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national holiday ✷ cs55
genre: instagram/mobile au
You & Carlos have been in a very private, but not secret relationship for four years. Every year Carlos posts one picture of you two – usually the only picture people ever see of you together – on the same day, which leads it to be branded a special occasion in his fandom. The Internet reacts to Year 4.
auds here... this was req’d but i spun it into something my own, hope u enjoy! last crunch b4 i dip for finals. reqs & asks are open <3 oh and lmk again if layout is cheeky
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f1wags 12/10 – it's officially Carlos Post Day! Carlos has said of this holiday: "There's no rhyme or reason, I always just think it's a good time to post." That being said, what's your favorite of the ones he's posted over the past 3 years? ♥️
leclerclights it's gotta be year 1 for me i mean it sent everyone into a collective nervous breakdown
sainzoper8or last year's was so intimate it's my all time fav
551644max nobody is giving year 2 the love she deserves! she is giving "i love my gf more than anyone else"
lewishamilton I took year 3, so it's my fave
44lover LEWISJHHSS?!?!J schusenna quit lurking lewis
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yourusername Jetted off to make the most of the holiday
f1wagwannabe MOTHERR!
bambi44 she knows 🥺 <3
marajf1 bitch ofc she knows he's her boyfriend
hamiltough IS IT NUDES???
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carlossainz55 Fourth.
yourusername Of many 🤍
landonorris I was suffering behind the camera
f1 Already waiting for next year's!
charles_leclerc Mamma mia!
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lando.jpg Day 46. Hola cabrón
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chacha break up this chacha break up that, someone check on carlos sainz because spain just got eliminated
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He really seriously did that?! 😳🥹😭🥰❤️
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Fiorano ‘22 // Their selfie game >>>
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cozy christmas – carlos sainz
tis the season for cookie decorating, snow, and all other cliches
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yourusername walkin in a winter wonderland 🤍
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yourbff have fun you two 🫶🏼
charles_leclerc chili 🌶️ in the chilly weather 🥶
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carlossainz55 home for christmas 🎄
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anasainzvdec los extraño a ambos [missing you both]
carlos4eva carlos ice skating???? what can't he do??
yourusername ice skate 😳
carlossainz55 hey 😠
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yourusername mine vs carlossainz55
like if mine is better, comment if carlos did better 🫣
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sai55wdc not his own team voting against him 😭😭😭
carlossainz55 landonorris i guess this means carlando is over 😔💔
landonorris i cant defend you when the cookies look like that mate
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carlossainz55 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨⛄️🤍
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carlos.effect STFU the tags in the second photo 😭😭😭
yourusername te amo 🥹
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yourusername best gift ever 🎁🫶🏼
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carloscontent the hats or carlos??
yourusername both 😉
carmenmmundt love the hats 😂
i tried to channel soft launch/private not secret aesthetic but i might've missed the mark completely LOL
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Hi! Love your fics <3 Can you write some Carlos Sainz smut with some enemies to lovers? Thank youuu
Hatred | C. Sainz
Summary: You and Carlos are teammates but cannot stand each other. But things take a turn when a championship is costed and you two finally sort out your differences.
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+ hate sex, agressive, harsh language, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, spanking, choking
Word count: 3k
Author’s note: I got carried away with this one, so sorry it took a while.
"Both Ferrari drivers are racing each other, can you believe it" the race commentator stated in disbelief. Your best friend was watching the race, watching you race wheel to wheel with your teammate. At first she wanted you to win, but now with the way things were looking, she just hoped that you safely finished the race.
You were fighting for the World Driver's Championship with no other than Max Verstappen. You, a female driver in a Ferrari, are so close tasting the victory of a championship. It was the second last race of the season, and you needed to finish second with the fastest lap to still be in the championship fight.
At the moment, you were third, behind your teammate and Max. Five laps to go.
Truth is, you and Carlos weren't very friendly this season. It was your second year and due to your phenomenal results in a car that shouldn't give constant P5 and P6 like it did, the Ferrari team principal was quite interested in your talent.
Despite the PR teams trying to get you and Carlos to film videos for challenges like he did with Charles, it never worked. On his end. You tried to be very friendly and since you were the only female driver on the grid, you wanted your teammates support. You didn't expect him to hate you from the moment he met you.
