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Stay With Me | Seven pt.2
Tumblr media
exhusband!jungkook, singleparent!jungkook, unplanned pregnancy, EX2L, fluff, angst, smut
Word Count - 3.5k
Jungkook remembers the worst night of his life while sitting in the hospital waiting room. Warnings: swearing, past angst, mentions of premature babies and NICU & needles, surgery etc. JK POV
Jungkook has never felt so helpless in his whole life.
It’s common knowledge that he’s a strong guy, both physically and mentally. Truthfully he has you to thank for that, his wife, well, ex-wife if he wants to nit-pick. To him you’ve always been his wife, the other side of the door to his soul. Even when separated, even when you filed for divorce. You were never anything less to him, not really. He’s loved you forever and plans on loving you for as long as he has left in this world.
So imagine how ecstatic he was when you told him you wanted to make this work, to give your relationship another try. The moment plays clear as day in his head even now, the way butterflies enveloped his stomach so much so that he became them. The excitement, the raw heartfelt emotions pumping his veins, the little anxiety that comes with hope, fearful that his last mistakes would repeat.
There was no way in hell he was going to let that happen though, not again. The divorce was clean, considering you’re both parents. And it was nothing to him but a brutally honest certificate of how he’d fucked things up. That and the fact that marriage really is just a piece of paper, because even when it was officially over he never stopped loving you. Not once, there was no fleeting moment, no realisation, no hatred, just numbness. It was painful, as he knows it was for you too, but it didn’t strip him of his feelings for you like people had told him it would.
While marriage is just a piece of paper and doesn't determine the way two individuals feel about the other - Jungkook has to admit he misses being married. The ring, being able to call you his wife, his Mrs, the security of knowing you've made a sacred promise to each other. He wants that again one day, when you're ready, if that's something you want.
Arguably the two years that followed your divorce came the times that Jungkook realised he was more in love with you than ever. The sadness of packing his belongings up to move out of your home, the way he’d sob on his sofa whenever his phone buzzed from a text message from Seol. Seol was the only piece of you Jungkook had left, the only shred of evidence that he still existed in your life at all. Aside from the fortnightly exchange of parental responsibility, you’d completely dropped from his life with nothing but an apologetic smile.
And sitting here, in the hospital waiting room after watching a sea of doctors and surgeons flock to your bedside in a frenzied panic and rush you away from him, the memories of that time haunt him much worse than they ever had.
Jungkook walked into the bedroom wanting to kiss and make up after another heated argument. In the six months that lead up to that moment you were constantly bickering, constantly arguing about the same thing over and over again. It was a bleak time in your marriage, the two of you going through a whole myriad of emotions each and every time the other opened their mouth. You were sitting on the bed, back turned to him facing the window. He didn’t need to look at you to know you were crying, it added an obvious strain on your voice when the most heart-shattering, soul destroying words pierced the air.
“I want a divorce.”
It’s like time stood still for him, feet cemented to the ground, unable to do anything other than swallow the lump of regret forming at the back of his throat.
“Y/N… I know things haven’t been easy—”
You snapped your head round instantly, teary eyed and features curled with rage, “How would you know anything about that?” You scoffed, messily wiping your face with your pyjama sleeve, “You’re never here. Not really. You’re either working or out having after work drinks with Jimin and the others, when you are here you undermine every little thing I say or do and I’m sick of it. It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.”
While he understood you were keeping quiet to avoid waking your sleeping son, the fact you weren’t screaming at him and seemed relatively calm is what scared him the most. It was that moment he realised you’d been thinking about a divorce for a while. Desperately, he tried to comfort you and walked over to the bed, reaching out for your hand but you pulled away. His heart sank into the depths of his stomach, jaw tight and eyes welling up with tears.
“Please… I came up here to apologise, I know I should’ve had your back when Seol lost his temper. I’m sorry, I’ll speak to him in the morning—”
“It’s not good enough Jungkook,” You laughed humourlessly, your smile empty and perfectly matched to the distain behind your gaze, “You do it every day. How are we supposed to parent our son if you’re trying to be his best friend all the time? Why am I always the bad guy? It’s so frustrating… I-, I can’t even remember the last time you had my back.”
“I always have your back Y/N, even if I don’t say it I do.” Jungkook was panicking, recounting all the moments of you marriage that lead to this moment. He should’ve tried harder, should’ve done more. Should’ve been more.
At that you sighed, dropping your head, body weighed down with something indescribable, “I’ve had enough. It feels like I’m doing all this on my own. You don’t help around the house, you don’t discipline our son, you don’t help me with anything—”
“I pay for all the bills, I work my ass off to give you this lifestyle and I’ve been nothing but supportive—”
“Except you haven’t.” That was the moment you lost it, though you were still quiet, rising from the bed, “You think paying for stuff makes you a good husband? When was the last time you said I looked nice? When was the last time you complimented my cooking, my hair, my outfit – anything? Because I sure as hell don’t remember. You used to do it every day, and now you just belittle me in front of our son and make out like I’m some psycho for wanting to teach him manners.”
“You’re right… I-, Y/N I’m so sorry. I can do more, I can be more and I can work on myself… Things at work have been so hectic I just get tired and-,” There was no way to excuse his behaviour, he knew it even then, he really had let you slip between his inked fingers without even noticing himself, “Fuck I’m so sorry. I can-, I can be better.”
“I want you out this weekend.”
Your words were like a clean, freshly sharpened knife straight to his heart.
“I’m grateful for everything you do for Seol, for everything you pay for and for being there for him when he needs it. But I can’t do this anymore Jungkook… I can’t pretend to be happy anymore, we both deserve better than this.”
For the first time in his life Jungkook sank to his knees in front of you in an instant, frantically gripping your wrists while he looked up at you with big, round, pleading eyes. His heart was beating so fast he could feel it banging against his chest, sheer undeniable panic grew and grew inside him, until he began to sob on the floor. That was the first day in his life he had ever crumbled, the first time he wasn’t in control of his emotions – his emotions controlled him.
“Baby… Y/N.. P-please, please, please don’t do this,” He couldn’t calm down, his words almost being lost to the sound of him hyperventilating, “I can be better. We can go to marriage counselling! We can, we can, we can do anything you want—”
“What I want,” You were crying too, there was so much sadness in your eyes that it completely broke Jungkook down. He’d failed as a husband, “Is for us to be happy, and that means this needs to happen.”
“No!” He wrapped his trembling arms round your thighs, pressing his head to your stomach, the same stomach that grew and birthed his son, “Please. Please! Don’t fucking do this, I don’t know how to live without you. You’re the love of my life Y/N… I-, I love you so fucking much. So fucking much. Please don-, d-d-don’t leave me.” He wailed, squeezing you tightly as though he could change your mind.
Your voice was quiet and oozing with sorrow when it crept from your lips, your hands pushing into the depths of his hair, “You know that’s the first time you’ve told me you love me in almost two months…”
You were right.
“I’m sorry.” He couldn’t catch the sobs before they vibrated against your abdomen, “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.”
That was the moment you pried him off your body and nodded, for a fleeting moment Jungkook felt hope that you were willing to work on this with him. But then the next words left your lips and he realised there and then, he had just lost the love of his life.
“So am I.”
It was a moment later you left the bedroom, leaving your husband to cry himself to sleep for what would be the first night of many. No matter how many times he tried to win you back, he failed. And there were plenty. The fact you even found your way back to him is a miracle.
Jungkook’s leg bounces anxiously as a distraction from his intrusive thoughts, he hasn’t thought about that night in such a long time because why would he? Things with you have been… Great. Perfect even. There’s no way he’s willing to lose you again, to lose the undeniable connection of love and joy you have. He’s worked on himself, he even went to therapy because he didn’t want to put anyone else through what he’d done to you.
He ignored you, got complacent within the marriage and blatantly disrespected you time and time again. Sometimes he wonders if you’ve truly forgiven him for the past, because lord knows he hasn’t forgiven himself yet. He wants to prove himself, show you that he can be the husband he promised fifteen years ago when he made that sacred promise.
“Mr Jeon?”
His teary eyes snap to the nurse in the brightly lit room immediately, panic and exhaustion clear as day on his chiselled features, “That's me. Is she okay? Are they okay?”
“I need you to put these on, there’s a bathroom just outside,” She hands him some blue scrubs and a face mask, her cautious gaze flickering to his shaky hands.
“Is she okay? Is Y/N okay?” He asks again, towering over the nameless nurse when he stands.
At this she nods, he can’t quite make out her true expression because she’s wearing a medical face covering but he thinks she’s smiling. He hopes she is. Once he’s wearing the medical overalls he’s taken into a another hallway, the stench of hospitals almost has him choking it’s that strong. But it doesn’t matter, nothing but you and his children matter in this moment to him.
Uncertain footsteps lead him into a small room, it’s cosy and he can’t help but notice it’s a lot warmer in here than out in the waiting room. He doesn’t even know how long ago you were taken away, nor does he have any inkling of what’s happening. The dim yellow lights take him a minute to adjust to, blinking over and over until his vision completely focuses on the sight in front of him.
“We had to perform an emergency caesarean because the babies were very stressed and mom’s heartrate dropped. Your wife is under heavy sedation right now, there were a few complications... Y/N’s going to be okay but she needs a lot of support, we’ll take good care of her I promise.” The nurse, maybe she’s a midwife, Jungkook isn’t too sure, reassures him. “This is where she’ll be recovering.”
Jungkook exhales a breath he didn’t know he was holding, relieved to see you laying on a bed in the centre of the room covered with a soft looking blanket. There are needles in your hands and arms, the hospital gown drowns your frame and he can't help but frown, knowing how much of a pyjama snob you are. You're going to hate that gown when you wake up. But it’s the look of pure exhaustion haunting your profile that causes him the most pain. Even though you’re sleeping, you still look beyond the definition of tired. It kills him to see you in this state.
“We had to put her under to perform the caesarean, we were having trouble with the epidural needle because her contractions were so frequent and intense. It was safer for everybody to use general anaesthetic instead. That’s why it was advised for you to wait outside, I’m really sorry.”
Jungkook’s heart stills, he swallows, “Where are the babies? Are they okay?”
“Why don’t we go and meet them?” She clasps her hands together excitedly, and for the first time that day your ex-husband smiles.
It’s not long after that Jungkook is lead to the NICU, your recovery room is only a few doors away which brings him a great sense of relief. He’s anxious, sweating and honestly totally unprepared for this moment. The nurse has been kind enough to give him a minute to calm down just outside. When he woke up this morning the last thing he expected was for you to go into labour prematurely. He sighs, nodding his head as if to syke himself up.
When the double doors push open, his gaze lands to the tiny incubators currently home to two even tinier babies. For the second time in his life he’s brought to his knees, his legs buckling under the weight of his emotions. They’re easily the smallest babies in here, they barely look bigger than his hands but they’re without a shadow of a doubt the most perfect baby girls he’s ever seen.
“Oh my god,” He sniffles, kneeling directly between the two incubators his new daughters are sleeping in. They’re so delicate that the diapers they wear are way too big, but it doesn’t matter to him, “You’re both so beautiful…” He whispers, eyes flickering between the two.
“We’ll be monitoring them closely since they’re preemies.” The woman smiles, her own chest swelling with something warm and fuzzy watching a large burley man brought to tears on his knees, “But we’ll take good care of them, you can visit whenever you—”
“Whoa I’m not leaving.” Jungkook’s doe-eyes snap to hers in a panic, “I just got here.”
“I know…” She’s nodding along understandingly, “I’ll give you some privacy while I check on your wife.”
“Wait!” Jungkook calls after her, “Did, did you help deliver them? I mean were you there for the surgery?” At this the woman nods again, halting her movements.
“I’ve been looking after your wife and the twins my whole shift,” She chuckles lightly, a small fond smile tugging the corners of her lips, “She was amazing in there, I can only imagine how scared she was but she didn’t let it show. Not once. She's a strong woman, and you have a very beautiful family Mr Jeon.”
He agrees wholeheartedly, thanking her with a closed lip smile, “What’s your name?”
“Ariana, but people call me Ari for short.” She bows her head, signalling she’s ready to walk off and this time Jungkook doesn’t stop her. Ari. He likes that name.
When he’s left alone with the twins he can’t help but sigh in relief again. They’re going to be okay. You’re going to be okay. It’s been a long exhausting day but right now he feels wide awake, making sure to even his attention between the two incubators his palms are pressed against. They’re warm to the touch, it’s comforting in a way, but he can’t shake the feeling of guilt that hits him. You should be in here too.
“Hey you… and you… Just wait until you meet your mom…” He whispers, grinning, paying no attention to the tears cascading down his cheeks, “She’s going to love you so much, you’re so perfect. You're already so loved... You look exactly like your big brother did, just smaller. I’m sure he’s going to be excited to meet you too.” He chuckles to himself, finally standing, “I promise that I will always be there for you girls, no matter what. Look at how pretty you both are… Already have your old man wrapped round your little fingers and I haven’t even held you yet.”
It's as if his chest could burst with pride, so overcome with the purest love. He’s experienced this feeling once before, the day Seol was born. Of course you were in the room that day, giving that you birthed him naturally. You were the bravest person around that day too. There’s no way in hell he’s going to fuck this up, no fucking way. You need him, Seol needs him, and these two tiny little loves of his life need him. And so he smiles contently, quietening his voice until it’s barely audible just in case.
“I love you both so much… So so so much. I’m so glad you’re okay. You have no idea just how much I need you right now. For the rest of your lives too. I hope you're ready for a lifetime of me protecting you, because nothing, nobody, not a single thing is gonna harm you. They'll have to get through me first.” He giggles, wetting his lips before his brows raise, “Can I let you girls in on a little secret? Yeah? You’ve got to promise daddy you won’t tell anybody though, okay?”
Jungkook knows he must look undeniably insane right now, but it doesn’t stop him from sharing a special piece of information with his dainty nameless daughters. Something that only he and Seol know about up until now.
“When mommy’s feeling better, and we get to bring you two home… It might be a little while away yet but,” He glances around the NICU, making sure nobody can hear his confession.
“I’m going to ask her to marry me… again.”
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bad day | jjk | oneshot
Tumblr media
the front door slammed aggressively behind you and you wiped your tears away, quickly making your way up to your room. you threw your jacket on the bed and immediately stripped your clothes, leaving them scattered across the bathroom floor. before you hopped in the shower, you turned your phone off and threw that on the bed as well. the warm water didn’t do much to relax you. frustrated, you sat on the shower floor after cranking up the temperature of the water and began to cry again.
you hadn’t stopped crying until you heard a faint knock and the bathroom door opening shortly after. the shower curtain remained closed, but it didnt need to be open to know who was on the other side.
“baby are you alright?” your boyfriend jungkook asked; you could hear his worried tone. “can i see you?” he asked, but you didnt answer. you knew if you did you would immediately start crying again. when he pulled the curtain back and slowly revealed himself to you, you were right. he looked down at you huddled on the floor as you began to sob once again.
“honey whats wrong? tell me what happened.” he cooed, while reaching over to help you stand, completely ignoring the still running water.
“stop jungkook, your clothes are getting wet” you continued to sob while trying to get jungkooks grip off. he just continued looking at you with worry written all over his face.
“do you want to be alone?” he gently asked. you hesitated, but responded by shaking your head no. after confirming you didnt want him to leave, he quickly jumped in the shower with you. a soft laugh left you as he grabbed your forearms to steady the two of you. “you’re crazy” you told him and looked down at his now soaked clothes.
he smiled, hoping he could do just a little to make you forget whatever was making you sad. you hugged him and buried your face into his chest.
he said nothing, he just held you tighter as you sniffled. after some time, you slowly backed away from him. he let you walk out of his grip, but continued to hold your arm.
“how are you feeling? do you want to talk about it?” he questioned. you quickly shook your head. “i just want to get out for now.” he nodded; even though it hurt him to see you so upset, he wouldn’t pressure you to talk about it. all he could do was stay by your side.
after the two of you dried off, you let jungkook dry your hair and carry you to bed. he held you in his arms and played with your hair while you tried to forget about your bad day.
“thank you so much jungkook.”
“you dont have to thank me. i just want you to know that im here for you, and i love you with all of my heart”
you smiled against his chest “i love you too”
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Mr. Jeon - Part 4
Tumblr media
the last words jungkook spoke to you before you fell asleep in his arms ring in your ears and in your mind days after. he's changed, you think you're a step closer to truly having him.
» genre: series, smut, fluff
» word count: 4.7k
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
i walk into school like i'm on cloud nine. i can't be bothered. i have nothing else to waste time on other than school and jungkook. i have nothing else going for me. no friends to hang out with, no parents to impress, what else am i supposed to do? ive never known anything besides what i've been taught to prioritize, which happen to only be those two things.
im disappointingly not in the maths wing until my last period, but my third to last class is adjacent to the math wing where his classroom resides. sometimes i can catch him outside of his classroom, preparing for his four classes.
today i see him for the first time by my locker, speaking professionally with another teacher.
what business would he have with a literature teacher? the new, young, and pretty one at that. they're smiling at each other and i have no reason to think it's anything other than professional, until he catches me staring.
he seems surprised to see me, he likely didn't know where my locker is and this isn't some elaborate set up. no flirting during school hours is a set of my rules.
i was going to smile and move on with my day, until he turns back to her, leaning his arm casually beside her on the doorway and acting cool. this is clearly a trick he's familiar with, he's oozing with attractiveness and she stutters on her words and slightly blushes. he grins and encourages her to go on about her favorite shakespeare works.
he continues to eye me as she talks, she doesn't seem to care a bit that he stares off for most of their one-sided conversation.
i decide, to discreetly do what i can, he's staring at me for a reason, might as well give him a show.
i smirk and turn back into my locker, reaching up into a little bin at the top where i keep the candy i've accumulated throughout the year as prizes, and i was correct in assuming i had a sucker in the mix.
i can feel his stare as i unwrap it and dart my wet tongue out to lick it, looking at him once i'm satisfied and putting it in my mouth and letting it sit against my cheek.
he ticks his head and looks back at mrs. book lover, acting as if he's disinterested and ignoring me but i know as soon as i look away he looks back at me.
i close my locker and sling my bag over my shoulder, holding miscellaneous folders and notebooks in my other arm. i notice a taller boy staring at me slightly in awe once i look up. i stare at him wordlessly and he plays cool, “y/n, right?”
i furrow my brows, “yeah?”
he smiles and sticks his hand out, “i-i’m jisung.”
i debate my options here. i know jungkook is watching me, now probably closer than ever, if i shake his hand he may definitely count that as a violation. i'm already on thin ice after my lollipop stunt.
suddenly a median solution presents itself to me and i sprint into action, stepping forward with a grin like i'm going to shake his hand, and instead letting the first few notebooks from the stack in my hands fall off and onto the ground, effectively attracting attention, avoiding having to touch him, and, bending down with my behind facing jungkook, an added bonus, teasing him.
jisung is quick to pick everything up and hand it to me, “i should get to class, nice to meet you.” i quickly tell him, turning around and walking towards my free period, which happens to be mrs. hot nerds room. jungkook is ogling me as i walk his way.
their conversation halts as i stand between them, “are you with me this period, erm…”
she looks at her clipboard of names for mine and i interject, “y/n, yes i am.”
she nods with a smile, “perfect you can take a seat-”
“actually mrs. soom, i came to take y/n as well. she failed her last quiz so she gets to spend every free period with me until she aces my next one.” jungkook smiles smugly at me, knowing i only did that on purpose and i may actually know math better than him.
she's shocked by his message, “oh well of course, y/n you really ought to be focusing more on your studies.”
i give her a half-asses bow, “yes of course, well i'll meet you in there mr. jeon.”
“nonsense i'll walk with you, make sure you don't skip out on it.”
i hum sarcastically as he escorts me away from my classroom. the bell rings and the hallways are quickly cleared, leaving only littered papers and gum wrappers on the floors.
we walk silently throughout the school, looking entirely normal, and i begin to run through every scenario in my head as to of what he could have in mind until he pulls me into a stairway, “why are we going downstairs? your classroom-”
“i know where my classroom is y/n.” he cuts me off rudely, not explaining further and dragging me down a set of stairs and into the basement level.
ive never actually been down here if not to fetch supplies for other teachers. there's classrooms on this floor but it's largely used by cleaning crew and summer school, which is why i'm unfamiliar with it.
he grabs my arm roughly and leads me to the front of a thick door, making quick use of his keys and locking it back after shoving me inside the room and turning the lights on to reveal a tiny workroom, only sporting a single, small desk and chair, an old copy machine, and some outdated books.
“don't you think it'll be suspicious-”
“nothings suspicious. it's true, you failed my last test. this floor is not off-limits to maths teachers as it's the only floor with math history textbooks, and the only floor without any functioning cameras. so if someone cares enough yes, they'll see me taking you down here. and if anyone asks, i was making you look for the seventh edition calculus textbook, and we couldn't find it, understood?”
i nod my head, “good story, b-but why did you actually take me down here? y-you said nothing was to happen during school hours-”
he leans into me, “yes, but i promised you something as soon as i saw you, and i'm delivering that.”
i scan back to two weeks ago, our phone call where he promised i could have him again as soon as possible if i recorded me touching myself and sent it to him.
i grin, “d-do you mean it?” hardly believing jungkook would be so nice to me, but his behavior entirely has changed since the hotel. i don't know what exactly sparked it, and it's subtle, but i know i am too afraid to ask.
he leans down and connects the tips of our noses, “whatever you'd like baby, a reward, for listening so well.” i close the gap between our lips and kiss him passionately, craving him always as soon as i part from him, he's like a scent constantly swirling around me, a song skipping permanently in my brain, every corner of my thoughts he consumes and it gets worse the closer he is to me.
so when he finally lets me be near him, to touch him, i feel as if ive completely lost myself.
his hands stray around my body, settling on unbuttoning the top part of my uniform and exposing my bra. he leaves my lips and leaves me panting, sprinkling slow kisses down my neck and chest until he mouths at my boobs, looking up at me, “you haven't told me what you want to do baby.” he lets a tongue slowly slip against my nipple and i whimper, “worship me, make me feel good, wanted.”
he smirks up at me, “you're precious.” he backs me up against the cold wall, beside the door, “wanna know another reason i took you down here?”
he continues to play with my chest, using his tongue, fingers, teeth, anything he pleases and i let him, playing with his hair as he goes. “yeah?”
he smiles, standing back up and hovering over me easily, his other hand ghosting over my crotch and running his digits along my slit, “so no one hears your loud mouth, you have no idea how terrible you are at being discreet.”
i giggle, “sorry, i just get so excited.”
he grins, “don't i know. you're so easy, you don't even know it.”
i hum, “isn't that why you like me?” his fingers continue to play with my clit through my panties, and the other with my nipple.
"your innocence is what first attracted me to you, but you're not so innocent anymore.”
i allow my quiet whimpers to slip past my lips and i frown at his words, “a-am i less attractive to you now that i'm not? i-i did it for you, i do everything for you-”
“quiet baby, i didn't say i didn't find you attractive.” he stalls me with a kiss and pulls my panties down as he works his mouth into mine before pulling away and instructing me to kick them off, “at first it was your innocence, but now it's the way you're completely infatuated with me.” i look at him confused and he continues, “is there anything you wouldn't do for me y/n? right off the top of your pretty head can you think of a single thing?”
i shake my head, “i-i just trust you, is all.”
he scoffs, “i don't know why, but that just makes you all the more sexy to me.”
i grin at his praise, “you should keep saying nice things about me. you've been so mean before.” i wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down to me with a pout, “you said it yourself right? i behave well.”
he connects our lips for a moment, “you're actually quite a brat, like that little tease show you put on in the hallway.”
i grin and chuckle a little at the thought, “i was so worried you'd be upset, b-but no one would have known why i did that, no one pays attention to me anyway-”
"that jock did. you mesmerized him.” im quick to shake my head, never having seen myself as the type of girl to incite that reaction out of men, “don't disagree, he was a bumbling mess watching you tongue that sucker. but he's gonna go home and wish it was his tiny cock on your tongue.”
i look him in the eyes determined, “i would never.”
he smirks, “you would if it was me.”
i nod, “of course.”
he lowers his eyes, “you astound me.”
i kiss and bite at his neck, “is that a good thing?”
he grins at my attempts, “of course baby.”
i come to a halt at his top, unable to kiss or touch any further with the fabric in my way. it dawns on me in that moment that jungkook and i have never actually been fully nude around each other. i place my hands along his shoulders and drape them down to his chest, “i-ive never seen you.”
he slowly takes my hands in his, “i know.” i look up at him, thinking for a moment before reaching for my top, unbuttoning it the rest of the way and letting it fall to the floor before reaching to undo my bra. i struggle with the clip and he laughs at me, “let me help you, turn around pretty.”
i do as told and face the wall, a blush forming on my cheeks as the fabric comes undone and i turn back around, letting it drop in front of his gaze.
he watches me with a familiar hunger, his hands not wasting for than mere seconds before groping my breasts and his mouth attaching to my neck, leaving me pressed against the wall again and gasping.
i feel something hard against my hips, rocking into me and recognizing it as his dick, and i busy myself with touching him best i can as he occupies himself.
“j-jungkook~” i whine, feeling impatient and wanting him inside of me already. i can feel my walls tightening in around nothing, aching for him only.
“what baby?” he growls in my ear and i moan as he nips at a particularly sensitive spot beside my throat.
“p-please, want you.”
he chuckles, “aren't you having fun now? you're so impatient.”
he rolls his hips against my palm, almost like he's fucking my hand, why do that when you could actually be having sex?
"jungkook please,” i grip and pull at his shirt, “n-need you now, it hurts.”
he steps back from me and smirks, unzipping his jeans and untucking his shirt before pulling it off of his body.
i ogle at his bare chest, mr. jeon occasionally wears shirts that he seems to have slightly outgrown, and is known to brag to his male students about how much weight he lifts, but i hardly payed attention to any of it until now. “wow.” i let myself touch him, almost unable to believe he's real, a built chest that slims down to a thin waist that accents his hips so well, and arms strong enough im certain he could throw me across the room if i begged enough. maybe one day i will.
“if you keep eye fucking me i won't have time to actually fuck you.” he teases.
i pout, “i asked you to be nice to me.”
he closes the gap between us and kisses my swollen lips, “i'm sorry baby,” i pull away from him and demand compliments.
he looks at me blankly and sighs, “im really holding myself back right now y/n,” he palms at his hard on through his boxers.
i shake my head, “cant fuck me until you tell me something nice. it's not that hard jungkook. you tell me i'm perfect all the time.”
he grins, “because you are perfect baby, you're so pretty,” he leans in closer, distracting me with his lips and the words slipping past them, “knew you were special when i first saw you, you always stood out to me,” he pulls his boxers down to his thighs as he speaks, “couldn't stop staring at your gorgeous legs, wanted to touch you so bad i couldn't stop myself, i was hoping one day i'd have any excuse to be alone with you.” i feel his hard tip against my heat, collecting my slickness and he drowns out my whimpers by shoving his tongue in my mouth.
before shoving inside of me he whispers, “the day you forgot your homework was the best day of my life. ive never been so excited, so captivated by someone.”
he angles his hips upwards and nudges my legs further apart so he can slide himself in. at the angle he can only he a little less than half, but it's perfect for now, still only the second time having something as large as him inside of me.
i wince in pain and to my surprise he doesn't ignore me, he uses shallow, slow thrusts to ease into me and plays with my clit until i'm completely relaxed and letting out quiet moans.
“see gorgeous? i care.”
i hum and smile, opening my eyes to view him, staring at me with an unreadable expression. i can tell he's holding himself back, “y-you can go harder, i can take it.”
he groans and laughs, “i'm fine, focused on you baby.”
“i-it's okay jungkook.” i insist, he's too smart and catches on.
with a scoff, “you think i'm not enjoying myself if i'm not being selfish?” i shake my head and he picks up his pace a little, “here's another lesson for you then baby.” he decided to be nice about it, i was expecting to be berated for underestimating him, “some people get off on pleasing others. like you.”
“like me?”
he grins, “yes baby. you like to satisfy me. don't care if you get anything of equal value from me.”
i hum in agreeance, “you teasing me is enough. j-just want to be good for you.”
i feel myself grow warmer and wetter between my thighs and jungkook grins and halts, grabbing the back of my thighs and picking me up and digging my back against the wall. “help me out will you baby?” he teases, looking downwards, needing me to direct his length into me. i do my best and he sinks right in, much deeper this time and i let out a moan that was loud enough for him to silence me.
he presses his lips against mine as he begins to thrust himself into me. his dick almost feels bigger than i remembered, or i'm just much more aware this time around of how he feels inside of me, stretching me deliciously and rubbing against my walls with an unmatched force, and his tip hitting something so sensitive it has my entire body reacting and moaning into his mouth.
he chuckles and mumbles a “found it.” before repeating this motion over and over again while i struggle to keep whatever composure i have left.
i can feel him staring at me smugly, his confidence peaking as he fucks into me in a rough rhythm that's perfectly abusing me.
he pulls away and tells me to cover my own mouth and i do, biting down on my lips and putting a hand over my mouth as the other grips his neck tightly, as if he'd drop me, he doesn't seem to be struggling an ounce.
“feels great doesn't it baby? you know what that is?” he says between groans, i shake my head and hardly manage to squeak out a no, my inability to speak only feeds his ego. “it's called your g-spot baby. can be hard to find, but it feels so fucking good doesn't it?”
i lazily shake my head, “so good jungkook.”
he smirks, “aren't you lucky im big enough to find yours? these little boys your age couldn't do this.”
“no one's like you jungkook.” i manage to say in a coherent sentence, whimpering at the end as he grazes it again.
“all about you right now baby.” he puts in extra effort to pick up his pace and fucks into me with admirable force and it's enough to have me coming abruptly around him without much warning.
he moans with me as i tighten around him, my back arches off the wall and my legs tighten around his slim waist, practically forcing him inside me, not that he fights me. he slows down to let me ride it out, keeping his word until the end and not focusing on himself at all. he didn't even do this when he took my virginity.
busy admiring his compassion he gently pulls out and murmurs to let go of him, holding me as he puts me down on my two feet again, “you good?” he asks and i nod, feeling very tingly but stable. he helps fix my hair as i button my shirt and fix my skirt.
he notices me looking for something and smiles, “stop looking for them.”
i glance up at him, “where are they? i kicked them off-”
“i have them.”
i pause, “well hand them over.”
he giggles like a teenager, “no.”
the softer, humorous side of him is a surprise to me. i suppose he, as every human, has that fun side, he's just never put his walls down enough for anyone here to see it yet, and i'm the first.
i grin before scoffing, “you can't just keep them! i-i’m messy i need them.”
he shrugs, “they're a reward for me. a reminder of a job well done.” he smugly grins in my face.
i frown, “whatever. i'll get them back.”
he hums, “okay.” and begins redressing himself, much to my confusion.
“what are you doing?”
he stops and looks at me, “getting… dressed?”
“you didn't finish, you can't go out there with a, erm.” i point at his crotch and he chuckles.
“a boner, a hard on, an erection.” he sings, teasing me for my lack of experience.
“y-yeah that.”
he shakes his head, “guys hide this stuff all the time, don't worry about it.”
“hide it all the time?”
he nods, “yeah, guys can get random ones every once in a while, or something little does it, or they get in their heads and it happens.”
“how do you hide it? wouldn't it be obvious?”
he grins, “strategies vary, tuck it in your waist band if you can, luckily i can,” he says with a smug smirk, im not entirely sure what he means but i continue listening, “or just cover it and pray it goes away.”
he grabs his jeans and i tug on his wrist, preventing him from further dressing himself, “please, i want to.” i pout. “you said anything i wanted.”
he sighs and checks his watch, then looks back at me, “you really want to?”
i nod eagerly, dropping to my knees in front of him like last time. he exhales heavily and looks down at me, “fuck i can't say no to you.”
i grab onto his length and smile, “help me be quick?” i ask, willing to do anything he asks so he can finish and we don't run out of time.
i grip him move my hand from the base up, using my tongue to lick at his head.
he cusses at the sight, “fuck, don't you worry, i won't last long.”
“is that a good thing?” i ask innocently, beaming up at him and he drinks in the way i look at him, so pure despite taking his length as far as i can into my mouth without hurting myself.
he kicks his head back and moans, his hand hitting the back of my head and gently moving me how he wants. “good thing right now, yes.”
i hum against his crotch and he responds with a gentle thrust into my mouth, startling me enough for my throat to close around him and pulling away coughing.
“fuck, sorry, you alright?”
i take a few breaths and go back in, looking up at him with tears brimming in my eyes and he groans before warning me, “fuck im close.” he exhales, “you wanna try swallowing it baby?”
i pull away from him and stroke him instead, “what?”
he whimpers, composing himself, “shit, stick your tongue out baby.” he moves my hand off of him and begins stroking himself. i stare at him in awe, never having seen this before. is this what he looked like over the phone? god i can only imagine. every muscle in him strains as he works himself onto my tongue and i taste a warm, almost salty, thick liquid on my tongue as he groans and cusses.
he finishes and takes a step back, admiring me as i sit on the floor with my mouth wide open for him. he chuckles out of breath, “you can close your mouth baby, if you don't want to swallow it i'll grab a tissue.”
i warily close my mouth and slightly wince as it goes down. i open my eyes and he stares at me with one eyebrow cocked up, “did you do it?” he says almost in disbelief.
i open my mouth to prove to him nothing was there anymore and he grins, “shouldn't have doubted you, my perfect girl.”
i grin widely as he helps me back up, quickly redressing himself as close to how he was before. he sighs and looks around, “okay…” before grabbing the first calculus book he can find and handing it to me. “seems like we had to settle on this one.”
i laugh and nod, “okay.”
he puts his hand on the small of my back and unlocks the door, leading us out and towards the stairwell again before putting some distance between us.
“i'll meet you in my room, go ahead and sit in your seat and work on your packet.”
“but where-”
“i'll be there in a minute, go, class ends in less than a minute.”
i pout and he gives me a stern look, guess he is a teacher after all.
“okay.” i mumble and toddle towards his room, taking my seat in the second row beside the window and dragging my books out and onto my desk.
he was right, the bell rings and soon enough students start to pour in, all talking amongst themselves before class starts.
i turn to my desk mate, “did you see where mr. jeon was?”
she scowls then widens her eyes, “oh! i saw him talking to mrs. soom by the vending machine.” i frown and tell her thanks.
moments later he walks in and makes casual remarks to some of the students before meandering over towards my desk, noting my angry disposition as i avoid looking at him.
he continues to grin and make his way around the room. just when i think he's merely going to pass by me he bends down to my bag, “ah y/n,” he speaks, picking up a water bottle from the ground and placing it in my desk, “sorry, i knocked your water over.”
he grins, his hand lingering on the object.
i examine it, i clearly didn't have a water, and it's still cold and unopened, did he pretend to do all of that just to give me water?
i decide his act is enough to explain what he was doing before class, that desperate mrs. soom probably ambushed him when he was busy getting water for me.
i smile and open it, “it's okay, thank you mr. jeon.”
Tumblr media
wait no longer, if i had to guess i will wrap this series up with 5-7 parts total ... the end is near !! as always thank u for reading and i hope u have a good day <3 - ara :)
masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media
taglist: @marvelahsobx @jeonpendejo @notbotheredtho @fragmentof-indifference @jwnghyuns @heronstairsxd @carzjeon @jayunu @marcoswhore @isab3lita @shescharlie @kooookie @nickyisityou @karinahwang @jeonzll
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p0ckykiss · a day ago
i'd do it all again (if it was with you)
Tumblr media
summary - jungkook is faced with a tough decision, and you just want the best for him.
warnings - angst, zombie apocalypse, major character death
jungkook slams the door behind him, throwing his body weight onto the rickety wood. his chest is on fire and his breathing is erratic. he looks across to see you in a similar state in front of him and grimaces.
the two of you are sticky with blood and sweat, just barely escaping a horde of undead with their bodies unscathed. jungkook sinks down, now sitting against the door. he takes in the state you are in, both of your chests still heaving from the chase.
“y/n that was fucking insane!” jungkook exclaims, a glimmer of relief flashes in his eyes. your expression remains vacant. jungkook continues on in enthusiasm .
“we were fucking amazing, that was such a close call, holy shit,” he groans in pain, but is quickly replaced with excitement, probably from the residual adrenaline still pumping through his veins.
“they almost had us! It was so close, but luckily we pulled through,” he’s almost laughing at this point, voice heightening in pitch.
“listen, I-”
“and near the end? when that one almost got me? fuck and then you pulled tha-”
“I got bit.” y/n deadpans. jungkook falls silent, staring at you like you just grew a second head.
y/n lifts her left arm, just above her elbow, a bite the size of a tennis ball sat disgustingly. jungkook's body goes numb and suddenly it's so hard to breathe. he continues to stare at the wound for what feels like an eternity, shaking his head in disbelief.
“no, no no no no no no no no no.” jungkook repeats, now standing from the door, pacing in circles in the cramped bunker. he runs his hands through his hair in panic, aggressively pulling at the roots. frankly, jungkook has no idea what to do. he knew that it was always a possibility for one of them to get bitten, but he always thought it would be him, not you, and he sure as hell didn’t think it would happen anytime soon. fuck, this couldn’t be happening. a whine from you interrupts jungkook's thoughts.
“listen to me, gguk, you know what to do.” y/n says between breaths, she groans as she reaches at her waist, pulling out a small handgun. her head leans back, and she blindly shoves the device toward jungkook.
jungkook's world is spinning. he feels disgusted. the adrenaline from earlier quickly clears out and is replaced with a dismal dread that eats away at his mind.
“this wasn’t supposed to happen to you, fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. oh my god y/n, I’m so sorry, ohmygod.” jungkook's words collide into one another in a jumbled mess of gibbering panic. his breaths are erratic and rushed as he sobs violently. he still hasn’t grabbed the gun from you.
“this is my fault, gguk,I wasn’t careful. I guess you were right, I am gonna get myself killed one day,” y/n laughs, referring to jungkook constantly patronizing you for your recklessness on the field.
the duo goes silent for a moment, and all jungkook wants to do is vomit. this couldn’t be happening. they were doing so well, they could’ve lived through this. they were supposed to be happy. he laughs audibly, feeling so stupid for even thinking he’d be given the luxury. now, his whole world was laid on the metal floor of a rickety old bunker, in god knows where, with a deadly bite on his arm.
“just fucking do it, put me out of my fucking misery, jungkook.” she pauses for a moment, breathing deeply before continuing.
“I don’t know how much longer I have.” jungkook legs give up on him and he collapses to the floor.
he reaches towards the metal contraption with shaky hands. jungkook's handled guns plenty of times, loves the rush of it, but now, he's never felt more disgusted with himself. the device felt heavy in his hands, he feels bile rising in his throat. he didn’t know if it was because it was the gun y/n never let him touch, the one she prided herself in owning, or if it was because he was about to kill the love of his life. probably the latter.
he stands up once again, head pounding with pain. his body is sore, and he can’t feel his legs, yet he manages to stand straight. grimacing, he cocks the gun back, pointing it to you. you look up at jungkook, and smile.
“working with you,” her words cut off with a pained groan. jungkook's lip quivers.
“...made everything worth it, all the pain,” she coughs out violently, trails of blood following suit before continuing. “I’d do it all again… if it was with you.”
“keep living, for me. you have to.” she speaks up one more time, choking between her words. “I love you... so much, kook.”
looking away from you, he shuts his eyes, and jungkook feels his soul tear as a deafening shot rips through the air.
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kofisips · 5 days ago
Hello! I love your work, could I ask you a request about Jungkook strong/intimidating aura but soft towards the reader who is shy, inexperienced and shy?🥺it turns him on but at the same time he feel protective towards her innocence. I would love to read a smut interactions between this two 🥺✨
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jeongguk + Reader Word Count: 4.1k+ words Warnings: shy virgin oc gets it with her buff! soft dom! short haired! tattooed & pierced! boyfriend! koo, oc and jk are cat people in this universe, typical overprotective boyfriend, size kink, he also spits on your pu$y, protected sex, pwp
Note: not beta'd. im in a rush lol sorry.
Requests are always open.
Tumblr media
This was not how Jeongguk planned to spend his day off. What’s a buff, 5’10 guy, all inked and pierced doing in the middle of the baby aisle? Looking like a dilf? It felt as if he was entering every circle of hell of his own accord every time his brother, Seokjin, asks him to run for a diaper supply. 
He adores his nephew, that’s a fact, which is why he spoils him so much whenever he comes by. What he doesn’t like is his brother bulldozing through his already set plans for the day.
The day is bright and the weather is clear, but Jeongguk complaining to his brother over the phone is making it seem like it’s gloomy.
“Hyung, I don’t fucking get this shit,” his brows furrowed as he studies the packaging intently. “How am I supposed to know what to get?”
“The size is on the left…I think?” Seokjin nervously gulps, hoping his memory serves him correctly.
“There’s nothing here,” Jeongguk sighs as he returns the diaper back on the shelf.
It was now Seokjin’s brows turn to knit, “Wait, what were you holding?”
He squints his eyes at the item he just returned, “Uhh it’s Pampers?”
“Ah, we usually buy Huggies for Iseul,” Seokjin shrinks in his seat as soon as he hears his younger brother inhale sharply. “Sorry I forgot…again.”
“You could’ve told me that earlier!” Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jeongguk threw his head back in frustration. “Okay, Huggies. What size?” 
“Size 4!” His elder brother’s enthusiasm made him pull his phone away from his ear. “While you’re at it, can you get me Frosted Flakes, too?”
“I don’t get paid enough for this shit. Goodbye,” he quickly ended the call, randomly throwing three packs of diapers in his cart, not even looking at it anymore.
Jeongguk turns his cart with little to no effort while whistling to ease his boredom as he makes his way to the next aisle. If his assumptions are correct, mostly based on his grocery shopping observations, this particular store doesn’t carry frosted flakes. But then again, it doesn’t hurt to try. 
“Frosted flakes…Frosted flakes…” Jeongguk mumbles as he scans every row for the cereal. When there was no sight of the blue box, he frowned. 
Jeongguk: There are no frosted fucking flakes [2:00 PM]
Seokjin Hyung: am sad ;-( [2:00 PM]
Jeongguk: You type like an idiot [2:00 PM]
Just as he was about to push his cart out of the breakfast aisle, a soft voice stopped him from doing so, “Excuse me? Can you help me reach the Lucky Charms?”
Looking over at his shoulder, he lifts a brow, “And why would I do that? Do I look like I work here?”
Your lips parted as you scanned him from head to toe. Somehow, you felt embarrassed that he assumed he was an employee when he’s wearing literally every black clothing there is to exist. A nice fit on his body, though, if you may add. 
“No, but I–uhm–you’re…taller than me,” feeling extra small and intimidated by his cold aura, you didn’t meet his gaze anymore. Instead, your eyes stayed glued to your feet, “Actually, it’s fine. I’ll just call the–”
He didn’t even give you enough time to finish your sentence. 
The next thing you know, his big body was blocking your vision as he reached for the cereal on the top shelf with ease. Jeongguk didn’t even need to tip his toes like you normally would and that was weirdly amusing for you.
“Here,” he hands you your box of cereal.
“Oh,” it took you a while to process what just happened so you blinked. Multiple times.
When your eyes slowly grew wide and your smile reached up to your eyes, Jeongguk could’ve sworn that love at first sight wasn’t an urban legend anymore. Like, who even bows at a full ninety degrees just for a mere cereal box? Definitely not him.
“Thank you so so much!” You waved the box to a dumbfounded Jeongguk who only nodded his head as you pushed your cart away. 
He just watched you walk away happily, maybe even trying to remember whatever tune you were humming as you walked away. 
Without breaking his gaze from where you once were, Jeongguk pulls his phone out and presses on his brother’s number like it was muscle memory, “Hyung, do you need anything this week?” 
“It’s all good, today was just a mishap,” Seokjin reassures. 
“Okay, how about next week? I can–uhh–run to the groceries or some shit,” he nervously asks, hoping his brother would never catch anything suspicious.
“I think we’re all good for now,” his brother says with conviction, but only because he doesn’t want to bother his younger brother for errands next time.
“You sure?” Jeongguk pushes.
“Yes, Jeongguk. I’m very sure,” Seokjin sighed. “...Are you flirting with the cashier again?”
“Fuck off, just wanted to help you while I buy cat food for Sage,” the tip of Jeongguk’s ears has now turned to red as he blatantly lied.
His elder brother snorted on the other line, knowing how much of a terrible liar his brother is, “Yeah right, you and your cat.”
“You’re full of shit,” Jeongguk once again ended the call before Seokjin could retort anything again. 
Maybe grocery shopping might be one of his new hobbies. 
Tumblr media
“Cooper?” You sniffed as you walked outside your building, softly calling out for your lost cat. 
It’s been 3 hours and you’re literally freezing outside, not giving up until you find your beloved pet. This isn’t the first time Cooper, your escape artist of a house pet, went out of your unit. The first time he got out, you found him at a nearby construction site because apparently, he thinks it’s a giant litter box for him to enjoy. The second was when he, for some weird reason, found himself stuck on the roof of your complex. How he got there, you wouldn’t ever know.
“Hey, Y/N! Oh– you’re crying,” your ever so cheerful neighbor, Jimin, stops in his tracks when he sees the tears pooling in your eyes. “Did Cooper get out again?”
You slowly nodded, lips quivering from trying to stop yourself from breaking down. Every time your cat goes for his so-called walk, you end up in tears. And every time he does, it’s always Jimin who always finds him and brings him back to your unit. 
“Say, if I do find him again – which I’m positive I will – I’ll be right by your door, alright?” He assures you with a smile. For some reason, everyone calls him the pet whisperer for always babysitting the neighbors’ pets, so all you can do is trust his words on that.
“T-thank you,” you mumbled under your breath with sadness. 
Jimin felt so bad looking at your state. Not when he’s so used to seeing you all full of spirit, “Why don’t you go up and make yourself something warm while waiting for him, hmm?”
And that you did. Only because the only choice you had was to patiently wait for your cat’s return.
Dragging your feet as you climbed the stairs, you were sure the rest of your neighbors could hear the lazy thud of your feet against the floor. 
With a head hung low and a slump on your shoulders, you tiredly sighed, wanting to reach your door so you could finally cry your worries out. A pair of feet waiting outside your unit is what made you raise your head. 
Leaning by your door is none other than your cereal hero from the other day, Jeongguk, who looks even scarier now than you last saw him. 
“God, fucking finally, you’re here,” the crease in his forehead quickly goes away when you can no longer hold back your tears. You covered your face from embarrassment and sobbed silently against your palms.
‘Should’ve bit my tongue there,' he thought. 
“I’m sorry,” he says with full remorse. “I can come back later when you’re feeling better.”
You slowly removed your hands from your face, wiping your tears with the back of your hands, “It’s…okay. I’m just having a bad day right now.” Hiccuping in between words and sobs, you still tried to form coherent sentences, “I–I couldn’t find my cat.”
“Cooper with the 9A tag?” Your brows rose at the mention of your pet AND your unit number. The look on your face says it all, “Yeah, I figured.”
“You–you found him!” Not gonna lie, there was a sense of relief that finally washed over you. At least Jimin doesn’t have to scour the chilly weather today.
Jeongguk scratched the back of his ear, clearing his throat nervously, “He–uhm–I–Why don’t you go inside for a while?”
Seeing his behavior as suspicious, you narrowed your eyes at him, “No. I wanna see Cooper now.”
“Sorry, sweetheart, but you can’t,” he says sternly.
‘Your devil’s spawn Cooper is fucking my Sage in the fire exit.’
“Why not? He’s my cat,” you retort.
Jeongguk’s brows knit together once again, slowly losing his temper over a mere house pet, “Are you rude or what? You just can’t see him right now. It’s not that hard to understand.”
You were so appalled with how he wasn’t making any sense right now. All you wanted was to have your cat home and snuggle with him after crying about him the whole day, “How is taking my own cat home rude? Do you have any common sense?”
“Do you have any common sense?” He mimicked the words with a mocking tone and a sarcastic chuckle. “I actually do. But do you have one? Because I’m sure as hell you wouldn’t like it if someone walks in on you mid fuck!”
Just as you were about to retort, he cuts you off, “Tell me your cat is spayed or I’ll go ape shit right now.” When you finally understood what he has been trying to tell you, your eyes widened. And when he finally got the hint your expression was giving, he rolled his eyes, “You’ve gotta be shitting me.” 
At this, you immediately shut up. There is nothing you want more in this world right now but to sink into the floor. Horrified would be such an understatement to describe the look on your face.
‘Oh, fuck. Did I offend her?’ Jeongguk mentally slaps his head.
He sighs, “Listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.” 
You slowly nodded your head, “Uhm, it’s okay…I guess.”
And then awkward silence filled the space between the two of you.
You were shuffling side to side while looking down at your feet. On the other hand, Jeongguk looked around, arms crossed and still leaning against the wall, still thinking of ways he can strike another proper conversation with you without sounding forced.
Not bearing the unnecessary tension anymore, he chose to break the silence, “So, we need to talk about our setup.”
“I’m sorry but what setup?” You didn’t know what you were getting into and you’re more than confused at this point. 
“For child support.” Jeongguk massaged the bridge of his nose with eyes closed, obviously regretting that it had to be him to bear you this news, “Clearly your cat is a fuckboy.”
You blinked, “...Oh, You mean kittens!”
“Whatever floats your boat, but I demand child support,” he shrugged.
“Uhm, okay.” Squinting your eyes in confusion with your head slightly tilted to the side, you asked, “And we need to settle that once and for all, right?” 
He nodded, “Right.”
Not sure where to start with your part of the deal, you suggested your idea meekly, “I–uhh–can send cat food every month for the kittens?”
Jeongguk looked up, thought about the idea at first, then nodded with approval, “Fair enough. Sounds good to me.”
You sighed with relief when he took it into consideration. 
Feeling as though the help you’re extending wasn’t enough ‘child support’ yet, you timidly peeked at him through your lashes and honestly admitted what you’ve been thinking about, “Sorry, that’s all I could think of right now. I don’t know how else I could compensate for my cat’s–err–behavior.”
He didn’t say anything. Yet. He just looked at you which made you jolt in the discomfort of being under someone’s watch.
“We could go out and eat or some shit?” Jeongguk’s ears slowly turned red. 
‘Jeongguk, you airhead. You can’t ask her out like this!’ When your lips, yet again, parted, he wanted to take back what he said until you beat him to it.
“There’s a nice cafe down the street,” when you gave him a soft smile, that’s when he finally returned one, too.
Jeongguk in disbelief was such a rare sight to see, ‘Fucking sorcery.’
“I’m Y/N, by the way. Cooper from 9A’s mom,” you extend your hand politely while pointing at your unit number that’s on your door.
“Jeongguk from 9B, Sage’s peasant,” As he takes your hand, he notes how his are bigger compared to yours.
Tumblr media
A lot can happen in a year and the next thing you know, the so-called “child support'' turned to cat co-parenting, then turned to moving into the same unit. 
Who would’ve thought that the intimidating, seemingly offish Jeongguk is actually a sweetheart? Definitely not you.
If you asked Jeongguk to list down ten things he likes about you, he’ll give you fifty. If you asked him anything under the sun, he surely knows all the answers to it because he’s that smart. If you make your eyes round enough like that of a doe, he would literally do anything you ask of him – which says a lot because Jeon Jeongguk hates a lot of things but never you.
One of the many things he liked doing is watching you reach over cupboards with a sly smirk grazing on his face. A cocky smirk that he could proudly wear because stools aren't shit when you’re naturally born tall. He watches you struggle, and when he’s had enough worry to rile him to step in, wraps an arm protectively around your waist and reaches over with ease. Oh, how he adored stepping in whenever you struggled. It makes him feel needed.
On the contrary, his self-control and patience are put to the test whenever he stops himself from shoving his cock balls deep inside your cunt whenever you would grind on him just to get off. At least you graduated him from thigh riding, right? The sexy lingerie you’d occasionally wear isn't of much help either. 
God, his temper is awful whenever he’s edged but he always tries.
The farthest Jeongguk has gone with you is to eat you out and finger you with, much to his surprise, three digits. The farthest you’ve done with him is a basic handjob and a hesitant blowjob because you didn’t know if you were doing it correctly or not.
You appreciate how he would never force you to do something you’re not yet ready to do. Knowing how losing your virginity (even at a big age) is overwhelming, he’d rather take all his time warming you up than making you feel bad just to satisfy himself. 
One of the few stimulating positions you enjoyed doing with your boyfriend is assaulting your wet pussy while laying on his buff chest, preferably in front of a mirror because Jeongguk loves watching your facial expressions as you reach your high – just like now with your discarded lingerie sprawled across the floor.
“Wanna see you insert another finger in there, princess,” he whispers against your ear in a husky voice, not breaking his eye contact off of you through the mirror in front of your shared bed.
You squirm against his sweaty skin when the added digit hits a new sense of pleasure, “A-ah! Can you please do it for me?” Jeongguk could’ve sworn his cock twitched when you begged with puppy eyes but he shakes his head, making you whimper like a brat. “Your…your fingers feel better…than mine,” you utter breathlessly with a pout.
He chuckles, still not budging to take over or say anything. 
Knowing how much your boyfriend loves to hear your pleas just so you can cum, your other hand reaches over to his cock, stroking it at the perfect tempo just the way you know he likes it. Under your touch, he hissed at the sudden sensation.
“Koo?” You say almost in a whisper, still stroking his shaft, “I…I want you inside me.”
“Baby,” he warns under his breath.
“I want…I want it to be with you,” you admit shyly. “I-I can take all of you, y-you know?”
Feeling as though he’ll lose this time, he sighs and reaches for the drawers to grab a condom, “If it hurts tell me to stop, alright?” You don’t say anything back but he could feel your heart race, “Need your words, princess. Or else we’re cutting the fun short.”
Out of panic, you think you jumbled the words out of your mouth, “Ah–yes! I will, K-koobear.”
“Koobear,” he scoffed, then poked his tongue in his cheek, eyeing you intently at the use of the nickname while ripping the foil open. “It’s either you call me by my government name or baby, but preferably when I fuck you,” he explains further while rolling the condom down to his shaft.
“Why? I like calling you Koo and you’re as big as a–Oh!” Your words are immediately cut short when the tip of his cock slowly enters your core. 
“Do you want to stop?” He asks with worry.
Shaking your head, you threw your head back and rested against his chest, “N-no, just a switch in our positions, I think.”
“You think?” He scoffs. 
In one swift movement, well more like a blink of an eye, it was as if you were manhandled by him when he flips the position in a snap – it was now him hovering over your body that’s small compared to his. He towers over you, pinning both of your hands with one hand, and he smirks at this. If anything, he’s enjoying the very obvious size difference between you and him. You felt small, heck curling up would make you even tinier, but the feeling of enjoying it is bubbling in your stomach.
Jeongguk’s brows lifted as he parted your legs, seeing how wet you’d already been. It’s so fascinating to him how such a tiny cunt could be so slick, “Jesus Christ, you’re wet as hell.”
“Don’t say that,” you shyly mumbled while watching your boyfriend through your lashes.
“What? Getting shy already?” He teases as he leans down to your dripping cunt.
Jeongguk spreads your legs apart, tracing his nose along your slit that’s enough to send shivers down your spine. He sure knows what he’s doing, alright. He then spits in your pussy and watches his spit dripping along your slit, humming in approval when your hole sucked in his spit. 
“Mmm, now that’s a needy cunt,” an amused smirk graces his lips when he notices your goosebumps. “I promise you won’t regret this.”
Chuckling, you replied, “I don’t think there was ever a time that I regretted anything with you.”
Your boyfriend leans in closer as he aligns his hardened member in your entrance, “That’s so good to hear from you, princess.” Slowly, he enters inside you making you wince slightly, “God, you’re tight as fuck.”
You let out a soundless gasp, lips parted, and eyes pooling with tears from the mixed feeling of slight pain and pleasure. Jeongguk notices this and briefly stops when his whole length is finally inside you, “You good?”
“Y-yes, it just feels…so different,” you assured. 
“I’ll move now, alright?” His thumb runs across your cheeks soothingly as he slowly fucks you until you adjust to his size. Underneath him, you look so fragile, so helpless, yet so submissive to him. 
Your hands trailed down to where he was bulging under your skin, rubbing his embossed form while your eyes fluttered, “Y-you’re so big, Koo. So deep inside me.”
“I’ll let you adjust to my length, babe,” there was a tinge of amusement inside of him as he studies every reaction your body makes.
“It’s okay, I can take it,” you say with conviction this time, and that made him somewhat proud – you take all of his fat and big cock with no fuss.
“This pussy is made for me, huh?” Jeongguk picks up the pace this time only because he enjoys watching your tits bounce as he rocks your body. “Makes me wanna do crazy shit like have your name tattooed on my rib,” you gasped, scratching lines against his back.
“Please look at me,” he gently moves away the stray hairs that stuck on your sweaty face. “Wanna see how pretty my baby is.”
You slowly open your eyes with a lust-filled gaze and this is where he lost his shit. He rams inside of you faster and harder this time, making you arch your back at the newfound pleasure he was hitting. 
“What if I break this condom off and fill you with my cum?” Your pussy tightens at the idea of his cum overflowing out of your cunts because it couldn’t take how much he had spurted inside of you. “Fuck, you tightened. You like that don’t you?”
Obviously not thinking straight because your boyfriend was fucking your wits out, you nodded, “I– yes, want you to fuck me harder ‘til it breaks.” And so he did fuck you hard.
It was like a magic word that made him cum so fast and you the same.
He could feel your body trembling, your breathing still fast. He waited for a moment or two for himself to soften up so he could pull out gently. Your still slightly clenching hole almost pushing his dick out of yourself. Meanwhile, he discards the condom with no mess.
You whined at the empty feeling, and he hushed you gently, moving around so he was sitting up against his headboard, your body on his lap, head on his shoulder. His hand moved back and forth over your spine, the other keeping your body steadily against him. 
“You did so, so good baby.” He gently whispered between your breaths, still coming out a little faster than they should. “I was actually kind of worried you wouldn’t be able to take it. You impress me too much, you know that?” He said, making you giggle. 
You weren’t quite back yet, still bathing in your own afterglow, and he simply waited for you to calm down, slowly becoming aware of your surroundings again. Legs still shaking from losing your virginity, you noticed a pool of wetness in your sheets.
“The sheets are soiled,” you frowned.
Jeongguk clicked his tongue teasingly, “That’s not very nice of you, princess.”
“I’m sorry,” you peeked at him with a tired pout.
“It’s fine. It’s time to change it anyway,” he runs his finger against your back, making soothing circles that made you fall asleep instantly.
Tumblr media
Wearing short dresses while out in the park is one of the small joys you enjoy doing with your boyfriend. Not to mention that sitting on his lap is a plus…except he gets overprotective whenever your skirt riles up like now – one hand over your lap, serving as weights to the fluttering fabric.
Guess guard dog privilege is real when Jeongguk is your boyfriend.
Peeking at him, your brows rose at his creased forehead, "Why do you look like you're ready to fight?"
"Because I am," he says without blinking, though his eyes are following those who would spare you a glance.
You blinked in confusion, "...What?"
"Yes," he nodded with assertiveness. 
Ah, of course. Being overprotective. Such a Jeongguk thing to do.
There are days when you don’t understand what your boyfriend is doing, but you can’t deny the fact that he’s fun to be around. Like always, you shrug it all off, sit on his lap, and wrap your arms around his neck as you nuzzle against his skin – a sure way to make him smile from ear to ear.
“Baby, can you take one of those polaroid pictures in that lingerie?” He asks with lips against your hair. Jeongguk has a habit of kissing the side of your head just because he can.
At this, your lips part at the sudden request; he’s never asked this before, “Why?”
“Wanna keep it in my wallet,” he only shrugged when you blinked at his answer. “I’m romantic as fuck.”
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jjungxkook · 10 days ago
blackout | jjk
Tumblr media
⇥ pairing: roommate!jungkook x reader
⇥ genre: best friends to lovers, roommate and college au, fluff, crack, smut
⇥ rating: 18+
⇥ warnings: swearing, he’s just a bit of a fuckboy, bickering, swooning over/thirsting for jk (🤷‍♀️), a manually induced fake blackout? dunno those 2 are odd k, they play uno, a lot of spending time in the darkness, kook has no chill, teasing, consent, dirty talk, fingering, cmnf for a while, sexual tension, oral (both receiving), shower sex, choking, hair pulling, reader cries a bit, jk likes to praise, dry humping?, pussy and tits slapping rip (and some ass ig), making out🙄, manhandling, jk loves her tits and ass and plays with them (a lot), he’s sweet but cocky too, protected sex, dom + big dick kook
⇥ wc: 14.3k
⇥ author’s notes: mmmkay here it issss, this... thing. i may repent for my sins. also i do not know why this is so long, i thought it would be 10k rip please i apologize. anyways, i really hope you like it!! i’m very stoked to find out what you think😶‍🌫️
⇥ summary: Utility bills shooting up like this should be an international crime. Luckily, Jungkook has the perfect idea(s) to save up money and make your night sinfully unforgettable.
The hardness of the bench is tiring out your ass.
It’s incredible to you what tribulations you’re ready to burn through just to keep your best friend happy and satisfied. The blazing noon sun is steaming your scalp, even though in the middle of fall, it really shouldn’t.
Fingers wrapped around the edge of your seat, you lean forward and squint your eyes. You make out the energized individual running across the field immediately. Nevermind that he promised you football but you got soccer instead.
You wouldn’t dare to complain, though. In the summer heat, lopsided beams and big, dark puppy eyes refresh you like the late night Tequila Sunrises you love so much.
“Are you playing or taking a walk?” You yell from where you watch. Childish howling and woahhhhs echo across the field, fists pressed against round mouths and eyebrows skyrocketing.
They strive off anyone’s praises, really, but your unfaltering coaching pushes them forward a good, humongous step. In fact, you only recognize about a handful of the players, though there aren’t that many anyway.
No one running around down there cares much about authentic formations. The game usually played with eleven screaming, pumped members on each side only consists of four per team today.
It’s entertaining: The constant curses that always evolve into dramatic compliments, the loud and ambitious handshakes when they score, and the testosterone dissolving in the air, but only after the scent has wafted straight into your nostrils.
And the verbal invitations Jungkook hands out to you every week with pouting lips might play a role, too, yeah. He doesn’t like to make you wait like he does right now, but he doesn’t necessarily enjoy distance from you much, either.
A buff man in his mid-twenties, attractive beyond Greek gods’ appearance, highly determined and ready to indulge in new hobbies – relies on you, even after years of independence.
Seeing you watch and cheer him on boosts his already steadfast ego, and he’s never failed to let you know that, “It feels different from when other girls scream my name.”
You wish you could take it as a compliment, but the consistent ambiguity in his (bitter)sweet words fatigues your heart. The beat of it is not so consistent.
The crush has been omnipresent since you learned the first steps of stupid algebra, but lately, something in your lower belly has shifted weirdly, too.
Today, the shift shows in the way you clench the edge of your seat.
You hear the boys announce the end of their groundbreaking, world changing match, though you can’t recall who won, and observe the languid steps Jungkook takes toward the bench.
Energy slowly dwindling, he puffs out a deep breath, unaware that something inside you dies when he throws back the damp hair. His white, sleeveless shirt is sticking to his broad, firm chest – the refined pecs, abs and bare arms might not have triggered your embarrassing drooling if the last weeks hadn’t changed your perception of him.
There are, for instance, the filth-riddled noises when he’s fucking one of his occasional flings to the moon. Or how those exact same groans of his repeat when he heaves something that perhaps does not even require this low ass growl.
The sounds when he’s repairing something at your place or stretching after waking up. How you wish you could add to those sounds by delivering your very own, unique version of the female moans you usually hear from his room.
You could blame it on sex deprivation, or you could blame the outrageous line of his jaw, but you think the walls of your pussy have deformed and become dick-shaped. Welcoming a certain something that's definitely better than your beloved toys, according to the sounds at least.
This yearning feels kind of weird.
Jungkook has stopped not too far from you. He lifts his inked, veiny hand to wave and then reaches for his bottle to hydrate. And hydrating he does – in a way so alluring that you think he’s doing it on purpose.
Flashing the jawline of nightmares, he cuts you from afar. Sharp, more hazardous than in his teenage years. A phenomenal bone structure, accentuated by the shine of the tiny sweat drops. Shimmering golden skin.
When he drinks, you see his Adam’s apple bop even from here. His bicep is hard, bangs falling into his eyes, and his pink lips wrap around the bottle so prettily…
You and he both know how it feels.
Your mouth shuts close before he can notice. Instead you cup your hands around your mouth and call out to him.
“You do know we have an appointment today, right?”
“Your dick appointments can wait,” he yells back. When you roll your eyes to the back of your head, mumbling gross, the dork chuckles. “I’ll be done in a sec.”
He wraps stuff up, running back to his friends, and claps his hands before giving everyone a last handshake-bro-five-mix. The fondness you feel watching his social side bloom is blissful torture.
Jungkook grew up as a timid caterpillar, shying away from crowds and public gatherings. Opening up took a while, so you can’t remember when he went through the process of metamorphosis to come out prettier than a Cramer’s Blue Morpho butterfly.
He's still somewhat introverted, but doesn't back away from parties anymore. Red cups fill with intoxication. Bodies sashay past him, some toward him to fall into his grip.
You don’t want to be envious – so you’re proud instead. You enjoy when he’s liked by someone, love how the others grin at him. A likable and soft person like him taking over hearts left and right either platonically or not is kind of attractive to you.
“I’ll wash up,” his voice declares when he’s standing next to you. “And then we go.”
“Aren’t you gonna take a proper shower?”
“Yeah, later tonight. College showers are gross.”
Your conversations are a constant repetition. The way you act around each other, your gazes and your actions were bound to become a routine – if not during your time growing up together, then certainly when you began searching for a place to share.
So his response doesn’t surprise you. Neither does the further waiting on the bleachers, pulling in your knees, draping your arms around them to press your cheek against them. Daydreaming and watching or listening boy after boy leave the field.
Despite the familiarity of everything, you still feel different these days.
“After last time, I feel like you’re asking for too much.”
The man, not exactly happy about missing a live match of tennis but not quite grumpy today either, leans against the frame of his door. White, wet tresses peek through his dark mane, an indicator he just showered to enjoy the calm day you interrupted. 
Jungkook’s hair was as wet as his when you left the bleachers too, now fully dry as you stand in your old but cozy building.
How could it not be?
Considering the dozen stops between campus and your home, you could possibly dry an entire laundry in that time. Both of you are at fault, though – one of the million things you’re good at doing together is wasting money on stuff you might not necessarily need.
Convenience store, pharmacy and a flower shop to buy yet another succulent for your room. Jungkook pouted and frowned at you for the entirety of the convenience store visit when you told him the landlord thing wasn’t an appointment per se, but that he knew as well as you that you needed to sort things out.
Things being the impossible utility bills that keep you up at night. Things being both your stupidity to still halt in front of shops to acquire things like parsley and cheese.
Remembering just this idiocy and looking at the power your landlord’s eyes hold, you’d rather look at Jungkook than him.
At the shiny hair tips hanging into your friend’s eyes. The oversized gray shirt that could potentially hide the body he sports underneath, but his fingers are holding the strap of his rucksack, and the pull at his shirt is enough to make the lines of his chest visible.
But this afternoon is not about brooding over the edges of his torso. It’s about confronting a landlord who fortunately didn’t meet you in a hazardous mood despite his firm plans for tonight. He doesn’t complain about the weather today or seem elated because he found yet another new hobby, like he usually does.
He looks almost neutral, you think. You can’t read him, actually.
“Yes,” you confirm, exchanging a look with Jungkook. “It does sound like a lot, but you know you can count on us–”
“Dunno. You don’t seem to remember last time.”
The taunting tone riles you up, but the numbers on your bills haunt you enough to keep your calm. This is no time for an argument.
You take a breath and shoot another glance at Jungkook. His eyes are tremendously big and lips pressed together to an innocent, uplifting smile. He seems to sense your irritation, too.
“We do,” you confirm. “But c'mon, that's not fair. We’d just started living on our own back then. You know, no guardians to take care of us and all, so it was bound to happen.”
Not just that. The reason why you asked for postponing rent payment was because the two of you had been too eager and too stubborn to ask anyone for money. Ending up only providing half of the rent for almost three months wasn’t something you did on purpose.
