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I said what I said.
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What about yandad Bruno who left his child in his family hands while he's hiding in the caste walls?( Mother unknown?) And what if the village is on edge when Bruno child is in sight ?( We don't talk about Bruno child, No No~ oh oh~)
Yandere Bruno Madrigal Headcanons (Platonic)
Tumblr media
Bruno never wanted to leave you, that was the last thing he ever thought he would have to do but in his eyes it was for the best. So, he left. He left for Mirabel, for the family, but most importantly he left for you. He didn’t want you to have to grow up with the stigma of having him as your father. But that’s what would happen anyway.
He couldn’t actually bring himself to leave the family, especially not you. He loved his family after all and he loved you the most. So, he stayed in the walls; living, watching, wishing. He didn’t want to miss a second of seeing his child grow up and be their own person. He just wished he could have been right by your side all the way through. He knew your mother would be watching over you, just as he was. As much as he missed and wanted nothing more than to hold his child in his arms again, Bruno believed that this is what needed to be done. He just prayed that he was still making the right decision.
Bruno would secretly love to see some of his traits in his child. Whether it be them being overly superstitious, or having interest in acting, or maybe even a liking of rats. It would really show just how much they were like him. You were his, through and through.
It would really hurt him to know that the villagers treated you differently all because you’re his child. Even if you didn’t share a similar gift to his own, it would sadden him that the people would still throw you into the same category as him. He would blame himself entirely for everything, regretting ever leaving you all the more. But he would be so unbelievably proud of his child for baring with and not letting all the whispers and avoidance of the rest of the villagers get to them. Even if he did witness how truly affected they were when alone in the comfort of their own room. Seeing his child breakdown would shatter his entire being.
He would send his rats to comfort his child when they’re sad or upset. Or even just to check up on and keep an eye on you. They would come baring little gifts that Bruno had found or made himself. It was his own way of being able to interact with you and showing that he was still around. If anyone were to really upset you or hurt you in anyway then they would be getting a visit from some very angry rats and maybe, possibly, Hernando.
As tempted as he is to use his gift to know whether he and his child would ever finally be reunited, Bruno is too scared at what he’ll see. He doesn’t think he’d be able to handle the outcome, whether good or bad. Instead he would take to drawing little pictures of him and his child reuniting or him, his child, and the rest of the family all together. He’d rather have those then to know the truth.
It wouldn’t be all that surprising if Alma, Julieta and Pepa were very protective of you due to you being the last thing they have of Bruno. As much as they don’t like talking about him that doesn’t mean they ever lost their love for him and you just remind them so much of their Brunito. They weren’t going to lose you either. No matter what.
Julieta would be the one most likely to talk to you about Bruno, if you were ever wanting to know about your father and or your mother. She would be more inclined to take you in as her own in Bruno’s stead. She’d make sure you were well taken care of and that you felt wanted and loved. She feared you losing your way in the family too and that was the last thing she wanted. Julieta didn’t want to lose anyone else, not now, not ever.
Maybe Dolores takes up a close attachment for his child. She knows full well how affected they are by the way the other villagers act towards or around them, she can hear everything after all. Besides, she also knows that Bruno is still very much with them, staying as close as he can given his circumstances. Given her knowledge of everything going on, Dolores would want to help them as much as she can without giving anything away. They’re family and nothing would change that, not even them being Bruno’s child. When the rats aren’t there to comfort you, then Dolores will. That’s what family’s for, right?
When he is finally brought back into the family the first thing Bruno wants to do is apologize to you. He’s so sorry for abandoning you, for leaving you to deal with his stigma all by yourself. He hopes you can forgive him. He hopes you and he can start again, together, as father and child.
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Prompt: Bruno peeks into your future, not because he has a crush on you or anything! Just because...y'know...he wants to know if you ever get a significant other
a/n: i'm pretty sure i saw another post with this same concept, not trying to steal any ideas! just having fun :) also do they eat paletas in colombia? i have no idea.
Bruno Madrigal did not have a crush on Y/N. He didn't! He was a grown man goddamnit, he didn't get crushes on every pretty person who treated him with anything better than contempt.
Which, y'know, maybe you were the first pretty person(other than his beautiful nieces and nephews, of course) who treated him with something better than contempt, but that was beside the point.
His family joked about his sugar addiction. How almost every afternoon like clockwork, he tried to convince someone to go down to the bakery with him. And sure, the shortbread cookies melted on your tongue like magic, and the cakes so rich you almost couldn't eat more than a bite, the paletas the single most perfect thing you could wish for on a hot day, but that wasn't why Bruno spent a small fortune there.
It was for you. He just...liked seeing you. Every day. It was very normal and not at all creepy.
Bruno didn't want to be creepy. His reputation had improved somewhat since he returned from his, ahem, 'extended vacation' but he didn't want to make you uncomfortable, especially at your job. Surely, after all, the whole town was already in love with you(not that Bruno was in love with you!), who could resist your unorthodox beauty? Your freckled smile? Your loud, boisterous laughter?
That's what he would do. He would simply find out who you were going to end up with. He'd take a quick little glimpse into your future, just enough to determine who the lucky winner of your affections was, and then he could let his heart be shattered and move on help the two of you fall in love! What a matchmaker he was to his friend.
In his new vision cave, he hastily set everything up, wanting to know already, and as the sand began to swirl in sparks of emerald, his heart started pounding. There you were, walking in the park hand-in-hand, sharing a meal, passed out together on a couch...Each vision of you and a shadowy figure made Bruno's heart splinter. He wanted you to be happy, he really, really did, this was normal, this was fine....he focused harder and the shadow finally started to take shape.
That...couldn't be right.
He had to have done something wrong.
Because as the image sharpened, the vague shape, the one that you were gazing at adoringly, brushing the hair out of their eyes and giving them a slow, soft kiss....was him.
And he looked...happy. The bags under his eyes were less oppressive, his clothes didn't hang off a skeletal frame, but mostly he seemed to just glow, with warmth and love and joy.
He stopped the vision, dusting the sand off his body. He ran his hand through his hair, took a deep breath, and bolted down the stairs to find his family.
"Does anyone want to go to the bakery?"
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𝐹𝑟𝑜𝑧𝑒𝑛 𝐻𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡.
Tumblr media
Some days, (Y/N) found it hard to get out of bed. She found that by staying in bed, nothing could get her. She found that if she rotted in the covers that she used to seek comfort; that no one could reach her.
“How is she?” Camilo asks Dolores who used her gift to hear anything from (Y/N)'s room, but as always, nothing special or new happened. All she could hear just (Y/N)'s steady breathes and her normal heartbeat.
“She's ... Okay, but clearly not one hundred percent okay to herself.” Dolores responds as she started to walk away leaving Camilo staring at (Y/N)'s door with confusion and concerned.
“We're still waiting for you to come out, mi prima.” he mutters and began to walk away.
Some days, while lying in bed, (Y/N) didn't want to exist. They found that when opening her eyes, she could see. Especially whenever she saw her Abuela. And that was terrifying to her. She wanted nothing more than to sink into nothingness and be gone with it.
“She's not coming out yet?” the older woman asks to her daughter while frowning.
“No, Mamá. We tried our best to talk to her but we've got nothing but silence from her room.” Pepa explained as a grey cloud started to forming. The didn't notice until Julieta came out of the kitchen.
“You shouldn't be harsh to her too, Mamá. (Y/N) is far different from any of us, yes she is quite like Dolores, but she always kept her feelings or her problems to herself. She is— fragile.”
Alma stare at her daughters and then moved her gaze to the flickering door that almost dying and fade away. “Tell me if she's feeling better.”
With that, the older woman left her daughters. Pepa put her hand on her twin's shoulder, “I'm sure she will come out.” Julieta can only sighs in defeat. “I keep trying to be a better mother, even when everything I do seems to ... backfire.”
Some days, much like this one, Y/N felt slipping away from herself. Going into an unhealthy isolation. She didn't eat, didn't sleep, didn't respond to any of her family. She could hear the distant noise of her family calling her name multiple times but did nothing about it, her bones seeming to be glued to the mattress.
“Hermana? Are you awake? I've brought you ... Your favorite dish! Come on, open the door if you want to get it right away!”
As always, Mirabel keep trying her best to pull (Y/N) out of her room and so is Isabella who always trying to find a way to open her door. Unfortunately, she noticed that (Y/N) have froze the door knob and the window.
Nothing can melt (Y/N)'s ice except the warm of a fire. But Isabela knew that if she's going to use a fire, she'd be burned the casita down. That doesn't mean she's going to stop.
As for Luisa, all she can do is sit beside (Y/N)'s door and tell her how is her day without her sister's companion. She always told her how she missed her so much, she would always slipped a letter or two to your room and hope that (Y/N) would read it.
Until one day, (Y/N)'s roon began to froze anything, she swear she could die in frozen. She didn't even acknowledge the sound of her room door opening, or perhaps she did, just chose not to do anything about it. She didn't even know that she had to melt some of the ice.
