#camilo x reader
outerbanxx · 11 months
Dolores: having the most accurate, sympathetic, and understanding interpretation of Bruno out of anyone in their family
Camilo: JUst fucking bASHING their uncle like there's no tomorrow
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squeamishdionysus · 11 months
Tumblr media
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camilo-kinnie · 11 months
Dolores: “Camilo talks about you all the time!”
Bruno: “He sure does. Way more positively than he talks about me that’s for sure.”
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Camilo: yeah I give up. I'm tired
Dolores: quick, get the emergency supply!
Mirabel: *brings y/n into the room*
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bozowrites · 11 months
camilo x reader ; bruno x reader : they have a crush.
a/n : i do this for literally every fandom i join
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Tumblr media
sometimes when he’s around you, he changes randomly out of nerves.
he laughs it off though.
makes tons of flirty jokes and messes with you a lot.
he either has all his attention on you or none.
sometimes he just can’t handle the pressure of talking to you!
romanticizes literally every interaction with you, its almost sad.
pepa knows, which means dolores knows, which means the entire family knows now.
he sighs longingly a lot when he’s around you or just sees you from afar.
he does get flustered a lot if you reciprocate any flirty comments.
smiley boy when you are around.
he can get jealous from time to time when he sees you chatting with someone else your twos age.
doesn’t dare show it though.
"well, well, well look at what la casita dragged in~"
Tumblr media
flustered a ton, like as red as a tomato if you will.
daydreams about you a lot.
watches you from afar, like staring and just watching you interact with others.
doesn’t mean for it to be creepy.
everyone in the family knows about his crush on you and make an effort to bring you around la casita so he can be around you more.
hernando isn’t afraid of anything and that includes talking to you.
gets awkward talking to you and makes jokes that don’t make sense.
likes showing you all his telenovelas with his rats. if you like them, he is overjoyed.
tells you really dramatic stories with dramatic expressions and just everything dramatic.
is a little afraid of how people will treat you if you two ever got into a relationship.
refuses to have visions about you. doesn’t wanna see something that could shatter his heart.
"have you met jorge?"
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nixthewolf · 1 year
Camilo simping over Reader HCs
Tumblr media
[Requests are open]
Tumblr media
- It was probably a rainy day. You maybe fell down a muddy hill, and you broke you ankle.
- You must had startled some animals, and they ran to Antonio for comfort and to inform the little boy.
- He was quick to tell his mother, who then asked the rest of the family for help.
- Pepa didn’t let Camilo go for you, instead they sent Luisa and Félix (not Augustin; poor guy would I fell down the hill just like you)
- He was curious, just like Mirabel, and they both tried to get informations from Antonio.
- You came into Casita, with Luisa supporting your weight.
- Then Camilo mind went to totally blank.
- You.were.adorable.
- His mouth was forming a tiny gap ; his breath stopping for moment, his cheeks slowly becoming red, and his eyes stuck to you.
- He was totally mesmerized by you.
- When you notice him, you were stunned too. Maybe because of his beautiful features, or just because he was staring so intensely.
- It only take few second of eye contact to make look away and blush madly.
- He even tried to cover his face, to hide his red cheeks.
- Luisa put you down on a chair, waiting for her mother to cook you a healing meal.
- Antonio approched you and told you that it was his toucan friend who sought his help.
- Camilo walked in too, but he was so much farther then little brother.
- He watched you, not daring to come closer. Like he was afraid that if he was too close, he would explode from his racing hearbeat.
- You saw him, but you didn’t say anything, you didn’t want him to feel embarassed.
 - He was moved of your sweetness toward his brother.
- When Julieta was done, he brought the food to you.
- Camilo he could die happy now that he felt your hand brushing against his.
- Since that day, he thought about you everyday. Not like his yandere version, but he was really in love.
- You just moved into Encanto, and you and your family were building your house. Obviously, it’s where Camilo was helping the most.
- He sees you to struggle with anything, he’ll rush to your side.
- The first time he hears your laugh, it’s the end for him. He was head over heels for you.
- Your little mimic, your voice when you talked to him, how lovely you looked when you dance, ah... he can’t but to fell in love.
- If they are any parties at the Madrigal’s he’ll be the first to greet you, with heartwarming hug.
- This hug might last a little longer then required, but screw that : he just want to hold (and smell your hair but shh)
- If it’s a birthday, a wedding, or any event that need you to have a got seat/spot, Camilo will keep you a very good one (next to him if possible UwU)
- God, he’s just a blushing mess around you, smiling uncontrollably, simping, and looking at you like you were the most precious person in the world.
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wedgiewarriors · 11 months
pepa: y/n, we don’t talk about bruno here.
y/n: oh you mean camilo’s hot tío lmao
camilo: WHAT.
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radiorenjun · 1 year
shape-shifting frolics || camilo madrigal
Tumblr media
¤ pairing: camilo madrigal x reader
¤ genre : fluff. Just fluff.
