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Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode - Fly BTS Fly
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— Jungkook Moodboard —
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yoongi icons ♥︎
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There's something wrong with Manager Kim YN part 28
Tumblr media
YN poured out another whiskey, skipping the ice and felt it burn nicely down her throat.
She did her best to distract herself, but when it has been almost an hour and no movement she decided to go investigate.
YN knocked and swung open the door, watching as Yoongi stood nursing a bloody nose.
"For fuck sake Seokjin!" she headed straight for him. "I said don't do something stupid! You can't go beating up people," she shouted at him, grabbing tissues and pushing them at Yoongi.
She knew her brother would have thrown the first punch, because if it was her she probably would have done the same thing.
YN wiped the blood off her hands and tilted Yoongi's head up towards and felt the bridge of his nose. "It's not broken."
Yoongi blinked hard, as she walked into the room speaking, but his ears were muffled due to taking one too many hits.
Jim grabbed his cardigan nonchalantly as though their altercation had never happened. 
Yoongi felt her soft hands on his chin tilting it up toward her face. She lowered her gaze to his nose and pinched it all the way down. He did his best not to look down her top as she dipped down in front of him, but he was seeing double now. The sight of blood made most people sick; she didn't even bat an eyelid, and there was plenty of it.
"Why the hell did you follow him into here, hmm?" she mumbled, not that Yoongi could hear it over the ringing in his head.
"YN, you're here!" he gave her a gummy smile, reaching out his gloved hands and squishing her cheeks.
"How hard did you even hit him?" she managed, as Jin laughed at her looking like a puffer fish.
Jin just shrugged, pulling at the velcro with his teeth. YN felt for Yoongi's gloves but realised he had swayed and fallen to the ground in a heap.
"Jesus Seokjinna!"
Jin shook his head, "I didn't hit him that hard, how was I supposed to know you'd make him pass out again."
"Ya! You knocked him around the ring, it's not my fault if he happened to faint just after I walked in!"
Her brother shot her a look. "It is too!" he said loudly.
She moved away from Jin and looked over him, tired.
"Meh, give him a minute I'm sure he'll be okay, but what on earth is he doing here at this hour?"
"Drunk. Spilling the truth. It's too late to send him home anyway, especially in this state."
"What tea?"
"It's not my tea to spill," he explained cryptically.
"Well, I'm not running a hotel here, I had spare rooms but Uncle and Jackson have one each, Ari has her own and you stole my last one."
"I warned you if you came back I would live with you, stop acting like you don't like having your brother around," he argued.
"Fine, but stick him in your room," she waved him off, stepping over Yoongi and to go to bed.
Jin scoffed loudly, stepping over Yoongi too. "No way. You take him."
"He's your band member. You've known him longer," she argued back.
"Yeah, well he was your husband. And is your baby daddy."
"Listen we don't even know if the pabo is even going to do the right thing."
"Look I will be generous and help you take him into the house. And then I need some beauty sleep."
"Fine," she sulked, "help me get his ass upstairs."
YN dragged his heavy body to the landing outside her bedroom, struggling to keep him upright and simultaneously open the door.
Eventually pulling him in, she wanted more than anything to drop his ass to the ground.
"If you so much as fart in my room, you will not see the light of day," she threatened him as he mutely plopped onto the bed.
She owed him no niceties. YN threw his wallet and phone on the dresser, dumping a pair of large PJ's on the bed beside him.
"See ya," she waved him off after grabbing clothes.
"Wait," he called. YN turned around, and watched his eyes grow big, covering his mouth and run to the bathroom, and vomit loudly.
YN dry retched, just the sounds alone had her wanting to gag. She rubbed her eyes, sighing loudly.
"God I hate you," she berated him loudly, leaving her PJ's on the dresser. She padded slowly to the bathroom where he lay in a small figure, clutching his stomach.
"It serves you right," she looked at him in his pathetic state.
"I don't need a fucking lecture right now," he told her. "If you found out your fuck buddy had deleted all hopes of a reconciliation off your phone, you'd be just as drunk too."
She looked at him, her expression stony. "Sobered up all of a sudden?" God why did he make it so hard to be angry at him.
He lay, his head on the cold floor, hair smeared against his sweaty forehead, breathing erratic.
"I'm sorry. I genuinely thought you didn't want us. Want Ari," she corrected, "I should have tried harder."
Begrudgingly YN sat him up and rinsed a hand towel under warm water.
"You didn't do anything wrong. Don't say sorry. I never deserved you the first time. I would never say I didn't want you. I cried every night, and I couldn't talk to anyone cos I knew they all loved you and hated me for making you leave."
He clutched his stomach and crawled back to the toilet and puked again.
Trying hard to not vomit herself, YN helped him up as he sat on the edge of the bath.
"I'm sorry baby," he sniffed and looked down at the floor. She lifted his droopy head, rinsed the towel again and gently cleaned his face. Unable to give a witty comeback and feeling nauseous again Yoongi knew to just shut up.
YN silently peeled off him the now vomit ridden t-shirt off him and chucked it in straight into the waste bin without a second glance. Yoongi sat motionless as she wiped down his neck and chest and gave him a towel to hold.
"Do you need to vomit again?" she asked quietly, emotionless.
Unable to speak, he closed his eyes and shook his head. She placed a clean towel around his shoulders and helped him to the bed.
She shook out the bed clothes, indicating with snappy fingers which he understood. Yoongi raised his arms up, the areas wiped down early now cold with goosebumps as she pulled the T-shirt over his head roughly. She smoothed his hair back for him neatly, giving him a 90's curtain style judging him hard as he tried to look everywhere but at her.
YN was furious at him.
But he looked like a bag of hot garbage left out in the sun, and she told him so.
"You look like shit."
"We can't all look at pretty as you."
He just about dragged himself to the basin in time to vomit, even then most of it was over himself again, as his legs shook. Even she wasn't so heartless, that she would leave him in such a state.
YN sighed loudly, but still helped him stand again and he managed to pull clean pjs on. Embarrassed beyond words he couldn't bring himself to acknowledge the fact, as a grown man he had to be helped into his night clothes, because he had drank himself into oblivion and then allowed himself to be almost beaten to a pulp by her brother.
Now stomach empty of the alcohol, he shook with a cold sweat. YN put some socks on him, and sat him down, rubbing his back.
"Are you thirsty?" she asked.
He nodded, as she gave him a glass of water. Hands shaking he tried to drink it.
"For fuck sake" he growled.
YN swiftly took the glass off him and held his chin as she fed him the water slowly.
"Why are you even helping me after everything I have done to you?" he mumbled.
YN ignored the question, on the grounds she didn't know why, as Yoongi managed to get himself into bed.
"Lay on your side."
She helped him roll over and put another empty waste bin next to his bed. 
YN rubbed her head again and sat down on the end of the bed and waited for him to fall asleep. He groaned in pain as he lay there.
"Please don't go. Don't leave me," he held her hand tightly, refusing to let go. "Just stay, till I feel asleep. Please?"
"It's fine, I'm here" she repeated a few times. Sick of during awkwardly in a stool, she eventually have up and sat beside him.
She'd only closed her eyes a moment, the dim room was making her sleepy, as he almost climbed into her lap. Cradling his head YN, as though on autopilot stroked his hair until he fell asleep, much like she did for Ari. Eyes closing she yawned as her own head began to falter.
She'd ordered herself to make sure, when satisfied he wasn't going to puke anymore or choke trying, that she would leave him some more water by the bed, and let herself out.​​​​​​
Yoongi awoke groggy and seriously hungry.
With absolutely no idea where the hell he was.
He rose from the most comfortable bed ever and wondered around the bedroom.
"Did I check into a hotel?" he took in his dishevelled appearance as he tried to remember where he was. His eyes went to the dressing table, his wallet and it's contents seemed correct and his clothes were cleaned and on the nearby stool.
YN wiped the counter as Ari ate her breakfast with her uncles. Conversation naturally lulled as she turned to offer more eggs.
"Any one for any more," she called out, "then I'm gonna sit down." She paused as she felt something move behind her.
Yoongi's eyes locked onto hers.
"Decided to join us?" Jin asked, chewing his toast.
"Yeah," he cleared his throat as he tried to get her to look at him, but she expertly avoided him.
Eventually she looked up at him, "What?"
He kept staring at her and wouldn't stop, and it was starting to annoy her.
When she snapped her fingers in his face, he gave a slow smile, catching her snapping fingers in his, pulling her towards him to kiss them.
"Yah," she snatched her hand back.
He was looked at her, smitten causing YN to mumble expletives under her breath and move away.
Yoongi mumbled something about thanks and sleep and other things, but she couldn't understand what he was saying nor the order of his words.
God, just the sight of him is painful. Why is he here dragging out my pain?
Yoongi looked at her, at Ari at the table and then back to her. He shook his head, grabbed her hands again, removing the whisk and pulling her towards him.
His nerves kicked in again as she stood there staring back. Speechless.
Holding her hands in his he said, "I want you back. Please. I need you. Let me be a father to her."
"Let me explain it to her please. I don't want to startle her," she replied in hushed tones. "But we need to talk. You do not turn up at my house drunk."
"They don't make a medicine for my heartbreak. Wherever I went, I went looking for you. No one helped or told me where you went."
Unsure what to say, and almost choking on her own spit she looked back at him.
Yoongi dare not repeat it in front of innocent ears. "Can we spend some time alone? I need to tell you the truth."
"Later," she tried her best to cut the conversation off.
He took a seat at the table, Ari's eyes followed him like a hawk until he was sitting opposite her.
"Mama?" she nearly put the spoon down in the empty bowl.
"Yes baby?" YN came over with the last of the scrambled eggs and toast.
"Yoongha uncle having food with us?"
"Um, yes monkey he is," she avoided the looks around the table from Jackson and Jin.
"Who is he?" Ari blurted out, making Uncle Kim chuckle into his coffee.
She gripped her hands in her lap, anxious.
"Remember when you asked where Daddy was, and I said he was in a different country?"
She nodded.
"Well, this is the country he's in. Ari, this is your dad, Yoongi is your father."
No one was expecting to hear what YN said next.
"Are you sure Mama?"
Jin sniggered.
"Pretty sure sweetheart."
Suddenly she didn't have an appetite.
"I don't think that's right mama," the little girl slipped off her chair and walked around to Yoongi.
Ari took a few steps toward Yoongi. He got down on his knees to meet her eye level; she pierced his heart with her steely eyes.
That was the defining moment he became a father. He instantly recognised her as the second thing he has to protect for the rest of his life.
Ari looked to her mother for reassurance, YN nodded and turning Ari stood, analysing him.
"I don't think you're my Dad," she told him matter of fact. "If you were my Dad you would have been with us. Why didn't you stay with us?"
"I-im sorry," he managed. "I promise to do better."
"We don't make promises in this house. Mama says words don't mean anything mister."
Yoongi cleared his throat and looked at YN but she refused to meet his eyes.
"Your mama is right. And I will show you with my actions okay?"
She stared at him, "okay," she agreed, not believing him wholly, "I look forward to seeing that."
She shook his hand quickly before running back. 
YN looked apologetically to Yoongi as she ran past her.
"Do you have any other questions for me?" Yoongi asked Ari.
Ari looked at the bowl but nodded. 
"You can look at me sweetheart," he walked back around the table, he held his hands, palms up to her and she placed her small doll-like hand in his. 
"Go on sweetheart," YN encouraged her. "Ask whatever you want."
Ari looked at him closely. "Why are you in big trouble with Mama?" her American accent came through thick and clear. "She's angry because she isn't eating."
Jin and Jackson laughed.
"I will sit down with your mama and try and explain. Maybe then she won't be so angry okay?"
"Good luck," the little girl patted his shoulder in sympathy. She nodded her head quickly, "Jinny and Jackson samcho are my favourites," she touched his shoulder gently, "you could be my favourite as well."
"Can I?"
"Yep. But you have to earn it.. Ahjussi."
"You can call me daddy."
"No thanks."
"Damn girl. What's it gonna take?"
Ari stared hard, hand out.
"Credit card please."
"Sweetheart," Yoongi looked back at YN, "now where've I heard that before."
YN watched her daughter slowly open up to this stranger that had been placed in their lives.
Please God, don't let this backfire on them she prayed.
"I'm off out to the park with Ari," Jackson excited.
"I'm going to the office," Jin grabbed his jacket.
"I'll join you," Uncle Kim added, leaving the house empty.
Yoongi turned in his seat to face her fully.
"She has some sass, Jin wasn't joking."
"She's confident. That's how I've been raising her."
"I know," he conceded, "but I want to help, with raising her."
"We can figure it out," she acknowledged.
"Can we talk now? It looks like it's just us home now. Go to dinner with me," he ordered.
"What?" she squealed in surprise.
"Go to dinner with me, let's please talk."
"I think you should go home and think about what you want," she hadn't touched her food as she cooly went back to the kitchen.
It was Yoongi's turn for the wide eyes as he immediately ran after her, snapping her around sharply as soon as her hands were free.
"I want you."
The heat of his hand cradling mine makes me a little dizzy.
YN gulped hard.
God why have I missed touching her?
He leaned into her, rubbing his thumb along the side of her waist, as her blouse rode up slightly, walking her into the counter behind her.
"I have to go," YN tried to get out his grip but he pulled her forward, an arm between them as he hugged her hard.
"I'm begging you. I have no pride baby girl. You're mine. Princess. Only mine," he pulled her into him until their lips almost touched.
"I need to go finish getting ready, I need to leave for the office," she pleaded on deaf ears.
"You don't need it, you look amazing," he commented.
"I need to grab lipstick, my lips are dry and I'm outta here. You can see yourself out."
He spin her hard, hoping to make her dizzy enough to
"You-you kissed me?"
He snashed his lips to her again, "you said your lips were dry."
"Doesn't mean you kiss me!"
"Raise your voice and I'll do that again," he tightened his grip. "I just need a chance. Baby I fucking love you."
"You just love the idea of it. So did I before. Before this all happened. Things are different now."
"You left me. When you should have stayed."
"Well colour me surprised, it's not like you were that sad since you shacked up with your ex Yoongi."
"She never ever stayed over. I didn't let her."
"That's why she was always out with you? You hold hands with all your friends?"
"Did she keep me from drinking myself to my grave? Yes. Did I use her in public so I could keep people at arms length? Yes. Did I stay with her because I felt sorry for myself. I did."
YN looked the other way in disgust.
