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grand-theft-grotto · 11 months
Broke: Encanto isn't really set in a narrow time range but it must after the invention of telenovelas because Bruno references them
Woke: It's not recent at all and Bruno literally watches Telenovelas from the future.
Streams that shit like HBO Max. Frickin eyes glowing green and shit, in his room back there in the walls, meanwhile no one else knows what a TV is.
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tiecladartist · 11 months
I love the idea of Isabela's part of We Don't Talk About Bruno not being a vision at all. Like, I just imagine Bruno tucking in his niece after her gift ceremony, and he notices she's kinda freaking out after everything in the day, and like:
"He told me that the life of my dreams Would be promised and someday be mine He told me that my power would grow Like the grapes that thrive on the vine"
Only, when he told her it'd probably be worded more like this:
"Kid, you're gonna have the life of your dreams one day, I promise. Your power is gonna grow like... uh... like grapes! Grapes on a vine! Because you're sweet like a fruit, and your power is- okay that one kinda didn't work as well out loud, but, y'know what I mean."
And then little Isabela asks if he saw it in a vision, and he chuckles and says yeah, because it'd be nice to predict something nice for once, and he hopes that this particular prediction will come true.
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soundofalling-sand · 11 months
Adopted Madrigals
Adopted Madrigals can inherit powers as well! 
Tumblr media
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palpalbuddypal · 11 months
Rating the Madrigals on how likely I could beat them in a fight
Alma: 9/10. She’s an old woman and is very fragile, I could probably body her without hesitation. The only reason she’s not a 10/10 is because I would feel guilty about it. The reason she’s 9/10 is because I wouldn’t feel that guilty.
Pepa: 4/10. Once I land a hit I’ll probably get struck by lightning and end up fucking dead. Not a good way to go. If she didn’t have her gift I could probably get a few good hits in, but she seems pretty feral. Would try to tear my ears off.
Julieta: 7.5/10. I have fought both verbally and physically with people who love to cook on several occasions. As long as she’s not in the kitchen, I win this fight. Points taken off because if I hurt her Luisa will probably rip my spine out.
Agustín: 100/10. I swing on him. He dodges and tries to swing back. Somehow he punches a beehive instead. Victory is mine.
Félix: 5/10, he looks pretty hardy and honestly it would probably come down to who lands the first hit.
Luisa: 3/10. It’s likely that if I challenged her to a fight she’d refuse, and therefore I would win. But if I did fight her it would be over embarrassingly quick. She could tear a grown man in half, I wouldn’t stand a chance.
Dolores: 10/10. She seems like the type to try to pull hair during a fight which would leave her torso wide open, and her gift probably wouldn’t help her that much. Unless she can hear the punch coming, which I doubt. Also I could probably just yell at her and watch her crumble from how sensitive her ears are.
Isabela: 1/10. She’s definitely been waiting for a chance to go apeshit. Visualize this: I swing, I punch a cactus. Then she’s growing monkshood directly from my spinal cord.
Camilo: 5/10. Just like his father it’s likely going to come down to who lands the first punch, and if he gets like. The strength of whoever he changes into. If I land a hit before he gets to shapeshift, we’re good. But if I don’t and he turns into Luisa— welp. I’m dead.
Antonio: 1/10. I drop-kick the child and immediately get gored by a rhinoceros.
Bruno: 6/10. I wish this one was a 10/10. He looks like he weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. He looks like I should be able to hit him with the one two buckle-my-shoe and watch him go down like a sack of potatoes. But no. This motherfucker is agile, parkouring through the walls of Casita. And he was living with rats for ten years. He’d probably give me bubonic plague bc I know he’d bite me if I swung on him. Would I win? Probably, but it would be hard.
Mirabel: 3/10. I could probably very easily beat the shit out of her, but she seems like the type to never go down. She’s got endurance and is probably scrappy as all hell from growing up with no powers. Like when the person you’re roughhousing with can change shape, you fight dirty. She’d probably hit me with homemade pepper spray. She’d put a bucket on my head like I’m a Skyrim NPC then bash my kneecaps in. She’s unhinged.