¤ synopsis: isabela was right. camilo should really man up and talk to you instead of turning into his sister so that he could have an excuse to see you or talk to you.
¤ warnings: slightly out of character(?), utterly nonsensical I was just camilo brainrotting OKAY HIS "ISABELA YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HERE" GOT MY HEART BACKFLIPPING
¤ wordcount: 1.4k
¤ a/n: mutuals, look away, you ain't seeing me simping for a 3d Disney character I swear this is a fever dream. ALSO I AM NOT HISPANIC OR COLUMBIAN SO UH PLS INFORM ME IF I SAID SMTH WRONG
¤ tagging: the fellow members of the camilo simp club yes sir @roochcooch @c-sanshine
Tumblr media
“I don’t think there would be a single boring day if I were to live here,” you exclaimed with a light giggle, one of Antonio’s birds nuzzling its beak against your head before flying away (presumably back into Antonio’s room). “Well, that’s the amazing Madrigals for ya,” Mirabel shrugged with a laugh of agreement, clasping her hands behind her back as you both wandered down the halls filled with glowing, golden doors.
“However, sometimes it isn’t as fun considering I have to deal with Tia Pepa’s irregular moods or the amount of flowers blooming from Senorita Perfecta Isabela’s gift,” she added, shuddering to emphasize her words. 
Finally entering her room, you sat down on her bed, bouncing on the mattress with an enthusiastic smile. “I like your room the most though, Antonio’s may look like something out of heaven itself but yours seems so minimalistic and artistic,” you felt a small tap under your feet, looking down to see the tiles moving as if they were agreeing with you. “Thanks, it was Antonio’s room too, you know. Right before he got his gift, I mean,” she chuckled, placing her hands on her hips as she examined her own room. 
“This is just proof that you have magnificent taste in room decor,” you grinned, giving her an enthusiastic jazz of both of your hands. “I guess so,” she shrugged with a giddy smile stretched across her face, clearly thrilled to have a friend around her age to talk to for once. She was just about to say something when a distant call of her name pierced both of your ears.
"That's Isabela," she shook her head with a small sigh, visibly deflating as her older sister let out another call of her name from God knows where. "Wait here, I'll be quick," she gave you a small smile, waving slightly before frowning abruptly and exiting the room, jogging down the halls while responding with an equally loud "coming!"
Chuckling, you scoot around the bed to get into a more comfortable position. Looking back up to the opened doorway, you spotted Dolores, Mirabel's oldest cousin, standing silently with a plate filled with food. "Dolores, it's good to see you again!" You exclaimed, waving enthusiastically at the woman before getting up to your feet to walk towards her. 
"How have you been? Hearing any gossip lately?" ou been, one of mi favorite Madrigals? Heard any good gossip lately with those sharp ears of yours?” you grinned, nudging her arm with your elbow. The older girl’s eyes darted from her plate of food before giving you a nervous smile, shrugging without uttering a word. “Hmm?” you hummed, tilting your head to the side in slight confusion. Usually Dolores wouldn’t miss an opportunity to spill any juicy gossip around town to you, after all, you two have been pretty good friends ever since Mirabel introduced you to the whole family. 
“Oh Dios, Camilo! Stop pretending to be me to talk to Y/n. Wait, did you take extra food from the table too? I’m telling Abuela!” Dolores exclaimed from her own room, her head poking out of the doorway with brows furrowed in frustration before letting out a small ‘humph’ afterwards. You watched the older girl snuck her head back in her own room, the sound of her wooden door being closed shut could be heard from a mile away as you slowly turned to the person you were talking to. 
“Turning into your sister just to talk to me again, Camilo?” you shook your head with a laugh of disbelief, putting your hands on your hips as you turned to the boy who was still shaped as his older sister. Camilo then proceeded to shapeshift back to his usual self with a slightly bashful, yet cheeky expression, shrugging softly at you as he shoved an arepa into his mouth to keep himself from answering you. He let out incomprehensible answers through the arepa in between his lips, hands moving around to emphasize on whatever he was trying to say. 
“Tio Felix would not approve of you for being such a scaredy cat, primo Camilo,” Mirabel’s voice appeared right behind the boy, who made even louder incoherent noises through a mouthful of food. The freckled, brown haired boy paused when he realised you were still watching him argue back against his cousin with a look of silent adoration, slightly catching him off guard. “You know, you could just talk to me like a normal person,” you raised your eyebrow at the boy, a loopy smile hanging off of your lips. 
Gulping down the remnants of his food, the boy simply gave you a smile that mirrored your own, however, it had some glint of soft bashfulness to it that was simply adorable. Camilo then let out a small grunt when the door moved to make contact against his back, indicating that the casita was silently hyping him up so that he could finally gather the courage to just straight up make a conversation with you without any nervous skedaddling. 