So when he listened to the team orders to let you pass through, you thought that he'd finally play the good sportsmanship card. But what you didn't expect was that after passing him, he was still on your tail using the drag reduction system to try and pass you again. Instead of complaining on the radio, you figured you would race him and show him who the better one of the two drivers truly is.
Even though you smiled and laughed with other drivers, Carlos was one you could not even have a normal conversation with without feeling the need to rip your hair out. So, racing with him when you had an almost killer instinct was much needed.
If he wasn't playing friendly, you weren't either. And to be honest, you were glad that he was putting up a fight, at least you'll be able to prove your worth instead being told that you only had a chance of winning because of your teammate.
Turning into a tight, high-speed corner, you took the inside line, braking late and hoping to turn out in the front. The seconds went by really slow when you heard the impact before you felt it. His Ferrari had hit the rear end of yours, causing debris to fall from your car and a puncture which made your car spin out of control. You held your breath and tried to control the car as best as you could until the car came to a stop which was when it crashed into the barriers.
Some parts of the barrier had landed on top of the front of your car, making it harder to get out. You immediately turned off the car but stayed for a few moments. Trying to wrap your head around the events that happened.
Not even one minute ago, you were fighting for the championship and now, you were out of it.
You hit your hand on the steering wheel multiple times before hearing the voice of your race engineer asking you if you were okay. You responded "fine" in a monotone voice which sounded completely different than your usual tone.
You were told to step out of the car just in case there was a leak which was undetermined at the moment. You sighed, taking off the steering wheel and climbing out of the car. After getting out, you noticed that your teammate's car was no where to be seen which only meant one thing, his car wasn't as damaged as yours which meant he could still race.
One of the marshals led you away from the track and car so you could safely begin your journey to walk to the pits which wasn't too far. You could feel the stares of the fans as you were walking by but didn't have the strength to wave to them. You also felt two cameramen following you. You knew one was for the live broadcast of the race but the other was Netflix.
You hung your head low, not even wanting to take off your helmet yet but you were fuming from anger. You didn't want people to see that.
By the time you got back to the pits, the race was over which was expected as there were only a few laps left. You looked at the board and saw Max was still first, as expected. His teammate was second now because he moved up two spots after the crash. Lewis came in third. Carlos had fell further down the grid, a few places out of the points. The podium celebrations were about to happen soon but you were far from being in a celebratory mood.
Once you got to the garage, you had to weigh yourself with your helmet in hand then you saw your teammate talking to the team principal. You felt your anger take over you and you stalked towards him, pointing a finger right in his face. "You. You're an asshole, an idiot, what did I ever do to you! What did you get out of this huh? A championship?" You scoffed, placing both of your palms on his shoulders and pushing him slightly.
"Fuck off!" He responded which only added fuel to the fire. Instead of accepting his mistake, he chose to tell you off. "don't you dare" you felt someone holding you back and your team principal decided to interfere by saying "it was just a mistake, cool off. Away from each other"
Unbelievable. He would always point out your mistakes even if they were very small.
"Just a mistake? It cost me the fucking championship!" You yelled which silenced everyone in the garage. You slowly looked around and no one dared to make eye contact with you at the moment. Not even Carlos.
Your PR manager placed a hand on your shoulder to lead you towards your drivers room but you brushed it off and left the garage.
Not even ten minutes later, your PR manager stopped by to inform you about the post race interviews which were necessary to attend. You didn't change out of your race suit, just tied the sleeves together on your waist. On the way, she told you about the things you shouldn't answer and to "play nice".
You were hit with so many questions during the interviews and at the moment, you were probably even more popular than Max who won the race. Not in a good way though.
"How do you feel losing a championship because of your teammate?", "do you think the situation could be sorted out differently?", "we heard the team orders given to Carlos, do you think he is a good teammate?", "is this your last year with Ferrari?", "how many years does your contract last?", "do you think you'd be treated differently by both your team and teammate if you weren't a woman?"
All those questions made your head spin but you tried to answer them as best as you could. You were exhausted both physically and mentally. Thinking back to the moments you had to compromise to get better results later, the team orders you had to follow, and the strategies you thought would be better but no one listened. One questioned loomed in your mind "is this your last year with Ferrari?" Since this was your first year with Ferrari, you had initially signed a three year long contract which meant you had two more years to go.
