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Mutual Love
Tumblr media
You were sitting on the iron throne after hearing viserys ording the guards to found and bring daemon back to him you made it here first, after last night you didn't want to give him the satisfaction of telling your husband of your infidelity.
You conseplated on telling him what happened last night but when he finally came to bed you could tell how sapped and gutted he was to found out about his daughters and brother, so you decided to keep it to yourself nobody knew what you both did and no one ever will. Viserys was in a meeting with Otto so you had a bit of time to talk to daemon alone, you stood up walking down the steps when the door opened you saw them drag him in before dropping him to the ground.
He groaned face planted on the floor you waved your hand dismissing them before scrunching up your face as you got closer to him, it seems he had a little more to drink after your rendezvous.
"You smell like a tavern." You spoke as your gracefully circled around him as your dress trail behind you, he moan moving his head to see you stopping.
"Your not my brother."
"No, but he will be here soon to talk to you so I'm going to make this quick." He grunted in pain when you kicked his stomach causing him clench his abdomen.
"Son of a..." you crouch down pulling his hair so he can look at you.
"Your gonna keep your mouth shut and
do you understand me, and tell the king that you didn't touch the girls or mention our little talk." He chuckled in pain before letting a happy sigh.
"I think we did a little more than just talk–" you pulled his hair exposing his neck making you take out a small dagger that he gave you as a gift.
"Shut your mouth vermin, I'm talking and your listening..." he glared up at you not saying a word.
"...I swear it on my father's memory I will have your balls in a jar if you mention anything that happened last night." He grunted as the cold blade pressed a bit harder against his skin.
"Not only will I make it my mission to get you banish to the Vale to your lady wife, but I will make sure you are stripped of all your titles."
"Please, your cunt isn't that good–" he growled lowly when the blade slide a bit cutting him.
"Oh, you under estimate me, lover. I can convince the king do as I will without question...especially if he founds out what truely happened last night." He scrunched up his face in confusion.
"All I need to do is..." your eyes started well up in tears making daemon look bewilder at you, "...explain our history togther, and how I found out what you did to my daughter." You shook your head slightly.
"And tell him how you were piss drunk out of your mind and how you couldn't take...no as an answer." You blinked away the tears giving daemon a vague look.
"You conniving cunt he won't believe your lies." You tilt your head with brow raised.
"I don't know, daemon. You do have a history of taking what you want from whom you want without any regards and you proved that last night." His chest heaved in anger as he stared up at her.
"Don't look upset, my dear. If you keep your word I will convince the king to annulment your marriage with lady rhea royce..." you mentally smiled to yourself as he glanced at you with interest about your offer.
"Why would you do that for me?" He asked making her scoffed out a laugh and get up to look down at him.
"I'm not doing it for you...I'm doing it for Rhea, by the way you have a very beautiful wife. " You taunt making him roll his eyes.
"She requested a audience with me to talk and I promised I'll talk to the king about an annulment." She shrugged, you lower your head to the side a bit hearing footsteps.
"You got it all figured out don't you." You glanced back to the floor at your old lover.
"I do and if you wish to stay prince of dragonstone or prince in general, I encourage you to keep your fucking mouth shut." You hissed out before backing away from his body to turn to your husband.
"My love. What are you doing in here?" You hide the dagger behind your back as you came up to him with a startled and alarm look.
"I came looking for you and found him like this...his been drinking." You whispered glancing over at him with dupe nervousness which you notice your husband caught, as he put a hand on your arm gently making you tensed up.
"I'll leave you two alone, husband." You lower your head walking out.
You walked out to godswood to see rhaenyra standing with her head tilted to the sky with her eyes close, you made your presents known causing her to look over at you.
"Good evening, rhaenyra."
"Good evening." She bowed her head at you as you closer to her, neither of you said a word to one of another just standing their in silence.
"Is there something you need, my lady." She asked making you turn your head to her before shaking it.
"No, I just came to make sure you were alright I know your father talked to you this morning." Rhaenyra nodded her head throwing her hands up.
"Of course, he sent you out here to get the truth–"
"I came out here out of my own free will to make sure you were okay, I know how your father can get when his angry." You said gently making the young princess glanced away.
"...oh," she said quietly before looking back at you after a moment of silence.
"Well, I wish to make it clear that I didn't sleep with daemon." She looked at you trying to found any ounce of anger or disappointment, you nod before glancing at the tree making rhaenyra cross her arms.
"You don't believe me? Why would you I bet your just beaming with delight to know I may be disinherit–"
"Enough. Your father is not disinheriting you and if he is I will talk him out of it, and...already know the truth." You said moving to get closer to the tree admiring it.
"So, you do believe these allegation made about me." She scoffed out angrily as she walked next to you.
"I know what I know."
"Which is what?" She snapped making your look her way.
"That he took childern into a pleasure house to anger his brother and cause all this chaos," you turn to her frustrated.
"But, he didnt touch me–"
"No, but he kissed you and I'm a bit disgusted to say that I'm happy it stopped there." You were relieved to say the least when he admitted that he just kissed her going further than that would have made it hard not to stop viserys from killing him or you for that matter, rhaenyra stared at you with a neutral expression but you could see in her eyes that she was shock to that you knew.
"He didn't kiss me either." You sigh moving your hand to scratch your head.
"I thought we can talk about it, but i see you still do not trust me yet so," she stared at you not showing no emotion as you laid both hands on her hands, "I will leave you with these words."
"Be wary of your uncle. He is daring and charming, but he wants one thing and one thing only, do not let him drag you down my dear." She still stared at you not saying a word, so you let step back putting you hand behind your back.
"If you ever feel like talking I'm always here," you gave her a pursed smiled, before walking away leaving rhaenyra to her thoughts.
The familiar halls lead you to your daughter's chamber you knocked before walking inside calling out for her, you furrowed your brows walking in to see her nowhere to be found. You being a curious looked around her room before seeing a journal sticking out of her mattress, you looked over at the door and snatched the journal before opening it flipping through the pages. You sat on her bed looking at the last time she wrote, you started to bite your fingernails as you read about the night before the more you read the more relieved you became when she wrote nothing about daemon being her father you sighed contented.
"That's invasion of privacy." You stood up turning to see daemon.
"What in the seven hells are you doing in here your suppose to be gone." You hissed putting the book on the bed before walking ti the middle of her room.
"I'm not leaving until you keep up your end of the bargain,"
"What are you talking about?" You crossed your arms staring at him.
"I keep my mouth shut about last night and you tell viserys to annulment my marriage, I kept my end now its your turn." Daemon walked closer making you roll your eyes.
"And I will. Now leave before my daughter start asking why we're in her here." Daemon hum looking around as you walk towards him he moved around you as you went to grab his arm to drag him out, you glared at the back of his silver white head as his hand graze over her favorite flowers, dragon's breathe, before he walked over to the huge window looking out.
"This room remind me of my own when I was her age...so, simple and dainty." You watched as he walked over to the bureau, he looked down at the trinkets that scattered her table before he noticed the sword leaning against the desk.
"Don't touch that..." he stopped looking over at you, "It belonged to her lord father, she doesn't like when people touch it."
"Were they close?" He asked facing away from her and looking at the trinkets again.
"Why do you care?" He groaned agitated rolling his eyes.
"Just answer the question." You scoffed before crossing your arms.
"Did...did he make her happy?" You stared as his back was still to you hearing the way he said that made your clench a bit.
"Yes...he did." He nodded.
"Good. She deserved to have a good father that gave her good memories rather than me who would have fucked up in somehow." You sigh moving over to him you hesitated for a second before putting tour hand on his arm.
"As much as I hate to say it, but that's not true..." he turned his head a bit looking at you, "...you would have been a good father to her, daemon. I know if you had stayed you would have made her proud a great dragonriader and even greater warrior." He gave you a small smile before moving her hand over hers and squeezing it.
"Thank you. Even though i dont deserve you kind words." You gave him a tight smile.
"I know deep down your not a completely evil man, daemon. Your just...forget how to be human sometimes." He chuckled nodding again loking down to the floor.
" yeah..." he looked back at you, " do you think when she's older, she understand why we did this..."
"I think she will." You and daemon looked to the door to see bhaera standing their leaning against the hall.
"Bhae–" she held up her hands to stop you.
"It's okay, mother. I'm not mad." She gave you a small small as she came close.
"Your not?" Daemon asked making bhaera shake her head no.
"No, I'm actually alright." Bhaera said looking at daemon, "My lord father will always have a place in my heart, and if it's alright with you and my mother." She held out her hand to daemon.
"It be a pleasure to get to know you better, daemon." Daemon looked over at you as you stared at your daughter with a endeared smile.
"I don't see no harm in it," you looked over at daemon to see if he was okay with it.
"I'm happy to but...." he glanced at you before back at your daughter, "....I'm leaving today I dont think we have much time to–" he didn't finish his sentence when bhaera locked their arms togther pulling him to follow her.
"It's quite alright it takes a while to get to the courtyard from here," You follow close behind hearing Daemon let out a soft sigh, you made it out to the halls to see them pull apart and face each other. You could see the resemblance she had his nose and cheek bones, while her eyes and chin was from you.
"Mother?" You blinked before looking at them.
"I said are you coming with." You shook your head slightly.
"No, you two need your time alone." You smiled slightly, bhaera nodded while daemon looked at you for a moment giving you a firm nod before they continue their walk.
You smiled sadly watching them walk away thinking this may be the last you see him again for another decade or so, while your daughter will be leaving soon enough to winterfell with her new husband. You sighed realizing your truely are closing the chapter of your life that you didn't even know you needed to close, you hope as you watched round a corner that he doesnt break her heart.
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pairing: K. Bakugo x Chubby Black!Fem reader
w/c: 3k
c/w: 18+ MDNI
mentions of fingering, blowjobs, rough fucking, kitchen sex, stand and carry position lol, roommates, college au, fwb, you being a brat, katsuki falls in love at first sight lol,
chile this is all over the place but my beta told me to post it 😭 it’s kinda just a bunch of blurbs about you and bakubabe becoming roommates
So, the story was he’d been kicked out of campus housing for blowing a hole through the gym wall and attacking Deku.
In actuality, it was him who’d been blown through the wall while sparring with the shitty loser, Deku still unable to fully control his given quirk.
It almost cost him his scholarship but after Deku begged and professors Toshinori and Aizawa pulled some strings—he’d only been reprimanded and removed from the on-campus housing in fear that he’d cause an insane amount of damage again in the future.
He found the ad on Reddit—$500 a month for rent and the only utilities were electricity and cable/internet, which would probably be split between him and the other tenant. Amenities included a full kitchen, washer and dryer and a full bathroom. The only requirement was that he was in attendance at U.A University, which he was, and a payment of first & last rent.
Of course he was going to jump on it, he was desperate and it was affordable. He even emailed the person who posted the ad, asking to meet as soon as tomorrow.
He paid the landlord with no questions asked, even after the unsightly security deposit was tacked on after running a background check.
He scratched his name onto every highlighted section, agreeing to live with a stranger for the next two and a half years.
Now, he did not expect said stranger to be so damn cute.
Cute chubby cheeks, full pouty lips and your curly hair was in a big poof on the top of your head like a bunny’s tail. You had to be at least a foot shorter than him, a tiny plump little thing you were. So damn adorable.
Well now he was absolutely sure he’d made the right decision. Who knows what some creep would do to a cutie like you if they had gotten the room before he did.
You greeted him with a hello and a smile. He responded with only a grunt as he lugged two duffel bags and a roller suitcase into the doorway.
He dropped them with a loud thud, turning to look at you.
“You my new roommate?” He asked, looking you up and down. Your attire was distracting—a small white shirt with your nipples peeking through the thin fabric and don’t even get him started on the way he could see your fat pussy print through your pink shorts.
“A hi, hey or hello would be nice.” You sassed, sipping from a pink drink. “I didn’t sleep with you last night.”
Looks like his bunny had a tongue like a scorpion’s tail.
“Hello.” He smirked, pleasantly annoyed at how your lips curled into a smile at the greeting. Almost like you wanted to bitch him.
“That’s better. Your room is the one on the left.”
“Gotcha, anything else?” He tried to focus his eyes on anything but your pretty face.
“Please don’t forget to put the toilet seat down, clean up after yourself and your company and lastly I’m not stingy with food, so what’s mine is yours, just please don’t be an asshole. If there’s not much of something please ask before you take it.” Your rules were simple enough right? Basic roommate etiquette.
“Ya think I don’t have any goddamn home training?!” Bakugo snapped, gritting his teeth.
You laughed at the angry blonde, he reminded you of an angry Pomeranian and it was actually quite cute.
He was relieved when you giggled at him. Some people took his snappy attitude way too serious, it was honestly annoying as hell.
You really didn’t mind the way Bakugo talked. You were probably just as bad, only difference was your mouth was slick as hell and he was just mean and loud.
“Do you cook?”
Your face lit up. “Yes! I love to cook.” Your smile was enchanting to him, almost made him want to give you one in return.
He shoved his hand into his pocket, pulling out an envelope. It was some extra cash, probably like a hundred bucks or so, since he had to draw extra money from the atm because the money order amount was only enough to cover rent and not the security deposit.
“Good. Use it for groceries or whatever. We can go together or…I’ll make a list.” His mouth and heart working against his brain. Words tumbling out before he could even think.
“Oh..uh, we can go together, since I don’t have a car.” You didn’t expect him to be so forward or so generous,
The blonde’s heart clenched at the thought of you being his pretty passenger princess. Maybe this roommate thing wouldn’t be too bad.
You and Bakugo as roommates definitely took some getting used to, since you’d occupied the unit alone for such a long time.
For instance, your weekday routine was set in stone, so like usual, by the time you entered the doorway you were already stripping . You left your black crocs at the door, stepping out of your scrub bottoms, pulling the top over your head the same time.
