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Hello! I love your work, could I ask you a request about Jungkook strong/intimidating aura but soft towards the reader who is shy, inexperienced and shy?🥺it turns him on but at the same time he feel protective towards her innocence. I would love to read a smut interactions between this two 🥺✨
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jeongguk + Reader Word Count: 4.1k+ words Warnings: shy virgin oc gets it with her buff! soft dom! short haired! tattooed & pierced! boyfriend! koo, oc and jk are cat people in this universe, typical overprotective boyfriend, size kink, he also spits on your pu$y, protected sex, pwp
Note: not beta'd. im in a rush lol sorry.
Requests are always open.
Tumblr media
This was not how Jeongguk planned to spend his day off. What’s a buff, 5’10 guy, all inked and pierced doing in the middle of the baby aisle? Looking like a dilf? It felt as if he was entering every circle of hell of his own accord every time his brother, Seokjin, asks him to run for a diaper supply. 
He adores his nephew, that’s a fact, which is why he spoils him so much whenever he comes by. What he doesn’t like is his brother bulldozing through his already set plans for the day.
The day is bright and the weather is clear, but Jeongguk complaining to his brother over the phone is making it seem like it’s gloomy.
“Hyung, I don’t fucking get this shit,” his brows furrowed as he studies the packaging intently. “How am I supposed to know what to get?”
“The size is on the left…I think?” Seokjin nervously gulps, hoping his memory serves him correctly.
“There’s nothing here,” Jeongguk sighs as he returns the diaper back on the shelf.
It was now Seokjin’s brows turn to knit, “Wait, what were you holding?”
He squints his eyes at the item he just returned, “Uhh it’s Pampers?”
“Ah, we usually buy Huggies for Iseul,” Seokjin shrinks in his seat as soon as he hears his younger brother inhale sharply. “Sorry I forgot…again.”
“You could’ve told me that earlier!” Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jeongguk threw his head back in frustration. “Okay, Huggies. What size?” 
“Size 4!” His elder brother’s enthusiasm made him pull his phone away from his ear. “While you’re at it, can you get me Frosted Flakes, too?”
“I don’t get paid enough for this shit. Goodbye,” he quickly ended the call, randomly throwing three packs of diapers in his cart, not even looking at it anymore.
Jeongguk turns his cart with little to no effort while whistling to ease his boredom as he makes his way to the next aisle. If his assumptions are correct, mostly based on his grocery shopping observations, this particular store doesn’t carry frosted flakes. But then again, it doesn’t hurt to try. 
“Frosted flakes…Frosted flakes…” Jeongguk mumbles as he scans every row for the cereal. When there was no sight of the blue box, he frowned. 
Jeongguk: There are no frosted fucking flakes [2:00 PM]
Seokjin Hyung: am sad ;-( [2:00 PM]
Jeongguk: You type like an idiot [2:00 PM]
Just as he was about to push his cart out of the breakfast aisle, a soft voice stopped him from doing so, “Excuse me? Can you help me reach the Lucky Charms?”
Looking over at his shoulder, he lifts a brow, “And why would I do that? Do I look like I work here?”
Your lips parted as you scanned him from head to toe. Somehow, you felt embarrassed that he assumed he was an employee when he’s wearing literally every black clothing there is to exist. A nice fit on his body, though, if you may add. 
“No, but I–uhm–you’re…taller than me,” feeling extra small and intimidated by his cold aura, you didn’t meet his gaze anymore. Instead, your eyes stayed glued to your feet, “Actually, it’s fine. I’ll just call the–”
He didn’t even give you enough time to finish your sentence. 
The next thing you know, his big body was blocking your vision as he reached for the cereal on the top shelf with ease. Jeongguk didn’t even need to tip his toes like you normally would and that was weirdly amusing for you.
“Here,” he hands you your box of cereal.
“Oh,” it took you a while to process what just happened so you blinked. Multiple times.
When your eyes slowly grew wide and your smile reached up to your eyes, Jeongguk could’ve sworn that love at first sight wasn’t an urban legend anymore. Like, who even bows at a full ninety degrees just for a mere cereal box? Definitely not him.
“Thank you so so much!” You waved the box to a dumbfounded Jeongguk who only nodded his head as you pushed your cart away. 
He just watched you walk away happily, maybe even trying to remember whatever tune you were humming as you walked away. 
Without breaking his gaze from where you once were, Jeongguk pulls his phone out and presses on his brother’s number like it was muscle memory, “Hyung, do you need anything this week?” 
“It’s all good, today was just a mishap,” Seokjin reassures. 
“Okay, how about next week? I can–uhh–run to the groceries or some shit,” he nervously asks, hoping his brother would never catch anything suspicious.
“I think we’re all good for now,” his brother says with conviction, but only because he doesn’t want to bother his younger brother for errands next time.
“You sure?” Jeongguk pushes.
“Yes, Jeongguk. I’m very sure,” Seokjin sighed. “...Are you flirting with the cashier again?”
“Fuck off, just wanted to help you while I buy cat food for Sage,” the tip of Jeongguk’s ears has now turned to red as he blatantly lied.
His elder brother snorted on the other line, knowing how much of a terrible liar his brother is, “Yeah right, you and your cat.”
“You’re full of shit,” Jeongguk once again ended the call before Seokjin could retort anything again. 
Maybe grocery shopping might be one of his new hobbies. 
Tumblr media
“Cooper?” You sniffed as you walked outside your building, softly calling out for your lost cat. 
It’s been 3 hours and you’re literally freezing outside, not giving up until you find your beloved pet. This isn’t the first time Cooper, your escape artist of a house pet, went out of your unit. The first time he got out, you found him at a nearby construction site because apparently, he thinks it’s a giant litter box for him to enjoy. The second was when he, for some weird reason, found himself stuck on the roof of your complex. How he got there, you wouldn’t ever know.
“Hey, Y/N! Oh– you’re crying,” your ever so cheerful neighbor, Jimin, stops in his tracks when he sees the tears pooling in your eyes. “Did Cooper get out again?”
You slowly nodded, lips quivering from trying to stop yourself from breaking down. Every time your cat goes for his so-called walk, you end up in tears. And every time he does, it’s always Jimin who always finds him and brings him back to your unit. 
“Say, if I do find him again – which I’m positive I will – I’ll be right by your door, alright?” He assures you with a smile. For some reason, everyone calls him the pet whisperer for always babysitting the neighbors’ pets, so all you can do is trust his words on that.
“T-thank you,” you mumbled under your breath with sadness. 
Jimin felt so bad looking at your state. Not when he’s so used to seeing you all full of spirit, “Why don’t you go up and make yourself something warm while waiting for him, hmm?”
And that you did. Only because the only choice you had was to patiently wait for your cat’s return.
Dragging your feet as you climbed the stairs, you were sure the rest of your neighbors could hear the lazy thud of your feet against the floor. 
With a head hung low and a slump on your shoulders, you tiredly sighed, wanting to reach your door so you could finally cry your worries out. A pair of feet waiting outside your unit is what made you raise your head. 
Leaning by your door is none other than your cereal hero from the other day, Jeongguk, who looks even scarier now than you last saw him. 
“God, fucking finally, you’re here,” the crease in his forehead quickly goes away when you can no longer hold back your tears. You covered your face from embarrassment and sobbed silently against your palms.
‘Should’ve bit my tongue there,' he thought. 
“I’m sorry,” he says with full remorse. “I can come back later when you’re feeling better.”
You slowly removed your hands from your face, wiping your tears with the back of your hands, “It’s…okay. I’m just having a bad day right now.” Hiccuping in between words and sobs, you still tried to form coherent sentences, “I–I couldn’t find my cat.”
“Cooper with the 9A tag?” Your brows rose at the mention of your pet AND your unit number. The look on your face says it all, “Yeah, I figured.”
“You–you found him!” Not gonna lie, there was a sense of relief that finally washed over you. At least Jimin doesn’t have to scour the chilly weather today.
Jeongguk scratched the back of his ear, clearing his throat nervously, “He–uhm–I–Why don’t you go inside for a while?”
Seeing his behavior as suspicious, you narrowed your eyes at him, “No. I wanna see Cooper now.”
“Sorry, sweetheart, but you can’t,” he says sternly.
‘Your devil’s spawn Cooper is fucking my Sage in the fire exit.’
“Why not? He’s my cat,” you retort.
Jeongguk’s brows knit together once again, slowly losing his temper over a mere house pet, “Are you rude or what? You just can’t see him right now. It’s not that hard to understand.”
You were so appalled with how he wasn’t making any sense right now. All you wanted was to have your cat home and snuggle with him after crying about him the whole day, “How is taking my own cat home rude? Do you have any common sense?”
“Do you have any common sense?” He mimicked the words with a mocking tone and a sarcastic chuckle. “I actually do. But do you have one? Because I’m sure as hell you wouldn’t like it if someone walks in on you mid fuck!”
Just as you were about to retort, he cuts you off, “Tell me your cat is spayed or I’ll go ape shit right now.” When you finally understood what he has been trying to tell you, your eyes widened. And when he finally got the hint your expression was giving, he rolled his eyes, “You’ve gotta be shitting me.” 
At this, you immediately shut up. There is nothing you want more in this world right now but to sink into the floor. Horrified would be such an understatement to describe the look on your face.
‘Oh, fuck. Did I offend her?’ Jeongguk mentally slaps his head.
He sighs, “Listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.” 
You slowly nodded your head, “Uhm, it’s okay…I guess.”
And then awkward silence filled the space between the two of you.
You were shuffling side to side while looking down at your feet. On the other hand, Jeongguk looked around, arms crossed and still leaning against the wall, still thinking of ways he can strike another proper conversation with you without sounding forced.
Not bearing the unnecessary tension anymore, he chose to break the silence, “So, we need to talk about our setup.”
“I’m sorry but what setup?” You didn’t know what you were getting into and you’re more than confused at this point. 
“For child support.” Jeongguk massaged the bridge of his nose with eyes closed, obviously regretting that it had to be him to bear you this news, “Clearly your cat is a fuckboy.”
You blinked, “...Oh, You mean kittens!”
“Whatever floats your boat, but I demand child support,” he shrugged.
“Uhm, okay.” Squinting your eyes in confusion with your head slightly tilted to the side, you asked, “And we need to settle that once and for all, right?” 
He nodded, “Right.”
Not sure where to start with your part of the deal, you suggested your idea meekly, “I–uhh–can send cat food every month for the kittens?”
Jeongguk looked up, thought about the idea at first, then nodded with approval, “Fair enough. Sounds good to me.”
You sighed with relief when he took it into consideration. 
Feeling as though the help you’re extending wasn’t enough ‘child support’ yet, you timidly peeked at him through your lashes and honestly admitted what you’ve been thinking about, “Sorry, that’s all I could think of right now. I don’t know how else I could compensate for my cat’s–err–behavior.”
He didn’t say anything. Yet. He just looked at you which made you jolt in the discomfort of being under someone’s watch.
“We could go out and eat or some shit?” Jeongguk’s ears slowly turned red. 
‘Jeongguk, you airhead. You can’t ask her out like this!’ When your lips, yet again, parted, he wanted to take back what he said until you beat him to it.
“There’s a nice cafe down the street,” when you gave him a soft smile, that’s when he finally returned one, too.
Jeongguk in disbelief was such a rare sight to see, ‘Fucking sorcery.’
“I’m Y/N, by the way. Cooper from 9A’s mom,” you extend your hand politely while pointing at your unit number that’s on your door.
“Jeongguk from 9B, Sage’s peasant,” As he takes your hand, he notes how his are bigger compared to yours.
Tumblr media
A lot can happen in a year and the next thing you know, the so-called “child support'' turned to cat co-parenting, then turned to moving into the same unit. 
Who would’ve thought that the intimidating, seemingly offish Jeongguk is actually a sweetheart? Definitely not you.
If you asked Jeongguk to list down ten things he likes about you, he’ll give you fifty. If you asked him anything under the sun, he surely knows all the answers to it because he’s that smart. If you make your eyes round enough like that of a doe, he would literally do anything you ask of him – which says a lot because Jeon Jeongguk hates a lot of things but never you.
One of the many things he liked doing is watching you reach over cupboards with a sly smirk grazing on his face. A cocky smirk that he could proudly wear because stools aren't shit when you’re naturally born tall. He watches you struggle, and when he’s had enough worry to rile him to step in, wraps an arm protectively around your waist and reaches over with ease. Oh, how he adored stepping in whenever you struggled. It makes him feel needed.
On the contrary, his self-control and patience are put to the test whenever he stops himself from shoving his cock balls deep inside your cunt whenever you would grind on him just to get off. At least you graduated him from thigh riding, right? The sexy lingerie you’d occasionally wear isn't of much help either. 
God, his temper is awful whenever he’s edged but he always tries.
The farthest Jeongguk has gone with you is to eat you out and finger you with, much to his surprise, three digits. The farthest you’ve done with him is a basic handjob and a hesitant blowjob because you didn’t know if you were doing it correctly or not.
You appreciate how he would never force you to do something you’re not yet ready to do. Knowing how losing your virginity (even at a big age) is overwhelming, he’d rather take all his time warming you up than making you feel bad just to satisfy himself. 
One of the few stimulating positions you enjoyed doing with your boyfriend is assaulting your wet pussy while laying on his buff chest, preferably in front of a mirror because Jeongguk loves watching your facial expressions as you reach your high – just like now with your discarded lingerie sprawled across the floor.
“Wanna see you insert another finger in there, princess,” he whispers against your ear in a husky voice, not breaking his eye contact off of you through the mirror in front of your shared bed.
You squirm against his sweaty skin when the added digit hits a new sense of pleasure, “A-ah! Can you please do it for me?” Jeongguk could’ve sworn his cock twitched when you begged with puppy eyes but he shakes his head, making you whimper like a brat. “Your…your fingers feel better…than mine,” you utter breathlessly with a pout.
He chuckles, still not budging to take over or say anything. 
Knowing how much your boyfriend loves to hear your pleas just so you can cum, your other hand reaches over to his cock, stroking it at the perfect tempo just the way you know he likes it. Under your touch, he hissed at the sudden sensation.
“Koo?” You say almost in a whisper, still stroking his shaft, “I…I want you inside me.”
“Baby,” he warns under his breath.
“I want…I want it to be with you,” you admit shyly. “I-I can take all of you, y-you know?”
Feeling as though he’ll lose this time, he sighs and reaches for the drawers to grab a condom, “If it hurts tell me to stop, alright?” You don’t say anything back but he could feel your heart race, “Need your words, princess. Or else we’re cutting the fun short.”
Out of panic, you think you jumbled the words out of your mouth, “Ah–yes! I will, K-koobear.”
“Koobear,” he scoffed, then poked his tongue in his cheek, eyeing you intently at the use of the nickname while ripping the foil open. “It’s either you call me by my government name or baby, but preferably when I fuck you,” he explains further while rolling the condom down to his shaft.
“Why? I like calling you Koo and you’re as big as a–Oh!” Your words are immediately cut short when the tip of his cock slowly enters your core. 
“Do you want to stop?” He asks with worry.
Shaking your head, you threw your head back and rested against his chest, “N-no, just a switch in our positions, I think.”
“You think?” He scoffs. 
In one swift movement, well more like a blink of an eye, it was as if you were manhandled by him when he flips the position in a snap – it was now him hovering over your body that’s small compared to his. He towers over you, pinning both of your hands with one hand, and he smirks at this. If anything, he’s enjoying the very obvious size difference between you and him. You felt small, heck curling up would make you even tinier, but the feeling of enjoying it is bubbling in your stomach.
Jeongguk’s brows lifted as he parted your legs, seeing how wet you’d already been. It’s so fascinating to him how such a tiny cunt could be so slick, “Jesus Christ, you’re wet as hell.”
“Don’t say that,” you shyly mumbled while watching your boyfriend through your lashes.
“What? Getting shy already?” He teases as he leans down to your dripping cunt.