Casita: 0/10. Motherfucker it’s a house??????? How do you fight a house????????????
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carlaerosie · 10 months
Brunito says no to incest
Tumblr media
be like Brunito 👍🏽
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thenightwolf51 · 11 months
I wonder if Mirabel is the favorite Madrigal for most of the town.
Because while there's some obvious pity there for her being the only born Madrigal without a gift she's still, well, the only born Madrigal without a gift. The only Madrigal that's like the rest of them.
I mean clearly Encanto is a close community and they all love the Madrigal's for how they help the town but they're still a bunch of super powered people in an isolated place. It wouldn't surprise me if at some point down the line they started being looked at with some fear, like what was already happening with Bruno.
It's like that one post that talked about the potential of "Encanto Gothic" and the unsettlingness of the Madrigal's gifts. Like there are some things that can be turned to fear or can be used the see the family as gods.
Never say anything bad about the Madrigal's, they will always know. Your secrets are never really secret for she hears all.
Are you sure you really know who you're looking at? How can you ever be sure if it's truly your mother or friend you're speaking to. You see your brother joking and laughing with another you down the road, he doesn't seem to realize its not you.
Don't invoke the wrath of the middle triplet, lest you want a hurricane to appear at the drop of a hat and blow you away.
Dont upset the youngest, he may be all thats keeping the jaguar from eating us all.
Nothing can get in or out of Encanto thanks to those mountains, the Madrigal magic made sure of it.
But then you have Mirabel. Who's giftless like the rest of the town. Who is clumsy and a bit awkward. Who reminds them that the Madrigal's are still human. That they, while blessed with incredible abilities, aren't gods separate from everyone else.
While the town was probably very confused and concerned when Mirabel didn't get a gift, there was still likely some subconscious relief and a bit more appreciation for her.
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squeamishdionysus · 11 months
Tumblr media
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encanto-side-blog · 11 months
Tumblr media
More head-canons/analysis thingys
Luisa and Mirabel have a really great and sweet relationship. Luisa seems genuinely very kindhearted and like she takes her role as big sister seriously. She also doesn't treat her differently for having no powers.
When she gets in the way of Luisa, she responds with “careful sis”, unlike Isabela who responds with an angry “what is your problem!?”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And unlike Isabela who is jealous and thinks Mirabel has it easy, Luisa is never seen showing that kind of attitude despite being probably one of the most overworked Madrigal, to the point of being compared to a mule (beast of burden).
The one time we see her yell at Mirabel, she apologizes immediately saying “uh, wow... sorry, that snuck out there”, showing that she almost never gets angry at Mirabel, if ever.
In Surface Pressure she tells Mirabel to give her burdens to her and Mirabel smiles for a split second (while Luisa worries about things that will hurt Mirabel). They also don’t have the kind of animosity that Maribel had with Isabela at the start.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And finally, I mean... look at this 🥺
Mirabel looks so uncertain, I’m wondering if they forgot her again but Luisa noticed and dragged her into the photo.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I hope if a series comes out we will get to explore this dynamic more.
Tumblr media
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Camilo: yeah I give up. I'm tired
Dolores: quick, get the emergency supply!
Mirabel: *brings y/n into the room*
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bozowrites · 11 months
camilo x reader ; bruno x reader : they have a crush.
a/n : i do this for literally every fandom i join
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Tumblr media
sometimes when he’s around you, he changes randomly out of nerves.
he laughs it off though.
makes tons of flirty jokes and messes with you a lot.
he either has all his attention on you or none.
sometimes he just can’t handle the pressure of talking to you!
romanticizes literally every interaction with you, its almost sad.
pepa knows, which means dolores knows, which means the entire family knows now.
he sighs longingly a lot when he’s around you or just sees you from afar.
he does get flustered a lot if you reciprocate any flirty comments.
smiley boy when you are around.
he can get jealous from time to time when he sees you chatting with someone else your twos age.
doesn’t dare show it though.
