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definitely-not-v · 11 months ago
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Have it or whatever....
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somethinginthethunder · 9 months ago
Okay okay but what about hcs abt madrigal grandkids reacting to saying you like them back, huh?? Thank you in advance
``reacting to you liking them back``
getting rejected
notes: aha angst????? what's that???????
warnings: none!
-hides her excitement
-oh you like her back? no problem. it's- it's chill. she's definitely not dying on the inside or anything, yk?
-if you agreed to go out with her she'd be over the moon, the only thing on her mind afterward being how the date was going to go and how she was going to dress and plan for it.
-if you ever stopped looking directly at her she'd probably fist-pump the air, little blossoms of plants and flowers sprouting in the ground along with her.
-the rest of the day she'd just have a happy dazed look in her eyes, the smile never leaving her face.
-if mirabel or camilo ever starting teasing her for it she'd get flushed and tell them to shut up, her face reddening as she literally pushes them out of her room where she was daydreaming about you and her together.
-just a wholesome woman :) she gets excited, too, but it's much more mellow
-honestly more of a relieved feeling as well, since she wasn't really expecting you to actually like her back.
-when you told her you reciprocated her feelings there would be a lot of stuttering and nervous words from her.
-"o-oh! really? I-i didn't think you'd actually, um," her voice would trail off from there as she nervously rubbed the back of her neck.
-this is where'd you'd step in and ask her out, with her saying yes of course
-when the two of you parted ways for the day she'd go straight to her room and then just scream into a pillow, taking in a deep breath once she got it all out of her system
-would be much more open about her happiness
-first thing she'd say after you said you liked her too was, "YES LET'S GO!"
-when she realizes what she just said she'd awkwardly lower her arms and try to laugh it off as if you didn't just make her the happiest girl in the world.
-"i mean, uh, yeah," she said quickly. "nice, nice."
-like camilo, the kind of person to lean against a chair to act calm and collected but end up missing and just falling onto her side
-finds it hard to meet your eyes but once she gains the courage she'll ask you out <3
-will be thinking about you for the rest of the day and everyone notices it, especially julieta.
-she thinks it's endearing, adoring the way in which her daughter was acting
-the most calm response!!
-would also be relieved like luisa, but i don't think it'd be out of insecurity like her. more like just... anticipation.
-she's usually a quiet talker because of her gift but when you told her you liked her as well she'd probably talk the loudest she had ever in awhile!
-also the most forward about it! just confidently asks you if you want to go on a date with her, a hopeful shine in her eye
-could not bring herself to leave you alone after you say yes, hanging out with you for the rest of the day
-just wants to be in your presence, and if she can't then she'll just tune into your voice and listen to you for awhile
-like mirabel trying to be suave and cool but like... 10x worse
-please help this poor boy
-visibly relaxes when he hears you confess to liking him back, that stupidly charming smile only brightening
-thinks he's acting all smooth while asking you out on a date but in reality he's much more awkward than he thinks
-you still think it's cute, though, so of course you say yes
-would probably kiss the back of your hand once you part ways for the day, making sure to really take in your face before going back home
-if someone startles him for the rest of the night he'll accidentally transform into you since you were all he could think about anymore, earning a teasing from his entire family
-totally worth it, though
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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yoursweetdenial · 10 months ago
~You run towards them~
The Madrigals x reader
🦋 Mirabel:
She simply spreads her arms, smiling from ear to ear and wanting to hug you.
🦎 Camilo:
He will run towards you, hug you and immediately start playfully ruffling your hair.
💪 Luisa:
She runs towards you and almost strangles you in her embrace, that's how much she is glad to see you.
🌺 Isabela:
She will most likely want to speed up your meeting, and therefore will use her gift, so the vines will attract you to her and then she will give you a big hug.
🌦️ Pepa:
She sees you running towards her and the sun instantly lights up the cloudy sky.
🍪 Julieta:
As soon as you get to her, she starts softly rubbing your cheeks, saying what a cutie you are.
⏳ Bruno:
Until the last second, he refuses to believe that you are running to him, but when you get so close and stop right in front of him, he embraces you as tightly as he can.
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blueberryrock · 10 months ago
My reaction to seeing Luisa for the first time:
Tumblr media
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heartdenks · 10 months ago
isabela: so you two are.. dating?
y/n: yup
isabela: why?
camilo: because i find y/n very attractive and fun to be around 🤨
isabela: no no i understand that im just confused why shes dating someone like you.
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miranita · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m back on my self indulgent bs (pls I just love her sm)
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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midnight-fairee · 11 months ago
End of a Day // Luisa Madrigal x Reader.
