before giving the papers in his hand a once-over, not even granting her the satisfaction of eye contact. “You work at a Pro-Hero agency, not some ordinary office job.”
Normally, he isn’t one to admonish any of his employees unless they’re his sidekicks. He’s always out and about on missions, never dawdling around the office long enough to find anything to scold them about. So long as they were competent at their job, he never had to give them any earfuls. But this woman here has been testing that resolve.
A month into her new position, his secretary has been greeting him every morning with far more energy than should be considered possible at such an hour. Her regular tasks shouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary. She was mostly tasked with filing villain reports and contacting other Pro-Hero agencies, but her enthusiasm warrants him to think otherwise.
She deliberately shares elevator rides with him, droning on and on about god knows what before getting off at her floor, ending their dull conversations with winks and wide-eyed smiles that make him want to gag. It’s one thing to be genuinely excited about your job, but it’s another thing to be attached to your boss at the hip. She’s at his beck and call when he doesn’t even ask for her.
One can chalk this up to her simply gunning for a promotion, buttering up her boss to garner his favor. However, Bakugou isn’t an idiot. He can read the air, deciphering the meaning behind her words and advances. Her deceptive guise of a hardworking secretary beneath those batting eyelashes is easily uncovered by him.
If she was really trying so hard for a promotion she’d approach him with more important topics in mind. Statistics, analysis, updates on villain activity and hero work. Y’know, discussions that would actually benefit his agency rather than waste his time.
Instead, Bakugou stands there listening to… this.
“You know, I’ve been thinking,” her voice drifts off as she taps a finger against her bottom lip pensively, “we should consider holding a party to get to know all our co-workers better!” she proposes. The blond narrows his brows incredulously at her suggestion.
Oblivious to his lack of interest, she moves closer to him, caressing a hand along his hard bicep. She tip-toes her fingers up his arm before flattening her digits next to his ear to whisper, “Company members only, of course. But I’m sure we’d still have a fun time even if it was just the two of us, right?”
Recognizing the suggestive lilt in her tone, he shoves her off of him without even touching her, abruptly tossing his shoulder back. The secretary freezes and comes across the peeved expression on the explosion hero’s rough features.
“We’re here to beat villains and protect civilians, not throw dumb parties.”
“Shut it,” he retorts harshly, not letting the bewildered look on the secretary’s face demur him. He shoves the reports back in her arms. “Just do your damn job.” With his brows taut behind his mask, the blond glares hard at her, watching her fumble with the papers before he resumes the rhythm of his combat boots stepping down the hallway. The hero gives her one last glance over his shoulder.
“And remember, it’s Dynamight to you.”
Man, what an annoying woman.
Is the thought that plagues Bakugou’s mind as he stands beneath the running water in his shower, washing away the sweat and grime accumulated from another busy day of heroics. Yet he still can’t get the irritating thoughts in his head to do the same.
His fingers weave the shampoo through his spikey locks, the pads of his digits massaging his scalp. Glancing at his reflection in the foggy, glass screen door, he meets his scowling mug.
“Tryna get in my pants and shit… Worry about keeping your damn job,” he grumbles to himself exasperatedly. What he finds especially annoying is knowing his secretary will start the day again tomorrow as if nothing happened. Even with Bakugou’s firm stance at wanting to keep things strictly professional, she’s going to continue getting up in his space, trying to caress her nails up his arm, and stink up the place with what he swore was five different kinds of perfume sprayed on her clothes.
But Bakugou’s not some oblivious fool. He can recognize from a mile away what her goal is and he absolutely wants no part in it.
“Katsuki! Dinner will be ready when you’re done showering!”
His head swivels toward the door of the bathroom. “Yeah I heard ya!”
He’s already got someone deserving of his time and affection.
“’Kay!” you reply, voice gradually growing louder. Bakugou hears your feet plodding toward the bathroom door just as the door creaks open slightly. “I’ll leave you a new towel to use after you’re done showering, too.” Even through the steam, he can recognize your silhouette peeking inside to drop the towel off. Unbeknownst to you, behind the cloudy glass door of the shower there’s a smile that finds his lips.
After washing the lather off his hair and body, he shuts the water. The last streams falling from the showerhead glide down his skin, joining the suds on the floor before they all disappear down the drain. As the thick steam surrounding him dissipates, he covers his toned body in the towel you left for him.
While patting down the excess droplets cascading his blond locks, Bakugou puts on some sweatpants, but forgoes his t-shirt for now, leaving it hanging over his shoulder. He continues rubbing the towel around his torso as he exits the bathroom.
The savory aroma of thick cheeses and tomato sauces hits Bakugou’s nose the moment he enters the kitchen. He stops in his tracks to take in the pleasant smells, along with the sight in front of his eyes that effortlessly forms a grin on his face.
Your soft hums accompany the harmonious atmosphere of the kitchen. Bakugou’s ruby eyes rove over you shimmying your way around an array of pans and plates like you own the place (which you essentially do), watching you finish piecing your dinner together with a generous sprinkle of garnish and spices.
Eyes never leaving you, an expression of admiration and fondness paints his usually hardened face. With arms crossed over his chest, he could just stand there, admire you, and be more than wholly content. You could do the most mundane things and still have him wrapped around your finger—not that he’d ever mention that to you out loud of course. Occasionally, Bakugou wonders how he ever got so lucky with you in the first place.
You’re so blissfully unaware of your hotheaded boyfriend lurking nearby. It’s all the more apparent by how you abruptly pause as soon as you discover him idling in the kitchen doorway in all of his half-naked glory.
The blond doesn’t let the fact that you’re practically ogling his hard muscle slip past him, and definitely doesn’t miss your moment of hesitation before you avert your gaze, your cheeks growing hot. It brings a smirk to his face and his ego through the roof.
Bakugou tosses his towel and t-shirt somewhere off the side before coming to you. “What? Getting flustered or something, babe?” he taunts. His deep tone hovers next to your ear as his chest touches your back. His hands are on either side of you, trapping you against the counter.
“That fuckin’ hot that I got you this speechless?” His breath is so close to you, he just knows you have goosebumps trailing down your spine. He can tell by the heat swirling in your cheeks just how much he has an effect on you and he absolutely loves how easily he can get you flustered.
Though he can’t say he’s all but immune to your charms, either. He trails a calloused hand up your bare thigh and hips, giving your ass a firm squeeze through your booty shorts which causes a yelp to flee your lips.
Fuckin’ hell.
The way you were dancing around in these things, tip-toeing to reach high cabinets that caused the shorts to ride up slightly and give him a glimpse of the plushness peeking past the fabric already had Bakugou half-hard simply standing behind you. But being able to touch what was essentially his started to make the material of his sweatpants absolutely suffocating.
In a single motion, he spins you around. Your back is pinned against the counter as you’re forced to face him. The cocky grin plastered on his lips greets you.
Finally grasping your composure, you raise an eyebrow at him. “For someone who wanted to take a shower as soon as their stinky-self got home, you sure are eager to get dirty again,” you retort, tracing your hands up his arms to place them on his broad shoulders. “Work didn’t get you sweaty enough?”
The blond chuckles lowly at your cheekiness. His face inches closer, mere centimeters away from your lips. “I could go for an extra workout,” he says huskily, voice dissipating with the shortening distance between you.