Jeongguk spreads your legs apart, tracing his nose along your slit that’s enough to send shivers down your spine. He sure knows what he’s doing, alright. He then spits in your pussy and watches his spit dripping along your slit, humming in approval when your hole sucked in his spit. 
“Mmm, now that’s a needy cunt,” an amused smirk graces his lips when he notices your goosebumps. “I promise you won’t regret this.”
Chuckling, you replied, “I don’t think there was ever a time that I regretted anything with you.”
Your boyfriend leans in closer as he aligns his hardened member in your entrance, “That’s so good to hear from you, princess.” Slowly, he enters inside you making you wince slightly, “God, you’re tight as fuck.”
You let out a soundless gasp, lips parted, and eyes pooling with tears from the mixed feeling of slight pain and pleasure. Jeongguk notices this and briefly stops when his whole length is finally inside you, “You good?”
“Y-yes, it just feels…so different,” you assured. 
“I’ll move now, alright?” His thumb runs across your cheeks soothingly as he slowly fucks you until you adjust to his size. Underneath him, you look so fragile, so helpless, yet so submissive to him. 
Your hands trailed down to where he was bulging under your skin, rubbing his embossed form while your eyes fluttered, “Y-you’re so big, Koo. So deep inside me.”
“I’ll let you adjust to my length, babe,” there was a tinge of amusement inside of him as he studies every reaction your body makes.
“It’s okay, I can take it,” you say with conviction this time, and that made him somewhat proud – you take all of his fat and big cock with no fuss.
“This pussy is made for me, huh?” Jeongguk picks up the pace this time only because he enjoys watching your tits bounce as he rocks your body. “Makes me wanna do crazy shit like have your name tattooed on my rib,” you gasped, scratching lines against his back.
“Please look at me,” he gently moves away the stray hairs that stuck on your sweaty face. “Wanna see how pretty my baby is.”
You slowly open your eyes with a lust-filled gaze and this is where he lost his shit. He rams inside of you faster and harder this time, making you arch your back at the newfound pleasure he was hitting. 
“What if I break this condom off and fill you with my cum?” Your pussy tightens at the idea of his cum overflowing out of your cunts because it couldn’t take how much he had spurted inside of you. “Fuck, you tightened. You like that don’t you?”
Obviously not thinking straight because your boyfriend was fucking your wits out, you nodded, “I– yes, want you to fuck me harder ‘til it breaks.” And so he did fuck you hard.
It was like a magic word that made him cum so fast and you the same.
He could feel your body trembling, your breathing still fast. He waited for a moment or two for himself to soften up so he could pull out gently. Your still slightly clenching hole almost pushing his dick out of yourself. Meanwhile, he discards the condom with no mess.
You whined at the empty feeling, and he hushed you gently, moving around so he was sitting up against his headboard, your body on his lap, head on his shoulder. His hand moved back and forth over your spine, the other keeping your body steadily against him. 
“You did so, so good baby.” He gently whispered between your breaths, still coming out a little faster than they should. “I was actually kind of worried you wouldn’t be able to take it. You impress me too much, you know that?” He said, making you giggle. 
You weren’t quite back yet, still bathing in your own afterglow, and he simply waited for you to calm down, slowly becoming aware of your surroundings again. Legs still shaking from losing your virginity, you noticed a pool of wetness in your sheets.
“The sheets are soiled,” you frowned.
Jeongguk clicked his tongue teasingly, “That’s not very nice of you, princess.”
“I’m sorry,” you peeked at him with a tired pout.
“It’s fine. It’s time to change it anyway,” he runs his finger against your back, making soothing circles that made you fall asleep instantly.
Tumblr media
Wearing short dresses while out in the park is one of the small joys you enjoy doing with your boyfriend. Not to mention that sitting on his lap is a plus…except he gets overprotective whenever your skirt riles up like now – one hand over your lap, serving as weights to the fluttering fabric.
Guess guard dog privilege is real when Jeongguk is your boyfriend.
Peeking at him, your brows rose at his creased forehead, "Why do you look like you're ready to fight?"
"Because I am," he says without blinking, though his eyes are following those who would spare you a glance.
You blinked in confusion, "...What?"
"Yes," he nodded with assertiveness. 
Ah, of course. Being overprotective. Such a Jeongguk thing to do.
There are days when you don’t understand what your boyfriend is doing, but you can’t deny the fact that he’s fun to be around. Like always, you shrug it all off, sit on his lap, and wrap your arms around his neck as you nuzzle against his skin – a sure way to make him smile from ear to ear.
“Baby, can you take one of those polaroid pictures in that lingerie?” He asks with lips against your hair. Jeongguk has a habit of kissing the side of your head just because he can.
At this, your lips part at the sudden request; he’s never asked this before, “Why?”
“Wanna keep it in my wallet,” he only shrugged when you blinked at his answer. “I’m romantic as fuck.”
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yoongi’s interlude: dal segno (m) (3tan) | myg
Tumblr media
title: yoongi’s interlude: dal segno pairing: 3tan!yoongi x reader(f) series: masterlist | three tangerines | fireworks | house party | basketball | stay | sidewalk talk | friends | dalo | like that | anytime | sundress season rating/genre: m (18+) ; angst, fluff, implied smut ; brother’s best friend au, implied age gap au summary: dal segno—used as a direction in music to return to the sign that marks the beginning of a repeat. note: it is here! a little later than planned but hey, let’s go!! thank y’all for waiting and thank you for being so supportive throughout this whole process. let this be a little gift from me before 3tan9 drops, which will be an even bigger present when it’s done<33 note 2: if you haven’t read the three tangerines series yet, read that first (specifically basketball, stay, sidewalk talk, friends, and dalo.) this will be easier to read after that!  warnings: multiple time switches due to flashbacks, cursing, yoongi pov, tense situations, penetrative sex, implied sex, minor scuffle, mentions of blood, threats, punches, angst, yoongi has a lot going on in his mind :((, jimin is a real one, actually everyone in here is<3 drop date: september 23rd, 10:50pm est word count: 9.7k 
Another breath.
Another day. 
Filled with the same plaguing thoughts as the last.
Tumblr media
Hustler [19:58]: You’re welcome !
Hustler [19:58]: I wish I could’ve stayed… 
As Yoongi stares at your texts, he automatically knows that you leaving was the much better option. There were too many eyes looking at too many things. 
Not that he would tell you tha—
A hard thump catches his attention, and he lifts eyes to watch the game play out in front of him. How the same guys from before are now paying attention to the players instead of the sidelines. 
And as much as he loved seeing you in that fit, he knew from the jump that a lot of other people would, too. Especially in a setting like this one where the only other things to stare at are sweaty dudes just like him. 
A few more drops slide from his forehead. 
Lowering his gaze back down to his screen, he blinks at the blank message box, wondering what he could possibly respond with and thinking he probably shouldn’t at all. 
Honestly, he’s surprised you sent that last text. He figured you would’ve left it at the first one, or not responded at all. 
On the other hand, he’s kinda shocked that he sent you something in the first place, too. A little messed up considering your brother is steps away. 
But, caught up in the moment and finally being able to see you, he must’ve just reacted. Must’ve just wanted to keep teasing you, especially after seeing your adorable reaction to his hair. 
You like it. 
Why is that enough to stroke his ego—
“Yoong, you comin’?”
His thoughts dissipate as he lifts his bright, drenched head. “You done?” 
“Yeah, we’re on again.” 
“K.” Fuck, he’s out of shape. Pocketing his phone, Yoongi moves to stand, ready to play and anticipating the soreness already. “Yeah, I’m in.”  
Tumblr media
Yoongi knew that they were good. 
But he didn’t expect them to run the court for this long. 
After the fourth win since his joining, all of them collapse onto the sideline next to awaiting bags and backpacks, a heap of heavy breathing and heat. 
“Why are we… still winning,” your brother pants, head hanging between crossed arms on his knees. 
“Is that a question,” Jimin responds, breathy but not as faint. At least he’s fully in shape from all the goddamn running he does. “We’re just better.” 
“Can we… Can we be worse for a little bit?” 
Yoongi’s shoulders move as huffs into the water you gave him, but it’s Park that scoffs, 
“Me? Worse? Never.” 
“Bullshit,” he responds, and tired, mirthy hisses shoot out when he realizes that your brother said it with him. 
Soon, the old days come flooding back. When it came to basketball, it would always be Jimin that shouldered all the penalties. Everyone knew they could never be the loser if he was playing, no matter what stupid game it was.
But he had gotten better since then. Loads better. With a passing thought, Yoongi thinks all the teasing is exactly what made him decent in the first place. 
The man himself has to be reminiscing, too, because he simply grins while raking back light brown strands. “At least I’m good and in shape. You need me now.” 
They can’t deny that. Intramurals can get tough, especially if they end up playing more than one game in a day. 
“Y’all ready?” 
All three of them look toward the court, noticing the same dudes from before standing in a group. 
They’ve won that much that they’re facing the same people a third time? 
Maybe he is still pretty fit. Or just prideful. Yoongi thinks he can go for a lot longer if it means winning until they leave. 
After he stands and brushes his shorts, an inward laugh follows his last thought. 
Because he ends up agreeing with you, after all. He kinda wishes you could’ve stayed now, too.
It’s definitely pride.
Tumblr media
The next game is different from the others. 
A lot different. 
Yoongi doesn’t know exactly what happened before this, but the guys seem more on edge this time. More upset. 
And he loves it.
He doesn’t know if it’s because his team had been talking shit every game before that, or if these dudes can’t take losing well, but he starts getting confronted out of nowhere.
When the ball gets in Yoongi’s hands, someone pushes against his back with a taunt, 
“Think you’re hot shit?” 
Uhh. He knows he is. But that’s besides the point. 
The point is that this guy doesn’t know what he just got himself into, and Yoongi figures that he should let him know. 
Backing up, he dribbles low before spinning and making his way to the basket, scoring without a word. 
As the guy’s teammates criticize his shitty defense, Yoongi simply looks at him while backpedaling to the other side of the court. And when he’s glared at, all he offers is a shrug. 
Oh, he’s pissed already? 
Too easy.
As the game continues, Yoongi observes that he’s the only one getting roughed up. A jab to the ribs here, a hard foul on a layup that has him laughing more than anything.
Goddamn, this dude is legitimately mad. Did he do something to him? If he did, he honestly doesn’t remember. 
After Yoongi scores on him again, things start getting even more physical. During a shot, the guy purposely knocks into him, lying by saying he was the one that got hit when the ball misses. “Foul.” 
Childish. Yoongi huffs a knowing laugh while Jimin instantly questions, 
“What? How?” 
“He ran into me.”
Ah, it makes sense now. 
This dude’s only targeting him because he’s pissed he isn’t good. Isn’t better. Time and time again, it’s always the same people compensating for low skill. 
“That’s not what I saw.”
“You calling me a liar?”
Whatever. It won’t help at all. His team’s gonna lose for the third time anyway. Signaling to Jimin, Yoongi waves the ridiculous call off, 
“Fuck it, let him have it. Check up.” 
Right after he concedes, there’s rougher and rougher play with each possession. But Yoongi doesn’t let it phase him as he keeps fighting his way to the basket, only choosing to be rough when the same guy guards him. 
Because he’s completely fine being just as petty.  
Suddenly, something is muttered that has Yoongi’s attention. Because it’s so laughable that he can’t leave it alone. “What’d you say?” 
An answer doesn’t come until they stay put, both of them with hands resting on their knees while multiple sneakers scrape up the other side of the court. 
“I saw that earlier. That’s your girl?” 
He’s one of the guys that were eyeing you? 
Yeah, he’s getting ignored. Otherwise things’ll get real fucking funny real quick. 
As the teams continue to fight over rebounds without them, the man tries to get under his sweaty skin again, 
“You know what? I figured it out. You want her but you keep missing, huh. She left with someone else. You let that happen?”
Has this dude ever been told he sucks at shit talk? 
Yoongi simply wipes sweat from his forehead with his tank, realizing with a tiny scowl that his top is now useless with how soaked it is. 
As everyone makes their way back after a score, he thinks he can just brush this guy off now, deeming him not worthy of any more of his time. 
Until a switch is flipped.
“Can’t be around that bitch forever. Might just see how tight that cunt is mysel—” 
Yoongi has the guy’s collar before his mind can even process, shoving him back against the nearest chainlinks with force and erupting clangs. 
“Whoa, whoa!” 
“Hey, chill out!” 
“The fuck is going on?” 
In an instant, your brother and Jimin flank him, and Yoongi knows that they’re already assessing how things’ll go down if shit goes south. 
It wouldn’t be the first time. 
Or the tenth.
Yoongi can feel heatwaves from the tense half-circle around him, but as long as everyone’s waiting on a signal, he knows he can speak freely. 
So he does. 
“Why don’t you say that one more time.” 
“What’d he say, Yoong.” 
Mm. Nothing, huh. All that talk and suddenly he doesn’t have shit to say? 
Yoongi tilts his head, knuckles tight and twisted in wet cotton. “Go on.” 
“I don’t have to listen to you, man.” 
His eyebrows raise with his mouth, grinning out of pure disbelief and something more. 
He can take heat. 
But when it comes to you? 
Yeah, no one’s getting away with that shit.
“What’s wrong? You shy?” A fake, pointed laugh flies out of Yoongi’s throat before his expression completely drops, and his tone plunges into the ground, 
“Hurry the fuck up.” 
“It’s not even that serious—” 
He shoves a slick forearm into the man’s collarbone, feeling the sharp contact as the guy reacts with a slight grunt. “Then say it.” 
Yoongi feels it. All of it. All the stress that’s been building from the past couple weeks comes gushing out, from the studio clusterfuck to potentially ruined plans with you.
Now he has to deal with this? 
What bad fucking luck for this dumbass.
After he’s greeted with more silence, irritation makes him jut his forearm forward. 
“Fine,” the guy finally hacks out, grabbing Yoongi’s arm with sweaty hands. “Get off me.” 
Obliging, he pushes off with force before he hears wheezes that sound laced with amusement. 
“Little bitch. This is why I’ll have that pussy by next we—” 
An abrupt crack echoes out as your brother comes in with a swing, and Yoongi calmly backs up before the dude is snagged with two hands. 
Fuck, he didn’t expect a punch. Especially one to the face.  
Maybe your brother is as stressed out as he’s been saying. 
But, as Yoongi looks around, he notices something worked. At least, the hit must’ve been loud enough to make everyone think twice. 
Because while the group moves a step forward, no one rushes in completely. Which makes things a lot easier because he came to play basketball—not pick fights like the faraway days. He’s way too old for this shit now. 
As if he didn’t start this in the first place.
Why the hell was that his reaction, anyway? Yeah, he’s stressed, but he’s been able to keep his cool ever since work got hectic. He was even able to stay relatively calm—albeit alert—when these guys were watching you. 
But now? Now, even while the guy sports a split lip, Yoongi wants him worse off. Preferably crumpled in half and kissing concrete.
Why he feels this strongly is something he’ll have to evaluate later. Even though he already knows it can’t spell out anything good. 
While the guy sputters out a curse, bloody spit drips from his mouth as your brother gets in close. 
“If I ever. Ever catch you around her. I’m coming with more than a swing. You understand?” 
And Yoongi cocks a strong brow when the guy has the balls to say “Fuck you.” 
But your brother isn’t deterred. “Cus we’re letting you off easy. And I’m telling you now that next time? Will be a lot different.” 
“What…” A moist swallow. “Whatever, man.” 
“Try me. See what happens.” Your brother shoves the man further into the fence before backing away, giving him room to retreat. 
And the guy takes the out, nodding for his whole group to follow suit.
Yoongi hopes they can feel his glare. When he flicks his eyes to Jimin, he notices that he’s just as resolute and clench-jawed, fingers still balled into fists and eyes burning dark.
Fuck, everyone got lucky.