“Shit.” You sighed out, unhooking the bra you had on, breasts finally free as they fell out of the cups with a small bounce, rubbing the spot where the underwire kept digging into your skin.
Finally opening your eyes, you were met crimson and there he was, leaned against the wall, eyes glued to you like a lion hunting a doe.
You let out a shriek, using your clothes to cover your body the best way you could, shielding yourself from further embarrassment.
“Forget about me already, dumbass?”
Glaring at the blonde you scurried past him, seething at the shit eating grin on his face.
“You saw nothing.” You gritted out before running the rest of the way to your room.
But, as soon as you were gone the facade dropped and he ran his hands down his face, seemingly more flustered than you were. He’d never seen a woman naked before, outside of porn of course, and it just had to be you.
He hoped he hadn’t upset you, the look of terror on your face was just too fucking cute not to laugh at.
“Fuckkkk.” He whispered out, having popped a hard on in seconds.
Even Bakugo couldn’t deny how sexy you were. A pretty face and an even prettier body. You had a nice fuckin rack too, he was definitely an ass guy at heart but there was nothing wrong with appreciating a nice pair of tits every now and then. You were probably a double D cup since they had a natural lowness to them, he just knew they’d be nice and heavy in his large hands. To top it off you had big areolas and cute little inverted nipples that he’d love to coax out of hiding.
He didn’t know what he liked more— the sight of your juicy, thick ass bent over in a pink thong as you gathered your clothing off the floor or your pretty ass titties and how they bounced with almost every move you made.
The blonde trudged to his room, dick insanely hard and rubbing against his thigh.
Closing his bedroom door, he sat on his bed palming his dick through his sweat shorts. Taking his cock in his hand, he rubbed his thumb around the fat mushroom tip, shuddering at the sensitivity. He pumped his thick cock nice and slow, envisioning your beautiful body now that he could go off of more than just the illusion your tight clothes gave.
“Damn..” That was all it took for Bakugo to feel himself fall over the edge, thick ropes of cum painting his chest and belly as his body shook and his pants turned into slow ragged breaths.
Grabbing a couple tissues from the nightstand beside his bed, he wiped his stomach, chest and the tip of his dick before tossing them into the wastebasket.
Less than satisfied, he shoved his still somewhat hard dick back into his pants
Beating off to his roommate was not how he’d planned spending his first week in his new home.
Bakugo sat at the kitchen trying to take notes but he couldn’t even fucking focus. You were always on his mind, invading his thoughts every chance you got.
He wasn’t sure if he liked you, maybe it was lust, either way it was a fucking nuisance.
As more and more time passed, seven whole months to be exact, the two of you began to get very comfortable with each other.
Well, as comfortable as two hornballs could get without going all the way. Neither of you had ever brought anyone back to the apartment so it was assumed that the both of you were single. That was perfect because you two really enjoyed each other’s company, experimenting with things that were fun and worked well for your friendship.
Like studying together in the kitchen, sometimes Bakugo would take the initiative to create flash cards and test you.
Or the movie nights on the couch that occasionally ended with you in his lap, legs spread with two of his thick fingers deep in your creamy pussy.
And even the late night snack runs where you’d most likely end up with a mouthful of his cock in an almost empty Target parking lot.
He’d come to find out you were incredibly clingy too. If your classes happened to end before his, you’d nap in his bed until he returned, loving the scent of burnt sugar that stuck to his sheets and pillows. You loved his scent, since it was calming and reminded you of holiday sweets. Plus, you couldn’t fit his clothes so this was the next best thing.
He heard you softly enter the apartment, watching you stripping down at the door like you usually did until you were in a white, cropped tank and your underwear.
He also noticed you loved to walk around in nothing but tiny shirts and your panties. You’d been doing it a lot more lately since the weather was transitioning into those hotter months and you honestly reminded him of that silly little bear that loved honey.
“Hey.” He greeted first, something he began doing around the third month of living together.
“What’s wrong.”
Something had upset you, he could hear it in your voice. He knew you like the back of his hand and you hated it.
“Nothing.” You kept your replies short but that didn’t keep him from pestering you. You weren’t upset with him, just annoyed at your dumb parents. You’d gone to see them, you hadn’t seen them in a while and you kinda hoped that they’d start giving you your full allowance again.
Instead they berated you, bringing up trivial things such as your weight and even the way you dressed. It was draining, they were draining, and you just wanted to be left alone right now.
“Fuck is your problem?”
Of course your roommate couldn’t take a hint, too stubborn and caring to just let you walk away upset.
Of course you wanted to tell him how you were feeling, but you hated the vulnerability that came with expressing your feelings. Plus, knowing Katsuki, he’d probably just yell at you and call you a dumbass for even caring about their opinions.
“I don’t have a problem Katsuki.” You rolled your eyes, more than annoyed at his tone. “Just leave me the fuck alone!” Was he really dumb enough to think talking to you like that would help?
“Excuse me.” You tried to slide past him, since he currently towered over you waiting for an explanation.
“Y’er not excused.” He pulled you back.
You yelped in surprise as you were shoved against the island, staring into his fiery eyes as he wrapped one of his large hands around your neck.
“Gonna talk to me?” He asked, staring down at you with those daunting crimson eyes. “Fuck off.” You rolled your eyes, pushing at his chest. Of course he didn’t budge, the 6’3 mammoth continued to peer down at you, brows furrowed.
His other hand trailed down, running two fingers up and down your cunt, catching some of the slick that had already began to pool there.
“Already soaking wet,” He shook his head. “Dumb lil’ slut.”
He spun you around just as quickly as he’d pulled you back, bending you over the island and pulling your thong aside.
Bakugo slapped his heated palm against your ass, the pleasant sting forcing a moan from your parted lips.
You heard the jingling metal of his belt buckle coming undone and your eyes widened.
“Katsuki, what-.”
“S’okay, I know exactly what you need babe.” He reasoned, pulling his underwear down and pressing his hard cock between your thighs.
The way you tooted your ass up didn’t go unnoticed either, attitude seeming to have melted away at the thought of getting your pussy pounded. The blonde smirked, shaking his head again.
His thick cock bullied its way into your virgin cunt, your already slick walls making it just that easy for him to slide right in like he belonged there. The squelch of your pussy was loud as he drilled in and out of you, showing you no mercy.
He reached his arms around, slipping his hands under your tank top to tweak your nipples and squeeze your heavy tits in his big hands.
“Mmmm..fuck Katsuki.” You moaned from the pleasure, loving the way he pinched and squeezed your sensitive nipples. He moved lower, spreading his warm palms all over your soft skin, stopping only to grab at the fat of your tummy.
You stood on your tippy toes, making you just tall enough to take his cock comfortably. The harsh slaps of his hips slamming into your ass, his grunts and your moans echoed in the small kitchen as he fucked you, gradually picking up pace.
He’d actually had a decent day, the academy usually kicked his ass on Fridays, and he wasn’t about to let your gross attitude fuck that up.
“This what you wanted, right?” He pounded your pretty little cunt, drawing out the most adorable little sounds from you.
He felt so good inside of you, like his dick was made for your pussy. Stuffing you full of his cock while he sent harsh slaps to your ass, brows pushed into a deep frown.
“Right?” He snarled, emphasizing his question with a particularly hard thrust, pressing his chest against your back and grabbing your jaw, twisting your neck so hard you thought he wanted to snap it.
You let out a strained moan as he stared at you with those darkened eyes, hips never faltering as he waited for an answer.
“Uh-Uhhuh.” Was all you could muster, Katsuki smirking at the way your eyes crossed and your jaw went slack in his hand.
“Yeah? Wanted me to fuck that nasty lil’ attitude right outta ya huh?” He placed a kiss on your lips, biting your plump bottom lip before he retreated back.
You nodded, vision clouded with specs of white as his thumb played with your asshole and his cock stroked that sweet spot in your cunt over and over.
“Katsuki.” You sighed out his name. “F-feels s’good baby.”
“I know,” He cooed, voice like caramel as he fucked into you, now at a slower pace. “Can’t have those shitty clinical’s stressing my pretty Princess out. How ‘bout you quit, be my lil cumrag instead?”
“Mhm, I will.”
It was like a switch had flipped and his sweet voice clouded your brain, making you forget all common sense. Right now you’d agree to just about anything right now as long as it kept his cock in you.
Bakugo on the other hand, a virgin less than five minutes ago, wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep this up. Especially with his cock now very acquainted with your tight, wet, warm pussy and wanted nothing more than to plant his seed deep inside you.
He unsheathed himself from your pussy, the cool air making him hiss as he spun you around.
He raked his eyes over you, taking in your fucked-out appearance. Tank top ill fitting and stretched out from all his pulling, slight bruising on your neck from when he held you there, your tear stained face was icing on the cake, and he absolutely loved it. A layer of sheen covered you, baby hairs now messily slick to your forehead , lips swollen and red from your biting.
He had so much fucking energy, must be the effects of your quirk. Yeah, it had to be the effects of your shitty quirk, even pre-workout never got him this energetic and all this stimulation at once felt so damn good. His heart pumped fast like it wanted to explode, blood flowed through his veins a mile a minute making his dick rock hard. Bakugo felt like he could fuck you for hours, but he knew his inexperienced cock wouldn’t allow it this time.
He lifted you as if you weighed nothing, locking his arms behind your knees and placing his hands on your fat, juicy ass. His wide palms dug into your doughy ass and thighs, giving you a nice hard slap every now and then.
Easing you down slowly, he splits you open on his cock again, feeding you dick inch by meaty inch until you’re filled to brim once again.
The brawny brute handled your weight like the champ he was, lifting you with ease and it made your pussy so fucking wet. He bounced you on his cock loving your hot breath on his ear as you moaned and panted like a bitch in heat.
You couldn’t help it, as you were too deep in the throes of pleasure as his slightly curved cock kissed your g-spot with every single thrust.
“Mmmm Kats…g’nna cum.” Your sweet velvety voice spoke the lovely sentence he’d been waiting on all evening. You clenched and unclenched as he quickened his pace a bit, fucking you and himself to climax, cock slamming into your cervix so deliciously hard it knocked the wind out of you.
“Fuuckkk.” You held onto him for dear life, lips pressed against his as you made a mess on him, coating his cock in your cream. Burying your face in his shoulder, you cried out as he fucked you through your orgasm.
“That’s it…”
His thrusts grew sloppy and fast as he threw his head back. It felt so good, so good he almost contemplated filling you up.
But he pulled out, spurting out those warm ropes on your belly, some flying God knows where.
Before sitting you down on the cool granite countertop he slid a heated palm across the surface, warming up your seat. He grabbed a couple napkins to clean you up, watching as you leaned back on your arms, still sporting that blissful fucked-out expression on your pretty face.
“Now, stop acting like a spoiled fuckin’ brat and tell me what happened.”
closing a/n: I hope y’all enjoyed it 😭 I’m still feeling iffy tbh 🫤 feeling like I wrote him too soft, ya know
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c-nstantine · 2 days ago
Black!batmom with damian mayhaps? They bond over his art or idk she has like a breakthrough with him and he starts warming up to her and idk I just think they’d have a beautiful bond
Ever since Damian arrived at Wayne Manor, Batmom treated him as one of the adopted kids without any hassle
Damian didn't understand why Batmom was so nice to him
This conversation would occur about a month after Damian arrived at the manor
"Why don't you hate me?"
"Why would I hate you?"
"I am the product of Bruce's infidelity,"
"You are a child brought into the world under unfortunate circumstances. I could never hate you,"
It took a longtime for Damian to come around to Y/N
Eventually he’d stop avoiding her
He was hella cryptic around her for the first few months
Y/N didn’t try to force him into anything 
After a while, he’d start following her and helping her around the manor
One night Damian couldn’t patrol because of injury so Y/N put on a movie night just for the two of them
Damian felt comfortable enough around her to fall asleep
Bruce totally didn’t take a photo of them sleeping or anything
After that Damian wasn’t as tense around Y/N
He’d constantly try to impress her, he didn’t know Y/N was proud of anything he did
Y/N was always the first to defend Damian
“He fought with a student,“
“He was defending the family name which if I’m not mistaken is something you support Bruce,“
At galas, Damian is always found next to Batmom
She keeps vegan snacks in her purse for him
Damian doesn’t know what to call Y/N
He doesn’t want to call her anything mom related because Talia will always be his mother but Y/N is Y/N.
Y/N knows that Damian means well even if he’s a little chaotic
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Tw rape
Bro I love that tumblr and Wattpad have x readers black readers but fuck why does it always have to be about sex. Like why can’t we get a 10k word fanfic about us falling in love and being loved gently with some background drama or action. It’s always sex or rape which is low key weird. Like I get people are into that or write it because of trauma but it’s always sex, violent sex, or just literally rape. Or they’re racist stereotypes in the fanfic which is a whole other story. On Ao3 they’re x reader fanfics that are fun, have adventure, a little bit of drama, and a splash of sex. Also it’s with the same people it’s either attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, or My hero Academia. Which is cool but it’s usually only them. At this point imma try and make a x black reader fanfic because this shit is exhausting. But I have work so someone dm if they wanna work on a fanfic together because things need to low key change.
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Tumblr media
TITLE: Can't Pretend Part: One | Word Count: 2,608 NEXT: tba | Around October 8th PAIRING: Knight!Bucky/Princess!Reader (Black Reader)
WARNINGS: Violence, character death, gore, depictions of violence and death. Smut, eventually. Drama. Run-of-the-mill toxic masculinity. I will update as needed.
SUMMARY: A bastard knight. An heir to a throne. Both forced to abide by the rules of their station---the roles they were born into. Will they be able to maintain the flames of their love, or be burned by them?