“Mi corazón?”Julieta's voice came out soft and motherly like, staring down at Y/N's lifeless body.
She did not speak, Don't know why. But that was okay, words were not needed to express how she felt. Julieta sat down on the bed, resting (Y/N)'s head on her lap while playing with their (H/C) locks. (Y/N) let a single tear drop from her eyes, wanting nothing more than to let her mother embraced her tightly.
She's afraid, but she's also numb.
Soon Julieta decided to sing a lullaby, lulling her baby to sleep even though sometimes (Y/N)'s already asleep. “i love you, dear. Don't you ever forget that.” (Y/N) did not respond, and somehow, somewhere, that was enough. Her frozen heart slowly started to melt and finally can feel the warmth of her Mother's presence.
“please don't kept all your feelings to yourself, if you ever having a breakdown like this again, i am sure that i have failed you to be your mother.” Julieta brush (Y/N)'s hair slowly and carefully.
All (Y/N) can do is nod her head and hold her mother's warm hand shakingly. “Thank ...-you, Mamá...”
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zafirosreverie · 10 months ago
If raindrops were kisses (Pepa x Reader)
Tumblr media
a/n: this is inspired by what my grandfather used to tell me about the rain <3 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You smiled when you heard the unmistakable sound of rain-laden clouds. You loved the rain!! However, when you leaned out the window, Mr. Sun greeted you, radiant and warm. There was not a single cloud in sight.
Your smile only widened.
If there were no clouds but you could hear the storm, there was only one answer: your girlfriend was nearby.
You blushed at the thought of that word. You had only been dating for a few weeks, but the thought of Pepa Madrigal made your pulse race and your cheeks redden. The red-haired woman was a force of nature, literally, and it was inevitable for you to gravitate towards her.
You quickly put on your shoes and left your house, ready to find her. By this time of day, she should have finished her tasks in the village, so you wouldn't interrupt anything (Alma Madrigal could be quite scary, thank you).
"Hi Julieta" you greeted the older triplet "have you seen Pepa?"
"Hi Y/N" she smiled at you "I think I saw her heading to the grasslands"
You ran as fast as your legs would allow you, with a big grin from ear to ear. Your mother always said that you were too cheerful for your own good, but hey! enjoying life wasn't bad, right? It wasn't your fault that you enjoyed the little things, like pretty rocks or freshly cut fruit, or raindrops.
However, your smile fell a bit when you found the redhead sitting hugging her knees against her chest and a black cloud above her. It wasn't raining yet, but it seemed only a matter of seconds.
"Pepa?" You approached her carefully.
You didn't want to scare her, but whatever was bothering her had left her in a very nervous state. You barely managed to blink when lightning struck a rock behind her. Her green eyes looked at you in surprise and it hurt your heart to see how she quickly tried to force a smile on her freckled face.
"Y/N! Hi" she giggled "w-what are you doing here? How long have you-"
"I just got here" you smiled at her "Your sister told me that she saw you walk over here so I thought I'd come and keep you company"
"Thanks, but you didn't have to"
"But I want" you insisted, sitting down next to her "Unless you really want me to go" you added a little late.
"No, no, no...you are perfect"
You sat in silence for a couple of minutes. The redhead never relaxed, and you couldn't stop looking at the black cloud that was getting bigger and bigger. You wondered when the first drop would fall.
"Hard day?" you asked carefully
Pepa looked at you surprised, questioning with her eyes how you could have known. It wasn't until thunder sounded above her head that she remembered that her emotions were on display for everyone, all the time. But she couldn't let them win, especially not with you by her side.
Look, if she was perfectly honest, she cared about you, a lot. You were the first person who tried to get close to her and her siblings simply because you wanted to be their friend. You never tried to get any of the triplets to show off their powers. You never asked Bruno to see your future, you never demanded that Julieta cook something for you soon to heal a scratch, you never tried to force her to change the weather.
You understood that of the three, only Julieta was able to control her gift at her will, while Bruno and herself were dependent on the vagaries of the future and emotions respectively.
And still, you stayed. You stayed with them, with her. You never expected anything more than friendship. And then the four of you had grown up and she found herself wanting more than that. Fortunately, her siblings were with her, supporting her as she took the courage to ask you out.
And in the short time you had been dating, you had become an important part of her life, even more than before. You were still friends with her siblings, but now you were a little more hers. And she didn't want to push you away.
Sure, you've seen her make it rain many times, but they were just little drizzles that she could quickly quell. But this? She had a terrible day and whatever came out of that cloud, it wouldn't be just a couple of drops. She knew that as soon as you saw the real disaster that her powers were, you would leave.
Like everyone else.
"Pepa?" you said, pulling the young woman out of her thoughts.
"I'm sorry" she whispered "clear skies, clear skies"
You frowned. You knew that mantra and, although you respected her methods, you had always hated it. It was terribly obvious that it was a way of suppressing her emotions.
"You know you don't have to hold back, right?" you said, taking her hand "not with me"
She looked at you in surprise, but she shook her head. You had no idea what you were talking about, of course she had to hold back, especially with you. She couldn't let you be scared of her powers...of her.
"You must leave"
"excuse me?" You blinked confused "why?"
"You have to go now, Y/N" she repeated "I won't be able to control it for long"
"Then don't do it. I'm not going anywhere."
"Y/N. Please" she begged "this is not like what you have seen me do. It will be a real downpour"
"I don’t mind"
"No, seriously, I don't mind" you smiled "I love the rain, I love your powers and I love you. Just let it out"
The redhead didn't miss the little confession you made. You had never told her that you loved her, and definitely, no one had ever told her that they loved her powers.
"Are you sure?" she asked cautiously
Pepa looked at you for a few more seconds before the drops began to fall. It was nothing more than a small drizzle at first, nothing you hadn't seen before, but when you squeezed her hand, urging her to unleash her emotions, the rain grew stronger and icy.
Still, it wasn't until she felt your arms around her that she realized you really weren't going to leave. And then the tears finally came out of her eyes and the sky cried with her.
The water seeped through your clothes and soaked you, the cold soaked your bones and you were sure you would end up with snot the next day, but it was worth it. Completely.
You didn’t know how long you had been there, with Pepa crying in your chest and the cold rain soaking you completely. It was definitely at least an hour. But from the fact that the rain was falling softer and softer, you knew that the woman had calmed down a bit.
"Better?" you smiled when your girlfriend broke up
She just nodded, unable to look at your face yet. She knew she had made a scene, the place was a mess, there were puddles of mud everywhere, and you, oh god, you were completely wet, either from the rain or from her tears.
And still, the cold couldn’t fight against the warmth of your smile.
"I don't understand" she murmured after a few moments
"After all this...why do you keep smiling at me?...why are you still here?"
"I told you that I wasn’t going anywhere" you said "Besides, I also told you that I love the rain" you shrugged
"But you are soaked"
"I know! Isn't it great?" you laughed
Pepa looked at you as if another head had grown out of you. Why weren't you yelling at her? Why weren't you telling her to grow up and control herself?
"Hey, if that makes you feel better, do you want me to tell you why I love the rain?" you asked, seeing the confusion and struggle in her green eyes.
She nodded and you took her hand again.
"When I was little, Dad used to say that the raindrops were kisses from heaven sent to us by those who are no longer here. Being in the rain makes me feel that all of them, even the ones I didn't know, are kissing me"
The redhead considered it for a moment. It was a beautiful way of interpreting the rain, and it made her feel a little better.
"And this" you pointed between the two of you "is even more special, because this rain is yours, so technically, it's your kisses"
"W-what?" Pepa blushed.
"So, Miss Madrigal, what a make-out session you just gave me" you winked at her, laughing when she moaned and buried her face in your neck.
She knew you weren't going to leave her alone with this, but she was thankful you didn't leave, and if that's how you chose to see it, she couldn't wait for the next session. Hopefully, they would be real kisses.
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · 8 months ago
Imagine being the first person to tell Camilo he doesn’t need to constantly use his gift to be loved.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
At first you didn't realise how difficult being a Madrigal could be. Having powers sounds all fun and games but when your worth is assigned to them it can quickly become toxic. Your self-esteem becomes attached to how useful you can be and when your gift literally gives you the ability to change every little thing about yourself...well that's an identity crisis waiting to happen.
You noticed Camilo used his gifts the most out of all his family. Whenever a situation could benefit however marginally from his powers he was there, volunteering without even needing to be asked. He did this for anyone, a stranger, family members and his friends which included you. You'd been friends since you were little and you couldn't think of a time Camilo hadn't volunteered to help you. As a child if you were sad Camilo would transform into a teacher and do silly things to make you laugh. When you had bad social anxiety as an early teen he offered to go to your classes as you and take notes. When you first got a job he transformed into several different customers and gave you glowing reviews to your manager. Camilo was always ready to give and change himself for whatever anyone needed and while you loved that quality about him it did make you worry.
