empty-cryptid · 2 days ago
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La Familia Madrigal 
(From the Little Golden Book)
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Luisa: What can therapy do for me that screaming in my car for 30 minutes can't?
Bruno: Seconded. 
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geckodoodles · 22 hours ago
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Encantober Day 1: Caterpillar
Here is the link to the prompt list.
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malewifebruno · a day ago
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the og mama's boy
(my encanto bestie @hearttohaato did this amazing piece for my birthday <3 )
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glendybluebird · 2 days ago
💜Princess of Nature💜
✨Princess Isabela✨
I based her design from the national flower of Colombia - Cattleya Orchid.
Next: Dolores Madrigal
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🌼🌹🌺🌸"Princess of Nature"🌸🌺🌹🌼
The Flower of the empire.
Princess Isabela Madrigal is the first born granddaughter of the Empress.
She is expected to take after her grandmother's throne.
Flowers grow and blossom through her every step, and every word. Praised as a goddess and seen as the role model of all women in Encanto. But something deep inside her, just wanted to be wild and free. Funny how no one can see who she truly is when all eyes are on her.
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mmollymercury · 15 hours ago
Encantober, day one ~ Caterpillar🐛🐛🐛
Doing a full, finished; pretty drawing in one day is hardddd, which is why this looks like this. But I did it soooo I achieved something, at least. My thinking behind this was: caterpillars... caterpillar wallpaper, Bruno painting caterpillars on the nursery wall....! baby mira with caterpillar in her hair, *draws whole thing*, *googles* "okay so there is no caterpillar wallpaper..." *settles on butterflies, cos butterflies...caterpillars- u get it*. Boom.
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Bruno has got his hair tied back because he's a king and those curls are NOT getting messy😤😤😤😤
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jennjiart · 2 days ago
My Prince came on a horse! Was it white? No it was brown...and he was actually a King! A powerful King? No, but a short King!
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waitingonavision · 2 days ago
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A modern AU where Pepa sends photos of pudgy kittens or puppies to Bruno saying, “hey look it’s you”
@empty-cryptid - inspired on our conversation! 😂💚💛
Pepa and Bruno texting one another:
Pepa: Hey look it’s you
Pepa: [photo of a kitten with a round belly]
Pepa: Pot belly kitten!
Bruno: Hahaha...
Bruno: Yes, Pepa 🙄
. . .
Bruno: [photo of a blobfish]
Bruno: Hey look it’s you
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chungledown-bimothy · 2 days ago
Knickolas Pnackleless Hob really said "I'm pretty sure I'm worthless if I can't be of service"
*Luisa Madrigal has entered the chat*
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Luisa: While we sleep our brain makes up stories and then gets scared of them.
Bruno: Mine does that when I'm awake.
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neon-green-eyes · 15 hours ago
Day 1 one of @encantober-official ! Saw whumptober and wanted to add the angst to it!
I've got a lot of work so I'm keeping these simple!
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pompoouri · 2 days ago
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Jared Bush on Twitter said that the new Encanto series is gonna have Bruno with 3 male interests and they’re all tall, hunky middle aged dilfs, so white girl ocs are therefor cancelled ✌🏽
(left to right: Iwata, Raul, Rafael)
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glendybluebird · 19 hours ago
🌙Yin and Yang☀️
Camilo's a good dance instructor!
Guess what they're singing😜
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As children, they used to act out their imaginary worlds. It had been years since they started doing it again. It was kind of hard at first due to Luna's changes in personality. But bit by bit, her old self is starting to show.
This was supposed to be a mini comic, but I got busy working on some other stuff.
This other pic was from months ago.
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gamerbearmira · 2 days ago
(SA cause now that made me sad)
Alma Madrigals heart was down to her feet by now. She had helped this happen. She had known sweet little Mirabel was going out to the forest to pick flowers and she had let the girl go alone.
This was just as much her fault as the fault of the villagers who heard Mirabels scream and didn't do anything about it. Just as much her fault as the one who did this to her sweet little granddaughter.
Her granddaughter who was now mute and permanently scared for life...who had that horrid scar along her neck. Her sweet youngest grandchild who was now maimed and mute.
All because she wanted to go pick flowers in the forest and Alma let her go alone. Why had she done that? Even if the asshole who did this didn't get Mirabel...there were still wild animals.
Feeling a pat on her hand she looked up through her teary eyes and saw Mirabel smiling softly at her. Smiling hopefully and holding out one slightly damaged red rose.
Nah but Fr Fr. Love this so much omg <333 Alma feels so bad when she really shouldn’t I mean. Not even Bruno could’ve predicted this to be honest. No one would’ve expected it. Alma shouldn’t even take part of the blame, it’s not fair 😭😭 villagers and the two folks that did it need to take that L, 80/20 dawg 🤨
Initially it was just a sketch but I started spiraling further and further and we have come to this rare conclusion. Might try rendering it next time, can you tell I tactically avoided line art 🗿
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Alright I’m gonna. Go cry. Maybe draw some fluff idk
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encantoisawesome · 12 hours ago
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i dunno
i cant remember drawing this at all, i found it in my files and decided to share
julieta isnt amused (bruno’s fine)
catrigals au by @glitternightingale​
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jennjiart · 16 hours ago
Happy Encantober!!! Day 1 Caterpillar
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First time drawing Antonio :D
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waitingonavision · 17 hours ago
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I wish I could’ve done a little more, and a little better, for the first day of Encantober (@encantober-official), but here’s Bruno wearing a haramaki (belly wrap). He reminds me of a cozy little caterpillar in a cocoon. 😌
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