NOTES: I love court intrigue, and drama. I also love the idea of knight Bucky. So here is a butt load of it. I intend this to be multiple parts, though I am not sure how many. But, enjoy! Let me know what you think!
The sun is brutal even from underneath ornately ornamented awnings. Women sit among the makeshift wooden stands fans in hand as they fervently gossip about the latest on-goings and affairs of court. Such drivel; devoid of imagination or spark---always the same lackluster accusations and rumors. Y/N had not come to chat about such things; the tourney always interested her far more. The fanfare, the sport, and on occasion, the bloodshed. Steeds tough as steel gallop the runway on which men with more gall than the average noble ride atop. Metal clatters, men hoop and holler, and another knight is knocked from his horse. Yes, far more interesting than who is bedding who, and for how much.
            Y/N claps along, back straight as a board. Tightly coiled locks pool from the crown of her head where they remained pinned. Gold adorns her skin in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets—her favorite choice as it accents her darkened complexion so tastefully. A perfect visage of her house; proper and fine. She watches with enthusiasm as the second round of riders enters. One catches her eye as he leads his horse toward her pavilion in a flashy show.  Blackened steel glimmers beneath the sweltering sun; Y/N notes the wolf’s head pressed into the metal, and her heart nearly shatters in her chest. She knows that sigil anywhere.
As he nears, the knight lifts his visor to reveal hues like that of the oceans so far off.  Y/N notes the beads of sweat that adorn his brow as he lifts his lance toward the bottom row closest to her. However, before the knight can speak, another woman stands. Y/N can’t help the curl in her upper lip at the sight of Lady Mistell. A crotchety woman so desperate to be wed again.
            “I presume you have come to ask for my favor, Ser James?” Lady Mistell inquires with an upturned nose, as though she may consider denying the request. Odd though, that she would assume someone of such high station would ask the favor of a widow with no coin. Silence grips the stands then, and Y/N watches with an amused sort of smirk as all unfolds. So typical of James to make a scene. A shame then, he had been absent from court all these years.
            “Apologies my lady—” Ser James bows his head, but his gaze drifts to Y/N who notices immediately, as she does with all things. “My princess…” A breath catches in the back of Y/N’s throat, and her mind reels with the implications of his coming request. Is he daft? “…it would be an honor to carry your favor.” All eyes turn to Y/N; there will be talk of this no doubt. There had been rumors of their budding romance much to the disdain of her father. In fact, the king had hated it so much he all but sold the knight into a fortuitous marriage of station and coin that sent him across the seas. To approach her in such a way, and after no warning of his impending return---well Y/N is sure the rumor mill is already churning. But… she must be seen as a gracious host. This is her tourney after all.
            Y/N rises as her hands work to smooth the skirts of her dress. Each step down from under her awning feels as though it adds another ten pounds to her shoulders, but they are calculated and careful. Eyes remain on Y/N as though she were the centerpiece in a show, and she often is.
            “Ser James.” The Princess nods to him once close enough, and slender fingers adorned with jeweled rings toss down the yellow ribbon that had been tied to her wrist---the color of her house. “Do well not to sully it, my knight.” Her tone is soft so that only he may hear. Y/N watches as the knight maneuvers to catch the ribbon and his gaze holds hers with a wide smirk as dexterous fingers quickly tie it to the end of his lance.
            “I would not dream of it, my princess.”
The day wanes. The sun and her restless rays begin to dwindle, and Y/N walks the grounds. Nobles and soldiers alike make their approach, each bowing their heads and giving thanks for her hospitality or commenting on the exquisite taste of the food and drink. She responds in kind with smiles and equal thanks for their participation. This is the matter of her station she finds so---tiring. The politicking, the people pleasing when Y/N wishes for nothing more than a bath and perhaps a book.
            “You look rather bored, Princess.” That familiar voice brings her from her thoughts, and Y/N turns. Ser James stands, the bulk of his armor now removed, a tower compared to her rather small self.
            “There are only so many ways to give gratitude to those who would rather you dead.” Her tone is light despite the subject matter, and she does well to hold a simple smile despite the grin that threatens to break across her face at his presence.
            “From what I hear, my dear princess-“ he falls in step with her then, far enough apart not to gain the attention of prying eyes. “-they adore you, the people. Your people.” James peers down at her from the corner of his eyes, and Y/N’s signature smile drops to a frown.
            “If you ask my father—”
            “He is a fool.”
            Y/N halts her steps, neck craning to hold Ser Jame’s gaze. She does not falter, and the edge in her tone is rather commanding. “You will do well to remember he is your King, Ser James.” A pause.
            “Are you upset with me, princess? I do not remember you typically taking such a tone with me.”
            Y/N snorts; something far different from her typical façade. It always came so easy around him, the way her knight could break down walls and barriers meticulously crafted. Like a mason building the most exquisite of temples, only to be brought down by some greater force. It is sad really, how he still has this effect on her. “If I remember correctly you left, not soon after promising to ask for my hand. Off to marry another, or so I heard from rumors. How is your wife, Ser James?” venom drips from the tip of her tongue, and James does not falter. He deserves this. Even if she well knows the games they must take part in---no matter how much it wounds the heart.
            “Dead.” A simple explanation, still, he explains. “Not a week after our wedding. Consumption.” James tilts his head to the side while he watches Y/N’s face shift through a myriad of expressions.
            “I—am sorry for your loss, James.” The world is still around them for a moment, seconds really. He wants to remind her of his nickname, one bestowed upon him when they were children. To hell with titles and perpetuity and this blasted game they both have been forced to play! Yet, he reframes. Instead, James bows his head gently, hues turning soft as though that may convey how earnestly he means the following sentence. “You have nothing to apologize for, my princess.”
            “James---” Y/N reaches for him, only for the mindful knight to step back, severing any connection her mind may have imagined.
            “You’ve others to attend to—” another bow, this one so much stiffer. “—until later.”
Y/N stands hands held at her middle as the man she loves walks away from her for the second time in her life.
“You will scuff the floors if you keep pacing like that, my lady” Natasha hums from across the room her languid frame tossed over the crushed red velvet fainting couch as she thumbs through the pages a book. Y/N huffs; her mind racing and anger threatening to froth over like a pot left to boil too long.
“How dare he show his face, unannounced, to my tourney only to tell me of his dead wife and lament his apologies to me!”
“Lament is a strong word.”
Y/N heaves another sigh, what would seem to be the hundredth of that moment and throws her body down near her friend. “I wish to never see him again.” Natasha sits up just as Y/N’s head falls into her lap. The two women had become fast friends since her arrival at court as a foreign dignitary to Y/N’s father. It had not taken long for the woman’s talents in espionage to make themselves known. Within a month’s time, Natasha had cemented herself as the King’s spymaster, and the Princess’s closest of confidants due to the amount of time spent in one another’s company. Now, the two are nearly inseparable, and rarely seen without the other.
“You are being rather unfair, Y/N.” eyes rise, a firm slant set upon Y/N’s lips. But, Natasha continues. “The man was married off due to your father’s disapproval. He had no say in his marriage. And to become a widower after such a short time.” A pause. “James could have cared for that woman and still loved you. Two things can be true at once. We both know he is not a cruel man, Y/N. He is forced to play a game he has no control over. As are you.” Natasha presses a single finger against Y/N’s forehead for emphasis.
“Yes. Yes. Born to rule and tasked with the problems of the kingdom only for mine to be cast aside.” Y/N rolls her eyes.
“You are not simply a princess meant to be wed to some lord, or prince for political gain, my lady. You are heir to the throne; love has no room in your life. The throne takes precedence overall.”
“I wish you would cease reminding me, Lady Natasha.”
Both women fall into a comfortable silence. Beyond the thick walls of Y/N’s personal apartments birds sing and servants mill about their duties. Somewhere off in the distance, a lute plays a languid tune just as the sun begins her descent from the sky.
“I have missed him.” Y/N finally relents her voice barely above a whisper.
“I know, my dear. I know.”
The end of the week brings yet another gathering of nobles, and no sign of Ser James. Y/N sits to the right of her father at their table fingers merely toying with the now cold bread on her silver platter. A band plays a tune at the other end of the hall, the sound loud and obnoxious beneath tapestries meant to bring warmth to the room. Y/N finds it suffocating. A fact most evident by the rather sour expression painted on her face.
“Go and dance, daughter.” The King ushers her forward with both hands; fat fingers adorned in countless rings and shiny things. Spoils of war, and conquest. Y/N sighs gently but abides by her father’s wishes. His temper has been that of a wild dog as of late; content one moment and then rabid the next. She stands, golden gown of satin and lace cascading down each step toward the center of the hall. The band halts its tune in time for someone far off to announce her presence. All cease their movements for a moment to bow or courtesy in respect. Y/N nods solemnly in return, hands clasped at her front while she waits for one brave man to ask her for a dance. The others continue about their jig.
“I don’t remember these gatherings being so boring.” As if summoned by the Gods themselves, Ser James all but manifests from the crowd. Y/N smiles gently, not before correcting her features and donning her typical stoic glance.
“Perhaps because you spent all your time at court galivanting around and challenging noblemen to duels.” James beams at Y/N,  happy to hear her speak what seems so fondly of his time spent at court. His lips curl just so in that way they do before he laughs.
“Yes well….” He pauses, chin upturned, and brows taught at their center. “I don’t really have an excuse for that.” Y/N chuckles softly to herself, mindful of the eyes that watch over them. “Come, dance with me, Princess.” Ser James holds out a hand to her, and it is as if the world freezes for a moment.
There are implications to this dance; implications in everything Y/N is seen to do. To dance with a man all but sent from court for the fault of asking for her hand in marriage? To dance with a man who returns to court, unannounced, so shortly after the death of his wife? Scandalous. Salacious. But he stands before her in dashing attire; the sigil of his house forged by his own hands sewn into blackened tunic. His hair half pulled back to keep from his eye’s cascades down wide shoulders and stubble has begun to sprout since their last meeting at the tourney ground. Handsome indeed, and by Gods she want nothing more than to take his hand and dance as they used to.
“You are still in mourning, Ser James.” Words tumble from her lips before any thought can really be applied to them, and James’s lips turn into something akin to a frown.
“I am rather tired of all these unspoken rules, and I know you are as well, Princes. Once dance? As we used to.”
Y/N nods absently and slips her hand into his own, so massive in comparison. She wonders briefly as he tugs her deeper into the dance floor how they may feel against her skin. The band begins another song, one she and James had waltzed to plenty of times while hidden away in the gardens. Both fall into step with one another easily; Y/Ns palms against his own, the other pressed against the broad expanse of his chest. This close he smells of leather and grass. She levels her gaze past him while James sweeps her across the floor. There is no tell how much more of her demeanor she may lose were she to become lost in his eyes.
“I see you have not lost your touch.” He speaks suddenly, rocking the princess from her thoughts. Y/N peers up, her heart hammering in the center of her chest.
“Surprising. I have little time to dance between classes and lectures.”
“How boring. No more nightly escapes into the woods?” Ser James inquires with a knowing smirk, and Y/N can not help but roll her eyes.
“I am too old for such nonsense.”
“And who told you that?” his head dips lower, the point of his nose skimming the defined line of her cheek. His breath fans past her ear; Y/N sputters, brows creasing and jaw tight.  Everyone. From her ladies in waiting, to her father, to his advisors---you are too old to enjoy such things, Princess. An heir must always be seen as dignified. Heat envelopes her face; embarrassment evident. And after a moment’s silence the sudden realization of just how undignified she seems now grips her.
“Y/N….” James regards her with concern, and it is as if she is snapped back into reality. The princess pulls away suddenly, hands clasped at her front. James watches as sadness seems to overtake her.
“Thank you for the dance, Ser James.” She nods and begins her walk back to her seat by her father’s side. James bows stiffly and watches her retreat; not before the hardened gray hues of the King glues him to the spot. The king need not say a word. James can decipher enough from looks alone.
And so, he does.
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Tumblr media
# 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 | draken baji & kazutora.
# 𝐜 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 | none.
# 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫... it’s been a hot min since i posted and i promise i will get to my inbox asap :).
dates with tokyo revengers characters…
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[DRAKEN] mall date
your dates with draken always consist of going to the mall
whether you’re going to walk around or buy stuff
he always buys you food to eat as soon as y’all get there and then you begin your journey
the first store on the list is always foot locker
you guys always gotta check out the shoes that are released
sometimes you buy shoes when the time is right but most of the time you just eyeshop
you guys mainly shop in stores like Spencer's, H&M, Hot Topic (which are fucking EXPENSIVE!), etc
you guys also walk around in Bath and Body Works
draken likes to buy you nice little candles for you and if you want body care too
you guys eventually get hungry and head to the food court and have a meal
y'all usually get Sakura or McDonald's
you just sit there eat and chat, scrolling through TikTok and laughing together
as it starts to get later and you guys become tired, you start to head out
you take pictures and post them on your ig story tagging draken with a heart
later closing the day with ft otp and imessage games
Tumblr media
[KAZUTORA] latenight skating
kazutora is very spontaneous person who likes to do spontaneous things
and his two favorite things are skating and nighttime, so why not mix the two
kazutora would call you around 11 pm and tell you, not ask, to get ready
you guys would stroll down the empty street together hand in hand
kazu would offer to teach you how to skate (if you don’t know)
both of you listen to music with your airpods while walking in the warm night
there would be a quick stop in a fast food restaurant to gets you both something to eat
you guys eat and watch the scenery while sitting at the small curb
you guys have school the next day tho
so kazutora offers one last stop before being you home
a little park nearby
he takes you to see the stars and kiss you under them
afterwards kazu drops you home and facetimes you while he goes his route home
ending the night with small chat and smiles you say your goodnights to see each other later
Tumblr media
[BAJI] movie marathon
as soon as you get that call on a friday afternoon you know
either your house or his
whichever one it is tho, baji has the snacks, food and drinks ready
he makes sure to get your favorite all the time, sometimes making you try out new things that he finds
logging on or typing in a site you guys have a planned “list” of what to watch
finding the first movie you wrap yourselves under the warm blanket and begin the eating
you talk softly to each other while watching the movies
y’all laugh and judge the characters in the movie
both of you take pictures and videos for memories, trying funny filters
by movie 3 or even 2 one of you always starts to slowly lose interest or eyes are drooping
the food long gone and snacks scattered with the drink almost or fully done
so the movie is paused and the question do you wanna sleep over is asked
depending sometimes it’s a no but sometimes yes, this was that day
the light are turned off and arms are wrapped around eachother
whispers till silence then soft snores and drool
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Ok, so I’m doing this. A preview of my story featuring Javi P. and Brooklyn Thomas, a Black DEA agent.