You knew how important a person’s identity was and wondered how Camilo’s had developed when he was constantly changing who he was to benefit others.  You knew Camilo loved his gift but you’d also seen him when he let the mask slip. Camilo put on a brave face, after all he was the jokester of the family so what else could he do? But you’d seen first hand his self-esteem issues and how little he thought of the true version of himself. You wish he could see himself as you saw him and worried as you got older his identity problems get worse and worse. You couldn’t just let that happen, you had to try and help so you approached the topic with Camilo. 
"Have you ever gone a day without using your powers?' You asked one day as you were making your way to Camilo’s home. Already on the trip from town he’d used his gift 4 times for other people, largely unprompted. Camilo laughed "a day? I don't think I've ever gone an hour". You smiled but you couldn't bring yourself to laugh "does it ever get...tiresome?" you asked him. Camilo shrugged "sometimes...I mean I wish I didn't have as many chores and could just be a regular teenager". "No I mean the transforming. Do you like becoming other people or would you prefer to just be Camilo?". "Why on earth would I just want to be me?" Camilo asked and your heart broke. Camilo saw your reaction and rushed to explain "don't look upset all I meant was if I was me all the time I couldn't help people. But with my gift i can become taller or stronger, i can help calm crying babies or make people forget their worries for a bit with a laugh". You nodded "yes and that's all great but your purpose in life isn't just to help people...you deserve help too". Camilo blinked surprised and you genuinely don't think anyone had ever told him that. "I...I know that" he said finally but his voice sounded shaky. "However" he continued "I can help people and so I'm going to help as many as I can". You didn't say anything but Camilo could tell you were disappointed. "What's wrong?" he asked "don't you like my gift or something?". "No of course I do but I like you more" you said blushing. "Me? The plain me?" Camilo asked in shock. You shook your head "not the plain you, the authentic you. The original version, the perfect version" you smiled caught up in how much this boy meant to you. "When I look at you like you are right now I see the person I'm closest to in the world and so of course I wouldn't trade that for the strongest or tallest person alive. I don't need anything extra because you're Camilo. That's good enough for me". Camilo stared at you dumbstruck and you blushed. When he didn't say anything for a while you waved a hand in front of his face '"Camilo?" you called "did I break you?". Camilo blinked rapidly as if coming out of a trance and he looked at you "huh? Sorry i’m fine I was just thinking". "Have I upset you?" you asked "I didn't mean to insult your gift just let you know you're so much more than what you can transform into". Camilo smiled "of course I'm not upset I really appreciate what you said. Nobodies ever told me that before" he said placing a hand on top of yours "thank you y/n". "You're very welcome" you smiled and hugged him. Camilo's hand was still on your when you pulled away and you both looked at it before blushing.
After that something changed between the two of you but in a good way. When Camilo saw you he'd get a slight blush on his cheeks remembering what you said. He became more affectionate, not that he wasn't an affectionate friend before, but now he'd sit closer to you and you'd catch him watching you with a small smile on his face. He'd always panic when you caught him, blushing adorably and he'd look away only for the same thing to happen minutes later. Another important difference was Camilo's powers. Following your talk he stopped transforming around you as much. He typically always made himself slightly taller than he actually was and also changed his hair so it was calmer. However, you noticed he stopped doing that when you were alone. He was 100% his natural self and you thought he'd never looked more beautiful.
You both felt the change in our relationship from friendship to...something more and the tension built up between the two of you. Whenever you were alone you could feel it in the air as if it was palatable. Camilo’s family noticed it too. You were over at Camilo’s for an event the family threw every year and like usual you were by Camilo’s side. You were sat in the garden in your favourite spot which was hidden away from everyone and was like your own separate world surrounded by plants and flowers. You were chatting and laughing and even flirting a little. That was a new thing you and Camilo had been doing but you liked it and every time the two of you got bolder. When you were talking you noticed a petal had landed on Camilo’s beautiful curly hair and so you told him to hold still. You leant forward to pluck the petal from his hair carefully and smiled “there” only to realise Camilo was staring at you. You were only inches away from him and you felt glued there under his gaze. The two of you stayed frozen, looking at one another before Camilo’s gaze drifted to your lips and his cheeks turned even redder. He went to speak when you were interrupted. Someone knew about your hiding place. 
“What’s going on?” Isabela asked and you and Camilo flew apart, rushing to explain nothing was going on but the eldest Madrigal grandchild wasn’t having it. “Yes there is, something’s been going on between the two of you for a few weeks now. You’re totally different around one another and I can’t work out why...are you dating?”. You both went scarlet and Camilo jumped up “okay goodbye Isabela” and he escorted/pushed her from the room. He slammed the door shut and leant against it, breathing out in relief “thank god she’s gone”. You chuckled rather nervously and agreed “my thoughts exactly”. 
You and Camilo kept talking but you now felt like the tension was an unavoidable elephant in the room and figuring things couldn’t get any more uncomfortable Camilo had something he wanted to say to you. "Y/n I've been thinking lately" Camilo said and you looked up at him "yeah?". Camilo looked at you and his cheeks went pink again. "About what you said the other day...about my gift not defining me and how I'm enough and I just want to thank you. You have no idea how much your words have comforted me and they've been on my mind most days...as have you" he said watching you for your reaction. You blushed, smiling "I've been thinking about you a lot too Camilo". "That's good" he said encouraged and he continued. "The things you said about me...well I didn't just like them because they were kind things I needed to hear but well I liked specifically that you felt those things about me. That you saw me in that way and hearing you say all those things made me feel something". You felt a shiver run down your spine and you could hardly wait for Camilo to keep talking "ow?". "Yeah" he nodded "you're my closest friend too, the person who knows the most about me and is always there for me. Hearing that you like me just the way I am...well it's convenient because that's exactly how I feel about you. I like you y/n" he said finally "and I want to be more than friends with you". You smiled and Camilo smiled back hesitantly "okay a smile is a good sign I think". "Of course it is!" you cried "I like you too and honestly think I have for ages but just never worked in out until recently. I tried to be subtle about it this week but when it came to telling you how much I like the real you I failed miserably". Camilo laughed smiling "Yeah but in a good way. I've never heard you talk about anyone like that and it got me thinking and hoping...then this week every time I saw you my heart sped up and I got this tingling sensation. I knew I had to do something about it or I'd explode and so here we are". "Here we are" you smiled tracing his hand and Camilo took in the beautiful scenery of his home and village to the wonderful girl sitting in front of him. You both leant in at the same time and met in the middle, you really were a lot alike.
All evening the two of you stayed on your balcony listening to the party below. Camilo had his eyes closed and rested his head on your shoulder. You leant your head against his and traced his hand over yours. Camilo was the most relaxed you'd ever seen him and he wasn't trying to be anything but himself. He was just being and you loved it. "Y/n" Camilo said suddenly and you nodded "yes?". "Tomorrow I'm going to tell my family I want to take a step back from my duties. I want to work out who I really am and what my identity is. Does that sound...stupid?". "Not at all!" you said protectively "I think it sounds like a brilliant idea and I'll help you in any way I can". Camilo smiled leaning into you more “obrigada meu amor" he said, his voice slightly muffled as he nuzzled into you. You laughed and enjoyed the sensation. "You never need to thank me, I can't wait to go on this journey with you and whatever we discover, I just know it's going to be great". Camilo was very nervous but hearing your words made him feel more confident and above all reminded him he wasn't alone. He had you by his side and you could go on this journey of self-discovery together.
So we all know Camilo has identity issues right? Well whenever I find out a character has trauma I always invent a character to help them process it because I hate people suffering so ta dahhh!
Camilo is so sweet, did you know in the original verion he was going to be a moody jerk cousin? So glad they changed that into the quirky charming Camilo we have today.
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ilovekazuhaa · 8 months ago
What about being Pepa’s youngest child? I loved the Julieta one🥰💕
How it would be like being Pepa’s youngest child!!
Part 2> Part 3
yes sure!!! sorry if these hcs seem a little repetitive lol. also sorry it took me so long to get to this, i have so many requests atm!!!
Tumblr media
Although you were young, you couldn’t help but notice that your mama acted more carefully and treated you more fragile than anyone else.
For example, if she had a cloud over or head or if she was visibly upset and was raining, it would immediately stop when she went to greet you or give you a hug.
Always spoke to you softly with phrases such as “Mi bebe” and “Mi amorcito”.
Whenever it was hot out, you’d ask your mama to make it snow or rain and she’d do it. No questions asked.
You’d sit on her lap and enjoy the tiny snowflakes that fell. You even let some of them fall on your tounge.
Your tounge hanging out of your mouth you told her, your words slurred “Mama loof at ma tougnf!”
You pointed to your tounge, eyes wide in amazement. It made her so happy to see you like this. So happy to see you so excited. She tried to bask in the moment as much as she could.
“Wow! Would you look at that!”
She was so amused that you found her mini snowstorms and rain clouds to be a good thing, instead of something annoying or bothersome.
But seriously, Pepa was so greatful that you never saw her clouds as something terrible. You never told her to “calm down” or “stop raining” when she couldn’t control her emotions at times.