A/N: okay, so I LOVE Luisa and I need to write some of those adorable prompts for her...enjoy, dear readers!
Prompt: cuddling with Luisa and taking a bath with Luisa (fluff version).
Pairing: Luisa Madrigal x Reader (female pronouns used).
Tumblr media
Luisa sighed softly, her muscular body leaning against the closed door.
What a damn day...it had been one of those days and every part of her felt it still, a dull ache throbbing throughout her entire body. Every muscle ached and burned, her feet felt so sore. Even her mind felt it, a headache thrumming in her head and refusing to let her be. All day, she had been wanting everything to be over...but more then that, she had been wanting you.
Her Y/N.
Just the thought of your name, so sweet on her tongue and soothing to her soul, had Luisa smiling softly.
All day she had thought of you and her arms had longed to drop her heavy burdens and take you up instead. And now with the work finally over (at least for now), she could finally do just that...but where were you?
Looking around her bedroom, Luisa did not see you as she normally did.
Her home had changed since you had come along, Casita shifting to make a place for you in her life. It was now like a little apartment, pieces of you scattered all over. The yellow kitchen (with your recipe book still open on the counter, always warm and smelling of good things), the living room (your books alongside her and your sewing box on the table), and even the bedroom (your sweater hanging on the chair) was empty...which only left one place to check.
Moving slowly across the bedroom, Luisa opened the door to the bathroom..and there you were.
Steam filled the little room and you sat on the edge of the tub, swirling in bath oils as a little song played on the radio. Clad in only a silken robe of brightest blue, little golden butterflies scattered all over it, you looked so lovely in the light of the setting sun.
Gold melted over you as you looked up, smiling at her.
“Luisa!” You said so sweetly (no one said her name like you did, oh, you made it sound like magic). “How was your day?”
“It was...a day.”
“I had a feeling,” you replied. “so I started a bath. Care to join me?”
Nodding silently, Luisa smiled as you helped her undress. She could have done it herself but she liked so much when you did it, the feeling of your fingers making her heart soar. Leaving the blouse and skirt pooled on the floor, you kissed her aching shoulders softly, undoing her hair from the ribbon and letting her thick curls fall free. Sinking into the warm water, Luisa sighed in delight. Already she was relaxing. Perched on the edge, you washed her hair gently and just let her vent about everything.
You were always willing to listen.
And she loved that, knowing that at the end of everything, you would always be there to pick her up when she fell apart.
“...and I’m just happy it’s over, you know?”
“I do, baby.”
Pouring the small jug of water over her, Luisa sighed as the hot water poured down her scalp and shoulders.
A shudder of pleasure shot down her spin, pretty lips twitching into a lazy smile. Opening her eyes just so, Luisa could see you through her lashes as you rinsed her hair and hummed along to the radio. Oh, you were so pretty! So perfect!
Noticing her secret gaze, you kissed the top of her head and whispered a question.
“Is there anything I can do to make it better?”
“Well...there is something you can do, amore...”
Her rough hands gently tugged on the strings of your robe, letting it fall away as you giggled a little bit.  Lips peppered all over your breasts and belly, each soft kiss making you sight so happily, until she couldn’t wait any longer. Lifting you up, Luisa pulled you into the tub and sat you between her legs, resting you against her breasts. Water rippled and rose, nearly pouring over the edge, as you settled into her.
The sound of her heartbeat, steady and strong, thumped in her chest and you smiled.
“Thank you, Y/N,” Luisa whispered. “I needed this.”
“Anything for you, baby.”
Taking your hand in hers, Luisa kissed your fingers sweetly, still marveling at the fact that you were hers...all hers.
The two of you stayed like that for a long while.
Bathing one another with the rose-scented soap and old washcloths, you just enjoyed the warmth of the bath and, even better, the warmth of one another. It was such a simple moment but it was everything to Luisa. Everything she could ever want or need...In time, she rose up from the bath and carried you out with her. Drying one another with the fluffy towels, you walked hand in hand into the bedroom. Luisa wore her simple nightgown, a white cotton dress that ended below her knees, and you wore one of her shirts. It looked so big on you and she loved that.
The bed, as big as it happened to be, was still a little small for the both of you but neither one minded very much.
Leaning against the big pillows, you held your book in one hand and left the other to rest in Luisa’s still damp curls. Her head rested on your heart, eyes closed. Long lashes curled against her cheeks and you smiled, thinking her so pretty.
Wrapped in a swath of handmade quilts, colorful and warm, the two of you cuddled close.