You met up with your friend as she was waiting for you in your drivers room. As soon as you saw her, you broke down into tears and embraced her. You didn't have to tell her what happened in the garage since she witnessed it. She wiped your tears, and made a plan to drown yourselves in alcohol and snacks in your hotel room.
You parted ways for now but she will be joining you later tonight. As soon as you got to your hotel room, you immediately took a shower to freshen up. You checked your phone which was bombarded with many texts from your family and friends who watched the race live. You also received some messages from fans, some hateful, some supporting you. As usual.
You also received messages from Lewis, Daniel, and Sebastian. The three drivers who have made it their mission to ensure you're comfortable in the male dominated sport.
You heard a knock on the door and you expected it to be your best friend, but when you opened it, it was your teammate. "I'm really not in the mood to talk to you"
"Then just listen?" He raised his eyebrows in expectation. You opened the door further and let him in. What was the worst that could happen? Another fight? This time you could punch him in the face if he said something stupid and no one can stop you.
"I'm sorry" Carlos started and you nodded, urging him on. "I know you were fighting for the championship and I ruined that"
"Yes, you did" you responded. "Is that all you're saying?" he asked which confused you. "What do you want me to say?"
"Oh I don't know, maybe accept my apology?" He stated in an oblivious tone. And there it was, Carlos could not be nice for a single conversation.
"There's no point. You'll do something like this again and we'll be in this situation again"
"Technically you could prevent it"
"Me? What about you? See this is why we're never getting along" you pointed at him.
Carlos stepped closer to you and held your chin between his thumb and first finger. "You're such a brat"
You scoffed and rolled your eyes "and what are you gonna do about it?"
"I'm gonna fuck that attitude out of you" he stated before placing his lips on yours, harshly.
You did not expect that but you weren't complaining either. Reciprocating the kiss with the same intensity, you wrapped your arms around his neck, one hand playing and pulling on his hair. He groaned in your mouth, wanting to regain control which made him pick you up effortlessly.
He had changed out of his race suit, wearing just a tee shirt and sweatpants. Dropping you on the bed once you two ran out of breath, he looked at you with a specific look in his eyes. It wasn't love, no, far from it. It was hate. You held yourself up by your elbows, spreading your legs a bit because you expected him to join you.
"Strip for me" he commanded. You stayed still, trying to process his words but he was rather impatient. "Did you not hear me? I said strip. Now" he took advantage of your spread legs and slapped the inside of your thigh.
That movement made you jerk and you started to take off your clothes. First your pants, then your shirt. He was quite surprised to see that you weren't wearing anything under your shirt. You had just taken a shower and were planning on chilling in your room anyways, there was no point of a bra.
You pointed at him and urged him to come closer which he listened to. He slid his body in between your spread legs and started kissing your neck. Kiss wouldn't be the right word, Carlos was sucking on it til marks were made. He wasn't being nice. And you were loving every bit of it.
You bit your lip to suppress the moans he was trying to get out of you. Playing with the hem of his shirt, you pulled it over his head. Your hands roamed around his tanned chest and back. You tried to flip your position, but he held you underneath him. "Brats don't get what they want" he muttered in your ear before his hand roamed near your panties.
His fingers played with the waistband, pulling it out and letting it snap on your waist making you groan due to the pleasurable pain. His fingers then went down to slide over your covered clit, rubbing it at the same time as he took your nipple in your mouth.
You didn't know where to focus since you could feel the pleasure everywhere. His teeth grazed your nipple making you arch your back then he sucked on it hard. You knew you were very wet by now, but he also knew since his fingers were slick as they played with your pussy over your panties.
"Carlos" you moaned his name. "What do you want?" He asked once he left your breast alone, after scattering marks on it. "You"
"You have me" he chuckled once he saw you trying to focus on reaching your edge with the way he was barely touching you. "I need more. Please touch me"
His fingers moved your panties to the side and slowly spread your fold which were embarrassingly slick. "Do our fights make you wet? Is that why you like arguing with me?" He asked as he lightly hit your pussy with his palm, making you jerk in response. "Tell me" his other hand held your jaw, making direct eye contact with you. He slid his fingers inside you, two of them. Watching as your mouth opened in a silent moan.
You shook your head, answering his question. He didn't like that. "No, so you don't look for any dumb reason to fight with me? Just to get yourself off? You've touched yourself thinking about me right?"