But while you should’ve been more cautious, to some degree, it wasn’t entirely your fault. You had more college debt than you could afford only half a year after moving to this apartment, and Jungkook’s earnings weren’t close to what you needed.
“I really don’t know.” Yeah. The man’s doubts are kind of valid.
“C’mon… You know us, Mister Choi,” Jungkook tries this time.
“That’s why–”
“You can…” You suddenly interrupt, only noticing how things might backfire once you’ve already said them. “You could end our lease if we don’t pay you what we owe you this time.”
You think you can quite literally hear Jungkook’s heart stop next to you. At least that’s what his wide eyed, confused stare suggests when he moves his head to you. He’s voicing something in silent hesitation, but Choi most likely doesn’t notice.
Because before Jungkook can throw in his own–probably very unsure–two cents, hand coming up, the landlord sighs. He shrugs his shoulders, mumbling your last names, contemplates for a second longer and then… Agrees.
“Okay,” he says with a not-my-problem-nod. “That’s an idea I can work with. This month’s and at least half of next month’s by the end of the upcoming month, alright?”
You hate the constant repetition of the frightening word month, but on the inside you still jump and clap in joy. Both your and Jungkook’s expressions light up, your feet shifting as though you’re about to jump Choi and tackle-hug him to the ground.
Instead, you only gasp, clearing your throat and cheer, “This is! More than we expected! Thank you so much. Thank you for real for real, seriously, wearesosuperth–”
A palm stops the fast flow of your gratitude, and he only shakes his head and bids you goodbye with a thumbs up before he disappears behind his door. You think you see a fond smile, but your happiness might just be inducing pictures.
But who cares anyway?
Phase One of Saving Money turned out successful.
Once you enter your humble apartment, tension releases out of your mouth with your sigh. You slip your bag off your shoulder and into the corner next to the entrance, shoulders dropping. Every second with the landlord took a year from your lifespan.
Jungkook, always happy-go-lucky, isn’t as demotivated and grumpy as you. His steps carry him to your kitchen without a second thought, immediately scavenging the small space for an easy meal.
“What do we do now?” You whine, leaning against the dining table.
The sun is still up and it will remain hanging in the azure blue sky for a few more hours. But you dread the darkness that will descend after – not because it scares you, but because it means you’ll have to light up rooms for ideal navigation.
But lighting them up means raising the numbers on your electricity bill.
Jungkook, however, doesn’t pay much mind to your shattering financial situation right now. He’s humming at the pots and seasoning he’s scattered around on the counter, calm as ever, because worrying about something he can’t change right now is not something he likes to do.
“First, we eat. Am starving,” he decides.
A slight shake of your head suggests frustration, but the grumble of your stomach agrees with him as though to remind you of feeding it. He side eyes you and smirks. “I’m not doing or talking about shit until you’ve eaten something.”
Of course. Caretaker first, friend second. If you’re not on the receiving end, you’re the one giving.
You push your butt off the dining table and choose to introduce Phase Two of your mission, telling him, “I think we’ve candles somewhere.”
The conversation changes at once when you release your suggestion into the air. Although you might argue you’re still stuck on the same issue, given the intention that lies behind your idea.
“Are we– Ouija board stu– again?” You hear Jungkook call from the kitchen, every other word chopped off and eaten by the sounds of pots and dishes.
“I’m not ever doing that with you again,” you exclaim back.
“Huh? Why not?”
“You were moving the planchette!”
Granted, there was kindness in his cheating. The evening drained you out of energy and left you a nervous mess, eager to speak to your favorite late grandaunty and her deceased dog. Neither Jungkook nor you believed in the magic behind the practice, but he made sure to soothe your nerves anyway.
You were pissed when you noticed what was going on – but once the anger subsided and gave way to the realization that he really cared, you fell asleep with a smile after all.
“I swear on my favorite hoodie that I didn’t,” he defends.
“Lying son of a bitch,” you whisper, laughing to yourself as you kneel in front of a cupboard storing a few dozen candles and other shenanigans. 
You choose one scented, thick one for each room, and then a few smaller, regular ones that you think must do. With a handful of them, you return to the still bright living room, placing each one where you want it later tonight.
You’re serious about your candles – the tongue poking out, eyes squinting in concentration kind of serious. Arranged in a rational way, you beam at your artwork, impressed by your own idea as if it’s not something human beings used to do all the time.
“Seriously, you’re so easy to excite,” Jungkook always reiterates.
Once you join him in the kitchen, preparing not only a meal but spontaneously baking a treat too, time passes significantly faster. In hindsight, you didn’t do that much today, but somehow it still feels like you sailed the world. 
You barely realize when several topics have shifted and the sun has disappeared. The moon hangs bright in the dark sky, the brisk gust blowing in through the open windows. It was a pleasant day of the week, even though you kept freezing at his touch even while cooking, and you’re ready to finish it just as lovely.
Only, it doesn’t end at dinner and the day’s exhaustion.
“Dessert tastes better in bed,” Jungkook tells you once you’ve done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Since tidying up, you’ve suddenly become quieter than before and his eyes squint like they’re testing you.
“Okay? Then go and take it with you.”
“And you?”
“What about me?”
He shrugs his shoulders, blowing a raspberry. “You’ll go and sleep already?”
“No, but…” You hum and think. It’s not that late just yet – and you don’t feel like tackling homework or any other taxing task tonight. “I do wanna eat dessert, too. Just thought we might chill in the living room.”
“I mean. Take it as an informal invitation to spend some time with me, but in my room. You don’t wanna?”
“Pervert,” you lightly hit his shoulder with a cloth when he winks. “Is that how you court other ladies?”
“Why, yes. What did you think?” He laughs when you shake your head dramatically, pulling your shirt back and further over your clavicles. “Nah, I was thinking of… Just chilling, really.”
It’s not the first time you’re joking in a way like this. It’d also not be the first time of you hanging out with him in his room, on his bed, giggling about stupid jokes or ridiculous cartoons. Or whatever.
But it’s one of the first times the thought renders you nervous. Like you’re perceiving him as more than your best friend just now, after all those years of harmless platonic cuddles.
When you don’t answer, he delivers another decisive argument. “My room is smaller. Less candles. More to spare for the next time!”
You’re not surprised that he sees through your little idea – rather baffled how easy it is for him to sway you. So you follow him to his minimalistically organized room, not one but two diffusers on his desk. The corner of your lips twitches.
The more you near his bed, the more your heart strikes. His mattress is soft and cozy, and Jungkook’s scent oozes from every inch of it. You feel engulfed in his presence so bad that the emotions of this noon and the last few weeks hit you like a brick.
“Wanna watch something, Pumpkin?” Jungkook asks once you’re draped in the comfort of his duvet.
He might never stop calling you that. Probably hasn’t let a day pass since elementary school when your mom and you decided to dress you as a damn pumpkin for Halloween.
“And waste precious battery life?” You scold with a cocked eyebrow. Your voice is quieter now that you’re cuddled in with him, but you try to maintain your cool.
Turning on the living room TV or light is out of the question anyway. No regular Thursday movie night this time. Blasting Disney’s version of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice for the hundredth time can wait.
With the no-technology-rule you established today, even unplugged devices shall remain for emergencies as long as possible.
“So we’ll act like it’s a full blown blackout, yeah?” He asks before he leans over you, pulling open the second drawer of his bedside cabinet to rummage through its content.
The small action forces your body backward, pushing you against the headboard so tight that your lungs fail. He looks unsuspecting, drenched in the warm light of the candles. You breathe him in unintentionally, and he smells of soap and cologne.
Wrapped in darkness next to him is already strange as it is, but it cannot compare to the oddness of how new his proximity feels.
You barely notice what he’s fished out until he waves it right in front of your frozen expression. An old deck of Uno greets your vision, the packaging as worn out as the cards that he pulls out.
He places them on his large palm before he begins shuffling them – staring at the smoothness he operates with makes you almost miss what he asks.
“Is that good enough, then?”
“Cool,” he holds the cards to your face once more. “Are we playing with seven or ten cards?”
“Take it up a notch,” your feeble voice allows. “Make it fifteen just for funsies.”
“Why did I know you’d say that?”
You shrug your shoulders, imperceptibly shifting away from the touch of his arms and hips. “Remember one thing, Jeon.”
“Yeh, yeh,” he taunts, his voice strained. He sounds as though his body is beseeching him to lay down and drift off – but something about the moment seems to be keeping him soberly awake. “I won’t let you win this time.”
Fifteen cards down on your lap, you lift your hands from under the blanket, pulling your set close to your face in utter distrust. You cock an eyebrow at the universe’s choice: Jungkook has either already broken his promise, or the gaming Gods have decided this round’s end already.
With the victory residing in your hands, his vow pretty much slips your mind immediately; it blends out how he still remembers your middle school matches. He really still recalls when you’d fume and burn – disappointed and livid when he’d reveal his picture-perfect deck, unused to accept defeat.
The game doesn’t even properly progress when the first argument of the night pops up. More than half your cards are still in your hands, both your words overlapping.
“Once you lay down a 4+ or color card, you’re not allowed to play again. It’s my turn,” you insist, his wrist in your firm grip as if he couldn’t break out of it whenever.
“I am allowed to play, though.” When he swings his hand, yours moves with him. Both your stances are upright, eyes blown wide and comically riled up. “Especially after a 4+. You're blocked.”
“This doesn’t sound right.”
“Look.” He slaps his cards with the logo upwards into his lap, sifting through the rest of the deck to draw out a yellow stop card. “Would you be able to play on if I hit you with that?”
“No, ‘course not.”
“And 4+ cards work the same way.”
You keep staring at the bright color, lost in thoughts and traveling back to a time when the world around you hadn’t altered every rule of every game you knew. But when no productive result flashes through your mind, you suggest something else.
“Google it, then.”
“You can’t just read the rules? Hold up,” he pulls out the instructions from the package, already fiddling with the paper. “I bet the answer is hidden somewhere in there.”
“Have fun. I can’t read in this darkness for shit.”
Relying on technology for a minute shouldn’t cause a cataclysmic event, so you type in the million dollar question plaguing both your mind, soon striking it rich when a video materializes on the page.
Too lazy to skim yet another amateur post, you decide to trust WikiHow’s explanation clip, hoping for a fruitful result. Jungkook soon gives up the task he bestowed upon himself, cuddling closer to your misery to watch with you.
“Are we serious?” He breathes, laughing off the peculiarity of the moment.
“Watching a video on Uno rules?” You ask, giggling in unison with him. “I fucking know. We’re seriously weird.”
“How long’s it been since we played games together like that?”
You can’t say for sure.
“When we got this place,” you assume. “Didn’t we spend half the night going through board and card games? Because–”
“Because there was nothing else to do. We were sitting on the ground on some shit ass mattress.”
You laugh. It’s been a while – time truly does pass when you’re stuck with someone. You don’t think you’d ever trade the memories you gathered here for anything good in the world. Piggyback rides and cooking mishaps are a delight to store in the depths of memory.
Or moments when you very clearly, very softly realize that you’re falling for your roommate bit by bit; so much deeper than when you were still kids. For him and his touch. His sensuality, even when it’s unintentional.
Like now.
Jungkook grabs his water bottle from his side of the bed as the voice of the narrator chimes. The background is a bright green and the animation weirdly cute, but you blend it out when he reminds you of the plushness of his lips again. Wrapped around the bottle head…
When you reach the wild card moment, both of your ears perk up before you erupt in simultaneous chaos. Jungkook half chokes as he attempts his one-syllable-argument.
“See!” He exclaims.
“See what? He said, if the player can’t play any of their cards, blah blah... Which, in our case, is me.”
“No, but what player? The one who had the wild card? Or the other?”
“Fuck it,” you curse, clicking away without finishing the last minute. “Another video. WikiHow sucks.”
“Why do I feel like we’re both right and wrong?”
You shake your head in defense and with a furrow between your eyebrows, but the dorky grin on his face pulls out your true, playful emotions in the form of a laugh.
The next clip you settle on goes on for longer, seemingly endless – allowing you enough time to peek at the smooth curves of his silhouette.
His lips are jutted and the moving pictures reflect in his eyes. His button nose begs to be booped. A small dimple appears when the tip of his tongue pushes through the seam of his lips to hydrate them.
You don’t think you’re as subtle as you’d like to be, though. Because soon, he’s looking up, causing a sudden flinch. “What’s up?”
He blinks at you slowly, one eyebrow briefly twitching. “Oh. Are you bored?”
“No! Why?”
“Are you okay, then?” Your tongue flits along the inside of your cheek, muscles stiffer than before. He eyes you up and down. “You’re so tense.”
“It’s just… Just weird,” you stutter. Hesitancy breaks the flow of your usually confident speech, and you flick your inner self’s forehead for the obvious awkwardness. “Sitting in the dark.”
What the fuck.
You need to get yourself together and come up with a wittier response. If he just let you – because he prods, “Are you scared?”
“Wha– Do I look scared?”
“You don’t look normal, at least.”
“That’s rude,” you scold, letting the device fall onto the blanket. Numerous wrinkles decorate your forehead, hiding your true thoughts behind frisky surface-annoyance.
His next words do not freaking help.
“Girls usually like me in the dark.”
“That’s…” Heat of an exploding star warms your already blistering cheeks. “That’s pretty lewd of you to say. And unnecessary, too.”
You’re pouting like it’s the first day of sex ed. Innocence expands your pupils harder than the lack of light in this room. Jungkook can’t help it – fondness engulfs his heart. You’ve always been endearing to an immeasurable degree.
“You’re so cute,” he drops casually. He’s amused by the side eye you give him, laughing when you exhale and rub the sweat off your hands on the blanket. “But seriously, what’s up with you today?”
He nudges your shoulder as a joke, and you hate that years of friendship couldn’t prepare you for a dark, emotion-altering night like this. Hormones and an adult’s desires are the devil’s advocate as much as Jungkook is himself.
“Have I done something weird?”
“You’re always weird.”
His shocked gasp dramatizes the moment, lifting the tension in the air enough to overshadow your inept breathing. Any attempt to keep your chill could turn out futile any moment now.
“Fair,” he laughs. “But also rude.”
His soft palm sets upon your knee and the plea you utter to your mind to calm your nerves falls on deaf ears. At his touch, you flinch just a fraction… And immediately, he pauses.
His gaze skyrockets to your seemingly sinless one. Lips part in confusion before his expression changes – like a bulb has lit up in his mind.
And then, the biggest change in topic occurs.
“Could you give me my phone charger?” Lifting his device, he lights up the screen to show the red, drained battery bar. He points to the bedside cabinet again. “First drawer.”
Jungkook doesn’t keep his charger plugged in at all times like you do. Scared it might burn off. You didn’t expect less when you decided to move in with your best friend, though: Not from the boy who declared his fear of microwaves and their potential to melt dishes ages ago.
You open and hunt through the drawer, surprised at the half emptiness of it until your fingers graze something you might not have anticipated. And then you realize…
Ah. Oh.
What if…
Perhaps that was the plan all along. Because when you look back at him, he doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest. The calmness in his eyes is telling enough to guess his intentions – but you don’t want to assume for sure yet.
Your touch remains on the little–open–box for a second, one sealed package peeking out. An absolutely fresh condom… One of Jungkook’s no less.
What’s happening today?
“What’s up?” He asks, and you almost huff at the stupid, fabricated innocence in his stupid, soothing voice.
“I think,” you lean back, attempting a laugh. “I just found your most prized possession.”
“Ah?” He waits, and you nod. “Is that weird to you?” A nonchalant shrug of your shoulders spurs him on, the tilt of his head perilous. “It’s not the first time you’re seeing those, right?”
Ugh, yeah. You remember all casual visits to drugstores. The vivid image of Durex’ extra large Excite Me, and true to Jungkook’s dedication dotted for extra stimulation.
He usually cares as much about embarrassment between the both of you as you do when you place pads and tampons between his stuff. Why is it weird, then?
“Yeah. It’s just…” You’re stumbling for words. Fuck. It’s over for you. “Reminds me of some of your escapades lately.”
Jungkook hums. “Mhm. There weren’t that many these days, though.”
“I know. Just made me think of those that did happen, y’know?”
“Okay.” He’s still looking at you like he’s solved every piece of the riddle you are tonight. Not any less shameless, though. “Then… What exactly is it that you’re thinking about those escapades?” Huh… There are too many details you’d need to omit in your answer. But the way his stare is stabbing questions into you as if he already knows what you might say?
Yep. You’re fucked.
“Now?” You ask.
“Right now.”
God, even he must be bored of the constant repetition. What does nothing still mean in reality? Everything. That’s how your inner translator interprets it, at least.
This time, Jungkook doesn’t let your response slip. His hand, however, does. Up from your knee… Right to your thigh.
The blanket still lays in between, its fabric pivotal for the moment. If it wasn’t there, you might faint. And something in you says that the experience isn’t far.
“Is that what it is?” Jungkook whispers. His voice is deeper now, and so is your sigh. “That must be what it is.”
“You’ve been tense ‘cause of that? Since soccer training you’ve been looking at me like I’m suffocating you.” Shit. Of course he’d notice. “And now you suddenly feel weird about being close and about condoms? Do you just…” He digs his index finger into your thigh, his cut nail raking your leg with too many layers in between. “Just miss being touched?”
“By… By you?”
“No, Pumpkin. In general.” You don’t have an answer to his quizzing. Or, you do, but you don’t know where it might lead… Nervousness clogs your throat. “Don’t you…”
“What?” You think you can foresee what he’s going to ask, but you put on a curious act anyway. Then, he drops the bomb.
“Don’t you touch yourself?”
Oh God. Someone tell him to shut up. The little workers in your brain are setting your internal office on fire, handling his lax conversation worse than you.
“I’m…” You pause to breathe in shakily, and then laugh to hide your bewilderment. “Of course I do. Everyone does.” You clear your throat. “That’s a really freaking weird and sudden question, though.”
“Not that weird considering how you’ve been acting today. Thought it’s PMS, but you just called in sick ‘cause of your period last week.” Damn, Sherlock. Of course he’d remember – your whining wasn’t subtle after all. And he was the one serving you every meal all day. “So I’m guessing… It’s been a while and things are just worse tonight?”
You’re blinking at him. He’s built a Chinese-Wall-strong barrier at the front of his mind, and you can’t peek through it to understand what he’s thinking. Or what he wants. What he wants you to say or want.
It’s incredibly suspicious to you… And kind of tempting.
“Not gonna lie,” Jungkook’s voice drops to a low whisper, his confession worse than you expected. “I think I heard you a few nights before.”
You rip your eyes open in surprise. Your heart runs up to your throat to start hammering against your vocal cords, and for a few syllables, you can’t do much other than stutter and gasp.
“You fucking creep!” You then blurt out, calling yourself a hypocrite internally in the same breath. It’s not like you listened away during his adventures, legs pressed together to create friction.
“I’m sorry,” he lifts his hands in defense. “But you weren’t exactly being quiet. Plus, our walls aren’t that thin.”
You know… Hell, you know.
But how is he initiating the conversation just like that? God, the absolute courage…
“Fuck, Jungkook,” you curse. You bring your fingers to your eyes, rubbing them rather than hiding your entire face. “That’s fucking embarrassing.”
But Jungkook softly brings your hand down again – then speaks to reassure you. Only, anything he says tonight makes matters worse.
“Would it help if I told you it wasn’t embarrassing for me?”
“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?”
“It just sounded…”
He procrastinates, his expressions calm but his eyes dangerous. Hooded.
“Bad?” You dig.
“No. It sounded hot.”
No. No, your heart and body can’t handle this. You might die if you don’t push his admissions into the most disbelieving corner of your brain.
Jungkook finds you hot? The sounds you couldn’t hide, he likes them? He means it?
“Shut the fuck up, I’m–” You begin, but he replaces your rebukes with a deep inhale and stiff muscles when he moves closer.
Your back presses against the bedside cabinet. Now that the flickering candle is melting down, its light is getting dimmer and the room darker. Bright enough to still make out his silhouette and most alluring features.
The phone has long fallen from between your fingers, hiding in the blanket and the video long over. Somehow, you’re glad you disabled autoplay – it doesn’t disturb the moment that’s clearly progressing to something dangerous.
But at the same time, you’re surprised as hell. Asking yourself silently over and over again, whatsgoingonwhatsgoingon.
“What are you doing?” You whisper.
“I’m just wondering.” His body is tilted, one hand still on your thigh. “When you do stuff to yourself… Is there something specific you think of?”
You shift a little, not answering. When he sees the surprise in your eyes and confuses it with fear, however, he backs away again and clicks his tongue. “My bad. Sorry for being like that.”
But you’re not letting him retreat now… Things have come too far. You place a hand on his arm and tug him closer subtly. His already big eyes look humongous now, positively delighted, even when you keep struggling with words.
“No, I just…” You try but fail as soon as you start.
“Why are you stuttering like that? That’s not you.”
You wish he was wrong. You’re more confident than this in any other moment. Crazy what one Jeon Jungkook’s touch can do.
You swallow hard, delivering a mental slap before pieces of your courage resurface again.
“This is new to me,” you tell him.
“What is?”
“The way we’re talking to each other. It’s not nothing…” You look down to seek the emoji on his middle finger, barely recognizable in the darkness. “And you’re… You’re good looking, Jungkook.”
“Yeah,” he agrees cockily, but you know his humility enough to understand he doesn’t mean it. Those are shameless teases, nothing more. “And?”
“You’ve always been good looking. And on top of that, I can always hear how you sound when you…”
Should you really go there? What if it damages something? Then again, it’s too late now anyway.
“When I…?” He tries.
“I kinda don’t wanna say it, and I know you know what I mean.”
“Ah, right,” Jungkook casually confirms, like he’s just realized what you might be pointing at. “When I fuck someone’s brain out.”
You suck in a breath.
“Don’t say it like that!”
“How do you want me to say it?” Jungkook taps his chin with his finger. He looks like a sly anime college crush. “I kindly empty their thoughts.”
“Shut up.”
“And rearrange their guts–”
“Oh my God, I’ll–”
Do what? Your own guts are pleading for a good, nasty and disrespectful mess. Wobbly pudding on his bed, your body is already melting at the mere thought… So you can’t imagine what actual ferity could do if he unleashed it.
Unknowing what to say, you look away, moving back like a proper idiot. But suddenly, pressure wraps around your wrist, fingers pulling you into him. You look at him speechlessly, parting your lips when he looks down at them.
“Is there something you want me to do?” He asks.
There’s a myriad of things you want him to do. But there’s slight doubt knocking against the walls of your brain and – ugh…
“Is it okay for us to do such a thing?” You question back.
“I don’t know,” he confesses quietly, his breath pleasant against your lips. “Say no just once and I promise I’ll back away.”
“And… And if I don’t?”
“Answer first.” He tilts his head, big eyes too pure and sweet for the conversation going on. “Or… Well, don’t.”
You remain silent. Hot blood turns your face as warm as a grill, and you look at him and his smile. Your heart rebels in your throat, but your thoughts are sober. So once he sees the clearness in your stare, he understands.
It’s the last word he whispers before his hand wanders up your pajama pants. He fiddles with the neat knot holding your pajama around your waist, playing with it for a moment until patience runs out.
Soft fingertips tug at the end of the strings until the hem of the pants loosens around you. His eyes shoot up to yours, hiding menacingly behind his bangs. You don’t know what for–perhaps for permission–but you nod.
“Can you lift a bit for me?” His voice is soothing, calm and lovely when he utters his demand as a question. If you listen closely, you hear the desire, though.
You raise your ass, letting him slip the pajama down your thighs. When your body presses back into the mattress, your hands move to his face, making him look at you. The front of his tongue darts out, trapped between his teeth and his eyes are dark and starry. Lost in you.
His teeth let his tongue go, sliding it across his lower lip… Goddammit, you want to taste it.
When he skims over your panties and now bare thighs, your eyes blink close. He watches and adores your reaction; skims your dampness below. Jungkook acts as fuel, even though you’re already incredibly flammable.
The hums that accompany your slight wiggle are gentle, contrasting the losing of your mind going on in your head.
“More?” He wants to know.
“Okay. Good, Pumpkin.”
You’d smile at the ridiculous childhood endearment if the moment wasn’t so sinful. If he wasn’t grazing your pelvis, causing goosebump as he goes, pulling at the thin fabric until you lift once again.
He chuckles, a sound that reaches deep within your chest. “Good girl. Learning fast.”
Is he serious?
He can’t just drop a good girl like that as if he’s announcing a brief walk through a nearby park. What the fuck.
“Stop it,” you mutter, unaware why exactly.
“Want me to stop? We’re just starting,” he chants, his pout playfully childish and cute.
But the fingers. Oh the fingers rounding the skin right over the sensitive nub. Playing with you like you’re his own personal doll, wrapping you around his skillful, strong and incredibly beautiful fingers.
His touch drops deeper when you whisper an inaudible wish; whatever it is, he thinks he knows what you want. Featherlightly, he presses down on your clit, and you cry out quietly.
You fall back against the headboard again, your hands in his hair and tugging at the strands at the nape of his neck. One blink of his eyes passes and he’s snaking an arm under you, pulling you down and flat onto your back.
“You alright, yeah?” Jungkook makes sure, elated when you nod enthusiastically. “Good. Very good.”
His face is close to yours but doesn’t remain there: As he caresses your clit, shaking up your lower belly, his mouth dives in and finds home between your tits. He breathes you in before he presses a kiss against the shirt hiding your skin.
“Mmmh.” He looks up at your chin, your head thrown back. “Say, Pumpkin…” He blows at your left nipple, well aware that you never wear a bra at home, and watches it perk under the shirt. Then, his teeth catch the material before he lets go and speaks on. “May I see those pretty tits of yours?”
“Nnnh,” is all you can give back. “Yes.”
Happily, the unoccupied hand lifts the white tee until he touches the underside of your boobs; his touch covers something you reckon he might enjoy. With his face hovering over yours, you wonder how long it will take him to notice.
Nothing yet at least.
His hand pauses there and then lifts the shirt over your mounds. He palms one of them, relishing your mewls. The sigh lets his voice fall some more, enticing when his mind numbing talk continues, “Hello there, girls.”
Jesus fucking Christ…
Why is this so hot to you?
His hair tickles your clavicles before his tongue does the same to your hard nubs. Wrapping his lips around your nipple, he pulls at it, then releases it to repeat it all. All while his fingers float down to your hole.
And then…
Palms pushing your thighs apart under the crumbled up blanket, he doesn’t wait another second before he drops to his side next to you and dips his middle finger inside. Slowly at first, easing you into the process, but it does nothing to avoid the sudden term that falls out of you.
“Fuck, baby, this is–”
You realize your mistake–mistake?–when his finger halts mid action. But once he proceeds, lifting his head to kiss your jaw, you don’t see a single trace of embarrassment or shame. No, he rather jumps onto the train with you.
“Easy, kitten.”
The new nickname forces your head to fall sideways to face him – your lips come to touch, but he doesn’t take it a step further. His eyelids fall half close, mouth not moving against yours; but you can’t really kiss anyway with the way he urges moan after moan out of you.
His finger starts pumping in and out of you, your walls contracting around him. There’s thought in his actions. He doesn’t just push in and pull out like a wildling – no, the curve of his digit, the tempo he chooses and the patch he massages inside you must be calculated.
Adding a second finger does nothing but amplify this feeling.
In his hold, you’re a little less squirmy than you might be without his touch. He keeps you grounded, controlling the wiggle of your body, allowing you to bite into your fist until he grabs your wrist and pushes it against the mattress.
“Nuh-uh,” he warns. Your eyes crack open a slit. “Stop muffling your sounds. Why would you?”
“I’m just…” You shake your head. “Self-conscious… Okay?” God, words are hard. “Y’don’t see me naked… Every day.”
“Absolutely outrageous if you ask me,” he breathes, knuckles deep inside you. There, he remains, merely moving his fingers inside without pulling out anymore. You hide half your face in the pillow. “Fuck, look at me.”
The danger and irritation in his voice sober up a piece of your mind, but the sudden emptiness when his fingers vanish shake you awake with a snap. An utterly wet touch trails along your thigh and then up your sides. He doesn’t give a fuck about the state of his blanket.
Letting go of your wrist, he pushes aside the fallen phone that his ass touches, and stops with everything altogether. Reaches behind him and then shoves the device to a far top corner of the bed.
“That’s good,” Jungkook whispers once he’s cozy with you again. Watching your breathing, dizzy form. “We don’t have to charge the phone and waste electricity that way, right?”
“Shut up…” is all your brain and tongue allow.
He clicks his tongue. “Alright, you killjoy.” A sudden slap to your overflowing pussy renders you speechless. But not him. “I’ll use my mouth elsewhere then, k?”
You’re still a mess in disbelief. Can’t comprehend that he’s actually saying those words in this exact constellation. You might think you’re dreaming if the squeezes of his hands and the dampness of his tongue didn’t prove you otherwise.
Crawling down your body, he makes sure to ruin every patch of your skin. He licks along your collarbones and gently bites at your tits. His palms love the feeling of your chest, nails digging in… And he only stops when he reaches a very particular something.
You feel his movements freeze clearly. He smacks his lips, and when you look at him, he looks surprised. Delightfully so.
“What’s that?”
There it is.
He watches your lips curl to a satisfied smile and your eyelids shut as he brushes his finger over the spot under your tits. Squinting, he removes more of the blanket, hoping the dim light of the candle might allow him a deeper look.
The black color isn’t as faded as the ink on his hand or arm, so it must be a recent sin you went for. You hum in innocence, opening your eyes again to barely catch the shake of his head as he repeats his question.
“What is that, huh?” He exhales the last word, breathing against you. Then kisses the skin underneath the tattoo. “You weren’t even gonna tell me about it?”
“Figured you might find out one day…”
He laughs quietly, hiding his fascination. But you know he’s still mesmerized, staring at the little thing, distracted even when he responds. “Is that so? You tease.”
Dipping down, an open mouthed kiss lands on top of your tattoo. His hands push your tits together, his mouth working on worshiping the tiny piece of skin that has captured him. His kiss is greedy to the touch, his breaths cold against the saliva he left once he lifts his face again.
“A crown, yeah? That what it is, isn’t it?”
The pleasant satisfaction in his voice is apparent, but you think you even hear bits of irritation – like he’s annoyed that you didn’t tell him about this. Like he’d dove into you earlier if you had.
“Hey, a lil feeling of royalty is never…” You stop when he pecks your tummy. His lips run along your stomach until they reach your pelvis. “Ohhhfff… You’re close.”
“I’ll keep going, alright?”
You let out more incoherent sounds, something between a moan and a hum. The anticipation is unbearable, but the fact that Jungkook is still fully dressed and his cock yet aching to be discovered by you might be worse.
With the blanket fully off of you, his lips explore your body, so close to where you want him. His right hand still lingers where the tattoo is eternalized in your skin, and according to his next words, his mind isn’t less hung up on it, either.
“Your tattoo matches mine, y’know?” He informs you as if you haven’t seen the crown on his index finger a few million times. The digit that’s digging into your hungry cunt again, along with another finger showcasing an emoji that must be looking like you right now. “We can both be royalty, don’t you think, princess?”
“My God, shut up,” you order. Your insides cringe, even though you’re sure you wouldn’t be opposed to him calling you that godforsaken nickname once again.
His giggle is Jungkook-ish sweet, but the hands that pry your legs open are not. Less even when he pushes them down onto the mattress as much as your joints allow, distracting you from the pull of your muscles when his nose nuzzles your pelvis.
The tip of his tongue touches your sacred part first. It’s just a slight dip, testing the waters. But your ocean is wild and its waves crash against the pit of your stomach.
“Didn’t think you’d be responsive right away,” he admits, only pausing to place a gentle kiss on your clit. “Then again, I haven’t seen a dude at our place in ages.”
“Asshole,” you curse, eliciting another deep snicker that vibrates right against your cunt.
Then, the jokes end and his stance changes. He takes a deep breath and then lowers his head once and for all. Leaving a trace of kisses riles you up enough, though things only get worse once his tongue darts out, starting a gentle dance in a captivating pattern.
He collects spit on the muscle in his mouth, pulling out the fingers out of you to spread your folds. Watching your pussy shimmer and leak, he laps up the arousal meant for just him. His cock stretches his favorite joggers, and he moves his hips against the bed for relief.
Buried deep, he moves to your clit to close his lips around it for a moment before he french kisses your pussy. Then, he repeats it all – only this time, the tip of his tongue moves in a perfect circle around your sensitive nub for a bit longer.
Slowly, softly, and then he stops.
“Wait…” you interrupt, blindly grabbing a patch of his hair. “Do that again. Please.”
The hushed desperation in your voice makes his sweatpants strain impossibly. His balls already ache.
“Like that?”
“Yeah… Yep.” 
You arch your back and let your mouth fall open when his fingers return inside you, tongue imitating the motions from before. For a while, your moans and uncontrolled, quiet, peaceful sounds motivate and inflame him.
But once he begins yearning for your taste again, he swaps. His curved digits pull out of you, thumb taking his mouth’s place and vice versa. Which feels… Just as dangerous.
His tongue presses into you, a hand shoving up your right, closing leg. Your thigh stiffens when it feels his fingers deep in your flesh, and when it relaxes again, it falls over his shoulder and onto his back softly.
Zealously, you plant your heel against his shirt, trying not to think about the muscles of his back too hard. Yet, drowning in fervor, you can’t help but push his shirt up, irritated that he’s still wearing so damn much when you’ve already exposed the last of your being to him.
He either doesn’t notice or doesn’t acknowledge your hints yet. Because his focus is still somewhere else – understandably so.
“I knew you’d taste like that,” he confesses when he surfaces to take a breath.
He knew?
You’re panting more than him. Speaking comes to you harder than to him. “Like what?”
“Like absolute heaven,” he exhales at your waterfall-sex, hot and shiver inducing. “Pussy gifted by the angels.”
Oh, you bet he says that to everyone…
“Please don’t treat me like one, though,” you beg.
“Like an angel? Don’t worry. I fear you’re far filthier than I might expect.”
When his words collide with his repeated actions, your eyes water. You whine at the onslaught on your pussy, squirming, and shake your head when your insides somersault.
“I… I don’t think I can anymore,” you foolishly say.
Your ears seem to block out any sound, your body revolting. The pressure in your stomach is intense, to say the least. Your fingers and toys surely don’t feel that way.
“It feels like that because you can. I promise,” Jungkook, however, assures. 
“This is the… I’ve never…”
It’s true. You’ve never had a build up or an orgasm like this before. Of course not: How could you if he’s drinking in every drop of the arousal dribbling out of you while rendering you wetter at the same time?
He sounds so goddamn lewd when he makes out with your cunt like that. Too filthy… You wonder how his lips will feel against yours if he’s able to do such magic down below already.
“It’s gonna be good… Okay?”
He’s wrong. Good is an absolute understatement.
The force with which your orgasm hits is worse than being run over by a truck. You internally slap everyone in your past who missed to make you feel that way.
You implode and explode, a swarm of cacophonic sounds oozing out of your mouth. You grab his sheets and his blanket so hard that the thoughts in the back of your head fear you might rip something.
Jungkook groans and moans along with you, his mouth and fingers attached to you no matter how much you move. A single tear flees between your shut eyelids, arousal not stopping to trickle out of you.
You’re still calling his name once the high comes down… Still holding the sheet, your vision still blurry. He licks and rides you through the end of the blast for a few more seconds. And when he’s done and you look at him, he’s covered in a shimmer.
Such a pretty boy.
“Hey,” he whispers joyfully once he comes up. “Hello.”
“Hey. You, jail,” you breathe.
You don’t waste a moment before you take off his shirt, eager and hungry. He laughs, cocking an eyebrow. “Why jail? Did I give you a bombastic orgasm or what?” He moves to lay half on top of you and licks his lips. “Shouldn’t I get free lap dances or something?”
“Jail for not doing this earlier.”
“Ah. Apologies. I’ll be at your service whenever from now on.”
The vow makes your tummy flutter. From now on? So he wants to do that again?
Nah. You must be dreaming. A fall night's fever dream.
“Good,” you mutter before you close the distance mutually.
He cages you in, beginning the kiss softly but urgently. His tongue doesn’t hesitate to seek out yours, and he tilts his head to deepen the gesture. Both your hands wander to the other’s face and hair, lips eating up each and every thrum.
His chest is warm against yours, hard pecs pressing against your nipples. It feels good, feeling him so close and intimate with you. No layers separating your upper bodies, melting into one… And that kiss…
As he pours all passion into it, you think you taste a bit of you on him, but said taste mingles with a lot of other things. The spices of dinner. The lingering sweetness of dessert. His thirst. The ardency that refuses to leave his motions.
“Hey,” he mumbles when he breaks the kiss. “I…”
“I really want you. So, so bad.”
The carnal desire is hidden in the moment for sure. But right now, listening to the softness in his voice, all you can and want to hear is unbridled longing.
Insatiable, you nod. “I want you, too. Please?”
“You… You don’t need to beg for it, Pumpkin.” His hips move against yours and you wrap your legs around him tighter. “Seriously, no need–”
His joggers are rough against your swollen pussy, but their harshness doesn’t compare to the thick bulge pushing into you. Moving down your wandering fingers, you push at the remaining clothing, shoving until you feel the bare, firm, muscular ass under your palms.
Hell, there’s so much you want to do. Like, slap it.
Lifting a little, he lets you free his cock, his sweatpants and underwear somewhere a little over his knees now. You’re ready to let him fuck you unconscious and into another universe before you realize you might not be all that ready just yet.
Because the throbbing, hot length falls heavy against your stomach. It’s thick and big and entirely unexpected. Not that he’s never boasted about it before or ran around without underwear beneath his pajamas. But fuck, you thought it’s the usual shit men say.
You didn’t think he was actually hiding something this… Generous.
“Wow, I–” You begin, but to no avail. Your screaming pussy distracts you.
“Huh? Yeah, what is it?” Jungkook purrs against your neck.
“Just. Can I…”
Your hand prowls from his ass to his cock, and you begin to guide it to your pussy slowly, opening up your legs more. Okay. You’re ready. You are. You are.
Only, Jungkook is not.
He shakes his head immediately, then nods towards the drawer inhabiting the condoms. You understand and roll your eyes, scoffing. “I wasn’t gonna do it anyways. But I’m… I am on the pill.”
“Yes. But you also forget to take it a lot.”
“Fair.” God, you just want him to drill you. Why’s starting so hard? “But I’m fine.”
“I am, too.” He groans when he moves over you, reaching to the drawer. “Still.”
You watch as he takes the package out, the foil carefully held between his fingertips. And in those brief seconds, you think.
His last hook up wasn’t so long ago. You wonder if he ever goes in raw with other girls… Wonder why he doesn’t with you but insists on protection. Less like he doesn’t trust you but more like he doesn’t trust himself.
You don’t ponder on your bumbling thoughts for too long before he smiles and sidetracks. “Hey, have you showered?”
“No. Why?” You answer, certain that the furrow of your eyebrows lays your confusion bare.
“You said you needed to.”
“It’s gotten warm inside.” Aha… You think you know where this is going. But just for fun’s sake, you play dumb. “I still need my proper shower, too, by the way.”
“Okay… But we’re saving up on water, right?” You stare up at him in innocence. Godgodgodgod. He’s really doing that. 
Jungkook slaps your ass, and you yelp. “Don’t play stupid. You know what I’m saying.”
“What? We clean up together… Save water. I don’t have to shower again in the morning and can sleep in. It sounds like an amazing idea, if you ask me.”
You contemplate his idea. In all honesty, you know that he’s aware of your teasing and fake hesitation – but you think he likes the act. If it was up to him, he’d probably want you tapping your chin and all, cartoonesque.
“You do shower long…” You then conclude.
“Yeah. And so do you.”
“So what do you say, Pumpkin Pie?”
“Mmmh. Okay.”
His eyes blow wide. “Really?”
You grimace at him. He’s adorable. After all he’s said and done, he’s still astonished at your response? An actual dork. But you still nod.
“Oomph,” he says. “Imagining you under the shower.” He’s talking more to himself than anything. “Might be just a bit more insane than imagining you naked in general.”
More than a decade of being friends and a couple of years of living together should’ve suggested at least once that thoughts can’t stay pure 24/7. Especially when hormones raged and you grew a pair of tits, you should’ve known his mind derailed a little on at least one occasion.
Still, you’re surprised.
“Did you imagine me naked before?” You wonder.
“Are you kidding me?”
The answer shoots out of him like a bullet, almost as fast as he lifts his body to come to a stand. You don’t bother about an answer when he grabs the condom and something else, then offers you a hand, pulling you up butt naked before guiding you to the bathroom.
“Calm down,” you joke. One hand covers your nipples, even though you’re not sure why. What’s done is done already, and you can’t and don’t want to burn the image of you exposed from his mind.
“Too late.” Once in front of the bathroom, he stops, lifting a finger. It’s funny how casual your conversation is and how naked you are. “Wait here.”
Twenty seconds pass, and he returns with two candles in his hands, planting and lighting them up on the washing machine. This idea better not backfire.
The small room is cooler than his own, and the porcelain sink he pushes you against when you enter, placing the condom and the small bottle he brought at the edge of it, is even worse.
You shiver and hiss before his fingers grip your chin. He pulls your face to his own, bringing your hand to his crotch as his kiss catches your breath.
His warm, towering cock twitches in your palm, making you moan into his mouth. You attempt to unify your bodies, shifting closer, but he keeps pushing you backwards. Your back arches over the sink, and the kiss stops, his lips opening yours, suffocating against you.
“You’re so fucking hot, you know?” He maffles, stepping back but not without pulling you along.
You can’t wait to step back into his room later to investigate where your discarded clothes lay.
For now, you smile, delighted when his lopsided smirk matches yours. He kisses the tip of your nose before he draws a deep breath. Brings the both of you into the shower and then lets hot water rain down on you.
The liquid burns hot on your shoulder first, and Jungkook exclaims something incomprehensible as he regulates the temperature pouring out of the faucet. The procedure remains calm and quiet, unusual for a bickering pair like you.
But once he gets soaked under the water, shaking his hair out of his eyes just to push it back with his hands… You can’t keep your mouth shut anymore.
“Jungkook,” you whisper.
He puts a hand on your waist and the other on your cheek, stepping closer carefully. For a second, you think he looks at you like nothing else in the universe matters.
Your stomach bubbles… Your heart pounds.
“Hmm… Yeah?”
“I imagined you,” you tell him. “Us… Like that before, too.”
“Really? How?” He whispers back. Your vision is blurry – you don’t know if it’s the water’s or the moment’s craze’s fault.
All you know is that you want to remember his touch on your face, the shower warming your chest, trickling into your soul.
He keeps brushing back your drenched tresses lovingly and softly. You almost forget how to act purely horny, enabling tenderness and feelings until your nipples press against his torso and his cock moves against you again.
“I feel like you’d enjoy,” you near his ear, breathing, “sucking on my tits as much as I would.”
He grins.
“I’m more of an ass guy, though.”
On cue, he grabs a handful of your rear, pulling out a weird sound out of you that you regret immediately. He doesn’t bother as much as you. He’s busy staring at your lips and getting familiar with your ass.
“Right,” you say, distracted by the (intentional?) movements of his cock. You want to… You really want to… “Can I– can I suck you, ass guy?”
The embrace around you loosens up. According to his expression, he probably didn’t predict your question; but you think a man with a dick like his should expect that everyone wants to suck him dry.
But anyways–
Perhaps his surprise is a good thing, because the way his mouth drops open when you bring your hand to his shaft is priceless.
“Wow,” he expresses under his breath. “I’d be fucking stupid to say no, right?”
“Yes. I’m pretty good at this.”
You wrap your fingers and palm around his hardness, twisting your hand and alternating the pace. Your thumb runs over his slit, tempted to taste what already leaks out. One smile is all he gets before you choose to drop to your knees instead. Sacrificing their flawless state.
He shifts to the wall until his back hits its coolness, speechless when you look up at him, trying your hardest not to ogle at the delicious cock angry in front of you, and then stretch out your tongue.
You press it to the underside of his cock, making sure he feels you breathing, and then you shove his member into your mouth before it can slap back against his stomach.
Holy fuck, he really is hard.
“I believe you…” He says, his breaths rigid. “Barely doing anything, but it’s…”
So good.
First, you focus on the head. Swirling your tongue around it, you hum, hearing him hiss above you. You do your best, but you don’t know just how much you actually affect him.
Because from above, Jungkook’s point of view is something he doesn’t think he could even dream of. The sounds of you quietly gagging and slurping, constantly moaning and vibrating around him rile him up. The fact that you’re struggling to control your breathing, because you’re too immersed, apprehensive to stop.
And your lips, God, your lips, they wrap around him perfectly. He wonders what it’d look like if you were wearing lipstick, or how your non-waterproof mascara would run down your cheeks if he fucked your mouth.
You pull him out to catch a breath, using the pause to stroke him lightly. Leaning closer, you take a moment to rub the tip against your nipple – he seems to like it, because the bite of his lip is firm.
Then, you move your gentle touch to his balls and speak. “Is that alright?”
“I… alright?” He croaks, furrowing his eyebrows. “How about you suck me dry every fucking day, huh?”
“If I’m allowed to.”
You laugh a little, inhaling through your nose before you dive in again. This time, you let him in as much as you can take. Small fireworks explode on your tongue when his precum touches it, his cock twitching more between your lips as you suck harder.
“You are… Fuck, of course you are…” He permits, throwing back his head. Tattooed digits sneak into your hair, and when he pulls your head back, you disconnect from his cock with a plop sound. “But pause for now, k? Wanna fu–”
He can’t speak, so you guess you succeeded. But you get it… You’d rather he fucked you too instead of coming in your mouth. 
A hand wrapped around your neck gently pulls you up to your feet. His jaw is clenched and sharp, and his eyes are piercing. He looks so fucking hot wet like that, drawing out his tongue to run it between his lips.
His mouth lures you in automatically, your gaze frozen on it and already imagining his taste. But he’s a step ahead–though in another twisted way–when he turns you around without a warning.
He pins your tits against the wall and tugs at your hips until you’re angled just right for him. Then, he leans in to voice one single order. “Stay like that.”
His wish is your command, anytime.
Panting, you let the water pour onto you, waiting. The small bottle he brought, undoubtedly lube, is placed in the shower caddy next to you, and before you can blink twice, you hear a package ripping open.
“Hurry,” you beg, recognizing the amused chuckle you definitely expected.
“Chill,” he says. “Gimme just a moment, princess.”
Another sneer, more apparent complications, but in the meantime he distracts you with words that leave you unstable. “Fuck, I wish I could go in just like that.”
You want to say he can. But you don’t want to risk another rejection like before… Your heart and ego can only take this much.
For now, you push the thoughts aside, only focusing on the fact that you’ll be railed by Jeon fucking Jungkook. That he’s turned you around to finally weaken your knees, to batter your pussy, that you’ll actually be having sex with him in no time.
Or whenever he figures out a solution to his problem.
He turns away the showerhead and curses at the condom or whatever, and you laugh, still bent in an uncomfortable position.
“Harder than you thought, huh?” You joke.
As a response, he exhales, then grabs your waist as he delivers a verbal answer. “My dick or putting this shit on? Because yeah.”
Apparently, dealing with the condom wasn’t too impossible after all. Because once it’s done, his hands are on you again, one pulling you in further by your hip while the other spreads your pussy folds.
Then, his fingers disappear, grabbing the bottle of lube to fiddle with the liquid and placing it back in no time. You can hear the sounds that smearing it onto his dick causes.
And then you hear it even worse when he brings those exact digits back to your cunt. He contributes the rest of the lube by rolling his fingertips around your entrance and then pumping into you a couple of times. You moan out, and impatience grows faster.
“Okay,” he says, his voice still steady. “You tell me to stop if it ever hurts, alright?”
You nod, and he whispers, “Perfect.”
And then, it happens.
And it takes ages.
Not really due to hesitation or anything like that, but more because the cock intruding your walls just doesn’t stop. The shaft, rich in thickness and length, penetrates you deep, already overwhelming, and you’re sure he isn’t even halfway through.
“That enough?” He asks.
You shake your head. No. You don’t think anything will ever be enough, no matter how intense and mind numbing things become. More, you want all of him.
“More,” you repeat, speaking out loud.
Yeah. You’re as much in disbelief as him. But your body – it knows what it’s pleading for, what signals it’s sending to your brain and then to your tongue.
“Please,” you beg. “I’ll tell you if I feel uncomfortable. I promise.”
A groan. A deeper push. He fills you to the brink, engulfed by you perfectly. The ideal lock to his key… Everything inside you tingles and aches.
When he’s bottomed out, he shifts and you feel the movement inside you. Mewling, you whisper his name, his ears perking up as his already drained voice calls back to you.
“Move?” He wants to know, his entire sentence abandoned.
So he does.
Long, slow, languid and careful strokes. He pants behind you. The shower water is still a bit too hot, but it doesn’t compare to whatever the fuck he’s kindling inside you.
Whenever he returns back deep, you lose your mind a bit more. And whenever he notices, his pace fastens by a tiny, tiny fraction. Until restraint becomes a foreign concept.
“Fuck, I wish I could…” His sentence breaks as much as you do when his hips meet yours. “Wish I could keep the imprints of your hands on the wall forever.” He thrusts into you hard once, hands pushing up your ass. “Wish I could see you pressed against it.”
He leans forward, his wet chest touching your soaked back. Kissing your cheek and neck, you slip into the craze only he can call forth. Fucked by him in the flickering candlelight, romantic for a fly on the wall, but sickeningly filthy in reality.
You’re a fool, because the thought of romance rests in the back of your mind right now – so you add to the already established sins when his hand brushes your neck.
“Jungkook…” You purr.
His movements slow down at the call of his name. You reach out an arm and turn the stream of water off – after all, you’re here to save the environment and yourself. That you’ve barely been focusing on showering is neither your fault.
Jungkook doesn’t question whatever you do. You don’t think he cares much about his surroundings anyway, everything around him is blurred but you. His lips still roam your shoulder when he shoves himself inside you balls deep and then pauses there.
You whisper his name again, drawing out another deep hum right next to his ear, and then spit it out.
“Choke me.”
You wonder. If you hadn’t turned off the water, would it have frozen to ice, too?
Because the wall and the room suddenly cool down and you swear he’s stopped breathing. You press your underarms and your forehead to the wall, eyes closing and asking yourself whether you made a mistake.
But… But maybe not.
In the next moment, Jungkook suddenly laughs a little, quiet but enticing enough to make your scalp tingle. He pushes the hair out of your face and your neck, slowly tracing your skin downward until he touches the spot over your vocal cords.
His fingers lift your head, breaking the contact to the wall. Gently rubbing your jaw with his thumb, he starts wrapping a huge hand around your neck… Silently at first before he finally answers.
“Shit, you’re so much dirtier than the good girl I know.”
No matter how simple the sentence, something in it awakens ambiguity in you. The realization that you’ve successfully surprised him. And at the same time, the urge to remain his good girl.
You want to be all of it for him; want to be the only object of affection for him.
“Can tell you the s-same.” You gasp when he squeezes the sides of your neck, just below your jawline. “This isn’t–” Biting your lip, you pause, distracted by his palm. “Not what puppy eyed boys should be doing.”
He lifts your body wordlessly, only laughing at your words in delight. Still sunken inside you, he straightens your posture just a bit, careful to not apply any kind of pressure to your windpipe. He knows what he’s doing – sex couldn’t be safer with anyone else.
At least that’s what you know, judging the choking experiences you’ve gathered with other men or women so far.
He leans into you, kissing your temple as he hammers into you again. The squeezes around your neck differ: His motions follow a varying pattern; your veins pulsate.
You imagine his clenched jaw or his furrowed eyebrows. The furious look on his face that doesn’t really suggest anger but blissful pleasure. You imagine his teeth trapping his lower lip, dimples on his cheeks, wet dark hair restricting his vision.
All that combined with all the godless things he says.
“I can’t believe we haven’t done this before… But…”
A sharp thrust pushes you forward, and one of your hands reaches behind you to grip his hip. Good God, he’s so fucking large. Human anatomy and logic aside, he must be battering your guts along with your pussy.
“But I knew I’d fuck you one day.”
He has no remorse. He’s either too trapped in you to notice what he’s doing to you or he knows exactly what he’s doing to you. Either way, your faltering soul can barely still handle him.
“You fucking devil,” you only respond.
And the devil has the audacity to leave your neck to slap your tits. How dare.
You yelp and your sound continues when he pinches your nipples, soft at first before his nips become harder. Defenseless in his grip, your knees almost buckle, especially when he talks to you again.
“My God, you’re letting me do fucking anything I want.”
“It’s… It’s the dick,” you tell him, already embarrassed. “Too good.”
“Ah? Thanks.” Letting his hands drop from your sensitive tits, he finds your clit again – you think you might cry. “Little reward for being so good for me?”
You want him to elaborate, but you soon learn what that reward consists of anyway.
He caresses your clit slowly and gently, accompanied by occasional light slaps. No rest for the wicked seems to be his motto today, not that you can complain.
Because a minute later, his fingers combined with the reckless, now fast paced plunges throw your world into chaos once more. You scream out his name, barely able to breathe. “Kook, I’m… I–”
“I know. Let go for me, Pumpkin. You’re all good, okay?”
His promises and soft reassurances make you fall harder into the fondness you already feel for him. If there was ever a point of return, he’s annihilated it once and for all now.
Who are you to doubt him? So you let another mind blowing orgasm wash over you. It rolls in hard, showing in your broken moans and curling fingers. He holds you up on your melting legs, an arm around your tummy.
“Hold on for me,” he snarls against your cheek, and you try. You really try your best, but your body’s giving up, trembling at the peak’s intensity that’s shaking up your insides. “Gonna cum, too…”
One more. You can afford one more indecent idea.
“Cum on my ass, Kook.”
“Fucking hell, baby.”
That’s all. That’s all he needs.
No hesitation in sight, he steps back and out of you, angling your body again by pulling your ass back as much as possible. The condom falls somewhere next to you – you see it from the corner of your eyes before you hear the way Jeon Jungkook climaxes.
Which is: With extra guttural groans, a quivering breath, fingers digging deep into the flesh of your butt and–what you realize when you look back at him–with super uncontrolled pumps of his cock.
“Fuuuuck,” he moans when his seed shoots hot onto your bottom.
It takes a few seconds for him to empty himself completely, and he keeps swearing, keeps saying something you barely understand. 
But what you do understand, even though you’re absentmindedly focusing on his fingers spreading the cum on your back, is, “Gonna punish you for being so fucking hot one day.”
“That a promise?” You ask, still breathless.
He laughs. “Brat.”
The whole affair ends almost the way it started: Carefully and slowly, bickering thrown in here and there. But aside from the obvious fact you’re showering together, still so, so naked, there are more differences you notice when he lets the water run again to clean you up properly.
Like, his look. A smile you haven’t seen before, you think.
Very soft touches along your cheeks, fingers combing through your hair like you’re something fragile. 
Questions such as, “Are you okay? Was that okay? Do you feel good, Pumpkin?”
Also… The hecking forehead kiss when you smile and nod.
The mood has shifted, albeit to something pleasant, once everything’s said and done. He puffs out a breath, discarding the neglected condom. Before he wraps you in a towel, his thumb brushes over your tattoo once more – his eyes look fascinated and affectionate, but he doesn’t comment on it again.
He doesn’t guide you back to your room but to his, drying you up thoroughly and affectionately.
He lets you leave for just a moment, telling you that you need to come back once you’ve found stuff to sleep in. His behavior is odd, but instead of questioning it, you indulge in his tender care.
But in the end, he only lets you wear your fresh pair of underwear and your shorts, snatching your shirt to throw it onto his desk. He rummages through his closet silently and only speaks once he’s handed you one of his cotton shirts.
“Take this?”
His tone is different from how he sounded the rest of the night. Not demanding, but kind of questioning. His teeth nibble at his lip and then he says, “I think you’d look good in it… Just if you’re up to it.”
He doesn’t stutter or hesitate. Like he dreamed of this for ages.
“Okay,” you mutter.
Taking a seat at the edge of the bed, he waits until you’re done, incredibly ecstatic when you smoothen the fabric over your body. He praises you, “Knew it. Beautiful.”
Then, his mouth falls shut. The joy melts into something softer. His eyes drink you in from head to toe, and he lifts both arms to tangle his fingers with yours.
You oblige, letting him pull you closer softly. Tilting your head, you speak up. “What’s up?”
But he doesn’t elaborate. “Nothing,” he only tells you with a smile.
You knew it. There’s something he’s thinking of profusely and he doesn’t want to keep it hidden. Thank God.
“Yeah?” You spur him on.
“Um… Stay here tonight.”
…Oh. Oh–
After all the things that went down tonight, his offer still strikes you like lightning. There’s a dull thump behind your chest and a growing ache in your stomach. You don’t know what it is and don’t understand why your body reacts that way.
You should be swarmed with butterflies. But instead, a ball of something strange forms inside you.
Maybe because he asks like your room isn't right next to his. Or as though you’d be gone and out of reach for miles if you stepped over the threshold of his bedroom now.
But… You’d be insane to resist.
So you let him drape the blanket over the both of you, crawling next to him.
“Lemme–” He says. You don’t get the opportunity to lay against his heartbeat, because he does it first. An arm holds your body close, his cheek pressed against your chest. “Like that. Feels good.”
He tangles his legs with yours, sighing in extreme satisfaction. You’re sure he’s dozing off when you interrupt by joking, “We didn’t save that much water after all.”
His voice is just a mumble when he speaks. “You did turn it off, though…” You chuckle quietly, and he pulls you closer to him. “I’ll use the college shower for a few days, okay?”
The things he’s ready to do for you…
In hindsight, you don’t think it’s the physical attraction you’ve been feeling for weeks that led to tonight’s fiasco. It’s not hormones or his jawline. Thinking, your emotions might date back to a time you can barely remember.
Because those subtle sacrifices he makes, the caring statements, the love he carries for you that shows in tiny, tiny things. Platonic or not, a bond like yours was bound to make you fall as hard as you did.
You think you remember what occurred that set you on fire so much hotter recently. Just right now… It might not be the time to speak about it yet, so you stuff the secret memory back into your mind.
Zeroing in on the mention of college, you stretch sideways, telling him to hold on a moment.
“Hm?” He mumbles.
“Setting an alarm.” The phone screen lights up your face and you squint one eye shut. “We’re still college students, Jungkook.”
“Mmmh,” he groans in displeasure. “Do we need to go?”
“I mean, do you wanna graduate?”
“I don’t know. I could strip for money.”
You laugh, holding him closer to you than before. Fondness seeps into him, and you notice when he digs his ear harder into your chest.
“Saw you naked, so speaking out of experience,” you support, “I think people would like that.”
He hums again. You feel his lips graze the shirt he gave you. “Would you be my manager?”
“If I get free shows.”
Nodding, he assures, “Of course. You can count on me, mon capitaine.”
“Oohhh,” you praise, tapping his bare bicep. “You can’t just quote The Beauty and the Beast and expect me to stay solid.”
He breathes out a throaty laugh, sounding right from his chest. “Stay solid?”
“Yeah. Look.” You palm his soft cheek, ignoring the way he leans into your touch. Ignoring what it does to you. And he’s smiling, too. “Do you feel me melting?”
“You’re so damn funny, you know?” He tells you.
Your face warms at his compliment, and you think you could fall asleep in satisfaction after all. That is. If there wasn’t what he says next of course. Out of fucking nowhere.
“Hey…” He begins and hesitates. His voice is quiet and drowsy, ready to drift off. “All that happened won’t change anything, right? Between us? Because I’m… I’m sorry if it makes things weird.”
Your heart skips a beat… He might have heard it.
That’s what he wants? To not change shit?
To remain platonic, friendly, close but not close enough. It won’t change anything? Because you thought it would.
But what are you supposed to say? Here, with him in your arms. You can’t start an argument or disrupt the evening you gifted each other. The preciousness of it can’t fade…
“No,” is what you say for that reason. “Of course not.”
“Good. Good, that’s important.” You don’t think he’s aware of what he’s saying. He sounds so tired, worn out after all the things he did today. The way he bids tonight goodbye is proof of that. “Night, Pumpkin.”
“Good night, Kook.”
Why did things happen the way they did? How did you let your guard fall? When did he decide it’d be okay to take a step further in his bed, in the bathroom, in the shower, only to go back to ground zero?
All those questions could plague your mind as you begin slumbering away. But they don’t.
Not yet.
author’s note: I am! sorry for the ending🥴 if you made it to the end of my very first real fic, thank you sowww much! did you enjoy it? let me know what you think--send an ask or reblog if you’d like, i’m really excited to know what you have to say bc feedback and support means everything💕 
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taleasnewastime · 19 days ago
What if I love you too much?
Tumblr media
Summary: Jungkook. It’s only a name you learn after your son kicks his ball over the fence. Before that you only knew him as the hot new neighbour who mows his lawn topless. And though you have no intention of getting to know him anymore than that, inevitably you do. You don’t necessarily fall, it’s too slow for that, but you definitely develop feelings you don’t intend to feel. Because you know men like him, and you know that whatever you’re feeling, he’s probably not feeling the same. All the same, however hard you try, you can’t help yourself.
Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Genre: fluff; angst; smut; single mum reader
Word count: 20.6k
Warnings: Single mum, small fights, explicit sexual content, oral (f receiving), safe penetrative sex, reader thinks Jungkook is cheating/playing the field, angst, but also fluff, child gets injured (though not seriously), talks of cuts and a small amount of blood.
Authors Note: Happy Saturday! Hope you’re having a nice weekend so far :) 
Tumblr media
“Ask him to mow your lawn.”
“What? Rosie, why would I –”
“Because look at your lawn, Y/N,” she twists to look at you with a flat face before looking back out your front window with dreamy eyes. “And then look at him.”
You look at the man in question, every glistening, no-tee-shirt-on, tattooed sleeved, square inch of him. Ok, so maybe you get her point a little. Still, you’re not about agree with her.
“I can mow,” you defend yourself instead. “And my lawns not that bad.”
“But can you mow like him?”
“Anyone can mow like him. He’s literally just going up and down the grass.”
“Y/N. Please. Just look at that body.”
“I thought you wanted me to look at his mowing.”
You catch her rolling her eyes as you twist to sit properly on your sofa, no longer wanting to objectify your new neighbour. You don’t even know his name and yet you’re already ogling at the beads of sweat that roll down the many abs he’s sporting. The feminist in you is ashamed.
“Then ask for some sugar,” Rosie continues, still looking out the window. “Or bake him some cakes to properly welcome him to the street, or I don’t know ask him to look after Zac.”
“Oh yeah, because that’s the way to any man’s heart. Please can you look after my four-year-old child?”
“Alright,” Rosie huffs, finally giving in and twisting to sit by you. “I was just brainstorming.”
“Well, thanks but no thanks.”
You stand, try to focus on the reason you came into the room in the first place. Before you spotted your new neighbour mowing topless you were cleaning the mess Zac, your four-year-old son, had left before he bulldozed his way into the garden. You love your son: he’s cute, caring, behaves and will happily entertain himself when you’re busy, but he has so much energy that sometimes he’s like a little tornado. You’re always cleaning up in his leave.
“You need to introduce yourself at some point,” Rosie continues, her voice taking on a more innocent tone, but you still know her game.
“He’s my neighbour –”
“– I don’t talk to all my neighbours. We’ll probably just smile if we happen to get out our cars at the same time.”
Rosie heaves a sigh as if you’re being utterly unreasonable. “You’re impossible.”
“You make it sound like I haven’t been with a man since Henry,” you’re still cramming toys into the plastic box you keep hidden behind the sofa when you say the name of Zac’s dad so miss the annoyed look that crossed Rosie’s face.
“Remind me who again?”
You stand up straight, twist to frown at her. Really?
“And don’t say Cam. We all know that was just a glorified blow job.”
You heat, shake your head as your frown deepens. You tell her everything but sometimes wonder if you should leave certain details out.
“There was Paul,” you begin but are put off by the look Rosie gives you. Ok, maybe she’s right, Paul was the IT guy at work that took you on two dates, the furthest you got was a kiss on your doorstep. “Urm, ok, fine. Though, dating a man is still being with him. But fine, what about Aaron?”
“Arrogant Aaron. That’s one.”
You don’t comment on the nickname, though she may have a point, you have bigger things to think about, your brain churning through the last four years to find any semblance of a relationship that will get Rosie off your back.
“James. One night, but it was good.”
“We’re up to two,” she says in a tone that implies you’re not doing well and need to improve.
“Ryan,” you almost shout the name at her when it pops into your head.
“Was Ryan really after Zac?”
“Yep, I remember Zac waking up screaming right when he was about to –”
“Auntie Roo,” you’re cut off by said screaming child.
Your lips seal shut, you both go stiff, if Zac wasn’t four, you’d both look incredibly guilty. Luckily he isn’t old enough to question it. Instead he does a light jump up and down in front of Rosie, eyes wide and smile broad.
“Please can you play?” The words are a little slurred together in his rush to get them out, some of the letters still not properly forming so when you’re with strangers you have to interpret for him. Rosie is fluent in four-year-old speak and the sentence was clear enough for you both to understand.
“Shall we play out front?”
You shoot daggers at the top of her head. She only smiles.
“But, I wanna play with Baby Boe.”
“Fine,” Rosie says still chipper, she stands to her full height rolling her eyes at you. “There’s at least no mistaking he’s yours.”
You give her a sarcastic smile as she twists and follows your son into the garden, Zac babbling on about something unintelligible, Rosie humming along as if fully engaged. You watch them disappear before going back to the task at hand, shoving the last toys into the box you collapse onto the sofa, happy to have even a minute of quiet to yourself.
Closing your eyes you can hear Rosie and Zac playing house in the back garden with his toy dog, Baby Boe. But there’s also that mechanical sound from earlier. You try to ignore it, but now alone you find it hard. Sitting up straight you make sure you truly are alone before twisting and looking over the back of the sofa.
Your neighbour is still there, on the last strip of grass now. You watch as he finishes, stops the lawn mower and then sweeps a hand through his hair. It makes his abs stretch and his arms flex. It only entrances you more. Rosie is right, he’s hot as hell, but what she doesn’t realise is that you don’t need that in your life. Sex is great, and though you’ve only had a few ‘relationships’ since Zac, there have been enough for you to know that however big the payoff may be, it’s never big enough.
You guess you’ll just have to appreciate the view with this one.
Tumblr media
You feel sweaty and tired but unfortunately your son is a bundle of never-ending energy, so here you are kicking a ball around your garden in the baking sun with Zac.
He’s giggling as you half force a smile on your face. It’s not that you’re not having a good time, you love time with your son, it’s more that you’ve been kicking this same ball around for nearing half an hour now. Anytime you’ve suggested doing something else Zac has had a near meltdown. It’s better to play along with it sometimes.
Zac hits the ball towards you, trying to get it between the section of fence you pretend to defend. You leap the wrong way letting the ball hit the fence with a bang.
“And he scores!” You cheer.
Zac screams, hands in the air he does a little running celebration, one he’s done after scoring every goal so far. It still makes you smile.
“What does that make it now, Zac?”
“One million!”
You laugh, fetching the ball and lightly kicking it in his direction.
“Come on then, let’s make it one million and one.”
Zac continues to giggle and run around the garden a little before running at the ball. You can see it’s a bad idea before he even kicks it but are too late to say anything. Zac’s foot hits the ball and it goes shooting towards you. You duck, cover your face with your hands on instinct. But the ball goes over you and the fence.
There’s a beat of silence before Zac realises what he’s done.
“Oh dear,” you say gently, already trying to do damage control.
Zac looks from the top of the fence to your face, his eyes wide with shock.
“It’s ok, we have another ball,” you say.
“But I want my ball,” his eyes are welling up, his bottom lip pouting out.
You try not to sigh and make the situation worse. Instead you go over to the house and pick up one of the other balls. It looks exactly the same, yet Zac doesn’t look impressed.
“This is your ball, Zac,” you try to fill your voice with excitement rather than annoyance. “This one is just as fun. Look.”
You bounce it on the floor before softly kicking towards him. Even you’d admit you don’t do a very convincing job at showing how great the ball is and judging by Zac’s tearful frown, he hasn’t been sold on your pitch either.
“Ok,” you sigh, Zac still looking tearful. “We can go knock next door and ask for it back, but he may not be in and then we’re not allowed to just go around and get it.”
“Because it’s not our house, is it?”
“But it’s my ball.”