“Will you read to me?”
“Always,” you replied.
It was a little thing but she liked it...she asked for it often. Whatever you were reading, you would read aloud and she would fall asleep slowly.
“The man’s voice spoke again: ‘Are you very tired?’ ‘Oh, tonight, I gave you my soul and I am dead!’ ‘Your soul is a beautiful thing, child,’ replied the man’s grave voice ‘and I thank you! No emperor ever received so fair a gift. The angels wept tonight.’ Raoul heard nothing after that...”
And she slept.
Mumbling something you could not understand, Luisa held you in a sleepy embrace and you smiled at the sight of her. She was yours...all yours.
Turning your eyes to the page, you returned to your story and read a bit more.
Soon, though, you would join her in your dreams. Even as you slept, you belonged to her, dreaming only of your true lover. In dreams, she did not have to work so hard and the days were not so long. There was only and her and love.
A happy ending to a long day.
Tumblr media
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mikalei · 11 months ago
Adults Madrigals x adult!reader
teeth-rottening fluff and sweetness
Summary: The magic is strong, and so are the drinks...and it does. You didn't think it was that strong so you decided to drink to your hearts desire only to when after you stand up from your seat, The whole Casa Madrigal did a 360 and now you are a mess.
Ps: Took place on Antonio's ceremony
Oh God...
you're muttering at how pretty she is and how dumb of her to let Mariano court her.
"He's dumb, his muscles are dumb, even his nose is dumb, I hope it breaks. Why did you let him court you? Don't you love me anymore Isa?"
as she listens to you muttering how you hate Mariano, she laughs at how cute you are.
You kept pouting at her because you thought she was laughing at you.
When you arrived at her room you almost ate one of the flower thinking it was cotton candy and you were asking one of her statues to marry you.
when she gets you to lay on her bed, you just said "okay, good night mi amor" and then kissed her cheeks before you passed out
Flowers sprouted on her hair
You wake up not remembering anything that happened last night, and Isabela greeted you with a kiss.
Tumblr media
Chaotic was an understatement
After the party Dolores saw you passed out on the table.
she decided to assist you back to her room, which of course, woke you up
Oh how she wishes she didn't woke you up, but she can't help it. Her crush looks so vulnerable when drunk, not to mention overly cute too.
There are some fireworks left so Luisa decided to use them.
And you being drunk, you shushed the fireworks while covering Dolores' ears
"Shhh, be quiet! You're going to hurt my love"
The statement made Dolores squeaks
When you arrive at her room you immediately lay on her bed holding you arms up
"Don't expect me sleeping without you cuddling with me, mi vida"
Dolores was too stunned to speak
She didn't have a choice so she lets you have what you want
She wants it too though
Tumblr media
She tries to stop you from drinking too much since she already know how strong the drink
The same drink was serve on Isabela's 20th birthday, she thought the alchohol was juice so Luisa drank it and got drunk too.
You were on you 5th glass now and your face is already red.
That's when Luisa decided that you have enough alchohol.
She carries you and start heading to her room.
"Oh wow, such fine muscles you have here Luisa, you are so strong I like it"
This made Luisa sprint but not enough to make you dizzy
She can't afford you throwing up on casita
The trip to her room consist of you throwing flirty remarks towards the strong girl, which lead for the girl to blush.
Once you have reached her door, you were amazed by what's inside.
You tried to explore the room but Luisa carries you to her bed
Immediately you passed out
When you woke up the next day you found yourself on the arms of Luisa Madrigal, which made you remember all of your remarks last night.
Tumblr media
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steveurkeloncrack · 11 months ago
Luisa is bisexual and likes himbos and smart confident women.
If she gets married to a man he will be just like Felix and Pepa like:
Luisa: *exists*
Male s/o: ❤️👄❤️
But if she marries a woman it would be the opposite:
Female s/o: *idk explaining something smart*
Luisa: ❤️👄❤️
Again projecting.
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iwannabecamiloshovel · 5 months ago
Y/n, *watching Mirabel and Isabela fight*: Are you sure they should be fighting? What if they get hurt?
Luisa, *not bothered by the chaos*: It’s fine. They’re too evenly matched to hurt each other.
Y/n: Then... who’s the strongest out of you three?
Mirabel: Luisa.
Isabela: Luisa.
Luisa: Me.
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notpikaman · 7 hours ago
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domxmarvel · 10 months ago
Encanto preferences- leaving them secret notes
How about Encanto preferences with a shy fem S/O who has a crush but would leave flowers with notes of admiration.