Please be kind.
Tumblr media
“Nice evening we’re having.”
Brooklyn turned around to find her boss, standing next to her, a rare smile on his face, and a glass in his hand. Probably whiskey, dry. Unusually dressed in a teal short sleeved shirt and jeans, the most casual she had ever seen him.
“It is. How are you, Mr. Peña?”
Leaning towards her, he reassured, “We’re off the clock, Miss Thomas. You can call me Javier, or Javi. Either works.”
“And yet, you didn’t call me by my first name.”
“Would you like me to call you by your first name?”
Javier chuckled, lifting his glass. “Okay, I will do that, as long as you use my first name.”
And there it was, the signature Peña. A smirk, a wink, charm oozing out of his pores. Anything to get anyone on his good side. Brooklyn thought she was exempt from this cheesy tactic, but alas.
There was a split-second decision to nix this or play along in this not-so-subtle game.
She answered with a nod and equally charming grin, “I’ll keep that in mind.”
Tumblr media
Whew… I’ve been sitting on this for over a year. So hopefully by next week, the first chapter will be up. If you’re interested, let me know. xo
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*ೃ༄ Afterthought
Tumblr media
warnings: none
pairing: austin!elvis x black reader
word count: 684
Tumblr media
“e?” her timid voice echoes throughout the run-down barn. at the sound of her voice, said male pushes himself out of his hiding spot, not able to fight a smile once she’s in his line of sight.
she sends a smile back, but he can’t help but notice that it fails to reach her eyes.
“what’s wrong, darlin’?” the taller of the two asks. he stands patiently before her, but gets no response.
elvis gently grabs her hand and pulls her to sit on the hay bales a little ways back.
she sighs heavily, seemingly lost in her thoughts.
eventually, the girl looks up with tears glowing in her eyes.
“tell me it ain’t true.” she speaks in a hushed tone. elvis furrows his eyebrows, confused.
“(y/n), baby, you’ve got to give me more than that. i don’t know what you’re talkin’ ab-“
“mama says you’re leaving.”
his blood runs cold at the declaration, having thought about this moment multiple times in the past week.
it wasn’t supposed to go like this.
(y/n) stares at him awaiting an answer, a few tears falling down her cheeks as the boy stares back dumbfounded.
it was true, she concluded.
“why didn’t you tell me? y-you promised me i’d be the first to know if you ever got scouted.”
“i didn’t want to hurt you.” he says truthfully.
elvis and (y/n) had been friends for seven years now, ever since his family of three moved to memphis.
despite being thirteen and rather immature, the two hit it off immediately, becoming inseparable, much to their mama’s dismay.
they caused quite the ruckus around the neighborhood.
their shared appreciation of music only further enhanced their friendship, so much so that they foolishly promised not to pursue it without the other.
unfortunately for them, this promise was based on naïvety and childish hope.
as the two got older, it began to sink in that there was only a chance at one of them actually making it big.
not wanting to face the harsh and disgusting reality, they ignored it all the way up until now, when they couldn’t anymore.
“it hurts more knowing that you were gonna keep it from me.” she exhales, squeezing the raven haired boy’s still intertwined hand, “i just keep thinking ‘bout all the possibilities…like you just disappearing without a word.”
“come on now, (n/n). i ain’t heartless. i was going to tell you at some point.”
elvis lets go of the girl’s hand and stretches his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. he leaves a gentle kiss on the top of her head at the sound of her sniffles.
“what if you forget about me?”
“it’s only for four days right now, doll. m’just testing the waters.” he chuckles.
he takes his sleeve in his hand and rubs at her cheeks, silently pleading with her eyes to cease the tears.
“and if it goes well?” (y/n) makes eye contact with him for the first time that day, her heart constricting at the concern tainting those beautiful blue eyes, “what if it goes on for years and you never come back to me?”
elvis sighs, grabbing her cheeks between his thumb and forefinger, “if it somehow gets to be any longer than four days, i’ll take you with me. m’sure the colonel won’t mind.”
another naïve statement, but it was worth it to see the smile break out across her face.
“would ya really?! i’ve never been out of the state…do you think it’s any different from here?” the brown skinned girl goes off on a tangent, muttering to herself about all the sights she’d love to see.
elvis’ swallows thickly, ignoring the ache in his heart.
he pulls the girl into a warm hug, cutting her off mid-rant.
“you okay?” she asks softly, eliciting a chuckle from the blue eyed boy. she had just been crying less than five minutes ago and yet she was asking him if he was okay.
elvis nods, squeezing her tighter.
“there is no one else in this universe i’d rather be following my dreams with. remember that, baby.”
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𝐑𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝐦𝐞
{11.5: let’s talk
Staring: frat boy!ateez x black fem!reader
Tags: swearing, poly stuff you should know this alr, continuation of last chapter
Faq; still congested, still feeling crappy}
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Chapter note: I literally can’t think of anything I’m so groggy
Tag list: @hoohoohope @kitty4hwa @dees-writing-corner @atinypurr @phoenix-karma @yoongiigolden
Summary: the Ateez frat was popular for many things: having stupid handsome members, fun but organized parties, great booze, and the fact that the house members almost never slept with anyone. It was rare for it to ever happen, and if it did, no one remembered it. With their polyamory relationship being filled with eight highly bi-sexual and hormonal men, the boys decided maybe it was time to find someone with a more… feminine touch. And that was where you came in… strangely enough.
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winterbimbwo · a day ago
Starting off the blog with some Mitsuya <3
Tumblr media
Mitsuya Takashi will always live up to his soft and calm quiet personality despite the outlandish things he can do sometime it was evident with how he was in between your legs as you cooked breakfast.
You looked down at him making a small breath a air.”’S-Suya..”Your shorts were around your ankles and panties down with them as he did soft kitty licks to your clit he only poked his head up to say,”Well don’t mind me sweetheart,keep cooking.” His head went back down as you just did a whimper in response and continued to cook.
Yes, your soft spoken boyfriend can sometimes be very outlandish.
Tumblr media
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cw: none
🏷: @nasty-quillz , @dejwrites , @wh0reforlevi , @bookwormsenpai , @kuromi-kouhai-blog , @kaedeakeshisworld , @namjoonswifeyy , @shikamaruhairline , @angelktski , @cosmicdoechii , @weird-dere-fics , @miah-pooh , @pervysenpaix , @tonaken , @glmpsfs , @madsttx , @captaindsina , @thereallkeona , @whiskey-19 , @simpliheavenli , @bunniieboo , @gardenof-venus , @royalty-cashinout , @echobluelocation , @bunnyyamor , @weird-dere , @camilleonn , @lordmypantsaresocool
Tumblr media
Katsuki stalked your page for a year before hiring a private investigator to check how you were.
He only checked because Shitty Hair needed a new website for his merch line and was blabbing on and on about how amazing the new website designer ‘L/n’ was.
As soon as he heard the name, he froze, memories flooding back to him.
He hadn’t heard from you in sixteen whole years and thought you had disappeared from the face of the earth. So he decided to finally unblock you on Instagram—surprised you still had the same page—and see what you were doing.
The first thing he saw was you with a tall boy standing under a Christmas tree in the park. Both of you are smiling and hugging each other. The boy has vitiligo like you. A family member?
He scrolls further and sees you’re doing well for yourself. You became a graphic designer. Good for you, and you seem to be happy.
Then he pauses on one picture of the young boy holding what’s possibly the best painting he’s ever seen, smiling wide and holding a small trophy in the other hand.
‘My baby’s a winner❤️❤️.’
Katsuki zooms in and sees the kid’s eyes. Red. Judging by the looks, the kid can’t be older than fifteen or sixteen.
Sixteen years ago…
Katsuki jolts up in bed. “Holy shit…I have a son!”
Okay, let’s not jump to conclusions. It could be anyone’s kid.
So what does he do? Confront you head-on, and sure enough, it’s his kid.
The circumstances are less than ideal, but he’ll take what he can get.
He shows up precisely at six p.m at your house. Rory opens the door for him, surprisingly excited.
“Ma’s just getting ready, come in. Guys, Bakugou is here!”
Katsuki walks into the living room and sees Blaze lying shirtless on the rug. Naomi is cracking an egg on his stomach and cheering when it starts to sizzle.
“What the hell is happening?”
“We’re seeing what we can cook on Blaze,” Rory tells him like it’s the most obvious thing. “We’re about to try popcorn.”
Katsuki decides not to say anything and just sits down to watch. His son is definitely weird.
You come downstairs in a red dress, standing in the middle of the living room. “Okay, do we like the dress? Say yes or I’ll throw up. What about the hair? Maybe I should wear a wig.” You fluff up your twist out.
“Wow ma, you look awesome!” Rory grins, patches forming several hearts.
“Yeah, Miss l/n,” Blaze agrees, eating the popcorn he just popped in his hand.
“Smoking,” Naomi giggles.
Katsuki stares at you, too in awe to say anything.
You adjust the dress. “Okay, you three know the routine. Don’t blow anything up and if you do, make sure you do it outside. Tell me if you’re going out. There’s leftovers in the fridge or just order something. Fill Bakugou in on the rest. Bye.” You wave and scurry out of the front door.
“Bye,” the kids chorus and go back to their task.
Katsuki hums. “Kid, where’s your mom going?”
“Ino’s with some guy she met on tinder.”
Katsuki’s eyes narrow. “Really?” A pang of jealousy hits him, but he just pushes it down. “So what do you do for fun except for committing crimes?”
“Study,” Rory says and puts a slice of bacon on Blaze’s chest.
“We go to the mall and stuff,” Naomi smiles.
“I run track,” Blaze offers and noms on popcorn. “So are you friends with Red Riot? He’s so cool.”
“Ooh, what about Hawks?” Naomi grins, wings fluffing up.
“None of you like Dynamight?”
The trio look between each other, mumbling awkwardly and not keeping eye contact with Katsuki.
Katsuki makes an offended noise. “What the fuck?!”
Naomi clears her throat. “Your full name kind of sucks.”
“Also you’re a dick,” Rory shrugs.
“Watch it, I’m still your dad.”
“Uh huh. Weird ass nigga,” he mumbles under his breath.
“What did you just say?! Did you just say a slur?”
The three look between each other and then back at him. “I mean—” Rory gestures to the three of them. “We can say it.”
Katsuki rolls his eyes. “Yes, I'm friends with Red Riot. Not the flying chicken though.”
“Aw,” Naomi pouts.
“He's like eight years older than us. The chances of us working are slim but not impossible. Honestly he should just retire, he’s pushing fifty.”
“You sound ageist,” Blaze says and eats more popcorn.
“Yeah! Eraserhead didn't retire till he was sixty-five!” Rory protests.
“Aizawa didn't retire until he was sure he had the right protege to take his place and he has two so it's not ageist. Hawks isn't training anyone so he’s probably going to keep going til he fucking dies. Why didn’t you three decide to be heroes?”
“Are you kidding? That shit is scary!” Rory huffs. “We’re fine being regular people.”
“You’re not going to be heroes?”
They shake their heads.“Nope.”
Katsuki sighs. “There goes my chance of passing the mantle.”
“Just make another kid.”
“Oh god no, I never wanted crotch goblins in the first place. No offense.”
Rory frowns. “You know what, we’re just gonna go to the park, you’re a bummer.”
“No wait! Why don’t I—Uh—take you guys out?” ‘And spy on your mom.’
“To do what?” Naomi asks, raising an eyebrow.
“I could help you with your quirks, maybe treat you guys to some rolled ice cream after.”
“I’m lactose intolerant,” Rory says.
“But you ate pizza.”
“I can eat cheese, just not ice cream.”
“Alright, then what do you like to eat kid?”
“Spicy chicken karaage and mapo tofu.”
“You like spicy food?”
“He loves it. He brings his own hot sauce to school cause the school food is bland as shit,” Blaze snickers.
“Dude, shut uppp,” Rory whines.
“You do though.”
“Alright, alright. If I take you kids out, will you let your mom know I'm not a bad person.”
Rory pretends to think. “Sure, for fifteen thousand yen I could. Each.”
“Fine. I know bird chick can fly, redhead, what's your quirk?”
Blaze ignites his fingers and then makes a ball of fire in his hands. “This, but all over. I don’t want to set the house on fire. Rory’s mom would kill me.”
“He burnt down the playground when we were kids. His moms were so mad,” Rory laughs.
“But dad was proud,” he grins.
“Alright, get your shit together, and go outside,” Katsuki directs. “I have to make a call.”
The teens roll their eyes and go out to the Porsche before deciding to take photos on it for Instagram and Snapchat.
Taking out his phone, Katsuki dialed a number; his phone moved away from his ear, expecting Eijirou’s usual loud greeting.
“Bakubro! Hey man, it’s been a while! How are you?”
“I’m fine, Shitty Hair. I hate to say this but I need your help.”
“Always happy to help! What’s up?”
Twenty minutes later, a red Audi pulls up, and Eijirou steps out. “Heyyyy.”
The three kids move away from the Porsche, staring at Eijirou.
