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Tumblr media
”When you find an unconscious man bearing the mark of the Ravens on his chest washed up on the riverbed, you have to choose between your duties as a healer and your instincts as a woman.”
Pairing: Bandit!Seokjin x Healer!Reader
Genre: Fantasy, s2l!AU, Romance, Smut
Warnings: lots of plot, healing from a traumatic past, wounds & mentions of blood, very mild hatred in the beginning, some bickering which later turns into flirting, so much yearning, virgin!Seokjin, subby!Seokjin, soft dom!Reader, nudity, bondage in some sort, she feeds him while he's sick :'), he is very eager to learn, he is also such a cutie :(, lots of kissing, neck kisses, praises, breast massage, the goodest boy!Jinnie, handjob, fingering, mutual masturbation, they are very needy for each other
Wordcount: 22.4k
a/n: Seriously, the more stories I write about this universe, the harder I fall in love with it. Each time I create a little thing or a new animal or some type of food, I am filled with so much joy. I love this world so much! Also, Seokjin really did it to me :( he is such a sweet man in this story, I wanna protect him :( I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it 💚
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Tumblr media
You woke up with a strange feeling in your stomach.
Today was going to be a cursed day for you.
The feeling in your stomach has never lied to you before nor was it ever wrong.
Oh how you hated its accuracy, because as you rolled out of bed and hit your toe on the corner of your bed, you knew that it was once again right.
It continued at breakfast when the fire turned out to be hotter than on other days and burned the last of your eggs and meat. You had to eat the last two pieces of slightly dried up bread and when you looked into your jug, you had to realise in horror that Kukuruz - your cat - had drunk the last of your milk while you were sleeping.
“Kukuruz”, you had hissed at him, but he was slumbering peacefully on the window sill, “oh you cursed animal, may you wake up with a belly ache.”
Your bad luck continued as you hung up your laundry and dropped one of the pieces in the wet mud. Oh how you had cursed, because now you had to go down to the river to wash it again. And the curse didn’t stop, it continued on your way to town when your dress got stuck on some thorns and ripped at the seam.
“Oh how I truly hate this day!” you screamed at the skies, lifting your fist and waving it around.
Even in town your curse followed you like an unwanted shadow. Not only did the egg merchant sell the last eggs right before your eyes, but you had also forgotten your gold at home. You had to come to the painful realisation when you had to give up the most delicious looking piece of smoked meat because you couldn’t pay for it.
So you left the market just as empty handed as you had entered it, feeling less and less happy about ever setting foot outside your bed.
“I should have just stayed in bed”, you murmur, “my stomach was never wrong before, fatuous woman why did you not listen?” you grumble, almost running into low branches hadn’t you dodged them in the last moment.
You laugh in disbelief, gawking at them with big eyes.
“Truly, I must be cursed today”, you say and decide to be extra careful on your remaining way home. It wasn’t long anymore. Just past that glade and through the tunnel of conifer trees and your little cottage would be in arm’s reach.
It was your mother’s cottage once and her mother’s before that. It was a little outside of town, a tense conifer forest was separating it from it. But the paths were well walked on and the forest safe, except for the occasional boar and the mean tree fairies, which more often than not, loved growing roots in front of people’s feet to make them stumble and fall. One could hear their laughter in the rustling of the leaves and the creaking of branches. But they were harmless otherwise, they just loved playing tricks.
You didn’t encounter any of the little tricksters today. It truly surprised you. Out of all the days, you expected them today the most. They must be busy getting the trees ready for winter. While the tree fairies on foliage trees went to sleep together with their mothers, the tree fairies on conifer trees worked hard during the colder months to help their mothers keep their green dresses. Only now and then one of them found time in their busy day to play a quick trick on some humans, which made the entire forest rustle and croak in laughter if the trick was successful. And somehow it seemed that on such days the forest looked greener the next day, as if the fairies needed a good laugh to find more energy again.
You leave the tense canopy of spruce branches behind you, stepping onto the glade of your cottage. It was a spacious meadow, allowing the sun to shine on the ground and for a variety of plants to grow. The Singing River, which was just a hundred steps down the shallow slope, offered plenty of the clearest water. Your meadow never had to suffer from drought. It was truly a blessing. Especially as a healer, who depended heavily on the health of her many healing plants and herbs.
The air smells different here. Sweet and herbal from all the plants you were growing in the warmer months. The scent lingered even in winter as if it had already become part of the land. Perhaps it liked staying here with you and the warm sun.
“Finally”, you say and quicken your steps. Not long anymore and you are finally in the safety of your own home again. Nothing can go wrong now.
You hurry up the stairs.
You stop and take a step back.
A ring. Golden with a silver gemstone in the middle.
“What is that?”
You bend down to pick it up and inspect it. You bite it first. It doesn’t bend under your teeth, which means that it was real.
“Where did this come from?” you murmur, looking left and right to see if you can spot a person.
You can’t. Your glade is empty.
You look back at the ring. You have seen rings like such before. As the best healer in the Night Queendom you often find yourself in the Queen’s castle. You sometimes see rings like that on Her fingers.
“How did you come here?” you ask it, “did a bird drop you?”
You look up at the sky. There was no bird to spot.
“Or did magic bring you to me?”
But you would have sensed if someone tried to use magic on your land.
“Perhaps you were sent to me by the universe to break my curse?”
You slip it on your finger and then turn.
You will sell it in town and then use the money to buy the delicious smoked meat and another jug of milk.
Tumblr media
You return successful from the market. Your basket is filled with the smoked meat and a big jug of milk and even the egg merchant had a small box of eggs back in stock. You bought all them and even treated yourself to a delicious apple. It was the last of the farmer’s successful crop, sweet with a hint of sour in its taste. Exactly how you enjoyed your apples.
The ring must have broken your curse, so you thought as you walked back home with a happy skip in your steps.
“Good morning, Kukuruz”, you greet your cat, who had woken by now and is now circling your legs as you hurry through the cottage, “have you eaten yet?”
“No?” you bend down and pick him up.
Kukuruz rests gladly in your arm, watching you unload your basket. His tiny legs are pulled to his body, his soft tummy is exposed and his long tail is wiggling left and right contently.
“I know you drank my milk last night.”
“No no, don’t blame this on the fairies. This was your doing. I found your fur on the jug.”
“As I thought. But worry not Kukuruz, I forgive you. The most peculiar thing happened to me. I found a golden ring on our porch and you won’t believe how much it was worth.”
You pull two big bags of gold free.
“Look! This will last us till summer!” you exclaim excitedly, "and I can still save some for the bathing tub!"
But Kukuruz seemed more interested in the smoked meat, beginning to wiggle in your arms.
“By Frenya, you are such a gluttonous cat”, you murmur, setting him down, “go to your bowl, I will cut some meat for you.”
The black cat struts off with a certain bounce in his steps. He sits down in front of his bowl and meows loudly, watching you with his tail moving back and forth on the floor and his emerald eyes widened in curiosity.
You cut a piece for yourself, nibbling on it as you fill his bowl with food.
“There we go”, you tell him and pet his head, “enjoy.”
Kukuruz thanks you with a purr and begins eating deliciously.
“Very well”, you stand up, “I am outside, getting the laundry and then some water from the river. Don’t you dare stick your head into my milk or else I will turn you into a bug.”
"I heard that."
With your basket resting on your left hip, you hurry outside and down the three steps which separate your porch from the grass. Your clothesline was located right next to your cottage. On the wooden posts rambler roses were climbing into the skies and behind the line, a spacious bed of different mints was located. The mints liked the climate there. Slight shade and enough space to spread. It always smelled nicely here. That is why you decided to put your clothing line on this spot of land. You believe that the scent of mint will soak your fabrics and make them smell nicer for longer.
You stop and gawk at your clothing line.
“By Frenya”, you murmur.
Your clothes are gone. Except for two dresses and one kitchen towel, the clothing lines are empty.
“Thieves!” you yell, twisting and turning with your eyes burning in anger, “who took my clothes?!”
Oh you are furious! This is outrageous! Who dared to come to your cottage only to steal your clothes? Oh, if you would catch them, they would flee in fear.
“May the Morguls eat your toes while you are sleeping!” you scream, hoping they can hear you.
Now, the clothes weren’t your favourites, thank Frenya. But there were useful and sturdy and they kept your legs warm in the colder months. You rip your remaining clothes from the lines and throw them into your basket.
“Truly, I don’t wish bad on people, but oh may they find snails in their food”, you murmur, punching the small heap of clothes, “this day is cursed! I hate this!”
With your face contorted in a frown, you stomp back to your cottage. You basically kick in your door, startling Kukuruz, who has caught some sun rays on the windowsill just before.
“You won’t believe what happened to me!” you tell him loudly and drop the basket on the floor, “someone took my clothes! I am cursed, truly cursed.”
The black cat tilts his head to the side and licks over his nose.
“I know Kukuruz, that is what I said too. May the Morguls eat their toes”, you growl and huff out air.
You cross your arms in front of your chest and sit down on your wooden stool.
“How could this happen? Why would someone come here just to steal from me?” you ask no one in particular.
Kukuruz struts to the kitchen counter and sits down in front of the two bags of gold.
You look at him and the gold.
“You are a genius!” you exclaim, “they must have been the one putting the ring on my porch!”
“I know, it is peculiar. Why would they take my clothes only to then leave something so expensive behind?”
“You truly think so? You think that they paid for the clothes with the ring?”
Kukuruz stands up and struts back to the window sill. He lies down, rolling himself into a tiny ball of black fur.
“Truly, you are a genius Kukuruz. They must have been travellers, who were dressed too coldly and when they realised that I wasn’t home to offer them a pair of pants, they took them from my clothing line and paid with their ring.”
“Oh Kukuruz you helped me feel better, truly. What would I do without you?”
You laugh, “oh now you are just being cocky”, you say in a fond chuckle and stand up. You grab your bucket, “I will be by the river fetching water.”
The Singing River is calm where you live. It is just two valleys and a forest away from where it starts in the Snowy Mountains. It hasn’t reached its true width and anger yet. The riverbeds were around five big steps apart and the water was clear and calm, reaching you just below you ribs. It was freezing in the colder months but was warm enough to bathe comfortably in, during the warmer months. It also offered many different kinds of wildlife to eat and even more different kinds of plants to use for potions.
You made your own little crook in the riverbed. You had dug out the earth so the water would reach you in a gentle slope and you could enter the river comfortably. You use it to wash your clothes and fetch water and also for bathing.
You slow down your steps.
It looks different today. Someone is resting on it. He seems to be sleeping in the sun.
You squint your eyes.
“Huh”, you gasp, widening your eyes and quickening your steps.
He wasn’t sleeping! His clothes were clearly soaked in water and his left leg was leaking blood. It had formed a little puddle by now.
“Good Sir!” you call out, “good Sir, are you alright?”
The man doesn’t answer you, he doesn’t even move.
You drop your bucket and squat down beside him. His hair was as black as the feathers of ravens and his face was pale in cold, his lips blue and purple.
“Oh dear, oh dear”, you touch the side of his neck.
His skin was icy. His pulse was barely there.
“What happened to you?” you murmur, turning your attention to the wound on his leg.
Teeth must have dug themselves into his flesh. His black pants were ripped where the animal bit him, showing torn skin and muscle.
“Oh that is a truly nasty wound you have here”, you murmur.
You rip a piece of your dress off. The thorns had already ruined it either way. You bind his thigh right above the wound tightly enough to stop the bleeding.
The man hisses in his unconsciousness and moves his head.
“I must get you out of this cold”, you decide and sneak a glance at your cottage, “oh this is going to be a long way.”
You grab the man under his armpits tightly and begin dragging him up the hill.
“You are so heavy, by Frenya”, you grunt, “couldn’t the river have washed up someone less muscular?”
At one point you accidentally dropped the poor man, making him groan. You picked him up in an instant and apologized quietly.
“If you would only work with me a little.”
Dragging him up your stairs was the part most difficult. You didn’t want to hurt him and yet with every step, you dragged his limp legs up the pumpy stairs, the man let out a quiet hiss of discomfort.
“Forgive me, oh forgive me”, you murmured each time, flinching with him.
The truest struggle of them all however, was when you tried to lift him on top of your bed. 
You had two beds in your cottage. One for your patients and one in the backroom for you to sleep in. The bed for your patients wasn’t quite as high as your private bed, but despite that advantage, lifting his heavy body was no easy task.
You feel out of breath once you had managed to lift him, finding support on the foot end of the bed by leaning against it.
“Truly”, you huff out air, “you are one heavy fella.”
You take one last deep breath, then clap into your hand.
“Now, enough whining. Let’s get you out of your clothes.”
You have undressed countless people in your long career as a healer. Women, men, children, even non human creatures. They were all just living beings to you, needing your help and care. You saw nothing peculiar in it and they saw nothing peculiar in being undressed.
Today however undressing your patient turns out to be more than peculiar. You started with his pants, working slowly and beyond carefully in order not to hurt his wound. The ruined pants you threw into a bucket. You will dry them and stitch them back up later. It wasn’t peculiar until then, it started when you began taking off his upper body clothing. The ripped fur slipped off his shoulders easily, soaking your floors once you had discarded it. His black tunic opened easily.
“By Frenya!” you exclaim.
That was the moment the peculiar started.
A black raven tattoo was burned into his chest. He was one of them. A Raven of the Black Forest, the group of men who had sworn to kill every woman they come across. Your aunt fell victim to them and two girls from your village as well. All three of them were mutilated and abused by those gruesome men.
You swore to never help such monsters and that if you ever had the chance to annihilate every single one of them, you would take it. And now one of them is resting in your bed, unconscious, wounded and unable to fight back.
You act quickly. You run to your dresser and grab the knife, which you usually use for collecting plants and branches. You have it pressed against the man’s throat within seconds, twisting his hair between your fingers.
“I will kill you monster”, you spit, tilting his head up. It makes the blade glide over his skin, forcing it to break at one spot and leak one droplet of blood.
The man groans at the feeling, opening and closing his lips.
You falter.
The sound was filled with pain. The kind of pain you have heard from so many of your patients. It was a sound a person would make. It was a human sound.
You loosen the grip around his hair.
The monster made a human sound.
You study his features. Pale and relaxed. He had a forehead like everyone else, he had a nose like everyone else, he had eyes like everyone else, a mouth and cheeks and brows as well. He looked like a human.
Your fingers slip from his hair.
“What am I doing here?” you ask yourself, “I consider killing a living creature when I swore to heal them. Have I lost my mind?”
The knife slips from your fingers, landing on the floor with a dull sound. It landed directly on the person’s fur, which muffled the otherwise shrill sound.
“By Frenya, I almost killed a person”, you murmur, touching your own cheeks, “I, I must remember my duties. I am no killer, I am a healer. I save people, not end their life. If he turns out to be a monster I can still kill him. Yes? I won’t regret this, will I?”
Tumblr media
You sleep restlessly that night, waking with every little sound the earth makes and thinking that it was the stranger coming to kill you. You know it was impossible as you made sure that even if he woke when you were asleep, he wouldn’t be able to hurt you.
You had to tie down countless people in your time as a healer. People tend to wiggle quite a great deal when they are being operated on, so one needs to know strong and secure knots in order to hold them down and minimise the chances of hurting them accidentally.
But despite that security, you wake up with heavy eyes and weak limbs the next morning. The sun was already shining and by your feet Kukuruz was licking your big toe.
“Good morning”, you greet him with your voice hoarse in exhaustion.
“I’m glad you did, I slept terribly”, you say and yawn, “the stranger kept me awake.”
You smile tiredly, “that makes me feel better. Thank you for taking watch.”
“Tzt. You ruined it again. Fine, I am already getting up to prepare your breakfast. By Frenya, you are such a gluttonous cat.”
Kukuruz follows you, circling your legs and rubbing his head against your calves every now and then with a deep purr vibrating in his chest.
You sneak a glance at the stranger as you pass by him. He was still sleeping, having turned his head to the other side. His lips are parted, they don’t seem so blue anymore. As a matter of fact, they have gained a pinkish glow to them.
His skin also feels warm to the touch when you check and his pulse has sped up considerably from last night.
These are all good signs. It means that your treatment helped.
“Stay, I’ll be back with medicine after making breakfast for my greedy cat”, you tell him, poking his cheek rather harshly.
It makes him roll his head to the other side and then sigh in his sleep.
Tumblr media
Once Kukuruz was taken care of and you have prepared your own breakfast, you return to your patient. He was still sleeping, resting in the same position you left him in.
You sit down on the chair and relax back, biting into your bread with smoked meat and egg.
“You know, you are lucky that I am such a good-hearted person”, you tell him with your mouth stuffed, “other people would have left you by the riverbed.”
The man shows no signs that he heard you, sleeping soundly.
You take a sip of your warm milk and take another bite of your food afterwards.
“I wonder what happened to you. Did you fight Woltron?”
You slurp loudly and swallow the contents of your mouth happily.
“Doesn’t matter”, you say and relax with a content sigh, “I have my breakfast and that is all that matters.”
He shifts then.
You freeze up in an instant, staring at him without chewing your food.
"What are you doing? Don’t move", you tell him.
He shifts again, groaning softly.
“Oh dear, are you waking up?” you ask him.
He rolls his head into a position so that it would rest on the back of it.
You reach for the knife hastily, pointing it at the stranger with shaking hands.
His eyes open slowly, blinking heavily to get used to the light.
“Mhm”, he lets out and closes them again. He tries to roll to his side afterwards, but the ropes holding his arms down prevent it from happening.
He opens his eyes quickly, lifting his head.
“What the?” he presses out and tugs on the ropes, “what in heaven's name is going on here?”
His eyes land on you.
“Who are you?” he asks, eyes flitting to the knife, “did you tie me up?”
“Don’t move!” you warn him, waving the knife around.
He dodges it skilfully, “what are you doing?”
“You, you, y-you are a Raven, aren’t you?” you ask him, extending your arm.
He eyes the knife before he snorts.
“What are you trying to do here? Cut me open? What that grip?”
You look at the way your fingers grasp the knife. It looks slightly clumsy.
“Excuse me?” you drop your arm, “I am very capable of holding a knife.”
“Of course”, he says and begins tugging on the ropes again.
You lift the knife again, hating your arm for shaking so much.
“Don’t move.”
“Well, can you untie me first? Or tell me your name and why you have me tied up in the first place?”
“I found you by the riverbed. You were unconscious and your left leg was chewed on, so I dragged you here and took care of your wound.”
He looks down at his covered legs and scoffs.
“Fuck”, he lets out, dropping his head into the pillows, “I remember falling into the river after being ambushed by a wolf.”
“Yes, Woltron. He doesn’t like Ravens.”
“It wasn’t Woltron, it was a normal wolf. Small, agile and way too fast to escape from”, he says and tugs on the ropes again.
It makes you grip your knife tighter and lift it again. He eyes it.
“What? Are you truly planning on killing me after saving me? Why go through all the trouble then?”
“You, y-you don’t know me. P-perhaps I am a dangerous witch, w-who likes eating men alive.”
He blinks rapidly before breaking into laughter.
“Don’t laugh”, you hiss.
He laughs louder, it sounds way more high-pitched than you had imagined it would, perhaps even a little squeaky.
“Oh forgive me”, he says and laughs, “but you are no witch, you are fooling no one here.”
“Tzt”, you click your tongue, “you are rude.”
“I am not the one who tied you up.”
“Well, accept it”, you say and cross your arms in front of your chest, “this is to make sure you don’t escape before your wound is healed.”
“Of course and it is not because you are scared of me.”
“You-“ you lift the knife again, pressing the tip into his cheek, “-I will poke you in the eye if you keep up this attitude.”
He eyes the knife before looking at your face. He scoffs in amusement.
“I am already quiet”, he says and chuckles.
“Tzt”, you click your tongue, pulling the knife away and discarding it on the dresser. Then you continue eating your bread, sending dark looks the stranger’s way.
He seems mesmerised by the food, gawking at it with his tongue licking over his lips repeatedly.
“What?” you challenge him.
“Give me some”, he orders.
“That?” you show him the food, guiding it to his lips.
He lifts his head, opening his mouth in preparation.
“Why should I?” you say, pulling the food away again, “I don’t want to share with murderers.”
He grunts, closing his mouth to frown instead.
“So why safe me? Just to torture me with starvation and your terrible knife skills?”
“Ha!” you exclaim and laugh.
“Stop laughing and give me food”, he spits.
“And why should I?”
“Because I haven’t eaten in days and it hurts.”
You give him an icy glare. Keeping your patients alive is one of your duties and that means cooking meals for them and making sure they are well fed and hydrated. Oh, how you are cursing the oath you swore.
“By Frenya, I should have never rescued you”, you murmur, standing up from your chair groggily, “what do you want?”
“Just anything.”
You prepare a hearty porridge for him, adding some of the smoked meat and an onion from your garden in it. Kukuruz watched you as you cooked, but didn’t move as the sunrays hit his back most perfectly in his resting position.
You also prepare a jug of water for him as he must be terribly parched.
You bring the meal to him on a wooden tray, carrying tubes of medicine as well. 
He had been resting his eyes, but opened them when he heard you come back. Now he is watching you, eyes glued to the tray in your hands.
“What did you get? Is it good? Can I have some?” he stresses, tugging at the ropes in an attempt to sit up.
“By Frenya, you are just as gluttonous as my cat”, you murmur, setting the tray down on the chair.
He eyes it hungrily, mouth watering to the point that he has to gulp.
“Here, open up”, you say, guiding the filled spoon to his lips.
He opens his mouth gladly, almost swallowing the entire spoon just from how greedily he eats. You watch him with your nose scrunched up in disgust. Of course, a Raven has no table manners whatsoever. You didn’t expect anything else.
He chews and hums, nodding his head.
“Very good”, he says, opening his mouth afterwards so you could feed him more.
You do so not because you want to, but because it was your duty to do so.
“How did you get into this situation in the first place? Aren’t you Ravens supposed to be great fighters?”
He shrugs his shoulders, waiting for a new bite with his eyes glued to the spoon. It is remarkable how happily he allows you to feed him.
"Well then I'm not surprised that a simple wolf won over you", you murmur, basking in the dark look he sends your way. It is a small victory in your fight against the Ravens. To see one look offended by you feels great. 
The stranger swallows his food and speaks. 
"It only won because I was weakened by running for long." 
"So you were running. Where to? Where from?"
The stranger merely takes a bite and eats with his dark eyes glued to your equally dark eyes.
"I bet you were out hurting innocent women and girls." 
"I wasn’t. I ran from.." he hesitates, then shakes his head, "...give me more food and maybe then I'll talk."
“By Frenya, you truly are like my cat.”
The stranger closes his lips around the spoon and slurps up the porridge hungrily. He chews it and swallows, opening his mouth again. And so you feed him another bite, making sure that you don’t drip any of it on his chest. That would surely burn and wouldn’t make a good impression of you as a healer.
“So where are you coming from? The Black Forest? Did a monster chase you?”
He shakes his head.
“Truly? Aren’t you Ravens supposed to live in it?”
He swallows the food down.
“And that means that we can’t find ourselves in other places as well?”
“I never stated this”, you say, muffling him by sticking another spoonful of porridge into his mouth.
He makes a sound of surprise, sending you a furious glare. It leaves you unaffected. You may not be able to kill him, but that doesn’t mean that you will be gentle with the way you are feeding him.
You are gentle when you feed him the water, solely for the reason that you do not want to change his sheets in case you spilled some of the liquid. He drinks it greedily, doing so with his eyes closed and his brows furrowed.
“You must be careful, you will choke. Careful”, you warn him, supporting his head.
He grunts, swallowing greedily. He swallows and swallows until suddenly he gasps and coughs.
“See?” you say, hitting his upper back to help him, “I told you that your greed will be your downfall.”
He sends you a glare, one return all too willingly. He coughs one last time then parts his lips again, eyeing the cup greedily. You place it against his lips, watching him drink the water with your fingers buried deep in his hair.
The stranger finishes the entire cup, allowing you to lay his head down on the pillow once done. He watches you carry the dirty dishes to your work counter.
"Are you finally ready to answer my question?" you ask him, standing by the counter.
"Are you finally ready to untie my arms?" 
"Then I'm not ready either." 
You turn, walking back to the bed. You sit down on the chair, letting your eyes run up and down his body for long enough that the stranger shifts uncomfortably.
“What are you going to do to me now?” he asks, trying and failing to hide the nervousness in his voice.
“I have to take a look at your wound. It is most crucial that I do.”
“And I have to be tied down for that?”
You reach for the tray of medicine and scoot closer, keeping your eyes locked on him.
“Yes”, you state matter-of-factly.
The stranger scoffs.
“So I can’t flee when you poison me?”
“Oh by Frenya, you said so yourself. Why go through the effort of saving you just to end up killing you?”
The stranger swallows what he had wanted to say, clicking his tongue in distaste. You send him a triumphant grin, then reach for the blanket. You pull it off his legs halfway, making sure that his precious parts are covered.
“You undressed me?” he gasps.
“Yes, your clothes were wet and had many holes. Besides, I had to get to your wound.”
“How dare you? I gave you no permission to do such things.”
“Oh forgive me that I couldn’t get my answer when you were knocked out cold.”
“But worry not, you are not the first I see. It is actually quite common to see people in their bared state in my field of work.”
“Who are you?”
“I am me”, you tease, sending him an amused grin.
He rolls his eyes but gasps when he feels your fingers on his thigh.
“Worry not, I am very careful”, you tell him, inspecting the stitches, “you got lucky you were unconscious last night. Your wound is pretty deep, so I had to stitch it up.”
“Yes, the wolf bit me quite deep.”
“It did. It even got a little chunk of you. That must have been a good treat for him”, you joke and to your surprise he actually chuckles.
You and him exchange a quick look before you return to cleaning the stitches. That felt awkward. You never intended to make a Raven laugh. 
“I fixed it for you. You got lucky you fell into the river. The cold water helped the blood vessels close up. I just had to clean it and stitch it back up.”
You wring out the cloth and press it against his skin, cleaning it off most tentatively.
“How do you know so much?” he asks.
“I’m a healer.”
“I have never met a healer before, at least not a woman.”
“Truly? You have met male healers?” you have to chuckle, “this is most remarkable, given how people don’t trust men to be able to handle such an important profession.”
“Well, this is nothing but sexism. We can be great healers too.”
“Now, now I never said that I believe in what the people say. I am sure you men have the talent for it.”
“Yes, we do. We have many talents and potential.”
“Of course, I believe you.”
“Don’t mock me”, he hisses, furrowing his brows.
“Please don’t think I did. I was being truthful”, you give him a smile, “my cousin works as a healer in the Nourishing Fields. He is a very talented healer.”
“Oh”, the stranger says and relaxes his features. Not for long as a sharp burn runs through his leg a second later. He groans and frowns.
“I know it burns”, you tell him, watching him tense up, “but it is supposed to feel that way. It is the magic which has this effect. It is quite the effective healing potion.”
“So you are a witch?”
“In a way I am, but I am most definitely not the type of witch you Ravens believe women to be.”
You give him a grin, then turn your attention to the healing potion. It was green in colour, gaining an emerald glow once you spread it on the wound. The stranger gasps and tenses his thigh.
“Are you sure that this is safe?”
“Yes of course it is. Trust me, I am very skilled in potion making.”
“Why aren’t you using your magic to heal me? Why use potions?”
“Well, you see. My magic works differently. I can use it to detect wounds and illnesses and I can infuse my potions with it, but it doesn’t really work with mending torn flesh or fixing broken bones. I can help nature, but I sadly can’t bend it.”
“But there are healers who can do such things, I have seen it be done.”
“Yes, of course there are such healers. The Menders, but they are quite the show-offs if you asked me”, you say, giving him a small smile.
He chuckles again. It is a nice chuckle. As much as it pains you to admit it, it is a nice chuckle.
“Yes, I know. We have a Mender in our circles and he is such a show-off", he says.
You laugh, “I see we are sharing a common nuisance.”
“Yes, we do.”
You exchange a smile. It was honest on both sides. 
“I’m ___”, you tell him.
“My name is Seokjin”, he answers you.
“Nice to meet you Seokjin. You are actually quite decent for a Raven.”
“Thank you. You are quite decent for a woman too", he jokes.
He makes you chuckle.
“Now lift your leg, I have to wrap it up so the potion doesn’t rub off.”
He follows and watches you work. You tighten the white bandages with a skilled knot, smoothing over his thigh once done.
“How is that? Is it too tight?”
“No, it feels comfortable.”
“Well then, relax. Your clothes should be dried by now”, you tell him and stand up to leave.
Your cottage is surprisingly spacious. You have your work room in the front. It is the room you come in first when you enter. It houses a patient bed, shelves for your many books and potions, a working table and your kitchen, which has a wonderful view out on the meadow and the Singing River. To the left are your living quarters. One room, which houses your bed and more shelves for more of your books. It also houses a big fireplace, which is currently crackling and warming the cottage. It also dries the Raven Seokjin’s clothes and one of your tunics, which you will use later for sleeping. Your buttery was just left of the fireplace through a wooden door. To the right, just past the fireplace a doorway leads to a small washing room. It was not big and most definitely not luxurious, but it housed a washing bowl and a toilet seat. Which was most convenient in winter as you didn’t have to leave the warmth of your cottage to do your business. You are also currently saving up for a bathtub. You dreamt of having one after visiting the Queen to sell Her some of your sleep inducing bathing oils. You snuck a glimpse at her bathing tub then and decided to save up for your own. It will still take some time, but you are patient.
“You are lucky. Your clothes have dried over night”, you tell Seokjin as you return.
He lifts his head, propping himself up on his elbows.
“I stitched the holes in them, so you don’t have to worry about feeling the wind on your skin.”
You place the clothes on top of his stomach. He eyes them.
“Tell me, how should I put them on when my hands are still tied?” he asks, lifting them as high as the ropes allow him to.
“Oh yes, I completely forgot.”
Once your knife was grabbed, you loosen the knots, taking a cautious step back and pointing the knife at him. He eyes it and scoffs in amusement.
“I see that I am still at knife point here.”
“I’m just making sure. I don’t let a pretty face and comfortable conversation trick me.”
“Yes indeed, I am quite handsome”, he agrees and sits up.
You try not to laugh, but the corners of your mouth still curl upwards. He isn’t lying. He is very handsome. His torso carried strength and muscles, his shoulders were broad and perfectly defined. His legs were long and perfectly proportionate to the rest of his body. You also think that his thighs look very tempting, especially in those tight linen pants of his'. He pulls the tunic over his head, messing up his raven hair. It was longer in the back, framing his face in a way that draws your eyes to it. He had a handsome face. His eyes were dark in colour and fit perfectly on his head, his nose was straight, guiding your eyes down to his lips. Plumb and pink, they were chapped from the winter winds, but looked better than last night after you put some moisturizing oils on them.
“So why are you here?” you ask him, watching him fix how the shirt sits on his torso.
“I escaped the Queen’s castle.”
“What?” you gasp. He is a fugitive. You are housing a criminal. Quick. You need to act quick. You grab your knife harder and point it at him.
“Not that bad grip again”, he says, sounding amusedly exhausted.
“Hands behind your back!” you tell him loudly, “I shall bring you back to Her, criminal!”
Seokjin lifts his hands and smiles.
“I am no criminal, I did what had to be done.”
Everything falls into place now.
“You killed the Queen?” you squeak out, “that is why you ran? Because you killed Her?”
“What?” he laughs loudly, throwing his head back.
“Don’t laugh, murderer”, you hiss, stepping closer to poke his stomach with the knife.
But Seokjin is quicker, grabbing your wrists and using your strength against you. He makes you drop the knife and twirls you.
“Eek”, you squeak, falling.
He catches you before you can fall on your butt, now having your body cradled in his arms and tilted back slightly.
“I told you”, he whispers, letting his breath swirls over your lips, “you have terrible knife skills.”
By Frenya, your heart fluttered.
“And just so you know, I didn’t kill the Queen. I escaped because I didn’t want to live under yet another ruler”, he says, letting his eyes flit to your lips for just a second.
“Well I”, you feel your heart flutter again and your eyes flit to his lips as well. By Frenya, they look so tempting up-close. Pink and so incredibly pillowy.
Seokjin tilts his head, moving closer.
“I hah”, you let out, turning your head away, “let go of me.”
Seokjin sighs in disappointment and helps you straighten up. He steps back, but not after allowing his hand to linger on your lower back for just a second too long.
You fix your collar, clearing your throat.
“You!”  you exclaim, scurrying to retrieve the knife. "You!", you point the knife at him, “you rascal! How dare you!” you call out dramatically, trying to cover up just how flustered he has gotten you.
Seokjin snickers, lifting his arms above his head.
“You are funny”, he says, earning himself a slight poke into the chest.
“You are such rude man. You will sit on the bed now and behave”, you warn, poking him again.
“Ah okay, okay I am already sitting”, he says, “dear heavens, the woman really poked me with a knife”, he mumbles to himself, rubbing the spot you touched.
Seokjin studies your figure.
“And now?” he asks, sitting on the bed dressed and with his eyes fixated on the knife.
“Now I want you to put your hands on your lap.”
He follows. You inch closer to him, pressing the knife against his throat once close enough.
“Don’t move or else I’ll cut you”, you warn.
He smirks, “I won’t move.”
“Good”, you say, squatting down in front of him.
You place the knife on your lap and snatch some spare ropes, wrapping them around his wrists quickly. You know the knots by memory, so working quickly doesn’t mean that you don’t work diligently. Just seconds later, his wrists are bound in a way that allows them no movement. You pick up your knife again, locking eyes with him.
“So now I’m your prisoner?”
“Yes, until I figure out what to do with you.”
“What if I have to go to the loo?”
“Then you can be creative. I’m sure you have lots of practice in holding your cock.”
He laughs, “and why should I?”
“Because I know you Ravens don’t have women. How else should you find your release?”
“We”, he blinks in confusion, “touching ourselves is forbidden. It lets the demons inside.”
“By Frenya”, you murmur, “Rafkan is one crazy fella, isn’t he?”
Seokjin furrows his brows, “well, it doesn’t?”
“Of course not”, you say and chuckle, “hell, if you asked me, it actually helps with your demons. You know? One stressful day, a quick”, you mimic jerking off, “and you are good to go again.”
His face is ruby instantly, the colour even spreads to his ears.
“No!” he exclaims, widening his eyes, “no, I would never”, he insists, having to lower his head in coyness.
It is quite adorable how easily he flustered. You chuckle and stand up, giving his head a soft pat.
“Either way, you should rest some more, the cold gave your body quite the hard time. It is best if you sleep it off before a fever takes hold of you.”
“What will you do?”
“I have patients to care for, worry not I will still keep an eye on you”, you say and just seconds later a knock on your door lets you know that your first patient had just arrived.
Tumblr media
It has been a week since you found Seokjin washed up by the riverbed. He is still with you, having gained the privilege of free limbs under the condition that he will help you keep the cottage clean. He accepted because his leg still needed to heal and he also didn’t want to stay in the cold outside. So he agreed on being your servant for the time being, preparing food when you are busy and keeping the work counters clean for your next patient.
He is actually quite the remarkable servant. Hardworking too. And most definitely handsome. Oh dear, here you are again staring at his face when he doesn’t notice. You break your eyes away from him, looking at the books you had read through before.
“Seokjin”, you call his attention.
“Yes?” he asks, limping to you.
“Would you mind bringing me the bottles of ghostworth please?”
“Ghostworth? How do they look?”
“The translucent ones. Worry not, it’s labelled.”
You hear him limb to your herbs cabinet and come to a standstill. Silence. More silence. Even more silence.
You turn to check on him. He is looking at the cabinet, fumbling with the bottles while mumbling something to himself.
“I almost got it”, he says and whispers to himself again, squinting his eyes.
You stand up and close the distance between you and him.
“I got it”, he says, moving closer to the shelf.
“It’s here”, you say, pointing at the bottle at which he is staring, “ghostworth, it reads right there.”
“Yes! Exactly”, he takes out of the shelf, “I was just about to grab it.”
He hands it to you with his ears and cheeks burning up. Oh this is peculiar. You ought to investigate.
“Seokjin, what does this bottle read?” you ask him, pointing at the random bottle on the shelf.
He looks at it, squinting his eyes. Panic washes over his features.
“Basil”, he says.
“Mint”, you answer him, furrowing your brows.
He seems disappointed, sagging his shoulders.
“You can’t read, can you?”
With his eyes lowers he turns to you, shaking his head.
“Oh dear, oh dear.”
“Don’t mock me”, he hisses, feeling embarrassed.
“I’m not”, you assure him then give him a smile, “do you want me to teach you?”
“You would do that?”
“Yes of course, come follow me. I will teach you.”
Seokjin follows gladly, sitting down next to you with a quill and some paper ready. Oh, his eyes sparkle oh so much, his cheeks are glowing oh so much. You find it almost adorable just how eager he seems to learn the art of interpreting letters.
And so you spent the rest of your day teaching Seokjin the letters of your language, explaining to him how he can put them on paper and how to form them into words. Seokjin works diligently, scribbling the messiest letters at first before gaining great perfection in them. By the end of the day, he can even write his own name. He is currently trying to write down yours, sitting next to you at the work table.
“Look ___”, he calls your attention away from the medicine you were working on.
You turn and look at the letter covered sheet of paper. He points at your name he wrote in squiggly letters.
“This is your name.”
“Indeed it is.”
“Do you think it looks good?”
“Yes, indeed. You have a great talent for connecting the letters”, you say, making him beam in pride, “practice some more and you will be fluent in no time.”
“I will. I will practice all night”, he says excitedly and turns to his task again. With his tongue sticking out at the corner of his mouth and his brows furrowed, he practices his letters while you prepare the medicine and later cook dinner. Even during dinner he has one eye on the letters constantly, reading them over and over so he wouldn’t forget them again.
"Do you enjoy this?" you ask him over the brim of your soup bowl. 
"I do", he says, nodding his head vigorously, "I can't believe how easy this is." 
You study his features.
"Can I ask. Can none of you read?" 
"None of us?" 
"Ravens. Do you never learn how to read?" 
Seokjin shakes his head, "only Rafkan knows how to read. He says that it was a burden from his past and that he doesn’t want us to succumb to the horrors reading brings."
"Well, that sounds like horseshit", you scowl in distaste, "no wonder he is able to fill your heads with such lies when you poor boys can’t even read the real history of this queendom." 
Seokjin lets out a breathy laugh, blinking his eyes in disbelief.
"I don't", he begins, but doesn’t find the right words to continue.
You sense his discomfort and give him a reassuring smile. 
"You should eat the soup and practice more. I promise that you will find no horrors because of reading." 
Seokjin nods his head, looking back into his papers. 
"I want to read", he whispers more to himself than to you, "I really want to read." 
It is deep into the night and you have just returned from the washing room. Seokjin’s sleeping place by the fireplace is still empty. By this time he would already be under his blanket with his head resting on his many pillows and Kukuruz slumbering by his head. Tonight however, only Kukuruz was occupying the fur. 
“Seokjin?” you call out.
He should be here by now, slumbering peacefully.
“Are you still practicing?” you ask, entering your work room just to realise that Seokjin had fallen asleep by the desk. His cheek is squished against the surface, his lips are parted in calm breaths, the quill is still between his fingers.
You smile.
“Seokjin dear, wake up”, you tell him, shaking him softly.
He wakes with a gasp, flinching harshly. His head snaps up, revealing his ink covered cheek. He blinks his eyes at you sleepily.
“You shouldn’t sleep here, it will hurt your back. Come to bed.”
“I fell asleep”, he murmurs, letting you pull him to his feet in his sleep-drunken state. He stumbles after you, barely keeping his head up right.
“I know, it’s from all the practicing you've been doing. Now lie down, get comfortable.”
Seokjin allows you to tug him in and fluff up his pillow so his head would be comfortable. You reach out and wipe the ink of his cheek. It makes him blink at you sleepily and for his lips to curl into a tiny, almost content, smile.
“Sleep now”, you tell him softly.
“Thank you ___, I always wanted to be able to read”, he whispers, eyes reflecting the sparkles of the fire.
“And I’m sure you will be great at it in a few days.”
"Thank you so much…"
Seokjin closes his eyes and smiles. He falls asleep that way. Smiling.  
Tumblr media
Seokjin practices diligently the next day. You give him one of your easier books so he could copy words out of it and by the time the sun had passed its zenith, he already knew how to read a small passage of text. Now, you believe that he merely remembered the sounds of it after hours and hours of practice, but it was still impressive.
“___ please listen to that”, he calls your attention.
You have just said goodbye to a patient, now turning around to look at him.
“I am listening.”
Seokjin takes a deep breath.
“The mulberry fruit is sim…iliar in length and in…width than a thumb”, he speaks slowly, creasing his forehead in concentration. Then he lifts his head, looking at you with widened eyes, “I read that.”
“I heard”, you have to smile at him for you found him beyond adorable, “that was very good. You are a diligent student.”
He begins blushing, “thank you”, he says, barely containing his excitement, but managing to by hiding his mouth behind his hand.
The moment would have continued to be beautiful, hadn’t the door sprung open loudly and startled the both of you.
“Healer ___! Oh healer! Please, I am begging you, we need you!” a man, you know his name to be Yorm, screams.
His wife, Yelana was her name, was beside him. Her dress was covered in blood.
“What happened?” you are on high alert instantly, looking at their little daughter lying unconscious in her father’s arm.
“The Ravens! It was the Ravens! They ambushed our little Yela when she was playing in the forest! She is barely breathing and bleeding! Bleeding out of her stomach!”
“Put her down. Quick, be careful. Seokjin make space. We need the space.”
Seokjin stumbles to the side, clutching his little book while watching in horror as the crying parents have to lie down their little daughter. The blood has soaked through her dress, spilled all over her father’s tunic. She is barely breathing, looking to be in great pain.
You work quickly, diligently, carefully. Her dress you open, revealing the clashing wound on the side of her stomach. Seokjin feels disgusted. Not by the wound or the blood. But by who did this. The Ravens. His people hurt that little girl.
“How did this happen?” he asks the mother.
“Oh I don’t know”, she wails, “she was playing. She was merely playing. Why, oh why would they hurt my little girl? Why? She has done nothing wrong! She is just a little girl! Just a girl!”
“I’m so sorry”, he croaks, feeling his heart break when the mother begins crying miserably. She falls into her husband’s arms, who joins her painful wailing seconds later.
His people hurt that little girl.
Seokjin stares at her.
They hurt a little girl.
A child.
An innocent person.
“Seokjin!” your harsh voice rips him out of his painful trance.
“Bring me the blood stopping potion. The one in the red bottle! Quick!”
Seokjin runs fast. He runs as fast as he can, fighting against his tears because of what his people did. He almost drops it as he hands it to you, apologizing for his clumsiness with a shaky voice.
“Bandages. Quick”, you however just bark your next order, already applying the potion to the little girl’s wound to finally stop the bleeding. A red glow fills the aura around her. The potion begins to work.
Seokjin can’t see that it does. He is too busy running and running and running to get the bandages. He has to be helpful. He has to save that little girl. His thigh is aching unbearably but he can’t let it stop him. He has to be quick.
He is limping as he runs, feeling out of breath.
“Bandages. Here.”
“Good. Open them. Get them ready, I will need them soon.”
“Yes! I will, oh god, I-I will.”
Seokjin works with shaking fingers. Oh why do they not want to open? Are they stuck together by magic? Come now, fingers! Work! You have to open those bandages! Open them!
“There we go”, he hears you say and watches as you straighten your back, “I closed the wound.”
“Oh by Frenya!” the mother and father exclaim behind him, “is she safe? Did you safe her?”
“Yes, you have nothing to worry about. The wound looked worse than it was. She will survive.”
Seokjin should feel relief, but he doesn’t. He is too shaken up. He can’t even be happy when the parents fall around your neck and thank you with loud sobs and promises of endless prayers for you.
He leaves in the end, once you told him to get some fresh air.
He doesn’t know what he did in that time. He sat, but felt numb in shock. He thought whilst thinking nothing at all. He felt whilst feeling nothing at all.
He is sitting on the stairs once you come out, staring at the ground with lifeless eyes.
“Hello there”, you greet him.
He blinks and turns his head. He doesn’t say anything, he just stares at you with glassy eyes.
“How are you feeling?” you ask him.
He shows you his shaking hand.
“I can’t stop shaking”, he says and laughs painfully, “is this normal?”
“Yes, worry not. I was so shaken in my first few years as a healer that I couldn’t sleep afterwards. It gets better with time.”
“Hah”, he lets out and laughs again.
You know that this was a nervous reaction. When the brain gets overwhelmed, it tends to tell the body to laugh because otherwise it would be unable to handle the stress.
“Forgive me for putting you through this”, you say and offer him a mug of tea, “here, drink this. It will lessen the shakes.”
He accepts it and drinks it with two hands holding the mug. He lowers it afterwards, keeping it balanced on his thigh. His fingers are playing with the handle. It made a faint clicking sound each time he graced his fingernails over the material.
“We did this”, he says.
“I don’t seem to understand.”
“My people did this”, he says and touches his chest, “we hurt a little child.”
You eye the covered raven tattoo on his chest and the way his fingers twist his tunic painfully tight.
“Don’t compare yourself to those monsters. You didn’t hurt her, you saved her life. You are not the same as them.”
“And yet I was, not so long ago”, he lowers his head, “fuck, what have I done?”
“Seokjin, look at me.”
He lifts his head just enough to be able to look into your eyes.
“Your past is messy and dark and filled with mistakes, but it has passed and it can’t define who you want to be in the present.”
He furrows his brows.
“So don’t say that your people did this, because those monsters aren’t your people anymore and you surely aren’t their people either.”
“You truly think so?”
“Yes, I truly do.”
He smiles and while it looked sad, it was also filled with relief.
“Thank you”, he says barely audibly before having to look away and rub at his eyes to stop them from tearing up.
You reach out to give his upper back a gentle pat. He wasn’t shivering as much anymore.
“You did great in there. I mean it, you helped me a great deal”, you praise.
“Thank you. I had no idea what I was doing.”
You laugh, giving his back a gentle rub.
“You still did great.”
“I’m so glad I did”, he says. He takes a deep breath, lifting his head not only to get rid of the tears but also to look at the stars, “it felt good to help another person.”
“Yes that is why I love being a healer. Now, there are losses and those days leave a great aching behind. But most days are like today, filled with worry and yet at the end”, you look at the moon and smile, “at the end they bring great happiness with them.”
“You are a great healer.”
You turn your head only to realise that Seokjin was looking at you. His eyes reflected the light of the moon, his pretty lips were curled into a warm smile.
By Frenya, your heart is fluttering and your stomach tingles. Oh, it is the most unfamiliar of feelings.
“Thank you”, you whisper, eyes racing between his' without wanting to break away.
Seokjin nods his head and touches his chest. He closes his fingers around the tunic. 
"Can you heal me from this mark?" he asks. 
"I don't know if I can. And even if I could, it would hurt unbearably."
"I'm willing to take it if that means that I’m finally rid of it", he says, eyes filling with tears and lips curling in a painful scowl, "I want to cut it off. Why does it have to be on me?" he croaks, clawing at his chest.
"Hey", you stop him from hurting himself by taking his hand, "don’t do that. You’ll only hurt yourself", you speak softly.
"I don't care. I want it gone."
"But I care", you whisper, tracing his knuckles.
Seokjin whimpers softly, teary eyes flitting to you. He sniffles but doesn’t cry any more. 
"I promise you, we will find a solution together, but for now be patient please. I don’t want you to hurt yourself."
Seokjin hesitates, sniffles, lowers his eyes and nods his head. 
"Thank you", you say and pull back, “I think I should see how our patient is doing”, you say and stand up. You fix the front of your tunic and clear your throat, “you should stay here and catch fresh air, I know that healing people isn’t for everyone.”
Seokjin looks up at you. His eyes seem softer than they usually do.
“Yes, I will”, he breathes and finally shows his teeth in a hopeful smile.
Tumblr media
Yela’s parents pick her up after eight moons and nine suns. The little girl looks healthier and thanked you with a hug. She also thanked Seokjin, who could barely accept her hug in guilt. But Yela insisted and so Seokjin allowed her to hug him and smiled when she called him her saviour too.
It was a busy today. Once the months were cold and the ground was covered in white snow, people tend seek your help for sore throats, stuffy noses and terrible coughs. It wasn’t hard work and required more knowledge about medicine than skill and you really liked it. Seokjin stayed by your side and watched you work. He asked many questions at first, so you gave him one of your empty notebooks and your favourite quill and told him to write down whatever he learned for later. He did so happily, even going so far as to draw the different bottles of medicine and scribbling the illness they could heal whenever the day was calmer.
You just said goodbye to the last of your patients for the day, now turning to Seokjin. He is busy storing the bottles of medicine by name. It fills you with pride to see how far in his readings he has already come. He is truly such a diligent student.
“Today was very busy”, you say.
He lifts his head.
“Yes, you worked very diligently.”
He makes you smile.
“I saw that you took many notes as well”, you say, reaching for his book. You open it, having to chuckle at the very badly done drawings.
“Why are you laughing?” he asks, drawing closer to you so he could look into the book as well.
“It is just that you truly weren’t graced by the drawing goddesses.”
He gasps, widening his eyes, “I worked very hard on them”, he whines, pouting most cutely.
“Oh Seokjin”, you chuckle, patting his arm, “truly I can see your hard work, they are just terrible drawings.”
“This is outrageous. Give me back my book, you have lost the right to look”, he says, ripping it out of your grasp to press it against his chest instead. He looks beyond lovable right now, sulking with the sweetest expression on his face.
“Forgive me”, you giggle, giving his cheek a soft pet, “come, I shall make up for it with food. We shall eat the pork belly Godfry left with us.”
Seokjin huffs out air, “very well, but I will only forgive you if you fry it.”
You laugh, “you are difficult to bargain with, aren’t you?”
“Perhaps”, Seokjin says and gives you a boyish grin.
This night you enjoy perfectly crispy pork belly with some winter potatoes. Even Kukuruz gets his own portion, enjoying it by Seokjin’s feet with a content purr.
Tumblr media
It becomes a regular thing that Seokjin stays with you as you work. At first he sits just a little far off to the right and writes in his book. But as days turn into weeks and Seokjin managed to fill two notebooks with his words and terrible drawings, you find yourself getting help from him more actively. Especially when patients come with sore throats or a nasty cold. You can be sure that Seokjin will wait for you with the right medicines and a proud sparkle in his eyes. He is truly such a diligent student.
You have run out of potions last night and so you spent your entire day brewing and preparing new ones. The sun has long past its zenith by now and the cottage smelled of herbs and warm oils. It was a good smell, one that even Kukuruz enjoyed as he slumbered by the window sill.
You close the now freshly filled bottle of healing potion, placing it on its destined place on your shelve.
Seokjin limps past you, carrying empty flasks for you to fill up.
“Is your leg acting up again?” you ask him with worry in your gaze.
“Yes, slightly”, he answers you.
“Come, take off your pants and sit. I will take a look at it”, you tell him.
“Oh no, it’s not that painful.”
“Doesn’t matter”, you dismiss him, “I should check on it regardless.”
Seokjin lowers his eyes and lets out a sigh of defeat.
“Very well, you won’t take no as an answer either way.”
So it happens that Seokjin strips to his undergarment and sits down on the patient bed, resting his weight on his hands.
“How long has it been hurting again?”
“Just a few nights.”
“A few nights? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t want to put more work on your shoulders. You have already so much to do now that the weather is so cold.”
“Oh silly man”, you give his thigh a soft slap, “you are no work.”
“Oh”, he lets out, lowering his head shyly just as his ears gain a red colour to them.
“Now, let’s see what the issue may be.”
You take off his bandages carefully, throwing them in your bucket of used bandages. You will wash them with the rest tomorrow.
The stitched wound looks well, except for one part where slight reddish wetness is covering his skin.
“Oh dear, look at that”, you say, touching the reddened skin beside it.
Seokjin hisses in pain, tensing his thigh.
“This is where it hurts.”
“No wonder it does. You rubbed it open.”
“Is it dangerous?”
You chuckle, shaking your head.
“Not when I take care of it”, you assure him, giving him a sweet smile. You caress his knee most tenderly, “stay here, I will get the healing potion.”
Seokjin watches you, sitting on the bed with his hands folded in front of his crotch. He feels most peculiar lately. He feels shy when he is bared to you. He didn’t feel like that in the past, but these days he does. In those moments he was plagued by worries of whether you would find enjoyment in his legs until he had to remind himself just how silly such worries were.
You return to the bed, setting everything you needed down.
“I will clean it first. Tell me if it hurts.”
Seokjin nods his head, feeling his skin tingle in goosebumps on the parts where your fingertips found their resting spot.
“How is that?” you ask him.
“It doesn’t hurt. It is just cold.”
You chuckle, “yes, I’ve kept the water outside for too long. It almost froze over.”
“The winter is really cold this year. I’m glad that I can spend it in warmth.”
You wash out the cloth and once done, return to cleaning him. His flesh is covered in goosebumps, they look most fascinating in the lights.
“So you have no huts in the Black Forest?”
“No. Rafkan believes that houses are the product of witches to keep the man lazy and weak. One can’t find their true strength when they are warm.”
“How silly”, you have to laugh, “if one gets oh so weak in the warmth then tell me why so many people freeze to death.”
“Yes”, Seokjin lowers his eyes shyly, “I never really understood the logic behind his words. I really hated the winters. I was lucky however, many of my brothers weren’t. Rafkan told us that those men were weakened by witches, but I believe that they simply lost to nature.”
“That is terrible”, you gasp, “my condolences, Seokjin.”
“Thank you”, he says, giving you a sad smile.
