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Have it or whatever....
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dos-oroguitas · 11 months
madrigal grandkids in minecraft headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal would be off to a flowery hills/ plains biome in order to pick flowers and.. get a bucket of lava? Not sure where she's going with this but anyway..
Usually in the nether? for some reason? Maybe she likes the flora there.
Most likely be armor-less with bonemeal and flowers the only things in her inventory.
She wouldn't be the builder, rather she'd be the decorator. She would fill the Minecraft houses up with flowers.
Favorite flowers? Probably Allium, Cornflowers, and the Wither rose.
Bonus (flower?) block: Cactus
If her builds get destroyed, she will lure you into a false sense of security and then place lava on your feet.
Aesthetic skin for her character.
Luisa would most likely be the one who gets her siblings and cousins some gear.
Most likely to be decked out in armor. And in the first in game day no less.
Storage room extraordinaire. Luisa would most likely have an auto-smelt/ auto storage room system.
Would probably be in charge of fighting mobs, especially when it comes to Isabela who's practically running around and only armed with flowers.. plus a bucket full of lava.
The actual builder of La Casa Madrigal in Minecraft.
Inventory is filled with different blocks to build, build, build.
Especially loves the loom and would most likely hoard sheep wool to make pretty banners. Most probably would make pixel art or banner art in Minecraft.
Most likely to die first in game. Probably from running around and not seeing a massive ravine in her path.
"Ay! How should I know that the ravine was right there!"
Probably has Mizuno's texture pack installed.
Has a YouTube tab open for relaxing songs to vibe with while playing Minecraft.
Probably tamed a parrot so she could quickly be informed of nearby mobs.
Absolutely loves note blocks and the juke box, pig step supremacy.
Fills her Minecraft room with parrots.
Mutes the group call since it's always composed of Camilo shouting that he was being chased by mobs, and Mirabel and Isabela arguing about their builds.
Has his siblings/ cousins skins saved in a folder so he would trick them in game, to give them free stuff.
Most likely to rig someone's base with red stone connected to bells he stole from villages he passes by. Only to annoy.
Though he would accidentally manage to set a build on fire..
He was promptly banned by Isabela before he begged to be let in again with the condition he'd be careful.
Would probably get lost since he can't figure out how to navigate with the coordinates. Even with the help of the compass.
/spawn or /teleport is on because Camilo can't find his way back when he wanders around.
Randomly attacks his Tio Bruno.
Sweet little baby Antonio would have tamed every tamable mob in Minecraft.
Of course with the help of Mirabel.
His Minecraft room has every mob you can think of. From ocelots to axlotls. It's crowded but he says he likes it that way.
With the help of Camilo, he manages to build cozy homes for each mob.
Constantly has dogs following him everywhere he goes.
The baby uses default Steve Skin.
Bonds with the kids in this block game.
Lives in a square dirt shack next to Mirabel's gorgeous and aesthetic build with a crafting table, a furnace, and a bed.
Most likely to wear only leather armor he finds while looting the villages with the kids because for the life of him he can't figure out how to craft other upgraded armors.
Probably has the 'Rats Mod' installed.
Can never understand why he's being attacked by Camilo but just goes along with it since hey, it's bonding with the kids!
Achievement unlocked: Best Tio Ever.
Tumblr media
Don't ask how I came up with this. I was playing Minecraft then poof! Headcanons.
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bozowrites · 11 months
Could I have some cuddle headcanons with Mirabel and a short gender-neutral reader?
mirabel x reader ; camilo x reader ; isabela x reader ; bruno x reader : cuddling positions.
a/n : didn't rly mention height, only cause i didn't rly know how to, apologies. and i added the other three for fun :)
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Tumblr media
the honeymoon hug.
she likes having her face in your chest and just relaxing after any day.
loves if you play with her hair while you two cuddle.
legs intertwined and arms around each other, nothing could get better than that.
Tumblr media
lay atop of him.
your head on his chest and his arms hugging your back, legs intertwined, it’s perfect.
he’ll play with your hair and give your scalp a massage.
it’s heaven honestly.
Tumblr media
literally everything.
any way she can have her hands on you and be close to you, she’ll be thriving.
but she does find benefit if she can wrap her legs around you and be unbelievably close.
she just loves being all up in your personal space.
Tumblr media
the spoon.
a classic!
doesn’t mind if he’s the big or little spoon, so long he gets to be with you.
if he’s the big spoon, expect little tickles from him every now and then. just cause he likes to bug ya.
he’ll occasionally give you a squeeze, hands around your waist, just so you know he’s there.
and when he’s the little spoon, he loves when you play with his hair.
he finds it immensely relaxing and will biome putty in your hands immediately.
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hopepunk-fanfics · 11 months
Encanto Imagine: How do they act around their crush?