“Yes, but we still have to ask nicely for it back, don’t we?” You don’t wait for a response to that rhetorical question, just continue to plough on. “Come on then.”
You hold your hand out and are rewarded with a smaller one placed in it. You head to your side gate, trying and failing to think about what you’re about to do and who you’re about to meet. He’s just a man. Really nothing to stress about. But having Rosie’s words in your head makes it feel like meeting him is something it’s not.
“You have to ask him Zac. So, what do you say?”
There’s a second’s pause filled with the grinding of your gate on the pavement. You look down at Zac when you’re out front and can see his brain working a mile a minute trying to work out the answer to your question.
“You say: I accidentally kicked my ball into your garden. Please can I have it back?”
“I accidentally kick my ball. Please can I have it?” He messes up the pronunciation of accidentally, it’s cute.
“Kicked it into your garden,” you correct as you approach your neighbour’s door.
“I kicked my ball in your garden. Can I have it?”
“Please,” you remind him gently before looking down at him.
He whispers the word back at you, now stood in front of the man’s door he looks a little less sure about the situation. Still, however much you’re also dreading this you’re going to do. it You need to have the confidence for both of you.
You take a breath before looking up and pressing the doorbell. There’s silence as you wait, neither you nor Zac saying anything.
Then the door’s clicking and being pulled open and then there he is. On a slight step above you, you have to look up a little to take in the wide smile he’s showing you. He’s got on a large white t-shirt, baggy black trousers and yet, even though he’s completely covered compared to when you saw him mowing his lawn and the top is not giving you even a hint of what lies beneath, you still feel flustered by his presence.
“Hello,” he says, eyes flicking between you and Zac, smile on his lips but a question in his eyes.
“Hi,” you squeak back, voice too high. “I’m Y/N and this is Zac. We’re your neighbours and uh, Zac here wants to ask you something.”
Both your eyes go down to your little boy who’s now clinging to your leg. He looks up at you unsure, his eyes quickly going to the man and then back to you. Your heart melts.
“Come on Zac,” you say in a far softer tone, your hand going to brush the back of his head. “Can you remember what we said?”
He mutters something that you can’t make out, his lips hardly moving, his eyes on the ground. Still, you look at the man to see his reaction. You’re surprised when you find him leaning in and down towards your son as if to better pick up on what he’s saying. Your heart does something funny and you have to mentally slap yourself to refocus.
“You’ve got to speak a little louder baby.”
Zac addresses you when he says, “Please can I have my ball?”
Well, at least it was louder and he used the word please. But it’s no surprise when you look at the man and he’s looking at you nonplus.
“Zac accidentally kicked his ball into your garden. We were wondering if we could go get it back?”
“Please,” Zac pipes in and while you flush the man seems to light up from within, a mixture of amusement and utter joy at your son embarrassing you.
“Yes, that’s right Zac,” you manage to keep your voice steady. “Please can we have our ball back?”
“Of course,” the man replies, looking between you both. “Why don’t I open up the side gate and you can go find it Zac?”
You look at Zac and he looks back at you unsure what to reply. You give a little nod of your head for encouragement and are rewarded with him looking back at the man and repeating your gesture.
“Give me a sec then,” the man says, standing back straight. “I need to do the bolt from the other side. Why don’t you go wait for me over there?”
You both look to where he points, the gate in question. Zac, now less nervous around the man starts without you. Glancing back at the man to be met with another smile, you swallow before following Zac.
It only takes a second for the gate to grind open. The ally is much like yours, concrete slabs leading down the side of his house to the green of his garden. The man stood in your way bends to look at Zac.
“Why don’t you go run in and have a look? See if you can find your ball in all my long grass?”
This time he needs no encouragement from you. It seems the man has gained his trust in the few minutes you’ve been in his presence. You feel him slip away from you and then watch as he runs down the ally into the garden, leaving you and the man alone. You scramble for words to fill the silence to make it less awkward, hope it doesn’t take Zac long to come back to you.
“Sorry about this,” your eyes flick to the mans which are already on you. “I promise there’s not normally balls flying over the fence.”
“Doesn’t matter if they do,” he replies with a small smile.
Ok. That’s that topic exhausted then with no sign of Zac coming back.
“You enjoying the new house?”
He flicks his head to the side to look at the house in question as if to remember before looking back at you. “Yeah, it’s a great neighbourhood. House needs a lot of work, but I’ll get there.”
“Ah, yeah. I can’t imagine Lindsey and Ron having the same interior style as you.”
“You could say it’s a bit dated for me.”
You giggle, actually laugh at the words as if they’re some amazing joke. It’s more trying to picture this man, this big, buff, man with such a pretty smile living in a house that was previously occupied by two seventy years olds that you don’t think decorated since they moved in forty years ago.
You cut the laugh off short when you realise how odd you must look. The man’s smiling back at you, a different smile to any you’ve seen so far, one you’re sure is him questioning your sanity and who he’s living next to. You cough, shift your weight from foot to foot as you peak over his shoulder praying for Zac to hurry up.
“Well, you’ve certainly managed to tame the front garden.”
“Just the floral carpets to go then,” he smiles at you, his eyes glinting with what looks like a thousand lights.
“Well, if you need a hand with anything, I’m happy to help,” you regret the words as soon as they leave your lips. You really don’t need to get tied up with your neighbour. “Though I have no DIY knowledge, so would probably be no help.”
He doesn’t look put off by your obvious U-turn. “I’ll keep you in mind.”
And you’re screwed. Honestly, is that all it takes? A good-looking guy, some smiles at you and your son and a bit of kindness? Rosie is right, it’s been way too long if a simple smile turns you on.
And just like that it’s broken. You bite back the warning of being careful running down the cement paved ally with the ball in his hands. Instead, just smile at your beaming son.
“You found it. Good job. Now come on, I’m sure,” your words slope off, only just realising you have no idea what your neighbours name is.
You look up at him and he fills in your silence with his name, “Jungkook.”
“Right. I’m sure Jungkook has things to do,” you say to Zac. “What do we say now?”
Zac goes a little timid again, squeezing the ball to his chest. “Thank you,” he mumbles before twisting and running back to your house.
“Sorry,” you wince, turning back to Jungkook. “And thank you.”
“It was nothing.”
“Well, thanks anyway,” you grow awkward and decide now is the time to follow your sons lead. “I guess I’ll see you around.”
“I’m sure you will,” he smiles back at you.
Twisting you start walking back to your house, already trying to forget everything that just happened. When you’re safe in the walls of your house you pull your phone out and type out a message to Rosie.
This is why I didn’t want to meet my neighbour.
As usual, it only takes a few seconds for her response to come – you swear she’s attached to her phone.
Tell. Me. Everything.
Tumblr media
There’s a knock on your door. You leave Zac colouring on the kitchen table so you can go answer it. You feel relaxed until you see who’s there. Your whole body going taunt at the sight of Jungkook at your door. Mind flicking through the possible reasons for him to be here.
“Hey, I was wondering if you wanted me to mow your lawns?”
It takes you aback, you’re pretty sure you might even recoil a little from the seemingly simple question. It might take a second but you end up smiling, have to bite your lip to hide how amused you are. It’s half due to how nervous he looks on your doorstep, but more because of Rosie and your conversation from when you first saw him. He must take your beat of silence the wrong way if his increased twitchiness is anything to go by.
“I was just doing mine and thought yours needed doing,” he almost cuts himself off in his haste to clarify. “Not that it looks bad or anything. Just that it could do with a cut. Or more that it saves you the job. And as I was already out doing mine, I thought it would –”
You properly laugh now. Loud enough to cut Jungkook’s ramblings off. He looks like he’s about to throw the towel in and head home but you stop him with a wave of your hand.
“Sorry,” you continue to laugh. “It’s just … of course you can mow my lawn.”
There’s a beat and then Jungkook’s face is turning more serious, a hint of amusement in his eyes as his head cocks to the side. Oh, god. Maybe that sounded like too much of an innuendo. You stand up straight, the laughter dying on your lips.
“I just mean I won’t be offended.”
“Ok,” he says, positions swapped, him amused and you awkward. “Need anything else doing while I’m here?”
“Uh,” you look behind you into the house as if to check before looking back at him. His smile seems to have grown in those few seconds. “Nope. I think we’re all good.”
“Just the lawns then,” he grins, seeming to relax into his position in your door.
“Just the lawns,” you squeak. “Please.”
He nods but still lingers. How does someone go from a rambling nervous mess to this? Though you’ve passed each other coming and going, this is the first time the two of you have properly spoken since Zac kicked his ball over the fence. You wouldn’t have predicted it would go like this.
“Want me to do the back too?”
You almost choke. “If it’s no trouble?”
He shrugs. “As I’m here.”
“Ok,” you look behind you again, for an escape, for a reason to look away from those shining eyes and cocky smile. You’re pretty sure he’s one of these guys that realises the effect he has on people and enjoys it. “Want me to bring you out a coffee or something?”
“I’m good. I’ll just get on with it.”
“Ok, well, thank you.”
“No problem, Y/N.”
You close the door and resist the urge to collapse on the floor.
Tumblr media
“If you kick it too hard, you’re going to have to get it,” you warn as you do another light kick of the ball in Zac’s direction.
As if in spite of your words or maybe because it’s no fun not kicking the ball hard, Zac launches the ball in your direction. Still, you laugh as you manage to leap to the side and stop the ball before it goes off down the hill behind you.
“Maybe we should go and play in the back garden?”
“No,” Zac half screams the word. “There’s horrible fences there.”
He’s referencing the time he kicked the ball over the fence and then had to go collect it. Apparently it was such a jarring experience that he doesn’t like playing there anymore, though you would have thought being able to go in the neighbours garden would be exciting for him.
“Ok, then we have to kick a little softer.”
He follows your request a few times before once again deciding playing by your rules is boring. You let it go for a bit, giggling along with Zac as you leap and try and save each of his kicks. You do a few of your own rouge kicks just so he has to run a little and it gives you a minutes piece. Award for mum of the year over here.
You’re shouting something about how great one of Zac’s kicks is when you hear a door slam. You don’t think too much of it until you hear a voice shouting out.
“Already training for the Premier League?”
You look over to the voice and are met with a beaming Jungkook slowly walking towards you, baggy trousers and just as baggy a top blowing in the breeze. You don’t think you’ve ever seen him not smiling.
“I think we still have a way to go if that’s the aim,” you joke back, looking back at Zac just in time to see him kick a ball that goes miles to your right. Luckily, it’s not a missile like some of his others, but it still feels embarrassing having to jog after the ball with Jungkook now as an audience.
By the time you have the ball back in possession and are back to where you were once stood Jungkook is only meters away. Still smiling and you catch the end of him telling Zac what a great kick he just did. He goes shy, something you always find funny as he’s always a screaming ball of energy around you and other’s he knows, you love seeing this other side of him. Still, it means you need to hold the confidence for both of you.
“Is there room for one more?”
The question takes you off guard, even though he’s made the effort to walk the short distance to be stood here.
“Uh, sure,” you say then look at Zac. “That’s ok, isn’t it Zac?”
Zac doesn’t look sure but luckily he’s currently too shy to dispute you. You also don’t give him much time to disagree with you, lightly kick the ball in Zac’s direction before he can think.
He’s gentler when he kicks it back to you, his aim surprisingly good for once. You feel a small amount of pressure when you kick the ball to Jungkook, trying to include him. It feels like when you were once in school and were laughed at for throwing the rounders ball miles off the mark. It doesn’t go badly, though Jungkook has to step a little to his left to pick it up under his feet, he expertly flicks it between his feet and then knocks it on to Zac.
Zac looks mesmerised by the simple move that you’d never be able to replicate. You can see his nerves slowly cracking with a small smile going to his lips. He still kicks the ball to you, but as the game goes on and as you and Jungkook try to change the direction a few times, Zac finally completely lets loose.
He’s giggling and doing big kicks again. He’s laughing at Jungkook doing more little tricks with the ball before he kicks it on. And he even starts to shout little bits, imitating the words the Jungkook cries out, what a save, that was close, such a good touch.
Soon enough you’re out, you’ve lost your son to your neighbour and a football. Neither of them are kicking the ball anymore, their running at each other trying to do tackles. At least Jungkook seems to realise he’s playing a four-year-old and not someone his age, his tackles are light and he always kicks the ball a little too far and is a little too slow to pick it back up letting Zac get it.
“I’ll go get us some drinks,” you say to seemingly no one. But you don’t really care because your son looks so happy.
His laughs fill up the street as you make your way back to the house and when you look back you watch as Jungkook tackles him and lifts him up into the air, easily tossing him around in the sky making Zac laugh even harder.
You may take a little longer than necessary to make the drinks.
Tumblr media
You’re out-front playing with Zac again. Well, less playing and more sat on the curb watching Zac play. You’ve had a day at work, still need to cook yours and Zac’s dinner but you promised you’d come out and do something first. Given Zac is a ball of energy it’s better to let him get all of that out now, so he’ll go to sleep earlier. That’s always the aim anyway, sometimes it’s just not the reality.
The back garden apparently isn’t good enough for him now. After playing out front and Jungkook joining him on more than one occasion you think he secretly hopes that’s going to happen every time. He doesn’t outright ask for it, but you know your son and you can see the utter joy whenever he gets to play with your neighbour.
You watch Zac run around with one of his teddy’s, rambling on about how the dinosaur is going to get them so they have to go to the volcano.
Even if you’re not necessarily playing with Zac, you love this time spent with him. It’s always just been the two of you and though that’s been hard at times, there’s never been a moment you’ve truly regretted it. You thought you loved his dad, but that was nothing compared to what you feel for Zac.
The sound of a car pulls your attention from Zac. It’s rounding the corner onto your road, still far enough and going slow enough to not panic you, but you know Zac will be oblivious.
“Zac,” you shout, standing up. “Zac. There’s a car coming, you have to wait on that side of the road for it to pass.”
Zac looks over at you, wide-eyed as he takes in the information. You can’t deny that your heart swells a little at the fact he so obediently runs to the side of the road, even picks the side that’s closest which is opposite you.
You smile at him as the car gets closer but it stops before reaching you. You can see the confusion on Zac’s face about what he should do. The car’s stopped but it’s still so close, is he allowed to continue to play?
“It’s ok Zac,” you say just as the door to the car opens.
Zac runs along the pavement for a second, obviously still not entirely sure, but when the car door opens, he must deem that good enough to know the car’s not going to move again and runs out into the road.
You watch him for a second before glancing at who got out the car. You smile at the woman you’ve never seen before. Dressed in a nice skirt and top, you shouldn’t be surprised when she makes her way to your neighbour’s house. You look away as she goes up his drive and rings the bell; it’s none of your business who Jungkook chooses to spend his time with.
Zac obviously doesn’t feel the same.
“Jungkook,” your son shouts out the name, the k sound more like a g and the last one isn’t pronounced so it sounds more like Jun-goo then anything.
Still your neighbour looks over at the shout. His guest too. Now stood on the doorway, in the middle of greeting each other. Jungkook instantly smiles while it takes the woman a second longer. You just feel mortified.
“Zac, darling, I think he has a guest.”
“But I want to play.”
You glance over at your neighbour’s front door; both are still looking at you and though you’re sure they can hear your conversation they seem to be having their own more silent conversation. You feel hot when you look back at Zac. Though you shouldn’t feel embarrassed, you somehow do.
“He can’t play right now because –”
You’re cut off by a scream that sounds like the name Jungkook as Zac goes running in his direction. Truly mortified now you turn to jog after him, calling his name as you go. You manage to catch up to him as he reaches Jungkook’s lawn, place a hand on his shoulder to try and settle him.
“Zac,” you say firmly but as quietly as you can. Jungkook and the woman can definitely here you, you’re only a few meters away, but you’d rather they didn’t. “You don’t run away from me like that and you don’t cut me off when I’m telling you something.”
He looks wide-eyed up at you, lip pouted as if there are about to be water works soon. He’s at the age where everything he asks, he assumes he can get. No isn’t a word unless he’s saying it. And when you tell him anything other than yes, he gets stroppy. It’s a cute age, but it’s tough.
“I just want to play,” Zac mumbles.
You hold your hands out in a silent question that he accepts. Leaning down you pick him up under the arms. It’s more like lifting some weights at the gym then the baby you once had but settled onto your hip and arms cuddling your side make it all worth it. You’re about to speak words of comfort to him before apologising to Jungkook and his guest but a different voice changes that.
“It’s ok,” you look up to see Jungkook stepping towards you, the girl in his entry way looking at you over his shoulder. “I’d love to play with you too, Zac, but I can’t right now. Can I maybe play with you a different night?”
You feel Zac’s head nod against your chest where it’s lay. You run a soothing hand down his arm while you shoot Jungkook an apologetic look.
“You really don’t have to do –”
“No, I mean it. I love playing with Zac.”
You doubt the twenty something year old really enjoys playing with your four-year-old son. Especially as it has just become apparent he has a girlfriend. But the way he says it and the way he smiles; you can almost believe it.
“Well, we need to get in and cook dinner anyway don’t we, Zac.”
There’s another small nod against you and you look between Jungkook and the girl again. You feel so incredibly awkward, though Jungkook looks a little worried if anything.
“Sorry, for ruining the start of your evening,” you say to them both, twisting and carrying Zac back to your house before you can gain a reply. You’ll distract Zac with food. Your own embarrassment might be harder to hide.
Tumblr media
“Hey, let me help you with that.”
The weights that were your shopping bags are lifted out of your hands before you can protest. Soft, warm fingers run along yours to grasp the handles and then they’re gone. You turn to look at the man responsible.
“Jungkook, you really don’t have to,” but it’s like you’re talking to a wall, or more a back, as Jungkook has already turned and is heading to your front door.
“You get the others and it’ll be done in half the time,” he says over his shoulder.
You huff, still not exactly happy with the assumption you needed help, but you don’t audibly protest as you pick up the last remaining bag and follow Jungkook.
“You really don’t have to –”
“Just unlock the door,” Jungkook cuts you off, giving you a small smile and adding. “These bags are starting to get heavy.”
You roll your eyes as you do as asked, placing your bag on the floor before unlocking your front door and letting Jungkook in. He waits for you to come in before he follows you to the kitchen.
“You can just place them here,” you say before turning to look at him.
He’s all smiles again and you’re not sure why you’re so irked by the whole thing. You should be thanking him, but it’s more about what he’s slowly started to make you realise. Zac doesn’t have a man in his life and Jungkook creeping in even in these small ways has made you see how much that might be affecting him. Jungkook hasn’t done much, he’s played football out front with your son, he’s smiled and told him jokes in passing, he’s asked him a few simple questions about his life. And yet your son has lit up with every interaction.
It's ever since the incident the other day when Zac went running to him that got you thinking. You thought you were embarrassed because it looked like you couldn’t control your child, but since you’ve realised that it’s more because you’d started to get used to Jungkook in the same small ways as Zac and seeing him with a woman, presumably his girlfriend, made you realise that Jungkook probably doesn’t feel the same way. You’re just his neighbour and Zac’s just a cute kid. It’s not like you’re dating, or he owes you anything, but having had no help outside your family and Rosie since Zac was born has made even the small gestures massive.
You thought you were enough for Zac. You knew that you were possibly stopping him from experiencing something by staying single or not letting any of the men you’d dated briefly into Zac’s life, but you didn’t think it would matter. And yet so little from Jungkook has shown you how much it can mean.
You don’t mean to be rude or short with him, but these simple acts of kindness are starting to feel like an agenda. Like he’s out to prove that you’re not everything Zac needs.
You can make your son happy on your own. You can play ball with him and have fun and ask him questions about what he likes. You can carry bags into your house on your own; you’ve cooked and cleaned and worked and kept yours and Zac’s lives together longer than Jungkook’s been around. And yet Zac has never run to you the way he ran to Jungkook the other day.
“Zac not here today?”
“His Nan is looking after him.”
You can sense him looking down at you as you start to unpack your shopping. “That must be nice for them both.”
“Yep,” you say popping the p. “Certainly is.”
The silence elongates, tension rising in the gap. You can sense Jungkook watching you even though you don’t look at him as you start to unpack your food. You hear his feet shuffle on the lino floor and can see him leaning against the door frame out of the corner of your eye.
You should break it, should say something and stop being so childish, but you find you can’t, the longer it goes on the more it builds in your head. It’s as if every male that’s been in your life who hasn’t been interested in meeting Zac, everyone that you didn’t feel comfortable meeting Zac, every insecurity you had about stopping Zac from having the chance of a male figure in his life, has built up into Jungkook.
Still, you don’t ask him to leave, don’t say anything, just silently unpack as Jungkook watches you.
“Is everything alright?” It’s Jungkook that finally speaks.
“Why wouldn’t it be?”
“You just seem a little upset is all.”
“I’m fine.”
“Ok. Let me clarify, you seem a little upset with me,” he pauses, when you don’t reply he carries on. “Have I done something to annoy you?”
“Nothing,” you say finally looking at him.
“Just tell me Y/N,” he looks a little pissed himself now and you realise how unfair you’re being. You can think all these things and build it up in your head and realise how stupid you’re being, but to take it out on Jungkook and then not explain why; that’s not fair.
“I just don’t appreciate you coming in and treating me like I can’t lift some shopping bags on my own is all.”
“I never said you couldn’t do it alone. I offered you help.”
“Yeah, ok, it’s fine. I’m overreacting,” you say in a tone to imply the opposite.
“No, come on. That’s not everything, what is it?”
You pause, wondering how much to tell him. “I’ve been looking after myself and Zac far longer than I’ve known you.”
“I know that.”
“So you can stop coming into our lives and being Mr Perfect,” you wave your hands at his whole person at the words.
He laughs, shaking his head. “Mr Perfect?”
“Carrying my shopping in and playing with Zac and acting like you have your whole life together and we don’t.”
“I really don’t know how you got that impression. My life isn’t together. And I enjoy playing with Zac and being around you, but if you’re uncomfortable with that then I can stop.”
You sigh, mentally slap yourself as you twist and pull a chair out. Plonking yourself down you run a hand down your face. When you make eye contact with Jungkook again his face still holds annoyance, but he looks a little softer now.
“Sorry,” you start, body slumping with the all the fight leaving you. “I’m being ridiculous. You don’t make me uncomfortable playing with Zac, I guess I just realised how much he’s grown to like you and yet I hardly know you.” You pause then add with a small smile. “Though you really do look like you have your whole life together.”
Your comment seems to be enough to break the tension. Jungkook chuckles again, this time looking more genuine. He takes the couple of steps to close the distance between you and pulls a chair out so he can sit.
“Well, the first thing I can tell you is I really do not have my life together,” he doesn’t speak as loudly now you’re sat with no background clattering and the wide smile he shoots you has you looking down at your lap to hide your smile. “And you know, maybe we should get to know each other better. We’re neighbours for one, but I honestly do love Zac and if it would make you feel more comfortable then I can do a whole DBS check.”
You look at him, smile wider on your face. He seems to relax at the look, less tense now you’re no longer being annoyed with him.
“You don’t have to do a DBS check,” you assure him. “I guess it’s just been a really long day and my insecurities got the better of me. Sorry.”
“What? Been a long day or are you struggling to believe I have insecurities?”
His eyebrow lifts and you swear his cheeks tint pink. “Well, both I guess.”
“I arrived at work to a snotty email from someone telling me how to do my job and then I didn’t have time to buy lunch so had to have one of the crappy cafeteria sandwiches. To top it all off I had to go food shopping, arguably one of the worst chores.”
Jungkook smiles, nods and waits. You’d kind of hoped you’d be able to sweep the whole insecurities bit under the rug. Guess Jungkook is taking the whole getting to know each other seriously.
“As for insecurities,” you begin, words elongated as you grow more awkward. “I mean doesn’t everyone have them? But, uh, yeah. I mean Zac’s dad has never been in his life and I’ve never properly dated anyone since having him, or at least never thought anyone was good enough to introduce him to. And I’ve always wondered if I’m somehow stopping him from having a second parent.”
Jungkook cocks his head to the side. A small movement as if he’s deep in thought at your comment. Before he can say anything though you let out a small laugh and try to move on.
“Anyway, at least I have lots of food in the house now.”
“Zac’s not missing out on anything.”
The smile dies on your lips. The words are so deadly seriously. Like he means every word. You feel yourself heating even though he’s probably just saying it because he thinks it’s what you want to hear.
“You’re an amazing mum, Y/N. Zac isn’t missing out on anything by just having one parent.”
“Thanks,” you continue to flush. “You really don’t have to say that, but thanks anyway.”
“I don’t have to say it. But I mean it.”
“Well, ok, thanks. Moving on,” you say. “Can I get you something to drink to fully apologise?”
“I wouldn’t say no to a tea.”
You nod, getting up to turn the kettle on. You’ve got an hour of your mum looking after Zac before you’ve got to pick him up. Time you were hoping to spend on tasks you actually need to get done around the house. You can’t retract your offer though and as you settle into easy conversation you find you don’t want to.
An hour passes easily with your neighbour. Laughing and drinking your teas you find you have more in common than you’d have guessed. He’s a similar age to you, took the house on next door because it was within budget, big and something he could easily do up. You normally find that people around your age feel so different in age, are at different stage in their lives as you have so much responsibility in looking after Zac and they’ve just got themselves. But Jungkook feels different. It’s still just him and you can tell by some of the things he says that he’s considering things in his life you couldn’t, but he’s bought a house, has committed to doing it up, has a steady job he wants to progress in. He’s settled. It’s small things but you find your respect towards him grows as well as the amount you like him.
An hour later, you leave him with a wave as you head to your car and he takes the short walk back to his house.
Tumblr media
“Oh, who’s that?”
You fight the urge to look as soon as the words leave Rosie’s mouth. You still don’t want to appear too keen around her. Though you and Jungkook have grown closer, there’s still nothing between you and you still don’t want her getting the wrong impression.
“Who’s who?” You ask, playing oblivious.
She waves you over, doesn’t even turn to look at you. She’s in much the same position as when you first spied Jungkook. Body leaning over the back of the sofa, face almost pressed against the glass of your front window. If anyone were to look at your house, her face would be front and centre and while you imagine you’d die at being caught watching your neighbours so plainly, you imagine Rosie wouldn’t care, she’d probably wave at them.
“Just come look. Some girl is going to Jungkook’s.”
“Oh right, that’s probably his girlfriend,” you say flatly, unbothered, though you still make your way over to where she’s sat to take a look yourself.
“He has a girlfriend?”
The question goes straight through you as you watch the girl in question walking up his drive. Ok, maybe it’s not his girlfriend because this girl has different coloured hair, her skin is slightly darker, she’s shorter, just as beautiful as the other girl you saw, but she is not the same person.
“Of course he has the hottest girlfriend.”
The words pang even though you shouldn’t care, you shouldn’t even be looking out the window at her, yet you find yourself leaning forward to get a better angle to try and see Jungkook’s front door. Is he there? How’s he going to greet her?
“That’s not his girlfriend,” you reply.
“What? He’s cheating on her?” Rosie’s interest peaks, if possible.
“No. I mean, I don’t know,” you try to explain, Rosie looking at you with a frown. “I don’t know if he has a girlfriend. Someone came to his house the other week and I just assumed, but that’s not her.”
Rosie hums, focus going back outside. “Well, that makes sense.”
“It does?”
“A man that hot does not just settle down. He’s a player.”
“Right,” you say flatly, trying to keep the disappointment out of your voice.
“And I mean, with a body like that, why wouldn’t he?”
“Careful not to get your drool on my window,” you say as you push yourself to stand, no longer interested in watching whatever’s happening out front.
You go back to whatever you were doing before, trying to get the image of the girl out of your mind. You shouldn’t care. But it only seems to add to everything in your mind, becomes another reason in your mind to not get too close to the man.
Tumblr media
“Who the hell talked me into this?” You mutter to yourself as you apply the last bit of lip gloss.
Stepping back, looking at yourself in the mirror, you have to admit you scrub up nice. When you make a bit of an effort you don’t look half bad.
You’ve not been on a proper date in a couple of months. Life has been busy and it’s not been top of your list of things to do, but when someone at work said they knew someone they thought you’d get on with you reluctantly said you’d meet them. Maybe not reluctant, you’re excited to date, to have a night out with someone that isn’t Rosie, to enjoy yourself. There’s just still niggles in your mind about the whole thing.
You’ve still got half an hour before you need to leave. Your taxi booked, completely dressed and ready to go, Zac in bed, all you need now is Rosie to turn up to baby sit for a few hours.
You’ve only managed to take a single breath to try and calm yourself and have a couple of sips of the glass of wine you decided to pour yourself when your phone rings. Rosie’s name pops up on your screen and you smile as you answer it.
“Don’t tell me you’re going to be late.”
“Uh, worse, possibly.”
You sit up straight, move your glass of wine so you don’t accidentally knock it. “What do you mean possibly?”
“Ok, definitely,” Rosie sounds nervous, and you’re not surprised given the desire to kill her right about now. “But, honestly, it’s unavoidable. My car’s died and I thought I could get a taxi but the quote I got was for £50 one way and I’m not saying you’re not worth it, but, on top of it all my mum called and she’s not feeling great and I just thought I’d see if you really need me or if someone else could possibly step in, just for tonight?”
You resist the urge to wipe a hand down your face or pull at your hair; you’d just spent ages so you could look like this. But it sounds like it doesn’t even matter, the date obviously wasn’t supposed to happen. You check the clock, it’s still twenty minutes until your taxi should arrive, still forty minutes until your date.
“I’ll cancel, it’s fine, go be with your mum.”
“What? No, don’t cancel.”
“What am I supposed to do instead?”
“Can’t your mum look after Zac instead?”
“She has book club tonight.”
“Your brother?” She says, her tone already implying she doesn’t hold much hope there.
“Away on business.”
“What about someone from work?”
“Rosie. Honestly, it’s fine.”
“Jungkook,” the name throws you so off you don’t respond immediately. “What about Jungkook?”
“I can’t ask my neighbour to look after my son.”
“Why? They seem to get on great and Zac will be asleep the whole time anyway.”
“He’s probably busy.”
“But you don’t know. You should go ask before you rule him out.”
You chew at the inside of your cheek, torn. You really don’t want to ask Jungkook, but Rosie makes a good point. She seems to cotton onto the weakness and pushes.
“Please, Y/N. I feel so guilty that you might have to cancel this date because of me. I’d ask Jungkook myself, but I don’t have his number. I could find him on Facebook though, just have to hope he sees the message in time but I’m –”
“Ok,” you blurt to stop her.
“Ok? You want me to message him?”
“No,” you sigh, not believing what you’re about to say. “I’ll go round and see if he’s free.”
You can almost see the beaming smile that Rosie is surely sporting. She doesn’t let you hang around on the phone for much longer now you’ve made the decision she wanted. A quick comment to let her know how it goes and a goodbye and she’s gone.
Your eyes flick to the clock as if it’s going to hold some sort of information that’ll help you out. It doesn’t. Just tells you what you already know; you have less than fifteen minutes till your taxi arrives.
Nerves at an all time high you decide the whole thing will only take five minutes either way so Zac is ok in bed. Leaving the door open, you make the short trip from your house to Jungkook’s.
Are you really doing this?
You can hear the noise of the doorbell going around the house. It seems you are doing it.
Sweat builds on your palms. Heat seems to leave your body while gathering in your face. Your throat feels so tight that you wonder if you’ll be able to get any words out if Jungkook answers. Seconds feel like minutes and then when you hear his footsteps approaching they seem to thunder.
The door swings open. You watch in silence as his face goes from curious, to eyes wide in recognition, to a steady sweep of your body. His eyes are still wide when they meet yours but there’s something else in them now as well as a slight flush to his cheeks.
You’re too nervous to take much notice.
“Hey,” you start, but begin talking too fast for Jungkook to say anything. “So, I know this is asking a lot and I want to say straight away that if you’re busy, or if you just don’t want to then please don’t feel like you have to say yes. But I have a date tonight, hence the outfit, and my childcare has cancelled on me and I was wondering, if you’re free, if you could maybe look after Zac? All you’d have to do it is just sit downstairs and listen out for if he wakes up. Again, it’s fine if you don’t want to.”
His cheeks are still pink but there’s a smile on his face now. You honestly have no idea what he’s going to say.
“Y/N, I honestly don’t mind looking after Zac while you go on your date.”
The shock, the relief, the surprise; whatever he see’s pass your face makes a low chuckle leave his lips.
“Do I need to bring anything with me?”
“Uh, no. Not unless there’s something you need?”
His smile is gentle and kind as he looks at you. “Let me just grab my keys so I can lock up.”
You wait the few seconds it takes for him to grab his keys and then watch as he locks his door. You still feel weird as you wait for him, still nervous just in a different way now.
It’s silent as you walk side by side back to your house. You feel unable to look at Jungkook, though you can feel him glancing at you.
“You look nice by the way.”
“Oh, thanks,” your nerves seem to give Jungkook confidence.
“Where’s your date?”
“Just at The Botanist.”
“That’ll be nice. Is it a first date or ..?”
“Yep, first date,” you say as you enter your house. “So, there’s drinks in the fridge and help yourself to any food you find.”
“You might regret saying that,” Jungkook jokes but you’re struggling to find much funny with your emotions all over the place at the moment.
“And I’ll give you my number if anything goes wrong. Like I said he shouldn’t wake up but if he does you can give him some hot milk or read him a book.”
“We’ll be fine, Y/N,” Jungkook’s voice is calm as he leans against the wall and watches you shuffle around the room. “If Zac wakes up, I’m sure I’ll cope. I’m sure I’ll be able to find anything I need and work the TV. My house is literally meters away and like you said I can just call you if I need.”
You still feel almost shaky. You trust Jungkook but it’s one thing to leave him playing with your son for ten minutes out front and wholly different to leave him home alone for a few hours. Still, you trust him and know he’ll be fine.
“Just go and enjoy your date,” Jungkook continues. “Are you nervous?”
“I – yeah,” you admit. “It’s my first date in a while.”
“Well, you really do look great. You have nothing to worry about.”
“Thanks, Jungkook,” you say softly, meaning it for so many different reasons.
“It’s fine. Now, go on, get out of here.”
You do one last sweep of the room, slip your shoes on at the door and the linger for a second. Jungkook’s already made himself at home on the sofa, smile still on his face as he watches you. Your hand pauses on the door. It still feels weird to be leaving. But you give Jungkook a nod and head out the door.
Tumblr media
Your key slips on the lock. You sway gently side to side. Closing your eyes, you take a long, slow breath. When you open your eyes, the world is still spinning.
You try the key again. Fingers fumble, it takes a second, but you manage to get the key where you need it. You turn the key, but it doesn’t go as far as you expect. Your hand goes to the handle, you pull down and tumble forward into your house.
Giggling you pull your key out of the door. Why did you think the door was locked? Of course it wasn’t locked.
You bite your lip as you right yourself and try not to slam the door closed. You need to be quiet, Zac’s asleep upstairs and you’d hate to be the reason for waking him up.
You make the mistake of trying to balance on one foot as you take your shoe off. It doesn’t last much longer than a second, you sway so hard that you have to throw your arm out to grab the wall so you don’t wipe out on the floor. You keep hold of the wall as you safely remove your shoes this time.
Shoving your bag on the table by your door you close your eyes for a second, take another breath and then will yourself to go get a glass of water before bed.
It takes you far longer than it should to realise you’re being watched. Are stumbling through your living room to your kitchen when you spot him and you jump in the air.
“Fuck,” you curse, clutching a hand to your heart. “Jungkook. What the hell?”
“Have you had a nice night?”
You huff, a noise that sounds half like a no and half like a yes. “It was ok.”
Jungkook laughs and moves on the sofa so he’s sat up straighter. “That sounds like a rave review.”
You close your eyes and throw your head back. Water forgotten you move towards Jungkook instead, plopping down on the sofa next to him. Your eyes feel heavy but you feel awake enough to talk to Jungkook for a while.
“It was good.”
“But?” Jungkook turns towards you as you lean your head back on the cushions.
“Just that it was just good.”
Jungkook hums and you turn your head on your neck to look at him. He’s closer than you thought but it doesn’t make you pull away from him, however much that wide smile makes your heart stutter.
“You must know what I mean.”
His head cocks to the side. “And why would that be?”
“Because you’re always going off on dates,” the alcohol is loosening your lips, you’d never say anything of this if you hadn’t drunk.
“How much have you had to drink?” He laughs.
“I don’t know,” you shrug. “It was two for one.”
“So that’s what made it a good night?”
You giggle, the noise escaping you with little to no warning. “No, the guy was nice too.”
“Was that opinion formed before or after the alcohol was consumed?”
This time you reach round and slap his arm as you laugh. It pushes you closer to him, the knee you have folded on the sofa pushing into his leg. Your hand lingers on his arm and he doesn’t push you away. You feel the heat coming off him and realise what you’re doing. You pull away and the heat transfers from your hand to your face.
“God, sorry, maybe I’m more drunk than I thought.”
You pull away, twist so you’re facing forward again. Now you think about it your head is really spinning. Looking after Zac tomorrow is going to be fun.
“Want me to get you some water?” Jungkook’s asking the question even as he stands to do just that.
You watch him walk away from you and disappear into the kitchen. He looks so at home.
You close your eyes again and rest your head against the back of the sofa. Water sounds good, maybe it’ll clear your head a little, because now you think about it, being drunk and loose lipped around Jungkook probably isn’t the best decision.
“Here you go.”
A pint of water is in front of you when you open your eyes. You sit up straighter, hold your hand out to take the glass and then down nearly half of it before taking sips from it instead. Jungkook is still stood in front of you, a small smile on his lips as he looks down at you.
“Better?” You nod at the question and Jungkook’s lip curls at the edge. “You ok to look after Zac like this?”
“I’m not that drunk.”
“Ok,” he says with a small laugh, as if he doesn’t quite believe you. “I’ll leave you and Zac alone then.”
He only moves a little, is only standing up straighter, but the movement coupled with the words is enough for you to panic and reach out and grab his hand. Or more grab his wrist. And because he doesn’t move you can slip your fingers lower and land on their intended target.
“Wait. Don’t go.”
His smile has slipped now, his face flat as he stares down at you. He’s not gripping your hand back. You suddenly feel a lot more sober, feel like you’ve made a mistake.
“You’ve not told me how your night was yet,” you say in a much softer tone, your hand slipping out of his.
“I haven’t heard anything from Zac. I even went to look in his room to make sure he was actually there. He’s been fast asleep while I’ve watched trash TV all night.”
You nod, feel like you’re turning into a nodding dog at this point. But you don’t know what else to say. You’ve just asked him to stay and that short, closed sentence is clearly him telling you he’s heading home.
“Well, thanks so much for looking after him.”
“It was no trouble.”
You look up at him, wait for him to move, to leave you sat here alone. But he still doesn’t. It gives you enough confidence to keep talking, or maybe the silence is just eating too much into you that you feel a need to fill it.
“Do you want me to pay you?”
His eyebrows shoot up his head and you giggle, realising what he must be thinking and go on to clarify.
“I mean for babysitting.”
“Oh, no. I was only going to be sat next door doing the same thing anyway.”
“Right,” you swallow, mind whirling. “Well, I still feel a need to pay you back some way.”
“You really don’t need to do anything.”
“But you’ve done so much for me and Zac since moving in.”
“I’ve told you before I like playing with Zac.”
“And the mowing our grass?”
“It only makes sense when I’m already doing mine.”
“What if I want to pay you back?”
“I don’t want anything from you.”
He pauses, his eyes dark as he looks down at you. The air seems to thicken and though you don’t know how, you know you’ve got him.
His eyes follow as you push yourself to stand up. He doesn’t move to give you space as you come toe to toe with him. His eyes flick around your face as yours remain steady on his. You don’t touch him straight away, but you get close enough that all you’d need to do is lean forward and you’d be against him.
The silence feels loud now, both of you holding your ground, the anticipation rising.
“Are you sure you want this?” He swallows his eyes flicking to your lips.
Subconsciously you sweep your tongue along your bottom lip and are rewarded with Jungkook unable to take his eyes off the movement.
If you were completely sober maybe you wouldn’t be so brash. If you hadn’t just been on a rubbish date, thinking about how much better it could be if only the person sat opposite you was the man currently stood in front of you, maybe you wouldn’t be this bold. If Jungkook hadn’t been so kind, so thoughtful, so good looking, maybe you wouldn’t be doing what you’re about to do, maybe you’d be thinking twice about what a mistake it could turn out to be.
You close the gap, move slowly to let Jungkook back away if he wants. But he doesn’t. When you’re close enough, he places his hands on your hips and pulls you into him.
He tastes salty, like crisps. His lips mould to yours the way your body moulds against his. Your back arches up into him, his hand goes to the small of your back and his tongue slips into your mouth.
“Are you sure about this?” Jungkook whispers again.
You don’t have time to answer, now you’ve kissed him, you want all of him. You twist both of you so that when you push yourself into him and he has to take a step back, his knees hit the sofa. His eyes are wide, full of surprise as he lowers himself backwards. You don’t let yourself be shocked, this is so unlike you, but honestly you don’t care or overthink it.
Placing a knee either side of Jungkook you straddle him, place your lips back on his as you grind down into him. His hands fall to your hips again, squeeze the flesh there every time you drag yourself over his length. You can feel him, all of him, hard and long, pushing up against his joggers and right into you.
You need him. Now.
All rational goes out the window as you push yourself up enough to try and push his trousers down. Before you can get very far, Jungkook’s hands are encompassing your wrists, stopping you. He doesn’t seem angry when you look at him, there’s only an amused smile on his lips.
“What’s the rush?”
“I –” you pause, it’s enough time for you to come back to reality and realise how desperate you must look right now. You plop yourself backwards, sit on Jungkook’s knees as his hands slip from your wrists to encompass your hands. “I don’t know. Sorry.”
He pulls your forward enough to kiss your lips. You can feel the smile is still there.
“Let me at least go get a condom,” he mumbles.
You let out an embarrassed huff of air, your face scrunching in mortification while Jungkook just chuckles. He moves his hands to your hips, pushes you up and then gently gets you to lay on the sofa while he stands. You look up at him, embarrassed, but still don’t want him to leave.
“I’ll only be a minute,” he says before disappearing from view.
You’re left in the silence of your own embarrassment. Lay on the sofa you keep replaying the last ten minutes over in your head. Sure, it was great, kissing Jungkook has definitely exceeded expectations so far. But what must he think of you? Pouncing on him after a failed date.
You place your hands over your face and let out a small groan, missing the noise of the front door quietly closing.
“Don’t tell me you carried on without me?”
You peel your hands off your face, look up surprised to see Jungkook back. Part of you honestly thought that was an excuse to up and run. But there he is, beaming down at you, small foil packet in hand.
“You still wanna?” His voice drifts off, unsure.
You’re still in shock. But a quick glance down shows that he isn’t lying. His trousers are still straining at the groin.
You look back at his face, suddenly feeling very hot. You nod. Jungkook smiles.
“Good,” he mutters before taking his top off. “Because you still owe me.”
You watch as he takes his trousers off, leaving him only in his boxers. And then he kneels before you. Hand on either knee, he twists you so that your feet hit the floor and you’re sat in front of him. As he toys with the hem of your dress, you dutifully lift your arms to let him know he can take it off.
His eyes are near black, focused purely on your chest and the light lace that is covering you, when your dress is on the floor.
“Were you hoping to go home with him?” His voice is as dark as his voice, a husky quality to it that has you clenching around nothing.
“No,” you say honestly, the word enough to have Jungkook drag his eyes up to yours. “I wore it to feel good.”
He nods. His eyes flicking back down to admire your body. You feel good, slightly self-conscious but you must admit that it feels nice to have Jungkook look at you with that much lust on his face.
His hands reach out, lightly run down your sides at the same rate as his eyes. He toys with your lacy pants for a second, eyes flicking up to yours before he starts to pull them down. You lift yourself up a little to help him and then they’re joining your dress on the floor.
Your breaths come out faster. Your head leaning back into your sofa as Jungkook places his hands on your knees and pushes them apart.
How is this happening?
You can’t believe this is happening.
You can’t pull your eyes away from the sight of Jungkook’s head moving towards you. You swear you’ve had a wet dream about it. And now it’s happening.
His tongue is just as delicate as his fingers as he swipes it through your folds. His hands hold firm on your knees as you try to clamp them together around his head. You can feel his smile as his lips go to your clit, his tongue drawing patterns of the bundles of nerves.
When he deems it safe to, one of his hands moves from your knee and with his lips still on your clit, he begins to push into your entrance.
Your hand flies to his head, pushing him further into you while fisting the strands of hair on his head. You moan at the ceiling and push your hips further into Jungkook.
It feels amazing. He feels amazing.
When he pushes another finger into you the coil in your stomach only grows tighter. You moan out again and then realise that the two of you aren’t alone in this house.
“We’ve got to be quiet. Zac’s upstairs,” your voice is breathy, almost husky.
There’s a mumbled noise against your skin, hopefully in recognition of what you’ve said. And despite your words it’s you that’s the noisiest. You can’t help it, however hard you try Jungkook’s lips around your clit and his fingers inside you make it impossible.
You can feel his lips turn into a smile when you let out a particularly loud noise. You wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the fact that Jungkook pulls away from you. His fingers still in you, his face looking up at you with a certain smugness.
“How we going to get you to be quiet then?”
As if to prove his point you moan out when his fingers push deeply into you. He chuckles, you frown at him. Hands reaching up, you have to push yourself off the sofa a little to wrap them around his neck to pull him up off the floor and into you.
“Like this,” you say before attaching your lips to his.
This time when you moan out it’s swallowed by Jungkook’s mouth.
He expertly works you both sideways, fingers still in you as he manoeuvres you to lay down on the sofa with him hovering over you.
His hand doesn’t become enough. There’s pleasure there still, but you want more, you want all of him. He didn’t go all the way back to his for a condom for nothing.
Placing a hand on his shoulder you get him to pull away from you. “Where’s the condom?”
It takes a second for him to understand, but then he’s doing a scramble to find it. He finds it between the layers of your dress. As you tear it open, he pushes his boxers down. You try not to be intimidated by his size, because as he rolls down himself that’s all you can think.
He is fucking massive.
Jungkook looks smug when you look back at him, as if he’s seen where you were looking and read what you were thinking. You roll your eyes as you pull him back down to kiss you.
“Just shove it in already,” you mumble against his lips, earning a chuckle from him.
He reaches between your bodies, runs his tip through your folds and pushes just the tip inside you. You moan and arch up into him. It already feels like a lot.
“Sure you can handle it?” He jokes, confirming he knew what you were thinking earlier.
You think he probably has a point. But the desire to prove him wrong, or at least wipe the smug smile off his face, is larger. Wrapping your legs around him, you push him down deeper into you as you push your hips up. He must only move a couple of inches, but it’s enough. This time it’s him, not you, that lets a moan out and you don’t have to encourage him to sink the rest of the way in.
There’s a small pause in movement. Your breaths the only noise in the room. You realise you still have your bra on when you feel Jungkook’s chest move along yours. But then he’s placing his lips against yours and delicately kissing you. Softly and slowly, he begins to move.
It’s not the rough, heavy sex you’d imagined. He doesn’t toss you around, or man handle you. He’s slow as he pulls out and though there’s power behind each thrust in, it’s still not rough. A thought flicks through your mind, it’s more like making love than having sex. The thought there one second and then gone when Jungkook thrusts back into you.
It feels good. His lips still on yours, his thrusts building up that feeling inside you, the small moans he keeps letting out only driving you closer to oblivion.
It doesn’t take long. It’s no surprise. Even if his body didn’t look the way it did, his cock is big enough that he wouldn’t need to have much skill to make anyone feel good. But, as if to make it completely unfair, he knows what he’s doing, knows exactly how fast to go, exactly how deep to push into you, knows where to touch and where to kiss to drive you completely insane.
When you come, you come hard. You become a mess in his arms. He swallows every one of your moans as he thrusts a couple more times and then you feel him twitching in you, his own moans rumbling through his chest.
Still inside you, he rolls you so you can lay side by side. You should go to the loo, should put some clothes on or something. But when Jungkook reaches up to pull a blanket off the back of the sofa over the top of you, you find it hard to even keep your eyes open.
Tumblr media
You were hoping Jungkook would be gone before Zac woke up, but when you hear the small feet thundering down the stairs all you can think is how happy you are you both have clothes on.
Zac jumps off the last three steps, a habit you tried to stop early but probably only encouraged him. He runs nearly as far as the kitchen before he realises there’s someone other than you sat on the sofa. He’s too surprised to say anything straight away, his eyes wide as they stare straight at Jungkook.
“Have you brushed your teeth?” You draw his eyes to you. He pauses then with a guilty look nods. “Have you?” You get another less delayed nod. “Come here then.”
He doesn’t move, he knows he’s been caught out. You raise an eyebrow at him and he tries his hardest to hide his smile but fails.
“Go and clean your teeth and I’ll make you breakfast. What do you want?”
His eyes flick to Jungkook before settling back on you. “Why’s Jungkook here?”
Your heart stops before starting at a more rapid pace. “He just slept here last night.”
“You had a sleepover?” He looks hurt as if you purposefully left him out.
“No, well, yes, but it was nothing Zac.” You can feel the way Jungkook tenses next to you, and you know if you were to look at him, he’d be stifling a laugh. “Just go brush your teeth.”
He pauses a second longer, eyes continue to flicking between you but one look at your stern face has him moving back to the stairs.
“And what do you want for breakfast?” You shout after him.
“A ham sandwich, crisps and sausage roll.”
“That’s lunch,” you shout but don’t get a response.
Zac fully out of view now, Jungkook lets out his laugh. When you turn to point your frown at him, you’re met with his face a lot closer than you’d thought. Without much thought he leans in and places his lips against yours. When you stiffen and try to look over your shoulder to double check you really are alone, Jungkook’s hand goes to your head to stop you.
“It’s fine,” he whispers before pressing one last kiss on your lips and drawing away.
You remain stiff even as Jungkook removes himself to a safe distance. It’s just that you’re not used to this. Sure, the morning after stuff is awkward but it’s more that Jungkook looks so relaxed in what should be an incredibly awkward situation.
“You going to go make that ham sandwich?” He smiles at you.
“You going to head off?” You counter.
He raises an eyebrow. “Do I not also get breakfast?”
“Do you want breakfast.”
“Uh, yeah?” He chuckles as if it’s obvious.
You could ask him to leave you guess, but after a moments pause you figure there’s really no reason. Your main worry was Zac seeing him here, but that’s happened now anyway. There really isn’t any reason to force him to leave.
Standing up, you head to the kitchen, Jungkook following in your wake.
“Scrambled eggs on toast?” You ask, already getting the ingredients out, heading to the counter with them.
Jungkook comes up behind you when you’re cracking one of the eggs. His body presses into your back and he leans round to place his head on your shoulder so he can watch what you’re doing. When you twist to ask what he’s doing he only sees it as an opportunity to kiss you.
“Jungkook?” You ask, pulling away.
“What?” He chuckles, staying where he is.
“Zac could walk in any second.”
“I’ll hear him coming down the stairs, it’s fine.”
You’re not as sure and while it’s one thing for Zac to see Jungkook here early, it’s wholly different for him to see him all over you like this. Jungkook seems to get the idea and with a smile and another quick kiss he peels himself off you.
You would never have thought Jungkook the clingy type. But then you wouldn’t have guessed he’d have been so soft with you last night too, so maybe you just have to realise all your assumptions about the man are probably wrong.
Feeling flustered you focus back on your eggs. And when you hear Zac’s feet running down the stairs you realise how unprepared you are for this breakfast.
“Have you washed your hands?” You say over your shoulder.
“What’s Jungkook doing here?”
“I’ve already told you that. Have you washed your hands?”
One glance over your shoulder tells you enough. They’re the words you say before every meal and every time you get the same guilty look. Before you can tell him to go and wash them though, Jungkook’s speaking.
“I haven’t done mine either. Maybe you could show me where the sink is?”
You catch the small nod Zac does before he’s zooming off. Eyes still on the door you miss the fact that Jungkook walks over to you before following Zac and can only freeze when he presses a light kiss to your cheek.
“See, I’ve got this,” he says cockily before disappearing after Zac.
You remain frozen for a few more seconds before realising the eggs are catching and you still need to butter the toast.
Though you’ve managed the whole, looking after a toddler while also doing one hundred other things, it’s not wasted on you how much of a help Jungkook is. He occupies the time it takes for you to get breakfast ready and then helps Zac lay the table for you. He keeps up an easy conversation over the food. And then, when you start to clear up he easily takes Zac out of the way and entertains him for a bit before coming back to help you.
They’re small things, stuff you wouldn’t have even picked up on before Zac was around. But you can’t deny that his easy smiles, coupled with watching him wipe down the table really gets you going. You really are a mum.
Tumblr media
“Oh shit,” you moan, body creeping up the bed.
Jungkook only grunts in return, his hands tightening on your hips to stop you from moving away from him. With the way he’s slamming himself into you, it doesn’t help and you continue to move up the bed.
He slows to a stop, leaning down into you so his chest is against you, face above yours and cock fully in you. His hair is slightly damp from all the effort he’s put in. You’d feel slightly bad if it weren’t for the fact he’s been making you feel extremely good and that he looks incredibly hot with damp hair. He also doesn’t seem to be complaining about the fact you’ve just been laying on your back the entire time.
“Mum’s going to be round soon with Zac,” you manage to get the words out just before he presses his lips to yours.
Slipping his tongue into your mouth, he moves his hips in the same slow but deep rhythm. You try to grind your hips up into his, deepening how far he goes into you with every thrust.
“We’ve got time,” Jungkook mutters back, his lips moving from your mouth to press around your face. “I just need you a different way if I’m going to come any time soon.”
“Mhumm?” You moan, eyes closed, head tilted back to let Jungkook have access to your neck. “How’d you want me?”
He hums, teeth nibbling a little bit of skin as his hips push a final time into you. “On your hands and knees.”
He looks up at you, trying to gage your reaction but when you clench around him, he gets the idea. You hum a little when he pulls out and when he’s given you enough space you turn onto your front. Wait patiently, exactly how Jungkook wants you.
His hand runs down the arch of your back, stopping only to feel the globe of your ass. He lets out a satisfied hum before you feel his cock tapping you.
You arch back and up into him and you hear a little satisfied chuckle as his hand moves to your hip. He keeps you where you are as he runs his tip through your folds.
“I’m not going to last long when I get in you,” he warns.
“Ok,” he breaths, stopping when he’s at your entrance.
His hands tighten on your hips and he lets out a low whine as he pushes into you. He feels so different from this angle, somehow bigger than he felt before. The first few thrusts are slow, you both are getting used to the feel of it. But when you fall onto your elbows, half exhaustion, half because your hands were starting to ache, he hits a particular spot in you that has you moaning into the sheets.
“Oh yeah?” Jungkook asks and you can only let out a gurgled noise in response.
It’s enough. His thrusts grow faster and every time they hit that spot. His balls slap against you, only adding more pleasure. The whole thing is enough to do as you both warned. You come first, hard and out of nowhere. And the feeling of you clamping down is enough to get Jungkook to follow close behind.
Collapsing on your front, Jungkook pulls out of you and gets rid of the condom before lying next to you.
“I should really sort myself out before mum gets here,” you say, though don’t move.
“We’ve got time.”
“Yeah, no offense, but you also need to be gone before she gets here.”
He chuckles, the noise causing a smile to appear on your lips. “I’ll jump the fence if I need to. Stop worrying.”
You roll onto your side and Jungkook flops his head so he can look at you.
“She’ll be able to smell that you’ve been here,” you say and Jungkook grimaces as if weirded out by the comment. “I know. But nothing gets past her.”
Jungkook rolls onto his side. “Well, I can stay and meet her if you want?”
You don’t know why the thought terrifies you so much, but it does. You don’t even know why Jungkook’s offering, but he seems so sincere about it, as if it’s a perfectly normal thing to offer. Surely, it’s too early to be thinking about meeting each other’s parents?
“I can just say you need help putting some shelves up.”
“She’ll make some comment about that being an innuendo,” you roll onto your back.
“Well come on then,” you feel the bed dip and move and when you look back over at Jungkook he’s already standing. “Let me at least help you clean up the evidence.”
There’s a wide smile on his face as he starts to pull on the clothes you all but threw on the floor earlier. He doesn’t look bothered by any of this and while you worried this was only about the sex for him, with all the little things he’s doing, he’s slowly convincing you that maybe it’s not.
“But you better hurry,” he teases when you continue to lay staring at him. “She’s going to be here any minute.”
He does a poor imitation of your voice and when you throw a pillow at him he only chuckles as he catches it. It hits you square in the face when he tosses it back. By the time you’re sat up and moving Jungkook is already out of the room and beginning to tackle the mess you’ve been putting off.
Tumblr media
You continue to sleep together whenever you can find the time without Zac being around. But when there isn’t any, Jungkook is still there.
He plays with Zac outside so you can have some peace while you prepare dinner. He washes the dishes up when he occasionally stays for food so you can go and get Zac ready for bed. He buys you bunches of flowers and little boxes of chocolates. He does things around the house, mows the lawn, stops the cupboard squeaking and makes it so the shower doesn’t leak water out of one side.
He seeps into your life in every way and though you’re cautious, you completely let him in.
You convince yourself it’s nothing serious, mainly because you never discuss what the two of you are. But it’s fun and you live in the moment, enjoy the sex as well as the help you’re getting around the house.
However, you look at it though, you know you’re doing what you said you wouldn’t. You’re letting Jungkook in. Not just into your life, but into Zac’s too. Somehow you can’t seem to feel bad about it.
Tumblr media
You don’t notice him until you round your car to check that Zac is strapped in. It’s barely 7am, not a time you’re used to seeing Jungkook but the movement at his door has you glancing up. You do a double take as you come to a stop by Zac’s door.
There’s a girl looking like she’s just stepped out of his house, she’s close enough to Jungkook to look like they’re about to embrace or make out or maybe both. He’s stood just in his pants looking down at her, you’re too far away and the girl is blocking your view to work out the expression on his face. Or maybe it’s the cool feel of embarrassment that stops you looking too hard.
Still, you can’t pull your eyes away from the scene. As the girl is talking and Jungkook is listening, neither notice you staring.
It’s not the same girl you’ve noticed at his before, no, this is someone you’ve never seen. You’re not sure if that makes it better or worse. What you do know, is how big an idiot you are. Because of course while you were growing to like him, while you were letting him further into your life, he only saw what you had as something else, a bit of fun, a convenience.
It’s your own fault for not talking to him about it. Your own fault for reading into it more than you should have. You’d known who Jungkook was, what he was like, the sort of man he was and yet you’d still been blinded by his words and smiles. You stupidly thought that you were different. One of those stupid girls that thought you’d be the one to change him.
And there he is, after a night with someone else and he doesn’t even care that he’s flaunting it on his front doorstep.
“Mummy, why aren’t you trapping me?”
Zac speaks loudly enough to not just draw your attention but your neighbours too. You catch Jungkook’s eyes dart towards you just before you twist to your son. You don’t correct his wording, you just want to be out of this situation, don’t want your embarrassment to be witnessed by anyone else.
You duck down to Zac’s level and pull the belt over him and his car chair. Satisfied he’s strapped in you stand. Your traitorous eyes can’t help but flick to your neighbour’s door, however hard your brain is screaming not to look.
The girl is a step further away from the door now, her head looking between you and Jungkook. Jungkook’s gaze is firmly on you. It looks like he’s about to open his mouth and shout something at you. That or take off in a run in your direction.
Springing into action, blood coursing through you, you leap into the drivers seat, buckle yourself in and take off in reverse.
You can hear your heartbeat in your ears as you start down the road. Though you know nothing is going to happen there’s thoughts of Jungkook opening your door or banging on your window. None of that happens. When you flick your eyes in the rear-view mirror, he’s not even left his doorstep.
Your heart falls into the bottom of your stomach.
Tumblr media
“I know what I saw Rosie.”
“Well talk me through it one more time.”
You sigh, look down at the tea in your hands before flicking your eyes to your son. Zac is still playing with the little girl who approached him fifteen minutes ago and is happily getting bossed around in a game with her. It’s sweet to see the bundle of energy that is your son be so placid sometimes. It’s also great to be at one of your favourite coffee shops, kids play area and all with your best friend moments after the most embarrassing time of your life. Though you don’t want to relive every detail of what happened in the car before coming here, it’s kind of nice to hash it out with Rosie.
“There was a girl, all dressed up as if she’d had to put on the clothes she was out in last night, stood on Jungkook’s doorstep while he stood basically naked saying goodbye.”
Rosie hums, her head bobbing up and down in thought. “Yep. I’ve got to admit I’m struggling to see any good angles.”
“That’s because there are no good angles,” you whine.
“Well, I’m guessing the nearly naked bit was good.”
The glare you shoot at her has her sitting straighter in her chair, her hands almost raising in defence.
“Yep. Agreed. Definitely one of the worst bits. Ok.”
You sigh, eyes flicking once again to Zac.
“And what the hell am I supposed to tell Zac?” It’s the first time you’ve thought about it, because although this is your issues, it’s also going to affect Zac. “I can just ignore Jungkook, but Zac will still ask questions and while I’d dive away from him in public Zac won’t do the same.”
“Right,” Rosie says with the air of a woman with no children, therefore lacking all understanding of your predicament. “Well, my first thoughts in all of this, and please don’t kill me when I say this. But, why don’t you talk to Jungkook first?”
“Why would I do that?” You ask flatly.
“Because you clearly have no idea what you were looking at this morning.”
“What gave you that impression? I’ve very obviously stated just how much I saw.”
“Yes, and while I admit it didn’t look great, neither of us can fully explain it. The only person who can happens to live only a short trip from your house.”
“Not going to happen,” you say, taking a sip of your tea and looking away from her. It does nothing to convince her to change the topic.
“You’re both adults. Maybe what you thought you saw wasn’t exactly what it was,” when you continue to not look convinced, she sighs. “Fine, give him a piece of your mind, walk away from him and avoid him like the plague. But what if you’re building this up to be something it really isn’t?”
“I know Jungkook, and I know what that was.”
“From what you’ve told me about him, I really don’t believe it for a second.”
Your ice-cold glare does nothing, she just levels her gaze right back at you. In the end it’s you who give in first.
“I’m not going around to his only to have what I already know laid out so plainly for me. You don’t understand how mortifying it was this morning.”
Rosie’s eyes turn softer, a glint of pity seeping into them. When she speaks her tone is softer and her body starts to lean in towards you.
“I get it. But I also get the impression that Jungkook would never do that to you or Zac.”
The mention of your son’s name makes your heart pound. You look over at him, he looks so happy sat on the floor piling blocks high with the little girl. It makes your heart hurt to imagine him asking after Jungkook and you having to tell him that he can’t see him anymore. The laughs and giggles that always came out of him when Jungkook is around. The manly figure in his life gone like that. This is why you didn’t want to get close to him. This is why you didn’t want anything to happen. Because although you’re hurting right now, you know it’ll feel nothing in comparison to breaking it to your son.
“Will you just think about it at least?” Rosie asks, dragging your eyes back to her.
You sigh and then nod. “I’ll think about it.”
Tumblr media
You think about it all of two seconds and know you will never be knocking on Jungkook’s door, nor will you be hanging around outside long enough for him to catch you. No, you will be doing exactly as Rosie suggested and avoiding him like the plague.
This is why you never wanted to get involved with him. Because you knew what would happen in the end, you knew what type of man he was. And why you may have accepted that in the past, gone with the man for a bit of fun. Now, things have changed, it’s not just you that you have to think about.
You spend the time alone thinking it through. The more time you have, the more certain you are. Jungkook was a mistake. But now you know that you can move on as best you can. He doesn’t want you, that’s fine, you can accept that and do your best to pick up whatever pieces of Zac that break.
Surprisingly, for nearly a week, it works.
Unsurprisingly, when there’s an unexpected knock at your door Saturday evening when Zac is in bed, it’s Jungkook.
You know it’s going to be him before you open the door, or at least have a strong feeling it is. Your face is already set in a grimace, so luckily it’s not a delivery man or an unsuspecting stranger. You open the door enough for Jungkook to see you, but only enough that your body is blocking any view inside.
You raise an eyebrow at the word. Has he really come here after a week and the first word he says is hey? You can almost see the cold sweat breaking out across his forehead, but to his credit Jungkook remains calm.
“So, I was thinking it’s been a while since we last saw each other and I was wondering how you are?”
“Are you shitting me right now?”
You have half a mind to slam the door in his face and as if reading that thought Jungkook sticks a hand out and props it on the door. He doesn’t push it open, he doesn’t apply any pressure, he just rests it there so he can stop you closing him out.
“Can I come in so we can talk about this?”
“What’s there to talk about?”
It’s Jungkook’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “Given this reaction, there is clearly lots to talk about Y/N.”
“And if I don’t want to talk?”
He closes his eyes. You’re not sure if he’s praying or taking a second to calm himself down. Either way, when he opens them and looks at you, they seem darker, more intense, like he has more purpose now.
“Right, if you want to do it here, let’s do it here,” he says and doesn’t give you time to interrupt. “I know you saw me last week with Clare. I know what it looked like and I know what you thought. Maybe I’ve been utterly shit in not coming sooner but I wanted to give you space to figure things out on your own; I realise now that was a mistake.”
You’re so thrown by the last comment you don’t speak in the small pause. Should you be offended? Jungkook carries on, as if satisfied you’re listening to him.
“Clare is an ex of sorts, and she came over early, before I had chance to get dressed, and that’s what you saw. Nothing else. Nothing more.”
You don’t know how to feel. You don’t know whether to believe him. Because although he sounds like he’s telling the truth, he also sounds like he really wants you to believe him and for whatever reason you’re not sure why he’d cared so much about what you think.
“You always answer the door in your pants?”
It’s clearly not the words he was hoping for, but he still gives you an answer. “When I’ve just woken up, yes.”
“And she didn’t stay the night?”
The question, although spoken with a little less bite, a little less certainty, seems to be more what Jungkook was expecting. Though you’ve given him little reason to relax, his shoulders look less tense, his weight leans forwards so the door creaks open a touch. You try to hold your ground as your traitorous heart pounds in your chest.
“No one has stayed the night since I’ve been with you.”
Your eyes flick around his face trying to read the truth there. You can’t spot the lie, though you still don’t fully believe it.
“She didn’t even come inside,” he carries on. “In fact, she was at my door all of ten minutes before she left. If you hadn’t driven off, you would have seen that.”
“Ok?” He frowns. “That’s all you have to say?”
“Yes. You’ve explained, so, ok.”
Jungkook remains, frown between his eyes, hand still on your door. And you stare right back at him, feet planted, door not swinging open.
“I don’t understand,” he admits, voice soft.
“Right, because you expected me to jump back into your arms?” The silence tells you the answer you already knew. This man’s ego is way too big. “I guess I just realised who you are and why we don’t work together. What happened between us was a mistake and I’m sorry if you’ve been pushing girls aside for whatever reason, but you don’t have to anymore.”
Jungkook continues to look confused. It only makes you drive the message home a little stronger.
“We were never going to work. You’re you and I’m me and while we had fun, that’s all it was ever going to be. I guess I just remembered who you are and why I can’t afford to have you around me and Zac.”
Jungkook’s hand slips from the door and the look of hurt on his face almost makes you regret the words. But it’s true, isn’t it? You’re not sure what he was coming here to say, that he wanted to carry on sleeping with you for a bit longer? That you were convenient living next door and he didn’t want to give that up just yet? Aren’t the words you just said what he would have been telling you weeks down the line when you and your son were no doubt in too deep?
No. It was better you told him how it was now. It was better you ripped off the plaster. It was better you ended this now before Jungkook broke your heart. Because although you’re hurting now, although you want to drag him inside and let his explanation be enough, you know that it’ll only be worse later.
Jungkook’s hand now free from your door you see your chance.
“I’ll still see you around though,” the words feel bitter as they leave your lips and your tone lacks any conviction. “I’m still happy to lend you sugar like any other neighbour.”
Jungkook doesn’t speak, his eyes focused on something in the near distance, he looks like he’s trying to solve a puzzle or an over complex maths equation.
You swallow as his eyes finally move to yours. The frown is still there but they look dark and not in the same way they did earlier. No, the look in them now makes your stomach coil. He looks like he’s figured something out. You can’t tell if that’s a good or a bad thing.
You don’t give yourself long enough to figure it out. You need to be out of this situation. You need Jungkook off your doorstep. You need to make sure he doesn’t say anything to change you’re easily swayed mind.