"But she wasn't you. A poor man's YN. But she wasn't you. And she went to such lengths to keep you from me."
"She's gonna pay, ain't no mistake about that," YN gritted her teeth. "She ruined Ari's life. And we had an agreement and it finished. Why would I stay and mooch off you?!"
"I would have let you. Hell, who else says to a woman they're about to marry you can have all my money? Damn it YN, I don't give a shit about the money if I ain't got you, who the hell am I gonna spend it on baby?"
"Baby?" she scoffed, "I don't care."
"Baby, I care. Don't say baby who cares, I know you care!"
He dodged a kick to the privates and nimble, jogged after her as she checked herself in the mirror one last time.
"Run all you like Princess, but I'm not going anywhere," he called out as she escaped his clutches and fled.
Yoongi stood watching her leave hurriedly, a small sigh came from behind him, as it tugged his t-shirt.
"Ya Ahjussi!"
Yoongi turned around and faced the little girl.
"Daddy? Or Papa or Dad. Choose one," he told her, "I'm not going anywhere. Here forever Ari. You and mama need to get used to it okay?"
"Fine," Ari folded her arms, "but first let's go toy shopping."
"What happened to the park with Jackson?"
"We should spend time together. Dad."
"You are just like your mother," he mumbled as he let the child lead him out.
"So how did it go with Yoongs.. Has he manned up to his responsibility?" Jin looked at her.
"Yes he has Seokjin. He's manned up," she replied dryly to his question as she reached for her seat belt.
He gave her a kiss on the cheek and a side hug. "I'm glad for you," he told her. "And my house is your house."
"You mean my house is your house. Bitch you live rent free and pay no bills!"
"True, but I support you. He can come around whenever. To see Ari, or maybe even see you," he whispered the last bit.
"For Ari, not me" she corrected him. "Ari is in need of him Seokjinna, not me."
Jin looked at her, damn her hearing was good.
"Even the great YN needs someone too."
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All I can say is-
‘Yoongi marry me’
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Seriously need to talk
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‹𝟹 . . . yoon layouts.
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sugar | myg
Tumblr media
pairings » ceo!yoongi x f. reader
genre » strangers to lovers, neighbours au, fluff, smut
summary » desperately in need of sugar to make coffee in order to ease down your headache, you find yourself knocking on a strangers door who happens to be your best friend’s friend and the finest man you’ve ever encountered.
warnings » drinking, swearing, kissing, pool party, cold yoongi, dom!yoongi, sub!reader, foreplay, blowjob, fingering, dirty talk, making out, some nipple play, begging, praise kink, orgasm control, hair grabbing, penetration, teasing, just yoongi being hot
word count » 11k
a/n » some italics part indicate past dialogues and some indicate personal thoughts.
Tumblr media
You had just finished placing the last few boxes in your new apartment with the help of your friend, Hoseok.
“Thank you so much Hobi! I don't think I could've done this without you.” You said, smiling at him.
“Are you crazy Y/N? Don't thank me, what are friends for?” He retorted, being offended by the fact that you thought he wouldn’t have helped you, whether you asked him to or not.
“No it’s just that you’ve been busy and I didn't want to bother you. I'd feel horrible knowing you can’t rest the one day you’re free just because of me.” You explained, feeling a bit guilty.
“Hey, it’s all cool. I'm glad you finally found yourself an apartment though, it's nice here.” He replied, looking around the place as you can see how satisfied he was with the amount of sunlight approaching the room.
“Indeed it is.” You nodded, agreeing with him.
It finally feels like home, your home.
“Better treat me to a nice dinner later missy.” He joked making you chuckle.
“Of course mister. After I set up the apartment properly that is.” You joked back.
“Do you need help with setting anything up? You know I can always jus—“
You sighed before walking up to him and intertwining your hands with his.
”Hobi, I'm fine. I want to do this all on my own now. I really appreciate your help though, you’ve been nothing but a hardworking and supportive best friend. Thank you so much for always being there for me, I love you.” You blurted out.
“Now, should I take that as you officially confessing your love for me Y/N?” He smirked.
You rolled your eyes, “As friends Hoseok, but seriously, thank you so much for everything.”
“Of course, anytime, I’m just a call away you know.” He said, wrapping his arms around you to pull you into a hug.
You hummed, instantly giving into his warm body with your head resting on his chest. Both of you stayed like that for a couple of minutes until the sudden ringing of a phone made you two pull apart. Hoseok fetched his phone out from the back pocket of his jeans and widened his eyes looking at the caller ID.
“Shit! I need to go Y/N. Sorry, I forgot I had to meet mom today.”
“It's fine Hobi, thanks once again and tell your mom I said ‘hi’.” You replied, leading him to the door.
“Will do.” He asserted, opening the door to walk out.
“By the way my friend lives in that apartment. If you need anything you can ask him, I'll let him know about you.” He said, pointing at a door across the hallway to which you nodded.
“Alright thanks Hobi, bye!” You beamed.
“Bye Y/N,” and with that he left. You went back inside, closed the door and leaned your back on it. You admired your apartment space and tried to figure out where to start setting up from.
After 10 long hours, you finally sat down on the sofa you had just finished arranging.
“My head hurts now.” You whined.
Knowing exactly what you need to ease it down, you made your way towards the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee. However, you realized that your plan of getting groceries today didn’t work out and you didn’t have any sugar left in the house.
A sudden thought of calling Hoseok to bring you some came to your mind but you quickly dismissed it knowing it’s 10pm. You didn’t want to bother him anymore. That's when your mind clicked, recalling Hoseok's words before he left.
His friend.
For a good 7 minutes, you debated on whether you should knock and ask for some sugar or not before finally concluding your decision. You definitely need a cup of coffee or your headache will get even worse and you know you won’t move a single inch to finish setting up the left bit of the apartment.
“Fuck it!” You mumbled and quickly slid a purple hoodie over your tank top before leaving your apartment.
Standing in front of a door similar to yours, you took a deep breath before knocking on it. You don’t even know why you’re so nervous, he’s Hoseok's friend and your neighbor. Neighbours help each other right?
Not getting any response back the first time, you knocked again. Still not getting any response, you decided to leave but the door suddenly opened. You stood there in shock, seeing such a handsome man standing by the door. He was wearing an oversized white shirt over black track pants with a white towel wrapped around his neck. It looked like he just came out of the shower and was trying to dry his wet locks.
“Yes?” He questioned in a deep voice, staring straight into your soul.
“Umm hey, I don’t know if he told you yet but I’m Hoseok's friend that moved in. I ran out of sugar and I needed it this instant, so is it okay if I can borrow some? I’ll make sure to give you bac—“
What the fuck. Did he just slam the door on your face? What does he think of himself? Of course you just had to encounter another person with good looks but a shitty personality. You never knew Hobi had such a rude friend. You scoffed and started walking back to your apartment but suddenly heard the door behind you click open again.
“Where are you going?”
You immediately turn around only to spot Hoseok's friend standing, peeking out his door.
“I thought yo—“ before you could complete your sentence you saw him walking towards you.
“Take the whole pack, I'm not wasting time taking out only a bit.” He stated, handing over a whole 2kg bag of sugar.
“Oh I don’t need that mu—“
“Just take it. Pay me a quarter back later.” He retorted, pushing it further to you as you took it.
Guess he’s not that bad, just a man with a cold personality.
“Uh okay, thanks—“ before you could even ask for his name or say anything, he was already walking back to his place. You watched him stop in-front of his doorway and reach his hand out to twist the door knob, before briefly glancing at you.
“It’s nice finally meeting you Y/N, I'm Yoongi.”
It's been two days since you moved in and had that encounter with Yoongi. You remember ranting to Hoseok about it yesterday which only led him to erupt into laughter.
“He’s just like that Y/N, at least he gave you some sugar. He was probably tired from work so don't think too much. Yoongi doesn’t talk much but he’s nice.”
Although he has good looks you wish to never face him again, but here you are. Hoseok’s words ringing in your head as you once again find yourself standing in front of his door. Before you could even knock, the door opened itself revealing Yoongi. You can see that he was also in the same shock as you. I mean why wouldn’t he be? He definitely wouldn’t have expected you out of everyone to be standing by his doorway, first thing on a Monday morning.
“Good morning! I just wanted to return your pack of sugar and pay for it, here’s the money.” You said, extending the quarter and the pack of sugar to him.
“Oh, thanks.”
Your eyes then finally travelled down to his outfit. He was wearing a black blazer with a white shirt underneath, neatly tucked into his black dress pants as one of his hands carried a pair of shades. You looked back up and noticed how his hair was neatly parted through the middle.
Fuck he looks hot.
One thing about Hoseok, that man has some really good looking fucking friends. You’ve met three of them before Yoongi. If you may recall, the three being Jimin, Namjoon and Seokjin. You don’t think you have ever seen a friend group consisting of such good looking people, to be honest. He hasn’t introduced you to the other two yet but you’re sure they’re probably hella fine as well.
“Do you need anything else?” You didn’t realize that you had been staring at him so his voice slightly made you flinch.
“Huh? Uh no sorry i’ll take my leave now, thank you once again.” You smiled to which he nodded, and you left.
“Mom you didn’t have to, you know?” You said to your mom as the two of you were in the elevator, going up to your apartment.
“Don’t be ridiculous Y/N. My daughter bought her own apartment with her own money for the first time and you think I wouldn’t come visit?” She retorted.
“I don’t mean it like that, it’s a 2 hour drive away and dad is sick.“
“Your dad is fine now and just recently started going back to work, don’t worry too much.” She assured, as the both of you had walked out the elevator and made it in front of your apartment door.
“Alright, I'm sure he didn’t come since he would be busy catching up with work so I’ll go meet him at the company sometime this week.” You said, opening the door with your keys.
“Of course, he’ll be so happy to see you.” She beamed.
When the two of you stepped foot inside, your mom began scanning the whole place. Going through the whole apartment, she kept the same look until the two of you had sat down on the sofa.
“Oh my god Y/N, it’s beautiful, I love it!” She exclaimed, making you chuckle.
“I’m glad you liked it, I worked hard on arranging everything nicely with the help of Yoora of course.”
“It looks wonderful! I'm so proud of you and speaking of Yoora, how is she and Hoseok?” Your mom asked, holding your hands.
“Yoora and Hoseok are both fine, just busy these days. They sent their greetings to you though,” you replied.
“Make sure to send my greetings back, tell them that I miss them and am very thankful that you have friends like them.”
“That would definitely boost their ego but will do,” you said, making the two of you laugh.
You spent almost 4 hours talking to your mom and even facetimed Hoseok and Yoora in the middle. The two complained about how busy they were with work while you were lucky enough to have 2 weeks off. The three of you have been best friends since you were 5 so all your parents loved the three of you like their own children. Your mom and the two had the time of their life talking to each other after so long. It was almost around 8pm when you heard knocking on your door. Who would it be at this time? You wondered.
“You had someone coming over?” Your mom asked.
“No but I think the parcel I ordered came in. Let me go check,” you answered as she nodded.
You got up and walked towards the door. Once you opened it, you were greeted by the sight of a huge brown box and a man dressed in a simple black hoodie and jeans. His hair was fluffy too. Very boyfriend material of him but he wasn’t a delivery man—
“Uh hey, you actually had this box outside your door this afternoon and you weren’t home so I took it to my place in case someone takes it.” He nervously explained.
“Oh my god, thank you so much!” You exclaimed.
“It’s a bit heavy, let me help you carry it inside.” He insisted, seeing you struggling to get the box in.
“Oh thanks, I'm so sorry you had to carry it to your place.” You apologized thinking of how he might’ve struggled to carry your huge and heavy parcel to his apartment. Hoseok was right, he is nice.
“Right here is fine Yoongi, thank you once again,” you said, finally placing the box down.
“It’s fin-“
“Oh my, who might this young man be?” You heard your mom ask.
Oh shit, you completely forgot she was here.
“He’s just my neighbour, don’t assume anything mom.” You declared before she could say anything more.
“You know you don’t have to hide anything from me right?” She smiled as you saw how Yoongi's eyes widened, understanding what she meant.
“Mom. I’m not hiding anything, he lives across the hallway we met just a couple days ago.”
“Well then invite this handsome neighbour of yours for dinner at least.”
“Mom!” You whined showing her exactly how embarrassed and mad you are.
“It’s nice to meet you ma'am and thank you for your invite but I’m afraid I can’t accept it as I have other plans and need to leave sorry.”
That was so formal, he sounded so nice.
“Oh I see, such a respectful man. Please come next time when you’re free, I'm sure Y/N can cook you some delicious food.”
“Uh of course ma'am, have a goodnight, I’ll take my leave now.” Yoongi stated before locking eyes with you and walking out the door.
As soon as you heard the door shut, you immediately locked it and rushed towards your mom to rant about what just happened and how embarrassing it was.
“We should go eat Y/N,” your mom said, having enough of you rambling on and on.
You sighed, “you’re right. I'm very hungry, let's go eat!”
You were now walking back to your apartment after dropping off your mom by the car your dad had sent for her to go back from. She left a little while after having dinner and made sure to convince you to befriend Yoongi and possibly start dating him.
There’s no way you would. You two don’t even know each other and he’s too rude sometimes.
Speaking of Yoongi, you need to apologize to him about your mom. You know there’s no way you’d face him after the embarrassing situation that occurred so you texted him instead. Surprisingly he texted back in just a few minutes.
[y/n] 9:38pm: Hey, this is y/n
[y/n] 9:39pm: I just wanted to apologize for how my mom reacted. I’m so sorry, she’s just like that, I hope you understand and forget whatever happened.
[yoongi] 9:43pm: it’s okay, I already forgot
[yoongi] 9:43pm: but how did you get my number?
[y/n] 9:43pm: from hoseok
[yoongi] 9:45pm: alright, well I gtg
[y/n] 9:46pm: oh ok bye goodnight
[yoongi] 9:46pm: gn
dry texter but whatever, now that that’s cleared, you can peacefully sleep.
“Yoora, I’m on my way to meet dad right now, I’ll call you later okay.” You said, eyes focused on the road ahead of you.
“You better call though, I have some important news to share.”
“Okay okay don’t worry, I will. I need to know your tea anyways.”
You heard her chuckle, “trust me you would love it.”
“On second thoughts, tell me now.” You retorted, getting excited about the ‘important news’ she wanted to share.
“Nope, call me later bye!”
“Yoora no!” You yelled but she hung up already.