Bruno: VERY flustered. Red a tomato around you, especially if you’re directly interacting with him. If you ever do interact with him, he’s like a deer in the headlights. He can’t imagine someone like you would actually want to interact with him. You’re perfect in his eyes, and he stares at you in awe a lot. Daydreams about you a lot, but refuses to have visions about you because he doesn’t want to see something he doesn’t like. Gets pretty awkward around you and makes jokes that don’t quite make sense, but also has really down-to-earth moments as your bond grows. Is always looking out for you. Gets very protective because he never wants anything bad to happen to you, and he’s kinda scared it will.
Mirabel: Delightfully dorky around her crush. I feel like her love language is gift giving, so she’d probably give you a bunch of things then try to play it off all cool. But you can tell she’s so flustered on the inside. Probably rants to her Mom about you a lot, since she thinks you’re so amazing. If you reciprocate her feelings she gets pretty red in the face and is more flustered than usual. Also has a habit of daydreaming and looking at you. She confides and you and insists that you do the same.
Luisa: Is constantly trying to help you out. She’s always been busy with chores, so if she takes the time to help and hang out with you, she means business. She takes her relationship with you very seriously. Luisa tries not to rant about you that much, but sometimes she can't help herself and seeks out Isabela or Mirabel to get it off her chest. She talks very fast around you because she’s nervous and that’s how she shows it. Her chest and ears are always a little red around you. Also, she definitely shows off a bit by lifting the heaviest things when you're around, just to impress you. She’s a dork, please love her.
Isabela: You’re, like, the first person she’s known who can make her flustered. Constantly accidentally growing flowers when she’s nervous around you. You know that scene where she sprouts flowers in her hair after hearing Mariano wants 5 kids? That’s her whenever she’s around you. Isabela surprises you with the prettiest flowers whenever she can, and is constantly trying to show off and act her best around you. But her favorite moments are when she can let loose and be herself around you, and she finds that you still like her anyways. Once you told her she didn’t need to act perfect around you and she got so flustered, it made her feel so special. Will 100% fight anyone who says bad things about you, she is perpetually ready to throw hands. Calls you cute nicknames like ‘Princesa’ a lot.
Dolores: Quite shy around you, but when you do interact with her she’s pretty good at dropping hints. Well, not really hints, because that girl can’t keep a secret to save her life. It’s pretty clear when she’s crushing because Dolores has no filter. Her favorite thing to compliment is your voice, because she’s always listening for it. She can hear you from miles away so she likes to listen in and see how you’re doing. If you’re having a hard day she can be very stubborn about getting to help you, she really wants to comfort you. I think she’s a little more guarded than the younger ones, so she always listens for anything suspicious. Of course, when she doesn’t hear you doing anything wrong, she falls even harder. She constantly advocates for you.
Camilo: Aside from Dolores, he’s lowkey the coolest around his crush. Though sometimes when he’s around you, he randomly shapeshifts from the nerves. Tries to laugh it off though. Makes a ton of flirty jokes, but refuses to play pranks on you. You’re that special to him. Does kind of mess with you, just to see your reaction though. He surprisingly gets kinda shy sometimes, particularly on harder days, and that’s when his nerves act up. May even lowkey avoid you on bad days because he wants to be his best around you. Definitely shows off with his shapeshifting, like 100%. He smiles a lot when you're around, like the biggest dopey grin and heart eyes ever. He also lowkey gets kinda jealous but doesn’t show it much since he doesn’t want you to find him weird.
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pepa-brainrot · 4 months
Tumblr media
Birthday girl ❤
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somethinginthethunder · 10 months
Okay okay but what about hcs abt madrigal grandkids reacting to saying you like them back, huh?? Thank you in advance
``reacting to you liking them back``
getting rejected
notes: aha angst????? what's that???????
warnings: none!
-hides her excitement
-oh you like her back? no problem. it's- it's chill. she's definitely not dying on the inside or anything, yk?
-if you agreed to go out with her she'd be over the moon, the only thing on her mind afterward being how the date was going to go and how she was going to dress and plan for it.
-if you ever stopped looking directly at her she'd probably fist-pump the air, little blossoms of plants and flowers sprouting in the ground along with her.
-the rest of the day she'd just have a happy dazed look in her eyes, the smile never leaving her face.
-if mirabel or camilo ever starting teasing her for it she'd get flushed and tell them to shut up, her face reddening as she literally pushes them out of her room where she was daydreaming about you and her together.
-just a wholesome woman :) she gets excited, too, but it's much more mellow
-honestly more of a relieved feeling as well, since she wasn't really expecting you to actually like her back.
-when you told her you reciprocated her feelings there would be a lot of stuttering and nervous words from her.
-"o-oh! really? I-i didn't think you'd actually, um," her voice would trail off from there as she nervously rubbed the back of her neck.
-this is where'd you'd step in and ask her out, with her saying yes of course
-when the two of you parted ways for the day she'd go straight to her room and then just scream into a pillow, taking in a deep breath once she got it all out of her system
-would be much more open about her happiness
-first thing she'd say after you said you liked her too was, "YES LET'S GO!"
-when she realizes what she just said she'd awkwardly lower her arms and try to laugh it off as if you didn't just make her the happiest girl in the world.
-"i mean, uh, yeah," she said quickly. "nice, nice."