He scrunched his face together cutely as he glared at the door, receiving an amused tap from the tiles of the floor in response. Looking back at you, he raised a hand up to scratch the back of his neck with an awkward laugh. “Well, if I did, that wouldn’t be very fun now would it?” he asked with a wiggle of his own eyebrows as his hand grabbed an arepa from his plate, grabbing your wrist with his pinky and ring finger to raise your hand up towards him before placing the treat on your opened palm. 
“That’s the only talking I’m going to do today, adios,” he grinned, shapeshifting into an exact copy of you as he gave you a finger gun salute before transforming back to himself and running away without another word in case their Abuela was around to see him with a second serving of food on his plate. Mirabel shook her head in second hand embarrassment, walking up to stand beside you as you watched the boy disappear right around the corner with the same loopy smile hanging off of your lips. 
“I still don’t understand what you see in that boy, he’s too cowardly to even talk to you, let alone confess,” she sighed, half lidded eyes bored through the lens of her glasses as she gave you a pointed look. Glancing down at the arepa he had given you a few minutes prior, you simply shrugged with a small chuckle. “At least he’s somewhat trying, I find this equally as amusing as you do, amiga,” you exclaimed with a giddy smile, your shoulders raising as you took a bite from the arepa. 
Ah yes, Camilo Madrigal. The older brother of the youngest Madrigal, one who bears the gift of being able to shapeshift into anyone you know. One who often pulled harmless pranks on you but never made the effort to make a decent conversation with you due to his slight bashfulness, his liking towards you was never subtle in the slightest considering he would silently shapeshift into whatever Madrigal you were most comfortable with (usually Dolores or Mirabel) just to give you a small bit of whatever he had stolen from the pantry. You would usually ask a couple hours later if they actually gave you the snack, only to receive ‘no’s for an answer. 
A sweet gesture, nonetheless.  
“Wished he could just stop posing as other people to try to talk to me though, would be nice to talk to Camilo face to face and admire him straight away,” you shrugged, chewing idly as Mirabel gave you a perplexed, concerned expression. “What? It would be nice to receive food from the boy you like without him shaping into your friend or his older sister to do so, you kno-”
“Camilo! Stop being a coward and talk to your girlfriend face to face like a man,” Isabela’s loud, high pitched voice could be heard from the second floor. Attracting both of your attention as you looked down from the railing of the stairs to see the pastel dressed girl with a snarky grin on her face, arms crossed as loud choking noises could be heard from the distance.
You giggled at the image of Camilo in the middle of eating his food when Isabela suddenly said that, imagining how he would’ve shapeshifted into you out of reflex before punching his own chest to get himself to stop choking. 
“Shut up, Isabela, she’s literally upstairs!”
“Exactly my point!” 
Tumblr media
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madrihoes · 1 year
Camilo Nickname headcannons
Tumblr media
Before the relationship:
Before you get together he’s kinda flirty but also respectful and shy
He’d start off with a shortened version of your name, like if your name was Charlotte he might call you Charlie
As you both get closer he starts to slowly call you things like sweetheart
“Hey sweetheart, do you er need help with that basket?- NOT THAT I THINK YOURE WEAK I JUST wanna do something for you??”
Yeah he gets nervous around you
When you call him something sweet back
He- literally shifts into you and sighs dreamily
During the relationship
He gets a bit more smooth
He’s like ‘ok, she definitely likes me so there will be no repercussions for calling her Amor’
Amor is coincidentally the main nickname he calls you
He loves your little blush when he calls you that
After he’s introverted you to the family he DEFINITELY gets more confident
One day you’ll just hear from his room ‘who the man? I’m the man!’
On that day, whilst you were eating with the madrigals
You were discussing sewing with Mirabel and suddenly you hear from Camilo
“Can you pass me the salt Mi Vida”
And without hesitation you hand it to him
Starts crying saying his little boy is growing up
It’s sunny for the entire next day, courtesy of Pepa
So basically he goes from slightly confident but also shy baby to saying “ah yes the woman I will marry, there she is” in public
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definitely-not-v · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have it or whatever....
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squeamishdionysus · 11 months
can i kiss you?
Pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Reader
TW: none to note
Summary: you never get tired of kissing your boyfriend, and Camilo never gets tired of being kissed.
Pronouns: The reader is female and uses she/her pronouns in this story.
Notes: first fic in a while! more camilo stuff on the way and requests for Encanto x readers are now open!
Tumblr media
Today was a special day. It was the first day in weeks that Camilo wasn't completely busy with chores around town, and one of the few days where the two of you had an opportunity to just do whatever you two pleased.
The day had started with Camilo bringing you some arepas his tia had made, sharing a whole plateful with you while you walked through town. His brother, Antonio, had recently shown him a beautiful hiding place near the Encanto's mountains, one where you could see the entire town from. He had wanted to take you there ever since, and today, he planned just to do that.
When you finished your last arepa, you two were already passed the edges of the town, and getting close to the bottom of the mountains.