"well, well, well look at what la casita dragged in~"
Tumblr media
flustered a ton, like as red as a tomato if you will.
daydreams about you a lot.
watches you from afar, like staring and just watching you interact with others.
doesn’t mean for it to be creepy.
everyone in the family knows about his crush on you and make an effort to bring you around la casita so he can be around you more.
hernando isn’t afraid of anything and that includes talking to you.
gets awkward talking to you and makes jokes that don’t make sense.
likes showing you all his telenovelas with his rats. if you like them, he is overjoyed.
tells you really dramatic stories with dramatic expressions and just everything dramatic.
is a little afraid of how people will treat you if you two ever got into a relationship.
refuses to have visions about you. doesn’t wanna see something that could shatter his heart.
"have you met jorge?"
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lala99fb · 2 months
Madrigal triplets besides being my faves they also share birthday 17th of October and that day here in Colombia we celebrate the ethnicity day which is so cool considering that all of the triplets even if they are siblings resemble different features and tone skins what is very Colombian if you ask me lol but is also funny that their birthday coincide with this celebration besides the tragic beginning of the thousand days war date. I don’t know but for me was cute sharing this with the Encanto fandom family 🥺🙈😇 it would be nice if we get some Q&A from Jared and beautiful fan arts from this talented fandom.
Tumblr media
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cheeseanonioncrisps · 10 months
Maybe I'm stupid for not noticing this sooner, but I was watching some Encanto clips on Youtube and it suddenly hit me— even without her powers, Luisa is still incredibly strong.
Like, it's easy to overlook because from the age of five onwards she basically never experienced the sensation of struggling to lift something apart from the weight of her family's expectations, so every scene where she tries without her powers she's miserable and freaking out about how 'weak' she is.
But if you look at it objectively:
Tumblr media
Like, yeah, she's struggling and straining and all, but she's also moving a fucking piano from one room to another entirely by herself. Like, that's not normally a one person job.
Equally, here:
Tumblr media
This is a huge slab of rock. And yeah, she requires Mirabel's help to get it upright, but she gets it most of the way there on her own, and Mirabel is fifteen and pushing from a side corner, so her support was probably more moral than physical anyway.
And here:
Tumblr media
Now she's working with both Mirabel and Isabela's help, but Mirabel seems to be in charge of holding it steady rather than pulling it upright, and Isabela is not particularly muscular and looks to be bearing less of the weight, so there is no way that Luisa is not doing most of the work in lifting this massive fucking load-bearing column.
Once again, while Luisa clearly appreciates having her sisters help her, it's probably less that she can't lift stuff without her powers— I mean, don't go asking her to throw donkeys in the air or move a church without them, but she's still perfectly capable of heavy lifting— and more that she needs the confidence that comes with knowing that she's not the only one bearing the weight.
Another interesting thing is that the fact that Luisa's muscles persist even after losing her powers implies that even when she had them, she must have been feeling at least some of the weight of the things she lifted.
Like, muscles build with effort. Her powers obviously give her a boost, but if they just made everything weightless then she wouldn't have anything like the physique she's ended up with (in fact, she'd probably have been incredibly scrawny from not putting her muscles to use since she was five years old).
When she complains about being treated like a workhorse, it's not just the time and the stress of responsibility that she's got to be unhappy about. Muscles grow when they get damaged through exercise (which is why you might feel sore after a workout) and then repair themselves stronger than before. That's where the phrase 'no pain, no gain' comes from.
In order to have the kind of muscles that she has, Luisa has to have been experiencing at least some physical discomfort from using her power. Physical discomfort that probably didn't get acknowledged, because nobody would have been expecting her to feel it, and she most likely wouldn't have wanted to mention it too much, given her fear of being seen as weak.
Which means that one of the biggest benefits of having her sisters help her lift stuff, even if she's still doing most of the actual work, is that Luisa now has somebody there to acknowledge that the work she's doing is difficult. That it's not nothing to be told you have to lift a church, round up some donkeys and divert a river all on your own without even five minutes to take a break.