You were about to speak up but he interrupted "don't lie. I've heard you" you didn't have a response to that. Because it was true.
"Are you going to keep talking or do something Sainz?" You countered.
He clenched his jaw and pulled his fingers out of you. "On your hands and knees" he instructed. You smiled, finally getting a rise out of him. You turned over, looking back at him with a smirk that he was so eager to wipe off your face.
He took off his sweatpants and boxers, and you almost drooled at the sight of him stroking his cock. He leaned on the bed and lined himself up, sliding his cock in-between your folds. You groaned and muttered his name, trying to get him to do something. "So desperate for my cock" he brought his palm down on your ass harshly which made you move forward. You nodded desperately "yes" you whined.
He slowly pushed his cock in you, hearing your sweet moans. "Fuck. You feel so good"
You started moving your hips according to his slow but harsh thrusts. He placed open-mouthed kisses down your back, occasionally biting you.
He trailed his hand up your body and wrapped it around your neck from the front. Carlos felt you tighten around his cock and from the increasing amount of moans you released, he figured that your liked being choked. He was already planning on teasing you with this information.
His other hand played with your clit, rubbing it in small but agressive circles that made you squirm in his grasp. You chanted his name like a prayer, not even realizing how loud you were because the feeling of pleasure consumed you.
You could feel yourself on edge but you just needed something more. You begged him for more and he listened. His thrusts became faster but also sloppier, indicating that he was close to his orgasm as well. The hand that was choking you, came down to slap your ass again which you didn't expect at all. Since he wasn't holding you up anymore, you pressed your face against the mattress. Bunching the sheets up in your palm, you went over the edge.
Carlos didn't stop as he was chasing his own release but it also built towards your second orgasm. He quickly pulled out and turned you over to face him. Entering you again, he pressed his lips against you to swallow both yours and his moans.
One of your hands were up in his hair, pulling at the strands while the other was trailing down his back. His hand was still at your clit, rubbing circles on it. You reached your second orgasm as soon as you felt his release.
He was holding himself up by both his forearms and looking down at you. "I still hate you" you stated.
"I know. I hate you too" he replied and pressed a kiss against your lips.
Pulling out, he rolled over beside you. You laid there for a moment before he got up and you thought that he would get dressed and leave. Instead, he went to the bathroom and brought a cloth to clean you up. You didn't know why you felt that moment of sadness when you thought he'd leave. This was nothing but a hate fuck. Right?
He tossed the cloth somewhere else and laid down beside you again. This time, he pulled you into him and was dozing off. You were too, after all the sun had set many hours ago. You didn't check your phone to see the time either. Well, even if you wanted to, you couldn't because Carlos wrapped his arm around you, making you the little spoon.
You could hear him lightly snore and you thought that would irritate you, but instead it lulled you to sleep.
Teammates who hated each other, who still claim to hate each other, are sleeping peacefully in one bed. Naked.
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Moonlight Ch. 13 | Carlos Sainz Jr. x Reader
a/n: hi everybody <3, it's been a while and i'm sorry i've been quite MIA. i'm hoping i can get back into writing again soon! it was quite hard for me to write this chapter, it is a bit more of a snippet-y / filler chapter but wanted to write some fluff for moonlight as the story progresses, i hope u enjoy !!
+ huge thanks to my canadian sunshine @cosmicleclerc for helping with some ideas for the chapter and dealing with me complaining, ilu <3
warnings: literally none just fluff !
link to my masterlist here
link to chapter 12 of moonlight here
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chapter 13 (4k words)
“Good morning,” The last thing you expect on a Tuesday morning is to see Carlos at your door so early, but there he is, looking far too energetic for your liking. You’re still half awake, dressed in your joggers and tank top, having woken up seconds ago from the doorbell ringing. Carlos doesn’t seem to mind though, already letting himself into your room, breezing past you to go inside. 
Despite having made plans, you were not expecting Carlos to show up to what apparently was almost nine in the morning. He had decided to keep the plan a surprise, which had also included the time you both were to meet. 
“I know we agreed to go out today but I didn’t think you meant this early.” You say, watching him as he sits on the edge of the bed. Carlos simply shrugs at your remark, a smile playing on his lips and you can’t help but roll your eyes playfully. He did always find a way to surprise you. Once you’ve shut the door you head to him, standing in front of him. 
