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Looking forward to animating a scene with these characters for @encantobigbang in January 2023 馃挄
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gemz2001 1 year
Before and After photo. No family is Perfect but together they are stronger
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Bonus: just before Casita's "Hug"
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Encanto has a stranglehold on my life now, to the point where I see a piece of art like JC Leyendeckers 鈥渢he 3 Magi鈥 and my brain goes 鈥淏UT WHAT IF MADRIGALS!?鈥
(Update as of 2/8/22) Want this as a print? Order here
I鈥檓 not super active on tumblr anymore, please consider following me on Instagram or Twitter.
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moonmeg 11 months
Little things I love in Encanto (Careful spoilers)
The member of the family that is talked about in The Family Madrigal being more saturated than the rest in the wall painting
The embroidery on Mirabel's clothing
Every gift somehow being represented in the family's clothing: Herbs and hearts in Julieta's apron, suns in Pepa's dress and little lightning bolts on her headband, hourglasses on Bruno's ruana, flowers on Isabela's dress, soundwaves all over Dolores' blouse and skirt, dumbbells on Luisa's skirt, chameleons on Camilo's ruana, butterflies and a lot of other things on Mirabel's clothing, (not so sure about Antonio-)
The butterfly symbolism all over the movie always in connection to Mirabel
Agust铆n's little flower
F茅lix never being mad at Pepa with her clouds and being a supportive husband: (To Antonio): "Look at you all grown up!" - "Pepi, amor, you're gonna get him all wet!"/ (To Alma): "I'm doing my best!" - "Yes!" - "You're lucky it's not a hurricane!"
Dolores' little squeaks
Dolores covering her ears whenever it gets loud
Dolores hinting multiple times that Bruno is still in the house
F茅lix giving Antonio a thumbs up for telling his animal friends to warm up Abuela's seat
The metaphorics in Surface Pressure
Luisa being a softie
Luisa fixing Mirabel's glasses
Pepa covering the stuffed animals' ears when saying "when I heard the name we don't speak of"
The way F茅lix lights up when talking about their wedding day
The umbrellas the characters in the background have being in the colors of the Colombian flag
Isabela indicating that the apparent perfect life she has now is not the one she actually wants/not the life of her dreams in WDTAB: "He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised and one day be mine."
"He told me that my powers would grow like the grapes that thrive on the vine" - Foreshadowing
The hand movement during Isabela's part of the background characters and Camilo being the only one to look at his hand either for more dramatic effect or in a "what the heck am I doing" kind of thing- can't exactly tell both is perfect for him
Agust铆n just stuffing Bruno's vision in his pockets
Bruno knocking on wood, throwing salt over his shoulder and avoiding the cracks on the floor as Mirabel is talking about his vision to prevent bad luck that he thinks he and his visions bring :(
Antonio giving Bruno his stuffed jaguar he got from Mirabel, proceeding to lean on an actual jaguar with the sentence "for the nerves" - what a chad
Agust铆n saying he was trying to protect Mirabel when confronted by Alma with the vision
Julieta's development of standing up for Mirabel to Alma. From her gently asking Alma to be more gentle to Mirabel before Antonio's gift ceremony to saying "You were always too harsh on Mirabel"
Isabela's melody in WDTAB being reprised in What Else Can I Do by Mirabel
Isabela being ashamed when Alma sees her - in a "ruined dress" and messier hair - with Mirabel after What Else Can I Do
The metaphoric with Alma's "The cracks started with you" to Mirabel because the family did start to crack (more) when Mirabel didn't get a gift.
Camilo and Isabela trying to get the candle but loosing their powers mid air and being caught by Casita
Julieta and Agust铆n fighting Casita to get to Mirabel as Casita is crumbling and trying to get the family out
Julieta yelling "Mirabel leave it!" as Mirabel is still trying to get the candle
The entire encanto breaking along with Casita as it is part of the miracle too
Pepa's "Antonio don't cry, don't cry" afterwards
Camilo's incredibly easy to overhear line: "My powers they're gone I don't- what about Antonio? What's he gonna do?"