“I’ll see you around,” you squeak and then you slam the door closed in his face.
You lean into the door as your chest rises and falls. You did it, though you doubted yourself, you told him what you’d been thinking the last week, that although you didn’t really want him out of your life, it was better he was out of it.
You don’t hear his footsteps. You don’t see his shadow move away from your door. You remain leaning on your door for a minute after closing it but you’re unaware of Jungkook leaving either. Heart in your throat, you twist and walk away, hoping that’s the last you hear from the man but knowing it won’t be.
Tumblr media
It starts with flowers. A big bloom that gets delivered first thing in the morning. They get shoved in your hands and the woman is walking away before you can tell them they must have got the wrong address. Your names on the card though, and when you prize it open you know who they’re from even though it’s got no signature.
You never let me finish. Let me take you out for dinner?
You bite the inside of your cheek, send a glare at your neighbour’s brick wall.
You still put them in water. You still cut their stems and arrange them and then place the large vase on your countertop. It would be a waste to throw them away. But you don’t attempt to reply to the question on the card. That, you throw away.
It takes Jungkook a few hours to text you, chasing for an answer.
Jungkook: Did you get my flowers?
Y/N: They’re yours? I thought they must have come to the wrong house.
Jungkook: Is that why you put them in that pretty vase and up on display? What did you think about the note that came with it?
Y/N: It’s in the bin where it belongs.
Jungkook: Let me take you out for dinner.
Y/N: I’m busy.
Jungkook: I never even gave you a date or time.
Y/N: I struggle getting a babysitter for Zac as it is.
Jungkook: Then let me cook for you. He can sleep while we talk.
Y/N: I really am busy Jungkook.
Jungkook: Think about it. I just want to talk.
Sure, you think, I’ll think about it. The same length of time you thought about whether you’d go and talk to him before. All of two seconds.
No, you’re not going to have dinner with him. You don’t particularly want to talk to him ever again.
Maybe it’s childish given he’s your neighbour. What he did wasn’t awful, it’s more that you know if you give him even an inch then he’ll take a mile and you’ll just let him back in. You liked having him around, you liked the help, you liked being able to talk to someone your age, you liked someone looking after you. But it’s not just about you.
You’re bound to see him around and that doesn’t mean you won’t give him a neighbourly hello and nod. That will be it. No opening up about your life. No asking to babysit. No late night drinks. No kissing on the sofa. No anything more.
You can’t even think about it. You may be pretending to be hard and over it, but Jungkook had successfully wormed his way into your life and if it wasn’t for Zac, you’d more than happily curl up in your bed and mope for a few days.
You’ve successfully been played. And it feels shit.
“Mummy,” you look over at Zac. “You’ve been sat of that sofa forever.”
He never fails to put a smile on your face. And just like you were thinking before, he successfully gets you out of your slump. You could sulk all you want in private, but with Zac around you have to set an example.
Tumblr media
You don’t go to Jungkook’s for dinner, instead make some half-arsed excuse as to why you can’t go. He must know you’re still pushing him away and at least this time he lets you. You get a simple reply to your text rejecting his invitation. No offers to rearranged. No accusations or callouts for your excuse. No attempt to carry on the conversation. Just an understanding message.
You’re not sure why but you feel a little disappointed. Even though it’s what you were hoping for.
It doesn’t take long for the next attack to come. This time it’s not flowers or offers of dinners but is instead small acts of kindness. Your lawn mowed without having to ask. Your bins emptied and cleaned. Your car cleaned. All things Jungkook’s done in the past and if you didn’t know him you’d find slightly creepy, but instead find endearing.
You hate that you feel that way.
His texts don’t start immediately. But when they start, they come in steady streams. There’s no pressure in any of them and while you hardly reply to any of them, they’re still said in the same tone, sweet and light. They all say pretty much the same thing, that he wants to meet to talk. But you’re not ready and you don’t want to. No matter what he says it won’t change who he is and it won’t change the fact that you’ll like slip again and you can’t afford to be with someone like that.
You see him in passing, him leaving while you’re arriving home. Again, he never pressures you into talking but always smile and waves at you.
You start to feel a little awkward. You know what he’s doing, guilt tripping you into giving in; you just don’t understand why he’s doing it. Surely he should have given up by now, surely if you’re just someone to sleep with this isn’t worth it.
Tumblr media
You’re sat on your front garden watching Zac cycle around when you hear his front door open. You don’t look his way, but you tense with expectation. Zac hasn’t noticed Jungkook yet, he’s still happily going in the circle you’d allowed him to, from pavement pausing to checking the silent road for a car, crossing to the other side and going around. He’s babbling about something, shouting about being chased by a dinosaur as he whizzes around.
There are three footsteps before they go silent. And you prepare for whatever he’s about to say.
It’s been close to two weeks now and while he’s been doing small but thoughtful gestures, you have successfully put off talking to him. You’ve passed him in the street a couple of time, but every time have managed with a nod and a hello, the greeting you’d wished was normal for the two of you.
He doesn’t say anything this time though, just stands wherever it is he’s stopped. You fight the urge to look at him, foot tapping on the floor as you fight to keep your eyes on Zac.
Your restrain is only so strong. When you look over your shoulder he’s already staring right at you.
Your heart stutters. Your foot stops it’s tapping. He doesn’t look angry or sad, in fact there’s a small smile on his lips. His attire is much the same as you always see, an oversize shirt with sleeves that go to his elbow, letting you see his arm full of tattoos and skinny black jeans. He’s stood on his side of the drive; you can’t even accuse him of trespassing. The only thing you could possibly tell him is that he’s being creepy. But even that would be a lie.
“Hey,” his smile widens now you’re looking at him.
You don’t reply, can barely manage a smile. Every time before now you’ve been on your way in or out. You had an excuse for a quick escape. Now, sat on your front garden, you feel trapped.
“You alright?”
And yet, Jungkook still isn’t pushing you. However big a dick he’s been or might be, he’s never forced you to speak to him. Maybe you’re the one being a bigger dick. Maybe speaking to him won’t be as bad as you think. Maybe you’ll actually like whatever it is he wants to tell you.
Just as you open your mouth to reply, Zac beats you to it.
You wince at the name screamed across the street. It’s not the volume that causes your reaction but the pure joy in which the name is said.
You’re still focused on Jungkook’s face, trying to conceal your reaction as he looks over at Zac with a wider smile when you hear it.
A crash. Metal scraping along tarmac. Silence for a second and then a scream, the noise so much louder than the name he shouted mere seconds ago.
Eyes wide, heart pounding, your head whips away from Jungkook in the direction of the noise. Zac must have turned too soon, distracted by the sight of Jungkook he’d lost control of his bike and left the pavement too soon, only to crash and fall off the curb.
You shoot to your feet, your focus solely on your crying son who has a bike now on top of him and is calling out for you. Time seems to slow. Your feet don’t move fast enough. Zac is too far away. And even though you run faster than you ever have, you still don’t make it before Jungkook. He’s pulling the bike off your son, trying to sooth him when you get there.
You swallow the tightness in your throat, the fear creeping up your chest, as you look at your scraped up son.
“Mummy,” he wails, eyes landing on you, tears streaming down his face as blood oozes in the cuts on his palms and knees.
You reach out for him, but again, Jungkook is too fast. He lifts Zac into his arms as if he weighs nothing and then he's ever so carefully handing him over.
“It’s ok, baby,” you hold him to your chest, hand soothing his head. “You’re ok. It’s just a little cut.”
But it’s more than that. It’s the shock of the accident, it’s more than a little cut and for you, it’s the fear that it could have been a lot worse. What if a car was coming down the road when it happened? What if he’d landed differently? What if he’d hit his head? You shouldn’t have been so focused on Jungkook. You shouldn’t have let Zac cycle around all on his own, he’s still so young. You should have –
“Come on,” a warm, steady hand squeezes your shoulder. “Let’s get you two inside and cleaned up.”
You look at Jungkook, your own tears welling in your eyes. As if sensing your rising panic, Jungkook’s expression changes and the hand on your shoulder moves to your lower back. He adds a small amount of pressure and is steering you in the direction of your house.
You let him guide you. Your feet, your body, everything but Zac in your arms and Jungkook’s hand on your back cease to exist. Mind racing about what you need to do you don’t realise Jungkook’s led you into your living room until his hand leaves your back. Eyes snapping to his already retreating body, he says nothing.
Panic still rooted in you; it takes you a second to react.
You need to calm Zac down. You need to clean his wounds. You need wipes, plasters and a blanket and hot bottle of milk. You need to –
“You need to calm down,” Jungkook says lightly as he comes back. “You can’t help anyone in this state.”
Hand back on your shoulder he guides you once again, this time until the back of your knees hit the sofa and then you’re sat. You look over Zac’s shoulder to see Jungkook kneeling before you, supplies in his arms. He has a hard look on his face, one that tells you to pull yourself together. You give him a small nod as you twist Zac around to face Jungkook, his arms tighten around your neck and your heart breaks a little.
“We’re ok, aren’t we Zac?” Jungkook says lightly. “Let’s have a look at that cut.”
You swallow as you watch Jungkook’s hand and eyes go to Zac’s cut knee. He waits a second and then lets out a loud, exaggerated gasp. Zac’s head pulls out of the crook in your neck to look at Jungkook and his wide eyes. Tears are still falling down his face, but the reaction has stopped the sobs.
“Oh Zac,” Jungkook says in another dramatic tone. You know he’s joking, you just worry that Zac doesn’t know that and Jungkook’s going to do the opposite of what he’s hoping. “I think you might survive. You know why?”
Zac’s little head shakes and you can only watch as Jungkook completely takes control of the situation.
“Because you’re being so brave. I mean look at you, I don’t know anyone braver,” Jungkook’s eyes dart up to you, a small smile now playing on his face at whatever look he’s seen on your face. “Don’t you agree, mummy?”
It takes you a second, mind scrambled, but you squeeze your hands on Zac’s shoulders. “So brave.”
“See,” Jungkook says. “Now, shall we have a look at cleaning you up? You have to be extra brave for me though, and if you promise me you will, then maybe after we can have some chocolate ice cream.”
Zac head nods and Jungkook smiles widely at him. You watch as Jungkook mutters how amazing your son is being while he cleans him up, he even makes him giggle at one point.
You stroke your hand over his head and try not to let your mind spiral. Jungkook is being so good and while you have no doubt that he would never let anything that may be happening between you get between him and Zac, it’s something wholly different to see. You’re not sure what you would have done had he not been there. And while you could pin some of the blame on him, not a single part of you wants to.
You’ve treated him like crap. Ignored him when all he wanted to do was talk. And yet he’s still here, acting as if everything is ok. That doesn’t seem like something the guy you’ve been imagining in your head would do. You’ve been way too harsh.
When Zac’s all cleaned up, you do as promised. While you help him change into cleaner, less cut, clothes, Jungkook finds him some ice cream. By the time he’s all tucked up watching Moana, there’s a bit more life in his face.
You don’t say anything as you leave him to it and head to the kitchen, and you don’t say anything when Jungkook follows you. Silently you flick the kettle and pull two mugs towards you.
“Can we talk?”
It’s what he’s been asking for days, in that same unexpecting tone. You’re in no doubt that if you said you didn’t want to talk, however hard Jungkook may find that, he’d still respect your wishes.
You make him wait a little longer now. Put a tea bag in each mug before pouring the just boiled water over them. When you twist Jungkook’s leaning against your counter, the portrait of indifference, though his eyes tell a different story as they bore into you.
“What do you want to say Jungkook?” You still have to force the words out.
He seems to relax while tense all at the same time. He takes a step towards you and looks as if he’d take another before thinking better and stopping. It’s as if now, finally given the chance, he’s not quite sure what to say. Or maybe he just doesn’t know where to start.
“I’ve already been through the whole what you saw wasn’t what it looked like thing. But you never let me carry on,” he pauses, as if expecting you to stop him again now. When you don’t, he carries on. “The reason I wanted to clear things up is because I don’t want you thinking of me that way or thinking that I was for some reason using you or Zac. I really like you Y/N. It wasn’t just a fling for me, I thought you got that?”
Clearly you didn’t. You’d hoped, sure, but the minute there was even the smallest of hints to say any different, you’d jumped on it. Jungkook seems to read that even though you don’t say anything.
“Why is that so hard for you to believe?”
You shrug feeling awkward, but Jungkook waits for you to say it verbally. “Well, because I’m me and I have a son and a really messy life.”
Jungkook’s lips twitches at the edges. “You know I love Zac too, right?”
“Playing in the street is something wholly different to going out with his mum.”
“You make it sound like I’m a kid too,” he laughs. “But of course I get that.”
“He’s not always happy and playful.”
“I think we just established that.”
“Yeah, but he’s hard work and needy and rowdy.”
“Where’s the downside here?”
“Jungkook,” you warn but he just laughs and takes another step towards you, now close enough to grasp your hands and lift them between your bodies.
“I honestly get it. You two are a package deal. That doesn’t put me off.”
You struggle, look at your hands laced together. You don’t pull away from him, but you also don’t fall into his arms. Something is still hold you back.
“What is it?” Jungkook encourages.
You take a breath and then look up into his eyes. “What if you don’t always feel that way? What if one day you decide it is too hard and isn’t worth it and just leave?”
He detangles one of his hands with yours so he can reach up to cup your cheek. His eyes look so soft now, though his features look hard and set with whatever thoughts he’s thinking.
“I would never just leave you two,” he says, thumb moving over your jaw. “Listen, I can’t promise anything about the future, maybe we won’t work and if we don’t I wouldn’t just up and leave you and Zac – I live next door, I wouldn’t be able to get very far,” he tries to lighten the mood and when you let out a small laugh, he looks happy that he succeeded. “But what if we did work? What if this is it? What if we’re meant to be together? Won’t you at least give it a try?”
You can see the hope swimming in his eyes, can see the desire and the truth behind every word he’s spoken. He really means it. He wants to be with you and he doesn’t care that you’re a single mum with an over enthusiastic child, that hasn’t put him off.
And you know he’s right. You’re pushing him away on what if’s and though you may not work out, should that be enough to stop you from having happiness in the here and now?
Jungkook patiently waits the few seconds for you to mull it over, but really you’ve been a sucker all along. You wouldn’t have been able to deny him for much longer, no matter what happened.
“Ok,” you finally say and watch as Jungkook’s whole face lights up.
“Ok?” He repeats, unbelieving.
You giggle and before you can confirm it a second time his lips are on you. Hard and heavy and a whole lot of teeth, it’s not the sexiest kiss you’ve ever had but it’s definitely in your top five, even given the fact it only lasts a second.
Jungkook stays close, his hand still on your jaw, his nose nearly brushing yours, a wide toothy grin on his lips.
“Can I take you out for that meal now then?”
You can’t supress your smile even as you roll your eyes. “I’ll look for a babysitter.”
“No,” he stops you. “I want Zac to come too.”
Your heart stutters, breath caught in your chest. It’s the three of you now and Jungkook already knows how important that is to you.
You lean in to kiss him again before mumbling against his lips. “Ok.”
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sxtaep · 3 months ago
ALL I WANT - JJK | one
Tumblr media
you fall into the temptation of fucking your best friend, aka the biggest fuckboy on campus.
Tumblr media
pairing — jungkook x female reader
genre — fluff, smut
word count — 9.3k
warnings/tags — bf2l, fuckboy!jk x textbooknerd!reader, dom!jk, sub!reader, annoying jk, awkwardness, tension, some pining, teasing, making out, cursing, a little body worship, grinding, hickeys, nipple sucking, groping, dirty talk, oral (m receiving), praise, spit, choking, fingering, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, guys), penetrative sex, sudden confessions, creampie, false denial, a little soft near the end
a/n: ahh omg finally!!!! i’ve been having issue trying to post this on tumblr for the last three weeks so we out here using google docs 💀
please refrain from sharing the link with others as it may reach the wrong people and my email address is tied to this. i’ll be sharing the link individually to everyone :) but feel free to like and reblog this post as a sign of acknowledgment 🫶
please either dm me or comment below and i’ll forward the link to you 💗
part one | part two | part three | part four
Tumblr media
perm taglist: @aliceaflor5-blog @kookiecrumb @jjkeverlast @prettyghost @kooliv @koobsessed @gimmethatagustd @pb-n-juju
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chryblossomjjk · 2 months ago
imagine | jjk 
Tumblr media
→pairing: model!jk x reader
→rating/genre: m/18+ | established relationship, smut, fluff
→word count: 7.5k
→warnings: literally everything don’t read this lol. dom jk, bratty sub reader, mentions of relationship issues, alcohol use, degrading, titty sucking, spanking, gentle face smacking w hand and penis, rough sex turned to luv making, fingering, blowjob, face fucking, spitting, brief pussy eating and (here’s the kicker) ass licking, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex (don’t u dare), creampie, snot play (kidding ew kook just wipes reader’s nose they’re in love shh), hotel bathroom sex lets goooo! jk is mean but loves reader so so much, sappy and corny at points
→summary: Jungkook wants nothing more than to spend your anniversary cuddled up in a fancy hotel bathroom, eating takeout and binge watching TV shows. You, on the other hand, have something more exciting in mind. 
→notes: this is my first time writing fanfic so please be gentle with me. i know the smut is not the best. i really struggled with it, definitely not a natural when it comes to writing sexi time. i kinda love every other part of this BUT the smut which sucks because it's like… 70% smut. i tried my best yall. hopefully it will get better with time! feedback is very much appreciated. i hope you enjoy it i love u bye!!
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe she’s still with this fucking guy. He’s such a prick…” Jungkook scoffs, shaking his head a little before shoveling another bite of pad thai into his mouth. 
God, he was beautiful. His skin was pink and dewy, eyes glistening as he focused on the k-drama you had been begging him to watch with you all week. Ironically, he was more into it than you were. The show playing on your laptop, which you had very cleverly propped up on the toilet in front of you, only acting as background noise for the true entertainment of the night. Him. 
You felt a wave of warmth rush over you as you watched him. That sticky sweet feeling you get when you love someone. Everything felt warm, inside and out. The shimmery water surrounding you, adorn with bubbles and rose petals, was warm and floral scented. The dim light from the candles you had set up gave the hotel bathroom a warm, saturated glow. The takeout he ordered was still hot on the bamboo tray between the two of you. His fingers, wrapped around a pair of chopsticks as he ate the leftovers from your plate, were painted a fiery shade of red. 
You smiled to yourself, remembering how easy it had been to manipulate him into getting a manicure with you. “I find it sooo sexy when guys paint their nails,” you had told him on a summer day last week, swirling your tongue around a popsicle before suckling on the tip, looking him dead in the eyes. The very next morning he scheduled a dual appointment at your favorite salon. 
Everything felt warm and comfortable.
Feeling you watching him, Jungkook turns his attention to you. The damp ends of his blonde hair were frizzy, sticking out awkwardly around his head like a misshapen halo. He squints his doe eyes when they meet yours. There was eyeliner smudged around the outer corners, leftover from the shoot earlier in the day. He was a mess, but he never looked more angelic.
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” he says playfully through a mouthful of noodles. It was an obnoxious habit. Disgusting when others did it, but somehow adorable when he did. “I thought you wanted to watch this.” 
“I thought you didn’t, but I’ve seen you tear up at least three times and we’re only on the fourth episode. You’re far too invested, Koo.” 
“I am not,” he whines, “and they added too much cilantro, it’s making my eyes water.”
You giggle and reach your foot out, softly kicking his leg underneath the water. He levels you with a faux sniffle and pout, before reaching his tattooed arm out of the bath and grabbing the bottle of red wine on the floor next to him. He had room service deliver it while you were running the bath, knowing you would complain about the price. Even after all these years together, even though he was more than financially capable of doing so, you still felt uncomfortable with him spending money on you. That never seemed to stop him though.
“Here baby, have some more wine,” he coos, pouring the crimson liquid into your glass, filling up his own, and then placing the bottle back in its spot on the ground. His eyes crinkle again as he takes you in. This time it isn’t out of annoyance. It’s one of those smiles that reaches his pupils before it trickles down the rest of his face. “You look so beautiful right now.”
Your hair is in a messy bun. You have no makeup on. You trail your gaze down to your bare breasts, nipples poking out from behind the bubbles. “You’re only saying that because my tits are out.”
He looks down at your chest and hums in agreement, not inconspicuous in the slightest... 
You tut your tongue, motioning towards his torso. “I don’t know, your tits are bigger than mine these days.” It was a stretch. But not by much. He had been spending a lot more time at the gym recently, trying to grow his frame in preparation for the more provocative jobs he’s been landing. 
Jungkook wasn’t going to let that slide, quickly reaching over and pinching a nipple in retaliation. The audacity. The offending hand retreats before you can swat it away. 
“Ow!” You wince, jutting your bottom lip out very dramatically in an attempt to make him feel bad. He didn’t, the little brat. The faint stinging in your poor nipple was nothing compared to what your body normally endured after a night in the sheets with him. It was all welcome though. You both loved to indulge in that side of him once in a while. 
He lets out one of those high pitched laughs. The one he makes after does something naughty. More of a squeal than anything else. Your favorite. So cute that you can’t bring yourself to scold him further when he spills a little wine into the bathtub.
“Don’t be a brat. Tonight is not the night.”
Hm. Touché. 
As much as you would love to keep going, riling him up to the point where he couldn’t help destroy you, you decide against it… for now, atleast. You know he’s tired. This morning, his angry grumbling and fussing with the covers stirred you awake before sunrise. His photoshoot lasted longer than projected, showing up to your hotel room two hours late with a panicked look on his face. He loved his job, but it undoubtedly took a toll on him. 
“I’ll be good. See?” You raise your glass, clinking it with his. “To us!” 
“To us,” he agrees sternly, plump lips pulling into a grin as he nods his head with purpose. “Happy anniversary, my love.” 
Just like that, it’s been four years. Four years of you. Four years with him. 
You can’t help but reflect on your relationship as you sip the alcohol. It burns as it goes down your throat, but tastes so divine when it hits your tongue. Duality.
Although pure and true, your relationship with Jungkook has been far from perfect. The beginning was rocky. You had just started college and were in shambles, uncertain of what you wanted for your future. You weren’t ready for a relationship; too insecure to let him into your heart. Jungkook’s heart had always been big and accessible, however, his ego was even bigger. It came with the territory. He was just breaking into the modeling industry when you first met. He always felt like he had to prove something to the world. A bit arrogant even. These distinct differences between the two of you ignited explosive arguments, leaving you both burned and in tears. 
However, even in the darkness of night there is the promise of daylight. And even when the sun sets again in the evening, it leaves behind a paradise of colors, making it known that it will come back in the morning. Underneath all the fire, was a spark. At the end of the day, despite all the bullshit, you loved each other deeply. Eventually, you learned how to manage the differences. You communicated so effectively that you had grown to love those previously unbearable qualities in one another. The relationship aged like fine wine. The flames were no longer scorching, just warm and comfortable. 
Here you are, four years later. Spending your anniversary in a bathroom, with subpar takeout, because simply being together was a celebration enough. 
“Well, well, well, look who's crying now. Big baby.”
You hadn’t realized you were tearing up. You say nothing. 
“Hey, what’s wrong?” His tone takes a drastic turn when he notices the shift in your mood.
“Nothing, I just love you so much.”
He stares at you blankly for a moment, doe eyes larger than normal, expression unreadable. He lifted the tray out of the bath before reaching over and pausing the show playing on your laptop. Wet hand and all. You would’ve yelled at him if you weren’t so emotional. 
“Come here,” he whispers. Long fingers wrap around your wrist, tugging you forward until you’re positioned in his lap. Straddling him. You wrap your arms around his neck on instinct. 
“I’m sorry I was late today… and I’m sorry I missed your graduation.” 
You’re taken back, not really sure of what to make of his seemingly random confession. Jungkook had been invited to New York for a designer brand showcase a month prior. Easily the biggest break in his career thus far. Unfortunately, the dates overlapped with your graduation ceremony. Of course, you had been bummed out, but you would never deprive him of something that monumental. Later that night, you came home to a note on your doorstep and an apartment full of roses. 
Little did you know, that very same night, Jungkook had snuck off into the bathroom during the afterparty. A picture of you in your cap and gown that your mother texted him had his vision blurry. He contemplated jumping on the next flight home. He never told you about that though. 
“Koo, I understand. Your job is important to-”
“You’re important too, though. The most important.” His arms snaked their way around your waist, constricting you to his body. Face to face. Chest to chest. Nipples to nipples.
“I’m just… I’m so proud of you.” Soft, velvet, palms rub down your back, squeezing when they reach your ass. It was an innocent gesture. He was trying to reassure you. But all you could focus on was how good it felt to be touched by him. 
“I love you, you know that?” 
You peep a halfhearted ‘mhm’, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. The blonde really suited him. He looked so sexy. You wanted to devour him.
“I wasn’t there for you like I should’ve been in the beginning, so I really try to be there now.” The emotion behind his words was evident. Him dismissing your achievements had been a major point of contention in the early days. He’s changed a lot since then. You want to comfort him, tell him he shouldn’t feel guilty, but the way he shifts in his spot makes his pelvis rub right against your core. 
The teenest tiniest moan slips past your lips.
“__, are you even listening to me?”
If you said yes, it would be a lie. His words were like the abandoned k-drama, white noise. You slide your hands to his cheeks, pressing your forehead against him, inhaling his scent. Overwhelmed by him. Maybe it was because you haven’t had sex in over a week, which was almost unheard of in your relationship. Maybe it was because you’ve never felt more loved and validated by anyone like you did him. Whatever it was, it was turning you on. Fast. 
“I am baby, I just want-”
“You want what?” 
“I want you.” 
“Me?” His warm breath fans across your face. When he speaks, it comes out low, deep, and methodical. He licks his lips, making them glowly and pink. The tip of his tongue dragging against your own. His red nails now digging into your skin. Pupils morphing into a deep black. Pure lust. “What do you want me to do?”
“I want you to fuck me.” 
You feel a hard smack against your ass, water splashing over the edge of the tub upon impact. You wince, knowing that tomorrow you will have a Jungkook-shaped sore spot on your bottom. You’re in for it now. The anticipation leaves you dripping. 
“I told you, not tonight,” Jungkook growls, nuzzling his head into your shoulder. “Why don’t you ever listen, huh?”
Another spank. This time even harder. It makes you grip onto his hair, knuckles paling. 
“Why can’t you be good? It’s our anniversary. I wanted to be sweet with you.” He sinks his teeth into your neck, biting down and then sucking. He spanks you again, making you hold onto the edge of the tub to stop yourself from jerking forward. “Now I have to punish you.”
“I like you like this though.” You can’t help the neediness and desperation that’s laced through your voice. 
“Of course you do,” he chuckles, sinfully licking over the mark he created. “You’re so dumb. Such a slut. I can’t even talk to you without you getting horny.” 
“That’s not true,” you whimper. 
“It’s not? Then why are you so wet?” He spreads your cheeks with both hands, middle and ring finger rubbing between your folds, collecting your wetness. He takes a few seconds to barely circle your clit. His touch is light and feathery, teasing. Fuck him and his big hands. He brings them up to your lips, tapping. “Open.”
“But they’re all soapy…”
He hums, knowing you want to be good. He’s willing to compromise. He softly smacks your cheek with an open palm, gripping your chin and moving your head side to side. “What should I do with you then? Hm?”
“I want your fingers,” you say softly, voice coming out muffled from him squeezing your cheeks together. 
“Inside of me.”
“Where though?”
You huff and wrap your hand around his wrist and pull him off. Your fingers don’t even touch, tiny in comparison. This was what you wanted, practically begged for. However, it still drove you nuts whenever he made you wait, wanting you to articulate every little detail, get you soaked before he even touched you. “I want them in my pussy… your pussy.” You whimper, guiding his hand down to where you wanted him most. Pressing down, you move his fingers against your clit in tight circles. You moan at the contact. “There.”
He takes the hint, rubbing you just the way you like. Slow and sensual. You can’t help the obscene noise ripping through you. 
Jungkook’s fingers dip further down, playing with your entrance, getting them nice and wet, before sneaking in. Moaning loudly, you roll your head back. He always filled you up so good. You can’t help but clench around his fingers, afraid he’ll pull back and leave you stranded. 
He curls them, knowing exactly how to touch to have you pooling into his palm. It feels like heaven. Just when you think the gates are opening, his fingers come to a halt. 
You shoot him an exasperated look. 
“Get yourself off. I know you know how, slut.” Your eyebrows slant and you clench your jaw. He’s a demon. He flashes a crooked bunny smile your way, finding your angry face very adorable. Not intimidating in the slightest. “Go on.”
You place your hands on the sides of the tub, using it as leverage to lift your entire body up. You were going to cum, even if it meant he made you do all the work. Sinking back down, you start fucking yourself on his fingers. Snapping your hips up, before going all the way down to his tattooed knuckles. Your knees digging into the porcelain as you form a steady pace. You know they’re going to hurt afterwards, but it felt too fucking good to stop. 
“I told you the manicure was worth it,” you mumble, somehow finding the strength to sass him. It was all part of the game. He loved the fight for dominance, even though you both knew it was something you relinquished willingly. 
If asked what his favorite thing about you was, Jungkook would say your witt. He loved when you smart-mouthed him, put him in his place. You could feel his cock plumping at your words, rubbing between your cheeks with every rut of your hips. 
“Shut up.” He scoots himself further down until he’s leveled with your bouncing chest, careful not to disrupt your movements. He teases your nipple with the tip of his tongue before catching it into his mouth. 
“Fuck, I love it,” you whisper, transitioning to a grind. One of your hands cups the back of his head, holding him close. Your hips rotate, mirroring the swirling of his tongue. Your clit was rubbing against the plush skin of his palm. 
The rosy pink bath water ripples, overflowing and splashing. You didn’t care about the mess on the bathroom floor, not when the mess between your thighs was more important. 
He moans against you, sending a vibration through your sensitive, overworked, nipple. He takes the hardened bud between his teeth, tugging gently and then moving onto the other. 
He starts curling his clean cut fingers with every drag of your leaking cunt, stroking your g-spot expertly, giving you more stimulation. Overstimulating you. “Please, Koo…”
You nod frantically. All the years spent above you, behind you, and below you made him well aware of your signs. He knew you were close. “I want you to cum. Fuck, you’re so wet,” he sighs, just as desperate as you, turned on by your pleasure. Lips still wrapped around your nipple. It makes your clit throb. 
He abruptly starts thrusting his fingers into you. Your hips still as you lean your entire weight on him, bracing yourself as you reach the point of no return. He makes you cry for the second time when your orgasm hits, leaving you gasping into his ear. Your thighs tremble uncontrollably. His fingers slow, curling deliciously until he milks out every bit of your orgasm. 
You turn onto your side and bury your head into his shoulder as you come down from your high. He leans his cheek against your forehead, rubbing small circles against your lower back. Completely ignoring the flushed, angry cock resting against his lower stomach. Your sweet boy. So sweet that you just couldn’t get enough. 
His rough persona was already starting to fade. Not on your watch. 
You look down, eyeing his pretty pink tip through the bubbles. Pinker than the water. He has the prettiest dick you’ve ever seen. It makes you salivate.
You trail your manicured nails down his chest, circling his nipple, running over his solid abdomen, and down to his cock. You rub your index finger against the slit and then stroke his head with your fingertip. “I know you’re tired but… I want more. Wanna lick it.”
He huffs out a laugh and then pecks on the top of your head. He wonders how you could be so cute, yet so naughty and dirty? You feel a tap against your ass, signaling for you to get off of him. 
You wide-eye him when he stands. Droplets of water were running down his body. One gets caught in the dip of his v-line, trickling until it becomes lost in the dark patch of trimmed hair above his shaft. His thick, toned legs flexing as he steps out of the tub. You’re convinced that no matter how much time passes, you’ll still find him breathtaking. 
He mumbles a little ‘be careful’ when he helps you up, watching your feet to make sure they don’t slip. Always looking out for you in small ways. It was a subconscious trait he developed as he grew to love you more than anything or anyone. He tugs you close, looking at you with so much love in his eyes. You crane your neck up, pressing your lips against his. Nothing crazy or sloppy, just a kiss. Kissing Jungkook felt like it always did, warm and comfortable. 
“Alright, knees. Now.”
Interrupting your thoughts, yet again. You frown and look at the tile. The wet tile might you add. “But my knees-”
He grabs your hair, wrapping it around his fist and using it to force you down to your knees. The floor feels gross and cold against your shins.
“You do what I tell you, got it?” From your angle, he looks menacing. He’s peering down at you over that big nose, chest puffed out and red from exertion. The veins in his arm popping out under his inked skin as he held you with an iron grip. You have half a mind to cancel his gym membership.
His big, leaking, cock is standing right in front of you. It was almost intimidating.
You answer him with the most miniscule nod. 
“Use your words.”
“I’ll listen.”
“Look at me when you talk to me.” He doesn't even give you the chance to react, yanking your hair until your face is tilted upwards.
“I’ll listen,” you peep. 
“I go away for a week and you forget everything I taught you? Do I have to train you all over again?” He questions, mocking you.
“Yes, please. I don’t seem to remember,” you challenge, blinking up at him innocently, but so deviously.
“Open,” he commands. You listen, opening wide and sticking your tongue out. He bends at the waist, letting a glob of spit fall from his puckered lips and into your mouth. You swallow immediately, knowing what to do. Obviously well informed of the rules despite your protests.
“Good girl.” Releasing your hair, he brings his fingers to your lips, recalling your refusal to put them in your mouth earlier. “Again.” 
He’s just as devious as you are.
You flick your hair over your shoulders dramatically, hoping he’ll pick up on your annoyance. Squinting in defiance, you take his middle and index finger in your mouth, going all the way down to his knuckles, biting a little. You slide your tongue between them, letting them hit the back of your throat before pulling away. They do taste a bit soapy, but you suppose a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.
He shoves them back in before you move away entirely, making you choke. “I don’t think you’re ready for me. Gotta stretch you out first, don’t I baby?” He scissors his fingers, testing your gag reflex. Taunting you. You inhale and pinch your eyes shut, wanting to prove him wrong. You even bob your head a little, taking them in deeper. He lets out a shaky breath, clearly affected by your actions, exiting your drooling mouth. 
Nimble fingers wrap around his cock, using your spit to slick himself up. He squeezes right under the crown. Both of you watch in awe as a drop of precum oozes out. He shuffles closer to you, jaw going slack as he peers down at you. It looks like he’s contemplating something. Whatever it was, he better get going because if you have to wait even lo-
You gasp as his cock swings into your cheek with a loud thud. The heaviness makes you flinch. He pauses, expecting you to reprimand him. He did just smack you with his dick. To his surprise, you don’t say anything. In fact, you appear to be even more turned on than before, fluttering your lashes at him. Asking for more.
He makes a content noise, continuing to tap the tip against your face, watching as a sticky string of precum forms. “God, you’re so whipped baby. Why do you let me treat you like this?”
It was a rhetorical question, but you answer anyway. “Because I love you.”
“You love me?” He smiles, rigid expression softening for a second, pleased with your answer. “You love my dick. It’s all you think about. I bet when I was away you all you did was sit in bed with a wet pussy. Waiting for me to come home and fuck you.” 
You can’t help but wonder if that was a freudian slip. If he was still beating himself up for missing out on your graduation, mentioning it with no context or explanation. It makes your heart hurt, but that was a conversation for tomorrow morning. Tonight, you were going to do whatever you could to distract him.
Wetness touches your bottom lip. He rubs the head of his penis against you, smearing precum on your lips. He coos, mocking your compliance and submission. Sexually humiliating you is one of his favorite activities. You let him, even puckering your lips to sneak in a few kisses here and there. The light touches make him groan. “You gonna let me fuck that mouth, sweetheart?”
“Hm... I dunno.”
“What do you mean you don’t know?”
No answer.
“Are you going to put it in your mouth or what?” He scoffs, gnawing on his bottom lip. His right brow twitches. His forehead pulls in a bit. The irritated flicks in features already visible. 
You shrug nonchalantly. Internally, you were jumping for joy. He’s so fucking easy to manipulate. Right in the palm of your hand like putty, moldable into any shape you want. Any version of him you desire. 
His cock is angry too. Bright red and dripping. Needing to be touched. Craving you. Your mouth. Your pussy.
It jumps when you wrap your hand around it. So touch starved. Your pace is devastatingly lethargic, grip loose, not firm the way you know he loves and wants. His foreskin moves with you, rolling back and forth over his begging tip. So needy and wet. You wondered if the people next door could hear the nasty gushy noises his cock made as you jerked it.
You lean forward and lap at his slit. Airy kitten licks that provide barely any sensation to his greedy cock. One after the other. You feel his stare burning into your skin. He’s watching you, nostrils flaring as he grows impatient and agitated. You arch your back, giving him a clear view of your perky ass, before you start shaking and bouncing it. Teasing him.
“Enough, __!” He seethes, fisting your hair and bucking his hips with so much vigor that he stumbles forward. His cock shoves past your lips and down your throat. He catches himself by slamming a hand against the wall-mounted mirror in front of him, leaving a small crack in the middle. The neighbors definitely heard that one, but you were too far gone to care. 
The jolt sends you falling back on your butt, landing on the fluffy area rug in front of the sink. Atleast you were comfortable now. You always win one way or another.
Your legs are now laying flat between his, knees knocked together. Trapped between Jungkook and the sleek black wood of the integrated sink behind you. You're pressed against his pelvis, the soft hairs at the base of his cock tickling your nostrils.
Initially, you gag around him. Spit bubbling at the corners of your mouth, dripping down your chin after a few dauntingly long seconds. Your chest heaves as you struggle to adjust to the sudden intrusion. There’s a natural urge to push him away. Your matching red nails digging into his thighs as you try to shove him off of you.
“You’re okay.” He doesn’t let up. Feet firmly planted on either side of you. “Breathe. You can take it.”
With tears streaming down your cheeks, you inhale and exhale through your nose, regaining your composure. Determined to be good for him. 
When he touches you, it’s delicate and gentle, pushing your damp hair back. Fingers working their way through a few tangles. He cups your cheek, brushing away your stray tears. “I’m gonna fuck your mouth now, okay?”
You nod, making the tip of his cock rub against the back of your throat. Your mouth is warm and moist, like a sauna that’s sole purpose was to make him nut. The sensation makes him grunt. He brings his opposite hand down, holding your head still before taking a shallow thrust. Only giving you half of his length and then pulling back. Testing the waters. 
Glancing up at him with watery eyes, you meet him halfway, hollowing your cheeks. Your throat feels raw but his cock tastes phenomenal. Clean and sugary. Not a day goes by where you don’t thank the stars for blessing you with a man who eats fairly healthy and follows a strict hygiene regimen. 
Your nose is running a little. Jungkook notices before you do. His shoulders rise up with laughter, wiping it away with his big thumb. “So gross, baby. So cute.” It was gross, but you weren’t embarrassed, not with him.
Your jaw goes slack as you accept more of his cock, relaxing into the feeling. He picks up the pace, basking in view of his glossy cock dragging against your lips. You’re a vision. So beautiful to him. The disgusting wet noises your throat makes when he pulls away are deafening. He loves the way you gag when he pushes back in.
Jungkook has always been a bit quiet during sex, minus the dirty talk, of course. Never one to make obnoxious, pornographic sounds. He left that to you. You didn’t mind though. You can’t help but hum around him, loud and vulgar, when you hear his low grunts, knowing you’ve earned them. 
Your hands rub at his smooth, hairless thighs, feeling the muscles underneath clench and unclench, pulling his skin taut. He made the impromptu decision to get them waxed while his nails were drying under the UV light. ‘For shoots and stuff… It’s in nowadays’ he had snapped at you when you questioned his choice. Your palms make their way behind him, gripping his ass and pulling, wanting more of his cock.
“Mhm, it’s yours, baby. Take it.” He licks his lips and nods, looking at you with hooded lustful eyes, flicking his hair away so he can watch. “Tight little mouth…”
His voice sounded fucked out, so turned on. His head rolls off to the side like he doesn’t have the strength to support it anymore. All of the energy being sucked out of him, literally and figuratively. 
His hand cups the back of your head, thrusting every inch of his cock into your mouth. Holding you in place. His nose scrunches up and his brows knit together, cute dimple poking out as he bites the inside of his cheek. You hum, swaying your head from side to side. 
“Stop, m’ gonna cum,” he groans, attempting to pull you off. You’re persistent though, clinging onto him, keeping him snug inside of you.
“Ah, no- stop,” he whimpers in a high pitched voice you’ve never heard before. It was so desperate it made you clench around nothing. You feel him twitch in your mouth, hips jerking away like the pleasure is too much. He’s so deep that he can feel your tongue flat against his balls, licking and drooling down them. 
You pull off with a pop when you decide he’s had enough. 
“Fuck you,” he says through a laugh. He reaches his hands up, running them over his face to calm himself down. “You were going to make me cum before we even fucked.”
There’s a translucent strand of spit connecting his penis to your mouth. You swallow, wiping your chin with the back of your hand. A fit of coughs erupt through your chest. Booming and rough, before fading into a string of mischievous giggles. You feel delirious and light headed. He mumbles something about how well you took him, about how you were so good. You don’t really know. You can’t really focus at the moment.
You press your cheek against Jungkook’s leg, beaming up at him. So infatuated with him. So in love. High off endorphins and serotonin. 
“Stop laughing!” He shouts playfully, guiding you to your feet and pressing you against the marble countertop. He kisses your cheek before burrowing his head into your shoulder. “You’re fucking bonkers, babe.”
“Me? You fully broke the mirror!” 
You twist in his arms, giggling madly as you crane your neck awkwardly to look at the mirror behind you. “It’s right…,” you look around, trying to scope out the crack, pressing your fingertip to it when you find it, “here!” There’s already tiny fragments missing, exposing the wooden frame underneath. You leave a smudge on the dewy glass when you pull away. 
He deadpans you, jaw dropping open like he’s just received tragic and unexpected news. The modeling definitely upped his acting capabilities, making him animated and theatrical over the most mundane things. You guess it’s somewhat justified in this situation.
Black irises flicker to you, then the mirror, then back to you. His hand clamps over his open mouth. “What the fuck, __?”
“Don’t blame me! You were the one that broke it.” You shout back, very amused by his reaction.
“Yeah, but you should’ve at least said something,” he states like it’s the most obvious and certain thing in the world. His arms are outstretched, palms facing you, looking at you like you’re missing brain cells for not comprehending his thought process. One hand drops against his side in disbelief. The other wraps around his dick, giving it a languid pump. 
You roll your eyes. He’s such a boy.
“It’s not even that big of a deal,” you mumble, tucking a loose piece of hair behind his ear. He can’t stand having his hair in his face, constantly stealing your hair ties and losing them on sets, at the gym, and basically where else he goes. The wispy ones at his hairline are sticking to his clammy skin. “What are they gonna do, arrest us?” Now it’s your turn to question his logic, exaggerating your words and moving your neck around like a bobble head.
“No… but we’re going to have to pay for it.”
“Oh, whatever. I’ll pay.”
“Shut up, no you won’t,” he says sternly, twirling his index finger in a circle. “Turn around before I lose my boner.” 
You do as he says, turning around to face the mirror. It’s so blurry that all you can see in it is two silhouettes amongst the condensation. Good. It saves you the embarrassment of looking at yourself. You know you look crazy and disheveled. You can already picture it in your head. Hair tangled, lips swollen, tear stained cheeks, lashes clumped together.
You bend over the counter, upper body pressing into the marble slab. It’s cool and smooth, a stark contrast to the hot, stuffy atmosphere of the bathroom. It sends a piercing shock down your spine when your nipples touch the surface. You turn your head to the side, cheeks squished.
Perking your ass up, you wait patiently for his cock. Your glistening folds are on full display for him, so enticing and sweet. He spreads your ass with both hands, catching a glimpse of your puckering hole. You’re messy there too, arousal from your pussy having trickled down throughout the night. You looked so appetizing. He’s spent countless hours of his life buried in your pussy, lapping up your juices, breathing you in with his nose smushed into your clit. Jungkook would die a happy man knowing he got to experience the taste of you. 
“Kook, please hur-,” your words are cut short by a loud cry when you feel his mouth on you instead. Wet muscle tickling your clit before dragging through your entrance. It’s like he’s making out with your pussy, flat tongue dipping into you. His plump lips close after each lick, creating these soft smacking noises that send you into overdrive. 
His tongue trails up, circling around your other hole. You squeal.
“I can’t take so much- I can’t ta- just fuck me already,” you cry out. You reach your hand back, searching to ground yourself, wanting to touch him. He intertwines your fingers with his, snickering as he gets back up. A sloppy, open-mouthed kiss is placed on your shoulder. They make a warm stream from the back of your neck to your tailbone. He takes his time, pressing kisses on every part of your skin. The tender moment makes you dizzy. 
“I’m sorry baby, you just- I’m so fucked up right now.”  He felt jittery and sensitive. Needing you as much as you needed him. “I’ll do anything you want- anything for you.”
You grind your hips back, needy for his cock. “I want you inside me. Fill me up.”
The sound of your voice has him weak. He didn’t need any more convincing, letting go of your hand and bending at the knees to align himself with your aching core. He spits on his cock, spreading it around your hungry core with the head. It wasn’t necessary, but a little extra lubrication never hurt anyone. 
He grabs your ass, pulling a cheek aside, wanting to see everything. A front row seat to his favorite show. He knows he’s going to just slide right in with how drenched you were. 
He stuffs himself in, catching you off guard with the lack of preparation, giving you his entire length on the first push. The arch of your back sucked his cock in so deep that you felt it in your stomach. You felt so full, so stretched. Like he was made to be inside of you. Your mouth opens wide with a silent scream, clawing at the countertop, needing to cling onto something. Anything. Your fingertips hurt as they press into the marble. 
Jungkook’s eyes are locked on the way your pussy just engulfs his cock. It tries to suck him back in when he pulls away, like it doesn’t want him to leave. Like it’s your life force. If he withdraws, your body will surely wither away into a pile of little pink sparkles. 
“Can you just-” he grunts, wrapping his colorful arm under your hips and lifting, making your parted thighs come together. “Yeah, like that… so tight like this.”
“Mhm, feels so good like this Koo,” you purr in agreement. The fit is more snug than before. You can feel every ridge of his shaft against your walls. Every vein. It makes your toes curl into the soft shag carpet beneath you. 
Chills rush through your limbs when he starts to snap his hips into you. There’s intent behind his thrusts. Pulling all the way back, leaving only the very tip of his cock inside of you. Watching as your cunt clenchs around it. Loving how your arousal turns milky, leaving his dick so wet and creamy. Then, he plunges all the way in. You let out little ‘mmm’ noises when his hips meet yours, breasts jiggling wildly underneath you. 
“I’m not gonna last much longer,” Jungkook says through gritted teeth. He slows down for a moment, smushing his pelvis flush against your ass and swiveling his hips in a circle. It’s obvious that he’s trying not to cum. 
“Me either, it’s okay,” you tell him, placing your palms flat and pushing your body up. Determined to get him off, you start throwing your ass back, using all your might to work his cock in and out of you. Skin slapping against skin. 
“Don’t.” He places one palm on your hip, halting your movements. The other goes to your shoulder, pushing you back down. “Lift your leg up,” he orders, pointing to the ledge of the sink, showing you exactly what he wants you to do. 
This was something he did often. Whenever you two had sex, Jungkook put you in all kinds of bendy positions. He loved folding you like a pretzel while he fucked you. In his words, putting you in simple, uncomplicated positions was ‘wasted potential.’ He was hell-bent on putting your flexibility to good use. 
Picking your knee up and placing it on the sink makes his cock slip out. You hear a hushed ‘fuck’ escape his lips. He’s quick to guide himself back to your drippy center. He’s so deep you feel like you’re going to vomit. Your eyes roll back, squeezing shut when you feel tears prick at the outer corners. You’ve cried way too much in the past hour… 
“Stay still, let me take care of you.” You couldn’t tell if your mind was playing tricks on you. If you’re being honest, his dick usually left you dazed and confused. But his voice sounded broken. Almost like he was on the verge of falling apart.
Without warning, he rests his entire weight on you, smashing his chest to your back. The stretch was uncomfortable, but the warmth radiating off of him was overpowering. 
“I want to make you feel good,” he fucking whimpers as his hand snakes between your bodies. He uses his ring and index finger to spread you open, middle finger massaging your clit. He nudges your head to the side, making room for him to nuzzle into your neck. “I want to be good for you- to you. I don’t want to miss anymore, please- don’t leave me. I’m so sorry.” 
He’s plowing into you with so much force, trying to emphasize what he means. You know what he means. What was that myth again? Something about being able to feel your soulmate's pain?
You never thought it was possible to feel devastation and euphoria simultaneously, but that’s exactly how you feel at the moment.
You need to see him. You reach your trembling hand to the mirror. The fog melts under your touch. You wipe your hand back and forth until he’s visible. Even streaky and distorted, he's still absolutely gorgeous. “Jungkook, look at me.”
He lifts his head, peeking through blonde curtains to meet your eyes in the reflection. They’re dark and glassy. You see nothing but raw emotion swimming in them. Pure love. His cheeks are tinged red. 
“Don’t cry, baby,” you sigh, ignoring your own words as wetness finally spills over your waterline. Crying because he’s touching you just right, bringing you closer and closer to climax, but also because you love him. So fucking much. 
The pit in your stomach keeps growing. Your orgasm is approaching rapidly. You shake and convulse under him. You’ve never felt so good.
“I love you,” he groans, confession sounding heavenly in your ears as his thrusts become sloppy and hopeless. “I’m gonna cum.”
“Me too.” You turn your head, nose knocking into his as you tangle your fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck. “Kiss me, kiss me, I love you so much,” you plead, voice cracking. 
He does. Lips crashing into yours, meshing together perfectly. Tongues twisting together, still tasting like one another. You sob into his mouth, tugging on his thick strands as your orgasm hits you full force. Pleasure is felt in every inch of your body, from your toes to the very tip top of your scalp. 
Jungkook cums with you. Cute face scrunching up as he paints your walls in hot white. He gives you everything, thrusting into you until he’s completely empty. Cumming so much that it overflows around his cock and spills down your thigh. 
A sequence of serendipitous events that leave you warm and comfortable.
Both of you are sticky with cum, sweat, tears, spit, and probably every other bodily fluid that exists. You should clean up, but neither of you make an effort to move. Too exhausted. Too peaceful. 
Closing your eyes, you relish in the feeling of his chest expanding and contracting. Instead of listening to the ticks of the clock on your right, you listen to his breathing. It’s rough and sporadic at first, but as the minutes pass by, it becomes calm and even. You can feel his heartbeat against your back. You’re surrounded by him. 
Light touches trail over your shoulders and down your arms until they reach your palms. He laces his fingers with yours, rubbing his thumb against the back of your hand. Bringing the left one to his mouth, he places exactly four kisses against it. The last kiss is longer and more meaningful than the rest. You smile to yourself. Four years ago, you would’ve never imagined that your relationship with Jungkook would look like this. Loving, happy, and healthy. 
He turns your hand over, placing it against his cheek. Your sweet boy. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” You ask him, voice hoarse. You feel him shake his head. You hum, needing to say one more thing before you drop the issue. “I just want you to know that I love you. You have no reason to feel guilty. I’d rather have you with me mentally and emotionally than physically, you know?”
He nods, placing a wet peck to your temple this time. 
“Alright, get out of me. Your dick is limp and you’re sweaty.”
He lets out an airy laugh, mouth still pressed against your skin. Your grimace when he pulls out of you, cum already oozing out. Yuck. 
It was alright though. You couldn’t think of a better way to end your anniversary than taking a hot shower with him. You lift yourself off the counter, bones cracking. Legs aching. Worn out and exhausted. You were excited to slip under the crisp white sheets with him, fall asleep with your head on his chest. The perfect pillow. That sounded wonderful. 
Your shower was interrupted by a loud banging at the door. Jungkook looked at you confused and wide eyed, hoping out with impeccable speed as he scrambled to put a robe on. You groan, who the fuck would show up to your hotel room at 11:17 p.m.?
Hotel security. That’s who. 
There had been a total of eight noise complaints. All coming from the same floor. 
They weren’t too happy about the mirror either.
Needless to say, you and Jungkook spent the remainder of your anniversary in a shitty motel. 
Tumblr media
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delugguk · 2 months ago
perfect timing.
Tumblr media
pair: jungkook x reader.
genre: best friends to lovers.
word count: 8.0k (omg this is the most I've ever written)
warnings: smut and a lot of pining?? there's a lot of tension.. I don't want to spoiler so you just.. get right into it *giggles*
summary: one night in a city full of life; what it's supposed to be a friendly and fun dinner date, ends up with a night full of unrevealed secrets and unexpected pleasure.
a/n: inspired by this request.
tag: @kookiecrumb ^v^
Tumblr media
can you trust yourself right now?
that's your most prominent inner question but before we all go under this.. mess of thoughts, let's better get right into the main issue. shall we?
chilly nights weren't your most favorite or.. well, who are you lying to? you definitely loved these type of nights. just not when you didn't had the time to plan an awesome outfit for it ㅡ wearing only a skirt with nothing more than your panties wasn't a good plan when the cold breeze freezed your legs to death everytime you walked around but looking at the bright side of it, the only good thing about it is that at least you got to pick a decent outfit.
jungkook told you to look cute tonight because he was taking you to an 'apparently good' famous restaurant here in vegas but he barely gave you time to dress and it was always like thisㅡwell, not actually.. but-
..you're normally used to take your own time when choosing an outfit! - you know you can take too long some days but come on, you don't think you're that bad?
he always teases you about it and with the little light fight you both had because of him hurrying you up, you still think he should've given you more time. but he's jungkook and he always has to win.. right? - you scoff by just thinking about how stupid that sounds. you should definitely win sometime. at least that's what you like to tell yourself.
"what's happening?" jungkook glances at you while his hands flick through the restaurant's menu.
"nothing, why?"
"I don't know, you just seemed annoyed." he comments with a light grin. "are you still mad?"
followed by that question, you hate him so much because why does his doe eyes have to be so big and bright... you absolutely dislike when he purposely give you those manipulative puppy eyes.
"I'm not mad. I just remembered how annoying you are sometimes." you sarcastically answer.
he laughs. "is that it?"
"yep." your body leans upfront to look at your menu.
"I thought you weren't going to speak to me tonight."
"nah, it's okay. at least I look nice so I'm alright." you smile at him.
"that's true." he confirms with a soft smile. but it doesn't last long when his soft expression is already turning into a worrying one. "..but aren't you cold? I feel sorryㅡI didn't know it was going to get this cold." he sadly pouts, inmediately taking off his denim jacket not thinking twice into giving it to you.
"oh- no! I'm alright koo, well- yes I'm a little cold but you don't have to-"
"agh" he chuckles. "just take it, yeah?"
"but you'll also get cold.." you pout in a lower voice, feeling defeated.
he clicks his tongue in response. "don't worry about me. I always use two shirts underneath me, have you forgot?" he smiles.
..and of course you remember. it's something he has been doing for years now. claiming is for 'fashion purposes' in all failures and practices, you've seen him master his layering techniques improving with each year so.. it clearly is something you can easily forget.
"how can I?" you return a warm smile. "thank you koo.."
quickly standing up, jungkook tries placing his jacket down on your legs being very careful with it and it's a nice gesture, but you can't help laughing about it. "jungkook, I think I'm alright. I can do this myself."
"ah- I know. I just, uhm-" cheeks gaining a little bit of color, "yeah you.. do it." he goes back to his seat. "should we order some food and then some drinks if you're okay with that?"
the sudden changes in his tone of voice trying to jump out of this moment almost makes you laugh again. you usually tease him in situations like this but you'll let it pass this time. why was he being so cute? he always was, but right in this moment, you truly feel like you could explode.
"yeah, that sounds cool." you answer as you fix his big jacket above and beneath your naked legs. - feeling relieved as soon as the nice warm embraces your skin.
Tumblr media
between having nice convos, probing the food, giving reviews as you both enjoyed this momentㅡthe restaurant's food is actually nice. totally worth its popularity.
you both weren't chefs or professionals but you could say this is one of your favorite things to do. being used to travel together, going here and there for many years now, getting to know new places (for you both) like this, was sort of your thing. - something nice because while doing so, you both have been able to gain a lot of knowledge through experiences and so, along with traveling the world.. that always made you start nice, very interesting, entertaining and debatable conversations. It could never get boring between you two. speaking about anything and everything just comes very naturally for the both of you. - which could also explain why you two have grown so good when it comes to giving very well done, reasonables reviews everywhere you go. - spending time together just seemed to get better and better each time and so.. with the amount of confidence you have with each other, it's easily to just talk about whatever.
"it's all good now?"
"yeah, I've already finished." you smile.
"this wine is starting to have an effect on me, I'm not gonna lie." jungkook laughs as you follow.
"well.. I'm not very much different than you." both smiling at the same time.
jungkook's lip piercing seems to be a bit.. shinier than ever, or is that just on your mind?
"I've already pay, by the way.." jungkook says, sipping a little bit of his now finished wine.
"hm? when did you-"
"when I told you I was going to the bathroom?"
"jungkook!" you whine. "I told you tonight was my turn to pay." you try to slap his body from your seat but fail miserably when he leans his body back into his seat, laughing at you. "ugh, you even dare to laugh." you mutter.
"come on princess, you'll do it next time." he softly smiles.
but.. your heart stopped beating a little. did he just called you princess?
did you heard that right?
"you don't like that nickname?"
"yeah but you've never called me-" he interrupts you.
"do you want to go now? It's getting colder and you're just wearing a skirt." he suddenly asks.
"I- uh.. we didn't used a car." It's true, you choosed walking around this time.
"I know. remember I told you I had a feeling we'll get sort of drunk tonight?"
you nod.
"well, we're both tipsy." he laughs. "I've already called an uber."
"ah." It's all you say.
"what?" he asks, observing your sudden change of humour. "are you upset this moment is ending?" he teases.
you playfully roll your eyes. "yeah.. I mean, I like it here." you softly say leaning back to your seat, hugging your own body while looking around the atmosphere. people laughing, having their own fun, people in love..
oh yeah, you were definitely getting drunk.
jungkook also takes a glance around as soon as you do but not longer like you. placing his eyes on you instead.
"you know we can.." he pauses, thinking about it. "still have our own fun back at the hotel, right?" he's expresionless and you wish you could tell what does his eyes mean as soon as your very own meet his.
"like we always do?" your eyes glistens.
but like you said, it could never get boring.
"yeah." he smiles and you mirror him.
fixing your posture, you push strands of your hair at the back of your ear with both hands. later on, placing both palms hiding beneath your thighs. - it's such a small movement, but jungkook notices.
"are your hands cold?" he questions, earnestly.
"uh.." you don't know why you hesitate to respond. "..a little?"
jungkook gives you a warm sided smile. "do you want us to go now?" endearing enough, he extends both of his hands at you. signalling for you to reach them.
the moment you feel his palms, you're astonished. "how are your hands so warm?" you ask, kindly squishing his hands.
It makes jungkook chuckle. "I'm always warm.."
and there's just something about the way he said it..
your heart should stop beating this fast. what was going on?
jungkook continues, "I think it's time for us to go, we better wait outside." then he remembers, "shit, right- only if you want though.." mumbling a tiny, "it might be colder outside.." in a very regretful voice.
but all you do is smile at him. you know you were mad at him earlier but that doesn't mean he had to feel so bad about it. you've already said to him you were feeling nice because you still managed to look great. him just acting like this was so endearing to you because he also was being so considerate and I mean, he always was.
there was just something about tonight. maybe the wine.
"It's okay, I have you. my human heater." you tease him and jungkook nervously chuckles.
"ah.." he awkwardly looks down your hands. "yeah.."
laughing about it you delicately unattach your hands off his. scrunching your nose in a smile, lending your arm at him to return back his heavy jacket. "let's go."
but he hesitates about if he should take it or not.
"no. keep it. it's way colder outside, trust me." he gently refuses, pushing your arm back but failing at it.
"I'm okay, jungkook. I won't turn into an ice cube, I promise." chuckling, you motion back again your previews gesture.
he takes it as he faintly glowers. "but wouldn't you get more cold?" he asks, trying to give you the piece of clothing back.
"no, I'm alright. I think I can survive outside." you giggle and he does too, feeling puzzled.
"fine.." he sighs. "but, just let me know if you get too cold okay?" finally, putting back on the sky blue item.
the sight of jungkook putting on a big jacket like this was.. uh, how can you explain this? the glasses looked so good on him and his little bucket hat could never be missing in times like these right?
he's justㅡthe white shirt marked all of his (what it seems to be like-) strong chest.. pectorals softly drawing a line in between, you feel like you should look away. - and you do. you don't know exactly why. you've seen him do this many times so why were you thinking this way? it must be the wine all over again.
but if you were going to blame on the wine, then how can you explain the way his eyes lingered on you the whole time? and why was he doing it so slowly? almost like teasing you?his eyes were so.. cloudy too? perhaps this wine was hitting strong on him too.. you don't know.
"uh- yeah, like always." you try to smile back at him but you believe your cheeks were embarrassing you right now.
trying to walk away from him, jungkook's faster into grabbing your shoulder, gently.
"why are you in such hurry?" he giggles. "here." taking your hand like he always does. - in any other day, you'll normally think this is something very usual, but tonight..
walking towards the exit, you don't expect feeling his hand play with his fingers trying to find yours so he could slowly fill the little empty gaps in between your fingers.
he's bold enough to lace them together, and it's a completely new feel to what it should be a normal intimacy between you two. - but then, you remember what he once told you once about holding hands with just the palms and the one lacing fingers.
"I just think it's very intimate" he states. "I wouldn't just do it with anyone. It's too intimate, I mean, I'm okay with just touching our palms but if I ever lace my fingers with anyone," he pauses. "then just know that's me being very much in love." he laughs. "I don't fuck around when it comes to those type of things and you know it."
and.. hell yeah you knew. not only you were a hopeless romantic but so was he. you remember agreeing to it.
discussing about it, he even told you he could never hold your hand that way because it'll feel way too weird. you couldn't agree more in that moment but if he's doing it now.. was it because he..? no. you don't think so. he's just tipsy right?
you can't help but feel your body tense as soon as he does and all you wish is for jungkook to not notice since he's sort of walking ahead of you but.. he's jungkook and so, of course he does.
"Is everything okay?" he glances back at your frame, stopping a little but you encourage him to keep walking.
"yeah, I'm.. alright." you try to give him a not-so-nervous smile and all he does is grin while looking back upfront.
is he crazy?
Tumblr media
stepping outside of the restaurant, jungkook wasn't lying when he said it'll be more cold. - to be honest you low-key knew it was all true but at the same time, you didn't wanted him having to sacrifice his own comfort because of you.
"our uber should be here in a couple of minutes." jungkook says as you nod your head.
still holding hands, you take your time to look around as jungkook's gaze reminds on you. you don't notice it but him gently squishing your hand caughts your attention.
"yeah?" you meet his eyes once again that are only hidden by his transparent glasses.
jungkook doesn't know if you think he's a fool but he can notice the way your body quivers. grinning to himself, he quickly manhandles your body against him into a hug.
"what are you-"
"I know you're cold, silly." with his big jacket still on, he manages to wrap it around your body. but not only before guiding your hands around his waist so you could hug him first which is now so...very, much close to him. "come here."
you were going to complain but.. the wine playing its role into making you not care about itㅡgot you absorbing how warm jungkook's body actually feels against you and all you could imagine are pure dangerous thoughts now. wondering how his naked body would feel against your skin because if he naturally feels this good with clothes... you just wonder how perfect it'll be.
but what were you thinking?
you shouldn't be thinking like this. he's your best friend, damn. for many years too! you can't just act silly because of you being tipsy.
tipsy. not even drunk. fuck.
"I'm very cold." but your subconscious didn't seemed to listen to your right mind.. taking all the control over your body needs and heart. It was a rare but very possible situation.
"I know baby." jungkook replies and it's just.. he first calls you princess and now.. baby?
you need to know if this is just him being tipsy because you've been tipsy, even fully drunk around each other before and none of those moments compares to what you feel and what he's doing tonight.
glancing up at his face, your chin buries on his chest.
he smells so good..
"baby?" you repeat and damn how you wish he wasn't wearing those glasses. wanting to see those pretty eyes up-close.
when he looks down at you, his face is so close to yours you feel like pulling out of his body but something in you tells you not to and that's when the staring contest begins.
silently looking into each other's eyes you both last a few seconds. seconds that feels like minutes. his trained arms wrapped around your body in a delicate hug that feels tight enough to ever let go. - your pupils move around his pretty face quickly enough to end up focusing on his lips. his lip piercing looking very tempting right now so it wasn't just your mind playing games earlier, you were growing this tiny desire of wanting to kiss him. very badly.
jungkook notices your eyes pattern. faintly grinning to himself, he licks his lips trying to provoke you. perhaps he's insane but giving him a very intense expressionless face, your eyes glisten so much, so does his and it's like as if you both were silently asking for something that you can't quite put into words but it's also something that's so obvious to guess. - so naturally, jungkook gives two tiny squeezes to your waist. again, something he usually does, but as your breathing was slowly increasing, this wasn't just a casual touch. you actually wanted more.
"what are we doing?" you whisper before even thinking about it.
"I don't know." he responds in the same way. tucking one hair that just seemed to fall over your face behind your ear. his gaze quickly going back to your lips while doing so.
"what do you want?" you dare to ask, you needed to know. this feeling only increases with time so it's only fair for you to know what's also going on in his head.
but just before he could answer, of course your uber comes.
lingering his gaze into your eyes, you could tell he was thinking. about what? you don't know, but he seems very doubtful.
"let's go. you'll get more cold." It's all he says.
and as soon as you blink, you're on the car.
Tumblr media
the way back to the hotel wasn't so awkward thanks to the person that was driving having a bright personality. there was just this one question they made that make your body tense for a couple of seconds but it was alright afterwards.
"you're both very pretty. are you dating?"
with a smile on his face and you glance at jungkook who's also waiting for you to respond.
"we are friends"
you both say at the same time. the person's driving just laughs and there's that look he gaves that yells I know something you don't but of course, doesn't mention anything.
"that's a shame." It's all he says later on after finishing up talking some more.
you should be used to that question. you both, actually. people always asked you this.
but you just didn't know what was happening tonight.
jungkook kept on watching the city lights as the car goes and you notice how he.. still hasn't let go of your hand. surprisingly enough? your palms aren't sweating. keeping all the warmth jungkook's hands was giving you and you wondered if your heart was the only one beating this fast.
the city lights didn't seemed so blurry as you go in the car, meaning you weren't drunk. but it maybe is because you were seating right now. once you get out of the car.. that's when you know the real deal.
still sort of feeling cold, the car didn't helped at all for your legs to stop quivering, so you have no other choice than to start caressing your bare legs with your only available hand and because of that sudden repetitive motion, jungkook notices as he finally nods his head looking at what you're doing.
"do you want me to tell the driver to turn the heater on?" he suddenly asks and the soft warm of his breath hitting your ear made you feel some things..
"h-huh?" you flinch, quickly reacting. "no, its fine."
silently staring at you all jungkook does is, let go of your hand. pinioning both of your legs slowly placing them at the side above his thighs with your entire body as he hugs your legs and one of his hands rest on your back so you could get close to him and it's justㅡhe was so strong he could only manhandle you so easily.. not that you complained though but you think that this is the most he has ever done that.
what the fuck is he doing? was your first thought.
the fact that he did this so casually, looked like he didn't seemed to care about how much this was going to affect you.. or maybe he didn't know?
In this position, jungkook could hug you side ways muffling only a portion of his jacket around you.
this feels nice was your second thought. already feeling his warm embrace.
fuck was your third. as soon as his hands started to leave slow caresses through the entirety of your legs. only close enough to your thighs.
"to keep you warm." Is all he says with a smile, but oh boy was that doing more than to keep you warm.
everything seemed to happen so fast so you tried your best to not do something stupid but jungkook was so.. damn. his hands touching your skin feels as if they burned your entire skin and you didn't know if that was because of you wanting to see just how far he could go. - explicit images fullfiling your mind of how many possibilities but fuck. you repeat to yourself once again how you shouldn't be thinking about your best friend like this.
at least not when you don't know if he feels the same.
but as soon as you say that, you find one of your hands moving naturally taking his glasses off. not because you hated them but because you wanted a clear view of his doe eyes. - jungkook's reaction draws a smirk to his face. lowkey knowing just how badly you've been wanting to do that and as expected, they looked very different now that you could clearly see them. well, not as clear yet because there's not really so much light in this car, but you get it.
saving up his glasses through one of his pockets, your face leans closer to his. "perhaps.." growing bolder, you tease him at the side of his ear. "you want to seduce me, jeon?"