As the guys vacate the court and witnesses go back to minding their business, Yoongi can feel himself breathe again. Checking on your brother, he can tell that the man’s laser focused, remembering each face with rapid, stunning memory. 
And they’re almost gone. 
But not without the dude boring holes and dark vows into their eyes one last time.
When his glare pauses on your brother, he wipes bloody drool from his mouth before threatening,
“I’ll find out where you live, motherfucker.” 
That’s never a good sign. 
You live in the same house. 
He shouldn’t have let anything get to him. Now he might’ve made things worse for you. 
All he wants to do is fucking hit something. 
But while everyone is turned away, he instead diffuses dense anger out from his hands, balling them into fists and slowing the flex outwards. Again. And again. 
“Think he’s bluffing?” 
Jimin watches them file through the gate. “Maybe. But you never know.” 
“Yeah,” Yoongi agrees as he rubs his sore forearm. “Can’t be too careful. Guys like him snap eventually.” 
“Annoying as hell.” 
“And they took the fucking ball.” 
Your brother spins around with frustration. “What the fuck? Fuck, my hand hurts.” 
“They weren’t shit,” Jimin sighs as his friend shakes hurt fingers. “I don’t think the swing was necessary.” 
“It just came out. But you’re probably right.” 
“He’s definitely right.” 
“I hate to ask y’all. But when I’m gone—” 
“Yeah,” Yoongi interrupts, already planning on doing whatever it takes. He feels shitty and responsible enough as is. “We will.” 
“Thanks. Just this once. This should be the last trip for awhile.” 
“Shouldn’t we tell her?”
Before Yoongi can cut in, he’s overshadowed,
“No. We should be okay.” 
Which makes him purse his lips in thought. 
He shares a glance with Jimin, but they end up agreeing in the end. 
Tumblr media
Yoongi lightly squeezes his eyes before letting them open, facing a side of his bed he hasn’t touched lately. 
Again, regret wakes him up too early. 
His blinds still lie useless with no sunlight to block, only darkness persevering beyond the confines of his bedroom. Everywhere else, the world is quiet. Static.
If only his mind was the same.
Breathing in, he tries not to think. Tries hard not to think about everything that was, and everything that can’t be. 
This isn’t like him. 
He moves forward. He accepts. He leaves the past behind—mostly. 
But ever since the week that made him face a myriad of emotions he wasn’t prepared for, he’s been stuck in a loop. Stuck living through all that went down from the beginning.
Every morning. Every afternoon. And every night.
It’s not always the same sequence, though. Sometimes it starts with the basketball game; sometimes it starts before then, when he purposefully lied about not having a pump in his car. 
But other times, his mind drops him right into the first phone call you missed. 
The one he made after the longest workday he’s ever had in his life.
Tumblr media
Hustler: Outgoing Call
Yoongi hates the reason why he’s calling. Because he knows you’re not gonna like it. 
But he wasn’t gonna break it to you through texts. 
If you were someone else, he wouldn’t have given it a second thought. The text would’ve just been sent and he would’ve moved on. 
Yoongi didn’t wanna do that to you. 
It could be because of the lingering guilt from basketball, but even if that didn’t happen and he couldn’t see you, he still would’ve given you the courtesy of a call. The least he can do is give bad news through the phone. 
Hmm. It’s still ringing.
Don’t you usually answer right away?
Fuck, you aren’t picking up.
When it goes to voicemail, Yoongi feels a drop of dread ping into his stomach. 
Forget whatever news he was gonna tell you. He decides right then that he needs to go check on you.
Swerving to head over to your neighborhood instead of his complex, he runs long fingers through his hair.
He knows it’s a further drive, and he knows he’s ten seconds from passing the fuck out. 
But after whatever happened yesterday, he just needs to know if you’re safe. Whether he was the reason for your situation or not fuck.
Adrenaline. Guilt. Both make for a dangerous combination behind the wheel when his destination isn’t close.
Should he try you again?
Should he call Jimin?
Fuck, why didn’t he text you something more specific earlier? Yeah, he was busy, but that shouldn’t have taken precedence. He seriously needs to learn how to deal with work stress because it’s making him fall short in multiple areas.
Several minutes pass, and he tries his hardest to fill the loud silence with other thoughts. Like how he needs to learn quick to make up for losses at the studio. Or how he’s gonna be working overtime for weeks no matter what. 
Hustler: Incoming Call
His eyes dart straight to his phone, and he answers immediately. “Hey.” 
“I am so sorry! Fuck, I fell asleep.” 
You’re okay. 
There’s nothing to be sorry about at all.
But now, all the adrenaline in his system is draining at a blistering pace, leaving room for pure exhaustion to come back with a vengeance.
Fuck, he’s even more tired than before. 
“How… How was your day?” 
Yoongi rubs his face. 
As much as he wants to stay on the line, if he keeps talking to you, he won’t be able to hide how exhausted and frustrated he really is. You have a way of disarming people that scares him, at least based on that conversation in the kitchen on New Years. And the phone call after he took your brother home. 
There’s no telling what he’ll say if you make him comfortable again.
So he opts for a single sentence,
“It was fine.” 
Shit, even that sounded rough.
Fine is pushing it, too. Maybe even too far off base. But he doesn’t wanna burden you with any of the shit he’s going through, especially if you wouldn’t know half of what he’s talking about. 
“At least your day is done! Tomorrow will be fun, right?” 
A long exhale. 
Now for the news: he can’t see you tomorrow, either. The studio is so overwhelmed that he may not even see daylight multiple days of the week. 
He sums everything up in a sentence. 
“Same shit tomorrow, too.” 
And he hates himself for it.
He pulls up on your road right after, scanning the area for any strange cars. 
Hmm. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everything looks familiar so far, which is ideal. 
“Oh. I see.” 
He definitely wishes he had other options, but he’d much rather give it to you straight instead of offering false hope. If he could find a way to figure things out, he’d tell you. There’s just nothing his fatigued mind can think of right now. 
He’ll make it up to you eventually. Whenever that may be. 
Rolling up and parking, he looks around one more time before settling into his seat, realizing that he hadn’t responded out loud yet.
“No, no! It’s okay. Things happen.” 
It’s admirable how you’re trying to mask it. But there’s no way you can hide how you feel right now. 
Fuck, just one thing after another that he can’t get right. 
Is this karma for the stupid decisions he made? Not only has he put you in potential danger, but he’s also being held from seeing you entirely? 
Either way, he deserves the second one. Because he already knows he doesn’t deserve you in the first place. 
Yoongi forces out a sigh before eyeing your front window.
He knows you’re home, judging by the silhouette shrouded by the blinds and curtains. 
So he should go.
Go back home, shower, skip dinner, go to sleep…
“It’s okay, Yoongi. If you’re busy—”
Fuck it.
“I’m not busy right now.” 
Getting out, he shuts his door before waking right up to your front porch. Knowing that he really shouldn’t be doing anything other than sleeping. 
“Oh. Okay.” 
The weekend ahead is long. There’s way too much to do. If they don’t get their shit together, there’s no way they’re making this deadline. 
But your voice on the line is so fucking small. 
It makes sense. He knows you want to see him, and he wants to see you, too. Against everything telling him this shouldn’t have been more than that summer afternoon—or anything at all—he still wants it. And you have no idea how much. 
He shouldn’t be doing this.
He knows you’re safe, and that should be enough. 
It’s not.
“Open the door, doll.”
Tumblr media
Yoongi forces himself into a sitting position, squinting at his nightstand and grabbing his phone after a few tries. 
His screen lights up with notifications, but if it doesn’t have anything to do with work then he can’t be bothered by it. 
Scroll. Scroll. 
And he doesn’t see your nickname, either. So he tosses it back and rubs his eyes. 
He remembers when he changed your name to that in his phone, and he wonders if you’ll ever get to see that for yourself. 
Would you be shocked? Would you tell him to change it back? Even if you did, there’s no way he would. 
It’s too perfect. 
And it’s much easier to deal with than any other name he wants to change it to.
Besides, he definitely called you that long before he found out you were hustling him in multiple ways. Seems like you’re just that person to him, tripping him up with underhanded business practices, or smiles that have his heart skipping. 
It was nice to bring up old times while you walked around his complex. He knew it would shock you to know that he still remembers your little food stands, which made the whole reveal that much sweeter. Your reaction was absolutely priceless, just like the rest of the night. 
At least, before you started getting inside your own head again.
Tumblr media
“Hey… We can go back inside if you’re worried someone’ll see us.” 
Yoongi pauses as he looks at you, hating how you look so goddamn guilty just being outside. “Huh?”
“You keep looking around.” 
Oh. Well, he is, but not because of what you think. 
You shouldn’t ever need to worry about what he’s been shouldered with. 
Yoongi walks toward you, wanting to wipe the sadness out of your eyes and the uncertainty from your lips. 
The night has been calm as hell for him—other than checking over his shoulder like always. Even though he didn’t necessarily want to go outside, there was no way he was gonna let you go by yourself. 
But he hasn’t felt this content in a minute. Simply talking to you and hearing you speak without hesitation relaxes him, and he thinks it’s because he’s already familiar with your company. 
Yeah, he got around. And yeah, he only saw you as his friend’s sister. But you popped up so often that it became routine to see your face, a subtle constant in his life no matter how great or shitty it was going. 
There just hadn’t been a way to hang out with you like this before now.
Which is a shame. Because he has to admit that you’re fun as hell to talk to.
When you left for university, he really did mean it when he sent you off with an offer. But it truly was pure in intentions at the time. 
It was when you came back to visit that he may have been thinking of other things. And when you were quicker to correct him with any newfound knowledge did he start having some not so acceptable thoughts. 
Where was the girl that switched up make believe prices on him? Who was this person that looked like she had matured and lived and been through some of the same bullshit that he did? 
He didn’t know. And not knowing didn’t sit quite well with him. 
But you somehow showed up on his doorstep after a whole year of him hating who he was. And whatever you did somehow repaired that broken record, allowing him to escape that headspace and do shit again. 
Your voice is so tiny when you whisper, “I just thought…” 
“Just a habit, doll,” he assures, hoping that you trust him even though he doesn’t deserve it. “It’s not you.” 
Just this once. 
Let him be the only one that worries. 
His jaw clenches. 
Whoever you were with before? They didn’t deserve you. Not a single one of them deserved to chisel away at your confidence until you had to come to someone like him to fix it.
And truthfully, he doesn’t deserve those eyes looking at him like that, either. Like he holds all the answers when he really only comes with problems.
Like how he put you in this position in the first place, whether that dude was bluffing or not. Not only do you not know about what happened at basketball, but now you think he’s paranoid about being seen with you. 
Fucking hell.
He brings a hand up to lightly touch your chin, and he focuses hard on the way you react. Innocent. Pure. One of his many, many favorites. 
If someone sees him? With the woman so engrossed in cooking and music that she didn’t even realize she was being watched earlier? The same person that dumped cold fucking water on his tired head and blazed a trail of puddles throughout his apartment? 
It’s minutes later, when you’re admiring the night sky with the same wonderment he holds in his, that he realizes that he could be fine with that.
More than fine with that.
If only circumstances were different.
Tumblr media
Falling back onto his pillow, Yoongi stares at his ceiling, remembering the kiss that sprouted from simply not giving a fuck for two seconds.
If you remember anything about that weekend, he hopes it’s that moment. That lone pocket of time is one that he’ll always remember.
Because it scared the shit out of him.
He knew that he shouldn’t have done it. He knew that. 
But he found himself not caring in the slightest, not being able to resist how breathtaking moonlight looked in your eyes. You were magnetizing. You were magic.
You kissed him back.
Did you know that would affect him days after? Did you know you planted something in his chest with your bare hands? Something that began to hurt when he realized he couldn’t do this with you forever? 
When you held his hoodie… 
It was crystal clear that things were more complicated than he planned for, including the need to protect you reaching levels that he still won’t fully acknowledge.
That strong urge caused him to do things he never thought he’d do again. 
Tumblr media
When he pulls up to your house, he notices you covertly checking the street, halfway amused and halfway very much not. 
Of course you’re paranoid about being seen with him, being driven home in his car. But he wanted to be sure you got home. And, more pressingly, he wanted to give you something before you went inside.
Because he knew he could let you stay over the weekend. But it’s definitely pushing it if he flat out suggested staying for the week. 
Is this going too far? Probably. But he’ll be damned if something happened to you when he wasn’t careful. If something happened because of something he did. 
When you’re about to open your door, he decides. “Listen.”
Shit, you tensed hard. 
Yoongi feels his heart lurch. You look like anything he’s gonna say will shatter you into pieces. 
This is his reputation, after all. Something he just has to live and deal with. 
So he does. 
Because he’s about to give you something that he knows you’re gonna react to. Even though he feels awkward about it himself, he’s gotta be chill because that’ll be the only way he’ll get through this conversation. 
“This is just for the week, got it?” 
“What is?” 
Fuck, why is this so hard? It’s a key. An object used to open another one.
Just hand it over. There’s no other real way to do this.
Reaching into a pocket that seemed quite heavy the whole drive over, he grabs his spare and holds it over the console. 
And he watches as you stare for what seems like hours. 
“Yoongi, what the fuck?” 
Fuck, why is his heart racing? This is supposed to be for your safety, but… The situation finally hits him. 
He hasn’t given anyone a key to his place in a long time, just like he hasn’t let anyone stay. It almost has him just as caught up as you look. 
Relax. This is just whatever, not some grand gesture that he’ll think about before going to sleep in a bed without you in it. 
“I don’t know how the next few days are gonna go, but. Use it whenever.”
“I don’t…” 
“It’s just a key, doll. Don’t overthink it.” 
He knows you’re gonna. But you don’t need to. 
Don’t overthink anything with him. 
“I”—you nod, softly taking the spare and holding it tight—“Okay.” 
All you’re doing is sitting there, looking at the key like you’ve never seen one before… 
And all he wants to do is turn the car around. 
Goddamn, he’s gotten more than soft. Surely, he can deflect whatever the hell he’s feeling somehow. 
But what does he say? What can he focus on? What can he make you focus on? 
Well. Better things. Things that are attainable, things that have nothing to do with him. 
“Find something that makes you happy.”
Yoongi sets a forearm on his steering wheel, averting his gaze so he doesn’t have to feel so fucking shy. “A job. Or whatever. It’ll make a difference.”
You nod. “You’re right.”
“I’m always right.” He turns back to regard you, eyes dropping to his spare when he realizes your stare is too much to handle. “Just text me if you end up using it.”
Your voice is back to dropping a few sizes when you whisper, “I will. Good night, Yoongi.” 
While you exit his car and leave, he thinks about many things, and they all have to do with you. 
Because over the last couple days alone, he’s discovered how amazing you really are. 
And with each thing he learns, the more concerned he gets. About the way you’ve been treated, about anything happening to you, and about how he’s starting to feel.
When you’re halfway to your door, Yoongi breaks his gaze to look down the street. 
Even with all the shit you’ve been through, it hasn’t made your heart any darker. 
You didn’t need to seek him out when you needed reassurance. You didn’t need to be so considerate that you’d go the extra ten miles for him. You didn’t need to tell him that he could talk to you about things, without even really knowing him. 
And you certainly did not need to figure out where he’s ticklish, but that’s a whole different issue. 
But despite striking out so often, you’re still out there. Just as kind and considerate as you ever were, even to someone like him.
He turns to see you digging through your bag. Probably to find your keys. 
Maybe that’s why he feels this deep, strong impulse to protect you now—and not just from what he caused. 
Nah. It’s more than that. He wants you safe from everything, even yourself.
Because you’ve only settled. And you deserve a lot more than what you’ve gotten handed so far. 
Maybe he needs to show you that.
When you unlock your place and step inside, he thinks it’s cool to drive off. But it isn’t until you turn back and see him that he actually leaves.
Wondering how the hell he’s gonna get through this week without getting himself into more trouble than he already is.