Dolores trying to use her enhanced hearing to find Mirabel only to realize she no longer has it
The difference of Alma and Pedro's story in the beginning and towards the end
The constant reoccurring of "open your eyes" between Alma and Mirabel. Abuela Alma opens the movie with saying it to five year old Mirabel, Mirabel sings it to Alma in Waiting On A Miracle in a desperate, frustrated tone, in the flashback scene at the river Alma says "I lost sight of who our miracle was for", shortly after Mirabel says "I finally see" after recognizing the butterfly from Bruno's vision, Alma singing "Open your eyes - Abre tus ojos" to Mirabel in All of You
Pepa being the first of the sisters to hug Bruno
Not reduced to Encanto, happens in musicals all the time but the melodies of Isabela's part in WDTAB and Surface Pressure and The Family Madrigal reprising in All of You
Camilo trying to spin the shovel Mirabel gave him, dropping it and checking if Mirabel saw it
The doorknob
The M on the doorknob can stand for both "Mirabel" and "Madrigal"
Mirabel standing in the middle in the front door as she is the one holding the family together
Isabela and Mirabel being Dolores' wingwomen
A deep blue being the main color on Isabela's colorful dress making her fit in more with her parents and siblings
Pepa's and Julieta's love for their children
Feel free to add more :D
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myowangs 10 months
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San Telmo, Buenos Aires
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Have it or whatever....
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fishsoop 1 year
Can we talk about the GENIUS of the song we don鈥檛 talk about Bruno being mixed with Mariano coming over for dinner? Because you get so many characters explaining HES HERE and I CAN HEAR HIM and it鈥檚 the DOUBLE MEANING
like one of the last lines AFTER all the characters sing their verses at the same time is 鈥楬ES HERE鈥 which Mariano is there, but you know who else is there? Every night for dinner? Bruno
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Case Study 3: Bruno is bad at introductions.
Svee belongs to @rinnysega
I have a headcanon, that whenever newcomers come to the Encanto the Madrigal鈥檚 have a diplomatic spiel they run through. Bruno having no idea how to bring up magic to Elena, decides his family would be best at explaining it.
Character note. And Elena is being honest when she says she is not nervous, she's great with people. Usually...
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La Familia Madrigal聽
(From the Little Golden Book)
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neon-green-eyes 2 months
Time for day 8 of @encantober-official "casita" + #whumptober lite "shivering". I want to believe that casita was helping however it (she?) could.
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scottwatanabe 1 year
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Some visdev for the town of Encanto where the Madrigals live. And a very early concept of their magical house casita.
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junosaccount 2 months
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鉁‥ncantober #8 鉁–asita
Neon explosion - it looks wild, but this was so much fun to draw XD
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emi-g 2 months
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Encantober Day 8: "Casita" 馃彙
"The miracle grew. And our house, our Casita itself, came alive to shelter us." Encanto (2021)
Here she is! This piece took about 12 (leisurely) hours over 3 days.
One of my favorite things about working on Encanto fanart is that it allows me to use all the brightest paint colors in my palette.
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zai-n-sandysky 10 months
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Dramatic Madrigals and Casita being my favorite stage manager
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child-of-the-danube 10 months
The categories of gifts in the Madrigal family go:
1. Gift useful to the community that puts pressure on the person to basically become a free public service machine - Julieta, Luisa
2. Fun gift for the person having it but not really of use to community except in regards of being entertainment - Camilo, Antonio
3. Gift that could be useful but ends up being purely for other people's entertainment - Isabela
4. Literally traumatizing - Pepa, Dolores, Bruno
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It would be so weird to be a normal villager living in the encanto during the few days we see in the movie.
Mirabel yelling about the house cracking and the candle almost dying, then everyone finding the house intact
Luisa was probably seen sobbing while running home when she noticed that her gift was weakening
Mirabel starts asking around about Bruno, people share their petty annoyances but don't think much of it
Standing outside Casita during the engagement dinner, thinking everything's going fine, then looking inside to Pepa making a raincloud, Antonio's animals going out of control, Casita cracking like Mirabel said, and Mariano having a broken nose (plus more of Luisa sobbing)
The magic is strong! Everything is fine! We are the Madrigals!" (door slam) "MIRABEEEEL"
Gossiping about what could've possibly happened at the Madrigal/Guzm谩n dinner, then cacti suddenly erupt from everyone's porches while the sisters everyone could've sworn hated each other whoop and play on the roof with Se帽ora Perfecta Isabela鈩 loving to be an absolute mess
Casita crumbles to the ground, one of the roads breaks in half, one of the mountains splits, and Mirabel goes missing
Alma and Mirabel coming back on good terms, dragging along the estranged and missing-for-years Madrigal uncle everyone had petty annoyances about
Deciding "fuck it, this family has probably had a weirder couple of days than we have, we might as well help them rebuild after everything they've done for us"
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