Tumblr media
Seeing Bruno again after casita was rebuilt brought back a ton of memories. Specifically of the notes you use to leave for him,you'd always leave little notes and flowers for him especially if one of the villagers was being mean to him. He never found out it was you and you kept bringing flowers up to his room whenever you missed him. His whole cave was filled with flowers because you were heartbroken when he left,you spent every day thinking of how you'd tell him how you felt the second you saw him again. But now that he was standing in front of you,you fell speechless as if your voice disappeared. So you just ran up and hugged him instead,he hesitated for a moment before hugging you back. You wanted to be alone with him when you told him,not wanting to confess in front of everyone. You were about to ask him if you could speak to him alone,but he leaned down and simply whispered.
“I know it was you”
“I saw you bringing flowers to my room” You didn’t say anything,not knowing how to respond. “I missed you too”
Tumblr media
“I’m gonna find out who’s sending the flowers and notes”
“And how do you plan on doing that,detective Camilo?” You teased,he handed you a piece of paper.
“I already have a list of suspects” 
“Camilo,that’s almost every girl in town” Of course he’d think like that,but you were slightly offended that your name wasn’t there. Did he not want it to be you? Still you helped him with his investigation,you went through half the list on the first day. He tried to see if their handwriting was the same as the notes,but they weren’t even close. The next day you came back.
“Y/N there you are, let's go” He immediately tried to pull you out of the house.
“Wait I need to use the bathroom” You lied but he let you go. You snuck into his room,leaving a new note for him that simply said ‘Good luck,detective’ You made your way down the stairs and nearly bumped into Camilo. 
“I just need to grab something from my room,I’ll meet you at the door” Seconds later he ran down the stairs with the new note. “Y/N! They know!”
Another unsuccessful day,Camilo had gone through the whole list. You kept sending notes,he didn’t even seem to suspect you. You tried to be a bit more obvious but he still didn’t get it.
“I’m never gonna find them!”
“Camilo,you’re a terrible detective. A good one is suspicious of everyone,and you of all people should know that the best place to hide is in plain sight” 
“You’re right,Y/N! It’s probably one of my family members playing a prank on me” 
“What if it’s not?” You kept trying to hint that it’s you but he still didn’t get it. 
“How do you know that?” You were completely done at this point. “It’s definitely one of them,Y/N. If it’s not, then who?”
“Me!” He finally realized,but only after you shouted. “I’m the one leaving the notes and flowers! And you didn’t even think that it could be me? Maybe you didn’t want it to be me”
“Y/N!” You were already on your way out with Camilo running behind you,and Casita trying to block your way. “Y/N,Please wait”
“Why? So you can tell me how much you wish it was anyone but me”
“Y/N” He ran up and stopped in front of you. “I always wanted it to be you!” He yelled out. “I just didn’t wanna lose you,I was scared you’d think I’m weird for wanting it to be my best friend”
“Camilo,you’re still a terrible detective” You both laughed as he pulled you into a hug.
Tumblr media
The whole town loved Isabela,so when she found the notes she didn’t think much of it. In fact she threw them all away,probably thinking it was from multiple people. It broke your heart but you understood her point of view,she didn’t know who sent them and she probably didn’t like the mystery,or care enough to solve it. You decided to write one final note,more of a letter actually telling her about your feelings. You left it in her room while she was out,later that night you were in your room reading when your mom called you. 
"Y/N there's someone here to see you" You knew immediately who it was,you led her up to your room. 
"Why didn't you say anything? Instead of leaving notes"
"I couldn't,I tried so many times but it was way easier to just write. Whenever I spoke I just couldn't find the right words,but about the letter I left you. It's all true every single word" 
"Y/N I love you too,but I didn't say anything because I was scared that it wasn't you"
"You wanted it to be me?"
"I got a lot of notes,but they never sounded so genuine as yours. I could feel your emotions while I was reading them" She pulled out a stack of notes,tied together with a purple ribbon. 
"You kept them?" 
"Of course I did,and I plan on keeping the new ones too"
"New ones?"
"You're gonna keep writing them,right? You're not gonna stop just because you're dating me now"
"You really want to be with me?" She kissed you before you could say anything else. "I'm going to need a lot more paper"
Tumblr media
You always left little notes for Luisa,telling her to take care of herself and not push herself too far. Sometimes you'd tell her how good she looks,how her eyes seemed to sparkle in the sun. Once in a while you'd leave flowers and she'd wear them in her hair for that day. You were just sitting in the living room writing a couple of new notes,when there was a knock at the door. You quickly got up to answer it since your parents were out. Opening the door,you were face to face with Luisa. 