You take your time to look over his attire and you can’t help but smile to yourself. “Was this the master disguise you were speaking about last night?” You ask, walking over to him. He looks up and you can barely see his eyes due to the bill of his baseball cap. 
“Hey, that’s a bit rude.” he says, crossing his arms over his chest with a pout. You would have felt bad if his said disguise wasn’t just a plain baseball cap, a hoodie and blue jeans. 
Your hand reaches over to his cap before you gently push it down, smiling the moment Carlos lets out a yelp. His hands go up to fix his cap but instead you’re taking it off. 
“It's only rude if it isn’t true” You say in amusement and despite your playful teasing Carlos is smiling from ear to ear. Now that you’re closer he takes the opportunity to reach over to hold your waist. His touch sends sparks over your body, as your legs knock into his. You almost stumble over hands instantly going to his shoulders, cap falling on the floor.
“At least I’m already dressed.” Carlos says, looking up at you with a mischievous smile as his fingers gently trace under your shirt. The way he’s looking at you has you burning red and you have to look away. 
“You’re annoying,” you murmur just as Carlos lets go of his hold on you. You move away, pressing your hands to your cheeks for a second, in hopes that the colour would go away. 
“You didn’t tell me you would be here this early, and you haven’t even told me where we are going yet. How am I supposed to know what to wear?” You ask, giving him a small pout before leaning away, planning to go to your suitcase. 
Instead of letting you go though, his grip on your waist tightens as he falls back onto the bed, soon pulling you with him. You let out a surprised groan and in a matter of seconds Carlos is flipping you over so you’re soon on the bed. He’s hovering on top of you, supporting himself with his arms with a wide grin on his face. 
“I told you, it’s a surprise.” He says, slowly letting himself lean closer. For a second you think he might kiss you but he stops just as your lips are almost touching. “Now get ready okay?” 
You end up settling with a shirt and a simple top, changing in the corner of the room with Carlos’ eyes discreetly on you. His eyes burn into your back and the moment you turn around already dressed he’s getting up off the bed, clearing his throat discreetly before shoving his phone in his pocket. 
“Let’s go?” He offers and you nod your head, grabbing your purse before you’re following him to the door. 
Luckily, you both manage to sneak out of the hotel without much commotion, only bumping into Lando who Carlos shoos away before he even gets the chance to tease you both.
It’s once you’re both in the car that Carlos is handing you his phone, asking you to plug in a cafe’s name into the search bar of his navigation app. 
“Heard it’s a nice breaksfast place,” Carlos says as your eyes scan the distance. You understood why Carlos had showed up so early, noticing that the cafe was almost an hour and a half away from the hotel. 
You’re watching the road pass by, leaning your head slightly on the window as Carlos drives. There’s soft music playing from Carlos’ phone and despite the lack of conversation between you both there’s a nice ambience in the car. Carlos looks focused, tapping his fingers softly on the wheel to the beat of the song and you can’t help but let your gaze travel to him instead of the road. 
You both hadn’t talked too much after the night at his, it had ended how you both had agreed. Carlos had dropped you at your doorstep with a gentle kiss to the corner of your lips. You both had lingered a bit, sharing small conversations about work. It was clear none of you wanted the night to end, but you both also understood that you needed some time. 
Meetings in the office were quite limited, and Carlos had different press activities to do whilst he was in the UK so you both barely saw each other. It was only the night before the flight that Carlos and you properly talked, him of course saying that he would pick you up on the way to the airport. 
You thought that was it (which you had been a bit disappointed about), but when you were already in bed and half asleep your phone had begun to ring, loud and clear. 
You had picked up the phone in a hurry, wanting the ringing to end. You remember being a bit annoyed, realising you had forgotten to turn off your ringer as you pressed your phone to your ear. 
“Hello?” You had sighed out, but hearing Carlos’ voice on the other end of the line had surprised you, allowing all the annoyance to seep out of your system, 
“Were you asleep?” Carlos asks, and you can hear the slight guilt in his voice. You smile small at his tone, shifting a bit in your bed as you rub your eyes. For a quick second you check the time before pressing your phone to your ear again. 
“Well, it is one in the morning and we do have to wake up in four hours.” You answered, tone playful and Carlos lets out a breathy laugh and you can almost imagine him nodding his head sheepishly. 
“I know- sorry. I just couldn’t sleep.” Your smile falters a bit at his words, feeling concerned for the driver. You wonder whether he was feeling stressed about the race, or whether something else had happened. 
