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IZ Days of Christmas
Tumblr media
This is a masterlist of all my stories under the series of IZ Days of Christmas. It is a series done as a challenge to myself to post a corresponding smut/fluff/angst for each IZ*ONE member for twelve days of December, starting from the first of December to the twelfth. Who knows? Maybe I'll post a special one on the twenty-fifth!
Keep in mind that while the other members will have smut written about them, there will only be fluff or angst stories for Wonyoung and Yujin.
I'll try my best to be consistent this time. Hope you enjoy!
🎄 Day 1 - Kwon Eunbi
[KWON-0927] Busty School Tutor Whimpers Cutely As You Go Down On Her Curvy Figure After A Rough Revising And Has Her Sensitive Nipples Played With! Never Gonna Fail An Exam Again!
🎄 Day 2 - Miyawaki Sakura
Sweet Talking
🎄 Day 3 - Kang Hyewon
Mon Chef-D'oeuvre
🎄 Day 4 - Choi Yena
The Last Day
🎄 Day 5 - Lee Chaeyeon
🎄 Day 6 - Kim Chaewon
🎄 Day 7 - Kim Minju
The Day Offers A Promise
🎄 Day 8 - Yabuki Nako:
🎄 Day 9 - Honda Hitomi:
Biggest Fan
🎄 Day 10 - Jo Yuri:
Love, Shhh!
🎄 Day 11 - Ahn Yujin:
A Lost Puppy
🎄 Day 12 - Jang Wonyoung:
The City of Love
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She’s My Mother - Mapi Leon
Tumblr media
Italics = Spanish
Mapi Leon/Maria Pilar Leon Cebrian = Ma
Mapi’s Adopted Daughter OC = Avery Cole Leon Cebrian
Today Avery was supposed to go out with Mapi for dinner but once again Mapi had text to say that she was with some of her teammates and that there was money on the counter in the kitchen for takeaway.
Avery sighs before opening uber eats on her phone and ordering a pizza with fries and a coca cola. She sits on a stool in the kitchen waiting for her food to arrive as she scrolls through tiktok.
The one thing that Avery hated was when Mapi would promise to do something with her and cancel at the last minute. She understood that she was busy doing interviews, training and playing matches but she never saw her Mama anymore and she was starting to miss her.
From Avery to Ma <3
When will you be home?
Read 8:45pm
From Avery to Ma <3
Read 9:00pm
From Ma <3 to Avery
There’s money for takeaway on the counter in the kitchen xxx
Read 9:27pm
From Avery to Ma <3
Whatever…be safe. I’ll be asleep when you get back, so be quiet plz?
Read 9:30pm
From Ma <3 to Avery 
Sorry. I’ll be home in an hour. I love you cariño xxx
Read 9:32pm
From Avery to Ma <3
Love you too Ma xxx
Read 9:35pm
Avery looks at the text messages in disappointment with her head in her hands and rubs away a tear that fell down her cheek. She didn’t want to seem too clingy because she knew that Mapi could send her back whenever she wanted to, which scared her a little.
This home was amazing from some of the others she had been in and not seeing Mapi as often as she wanted…she could deal with that. Just then the doorbell rang and Avery ran to get her pizza.
After paying the delivery guy she sat down on the sofa and turned on Warrior Nun, it was one of her favourite shows at the moment. I mean why wouldn’t it be? It's an amazing show and there are a lot of gorgeous girls in it as well which is a plus.
Avery finished the pizza and fries quite quickly before she headed to bed, she did not want to be awake when Mapi got home because she knew that they would have to talk and she just did not feel like it. 
Falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow at 10:30pm wasn’t something that ever really happened, usually Avery would stay up till 2am playing video games on her pc but for some reason she was very tired.
Avery woke up to her Ma shouting for her to come downstairs into the kitchen because she had made chocolate chip pancakes. Which made her groan in frustration, it was too early to be awake and functioning. 
Since Mapi didn’t get an answer she walked upstairs into Avery’s bedroom and sat on the end of the bed. “Cariño…come on. It’s 10am, you need to get up now.” Mapi says as Avery huffs and turns saw which makes Mapi sigh before sliding under the quilt with her and pulling Avery into her, cuddling her.
“What’s wrong?” Mapi softly says to Avery but she just pushes Mapi away from her and faces the opposite way. “I’ll get up now, just go away.” Avery angrily says not wanting to have to explain why she was angry and upset with her mother.
“Alright. I love you cariño.” Mapi says but Avery just completely ignores her while playing on her phone which causes Mapi to sigh sadly and walk off into the kitchen.
After a while Avery gets up to get dressed in a comfortable tracksuit and walks into the kitchen, grabs a few pancakes on a plate and goes to sit down in the living room to watch some tv as she eats.
“I have to head to training now. I’ll be back around 4:30pm okay? I’ll leave some money on the counter for you to get some lunch and I’ll bring us some dinner on my way home. Bye!” Mapi says giving you a quick hug before grabbing her training bag and running out of the house.