"You did remember to bring a blanket, right?" you asked him, swinging his hand back and forth gently as you walked. Camilo nodded, gesturing to the bag he had on his other shoulder.
"Yep! Mirabel made a new quilt for me this week, so I just brought my old one."
You giggled and leaned against his shoulder.
"I'm surprised you're even this prepared," you teased, and he rolled his eyes.
"Oh, it gets worse," he said sarcastically. "I brought water and extra snacks, too!"
You gasped dramatically, placing a hand on your chest and bumping your hips into him lightly.
"who are you, and what you have you done with my 'Milo!"
He gave you a wicked grin and spun away from you, his arms bending to resemble the claws of a maniacal villain.
"Ah, you have caught me, senorita! I am not Camilo, I am-"
He straightened his back and threw his arms to the sky, his body shifting and morphing dramatically into a familiar looking middle aged man, holding his arms out in a large wave.
"Jose! The local carpenter!"
You burst out laughing at that, knowing the many times you had injured Jose while helping him move furniture around Encanto. Camilo knew how embarrassing it was whenever you did that, but never failed to tease you for it regardless.
"Camilo! You're so mean!" you laughed, walking up to him and wrapping an arm around him as he shifted back into himself. "i wouldn't be surprised if he was out to get me at this point, though. Did you see his nose after that bookshelf fell on him?"
Camilo winced, the image of Jose's swollen, broken nose filling his mind as he remembered the awful incident that had happened only earlier that week.
"ugh, yeah... it took quite a few arepas for that to get better."
You cringed, laughing awkwardly as you rested your head on his shoulders.
"I'm seriously impressed that you packed so much just for a hike."
A smug grin came across the curly-haired boy's features as he gave a nonchalant shrug.
"Oh, you know my mama! She made me pack most of the snacks and water, just in case."
You chuckled, already picturing Pepa dragging Camilo back to the house to make sure he packed everything she deemed necessary. She was such a caring and doting mother, and you were lucky that she not only looked after Camilo, but you as well.
"I think its sweet how much she cares about you."
"Between you and me, she seemed more worried about you."
He transformed quickly into a shorter version of his mother (just so you could keep your head on his shoulder).
"If you let anything happen to my future daughter-in-law, Camilo, the Encanto will be flooded for weeks!"
You flushed hearing the words "future daughter-in-law," smiling softly and avoiding Camilo's eyes.
"Did... did she really call me that?"
Camilo gave you a soft look and slowly transformed back into himself, giving you a small "mhm," and squeezing your waist.
"She's done it many times before, ever since you came over for dinner a while back."
You grinned, looking back up at him.
"It makes me really happy to know that."
He gives you a small kiss on your temple, slowly slipping out of your grip.
"I'm glad, mi vida," he says softly, taking your hand and showing you the bottom of one of the many mountains surrounding the Encanto. he slung the bag on his shoulders to his back and lead you forward to the side of the mountain, letting go of your hand to hook his on one of the many vines growing up it. He glanced back at you and smiled.
"Follow me!"
And so you did, allowing Camilo to lead you up the short climb to this hiding spot he had been waiting to show you, eventually pulling you up to a small part of the mountain that jutted out. When you finally got a chance to look around, you realized just how beautiful the spot was, with smooth ground below your feet and captivating trees and plants growing all around and above you. You smiled brightly at Camilo, who was taking the blanket out of his bag and laying it on the ground. He gestured to it gentlemanly, waiting for you to take your place and lie down.
You chuckled, taking your time to lie down and take in the view above you. The trees framed a round picture of the clear blue sky, in which you could see toucans and hummingbirds flying from tree to tree and flower to flower. it was truly a sight to behold and you were still surprised Camilo had even managed to find it.
Soon, Camilo had taken his place beside you, taking your hand in his yet again and giving it a gentle squeeze. You turned to him and gave him your most sincere smile.
"This place is amazing, Camilo."
He chuckled, his brown eyes staring deep into yours.
"I'm glad you like it so much, mi amor."
He looked down at your hand intertwined with his, and he slowly brought them up to his face, placing a gentle kiss on the back of your palm. You giggled again, a blush creeping up your face. You slipped out of his hand to hold the side of his face, taking a minute to just admire the boy in front of you. His wonderfully curly hair and adorable nose, and those eyes you could get lost in for hours. The freckles that dusted the bridge of his nose that you often counted when the two of you were alone, and the soft lips that could render you defenseless with a kiss.
As you brushed your thumb across his cheek, you shyly asked a small question.
"Can I kiss you?"
Camilo's smile faltered a bit as he became flustered at the question, a pink hue crossing across his freckles. However, his look of shock was quickly replaced with a dopey grin.
"Sure," he whispered excitedly, and with a swift movement, your lips were on his. The kiss was sweet and gentle, full of the love and admiration that you had for this boy. You felt his arms snake around your waist, pulling you in a warm embrace as he kissed you back. You could practically feel the smile on his face as he kissed you, and when you pulled away, you could've sworn his smile was glowing.