"Hi," You said,very awkwardly.
"Hey Y/N,I'm just here to drop off the flower pots that your mother asked for" She did tell you about them but you completely forgot. 
"Sure,you can just put them in the backyard" Opening the door more,you gesture to the back door. Thankfully there were only three flower pots,she set down the third one as you remember the notes and rushed back in to hide them. When you stepped out again you found Luisa looking at some of the flowers,she had one in her hair that you didn't notice before. She picked up a new one,comparing it to the one in her hair. Standing up,she turned to face you.
"It's you,you're the one leaving the notes" You just nodded and immediately she hugged you. "Thank you" She kissed your cheek before finally letting you down. "I have more chores,but I'll be waiting for a new note tomorrow" You both laughed.
"Luisa,wait" You grabbed a new flower and walked over to her,she knelt down to let you put the flower in her hair. Putting your hands on her cheeks you pulled her into a kiss. 
Tumblr media
You always tried to make her feel a bit better with your notes,since she was the only one without a gift. But you focused on the good in that,telling her that people see her for who she really is and not just how they can use her. She constantly said that she's fine but you could tell that she was lying. The day before Antonio's gift ceremony you wrote her a letter,trying to comfort her since that night would bring a lot of emotions. You left the letter in her room and she found it almost immediately,you wanted to wait a bit before going up to talk to her. 
"Y/N,could you please go get Mirabel. It's dinner time,you're free to join us if you want"
"Thank you" You quickly went up to get Mirabel,gently knocking before you opened the door. You saw her sitting on the floor of her room with your letter in her hand as she cried,she didn't bother to pretend that she wasn't. You sat down beside her and she immediately moved closer to you,letting you wrap your arms around her. It took some time before she completely calmed down,you kept rubbing her back as she put her head on your shoulder. 
"Y/N" You responded with a hmm "thank you for the notes"
"You knew it was me?"
"Nope,but I just found out"
"You sneaky little fox" She laughed "but I really did mean all of it,you're still special in a different way. Also we should get downstairs it's time for dinner"
"Y/N will you be here tomorrow?"
"Of course,I'm not gonna let you face that alone"
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aries-online · 10 months ago
Its Quiet Uptown
Tumblr media
Pairing:Madrigal family X Reader
A/N: I cried when writing this, thats how you know its good
Based on the song “It's Quiet Uptown”. Reader was a friend of the madrigals
Summary:The aftermath of The readers death, and how it affected the madrigals
Content Warnings: Mentions of drowning and death
Requested?: Nope!
“There are moments that the words don't reach
There is suffering too terrible to name
You hold your child as tight as you can
And push away the unimaginable
The moments when you're in so deep
It feels easier to just swim down
The [Madrigals] move uptown
And learn to live with the unimaginable”
After your passing, and subsequent funeral, the village of Encanto felt less vibrant than before. Your death was seemingly inevitable,You drowned. Dolores heard your cries, and even though the family rushed to your aide, they were all too late. Even though they tried Julieta’s cooking couldn't save you, they were only a moment too late. The burden of guilt weighed heavy on the shoulders of Dolores and Julieta. Maybe if Dolores tuned into your thrashing a few moments earlier, or maybe if Julieta was the first there, maybe you would still be walking amongst them. You could have maybe even been able to see your daughter grow.
You were buried in the Village’s graveyard, with all the other dead. And the madrigals visited very often. Isabella would sit with your grave, leaving small plants and flowers. Luisa would come by as the stars started to shine, and she would talk to you, about her day and everything going on. Mirabel would bring your daughter and would tell her stories from your past, stories you told her. Julieta would steal away in the early hours of the morning to set a small plate of food atop your gravestone. Pepa and Felix would visit every Sunday with Dolores, a visit that always had to be cut short. Antonio had left his tiger stuffed animal, he had said you needed it more.Bruno tried his hardest to keep the family going for you, its what you would have wanted . Camilo rarely visited your actual grave, as it brought up to many emotions for him to handle, instead he would tell the towns children the stories you would tel them from your travels. And Alma, the woman who helped your family all those years ago, felt like she lost a part of herself all over again. The family took your daughter in after your passing, she was only two years old. They cared for the little girl like she was their own flesh and blood. Your little girl was all they had left of you, after all.