His eyes are lidded as he targets your lips, hands leaving the edge of the counter in favor of wrapping his arms around your waist. To his surprise, when he darts forward he meets nothing but air.
Hearing your giggles beside him breaks the tension between you. He opens his eyes and discovers that you’ve tilted your head out of the way. Before he can open his mouth to spit a retort, you rest your head against his shoulder, arms winding at his neck.
“Food’s gonna get cold, big boy,” you hum.
The noise that leaves his gritted teeth is practically a growl. “Dun care about the food–” His hands at your sides play with the waistband of your shorts. “Would rather eat you out on this counter.”
He watches you gulp down the lump in your throat, finding the idea tempting as a dull throb aches between your legs. But to his dismay, you don’t want to let him indulge in you just yet.
You lean forward to kiss his cheek to prepare him for your next words, “First and foremost, dinner. And then I'll let you do whatever you want with me. How’s that?” You tiptoe to peck his nose one more time for good measure before wriggling free from his clutches. You shuffle away to the steaming hot food you left on the other end of the counter.
Pink swathes his cheeks as Bakugou stands there dumbfounded. He rubs the back of his head, his brows furrowing in frustration.
“You’re killing me here, dammit.”
You let out another dulcet giggle. The urge to sneak up on you again to try to get you all hot and bothered lingers until it’s interrupted by a piece of fabric thrown in his face. “Also, shirt on we please.” You turn back at him with two plates of stuffed ravioli perched on each hand. “No shirt, no service.”
He yanks the white t-shirt off his face, grimacing as he begrudgingly pulls it over his head. “Yeah, yeah. You love it though.” Nonetheless, he follows behind you while the savory aroma of your food creates a path toward the dining table. The scent alone makes his stomach growl, the effects of a long day at work making themselves apparent.
Despite the antics he has to put up with, he can’t help but soften around you. It’s as if you possess an innate ability to effortlessly get him to shed his notoriously rough exterior.
He takes a seat on his side of the table, his stomach now growling loud enough for you to hear. You tease a wry grin before placing the ravioli dishes on the table, letting the delicious aromas waft around him, his mouth watering.
“I know it’s been a long day for you so you better eat up, hero.”
The blond’s eyes flicker for a second, chest enveloped with pride as he meets the look on your face that awaits for him in anticipation to dig in. “Yeah… Thanks for the meal,” he murmurs, mild gratitude woven in his words as he picks up the fork and finally chows down.
Again, what did he ever do to deserve you? He knows how hard you work each and every day. The fact that you’re still willing to love and take care of him is enough for him to want to cherish you for an eternity. Coming home to the person he loves and sharing meals with them is a blessing to him as it is and he absolutely wouldn’t trade this for anything else.
Which just makes the matter of his secretary all the more annoying to him.
The damn woman has walked in his office plenty of times to see the framed picture of you two on his desk, even occasionally interrupting his phone calls with you that would end with him mouthing low “love yous” before he’d have to turn around to acknowledge the petty expression resting on her face. He’d watch as her demeanor quickly shifted into a full 180—from a bitter frown to a forced grin to keep up her facade. She definitely knows he’s in a happy, committed relationship. The real question is whether or not she cares enough to acknowledge the fact.
He could just fire her for unprofessionalism. That seems like an obvious solution, but knowing her, she’d probably feed the media some false rumors about alleged abuse towards his employees. Of course, that wouldn’t at all be true. Far from it, but the news loved to twist the truth so long as it got them clicks. Given Bakugou’s naturally rugged demeanor, it wouldn’t be hard for the public to buy their shit and for his ranking on the hero chart to plummet. Which Bakugou could not afford right now considering how close he was to the top.
“’Tsuki, stop playing with your food.” He hears you chide, tugging him from his contemplation.
Bakugou huffs, jamming his fork onto the plate. “I’m not a damn kid.”
“Right, tell that to the ravioli you’re mangling with your fork.” You raise your brow and point at his stabbed and defeated pasta, the filling oozing out from the punctured holes. He keeps his gaze suspiciously fixed on the ravioli.
Does it taste bad? You wonder warily. “If you don’t like it then you don’t have to eat it, y’know.”
“What? No– The food’s fine.” He stuffs three pastas in his mouth one after the other. “Fucking delicious,” he mutters through ungracious chewing, cheeks puffed profusely, bringing a grin to your face.
“What’s wrong then? Bad day at work?”
He swallows his food. “Could say that,” he answers, resting his head against his propped arm. “Just some employee causing trouble.”
“Hopefully it’s not one of your sidekicks,” you pick at the raviolis while stuck in your musing, “I remember your first batch of recruits when you just started your own agency. You nearly scared half of them away by the end of the week.”
“How else was I supposed to whip those newbies into shape?” He lounges in his seat. “If they can’t take some yelling from a Pro, then they’re definitely not ready for the real hero world. Besides, they were the ones that came to my agency knowing that I’m the best,” he boasts with confidence, shoving more pasta in his mouth, and munching at his leisure.
“Also, it’s not a sidekick. Just some lady who can’t do her fuckin’ job.”
“Aw, cut her some slack, I’m sure she’s trying her best.”
Bakugou almost scoffs. If you knew the real reason for her lack of work ethic, you’d be on the same page as him.
Either way, he really needs to get this secretary off his back before shit blows out of proportion. If pictures, phone calls—hell—even lunch dates can’t get her to wake up, then what?
To his surprise, the idea actually comes to him quicker than he anticipated, red eyes perking up at a scheme forming in his head.
Of course. Heh, why didn’t I think of that sooner?
This is how he’s going to do it, he thinks. His lips barely resist the urge to quiver into a smirk that will no doubt have you questioning whatever was riling him up. Swallowing his final piece of pasta, Bakugou pushes his plate away but aims his fork in your direction.
“You free tomorrow?”
“I just have to drop off some papers at work in the morning. Why?”
“Good. Come by the agency for lunch.”
Your brows furrow at how sudden the request is, however, you go along with it. “Okay, should I make lunch for us?”
“Nah, don’t. I’ll order something,” he assures, but in his head he’s sure lunch would be the last thing on your mind tomorrow afternoon with what he has planned for you, him, and his secretary.
Bakugou scoots his seat back, leaning over on your side of the table. “Now, I remember a certain brat made a promise to me after dinner was done.”
“Hold it, I still have a piece–”
“Nuh-uh, c’mere–” He lightly pushes your hand away, and with effortless strength, pulls you out of your chair and over his shoulder. “Already waited too damn long.”
“Whoa..!” Your last piece of pasta falls back on the plate, forgotten. You watch as the distance between you and the dining table diminishes, the impatient blond leading you two into the hallway. At your fidgeting, he swats your thigh, warning you to stay fucking still unless you want to accidentally fall on your face.
With a squeal escaping your lips, you comply. As a reward, he presses his lips against the side of your ass as you’re still hanging over him, nipping at your curves. Your yelps are replaced by laughter. The ticklish sensation nearly makes you squirm again if not for Bakugou dropping you unceremoniously onto your bed.
“You better make it up to me for having to make me wait, Princess.” His emphasis on what is supposed to be your endearing little pet name comes out as a snarl as you’re cornered against the sheets. Expecting this kind of intense reaction from him after your meal, you grin slyly.