Camilo slowly opened his eyes again, a lovestruck look gleaming in his eye as he tucked a stray piece of hair behind your ear. you leaned into his touch, giving him an equally romantic look back.
It was amazing how much love this boy could have for you.
He felt his heart beat fast as you opened your mouth to ask him, "can I kiss you again?" and he laughed.
"Mi corazon, do you even have to ask?"
You giggled and rushed to meet his lips again, rolling over so that you were on top of him, placing kiss after kiss all over his lips and face. You dotted over every freckle, and Camilo smiled as you leaned back down to kiss his lips, a loud laugh emitting from his chest.
"Amor, it tickles!'
You gave him one last peck on the lips before leaning above him, looking down at the dopey grin spread across his face.
"Sorry! You're just so kissable, Camilo Madrigal!"
He gave you a skeptical look, combing his hand through your hair.
You sighed dramatically, feigning a distraught look on your face.
"Oh yes! It's just so hard to simply not kiss you," you kissed the tip of his nose, "every time we're together."
"Oh, trust me," he said, gently pressing yet another kiss to your lips. "I know exactly how you feel."
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dos-oroguitas · 11 months
madrigal grandkids in minecraft headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal would be off to a flowery hills/ plains biome in order to pick flowers and.. get a bucket of lava? Not sure where she's going with this but anyway..
Usually in the nether? for some reason? Maybe she likes the flora there.
Most likely be armor-less with bonemeal and flowers the only things in her inventory.
She wouldn't be the builder, rather she'd be the decorator. She would fill the Minecraft houses up with flowers.
Favorite flowers? Probably Allium, Cornflowers, and the Wither rose.
Bonus (flower?) block: Cactus
If her builds get destroyed, she will lure you into a false sense of security and then place lava on your feet.
Aesthetic skin for her character.
Luisa would most likely be the one who gets her siblings and cousins some gear.
Most likely to be decked out in armor. And in the first in game day no less.
Storage room extraordinaire. Luisa would most likely have an auto-smelt/ auto storage room system.
Would probably be in charge of fighting mobs, especially when it comes to Isabela who's practically running around and only armed with flowers.. plus a bucket full of lava.
The actual builder of La Casa Madrigal in Minecraft.
Inventory is filled with different blocks to build, build, build.
Especially loves the loom and would most likely hoard sheep wool to make pretty banners. Most probably would make pixel art or banner art in Minecraft.
Most likely to die first in game. Probably from running around and not seeing a massive ravine in her path.
"Ay! How should I know that the ravine was right there!"
Probably has Mizuno's texture pack installed.
Has a YouTube tab open for relaxing songs to vibe with while playing Minecraft.
Probably tamed a parrot so she could quickly be informed of nearby mobs.
Absolutely loves note blocks and the juke box, pig step supremacy.
Fills her Minecraft room with parrots.
Mutes the group call since it's always composed of Camilo shouting that he was being chased by mobs, and Mirabel and Isabela arguing about their builds.
Has his siblings/ cousins skins saved in a folder so he would trick them in game, to give them free stuff.
Most likely to rig someone's base with red stone connected to bells he stole from villages he passes by. Only to annoy.
Though he would accidentally manage to set a build on fire..
He was promptly banned by Isabela before he begged to be let in again with the condition he'd be careful.
Would probably get lost since he can't figure out how to navigate with the coordinates. Even with the help of the compass.
/spawn or /teleport is on because Camilo can't find his way back when he wanders around.
Randomly attacks his Tio Bruno.
Sweet little baby Antonio would have tamed every tamable mob in Minecraft.
Of course with the help of Mirabel.
His Minecraft room has every mob you can think of. From ocelots to axlotls. It's crowded but he says he likes it that way.
With the help of Camilo, he manages to build cozy homes for each mob.
Constantly has dogs following him everywhere he goes.
The baby uses default Steve Skin.
Bonds with the kids in this block game.
Lives in a square dirt shack next to Mirabel's gorgeous and aesthetic build with a crafting table, a furnace, and a bed.
Most likely to wear only leather armor he finds while looting the villages with the kids because for the life of him he can't figure out how to craft other upgraded armors.
Probably has the 'Rats Mod' installed.
Can never understand why he's being attacked by Camilo but just goes along with it since hey, it's bonding with the kids!
Achievement unlocked: Best Tio Ever.
Tumblr media
Don't ask how I came up with this. I was playing Minecraft then poof! Headcanons.
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jane-3043 · 11 months
y/n : “I want a partner who’s graceful and all around calm and attentive.”
Camilo: *trips over self while entertaining kids*
y/n: “I want that one.”
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kattsukki · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Waking Up Next to You
Camilo Madrigal x gn!Reader
Contains: Too much fluffy stuff ♡
Sypnosis: you wake up in the middle of the night, realizing you're in your boyfriend's room. How'd you get here?