“Is everything okay?” You ask and the lapse of silence that follows has you a bit more worried. You slowly sit up. “Can I help with anything?” You offer, feeling your heartbeat in your ears.  
“Everything is okay,” Carlos answers and you can hear him take a deep and sharp breath. There’s a nervous laugh that follows after. “It’s not like that,” He explains before saying, “I just wanted to know if you want to go on a date with me?” He asks and the question has you floored. 
“You called me at almost half past one to ask me on a date?” You ask, stunned. You hear a shift from the other side of the line, Carlos probably settling himself in bed too and you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to just lay next to him. 
“I know, I know. We said to wait when we got to Canada, but what if you said no?” Carlos asks and this time you can’t help but let out a soft laugh, endeared by his antics. 
“Well why would I say no?” You counter, pulling the blanket up to your chin as you wait for his answer. 
“Well, you haven’t said yes yet.” Carlos says and you roll your eyes fondly, moving to your side this time. You curl up into yourself, phone still pressed at your ear. 
“You’re really something else.” You murmur, shaking your head. “We can go on a date there. We just need to make sure people don’t recognize you,” You say before Carlos is rambling off on how he had the perfect disguise to hide in plain sight. 
You both stayed up for another hour after. 
The café Carlos had picked was a small hole in the wall styled café, tucked into the corner of the street in the outskirts of the town. It didn’t look much from the outside but the moment you both step in, the smell of freshly baked bread and freshly grinded coffee grounds envelopes you both. 
The café is far from busy, only a few tables being occupied which helps you relax a bit. You notice most of the customers are older in age and you can’t help but smile softly at the sight. Your eyes soon meet some of the staff and you give them a small smile as you and Carlos walk up to the front desk. 
One of the servers gives you a quick smile, heading to you both with two menus at hand. She’s an older lady, with warm features and crinkles by her eyes that only expressed warmth. Carlos is quick to pick up his steps, following the waitress to get to the table first. He heads over to one of the chairs to pull it back, looking over at you expectantly. 
You raise your brow a bit at the gesture, blushing when Carlos moves his hand to urge you to sit. You tuck your shirt in with your hands before sitting, thanking Carlos softly when he pushes the chair in. His fingers shadow your shoulders briefly before he’s going to the other side of the table, sitting down too. 
“Thanks for joining us, my name is Maya,” The waitress says once Carlos is seated. She gently sets the menus in front of you both, “I’ll be your server for the day. We’re not too busy today, so feel free to take your time.” She says with a smile before going over some of the recommendations. 
The menu looks quite simple, but you both politely request for a bit more time after ordering some coffee. You rest your chin on your hand as you eyes scan the menu, humming softly to yourself. You can hear soft chatter from the other tables and the sound of the coffee machine steaming and you can feel yourself relaxing a bit. It was nice to have a little peace before the race week, knowing that it was usually more hectic than anything else. 
You can feel Carlos’ gaze on you, not surprised the moment his hand reaches over to gently tap at your elbow. He’s resting the menu down on the table as he waits for you to look up. “What?” You ask softly when you find Carlos smiling at you.
“Just wanted to say, I am happy we’re finally able to go out,” he says, foot gently poking yours under the table. You smile at his words, nudging his foot back playfully just as Maya comes back, this time with your coffees. Once she takes both your orders and your menus your hands wrap around the coffee cup, blowing off the steam. Carlos does the same, and as you wait for the cup to cool down a bit your eyes continue scanning the rest of the café. 
The café was decorated modestly, a few plants here and there along with some newspapers framed and hung on the wall. It seemed quite local, the rest of the guests seemingly being from the town. You notice Maya and who seems to be the other server chatting up with an elderly woman a few tables down. 
“How did you find this place?” You can’t help but ask Carlos who is also looking around the café. It’s clear that it’s his first time as well, being too interested in the way the wooden floor was built for it to be a place he would be familiar with. 
“The receptionist recommended it to me last night, and was asking for a nice place to have breakfast.” Carlos says before taking a sip of his drink. He lets out a soft delighted sigh, setting the cup down. “Think they recommended a really good place.” He says with a smile and you can’t help but agree, settling a bit more in your seat. 