"define seducing." is all he says, glancing at you.
"hm." you hum, nodding your head softly.
if he wanted you to show him, then that's what you'll do.
sensually biting your lips, you start guiding your anular and second finger, walking a path against his chest. teasingly. your head resting on one of his shoulders as you watch your hand go. - ending at the nape of his head, you start playing with the little strands of hair tangling on your fingers as your breathing is now brushing his neck when you purr, "this.." leaving a soft peck on his pretty neck for the first time ever. your lips has never touched jungkook like this or in any other way, ever.
"..is me.." another peck touches his hot skin, this time with a little trail of sensual kisses. "..seducing.." all of it while guiding your lips towards his jawline.
"..you." suddenly stopping as you whisper against his skin and something tingles inside of him.
It makes him automatically react by gripping one of your thighs and you swear you almost let out a tiny scream by how sudden it was. but your skin was basically crying wanting to be touched by him, it was only understandable.
feeling risky as you gain more confidence, you place a lingering kiss to his jawline. jungkook's starting to feel sort of hot and so, he bites his lip ring trying to cope with his desire.
not being able to stop whatever was happening right now, he immediately manhandles your whole body adjusting your thighs to be accommodated along his hips. body no longer beside him as you were now facing him and he makes sure to really open your legs so you could be perfectly close and at his center. he was getting so turned on but still, was trying really hard not to. he couldn't risk having a boner in front of you when he didn't know what you actually wanted from him.
despite not having so much light, you linger your gaze to each other. only the flickering lights could do some justice into lightning your bodies and faces. - staring for a couple of seconds, all you can hear is the car's smooth driving sound. there's no a single smile on his face but you on the other hand, were smiling seductively taking your lips in between your teeth.
gosh.. just what was wrong with you.
you thanked this car for being huge so the driver couldn't really see what was actually going on at the back.
he'll think of you as liers for sure..
when jungkook drags his eyes down your lips, all he wants to do is kiss you but.. he didn't wanted to make a stupid move when he isn't even clear of what you want.
"y/n.." he quietly calls your name. "what.." pausing, only to gather a little more of courage. "what are we doing?" now he's the one to ask. hands resting on your thighs, curiosity paints all over his eyes.
"I don't know." you sincerely reply. same eyes, same feels.
only for you to lean over his chest as your face remains just a few inches away from him. your face remaining with a few inches away, you can perfectly feel his breathing along with yours. - jungkook frozes for a few seconds.
but it doesn't last long as soon as he's saying, "we are both tipsy."
"I know." you giggle. "so?"
"so?" mimicking your tone and chuckling about it, "I don't want you or.. usㅡmaking something that will later ruin us.." he utters.
"ruin us?" you repeat.
he nods.
"are you speaking from my or your point of view?"
"y/n.." he humorously warns, with a hint of being serious. "I mean this."
"I know, koo." you aver very gently to him. "we can just let this go. It's all good." you mean that but still.. can't help but feel a bit disappointed.
and as always, jungkook can see through you. but he doesn't says anything as the driver calls for your arrival. - you quickly get off him, suddenly missing his body warmth but you guess that's all for tonight.
but only did you forget about one little thing.
Tumblr media
entering the room, jungkook's hands doesn't seem to leave your body despite what he said on the car. dancing almost all night, teasing each other with a hint of tension here and there, it was a great moment.
but the couple of stares coming from jungkook were getting harder to digest as the night progressed and so, standing in front of him right now felt like an actual nightmare. so before it all gets worst, after a few more drinks you both call it a night and prepare to take separated showers.
you low-key wished that taking this shower could make all of your strange thoughts turn into dustㅡbut apparently, the universe didn't wanted you to behave so here you are, laying in bed while jungkook's at your side, thinking about many things. dangerous things. things you aren't even sure what they meant.
or maybe you do..
..and that's why you're now looking at the pitch black ceiling. - all you can hear is the subtle blow of the air conditioner as you wondered if jungkook's mind was also flooded with heavy thoughts just like yours.
"are you sleeping?" you softly ask.
"nope." he says almost humorously making you chuckle. "I'm very much awake."
"so am I." you remark as your body slowly faces to his side and that makes you actually take a rough glance at what is like jungkook's body right now. you could only tell much because the only light functioning as your source was the moon peaking through the giant curtains. - with his body facing up the ceiling, you could take a view of his very familiar side profile. the pearly soft lights of the moon barely caressing his skin but you can still have a view of his very well defined jawline. his hair was slightly parted side ways and you wondered just how soft it'll be if you ever get to touch it again.
you suddenly get this strong urge of wanting to kiss him and just before you could think first about your future actions,
"jungkook.." your mouth is already speaking before you.
lifting your body, you seat up still facing directly to his side. "can we do this just one time?" voice small, definitely shy enough for him to note the lowkey nervousness of your tone.
"do.. what?" he's careful to ask.
without much thinking, your next move is to slowly but surely straddle his waist as you make sure he isn't feeling weird or awkward about it. - as he let's you place yourself on him, you continue. - eyes gazing at each others and your hands lay on his clothed chest. your face slowly leaning towards his.
jungkook doesn't have a clear point of what's going through your mind but whatever it was, he wasn't going to stop you from doing it.
"kiss me just once." you purr close to his lips.
"Iㅡare you sure?" he wasn't going to lie. that's something he has been wanting to do ever since you've arrived in vegas. but as always, just because he wants it as badly doesn't mean he won't care about what you feel first.
instead of just responding with a simply 'yes', all you do is place a very daring kiss to his cheek, closer to his lips and that makes jungkook feel sparks inside of his stomach and so then, he wanted to kiss you bad, oh so badly.
so he pushes his lips towards yours. a gently touch that soon turns into a deadly unstoppable heated session as gasping for air was a strong necessity. who would've thought of you two really going at it as soon as you touched your lips. is this your bodies communicating into how much they've been wanting each other? It definitely was something to think about later on.. but as of now, you'll just take the risk. take this momentㅡto saviour what you've been wanting to touch, wanting to feel, wanting to experience.
you wanted to know what every other girl get to feel when playing around with him. why every girl always seemed to run up to you the moment things were over, asking you for advice just so they could have him back. but jungkook wasn't an asshole with girls going around breaking their hearts. you always wondered why his relationships always finished almost too fast. but given to how desperate they always were.. made you wonder about many things. was he really that good? if we were to mention his personality.. yeah he has his flaws but don't we all? he still was so good for you. almost too perfect in your eyes but.. the only thing of him being unfamiliar to you was this. so what if once you get a taste, you can't escape? like all the other girls. what if you feel more after this? is this really okay? - you don't know, but as of now.. you were more than willing to find out. accepting all kinds of fate.
"touch me." you moan to his lips.
"where do you want me to touch?"
"anywhere and everywhere. I'm yours tonight." you say, mind already gone.
"are you sure about that, baby?"
he rasps and fuck that nickname, he already was making you feel crazy and you haven't even started yet.
"mhm" moaning, that's all you say. grinding your center against his as jungkook helps you get more friction, lifting his hips.
you seem very eager and jungkook likes that, so he starts by caressing your bare legs. all you have on is your very short silky pajama shorts with a cotton blouse and he doesn't know how you always manage to stay so pretty for him.. or not for him, but the thought of you ever doing that excites him. the movement of your hips seemed to get more prominent the moment he started gripping your thighs getting close towards your waist. he loved your body, he always has. he just hasn't find the right time to tell you that because he thinks it might feel too awkward. but he has been dying to tell you that for years now. maybe tonight could be the perfect time for him to do that, so he gives it a try. admiring your clothed body as he switch positions taking you down and kissing your neck. the feeling of his hands sneaking underneath your blouse only burning your body.
"I love your body so much, so perfect to me." he deeply mumbles against your neck, heat traveling all over your skin. "I wish I could just take this blouse off." desperately kissing you close to your ear and god, did you feel so hot right now.
"then take it off." you command. your hands sneaking through his shirt so he could also take his off.
jungkook doesn't think twice when he's already doing it. not after leaving a kiss to your lips though. feeling intoxicated by it, he comes back to taste your pretty lips, not getting enough of it.
his body looked so hot on top of yours, you liked the view way too much. his tattoos only being the second protagonist here, of course the main one it's him.
once your body's full bare, you were completely naked in front of him, except for your silky shorts. - not even realising it, he let's out a gasp.
"It's even better to what I've ever imagined." licking his lips as you bite yours, his eyes only darkens the moment he sees your nipples be erect and it's all because of him and there's something about it that makes jungkook want to keep you here and stay in this moment forever.
so taking one of your boobs, he's softly squishing them. fingers circling around it ever so slowly and soon enough, he's already tapping your mouth so you could open up and lick his finger for him. only to bring it back into your nipple, just touching directly this time. - he flicks, pinches and lick them with such detail and care, you feel you could faint as your legs start repeatedly pressing up against each other, only increasing their need for some type of friction. jungkook slowly watch as he silently enjoys your reactions and desperation about it. giving him satisfaction, but because he can't let you get your way just yet, your little cries could only affect him this much so that's why he gently sundered your legs apart so you could stop doing that and prevent him from wanting to fuck you right away.
you make him that weak.
"calm down baby, I'll treat you nice.. I promise." he kisses your lips but all you do is complain, moaning into his lips.
"I'm so wet, please do something about it." you arch your back as you slowly circle your hips in the neediest way, giving him those pleading puppy eyes an jungkook's mind almost stop functioning for a few seconds. you were so adorably fuckable, this might not last as much as he wants.
"fuck- you really want me to.." he pauses. "agh, fuck." hissing between his teeth he takes a step back getting comfortable in bed, opening more your legs as he got rid of your shorts. only letting you wear your white, now with a big round wet circle, underwear. "fuck. you really are so wet." he sighs, overwhelmed by the sight.
tracing one finger on top of where you want him the most, he teases you with long and slow traces as he watch your body twitch. god, you were so needy. he never imagined you to be this way and fuck does that turn him on so badly.. - your little whimpers are like music to his ears when he sees you caught your lips in between your teeth as soon as he keeps teasing you. just now adding a bit more of weight on his finger. you close your eyes and he let's your hips grind on it.
Intensifying your sways of hips, you seat up on your elbows as you keep your eyes glued to him, panting so much with your mouth mid-open as your arousal and orgasm increases. -jungkook suddenly flicks over your clothed heat and you flinch, just to feel your clit and walls pulsate because of it. "fuck" you cry as your head faces the ceiling. - jungkook grins at that seeing the way your hips grind on his hand more aggressively, he proceeds onto flattening his entire palm over your pussy and as soon as you know, he's giving consecutive mini slaps into it. making your breathing cut in between as your legs tremble.
"mm, are you going to cum pretty girl?" his voice so nice, so sensual. It just feels so right.
"euhng" you sob.
"is that all you can say?" he traces a long deep line in between your wet clothed pussy lips.
but you can barely talk as it's already so hard to breathe.
"it's okay baby.. you look so fucking hot right now." he rasps licking his lips. "so sexy.." in between his breath.
"cum.. make me c-cum." you plead with those eyes again.
you desperately nod with your eyes closed.
"is that what you want?"
"eung." you moan.
and it sounds so rich that jungkook doesn't wait any longer into taking your drenched panties off and rapidly enough, he gets comfortable to start eating you out.
"agh! fuck-" his tongue so warm against yours as he flattened it on top of your clit. his saliva just mixing with your arousal as his silky black hair just landed over his sweaty forehead - jungkook barely moved but he felt so hot and so turned on, his body was already condensing it all.
"so fucking good." he moans against your clit, kissing on it very passionately. he was so good that your hands couldn't find another spot other than to stay over his head.
you think you've never been more turned on in your life. he really wasn't kidding when he said he'll treat you nice. this was beyond good for you. he was incredibly so good.
introducing one of his fingers now, the feeling was so high that you couldn't wait more so you cummed on him, so god damn much, jungkook just enjoyed having to place your hips back down to bed because you were trembling so much. your moans enriching his ears... he wanted you so fucking bad. he don't think you could even imagine a portion of how much.
after reaching your end, your walls were pulsating so crazy along your clit. and you don't think you've ever felt this horny before. your clit just have this rich sensation of wanting to be stimulated all over again.. it's not even to the point of you wanting to feel some overstimulation, you were actually very horny again like you feel you could cum again if he wanted you to. you've already recovered so fast, you don't think somebody has ever made you feel this way..
"jungkook.." you seat down this time, arching your back and sticking up your ass as you almost cringe at how wet you are. only the soft and cold air of the room meeting your exposed private parts. jungkook mimics your position, only this time sort of manspreading. he's so horny too. you could see it from his pajama pants and they weren't even tight into his legs. eyes lidded and so dark, you don't think you've ever seen him like this but.. it was quite a sight. he was so damn attractive, fuck.
"take off your pants." you command and he does as you say.
once he reveals his dick, he's so hard it inmediately jumps back into his stomach. prominent and faded veins around it but they aren't much, just a few ones. the right amount. his tip being of an angry pretty red, you can't believe even his dick is so fucking delicious to look at. he just got it all, doesn't he?
the moment you delicately grab his dick, he stops you. "wh-"
"I want you to kiss me while you masturbate on top of me."
"huh?" your body astonished.
"just get on top of me and grind my dick with your pretty pussy, yeah?" he croaked very hotly.
he doesn't need to ask you twice.. your pussy clenches at the thought of feeling his bare dick and all that's on your mind is him right now.. not believing of the day for you to be doing this but look at you now, about to extend your juices along his length.
jungkook angled his head resting against the bed headboard as he lays down. - you seductively feel bold enough to crawl towards him with both of his legs forming a straight line. he motions his hands behind of his neck, all while a very devilish smirk plastered on his very tempting lips.
just how much more hot can this man get?
the moment you straddle his waist, both of your hands run through his abs and firm pectorals. you give him a few kisses. enjoying the way he sighed closing his eyes. you took your time to feel him whole, those gym schedules were doing their glorious work. - you kiss his neck, bite his earlobe, tease him a little, have fun a little. until your lips finally land on top of his lips. very nicely, very warm..
and damn it was a mess. not only down there but your feelings too.. just how much do you actually like him? those were your current thoughts.
placing your hands at both sides of his neck, your hips finally lowers into his length.
gasping in between kisses the moment your walls wrap around his tip ㅡ he feels so big, so thick, so rich.. you suddenly are in need of his warm touch so you take both of his arms, putting it back at the side of your legs to see what he'll do about it.
slowly swaying your hips back and forth, your pussy coated his dick so well.. it was messy, but so hot.. just something about teasing him getting inside but not entirely..
promptly grasping each side of your hips, jungkook takes his time into palming your ass. you're making so much sensual noises.. his heart couldn't stop beating. his breathing only getting heavier along with yours. he searches back into your lips. giving you a lingering kiss as he squeezed your body so nicely. he can't stop his emotions of wanting to tell you his feelings and so,
"I like you so fucking much y/n.." he finally confesses against your lips. his hips only twitching for the way your pussy slided against him. he was getting desperate just as much as you.
"fuck." It's all you say while lowering your head into his shoulder, slightly biting it and moaning about it because you didn't know him confessing to you like this could get you this horny. - maybe it was because of the fact of him feeling the same way as you.
"gosh, I want you like crazy. I'm so ffucking sorry." he whimpers, pressing down your ass right now.
but his apology is not welcomed because you want him to know how badly you also want him and like him. - you aren't stupid to like, not know that this is the perfect opportunity to confess your feelings so with nothing else to lose, you make it better to let him know just as much.
grinding slowly but eagerly into him, you unattach your face off his shoulder just so you could give him a very loving piercing look, breathing into his lips as you both lips are slightly parted. your face remains so close to him, chest almost touching his as your fingers tangles at the top of his head.
"don't be. I like you too, jeon." you reveal, panting against his lips.
jungkook felt his face froze for a few seconds, "you do?"
"eung." you moan against his neck, kissing all around it. "it's been 4 months now." very lost feeling the thick skin of his dick.
"can you fuck me now? I want you very badly..." you moan. oscillating your hips, coating more of his dick with your arousal as you're looking at him very sensually with a bite to your lower lip into a grin.
and jungkook tries to process this new information from entering his brain. he doesn't have other choice than to push it away for now.. - deciding he'll do the second thing he has been wanting to do for years. the first one being already done.
"I'll fuck you good." he smirks.
It's all he says before he's already hovering on top of you, dick in hand teasing your walls, he slowly enters. gasping at the same time, he let's you take your time to adjust while he tastes your lips and it's just - your lips were already so addicting to him.
once he moves, he marks a slow pace feeling you whole. he feels so full inside of you.. - jungkook's eyes doesn't leave yours as time progresses. fucking you hard, he takes both of your hands guiding them at the side of your head. lacing his fingers together with yours and the moment he does, something inmediately shifted with just the delicate change of synchronizing both your fingers.
suddenly, jungkook started fucking you in a different way. it was no longer hard but deep, sensual.. very overwhelming as he started kissing your boobs, feeling your body up, biting you here and there.. - you decide you wanted him close and so your legs naturally fondle around his waist. his breathing now burning your neck, you were getting closer with how heavy his body feels against yours and so, when you finally cum, it doesn't take longer as soon as he follows you up.
breathing between each others bodies, the only thing that can be felt right now was the same old soft sound of the air conditioner and your very delighted heartbeats.
and suddenly, after taking a very well deserved cold shower, an already sleeping jungkook lays on this shared bed and all you can think about is.. once tomorrow comes, how different things going to be?
Tumblr media
"why didn't you tell me and waited for four months?" jungkook insisted. "you could've told me."
"It isn't so easy.. you know?" you scoff at him. "we have been friends for so long, it was almost impossible for me to ever think you felt something for me too.."
"wasn't I obvious?"
"obvious?" you laugh. "you didn't even gave me hints!" defending yourself. "four months is okay, I could've spent a lifetime and you still wouldn't know."
he rolls his eyes. "why do you think my relationships always ended so quick y/n?"
"..why?" curiosity filling your eyes.
"because of you!" he says as if that was something extremely obvious for like.. giving you hints.
you narrow your eyes. "do.. you really think that's a good hint?"
you burst into laugh. "please, I just thought you were bad at relationships" you fake cry. "even though wondered a lot about why they kept coming back after a break up.."
"well, now you know why." he laughs.
"shut up, that ain't even everything about you."
"oh so there's more?" he teased.
..and you're glad that with jungkook's bright personality, everything seemed to be okay.
if anybody were to ask you about why you were so scared into confessing your feelings.. you don't know. but one thing you do know is..
that once that time comes, as long as you trust your feelings and let things flow, it'll automatically become your perfect timing.
so, trust that. your own timing.
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jungk0oksthighs · 29 days ago
happy birthday loser; jjk x reader; 18+
Tumblr media
summary: after three years of simping over your roommate, you give him one hell of a birthday celebration. idiots to lovers pwp oneshot. literally zero plot
warnings: explicit smut, mutual thirsting, oral sex (f receiving), fingering, squirting, loud filthy (unprotected) sex. wrap before u tap
a/n: happy birthday jungkook! this is my first oneshot in 4+ years so be gentle w me please, usually i prefer to write series but i wanted to challenge myself and ofc write something special for everybody's favourite maknae's birthday. enjoy!
word count: 8k
On Thursdays you cook burgers for dinner.
But today isn’t just a regular Thursday.
It’s your roommates birthday, his twenty-fifth to be exact, so when you ventured to the grocery store last night you were sure to pick up the ingredients for his favourite meal in preparation for tonight. Samgyeopsal.
Pork belly is his favourite meat, you’ve been subjected to many a conversation about how tasty he finds it, how it’s the right balance of protein and fat, how it goes with anything, how he likes to wrap the succulent meat in lettuce leaves before submerging it into sauce and shoving it into his mouth.
It’s his favourite food without a shadow of a doubt. And so you’ve taken it upon yourself to cook it for him on his birthday. He is your favourite person after all, without a shadow of a doubt.
Jungkook moved in with you three years ago, at a very dark time in your life when you were wallowing in your post-breakup blues. You initially met the triple threat of tall, dark and handsome Jungkook at an open mic night when he struck up a conversation with you at the local bar.
As if being gorgeous isn’t enough, he’s a very talented singer and guitarist too, he and his grungy rock band like to play at bars and clubs on weekends. When he’s not busy at his nine to five as a software engineer, where he’s due to be leaving any minute now.
The more you got to know him you quickly realised he’s somewhat of a loser. Not a loser in the sense of having no friends and nothing significantly interesting about him – not in the slightest. Jungkook is a loser in the sense that he’s extremely introverted, painfully so, and lacks social skills.
He prefers to stay home after a gig, he doesn’t care for parties or girls or even much alcohol. He loves the quiet life, spending most evenings glued to his laptop to play videogames or sat beside you on the sofa binging something on Netflix. When he's not running his expert fingers over the nooks and crannies of his guitar.
Truthfully you’ve been kind of infatuated with him for a while now, he’s just so endearing and rib-shatteringly hilarious without even trying. It’s hard not to fall for him. His smile is earth-shatteringly perfect, his touch more so. You are but a woman after all, and a woman has needs and desires just like everybody else.
Jungkook being what you both need and desire daily.
At the time you met him a relationship was the last thing on your mind. Him moving into your spare bedroom was just a way to make up the rent and bill money your ex-boyfriend used to pay. But now you’re three years single save for the very occasional one night stand and Jungkook has never looked more appealing.
Maybe it’s the way he helps you reach snacks on the highest shelf when your tiptoes fail you. Perhaps it has a little something to do with the sweet melodies that flow from his pierced lips, flooding the apartment whenever he showers. It could be the fact he likes to ‘air-dry’ and parades around the place wearing nothing but a damp towel after said showers. Or it might have something to do with the way the supple skin beneath his big brown doe-eyes crinkles when he smiles.
But maybe, maybe, it’s because he’s everything you never realised you were looking for – until it quite literally showed up on your doorstep and moved in.
Okay so maybe you’re down bad for your roommate, but who in their right mind wouldn’t be? If you had to pick one word to describe Jungkook it would be… Perfect, handsome, funny, sweet, sentimental, ripped, gorgeous, talented. Any of those work just fine, it would be an insult to simply pick just one.
One of the many perks about living with Jungkook is that you’re both organised messy people, sure there’s some clutter here and there throughout the apartment but you both know damn sure what junk is where. Your personalities match, you don’t make the rules, they just do. All your friends say it, as do his friends. You'd be a show-stopping couple for sure.
It’s just that well… The man is somewhat emotionally constipated, can’t smell what’s right under his nose no matter how many hints you’ve given. Like a nose-blind lion on the prowl, there's a willing zebra right here, but he hasn't seemed to notice.
Wearing low-cut shirts at dinner, skirts that are a little too short, always making sure your makeup is clean and dewy looking even when wearing sweats. The innocent flirting that’s nowhere near innocent on your end. You shower him with compliments on the daily, being sure you don't appear too indifferent or nonchalant about it. You mean every compliment you've ever given him.
You like him, but you didn’t realise how frustrating that would prove to be giving his obliviousness.
But that all ends tonight.
You’re wearing a simple black slip dress, the smooth fabric ending just below the curve of your ass and the straps are so dainty that he’s bound to notice your exposed cleavage. Maybe even the lace trim of your sheer bra too, complete with a matching thong of course.
It’s not uncommon for you to get dressed up randomly, even before Jungkook moved in, you’ve always liked making an effort and looking pretty. It makes you feel good, confident even. You even went as far as to shave today, ensuring you're extra smooth, yknow just in case.
It's been a whole eleven months since you invited a guy back here, and the outcome was less than satisfying. Much like all your sexual endeavours, he got his and all you got was the ick. You haven’t seen the guy since.
It’s been a hot minute since Jungkook invited a girl back here too, maybe even over a year now. The way your roommate likes to saunter around half-dressed with long, messy brunette hair and a wicked smile has always affected you, made your mouth dry and your panties damp. Truthfully you don’t understand how a guy like that is single, well maybe it's because he doesn’t appear to have a radar for women, but you’re grateful nonetheless.
Black helium balloons fill your lounge, the big ‘25’ being the most obvious. You’ve spent the day mentally preparing for this, you want to show him how much you appreciate everything he does for you and celebrate his birthday properly. From him always prepping extra breakfast in the mornings just to make sure you’ve eaten, to his inked fingertips giving you back massages when you’ve hit the gym a little too hard. He’s usually the one to cook dinner most nights, so tonight you want to return the favour with a smile.
You’re just about to start prepping dinner when the unmistakable sound of his key in the door sends a rush of excitement through you. He’s home.
“Hey loser.” Jungkook’s voice is casual when he slips into the apartment, you’re too busy reapplying lip gloss to get a good look at him just yet.
“Good evening.” You chuckle, clamping the handheld mirror shut and sliding it into a kitchen draw.
You don’t know when it started, nor who started it. But the two of you like to use the term loser as a term of… almost endearment. It’s an inside joke between you both, friends and family members often gasp at the nickname you have for each other but for you? The word loser started to make your heart flutter and squeeze a long time ago. Finally you peer to the doorway and acknowledge him with a kind smile, one he’s reciprocating already.
“Happy birthday loser.”
As always he looks good enough to eat. His chiselled yet soft features, tanned skin, the little beauty mark nestled just beneath those very inviting lips of his. The muscles that threaten to tear through the fabric of his clothes. The tattoos that peak out from his sleeve cuffs. The piercings, his long dark hair that parts in the middle and frames those very handsome, genetic lottery winning features of his. You fight a teenage-like sigh, just looking at him is enough to make your heart race.
“What’s all this..?” His eyes scan the room as he shimmies out of his blazer, leaving him in a black shirt tucked into slacks of the same colour. His favourite colour is black, almost everything he owns is black, hence the fitting colour of the birthday decorations. “Are you making pork?” His angled chin tips in your direction, lazy footsteps bringing him closer.
“Mhm.” You nod, suppressing a grin, “You like pork belly, right? I thought it was your favourite.”
He’s nodding along to the sound of your voice, still smiling, “No I do, it is. It’s just we usually have burgers on a Thursday.”
“Ahh, but today isn’t just Thursday,” You remind him with a mischievous wink, “It’s your birthday, Thursday the 1st of September.”
“Congratulations you know how to read my drivers license.” Jungkook snorts when he props himself onto the kitchen countertop, next to your little workstation, “You look nice.”
“Thank you.”
“You didn’t have to do all this yknow.”
“I wanted to.” You hum, turning on the stove.
“But what if I already have plans to celebrate my birthday?” His pierced brow quirks, the silver barbel glimmering beneath the harsh kitchen lighting.
You tut, fighting the urge to roll your eyes when you glare at him and see his nose is already scrunched playfully, “Do you have plans?”
“Looks like I do now!” He claps, taking a beat before cocking his head to one side, his features softening upon watching you cook, “Thank you Y/N.”
Looking him dead in the eye you offer a genuine smile, “Anytime.”
“Would you be offended if I showered before we ate? The AC at work broke and this shirt feels sticky.” He sighs, cracking his neck.
“Why would I be offended?” A light puff of air rips from your nostrils when he fails to respond, his features blanketed with uncertainty and confusion. He really is emotionally constipated.
“No, I wouldn’t be offended loser. Go shower.” You’re giggling, shaking your head in disbelief, “It’ll be ready by the time you’re finished.”
“You’re the best!” He hops off the counter, making sure to spank your ass before skipping into the bathroom. “Happy birthday to me indeed.” He chuckles, winking in your direction before he closes the door behind him.
It’s always like this, the playful flirts and touches, but you crave something more. You want him to shove his tongue so far down your throat he could eat you out at the same time. You want to feel his tattooed hands to explore every square inch of your body while he fucks you into oblivion. The thought alone is enough to frustrate you.
Maybe you should just hop on top of him one night in front of the TV. Sometimes you do sit on his thighs, his ridiculously strong thighs, if there’s a lack of seating. You sigh dramatically, mentally debating whether the large sofa would fit through the window. If there’s nowhere to sit you’d have to sit on him. Problem solved. All you have to do is throw the fucking sofa out the window and pray he takes the hint. Easy enough.
The sizzling meat in the pan is interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door opening, revealing a cloud of steam and a shirtless Jungkook, tattoos and muscles displayed in all their glory. He’s wearing nothing but Calvin Klein boxer shorts, grey ones, that leave fuck all to the imagination.
“Forgot my towel.” He chuckles awkwardly, briefly heading into his bedroom to retrieve said towel. That damn white towel. What would he do if there were no towel? Walk around bare-ass with his dick on show? Maybe you could throw the towel out the window instead, it would be much easier than the sofa.
“You okay?” Jungkook’s presence startles you, he’s right next to you with furrowed brows and his stupidly muscular arms crossed over his chest, towel draped on his shoulder. “You zoned out again, thinking about anything good?” He’s laughing, wetting his lips between smiles.
Your gaze flickers to the bumps of his toned abdomen before settling on his face, he’s smiling brightly at you, seemingly unaware of the carnal desire you have to pin him to the kitchen floor and mount him right now.
“I’m fine, go get your shower.” You act indifferent, prompting a quiet, unconvinced ‘oookay’ from your roommate before he’s gone again.
You’re genuinely entertaining the idea of throwing out, no wait burning that sofa now, Jungkook’s thighs have always been way comfier anyway.
Interestingly enough the timing of his shower is perfect, you’re plating up dinner on the coffee table when he’s finished. Making sure to grab a bottle of soju from the cupboard, he’s not much of a drinker but you figure it is his birthday after all. Dragging two plump cushions from the sofa you’ve suddenly grown a strong hatred toward, you sit on one, leaving the other free for the birthday boy himself.
“Oh my god this smells great,” Jungkook comically inhales until his chest, his bare chest, is full of air. “Have you watched those 365 days movies? Someone at work recommended them to me earlier.” He says nonchalantly while sitting next to you, only wearing that damn white towel over his hips. The scent of his coconut bodywash clings to his beefy frame and floods your senses.
“The sex movies?” You laugh, handing him chopsticks all while trying to keep your gaze on his face. Somewhat a difficult challenge considering he's half naked. Again. “I’ve heard they’re really graphic with basically no plot, just steamy sex scenes, bad accents and a hot guy with tattoos.”
“Ah, you do like a man with tattoos.” He sniffs, fingertips lingering on yours while he grips the utensils, “Well since it’s my birthday I say we watch them. Seokjin at work said they're pretty good.”
“Okay,” You shrug, “But since when do you know about what kind of man I like?”
At this Jungkook grins, finding the remote and switching on Netflix, “You’ve only ever brought two guys back here since I moved in, both had tattoos. It’s a reasonable assumption to make.”
“Valid.” You’re nodding, beginning to tuck into the food, “I guess I do like men with tattoos, yeah.”
“Yeah?” He asks, gently elbowing your side. When you glance at him he’s smiling, wiggling his thick eyebrows animatedly while gesturing to his dark sleeve tattoo. “I’m a man with tattoos.”
“That you are.” You wink, praying to every higher power that one of these days he's going to acknowledge you're a woman. A woman with a vagina. A vagina that needs stuffing immediately.
“Shit Y/N this is amazing,” Jungkook’s frowning while he chews, a crystal clear sign that he’s enjoying the food you’ve made, “You should cook this more often, so much better than burgers. Fuck,” He moans, dark lashes dusting his face when he squeezes his eyes shut, “So good. So fucking good. Best birthday meal ever.”
This is how most of your nights together are spent, sat witching TV on the floor while eating dinner and enjoying each other’s company. You’re coming to the end of your meal when the first sex scene in the movie starts playing, well, okay not really. The characters aren’t having sex but she’s tied up to the bed watching someone else suck off the sexy guy with tattoos. Your brows are hiked up your forehead, eyes wide, this is not where you thought the plot was going.
“Would you ever do anything like that?” Your roommate asks with his last mouthful of food, watching the TV while running a hand through his damp long hair, “Maybe not the kidnapping part but would you ever wanna watch someone have sex?”
“Nah,” You shake your head, “Not for me. What about you?”
“For sure.” He affirms with a nod, still staring at the screen, “But I’d rather be watched than be the one watching. Especially if I was into the girl, I’m way too jealous for shit like that.”
Ignoring the way his response sends a shiver down your spine you swallow your food, “Aren’t you a little socially awkward to put yourself in that kind of situation? No offence.”
“None taken, I am an awkward guy,” He snorts, “But I don’t know, the idea of someone seeing me absolutely destroy someone kinda gets me going… I like the idea of being watched. Don’t you have anything like that?”
You gulp, “Like what?”
“Any kinks or fantasies.”
“I guess so… Doesn’t everybody?”
At this Jungkook takes it upon himself to pause the movie, giving you his full, undivided attention, “Tell me some.”
“Jungkook…” Your sigh shifts into an awkward giggle, truthfully he is your fantasy. And that towel doesn’t leave much to your imagination, if anything at all. But it doesn’t take you long to crumble, “Okay fine, what do you wanna know?”
“Where would you most like to have sex?” He’s smirking, hooded eyes boring into the depths of your soul, “Anywhere in the world, go.”
“Hmm… I don’t know actually, I’ve never thought about it. What about you?”
“My bed.”
You deadpan, a single brow quirked, “Your bed?”
“It’s comfy, it smells nice, and I can go to sleep after without worrying about getting home since I’m already here. Of course my bed is the number one choice.” He’s looking at you as though you’re stupid, as though his answer is obvious when he scoffs.
“Okay… that’s fair enough.”
Jungkook’s watching you closely, and you swear you see his vision drop to your chest for a millisecond before settling back on your eyes, “What would your ideal guy do to you in bed?”
Sucking in a breath of air you’re already nodding, “Easy. The ideal guy isn’t selfish and knows how to make me come, maybe even squirt. No guys ever made me do either. Your turn.”
“None of the guys you’ve slept with have made you come? What the fuck! Um-, okay…” He licks his teeth before making noises akin to car turning lights, emphasising his thoughts, “The ideal woman is bossy, not dominant but knows what she wants and tells me how to do it. I like vocal women, women who aren’t scared of their own voice. Plus the ideal can actually ride me, the amount of women that give up after four bounces is kinda disappointing.”
Suddenly your mouth feels very dry, prompting you to swallow nothing. Thankfully you’ve never heard Jungkook having sex, there’s been a couple of times you’ve heard heavy breathing and little whimpers from his bedroom but it’s always when he’s alone in there. Guys masturbate, it would be unreasonable to expect him not to do it when you’re home. Plus you’ve definitely gotten yourself off while he’s slept in the next room, you have zero room to talk.
“Really? Four bounces?” Your voice betrays you slightly, wavering with curiosity.
“Yeah. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind doing all the work, it’s just annoying when they talk a big game and put in minimal effort. Just be upfront about wanting me to be in charge, you know? I like being in charge it’s no big deal.”
You’re shaking your head, frowning with an uncertain smile, “Then what are you complaining about?”
At this the birthday boy sighs exasperatedly, as though you’re missing the point, “It’s just annoying isn’t it? When you think somethings gonna go a certain way and then it doesn’t…”
“Tell me about it.” You snort, pouring two shots of peach soju.
“Okay,” Jungkook takes the shot of soju, snapping his fingers excitedly, seemingly unphased by the bitter taste of alcohol, “Who do you wanna sleep with more than anyone in the world? Who’s your number one?”
Slinging back the soju, you bite the bullet with an devilish smirk.
“Hmmm… You.”
Stone cold regret washes over you when he looks through you, the same way he looks at people he’s not comfortable with yet. The exact same expression he gives strangers when he doesn’t understand why he’s been roped into their conversations. His pierced lips purse, the Adam’s apple in his throat bobbing from a thick swallow. Eyes animatedly round, shocked and astonished.
“Uhh…” He wets his lips before his eyes narrow, brows pinching, “I’m being serious Y/N…”
You nod, “Me too but never mind.” You sigh dramatically, pouring more shots.
“Stop fucking around with me!” He playfully pushes your shoulder, earning embarrassed laughter to bubble in the depths of your throat, “You can’t just say that to me out of nowhere!”
“Out of nowhere?” You repeat, frustrated, “Jungkook I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried hitting on you and it just seems to go straight over your head.” You whine, lips forming a cute pout that he can’t stop staring at, “Anyway… Like I said, never mind. Forget I said anything. Who’s your number one?”
But Jungkook is too stunned to speak. He’s looking down at you as though you’ve just told him you want to marry him and have his babies. Surprised doesn’t cut it, nor does confused. It’s a deadly cocktail of the two mixed with a little nervousness tugging his usually sharp features up and wide.
“I-, what?” He blinks away his daydream, “Are you being serious? You actually wanna fuck me? I can’t tell. You know I’m bad with stuff like this. Spell it out for me loser.”
At this you shake your head, feeling deflated, “It doesn’t matter, honestly just forget I said anything, you don’t find me attractive so it’s not like it’s ever gonna—”
“Now you’re putting words in my mouth.”
An agitated exhale leaves you, your roommate still staring at you expectantly with a single brow quirked, “You don’t have to say it out loud Kook, it’s obvious.”
“Wow, you really don’t know me at all, do you?” His white teeth are bared in a dazzling panty-dropping grin, “Why do you think I’m sitting here in a towel Y/N? Just out of curiosity.”
“Cause you like to ‘air-dry’.” You mimic air quotes with a mocking tone, slugging back another shot of soju. He does the same.
Jungkook’s voice drops into something akin to seductive, biting the inside of his cheek to suppress a huge smile, “Actually, I thought that maybe if I walk round the place half naked all the time you’d take the hint eventually. You think when I moved in friendship was the only thing on my mind?” He’s laughing now, shaking his head in disbelief, baffled, tongue darting over his lips to wet them. “You think when I came up to you at the bar all I wanted was to be your friend?”
“W-what are you saying? That you are attracted to me?” Your heart races away in your chest, a lick of heat wetting your spine when your roommate tilts his head to one side, smirking.
“Ask me who my number one is.”
“Okay… I’ll humour you. Who’s your number one?” You’re blushing, unable to wipe the smile from your features when he sucks in a harsh breath of air, watching you closely.
His inked hand finds the nape of your neck, tugging your face closer, close enough that your noses bang together and you both giggle. “You are, loser.”
The next thing you know he’s kissing you, and you’re kissing him back.
Where most make out sessions begin soft and slow, gentle and uncertain while both parties attempt to figure out what the other likes – that’s far from what’s happening here. It’s heated, it’s messy and fuelled by years of pent up frustration and longing. His grip moves to your jaw where he pries it open, slipping his tongue into your mouth at that exact moment.
“Oh… Jungkook…” You mewl, smiling triumphantly against his mouth.
Fucking finally.
“You have,” He pulls back, lips kiss-swollen and stained with lip gloss, “No idea,” His hands sneakily find your hips, guiding your body until you’re straddling his towel-clad thighs, “How long,” He’s smirking, palming the fat of your ass when his lips find your in a hurry, “I’ve wanted to fuck you.”
“Well why didn’t you say anything then?!” You frown, sighing in bliss when your dress is being pushed up, pooling your abdomen that’s full of pork belly and butterflies. Giving enough leeway for Jungkook’s fingertips to slip into the waistband of your underwear.
He chuckles into the kiss, averting his mouth to pepper your jawline with lots more dainty little kisses, whispering, “The same reason you didn’t, I didn’t know you were into me like that.”
“Except I tried, multiple times…” You hum, bottom lip tucked between your teeth. Palms explore Jungkook’s muscular back, every lump, bump, every inch of tanned bare flesh that you’ve seen simultaneously way too many times and not enough at all. “All the slutty outfits… The compliments, I’ve been pretty vocal about finding you attractive actually.” You’re grinning, fingertips toying with the long brunette hairs at the nape of his neck.
At this Jungkook sighs, lulling his head back to get a better look at your face. His eyes are blown dark with lust, his gaze hooded and intense. But it’s the breath-taking smile he wears that sends a rush of heat straight between your legs.
“I do like a woman who’s vocal about what she wants.” He winks, crushing his lips to yours once more, “So tell me what you want loser.”
“Want you.” You pout, elbows resting atop his broad shoulders when you brush the hair away from his face, physically incapable from breaking the string of messy kisses. He tastes like peaches and sin. “Want you to make me come.”
“Yeah?” He chuckles, ridding your body of the skimpy little dress that didn’t leave much to his imagination. “Wish you told me all this sooner, could’ve been blowing your back out daily by now.”
“Not my fault you can’t take a hint.” You snort, blood rushing to your cheeks when you see his hungry stare fixed to your almost bare body atop of his thighs.
He rolls his eyes, “You’re one to talk. Why do you think I put your snacks on the top shelf?”
“So you can help me reach them…?” You scoff, biting down on your lip, “So you look like a strong alpha man helping his poor defenceless vertically challenged roommate?”
“Nah,” He admits with throaty laughter, large palms exploring your curves and reaching round your back, until they’re unclasping your bra in one swift movement, “Like seeing your ass peek out the tiny little dresses you wear when you get on your tiptoes.”
Your mouth falls open in genuine shock, brows raised expectantly, “Jeon Jungkook!” You gasp, gripping his chin and angling it towards your lips, “Who knew you were such a fucking pervert?”
The man’s in a total daze, lost in your eyes with a bright smile, “You think that's perverted? You haven’t seen anything yet.”
Maybe this is a bad idea. Having wild, carnal, fringing-on-illegal sweaty hot passionate sex with your roommate. Maybe. But when your bare back hits his soft mattress with a ‘ooomf’ and he rids himself of that damn towel, you struggle to see past this moment right here, right now. Jungkook is naked, and it’s a glorious sight.
You’re grinning when he crawls up the bed, but to your surprise, no, rather to your excitement, he stops when his profile is faced with your underwear. Hooking his fingertips beneath your thong he smirks, gaze briefly meeting yours until he’s dragging your underwear beneath your ass and down your legs.
Being naked in front of Jungkook is something you’ve often thought about, it was the motivation behind your tactical shave earlier today, secretly praying this would happen. But now that you’re here, in his monochrome bedroom that smells of vanilla, on full display for the man you’ve been crushing on for so long. It all gets a little overwhelming.
“What are you doing?” He mumbles, thick brows pinched when you sheepishly shut your legs and stop him from seeing the whole show.
“I-, uh…” You swallow, clearing your throat, “It’s been a while…”
“And I’m nervous.” You giggle, throwing your head back into his pillows.
At this he makes his way up to your face, knocking your legs apart with his knees to settle his weight between them. His strong arms hold his body in place, planted either side of your face. The way he’s peering down at you should be illegal, so smug yet there’s a glimmer of concern behind his sparkly eyes. It’s when he releases a breath of air against your face that his features soften into a faint smile, awestricken.
“I think you’re gorgeous Y/N, you don’t need to be nervous.”
“I haven’t had sex in almost a year…” You whisper, avoiding his gaze.
“And?” He repeats, chuckling mostly to himself, “Neither have I. And it didn’t stop you from using that noisy ass vibrator of yours the other night, did it?” Your eyes snap to his in a panic, he’s fully laughing now, the sound equal parts mischievous and salacious. “Walls are very thin…” He sniffs, tilting his chin to the wall his headboard rests on, backing onto your bedroom.
It’s after you sigh, beyond mortified that he heard such obscenities, that he sinks his lips to a sweet spot on your neck, sucking the flesh harsh enough to leave sensual bruises, “Let me make you feel good baby, I promise I’ll make you feel good… Don’t be nervous.” He murmurs, and you’re left breathless.
The pet name sends a rush of something strange over your body, you’re not used to him calling you anything other than loser. Maybe your name, but definitely not baby. You like it. While he’s working on making a total mess of your neck the familiar heat and lust comes back, stronger, deeper, and more determined.
“Jungkook… Please… W-want you to make me feel good.” You whisper, already in a daze.
It’s then that you feel him smirk against your skin, planting one final coy kiss to your lips before making his way down your body with one continuous lick that has your body aflame. His tongue never leaves you, travelling to your collarbones, your breasts. The flat wet muscle glides over your nipple and you gasp, brows furrowed in concentration.
“You’re so sensitive…” He hums, lapping up your nipple, taking it between his teeth and playfully sucking. Tiny whimpers and moans peep from your lips, along with the occasional gasp that has your roommate losing his goddamn mind. His tongue soon finds the other nipple, winning himself more of the same noises that are making his cock throb with anticipation already.
“So nobody’s ever made you come, huh?” He mumbles, “But you’re so fucking sensitive baby… Aren’t you?”
“Mhm…” You bite your lip, hands greedily smoothing over his bare shoulders. You want to feel his body, his entire body. You want it on top of you, next to you, underneath you, inside you. Perhaps it’s due to all the pent up frustration harboured toward him, but there’s a dull beat between your legs that you so desperately want him to listen to.
And then it hits you, Jungkook likes vocal women.
“Make me come please… Want you to make me come…” You moan, writhing around beneath him at the new found tingles all over your body. The cool air kisses your core when he spreads your thighs, sinking down the bed until he’s eye level with your bare pussy.
“Oh my god.”
His words win you to tug yourself up onto your elbows, a little curious. That’s when you find him staring at your vagina with pure astonishment. Lips ajar, brows hiked so far up his forehead that it’s wrinkled, a small surprised scoff hot against your flesh.
“What?” You frown, suddenly self-conscious, “What are you looking at?”
“What am I looking at?” He parrots, sighing with puffed out cheeks, “The prettiest pussy I’ve ever fucking seen, that’s what I’m looking at.”
“Oh.” You giggle, not knowing what to say.
You didn’t expect him to be so confident in the bedroom, so outspoken and complimentary. It’s no secret that he’s a very socially awkward man in the streets. Apparently a very different story to the personality he has between the sheets.
“You have the cutest little beauty mark…” He whispers, sinking his lips to your folds, “Right here.” He kisses you gently, and you feel like squealing. “Fuck, you’re addicting baby. Losing my mind down here.” He chuckles right before digging in.
He places a languid, drawn-out lick from your entrance to your clit, one so mind-numbingly slow that your toes curl against the sheets. He repeats this, once, twice, three, four, five times until he’s dipping his tongue between your folds with a whispered moan. It feels nice, feels good, but it's not enough.
“You plan on making me come any time soon, loser?” You playfully kick his shoulder, winning hot laughter against your centre.
It’s then that his arms hook under your thighs and he drags you closer to his waiting face, until his full lower-profile is smothered in your cunt. His chin, his multitalented lips, the soft bend of his nose, all of it. He playfully slaps your thighs and you take the hint, throwing your legs over those obnoxiously broad shoulders of his.
That’s when your guttural moan fills the air, when Jungkook starts lapping up your clit so expertly that you question whether the whole ‘shy, socially inept, cute boy’ persona he has going for him is just a façade.
He’s good at this. He’s fucking amazing at this. You’re gasping for air when he suckles on your clit, massaging the muscle with his tongue while it’s still being pulled between his lips. You groan, you hiss, you whimper. It feels indescribably fantastic, and there’s no way he’s not going to be able to get you off doing this.
“Holy shit, Jungkook.” You whine, hips pushing your core impossibly closer to his face. “Mmmph, oh—” Another long moan cuts you off, actually it’s more of a groan. A needy one at that.
His hooded stare flickers up to your face, watching your every move before him. “So sensitive.” He murmurs, sounding disbelieved.
Watching you wriggle and whimper for him only fuels his lust further. He takes it upon himself to push your legs onto your chest with one hand. Until your knees are to your breasts. You don’t complain at the new angle so he carries on, pulling away from your pussy for a second to spit on his fingers. Not that he thinks you’re going to need it, you're already drowning his sheets.
Unceremoniously he plunges two digits into you dripping walls, and you shriek.
“Jungkook, oh god, oh my god Jungkook…” You pant, eyes squeezed shut and mouth hanging open.
It’s a second later when his mouth reattaches to your clit and you’re borderline sobbing. You feel so full, like an elastic band being stretched to it’s limits. You’re going to snap soon, you know it. There’s a heat building in your gut, one that comes in rhythmic waves that match your racing heart.
That’s when something odd swells inside your stomach, something new and exciting and overwhelming. Jungkook’s fingers aren’t fucking in and out of you like you’d expect them to be, they’re consistently inside you, curling upward and pressing against a spot that very few people, yourself included, have ever managed to discover.
“Jungkook seriously what the-, fuck!” You warn him, eyes flying open in utter disbelief.
“Mmm?” He chuckles, his response lost to the sounds of your pornographically wet pussy squelching and sloshing around his fingers.
“I’m-, oh my fucking god…” You’re whining, whimpering, shivering. “Feels so fucking good.”
At this he moans in response, sucking your clit harder, hitting that spot inside you even harder, faster. You inhale sharply, preparing yourself for the earth-shattering ecstasy that’s sure to crash down on your body any second now. But strangely enough it isn’t the hold of your clit between your roommates lips that pushes you over the edge, nor is it the thrilling curl of his finger.
You peer down at him, his brows furrowed deep with concentration, the same way they are when he eats something delicious. His face is spinning and twisting to each and every side to make sure he’s licking and sucking all your nerve endings. And that’s when his heavy eyes flicker up at your mess of a face.
Jungkook winks.
And you squirt everywhere.
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my fucking god!” You groan, watching the man who you’ve been simping over for years giggle against your skin as though he hasn’t just made a catastrophic mistake.
Because now you’ve experienced this side of him, there’s absolutely no way you can go back to just being roommates.
He doesn’t fold, doesn’t stop, nor does he slow. No. He carries on. Sucking, finger-fucking, licking, moaning, curling those digits and slurping at your pussy until it happens again. And again. And again.
And again.
“P-please…” Your body jumps and jolts on the mattress, convulsing from oversensitivity, your back damp with sweat and heart beating so fast you fear it’s going to implode any second now. “I-, I can’t take another one…” You pant, hands flying to the hairs at his scalp where you try and pry him aware from your core.
He hums in agreement, nodding along with your words all while wearing a big, dumb grin. “Okay.”
You’re fucked. Head spinning, reeling, brain unresponsive. Limbs already aching, you’ve never come this many times in one sitting to date. Not even with that ‘noisy-ass’ vibrator of yours. The distant sound of laughter forces you to come back to reality, finding Jungkook laid next to you with shiny lips and a wicked smirk. His head resting on the bend of his elbow, his pierced brow quirked curiously.
“I’ll give you a minute...” He’s laughing, tongue toying with his silver lip ring. A moment later he shifts on the bed, until he’s laid on his back and his entwined hands are tucked behind his head. A content smile broadens his features, a smug one, one that gives you a devilish idea.
Adrenaline and the need to have his cock inside you courses your veins, along with a hint of arrogance. That’s what leads you to sitting up, mouth falling open when you catch sight of Jungkook’s huge cock, rock hard and waiting. Oh you’re about to give him the best birthday present in the world. He wants a woman that can ride him? Who can last longer than four bounces?
Challenge accepted.
Carefully, you throw your leg over his waist until you’re hovering over his muscular body. He really is huge, by every ridiculous definition of the word. Lazily, he opens his eyes before they grow wide with surprise at your current position.
“Oh?” He chuckles, hungrily exploring your naked body with his stare, as though he hasn’t been ogling it for the past however long you’ve been in here. “I’ll warn you now, if you’re any good at this I’m gonna have to take you on a date.”
“We’re going out on a date regardless.” You snort, gripping the base of his shaft, shit, he’s big, “Since you’re the only guy around here who knows how to make me come.”
“Suits me just fine loser, I'll take you on a date. If you're lucky I'll make you squirt again at the dinner table.” He grins, wetting his lips. “Let me rephrase then, if you ride me like you mean it I’ll take you on the best date of your life this weekend.”
“Deal.” You wink, chest swelling.
You pump his cock a few times before you sink yourself down onto it with a long, shaky moan.
“Holy shit… baby…” He pants, tugging at his own hair with furrowed brows.
Jungkook’s eyes flutter shut but you can just about make out them rolling back into his skull behind his lashes. It’s when you’re fully settled onto his cock that you bite your lip, picking yourself up only to slam down onto him with a loud wet smack. His doe-eyes snap open at lightening speed, a drawn-out grown rumbling his strong chest.
“Fuck!” He gasps, jaw slack and eyes wide.
You grin down at him triumphantly, clearly he didn’t know you were capable of making him feel just as good as he made you feel. You repeat the motion, harder. You do it again, and again, until Jungkook’s hissing and messily gripping your hips in a hurry.
“Y/N… What the fuck?!” He stifles a moan when he bites his lip, mesmerised by the way your pussy squeezes his cock each and every time you pull yourself up and drop back onto it. “Seriously what the fuck are you made of, oh my-, fuck—”
It’s at this moment you brace yourself on his chest with splayed hands, keeping your body steady before you ride him like your existence depends on it. Like there’s no tomorrow. Like you’re the only two people on earth. There’s a hot burn in your thighs but you don’t let up, bouncing on him consistently, pace never faltering.
He’s so big that you fear you’ll split open, but you welcome the underlining sting of being this stuffed. Obscene wet noises along with the sound of the bed squeaking in sync with your movements fill the air. Beneath you Jungkook is a moaning mess, he’s chewing on his lips as though that’ll stop the profanities and groans from escaping him – but it doesn’t.
“Baby… Oh we definitely-, oh shit-,” He hisses, hands snaking round to your ass cheeks where he squeezes them like they’re his favourite stress-balls, “We should’ve done this-, way-, waaaay sooner.” He moans again, head thrown back into his pillow.
You’re slamming down on him with force, so much intent behind your bounces that the crown of his cock hits your cervix each time without fail. The sight before you will be burned into your memory forever. Jeon Jungkook, panting, whimpering, trying his absolute best to keep it together all while you ride him to heaven and hell and back again.
“You like it when I ride this fat cock of yours?” You moan, usually you’re not one for dirty talk but you simply can’t help yourself. He looks… Feral. And it’s only spurring you on even more. “You’re so big Jungkook, fuck, feels so fucking good inside me…”
“You-, you’re…” He can’t get his words out, they’re dying in the back of his throat, lost to the ‘mmmphs’ and ‘ooohhhs’ he delivers every time you drop down on him. “Do I l-like it? Fuck. Best-, mmmph, best fucking pussy... Slow down baby, please.” He whines, the sound has your lower abdomen in utter turmoil, another orgasm threatening to ripple your body.
You do as he says, he is the birthday boy after all. Besides, there’s no way in hell this is going to be the only time you’ll ride him. Your evenings together are going to look a whole lot different from now on, that's for sure.
The speed of your ministrations slows, but the depth and force does not. You’re still fucking yourself on his hard length with so much purpose that you feel his knees buckling, thick thighs twitching beneath you.
“Baby, fuck…” He rasps, “Ohhh fuck! Mmmph…” It’s like he’s mesmerised, mouth hanging open and eyes incapable of looking anywhere but you. He's completely infatuated with the way you feel atop of him.
You feel a hand snake up to the nape of your neck before you’re being pulled toward his face, his lips smashing against yours in another series of messy, desperate kisses. Gritting your teeth when the white hot heat inside your walls threatens to snap, Jungkook feels your sopping walls clench around his girth and groans into your mouth.
“Again? Ohhh...” He hisses, trying his best to sound cocky but it’s less than convincing when he too is a whimpering mess. “You’re a fucking goddess Y/N-, ohhhh.” He pants, finding your hips with tattooed hands where he holds them in place.
It’s a moment later when he plants his feet flat against the mattress, bending his knees, showcasing his strength when he keeps you in one place above him. That’s when he fucks you hard, as though he’s punishing you for something. Thrusting in and out of you so violently that you’re blubbering into the crook of his neck.
“Fuck! Right there, right fucking there!” You cry out, voice almost lost to the brutal clapping noises of you being fucked ten ways to Sunday.
Each rut of his hips has you seeing stars, he feels so fucking good inside you. So deep. His pelvis is knocking against your swollen clit, be it intentional or accidental you'll never know - but it has you spiralling into insanity.
A long, vocal moan tears from your throat when you’re hit with another orgasm. You feel boneless, as though you’ve just discovered the real definition of pleasure. You’re so wet that he’s sliding in and out of you with ease now, the pulsing of you walls throwing him over his own edge until he thrusts into you one final time.
It's deeper, he's holding your hips in place, dragging them impossibly closer to his body when he fills you with his come. Breathless and sweaty.
“Baby… Oh my… god.” He chokes out between ragged breaths, and you can’t help but giggle into his skin.
Moments later you’re rolling off him, too weak to adjust the position you land in but you do throw a leg over his thighs with a smile. Heavy breathing and quiet chuckles bring you back down to earth, forcing you to gaze over at your roommate.
Jungkook’s already looking at you like he’s madly in love, as though you’ve just offered to do this every day with him for the rest of your lives. When you wet your lips and smirk you register his cock twitching against his abdomen, he really is shameless. And by the look on his face, he isn’t even close to being through with you.
"Best. Birthday. Ever." He pants, absolutely befuddled that he's just had sex, mind-blowingly, indescribable sex with his roommate, the same roommate he's been fawning over for a long time now.
You send him a wink before pulling his face to yours, there's no fucking way you're done with him either.
“Happy birthday loser.”
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axigailxo · 2 months ago
Teacher’s Pet | JJK (1)
—chapter one: daydreams and beginnings
Tumblr media
♡ ⟶series summary: Hooking up every so often with your English Literature professor, what's the worst that can happen? Falling in love, perhaps.
♡ ⟶pairing: professor/dilf!jungkook x student!reader
♡ ⟶genre: illicit/forbidden relationship au, college!au, sneaky link to lovers, age gap, smut
♡ ⟶word count: 5.1k
♡ ⟶chapter contains: dom!jk, bratty sub!oc, lecture hall sex, oral sex (f rec.), penetrative sex, unprotected sex (mentions of taking morning-after pill), jk hasn’t had sex in a minute so he fucks oc like his life depends on it, humiliation & degrading kink, oh and mentions of romeo and juliet being sneaky links?
♡ ⟶chapter summary: Romeo and Juliet weren't the only ones risking it all for a forbidden fuck. Your professor finally decides, after an entire semester, to address the blatant heart eyes you've always had for one another when you stay after class. With the semester wrapping up, Jungkook realized it was now or never.
this is part 1 of my new teachers pet series, but can be read as a stand-alone
Series Masterlist | next->
Tumblr media
You swear you did not rationally, or even consciously, doodle a heart on your paper like a ten-year-old girl with a crush. You refuse to believe it. However, with the way Mr. Jeon keeps pacing back and forth, bottom lip between his teeth for the split second that he allows his eyes to meet yours during his lecture, your mind couldn’t care less about the damn doodled heart.
You’re not ashamed or scared to get caught gawking, one reason being that you've already been caught. Many times, actually. So what’s one more?
The other reason is that he does it often and oh so casually too. Mr. Jeon wasn’t going to pretend like he didn't notice you sitting there every week with your teeth nibbling at the end of your pencil, thighs squeezed shut with a resting, subtle pout on your plump lips. He wasn't going to act oblivious to that look in your eyes either, he was able to quickly pinpoint that certain look, that plead, the day he first saw it.
It’s been two months since you got transferred into his second semester English Lit class, and fuck were you grateful for your other professor's sudden leave.
Though he'll never admit it, he's just as grateful.
Two full months of him eye-fucking you— or you eye-fucking him (hard to tell)— and trying his absolute best not to let his curiosity lead him to wonder how utterly drenched you potentially were in your chair, actively trying his best to prevent the possible blood flow to his crotch. A mid-lecture boner would be a disaster, he reminds himself frequently.
“Your assignment for this week should be fairly easy, it’s your final analysis. I want you to pick a classic literary piece and analyze one of the less-talked-about thoughts, ideas, or events in it that can or do contribute to the original meaning of the said literary piece.”
You've picked up on this one habit of his, which is how he adamantly avoids glancing in your direction when he speaks— because your reaction to just his voice alone?... It's enough to make him weak in the knees. Again, he can't be in that state mid-lecture. Horrible.
His pacing comes to a halt when he takes a seat behind his desk and on his desk chair, and you truly can't resist sparing a quick look at his man-spread thighs. His toned, thick thighs that are now straining against the hard-working material of his chinos. You can't resist imagining what it would feel like to pleasure yourself against those thighs, the way it would feel if he tensed the muscle beneath you. You can't resist imagining how his toned, tattooed arm would contrast so sexily against the soft, delicate skin of your back, holding you flush against him as you moved your hips. The words of encouragement that would slip past his lips. God.
"If no one has any further questions that should be it. Format the analysis how you usually would, grading rubrics and the deadline date will be emailed to each of you by tonight."
His words are only a vague mumble to you and you don't doubt that you probably look like one of those exaggerated head-over-heels cartoon characters right now. Cute, but beyond embarrassing when you're not aware that you're the only one still seated, half the room already having piled out the door.
Luckily, you were self-aware a few minutes ago when he explained the assignment, and with the way he was now watching you intently, wondering if you were going to just sit there forever or finally initiate the first move given that he would never bring himself to, you impulsively walk over to his desk after strategically deciding to 'discuss the assignment further' as a poor excuse to talk to him.
"Ms. Y/L/N." His tone was of faux shock yet casual, playful almost. It's too soon for him to be certain about you're main objective, but the second you approach his desk- the new, thick and suffocating air is indisputable.
"I have an idea for the assignment, but I want to run it by you first... get a second opinion before I start."
He nods his chin upwards in a gesture for you to continue, and with the way his eyes are even darker up close, you can't help but internally shudder.
"So I'm choosing Romeo and Juliet, basic, I know, but -" you cut yourself off when the loud click of the door's automatic lock echos throughout the lecture hall, the heavy wooden door now sealed shut and acting as a barrier that's shielding you and him from the scrambling students who were now gone. His eyes flick to the door, then right back to yours, and the air gets even more suffocating.
"- you know how their love is considered to be like... undeniable?" Your voice was more of a timid whisper and he rolls his tongue inside of his cheek and does that hot nod thing again and you just know that your panties are done for by now.
"Well, I don't doubt that it was undeniable, but I do doubt that it was love at first sight. Romeo definitely had a thing for her, but 'love' wasn't what originally drove him to do the unimaginable. It was lust."
He looks as if he wants to laugh, but he won't. He wouldn't. Humored, though, he acknowledges your theory.
"And how do you think that contributes to the overall message?"
You brace yourself for your first bold statement of this encounter, adverting your eyes to glance over the organized piles of papers in front of you while speaking.
"Well, the overall message is what true love can look like, but what if it's what true lust can look like. It makes sense, to me at least... but I'm sure you can understand that concept just as well."
He straightens his once slouched position, his elbows propping against the surface, his chin dangerously close to your chest. His forehead wrinkles the slightest bit as he stares up at you from the somewhat awkward position, a dark spark hidden just beyond each pupil.
"So you think it was a sexual desire that drove them to do the unimaginable?"
Whether it was his words or his proximity, you can't take back that small, struggled whimper that left your throat. He can't take back the sudden blow flow to his dick either.
"Humans tend to let their sexual charges get the best of them, it’s nature." It was his turn to get flustered by your words, all of the "what if's" he's ever fantasized about you clouding his mind completely, leaving his body to selfishly betray his own thought-over morals, eager to indulge in you while he has the chance. It is your graduation month after all.
Jungkook knows this is something he will never be able to take back. He knows that this is crazy, absurd, against his contract's code of conduct, and just downright wrong. But he also knows that you're an adult- a young one at that, but still an adult. However, he's also aware that you're impressionable, so that's exactly why he'll let you be the one to choose what happens. He'll only do what you want to do, the desire is strong but nowhere near greedy enough to take advantage.
He's prepared for you to second guess, and when you do, he won't try to convince you to stay.
Fuck him or don't, it'll be that sexual desire of his that lead him to willingly want to do the unimaginable with you in the first place. Well, desire and the fact that his current personal life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows lately either. He's been stressed and in immense need of a good distraction, so an old-fashioned quick-fuck is not so bad of an idea.
The more the pros outweigh the cons, the more that want overtakes and he's realizing how badly he needs this. He needs you right now more than ever.
"If you want it, it's yours."
You certainly did not have to tell him twice, his actions being supernaturally fast as he gets up to stand to flush against your standing body, large hands settling on your waist, your heartbeat no longer being able to keep up a subtle rhythm and you know he can feel it booming against his own chest because you are close enough to feel him against you.
In the midst of a gasp, he places a much-needed kiss on the set of lips that he was never able to resist thinking about— coming to find out you exceed his expectations. He sucks, bites, and swipes his tongue over your bottom lip, hips instinctively grinding for friction.
And you? You're a mess.
He already has you moaning, and you can't tell whether it's from pleasure or it's your way of pleading— but both make sense. Your knees feel like jello and your pussy is throbbing underneath your drenched, hopeless panties. The taste of his mouth is something you never want to part with, and the feel of his needy bulge using your body for relief is something you're still having trouble wrapping your head around.
"You wanted this so badly, huh? Daydreamed about moments like this?"
Your cheeks flush pink at the fact that he's correct. Not that you didn't suspect he already had a gist of what you think about when he's teaching his lectures, but you're still embarrassed hearing him confirm it.
He brings one hand from your waist to hook a finger beneath your chin, guiding you to face him. "Tell me one of your favorites."
Your brows furrow in confusion, not understanding what he means. Before your parted lips could move to speak, he elaborates. "Walk me through one of your favorite fantasies you've had... Tell me what you visualized me doing to you."
Your pussy was abused without even being touched yet. His words traveled straight to a knot in your lower stomach, causing a wave-like sensation to wash over you, settling at your entrance.
"Fuck." Was all you were capable of letting out, too much in a haze to form a coherent answer. You want to relieve this painful tension, but he's taking his time.
"The faster you walk me through it, the faster I'll do it."
"I would think about you naked, a lot, your hands all over me, fucking me so hard 'til I feel numb. I thought about my mouth around you, the things you'd call me."
His cock twitched at each confession, especially that last one.
"Yeah? And what did I call you?"
"A slut... a behaved slut."
The deep bass of his voice followed his sadistic chuckle, accompanied by his cock pressing even harder against you, making you whine as the sensation cascades over you more intense than before. "Is that true? Are you a slut?"
The residue of his chuckle is in the form of a smirk, eyebrows raised as he intently waits for your answer. "That's for you to decide... you'll have to find out on your own."
They weren't the words he expected, but he was beyond satisfied with doing just that. Finding out. Not without milking the temptation out further, of course.
"What about behaved? Do you behave?"
"Only when I want to."
He keeps his playfulness intact even when he forcefully wraps a hand around your throat. His grip contradicts his light, kind smile significantly. You gasp at the suddenness of it all.
"Uh oh... Looks like I'm going to have a rough time." He guides you by the throat to walk backward, crotch still pressed against you when your ass shoves against the edge of his desk. "But if you are a behaved slut for me, we can both have a good, rough time."
You understand his implication far too well, and if your pussy wasn't convulsing around nothing, you might've just pressed your stubbornness further.
Your eyebrows crease in pity from his dominance winning but his proposition was something you really needed, and he sees the eager agreement on your face. He notes your willingness to comply, and the strong grip on your neck tames down as he rejoins your lips, slowly.
Humming as his tongue teasingly trails up along yours, you cautiously bring your open hand flat to his chest, feeling out the muscular ridges you would always see a faint imprint of even from afar.
“Get on the desk.”
His voice was more of a murmur but the faint undertone of unmistakable authority was more than prominent. Following his breathless request, you use both hands to grip the edge of the desk, pushing yourself up to set your ass on its surface.
Even though your legs are spread only the slightest, he could still fit in between if he wanted to. However, he’s not coming closer like you assumed he would. Amused, he stands one foot away from your waiting core.
“Look at you, sitting on my desk making a mess of yourself.”
He’s not wrong. Before him lies an image of your breathless body panting almost hysterically, a facial expression so lewd as you wait to just feel something, anything against you. All while being completely oblivious of you're unhinged, yearning state.
His words snap you back into your right mind, a large gulp took to help stabilize your heavy breathing.
As if his smile couldn't have grown any eviler, he places a finger to your lips, inching closer but not letting your clothed core meet his bulge.
"Please touch you?" He doesn't give you a chance to speak, his free hand having crept up unnoticed, landing his middle fingertip on your soaked core. Despite it being covered by two layers of material, you’re soaked enough for it be felt through both. "Touch this wet pussy of yours?"
You let out a whiney groan to show how excruciating his temptation is, all in hopes he just might cave in.