Avery sighs, yet another day she would be spending with her mother. She just decided that she was going to play video games until she gets back and leave her chores just to piss Mapi off a little bit when she gets home.
As usual Mapi was late and she had texted Avery earlier to say that some of her teammates were joining them for movie night which really annoyed her because movie night had always been their thing but apparently not anymore.
At 5:30pm Mapi, Alexia, Lucy, Ingrid, Keira, Jana, Aitana and Claudia came through the front door loudly while laughing as well causing Avery to groan. “Yo cariño! I’m home, I've got sushi and people.” Mapi shouted up to her and she slowly got up, walked downstairs and gave Mapi a hug.
“Oh, have you finally got out of your mood?” Mapi jokes causing the girls who heard to laugh as Mapi hugged her daughter tightly and kissed her head. Avery rolled her eyes, ignoring her mother before taking the bag of food out of Mapi’s hand and walking into the kitchen to put some on a plate.
“Don’t ignore me, Avery!” Mapi raises her voice slightly as she follows you into the kitchen and gives you ‘the look’. 
“Are you joking? You’ve ignored me for the past fucking 3 months! Everytime we plan something you just don’t turn up or cancel at the last minute because you are with your teammates. If you didn’t want to be around me then why would you adopt me! You obviously hate me! Tonight was supposed to be our night Ma!” Avery shouts at Mapi who just stands there shocked which causes Avery to just storm off to her room and start packing a backpack.
Alexia pops her head into the kitchen to talk to Mapi. “We are gonna go. You obviously need some alone time with Avery.” Alexia says before ushering the rest of the barca girls out of the house.
Mapi waits for about 30 minutes just to let Avery cool off before she knocks on the bedroom door, then enters and sees Avery curled up on the bed with tears streaming down her face.
Walking over to her daughter, she sits down on the bed next to her before wrapping Avery in a huge hug. “I’m sorry I made you that way bubs. Look, tomorrow I’m going to phone Jona and ask for a month off. We will spend everyday doing whatever you want okay? I promise.” Mapi promises Avery and rubs her back comfortingly as she nods into Mapi’s stomach where her head was laying. 
“Can we cuddle Ma?” Avery mutters but Mapi is just able to work out what she said and lays down so Avery can cuddle into her a bit more comfortably.  
“I missed you.” Avery says slurs sleepily as she drifts off into a peaceful dream filled sleep.
Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list.
Taglist:   @sofakingwoso @dutch-gay86 @gt713 @mmmmokdok @xxforeverinadayxx
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Headlines - Neymar Imagines
Summary: "Why do they say that about me, Y/N? It's not like I'm fouling myself on purpose." Neymar feels attacked by what social media says about his game. Neymar's POV: Post after post, everyone was joking and calling my injuries "acting". This was driving me crazy. I don't want this to be my reputation, because it wasn't true. We went to bed with Y/N together and she fell asleep pretty quick, as always. I kept tossing and turning on the bed, so i decided to go out on the balcony and sit for a while, I don't want to wake her up with my movements. At first, this didn't bother me, but now that i'm a key player for Brazil in the Qatar World Cup 2022, this idea grew bigger. Even my most serious injuries are made fun of. It takes a few missed games for the people to realize I was actually hurt. I try not to share this feeling with anyone especially my girlfriend who's always worried about me getting sad because of these stupid rumors. The sun was starting to rise. I couldn't stop scrolling. After a few minutes, a felt a small hand massaging my shoulder. It was Y/N who woke up and cuddled up next to me. "Ney? Why are you awake, mey anjo?" she says softly, still half-awake. "I had a bad dream. I couldn't sleep after that. Why are you here, bebê? Why did you wake up? It's still early." I say to her, kissing her forehead. She laid her head on my chest and placed one hand on my cheek, I kissed her hand repeatedly. She loves it when I do that. We stayed in silence for a couple minutes before Y/N spoke up. "Amor, I can tell when you're lying." she looked up at me, her forehead touching my chin." You know you can always take to me, right?" "I know, amor. It's just that I don't want to bother you with any stupid thoughts that I might have going on in my head." I responded, looking down at her. "Bebê, anything that bothers you will also bother me. It's much more difficult for me if you don't open up to me about it." she says back to me. "I know, amor. I'm just irritated and kind of sad about everything that's being said about my injuries, you know?" I confess to her. I don't dare to look her in the eyes, I looked up at the sky. She shifted in her place, removed her head from my chest and looked at me. I'm still not making eye contact. "Ney, can you look at me, bebê?" she begs, cupping my cheeks. I hold her hands on my cheeks and lean in on her touch further and close my eyes. "Neymar?" I finally look up at her. "Amor, you're a threat to those players, because you're better than them. They want to "accidentally" foul you to get rid of you. This should only make you feel better about yourself. Look at all these amazing players, your friend Lionel. He also gets fouled in the most serious ways because he's good. And the people who say those stuff about you online are the fans of those players who injure you. It's just their opinion, amor. This doesn't define you. It will only define you if you start believing it too." she speaks softly to me, her voice always manages to calm me down. Her words were so spot on, I felt a single tear roll down my cheek. She wipes it quickly with her thumb, her hands still cupping my cheeks. "I know, Y/N. It's just that sometimes it gets too much, you know?" I say her, still sounding unconvinced about her words. "That's why I'm here, amor. I'm supposed to help go through hard times like these. I'm supposed to remind you that you're nothing they say about you.So, please don't hide anything from me." she says softly, and reaches to kiss my lips. "God, I love you so much, meu amor." I say to her. I don't think she realizes how much of an impact she has on me. I adore her. "I love you too, meu amor. So, please don't focus on these stupid things. You are amazing, Neymar Jr." she says to me and smiles softly, causing me to smile too. " Now, let's go back to bed. You have the day off, and I will call in sick so we can lay on bed all day today. How does that sound, Ney?" she asks me. "That sounds perfect, meu anjo."