The food comes by quite quickly, and if the coffee was to say anything, the food was somehow even better. You had ordered a plate of pancakes that was drenched in the best maple syrup you had probably ever tasted and Carlos looked happy too with his own stack of pancakes paired along with some bacon. 
You both chat about everything and nothing all together, hunched over your plates as you exchange small quips. It’s nice and easy and for once you’re not thinking about anyone else apart from the person right in front of you. 
By the time you eat your last bite you’re warm all over from the food and you lean back to your chair, letting out a content sigh. Carlos who’s finishing up his last bite simply watches you with a smile on his lips. 
“All good around here?” You both tear your attention away from each other, soon facing Maya who is already carefully collecting your plates. In response, you bob your head quickly, giving her a wide smile before thanking her. 
“The food was amazing, really.” You say, Carlos being quick to agree with you. Maya simply smiles at you both.
“I’m glad to hear that, it’s nice to see a nice young couple like you two come around. We don’t get a lot of new people, we usually run with regulars.” She says. Carlos and you both share a quick look at eachother when you hear her words. 
For a second you realise you’re both waiting for one of you to correct her, but you’re both met with eachother’s silence. A warm feeling grows in your chest when Carlos breaks his gaze from yours, looking down at his coffee cup with a shy but sly smile. 
“If we lived here we’d definitely be regulars,” You answer instead, laughing softly when Maya waves her hand at you. 
“You’re both too sweet. Is there anything else I can get you?” She asks and despite how full you feel Carlos is butting in, asking for the muffin you had been eyeing on the counter when you both had arrived. Despite your argument of being full Carlos insists anyways, getting you to concede without much resistance. 
Carlos looks far too excited for the muffin, claiming that it isn’t race week yet. He’s careful with cutting up the muffin in half before picking one piece up. You expect him to take a bite but he’s soon leaning forward, resting his free arm on the table before hovering the piece in front of you. 
Your cheeks are burning red when you realise what he’s doing but you lean a bit over the table anyways, taking a careful bite before properly sitting back down. The acidity from the lemon mixes perfectly with the sweetness of the muffin and you can’t help but let out a soft groan. 
“That’s good,” You say as Carlos takes his own bite, eyes going wide, clearly impressed too before he’s going for another. 
You both agree not to tell Rupert that you order a second muffin after.
Before you leave you make sure to leave an extra tip in the jar (since Carlos had foot the bill without saying anything) with a promise to come back if you two were ever back in town.  You’re both so stuffed though that for a moment you consider telling Carlos to turn the car around to go nap in the hotel. You don’t though, not because you don’t want to because you both don’t make it to the car, getting caught up by the window near a small second hand shop next to the café. 
You’re both peeking through the window, looking over the little trinkets. “Let’s go in? We have some time still,” Carlos suggests, bumping his shoulder into yours and you’re soon following him in, hearing the little chime from the door just as it shuts behind you. The shop owner greets you from somewhere in the back and you both greet him back before looking around the store.
The store is like a little treasure chest, the lights dimmed to a warm yellow to match the earthy smell inside. It’s somehow cluttered perfectly, slightly slanted wooden shelves crammed together and delicately holding everything up. 
You’re both looking around when you catch yourself from the corner of your eyes in a mirror. You slowly turn towards it, smiling when you see an oval mirror with a worn out gold frame. You’re focused on the frame, fingers delicately tracing the curves of the metal when Carlos slowly comes from behind you.
You smile at him through the mirror, not missing the way his hand gently goes to rest on your waist. “It’s a cute store,” You say softly, stepping a bit closer towards him so you’re properly side by side. His eyes stay on your reflection as you shift your attention to the other trinkets around the shelves. His fingers gently rub into your side pulling you a bit closer before moving his hand away. Instead of stepping away though he’s taking your hand in his, quietly intertwining your fingers instead. You drift your gaze back to the mirror, eyes meeting Carlos’ again. 
“Let’s go hm?” He murmurs into your ear this time before giving your hand a squeeze. You squeeze his hand back, nodding as you watch Carlos come closer to press a kiss to your cheek. 
The ride to your next destination is much closer this time and his hand stays on your thigh the whole drive there. You try your best to squeeze any information possible out of him but Carlos keeps his lips shut, refusing to tell you what’s next on the list. 
It’s only when you’ve seen three of the same signs along the way that you realise where you’re both heading to, and your suspicions are confirmed when Carlos takes the turn towards the big aquarium sign on the side of the road. It feels all too familiar to ignore the swelling in your chest. 