When the three of them finally lift that pillar, and Isabela turns to her admiringly and says "you're so strong!"— how many times before that do you think Luisa has been earnestly praised by members of her family for the work she does?
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nightanddusk · 11 months
I need post-movie Bruno still using the walls content, like he'll casually just be walking through and hear Pepa debating which hair pin to use and say something like "The gold goes nice with your shoes but the silver would draw more attention to your hair which is also nice." Before creeping off into other sections of the house.
It's an oddly helpful habit he has and the family just comes to appreciate it. Sucks when you want to keep something a secret though, Bruno and Dolores are definitely an anti-secrecy duo
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overly-dramatic-artist · 11 months
When they were little, Camilo and Mirabel would follow around their tío Bruno around whenever they could. They would lovingly be referred to as “Bruno’s little shadows.”
They were restless children, and sometimes at night they would find Bruno walking aimlessly around casita from insomnia. Bruno would be mildly startled every time he turned the corner from the kitchen to see two pairs of shiny eyes staring up at him.
After their questions of, “Tío, why are you awake?,” and, “Tío Bruno, are you a vampire?,” and, “Tío, can I have a snack before we go back to sleep?,” he would gather them back up to their room like little ducks. Occasionally, he would end up falling asleep on the floor, with Camilo and Mirabel resting their heads on either of his shoulders.
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magicalencanto · 11 months
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Camilo's s/o having powers like Pepa ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Camilo Madrigal x Female! Reader who can control the weather
✎ ⁞ requested by @nelefibata
✎ ⁞ date: 27.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were already dating Camilo for two years. You both were very close, because you were the same age and basically knew each other your whole life.
At this point, you've officially met his family, both as a Camilo's friend and girlfriend. Fortunately for you, they immediately accepted you as on of their own.
The same had happened with your family. Your parents knew that Camilo was one for you and already gave him their blessings.
So, you could tell that you both were living your dream life, where your love grew stronger everyday.
Although all Madrigal's were really happy to have you, Pepa still outshined them with her vivid rainbows and bright sun, that suddenly appeared whenever her wide eyes had found you. It could be even just a glance but that was enough for her to grow all happy.
Because in her eyes, you were already like her daughter. You were just so cute and polite, that she had often wondered how her son had managed to get someone like you. But anyway she was happy for you two.
One day, Pepa woke up with fierce determination to hand out with her future daughter. After she had a beautiful dream about your and Camilo's wedding, she was sure it was a sign for her. A sign to start working to make this dream a reality.
This day the sun shined especially brightly and no cloud could be seen in the sky. It meant that Pepa was in a truly happy mood. A rare sight to see.
Madrigal's, although very happy, were also very curious. During breakfast, everyone asked Pepa what got her in such a good mood. When asked, she chirped happily that it was nothing, and continue to eat. Everyone deadpanned, seeing a rainbow appearing above her head but decided not to investigate further.
But her eldest son, Camilo, eyed his mother auspiciously. He knew his mother was planning something and his gut was telling him that it involved him. Don't get me wrong, he loved his mother to death, but he knew that he and his mother shared this... sneakiness. And he got a bad feeling about what she was planning.
And unknowingly to him, his gut was right.
After breakfast, without another word, Pepa rushed out of the Casita, on a mission to find you. It didn't take her too long to find you, because you were just peacefully minding your business and being in the middle of the walk.
When her eyes found you, a rainbow appeared over her head and she practically sprinted to you, smiling widely.
You just blinked and Pepa suddenly appeared before you, making you flinch a little, because you had no idea where did she came from.
❝ Hello, mi hija! Let's spend some time together! ❞ Pepa exclaimed, before dragging you to her favorite spot, which was a small meadow before crops. You, still confused, only watched the hyper happy women before with confusion clearly written on you face.
You were used to Pepa calling you her daughter and after a few first times, where your face turned into a bright red tomato, you just started to accept it. Camilo also didn't mind that. In fact he often teased you about already being a Madrigal.