-like camilo, the kind of person to lean against a chair to act calm and collected but end up missing and just falling onto her side
-finds it hard to meet your eyes but once she gains the courage she'll ask you out <3
-will be thinking about you for the rest of the day and everyone notices it, especially julieta.
-she thinks it's endearing, adoring the way in which her daughter was acting
-the most calm response!!
-would also be relieved like luisa, but i don't think it'd be out of insecurity like her. more like just... anticipation.
-she's usually a quiet talker because of her gift but when you told her you liked her as well she'd probably talk the loudest she had ever in awhile!
-also the most forward about it! just confidently asks you if you want to go on a date with her, a hopeful shine in her eye
-could not bring herself to leave you alone after you say yes, hanging out with you for the rest of the day
-just wants to be in your presence, and if she can't then she'll just tune into your voice and listen to you for awhile
-like mirabel trying to be suave and cool but like... 10x worse
-please help this poor boy
-visibly relaxes when he hears you confess to liking him back, that stupidly charming smile only brightening
-thinks he's acting all smooth while asking you out on a date but in reality he's much more awkward than he thinks
-you still think it's cute, though, so of course you say yes
-would probably kiss the back of your hand once you part ways for the day, making sure to really take in your face before going back home
-if someone startles him for the rest of the night he'll accidentally transform into you since you were all he could think about anymore, earning a teasing from his entire family
-totally worth it, though
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larrythe1st · 11 months
y/n, walking into their own house: hello, people who do not live here
camilo: hey.
isabela: hi.
dolores: hello.
mirabel: hey!
y/n: I gave you the key to my place for emergencies only!
camilo: we were out of doritos
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abrianadesaphi · 11 months
I’m ... Pregnant? | Isabela Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Prompt: You and Isabela had been married for two and a half years now. For the past three months, you've been feeling sick – having nausea, and even vomiting often. This concerns the rest of the Madrigals, especially Pepa who had always loved you as her own niece ever since you and Isabela got together. With this concern, Pepa requested a vision from Bruno. Later on that day, the Madrigals all have dinner together.
You find out that you’re pregnant during dinner with the family.
Warning: SMUT 
"Are you still feeling sick, Y/N?" Abuela asked you with genuine concern in her eyes after noticing your distressed nature.
You turned to look at the old woman with a sigh, "Unfortunately, I still am."
Isabela looked at you with sympathy, she truly felt sorry for how you were feeling and wished that she could do anything to make you feel better. Honestly, she was even more stressed about the situation than yourself. A conversation about going back to your hometown to see a professional doctor occurred between the two of you yesterday, but you merely shrugged it off, not wanting to make it an even bigger deal than it already was. 
"I've been feeding her arepas, but they only work for about two or three hours before she's feeling nauseous again," Julietta sighed, feeling down that she couldn't heal her daughter-in-law completely.
Pepa and Bruno exchanged knowing looks, sitting across from each other. The older of them sent Bruno a look which said, "Are you telling them or am I?"
"You do it!" Bruno sent a look to her sister's way.
"No, you!" 
Abuela noticed her two children exchanging intense glances at each other, looking like stupid birds trying to communicate with their eyes bulging out of their sockets. She cleared her throat rather loudly, causing everyone at the dinner table to look in her direction.
"Yes, Mamá?" Pepa and Bruno asked in unison.
"Would you care to share whatever it is you both are talking about with the rest of the family? Or would you rather keep conversing with your eyes like idiots?" Abuela said sternly, though with a hint of amusement in her voice.
"Well, erm," Bruno started, "We may or may not know why Y/N is feeling sick all the time."
"And you're telling us just now?" Isabela said with growing frustration evident in her voice.
"Isa," You spoke, calming your wife down, "let them finish."
"Okay, so-"
"Y/Nispregnantandit'sIsabela's." Dolores spoke very quickly, interrupting her Tío Bruno.
Bruno laughed awkwardly, "Ha ha, uh, yeah, that."
"Dolores, what did I say about keeping the things we hear to ourselves unless we are asked about it?" Pepa whispered to her daughter as tension grew on the dinner table.
Everyone at the dinner table except for Pepa, Bruno, and Dolores had their jaws drop to the floor in surprise. Felix, being his usual self, spit out the wine he was in the process of drinking due to his shock, causing Pepa to hit him lightly on the back of his head.
"I'm…" You started, in disbelief, "I'm pregnant?" 
"Yes," Bruno confirmed, "Your Tía Pepa asked me for a vision about your constant nausea and I didn't want to at first but you know how she gets and a storm started to form when I said no and of course I had to-"
"Brunito," Abuela put an end to her son's rambling, "Tell us what you say in your vision."
"I saw, well, I saw you and Isabela holding two adorable little boys-"
"But Tío Bruno, I don't exactly have the, uhm, tools to get Y/N pregnant," Isabela reasoned, her hand holding yours underneath the table.
"Yes, Tío Bruno, it's impossible," You said.
"Impossible?" Pepa spoke, "You act as if you haven't seen magic in its most wondrous form!"