You’d try to replicate your papa Felix’s behavior. He was so patient and gentle with your mama, you wanted to be like that too.
You’d often just sit next to her and tell her about your day, which was what calmed her down the most.
“Look at you, all grown up” she’d always say, leaving sloppy kisses all over your face.
Whenever she ruffled your hair, it always reminded her of clouds, because it was so soft and fluffy.
Wanting to be of more use at times, she’d try to cook in the kitchen. This would be okay but she’s had several accidents in the past including almost burning down Casita. So you thought it was always best to steer her away from the kitchen everytime that idea came up in her head.
“Uhh- Tia Julieta! Mama is trying to cook again, come quick!”
Thank god that Julieta would always be able to convince your mama to step away from the stove, she was a life saver.
When your mama had a lot on her mind she often went cloud gazing. She’d just lay in a corn field and just look up at the beautiful sky. The beautiful view above her made her negative feelings fade away immediately.
When no one knew where she was, you always did. After giving her some time alone, you joined her in the field. She always layed in the same place, so it was easy to find her.
Sensing your presence from behind, she’d put her arm out and tap the empty space next to her, signaling for you to lay down with her.
Without a word, you made yourself comfortable in her embrace. She stroked your hair as she put her forehead against yours.
She looked into your eyes, mumbling “You are my sun, mi bebe. My universe.”
This made your heart burst with love for her. How were you so lucky to have a mom like this?
You always promised yourself that when you grew up, you’d take good care of her like she does to you.
Since you were her youngest, she always let little things slide like eating sweets before dinner or burping out loud.
You thought she never noticed, sneaking a few pieces of candy or covering your mouth right after you burped.
The sight of you trying to be sneaky was so cute to her. But when it came to your older siblings, they were never shown any mercy.
Sometimes you’d help Camilo steal arepas from your Tia Julieta.
Depending on what she was doing you’d either sneak with him under the table where the food was, providing extra hands to hold all of the food or you would distract her by talking to her about random things.
“Tia, look at what I drew!” You showed her a drawing of you and your mama.
The woman turned around, attention turning away from the table of food.
“Wow! This is amazing! What is it… exactly?” she asked, unsure.
You explained the drawing to her, watching Camilo steal some food from the table.
“Y/N, I think that you should give this to your mama. She’ll love it. It would make her so happy.”
After Camilo’s signal, you nodded and walked away. Now you felt a little bad stealing food from your tia. She was so kind to you about your drawing.
Walking upstairs with Camilo, you two talked about how good of a plan that was until you bumped into something. Or someone.
Looking up, you saw your mama.
“Hello my beautiful children, going somewhere?” the woman said, a cloud forming over her head. She tapped her foot and her arms were crossed. Oh no. She knew exactly what the two of you had done.
With your drawing still in hand, you gave it to her. Her eyes widened at the drawing, eyes scanning over it as her cloud began fading.
Pictured was you and your mama holding hands, laying down in the fields together. The both of you were looking up at the sky, smiling. The both of you had your hands behind your head, using them as a cushion.
Although your drawing skills weren’t that good since you weren’t even 5 yet, the drawing was distinguishable enough, right?
She crouched down to your level and smiled. Cupping your face, she looked at your drawing once more.
“This is so beautiful, I love it.” Your mama’s eyes started tearing up. This gave Camilo the chance to slip away.
She picked you up and sat on a chair, you snuggled your head into her shoulder as she hummed softly, rocking the chair back and forth.
Whenever your mama wasn’t there and you heard people badmouthing her, you never hesitated to stand up for her.
“Who are you to say that! You don’t know her like I do. She’s perfect just the way she is! Her clouds, her rain, her snow, I love it all!”
Obviously, this did not go unnoticed by your mother. It only made her love you more.
When she noticed that kids were bullying/making fun of you. She’d go near them and ‘almost’ zap them, a strike of thunder hitting right next to where they were standing. She wanted to spark some fear in the children but not actually hurt them.
She never told you this of course.
The children usually stopped bothering you right after this and you told her how happy you were that your looks alone scared them away.
Shaking her head, she ruffled your hair and pulled you close for a forehead kiss.
“Guess that you’re just that intimidating, huh mi bebe.”
At night, she’d always tell you the same thing before she tucked you in. “Remember, if you get scared you can come sleep with mama. You can wake me up and I can sing you to sleep.”
“But you won’t get mad if I wake you up?” you asked.
“No…” she smiled, caressing your cheek with her thumb “I could never get mad at you. Look how cute you are” she said, tickling you a little.
“You can come to me anytime. Okay?” she said, giving you one last kiss and putting your favorite teddy bear next to you. “Lights on or lights off?”
She knew the answer, you always said off, but you were going to want the door open a little.
“Door open, a little open, or closed?” As she said this, she swung the door open and closed to see which way you wanted it.
“A little open” you said.
“Good night, mi sol. Never forget how much your mami loves you.”
“Good night mama, never forget how much your baby loves you” you responded, holding your teddy bear tightly.
She smiled and left your door a little bit open. Her heart melted at your words.
As she walked towards her room for the night, she wanted to stay with you and never leave your side. It seemed as if the mother and child role were switched.
How could she ever wait till morning to see you again?
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thequeendesi · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Title: Kiss
Alt Title: Mrs. Hernandez’s Fence
Warning: uhhh…. None? Female reader
Rating: solid G
Disclaimer: I don’t own you or the encanto franchise. Just the writing.
Pairing: Luisa Madrigal x Reader
Luisa chin rested in her hand as she watched the (hair colored) girl talk with a group of peers. Luisa sighed, getting up from the table she was sitting at.
“Lu? Everything alright?” Mirabel asked, noticing her sister’s demeanor. If she was Tia Pepa, Encanto’d be in the middle of a snow storm.
“Mm?” Luisa looked over to Mirabel. “Yes…”
“Lu, we’ve talked about this. It is alright to communicate your emotions when faced with an issue you’re upset with.” Mirabel placed her hand on her older sister’s shoulder.
“I wish I could get (Y/N)’s attention.” Luisa sighed. “Have you tried going over to her?” Mirabel asked, looking over to (Y/N).
(Y/N) laughed, pushing one of her friends in the shoulder. Dolores’d know what was being said. “Was that my name?” Luisa asked, watching her lips.
“Possibly, why don’t you approach her?” Mirabel asked.
Luisa bit her knuckle. “Mm… can you go with me? Just ask her if she’d mind helping us with chores? And then maybe make an excuse… and go on when I’m less nervous?”
Mirabel gave her sister a kind smile. “I can do that.”
Mirabel tapped (Y/N) on the shoulder making the girl turn around. “Hey Mirabel!” She looked over to Luisa. “Hi Luisa.” She smiled softly at the buff woman.
“Would you mind giving me and Luisa a helping hand?” Mirabel asked. “Sure, what do you need?” (Y/N) asked, the group of peers disappearing.
“Painting Mrs. Hernandez’s fence, you know how she’s been after Mr. Hernandez passed, I figured it’d be a nice thing to do.” Luisa said quickly. “Aw, Luisa. Your heart is so beautiful.”
Luisa coughed. “I’ll get the paint.” She stated, walking away hurriedly, silently swearing at herself.
“What’s that Abuela?” Mirabel asked over her shoulder, making (Y/N) and Luisa silently look towards the younger Madrigal.
“I’m comin’!” Mirabel said, waving to Luisa and the girl, running off.
“So, Luisa…” you dipped the paint brush into the paint. “Mm?” Luisa asked, paying attention to the strokes she made onto the fence.
“What’s on your mind?” (Y/N) asked, looking at the fence as she painted.
“What? What makes you think I have something on my mind? I thought I looked pretty thoughtless.” Luisa rambled, making the shorter girl laugh softly.
“Huh…?” Luisa looked at her.
“Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh.” (Y/N) sighs, placing the paintbrush in the can. “Have you ever kissed anyone?” She asked, picking at her nail getting the dried paint off.
“W-wha…” Luisa cleared her throat. “Have… have you?”
“If me answering first gets you to, then no.” She looked over at Luisa. “Oh.” Luisa looked to (Y/N). “No… I haven’t… kissed anyone that is.”
“Oh.” (Y/N) nodded, looking over to the muscular woman.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make this awkward. I was just… curious. My friends were teasing me earlier.”
“Teasing you?” Luisa asked, straightening her posture.
“Yea. I told them I never had my first kiss, and they were sure you had.” (Y/N) explained.
“Why was I brought up?” Luisa asked, looking over to her. “Because of my crush on you.”
“You have a crush… on me?” Luisa’s heart could’ve beat out of her chest by now.
“Yea… I’m sorry… I’m not even sure if you’re into me like that. I put you on the spot.” (Y/N) cleared her throat, the wall of rejection began pressing against her, making her heart race, paying close attention, she began picking at her cuticles.
“No! No! I like you!” Luisa dropped the paintbrush and held (Y/N)‘s face in her hands. “(Y/N) I…” Luisa took a deep breath, pressing her lips against the girls.
