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small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴 (part 3)
alpargatas - the shoes that Mirabel and other women in Encanto wear
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COLOMBIA (obvious one and not that small but I love it, also it’s in the colors of Colombian flag)
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capibaras - animals native to Colombia
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mochilas - bags that Mirabel and other villagers carry
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Día de las velitas (Day of the Little Candles)
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wax palms - the palms that grow in Encanto are national trees of Colombia (they are also the highest palms)
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Agustín playing En Barranquilla Me Quedo
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there is so much more cultural and Colombian details in Encanto but I am not able to show them all in gifs unfortunately
the flowers that grow on Isabela’s balcony are bugambilias - you can see them mostly in Cartagena de Indias. all of the flora and fauna showed in Encanto is typical for Colombia
all of the villagers (Madrigals also) are catholic - you can see the church and the priest - it’s an important part of our culture and traditions
there is a song called Colombia, Mi Encanto sung by Carlos Vives (I refuse to believe there can be Colombians who don’t know who he is)
so yeah that would be it
I think I won’t be doing more of this because it takes a lot of time and phone storage but I’m really grateful I was able to share those cultural facts about Encanto with more people
thank you for reading! <3
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zoruui · 11 months
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we interrupt our regularly scheduled tcw content to jonsims your bruno madrigal
edit: gonna be putting up a few prints of this piece on my etsy soon! 
instagram ( instagram.com/fishermanarts ) twitter ( mobile.twitter.com/fishermanarts ) side twitter ( mobile.twitter.com/fishermantalks ) shop ( www.etsy.com/shop/FishermanArtsStudio ) ko-fi ( ko-fi.com/fishermanarts )
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People who simp on Bruno
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Tweet from @thejaredbush
Here’s an answer to a question I’ve been asked A LOT - “how tall is Mirabel?!” Official answer: 5’2” - all other characters’ heights are relative to hers, so that’s all I got… except Bruno who has, you know, a seven foot frame and 🐀🐀🐀 along his back. #Encanto
Based on this, I used this photo:
Tumblr media
And several shots from the movie to figure out the rough relative height for the rest of the 15 years and over characters.
So left to right
Luisa: 6'4" / 193 cm
Isabela: 5'5" / 165.1 cm
Julieta: 5'4" / 162.6 cm
Agustin: 5'10" / 177.8 cm
Alma: 5'4" / 162.6 cm
Mirabel: 5'2" / 157.5 cm
Bruno: 5'4" / 162.6 cm
Camilo: 5'3" / 160 cm
Pepa: 5'6" 167.6 cm
Felix: 5'4" / 162.6 cm
Dolores: 5'5" / 165 cm
Antonio could be between 3'6"-3'8" (106.7 cm - 111.7 cm), but he's still only 5 so his height can change with time.
Edit: Seeing a lot of people complaining about them being so short. Need I remind you the average height for Colombians is 5'7" for men, and 5'2.5" for women in modern times. It would have been shorter in the movie's time period. Camilo is still only 15 and he could easily have another growth spurt.
Edit 2:
Just going to give the evidence to support heights for certain characters
Keep in mind, curly hair,depending on volume, also adds to perceived height. As someone with curly hair much like the characters in Encanto, I accounted for that.
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First thing I did was compare the known height of Mirabel to the tallest person in the group, Mirabel... with the tallest, Luisa. I used this website this to create models and used these two pics as it has the two characters side by side in the best conditions. I fiddled witht he height of Luisa back and forth and settled on 6'4" because she has a wide stance and that does tend to remove about an inch depending on how wide it is. She could be closer to 6'5"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
From there it was just comparing the characters in other scenes where they are close.
Tumblr media
And barring that, I broke down Mirabel's height into sections for relative comparison. For instance it is 4 inches between the bottom of her eyes to the top of her head. So if there were no shots where she's standing straight next to someone with a clear shot of her full figure, I could just count from there.
Tumblr media
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secret-ssociety · 11 months
"I didn't like that they forgave the abuela" "the ending of Encanto was so disappointing" "it should have ended differently"
yeah because how dare HOW DARE a family decide to go into a process of collective healing instead of just fucking everyone out of their lives AAAAAAAAAAA
sorry abuela slander pisses me off
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nixthewolf · 1 year
Camilo simping over Reader HCs
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[Requests are open]
Tumblr media
- It was probably a rainy day. You maybe fell down a muddy hill, and you broke you ankle.
- You must had startled some animals, and they ran to Antonio for comfort and to inform the little boy.
- He was quick to tell his mother, who then asked the rest of the family for help.