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Daemon Targaryen Masterlist 
Tumblr media
With wife!Darling 
With sister!Darling
Sharing Darling with Rhaenyra 
Rejected over a commoner
Worst yandere to have?
Birthing twin boys
Catching darling trying to escape 
Almost dying at childbirth
Wife tries to commit suicide
Wife dies at childbirth
Tarot Cards 1 2 
Child noticing their tendencies
Purposely enter you bathing
Meeting soulmate
Sending him in a hunt
MTL to baby trap you
More about soulmate 
With his little sister 
MTL to go on killing spree 
With Baelon’s second wife 
Punishing wife 
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eupheme · 2 days
Tumblr media
Winter Wonderland Dilfcember Masterlist ❄️
excited to participate in a fun, filthy, and festive dilfcember, created and hosted by the incredible @obiknights! ✨
[series playlist] | [ao3]
Tumblr media
— Day 1: Pillow Fort
jim hopper x f!reader | rated g | moodboard + drabble
— Day 3: Baking / Messy Kitchen
obi-wan x gn!reader | moodboard | 5 sentence fic
— Day 5: Lazy Sunday
charlie swan x f!reader | moodboard | 5 sentence fic
— Day 7: Scarf Returned
modern!din djarin x f!reader | rated g | 1.5k
— Day 9: First Snowstorm of the Season
sdv!harvey x f!reader | rated e | 3.5k
— Day 11: Movie Night
alfred pennyworth x f!reader | rated e | in progress
— Day 13: Bonfire
joel miller x f!reader | rated m | 1.9k
— Day 15: Matching Pajamas
alfred pennyworth x reader | rated g | moodboard + drabble
— Day 19: Cabin
arthur morgan x f!reader | moodboard | 5 sentence fic
— Day 21: Reading
otto octavius x f!reader | rated e | 1.3k
— Day 23: Wedding
wedding date!obi-wan x f!reader | rated e | in progress
— Day 25: Bookstore Date
alfred pennyworth x f!reader | moodboard | 5 sentence fic
— Day 27: Candles
charlie swan x f!reader x carlisle cullen | rated e | in progress
— Day 29: Date Night In
otto octavius x f!reader | moodboard | 5 sentence fic
— Day 31: New Year’s Eve/Midnight Kiss
alfred pennyworth x f!reader | rated t | 2k
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading, and hope you enjoy! 💕
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sunnytarg · 18 hours
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon & Rhaenrya’s Daughter || Pt.2 || Pt. 3
Shy/Naive Wife || Pt. 2
Aegon helps his twin seduce Jace
Aegon w/ breeding kink
Aegon as a father
Aegon x Pregnant sister wife x Aemond
Cuddles After Sex
Aegon claiming his sister
Threesome W/ Aegon & Aemond
Yandere!Aegon In Love W/ His Sister
Aemond Targaryen
The Song of Asteria
Aemond + Virgin Sister
Aegon x Pregnant Sister Wife x Aemond
Cuddles After Sex
Seeing a Childhood Friend Grown Up
Threesome W/ Aemond & Aegon
Taking his niece’s maidenhood in repayment for his eye
Yandere!Aemond in love W/ Sister
Yandere!Aemond W/ wife who loves first child more
Yandere!Aemond W/ Stark that refuses to marry him
Maegor Targaryen
Maegor W/ bubbly S/O
Maegor + niece on their wedding night
Cuddles After Sex
Yandere!Maegor in love W/ Sister
Yandere!Maegor W/ Wife who loves first child more
Yandere!Maegor W/ Stark that refuses to marry him
Yandere!Maegor as a Husband
Aegon Targaryen (The Conqueror)
Yandere!Aegon in love W/ Sister
Yandere!Aegon W/ wife who loves first child more
Yandere!Aegon W/ stark that refuses to marry him
Yandere!Aegon as a Husband
Jacerys Velaryon
Cuddling After Sex
Aegon’s twin gets Aegon’s help to seduce Jace
Jace W/ a Breeding Kink
Jace marries his aunt in a blacks win au
Rhaenys Velaryon
Rhaenys W/ Mistress || Pt. 2
Helaena Targaryen
Helaena + Her Brother's Threesome
Seeing a childhood friend all grown up
Criston Cole
Criston W/ Alicent’s younger sister
Daemon Targaryen
Daemon W/ dom!reader
Yandere!Daemon W/ wife who loves first child more
Yandere!Daemon W/ Stark that refuses to marry him
Corlys Velaryon
Cuddles After Sex
Rhaenys x Corlys
Their sex life
Helaena x Aegon x Aemond
Helaena & Her Brothers
NSFW Visuals
Helaena W/ her handmaiden
Aegon II // Pt. 2
Aemond // Pt. 2
Jace || Pt. 2
Aemond’s Twin
Jace’s Twin
Daemon’s Daughter
Maegor Thoughts
Aemond Thoughts
Aegon Thoughts
Most To Least Likely
To want to fuck on a dragon
Best strap game
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the-iceni-bitch · 1 day
Tumblr media