His finger trails up to the side of your pant's waistband, his other hand falling from your lips to join the opposite side. Hooking his four digits into the material of the fabric on both sides, the tops of his fingers against your bare skin as he roughly yanks your pants and panties down in one swift movement, his biceps tensing, leaving them bunched up at your knees before slowly pulling them off completely.
He stares at the picture he created, the picture he unveiled, and relishes in the way your delicate, plump pussy looks on top of his desk. This new sight was enough to make him needy. His own tortuous temptation catches up to him as he finds himself magnetically closing in the space between your pussy and his bulge.
You stare down at the contact only for half a second before a familiar hand is grasping at your neck and your lips are directed and then captured between his.
Testing the waters, you grind subtly against him.
Whimpering into his mouth, you realize how worked up you truly are after him taking his sweet time, and the friction from rubbing against his covered bulge alone is something you can see yourself cumming from.
And from the way he’s breathing shallowing against the kiss, chest rising just to crash back down, you know he’s worked up too.
“Please… Fuck me.”
You stop your grinding when he ignores you, knowing that he wasn’t moving his hips anyway. He was letting you be the one to create that friction because he knows he’s too hard to do it back. Just like you, cumming from friction alone wasn’t a far stretch in his mind.
Upon your stopping, he breaks the kiss, the sloppy, hopeless kiss, and puts some distance between your bodies again.
You watch as he debates something in his head, noticing how his eyes narrow upon having made a decision, and before you can even question him, he’s walking over to the opposite side of the desk and grabbing hold of his desk chair. You instinctively grind against nothing as you watch him roll the chair over, parking it right in front of you.
The chair was low enough that if he sat in it, his mouth would be leveled with your core, and he would be able to—
You gasp in partial realization of his plan and partial excitement.
Doing as expected, he sits on the chair, rolling himself closer and closer until you bite down on your lip from the feeling of his warm breath directly against you.
He pauses, eyes up on you. You realize he’s stopped, so you look down and are caught in his gaze, a microscopic smirk on his face as he speaks.
“This is just foreplay, don’t even think about cumming.”
You feel yourself convulse at his words, at his implication that he’s going to fuck you but not without performing oral first. It’s almost embarrassing how wet you are.
“So what if I do? Are you gonna fail me, Mr. Jeon?”
You couldn’t help yourself. And you really wish you could have when you feel his tongue slip past your slit, completely skipping over easing you into the sensation and instead rapidly flicking his tongue over your sensitive bud until your moans transform into something of a scream.
“Slower, you have to go— Fuck! Slower.”
He chuckles against you, hands engulfing your inner thighs and squeezing the plushness of each one to his liking. His hands are strong and his grip is tight and you know you’re going to have bruising all over the areas he’s mindlessly toying with.
“Don’t call me ‘Mr. Jeon’, it’s Jungkook… And if you want to cum, you’ll drop that attitude of yours. Haven’t you been taught manners?”
His short break to speak was enough for you to miss his tongue, even though it was too fast for you to handle, and you whine as you push yourself against his lips to shut him up and get more.
He smiles against you, licking a stripe up your slit once, originally planning to pull back but something about how you tasted was too enticing to do such. Instead, he indulges deeper. Hungrier. And this time it’s not just his tongue flicking over you, but his whole mouth swallowing and exploring every part of your pussy.
His bottom lip starts at your entrance, top lip at your clit, and he closes them in to meet, all while his tongue is busy exploring the space in between. He repeats that until he discovers the way your tight hole feels around his tongue. Until he finds out how your pussy contracts when he licks your clit with the flat of his tongue. And you repeat your moans, the chants of his name, the wave in your stomach that’s building and building each passing second until you can’t take it anymore.
“Mm m’gonna cum if you don’t stop soon.”
You tried your best to sound normal, but your voice was two octaves too high and your breathing threw off any chances of sounding remotely close to nonchalant or ‘normal’.
He really doesn’t want to stop, but he can’t have you cumming. Not yet.
Pulling away, at a loss of breath himself, he stares up at you, his lips swollen and glossed with your juices, eyes trance-like.
You stare back with the same needy gleam, and for the first time he gives in to your wordless plead, his hands making their way to his belt.
You watch as he fiddles with the pesky belt buckle, eagerly yanks the zipper of his pants down, and pulls both his briefs and pants to rest on his mid-thighs. You watch as his length, the one you were right about in your daydreams, springs up sternly against his lower stomach, holding an angry tinge of red. You watch as he uses his thumb to spread the thick bead of precum that balanced along his slit. You watched, but more importantly, you craved. So fucking badly.
And so did he.
Standing up, he notes how you’re too out of breath to maintain a proper kiss, so he settles on the skin of your jaw, biting, sucking, licking, pecking, all while he slowly strokes himself, his shaft angled just above your vulva.
Just as he parts his lips from your jaw, you spread your legs a little wider, angling them up just the slightest until Jungkook’s eyes squint in thought.
“What?” You breathily ask.
He glances back over his shoulder for whatever reason before looking down at his cock that was just about to finally enter you.
“It’s just that I didn't take note to bring condoms with me to work today.”
You try not to but still inevitably laugh at his sarcasm, slowly beginning to like his humor just a little bit. But then your faced with the predicament at hand, saying the first solution that comes to mind because you’re still aching down there.
“It’s fine, I’ll take the pill when I get home.”
His eyes dart back and forth between yours, an ‘are you serious?’ expression that soon blends into an ‘oh you are serious’ expression. You nod at his hesitance and contemplation, encouraging him to continue.
‘Humans tend to let their sexual charges get the best of them, it’s nature.’ Jungkook remembers the words that lead to this, and he realizes how accurate they are as he is getting ready to fuck his student raw on top of his desk, in the room that was jam-packed with people only moments ago.
“Fuck, I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
You don’t have time to speak in regards to Jungkook’s words of …unwanted disbelief? as he contradicts himself by easing his tip into your slicked-up hole. Any words you were planning on saying were gone just like that as your mouth stayed agape, pussy stretching around him as he pushed in slowly, taking it inch by inch.
You felt yourself suffocating each ridge and vein on his cock, his girth pulsating the deeper he went and the tighter you squeezed him. His lips are parted as he lets out occasional, deep grunts of pleasure mixed with concentration.
He was just over halfway in when you felt full. You imagined him to be this big, but fuck was he big. It’s like your fantasies have been intensified, enhanced, if you will. You’re not complaining, but you are wincing.
“Is that too much? I don’t have to bottom out if you can’t take—”
“Go all the way. It’s fine.”
He looks up at you at your all too confident request, eyes lighting up in a small smirk before biting his lip and doing as told.
You really wish you have a better analogy for the feeling of him bottoming out in you that isn’t something so absurd and far stretched- but it really does feel like you are floating on the clouds.
He’s so fucking big.
Perhaps you are in the clouds, his dick being your cause of death. But when he pulls back halfway and softly caresses your cheek, you're brought straight back to earth.
“Are you crying?”
Are you? You come to find out he’s only detecting the obvious as you feel a wet drop slipping down your face. You are in fact crying and you suddenly want to bury yourself alive with the embarrassment.
“Crying cause my cock?” He’s not even trying to sound seductive, and with the way his tone comes off as mocking, it’s almost as if he’s trying to humiliate you. “So pathetic, Y/N.”
You don’t know how to react, but it’s not like you even have time to as he drills himself back into you even harsher than before, forearms securely holding your thighs around his waist.
“Fucking hell.” He gasps out, his hips at an inhumane pace.
Your eyes are sealed shut, hands fisted on top of the desk's surface, mouth agape as it’s too overwhelming to make a sound.
You wish you had it in you to speak, or breathe, but you’re completely frozen in the feeling of his cock pounding into your done-for pussy.
“Jungkook…” Your voice is almost gone despite how little of it you’ve been using. “Faster.”
Your words betray you, but also lead to rewarding you with what you subconsciously wanted.
His hips pick up, and you didn’t think that would even be possible. Perhaps that’s half the reason why you said it in the first place; because you thought there’s no way you could get it. However, his speed increases and the empty room is filled with vulgar noises.
“So you are a behaved slut… taking my cock so well.” He groans his words as he pounds in and out of you and you’re too dizzy to note that he called you the pet name you confessed to him moments ago.
You try to focus on anything but the feeling that’s building inside of you each passing second. You will do anything: fuck your professor, potentially get in so much trouble because of it, get him in trouble- but you will not cum so soon. You just won’t allow it.
But you’re both aware of the reality that this predicament holds, which is that you’ve built this moment up so much with all the teasing and foreplay that it won’t be long until you’re both falling victim to the outcome of temptation.
“You need to slower… Go slower, I mean. You need to— Fuck, Jungkook.”
Jungkook smirks for the slightest second when he sees how you're fucking up your words because of how he’s fucking you.
He’s just as adamant about not finishing so soon, but for him, it’s way more difficult.
Jungkook has realized by now that the last woman he’s indulged in like this was his ex-wife, and that was over a year ago. So feeling something so incredibly tight around his cock that isn’t his hand for once, makes his orgasm almost impossible to wait.
And with that unfortunately being said, Jungkook’s eyes widen as his cock twitches, and just like that—
You gasp sharply, not having expected that to happen so soon. You would take this as an opportunity to humiliate him back, but you’d rather take this as an opportunity to finally let yourself release.
Bringing your hand to your clit, you rub frantically, eyes fixated on the breathless and dazed-over man in front of you as you let your high build, grinding your hips onto his softening cock as it finally collapses over you, and you moan in pleasure as he hisses in overstimulation.
You both exhale in sync, and the second he’s no longer battling the overstimulation, he grabs your throat.
You stare up into his eyes, your orgasm still lingering, and you feel so submissive all of a sudden. Like you want to apologize for what you did, let him choke you if that’s what he wants.
But then he softly kisses you.
Your thoughts shift into ones of confusion as he releases pressure on your neck and intimately laces his tongue with yours, suctioning onto your bottom lip before releasing with a pop and slowly rejoining, creating a slow, sensual, and heated makeout.
It was so, for lack of a better word, nice that you were almost upset when he pulled away.
His hand peels from your thigh, the other from your neck, and he cups your cheeks. Your wide eyes meet his, noticing how his features have softened tremendously compared to before.
“Was that okay?”
As soon as you nod yes, too taken aback to think of any correct verbal response, he lets one hand off of your face and very slowly pulls himself out of you, brows creasing slightly. He notices your whimper and strokes your cheek with his thumb.
“I have wet wipes in the top drawer if you want to reach over and get them.”
You really cannot wrap your head around this completely new, kinder, version of him. You wonder if he’s just sexually dominant, and it’s not until now that you realize you’ve never taken much thought into his real personality. Perhaps he is a very nice guy.
The more things cleared up in your head, the quicker the confusion slipped past you and you found yourself reaching over the desk while still sittng atop to grab the wet wipes from the said top drawer.
“Here, I got it.” He volunteers as he takes the package from your hands, plucking out a moist wipe before gently wiping away any trace of your mixed climaxes from your core.
He’s extremely delicate with you, and he avoids your clit completely because he knows how sensitive it probably is right now.
He catches you staring at him, a bunny-like smile lighting up his face.
“I heard warm baths can help with soreness.” He speaks as he discards the wipe in the trash can beside the desk. “And I’m sorry for going a little too hard, it’s been a minute since… y’know.”
His cheeks are tinted with the palest shade of red, and you find it somewhat adorable how he’s embarrassed to confess that to you.
“It’s okay.” Your voice is small, and it makes his heart clench. You’re not the only one who’s fond.
You try to bite your tongue, but when he helps you redress after having cleaned himself up a bit, you can’t help but ask about the elephant in the room.
“Why are you so nice all of a sudden?”
Jungkook smiles at your question, shaking his head a bit in humor as he looks down at his feet and then back up to you.
“Has it ever occurred to you that I might just be a nice guy after all?”
Yes, yes it has.
His tone wasn’t rude or cocky, but humorous and you found yourself laughing a little. And something about your reaction to him is so enticing to him but he doesn’t know what it is he wants from you.
Maybe more of you, perhaps. He definitely wouldn’t mind seeing you again.
“I um… This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing.”
Your ears perk up, and all of a sudden you have a strong craving to find out if he is a nice guy. Learn more about him… about his body. Sex or not, you wouldn’t mind seeing him again either.
“I can leave you my number.” You suggest. “My schedule has been mostly clear these days… except for classes of course.”
And just like that, he remembers you’re a student. He remembers the risk of what just happened, the risk of continuing this. He contemplates his offer as you get down from the desk after jotting your number down on a miscellaneous sticky note. And it’s not until you reach up onto your tiptoes to place a shy kiss on his lips that his doubts falter.
And he doesn’t want to admit it, but he thinks he could get used to that.
“Thank you, Mr. Jeon.”
He watches as you exit the lecture hall, and for some reason, a reason he’s trying his best not to decode, he’s already anticipating the next time that he’ll see you.
A/N: the first chapter of my first series?!?! teaaa 🫣 this series is going to be so fun to write… i have all the chapters planned out and i can’t wait to write more, stay tuneddd <3
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soft4gguk · 2 months ago
just a little... | jjk drabble
Tumblr media
Description: jungkook x reader, best friends to lovers? fwb??
Content: mostly porn, but a little plot :) 18+
Word Count: 5k
Warnings: loads of making out, dry humping, oral (f. receiving), protected sex, lots of dirty talking, spit kink?, aftercare
Author’s Note: shout out to jungkook and his competitive nature because this was totally based on the fact that he’s been diligently playing in the seom for days now and jumping levels like it’s easy <3 he’s so hot for that x
★ masterlist ★
This is a work of fiction. Please respect the members and their privacy. x
just a little…
“Okay, that’s enough.” 
“Jungkook,” you whine, eyes still glued to the screen, fingers not faltering once.
“You’ve been stuck on that level for five minutes now,” he whines back. “I don’t want Namjoon to catch up with me. Or worse – pass me.”
You roll your eyes, indifferent as you focus on the game. “You’re such a child.”
Those two seconds of distraction to voice your snarky remark put him at an advantage, snatching the phone from your grasp as he succeeds and gives a little noise of triumph. You snarl at him in half shock, half annoyance. You can’t believe him, he’s been so serious about this mobile game it’s pretty much taken all of his weekend, sleep and let’s not even mention his bank account. He’d cancelled on you and your friends on Friday night, though you didn’t push him, not a fan of crowded clubs with shitty music yourself. But then he’d cancelled brunch on you for Saturday, and so this is where your Sunday night found you. On a supposed movie night with your best friend, that so far has consisted on eating all the snacks you’d gathered for the scary movie of your choice and trying to beat level 100-and-something of this godforsaken game. 
“Hah, cleared it. God, what took you so long?”
“Asshole, give it to me,” you reach for the phone yet again but he turns his body to you, keeping his phone at a distance. Okay, maybe you do get the obsession with it.
“Come on, it’s my turn! You do one, I do one, remember?” Your voice mocks innocence, giving him a slight pout.
“That’s not gonna work on me this time. This is serious business.” 
“Fine. Let’s tussle then.”
You all but jump him, arms stretched out trying to snatch the phone away from the vice like grip he has on it, fingers reaching out but it’s to no avail because his free arm blocks you from getting too far. You groan and whine, and even try to tickle him, and when all of these deem unsuccessful, you follow your competitive instinct, using your whole body as you try to get closer to him. You don’t necessarily know how it happens, but suddenly you’re wound up on his lap, legs at either side of him as you straddle him, hands reaching upwards as he stretches his arms above his head, phone yet again out of your reach. 
“Give it,” you jump, “to me!” and with one last attempt, his phone is in your possession before you’re landing back on his lap rather abruptly, making him let out a grunt. Before he can even muster strength to fight back, you put a hand in front of his face, raising a brow as you say, “easy. Don’t even dare. I’ll just win one way or the other.”
And he doesn’t fight back. Mostly because as competitive as he is, he likes a clean game, and partially because he’s trying to shut down every nerve of his body you’ve just awoken the moment you fell onto his lap. He simply raises his hands in defeat and this makes you smile, giving a little celebratory dance that his dick very much appreciates. His moral? Not so much. Keep it together, he begs, though he doesn’t know who to address – you, him, or his brain who seems to be rapidly descending south.
“Fuck- whoever made this level must be a sadist.” Your contemplations receive no feedback, the room suddenly quiet after your previous ruckus but you don’t give it much thought, fully focused on the task at hand – literally. 
Jungkook just observes you. He sees the way your face falls into deep concentration, a small frown taking over your features, wrinkling your forehead slightly as your eyes squint. Your eyes dance around the screen as they try to keep up with your fingers. It’s all cute to his eyes, but that’s no ground-breaking news to him, no. He’s well aware you’re cute – matter of fact, he tells you it all the time. You’re cute and smart, and so very pretty and it’s hard for it to go unnoticed, so yeah, he’s aware. What hits him like a glorious epiphany – heavenly choir and all – is that you’re also hot. Your lips are plump and cherry red, like you’ve been kissed for hours, and when your bottom one gets caught between your teeth, he has to close his eyes to try and compose himself and the thousands of inappropriate thoughts that swarm his head. 
You’re his best friend, for fuck’s sake. The girl that sat next to him in the cafeteria on his first day of freshman year when college felt way too intimidating and your kindness seemed fake at first. You liked him even though he was an awkward and quiet kid, and you didn’t stop even when he grew into his confidence and became an obnoxious sophomore, fuck boy title well-worn and all. Now you’re both juniors and you still like him, could very well say you love him, even though he’s seemed to have combined the two – awkward and quiet and at times a fuck boy, shitty at texting back and prone to cancelling plans if he so happens to hyper fixate on silly things like mobile games and decorating islands for the little round characters on his screen. 
So, he urges – no, begs his mind and body to keep it together. I mean, it’s not like you guys haven’t been physically close before. He’s pretty sure your love language is physical touch, and as for him? well, he’s just easy like that, giving in every time, being your designated little spoon and allowing his head to fall to your lap during movie nights, letting your hands run through his hair. It feels nice and warm, but it’s always been friendly. So, you being perched on top of him shouldn’t be sending him into a frenzy, but alas. 
You snap him back into reality, catching him off guard when you’re letting out a big celebratory squeal as you clear the level. Your body engages in said celebration, specifically your hips, right against his crotch, much to Jungkook’s despair – or luck, he doesn’t even know at this point.
 “Fuck,” he says before he can stop himself, hands coming down to hold firmly onto your hips to halt your movements. 
You’re confused at first, finding his eyes with yours and realizing he’s just as puzzled, yet something else lingers in his dark ones. It takes a minute, but then it clicks – he’s not giving much away, gaze still in yours, seemingly clueless as to what just happened but you feel it. You feel it in the air around you that suddenly grows tense, and you most certainly feel it in the way his erection presses against your inner thigh, increasingly noticeable by the second. 
You don’t know what to say, so you go by instinct, and instinct has you giving a subtle roll to your hips, eyes still locked on his so intensely you don’t miss the way his threaten to flutter closed the moment he feels you. His grip on your hips tightens and you do it again, a bit more determined this time, granting you friction as well. You’re wearing leggings, the thin material doing wonders as it molds perfectly against his jeans, and the feeling has you drawing your bottom lip between your teeth, biting into the flesh to suppress a moan. 
Jungkook’s brain is static noise and you. The way you look, the way you feel – fuck, you haven’t even touched him yet, hands still glued to his damn phone like you’re not driving him to insanity right now. The soft material of your leggings has him wondering how the soft of your skin would feel in his hands, and he wants to touch you so badly, but he has no idea what the two of you are doing right now. 
You don’t let him ponder on it for too long, because before he can plant the seed of a thought, you’re kissing him.
Phone discarded and long forgotten, you lean into him, hands on his shoulders as you bring your lips to his. It’s soft, a mere peck as if you were testing the waters, something innocent lacing your actions and he melts, letting his pink mouth form a little pout as he kisses you back. You keep it short and sweet, pulling away slightly and letting your lips follow with a bit more hesitancy. Nose still touching his, you let out a giggle. 
“What are you doing,” he asks, lips slightly pouty still, like they’re betraying him.
“Just kissing you a little…” he can feel your minty breath on him when you say this.
He chuckles, but it’s soft. “Is this what we do now?”
He looks up at you, those big eyes of his that are always so starry bright boring into you and the answer is yes,
“This is what we do now.”
“Okay,” it’s a whisper, the word getting lost in the way your lips mold together, soft but passionate now that it’s been decided that you’re doing this – you’re kissing, just a little. 
There’s no argument in the world that could convince Jungkook to pull away from your giving lips, from the way your body draws closer to his, hand draping around his nape as your nails scrape through the soft skin there. His tongue glides across your bottom lip, biting it some before you’re opening up for him, granting him access. Your hips circle slowly, tentatively, as your tongues mimic the movement and he groans against your mouth, pleasure settling into him quick like wildfire, and burning too. 
His hands that had been obediently placed at your hips free themselves from his mental restraint and make their way to your ass, fingers stretching over your cheeks before he’s giving a harsh squeeze, making you mewl. You bring him closer with fervour, kiss him harder, encourage him to touch you further because that’s all that you want. You crave him so vehemently that there’s not an ounce of questioning behind your actions – just need. 
Your hips pick up pace with the aid of his hands on your ass and Jungkook’s cock throbs inside the tight constraint of his jeans, you feel so good – layers and all – and it has him parting from your lips as his head falls to the back of the couch. The moan he lets out is like music to your ears and soon after you’re attaching your lips to the exposed skin at his neck, right above that mole you love so much. You always poke it, a you’re cute most likely following the action because he was, and you liked to let him know, because it only made him cuter. 
What can you say? You’re weak. You’re so weak it clouds your judgement as you lick at the warm skin, puckering your lips before sucking, painting little purple blossoms in his pretty honey skin, all the way to his jaw.  
Your hips don’t lose their pace, growing more impatiently the more your need for him turns physical. The outline of his cock so prominent against your clothed slit, your clit throbs with each movement he guides and it feels so good, but it’s not nearly enough as you grow uncomfortably wet between your legs. 
It’s overwhelming – the way you move on top of him, the way you sound, and fuck, the way you look. So fucked out already and he hasn’t even done half the things he wants to do to you. Eyes glassy and lips ten shades of red and plump like ripe fruit, it’s no wonder that the minute he reconnects his lips with yours, his tummy tightens as the pleasure threatens to tip him over the edge. 
He panics, hands coming to your waist to gently stall your movements and push you away, reluctantly. He has no doubt that another minute of your little dry humping session will have him blowing his load in his pants like a horny teenager. 
“Shit- wait,” he pants, eyes closed but he can feel you pout against his lips, displeased.
“Why?” You kiss down his jaw again, and he subconsciously cocks his head to the side, granting you permission to kiss on top of the hickeys you’d left minutes prior. 
“Felt like I was gonna cum,” he huffs, moaning softly when you run your tongue all the way to his earlobe, letting your teeth play with it gently. 
You giggle and the vibrations against his skin sends shivers down his spine. 
“Yeah? Don’t you wanna?” he can barely pay attention to what you’re asking, teeth nibbling at his most sensitive spots. 
“No- yes. Fuck, yes.”
Another sweet giggle passes your lips and he cusses himself over how not-so-innocently it affects him. “Then let me make you cum.”
He’s never heard you be so crass, had never even discussed topics like the one you two were very much involved in right now – with each other. You’d always kept the tales of your hook ups vague, a simple nod from across the bar to make sure you were both safe and light teasing when the night was followed by hungover brunch and the walk of shame here and there. But now here he had you, dirty talking him. He was about to lose his damn mind. 
“Should we be doing this?” 
“Should we not? Am I making you uncomfortable?” Your question has softness attached to it, and when you look into his eyes, hands massaging his shoulders, he sees his best friend, just genuine and sweet. 
“No. Far from, actually.” His hands travel back to your hips, hands sneaking inside your oversized sweater.
“Hm,” you smile, “then just…,” he kisses you before you can finish your sentence. “Yeah that. Just do that.”
Your kisses grow hotter by the second, charged with need as you allow yourselves to give into it entirely and it’s not much after that Jungkook’s grabbing a hold of your waist and laying you down on the couch. You smile up at him in that way he’d only gotten to see today, seductive and so very enticing he almost misses the way your hands trail down your body before they’re pulling your sweater off of you. Your bra’s a pretty lacy purple that leaves very little to the imagination, a silver bar peeking through the material.
“Oh?” He says, tone playful but you can tell he’s genuinely shocked.
“Do you like it?” You ask, hand cupping your breast and pushing the cup of your bra down to reveal the shiny piece of jewellery.
“Fuck, I love it.”
He kisses down your neck, tongue licking at your collarbones until his lips touch the soft skin of your breasts, sucking, making sure he returns the favour of that little number he’s sure you left all over his neck. Your fingers get lost in his dark hair, tugging at it the moment his mouth closes around your perk nipple, his tongue playing with the piercing, setting your every nerve ending on fire. You hiss, feeling overstimulated already and his mouth travels to your other nipple, kissing gently before he’s letting his lips glide across the supple flesh. You whimper when the silver hoop at the corner of his mouth touches you, the cold sensation surprising you as you choke out a moan. 
“Can I take these off,” he asks as his index finger hooks inside the waistband of your leggings, gliding teasingly over your skin. 
“Please,” it’s a whine, a desperate little sound that has his dick twitching in his pants.
“Fuck- don’t beg, baby.” He pleads, already walking close enough to the edge as it is just for you to quite literally turn into his every wet dream and further throw him off it.
“Don’t call me baby, then.” You tease, hips raising so he can pull the tight material off your legs. 
He smirks, so devastatingly it has you clenching around nothing, a wave of arousal taking over you that there’s no doubt that your underwear is ruined by now. 
“Why’s that? You like it a little too much?” He stands between your legs, lowering his body until his lips are hovering above yours.
“Just a little,” you capture his bottom lip in between yours, letting the softness linger in there.
“Just a little? The same way you were gonna kiss me just a little, hm?” He deepens the kiss, not a single pause as he dives straight in for passion, making you moan against his lips. It’s all that you can feel – his lips on yours, so much so that the gasp that leaves you is one of surprise when his digits find your clothed clit, circling around it deliciously slow. 
“Fuck yes, that feels so good.”
“Wanna eat you out.”
“Just a little?”
“No. A lot actually, want you to cum all over my tongue.”
You moan, arching your back at his filthy words, another please leaving your lips as your nails scrape against his scalp in raw desperation. He’s in between your legs in a matter of seconds, big hands pushing your thighs apart as his hot breath hits your clothed cunt. You circle your hips at his proximity, silently pleading for more. His arm circles around your leg until his hand rests on top of your tummy, pushing into it slightly to keep you still; the pressure feels so good you can feel a new stream of arousal gushing out of you. 
He doesn’t make you wait – he doesn’t think he could even if he wanted to, your scent alone intoxicating him to the point of hunger. He hooks his fingers inside your thong, pushing the flimsy material to the side until you’re revealed to him. His middle finger glides through your slit, parting your folds until your clit comes into view, so pretty and inviting it has his mouth watering at the thought of having a taste of you. 
“Shit, you’re so wet,” he says, teasing your opening as he collects your slick before circling it around your sensitive nub. You whimper at the feeling, eyes closing and fingers running through his soft hair, letting your body tell him how good you feel. 
He gives a tentative lick, letting the thick of his tongue part your folds, licking you clean before his mouth is closing around your clit, making a mess of you all over again. Your lips part in a silent moan, basking in the pleasure his mouth provides. It’s overwhelmingly good, has your mind spiralling as your body asks for more. 
He teases your opening with his tongue, fucking you with it and drinking your juices in – you taste so sweet it has him groaning against your cunt, rutting his hips into the sofa in need of friction. His fingers push past your tight walls, curling at your insides until he’s met with that spot that has your legs instantly shaking. You look down at him, picking up the smile that forms at his face in pride with the way his eyes get all puffy. He looks almost innocent like this, and you’d buy it if it weren’t for the lewd sounds that fill the room as he fucks his fingers into your wet cunt, slurping sounds coming from his lips as he licks and sucks at your clit, finding the perfect rhythm.  
“You taste so good, could eat you out forever,” he breathes against your pussy, the vibrations inching you closer to your high.
“Yeah fuck, don’t stop, Kook. Don’t stop,” it’s a breathless moan, whimpers leaving your mouth as your body grows tense, the tell-tale signs of your orgasm taking over every inch of your body and he begins to read you, not wanting to miss a single detail about the way you’re coming undone for him, because of him. 
His fingers stay inside of you, massaging your spongey wall and giving it their undivided attention. You’re crying out in pleasure, pushing his bangs away from his face as your gaze finds his, your pretty eyes widening in shock the more he throws you over the edge. 
The tip of his tongue circles your clit slowly, so softly it’s barely there, contrasting with the force his fingers are working with inside of you. It feels so good, your focus dancing from one feeling to the other until the coil inside of you breaks and you’re throwing your body back against the couch, letting it all consume you. 
“I’m c-cumming,” it’s a whisper that barely leaves you, body shaking in pleasure, eyes closing as you bite your lip so hard you can taste blood. 
He hums, sending flutters down your tummy at the feel of it, mewling when his tongue doesn’t stop its ministrations, licking you clean, eyes on you as his fingers follow the same fate. 
“Fuck you’re so sweet,” he says, tasting your arousal one last time. 
“You’re good at that, Jesus Christ.”
He chuckles. “I’m good at a lot of things.”
“That so?” He nods, traveling up your body to capture your lips in his yet again. “Show me then.”
He kisses you deeply, lips only parting to allow you to yank his shirt off his body, allowing for you to run your hands all over him. He feels warm to the touch, the hard ridges of his toned body contrasting with the baby soft of his skin. You could touch him all day, feel the way he hisses into your mouth when your thumb grazes his nipple on its way down, tracing down his abs, feeling the way his tummy tenses at your touch in anticipation. You waste no time, eager hands palming at his cock through his jeans. 
“Are you sure?” He looks at you, laughing softly at the string of saliva that connects you two for a second too long. 
“Jungkook, you not fucking me right now could be what ruins our friendship. I need you so bad, I’m so serious.”
He laughs at this, shaking his head; he wants to tell you off for it, but he can’t find it in him. It still shocks him a little how you can be so casual about all of this. Nonetheless, his hands are making quick work of undoing the button of his jeans, letting your nimble fingers push down the zipper. He pushes himself free from the uncomfortable fabric, boxers joining, letting them slide down his legs. He sighs out in pleasure as his hard cock finally breathes.
All you can do is gawk at him – his length, his girth, the pretty vein that runs from base to tip. Jungkook has the prettiest cock you’ve ever had the pleasure to see and it makes your mouth water, pussy clenching at the mere thought of the delicious burn taking him all will set inside of you. 
“You’re so big,” you speak your mind, unabashedly.
“You can take me, baby.”
Fuck yeah you can, and you will. 
His hand reaches out for yours and you take it, letting him help you up from the couch and guide you towards his bedroom. You’ve made this journey a million times, but never has it felt this exciting. The lights in his room are dim, the soft blue and purple hues coming from his gaming set up illuminating it prettily. 
Your bra comes off first, thong following its same fate soon after. You let yourself fall on top of his bed and he chuckles as you make yourself comfortable, being awfully used to the sight of you clogging the middle of the bed and getting cozy against his pillows, only this time you’re naked. Gloriously so, might he add. 
He gets a condom from his bedside table before his knees hits the mattress, making his way to you and settling between your legs as you open them up for him. 
“How do you like it,” he asks, sitting on his haunches as he massages your thighs. 
You look up at him, giggling as his soft touch tickles your skin. “I want you on top.”
He wiggles his eyebrows at you and you kick him lightly with your feet. 
“Missionary, a classic. I like that.”
“Don’t call it that,” you whine, hands coming up to cover your face.
“Why?” He laughs.
“Makes me sound boring.”
“Oh, trust me, you’re far from.”
You give him that smile – your smile, and he melts. His body melts, too, falling on top of yours as he kisses you, the both of you laughing though you can’t tell why. He pulls away, only a little, bringing the little foil square between his teeth and ripping it open. You take it from him and grab a hold of the condom as he makes some distance between your bodies to let you glide it over his throbbing length. Even the slight contact from the act has him growing feral with desire.
“God, I need to fuck you now.”
“Fuck me now, Jungkook, please.”
His tip prods at your opening, the burn almost immediate as your walls stretch for him, face contorting slightly in both pain and pleasure as he pushes in, leaving tender kisses at the corner of your mouth, your cheeks, your temples, as he hisses in pleasure. He tries to pace himself, go as slow as he can as to not hurt you, the feeling of your warm pussy so tightly wrapped around his cock one he can see himself getting addicted to.
“Shit baby, you’re so tight around me,” he says, bottoming out, head falling down the crook of your neck. He stills, kissing at your warm skin, fingers running soothing circles over your hips. 
“You can move… want you to fuck me, Kook.”
He looks into your eyes for any sign of hesitation but all he gets is lust, angling his hips back before he’s thrusting back in – hard. You gasp for air, a breathless moan leaving your lips as he rocks into you at a delicious pace. You feel so full, so supple under whatever spell he put on you when he let you kiss him, just a little. 
And now he’s fucking you, hard and deep, sweaty bangs framing his beautiful face as his eyes fight a battle to stay open, mind too stubborn on not letting pleasure win because he wants to see you. He wants to see what he does to you painted all over your face, laced in every single moan and whimper that leaves your mouth, latched onto every tug at his hair and nip at his skin. He wants it all – he wants you all.
“Shit- you feel so good,” he pants, hands at either side of your head against the mattress, pretty red bitten lips parted in pleasure as the clenching of your walls have his tummy tensing, the vice like grip you have on him addicting, just like all of you. 
“Fuck, Jungkook,” you sob, hand coming to push at the headboard to keep your head from hitting against it at the force of his hips. “I could get used to this.”
You voice out his thoughts, and there’s something about how bold you are about it that turns him on beyond means, makes him lose his mind and throw the last bit of rationality out the window. 
“You could- we could,” your pussy clenches around him, legs wrapping around his waist. “Fuck baby please stop doing that or I won’t last long.” 
“I c-can’t. I’m so close, Jungkook.” You cry, glassy eyes looking up at him. 
You see the way his jaw locks, rearing up spit before he’s sitting back a little, letting a glob of saliva fall from his mouth right onto your mound, thumb gliding over your clit easily with the added lubrication. The dirty act sends the slow build-up of your climax into rapid fire, spreading through your body deliciously as he toys with your clit. Seconds after, he’s sending you right over the edge, pulling a second orgasm out of you and all you can do is shake and wail under him, your pussy massaging his cock with every clench of your walls. 
“Nnngh- I’m gonna cum, fuck,” he lets out in between moans, hips stuttering a bit as he spills into the condom, the warm spasms of your walls milking him until he’s left hissing and cringing slightly in overstimulation. 
You both just stay there for a minute, catching your breaths and trying to come back to your bodies. Jungkook smiles at you, pulling out of you a little reluctantly before he’s making his way to the bathroom to discard the condom. 
When he comes back, he’s holding a towel, running it softly between your thighs – it’s wet and warm and feels soothing against your core. You blush a little, smiling at him and thanking him. He simply returns your smile, throwing the towel somewhere on his floor and throwing himself next to you on the bed, head cozying up into his pillows.
“So…,” you start.
“So…,” he mimics.
You both start laughing, unable to stand the tension that threatens to fall upon you, you simply do what you do best – laugh it out. It’s comforting, and feels good knowing that a little exchange of pleasure didn’t totally break your common sense. 
“We just fucked,” you say.
“God, don’t make it sound so crass.”
You laugh at this. “Sorry, kind sir, we just engaged in sexual relations.”
“Much better.” His laugh follows.
“Do you think we’ll do it again?” Your question is sincere, albeit a little awkward. 
“Don’t ask me that right now, I’m pretty sure my dick is still hard.”
You look down at it, wanting to see it for yourself, and surely enough, you’re met with confirmation to his suspicions. 
“Well, I liked it,” you say, plopping back into the pillows, eyes fluttering slowly as sleepiness begins to fall over you. 
“Me too…” he stares at the ceiling, exhaustion settling upon him, too.
“So, if you ever wanna… we can always… just kiss a little.”
Jungkook’s face grows angelic as he falls asleep, a smile on his lips that he’s pretty sure is still there when he wakes you up late into the night, in hopes that you want to kiss him a little, too. 
I hope u enjoyed! if you did, please do let me know <33 also, stream more, left & right and proof!! okay love u loads xx
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httpjungkookcom · 24 days ago
Please Don’t Go | JJK
Tumblr media
Pairing | Jungkook x Reader
Word Count | 12K
Genre | Spider-Man! Jungkook x Childhood Best Friend! Reader
Summary | Jungkook’s never kept anything from you, ever. Not even the time where he tripped and accidentally kicked your dog, or when he fucked the most popular girl in high school and couldn’t make himself cum (poor guy was embarrassed for weeks), or when he accidentally rubbed all of his acceptance letters in your face without realizing. To put it short, Jungkook is an open book to you. So when he suddenly disappears, there’s a lot to question. Even more to question when he finally gets back and won’t tell you anything, going as far to avoid you. You’re on a mission to figure it out, even if it kills you.
Index | Jungkook is so smart, but so stupid at the same time. Jungkook is not sly in the slightest. Kind of angst, fighting, arguing, bickering, etc. Criminal activity, it’s a Spider-Man fic. Injuries and mention of blood. College setting and age, reader and Kook share the same major. Some cute fluffy moments in between all of the action. Aunt Yoon is essentially Aunt May in the Marvel story line. 
A/N | Something kind of different than what I normally write, but I’m excited about it nonetheless!! It’s sad, cute, exciting, nerve wracking, etc. I also just love the concept of Spider Kook more than I can even explain. 
Tumblr media
All throughout your childhood years, you constantly swore that you could never truly hate Jungkook. The both of you grew up together, lived in the same apartment building with guardians that knew each other. You were always over at his apartment for annual holiday parties, or play dates (which you’re pretty sure was just babysitting because your parents worked so much.) Even in school, you both gravitated towards each other due to matching intelligence and thought processes. You can't recall a single school project that you’ve done without being partners with Jungkook, or at least in the same group. Sure, you two would play fight, argue, bicker back and forth about stupid things, or wrestle, but never truly get to a point where you hated one another. However, as you sit in class on the first day of class after break, you’re fuming. You swore you could never hate him in your entire lifetime, but right now, it’s pretty damn close. You can't think of a time where you’ve been this angry at Jungkook, face red as you fight off the urge to interrogate him to hell and back. 
“Hey, are you okay?” Jungkook’s voice calls softly from beside you, almost in a whisper as class begins. You don’t even answer him, simply glancing over before returning to stare down your syllabus as you struggle to control your thoughts. You genuinely can’t understand how he disappeared all summer without a single text, call, letter, email, anything before showing back up like nothing happened. Even when you went to his aunt's apartment to check up on him (he went back home for break), she simply told you Oh, he didn't tell you? He went on a summer trip, I don't remember all the details. Before sheepishly closing the door in your face. Jungkook never keeps anything from you, you’ve told each other almost everything, that’s just what best friends do. You honestly can’t help but feel hurt that he wouldn’t think to tell you about his 2 and a ½ month summer trip before leaving. “Are you mad at me…why are you mad at me?” 
“You disappeared all summer!” You mumbled, promptly being stared down by the professor and the few people around you. Finally looking at him dead on, you can’t help but notice that he looks almost completely different. It seems like he’s grown over the summer, both in muscle and height. The stupid science pun shirt that he used to wear religiously is fighting for its life, stitches straining around his bicep. If he flexed his arm, they would most likely bust apart. His hair is also much longer, dark brown locks being tucked behind his ears as he breaks eye contact with you, red face going back to his syllabus. “Why does it look like you’ve been eating steroids for breakfast and working out 24/7 during the past month? Seriously Kook, what is going on? You can’t just leave and not say anything before suddenly showing back up in the fall semester?” 
Now it’s his turn to take glances at you, mouth opening and closing a few times as he struggles to answer your questions. As you wait, his face only gets increasingly red as he stumbles for an answer. He's been dying to tell you everything, truly, but he’s just not allowed to. It’s not exactly a rule put in place, but he was warned extensively of the danger that comes with sharing his secret. If you were ever hurt or in danger because of him, he doesn’t think he could ever forgive himself. He definitely wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he wasn’t able to save you. “I just, I can't tell you. Definitely not here, not now.” 
“Okay? So after school? Come over, I got lucky and my roommate isn’t gonna be home for a couple of months to study abroad.” You can feel your anger subsiding now as you talk to him normally, as if he didn’t disappear over the summer. Having him explain his disappearance while also hanging out for the afternoon almost feels like an instant relief to your summer long headache. “Also, we should see if the coffee shop still makes those sandwiches, like the little slider ones! We can stop by before we go to my-“
“Uhm…I can’t hang out after class today.” Jungkook states, almost so quietly you couldn’t hear him. He can already tell what you’re going to ask next, sinking down in his seat as if that will avoid your wrath. He feels horrible as you ask your next and final question for the day, stomach immediately dropping. 
“Why?” You’re genuinely curious. You can't remember any clubs that he’s in that take place on this day, nor any other school events. Maybe an orientation of some sort that you didn’t see on the announcements? Maybe he has a doctor appointment? 
“….I can’t tell you.” You're mad again. 
You ignore him for the rest of the morning class, promptly shoving your notebook into your bag when the professor ends class. As you prepare to walk to your next class, you want to scream as you realize Jungkook has an almost identical schedule to you. Curse the both of you for having the same major. Jungkook follows your routine, quickly packing before exiting the lecture room, also going to the same exact math. “Listen, I want to tell you! Really, I do! It’s just I can’t.” He tries to explain without giving too many details that would compromise his identity, especially in the middle of the campus. “I've been dying to talk to you all summer, I've really missed you, you know?” He pleads his case. 
“Kook, just leave me alone for now. Summer sucked because you just disappeared off the face of the Earth, and suddenly you’re just back like nothing happened. You didn’t even text me!” You mumble, sighing at nothing in particular as you finish your sulking. “I just need time to get over your sudden secret-ness from me.” A part of you wants to turn around and laugh with him, but you just can’t. It’s genuinely something that’s been bothering you and for some reason you just can’t get over it. Class goes by relatively uneventfully, the two of you barely talking. You soon come to realize that, without yours and Kook’s endless bantering, the day goes by extremely slowly. 
The day ends and much to your surprise, Jungkook is almost sprinting out to the parking lot as soon as your final class wraps up. You have nothing in you to catch up and follow him, simply walking to the coffee shop by yourself. This truly does suck more than you thought it would. 
While you and Jungkook were in the middle of a fight, you can’t help but become concerned as he slowly stops attending classes. He's barely ever in physical class anymore, maybe attending one day out of the entire week. Honestly, you’re unsure how he’s even still enrolled in the courses. Despite not attending often, you come to find out that he’s still enrolled, teachers constantly calling his name for attendance and getting silence instead. He's even dropped out of his clubs, which is even more concerning. Putting all of your pride aside, you decide to stop by his dorm after class today. You’re pretty sure he mentioned having a single room this year, no longer having a roommate for a bit. 
Knocking on the door hard, you only hear silence in the room. There’s not the slightest shuffles that would indicate someone getting up and walking over to answer. You don’t even hear anything playing, nothing but silence and the faint conversation of other students down the hall. “Kook, if you’re in there, I’m not mad at you. Can we please just talk for a bit? I’m worried about you.” You explain, fidgeting with your fingers as you stand in front of his door. “If you don’t wanna talk, just text me? Please, Kook.” Another period of silence passes before you’re leaving with your head down. 
Hi Aunt Yoon, did Kook happen to visit home? I haven't seen him a bit. 
Uhm, yes actually! He’s here right now.
Great! I’ll stop by, be there in a bit.
Next stop is his childhood apartment to check up on him. Aunt Yoon is quick to open the door on the first knock, a bright smile plastered across her face as she welcomes you into the apartment. It's the exact same as always, pictures plastered across all of the walls with little to no walk space left due to furniture. It's cozy. 
“Hi Aunt Yoon! I wanted to check up on Kook, I haven't seen him in a bit.” You smile, scratching the back of your neck as you stand in the middle of the walk way. She stares back at you for a few moments, not saying anything. 
“Uhm, he’s not here. He just left actually, right after…you texted me. Do you want a sandwich while you wait for him?” She smiles, going to the fridge to pull out one of the pre-wrapped sandwiches you and Kook always used to share when you were young. You quickly take it and thank her before realizing what she said exactly. 
You’re all types of confused now, never knowing Jungkook to be someone that seems to actively avoid seeing you. He's always come whenever you called, studied and hung around your apartment before heading home. You’re the same for him, the both of you being there whenever the other needed it. “He’s not…avoiding me? Is he?” You can feel your eyes begin to water. “He just hasn’t been coming to class recently after I got onto him. …I feel bad.”
“Oh no! No honey, it’s not like that. He just had something to do, that’s all.” Standing in the same exact spot, you observe Aunt Yoon, nervously rubbing and cracking her knuckles repeatedly. You raise an eyebrow at the behavior, pointing to her hands questioningly. “Oh, uhm. Kook told me about the little fight you guys are having, that’s all.” 
“It's just, it’s not even a fight. I'm just confused and he can’t explain anything to me.” You sigh, frustrated. “Do you mind if I wait here for him? I can go to his room if you’d like your space out here.” You mumble, slowly shuffling down the hall towards his room. Since you’ve been friends for so long, it’s not awkward being in his room so you have no problem just waiting around for him. You jump back as Aunt Yoon quickly cuts you off, slamming both palms on either side of the hallway walls. The confusion just doesn’t stop growing. You raise your eyebrows, lamely clasping the sandwich in front of you as you step back towards the living room. “Okay, uhm. Or I guess I can just wait out here for him.” You feel incredibly stupid as you plop down on the sofa, getting comfortable as you wait for him. 
Aunt Yoon is a nervous wreck, but she’s trying (and failing) to not show it to anyone. She almost died on the spot when Jungkook told her his secret, half voluntarily and the other half was a result of being caught with his mask in hand. She wanted to scream, cry, hold Jungkook in her arms, and scold him all at once. After a very lengthy talk at the dinner table, both of them sitting on opposite ends (awkward), she finally decided to let him continue his superhero side job. Despite her reluctance, she trusts Kook and made him promise he would try his best to be safe. Well, as safe as you can be when fighting criminals on the street. Aunt Yoon understands why you’re mad at Jungkook, but understands that it’s not her place to tell you. After making sure you sit down, she makes a beeline for his room, staring at the old spider suits that are currently laid out on the floor. Secretly, she pats herself on the back for her quick thinking, regardless of how messy the save was. 
“Uhm, Aunt Yoon? Do you know when Kook is coming home?“ You ask from the couch, feeling as if you weren’t allowed to move away from it without being ushered back. Your sandwich is still wrapped on your lap, feeling too awkward to open it. Silence fills the room once again as Aunt Yoon fights for an appropriate answer that’s not too alarming. 
“Uhm, usually around 11 these days. He’s been really busy recently.” She smiles, twirling her hair as a nervous habit as she soothes her anxiety. You quickly conclude that if you ask doing what, or why he gets home so late, you won’t get an answer. If anything, Aunt Yoon might have a nervous breakdown if you question her any further, so you decide to leave it. You nod at the answer, directing your attention to the sandwich that remains untouched. While Aunt Yoon is acting weird, she makes sure you’re comfortable in the living room before heading back to whatever she was doing before you showed up. Turning on the tv, getting you a drink, handing you a throw blanket for the couch. You settle in for the long wait, laying down and watching whatever plays on the tv. 
You quickly click away from the news channels. Truthfully, you have no opinion on the new hero that seems to be taking the entire country by storm. You’ve never had any interaction with him so far, so you genuinely haven’t been able to gauge who he is without the influence of biased news outlets. All you know is that there’s even a club for him at your university, the students all competing to get the best Spidey photo. Surprisingly, you drift off to sleep without realizing. 
You startle awake, heading a chorus of groans and crashing coming from down the hall. It doesn’t sound like Aunt Yoon, meaning Jungkook must’ve just gotten home. Weird, you didn’t hear the front door unlock and open. “Kook?” You call out, rubbing your eyes before making your way down the hall. Still half asleep, you knock on his childhood bedroom door. “Jungkook, is that you? Can we talk?” His door slowly opens, revealing a very disheveled and tired looking Jungkook. Seeing him for the first time in what feels like months is off putting, making you stumble over yourself for words that properly explain what you're trying to convey. “Uhm, hey. You uh, stopped showing up to classes and I got worried. And I went to your dorm and uhm, no one was there, heh. And dropped out of your clubs, and got home really late…” you're definitely rambling now. “I guess I wanted to check up on you to make sure you’re alright.” 
Jungkook is at a loss for words. “No, yeah, I'm alright! I've just been really busy with stuff outside of school. Personal stuff. Uhm, how have you been!?” He’s trying to desperately change the subject, flashing his signature bunny smile as his last card. It almost works, almost, until you spot the cut he’s currently sporting across his brow. 
“Kook…what is going on?” You mumble, reaching out to hold his head before he has a chance to back away from you. You catch it just in time, pushing his hair back that he was using to hide it. It’s a deep cut, blood soaking his hair and brow. It’s threatening to drip into his eye, making you quickly wipe it with your finger. Not showing up to class, coming home late, getting injured after coming home? You’re more confused than ever, stomach dropping to your feet as you can only think of the worst. “Are you street fighting?” You mumble, grabbing tissues as you wipe some of the blood away. 
“No! No, of course not!” He pulls your wrists away, giving his brow one hard wipe before throwing away the tissues. Seeing you so worried about him makes his stomach lurch, threatening to spill every single secret that he’s kept from you so far. “Shouldn’t you be getting home? It’s almost midnight and everything.” He smiles, once again changing the subject. 
“You're kicking me out now. Please Kook, I’m not mad at you anymore, I'm worried about you. And the more I try to find out what’s going on the more and more I'm worried!” You're fighting back tears now, trying increasingly hard to keep your resolve in front of him. “Even Aunt Yoon is acting weird! Acting like I'm some stranger that you guys have never met before. Blocked me off from going into your room like I was some stranger, did her nervous hair twirling and knuckle cracking, and didn't know what to say when I talked to her. Now you, disappearing from everything with barely any explanation! Never being at the university and coming home all beaten up! I didn’t even hear you come in through the front door which is weird, you always make so much noise.” You ramble, becoming more frustrated as Jungkook can only stare at you wide eyed. His heart is beating erratically in his ears, wanting nothing more than to wrap you in a hug and explain everything to you. He hasn’t seen you this upset in years, tears threatening to fall down your cheeks. 
“Please, Y/n.” Jungkook mumbles, letting his head drop as he avoids making eye contact. “I wish I could tell you. Here, you can sleepover tonight and tomorrow we’ll both drive back up to the university-” 
“Just tell me! Whatever it is there’s no way it can be that bad, we’ve known each other since we were toddlers. Kook….please. Don’t make me worry like this.” Tears are slowly streaming down your face, voice wavering with every word you speak. Your lips threaten to let out sobs in between each word, fighting them back to keep your resolve and tone. Regardless, your resolve isn’t enough to get Jungkook to tell you anything. He continues to avoid eye contact as he talks once again. 
“Y/n, please. Let’s just go to sleep.” 
Your stomach falls to your feet, heart feeling as if it were about to jump out of your throat. In a flurry, you can only say the first thing that comes to mind. 
“I hate you Jungkook.” 
The hurt is evident all across his face, shoulders slightly flinching from your cold statement. He's completely unprepared, staring back at you like a deer caught in a car's headlights. He's never heard you say those words with any true meaning, only jokingly a couple of times. Hearing them makes his heart beat increase, hands instinctively reaching out to pull you towards him. As he gently grabs your shoulders, you jerk out of his grasp and back up towards the door. 
You can't take it anymore, spinning fast on your heels and almost running out of the apartment. A part of you wants to scream at Jungkook, the other cries into his arms as he comforts you. You decide that neither one is appropriate and going to your car to cry is likely your best option. Ignoring him as he follows you out, mumbling excuses to the best of his ability, you make it out of his apartment in record time. It feels like you’ve just lost Jungkook entirely, sobs wracking your entire body as you shuffle through the building stairwells. You could help him, you’re sure of it, if he would just let you. You’ve never not been there when he’s struggled in the past, and seeing him block you out feels like betrayal. You’re defeated entirely as the cool night air envelops you, continuing your pity party late into the night. 
After maybe three hours, the rational part of your brain forces you out of the driver seat of your car and back up to Jungkook’s apartment. You’re about to knock when it’s ripped open, causing you to flinch away. “God, Kook!” You mumble, eyes wide as you stare at him. “You scared the shit out of me! Listen, I won’t ask about it anymore tonight. I’ll leave it alone.”
“C'mon, let’s go to sleep Y/n.” Jungkook calls softly, pulling you underneath his arm and into the apartment. He easily leads you to his room, handing you clothes to change into. You want to continue arguing with him, but you just can’t. You change in the apartment's small bathroom, tired body shuffling into his bed. “You need to cry?” Jungkook chuckles softly as he takes his place next to you, pulling your body close to his chest.
"...Yeah." Jungkook knows you extremely well, and now is not any different. He comforts you in one of the only ways he knows how, which is physical affection. It's always been a staple of Jungkook's personality, his love language being physical touch once he's comfortable being around you. Your face is shoved into the soft cotton of some stupid science shirt, tears soon to be stained into it. "Kook, why were you still awake?"
"Just thinking about things, couldn't fall asleep." That makes you cry, Jungkook letting out a small chuckle at you before wrapping you tighter in his arms. He makes sure you're comfortable, yanking the blankets over the both of you and making sure you have at least one pillow. You bury your face into his shirt, allowing yourself to get everything out (as much as possible without snot dripping everywhere.) Jungkook comfortingly rubs your back every now and then while playing with and stroking your hair. "It's alright, Y/n. I understand why you're upset."
"It’s okay Kook, we don't have to talk about it." You state, voice muffled by his chest. "I’m sorry for keeping you awake, and being a bitch to you in class." Over the course of the night, your positions swap as you take Jungkook in your arms. While he won't explicitly say it, you know he needs it just as bad as you do. Holding him, the both of you fall asleep like that. 
You're not sure what time it is when you wake up, quickly realizing what tore you out of your sleep. In your arms, Jungkook is visibly strained, face scrunched together as he jostles slightly in your hold. You quickly realize that it's not going to go away as he continues to become more distressed. "Kook, Jungkook wake up." You begin to shake him lightly, hoping he'll just wake up without much trouble. It takes much more effort to actually pull him out of his sleep, his head jerking as you shake him awake by his shoulders.
He wakes up with a start, his eyes shooting open as he lurches into a seated position. He’s breathing extremely hard, almost panting as he scans around the room widely. "Hey, hey, Kook. It's okay, it was just a dream. you're okay, you're safe." His attention is quickly turned to you, eyes still wide as he takes in your presence.
"Are you okay? You're not hurt?" He mumbles, reaching out and grabbing ahold of your arm hard, not allowing you to jerk away. Carefully, as if his dream were real, he turns it over as if he were looking for an injury.
"Yes, I'm fine, Jungkook. It was just a dream, a nightmare." You mumble, opening your arms and beckoning for him to lay back down. Slowly, as if you were lying to him, he finally lays back down with you. Whatever he dreamed about has him shook up deep into his bones, his arms holding you as close as he possibly could. 
Waking up is no easier, feeling just as shitty as you did last night but now even more tired. Your eyes are red and puffy, lips chapped from crying throughout the night. Despite driving back to the university together, Jungkook avoids you like the plague for the entire week. He sits as far away from you as he can without making it obvious. He makes sure to leave the lecture halls immediately after the bell rings so there’s no chance you two will be stuck awkwardly walking next to each other. You’re beyond frustrated and sad from them on, slowly becoming strangers with Jungkook. You two never thought this would happen. 
Genuine misery wracks your entire body as you walk through the nightlife of Seoul, streets busy as people start their weekend early on Friday night. Your shoulders brush every now and then with strangers, which you’re quick to usher apologies to avoid any confrontation. A particularly harsh brush sends you down, falling flat on your ass as you groan in pain. Immediately, pain shoots up your hands and into your wrists, absorbing your fall. It feels as though your tailbone has been broken as you pathetically muster your strength to stand up straight. “You should really watch where you’re going!” You don’t make eye contact, simply rolling your eyes at the angry citizen. 
“Yeah yeah, I know.” You mumble, immediately being caught by the wrist at the end of your statement. Panic begins to flow throughout your entire body, heart rate speeding up so much you can almost hear it. “Let go of me.” While you try to sound confident, your voice comes out frail as you stare at the man in front of you. Your legs feel as though they’ve gone numb, every sense in your body telling you to get out of there. “I said, let go!” You muster up a bit more courage as you try to pull your arm away to no avail. This proves to be counterproductive as the man easily catches your other arm in his grasp. Tears well in your eyes as you finally get a clear look at the man, nothing short of a stereotypical petty criminal. Your skin crawls as he eyes you up and down, stopping to think. 
“Just for that comment, you owe me your wallet.” He grins, making your stomach flip in circles. Is your wallet really worth getting the shit beat out of you? No, no it’s not. But as your ears ring with the sound of your heart beat, not a single coherent thought is happening in your head right now. Involuntarily, you scream as he pulls you closer, making some sort of attempt to pat down your pockets for your wallet. You can’t help but continue to scream, trashing in his hold as he searches your body, copping cheat feels wherever he can. Tears stream down your face, mind going into overdrive as it uses the last bit of intelligence to kick your attacker in his dick. 
Immediately, his hands are off of you and he hunches over. Taking the opportunity, you make a break for it, getting just around the street corner before he’s taking off after you. “Man…c’mon.” Is the only thing you hear before the footsteps stop, instead the silence is filled with the man’s complaints. I wasn't even doing anything, we were just messing around, get your webs off of me, you have no right to do this, I'm suing you for misconduct, I'll kill you as soon as I get free! “Didn't your mother ever teach you manners?” There’s a faint sound of webs being strung, causing you to slowly make your way over to the complaint train. “And just like that…another one for the cops.” The man is incredibly satisfied with his web building ability, taking one final measure as he shoots a glob over the attacker's mouth, finally silencing him. 
“…Spider-Man?” For some reason, you’re incredibly surprised despite him being all over the news for months now. While you’ve heard everyone talking about him, you’ve never actually seen him in person, never caring to track him down. His suit is much darker than what it looks like in the pictures, making you wonder if it’s the lighting or if he's had a costume update. With the entire suit, you can’t tell any sort of distinguishable features besides the fact that he’s ripped in almost every aspect. The only other feature that you’re able to pick up on right away is his extremely young sounding voice. “Uhm, thank you. For uh, webbing him to the wall?” The disheveled looking man is definitely cocooned to the wall, completely defeated as he waits for the cops to show up. 
“Oh, it’s no problem! It’s what I do, your-“ He’s ready to deliver his famous, personally selected, catchphrase. He’s even gone to the extent of placing his hands on his hips, getting ready to puff out his chest and stand tall as he speaks. 
“Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, yeah, yeah, we know.” An outside voice chimes in, making you burst into laughter. His chest immediately falls and his posture falls a bit, hands going to point at the said heckler that ruined his moment. 
“Hey, that wasn’t very nice!” The spider in front of you calls out, which just makes you laugh more. He's standing up straight now, but has no real intention of going after the grumpy eavesdropper. Without even trying, he’s funny. 
“If you really want, you can do your little saying. I'll listen to it.” You giggle, seeing him place his hands back on his hips as he recovers from his workout that stringing the man up turned out to be. He looks incredibly boyish as he stands in thought for a brief moment, almost snapping back into reality as he remembers the situation. Doing a quick double take, he glances back at the man before looking at you once again, before taking another small glance over his shoulder to ensure your attacker is still on the wall. 
“Uhm, do you mind if I use your phone? Gotta call the police, and uhm, my suit doesn’t have any pockets?” To add credibility to his claim, he’s running his hands along the suit to show you. After his display, he’s already walking towards you before you answer, taking your phone with a quick thanks before calling the police. He talks for maybe 1 minute max, the conversation being a chorus of “Hello, yes, Spider-Man, yes, 97th street, yes, ok, thanks.” After hanging up and handing your phone back, he seemingly kicks in his inspirational it’s gonna be ok, speech. “How are you feeling? I know that might’ve been a little scary for you, especially the whole, uhm, searching…your body.'' It's incredibly awkward as he tries to find a way to take back what he just said, gesturing to the air.
“You’re not very good at this, I think you should stick to webbing criminals.” You laugh softly, tone joking as you tease him. He seems embarrassed, more than likely flushed entirely pink underneath his mask. “Thanks for saving the citizens of Seoul once again, Spidey.” You giggle as you begin the walk home, quickly making the decision to take the well lit sidewalks. It’ll likely take 10 minutes longer, but you tell yourself that the 10 minutes will be worth it to avoid another almost mugging encounter. 
“Uhm, if you want, can I give you a lift home?” Spider-Man offers, jogging to catch up to you. The visual of Spider-Man running on foot to meet up with you is humorous for no reason. “Just so you get home safe! And you don’t have to worry about guys like him!” He covers as you eye him questioningly. After a little more teasing, you accept his offer. “Okay, so just stand next to me, ok, ok. And I'm going to hold you like this, is this ok for you?” You genuinely laugh as he hesitantly places his arm around your waist, nodding your head yes. “Alright, and you can hold around my neck, yeah, like that. Okay, so when we take off, you can either leave your legs like that, or wrap them, uh…around my waist. On the side! Like a toddler sits on someone’s hip, you know?” He’s genuinely trying to not make the situation in any way sexual or uncomfortable, but the constant explanations and stumbling is doing the opposite of his intended effect. 
“Yes, Spider-Man. I know what you mean. This won’t affect your webs or swinging, right?” If he’s holding you, that means he can only swing with one arm which is slightly concerning. “Like with only one arm, because if there's a chance I can fall, I'd rather walk all the way back home?” 
“Yeah! I'm a pro at swinging, you have no idea. Ready? I’ll show you.” Without even waiting for a response, he effortlessly shoots a web that sends the both of you flying up. After shifting down several inches as the both of you swung downwards, you quickly concluded that you were going to death grip Spider-Man's waist as he swung the both of you. It’s almost like a rollercoaster, that’s extremely high, and has no seat belts or safety procedures. Your adrenaline is pumping throughout your entire body, stomach rising and falling with each swing. To him, it seems like he’s on a leisurely walk in the park, nowhere near as fast as he normally swings when he’s in an emergency. 
“Can these things go any faster?” You laugh, pointing to the web shooters on his wrists. Glancing over at you, you’re sure he made a face behind the mask. 
“Faster?” You can almost hear him scoff as he questions you. You can’t help but laugh, nodding your head. “If you insist, climb onto my back.” While he’s swinging? He wants you to maneuver around him while he’s swinging 200 feet in the air? “Like a piggy back ride, don’t think about it too much. You can do it.” He slowly lets go of your waist, moving his arm forward so that you can easily slide onto his back. Every single survival instinct is screaming at you not to move, to which you ignore. 
“So now what?” You mumble. He has both of his arms in front of him, body (mostly) unrestricted to swing to maximum momentum. You quickly conclude that this is a horrible idea as he bends and extends his body to increase his speed. 
“We go faster.” He laughs at you, using both arms to sling himself as fast as possible. While he may seem like an absolute idiot when talking, the way he’s calculating every single move to maximize his distance, is astonishing to you. No move that he does is for nothing (besides the safety checks for you). It's an extremely energy and time efficient way of moving. In record time, you’re at the front of your dorm complex. “And….we’re here.” He smiles as he stands on the ground, easily holding your legs that remain locked around him. While you know he’s standing on solid ground, your legs remain in place as your brain fights to convince yourself it’s safe to get down. 
“Ok, let me just get down.” Your legs feel like jelly as they touch the ground, threatening to give out under your weight. “Thanks for the lift, I owe you some ramen next time, yeah?” You smile, shakily walking into your apartment building. 
“Hopefully there isn’t a next time!!” He calls out, and with that, he shoots off to go help another poor soul.
Maybe it was the adrenaline from your attacker, or from Spider-Man, or the pure survival instincts kicking in during the ride, but as you lay down in bed, a realization washes over you. You never even told Spider-Man where you were going to…
Ever since that day, you almost unconsciously find yourself wandering around alone. To be honest, you weren’t looking for trouble and had no intention of getting into any that may become a safety risk. However, a part of your subconscious wants nothing more than to run into the red and blue masked superhero that roams the streets. So maybe…just maybe, if trouble comes your way it won’t be the end of the world. Your feet shuffle as you walk, every now and then kicking a rock along the sidewalk. 
“If I didn’t know any better, I'd think you’re looking for trouble…” A voice calls out from above you, instantly causing a giant smile to spread across your face. Glancing up, it’s the same masked boy that you’ve been wandering the streets to catch even a glimpse of. Despite having his mask on, it looks like the fabric is smiling down at you. 
“If I didn’t know any better, I'd think I have a little spider stalker following me.” Your smile is almost uncontrollable as he comes down, walking down the street with you. “Plus, I still owe you that ramen right?” You look incredibly ridiculous as the both of you walk into the restaurant, standing awkwardly as the staff whisper back and forth to each other. Spider-Man has got his signature, I’m a superhero, pose going on that it almost makes you laugh at him. 
“What, what’s so funny, why are you giggling?” He’s leaning over slightly, trying to whisper to you as you continue to fight off your urge to laugh. “Are you laughing at me??” 
“No, no.” You can't even look over at him, because you know the moment you do you’ll burst into laughter. Subtly, you begin to get into the same exact pose as him to see if anyone notices. This includes, placing your hands on your hips, widening your stance to about shoulder width, and standing perfectly straight with your chest puffed out. Even now, you’re still fighting back laughter as the staff continue to take glances at the two of you. “Do I look familiar?” You whisper, watching as he slowly turns around to look at you fully. As he analyzes, you can’t help but begin to laugh. 
“Hm…no. Not really?” 
“I'm you!” 
“What!? That’s not how I stand!” 
“This is exactly how you stand!” 
“I do not look like that.” 
“We could literally be twins right now, just give me your mask.” You laugh, finally dropping the pose as your ramen comes out. “You know, I really can’t tell if you’re smiling under your mask. So if you are straight faced this entire time, this is awkward.” You laugh, walking out of the restaurant with a bag of takeout. You both decide where to eat, sitting down with the bag in between you. 
And by “you both decide where to eat,” Spider-Man immediately proposes that you go to a rooftop. He easily takes you to one of the tallest buildings, your stomach churning as your feet touch the roof and you immediately sit down where you two landed. “This is fun, but we should go by the ledge. We can see the entire city from up here.” He’s more than excited, easily walking over to the side and sitting down, feet hanging. You’re distraught as he webs the bag, yanking it over to him with no effort at all. Pathetically, you crawl over to the edge and make some sort of attempt to sit in the same manner he is. “Uh, if you want, I can web you…not like restraints. But like a seatbelt.” 
“Actually…I would like that a lot. Please do.” You nod your head up and down, lifting your arms to allow him to secure your lap to the building. If the both of you can swing from skyscraper to skyscraper with these webs, you at least know they’ll hold you in place. He easily humors you once again without trying, pulling the mask to just above the tip of his nose to allow him to eat the noodles he’s picked up. “You know, if I knew who you were, I'd be able to tell from just this part of your face. So hiding your eyes isn’t exactly foolproof.” You laugh, quickly looking at his lips and half exposed cheeks. Your stomach flips as you quickly change to subject. “You know the city is a lot more safe with you around.”
“Yeah? I’m really glad to hear that.” He smiles, and you wonder if he’s actually that dumb. Or maybe he thinks you’re dumb and won’t put 2 and 2 together. “Everyone used to hate me, you know?” He laughs, shaking his head as he continues to eat. You don’t say anything, knowing that he’s going to continue once he’s done. “Newspapers tore me up every single day, I think I headlined at least 6 out of 7 days a week.” He laughs, “I guess you could say I'm pretty famous.” 
“Yeah, you definitely are famous. You’re so famous you’re becoming a tourist attraction.” You giggle, thinking about how you’re seen various people come to Seoul to see Spider-Man at work. You’re sure the state gets insane tourism money from it, along with the city already being a well known area. “Seoul’s one and only, web slinging hero, Spider-Man!” You laugh, announcing your made up head line in an overly enunciated and perfectly clear tone. He laughs at the lame joke, shoving the rest of the noodles in his mouth. “We should probably get going, Arachne. It’s getting late and I'm sure you’ll be busy as it gets later.” 