“Tía?” the little girl asked, her voice soft “Where mamá?”. Her soft {colour} eyes trained on Pepa. A soft, grey storm cloud formed above pepa’s head as she knealed, getting on the level of the little girl. “Your mamá is with your papá, princesa” she explained, smoothing the little girls hair back with a single hand. “When will they come back?” the child inquired. The storm grew a bit stronger, Felix layed a hand on his wifes shoulder to comfort her. “I don't know,princesa, i dont know”
“There are moments that the words don't reach
There's a grace too powerful to name
We push away what we can never understand
We push away the unimaginable”
It had been three years after your untimely end, and your baby grew. She resembled you so much. It was a miracle all on its own when she was gifted a power of her own, something the madrigals didn't expect at all. She was gifted the ability to see the dead.The little girl brushed past a doorway, only to catch a glimpse of your tired expression, your frame clinging onto that of your husbands. You mouthed a few words to the little girl before your forms disappeared.
“I'm proud of you,mi vida”
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yoursweetdenial · 9 months ago
⚡Jealousy, jealousy⚡
The Madrigals x Reader
🦋 Mirabel:
If you are in a relationship with her, jealousy will be her faithful companion, because even though she is not a bad person by nature, but understanding and forgiving, this does not mean that she will tolerate anyone who flirts with you, thereby taking all your attention away from her. It is also worth adding that she is used to the ridicule and reproaches of others that she is "ordinary", so your sympathy and affection give her the comfort and happiness she truly deserves. That's why she won't let you be taken away from her.
🌺 Isabela:
Although she is considered almost the most beautiful creature of Encanto, unbidden thoughts often come into her head, saying that she is not good enough for you, and that you actually can find someone more "worthy". In most cases, after such thoughts, you calm her down, reassure her that she is the only one you need. But in rare moments, she may inadvertently catch you talking to someone who is overly nice to you or, much worse, openly flirting with you. Then Isabela can't stand it, so one of two things happens: either she creates the vines that will grab you and drag you away from the annoying admirer, or she herself will descend on the vines directly between you and an undesirable person, as if reminding you of herself and wanting your attention to be drawn to her, as it should be.
💪 Luisa:
Although she completely trusts you, she is very annoyed by those who try to attract your attention (especially if you don't want it yourself) in every possible way. She is not against your communication with other people in the village, because it is quite normal to have friendly relations with everyone. But from time to time there are insolent ones who openly flirt with you, as if not noticing Luisa next to you, and who do not understand that their company is not interesting to you. In this case, Luisa starts to get annoyed really fast, her eye is twitching, and, if undesirable person does not leave you alone, she may even use her fists. Remembering her superhuman strength, she does not beat anyone, but she can throw her rival into a haystack or even throw them on the roof of a house to temper their enthusiasm.
🎀 Dolores:
She can be jealous of you quite rarely, because almost all the time, if you are not with her, she tries to listen to you very clearly in order to find out in time if something is wrong. However, sometimes she hears conversations about you and how you are discussed behind your back. If Dolores hears something unpleasant about you or how someone dreams of making you their property, she instantly becomes furious. Clenching her fists, she diligently eavesdrops on any information about the person who spoke ill of you and made plans for you, so that after she learns some secret of the ill-wisher, gossip about him throughout the village. Usually Dolores uses her Gift for good, but when it comes to you, the person dear to her, she's not gonna leave it like that. Be calm, she got your back.
🦎 Camilo:
He's so fine that quite often it's you who are jealous of him for others. And no matter how much he teases you about it, he always remains faithful to you, only being amused by you and your reaction. So one day, when you decided to teach him a lesson and started flirting with the first guy you came across, Camilo felt as if he had been doused with ice water. At first he stared at you, looking very comical, and then he began to fool around with local kids, changing his appearance into his relatives or someone else in order to attract your attention. It cost you a herculean effort not to react to him, continuing to communicate with some guy. After a while, Camilo realized that his attempts to draw your attention to himself were unsuccessful, and very upset and even devastated, he went into the house. You didn't immediately notice his absence, but when you did, you felt lousy. You then apologized to him for a long time, and then he apologized to you, because he also realized how wrong he had behaved towards you earlier. Trust me, you two had an extremely emotional conversation.
🌦️ Pepa:
She's going to be jealous of you all the time. It doesn't matter if you are walking around the city, sitting quietly at home or have flown to another galaxy — this woman will definitely find a reason for jealousy. And it's not that she doesn't trust you. No, not at all. She believes you, but also loves you more than life, and that's why she wants to be with you literally every second. She's also terribly insecure. For many years she was forced to hide her emotions, so now it is very difficult for her to start living fully. Not a day goes by that you don't assure her that you love her Gift and expressiveness as well as her true self. It is thanks to your beliefs that she really begins to feel more confident and calmer. However, this is how your closeness affects her. But if you are suddenly not around, she can literally go crazy, having previously driven everyone around her crazy as well. And if she sees someone flirting with you, then by the dramatically changed weather and gloomy clouds that instantly filled the sky, you can no doubt guess the mood of your beloved. And believe me, you'd better hurry to calm her down if you don't want natural disasters to start in Encanto :)
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Rewrite The Stars
Character(s): Luisa Madrigal x Reader
Summary: you and Luisa have loved one another since you were young enough to remember, but you slowly begin to realize these feelings aren't platonic.