Tumblr media
There’s a vibration at his side, and it takes Yoongi a second to realize that he’s being called.
Right now?
Who the hell…
Reaching to grab his phone, he squints to see who the fuck could be calling. 
Work call? 
Groaning, he closes his eyes before answering with a groggy, “Sup.”
Jungkook sounds just as croaky and tired as he does. 
“Hey. Think you can come in early today.”
“What’s early.”
Now? How is Kook even awake? This is usually when they head out or crash on their couches. “It’s five.”
“You were awake enough to answer.”
“Mm.” Yoongi breathes into the line. “True.”
“They’re already here. I just got up from a nap, but. Yeah. We need you.”
“Yeah, I can.”
Yoongi drops his phone as soon as the call ends, dumping his head into the crook of his elbow. 
And just like always, the memories continue, picking up at the time he made you worry for a whole damn night.
Tumblr media
Hustler: Incoming Call
Fuck, he needs to answer you. 
Excusing himself from the studio, he brushes off the manicured nails reaching for his sleeves. 
Goddamn. He can’t believe Jungkook brought chicks in when they’re this close to a deadline. The guy swears they’re just his friends, but that’s definitely not the vibe Yoongi feels. 
The whole thing is enough to piss him off, frankly, but it’s not a battle he’s decided to pick just yet. Not when he can just ignore them. 
Kook’s voice follows him to the door, “Where you going!” 
“Taking a call.” 
“Tell them you’re busy!” 
“Won’t take long,” Yoongi mumbles before leaving, wanting to add that there’s other people that need to be told that instead. 
Hustler: Outgoing Call
As soon as you answer, he doesn’t hesitate, “You okay?” 
“Much better. But you’re busy so I can wait.” 
At least you’re okay. But didn’t you have something to smooth over with your friends? Did you end up doing that? “You sure?” 
“Ah, yeah. I’ll just be in bed.” 
“Yours or mine?” 
…Why the hell did he just ask that?
That can’t be good for him. The two of you aren’t even close to dating, or have anything other than a couple hookups. Or whatever they are. He doesn’t exactly know.
But the words came out so naturally that he’s wondering where he stands. 
Is this why he isn’t even entertaining those girls? Because his mind’s already made up that he’s seeing you? 
He hears the hesitance in your voice. You sound as shocked as he feels. 
“I’m at home.” 
Maybe it’s because he would feel better if you were back at his place. Now that he knows you’re home alone, there’s something in him that wants you just a bit closer. 
But how does he get you over there with the least amount of suspicion possible? How the fuck does he finesse this? 
Well, there is one way.
He can always get you upset with him.
“You threw away that key, huh.” 
“I have your key! I just.. I dunno. Using it when you’re not there is weird. Still feels like I’m intruding.” 
He laughs, understanding how you would think that. There’s a reason he hasn’t given his key to anyone in awhile. Privacy is his biggest priority.
And yet… After he gave you his spare, he had no regrets. All the awkwardness he felt before went away in an instant. 
But he’s not done with you yet. “Then give it up.” 
“Gimme the key back. I’ll come get it tonight.” 
Because he’s gonna see you either way, whether you come over to his place or not. 
It’s just way too fun to hear you flounder. If only you were here in person, too. 
“…Damn you, Yoongi.” 
More amusement flies out of his throat before he goads, “What?” 
“You’re so… Ugh! Fine. I’ll keep it.” 
“It’s all up to you.”
“Yeah? Then I’m going over there just to lock you out.” 
There you go. 
Laughing, he feels his chest beat quick, so fucking amused when you come at him like that. Like you don’t give a shit who he is. It does things to him that he’ll never quite admit out loud. “God, I love it when you’re—” 
“Yoong! Hurry up, man!” 
“Yoongi! Come back!” 
Ah, fuck. He said he wasn’t gonna take long, but it seems like he loses track of time when talking to you.
Covering his receiver, he shouts down the hall, “Yeah, one sec!” 
Hopefully what he did is enough to convince you to go to his place. At the end of the day, he really does want you safe. Hard to think you would be when some fucker decided to threaten you and your brother. “Hey, I gotta go. But I’ll be back tonight.”
“Am I gonna see you?” 
It takes awhile for you to answer, and he hates how timid you sound. 
“Do you want to?” 
More than anything. “Course I do.” 
Another few seconds pass until you answer again, but Yoongi will wait as long as he needs to. 
“Okay. I’ll be there.” 
“Thank fuck.” 
He hears a tiny puff of laughter before you tut, 
“Such a guy. But don’t leave until you’re done!” 
Of course you want him to focus. You’ve been nothing but supportive this entire time, and he can’t thank you enough for that. “K.” 
“I believe in you. You’ll finish.” 
You’re cute. But that’s a big fucking stretch. 
There’s still a lot that they have to do, and getting all of that done in a single night would be a miracle. 
Who knows with you, though. You could be his saving grace, or a good luck charm. 
“I dunno about that, but.. Thanks, doll.” 
And when they do end up finishing after hours later, he celebrates with all the guys before driving home. 
With the strongest urge to kiss his good luck charm stupid. 
Tumblr media
Yoongi grabs his glasses from his nightstand, putting them on after raking back his hair. 
One breath. 
Then two. 
Get up. 
Setting his feet on the ground, he lugs himself upward, hating how the cocoon he left feels more inviting than ever. 
Well, not as inviting as when you—
Buzzes on his nightstand make him pause. 
Is Kook calling again? Does he get to sleep in after all? 
Leaning, Yoongi checks his screen.
Oh. Of course. 
Sighing, he answers with a sleep-bogged tone, “Huh.” 
“You actually answered! Morning, sunshine.”
“What do you want.”
“Ouch? Rude.” 
Jimin laughs, too fucking awake as always. 
“You heard about the game this week, yeah?”
Shit, he’s already forgotten about intramurals. After what went down, he completely forgot about the league entirely. 
A memory about the last game does come back to him, though. One involving the very person saying something on the line.
Someone he still needs to thank for a lot of things that week. 
Tumblr media
Yoongi walks into the gym they’re slotted to play in, still high as hell off the kiss you gave him before you left. 
He’s gonna get you back for that one. You can’t be better than him at his own game. 
In the center of the court, a bin of mesh jerseys sits, so he grabs one before approaching a familiar face. “Hey.” 
“Ah, I see you lost the orange!” 
He slips on the jersey while pointing out through a smile, “Said I was gonna.” 
“Did you dye it this morning or did she?” 
Yoongi looks at him before grabbing a ball from the floor. The hell does he mean by that? Lips faltering, he answers, “I did.” 
It’s Jimin’s turn to grin while they make their way to their designated basket. “You should’ve let her do it. Since she was there when I called.” 
“Okay, fess up,” Yoongi tuts, stopping his dribble. “What’re you getting at.” 
“Damn, relax,” his friend soothes through a smirk. “I didn’t say you did anything. I just knew she was there.” 
“You know this week is—”
“I know.” Jimin suddenly drops all sense of amusement, his voice switching on a dime. “I freaked the fuck out two nights ago. I’m giving you shit because you didn’t tell me.” 
“Tell you what?”
“That she was with you!” He snatches the ball before dribbling in place. “Her friends called Taehyung flipping out that she wasn’t at the house—” 
Oh, shit. That explains all the shit you woke up to.
“—and Tae couldn’t get ahold of her, you didn’t answer my calls—”
“—it was a lot. But… Tae and I ended up driving over to your place. We didn’t leave until we found her car.”
Eyebrows shoot into Yoongi’s now-dark bangs. “Shit. You did all that?”  
Jimin stops the ball before pinning it to his hip. Sighing, he looks at the ground before turning to regard him, tense silence filling the space before he admits,
“I did what I thought you would do.” 
He’s not wrong. 
“Thanks?” He gets socked in the arm. “Apologize first! Fucking heart almost stopped three times that night.” 
Yoongi’s already nodding at the ground. “You’re right. Sorry.” 
“Thank you,” Jimin huffs out, giving the ball back with a sigh. “Just tell me something.” 
A tiny, knowing chuckle slips between them as they watch the rest of their team warm-up. “You know what I’m asking.” 
“I could ask you the same about Ta—” 
“Ah, the game’s about to start!” Jimin spins around, giving all the answers needed. “Gotta warm up, you know?” 
And after his friend retreats, Yoongi stares at nothing with a cheek prod. 
He didn’t realize everyone was so worried. You told him about your friends—shockingly—but he didn’t know about Jimin and Tae. 
Hearing how everything went down? Knowing what threats were made and learning that you weren’t at home or answering your phone? 
Fuck, he would’ve lost his goddamn mind. 
Shaking dark thoughts from his head—and a handful of other scary ones—he forces himself to focus, warming up harder than he’s ever done before. 
Tumblr media
Blinking, Yoongi realizes he got so distracted that he totally missed what was said. “Sorry, I zoned the fuck out. What did you say?”
“Oh, we have a bye week. No game.” 
He rubs his face before finally heading to his bathroom, wondering why the hell he’s being called at dawn for this. “Okay.”
“I was thinking we could do something instead.”
A yawn selfishly pushes out first before he can ask, “Like what.”
“I dunno. Dinner? Shiv wants to go out again and Tae may be down for once.”
Yoongi bumps into the doorframe of his bathroom, letting out a sleepy grunt before rubbing his shoulder. “Out where?”
“Ask your girlfriend where she wants to go.”
Oh, he’s gonna do nothing but deny that. And ignore the squeeze of his chest. “She’s not my girlfriend, idiot.”
“Deny it all you want. Even Shiv noticed something was up with you at Solaria.” 
Oh, yeah. That’s the place they went to last night. All he could really remember was how fucking good you looked. 
Honestly, he could’ve been anywhere and you’re all he would’ve seen. 
…Shit. Maybe Jimin’s teasing has some merit.
Yoongi hasn’t been this down bad in a minute.
But the more hope he allows himself, the worse he ends up feeling. So whenever any comes along, it’s promptly squashed.
“It’s nothing, Chim.”
Jimin’s silent, which makes Yoongi strain his ears to listen more intently. 
“It’s something if it makes you this annoying.”
Yoongi puffs into his receiver, his smile enough to stretch his cheeks. “Now you’re just wrong.”
“So she’s not your girlfriend, and you aren’t seeing her?”
“Dude. She’s clearly into you. And you’re telling me all you’re doing is playing around?”
“Your point?”
A sigh. 
“I guess my question is… And I don’t normally pry this hard, but I care about both of you, so…” 
Yoongi waits. 
“What are you gonna do once you stop?”
Tumblr media
Fuck, how many people has he dodged tonight? 
Even now, as he gently lifts an arm off of his, he’s wondering if everyone just decided to show up to Dalo just to see him. 
“Awhh, Yoongi, you’re no fun.” 
Another unsuccessful pout. 
He keeps trying to look into the crowd, hoping to still see you despite the sea of bodies. 
But again, someone else approaches with a bounce in their step. “Yoongi! Baby!” 
He doesn’t reciprocate the hug, instead looking at Jimin for assistance while extricating himself. “Uhmm…” 
“What’s wrong? Remember me?”
He should feel bad for this lie, but he doesn’t. “I don’t, sorry.” 
“Oh.” The obvious follow-up flows right out as he tries to scan the crowd, “I can help you remember…” 
Calmly taking fingers off of his dress shirt, Yoongi doesn’t acknowledge the comment as Jimin slips in, 
“I don’t think we’ve met, gorgeous. Why don’t you forget him for a sec?” 
The girl doesn’t even think twice as she moves away with him, and Yoongi can breathe again. 
Goddamn. He hopes you didn’t see any of this. Even if you already know this haunting part of his lifestyle, it’s another thing for you to watch it in motion. 
It’s almost enough to make him sick of the whole thing entirely. What the fuck does that mean? He doesn’t know and he doesn’t want to think about it right now.
All he wants to think about is what he sees in front of him: you, like he’s never seen you before. 
Fuck, what he would give to have you dance on him like that. 
Truthfully, he’d probably tug you away and pin you against the nearest wall. Or take you straight to the bathrooms, whichever was closest.
Confidence suits you better than anything he can picture you in, and when you turn to look right at him, he has to prod the inside of his cheek to not shy away from your eyes. 
What the fuck are you doing to him? 
If you came up to him right now? 
He’d give you anything you wanted. 
All you’d have to do is say it. 
Tumblr media
Yoongi holds the phone to his ear, unmoving because of the cold of morning—certainly not because of what he was just asked. 
Fuck, he doesn’t have an answer. 
Jimin sighs on the line, not offering anything else until he finally says, 
“It’s all good,” Yoongi replies. “I get it.” 
“I just—”
“I know.” 
“Do you really? Or are you just ignoring it?”
Yoongi’s silent once again, knowing that Jimin isn’t gonna let this go until he decides to himself. 
“I meant I’m sorry for bringing it up now. But I’m not sorry for saying it.” 
“You’re happy, dude.” 
Well. That’s definitely not where he thought he’d go with this. “Huh?”
“Admit it. I saw you at the party. You are.” 
He’s not ready for this conversation. Not when he’s still fucking shaken from what you said to him before he left your room. 
That’s the memory he tries to keep at arm’s length the longest. 
Hardening his resolve, he brushes off his friend, feeling like a total ass. “I got work, Chim.” 
“Why else do you think I’m up.” 
“To talk to her? I don’t know.” 
“I can’t fucking do this right now.” 
“You can’t fucking—the fuck is up with you? Where’s the Yoongi that almost pulled my arm off at Dalo?” 
Yoongi clenches his jaw. 
“I’ve never seen you like that. Ever.” 
His heart’s starting to slow. His tongue won’t move. Everything is starting to come back again, and he can’t do anything to stop it.
Tumblr media
At his side, Jimin offers a flirty goodbye before sliding next to him. 
As both of them lean on the bar, Yoongi takes a sip of his drink. “Thanks for that.” 
“No sweat. She was hot.” Jimin takes a sip from his glass, as well. “I know you’re just watching out tonight, but. I might call her if you’re cool with it.” 
Isn’t he with Taehyung now? The guy even went to their game. 
He’s never seen any of Jimin’s hookups anywhere other than places like this and late-night diners. 
Leaning over, he points out, “I don’t think I’m the one you need to ask.” 
Jimin scoffs before looking away, taking another sip. “We still don’t know what it is.” 
“He came to the game.” 
Jimin looks back at the crowd before the ghost of a smile appears on his face. “Gotta admit that I didn’t expect that.” He puts his drink down behind Yoongi’s back. “Good thing she did, too. I’ve never seen you play that hard.” 
Yoongi smirks. “I dunno what you’re talking abou—” 
“Oh, fuck!”
“Stay he—”
“Fuck tha—”
“Call Tae and stay the fuck back here!”
Yoongi’s forcefully shoved into the bar, heart racing right out of his chest and speeding after Jimin barreling through the crowd.
There’s no way. No fucking way. All week, they were fine. 
How the fuck did that dude know you were here? 
Everything is swirling in his vision as his limbs freeze. 
Jimin’s got it. He has to he has to. What is he supposed to do? What does he— Oh. Taehyung. 
Hands shaking, Yoongi fishes out his phone before—
“I’ll call security.”
Yoongi swivels to see the bartender holding up a walkie, and he shakes his head. “Don’t.” 
“You sure, honey?”
He doesn’t respond as he finds Taehyung in his contacts, ringing him up and hoping to everything that he picks the fuck up.
“Okay. But just in case, there’s a small hallway to the right, next to our kitchen. You should be okay there.”
Yoongi eyes the girl again before looking towards where she said—
“Get over here. Dalo.” 
“Shit, okay. What’s going on?”
He can hear scrambling on the line. “Just hurry.” 
“Fuck, okay, I’m coming. I’ll be there.” 
Hanging up, Yoongi darts his eyes through the crowd, no air existing in his lungs. 
One second. 
Too many seconds. 
Fuck it, he’s going in, too—
He sees you. 