“Oh my god!” Blaze yells, running up to Eijirou. “Red Riot, I’m your biggest fan! I love you! I have all your action figures and I kept the ones I accidentally melted too. Sign my arm please—oh my god, I’m crying. I just love you so much.” Blaze sobs from excitement, wiping his streaky eyeliner.
“Kid, breathe,” he chuckles. Walking over to his trunk, he takes out one of the pop figurines and a sharpie. “What’s your name?”
“Blaze Johnson.”
“You’re American?”
Blaze wipes his tears. “No, my dad is Nigerian but I was born here. I’m so excited.”
“Well, Blaze, your quirk sounds really cool. Can’t wait to hear more about it.”
“More?” Naomi speaks up. “Whaddya mean?”
“I’m hanging out with you kids and Bakubro tonight.”
“He called in backup?” Rory scoffs, “Knew he couldn’t handle it.”
“I’m not exactly backup. He knew how much you kids admired me and as his best bud, I had to come along and meet my fans,” Eijirou smiles.
Blaze grips the box so tight it crinkles. “I will cherish this forever. Rory, you better forgive your dad and be cool so I can get more merch.”
“He got my ma pregnant then didn't even care until now. Seventeen fuckin’ years too late,” he grumbles.
“My man, Bakugou didn’t even know you existed until your mom worked for me for a bit. And he was an idiot. But he wants to make up for it. He knows what he did was shitty and he feels terrible but, please, give him a chance?” Eijirou smiles.
“Don’t be a dick, dude,” Blaze grumbles, nudging Rory in the arm.
“He has a valid point,” Naomi replies. “I mean I’d be mad too if I had a parent who was absent almost my whole life just pop back up but maybe just give him a chance?”
“Only if you want to though,” Katsuki adds.
“I’ll think about it,” Rory mumbles. “Can we go now?”
“Hand me your keys so I can lock the door.”
Tossing his keys to Katsuki, he goes and locks your door before climbing into his car. “Kid, you’re with me. You two, ride with Shitty Hair.”
“Yes!” Blaze cheers.
“Will my wings fit in there?” Naomi wonders aloud.
“Don’t worry, there’s plenty of space,” Eijirou reassures her and opens the back door. “Hop in.”
Meanwhile, you’re sitting in the restaurant, bouncing your foot nervously as you wait. “Where is he…” you mumble to yourself.
Thirty minutes after you arrived, a man with dark green hair and a simple white button-up steps in. He looks around and sees you before rushing over. “Sorry I’m late, traffic.”
���It’s fine, I just got here, actually,” you lie and shake his hand.
“You look great,” he smiles. “I love your hair.”
“Oh, thank you,” you smile back. “I’m glad you made it. Let’s order.” Luckily you’ve been going over the menu for the past twenty minutes, so you know what you want.
“So, your profile said you were a graphic designer,” Zanshimi, your date, smiles. “What’s that like? Any big clients?”
“Actually, I designed the billboard on Sakura highway. The Uravity one.”
“Woah, good for you. It’s a great piece.”
“Thank you, it was fun to do. My son helped me out.”
“Oh right, you mentioned your son.”
The waiter comes over to take your orders.
“Your vitiligo is so interesting. It reminds me of a lava lamp the way it moves, god I’m showing my age,” he chuckles.
“No, no, it’s okay,” you giggle. “Lava lamps are pretty, and you look great for your age. My dad used to say the same thing, actually. So,” you smile while reaching for a piece of bread. “What field do you work in?”
“I work for 119 hotline.”
“Wow, I bet you hear all kinds of scary stuff.”
“Yeah, most of them are basic, mainly robberies or fires, the occasional fallen elderly,” he chuckles, drinking his club soda.
After a little more conversation, you’re feeling much less nervous. Zanshimi’s cute, sweet and smart.
“You don’t mind if I go for a smoke, do you?”
You pause, the fork of wagyu beef halfway to your mouth. “I’m sorry, smoke?”
He holds up a pack of cigarettes. You gag internally, hoping your patches don’t give away how you’re really feeling, but plaster a smile on your face. “No…not at all.”
When he leaves, you rub your face. “Of course he smokes.” You shove the piece into your mouth and chew angrily.
“—so in total there’s eighteen of us,” Blaze finishes.
“Kid, your dad is a stallion.”
The group keeps walking down the path in the empty park, stopping in an open space.
Katsuki nudges Rory. “So what exactly can you do with your quirk except blind people?”
“Ma said that when I was like two I was playing tag with my aunt and she got covered in paint then I got fussy, hit the ground and the paint exploded causing a giant crater in my grandparents backyard. I don’t do explosions though because why would I?”
Naomi tugs his arm. “Ooh, we should show them the Fireball!”
“Fireball?” Katsuki asks.
“Oh you guys are gonna love this!”
Naomi plucks a few of her outer feathers and squishes them into a ball, handing it to Rory. Rory covers it in black paint and winds it back, tossing it in the air.
Blaze aims with his pointer finger and shoots a stream of fire at the ball, making it explode loudly in the air. Loud enough to set off a few car alarms in the distance.
“Boom!” Blaze cheers. “Set everything on fire!”
“Easy ya lil arsonist,” Katsuki tells him. “Why can you three do that?”
“We got really bored one day and I learnt my paint was flammable outside my hands too then—” he gestures to the sky. “Boom.”
“Hm, cool. You sweat a lot?”
“Ew no!”
Blaze and Naomi nod behind him.
Katsuki can’t help but smile. “You’re just like me.”
Blaze snorts. “His sweat is colored sometimes. It’s so gross.”
“Colored? Weird but quirk side effects aren’t uncommon.”
“Yeah, my quirk makes my skin peel off when I use my Unbreakable,” Eijirou chimes in. “It’s like a bad rug burn for a few days.”
“Woah,” the kids chime as Katsuki rolls his eyes.
“It’s not like Mr. Perfect Hero here has any weaknesses,” Rory scoffs.
“Who said that?” Katsuki grumbles. “Just cause I’m not a collision fighter like Shitty hair doesn’t mean I don’t have weaknesses. I’m just smart enough not to show them. Be smart so you can make me look good.”
“I hope Ma is having a better time than me.”
You’re completely turned off from your date now. Idly nodding along as he talks, thinking about the tub of ice cream in the freezer.
“So your son, is his father in his life?”
“Huh? I guess you could say that. Just popped back into his life.”
“Why didn’t you two stay together?”
“We…wanted different things.”
“You sound like you’re upset about him coming back.”
You wave dismissively. “No, I don’t really care. What about you? Any kids or thoughts of starting a family in the future?”
“I don’t really want kids. They’re little menaces, if you ask me. I’m not looking for anything serious to be honest. Don’t you think we’re a little too old for that now?”
“What? I’m not old. I’m thirty seven. I wouldn’t mind getting married.”
“Time’s passed, sweetheart.” He shrugs.
You stare at him and drop the fork. “I left the oven on…”
He watches you stand and grab your purse, walking towards the exit.
You walk out of the restaurant,  irritated and upset, wiping away angry tears that start to fall down your cheeks. You take out your phone and text Rory to ask how he’s doing.
He sends a selfie of himself with Katsuki in the background yelling at Eijirou.
‘He’s being weird about our quirks😗✌🏽’
“What?” You mutter and ask where he is.
‘At Tomodachi Park. He bought us food too 😁😁’
Guess you’re going to Tomodachi park.
Pulling up to the park entrance, you walk towards the clearing and see paint puddles on the walkway. Carefully avoiding them, you make your way towards the sounds of fun being had.
You watch from a paint-free part of the path and as much as you hate to admit it, watching Katsuki bond with Rory makes you smile.
“Would I be able to fly too?” Rory asks Katsuki.
“Probably not, kid. But, you’d be a great landmine.”
Rory groans and sees you approaching. “Ma?”
You wave awkwardly. “Hey.”
“Hi Miss l/n!” Blaze waves from where he’s standing with Eijirou.
“Ma, what’re you doing here?”
“Meh, date went to shit. A forty year old called me old, okay.”
“Do you want me to, y’know?” Blaze asks, igniting his index finger.
“Thank you, sweetie, but no. I just want to go home.”
“Oi, Shitty Hair, take the kids towards the trees for a minute, will ya?”
Eijirou nods and takes the teens to train further away, just out of earshot.
“So, how was it?” Katsuki asks, looking at you. “Was he really that bad?”
“Asshole said kids are little menaces and that I was too old to have another kid. I could have a kid until I’m forty-five, but apparently, we’re too old to get married. There’s no age limit to getting married. Why go on a date if you just want to be a ‘bachelor’? Fuckin shame.”
“Do you want another kid?”
“Oh god, no. One is fine. But the fact that he said that about children in general, he’d probably think the same about Rory. I’m glad I walked out on him.”
“You met him on Tinder, right?”
“How’d you know?”
“Rory mentioned it. But you shouldn’t have had to go on a shitty date like that. Probably swiped right on your profile to get his dick wet.”
‘Hypocrite.’ “Uh huh, you’d know.”
Katsuki groans, and you nearly laugh at how it sounds exactly like Rory’s groan when he doesn’t want to do chores. “That was over ten years ago.”
You hum an annoyed ‘mhm’ and start walking. “Unfortunately I have a constant reminder.”
“A good one, though, right?” he asks as he follows you.
“I guess. He’s my everything.”
“He’s a good kid. Could be a good hero too, but explosive art seems cool too,” Katsuki chuckles as one of Rory’s paint puddles pop. He takes a step back to look at you. “I didn’t tell you how great you look tonight.”
“I’m not having sex with you.”
“Dammit woman! Let me compliment you.”
You snort quietly and start laughing. “You haven’t changed a bit.”
“That’s not true, I’ve changed plenty.”
You turn and face him. “Apart from new scars and getting pudgier, what changed?”
“Pudgier?! I’m just as toned as I was when we met!”
“No you’re not. You’ve definitely gained weight since I last saw you. That slowed down metabolism is catching up to you.” You gently smack his soft stomach.
“Tch, I could say the same about you.”
“I had a baby, jerk. Your baby. But I still think I look good.”
“You do look good. Really good.”
You put your hand in his face. “Ugh, go away. Rory! We’re going home.”
“Aw man!” Rory whines and trudges over to you. “Is Bakugou coming with us to grandpa’s house next Saturday?”
“Don’t talk about it!”
“What’s happening next week?”
“My birthday.”
Katsuki turns to you. “Really? I had no idea. Must’ve slipped your mom's mind.”
“Dammit Rory!” You smack his arm.
“Ow, what? I was just asking. I’m becoming an adult,” he says proudly.
You roll your eyes. “Eighteen is hardly an adult but okay. Just get in the car, all of you.” You call the other two.
He says goodbye with his friends and walks down the path towards the entrance.
Eijirou whistles when he sees you. “You look great, L/n. It’s been a while. The website you worked on is awesome.”
You smile at him. “Nice to see you too, Kirishima. It has been a while. How’re things? Mina told me you and Kaminari got married.”
“Yeah, we did. About three years ago. We’re thinking about having a baby.”
“Well I'm happy for you two. I changed my number, Lemme give it to you.”
Katsuki sputters. “Why're you nice to Shitty Hair?!”
“Because he didn't date me only to get in my pants and he was nice to me.”
You and Eijirou exchange information.
“If you ever need a babysitter, call me,” he grins.
“Kirishima, what the fuck?!” Katsuki glares.
“Aht, no one’s talking to you,” you shush him. “I’ll see you around, Kirishima. Say hi to Denki for me.” You wave and start walking down the path.
Katsuki groans, rubbing his face.
“You still like her don’t you?” Eijirou chuckles. 
“No shit, Sherlock. But she hates me.”
“Then show her the gentle side of you. Give it a while, she might come around. I should get home.”
In the car, the kids are chatting excitedly about their night. You open the driver's side and sigh. “You guys have fun?”
“Yes Ms. L/n.” Naomi and Blaze grin.
“Yeah, Ma.” Rory hums.
“I’m glad.”
“So is he coming next week or not?”
“Rory, I dunno. He’s a hero, he’s probably busy.”
Candy’s crazy barking woke you up. You peel yourself out of bed and put on your silk robe before going downstairs.
“It’s fucking eight in the morning, who the hell is that?”
Peeking out the window, your eyes widen. “What the fuck?!”
You open the door. “Bakugou? It is eight in the damn morning, why’re you here?!”
“You said it's the kid’s birthday so I thought I’d hang out with him or help you set up for the party.
“Ugh, whatever. Take him…shopping or something while we set up.”
After fully waking up a couple hours later, you and your siblings worked together on decorating the backyard of your childhood home, setting up tables, fairy lights, and gift area for the presents. You smile as you finish hanging up the last set of lights. 
“This is a nice set up you got here. Anything else you need help with?” Sero asks.
“No, I think it’s good. Thanks.”
Kan and her partner, Kiyoshi, come through the backyard fence door with their kids. “I’ve arrived! The party can start.”
“It’s nice to see you too, Kan. Hi Kiyoshi.”
Kiyoshi waves silently, helping the one year olds stand.
“Hi babies,” you wave at them, giggling when they try to waddle towards you. “Oh you're so cute!”
The girl, Noelle, trips and falls on her hands, whining loudly.
“Don’t look at her or she’s going to cry,” Kan tells you, clearly exhausted. “Also, bomb drop, we’re having another baby. Pshewwww,” she mimics a bomb exploding.
“What?! You can’t just randomly tell me that! How far along are you?!”
“I dunno,” she chuckles. “I puked a bunch, pissed on the stick and it told me I’m pregnant.”
“How do you not know?!”
Kan shrugs nonchalantly.
You groan and make your way inside, checking on the snacks you had laid out.
“Who ate all the hot chips!” you shout as you hear footsteps rushing away. “Rory will be here soon and now we don’t have his favourite snack.”
