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hand in hand
They’re the biggest losers around !! Everybody hates them !
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I figure I should start actually posting here
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hes just fun to draw
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Peace & Love
I actually never gave this one a title before, so I’m hoping this is still fitting. I drew this last year for Aizawa’s birthday.
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I’ll wait here for you, forever
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Listening to music with ur crush <333
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this is the most ooc kacchan i'll ever draw
it's cool, they're actually dating and will get engaged as soon as kacchan stops being a pussy. anyway this is entirely based on this textpost by @katsuizu-stuff (tag added by @bkdkdump)
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I wonder what her hero name was
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Person: “You know when your life flashes before your eyes before a near-death experience??”
Bakugo, who had thoughts of Deku and Deku only:
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I love bkdk just being kissable, huggable and sweet.... WHY THEY ARE ALWAYS SO SOFT JUST BEING IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER!??!?!??
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SHOUTA AIZAWA WAS A GRUMPY ASS DUDE. Be it his resting bitch face or his introverted nature that made him appear in such a manner, the man was just always grumpy-looking. The longer he went on teaching 1A, the more each of them began picking up on it. When they started to really pay attention to him, they marveled at the fact that one can keep the same face for so long.
During the early school hours, they could never see anything else. He always wore the same monotone expression or was just straight-up gloomy.
The main theory was that he simply wasn't a morning person. Everyone and their mothers knew that Aizawa almost never slept; some started to speculate it was some weird quirk that was assigned with the Erasure.
Case in point, his expression never changed. They got so caught up in their conspiracies that some of them were just downright outlandish- though it didn't stop them from creating a pool so they could place their best bets.
It went from a 'maybe he didn't like being around kids so he was always pissed' from Mina down to the possibility of him being an android that was only programmed with one emotion- which was whatever expression was always permeating his face- from Kaminari.
As the school year flew by faster than they had anticipated, they agreed that they would never be subjected to such a sight and that witnessing a comet was probably less rare than this.
And it was like they had almost literally jinxed it.
The following school day, for the very first time since they all started school, Aizawa was actually the first one in the classroom. They had been accustomed to waiting a few minutes every day because he was always late to class and it just didn't start until he felt like showing up to teach them.
Apparently, every one of them noticed because as they filed into the room and sat at their desks, none of them said a single syllable. The sound of their shoes clicking and tapping against the floors was the only sound. One by one, they quickly and quietly sat down; not a single one had the gall to say anything.
Though he wasn't paying attention since whatever was on his phone was more interesting than the fear that was being instilled in them just because he showed up on time. "Just do whatever. Don't be too loud."
And there it was! Mina nailed the bottom of her shoe into Kaminari's calf the second Aizawa turned his eyes away, "Ow! The hell-" She sternly motioned her head toward the front to witness him ever so subtly turning up a smile and looking at his phone.
Just like a line of dominoes standing perfectly, one gets tipped and it's a constant chain reaction. Kaminari gasps before turning around and shoving Kirishima's face off his desk. Kirishima in turn reaches across to slap the back of his palm onto Sero's bicep. And even though Bakugo swears up and down he "didn’t give a fuck." Sero swiftly crouches down to stretch over and push his shoulder.
Considering they were absolutely not subtle, the rest of their classmates gazed at the interaction between the group of friends before and they all followed suit. It dawned on a few of them that there were probably better things to do, but this was probably going to be the most interesting thing for them for the rest of the year.
He commented on having to go to Mic's room for something, never tearing his eyes from his phone while stalking into the hall and the room erupted into a fit of noise- some confusion and some just pure excitement.
In the midst of the chaos and flurry of kids standing up from their chairs, Jirou lit up like a cartoon light bulb and swung over Kaminari and Mina's legs to get to the wall to try listening in. She knew it was at least morally gray but there was an itching feeling of needing to know building up in the back of her head like a tub filling with water.
“A lot of them have been giving me weird looks lately. You know what the hell’s going on with them?”
“Who knows Sho! Maybe they found out.” He never looked so smug in his life.
“Yes because I’m so sure they know I’m married, Yamada.”
“Holy shit.” In succession, two little words got a room full of jittery and rambunctious students calm into a cluster of whispers before quickly dying out. “He’s married!” She all but whispers. If they weren’t loud before, they were sure as shit now.
A heavy, squiggly exclamation point and mark hung from the ceiling whilst they all clamored over one another to rush back to their seating arrangements before Aizawa could saunter back into the room likely due to the deafening noise of themselves.
They knew; their catlike curiosity had been satiated and in those few short minutes, they defied “curiosity killed the cat.” Because maybe it didn’t always kill the cat, maybe the cat's curiosity had greatly been put at ease, all 20 of them.
It was like watching them in a pressure cooker, one of them was bound to crack; breaking under the closing weight of that sated curiosity, so maybe curiously did in fact kill the cat. The silence was eerie and the tension was rapidly increasing until it was all that filled the air.
Much to their delight, they carried on about their day without any of them spilling their guts or (weirdly) without any questions from Aizawa about their behavior.
Neither he nor his class spoke a word for the duration of the school day and when it was time for them to leave and retreat to the comfort of their rooms, they collectively let out a sigh of relief they were all holding in.
He lets out a dreadful sigh before sluggishly crawling into the bed next to you, "They fucking know."
The giggle you let out made him wipe off the grin that littered his face before turning his face toward you. "And why do you think so?"
"I went out in the hallway and Yamada let it slip that I was married. Jirou must've been listening ‘cause they got really loud and I heard a lot of shuffling before I walked back in."
"That could’ve meant anything Sho'."
"Yeah, but they were all silent for the rest of the day. That doesn't just happen, not with them. And some of them were also being weird for like a month until they stopped like two months ago until it started again today."
You lifted the lower half of your body up from the mattress to sit above him and pull his head into your lap to comb his hair back with your fingers. "If it started again today then you were probably smiling at your phone when we were talking."
He scoffed, "I do not smile."
"Oh, you fuckin' liar you definitely do. Ask Yamada, he has videos of it."
"You know, sometimes I think I shouldn't have gotten married to you."
"Oh, you're so overdramatic, Sho'. You'll be fine. What's the worst that could happen?"
"They're gonna bombard me with questions until they get answers."
You gasped dramatically and threw your right hand over your heart, "Oh no! How dare they ask questions about their teacher. Monsters I say!"
"I hate you." He rolled over onto his back and hid his face in his arms.
And you swore you could almost see the faintest of grins.
bnha taglist: @https-true-egoist, @httpghostface
wanna be apart of the taglist?
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good morning bkdk's 🥰
take our tiny boys for a safe day!!
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Todoroki: Is Bakugo still ranting?
Izuku: Yeah, I can see him through the window. I can read his lips.
Todoroki: What’s he saying?
Izuku: He’s just yelling and keeps saying how much of a dumb duck some dude named Meku is. Who is Meku?
Izuku, realizing: I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume he didn’t mean duck, did he?
Todoroki: No, Meku. He didn’t.
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