You retort it.
“I shall look at your wound now, so hold still.”
“I understand”, he says, watching you work in silence.
He will heal. There must have been too much pressure on his leg and therefore it managed to rub open. It is not deep and the stitches were in order as well. A good layer of healing potion will do the trick.
“I heard that the Queen gave many Ravens a safe home in Her walls.”
“Yes, She did.”
“And you didn’t want this life?” you ask him.
“No, I didn’t.”
“Because I didn’t want to be trapped”, he says, slightly defensive, “I spent most of my life trapped in this cursed forest”, he spits and points east at where the Black Forest was hidden, “and then I was supposed to find freedom locked behind stone walls? What’s better about that?” he says, speaking calmly again.
“Safety, warm food, soft beds, no poisonous fumes or monsters”, you say, counting them all on your fingers.
He scoffs and shakes his head, “well, I didn’t want that. I don’t….” he takes a deep breath and releases it through his nose, “….I don’t want to live under the hand of someone else anymore.”
His features seem sad. His eyes carried the heaviness of a burden in them. His teeth bit on his lower lip in contemplation.
“So you ran away because you wanted freedom?”
“Yes, freedom”, he straightens up, “that is what I want. I want freedom, to live solely for myself.”
He looks at you.
“I know that you women aren’t witches. I’ve learned as much from the Queen”, he says, eyes lingering on your lips before breaking away to look at your working fingers instead, “She isn’t a bad person, She is very kind if I may be honest and I know my life in the castle would have been nice…”, he falls silent as he drifts back into his thoughts.
You spread the first layer of healing potion on his skin as you wait for him to continue.
“…but I escaped Rafkan to finally gain my freedom and in Her castle I would have had to live under yet another ruler. No”, he shakes his head, “this was no life for me. So I ran away.”
He looks at his leg.
“I managed to put two nights between the castle and me when this cursed wolf attacked me and bit my leg and I fell into this cursed river”, he explains and laughs, “I must say, this was a wonderful escape. I not only escaped Her castle but almost life itself”, he jokes and laughs.
You chuckle softly.
“At least you met me.”
He looks into your eyes. He had stopped laughing for your eyes mesmerised him far too much. A peculiar feeling tingles in your chest. It felt warm and as if, for only a second, you found it hard to breathe.
“I meant that you were lucky you found me. I helped you. I, I didn’t mean you f-found love or – oh dear this is not what I meant I don’t – forgive me, I am making no sense”, you explain yourself.
Seokjin smiles without showing his teeth. It makes his cheeks seem puffier for only a second.
“Yes, I found you. I’m glad I did.”
“Yes, you saved me. So thank you.”
“Of course”, you whisper. You didn’t want to whisper, but for some reason your voice didn’t want to come out any other way.
You laugh, looking back at his leg because you needed to do something other than feel flustered. Perhaps having his naked skin beneath your fingertips wasn’t the best distraction, but at least like this, you couldn’t lose yourself in his eyes again.
You reach for the bandages.
“Hold that in place for me.”
He obeys diligently, allowing his finger to brush against your hand, which elicits a millions of goosebumps on your skin.
"You will find your freedom. I promise you", you say quietly, "I won’t stop until I find a way to remove your mark and then you can go wherever you want to", you find it hard to speak the words and you can’t figure out why it felt so difficult.
"Thank you", he whispers, fingers almost touching your knuckles before pulling back shyly.
Tumblr media
It was a sunny day today. The air was still cold, but at least the skies were blue and the sun was bright. It made the walk to the riverbed quite wonderful.
You had an important job to do today. Yela’s parents sent a hawk this morning, informing you that they ran out of medicine for their daughter. Her wound was healing splendidly but Yela had another condition which made it hard for her to digest the sugar in food. She takes a potion to help her with that. You sent the hawk back with promises of delivering the potions to them later. 
So you ate a quick breakfast and then began working on preparing the medicine. Seokjin insisted on helping and you allowed him. You had to sneak out for a quick moment to get water as Kukuruz informed you that his bowl was empty and that he wanted more. Of course you wouldn’t want your cat to feel parched, so you left the cottage when Seokjin was busy in the living quarters getting books on spells.
He is grinding the herbs when you come back. The book, which he found, he placed on the work table. He lifts his head upon hearing the door close, locking eyes with you.
“I thought they would lose their potency if I kept them for too long”, he explains.
“They don’t really, but one can’t be sure enough. Thank you”, you tell him, setting the bucket down next to the work table.
The black cat is circling your legs.
“Yes I got new water Kukuruz. Come, bring me your bowl and I will fill it up for you.”
“Now, now don’t talk back. I know you can do it.”
“I heard that!” you call out.
“Can you truly understand your cat?”
“Yes, of course I can. Here, look”, you say and show him a delicate silver bracelet. There was a yellow stone in the middle, enclosed in a cage of branches, “I went to a sorceress and asked her for one of those cat talking bracelets.”
Seokjin widens his eyes.
“So they are truthful?” he gasps, “I have always thought them to be gimmicks.”
“Oh me too, but they are very true. I was oh so surprised to hear voices in my cottage until I realised that it was Kukuruz talking to me.”
The latter is currently strutting back to the bucket, carrying his wooden water bowl in his little mouth. He sets it down and looks up.
“Thank you.”
“What did he tell you?”
“He told me here you go, my bowl.”
“Hah, this is remarkable”, Seokjin says.
“Yes?” you kneel down to prepare the water for Kukuruz, “do you want to try?”
“Yes, please”, he exclaims with sparkling eyes. He giggles as you secure the bracelet on his wrist, turning his attention to Kukuruz afterwards, “Kukuruz?”
“Oh!” he exclaims, squeaking in happiness, “oh I can understand you.”
“No, this is my first time I am hearing your voice! Oh you sound deeper than I imagined you to sound.”
Seokjin giggles, leaning down to pet the cat’s head.
“It is nice to meet you too Kukuruz.”
He turns to you, giving you a blinding smile.
“This is the most remarkable invention”, he says, making you smile.
“You can keep it on for today.”
“Truly? You would allow me?”
“Yes, of course”, you allow him and pull your stool next to Seokjin to sit down, “shall I show you how to make this medicine?”
He nods his head.
“Well then”, you sneak a glance at the contents in the stone bowl, “you need to give the herbs five more grinds, they should be perfect then.”
“I understand”, he says and goes to work. You watch his hands as he works. They look elegant, his nails are clean and his nail beds look well-taken care of. It is surprising to see such hands on a Raven. You always expected them to be dirty and for their hands to be horrid to look at. But his hands aren’t horrid to look at, they are actually quite beautiful.
“Does the Queen look for you?” you ask him.
“I don’t know, I don’t believe She does. Perhaps She is already dead.”
“I don’t understand.”
Seokjin seems to hesitate.
“I shall tell you, but only if you promise me not to pull the knife on me again.”
You meet his eyes. He seems just slightly nervous of the truth.
“Fine”, you give in with a fond chuckle, “I shall hear you out.”
He gives you a grateful smile and looks back at the herbs.
“I finished grinding them, what should I do next?”
“Ah yes of course”, you say and reach for three different bottles of oils, “you must add five drops of treebark oil”, you explain and put the green flask next to his hand, “then one dash of Kreusel fish oil” you add, placing a spray bottle next to the flask, “and fill it up halfway with this”, you say and place a bottle of rosehip oil next to the others.
Seokjin nods in understanding and begins working.
You allow him to count the five drops and one dash, but ask him for his story once he uses the rosehip oil.
“Rafkan sent me to kill the Queen”, he begins, making you widen your eyes in surprise, “and I attempted to kill Her, but She was quicker and captured me.”
“So you were Her prisoner?”
“Just in the beginning. Should I mix it?”
“Yes, mix it until the candle burned down to the second line.”
He nods his head in understanding and mix it with the mortar.
"So why do you think that She might be dead already?" 
"Because I believe that Rafkan will send more Ravens until She is dead", he explains, "we agreed on a signal once we were successful in killing Her. Send a raven back to him with Her cut off finger ties to its legs. That’s what he told me to do."
"This is gruesome."
"Yes and until this raven doesn’t return to him, Rafkan will continue sending boys into their…well", he laughs breathily, "perhaps it is a good thing those boys keep trying. At least they will find saving this way."
Seokjin looks at you.
"I have a little brother. Not through blood, but he is the dearest to my heart. His name is Jungkook. I really hope that Rafkan sends him next and that he will be caught and find freedom that way."
You smile softly, "I really hope so too. Is he like you? Forced to be someone he doesn’t want to be?" 
Seokjin shakes his head, "he is so terribly influenced by Rafkan that it will be hard for the Queen to convince him", he says in a fond chuckle.
It makes you laugh as well. Even if you had no knowledge about Jungkook.
"I always wanted to flee", Seokjin continues, "that is why I volunteered when he asked. But Jungkook, he", Seokjin laughs painfully, "he called me hurtful things during our last conversation. I asked him to flee with me, but he refused and said stuff I know he didn’t mean."
"I'm sorry, that sounds painful."
"No, I’m not angry at him. He is still so young and he has so much to learn. I hope he will find the truth in the Queen’s castle and then heal from all the pain Rafkan caused him. I really wish this for him."
"I am sure that he will", you assure him, "maybe you can see him again one day."
"I really hope I will. I want to hug him if I ever do." 
He smiles, laughs softly and looks back at the medicine. 
"I'm rambling, I’m sorry."
"You really aren’t. So you said that She wanted to give you a home. But then you said that you were her prisoner. Did you lie?”
“No, I was free to move in the castle, but I wasn’t allowed to leave it yet. So in a way, I was still Her prisoner and I didn’t want that. I wanted to see the world.”
“I understand that. I heard that Rafkan doesn’t really allow you to leave. I bet going on this mission to kill Her felt like your key to freedom.”
He nods his head.
“Well, once your legs is healed completely I promise you that you can truly find it", you say and nudge his arm, “then you can finally leave my boring cottage. I’m sure you are looking forward to that.”
Seokjin turns his head to look at your face. He gives you a smile, which neither looks happy nor fake. It almost looks disappointed, as if he doesn’t want to think about the future you told him about.
“I, uhm”, you say, pulling your hand away, “oh look! The candle burned down. Now we have to fill it up quickly.”
Seokjin helps you. He pours and you hold the bottles. He also sneaks a glance or two at your face, which you retorted each time. You were so close. You were aware that it was only because you and him needed to work right now, but still, you were close and somehow this made your heart flutter again.
You finish the medicine by sticking a sturdy cork into the small bottle neck. Seokjin mimics the gesture on his bottles, doing so with his brows furrowed in concentration.
He also helps you with storing them in your basket, watching with great interest as you tug them in with a red cloth.
“So, I have to deliver them to Yela and her family now. I should be back by nightfall.”
Seokjin watches you put your fur and hood on. He stands up, erasing the distance between you and him.
“Can I come with you?” he asks almost shyly.
“You want to come with me?” you sound surprised.
He nods his head, “I want to help.”
“Oh don’t worry, they are not heavy. I can manage.”
“I understand”, he murmurs, lowering his eyes sadly. He seems so disappointed to be left behind.
“But fresh air would do you good”, you tell him because you couldn’t stand the thought of having Seokjin sit in your cottage with a sad expression.
Seokjin smiles happily, “thank you, I will get ready right away.”
Ten minutes later you and he are outside. Seokjin watches you lock your cottage. You turn to him and give him a shy smile.
“Let’s go, it is quite the long walk and we should hurry.”
“Where do we have to go?” he asks.
“Just past the town. It will take about an hour by foot.”
“I see, I have never been in town.”
“You have not?” you gasp.
Seokjin shakes his head, looking sad.
“Oh by Frenya, you truly haven’t seen a lot of the world, have you?”
He shakes his head again.
“Well then, I will show you a new spot today. Trust me, you will like the town. It is not big, but it is very good. The people are very welcoming and friendly. And I especially love the market place.”
“Why? Is the market place special?”
“No, but it houses a very beautiful statue of a wolf and I enjoy looking at all its details whenever I’m at the market”, you explain and sneak a glance at him, “worry not, it will not bite your leg.”
Seokjin laughs, which you retort. He has such a nice laugh. It is the kind of laugh which makes one want to laugh as well.
You pull closer to Seokjin once you enter the tense conifer tree forest.
“You have to be careful in these forests”, you tell him in a hushed voice.
“Why? Is it dangerous?” Seokjin gasps, sounding nervous.
“No, but there are tree fairies all around us and they like to play tricks.”
You nod your head, “they grow roots in front of people’s feet to trip them. Some even let pinecones drop on people’s heads. The whole forest laughs then if that happens.”
“I see. That sounds dangerous”, Seokjin says, eyes flitting to the ground in case magical roots appeared in front of his feet.
“They aren’t dangerous, don’t worry. They keep this forest alive and healthy and their tricks are harmless except for maybe a bruised knee and embarrassment in your chest.”
“I see”, Seokjin says, lifting his head to gaze at the canopy of prickly branches far above your heads, “do you know if there are tree fairies in the Black Forest?”
“There were once, but these days not anymore. They either died, got killed or fled to other forests. That is why the forest is so dark and why so many curses took root in it. There are no fairies left to heal and protect it.”
“Is this a natural thing to happen?”
“No. Tree fairies don’t abandon their trees, unless there is a reason for it. And in the case of the Black Forest, the reason came in the form of Rafkan. I didn’t witness the downfall of the forest as it happened hundreds of years ago, but the story of it is well known on this continent.”
“I heard that Rafkan is one of the Nïuri”, Seokjin says, “he always pretended to be mortal like the rest of us, but I never saw him eat or sleep, let alone age.”
“You saw right. Nïuri are a peaceful people, but not him. They use their immortality to nurture the earth, but he is nothing but a curse to every inch of earth he sets his evil feet on.”
“To imagine that the Black Forest was healthy once and that this awful person hurt it for hundreds of years”, Seokjin whispers and lets out a sad sigh, “I feel so much anger for him. I want to bring him so much harm.”
“I understand how you feel. I think about hurting him on many nights.”
Seokjin looks at you, “the Queen told me that Rafkan was the one who killed my parents and till now, I didn’t believe Her. What if She was right? I have a feeling that She was right all along.”
You could hear the grief in his voice. The heartbreak a painful realisation brings. The betrayal and anger and pain which follow.
“I can’t tell you, but I hope for your heart that She was wrong. Nobody should have to live with the murderer of their parents.”
Seokjin furrows his brows, “I want to hurt him”, he confesses with a trembling voice, “I want to hurt him until he begs me to stop.”
“I know, oh I know how you feel”, you say softly, stepping closer to hold his hands.
You stop. Droplets of melting snow rain down on your heads from the branches high above. Seokjin’s quick breathing creates white clouds in the air. His fingers are cold, closing around your fingers almost desperately.
“But Seokjin, seeking revenge on him won’t heal the wounds he left.”
“No, but at least it will stop them from opening up over and over again.”
“I understand you, I truly do. I lost my beloved aunt to Rafkan and if this cursed person were to ever appear in front of me, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to kill him. But seeking for it?” you pull him closer, tighten your grip on his hands, let your eyes get lost in his’, “seeking for it will give you more grief than relief. Please believe me. Believe me when I tell you that healing far, far away from him will feel better in the long run than seeking him one last time.”
“Are you scared that I might become the man I was in the past? Is that why you are telling me all of this?”
“No, I know you. You were never meant to be a Raven and you will never fall back into your old habits again”, you assure him with a fond smile on your lips, “and that is why I don’t want you to go back to that place. Distance keeps the memories at bay, while propinquity burns new holes into your heart.”
Seokjin breaks eye contact after a second, lowering his head with an exhausted sigh.
“It hurts”, he confesses in a whisper, “I was four years of age when Rafkan rescued me after masked bandits slit my parents’ throats a-and to imagine that I called their murderer my father for so many years unbeknownst to his true nature, hurts me so much that I can barely breathe.”
“It hurts me too. Rafkan deserves to be ripped apart by Morguls for what he did to you and so many other poor boys. If there is anything I can do to lessen the pain, I will do it.”
“Just…” Seokjin hesitates, lifts his eyes, hesitates. He takes a cautious step closer, “can I be held? For just a second.”
“Yes”, you whisper, closing your arms around him to pull him into a tight and soothing hug.
Seokjin drapes his arms around your waist instantly and rests his cheek on your shoulder. Despite his stature, he feels fragile in your arms. You find no peculiarity in that, knowing very well why he felt as small as he did. Coming to terms with your hurtful past leaves one broken and weak. You hope that this measly hug is enough to heal even a little part of him.
He shudders in an exhale.
“Is this how hugs feel?” he whispers.
“Have you never been hugged before?”
He shakes his head, “it feels so…healing.”
You smile. It was of both sad and happy nature. Sad because someone as gentle as Seokjin should have never lived so long without being hugged. And happy because he finally found healing through it.
“Thank you”, he breathes and you answer him by patting his upper back slowly.
He steps back soon after, revealing his teary eyes to you. He hides them when he watches with how much worry your features fill.
“It’s the wind”, he lies, wiping the tears away, “it’s so cold.”
“It is acceptable to cry. Never apologise”, you assure him, taking a step back because otherwise you would have reached for his cheeks and kissed his tears away and you know that this wasn’t in your place to do.
“Hah”, he lets out, cheeks and ears gaining in sudden colour, “we should probably keep walking, shouldn’t we?” he asks, carrying embarrassment in his voice.
“Yes, we should”, you say, feeling oh so flustered yourself.
You deliver the medicine to Yela and her parents. They thank you with a freshly baked honey cake. It smelled of cinnamon and cloves and had a yellow colour to it, almost as if turmeric had tainted it. 
You leave for the village afterwards, now that you had time to truly show Seokjin around. His pretty eyes seemed to light up more and more the closer to the village you came. You prefer that view over the sad betrayal he carried in the forest just hours prior.
“Here it is. My favourite statue”, you tell him, stopping in front of the statue of the wolf, “isn’t it beautiful?”
It was made out of dark bronze, except for its left paw. The touch of countless people turned it golden.
Seokjin studies it, “yes it is. The teeth look so real.”
“Yes, indeed. And look”, you say, touching its golden paw, “it is said that if you rub the wolf’s paw thrice all your wishes will come true.”
Seokjin reaches out and rubs the paw of the wolf. He squeezes his eyes shut and whispers something you can’t make out. Then he opens his eyes.
“What did you wish for?”
“I can’t tell you, otherwise it won’t come true”, he says, making you smile fondly.
“Very well then, keep your secrets. Come, I’ll show you to the marketplace.”
Seokjin follows, looking left and right with great interest. His eyes are sparkling greatly. He seems so content.
“Do you know why wolves carry such great importance in the Night Queendom?” you ask him.
“Is it because we have so many wolves living here?”
“Not quite.”
“Well, what is it then?”
“Did you know that Woltron and his pack are actually old gods?”
Seokjin looks at you with widened eyes.
“No, I didn’t. Is this really true?”
“Indeed it is”, you nod your head, “and that is why we cherish wolves so greatly, because Woltron and his pack watch over us and our lands.”
“I see. You know so much.”
“Yes, my mother told me a lot about our history”, you nudge his arm, “I can tell you everything you want to know. You just have to ask.”
“Yes of course.”
“Well then I want to know. Are the Nourishing Fields really endless?”
“Well, in the literal sense they aren’t, but they are so big and so wide that they seem endless.”
“I see”, Seokjin says and blushes, “I want to see the Nourishing Fields.”
“You can, I promise you.”
“Of course, once the months are warmer again and the days longer, you can go wherever you want”, you give him a smile, “you can finally see the world.”
You expected him to be happy, to retort your smile and show excitement in his eyes, but for some unexplainable reason he seems sad. 
“Yes, I guess I can see the world”, he murmurs and sighs. 
“What’s the matter?” you ask him, “do you not want to see the world?” 
“I do, but I just…” he trails off, looks to the side as if he was flustered, “it doesn’t really matter. I’m just scared, I guess.”
“Scared”, you repeat, “I see. It must be scary to wander the world, but I am sure that once you took those first few steps you will find great enjoyment in it. Worry not Seokjin”, you place your hand on his upper arm, feeling how his muscles tense, “you will love it.”
“Will I?” he asks, turning back to you. You don’t miss the way his eyes seem to linger on your lips for just a second or the way his fingers reach for your hand when you retreat your touch. 
“Of course”, your voice felt hoarse as you spoke and for just one second you felt this unbearable urge to reach back and touch his hand. You let out a nervous laugh, touching the side of your neck for your pulse felt terribly hasty in your throat, “well, uhm”, you begin and clear your throat, “we are here. This is the marketplace.”
Seokjin lets his eyes wander over the spacious plaza. The stalls are empty, standing in darkness whilst casting the blackest of shadows on the paving. Dogs are circling the stall in which butchers sell their merchandise. They must smell the meat, looking for it without the knowledge that their search will be unsuccessful.
On the only lantern a big owl is sitting, staring down at the two of you with big, unmoving eyes and every now and then,  its eerie call cuts through the silence of the night.
“It’s very…empty”, Seokjin says, making you chuckle quietly. 
“Yes indeed. We picked out a terrible time. Come tomorrow morning and this place is bustling with life. Right there”, you point at one of the abandoned stalls, “is where the best cake maker in town sells her goods. Oh Seokjin, the cakes she sells are magical.”
“I ate cake in the Queen’s castle. It’s really sweet.”
“Indeed and it’s so delicious, wouldn’t you say?” 
Seokjin nods his head, “I liked it a lot. I want to learn how to make cake.”
“I can teach you, if you want to.”
Seokjin looks at you with sparkling eyes, “you would do that for me?” 
“Of course I would”, you give him a smile and this time around Seokjin retorts it. 
Your eyes flit to it. Lingering. His lips look so pretty when he smiles. Even now in the bad lighting you find great beauty in them.
“What is it?” Seokjin asks you, stopping his smile for your intense gaze is flustering him.
“Oh dear”, you murmur, turning away with a fluttering heart, “I don’t know. I think, I must be tired. I keep zoning out on…” you falter in embarrassment. You don’t want to expose yourself, “…on different spots”, you lie.
“Ah, I see. Well, then. Do you want to walk home?”
“Home”, you repeat, finding yourself looking at his lips again, “yes, we could do that, couldn’t we?”  
You prepare warm tea for the both of you once home. The nights may be warmer again, but walking in its wet coldness for hours still managed to freeze your limbs. You have both done your nightly washing-up and changed into thick sleeping clothes. You laid out a pair of woollen socks, which you made during calmer moments, for both you and Seokjin as well.
“There you go”, you say, handing Seokjin his cup of elderflower tea, “this will warm you.”
“Thank you”, Seokjin says.
You sit down on the fur next to him, joining him in his relaxing task of watching the flames in the fireplace dance.
“Today was quite the productive day”, you say.
“Yes, we managed to do a lot of tasks”, he agrees.
“Indeed. Oh Seokjin”, you relax with a sigh, “I will miss you dearly once you are gone. You are truly of such great help.”
Seokjin looks at you with rosy cheeks. He fumbles with the edge of his cup, feeling warm in his chest right where his heart flutters.
“And you are a diligent student”, you sneak a glance at him, “you would make a fine healer.”
Seokjin lowers his gaze, touching his burning ear, “you think so?” he whispers.
“Yes, I truly do”, you whisper, gazing at his features. Oh why must he be so beautiful? If only you didn’t like his face so much, if only you didn’t find so much beauty in his soul, maybe then you wouldn’t ache so much each time you thought of him leaving one day.
You turn away, aching too much to bear his beauty any longer. The flames dance calmly, swaying left and right. You take a sip of your tea. It tastes good and fills your stomach with warmth.
"I have something for you", you tell him.
"For me?" 
You stand up to get it from your shelf, returning to him with a racing heart. Seokjin helps you sit down by holding your hand, eyes flitting to the piece of paper you are holding.
You place said paper on his lap, "open it."
Seokjin does so without hesitation, widening his eyes in shock. 
"Is this", he gasps, looking at you. 
"A potion to remove tattoos, yes. I found it at the market yesterday and I wanted to surprise you", you say, giggling excitedly. 
"You actually meant it", he whispers, clutching it to his chest with teary eyes.
"Of course I did."
Seokjin smiles, "thank you. I don’t know what to say." 
"Don't say anything. I'm just happy that I can help you heal from your past."
Seokjin nods his head and seeks you out by resting his head on your shoulder. He exhales deeply, eyes falling closed and fingers coming to play with the hem of your tunic. Mindlessly and innocently, but you feel weak nonetheless.
"Thank you", he whispers.
"Mhm", you let out, patting his thigh twice before pulling back again.
Why does he have to leave? Why him? Why?
“Where will you go once the months are warmer again?” you ask him even if asking that question hurts you. You don’t want him to leave, but it would be selfish of you to hold him back. He should experience freedom. That is what he deserves.
For a second he is silent, looking into the flames.
“I don’t know” he says quietly.
“I can advise you visit the Nourishing Fields first. Oh, they have the most beautiful colour during summer.”
“Are they far from here?”
“Just a five days walk perhaps. That is if you would spend each passing hour of those days walking”, you say and laugh quietly.
Seokjin can’t quite bring himself to laugh as well. The thought of wandering so far from you makes his heart ache.
“So I would say that you could reach them in about a week if the roads are good.”
“Have you ever been to the Nourishing Fields?”
“Yes, many times actually. My cousin lives close to them and I like to visit him when it is warm.”
You take a sip of your tea. It has cooled down just enough to make it bearable to drink.
“I truly enjoy this tea, it tastes so good.”
Seokjin takes a sip as well.
“Yes, it is very good.”
“Indeed” you say and nudge his head with your chin.
Seokjin lifts his head. You are giggling at him. 
Seokjin wants to giggle too, he wants to smile at you just like you do, he wants his eyes to sparkle the way yours do and yet in this moment as the taste of elderflowers was lingering on his tongue and his temple felt your lingering warmth, he couldn’t. He ached so terribly. The snow has begun to melt and if the nights continue to be as mild as they were lately, then soon the earth will thaw as well. And that means that the warmer months have finally come back and Seokjin has to leave your cottage to explore the world.
“I don’t want to see the world”, he blurts out.
“What?” you stop laughing, studying his features with confusion in your eyes.
“I don’t want to see the world.”
“I don’t understand.”
“I don’t want to see the world if, if that means that I have to leave. I don’t want to run on the Nourishing Fields or climb the Snowy Mountains or, or swim in foreign lakes if that means that I can’t see you anymore.”
“Seokjin, what are you saying?”
“You are asking me where I want to go first once the months are warmer again, but truth be told, the thought of going anywhere without you hurts me so terribly much that I want to wail”, he confesses with glassy eyes.
“Perhaps I want to go to the town first”, he says and lets out a breathy laugh, “yes, that is the place I want to go. I want to go to the town in the greyness of dawn when you are still sleeping and I want to go there to buy the biggest piece of cake for you and then I will carry it home and I will be careful not to meet any tree fairies. And once home, I will feed Kukuruz and check on you and I will see that you are still sleeping. So I will prepare the cake and I will put a flower on the plate with it and perhaps I will sprinkle some sugar on it too because it is a special occasion and then I will bring it to you and wake you by, by”, he inhales shakily, “by kissing your forehead and I will watch how you smile at me and how you eat the cake deliciously and I will be happy.”
He rubs at his eyes, wiping his tears away.
“So that is where I will go once the months are warmer. I will go to the town to buy you a cake.”
You sniffle.
“That is a good place”, you whisper, intertwining your fingers with his’.
“So please don’t make me leave. Please let me stay by your side.”
You nod your head, fighting with your tears. You guide his hand to your lips, kissing his knuckles with all the love you have for him. You rest your cheek against them afterwards, allowing your warm tears to roll down his skin.
“I didn’t want you to leave either, but I didn’t want to tell you because seeing the world was your dream”, you confess.
“I can already see the world when I look into your eyes.”
You open your eyes, meeting the world in his eyes.
“I can see it too”, you whisper, “it’s beautiful.”
Seokjin smiles with his cheeks blushing. He squeezes your hand. You squeeze it right back, lifting your head to get closer to him. Your noses are almost touching, your lips are so close, your vision is just slightly blurry.
“Can I kiss you?” you ask him in a barely there whisper.
He closes his eyes, “please kiss me.”
“Oh Seokjin”, you sigh, cupping his cheek.
Seokjin closes his eyes with a sigh, meeting you halfway with yet another sigh rolling over his tongue.
You feel how easy life becomes once you kiss him. The air is lighter around you and filled with magic. Your cabin, once dark, is sparkling in the colours of the universe. Your skin prickles and in your tummy millions of butterflies flutter. This is the best feel you ever experienced.
You sigh and cup his other cheek, pulling him closer. Seokjin allows you, touching your upper arms with shaky fingers. His heart is racing so much that he fears that you might hear it. He has never kissed before, but he is glad that he didn’t. For having your lips be the first lips he ever kisses feels like wondrous magic to him.
A magic which soon robs him of air. He breaks the magic, only to realise that it still remains as flutters of his heart and tingles in his stomach.
You stay close, running your thumbs over his soft cheeks and poking his nose with your own. You feel so lightheaded. Kissing him felt like paradise.
“This felt magical”, he whispers, sighing when you brush your thumb over his cheekbone.
“Yes, it did. Oh Seokjin, I had wanted to kiss you for so long.”
“You, you did?” he stutters, blushing.
You move your head back just so you could gaze at his perfect features.
“Yes”, you whisper, tracing his pretty lips, “you have the most beautiful smile and your face”, you run your fingertips along his cheeks up to his forehead and down the slope of his nose.
Seokjin feels shivers run down his spine at the touch, having his eyes closed.
“Oh your face”, you whisper, “I don’t want to stop looking at it.”
You kiss him, surprising him so much that his stomach tightens and his heart skips a beat in his chest. He sighs shakily, allowing you to tilt his head so you could reach him easier. You kiss so much better than he ever could, you know so much more, he thinks. He believes that if he allows you to guide him, then he won’t be able to disappoint. He really doesn’t want to disappoint. Not you. You are so wise, so full of knowledge, so skilled and if he disappointed you with his kisses, he would never forgive himself.
So he lets you hold his face while he rests his hands on your waist. He lets you trace his lips with your tongue while he whimpers softly. He lets you lay him down on the fur, whilst gasping your name.
Your elbows are caging in his head, your hands smooth over his hair. Your chest is resting against his torso in this position and Seokjin can feel how quickly your heart is racing. So you feel just as excited as he does. Oh, he feels so reassured in his feelings because of it.
You break the kiss, tracing his lips with your tongue. They feel so tender, almost sensitive even. Oh, how long have you kissed him already? You can’t remember.
“Your lips are so soft”, you whisper, chasing them in a slow kiss. 
Seokjin keens quietly, hands reaching up to cup your cheeks. His palms feel clammy against your skin.
Giggling, you break the kiss just so you could gaze at him.
Your eyes soften upon meeting his glimmering gaze. You tilt your head to the side and caress his soft cheeks, “you look so beautiful.”
His plumb lips wear the deepest of pinks, his cheeks match, as do his ears. His raven hair is just slightly tousled in the front, hanging into his brows. He is breathing quickly, gazing up at you with his dark brown, pretty eyes.
“You look beautiful too”, he answers you in a small voice.
"I want to keep kissing you."
"Please do. I want it to too." 
"Oh Seokjin, my dearest", you sigh and lean down.
Seokjin gasps loudly when instead of kissing his lips, you lean down to kiss his neck. 
“O-oh”, he gets out, lifting his shoulders in instinct for the sensation was foreign to him. 
You flinch back instantly.
“Forgive me. I, I should have asked", you stutter.
Your eyes meet. 
"No", he shakes his head vigorously, "it felt really good. It surprised me, that is all", he whispers.
“Yes? So I can do it again?” you ask him, "please?"
Seokjin blushes vividly, avoiding eye contact.
“I’m scared”, he confesses.
“Scared? Sacred of what?”
“Of, of…of disappointing you.”
“Disappointing me? Oh Seokjin, why would you disappoint me?”
“Because I am a-”, he exhales shakily, “I have no knowledge of being intimate. And, and you know so much. You are so skilled and, and probably had men better than me and I don’t want to disappoint.”
“Seokjin, my dearest”, you say, soothing him by caressing his cheeks, “the fact that those men aren’t by my side anymore means that in the end, they couldn’t truly satisfy me. You aren’t worse than them, on the contrary, I have never felt so bewitched by anyone before you.”
“Yes”, you promise him, “so worry not. You are my diligent student after all, I am certain you will be a natural in intimacy as well.”
“I’m your student?” he gasps, ears turning the deepest reds instantly.
You giggle. Seokjin giggles too.
“Of course you are. You are my very good student”, you say, dancing your fingers over his collarbones.
Seokjin lets out a small moan, widening his eyes as he squirms underneath you. He seems to really like it when you praise him. Oh, that makes you so happy. You want to keep praising him just so you can make him look at you in that adorable fashion he does right now.  
"Perhaps you are even my best student", you say, basking in the joy you feel when he squirms a second time. 
“___”, he gets out, lips parting and staying that way. He hooks his fingers behind your neck, rolling his head to the side just enough to reveal his flushed neck to your eyes.
"My best student", you whisper and lean down to place a subtle kiss on his neck.
This time, Seokjin reacts in a sigh, head rolling to the side completely and eyes falling closed. His fingers slip from your neck, tangling in the fur in a shy and desperate grip.
Your own close around a bundle of his hair, mind falling into the droopiness of worshipping his vulnerable neck. His skin feels so soft under your lips. And hot. Oh so utterly hot. As if a fire was keeping it warm. You feel the sensation with three kisses and then a shy lick follows. 
Seokjin makes a soft sound, touching your hips only to pull away again. Another twist of the fur. Shy avoidance of what he truly craves.
“Don't pull away. You are allowed to touch me”, you encourage him with a whisper against his jawline. 
“But where?”
“Where do you want to touch me?” 
“Your torso.”
His answer makes you smile. You kiss along his pulse point, tickling him with gentle bites. 
“Then my torso it is. Touch me, my diligent student”, you rasp, making him shiver.
His hands grasp your hips, squeezing them with a certain strength. It is the kind of strength that lets you know just how incredibly affected he is by the situation. And that perhaps he had craved to touch you for the longest time. 
“That's it, your touch feels wonderful”, you praise him, moving his head by tugging on his hair most gently. 
He rolls it to the other side, exposing his unkissed neck to your eyes. His skin is tinted pink, looking beautiful like this. 
“You are so beautiful”, you breathe, kissing him with a racing heart. 
“Ah”, Seokjin lets out, running his hands up along your sides, “oh”, he sighs and shivers. He never even thought about how sensitive his neck is. He wonders if he is different and if such sensitivity is normal. He also wonders if he is allowed to shiver oh so incredibly much or if he is acting inappropriately. 
You take his earlobe between your teeth then and Seokjin swears that never before, his thoughts turned off as quickly as they did right now. 
His fingers stutter, coming to an involuntary pause right underneath your armpits. The bite just feels so good. Seokjin has to sigh and then call your name. 
“Is this enjoyable?” you ask him in the sweetest voice.
“I, I think something is wrong with me.”
“Truly?” you lift your head, eyes running over his features, “what is the matter? Where does it hurt?”
He shakes his head, “no, it is just that…that my neck.”
“What about your neck?”
“When you kiss me, I feel sensations down my back. Like shivers and, and they are in my fingertips as well and between”, he lowers his eyes, “I think it affects my, ahm, my cock as well.” 
"Oh dear", you can’t stop yourself from breaking into the fondest of chuckles, "my dearest Seokjin, there is nothing wrong with you. On the contrary, everything is perfectly fine." 
"But why does it feel so hot? A-as if fire fairies are close." 
"You are fine", you assure him, smoothing out his hair, "oh Seokjin, this is supposed to happen. Your cock is supposed to harden." 
Seokjin widens his eyes, mouth falling open. 
You giggle, poking the tip of his nose with your fingertip. He looks oh so endearing.
"Do you want to kiss my neck as well? I react differently than you do."
"You do?" 
You nod your head.
"So your core doesn’t harden? Like I do?" 
You chuckle, "how about you kiss my neck and I'll show you?" 
"Yes", Seokjin nods his head passionately, "I want to."
"Great", you say, lying down in the fur beside him. 
Seokjin props himself up on his elbows, looking down at you with big eyes. Like an innocent deer caught eating one of your plants. You love this view so very much.
You roll your head to the side and tug the collar of your tunic down, exposing your neck that way. 
"Kiss it. Kiss me, dear Seokjin", you sigh.
Seokjin exhales shakily, doing so to still the racing of his heart. Not that this helps. On the contrary, it only worsens it. He is so nervous and scared to disappoint. 
He lowers his head, holding his breath for the next part. 
His lips make the softest of sounds as he places his first kiss upon your skin. He pulls back afterwards. 
"Is that right?" he asks shyly.
"Yes, it feels so good", you assure him, "do it again. More. Much more."
Seokjin feels happy. He did well! Without wasting another second, he lowers his lips back to your neck. Your skin is soft, your pulse is tickling him, your throat produces the smallest of moans.
Seokjin closes his eyes and dares to weave his fingers in your hair as best as possible. He doesn’t tug like you did, he merely wants to hold a part of you as he kisses your neck. 
“This is so good”, you sigh, feeling yourself shiver uncontrollably. 
You had lovers in your past. Not many, but just enough to figure out what you enjoyed and what you didn’t. Most were mediocre, many were terrible and only a few were good. And you didn’t care enough about them to want them to stay. They were nice to have for the time being, but didn’t leave a hole of yearning once they left again. Most kissed your neck as well and the very few who refused to, were thrown out the moment they did. But they were all different. You realise this much now that Seokjin is kissing your neck. 
They didn’t leave you feeling oh so breathless from mere neck kisses. They didn’t leave you craving for more of their touch. But Seokjin does. Oh, how he does. 
You grab his hand and place it atop your breast.
"Oh?" Seokjin lifts his head, gawking at you with widened eyes. 
"Massage it softly. It feels so good", you tell him.
Seokjin gives your breast a soft squeeze, watching with heat between his legs as this makes you arch your back. 
"Just like that. Keep doing it just like that", you sigh, "oh Seokjin, dearest", you moan and overcome by your emotions you pull him down into a passionate kiss. 
Seokjin whimpers, kissing you back sloppily at first before he finds his rhythm. His hand continues massaging your breast, becoming more and more confident the deeper you kiss him. 
Your tunic is thin enough to allow his unfiltered warmth to reach your skin. His touch is so gentle and yet filled with such passion. For someone who never held a woman's breasts before tonight, Seokjin knows exactly how to bewitch you. 
"Seokjin", you break the kiss to moan his name, "Seokjin, I want more. Much more." 
"What do you want?" he asks breathily. 
"I want to have you. Bared."
Seokjin gulps. 
"Do you want the same? You are allowed to deny me." 
Seokjin lets out a small laugh, lowering his head giddily.
"I never did such a thing before", he whispers, "but I want to do it with you", he says, lifting his head to gaze at you with sparkling eyes, "I really want to do it." 
He makes you smile. 
"Just one question. I have one question."
"Ask me, my dearest." 
"Will it hurt?"
"No, it will feel magical."
"Even more magical than a kiss?" 
"Yes", you smile, "even more than that." 
"I, I see", Seokjin blushes vividly, "oh by Frenya, this is making me fluster." 
You giggle, "you are so precious", you gush, rubbing your hands up and down his chest, "so shall we take our bottoms off?" 
Seokjin nods his head, "yes, I would like that." 
And so you begin undressing.
"It's not like I haven’t seen you naked before, is it?" you joke, painting even more pink onto his cheeks.
He giggles shyly, lowering his eyes. 
"Yes, I guess you have", he whispers, "but it’s different tonight, isn’t it?" 
"Yes, it’s exciting", you say, placing your pants to the side. 
You are on your knees. Seokjin is mirroring your position. His tunic is reaching him by his thighs, hiding his now exposed cock from your eyes. The dent is still visible however, drawing your eyes to it. 
"You ahm", Seokjin begins. 
You draw closer to him, "you look beautiful", you say, touching his chest.
"You too", he says, eyes lingering on your middle. Your tunic hides it from him as well. 
"Do you want to see?" 
"Can I really see it?" he is almost gasping the question. 
In one swift movement you have taken off your tunic, throwing it behind you mindlessly. 
"Oh, ahm, oh?" Seokjin lets out, eyes widened and racing all over your newly exposed body. 
You pose for him, enjoying his undivided attention to the fullest. 
"What do you think?" 
"This, this…this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Are you real?" he gushes, reaching out only to halt. His eyes flit up. "Can I touch?" 
"Yes my dearest."
Seokjin exhales shakily, placing his hands on your waist while his eyes race over your chest. 
"You feel so soft and warm. And, and your breasts are so…." he cradles them in his hands, "...beautiful", he whispers shakily. His eyes fill with the slightest of tears, "I missed out on so much", he croaks. 
"Don't be upset. You have all the time in the world to catch up with all the things you missed out on", you assure him. 
He smiles, dancing his thumbs over your nipples gently, "yes, I guess I have", his smile grows, "I am genuinely happy", he confesses and draws closer just to pull you into an adoring kiss. 
You feel your knees wobble because of it, not having expected him to take initiative. You love that he did, losing yourself in the passionate dance of lips and eager tongues while your hands travel over his torso. 
It happens that Seokjin loses his tunic at some point of this kiss, discarding it somewhere behind him. Your bodies chased each other instantly, your lips fell back into the dance. Seokjin kissed you even deeper after feeling your naked skin against his own. 
Now you are both groping each other, hands on the other’s hips in a desperate battle of who gets to pull the other closer. His cock is rubbing between your stomachs, leaving wet imprints behind. Your own middle is wet, dripping down your inner thigh. 
"I can't breathe", he whispers between tongue kisses.
"Neither can I", you answer him, "give me your hand." 
Seokjin moves his head back to look at you in curiosity. He places his hand into your palm, tilting his head to the side. 
"Do you want to feel how you affect me?" 
"Yes please." 
You guide his hand between your legs, making sure that two of his fingers part your soaked folds.
"You are wet", he gasps, widening his eyes.
"I know", you sigh, guiding his touch up to your clit. You show him how you enjoy it with your chest heaving up and down in a deep, shaky gasp, "that feels so good…"
"It does?" he gets out before he moves his fingers on his own, "like this? Is this how you did it?" 
"Yes", you sigh, "just a little to the left." 
Seokjin fixes his position, moaning with you as this makes you shudder in reaction. 
"Right there", you sigh, tilting your head back, "oh Seokjin…" 
"I can't believe that you are real", he whispers and overtaken by his emotions he chases you, lips claiming the emptiness of your neck and fingers exploring your wet cunt. He kisses you sloppily, moaning blissfully while his fingers rub circles into your clit. 
"Yes, yes, oh yes", you chant, feeling your entire body sink into the hottest flames of pleasure. 
It is not long and you tell Seokjin to bury two of his fingers deep inside your dripping hole. And Seokjin obeys, cursing under his breath because he expected everything but not for your core to be as warm and wet as she was. With your instructions, he begins moving his fingers while his thumb rubs your clit.
"You are so wet", he croaks, curling his fingers, "I can't believe you are real." 
"It feels so good", you sigh, rewarding his perfect efforts by wrapping your hand around his aching length. You begin moving, forcing Seokjin’s touch to falter in pure shock. 
"What- ah- what", he stutters, hand wrapping around your wrist and hips moving back in a desperate attempt to flee the unbearable burning of bliss. 
"Relax. I can make you feel good too", you encourage him, smiling at him even if his fingers between your legs make it hard to function.
"This, this is so much", he keens, writhing in your hold.
"Do you want me to stop?"
"I, I don’t know yet."
"Then how about I do this?"
You move your hand up and down his length slowly, making him squeeze his eyes shut and whimper.
"How is that?" you ask him.
"Don't stop, please", he begs with his voice slightly pitched. 
"I won’t", you promise him, running your hand up and down his length, "you are so beautiful. Such a good boy", you whisper, feeling his cock throb in reaction. 
"Oh god", he keens, dropping his head in exhaustion, "oh god, oh god."
"I know, it feels like a lot doesn’t it?" you ask in a soothing voice, massaging his sensitive tip. It fits perfectly into your palm, wetting your skin with his excited pleasure.
Seokjin nods his head, chasing you with a roll of his hips. You hold him back with a gentle grip of his waist, caressing his skin as your fingers dance down his length again. You cup his balls, massaging them slowly.
"Very heavy", you tease lovingly, "you must have so much pressure built up over the years, mhm?" 
Seokjin nods his head, letting out a breathy moan. 
"Of course you do. That’s what I'm here for now, I’ll take such great care of you", you rasp, taking his cock again to jerk it slowly yet precisely. 
"Please don’t stop, ah", he begs in a high-pitched moan.
"I won’t, my dearest. Keep moving your fingers. Can you do that for me?"
Seokjin obeys with a shaky moan and his lips parting in bliss. It is so hard to concentrate on pleasuring you, but he wants to do it. He wants to make you feel as good as you currently make him feel.
"A little to the right", you say.
Seokjin fixes his mistake, throbbing in your hand when you reward him with massages on his frenulum.
"There we go. You are such a diligent student. Such a good, wonderful boy", you praise, basking in the blissful shudder your sweet words send through his body. 
You fall into a kiss just seconds later. It is more breathy moans and weak kisses than anything, but it is perfect the way it is. Weak lips, uncoordinated licks, more moans than kisses. All of it is an image of how you both feel. Too overtaken by pleasure to truly function and yet desperate for the other’s kiss. You can’t remember if you ever truly felt that desperate for a man's kiss. Maybe you never did. Seokjin feels so very right, oh so right. 
"Keep going, just like this", you encourage him, feeling yourself shudder in bliss when he begins rubbing circles into your clit. His thumb is so soft, the pressure is just right. Maybe that tiny bit too strong, resulting in you dancing on the edge of overstimulation, but it feels so good to dance. It makes your highs feel that much more rewarding whenever you do.
"It's so hard to concentrate", Seokjin whimpers.
"I know, but keep going. You are doing such a great job", you whisper with unoccupied hand hooked behind his neck to keep his forehead resting against yours. 
“___”, he moans, “___ it feels so good”, he keens, closing his eyes by letting them roll back.
“Yes, it really does”, you agree, closing your own eyes as a soft sigh slips past your parted lips.
To be so close to each other. It feels like a dream now that you are finally experiencing it. You may have found yourself daydreaming about  how it would be to kiss him and touch him and make him feel good. Not much, because you feared that he might catch you in your crude thoughts, but whenever you did, you felt dizzy in desperation.
“Oh how I wanted this, Seokjin”, you sigh mindlessly.
“What do you mean?” he croaks, twitching in your hand. 
“You are a dream”, you whispers, “my sweetest dream.”
Seokjin whimpers your name and kisses you. You are his dream too. His sweetest, dearest dream. For the longest time, Seokjin didn’t know why he felt the way he does about you. He couldn’t explain the flutters of his hearts, the tingles in his stomach, the desire to keep glancing at you whenever you weren’t looking. He couldn’t explain what all of those sensations meant for he never experienced them before. But he knows now. He knows that this is what being in love felt like. He really liked that feeling, wanting it to never ever stop.
Seokjin curls his fingers inside you, gasping into the kiss when this makes you clench around him.
“You are so warm”, he whimpers, chasing your taste with desperate licks.
“Seokjin”, his name was muffled by the kiss, but it was still clear in his ears. He kisses you even deeper because of it and you shudder in intense bliss.
“You are so tight”, he whispers, breaking the kiss because you gasped for air.
“I know”, your voice is pitched and barely wants to come out, “don’t stop, stay just like this.”
“What is happening? Why are you so…ah, tight”, he asks, struggling with his words because your hand begins to speed up around his length. His thighs shake in reaction, hot tension begins building up in his stomach.
“Do you feel the tension in your belly?” you ask him, swirling your hand around his leaking tip. It feels so hot under your touch, covering you with so much wetness.
“Yes”, he whimpers, curling his fingers desperately just so you keep rubbing him that way.
“That means you will orgasm soon. I feel the same.”
“Will it hurt?”
“No, it will feel like paradise”, you say and sigh, “Seokjin, I’m close”, you croak, pulling him back into the kiss. 
Seokjin moans, thrusting into your fist because he felt like bursting. He wondered if something was wrong with him. Each time you rolled your thumb over his tip, his cock felt on fire and then when you stroked your hand down his shaft that fire spread to the rest of his body. Seokjin never felt that incredible before. It feels so good. It feels so, so good. 
“Seokjin”, you whimper, body tensing and walls clenching around his fingers, “now.”
It starts off on your clit, spreading through the rest of your middle before the fire deep inside causes a chain of reactions. You moan loudly, pulling him close as your body begins chasing him in desperate rolls of your hips.
Seokjin sobs softly, “I can't hold back”, he confesses and then he swears that something unnatural happens to his body. His cock feels as if it goes up in flames, wet and hot liquid spurts out of him and the most peculiar part is that he doesn’t want it to stop. He wants it to continue.
Seokjin moans your name, sobs it again a second later, thrusts his hips into your hand, shakes uncontrollably.
“That's it, climax for me, that’s it”, you encourage him in deep growls, fingers almost bruising the back of his neck from how tightly you hold him as your own high prolongs because of his climax. It excites you just way too much. He looks so perfect when he finds release.
“O-oh god”, Seokjin gets out, falling around your neck once his orgasm stopped. He hugs you, shivering uncontrollably while he barely gets any air into his lungs, “W-what happened?”
You smile softly, wrapping your arms around him safely.
“Didn't that feel wonderful?”
“I, I don’t know. Oh god, I can’t breathe.”
You chuckle fondly, “lean onto me, my dearest. I'm right here.” 
“Do you feel the same?”
“Yes, I feel so dizzy”, you say, closing your eyes to enjoy his warmth. You climaxed so wonderfully. Your whole body feels weak and so incredibly warm. 
Seokjin shudders, releasing a big sigh of relief and happiness. He grows soft in your hold, hands squeezing your sides as his arms close further around you. 
“This was so nice”, he whispers, “it scared me at first, but it was really nice.”
You smile, “trust me, you won’t feel scared soon. You'll probably grow quite addicted to the feeling.”
Seokjin nods his head, “I think so too. I already want it again.”
You laugh, moving back just enough that you could gaze at his face. Seokjin does the same, looking at you with droopy yet happy eyes.
“I see how it is”, you snicker, “oh Seokjin, I don’t think I'll ever let you go again”, you say. 
“Good. I don’t want you to”, he whispers, “I can stay with you, can't I?”
“Yes, it would make me the happiest if you did.”
Seokjin smiles and cups your face. 
“My world”, he sighs, giving you no time to answer him before he already has you lost in another kiss.
You spend most of the night exploring each other. And come the next morning, Seokjin wakes you up with his face between your legs and his cock pressing into the mattress. You spend the entire day in bed, showing him even more possibilities of pleasure while Seokjin listens and learns like the diligent student he is.
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axigailxo · 5 months
Teacher’s Pet | JJK (1)
—chapter one: daydreams and beginnings
Tumblr media
♡ ⟶series summary: Hooking up every so often with your English Literature professor, what's the worst that can happen? Falling in love, perhaps.
♡ ⟶pairing: professor/dilf!jungkook x student!reader
♡ ⟶genre: illicit/forbidden relationship au, college!au, sneaky link to lovers, age gap, smut
♡ ⟶word count: 5.1k
♡ ⟶chapter contains: dom!jk, bratty sub!oc, lecture hall sex, oral sex (f rec.), penetrative sex, unprotected sex (mentions of taking morning-after pill), jk hasn’t had sex in a minute so he fucks oc like his life depends on it, humiliation & degrading kink, oh and mentions of romeo and juliet being sneaky links?
♡ ⟶chapter summary: Romeo and Juliet weren't the only ones risking it all for a forbidden fuck. Your professor finally decides, after an entire semester, to address the blatant heart eyes you've always had for one another when you stay after class. With the semester wrapping up, Jungkook realized it was now or never.
this is part 1 of my new teachers pet series, but can be read as a stand-alone
Series Masterlist | next->
Tumblr media
You swear you did not rationally, or even consciously, doodle a heart on your paper like a ten-year-old girl with a crush. You refuse to believe it. However, with the way Mr. Jeon keeps pacing back and forth, bottom lip between his teeth for the split second that he allows his eyes to meet yours during his lecture, your mind couldn’t care less about the damn doodled heart.
You’re not ashamed or scared to get caught gawking, one reason being that you've already been caught. Many times, actually. So what’s one more?
The other reason is that he does it often and oh so casually too. Mr. Jeon wasn’t going to pretend like he didn't notice you sitting there every week with your teeth nibbling at the end of your pencil, thighs squeezed shut with a resting, subtle pout on your plump lips. He wasn't going to act oblivious to that look in your eyes either, he was able to quickly pinpoint that certain look, that plead, the day he first saw it.
It’s been two months since you got transferred into his second semester English Lit class, and fuck were you grateful for your other professor's sudden leave.
Though he'll never admit it, he's just as grateful.
Two full months of him eye-fucking you— or you eye-fucking him (hard to tell)— and trying his absolute best not to let his curiosity lead him to wonder how utterly drenched you potentially were in your chair, actively trying his best to prevent the possible blood flow to his crotch. A mid-lecture boner would be a disaster, he reminds himself frequently.
“Your assignment for this week should be fairly easy, it’s your final analysis. I want you to pick a classic literary piece and analyze one of the less-talked-about thoughts, ideas, or events in it that can or do contribute to the original meaning of the said literary piece.”
You've picked up on this one habit of his, which is how he adamantly avoids glancing in your direction when he speaks— because your reaction to just his voice alone?... It's enough to make him weak in the knees. Again, he can't be in that state mid-lecture. Horrible.