(Y/N) froze slightly making Luisa pull away. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean too… I…” (Y/N) closed her eyes, cutting Luisa off as she moved forward to press her lips against Luisa’s. Her hands rested on Luisa’s hands.
Slowly, they both pulled away. “Thank you…” Luisa said softly, placing her forehead on (Y/N)’s.
“Thank you?”
“For liking me…” Luisa took a deep breath. “Can… Can we be… in a relationship? I want you to be my girlfriend. I wanna bring you to dinner… I want to be able to call you Mi Vida o-or Princesa, o-or-“
“Luisa.” (Y/N)’s voice cut the blabbing woman off. “Yes.” She answered, laughing a little.
“Yes. I want to be your girlfriend. But only if you’re my girlfriend in return.”
“I’d be anything you’d want me to be.”
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eatplastiic · 10 months ago
dance with me, mi amor!
Pairing: camilo madrigal x fem!reader
Summary: y/n and camilo have been oblivious to each other's obvious crushes for far too long. until one day, they use rain as their own matchmaker
a/n: i just watched encanto and have been obsessed. i jusy wanted to write something short and i choose camilo because i love him so so much so enjoy!
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Tumblr media
it seemed the sky was suspiciously bright today, y/n noted. pepa was never in such a good mood for entire day, and with the big gathering in the casita tonight, it was sure it will not stay like this until the end.
abuela decided to organise a huge welcoming of the people in the new casita, for she wanted to share the miracle with everyone. after everything that has happened, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for everybody to connect more with each other.
y/n walked down the street towards the house she was awaited in by 2 small children, a boy and a girl and their parents.
"y/n thank you so much!" the woman said frantically shaking the girls hand.
"no problem, i'm happy to help" she answered, smiling to the children
the little girl got on her tippy toes, reaching towards y/n with her fingers "you're the señorita who's always with camilo madrigal!"
y/n laughed sincerely, indeed she is.
"we have to go" said the man, taking his wife by the hand and opening the door for them to leave "listen to señorita y/n, kids!"
spending the day at somebody else's house taking care of children was not something she was planning on doing, but she found herself not hating it. viviana was a small girl who liked to tease her brother. y/n noticed she was quite a bookworm since she made her read two books out loud.
lorenzo was a year older boy who liked to run. he really, really liked to run which made y/n curse him a few times under her breath.
"let's go on a walk!" said lorenzo, taking y/n by the hand.
"sure" the girl was already tired but it seemed a better option than staying in.
the trio made their way through the crowded streets, lorenzo already running through the people in play.
"well hello, mi vida" y/n turned around only to be met with her identical twin.
"hi, camilo" she said already laughing
"what happened chiquita, you look tired"
"been running around all day behind these two" she said motioning on the siblings holding her hand only to realise lorenzo is missing. "dios mio, cuando lo alcanzo..."
camilo stiffened a laugh "it seems you're not that good of a babysitter"
"shut up"
"luckily you have the best friend ever who will gladly help, you're welcome"
viviana seemed more excited than y/n, tightening the grip on her hand.
the boy easily shifted into viviana's look alike and went to look for the boy.
a few moments later camilo was walking towards the girls with lorenzo holding his hand. y/n rushed to them, making sure the child was alright and then finally hugging her best friend. unfortunatly, just a best friend.
they hugged tigtly, y/n taking in the intoxicating smell of his hair that ruffled under her palm. he squeezed her closer by her waist, closing his eyes in hopes she never lets go.
they both felt like happily dying in the moment, in each other's arms.
pulling away, y/n stopped to look at camilo's face so close to hers. his eyes faled to remain in place, trailling down to her lips and back to her eyes. the girl wanted to do something more, anything, but alas, it was not in her nature.
"will i see you tonight in mi casa?" camilo regained himself
"yes, you will"
"then i will see you soon, cariña" he said, kissing her hand and storming off.
the night was easpecially glowing, the moon and the stars shinning a little brighter. "ay, mi vida, come in" camilo's face lit up as he saw the girl knock on the door.
"camilo!" pepa came rushing towards the two of them "oh! y/n how wonderful to see you again"
"mami? you wanted something?"
"no, no, i will leave you two alone, i'm just looking for tu papá"
hours have passed, joy filling the casita. camilo ans y/n have spent the whole time together, not noticing the secret giggles and curious gazes of madrigal family.
"i should probably get going" she said, looking at the time
camilo's face frowned "what? no, you just got here."
unable to change her mind, the loverboy decided to walk his beloved home. he has always loved his mother to death, but dios mio how he loved her in that excact moment.
as an ending to perfectly sunny day, pepa had become sad and upset, causing the rain to fall. camilo mischeviously smiled, looking at the girl who was frowing from the thought of going home now.
music played from the outside and an idea creeped up to the back of camilo's mind.
the boy stepped out, walking under the rain drops and turning on his heel. y/n laughed "what are you doing, idiota"
"me gusta" he said, laughing from ear to ear
the girl burst out laughing "i need to go home!"
"dance with me, mi amor!" he exclaimed, holding out his hand for her to take
"i must be out of my mind" she said, following him in the middle of the street
camilo pulled her closer "that makes the two of us, mi vida!"
they swung around to the faint sound of the music from casita, getting soaked underneath the open sky. already wet to their skin, camilo gripped her waist, wishing they could be even more close.
the dance wasn't perfect - they stepped on each others feet a couple of times, almost slipped a few and it was messy. but it was just the way it had to be.
"mi amor, we are terrible dancers" camilo whispered
"and i wouldn't have it any other way"
camilo didn't know what it was but he felt invincible. with her in his arms, it seemed he could conquer the world.
taking her head in his hand, camilo didn't think twice before pressing his lips onto hers. rain fell down their heads as they kissed deeply and passionately, pulling apart after hearing a few cheers from the people from the inside.
"i wanted to do this for so long, princesa..."
"i started to think you never will"
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onlybeeewrites · 10 months ago
Gone pt 2
A/N: I loved writing this so much! It probably will need another part but that's up to you guys <3
pairing: Bruno Madrigal x fem!reader
Warnings: Angst
Taglist: @staygoldsquatchling02
You can find Part 1 here!
Tumblr media
When you had found out you were pregnant you had tried to keep quiet about it. With Bruno's disappearance still aching, you had hoped to keep the news for a later time. But as fate would have it, the news broke. Little Dolores could hear you speak to someone, and once you said Mija, along with the morning sickness, the little ten years out figured it out and ran to tell Pepa.
Even though it had been five years, you were still getting used to Dolores being able to hear everything. Pepa, then ran to Julieta and then to you. Each of them knew what it was like to have children, and the news was wonderful! But the two sisters had their family, had their husbands to help them through the aches and pains.
And though you did have your own family, and the Madrigals...it wasn't the same without Bruno. Regardless if it was a way for you to cope, the hormones and such, you allowed yourself to believe that your husband had been out there somewhere. You believed that he would come back. So that you could tell him. But you hadn't realized how wrong you were.
Soon enough the word of your pregnancy spread through the house, and the family was more than thrilled. A new child for the family. And despite the circumstances, they knew it was good for you too. To take your mind off everything and to focus on your baby. You started to think of names and prepare clothes and such.
What you hadn’t known was that Bruno was listening through the walls. Watching through the crack in the wall in the dining room, watching you deal with his loss. It broke his heart to know you were carrying his child. To know you were dealing with this on your own.
He wanted nothing more than to break out of the walls of Casita, and hold you and his baby close. But he couldn't. He couldn't expose the vision he saw, and it had been a month at that point. How would he even begin to explain? How angry, heartbroken you would be. He loved you...you and your baby. But in order to protect you both, he needed to remain hidden, away.
With a broken heart, he would watch and listen from the cracks as your stomach began to grow with his own little baby. He still couldn't believe it. He cried many nights with the weight of guilt on his chest from doing this to you both. To his familia. But it had to be done. He hoped one day when he would eventually return, that you would understand that at least.
And you tried to. At night laying in your own room that Casita provided just for you so you didn't have to return to Bruno's old room. Bruno's spot next to you had lost the smell of him, and you never felt more alone. You began to imagine what it must have been like for Alma when she raised the triplets on her own.
But despite it, you tried to think of reasons why Bruno could have left. Maybe you had done something? Said something? Did you miss a sign? Bruno seemed perfectly fine when you had last seen him. You were at a loss. Shaking your head, you placed your hand on your stomach. You had to focus on your baby now, not someone who didn't care enough to leave a note before disappearing.
And as the months grew, the excitement of having a new baby around did as well. You had ensured Julieta as your baby's Godparent in case anything was to happen to you. It wasn't likely, but just in case. She was more than thrilled to, and little Mirabel was excited to have another cousin as well.
Alma was happy you stayed around after Bruno had left. She had worried that you would return to your family home afterward, but after you reassure her you would be staying she held you close. You were always too good. Sometimes you saw differently on topics, but she adored you all the same. You were perfect. And hoped you would make Bruno perfect too.