"Your Tía Pepa is right, Isabela," Abuela said, "Casita has helped you in creating life in your wife's belly. Oh! This calls for a celebration! My first great-grandchildren are on their way!"
"I'm going to be an Abuelo!" Agustin exclaimed in excitement, taking a smiling Julietta up with him, "We're going to be grandparents, mi amor!"
All of a sudden, Isabela remembered how and when it happened.
Three months ago, you and Isabela were laughing as you entered the plant-filled room both of you shared after a long day of festivity in Encanto. You and Isabela threw yourself on the bed, loving how soft the mattress felt beneath your skin.
Isabela hovered on top of you, making her way between your legs. Looking in your eyes, she whispered, "You are so beautiful, mi amor."
You laughed as you wrapped your arms around her neck, "I'm nothing compared to you, Isa."
"Bullshit!" Isabela exclaimed, "I hope you could see how beautiful you truly are."
"Such a sweet talker, you are."
She sweetly smiled at you before kissing the pair of lips that have been tempting her all day.
You moaned in surprise, but quickly melted into the kiss as your fingers found themselves tangled in her perfect hair.
"I want you, mi vida," she said with her hands tugging on your skirt, begging for your consent to rip them off of your body.
"Then take me, I am all yours," you breathed out, looking in her dark eyes.
"All mine?"
"And no one else's, mi amor."
She wasted no time connecting your lips together once again, swiftly removing your clothes and mindlessly throwing them somewhere in her spacious room. Once you were completely naked and vulnerable right underneath her, she took the time to kiss your exposed skin, leaving marks all on your neck and chest.
After she was satisfied with the love and attention she's given your skin, she took off her own clothing. Revealing her own beautiful body. She looked at you for a moment before attacking your lips once again.
Your legs found their way around her slim waist, where they rightfully belonged. You felt her fingers brushing against your core, teasing your sensitive clit. She ran a finger through the opening of your womanhood, eliciting a moan out of your parted lips.
"Is this okay?" She asked you, in the way she always did right before making love.
"Yes, mi amor, take me," You said in a tone both pleading and demanding.
She slid two fingers inside of you, causing you to moan loudly as she skillfully thrusted in and out. She watched as you completely broke apart right in front of her. Your hair was everywhere as your nails relentlessly left marks on her back. 
She felt her heart burning, and so did you. You, for an unknown reason, were in so much pleasure, you felt more than you usually did. Your body was sensitive to everything that was happening at the moment. The way Isabela's long fingers were plunging in and out of you in the most delicious ways possible were stimulating you much more than it usually did, which says a lot. 
Uncontrollable moans left your pretty lips, which was music to Isabela's ears. She just hoped that Dolores was somewhere far away in the village with Mariano, so that your moans wouldn't deafen her poor cousin. And also because your moans are meant to be heard by your ears only, she wouldn't want to share the experience of hearing the beautiful sounds escaping from your beautiful lips with someone else.
Suddenly, a certain warmth came over the two of you, flecks of gold surrounding you both. It was magic, and both of you knew that. But you didn't know why it was there.
Isabela groaned in your ear, whispering as her fingers kept doing what they do best to your womanhood, "You feel so good, Y/N."
"Isabela," You breathed out, "Do you feel that?"
"I feel it, mi vida. I feel it so strongly."
"I love you, Isa," You said as you closed your eyes, fully immersed in the pleasure you were receiving from your wife.
"I love you too, Y/N," Isabela said with utter sincerity, her pace quickening as you felt her body's sweat against yours.
"I'm almost there, Isa!" You yelled out her name, "God, you make me feel so good."
"Come for me, baby. Be a good girl and come for me." 
With those words, you were pushed over the edge. Yelling out Isabela's name as you came for her, and for her only. She moaned out as she came as well, and her turn hadn't even come yet, but her body responded to yours. And thus, her climax arrived at the same time as yours.
She looked at you as she recovered, your hair a mess and your naked chest heaving up and down. Golden sparks flew around the two of you before being absorbed by your body which made your skin glow for a moment. She found it quite odd, but was too tired to point it out or question it.
Isabela smiled for the first time that evening, excitement flowing through her bones at the realization. Looking at you with loving eyes, she exclaimed, "Mi vida! You're pregnant!"
"With twins," Bruno added in, "We saw two of them in the vision, real charming boys."
You exclaimed happily, "Two baby boys, can you believe it, Isa?" 
Isabela smiled at you with the purest form of happiness in her eyes, "I can't believe it as well, mi flor. I remember how it happened, I remember it so clearly!"
"How did it happen?" You asked her, genuinely curious.
"We, erm, we were-"
"Isabela, we're happy for you but we do not need the details," Camilo said with a half-disgusted face.
Isabela threw a glare at her cousin's direction before saying, "Fine. After we did it…"
Isabela paused to look at her cousins' faces – all struggling to act like decent human beings at the topic of sex, except for Antonio who didn't really fully understand anything that was happening. She continued, "Y/N glowed. And I found that odd but I thought it wasn't a big deal until now. And it all makes sense!"