🎄I know, I know, I dropped the ball with Kinktober. But to make it up to y’all, I’m moving what I didn’t finish to December for a little Kinkmas celebration! A full 13 (likely non consecutive) days of kink so I can spoil all you sluts because I love to do that. And there’s three extra days of nastiness for you to enjoy. Merry Kinkmas to All!!🎄
Day 1: Body Worship (chopper!Curtis Everett and siren!reader - PP
Day 2: Bondage (timber!Curtis Everett and flower!reader - NLLYL)
Day 3: Road Head (mustang!Ari Levinson and cherry!reader - PP)
Day 4: Group Sex (puppy!Ransom Drysdale, ninja!fem reader, bear!Ari Levinson, and cubby!Jake Jensen - NLLYL)
Day 5: Size Kink (Alpha!Andy Barber and Omega!fem reader - STSL)
Day 6: Aphrodisiac (Mr. Freezy!Bobby and kitten!reader - PP)
Day 7: Food Play (himbo!Hal Carter and honey!reader - NLLYL)
Day 8: Quickie (DILFs bear!Ari Levinson and cubby!Jake Jensen - NLLYL)
Day 9: Dirty Talk (jawbreaker!Andy Barber and sugar!TJ Hammond, NLLYL)
Day 10: Protectiveness and Possessiveness (le grand homme!Lloyd Hansen and coquinette!reader - PP)
Day 11: Stuck and Fucked (DILF!Steve Rogers and tattoo artist!wife reader - GPCLD)
Day 12: Gangbang with Double and Triple Penetration (rugby team!Curtis Everett, Ransom Drysdale, Ari Levinson, August Walker, Nick Fowler, Steve Rogers, Hal Carter, Bucky Barnes, and Lloyd Hansen with Lloyd’s!gf reader - follow up to this fic inspired by @wayward-blonde )
Day 13: Aftercare (sex god!Ari Levinson and gorgeous!reader - NLLYL)
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jaythajujubae · 2 days
I’m just beginning in hoodoo and DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START! I don’t have a mentor nor know how to find one. I’ve bought some books to learn what it actually is and get a deeper understanding but aside from that I’m not sure what the best course of action is. Any advice?
Hi, love! I came back on here just to answer this.
1 - So the first place to start is with your ancestors. They are truly your go-to with everything. Ancestral veneration is THEE key component to this practice.
Now, I always suggest building an ancestral altar, but if you can't do that--or its not safe to do that--venerate them in other ways. Namely through your body, because that is the greatest altar you have. Start incorporating them into your prayers by giving them thanks and/or showing gratitude to them.
My beginner prayer was: To my beloved and benevolent ancestors, both known and unknown, who wish me good and not harm, I honor you, and I welcome you in this place.
Then as you get more and more comfortable with that you can add more to it. But honestly, building and trusting your intuition is really important.
Here's a good resource on setting up an ancestral altar. (Tumblr wouldn't let me post the link directly.)
And here's my video I did last year about ancestral veneration:
2 - Finding a mentor outside of my ancestors has been difficult but they've legit told me to be patient and wait for the teachers to come to me. And that's some very good advice I suggest you follow. There's a lot of people out there that wants to teach a bastardized version of Hoodoo for a ridiculously high price. Best way to know if they're the real deal or nah is if they claim that it has Native American & European inspiration and open to everyone (it doesn't and it is not). All resources from that perspective are inherently flawed.
But, otherwise, I suggest:
Listen to your ancestor's guidance.
If you do come across a potential mentor, be sure to ask questions such as who taught them the practice, how long have they been in the practice, are questions allowed, are deviations/substitutions allowed in your workings (this is important to me because I don't like when people say there's only ONE way to do a work when simple things like region and access will determine what instruments you have to work with).
PATIENCE!!!! You have embarked on a lifelong journey. You do not have to learn everything right now. Some things will only come with time and practice.
As you're looking for a community, research Hoodoo groups in your local area. Start with Hoodoo shops/botanicas. Visit them and ask them questions. You might find some good friends there.
Did I also mention patience???