You wondered what happened in the span of 3 days that got her so excited. The last time you talked was when your mom was here. She was completely fine and normal so something big definitely happened. Thinking about Yoora and her important news, you didn’t even realize that you already reached your dad's company.
Parking the car and walking inside the tall glass building, you were greeted by the two beautiful receptionists who immediately recognized you as the chairman’s daughter.
“Hey, is dad free?” You asked the receptionist at the front desk.
“He’s in his office Miss Y/N, but I’ll call him and let him know you’re here.” She responded.
“Uh no! I actually wanted to surprise him so there is no need to inform him. I’ll just go.” You protested.
“Alright but he has someone over right now.”
“It's okay, I'll just wait outside his office till he’s done.” You said.
“As you wish Miss Y/N.” She respectfully bowed.
You returned it and walked towards your dad's office being all excited to meet him and ready to scold him for getting sick. Once you reached the hallway to your dad’s office, you were surprised to see a familiar figure and someone you thought you would never meet here of all places.
“Yoongi? What are you doing here?” You questioned as you walked up to him.
“Y/N?” He raised a brow turning towards you.
“You two know each other?” Your dad beamed in.
“Dad!” You exclaimed and jumped into his arms.
“Hey sweetheart, how are you?” He asked.
“I'm all good, how are you now?”
“Much better, especially now that you're here.” He replied, ruffling your hair as the two of you chuckled.
“Anyways back to my question, you two know each other?” Your dad asked once again.
“We’re neighbours.” Yoongi and you retorted at the same time.
“Dad, how do you know him and why are you here Yoongi?” You questioned both of them.
“He’s the CEO of Min Productions, we just finalized a deal and collaboration.” Your dad proudly announced.
You were beyond shocked. Yoongi, Min Yoongi, your neighbour, Hoseok's friend, he is the CEO of one of the biggest companies in all of South Korea.
“I was going to tell you about him to help with your work but good thing you came. Maybe we can just discuss all that right now. If that’s fine with you and Yoongi of course.” Your dad said, eyeing the two of you.
“Sure, I don’t have any other schedule for today.” Yoongi confirmed.
“Perfect! How about you Y/N?” Your dad asked.
“Oh yea sure.” You replied, still baffled about the new information you had just learned about Yoongi.
With that, the three of you went inside your dad's office and discussed a few deals, details and designs you could all work on. Your dad had two companies and you were working in the other smaller one. The companies were known for their great interior house designing. Yoongi's company being the biggest and most famous one in that field.
“I want to do something big this time.” Your dad heaved out. He was sitting on the couch beside you and in front of Yoongi, deep in thought about what he can do.
“What do you mean by that dad?” You muddled.
“Maybe a showcase-like exhibition.” Yoongi remarked, ignoring your confused state.
“Perfect! That’s a great idea, we'll do that.” Your dad happily exclaimed.
“Wait, so we’ll hold an exhibition with our new designs? Like how Ikea has those fake displays?” You asked, amazed by the idea.
“Something exactly like that.” Yoongi confirmed.
“Oh my god, you’re so smart. I’m sure this will benefit all our companies ” You exclaimed jolting up from your seat, making both Yoongi and your dad look up at you surprised.
“Uh sorry I just got a bit excited.” You murmured and sat back down making your dad chuckle.
“Yoongi, do you have any set date for the exhibition in mind?” Your dad asked, looking back at him.
“How about 4 months from now? Our company is low on furniture stock right now so it’ll take about a month to get them and 2-3 months to set all the designs.” Yoongi replied.
“Hmm, I think that’s great. Within the month you guys get furniture we can make the presentations with selected designs and a location to display the exhibition.” You suggested.
“Yea sure, we can have another meeting to discuss that later.” Yoongi said to which you and your dad both nodded.
A few minutes later your dad’s words were interrupted by a spam of text messages on your phone.
“Sorry Dad, I'm just gonna check to see if everything is fine.” You said, pulling out your phone to which he nodded and continued talking to Yoongi.
[yoora] 2:13pm: are you done yet???
[yoora] 2:13pm: please tell me you are
[yoora] 2:14pm: it’s been almost 4 hours
[yoora] 2:14pm: I still need to share my news
[yoora] 2:14pm: it’s important.
[yoora] 2:15pm: pleaseee Y/N!!
[yoora] 2:15pm: reply or i’ll never tell you.
[y/n] 2:16pm: jeez woman you need to stop spamming!
[yoora] 2:16pm: fucking finally!!!
[y/n] 2:16pm: and fyi, it’s only been 3 hours
[yoora] 2:16pm: same thing
[y/n] 2:17pm: anyways, i’m almost done here so tell me where to meet you
[yoora] 2:17pm: my place.
[y/n] 2:17pm: alright, see you soon
[yoora] 2:17pm: okayy see you soon!!
“Dad I actually have to leave right now.” You announced, closing your phone screen.
“So suddenly? Is everything okay?” He asked, face frowning with concern. Yoongi was staring at you as well.
“Yes dad everything is fine. I just need to go drop by at Yoora’s place.” You responded.
“Oh I see, take care and send my greetings her way.” He said standing up.
“Will do, I’ll leave now and please take care of yourself.” You said, hugging your dad. Your eyes then landed on Yoongi.
“Uh it’s an honour to be working with you Mr. Min.” You said professionally, extending your hand towards him.
You heard him chuckle, showing off his gummy smile before responding to your handshake. “Just call me Yoongi.”
“You have a what!” You yelled, choking on the water you were gulping down.
“I have a boyfriend.” Yoora stuttered out, playing with her fingers.
“Oh my god Yoora, this is huge!” You exclaimed, putting aside the glass of water and holding her hands.
“I know, he’s actually coming over in a few minutes.” She said, making you widen your eyes.
“Why did you call me then! Do I know him? What’s his name? How long have you been dating?” You bombarded her with questions.
“Y/N calm down, I wanted to tell you before anyone and I don’t think you know him but you’ve definitely heard of him. He’s actually one of Hoseok's friends.” Yoora said, making you frown.
“Really? Who?” You questioned.
Before she could even reply, the doorbell rang.
“I think that’s him.”
You watched as Yoora walked over to the door, opened it and got crushed by a muscular figure hugging her.
“Hi babe, I missed you.” You heard a deep male voice, followed by a chuckle and a “I missed you too.” from Yoora. You smiled at that as you were beyond happy for your best friend.
As the couple walked in, you stood up from the couch and finally saw the man's face. Hoseok's friend huh? Once again very good looking.
“Hey you must be Y/N. I’m Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook, It’s nice finally meeting you.” He introduced himself, extending his hand towards you.
“So you’re the man that stole my best friend's heart and my other best friend's car. It’s nice finally meeting you too, Jungkook.” You joked whilst shaking his hand.
“I— let’s not talk about the car incident. Hoseok still hates me for that.” He nervously laughed, making both you and Yoora chuckle.
“Anyways how and since when have you two been dating?” You asked curiously.
“Uh we’d been talking for 7 months after the party we met in and started dating 3 months ago.” Jungkook said, making you squint your eyes at Yoora. She told you about meeting this hot guy at the one party you couldn’t attend, but never told you that they had been talking afterwards.
“I’m sorry, I know I should have told you sooner but we wanted to be sure about our relationship before telling anyone and don’t be mad, you’re still the first one to know anyways.” Yoora apologetically retorted and you immediately softened your eyes.
“It’s fine, I’m so happy for you both. Jungkook please keep her happy and never break her heart or I swear I’ll kill you.” You threatened him.
“I swear I won’t, I love her too much.” He confessed looking at Yoora. You saw the love he had for her in his eyes and how flustered Yoora got.
He’s definitely the one for her.
“Well I guess I’ll leave you two be, don’t want to to be a third wheel.” You laughed.
“No no please don’t. I know you’re free today and we haven’t been hanging out a lot lately. Jungkook doesn't mind, I already told him.” She pleaded. Your eyes wandered off to Jungkook for confirmation and he nodded with a smile.
“Are you sure?” You asked, still having second thoughts.
“We’re sure, we can watch a movie if you’d like.” Jungkook suggested.
You sighed and smiled. “Alright, sounds good.”
Yoora squealed and stood up, “I’ll go get the popcorn and some drinks ready!”
“Why don’t you two catch up and choose a movie while I go get that hm?” Jungkook insisted, leaving a peck on Yoora’s forehead before heading towards the kitchen.
As soon as he left, you immediately hugged Yoora.
“Oh my god! He’s so sweet and good looking, literally your type.” You quietly exclaimed.
“I know right! I’m so glad I didn't ditch that party Hobi took me too that day. The guys there and Hoseok's friends were so nice and hot. You would’ve found yourself a man as well.” She excitedly whispered back.
You quietly chuckled, “I admit Hoseok’s friends are really nice and hot but you know why I couldn’t come.”
“Right, speaking of that, I forgot to ask how it went with your dad. How’s he feeling now?”
“Much better, he’s been taking all his medications on time and started working again. Dad also sent his greetings your way.” You smiled.
“That’s great! Make sure to send my greetings back to him,” She replied, making you nod.
“Of course! Well, let's choose a movie now.” You said, grabbing the remote from the table.
“Marvel!” The two of you exclaimed.
“Spider-man!” You jumped up, causing you both to laugh out loud.
“I heard Marvel and Spider-man, I’m so ready to watch.” Jungkook beamed, coming out of the kitchen with popcorn, drinks and other snacks in his arms.
“Jungkook, you're a Marvel and Spider-man fan too!” You excitedly asked.
“No shit Sherlock, who isn’t?” He cockily responded, making the three of you laugh.
“Okay, okay, let’s watch!”
You didn’t even realize when the three of you finished watching 3 movies before ordering a take out and leaving her place. It was really fun and Jungkook was an amazing guy. You’re so happy for Yoora.
“Y/N please come to the party!” Yoora whined over the phone while you were cooking yourself some pasta for dinner.
“No buts, you’re coming and that's final.” She stated.
“I’m not sure about it though.” You sighed, leaning against the kitchen counter.
“Oh come on, Jimin literally called and personally invited you.”
“I know but we’re not so close.”
“So what? Me, Jungkook and Hoseok, we’re all going to be there as well.” She retorted, trying to convince you for the past 15 minutes now.
“Fine, but I don’t have a—“
“Don't even worry about that. I have a sexy black one piece you could wear. Just decide on a suitable dress or some shorts and a nice top to go along with it.”
“Okay, thanks.”
She knows you too well.
“Don’t thank me, you know our rule.” She said, trying to sound mad.
“Right my bad.” You chuckled.
“Oh Jungkooks here! I'll call you tomorrow and drop off the one piece.” She exclaimed.
“Yeah sure.” You replied.
“Perfect! I’ll see you tomorrow then, bye.”
“Yeah see you, bye.” With that, the two of you ended the call.
Jimin had called you three days ago, inviting you to his house for a pool party which was being held on Saturday. You weren’t sure if you’d go since you’d only met each other once and weren’t too close. However, now that Yoora had successfully ended up convincing you to attend the party, you realized it wasn’t such a bad idea. You could spend some time with Hoseok, Yoora and some other friends.
It had also been a little over a month since you had started working on the exhibition with Yoongi. As promised, you did all the research on possible locations and compiled various interior designs to use for display. You’d definitely be using this pool party as a way to unravel and celebrate the successful presentation you gave a few days prior. You’d been quite nervous as you didn’t want to disappoint your father or Yoongi. Despite your nerves, you decided to go ahead with it. Turned out that you had done remarkably well, impressing Yoongi as a turnout.
Today was Thursday, meaning you’d only have a day to prepare yourself. Most of tomorrow will be gone as you know you’ll find yourself drowning in work. The party is in the evening of Saturday so you’ll get everything ready the morning prior.
You stood by the edge of your bed, staring at the pile of mess you just made. You were frustrated and confused as to what to wear to the party later in the evening.
Not wanting to spoil your whole mood, you decided to facetime Yoora and let her decide. As you were about to call her, something clicked in your mind.
You totally forgot.
You knew it’d be rude to call her in the middle of this so you decided to break it down to two outfits. You took pictures wearing both and just sent her the pics.
[y/n] 12:18pm: Yoora I know you're having lunch with Jungkook and his parents but when you have time please choose which one I should wear.
*insert image*
*insert image*
After you quickly sent the text, you ran to the kitchen to grab some food to eat. You were really excited about the pool party. The one piece Yoora gave was indeed sexy and fits your body perfectly. You sure were going to have fun tonight.
As soon as you sat on the sofa with a bag of doritos, you received a notification. You smiled and clicked on it knowing it’ll just be Yoora but—
What the fuck!?
[yoongi] 12:23pm: Y/N? this is Yoongi, I think you’ve got the wrong person.
[y/n] 12:24pm: oh my god! I'm so sorry I think I misread yours and Yoora’s name.
[yoongi] 12:24pm: Oh it’s fine
Your heart was beating so fast right now. You accidentally sent two pictures of yourself to Yoongi. It took you about a good six minutes to calm down but as soon as you were okay, you received another notification
[yoongi] 12:32pm: If you're open to receive another opinion though, I'd say the second one.
You blinked your eyes and kept staring at the text. Not gonna lie, that did something to your heart. You felt butterflies in your stomach.
[y/n] 12:35pm: oh alright thanks
[yoongi] 12:37pm: np:)
[hobi] 5:56pm: hey I’m downstairs
[y/n] 5:56pm: give me two mins i’ll be down
[hobi] 5:56pm: okay I’m waiting
You quickly fix your hair, put on your wedges and give yourself a quick glance in the mirror before leaving your apartment.
You are going to go to Jimin's party with Hoseok today. It’s been a while since you last met him considering his sudden trip to Chicago for two weeks.
Stepping out of the apartment entrance, you saw Hoseok leaning against his silver BMW. He didn’t notice you as his eyes were too focused on his phone.
“Hobi!” You beam, running up to him.
“Hey Y/N!” He beams back, trapping you into a bear hug.
“You look nice.” He compliments, eyeing your blue jean shorts and black off shoulder crop top which show off your belly piercing and sharp collarbones.
“You don’t look too bad yourself.” You retort, eyeing his white shorts and blue striped shirt.
“I never look bad.” He states whilst adjusting the shades resting on his head, making you roll your eyes.
“Anyways, how was Chicago?” You ask.
“It was amazing! I met a girl there actually.” He answers, making your eyes widen.
“Oh my god what!” You exclaim, causing him to let out a chuckle at your reaction.
“I’ll tell you on the way, get in the car first or we’ll be late.” He remarks, already walking towards the driver seat.