You’re with Jimin, sheltered under a leather sleeve as you’re moved through the crowd. 
And fuck, you look so shaken. But you’re there. You’re safe. 
Letting himself breathe again, he turns to say a quick thanks to the bartender before facing forward again.
“Of course, honey.” 
He can’t stare at anyone but you. 
“And take your girl home.” 
Tumblr media
Fuck, he got distracted again. He can already feel Jimin getting ready to pop off as he walks to his closet.
But his friend sounds outright done as he scoffs through the speaker,
“You know what? Fine. Go to work or whatever. But we aren’t finished.” 
Thank fuck. 
The line is cut off before Yoongi can finish two syllables, and he lets his arm drop like a weight. 
Jimin can try all he wants. But he’s not gonna say anything. 
His girl? 
No chance. 
Yeah, he does wanna call you just to hear your voice. And sure, he does wanna tell you that you shouldn’t worry about your interview today at all. 
But that doesn’t mean you’re actually his. 
If anything, that says something about him. 
Pulling a shirt over his head, Yoongi grabs a chain from his dresser before making his way out of his room. It’s gonna be another long ass day, so he bustles around the kitchen for coffee and something to hold him over later. 
What would you do if you were here? 
Probably tell him to go back to sleep so you can do all this for him. 
Because that’s just who you are. 
Yoongi remains still as he waits for the brewing sounds to stop, eyes unblinking and aimed at the dining table he’s come to not hate anymore. 
Once a space that saw many destructive arguments and silent, unfinished meals, your appearance started giving it new life. New energy. Energy that he can physically feel as he passes it on the way to his room. 
You have no idea how much you’ve changed his life. Whether you’re his or not, that fact remains the same. 
He gets up when he needs to, he applies himself, he actually cares about what he does and doesn’t let the slightest inconvenience turn him off. 
All because of you. 
Fuck, you’re just… 
Heart clenching, Yoongi rests both hands on his counter, overwhelmed by the war inside himself that rages on. Conflicts of multiple interests present themselves every second, pulling him in direction after direction until he’s completely and utterly lost. 
Jimin means well. 
But Yoongi can’t think about doing this again. 
Not after what he went through last time. 
Besides. It isn’t just about how you feel, or how he feels. His best friend has no fucking clue, and there’s no easy way to break all this to him if it comes down to it. If there came a time where he’d have to fess up. 
He would not take a single sentence of that well. 
And Yoongi wouldn’t blame him in the slightest. 
But even if you weren’t off-limits, even if things were different, he still doesn’t think he could take that step. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because it would be best for you in the long run. 
And he knows how ridiculous that is, because how could he think that but still want what he wants? How can he say this shit but think about taking you out and showing you off like you deserve? 
How can he keep allowing himself to say that you’re his when you shouldn’t be? 
It makes no fucking sense. But he can’t help but think the worst. Every single time. 
Besides. You haven’t said a single thing about wanting to be with him. 
He’s asked you multiple times what you wanted, when he knew that you knew what he meant. 
And nothing.
But it’s fine. It’s better that way. Maybe you’ll grow tired of him or move on like you should. 
What happened before is enough to ground him. As long as he’s reminded of the past, he can’t fuck up the future. 
There’s a reason he keeps that guitar where it is. 
It’s the first thing he sees when he walks into his place—a constant reminder of how things are supposed to be.
His shoulders bunch as he leans on the counter, remembering how stupid it was to try playing for you. That was the most powerless he’s ever felt in years. 
But he did it anyway. Because it used to be a source of comfort for him, and you looked so fucking defeated that he wanted to do anything to make you okay again. 
The coffee has long since been done brewing. 
But Yoongi’s only thinking about the end of that night. The night that started this internal war in the first place. The night that will haunt him for the rest of his life. 
Tumblr media
He already knows you’re beautiful, but you’re indescribable when you come. 
Maybe it’s because you feel so strongly in general, in all aspects of life. It’s only natural that you would exude pure emotion at your most vulnerable moment, disarming even the frostiest, darkest hearts just like his own. 
But also. Maybe it’s because of the way you say his name. Because he can’t help but live in that moment hours after every time it happens, wishing that there was a future out there that included that situation every day of his life. 
With your eyes closed, you can’t see how he watches you. 
And it’s better that way. 
You keep saying his name, and other things that are thawing his insides, but he finally breaks when you whisper a thank you. 
Lips at your temple, he vows, 
“That won’t happen again, love.” 
You somehow reply, but your words are jumbled and slurred. And it takes Yoongi a few solid minutes to get you to your bathroom and dress you into a shirt he had to find. 
When he guides you back to your bed, he decides to join you until he knows you’re asleep, eyes charting your face and ingraining it into his memory. 
No one’s doing that shit to you again. 
No fucking chance. 
Resignation slips over his eyes as he feels awash with something that terrifies him. He tells himself to get up and keep watch until your brother comes, but he knows distancing himself right now is also pretty fucking important. 
He’s way too weak to fight how he feels about you. 
How he’s truly felt about you for awhile now.
Just as he’s about to move, he feels the tiniest resistance, wondering how you gained enough strength to hold his arm while you slept. 
Still so adorab—
“Wish you were there, Yoongi.” 
He freezes. 
“I was so scared.” 
Tumblr media
Yoongi hits his counter with a fist, face burning anger into granite before he drops his head. 
All that fucking time. All those fucking nights.
Only to have you just out of reach and almost… 
He did this to you. He should’ve been there. 
As someone that would rather be reminded of the past instead of dwell in it, he sure as hell feels like he’s stuck there. Hoping and praying and wishing that you’re safe and reliving that span of seconds where he thought that you weren’t going to be. 
He should’ve fucking been there.
This is exactly why he can’t be with you. This is exactly why he wants you to be his.
Fuck, he’s gonna be sick. 
Maybe work is exactly what he needs right now.
Exhaling from his nose, he shuts tired eyes, wondering how the hell he can’t do anything right. Pissed off that he can’t do everything that he wants to do. 
Frustrated that he’s gonna keep seeing you despite knowing that he has to let you go.
He gathers his things with stiff fingers before heading out the door, looking for the cat he wants you to meet before walking to his car. 
Another breath.
Another day.
Filled with the same fucking thoughts as the last. 
Tumblr media
A/N: well. there you have it🥺 i know we always see reader’s mind spirals and their vast array of overthinking patterns. but.. i wanted to showcase yoongi’s because i honestly think his is incredibly worse :(( there’s a lot we didn’t know about him and i know y’all have been wanting his POVs! i separated this from 3tan9 because i thought it would’ve been way too much to read on top of everything going on in there LOL  A/N 2: as always, thank you so much for all of the support. whether you’re new, or an OG, i truly appreciate you being here and going on this journey with me and the 3tan crew. if you could let me know what you liked or thought about this, whether through a reblog, comment, or message, i would be so grateful!  ++ feedback box: ⇥ of course, any reblogs/comments/messages are appreciated! ⇥ for the ones that are too shy to reblog with a review, comment on this, or send a message, i went ahead and made another anonymous form where you can send in what you think! ⇥ no emails collected, no need to put in a username. it’s literally just a comment dropbox :D feedback can be as short/sweet or as long as you’d like! ⇥ here! ++ ⇥ masterlist
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aajjks · a day ago
Crush (JJK)
Tumblr media
synopsis. He hated you, crushingly.
pairing: secret soft yandere simp!jungkook x barista!reader. ft. jaehyun loml
warnings: degrading words, softer yandere, simp behaviour 101, yandere, obsessive thoughts, HES such a diva imo, content warning yandere.
note. idk what the fuck I just wrote 😭 he’s such a simp I just nshshshhsbsb. I’m in love with jungkook it’s pathetic. thanks for reading! :dd ps my bday is in two days wohooo
Tumblr media
Jungkook despised your guts.
You made his skin crawl, his blood pressure rise as soon as he sees your figure walking in the campus, he hates how his heart is racing like some teenager idiot.
He can’t bring himself to tear his eyes away from you.
You are so infuriating every single time he sees you, it makes his brain shut down, his heartbeat becomes abnormally fast and his body itches with longing.
Fucking bitch, he chews on his lower lip, barely paying attention to whatever Jaehyun is talking about, rocking his feet back n forth to calm himself.
He wants you so bad. Jungkook realised that a long time ago, he wants you.
He doesn’t want to, he hates you.
But, “bro, stop gawking at her.” He blinks twice at Jaehyun’s tone, finally looking away from your figure.
Jungkook turns his body to the side, now looking at his best friend who gives him a look of disappointment.
“Do you see her laughing with that dumb blonde bitch? What’s so damn funny!” Jungkook gritted his teeth, “what a whore.” He inhaled a breath.
God, he was desperate.
Jaehyun cocked a brow at Jungkook’s cruel remarks about you, “aw look at you and your words… the look in your eyes doesn’t really suit your words”
Jungkook knows.
Jaehyun sighs, “Jungkook, you are in love with Y/N.”
The tattooed man gasped. “What the fuck, hell no!”
Jungkook was not in love with you, he just obsessively hated you, “she’s a loser, fuckin loser.” He hissed, in his defence while his friend only clicked his tongue.
Tumblr media
Jungkook was not a stalker.
He was just…. Making sure of a few things,
He fixed his cap and tilted his body so you couldn’t see him, but he could see you,
All clearly.
“Umm Jungkook? Is that you?”
He quickly averted his gaze down to the floor, your footsteps approaching him, Jungkook wanted to run.
“Oh my gosh! Hi!” Your voice filled his ears, his body wasn’t reacting, how could be so dumb. “H-Hi loser.”
He gulped and finally made eye contact with you.
oh, you and your stupid pretty face.
Those eyes of yours annoyed him the most, so damn attractive it made his mind dizzy. “I didn’t know you liked the coffee here?” You laughed at his nickname for you.
He felt his cheeks get hot.
“So? What can I get you?” You looked at him with your eyes, he was getting nervous.
Damn your eyes.
“Ummm…. Whatever you like.”
Before Jungkook could stop his mouth, the words already came out.
“You mean, from my preferences?”
He watched as you nodded with a cute expression on your face. He could feel his heart melt into a poodle.
“And…. WAIT Y/N…” he stood up before you could leave.
“Bring two. And have it with me. Keep me company…. Y-Your shift is almost over, isn’t it?”
“I-I need to tell you something…” he continued, wanting to look at you longer, his heartbeat rising.
I love you.
“Okay, give me a few minutes then.”
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practice | jjk (series masterlist)
Tumblr media
→pairing: fuckboy!jk x inexperienced reader
→rating/genre: m/18+ | college au, fwb, smut, fluff, angst
→status: ongoing (three part series)
Tumblr media
→part one — | 8.1k |
You usually spend Friday nights on your own. Tonight, however, your friend and campus fuckboy, Jungkook, decides to pay you a visit.
→part two — | 8.1k |
Everything is wet. You and Jungkook tangled up on the shower floor. Your eyes afterwards.
→part three — | coming soon |
Tumblr media
© chryblossomjjk 2022 [do not copy, translate or repost] | gif in graphic is from @jung-koook
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kooksbunnnn · 2 days ago
Love Language - Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
Summary: Just Yoongi and his love language. 
Warnings: kissing, heavy making out, fingering, mentions of squirting, unprotected sex (please don't), Yoongi's long fingers, big dick Yoongi, mentions of Namjoon third wheeling. Porn with plot but mostly porn. Marriage au.
Words: 3.8k
Authors Note: hie! I am back with a drabble. Give it some love people hehe~
Seeing him in those black sleeping shorts and the incorrectly buttoned up white shirt you tore off of him last night sends a tingle between your legs. You almost throw your head back in need when he puts on his glasses, pushing his hair back trying to find something on his desk.
Waking up on a Sunday without your husband's warmth around you makes you whine into your pillow. You turn around to feel his side of the bed, and you feel it's still warm. He must've woken up not long before you did. You go down the stairs to find him in his study, busy on his phone, probably talking to Namjoon according to the dongsaeng-but-formal tone he is using. 
When he sees you standing there, he hangs up telling Namjoon he will call him after he finds whatever he was trying to find, hanging up he smiles at you. "Hey, have you seen the black binder you gifted me some months ago?" He asks with his eyes and hands busy on his table.
Lifting his head he notices your confused expression so he stops to explain with his hands. "Yay big and yay high, it was gold plated on the ends?" You look at his description and immediately recognize the binder, the one you gifted him for the aesthetic of his file drawer. Black and gold. 
"Yes that is in the bed room lemme get it for you." he nods at your statement smiling and you run and bring the binder back. When you come back you see him clutching his hair in his hands and oh his hands. 
The veins, making you want him to wrap his hands around your neck while he fucks you- No.
Get it together Y/N, its 10 am in the morning! Although the morning pound down doesn't sound bad, he seems very busy.
A kiss doesn't sound bad though.
You walk towards him bringing his file behind your back with a smile, he hears your footsteps and turns towards you with a smile.
"Thankyou baby." He says in his oh-so raspy voice and you melt. He reaches out to take it from you but you lift both of your arms to wrap them around him, the file still in your hand. He giggles and kisses you, his hands finding their way to your ass. Squeezing your flesh to make you moan with him still attached to your lips.
"Good morning to you too Y/N." Speaks a bored voice from the speaker of your husband's phone and you detach from his face with wide eyes trying to get away but he pulls you towards him with a lazy smirk on his face. You hit your husband playfully but embarrassed and also answer the greetings from your friend.
"Hey, u-um good morning Joon. Didn't know you were on a call and I'm sorry I should probably go."
"No no nothing so urgent that I should be a cockblock. Call me later hyung. Happy humps." Without giving your husband a chance to retaliate at the hump comment he hangs up and you smile guiltily at your husband.
"Yeah. I'm gonna smack this little motherfucker's head for this mmph-" you cut him off his rant as you kiss him again, giving him the lead as soon as he slips his tongue in. Moaning at the way he grabs your hair at the nape, biting onto your lower lip making you gasp. 
He traces his hand down your spine to reach the hem of his oversized T-shirt you borrowed last night and he swears it's hotter taking it off than any of the dresses he's ripped off of you. 
He lifts it up to your waist and ties it in a knot, you watch his long fingers make a knot just below your breasts and then trace them along your waistline "Wanted to fuck you in my T-shirt but didn't want it to come in the way so." He shrugs at the end of the sentence and you chuckled before being cut off by getting turned and bent over the desk suddenly. 
He bends down to the level of your cunt with a knowing smile and keeps one of his hands over your lower back to keep you in place. The cold desk wood under your tummy makes you hiss, but it turns into a short moan when he spreads your ass cheeks and runs his index finger between them over your damp folds.
He pushes his finger with pressure to tease you over the cloth making you squirm in place. Your heels rise making you tip toe when he drags his fingers towards your clit with the same pressure. 
"Fucking ready. Every fucking time." He grits out to himself and you let out a small whine at his delay, squirming in place. He scoffs at your impatience and pulls your underwear down, slow and teasing. 
"Baby, please" you whine at his slow movements but he suddenly slaps at your clit making you jolt. 
"Impatient huh?" You nod and breathe shakily at the sting but feel more wetness drizzle out, moaning at the feeling. 
"Look at that" he pushes two fingers in you and you both groan at the same time. You feel like you will curl up due to the feeling his fingers give when he twists them and rubs them around like he is trying to find something and oh-
He does. He fucking does. 
Your knees buckle when he finds that spot and you start panting when he keeps rubbing the spongy area. Cooing at your whimpering self, he picks up his pace, rubbing and jabbing your spot making your head go dizzy at the pressure. You try lifting yourself up but his hand's pressure tells you to take it just like he is giving it to you. 
A vibration causes you to flinch and you see him get up and flip his phone towards him to check the caller id. Panicked you pull yourself up to convince him to not pick up the phone, making him slip his fingers out in the process. 
"Yoongi don't you dar-" but before you could finish your sentence, he motions you to stay silent with his finger on his lips. You shake your head knowing you couldn't stay silent while he talks if he goes anyway further than his fingers still hovering over your entrance.