3 - I don't know what books you currently own but I hope Mojo Workin by Katrina Hazzard-Donald is one of them because the good sis lays out the history of Hoodoo so well.
I have an incomplete list of resources on my website of other books, podcasts, websites that you might find helpful. I haven't updated it in a while with new sources but I suggest you bookmark it and come back to it often to see when I do:
Note: Avoid ANY- & EVERYTHING by Lucky Mojo and Catherine Yronwode and the people on this list.
4 - Another great resource (that deserves its own bullet point lol) that I absolutely swear by is A Little Juju Podcast
This episode right here? It really got me into my practice. It took me from just thinking about it to full on practicing. Plus it helped take some of the guessing work out of what to do and where to go next.
5 - Here is a list of some Hoodoo practitioners that I love:
Bless the Roads
The Chesapeake Hoodoo Society
Millennial Soul Food
6 - Here is a list of some other Black spiritual people that I follow and love. While they don't practice Hoodoo, per se, they do provide good resources in ancestral veneration, Black spirituality, etc.:
Ehime Ora
Hey Alafia
Folk Healers
Black Indigeneity
Spiritual Black Girls
Spiritual Black Boys
Dr. Thema Bryant
Black Liturgies
Kemi Marie
Source Messages (idk if they identify as Black but their posts are very good)
Now outside of all of this (and I know it's a lot but go through it carefully, it's a lot less overwhelming than it looks. Trust.), I wanna share some very important tips so you can avoid some of the mistakes I made:
You don't need crystals, pendulums, tarot decks etc. right away. There's nothing wrong with having these things but our ancestors used what they had at their disposal and did great things. So look around your neighborhood, community, all the places your normally traverse for any plants, rocks, etc. that you can use in your practice.
If you do need supplies, dollar store items are great. You don't have to break the bank for anything. My first altar consisted of a white cup from my kitchen cabinet, a white towel from the bathroom, $1 incense and $5 tealight candles from Walmart. My current altar is essentially unchanged except add in the cost of glass jars ($12 for a set of 12), some crystals (varying prices but all under $20), a cup and saucer ($3 set at Bed, Bath, & Beyond), the same $1 incense (give or take lol), ashtray ($1), metal incense holder ($3), machete & mirror (idr the price but I got them from walmart and I'm certain they were under $20 total), a glass cup ($1 from Dollar Tree). The most expensive items are the candles and that's because I buy them in bulk so I don't have to re-buy them for months.
Protection will be your greatest asset. I prefer pendants but honestly some blessed oil will do you wonders. (Recipe: take some oil of any kind--I prefer olive--and say a prayer over it to the Great Spirit/God/The Universe, your ancestors, and guides for their protection. You can do this once or do it for a number of days. However long you think would suit you, then anoint your head with it before you go about your day. Tip: as you grow in your practice, return to this oil and include additional ingredients as you're guided.)
You WILL make mistakes. That's a given. We all do. Don't beat yourself up over them. That's how you learn. (Remind me to tell you about the time I ignored my ancestor's advice and fucked around and got caught up with a trickster spirit. I can laugh about it now but at the time...chile lmao.)
(Don't let the ending of that last bullet point scare you. It was a frustrating and annoying lesson I had to learn. It's really funny in reflection.)
Write your recipes/workings down. You can always come back and edit/improve upon them. I forgot to write down my money oil ingredients and that's an L I shouldn't have had to take.
You don't have to use the Bible if you don't want to. You might have some Christian ancestors that might like you to crack it open every so often but you're allowed to challenge them especially if you have trauma with the Christian church. Your relationship with your ancestors is just that: a relationship. Communication is key.
Never take without asking. Always replace what was taken. In other words, ask the spirits of the Earth if you can use her, and if they say yes, then leave an offering (usually water or food) in return for what was taken.
You don't have to work with any ancestors you don't want to. You can say no.
That's all I can think of for right now. I hope some of this helps. If you take nothing else from this post but one thing, please let it be this, ANCESTORS FIRST. They are the best place to reach out to. You can communicate with them in pray or meditation and trust me they will speak.
Congrats on your new journey, love! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me again. Or to any of the people I've linked above. I pray the deepest of fulfillment and joy on the path back to your roots. Welcome home, love.
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oh-honey-styles · 3 days
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading and sharing. Please do not repost my work. Feedback is lovely.
The Morning After
Tiff Promise
Dream A Little Dream For Me
Gone Too Long From You
Tom’s Margarita
Jimmy’s Older Brother
Your Childhood Best Friend
••• Fic Recs
Other series can be found on Wattpad (oh-honey-styles)
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avonneslovelies · 7 hours
Tumblr media
All of my stories on AO3
My Lucemond stories
Current WIP: The Key to Your Heart
Tumblr headcanons:
Aemond being quiet during sex
Aemond experiencing new sensations
Lucemond arranged marriage
Lucemond cuddling
Aemond practises kissing with Luke
Aemond self-esteem angst
Unrequited Lucemond
Lucemond in IKEA
Two random lucemond headcanons
Tumblr headcanon verses:
Merman AU
Fireman AU
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tarotwithavi · 15 hours
Astro notes 🌙♥
I'm not a professional in this field. These are just my observations. Let me know your thoughts on this .