Seo comes out through the back door. “Relax, we have plenty.” He holds up the two family size bags of chips.
“Thanks, papa.”
You still haven’t told him Katsuki is coming but you hope he’ll take it well…
Arai rushes out, question marks and exclamation points floating above his head as he points inside the house.
“What’s wrong?” Seo asks.
One of Katsuki’s gauntlets forms over Arai’s head.
Alan comes out. “Dynamight is outside with Rory!”
Well shit, there goes your plan to tell them he’s coming.
”Oh god,” you groan, covering your face in shame. 
Seo turns to you. “Y/n, why is he with Rory? Did you invite him here?”
“Y/n! Have you lost your goddamn mind?!”
“In my defence! He kind of just popped back into my life a few weeks ago.”
Arai pats his back and nods.
“You knew about this?! What other secrets are you keeping from me? I’m telling him to leave.”
Seo turns and sees Katsuki standing on the back porch with Rory.
“Holy shit, he’s really here,” Mama Mai mumbles.
“He wants to be in Rory’s life,” you mutter.
“No!” Seo groans and marches up to Katsuki. “You, get off my property or I’m calling the police!”
“Grandpa, chill.” Rory placates. “He’s cool.”
Katsuki awkwardly holds out the casserole dish he’s holding. “I brought mapo tofu?”
You groan in embarrassment. Everyone is busy staring at him, not sure what to think or do.
Kan clears her throat. “Is the party over orrrr…”
“Half the guests aren't here yet, so no, I don't think so,” Kiyoshi replies. 
“Damn, this is getting good though.”
Seo moves to shove Katsuki but Arai holds his arms. “I don’t want him in my house!”
“Okay, everyone relax,” you call out. “Papa, chill out before your heart explodes.”
Seo huffs and takes a deep breath. “Okay, I need an explanation right now.”
You more or less fill him in, hoping he doesn’t stay mad for too long.
“Okay…sure. I’m still fuming but I’ll hold it off for the birthday boy.”
“Thank you papa
Arai takes the casserole dish, eyes narrowed, and heads inside.
“Happy birthday, buddy,” Seo smiles, hugging Rory. “You’re a big boy now. I remember how small you were as a baby, memories some of us actually have.” He side-eyes Katsuki.
“Papa…” you warn.
“I’m just being honest. Come on, we have your favourite snacks.” He ushers Rory away to the snack table.
“So your parents still hate me,” Katsuki sighs, following you to get a drink from the cooler.
Katsuki sees Kan staring at him and stares back. “I remember you.”
“I remember you too. Honestly I hoped you were dead but here we are,” she snips.
“Our son is a big fan of yours,” Kiyoshi smiles and gestures to the toddler hiding behind his leg. “You wanna say hi, son?”
Kan bounces Noelle on her hip and points at Katsuki. “Noelle, look at him. That’s what we call an asshole. Stay away from guys like him.”
“Good girl.”
Katsuki grumbles under his breath. “I’m not letting my day be ruined.” He reaches for a coke can and jerks his hand away when it shocks him. “What the fuck?!”
“Whoops,” Mini Mai smiles tensely. “It was an accident. Guess you can’t drink anything, Aw.” She fake pouts.
Katsuki sighs and grabs another before yelping again when it happens twice. “Are you kidding me? So I can’t have anything?”
“Invited guests only,” Alan huffs.
“Rory invited me.”
“Yeah, we weren’t aware of that. Too bad.”
“Y/n, help me dammit.”
You pop the cork on a bottle of champagne. “I don’t care enough. You can have some of this champagne though.”
“I drove here,” he grits out.
“Damn, that’s tough.” You hum and pour yourself a glass.
Rolling his eyes, Rory grabs an untampered can of soda and gives it to Katsuki. “Here you go, Bakugou.”
“Thanks, kid.”
About an hour or so later, the rest of the guests arrive. Naomi comes with her older sister who clearly doesn’t not want to be there and Blaze comes alone.
“Dynamight’s here?” Naomi asks, handing her wrapped present to you.
“Rory invited him,” you grit out and take the present, putting it in the small pile.
“Oh…neat. Happy birthday, Rory,” she smiles and hugs him.
Rory ignores the hearts forming from his patches and hugs her back.
Katsuki sips his soda. “She his girlfriend or something?” He asks you.
“No, because he’s too pussy to make a move even though it’s so obvious she likes him too.”
“Should we help him?”
“Nah, he’ll figure it out eventually,” you mumble. “So, what’d you get him?”
“That's for me to know and him to find out. It should be delivered tomorrow.”
You give him a suspicious look. “I hope it’s not something crazy.”
“It’s not crazy.”
“Hm…if you say so. I can’t believe he’s eighteen. He’s going to graduate highschool in a month then it’s off to college and I’ll be an empty nester,” you whine, wiping a fake tear.
Katsuki feels a little sad that he missed so many important milestones. “Has he applied to college?”
“Of course. He got accepted into all of them but he really has his heart set on Tokyo University of arts.”
“Prestigious school. Can you afford it?”
You shift awkwardly in place. “I’ve saved up for it so we should be able to.”
“You know I could pay for it,” he suggests.
‘Really?’  “I know you could but I don't know how Rory and I would feel about it, y’know, morally.”
“I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.”
You pause, thinking it over. “I’ll think about it. I’m going inside for presents.”
Katsuki reluctantly follows you, ending up sitting by himself on a dining room chair. Rory runs through all his new presents, smiling at every single one.
“And now it’s my turn!” You say excitedly and sit next to him. “It probably sucks compared to the rest but it means the world to me. Here.” You drop a set of keys with a tiny easel keychain in his hand. “My parents gave me my scooter when I turned eighteen so now I’m giving it to you.”
Rory gasps excitedly. “Really?! Wow, thanks Ma! I love it.”
You laugh as he hugs you. “Hopefully this’ll inspire you to finally get your license and stop begging me for rides.”
“Yeah! I’ll get it before college, I promise! I’m gonna put so many ugly bumper stickers on it.”
Katsuki feels something tug on his pants and he looks down and sees KJ holding onto him. “Damight!”
“Damight? Heh, that’s right little guy,” Katsuki chuckles. “I am Damight,” he smiles.
“Die!” KJ yells and Katsuki chokes on his spit.
“Even knows my old catchphrase.”
Kan picks him up, turning her nose up at Katsuki. “Don’t talk to him, Junior. He’s a jerk.”
“No! Buv Damight! Wa Damight!” KJ sobs.
“Okay, relax.” She puts him back down so he can hug Katsuki’s leg. “Ugh, traitor.”
Kiyoshi rubs her back. “Don’t be like that darling. Noelle’s the same with Pinky over there.”
Kan looks over at Noelle who’s clinging to Mina as she holds her and patting her face occasionally while squealing. “Piky!”
“Buv ooh Damight,” KJ coos.
Katsuki tentatively pats his head. “Thanks kid. First time feeling welcomed since I got here.”
“Wonder why,” Kan rolls her eyes.
“You’re acting like we dated.”
“Boy fuck you.”
Kiyoshi shushes her. “Don’t stress yourself out, let’s just go over there and get some water.” They lead her away towards the kitchen.
Seo takes the glass of champagne away from you. “The bar is now closed.”
“What? I’ve only had three glasses.”
“On an empty stomach and you’re a lightweight. Didn’t you drive?”
You scoff, swaying a little. “That’s why you’re driving me, duh. Rory is going out with his friends and I’m gonna be home alone. S’boring!”
Arai shakes his head, silently chuckling.
“Why not hang out with Bakugou?” Your mom offers, absolutely tearing into the mapo tofu in the casserole dish. “Bakugou, you can cook. This shit is so good. Unless you didn’t make it yourself then tell whoever did they deserve to get their ass ate.”
Katsuki smiles, confused at the unconventional compliment. “I made it myself, ma’am.”
“You deserve to get your ass ate.”
“Thank you?”
Arai chuckles and makes an inkblot into multiple bottles and a question mark.
“No, she’s not drunk,” Seo snickers. “Mai’s just being Mai.”
You whine, flopping on the couch. “I’m not hanging out with my ex.”
“It might be fun,” Mai continues.
“Yeah that’s what I was thinking when he fffffucked me and kicked me out with no shoes on. Didn’t even buy me a plan B, Kiyoshi did.”
The room falls deathly silent. Even the babies stopped giggling and gurgling.
“Wow,” Sero breaks the silence as Mina slaps her forehead. “Not cool dude.”
“Please don’t bring me into this,” Kiyoshi mutters, awkwardly sipping his water.
You turn on your side, looking at Katsuki. “Why don’t you tell everyone how you convinced me it was ‘fine, we don’t need a condom cause you’re a virgin’ Bah!” You scoff, flicking your wrist at him. “Then you told me to, and I quote—“ you clear your throat loudly. “‘Get the fuck out, I have shit to do.’ How I wasn’t a good enough lay for you to love me.”
Kan picks up KJ. “This was a great party, I…left my hot comb on? Yeah that’s a good excuse. Kiyo?”
“Yeah, let’s go. Thank you for having us,” he takes Noelle’s hand.
Kan rubs your arm. “I’ll call you.”
You smile drunkenly at her and wave. “Bye besties. Bye bye babies.”
You coo and hug Rory. “Baby, I ruined your birthday. I’m so sorry.”
“No, Ma, it’s fine. I’m not mad at you.”
“My little ink bubble. You’re the only good thing to come out of that relationship.”
Katsuki shifts awkwardly in the chair, drinking the rest of the coke.
Naomi nudges Blaze and glances at Rory.
“Huh? Oh. Dude, we should go to the movies now.”
“My sister is driving,” Naomi adds.
“Yeah, we should. Maybe do some karaoke too while we’re out. Thanks for the party everyone. I’ll see you later Ma.”
“Do you have your keys? Everything?”
“Yup.” He hugs you and pecks your cheek quickly then goes around hugging everyone else except Katsuki. “Bye everyone.”
The two Mai’s are the next to leave then Alan, leaving just your dads, Katsuki, Mina and Sero.
“So that was ruined,” Seo sighs, clearing the plates. “Let me clean up then I’ll drive you home, inkblot.”
You rub your face, humming in acknowledgment. Arai rubs your back soothingly. “Dad, I’m fine. I just shouldn’t have drank on an empty stomach.”
Mina helps Seo clean up while Sero takes down the decorations.
Katsuki stands, stretching. “Maybe I should just go.”
“Yeah, you should,” Seo tells him.
As he’s going, he hears your quiet crying and pauses. “Why did he do that to me?”
Arai helps you stand, his inkblots forming trees and the moon as he leads you outside for some air.
“You’re the worst,” Mina scolds Katsuki.
“I know,” he sighs. “I’m trying to fix my mistake.”
“Better hurry.”
He goes outside and sees you sitting on the front steps of the house, Arai standing next to you.
“Can I speak to her?” Katsuki asks Arai.
He shrugs and pats your back one last time before going inside. Katsuki sits next to you, watching the spring sunset. “Are you okay?”
“I’m so embarrassed,” you sniffle, wiping your nose with the long sleeve of your shirt. “Rory is going to hate me. This is such a big day for him and his emotional wreck of a mom can’t get her shit together over something that happened almost twenty years ago.”
“You’re not an emotional wreck,” Katsuki sighs. 
“You always called me a crybaby…”
“I never really meant it back then. You’re not a crybaby. I never meant to hurt you, honestly. I was immature and acted like a jerk to hide how I really felt about you.”
You turn to face him. “Why would you do that to me? I tried so hard to make things work between us but you were just so mean to me. Then you’d act like nothing happened and love bomb me.”
“Back then I thought the only thing women wanted from me was getting to gossip about fucking Dynamight or money. But then we started dating and you made me feel good about myself. I don’t think I knew how to process that fully.” He inhales deeply. “I came outside to look for you after I kicked you out but your friend had just driven off. By then I knew it was too late and that I’d made the worst mistake of my life.”
“Why didn’t you call me?”
“Would you have answered?”
You think about it. “No, probably not. I was miserable for weeks after it happened. Then I found out I was pregnant and it was a lot at once. Even worse was that it was your baby. I love my son more than anything, but sometimes I wish he wasn’t yours. Literally anyone else’s. Because—Jesus—I lost my virginity and I got pregnant?! God hated me back then.” You sigh, tiredly flopping your head on his shoulder. “Why did you have to be so stupid?”
He puts his arm around your shoulders. “Because I'm an idiot,” he chuckles. “But I want to make up for the bullshit I put you through…”
“Yeah, I heard you the first hundred times. I’m still mad at you but we have a kid so unfortunately you’re stuck in my life. Also I’m a little drunk and I’ll have to go home and do my skincare routine and pbbt…”
Katsuki chuckles and shakes his head. “You are drunk.”
“Whatever, just enjoy the view.” You hum, watching the orange and purple sky. “This would be an amazing painting.”
“I’d love to see it. Why don’t we start over?”
He holds his hand out. You stare at it, confused. “Huh?”
“Just shake it.”
You put your hand in his, letting him shake it once. “Now what?”
“The name’s Bakugou Katsuki, nice to meet you.”
You can’t help but laugh. “I’m L/n Y/n. Nice to meet you too, Bakugou Katsuki.”
“Hope we can be friends.”
“Mm, yeah, friends.”
“What did he say?” Mina asks Arai who makes a question mark of his own.
Arai shrugs, still watching.
“I don’t trust him,” Seo grumbles. “Why is her head on his shoulder? Did she pass out?”
Hanta watches Katsuki put out his hand. “He asked to start over.”
“Aww,” Mina swoons. “It’s just like the cheesy romcoms.”
“Is that a good sign?” Seo asks.
“Hopefully. Gotta wait and see.”
Seo huffs. “I’m breaking this up.” He marches outside, clapping loudly. “Alright, break it up. Time for me to take my daughter home. Come on, Y/n, I’ll pack the presents in your car.”