“Oh yea let’s go.” You say, opening the car door and settling yourself in.
Once he starts driving, your curiosity grows bigger.
“So?” You start, staring at his side profile.
“So what?” He asks, taking a quick glance at you before staring back at the road. You know he knows exactly what you’re referring to.
“Jung Hoseok.” His name comes sternly out your mouth.
“Fine fine, her name is Aera. She's actually Korean and is currently studying at a law school in Chicago. She still has a year to go and then she’ll come back.”
“Stop, that's so cool. So you’ll wait till she comes back?” You curiously ask.
“Yeah we both seem to like each other and we’ve been talking ever since I got back.” He shyly replies.
“Hobi, that’s great! Omg I'm so happy for you.” You squeal as he thanks you before turning on some music.
“To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d be available to pick you up tonight so I was going to tell Yoongi to bring you along with him.”
“Wait. Yoongi’s coming?” You ask, horror evident in your eyes.
“Of course we’re all friends, he’s Jimin's friend too, did you forget?” He laughs, eyes still focused on the road.
Great, just great. Now you have to face him after accidentally sending him your pics. Can this get any worse and embarrassing? You know you had to face him on Monday for work but within 5-6 hour after the incident…
After about 15 minutes, you see Hoseok pulling up at a parking lot with a huge mansion behind it.
Jimin lives here what the fuck!
“This isn’t Jimin's house, it's his family farm house.” Hobi confirms, as if he read your mind.
“Oh I see, it’s really pretty.” You mumble.
“It is. Now quit staring at it and let’s go in, I'll finally introduce you to Taehyung as well,” he says, making you nod. You follow him to the door and watch him ring the bell. When the door opens, the two of you are greeted by Jimin himself.
“Hoseok! Hey bro.” Jimin pulls Hoseok into a hug before turning towards you.
“Y/N hey! Glad you made it, it's been a while huh?” He exclaims, reaching in for a hug which you gladly accept.
“It sure has, thank you for inviting Jimin.” You beam a smile at him.
“Of course anytime, we’re friends now.” He smiles in return.
“But she’s my best friend.” Hoseok speaks in between, making you playfully hit his shoulder.
“Yeah yeah anyways, come in and make yourself at home.” Jimin says, guiding the two of you inside.
As soon as you step in, you are hit by the smell of alcohol as the song Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars blasts loudly through the speakers. Of course the first thing you notice is the beautiful interior of the house, you were amazed by it. Then you notice people scattered all around the house.
Jimin takes it upon himself to lead you and Hoseok to the backyard even though Hobi seemed to know the way. Once you reach, you see many more bodies dancing around, drinking, smoking, making out and playing in the pool.
“The bar is right there, you can get whatever you want. Please enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask for anything else, I'll be around.” Jimin says, pointing at the bar where people were sitting and bartenders were serving drinks.
Jimin definitely seems rich. I mean, his family owns Park Motels after all.
“Yeah, till everyone actually gets here at least. We all know you’d be hooking up with someone soon Jimin.” Hoseok snickers whilst you press your lips together to try to hold in your laugh.
“Shut up! Don’t embarrass me like that. Geez don’t listen to him Y/N.” Jimin replies.
“It’s totally fine Jimin, it’s your party of course you’ll enjoy.” You assure.
“See! Y/N is so kind, not judging me unlike someone else here,” he says, glaring at Hoseok to which he responds by rolling his eyes.
“Hey Jimin!” the three of you look back to see Namjoon, Seokjin, Jungkook, Yoora and this other man you don’t think you’ve ever met walking towards you.
Maybe he’s Taehyung?
“Hey guys!” Jimin and Hoseok beam as Yoora comes and hugs you.
“Y/N! It’s so good to see you again.“ Seokjin politely says as Namjoon agrees and passes his dimple smile towards you.
“Likewise. How are you guys?” You ask.
“Perfectly fine. How about you?” The two say in return.
“I’m fine too.” You smile and wave at Jungkook who waves back.
“Oh and I believe you two haven’t met. Y/N this is Taehyung and Taehyung this is Y/N.” Jimin adds, pointing towards the man you’d assume was Taehyung indeed.
“Hey, I’ve heard a lot about you Y/N,” his deep ocean-like voice speaks as he motions his hand forward to you. You blink your eyes and immediately shake his hand.
He looks so dreamy and handsome.
“I could say the same Taehyung, nice to meet you.”
Soon enough, the 6 boys are chatting amongst themselves and you quietly start whispering to Yoora beside you, “How the hell are his friends so good looking?”
“I don’t know. Well let’s see, Namjoon and Seokjin have a girlfriend while me and Jungkook are together so Jim—“
“Really!” You exclaim louder than you thought, once knowing two of them have girlfriends. This makes the 6 men snap their heads towards you and Yoora.
“Any problem girls? You okay Y/N?” Namjoon asks.
“Uh yeah actually, me and Y/N are going to head to the pool now, is that fine?” Yoora asks, hooking her arm under yours.
“Of course have fun! The changing room is right there.” Jimin says, pointing to a door beside the glass window leading into the house.
“Got it thanks!” Yoora beams before holding your hand and dragging the two of you towards the change room. Of course after making sure she gives Jungkook a quick peck on his lips and cheek.
You can feel the gazes being thrown at you. You’re not even complaining because damn right you look sexy and amazing tonight. Yoora told you a thousand times before the two of you stepped out of the changing room seconds ago.
Making your way towards the pool, you already see Hoseok and his friends in there, shirtless. You look away spotting Jimin making out with a girl in a hot pink bikini only to find Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook talking to one another in the corner while Namjoon and Seokjin were each talking to a girl. Maybe it’s their girlfriends.
When you get into the pool, Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook swim towards you and Yoora, making sure to splash some water your way on purpose. As a reflex, the two of you bring your hands forward to block the water and look to the side.
“My girls are looking sexy.” Hoseok beams, snaking his arms around your bare waists. The two of you don’t mind knowing it’s just Hoseok and the three of you are very much comfortable with each other. I mean, you’ve practically known each other for twenty years now.
“Don’t we always.” You two retort as Hobi gives you both the ‘as if, I've seen you at your worst’ look.
“Anyways, we are going to start beach volleyball in the pool, wanna join?” Taehyung asks in between.
“We’d love to!” The two of you exclaim and so everyone gathers up to play.
After two long hours of playing around and having fun in the pool, You and Yoora decide to come out and dry yourselves up. You received a few drinks in the pool but the two of you needed to sit down to talk whilst enjoying another nice drink.
The two of you dry yourselves up in the change room before running towards the bar stools. You make sure to wear shorts over your one piece before you do though.
“One Margarita for me!” Yoora exclaims before turning to you, telepathically asking what you’d like.
“I’d like the same,” you respond, making the bartender nod and leave to get your drinks ready.
They served it in just seconds, wow.
“So how was lunch with Jungkook's parents?” You start, clinking your glass with hers.
“Oh my god I was literally nervous for no reason, they were like the sweetest people ever,” she coos.
“Really, that’s amazing! Still can’t get over how gorgeous you look tonight by the way. I bet Jungkook won’t be able to keep his hands to himself, not that he was in the pool anyways.” You tease your best friend who showed up in a yellow and purple two piece, paired with an off the shoulder, floral white dress to go over it.
As if on cue, Jungkoook makes his way over to the two of you and stands beside Yoora.
“Hey Y/N! Can I steal her from you for a bit?” He asks whilst licking his lips.
“Of course, take her for as long as you want. Have fun you two.” You sheepishly grin, glancing between the two and notice Yoora glaring at you while Jungkook stands there with a smirk plastered on his face.
“Oh we will, thanks.” Jungkook replies, eyeing your best friend before snaking a hand around her waist and taking her inside.
As soon as Yoora and Jungkook leave, you order another drink and patiently sit there while staring at the crowd. Half of them are in the pool and the other half are dancing.
“Mind if I join you?” Your eyes widen as you immediately jerk your head up to see Yoongi staring down at you.
“Uh no not at all,” you respond, fidgeting with the glass of red wine the bartender had just served to you.
“Great. A single malt scotch whiskey please,” he orders, taking a seat on the stool beside you which was previously occupied by Yoora.
For a moment you both sit there in silence while taking sips of your drinks. From the corner of your eyes, you feel Yoongi's eye on you so you slowly move your head to take a glance at him.
“Do you have something to say?” You ask, trying your best not to stutter knowing you are under his sharp gaze.
“Yes well, we have a meeting on Thursday, just a reminder.” He states to which you quietly nod.
“Right. Thanks for remin—“
“Y/N! Yoongi! Come on, don't sit around, let’s go dance.” Hoseok excitedly exclaims as he wraps his arms around the both of you before dragging you two to the dance floor.
Hoseok twirls you around before showing off some moves of his own. Taehyung being the gentleman he is, greets you before grasping your hand to sway you around a few times. You laugh and find yourself dancing along to the music. Such a nice and fun guy.
Yoongi stands there watching the three of you, well mostly you. Unknowingly he feels his heart racing. It was something about your exposed legs, collarbones, the belly piercing and wet hair. You look beautiful under the neon lights flashing over your face, swaying your hips perfectly to match the rhythm.
Soon enough, many more bodies start to join, making the space become tighter. Yoongi then realizes that your body was now pressed against his. Your hands are resting on his shoulder in need of support while his hands just stay by his side, not daring to touch you.
The two of you find yourselves lost in an intense eye lock. The loud music blasting in the background, starts fading away as Yoongi finds it harder to resist himself.
“Don’t look at me like that.” Yoongi growls, not taking his eyes off you as you don’t either.
“Like what?” You mumble, enough for him to hear. You make sure to squeeze his shoulders and biceps before slowly trailing one of your hands down to his chest. You don’t know where you got this sudden confidence from but you’re going to blame the alcohol for it.
“Fuck you’re gonna regret this,” he mumbles back, lightly flicking his tounge over his lips which you find super hot. You feel intoxicated with the tone of his voice, his strong breezy cologne and his not so minty but alcohol scented breath.
Your bodies are pressed against each other yet his hands are still not touching you. It was driving you crazy. He was driving you crazy.
You didn’t want to but you find yourself breaking the intense eye contact before moving your eyes down to his wet plump lips. You take your index finger and slowly trace it down his Adam's apple which you watch go up and down, indicating how hard he gulped from your movement.
“Y/N.” he warns. His voice, low and stern.
You look back up to meet his eyes, only to see them glued onto your lips. You were so desperate to have them pressed against his pink wet ones that you didn’t care about anything else at this point. In a swift moment, you grab his collar, pull him closer to you and smash your lips onto his.
Your eyes shut close as you feel Yoongi's lips perfectly mould into yours as if they’re only made for you. They were warm and soft just like how you’d imagine.
That’s where you finally feel one of his arms wrap around your waist and the other around your back with his hand tangled up in your damp hair. You secure your arms around his neck and slowly guide your fingers up to play with his long fluffy hair.
When you feel his hands move down to your hips giving it a little squeeze, you almost yelp and immediately pull out from the kiss.
Fuck you just kissed Yoongi.
He slowly caresses your cheeks and lightly brushes his thumb over your lips.
“You wanna take this upstairs,” he whispers, making you nervous. You may have planned on getting laid tonight but certainly not by Yoongi.
Yoongi feels your uneasiness and sighs. “Only if you’re okay with it. I’m not going to force you Y/N. We can forget whatever happened if you think this was a mist—“
“No!” You exclaim.
“I…I just…fuck. Okay fine let’s go!” You stutter and whine, being all frustrated with yourself. You know you’re overthinking but this might only be a one night thing and nothing else.
“Y/N once again I’m not—“
“Yoongi, I want you,” you cut him off, looking him in the eyes. You see them go dark with the same lustful gaze he held before the kiss. He clutches your hand and walks the two of you past the sweaty bodies to get in the house. From the corner of your eyes, you spot Taehyung and Hoseok happily dancing amongst the crowd.
They didn’t see the kiss, thank god.
Once Yoongi’s free hand slides open the glass door to enter the house, he leads you up the stairs as you mindlessly follow behind. He comes to a halt in front of the furthest door from the stairs and opens it, gesturing for you to step in.
Once you do, you feel his grip on your hand go loose as he leaves it to lock the door with his broad back facing you. When he turns around, he pauses and stares at your figure for a brief second before moving closer. He snakes his arm around your waist and quickly yanks you towards him so that both of your hands are pressed against his chest.
“You’ve been driving me insane all night Y/N,” he whispers, giving your hips a light squeeze.
“Could say the same Mr. Min,” you tease, knowing damn well how much he hates it when you call him that.
“Fuck Y/N, you sure you want this?” he asks, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
“Yes.” You breathe out.
“Are you clean baby?” He asks while opening the drawer beside you with one hand, possibly searching for a condom.
“Yes and I'm on pills so no need to look for a condom.” You assure, deeply staring into his dark orbs before locking lips with him again.
This time it was more rough and rushed. Both your tongues fighting for dominance and teeth clashing, leading into a messy make out session. His hands roam all over your body as yours begins to unbutton his black shirt and slide it off his built arms.
You yelp when he lifts you up and gently places you on the bed, hovering over you. Your hands make their way from touching his bare upper half to the back of his neck as you both continue to salivate each other’s lips.
“Yoongi please,” you whine, pulling out of the steamy kiss.
“Please what? I need words princess.” He speaks in a husky tone, making you even more weak and wet than you already were.
“Please touch me. Please fuck me, I need you in me.” You beg, receiving a quick low chuckle from him.
“Yeah? You want me to fuck you senseless hm?” He says, slowly caressing your thighs.
“Yes please.” You plead.
“Tell me exactly what you need then.” He demands.
“Need your dick in me fuck Yoongi just—mmph.” Your whining gets cut off by his lips that smash onto yours once again whilst his cold veiny hands begin to trace all your curves.
“Can I?” He pants, playing with the hem of your shorts. You nod and he immediately slides them off, throwing them somewhere on the ground.
He goes down to your thighs and spreads them apart, leaving wet kisses around the inner part before eyeing your clothed area. You were still in your one piece.
Yoongi hovers back up to lean over your face, gently holds your head and lifts your upper half off the bed so that you’re smug in arms. He unties the knots on the back of your one piece before sliding the straps off from both sides and completing discarding it from your body. Yoongi eyes your naked figure from head to toe and bites his lips before leaning down to your neck.
“I always knew you’d be beautiful in and out.” He whispers, biting your earlobe before leaving a trail of wet butterfly kisses from your neck, down to your pussy. You shudder at the feeling.