A voice booms from the phone on the table which kinda replicates yours, but with a different reason of panting. You guess he is running around. 
"Hyung, I am so sorry but you need to call and decide the order and topics for the four presenters for tomorrow.." the rest of the voices go deaf around your ears when Yoongi stuffs his fingers in your pussy and covers your mouth at the same time, muffling the gasp. 
He scoffs in your ear and whispers in his low raspy voice, "Pathetic little slut." Jabbing his fingers harder at every word. He changes the angles of his fingers making you clench and roll your eyes back. You hold his wrist over your mouth for dear life while he holds your body in place. 
You feel tears brim in your eyes as he hits the spot again and again and again. Your legs shake and you tighten around his fingers and he chuckles at your ministrations, he knows you like this. Every time Namjoon speaks you try to keep your voice in and it gets you wetter at the thought of getting caught. 
You snap out of the daze when he speaks addressing the younger business partner, "Joon I requested Y/N to attend the party next week and I think she wants to come" he licks your earlobe at the end of the statement and you nod vigorously.
Bringing his hand to the front he rubs your clit with three of his fingers, making you spread your legs out of instinct. You buck your hips and try grinding on his fingers chasing your high, the rush in your ears blocking out any kind of conversation around you. 
You start feeling the telltale of the upcoming orgasm and your body shakes and twitches when the heat passes out of you. Your eyes roll back to your head when he bites on your earlobe, removing his hand from your lips and you watch him hang up. 
You have no clue when the conversation ended but your shaking body falls on the table and you cry out. He slows his hand down to let you ride your high while you grind on his fingers absentmindedly rolling your hips, eyes squeezed shut as you breathe heavily. 
He removes his hand and smiles at you when you turn your head to glare at him, breathing heavily.
He helps you stand up and hold you by your waist when your knees buckle and has this shit-eating grin on his face. Pulling you towards him he gives you an open-mouthed kiss but you push him away panting. "Fuck you, Min. What if he heard something?!" He chuckles and grabs you by the waist tucking your hair behind your ear, tilting his head to make better eye contact. 
"Then he would hear how I make you cry when you come." His low and deep voice sends cold shivers in your lower back.
"I gotta work now baby, or Namjoon will physically come here and make me do it." He pats your butt to get you going but you raise your eyebrows at him before nodding down to the boner he has. He laughs and holds your cheeks making your lips pout. 
"As tempting as you sucking me off sounds, I would rather fuck you." He gives your pouted lips a chaste kiss before letting you go but you step forward and kiss him while grabbing his dick over his shorts making him growl in your mouth. 
"Fuck me good babe. I'll be waiting."
"Oh I will." He grins, shaking his head while watching you turning around, knot still above your ass and you make your way out of the room with your ass on full display. Groaning he turns his head towards his desk and then looks at his dick. 
Yeah. A cold shower. 
You gave him the whole day, trying to distract yourself with the work you had left incomplete and sending it to your HR, changing the bed sheets, sending your blazers to dry cleaning since it was a sick leave for your housemaid, buying grocery and bringing him his usual box full of tangerines and snacks with some beer to store in for football-match-with-the-boys-wuhoo! As Jungkook said.
It was 5:38 in the evening when you were cleaning the kitchen after having your second cup of coffee when you see him enter the room rubbing his neck. You felt really bad for him when you made eye contact with his tired ones, he took a shower and changed his clothes into a clean pair of black sweatpants and a white T-shirt.
He padded across the room to reach towards you to kiss you. Kissing him back you giggle and pull away, asking him softly, "Have you even eaten anything, baby?" He immediately nods to your question and lists the amount of frozen food he microwaved since you were not home.  
Shaking your head at him you say, "Yoongi, you did know I made some shrimp sandwiches for you? I texted you about that too."
He looks back at the kitchen counter and finds an oven tray covered with plastic wrap filled with some sandwiches. Chuckling he lets go of you and sits on the black stool matching the breakfast counter.
"Sorry, I guess I was distracted with work, I just finished the sorting process for tomorrow's meeting with Namjoon, and he was constantly making sure that he was making the right decisions. This deal means a lot to him and I merely got 5 minutes of time when It hit 2:30 and I was horny, hungry, and exhausted at the same time. Wanted to fuck you so bad, baby, but then I didn't see you at home so I had to suffice my other biological needs..." rolling his eyes he continues. 
"Sorry I couldn't eat the sandwiches." He looks at you with guilty eyes and you couldn't help but smile at him. He didn't need to explain anything but he elaborated the reasons why he couldn't eat the sandwiches?
You did marry a gentleman.
You step towards him and kiss his cheek. Flicking away the long hair that was coming into his eyes as you say, "Listen, baby, you don't need to explain anything. I know how much this means to you and Joon so please don't apologize. I just wanna know you're resting enough to not get exhausted. Okay?" He nods at your statement and you bend to kiss his lips while standing between his knees, his hands automatically coming up to your waist. 
You don't realize when the kiss became hungrier, was it at the first groan you let out? Or the moment he pushed his tongue in and took control in his hand? Neither of you care about what led you to jump into his arms when he took you to the master bedroom removing your summer dress and his t-shirt in the hallway.
Laying you down on the bed, he hovers over your red flushed face. "Gonna make you cum so much, we would need to dry off the mattress." You chuckle at this and he gives you an open-mouthed kiss, making his way down licking and kissing all the way down from your neck to the collarbones, through the valley of your breasts, tweaking your nipples a couple of times before taking them into his mouth. 
Gasping at the warmth from his tongue around the bud you grab the sheets beside your head with one hand and the other finds home in his hair making him growl. He leaves your nipples and traces his way with his tongue over your clothed pussy. 
Instead of teasing this time he pulls the underwear all the way to your ankles before throwing it into some dark corner of the room. The dusk hours make the yellowish brown lights reflect on your honey skin, leading him to bite into your thighs while pressing his thumb over your clit. 
Your impatient whine makes him determined to make you come hard, he loved teasing you but loves to watch you fall apart for him. So he digs in with his tongue tracing patterns all over your folds and your bundle of nerves which you couldn't decipher due to the soon entering fingers inside you, the cold sensation of his ring, and the stretch feeling heavenly, you know you wouldn't last long this time. 
He finds a rhythm in which he feels you tightening around his fingers and lets out a chuckle at the way you were clenching. "I know you're close baby, come for me. Make a mess on my fingers." And as if on call, your body spasms and he rubs your clit with his other hand making your body curl up. He stares at the way your cunt flutters and almost drools after he pulls his fingers out, watching it drizzle your sweet slick. Bending down he licks up a stripe over your pussy making you gasp. 
"Yoongi- s-sensitive. P-please." You gasp but still roll your hips trying to match his tongue. He hums pushing his tongue inside you and you almost feel it in your stomach. Your body arches as he swirls his warm muscle inside your hole and Yoongi groans at the taste and the thought of you clenching on his cock.
You feel the heat building up again at the slow pace he is licking you up at, not overwhelming your nerves but instead making them feel at ease and when he sees your limbs shaking he looks up and smirks at you who was already watching him eat you out. He winks at you and increases the pace of his tongue flicking at your clit.
You gasp at how he is making you feel the heat in your ears and toes, stretching your feet and tightening your muscles to reach the orgasm faster, your hands fly in directions to hold on to something.
"F-Fuck, don't stop-don't stop-don't stop. Fuck b-baby!" You cry out grabbing onto his hair with wide eyes, mind focusing on achieving that high. His groans make you reach it faster.
The constant flicking along with his long firm fingers rubbing your folds with pressure without entering, just massaging it to make it feel the pressure and pleasure makes you come and he pushes his tongue inside you at that exact moment making your eyes roll back. Your legs try to snap shut but he holds them open. Your legs shake continuously and you feel yourself ooze out a little bit of your soul. 
He gets up with a gummy smile on his face making you laugh and you both start laughing when he hovers above you. "You really boost my ego baby, coming so much. I must be doing something right?"
He sounds cocky but you know he is saying the truth, nobody has ever made you feel like he does, emotionally, physically, and mentally safe. 
"Wanna taste?" He asks you with mischief in his cat-like eyes and you nod with dizzy eyes, making his eyes darken, keeping eye contact he dips one of his hands and pushes inside you making you gasp a little which he mocks by gasping in a high-pitched voice and smirking later at your wide and embarrassed eyes.
He lifts his finger up and spreads it apart to show you the strings your slick creates between his fingers, you push your tongue out and he smirks, proud. "My filthy baby." He pushes those fingers in your mouth rubbing the taste of your cum on your tongue. Groaning at the taste you swirl your tongue around his digits, which he watches with dark eyes. 
He pulls the fingers out and wipes them on your cheeks, grabbing your face with his fingers he opens up your mouth. "Now for the main course." Spitting in your mouth he watches you moan at the feeling and gulp it in, which he kisses you, proudly. 
He gets up and removes his sweatpants and you feel your mouth water at him pumping his dick while watching your cunt leak. He smiles when you spread your legs wider and hover above you, tilting your face towards his, making eye contact, he enters you slowly and you feel your body arch at the girth of his cock. 
Min Yoongi has been the best dick you've been fucked by, with the perfect length, perfect width, and the prettiest features. Pretty, just like him. He knows you have a thing for eye contact, he observed this in the first 3 months of the relationship when you couldn't hold his stare, he knew it would turn you on while he fucked you, he loved seeing you squirm so it made his dick hard too. You proved his theory when he fingered you in front of the mirror making eye contact and making you watch yourself come undone for him, surprising him by squirting on his fingers. Just Perfect. 
Your eyes widen and he shakily exhales. "Fuck. You're so perfect and so wet. Reminds me of your mouth. You're warm on every end, baby." He grits through his teeth but none of his words reach you when his hips start hammering you into the mattress. 
He fucks you slow taking in every expression, watching your eyes roll back, dragging his cock slower making you scratch his back with your nails. Groaning in your ear his strokes getting hard and fast, hard and short, he tries every angle he loves seeing you twitch in. He pulls up both your legs over his waist, still fucking in at a slow-hard-deep pace and you whine loudly making him grab your thigh at the control he is showing not to bust at your voice's high pitch and neediness. 
"Fuck Yoongi, right there. Right there. Faster, please. I'm gonna die if you don't go any faster. Make me come please make me." He looks at you and you clench, growling at the tight grip you have around him, he gives you what you want. Faster-harder-deeper. Your body jolts back at every stroke but the expression on your face makes him lose his control, he grabs both your hands and pins them beside your head.
Your body arches into his, your nipples touching his bare chest, you cry out in pleasure, walls spasming and tightening around him. 
"Gonna come. Y/N fuck baby" he growls in your ear while you say his name like a mantra, digging your nails in your palms. You both come at the same time making you tremble in his hold and feet digging in his lower back. He bites your neck when he feels you lifting your hips meeting his strokes to reach the end of both your highs. 
Slowing down when you whine in overstimulation, he pulls out. You both stay there watching the lights on the ceiling which were never turned on and you realize, it's dark outside. Checking the digital clock you see it's been more than 35 minutes since you entered the room. You laugh at the heavy breaths you and your husband are letting out but soon you cringe because of the sticky sheets under you. 
"You need to change them this time, I just did them in the afternoon, Min."
"Let me breathe a second woman? Why are you so bossy?" He gets up feigning annoyance but you hear the breathy chuckle he lets out. You roll your eyes at his accusations while he helps you get up, laughing at the faces you make when you feel the warm sheets mixed with the weird temperatured cum. 
After-care with warm showers and thigh massages was an important part of the sexual routine you and Min Yoongi had, but the best part? The best part was when he feeds you the food he cooks with so much love and furrowed eyebrows due to the concentration he has in that apron with a cat with its middle finger out, the intense amount of attention towards the dish makes him unconsciously poke his tongue out through his lips while he plates the dish. 
Bringing you a pair of fresh wooden chopsticks and wine, his face smeared with flour as he made you some fresh and greasy kimchi jeon. You know he loves cooking you food but would never admit it. 
So, not wanting you to do much after the sweat session, he just cockily said 'Don't strain you're already jelly-like legs, you tiny human.' Which secretly means, rest because you're sore. He is not very outspoken about his feelings so he might seem a little concealed, it's just that, he has a different language for love, he just needed somebody to decode it.
Luckily, it's you.
Tumblr media
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e-cm · 20 hours ago
Breakfast | JJK
Tumblr media
Summary: Your crush on your roommate is getting harder and harder to control. Jungkook walking in after a particularly sweaty gym session is your last straw...
Pairing: Jungkook x Female!reader
Rating: Explicit (18+)
Genre: pwp, roommate au, non-idol au
Word count: 2k
Warnings: smut (protected sex, fingering, fem receiving oral)
“Don’t tell me you’ve already been at the gym?”
You leisurely sip your cup of morning coffee at the kitchen island when your roommate walks in, glistening in sweat. If it wasn’t that, it was his very…revealing gym attire that gave away his morning activities.
His low hanging vest that left nothing to imagination and basketball shorts that strained at his thighs made you nearly choke on your next sip. He was sculpted by the gods himself. There was no doubt about that.
He runs a hand through his damp hair and shrugs at you with a cheeky wink.
“It’s not even nine in the morning and we went out last night. Are you insane?!” You hit back incredulously. “I’m sure there are rules against this shit…you can’t just sweat so much when you’re already so dehydrated!” 
“You should come with me next time, Y/N. I had the best leg day…,” he nonchalantly responds whilst removing his gym bag and haphazardly throwing it in a corner. 
He fires up the stove, a pan and eggs already on the counter from your morning activities.
You were doing fine. Really, you were doing just fine controlling your long time crush on your roommate. So, why did he have to ruin your resolve by reaching up to the top shelf of the cupboard for a plate?
Why were you the front line audience to the way his back muscles deliciously contracted and flexed. If Jungkook could see you right now, he would see you borderline drooling into your mug of coffee. 
Control yourself, Y/N. Behave.
“How was last night for you, Y/N?”
He spares a glance back at you while he chops up some spring onion.
This time, you actually choke on your coffee. Did he hear you sneak in your co worker last night? You were sure he was asleep. 
“Uhh, do you know or are you really asking?” May as well come clean.
His breathy chuckle suffices. 
“Didn’t sound like he was good enough to stay over…” 
Your eyes widen in surprise and you place your mug down before you drop it. Surely not…surely he didn’t hear everything?
You gulp loudly before asking for him to elaborate.
He simply sighs. He turns off the stove to face you with his arms crossed, shaking his head.
“You know, Y/N, I’ve always thought you could do much better than the guys you come back home with.”
Taking offence, you shoot back, “like who?”
He doesn’t respond straightaway. Instead, he opts to walk past you, buff arm brushing your shoulder lightly, to the fridge. That had to be an accident, right? You can’t help but inhale at his scent. His musky scent that’s just so distinctly Jungkook.
Behave, Y/N.
“Like someone who can actually make you cum so you don’t have to fake it.”
You spin on your barstool so fast that you nearly fall off. All it warrants is a teasing quirk of Jungkook’s eyebrow and his strong, muscular arms to steady you. 
Fuck it, it was either now or never.
“And you think you can help me with this…problem?” You merely breathe out the words. His solid chest is so close to your face, you’re sure you could make your home in there and never leave.
Jungkook sees you eyeing him up. To be honest, he’s seen the way you look at him for a while now.
But, what you haven’t seen is the way he looks at you. 
Licking his lips with his eyes fixated on your own, he rasps out, “Why tell you when I can show you?”
You both launch yourselves at each other’s lips. The kiss is hungry, desperate, making up for lost time. 
You’re not sure who starts moaning into the kiss first but you’re sure it was you who shoved your tongue down his throat first. 
You were needy and you couldn’t give a shit about it. Jungkook had to know.
And he knew. He’d waited just as long to taste your lips. The raspberry lip balm that you always apply as the last step in your nighttime skincare routine was fresh on his tongue.