Tumblr media
You watched from the crowd as your best friend Luisa Madrigal made her way to her door, anticipating what gift the Casita would possibly give her. She spotted your face in the crowd of people, giving you a nervous smile as she slowly walked passed you. You smiled back, giving her a small thumbs up in hopes of calming her nerves.
As she ascended the stairs you felt yourself shivering with anticipation, excited that your best friend was finally getting the gift she's been talking about for so long now.
Abuela Alma spoke to Luisa almost in a whisper, everyone craning their necks to try to hear what was being said. You watched as Luisa nodded her head enthusiastically, Abuela Alma moving out of the way so Luisa could place her hand on the doorknob.
You shut your eyes as a bright light shone from her door, everyone gasping in astonishment at the miracle working its magic. When the light died down you looked up, an image of Luisa holding something heavy above her head depicted on the door. Luisa stood before her door, her eyes wide as she decided what she should do to test out her new gift.
"(Y/n)! Pssst!" You heard Luisa call out to you from atop the staircase. She waved you in her direction, everyone's gaze locking onto you. You shook your head, retreating into the crowd. You weren't one for much attention, so this was definitely too much for you. Luisa giggled, her small frame running down the stairs to your spot at the bottom. Luisa's family watched with grins as Luisa grabbed her little friend, picking them up and lifting them above her head. You gasped in fear as Luisa twirled you in the air, putting on a show for everyone while simultaneously trying to impress you.
"We've been blessed with a new gift!" Abuela Alma announced, the crowd erupting in a fit of cheers as Luisa carried you up the stairs, everyone excited to see the inside of Luisa's room.
"Happy Birthday, (Y/n)!" Luisa cheered, running up to you and engulfing you in a bone crushing hug. You hugged back as best you could from your spot in her grip, a bright smile on your face. Julieta walked through the doorway of your home a bit after Luisa, a bright smile on her face. You noticed the cake in her hands, the number 13 piped on top with icing. You gasped, staring at the cake in surprise. You hadn't anticipated to celebrate your special day with them.
"I thought you had too many chores to be able to come over!" you confronted Luisa lightheartedly, giving her a playful punch on the shoulder. You puffed out your cheeks, crossing your arms over your chest.
"I couldn't think of any other way to surprise you!" Luisa replied, giggling at your expression. She poked your cheek, making you drop the facade and giggle as it deflated under her touch. Luisa wrapped an arm your shoulder, the two of you leaning into each other as Julieta brought the cake in front of you, placing a few candles on top so they could sing.
You sat at your vanity, combing through your hair as Luisa sat on your bed. She watched as you got ready for a date with someone in town, her heart clenching with an unfamiliar feeling as she admired you through your reflection in the mirror. She watched as you smiled brightly, your body shaking in anticipation for tonight. Your date would be picking you up soon, Luisa's mood growing sour as time ticked on.
"Are you okay, amiga?" you asked, looking at her through the mirror. You continued with your hair, determined to pull off the new hairstyle Isabela had taught you.
Luisa sighed, trying her best to stay positive for you. She knew how excited you were and she wasn't about to let some random feeling ruin your evening. "Yeah, I'm fine," she reassured, her chest tightening even further as she lied to you through her teeth.
You turned around in your seat to face Luisa, making her able to take you in fully for the first time since you started getting ready. Her breath hitched in her throat, heat rising to her cheeks as she stared at you in astonishment.
"I-Is something wrong? Do I look weird? Is it a bit much!?" you began to frantically ask, Luisa snapping out of her thoughts.
"N-No!" she frantically replied, waving her hands in front of her face, "I-It's just you look so great! I-" Luisa cut herself off, groaning as she threw herself to lay on top of your bed. She covered her face with her arm, hoping you wouldn't be able to see her flushed cheeks from where she laid.
You threw yourself on top of the bed, laying down so you could face Luisa. You moved her arms from her face, lovingly looking into her eyes with a bright smile so she knew you were there for her. "You can tell me anything. You know that, right?" you spoke, Luisa's cheeks once again heating up as she stared into your eyes.