“So fucking wet for me aren’t you princess?”
“Hmm only for you, now take this off,” you mumble, pointing at his pants as you can already see how hard he is. Yoongi immediately obeys and takes it off along with his boxers, letting his hardened cock spring free. You almost gasp seeing his length, he was huge.
“Like what you see baby?” He smirks.
Fuck you want him. You want him so bad!
“Yoongi go on alread—shit!” You whimper, feeling his cold fingers rubbing circles over your clit.
“Need to stretch you out first.” He says, inserting two long fingers inside you.
“Yoongi oh my god.” You cry out in pleasure, pulling him closer.
“You like that baby?” He asks, groaning when you clench tightly around his digits.
“Yes Yoon— '' You moan out as he quickens his pace, fucking his fingers in and out of your dripping cunt. When you feel your orgasm approaching, you squeeze his arm.
“Fuck im so close,” you hiss as he hums in response before pulling his fingers completely out of you.
“Yoongi why’d you pull out!” You whine, feeling the sudden emptiness of his fingers in you while you were close to finishing.
“Cause I want you to cum all over my cock.” He responds, palming his member and stroking it before positioning it to your entrance.
He looks at your naked frame beneath him to ask for consent, to which you eagerly nod. When he enters your wet heat, the two of you let out a deep groan and whimper.
“Shit! You’re still so fucking tight baby. Should’ve eaten you out too,” he groans, feeling the burn as every inch of him stretches your walls to their limit.
“Fuck Yoongi, just move already.” You plead, extremely aroused by the dirty words he was throwing at you.
He is quick to oblige and nods before thrusting into you slowly. Once he catches his pace, you become a moaning mess under him. His name being the only thing coming out of your mouth while you grip his hair and sheets tightly. Yoongi loved it, loved feeling you squirm and be a mess under him, loved the sound of both your skins slapping filling the room while you chant his name over and over again. It was like music to his ears.
“You feel so fucking good baby.” He groans, using one of his hands to play with your hardened nipple before latching his mouth on, to suck it.
“Fuck Yoon you’re so good, shit right there.” You moan, rolling your eyes back while gripping Yoongi’s hair tighter as you feel him hit your g-spot. You only earn yourself a low groan from him.
“Shit shit shit so close Yoon fuck!” Yoongi hates to admit it but the way you were calling him ‘Yoon’ was making him go crazy.
“Fuck, you’re gonna cream my cock princess yea?” He asks gritting his teeth, nearly pulling out all the way before slamming back into you again.
“Yes! Please go faster!” You shriek, bucking your hips forward to feel him more.
“Faster? shit you’re making me go crazy Y/N.” Something about the way he said your name along with the amount of pleasure he was giving you almost made you dizzy.
“Gonna cum Yoongi!” You screech, shutting your eyes tight as you feel the familiar knot in your stomach again.
“Will cum all over my cock like the good girl you are?” He emphasizes each word with controlled thrusts.
“Yoongi yes fuck, please just— cant hold it.” you cry out.
“Cum for me then.” He murmurs, leaving a sloppy kiss near your jawline before pulling out of you to let you cream his cock. You wince and cry out at the feeling as your orgasm washes over you.
Yoongi surprises you when he gives your slit a nice long lick. “Just wanted to taste you,” he beams, plopping his sweaty figure beside you.
“You didn’t cum,” you remark, sitting up as your chest still heaves up and down.
“It's fine.” He mutters, still lying down as beads of sweat drip down his chest and forehead.
“No it’s not, you’ve been working so hard for the exhibition, I think you deserve a treat Mr. Min.” You retort, looking down at him and giving his veiny cock a nice deep stroke.
“Fuck, I told you not to call me that but you’re right, I do deserve a treat. Think you can give me a head?” He jerks up, brushing his hand through his hair.
“I’d love to, Mr. Min.” You respond, your tongue reaching down to lick his pink tip, precum already leaking from it with your own cum smeared over as well.
“Don’t fucking tease baby.” He grunts. You dip your head down and take him in your mouth, moaning at the sensation as Yoongi tries to fight back a moan himself. You swirl your tongue around a bit before bobbing your head up and down to suck him off and take as much of him as you can. Only Yoongi knows how pretty you look right now and he’d do anything to see you like this for the rest of his life.
“Fuck you’re taking me so well princess.” He hisses, gripping your hair and moving it out your face so that it wouldn’t be in your way. It only makes you suck him harder.
He groans and throws his head back, “Not gonna last long fuck.”
After giving him a few more sucks, you feel his dick twitch in your mouth. You knew he’d cum anytime soon so you already prepared yourself.
“Shit, gonna cum.” He curses before shooting his hot cum straight down your throat. When you pull out, you start coughing and your eyes were glistening with tears.
“Shit sorry, are you okay?” Yoongi apologizes, worriedly reaching down to cup your face.
“I’m good, just tired.” You tell him with an amused smile.
“Let’s get you cleaned okay.” He says, pecking your forehead and lifting you off him to lay you down on the bed.
Was this the same man a few minutes ago?
You watch Yoongi wear his boxers and go into the bathroom to bring a damp towel in order to clean you up. Once he is done, he gives you his black button up to wear and tucks you in bed before slipping under the sheets, right beside you.
“Yoongi if we sleep here, I'll need to tell Hoseok not to wait for me.” You mutter, instantly realizing and moving closer to Yoongi's body so that you are facing him.
“I’ll text him, don't worry, just sleep okay.” He replies, cuddling you while playing with your hair.
“Don’t tell him that we—“
“No way I would, I'll never hear the end of it.” He adds, to which you both let out a chuckle.
“Thank you for tonight, goodnight Yoongi.” You wish him, eyes closed as you’re already half asleep in his embrace.
Yoongi smiles and mutters back, “night princess,” before falling into deep slumber himself.
It’s been 3 months since that night. Neither you nor Yoongi had the time to talk about that certain topic or anything else other than work. Things had been really hectic and busy with the exhibition being just around the corner. In fact, It was going to be held tomorrow so you were really nervous yet excited at the same time.
You were seated on your kitchen counter stool, skimming through some details on the designs you will be presenting tomorrow, when you hear a sudden knock on the door. You sigh and walk over to open it, only to find Yoongi standing there.
“Hey Yoon—“
“We need to talk.” He says in a serious tone, making you worried. You let him in and close the door behind you.
“Is the display fine? Should I change anything? All the designs are okay right? Did something happe—?'' Before you could say anything more, he cuts you off.
“I can’t anymore.” He mumbles, staring at the floor.
“Cant what Yoongi? Are you okay?” You worriedly ask him, trying to catch a glimpse of his face.
“Fuck I just— I think I’m in love with you.” He confesses, looking up at you. You were too stunned to speak at the moment. The two of you stand there in silence for a few seconds, if only he knew how fast your heart was racing right now.
“You’re what?” You question him, making sure whatever you just heard was right.
“I’m in love with you. I know we haven’t gotten the chance to talk much after that night but I can’t stop thinking about you. I was actually attracted to you from the beginning and I slowly started liking you as a friend and a colleague but that night, I just knew I liked you more than that. So can we like…you know, will you be my girlfriend?” He nervously confesses.
“Is Mr. Min nervous?” You tease him, flashing him an amused smile.
“Y/N. I'm serious.” He almost whines. Seeing such a side of Yoongi apart from his cold demeanour that he has when working makes you so happy and giddy.
“Well, I’d love to be your girlfriend.“ You giggle in response as he stands there in shock.
“Yoongi,” you call out. He hums in return, eyes boring into yours.
“Just kiss me already goddamn it.” You whine, tugging on his shirt collar so that you could press your lips against his.
When your lips meet one another, It starts off as a slow passionate kiss which gradually turns into a rather hungrier one. Yoongi being Yoongi, squeezes your ass and tumbles you both over onto your couch so that he is hovering over you.
“How about you pay me back for borrowing some sugar that day, by letting me taste your sweet little cunt.”
“Oh my g— Yoongi!” You widen your eyes and lightly slap his arm. How did he go from being a stuttering mess to being so confident?
“Oh come on, I know you’d love it.” Yoongi mumbles, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.
“I would but I love you more.” You giggle pecking his cheeks.
“Not more than how much I love you though,” he retorts, pecking your lips and nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck.
“Tomorrow is a big day.” You whisper, hooking your arms around his nape.
“I know, but you did amazing. You worked so hard on this and I loved all the designs and presentations you gave.” He replies, gently holding your hand and rubbing circles over your knuckles.
“You’re just saying that because you like me.” You retort, making him lean up to face you.
“This is part of the reason why I actually started liking you baby, I couldn’t be more proud of you.”
“I should be the one saying how proud I am of you. You worked even harder on this than me. You even skipped meals and went home at like 2 am,” you respond, brushing your fingers through his scalp.
“Oh, were you observing me princess?” He asks you in a teasing manner.
“Hmm couldn’t stop staring at my handsome and hot neighbour. No wait, I mean boss, or is it colleague? Or should I say boyfriend.” You reply, not even denying it.
“Whichever you like,” he chuckles in response before getting off of you and lifting you up in bridal style.
“Yoon what are you do—“
“Getting you to bed. We need to get some good sleep to survive tomorrow.” He states, walking to your bedroom and placing you on the bed.
“Nice room.” He compliments whilst looking around. He’s an interior designer himself, of course he’d say something about it.
“Thank you, wanna stay over?” You ask, reaching to the side to turn off the lights from your bedside table.
“Would love to.” He responds, sliding under the sheets beside you. You switch off the lights, embrace yourselves in each other’s arm and fall into deep slumber.
The next day, your morning was occupied with last minute touch ups needed to be done for the designs. You kept wondering how your boyfriend was putting up with everything. When the two of you were having breakfast, he informed you that his parents were going to drop by as well. The news had made you even more nervous than you already were. I mean, the two of you just started dating yesterday and you were already going to meet his parents.
Anyways, the overall day went by really fast and fairly well. The exhibition went smoothly and a lot of people showed up including your parents, Hoseok, Yoora, their parents and Hoseok’s friends. When you met Yoongi's parents, they were really nice and looked so happy to meet you. When you told your parents, they weren’t even surprised, especially your mom.
“I knew you two would have something going on, the moment I saw him at your place that day.” These were the exact words your mom had uttered to you with Yoongi by your side.
Hoseok, Yoora and the others were very surprised. Jungkook and Jimin obviously couldn’t keep their mouths shut and exposed Yoongi by telling you how he kept asking them for some girl's advice.
“Never knew you’d be into Yoongi but at least we can go on double dates now.” Yoora had whispered to you.
“Can’t believe that even when you and Yoongi would talk to me everyday, I couldn’t figure it out.” Hoseok had beamed.
You are currently in Yoongi’s black Palisade, on your way back home from the restaurant Yoongi's father had made a reservation for. It was a fun day and nice dinner with both your families and friends. Both your parents got along very well.
You were staring out the window, recalling all the events of today when you suddenly feel Yoongi’s cold hand on your thigh.
“You know my offer from yesterday still stands.” He says, making you frown.
“What are you talking about?” You question him.
“Don’t act so innocent baby, you know what I’m talking about.” Once he states that, you knew exactly what he was referring to.
“Yoon, I already paid you back.” You reply, deciding to tease him and stretch out the conversation a bit.
“Hm, but that wasn’t enough.” He retorts.
“What do you mean I gave ba—“
“You made me fall for you. Never knew I'd fall for the girl that showed up at my apartment late at night to borrow some sugar. You stole my heart so make up for that.” He claims, looking at you when the traffic lights turn red. Your eyes immediately soften.
“I love you so much.” You confess, leaning in for a quick kiss before the lights turn green again.
“I love you too.” He responds, kissing you back before you pull out and properly sit back on your seat.
“Also, I’d like to accept your offer Mr. Min.” You assert, intertwining your fingers with his as his hand was still resting on your thigh.
“Oh my love, I hope you know you’re in for a long night then.” He smirks, squeezing your hand and taking a glance at you. You look away being all flustered so he wouldn’t notice you turning red.
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as we were, ch.3 — JJK [m]
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as we were | jeon jungkook x reader — series masterpost ! ˚₊✩
⟶ GENRE : divorce au, infidelity au, eventual smut, heavy angst, lots of pining
⟶ RATING : 18+
⟶ WC : 7.5k
⟶ SUMMARY : You see him again, and someone else comforts you through the pain...
⟶ WARNINGS : heavy angst (as always…..), aww!jk (needs its own warning at this point), talks of attempted suicide & slight depression (very breafly), talk of minor character death, pining, some more heartbreak 
⟶ NOTE : a little less wc for this one—it’s not a filler but its a “lighter” (not really) chapter compared to all the bombs that are yet to come 😁 hope u all enjoy & don’t hesitate to reblog or give feedback if u like this story 🫶🫶
⟶ MUSIC :  happier by olivia rodrigo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                           #03: starry nights and ugly fights
˚➶ 。˚
One week since the breakup
Jungkook feels like shit, utter shit. It’s been a week since you left, and that’s how he feels, like garbage. 
Is it really selfish for him to seek love? If he didn’t feel happy with you after Eunbi, that means he fell out of love with you, so is it really selfish of him to pursue his happiness….?
Jungkook knows he deserves to feel every ounce of guilt and self-loath there is; he knows he deserves to drown in it, but it had to be done, even if he dreaded every minute of how it went; it would have to happen sometime, he couldn’t have kept lying to you more than he already had. It would be unfair to keep lying to you–to your marriage; he knows it’s for the best.
But he feels a hole in his heart ever since you left, one that wasn’t there before. He came to love Eunbi, and he fell out of love with you; it’s only natural for your marriage to end; then why does his heart sting? It doesn’t make any sense.
Shit, he hates to admit it, but he misses you. But, isn’t he in love with Eunbi? Didn’t he finally find the love of his life? He feels angry, enraged with himself for being a mess when he’s supposed to be happy with the supposed love of his life.
Jungkook groans and throws his head back–his penthouse is a mess. Everything thrown around, broken and trashed; he’d been so much of a mess he ended up making a mess of his own home too. 
He’s drinking his expensive red wine to try and cheer him up. The red wine he chose just happens to be your favourite and the one you always drank when you were down or wanted to relax. Jungkook never liked this wine, but now he understands why you like it so much–it makes him relaxed, it makes him forget about his problems.