But anyway! You and Pepa found yourself sitting in that meadow, talking about anything and everything. It was fun and you had to admit, that you were enjoying yourself.
And just when everything was going smoothly...the shit went down.
Some children were playing nearby and throwing mud at themselves. *sigh* One of those children, already fully covered in mud, took a big scoop of it, and threw it with all his might before him. Unfortunately for him, some mud got in his eye, and he couldn't see where he was aiming. *Another sigh* And, my dear readers, guess who the mud had hit?
❝ Ack-! ❞ Pepa gasped, feeling something cold hit her back. Both yours and her eyes widened, as you both tried to comprehend what had just happened.
You covered your mouth, seeing Pepa slowly turn around, revealing mud sliding down her beautiful orange dress.
Pepa felt anger bubbling inside her, as the very familiar cloud appeared over her head. The cloud turned dark and rain started pour down on her. Her dress...your meeting...was destroyed...
❝ Pepa, are you alright-? Ack-! ❞
A small lightning accidentally struck you, sending a electrical shock through your body. But unlike you had expected, it didn't hurt. In fact, you felt something new unlock inside of you.
Pepa gasped loudly, horrified. She just struck her daughter! She will leave her, and then break up with her son and there won't be any wedding or grandkids or-
❝ Mami, breath! ❞ Pepa heard your soothing voice, and felt your smaller hands softly grasping her own. ❝ Breath in, breath out. ❞
A small hurricane that started to appear around her, disappeared as she followed your instructions, taking deep breaths. After a few more minutes of calming down, a cloud above her head also disappeared and the sunny weather came back.
With one last breath, Pepa opened her eyes and looked down at you. Your hair was standing up because of the statics and you eyes were full of worry for her.
❝ Oh my...! I'm so sorry, mi hija! I didn't mean to hurt you! Are you alright? Do we need to go to mi Hermana? ❞ Pepa gasped softly, putting her hands on your shoulders and looking up and down at you, checking if you're hurt anywhere.
❝ No, no. I'm alright! Thank you... ❞ You assured her softly, feeling more than alright.
Pepa sighed in relief but then a rainbow appeared over her head again, as she recalled what you had said earlier.
❝ You called me mami! ❞
And for the rest of the day, the same rainbow reminded above her head.
But that wasn't the end. O no, no.
The trouble started later that day, when you were with Camilo on a date. You went outside Casita to stargaze and you both had a good time. Your date went perfectly well...until you had accidentally hit your toe on a rock.
❝ Ack-! ❞ You gasped painfully, holding your leg and hissing in pain. Camilo send you a worried look and dived to help you.
But then, he had noticed a shadow looming over both of you and slowly looked up...only to discover a very familiar cloud above you. Camilo gasped dramatically, and pointed at it, making you look up and also gasped.
❝ Are you kidding me? ❞ You deadpanned, already knowing what was wrong with you.
❝ Can I call you a sunshine now? ❞ Camilo teased, quickly coming to terms with the fact that now you were sharing gift with his mom.
You deadpanned again, and struck him with your own lightning.
The same night, his family found out about your "gift" and now, you could officially say that you're a Madrigal now! No 'if's and 'but's. You're a (name) Madrigal!
Alma, suprisingly, was happy to find out that her daughter gift was lend to you. She had already accepted you in her family and now you could help around the town, by controlling the weather.
Pepa, although shocked to the core, was more than happy to share something with you. Of course, she grew worried when she had found out about the whole ordeal, and asked you a numerous of times if you were alright. She also apologized for causing it but you said that it didn't matter and you were more than okay.
Camilo, love of your life, fell even deeper in love with you. He had always admired his mother and her gift, so now he felt happy that it was 'passed' down to you.
The rest of the family was also happy buut...they knew that they had to be prepared for more wether changes.
After that day, Pepa and you became even closer. She helped you by teaching you about her gift and how to avoid certain... situations.
You both took turns when controlling the weather. When Pepa was feeling down, you took her to her room, where she could let it all out and you cleared the cloudy sky she left behind, bringing back the sunshine and clear skies. It worked both ways.
