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Is Mr. Min ready to see me?
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Eenie meenie miney mo 🤪
MORE ー J-Hope
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a man and his first love for @yooboobies ♥︎
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Jungkook, Love myself campaign 5th anniversary message
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221128 Big Hit’s Tweet
🍸 슈취타 TEASER (https://youtu.be/J9faC3UKsDs)
EP.1 Coming Soon 2022.12.5. 10PM KST
#슈가와취하는타임 #슈취타 #SUGA #슈가
🍸 Suchwita TEASER EP.1 Coming Soon 2022.12.5. 10PM KST
#TimeToGetDrunkWithSuga* #Suchwita #SUGA
(T/N: *A play on Suga + Daechwita, but also an abbreviation of '슈가와 취하는 타임', translated in the hashtag.)
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough, i don't know why
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Tumblr media
summary: yoongi has a secret he reluctantly lets you in on
genre: fluff
notes: someone requested this but i accidentally posted it without finishing, and when i deleted it the request deleted. so if you requested this here you go :))
"c'mon yoongi just show me!" i whined clasped my hands together in a beging motion
yoongi groaned throwing his head back, “why can you just show me” i demanded standing up in front of his spot on the couch
“because it’s a secret” he whispered moving his head so watching the tv
i moved my body to cover the tv once more.
yoongi hasn’t been letting me into his studio for a couple days now, which lead me to belive he was keeping something in there he didn’t want me to see
yoongi once’s more groaned before hastily standing up
he place his hands on my shoulders, his body towering over me “do you really wanna know?” he whispered leaning closer to me and looking over the living room in a suspicious manner
i reluctantly nodded my head, getting weirded out
he sighs, placing a kiss on my forehead, before walking away, i see his body disappear into the dark hallway and i start to even regret asking 
what if he kills me now
he’s famous, he could probably pay someone to cover it up
oh god what did i get myself into
before i could dig myself into a bigger overthinking hole i see him come back his hands behind his back
oh my god
he really is gonna kill me
before i could run away he takes his hands from behind his back and shows me what’s he’s been hiding these past days
and o m g
what a cute kitty!!!
he presented what seems to be a baby black cat, the cat was obviously tired seeing as it was falling asleep in his hands
“this is what i’ve been hiding” yoongi admits slowly sitting back down on the couch, careful to not wake up the sleeping kitty in his hands
i gasp before getting on my knees right in front of the cat “why didn’t you tell” i whisper slowly petting the kitty with my finger
“i was scared of how you would react” he slightly shrugs. i slowly took the kitty into my arms before sitting on the couch, i placed the kitty on my thighs before starting to pet it again
“my kitty” i whisper already becoming obsessed
yoongi chuckles before leaning onto me and wrapping his arm over me
i didn’t pay him any mind, to focused on the cute animal sleeping on me
“i don’t know what i was scared of” he whispered, not wanting to break the quite atmosphere
he places a kiss on my head before leaning on it. “god i love you” he whispers once more
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— 10 Reasons to Share a Bed with Yoongi
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing. yoongi x reader (modern au)
wc. 2,300
note. divided a list of prompts and will only be doing the hyung line; the next 10 reasons will be for namjoon, so stay tuned for that! as always, thank you for reading, and the writing below is inspired by the list of prompts provided from the Tumblr @promptful.
cw. illness, mature language, burglary mentions, injuries, death/dying mentions— just a mix between angsty and fluffy.
Tumblr media
Because you’re sick.
“You’re sniffling every two seconds.”
“—It’s 'cause of my fever...”
“Here, put on my sweater,” he didn’t hesitate, chucking it towards your face and making you squeak in surprise. “I don’t want it to get any worse cause of the cold.”
“But… I’ll get it all germy, Yoongi…?” You watched him with slightly unfocused vision, your head pounding and your throat burning from all the cough syrup he’s been making you take. You didn’t even have the strength to stop him from clambering into bed with you, letting him push your head down on the pillows after helping you put on his comfy sweater.
It was soft and it smelled just like him; you could hide your face in it forever.
“It’s already too late for that,” the sarcastic tone in his voice was thick. “You’re already in my bed.”
“Oh… true.”
He sighed in annoyance, and it made you feel extremely guilty. But his nimble fingers were quick to pull you against him and grab at the blanket resting by your feet. He placed the blanket over your shivering body, and left a light kiss on the top of your head.
Your heart skipped a beat as he whispered with a gummy grin “you’ll just have to take care of me tomorrow.”
Because there’s only one bed, and it feels wrong to let him sleep on the floor.
“Stop it, I said it doesn’t bother me.”
“—Okay, but that doesn’t mean it won’t bother me.”
He sighed, and you couldn’t help but think he resembled a scolded puppy, splayed down on the floor like that with only one pillow and a sad, scratchy blanket. Yoongi looked away with heated cheeks, cursing at his luck in picking shitty motels. “Fine, just don’t snore in my ear.”
“As long as you don’t take up all the space.”