Someone knocks on the door, and Jungkook goes to the main door, not caring how much of a mess his house is or that he’s with a glass of red wine in his hand. He opens the door and finds Eunbi on the other side, looking at him with angry eyes. “What the fuck, Jungkook?!” She shouts, and he visibly flinches, a scoff coming from her lips. “You’ve been avoiding me all week! Are you back with her?” Her face morphs into a sad one in seconds, and he rushes to her.
“No, no,” He slowly hugs her, “I told you, I just need some time….”
“Why? You told me you don’t love her anymore…” He gulps at her words, not sure why he got nervous by her words.
“I just need some time, okay, h-hun?” He reassures her, but she whimpers on his chest. “___ and I got married, Eunbi, I may have f-fallen out of l-love with her, but it’s just taking some time to readjust kay?” 
“I just need you to show me you love me.” Eunbi comes close to his ear, whispering, goosebumps trailing all over his body before she kisses him roughly. He returns her kiss after a few seconds, and a tear falls from his eye.
What the hell is happening to him?
Three weeks since the breakup
“Please….Just call me okay, I-I want to talk to you.” Jungkook says before pressing the red button, sending you a voicemail while in one of the hospital’s storage rooms.
It’s been three weeks, and no news from you. He’s been sending you messages and calls, even if you blocked him. He’s been trying to reach out for you ever since he saw you were the one who cleaned the penthouse. His heart clenched when he saw you on the CCTV, and he didn’t dare tell Eunbi about it, because he knew she would flip if she knew you still had the key to the apartment.
Jungkook wants so badly to move out—but he can’t, and he never lets Eunbi sleep there, especially on his and your bed. 
Someone opens the door, and he comes face to face with Heejin. Great, more nasty remarks coming from her.
“Ugh, it’s you.” She spits, rolling her eyes before going to the counter and grabbing some supplies.
Jungkook rolls his eyes, and Heejin scoffs. “You’re such a fucking bastard, Jungkook.” She hisses, harshly grabbing the supplies, and with one last spine-shivering glare, Heejin exits the room—shutting the door roughly, making Jungkook flinch.
He sighs and gets out of the room. He heads for where Eunbi is since he needs her so they can talk with a patient about their surgery. He opens the door, but what he sees makes his heart stop.
It’s you. You’re here.
˚➶ 。˚
Hoseok clears his throat, “Well, this is awkward….” He mutters under his breath, and Namjoon, who’s beside him, slaps his chest, so he shuts up. “Ouch!” Hoseok exclaims, and Namjoon only glares warningly at him, making Hoseok gulp dry.
You bite your lip, Yoongi squeezing your hand, letting you know that you can dig your nails into his palm instead, and you do, your anger clouding your better judgement.
“Um, since when are you back in Seoul?” Taehyung asks beside you while the both of them get a spare chair and squeeze themselves inside the circled table. 
“I came here about seven months ago.” She giggles, her annoying voice making your ears bleed. “I also came here for the care of Dr Jeon, here–”
“Dr Kim.” You correct her, straightening your posture while never taking your hands off Yoongi’s, not even realising how hard you’re squeezing it because he doesn’t even scrunch his face; he’s as calm as ever.
“Ah, sorry…I’m so used to Dr Jeon,” She giggles again, and you fight the urge to gag, ending up squeezing Yoongi’s hand, and he squeezes back.
The atmosphere in the room is awkward and uncomfortable, making you get your phone with your free hand to text Heejin. Unfortunately, she’s busy doing rounds at the hospital and couldn’t come when you desperately needed her. She’s been visiting you less often due to her rounds at the hospital, but she never fails to text you to ask how you are doing and for you to remember to eat your meals.
Heejin is your rock, your yellow–and you’ve never been so grateful to a person as you do her. And one of the only things you’re certain in your life is that you’ll do anything for her–because you know she’ll do the same for you.
Girl, please help me…. 
Is everything okay? 
Jimin invited jk…..and he brought the side chick.
I’m so fucking angry.
Jimin’s phone starts to ring, and he accidentally puts it on speaker, the biggest mistake ever….
“PARK FUCKING JIMIN, YOU ARE SO FUCKING DEAD!!!!” Jimin goes pale and drops his phone, clumsily trying to get it from the ground while Heejin screams at him, the whole table laughing–even you let out some giggles.
Jimin finally gets his phone and takes it off speaker mode while awkwardly excusing himself from the table. “Baby, hear me out–” Jimin goes to the back of the bar, and the whole table starts laughing loudly, except Eunbi. 
“Ah, Jimin really went for the feisty one.” Hoseok giggles, his laughs bringing a smile to your face. Now that you’re more relaxed, you try to take your hand away from Yoongi’s, but he forces your hand to stay with his, squeezing your smaller hand with his big one. You turn your face around and see that he’s talking to Seokjin, whispering things into his ear while they nod in agreement–he’s unfazed.
You shrug mentally; if he’s okay with it, then so are you, so you keep your hand intertwined with his–a spark of something teeny tiny forming inside your stomach, but you’re not sure what it is yet, or if you want to find out.
“I bet ten bucks he’s gonna ask to crash at one of our houses,” Hoseok said, and Namjoon shook his head, the rest of the table laughing.
“Twenty, and he’s booking a hotel to crash.” Taehyung crossed his arms confidently, and you shook your head in disapproval.
“You guys really don’t know Heejin.” You giggle, making them all look at you, “Fifty bucks, and she’s gonna make him stay in the house and crash on the sofa for a month, and she’s also not gonna let him touch her—she’ll give him the silent treatment.” You smirk; he deserves it, though.
Jimin may be Heejin’s husband, but he’s also your friend too—or was your friend—after fucking up two times, you don’t know if you can forgive him just yet. 
Jimin’s been getting on your nerves; how dare he not say anything about Jungkook’s infidelity? Sure, Jungkook and Jimin have always been closer than the others, something greater than brothers—but that didn’t give Jimin any right to cover something so huge like that.
Jimin comes back and sits on the same chair, his face emotionless, everyone on the table quiet in the expectation that he will talk. “Why the fuck are you all staring at me like that?”
“So…what did she say…?” Taehyung asked, trying to hide the smirk on his face, confident he would win.
“I’ll have to crash on the couch for a month, and I can’t touch her either.” He groaned, Taehyung and Hoseok looking at you, bewildered. 
“I told you.” You chuckle and lean back on your chair, a smug look on your face. “You guys can keep the money, don’t worry.” Both men let out a sigh of relief, making you chuckle a bit, Yoongi’s hand still on top of yours.
An awkward silence comes when the laughs die down, and everyone at the table doesn’t utter a word. You feel an intense gaze coming your way, and you turn your head to see Eunbi staring daggers at you; her gaze is so deep, it makes uneasiness fill you whole. But that is replaced by another wave of anger, making you squeeze Yoongi’s hand unconsciously—why the fuck is she staring daggers at you when she’s the side-piece; you’re the one who should be glaring angrily at her, and so you do.
“Um, Eunbi–” 
“Tae, are you still with Chaeyoung?” Eunbi takes her eyes off you and cuts Taehyung off, making him go pale. “I miss her; I haven’t heard from her ever since I left Korea.” She giggles, and Jungkook whispers something that makes her gasp slightly while everyone on the table is glaring at her, except Taehyung, who’s looking intensely at the table.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry–I had no idea.” She says, and you roll your eyes, turning your head to Taehyung beside you, who’s still zoning out. 
Chaeyoung, Taeyung’s fiancé, died about three years ago in a car crash, and to say he was devastated would be an understatement. He was in a worse position than you are right now–not only did he cry every day and night, but he never left his room, deep dark bags under his eyes at all times—he was beyond broken and depressed.
One fateful Saturday night, three months after Chaeyoung’s passing, you were mindlessly strolling through the Mapo bridge when you found someone standing on the top of the bridge, about to jump. You panicked and pulled them back, only to be met with a sobbing Taehyung on top of you. 
You both had a profound and heartwarming talk on the bridge after that event, with him crying on your shoulder, telling you how much he missed her. After that event, you both developed a deeper friendship with each other, and you swore to him never to talk about that day to anyone; it was a secret between you and him. 
It took him two years to finally get over Chaeyoung’s death, but he did it—and he did it with your help too. Jungkook knew about your friendship, and he was always jealous of it, sometimes acting like an animal to Taehyung, but he never passed the limits because he knew you loved him too much ever to leave him, and Taehyung would never think of you like that.
“It’s fine, i-it was a long time ago.” Taehyung smiled sadly at Eunbi, not daring to look at her. You glare at her before putting your hand on top of Tae’s, sending him a heart-warming smile.
You sigh and look at Jungkook and Eunbi, your heart clenching at him whispering to her—he used to do that to you. Taehyung scrunches his eyebrows at the scene, as well as everyone else in the room.
“Well, anyways—um, the r-reason we came here today is to t-tell you all that, um—“
“We’re dating.” Eunbi squeaks and pecks Jungkook’s cheek, but he only looks at the floor, having no courage to look forward or to any of his friends.
Everyone’s eyes are wide, especially Tae’s, and Yoongi’s jaw is clenched, while Jimin is looking at the ground, ashamed—and you bite the inside of your cheek, trying to keep your tears from falling. 
“WHAT?!” Tae shouts, everyone inside the bar looking at him, making him squirm on his chair and clear his throat.
“Jungkook, what the fuck—“
“You know what,” You interrupt, everyone’s eyes on you, even Jimin’s, “I-I’m gonna get going, I uh, w-work tomorrow.” You smile slightly, taking Yoongi’s hand off yours, getting up from your chair and putting on your coat. “It was nice seeing you all again.” You smile, water already forming in your eyes. 
You hurry out of the bar, and when you’re finally out, you feel as if you can finally breathe. You felt the struggle to breathe the minute you saw Jungkook, especially with Eunbi, and now you’re finally able to take deep breaths as the chilly breeze hits your face.
You turn around when you hear your name being called and see Yoongi running to you with your white bag in his hands. You widen your eyes; how could you have forgotten your purse?
“You forgot this.” Yoongi beams while giving your purse back to you, and you sigh deeply.
“Thank you so much.” You grab the purse, “God, he’s making me so stressed I even forgot my purse.” You chuckle, and Yoongi frowns slightly. He’s about to open his mouth, but another person calls your name; it’s Taehyung.
“Oh good, you’re still here.” He pants, his breathing and chest erratic, and you scrunch your eyebrows.
“Is everything okay?” You ask. Taehyung nods, still panting, and Yoongi pats Tae’s back, making him cough.
“Yeah, I just uh—I may or may not have p-punched Jungkook.” He smiles awkwardly, and you giggle.
“You didn’t hurt your hand, though, right?” He nods at your question, making you sigh with relief, followed by a fit of giggles from your mouth. “I’ve wanted to do that for a while—thanks for doing the work for me.” You three chuckle, followed by a sigh from you.
Taehyung looks at his phone, and his eyes widen, “Oh man, I gotta go—take care of yourself, will you, ___? I’ll call you later so we can talk, okay?” You nod. Taehyung grabs your shoulders and hugs you tightly, and you hug him just as tight; his hugs always were the best, like a bear’s–and you’ve been needing it for a while now.
He smiles at you, but before he goes away, Taehyung whispers something in Yoongi’s ears, making him nod. Yoongi pats Taehyung’s back, and you finally watch his form go away to his black SUV. You turn your head, and Yoongi slightly smiles at you, his hands inside the pockets of his black pants. 
“What did he whisper to you?” You cross your arms over your chest, and he smirks at you.
“Can’t tell you, sweetheart, sorry.” You roll your eyes playfully, and he laughs. “Let’s go.” He starts walking, but you don’t follow him, making him turn around and look at you expectantly.
“Where are you going?”
“I’m taking you to the hotel.” He says, and you laugh, catching up with him, and you start walking alongside him.
“You don’t have to walk me there, you know; I can just get an uber; I hate wasting your time.” You look at the ground, hands in the pockets of your brown coat. You hear him chuckle, an almost invisible blush in your cheeks.
“I’m just making sure you get to the hotel safely; that’s what friends are for, no?” You nod while chuckling. 
You sigh loudly as you two stroll through the streets of Seoul, the stars of the black night sky staring at both your figures stay silent while walking.
“How did you get over it?” You suddenly ask, and Yoongi looks at you, who’s still staring at the ground while kicking some tiny rocks on the way. 
“How did you get over um…What was her name?“ 
“Akari.” He sighs, and you gulp. “It wasn’t easy; I’ll tell you that, but you probably already know that—I mean, I was a complete mess.” He bitterly chuckles, and you hum sadly before he continues.
“That whole year, I was miserable; I started drinking alcohol every chance I got, I cried every night in bars, and I even got arrested once for trashing a bar while drunk.” He gulps. You frown deeply, feeling his pain and feeling sorry for all he went through.
“After getting arrested, I got a huge wake-up call—I was letting myself get ruined for a woman that didn’t even want me, while I had an eleven-month baby I barely saw since I was too busy drinking every chance I got. My company's stocks were also going down; they were without their CEO; we were on the literal brink of going bankrupt.” He licks his lips harshly at the memory.
“So I got my act together and started seeing a therapist while devoting my time solely to my son and career, trying not to think of that bitch anymore. And it worked—it took a lot of time and patience, but I got over her, and now I couldn’t be happier.” You stop in your tracks and hug him, which takes him by surprise, but he hugs you back nonetheless. His hug is a bit stiff, but it’s still comforting.
“I’m happy for you, Yoongi; I’m happy you moved on.” You break the hug and smile at him. 
“If I can do it, I’m sure you can too. You’re a hell of a lot stronger than me.” You fist his shoulder playfully.
“You know Jungkook doesn’t deserve you, right? He never did.” You close your eyes, your nostrils exhaling deeply at the mention of his name. “Not even when we were in college; I remember the hell he put you through while he got over Eunbi.” He rolls his eyes, a small tear travelling down your cheeks.
“Yeah, well, loving him sure had its consequences.” You chuckle, wiping the tear from your cheek with your hand. “I wish I could go back and stop myself from meeting him in that hallway, but oh well.”
“Me too, but heartbreak also teaches us how to move on and how to be stronger, I can assure you that. You look up and meet his shimmering brown eyes.
“Are you a philosopher now?” You both laugh at your little joke, a sense of warmth calming your being—something you haven’t felt in a really long time. “I feel really pathetic, though.”
“And why is that?”
“Because I still stupidly hope it’s gonna be me and him in the end, even if he loves Eunbi, e-even after everything.” Tears roll down your cheeks as you look at the ground, utterly ashamed and disgusted with yourself for saying it out loud. 