As your due date grew near, you were larger than when Pepa and Julieta were pregnant, but perhaps it was just a good sign of a healthy baby. She helped you set up the nursery in your small room. It was just a simple room, similar to the one you had at your own family home. The dresser was filled with baby clothes, and you were ready.
You had casita, the whole Madrigal family AND your own family in town. You weren't alone. So why did it feel like you still were? It had been nine months and after searching for weeks there was no sign of him anywhere. Had he left the Encanto? Was he alright? Was he still alive? You had no answers. Sometimes you still had dreams about him. About your family coming back together.
One night your dream was interrupted by the worst pain you had felt in your entire life, causing you to let out a small scream as you woke up out of your sleep. Panting you sat up slightly, dampness had come from your legs. A thought from the back of your head rang, They're here, the baby's coming.
You tried to get up but more pain washed through you causing you to lay back down. Little did you know Dolores heard you and ran to get her mother and Tia Julieta. They had been getting ready for this moment and had been ready for days knowing you could go into labor at any moment.
They came into your room to soothe you before getting everything you needed. Wet cloths, water, even getting Alma to help as well. The night changed as everyone was then up and awake, your cries filled casita.
As it neared time to push for your baby, you shook your head. Tears streamed down your face as you sobbed from the emotions and the pain, "No! I cannot do this without Bruno, I can't.." you whimpered, just wanting nothing more than for him to be there. And Bruno wanted nothing more as well.
Much like the rest of the house, he was woken up by your cries. His heart clenched as tears weld up. Bruno wanted to rush into your room, to leave these stupid walls behind. He wanted to give you his hand to squeeze while you were in agony, to tell you how proud he was of you. How well you were doing. To kiss your forehead. To reassure you, to tell you that it would all be worth it in the end. "Forgive me, amor..." he mumbled as he sniffled, placing his head against the wall of your room, listening as you cried in pain.
Pepa huffed at the mention of her brother, but Julieta gave her a look before gently pushing your hair off your sweaty forehead. "Y/N, I know. I want him to be here too. And you know if he knew about this if he heard he would be here in a moment. Bruno loves you so much. So you need to do this, so when he comes back he can meet his baby, hm?" she said softly.
In your state you trusted her more than anyone, nodding quickly.
Do it for Bruno. Do it for your baby.
"Good. Now, you have to start pushing, alright?" Julieta instructed as Pepa and Alma held your hand and dabbed your forehead with a wet cloth.
Then you did. It was the most excruciating pain you had ever felt in your life, but then there was a relief and a loud cry. You panted and fell back against the bed, exhausted. Pepa took the baby, cleaning it up and such before showing you with a smile. "A beautiful boy, what is his name?" she asked.
You cried again at the sight of him. He had your hair already, a little peach fuzz. And Bruno's beautiful eyes. "Pedro," you said in a shaky tone, and Alma looked to you in surprise but you could see the love in her eyes. And you knew the sentiment in the name, how much it meant to the triplets as well as their mother. It meant so much to her, and you knew that. It was a name you and Bruno had agreed on a while ago. If at any point you had children, and you had a boy, it would be after Bruno's father. "After his Abuelo...Bruno agreed on-"
Before you could finish you let out another scream of pain. Julieta looked in confusion, checking you before looking up to you. "Y/N, you need to push again. There is another.." you couldn't question it as you just pushed until a second baby cry filled your room.
Panting heavily, your eyes drooped in exhaustion. You were prepared for one baby, but not another. After Pepa handed Pedro to Alma, she cleaned up the second baby, before showing you. "A girl,"
You smiled as the baby girl looked just like you. Your hair again, and your eyes. "Carina. My beloved..." you decided on the spot with a nod, "Carina Alma Madrigal." you finalized before you fell asleep to rest and recover, while the family got to making another crib for the second baby.
In the morning, the announcement of your two children made it to the town and your parents came to visit. Yes, Bruno left you heartbroken, but you had two angels now that needed you.
Bruno watched from the walls, the cracks in the wood as he look at the sight of his twins. Tears fell from his eyes as he saw how beautiful they were. How Carina looked so much like you, how Pedro looked like a perfect mix of you both. Slowly he fell to his knees, forehead pressed against the inside of the wall. If only things had been different, maybe he would have been able to stand there with you. With your family, and your little miracles.
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unabashednightmarepizza · 9 months ago
Post canon Bruno with a younger pregnant wife??😩 He wasn’t expecting he’d ever get any of this or even think he deserves it and he’s the sweetest most loving boy maybe a little anxious he doesn’t want to mess this up
《 You Are A Good Man and... A Good Father》
A/N: I've been reading works of Bruno as a father and was waiting for a request like this!! If you didn't request this, dear anon, I'd have started to write one myself. A side note here: READER WILL BE IN HER LATE TWENTIES AND EARLY THIRTIES!
Tumblr media
ೃ⁀➷Bruno Madrigal( He/Him) x Fem!Pregnant!Wife! Reader
ೃ⁀➷Word Count: 1,7+
ೃ⁀➷ Tag-list: @dai-tsukki-desu @camerondiaz48104 @unwanted-dying-soul @tigreost @shuru @agreatcheesecakestudentstuff @itsmesmileyface
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Life has become even more lively and colorful after moving to energetic and cheerful town.
The idea of moving wasn't an easy one to make. It took a lot of courage to move from a big city to a small town with your siblings and nieces and nephews. You almost broke your neck to convince your family but even if they complained about your stubborness to get away from the stress of the city, they were happy of the outcome.
Of course, for the people of the town who hasn't seen anyone new coming to the town, your family has become the next big talk, making your family a well-known one.
Well... After the Madrigal Family.
You learnt of the thing that happened to the important family which was important for the town's people. How Casita was destroyed, how the whole village was rebuilt with other's help and how the family lost their gifts...
You felt guilty though, feeling as if you were like an intruder after learning everything they went through as a whole town.
What you didn't expect was a woman's voice interrupting the conversation you were having with a neighbour.
"Excuse me but, hearing this kind of words made me feel bad... you have nothing to be guilty about."
When you lifted your head to see a very tall young woman, you looked at her with a shocked face, not being used to see such a strong and tall woman. You felt your cheeks got hotter and waved your sheepishly at her.
"Ah, sorry about that. I just couldn't help myself but to feel... Anyways, what was your name, dear? I have the worst memory of names, really..."
"No need to apologize ma'am! I'm Luisa Madrigal. It's nice to meet you!"
You two shook your hands and exchanged names, after having a pleasant conversation with the teen. She let out a gasp and turned to look at her home that was away from the town.
"By the way señorita (L/N), Abuela wanted to meet you and your family! That's what we do when there is someone new here but since it's been a long time she wanted to throw a party for you!"
And by accepting the invitation, even though you didn't know, you really changed your life.
For good.
Tumblr media
Although it's been about 3 years since the first step of your life's change, old memories still make you smile and feel like you're a young girl in love.
The “love” part was true though...
When the first light of the morning hits your eye and breaks your good sleep, you grumbled and couldn’t help yourself but straighten up and looked at the man sleeping next to you. 
His curls, although they fell on his face, made him look so innocent that it made your heart feel so full of love. Since you couldn’t wait for him to wake up, you put your hand on his chest and started to plant multiple kisses across all over his face.
"Bruno... mi cariño~~ The love of my life, my dear husband~"
You cooed and continued to lay teasing kisses all over his face and neck and by the subtle smirk on his face, which was a proof that he wasn't sleeping and just pretending, he finally opened his eyes to look at you lovingly with the sleep still evident in his eyes.
"Mi ceilo, don't wiggle around too much. We wouldn't want to hurt the baby with our love..."
You threw your head back with a groan and sat on the bed you shared with him, letting him get up as well. You looked around the room you were sitting, looking at all the little trinkets you had with Bruno and seeing that he kept all of them with himself made you think about the first time you two met.
Tumblr media
"Uhm... Hello? How are you?"
You looked at the man in front of you, playing with his fingers anxiously. He was standing in the middle of two tall women, Julieta and Pepa who were his triplets. They were smiling excitedly at you, obvious that they were as excited as you were to meet them. But you weren't going to lie...
The man looked so tiny and cute between his sisters.
You couldn't help but giggle at them, being amused to see them be all different than each other. You always heard that twins and multiple siblings can have different mannerisms but actually seeing one was even more wholesome.
"Hola, my name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N)! I'm so glad to meet you all!"
The two women grinned at you and told their names to you, the one in the yellow dress was so eager to hug you though.
"What a lovely and kind woman you are! We're happy to have you and your family-OHHH LOOK AT THE KIDS! THEY'RE SO CUTE!!"
You stand there awkwardly while the rest of your family was having the time of their lives. You realized another one near you and looked around to see the man you talked to a few minutes ago.
You extended your hand out to him and grinned joyfully while he jumped slightly at seeing a hand in front of him so suddenly.
"I couldn't get your name earlier... If that's okay, would you give me your lovely name?"