His pacing comes to a halt when he takes a seat behind his desk and on his desk chair, and you truly can't resist sparing a quick look at his man-spread thighs. His toned, thick thighs that are now straining against the hard-working material of his chinos. You can't resist imagining what it would feel like to pleasure yourself against those thighs, the way it would feel if he tensed the muscle beneath you. You can't resist imagining how his toned, tattooed arm would contrast so sexily against the soft, delicate skin of your back, holding you flush against him as you moved your hips. The words of encouragement that would slip past his lips. God.
"If no one has any further questions that should be it. Format the analysis how you usually would, grading rubrics and the deadline date will be emailed to each of you by tonight."
His words are only a vague mumble to you and you don't doubt that you probably look like one of those exaggerated head-over-heels cartoon characters right now. Cute, but beyond embarrassing when you're not aware that you're the only one still seated, half the room already having piled out the door.
Luckily, you were self-aware a few minutes ago when he explained the assignment, and with the way he was now watching you intently, wondering if you were going to just sit there forever or finally initiate the first move given that he would never bring himself to, you impulsively walk over to his desk after strategically deciding to 'discuss the assignment further' as a poor excuse to talk to him.
"Ms. Y/L/N." His tone was of faux shock yet casual, playful almost. It's too soon for him to be certain about you're main objective, but the second you approach his desk- the new, thick and suffocating air is indisputable.
"I have an idea for the assignment, but I want to run it by you first... get a second opinion before I start."
He nods his chin upwards in a gesture for you to continue, and with the way his eyes are even darker up close, you can't help but internally shudder.
"So I'm choosing Romeo and Juliet, basic, I know, but -" you cut yourself off when the loud click of the door's automatic lock echos throughout the lecture hall, the heavy wooden door now sealed shut and acting as a barrier that's shielding you and him from the scrambling students who were now gone. His eyes flick to the door, then right back to yours, and the air gets even more suffocating.
"- you know how their love is considered to be like... undeniable?" Your voice was more of a timid whisper and he rolls his tongue inside of his cheek and does that hot nod thing again and you just know that your panties are done for by now.
"Well, I don't doubt that it was undeniable, but I do doubt that it was love at first sight. Romeo definitely had a thing for her, but 'love' wasn't what originally drove him to do the unimaginable. It was lust."
He looks as if he wants to laugh, but he won't. He wouldn't. Humored, though, he acknowledges your theory.
"And how do you think that contributes to the overall message?"
You brace yourself for your first bold statement of this encounter, adverting your eyes to glance over the organized piles of papers in front of you while speaking.
"Well, the overall message is what true love can look like, but what if it's what true lust can look like. It makes sense, to me at least... but I'm sure you can understand that concept just as well."
He straightens his once slouched position, his elbows propping against the surface, his chin dangerously close to your chest. His forehead wrinkles the slightest bit as he stares up at you from the somewhat awkward position, a dark spark hidden just beyond each pupil.
"So you think it was a sexual desire that drove them to do the unimaginable?"
Whether it was his words or his proximity, you can't take back that small, struggled whimper that left your throat. He can't take back the sudden blow flow to his dick either.
"Humans tend to let their sexual charges get the best of them, it’s nature." It was his turn to get flustered by your words, all of the "what if's" he's ever fantasized about you clouding his mind completely, leaving his body to selfishly betray his own thought-over morals, eager to indulge in you while he has the chance. It is your graduation month after all.
Jungkook knows this is something he will never be able to take back. He knows that this is crazy, absurd, against his contract's code of conduct, and just downright wrong. But he also knows that you're an adult- a young one at that, but still an adult. However, he's also aware that you're impressionable, so that's exactly why he'll let you be the one to choose what happens. He'll only do what you want to do, the desire is strong but nowhere near greedy enough to take advantage.
He's prepared for you to second guess, and when you do, he won't try to convince you to stay.
Fuck him or don't, it'll be that sexual desire of his that lead him to willingly want to do the unimaginable with you in the first place. Well, desire and the fact that his current personal life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows lately either. He's been stressed and in immense need of a good distraction, so an old-fashioned quick-fuck is not so bad of an idea.
The more the pros outweigh the cons, the more that want overtakes and he's realizing how badly he needs this. He needs you right now more than ever.
"If you want it, it's yours."
You certainly did not have to tell him twice, his actions being supernaturally fast as he gets up to stand to flush against your standing body, large hands settling on your waist, your heartbeat no longer being able to keep up a subtle rhythm and you know he can feel it booming against his own chest because you are close enough to feel him against you.
In the midst of a gasp, he places a much-needed kiss on the set of lips that he was never able to resist thinking about— coming to find out you exceed his expectations. He sucks, bites, and swipes his tongue over your bottom lip, hips instinctively grinding for friction.
And you? You're a mess.
He already has you moaning, and you can't tell whether it's from pleasure or it's your way of pleading— but both make sense. Your knees feel like jello and your pussy is throbbing underneath your drenched, hopeless panties. The taste of his mouth is something you never want to part with, and the feel of his needy bulge using your body for relief is something you're still having trouble wrapping your head around.
"You wanted this so badly, huh? Daydreamed about moments like this?"
Your cheeks flush pink at the fact that he's correct. Not that you didn't suspect he already had a gist of what you think about when he's teaching his lectures, but you're still embarrassed hearing him confirm it.
He brings one hand from your waist to hook a finger beneath your chin, guiding you to face him. "Tell me one of your favorites."
Your brows furrow in confusion, not understanding what he means. Before your parted lips could move to speak, he elaborates. "Walk me through one of your favorite fantasies you've had... Tell me what you visualized me doing to you."
Your pussy was abused without even being touched yet. His words traveled straight to a knot in your lower stomach, causing a wave-like sensation to wash over you, settling at your entrance.
"Fuck." Was all you were capable of letting out, too much in a haze to form a coherent answer. You want to relieve this painful tension, but he's taking his time.
"The faster you walk me through it, the faster I'll do it."
"I would think about you naked, a lot, your hands all over me, fucking me so hard 'til I feel numb. I thought about my mouth around you, the things you'd call me."
His cock twitched at each confession, especially that last one.
"Yeah? And what did I call you?"
"A slut... a behaved slut."
The deep bass of his voice followed his sadistic chuckle, accompanied by his cock pressing even harder against you, making you whine as the sensation cascades over you more intense than before. "Is that true? Are you a slut?"
The residue of his chuckle is in the form of a smirk, eyebrows raised as he intently waits for your answer. "That's for you to decide... you'll have to find out on your own."
They weren't the words he expected, but he was beyond satisfied with doing just that. Finding out. Not without milking the temptation out further, of course.
"What about behaved? Do you behave?"
"Only when I want to."
He keeps his playfulness intact even when he forcefully wraps a hand around your throat. His grip contradicts his light, kind smile significantly. You gasp at the suddenness of it all.
"Uh oh... Looks like I'm going to have a rough time." He guides you by the throat to walk backward, crotch still pressed against you when your ass shoves against the edge of his desk. "But if you are a behaved slut for me, we can both have a good, rough time."
You understand his implication far too well, and if your pussy wasn't convulsing around nothing, you might've just pressed your stubbornness further.
Your eyebrows crease in pity from his dominance winning but his proposition was something you really needed, and he sees the eager agreement on your face. He notes your willingness to comply, and the strong grip on your neck tames down as he rejoins your lips, slowly.
Humming as his tongue teasingly trails up along yours, you cautiously bring your open hand flat to his chest, feeling out the muscular ridges you would always see a faint imprint of even from afar.
“Get on the desk.”
His voice was more of a murmur but the faint undertone of unmistakable authority was more than prominent. Following his breathless request, you use both hands to grip the edge of the desk, pushing yourself up to set your ass on its surface.
Even though your legs are spread only the slightest, he could still fit in between if he wanted to. However, he’s not coming closer like you assumed he would. Amused, he stands one foot away from your waiting core.
“Look at you, sitting on my desk making a mess of yourself.”
He’s not wrong. Before him lies an image of your breathless body panting almost hysterically, a facial expression so lewd as you wait to just feel something, anything against you. All while being completely oblivious of you're unhinged, yearning state.
His words snap you back into your right mind, a large gulp took to help stabilize your heavy breathing.
As if his smile couldn't have grown any eviler, he places a finger to your lips, inching closer but not letting your clothed core meet his bulge.
"Please touch you?" He doesn't give you a chance to speak, his free hand having crept up unnoticed, landing his middle fingertip on your soaked core. Despite it being covered by two layers of material, you’re soaked enough for it be felt through both. "Touch this wet pussy of yours?"
You let out a whiney groan to show how excruciating his temptation is, all in hopes he just might cave in.
His finger trails up to the side of your pant's waistband, his other hand falling from your lips to join the opposite side. Hooking his four digits into the material of the fabric on both sides, the tops of his fingers against your bare skin as he roughly yanks your pants and panties down in one swift movement, his biceps tensing, leaving them bunched up at your knees before slowly pulling them off completely.
He stares at the picture he created, the picture he unveiled, and relishes in the way your delicate, plump pussy looks on top of his desk. This new sight was enough to make him needy. His own tortuous temptation catches up to him as he finds himself magnetically closing in the space between your pussy and his bulge.
You stare down at the contact only for half a second before a familiar hand is grasping at your neck and your lips are directed and then captured between his.
Testing the waters, you grind subtly against him.
Whimpering into his mouth, you realize how worked up you truly are after him taking his sweet time, and the friction from rubbing against his covered bulge alone is something you can see yourself cumming from.
And from the way he’s breathing shallowing against the kiss, chest rising just to crash back down, you know he’s worked up too.
“Please… Fuck me.”
You stop your grinding when he ignores you, knowing that he wasn’t moving his hips anyway. He was letting you be the one to create that friction because he knows he’s too hard to do it back. Just like you, cumming from friction alone wasn’t a far stretch in his mind.
Upon your stopping, he breaks the kiss, the sloppy, hopeless kiss, and puts some distance between your bodies again.
You watch as he debates something in his head, noticing how his eyes narrow upon having made a decision, and before you can even question him, he’s walking over to the opposite side of the desk and grabbing hold of his desk chair. You instinctively grind against nothing as you watch him roll the chair over, parking it right in front of you.
The chair was low enough that if he sat in it, his mouth would be leveled with your core, and he would be able to—
You gasp in partial realization of his plan and partial excitement.
Doing as expected, he sits on the chair, rolling himself closer and closer until you bite down on your lip from the feeling of his warm breath directly against you.
He pauses, eyes up on you. You realize he’s stopped, so you look down and are caught in his gaze, a microscopic smirk on his face as he speaks.
“This is just foreplay, don’t even think about cumming.”
You feel yourself convulse at his words, at his implication that he’s going to fuck you but not without performing oral first. It’s almost embarrassing how wet you are.
“So what if I do? Are you gonna fail me, Mr. Jeon?”
You couldn’t help yourself. And you really wish you could have when you feel his tongue slip past your slit, completely skipping over easing you into the sensation and instead rapidly flicking his tongue over your sensitive bud until your moans transform into something of a scream.
“Slower, you have to go— Fuck! Slower.”
He chuckles against you, hands engulfing your inner thighs and squeezing the plushness of each one to his liking. His hands are strong and his grip is tight and you know you’re going to have bruising all over the areas he’s mindlessly toying with.
“Don’t call me ‘Mr. Jeon’, it’s Jungkook… And if you want to cum, you’ll drop that attitude of yours. Haven’t you been taught manners?”
His short break to speak was enough for you to miss his tongue, even though it was too fast for you to handle, and you whine as you push yourself against his lips to shut him up and get more.
He smiles against you, licking a stripe up your slit once, originally planning to pull back but something about how you tasted was too enticing to do such. Instead, he indulges deeper. Hungrier. And this time it’s not just his tongue flicking over you, but his whole mouth swallowing and exploring every part of your pussy.
His bottom lip starts at your entrance, top lip at your clit, and he closes them in to meet, all while his tongue is busy exploring the space in between. He repeats that until he discovers the way your tight hole feels around his tongue. Until he finds out how your pussy contracts when he licks your clit with the flat of his tongue. And you repeat your moans, the chants of his name, the wave in your stomach that’s building and building each passing second until you can’t take it anymore.
“Mm m’gonna cum if you don’t stop soon.”
You tried your best to sound normal, but your voice was two octaves too high and your breathing threw off any chances of sounding remotely close to nonchalant or ‘normal’.
He really doesn’t want to stop, but he can’t have you cumming. Not yet.
Pulling away, at a loss of breath himself, he stares up at you, his lips swollen and glossed with your juices, eyes trance-like.
You stare back with the same needy gleam, and for the first time he gives in to your wordless plead, his hands making their way to his belt.
You watch as he fiddles with the pesky belt buckle, eagerly yanks the zipper of his pants down, and pulls both his briefs and pants to rest on his mid-thighs. You watch as his length, the one you were right about in your daydreams, springs up sternly against his lower stomach, holding an angry tinge of red. You watch as he uses his thumb to spread the thick bead of precum that balanced along his slit. You watched, but more importantly, you craved. So fucking badly.
And so did he.
Standing up, he notes how you’re too out of breath to maintain a proper kiss, so he settles on the skin of your jaw, biting, sucking, licking, pecking, all while he slowly strokes himself, his shaft angled just above your vulva.
Just as he parts his lips from your jaw, you spread your legs a little wider, angling them up just the slightest until Jungkook’s eyes squint in thought.
“What?” You breathily ask.
He glances back over his shoulder for whatever reason before looking down at his cock that was just about to finally enter you.
“It’s just that I didn't take note to bring condoms with me to work today.”
You try not to but still inevitably laugh at his sarcasm, slowly beginning to like his humor just a little bit. But then your faced with the predicament at hand, saying the first solution that comes to mind because you’re still aching down there.
“It’s fine, I’ll take the pill when I get home.”
His eyes dart back and forth between yours, an ‘are you serious?’ expression that soon blends into an ‘oh you are serious’ expression. You nod at his hesitance and contemplation, encouraging him to continue.
‘Humans tend to let their sexual charges get the best of them, it’s nature.’ Jungkook remembers the words that lead to this, and he realizes how accurate they are as he is getting ready to fuck his student raw on top of his desk, in the room that was jam-packed with people only moments ago.
“Fuck, I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
You don’t have time to speak in regards to Jungkook’s words of …unwanted disbelief? as he contradicts himself by easing his tip into your slicked-up hole. Any words you were planning on saying were gone just like that as your mouth stayed agape, pussy stretching around him as he pushed in slowly, taking it inch by inch.
You felt yourself suffocating each ridge and vein on his cock, his girth pulsating the deeper he went and the tighter you squeezed him. His lips are parted as he lets out occasional, deep grunts of pleasure mixed with concentration.
He was just over halfway in when you felt full. You imagined him to be this big, but fuck was he big. It’s like your fantasies have been intensified, enhanced, if you will. You’re not complaining, but you are wincing.
“Is that too much? I don’t have to bottom out if you can’t take—”
“Go all the way. It’s fine.”
He looks up at you at your all too confident request, eyes lighting up in a small smirk before biting his lip and doing as told.
You really wish you have a better analogy for the feeling of him bottoming out in you that isn’t something so absurd and far stretched- but it really does feel like you are floating on the clouds.
He’s so fucking big.
Perhaps you are in the clouds, his dick being your cause of death. But when he pulls back halfway and softly caresses your cheek, you're brought straight back to earth.
“Are you crying?”
Are you? You come to find out he’s only detecting the obvious as you feel a wet drop slipping down your face. You are in fact crying and you suddenly want to bury yourself alive with the embarrassment.
“Crying cause my cock?” He’s not even trying to sound seductive, and with the way his tone comes off as mocking, it’s almost as if he’s trying to humiliate you. “So pathetic, Y/N.”
You don’t know how to react, but it’s not like you even have time to as he drills himself back into you even harsher than before, forearms securely holding your thighs around his waist.
“Fucking hell.” He gasps out, his hips at an inhumane pace.
Your eyes are sealed shut, hands fisted on top of the desk's surface, mouth agape as it’s too overwhelming to make a sound.
You wish you had it in you to speak, or breathe, but you’re completely frozen in the feeling of his cock pounding into your done-for pussy.
“Jungkook…” Your voice is almost gone despite how little of it you’ve been using. “Faster.”
Your words betray you, but also lead to rewarding you with what you subconsciously wanted.
His hips pick up, and you didn’t think that would even be possible. Perhaps that’s half the reason why you said it in the first place; because you thought there’s no way you could get it. However, his speed increases and the empty room is filled with vulgar noises.
“So you are a behaved slut… taking my cock so well.” He groans his words as he pounds in and out of you and you’re too dizzy to note that he called you the pet name you confessed to him moments ago.
You try to focus on anything but the feeling that’s building inside of you each passing second. You will do anything: fuck your professor, potentially get in so much trouble because of it, get him in trouble- but you will not cum so soon. You just won’t allow it.
But you’re both aware of the reality that this predicament holds, which is that you’ve built this moment up so much with all the teasing and foreplay that it won’t be long until you’re both falling victim to the outcome of temptation.
“You need to slower… Go slower, I mean. You need to— Fuck, Jungkook.”
Jungkook smirks for the slightest second when he sees how you're fucking up your words because of how he’s fucking you.
He’s just as adamant about not finishing so soon, but for him, it’s way more difficult.
Jungkook has realized by now that the last woman he’s indulged in like this was his ex-wife, and that was over a year ago. So feeling something so incredibly tight around his cock that isn’t his hand for once, makes his orgasm almost impossible to wait.
And with that unfortunately being said, Jungkook’s eyes widen as his cock twitches, and just like that—
You gasp sharply, not having expected that to happen so soon. You would take this as an opportunity to humiliate him back, but you’d rather take this as an opportunity to finally let yourself release.
Bringing your hand to your clit, you rub frantically, eyes fixated on the breathless and dazed-over man in front of you as you let your high build, grinding your hips onto his softening cock as it finally collapses over you, and you moan in pleasure as he hisses in overstimulation.
You both exhale in sync, and the second he’s no longer battling the overstimulation, he grabs your throat.
You stare up into his eyes, your orgasm still lingering, and you feel so submissive all of a sudden. Like you want to apologize for what you did, let him choke you if that’s what he wants.
But then he softly kisses you.
Your thoughts shift into ones of confusion as he releases pressure on your neck and intimately laces his tongue with yours, suctioning onto your bottom lip before releasing with a pop and slowly rejoining, creating a slow, sensual, and heated makeout.
It was so, for lack of a better word, nice that you were almost upset when he pulled away.
His hand peels from your thigh, the other from your neck, and he cups your cheeks. Your wide eyes meet his, noticing how his features have softened tremendously compared to before.
“Was that okay?”
As soon as you nod yes, too taken aback to think of any correct verbal response, he lets one hand off of your face and very slowly pulls himself out of you, brows creasing slightly. He notices your whimper and strokes your cheek with his thumb.
“I have wet wipes in the top drawer if you want to reach over and get them.”
You really cannot wrap your head around this completely new, kinder, version of him. You wonder if he’s just sexually dominant, and it’s not until now that you realize you’ve never taken much thought into his real personality. Perhaps he is a very nice guy.
The more things cleared up in your head, the quicker the confusion slipped past you and you found yourself reaching over the desk while still sittng atop to grab the wet wipes from the said top drawer.
“Here, I got it.” He volunteers as he takes the package from your hands, plucking out a moist wipe before gently wiping away any trace of your mixed climaxes from your core.
He’s extremely delicate with you, and he avoids your clit completely because he knows how sensitive it probably is right now.
He catches you staring at him, a bunny-like smile lighting up his face.
“I heard warm baths can help with soreness.” He speaks as he discards the wipe in the trash can beside the desk. “And I’m sorry for going a little too hard, it’s been a minute since… y’know.”
His cheeks are tinted with the palest shade of red, and you find it somewhat adorable how he’s embarrassed to confess that to you.
“It’s okay.” Your voice is small, and it makes his heart clench. You’re not the only one who’s fond.
You try to bite your tongue, but when he helps you redress after having cleaned himself up a bit, you can’t help but ask about the elephant in the room.
“Why are you so nice all of a sudden?”
Jungkook smiles at your question, shaking his head a bit in humor as he looks down at his feet and then back up to you.
“Has it ever occurred to you that I might just be a nice guy after all?”
Yes, yes it has.
His tone wasn’t rude or cocky, but humorous and you found yourself laughing a little. And something about your reaction to him is so enticing to him but he doesn’t know what it is he wants from you.
Maybe more of you, perhaps. He definitely wouldn’t mind seeing you again.
“I um… This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing.”
Your ears perk up, and all of a sudden you have a strong craving to find out if he is a nice guy. Learn more about him… about his body. Sex or not, you wouldn’t mind seeing him again either.
“I can leave you my number.” You suggest. “My schedule has been mostly clear these days… except for classes of course.”
And just like that, he remembers you’re a student. He remembers the risk of what just happened, the risk of continuing this. He contemplates his offer as you get down from the desk after jotting your number down on a miscellaneous sticky note. And it’s not until you reach up onto your tiptoes to place a shy kiss on his lips that his doubts falter.
And he doesn’t want to admit it, but he thinks he could get used to that.
“Thank you, Mr. Jeon.”
He watches as you exit the lecture hall, and for some reason, a reason he’s trying his best not to decode, he’s already anticipating the next time that he’ll see you.
A/N: the first chapter of my first series?!?! teaaa 🫣 this series is going to be so fun to write… i have all the chapters planned out and i can’t wait to write more, stay tuneddd <3
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katebacks · 3 months
All Mine - JJK (M)
Tumblr media
→ pairing | Jeon Jungkook x Reader
→ genre | smut, angst, ceo!jungkook
→ word count | 6,431
→ summary | CEO of one of the biggest companies in the country,
Jungkook didn't have much time for love. You were in love with him,
but he didn't feel the same way about you, at least that's what you thought.
→ warnings |sex, Adult content, alcoholic beverages, low slang words.
→ A/N| I've been away for a long time, but I'm slowly coming back now. I haven't come off hiatus yet, but it's a start. Please, if you like it, reblog and comment, I'm always open to suggestions.
You knew it was wrong, but it was something you couldn't avoid. From the day you laid your eyes on Jungkook, you had fallen madly in love, but always knew he didn't feel the same way and probably never would. He was cold, impatient and sometimes mean. Well, maybe most of the time he was mean, that was his nature and he made that very clear when you went on a date for the first time.
Despite being a gentleman, he wasn't romantic at all, he wasn't a man of flowers or romanticism.  He could open doors for you, he could pull out your chair for you to sit in, he could buy you gifts and expensive things, but he would never say those three words that most human beings expect to hear. And at first you were fine with that, but after a year in a relationship that was seemingly without commitments and feelings on his part, you were feeling tired. Tired of wanting him to spend the night at your apartment , tired of receiving diamond necklaces the mornings after sex as compensation for him not staying. You were tired of being treated as just an object, as something to satisfy his sexual desires, and mostly tired of him trying to control your life completely.
Jungkook was the president of a pharmaceutical company, the most successful in the country, which was on its way to winning the Academy Award for Global Entrepreneurship. So he was almost always busy, signing contracts, leading new research, traveling on business, so you only saw each other 6 times a month.  Sometimes he decided at the last minute that he would take you with him on a trip, forcing you to undo your commitments and ignore your duties for weeks, and even though you didn't have a job, since your life seemed to revolve only around him, with him paying all your expenses, including putting an apartment in your name, you attended business administration college, and you had exams and assignments that you did with your friends. That's why you always ended up getting on bad terms with your friends for missing your college dates, but you never got a bad image to the university itself, because since he started dating you, Jungkook started donating millions of dollars to your college.
But about the trips, you never complained about it. You visited Paris, Italy, Switzerland, Dubai and several other countries. During the day, you went out and got to know the city you were in, you went to the tourist spots, met new people, ate the native foods, but you always did it yourself, all alone,  because he was always busy with his business meetings, and only saw you at night, in his room.
You also had nothing to complain about the sex. It was always full of lust and madness, goosebumps and sweat. His hands went against the sensitive points of your body and your hands gripped his muscular arms. When you had your chest against the mattress, and he was on top of you, hitting you hard from behind, you would squeeze the sheet between your fingers, and he would caress your arms, bringing his hands to yours, intertwining your fingers. When you were on top, riding, the sweat pouring down your neck, strolling between your breasts, until it dripped onto Jungkook's defined abdomen, you held onto the headboard, using all your strength to do it faster and faster. As he held your waist, pressing his fingers against your skin, his eyes glued to your wet body, the moans echoing through the room, the bed creaking, he cursed as he felt himself coming, gripping your body, sitting on the bed, using the strength of his arms to keep you still on his lap, while you felt his hot liquid spurt into you, the pleasure taking over your body, and you were delirious, coming on his dick.
Then you fell down on the mattress, he pulled you into a hug until he felt that your breathing had normalized, and that your body had stopped spasming. He would get up, get his clothes and not even shower, just kiss you good night and walk out the door of your apartment, leaving you too tired to even try to stop him. And then it would take him days to respond to your messages or call you for yet another overwhelming night.
You were just tired of this bullshit.
You had enough money in the bank to support yourself for months, even years if you lowered your life quality  a little bit and stopped buying so many expensive things. And if you needed to, you had real diamond necklaces, earrings and rings that you could sell for a good price, as well as exclusive brand clothes, shoes and bags. You worked before you met him and your old boss assured you that if you wanted your job back, you would have it. There was nothing that could stop you from getting your freedom back, and meeting other people, having a loving relationship with someone else, other than the fact that you were totally heads over heels in love with Jungkook.
"So, are you coming to celebrate Minho's birthday with us tonight?" Rosé asked as you walked across campus. She was your age and in your class, she was also your best friend and shared everything with you, just like you did with her. She had a body to be envied, buttery brown, caramelized, as she liked to say. Her light pink hair shone as she walked and drew stares, compliments and sighs. She wasn't exactly the easiest person to deal with, she had the strong spirit, the strongest personality and that's why you admired her so much. As long as you had known each other, you had never seen her cry for any man, quite the contrary, it was men who cried for her. And she was the only one of your friends who knew about Jungkook.
"Yeah, I can't even remember the last time I had something with alcohol. I need to drink and go wild."
"Your Sugar Daddy won't let you drink.” She laugh.  “I highly doubt he'll let you hang out with us, anyway. Doesn't he hate you going out without him? So bossy, gosh."
"He's not my Sugar Daddy." You protested.
"Oh no? So what do we call a rich old man who pays everything for a young girl? Philanthropist? Good old man?"
"He's thirty-two. He's only fiveyears older than I am, he’s not that old.” 
Rose rolled her eyes.
"Well, he's not your boyfriend, so..."
"Anyway, we're not hanging out anymore." You shrugged. "The last time I saw him was almost two weeks ago. Since then he hasn't called or texted, and I haven't tried to get in touch either."
"Have you finally come to your senses and realized he wants nothing more than sex with you? And that he will never want to get married or have children?" She asked stopping in her tracks and grabbing your arm, causing you to stop as well. You just shook your head and nodded, a tear starting to run down your cheek, even though you fought so hard to hold it back. Rosé hugged you and stroked your back.
"I just wanted to understand why he can't love me. Am I that bad? Am I so stupid that he didn't even want to spend time with me to get to know me? Am I only good for sex?"
"Don't say those things, this guy is just another asshole in the world and he doesn't deserve you to spend your expensive foundation on him. Not even if he paid for it."
That comment made you laugh through your tears and be grateful for having Rosé by your side.
"Come on, let's pick out our clothes for tonight. Let's dress as slutty as possible, and oh, Minho has a crush on you. Maybe tonight you should use him to forget about Jungkook."
You were just getting dressed, wearing  a short, low-cut black satin dress, and high heels of the same color. You chose to pull your hair into a high bun, leaving your shoulders exposed.
You were just putting on your earrings when the doorbell rang. And you shivered all over. Usually, the doorman called to let you know that there was someone in the building who was asking permission to go up to your apartment, and the neighbors almost never stayed home as they were always traveling for work, so there was only one option of who was at your door.
You held yourself still, hoping that if you didn't make a noise, he would leave, but a few seconds later you heard the electronic lock being unlocked and the door opening. It was Jungkook. He always rang the doorbell first before entering the apartment so he wouldn't scare you. But still, you were scared as fuck. He never came to visit you without telling you first. Something was wrong, and you could sense it.
"Princess, are you home?" You could hear his voice coming from the living room, as you heard his footsteps in the hallway, probably heading towards your room. That was it. There was nothing to do. You simply went back to looking at yourself in the mirror, finishing putting on your earrings, remaining calm. When he entered the room, he stopped pacing suddenly, frowning at your, not expecting to find your like this.
God, how wonderful he was. He was all in black, wearing casual clothes, with his suede shoe. His brown hair tossed back, and his scent invading the room. He carried a bottle of wine, a Romanée Conti Grand Cru in one hand while his cell phone and apartment access card were in the other. You looked at him in the mirror, waiting for him to say something, but he continued to stare, relentlessly. You turned to him, his eyes falling on your shoulders and cleavage, for a few seconds he remained there, just looking at you, until he finally seemed to come to his senses and raised his gaze to yours, still frowning.
"Why are you dressed like that?" He asked in a serious tone, the kind he used when he didn't like something. You looked at yourself for a few seconds before turning your attention to him.
"Why? Isn't it good?"
"You look absolutely gorgeous." He exclaimed without hesitation, bringing a stupid smile to your face."Did we have anything scheduled today?" Jungkook looked at his rolex, trying to remember if he had forgotten any appointments he had made with you that night.
"Hmm, no." You said, still unsure what to say. Jungkook raised his head, again looking towards you with a frown. You bit your lip and turned back to the dressing table behind you, opening your jewelry drawer and looking for a necklace. "I'm going out with some friends today." And so you chose one that had only one cut diamond pendant in the shape of a heart. Jungkook had given it to you for your birthday, two months after you started hanging out.
“What friends?” You didn't even have the courage to look at his reflection in your mirror as you heard his voice getting angrier. But you couldn't understand why. He'd said himself that there was nothing between you, so why did he seem so upset?
“Some college friends. It's one of our classmates' birthday today and Rosé invited me to go with them to a pub downtown.” And that was it, you were ready to leave.
"Okay." he almost whispered. "And why didn't you tell me?" He asked putting the wine bottle on top of the dresser that was next to the door, and shoved his hands in his pants pockets. You shrugged and turned to him, who still had that confused, troubled expression on his face.
"You didn't call or text, you just... disappeared for almost two weeks, I thought you'd finally found a new sex toy and had forgotten about me. I was just moving on."
And so you walked past him, heading to the closet and looking for something. Jungkook blinked a few times until he finally understood what was happening and turned towards you, who was wearing your jacket.
"Is there something you want to tell me, (y/n)?" He never calls you by your name, only when you were in a fight or about to get into one. And you didn't feel like fighting at all, because you knew that every time, you ended up in bed, and he ended up leaving, as usual. You just sighed, fighting the urge to start cursing and jumping into his arms, and just grabbed your keys and your cell phone off the nightstand next to your bed. When you turned to him again, he remained motionless.
"I don't have anything to talk to you about, Jungkook. Like you said, we're just two adults having no-strings-attached sex, I don't owe you any explanations.” You didn't even know where you got so much strength to say that. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going out with my friends. If you want to stay, make yourself at home, if not, don't forget to lock the door when you leave."
When you walked out the apartment door, you felt like you could finally breathe again. You weren't afraid of Jungkook's reaction, you knew he would never do anything violent or dangerous to you, but you knew he was quite possessive of his stuff, and you knew he thought you was his. And to be honest, you knew you were his, you felt like his, but that had to change, you had to get over it. You wanted a family, children someday, and you knew he didn't want something like that. He wasn't the right man for you.
It didn't take long for your taxi to arrive, and by the time you boarded, Jungkook still hadn't left the building. Maybe he would stay there a little longer, maybe he would wait for you to come back. But you would try not to worry about it.
When you arrived at the pub, Rosé was outside, waiting for you to arrive. You had already been to that place once, Jungkook was the one who took you and there you’d stayed in the VIP area. It was quite an experience counting that you had sex in one of the bathrooms.
“Ready to forget that asshole?”
No, you weren’t
“Yeah, I am.”
But you could pretend it.
The night was moving really slowly, you had like three or four drinks, and had a bunch of strangers hitting on you like they know you. The songs were good and you even danced some with Rosé, but it was weird to be in a place like this without Jungkook shielding you from the others. You always felt safe when he was close to you, but even with your male college friends hanging around, you couldn't let go, for fear that one of those weird guys that was hitting on you might decide to do something. Being a woman wasn't easy, but being a woman in the middle of a pub full of drunk men and possible predators was even harder. And you hated it. You hated misogyny in society, you hated feeling like a targed, and you hated feeling so dependent on Jungkook.
"Is everything alright?" Minho's voice sounded close to your ear, making you look over your shoulder and see him standing right next to you. He was a tall, handsome man with black hair and an athlete's physique, he was polite and kind, and he loved children. He would be your perfect match if there wasn't an asshole on your mind.
“Yeah, I’m just tired.”  You smiled. “So? Having fun?”
"Oh, I don't know. Sometimes I think I've lost the ability to have fun at parties that start after 8 pm." He said scratching the back of his neck. "I guess I'm too old for these things."
"Don't say that, you must be tired of studying and working so hard." You said taking a sip of your drink.
"But what about you? You don't seem to be enjoying yourself either." He sat on the bench next to you, turning to face you, his arm resting on the counter, very, very close to you, so close that his hand almost touched yours that that covered the glass on the counter, preventing anyone from trying to put something in your drink.
"No, I'm having fun." You lied. "I'm just really tired, it's been a long week."
"Well, yeah, Rosé said you've been pretty busy with some personal projects. And to be honest, I've always been really curious about what those projects were, or if you were actually just dating someone and didn't want anyone to know." He gave a wan smile. "But she assured me that you didn't have a boyfriend and that you were actually looking for one."
You laughed humorlessly. Rosé, i’ll kill you. You thought.
"It's like her to say something like that."
"Look, I'll be really straight, I know we're not that close, we are both always busy and we hardly see each other at university, but you know, I kind of have a crush on you, and by crush I mean I'm dying to be more than your friend." You felt your cheeks burn, but couldn't stop staring into his eyes, which gave him enough confidence to go on. "And if you give me a chance, I think I could make a great boyfriend. Not that I'm saying we're going to start dating right on the first date." He chuckled sheepishly, and you thought that was so cute that you couldn't contain a shy laugh either. "I'm really bad at these things, sorry, I'm not very good at hitting on a girl." He cleared his throat, glancing around. "Anyway, I think we should dance, to see if this embarrassing moment can be broken."
"That would be a good idea, but I kind of don't like dancing around all these people, there are a lot of men here and I don't like the idea of a strange man trying to rub himself against me.”
"They are not going to touch you." He said smiling, reaching out to you. "I won’t let them." You bit your lip, thinking for a second. You needed to take a chance on whatever it was, only then would you be able to forget Jungkook. Or at least begin to try.
You smiled and nodded, reaching your hand towards him, but before you could even bring your fingers into Minho's palm, a huge male hand wrapped around yours, making you turn around to see who it was, your eyes widening when you saw Jungkook looking down to you. And what surprised you the most at that moment was not the fact that he was there, but the soft look he had.
"Forgive my tardiness, princess." He said smiling, bringing his face closer to yours and giving you a kiss on the forehead, leaving you even more in shock. "Kyle and I got stuck in a huge traffic jam." Kyle, the man almost as tall as Jungkook, dark-haired, dressed in a suit, who was standing two steps behind him, was his private security, his bodyguard. There was nowhere Jungkook went that Kyle wasn't together, except of course, your apartment. You didn't talk much, usually he was very quiet, and polite, he greeted you and that was it, he was silent for the rest of the time.
“You must be the birthday boy, I suppose. I hope I got here before you blew out the candles.” He turned to Minho who had a confused look and still had his hand extended towards you. If it had been on other occasions, you would have caught the sarcasm in Jungkook's words, but at that moment, you were still trying to process that he was still holding your hand.
On the other hand, Minho seems to have understood very well what he meant.
“(y/n), there you are... Oh my god what is the steel giant doing here?” Rosé came out of the crowd that was occupying the dance floor, and just like you, she widened her eyes when she saw him.
"I'm sorry, but who are you?" Minho asked, putting his hand down. A smile appeared on Jungkook's face as the sparkle in Minho's eyes faded.
"I'm Jeon Jungkook, (y/n)'s boyfriend." He simply said. The two girls looked at each other, still wide-eyed, mouths agape, while hissing ‘oh my god’ without making a single sound.
"Wow, you really do have a boyfriend." Minho laughed dryly. "I don't... I thought... Rosé told me you didn't have anyone... I didn't want to... You should have told me." 
You just wanted to curl up and hide from all that embarrassment. You didn't even know you had a boyfriend, how could you tell others that you had one?
“No, no, no, she doesn’t have a boyfriend, he’s lying.” Rosé intervened, making everyone look at her. Even Jungkook frowned at her. "If she had a boyfriend, she would have said it, wouldn't you (y/n)?" 
You wanted to say something, but you didn't know what. Luckily, Jungkook always had an answer for everything and saved you the shame of making up a blatant lie.
“We kept our relationship a secret for some time, I didn't want her to be disturbed by onlookers or reporters. I didn't want our personal lives to end up on the cover of a magazine.”
“What, you’re like famous or something?” Rosé questioned, crossing her arms in a very arrogant and petulant way.
"I'm just Hanmi's CEO."
"You mean the Hanmi Enterprise?" Minho asked totally shocked. Jungkook nodded. "Like, the biggest pharmaceutical company in the country?"
"Oh my god sir, I swear I didn't know (y/n) was your girlfriend, I would never do anything...” And he started freaking out. “My god, the Hanmi Enterprise is every business administration student's dream in this country, the internship project that you have is just amazing."
Rosé rolled her eyes and grabbed your hand.
"While you guys sit there sucking each other's balls, (y/n) and I are going to the bathroom."
And she started pulling you towards the bathrooms. The moment you were inside, she turned towards you and slapped your arm.
“Ouch. Why did you do that?”
“Why did i...What the hell were you thinking of calling the Iceman, Olaff's creator, to come here?”
“How many drinks did you have? Elza is the creator of Olaff, not the... Ouch, stop hitting me.” 
"If you didn't invite him, then how the hell did he... Oh my lord. " And she covered her mouth, her eyes widening. "Do you think he implanted a mini tracker in you while you slept?"
“He didn’t do that, Rosé.”
"So he's tracking your phone, what a freak."
"He doesn't..." You took a deep breath. "Rosé, he's a partner at this nightclub. I've come here other times with him, one of his friends must have called and said I was here."
"Why didn't you tell me that when we arrived? I could have chosen another place."
"I didn't know he would come after me, at least not after the short conversation we had before I came here."
"What conversation?" She asked stopping to go around in circles. "I thought you guys weren't talking."
"And we weren't, but today he showed up at my apartment by surprise, all…perfect, holding a very expensive bottle of wine. I said I was going out with some friends, he asked why I didn't tell him, I said I didn't owe him an explanation, and I left."
"Oh, so I know exactly what's going on here, he's trying to show that he's the alpha male, and that you can even say you don't owe him an explanation, but still, you belong to him."
"Well maybe I do."
"I can't believe you're saying this." She said, in disbelief. "Have you forgotten how he's been treating you all this time?"
"Look Rosé, he never promised me roses and hearts, I always knew he didn't want a serious relationship, but you saw what he just did, he declared in front of other people that he's my boyfriend. That has to be worth something." You said throwing your hands up. "I think perhaps I should give him one more chance."
The girl was thoughtful for a few seconds, until a smile that you knew well appeared on her lips.
“I know this face, what are you up to?”
“I thought of a great way to test your Sugar Daddy.” And so she walked towards the door, while you rolled your eyes and followed.
"He's not my sugar daddy." And when they opened the door, they both came face to face with Kyle, the bodyguard, who was standing in front of them. “Kyle, what are you doing here?”
"What do you think? The old man told him to come after you. So controlling.” Rosé complained.
“Mr Jeon asked to let you know that he and your friends are in the VIP area, and that he is waiting for you there.” Kyle said simply. Rosé just sighed and headed in a direction opposite to the VIP area. “Is your friend all right, Miss (y/l/n)? Need something?"
"No, she's fine, you get used to it with time."
After climbing the stairs that led to the VIP area, (y/n) noticed that the two sofas were almost full, there was only one vacant seat, on a loveseat sofa and was right next to Jungkook. He was engaged in conversation with the other guys, and they were probably talking about politics and his company. Deciding you should drink some more, to process everything that was going on, you headed to the drinks counter and sat there, ordering a margherita for the waiter.
It didn't take long before a hand went to your waist and Jungkook sat down beside you.
"So... Steel giant, huh?"
(y/n) looked at him for a few seconds before taking a sip of her drink.
"Don't think about it too much, Rosé is 5.25ft tall, anyone is a giant for her."
"She doesn't seem to like me very much, you must have spoken very badly about me." He said nodding to the bartender that already knew what his drink would be.
“I only told the truth. It's not my fault if you're the bad guy.”
"I'm not the bad guy, only when you ask me to be." He whispered the last part. At other times it would turn you on, but at that moment, you weren't in the mood for it. Then you swiveled around on the bench, facing him.
“Look, why are you here anyway?” You asked. “Why did you come to tell my friends that you're my boyfriend when you really aren't? Have you come to show that you own me?”
“To be honest, it made me jealous to death that you could be getting hooked up with other men, and that possibly at one time or another, you would fall for one of them.” He said staring at Minho while he was talking to his friends. “And I could have sworn you were falling for that guy.”
“And what do you have to do with it, Jungkook? It was you who said that..."
"I know what I said, princess, and I was wrong."
And he made you gawk.
“Were you?”
"Yeah." He nodded. "Look, I'm not good at this, and I'm trying to change my behavior with you because you deserve so much more than a guy like me and I want to be someone who deserves you." He sighed. “Today I received the best news I could receive in the business world. And the first thing I thought of was you, I thought how much I wanted to share this news with you and how important you are to me. So I went to your apartment with that wine. I thought it was about time I had a conversation with you about my feelings, about why I was so…cold.”
"Well, you can tell me now." You said still not believing what you had heard.
“No, it's a conversation we should have alone. And I don't want to stop you from having fun with your friends. In fact, I just want you to know that I don't think of you as a toy, I know my actions so far just said that, but I swear that's not how I feel about you." He said getting up and approaching you, hovering over you, holding your face. "I just wanted you to know that..."
"(y/n)!" Rosé's voice caught your attention, and you turned to the side, seeing your friend running towards you. “Come with me, now!” And so she grabbed your arm, taking it from Jungkook's hands, who just sighed and sat down again, watching you walk down the stairs until you lost sight of you.
"What's it?" you asked, your voice not loud enough to override the loud music in the room. You were being pulled into the crowd, on the dance floor in the common part of the Pub.
“You will dance with me. Our special Have Mercy choreography.”
"What? What are you...”
“I'm going to prove to you that Jungkook doesn't deserve a second chance, that he's controlling and that the moment he sees you dancing sensually among this bunch of guys, he's going to drag you out of here. Because that's what shit men do, they fuck women up, he takes away your freedom and ends your life. Trust me."
"Rosé, he's not like that."
"Oh no? Then dance with me and prove me wrong."
When CHLOE's voice invaded the place, Rosé started dancing the 'special choreography' they had created in their freshman year of college, when they met and became best friends. It was something sensual and provocative, and one that would surely attract the attention of both sexes there. Praying that no strangers would try to grope you, you started dancing with your friend.  
You weren't the best dancer in the world, but you always liked to dance, it made you elastic and it was a great exercise for people who, like you, didn't like working out. Rosé had a lot more waddle, she could wiggle her hips a lot better, and she created all the choreography. And if she didn't like what she studied in college so much, she'd probably be a dancer.
And the highlight of the choreography, in your opinion, was when you wiggled your ass, keeping your legs straight and lowered your torso, touching your fingertips to the floor, and then you went up at once, throwing your hair back, and lowered yourselves. at once, as if you were actually going to sit down.
“(y/n) and Rosé are killing it.” One of the friends from the university who was in the VIP area said, making the others look over the railing, to the dance floor below, seeing the two swaying among the other people, attracting several looks.Jungkook approached the protection bar, holding a glass of whiskey and watched you, who tossed your hair, went down and up, made provocative movements and was attracting a lot of attention.
He looked at Kyle who got the message and just waved his hand, calling out to the other security guards who followed the boss to the common area dance floor.
Jungkook looked around, seeing the amount of men who were watching you too.
“Bunch of pervs. Kyle" He called, not taking his eyes off his girl.
"Don't let any man touch her."
"Yes sir." And so Kyle led the security guards who, one by one, barred any man from approaching the two girls in the middle of the dance floor who with your dance, now infected other girls who danced sensually around them. Jungkook started walking in circles, slowly, around the girls, eyes glued to you. In his mind, several scenarios were happening, several memories were reproduced and the fire that burned in his chest, only seemed to burn with even more intensity.
When herealize that a man managed to avoid the security guards and enter the circle, and that he had his eyes and even his hands raised towards you, Jungkook quickened his pace, slipping between you and the boy, looking him up and down, his gaze cold and intimidating, not needing anything else for the boy to back off.
At the end of the song, you and Rosé celebrated and only then looked around, seeing that the security guards had made a kind of barrier, leaving the men out and the women in. You both looked towards Jungkook who was beside Kyle, looking at you with a smug smile on his face as he shoved his hands into his pants pockets. You can't help but smile.
"I told you." You turned to your friend who looked nothing less than impressed.
"He literally pushed every man in this pub away from you, just to let you dance." She laughed. "Yeah, that's pretty cool."
You walked towards him and let him hug you by the waist.
"Do I need to do anything else to prove how important you and your happiness are to me?" You looked around, biting your lip, trying to think of something. The whole situation, the dancing, the display of power, made you aroused and you could feel that you were wet, so when you saw what you wanted, you turned to him and leaned on his shoulders, bringing your lips to his ear.
"I want you to fuck me on those tables over there." You said pointing to the darkest corner of the pub, where literally no one was sitting, as they were more interested in dancing and getting high than sitting. Jeon let out a groan and tightened his hands on your waist, starting to push you towards the tables, he never backed down on a challenge and was always willing to fuck anywhere you were comfortable with.
Minutes later, you were at one of those tables both in the dark. You were kneeling on the floor under the table. He had his pants open and his cock was in your hand. You moved your soft hand over him as your mouth sucked on the top, making Jungkook grunt and grab your hair, moving your head according to the pleasure he was feeling. And with every movement you made with your tongue, he pushed your head harder until you swallowed his whole dick, being able to feel the bottom of your throat, moving his hips against your mouth, fucking your throat until you are out of breath and patting his thigh, making him let go, watching the saliva run from your mouth to the middle of your breasts, making him even harder with that sight.
He cursed - his words were not heard because of the loud music. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a condom. He ripped the package open with his teeth as you stood up and had your back to him. As soon as he put a condom on his cock, he grabbed your waist and pulled you onto his lap,pulled your panties to the side and let him position his cock at the entrance to your dripping pussy. You slowly sat up until you were full of him, your walls getting used to the size he was. You spread your hands across the table, slowly moving your hips back and forth. Jungkook threw his head back, hitting the club wall, cursing as you slowly rolled on his lap, lust taking over his body, totally at your mercy. He used to be the dominator in bed, but he would never lie about the fact that if you asked, he'd drop to his knees for you, his princess. He got so weak when you moved like that.  He cupped your waist, pressing his fingers into your skin, in an almost silent request for you to move faster, and you did, riding his cock with ease.
And between moans and curses your chest was against the table, Jungkook was standing behind you, one hand resting on your back while the other held your waist, hitting hard from behind. His grunts and groans of pleasure were totally masked by the electronic music that was now blaring from the speakers. No one there had noticed the madness they were committing, and if they did, no one cared. His cock hitting the right place, making you roll your eyes and grab the edge of the table while you bit your own lips, feeling your pussy tighten around him, your core so hot and so tight, it hurt.
"Fuck." You grunted as you felt orgasm reaching your body, as he increased the force of the blows, now pulling your arms, making you stand, your ass lifted against his hip, one of his arms hugging your waist, while with the other hand he grabbed your throat. He bit down on your shoulder, sucking on your skin as he slammed his cock against your pussy. “Fucking hell, fuck.” He hissed as he came. His cum filling the condom and he in the midst of his delirium of pleasure, he wished he was filling your pussy with his cum, imagining how pleasurable it would be to see his cum running down your legs after he filled you.
He collapsed sitting on the seat, taking the condom off his dick and zipping his pants while you adjusted the dress and hair. He pulled you onto his lap, sitting you sideways on his thighs and hugging you, letting you lay your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes and resting.
"We should go home." He whispered to you, who just nodded, too tired to speak. He then got up with you on his lap, carrying you out of the club, and to the car, where Kyle took them to your apartment.
And for the first time, Jungkook slept with you in your bed.
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Birthday Bumps - Jungkook
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Summary: it's his birthday and you decide to make it special. Giving him the gift that he asked you months ago.
Warnings: Basically edging. Consent is sexy. Unprotected sex (don't do it people). Dom Jungkook. Sub oc. Crying in pleasure? A little bit of dirty talk. Orgasm control. Squirting. Fluff in the end:)
Words: 4.2k 
Rating: 18+
Notes: my first fic hehe. Please show some love:)
The need to see you or touch you or kiss you was making jungkook go crazy. He hasn't seen much of you since he kissed you in the morning, but now, thinking of the things he might or can do to you is making his dick ache.
Opening the door, the dim lights coming from the bedroom catches his eye instantly since the whole apartment was blacked out. It must be the new lamp you bought on your study table to work late at night without disturbing his sleep.
Although he had no problems with you working in full lighting but you insisted because 'you work so hard all day, its not your fault I get ideas for the projects at night baby'.
That's what you said while scribbling what seemed like a diamond choker sketch. You were good at what you did but he believed you should take breaks too. He has noticed the symptoms of bags under your eyes which you try to hide from him. It's not that he feels you might look unattractive or something but he is worried.
The chain of thoughts he is having is broken by soft pads of foot coming towards him, he notices a shadow in the light on the wall against the door, but his eyes flicker automatically to you when you appear in-
You're wearing a short, silk, maroon-colored robe, long enough to hide his favorite place to shove his face in but short enough to make him salivate.
He takes a step forward making you take a step back, keeping eye contact he closes the door behind him, making you gulp. He notices you biting your inner lip, a nervous trait you have.
The pain his dick felt when he entered the apartment is nothing to what he feels now. He needs to control himself because if he gives in you might not be able to sit without wincing every second the next day.
"Hi baby." the low rasp makes you feel a shiver and you flinch when you realize the room has ended and you are trapped between him and the closet door.
"Hey" you breathe shakily when his shoe-clad feet touch your bare ones, realizing how less the distance is between you two.
Its been three years since your marriage and he never fails to make you nervous when up close. His musky plus vanilla like scent, the boyish yet so mature facial features, his big eyes that look too dangerous as of now, the big muscles on his shoulders and back that you always dig your nails in while he pounds you into any possible surface.
And when you feel how hard he is, a whimper leaves your lips and you get shivers at the thought of what you might be getting into by what you're going to gift him.  
"Is this my birthday present, princess?" he asks in a whisper next to your ear and you clutch the material of the shirt he is wearing to compose yourself but then he licks the skin behind your ear, and your knees buckle.
You shake your head and he pulls his head back to meet your eyes, he tilts his head in a questionable way that says 'then?'
You take put your hand on his jawline, carresing it and smiling when he kisses your wrist. "I want you to edge me, kook." you whisper.
At this he visibly pauses then slowly meets your eyes, jaw clenched and you could actually see his eyes darken. Your breath hitches when his hand grazes the robe over your left thigh shifting it to the side, tracing soft circles on the flesh.
"Don't mess with me, Y/N." he says leaning in.
"I'm not." You barely whisper before he squeezes the flesh of your ass making you moan with your eyes shut. He curses at the lack of the usual silk under your robe and drops his forehead on your shoulder, sighing.
"Fuck." He chuckles breathily with no visible humor, sending shivers down your spine. The way he breathes heavily makes your breathing uneven too and you could almost hear your heartbeat in your ears.
His other free hand comes up to your face, grazing your cheek, while both of your hands are still clutching his shirt.
You try to rub your thighs together very subtly to relieve some kind of tension but him being very observant, puts his knee in between your legs rubbing the place you wanted the most.
"Kook-" you let out a breathy moan which turns into a bit louder one when he flexes his thigh muscle. "Did you really think I'll even let you do as much as rub yourself?" Chuckling, he grabs you by your jaw and turns it towards his face.
"Only I can make you come baby." you didn't realize when you started rubbing yourself on his thigh but when he pulled back you whined like a kid whose candy fell down.
His grip on your face becomes lighter and he takes a step back looking at your disheveled form. You can swear you saw a tiny smirk but it suddenly turns into a serious expression.
"Baby, do you really want this? I mean I don't want you to do it for my sake, you know I wouldn't want you hurt."
Your eyes soften when you realize he stepped back to give you an open space to think this decision out. You offer him your hand and he looks at it narrowing his eyes with a pout.
Chuckling at his sudden baby behaviour you step forward and grab his hand to put it on the cheek. His eyes never leaving yours, he smiles but doesn't say anything waiting for you.
"Yes baby, I want this. I've wanted this for awhile and I've been researching and people say it feels awesome." You raise an eyebrow at him and point an assuring finger at him.