“I mean the ravioli was good, wasn’t it?”
Well that he can’t deny. Still, the blond smirks, showing his pearly canines. “Yeah, but,” he moves away from you, kneeling while grabbing at the hem of his shirt to pull it off,
“I’m still fuckin’ hungry.”
There is no doubt that the next day, you woke up incredibly sore. Sore yet also just as happy.
The tension in your muscles had dissipated as a result of being repeatedly fucked into your own mattress last night, allowing you to sleep soundly. So soundly that you don’t even notice your boyfriend leaving for work that morning. But it can’t be helped given how ungodly early his hero work starts every day.
Some hours after Bakugou has already left, your alarm goes off to remind you that it’s about time to begin your day. Even after a spent night, you can’t bear the thought of lying in bed anymore, especially with how cold the sheets had become, devoid of the blond’s natural warmth. Plus you had something to look forward to this afternoon—your lunch date.
Once you get washed and dressed, you grab your business files from your desk and dash out the door to drop off your papers at work.
Before you know it, it’s noon and you’re standing in front of the receptionist’s desk at Dynamight’s agency.
While you wait for the receptionist to finish their business call, you think back on the employee Bakugou mentioned yesterday. You note in the foreground how busy the entire place looks, which doesn't surprise you. The agency runs like a well-oiled machine. With all the hustle and bustle going on, it seems like everyone is doing their job with peak efficiency. Honestly, you can’t imagine anyone wanting to test the wrath of the explosive Number Two Hero, but you assume such people existed.
“Thank you for waiting! Here to see Mister Dynamight?” The receptionist greets you after hanging up their call, immediately recognizing you from your prior visits.
“Yeah, just coming by for lunch.”
“He’s in his office right now so I’ll let him know you’re here then.”
You mouth a thank you, followed by a farewell wave as you make your way to the elevator.
“’Suki’s office should be on… this floor…” you murmur, pressing the corresponding button on the panel. While you wait for the doors to close, you spot a figure approaching from a distance. You can see the person’s wrinkled professional attire, disheveled hair, and slightly smeared makeup as she approaches the elevator clumsily.
“H… Hold the door!” she pants.
Hearing her frantic request, your mind catches up with you. You jam your index finger on another button on the panel, keeping the doors open just long enough for the woman to slip inside and catch her breath.
You watch her ungraciously drop to the floor, lungs gasping for air. “That was a close one.” You bend down to extend a helping hand.
She sputters as she reaches out to you, “Yeah, thanks, I– Wait, you’re...” When she looks up, her eyes squint to get a better look at your face, brows knitting together as she recognizes your features. Dismissing your help, she abruptly retracts her hand before getting up on her own. You cock your head suspiciously when you notice her change in demeanor.
“Oh, I’m just stopping by to have lunch with my boyfriend. He’s your, uh,” you piece your words as eloquently as you can, “boss.”
It’s always difficult for you to tell any of Bakugou’s staff that you’re his girlfriend. You’d done it before in front of his group of sidekicks while waiting outside his office and as a result they all flipped, bombarding you with questions about your relationship before falling dead silent when his door suddenly swung open.
You’re expecting the same, if not, a similar reaction here, but you’re surprised to see a deadpan look in the woman’s eyes. She averts her gaze. You glance over at her, taking note of her fists shaking at her sides and how she bites the inside of her cheek which forms a pout on her lips.
You’re beginning to wonder if you shouldn’t have disclosed that information. “Are you okay?” you inquire, your voice filled with genuine concern. She eventually turns to look at you straight on, her expression teetering between a smile and a scowl. In any case, she tries to steer you away from the elephant in the room.
“Yep! Just peachy!” she assures through a strained grin that makes you all the more suspicious of her. Even if you want to question it, she has no intention of continuing the conversation. Her lips press together in an effort to maintain her smile, or else risk blurting something that should’ve stayed in her mouth. You keep to yourself in the elevator so as not to bother her, but the prolonged silence, combined with the elevator’s incessant dinging throughout each ascending floor, creates a suffocating atmosphere.
With every floor you pass you soon realize that despite keeping your distance, she’s still looking in your general direction. You notice her sneaking glances at you and your neck grows hot as you follow where her eyes wander. You press your palm against your jugular, the spot you recall Bakugou laying his teeth on last night.
I thought I covered that…
You want to chastise yourself for not spending enough time this  morning to conceal the blemishes on your neck. Your coworker had even commented on them before you left for Dynamight’s agency, to your embarrassment.
You settle for letting out an uneasy chuckle while adjusting the collar of your shirt. Though the majority of Bakugou’s staff are already aware of your relationship, you’d rather hide any detail of your sex life if possible. You’d prefer not being the hot talk amongst the whole faculty.
You expect to be the brunt of the woman’s teasing next, anticipating her wiggling her brows or whistling, but she keeps her mouth shut and her expression even appears offended.
Fortunately, the elevator saves both of you from any more uncomfortable silences. Right on cue, the doors slide open for the woman to exit on her floor. She doesn’t spare you a glance on her way out, but you overhear her mutter under her breath, “Enjoy your lunch or whatever.”
She stomps in the opposite direction until her figure disappears behind closing doors. Your face scrunches. “What’s her deal?”
You’ve gotten used to the bitter reactions some people would give over the fact you and Bakugou are in a relationship. You kind of have to, considering who Bakugou is and the hoards of fans he’s accumulated over the years as a Pro-Hero. But any of the backlash you receive is mostly posted online by petty netizens. No one has the guts to confront you in person. Mostly because if they do, Bakugou has no qualms about retaliating with equal venom and more. This lady, on the other hand, works for Bakugou. When it comes to greeting her boss’s girlfriend, she should be professional, right?
You brush those thoughts away, recalling that no one should ever have to suck up to you simply because you're a Pro’s significant other. “She’s probably on the PR team.” You laugh off, remembering how much trouble it is to manage Bakugou’s public image and how she must be tired from working overtime.
The elevator dings one last time to indicate that you’ve arrived at your destination. When the doors part, the entrance to Dynamight’s office is directly across from you, passing a short corridor. Normally, sidekicks and employees had to press the button on the side of the door, or page him ahead of time before entering. However, you have the luxury of just swinging those doors open whenever you like.
“Heya, Katsu–”
“For the last fuckin’ time, there’s no way I’m going on that mission as his fucking standby.” The voice booming at the other end of the room behind a wide, wooden desk drowns out your voice. “Tell Grand that if he can’t find another B-rate hero agency like his to do his damn dirty work, then he can just fuck himself,” he spits into the receiver. He slams the phone down and hangs up the call without a second thought.
You announce your presence once more with a low whistle. Another one for the PR team. “Vulgar as usual,” you joke.
He sighs loudly, “The only way to get the message across their thick skulls is to beat it into their heads at this point,” he says, leaning against the large glass windows behind him. “That Shindou needs to get off my back. I thought I told everyone I wasn’t taking anymore calls from that asswipe.”
“I’m sure Grand will finally get the idea after he receives your message from his manager.” Slipping in next to him, you wrap your arms around his neck. Your fingers delicately crawl up to his chin, tilting his head to face your smile. Bakugou reciprocates the gesture, his gloved hands gripping your waist and pulling you in as your lips briefly meet. When you part, you rest your forehead against his.