He nods to your final statement, reaching over to your lap. “I'm gonna take these off, alright?” You nod, allowing him to easily rip through them. Almost cat-like, he easily stands up on the edge with perfect balance, reaching down and offering you stability as you climb to your feet. “Freaking out?” He laughs at you, watching as you screw your eyes shut and refuse to look down. 
“Yes, yes. Let’s just swing, get going.” Spidey asks you if you want his side or back, to which you heavily weigh the benefits of both. Taking a small peek at the sheer height, you decide that the back is definitely a better option since you’re able to cling onto him tighter. “Are you just going…to jump down? And like free fall!?” You regret every decision you made that has led up to this moment. 
“Yes, until I get closer to the ground.” He can already tell you’re about to back out entirely, most likely take the elevator all the way down. While he would still accompany you, he’d much rather not wait forever to descend the 50+ floors. “Listen, you can do this, ok? All you have to do is jump onto my back and hang on as tight as you want. You don’t even have to look, alright? Just close your eyes and we’ll be done in no more than a minute.” 
He talks you into it, but not without feeling like you’re going to pass out. At least if you pass out, it’s with Spider-Man who is more than capable of pulling you back in order to catch you. “Ok, ok. This will be fine.” You persuade yourself, taking the smallest hop humanely possible and quickly situating yourself on his back. It feels like you’re falling faster than scientifically possible, hurtling towards the ground at an alarming speed. 
You’re about 90% sure you’ve busted Spider-Man's ear drums at this point, shoving your face in the crook of his neck while screaming. Your arms and legs are locked tight around him, so much so you’re surprised you haven’t choked him out yet. (Which would be bad, because if you pass out he’ll save you. If he passes out, you’re both goners.) As he easily thrusts a wrist in the air and begins swinging close to the ground, your arms fly up to his head as you try to find a better hold. 
“THIS IS THE WORST, I'M CALLING THE BUGLE LATER TODAY!!!” You scream, slamming your eyes shut as he narrowly avoids buildings. “I'M TELLING THEM YOU TRIED TO KILL ME!!” 
“WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING!!” He screams back, trying to find his way through the lit up streets. “I CAN'T SEE, I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!!” 
You’re completely unaware that you are, in fact, clasping your hands over his eyeballs. 
 You’ve never hated anything more, from the moment he allowed his body to fall off the side (back first, so you were closer to the ground) all the way to when your feet touched the floor at your dorm. “That was horrible, if you ever convince me to free fall again I’m going to throw up all down the back of your suit.” You vaguely threaten, slowly climbing off. 
He laughs at you, standing in the same spot as he waits for you to safely make it inside. For some reason, leaving is different now. You’re torn as you stare at him, stomach flipping in uncertainty. “Hey…be safe, alright, people care about you.” You mumble, quickly going back for a hug. Most likely catching him off guard, it takes him a couple of moments to actually hug you back. It's a comfortable, extremely familiar hug. “Don’t do anything too stupid, now.” You laugh, pulling away and actually going into your apartment. Spider-Man says something along the lines of I’d never think of it before swinging away. 
Walking past Jungkook’s hall, your feet instinctively pause in front of the doorway. You finally understand. You understand Kook being so secretive, you understand why Aunt Yoon was so nervous that day, cracking her knuckles at every opportunity and refusing to let you past the living room. As you settle in for the night, everything begins to make more sense. The confusion you’ve had for over a month is suddenly gone, your head eventually connecting every missing piece. 
You’re unsure of what to do about the newfound information, but for now you relax feeling slightly relieved now that you’ve figured it out. Jungkook has been acting so strange lately because he’s been a completely different person, swinging around the city every night as the one and only Spider-Man. 
You can’t help but giggle slightly thinking to yourself. Pulling your phone out from your backpack, your finger hovers over Jungkook's contact name. Without thinking, you edit the information and add a little spider next to it. You decided to send Jungkook a quick text. It doesn’t even register to you that you both truly haven’t spoken face to face in days now. You’re hesitant for a couple of seconds, the endearing Jungkook 💜🕷 contact name urging you to make a decision. Regardless, you still message him. 
I almost killed spider man 
What? No wayyyyy
Would you still be friends with me if I murdered the most well known superhero in town? 
Absolutely not 
…Well, do you think that one loud news guy would’ve paid me? 
Jameson? Knowing that guy? He’d give you his first born child 
Smiling softly to yourself, you finally allow yourself to drift off to sleep. 
You’re woken up out of your sleep by loud pounding coming from your window, a series of coughs and grunts accompany the noise. In a panic, your body shoots out of bed, catching the smallest glimpse at the figure in your window. Just as you’re about to sprint out of the room, you catch a small flash of red and blue. Hesitantly, you walk over to get a better look. Sure enough, the web slinging hero is standing outside of your window. Confused, you begin to pull open the window. “What are you doing here?!” You whisper, glancing back to your door to make sure no ears are around. “It's almost 5 am!” 
“I just…need your help.” He groans, climbing past you and into the room. As he stands on both feet, his body haphazardly falls to the ground, a loud crashing accompanying it. On the ground, he begins to cough and groan as he holds his body wherever he can. 
“Oh my god! Are you okay?” Panic sets in even more as you drop to your knees, pulling his head into your lap as you fight to get a response from him. Extremely slowly, he nods his head. 
“I just…got caught a few too many times. I just…need to rest, my body heals pretty fast.” He’s talking extremely slowly, mind seemingly not thinking as he attempts to explain what happened to him. You can barely follow along with the story, something about not seeing the blade before the fight ended. At the end of his explanation, he quickly adds But I totally won, don’t get me wrong. Webbed him up and came straight over. At the explanation, you fight tears back, looking anywhere else in your room but him. 
“Hey, was this too far? Did I overstep our friendship?” He laughs softly, placing both of his palms on the ground before making an attempt to get up. You assume he was going to leave your room, refusing to let him do so. You easily hold him in place, the injured boy not having the energy to fight you. 
“You really must think I’m stupid, Kook.” You laugh, tears beginning to fall which you quickly wipe away. “Like, really really stupid.” 
“Kook? Who’s that?” 
This only makes you laugh harder, his voice easily giving away his blown cover. He's surprised, to which he quickly tries to play it off and act cool. “Please…don't make this harder than it already is.” You begin to reach for the edge of his mask, wrists quickly being caught by his hands and immediately stopping you. As he grabs your hands, you only now realize the wounds he was covering, blood smearing onto you from his hands. 
“You…you didn’t tell me he actually got you! I thought you said you were just tired and couldn’t swing anymore!” Tears immediately begin to fall down your face, body jumping up. “Stay here! I swear, if you disappear I'll come find you!” You’re almost full on sobbing now, sprinting to the bathroom to dig for your first aid kit. It’s slightly small and only has the basics, but you hope it’ll be enough to help him at least. “Change into this, please?” It’s a pair of shorts and a random t-shirt that he’s left behind from your guys countless sleepovers. 
“I really shouldn’t, I just need to rest.” 
You refuse to let him go that easy, insisting that he change. Trying his best to keep whatever secret he thinks he’s still hiding, he makes every excuse to dodge taking off his mask. Listen, I’m hideous underneath this mask! I have to conceal my identity, if you went and told people I'd be in a lot of trouble. Also, if you knew my identity, it could paint you as a target for criminals. Only 1 other person knows who I am, it’s critical for it to be top secret. You can't take off my mask, it’s a part of the suit. No! It doesn’t come off at the neck. No! Get away! 
“Jungkook, stop.” He is trying to crawl away from you without getting any blood on the carpet, using his feet to push himself around on his back. “First, it was disappearing and not showing up to class anymore. Then coming home beat up every night. Then when you took me home after saving me, you didn’t even ask where we were going. You just slung your webs and took me to my dorm complex. And when I bought us ramen earlier, I saw your face. You think I would miss the scar on your cheek and freckle underneath your lip? And even tonight, you happen to come to my exact window and climb in, without even knowing me?” 
“Uhm, it was just a lucky guess, the window bit.” He mumbles, having no other explanation for your other points. He knows he can’t win, finally defeated and his secret laid out on the table for you to judge. 
“Please just change so I can clean your cuts, please.” He’s about to make another excuse, you can see his mouth opening, mumbling out a small My identity is top secret- before you’re cutting him off. Your heart is racing, sobs and tears streaming from you at a pretty steady rate. Your hands shake as you hold onto him, gripping the front of his suit in your fists. “I told you to be safe, Jungkook! I told you not to do anything stupid! You said you’d be safe tonight! You NEVER listen, and now you’re bleeding out on my floor, KOOK PLEASE.” Your hands shake as you hold onto his suit, eventually moving to pull him closer to you. Holding his injured body, you shake and sob as he slowly wraps his arms around you. Every now and then, you can feel him heave as he fights back the urge to cry into you. 
Slowly, you release your death grip on him, almost afraid he’d disappear the second you let go. Making another attempt at his mask, he lets you this time.
“I'm really sorry for this.” He mumbles, a few small coughs following his statement. Your eyebrow raises, hands just barely grazing the fabric of the mask. Before you can even react, a web is wrapped around your wrist before being easily shot towards your bed. Without even having time to think, your body is yanked backwards by the momentum of the web. “I gotta go…”
“Jungkook, this isn’t funny. Take this off.” You state, yanking hard against it as you try to reach where his body lies on your floor. You can feel your bed slide a few inches forward as you try to get to him. “Kook, I'm serious this isn’t a joke. Take it off!” Horror crosses your face as he plants his hands down, using the last of his strength reservoir to push himself up. Slowly, he hobbled back towards the window before carefully climbing out onto the fire escape. From afar, you can see the red spots bleeding through this spandex. 
“I'm really sorry, those will last about an hour.” He apologizes, limping over to the railing. “If anyone comes in to check on you, you can just hide them underneath your blankets. I'll see you around.” 
“JUNGKOOK! DON'T!” You're full on screaming at this point, tears engraving their path down your face. You’re frustrated and scared, almost afraid he’ll go to jump off the side of the building and not be able to recover. “PLEASE! STAY! I'LL DO ANYTHING. DON'T GO OUT, YOU'RE TOO WEAK RIGHT NOW.” You're screaming from the top of your lungs, pulling so hard on the web it feels as if you’ll dislocate your shoulder. Your wrist is aching from the tension, which you ignore it all. “PLEASE STAY, PLEASE STAY. I'LL COME FIND YOU IF YOU GO! I WILL, I SWEAR I'LL COME AFTER YOU!” 
Your bed is now displaced a considerable amount, sitting almost directly in the center of the room. Your wrist is red and strained, shoulder pulled taught and about to snap at any moment if you continue to fight it. You don’t have a couple of hours to wait for this web to dissolve, you have to get to him now. “KOOK! Please, just come here. Please, I'm begging you. You're too hurt right now, you have to stay with me. Please Jungkook, I'm scared! Please don’t go, don’t leave me here!” 
At your pleas, his feet stop their movements. You can see his internal debate. “Y/n, you can’t tell a soul. I mean it, I really do!” 
“Okay, okay, done. I won't say a single thing. Please just get down.” At your promise, he clumsily hops down from the railing, making his way over to you. “Please, just come here.” You open one arm that’s free, wrapping it around Jungkook's torso as soon as he’s in reach. You’re quick to yank him down to your level, wrapping your single free arm as much as possible around his body. A small chuckle leaves him before he’s ripping through the web that still retains you. “I was scared Kook, that scared me.” You mumble into his shoulder, pulling him as close as possible. 
He lets you hold onto him, body almost laying across your lap as you hold his torso and head. “I was scared that if you jumped down from the building, you’d be too tired to shoot a web to hold yourself, or too tired to stick to the wall.” 
“It scares me to hear you cry like that.” He mumbles, pulling back just slightly to place a hand on your cheek. Ignoring the wetness that you feel, both on your cheek and body, you smile into his hand. 
“Please, let me clean the blood off you. And bandage them. You’ll bleed out.” You ask, “And let me take the mask off.” 
He finally nods his permission. your fingertips easily find the edge where the two seams meet, wedging your thumbs underneath the mask and easily pulling it up and over his head. He looks worn out, eyes threatening to close as blood drips onto his face. He's sporting a few bruises mixed with a busted brow and lip, where he got hit particularly hard. His cheek looks bad, a pretty long cut prominent. There’s a few tear steaks, (whether they’re from pain or your small breakdown is unknown.)
“Here I am.” He says lazily, eyes closed as you hold his head in your hands. 
“Jungkook, you have to stay awake. For now, just open your eyes, please.” You mumble, searching for the extra clothes. You have to peel him out of his suit basically, blood making it almost like a wet suit onto his skin. Jungkook is more worried about the holes in the suit more than his skin, quickly reassuring him that you could sew them up. He nods, laying on the floor in nothing but a small pair of shorts. “This is going to hurt like a bitch, Jungkook.” You sigh, taking the sterile gauze and beginning to apply pressure to his still bleeding cuts. 
His body stiffens under your hands, small grunts filling the room from the pain. You have to repeat this process multiple times, stomach doing flips as you fight back the urge to puke. Seeing him in so much pain makes your eyes water, you almost have to hold him down as he writhes from it. And by almost, you basically have him pinned down underneath you. You’re currently using one hand to apply pressure to the gashes, the other is holding his bicep down, and one of your feet is placed on his opposite thigh to stop him from jumping away. ”It'll be okay, just try and stay still. I got you, Kook.” After they slowly stop bleeding, you begin running sterile gauze with water over the dried blood. Slowly, it eventually looks less and less like a murder scene. “Please talk to me, Jungkook. Maybe it’ll take your mind off it.” 
“I’m sorry for scaring you like that.” A tear falls down the side of his face, your hand instinctively reaching out to wipe it away. ”I know you’re worried about me, Y/n.” Jungkook mumbles, hand finding your side and doing his best to wrap it around you. “I understand, I really do. But I can't stop doing it, they need me.” 
“I wasn't going to ask you to stop.” You answer, voice low and wavering slightly as you slowly stop crying over his injuries. As they get cleaned up a bit, you’re slowly able to calm down. “I just want, no need. I need you to be careful, Kook. Because if I lose you….I just. I won’t know- I won't know how to live after that.” You cry, head falling forward, causing your foreheads to push softly against each other. He understands your concern, rubbing your back comfortingly as you collect yourself. As you cry, his other hand finds your cheek to wipe the tears that slowly fall. 
He hates seeing you this upset, hates it even more that it’s because of him. As he comforts you, his eyes water and threaten to spill over as he fights it away. After a bit, you’re able to pick your head up and resume, beginning smearing ointment over the cuts. To fill the silence in the room, he begins talking again. “You know, when I was fighting towards the end I started realizing how much he got me. I started feeling all of the cuts and pain running throughout my body. And after I hung him against the wall, I instinctively came over here. I wasn’t even thinking about showing up as Spider-Man, wasn’t thinking about how obvious it would be that I knew where your window was. The only thought that was running through my mind was that I needed to see you.” He explains. You’ve been sniffling the entire time, ever since Jungkook jumped down from the rails after agreeing to stay. As he talks more and more, it feels like you’re only fighting harder not to cry. 
You’re not sure if this is supposed to make you feel better or worse, but your heart lurches. “I don't know if I wanted to see you for help, or see you to make me feel better. I just knew I had to get here, just in case something happened.” 
“Don’t say that, you’re gonna be okay, Kook.” You abruptly cut him off, voice loud compared to his small one. You apologize softly, going back to his wounds. He nods, trying to reassure you. 
“I'm already feeling better, Y/n.” He smiles, pushing himself up on his elbows to watch as you begin to bandage him up. You finish quickly, feeling nervous as he watches you. 
“You know it’s weird, the last words I could’ve ever said to you were I hate you.” You laugh sadly, helping him pull his shirt on. He looks adorable as he stares at you, sporting a big patch on his cheek that covers the cut. “You should probably get some rest, you know? You’re gonna be sore in the morning for sure. I’ll get you painkillers and make breakfast when you wake up.” You smile, ruffling his hair. 
“You’re right, can I borrow a pillow?” He asks, laughing lightly as he lays down on the floor. 
“No, get in bed. You need to actually sleep well.” You laugh, dragging him up by one of his arms. He's quick to protest, No, it’s okay. I don't need to sleep on the bed to be comfortable. Because then you’re going to sleep on the floor and that’s not fair, no, I won't. He’s fighting you like a toddler that refuses to walk, completely dead weight as you try to drag him. With a loud sigh, you let him go and walk over to the red and blue suit on the ground. “Get in the bed, or the suit gets it!” You threaten, holding a pair of scissors to the material. 
You genuinely laugh as his eyes widen, arms raising up. “Ok ok, take it easy now! Are those real scissors?!” 
“Yes they’re real scissors!” A giant smile is spread across your face as he jokes with you. 
“Oh no, real scissors are my weakness!!” He cries out, jokingly getting on his hands and knees. His hands stay in front of his face as he fake surrenders to your threats. Before you even realize what’s happening he’s shooting a web at you. It wraps around your wrist and will one hard tug, you’re tumbling towards him, suit and scissor falling out of your hands. “My suit is saved!” 
“You missed the scissors a bit, Kook.” You laugh as you lay in his arms that caught you. He also has a giant smile spread across his face, a much better look than when you first peeled off his mask. Your heart swells, ears burning as he continues to peer down at you. 
“I wasn’t aiming for the scissors.” He mumbles, making your face flush a bright red. Slowly, you almost miss it, you can feel him leaning into you. “Please, can I kiss you?” He asks softly, eyes flicking from your lips back to your eyes. It feels like you’re in a dream that you’ll wake up from, slowly nodding yes to his question. In a second, his lips are against yours, eyes falling shut. A small hum falls from you as you instinctively press closer to him, hands finding his hair. His hands find your sides, pulling you closer to him and into a sitting position. Easily, your lips spot together as if they were a perfect fit, breaths becoming heavy as you take one another’s air. You can taste the metallic on his mouth, confused for a moment before remembering his busted bottom lip. 
“Kook, you need to rest.” You breathe, voice airy as you catch it. You place a small peck onto his lips, holding his head in your hands. His eyes remain closed, head tilted up slightly at you. You massage his scalp with your fingertips, a slight hum filling the room as his hands hold you close. “Please, get some sleep.” You say, pressing one last kiss onto his forehead before you begin to climb out of his lap. 
“Fine, fine. But only for you.” He finally gives in, slowly climbing into bed. You giggle, pulling the covers up to his chin and beginning to tuck them in around his body. “This feels like a bit overboard now.” Jungkook states, causing you to laugh at him. 
“Shut up and close your eyes.” Finally tucking him in completely, you kiss him one last time before going about your tasks for the early morning. And by tasks, you mean the mess that Jungkook brought you. There’s small blood spots on your carpet, along with the soaking wet suit. As he gets rest, you work hard to repair what you can. The carpet is first, blood stains being vigorously scrubbed and cleaned until there’s no evidence they were ever there. Picking the suit off the ground, you’re almost afraid to ruin it. 
You decide that hand washing is probably the best bet, sneaking out of your room to retrieve laundry soap and head to the bathrooms. You pray to every god that no one is there, and that no one walks in on you. You try your best to be as silent as possible, red and blue suit not easily mistaken for possible onlooking eyes. Hand washing the suit is a challenge, the fabric feeling like it was 100 pounds once it soaked up water. The water is a murky and deep red, making you grimace. After the workout that rinsing and hanging the suit turned out to be, your next chore is figuring out how to sew up the holes. YouTube becomes your best friend, sorry Kook. You throw the suit haphazardly into a towel, lugging the still damp suit back. 
“Y/nnnnn…” You can hear Jungkook whining from your room just as you finish up your chores, immediately rushing to see if he’s alright. He remains in bed, still completely tucked in to his chin. “Come lay with me, it’s lonely and cold here. I wanna be held.” 
At his last statement, you can’t help but laugh at him. “You need to get some rest.” You answer, shoving more blanket underneath him. 
“I did, I just woke up from my nap. Come on.” He protests, untucking and opening the blankets up to you. Sighing, you take the invitation as you quickly come to your senses and aren’t gonna win this time. “What have you been up to?” He asks, raising an eyebrow at you. 
“Cleaning up your mess.” You smile, leaning back to fully look at his face. You can only catch a glimpse before he’s complaining, pulling you into his chest closer to him. You can’t help but smile, easily slotting yourself in between his arms. Your legs tangle together as the both of you get comfortable, using his bicep as your pillow for the time being. 
"Do you remember the last time we were like this?" Jungkook asks, a small chuckle following his question. Confused, you pull away slightly to give him a questioning look. "When I had a nightmare and freaked out on you? And kept asking you if you were ok?"
"Oh, yeah. Why are you thinking about that right now, Kook?"
"It was about you, you know?" He states, his voice wavering slightly as he recalls the nightmare. Your heart feels like it's about to break for the millionth time that morning. "I wasn't able to save you, I was too slow and you fell. It was so vivid, it felt so real. Y-you hit the ground and when I walked over to you, you weren't moving. It scared me, bad." You listen in silence, allowing him to finish whatever he had left. "And when you woke me up, that felt like a dream. Like the two somehow got switched and waking up next to you was the dream, and that's why I had to check your arm. It honestly scared me so bad, that I wanted to distance myself from you because I was just so afraid of it actually becoming reality."
"It's okay Kook, I promise it's not going to happen. The distancing thing though, that was kind of shitty of you." You joke, able to pull a small chuckle from him. "I'll always be here for you, Kook, whenever you need me to." 
"I'll always be here too, y/n. "
"Wanna hear some good news?" You smile, pushing yourself back into his chest as you get comfortable again. “I can proudly say your suit is fixed, ready for use once again. But not now, not until you heal. That's where I'm drawing the line.” You quickly add, to which he only laughs at you. Laying with him, you only now realize how much you’ve actually missed him these past few months.  
“You’re the best. What would I do without you.” He smiles, tilting his head down to place a kiss on top of your hair. He doesn’t say anything after that, allowing his chin to rest on top of your head as he drifts off to sleep once more. You spend the entire morning holding one another, somehow scared to lose each other yet soaking up the touch. It’s not until you feel moisture that you pull away from him, searching for it. 
“I have to change your bandages.” You sigh, slipping from his arms as you collect more supplies. Jungkook remains half asleep as you change the bled-through gauze, small hums the only reaction he gives you. Finally finished, a soft smile overtakes your face as he sleeps peacefully. Your hand finds his hair as you sit next to him, softly stroking his soft hair. 
“Hm?” Jungkook hums, peeling his eyes open slightly. 
“Nothing Kook.” You smile. “You can go back to sleep.”
“...Where did my shirt go?” He asks, glancing down at his bandaged chest. “If you wanted to see me shirtless that bad, you could’ve just said so.” He teases, hand jokingly grabbing your thigh. 
“Ugh, next time I'll let you bleed out.” You roll your eyes, slapping his hand away from you. Making breakfast (that Jungkook insisted on helping with) and getting him painkillers, the near-death scare is finally coming to an end. 
Jungkook’s with you, and he’s safe. You’re both on good terms again, more than good, and happy. Eating breakfast, the two of you unconsciously seek each other's touch. With legs tangled with one another underneath the table, and hands brushing more often than accidental, the two of you are finally content.
Tumblr media
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euphoricfilter · 12 days ago
Helping Hands || Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Pairing: Caretaker! Yoongi x Kindergarten teacher! Reader
Genre: Fluff || Smut || Strangers to lovers || Non-idol AU
Summary: Yoongi always had a knack for fixing things, and with producing getting him nowhere, he ends up working for the school his long-time friend Seokjin, teaches at. With his new job, he meets you, and although your first encounter hadn’t been the best; at least not in Yoongi’s eyes, he could have never guessed how your relationship would bloom. And Yoongi gets to show you his hands can do more than fix your faulty heating.
Word Count: 13.3k
Tags/ Warnings: fluffy, smut in the forms of: oral (f. receiving), fingering, penetrative sex, protected sex (because that’s cool), they hold hands while they fuck, boobie play, squirting, boyfriends taekook, namjoon is a bit of an ick.
Notes: this idea was derived from a tiktok, but the original creator has deleted the video :’( but the idea of someone having a crush on you and helping fix up your classroom was too endearing to pass! when i thought about writing this i didn’t think it would be very long, and i thought how on earth am i meant to write a decent story from this vague-ish concept but here we are 13k words of two people falling in love. considering i’ve never had a s/o i don’t think i did too bad… but maybe this is just what i want from someone i like even if the idea of becoming a teacher makes me want to hurl. if there's mistakes, no there isn't.
edit: the tiktok that inspired this fic! thank you @devilonmyshouder for finding it! my savior 🥲
<3 <3 <3
“Have you asked for her number yet?”
“What?” Yoongi releases a long sigh, head turning so his eyes can meet Seokjin’s, who had a sly smile pasted on his annoyingly handsome face. And it’s at times like these where Yoongi wonders why he still puts up with Jin’s bullshit.
“The kindergarten teacher you’ve been staring at since we sat down” Jin points out, watching you as you laugh with a few of your co-workers on the other side of the cafeteria; in perfect eyeshot from where Yoongi sits.
“No? Why would I do that?” said man asks, stabbing a piece of meat with more force than it deserved. Yoongi has to will himself to not let his eyes wander back in your direction; like hell would he give Seokjin what he wanted. Yoongi doubted he had enough patience stored up to deal with the impending teasing that his long-time friend would surely thrust upon him if he were to prove his point correct. Plus, he was nothing more than being a little intrigued by you.
“Because you clearly like her” Jin tuts.
“Do not”
“Do too. You can’t deny your little crush. I’ve seen the way you look at her” Jin exasperates, flinging his arms above his head dramatically, catching the attention of a few other teaching staff scattered across the growingly scarce cafeteria.
Yoongi cringes, eyes squinting in distaste at his friend’s flamboyant antics that seemed to always garner the eyes of everyone around him. But Yoongi supposes with Jin’s face, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the attention always seemed to be on him, even if he was acting somewhat civilised. Yoongi had never thought of Jin as more than a friend, even if he did swing both ways; but, he could see why Jin’s face had such an appeal, even Aphrodite would have a run for her money if Jin were to rock up in those times, stealing the attention all for himself with his aggravatingly perfect face.
“It’s not a crush. This isn’t high school Hyung” Yoongi grunts, shoving his lunchbox back into his bag. Uncaring as he squashes a banana, already a little too overripe for his liking anyways.
You’d have to pay him millions before he dared touch the cafeteria food, in no way, shape or form would he risk growing a third arm from the slop they served. It’s offensive they had the gall to call it food, let alone serve it to the poor children. And he swears he saw one of the chefs spit in the pasta once, he doesn’t care if it adds flavour.
Now, Yoongi didn’t like children. Not in the slightest.
Thought they were disgusting, foul little creatures that had no sense of personal hygiene or self-awareness. With their sticky hands and voices that carried across miles, everything about children made Yoongi recoil.
And that may leave you wondering why on earth is Yoongi working in a school?
Money. That’s the simple answer.
Yoongi had a knack for fixing things, he’s good with his hands (interpret that how you will). And he really needed the money. His little ‘side hustle’ of producing only made him so much money, and as inflation increased, so did Yoongi’s bills, and slowly he had started finding it a little harder to pay bills and food for not only him but Holly; his cute little dog that he refused to believe wasn’t a puppy any longer. Jin had argued that Yoongi spoiled his dog, buying premium food and overpriced treats, but Holly only deserved the best.
Therefore, the job had to change and not his dog’s nutrition.
So, when the same Seokjin who complained about his pampered pup, had told him about the open position in the school he worked at, Yoongi was sceptical to say the least. He’d dropped out of college after a semester, taking on shoddy part-time jobs to pay for his producing equipment and clearly that had only brought him so far. So he couldn’t see any good reason to waltz back into a school.
Not only that, the thought of having to share space with tiny terrors for hours a day, 5 out of 7 days a week, the offer didn’t seem all that worth it. Until he saw the salary.
Not only was he now making 10 times more than he had been, basically teachers wages (still not enough but better than nothing), he got his own little office in the far end of campus, so he wouldn’t have to interact with any sticky babies and loud-mouthed teens unless absolutely necessary.
With his shiny new office, secluded from the crowd of teachers that gathered at lunch, Yoongi had zero intentions of sitting in the crusty cafeteria; even if his Jin Hyung had begged him for the first two weeks of his new job, to come and sit with him and his other teacher friends. He’d never enjoyed everyone gathering in one place to eat, crowds of people sounding more like squawking birds than hushed chatter that always ended up in arguments.
That was until Yoongi had met you. And suddenly the cafeteria seemed like the only place he wanted to be.
Pretty you who looked like a goddess among humans. Even with the splodges of paint staining your dress, and snotty babies clinging to you like nothing Yoongi had ever seen.
Yoongi had only been working at the school for a month, the start of the school year rolling by quicker than he had initially anticipated. And before he knew it, two weeks had passed by; and that second week on the jobs was when he had first ‘met’ you.
‘Met’ was generous. It was more a brief encounter where Yoongi couldn’t get the words off his tongue quick enough and had been left dumbstruck. Worried he had scared you off with how rude he must have been. You’d strutted out of your classroom, a model among the little children waddling behind you like little ducklings would their mother, hot on your tail as you led them to the bathrooms.
Yoongi had been fixing one of the fan units in the hallway, and you’d politely smiled up at him, making sure none of the children would knock the ladder Yoongi had been stood on, worried their little bodies would bulldoze into the wonky frame and Yoongi would be sent flying. And although that would make a memorable first impression, Yoongi didn’t want to be rushed to hospital with a concussion and his pride bruised.
‘Good morning’
Two simple words and Yoongi felt as if his heart would implode; he felt silly, coughing, and then only managing a curt nod as a reply, words sticky on his tongue like taffy. Clogging his throat as he holds his breath momentarily.
You see, Yoongi was prone to worrying, anxiety always laying under his skin like an itch that he could never get rid of, irritating but part of his life whether he liked it or not. And that night he’d laid awake, worried he hadn’t made a good first impression, scaring you away when he hadn’t even gotten the chance to learn your name.
And sure, he could have asked Jin, but that man had enough blackmail material already; he didn’t need to know about Yoongi’s budding interest in the pretty kindergarten teacher. If he hadn’t embarrassed himself enough then Seokjin surely would.
To Yoongi’s surprise you hadn’t seemed too offended by his reply, or lack thereof, as a week later you’d greeted him during lunch; even going as far to hold the door open for him as he languidly wandered into the cafeteria, in search of Seokjin.
This time Yoongi felt a little more prepared, muttering a short ‘thanks’, small smile stretching onto his lips as he points it in your direction. He doesn’t wait for your reply, legs already pulling him out of what could be another embarrassing encounter, a little disheartened that the day he finally decided to eat with the rest of the staff (secretly hoping to see you), your encounter had been so brief.
Yoongi’s easy smile however, remained throughout the course of lunch, heart fluttering like little butterfly wings locked in the cage of his chest; and if Seokjin noticed his friend’s flushed cheeks he chose not to say anything.
The caretaker thought he was sly with his little crush, never mentioning you to Jin, only stealing short glimpses of you from across the cafeteria, that short half an hour a day enough to recharge his motivation to continue this job. And he has the gall to be surprised when Seokjin finally decides to bring it up.
“Might want to hurry up, Jungkookie might beat you to it” Jin calls out, and if Yoongi hadn’t seen a few kids running around the area, he would have flipped off the elder. But Yoongi does nothing more than wave him off, and he may have been worried if he didn’t know Jungkook was already seeing someone.
That someone being Kim Taehyung, the high school art teacher, who occasionally sat at their table at lunch. Most of his time hauled up in the art rooms where students were welcome to work during the lunch hour.
Yoongi wasn’t one to stereotype but Kim Taehyung was the very definition of eccentric art teacher. Style a little unusual, paintings so abstract Yoongi felt like he was on acid while trying to decipher the meaning.
He had seen how Jungkook looked at Taehyung, the little galaxies that shone in his eyes when he looked at his love, where each star represented one thing that Jungkook adored about his boyfriend, his gentle gaze enough to show the absolute adoration they held for one another.
Yoongi had complained, telling them to get a room on more than one occasion when they’d decided to lick into each other’s mouths during afterschool dinners. But truly he was happy they had something so precious, a love like a warm hug, infinite trust between the two of them; something that Yoongi secretly yearned for.
More often than not Yoongi felt a little misunderstood. He never meant to come off as cold or disinterested, he liked the silent company of a person as much as he enjoyed his time alone, you didn’t have to always be talking; silent comfort of another person enough for him.
Yoongi didn’t want to come off as rude, he just didn’t know what to say sometimes, happier to prove his love with acts of service than empty words that even he doesn’t know the meaning of. He doesn’t want to come off as unapproachable, but when you’re tired from work and lacking the energy to act like a ray of sunshine, much like the physical education teacher, Hoseok, Yoongi could only wallow in his own self-pity some nights. Wondering why only a select few seemed to enjoy his company, or why so many romantic relationships have been washed down the drain.
As the first semester of school progressed, the weather had started to get colder, autumn slinking by before anyone could comprehend the unusually warm summer.
Kids starting to layer uniform, and teachers turning to the heaters to defrost their fingers as they arrive early, grass still dewy with air that nips at your skin like little needles.
Yoongi jolts up from his seat at the gentle knock of his office door, his feet flying off the desk from where he’d been resting them; worried that it was his boss coming for his usual weekly check-up.
However, Yoongi was pleasantly surprised to find you stood in his doorway; soft-looking sweater cocooning you in its warmth, nose tinted red from the frosty morning air, tips of your fingers barely peeking out from where you try to warm them up from the confines of your sleeves. And it takes all Yoongi’s will, not to tell you he had more ways than one he would love to heat you up (though he supposes he should take you out on a date before that).
Yoongi thinks you must have been sent from the sky, pretty, even in the dim morning sunlight, kissing your skin like Yoongi would if you would let him.
“Good morning” you smile, nose twitching at the strong scent of coffee that permeates the air of Yoongi’s office.
“Morning. Can I help you?” Yoongi asks, leg bouncing up and down anxiously. He has no time to curse himself for how blunt he must have come off, tone anything but inviting, before you’re opening your mouth to answer him.
“Yes actually. The heater in my classroom isn’t working”
Yoongi nods, pushing himself from his seat, ignoring the piping hot coffee he was moments away from drinking as he picks up his little toolbox that sat beside his desk.
“Lead the way” he motions out of the room, not daring to make eye-contact with you; worried he were to drown in the depths of your eyes, calling him in like a siren would with song.
He watches your back as you walk him to your classroom, fingers itching to hold your hands, help you warm them up as the stupid heater in your classroom couldn’t do its job properly.
Yoongi didn’t exactly know what he expected your classroom to look like, never working up the courage to peek inside and take a look into such a large part of your life.
The flurry of colours was expected, paintings from what he assumes to be your classes over the years hung on the wall, with paints and pens stacked on short shelving by each wall of the room.
Your desk sits at the front of the room, little trinkets lining the edges, papers covering the surface like a blanket. And Yoongi has to stop the smile from pulling at his face from how disordered you are; just like him. And he can somewhat appreciate the beauty in the mess of your classroom, it showed it was loved, enjoyed by more than just the small group of children that spent nearly every hour in here every day, loved by you who clearly spent time lining the walls with letters and drawings all addressed to you, carefully printed and cut letters of the alphabet climbing the walls like vines and fairy lights hung like tree snakes lounging on a branch.
“This one over here” you point to the heaters under the window, and Yoongi cringes at the cool air that caresses his cheeks as he stalks the length of your classroom. Nipping his cheeks like little jaws trying to pull apart his skin.
As he kneels down, pulling his glasses from the front pocket of his hoodie, he takes a closer look at the pipes connected to the main framing of the heater. Yoongi tries not to pay attention to you as you shuffle through the mountain of papers on your desk, he tries not to focus on the way you bite your lip; the little devil that rest on his shoulder whispering for him to just kiss you.
Yoongi distracts himself with your heater, fingers a little shakier than usual as you wander around the room, picking up pots of paints off the shelves, brushes stored in separate drawers and laying them all on the little tables, perfect for the little toddlers you taught. Chairs so small they must have been the first bear’s that goldilocks had thought were too uncomfortable to sit on, they sure looked it; no amount of colour enough to mask the hard plastic they were made of.
Yoongi frowns when he finds the problem with your heater, somehow a bolt had gotten loose; he can only assume one of the children had fiddled with it. Little fingers always having to play with something, another thing he hated about kids. If it’s not meant to be touched, then don’t touch it.
He pulls a spanner out of his toolbox, fingers skimming over a screwdriver. He looks over at shelving unit by the heater, screws glimmering in the slowly growing sunlight that climbs its way over the top of the neighbouring school building.
And that same little devil on his shoulder whispers something a little naughty, something Yoongi knows he shouldn’t do. And maybe Yoongi was a little bit of a hypocrite, after just saying kids shouldn’t touch everything, but the screws looked so shiny, so inviting, a little accident that means he may get an extra half hour with you.
He peers over at you, sat at your desk, typing something on your laptop. And decides that what’s the worst that could happen? He quickly tightens the loose bolt to your faulty heater, turning the knob on the side just in case before he scoots his way over to the shelf that had been holding the paints you now had on the table.
He licks his lips, sucking in a sharp breath before he unscrews a few nails. Silently praying the shelf can hold up until he leaves the room.
You stay none the wiser, typing away on some blank document from what Yoongi can make out. He tucks his glasses back into the front pocket of his hoodie, dusting off the imaginary dust that clung to the knees of his jeans before he’s clearing his throat to catch your attention. You startle, eyes wide when they meet Yoongi’s, who thinks you look a little like a puppy caught doing something they were told not to.
He stifles his laugh, coving it with a cough, “Your heater should be working, I turned it up a little so the room should heat up quicker” he explains, motioning towards the offending object. Your shelves staring at him, and Yoongi worries you can see the guilt swimming in his eyes.
You nod, pushing yourself from your seat, you bow a little in thanks, “You’re the best” you grin, and Yoongi can feel his heartrate pick up; cheeks dusted in rosy red.
You were so pretty.
+ + +
Yoongi waits all day, ears perking up when footsteps echo down his end of the hall throughout the rest of work. Begrudgingly helping a few other teachers that seemed to have had heating problems in their classrooms too; a common theme it seems.
Or, the occasional pitter patter of kids running down the hallway like a heard of wild animals during breaktimes, or teens sneaking off to the bathrooms where they liked to make out, or a few other things if their dishevelled uniform meant anything as Yoongi wandered around for his afternoon walk.
He tries to spot you at lunch, his mood only souring when you never walk into the cafeteria, your melodic laughter not gracing the usual grating sound of stressed teaching staff, that all seemed to have a passion for complaining about their jobs.
Jin had tried to cheer him up, offering to share his homemade lunch just to get even a hint of a smile out of Yoongi, and usually the caretaker would love to bless his tastebuds with actual decent food; but it seemed nothing, but your pretty smile would suffice to sate his grumpy mood.
The minutes before the home-time bell slowly creep up on Yoongi, and on most days he would be ecstatic that he could finally escape this hellhole. He never understood why teachers would willingly return to the place that is designed to fuck over students; especially when the pay isn’t all that great. And most of them seemed to despise their jobs anyways.
Even after the bell rings, startling Yoongi from his own little reverie, he remains sat at his desk; a little quiver of hope still left inside of him that you would be stood in the doorway of his office once more.
He thinks it must be a daydream when you show up, unable to properly comprehend that you were once again stood before him. That would be the second time in one day.
He isn’t at all surprised when you give him a sheepish smile, “Do you have any spare screws? It seems my shelving has broken”
And a small flame of guilt licks at Yoongi’s heart and mind, but the pretty smile that stretches onto your lips when Yoongi only lets out a little laugh, picking up his little toolbox, is enough to expel any of his worries.
He once again gets to stare at your back as you walk back towards your classroom, pretty sweater still veiling your body; and Yoongi licks his lips at what you could be hiding underneath the layers you wear.
A blink of an image flashing behind his eyes of you sprawled across the sheets of his bed, his head tucked in-between your thighs. He knew he’d get addicted to your taste, surely with such a sweet voice, all of you must be just the same. Your arousal thick like nectar on his tongue as he pushes you over the edge to your own pleasure.
“Mr. Min?” you wave a hand in-front of his face.
Yoongi blinks, “Sorry?” he coughs, heat creeping up his neck, pinching the tips of his ears.
You point towards the mess of your bookshelf, paint pots and art supplies scattered across the floor from where the shelf had caved in on itself. A mound of mess that you would now have to tackle once Yoongi acts as your saviour; a dark knight that had secretly put you in this messy situation.
“I was putting the paint pots away when it sorta of just… collapsed”
Yoongi lets out a grunt of understanding, that same guilt from earlier tickling up his spine as he looks over the huge mess you’ll have to clear up once he fixes your shelving. He shouldn’t have taken those few screws that morning and should have just worked up the courage to ask you out instead of making your day harder. But he supposes what is done is done and now he must fix his selfish doings.
You remain sat at your desk, finger scrolling through your phone as Yoongi rummages through his little box of screws.
His fingers dip into the pocket of his jeans, shiny steel nails pricking the tips of his fingers.
“Do you need any help?” You startle the caretaker, worried smile on your face as Yoongi picks up a few of the fallen shelves.
“No, it’s alright” he waves you off.
“Would you like something to drink then?” you ask.
“Black coffee is fine, thanks” he shoots you a quick smile, gums on show.
Yoongi doesn’t notice the bristly heat that burns the soft skin of your cheeks as you wander towards a cabinet in the back of your classroom. Rummaging for the granulated coffee that a few of your co-workers stored by your kettle. Not your first beverage of choice but a few of your friends took advantage of your little drink station.
As the kettle boils your water, Yoongi can see you intently watching him from the corner of his eye; and he feels his palms get clammy from your attention set so closely on him. He would have compared your eyes to those of a hawk if you hadn’t been so utterly soft; tempting Yoongi to wrap you up in his pocket and dote on you.
“How did you get so good at this?” you wonder aloud, awe evident on your face as Yoongi easily slides a shelf back into place.
Yoongi pauses, “Honestly I’m not sure. Guess I’m just good with my hands”
Your tongue peeks out to wet your lips at that; body jumping when the little click of the kettle finishing boiling. You whip back around to finish Yoongi’s drink, said man finding it hard to stop a little smirk from tugging at his lips at your flushed cheeks, pretty even painted in red.  
You place a rounded pink mug on the windowsill by where Yoongi is working, and he mutters a quick thanks before he’s focusing back on holding the panel of wood back into the right place, silver nail balanced between his lips.
“I never got your name” Yoongi says when you take a seat at one of the student’s tables, warm mug of hot chocolate heating your cold hands up.
“Y/n” you tell him, “And you are?” you ask, only knowing of him by his surname.
“Yoongi” he tells you, pushing himself up with the help of your now sturdy shelf.
You push yourself up from the desk, placing your cup of drink down before you start picking up the scattered art supplies. Yoongi follows, tucking his screwdriver into the back pocket of his jeans as he picks up the paint pots that brought him back into your room. The vibrant colours glaring at him; a reminder of his sins.
“You don’t have to, Yoongi” you tell him, but said handyman ignores you; brain replaying how nice his name sounded when it came from your lips, dipped in sweet honey, addictive in the way that makes Yoongi want to beg you to say it one more time. Something about your voice enchanting, pulling him closer like a snake charmer does a snake with its pipe.
Instead, he brushes you off, “I’ve stayed this late, what more is a few minutes?”
Your nose scrunches at that, “Sorry about that”
+ + +
“Have you asked for her number yet?” Seokjin asks.
“What?” Yoongi feels a sense of déjà vu as he sits in the corner of the cafeteria, you sat at another table with a few other teachers. Though today you seem more focused on your lunch than any of the baseless chatter the others on your table seem to be immersed in.
“You stayed after school with her, had dinner together after that and you still haven’t asked for her number?” Jin gawks.
“Min Yoongi” Jungkook shakes his head, “Ask the poor woman on a date or something”
“What if she was just being polite?” he asks the youngest, chewing at the skin of his bottom lip.
“She must be interested; she went out for dinner with you after you’d fucked up her shelves”
Yoongi’s head snaps in your direction, worried you'd somehow heard Jungkook, “She doesn’t know that, keep it down”
Jungkook snickers, “Seriously, ask her out. Otherwise, someone else might” he nods in the direction of your table, a stupidly handsome male laying his hands on your shoulders. Green jealousy bubbling inside of Yoongi as he just watches.
You turn to look up at him with a smile, grateful as he places a bag on the table in-front of you.
Yoongi narrows his eyes, “Who the fuck is he?” he tuts.
“Kim Namjoon, works in the high school”
“Cute dimples” Taehyung pulls out a spare chair beside Jungkook, leaning over to lay a wet kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek.
Yoongi grunts dramatically pushing himself from his seat. His hands slam onto the table, “You guys are going out tonight, right?” he turns towards Jin who only nods, confusion evident on his face.
Yoongi storms over towards the table you’re sat at, and as he draws closer, he can only wonder where this burst of confidence came from; ignition slowly burning to nothing but warm embers as he pushes one foot in-front of the other. But when he makes eye contact with slimy looking Namjoon, a cursed smile being shone his way Yoongi’s anxiety seems to be the least of his worries.
“Y/n” he calls you, endeared by your wide eyes that flit to meet his own, happiness enveloping your eyes as you look up at him.
“Yes?” you stand when Yoongi makes it to your side, still having to stare up at him from beneath the veil of your eyelashes, ones that Yoongi finds very pretty.
“We’re going out for dinner tonight” he throws a thumb over his shoulder towards his table of friends, Taehyung waves, boxy smile an attempt to placate your worries, “And I was wondering if you wanted to… wanted to come with us?”
Yoongi knows you must be able to see the unease that swims in his eyes, and he worries that maybe he looks a little desperate, stalking towards your table unannounced; but with your small group of co-workers all staring at him like he’d grown a second head, he’s seconds away from scuttling out the cafeteria.
“That would be lovely, Yoongi” you smile.
“I’ll meet you at the gate after school?” he asks, eyes brightening in hope. You nod and Yoongi has to bite his lip to stop the huge smile that threatens to pull at his cheeks.
+ + +
“I swear he isn’t always like this” Yoongi shakes his head, turning his attention to look at you.
“I think it’s amusing” you turn towards your new friend, wincing when Seokjin, who had previously been dancing on a chair, falls onto a table. Both your eyes snap towards the eldest of the group, trying to gauge if he was okay or needed immediate medical attention.
Yoongi supposes the alcohol coursing through Seokjin’s veins was enough to help him stagger to his feet like he hadn’t just body slammed into a table, and Jungkook has to wave off a worried bar tender who had already pulled his phone from his pocket, moments away from calling for an ambulance.
Taehyung scans Jin’s body, trying to figure out if he had a concussion or not. And Jungkook tries to ask his hyung if he remembers who he is.
“This isn’t what I imagined dinner to be” you turn back to Yoongi who elegantly brings his glass of whisky to his lips, somehow looking like royalty in such a grimy bar, tucked away in an alleyway.
He hums, letting his taste buds soak in the refined flavour of the liquor before he answers you, “Me neither. Usually, we go to that shitty Italian place down the street”
“I like it there!” you exasperate, “Their dessert is really good”
“I don’t like dessert”
“What?” you breathe, “You devil, how could you not like dessert?”
Yoongi snorts, a little unattractive on his part but he couldn’t help himself, “Why stuff yourself more when you’ve just had a meal?” (Maybe you liked to be stuffed, but you thought it was a bit too soon for that conversation)
“Because you always have a second stomach for dessert” you tell him instead, “Honestly I got that vibe from you”
“What vibe?”
“Dessert hating vibes, I knew the moment you told me you liked black coffee, with no milk, no sugar that you were a dessert hater” you explain, dramatic shake to your head.
“I’m not a dessert hater, doll. I just have priorities”
“Really bad ones. I refuse to accept any dessert slander”
Yoongi opens his mouth, eyes widening a little in shock when you place a finger over his lips, “Uh uh” you shake your head.
Yoongi laughs at that, tongue poking out from between his lips to lick your finger. You recoil, nose scrunching at Yoongi who only laughs. (He had always preferred his own fingers in other people’s mouths, never really enjoying them in his own).
“Okay, lovers, we’re going home” Jungkook pushes between yours and Yoongi’s seats, “Jin’s about to pass out and I’m moments away from leaving him on the streets”
Both you and Yoongi turn to look over at Taehyung who holds up a very wobbly Seokjin, and you nod in understanding. But Yoongi feels his heart sink at the thought of having to go home already, he had started to enjoy your company, slowly peeling back each layer of your very being.
“I’ll walk you home” Yoongi places a hand on your shoulder when the five of you make it out of the bar. You nod, giving Jungkook a quick hug before he helps Taehyung lug their friend home.
You and Yoongi walk in silence, nothing uncomfortable; just the two of you basking in the company of one another.
Yoongi startles a little when you take a sudden hold of his wrist, “Yoongi, let’s go there” you pull him towards the familiar, drab Italian restaurant that he’s spent way too many weekends drinking in.
The lights at the front blink, bare wires hanging on for dear life to keep the neon lights hung about the windows of the restaurant. The fluorescent light momentarily blind the both of you as you wander inside.
Yoongi makes no fuss as you pull him into a booth by the window, encouraging you even, by handing you a menu. You flip it open, “My treat” you say, ignoring Yoongi as he opens his mouth to argue.
“You can treat me, next time”
Next time.
You wanted to see Yoongi again. Maybe it was the alcohol coursing through him, making him that little more delusional that you could feel the same about him as he does you.
“Fine” he drawls, motioning for a waiter to come to the table when you drop the menu with a little smile.
“Did you really have to order only dessert?”
“I got you black coffee as well” you argue, “if you don’t like them, then I’ll eat it”
Yoongi tuts, watching as the waiter brings over your tray of treats. More sugar than the mad hatter had at his tea party balanced on one rusting metal tray.
You wiggle happily in your seat, and Yoongi turns his head to look out the window, coving the blush that coats the skin of his cheeks in dusty red; and Yoongi wonders if this is what falling in love feels like, a new addiction worming its way into his heart. And Yoongi worries he won’t be able to stop himself, fingers itching to feel this again even if it’s only one more time.
“I got you tiramisu, because it tastes like coffee” you push the small plate towards him, eyes wide with wonder as Yoongi take a fork from one of the napkins, everything he does fascinating you as he holds himself with the grace and dignity a lot of people aspire for.
He awkwardly takes a forkful of cake, worried you were scrutinizing him for not eating this right. What if he hated it? And you got offended? What if you were turned off because he didn’t like the same foods as you? Is it a red flag to not like sweet things? God, Yoongi would shovel this cake into his mouth if it meant you’d give him a smile.  
Yoongi thinks you must be able to read his mind, “You don’t have to like it” you remind him, picking up your own fork as you pull a plate towards your body, excitement of a child in your eyes.  
+ + +
“What are you doing for Christmas?” you ask, turning towards Yoongi who dips his paintbrush into the can.
“Probably spend it with my dog” he shrugs, rubbing his gloved hands across his sweats, hoping to warm them up a little.
“You have a dog?” you gape, “Why didn’t you tell me?” you sulk.
Yoongi had told you he’d noticed the paint on your heaters chipping, a potential fire hazard (or so he claims), and that he would repaint them for you with heat safe paint. You’d nodded, offering to help him during the weekend, He’d shrugged, telling you it was your choice, that the room would be cold as you couldn’t paint on scorching hot metal, but you’d only giggled, telling him to pass his phone so you could add his number, and that you’d see him tomorrow. And Yoongi had felt dizzy when you’d brushed him off, determined to meet him that weekend and help.
Now he finds himself with you, both bundled up in coats, and woolly gloves to keep the both of you warm as you paint the morning away. The morning birds haven finished their songs for the day, probably ready to eat as lunch neared, afternoon sun squeezing minimal heat into the classroom through the windows.
“Do you have any plans?” he asks, foot tapping anxiously on the floor.
You shake your head, “I usually visit my parents, but they said they’re sick of white Christmases. So, my dad whisked them off to some tropical island until the end of February when it gets a little warmer”
“You didn’t want to go?”
“It’s not that, I just have a job, and I wouldn’t be able to stay all that long with work chasing me during the holidays”
Yoongi hums, “Want to spend it together?”
Your eyes widen, turning towards Yoongi who continues to paint, acting as if he hadn’t just offered to spend Christmas with you.
“Huh?” you breathe, “Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude”
“On what? Me and my dog? Jin Hyung usually stops by, but I think he secretly has a girlfriend because for the last two years he drops off some cookies and then rushes out the door, without his obligatory kisses”
“What about Jungkook and Taehyung?”
“They spend the holidays together, probably fucking. They can’t keep their hands to themselves” you giggle at that.
“They’re cute” you tell him, happy smile pulling onto your face as you recall the ‘dinner’ you’d had together a few weeks ago. And how much Jungkook and Taehyung seemed to be drawn to one another; you think they must the definition of love. Just pure, unadulterated love between the two of them. Two little lovebirds who are mates for the rest of their lives, always drawn to one another.
Jin had showed up to your classroom with a box of chocolates to apologize on the following Monday, babbling how unprofessional the whole encounter was. You’d waved him off, inviting him for coffee or tea during break times if he ever needed a breather from the swarm of students that always seem to gather outside his office door. All hoping to spend a little more time with the good-looking language teacher, innocent crushes pushing them to work hard in class.
He’d thanked you. Apologizing once more before he’d scuttled away with a sheepish smile plastered on his face. Late for a meeting he had with the head of department, and he had already missed the meeting the month prior.
“They’re cute when they’re not sucking each other’s tongues” Yoongi grunts, nudging the sleeve of your jacket so it wouldn’t fall into the pan of paint, worried it wouldn’t wash out from your sleeves.
“Let them be in love” you whine, wiggling a little in place, “Could you imagine loving someone like they do?”
Yoongi shakes his head, “Never been in love”
“I mean I dated in high school but nothing close to love” Yoongi turns towards you, “What about you?”
Your cheeks flush, “I’ve never uhh—I’ve never dated. Like at all”
Yoongi blinks, “Not even that smarmy dick?”
“Kim Namjoon or whatever his name is?”
Your tongue wets your lips, and then your eyes widen, “God no” you let out a long breath, “He asked me out last year and I said no. Why on earth would a high school literature teacher ask me out?”
“Because you’re pretty?” Yoongi replies, avoiding eye contact by mixing the paint a little.
“That’s shallow of him” you scoff, “He’s a narcissist anyways, I would never be as good looking as he believes himself to be” you tell Yoongi, and the caretaker wants to bash his head against the table behind him with how oblivious you are.
“That’s shitty” Yoongi agrees, though he feels his heart constrict. Didn’t you know how perfect you are?
“You know he told me I should have studied for a more sophisticated profession, and asked why I wanted to work with kids below the age of 15” you frown, “I thought that was a little mean, so I told him to go fuck himself”
Yoongi laughs at that, “I always see him near your table at lunch”
You hum, nodding—“He’s been trying to win me over with cakes and cookies, I only smile so I get free stuff out of him”
“So, you’re leading him on?”
You drop your brush into the paint pan, “Is that what I’m doing? That’s really shitty” you look at Yoongi with guilty eyes. 
“I guess if he’s a bad man then it’s a little more forgivable” he gently places his paintbrush beside your own, “But he doesn’t deserve you if he’s an asshole”
You nod at that, small smile tugging at the corners of your lips.
+ + +
“Please Yoongi” you tug on the sleeve of his jacket, trying to veer him towards the ice rink.
He only grunts, “I don’t skate”
“But it’s Christmas” your shoulders fall, and Yoongi feels as though he just kicked a puppy with your sad pout.
“Fine” he takes your hand, pulling you towards the old woman at the rental booth.
Yoongi can’t help the laugh that bubbles up his throat, having just watched you fall onto your bottom only minutes after getting onto the rink.
“Hey!” you point an accusing finger at him, “It’s not funny”
“Just a little, darling” he tries hard to stifle his laugh, but fails miserably when you try to push yourself to stand; stood more like a new-born doe who hadn’t grasp the concept of walking yet.
Yoongi misses the devious smile on your face when he bends down to help you stand, your cheeks warming at the pretty smile the caretaker had, warm like a spring afternoon.
“When you offered for us to go skating, I thought you’d be good at it”
You cross your arms over your chest, instantly regretting the sudden action as you wobble. You let out something akin to a squeak when Yoongi takes a hold of your arms, helping stabilise you as your stomach tenses.
“My little deer” he laughs, hands skimming down the length of your arms to hold your hands.
You feel heat creep up your neck, burning the tips of your ears; feeling some relief knowing that your nose and ears were already red from the cold, so you only bite your lip, trying not to let your shuddering breath become known to Yoongi.
He, however, sees your eyes glaze over, something he hadn’t seen from you yet. And it only feeds into his little fantasy of you sprawled out across the sheets of his bed, his name clinging to your tongue, dripping like sweet honey as you beg for more. More of what? He has yet to decide. He’s imagined eating you out, sure that you’d recoil, shy, when he tries to go down on you. He wonders what you’d look like, bouncing prettily on his cock, begging for him to help you, legs shaking as he pounds into you, if your moans would be as soft as your voice, if you’d try to cover your mouth with your hands.
Yoongi coughs, bringing his attention back to you who wobbles, another attempt to skate towards him on your own. This time, Yoongi is ready when you stagger forwards, holding onto your waist as you tumble into his chest.
“Sorry” you whisper, “I don’t think I’m very good at this”
Yoongi laughs, “Nothing a little practice can’t fix”
+ + +
“Merry Christmas Yoongi” you beam, handing him the neatly wrapped gift, little cats printed on the paper.
“Merry Christmas” he takes you hand, pulling you into his warm apartment, heat enveloping you, cleansing you from the toe biting cold of the outside world.
You startle at the wet nose that prods your bare fingers, gaze flitting towards the floor where the fluffy little dog sniffs at your clothes, a cute puff of brown.
“That’s Holly” he tells you, placing your gift underneath the small tree into the corner of the living room beside the one he had bought you.
You crouch down, scratching Holly under the chin, giggling as the excited dog circles your legs.
You wander into the living room, not so subtly peeking at Yoongi’s home. You liked it; it was cosy, and ever so Yoongi. You take a seat on one of the couches, Yoongi following suit once he’d turned the tree lights on, green like vibrant dragonflies dancing from branch to branch.
“I hope you’re okay with takeaway, I looked up how to cook Christmas dinner online, and it’s a little too advanced for me”
You smile, “Don’t tell my mother, but I’ve never been a fan of Christmas dinner”
“You make music?” you gawk, “That’s so cool”
“It’s a nice side hobby I suppose” he shrugs, not delving into how deep his love for music really is; he knew that if he started, he wouldn’t know when to stop. A little too passionate about his producing than he would like to let on, the last thing he needed was for you to leave when he was enjoying your company.
“You’ll have to show me one day” you tell him, nudging his shoulder as you sit beside one another. Knees pressed snug, body heat warming one another up.
Yoongi picks up another slice of beef, placing it on your plate, “maybe” he shrugs.
“You’re very secretive” you point out.
You hum at that, “That is a good trait. More for me to uncover”
“Yeah?” he asks, smile tugging at his lips, “What are you trying to uncover”
Yoongi doesn’t miss the as your eyes flit down his body, straying a little at the waist band of his sweats before travelling back to his lips.
“Everything” you tell him honestly, and he can see the naked emotions that swim behind your eyes; raw need.
“I suppose you should get started then” he whispers, eyes flicking between both of your own.
“Right now?”
Yoongi nods, turning his body to face you; his hand coming to cup your cheek. You close your eyes, low moan reverberating up your throat as Yoongi presses his lips gently against your own. And as cliché as it sounds, Yoongi thinks he hears fireworks somewhere in the distance, lips tingling with want as he feels the warmth of you pressed along the length of his body.
Yoongi drinks in every little sound you make, spurring him to deepen kiss, his tongue flicking to part your own. As you both pull away, Yoongi leans in for a quick peck to your lips before he falls back into his seat.
“I guess I also have a lot to uncover, huh?” he whispers, fingers tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear. “I really like you Y/n” he admits, hands clammy as he gauges your reaction.
“I really like you too” you tell him, and Yoongi smiles at the red hue that coats your cheeks; he can only imagine his match your own.
+ + +
“We should totally go on a double date” Taehyung grins, arm wrapped around Jungkook’s shoulder.
“We’re not dating though” Yoongi grunts, leaning back in his seat. His gaze flits over towards your table of co-workers, you more focused on something on your phone than what they were gossiping about.
“You went on a date, spent Christmas and New Year together, kissed, confessed and you’re not dating?” Jin gawks, astonished by what he was hearing.
Yoongi had asked after your little Christmas escapade, if you wanted to spend New Year together as well. He took you out for lunch, and then the two of you milled around a little market on the outskirts of the city. He’d met a few of your students, their happy smiles when they spotted you, warming Yoongi’s heart. And God forbid he didn’t hate children as much as he used to. (They could be cute sometimes, but only when it comes to you.) As well as conversing with a few parents, more than a few commenting on how cute you and Yoongi were together.
Nothing much more than kissing had happened, and you’d found the excuse for a few more kisses when you’d spotted little brushes of mistletoe hanging from the market huts, left over from the Christmas market that plagued the streets only weeks prior. And who was Yoongi to deny tradition?
The two of you had sat on a hill on New Year’s Day, Yoongi with his coffee, and you with piping hot, hot chocolate, both a little hung over from your little festivities the night prior (with a kiss when the clock hands struck midnight), and the both of you talked about the future. Your individual futures, and the future you want to have together.
You’d both agreed to take it slow, neither of you needed to rush into this relationship. You both knew you liked each other, that much had been established, and there was a mutual understanding that you had all the time in the world to learn more about each other before defining your relationship. You both understood what you had was exclusive, but neither of you felt labels were necessary. The unnecessary shadow that would loom over your shoulders, creeping up on you until your relationship evidently crumbles under the pressure of societal labels and standards of what a ‘good’ relationship is.
“So what?” Yoongi turns towards Jin, “We’re taking it slow”
“Slow my ass, you both act like you’ve been in a long-term relationship”
“Do not” Yoongi argues, feeling stupid that his reply had come off so juvenile.
“Yeah?” Seokjin challenges, and Yoongi knows he shouldn’t take the bait.
But he does, “Yeah”
“Whose lunchbox is that then?” he points at the prettily wrapped lunch that sat before you on the table. New shiny bento box that Yoongi had ordered online especially for you, with enough layers to make sure you would eat a nutritional lunch. With how many sweets you ate, Yoongi worried you spoiled yourself, so he took on the role of your chef; making sure you were eating healthier.
Yoongi coughs, “Mine. What are you gonna do about it?”
“Tease you” Jin laughs, pushing himself from his seat when Yoongi shoots him a hard glare. Waving at the small group before he makes his descent back to his classroom, a small group of students having filled in what was meant to be an easy lunch.  
“I think you’re doing great, Hyung” Jungkook soothes, smiling over at Taehyung who nudges his side.
“Kookie is right, you don’t have to rush into these things. As long as the two of you are happy, that’s all that counts” Taehyung nods.
“Plus, Jin Hyung is definitely projecting, he’s hiding someone. I just know it” Jungkook nods, head falling onto his boyfriend’s shoulder.
“Yoongi!” you call as you skip towards his lunch table, perking up at your voice.
“Yes?” he pulls out what was once Jin’s chair, pulling you to sit beside him.
“What do you think about these for Holly?” you shove your phone into his face, “I really like the blue one” you mutter.
“They’re lovely, doll” he smiles, taking your phone so the bright screen wasn’t blaring in his eyes, the images more of a blur of colours, messily mixed like paints on a pallet.
“Personally, my favourite is the purple one” you scroll down when Yoongi places the device on the table. He looks down at the little sweater you have on a website that specialises in dog clothes.
“It’s cute” Yoongi agrees.
“But Yoongs, Holly would look good in like red or something” you sigh dramatically, prominent frown pulled at your pretty lips, begging Yoongi to kiss it away.  
Yoongi scrolls up, eyeing the other dog clothes they had on the website, “Why not get both? One for you and one for Holly” he shrugs, “There’s still a few weeks left of winter”
You nod, small smile now tugging at your lips and Yoongi feels somewhat accomplished. He ignores the intruding stares of his two friends sat across the table, kicking Taehyung’s shin when he opens his mouth to surely make a comment on Yoongi’s somewhat soft behaviour. Emotions on display for everyone to see.
“Okay!” you push yourself to stand, “I’m going to find my credit card” you announce and Yoongi grunts at that.
“I’ll pay” he also stands, but you push him back into his seat, shaking your head.
“No, you won’t. It’s my gift”
“Doll” Yoongi stares up at you, and he thinks he sees a crack in your resolve. He smiles when you cover his eyes with your hand.
“Don’t look at me like that” you whine, skin prickling with goosebumps when Yoongi skims his fingers down your arm, blindly seeking out your touch.
“Like what?” he asks, teasing lilt to his tone.
“Like you can tell me what to do”
“Is that so?”
You pull your hands from his eyes, frowning down at the caretaker, “I’m leaving” you tell him.
“I’ll take you out for dinner then” Yoongi calls when you turn away from the table.
“Okay!” you call over your shoulder, “text me later” you wave at him.
Yoongi turns towards Jungkook and Taehyung who have two annoying smiles plastered on their faces.
“Neither of you say a word” he points between them, “Not one”
+ + +
You startle, Yoongi using his hand to cushion your elbow before you could whack it on the edge of the table.
Both you and Yoongi turn towards where the honeyed voice came from, and Yoongi let’s out a low grunt when Namjoon saunters towards the table you’re sat at.
Yoongi had asked you out on a little coffee date, nothing too fancy, something to help the two of you wind down from another hectic week of work.
Yoongi had bought you a cake, getting the one that had little cat ears cut from sugar paper, and got himself a black coffee. You got sweet tea, and then you told him everything you’d been up to, talking of parents that had given you gifts at the start of the semester, and that you’d have to give him one of the funnier mugs for his coffee in the morning.
Everything was serene, perfect even. And Yoongi couldn’t have asked for anything more. His favourite girl by his side, with a perfect cup of coffee. Until Kim Namjoon decided to ruin his good mood.
“Namjoon” you greet, empty smile being thrown at the high school teacher.
“Fancy seeing you here” he laughs, inviting himself to your table. Taking a seat opposite Yoongi. Said man places his hand on your thigh gently, silent reassurance that he is there for you just in case this unplanned meeting goes south. And as much as you wanted to tell him to go away, you knew you would see him around work and the last thing you needed was an awkward encounter in the halls, you could feel your skin crawl at the thought of it.
“Yes, funny coincidence” you squeeze out, turning to look at Yoongi who gives you a curt nod.
“And who’s this?” Namjoon motions towards Yoongi, acting as though he was the one who had just barged into his café date. Eyes narrowing in slight distaste.
“Her boyfriend” Yoongi tells him, smug smile unmissable when Namjoon’s smile drops.
He turns to look at you, as if asking for confirmation. You nod, only deepening Namjoon’s frown. Yoongi’s fingers tighten on your thigh, and you feel a dull throb between your legs when he does, squirming a little in place, and if Yoongi notices, he doesn’t make it apparent.
“I didn’t know you two were—” he wags a finger in your general direction, “a thing” he finishes, the words leaving a bad taste on his tongue.
“Not everyone drones on about their relationships, Namjoon” you point out, finding it hard to fight off the smug smile that threatened to show. You see, Namjoon had a track record of bragging about his escapades, either it be a quick fling with a woman who worshiped the ground he walked on (his words, not yours), or short-term relationships where he would boast about every detail of his sex life. Something you had no interest in.
“If you’ll excuse us, I was enjoying my date” you motion to Yoongi beside you, a bored expression taking over his features.
“You heard her” he adds, motioning for Namjoon to leave. Translation: Fuck off.
Yoongi thinks he sees the tips of Namjoon’s ears flush red, slithering its way down his cheeks and neck, and Yoongi feels his heart swell when you lean against his shoulder; Namjoon glaring at the two of you as he stands up.
“Boyfriend, huh?” you ask when Namjoon is out of your general vicinity.
Yoongi turns to look out the window, his silent wish of you not bringing that up clearly not being heard by some higher power.
“Only if that’s okay with you” he mutters.
“Is this you asking me out?” you laugh, head falling backwards, and Yoongi turns, wanting to catch your smile.
“Y/n?” he calls, hand coming to hold your cheek as you tilt your head back down to look at him.
You hum.
“Will you be my girlfriend?”