Pepa's eyes started to tear up, and a cloud started to form above her head, "Oh, I remember when Isabel was born. Now, she has her own babies on the way. And she’ll be raising them with a wonderful woman, our Y/N.”
The rest of the family kept gushing about your pregnancy, and you felt pure joy in your heart at the thought of raising your own family with Isabela.
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luna-writes-stuff · 11 months
The Madrigal family’s love languages
Includes Mirabel, Luisa, Isabela, Bruno, Camilo and Dolores
Just to be safe: Mirabel and Camilo are canonically 15 in the movie, and I really did debate on whether or not I wanted to include them, so please, don’t make anything creepy of it. Thank you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Words of affirmation, definitely. He’d call you so many names, that you forget which ones are used as a joke and which ones are for genuine affection. You could make an entire essay about the nicknames he had given you within a week.
He isn’t that private when it comes to relationships either, so he has no problem walking with you around Encanto while constantly gushing over the way you look or the way you walk. He’d be right beside you the entire time, telling you things such as ‘Your hair looks amazing today’ or ‘your hand is really soft’. Has the need to remind you how much he loves you every five minutes.
Tumblr media
Quality time. She gets overstimulated quite easily thanks to hear enhanced hearing, so when she finds some alone time, all she really wants to do is just sit next you while she’s reading a book or simply staring out of the window. It takes out a lot of her energy, but she truly enjoys being around you, even when there is not much to do.
She does really enjoy walks around the Encanto where there aren’t any people. It is necessarily quiet, but it’s a lot calmer. She can really find her rest in the places between the mountains. Usually, it’ll be just the two of you at those occasions. She’ll try to keep you talking because she doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable in the silence, but in all truth; you don’t really mind. You know silence is something she doesn’t get very much of, so you’ll let her enjoy of it every second that you can.
Tumblr media
Gifts. I’m not talking about the big, ‘look what I bought for you’ gifts. Small things. Such as leaving little notes around your room, having already prepared your cup of coffee/tea in the morning, sewing together broken clothes that you do not want to get rid of etc. etc.
Since he spent a lot of time in isolation, he picked up some pretty diverse skills he somehow always managed to use; candle making, knitting, embroidery, calligraphy….he even knows how to build his own guitar from scratch. He loves surprising you with any new gift. Or sort of gift. Your favorite thing you had gotten from his was a self made blanket, that turned out way too gigantic thanks to Bruno’s enthusiastic knitting. So now you have to share the blanket with him. Such a shame….
Tumblr media
Physical affection. It is obvious she really enjoys hugs, but any form of physical connection would make her happy. She has the constant need to simply hold your hand, run her fingers through your hair, shower your face in kisses or simply wrap her arms around you. She is very patient if you are not comfortable with the constant affection, but she always finds a way to merely connect your pinky with hers.
Words of affirmation. I couldn’t really decide on one love language, so I used two. Just like Camilo, she loves to remind you how much she loves you throughout the day. And though she often does this with hugs and cuddles, she simply needs to express herself verbally at times. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. She simply needs to. She might love you more than she loves herself.
Tumblr media
Acts of service. While you have told her that she has nothing to prove to you, the lingering thought of ‘never being good enough’ and ‘I have to prove my worth’ is constantly on her mind. She can’t just switch it off. Certainly not for someone she holds closest to her heart. But she does slow down on it around you.
She does not push herself as hard as she usually does, and the acts of service usually consist out of clearing place on the couch or bringing you a snack so you won’t have to walk. And you do tell her to sit down once in a while, but she has trouble getting herself out of that mind set. It’s a process that takes some time, but eventually, she will let it go around you. And the patience is totally worth it when you see the look on her face when you are the one to bring her the snacks from the kitchen while she lays down on the couch.
Tumblr media
Gifts. Isabela enjoys leaving special plants for you anywhere and everywhere. And while the whole town is in bloom thanks to her, you know exactly when something is meant for you and when not. For example; when she discovered a new plant to bloom, she’ll plant it in your room. You’ll be the first one to see the thing from the entire town. Or she will grow a wall filled with your favorite flowers, or plants that hold a special memory to you. She knows what she’s doing.
Quality time. Once again, torn between two love languages. Before her talk with Mirabel, she would just sit down next to you and rant about everything that was going on, simply needing a listening ear. After the whole events of Encanto though, she would love to run around the town with you, finding new places for her plants to grow. She refuses to let anything bloom without showing it to you first. It’s a whole trial you go through, but it’s a wonderful experience to share.
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multificsworld · 11 months
Great! Can I have some Isabela x fem! reader where they've been dating in secret and after the engagement with Mariano is called off, they finally open up to the Madrigals? Can be fluff mixed with angst, up to you!
warnings; none really, for now :) you and isabela r utterly in love
likes and reblogs are always appreciated ❤️
PLAYLIST: found on spotify :)
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ۵♡۵ ⋅.} ──── ⊰
IN REALITY (Isabela Madrigal x Fem! Reader)
i. the calm before the storm (you are here)
ii. ??