“How was patrol this morning, hero?” you whisper, playing with the tufts of hair above his neck.
“Same old shit,” he tells you quietly as you hum at his response, an amused grin tugging at the seam of your lips. Just as you’re about to separate, his hold at your sides tightens, locking your body against his.
“Bet you missed me, didn’t you, princess?” He leans in to nibble your jawline, causing laughter to tumble from your lips. “Bed got cold without me?”
Your answer is interrupted by a hand brushing up against the waistband of your pants, ruffling your tucked-in blouse. The man growls in the crook of your neck. “Didn’t have my cock to keep you nice and warm?”
Your nose scrunches at his unfiltered tongue. “Katsuki, I came here for lunch, remember?” You push at his chest, attempting to get him off you, but his teeth lock onto your clavicle.
“Food’s on the way,” he assures. Fingers play with the loops of your pants, dragging your shirt out slowly. “Might as well kill time–” His lips suddenly collide with yours, stealing your breath and drowning out any protests. He scuffs his teeth against your bottom lip, looking for a way in. You whimper in response at his persistence, stumbling backwards against the edge of his desk as he finally pries through your lips.
After an intense moment of kissing, his attention shifts to your jugular, nipping at the tender skin again. Every time his canines make contact with the broken skin, you wince. “Still got my marks all over ya,” he boasts, but the more skin he tries to unveil, the more he has to pull at your shirt’s collar which quickly annoys him. “Though I don’t understand what the hell you’re covering them up for.”
“D-Don’t want people to see…” you fumble with your excuses yet tilt your head to grant him better access. He scoffs at how your actions betray your words.
“Why does it matter when I want them to see? Let those fuckers look and know we’re together.” He licks one of the patches of broken skin. His harsh words make you shiver in his hold, but beneath his rough exterior, you sense a tender possessiveness in the amount of attention he pays to your body.
Your fingers brush through his hair, gently pulling him off of you so you can look him in the eyes, “You’re so damn insufferable, you know that?”
“Heh, you like it though,” Bakugou counters. You click your tongue, feigning ignorance. With his hand wrapped at the nape of your neck, he thumbs at your blemishes. His ruby eyes take their time to admire every inch of his claim on you. “You were clenching whenever I marked you. Screaming nice and loud too.”
“I bet the neighbors hate us now…” You sigh quietly.
“Took them that long?” He grins, almost proud of being a menace to those extras next door despite being a heroic figure. “Besides, not my fault you let me do whatever I wanted to you.” You pout, but accept it’s a fact you very well can’t deny.
As his deft hands unfasten each button of your blouse, he switches your positions. He yanks your shirt, dragging the fabric down your shoulders to reveal your skin and the bra hugging your chest. Licking his lips, he removes his thick gloves before hoisting you up to sit on the desk with him, making you straddle his thighs. Another pause of appreciation for the blossoms adorning your chest makes him blurt out, “Maybe I should let you mark me up just as much.”
You look at him precariously. He doesn’t take back the grin on his face. Seeing your wide-eyed expression, he cups your jaw, pulling you toward him. “What’s the look for? I know you’ve thought about it, princess.” Bakugou reads you like a book. He revels in your flustered face, telling him how right he is.
The image of his scarred, toned skin covered in hickeys has crossed your mind more times than you can count, but you’ve always been too engrossed in the intoxicating sensation of his teeth grazing every stretch of your skin to ever have an opportunity to bring the thought to light. Bakugou never gives you an inch when it comes to taking the reins in the bedroom. But now he’s practically granting you the opportunity on a silver platter.
You point a dubious look at him. “Are you serious, or did you bump your head somewhere earlier on patrol?” Anticipating your skeptical response, a chuckle rumbles low in his throat. He scoots back to remove his tank top, letting your hands lay over his chiseled physique. Your fingers immediately trace the scars and cuts lining his muscles, each one standing as a testament to every one of his battles. The idea of your own marks joining his adonis of a canvas has your eyes fluttering.
“’s no joke, babe,” he clarifies, a wicked grin plastered on his face. He then remembers why he made this whole arrangement in the first place. “Aren’t you tired of those fuckin’ extras always ogling me—looking at me up and down like they even have a damn chance to touch all of this?” He grabs your wrist and guides your hands above his chest, your fingertips brushing his collarbones.
You bite your lower lip. “Well…”
Hearing your voice linger, he snarls, “Are you seriously hesitating?”
It’s not like you hadn’t ever clenched your fists in front of the TV whenever your boyfriend was being interviewed by some mischievous news reporter or journalist. They never make it subtle when casting one too many glances at the Pro’s sweaty, skintight attire, staring into his red eyes for so long that they started looking dumb. Though as much as dark green jealousy occasionally takes root in your subconsciousness, you never act on your displeasure.
In the back of your mind, you always saw it as a sign of clinginess. But Bakugou sees it differently. To him, he’d want nothing more than his girl staking their claim on him. For you to get needy, jealous, possessive. Let the entire world know that you both belong to each other and no one else.
You fix your gaze at his cynical expression that eggs you on. Before you know it, you lunge forward. Your mouth latches onto his neck, arms curling around his shoulders. Bakugou draws you skin-to-skin, his low chuckle reverberating in the depths of his chest.
“Ooh, that’s it,” he encourages, rubbing your back. His other hand palms your ass, rocking you both back and forth, grinding his bulge against the crotch of your jeans. Your teeth cling to him, sinking into his skin. Your lips vibrate against his collarbones while you whimper at the delicious friction on your clit.
“Harder. I wanna see nice ol’ purple marks here,” he orders, relentlessly rolling his hips. You want to slap him on the wrist, your concentration waning as heat quickly pools in your abdomen. As if the grinding isn’t enough, Bakugou effortlessly undos the button of your jeans. He pulls down the zipper before reaching inside and touching you through your underwear.
“Fuck, already this wet from a little grinding? Nasty girl,” he hisses, running his index and middle finger across the ruined crotch of your panties. “Or maybe marking me is getting you all riled up?”
“Shut up–” you mutter half-heartedly. With a pop, your lips leave him. You lean back to evaluate your work. They’re not as noticeable as the marks Bakugou usually gives you, but they’re visible, and they’re purple as requested.
A small trail of violet hickeys adorns the crook of the blond’s neck and collarbones. Your finger traces the path, eyes capturing the sheen of your saliva over the marks. His skin gleams in the sunlight streaming in through the windows.
Reaching inside the pocket of his baggy pants, Bakugou pulls out his phone to turn on the front-facing camera. He gets a clear view of your work on the screen, and his smirk appears on the display. “My girl did that, huh?” He cranes his neck to examine the blemishes from different angles. Soon after, you hear his camera’s shutter release, capturing the image and adding it to his gallery. He should really consider making an album out of these.
Tossing his phone to the side, those piercing red eyes return to you, and your assertiveness fades. He grabs your wrists and leans in to kiss your temple.
“You did well, princess.”
His hushed voice makes your cunt clench and your ears warm. “I'll be sure to show these off later,” he promises, his tone dripping with smugness.