He watches you but is still hesitant so you continue. "I've been wanting to ask about this for quite some time but I thought why not your birthday? Actually, in a way, it's my selfish desire but we can name it as a gift." You wink at him and he laughs.
When he comes down from his laughter, you smile at him and there's a silence, a comfortable one.
You step up to him and put a hand on his neck while he watches you, you stand on your toes to reach him and before you kiss him he snakes a hand in your hair and asks in a whisper, "Are you sure you trust me with this?"
"Yes, I trust you kook"
And that was all he needed to let go, he kissed you so deliciously that you felt yourself melting. Standing on your toes didn't help you with the sticky feeling in between your thighs that came back as soon as his tongue slipped in.
You let out a moan when he nibbles on your lip, at the sound of your whimper he tightens his grasp on your hair and you gasp. Picking you up with his hands on the back of your thighs, he leads the both of you towards the bed and places you on it, lips never parting, he lays you down slowly as if he has all the time in the world meanwhile you can say you might die of anticipation and excitement.
Pulling back he smirks when he sees how you followed his lips as if not wanting him to stop kissing you. Your legs dangling from the bed, and him in between them, hovering above you, he feels and seem so huge and intimidating, you feel yourself release a gush of arousal at the way he eyes you.
He bends a little putting one knee on the bed between your thighs, and parting your legs for better access. You breathe heavily and feel heat cover your skin when he traces your thigh with his thumb and forefinger, so delicately, and you clench around nothing.
"So pretty." He exhales as he pulls the knot of your robe open, the material falling apart to reveal you, a very bare you. And you feel heat reach your ears making you shiver. As if in a trance, he traces his hand all over your body purposely missing the parts you want him to touch.
He lifts his eyes to make eye contact and at the same time squeezes the flesh on your waist making you gasp.
"Simple rules baby, don't come until I say so and tell me if you want to pause. Use the safe word if you feel you can't continue. Red yellow green, remember? "
You nod, panting hard, and the way he squeezes you in different places makes you feel the warmth in his hand. A moan is ripped out of you when he slaps your inner thigh soothing it later by rubbing the spot gently.
"Words." He grits the statement through his teeth while his hand travels up to your breasts and flick your nipple making you arch your back. You feel like you would crumble at the kind of persona he has right now.
Its not like he has never been rough with you, he has. But the way he looks at you right now, while only he knows what he is planning to do to you, makes you shiver because the fire in his eyes and the way he licks his lips now and then,  tells you that you might get destroyed, not that you wont like it.
"Y-Yes. I remember."
You see him smirk at your obedience, muttering a 'good girl' before he places an open mouthed kiss to both your nipples getting up. He takes your hand in his and places it over your pussy making you confused but still complying with whatever he tells you to do.
"Rub yourself baby, I need you to practise some discipline before I get my hands on you. Short and slow circles. And don't come." He says as he holds your wrist with one hand and takes his other hand to demonstrate the instructions. He parts your folds tracing your clit and you feel your body jump when he starts tracing circles, short and slow, and it feels so feathery you whine in frustration.
"Like this baby, okay?" you nod at his command and start complying by his instructions as soon as he gets up. He walks to your shared closet nonchalantly while you whine and twitch on the bed with your hands rubbing you just where you want but not with the pressure you need.
You try to resist but the urge to come is so much that you dont realise when your finger slipped in and you let out a high pitched moan. Not noticing that your husband came back while you kept fucking yourself with your finger.
You sense a burning stare on your skin and when you open your eyes you see him, hooded eyes, dark but disappointed.
Sensing him there you stop your fingers, involuntarily letting out a whine. He crouches down where his eyes are on the level to your cunt. "Why'd you stop baby? Keep going."
You dont do anything cause you know he doesnt like you disobeying him. He might be edging you for the first time but you know full well how pissed off he gets when you disobey him in bed.
"Here let me help." at this you panic because why is he-
Your thoughts are cut off when he inserts two of his fingers with your middle finger still inside you, stretching your pussy with a delicious burn that makes you mewl.
"Thats it. Thats it. You're so warm." he says in a breathy tone making you clench around him.
When he curls his fingers, he reaches your spot perfectly and your eyes roll back with a loud moan. You feel your orgasm reaching the threshold and you clench around his fingers, making him smirk.
'Gonna come princess?' Chuckling he bends down to lick at your clit in figure eights making your legs shake at the overstimulation. "Fuck- kook. D-Don't stop, pleasee. Fuc-"
He pulls his fingers out at the exact moment you knew you would combust with two or more thrusts of his fingers. Your body curls and falls downs the bed due to aftermath of the denial.
"Why? No please-" you cry out feeling a tear slip out of your eye. He hovers over you and grips your jaw tightly making you face him with big teary eyes. "Couldn't follow simple instructions, huh? Are you that dumb baby?" He coos mockingly, making shivers travel down your spine.
"I- I'm sorry" you shake in his hold due to the cut off and feel the heat of your climax simmer down.
"Oh are you?" He mocks you when you nod your head, leaning in he turns your head sideways to lick down the skin of your neck and you let out a groan.
"You're about to be sorry, you brat." He whispers in your ear and bites your earlobe making you groan and shiver.
He pulls back suddenly and flips you over. Knowing the drill you arch your back presenting yourself with your ass in the air and head down on the pillows. He smirks at the obedience you're showing palming your ass cheek with one hand and his bulge with the other.
You gulp at the possibility of him spanking you, nervousness and anxiety making you wetter, his fingers tap you twice on your thigh and you part your legs giving him better access.
You feel the bed dip behind you and when you turn back to see him, you groan shamelessly at the sight of his naked torso. The sharply carved abs makes your hole clench which he notices and chuckles darkly.
"I got an impatient little slut, don't I?"
Knowing better than to not respond you let out a little 'yes' and he scoffs. Bending down completely to face your exposed cunt, he separates your knees further until your folds can almost rub against the bed sheets. Suddenly you feel a puff of hot air on your pussy and you know you're done for.
He doesn't give any warnings and straight away dives in licking at your entrance.
You gasp in the pillow and fist the bed sheets to calm yourself but he plunges his tongue inside you making you sob. You try to get up in order to breathe but he gets up before you and shoves your face back down, keeping in mind that its on its side, not making you choke.
While he makes sure you keep your face down, he keeps rubbing your slit and  gathers some of your wetness, parting your folds and pressing his middle finger on your clit. Hard.
Keeping the pressure he starts rubbing it sideways and due to your earlier cutoff, you feel the heat trying to explode faster.
"Kook- I'm gonna cum please"
"No you're not, hold it in baby" he says through gritted teeth and keeps going.
"Fuck. I cant-"
"Hold it in"
"Jungkook! Please." You scream in fear of coming when he rubs you faster and you don't know how you would handle it if he cuts you off at this point. Just when you thought he might let you come, he pulls his hand away and you thrash around stomping your feet like a child making him coo.
"My poor baby" he pouts mockingly and you turn your head glaring at him with teary eyes. He smiles and wipes your tears with his thumb, "Just a little longer baby, I promise I will make you come so hard, you will feel it for days."
His promise makes you whine and a series of 'please and fuck me' tumbles out of your mouth. He flips your body to completely on your back to hover above you, kissing you with his one hand grabbing your waist and the other near your head not making him lose balance, your grab his hair almost too harshly when you hear him groan.
Now that you focus, he is also panting and probably going crazy with his dick trapped inside. You decide to selfishly use that against him.
"Please lemme taste you, please." Jungkook looks at you and sees how your innocent eyes peer up at him but he knows the intention behind them. He scoffs at your poor attempt at hiding your true motive but when he denies you with a shake of his head, you let your eyes fill with frustration once again and a small 'fuck you' comes out.
He laughs at this mocking you and you feel so hot you think you might explode. Humiliation makes you wet and turned on but when he has denied you for almost- you dont even have a count but it doesnt help when you cant come.
"Fine. Tell me what you want baby" he looks you in the eye with a smile and you feel your eyes water. "Please, fuck me?" you whisper as he wipes your tears with his thumb, gives you a peck on your cheek, smiles, and nods.
Getting up he pulls his cock out with a deep groan making you clench your walls. Red. Angry. Veiny and leaking. You stare at it while he strokes it letting out sticky sounds and precum that you wanna lick so bad.
"Like what you see baby?"
"Yes," you whisper which turns into a moan when he uses the same hand stroking his cock to plunge two fingers in and gather your slick. He watches you throw your head back on the pillow, smirking. Pulling his hand out he uses your slick to lube up his cock and you watch intently, when he hovers again. You shiver when his tip touches your entrance, shutting your eyes you exhale a breath.
"Open your eyes," he says holding your jaw tightly and you obey like a pet.
"Watch how I fuck you."
Saying this he enters you slowly and your eyes roll back in your skull. You both groan making eye contact while you hold onto his shoulders for dear life.
He stills inside you to let you adjust but you clench around him, making him moan. You plead with tears in your eyes, "Please move, pleasepleasepleas-"
Your statement gets cut off by a scream you let out when he pulls back and plunges his cock inside you. Your mouth opens up in a silent scream and your eyebrows furrow with pleasure. A sweaty and growling Jungkook hovers above you, his hair all wet and glowy skin, pulling back a little he kneels with his cock still buried in you. Fingers holding onto your waist leaving marks.
You feel yourself getting dizzy and your ears start ringing. He holds your ankle on the left side of his waist and pulls your leg up his shoulder making him go deeper. And when he hits The Spot, you know you're done.
"Fuck please baby please, make me come, let me come please" you cry
"Hold it in baby. You asked me to fuck you, not let you come. I am just giving you what you wanted. fuck!" He growls and your eyes widen at his words, you start crying out of desperation.
"No plea-"
"You're getting so tight, fuck yes! Wanna come around me? Wanna make a mess?" he grits it out and you nod sobbing as you feel your body tightening.
"Not yet"
"Jungkook I cant please."
"Fuck you're so warm, gonna make me come." He growls thrusting in you while you cry trying to hold in the heat threatening to explode. You grab at the sheets trying to control yourself.
"Go on come for me. Come on." He finally says when he sees you shaking and twitching uncontrollably. You let go of the control when he brings his thumb to your mouth and you let it in sucking at it mindlessly, gagging on it when he pushes it deeper.
"Such a slut for me" he smirks pulling the thumb out and brings it to your clit, his cock still drilling your cunt. You scream and lift your hips chasing your high. But he slams you down unhooking your leg and putting it around his waist.
He bends down to get close to you. You're twitching and crying and holding onto the pillows under your head, knuckles white. He pauses and you feel the fear of denial crawl on your face again.
You open your eyes in panic and you see him looking at you with so much love your heart clenches but you cry out shaking your head at the lack of movement, "please Jungkook let me come I cant-"
He shushes you putting a finger on your lip, you watch with wide glossy eyes.
Saying this he hammers into you making you scream and clench so much he feels himself melting into you. You dig your nails into his back and he growls in the crook of your neck.
"Fuck baby! That's it that's it that's it, comingcoming ah-" you let out a scream when you feel the heat pass through you. You thrash in his arms digging your feet into the mattress trying to lift your hips but his weight over makes you feel like a shaking leaf under a rock.
He is still fucking you through your high making you whine. You hear his growls in your ears as you shake with overstimulation.
"K-kook" you let out a strangled moan when you feel too sensitive and he mumbles "one more" in your ear.
You shake you head, "I cant. Too sensitive."
"You can. You will. Come on." He pulls up and starts to rub your clit. You thrash around feeling a very intense amount of pressure down there and before you know it you squirt around him. Pushing him out. You scream and thrash while he pushes two of his fingers inside.
"Fuck. You're so hot." He watches you absentmindedly shake and he lets you calm down a bit before entering you again.
He knows he wont last longer, warmth and tightness pulling him into the climax while you whine in his hold. "Close. I am very close baby" he whispers in your ear and when he bites your earlobe,  you clench around him making him lose it.
"Oh shit. Fuckfuckfuck-" He slams his hand on the pillow under you to squeeze it growling out curses. You moan when you feel him spurt inside you, three big thrusts. So warm and delicious. You bite his shoulder due to the amount of emotions you feel right now.
There's silence in the room, with only your heavy breathing audible. After a while, when you feel the mixture of his body weight and the wetness beneath you becoming a little bit uncomfortable, you tickle his sides tiredly making him giggle and pull up a little. "You're so heavy" you say chuckling.
"You're so pretty," he says making eye contact with you and your cheeks heat up. You divert your gaze towards the lamp that has been shedding its light on you since the start of the 'workout'.
He giggles at how shy you get even after years of marriage. "Really? Getting shy when I call you pretty? Baby, you were literally begging me to fuck you like minutes ago. 'Pleasepleaseplease' you're so cute-"
You smack his chest pouting, making him laugh and you watch him in awe. His laugh is so pretty you fall deeper in love every time he laughs. You don't realise when you started to cry but when he looks at you, you sniff and before he could say something, you pull him down into a kiss.
It's not a tongue-and-teeth-clashing-urgent-kiss. It's just you and him kissing out of so many feelings at the same time that you couldn't describe it in words. You cry in his arms due to the overwhelming post-sex emotions. And he pats your head cuddling you and calming you down.
"I love you angel" he says in your hair
"I love you too" you sniff in his chest. You never realized when you changed your positions but you were crying in his chest resting your body over his huge sweaty one with his caressing you.
Afterwards, you try and stumble towards the washroom when he gets off to clean up a bit, but your muscled husband runs up to your side and carried you while he scolds you for not asking him to help.
He helps you get cleaned up after you peed. Wiping your thighs and your folds with extra care knowing you were sensitive, peppering kisses on your face, arms, and thighs in the meantime.
Helping you get up he tucks you under the duvet, in fresh clothing after making sure you're hydrated, switching off the lights, he sees you making grabby hands so he  promises to cuddle you after throwing the dirty sheets in the laundry bag.
He kisses your temple and gathers the sheets. Coming back he makes sure no light is switched on so that you don't accidentally wake up due to it, you're deep in sleep when he gets in bed beside you. Tucking your hair behind your ears he kisses your forehead and smiles at the tiny snores your tired body let out, cuddling you he makes sure you don't get uncomfortable with his weight but also stays near for body warmth.
Smiling he drifts off to sleep with you in his arms. This is his world. You are his world.
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kinktae · 4 months
most undesirable || (M)
Tumblr media
Spring has sprung and engagement is on the forefront of all of Regency London's young ladies' minds. All except for yours, of course– the Queen's niece who a certain notorious author has named the Ton's most undesirable.
pairing: lord!jungkook x lady!reader
word count: 5k
genre: BRIDGERTON AU, regency era, angst, eventual smut
warnings: cocaine usage (not oc or jk), oc has dead parents
A/N: this fic was commissioned by the lovely Baby. As per her request, it features me and our beloved izzy! please do let me know if you would like a part two, i have big plans for whats to come next ;)
Tumblr media
A word of profanity left your painted lips as the outsoles of your lace-up boots danced across the limestone floor of the palace, making haste but not in a manner that was unbecoming, your head held high despite your mood running low.
You reached the door of Her Majesty's room with purpose, hands fiddling with the satin of your dress to make sure it covered your shoes. It wasn't that you didn't appreciate the influx of garments your dear aunt had gifted you upon your arrival. Still, the heels Her Majesty had deemed in style this season were particularly uncomfortable. She would no doubt grow sour to see you parading in countryside shoes in her home.
"Your highness." One of the oldest guards snickered, his eyes flicking towards you knowingly as he and another guard moved to open the grand doors to their Queen's private quarters.
You crunched your nose, "Shh." 
Of course, the guards had already read the paper… Rotten gossips.
Willing a smile onto your face, you were let into the room. Your aunt sat at her sofa, the furniture floral in design, its fabric dyed a luxurious red. Between her hands were the source of your dismay, the newest Lady Whistledown papers fresh off the press. 
You hadn't had the pleasure of reading this week's issue personally, but word traveled outrageously fast in the palace; both maids and guards suckers for a good scandal. You knew quite intimately the matter of its content as you were the matter of its content.
"Ah. Niece. There you are.” The Queen called you over, setting the paper down beside her unceremoniously.
You walked closer stiffly, "Aunt Charlotte, you wished to speak to me?"
"You know I adore you, don't you? You're like a breath of fresh air in this miserably dull palace."
Your once tense shoulders relaxed instantly, taking comfort in knowing she hadn't called you in for a scolding.
"It is you that lights up every room you enter, your Majesty." You bowed your head slightly, knowing well that flattery was your best line of defense should the tides change against you. 
"I do, don't I?" She agreed with a grin, before it fell off her face suddenly. "Sorry– whatever were we talking about?"
"Ah, yes! Well, there's no point mincing words. I'm sure you've seen it by now. I mean, can you believe it? That sorrowful sow Whistledown attempting to soil the reputation of my bloodline with such a frivolous title as… as…" She snapped her fingers, forgetting the word she was looking for.
The sound echoed throughout her enormous chambers, currently barren as your aunt was in the process of renovating.
"Ice Princess." You reminded her quietly. She tutted her tongue in recognition.
"How tactless, how tasteless! It is me who sets reputations. Not her. No, no, this simply won't do."
You watched in silence as she pinched the bridge of her nose.
"Remind me, darling. Why weren't you at the Danbury Ball?"
You shifted, thinking back on the excuse you had given her, "I was… ill."
It was a lie, of course. You had been feeling quite well actually when notice of the ball came 'round. But could anyone fault you? Ballrooms and gowns weren't exactly your area of expertise.
Growing up, your mother and your aunt couldn't be more different; you often heard stories of the two sisters butting heads from your grandfather. One sister went on to marry the king of England, the other a humble traveling merchant. One stood throne in England; the other lived simply in France's countryside. Despite their differences, it was no secret that your aunt loved her older sister dearly, writing to her often in hopes of convincing her to come move to England. When she learned that your mother was with child, she even went as far as to purchase land for her sister and soon to be niece.
But your mother was every bit as stubborn as she was kind. She loved her husband and the life she had built with him, staying by his side until she passed last year. Your poor father was grief-stricken; by eight months, the stress on his heart had become too much, dying nearly a year after your mother.
It was your aunt who had reached out first, offering her deepest condolences and, far more noticeably, all the money you could ever need and your very own suite in the palace.
You weren't exactly sure why you had agreed to such a lucrative proposal. You, much like your mother, adored the countryside and the small town you grew up in. And perhaps that was why you agreed, not to move in, but instead to visit. She was family, after all, something you didn't have very much of left, though you have since come to know of a cousin Friedrich, recently married to an Edwina Sharma that your aunt raved on and on about.
In the week you had been here, you had come to know far more about British aristocracy than you ever wished to know, entirely out of your element amidst the corsets and personal maids. Only recently had you managed to lower your number of attending maids to two, a far cry from the original seven you were greeted with.
You did your best to fit in, but you were no fool. You knew nothing of soireés– or how to dance for that matter, so the moment your aunt spoke of a ball, you knew you had to conjure up some excuse as to why you woefully must decline.
"Exactly! For heaven's sake, you were ill. How dare Whistledown suggest otherwise." She gestured at the staff in the room as though they were her audience.
The sound of the Queen's chamber doors being thrown stole the attention of everyone in the room. Unsurprising to you, two young maids barreling in, tripping on each other.
"S-Sorry, Your Majesty!" The blonde stuttered out.
The brunette nodded in agreement, "Our apologies, Your Majesty. We didn't know where her highness had gone–"
"–We came running as soon as we realized she had snuck off."
Isabella and Roselia. Of course. Your two personal maids. You had only just managed to shake them from your trail when you heard the news that the Queen had sent for you. You should have figured they'd inevitably catch up with you.
They were pleasant enough company, the duo were quite funny, actually, but the constant shadowing was something you learned you rather detested. You understood they were under strict orders by the Queen to ensure your every need was attended to but still… surely even nobility understood the concept of wanting to have a moment alone?
"Oh— Are we interrupting something?" Roselia's cheeks went pink, eyes running over the room as she took note of the Queen's pursed mouth. "We'll just… we can wait outside actually."
"Outside, right! We'll be just outside." Isabella chimed in, heading bowing as the brunette maid yanked her back and out of the room.
"Sorry for the intrusion!"
You stifled a snicker, watching as the young maids slipped back out of the Queen's chambers, shutting the grand doors as they went. Your aunt merely rolled her eyes at the bumbling maids.
Suddenly, her Majesty sniffed, and it was as if a switch had been flipped. All her maids ran towards her, offering handkerchiefs as if their life depended on it. You nearly laughed at such a ridiculous display of servitude, but seeing as you had spent well over a week in the palace, you had become accustomed to such theatrics.
"Whistledown is right about one thing, you know." Queen Charlotte said as her nose was blotted at. "Everyone needs to meet you. And meet you they shall."
In surprise, you pulled your eyes from the doting maids, "They shall?"
"Certainly. We shall have a ball. Here in the palace, of course."
You felt your stomach plummet into your leather-bound boots, your aunt's words echoing.
"All of London's marriage-minded ladies and lords are to be invited. We'll show Whistledown just how splendid you are. Oh! How glorious if you were to find a suitor! That certainly would put to rest that frozen title once and for all."
Just faintly, you could make out the sound of white noise buzzing, mixing with the words the Queen spoke. Anxiety flooded you, deafening your brain's attempts to self-soothe and rationalize that this wasn't the catastrophe you felt it was.
"Aunt Charlotte," you tried to swallow, but your mouth felt stripped of all moisture, "I… I'm not sure if that is wise–"
But it was as if she hadn't heard you, rambling on as if you hadn't objected, "I'll be arranging for etiquette and dance lessons since my beloved sister undoubtedly failed to do the same for you. Are you free this afternoon, darling?"
You stood for a moment, no doubt looking foolish as you struggled to get your words out, "I… I suppose I am…"
"Dear, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost. Are you feeling well?" The Queen cocked her head at you, eyes sizing you up with concern.
"I… I am not feeling my best." You admitted.
"That's the second time now. Growing up in the countryside— all that sun and dirt— it's made you weak of constitution. Hm. Very well. We'll wait until you're feeling better. In the meantime, I will begin planning!"
You averted your eyes politely as she bent over suddenly, inhaling a white powder off her tea tray through a nostril. She sat up with an exhale, eyes fluttering open with a smile.
"Oh, how I love having you come to stay in the palace for a change. I'm terribly bored these days, you know." She sighed. "Did you care to assist me with planning?"
Despite how you felt seconds from unearthing your already digested lunch, you managed an apologetic smile, "I'm not sure I'd be of much help. I'm afraid I've never hosted a party before."
"Yes, my dearly departed sister never cared much for such things, did she? Such a shame she raised you out of the aristocracy." She said.
A furrow found your brow.
"You're wrong, you know." You disagreed before you could think to hold your tongue. And just like that you had become a magnet, all eyes in the room snapping towards your frame.
"Oh? About?" The Queen offered you a pointed look.
"About the way I was raised. I wouldn't change a thing about it. My mother didn't fail me… she loved me. I had a mother and father who loved me. That was worth more to me than any new dress could ever." You said, gesturing to the gifted garment you adorned today, with perhaps a touch more spite than you should've.
Of two things those in the palace knew to be true. One— Her Majesty was not wrong. Ever. Her opinion was the first to seek and the only to matter. Anyone was someone because she said so, whether explicitly or subtly.
And two— her love for her niece ran deeper than even she anticipated, as watching you stand before her defiantly didn't fill her with rage as the staff in the room assumed, but rather with melancholy. 
You looked like your mother just then. It seemed you reminded her of her sister more and more as the days rolled by.
"Your mother would be pleased to hear that." She merely replied, wondering if her sister might be looking down on you both at this moment. At her words, your entire demeanor softened.
"Very well. Off you go." Your Queen sniffed, a handkerchief at her nose within seconds.
Bowing, you moved to exit the room.
"And niece," she called one last time, causing you to turn around, "must you wear such unsightly footwear under your dress?"
You felt your face grow hot, muttering a quiet apology before exiting the room altogether.
"Chin up, darling." Your aunt reminded you.
You followed her instructions coolly, hoping you didn't look nearly as nervous as you felt.
It was undoubtedly a soirée for the books; every square inch of the ballroom was gilded in gold, the chandeliers' gleam diffusing luxuriously as it bounced around the room.
Eligible men and women of all shapes and sizes had come from far and wide, donned in their absolute best; every possible hue of pink, blue and purple on display for Her Majesty. The ballroom looked akin to the royal grounds, you thought; the cool-toned dresses reminding you of upside-down bellflowers, floating across the marble floor in a synchronized dance.
Flocks of the most noticeable families and town figures had swarmed their way to the royal estate, drowning themselves in champagne as corseted woman fluttered their eyes at the Ton's lords.
But despite their poised smiles, neither woman nor man spared you more than a cautious glance and courteous bow. As the hours ticked by, you couldn't help but feel increasingly uneasy. Was it fear of Her Majesty sitting beside you that kept them away from you? Or was it the less than auspicious picture a certain faceless author had painted for them about you?
"It's rather hot in here, wouldn't you say?" The Queen spoke to you suddenly, looking larger than life from her magnificent throne.
"I suppose." You agreed absentmindedly, far too occupied with how a group of ladies' eyes flickered your way.
She continued, "Perhaps some champagne will cool you down. Why don't you fetch yourself a glass, dear?"
The meaning behind her words was clear. Go. Socialize.
"A splendid idea." You concurred.
Granting yourself one final shaky breath, you straightened up, walking towards the table where drinks were being freshly poured.
"What shall it be, my lady?" A servant greeted you politely as you reached it.
"A glass of champagne, please." You smiled, grateful for a friendly face, perhaps the first of the night.
The servant nodded, moving to open a new bottle.
"She doesn't even hold a title, you know. That Ice Princess."
You blinked, growing still as your ears caught wind of a conversation between party goers not far from you.
"But she's the Queen's niece?"
A sinking feeling washed over you, the kind that made all the other noise in the room disappear. You flirted briefly with abandoning your spot in the room altogether, but the bubbling pour of golden liquid into a glass kept you still. You thanked the servant with a halfhearted smile.
Bringing the glass to your mouth, you turned an ear to the three gossiping ladies, careful to avoid their gaze.
"Word has it her mother married out of the aristocracy." One of them babbled, pulling noises of disbelief from the others.
"Pity. Though, I suppose that explains the appalling way she walks in heels. You'd think she grew hooves from all that time she spent in the countryside." Another prattled. Stifled giggles rang around the group like they were all in some sort of secret, one that wasn't theirs to know. "Can you believe she thinks herself better than us?"
"One more glass, if you please." You asked the same servant, quickly making your way back to the Queen, now with a glass in either hand.
You approached her wordlessly, merely offering her a glass.
"Ah." She accepted the drink eagerly, and for a moment, there was silence, the two family members enjoying the cool velvety acidity of what was no doubt costly champagne.
"It appears the Ton thinks poorly of me." You blurted out.
You felt rather foolish telling this to your aunt. It wasn't as if you really cared what three cankerous aristocrats thought of you. But who else were you to tell? You knew no one.
Your Aunt Charlotte furrowed her delicately painted brow, "Darling, it'll do you well to realize that this Ton doesn't think. They merely reiterate what they've been told. They don't know you. Never mind what they think they know."
But her words went in one ear and out the other, merely background noise to the way you suddenly felt all eyes on you.
And suddenly, your dress was too tight, the ballroom too small. You felt your breath grow shallow, a sure sign of panic. How may others deemed you the subject of gossip tonight? What else were they saying about you?
"I think I should step out for a moment." You muttered.
"Take your maids with you!"
You were halfway across the room before you could even think to register your aunt's reply. Blinking away your tears, you pushed yourself through the crowd, muttering absentminded apologies as partygoers scoffed in protest.
How small you felt sitting alone in the palace's rose gardens. You wept on a stone bench, wishing ever so badly that your mother was here, looking back with sorrow at how she used to pull you into her lap whenever you were upset. How she used to wrap her arms around you, and everything seemed better, if even for a moment.
How you missed her. How you missed your father. How you missed your life away from this shining, hollow palace.
But they were gone, and the simple life that awaited you back home was gone. Aunt Charlotte was all the family you had left. Without your parents, your home was gone.
"Oh! My lady… forgive me!"
A soft voice caused you to gasp, turning to face the man that had walked in on your self wallowing.
You were up on your feet in seconds, wiping away at your face. 
"No… no, it is I who should apologize! I'm sorry you had to see me like that." Your cheeks burned.
"See you like what?" The mysterious raven-haired stranger pressed, a note of cheekiness to his tone. "Human? Heaven forbid."
You laughed gently, sniffling away your shame. You knew at once he was no threat to you.
The young lord wasn't exactly sure what had led him to the palace gardens; most of the event seemed to be taking place indoors as the night nipped and chilled unforgivingly. Still, a few stray bodies mingled underneath the string of lights that the palace servants had strung up. He had briefly greeted them, passing through the clouds of cigar smoke and small talk before bounding down limestone stairs.
He had tucked his hands into his pants pockets, sighing as the night's festivities grew quieter the further he slipped away, the crunch of wet grass kissing the underneath of his dress shoes. His mind was heavy with thoughts, hardly noticing where his legs had taken him.
It was the sound of your cries that pulled him from his thoughts and jerked him back to his senses.
He was in the Queen's rose garden; he immediately recognized the vibrant flowers and tall bushes. What he failed to recognize, however, was the weeping girl sitting on a stone bench, a look of embarrassment written plainly on her pretty face as she realized she was not alone.
He was quite handsome, you noticed despite your humiliation. He was younger than most of the lords inside, his face still featuring a certain softness despite his sharp features. His gaze was inherently kind, his warm brown eyes all but beckoning you to lower your guards.
"Lord Jeon.” He introduced himself with a bow, eyes never leaving yours. "Forgive me if I frightened you, my lady. I shall return at once and grant you your privacy."
You sank back down onto the bench, pulling the shawl wrapped around your shoulders closer. Your dress was beautiful— you were beautiful… puffy eyes, smeared makeup and all. He couldn't imagine why a lady like yourself would be weeping in the rose gardens unattended.
"It's alright. I supposed I'm not the only introvert at this party tonight. The garden is big enough for the two of us."
Lord Jeon shrugged, "A bit of fresh air is good for the soul."
You watched cautiously as he walked closer, sitting beside you on the opposite side of the bench. 
"You know… I've been told I'm a decent listener." He said suddenly, brown eyes admiring the roses surrounding you.
You blinked, "Is that so?"
"Well… not explicitly. But I've got two ears, so I'd say I do alright." He teased.
You smiled softly, contemplating how much to reveal to this stranger.
"It's… I suppose I'm just a bit out of my element here." 
"You?" He seemed surprised, a slight chuckle of disbelief accompanying his question.
"You laughed." You raised a brow.
He bit down on his lower lip as if contemplating his following words.
"Well, it's just… I can't imagine someone like you having trouble at these events." He confessed.
For a moment, you wondered what he could mean. Looking down at your lap, you realized he must be referring to your extraordinarily fanciful garments.
"Ah. These clothes were a gift, and this hair— well, none of this is me. Not really. Truly, I don't know why I came." You sighed. 
He nodded, "Beginning to feel that way myself, actually. Most lose interest when they hear my name. I'm a bit of a nobody, it seems."
"Funny. It would appear you and I have the opposite problem." You nearly laughed.
"Uptown girl, are you?"
"I'm afraid I've got a bit of a reputation. And no one cares to know whether it's true or not." You said.
He let out a sigh.
"Terrible soirée full of terrible people. I can't say that doesn't happen here often."
You let his words hang in the night's cold air, your fingers intertwining themselves across your lap.
"Is that all?"
Your head turned to face him, growing warm to find him already looking at you.
"Forgive me, it's just," he continued, "your sadness… it feels heavier than you're letting on."
He watched as your body language changed, suddenly tense as if you had built your walls back up.
He was back up on his feet within seconds, his shoes coming into view by the bottom of your dress as he stood in front of you.
Swallowing down a sob, you allowed yourself to look up at him.
"May I?" He asked, extending a hand out as if wanting yours.
Hesitantly, you gave it to him, assuming you would be ushered back onto your feet. To your surprise, however, he merely flipped your hand over, your palm now facing the night sky.
Your eyes widened as he took a finger and traced a line onto your palm. 
No. Not A line. A letter.
He wrote into your palm. You stared at your hand, skin still buzzing faintly from where his finger had run across.
His mother used to do such a thing when he was younger and much angrier, often struggling to say the words when something troubled him. He only hoped it would work for you the way he had for him.
Frowning, you shook your head. He wrote once again.
A tear fell from you as if instinctively. You nodded your head, confirming his suspicions. Spurred on by his touch, you moved to grab his hand, flipping it upside down as he had done to yours.
L-O-N-E-L-Y you wrote.
"… I just wish I had a little bit longer with them." You found yourself saying once you had finished.
"No time is enough when it comes to the people you love." He spoke with heart as if referring to his own personal melancholy.
Another tear fell from your eyes as his thumb ran over your palm, not to spell anything but to offer his condolences.
"No. I suppose not." You sniffed, a shiver running over you as a crisp breeze passed the two of you.
He wrote into your palm again.
You let out a laugh, shrugging dismissively.
"Here." Lord Jeon suddenly peeled his suit jacket off his shoulders. You froze, stunned silent as he gently draped it over your shoulders, a gentle smile on his face.
Your chest tightened, moved by the gesture of kindness. But before you could think to thank him, his warm fingers were at your palm once more.
His smile tugged at your heartstrings. You wondered how anyone inside could possibly look down on him. You didn't need to know his name to see that he was kind, a worthy suitor for any marriage-minded aristocrat.
F-R-I-E-N-D. You wrote back.
Happy was the girl who sat on the cement bench of the palace's rose garden, wrapped up warm under the jacket of the first person to show you genuine, unconditional kindness since arriving weeks ago.
The two strangers sat in silence for a moment, enjoying the quiet of company. Neither of you knew the other, but there was comfort in the silhouettes of the adjacent shadows at your feet, knowing that neither had ill intent towards the other.
"Do you ever wonder what it might be like to live in a palace?"
You fell stiff, mute as you turned towards him, watching how he looked over at the illuminated estate. 
"You think?" He pondered.
"I'm not fond of big empty rooms. They tend to make me feel small." You explained quietly.
"Well, should I ever have a palace, there would be no empty rooms. Every room with music and the sound of children's laughter. I would decree it so."
"Children? And where do you figure you might obtain those?" You chuckled.
"Well, they'd be mine, of course." He grinned lopsidedly.
You grinned back at him. "Then the happiest of children they would be."
You suppose the young lord reminded you somewhat of a child. He was a man by every definition of the word, standing tall and proud, but there was something about the way his large eyes took in the palace that was decidedly childlike. Eyes wide and glimmering with awe.
You watched contently as he suddenly noticed the silver plated container that sat by the leg of the bench; an unopened bottle of champagne sat neatly in a bed of ice, several glasses along side it.
Your dear aunt thought of everything when it came to party planning, you were coming to find out.
"Shall we?" He smirked suggestively.
"I don't see why not." You laughed.
The two of you giggled as he attempted to open the bottle, champagne spilling everywhere. He tried to pour you a glass neatly, but your new friend had no future in bartending, champagne spilling over the glass' edge and onto your fingers.
Sticky but smiling, you brought your glass up, mirroring him.
"A toast." He decided, his own glass now only half full from his carelessness.
"To?" You questioned.
He contemplated for a moment, meeting your inquisitive eyes innocently. A boyish smile broke out across his face.
"To us, of course. Tonight's most undesirables." He declared, making you chuckle.
But before you could touch glasses…
"Your highness!"
Your eyes went wide, your stomach dropping as a certain blond maid came scrambling into the garden.
"Isabella! Please! Just 'my lady' will do." Heat rocketed up your neck, ears no doubt hot to the touch. 
Her hands fell to her knees, clearly out of breath from running around the palace grounds, undoubtedly in search of you.
"My lady, I should advise you to return to the party. Her Majesty the Queen has someone she wants you to meet." She cautioned.
You cursed internally.
"Of course, she does. Give me just a moment then. I'll be over shortly."
The young maid's eyes flickered over to Lord Jeon, cheeks rosy.
"But your highness—"
"Thank you, Isabella." You cut her off curtly. 
The young maid gave you two one more final look over before nodded, pardoning herself with a curtesy.
Hesitantly, you turned back towards Lord Jeon, unsure what to make of the look of disbelief clearly written across his face.
Awkwardly, you brought your glass to your mouth, taking a cautious sip.
"Your highness? You're a princess?" He gawked, eyes still wide. 
"No!" You quipped. "Not… technically?"
The young lord merely blinked at you, his doe eyes telling you everything his mouth wasn't.
You were rambling before you could help yourself.
"M-My mother is the Queen's sister. Technically speaking, she held the title of 'Princess.' Though, I suppose if my mother were born a man then, yes, that would make me a princess— titles are patriarchal in nature, it's all… very complicated, really…" 
You felt like you couldn't take in a deep enough breath, the chilly air now burning your lungs.
"So… not a princess. Just… daughter of a princess." He reiterated, clearly stunned.
You felt a frown form on your face, all your etiquette instructor's reminders of poise and manners slipping from your mind.
"I am the Queen's niece. We shall leave it at that."
The handsome lord had the most fascinated look on his face, eyes locked on the way your jaw twitched, mouth shut rigidly to hold back the slew of word vomit you instinctively felt compelled to let out.
The way he held your eyes – the intensity behind his dark orbs – made you uneasy yet engrossed you all the same.
You bit down on the side of your cheek, "Are you upset that I didn't tell you?"
He shook his head suddenly as if trying to shake off his shock.
"No. I'm not."
"Are you… disappointed?" You grimaced.
You hadn't the faintest clue as to what was running around in his handsome head.
"Disappointed?" He cocked his head.
"I'm sorry, I don't know what the hell you're thinking right now, and it's frankly unnerving." You frowned.
The raven-haired man let out a noise that toed the line between amusement and disbelief. 
"I think you owe me a toast… your highness." He teased.
Rolling your eyes, you failed to fight back a smile, bringing your champagne glass up to meet his, his smirk assuring you that whoever your aunt wished you to meet could wait a moment or two. 
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jeonverselol · 2 months
keep me company (m) - jjk
a/n: yes another jjk fic because a lot of my dms have requested for it; everyone loved the insatiable couple in ‘want more’ so here is a spin off from that
summary: your boyfriend is on a business call but he still wants to fuck you and neither of you can resist each other, then one thing leads to another and you’re so sure you’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow 
genre: smut lol; established relationship
word count: 2.6k 
warnings: minors dni - intense stuff because these two are like rabbits, dom!jk, sub!reader, riding, doggy, reader being manhandled, fingering, nipple play, degradation (slut, whore, etc), pet names (baby, princess, etc), rough sex no explanation needed, pussy-whipped jk, possessive jk, big dick jk, implied cum eating lol, voyeurism (but not really), thigh riding, choking, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex (for the love of god don’t be foolish), slight breeding kink? creampie, squirting, daddy kink, mentions of shower sex, every other nasty thing i’ve missed out on 
Tumblr media
as you opened your door and set down your bags you saw a pair of familiar shoes, indicating that jungkook was home earlier than usual. as you locked the door and walked towards the living room, you saw jungkook still dressed in his work attire, arms crossed and the only sounds that filled the room were the sounds behind his laptop screen. his eyes turned into crescents as he saw you, lips instantly curved upwards like a happy boy seeing his favourite candy. you returned the smile but carefully walked into your shared room to avoid interrupting him in his business call.
you quickly discarded your clothing and headed into the shower, taking your sweet time lathering up your new shower gel and body scrub, hoping by the time you were out he might be done with work and you two can get started on dinner. after what seemed like a fulfilling home spa session, you got out and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top and continued on with your skincare routine. a little pamper day today was the way to end the hectic day you had at work.
as you head out the door you almost forgot jungkook was still working until you heard a few coherent ‘yes’s and ‘sure’. as he saw you in his peripheral view, his eyes instantly shot up his laptop and darted towards you again. you mouthed “i’ll get started on dinner” along with a faint attempt of gesturing the same. “babe come here,” he opened his arms signalling for a hug. you raised your brow at him and softly asked “what about your meeting?”
“it’s on mute and the camera’s switched off. judging by how the guy is talking it feels like he might take up an entire 30 minutes just explaining his point,” he rolls his eyes, this time arms wailing for you to come into his hold. you giggled at his antics and heeded his request. as you settled down on the couch, he pulled you on to his lap and gave you a tight hug. “i’m going insane today.” he mumbled in the crook of your neck as you straddled him.
“it’ll be alright, we’ll have dinner and watch something later, okay?” you kissed the side of his head. he hugged you tighter and planted soft kissed on your neck. “you’re the best, i love you.”
“i love you too, kook.” the two of you stayed like this for what seemed like a full minute, before he sighed. “can you just stay with me here until this guy’s done with his part? and tell me about your day?” he brought his head up and looked at you with eyes that glimmer with sparkle. you can’t say no to that.
with your hands on his shoulders, you started going on about every single minute detail you could think of – from the traffic to what sort of lunch you had today, to how your co-worker spilt coffee on her dress. just as you were about to story him about how your boss used a different tone towards you today you felt the tip of his thumb grazing your covered nipple, causing you to freeze from the contact.
“kook, what are you doing,” you looked down at your chest to see both his thumbs padding your now hardened nipples. “you’re not wearing a bra,” he said as a matter of fact. you arched your brow.
“i’m at home babe, there’s no need for it.” he paid no mind to whatever you had to say and continue grazing your nipples and you were starting to feel aroused. you could see his tongue darting out to lick his lips as he started rubbing slow and teasing circles around your nipples, your buds protruding even more behind your flimsy top. looking at him from above, you start noticing how his shirt sleeve was cuffed to his elbows, exposing his tattooed forearm, and his neck and chest slightly exposed as he unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt. “kook… your meeting.” you tried distracting him before he slowly pulled the straps of your tank top down to reveal your round globes and hard nipples. he gropes your breasts and flicks his thumbs against your nipples, this time tugging and pinching them.
“fuck the meeting. i don’t give a shit what the guy has to say. besides they can’t see or hear us, so let me just play with you for a bit baby.” he gives you a convincing smirk, tongue circling your areola as he stares at you right in the eye. you bit your lips and the sensation he’s putting on your bare breasts but a part of you feels uncomfortable at the thought of his laptop being right behind you. but before you could say anything you feel his tongue at the tip of your nipple, fingers pinching the other.  
“stay still baby,” his voice was deep and hoarse. your fingers tread through his hair and tugged him closer as you instinctively start grinding on him. your nether region starting to ache from all the teasing touches he’s been giving you. he started sucking on your nipple, causing you to moan out loud, your essence slowly encasing your lower lips. he groans at the sound of you and swirled his tongue around your nipple before switching to the other. his palms find its way into your shorts from below to your ass and begins kneading it. 
the feel of his bare hands on your ass cheeks paired with his tongue on your nipples was getting too much. you feel yourself getting wetter and started to grind harder on his dick. “shit, babe, don’t go so hard i promise to fuck you real good later,” you forgot he had a meeting to attend to but your horniness clouded your emotions and you really wanted him inside you. you knew he wanted it too. besides, you weren’t sure if you were able to wait for him with how turned on you are.
“but kook i’m so wet,” you sat yourself on his clothed dick and you were sure there was wet patch forming on your shorts. “baby girl i promise i’ll fuck you as many times as you want later i really need to finish this up and i can’t do it mid-fuck.” you let out a whine, a sound you knew jungkook loved hearing from you. “you started this babe.” you placed wet kisses on his neck and as much as he was so turned on and hard, he tried to exercise some self-restraint. “i got distracted but i really need to be on standby in case they need me,” you start tugging your shorts down with one hand despite his words, letting it pool on your ankles as you give him a sight of your lacy pink panties. your other hand continued kneading the back of his neck, a spot you knew he loves. “and what if i need you?” your tits out, tank top pooled at your waist, lace panties wet and shorts down your ankles, you straddling him and moaning on top of him - this is a sight jungkook never wants to stop seeing.
“we can be quick,” you urged, your clothed clit engorged from the stimulation his pants were giving, bare tits right in front of his mouth – an offer you know he can’t resist. you tried to bring his hands back to your ass as you slowly moved your hips. “but baby i don’t wanna be quick, i want to take my time with you,” he tried to hold you in place, but your moans were louder and sultrier as you moved your hips rougher. at this very moment, you were sure you could come in minutes if he let you. your hand went down to push your panties aside to let your bare clit have a feel, essence leaking and staining his slacks. your nipples grazing his lips as you started to rub yourself on tent of his pants, eager to get off no matter if he was gonna touch you or not. your placed your hands on his taut chest and bit your lips at how your clit made contact with his clothed dick. “you can fuck me again later kook, as many times as you want, and for as long as you want.” you batted your eyelash and if there’s one thing that jungkook can’t resist it’s when you were desperate to have him rail you. it does wonders to his ego and dick.
glancing at his laptop, he could see the guy only made it through page 5/25 of his powerpoint presentation and groaned in response. as you continue pleasuring your clit, you bring your nipple closer to his slightly agape mouth to persuade him further. “feels so good, kook.” you circled your hips to stimulate your clit more, occasionally bouncing slightly and rutting yourself on his bulge. your tits are bouncing and jungkook eventually spanks your ass, causing you to moan. he gives up all self-restraint as he swiftly lifts you up and sits you back down with your back on his chest. this time you’re faced with his laptop, with a bunch of his other colleagues in separate windows. you cheeks redden and you tried closing your legs, only for Jungkook to spread them wide with his knee. “i want you to take off your panties and ride my thigh right now.” as much as you were starting to feel a little embarrassed you knew better than to start something you couldn’t finish.
you took off your shorts and sodden panties, with a line of slick following through. your tank top still on your waist as jungkook continues groping and pinching your buds. you started grinding on his thigh slowly, trying to close your eyes to avoid looking at the screen. even though you knew they were not able to see you, it was still a little nerve-wracking.
“open your eyes baby girl,” you felt his hand wrapped around your throat, enough to bring you to your senses but not hard enough to hurt you. “i.. I don’t know if i can..” you said timidly as you continued moving your hips. “i said do it,” he grunts. jungkook was enjoying the show in the back view, absolutely admiring the way your hips were moving and the way that your ass was looking. you mustered up the courage to disregard any unnecessary thoughts and begin gyrating your hips faster. “fuck yes princess, come on i know you want to cum. go harder you slut, show me how much you want my dick.” he spanks your ass twice. “soak me and you’ll get your reward baby girl,” he was palming his own clothed dick at the sinful sight of you, groaning as your moans went a pitch higher.
his clothed thigh felt so good on your bare clit that you couldn’t help yourself but move faster. while the eyes on the screen were not directed at you, something about it spurred you on even more now that you were looking at it. you bit your lips at the thought of jungkook marking you up in front of them. you grew wetter at the thought and gripped his thigh harder with both hands. your tits squished together with the way you hands arms were squeezing it and hands on top of each other. you continue staring at the faces on the screen, thinking about what it would be like if they saw you being such a whore for jungkook, how you were his cockslut and how only he was able to touch you in every way he wanted. you involuntarily let out a breathy moan at the way he was making you fuck yourself on him in front of his online call. you lifted one hand and inserted your middle finger inside you as you continued rubbing yourself on his thigh. 
“oh god,” you moaned like a desperate whore as you kept your eyes glued to the screen. jungkook was even more turned on at the sight of you fucking yourself with your finger and palmed his crotch even more. “you like this slut? you want me to fuck you in front of them next time?” he was joking but he felt you soak his pants even more and how you were tempted to add another finger. jungkook sensed this and just as you were about to feel your orgasm rip through, it was interrupted harshly by your boyfriend. his fingers dug into your hips and lifted you up. “i was gonna cum!” you said annoyed.
“i know, you fucking slut. you enjoyed it a little too much don’t you think?” he sat you down on his lap harshly, this time spreading your legs wide to the both side of his thighs. he held your jaw tightly and you could sense him slowly fuming. jungkook was always sweet to you but his possessive side can be intimidating. “you like it when people watch you? when people watch how much of a whore you’re being? my princess is so fucking spoilt. do i not give you enough attention?” he started sucking a spot on your neck and his fingers graze your sensitive clit as your hole throbbed for him to fill you with his fingers. he slaps on your clit with his fingertips once and you were aching for more. sex with jungkook was sinful yet heavenly. no matter how long the two of you had been together, every single experience felt like the first time. 
“no no please. i only want you, your attention only, i’m all yours,” you pleaded him. even though your relationship was built entirely on trust, he still loved the validation and reassurance. “this fucking pussy is mine, don’t you ever forget that. like hell i’m gonna let anyone see what’s mine.” he sent three little slaps on your clit, jolts of pleasure running through your veins at the contact. “please kook, want you, you’re the only one that makes me feel good,” you tried grinding on his hand shamelessly. insides aching and essence leaking from the intense stimulation. “damn right i am.”
his left hand was on your throat and his other tattooed hand came down rubbing your inner thighs. he ran his finger down your slit and gathered your essence before rubbing harsh circles your clit and you whimpered at the feel. he inserted two fingers into your wet hole and started going at a slow pace while rubbing your clit with his thumb. “fuck that feels so good,” you breathed out. his lips continued assaulting your neck while his other left your throat to pursue your tits.
he increased the pace and inserted another finger without warning, causing you to moan in ecstasy. the squelching sounds of your pussy overshadowed whatever his co-worker was presenting on screen. jungkook took a look at the screen again and saw that 15/25 of the slides had already been presented. the tent in his pants was starting to ache.
“fuck this, i need to be inside you baby,” you instantly got wetter and helped him remove his pants and boxers. his cock was already leaking with precum and before you could bring your head down to have a taste, he brought you down on to his lap again, facing him.
“no time, baby, need you to ride me. don’t think so i’m gonna last long with how wet you are. fuck you’re gorgeous,” you slid into him with ease and jungkook lets out a strangled moan. you started bouncing up and down the moment he bottomed out. his lips encased your nipples once again, tongue flicking your sensitive bud to see you squirm. the tip of his dick grazed your g-spot with ease considering this is the millionth time you’ve been in this position.
he soon pistons his hips upwards and groans with every thrust. “fucking tight pussy,” he buries his head into your chest, leaving little marks as he goes. he brings his thumb to fiddle your clit and you could feel your orgasm bubbling. “i’m gonna cum kook!” he increases his pace and rubs your clit harder before sending you to a delicious wave of orgasm. “fuck, yes, yes yes,” you chanted. feeling you cream his cock and clenching your walls, he finishes not longer after you, coating your walls with hot spurts of his cum.
the two of you were sweating and were breathing heavily from the insane not-so-quick quickie. you tried to stand up and tear yourself from his dick slowly, pussy ever so sensitive and throbbing with his cum leaking out of you. jungkook holds you steadily as you slowly detach yourself from him. your legs wobble and you groaned at the emptiness and jungkook does the same. he wipes the beads of sweat on his forehead before steadying his breath. you plop down next to him and calm yourself as well.
“any questions from your side mr jeon?” the two of you immediately dart your eyes to the screen, forgetting you just had a full fucking session in front of the laptop. “no questions,” he instantly unmutes and replies. after a string of silence, someone spoke up, “well that’s all we have for today, hope everyone managed to have an idea as to what direction we’re heading with this plan. i’ll send out the slides for everyone to reread. thank you.”
“thank you, i’ll let you know if i have any feedback,” jungkook says before shutting his laptop hastily. “you just couldn’t keep your legs closed could you,” he narrows his eyes at you. you rolled your eyes before getting up, “oh please, you couldn’t keep it in your pants even if you wanted to. now i have to shower again,” you walked towards your shared room.
“shower? oh baby girl i’m gonna fuck you properly this time and you’ll be begging me to stop,” he got up and discarded his shirt and dick instantly getting hard again trailing right behind you. you were still sensitive and you felt your pussy throbbed at the thought of being filled again. while it was true that jungkook loved burying himself inside you, you loved the feeling of his big dick stretching you out. it excited you as much as him wanting to constantly blow his load into you. he thanks your voluntariness with birth control for this luxury.
“i want your legs spread out on the bed right now, ass up face down.”
you took off the tank top which was pooling on your waist off and did as you were told, eager for him to fuck you into oblivion. a smirk of satisfaction grazed his face as he saw you obediently waiting for him in bed, your pussy all swollen with some of his cum staining your inner thighs. with no need for any foreplay, he lined himself to your entrance and pushed in without warning. he loved making you cum as much as you doing the same to him, the way you react to his touches gives him a sense of pride and possessiveness. 
“sweetest pussy in the world.” he was not merciful in his thrusts at all. he went hard and slapped your ass cheeks roughly. all you did was let out strings of ‘yes’ and ‘harder’ and jungkook obliged with whatever you had to say.
“can’t get enough of you baby,” the sounds of his balls slapping your clit and moans were the only thing filling up the room and you swore your neighbours could probably hear every single bit of it, but you didn’t care. his thrusts were far from gentle. your essence mixed with his cum from earlier completely soaked your inner thighs and heightened the stimulation. you gripped the sheets hard as you feel your orgasm approaching.
“gonna cum kook!” your second orgasm hits you like a truck and jungkook wastes no time in flipping you on your back. he plunges himself in again and starts fucking you into your third one. “so.. sensit- ahh!” one thing about jungkook was he knew your body like the back of his palm. he knew what you liked and exactly which angles to hit to get you going. with one graze of your spot, he sent you jolting again, this time gushing. another thing about jungkook was he was relentless. as you gush onto him, you see him eyeing your pussy with a smirk. he inserts himself back into you, this time with a loud groan. “fucking wet cunt.”