Shakily, you stand up, leaning on Katsuki for support. “Good talk, Bakugou.”
“You can call me Katsuki.”
“I think the fuck not,” Seo growls.
“Ma! Ma wake up.” Rory shakes you awake. You snort and look up at him, groaning at the bright light coming from the open window.
“Someone better be fucking dying,” you mumble and yawn.
“Bakugou is outside with a car that has a huge red ribbon on it.”
“Mm, that’s nice, sweetheart…” your eyes shoot open. “What the fuck do you mean a car?”
He pulls your arm. “Just come on, Damn!”
Pulling on your robe, you follow him downstairs. “You know better than to curse at me Rory. Hungover or not, I’ll still beat your ass no matter how old you are—What the fuck.”
Candy barks loudly through the window at Katsuki as he’s leaning on the white Porsche. “Surprise!”
“Kat—Bakugou?! What the hell is going on?”
“I told you the present will be delivered tomorrow. Here it is.” He gestures grandly at the car.
“You got me a Porsche?! Are you serious?!”
“Yup. It’s all yours kid.”
You stand in shock, watching Rory excitedly check out the car. Katsuki stands next to you, smuggest look on his face. “You have an eyelash on your cheek,” he chuckles and peels the strip lash off your face.
“Fuck, I must look ridiculous. That’s not important right now. You bought him a fucking Porsche?!”
“Why not? It matches my car.”
“Why not?! He can’t even drive my moped yet!”
“That’s why I was gonna give him driving lessons in the car. Kid does have his permit, right?”
You pull your hair out of frustration. “No he doesn’t!”
“You don’t have your permit yet?!” Katsuki shouts, looking over at Rory, who’s in awe of the car.
“No, I never got around to it. I have to call Blaze right now!”
You wave your hands. “I need to think. Bakugou, my son is not driving an expensive ass car with no permit or license.”
“Then let me help him study so he can get his license. Kid just turned “legal” so it shouldn’t be hard. He’s smart, he’ll be okay.”
“He’s not driving that thing till he leaves my house with an actual license.”
Rory whines. “So I have to drive the scooter?”
“What’s wrong with my scooter? I thought you liked the moped.”
“I do, but like, Ma, it’s a Porsche…” he waves his hands over the car
Katsuki puts his arm over you. “Don’t worry, the written part of the test is not that hard. It’s the driving that fucks you up.”
You wiggle out of his grasp. “First of all, don’t touch me. Second, I hope you know what you’re doing.”
“My dad taught me how to drive and now I can teach my son how to drive.”
Sighing, you relent. “Okay, I just want to go back to bed. Rory, go take a shower and eat before you do anything. Don’t wake me up unless you’re on fire or dying.”
He grins. “Thanks Ma.”
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taiyothewriter · 2 months ago
pleaseee i think we all deserve a joseph quinn “wired interview” fic :))
Tumblr media
m.list / nav. / support me. / taglist. [ ❥ ] synopsis. one of Joseph's first interviews following the premiere of the new season and his public disclosure of his relationship. author's note. tis my birthday!
[ ❥ ] pairing. joseph quinn x reader
[ ❥ ] word count. 1.5k
[ ❥ ] genre and warnings. Fluff, actor!reader, black coded, based this from Kim and Pete’s relationship, Joseph being smitten, literally just fluff series masterlist.
Tumblr media
Y/N L/N & joseph quinn Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
The interview starts off pretty tame. The couple that sat in the white room in front of the camera beamed with perfect happy smiles.
Joseph could not help but to touch Y/n in any way that he could.
Many of the fans suspect that his love language might have been touch from the complications and tiktoks of the male always reaching to hug/grab/hold the woman.
Joe wasn’t shy about his smitten state over Y/n that festered throughout the young years of the actors knowing each other. I
f there's one thing that the internet has been talking about since the opening week of Stranger Things releasing their new anticipated season, it's the new couple on set: Y/n L/N and Joseph Quinn’s rumored relationship.
After the pair met in the following year for the production of season four of Stranger Things, they've been spotted together a number of times, including the very adorable trending clips of them trending of the pair being more than friendly, begging the question from their fans: are they an item?
Just weeks after the release of the new season, Joseph and Y/n were spotted holding hands during an outing in NYC on what seemed to be a double date with their co-stars Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton at a pricey restaurant in the city.
Photos of the pair caused fans to speculate that maybe it just wasn't their characters that had a connection as well, though a source told People at the time, "Since we’re like one big close-knit circle of friends just being friends, it might come off that way to other people."
Following the many sightings, Joseph and Y/n were reported to have gone on a more private dinner date at another iconic Italian eatery, Campania's, in New York's Staten Island.
A source told Page Six, "Y/n arranged a dinner on the rooftop privately," adding that they didn't bring security with them and "quietly were able to sneak in and out."
A report from E! at the time also revealed why Joseph apparently likes Y/n, saying, "Y/n is a very down-to-earth person, who seems very grounded and humble every time that they hang out."
People reported that Joseph and Y/n were seen mingling a lot together during the after party of the Stranger Things watch party. Sources show proof of the pair together in almost every video that was posted from the small party that was attended mostly by the cast and production along with friends.
A source told People at the time that the couple was "always together." It was a "big night for them," another source told E! News. "But it seemed like they were in their own universe." The source also said the two didn’t want to be perceived as a couple in public. "They were careful not to show too much PDA with so many eyes around."
With the entirety of the entire internet (including Dojacat) wondering what was going on between the pair, Joseph decided to settle things earlier this week, during his current appearance at Comic Con, where a fan asked the long awaited question about the situation.
"I think everyone just wants to know—me mostly because, hello, you’re both so fine—but is it really just a rumor or are you and Y/N really an item?" The fan asked as the audience voiced their approval of the question. "Or is it all just, like, really good PR? You have to be honest."
Joseph couldn't seem to contain his blushful glance as he playfully fauxed an eye roll, dramatically leaning back from his chair as the crowd seemed to get louder with anticipation of his answer before responding: "I'm more offended honestly that you guys think it was all just a PR stunt." 
Understandably, the crowd completely lost it for a moment before Joseph finally said, "I mean, we made out that one time in public and the next day she was just scrolling through twitter and all the replies were just like "guys, they're just besties, calm the hell down" and I’ve never been more concerned because we weren't even trying to hide it, it was more just waiting until everyone caught on."
Over on social media, the fans could not contain their excitement over the topic of conversation. "Love a black woman to infinity to infinity!!" said one twitter user with the clip of the reveal, with another adding, "I know I'm biting her fucking pillow and peeling back her fucking wig because of this one lmaooo."
Joseph and Y/n just keep getting cuter and cuter since their relationship became public. Finally, the actors share their first ever pictures together as a couple.
Y/n posted to her instagram page a grid of pictures that left fans in a frenzy. The spam of posts featuring Joseph and her wrapped in each other's embrace during the start of the new season's long production revealed to fans the long timeline of their relationship. 
The pictures in question are captioned: "I'm sorry that you seemed to be confused…" Many suspect that the caption was to shade Doja Cat, the artist getting into quite a situation with Y/n’s younger costar Noah Schnapp, after taking to Instagram Live to publicly post their Instagram direct message conversation in a since-deleted TikTok.
In the exchange, the rapper asked the actor to help set her up with his co-star Joseph Quinn, which Y/n/L/n seemed to not take much interest in.
Click to view video
“Okay well you have to say it,” Y/n gestured with her ombre french tip nails, adjusting her brown wrap halter top from the hem that snug onto her brown skin just perfectly. Joseph gave a sort of side glance to the woman as his eyebrows creased. 
“Cause’ It’ll sound better coming from you.” The whine in Y/ns voice was clear, not it an annoyed way just in the way of being playful when behind the camera a slight hesitation in leaning into his immediate touch.
“Honey, I think you sound just fine.” He reached to squeeze the plush on the woman's thigh, the high of her olive green mini skirt that covered only her middle thigh. 
“Oh fuck off—hello, im Y/n L/n and this is,” the pair giggled at the drastic and dramatic mood switch that conterted Y/n features, the woman raising her hand to cover her smile subconsiously as she laughed brightly.
“Joseph Quinn.” Joseph answered with his voice peaking into a more gentle softer tone because of the laughter.
“And today we’re doing the wired autocomplete interview!” 
Autocomplete suggests the most common searches on the internet. 
So WIRED asked Joseph and Y/n L/n some of the internet’s burning questions.
The video cuts to Joseph sitting with his legs folded, the white board littered with questions perched on to the start of his knee joint, which formed a bend.
Setting the board at an angle so it was sort of presented to Y/n as she sat a little off to the side, the questions all started with her name as she slouched into a more comfortable sitting posture to subconsciously lean more into Joseph as the interview continued.
"How old was Y/n in the Bruno Mars video?" the first question shot off as Joseph peeled the paper away, revealing the answer as he flipped the strip from his bed of his thumb.
His dark brown eyes glistened under the studio light as he glanced at the woman with a content smile, watching the start of a smile creep onto her glossed lips, Y/n glancing up at the ceiling in thought. "I was like, 21ish when I recorded the song." 
"Can I just say how cool it is that you’ve casually been just a song for such an amazing artist?" Joseph interpreted as Y/n giggled at the compliment, her shoulders bouncing with her laughter as he added. "Like how many people can just casually say, "Oh yeah, I was in a Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak music video?" That's insane to me." 
"Does Y/n…play the drums?" the question making Joseph's lips pout out as he menetally recalled the many times he would beg you to play the drums for him after seeing the dedication you put into learning the instrument for the show, your character being the outcast with big round glasses but a killer drumming skill, your average height being just below Sadie Sinks, giving you an advantage to be in the younger iconic cast, being an award-winning favorite when introduced in the second season. 
"Uh, yes? Kind of, not as much as outside of the show, but I still had to learn a lot for the show." She was fidgeting with the underside of her nails. "It's sort of annoying sometimes though, because I really love having a decent nail length and I remember having a really cute nail set during production and the stylist was just like, "yeah, rip those off for me." I’ve never been more pissed." 
"Who is Y/n L/n dating?" The question led the couple to smile at each other, Y/n leaving a gestured thumb to her boyfriend of almost 3 years.
Tumblr media
[ ❥ ] taglist. @prettyeyedmaureen @torynicholsgf @bucky-daddy-barnes @eldriidd @ycarlii @guitarromantic @sh3lov3dyou @lafresamilk @loveshineslikethesky @haechaniebom @hello-1000 @vxid42 @biggestslutever @spenglerslime @eddiesbitchx @slvdsjjk @stitched-mouth @misaamaneswifey @kiszkathecook @imahoforthings @kyyellaxi @eichenhouseproperty @hotgirlsshareaccounts @ran-rap @lloromanic-png @avasjunkpile @punkrockcrocks @first-edition-dumpster-fire @batmetallady @woahhhfidget @ireadstoriesnotmakethem @notsoshynomore @the-night-owl-blr @1efleur @todoroki-slut @mjauqeen @scarlet-kazuha @lattayhottay16 @astralwaifu @prettyplant0 @imliterallygonnagetviolent @strangerthanfanfiction713 @graktung @sughcashsaiki @fzzybrain @caseket @spiritualwhore444 @xoxo-dede @sapppy-cocktail @joyrubyjanee
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Tumblr media
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monsaemonsta · 5 months ago
Fanfic: * Y/N is called “pet”, “slave”, “creature”, “monkey”, etc. as terms of endearment*
Me; a negro:
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iguessweallcrazyithinktho · 2 months ago
"x black reader"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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38riku · 5 months ago
mdni. 18+ content.
— yuta who overstimulates himself on accident because you’re just too warm, too tight, and feel too good for him to stop. ruts into you slowly, his heavy cock dragging against your walls as he whines in your ear. he’s panting at this point, the words that leave his lips faux at its finest. he needs to fill you up one last time, to feel your cunt milk him for another load greedily after the three or four he dumped inside you.
“sorry angel, I cant stop.” he would excuse, gripping your hips to aid his languid thrusts as he throws his head back from the overstimulation. it hurts, but the state he you two were in: skin sticky with a sheen of sweat, head spinning from the heat emitting in the space between your bodies, mind submitting to the bliss of too much pleasure no matter the consequence.
— yuta who, when is about to cum for the fifth time, nestled in the crook of your neck and groans as your legs wrap around his waist. his body is too tired to go any harder than he was. still, his tip grazed your sweet spot with ease and the sensation of his balls slapping the underside of your ass was enough to spur on another orgasm. a muted scream was all you could muster, clawing at his muscles and pulling his hair from the root.
“I-I’m gonna — oh god, oh god, oh god—” and it’s borderline impressive how his loads don’t decrease in size, filling your already full womb as his cock finally softens — the newly created space making room for his seed to spill out. the two of you are gasping for air, his body collapsed on top of yours until has enough strength to clean you up, peppering your face with kisses and thanking you for letting him indulge in you a little longer.
Tumblr media
©2022 38riku. All rights reserved. Do not copy, repost, or plagiarize my work as your own.
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hellavile · 6 months ago
🗒 ❛ eren yeager.
Tumblr media
warnings . . . fem!reader, baker!eren, fluff, cute lil food fight, eren’s a house husband, soft sex, oral <f received>, tiny bits of spanking, black coded, pleasure!dom, domestic eren.
. . . mocha’s note; in honor of me hitting my 8k milestone. *clinks champagne glass*
. . . hey siri, play you by don toliver.