But, this was dessert. He couldn’t get too ahead of himself.
Breakfast first.
He lifts you up swiftly from your sitting position and you wrap your legs around his hip securely. You knew he wouldn’t drop you. You were probably just a warm up weight for him.
He places you down on the sofa, his large chain dangling enticingly on your own chest. You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t imagined how it would feel to repeatedly be smacked in the face by his chain as he fucks your brains out.
To your delight, you were pretty close to your dream right now.
“Let me make you feel good, Y/N.”
Those were his final words before he pushes your tank top up and leaves a trail of soft kisses along your midriff to the waistband of your sleeping shorts.
Hooking a finger inside, he stops, looking at you intently, effectively giving you an option to back out. You knew you always had the option to back out at any point. Besides, why would you?
You whine in response, wriggling your hips and bucking them to meet his face.
“That’s really good form for hip thrusts, Y/N.” Jungkook teases you, taking his time. When you glare at him instead of laughing at his joke, he gets your message.
“Such an impatient baby,” he tuts, finally pulling down your shorts and panties all at once.
The pet name goes straight to your core and you physically feel a rush of wetness surge out at his words. There was no hiding now.
“So wet…you want my cock that badly, baby?” He hovers over your clit in agonising suspense. As if he doesn’t want you to predict his next move. You can feel his breath hot on your clit, making you clench your hole in anticipation.
“Yes, Kook, please…” You make a snap decision that if he doesn’t bring his face into your pussy in the next second, you’ll just have to use your own fingers to get off.
Jungkook takes one final breath and wishes himself ‘bon appetite’ for his pretty breakfast, inhaling your musky scent before diving head first into your pussy. His mix of kisses and licks leave you breathless with desperate pleas bouncing off your lips. Pleas to keep going. Pleas to never stop.
He heeds them all. 
Playing around your hole, he circles his middle finger for a few laps before pushing in. The lubrication oozing out of you essentially sucks his finger. 
A wanton “fuuuuuck” erupts from your throat. Your walls make room for his finger almost immediately, warming up for what’s yet to come. 
You can’t exactly pinpoint when his ring finger joins his index finger in exploring your insides and stroking that spot. The spot that no man had been able to find for years now. To the point where you thought you might not have it.
Oh, how wrong you were. 
“Just like that, Kook, ahhh,” you didn’t think you’d be this vocal. But then again, that’s probably what resulted in him hearing your whole…ordeal last night.
Almost like he could read your mind, he encourages you, “that’s it baby, let me hear you.”
You could feel the pressure building. Jungkook was relentless. After a particularly harsh thrust of his fingers, your own found purchase within his think, long strands. Your fingernails lightly scraped his scalp and you pulled when something felt particularly good.
You were like Jungkook’s own Ratatouille, teaching him how to pleasure you best.
Your orgasm was fast approaching. You knew that. Jungkook knew that.
It’s when you started getting particularly breathless, he knew you were right on the edge, just one thrust of his fingers away from falling over. Just one suck of your clit away from erupting all over.
So, he denies you that pleasure. That asshole!
“Why did you stop?!” You’re panting so hard, face contorted in annoyance when Jungkook’s head pops up into view. His mouth is slick with your wetness and he doesn’t even bother wiping it off as he comes up to kiss you.
“Because, I’ve got something better for you, baby.” It’s then that you feel his rock hard length on your thighs.
Shit, he’s bigger than you imagined. Now, all you need is visual confirmation.
He stands up, disposing of his shorts and boxers before giving himself a few pumps.
His angry red tip was screaming loudly for being neglected this whole time; the beads of precum speaking volumes about his state.
You have to actually wipe your mouth this time in case you’re drooling on your expensive sofa. Your mouth also ironically feels dry for being open for way too long, just staring. 
“You just gonna stand there or make use of that huge dick?” Impatience brings out the sass in you. 
“Hold on,” he drops to his shorts pocket, whipping out his wallet and then a condom from it. On any other day you would let the guy put on his own condom but the sight in front of you was too sweet to not touch.
You beckon him with your index finger, a smirk on your lips and he knows exactly what your plan is. He lets you roll on the condom, simultaneously getting a feel of his thickness. 
You could swear you saw it twitch when you squeezed it experimentally. 
Jungkook wastes no time in taking his place on top of you again. Lubricating his shaft with your slick, he pushes in inch by thick inch. 
The stretch is delectable, your walls welcoming him home. You have no idea who moans louder, you or him. He pauses midway, giving you time to adjust but you don’t want that. You just want him balls deep. 
So, you wrap your legs around him and dig your heels into his ass. He gets the message. And he delivers.
You instinctively start to move your hips when you notice he’s completely stilled.
“Y/N, stop, I’ll cum too soon,” he winces, holding you down by the hips. 
“Better than not cumming at all…” you tease him, referring to your predicament a few minutes earlier.
“Oh, I’ll make you cum,” he promises, “so hard that you’ll forget anyone else you brought back here.”
With that, his one hand pins both your wrists above your head and the other rubs circles on your clit as he ditches any restraint. Jungkook pounds into you ruthlessly, egged on by your moans that are only getting louder by the second.
He can feel the vice grip your walls have on him, making it impossible to move. He pushes through, abusing your nerves, stroking that spot again and again. 
Until you burst. Your orgasm doesn’t knock on the door and wait for you to open it. It barges in, unannounced. It takes over your whole being as you feel your entire body lock up and shake. 
Seeing your eyes tightly squeezed shut and the way you can only chant his name repeatedly, Jungkook loses it. He’s quick to follow, stilling as deep as he can before emptying his seed into the condom. 
More than a few beads of sweat roll down his temples as he gives you a satisfied smirk, before pulling out and carefully disposing of the condom. 
“Fuck, is that what I’ve been missing out on? When do I get that again?” You can’t help but let the words slip out. 
“This was just breakfast, baby. We still have dessert left.” Jungkook winks at you, his gaze promising more than his words ever could.
© e-cm 2022. I do not give permission for my work to be stolen, reposted, translated and/or uploaded to any platforms (including Youtube).
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writemywaytoyourheart · a day ago
Aim For The Heart | FINAL Chapter 35: Agapanthus
Tumblr media
Pairing: hitman!jungkook x female reader
Genre: romance, drama, angst
WC: 20k
Warnings for this chapter: strong language, amnesia, panic attacks, mentions of past betrayal, pining, heartbreak, mentions of unhealthy coping, lots of tears, ANGST, brief mention of blood, anxiety, lots of feels okay.
Here we go babies...
summary; Jeon Jungkook is an infamous hitman, known for his inability to fail at whatever job is thrown his way. At least, up until now. Y/n, a kind-hearted and full of life teacher, is his newest target. Jeon isn’t sure who would put a hit on this seemingly innocent girl, but fortunately, that isn’t his problem. All he has to do is pull the trigger.
One year and five months later...
"Are y-you guys ready for s-s-summer??"
The class of tiny humans erupts into cheers, melting your heart.
They gather their backpacks and form a line, laughing and talking with their classmates. Then you lead them out of the room and down the hall towards the front. 
Like always, you wave to each and every child until the last one is picked up, then you turn and head back inside to clean up your room and make sure you don't leave anything over the summer. 
After submitting the last of the paperwork, you hear your phone ringing. 
"Heyyy, you ready to party??"
You laugh at Jimin's excitement, "M-More than ready!"
"Good, because I'm parked out front."
You giggle and grab your bag, slinging it over your shoulder, "Coming!"
Then you hang up and head for the door, leaving it unlocked so the custodian can come in and clean while you're not here. 
You glance down the hall where Mr. Baek's classroom used to be. 
It's been so nice teaching without him breathing down your neck and insulting you every chance he gets. 
One of the other teachers told you that someone had called anonymously the summer before school started the year you were in the hospital and told them he was abusive to staff and quite possibly the children, so after they looked into it and got enough evidence, he was fired. 
They had been looking into it when you were in a coma, and months later when you were able to return, he wasn't there. 
Whoever it was, you'll be eternally grateful for them calling in. 
Stepping out of the front doors and feeling the sun beaming down on your face, you smile. 
This summer is going to be the best one yet, you can feel it. 
Last summer you still had to be extremely careful because of the coma you had come out of the Christmas before. 
This year you're going to do all the things you couldn't.
The honk of a car horn makes you squint in the direction of a red car and smile when you see Jimin leaning out of the front seat and waving, "Come on! We've got dramas to start binging!"
You run clumsily down the steps and to the car, opening the passenger door and climbing in. 
"Hellooo," Jimin sings as he pulls into the street, "Did you have the best last day ever?"
"Mhm!" You jump up and down in your seat, "It w-was awesome."
"Glad to hear it!" 
You and Jimin talk about work for both of you today as he drives to your place. 
You keep blabbing on and on as you climb the steps and go into your apartment, the familiarity of it bringing you a wave of comfort. 
"Mmmmm," You plop down onto the couch and wiggle around excitedly, "I c-can't wait to sleep innnnnnn!"
Jimin laughs and sits next to you, "You can sleep in all you want after we have a good drama binge," he grabs the remote and turns on the TV. 
"Wait! L-let me get sn-snacks!" You jump up and run to the kitchen, but you stop abruptly and grab the counter to stop your momentum, "I also n-need to be comfy!"
You turn and scurry to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable. 
A few minutes later, Jimin laughs when you run into the kitchen, a huge t-shirt going down to your knees the only thing you've got on. 
A moment after going to the kitchen, you hurry to the living room, taking tiny but quick steps as you clutch two tubs of ice cream under your arms and two huge spoons in your fists. 
Jimin reaches out for his ice cream, and you hand it to him before climbing onto the couch and curling up in a blanket, your legs quickly going out of sight. 
You dig into the ice cream, "Go ah-head," you say, staring at the TV. 
"P-Pumpkiiiiin," you whine, holding your arms out for the cat to come to you. 
The orange fluff ball quickly runs over to the couch you're lying on and hops up, curling into your bosom as you smile, petting her fur gently. 
"I l-love you, baby," you whisper, scratching under her chin, "You've g-gotten so big."
You're scrolling on your phone and petting Pumpkin when Jimin's face pops up on your screen as it rings. 
"H-Hello?" You answer right away. 
"Hey, ____."
You frown, "You s-s-sound upset, what's wrong?"
He sighs and gets right to the point, "I got a call from Mina today."
Your heart seizes up in your chest with a horrible pain. 
"I'm sorry, I didn't want to tell you. But I knew you'd find out eventually and I knew it would be better coming from me."
You gulp, "W-what did she say?"
"Well, they were going to do a retrial for her case."
You say nothing, so he continues. 
"The lawyers wanted her to do it, but she refused. They told her they thought they could lessen her sentence if they had more proof that she was mentally unstable at the time."
When Jimin doesn't hear a response, he sighs sadly, "I'm so sorry, ____."
You clear your throat, "It's f-fine, I'm fine."
"Do you want me to come over?" He asks gently. 
You shake your head, even though he can't see you, "No, I k-kinda wanna be alone r-right now."
"Alright, will you let me know if you need me?"
You say goodbye and hang up, then you look at Pumpkin who is staring at you with huge curious green eyes. 
You try to smile back at her but end up dropping your head into your hands so that she doesn't see you cry. 
She seems to sense it anyway, because she nudges you with her head until she's able to climb into your lap and start nuzzling at your chin. 
"Thank y-you, Pumpkin," you cry softly, grabbing her into a hug and holding her against your chest, "I l-love you," you whisper. 
After crying quietly for a few minutes, you thought you'd be alright, but your chest is starting to hurt really bad. 
You set the cat down and put a hand to your chest, trying to breathe in and out slowly. 
The panic attack is already setting in though, making itself at home. 
A short sob escapes your lips as you force yourself to keep breathing slowly. 
Suddenly, the room feels almost like it's caving in, the walls creeping closer and closer as your breath escapes you. 
Before it can get any worse, you jump up from the couch and try to run to your room. 
But you had left your bag near the end of the couch, and your foot caught on it in your blind panic, sending you tumbling to the floor. 
You keep grabbing at your chest, begging the air to go in so you can breathe. 
Knowing there's only one thing that will make it better, you start crawling towards your room, trying not to think about the walls of the hallway closing in on you faster and faster. 
Finally making it to the room, you crawl hurriedly over to your bedside table and grab your inhaler, taking a few puffs of it until you can get a shuddering breath in. 
Then you open the drawer on the table and reach your hand inside, feeling around for a moment before your eyes widen in horror. 
You stand up shakily and look in the drawer. 
It isn't there. 
Why isn't it there?
Where is it?
You pick up the tiny paper swan from the drawer and place it carefully on your nightstand even as you're panicking. You don't want to lose that too. A sob rips from your chest as you dig around in the drawer frantically, but still come up with nothing. 
You run over to your closet and start tearing through the clothes, looking through all of the pockets as you continue to cry your heart out. 
When you can't find it anywhere in there, you crumple to the floor and curl your knees in, sobbing hysterically. 
A knock on the front door goes unheard by you. 
You keep crying loudly until you see Jimin run into your room. 
"____! What happened?" He kneels next to you but doesn't touch you. 
"M-m-m-my p-p-p-ic-pic-"
He knows exactly what you're talking about. 
Before you can even get the words out, he's jumping up and running out of the room. A moment later he comes back in with a tiny piece of folded up paper, "Here it is, ____, here it is," he pushes it into your hand, "It was in your bag, ____. You put it in there earlier, remember?"
You clutch the paper to your chest, the sobs turning to small whimpers as you unfold it and look at the picture drawn there. 
"Oh," you say in a tiny voice, "I th-thought I l-l-lost it."
Jimin shakes his head, "You're never going to lose it, okay? It means a lot to you, and you always take care of it. You're never going to lose it."
You nod shakily, keeping your eyes on the pencil drawing. 
Jimin gulps and sits down on his bottom. 
It's quiet for a bit as the two of you just sit there. 
After a little bit, Jimin scoots closer, "May I see?" He asks kindly. 
You nod and tilt the picture towards him. 
He looks at the little sketch that always calms your anxiety; it's of a tiny dandelion surrounded by a field of bigger dandelions looming over it as the small flower appears to be trying to reach for the sun. 
He hums softly, "It's beautiful."
You nod and turn it over to show him the other side, a little black cat curled on a pillow. 
"Those drawings are really good," Jimin looks at you, "Where did you get this? I forgot."
You shrug, "I d-don't remember."
He nods sadly, looking at you for another minute in disappointment before he sighs and looks away. 
Sometimes he wishes he could just scream it all out loud until it all comes back to you. 
It takes a few days for you to get back to your old chipper self, but you eventually do. 
Jimin knows the whole Mina thing has been weighing you down for over a year. If he could, he wouldn't tell you anything about it. But you always ask him to fill you in and he doesn't want to lie to you. Besides, someone else will tell you if he doesn't.  
It was so much worse because you didn't remember anything about it. 
You woke up and asked him about where Mina was when she never came to visit you. 
He had to be the one to tell you that your best friend turned herself in for assisting in an attempted murder. 
Your murder. 
The last thing you remembered was Mina leaving on a business trip. Other than that, you had bits and pieces of memories of Jimin coming back and the two of you growing closer.
Nothing more.
You had no idea that she had wanted you dead. 
Jimin worked with you though, for a long time, making sure you got to your therapy appointments and that you would be able to sleep at night. 
It took the full year and a half since you woke up to get you where you are now, and he'll be damned if he doesn't make sure you don't go down that hole again. 
He's never seen someone as resilient as you, in all his years. 
"Hey, d-do you want to g-g-get ice cream?" You ask, looking over at him from behind your giant octopus stuffie. 
Jimin chuckles and nods, "Sure, are we taking the giant octopus?"
You make a face at him, "No, and h-his name is C-Cookie!"
"My bad, sorry Cookie."
You make the octopus wave one of its big tentacles at your best friend and respond in a silly voice, "It's ok-kay, I f-forgive you~"
Jimin laughs loudly, "Thanks, I appreciate that."