Having moon and Venus in the 8th house can make you great astrologer, Tarot reader etc.
Also having moon in the 8th house can give you mommy issues.
Having Aquarius in sun / moon / rising can make people dislike you for absolutely nothing .
If you have your sun in your 9th house you'll have foreign connections or from work or for work.
Placements that can make you attracted to the occult.
Neptune in the 5th house
Personal planets in the 8th house
Any 12th house placement
Personal planets and pluto aspects
Leo sextile mid heaven can give fame.
Having Neptune sextile ascendant can make you look otherworldly . Or just people see you as weird.
Having moon conjunct pluto can sometimes give you mommy issues.
Having sun conjunct pluto means having bad relationship with your dad in early childhood but it getting better with time. Sometimes same with moon conjunct pluto.
Having pluto sextile ascendant means changing your appearance every two months.
Venus sextile North node means that in this lifetime you need to learn how to love.
Having mercury sextile Venus means that you're able to understand others and make them fall for the way you talk.
Neptune trine ascendant people love experiencing new things and they love unmasking secrets and mysteries.
Venus sextile midheaven can become great performers.
Alright that's it! Actually I would love to hear if my observations are correct or not.
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ok y’all 👀 potential full length aemond fic?
so, i pretty much only write short fics, or short series with a few parts. the longest ongoing series i have is for rhaenyra, it’s three parts. some of the other fics i have up rn, i will be making more parts to, so i’ll have more series and fics soon
the only actual full length book i’ve written is for kaz brekker, based off the first season of shadow and bone. you can find it on here or wattpad, it’s called Ineffable. it will probably also get a sequel when the new season comes out, but currently, it’s the only completed book i have written.
so, my question is, would anyone wanna see a full length book for someone from house of the dragon?
i’m thinking aemond, since i think he’d be the easiest for me to write for. i have a few fics already up for him that could be turned into full length fics, like doomsday. the thing about that is tho, it would be an x reader. if i created a full book, i’d probably have to make it an OC, and give the OC the qualities of the reader.
so, i could either do that, or start from scratch and write a whole new fic.
i’m open to it not being for aemond, or i can add in multiple romances. but if i went with the whole rhaenyras daughter thing, like i did with doomsday, i couldn’t have her be a love interest. it kinda just depends on what y’all wanna read, and it seems like my aemond content does the best. i could also add platonic things, like for instance in doomsday, daemon is a father figure. i could also do a platonic thing with aegon, i think he’s an interesting character i could do a lot with.
so does anyone wanna see that? does anyone have any ideas? you can send me an ask or message me, im open to any ideas you’ve got.
i don’t really write smut, at least not graphically, but i could attempt it for a full length fic. it would have all my favorite tropes like slowburns, maybe enemies to lovers, or lovers to enemies (to lovers), morally gray characters. i’ve got lots of ideas, i just wanted to get y’all’s opinion before i commit to anything.
if i do decide to write one, it’ll be posted here, as well as wattpad and ao3, along with any other updates on it.
ALSO, if anyone has any full length fics that they’re reading rn and like, i would love the recommendations.
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mrs-santoss · 1 day
Are you jealous, Ney? - Neymar Imagine
Heyy i saw that ur requests were open and i really liked ur other imagines so could u please write something with jealous ney like the reader and kylian(or anyone)got close since they started dating and one day they were just hanging out and kylian gets too close so ney gets jelous or smth plssss
It was a big change for me to move to Paris with Neymar and change my lifestyle completely. But since my job is mostly remote, I decided to move with the love of my life and support him on his journey. I knew a long-distance relationship wouldn't last for me, so I didn't want to risk breaking up with Neymar. We are an extremely happy and understanding couple; that's what makes us special.
Before Neymar and I moved to Paris, we looked for apartments or houses to rent or purchase. We found a perfect big apartment with enough rooms for me to create my own office. Neymar made sure everything was perfect, so I wouldn't miss anything at work. He felt some sort of responsibility to make me comfortable since I'm the one moving to a different country for him, even though I wouldn't want him to feel this way at all.
I'm working on my latest project at work when I get a call from Ney saying he's bringing a few guys from the team over to hang out. I ask if he wants me to prepare some food or anything, but he's got it all covered.
I'm not in my best-looking state, but I'm not too bad either. I'm wearing a sweater and shorts, dark blue set with some light makeup and my hair up in a bun. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I go to open the door, greeting Neymar first.
"Hi, bebê. How was training?" I ask him and give him a quick kiss on the lips, he squeezes my waist lightly.
"Hi, meu amor. It was good. Let me introduce you to everyone. This is Kylian and Thiago. I invited a few more guys, but they couldn't make it." he says to me as the guys come inside and remove their shoes. We have a shoes-off policy because of me, I hate the idea of dirty shoes on the couch.