Yoongi brings you to his chest and wraps his arms against your form, and you hug him back, your tears staining his coat. “It’s normal, ___, I promise you; don’t feel pathetic because of that; you two were married; it takes time to get over that.”
“What do I do now? I-I don’t know how to live without him.” You sniffle. Seeing you like this breaks his heart; you don’t deserve this. 
“Don’t cry over him; he’s not worth it; he’s not worth your tears.”
You laugh, followed by more cries, “But I want him to be, I want him to be worth it.” You whisper and bite your lip, preventing the whimper that becomes stuck in your throat, desperate to get out.
Yoongi may have never really talked to you during the years you both knew each other—but he saw with his observant eyes how in love you were with him; how you would always ask him how he was doing while out with the boys, how you would make sure he ate his meals every time you two were apart; Yoongi saw it all.
He never thought this would happen, that Jungkook would do such a stupid thing. Sure, his dongsaeng was a little dumb when it came to real life, but he would never think he was that dumb to ever let a diamond of a woman like you go. And it breaks his heart to see you like this….because it also reminds him of his state years ago.
But one thing Yoongi is certain of is that he won’t let you go down his path—he’ll be for you what he needed all those months after his breakup, and that’s a promise. You don’t deserve to go down such a dark path, and Yoongi will make sure you don’t.
“Do you have a girl in your heart already?” You break the hug, wiping your tears. 
He chuckles, shaking his head, “No, I haven’t found the right one yet. And you know, there’s Sungho to deal with.”
“You’ll find the right girl Yoongi, I’m sure of it. You’re a really great man.”
Yoongi smiles, “I hope so, but I’m not desperate—I think I’ve had enough relationships and heartbreak for a lifetime.”  
You frown, “Don’t say that; not every person is the same; you deserve to be loved and love someone again.”
“Shouldn’t I be the one giving you advice?” You both giggle. “Are you going to follow your own words, then?”
You sigh, “One day, maybe, who knows? But not now. Everything is just too…recent. And I-I still l-love him, even if I don’t want to, and I know if I jump into a relationship, it will only hurt me more, and the person too.” He nods in understanding, and you both start walking again, talking about your experiences and overall life itself. You learn much more about Yoongi that you never knew before, his dreams and bits of his past, and the same thing for you.
“You wanted to be a producer?” You ask, and he nods his head. 
“A rapper too; I even made my own mixtape while I was in college—but things went sideways when my father passed, and I inherited his company. It was all so fast; one day, I was writing some songs on my bed, and the next, I was the CEO of the biggest company in Korea.” You both giggle. “And you? If you weren’t a doctor, what would you be?”
You hum, thinking hard at his question. “Well, in high school, I wanted to be a singer, but I never chased that dream; it was too…unreachable. Plus, medicine has always been one of my passions, so I don’t really feel bad about it.” You smile at the memory, and Yoongi laughs.
“Maybe in another life, we both are what we wanted to be; me a rapper, and you a singer.” He grins.
“Yeah, imagine that.” You giggle, “I want to hear you rap someday, by the way.” He nods while giggling, his beautiful gummy smile coming into view.
“I’ll take you to a karaoke booth. I’ll show you my rapping, and you show me your singing, deal?” 
“Deal.” You laugh.
The two of you keep talking until an ice cream shop comes into view, and you can’t help but drag Yoongi with you to buy ice cream—despite his comments about how you were insane to want an ice cream during such chilly weather, but he follows you nonetheless.
You paid for you both, ignoring his constant nagging on how he should pay, and when it was time to do so, you grabbed his hand and paid the woman, who looked at you with distorted eyes as if you were crazy. 
And now, you’re eating your favourite ice cream flavour and him eating vanilla while you both talk about your childhoods.
“I’m telling you, Jin literally left the girl during prom, and I was the one who had to dance with her.” He rolls his eyes, and you laugh, “I was angry with him at first, but then I understood why…..That girl was the most annoying little shit I’ve ever encountered; even her fucking laugh got on my nerves—and I hear Jin’s windshield laugh almost every day. She sounded like a cow dying, and it almost made my ears bleed.” He laughs, and you cackle, trying not to let your ice cream fall from laughing so much.
You finally reach the hotel, the reception being deserted due to the time—the only people who resided there were the receptionists, who were sleeping, and some staff here and there.
“This is the most time I spent without sobbing my eyes out.” You chuckle, “Thank you; I really needed this.”
“Again—it’s what friends are for, ___.” He smiles, and you both hug one last time.
“Are you free on Wednesday?” 
You nod, “Yeah, after 7 pm, though.”
“Great, I’ll pick you up, and we’ll go to a karaoke place; what do you think?”
“The day of the week is a bit odd, but it’s perfect.” You smile, “Can’t wait to see if you’re actually a good rapper.” You tease, making him scoff. 
“You don’t believe me?” You shrug while giggling, “You’ll see how good I am, sweetheart, and your jaw will be on the floor.”
“We’ll see.” You giggle again, and he smiles. 
“I’ll see you Wednesday then, Yoongi. And….” You sigh, “Thanks for everything; I really needed some distraction.”
“It’s nothing, ___. I’ll see you ok Wednesday.” 
After you’re gone, Yoongi dials Taehyung’s number, and after a beep, Taehyung answers. “Is she okay?”
“Mhm.” Yoongi hums, “She’s feeling better, a bit sad still, but better.”
“That’s good; you’re good to her, Yoongi.”
“What about you, though? I know how much you like her.” 
Taehyung laughs at his hyung, “I-It’s complicated, Yoongi….”
“Well, I’m taking a liking to her too.” 
“Yoongi….” Taehyung says in a warning tone, “You’re literally eight years older than her, and she just got out of a relationship—don’t you think that’s too much?”
“First of all, she’s a twenty-eight-year-old adult.” Yoongi rolls his eyes, “Second of all, I’m not dumb enough to try anything. She needs her time, but I’ll keep her company; I want to help her—I don’t want her to go down the same path I did; you of all people know what it’s like.”
Taehyung sighs sadly, “I know; thanks for taking care of her. Jungkook is such a fucking idiot; I want to punch him again so fucking bad.”
“Tell me about it.” Yoongi huffs.
“I gotta get to a patient now. Again, thanks for taking care of her, Yoongi.”
“Bye, Tae.”
You enter your room, a deep sigh coming from your lips as you check your phone for any messages. There are two new messages, from your attorney and one from an unknown number.
Your eyes start stinging, tears finally coming down your cheeks desperately, the emotions you had bottled up at the bar now hitting—everything even worse when you read her message.
Attorney Kang
The divorce is filed. Could we meet tomorrow to discuss the process? 11:34 pm
Everything is becoming real—you’re divorcing the love of your life, the one you swore you’d grow old with, the man you still stupidly love with your whole goddamn life. Will this pain ever end?
He can break your heart, stomp on it as many times as he wants, but in the end, you know you’ll pick up the pieces and give them back to his hands, but you don’t want to; you’re sick still loving him with your whole heart–and you don’t think that could ever change, but oh, how you desperately want it to.
You’re disappointed with yourself; you want to be a strong woman, to not depend on that asshole–to move on with your life and maybe even find another love along the way, but you can’t because you loved him so much, maybe even too much–that you’re now a weak crybaby.
Your love wasn’t enough for him–you weren’t enough for him–and that makes you feel that you’re not good enough for anything, not his love, not yourself, not even life.
You text her a quick yes, and schedule a meeting at your favourite coffee shot at 2 pm. 
Goodnight, sweetheart
It’s Yoongi, by the way. I got your phone with Tae, is that okay?
Of course!
Goodnight Yoongi, sweet dreams :>
You slightly smile; Yoongi makes you feel….things, but it’s not enough to ever develop into something more because you will never be good for anyone, no matter how hard you try.
And the next thing you know, you’re in your bed, clutching your both paining stomach and chest, sobbing your heart out in your pillow, not even bothering to change your clothes. Why must your heart be so fragile?
He is like a goddamn drug, and you were addicted to him for so many years–and now, you finally overdosed–feeling the horrible aftermath of your never-ending addiction to Jeon Jungkook.
˚➶ 。˚
“I had no idea Taehyung could punch so hard.” Jungkook bitterly chuckles while he presses the ice to his bruised face, a silence between Jungkook and Jimin.
An hour earlier
“You went back to your fucking ex, are fucking you serious, Jungkook?!” Tae shouted; all eyes on the bar were on him, no one daring to say a word. “Holy shit, did you cheat on her?”
“I-I…” Jungkook has nothing to say because he has no way to defend himself; what he did is unforgivable. Eunbi rolls her eyes, making Yoongi clench his jaw, before heading outside to give your purse back because he knows he would have done something much worse than Taehyung did….
Taehyung seethes before heading to where Jungkook is seated–and punching him right on the face. “You’re fucking lucky I gotta go check on her, or I swear to God you’d be in the hospital right now!” Taehyung storms out of the bar, Jungkook on the ground, with Eunbi helping him out.
He knew he could’ve easily dodged Taehyung’s punch and given him one even worse–he’s a boxer, after all, but a twist and sick part of his brain wanted it because he knew he deserved it for putting you through pain–hell, he deserves even worse.
“Baby, are you okay?” Eunbi crouches down, kissing his cheek, and he looks up to see the rest of the boys standing up, even Jimin. 
“I’m so disappointed in you, Jungkook,” Namjoon says before heading out; everyone else following him and giving him glares or disappointed looks while he’s on the ground. 
“Can’t believe you did this, man–that was low.” Hoseok shakes his head and follows Namjoon out of the bar. Seokjin just glares at him–not even bothering to say any remark for the younger one.
Jimin comes and helps Jungkook get up, a deep groan coming from the younger’s throat. “Let’s go home, hm, baby?” He nods at Eunbi, his eyes not being able to look at her–shame consuming his whole being. 
Back to the present
“I hate myself.” Jungkook breaks the silence, and Jimin sighs. Both men are talking on the big balcony of his penthouse while Eunbi is sleeping peacefully inside his bedroom—what used to be your bed too. He told her to sleep inside the guest room, but she said no, saying that he had to stop thinking about her so much and crying about how he still loved her.
Jimin followed them both since he was too afraid to return home because he knew Heejin would kill him. 
Jungkook inhales his cigarette, the smoke going out into the air as he stares at the view of Seoul during the night. It’s been years since he last smoked—the last time he did was four years ago when he learned about his ‘father’; it was his addiction, especially when he was stressed—but you helped him overcome it, with much time and patience. He had never touched a cigarette since—that was until five months ago.
“I can’t say you don’t deserve it,” Jimin says beside him as they stare at the beautiful shimmering night sky, leaning on the big glass. 
Jimin turns around and lays his back against the glass while Jungkook sighs, exhaling the smoke from his mouth.
“I know, and it fucking sucks.”
“Imagine how she feels, Jungkook.” 
Jungkook groans, throwing his head back. “I know—that’s what makes it so much worse. But if I stayed with her for longer, it would’ve been worse; I’d only be dragging the lie for even longer.”
“You could’ve avoided all of this if you didn’t start seeing Eunbi.” Jimin scoffs. 
“I know, but I think I was already falling out of love with ___ before Eunbi. She just….made it faster, I guess.” Jungkook inhales his cigarette, and Jimin scoffs loudly.
“Stop saying bullshit, and stop trying to lie to yourself, Jungkook. Before Eunbi came, you and ___ still looked like you were in the honeymoon phase, don’t try to deny it—it only makes it worse.”
“How the fuck would you know?”
“Because I did it once too, Jungkook.”
Jungkook widens his eyes, not believing the words of his hyung. “Y-you cheated on Heejin?” Jimin nods in shame, closing his eyes.
“It was two years ago.” He sighs at the memory, “I had a one-night stand with this woman, and we started seeing each other again for a few weeks. I also thought I was falling out of love with Heejin, but then the guilt became too much; I stopped seeing the woman and started to give more time to Heejin—and I guess you could say I fell in love with her all over again.” Jimin bites his lip, and Jungkook gasps at his hyung’s confession.
“You fucking cheated? On Heejin?! How the fuck did I not know that?”
“I didn’t want a constant reminder of how dirty I was, and at the time, I was fucked up in the head….There’s not one day that I wish I could go back and stop myself from making the worst mistake of my life.” Jimin looks down, and a minute of silence between the two goes by, Jungkook trying to process everything his friend had said.
“Where’s the woman now?” 
“I have no idea, and I don’t want to know. I left her as soon as I realised my mistake, and I never saw her again.” 
“…..Does Heejin know?” Jungkook inhales his cigarette again, the bittersweet taste going down his throat.
“No, and I’ll never tell her. If I do, I’ll lose her, even if it was years ago and I….I can’t lose her; It’s selfish or whatever, but I don’t know what will happen to me if I do lose her. She’s the fucking love of my life.” Jimin whimpers at the thought. “Now that you know, I gotta tell you, Jungkook, I think you’re making the same mistake.”
“You think you fell out of love with ___—but I see the way you still look at her; I saw it in your eyes today. Jungkook, don’t lose something so precious just because of lust; I promise you won’t ever be able to forgive yourself if you do, and living with a pang of constant guilt in your head can fucking kill you.”
Jungkook takes a breath, “I-I don’t know, hyung.”
“Think about it, Kook; just don’t come crying to me or her when you realise how much you actually fucked up.” Jimin was about to go away—but Jungkook stopped him by calling his name, his eyes fixed on the view.
“Why didn’t you tell her? Why didn’t you tell Heejin when you found out?”
“I….” Jimin sighed, “That’s what brothers do, I-I guess….” Jimin walked away, and Jungkook sighed, many thoughts coming to his mind after his talk with Jimin.
Jungkook entered the room and got on the bed with Eunbi still sleeping. He looks at the ceiling, a tiny tear coming out of his eyes but not reaching his cheek. He turns his head and looks at Eunbi’s form, a sensation of uneasiness in his stomach—that’s exactly where you slept, this bed is exactly where he made love to you—and he can’t help but miss you like he’s been doing this past month.
Isn’t it too late? Isn’t he in love with Eunbi? 
Jungkook grabs his phone, a message from his attorney catching him by surprise. He opens it, and when he sees the message, his face goes pale, and his heart stops moving.
Attorney Choi
Your wife filed for divorce. 
Attorney Choi
We need to talk; please tell me if we can meet tomorrow.
A tear falls from his eye as he reads the message over and over again, his brain not wanting to believe it was real.