“come on my little slut, clench around me one more time and i’ll fill you up just like how you like it.” it was no surprise that he loved stuffing you with his cum and you equally loved the feeling of him doing that to you. “fuck, cum inside me kook... ahh!” he loved hearing you yearn for him. “i’ll fill you up so good baby. want me to knock you up? let everyone know whose pussy this is yeah?” the thought of jungkook fucking a baby into you was hot but a discussion for another time, though you were not opposed to it. 
your walls instantly clenched around his words and this elicited a groan from him. “that’s a good girl. my dirty dirty girl.”
he leans towards your whimpering state and has his hands beside your face, gripping the sheets and flexing his biceps, gold necklace dangling above your face as he continues to thrust into you. he eyes you with love and lust. “touch yourself princess, for daddy.” his tone was sweet, commanding, condescending and desperate at the same time.
your fingers came down to rub your swollen clit. his moans turn to groans and you were sure he was gonna cum. “cum inside me kook, fill me up daddy,” in seconds your orgasm washes over you again with ease and you feel him fill you up for the second time today, giving you and him the satisfaction you both craved. he makes sure to unload every last drop before taking it out. he taps your clit with his tip and chuckled at the sound you made.
“how about that shower?” you spoke up after a few seconds of catching your breaths.
“how about i clean you up with my tongue and we can fuck in the shower again?.” he wiggled his eyebrows and licks his lips at the way your lower lips were coated in white drops of liquid. “do it for daddy please?” you were not gonna say no to that. 
“you’re insatiable.” you let out a laugh. he mirrored you, “with a girlfriend like you, i would be crazy not to be.”
he lowers his head down to your nether region, “you know me well enough to know i’m not joking,” he sucks on your clit and starts cleaning you up. your smile fades and you elicit a moan as he begins another round of pleasure.
the thing with jungkook was, he was never tired when it came to sex and you were never gonna say no. 
both of you always wanted more. 
a/n: yes as promised this is as filthy as it gets for you peeps. if you haven’t read want more, you should. it’s not connected but all my dms wanted more of this couple so if you’re insatiable yourself woohoo go ahead and read it 
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yeehaw4yoongi · 2 months
Iced Americano | JJK
Tumblr media
Pairing: jk x barista female reader
Rating: 18+ | minors dni | nsfw
Word Count: 5.9k
Warnings: drinking alcohol, kissing, some swearing, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, fingering, mentions of cum, titty play, mentions of food/eating, mentions of milk (but literally just milk nothing nasty is being done with the milk), shower sex, dom-ish jk
Genre: fluff, smut, non-idol au, strangers to lovers, some angst
Summary: You wake up thinking today would be like any other day but you were wrong.
A/N: Hi tumblr! This is my first stab at writing any kind of fanfic. I'm new to all the warnings, categories, and abbreviations so please bear with me. Thinking about doing a part 2 since I feel like there is so much build up in this half, so if you enjoyed it, please comment, reblog, and like!
Today started like most of your days do. The alarm yanks you out of your slumber at 4:30AM and you drag yourself to the shower. You have about half an hour to get to the bus so you can make it to work at 6:00AM. You sprint to your stop and make it just as the bus pulls up. You won’t be late today.
As you ride down the dark city streets you make a list of everything that needs to be done to open the cafe by 7:00AM. You take inventory of everyone out and about already hard at work. Street sweepers and stall keepers mill around setting the scene for the world that has yet to wake. Despite the start time, you love the opening shift. It’s where humans on different paths cross as night transitions into the morning. Party people with pupils the size of the moon and 9 to 5’ers alike find themselves convening in the queue for coffee. The day goes by as usual. Taking orders, making light conversation, steaming milk, and cleaning up empty cups make the morning go by quickly, and before you know it’s nearly time for the shift change. By now the freshness of the morning ceases to exist. You’re covered in coffee grounds and sweat has taken its toll on your makeup. You switch out the till drawer and head to the office to count the morning’s takings. Once you finish, you collect your bag and head back into the bustling cafe. It’s a small space so you weave your way through the crowded shop. You stop by the counter on your way out to bid your workmate adieu and that’s when you notice him. 
His tall slender frame leans against the counter as he orders an iced americano. He reaches for his wallet and you notice the tattoos on his hands. You don’t allow yourself to keep looking. Instead, you push passed him and the other people queuing and head for the door. One of your workmates shouts behind you “see you tomorrow!” and as you turn around to wave you meet eyes with Iced Americano. For a split second, your heart plummets into your stomach. He looks down at his phone and you’re released from his grip. He seems unfazed but the depth of his glance has shaken you. Walking down the street toward the bus you brush off the interaction. This city is full of attractive people. You serve them every day. What made him different? 
“Never mind,” you tell yourself as you climb the steps to the top deck of the bus. You have errands to run and a friend’s birthday dinner to go to tonight. As the afternoon wanes you forget about Iced Americano and go about getting ready for the evening’s festivities. You make your best effort. The restaurant you’re going to for the party is one of the nicest Italian places in town and you want to look the part.
Tumblr media
The city sparkles as you make your way through town in the cold. You see the restaurant down the road. The warmth practically flows out of the windows. As you enter, you’re met with a scene of beauty. Peach-colored light is defused through sheer fabric dressed around each of the fixtures that hang from the ceiling. They reflect off of the polished brass glass rack hanging above the marble-top bar and bathe the marble walls in a rose gold hue. Vintage mirrors hang above a row of pale blue booth seats that run parallel to the bar and give way to the dining room. You stand at the door and take it all in. Scanning the dining room you realize you’re the first of your group to arrive. The maitre d’ pulls out one of the plush mint green bar stools and motions for you to take a seat. You order yourself a glass of wine and pass the time looking through your phone. As you wait, the bar fills up around you. Your phone buzzes and it’s your friend saying they’re nearly there. You motion to the bartender to close out your tab. He places the bill on the bar. When you look down you see something familiar out of the corner of your eye- a tattoo and more importantly the hand it belongs to. How long had Iced Americano been there?  Your eyes never leave the tray the receipt is on as you slide it towards you. That’s when you hear his voice. “What wine are you drinking?” You mess up your signature but decide there’s no way he was talking to you and so you push the tray back toward the bartender and place your card back in your wallet. It’s when you get up to tell the maitre d’ your group has almost arrived that you meet Iced Americano’s gaze. Turns out he was talking to you. He looks at you with an inquisitive brow as he awaits your response. 
“I, I uh, it’s the Cabernet” you manage to blurt out through your shock. The bartender nods at Iced Americano and he orders the Cabernet. “Thank you,” he says with a wide smile. You stand there looking up at him for what was probably only 2 seconds but feels like much longer. Just then your friends swan in and swallow you up in their hugs and kisses of greeting. You look back at Iced Americano and smile and give him a small wave as you head to your table. 
Your seat at the table faces one of the mirrors hung on the walls. You and your friends order two bottles of wine and some small plates to start. You’re wrapped up in the comfort of their company. Everyone is sharing the highlights of their day and listening as the birthday girl lists off all of the presents she’s gotten. As the server brings the wine and serves a sample to your friend you look up into the mirror. Sitting at the table directly behind you is Iced Americano with two others. His seat at the table gives you a clear view of his face in the mirror’s reflection. You try your best to stay engaged in the conversation happening at your table but the image in the mirror pulls your gaze back to it. His face is kind and his eyes are soft and doe-like. The curve of his jaw is sharp. Even through the vintage mirror, you can tell his bone structure resembles that of a statue. You’ve lost yourself in his image and he must have felt you staring because his eyes look up to meet yours. You’re rendered breathless but you don’t divert your eyes. The server pours your glass of wine and you refocus on the table. 
Several food courses and drinks go by before the bill inevitably arrives. Your party wraps up and as you collect your things to leave you steal another glance at Iced Americano in the mirror hoping it won’t be the last. You make your way out with your group and wait with them as each of their cabs arrive. Standing alone on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant you watch your Uber get closer and closer to picking you up but you’re not ready to go home yet. You look behind you through the restaurant window and see Iced Americano sitting at the bar. You decide to throw caution to the wind and cancel the Uber.
The liquid courage running through your veins makes it easy, a little too easy, to take the seat directly next to the man that has captured your attention. You don’t say anything to him as the weight of your decision begins to hit you. It’s too late now, and when the bartender asks what you would like you say, “He and I will have an espresso martini,” and motion to Iced Americano sitting next to you. He looks at you with a surprised look and you grin. “Did you order that for me?” he asks with a chuckle. You nod. “What’s your name?” you ask. He responds, “My name is Jungkook. It’s nice to meet you.”
You sit at the bar nursing your drinks and talking. He’s in town working for a couple of days. You mention being a barista but don’t mention where. You talk about traveling and the places you’ve been, comparing notes on cities you’ve both visited. He is incredibly well-traveled and regales you with stories about his time spent on the road. As you chat the restaurant starts closing down. Eventually, the bartender makes the last call and Jungkook asks if you’d like to take a bottle of wine to go. The idea sends a tingle up your spine. You initially thought the espresso martini would be the nightcap but your shift doesn’t start until the afternoon the next day, and why wouldn’t you get a bottle of wine to go? You answer him, “I’d love to. I know a place we can go with it.”
When you step outside the cold air hits your lungs and the warm blur from inside the restaurant sharpens. You are greeted by the sounds of cabs passing by and people chatting and laughing as they make their way to the train station. The city lights shine and wrap you up. You feel safe under them. The libations from dinner and the impromptu nightcap make your mind feel light and optimistic like anything could happen. As though somehow this moment is the beginning of your life. 
You start walking down the road and turn to see if Jungkook is following you. He’s still standing at the door holding the wine and thanking the staff for a wonderful meal and exquisite service. Waiting for him a few paces along the sidewalk you take the opportunity to admire his whole form. He’s tall with broad strong shoulders. His turtleneck hugs his arms and chest and his slacks are perfectly tailored - a statue. As he walks toward you he asks, “Where do we go next?”
The two of you make your way through town passing the theatre district down to the river. You find a bench along the bank and take a seat to watch boats pass while lights on the other side twinkle in the background. He had the forethought to ask the bartender to uncork the wine but you both forgot cups. He playfully pulls the cork and takes a swig straight from the bottle and then hands it to you. It’s cold out but you don’t feel it. Maybe it’s the wine? Maybe it’s him? Either way, you never feel uncomfortable. You talk with him about what brought you to the city and how you love being there. He listens intently and seems to hang on to your every word. Time flies as you take turns drinking the wine and before you know it, the bottle is empty. You sit there with him in the dark a bit longer looking out over the water. The silence between you is pleasant. You can feel his arm up against yours and you fight the urge to take his hand at that moment.  
He looks at his phone and breaks the silence, “Let’s walk back to where I’m staying and I can get you a cab back home.” By now, you know that even if you didn’t desperately want to walk him home, you’ve had so much wine that there’s no way you can get into a vehicle without walking it off a bit. As you stroll up to the beautiful historic hotel, you see there’s a town car parked in the front. “This is for you,” Jungkook says with a smile and motions to the car. Going home is the last thing you want to do but you don’t want to force anything. You thank him for the ride and tell him you hope he has a great remainder of his stay in town. As you turn toward the car, Jungkook takes your hand in his and pulls you toward him into a hug. You breathe him in and he smells like clean fresh laundry. “Thank you for showing me around,” he says releasing you, “I had a great time.” You go to respond but don’t get the chance. He leans in and gives you a gentle kiss on the lips. “I’ll see you around,” he whispers in your ear with a sly smile and you stand there stunned. He notices that you’ve been caught off guard and walks to the side of the car and opens the door. That’s your cue. You get into the backseat and he closes the door behind you, giving a small wave as the car pulls away from the hotel. 
Your whole body buzzes as you ride through the city. When you get home you realize you never exchanged numbers. As you sink into bed you replay the events of the evening in your mind. Every look, every word, every brush of his arm against yours. The kiss cycles over and over. Even if it was just tonight, it was worth it. 
Tumblr media
The next day you have a slow morning. By some miracle, you aren’t hungover but the booze has made you feel sluggish. You think about Jungkook as you get ready for work that afternoon and while heading to the bus stop. You think about him as you ride through town and as you walk to the cafe. You can’t shake him and you don’t want to. Deep down you tell yourself not to get your hopes up. What are the chances of you seeing him again? Despite you trying to manage your expectations, you watch the cafe door your entire shift hoping he’ll appear there. Patron after patron comes in. No Jungkook. Finally, you give up hope that he’ll come in but that doesn’t stop you from thinking about the night before. You spend the rest of the shift on autopilot, stuck in your endless daydream. You close up the shop and head back home. You have to open up the next day and can’t afford another late night. Riding the bus, your mind drifts to last night. It remembers the feeling of his arms wrapped around you. It remembers the feeling of his lips pushed against yours and the feeling of his breath on your ear. 
Tumblr media
Once again, your alarm startles you awake at 4:30AM. Another day, another shift. You’ve accepted the idea that your evening with Jungkook was only a brief encounter and one of the many perks of living in the city. You never know who you’ll meet and what will happen. The memory will live fondly in the back of your mind for a while until time inevitably reduces it to a blip on the timeline of your life. The shift goes by as normal and you greet and serve the first arrivals into the shop. The morning is peppered with the regular corporate types and rave stragglers. You spend your time chatting, catching up with them, and listening to what they have planned for the rest of their day. As the lunch rush starts to pick up, the queue for service extends to just outside of the door. You’re nearing the end of your shift but there’s still a lot to do, so you move from the till to behind the coffee machine to help your workmate with the influx of coffee orders flooding in. 
As you steam the milk at the end of the counter, you grow tired and the awareness of what’s happening around you disappears. It’s just you and the milk pitcher. You watch the milk swirl around in the jug making sure not to burn it. With your focus on the upcoming orders you never see Jungkook enter the cafe, but now he is standing at the end of the counter and says, “Hi” breaking your focus. When you look up and see who the greeting comes from, you almost don’t believe your eyes. The chances of you meeting again seemed slim and yet here he is. You realize that you’re fully staring at him, mouth agape. You try to respond like someone who has spoken before but your “Hey! How are you?” comes out as more of an abrupt shout. He doesn't skip a beat and tells you that he was meant to leave town the day before but that he still had some things to wrap up and extended his trip a few days. You’re delighted by this news but you do your best to stay cool and nonchalant. His drink is a few places behind others in line but none of the other patrons matter anymore. You make each drink and just slide them to the end of the counter as you and Jungkook chat. He didn’t know you worked here and mentioned how he was in the cafe a few days ago. You pretend not to remember. Finally, his drink is up. Unlike the coffees before his, you take extra care and gently slide the drink directly toward him. He asks you for a lid and as you go to put it on, there is a brief fumble. He doesn’t anticipate you putting the lid on for him and reaches to secure it as you place it on top of his cup. His slender fingers and soft palm land directly on the top of your hand. You both look up at each other and giggle. He takes a sip of his drink and thanks you for making it just right. You swoon and he notices. He says that he’s been given tickets to a show later that night and asks if you’d like to go with him. You exchange a glance with your workmate standing to your left. She has completely stopped making espresso shots and is waiting for you to respond to him while nodding her head as though to say, “Say yes, fool!”. You quickly turn back to face Jungkook and tell him, “sounds great”. Noticing that the number of people waiting for their coffee has caused a crowd to form, he takes a pen from his bag and writes his number on a napkin, and hands it to you. “Send me your address. I’ll pick you up at 7.” 
As soon as you finish work you text him your address. [See you soon.] he replies. You race home and start the process of getting ready. No task is spared as you prep for a night on the town with quite possibly the most beautiful man on the planet. You try on all of your clothes and then all of your roommate’s clothes before finally deciding on what you’ll wear. You put on the designer perfume your grandmother gave you for your birthday. Promptly at 7:00PM your phone buzzes. You give yourself a last look and take a deep breath. When you open the front door, there is Jungkook sitting on the street in an Aston Martin. He gets out of the car and goes around the other side to open the passenger door. He’s wearing black combat boots, fitted black trousers, and a knit charcoal grey crew neck sweater over a white collared shirt. You walk toward him and he takes your hand to help you into the car. He gets into the driver’s seat but before he puts the car back into gear, he looks over at you and says, “You look amazing.” You thank him and reciprocate the compliment even though “amazing” doesn’t even begin to describe how gorgeous he looks. He is fucking hot with his black hair combed in a way that exposes a bit of his forehead. You fight the urge to lick your lips as you watch him wrap his tattooed fingers around the steering wheel. 
Tumblr media
You arrive at an elite member’s only Burlesque club in Soho. The hostess shows you to a cozy private booth with soft cushioned upholstery and oversized pillows that line the back. As the two of you settle in, the manager stops by the table to drop off a complimentary bottle of champagne. Jungkook smiles when he sees her and stands up to greet her with a hug and cheek kiss, as though they’ve met before. He introduces you and she winks as she greets you. She says, “Any friend of JK is a friend of mine. If you need anything at all, just ask for me.” A server comes by and takes your drink and food order just as the lights in the club dim and the spotlight flicks onto the stage. Jungkook makes sure your glass never runs dry as one beautiful woman after another takes the stage. Each one of their performances is glamorous and sensual. As the show goes on, the two of you inch closer and closer to each other until he takes his arm and puts it over your shoulder. You allow yourself to let your guard down and lean your head to the side to rest it in the nook where his chest meets his shoulder. You stay there until the show is over. 
The club isn’t far from his hotel and as you stroll down the street it dawns on you that that’s the direction you’re heading in. You brace yourself for another town car. When the hotel is just within eyeshot, Jungkook makes a random but smooth turn onto a narrow alley and points out some street art on the wall. As you follow behind him trying to see what he’s talking about he turns around and slowly walks back toward you until you’ve backed yourself onto the wall opposite of the one he was looking at. He walks right up to the point where you’re nearly touching and then stops. You turn your gaze upward to look him in the eyes and he says, “I’m just kidding. I wanted a private place to kiss you.” He leans in and lays a small kiss on your lips. And then another. You kiss him back as you slowly wrap your arms around his waist and draw him in closer. For a few moments, the two of you stand there entwined seemingly suspended in time. It feels like you’re levitating. He opens his mouth and slides his tongue into yours, triggering all the butterflies in your stomach to a frenzy. Pulling back, he lays a few more small kisses on your lips before bringing your arms up around his neck and wrapping his arms around your back to pull you into him again. You stand there in silence breathing in unison. As you stroke the hair that grazes the nape of his neck he leans into yours and kisses it softly. Kissing your neck he says, “Do you,” another kiss, “want,” another kiss, “to come up,” another kiss, “with me?” You reply into the night sky as your head rolls back, and his kisses drift further down your neck,  “Absolutely”.  
Your heart pounds as you walk through the hotel doors but you aren’t nervous. Facing the front of the mirrored elevator doors, Jungkook stands behind you. He admires your reflections for a moment and you watch him as he drapes his left arm over the front of you while using his right hand to caress the left side of your face and turn it up to the right to meet his for a kiss. The doors ding open and you walk into the elevator. He pushes a button near the top floor and the doors close. 
You are standing on opposite sides of the elevator and with each floor that passes the tension between you grows. It takes everything you have not to throw yourself on him but you test the waters and ask, “Why are you all the way over there?”. His demeanor shifts and when his gaze meets yours, you see a fire burning in his eyes. He takes the two steps across the elevator, looks over at the buttons, and smashes the Emergency stop. The elevator halts. Facing you, Jungkook raises his hand and places his thumb on your lip, applying some pressure while moving it carefully and with purpose until your mouth is slightly open. He starts to lean in, slowly sliding his thumb and index finger down to the tip of your chin, and lifts your face until your mouths meet in a deep and passionate French kiss. Your face rests gently in the palms of his hands. The way he kisses you feels like he needs you to breathe. “Can I touch you?”, he asks, his voice nearly a whisper but not quite. As he waits for your response, once again you find yourself answering into the sky but this time you’re met with your reflection in the mirrored ceiling of the elevator. You look yourself in the eyes as they roll back into your head and you whisper, “Please”. 
Tumblr media
When the elevator doors open Jungkook slides his fingers out from your now-damp underwear and leads you into an immaculately decorated suite. He flicks on a lamp and then another and you stop at the end of the entryway to take in the space. 
As you admire your surroundings, Jungkook asks if you’d like a glass of wine while he pulls back a heavy curtain to reveal a private terrace with a breathtaking view of the city. You walk over to where he’s standing by the window and look out. The city lights twinkle in a panorama. He asks you again if you’d like some wine but you are too distracted by flashbacks of the elevator ride up when he slid his middle and ring fingers inside of you as he rubbed your clit with the bottom of his palm to notice Jungkook waiting for your response whilst you look out over the city. He clears his throat and you are suddenly very aware of him waiting and see him looking at you out of the corner of your eye. 
You turn toward him and say, “I think I want something stronger,” as you move your hand over the front of his trousers to find what you actually want. You land on the task at hand and you feel him twitch slightly under your palm, as he begins to harden at your touch. Looking up at his face, his eyes are closed and he lets out a soft moan as he exhales. You keep your hand where it is for a bit longer before moving it up toward his waist until your fingers are touching the bottom of his sweater giving it a light tug to signal that it’s time for him to take it off. He crosses his arms over his torso, reaching to where your hands are resting near his waist, and pulls the sweater up and over his head. While his arms are still mid-air, you reach up and start unbuttoning the white collared shirt. You lay a kiss on the skin that is exposed with each undone button. He is breathing heavier now. You only get halfway through unbuttoning his shirt before he takes you by the waist and turns you toward the window. He puts his hand on your back and presses you into it just enough to indicate that he’s the one in control. His hand moves down your back to your hips and guides them into place. His other hand is busy lifting your skirt and resting the fabric on your lower back to expose your ass. “If you want something stronger, that’s what you’ll get”. You hear his zipper coming down and his belt clink as he unbuckles. The glass is cold against your palms and arms. The city continues to glow in front of you as you feel him slide your panties down. 
The anticipation begins to bubble over and every part of your body throbs and screams out for him. You let out a whine when he starts teasing you with his tip, before slowly and gently sliding every inch of him inside of you. You both moan softly and relish the first moment your bodies fully meet each other. Jungkook pulls out nearly leaving you but slides himself deep inside you again. He repeats this a few times and then proceeds to slowly and steadily fuck you from behind. Each thrust is deliberate and forces you to feel all of him as he strokes your g-spot. You can feel the pressure inside of you starting to build and he can too. He gradually quickens his pace remaining consistent with the depth and cadence of his strokes. Your head gets cloudy as your orgasm continues to mount. “Fuck!” you exclaim as Jungkook starts to hammer into you with a rhythm where you cease to see straight anymore. You try to regain your composure but all you can do is plead with him not to stop- never stop. “I won’t,” he barks through gritted teeth. You come so hard that your legs nearly give out and he’s quick to catch you with one arm around your torso to keep you from buckling. He never misses a beat and the waves of your orgasm keep crashing over you. 
When he feels you reach the other side of pleasure, he pulls himself out of your warmth and gently rubs the head of his cock across your ass cheeks as he releases onto them. You feel the warm trickles of his cum roll down as he steps back to admire his work. Still bent over and facing the window you look back at him over your right shoulder and see him standing there with a naughty smile stretched across his face while he pulls up his trousers. “Let’s get you cleaned up,” he says. In an effort not to make a mess of your skirt, you unzip it and bring it up over your body and head. You drape it over one of the armchairs and hear the shower turn on in the other room. As you walk toward the sound you remove your top and drop it onto the floor. 
Entering the bathroom you are met with a fully naked Jungkook. The form that you’ve admired through turtlenecks and fitted trousers is now on full display. He has a striking physique and you can tell that he takes time to maintain it. He is lean but still muscular. He’s strong but has made an effort not to overdo it so that it looks almost effortless. You can see all of his tattoos now and you’re surprised by how many there are.  
Steam spills over the top of the walk-in shower and he opens the door and beckons for you to get in. He takes the sponge hanging on the wall and squeezes some soap onto it. The scent of gardenia wafts through the steam as he creates a lather and drags the sponge along the different parts of your body, paying particular attention to your ass making sure to remove whatever is still left of him. He wrings out the sponge and hangs it back on the wall. As the warm water continues to cascade down, you turn to face him and wrap your arms around his waist to pull his body close to yours. You rest your head on his chest and feel him breathe. Still captured in your embrace, Jungkook turns the two of you as a unit so that you are facing him as he slowly sits down on the banquette that is built into the shower. You continue to stand. You place your hands under his chin and tilt his head so that he’s looking straight up into your eyes. You lean down to kiss him. He kisses you back gently and when you move your head to change angles you catch a peek of his face through your partially closed eyes. His brow is furrowed as though he is savoring every second of this kiss. His expression is soft and sincere. It makes you feel like at that moment, you belong to each other. Like you want to take care of him. To protect his heart. To make sure he always feels cherished. You start to lose yourself in your head as you continue to caress him. The emotions rising into your throat border on heartbreaking. You know this is a fleeting moment. Nothing is promised after tonight. 
You pull back from the kiss and start to straighten your stance, while he glides his mouth down your neck and chest until he has one of your breasts in his mouth. You feel his tongue circling your nipple as his hand takes your other breast into it. He rubs his thumb over your other nipple while using his free arm to keep you close to him. Gently, you comb your fingers through the wet hair on the back of his head and hold it as he transfers his mouth to your other breast. You reach down between his legs as he continues to suck on your tits and find that he is hard. 
Jungkook adjusts so that he is sitting on the very edge of the banquette to make it easier for you to straddle him. As you lower yourself down onto him, he pulls you in so close that it’s hard to tell where he starts and you stop. Your arms are wrapped around his neck and your face is pressed against the side of his. Once you feel that he is completely inside of you, you start rocking your hips back and forth slowly. He moans when he feels your core grip around his cock. Breathing in unison, every slight movement becomes more gratifying than the last, transporting you to an alternate realm. Nothing else exists as you allow yourself to surrender to the intimacy of this moment. No one can see you. No one will ever know the energy exchanged here tonight. It belongs solely to the two of you. “Give it all to me, baby,” Jungkook coos in your ear, as though he’s cheering you to the finish. Your ears pop when you come and for a moment you are totally paralyzed as you let out a silent scream and throw your head back while palpable bliss courses between you. As you slowly grind on him you bring your face to his eye level and kiss him while he comes inside of you. Even after he’s finished you stay connected on the banquette while the water continues to run so you can stay in this moment as long as possible.
Dawn starts to shine over the city skyline as you climb into the big hotel bed. Jungkook pulls the heavy curtain across the window and the room descends into nearly pitch darkness. He crawls into bed next to you. You’re both still naked and your skin is warm and clean. The two of you lay in the darkness talking for a while. You talk about how beautiful the burlesque dancers were at the show and about how delicious the food was. Your conversation wanders aimlessly as you curl up into the nook of his neck and he reaches down to pull your leg over him. He holds on to the bottom of your thigh to keep it draped over him. His breathing starts to deepen and you are lulled to sleep by every inhale and exhale. You smell gardenias as you doze off.  
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ressjeon · 8 months
game over | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
🎮 pairing: jungkook x reader
🎮 summary: you might not be a gamer but that won't stop your competitive side from wanting to defeat your boyfriend in this new game that you're both currently obsessing with. it's just a matter of time until one of you gives up but Jungkook can’t help wondering if it will be you or him.
🎮 rating: 18+
🎮 genre/au: streamer/gamer!au, established relationship, fluff, smut (pwp?)
🎮 word count: 5k
🎮 warnings/content: edging/orgasm control, masturbation, praise kink, hair pulling, semi-clothed sex?, fellatio, slight rimming, unprotected sex, creampie, voyeurism (through hearing), use of lube (jk’s big that’s why), switch dynamics 
a/n: surprise ig lmao i didn’t mean for it to be jaykay but @knjsnoona​ sent me something months ago and that became an inspo for this ����. thank you to my big sissy @hisunshiine​ for this cute banner (where i pestered her a lot 🤣). this is for the Bangtan DLC: A Streamer BTS Collab hosted by the sweetest @joonscypher​ & @kookskingdom​ 💗
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
You look so beautiful from where he is, face full of concentration on the game in front of you that he can’t help but coo at how cute you are.
Jungkook’s currently preparing snacks for both of you since he just finished his streaming. It’s been hours since he did and you’ve been hounding him to turn over the console to you so he finally let you take over. It’s also because you keep insisting that he should give you more time with the console seeing as you’re at a disadvantage because you’re not a gamer like him.
“i really have no talent in this” you huff in frustration but it just made him smile.
He’s still quite touched that you’re trying to engage yourself in one of his hobbies as a way for you to get to know him better and deepen your relationship with him. The same scrunch on your eyebrows is still on like before and Jungkook grins as he comes nearer to you, placing the bowl of snacks on the table but you never even spared it a glance.
“baby, come eat”
“stop distracting me!”
Jungkook just chuckles as he sits beside you and you wonder what he's planning next. You two have been on this competitive streak on who can win the most rounds while betting on who’ll give in first. Whoever loses will not only pay for all the dates but will also do all the chores so that's why you've been doing your best to compete against your skilled boyfriend.
When Jungkook first met you, he didn't think that you’d have a competitive side when it comes to gaming because you have never been interested in it. He didn’t mind it at all because you have a lot of other hobbies that occupy a lot of your time too. But after you started dating, you soon expressed interest in his hobby, trying your best to learn it despite telling Jungkook how hard it is.
It isn't that you're lazy to do all the chores or you lack money to pay for all the dates. You're more than happy to do those things for Jungkook because you love him and you both divide all the housework and fees every time. You care more about your gaming skills because you’re still not confident with it, sure you’ve been practicing but unlike Jungkook who’s very gifted in everything that he does, you're a bit of the opposite.
This is why now you’ve been putting all your focus on the screen in front of you. No distractions so far but Jungkook’s half-naked body. You won't falter though even when he’s now using your other weakness aside from him.
You're a bit hungry from trying to interrupt him earlier but you can’t just leave this ongoing match. The food combo with his bare chest is already straying your thoughts away from the game and Jungkook currently acts like you didn’t tease the shit out of him earlier, that's why you’ve been very suspicious. He’s quite clever on ways to get back at you which usually results in you not realizing what’s happening until he already tricked you into doing whatever he planned.
This whole thing started when Jungkook started paying less attention to you than usual. You’ve always supported him with his hobby especially since he’s a streamer as well, with constant online schedules where he’s barely off from his PC and when the times that he is, he’s on-call planning gaming strategies with his close friends who are in the same league as him.
You let him be most of the time since he still gives you time when he can. Though sometimes, it just annoys you that he still chooses to play when you wanna go out to have outdoor dates with him. So then you decide to do the same, ignoring him when he tries to spend time with you, giving him the excuse that you need to finish the book you’re reading because the next instalment is coming up.
Jungkook then suggested doing this challenge to solve this growing distance between the two of you. He noticed when you started acting differently towards him and he’s been feeling scared that it’ll only get worse which is why he’s giving you more attention in the scope of this competition between the two of you. He hopes that this bonding will fix this situation, a small one, yes, but he doesn’t care how dramatic he’s been.
“...shit..” a surprising moan comes out from you when you flick your swollen bud, startling yourself at how aroused you are already when you're supposed to seduce Jungkook while he’s currently on another match with his friends.
It isn't one of the sounds that you intentionally make to distract him, hoping that he’ll turn his head towards you when you moan his name. It’s a genuine one from you trying to relieve yourself when your boyfriend's too busy to do so.
Here you are currently lying on your back on Jungkook's bed, both of your legs propped up on your chest though now you're struggling to balance them when they’re starting to cramp. You don’t change your position though, closing your eyes while you continue pumping your fingers inside your walls, alternating from scissoring them and going deeper to find that sweet spot but your fingers are just different from the long and thick ones that Jungkook has.
"fuck baby..so swollen.. can see how wet it is from here”
Your eyes open after hearing his slurred words, turning your head to the side to catch him finally looking in your direction from his gaming chair. His eyes are hooded, looking hungrily at your folds that you’re starting to question if you’ve only been hearing things earlier because of the pleasure. Your plan is to only turn him on with your moans but your random position somehow accidentally gave him a very delicious view of your cunt.
“want some?” you breathlessly ask him, fingers collecting your wetness before extending your arm at him as an invitation. Your playful tone and the little quirk that appeared on your lips snap him out of his trance, adjusting himself as he sits up to compose himself.
“nice try babe” Jungkook retracts with a chuckle, shaking his head while poking the insides of his cheek, a smirk plastered on his lips as he faces back to his computer screen. You're sneaky but it's hard for Jungkook to resist you, he's already hard from hearing you moan his name which didn't go unnoticed by his teammates.
You huff in return, initially a little annoyed at him resisting you when you're basically naked while touching yourself on his bed. The smug smile on his face reminds you that you're still in this bet and you're annoyed how you almost forgot about it.
Fine, you’ll try another way.
One where he’ll surely regret putting you in this misery.
That may be dramatic but your mind’s only focused on your next task as you approach him in his gaming chair. You’re only wearing Jungkook’s button-up shirt and nothing else, barely wearing anything actually since this game between you started. You both have tried many ways to distract one another, mainly through seducing one another but no one has given up yet.
And you’re about to change that.
Jungkook’s attention shifts from his screen towards you who’s now kneeling in front of him. You’re looking at him mischievously, eyes lingering at his hard on before looking back at his anticipated face.
Fuck. He’s been reminding himself to never forget this damn bet that now he’s starting to regret suggesting before. He can never resist you and he’s been trying his best to not give in even if all he wants to do is fuck your brains out for being so sexy like this.
You purr while running your hands on his thick thighs that have your essence still between your fingers and he flinches when you rub them. A smile appears on your lips when his eyes remain on your fingers before turning back to the screen, now unfocused. He doesn’t answer you still and so you start palming his already hardening bulge, coaxing a grunt from him which he had to cover up when one of his teammates asks.
Jungkook’s still not looking at you, he can’t though he should’ve stopped the moment your ministrations are starting to affect him. He’s not sure if you’re still annoyed at him for ignoring you but he didn’t answer earlier because he’s skeptical that his friends will hear him moaning out loud just in case you do something. He shouldn't have done that because now you’re gripping his hard length already, it’s been aching since he heard your delicious moans earlier.
That’s why he’s not stopping you when you begin tugging at the waistband of his sweats, cursing at himself for not wearing anything under which causes the grin on your face to widen. His cock almost slaps your face after you pull down his sweats, giggling when he tries to lift his hips up to remove it fully but you insist on keeping it on him halfway.
You hum, wrapping your hands around his twitching length while observing his labouring breaths before you start pumping him slowly. He takes a sharp inhale when your thumb circles his leaking tip, his hips bucking into your hand which makes you laugh at his eagerness. You were going to tease him further, waiting for him to beg or even just a whimper but you beat him to it when you lower your head down and finally wrap your mouth around his cock.
A small groan comes out from him, throwing his head back as he closes his eyes.
“don’t turn off your mic kookie” you tut when you catch what he’s about to do.
Jungkook whispers out a “fuck” before his hand leaves the switch from his headset, bringing it back to the keyboard to continue his game. You’re surprised that he followed your instructions but it could just be because of his desperation to get off. Well, he’s been a good boy so far but you couldn’t just let him get away from ignoring you for so long..
You swallow him deeper until his tip reaches the back of your throat, making him moan out loud to the mic. That makes you smile around his cock after coming back up because his friends surely know what he's in right now. His other hand comes down before he pulls it back when you pinch his thigh, a warning for him to not touch you yet.
“yeah my girl’s blowing me rn, fuck off”
Jungkook responds without shame, proud even so you continue bobbing your head up and down, your tongue keeps swirling on the underside of his dick when you hear the commotion on the other side of his mic after his moans become louder. Hearing his friends’ comments about how lucky he is to have you warms your heart and it almost makes you forget about your plan for him.
“j-just focus on the game, i've been doing my part!" he pleads to his teammates desperately. "i can’t lose this one—shit”
One of your hands cups his tightening balls and Jungkook swears that he could cum right then. He's been itching to grasp your head or touch you anywhere but your piercing eyes looking straight at him are stopping him from doing so. He knows that look and judging with the way your touches have been rougher on him, you're not gonna let him cum anytime soon.
“breathe baby”
You chuckle at Jungkook's current state, noticing how tense he's been since you started playing with him. It's so adorable seeing him trying his best to not cum while playing the game when you've edged him for a while now. He's all sweaty from holding himself to not give up and beg, not even caring that his friends are hearing all of his moans and yours too.
“babe—y/n..please” he takes a deep breath with each word, mouthing the last one when he feels himself nearing the edge for the nth time. Jungkook lost count on how many times you stopped him from cumming, his sole focus is to try and win this round. You’re definitely not making this easier but there's no way he'll lose from this early on, not even because of you.
But his chances are gone now that you’ve unbuttoned the shirt that you're wearing, exposing your bare chest to his hungry eyes. Your nipples are perked already and all he wants right now is to squeeze those inviting breasts of yours.
You hear the final click from Jungkook's mouse and he is smiling in relief that his team won this round before throwing his head back as he grips the sidearms of his gaming chair.
He's almost there..fuckfuck but suddenly your mouth and hands leave him, prompting him to whine pathetically, hips bucking up in the air with the lost sensation. He won the game but you still didn't let him cum. No reward from you unlike he expected so now he knows he really fucked up ignoring you earlier.
“well done kookie and congrats boys”
You smirk on Jungkook’s mic while you caress his face, pushing away his hair that's sticking into his forehead, ignoring his needy eyes trying to catch yours until he releases a whimper.
Taehyung: what the fuck you little shit!
Jimin: damn that was so hot..
“yeah, yeah i'm the luckiest. i gotta go”
Jungkook immediately turns off the PC before turning to you but you're faster than him as you walk away from his gaming area, pulling off what you're wearing completely. Your fully naked body taunts him as you walk towards your own bedroom.
“baby, you're really going to leave me with blue balls?”
He whines, calling out to you desperately but you ignore him. You almost gave in earlier when he did those puppy eyes again that's why you blasted instantly. You usually can resist him but needy Jungkook is different. That side of him makes you weak that all you can think of is to do whatever he asks so that's why you're staying away from him for now.
Jungkook had been trying to corner you since you left him but you’ve been very good at avoiding him at all cost. Focusing on the matches helped but after many rounds, his crotch is aching more and more. So he relieved himself a little, intentionally touching his cock outside your room so you can clearly hear him begging for you but you didn't even budge. He’s hoping that you’d come out and punish him at least but you didn’t even say anything from behind the door.
He did everything already, deciding on luring you with your favourite food instead but you still won't come out.
But he’s going to make you. He’s always loved a challenge and you’re aware of that so you should be ready.
You’ve succeeded in avoiding Jungkook by staying in your own room for the majority of yesterday but today you have to go out and restock your mini-fridge. The both of you could’ve shared a room since you’re together anyways but the two of you decided to have individual rooms since you both have many hobbies and needed more space. Jungkook has his gaming, art and sports paraphernalia with the several teams he’s in while you have the same amount of things from your music equipment plus your room’s kind of like a mini dance studio too since you’ve installed glass mirrors on one side of the wall.
Taking a bath on your own seems weird because you’re so used to Jungkook joining you. Though it takes too long for you both to finish every shower session for obvious reasons, you enjoy his company and you lowkey miss it a bit today, almost calling him in earlier to join you. Screw this silly bet but you’ve come this far and still won’t lose to him. And besides, you’re starting to enjoy gaming, perhaps you’ll finally join him in his hobby.
You were almost done with your morning routine and you just finished shaving your crotch area in preparation for the beach day you planned with the girls this weekend when you hear the sound of another match starting on the screen.
the fuck!
Running towards the edge of your bed, you grab your gaming console immediately, ignoring that you’re only wearing a thin sports bra as you're instantly on your stomach to continue the game that you almost missed. There's only one culprit here and you aren't sure how he managed to get in quietly to sabotage your tournament without you hearing him. He couldn’t possibly use the spare key just for this…right?
Jungkook instantly leaves your room as soon as he starts the game on your screen, giddy at how your reaction is going to be. He was trying to contain his laugh but couldn't stop them after hearing you scream in frustration. Jungkook meant for you to miss it not only because of the bet but because he’s getting a bit worried about how you're seriously taking this competition between you two. He barely sees you around the house anymore even though you both have never left since this whole thing started.
You both were very prepared for it, shopping for groceries and other necessities beforehand and even informing your friends that you’ll be doing something important this week. This surprised Jungkook because you actually cancelled going out with your friends which you never do unless it’s necessary. So this is actually a big deal to you just like it is to him. 
Jungkook opened the door expecting to see you in your annoyed face, focusing on the screen to maintain your streak. He plans to tease how you’re gonna finally lose against him.
But the sight that welcomed him made him stop in his tracks.
You're half-naked on your bed. Only in your pastel criss crossed sports bra and he can clearly see your juicy ass from where he’s standing. Like he's being hypnotized by your body, he starts walking closer to you until he reaches the edge of the bed.
You feel the mattress dip from someone sitting behind you yet you never acknowledge Jungkook. You're still pissed at him for practically cheating on this bet. The agreement was to only distract each other, not something like where you could've potentially lost the tournament if you weren't fast enough.
He starts but you brush him aside. You didn't even mean to play half-naked but you had no other choice because you had no time to put on the rest of your clothes. It’s getting warmer already so you've put all your t-shirts and long sleeves that you could've worn in the laundry. You only have your summer clothes so the timing is working in Jungkook’s favour like it always is.
You’re only left with your sports bra because you were thinking of doing small exercises outside as a break before resuming the game. It isn’t healthy that you’ve been spending most of your time playing on-screen indoors but Jungkook just has to cut your plans short for today.
“so sexy..” he whispers mindlessly, hands starting to roam around the globes of your ass.
You’ve been trying to ignore how his touches are affecting you, focusing solely on the game on the screen and you’re still annoyed at him. The problem is, it’s been 2 days since the last time you fucked each other and you’ve been needing a proper orgasm that only Jungkook can give.
His face comes nearer to your body, hovering over you that you suddenly feel his breath on your bare skin. Jungkook’s hands continue to caress your ass cheeks, admiring your curves in his hands. You haven’t said a word yet but your labouring breaths are giving him a sign that you’re getting riled up.
After a while of his constant teasing, you’re getting impatient for him to do something but you don’t want to be obvious. You can’t just give him a reason to tease you more but Jungkook can read already read you like an open book.
“gonna give up baby?” you taunt him, in hopes of getting what you want but he only hums, both hands sliding up your body, cupping both of your breasts firmly through your bra.
Jungkook continues nosing your skin, breathing in the scent of the soap that he bought for you. It’s his favourite and it became yours too after the first time you used it. He traces your entire body softly and you start to quiver, unconsciously leaning to Jungkook and he smirks against your skin.
“i love your ass..”
You feel him move back and then you hear a bottle cap opening so you wiggle your ass out, eager for him to just do anything at this point. You’re being needy now but before you can even look back at him for a bit, Jungkook’s other hand suddenly grips your hips to steady your moving body.
“but i love your pussy more” he licks a stripe on your newly shaved cunt, lingering on your clit a little to suck it while his hands are busy on something else. It must be the lube that you have on your nightstand because you both have been using it for quickies. You do get wet fast but your boyfriend’s big so foreplay takes a bit longer, that’s why sex has been many times better with the lube.
“Kook..this isn’t p-part of the rules-ohh” a loud moan leaves your mouth when he traces his lube-coated fingers around your outer folds, causing you to hiss at the cold and sticky sensation. Jungkook starts mouthing both of your asscheeks while he spreads his fingers around your cunt until he grazes your swollen clit and starts rubbing it.
What he does next makes your breath hitch, almost missing a hit on your opponent.
Jungkook’s mouth reaches your ass, his tongue dragging from your wet folds to your puckered hole. He prods on it a few times, your hips jerking back to him in response. You whine for him to continue but he chuckles as his mouth leaves you, still teasing by not putting his fingers inside your pussy.
“jungkook..” you whine once again, pushing your ass back to him but he grips your hips tightly for you to stay still. “next time...” he murmurs, pecking your asscheeks and you huff because he’s still teasing.
The game’s almost halfway but you’re torn on where to put your attention. Jungkook knows your body like the back of his hands with how long the both of you have been dating so it’s no surprise when he knows just how to make you squirm under his touch. 
"my baby's getting better at this..i'm proud of you"
Jungkook truly is, you didn’t miss any shot and you’ve been hitting your opponents with precision despite his distractions so now he’s going to show you how proud he is.
"time for your reward babe"
He brings down his sweats and strokes his hard dick with the hand that was fondling your cunt, his wet fingers coated by the lube and your essence making him gasp as he guides his swollen tip to your soaked entrance before he pushes in.
“ohmyfuckk” you moan loudly at the intrusion, his cock stretching you out deliciously that your walls are clenching erratically around him. Jungkook loves doing this to you because he knows you love the feeling of it, being full without his fingers preparing you. He used to hesitate in your early months of dating, the caring person he is, always making sure that you're comfortable at all times.
A deep thrust brings you back currently as Jungkook reaches to the hilt, hips stopping for a moment to relish the familiar feeling of your tightness around him. He tosses his head back while caressing your hips lovingly before he looks down at your arching back.
“see? i didn’t need to prep you love, your pussy's so used to my dick anyways” you hate how he manages to sound romantic despite his filthy words but it gets you going every single time.
“..fuck..” you groan as Jungkook starts moving his hips, slowly at first and the loud squelches echoing around the room are mixing with the sounds from the TV. He loves it, loves hearing how wet you get for him, his beautiful girlfriend acing his hobby at the moment.
One of Jungkook’s hands grabs your criss-cross straps, using them as leverage as he increases the speed of his hips. Your body’s been bouncing back and forth as he guides you to meet his thrusts. You’re grateful as this supports your body because you’ve been slowly going delirious despite doing your best to focus on the game. You take a deep breath and are going back on track when Jungkook delivers a sharp thrust, hitting that spot that makes your vision hazy with all the pleasure you’re already in.
“p-please..shit..” Jungkook smiles after hearing your needy whine, his own moans not missing to match yours. Fuck, since he feels you tightening around him, he keeps hitting the same spot until your body seems to decline on the bed, your head dropping with your moans getting louder.
Jungkook looks up at the screen and notices how you’re losing focus so he grabs a handful of your hair and pulls them up when you almost get hit by your opponent.
You shriek at the slight pain on your scalp but you do your best to nod, gripping the controller hard and moving your fingers back as you concentrate on the game once again.
"there, good girl, the best baby" his praise made you clamp around him tighter and Jungkook's lips quirk, knowing very well how much you love hearing him compliment you like this.
It isn't long until you're nearing your end, your legs shaking at the intensity of Jungkook's thrust. You know he's close too, his cock twitching inside you so you start pushing back to meet his thrusts. His other hand snakes between your legs, rubbing your swollen bud as his pace begins to turn sloppy.
Your fingers move frantically, hitting the last member of your rival team in time for the coil breaking in your lower abdomen, closing your eyes shut after seeing the “victory” displayed on the TV screen.
“yesss–ugh” you scream as you reach your climax, dragging your words and slurring more curses as you ride out your high, your upper body flopping to the bed with your one hand dangling on the bed, trying to grip the console to prevent it from dropping to the floor.
“fuck..fuck..baby” Jungkook groans as he reaches his, both hands leaving their previous spot to grip your hips tightly. He sounds so fucking hot, his deep and raspy voice adding to his hurried pounding is making your mind hazier.
“hmm..so good” you moan wantonly, intense pleasure coursing through your whole body. You're helping your boyfriend in riding out his orgasm by moaning more for him, Jungkook does love it when you can't keep quiet while he's fucking you.
“game over y/n” he exclaims breathlessly, his hips rolling slowly while still spilling himself inside you. 
“and i..won” you grin in daze at the warm feeling of his cum, body still quivering even post orgasm as you turn on your lovely boyfriend's amused face.
“congrats babe” Jungkook smiles while biting his lower lip, his eyes still blown out as they meet your playful ones. He turns your body over to face him before leaning closer as he situates his body between your legs without pulling out.
“but you still lost” you tease, running out of breath. The double meaning made you smile in satisfaction. Finally, this bet between you is done and you even won against your skilled gamer boyfriend? now that’s something you can brag about to your girls at your meetup.
“don't care, i can't resist you”
“i know”
“ride me on my next stream?” he pouts, his eyes cutely begging at you.
“you sure you can handle it?” you bit your lip, intentionally clenching around his cock and he hisses.
“doesn't matter since i’ll have your pussy either way..mhmm i love you” Jungkook keeps peppering you with kisses before slowly pulling out, his eyes fixing on the cum oozing out from your sensitive cunt. 
“mhm love y’too..i’m sore” you whine, your eyes slowly dropping paired with a yawn after. You’re truly exhausted with the whole gaming ordeal and the mind-blowing, satisfying sex with your boyfriend. You feel sore everywhere, especially your arms and shoulders that are aching from his brutal fucking but you loved it. Sex has been always great but they've been quick these days because of how occupied the both of you are.
Jungkook finds how adorable you look with how you're suddenly getting sleepy. It’s still endearing to him how you usually get sleepy after showering because it’s the opposite for him. You truly don’t know why you do get sleepy, you just feel light and relaxed that it dozes you off. Add that Jungkook always tires you while showering, you just wanna lay down and sleep. Naps after a shower are the best ones, the only ones that make you feel fully rested after waking up.
“i didn't really care if you win you know” he admits fondly, scrunching his nose as he nuzzles your neck.
“is that so?” you respond sleepily, a small smile appearing on your pretty lips. “yeah, I love spoiling you”, he mumbles against your sweaty skin.
You mutter something of a “love you” as a response, the hand running through his hair is slowing down, letting Jungkook know that you’re on a brink of sleep.
“go to sleep now, we’ll have a picnic date later when you wake up” he smiles affectionately before kissing you on the cheek and you hum delightedly, closing your eyes for a deep slumber.
Jungkook looks at your sleeping figure before closing the door quietly, texting his friends proudly that you won the bet between you both. All he gets as replies are playful threats of stealing you from him and he scoffs, teasing his friends at the possibility of them watching you play instead.
Tumblr media
e/n: it’s been years since i’ve actually played on PC so that’s why i didn’t specify any game on this one nor did i include any technicalities. also this genre’s not my forte so sowy if it didn’t live up to your taste 😬
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redsaurrce · 4 months
Tumblr media
Synopsis : In which he took every opportunity to fuck the daylights out of you.
Pairing : YandereTeacher!jungkook x bully student fem!reader
Genre : smut, high school au
Word count : 4.0K
Taglist: @darkuni63
Warnings : 18+, Profanity, kissing, nipple play, YANDERE THEMES, use of stick and blackboard marker at intimate parts, chewing gum used for sexual purposes, non-con, mentions of licking sneakers, cumming
You licked the lollipop around your plump lips as you pulled it out with a pop, your left boot rested on the shoulders of the boy who tried to flirt with your best friend last night in the party.
"Listen you rat! If you are found to make a move on Arin once again," you looked down at him with threat filled in your eyes, "I'll make sure your father gets kicked out of his job and never get a chance in another company." The boy's eyes flickered and he dropped down while rubbing his hands asking for apology, "I'm so sorry Y/N, I'm very very sorry Arin this won't happen again."
You smirked. Afterall you were the richest kid in your school, who comes from a powerful chaebol family, your grandfather was next in nomination to run for the president. No one would dare harm a single hair on your body because they knew your background, your impact.
It was deadly.
Although you were infamous as a rich snob or the bully, you didn't particularly go on bullying people for no reason. A coin has both sides, people picked up whichever side they wanted to see yours themselves. Some admired you for saving them from other assholes while the others either hated you because
1- they were those assholes
2- well yeah you did sometimes lose your temper over petty things and bullied them
3- simply out of jealousy
But did you really care? Nope!
You were chewing your gum as you took your seat, crossed your legs and took out the biology book and flipped the page to where the lesson was left last day.
God who cared about those cilia and flagella, ugh. You were pissed.
After a moment you saw a person step inside the class who was definitely not your teacher, this man was much more handsome.
You heard the girls in front and back of your desk squeal among themselves, you scoffed. Were they already sold before this man even opened his mouth?
You shrugged off, none of your business afterall.
"Hello everyone I need your attention, today onwards I will be taking your biology classes instead of Mr. Leviski." He smiled, all were swooned.
"I am Jeon Jungkook, nice to meet you my dear students." And everyone chirped in with enthusiasm, "Nice to meet you too Mr. Jeon."
He started reading the chapter while you listened to him with half lidded eyes only waiting for the period to end already.
You yawned, "You there, what's your name?" He said while you kept looking at those big letters on your book which read 'cytoskeleton' . Arin who was sitting next to you nudged at your elbow and whispered, "Y/N he's asking about you!" You saw her from the corner of your eye then shifted your attention to your new teacher. You raised your forefinger and pointed towards yourself, "me?"
"Yes you, what is your name?" He asked you in all seriousness while you were still unbothered. "Y/N, Han... Y/N." You emphasized slowly on your name for him not to ask you to repeat again. But why, to him the way you said your name sounded so seductive in addition to those uninterested eyes? Was he getting delusional? He sighed as he ran his hands through his hair.
"No student is allowed to chew anything in my class, throw it out, now!" And he firmly pointed his thumb towards the door. You almost groaned, lord it was his first day and he was already beginning to get fucking annoying.
You were walking through the corridor and sighed, what a boring day and Arin walking next to you wasn't really helping anything to cope up with your boredom. "Y/N!" Finally she thankfully opened her mouth, "Don't you think Mr. Jeon is too handsome to be a teacher? " nope, you weren't thankful anymore.
"I don't know. But it's true that I don't really want him as my teacher." You said with pursed lips. "Oh c'mon are you still mad about the morning incident? " She pouted.
"Well obviously, he needs to be reminded of his place soon enough as--" Before you could complete your sentence you spotted your mother and father talking with the principal and Jungkook with broad smiles on their faces- something that they never gave to you. Beside them stood your elder sister, most probably receiving praises given how good of a model student she was, also the topper of her class.