He flushed at the end of your sentence and looked at the hand between you and him while thinking to himself, She thinks my name is fancy?, being giddy inside. He threw some salt over his shoulder which you looked at curiously and took your hand in his.
"It's Bruno... Nice to see you in our town!"
"It's a pretty name for a cute man like yourself!"
At the end of his sentence, his voice came out louder without him realizing out of shock and he cringed at it, thinking he weirded you out. But you had a resssuring smile and before you were able to talk, you saw a rat come out of his poncho.
You were startled to see a rat, not because you were disgusted by it but you didn't expect it. You had a one-year-old nephew who would pat the weirdest things and try to put it in his mouth.
But Bruno didn't think like that, thinking that you didn't like them just like everbody else.
"Hey, there... How are you all doing?"
Well, to cut it short, the rats liked your reaction and Bruno?
He felt the so-called butterflies and felt his heart beat as if it wanted to rip out. Seeing his friends slither over your arm and you not being disgusted made him feel... flustered
He watched your family and his own walk towards the Casita and you waved him to follow after everyone. He looked at your back with widened eyes when he realized something.
" Oh Díos, did she just flirt with me!?"
Tumblr media
You giggled at the memories and rubbed your swollen stomach. He watched you with adoration and took your other hand to plant a kiss on it. You swatted his chest playfuly and swung your legs down to get up from the bed.
"Come on, sleepyhead! We need to get down for breakfast and I need to help Julietta."
He chuckled and nodded his head while watching you wear your green clothes to match with him. He looked around and spotted two little cribs with hourglass pendant on it in several shades of green. He walked up to them and took the little onesies in his hands with slight tears in his eyes.
"I never thought I'd have this, y'know? Thought I was too old to have any kids... to have... my little family... When I stopped to hope, you came into my life..."
"Thank you so much, mi vida... Thank you so much..."
"You deserve to be happy, mi vida... You're a very good man and will be a great papá."
You widened your eyes in shock and waddled to where his small form was standing. You took him into your arms and pat his curls between your hand. Pregnancy hormones affects him more than me...
Kissing his forehead, he hugged you while being careful to your swollen tummy. You cooed at him and rubbed his back, backing off to look at him, you kissed his nose and your lips stayed for several minutes. You kissed his eyes and cheeks, wiping the tears away.
You kissed his forehead one last time and felt two strong kicks in your stomach, making you wince in pain and Bruno panic since even he felt it.
" Are you okay, mi corazón!! It was a strong k-kick! Should I get Julietta? What kind of a question i-is th-that, of course I should- JULIE-"
"Calm down, calm down! I'm fine, dear. I believe they are just as angry as me because of the way you think of yourself... Or they’re angry because you didn’t do your telenovelas like usual..."
He was still unsure and your teasing didn’t ease him, even though he flushed at the thought of his babies loving his telenovelas, so he put his ear on your stomach to talk to the kids with anxious, big eyes.
" My loves, please don't give me a heart attack like that!! I'll not say things like that again so please don't hurt your mommy... And don’t worry, I’ll tell you what will happen later this night..."
He sighed in relief and looked up at you while extending his hand out.
"You know, I'm glad that your room no longer has long stairs like Mirabel said... I believe I'd die while walking up in this position... Thanks Casita!"
The house opened its windows and waved enthusiasticly at you, moving the bricks happily. You smiled at it and took your husband's hand gladly but before you could exit your shared room, an angry Julietta with a rolling pin, a Pepa with a big cloud above her head and a Luisa with a huge vase over her shoulders barged into the room.
Bruno clinged to your arm while letting out a scream at their loud and sudden voices whereas you laughed 'till your stomach hurt.
They were really gonna be the best family for your babies and you loved every piece of the times like this.
Tumblr media
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peppermint-joys · 12 months ago
Headcanons for Dad Bruno Au… Pt. 1
a/n: this is LONG, I'm going to have to make additional posts, breaking this into part. Please dont let this totally flop.
Calling the posts "chapters" because I want to.
prompt: The beginning of the my Single Dad Bruno au.
Adelita Chapters: 1 (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Tumblr media
Adelita’s abuela loved her with her whole heart. 
The little girl reminded her of her daughter in all the best ways.
“Mi querida, there’s another rat in the house!” - Abuela
“Don’t kill it! What if they have important places to be?” - Adelita
But she couldn’t chase her around, or lift her high. She was getting up there in years.
Adelita loved to hear her stories, especially those regarding how her parents met.
“They met in the plantain fields. Your father he, was a farmer. Your mother thought he was funny.” - Abuela
“And then what happened?” - Adelita
Her abuela had to force her to go out and make friends.
“But who will keep you company?” - Adelita
She’s the wallflower of the village children.
The child who lives at the very edge of town; wild hair; gap tooth; a bit much at times.
Besides, it's much easier playing alone than to risk being rejected.
A lizard is her best friend.
It never really bothered her not having parents until another child once asked about it.
Then it became all she thought about.
She knew her mami had died, but her papa.
“Abuela where did papi go?” - Adelita
“… Your papi loved you very much.” - Abuela
“Then why did they go?” - Adelita
She couldn’t didn’t give her a straight answer.
Sometimes she’d sit on the roof at night to get away.
She really is a happy child, most of the time. A bit lonely though.
On the roof late one night she heard a noise. Thinking it’s wasthe rats again, she decided to investigate.
It was in fact not a rat. Well, some rats but also a grown-up.
The two stared at each other before he bolted.
“Wait!” Adelita called out, but it was too late. He’d already disappeared in the jungle. “Ratman,” she whispered.
Unbeknownst to her abuela, Adelita started leaving out plates for the grownup.
She always grew excited when she’d find the plates clean.
She didn’t feel as lonely anymore.
One morning Adelita finds a little crudely handcrafted wood carved rat on the plate, replacing the arepas she’d left.
She wanted to thank the rat man.
So she tried staying up late to catch him, but she is a child.
The little girl is not a good rat catcher in normal standards. She has no clue what she’s doing.
It’s a stroke of luck on her part that she manages to be awake and corner him.
“Wait, please don’t run, I just wanted to thank you. For- for the rat. It’s very nice. Thank you.” - Adelita
She’s slightly disappointed when she sees under their hood and they aren’t part rat.
Children’s imaginations do run wild.
“How can you talk to rats if you’re not part rat!?” - Adelita
“Says the child who talks to a lizard. Are you part lizard?”
“No. That’d be silly.” - Adelita
Upon further inspection, she noticed the bags under his eyes. Which added to the list of questions running through her young mind. The first being…
“Are you alright?” - Adelita
She invites him inside for a meal at the table.
He declines before once again disappearing into the night.
Adelita is certain he won’t be back.
So she doesn't leave food out.
He was weird. Good, weird.
A week later in the night, rats wake the child up. She’s a bit frightened at first but curiously followed them out back.
This time, there’s a wooden replica of her lizard friend.
“Thank you,” Adelita whispered aloud her little voice just barely managing to carry through the empty alley.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 10 months ago
Yandere Isabela Madrigal Headcanons (romantic)
Tumblr media
Isabela is used to being the center of attention so it would really bruise her ego if her obsession didn’t bother giving her the time of day. She doesn’t take well to not getting what she wants or what she thinks she rightfully deserves and that includes having your eyes on her and only her. If your eyes do stray then she’ll take care to direct them back on to her, where they belong.
Jealousy is a key factor with Isabela, it rules a lot of her choices when concerning her obsession. She does not take well to feeling like second place, especially not when it comes to you. She wants to be perfect for you. She wants to be your ideal everything. Isabela wants to be all you have, all you could ever want or need.
When the talk about Mariano proposing comes about, Isabela hates the idea of it. She doesn’t want to marry him. She doesn’t want Mariano. She wants you! But Isabela doesn’t want to disappoint the family. But then again she deserves to be happy too, right? She’d consider running away. Just the thought of it has her feeling anxious but also excited. Wouldn’t that be something? The perfect Madrigal daughter running away? And for true love no less?! She kinda likes the sound of that.
Isabela would try to gain her darling’s attention by any means. Whether it be from using her gift to create all types of the most beautiful flowers or the rarest plants, to showing off her other talents or by just having her family to push you closer towards her; Isabela would do whatever to get you to see her. Once she does have your gaze she doesn’t plan on ever losing it.
Possessive is an understatement. Isabela wants you all to herself, with the occasion of showing you off time to time. She needs everyone else to know that you already belong to someone after all. But otherwise she wants you all to herself, where only she can look at you, talk to you, touch you, love you.
Isabela wouldn’t be able to tolerate anyone being too close with her obsession; physically or emotionally. She can’t handle the idea of someone else taking her rightful place by your side. The thought alone makes her blood boil. Her jealousy is definitely something that fuels her obsession for the worst. Her darling would slowly but surely lose all the important people in their life if, that’s what Isabela wanted. And it is. Whether she has to use her gift to create a wall around her darling’s home or around other people’s homes just to keep them away then so be it. But she wouldn’t be against using her family to help her isolate her darling all the more.