+ + +
“Okay!” Seokjin claps his hands, “News for this week. Yoongi first”
And all three pairs of eyes land on the caretaker. Now that the weather had started to warm up a little, the sun no longer shying away behind fluffy, cotton candy clouds, lunch times were spent behind the school. Away from students, and the beady eyes of other staff that had a habit of eavesdropping on everyone’s conversations. And then before you knew it, the whole faculty knew about your secrets.
Yoongi places a hand on his chin in thought, “I helped Y/n build a new desk for her classroom and put up some new blinds that she bought. Oh...” he drawls, “And she’s now my girlfriend”
Seokjin’s jaw drops, and Yoongi wants to make a snide comment, being cut out by a loud gasp from his hyung. Jungkook and Taehyung laugh from their spot opposite Yoongi, nodding their congratulations as Jin pinches the bridge of his nose.
“And you didn’t think to text me?” he mutters, mock offense lacing his tone.
“What about your partner Hyung?” Jungkook prods, not missing the wide eyes of the eldest.
“How did you know about that?” he whispers, leaning across the table.
“You were kind of obvious” Taehyung placates, wrapping his arm around his boyfriend’s shoulder.
“So? Who are they?” Yoongi prods, having waited years for his friend to finally spill the beans on this secret relationship he’d been trying to hide (and clearly failed).
“I met her in the town over, she already has a kid, but the father left. We’ve been taking it slow, but I really do like her” he admits, and Taehyung can’t help the mushy smile that takes over his features.
“On the topic of children…” Jungkook trails off, giving a look to his boyfriend, who only nods in encouragement. “We’re planning to adopt”
Yoongi’s eyes widen a little in surprise, it’s not as if the two hadn’t fiddled with the idea of adopting; he just never expected it to be so soon.
“Oh my god” Seokjin cried, “I’m going to be an uncle”
“That’s a really big decision” Yoongi nods, a small smile toying at the edge of his lips.
“It is” Taehyung agrees, “But we both have stable jobs, and a home. Neither of us plan to go anywhere anytime soon”
“What about the wedding?” Jin asks.
“A wedding can happen any time. We both know that we want to spend the rest of our lives together, so there’s no rush really” Jungkook shrugs.
“What about you Hyung? When are you getting married” Taehyung points his attention towards the caretaker.
“He only just asked me to be his girlfriend” your arms wrap around Yoongi’s neck, leaning down to press a featherlight kiss on his cheek.
Yoongi scoots over to make room for you on the bench.
“Not with your friends?” he asks, hand coming to rest on your thigh as you pull your own lunch (courtesy of Yoongi), placing it onto the table.
“Nope” you shake your head, handing him a neatly cut triangular sandwich, “Namjoon came over, so I lost my appetite” you tell him, and he hums in understanding. Muttering a short ‘bastard’ under his breath.
+ + +
Perfect didn’t seem like the right word to describe your relationship with Min Yoongi. It was beyond anything you could have ever asked for. Something that not many people had during their first relationships; trial and error finally pulling you down the path of your soulmate. However, you seemed to hit the jackpot, first try.
Before you knew it a year had flown by, memories floating by like the wind would, caressing your cheek in the morning on the way to school. Days merging into weeks and weeks into months. And even with a mush of weeks and days, Yoongi always made you feel the most special, like you were the only one he had eyes for.
Yoongi had never been the most vocal man, but you’d learnt that he loved you all as much. He would pack your lunches in cute little boxes, and on Friday’s he would slip a little note into your bag with plans for the weekend or a shopping list so you could both wander around the supermarket as soon as the home time bell rigs. He would come to your classroom after school with cold drinks in the summer and overly sweet hot chocolate in the winter.
Although he would never admit it, he really did like the tiramisu from that shitty Italian restaurant at the end of street, and he thought it was ridiculous how many dates the both of you had spent in there. He’d voiced out a concern one evening, you sprawled across his bed like a dream, with your favourite candle lit, and Holly filling the gap between your bodies; he worried he wasn’t doing enough. You had told him you really didn’t care, as long as you were together, even lounging in bed for the day made you happy. And as if to prove a point, you and Yoongi had spent the whole day in bed together, binging your favourite shows (amongst other things).
You walked around fair grounds together, shared secrets between kisses, and it was the small things that he would do for you, that reminded you that Min Yoongi really did love you. Like washing your face of an evening or picking up snacks from the convenience store because he knew you’d ran out.
You remember the evening he opened up about his music, not just a silly little hobby like he had initially told you. He told you about how cathartic it was for him to produce. He showed you notebook upon notebook of lyrics that he had written from his teens through to his adult years; a little window into the man you were dating.
You know he likes dogs more than cats; you know he adores Holly. You know he hates sweet coffee, the bitter taste on his tongue somewhat of a comfort for him. You know he liked to stay home rather than melt within a crowd of rowdy people. And if the two of you ever found yourself trapped with too many sounds and too many bodies, Yoongi would place his hand on the back of your neck, reassurance that he was still there, helping ground you from all the overflowing number of stimuli that were trying to scratch at your brain.
Min Yoongi liked to cook, liked to experiment in the kitchen and he loved it even more when he could cook for you. He liked watching your face light up when you liked something, he liked the way your nose would scrunch up in that cute way when a taste was unfamiliar or too bitter.
Yoongi liked the curtains in your apartment, thin in a way the sun would caress your skin as it woke before you. As he would lay there, fingers trailing over the naked skin of your back, loving the way you’d slowly start to become conscious of the world around you. And the smile that would stretch onto your face, unconditional love mingled with tired eyes as you woke up to the sight of sleep roughed Yoongi first thing in the morning.
Yoongi liked the winter more than he did the summer. Maybe it was because that is when he first worked up the courage to talk to you.
Yoongi liked wearing the colour black, something so simple but looked so good on him. He, however, adored when you’d wear colourful shirts, dresses that complimented the tone of your skin, and he thinks if he were to turn this into a metaphor, you were the one who finally brought colour into his monotone life. An endless cycle of loneliness that he hadn’t realised he was drowning in before he had met you.
Yoongi liked that when you had moved into his home, small parts of you leaked into his, your, living space. Canvases of unfinished paintings, and photos from your childhood. His closet was no longer half empty, overflowing with a concoction of both your clothes. Odd pieces of furniture that you hadn’t wanted to let go of now filling the gaps of his once arguably scarce apartment.
Min Yoongi loved you.
He loved everything about you.
He loved how kind you were, patient in a way that only a kindergarten teacher could be. He liked that with others you always seemed a little reserved, shy in your actions, but with him you had no qualms about what you said or how you acted. Min Yoongi loved you because you always thought of him as much as he thought of you. He would feel his heart flutter when you would leave coffee on the desk in his office or help him pick out what shirt to wear to work.
Min Yoongi loved that you were the last thing he would see before he went to sleep, with his arm slung around your waist, and he loved that from the minute he would wake up, there you were, right by his side.
Min Yoongi loved that you were the last missing puzzle piece of his life. Fitting ever so perfectly in the gap he never knew was missing.
+ + +
“Yoongi, hold on” you gasp, head falling back into the plethora of pillows he had thrown onto the bed.
‘So you’re comfy’ Yoongi had frowned. And if you could think a coherent thought maybe you would thank him. Your head rocking up into the pillow padded headboard; pleasure licking up your spine.
You feel Yoongi’s tongue flick at your clit, a mixture of his own spit and your arousal dripping down his chin like liquid honey. And Yoongi makes sure to try and save every delicious mouthful of your essence. Something so uniquely you, so sweet, something that only Yoongi gets the pleasure to taste; because he had no plans of letting you go anytime soon.
Your boyfriend prods his tongue at your entrance, your legs shaking as his thumb gently brushes over your overstimulated clit. You see, Yoongi had this game, he liked to see how long he could eat you out, and how many times he could make you cum before he fucked you senseless on his cock. Leaving your clit to throb in a mixture of want and denial, swollen from being toyed with.
“One more, baby” he takes a deep breath, wasting no time in diving his tongue into you, molten arousal coating his lips, and as much as Yoongi loved it when your thighs would clamp round his head, today he wanted you bare. Spread out prettily just for him to devour. So, he holds your thighs open, straining them as he tries to push his head as far between your thighs as physically possible, lips pulling into a grin when you thrust your hips to meet his tongue; chasing your own pleasure.
He feels your fingers thread with his hair when he pushes his tongue in a little deeper, thumb still strumming at your clit. And he wonders if he could make you cum from just playing with your clit alone. He’d made you cum just from toying with your nipples once, the picture of you, flushed face, a sheen of sweat coating both of your bodies as his teeth clamped down on your puffy nipples, red raw from his mouth, and he remembers the surprised moan you’d graced him with when you had come.  
“I can’t” you moan, mouth falling open.
Yoongi grunts, pulling his face away from your cunt, his index finger sinking into your entrance.
“Yes, you can” he tells you, fingers delving, eager to find that spot which will make you see stars, groaning at the sound you let out when he sinks a second finger into your greedy cunt.
He uses his other arm to hold down your waist as you try to eagerly buck into his fingers, little whimpers tumbling from your lips, and Yoongi thinks that was his favourite sound. He had asked once to add your moans to a song, your cheeks had flushed, laughing like Yoongi had been joking. And then your boyfriend had fucked you in his home office, with your hand clamped over your mouth, a little game to see how long you could stay silent.
He was surprised how long you’d been able to keep it up, and it had become his own personal goal to make sure you moaned his name every time he played with you.
“Please, please, please” you whine breathlessly.
“Please what, baby? I can’t help you of you don’t tell me what’s wrong” he frowns, tone mocking as he slows his fingers to a gentle thrust.
“No, no, Yoongi faster please” you cry, tilting your head to look at him, and Yoongi leans up to brush the stray tears from your cheeks, sadistic smile on his face.
“Yeah?” he asks, watching as you nod; pitiful as you rock your hips to try and push his fingers deeper inside of you.
Your boyfriend leans down, pressing a gentle kiss to your pouty lips, your sad frown enough for him to finally give you what you want.
He trails his lips down your body, stopping to press a gentle kiss to your nipples, tongue flicking out to toy with them as you wiggle underneath him, shuddering breath reverberating around the otherwise silent room.
“Cum one more time and then I’ll fuck you” he mutters, “Okay, baby?”
You hum, and Yoongi pushes himself off your body.
“Words” he reminds you, and you have to wrack your brain.
“Good girl” he pushes his head back between his legs, something comforting about being here; like Yoongi belonged, sandwiched between your thighs.
Two of his fingers strum at your clit, a breathy chuckle fanning over your sensitive cunt when he laughs as you moan. His tongue lapping up the arousal that had started to dribble from your hole.
“You’re really wet, baby”
You hum, not quite sure you heard him or not. But Yoongi laps up another string of your essence, acting more like a starved puppy than a man, but he supposes he always was a little feral around you.
“Think you can squirt for me?” he grunts, exchanging his tongue for his fingers as the wet muscle in his mouth now plays with your clit.
He suctions the sensitive pearl, teeth grazing it as he sinks three fingers into your hole. You moan into a pillow, thighs once again shaking as Yoongi thrusts his fingers into you in quick succession. He can feel your walls clench around him sporadically, tips of his fingers nudging that spongy tissue as he curls them upwards.
“Cum, baby” he grunts, wrist straining as he tries to keep a steady pace.
He feels his fingers being pushed from your hole as you squirt, his shirt soaking through with your juices. Your thighs shakes as he pushes his fingers back into your cunt, thrusting them in a couple of times before more of your arousal leaks onto the bed sheets.
“How messy” he tuts, pulling his shirt from over his head.
“Your fault” you argue, chest rising and falling, uneasy as you catch your breath.
Yoongi pushes himself up your body, arms flexing as he leans down to press a kiss to your lips; a lot slower, more passionate than those from prior in the evening.
Yoongi brushes a wet piece of hair from your face, your forehead glazed with a thin layer of sweat.
“You did so well for me” he whispers, hands trailing down the sides of your body, an attempt to ground you a little. When he sees a little more clarity in your eyes, legs not still shaking where they rest against his thighs he presses a gentle kiss to your cheeks.
“Think you can take my cock?” he asks, “We don’t have to do anything else if you don’t want to” he reminds you.
You nod, “I’m okay, I don’t know if I can cum again though”
“Guess we’ll have to check” he pushes himself to sit on his knees.
Yoongi ignores you as you eye his sweats, hard shaft hardly veiled by the grey fabric. And you think you are moments away from jumping the man. With how perfect he looked in the orange glow of the lamplight, chin shining in your arousal. It was hard to stop your pussy from leaking, and it would have been a little embarrassing just how wet you were if you didn’t know Yoongi absolutely loved when you got like this for him.
You watch as he leans across the bed, lithe fingers tugging the drawer open. Your fingers toy with the waist band of his sweats, and Yoongi lets out a breathy chuckle when you tug on them.
Your boyfriend sits up, shiny foil packet held between two fingers, those same two fingers that had brought you to your high twice already tonight.
“Can I help?” you push yourself to sit up, biting your lip at the dull throbbing between your thighs.
Yoongi hands the condom to you, scooting himself off the bed to discard the rest of his clothes. You watch as he pulls off his sweats, having foregone any underwear that evening, and your eyes train on his cock.
You think that your boyfriend maybe had the prettiest cock, he took pride in grooming himself; always making sure to be clean. You can only wonder how long it must have been erected for, cockhead an angry red, shiny with Yoongi’s own arousal, little beads of pre-cum cascading down his length.
You lean forwards, taking the girthy cock into your hands, the familiar weight making you salivate a little. You run the tip over your lips, coating it in Yoongi’s pre-cum.
“No teasing, doll” he grunts, and you smile, pulling back.
You roll the latex over his shaft, leaving it to bob uselessly against the skin of his stomach as he climbs back onto the bed.
“You sure you’re, okay?” he checks, helping lay you down comfortably, lifting the lower half of your body by your ankles, his other hand grabbing a pillow to cushion your hips.
He drops your legs back onto the bed, watching as you smile up at him.
“Come here” you tell him, and Yoongi obliges, humming into the gentle kiss you place on his lips, your own cum still staining the taste of him.
He wraps your thighs around his waist, one arm holds him up as he lines himself with your entrance.
Your mouth falls open into a silent ‘o’ when he pushes the head in, and Yoongi always makes sure to watch your face when he finally fucks you; not only as reassurance that you like what’s happening but so he knows just the right spot to drill into you.
Yoongi holds your hips as you try to rock forwards, his own hips stuttering in anticipation; but he holds himself back, liking the intimacy of having you sprawled out beneath him, fully trusting that he’ll take care of you. There had always been something so fulfilling to Yoongi about these intimate moments with you, your bodies joining to become one, your body pliant to his every move.
His hands leave your hips, skimming up your body before lacing his finger between your own.
“You good?” he whispers, unsure if he could utter anything more with how warm and wet you were, cunt clenching rhythmically around his length.
“Yeah” you whisper back, fingers tightening around his own when he gently pulls out before thrusting back into you.
Something akin to a squeak, tumbles from your lips when Yoongi picks up his pace, hands never letting go of yours as his hips snap forwards, thighs slapping against thighs with nothing more than the music of your bodies filling the silence of your bedroom.
Yoongi can only describe the sounds coming from you as pornographic, his thrusts pushing you up a little on the bed, he feels your nails dig into the skin of his hands, his own grunts mirroring your own pleasure.
“So close, so close” he chants, using whatever strength he has left in his arms to lean down, greedily sucking your left nipple between his teeth, teasing nips sending jolts of pleasure down your body.
Your boyfriend can feel your legs shake as he sucks a love bite just above the sensitive skin of your nipple, your hips bucking to meet his own.
He lets go of one of your hands, “Play with yourself, pretty. Let’s cum together”
You nod, sweat trickling down your neck as you trail a hand down your body. Slicking up your fingers from where Yoongi thrusts into you, your fingers start to play with your clit, jolt of pleasure causing your cunt spasm around Yoongi’s cock.
“Gonna cum” you whine, Yoongi’s teeth clamping around your nipple enough to push you over the edge.
Your legs tighten around his waist, stopping Yoongi’s sloppy thrusts, as you push him as deep inside of you as humanly possible. Your mind a blank slate as it rewires, slowly trying to become conscious of your surroundings.
You feel his cock twitch, his own cum shooting him the condom.
Yoongi collapses on top of you, a rush of air squeezing from your lungs when he lands with a dull thump.
“Ouch” you giggle, not protesting when his arms snake around your waist, flipping the two of over so you lay gently on his chest. 
Yoongi’s fingers brush through your damp hair, “You did so well for me, pretty” he tells you, golden glow of the lamp illuminating him in that post-orgasmic bliss. If you though Yoongi looked good on a normal day, you had been utterly in awe when you’d seen him after he’d came.
“Thank you”
“For what?” he laughs, chest rumbling under your ear.
“Making me cum three times”
“Nothing I like more than my girl feeling good”
You hum at that, trying to push yourself up. Yoongi grunts, tugging you tighter against his chest.
“Yoongs I need to pee, and I feel all sticky” you complain, fingers toying with the divot of his collarbone.
“5 minutes”
“Min Yoongi” you laugh, pinching the skin of his neck.
“Fine but be quick” he loosens his arms. When you push yourself to sit, he pulls you back down.
“Hey!” you complain.
“Need a kiss first” he puckers up his lips, and you indulge him this one time, never in a hurry when it came to kissing your love.
And as you wash up in the bathroom, door slightly ajar where he can see you milling around, his fingers play with the little beaded bracelet you’d gifted him when you spent that first Christmas together.
Yoongi loved you a lot, more than he would ever be able to describe in words. He loved that he could give you a helping hand no matter the situation, and the shiny little ring, hidden away in his nightstand shrouded in a pretty, purple velvet box was his promise to you; that he would stay by your side for the rest of his life.  
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kofisips · 29 days ago
Streams & Sheets 🔞 | JJK
Tumblr media
Word Count: 10k+ words (im sry) Pairings: gamer!jungkook x reader Genre: gaming au, slice of life, established relationship
Summary: Nobody expected famous twitch streamer JJK to trend online when his mysterious girlfriend accidentally makes a cameo in one of his livestreams. The chaotic problem in question? You streamed a live sex tape. ( kofisips' masterlist )
Warnings: the holy trinity (smut, angst & fluff), dom!jungkook, long haired jungkook in a man bun and brow piercing, jungkook with his alphabet username, unprotected sex, creampie, degrading, oral (f & m receiving), face fucking, multiple orgasm, slut shaming, dacryphilia, ass play, online humiliation, mentions of unsure breakup that's not clear with the characters, over thinking, slight ddlg
Notes: » IM SCREAMING COS I WROTE THIS BACK WHEN JUNGKOOK WAS STILL USER ALPHABET & HAD A BROW PIERCING!!!! RIP LEGENDARY ERA. » Flashbacks are italicized. » Setting is also during the first year of the pandemic. » Taglist is at the comments.
Tumblr media
If you told Jungkook from 5 years ago that he’d quit his office job, he’d for sure think you were crazy. 
He used to be a creative director for a top advertising agency. The digital advertisements he handled always garnered large amounts of traction. He instantly became the boss' favorite employee for exceeding the client's expectations until the day the project manager had onboarded his team with the wrong client brief; they fired him on the spot.
His streaming career started out as a joke. Playing games with his friends was one of his de-stressors from work. He enjoyed all kinds of games but found RPG the most interesting to play. What kickstarted his streaming was Taehyung and Jimin – who practically begged him to join them on their stream. Everyone who tuned in during the Call of Duty Livestream thought he was a great sharpshooter. He only gave in when more and more people urged him to start his own streaming channel, and the rest is history.
The other de-stressor was you. Jungkook loved to take you out on dates and enjoy a simple life with you doing nothing at home. He wasn’t particularly ashamed of letting everyone know who his girlfriend was. However, he was an introvert who only enjoyed sharing a few snippets of his personal life with the public. You were his safe space, and he’d like to keep it that way.
Another day, another stream. Jungkook flexes his fingers and shoulders in circular motions, then arches his back to relieve the tension on his muscles, and finally cracks his neck with a satisfied groan.
“Okay motherfucker, time to meet your creator,” he snickered to the microphone, his competitiveness laced his voice.
You chuckled as you watched him focus on beating his opponents while trying to move his hair away from his face. All you did was take the initiative to come behind and put his fringe to a bun. The chat alerts started pinging non-stop when his viewers caught a glimpse of your hands.
“Thanks for that, love,” he gave you a boyish grin.
“You really need a haircut,” you teased before you exited out of the frame but his eyes still followed you.
“Jungkook, for fuck’s sake. Can you stop ogling at your girlfriend and focus on the goddamn game! We’re losing here, man!” Jimin yelled to the microphone, making you giggle.
Everyone knew Jungkook has a girlfriend, but there were no pictures of your face they could find on any of his social media accounts. The ongoing theory was you weren’t real, and he was only doing it for attention. To be fair though, that’s because he wouldn’t confirm or deny anything, so the speculations only grew. After all, he did a pretty good job with separating his work from his personal life and he’d like to leave it at that.
He squinted his eyes at one comment that caught his eye that wrote ‘JJK a king for bagging ‘em thick thighs.’ It was true, but in his manner of agreeing, he only chuckled at it, “King? Nah. Just a lucky bastard.” 
Tumblr media
It was one of the nights where Jungkook stayed up late to stream with his friends.
You were about to sleep in your shared room when you decided to watch their livestream. The chats had you laughing hysterically as you scrolled through all of it. The whole stream was 20% exchanging curses at each other, 30% of it was actually playing, while all 50% of it was back and forth banter mostly between Jimin and Taehyung.
“For those still tuning in, did you know sleep deprivation causes severe brain damage? Just look at Jungkook,” Jimin teased when his character died.
After a few hours of playing, the game’s card showed that their team had lost against none other than his older brother's team who got him into gaming, Yoongi.
Throughout the game, Taehyung carried his team only to end up disappointed. All of them howled in laughter when Namjoon and Yoongi still blamed each other when they had won. 
“Now that’s what you call a nightmare,” Taehyung’s microphone spiked when he sighed too close to it, “Oops! Anyway, I think I should get myself a girlfriend.”
Jungkook snorted, “What’s with the announcement?”
“I was manifesting,” Taehyung retorted as he adjusted his headphones. “And you should click on the ‘play again’ button before I virtually throw my mouse at you,” Jungkook chuckled as he hovered his cursor over the button.
��Hold on! I need to feed my cat first,” Jimin yelled away from his camera, waving his hands from afar. “Don’t you dare start the fucking game without me!” 
You’ve already lost your drowsiness from laughing at the three of them. You thought it would be a lot better than to watch it all happen live so quietly pad your shared apartment, walking along the hallway, until you reached Jungkook’s gaming room and peeked through the corner.
Leaning on the door frame as you watched him play, he took a double-take at your figure and lit up when he saw you standing there.
He was in-game with his friends again, seemingly too focused targeting for a clean headshot. His doe eyes glimmered with happiness. 
“You good?" You nodded like a girl, but Jungkook only squinted his eyes, trying to decipher what was the weird thing that poked through your (well, technically his but you share half of his closet) oversized shirt. "What’s that thing sticking out?”
The things with your boyfriend is you need to give me a few seconds before things could sink in. Getting impatient, you took your shirt off, revealing that you had your nipple pierced which made his brows rise in surprise, “Since when did you–”
“I had them done 3 days ago where you got your brows pierced,” you cheekily replied.
Jungkook tried to recount all the times he was a good boyfriend this week to earn such a “reward” from you. There was a time it casually slipped out of him that it would be hot to fuck you with a nipple piercing. Of course, he loved you regardless of whatever choice you made to your body, so he never pushed it.
It was just a thought. 
Sensing that his eyes were on you, you nervously laughed and gave him a small wave but he didn’t notice that when his gaze was already scanning how the matching lace underwear on your body hugged your figure in all the right places.
“What?” you whispered.
“Nothing, it’s just–” there was a loud gulp mid-sentence before turning back to the camera. “​​Hang on, guys. Be right back, just need to take care of something…really important,” he turned the camera off for the meantime and removed his headset.
Rushing to stand up from his gaming chair to walk towards you, he placed both hands on your waist with a playful grin, “Did your boobs grow bigger?”
With wide eyes and a blush that painted along your cheeks, you stuttered your words out, “I-I don’t think it did?” 
He hums with approval at the piercing, lightly tracing the metal on your bud with his finger while smirking, "Why don't you be a good girl and cockwarm me while I stream, yeah?"
If that wasn’t enough to throw you off guard, Taehyung and Jimin’s hysterical laughter roared through the speakers of Jungkook’s headset. Apparently, your boyfriend liked to have his volume on max.
“Jungkook you, idiot! You left your fucking mic on!” Jimin yelled in the middle of his howling.
You giggled when Jungkook smacked a hand to his forehead, “Oh shit, I forgot about that.”
He returned to his station and scrolled through the live chat and read through it countless overwrought reactions like: ‘he said sexy time on air’, ‘guy ditched his stream for pussy’, and ‘show us your girlfriend!’
When a hashtag about revealing your relationship trended on social media, Jungkook simply ignored it and went on about his day like usual.
His viewers’ curiosity was amusing. There were times he wanted to show you off on his main accounts, but he knows better than to let everyone inside his business.
Tumblr media
“Hey cutie, here’s your coffee,” you warmly greeted him as he waltzed in the kitchen for breakfast.
“Thanks,” kissing the top of your head before taking a seat beside you.
As he takes a sip from his coffee, he hears your huffs and struggles to open the strawberry jam you wanted on your toast. He doesn’t intervene just yet, he stays quiet and waits for you to finally give up.
Mentally, he counts from one to three, then you turned your head and faced him with a pout, whispering his name in a soft voice, “Koo?” Your eyes emulutated like that of a doe, “Can you help me out?”
“Alright, give it to me,” he chuckles, reaching for the jar and twisting it open with ease. Handing you the strawberry jam, he smiles as he watches you spread it on your toast merrily, “Anything else my baby wants?”
You hum as you thought, “Hmm, a cup of tea would be nice.”
Jungkook will never admit this, but he loves it when you ask for his help. No matter how big or small it is, he’s willing to do anything you ask of him. Just call him in those three simple letters and he will literally cross an ocean just to help you out. Running errands is also just a breeze for him all because he knows you’d be needing help in reaching the high shelves or simply carrying anything you bought. As selfish as it sounds, he adores the way he feels needed by you. He’s fine being called pussy whipped, the guy just loved taking good care of you.
During the first half of your relationship, he may or may not have gone overboard in looking after you. It came to a point where you felt somehow too dependent on him even when he says he doesn’t mind at all.
“Koo, I have hands,” you say sternly, pulling your heavy luggage away from his grip. Raising both of your hands in the air, you move it closer to his face, “See? I have two!”
“Baby, can’t you see this is too heavy for you to carry?” He retorts, not letting go of the handle.
For the rest of the ride to Busan, you stayed quiet. Too quiet for Jungkook’s liking. He would spare you a glance from time to time but not once did you ever meet his gaze. He didn’t understand why you had such a sour mood over a mere luggage, especially not when he’s always done things for you even when you don’t ask. 
When the silence was too much for him to bear, he finally spoke to you first, “Baby.” You finally looked at him, alright, but with an annoyed glare. “It wasn’t a big deal. I was just trying to help.”
“Not a big deal?” Your tone is slightly raised, making his forehead crease. He knows you’re about to call him by his government name next, “Jungkook, you’re always doing things for me, which I appreciate, but I can’t…I can’t keep feeling like a burden all the time.”
His eyes widened at your sudden outburst, “I– Y/N, I never meant for you to feel that way.” He reached for your hand, but not grabbing it. All he does is graze his finger over your knuckles soothingly, “I’m sorry if me constantly helping you made you feel like a burden, but I swear I just love to do things for you.”
Looking at how apologetic he truly was, there was no way you could stay mad at him. Letting out a sigh, you scoot closer to him and rest your head on his shoulder, “I understand, Koo. Just…just let me do things on my own and step in when I call for you.”
Bringing the back of your hand to his lips, he leaves a soft kiss and smiles against your skin, “Okay, love. Sounds fair.”
His favorite part of the day ever since the both of you had decided to live together was waking up entangled in silk sheets and seeing your face first thing in the morning. If there's any scent he can attribute to you, it would be the smell of coffee and cinnamon. 
That's the thing about you. You weren't a shot of espresso; you were a shot of tequila that burned a line to the throat. Aside from that, you were also good at playing video games and could smoke a whole team out if you decided to make gaming a career. Like a support in the game, you revive him to be the best he can be. The love you give is enough for him to forget all the lower back strain he suffered from sitting on his chair for too long. 
When he was still working a full-time job, Jungkook was forthcoming and he sometimes intimidated people when he spoke during meetings or whenever they saw his tattoos.
Most of the time, he was timid and reluctant. You, on the other hand, were the complete opposite of him. You were more delicate and spoke softly, but you were also carefree and took things head-on. A plethora of complex ideas and that’s what he liked about you.
He will never forget that day he had first met you.
It was the coldest winter Korea has ever gotten and what better way to spend the cold holidays than by joining a feeding drive for the homeless. You’ve always participated in various donation drives whenever you can. It just so happened that Jungkook was passing by, freezing in the cold as he read the poster that was posted on the food truck. 
“Coffee?” you cheerfully handed out the warm cup. Although it was a nice gesture, Jungkook somehow felt offended. ‘I should’ve worn something else,’ he thought.
“I uhm I’m not homeless,” he awkwardly froze when you giggled. That has got to be the most soothing giggle he has ever heard in his life – but in a good way.
“Huh? Everyone of all walks of life likes coffee.”
When you squint your eyes with a scrunched nose, Jungkook thought that has got to be the cutest habit he had ever seen. The next thing he knows, he came back the next day to volunteer and help you out with the drive.
It’s funny how it all started with a cup of coffee; now you live in one house and still, you never missed a day to make him a cup in the morning. For the years he had been with you, your happy disposition in life never changed. You were his constant and his confidant – with you, he can be himself. 
Working as a digital content specialist is such a tedious job. Still, you managed to pull everything through even when deadlines were tight. Unlike Jungkook who worked for bigger corporations that can afford to pay him more than he expected, you worked for a smaller digital company. Sadly, The companies you wanted to shift to wanted to hire people who came from bigger agencies but you don’t complain. Instead, you still worked with precision with an unmatched work ethic regardless of where you worked.
Changes never scare you and you believe in having a happy medium and that’s what Jungkook liked about you. However, the only thing he doesn’t like about you is that sometimes you let people walk all over you. You were the most understanding person he has ever met but some people take advantage of that. In your previous job, one of your co-workers asked for your help with their pitch structure. Being the angel that you are, you sent her your file in hopes of helping her. Unfortunately, it turned out that she had ripped you off.
“Why didn’t you tell your boss about it?” He worriedly asked when you vented out.
“Just let it go, they needed the promotion more than I did anyways. Besides, I don't think I'll grow in that company if I stay longer.”
He wasn’t sure if this was a flaw. Regardless, Jungkook still supported you in everything that you did, especially when you filed your resignation. 
Tumblr media
You were an eager learner, but whenever you would ask him to teach you how to word things out better, he would happily oblige.
He enjoyed sitting beside you while he did all the proofreading on your captions as you watched. Over time, you learned to do it on your own. He thinks your biggest asset is having the longest patience on earth and he was proud of that – he was always proud of you for constantly learning and growing.
He thought he already knew everything about adulting until he dated you. Before he met you, he would burn half of his savings on random things he never needed in the first place. But ever since you lived together, he learned to save his money for necessities because of you.
As much as Jungkook hates cracking his joints every now and then, the copious hours of on-cam gameplay is his day job now. After all, he’s doing all of this for you and a life of comfort he knows you deserve. Thanks to streaming, gone are the days where you shared stories of how your days went over instant ramen. He can now afford to run to the grocery at any time of the day.
It was a surprise to have you on their stream. The idea just came when Taehyung visited your shared apartment. Sometimes when your busy schedule permits, you play Among Us with Jungkook and his friends and enjoy it. Whenever they need someone (which frankly was always) to play Overwatch with and you’d happily oblige to join in every time.
“I think you should join us on the next stream, Y/N. You make a pretty good Imposter,” Taehyung suggests.
“I’d love to but,” you nudge your head in your boyfriend’s direction, “I don’t know if he’s comfortable with me being on camera though.”
Taehyung lifts a brow at Jungkook, “She doesn’t have to be on cam. Her audio will do.”
Your boyfriend shrugs, seeing how that couldn’t be a problem, “I’m fine with it but only if you’re in”
“If someone yells at me, I’m leaving mid game,” You chided while playfully rolling your eyes at the two of them.
Tumblr media
When the weekend rolled in, Jungkook volunteered to host the stream this time. Sitting beside your boyfriend, you made sure to sit away from the camera frame as you played Among Us with the rest of the boys. When the game had started, you stifled your laughter when you didn’t get to play as an imposter this time.
The character that you played walked into the electrical room just as Jungkook’s character killed Yoongi on the vent. You snickered as you quickly walked away and pretended that you saw nothing. Meanwhile, Jungkook sabotages O2 so no one would see you get out of the area. 
The chat alerts suddenly pinged non-stop making him jolt in surprise only to realize that the microphone caught your soft giggles.
From time to time, Jungkook would steal glances at you particularly on your milky thighs whenever your dangerously short dress rode up every time you adjusted your posture. His eyes moved up to the roundness of your tits. He tried to mask the hard-on he’s been ailing throughout the game by constantly clearing his throat or by crossing his legs.
His computer might’ve sensed his need to get off when the internet seemed to have fluctuated causing the stream to freeze, “Damn, we need to upgrade our internet provider.” 
He takes it as an opportunity to take off his headset, stand up, and snake his arms around you, “On the brighter side, I can fuck you on the couch”
“Mmm? Sounds like a plan,” your finger traced along with the outlines of his chiseled jaw then stopping to point at the mole beneath his lips. “I always found this cute,” he catches your finger with his teeth, teasingly circling his tongue against it.
Pulling the finger away from his mouth, you temptingly whispered, “How do you want me?”
He faked an innocent smile, imagination running wild with how vague your question sounded to him because if he were to be honest, he could go through a list of ways he’d like to have you so he starts by removing your dress’ straps until it pooled at your ankles. It must’ve been his lucky day that you aren’t wearing a bra today.
“Want you to kneel for me, sweetheart.”
You obeyed, resting your knees gently on the floor, as you watched him untie the strings of his black sweatpants. His already hard cock sprung out against his abdomen as soon as he pulled half of his bottoms down. Slowly, you wrapped your fingers around his member, pumping it a few times before you replaced your hands with your mouth.
A low grunt escaped his lips as he watched himself disappear and enjoyed how his cock felt with your mouth wrapped around it. His hips buckle at the sensation of your hot tongue making a long drag from his balls all the way to his shaft’s tip. You leisurely took your time blowing him as you gradually bobbed your head deeper and deeper until his cock reached the back of your throat. 
You sucked down on him greedily with an approving hum with the way his body responded. Seeing how much you’re enjoying it, you gagged when he pushed your head further to fill your mouth with his cock but he was too big to fit it all. Tears brimmed at the sides of your eyes but you didn’t want him to stop just yet.
“You like getting your face fucked this way, don't you?” You agreed with a moan against his cock, “My baby is so cock hungry, huh?”
“Touch yourself,” he commanded. 
Slowly, your middle finger ran through your slit, soaking your fingers with your slick before brushing it over your clit in circular motions. Your finger traced its way at your throbbing entrance, slowly inserting one finger at first then adding another one. Fucking yourself at the tempo you want while imagining it was Jungkook’s cock that was inside of you instead.
When your pleasure hits you, it drenched your fingers completely wet with your own arousal. You softly moaned against his cock while he continued to fuck your face relentlessly. When he started to feel his stomach twist in knots, he roughly pulled your head away from his cock and harshly pushed you to the couch. 
He flipped you over, crouching down to your cunt’s level only to move your very soaked lace underwear to the side as he watched your drenched pussy closely, “You’re dripping”
“That’s cute,” he mocked the way you commented on his mole earlier. He hooks his fingers on the center of the material then slips it to the side.
“You should wear this often,” he hungrily inched closer to your pussy, nose tracing along your wet slit before he replaced it with his tongue.
“Oh my god,” you shut your eyes and gripped on the couch’s headrest tightly, “Jungkook”
You squirmed against his mouth but he grabbed your hips to hold you in place as he pulled you further into his face. His low groans were muffled against your pussy as he devoured you, slipping in a finger at first before adding another one.
“Need you to be nice and stretched out for me, princess,” he left chaste kisses against your ass as he patiently waited for you to adjust and when you seemed to have finally done, he plunges the third finger in, “Wanna make sure you can take all of me.”
A moaning mess is a perfect adjective to describe how you looked under his curling fingers. He pumps his fingers at the perfect pace while his tongue abuses your ass’ hole. Still not satisfied, his other hand reached for your clit and rubbed it in circles. The thing about Jungkook is that he pays attention – he never leaves anything unattended and utilizes it at his expense.
“Fuck! Gonna cum again,” his eyes glowered with lust as you buck your hips further. 
“Gonna squirt for me?”
There were no intelligent words that came to mind, all you could let out were whimpers and sobs of pleasure as another orgasm took over your body. He lets out a dark chuckle when your arousal splatters all over him as he licks the corners of his mouth hungrily while wiping the bottom of his chin with the back of his veiny hand.
Your knees buckled forward to the couch as your legs shook violently. You thought he was done when he sat beside you only to gasp loudly when he suddenly carried your limp body on top of him. That’s when you started to contemplate that you should’ve known better than agreeing to fuck on the brand new couch. 
Gently lifting your overstimulated body, he aligned his member at your entrance and sank your body further to his still hard cock. You gasped for air when his girth had filled you, “You’re still too big for me”
“And you’re still tight as fuck,” he grunted lowly, sweat trickling down his creased forehead.
You dip your head at the crook of his neck as you rotate your hips to match his rhythm. With the constant fanning of your hot breath on his neck, he pounded in and out of you in deeper and harder thrusts making you shriek against his skin.
He pulled your body back and smirked at your nipple piercing, “I haven’t played with this yet”
Attaching his lips around the nipple, he sucked on it feverishly while making sure he leaves his marks all over your skin. He nipped on the piercing in between his teeth and lightly pulled at it, making you whine at the sensation.
“Baby,” you whimpered but your words fell on his deaf ears as his swollen cock thumped even deeper with deliberate, hard strokes. Eyes rolling back in pleasure, your walls clenched hard at how much his cock brushed on your sensitive spot multiple times. 
“Cum again for me”
“I can’t,” you choked your words out, “I don’t think I can–”
“Come on baby, you can do it,” his thumb pad over sensitive clit in circles, “I love fucking you like this. You look so beautiful from this angle.”
He left your clit for a moment to grip your ass with both hands. He pushed it down further at his length so he can fuck you even deeper than he already did. With an intent gaze all over your body, he licked his lips before parting them breathlessly.
“Do it again for me, please?”
“Jungkook, I can’t,” he slaps your ass, leaving a red mark across the skin. 
“I said,” he slammed his hips harder at each word for emphasis, “Do. It.”
You hissed loudly against his neck as he quickened the pace. The overwhelming pleasure he does to your body makes your toes curl. With your eyes shut tightly, you let the shocking orgasm wash over your shaking body that slumped over him.
“Good job, baby,” he kissed your shoulders endearingly but all you could respond was a tired hum.
Unfortunately, while the both of you were preoccupied with catching your breaths and Jungkook completely forgetting about what he was doing prior to fucking you, the stream had reconnected without him knowing. The both of you jolted when a loud kick and knock banged through the door.
“Get dressed and open the goddamn door!” Hoseok yelled from outside. 
An equally annoyed Jungkook yelled back with brows knitted as he protectively covered you with his body just in case Hoseok successfully opens the door with another kick, “How the fuck did you get in my house?”
“You moron, I used to be your roommate before Y/N– I mean your girlfriend moved in. Of course, I know where you hid the spare key!” he retorted. “And just so you know, you forgot to stop the fucking stream so I had to drive my freezing balls all the way here just to tell you that you did it all on live!”
You turned pale from shock at what you heard. You couldn’t believe that a nightmare had unfolded right before you, “I don’t know what kind of freaky shit you’re both into but this is not it.”
Out of sheer panic, Jungkook hurriedly wore his sweatpants and rushed to pull all the plugs out. You, the ever worrier, looked at your boyfriend with the same panic-stricken look across your face. A single tear rolled down to your cheek while you tried to recount everything. 
300k viewers watched the whole thing happen and though his camera was pointed low, that wasn’t enough to make the situation any better if everyone probably saw your face. Worst case scenario is if they kept a screen recording to themselves or much worse, upload it somewhere online.
Jungkook frustratedly ran his finger through his dark locks. Your silent cries tore him to a million pieces. He hated seeing you in such a pitiful state like this. Kneeling in front of you, he grabbed the shirt he was wearing earlier and helped you put it on. His hands ran up and down your arms in a failing attempt to calm you down.
“Baby? Hey, hey, please look at me,” you peeked at his apologetic face through your lashes, “I’m sorry. I’ll figure this out, I promise. Okay?”
“Just...Just let Hoseok in,” you croaked.
Kissing your knees before walking to the door, he heaved the heaviest sigh he could ever muster in his life. His trembling hands held on the doorknob with a shaky and erratic breathing pattern when he opened the door to a frowning Hoseok.
“What were the two of you thinking!?”
Jungkook stuttered his words out. He was more than sure that the internet was cut off. He was also sure he could be comfortable within the walls of his own home. He was more than certain that he did everything right yet still, he finds himself in a new hell.
“It–the–I... I thought it wouldn’t reboot when the internet got cut”
“Well it didn’t and I had to quit my game to get here”
“I know,” he regretfully admitted.
Pulling down at the hem of Jungkook’s oversized shirt in an attempt to cover yourself even more, you weakly called for Hoseok’s attention, “Hoseok? D-did they see my face?”
“I just…I don’t want them invading Jungkook’s privacy,” Hoseok’s lips parted. He was surprised that even after everything that had happened today, your already heavy heart still worried for your boyfriend.
“I don’t know, Y/N…I think they did,” Jungkook’s tongue poked the inside of his cheek, feeling so disappointed with himself. 
The second-hand embarrassment Hoseok endured was very evident but still, he felt sorry for the both of you, “Listen, man. I can’t say for sure what happens after this but if you need anything, I’ll try to help you out especially you, Y/N.” 
For the rest of the week and the weeks after that, scrolling past the comments under his name’s topic felt like diving into the 7th circle of hell.
The internet is a giant dumpsite of unfiltered opinions you wished never existed. Admittedly, knowing that you shouldn’t go through all those comments, you couldn’t stray yourself away from reading all of it.
Everyone’s posts were a mix of extending their sympathies for you while the others shamed you for hiding behind the cameras only to clout yourself in such a humiliating way.
[j.kim96]: Grow the fuck up and leave JJK and his girlfriend alone, you musty ass creeps! [yunh0e]: @JJK Tell your girlfriend blessed be thy ass [seulbi_8]: JJK's gf giving us a free pass to her onlyfans? A legend.
It was ironic how the both of you were still lucky. All that was seen on live were weirdly angled and cropped out thighs and heels. The only consolation you thought out of the situation is even if some of Jungkook's viewers had recorded the stream, it wouldn’t be porn site material to upload. However, you were taking it hard on yourself that it still happened
Before all the internet fame, it was just you and nine-to-five employee Jungkook who, even though he barely had any time due to work, gave you his undivided attention. Though he may have more time in his hands now, his mind is preoccupied with what content to put out.
That doesn't make him less perfect in your eyes, though. Not when he still gives you everything a girlfriend could ever ask for – and maybe even more. But with every good (which in his case is gaining a huge viewership through streaming), the bad that always comes with it is that both of your mishaps stay on the internet forever – like a stain that never goes away.
Being Jungkook's girlfriend is great, but when the overnight fame suddenly broke in, you weren't too sure of yourself anymore. Taking constructive criticism is what you do best, but the unnecessary comments about you (even though none of his viewers had seen you) make it hard for you to take it all in.
As much as you try to tell yourself not to let it go through your head, everything is difficult to wrap your head around it. You know for a fact that you know yourself better, but why does it feel like you also don't?
Maybe they were right all along – that there wasn't anything special about you except for your body or how good you sounded while you were getting fucked. Maybe Jungkook thought the same, that's why he isn't speaking up.
Sure, you understood how reserved he was as a person, but sometimes, you also feel like he’s ashamed of you. Not that you needed validation from a single post from social media, but sometimes, just sometimes, it would have been nice if he was so proud to show you off instead of hiding you like a secret.
It’s thoughts like these that somehow eat you up but you never had the heart to tell him, not wanting to sound like a needy brat. 
Or maybe his silence is another form of agreement? 
You don't know anymore.
Tumblr media
Sharing the same bed with Jungkook wasn’t the same anymore, especially when your backs faced each other.
He wanted to kiss your shoulders and tell you things will be alright even if he wasn’t sure. Instead, he falls silent as he listens to your sobs against your pillow. 
“We shouldn’t have done that stream,” you croaked a heart-shattering whisper, “I…I should’ve just said no.”
Every word you mumbled under the sheets broke him in many ways, and all Jungkook could do is blame himself for everything.
At some point, he knew something like this was bound to happen so to counter all his worries, he made sure to be mindful at all times, which eventually turned to a ball of anxiety.
But the truth of the matter is, none of you wanted it to happen.
The eerie silence that spaced between you and Jungkook only grew bigger as the days went by.
Jungkook wasn’t particularly the confrontational type. He always chooses to stay silent and let things unfold in patience. After he had announced an indefinite hiatus from streaming, he only became even more aloof and apprehensive.
Until both of you just stopped talking to each other.
You wish you knew what went inside his head instead of guessing it all on your own. Jungkook had nailed every love language that existed except for one – communication.
He can surprise you with a dozen roses and breakfast in bed, praise you until you’ve blushed the deepest shade of red, or watch your favorite feel-good movie while cuddling but he will never tell you what’s wrong.
Even in the middle of silence, you are still worried about Jungkook’s well-being. He has always been hard on himself; a perfectionist that delivers all the time. What worries you is he rarely bursts in fits of anger but when he does, all hell breaks loose. Although sometimes, he doesn’t. He just doesn’t do anything and leaves it as it is – like now. 
There were a few instances when he would distance himself for a while, so you give him his space for a while, then he just goes back to normal as if nothing had happened. Sadly, you don’t know where you stand in his life now that you haven’t been in speaking terms and this is the longest you’ve gone without talking.
Living under one roof is great but not when it seems like you’ve drifted apart further from each other.
You wanted to get out when the tension of sharing the same room as him choked you. Finding a new place to live meant going through all the hassle so instead, you chose to move to the guest room down the hallway.
Both of you had figured within yourselves that it would be best to just stay in the same house in case the problem fixed itself (which was impossible).
Aside from that, there was no verbal fights or agreement about what seemed to be your breakup. You simply treated each other like regular housemates for a year; only talking to each other to let the other one know if one of you would be coming home late.
It would be hard for you to move back to Busan. Moving all your things will be a hassle and most of the things you owned are shared with him so you digress the idea. You always had a hard time without Jungkook sleeping beside you.
Now, all you have are the happy memories you shared in the form of tears that soaked your memory foam.
If walls could only talk, both of you had sorted your problems by now.
“Hey, Jungkook?” His heart shatters at the call for his name. He used to go by ‘baby,’ ‘love,’ or whatever cute pet name you have for the day but now it’s just Jungkook.
“Yeah?” He craned his neck to the side.
“Uhm, here’s my share of the rent. I’ll just leave it at the console, okay?” you meekly told him.
“Keep it,” he says without even glancing at you. 
With furrowed brows, you waited for him to look at you but he didn’t, “What?”
“I said keep it. It’s cool,” he cracked his neck from side to side, “I’ve got it covered.” In his defense, this was the only way he can take care of you but it only made you feel like a problem for some reason.
As a compromise to his generosity, you always made it a point that the whole house was clean and that you made as little to no noise as possible. 
Whenever Jungkook falls asleep on the couch, you’d turn off the TV for him and pull his blanket higher just so he can sleep comfortably. Crouching down but at a safe distance, you take in his angelic features.
These were the few stolen moments you get to see his relaxed state. You wished you could do more but you didn’t want to come off as annoying and overbearing. Giving him the space he wanted was hard. It felt like breaking your bones willingly.
Jungkook missed having you beside him.
He missed peppering your face with a lot of soft kisses as you giggled in between pecks but out of the list of things he missed doing with you, he missed having you as his girlfriend and not as someone he just lived with.
He always looked forward to warm mornings with you but now that the both of you were only civil with each other, it had now turned to cold.
Whenever the rainy days rolled, his mind wandered off to the room beside his. You’ve always been afraid of the thunder and whenever the bad weather came by, he always made it a point to wrap his arms around your frame and put you back to sleep. However, that wasn’t the case anymore. He wonders if you wrap your arms around yourself for comfort.
On nights when Jungkook would stand by your door after he had grabbed himself a glass of water in the middle of the night, he frowns with slumped shoulders as he listens to the sound of your cries in the middle of a nightmare. He wished he could console you in his arms but he can only do so much now.
He finds that going out of the house as often as he could helped him to run away from the uneasy feeling at home.
The thought of going back to a 9 to 5 corporate job crossed his mind. However, credential-wise, his streaming wouldn’t suffice the long gap he left after his last office job. If anything, Jungkook thinks he had become rusty already.
On occasions when he would come home later than expected, he spent most of his days over at either Taehyung’s or Jimin’s place to hang out.
“Are you deranged?” Jimin sneered with a mouthful of food, “Why are you still living with your ex?”
“We haven’t officially broken up…yet,” Jungkook pressed his lips together into a thin line.
“So, roommates?” Resting his head on his palm, Taehyung watched Jungkook scratch his nose and then shrugged as he thought about the question.
“I guess? Call it what you want,” he sighed.
"The problem isn't going to fix itself, Jungkook. Have you talked about it with Y/N?" Jimin says with worry.
"Sure it will," Jungkook says with conviction, making both men blink at him. He just shrugged them even though part of him is wanting to believe the delusion he's been saying.
Taehyung scratched his head, "Crazy." He then looked at Jimin while pointing his pocky stick at Jungkook, "He's fucking crazy."
Tumblr media
The middle ground you both found was ordering take-outs instead of sitting at one table together.
That way, you can enjoy eating your meals comfortably away from each other; it was usually you eating on the dining table while he ate in front of the TV just like today. It's also the rare times you casually talk, and if you were being honest, you'd settle for something like this.
“Breaking News: It has been confirmed that Sars-CoV-2, which causes the illness known as COVID-19, has entered South Korea.”
Your ears perked as soon as you heard the news. Listening intently, you took a glance over Jungkook whose brows knitted together as he took his time enjoying his food.
“WHO also declared the virus as a "pandemic" with over 4,500 recorded deaths recorded worldwide.”
“Holy shit,” you mumbled.
Two people came to your mind: First, your sister who worked as a nurse. You thought of how frontliners like here would have a hard time at the hospitals when the cases keep rising.
The second one was your history teacher who taught you that pandemics lasted up to 4 years more or less. You feared that it’ll take a while before they come up with a vaccine and for the world to go back to normal.
“Neighboring countries have closed their borders while the local government bans all kinds of social gatherings and urges everyone to remain on lockdown until further notice.”
When the news anchor emphasized the word lockdown, Jungkook whipped his head in shock. The words kept ringing in his head until they stopped making sense. His mouth hung low when the realization dawned on him – he’ll have to stay at home with you for an indefinite amount of time. At. Home.
Sneaking a glance at you through his peripheral vision, you watched the news intently with a very deep frown. He thinks you were thinking the same as him but he just turns his focus back on the TV instead. He tried to put all of his attention on the news but nothing registered to him even when the news anchor flashed the statistics on screen.
He thought about the worst-case scenarios that could happen during the lockdown:
It’s either you get on each other’s nerves
You have your long-awaited confrontation of the century (which was long overdue already)
Or worse, one of you moves out in the middle of the pandemic.
He figured that it would be best if he stayed in his room at all times to avoid all three possibilities that might happen.
“Looks like we’ll need to stock up on food and supplies now,” he fidgeted on his food after he had now lost his appetite.
“I’ll head out to buy a couple of things in a while, too. Do you need anything?” You ask with pursed lips.
“I can drive us there,” your brows shot up at his offer. After seeing your reaction and being too conscious if he sounded too happy, Jungkook cleared his throat, “I–uh I ran out of shampoo today.”
You nodded slowly, “Oh...alright.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook made sure to turn on the radio as soon as he got inside the car to avoid the uncomfortable silence which worked.
This was the first time (after a year) that both of you were in the same car and went grocery shopping together. Running errands together used to be congenial but now it's different. There was an awkward feeling of nostalgia that came with that restricted the both of you.
Everyone was panic buying all the stocks on every shelf and the only way to go around it was to have a list of essentials he can just grab and shoot in the cart.
The cards aren't in Jungkook's favor because unfortunately, he was one of those panicking without a grocery list. Running point to point from aisles wasn’t a problem, it’s who gets the item first that worries him.
Annoyed with how he completely forgot about it, he scrunched his nose and furrowed his brows, “I forgot to make a list.”
Unable to hear his mumbles, you squinted your eyes and tilted your head to his direction, "I'm sorry? I didn't catch what you said."
"The list," Jungkook sighed as he hung is head. "I forgot to make one."
“It’s okay, I have one saved on my notes,” you tapped on the Notes app and scrolled through your saved notes until you finally found it. You always made one for him to memorize because he says carrying a list is uncool for some reason.
When you flashed the screen in front of him, his eyes scanned through the list of things the both of you usually bought whenever it was time to restock.
Squinting his eyes and inching a little bit closer, He tried to remember everything that was listed down but froze as soon as he read the note’s title that wrote in huge, bold letters: Things my lovely boyfriend should buy.
You were sure he saw the title but you pretended to know nothing of it, “Done remembering?”
He slowly nodded, “Yeah, I think I got it.”
Like a true introvert, he recited his things to buy in soft whispers while he pushed the cart around making you stifle your giggles as you trailed right behind him. Taking one final look at all the items he had put, he decided to grab an extra just in case so that none of you would have to take frequent agonizing trips to the grocery.
The lines were very long and people had already started to lose their temper as they yelled at those who sneakily cut the lines. You estimated it would take at least 30 minutes before you could get to the counter and having to stand beside each other for the entirety of it didn't make it any better. 
While waiting, he looked at the cart again and skimmed through the products.
‘Okay, so shampoo, body wash, cleaning supplies, food good for a month…what else am I missing?’ He pondered thoroughly, mentally reciting the list again, until his brows shot up when he finally realized what he had missed. Just when you were finally the next in line to the counter, Jungkook excused himself and sprinted to god knows which aisle he went to.
You, the ever worrier, internally panicked when the staff had started to bag the items of the person before you. Wiping your clammy hands at the back of your pants, you frantically looked around the store looking for him but to no avail.
When you were about to put all your items for checkout, right on cue, he jogged his way back carrying boxes in between his forearms.
“Where were you?” You asked, trying to hide the annoyance in your voice.
“You forgot to get tampons,” he placed eight boxes of tampons on the belt and waited for the cashier to punch them in.
You were so stunned at the gesture that you forgot to pull your card out to pay for the items. On the other hand, Jungkook was just as awkward as you were about it that he quickly gave his card and watched the cashier swipe it on the register, not even daring to look at you.
'Don't overthink it too much. He just knows how forgetful you can get,' you try to remind yourself, though there was a small ember of hope you wish you put out.
Tumblr media
In summary, the pandemic has been a mix of boring and a massive decline in everyone’s mental, social, and physical health.
Most, if not all, businesses have decided to close down for good due to the lack of customers. Meanwhile, offices – yours included– have found ways of adjusting to the new normal by working from the comfort of your own homes. 
The long lockdown and lack of social interaction burnt out the two of you far worse than expected. In hopes of getting by, the both of you had started to venture on new hobbies respectively.
You and Jungkook have stayed in your respective rooms most of the time. You were busy working as a social media manager for brands. Everyone thinks working on social media is easy but tediously making sure that you don’t miss a single thing on your reports is just as stressful as everyone else’s work.
You could probably call it easy if you only handled one brand but you were handling four and your anxiety only rises when all the boosted posts from each brand hiccup all at once.
Meanwhile, Jungkook did playtests for gaming companies he used to collaborate with on his streams. He spends countless hours playing and taking down notes of the loopholes he had found in the game.
Sometimes, he adds his own take on how the developers can improve it further before sending his reviews in. It reminded him of how it was so similar to being a creative director but he only chuckles at the memory.
You tried to learn how to bake cookies and left some for Jungkook to snack on, while he bought a new guitar online and started learning how to play it. The days were stagnant and very mundane. Surprisingly enough, the both of you managed to fare it well.
As a stress reliever, you played online games and even joined a gaming server on Discord until you found a small community where they exchanged invites and played with each other. You figured this is how socializing has come to now – interacting with strangers and referring to them by their pseudo names.
On the other hand, it never crossed Jungkook’s mind to return to streaming no matter how bored he was. He still played games but under a different username now and enjoyed the anonymity that came with it. He scrolled through the #game-on channel in hopes he’d find players who started a server and were looking for people to join in but he couldn’t find any.
abcdefghi__: Anyone here playing? Can I join? 😩
1kwords: I’ll send you mine
abcdefghi__: Got it! Thanks!
abcdefghi__: Wanna get on call so we can strategize, bro?
1kwords: Sorry I can’t. Living with a housemate 😅
abcdefghi__: That’s fine I guess
"This alphabet guy's pretty good," you whispered as you watched him exchange fires with your opponent.
Your mouth pulled at the corners to a smirk when you’ve successfully hit the cleanest headshot you’ve ever made through the railings. When the game finally ended and the screen flashed a congratulatory card on your victory, you silently put your fist up in the air and rejoiced at your win.
Jungkook confidently puts his feet up as he pats himself on the shoulder for still having the sharpest shooting techniques in the game. Proud would be an understatement to describe how he felt given that he wasn’t as active in playing games like this ever since he had stopped his streaming.
1kwords: OMG WE WON!!!
abcdefghi__: Easy 😎
1kwords: Why do you always play so aggressively? 
abcdefghi__: Needed to let off some steam
1kwords: Sounds bad
abcdefghi__: Kinda. I'm stuck at home that’s why
1kwords: Aren’t we all? lol
1kwords: You can tell me anything but only if you’re comfortable
abcdefghi__: Wait, for real!?
1kwords: Try me 😉
abcdefghi__ is typing…
You waited for the user to finish his typing but it was taking a while for him to reply.
You thought that maybe things weren’t going well in his life lately and you were more than willing to virtually lend a shoulder when you understand exactly how the whole pandemic has been rough to everyone.
abcdefghi__: [this user is taking a deep breath]
1kwords: [and this user is patiently waiting whenever you’re ready]
abcdefghi__: I know how everyone’s currently in a weird position during these crazy times but so am I. Like, hella weird. 
1kwords: Alright, go on. I’m listening.
abcdefghi__: I don’t know…I just…I made great memories with someone but I didn’t expect them to turn into one
abcdefghi__: I’d be lying if I didn’t say I miss her but...
abcdefghi__: I really miss my baby :(
Jungkook chewed on his bottom lip as he typed every single reply. He was never really one to come face to face with his inner demons but the opportunity comes in the form of venting out to a complete stranger in Discord. 
"Oh fuck, there. I said it," he scratched his head.
1kwords: Damn, same. I know how hard that is.
1kwords: Have you tried talking to her about it?
abcdefghi__: …Not really. I can’t confront for shit.
1kwords: Oh
1kwords: That’s pretty tough. You’re like my (idk if he still is) boyfriend
abcdefghi__: I don’t really know the right words to tell her and I also feel like it was my fault.
abcdefghi__: How are you guys doing by the way?
1kwords: We’re civil with each other, but I don’t have a choice because I still live with him
1kwords: I come home really excited to see him, but now, we just order take outs and eat separately lol
abcdefghi__: NO SHIT? SAME DUDE
abcdefghi__: Must be pretty hard for you
1kwords: It still is. Kinda miss hearing him laugh too :( 
You were surprised yet comforted to know that someone finally understood exactly how you felt about your relationship with Jungkook.
The probability of finding someone who went through the same things as you did is slim but you guessed you were lucky that you and this stranger had talked and consoled each other. 
abcdefghi__: What’s he like?
1kwords: Honestly? He’s the best relationship I’ve ever had. Not once did he make me feel so unloved. It’s just that, I mean, he’s pretty vocal with telling me how much he loves me, but he’s not good with words if that makes sense?
abcdefghi__: ...Is he expecting the problem to fix itself?
1kwords: Kinda like that but we’ve never really fought about anything big tbh
abcdefghi__: lol I don't believe you. Never?
1kwords: Yeah
1kwords: Oh no wait
1kwords: Except that one time our stream had gone wrong in front of a lot of viewers. He just stopped talking to me.
1kwords:  I don’t even know if I can consider that as a fight but that’s how we kinda ended.
1kwords is typing…
Jungkook sat frozen in his seat with hands clamming around his mouse. The similarities he shared with this user were so uncanny for him to think about it deeply.
Assuming that maybe it was you, he stood up and leaned his ear against the wall to check if you were still awake but all that he heard was silence. ‘Idiot, she’s already asleep’ he mentally argued with himself with a frown.
When the chat pinged, he hurriedly rushed back to his computer. His doe eyes widened even more after reading 1kwords’ messages.
1kwords: Anyways, thanks for listening to me!
1kwords: Your username’s funny too. You’re missing the 'JK'.
1kwords: I’m also missing my JK
“Well that was a relief,” you exhaled while arching your back to relieve the tension of sitting for long hours today. 
This was the first time you had aired out your feelings about how things with Jungkook were. You didn’t have a lot of friends and the only person you were comfortable with sharing things with was your currently very busy sister.
You wished the lockdown would be lifted sooner, you couldn’t wait to gush everything that had happened to her.
On the other side of the wall, Jungkook held on his forehead with both hands for being stupid at how his silence hurt you even more. He tried to put things into perspective, carefully re-thinking his actions until he finally figured it out that is working on his communication skills better. But first, he needed to apologize.
He stood outside your room, debating whether or not he should knock on the door. Since he’s already there, he thought that he might as well just do it. Taking a long, deep breath he knocked on your door thrice and waited for you to open up.
His heartbeat pounded erratically against his chest but it halts abruptly as soon as you were standing right in front of him, “Do you need anything?” But he remained frozen and at a loss for words, “Jungkook?”
“You’re 1kwords,” your lips part in shock.
Jungkook is user abcdefghi__!
“You don’t have to say anything but just hear me out, okay?” You nodded slowly, "I don't fucking know what to tell you. Fuck, please give me a moment. I'm trying, alright? I'm really trying to remember what say. I'm trying. I'm–"
"Jungkook," you held on both of his shoulders, trying to calm him down. "It's okay, take deep breaths. I'll listen whenever you're ready."
He follows your command as you inhaled big and exhaled deeply. Mentally counting down to three while taking deep breathes a few more times, he finally returned to his senses.
“I just…I just wanted to say how sorry I am for trying to keep everything in. I should’ve known better than staying silent when I’m not the only person in this relationship,” He looks at you with big, apologetic eyes. The bags under his eyes screamed that he hadn't had proper sleep in so long.
“I know I never told you this, but I tend to overthink a lot and you were my safe space,” he admitted with a sigh. “You’ve always been a happy person, and I didn’t want to ruin that just because I was thinking of the worst things that could happen.”
“But I’m not happy if you’re not happy, Jungkook,” you croaked almost in a whisper. “I’d be happier if you slept soundly with peace of mind.”
“I’m sorry for putting you through so much humiliation and sadness, Y/N. It wasn’t my intention to humiliate you in front of thousands of people in any way. I know how stupid it was for me not to double-check. You have every right to get mad at me,” his weight shifted from side to side.
“You were the only one who supported me after I got fired from the agency, and when my parents thought that streaming was just a waste of time,” he frowned as he watched your lower lip pucker in a pout. "You believed that I can do it and I wouldn’t have done it without you."
“What happened was neither of our faults, Jungkook. That was an honest mistake,” he tilted his head back and shut his eyes tightly.
“Yeah, but I still beat myself up every single day about it. I don’t want sexist creeps commenting about my girl," he admits with closed eyes. "I guess I just felt so useless that I can only do so much in wanting to keep you safe.”
You frowned, still looking at the floor, “Jungkook…”
“We had it so good but I...I was stupid for ruining it,” his shoulders slumped as he looked at you with pitiful eyes. “You don’t have to take me back or accept my apology right away. I just wanted you to know how truly sorry I am for everything.”
When you finally looked at him, he inched closer to wipe away the tears that were streaming down your cheeks. Sniffling under his touch, your body seemed to have a mind of its own when you wrapped your arms around his torso as you sobbed against his hoodie.
Wrapping his arms around you tightly, he hushed you while kissing the top of your head, “You idiot, you had a year to speak up and you only did it now?”
Jungkook sighed, “I know, I’m sorry.”
“But I still love you,” you looked up to him with glassy eyes.
He tried to hide his smile from forming, “You do?” 
You nodded, “Always have and always will.”
“I love you, too,” He tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear. “It’s disappointing how I couldn’t get you flowers at 3 AM”
You laughed and playfully hit his arm, “I don’t need flowers, just having you back is already enough.”
“Besides, there’s nothing we can do with what already happened. We’ll just have to move on with our lives,” the both of you looked deeply into each other's eyes – yours were puffy while his eyes were glimmering with held-back tears except this time, they were out of happiness.
He cupped your face with both hands and kissed you deeply for the first time again. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders because finally, the both of you took the first step in making your relationship better – communicating like level-headed adults.
“If I knew how liberating opening up is, I would’ve done it sooner,” he chuckled, “Thank you for giving me peace of mind even if I’m such a piece of shit. I promise to be more honest with you this time.”
Your stomach grumbling made the both of you laugh hysterically. You pulled away and avoided eye contact but he pulled you back in with a grin on his face, “Let’s go get you something to eat other than cookies”
You lifted a brow, “What’s wrong with my cookies?” 
Jungkook’s eyes widened as he shook his head, “I– uh nothing? …just a bit salty”
“Fine, I’ll work on the recipe again,” you playfully rolled your eyes.
You giggled at his effort for trying to be honest. It must’ve been a struggle for him to avoid hurting your feelings though you appreciated it nonetheless. His brows lifted ever so slightly. It had been so long since he last heard it. The way it sounded was refreshing, comforting even. It fluttered inside his chest. As he clasps your hands together, he holds them gently yet firmly. 
He can’t say how the following days will turn out for the both of you. It would probably consist of talking things through to have it out of the way so you can understand each other better. As you exchange soft, adoring gazes at one another, the only thing that matters is right now – Jungkook knows he’s finally home.
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doublebunnykoo · 4 months ago
you ain't my boyfriend | jjk smau
Tumblr media
— summary: your ex-fuckbuddy jungkook hates the idea of you with someone else but he seems to be even more annoyed at the fact that you’ve been spending way too much time with his team captain, who just so happens to be your best friend.
Tumblr media
pairing: basketball player!jungkook x reader
genre: angst, fluff, slow burn, social media au, college au, ex friends with benefits to lovers au (+written chapters)
warnings: love triangle, some eunwoo x reader, swearing, angst, toxic relationship, jealousy, possessiveness, stupid decisions, pining, mostly fluff & crack
status: complete !!
note: this is my first ever smau, so pls bear with me <3 but i’m very excited to share what i’ve planned for this story with you all !!
Tumblr media
y/n’s besties | jk’s besties | cameos
one: not ur business
two: costume party
three: unblock me
four: you’re crazy
↳ bonus: party
five: i want you (written)
six: babe?
seven: last chance
eight: the truth
nine: new roommate
ten: friends don’t kiss
eleven: my girl
twelve: i’m very single
thirteen: pancakes
fourteen: purple lilies (written)
fifteen: lonely night
sixteen: girls day
seventeen: bikini shopping
eighteen: we’re good
nineteen: confessions (written)
twenty: master bedroom
twenty one: my princess
twenty two: best behavior
twenty three: better man (written)
↳ bonus: jeju trip
twenty four: finally mine
twenty five: comfort you
twenty six: see-through pjs
twenty seven: besties for life
twenty eight: good girl
twenty nine: busan
thirty: baby koo
Tumblr media
copyright © 2022, doublebunnykoo on tumblr. please do not repost my work!
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