Your parents always treated her as the princess when they outright neglected you, you were not much of an attention seeker but it did hurt, it hurt to see that they were capable of loving but you were not the receiver, even once.
You took Arin's arm and turned her around to leave but WAIT! Why was that Jeon Jungkook talking with your parents so happily? Was he trying to secure something? You contorted your eyebrows at the thought that your parents never heed their attention to any teacher, he being new to this school at that was pretty much unsettling to you.
It was another day in school while you walked in the cafeteria, carrying your plate to your seat.
As you took in your third bite, a large thud was heard and your foot felt something hot.
"Holy fucking shit! My favorite Fendi sneakers!! " You screamed in anguish as you looked at the curry spilled over them.
You glared at the girl sitting on the floor who had tripped and caused this havoc, you stood up in front of her. "Lick them clean bitch." She cried at the venom-filled words you spat but that was only adding to your anger.
Jungkook entered the cafeteria and he witnessed the scene, in anyone's eye it was evident that you were bullying just another student.
His eyes turned dark, he needed to teach you a lesson.
"Y/N!" His voice echoed throughout the silent cafeteria as it was silenced by your scream.
You groaned, which motherfucker had the audacity to interrupt you?! You turned to see that handsome annoying face once again.
"Follow me to my office, now!"
Fuck! You cursed under your breath.
He looked at you with his dark lustful eyes while you stood at a corner near the door, "Open your shirt" He commanded as he flipped through the register kept on his table.
You sighed, "Mr Jeon can you be specific? I didn't get the reference. "
"I never made one, it is what I told you to do- open.. your.. shirt." Your eyes went wide, the fuck?
You blinked and then scoffed, "What will happen to you if this gets out? Have you ever thought of that?" He sighed as he kept the register aside, "Of course! Who do you think the world would believe? A bully or a sweet teacher? It takes a matchstick to start a fire Y/N and that fire will only burn you, not me." He shook his head with a smirk.
You grit your teeth, "I will tell my father! Do you even know who I am?"
He chuckled, "A spoilt brat whose father wouldn't even care even if she died?"
Your expressions changed completely, clueless of how he knew about it and also scared of what advantage he might take of that information.
"You didn't expect me to know that right? Too bad! Now kneel down and open your shirt, don't make me repeat again." He said casually sitting back on top of the desk in his office.
You hesitantly kneeled down, your hands shaking while opening your shirt. A pink bra with white lace, how cute!
He stood up and went to close the door, "Now open that bra." You clenched your fist in anger, what kind of a punishment was this?
He sighed, "if I repeat the sentence once again I'm gonna kick you out of this room without the shirt." Fuck! You'd be embarrassed to death if people saw you like that.
"Alright then let me repeat again, Y/N open-" and before he could finish you hurriedly opened your sports bra with your boobs bouncing off by the speed you opened them.
He grinned. "Keep your hands off them." He took his stick and tapped on your arms which you brought up to cover your breasts.
You gulped as you removed them. What a good girl! And in an instant he opened the camera on his mobile and it went- snap! Your eyes filled up with absolute horror. "Relax, I won't do anything with the photo as long as you obey me." He smirked.
He then traced the outline of your boobs with the end of the stick which then he pressed on the nipple, pressing them inside. Your face was morphed in pain, you were trying your level best to not stand up and run away from him.
He came closer and sat in front of you, the stick pressing deeper.
"Y/N today onwards you must obey my words and if you don't do so then I'll upload the pic on the anonymous bulletin board of the school." He then removed the stick and stood up. "Put on the clothes back on."
Ever since that incident two days ago, you made sure to avoid Jungkook at every cost, even in the classes you tried to remain as inconspicuous as you could.
You were walking down the stairs while chewing another gum as you felt a little stabilized, your breath hitched as you heard your name, "Y/N come to my office." You knew that voice very well, it's engraved in your head like a tattoo since his sentences kept ringing in your head again and again.
Your heart thumped loudly in your chest as you opened the door.
"Everytime you enter this room, you must open your shirt and keep it inside my drawer. That's the protocol you must follow otherwise your photo will be on the anonymous school bulletin the very next second." He said while not looking up from the paper bundle kept beside him on the table.
Your eyes flickered, just why was he doing this to you? You hesitantly opened your shirt and passed by him to keep inside his drawers. "Now stand in front of me." You followed his words.
"Alright, how many chewing gums do you have?" He asked you and you put your hand inside your pocket to count them. "Three, sir." He hummed at your response. "I told you earlier that no student within my eyesight should be caught chewing anything." -- hold on, that's not what he actually said.
"But sir you said--" "sshh no buts!", he continued, "Lets play a game, the rules are that once you will blow the bubble gum and when I hear it burst with loud pop, I'll let you go. Remember one chance per bubble gum." He had his typical half crooked smile.
You fished out one pack of gum.
That should be easy, very easy for you. You nodded and tore the packet of gum, but to your surprise he slid down your sports bra before you could react, your eyes went wide. "S-sir?" He smirked, "Did you think it would be that easy? Now now, go ahead, chew that gum and pop it off if you can." He held your waist to bring you closer and his mouth attacked on your boobs.
The .. hell?
You grabbed his hair as you tried to be stable, you needed your mind to calm down. Meanwhile the man was truly getting more excited at the tight grip on his hair. You thought if that's the condition then you should quickly blow the bubble gum.
You started chewing-- fuck! He started softly chewing on your nipples as well, it took you a moment to realize that he was copying your chewing movements, he chewed on your cherries the same way you chewed on the bubble gum.
Then you quickly extended your tongue to allow the gum to be blown up, he copied the same action with his tongue lapping aroud your nipples in circles. When you tried to blow air in the gum, he sucked very hard on your hardened bud. Shit! You clenched your teeth and thus you failed to properly blow it!
One chance was gone, two remaining. "It's ok I can certainly pull it off this time" You mentally noted.
You went for second chance and saw him shift to your other breast, repeating the same actions- chewing your nipple while opening his shirt and then he opened his pants.
Fuck you needed to be quick! When you were once again sticking out your tongue to blow it up, his hands slid inside your skirt.
Fuck fuck fuck you needed to rush, you quickly blowed air and as soon as you did it, he harshly pinched your clit making you gasp and the bubble gum fell out of your mouth.
Damn it! Second chance was gone too!
He kept smirking as he removed his saliva dripping mouth from your breast, "Last chance or else you will be sucking on my dick till night, understand?" You whimpered, "y-yes sir."
"Good girl!" He smiled as he kissed your bare stomach which churned inside you. "Now onto the last gum." He said and you took it out.
You opened the packet and saw him kneel down, you were confused but his next action threw you in swirls of disgust. He lifted your short skirt and pulled down your shorts and then pulled down your pretty pink panties already soaked from the sensations he made you feel a few seconds ago.
You gulped and then took the last bubble gum inside your mouth, as expected, his mouth was now on your vagina, chewing your pubis like the way he was chewing your boobies moments before.
Your mind went hazy, you were rapidly cumming inside his mouth and he enjoyed every bit of it. For a moment you had even forgotten how to chew because the feeling was overwhelming. You regained your movement and once again stuck out your tongue. Jungkook squeezed your ass as he pushed his own tongue inside your opening. You whimpered but this time you were determined, no matter what, you will blow it with all your might.
And you did! You squeezed your eyes when blew air, the pressure also made twice your cum come out which filled up Jungkook's mouth deliciously. He moaned at the flavour when he heard POP! Ugh he went easy on you!
You pant for air, mind screaming in victory. He was disappointed at himself for not going a bit more hard on you and he hated it.
He stood up, "Well I think from now on whenever you'll chew bubble gum, you will be reminded of today!" He smirked, "And if I catch you again chewing them, I'll make sure you won't be able to get out of this room."
You went to your class all drained out, you sat on your seat and sighed. "You okay Y/N?" Arin asked you with worried eyes as you had missed a period already. "I'm not." You said before putting your head down as the bell rang.
You were peacefully resting when you heard students greet the teacher who just stepped in.
"Good afternoon students!" Your eyes shot open while recognizing the voice, it was him. Even though his voice was cheerful, you felt nothing but nauseous.
No! You sat up straight immediately because anytime you gave him room for to find flaws in you, he made sure to use it like a wild animal.
He smirked when he spotted you quickly sitting up like a good student, a good girl! He smiled as he looked down at the book.
"My goodness his smile looks so gorgeous, I wish he could step on me while smiling like that." A girl whispered who was sitting behind you and you wanted nothing more than to puke on her.
After finishing the portion of male and female genitals he announced, "Alright class I'll take a test on this portion tomorrow so be prepared alright?" He smiled to the students before walking out of the class. Ofcourse after seeing you, you who was deep in thoughts. He smiled to himself.
No matter how much you tried to focus, the things that happened in Jungkook's office kept flashing in front of your eyes, making you lose focus from your chapter again and again. You didn't even know whom to ask help from- hold on, your sister! She can explain.
You went and stood in front of her door to knock but instead you heard your parent's muffled voices. "So you're saying you want to marry his brother instead?" That was your mother's voice.
You scrunched up your nose, marry? You pressed your ear on the door tightly, "He already is working love, he will also become the future CEO! His brother is still in your school, not to mention in your class- don't be absurd Han Yoo-in." And that was your father's voice.
Well enough of eavesdropping, you walked quietly back to your room. You pondered over what you just heard, was she getting married to a potential CEO against her will?
Guess not all princesses get their lovers and also guess you can't really receive any help from your sister today. Sigh! Gotta do it yourself!
Next day you gave the test, honestly you did try your best reading everything clearly and answering them on the paper, yet you knew that you might have made a lot of mistakes.
Jungkook saw that on your paper - a lot of mistakes and he chuckled to himself. But he knew how to teach his little girl well.
A girl tapped on the side of your desk, "Y/N, Mr. Jeon wanted to see you in his office after school."
Fucking shit!
Your face immediately grew pale, was he going to punish you for the test now?
After the bell rang indicating that the school was finally over, everyone was walking out of the door gleefully except you, who needed to be present elsewhere. Honestly you saw this opportunity to run, but that would only come to bite back in your ass.
You slowly creaked his door open while your hands were practically shaking while pushing it. He glanced at you and then he went through the papers, he pulled out an answersheet, your answersheet and he clicked his tongue.
You kept your bag down and followed his protocol, opening the shirt to keep inside his drawer near which he was sitting on his chair. "Y/N open the shoes, come here and sit on the table in front of me." You took small steps and sat on the table facing him.
He kept your feet covered in socks on his thighs and spread your legs apart, you weren't even surprised anymore. "Hmm now the paper you've given in carries a lot of mistakes, we need to fix them, right darling?" Did you see this coming? Yes. Did you see the new nickname coming? No.
Your eyes flickered to your answer sheet which was covered in red all over, but you didn't do that bad if you recalled.
He opened your skirt and then slid down your panties, at this pointed you allowed him whatever the hell he was doing.
But to your surprise, he opened his drawer and brought out a black whiteboard marker and opened the lid with his teeth. He leaned in closer to your vagina and then took the marker to mark on your body part, "this is labia majora. "
You gasped, what in the actual fuck? Then he spread open your opening with his other hand, "this is labia minora. " He said as he looked up at your bewildered expression.
Then he kept the marker aside and tickled your another part with his middle finger, making your thighs trying to get close. "That's hymen."
Then he leaned in and ran his tongue all across another part, you clenched the edges of the table, "That's clitoris."
He then stood up and opened his shirt, unbuckled his pants and opened his underwear as well. "Come sit here Y/N", he gestured at the spot in front of him where he was standing, you gulped as you stood up with your wavy legs and went to sit down where he told you to, "Now look up!"
Fuck! He adjusted closer and now you were sitting right beneath his dick, which was already erected.
He began, "This is penis, now I will tell you the parts then when I ask you the questions, make sure you answer right because if you get the question wrong even once, you know the consequences better." His gaze darkened.
He took the marker and opened its cap once again, "this is the glans penis, this goes urethra, now the parts inside are epididymis which is...." He went on and on, rather quickly for your hazy brain to catch up.
"Alright we are good, now one right answer earns one kiss on my penis but the moment you can't give the right answer, you will face your punishment." His lustful gaze hovered over you as you were sitting there like a beautiful fairy you were, the floor already getting wet with your pre-cum, oh he couldn't wait for you to give a wrong answer.
To his surprise, rather to your own surprise as well, you were actually giving correct answers, not like he would complain when he saw you give him kisses on his dick, he seriously loved it infact, your soft plump lips, no he needed to kiss them himself.. right.. Now!
So on purpose he asked you a difficult question, your eyes went wide, "sir you never explained that?" His lips threatening to form a smirk, "no sweetheart, if you paid enough attention in your class you would have certainly gotten the answer correct. Now... prepare for your punishment."
You felt your brain switch off itself, you were terrified at what was coming, "Alright stand up!" As soon as you stood up, he pressed you to the nearest wall as he harshly kissed your lips while both of his hands working to open your bra.
When they fell down he used the opportunity to grab your boobs and thrust his penis inside your vagina. He kept playing with your nipples like turning a switch on and off.
You felt hot in your stomach and your spine getting those electric shocks running down. He detached his lips after biting at one corner of your lower lip then he moved on to the neck. "Soon we will be doing this on our bed baby" He said and once again got back to biting your neck.
Our bed? "O-our bed sir?" You were losing it, literally. "Yes baby, we will marry each other. Also call me Jungkook from now on my love, we will be husband and wife soon!"
The fawk he was saying?
Your nails dig on his hair as he pulled you up against the wall, he sucked on your pussy, "Yeah I will become the CEO of Jeon Pharmaceuticals two months later and your father had agreed to marry his daughter to me." He smiled wide, "No one can separate us Y/N baby."
"W-wait! CEO? Then w-why are you tea-teaching?" You managed to ask him between your moans and whimpers.
He chuckled, "I came here to experience a tough and challenging environment, what place would be better than a high school for that, oh and also to see my future wife as well." What the hell? Why did you never knew about your marriage- wait a damn minute, was he the one your father was talking about marrying to your sister?
Bad enough, because Jungkook thought that daughter would be you.
And you both thought that you were alone in the school so he didn't even bother to close the door. You were wrong, someone did witness both of your activity the entire time- Jungkook's stepbrother Taehyung.
Tumblr media
Hmm.. thinking to make a part 2 perhaps? Do give me motivation for that if u want, which is by giving *cough* feedback *cough* (pls) 🥺💖
Update: I've decided to make a part 2 less go!!
Update: Lesson 2 is out now!!
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explicit-tae · 3 months
Starring Role
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jikook x camgirl! Reader
Genre: smut, pwp tbh,
Word Count: 5,363
Warning: dirty talk, camgirl, voyuerism, squirting, sex toys, threesome, fingering, oral (m & f receiving), unprotected sex,
Description: Jungkook regrets introducing Jimin to your content. You're his favorite camgirl (and the only one he watches rigorously) and he would've never thought he would be head-to-head with his best friend. The contest? Win a night with you.
Tumblr media
"Hyung stop it!" Jungkook hisses at his laptop, facetime open to see a determined Jimin. "I'm the one who introduced you to her content! That means I'm the one that deserves to win the contest!"
"That doesn't make sense, Kookie." Jimin rolls his eyes with a scoff. "It's a contest and I'm going to win it."
Jungkook groans, vigorously continuing to fill your inbox with multiple coins - that transfer into money - and he only knows Jimin is doing the same.
Jungkook was a man and like most men, he enjoyed the idea of porn. He wasn't a fiend - only watching it when he found it absolutely necessary. He wasn't one to exceed 5 minutes, either, and opted to find a video that would make him cum fast.
It changed when he found you. He was scrolling through pages of a random porn site, attempting to find the right video to watch. Suddenly, you popped up. He never usually clicks such ads, but you appear inviting. The link took him to a different website - your website. Quickly, he viewed an array of pictures that you allowed for free and he was hooked.
Worship Angel - and worship you Jungkook did.
Jungkook never paid for porn before. However, your website had him hooked that he couldn't help but want more. There was only one free video attached as a free trial - a 2 minute video of you riding a bright blue dildo like your life depended on it. He couldn't move his eyes away from how your pussy - wet and creaming - gripping around the dildo. It took him 5 seconds to wrap his hand around his cock and pump along with you.
It was embarrassing. Jungkook bookmarked your website and went back nearly everyday to the pornographic video. He memorized the sound of your moans when you came around the dildo. There was so many times he could watch this same video without wanting more - so he became a subscirber.
Jungkook doesn't regret his decision in subscribing to you - the first 3 months being 50% off and the following months 70,000 won. He didn't mind paying it, especially with all the content you gave. Pictures, gif's and videos - even livestreams! You had chats where you spoke to each subscriber and a private chatroom that they could enter for a small fee. Being awkward, Jungkook never entered, but he wasn't opposed to it.
Day by day, Jungkook finds himself entering your website. He turned on your notifications the second week when you had posted on your website that you'd be going live. He nearly died when he joined the livestream with a thousand other subscribers - the amount of money he tipped was insane. Each livestream he tuned in and watched - no matter where he was. If he was at work, he'd lock himself in his office with his airpods and muffle his sounds. If he was out and about with friends, he'd make an excuse to go to the nearest restroom - or leave all together.
This was one of the reasons why Jimin found out. 
One too many times Jungkook would scroll through his phone, widen his eyes and excuse himself. Over hangouts, dinner and even when they were shopping. He could never understand what Jungkook was doing until he peaked his eyes over his phone and caught you - legs wide open and pussy on full display. He notes how Jungkook stops scrolling on his phone to admire the photo. Before Jimin turned his head away, he made sure to catch the name of the website.
Worship Angel.
It didn't take Jimin long for him to subscribe to you. His favorite content of yours were the livestreams - the different toys you used, the slutty costumes and themes you went along with. He admired the way your pussy clenched around the array of dildos you used and how wet your clit got when you turned the vibrators on max. 
"I've been subscribed to her longer!" Jungkook suddenly screams over the phone. 
"If that's your logic then her first subscriber should win the contest." Jimin replies sassily. 
It was just yesterday when both Jimin and Jungkook got the same notification. 
New Notification from Worship.Angel: Hello, loves! I've been thinking of ways to give back to all my subscribers and what better way to thank you all than...having my lips wrapped around your cocks? 🥰 I'm currently hosting a 'Fuck a Fan' event. One of you can meet up with me and make a video together. It's up to you if we upload it or not! Fill out the form attached to this post and follow the correct protocol and we'll see who wins! Good luck, loves! I can't wait to fuck you 💗
That email alone had both men hard and it wasn't long until two forms were sent to your inbox - along with thousands of coins being sent and soon transferred to your bank account. 
You were well acquainted with these men - they were big spenders. They bought items off of your wishlist often and sent tips whenever you went live - or even on random days when you weren't posting. You were intrigued by them and were positive that they were wealthy - how else could they spend thousands on you a week and then some?
You aren't sure what their actual names are or if their account names were a form of their own - Kookie and Jiminie. Those were the only two names that stood out to you in the sea of comments that flooded through on your livestreams. It was a pattern - they'd be the first two to join and call you beautiful and ask of your day - the only two to do so. They would tip you, starting with Kookie sending a large amount, and Jiminie sending the same or sometimes larger.
Again, it was a pattern. With the amount of money they sent you - though appreciated - you understood that both men had to know one another. Even now as you scan through the forms sent by both men, attached with a picture id and STD report no later than a week, you were sure they were well acquainted and possibly even fighting for your attention. 
Your mouth salivates at the picture ID's - they were young and gorgeous and their names were similar to the ones on their account. Park Jimin, a year older than you and a dance choreographer (that excites you, because all the dancers you've met had a way within the bedroom). Jeon Jungkook, self-employed photographer and videographer, a year younger than you. 
The last type of men you were expecting were two young men such as them - having no need to pay you for sex or even pay to watch what you do. You would be lining up with hundreds of girls to just get a piece of them - so in the end, it was safe to say that it was difficult to choose just one. Maybe it was selfish of you to ignore the other hundred requests coming in and just focus on these two men - but who wouldn't?
Your eyes opened the forms once more and eye their ID's when a smirk forms onto your lips and an imaginary light bulb blinks virgiously above your head. 
Worship Angel: Hello loves! 💓
Jimin hears the familiar notification go off from his phone. He had just finished his sandwich when he hears it - he knows it came from you because of the personal notification sound he set. 
Gulping, Jimin unlocks his phones and goes towards the app - a new one you created to be closer to your subscribers. He's never felt so seen before and it was easier than having to log into his account each time on the browser. 
Hundres of messages come through the public chat forum, all saying how sexy you were and they wished they could fuck you. Jimin rolls his eyes, he had more class than that. 
Jimine: Hello, Angel. 🥰
Jimin scans the few comments and glares at a familiar name.
Kookie: How are you, Angel? Hopefully you're feeling well today. 💞
Jimin scoffs. Jungkook was such a kiss ass. He clicks the little coin button next to the chat.
Jiminie sent 120,000 won to Angel.
A few miles away in his own home, Jungkook snickers. "Fucking simp." he hisses as he witnesses the notification on the chat. 
Kookie sends 150,000 won to Angel.
tig_bitties: Not these two motherfuckers again. Can you guys let us have our moment? Not all of us have money to waste. 🥺
Jiminie: Then leave.
Jungkook: Right. Why are you here??? It's called WORSHIP Angel for a reason! 🙄
Jiminie: Dummy.
Jungkook: Broke boy! 🤣🚩
You giggle at the comments. Unbeknownst to your subscribers, you could add anyone as favorites. That meant that whatever comment they posted would always show at the very top with a little star by their name - the same list Kookie and Jiminie were on. 
Worship Angel: I've decided on the winner of the 'Fuck a Fan' event. I'll be going live in 10 minutes. Don't miss out!
Jungkook flips Jimin off in the facetime, camera pointed at his face. 
"You think trying to one up me is going to make you win the Fuck a Fan contest?" Jimin smirks at his dongaseng. 
"She doesn't need a man the same size as her fucking her." Jungkook scoffs. 
Jimin widen his eyes. "Take that back."
It was ridiclious to be arguing with his best friend over fucking you - a camgirl who also had hundreds of other requests. Jungkook wouldn't be upset if he lost to anyone - but losing to Jimin? Unacceptable. If there was any chance that Jimin won against him, he'd have to make sure he didn't go. He had no guilty conscience in popping his tires if he needed to - that's just how serious Jungkook was about this. 
Yet and still, Jungkook and Jimin did bond over you. Their other friends didn't know the extent of just how fascinated they were with one woman. After every livestrream, Jungkook would text Jimin and asked what he thought about you squirting on the camera and Jimin would go on and on about how hard he came and soon they'd be discussing you for hours. 
Maybe it was a little obsessive - but they were men and who doesn't discuss porn with their friends? 
Jungkook sees the notification banner on his phone and clicks in in seconds. You were going live. 
Jimin does the same thing - apartments down in his own bedroom. He licks his lips when his eyes scans your figure in the skimpiest lingerie. Said lingerie was a bright yellow color and mesh - your erect nipples peeking through. 
Jungkoom moans when you playfully open your legs. You bring two fingers into your mouth to suck it. You bring them out of your mouth with a pop and rub them over your bare clit - the crotchless panties you wore made them easier. You spread the lip apart and Jungkook nearly dies by just how wet you were.
"Hello, loves!" your sweet voice sends shivers through Jimin's spine - you sounded just like an Angel. "The fuck a fan event is tomorrow. I can't wait to fuck you..." Jungkook wastes no time in throwing off his sweats and underwear and spitting into his hand, having no time to grab any lotion.
Besides you is the rubber sex toy - the torso and dildo that you enjoyed fucking because it always drove your subscribers wild pretending it was them. Besides said sex toy was your vibrator, a bright pink one that was one of your favorites, the power it held in such a small device was incredible. Your eyes skim over the comments, smirk on your lips when you see Kookie and Jiminie - your top subscribers. They funded your lifestyle completely and you made a mental note to do something special for your top subscribers - they should have a more exclusive access.
Jimin watches as you take hold of the torso. A string of saliva drips from your lips and atop of the tip of the rubber dildo - your hands cupping around the length of it and stroking. 
Jungkook is already pumping his cock, no regrets even when you haven't done anything yet. 
"I should tell you all about the Fuck A Fan event but I just can't wait..." you pout your lips cutely. You lift yourself up, grasping the vibrator as you plant both feet on your bed, camera on full view. You gently bring yourself down onto the cock, moaning as it enters you. 
Kookie: Take your time, Angel. We'll wait for you! 💞
Your eyes read the words from Jungkook. You turn on the vibrator, the buzzing sound being heard throughout your room and into the lives of hundreds of others. You slowly lift yourself from the dildo to crash down again. "Thank you, Kookie. You're always so patient with me."
Jungkook roughly pumps his cock in his hands, shaking his head. "Oh shit..." he hisses. The sound of his name coming from your lips has him over the edge and damn how he wanted to hear it again. 
Jimine sends 300,000 won to Angel.
Jimin just wants you to say his name the way you said Jungkook's. It wasn't fair!
"Thank you so much, Jiminie." you moan, pressing the vibrator to your clit as you continued to ride the cock like your life depended on it. You could see them when you close your eyes - it was easier to put a face to the name that was Kookie and Jiminie now that you knew who they were - and all you could think about was having them fuck you while one held the vibrator.
Jungkook cums in his hands, no matter if you moaned Jimin's name or not. Your pussy is making such filthy noises and you look beautiful - remarkably so. He's breathing heavy, hooded eyeslids not leaving his phone screen. Usually when he cums watching videos, he'd turn off the porno and feel ashamed - not with you. No matter how early you made him cum on himself, he'd always remain until you were done livestreaming, tipping in between. 
Jungkook sends 370,000 won to Angel.
Kookie: You're so beautfiul, Angel. 😍
Jimin: You truly are. Thank you for gracing us with your prescence! 🥰
Jimin cums when he hears you release a high-pitched moan. His hands were warm and sticky but he could only sigh in relief. His forehead was dripping with beads of sweat and he was still trying to catch his breath. 
You looked towards the camera, positive that Jungkook and Jimin were watching, and smirk. "I can't wait to fuck you Kookie and Jiminie." you moan right before squirting, lifting yourself up from the dildo and releasing it all over your bed. 
Jungkook stiffens while miles away Jimin covers his hand - freshly clean - over his lips and gasps. 
You bid your goodbyes with a small smile and wave - even giving a little wink to the two men who you knew were watching you. You've made it clear that you desired both of them if anything. You've never had more than one man before - the idea of being dominated by two sends shivers down your spine.
You go onto your laptop to make corrections and to thank a few people for watching and spending their hard-earned money on you. You then go into the app settings and click on Kookie and Jiminie's account.
"You think she was mistaken when she said our names?" Jungkook asks.
"Maybe. We are her biggest tippers. Maybe that's what she meant?"
Jungkook nods. "Maybe you're right." he murmurs - yet and still, he couldn't get it out of his mind. He was jittery when you turned off the live and he wasted no time in facetiming Jimin.
You hit save and smirk. Now all you had to do was wait for them.
Jimin widens his eyes when he sees the notification bannering his phone. "Do you-"
"Yeah." Jungkook gulps. He presses the notification.
Worship Angel has added Jiminie and Kookie to Premium Plus Membership! Membership includes all-access to Angel herself with video calls, exclusive videos and pictures!
Jungkook grunts over the phone while Jimin bites his lips. He re-reads the message highlighted in green three times before he speaks.
"All access..."
"Exclusive videos and pictures..." Jungkook continues.
Both men squealed like school girls.
Jungkook scrolls through the exclusive pictures and videos in awe. Not all of them were sexual - some were selfies of you. He admires them nonetheless. Though he's seen your face on livestreams, you rarely show your face when you post pictures and even videos.
Worship Angel: Congradulations on winning the fuck a fan event, Jungkook and Jimin, as well as being added as Premium Plus members!
Worship Angel: Premium Plus means I spend exclusive time with you two more than Premium Members. You have access to more variety of pictures, videos and even on one - or two - video calls. Are there any questions?
Kookie: Thank you so much!
Jiminie: If you don't mind me asking...how does this event work when you chose both of us?
Jiminie: Thank you for choosing me!
Worship Angel: No problem, my loves
Jimin feels his heart pumps with excitement.
Worship Angel: I've looked into you two and assumed you both knew one another. Am I wrong?
Kookie: Unfortunately you're not
Jiminie: You're jealous
Kookie: Of your height? Never. 🤣
You giggle - they definetly knew one another.
Worship Angel: Whatever makes the two of you comfortable. We can meet one on one
Worship Angel: Or you can fulfil my dreams of having both of you. It's your call! 😘
Tumblr media
"What do you want to do?" Jimin asks Jungkook over the phone. Today was the day of the Fuck a Fan event and to say he was neverous would be an understatement.
"She said she wants both of us." Jungkook shrugs. He sprays a few pumps of his cologne and licks his lips. "I'm down with it."
"You are?" Jimin furrows a brow. He's never had sex with one than one person. Obviously, he won't be doing anything with Jungkook - but having the younger be there is what terrifies him.
"Yes. You're my Hyung and I'm comfortable around you." Jungkook smiles. "Better you than a random old man on the street."
Jimin chuckles. "You're right, I suppose." he murmurs.
"Are we riding together or..."
"We can ride together. Make it easier." Jimin nods. It would die down the growing awkwardness he was feeling of Jungkook and he had a chance to talk on the way there.
"Come outside then, loser." Jungkook says, he's already honking his horn. He was caught in his own thoughts that he hadn't realized Jungkook wasn't in his room any longer and indeed outside his apartment.
On the way there, Jimin couldn't help but use the Preium Plus to his advantage. The entire day you were adding pictures and videos - showing off the lingerie you wore; claiming you wore it for them. His nerves were kicking in and having the chance to meet you was astonishing him.
Having the chance to fuck you...
Jimin shudders.
Jungkook kept his cool, yet his mind was swirling as his hands grip the steering wheel. All he can think about is having you beneath him, on top of him - even on top of Jimin. Your admition to wanting not just him, but his Hyung had him hard at the thought.
Jimin hears a notification - the personalized sound tells him that it's you.
Worship Angel: I can't wait to be on my knees for you guys
Worship Angel: It's making me wet just thinking about it...
Jimin closes his eyes to take a deep breath. Another plus of being part of Premium Plus - you talked directly to him and Jungkook.
"She's going to be the death of me." Jimin says aloud.
Jungkook snorts. "Can't handle it already?"
Jungkook bites his words now more than ever at the site of you in front of him. When he arrived at the address given to them, he had made sure he looked presentable before getting out of the car. The home sat on the edge of a long road, the last house of it. Before him or Jimin could knock on the door it opens - and he sees you wearing nothing but thong panties.
Jimin chokes and Jungkook finds it hard not to stare. He begins to blink, his eyes attempting to keep them on your face.
"Hello." you smile at them. Your hands - soft at the touch - gently grasp Jimin's then Jungkook's. You tug them inside and Jungkook closes the door behind him. "You seem nervous."
Jimin takes a deep breath. "Not everyday I get to be in the presence of such a lovely woman."
You giggle. "Really?" you tighten your grip on their hands. "I would think such men like you would have women lining up to suck your cocks."
It was Jungkook's turn to chuckle.
"Or is it just me?" you ask, turning to face them. Both men stopped dead in their tracks, and when you don't get a response you smirk at them. "Are you guys thirsty?"
Jimin nods. His throat was feeling dry and he could no longer stop himself from trailing his eyes down your body.
You bring them into a large room - Jungkook recognizes it immediately as the room you do all your livestreams in. The large round bed with satin sheets lay in the middle of the room. On your nightstand he sees all types of toys - dildos, vibrators and even plugs.
On the corner of the room, there's a camera and Jimin is sure this is how you record your content. He licks his lips as he examines the room - water bottles littering the table with even some bottles of alcohol.
"I figured you two would be nervous. Would Liquid courage help?" you grab ahold of a bottle of whiskey, furrowing a brow.
Jungkook nods.
"Before I hand it to you." you say, opening it and pouring three shots. "I want you two out of your clothes and down to your underwear."
Jimin doesn't hesitate. There's something about a woman demanding him to do something that makes his cock hard.
Jungkook follows soon after and sweetly, you smile and hand them the shot. "We're recording now. It's up to you two if you want to show the Premium members or keep it for just our eyes only." you lift the shot glass in the air. "You don't have to decide now. Cheers."
"Cheers." Jungkook and Jimin says in unison.
It happened in a matter of seconds - Jungkook taking his shot with you to you forcing Jimin into the bed to watch as you went down on Jungkook.
Jimin was once embarrassed - this was his donsaeng. But the way you wrapped your lips around Jungkook's cock and proceeded to gag was enough for him to wrap his hand around his own cock. Jungkook's head was pushed back and he twitches as you throat his cock - curses being released from his throat.
One thing for certain, you were going to have fun. With such fine men in your home, you wouldn't hesitate to have both of them - Jungkook's cock now hitting your throat as you massage his balls satiates you. Your eyes flicker to Jimin who has his eyes on you, cocking being pumped roughly in his hands.
"Shit." Jimin moans after witnessing you release Jungkook's cock from your lips and spit on it.
"I want your cock now." you look straight at Jimin who only whimpers needily.
Jungkook shudders - you were amazing. He's unsure how long it's been since his cock has been deepthroated - but he knew well enough that no one would compare to you. He turns his head to find you, ass in the air, as you proceed to suck off Jimin.
Jungkook bites his lip. Without thinking, his hand flies out to slap your ass roughly. You squeak against Jimin's cock, but Jungkook doesn't stop. Your ass was so slapable and the amount of times he wished he could do just this...he was going to have his fun.
Jimin, eyes hooded, witness as Jungkook removes the thong. "You're soaking through these." he chuckled. Jungkook was more confident and it showed. "You're already dripping on the sheets, Angel."
Your scream is muffled by Jimin's cock when you feel a warm tongue lick against your clit. Jungkook proceeds to lick along your clit, encouraging you to ride his face as he does so.
The site was truly something straight from a porn. You were now pumping Jimin's cock as Jungkook eats you out, hand occasionally slapping your ass. Jimin bites his lip. "You're sucking me so good, Angel." he whimpers, head pushed back.
Jimin didn't want to cum - not without feeling your pussy around him first. He yanks your head off of him. He pulls you away from Jungkook, who groans, and flips you to your back.
"Isn't she beautfiul, Kookie?" Jimin asks, marveled at the sight of your naked body wet beneath them. "I want to see her squirt."
Jungkook smirks and nods in agreement.
Your legs are being pushed open, both men between them. Jimin's mouth connects to your clit while Jungkook's fingers enter inside, curling. He wastes no time in pumping while Jimin proceeds to lick your clit sloppily - head bobbing back and forth and eyes up at you.
Your hands squeeze your breast at the sensation. You were a single woman who made a living in sex work. You only ever had sex by yourself - so to have two men catering to your needs is astonishing. Two experienced men at that.
"You're just a whore who needed to be stuffed, huh?" Jungkook shakes his head, hand pumping inside of you - determinded not to stop until you squirted like he wanted you to.
"She tastes good." Jimin huffs. His hands come beneath your knees to hook them up to your shoulders. The new position allows Jungkook to go even deeper - all the while Jimin licks at your clit as if it was his final meal.
"I-I can't handle it!" you moan out, shaking your head. "It's too-"
"We'll stop when you cum." Jungkook ignores your protests. You were soaking his hand, the creamy substance was dripping down his wrists now.
You twitched and jolted, eyes fluttering. It was too much - you thought it would be easy with these two men but you were mistaken. Now that they loosened up and were comfortable, they were completely animalistic.
"I-I'm cumming!" you shout suddenly, shaking your head. You could feel wet hot tears on your cheeks.
"Bitch is cumming so hard she's crying, hyung." Jungkook darkly laughs, pussy clenching around his fingers. A few more thrusts and you do just that - liquid shooting out of you and on the bed and their chests.
Jimin rubs your clit hastily with a nod of his head. "You're so wet, Angel. The wettest pussy I've ever seen."
You're trying to catch your breath, fingertips clenching your silk sheets. "I need someone to fuck me." you pleaded.
"How do you want to fuck her, Kookie?"
Jungkook imagined fucking you a million ways - but now that he was here with you, all he can think about was watching your ass bounce against his cock.
You feel Jungkook turning you around, bringing your ass to the air. You're so wet that he's sure he can slide himself right into you.
You yelp when you feel him - he's thick and filling you so well. "I want both of you to fuck me." you begged, opening your mouth wide for Jimin to enter his cock into you.
"Who knew you were so dirty, Angel." Jimin grasps your chin, bringing your lips to his cock.
"Ready, Hyung?" Jungkook asks, hands tightening around your waist.
Jimin nods.
Jungkook fucks into you rapidly, his eyes unsure where to land. Jimin was a different person - not the same caring and shy man he usually is. His hands tangle themselves into your hair as he thrusts inside of you. His thrusts were no different - skin slapping and gagging moans could be heard around the room.
A truly filthy scene.
You're still crying - happy tears. Lustful tears. Jungkook was fucking you too perfectly that you were sure by the end of this, you'd fall in love and end up stalking him. Jimin would be the same - the way he's thrusting into you ensures you that he knows exactly how to fuck.
"I want to cum on this ass." Jungkook slaps your ass - then again, and again and again. He wasn't going to last long - your pussy was just too wet and warm for him. One thing for sure - he'd remember this day up until his very last breath.
"Please cum on my ass." you choke out when Jimin releases your lips from his cock, refusing to cum just yet. "You're fucking me so good I'm going to cum again."
Jungkook's fingernails dug into your skin, he wasn't going to last with you moaning for him. He quickly pulls out of you and pumps his cock in his hand right above you.
You feel the warm substance on your ass and you sigh, head hanging. You could no longer hold yourself up, chest feeling tight. You've came twice already - and will be cumming again soon with Jimin.
"Damn." Jungkook falls back against the bed, eyes fluttering. He doesn't remember the last time he came that hard.
"Your turn." you lift your head to look at Jimin. Shakily, you tug him onto the bed. You were going to ride him like your life depended on it.
Jimin lays on the bed with you hovering above him. How many times had he watched you fuck yourself on camera wishing it was him?
Today it will be him.
Jimin hisses when he feels your walls around him. How were you so tight? The way Jungkook fucked you, he'd thought you would've been too tired to ride him.
Your feet are placed flat on the bed, hands laid loosely on his chest. You're crashing down on him, each time sending shivers up your spine. You feel him deep inside of you and with this you'll be coming soon with overstimulation.
Jimin is a mess, shaking his head with clenched eyes each time you crash against his cock. You were too tight and too wet for him to not act this way. He holds onto your waist, gently rubbing it.
"I can't believe how good you both fucked me." you murmur, leaning down so that your lips were near his plump ones.
Jimin opens his eyes, staring straight into yours. He thrusts into you, matching your pace, fingernails gripping your waist now. "Yeah?" he asks cockily. "I've wanted this pussy for so long."
Your hands grip his neck tightly, eyes narrowing. "Show me how much you wanted it, Jimine." you tease him.
Jimin does just that.
Your moans turn to high-pitched screams with the way his fucks into you. You're no longer moving, just hovering above him as he whispers dirty thoughts into your ears.
Jimin feels your pussy clench - months of watching you fuck yourself, he understands you're cumming. He admires the way your eyes brows knit and you begin to shake and tremble in his embrace. "Cum for me."
Jungkook regains consciousness in time to find Jimin pushing you saway and cumming on your stomach. He rubs his eyes just when Jimin lays besides you, breathing heavy.
Jungkook lays on the other side of you and releases a satisfactory sigh.
Tumblr media
@silversparkles11 @seokjinkismet @bloodline1632 @darkuni63
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toobsiereads · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
➻ 𝐎𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐯𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐥𝐲 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐝. 𝐈𝐭 𝐤𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐦 𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝.
˗ˏˋ 📫꒰ 𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬: 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 | 𝐧𝐚𝐯𝐢 ꒱
[ 𝐅𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟 | 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐭 | 𝐒𝐦𝐮𝐭 ( 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐝𝐧𝐢.) ]
Tumblr media
still with you by @worldwidemochiguy
milfed by @personasintro (link to teaser)
cardio by @kaiseuphoria
oh my ghost by @mingoyeob-archive
fuck me better by @bangtangalicious
Lights, Camera & Action by @imsadstuff
Bad Omega, Sweet Omega by @helenazbmrskai
cake by @jigglyjeon
fatal attraction by @yoon2k
serendipity by @sopebubbles (also pjm x reader)
day by day by @hansolmates
fight for you by @ahundredtimesover
begin by @taegularities
the big cats by @breakiebunny
crazy by @personasintro
Through His Lens and Her Ink by @go1denjeon
colour me in by @taegularities
exile by @playmetheclassics
ROCKSTAR 101 by @jeonjcngkook
This is how we break by @ahundredtimesover
four seven eight by @jiminrings
Snow laughing matter by @taleasnewastime
kintsukuroi: sweet treat by @jeonjcngkook
Liars and Fire by @kpopfanfictrash
fast forward by @aquagustd
this time around by @alternateafterthought
bad karma by @noteguk
platinum panther by @arcticmarshmallow
aren't we all sinners? by @yoon2k
so perfect by @bangtangalicious
está dañada by @aquagustd
Please Love Me... by @ahundredtimesover
competitive side by @yoon2k (also knj)
payback by @noteguk
mate by @7deadlysinsfics
Handlebars by @kookieswan
complete stranger by @kimnjss
angels like you by @aquagustd
new cravings by @breakiebunny
plaything by @mono-moonchilds
‘Tis The Season To Be Horny by @evafrechette
until you were mine by @jeonfrvr (link to teaser)
closer by @bonny-kookoo
The Conqueror by @aajjks
safe by @leefics
ancient history by @seokjinish
abundance by @xenizaation
Symphony by @kookiecrumb
quiet kid by @bonny-kookoo (university!au )
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Tumblr media
↳ Index [Day 20 - Gunplay]
Pairing: Gangster!Jungkook x f.Reader
Kinks: Dom!Jungkook, sub!Reader, arranged marriage, gunplay, oral to a gun, big cock, praise, body worship, nippleplay, strength kink, size kink, tattoos & piercings, thigh riding, spanking, dirty talk, sexy possessiveness, multiple orgasms (f.&m. recieving), creampies, squirting, overstimulation, rough & passionate sex in front a window, she rides him, the trope of “this is the first night where the sex feels real and not like a marital duty”
Wordcount: 10.4k
a/n: i feel...feelings. too many of them. most of carnal nature. some of deeply emotional nature. this story did too many things to me, holy fuck i need air. besties, Kinktober hits different because we can be totally unhinged together and i am loving the adventure ❤
Tumblr media
You fucked up. You are aware that you did. Five men are dead, slaughtered because you trusted the wrong person. Seven barely escaped death and the rest were either hurt or pissed. 
Taehyung’s with you, cleaning the cut on your cheek a broken bottle left. You think someone threw it at you, but you blacked out before you could see who did it. 
“Hurts”, you groan. 
“I know, sorry. It must be done”, Taehyung answers you, replacing the blood soaked cotton swap with a new one. Soaked in disinfectant, he presses it against your wound, eliciting another hiss of discomfort from you.
“So what are we gonna tell him?” Jimin asks the question the rest of the group was too afraid to ask. 
“The truth, what else?” Namjoon says dryly, fingers busy with stopping the bleeding on his arm by pressing a cloth to it.
“Yeah and risk her getting shot? Nah thanks”, Seokjin says, shaking his head. 
“People died”, Namjoon hisses, eyes lowered in anger, “Yoongi’s still out and guess shit about how Hoseok’s surgery is going.” 
“She didn’t shoot them did she?”
“She could have very well pulled the fucking trigger.”
You avoid looking at Namjoon, knowing very well that he would probably kill you with just a look if he could. You understand him. You’re angry at yourself as well. You weren’t careful enough and let the details of the meeting meet the wrong people, ending in the cops busting you in the middle of the deal. 
“Where is she?!” Jungkook’s loud voice cuts through the air like thunder.
Your stomach twists in fear. He’s back.
“Oh fuck”, Seokjin gasps, looking at the opened door and regretting not having closed it. 
“Where is she? Where’s my fucking wife?” Jungkook screams outside.
You exchange a panicky look with the others. 
"Is she in there?" Jungkook spits, voice sounding as if he is just by the door.
“Sir wait, they aren’t done-“, one of your guards stumbles into the room and falls forcefully. 
“What the hell?” Jimin exclaims, staring at the groaning guard.
Seconds later the reason for his fall appears in the door frame. 
Jungkook. Black hair messy, eyes dangerously dark in anger and tattooed knuckles bruised from the punch he just threw.
“Don't fucking talk to me like that, cunt”, he spits at the guard.
“I-I'm sorry Sir”, the guard stutters, holding his aching cheek.
Jungkook rolls his shoulders and lifts his head, eyes running over the room and landing on you.
They lower in anger, head tilting to the side in this distinct almost hunter like manner Jungkook always gets when he is in the mood for carnage.
“You wanna fucking tell me what happened?” he hisses, voice calm but you know better than to trust it. You know what Jungkook does with traitors and you are currently the main suspect for the leak.
“I didn’t know Yeonseok would leak that shit”, you say. 
“Don't give me that bullshit, you knew exactly what kinda fuck he is”, Jungkook spits. 
“I didn’t. Listen. I really didn’t. If I had, I’d have shot him.”
“Bullshit. You’re working for them. Ugly fucking undercover pig”, Jungkook growls, reaching for the side. Hidden behind his suit jacket and strapped into a belt, his gun is waiting to be used.
“Hey Kook”, Jimin’s on his feet and in front of Jungkook instantly, “I believe her. She didn’t know Yeonseok was the snitch. We thought Lee would leak the shit, but he got shot. Nobody suspected Yeonseok, especially not ___.”
"I don't believe this", Jungkook growls, taking a step closer with his dark eyes never leaving your face. Jimin stops him, strong hand on Jungkook’s heaving up and down chest and muscles tensing under the turtleneck.
“Think”, he insists, “why would she work for them? The fucking pigs killed her brother, the last thing she'd do is kiss their fucking boots.”
Jungkook fights Jimin, lips curled back in an angry huff of air.
“Let alone betray you. She’s your wife. She chose you, didn’t she?” Jimin adds, finally managing to change Jungkook’s gaze from you to him. 
His hand slips from his gun, he stops fighting Jimin. Now standing still.
“She didn’t choose shit”, Jungkook spits and pushes himself away from Jimin. He walks to the door in heavy steps, “clean this fucking shit up once you’re done”, he hisses. 
“Where are you going?” Seokjin asks. 
Jungkook looks over his shoulder.
“Making sure Yoongi’s got someone with him if he decides to actually bite the dust”, he spits, eyes landing on you for one last deadly look, “fucking shitshow”, he whispers and turns to leave. 
The front door slams closed seconds later. 
“Well fuck”, you press out, sinking in on yourself, “thanks man.”
“Don’t mention it”, Jimin answers you, currently helping the guard back up on his feet.
The air is tense in the room. You all know very well that this wasn’t over yet. 
Tumblr media
The penthouse is empty when Jungkook returns. Safe for the guards out front, everyone else left. 
You didn’t. Obviously, because you live here even if the downstairs was poisoned by work. Upstairs maybe a little bit of home was present. Stuff like memoirs or sweet pictures of you and your husband weren’t present, but at least the lingering stench of blood, drugs and metal wasn’t present upstairs. 
You don’t know if you loved your husband. You are pretty sure he doesn’t love you. Your marriage is a business contract between two wealthy crime families, making sure their money gets secured. You accepted, Jungkook accepted and that was the story of your love. Sex was okay because he's obsessed with perfection and that goes for sex too. Passion or tenderness obviously wasn’t present during those moments, because Jungkook sees sex as much of a task as his other things. Torture, fighting, murder, bringing in money with little loss. Those things have to be calculated and follow a certain pattern to be perfect in his eyes. The same goes for sex. Intimacy wasn’t present either, safe for the moments where he walked around naked in front of you or told you to show off a set of lingerie for him, but that was only because you were married and he saw those acts as duty. Romance was present once. You remember it clearly. It was a Sunday. The 16th of July two years ago. The sun was warm and the organisation was quiet for once. Jungkook took you out for ice cream that day and told you that he thought the dress you wore was pretty. You saw him smile that day and thought that he almost looked innocent when he smiled. You never saw him smile again since that day.
You don’t know if you loved Jungkook and you know he didn’t love you. But that was okay because you didn’t expect him to.
Tumblr media
You were sleeping when Jungkook came home. You wake when he has already showered. He is sitting by the foot end of your bed, legs spread and arms resting on his thighs so he can make his lower arms tangle between them. He is shirtless, giving view to his tattooed torso. His lower body is covered by a towel, his hair is tied into a messy bun. He is overlooking the city. The Empire, which one day will be his' with you as the ruling Queen by his side. That is if he doesn’t decide to murder you tonight.
“Husband?” you try quietly, hoping for a moment that he won’t hear you. 
He inhales loudly, straightening his back.
“Go back to sleep”, he says coldly, eyes never once breaking away from the city. It looks so small from your bedroom window, but this is only an illusion made by just how high up you are.
You often walk in on him jerking off right by the windows and with his hand in a punishing rhythm. Jungkook fucking loves standing by the windows and getting off to how small and tiny everything looks. The king standing on his throne and looking down at his suspects. He fucking cums like crazy to that thought.
“How is Yoongi?” you ask him.
“Alive for now.”
“That's such a relief to hear”, you say honestly.
“And the others? How did the surgeries go?”
“Good. They’ll all live.”
“That’s amazing, I’m so relieved right now.”
You sit up to crawl to him. You snake your arms around him, making him tense up and lift his head proudly. You aren’t wearing much more than panties and a bra. Not very comfortable, but you thought that maybe if you dressed yourself in Jungkook’s favourite set tonight, he won’t kill you the instant he laid eyes on you. It seems to be working, given how you are still breathing. 
The little clothing results in your naked stomach coming into contact with his naked back. His skin feels cold in comparison to yours. 
“Tae and Jin captured Yeonseok. He tried to take one of the boats to flee to Jeju. Did you hear?” you tell him.
“What will happen to him now?”
“Why? So you can save him? Well, too fucking late. I already skinned the bastard. Cut off his cock too, made him eat it cause it’s what lying fucking pigs deserve”, he says almost nonchalantly. 
You feel your stomach twist in disgust. You mask the gag you wanted to do by inhaling deeply, dancing your hands to Jungkook’s sculpted pecs. You don’t really want to touch him right now, this is solely to fight for your life.
“That's good to hear”, you whisper, kissing his shoulder, “I would have done far worse to him.”
“Tzt yeah sure”, Jungkook scoffs, moving away from you.
You study his face as best as you can see it from this position. His brows are creasing, eyes as dark as the night and lips turned downwards into a frown. You rest your chin on his shoulder, hands coming to rest on his pecs. His heart is racing like crazy in his chest, letting you know that despite his calm exterior he was in utter distress inside. You rub slow circles on his skin, making him react by flexing his pecs because his nipples are sensitive and the touch is affecting him.
“I'm loyal to you, husband”, you say, trailing your kisses to his neck, “please believe me.”
Jungkook rolls his head to the side, exposing his neck to your lips. You kiss his skin. He tastes like hints of his cologne. Smells like it too. 
He keeps on staring out at the city, lips pursed in anger and eyes cold. 
“And I’m loyal to the organisation. It’s all that matters to me”, you say, taking his pierced ear between your teeth to nibble on it softly.
Jungkook closes his eyes, relaxing his brows. You don’t see it happening as you are too busy licking and kissing his piercings. You know that he’s into that shit.
“I'd suffocate you”, he rasps.
You try not to falter in your kisses, hoping that he can’t feel your heart speeding up in fear. 
“I'd want you struggling and fighting for life. I'd do it with my bare hands to feel your last breath leave you.”
Only now do you notice the gun tangling from his fingers. Did he bring this here to shoot you? Are you currently kissing your murderer's neck? Is that why his heart is racing? Because deep down he is nervous to kill his wife, but he knows that he has to?
“That's how I'd kill you if you ever betrayed me”, he says, eyes flitting to the distorted version of your bodies in the window’s reflection. Him towering over the city and you holding him close. The image could be beautiful if the air wasn’t so tense and you cared so very little for each other. He locks eyes with you. 
You gulp, barely controlling your breathing. This is it. This is the moment you’re looking into death's eyes.
“How's your cheek?” Jungkook however asks, flustering you.
“It's… it won’t scar”, you say, stumbling back when Jungkook turns. 
He pulls you back by grabbing you by your chin. He moves your head from left to right, dark eyes glued to the now bandaged cut on your cheek. 
“Did you see who did that to you?” he asks. 
“No, it happened way too fast.”
“Mhm”, Jungkook brushes his thumb over the band aid, “thank fuck it missed your eye.”
“Uh..yes…I guess…”
One must know that stuff like genuine worry for each other, affection and concern were nonexistent in your marriage. It is important to know so one can understand why you were so entirely flabbergasted by your husband’s concern right now. Jungkook never cares. Did seeing Yoongi almost die tonight affect him so much that he is becoming affectionate now? Or is this his way of saying goodbye before he finally kills you? 
Jungkook pulls you closer, making you gasp and squeeze your eyes shut in fear. His strong hand lands on the back of your head.
His kisses your bandaged cheek.
Your breath trembles as it leaves you.
Your eyes open quickly, locking with his’. They are still dark, racing between yours and looking almost hypnotising from the close proximity you and him find yourselves in.
Jungkook moves in and kisses your lips as he keeps on staring at you, fingers tightening more and more on the back of your head.