He rolled his eyes but let you win nonetheless, standing up and moving under your blanket and into the warm bed. Under the moonlight, you could see his pale ears turn red from the shyness. The two of you were friends for years, yet small and simple things like these still made him nervous. He turned, so you were greeted with his back, and his tense shoulders made your lips pull up into a mischievous grin.
Scooting a bit closer, you sneakily leaned over him and blew a soft puff of air toward his nape.
“Yah!” He cursed out your name. “Will you cut it out?!”
Because he has the thicker blanket out of the two of you.
You shivered from the cold, trying your best to generate enough heat so you could fall back asleep and be done with your 2am insomnia. It didn’t work. Looked across the bed, your eyes locked onto Yoongi, your best friend since childhood, all snuggled up with the comforter. All you could see was his mop of dark hair resting wildly against the pillow as he was cocooned entirely inside his blanket. His breath rose from his blanket burrito in little puffs, and you gazed at the window, realizing that it had started to snow outside.
No wonder you were cold; your little, pathetic blanket wasn’t enough for this type of weather, even if the two of you were safely inside, under a roof. So you decided to take a chance and risk waking Yoongi up for your comfort.
“Yoongi…” You whispered, your shaking fingers caressing the hair away from his face. “Hey, Yoongi.”
He unconsciously flinched away from your freezing fingers, hiding his face deeper in his blanket.
“Yoongi, please…” You shuffled closer to the cocoon, desperate for warmth. “I’m cold, do you have another blanket —!”
In a flash, he raised his comforter and pulled you inside it. You almost let out a sigh of relief at the sudden warmth seeping into your bones, allowing him to wrap the two of you back into his burrito. His chin rested on your head, and you couldn’t help yourself but place your cold cheeks against his chest, your legs intertwining with his warm ones.
“Thank you.” You whispered.
His soft snores were all you got in response.
Because he won’t stop clinging to you on the couch.
“Hey… Hey, Yoongi?” You tried to wake him, your fingers running through his hair.
He didn’t respond, the long day of work draining him to the point of no return. When he called you for a movie night, you didn’t expect to watch the full movie alone with your best friend falling asleep on top of you. He was out in the first twenty minutes, his head finding a pillow against your soft stomach. Your legs were long asleep and prickling by now, but you didn’t dare move, knowing Yoongi needed the rest.
However, the movie was over now, the credits were rolling, and it was time for you to go before it got too late to drive home.
“Yoongi? Buddy?” You switched tactics, trailing your fingers against his cheek, the one that wasn’t buried into your stomach. “I need to leave soon, you have to wake up.”
“Five more minutes.” He grumbled, wrapping his arms around your waist tighter. “Just five…”
“Hey, no, it’s already almost 1 in the morning, and I have to go.”
“Fine then.” He jolted up, his hair puffed out in different directions. “Just sleep with me instead.”
“Wha…? Yoongi, hold on—! Put me down!”
“No. I need my pillow.”
Because he has a broken leg, and you didn’t want the guilt of leaving him here all by himself.
“I don’t need help.”
“—You broke your leg!”
“And? Doesn’t mean I need to be babied by you.” He sighed, messing up his locks by running his hands through them. A stress maneuver, you’ve grown to learn. He continued to hobble you towards the front door, refusing to accept your help even though you consistently exclaimed that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to you.
He doesn’t want you here; that much was clear to you. But he still needed you. And you would never forgive yourself if you left him here all alone, mere hours after he got his broken leg put into a cast. What if he gets hurt trying to go to the bathroom or back to bed?
“Enough.” You dug your heels in, almost sending the unbalanced male to the floor. “I don’t care what you say, I’d never get over it if something happened to you and no one was home.”
Yoongi rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Nothing’s going to happen—”
“I’m sleeping on the couch,” You ignored him, grabbing your jacket from the hanger by the door and putting it on. It tends to get cold here at night. “You can’t stop me, not as you are right now, anyways.”
He sighed out your name.
But you didn’t budge.
“Fine… Fine!” Yoongi drawled, limping closer to grab your hand. He locked his fingers with yours, and the action was enough to bring blood up to your cheeks. “I don’t want you sleeping on the couch, though.”
“Oh! Um…”
“Come on,” He nodded towards his bedroom. “Let’s go to bed.”
Because your health is deteriorating, and he doesn’t want to miss your final breaths.
He hummed softly in bed, his light fingers raking against your back as you rested on top of him. Yoongi didn’t want to miss a moment, having spent the day with you in your hospital bed as your health slowly but surely worsened.
When you called him this morning to say your final goodbyes, you didn’t expect him to leave early from work and visit your room. Though, you also didn’t complain as he climbed into bed, suit and all, to snuggle with you in your final moments.
His fingers rose to softly caress the back of your neck, and you shivered.
Yoongi noticed. “Cold?”
“No,” you mumbled, hiding your face in his chest. He found the action cute. “I just don’t want this to end.”
His heart clenched at your words. Yoongi couldn’t believe it took your nearing death and future absence in his life for him to recognize his feelings for you. It hurt. You being stuck here, with tubes and wires connected to your body, hurt. And he didn't know how to fix this.