“Really?” You ask with a small smile and Carlos simply shrugs, glancing over at you. 
“Think it’d be nice no?” He says, knowing exactly the memory that was crossing your mind. 
You remember the summer all too well, the trip to Valencia that your parents had finally let you go on. It was a typical trip for all your friends. Oddly enough, you had never been able to join, your own family trips or plans usually getting in the way. 
That summer though, you had managed to get your parents to agree to let you go, mainly for the fact that Carlos was going. During the past year with Carlos racing more, you two did not manage to see each other much. Despite this, you both stayed attached to the hip (or to say, the phone). Whenever you could you both would talk either through short phone calls or video calls. 
You couldn’t even count the amount of times you or Carlos stayed up late or woke up earlier than necessary just to talk and catch up. Carlos had always been your best friend, but in the first years of his racing you truly realised what that meant. 
The moment you both met in Valencia you had jumped into his arms, legs wrapping around his waist easily as he lifted you up. It’s still vivid, the moment you pulled away to look at him, and the sudden feeling you felt in your chest the instant your eyes met. You had seen it in his eyes too, even caught the little bit of fear in them as he set you down. 
Both of you felt the shift, and suddenly all the teasing from your friends, the jokes of you two getting together felt a bit too real. None of you said anything though, and throughout the next week you both danced around each other. 
It was normal, nothing had changed with the way you both were together. Little gestures that did not seem big before though began to cloud your mind, and drunk moments together had your heart in your throat. 
Despite this none of you made a move. Not when you both were drunkenly singing along and dancing in the club, or even when you both were curled up into each other in the villa for a movie night. 
Nothing happened that summer. Not until the last day when you both had decided to go to the aquarium. 
To be fair, it wasn’t a date, or at least it wasn’t supposed to be one. The whole group had agreed to go visit the aquarium in Valencia, but after a late night with too many drinks, you and Carlos had been the only ones ready to go. 
It wasn’t the best experience. The aquariums were far too bright, the tight and closed spaces with far too many people not being a good mix for two teenages with too strong hangovers. After almost an hour  you both had decided to take a quick break at the side, having found a bit more of a secluded area with seats. 
You remember it clearly, a soft blue glow shining over you both as the fishes were slowly swimming over you. Despite the beauty of it your eyes were shut, the hangover only having grown stronger. You were resting your head on Carlos’ shoulder, his head on top of yours. The soft chatter around you both was somehow lulling you to sleep but you managed to keep yourself awake by focusing on Carlos, who was explaining the different animals that were swimming by. 
“I’m gonna be busy again after the summer,” Carlos had said quietly after a bit, enough to capture your attention and slowly get you to move to look at him. You remember how nervous he looked, fingers twitching as he fiddled with the hem of his shirt. “I’m really happy we got to do this.” He said with a small smile and you had reached over to his hands, holding onto them. 
“I’m happy too, I can’t wait to see you race again though.” You say with a smile as your thumbs slowly rub over his hands. “I’m gonna miss you but we’re going to talk,” You promise and Carlos simply nodded, taking a deep breath. 
“I’m going to miss you too,” Carlos says, and you’re not sure if it’s the way he had said it or if it was the way his eyes were peering into you that you feel a pang in your chest. The world suddenly slows down, the outside chatter nonexistent. 
Carlos slowly guides your hand to his thigh and your heart feels like it's beating out of your chest the moment he slowly moves closer. You don’t stop him though, not when he asks you if it’s okay, or when his lips are practically ghosting yours. Instead you’re moving closer as well, closing the gap between you both. 
None of your friends questioned you when you arrived back at the villa, fingers intertwined with flushed cheeks and reserved smiles. 
“So, jellyfish,” Carlos says once you both pass the security. He’s already pointing to the corner of the first aquarium, gently pulling you by your hand. “Did you know they’re 95% water?” He asks with a smile. 
“I think someone might have mentioned that before,” You answer, not missing the way Carlos’ smile only grew bigger. 
Maybe you were ready to start new again. 
ch. 14 coming (soon?)
a/n: as always i hope u enjoyed,, sorry for the long wait. i hope i can get ch. 14 out soon!! i will try my best to work on it once i can <3. sending all the love always and would love to hear what you think !
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