Kat: I hope I did Camilo justice here, literally hate how i'm hesitant to use any spanish words even though i'm filipino 😭
Tumblr media
Slowly opening your eyes, wait– this isn't your room. The light sound of snoring beside you led you to realize your boyfriend is right beside you. And you're in his room. Camilo's room.
Not really thinking about how you got here, you start to play with the curly little locks in his hair to pass the time. He sighs and leans into you, pretty much loving what you're doing.
You start to remember the reason why he brought you here was probably because you fell asleep during the little picnic you two were having during the day.
But as you were looking back about it, you realise, you never told your parents you were sleeping over.
It wasn't like you were planning to, yet it happened anyway.
Quietly repeating his name over and over, you try to wake up the brunette who lays beside you.
"Mi amor... Camilo... Camilo wake up." Tapping his cheek, he finally wakes, looking up at you in a daze.
"Why are you up? It's late." He grumbles, not really liking that fact that he got woken up.
"I have to go home, I didn't tell my parents I was sleeping over." Frowning at him to hurry up, already anxious about the thought of your mother being worried sick.
"Relax, relax, they know, I told them you were alseep in my room and they told me to not wake you up and to just let you sleep." Rubbing an eye as he gestures you to come back to bed.
"Come on, go back to sleep corazón." Quickly wrapping his arms around you as you nod wordlessly and nestle back into him and his comfortable bed.
Soft little moments like these make you wonder how you ended up with such a troublesome sweetheart like him.
Tumblr media
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cal-writes-never · 11 months
maybe some hc of jelous Camilo?
when camilo gets jealous
hi :D thank you so much for the request! my next few posts will be camilo as y'all really served with those requests i could not be happier about it
pairing: camilo madrigal x gn!reader
type: fluff, headcanons
summary: how you deal with camilo's jealousy
- camilo is an utter sweetheart, super understanding and also super vocal about his feelings, which automatically makes your relationship so much easier
- there is strong communication between the two of you, which means arguments and disagreements are kept to a minimum
- so when camilo gets jealous, despite his sometimes hotheaded nature, he rarely jumps to any level of aggression before having a proper chat with you
- it'd start with his usual greeting but with a more solemn and serious tone, worrying you slightly
- "hey, mi vida," he'd say quietly from behind you, not going in for his usual hug. "can we talk?"
- of course you say yes, guiding him around casita to find an empty room (eventually you settled for his own room, which you really should've done from the beginning)
- before he began, you reminded camilo that he could speak to you about absolutely anything without judgment, to which he nodded, letting out a breathy chuckle and assuring you that he already knew that
- you smiled comfortingly, deciding to just let him continue or you were sure the suspense would begin to eat you alive. even so, camilo managed this situation in such a way that you didn't feel even a smidge of anxiety in your stomach and there was no tension in the air at all.
- he explained how recently he'd been feeling as if you didn't really care for him and you'd been spending far more time with other people than usual - particularly mirabel, a cousin he'd always been close to - and he was surprisingly calm throughout the whole thing, even if he did shift into the people he was speaking about once or twice
- you set aside the pang of guilt that struck you right in the heart and pulled camilo into a tight hug from where you were sitting, softly brushing your fingers through his hair and whispering words of admiration to him, apologising profusely for causing him to feel this way
- pulling away from the hug after a while, you looked him in the eyes (you could tell he'd been crying but you chose not to mention it) and gently moved his hair out of his face, placing small kisses on each of his freckles
- it was no secret that your boyfriend was an absolute sucker for physical affection, so you made it up to him through that. you spent the rest of the day with him in your arms (or vice versa, you both just wanted to be close to one another) and traded kisses every few minutes, whether it was a quick peck or a little more drawn out
- as you lay together in his room, you thanked camilo for being so open with you and giving you the chance to put things right
- "mi amor, that's how we promised our relationship would work. i would never go back on a promise."
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magicalencanto · 11 months
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Frozen ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Camilo Madrigal x Female! Reader with ice powers!
✎ ⁞ requested by @beamingbeaming
✎ ⁞ warnings: angst
✎ ⁞ date: 24.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❝ It's so cold here... ❞
You whole body was shivering violently, teeth softly hitting against each other, as you held your tightly to your chest. Those chest pains were the worst. It only hurts more and more, restricting your breathing and causing your heart to beat painfully. Besides, at this point you weren't able to move from your fetus position. All you could do now is to wait for death to knock on your door and take you away...
❝ I'm so cold... ❞
Tumblr media
It was so warm that day. The sun was shining brightly, no cloud was on the sky and the wind was softly blowing here and there. It was just perfect. Maybe that's why you and Camilo decided to go on a date in your "secret spot".
It was deep into the forest, in a small clearing with a pond in the middle. You both found this spot on your first date and since that day, you regularly meet there. It was so breathtaking and a place where you could find true peace. An escape from all your troubles. A safe heaven.
But nothing perfect can last forever.