Did he make a mistake?
˚➶ 。˚
“So what you’re saying is that I’ll have to see him in court? I’ll have to have meetings with him?“ Your attorney nods at your question while sipping on her black coffee.
“Yes, that is if you don’t want an uncontested divorce, which is the quickest way, but you have to agree with everything your spouse proposes. It’s quicker and easier—but you may regret it in the future; many of my clients did.”
You look down, slowly inhaling the oxygen around you, trying to stop the familiar water in your eyes from forming. 
“We’ll have to wait for his…attorney’s response, though—I just wanted to meet you here so I could go over the process. It can either be easy and quick or long and ugly, so I just wanted to prepare you for that.” Ms Kang says, and you sigh deeply. 
“I couldn’t help but notice the bitterness in your tone when you talked about his attorney; is everything okay?” Ms Kang sighs.
“Sorry….He’s just ex-husband–a pain in the ass too if you ask me.” Your eyes widen; what a small world. “Sorry, Ms Kim, I’m being unprofessional here–”
“Oh, no, no! I get it,” You chuckle, “I mean, I’m getting a divorce right now. Ex-husbands can be real assholes, I’d know.” 
“Tell me about it.” She rolls her eyes, sipping on her coffee, “We divorced so long ago, yet, he’s still a pain even in court; the bastard just can’t leave me alone.” Ms Kang scoffs. “But, I promise you I’ll try my best for the best outcome for you, Ms Kim–no cheater deserves to win the divorce.” You smile at her, nodding and sipping your coffee right afterwards.
She looks at the clock on her wrist, an ‘ah’ slipping out of her mouth, making you look at her. “I gotta go; I have another meeting.” She puts the coffee on the table, looking at you apologetically. “I’ll be sending you a message. I’ll be seeing you, Ms Kim.” She smiles at you before heading out of the coffee shop, and when you are about to start crying, as always, your phone vibrates.
Are you out?
Yeah, why?
I’m at a park, wanna meet me here? I wanna see you.
Sure, send me the address, and I’ll go there :)
Taehyung sends you the address, and thankfully, it’s just five minutes from where you are. 
You arrive at the park; it’s a bit deserted, with very few kids running around, the whole park almost silent–it’s peaceful. You search for him, and smile when you see the familiar brown hair sitting on a wooden bench while staring at his phone. You sit next to him, and he jumps when he feels you sitting next to him, making you slightly giggle at his reaction.
“Hi, ___.” He hugs you just as tightly as the night before, and you let out a sigh–his hugs are your boost of serotonin, even if you don’t have enough to boost, to begin with. “How are you feeling?” He breaks the hug, and you can’t help but chuckle unhumorously at his question.
“To tell you the truth, I feel like shit.” Taehyung frowns at your response, and you look at your fiddling fingers, a habit you acquired not too long ago.
“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you when it happened; I-I’ve been so busy with work, I–”
“Tae, it’s okay–it’s not your fault.” 
He whimpers, “Fuck, I’m so sorry; I had no idea he….”
You chuckle, “I know; I’m surprised he didn’t tell you the whole story.”
“When he told me, I just thought it was mutual; I would never think he fucking cheated….Especially with Eunbi….”
“Me neither, but oh well….” You shrug.
“I don’t know what I’ll do when I see his face in the hospital….I’ll have to try and stop myself from punching his face again,” Taehyung growls, and you giggle. “You don’t deserve him.”
“I know, m-many people have been telling me that but…I just–” You whimper and Taehyung grabs your head and puts it on his shoulder, caressing your hair with his hand.
“I know, I know.” He coos, making you cry even more.
“I feel like such a crybaby–I basically cry all the fucking time, and I’m tired; I’m so so tired, Tae.” You cry on his shoulder while he never stops lovingly caressing your hair, trying to ease you. It brings him so much pain to see you like this; you’re his friend, and he knows you don’t deserve any of this.
He clenches his fist at the thought of Jungkook–why must he be so fucking dumb? If he ever had a gem like you, he’d never let you go, never. 
“You’re not a crybaby, princess; I promise you, it’s normal. You remember how I was when Chae passed, no?” You nod while slowly humming, and he places a kiss on your head, continuing to caress your head.
“You’ll be alright; I can promise you that.” You snuggle on his shoulder, your crying slowly stopping–Taehyung has always been this huge comfort to you, like a snuggling a baby bear, and that was all you needed all along to calm down, at least for now–for the time being
You lift your head and furrow your eyebrows when you see two familiar figures arguing a bit further from where you and Taehyunh are. You squint your eyes to get better eyesight due to being without your glasses, trying your best to decipher who the two people are.
An idea of who they might be comes into your mind—but you shrug it off; it’s too impossible.
“Tae, I gotta go check something, okay? I’ll be right back.” You smile at him and go to where the two figures are—they may be strangers, but your gut, or your curiosity, is telling you that you know the two figures, and most of the time, your gut is never wrong.
And it isn’t because when you notice who they are, you discover you are indeed right; you know them.
No, fucking way….There is just no fucking way….
“You can’t tell anyone; you hear me, Eunbi?”
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211221 : 𝟭𝟵𝟬𝟬 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀 𝘄. him.
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yoongi moodboard ⋆
˒ ♥︎ or↻ if u save ! follow me.
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oh no, here we go… @i3cat
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 빌보드 1위, oh no, 어떻게 생각해
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Tumblr media
·˚ ༘ 💌 IMAGINE┊yoongi spending his billions on you during your anniversary trip. he even gets a little too excited seeing you try on so many pretty dresses. <3
TAGS – domestic fluff, unprotected sex, breeding kink, mentions of pregnancy, public sex, money being dropped left and right
WORD COUNT – 1.9 k
Tumblr media
Waking up in Italy these past few days have been simply amazing. The first night was memorable, Yoongi fucking you in the center of the bed under the dim lights of the chandelier. It definitely surpassed every other anniversary night you two have ever shared.
Yoongi takes you to Rome in a sleek black sports car he rents. It's not a long drive because first you fly over to the outskirts of the city and then get in to finish the trip by car. You're sitting prettily in the passenger seat with your hands held together on your lap as you both drive through the countryside together.
Yoongi has his hand on your thigh the entire drive, occasionally rubbing his thumb against your soft skin that's covered by the sheer stockings you're wearing. "Yoongi," you softly begin as you look over at him, admiring his side profile while he drives, "where exactly are we going?"
"I rented out a few stores down in Castel Romano, it's a small outlet center." Yoongi calmly says as he grips your thigh tighter, "Didn't know which store you'd like the most so I rented out a few." He sheepishly admits.
"Oh you shouldn't have!" You whined and lean over to smooch his cheek with a giggle, "You spoil me enough already."
Yoongi smiles, "I know but I want to okay? So let me." He gently plays with the dainty ruby bracelet that sits on your wrist, another gift of his.
You sit back satisfied with your little show of affection. The rest of the drive goes by smoothly as you watch the city come into view. You're in awe, completely wowed by the city itself. "Yoongi can we please go to the Trevi Fountain? I've always wanted to see it," you give him your best puppy eyes, "I wanna also go to the Colosseum."
"Course," he easily says, "right after this reservation yeah?"
You nod eagerly and sit back, happy that you're going to go sight seeing and such. The outlets are packed, you see a small team of security already awaiting for the two of you as the car comes to a halt. Yoongi steps out and heads around to open your door as he holds his hand out for you.
"It's so pretty." You murmur and step out, instantly wrapping your arms around Yoongi's middle and walking with him.
Yoongi holds you protectively against him, "Which store you wanna head into first baby, your call."
Your eyes look around the area, there's a lot of good store brands here but Versace catches your eye, "There." You grin softly and lead your boyfriend inside the designated store.
A attendant greets you, and Yoongi calmly tells her his name etc. Afterwards she leads you to a private waiting area with a huge walk in dressing room and a small waiting room with sofas and mirrors all around. Your translator tells you both that the worker will be finding a private attendant for you so you both can shop in peace without leaving the large dressing room area.
"Go on," Yoongi waves you off as he takes a seat on the sofa, "I'll be sitting right here baby."
Your eyes light up and you happily follow the new worker into the private room so she can measure you and then give you your options. You end up choosing pretty latex dresses, little miniskirts, corset dresses and a few pairs of Medusa platforms. It's so fun trying on all sorts of clothing as you model each and every one of them for Yoongi.
He's in awe each time, sitting there with surprise in his eyes as he takes a double look at you. "Do a little spin for me baby." Yoongi leans forward with his chin resting on the palm of his hand.
"Like this?" You grin and make sure to tease him a little with a sway of your hips as you turn slowly.
Yoongi's eyes darken a little, he nods slowly and his eyes rake down your form. "This one looks beautiful on you baby, you should get it. I think this one is my favorite so far." He nods, letting out a low whistle as he waves down the attendant with a finger, "Add this one to the tab."
You give him a cute smile, pressing your hands against your chest as you send him a flying kiss. "You're the best." You coo and saunter back into the dressing room.
The next dress is more revealing than the last, it's a corset style dress that hugs your waist perfectly and pushes your boobs upwards. The bottom half is short and tight around your ass and thighs. You think you look stunning in it as you pair it with baby pink platform heels.
"Yoongiiii," you sing song and step out, "wa-la," you smile, "what do you think?"
Yoongi looks like he's struggling hard not to grab you then and there. He stiffly nods, "Pink, I love it, suits you." He stands slowly and walks over to circle you slowly and rake his eyes down your form, "Hugs every curve and presses tight in the areas I like," he whispers in your ear as he stands behind you, "don't you think baby?" He kisses your exposed shoulder and slides a hand down the middle of your body and rests right above the hem of the dress.
You bite your lip and lean back into his touch, "I love it too." You whisper back and reach for his hand, sliding it to the back of the dress where your ass sits perfectly, "Easy access don't you think?"
Yoongi mutters a curse and guides you into the dressing room. He steps out to tell the attendant to give you two privacy. He gives her a few bills to keep quiet for the time being as she nods and steps out with security taking their spots in front of the room. Once Yoongi goes back in he finds you already sliding the dress down your body, standing in his favorite baby blue pearl string thong.
"You were expecting this weren’t you?” Yoongi growls lowly and comes up behind you.
You turn to him and wrap your arms around his neck, giggling when his eyes drop down to your neck. He eyes the dainty gold necklace sitting there with his name on it. He reaches down and twirls a finger around the necklace as he presses a gentle kiss to your lips.
“You drive me crazy you know?” He muses softly.
“Crazy enough to fuck me here?” You reply with a coy smile and reach up to unbutton his dress shirt, “Wouldn’t be the first time Yoongi.”
Yoongi bites his lip and watches as your small dainty hands undo more of his buttons. A pretty little promise ring sits on your ring finger, nails perfectly manicured and done in a simple French tip style with small little pearls. On your wrist sits the Cartier bracelet he had custom made with your initials and his on the underside. You scream class and beauty.
“You’re going to be the death of me.” He replies and grabs you by the back of your thighs and hoisting you up.
A loud giggle leaves you, hands resting behind his head as you kiss him more eagerly. Yoongi returns the kiss just as eager as he presses you into the back wall none too gently. He fumbles with the belt loops and manages to push his boxers down alongside his pants. His cock is hard and weeping against his stomach, you take the liberty of reaching down to grasp him.
He throbs in your hand and you gently stroke him. He softly groans into the kiss and pulls back to maul at your neck with harsh kisses and sucks. You lean your head back against the wall and sigh happily, “Yoongiiiii,” you mumble out and press his cock to your weeping folds, “want it.”
Yoongi pulls back with wet lips as he eyes you, “Let them know how good I fuck you, I wanna hear it nice and clear.” He grins and slowly slides in.
A wanton moan leaves you, hands finding purchase on his shoulders. He rolled his hips in quick strokes, not fully bottoming out because of how he held you up against the wall. Short staccato moans left you each time he bounced you down on his cock. Though there was nothing more you wanted than to be pounded into next week.
“Yoongi..!” You gasped softly as you cradled his face closer to yours, “Fuck–mm! F-Faster, please baby,” you softly whine against his lips, kissing him shortly after.
Yoongi groans loudly into your mouth and adjusts his grip on you. He brings you down harder on his cock and manages to snap his hips upwards faster. You let out a shocked cry and hold on tighter for dear life. He’s repeatedly hitting that sweet spot inside and it’s making you see stars.
“Oh! R-Right there! Fuck baby,” you cry out and throw your head back, “s-so good..!”
His head drops down on to your shoulder, his moans are muffled whilst he mindlessly drives his hips into yours over and over again. “Gonna cream all over me baby? Fuck, messy little thing you are what are they gonna say when they come in and see the mess you made? I taught you better didn’t I baby?” He breathes into your shoulder, “Hm?”
You garble out a moan and he smacks your ass hard, “Answer me.”
“Already fucked out?” Yoongi growls lowly and pulls back to watch your pleasure filled face, “I should make you clean whatever mess you make with your tongue you nasty little slut.” He snarls and smacks your ass repeatedly, “Can’t have this sloppy little pussy of yours leak all over the place. Gotta keep my cum inside and see if you finally catch.”
The mere thought of having his baby sends tingles down your spine. You whine loudly and push down on him, “I-I want it..!” You cry, “Give me all your babies Yoongi!”
“Yeah?” Yoongi whispers as he slams into you, cock jabbing into your pussy roughly, “You want my baby?”
“Yes!” You sob softly and feel your pussy clamp down like a vice, “G-Gonna be a good mama,” you arch your back with a low moan.
Yoongi shudders a little as he thinks about how you’d look carrying his baby. Your big belly full of his child. He likes, no loves, the idea as his hips stutter in their movements. That’s his undoing, cock throbbing hard inside of you as he slams once then thrice and cums. You feel his cum fill you up spurt after spurt, you find yourself coming just as hard with a shaky moan.
You both pant harshly, hugging each other tight and attempting to comprehend what the hell just happened. You swallow dryly and look down, he’s hidden his face in your boobs as he silently pants against your soft skin.
“Did you mean it Yoongi?” You softly ask.
“I did.” He replies with no hesitation as he looks up at you, “Do you want a baby?”
“I do.” You smile and bring him up for a kiss, “I think it’d be a funny story to tell that they were made in a dressing room.” You giggle, “Daddy couldn’t keep his hands to himself and poof baby comes nine months later.”
Yoongi laughs softly at your words and hugs you tight, “Yeah,” he murmurs, “I’d love to tell everyone that..”
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@uyyugukkie for u <3
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