God, you realize how little his hero costume does to hide any of those hickeys. Given that he has to go on patrol again soon, you can expect his neck to be a hot topic in the media. Regardless, you can’t deny the satisfaction that wells up in your chest at the thought.
Katsuki was right. You really are possessive over him. And of course, it goes both ways.
While you’re distracted by your epiphany, he uses this opportunity to unhook your bra, happily discarding the garment. You exhale as he roughly cups the underside of your breast. His breath tickles your perky nipple, strong arm hooking you into him.
The pattern of his breaths are erratic, excitement coursing through his veins. His carmine eyes are lidded as he flattens a tongue against the hardened nub. As Bakugou fully wraps his lips around the stiffening bud, sucking and biting to his heart’s content, mewls part your mouth.
“Your tits still taste fucking amazing,” he mutters, mouth caught between sucking and spewing obscenities. “These tits gonna give me some milk too, princess?”
“Don’t push your luck, mister,” you quip before biting your bottom lip. You concentrate on moving your hips back and forth against his thigh, trying to find the right angle that provides you with the delicious jolt of pleasure you craved between your thighs. With a smack, his lips leave your nipple.
“Guess I didn’t give you enough attention down here since you keep rutting against me like a needy slut.” He swats your ass before gripping the plushness harshly. The mild sting has your pussy clenching. “My baby doesn’t feel satisfied unless she’s getting stretched open by my cock, huh?”
Just a little bit of dirty talk from him is enough to make you whimper pathetically, “Please, ‘suki…”
“Please, what? Gotta tell me more than that, princess.” He tugs the waistband of your pants, teasing you. Never breaking eye contact, Bakugou’s hand sneaks under the edge of his desk. “Use your words, I want to know what I’m doing to you. Don’t skimp on the details.”
A light click goes off, but if you hear it you don’t make it apparent, too focused on the hot blond in front of you that was making your head spin.
“Fuck… ‘Suki, I feel so hot… Need you right now…” You grab his hand showing him your ruined panties by letting the pads of his fingers trail your wet pussy. “See? Look what you did, I’m soaked.”
Bakugou mutters curses under his breath, applying more pressure to your panties to thoroughly inspect the slick saturating the fabric. He couldn’t have asked for a better reaction, finding your pleading to be incredibly sinful and all-too-tempting. He considers it a waste that he isn’t recording anything. Well, maybe it isn’t an entire waste.
“Damn, how are you this messy? This pussy’s fucking sobbing for me.” You nod, sloppily gyrating on top of his hand. For once, Bakugou is considerate to your needs and slides your panties to the side to slip his digits across your bare folds. You both moan in unison, you at the extra relief and him at the slippery honey dripping down his knuckles.
In his eyes he was being generous, granting you his thick fingers prodding your silky walls rather than reduce you to pitifully grinding against him. But, being greedy, you thought he wasn’t being generous enough.
Bakugou’s fingers leave your cunt to sample you, wet digits laying flat on his tongue. “Fuck, I need to lick you clean right now.”
“N-No, ‘suki, jus’ want your cock in me already,” you whine with a pout. However, Bakugou is insistent on stealing more than just a little taste from your sweet cunt.
“Not gonna even let me indulge a little? Must have spoiled you with too much dick last night.” He scoffs, but doesn’t move to discard his uniform to free his hard cock. Instead, he motions you to step down and stand in front of him while he remains perched atop his desk.
He eyes you up and down. “What are you waiting for, princess? I want it all off already.”
Your fingers start moving toward your disheveled blouse. As fabrics pile the floor, you catch the blond licking his lips, lewdly eyeing your panties that slip down your legs to reveal your juices coating your inner thighs.
“Turn around and kneel on top of my chair.”
At his blunt tone, you obey. Dynamight’s luxurious office chair cushions your knees as you carefully lift your body onto it.
“Bend over.”
Without question, you use the arms of the chair as leverage to safely lean forward, spreading your pussy in front of him. As half of your face presses into the cushion of the head rest, you steal a glimpse of his reaction from your peripheral vision.
With a guttural hiss between his teeth, he gets off the desk, pulling the chair closer for an even better look at your glistening center. He palms your ass, rolling the globes in his hands before spreading them, exposing your slick folds.
“You seriously trying to deny me this angel cunt?” His words are emphasized with a quick smack before his tongue dives between your folds. You whine at the contact, his lips fluttering around your clit as it works its way up your slobbering hole.
Knees shaking, you subconsciously muffle your sounds as you press your face into the headrest of the office chair. Not satisfied with your muted cries, Bakugou reaches one hand toward your head. He cups your jaw, turning you more to the side so you aren’t hiding in the cushion. When his tongue swivels around your sensitive bud, your moans resonate across his office with euphoria.
“‘suki! I’m gonna–!”
“Gonna cum? Do it then you slut.”
At your warning, he works his mouth vigorously against your pussy, even adding two fingers into your walls. Your toes curl behind you as your grip on the arms of the chair tighten.
“Fuck, you’re dripping all over my damn office chair.”
Maybe you would’ve issued a half-hearted apology, if not for his tongue and its unrelenting intensity across your sensitive bundle of nerves. You only offer a string of moans that Bakugou happily accepts, smiling into your pussy as he feels you tense up against him.
“Ka..tsuki!!” You practically scream, electricity coursing through your skin as your orgasm shakes your entire body.
“That’s it, princess. Want your taste all over my tongue… So fucking good,” he drones against your folds, not letting a drop go to waste as you slowly come down from your post-orgasmic bliss.
“Ah! ‘Suki, I’m already too sensitive…” You gasp, still feeling him drunkenly licking up and down your slit despite you just coming. Reaching behind you, you weave your fingers through his ash blond hair, nudging at his scalp to try to push him away, but Bakugou’s strength clearly outweighs yours. He grips your wrist, lifting his face off your sloppy pussy of his own volition.
“That sensitive just from my tongue? Oh, sweetheart, I plan on ruining you in my office chair alone.” Keeping his word, he replaces your pliant body with his own, planting himself right on the cushioned seat with his legs spread thoughtlessly. He dashes for the hem of his pants, unfastening the zipper, and pulling down enough articles of clothing for his cock to spring out, stiff and glistening with his arousal.
Lust blown eyes admire the thickness of Bakugou’s shaft, rightdown to the veins on the ridges of his cock. A smirk and chuckle follow in the wake of your heady gawking, swearing that you look like you were about to pounce and give him the best head of his life. Sadly, as he glances at the digital clock perched behind you, he realizes there’s no time.
“Sorry, babe, food’s gonna be here any minute and I need you on my cock right fucking now.” He rolls the office chair closer to get a firm grasp of your hips, motioning you on top of him with rousing urgency. Thighs on either side of his own, you reach over your body to level his cock over your dripping folds.
The blond’s lips curl into a sneer beneath you, hands fondling your breast and ass—the latter spreading your cheek to help you accommodate his size. “Besides, this what you wanted, right? To be–” As you begin sinking down his length, your mouth opens in a soundless mewl. “–split open on me, even after I fucked you into the mattress last night?”
Your teeth tug at your bottom lip while you do your best to bottom out. Katsuki isn’t amused by your muted reaction, pinching your nipple as punishment and spurring his desired noises from you. “What did I say? Answer me, slut, you wanted to get fucked dumb again, didn’tcha?” His words are harsher this time, demanding your attention.