"No I know I just..." Luisa tried her best to think of an excuse, "I just hope your date doesn't turn out to be a total loser," Luisa joked, hoping it would appease you. You let out a laugh, pushing her away as you rolled your eyes.
"I found another one!" you called out to Luisa, guiding a donkey to where she stood, holding them all on her shoulders. You watched as Luisa picked it up off the ground as if it weighed nothing, her muscles flexing as she supported the extra weight. A bead of sweat rolled down her cheek as the hot sun beat down on the Encanto, your heart fluttering as you watched her walk off.
"Are you coming or are you just gonna keep staring?" Luisa teased with a wink, looking at you from over her shoulder. You let out a squeak of embarrassment, shuffling over to where Luisa stood waiting for you. You opened the gate for Luisa, your eyes never looking up to meet hers as she placed the donkeys inside. When she finished you swiftly closed the gate, turning on your heel and speed walking away as fast as possible.
You turned a random corner, leaning against one of the houses in hopes Luisa didn't see where you went off to. You let out a sigh of relief, a hand clutching your chest as you tried to calm yourself. Your knees felt weak, your stomach churning as your heart clenched. You felt the heat in your cheeks rise further as you thought of Luisa, patting your face with your hands in hopes of making it go away.
"You okay?" Luisa's voice questioned from next to you, making you jump up in surprise.
"Luisa!?" you screeched, covering your face with one hand as you looked away from her. She moved your hand with her fingers, looking at you with concern.
"Are you feeling okay? Your face is so red," Luisa said with worry, placing the back of her hand on your forehead. She went wide-eyed, bringing you into her embrace. She picked you up in her arms, your face flushing an even brighter red if possible.
"W-What are you doing!?" you gasped, wrapping your arms around her neck in surprise.
"i'm taking you to my mom! I think this heat is making you sick," she explained, making her way to Casita. You watched as the town stared at the two of you, tucking your face into her neck so you didn't have to meet their gaze.
"So we all agree this is painful to watch, right?" Camilo asked his siblings and cousins, all of them watching as you and Luisa spoke a few feet away. The two of you were constantly touching and flirting with one another, but neither of you actually made a move no matter how hard they tried to get one of you to confess.
"This is worse than painful," Mirabel groaned, slapping her palm against her forehead as she watched the two of you blush at something that was said between you.
Dolores let out a pained sigh, the words she'd heard the two of you speak about one another begging to come out. She finally gave in after a few moments, marching up to the two of you with a determined expression on her face.
"Luisa, you think (Y/n) is one of the most amazing people you've ever met but you don't think they could like you back because of how long you've been friends. You didn't want to ruin your friendship so you've kept your feelings a secret,"
Dolores took a deep breath, turning her gaze to you this time.
"(Y/n), you're constantly talking about Luisa every chance you get, and you also don't want to ruin your friendship by saying anything so you keep things to yourself. The whole reason you go out on dates is to try to silence your thoughts but you can't,"
Dolores took a step back, looking at both of you this time.
"So for the sake of all of our mental health... ask each other out already!" Dolores groaned. She turned away after everything she'd wanted to say was out of her system, making her way back to where her family stood, their jaws on the floor as they processed what it was they just witnessed.
You stared up at Luisa and she stared down at you, the two of you too embarrassed to say a word. Silently you reached your hands for one another, intertwining them slowly.
"So," Luisa started, an anxious grin making its way onto her face.
"So?" you said in reply, your nerves growing as the silence continued.
Luisa groaned at herself, sliding her palm down as her face as she tried to hype herself up for what she was about to do. She took a deep breath, leaning down to your height and placing a quick kiss on your cheek. The both of you jumped back from one another with a squeak, your hands covering your faces as you turned away.
"it's a start," Isabela shrugged.
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yandere-disney-x-reader · 11 months ago
Luisa Madrigal (Encanto)
Tumblr media
You love having her lift you up
You're a good listener, which is good for her
She has so much she needs to get off her chest
You're the only one she complains to
She feels that she has to be there for people for her to be useful
You tell her that she doesn't need to be perfect around you
You love her the way she is
You can easily make her blush
If you were to every trip of fall, she'd catch you
100% will juggle you
You think it's fun
Her mother absolutely adores you
She always comments on how you should eat more
(Though it's really just to get another taste tester)
Luisa has to carry you away from her family
You don't necessarily under her struggles, but you try and be there for her
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miranita · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
more Luisa x Reader fluff (decided to repost that second drawing so more people can see it ☺️)
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