There’s no doubt that Isabela would eventually take her darling. Whether by running away with them or by taking them for her own; Isabela would take whatever action necessary to get what she wants. Her dream is to live with her darling, (isolated) in a little house built atop trees and made of flowers. Wouldn’t that be nice? It could just be the two of you, alone and in love. At least that’s how it goes in her dream.
Isabela just wants to live the life she wants and that life includes you. It’s built all around you being a part of it and she won’t take no for an answer. For once she’s going to do something for herself, something that’ll make her happy and you make her the happiest by merely existing. She loves you, therefore she can’t imagine not being with you. Isabela’s sure you will love your new life with her by your side. Soon enough you’ll get accustomed to it and then no one else will have to matter. Not in her little dream world.
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ssadumba55 · 10 months ago
From Afar (Bruno Madrigal X Reader)
Tumblr media
Request: None! This is my gift to you all for being gone for so long. This movie cured my writer's block and made me feel really good so I really wanted to write something for it. Hope you all enjoy! Looking forward to reopening the request box soon!
There was something odd about Bruno Madrigal.
Not in a bad way, no, heavens no! You had been fascinated with him as long as you could remember. Growing up in the Encanto meant you saw him quite often, but he was always tailed by his sisters, Julieta and Pepa. Even when he wasn’t, he was surrounded by other villagers, who lined up to have their futures read. If you were braver, maybe you would have joined them, just to be able to talk to him. But you weren’t, so you watched from the sidelines as he did his thing, then continued on doing yours.
Then one day he disappeared and the entire town moved on, including the rest of the Madrigal family. In fact, the only real proof he still existed was the mural of the Madrigal’s that was painted in town. If not for that and the fact that you had practically grown up with him from afar, you might not have ever known he existed in the first place.
You tried to forget him during the decade he was gone, but you couldn’t. It was hard to forget an unrequited crush like that. Especially when you never got the chance to see if he felt the same way. You tried your best to move on, living your life as best as you could.
“Hey, (Y/n)! Are you coming?” Your friend popped up from behind the shelf you were stacking things on, scaring the hell out of you and causing a large amount of the stuff in your arms to fall all over the floor. Slightly annoyed, you bent to pick the stuff up.
“I have to rearrange the store, remember?”
She pouted, helping you pick stuff up off the floor. “But the Madrigal’s need us, they’re rebuilding their home! And I heard some rumors floating around that Bruno Madrigal is back…”
You groaned, what a dumb rumor. He was definitely long gone, probably somewhere where nobody knew his name. He’s definitely out there happy somewhere… but the curiosity got the better of you, dropping your things on one of the tables.
“I guess I can do this later…”
She whooped, grabbing your arm and pulling you out of the shop into the crowd of people heading to help the Madrigals with their home.
By the time you reached the rubble of what was once the Madrigal family home, your friend had disappeared into the crowd. People were getting to work all around you, finding things to do and making themselves useful. This was a mistake! With all these people working, it would get done twice as fast, they didn’t need you! You’d just drag the workload down.
“Hey! Are you here to help?” Mirabel Madrigal was bouncing around, helping in any way she could. She must’ve spotted you standing awkwardly not knowing what to do.
You were about to make an excuse about having to do something back home when she pointed over her shoulder. “Camilo could use your help with the foundation stuff!”
You followed where she pointed, searching for her cousin, mentally kicking yourself for not turning around and going back home. The only reason you’d come here in the first place was because Bruno was potentially here, and that clearly hadn’t been true at all….
“(Y/n)?” You hadn’t even noticed you’d nearly walked right into someone until you were stumbling back to not hit them, hands reached out to steady you. At first you thought it had to be your friend, she was the only one in town who really talked to you. But the hands gripping your arms were too slender to be her.
Slowly, you raised your head to see who it was that caught you and your stomach dropped. Bruno had a concerned look on his face, he was clearly worried about you. Words, you needed to say something but nothing would come out. His eyes darted away uncertainly, looking at something or someone over your shoulder.
“S- Sorry. I should’ve been watching where I was going. I nearly knocked you over,” he finally broke the awkward silence. Part of you wanted to laugh, this was insane. You’d been pining for him for a decade (longer than that) and this was the first thing he’d ever said directly to you. Not only that but he’d said your name, he knew your name? It wasn’t that big of a village so that wasn’t crazy, but you’d always kept to yourself and assumed he hadn’t noticed you.
“No! It’s my fault!” You pulled your arms away, laughing nervously. God have your palms been sweating this entire time? “Didn’t know you knew my name…”
He flushed, suddenly becoming very interested in the sandals on his feet.
“The foundation isn’t going to build itself!” Someone called, drawing your attention away from your long time crush and Camilo walked by, giving you a knowing look as he passed, yelling “On it!”
You directed your attention back to Bruno, expecting to see him awkwardly staring at the ground still but he wasn’t. He had his hood pulled over his head to cover his eyes.
“I’m Hernando! I’m not scared of anything!” He was making his voice deeper. There was something odd about Bruno, but you couldn’t help but be amused by it.
You laughed. “Sorry, Hernando. My apologies. I was just wondering if I could talk to Bruno though. It’s just been a long time since I’ve seen him and I’ve finally worked up the courage to tell him something important.”
There was a hesitation, his voice wavering between Bruno and Hernando as he spoke next.
“Wouldn’t you rather talk to someone else?”
“Not really.”
Slowly, he raised his hands to lower his hood, fidgeting with his hands nervously. You didn’t blame him, the entire village had been against him since he was a child and his own family had moved on when he’d left as if nothing had ever happened. He probably wasn’t used to people wanting to talk to him.
“I just… This is embarrassing. I’ve had this thing for you for a while and I know we don’t know each other very well, but I’d like to. If that’s okay?”
His face flushed again and he took a deep breath, holding it for a moment before speaking. “Yes. I- me too. I’ve liked you for a while too, but I thought you didn’t feel the same because you always stood on the side… you never came to talk to me… I thought you were afraid of me like everyone else.”
“Hey lovebirds, are you two gonna help or am I going to do this all alone!” Camilo called, crossing his arms over his chest. Bruno winced, turning to glare at his nephew.
You took his hand, laughing. “Come on, we can talk about this later.”
Bruno swallowed nervously, looking down at your hands intertwined. That was new. But he liked it, he was tired of loving you from afar.
Little did he know you felt the same way.
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lunatic-flores · 9 months ago
Doctor : Quick! You're bleeding to death, what's your type!?
(Y/N) *coughing* : The Madrigals.
Doctor : What——
(Y/N) *Dying* : The Madrigals.
Doctor :
La familia Madrigal :
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zafirosreverie · 3 months ago
Being Julieta and Pepa's partner would include
Tumblr media
You being confused as to why both Madrigal sisters are flirting with you
You trying so hard to decide which one of them you want to date, only for them to say they don't want you to choose, they'll share
You being younger than them (you decide how much) meaning they see you as the "baby" of the relationship
You having to learn what they like and don't because they're so different from each other
You going to Julieta for comfort, kisses and wise words
You going to Pepa for laughs and cuddles.
You being in the middle of their fights and having to help them be on good terms again
Using your body to protect Julieta from Pepa's lighting when she's mad at her sister
Keeping Pepa safe in your house when Julieta has murder in her eyes
Them trying not to show their jealous when you're busy with the other
Pepa loves when you ask her for a little rain so you can play with the mud
Cooking with Juli! Or more like keeping her entertained while she does all the work
You are forbidden to cook with Pepa tho. Casita banned you for a week the last time you almost burned It down
Choosing who you will sleep with is a nightmare.
Letting Pepa play with your hair whenever she's anxious.
Julieta playing with your fingers/hands when she's nervous
Alma being suspicious of you at first but quickly loving you as another daughter
Being besties with Bruno!
The town's people thinking you're cheating on Pepa (the first one you kissed in public) with her siblings
You and Julieta finding funny that people think you're dating Bruno too.
Bruno is too busy trying not to be murdered by Pepa to laugh tho.
Having to deal with people's questions and the infamous "who are you going to marry"
The sisters finding cute how different you act with each of them
Against what one could think, you're actually the responsible one when you're with Pepa, always keeping her from killing people and calming her down before the tempest comes
With Julieta you're just another child. You're always getting into trouble, making silly jokes to make her laugh or getting her out of her comfort zone.
She suspects you're trying to see how much It would take to give her a heart attack
Valentine's day is a fucking nightmare. You have two girlfriends to get gifts for and they're so different and of course both of them have their own plans to spend the day with you but you can't just ignore one to go with the other and ahhhhhhhh
Pepa getting drunk the most between the three of you and Julieta and you having to take her back to Casita
Pepa and you trying to prank Juli but she always knows
The best thing about having two girlfriends is that when one of them Is too busy to spend time cuddling and kissing you, you can always go to the other.
The hardest thing is that when them both are free you have two needy goddesses fighting for your attention
It's tiring but you love them.
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