- Pepa didn’t let Camilo go for you, instead they sent Luisa and Félix (not Augustin; poor guy would I fell down the hill just like you)
- He was curious, just like Mirabel, and they both tried to get informations from Antonio.
- You came into Casita, with Luisa supporting your weight.
- Then Camilo mind went to totally blank.
- You.were.adorable.
- His mouth was forming a tiny gap ; his breath stopping for moment, his cheeks slowly becoming red, and his eyes stuck to you.
- He was totally mesmerized by you.
- When you notice him, you were stunned too. Maybe because of his beautiful features, or just because he was staring so intensely.
- It only take few second of eye contact to make look away and blush madly.
- He even tried to cover his face, to hide his red cheeks.
- Luisa put you down on a chair, waiting for her mother to cook you a healing meal.
- Antonio approched you and told you that it was his toucan friend who sought his help.
- Camilo walked in too, but he was so much farther then little brother.
- He watched you, not daring to come closer. Like he was afraid that if he was too close, he would explode from his racing hearbeat.
- You saw him, but you didn’t say anything, you didn’t want him to feel embarassed.
 - He was moved of your sweetness toward his brother.
- When Julieta was done, he brought the food to you.
- Camilo he could die happy now that he felt your hand brushing against his.
- Since that day, he thought about you everyday. Not like his yandere version, but he was really in love.
- You just moved into Encanto, and you and your family were building your house. Obviously, it’s where Camilo was helping the most.
- He sees you to struggle with anything, he’ll rush to your side.
- The first time he hears your laugh, it’s the end for him. He was head over heels for you.
- Your little mimic, your voice when you talked to him, how lovely you looked when you dance, ah... he can’t but to fell in love.
- If they are any parties at the Madrigal’s he’ll be the first to greet you, with heartwarming hug.
- This hug might last a little longer then required, but screw that : he just want to hold (and smell your hair but shh)
- If it’s a birthday, a wedding, or any event that need you to have a got seat/spot, Camilo will keep you a very good one (next to him if possible UwU)
- God, he’s just a blushing mess around you, smiling uncontrollably, simping, and looking at you like you were the most precious person in the world.
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hayakawife · 11 months
me before encanto: haha there’s no way a disney movie will affect the trajectory of my life :)
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carlaerosie · 10 months
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴 (part 2)
Julieta using her fingers instead of a spatula to flip the food (also the arepas 🫓)
Tumblr media
men in the village playing Tejo - national sport of Colombia (also the Colombian flag on the boards)
Tumblr media
the small windmills in Mirabel’s basket are of the color of Colombian flag
Tumblr media
so are the umbrellas
Tumblr media
las palenqueras - dresses that Dolores wears, typical for Afro-Colombian women especially in Cartagena
Tumblr media
silletas - the things that those men carry on their back (no idea how to explain it in English)
Tumblr media
Puente de Boyacá (the Bridge of Boyacá located at the Bogotá-Tunja highway)
Tumblr media
note: I understand that some of those things may be also common in other cultures but please avoid commenting things like this. Now we are focusing on the Colombian aspects of this movie
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ramblingsandteacups · 10 months
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The triplets all reunite!   
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madrihoes · 1 year
Camilo Nickname headcannons
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Before the relationship:
Before you get together he’s kinda flirty but also respectful and shy
He’d start off with a shortened version of your name, like if your name was Charlotte he might call you Charlie
As you both get closer he starts to slowly call you things like sweetheart
“Hey sweetheart, do you er need help with that basket?- NOT THAT I THINK YOURE WEAK I JUST wanna do something for you??”
Yeah he gets nervous around you
When you call him something sweet back
He- literally shifts into you and sighs dreamily
During the relationship
He gets a bit more smooth
He’s like ‘ok, she definitely likes me so there will be no repercussions for calling her Amor’
Amor is coincidentally the main nickname he calls you
He loves your little blush when he calls you that
After he’s introverted you to the family he DEFINITELY gets more confident
One day you’ll just hear from his room ‘who the man? I’m the man!’
On that day, whilst you were eating with the madrigals
You were discussing sewing with Mirabel and suddenly you hear from Camilo
“Can you pass me the salt Mi Vida”
And without hesitation you hand it to him
Starts crying saying his little boy is growing up
It’s sunny for the entire next day, courtesy of Pepa
So basically he goes from slightly confident but also shy baby to saying “ah yes the woman I will marry, there she is” in public
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macgyver-morris · 11 months
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Antonio Madrigal | Encanto (2021) The rats told me everything.
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