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dazeddoodles · 1 day
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The story of Mirabel and the Big Bad Wolf
Originally done for Encanto’s 1 year anniversary
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blue-solstice · 2 days
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Took me a very long time but I couldn’t resist turning the Madrigals into witches 🥰🥰
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reversia · 3 days
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Encanto, 2021
request for anon
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Mirabel: *crying*
Bruno: Um, what are you doing awake?
Mirabel: I’m sorry, I had a nightmare.
Bruno, awkwardly: Uh, okay, I can handle this. I mean, it has been a few years, I’m a little rusty but… There, there. Why don’t you tell me about it?
Mirabel: Everyone died because of my jinx—
Bruno: Oh, that’s deeper than I was expecting. I’m only prepared to handle monsters under the bed. Yeah, I’m gonna have to sit this one out, Julieta Junior.
Mirabel: *starts crying harder*
Bruno: Shit, I didn’t mean… don’t cry… oh, I’ve made this worse, uh um….. LUISA!
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prophetic-hijinks · 7 hours
Bruno is helping a six years old Pedro with his homework at the table while Elena prepares a little snack.
"yes, lovebug?"
"what is a virgin?"
Elena stops cutting vegetables and turns around to see a very uncomfortable Bruno, and Pedro both looking at her.
"oh, well that's a good question. Let's see, a -STAY Bruno"
Bruno, wide eyed, hand on the back of his chair clearly trying to escape, obediently sits back down.
"sweetie? Remember when you asked how Dolores got pregnant? And I explained how adults who really love each other, usually when married, do a special adult dance in private?"
"well a person who hasn't done that dance yet is called a virgin." Elena finished gently. "Do you understand?"
"I think so...." Pedro replied pondering a moment. "But what's extra virgin?"
Confused, Elena falters. Looks at the bottle of oil next to her. Tips the label to read it. And face palms.
Bruno dies laughing.
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waitingonavision · 2 days
Encanto Drabble: Leftovers, & Love
It started as a little collab with @empty-cryptid 😌💚 To be posted on AO3.
“Bruno, do you know what happened to the leftover tamales?”
“Uh... no?”
Julieta squints at her brother. There’s sauce in the corner of his mouth, and his belly is looking just a bit too round—beneath a shirt which may or may not have crumbs on it.
She pokes him in the stomach. “Then what’s in here?”
“...Love?” Bruno answers, throwing her a winning grin. He gets a look in return: cocked eyebrow, folded arms; lips pressed together in an unmistakable effort not to smile back.
“Well. True as that may be,” Julieta says at last, as she prods those pudgy sides some more and begins to steer Bruno in the direction of the kitchen. “You’re coming with me to help replace my mysteriously vanished tamales.”
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Bruno: I really like this whole ‘good girl, bad girl’ thing you girls have going on. Isabela: It’s not an act, it’s just that I’m mean and Dolores isn’t.
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naoko-world · 2 days
Bruno playing at the fashion rat!
Tumblr media
Based on an idea by @thecrazyashley-blog! I thought it was funny soooo 🤣
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“Abuela wants to save the Miracle,” Mirabel said. “But she doesn’t know how.”
Isabela scoffed, setting Mirabel’s bag aside. She held onto the edge of the plinth, staring at the empty silver bowl. “Yeah, well, that makes two of us. Or three of us, I should say.”
Mirabel nodded. She stood across from Isabela and, like her sister, she stared at the empty bowl as if it held all her answers.
As if it held all her answers! That’s it!
“Isa!” Mirabel reached across the bowl and grabbed her sister’s shoulders. “Isa, have another vision!”
How do you save a family Miracle? Well, the first step is convincing your prophet sister to have another vision.
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aeshnalacrymosa · 3 days
It took forever...
Tumblr media
BUT I finally finished this. 💚 I hope you like it, @prophetic-hijinks !
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yourlocalviking · 10 months
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Was nobody gonna tell me they had a storyboard of Dolores reenacting the velociraptor kitchen scene with Bruno and Mirabel?!
I mean look at this
Tumblr media
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carlaerosie · 11 months
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴
the flowers on Isabela’s dress and in her hair - cattleya trianae orchids (may lilies), national flowers of Colombia
Tumblr media
Camilo snapping his fingers when he is excited
Tumblr media
Mirabel using her lips to point
Tumblr media
flowered balconies (like in Cartagena)
Tumblr media
ruanas (ponchos) that Bruno and Camilo wore
Tumblr media
Dolores’ “squeaks”
Tumblr media
inviting the whole town/neighbourhood to a party
Tumblr media
sombrero vueltiao - traditional Colombian hat
Tumblr media
Isabela being covered in the colors of Colombian flag (🇨🇴) during her song
Tumblr media
and many many more!
(this is for all the people who still say Encanto is not about Colombians ; sorry about the quality of the gifs)
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notpikaman · 8 hours
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reversia · 19 hours
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Encanto, 2021
request for anon
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Antonio: Can we get ice cream?
Bruno: Did you ask your parents?
Camilo: They said no.
Bruno: Then why are you three asking me?
Isabela: Because they’re not the boss of you
Bruno, internally: It’s a trap. It’s a trap. It’s a trap—
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2uselemon · 1 year
⚠️flash warning⚠️
dolores just wants to sleep
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quietbirdee · 11 months
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burnout makes the week last longer...
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