❝ Why don't you want to do it? ❞ Asked Camilo, blocking your path. You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. You both were about to go back to the village and eat dinner with his family.
❝ Because, Milo, I don't want to hurt anyone. ❞
❝ Are you sure about that? ❞ Your boyfriend raised an eyebrow, also crossing his arms over his chest.
❝ What does that suppose to mean? ❞ You felt slightly offended and so the air around you became a little colder than usual.
❝ What I said. Admit that you're just a sore loser and are afraid to compete against Isabela. ❞ He lifted his chin a little higher, putting his hands on his hips.
❝ That's not true! ❞ You immediately protested, setting your jaw tighter. The temperature around began to lower, but neither of you were paying attention to that. You also ignored how playful argument turned into viscous fight and where this whole thing was going to.
❝ Yeah, it is! ❞
Snowflakes began to fall around you.
❝ No it isn't! ❞
Water stared to freeze.
❝ No it isn't! ❞ Camilo turned into you and mocked you. You gritted your teeth, feeling annoyed like never before. Was this so hard to understand? Why couldn't he get that you were just trying to protect everyone? Didn't he realized that your powers could actually kill someone?
Instead of answering, you opted to cover you face with you hands and take a few deep breaths, desperately trying to calm yourself. Mist formed from your mouth and nose when you were breathing out and a frost began to form under your feet.
❝ That's what I thought, you're just a sore loser. At first, you kept your powers secret from me and my family and now you afraid to face a little competition against my prima. ❞ You heard Camilo huff and his footsteps moving further from you. Yet you still kept your face covered from the world, no ready to face it again. Your shoulders started to shake as you took a shaky breath in. You didn't want to cry. No, you couldn't cry...
When you were sure that Camilo was gone, you fell on your knees, shaking even more. You felt so exposed and hurt by what your gift boyfriend had said. How could he?! After all you shared with him?! Your insecurities and deepest fears?! That's what you get?!?
You gritted your teeth harder, gripping your face with your hands as the frost from under your body began to spread around with a fast speed, coating everything in a thin layer of ice. On top of that, snow started to fall harder around you, slowly turning everything white. At this point, the pond froze into a solid ice and wind was blowing harshly around you.
And in the middle of that disaster, was poor you, desperately trying to calm yourself. But your poor heart was fragile, like made out of ice...
❝ Aaaaaaa! ❞ You yelled loudly, releasing thousands of ice shards around you. You were so hurt, so heartbroken, you just couldn't keep it inside of you and needed to let the pain out.
Most of the shards landed some distance away from you, but one piece, a small one, springed back to you after hitting a hard and big rock. And since you were sitting up, your chest was exposed to it...
❝ Ack!- ❞ You gasped loudly, suddenly feeling sharp pain in your chest. Everything stopped and went quiet, as you fell forward, gripping the front of your shirt, just above your heart, trying to catch your breath.
It hurts so bad but most of all, why were you feeling cold?
Tumblr media
Since that day, everything went downhill. When you somehow had managed to pick yourself up and walk back home, unknowingly you had brought the winter with you.
It had started innocently, only with a lower temperature, that began to turn lower and lower everyday. Then the snow appeared, soft snowflakes landing here and there. Then it began to intensifie every day, until thick layer of snow laid on every surface of Encanto. Frost appeared shortly after the first snow fell, appearing on every window and wall. The wind slowly began to pick up day after day, until it was so strong, no one could really do anything about it. To sum it up, a harsh winter fell upon the once sunny city of Encanto.
But as quickly as villagers were to judge your parents about not keeping their child at bay, even quicker they took back their words when they found out, that the true cause of this harsh winter was your declining health.
Day or two after fight with your boyfriend, you felt fine, expect some chest pains here and there.
Day three, four and five, you felt weaker and you felt cold in your hands and feet.
On day six, you hand noticed that streaks of your hair began to turn white. Of course, you tired to hide it from you parents and you succeed but the pain in your chest only increased and your legs and arms began to feel cold. Like they were freezing...
During day seven and eight, you felt yourself breaking out into cold sweat, even when you felt extremely cold. In conclusion, you had a cold. Most of your hair in the back of your head turned white and you could no longer stay still, because you couldn't stop shivering.
During midday on day nine, you passed out. Your parents found you on the floor in the kitchen, and were terrified to discover all the damage done to your body. Without hesitation, you dad was sent to Casita Madrigal for Julieta. In the meantime, your mother took you to the sofa in the living room and laid you on top of it, softly caressing your freezing body. When your father was back, with Julieta running behind him with a basket in her hands, they woke you up, and tried to give you some of Julietas dishes. Grudgingly, you did so, but much to your parents and Julietas expectations, it didn't work.
On day ten, it was official. You were deathly sick and no one could stop it. During last night, half of your hair turned white and although your cold disappeared, now your temperature was below the ones that human should have. After you were placed in your bedroom and tucked under many covers, Julieta tried a few more time to heal you with her magical snacks. But this attempts were proven to be fruitless. You were still dying, slowly being killed by your own gift.