Since you weren't as emotional as Pepa, you had more control over your gift. But don't get me wrong, when you felt something, you were force to be feared.
Once, something had angered you so much, that even Pepa's door couldn't fully conceal your anger. That day the raging strom in Encanto was so violent that no one dared to step the foot outside their house.
❝ Maybe you should go and try to calm her down? ❞ Nervously aske Mirabel, while sitting with the whole family and eating dinner in their Casita. Everyone were feeling nervous, because lightnings were hitting the ground every few minutes, making everyone flinch at the loud crack. Poor Dolores had to wear ear plugs and ear mufflers not to go deaf.
❝ And die? No thank you. ❞ Answered Camilo, while taking a bite out of his food.
Pepa was strangely calm about this whole situation, but inside she felt extremely worried for you. She didn't know what had made you so angry but you needed to calm down, at least a little. Because at this rate, everyone in Encanto wouldn't be able to sleep.
Without another word, Pepa stood up and went to her son. Taking him by his ear, Pepa began to drag him towards her room, ignoring his protests.
Before Camilo could say another word, he was shoved inside his mom's room and the door shut behind him.
Camilo gulped while seeing the violent storm raging inside. He loved you to the moon and back and even tried to comfort you this morning. But when he saw your scary glare, he chose his life.
That day he discovered the difference between his mother and you. While Pepa was emotional woman and found a ways to let her emotions out regularly, you bottled it all inside until you bursted. And when you did, everyone should ran for their life's. Especially now that you shared your gift with his mother.
❝ Camilo? ❞ The said boy heard you, and saw you looking at him. The storm around lessen a little, and lightnings weren't as violent as before.
Taking a deep breath, Camilo send you a soft smile.
❝ Hello sunshine...what made you so upset?❞
Your expression softened and you feel your anger slowly disappearing, before being replaced by sadness. A stormy clouds were replaced by lighter ones, from which a soft rain started to fall down, just when a tear run down you cheek.
This time Camilo didn't hesitated to run to you and pull you into a comforting hug, letting you cry it all out in his shoulder. He wasn't bothered by the rain. All he cared about was you.
❝ Let it all out, mi vida. Breath in, breath out..❞
Meanwhile the whole Encanto sighed in relief, seeing the skies clearing up and the usual sum appearing from behind the clouds again. Madrigal's too, calmed down and Dolores could finally unlock her sensitive ears.
Pepa smiled softly, while looking outside. She knew what she was doing, because the only person who had always managed to calm her down, was no one other than her beloved husband, Felix. And in your case, it was Camilo.
❝ Ah, the wedding will be beautiful... ❞ Sighed dreamily Pepa, now being more than sure that her dream would someday become a reality.
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myreygn · 11 months
Sometimes Antonio rather talks to animals than to people, because they don't expect anything from him and keep all of his secrets.
Sometimes Camilo transforms into other people when they're alone, because it's one of those days when others have prettier hair, faces, bodies and when they can't stand themself.
Sometimes Dolores blasts her music so loud that it hurts her ears, because the air is whispering again and that last secret was just one too many.
Sometimes Mirabel hides in the walls and sits in the dark for hours, because Casita is always there for her and she has to disappear for just a little bit.
Sometimes Luisa lifts tables and wardrobes until her arms burn, because something has to keep her from thinking and she may or may not be losing control.
Sometimes Isabela dances through her room until she has to lie down, because it's one of those days when she can't afford to falter and doesn't dare to look into the mirror, in fear of seeing something wrong.
Sometimes Bruno looks a few minutes into the future, because maybe he will feel better by then and focusing on right now is exhausting to say the least.
Sometimes Pepa lets it rain on her head the whole day, because feeling cold and wet all alone is better than failing to fake sunshine and having other people suffer from her mood swings.
Sometimes Julieta eats all of the food she makes herself, because she feels like she's allowed to be selfish and maybe, one day, it will cure dark days.
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