Tumblr media
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ۵♡۵ ⋅.} ──── ⊰
Isabela Madrigal was a sight to see. The perfect girl, so graceful and beautiful. She was perfection itself, and no one could convince you otherwise. You smiled as you watched her grow flowers around the town, admiring her from afar. You didn’t think she had noticed you, as you were standing quietly. But you couldn’t be more wrong.
She’d noticed you a while ago, in fact, she came into town specifically to see you. The townspeople had stopped her in her path, begging to see her magic. Isabela had looked your way, and seeing you were quiet occupied at the moment, she had decided it wouldn’t hurt to grow some flowers for the people. And when she saw you were watching, she couldn’t help but want to impress you. The long-haired girl looked at you, sending a soft smile your way.
You sent her a fond smile back, mouthing ‘take your time’ as you didn’t want to rush her. You loved watching her powers in action, especially when it was just the two of you alone in her room. It was then that she would drop the act that her abuela had made her put on. You wished she could be like that all the time, but you knew she wanted to please and do as her family says. You also wished she knew how much this was hurting her, and you.
“Y/N? You spaced out.” You found yourself face to face with the girl who was intruding your thoughts.
“Perdón, I was just thinking.” you excused yourself, shifting uncomfortably as you noticed the townspeople watching the two of you. Isabela seemed to notice, and she took hold of your hand to lead you somewhere more private. Not one person questioned her, assuming it was normal for best friends to be touchy and hang out with one another. What they didn’t know was that the two of you were much more than just that. To them, Isabela was with her handsome boyfriend, Mariano.
You tried not to ponder too much on that, knowing you’d just hurt your own feelings. You felt your girlfriend stop walking, so you stopped at her side. It was then that she turned to you, cupping your face in her hands and greeting you properly with a kiss. You melted against her, kissing back as your hands wrapped around her waist. Isabela eventually pulled away, her cheeks clearly red.
“Hola, mi amor.” she spoke gently, hands moving away from your face to play with your hair to distract herself from how warm inside you made her feel. You grinned as you realized she was putting small flowers in your hair. It was always something she did when you flustered her. You took her hands in yours, kissing them.
“Hola, mi vida.” You greeted back, giggling as flowers bloomed up on her head. You planted one last kiss to her nose, before sitting yourself on the ground. She followed in suit, shuffling closer to you. Isabela always enjoyed your touch, your presence, more than anyone else’s. She admired you as you let your eyes close, the cool breeze hitting you gently.
You looked so beautiful, and so at ease. She couldn’t help but stare, smiling at you. Isabela leaned her head on your shoulder. “You know, Antonio’s gift ceremony is tonight.” she spoke, looking up at you. You hummed, nodding your head in acknowledgment.
“So I hear. The whole town will be there.” you added, plucking out the flowers she placed on your head gently.
“Screw the whole town. Will you be there?” she questioned, looking up at you. Your happy demeanor faded a bit at the question. You weren’t going to be there, you simply wanted to pop in for a minute and leave. You knew Mariano would be there, and seeing the two together always took a piece of you.
“I don’t know Isa. I’m not sure if i’d be able to stay long, I have a lot of chores at home-“
She dramatically draped herself across your lap, head now resting on your legs. “Cariño! You have to come.” Isabela frowned. “I mean, you and I both know you’re the only one who gives me any energy nowadays.”
You couldn’t help but giggle at her words, running your fingers through her hair. She always found a way to sway you over, with her charming words and determined attitude.
“I’ll try to be there.”
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lunatic-flores · 9 months
𝐹𝑟𝑜𝑧𝑒𝑛 𝐻𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡.
Tumblr media
Some days, (Y/N) found it hard to get out of bed. She found that by staying in bed, nothing could get her. She found that if she rotted in the covers that she used to seek comfort; that no one could reach her.
“How is she?” Camilo asks Dolores who used her gift to hear anything from (Y/N)'s room, but as always, nothing special or new happened. All she could hear just (Y/N)'s steady breathes and her normal heartbeat.
“She's ... Okay, but clearly not one hundred percent okay to herself.” Dolores responds as she started to walk away leaving Camilo staring at (Y/N)'s door with confusion and concerned.
“We're still waiting for you to come out, mi prima.” he mutters and began to walk away.
Some days, while lying in bed, (Y/N) didn't want to exist. They found that when opening her eyes, she could see. Especially whenever she saw her Abuela. And that was terrifying to her. She wanted nothing more than to sink into nothingness and be gone with it.
“She's not coming out yet?” the older woman asks to her daughter while frowning.
“No, Mamá. We tried our best to talk to her but we've got nothing but silence from her room.” Pepa explained as a grey cloud started to forming. The didn't notice until Julieta came out of the kitchen.
“You shouldn't be harsh to her too, Mamá. (Y/N) is far different from any of us, yes she is quite like Dolores, but she always kept her feelings or her problems to herself. She is— fragile.”
Alma stare at her daughters and then moved her gaze to the flickering door that almost dying and fade away. “Tell me if she's feeling better.”