The next day, whole Encanto began to pray for you to get better. Your parents were the ones who pray the hardest. They felt so useless, so helpless. They were basically forced to watch their child die before their own eyes. And they could do nothing about it. Abuela hearing this, felt her own heart break, because she couldn't imagine watching her own child die before her eyes. So with fierce determination, she began to think. Think how to help you, your family and Encanto. Behind her stood her whole family, also thinking about the solutions.
But no one thought harder than Camilo himself. The cause of the whole problem, the very thing that had caused you this... sickness. And honestly, this terrified him more than he would ever thought. Never before has his teasing, hurt someone so much. Now thinking about this in his room, Camilo realized that he accidentally took his frustration in you. That day wasn't his good day. For an unknown reason to him, everything went wrong and this negative emotions build up on him, until he just had to let them out. And unfortunately, you were his poor victim. His first girlfriend, love of his life, his Vida.
Of course, day after the whole argument took place, he tried to think of a ways to apologize to you. At first, he thought that it would be the best for you to cool off, before he would go to you and apologize. Then, after three days passed, he tried to approach you, but something always seemed to stop him. Either it would be people or his chores. Then, he couldn't see you, because harsh winter fell upon the whole Encanto and shortly after, you were declared sick.
Hearing this news, his heart broke into a million pieces. His...you were...no! No! You couldn't be! You-just-just couldn't be sick! Camillo really tried to be in denial, but he had to face the hard reality of his actions. You were dying, because of him.
And believe me, that hit him harder than anything before. Because broken ice heart can't be fixed so easily.
Tumblr media
At this point, you couldn't feel anything. You turned apathetic to the world around you, as your body was turning into an ice. You just keep staring blankly ahead of you, strands of your pure, white hair covering your face and sometimes blocking your vision.
Your whole room was frozen, with the little snowflakes lazily floating around. The only thing that wasn't solid was the thin blanket around you and your clothes. Some of the frost started to form on your cheeks, slowly spreading over you head.
But you didn't care. Your chest felt like it was hollow and your emotions were gone. While looking at you, one may think that you were already dead. And you kind of were.
❝ I just want everything to stop... ❞ You let out a little breath, numbly watching the mist forming. You were so tired and so, so cold...
❝ M-mi Vida? ❞ You barely heard a very familiar voice behind you, as it was barely a whisper. Even if you wanted to see who it was, you had no strength left in you to turn around.
❝ Dios Mio! ❞ The person rushed over, kneeling before you and taking your cold cheeks in their hands. Your vision was failing you, so you could only see a blurry images but you could recognize that curls everywhere.
❝ Camilo... ❞ You let out a breathy whisper, barely heard. Although he was the reason you were like this, at your deathbed, you were happy to be with someone. Even if it was someone who had broke your heart into a million of pieces.
❝ I'm here, mi Vida. I'm here! ❞ Camilo whispered shakily, feeling tears gathering in his usually kind eyes. You were so cold. Like an ice you used to create. The boy couldn't believe that the person before him was the same girl he saw only a few days ago. The once lively and girl surrounded by colors, was now a shell of a person she once used to be. Her hair turned pure white and her skin looked deathly pale. Her eyes too, lost their shine in them, turning so dull. Now, cradling her cold cheeks did he got another heartbreak. You were slipping away from him. Fast. And he was absolutely hopeless. Just like everyone.
Without another world, Camilo gathered you in his arms, not paying attention to the prickling cold on his skin. He began to weep in your hair, holding you tightly to his chest. His curls covered his eyes, as he closed them tightly.
But you didn't felt that. You couldn't feel that. You were far to gone at this point. You had lost your vision, your touch and then the rest of your senses. You were ready to go...
❝ ...I love you. ❞ Camilo whispered to you, burying his head in the crown of your head.
And then, you felt warmth.
Tumblr media
The wind completely stopped and so did the snow. Frost began to melt and a big sweeps of snow began to travel towards the sky. Grey and thick clouds began to disappear and the first ray of sun began to slip between.
Villagers, gathered in the church, quickly noticed the change and rushed outside to see what was happening.
Before their own eyes, the winter disappeared! The temperature was steadily rising and there was no more snow! The winter was gone!
Although happy, your parents rushed towards their house, worried sick for their child. Maybe the winter was gone because you were...? No! They couldn't think even think about it!
Still running, they arrived to their home and threw the door to your room open, prepared for the worst. Only to freeze in their track, when they saw their precious baby girl in the arms of her boyfriend, alive.
Your face was hidden in his chest, but they could see your white hair and your back moving up and down. Camilo was hugging you tightly to his chest, whispering lovingly in your ear and caressing your hair softly.
Your mother felt tears falling down her cheeks as she hugged her husband tightly, crying softly. He too shed silent tears as he hugged her back, not taking his eyes off of you.
In the end, love did conquered it all.
Tumblr media
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