Tumblr media
a sweet aroma of sugar and cake hits your nose when you walk into the rustic brick house you and your love owned. deep into an enchanted forest in italy, deciding to move here after your fifth anniversary. you just got back from your morning stroll, yellow sundress flowing with the wind as the woven brown basket in your arm swings lightly. you filled it with fruits from the nearby market. peaches were back in season so you picked a few of them. gathered lemons for lemonade. strawberries because they’re eren’s favorite. and granny smith apples for apple pie.
when you entire the kitchen to place your goodies in the fridge, also to follow the delicious scent, you’re shocked to see your husband shirtless other than an apron and sweats on his body, bowls and bowls filled with various ingredients ranging from flour, eggs, milk, cake mix, and strawberries. he’s whipping a fluffy white mixture in a bowl now as he whistled to himself.
when he turns, you snicker at the spots of flour on his face. one on his nose, and some on his cheek and chin. his pristine white teeth beaming as he sees his pretty girl, waving his wooden spoon at you.
“hiiiiii,” he smiles.
“good morning, honey. i leave for two hours and this is what happens?”
“okay, so boom,” his heavy feet strolls toward you, kissing your forehead before he’s walking around the kitchen island to his macbook. “i was watching all of these aesthetic pastry videos and shit on youtube, and i came across these korean street food clips and one of them were of strawberry shortcake’s i reallyyy wanted to make for you. so, yeah. i apologize for the mess.”
“i’m intrigued,” you giggle, giving him a kiss on the lips before focusing on the video that’s on loop on his laptop. “you’re so sweet. you wanted to do this for me?”
“mostly for you, yes. but some for me because i made myself hungry watching hours of footage.”
“so that’s what took you so long in the bathroom. you were watching while in the shower?” you raise your brow, smoothing your hands over his waistline, your cheek on his back as you hug him, his natural scent making you feel at home.
eren upturns his lips, raising a hand. “guilty.”
“well, how’s the progress so far?”
“uhhh,” he looks around, pouting. “it’s going. i’ve been measuring and prepping for about an hour.”
“do you mind if i help?” you bat your lashes. “i picked fresh strawberries we can use.”
“i meant to say you were out earlier than usual. how was your walk?”
“it was nice. the birds were singing to me this morning so that had me up. they opened this new bread shop around the corner so i got some ciabatta for dinner.”
“sounds fun. i was gonna ask for assistance once you came home. don’t think i can finish it on my own,” he frowns.
“awe, it’s okay. atleast you tried,” you pet his cheek. “can i have my apron? don’t wanna ruin my dress.”
“speaking of,” eren hums, turning you around by your waist after setting his bowl down, spanking your ass. you squeak. “wearing this out without me by your side? the squirrels could’ve saw. then what will we tell my mother?”
“that i’ve moved on and i’m living a better life with the one i’ve fallen for. that he owns an enchanted village of sticks and moss and promised me fresh nuts every morning,” you follow his joke before the two of you laugh.
“my nuts are grown from trees that reside by the waterfalls, so.”
“then maybe i’ll stay. don’t give the king a reason to take me.”
after a few more silly jokes, eren takes the apron off his body and slips it over your head, tying it tight to see your tits bulge up, smacking his bare arm before untying and making it more comfortable. since he made one hell of a mess, you decided to start over from scratch. japanese sponge strawberry shortcake was the actual recipe. didn’t take much to make but perfection is key when it comes to eren. you let him do something easier, like cutting up the strawberries while you made the batter and prepped the pans.
the oven was set, and in went the cake. while that baked, the two of you cleaned up the kitchen, talking about things you wanted to do, memories, work, or dreams you had. eren mentioned an erotic dream he had about his favorite actor which caused playful jealously to arise to a point where you threw a grape at him you retrieved from the fridge to snack on. eren retaliates by throwing an apple at you, thinking it was gentle until it hit your boob and you were whining about the pain. eren gasping and holding his hand to his mouth, coming toward you with frantic ‘i’m sorry, i’m sorry’s’.
you get back at him by tossing a pinch of flour in his face, bopping his nose with your finger before running away with screams as he chased you. you tried to dodge him every time he crossed the counter, screeching when he catches you with one arm by your waist and carry’s you like you’re a fish on a hook, spanking your ass as punishment after sitting on the floor. you slap him away as he attacks your neck with kisses and chuckles, sitting on his lap and slowly making out with him, spluttering from the taste of flour and cleaning his face off with your apron.
by then the cakes are ready, and eren takes them out while you leap onto the counter while swinging your feet, chewing at your nails as you study the muscles on his back and arms. the black sweats he wears hanging lower than earlier, showcasing his deeply cut v-line. that blissful trail of pubic hair sticking out a little. he kept himself well trimmed.
“they have to cool off before we put the icing on it.”
he stands in front of you, studying you as you play with the bowl of whipped cream, scooping some up with your finger before tasting it. “mhmmm. taste this.”
you scoop another and put your finger in his mouth, eren nodding, smacking his lips. “tastes like you.”
you play with it more, being childish almost as you say ‘oops’ every time you put some on your face. a dash on your lips, one on your cheek, and another on your neck. eren shakes his head at you, hands on your flattened thighs. eren’s focused on your face, emerald eyes flickering to the line of cream sitting on your cheek. your body temperature rises the closer he gets, his wide palms caressing your thighs, sliding up further as his thumbs massaged your soft flesh. you’re whimpering when his long tongue slithers out his mouth to collect the cream on your face, hot breath fanning your skin, clit pulsating as you hear a guttural moan from him. he sucks on his bottom lip before pressing his lips to yours, sharing the vanilla delicacy. it’s chaste, unfortunately, eren pulling his lips away. a noise you make has him gnawing at his lips like candy, making them redder.
“what’s that whine for, ‘uh?” he breathes, hands trailing higher underneath your flour coated apron and yellow sundress. it’s hanging loosely on your body, your dress engulfing your curves and hiking off your ass almost. a few chestnut locs drift over his eyes that are giving you that one fucking look that drives you crazy. the one where his eyes are gone, half shut, dark, and glaring down at you like you’re a meal he’s ready to devour. you squirm in place, wanting to be connected to him. it’s silent as long fingers slide underneath and in between your thighs. there’s a sudden raise of a brow on his face along with a condescending gasp.
“baby!” he exclaims, wide eyed. “what’s this? no panties? you walked around like this all morning?”
a whimper you let out makes the man in front of you hum with approval, your body jerking once his thumb catches your clit, sluice in your own mess with his teasing. he clearly appreciates it with the way he kisses your forehead. rubbing circles slowly to relieve the ache that built up, scooting on the counter to make him press harder. he’s being too gentle. eren cups the side of your face in one of his hands, keeping your focus on him. the print in his sweats now poking at your knee, rushing with blood.
“i like when you’re greedy like this, as if i don’t fuck you every day,” his voice is groggy. it’s getting to him now. neck turning red. the earring in his left ear sparkles when the sunlight hits his face from the gleaming bay window, fixing his posture and dragging you near the edge of the counter so he can lock his arms under your thighs. “acting deprived. tenacious. you’re so—tempting.”
then, he’s lowering to his knees, hot mouth encasing the flesh of your thighs with wet kisses and gentle sucks, trailing up to your leaking pussy. your legs can’t help themselves as they buck and raise, your feet sitting on his bare shoulders as your back arches and your nails drag through his scalp.
“clit’s swollen as fuck,” eren releases a guttural moan that has you trembling, his pillow lips sheltering your clit after his tongue lays flat on it, kissing you and savoring your taste.
you’re not exactly sure what it is. if it’s just him, if there’s an aphrodisiac in the air—but you’re outrageously horny. so badly it’s making your clit that’s being ravaged by his tongue extra sensitive. your hands slap flat on the counter top, lifting your hips to hump his face, irises turning white as they scroll back. eren groans into your pussy, opening and closing his mouth quicker, bouncing his head with your every move. slurping and drooling so much that saliva trails down your ass.
“god, baby,” eren grunts. you squeak when eren hastily stands back to his feet, pinning your knees to your breast and making you fold your arms underneath the curve of them to keep them put. he lowers his head to spit sloppily, taking his ring and middle finger to fuck you with, thrusting slow and kissing at your puffy clit salaciously.
sensitive. you’re so goddamn sensitive that eren’s actually surprised that you cum so fast, screaming into your knees that quake as you gush on his fingers and he licks you up real good. doesn’t stop. never questions your release. and it makes matters worse when you release your legs to try and crawl away only to have him ball your apron and dress up in his fist to keep you fomented to his starving mouth. chin doused in your slick, face buried deeper now.
“ere—waitt, baby,” a whine drags from you, pushing at his head to stop him. it’s like he’s deaf; pretends he doesn’t hear you at all. instead, continues to suck on you until you’re sitting in a puddle of mixed waters.
“baby, stop!” your stomach hurts as you squeal and laugh cutely, giving him one more shove before he lets you go with a lewd squelch echoing. he doesn’t even look at you, just enjoying his time, french kissing your thighs yet again. so in love with them. so in love with you.
“swear i’m ‘bout to cum,” he swallows, pulling you to sit back up, your blown pupils watching as he tugs his sweats down to sit under his thick cock that slaps on your leg. he’s drunk off you already, usually getting really quiet when he’s off the edge. adamant and greedy.
it’s all about your pleasure first, that’s all he cares about. but when you get him this fucking pent up? he wants nothing more than for your pussy to make him cum. there’s something so fucking primal to see you in ecstasy. to see you cum, to see your eyes scroll or watch you squirm and claw at his flesh till he’s got red marks all over him. and to be the one causing it? it’s so—sublime. it’s his favorite part being your high.
your feet are planted on the island so you’re squatted in a sort, eren patting the head of his cock on your cute clit gently before adjusting his hips in the right angle to slip inside. once you have a grip on it, eren grabs your waist and shuffles forward. you keen and lift your ass to pull him in more.
“ah, ah,” eren lightly taps your cheek with two fingers, kissing his teeth. “let it sink in.”
bellowing cries ripple in the air as eren fully fills you, the two of you whimpering in sync as he pulls back before pushing forward, picking up the pace just a bit. he’s hissing with his brows furrowed as he continues to yank you close as he thrusts. eren let’s go momentarily to cup your face in his hands, resting his thumb in your mouth for you to suck on as tears build up in your eyes. you’re hiccuping, panting hard and unable to process why he’s so fucking good at making you feel this way.

 “is that good, baby?” eren traces your lips with his saliva coated thumb before slicking his tongue over them, rolling his waist and hitting fairly quicker. wanting to maintain a gentle pace.
“yessss,” you sniffle, doe eyes staring up at him like he’s an angel on earth. melting in his touch like butter. feeling small and submissive in his care.
“focus, baby,” his raspy voice whispers, your hands clutching onto his wrists while he caresses your face. “hold your breath. mhm. breathe when you’re cummin’.”
both of your lips are parted, eren slamming his cock into your dripping pussy when he’s nearing his high, face scrunched up with gruff ‘uh unh’s’ leaving him. you do as he says with your breath control, eren knowing that when you hold it your orgasm strikes you like lightning. an exasperated gasp deluges loudly from your whiny mouth, all those noises running straight to eren’s cock, vincinal to cum. you’re crying so much it’s uncontrollable.
“f-fuckk,” air catches in your throat which makes you choke, eren reflexively taking your throat in his hand before bringing to forward to lick and kiss at the side of your neck, loosing strength in your limbs. then, you cum. to eren’s fucking grace, nails clawing at his flexing ass and broad backside. “why you fuckin’ me like this?”
the slurred question instantly makes eren grab the back of your neck to pull you in to his chest, locking his forearm under your right thigh to lift you easily off the counter to fuck his cum into you, stepping back so all of your weight is in his hands. pounding messily as you leak down to his balls and milk him for all he’s got, eren huffing in your neck and telling you ‘cause i love you’ as his answer.
and it warms your heart, but also makes you moan because you know that he’s only yours to keep. that you’re the only one receiving this treatment. you loved him too.
“did so good, baby,” he kisses your cheek, still holding you. “let’s run you a bath.”
“the cake,” you pout, pawing at his shoulders to cling on to your barely there conscious.
“we’ll decorate it after. need to get your mind back together.”
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savurnii · 2 months ago
i love the concept of black readers. i love black ocs in fanfiction. i love that there's just some mini spaces for black fans. too much anti-blackness, white-centering, white favorism and lack of care for black fans in fanfiction and fandoms. there's always so little of xblk!readers or blk ocs but i'm so comforted by the fact that there is some readers, ocs, and people i can relate too.
i love that there's so much more people than i thought that don't just relate to me when it comes to culture, but relates to me when it comes to the awareness of fandom and fanfiction anti-black issues.
which is why its always sad bae hours when you realize there's no xblk!reader fics in your fandom, no fics with any black!ocs in your fandom, no black!reader various-fandom collections with your fandom in it, or even barely any black writers in your fandom.
and even when you're the people doing pumping out content for black readers and/or make safe spaces for black fans, it can get so lonely knowing you're one of the only ones.
if that's what happen to you; i hear you loud and clear hun. currently going through that as well. just know there's other black fans that relate to you. the struggles are real but you'll get through it, maybe, eventually. and even if you don't, its okay.
Shout out to all the black fans with no reader fics you'll relate to.
Shout out to all the black fans that keep pushing through the anti-blackness and lack of care for them in the fandom.
Shout out to all the black fans that write xblackreader fics or black oc fics nobody else in your fandom ever does.
Shout out to all the black fans that have no space for other black fans in their fandom.
Shout out to all the black writers or fans that gave up in looking for content for them to relate to, or gave up in creating black!oc or black!reader fanfiction for the sake of themselves and/or others can relate to; you've done well, you deserve as much credit as black fans that currently contribute to black representation in fandoms. you didn't give up, you were tired. and that's okay.
Shout out to all the black fans that moved to another fandom because of the lack of black spaces, black fans or black writers. It's always so tiring and disappointing knowing your old fandom have none of what your new fandom has; but at least in your new fandom you may feel more appreciated and accepted.
black fans and writers deserve to be respected and appreciated.
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