You sigh shakily, squeezing your eyes shut because you can’t bear to look into his eyes when his lips claim yours so angrily. His teeth bite your lower lip, his tongue licks over it, his lips suck harshly. You reach for him for support, nails scratching down his arm as softly as possible.
The kiss breaks, strings of saliva keep you connected but they break just seconds later, now covering your skin. You peel your eyes open, meeting his unfaltering gaze. Your hands slip from him again.
He can see the uncertainty and confusion on your face, but he won’t call you out on it.
“You and your loyalty are mine, don’t forget that”, he rasps.
“I won’t”, you whisper, “and I never did”, you add just in case it wasn’t clear to him yet.
Jungkook slips his hand from your head and turns back to the city. He is playing with his gun mindlessly, eyes racing over the millions and millions of lights down below. You are sitting, daring not to move let alone breathe. The air shouldn’t be so tense anymore, but it is. Jungkook cared for your cheek, kissed you and told you his version of an I Love You. You don’t know what is happening. This isn’t your husband.
You let your eyes flit to the reflection of your bodies, coming to the scary revelation that Jungkook wasn’t staring at the city, but at you. He twists the gun in his fingers, making the safety click once.
You gulp. Now you understand. This was his goodbye. His last attempt to be affectionate before he shoots you.
“I’m sorry”, you whisper shakily, eyes burning in tears.
Jungkook acknowledges you with a cock of his right brow, outlining the inside of his cheek with his tongue. He lowers his head, eyes locking on the gun. His thumb runs over the cold metal, his jaw clenches.
“Stand up”, he finally says.
You follow with shaking knees, biting down on your tongue in order not to start sobbing.
Jungkook grips your wrist and tugs you right in front of him. You try not to squeak, let alone breathe too quickly.
He lets go of your wrist once he is happy with your position, placing both his hands on your waist. The coldness of the gun feels unbearable on your skin, digging into your flesh and leaving deep shivers behind.
He dances his hands up your torso. His thumbs are on your tummy, tracing the pearl netting which is spanning itself over your upper stomach.
You don’t dare to look down, eyes glued to the mirror behind your bed. There was another mirror right above your bed because Jungkook is obsessed with watching himself when you fuck. He also fucking loves it that you have to stare at yourself when he’s got you on your back, folded in half and with his huge cock drilling into your puffy pussy.
Jungkook leans in, connecting his lips with your tummy.
You can’t stop yourself from gasping or flinching for that matter. You bite down on your lower lip to stop more noises from slipping out of you, shifting your gaze even further up the wall just so you can’t accidentally look down at him.
His tongue darts out just to lick a thick stripe up your stomach until the position naturally breaks the contact.
Your skin prickles where he licked it, the air of the room feels ice cold while your body is burning up. All of this isn’t your husband. All of this swerves so far out of the patterns he made up for sex and you don’t know what that means.
“You’re so fucking sexy”, he rasps, lifting his head and realising that you aren’t looking at all. He furrows his brows, clenching his jaw. Why aren’t you looking? You are supposed to look when he’s worshipping you.
“Get on your fucking knees”, he orders in a growl.
You follow instantly, folding your hands on your lap and looking at the ground. Jungkook tilts your head up with the gun under your chin, forcing you to lock eyes with him even if that was the last thing you currently want to do.
“Why are you avoiding eye contact?” he asks, pupils dilated in anger.
“I-I…I’m sorry”, you stutter, widening your eyes for good measures.
Jungkook studies your features and your body. You carry fear in your eyes, your thumbs fumble with each other secretly, your thighs are pressed together in nervousness. Jungkook looks at the gun under your chin and understands.
He pulls it away and with a press, releases the magazine. It falls into his palm. He twirls it between his fingers and shows it to you. 
Your eyes widen in shock.
It’s empty.
Jungkook presses the button to let you know the barrel was empty too.
Your eyes flit up to Jungkook’s face, racing restlessly in an attempt to make sense of all of this.
Jungkook slams the magazine back into the gun and takes your face between his fingers. He tugs you closer, leaning in to meet you in the middle.
“This isn’t your fucking punishment, get that outta your head”, he hisses.
“O-okay”, you stutter, feeling your heart skip a few beats from having him so close. His breath smells like minty toothpaste.
“You think I’m gonna shoot you? Like a coldblooded murderer?” he squeezes your cheeks, “I told you how I’d kill you, didn’t I? You think I’d not already have done it if I wanted you dead? That I’d let you sleep while I was taking a shower? No”, he moves closer, brushing his lips against yours to whispers darkly, “if I wanted you dead, you’d already be dead. Wife.”
“Oh”, you press out, shoulders sagging in relief and eyes spilling tears. He forgave you. Jungkook forgave you. You aren’t going to die tonight. The gun is solely a prop in some sick play of power and sex.
Jungkook wipes your tears away with a rough thumb, taking your cheeks back between his fingers afterwards.
“Don’t cry. I’m not gonna hurt you. You know that I don’t do that”, he whispers softly.
"I know", you get out, sniffling like crazy to get rid of the desire to sob.
"Good", he says and with one push to your lips feeds you his thumb.
You suck on it instantly, having done so a thousand times before. That shit is familiar to you. Having to suck off Jungkook’s fingers is a routine to you.
You were so ready to do it for minutes, but Jungkook already pulls out after nothing but five eager sucks, leaving you to chase him with a trembling sigh.
He straightens up and pulls the gun back into your vision. He holds it tightly, positioning it right between his thighs in a way so that the barrel would face the ceiling.
“Suck it like you’d suck my cock”, he orders.
You hesitate, looking up at him with confused eyes.
“Did I stutter? Suck my fucking gun”, he hisses, placing his hand at the back of your head to push you closer.
You eye the cold gun, gulping nervously. You know that it was empty and safe, but the thought still scares you. Sucking his cock is easy because his shape is familiar to your lips and tongue. But the gun is new. He never asked you to do that before. Of course he didn’t, because it wasn’t part of the pattern on normal nights.
Jungkook tightens his grip on your head, giving you an impatient push. There is no going back. You scoot closer, placing your hands over his’ and lowering your lips to the gun. You kiss the tip first like you would do his cock, feeling his fingers twitch on the back of your head. You can’t see it but Jungkook is staring down at you without ever blinking, frowning but with his chest heaving up and down quickly.
You close your lips around the barrel and sink down slowly.
Jungkook exhales loudly and opens his thighs just slightly, acting as if you finally took in his cock. Even his fingers tighten on your head.
The gun tastes weird. Metal and grease. You are pretty sure that you shouldn’t have those things in your mouth, but you won’t say anything. You slip off of it for a catch of breath, getting pushed back down instantly.
“Don’t stop”, he orders in a rasp, moving your head up and down slowly, “fucking suck it like you mean it.”
You moan for him, squeezing his hand. Your eyes are squeezed shut, your breathing is ragged. You don’t suck on it like you would his cock, merely letting the barrel glide over your tongue. It hits the back of your throat with each movement, tickling out your gag reflex more and more.
“There we go, so fucking good”, Jungkook rasps above you, staring down at you with blown-out pupils. Your lips look so good wrapped around the black metal. They move so nicely as you fuck your face with it.
The barrel is a lot smaller than Jungkook’s cock. Both in length and in girth. It is an easy task to have it in your mouth, even if the square shape and hardness is something to get used to. Other than that however, the size in itself isn’t all that bad. Sometimes when you suck Jungkook’s cock, your jaw hurts afterwards because of his size, so the gun is a welcome change. Even if the taste needs some getting used to.
It hits the back of your throat and finally triggers your gag reflex. You gag loudly, slipping off of it to prevent the worst case scenario. You wheeze and gasp for air, swallowing heavily.
“You sound so sweet”, Jungkook lulls, caressing the back of your head, “lick it for me.”
You place your tongue at the base of the gun, brushing against his fingers accidentally. Jungkook takes a deep breath in reaction, moving his hips in a slow squirm. Just once and then he is in control again.
You moan as you finally drag your tongue up the barrel, licking it as if you were licking the big vein on the underside of his cock. It feels so different than when you do it to him. Hard metal, unmoving unlike his vein which is always pulsating and throbbing when you lick it. You miss those sensations, craving them against the tip of your tongue.
“There we go, that’s it”, Jungkook whispers, voice shaky in arousal, “lick the tip, go on.”
You follow, swirling your tongue over the tip and moaning oh so hungrily.
“That’s it, fuck”, Jungkook tenses his thighs, relaxing them in a tremble, “such a good girl, fuck.”
Whimpering, you press the flat of the tongue right against the tip, grinding it back and forth quickly. Jungkook fucking loves when you do that to his tip, reacting with a sharp intake of breath now that he watches you do it to the gun.
“Fucking amazing, that’s fucking amazing”, he praises, voice raspy and just slightly lulled, “feels so fucking good, doesn’t it?”
You mewl, nodding your head. And you mean it. Maybe it’s Jungkook’s praise and the utter pleasure in his voice, but licking his gun is starting to genuinely feel fucking good. You dig the tip of your tongue into the bullet hole, eliciting a deep growl from Jungkook.
“That’s it”, he whispers breathily, hand slipping from the back of your head to cup your cheek, “fuck, that’s it, doll.”
The nickname sends heat to your pussy. Honestly moaning, you take the gun back inside, letting it sink into your mouth until you can feel it at the back of your throat. It is a lot more difficult to get it inside than Jungkook’s cock. Not because of its size but because of its unmoving character. Jungkook’s cock bends, no matter how hard and swollen you’ve gotten him, there is still a slight bend to it, which makes it easier to get it inside. But the gun doesn’t bend, forcing you to bend yourself instead to get it inside.
You keen, dropping tears onto your cheeks. A needy shake courses through  you, your left hand slips from his hand just to grab his thigh instead. His skin is hot as fire, his muscles are so hard under your palm. You squeeze desperately, whimpering around the gun. Somehow holding his strong thigh is helping you stay grounded. Maybe it even soothes you.
“Such a good girl”, Jungkook praises, slipping his hand back to your head. He grabs a bundle of your hair and twists softly, “Is that tasty? Mhm? Do you like how my gun tastes?”
You break away from it just to gaze up at him, almost forgetting what you wanted to say to him in the process because of his cock. You look at it for just a second too long. Completely hard and swollen, it’s standing against his toned stomach, having escaped the towel. It is even leaking, tip looking so wet and sticky. Holy fuck. Your pussy clenches around nothing. Holy fuck, he’s so hard.
“I…” you clear your throat, breaking your eyes away from his cock to look into his eyes, “…I love it”, you whisper shakily.
Jungkook drags his thumb over your cheek to wipe the tears away, eyes lowering in arousal.
“Yeah? You love it? More than my cock?”
You gulp.
“Tell me.”
“N-no your c-cock’s better”, you stutter, hoping that this is what he wanted to hear.
Jungkook lets out a breathy chuckle, lips curling into a cocky smirk.
“That’s what I was hoping you’d say”, he rasps, squeezing your chin softly, “take off my towel.”
You scramble to your knees and reach for the knot. Jungkook rests back on his hands, having the drool covered gun resting beside him for now. He watches you with a quickly moving chest as you undo the knot and pull the towel open. Not that a lot of new stuff gets exposed because of it, give how his cock’s already been freed before that. Only his neatly trimmed pubes and heavy balls see the new light of the day, hypnotising you.
You may not love Jungkook and, hell, Jungkook may not love you, but the sexual attraction you both feel for each other was sometimes unbearable. Jungkook’s a sexy, attractive man, even if he sometimes scares you. He never hurt you in your years together, so you have no idea why you are scared of him, but you are. You are scared and so goddamn, achingly attracted to his body.
Especially tonight, because Jungkook is disregarding every single pattern you established over the years and that shit turns you on like nothing else.
“There we go, good girl”, Jungkook praises, straightening back up. He cups your cheek and makes you look up at him.
You swallow heavily, hands falling to his thighs just so you can hold something of him.
He smiles.
Jungkook fucking smiles.
For the second time ever since you’ve became his’, Jungkook is showing you his smile.
And it’s flustering you so much that your breath actually hitches in your throat.
“You’re such a pretty girl”, he whispers, tracing your lips.
You exhale shakily, feeling your head pound from those overwhelming feelings in your chest. Jungkook is smiling. He called you pretty. Jungkook called you pretty and is smiling. Holy fuck.
“What’s wrong?” he asks, studying your frown and glassy eyes.
“Nothing”, you barely get the word out.
“Mhm”, he hums, smile slowly fading into a relaxed expression. He lets go of your cheek just so he can dance his hand down to your throat to hold it as gently as possible, “I want you to take off your bra.”
You reach behind yourself without hesitation. Jungkook keeps your eyes on him not through force but through sheer attraction. Your heart’s racing like crazy.
The clasp opens easily. You tug the straps from your shoulders and let the piece of clothing fall onto your lap.
He looks down at your newly exposed chest, slipping his hand from your throat for it.
“Hm”, he hums, nodding his head with a frown on his face. It’s the same frown he gets when he likes food.
Jungkook places his hands over your tits, making you arch your back just to chase him. His palm is slightly callused from fighting, but his touch is tender. He gathers them and squeezes strongly. The sensation crawls down your body and makes your pussy so goddamn wet in your panties.
“Pretty”, he rasps, moving his fingers over your tits until he can pinch your nipples, tugging at them until you whimper. He smirks lazily, massaging them as his eyes flit back to your face just to take in how your lips part in a gasp. “you’re the prettiest, baby.”
“Kook”, you whimper, hands sliding to his inner thighs and eyes burning in new tears. It feels so good to be called baby by him. He only did that during your ice cream date and ever since that day, all you ached for was for another repetition of the nickname.
Jungkook dries your tears with the back of his hand, eyes softening slightly.
“Why do you keep crying, mhm?” he asks.
“I, I don’t know”, you stutter, sniffling like crazy.
"Do you not want me to play with you, mhm?" 
"Please don’t stop", you breathe, meaning it honestly.
“Mhm”, he hums and gives your cheek a soft pinch, “stand up for me”, he orders.
You struggle so much. He’s got you so weak that you don’t want to get up. So he helps you, placing his strong hands on your waist to tug you to your feet. He stands up as well once you’re safely on your feet, holding your waist and stepping closer. Like this, he is towering over you, making you lift your head just so you can keep looking into his eyes. He doesn’t feel scary right now. Just strong and like he’d protect you from the world. The feeling is so foreign to you that you want to scream, but you can’t bring yourself to produce any other sound that soft whimpers and shaky intakes of air.
“Now you wanna keep looking at me, don’t you?” he speaks softly, eyes racing between yours.
You nod your head.
“Touch me, baby”, Jungkook whispers.
You place your hands on his chest, eliciting a shaky exhale from him.
He steps closer, hands sliding down to your hips to pull you into him. His head tilts down, nose brushing against yours.
“There we go”, he breathes, “do you like how I feel?”
“Yes”, you sigh, meaning it honestly.
“Baby”, Jungkook whispers, cupping your cheeks to pull you into a deep kiss. His head is tilted to the side, his shoulders are lifted to his ears, his lips move slowly yet desperately against yours.
You stare at him in shock. He’s got his eyes closed. Jungkook’s got his fucking eyes closed as he kisses you. The kiss is real to him. He’s actually feeling it.
“Fuck”, you press out in a shaky sigh, hooking your arms behind his neck to pull him close. Your eyes fall closed and your tongue finally chases his’ in a slow yet needy rhythm.
Jungkook moans, slipping his left hand from your cheek just so he can snake his arm around your waist and press you against his chest. Naked tits against naked pecs. Hot skin against hot skin. Cock against your stomach and hearts beating quickly in both your chests. All of this so far away from the patterns, that they aren’t even on the same map anymore. And you fucking love it, dragging your nails over his undercut until you touch his bun. With sloppy tugs, you open it. His hair falls down in messy waves, getting gathered and twisted by you.
Jungkook keens almost needily, lifting you easily. He isn’t just working out to be ready for whatever fight his life throws at him. He never did it before, but all he’s thinking about it lifting you when you’re both naked and lost in a kiss. Your weight makes the muscles in his arms shift and tense, abs flexing right against your pussy. Jungkook loves how you whimper into the kiss and how small you seem to make yourself just to fit into his arms easier.
Your legs snake around his waist, squeezing it tightly. You hate that you’re still wearing your panties. All you want to feel is his skin against your pussy. You’re so fucking into him right now. You need him like crazy.
The truth was that Jungkook is so goddamn vulnerable tonight. He is shaken to the core from everything that happened today, aching for affection he is very well aware you probably have to work very hard for to gather for him. He’s aware that you don’t love him, even if he can’t imagine his life without you. And today he had to. He had to imagine how life would be without you, because he almost lost you to a misunderstanding. He was so angry at you at first and so goddamn hurt. Not you, he thought, not his fucking wife. His heart broke when he heard that you were the one leaking the details, because that meant he had to kill you. Then it ached in confusion when he had to decide whether or not he could still trust you, all while he had to be there for Yoongi. The man, he considers as his own fucking brother. He came home, exhausted from crying over Yoongi way too much and skinning the real traitor, expecting you to have fled, only to see you sleeping in your shared bed and if Jungkook hadn’t been so dirty from murdering Yeonseok, he’d have climbed right into bed with you just to hug you against his chest. Your refusal to flee, even if that meant that he could potentially kill you, was all the proof he needed to know that your loyalty for him never faltered.
And now he’s a mess. Going from anger, heartbreak, confusion, worry and relief left him so goddamn needy for affection. He’d never tell you, because he possibly couldn’t share his feelings with you, but he fucking aches for you like nothing else. Even if it’s just pretend from your side.
He walks to the big windows, pressing you right against them even if that makes you gasp from the cold. The kiss still doesn’t break however, only deepening as your limbs seem to pull him closer and closer. Jungkook presses himself against you, moaning right with you as this makes your pussy press against his cock. He rocks his hips slowly, forcing his cock to glide between his stomach and your clothed pussy.
“Fuck”, he croaks, lips faltering in the kiss.
You chase him, moaning his name.
“I need you”, he gets out, cockhead grinding against your clothed clit and making your fingers scratch down his undercut.
“Need you too”, you answer him.
There is a chaise lounge to your right. Jungkook takes the necessary step and sits down on it, right on its edge. Your body hits his lap, hips chasing his muscular thigh in a needy roll.
He lets the kiss break for the sake of looking at you. His strong hands are on your thighs, your knees are on each side of his hips. His eyes are half-lidded and heavy in arousal.
“Lift your hips”, he orders and you follow.
Jungkook hooks his fingers in your panties and twists the fabric. In one rough tug, he’s got them ripped from your body, leaving behind burning skin and a racing heart. 
“Those were your favourites”, you whisper.
“Doesn’t matter”, he dismisses you, throwing the ruined panties on the ground. He grips your hips and pulls them back onto his lap. He rocks them back and forth slowly, making your wet pussy grind right against his thigh.
Your breath trembles, fingers twisting in his long hair. His skin is so soft and hot, his muscles are so defined.
“You’re already dripping”, he says, voice deep in arousal. He wanted to get you wet on his cock and now has to live with the knowledge that you’re already wet for him. He’s so fucking into you, it’s insane.
“Yeah”, you sigh, chasing his thigh desperately.
“Fuck baby”, he presses out, gripping you by the back of your neck, “get on my fucking cock. Now”, he growls, pupils dilated to the point where his eyes appear black.
You follow without hesitation, lifting your soaked pussy from his thigh just to shimmy up his lap and align yourself with his cock. You grind your hole against his tip twice and then Jungkook squeezes your hips in warning, eyes lowering dangerously.
You let yourself drop.
“Oh”, you croak, head falling against his shoulder and body trembling. He’s so fucking big. It’s stretching you out so much.
“There we go. Take that cock”, he rasps, rubbing the small of your back soothingly.
Inch by inch he’s gliding into you, making you feel fuller and fuller. He barely manages to bottom out, eliciting the shakiest moan from you. He growls against your skin, hands slipping to your ass to squeeze it angrily, “that’s it. Your pussy’s so fucking good. Move.”
You circle your hips slowly, whimpering into him and trying to close your legs even if that is impossible in the position and only ends with you squeezing his hips. You feel like bursting.
“Jun-Jungkook”, you get out.
“Yes, baby?” he asks.
“You’re, you’re so big.”
“I know”, he tilts your hips differently to make the breach a little easier, “do you like it, mhm?”
“Yes”, you mewl, meaning it honestly. He may be a lot and he may make you feel like you’re being ripped in half, but that shit feels so good. It feels amazing on normal days and feels like paradise tonight. You don’t want to stop, you want to keep rutting against him until your pussy is finally stretched enough and stops burning.
“Yeah? You do?” Jungkook forces your head to lift with his hand on your neck. He moves his hips, basking in the widening of your eyes and the clenching of your wet pussy.
“K-Kook”, you squeak, brows furrowing in pleasure.
“There we go, relax. I know I’m big, but you’re my girl, aren’t you?”
You nod your head, gasping for air when his cock fills you up completely again. And he leaves you again, making you chase his girth instantly.
“Yeah you are”, Jungkook slips his thumb to your throat, keeping it resting there without applying pressure, “and my girl’s made for my cock, isn’t she?”
You nod your head, feeling new arousal seep out of you. Jungkook never called you his girl before. It feels so good now that he does.
“Tell me baby”, he orders.
“I’m made for your cock”, you whisper, pussy throbbing around his cock.
“And why is that?” he stresses, feeling you tremble on his lap and loving the shit out of it.
“Because I’m your girl”, you croak, falling around his neck a moment later to kiss him.
Jungkook gasps, hand slipping from your throat to bury itself in your hair at the back of your head. He moans, tensing his thighs desperately when you finally begin to actually move on his cock. Quick movements up and down and skilled circles whenever he’s balls deep inside you. It sounds wet and nasty, filling both of you with the desire to keep going and fucking going.
Tongues tangle, hands grope desperately, hips rut against each other. Breathing is hard when you’re kissing so much and the sex feels so fucking good. Hot and addicting. So without any kind of patterns and rules. So honest and fucking real. There is no order in your movements, just honest desperation to get off on each other as quickly and as intensely as possible. And you don’t want this to stop. Please don’t ever let this stop.
Jungkook doesn’t want it to stop either. Breaking patterns and ignoring rules. The thought normally gives him the fucking ick. But he doesn’t care right now. He doesn’t want patterns or rules, he wants you. All of you. The unfiltered, honest you. The sex tonight is his apology. He hopes you can see that it is. His apology for ever doubting you, his apology for yelling at you in front of the others and his apology for being so goddamn needy for you. He hopes you can feel how sorry he is and how goddamn into it he is.
Jungkook breaks the kiss, pressing his forehead against yours. His shaky breath intermingles with your trembling one, his thumbs brush over your temples, his eyes are closed.
And because his eyes are closed, he doesn’t see that you have yours closed as well. Maybe if he did, he wouldn’t feel so fucking sorry for being needy. Because you are fucking needy for him too. Being married is only fun when you’re desired, otherwise it leaves one with a constant ache in one’s chest. And Jungkook’s spilling over in desire tonight, soaking you with it just as much. It feels so good to fuck honestly and like you actually want to fuck.
“I’m so fucking into this”, Jungkook rasps, voice trembling because he bottoms out right this moment, feeling your pussy clench in reaction.
“Me too”, you answer him shakily, lifting yourself just to drop back down on him.
“Fuck”, he croaks and pulls you back into a deep kiss. You squeak as you weren’t ready for it, fingers squeezing his shoulders tightly and hips trembling on his lap. He is kissing you so desperately, moaning so much. It affects you so much. Jungkook isn’t vocal in bed. The penthouse is never truly empty. Guards, one of the others, some of the other goons. The penthouse is never truly empty and Jungkook decided for himself that being quiet was part of sex. Nobody needs to know how into it he is, especially not all the idiots downstairs. So to have him moan and growl and gasp so freely tonight, feels like sex in itself.
Jungkook breaks the kiss, moving just far away enough that he can look at your face. He dances his thumb over your cheek, letting his left hand slide to your hip just so he can squeeze it.
“Is this real for you?” he asks, eyes droopy and barely staying open.
You look at them and how they are filled with so much pleasure, pain and hopefulness. You nod your head honestly.
“Yeah, it’s real”, you whisper.
“Fuck”, Jungkook presses out, voice trembling and eyes squeezing shut.
He wraps his arm around you, pressing your face into the crook of his neck with his hand on the back of your head. His lips are on your shoulder, his nose is inhaling desperately. His legs broaden their stance so he can finally meet your movements. He thrusts into you deep and strong, forcing your body to tremble involuntarily.
“Kook”, you whimper, tensing up in surprise.
“I’ve got you, I’ve fucking got you”, he whispers against your skin, “fucking hold onto me, baby.”
You drag your nails up his back and neck, burying your fingers in his hair as deeply as possible. Like this your chests are almost melting with each other and his cock is so deep inside you, stomach grinding against your clit.
“That’s it”, he rasps, “that’s fucking it. Your husband’s got it. Gonna fuck you so slow, so fucking deep. Fuck”, he moans, body twitching as pleasure shoots through him. His hips thrust into you so much rougher afterwards, making your toes curl from how good it feels, “I fucking got it, got you so good. So fucking good.”
He had his eyes on his city once, thinking to himself how pretty those lights look. But not anymore. His face buried in the crook of your shoulder and his eyes are squeezed shut so tightly that his brain is coming up with its own sparkles of light. You feel like heaven around him. Maybe he’s imagining it, but he could swear that you feel so much wetter than you do on other nights.
Jungkook always makes sure that you are wet. Because getting you wet gives him an ego boost. But tonight it feels so real. So honest. It’s covering his cock and is running down his balls. He’s never experienced that sensation before, cradling you in his strong arms because of it.
You are also twitching and writhing like you never did before. They feel so honest and intense, making his own body shudder in reaction.
“I’m really close”, you whimper against his neck.
“Fuck, really?”
“Yeah”, you say and sob into him loudly, “Jungkook, please don’t stop, I’m so close”, you wail.
“Fuck baby”, Jungkook hugs you tighter, hips faltering just once before they find their rhythm again. Slow and deep, making your wet walks convulse around him rhythmically and for your smaller body to tremble against his bigger, oh so much stronger, frame. “Stop crying”, he soothes you in shaky whispers, “I’ve got you baby, don’t cry.”
“I, I can’t. It, it feels so good”, you stutter and hiccup a loud sob, “it feels so good”, you wail loudly and convulse on top of him, “oh god it’s happening”, you squeak out, hugging him with an almost scared desperation.
“It’s okay. I’m right here. Your husband’s right here, baby. Let go”, he soothes you, throwing you over the edge so intensely that for a second, you feel like passing out.
“Ah-“, you get out and then your voice cuts off and you begin shaking without having any sort of control over it.
Jungkook holds you close, rocking into you carefully because you are so tight that all other movements are impossible. He swears he’s never gotten you that good before.
Jungkook always makes sure that both of you have at least one orgasm during sex, because that is what perfection means to him. Well, at least until now it’s what it meant. Jungkook realises that this right now is so much more perfect than any well-calculated orgasm ever was. This right here feels real and makes his eyes tear up and once your aggressive tensing stops, his hips can’t seem to want to stop. He is chasing your tight pussy, putting rough desperation into his movements. The kind which makes his huge thighs slap against your ass each time he’s deep inside you and the kind which shakes you on top of him.
“Please”, you squeak out, voice so much higher than it normally is, “w-what are you doing?” you wail, “please oh god!”
Jungkook growls, pinning you against him and forcing your fleeing hips to take the fuck that way.
“Take me, I want you to take me”, he spits, feeling his heart pound in his brain.
“It’s too much”, you wail all while pulling him closer, “please, please, please.”
“Just say the word and I’ll stop”, he grunts.
You shake your head vigorously in denial, sobbing into his shoulder and soiling his skin with your tears. Why would you want to say it? Why would you want to stop this when for the first time ever, Jungkook fucks you with honesty? Why would you want to stop the kind of sensations he never gave you before?
“I knew it. I fucking knew it”, Jungkook spits and pulls your hips into him just to land a harsh spank on your ass. You scream his name, scratching his back bloody as you try to grasp him for support. 
Jungkook growls, head pounding from the pain.
“Fucking do that again, I liked it”, he orders, connecting his big hand with your ass. The heavy rings he is wearing add another layer of burn to the spank, leaving you to convulse on his cock.
“Please”, you sob, scratching his back open. The black tiger on his right shoulder blade cries red tears from your scratches, his skin burns like crazy.
“You’re so fucking good”, he growls, forcing your back to arch with a push of his arm. Like this your ass is sticking out and your pussy stretches around his cock visibly. Jungkook can see her shift around his cock. All puffy and swollen and oh so wet. The view may be a little distorted from the weak window reflection, but it’s still enough for him.
"You're so sexy, your pussy's so fucking pretty. Fuck baby", he growls and growls again. He spanks you, soaking up the view of your jiggling ass like an addict. The broken sound you make in reaction fuels him, makes his cock twice as hard as it already is.
Jungkook spanks you again, eliciting the most desperate, almost painful, sob ever. The reason for it presents itself to him just seconds later as your pussy convulses in another orgasm.
You claw at him, biting into his shoulder because nothing helps. Your pussy is so sensitive, your ass hurts so much, your body is so weak in his arms. All of this paired with the fact that Jungkook feels the same as you, makes you cum like you never orgasmed before. You convulse and shake and tremble until it gets too much for your pussy and she squirts angrily.
“Fuck yes”, Jungkook growls, reaching between your legs to rub your clit instantly. He pulls you off his cock for the sole purpose of giving your pussy the unplugged chance to squirt everywhere. And you do, oh you do. The entire floor in front of the chaise lounge gets covered in you, his cock is getting soaked in it too now that it’s right under your pussy, aching to be back inside.
"That's it. Squirt for me. Holy fuck, keep squirting baby. Fuck, you’re mine. Fucking mine", Jungkook is chanting whatever comes into his scrambled brain, rubbing your clit like a madman.
You scream and wail, twitching so aggressively that your muscles ache. You don’t even know anymore if he is making you squirt or if you’re just straight up pissing yourself. You know however that you don’t want him to stop, clawing at him with all the desperation in the world.
Jungkook moans loudly, back burning from your nails and head pounding like crazy. He’s got you fucking squirting. Holy fuck, it’s so hot. Jungkook presses his fingers tighter to your clit, rubbing her quickly.
"O-oh" you squeak, fleeing him with an arch of your back. 
Jungkook however chases you, pinning you back against him, "don’t fight it. Let it happen", he growls, pinching your clit just to rub her between his fingers.
“Stop please”, you beg now that overstimulation is eating you alive, “holy fuck oh god”, you croak, writhing atop of him as his fingers press against your clit repeatedly.
“Don’t flee”, he orders, pinning your hips back against him, "I know you’re made for this. You're my fucking girl, you’re made for this", he chants and bucks his hips up, forcing his huge cock to slip back into you.
You squeak and grow completely still on top of him. The stretch goes oh so deep and hard. Holy fuck, your pussy feels like it's going to burst.
"Please", you beg.
Jungkook knows it’s because you are so goddamn tight and his cock is huge. He runs his hands down to your ass, soothing the burning skin with slow circles. 
“Take a breath for me”, he orders, making it easier for you by grabbing your ass and parting it, which results in your pussy getting all open for him as well.
You whimper into his neck, barely taking breaths.
“There we go. I don’t wanna hurt you, baby”, Jungkook soothes you.
“You’re so big”, you mewl.
“I know. I know I am, but you can take me. You’re my good girl, aren’t you?”
“Yeah…” you keen, relaxing around him in a desperate shudder.
“Yeah you are. You’re my good girl and you’re gonna take my big cock like you’re made for it, aren’t you?”
“F-for how long?” you stutter, twisting his hair as your body once again tenses without you having any kind of control over it. You are so tight and Jungkook’s so big. It burns so addictively, almost feeling too much and yet not enough. You don’t know whether to flee or to chase him. But you do know that for however long you have to take him still, the result will be the same. You are changed. If Jungkook thinks he can go back to his calculated patterns after tonight, he is mistaken. You never ever want to have other sex with him again. Just raw, honest, rough fucking.
“Not for long anymore. I’m really fucking close”, he answers you, picking up in his movements.
He is giving you long, drawn-out strokes. The kind which makes his entire cock leave your pussy before stuffing her again within one rough second. And which make his balls slap against your ass from the sheer force. Your skin is so sensitive from the spanking that getting his heavy balls against your ass feels like addicting paradise.
“Gonna cum so good baby. Gonna cum so fucking good”, Jungkook growls against you.
“Oh god”, you whimper, hugging him tightly, “are you gonna cum inside me?”
“Yes baby. Gonna stuff you.”
“Kook”, you sob, convulsing around him in desperation, “please stuff me, please.”
“I will, gonna fill you up till you’re dripping. Hear me? Want you dripping and leaking ‘cause of me.”
His hips falter, he squeezes your hips.
“Fuck”, he spits, “it’s…difficult…”
You understand him. When he made you cum like crazy, you couldn’t move either. It must be so difficult for him to keep moving his hips. You lift your head just so you can see how he reacts when you take over for him.
You may be entirely spend and tired, but making him cum is filling you with a spurt of energy. You slam your hips down on him, lifting them quickly afterwards just to begin your ruthless bouncing up and down his huge cock.
Jungkook widens his eyes, gasping for air. He scrunches his entire face up in pleasure, head rolling back and mouth falling open.
He moans loudly, voice sounding way more high-pitched than you ever heard him sound.
His very obvious enjoyment, motivates you to speed up. You add little movements back and forth to your bounces, biting down on your tongue solely because your own thighs want to give up on you. His cock feels so good inside you.
“Baby”, Jungkook keens, falling back on the chaise lounge. His head tangles over the edge just enough that his hair is hanging over the edge in messy strands. He throws his own arm over his eyes, moaning so loudly that you can hear it echo in the penthouse.
“Jungkook”, you mewl, slamming your hands on his chest for support. Like this you can arch your back and therefore force his cock to rub right against your walls.
Jungkook lets out a sob, almost making you falter in your movements. Your widened eyes are glued to his face in shock, your pussy is clenching like crazy in arousal. Jungkook drags both his hands over his face and buries them in his own hair. Like this his arms are tensing, sweat is running down his skin and soaking his hair.
“I’m cumming”, he croaks out and sobs.
“Do it, fill me up. Mark me as yours”, you growl, slamming down on him.
“Aaah!” Jungkook screams and arches his back. He gets stuck in that position as he finally breaks, chasing you with squirms while producing the most high-pitched and desperate squeaks ever.
“That’s it. Fuck. I’m yours Kook, fucking yours.”
“Oh god”, Jungkook arches his back even more, cock releasing another wave of cum inside you, “don’t stop please don’t stop, it feels good”, he begs, thighs trembling like crazy and stomach tensing so much that he fears he’ll develop a new set of never-seen-before-abs.
You fuck him and fuck him and fuck him and Jungkook keeps on shaking in his high as his cock is pumping you full of endless cum.
“Shit”, you croak, eyes rolling back and body trembling out of control now that you realised what was actually happening, “baby”, you croak, crumbling around him a third and last time, prolonging his orgasm to fiery levels of intensity.
“I can’t stop! It, it doesn’t stop”, he wails, feeling it run out of you by now. Did he seriously never cum before? What the hell is happening to him? What are you doing to him? Jungkook is crying and shaking and cumming and he has no control over it.
“Me neither”, you sob, collapsing with him as your body gives up on you, "fuck baby, oh baby."
"I fucking love this, holy shit", Jungkook growls, meeting your sloopy movements with equally as sloppy movements.
Now you are rutting against each other like tired, yet needy animals. Arms holding each other close and heads pounding like crazy. The sloppy grinding is enough to force your endless highs to die down gradually. Slowly, but at least they are dying down. Truly, you don’t think you could have stopped on your own if your bodies didn’t actually give up on you.
The room is silent, safe for your heavy breathing and the occasional sound when a droplet of your juices is dripping onto the ground. His cock is still inside you. Hard as a rock and getting squeezed by your tight walls. In theory none of those nice juices should escape you, but with the amount of cum he pumped into you, losing a few droplets is unavoidable.
Your head is resting on his chest right where his collarbone blends into his shoulder. You can hear the heavy pounding of his heart even from here. It mixes with the sound of your own rushing blood.
You don’t quite know if you actually fell asleep or not. The minutes after tonight’s fuck are a blur in your mind. Maybe you fell asleep, it would explain why you started drooling on Jungkook.
You slurp quietly, forcing your heavy eyes to open.
Jungkook’s chest heaves up and down slowly, his heartbeat calmed down. You are shivering like crazy, feeling so goddamn cold all of a sudden. Even his cock feels different, sitting inside you all limp and soft.
Okay you definitely fell asleep. 
Groaning softly you lift yourself to your elbows.
Jungkook is very obviously sleeping. Mouth open widely and eyes closed. He looks so funny like that, making you giggle. Something you never did before, but tonight changed you. You can’t deny it. You feel fuzzy in his presence. Fuzzy and warm and maybe a little giddy.
You lift yourself even more, shimmying your hips to make his cock slip out.
Jungkook jerks awake, gripping your hips strongly to prevent it from happening.
“Don’t”, he croaks, voice heavy in sleep.
“Oh. I-“, you freeze up in the position, “I didn’t think you’d wake up.”
“I didn’t sleep”, Jungkook says, with his voice contorted in exhaustion now that he is forcing himself to sit up.
You snort, “yeah sure.”
“Does it matter?”
You shake your head, eyes racing between his’. Jungkook’s eyes do the same, hands running up and down your ass. He opens his mouth to talk only to chicken out and close it again.
You place your hands on the sides of his neck.
Jungkook exhales shakily because of it. He inhales and opens his mouth again.
“What”, he begins, having to clear his terribly dry throat, “what did this mean to you?”
You swallow down the heavy lump in your throat. Jungkook gulps as well, eyes widening in both nervousness and hopefulness.
“What did it mean to you?” you ask him, wanting to stall time.
“Don’t avoid my question”, he says in a shaky voice.
You lower your eyes and take a deep breath. When you lift your gaze seconds later, Jungkook’s eyes have filled with tears of unbearable nervousness.
“It meant everything…baby”, you say, gnawing on your lower lip in nervousness.
Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut and pulls you close, hiding his face in the crook of your neck just so you can’t see his stupid tears roll down his cheeks. You aren’t calling him husband anymore.
“I feel the same”, he presses out, cradling you oh so strongly.
“Good”, you whisper, holding him against you.
“It’s you and I, yeah?”
“Yeah, you and I”, you promise him.
“Fuck, baby”, he exhales, standing up with you even if his legs are wobbly.
You hug him tightly, sighing his name. Maybe being his wife isn’t that bad. Maybe you actually do love him and maybe he actually loves you too. Maybe it is way too soon to make such decisions and maybe the magic will stop come tomorrow. But at least tonight you are sure that you love him and Jungkook knows that he loves you too.
He places you atop your bed, climbing on top of you.
“Wait, we’re dirty”, you gasp, “shouldn’t we shower first?”
Jungkook cups your face, “why? Just to get dirty again?”
“What do you mean?”
“You know what that means”, Jungkook breathes and finally pulls you into a kiss.
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7deadlysinsfics · 9 months
— eat me | jjk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
—🎧: church by chase atlantic
Tumblr media
summary: you accuse all men of not knowing how to make women cum, and your best friend, ever the competitive one, challenges you to let him show you that he doesn’t fall into that category. blame the tequila for what ensues
pairing: jungkook x reader
rating: (18 +) explicit
genre + warnings: pwp, fwb au, f2l au, smut, fluff | alcohol consumption, they’re a bit drunk and clumsy but both consent, kissing, straddling, marking, biting, jk finds out he has a daddy kink 😮‍💨, spitting, multiple orgasms, fingering, breast play, nipple biting, clit slapping, cunnilingus, squirting, googie’s obsessed with yn’s puss puss 🤪 unprotected penetrative sex, doggy, big cock!jeon, cream pie
word count: 3.3k
author’s note: this was supposed to be posted before 12am on 2.22 but i got a little carried away. honestly, idk what i was thinking 😩 enjoy this filth & happy birthday to me i guess 🥳
Tumblr media
“Why the fuck do you have on a suit?” Jungkook sighs and rolls his eyes as you let him inside your apartment. You keep staring at him, though, and can’t deny how good your best friend looks in one. He removes his shoes and then proceeds to slip off the jacket and places it to hang on the coat rack before plopping down on your couch with another sigh as he rolls up the sleeves of his shirt, forearm tattoos in full view.
“My dad made me go with him to a meeting at his publishing company. Wants me to be more involved or whatever,” he shakes his head and then looks over at you when you ask if he’d like anything to drink. Jungkook doesn’t know what takes over him when he notices the way your shorts mold deliciously to your plump ass, white t-shirt riding up a little to reveal a sliver of soft skin as you bend over to grab something out of the fridge. Yeah, you were pretty, hot even, but he’s never looked at you that way. He especially never thought about how your ass would feel in his hands.
Maybe he’s just fucking exhausted.
“Jungkook?” He hears you chuckle, and he shakes his head, trying to rid his mind of sexual thoughts about his best friend.
“Huh?” Big, lost doe eyes look to you, and you laugh because you know how distracted he can get sometimes.
“I asked what drink you want. Water, juice, beer? You spaced out for a while there. You sure you’re okay?”
“Uh, yeah. Just a little tired. Not beer, though; I need something a little stronger after the day I had,” you nod and smile, knowing exactly what he might need. Your sister had brought over a bottle of Tequila last week for girl’s night at your home but never got to drink it. You both fell asleep after four beers and two shots of Haku vodka.
“Hm, I guess you haven’t told your dad what you actually want to do, huh?” You prepare six shots of Tequila and some chips and salsa to bring over to the living room. Jungkook looks up at you with a serious expression, knowing where you’re going with the question. But he’s surprised when you don’t push as you’ve done in the past. He’s grateful to you for always supporting him in his art career, in which his father doesn’t see a future for him.
“Bring the bottle,” he says when you go back into the kitchen to grab the napkins you forgot.
After a couple of shots and a whole devoured box of pizza later, you both sit laughing at the TV. A dating reality show came on while you talked about getting your entire group of friends together next week to plan a mini-vacation to Jeju Island. The contestant, a woman, talks about how none of her boyfriends ever made her cum. She usually had to finish herself off right after; other times, she faked it.
“Wait, you guys really do that? Fake orgasms?” Jungkook has an incredulous look on his face which makes you laugh. “I’m serious. Have you ever faked an orgasm?”
“Of course I have!” You snort a laugh. “I bet some of the girls you’ve been with have faked it too. Men rarely know what to do with a pussy.”
“Shut up, you’re drunk,” Jungkook laughs. “And it’s not true for me. I’ve made every girl I’ve been with cum. Bet I can show you a thing or two.” He lifts his chin at you, almost daring you to contradict him.
It’s kind of endearing the way he slurs his words a little, the cute lisp that appears when his satoori comes out. You decide to play with him, see what he’ll say. You enjoyed watching him get embarrassed, and he always played right into it too.
“Oh really? Do you think you can make me cum more than once? Do you even know how to go down on a girl, Googie?”
Shivers run down your spine at the way his eyes darken at your teasing words. He then smirks at you, tongue peeking out to play with his lip ring. Was it the Tequila, or was your best friend turning you on? Never one to back down, Jungkook decides to take on your dare.
“Baby, I’ll have you coming on my fingers, my tongue, and on my fat cock. By the time I’m done with you, I’ll have you speaking in tongues,” he bites his lip as he moves closer to you, his words making your walls clench. Your friend chuckles when he notices the way your thighs rub against each other and at the way your eyes fall on his crotch.
You can’t deny how fucking hot he is, with his dark eyes, dark hair, and tattoos that you always thought were so cool. What the fuck is wrong with you? He’s your best friend. You can’t think about him in that way! But it’s too late, isn’t it? Jungkook’s completely taken over your mind, and you can’t stop thinking about the things he could do to you. He’s so close you can feel his breath on your lips. The smell of Tequila makes you want to find out how it tastes on his tongue.
You stare into his eyes as your face moves closer to his, your tongue slipping out to lick at his bottom lip. The hand he’d placed on your thigh tightens at the touch. Other than that, he keeps still, his eyes roaming every inch of your pretty face, anticipating your next move. Why hadn’t he ever kissed you before? He lied to himself earlier. He had thought of you this way before a couple of years ago when he realized he liked you, maybe even romantically loved you, but the timing was always off. So, he put it out of his mind because he’d rather have you in his life as his best friend than have nothing at all with you.
Fuck, he’s never seen you aroused before, but the visual of you coming must be a work of art, and he couldn’t wait to experience it.
“You talk too much,” you whisper against his lips. “Come, eat me. Show me what that mouth can do.”
You didn’t think it could be possible, but his gaze darkens even more. Goosebumps appear everywhere on your skin when a sound that resembles a growl leaves his chest.
“You don’t know what you’re asking for, princess.” The pet name alone does things to you, and you yelp when he picks you up to lay you across the large couch, but he stumbles a bit, and he falls on top of you, forehead bumping into yours. “Fuck,” Jungkook looks at you, alarmed, hand rubbing at his head, and you can’t stop laughing.
“I guess you’re a little drunker than me, bestie,” your body wracks with laughter, but Jungkook shuts you up with a heated kiss, his arm snaking under your body to pull you onto his lap. You match his kiss with equal fervor as your arms fall tightly around his neck, chests glued to each other. You feel drunk on his kisses, and you don’t think the Tequila has anything to do with it.
Actually, you’re quite positive about it.
His groans as you grind on his cock make you weak. You never imagined him sounding so fucking good. You had no idea he’d be so vocal, and it’s so damn sexy. There’s nothing sexier to you than a man who isn’t afraid of not holding back from the pleasure you give them.
Jungkook grips your ass when you suck on his tongue and then let go to bite down on his lip, earning you a loud hiss and a slap to your ass cheek, “Bad girl,” the low tone in his voice, laced in arousal, makes it sound deeper than usual. You don’t remember ever being this wet over someone’s voice before.
“I’m sorry, daddy,” you teasingly murmur against his soft lips. His tattooed hand, slowly sliding inside your shorts, stops moving.
Your breath hitches when you realize something, “You’ve never been called daddy, have you? Too much?”
His answer comes in the form of plunging two fingers inside of you without warning, fast strokes taking your breath away. It’s true, no one’s ever called him that, but Jungkook was sure it wouldn’t have had the same effect if it were anyone else.
You cry out when Jungkook quickly finds your sweet spot, your fingers digging into his shoulders as his pace quickens. His eyes are stuck on your face, watching every expression as he continues to make your walls clench around his fingers. You want to slap the smug grin that appears on his face when he feels your cunt flutter with the signs of an impending orgasm, but who are you kidding? You can’t think straight right now. You can’t even form coherent words.
Damn him for being so good.
You look down and notice the way the veins on his forearms pop with every flick of his wrist, and that does it for you. You cum very quickly and hard, body spasming and your head falling on his shoulder. The pressure pushes his fingers out, but he chases your cunt and plunges them back inside, wrist rubbing against your sensitive clit as he continues to ride out your orgasm. It’s when you whine out of sensitivity that Jungkook stops.
“Fuck, Jungkook. That was…”
“I’m not done with you, princess,” he says, slipping his hand out of your shorts, cum dripping down his fingers. You about lose your mind when he sucks them one by one and hums at your taste. Your best friend was going to be the death of you. Who knew?
“Open up,” Jungkook drags down your bottom lip with his thumb, and you open your mouth for him, “Good girl, now, suck.” You moan at the mixture of his taste and yours on your tongue, eyes fluttering shut. You bite your lip when you feel his cock twitch underneath you.
He surprises you when he suddenly lifts you as he stands and wraps you around him, “What—”
“Bedroom princess. I need you to cum on my tongue now.”
Jungkook pins you against the bedroom door, his hands lift your shirt off your body, and then stops to admire your tits. You almost feel shy under his gaze, but it quickly becomes an afterthought when his large hands cup them, and his thumbs begin to circle your erect nipples. “You’re a fucking dream, YN,” he says before taking a nipple into his mouth to suck as his other palm kneads at your breast.
Your head falls back against the door with a wanton moan when he bites on your nipple and then does the same to the other one. Your cunt clenches, the need to be filled by him so desperate you grip his clothed cock. Jungkook groans into your breasts, bucking his hips into your palm as he leaves marks all over your chest.
“Ah, Jungkook, please. Need you now,” you beg, alternating between unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his shirt.
“Fuck, okay. Lie on the bed, princess. Take everything off for me, yeah?” You stumble a little as you walk over to your bed. Hearing Jungkook laugh under his breath, you turn and pout at him as you plop on the bed. “You’re cute when you pout. I don’t think I’ve ever told you that.”
You’re lifting your bottom half to slide your shorts and panties off when you address him, “There are many things you haven’t told me. Like how horny you’ve been for me this whole time,” you tease.
“As if you haven’t been as horny for me for the longest, huh?” Touché, you think. Of course, he’s not wrong, but you don’t answer him. You can’t because your brain is literally malfunctioning at the sight of the man before you, slowly slipping his shirt off his jacked-up body. Jungkook was fucking beautiful everywhere. He tugs down his dress pants along with his black boxer briefs, and your eyes widen like saucers at how huge his dick is.
“J—Jungkook, you’re going to destroy my pussy with that,” and he dares to laugh. Full body laughs at your concern. You’re not complaining, just worried a little. But your body has other plans as it reacts to every slow step he takes towards you while he pumps his length a few times.
Are you drooling? Maybe. Definitely. Fuck, you started this.
“With this thing? Nah. You were made for me, YN. You’ll see how perfectly you’ll fit around me,” God, his filthy words sent shivers down your spine.
The anticipation of what he might have in mind for you had you on edge. This was the most fun you ever had with someone sexually, and he just so happened to be your childhood friend. The first time he made you cum was mind-blowing. It’s like he already knew your body and how to work it.
Jungkook crawls over to you, his face inches from you when he nuzzles his nose against yours as a way to tell you to lie back for him. His eyes shine, and a smug grin appears when he notices the dark love bites around your breasts growing darker. That’s also a new feeling for him—the sudden sense of possessiveness over you. He already feels like you’re his.
He kisses his way down your body, leaving a few more marks on your skin. Your eyes are on him, not wanting to miss anything. You quickly learn that you love watching him. He bites the inside of your thighs, licking over it to soothe the pain, but you like it. The pain is pleasurable for you, and Jungkook notices this by how your breath hitches every time.
You were perfect for him.
Jungkook slides his hands under your ass and lifts you, gripping tightly into your cheeks to keep you still. Your body arches upward at the first swipe of his tongue on your pussy, your legs automatically spreading more for him. He starts with slow and gentle movements, tongue working your folds and then moving up to suck on your clit. Your breathy whines make him weak, and he wants to listen to more of them. He’s patient, taking his time eating you out as his eyes settle on yours, loving how pretty your eyes look while you’re aroused, delicious mouth falling open with every moan he coaxes out of you.
“Jungkook, f—feels so good. You cry out when his tongue penetrates your hole and starts fucking into it. “Oh my God!”
Your body jerks violently, ass slipping from his hands. Your body’s so sensitive from the first orgasm. You try to close your legs, but Jungkook doesn’t let you. He looks up at you, eyes dark and expression serious when his hand slaps at your clit three times in quick successions. “Be a good girl, princess. Daddy’s eating here.”
Yup, you created a fucking monster, and you were going to die coming like you’ve never cum in your life. You were okay with that.
Your hands grip the sheets as a way to keep you anchored. One hand wraps around your thigh to keep you in place as he continues to fuck you with his tongue while the other applies pressure to your swollen nub, triggering a second orgasm that has you screaming and your pussy gushing all over his mouth and nose. Jungkook pulls away, staring at your sex and then at you in complete awe. Meanwhile, you’re shocked because you’ve never squirted before, and you know he can tell by the shock on your face.
“Shit,” you hiss when he spits on your mound to watch as it slides down your lips to mix with your cum and then dives in again like a man starved.
“Taste so good, princess. Can’t get enough.”
“Jungkook, please. Want your cock,” you whine, hands finding purchase in his dark locks.
“Okay. Alright, baby. Turn around for me. Ass up, face down,” he’s on his knees, large cock bouncing as he helps you move after wiping your essence off his face with the back of his tattooed hand. You don’t miss the way he licks at it before he places his hands on your ass to position himself.
Taking his cock in his hand, Jungkook rubs the tip along your wetness, pushing in and stopping when he hears you gasp. “Does it hurt?” He asks, concern lacing his words.
“No. It just feels so fucking good,” you sigh.
“It’s just the tip, baby.”
“Fuck me, Jungkook. Please.”
When he finally pushes in, your breath gets caught in your throat. Jungkook waits a couple of minutes to let you adjust, and then he starts pistoning into you, balls slapping against your sensitive clit. You’re not going to last; it’s just too fucking good.
“Close already, princess?” He asks through clenched teeth; his thrusts are unrelenting. All you can do is nod in answer. “Me too. I’ve been holding off for so long. Fuck, look at how well you take my cock.” You lift your head and look to the side where your vanity is. You can see your bottom halves in the small, round mirror. Jungkook is beautiful and strong as he fucks you. The muscles in his arms bulge as he grips your hips tight, abs rippling under his sweaty skin as he pounds into you.
“Jungkook, I—I’m gonna cum. Shit, I–” You don’t get to finish your sentence as another orgasm rips through your body. You’re a moaning mess underneath Jungkook, but he’s not quiet either as your walls clamp on his cock. You feel so full it’s overwhelming.