“Yes, yes! Wan’ you to make me your little cockwhore, ‘Suki…” you confess, moaning when you feel his dick fully impale you. At the same time, Bakugou hisses at how your walls mercilessly hug his shaft.
“Yeah princess, I’m going to give you exactly what you need– Fuck! How are you so damn tight?!” It hasn’t even been ten hours since he had sex with you, stretching you into his shape last night until the sun shined, and yet you still had the innate ability to squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of him and then some. At this rate, he’s not going to last. “Need you to move, baby. Ride me already.”
Hearing the urgency in his tone, your hips begin moving on their own, dragging yourself on and off his cock. Hands on his shoulders, you leverage yourself to maintain a steady rhythm that had you both delirious and panting in pleasure. The blond’s thick fingers dig into your soft flesh, growls leaving his lips as fire flares in his veins, threatening to ignite his last ounce of willpower to allow you to keep this sustained tempo.
“F-Feeling good, ‘suki?” you question, looking down at him with a sinful expression painted on your gorgeous face—pretty eyes half-lidded and needy just for him.
“Yeah… God you make me act up all the damn time I–” His cock twitches between your tight folds, eyeing you from below and watching you clasp his hand that’s pawing your breast to gesture to him to play with you some more. The sensual yet genuine smile you give him ultimately breaks his resolve.
Oh, fuck it.
As if chains have snapped around him, Bakugou suddenly shoots up, carrying your body against him. He lays you across his desk quickly but carefully, with little regard for whatever else tumbles and falls off of it except for you.
You squeal in surprise, your arms and legs attempting to find purchase around him before you’re reduced to jelly by the new quickening pace of his cock pounding your insides.
“Oh my god… Katsuki!” The obscene slapping of skin on skin accompanies your desperate cries throughout his office. Arms that were wound around his neck lose their hold on him, pathetically dropping to your sides to clasp Katsuki’s wrists, where he’s pulling your thighs apart to spread you open for his unrelenting thrusts.
“Sorry, princess… you looked so damn hot I couldn’t hold back anymore. Needed to feel you deeper and make you cream already.” His tepid apologies don’t reach your ears as you’re overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of his movements, followed by a searing knot welling up in your abdomen.
By the looks of it, you have no objections to the turn of events, gazing dreamily at him as his hardened body hovers over you. From your point of view, you get glimpses of the sweat dotting his forehead, his nose scrunched in concentration, and narrowed ruby eyes glimmering with feral desire.
With stars in your eyes and features all flushed with warmth and lust, you sing a euphony of I love you’s between whimpers. Your voice catches in your throat when his cock repeatedly hits that sweet spot inside your gummy walls.
Bakugou can’t get enough of you, heart swelling with his affections that he can’t help but flick his wrist to intertwine his hand in yours. Despite his progressively carnal thrusts, he possesses contrasting tender devotions in his voice.
“I love you, princess. It’s been you and no one else. No other bitch can compare,” he repeats over and over like a mantra, a declaration of his loyalty to you and only you. You swear there’s an extra weight behind his words, but you’re too engrossed in the feeling of utter euphoria this man gives you in mind, body, and soul to give it a second thought. It’s as if you’re walking on Cloud 9 as your pussy clenches around him, back arching in the moment that’s pushing Bakugou to the breaking point
“So damn perfect, you were fucking made for me, baby. Give it to me, cum on my cock,” he pleads, “I know you’re almost there, princess.”
“Yea, ‘suki… Wanna cum for you, you make me feel so good,” you murmur brokenly, voice splintering into an incoherent babble that he finds so endearing, caressing your cheek while deepening his brutal pace. That knot in your tummy tightens and when the cord eventually snaps, you cry out, clutching onto his hand.
Katsuki insists he’s never seen a prettier sight than you finally losing yourself all because of him. It urges him to reach his own high and claim you in the only way he knows how—coming in your pretty cunt and dedicating himself wholly to you.
“Pretty angel, you’re making me crazy over here. Fuck! ‘Bout to blow my whole load inside you. That what you want?”
“Mhm! Please..!” You manage a few urgent pleas before Bakugou finally reaches his limit, groans resonating in the wake of his cock stuttering between your silky folds. His growls reverberate from the depths of his chest, thick with rapture as his body is bathed in the sweet sensation that is your entire being swallowing him whole. Ribbons of his cum paint your insides. You feel so full, both physically and spiritually, your heart bursting with love for the man that was spilling his adoration for you merely seconds ago.
Bodies spent and chests heaving, you lay on the desk with Katsuki on top of you. You don’t notice his hand sneaking under the desk, a click going off that goes equally overlooked, enveloped by your collective pants echoing in the stillness that is his hero office.
After a moment, the sensations catch up to you and the weight of his sweaty, heavy torso makes you squirm.
“Feel sticky…”
“There’s a shower and bath right there.” Bakugou grunts, but there’s playfulness behind his deceptively gruff mannerisms.
Your hands trail over his back at his response. “I know, but can you carry me?”
“Fine. Such a princess…”
“I’m your princess though.” You giggle, a teasing lilt in your carefree tone.
The blond can’t help the grin that finds his features. “Hell yeah you are.”
Bakugou pulls on his uniformed cargo pants to scrounge together some semblance of decency as he cradles you against him. Your body is like jelly in the Pro Hero’s strong arms, barely exercising the strength to hold onto him properly as he moves you to the unnecessarily luxurious bathroom built in his office. While setting you down on the counter next to the sink, the pager in his pocket rings.
“Food’s finally here.” He reaches for a hanger on the door, finding a bathrobe to blanket you in. “I’ll be back.”
You raise a brow. “Going out like that?”
“Relax, I’m putting a shirt on obviously.”
“A shirt, huh?” Not at all convinced, you cross your legs. You and him both know he absolutely reeks of sex. The marks you gave him are also an obvious giveaway. No doubt he’ll be an eye-turner to anyone he crosses paths with at the agency.
“Fine, I’ll have someone bring it up.” He meets you in the middle and you happily oblige, shoo-ing him to go about his business once again. The blond rolls his eyes, exiting the bathroom and out the large double doors of his office to wait at the elevator for his delivery.
And when those doors open with a ding, he’s greeted by the very last person he wishes to see. Swathed in the overbearing odor of her pungent perfume, his secretary stands heel-to-heel in the elevator, eyes crossed and a furious blush penetrating the matte layer of her foundation. Her steps traverse the threshold between the lift and hallway. With hands balled into small fists, she jabs the plastic bag of take-out food into the hero’s chest before wagging her finger at his disinterested demeanor.
“You..! You! How dare you?! Why, I should charge you for sexual harassment for what you did! So uncouth! Barbaric even!” She lectures vehemently, voice dripping with malice akin to the insults she practically spits at his face. The benevolent facade she dons everyday to garner his favor crumbles to pieces before his eyes and Bakugou can’t contain his laughter at the pathetic display.
“What’s so funny?!”
“Oh man, you’re a riot aren’t ya? You coulda very well just turn off your speaker if it bothered you so damn much,” he suggests, but the glint in his expression tells the woman he can see right through her. “But you didn’t, did you? You listened in on the whole thing like a fuckin’ pervert.”