With that, the older woman left her daughters. Pepa put her hand on her twin's shoulder, “I'm sure she will come out.” Julieta can only sighs in defeat. “I keep trying to be a better mother, even when everything I do seems to ... backfire.”
Some days, much like this one, Y/N felt slipping away from herself. Going into an unhealthy isolation. She didn't eat, didn't sleep, didn't respond to any of her family. She could hear the distant noise of her family calling her name multiple times but did nothing about it, her bones seeming to be glued to the mattress.
“Hermana? Are you awake? I've brought you ... Your favorite dish! Come on, open the door if you want to get it right away!”
As always, Mirabel keep trying her best to pull (Y/N) out of her room and so is Isabella who always trying to find a way to open her door. Unfortunately, she noticed that (Y/N) have froze the door knob and the window.
Nothing can melt (Y/N)'s ice except the warm of a fire. But Isabela knew that if she's going to use a fire, she'd be burned the casita down. That doesn't mean she's going to stop.
As for Luisa, all she can do is sit beside (Y/N)'s door and tell her how is her day without her sister's companion. She always told her how she missed her so much, she would always slipped a letter or two to your room and hope that (Y/N) would read it.
Until one day, (Y/N)'s roon began to froze anything, she swear she could die in frozen. She didn't even acknowledge the sound of her room door opening, or perhaps she did, just chose not to do anything about it. She didn't even know that she had to melt some of the ice.
“Mi corazón?”Julieta's voice came out soft and motherly like, staring down at Y/N's lifeless body.
She did not speak, Don't know why. But that was okay, words were not needed to express how she felt. Julieta sat down on the bed, resting (Y/N)'s head on her lap while playing with their (H/C) locks. (Y/N) let a single tear drop from her eyes, wanting nothing more than to let her mother embraced her tightly.
She's afraid, but she's also numb.
Soon Julieta decided to sing a lullaby, lulling her baby to sleep even though sometimes (Y/N)'s already asleep. “i love you, dear. Don't you ever forget that.” (Y/N) did not respond, and somehow, somewhere, that was enough. Her frozen heart slowly started to melt and finally can feel the warmth of her Mother's presence.
“please don't kept all your feelings to yourself, if you ever having a breakdown like this again, i am sure that i have failed you to be your mother.” Julieta brush (Y/N)'s hair slowly and carefully.
All (Y/N) can do is nod her head and hold her mother's warm hand shakingly. “Thank ...-you, Mamá...”
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yoursweetdenial · 10 months
Isabela: If I say I love you, will you say it back?
Y/N: Yes.
Isabela: I love you.
Y/N: It back.
Luisa: Why is Isabela crying face-down on the floor?
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dos-oroguitas · 11 months
Hey! I saw your fanfiction and thought you were ideal for doing this request! Your writing is good! Could you do an overprotectice! madrigal x Reader where they hear from Bruno (very panicked) that the reader could be in danger at any point of the week? Bruno couldn't see the one who was going to hurt them, so the family got kind of anxious since the reader is like an adopted sister/daughter to them. They don't have the courage to tell the reader about this news.
Tumblr media
In which the Madrigal Family is in a state of chaos when Tio Bruno sees a vision of you getting (supposedly) hurt. Platonic! Madrigal Family x Reader
masterlist !!
Tumblr media
Ever since you could remember, the family was always protective of you and rightfully so, you were a bit.. clumsy. Well, clumsy was a very strong understatement. If you and Augustin had a tally on the most accidents that had happened to both of you, you’d win by a landslide. So it would come as to no surprise that you were always in some sort of predicament and the family was used to it. They always had Julieta on call just in case a simple stumble or a trip would have resulted in something far more painful. Each family member had some method of preventing you from getting hurt.
The fact that you wouldn’t have a miracle concerned the family but even more so when you had grown up to be.. a klutz. Extra precautions had to be taken by the family.
Abuela Alma would ask you always to stay by her side whenever you go out, fearing that if you strayed away from her or any of the family that you would get hurt. That meant that you weren’t exactly alone most of the time, accompanied by either Mirabel or Camilo. Though after the surprising appearance of your Tio Bruno and destruction of Casita, everything came to a standstill. Your uncle was back with the family and you couldn’t help but be in awe of him.
“Ay, sobrina, you would..” Your Tio’s eyes flickered to the green tablet that featured you crying. The vision was blurry, nothing was quite clear but the slab had depicted you crying and that wasn’t a very good vision to have. Instead of informing you of your predicament, he awkwardly forced a smile. “You would get a new perrito this week! A new dog, isn’t that exciting!?”
His vision didn’t tell him exactly who or what made you cry but as soon as you left his room, off he would dash to his mamá and tell her of the vision. Which quickly prompted an emergency meeting with the rest of the grown ups in the family. Although Dolores, being herself, had managed to spill the beans to her siblings and cousins who had taken action by themselves.
Needless to say, the whole family was in a panic. Sharp corners were immediately filed down, Casita was to be extra careful in handling you or helping you in anything from reaching for something or even walking. The Casita would gently move you to whichever way you want to go.