“Yoongi,” You raised your head to meet his eyes, practically nose-to-nose. “I don’t want you to be here when I… you know.”
“I’m not leaving you.”
“But you’ll get traumatized.”
“I don’t care. I’ll be here to the end, my love.”
Because you’re crying as if he’s about to disappear.
You continued to take in shuttered breaths, clutching at your chest as if something was stabbing you deep from within. Yoongi sat across from you on the bed, his eyebrows furrowed in that worried look that, on a good day, usually had you joking about the wrinkles growing from it.
But this wasn’t a good day.
And you both knew that.
“It’ll only be for a couple of months,” Yoongi weakly tried consoling you. “You won’t even know I’m gone.”
You didn’t respond — couldn’t respond. The tears continued to cascade down your cheeks, and the action alone made Yoongi want to start crying with you. He couldn’t continue sitting there and watching you cry. Maybe he could with someone else, but not you.
“Come here,” He pulled at your wrist, wrapping his arms tightly around your body in an effort to comfort you. “Take in deep breaths, I don’t want you fainting cause of me.”
“You- I—” You couldn’t speak.
“Shh,” Yoongi harshly shushed you, placing a hand on the back of your head and stroking your hair softly. “You know I’d never abandon you, right? I’ll be gone, but I plan to return and get you after.”
“…Get me?” You looked up at him, your eyelashes full of unshed tears.
“Of course,” He gave you a gummy smile. “Exploring the United States means nothing to me if you’re not there beside me.”
Because this is what you’ve done since you were kids, regardless of the adult implications now.
“Yeah, it’s me.”
His familiar, gruff voice instantly put you at ease. You rolled yourself closer to the edge of the bed, allowing him to jump in from the open window. He smelled like the outside, like pine trees and rain, but you didn’t mind. In a flash, he pulled the window closed and buried himself beneath your covers.
“I thought it was an intruder.” You mumbled softly, not bothering to open your eyes.
A scoff. “As if anyone else would climb two floors to get into your room.”
“True…” Your voice got even softer, indicating your return to deep sleep.
Without hesitation, he rested his forehead against the back of your neck, wrapping his arms around your torso and pulling you into his chest. It was the middle of spring, so he didn’t necessarily need to cuddle up with you for warmth, but Yoongi found it helped with his insomnia to have you in his arms.
After all, he has been following this method since childhood.
Who was he to break habits?
Because he prefers your heartbeat as his sound-soother.
You’ve tried telling others countless times that there was nothing sexual behind his actions. That he was simply a friend and nothing more (yet), and that heartbeats helped calm him down after a horrible day serving others at his workplace. But looking at the position you and him were in tonight, you can understand your roommates’ suggestive looks whenever Yoongi visits.
His head was resting on your chest. Not your stomach, not your lap, but your chest.
You could feel the way his hair tickled your neck and chin or the way his fingers twitched by your sides as if he wanted to hold you even closer but knew he was already crossing too many lines between the two of you. Your own hands were in an awkward position as well, one resting at the base of his head and the other one on his bicep.
You were both watching late night tv, or at least, trying to.
“Hey, Yoongi?”
“Can I… Can I play with your hair?”
An intake of breath. Then, “Yeah, sure, I don’t mind.”
Your hands fell into his dark brown locks, running through and playing with it, as if they’ll distract you from the attractive male resting on you. With each comb, you could feel Yoongi get more and more relaxed in your arms, letting out sighs of relief and yawns. After ten minutes, you thought he had fallen asleep, but he jolted his head up to rest his forehead against the side of your neck.
You didn’t dare to swallow or breathe. “Yoongi?”
He muttered out your name in a disappointed sigh.
“...What are you doing to me?”
Because your house was broken into.
“Here, you can take the bed, and I’ll sleep on the couch tonight.”
“Wait… won’t it be uncomfortable for you?”
“I don’t mind. It’s better than leaving you back there after everything that’s happened. You can stay as long as you want to.”
“Yoongi…” The way your voice cracked had him turning back towards you.
He leaned against the doorway, his arms crossed and his jaw tense in that familiar way that told you he was somehow twisting the narrative in his mind and putting your burglary as his fault. A small part of your brain shivered in delight at the sight of Yoongi being so protective and angry for you. It almost made you forget the monstrosity you walked into this evening after work.
“Do you want another blanket?” He asked.
“No… I…” Your voice almost got caught in your throat. “Can you please just… stay here with me tonight? Please?”
His eyes analyzed your body from head to toe. The way you sat on his bed, your shoulders hunched and your arms wrapped around your waist. The way you tried keeping yourself from shaking, your legs restlessly jumping up and down. His gaze softened; there was no way in hell he’d be leaving you alone tonight.
“Of course… You didn’t even have to ask.”
Tumblr media
20221109 ©ilarianae.
follow my kofi for teasers and more!
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same energy
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happy kitten =^o^=
+ but also angwy kitten
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Jhope look so amazing
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Your lips, my lips, apocalypse
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sharing all your secrets with each other
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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