At his deduction, the secretary blushes even harder. The fists at her sides shake with an anger that boils under her skin, melting her composure like the wicked witch of the west.
“Why you..! You’re the pervert here! Don’t think you can turn the situation on me when you’re the one who instigated this!” She points an accusing finger in his direction, an empty threat to the indifferent blond.
The hero barely offers her a scoff. “Me? The instigator? You got some fucking nerve saying that when all month you’ve been coming onto me practically on all fours despite knowing I’m a taken man.” Now it’s his turn to retort with equal venom and then some. His sudden switch in demeanor quickly overwhelms the woman as with every step he takes forward, she grows smaller and smaller.
“What’re you going to do? Tell the media? Report me to the authorities? Make a bunch of baseless rumors on your online blog? Well news flash—unlike you I’m irreplaceable. There won’t ever be another hero that has left as big of a mark on this country as I have, and you know it.” He holds his chest proudly after every word. In his presence, the secretary shrinks, gradually cowering back toward the elevator. Any semblance of nerve she held vanishes in front of her.
“Now start packing your things. If I don’t see your station left spotless by tomorrow morning I’ll make sure your days working for the hero industry are numbered.” It’s a threat she doesn’t dare challenge, wordlessly pressing a button on the panel to descend the floors and flee with her tail between her legs. The flabbergasted expression on her face is the last he sees of her.
And just like that, Katsuki feels a weight evaporate from his shoulders, releasing a deep sigh he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. He bounds back to his office with your lunch in tow.
When he returns, he overhears the water running in the bathroom before it’s soon shut off.
“Ah, ‘Suki, you’re back! I just filled the tub with water for our bath.” Your sincere smile meets his eyes which soften at the mere glimpse of you kneeling next to the tub, patiently awaiting his arrival.
“Fuck, babe, you weren’t suppose to move. Should be too sore after what I did t’ya.” He hoists you off the floor and into welcoming arms.
You pout cutely. “C’mon now, I’m not helpless you know.”
“‘Course not. But you’re my princess, remember? All mine.” He settles you both into the depths of the soothing, warm tub, nestling your body against his chest as he presses kisses in every area of tender skin he laid his claim on.
“And I plan to treat you like one for the rest of our lives.”
The very next morning, he finds a letter of resignation on his desk—the very place the two of you had fucked.
Tumblr media
copyright 2022 shotoh, all rights reserved. i do not allow my creations to be published or translated elsewhere so please do not repost this or share my content on tiktok.
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tired-biscuit · 19 days
𝗟𝗼𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗹 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗿 𝗾𝘂𝗶𝗿𝗸 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗲𝗶𝘃𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗱
Tumblr media
𝗶𝗻𝗰𝗹𝘂𝗱𝗲𝘀: katsuki bakugou, denki kaminari
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: 18+ mdni, fem!reader // oral (m!receiving), deep-throating, messy blowjobs, mentions of drool/spit, facial (bakugou). established relationships, they're aged up.
Tumblr media
Getting off your birth control leaves you feral.
Bakugou – slightly confused but nevertheless thrilled by the urgency you exhibit – isn’t quite sure what’s gotten into you as he watches you drool on his dick, looking all snug between his thick thighs when he comes home from work that night. 
Tugging him by the hand as soon as he had stepped foot through the front door of your shared apartment, your perplexed boyfriend hadn’t been even given the chance to kick off his heavy combat boots before you had come running in your adorable pyjama set and socks, colliding straight into his rather startled embrace.
Now, his gauntlets lay abandoned on the floorboards beside the small pile of clothes which you’ve practically torn off of your body in meek attempt of getting yourself naked for him as quickly as possible. Kneeling before him, you’re completely bare whilst making eye contact with the most lust-blown eyes he’s ever seen you own. Your cheeks turn hollow as you suck him off like you’re the thirstiest bitch he’s ever had the pleasure of encountering.
That turns him hot and bothered, but he knows better than to say it out loud. You’re acting like a little whore, licking and swallowing down his salty pre-cum like it’s a delicious treat, and it makes his skin pull taut and his body temperature rise until he wants to tug at the stretchy spandex of his hero suit like a madman. 
But instead of doing that, and thus risking tearing the fabric, he slides his gaze along the arch of your exposed spine; bounces it along the curves of the two plush hills that form your tight peach, which he likes to spank oh, so very much.
Your skin is glimmering with sweat in the mellow light of the TV you were watching just before he had arrived. So pretty.
“Fuck babe,” Katsuki mutters, voice low and raspy – so, so tired, “somebody needs it bad, huh?”
All you do in reply is take him deeper into your mouth; warmth and wetness embracing his sensitivity in an instant. It makes him hiss through gritted teeth, rosy lips pursing when your tongue starts to twirl over the swollen cockhead.
Katsuki sinks deeper into the decorative cushions of the couch, pushing the mask from his eyes and up onto his forehead with one terribly sluggish movement. Spikes of ash blonde bend underneath it as he breathes in deep and sighs. The bruising ache that riddles his entire body persists to linger long after work, but he allows himself to relax by sheer will. 
He’s finally home, spending quality time with his girl. It’s about damn time, he deserves a little break like this one.
Though, he should give you something in return. Right?
When he reaches out and runs his gloved fingers through your hair, you suck him even harder as a reward. Warm spit gathers at the corners of your lips, making them glisten. 
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. He loves how much you love him. It’s so evident, there are literal hearts in your eyes. The pure shitshow that are your hormone levels right now are making you insane in your horny little brain, and it suits him just fine.
All eagerness and urgency to please your pro hero after his tiresome patrol; you’re dragging your pink tongue along the throbbing vein on the underside like a hungry kitty laps at a bowl of cream. He can’t tear his tired eyes off of you. You’re just so nice to look at; slutty and yearning for his cock like that.
But god-fucking-damn it, he’s ready to bust the fattest nut when your lips leave him and you take a deep, shuddering breath that nearly sounds like a little gasp. Your mouth – that sweet, wonderful mouth – wraps around one gloved digit and sucks. Nips. Teeth clench lightly and tug. Until the leather slides off and the calluses on his hand scrape your cheek instead. Skin to skin contact.
If it were anyone else, you’d be worried about germs on the damn thing. But it’s Katsuki fucking Bakugou’s glove you’ve just taken the liberty of putting in your mouth. If you wanted to, you could eat a damn meal off of it, it is in fact that clean and you both know it.
However you; you are nasty. As the leather falls onto the floor with a silent thud, you pucker your lips and spit right onto his fat cock, fingers wrapping tighter around the already slick base. You start to pump: up and down, up and down, up and down – tits bouncing with the movement, hands looking so fucking small compared to his intimidating size.
He’s so red in the face. He can feel the tingle of heat, and he hates it, because now you muse when you look him dead in the eye. And holy shit, the smirk that ghosts over your lips makes him want to smash his head against the wall like the angry bull that he is.
You just provoke him in the worst possible way; provoke him in the best way. It’s no wonder he plans to marry you someday. But judging by how you’re acting right now, he guesses that the baby will come first.
“Look at you,” you taunt him like you’re reading his mind, smiling that tricksy grin that makes his heart want to roar. “Somebody needs it real bad, huh?”