Abuela would ask you to be careful, accompanying you in the Casa and checking up on you, asking how your day had gone and other trivial things. She would ask you to accompany her most of the times inside the home, fearing that should you be unsupervised, you would get yourself in trouble.
Your mamá Julieta always had arepas cooking on the stove, emergency batches of your favorite empanadas was in her aprons and pockets just in case.
Your papá Agustin was not to be near any bee’s nest when you two would go out to do errands or do father-daughter things in town. Though just in case, Mirabel would always accompany you two in order to rush you two out of harm. Yeah. You and Agustin? Cheerfully clumsy and accident prone? Not a very good combo.
Isabela would fill the Casa with flowers and bushes with no brambles or sharp branches. She, along with Casita, would transport you up and down the home with her vines instead of you just walking.
Luisa insisted on placing stacks upon stacks of pillows and matresses in the corners of the house, often times carrying you in her strong arms whenever you go to the village instead of letting you go all by yourself. She was taking time off being the bearer of all things heavy ever since Casita fell but she assured you that no matter what happens, she was there for you.
Mirabel had always been looking out for you, taking the title as your big sister, although you insist you were born on the same day and maybe were only a few minutes apart, very seriously. Her mochilas were always packed with bandages and she would not let go of your hand no matter where you two went.
Your Tia Pepa was even more careful with her emotions, not necessarily forcing them down but finding more ways to cope and comfort herself, either with a good book or a nice big cup of coffee. Each and everytime even a single rainy or dark cloud would appear on the top of her head, Tio Felix would immediately find more ways to help her out.
Dolores would quickly take care of the dog ‘vision’ and with the help of Mariano, gift you an Andalusian Hound puppy which you would fondly name Guapo. She would inform the family of your whereabouts as well with a little help from Camilo.
Said shapeshifter would either accompany you and stay by your side or even disguise himself as numerous citizens in order to keep track of you. He would also be heard saying the locations of just where you are or where you were heading so Dolores can keep track of it all.
“Alright, Yellow Chameleon to Red Elefante, the torpe has left the churro stand.”
Antonio had his animal friends soaring the skies or roaming the streets, giving him updates on how his prima was doing or where she was going.
All the while you were obliviously unaware of what was happening. You were only under the impression that they were being extra nice this week so you appreciated it! By the end of the week, you were so overwhelmed by the kindness that at the dinner table, you had suddenly burst out sobbing, thankful for the family’s love and kindness and.. hold on.
This was familiar. Quickly pulling out the emerald green slab from under his ruena, Bruno’s eyes had widened to see that your crying figure was the same one depicted on the vision slab.
“Oh. Whoops.” Was all he could say.
Tumblr media
Platonic Madrigal Family fics >>>>
Thank you for reading my works, every like and reblog means the world to me.
I hope I did justice to your request? I hope you didn’t mind the extra twist at the end oops, with how protective the Madrigal family is, I don’t think you’re gonna end up hurt anytime soon.
As always, please excuse me if I worded things wrong/ used wrong terms. English isn’t my first language but I’m trying to improve myself!
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the-ethereal-gal · 9 months
Camilo, lying in the middle of the floor and staring at the sky: I don't want to live anymore. What even is the meaning of life?
Dolores, used to her brothers existential crises:
Antonio, petting his toucan:
Luisa and Y/N, also lying in the middle of the floor and staring at the sky: Same
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ethereaji · 11 months
Can you do head cannons for Isabella Madrigal x reader who's love language is biting?
#ʚIsabela with a reader who has biting as their love languageɞ
Tumblr media
↳ Isabela Madrigal, X reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
☆ It really startled her when you first did it.
☆ You'd probably have to explain it to her.
☆ once you do tho she loves it!
☆ often jokingly bites back
☆ Whenever you do it little flowers grow on her hair out of surprise.
☆ It's adorable.
☆ Somehow starts biting competitions
☆ She thinks it's super cute
☆ You bite her and she's just surprised for a moment, then goes to cuddle with you.
☆ She just loves it
☆ It's different from what she was taught was love so that makes it 10x better
☆ you have a lil inside joke where instead of "i love you" it's "i'd bite you" and "i'd bite you too"
☆ She just giggles every time before kissing your cheek.
☆ she just thinks it's so cute
Tumblr media
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hopepunk-fanfics · 11 months
I love the idea of any of the Madrigals with a tomboy s/o. Because as far as I can tell, every woman I've seen in Encanto is wearing a skirt. Even Luisa, who's like 400 lbs of pure muscle is wearing a skirt, and we love her for it. Hell, all the background characters are wearing skirts too!
But I just imagine this tomboy strolling into town, like as a foreigner or something, and all the little kids ask why she's wearing pants. Abuela would probably be a little apprehensive to her because it just seems like tradition for girls to wear skirts, and we all know how much she cares about tradition. And maybe Luisa comes over and tries to help her carry something but is floored when this tomboy insists on doing it herself. Maybe she's like the mechanic of Encanto and always fixes everyone's pipes and cars, and one of the Madrigals is just like ❤️👄❤️
I need this scenario so badly, guys
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