He slides a hand up your spine until it reaches your shoulder and pulls you up and against his chest. You feel his panting breath on your neck; his arm circles your waist to keep you close. “Look at me. I want to look at you while I fill you up. Would you like that?” You moan when his cock hits your g-spot. He takes that as a yes and fucks you until he’s coming deep inside you, groans of your name echoing throughout your bedroom.
Jungkook’s arm is wrapped around the front of your chest as he kisses you languidly, loving the plumpness of your lips. He pulls out of you with one last groan, wishing he could stay inside you a little longer.
It’s a while after when the quietness in the room gets to you. You’re both still naked, bodies sweaty but lying in bed facing each other, just a few inches away. It isn’t awkward, but a lot of things are suddenly different.
“What does this mean for us now,” you nervously wait for his answer, afraid that he might not feel the same way.
“What do you want it to mean?” The ball’s in your court. He’ll do whatever you want, and he’ll have to be ready for whatever that is. But you surprise him with your answer.
“Everything. I want it to mean everything,” Jungkook’s doe eyes get rounder with the way he looks at you, gaze so soft and sweet.
“I want that too.” He scoots closer to you and drapes his arm over your waist. “I want this every day. I’ve had enough of wondering what it would be like to be with you, and now I know. Why waste our time when we could be fucking and falling in love with each other? Either way, you’ll still be my best friend because I don’t ever plan on losing you.”
When did he become so good with words that made your heart want to burst? “I don’t plan on losing you either.”
“Okay, good, because I really don’t want to stop fucking you,” he says it so seriously that you burst out laughing.
“Oof, A man after my own heart. So romantic,” you giggle.
“You love it.”
“Hmm.” You really fucking do.
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Teacher’s Pet | JJK (2)
—chapter two: establishments and boundaries
Tumblr media
♡ ⟶series summary: Hooking up every so often with your English Literature professor, what's the worst that can happen? Falling in love, perhaps.
♡ ⟶pairing: professor/dilf!jungkook x student!reader
♡ ⟶genre: illicit/forbidden relationship au, college!au, sneaky link to lovers, age gap, smut
♡ ⟶word count: 6.3k
♡ ⟶chapter contains: jk comes over and explains his worries to oc, they adult for abt 2 seconds before: breast play, oral sex (m rec.), tit fucking?!??, jk rlyyy likes oc's boobs, jk being whipped what's new
♡ ⟶chapter summary: You and Jungkook establish, discuss, and test out your new sexual relationship. Of course not without setting a few obvious boundaries first.
this is part 2 of my new teachers pet series, not a stand-alone
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Tumblr media
So many thoughts.
One thought after another, your brain simply could not put to rest what had happened between you and your professor in the lecture hall last week.
Every touch, every word exchanged, every feeling. You couldn’t stop thinking about any of it.
And with thinking comes second-guessing and doubt. You weren’t naive to the troubling sincerity that comes with fucking a teacher, you’re well aware of the consequences and (as contradicting as it may sound) the responsibility that it comes with.
It takes responsibility and maturity to sexually engage with someone who has such a risky occupation. The position you're putting him in, the secrecy you have to partake in, his career at your fingertips, your spot in the school at his fingertips. All of it is such a risk, and you’ve come to ask yourself if it’s really worth it.
It wasn’t until recently that you started to wonder and worry if you’re that desperate that you’ll put everything on the line for a hookup. Was that whole ‘humans tend to let their sexual charges get the best of them, it’s nature’ motto of yours even valid anymore?
But then you stop yourself from spiraling into such thoughts. It’s one thing to second guess, but it’s another to regret. And you don’t regret doing it, you really don’t.
You just wish it didn’t have to be so complex.
But ultimately, you both understood the complexity of engaging in a sexual relationship from the start, so second-guessing anything would be regretting in this case scenario.
So with that being said, you also wish that you would’ve given yourself just a little more time to think over your choices before texting Jungkook back and telling him that yes, he can come over tonight.
That brings you to now, lighter in hand as you burn yourself a bit trying to light your favorite vanilla-scented candle before placing it down onto the small coffee table of your even smaller apartment.
Half of you would be embarrassed for him to see your small studio apartment if the other half weren’t aware that you are a college student after all and he’ll most likely understand your circumstances.
Pacing to the kitchen, you tuck any forgotten dishes into the dishwasher, straightening up the apartment that you’ve already cleaned five times tonight.
What? You’re nervous, that’s all.
When Jungkook called you this afternoon, you originally didn’t answer as it was an unknown number and you completely forgot that you wrote yours down for him last week.
So when the unknown number texted “hello again…” your heart nearly stopped in realization and excitement and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t smile a little too wide at the simple text.
And because it was texting rather than audibly speaking, you were able to converse a whole lot better and it wasn’t long until he asked if it’d be okay for him to come over.
However, it wasn’t for the reason you’d hoped.
“I was hoping to discuss last week's ‘events’ in a broader context. There’s a lot we need to talk about.” This wasn’t what you were expecting him to reply with after sending your address, but that it was.
And you hate to say it, but his word choice alone reminded you of the drastic age gap between the two of you. And with that reminder, you opened your eyes a bit and realized that a proper discussion about it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
You replied with just a thumbs up, not really overthinking what to send because he is much older and doesn’t care nor notice your damn emojis or word choice.
Collapsing onto your freshly fluffed couch, you run your hands over your face and let yourself just breathe for the first time tonight. Whether it was all the cleaning or the overthinking, you feel the exhaustion catching up to you.
That is until the knock on your door sends you straight back into that frantic, fully alerted state.
It’s almost embarrassing how you practically run to go answer it, but when you open that door you have no time to critique yourself as you’re in too much awe of him.
Before you stands a smiling Jungkook, usual black chinos, and in replacement of what’s usually a button-down is a baggy black hoodie covering his toned body. For some reason, maybe the unfamiliar yet casual attire, he’s even hotter than you remembered him to be. His shoulders are broad beneath the thick material of the hoodie and his thighs are just as thick beneath the hopeless material of his chinos. You internally scold yourself for letting that wave land itself right at your entrance because you know that this visit is strictly just for conversation.
“Ms. Y/L/N.” He greets with a polite grin dancing on his features.
“Mr. Jeon.” You greet back to the best of your abilities, your mouth feeling so dry all of a sudden.
You swear his eyes dilate every time you call him that, but you don’t let yourself think too much of it. ‘Strictly conversation’, you remind yourself.
“Please, I already said you can call me Jungkook.”
You know he’s only trying to be polite, but the opportunity to banter with him is too prominent to pass on.
“And I said to call me Y/N.”
He lets out an airy laugh, his head tilting to the side in faux confusion.
“Did you though?”
Well, he does have a point.
“No…” you utter in realization, the feeling of stupidity drenching you. “Sorry.”
He shoos his hand in the air, gesturing to forget about it. “It’s okay.” You hate yourself for adoring his kind smile. “May I come in, Y/N?”
You don’t speak, standing aside and opening the door wider instead. And as he lets himself in, you feel like dying as he looks around the apartment.
“Nice pl —”
“Don’t lie.” You interrupt, using the brief second where his back was towards you to close the front door and pull yourself together. This man fucked you into oblivion, there’s no need to be awkward now.
“Want water? Or like… wine? I don’t know if you drink, but I have some cheap red if you want.”
He stops glancing around the apartment at your words, turning towards you as you navigate to the kitchen and open the fridge.
“Water is great, thank you.”
Cringing at yourself further, you squeeze your eyes shut in replacement of face palming as you crouch down in the fridge to get him his water.
You don’t say much as you dig around for a water bottle in one of the fridge drawers, and it’s not until you feel a gust of wind channeling from the ac vent that you realize you’re bending down right in front of him with no pants on. You stand abruptly, tugging your oversized t-shirt down to cover your panties. You hope he didn’t notice, but then you turn around.
Mouth opened and only closing when you make eye contact, he awkwardly clears his throat as he adverts his eyes to his feet.
“I —”
“It’s fine.” You interrupt. “Nothing you haven’t seen before.”
It’s relieving when he laughs at your attempt at a joke, a small giggle of your own escaping. Handing him the water bottle, you head for the couch.
You made mental note to sit as close to the edge as possible, leaving him plenty of space and saving yourself fewer chances of turning the conversation into something more.
“You can sit.” You softly tell him, eyes nodding to the empty space.
He follows and it’s not until he sits down that you remember that he’s here to discuss something that’s so difficult to discuss. But it’s important, and so that’s why you should just get it over with.
You're prepared for anything. Maybe he just wants to see if you haven’t told anyone. That you won’t tell anyone. Or perhaps he might call his original offer off completely, and you get it. You’re wishing to god that it’s not that, but in case it is, you’re prepared.
It’s not crazy for a professor in his late twenties to want to… gee, I don’t know, not fuck his twenty-one-year-old student?
“So, I —”
“Listen, I —”
You both go silent upon talking at the same time, and you quite literally bite your lip as you nod your head in encouragement for him to go first. He takes a sip of his water before leaning over and placing the bottle on the coffee table.
“Sorry.” He says with a smile. “So, I uh… I just wanted to go over the… basics? Or rather the establishment that we should probably make first.”
He waits for you to respond, but you don’t really know what you can respond to that so you hesitantly tell him to continue.
“So, I don’t know if you remember, but last week I implied that I wanted to see you again.”
Here it comes.
“I believe the words were ‘this doesn’t have to be a one-time thing’.” You don’t know why you felt the need to remind him what he probably remembered, but you did and now you’re waiting for him to tell you how he wants to take back his offer and never see you agai—
“I still think that.”
He, to your complete surprise, assures you.
“But with that establishment comes boundaries and rules that we should probably make.”
You hate yourself for overthinking something so wrong for no reason, but at the same time, the relief is pretty great. You told yourself you were prepared to hear him call it off, but now that you know that’s not in his plans, you can’t imagine what you would’ve felt if it were the truth.
“Of course.” You say in a confident tone to make him believe you already knew that. “Like what?”
He exhales deeply, sitting back against the couch.
You weren’t the only one fretting. Jungkook was too, but for a completely different reason. He thought that you might’ve changed your mind about ‘seeing him’ again. So when he realized that wasn’t the case and that you were potentially thinking the same about him, he felt incredibly relieved to find out you both wanted it still.
Now that you’re on the same page, you can discuss those boundaries.
“Well to go over the obvious, I’m not gonna tell anyone or like… gossip?” You speak first as Jungkook is silent in thought. You adjust your body to face him completely.
Jungkook wants to laugh at your words but he won’t. This is an adult conversation.
“I know, I wasn’t really worried about that.”
You tilt your head to the side, confused. You were certain that he, as your professor, would at least be concerned over the idea of you telling someone. He can’t possibly trust you so soon. Not that you were planning on telling anyone, because keep in mind your enrollment is on the line as well, but it still surprises you that he didn’t think about that. Upon his lack of elaboration, you once again urge him to continue.
“It’s just that you don’t have many friends, baby.”
Well damn.
You know he’s right, so you won’t argue it. And you want to be offended, but instead, you find yourself almost getting giddy at the fact that he noticed. He noticed how you would shy away in group projects. How you would avoid eye contact with the other students. How you live alone. And how the only person you’ve ever willingly struck a conversation with in class was him. Even though it was simply academic-related at first.
You also feel yourself lift up to the moon at the pet name, but you try not to pay much attention to it as he probably didn’t mean it like that.
“Hey!” You nudge his arm, earning a playful giggle from him. He grabs onto your wrist when you lightly hit his chest, and before he could let himself get lost in the idea of touching you further, he lets go and clears his throat.
You noticed, but you speak to distract yourself from feeling upset over something so small.
“Okay, then what are you worried about?”
“Privacy is my biggest concern if I’m being honest. We should be a little more discreet, so that means no more staring in class. That goes for the both of us.” He gives you a pointed look anyways.
“And we also need to be in more private places when we… indulge.”
You cackle at his choice of word and he playfully sends you a scolding look to which you cover your mouth to refrain from laughing anymore.
“Okay, okay. No more staring or ‘indulging’ on campus, got it.”
He scolds you again, and when you giggle in response he starts to tickle your sides until you're wheezing for him to stop.
Doubling over onto him, your fists are balled against his chest, and you're smiling so hard as you laugh that your cheeks begin to ache. Jungkook is smiling just as wide, but not because he’s laughing. He’s realizing how simple the moment is yet how good and right it feels to make you happy. His smile starts to fade as he questions the universe for making this affiliation so not right. A teacher shouldn’t feel this “good” for making his student happy, and he hates that. He hates the reality of that underlying feeling in him just as much.
Grabbing your wrists, he guides you out of the crook of his neck and your laughing fit tames down as you look into his eyes, close in proximity but you can easily decipher the sad look in his eyes.
“There’s one last thing I wanted to talk about…” He starts, and you glance back and forth between his eyes as you try to resist overthinking and jumping to the worst conclusions.
“If at any point you start to doubt this and don’t want to do it anymore, I want you to tell me, okay? I don’t want you to feel like you’re stuck or that you owe me. I’d never tell anyone either, especially not the board, so don’t even worry about that. I just need you to promise me that one thing.”
His voice is soft but stern, words hitting incredibly deep. Or maybe not his words, but the sincerity that comes with it. You can tell he’s adamant about your thoughts and what you want. And it breaks your heart in the best way possible.
“I promise.” You whisper, hoping he sees the same sincerity in your eyes.
He does.
Smiling softly, Jungkook lowers your wrists that he’s still holding onto, and your eyes flick down to his lips.
“That’s all I needed to say,” he whispers back, eyes flicking down to your lips as well.
“Did you have anything you wanted to add?”
You hum no.
“I think we covered everything, we just gotta be careful and cautious.” Your voice is soft and he can feel your light breath against his lips, and he’s using every vessel in him to not kiss you right now.
You know that it's not so simple to where briefly discussing is going to stop you from doubting time to time in the future, and he knows that he’ll most likely be doing that as well. But with this circumstance, doubting is inevitable. But as long as you both want to, you’ll do it until one of you don’t. So you figure that you shouldn’t waste a second if this ‘thing’ between you two is only temporary.
So yes, you did cover everything with him, and now is the time to stop talking and do that certain activity that you both are suddenly craving.
“Is it time to indulge?” You tease, and he can’t help but laugh this time.
As his chuckle tames down, he hums an “mhm.”
Jungkook didn’t think you’d be so understanding and you didn’t think his list of establishments and boundaries would be so short. Neither of you expected this conversation to be so brief, and only now you’re both realizing how you’re alone together and have the whole night to do anything but talk.
It was you that met his lips first, relishing in the taste of him that you missed so much this past week. He melts into it, the feeling mutual.
He releases your writs and uses one hand to cup your cheek, the other on your waist. His tongue makes its appearance against yours and you eagerly taste him further as you let both of your hands rest over his.
You grind against nothing as you whimper into the kiss, and his breathing escalates when you guide his hands straight to your chest. More specifically, your breasts.
The only thing in between you and his direct touch is the thin fabric of your t-shirt, and he shivers as he feels your erect nipple against his palm. He gently squeezes, and when you moan so does he.
Jungkook is a gentleman so he’d never admit this, but he’s always had such a thing for your chest. It’s full and so large and he’s had so many fantasies about it. You can feel the way he’s losing control of his senses, melting as he continues to toy with your breasts.
“Do you like them?” You ask in a slight giggle against his lips before rejoining his kiss, not expecting that he’d enjoy it that much.
He hums a yes again, except this time it’s higher and pitch and has a pleading undertone. You give in to it, breaking the kiss completely and guiding his hands off of you as you quickly pull your shirt up and off your body.
You bite your lip as you watch Jungkook stare intently before resuming his contact against them, and this time his touch is softer. He gently cups them, using his thumb to flick at your nipples before gently rolling them between his fingertips and you hum out a moan, thoughtlessly bringing your small hand to the large bulge in his pants.
He’s incredibly hard, as you had imagined, and he hisses through his teeth upon feeling you on him.
“So hard…” You note aloud, palming him gently as his grip on your breasts begins to get weaker and weaker.
You were waiting for that switch of his to flip, to take over and leave you aching in the most excruciating yet exhilarating way possible. And so when he continued to groan weakly at your palming, you knew you had to urge it out of him.
“C-can I taste you?”
Jungkook’s eyes shoot open, steady on yours as he examines your features to see if you really said that or if he was just hearing things.
“I didn’t get the chance to last time, and… I want to show you how I am on my best behavior.”
And there’s that spark in his darkened eyes.
“Yeah?” he asks in a whisper, voice low and breathy. “You want to suck my dick, baby?”
You nod pathetically, whining under your breath to show just how badly you want that. A smirk grows on his lips.
“Do it then, suck me. Wanna see it in your mouth.”
You inhale at his words, the constant wave in you circling at each of his words and touches, landing itself at your core each time.
You transition yourself to sit on your knees while still beside him on the couch, hands slowly trailing to the hem of his hoodie. He sees what you're trying to do and takes it upon himself to pull the heavy material off of his top half, revealing a sight you’ve always wished to see.
You see each ridge of his toned upper body that you would only see vaguely of all those times hidden beneath his daily attire of a button-down. But now it’s off, and for your eyes to take in, all while he waits for you to touch him.
All of it is so overwhelming, but the good kind.
“Lay back.” Your voice is nowhere near authoritative and it would've been funny to hear you attempt that, but you knew better and settled with your polite, small voice.
He does as instructed, positioning himself sideways before reclining flat onto his back, head resting on the couch’s armrest. His legs are spread wide enough to fit you between them, and so you position yourself to be sat on your knees in front of him. His legs act as a barricade of some sort as they’re on either side of you.
“Ready?” You ask, more to yourself than to him, suddenly nervous to proceed.
You look up to find him with his hands behind his head, eyes already fixated on your breasts before flicking them up to meet yours.
“Go on, baby.”
Palm flat on his lower stomach, fingers just poking into the material of his waistband, you take one last deep breath before your hand is hidden completely underneath his pants- trailing right down to that familiar bulge of his.
His reaction isn’t too wild yet, as all you can notice so far is his breathing faltering the slightest. Eager to see him react more, you enhance your palming by stroking him through the fabric of his briefs.
Your eyes never left his eyes, and you’re determined to keep it there as it’s more than assuring for you and hopefully for him as well.
“Don’t tease me, Y/N.”
His words send a weird shock throughout your body, almost like you feel a little too bad for doing something wrong. But it wouldn’t be the first time his authoritativeness or presumed dominance sent you into such submissive instinct.
And you were ready to do as requested, but not without wringing out the little amount of stubbornness you had in you first.
“Why? You did it to me last time. I don’t see why I can’t.”
He sighs, and it could be interpreted in so many ways but what stands out the most is frustration.
“Because I’m telling you not to.”
His words are enough to prove exactly where you stand in terms of authority, and that’s below him.
One timid gulp, and before he knows it your hand is back out and unbuttoning his pesky pants.
Fiddling with the zipper, you manage to undo the hassle and your small fingers hook into his waistband before using most if not all of your strength to shimmy them down his thick thighs. His hips lift up just a bit to help make things easier, and once the fabric is bunched at his mid thighs he relaxes once again, comfortably breathing shallowly with hands behind his head, eyes curiously on your next moves.
You’re almost nervous to be faced with the monster that is him, both metaphorically and literally, as you know what to expect with his length and how he reacts when you stimulate said length. You’re nervous, but no more than you are eager.
Repeating the actions of hooking your fingers into his waistband, you tug his briefs down to meet with his pants, and you’re once again feeling your stomach whirlwind in so many different feelings when you see how his erection springs up to stand tall and proud against his lower stomach.
He notices the very vague whimper that escapes you, and he lets out an airy chuckle.
“You said you wanted to suck me. . . so do it.”
Your eyes flick to his once more for just a spec of assurance even though you’re well aware that sexual alter ego of his has taken over by now and any sign of assurance from him is hopeless.
“Y/N~” he coos, “wanna feel your mouth, baby. Can you let me feel it?”
You nod.
“Yeah? C’mon, make me feel it.” His tone is high in pitch, faux pleading as he nods his head in encouragement when your head begins to lower to meet him.
“Make me fucking feel it.”
Your plump lips, the ones he adores, meet his swollen head that twitches the slightest upon feeling you. He lets out a light moan but when you flatten the tip of your tongue against his slit, he hisses rather harshly.
“Yes, baby, just like that. Love your tongue on my cock.”
His praises give you a confidence boost and as the nerves slowly slip away you’re quicker to fully satisfy him.
Spitting onto his tip with your lips never having parted, you pull back a little to let it drip down before licking it all back up from his base up.
“Fuck, yeah. Mhm, make me feel it, baby.”
His new vocality surprises you a bit since you barely even started, and you can’t help but wonder if he’s been worked up this entire encounter that even the slightest bit of relief is enough to make him so reactant.
And judging by the pool in between your legs, he hasn’t been the only one worked up since he came through those doors.
After reaching back to his tip with your tongue, you bring your eyes up to his before placing a sloppy peck on it. You see how his brows are furrowed, eyes just barely staying open.
He looks so needy and you honestly don’t believe you can handle your own temptation any longer.
Widening your kiss, your lips suction his girth tip into your mouth, and his hips involuntarily jerk when you sink down as far as you can take.
You’re disappointed to find out your mouth isn’t even covering half of him, but he doesn’t even seem to notice. Sucking in a sharp breath through his teeth, the back of his head digs further into the armrest.
Bringing a hand up to make up for the lack of contact, you stroke his base as you glide your mouth up and down his shaft.
“Baby,” he whines, eyes pinched shut by now.
You use your free hand to comfortingly stroke his outer thigh even though you’re sure he doesn’t care about those kinds of gestures, but per usual he contradicts you as he brings a hand down and places it lightly against yours, gently holding onto it.
You come up to breathe, dark eyes on his and he gives you an assuring nod that’s so small you almost think it’s a tic.
Sinking your mouth back down, his hips buck again but it’s harsher this time and provides you with more than you can take- tears immediately building at the corner of your eyes.
Judging from the way he intertwines your fingers in an apologetic way, you know he didn’t mean to do that on purpose.
And for some reason, every time he shows this soft side, you’re even more determined to just please him.
So with a rather risky idea, you pull off of his cock with a loud suction sound.
He notices the way you smile in excitement as you sit up, and his eyes flutter open fully. Watching you with his full attention, doe eyes at their widest, his heart stills in his chest when he sees you grab your breast- squishing them together.
You only bite your lip to refrain from a mischievous giggle, continuing with your plan as you crawl a little more up between his legs, doubling over so that your cleavage aligns with his harder-than-ever cock.
“Fuck yourself in between them,” you softly instruct, both hands on each breast as you’re pressing them together, angling it just above him as you wait for him to do the rest.
He probably could’ve released at your words alone, but then he wouldn’t have gotten to experience the opportunity given to him. More eager than ever, he grabs his swollen shaft and presses his tip into your cleavage, the sight alone making that craved knot in the pit of his stomach appear.
“Fuck,” he hisses as he thrusts his hips up, his cock being suffocated by the same breasts he’s always daydreamed about.
He’s only able to get in about three proper, stamina-fueled thrusts before his hips start to falter and his cock starts to become more and more sensitive.
Releasing your hands from your breasts, you bring them to his hips to guide him down, and you scoot back a little before stroking him again with your hand this time.
“Gonna cum?” You ask nonchalantly and with genuine wonder.
His breathing picks up as your hand absentmindedly goes faster, and he manages to let out a frantic yet calm “mhm.”
You see how much of a mess he looks, and you almost want to giggle in pride of your creation. Your lips join your hand's movement, and you're once again sucking him like your life depends on it.
“Fuck! Baby— I’m gonna…”
His desperation to cum triggers a possession of some sort into you as you find yourself removing your hand and sucking his full length despite the tears that come with it.
“Mm, yes baby,” he nearly cries out. “Make the big cock cum.”
Your blurred eyes land on his as you continue to bob your head up and down, no breathing whatsoever, and he nods profusely.
“Mhm,” he encourages. “Make me feel it over and over.”
You pull up only to spit onto his tip before sinking back down and continuing, and he lets out a sadistic chuckle.
“So fucking sexy.”
A hand blindly snakes down below his base, collecting his balls in your hand and softly massaging them as you occasionally gag around him.
That was just enough to make the spark in his stomach grow, and he’s panting as he guides a hand to tangle into your hair, guiding your head.
“Don’t stop, baby. Don’t fucking stop.”
You feel the tears as they stream warmly down your cheek, and he feels them too as they land on his thigh, resembling the determination you’re putting into him feeling good.
And that alone makes that wave crash over him, his mouth agape as he gently tugs your hair in signal to stop.
You align your pouted lips to his slit, eyes on him as his breath drains from his body, along with the white strings of pleasure.
His free hand comes out from beneath his hand and to his shaft, slowly stroking out any remains onto your lips.
And it’s not until his eyes finally open that he sees the picture he painted, his softening cock twitching- causing him to dryly whimper.
Your wide eyes are on his when you tuck your covered bottom lip into your mouth, licking him off of you and swallowing. You open your mouth to show him your now clear tongue as proof, and his cock once again jolts.
“C’mere,” he whispers, head falling back and hands reaching for your waist as you crawl up his body and look down at him with that notorious gleam of faux innocence in your eyes.
“Did so good for me.” His words are soft, breathing still unstable. “Thank you, Ms. Y/N.”
You can’t fight the smile that plays at your lips upon his statement, remembering how you said the same words last time. And the mere fact that he remembers sends a comforting blanket-like warmth over you as you reach down to place a chaste kiss on his lips.
“You’re welcome. . . Jungkook.”
Tumblr media
Lying in your bed, Jungkook embraces you tighter as you mindlessly trace his tattoos, eyes fluttering shut in tempting drowsiness every so often but you fight it to the best of your abilities.
After you took it upon yourself to clean him up with a rag, you both trailed off to your bed and he insisted to return the favor but you surprisingly declined, telling him to take his time and come down from his own high first.
“You have a lot of tattoos for a professor.”
And if it weren’t for your random statements every five minutes, he would’ve been convinced you are asleep.
As you lay on top of his chest, thigh over his and head nuzzled into his neck, his mind is clouded with nothing but you. And typically that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but he can’t seem to shake the lingering guilt he has from simply just thinking about you.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asks in mock offense and is glad to have a distraction from his troubling thoughts.
He smiles wide when you giggle.
“It’s just that you’re the only tattooed professor that I've ever had.”
Professor. He hates how badly he dislikes being reminded of that title, and he hates the fact that he wishes to be called something else even more.
And Jungkook is well aware he’s an old-fashioned romantic, that this is his first “hookup” (as he’s heard the term somewhere online before) that he’s ever had, and so he knows how difficult it’s going to be to not have it in the back of his mind that he’s not here to care for you or be called any pet names- he’s here to fuck you. That’s what you both agreed on after all, nothing more.
“I’m also the only ‘professor’ you’ve fucked…Guess I’m just full of surprises.”
You scoff in agreement, nuzzling further into him to seek warmth from the fan above you.
“A walking mystery.” You add on.
And it’s not until you both fall into another round of comfortable silence that you realize the many different interpretations of your words. A walking mystery.
You think about how little you know of him, how little he’s told you. How little he knows of you, how little you’ve told him. And it dawns on you that you can’t keep getting disappointed by all the lack-of’s because you’re not supposed to know about each other. Because despite the way his hand is caressing your back in a caring and protective way that can mean so much- it means absolutely nothing at the end of the day.
He’s a walking mystery and you decide it’s best you don’t solve it. There’s absolutely no need to learn about his life or endeavors because no hookup does that.
And in contrary to him, you’ve done this before. He’s not your first no-strings-attached fling. But for some reason, you’re liking that protectiveness that comes from just his touch alone. That soft demeanor he gives you after each lustful moment. And you absolutely despise yourself for liking it.
Laying there tangled up with each other with your breathing in sync, you’re both secretly battling the same feeling of realization.
And that realization is that this will never be anything more because it can’t be more.
Tumblr media
The ring of his phone wakes you up first, and you shoot up in confusion despite Jungkook’s heavy arm that he had draped across your stomach. You instantly make note of the new dimness, darting your head to the window to confirm the night sky.
Back to your main source of confusion, you reach over him to grab his ringing phone off the nightstand while using your other hand to tap him awake.
“Jungkook,” your dry mouth speaks, tapping him a bit harder when he doesn’t respond and it seems to have done the trick.
“Your phone is ri— ” you cut yourself off when the loud buzz comes to a halt, “was ringing.”
With only one eye open, he rubs at them with closed fists like a child before sitting up slowly and retrieving the phone from you.
“Shit, what time is it?” He asks, voice dry and raspy.
“I don’t know, we accidentally dozed off —”
Finally seeing somewhat clearer, he cuts you off with a muttered “fuck” and curiosity, as well as worry, drown your expression as you ask what happened.
He’s quick to guide your legs off of him, jogging to the laundry room to get his clothes that you thoughtfully put to wash.
You follow behind, startled at his frantic pace.
“Jungkook, what?” You ask again after being ignored in your last attempt, your voice sterner this time.
He looks up at you as he slides into his pants, multitasking by getting his hoodie out of the dryer at the same time.
“I didn’t mean to stay so late, I have to —”
He’s cut off by the ring of his phone in his hand, quickly answering this time like it completely slipped his mind to call back.
“Yejin?” He speaks into the phone in a faux-calmed tone. “I wasn’t paying attention to the time, I’m on my way back home now.”
Your head tilted at the unfamiliar name, and it’s not until he said ‘back home’ that you became frozen. After a few more “okay’s” and “mhm’s” he hung up the call, phone shoved into his pocket as he now slips his hoodie on.
You really did not want to ask who that was because it’s none of your business, but you can’t help but assume the worst.
Homewrecking was never your plan, and one of your main reasons for indulging with him in the first place was because he never wears a ring on his finger. You made sure to look for that the first day you saw him.
So if it’s not a wife, presumably, then who—
“It’s my babysitter.” He makes clear as he heads for the couch, slipping on his shoes. “I was supposed to be home before nine, that’s when her shift ends.”
“You have a dog?” is the first question that comes to mind, genuinely confused as you wait for him to elaborate.
He lets out the smallest chuckle as he shakes his head in humor, continuing his frantic stride to the front door.
“I have a daughter that’s probably wondering where the hell her daddy is right now.”
“I —”
He opens the door to exit and looks back over his shoulder to say goodbye, but when he notices how taken aback you are, he jogs over to you and gently places his hands on your upper arms.
“We can talk more next time, I promise.” He completely contradicts and abandons his thought-over ‘no-no’s’ and proceeds to place a heavy yet quick kiss on your temple before turning around and striding back to the door.
Making his exit, he gives you one last kind grin before vanishing from your eyesight, the door having been left open as he assumed you’d follow behind to shut it. But he’s in too much of a rush to wonder why you’re just frozen in place.
And standing there in said frozen state, your mind can only comprehend one thing. . .
He truly is a walking mystery.
A/N: apologies if this chapter was boring, I needed to make sure the dynamic/basics between oc and jk were clear :) chap 3 is gonna be a lot more ✨juicier✨as we’re finally gonna learn more abt his daughter and his relationship status :p *also, shorter chapters are coming I promise lol*
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kooksbunnnn · 4 months
LOST CAUSE PART 1. Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
My masterlist
Summary: Jungkook comes back to you after his 10 day trip to Busan, and you sense something different about him. 
Word count: 5.1k, cheating au
Ratings: 18+
Warning: cheating, mentions of sex and hand jobs, pregnancy, past trauma, panic attacks, lots of crying, and regret. ANGST.
Notes: this has been in my drafts since November 2021 and is a form of catharsis for my past trauma. Cheating on someone is wrong no matter what reason or person. This is just my opinion on how I would react now since giving another chance is kinda traumatic for me. No offense to people who try again, but it's just my opinion. I apologize if I hurt someone's sentiments through my words. Thank you for reading though hehe~ ily
Part 2
Today's a special day, Jeon Jungkook, the love of your life was back from his 10-day trip to Busan, courtesy of the company he worked his ass off for. Also, you had an announcement to make. You were pregnant, finally pregnant. After so many tries. You got so happy when the results came but since Jungkook was on a trip, you decided to keep it a secret until he comes back.
Anxiety, excitement, happiness, and maybe fear. What if he does not want the baby right now, with the workload and extra hours? These emotions are giving you a feeling that you are not able to place in your head quite clearly, but as soon as the sound of keys rattling reaches your ears, a smile appears on your face and joy wins the race against every other feeling.
You run towards the gate and hide against the wall that was beside the door giving you a spot big enough to put up your wedding picture frame. As soon as the door opens you jump and whisper a 'boo', which was meant to be adorable but made him gasp and drop his luggage on the floor.
You pick up the phone that he dropped and chuckle, hugging him, you whisper in his ears, "I missed you, baby."
When he doesn't hug you back your body tenses a little bit but before you can pull back he pulls you towards him and buries his head in your neck inhaling your scent. "I missed you too." You listen to him repeat the statement like a mantra, leaning back a little you look into his eyes...
Was he crying?
Noticing his tense behavior, you kiss him, trying to reassure him of your presence. Inhaling his natural scent which was also mixed with a few cigarettes. You frown in the kiss when you realize something is off because of the way he just kept his lips frozen.
Also, the cigarettes were his symptom of stress but you don't pay too much attention to the smoky feeling and kiss him trying to make him relax. The way he was holding you tightly but also with hesitation, 3 years of a relationship along with 2 years of experience in marriage has taught you both to read each other's body language making you a bit worried.
You step back to look at him properly and see that he had dark circles under his eyes, hair disheveled as if been run through by his hand many times. He does it again, proving your theory.
He is not making eye contact.
The single drop of tear dropping on his chin tells you something is wrong, his chest heaving as if trying to contain and also let out something. You realize he hasn't even looked at you once.
"Kook?" Hearing your hushed tone, he opens his eyes to look at your face for a second and then look away.
"Are you okay? Is everything okay? Did something happen, baby?" Your questions in a whisper-like voice made him tear up and say a distant 'yeah just missed you so much.' You look at his face that was now focusing on the picture you hung on the wall from your honeymoon trip, the hills in the background of the picture making you smile at the memory of your husband whining like a baby because of the cold.
The picture even has his nose red and all scrunched up while you were posing with a big smile on your face, your chin resting on his shoulder with your hands in his jacket's pocket while you hugged him from the back, fitting into each other like puzzle pieces.
You both look at the picture and almost zone out, then you notice the open door facing the hallways and a light chuckle leaves your mouth, saying sorry for not even letting him in and jumping on him. He shakes his gaze off the painting and rushes to close the door before he takes his shoes off and just tumbles across the entrance.
"You know I ordered a big pizza meal but then canceled it cause I suddenly changed my mind. It amazes me that I can change my mind in 35 seconds.." you scoff at how fast you felt nausea set in your stomach when you ordered the pizza.
Still nervous about how you're gonna tell him everything, you keep on blabbering. "But then I decided to cook some steak which I couldn't, cause I suddenly had a headache, so I decided that you can suggest something and we can order while you showe-- where are you going kook?"
You say in a confused tone when you see him opening the balcony door letting the cool air inside.
"Just need some air, Y/N"
Flinching at how he takes your full name, you realize it must've been your rambling that sent him off to the balcony for air. You feel sorry and walk towards the porch where he just stands and stares at the skyline from above, the sun still setting on the horizon painting the sky a pretty shade of purple mixed with a crimson red.
"I'm sorry if I annoyed you baby, just excited that you are back. You wanna shower first or eat something? You seem tired." He shakes his head at your question rocking your body a bit with his since you have yours attached to his back like a koala.
"Can I get some time alone...please?" You pull back with your eyebrows knitted together at his sudden request that makes you feel something in your stomach making you want to puke. "Um, okay. Take your time.." you step back into the lobby hesitantly when suddenly the puking sensation becomes too real and you run towards the bathroom with a hand clutched over your mouth.
Rushing into the bathroom you fall onto your knees in front of the pot, pouring out almost everything you had this morning. Jungkook comes running after you kneeling down immediately beside you, holding your hair back which you were not doing a good job at.
He rubs your back as you cough and try to breathe at the same time not being able to pay attention to his 'are you okays' or 'hey what happened' or 'it is okay, it's okay I am here.'
When you feel like you have nothing left in you, you sit up a little to flush the remnants of your indigested food into the sewer, falling back against the wall connected to the shower cabinet. Breathing heavily, you try to calm down when you notice a big pair of doe eyes looking at you in concern, he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear as you try getting up.
"I am sorry, you didn't have to help, seriously. You're tired, go take a shower then we can eat something okay?" You speak hoarsely and try to leave the tensed guy's embrace but he stops you, looking at you from top to bottom examining you like a doctor while you turn to use some mouth wash.
"I didn't have to help? You were literally wrenching your gut out, are you even okay?!" He asks you in a terrified voice turning you towards him after you spit out the mouthwash. You, not wanting him to tell him the baby details in front of a toilet pot, lie, hold his face in both of your hands telling him that it was stale fried rice that you had in lunch. Whispering an 'oh', he immediately takes a step away from you and asks you to be careful, adding a little 'please' at the end making your heart swell with love.
You both stand there silent while the tap water runs in the background. Yo Turning it off after some seconds, you break the silence by telling him that he can take shower while you can go order something in the meanwhile.
Walking towards the door, you ask, "Chicken?" he looks at you for a second and whispers a tiny 'yeah'. You smile and lean in to kiss his cheeks telling him not to take too long cause you have to talk about something. "Me too," he says in an almost inaudible voice, giving him a little nod, you walk back into the kitchen.
After a long 32-minute shower, according to your phone clock, he comes out in a black t-shirt and grey jogger combination.  You smile smelling his body wash from 2 feet away and immediately feel comfort seeping into you. hugging him you inhale his natural and soapy scent, running your hand in his damp hair.
"There's my perfect and not so travel-worn husband." You smile at him trying to make eye contact when he suddenly buries his nose in your neck, sniffling and tightening his arms around you, mumbling very inaudible apologies.
You try to pull back to talk to him but he doesn't let you, his body starts shaking as he starts to sob. Your heart picked up its pace as you've never seen him like this and you feel a clench in your heart as if something bad is about to happen.
"Jungkook, hey, what's the matter? Are you okay?" You pull back putting a lot of strength and see how his face is red and his tears are just flowing out. "Hey look at me.." you try to make him face you but he just shuts his eyes trying to face away from your worried ones.
He suddenly sits down on the chair with a thud, slipping from your hold. He clutches his head and keeps on coughing and crying. You try to calm him down with big wide eyes filling with tears as well.
You hear him say things like, 'I fucked up, I fucked up. I am so fucking sorry.' and your heart sinks somewhere you dread it from falling into. You kneel in front of him, taking his hand in yours, pressing short kisses on his tattooed fist.
After insisting a lot you finally make him face you but the expression on his face makes you doubt the curiosity in your heart because you have a very bad feeling about this.
Siting up on your knees coming face to face with him, both of you sniffling, his eyes and his nose all red, lips quivering.
"I love you Jungkook, okay? trust me, tell me what happened, please?" You say softly and the guilt and disgust he felt towards himself made him wanna vomit. How he wanted to just go back in time, to revert the fuck up he did, he ruined everything, everything he built, everything he had in this relationship. The love, the trust, he could see everything breaking including you and your heart.
Not being able to keep his eyes on you, he looks down at his lap and you have a feeling you're not gonna like his next words. Tightening his hold on your hands he said,
I cheated on you.
The silence between you two, after hearing the words come out of his mouth, was deafening. You can't even hear your heartbeats, did it stop? was this a dream? A nightmare if precisely termed, if yes you want out of it. You feel the air in your lungs escaping and a panic setting inside you.
"It happened just once, I am sorry. I don't know why I did it. I am really sorry. I don't know what to do.." he keeps going on and on but nothing reaches you.
There is this ringing in your ear that doesn't seem to stop and after a good 1 or 2 minutes of looking blankly at the body shaking and sobbing in front of you, you realize that you went blank. then the realization hit and you felt all alone in the room with silence, slow breathing, panic, and the "feeling of a life growing inside you". Questions. A lot of questions, came running at you with knives and swords piercing through your heart.
Why? Were you not enough?
Did he fall out of love?
What about the baby?
Did you do something wrong?
Did you gain weight?
What about the baby?
Were you boring?  
Did you cross any limitations on his privacy?
What about the baby?
Should you have worn more makeup?
Should you have gotten that surgery your aunt suggested?
Will he leave you?
Would you have to beg? Should you beg?
What about the baby?
Should you tell him?
What if he leaves?
What will happen to you and the baby?
The unfocused look in your eyes and the loosening grip of your hands made him jolt up in the chair and hold your hands tighter, pulling you towards his body, he left your hands and held you by your shoulders, trying to shake you out of the panic. He can almost read the questions in your eyes.
He wants to explain and give you answers, but he needs you to get back to him for it. Back to the lobby where you were looking into his eyes but not looking at him. you were not with him.
"Y/N. Look at me. Hey, Y/N, focus baby. Talk to me please. Yell at me. Scream. Hit me. Just talk please." He shakes you and your body responds with a limp movement which makes him leave the chair and get down on the floor. The anxiety, the panic, the betrayal, all making your breathing ragged. You want to scream but your body doesn't respond.
You've been cheated a lot of times in your life, many times. Including the one time, a guy used you for a bet to prove to his friends that he can fuck the arrogant nerd. In high school, the bullies of your school had bets on who can smack your ass or grope you in the hallways or in the classroom, forcing you to transfer your school.
Making new friends in the past was never easy for you and since everyone behaved well to you first and then betrayed you, giving you trust issues. So whenever you got serious with a guy, the issues made the relationship difficult ending up with him dumping you or with the infamous cheating.
After 5 and a half years of isolation from friends and love. You finally found Jungkook who proved in every single way that he can be your friend and lover at the same time. That you both can be happy together. Without anyone else. And as of now, if not him, you have no one. This leaves you with another question.
Are you gonna end up lonely in that depressing, dark pit where you cried and cried isolating yourself, wanting to kill yourself, and almost doing it?
The thoughts hit you like a punch in the gut and the amount of shaking Jungkook had you get out of the daze and finally focus on him. Looking at his face you remember everything you guys have done. The kisses, the movies, the cuddles, the teasing, the late-night walks, the crying sessions, the fights, the sex..
Before you can even think about the following genres of your memories, you push him back and clutch your head. Falling forward with your knees still tucked under your thighs, you pull your hair to stop the pain in your head and let out a screech that makes Jungkook sob harder.
He doesn't wanna see you like this, your body shivering, and the way your hands are shaking and your loud cries and wails that he never wanted to be the reason for. He knew your past. He knew every fucking thing. How could he do this to you? He vowed that he will never make you cry, he literally would kill anyone who made you upset.
Now, what should he do with himself?
You gasp as you take in the air, your body falling back as you reach for something on the ground to get support from. Jungkook tries to reach out to you but you yell at him to stay away. You can't stop the pictures in your head of him kissing someone, moaning someone else's name.
"Why?" You ask between sobs, mostly talking to yourself, not actually wanting answers. seeing you like this he cries harder, crawling towards you, trying to hold your hand, you struggle against him, trying to push him again but he pleads in front of you to listen to him explain.
"No!" You scream and push him off. Making him fall back against the floor, and you even stop for a second to check on him if he is hurt.
"Was I not enough for you?! Why did you, out of all the people have to prove that I am not worth putting people's time into?! What am I supposed to do huh?" you kneel in front of his body that was hesitant to reach out but wanted to comfort your panicked state. "You tell me Kook...Do you expect me to forgive you? Or do you expect me to trust you again and just forget that this.." you move your pointer finger towards both of your chests, "..ever happened?"
Getting up you get a dizzy feeling in your head and you can feel the room spinning. You lean against the kitchen counter, tears still flowing. You look at him who was getting up to sit on the chair still looking down at the floor. Suddenly you can't breathe without asking him the questions in your mind, you wanted to know, Why? Who? Where?
"Who was she?" You ask not able to hide the little crack in your voice as you looked at your husband, who promised to love you. Forever.
"She was the manager in the club I went to celebrate with hyungs." He speaks up without hesitation knowing that he owes an explanation.
That easy? Was it that easy to forget about you and fuck another girl?
"What was her nam- actually no I don't wanna know..." you felt bile rise in your throat at the thought of knowing her name, so after a pause, you got the courage to ask him, "Did you fuck her?" He looked at you flinching at the choice of your words.
"No." He said looking away tears still flowing. Before you could ask further, he explained himself. "I didn't fuck her, Y/N. Does it matter what we did? I am really sorry Y/N, please look at me." He said as he stood up to walk up to you.
You chuckled sarcastically, no humor present in your voice. You looked up and saw guilt in his eyes as he stopped in his way when he heard you let out the half-hearted laugh. It hurts to see him cry but you can't help but feel the pain in your chest overlapping your love. You doubt if you should even tell him about his baby. It was supposed to be a surprise but clearly, your husband had better a surprise planned.
You really want to, but you can't really see a future ahead of you now.
"We. It's such an easy word right kook?" You look at the ground thinking about how he used the word so easily which was supposed to be only his and yours. "We. Us.." You look up at him and say through clenched teeth,
"Yes, It matters Jungkook tell me. What exactly happened? I want to know where exactly I went wrong for you to go seek help somewhere else."
He wanted to protest but you shush him with an adamant 'Tell.Me.Jungkook'.
He looks at his feet and you prepare yourself for the heartbreaking details. "We met-.." Wincing, he looks at you and changes his words "I met her when she came to ask if our group needed something. Namjoon Hyung introduced all of us since she was his old friend. They wanted to celebrate the deal and since she was hyung's friend, we invited her, and I-I don't know what happened but I got really drunk and I just went to wash my face but she j-just grabbed me and pushed me against the wall and.." he started sniffling and you felt your body shake and long, heavy breathes leaving your lungs, eyes squeezed shut, with clenched fists, trying to hear the whole story without breaking down. "She started kissing me and.."
He pauses pleading with you to not let him continue.
"Continue please.." he can hear your heart, your voice, and your demeanor breaking at the same time. "Y/N please.." hearing this, you look at him with eyes that were emotionless, telling him that he fucking owes this much to you.
All the while he was speaking, you were thinking about the baby, the little person who did nothing wrong. Will his or her father leave? You feel your breath slipping away at the thought but you control the urge to scream until he finishes.
"..and then we just gave each other a handjob.." you flinched at the term making your knuckles go white. He sounds so distant, so small, the guilt eating him up.
"Did you cum?" you ask him, eyes shut as if trying to avoid the answers. He sighs and mutters a 'yes'. You inhale sharply trying to gasp for air looking up at the ceiling, "did you make her cum?"
He feels the knot in his throat fighting the food he ate earlier which was trying to come out, guilt and disgust seeping into his veins. This sounds so disgusting and you sound so broken. Your panicked breathing makes him feel pathetic. But after gathering some courage he admits cause he had to answer you.
It was supposed to happen if they did that kind of stuff but it made you feel sick to the stomach. You feel the world spin and you wonder if there is a chance that a nightmare could feel so true.
You don't know what comes over you when you call his name softly.
He looks up at you with blurry eyes and you reach up to his hand to hold it against your belly. He looks at you confused for a second but the moment you see him realize, you let his hand slip out of yours and his eyes sparkle for a second, he understands that finally he fulfilled his dream which was to be a father but loses it as soon as he realizes that he fucked up bad and what he did was irreversible, ruining three lives altogether.
And the baby.
He steps back as he realizes what he has done. Both of you have been trying for half a year and now, when he finally got the chance to be a father, to be a perfect husband, a chance to help you sit up, feed you, to do stuff for you cause you won't be able to do, since you would be having a big belly, with his baby inside, who will one day hold his hand and call him 'dad', he wanted to help you get through the labor so that he could hold the baby in his arms taking in his or her features while you sleep because you'd be exhausted, a family picture that he imagines being taken in the hospital to get it framed and put on the bedside wall.
What has he done?
You both stay silent after the reveal, the only sound audible was of you sniffing after crying for a time none of you could measure. Your thoughts whirling inside your mind, tiring you, not realizing when you blacked out.
Jungkook heard how your hiccups stopped gradually, making him look upward to see how you passed out and had your head rested on the wall behind you. Your body cold and your face wet with tears. He carries you to your bedroom and tucks you in, feeling sick when he sees your face and nose red. Black trails on the cheekbones. He tries to rub the smudges off but pulls his hand back when he realizes that he lost his right to do all this.
He places a glass of water on the nightstand which was his daily habit, cause he knows you always wake up at midnight, searching for water with grabby hands almost falling over one time, so he started putting it there every night.
You were his princess whom he liked to spoil even after your complaints of being a spoiled brat because of him, always smiling when he called you his baby. He made sure you didn't have to leave the comfort of your bed. He remembers how you smiled looking at him with your big doe eyes filled with love which were now red because of him.
He turns off the lights of the room to make sure your eyes don't strain while you sleep, since he would not sleep next to you, to help you get your relief by burying your head in his chest to avoid the lights. He lost the privilege.
All these emotions made him feel nauseous but nothing comes up. The feeling sitting inside him as he watches your pale face being lit under the moonlight coming through the gap in the window curtains. He didn't realize how the clock turned from eight in the evening to 01:05, midnight.
He sat on the floor next to your hand, not even daring to touch you trying to think of ways to solve this,  he doesn't want to leave you alone, afraid of you getting up due to a nightmare or morning sickness.
He doesn't want you to be alone.
Not realizing when he fell asleep, but when he wakes up he doesn't find you anywhere in the room, not even in the bathroom. Calling out your name in panic, he runs out to the lobby where he doesn't find you either. He calls for you in taking out his phone to call people who might know where you were, but the cool air from the balcony caressing his face takes him towards you on the balcony.
He rushed towards you and saw how you were crouched down on the floor sipping coffee or tea. It might be tea coz you don't like coffee in the morning. 'It makes me talk bitter all day' you told him once. The memory making him smile.
Walking inside the balcony area, decorated by you as soon as you both moved into the apartment 8 months ago, with plants, wall hangings, colorful pots, and a set of chairs with a little round table for your balcony date nights you had on Saturdays.
Sitting down he sees that your eyes are still swollen and he observes you were crying before he woke up. He wants to caress your swollen skin but doesn't, so he just sits across from you on the balcony floor looking at the floor underneath him.
After finishing the tea you keep the empty mug on the floor with a clink and without looking at him, focus still inside the empty vessel, you softly speak, "Kook, I don't know if I can see you, or feel the same way for you as I did before, b-but.. I think our child should be born with both the parents. Still together.." he looks up at you with hopeful eyes at the same moment you do but then you interrupt him with your statement,
"That does not mean that I can forgive you. You lost the place you had in my heart, Jungkook. I am strong. But I am not that strong to let you back in my life or take a chance with you and give our relationship a try. After what happened to me in the past, this was my last straw and I hope you know that I have loved you with everything I had... I still do. But I just... can't."
You feel your heart clench at the way he opens his mouth to say something but closes it the moment you start tearing up. He looks at his lap again, soft sniffles coming from his direction.
You don't want to leave him alone but still, you get up to leave the balcony with Jungkook looking at the floor not able to make eye contact with you.
With your back towards him, you say, "I am going to live at my mom's house for some time until I find an apartment, I dont want to stay here.." looking around you feel your heart sinking as every spot that screams about the time you've spent here.
"...the memories will fucking kill me. I will shift somewhere else after I find the apartment, uh, you can..um, visit whenever you want, as I w-want you to be an equal part of the child's life as I am, just.." he looks up at you with teary eyes at your words, "..don't expect to be a part of my life kookie. It's not easy but I can't risk it. I have to take care of us"
Us. You and the baby. Not the three of you, this realization makes him look away with watery eyes.
Seeing him try to control his breathing you couldn't help but walk back into the balcony to kneel in front of him. Leaning forward, you put your hand on the other side of his face and give a peck on his cheek. He holds your wrist in place so you could not move, you both sniff simultaneously while inhaling the air as if breathing is the most difficult thing in the world.
You feel your heartbreak at the Irony. He used to be your safe space. He helped you breathe.
You put your forehead against his and let his scent get absorbed and engraved in your mind. One last time, your mind tells you. You know you have to be strong. You don't want to live with the anxiety and fear of him cheating on you again. Your past has ruined your trusting instincts and now jungkook just put the cherry on the top.
You mumble a little 'I love you before nudging his nose with yours as he tries to not let you go, but eventually does cause he didn't dare to stop you after doing you so much wrong. You get up to leave when you hear a silent 'I love you too'
You let the tears fall silently as you left the apartment, breaking down as soon as you reach your car. Gripping the steering wheel you see the shiny ring on your finger reflecting the rays coming through the windscreen, towards the plushie sitting on your dashboard he gave you on the first day of your job. The little squishy duck looking at you with pity in its plastic eyes, as it now has witnessed your most happy and the most dreadful ones in approximately 8 months.
Everything was over. You and Jungkook, your perfect fairytale, your perfect family, kids,  the dream you've been dreaming of forever. Just gone. 
Part two
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With a Brush of Fate | KTH | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Pair: Kim Taehyung x f!reader 
Summary: Your roommate was sure she found you the perfect man. Her boyfriend believed he found Taehyung’s soulmate. The only problem was that you never wanted to date an idol and he never wanted to drag you into this life. Taehyung didn’t even know what he wanted anymore and was tired of being criticized for simply growing up. You just wanted to finish university and do something for yourself. What started out with the meddling of your friends became something neither of you expected. Could the two of you be what the other is missing? Or would things just fall apart?
Genre: Fluff, angst, smut, idol au, strangers to lovers.
Warnings: Another idol au because I can’t be fixed. Idol!Tae x ArtStudent!reader. Choi Wooshik and wooga are part of the story. We follow BTS' 2021 schedule, but there's no c*vid. More to be added. 
Taglist: Open! 
Updates: Every monday, wednesday and friday.
Tumblr media
Twenty one - finale
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