Oh, you little minx.
“Shut the fuck–hah...” He blinks when you grip him tighter and palm him faster, the bridge of his nose scrunching in annoyance whilst he attempts to gather his wits and thus clenches his thighs. He’s so tired, he can’t hold on for much longer. It’s been nearly ten minutes, the time isn’t his best one but fuck it. He’s fucking drained, all right?!
Well, not fully drained yet. But he’s about to be.
“Gonna cum for me?” Your eyes are so glazed as you say it. “Gonna cum for me real good, big boy?”
“Y-yeah.” His exhale is painful as it lodges in the back of his throat, the stutter that had just left his mouth making him see red. He’s going to lose it, he wants his control back. A snarl forms as he grits out, “That is, if you go fuckin’ faster... C’mon, hotshot. Pick up the pace.”
Before you can retaliate with what he guesses is yet another witty remark, he wraps your hair into a tight knot around his beaten-up knuckles and tugs it harshly before he shoves you down. Head pusher, that’s what he is. He’s all fake arrogance despite breaking apart, thumb stroking your cheekbone as he holds you down, down, down – makes you choke.
His hips buck upwards now, nice and steady. He’s fucking your mouth just like you wanted him to as the blazing heat inside his stomach goes loose and he loses himself as a result. And for fuck’s sake, somehow, during all of this, he manages to lose control of his quirk, too. 
Sparks dance atop his broad palm when he releases the makeshift knot of your hair and cups your hot, tear-stained cheek instead. It tickles as it grazes your skin, the heat completely bearable but still hot enough to leave you startled.
It starts to burn rather quickly.
“Babe, no, no, no–” Katsuki grits his teeth, sucking in a sharp breath, “Wait a fuckin’ sec, dumbass!” 
It’s all bark, you yank your head back the moment the sparks touch you for a second time around, and he can’t stop it. It’s too late.
There’s no explosion as his toes curl in his boots and he cums; of course there isn’t, just thick ropes of white. He can handle his quirk just fine, even if the rein sometimes slips from his hands at vulnerable times like these. But there is something else, though.
A facial.
It is an accidental one, to be fair. Still, accident or not, you don’t look happy.
“Sweetheart,” he pants, reaching out. His palm still feels warm from the quirk as the scent of caramel promptly fills the room.
The glare you point at him is nowhere near as sweet.
“Ki, you fucker! You got it into my hair!”
Tumblr media
Denki zaps you the moment his dick winds up inside your warm mouth.
The poor man just can’t help it. Even almost a year of steady dating is not enough to get him used to being spoiled by a pretty girl such as yourself. Watching you in all your glory is everything he could have ever wished for, and it makes him so fucking sensitive and dumb in the brain that it’s no wonder his quirk went berserk in mere minutes.
Shit. His quirk went haywire.
The realization actually hurts him more than it hurts you.
The little gasp you voice when the faintest hint of electricity flashes over your cheek as he caresses it in an attempt to soothe you, is enough to make the pro hero begin to drown in pure, relentless panic. Now, the flash of white-hot pain brings tears to your waterline as it lingers on your skin. It doesn’t ache all that much, but instinct prevails and you flinch despite not wanting to.
You can feel it in your teeth.
“Fuck, I-I’m so sorry!” He’s barely keeping his eyes from rolling into the back of his skull as concern falls over his sharp features when the realization strikes as quick as his quirk did. “Did I–... Did I hurt you? Does it hurt…?! I’m s’sorry!”
He’s babbling and slurring on his words because your mouth is once more full of cock despite the initial surprise; plush lips wrapping around the head that’s causing him so much trouble. You’re that adamant on making him cum and he’s just so dumb. It’s lovely, especially as you kiss his dick and mumble out a determined, “Mm-mm.”
Denki isn’t convinced, not even when you offer him your best efforts.
“You sure? Wouldn’t it be better if I checked…? Yeah, I should check, shouldn’t I?” His pause only makes his worries grow even more profound. It’s cute but agitating; the way he’s literally talking to himself and losing focus whilst you're attempting to make him relax. “Lemme check.”
“Mmh- It’s fine, you didn’t even zap me all that much, c’mooon!” Pop! – a groan is voiced in protest from your side as you part from him fully with an audible noise and a long string of glimmering saliva that is stubborn at keeping you connected to him no matter the stretch and the vacant space in-between.
Staring at it, the glare you fix for him now makes the yellow in his eyes all the softer. He feels so appreciated because of how badly you wish to please him, he really does, but he just can’t concentrate if there’s even the slightest chance out there of him causing you harm.
Not that he could concentrate at any other given matter. He is buzzing all over as he grips your face to check for any signs of injury and thus leaves you burning in his wake; you can hear the hum of his immaculate power inside your ears.
Up-close, it is frightening. Thrilling. It makes adrenaline course your very blood.
Every touch makes you shudder. The voltage that’s still present isn’t nearly as high as to be considered deadly, but it is potent enough that it makes his hair stand up. It aims towards the ceiling as lightning weaves through every vividly-blonde strand.
Watching him in literal awe, he looks like he’s sunk underwater mid-air. How peculiar. Enticing.
Glowing, your boyfriend's skin is riddled with sparks that crackle and remind you of the static you used to collect on old television screens when you were a child. The entire room feels too small as his overwhelming presence begins to pour in and overtakes the space. He’s just so full of life that it’s scary in a way; especially because it seems that he doesn’t realize how strong he actually is.
Pure energy runs through his veins and turns you alert. Turns you needy and horny for more, because he’s like a deity in your eyes, no matter how much he stumbles over his words and how wide his eyes get in concern.
Seconds pass. He’s breathing so hard it’s funny in a way. A chuckle slips out and he follows suit.
It turns into a groan rather fast when you lean down to please him again. Kisses travel along the length of his cock, wet lips pressing small, lovely affections that make him twitch all over as heat begins to pool inside his belly.
“C-cutie, I-...” His voice breaks before he can say anything more. He’s breathless.
“Shh. Focus, dummy.”
You can feel the hint of electricity again as it kisses your tongue when you take him back in. It turns you numb; makes you yearn for more. Thoughts become blurry, saliva turns runny. Even your eyes are rolling back as you feel the lightning fill the hollow of your bones.
His spine goes rigid when you fully commit to making him spill, but he still runs his fingers through your hair so gently it makes your heart flutter. His moans fill the room. Nothing but breathless, hot whines and incoherent curses that stick to the ceiling.
Every smooth flick of your tongue rolling against his sensitive tip is heavenly. Goddammit, just seeing you on your knees – utterly naked and looking up at him through tear-riddled lashes – is heavenly. He’s ready to bust a circuit, quite literally. Especially when you push further down and take him in, in, in, without him even having to ask for it.
Minutes pass. Up and down, in and out. He’s deep in your throat, bulging against your skin and inching closer to your heart with every bob of your head. Oh, what a delight that is.
But it’s a problem, too. Keeping his consciousness sticking together while you’re going down on him is a task that proves to be awfully troublesome for a ditzy man like Denki. The last two brain cells he owns are skipping out of his brain with a quick ‘See ya.’  as your throat tightens around him and you suck even harder.
He hopes they’ll come back after he cums and you wipe your mouth clean.
God knows he could use them.
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