Everyone greets me and says hi. Kylian gives me a quick hug, and follows the other guys to the living room as I shut the door. I follow Neymar and I grab his food bags from his hands.
"I will prepare everything, anjo. You sit with the guys." I say to him, he hesitates first but gives in and kisses my forehead.
I'm in the kitchen making some drinks for the guys and one for myself because why not, and put the ordered food on the plates. I go to the living room where the guys were taking turns playing Fifa. Kylian and Thiago were sitting on the big couch, Neymar was sitting on an arm chair, I place the food on the table and sit next to Neymar on the arm of the arm chair. He gives me a side hug and kisses my shoulder. Kylian and Thiago were playing against each other, while Neymar is waiting his turn.
"How's work going, bebê? Are you done for today? he asks me, while snacking on some chips.
"Yeah, Ney. I have a few things let unfinished but I will deal with them tomorrow." I say back to him.
"Okay, amor. Don't get too stressed out about work." he says to me giving me another quick kiss on my shoulder since he can't reach my face since I'm sitting on a higher level.
Thiago beats Kylian on the game, and now is Neymar's turn with Thiago. Kylian offers Neymar his seat so he has a better view of the TV, and Kylian sits on his place next to me.
Neymar's POV:
I switched seats with Kylian so I can focus on the game more. After a few minutes of playing, I hears laughs coming from Y/N's and Kylian's direction, they were chatting together about different stuff. Usually, I'm not the jealous type, but I hate it when someone else makes my girlfriend laugh. I don't want to make it a big deal, I mean they're having fun as friends. I feel some sort of responsibility that she had to leave her friends behind to move to Paris with me.
Kylian reaches out to grab some food, and the arm chair almost drops on Y/N's side due to the unbalanced weight. He quickly grabs her by the waist and pulls her so she doesn't fall.
"Oh, my god, I'm sorry. Are you okay? he says to her. Y/N confirms she is okay, and they both start laughing finding it funny.
I decide to ditch the game and let Thiago beat me. I feel this rush of jealousy over my body. I quickly stand up.
"Kylian, you can continue playing, I lost the game." I say to him coldly.
"Okay, bro. In a second! I want to finish this food first." he says casually to me not even looking at me, still making jokes with Y/N, my girlfriend.
"Sure! No rush." I say to him and I sit back next to Thiago, I pull out my phone pretending to scroll through different apps, but still looking at them through my peripheral vision.
Y/N is telling him an embarrasing story from her high school days, and Kylian laughs, touching her shoulder slightly.
"Hahaha, oh, god, I didn't realize you were also funny and not just pretty." he says to her as if he forgot she's my girlfriend, MINE.
That was it for me. I wanted to make that stop. So I stood up quickly. And walked over to them.
"Hey, amor. Can I have a word with you in the kitchen?" I say to her coldly.
"Yeah, sure, bebê." she stands up quickly and follows me to the kitchen."What's up, Ney?"
"Why are you not working right now?" I ask her blankly, I can tell she's taken back from my words.
"Um... What do you mean, bebê? she asks me confused. "Do you not want me to hang out with you guys?"
"Of course, I want you to hang out with us, but I want you to sit next to me." I say to her, and I feel a little weird saying it out loud. We never had these conversations about jealousy before.
She pauses for a moment, processing my words. And suddenly, she starts smiling. I don't know why she's smiling, I certainly don't find it funny AT ALL.
"Bebê... are you jealous?" she asks, as if she's reading my mind.
"What?! No, I'm not? Why would you think that?" I ask, not sure what to say next.
"Hahaha, yes you are, Ney." she says to me and grabs my, cheeks pinching them, and kisses my lips softly. Oh, god, how does she manage to make me smile through everything?
"Okay... maybe a little. I don't like this feeling. You are MINE." I say, as i grap her by the waist and pull her close to me crashing my lips into her.
"You don't have to be jealous, meu amor. I'm only trying to make new friends. I don't think Kylian there is flirting with me either." she says to me.
"Maybe, but, I still don't like it. I'm the only one who can make you laugh like that." I say to her, she starts grinning. "You're the only one who can also make me scream." she says while winking at me. I kiss her passionately, and run my hands down to her butt, squeezing it slightly.
"That's for sure, bebê." I can't wait for those idiots to leave so I can make her scream my name.
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missglaskin · 2 days
Aemond Masterlist 
Tumblr media
With Wife!Darling hcs 
NSFW hcs 
With sister!Darling
With aunt!darling (hightower)
Rejected over a commoner
Worst yandere to have?
Birthing twin boys
Almost dying at childbirth
Tarot Cards 1 2 3 4 5
Wife tries to commit suicide
Wife dies at childbirth
Child noticing their tendencies
Purposely enter you bathing
Meeting soulmate
Having Alicent and Helaena as only company 
Sending him in a hunt
Perv!reader and Aemond + Aegon
Handmaiden catching his eye 
Rivaling over the same girl with Aegon  
Punishing you using Vhagar 
Different from Otto and Aegon
Twin!reader + Aemond 
------> Running away? 
MTL To have you follow him
Why he is clingy 
Being a creep to Jace fiancé
When falling in love 
Secretly liking public 
An eye for an eye  Part 2: An eye for a bride 
The last supper (Aemond x Dark!reader x Jace x Aegon)
Burn them all down (Dark!Reader)
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dilatorywriting · 22 hours
Tumblr media
Heroes vs. Villains Series: 'Woe to the Ramshackle Prefect, being caught up in the drama between the Disney Villains and their respective heroes.' GN!Reader
✥ Octavinelle [PART 1] [PART 2]
✥ Pomefiore [PART 1]
➢[Tag List]
❖ How to Survive a Shovel Talk Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader; Mostly SFW (Some NSFW Humor) Word Count: 9k Summary: [COMMISSION]It's not your fault that your best friend is hopelessly, obliviously, in love with Azul Ashengrotto. But a horrible pair of moray eels are going to make it your problem. 
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hp-flowers · 2 days
Tumblr media
October Autumn Round Masterlist
Totally aware this roundup is very late, but better to post now rather than never, right? October had a variety of flowery creations for different ships that deserve shout-outs. Definitely check all these works out! This challenge may be over, but folks can still pick any HP Flowers Spring prompt card or Autumn prompt card to make creations and submit them to the AO3 collection, which will stay open until the end of this year (yep, that’s December 31st). Here are all the works submitted for the Autumn round:
Snarry (Severus Snape / Harry Potter)
🥀 Deadly nightshade by Im_just_visiting (G, 12.3k)
After the end of the war, Severus is unable to find his way back to life. He has chosen suicide as the ideal solution. Again. This time there was no Dumbledore to change his mind, and nothing could dissuade him from his decision and make his will to live return. Or at least he thought so.
🌼 Chrysanthemum by emeraldlove | @givereadersahug (M, 1.5k)
"Will you die someday?" asked Severus, still getting used to the word and its implications. He didn't want his mum to die.
"Everyone dies," his mum replied.
🥀 Cardigan by HNWitt15 (T, 1.2k)
For the following prompts: Amaranth: Immortality, Good Luck or Prosperity Alternative: Everlasting Love or Unfading Affection
Dahlia: Eternal Love or Commitment If paired with Myrtle: shows love and devotion
Drarry (Harry Potter / Draco Malfoy)
🌼 The (Re)Marriage of the Century! by lumosatnight | @lumosatnight (T, 1.8k)
Harry and Draco get married (or remarried, depending on how you look at it). The only problem is Harry seems to have wandered off and Draco is tearing his hair out trying to find his missing zombie lover.
Or, a wedding in two parts.
Jegulus (James Potter / Regulus Black)
🥀 everything, in time by tinytintina | @tinytintina (E, 19.3k)
He always knew that his parents would arrange his marriage with someone they deemed worthy.
What he didn't know was this marriage could have place for love too.
Dramione (Draco Malfoy / Hermione Granger)
🌼 A Love Like This Won't Last Forever by ohthedrarry (M, 7.9k)
After the war, Draco hadn't known what to do with himself or Malfoy Manor. He'd tried to settle his mind with a bit of botany - a hidden favorite pastime of his - and soon enough, the estate was covered in hundreds of plant varieties. Hermione was surprised when she received an invitation to the grand opening of The Gardens at Malfoy Manor, a botanical garden for flora and fauna, both Magical and Muggle. Wiltshire breathed a sigh of relief when the two finally came together among a sea of Dahlias.
Snack (Sirius Black / Severus Snape)
🥀 a thousand nights that end like this by slashaholic666 (T, 8.8k)
Truthfully, Sirius wasn't sure how he felt about the referral from the Muggle Healer - no, doctor. An oncologist, according to the plaque outside his door; the man knew how to read radiographs better than the healers stuck in Azkaban at any rate. He was highly advised to make sure his wartime end-of-life planning was still what he wanted.
Snucissa (Lucius Malfoy / Narcissa Black Malfoy / Severus Snape)
🌼 my bones have found a place by fortunedays | @sapphicathenas (T, 7k)
She had been Narcissa Black when she met them, young and foolish. She’d loved Lucius first – it was easy, and expected – but the love for Severus, too, had crept up on her. Lucius had fallen for him first, as he had with her, but she fell harder, and had done her best to keep the three of them together, even when she became Narcissa Malfoy and everything was much more difficult. But, as she steps beneath the cemetery’s archway, she is Narcissa Black once again: older and still just as foolish, to think there had been a future for them.
She has buried her husband and, now, her lover. And she is very, very alone.
Petunia and Severus
🥀 a rock and a hard place by inmyownlittlecorner | @inmyownlittlecorner5  (Podfic)
Raising four-year-old Harry Potter alongside her own son with little support has Petunia at her wit's end. One afternoon a pair of mysterious strangers approach her with an offer that would rid her of Harry forever. But will this devil's bargain truly free her--or will it bury her for good?
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