You set Cookie down on the bed and put the small blanket over him, patting his head gently before leaving with Jimin to go to your favorite ice cream stand. 
You're sitting in the grass, eating your ice cream as you watch a few birds fly by. 
"Hey, ____?"
You look at Jimin, "Hm?"
He swallows his bite of ice cream before continuing, "You're still into like...art shows and stuff, right?"
You nod, "Oh d-definitely!"
You look at him curiously, "W-Why do you ask?"
"Oh no reason," he lies on the grass and closes his eyes after setting his ice cream down, "I may or may not have planned a day in Busan for us to go to one of your favorite artist's shows."
You put your ice cream down and crawl over to him, shaking him a little, "This isn't a j-joke, right? Th-this is real, right? Is it K-Kim Junsoo?"
Jimin keeps his eyes closed but he nods, a small smile on his face. 
Jumping up from the ground, you squeal in excitement, "No w-way!!! Jimin, I l-love you!!"
He laughs as he watches you spin around, not able to contain your joy, "Well, I certainly hope you do."
"Oh, w-when is it? When is it, J-Jimin?"
"It's this Friday."
"AHHHHHHHH!" You jump up and down, your sundress bouncing around as you do, "And w-we get to spend th-the whole day in B-Busan??"
He nods, a huge smile plastered on his face. 
"I n-never been to Busan!" You squeal in excitement. 
Jimin's smile falters for a moment, but he gathers himself before you see. 
The rest of the week flies by as you wait for Friday to finally come.
The night before, you beg Jimin to have a sleepover so you two can plan out tomorrow and talk about it. 
"Are you all packed?" Jimin asks with a smile as he sees you putting together your favorite bag with all your essentials for a full day outing. 
You nod in satisfaction, your hands on your hips as you look at the bag proudly. 
"I'm r-ready!"
"Do you have your little picture?" Jimin makes sure, and you nod. 
"Mhm! I put it in th-the pocket of the sk-skirt I'm wearing tomorrow."
"Alright, we'll double check before we leave tomorrow, sound good?"
You nod. 
Before bed, the two of you watch some of the drama you're in the middle of, then Jimin sleeps on the couch as you go into your room. 
The next morning is a flurry of excitement as you get dressed and brush your hair (after Jimin reminded you to.)
"H-How do I l-look?" You ask, bouncing on the balls of your feet. 
Jimin sees that you're wearing a short black skirt and a huge yellow and white striped shirt with a cute strawberry near your heart. The shirt is so large it goes down far enough so that only a small bit of the skirt can be seen. 
"Cute!" He assures you, giving you a thumbs up, "Definitely artsy."
You giggle and thank him as you pull on your chunky sneakers, "You r-ready?"
"Indeed I am," Jimin hands you your bag when you stand up, "Double check your pocket?"
You put your hand in your pocket and pull out the sketch, then you give him a thumbs up and put it back. 
Jimin calls a taxi to take you to the train station, so that he doesn't have to worry about leaving his car in the lot all day. 
An hour later, you're sitting on the train, trying to keep yourself still because you're just so excited you can't handle it. 
Jimin ends up pulling out his booklet where he writes things down when he's working on an article, "Wanna play tic-tac-toe?"
When the train pulls into Busan, you and Jimin make your way around the station to the front where he waves to a taxi. 
"To the convention center please."
The taxi driver takes the two of you there, then promptly leaves. 
You run up to the doors of the convention center and you're about to go inside when Jimin calls to you, "____, wait."
Stopping and looking to where Jimin points, you see a flyer on the door talking about the art show. 
But it says Sunday. 
"Darn it," Jimin mutters, "How could I have messed up the days this bad?"
You shake your head, "It's f-fine! I've done th-that so many times!"
Jimin smiles sadly, "Thanks, but what are we supposed to do now?"
You think for a moment, "Should w-we head home and c-come back?"
Jimin shakes his head, "We shouldn't waste a trip to Busan, we just got here."
He looks around and sighs, trying to think of what you guys might be able to do today to at least make it worthwhile before heading home and waiting for Sunday. 
"Do you," he scratches his neck, "Do you just want to spend the weekend here?"
You look at him in surprise and he shrugs, "I just don't think it's worth it to ride the train four times just because I messed up the dates. We might as well make it a weekend getaway, ya know? We can head back on Monday morning."
A smile spreads on your face and you nod, "That s-sounds like f-f-fun! We should!"
He sighs in relief, "Awesome, then let's see if we can find a hotel, shall we?"
The two of you agree that you'll have plenty of time to look around the city on Sunday before the art show, and both of you would rather spend most of the weekend in a more rural area. 
After a bit of digging, Jimin finds a small hotel that seems to be out of the way, tucked in a more secluded place. He decides to rent a car so that you won't have to rely on a taxi the whole time.
When you get there, Jimin books two rooms right next to each other and you're led upstairs by a kind old woman that shows you the rooms, then heads back downstairs. 
One look around the small room and you're already in love with it; it's so beautiful and homey, and there's a gorgeous view outside your window. You can't imagine why there aren't swarms of people wanting to stay here. Apparently, Jimin found a hidden gem. 
After familiarizing yourselves with the hotel, you and Jimin drive to a few local stores to get some clothes for the weekend. A good excuse to get more clothes since you didn't pack anything expecting to stay overnight. 
A few hours later, everything is nicely set up for your stay. 
But now you're starving. 
"I'm starving," Jimin moans, lying on your bed. 
You laugh as you fiddle with the piece of paper in your pocket, "M-Me too, you r-read my mind."
"Should we see what we can find to eat around here? There isn't much for miles."
You stand up, "I th-think we co-could find something delicious, let's g-go!"
Jimin was right. 
There isn't too much around here, which is probably why not many people come to that hotel, preferring to stay nearby places that they won't need to take a car to. 
But after driving for a little while in the car Jimin rented for the weekend, you see a small building up ahead, only a few cars parked at it. 
"Is th-that a restaurant?" You ask. 
Jimin squints at it, "I think so...? Should we check it out?"
You nod, dying of hunger and not wanting to take the chance of passing by somewhere that has food, "It m-might be another h-h-hidden gem, let's try it."
Jimin parks the car and gets out, you following closely behind him as he climbs the steps and opens the small creaky door. A bell clangs when he opens it.
When he steps inside, he sees small tables around the floor of a big room, cushions around each table. A few people are at different tables, talking and eating. He turns to you, "It's definitely a restaurant."
A very old woman hobbles around the corner at the sound of the bell above the door ringing. 
"Ohh, well hello there dears! Just two of you today?"
Jimin nods, "Yes, please."
You follow him as he follows her to a smaller table in a corner of the room, clearly meant for only two people. 
You thank her and take a seat on a cushion, Jimin sitting on the cushion across the table from you. 
"I'll be back with some water," she says kindly before walking away. 
You glance around the room at the people eating and chatting, "It's so c-cozy in here," you say quietly to your best friend, who nods, "I agree, and the food smells freaking heavenly."
Nodding in agreement, you try to sneak a peek at what the table closest to you is eating. 
"I w-want what they have," you whisper, trying not to laugh. 
Jimin glances over, "I'm up to try anything, that looks phenomenal. I think we might've actually stumbled upon a hidden gem for the second time today!"
You clap your hands quietly, "S-See? If you hadn't m-mixed up the dates, w-we never would've gotten to come here! Everything h-h-happens for a reason!"
The old woman comes back with two glasses and a pitcher of water, setting it on the table, "There you are, de-"
You and Jimin look at her in surprise when she stops mid-sentence and just stares at you. 
"A-Are you alright?" You ask gently, and she seems to snap out of it as she nods. 
"Yes, sorry..." She looks at Jimin, then back at you, "What can I get for you?"
A few more people come into the restaurant while you wait patiently for your order and you busy yourself with people watching, you and Jimin being nosy as ever. 
A young man with bleach blonde hair comes out of the kitchen with a few plates of food and brings it to a table where the people all thank him heartily. 
"Thank you, Beomgyu!" One of the younger girls calls, making the young man blush. 
You turn and giggle with Jimin about how she must have a crush on him, then someone is setting a few dishes on your table. 
You look up to see a girl with long light brown hair smiling as she gives you the food. 
"Oh, thank you!" Jimin helps make sure the water is moved so there's room for the plates to go. 
"My pleasure, is there anything else I can get for you two while I'm here?"
You both shake your heads, "No, th-thank you!"
She bows, "Oh, and there's one more side dish that will be out in just a minute."
"I need you to bring this side dish to the small table in the corner," The waitress hands it to the young man that just finished drying his hands after washing what felt like hundreds of dishes. 
"Why me? Why not him?" He jerks his thumb towards the tall dark-haired man bent over several dishes as he tries his best to make them look pretty. 
"He's busy," she laughs, "And I have more tables to attend, the rush is starting."
He sighs and shakes his head, "Fine."
Maneuvering around her, he makes his way out of the small kitchen as he grips the side dish, being sure not to run into Beomgyu or halmeoni as they make their rounds. 
He glances around the room before his eyes land on the small table in the corner. 
And the two people sitting there. 
Freezing in the middle of the room, he feels his heart shoot to his throat. 
You laugh at something Jimin said, your whole body reacting as you clap your hands and start coughing. 
Jimin shakes his head and scolds you about being careful not to choke. 
Before either of them can look up, he turns and bolts back to the kitchen. 
"Jungkook, why didn't you give them the side dish?" She sighs and takes it from him, "Here, I'll do it."
Taehyung looks up to see his best friend standing there, completely frozen in shock. 
"Hey, what's the matter?"
When he doesn't get an answer, he walks over and touches his shoulder, "Kook? You in there?"
Jungkook's whole body quivers slightly as he stares at the sink that has a few dishes in it. 
Then he turns and goes into the backroom. 
Taehyung frowns, then grabs the waitress gently when she comes back in, "Yeona, what happened?"
She shrugs, "I'm not sure, I just asked him to bring a table a side dish and he came back with it and looked all freaked out."
Tae's brows furrow, "What table was it?"
"The small one in the corner."
Taehyung nods, "Alright, keep working. I'll take care of this," he pats her gently on the hip before leaving the kitchen. 
When he steps into the eating area, he sees you immediately, sitting there and talking to Jimin with a huge smile. 
"Oh, fucking hell."
Tae barges into the backroom to see Jungkook curled up in the corner, his knees to his chest as he tries to breathe, his chest rising and falling sporadically.
"I- I think I'm h-hallucinating, hyung," Jungkook chokes out, his eyes brimming with tears, "I sw-swear I didn't dr-drink-"
Taehyung crouches next to him and puts a gentle hand on his knee, but the younger one still doesn't look at him. 
"I-" Jungkook chokes out a pained laugh, "I thought I saw her."
He presses a hand to his mouth to stop the sob that's threatening to come out, his eyes squeezing shut as a few tears fall. 
"She was right there," Jungkook whispers hoarsely, "Sh-she was more vivid than she's ever been. I- I know I see her sometimes b-but not like that. Not that clear."
Tae nods, "I know."
Jungkook points a shaky finger towards the door, "Please go l-look at the small table in the c-corner, and tell me she isn't there."
Tae looks down. 
"I can't do that, Jungkook."
Jungkook covers his face with his hands, his entire body starting to shake more than it already was. 
"Don't- don't say that."
He shakes his head, his dark hair swinging gently, "I don't want you to say anything."
"I know," Tae sighs, "Just let me figure out what's going on-"
"Nothing's going on," Jungkook snaps, "Nothing. It isn't her, both of us just didn't sleep last night. It's someone that looks like her, that's all. I have stuff to do."
The elder sighs when Jungkook stands up harshly and wipes his eyes before leaving the backroom. 
"This food is literally so good," Jimin moans, stuffing another bite into his mouth and pretending to cry. 
You nod, "M-My favorite is the- oh!"
The girl that called to Beomgyu earlier steps back in surprise when she sees what she did. 
"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!"
You laugh and pick up the cup that she knocked over and onto your clothes, drenching you. 
"It's a-alright!" You assure her. 
She keeps apologizing but you shake your head and adamantly tell her not to worry about it. Then you tell Jimin you're going to look for a towel to clean up the mess so the servers don't need to worry about it. 
Moving through the tables, you make your way to where you saw the staff going in and out. 
The kind old woman steps out just as you're coming over, carrying a few plates of food. 
"Oh, how can I help you, sweetie? Is there something wrong with the food?"
You shake your head, "No, n-not at all! I was j-just hoping I could g-g-get a towel, I accidentally sp-spilled something."
She laughs gently and nods behind her, "You are more than welcome to go into the kitchen, one of my servers will help you."
You thank her as she continues into the eating area, then you walk over to the kitchen she gestured to. 
Walking around the corner, you run right smack into a hard chest and stumble back. 
"Oh! I'm s-so sorry!" You bow to the young man you just ran into. 
When a moment goes by and he doesn't answer, you look up slowly to see him staring at you, his eyes as big as saucers. 
You look down to see that he was holding a bowl of cold noodles, the broth now soaking his shirt as a result of your clumsiness.
"Oh m-my gosh," your hands fly to your mouth, "I'm so sorry, I- I- I didn't mean to-"
You grab a cloth that was hanging on a hook next to you and start trying to mop up the mess on his shirt. 
When it proves futile, you glance up to see him gulp, still frozen as he stares at your hands. 
"I-" you kneel down and start cleaning up the broth that fell on the floor, "I'm s-such a clutz, I'm sorry."
When you stand up again and see him still staring at you, you start getting fidgety. 
Why won't he stop staring at you?
It makes it worse that he's extremely handsome; his dark hair falling into one of his eyes, piercings going up both of his ears, and his huge dark eyes boring into yours. 
You clear your throat and look down, forcing yourself not to stare at the tattoos covering one of his arms, his sleeves pushed up to show they go up farther than his elbow. 
Then you notice the bracelets on his wrist and your brow furrows before he seems to snap out of it and puts his hand behind his back, hiding the bracelets before you get to look at them for too long. 
You take a step back, feeling terrible for ruining his clothes and the food he was bringing to a customer. 
Just then, another tall man comes from behind him. 
He stops when he sees you. 
You feel your bottom lip start to tremble, feeling like a burden now that you've disrupted their work so much after making a mess. 
The second young man grabs the shoulder of the one you bumped into and shoves him back into the kitchen, "Go clean yourself up," he says to him lowly before turning back to you. 
He smiles at you kindly and you feel tears prick in your eyes for some reason unknown to you. 
"Sorry about him, he's out of it today."
You shake your head, "It w-was my fault, I bumped i-into him..."
He takes a step closer, "It isn't your fault. Can I help you with something?"
Eyes falling to the floor, you mumble to him that you needed a towel to clean a mess you made. 
The kind young man tells you to go back to your table and he'll get one for you. 
A few minutes later, he comes over with a towel and makes quick work of cleaning the water up. 
Eyes locked on his wrist, you stare at the purple and blue bracelet there as he wipes up the mess. 
You see Jimin's jaw clench and eyes widen when he first sees him, then you see the waiter shake his head a little at your best friend before leaving. 
What the heck is going on?
Jimin urges you to finish eating and you do, but you can't help glancing in the direction of the kitchen every once in a while. 
You don't see either of the young men with dark hair again, only the old woman, the young woman, and the boy with the bleached hair. 
Jimin pays for the meal and ushers you towards the front, not letting you do or say anything else as you make your way out. 
But just before you walk out, you turn your head to see the waiter that wiped up your table going back to the kitchen after bringing out some food. 
He makes eye contact with you briefly, a sad smile on his face before he disappears around a corner. 
Pulling into the dirt lot in front of the hotel, Jimin sighs as he parks the car. 
"Well, that place was delicious after all."
You stay quiet, staring out the front window. 
"What's wrong?" He asks after a minute. 
Coming out of your trance, you grab Jimin's wrist and bring it over to yours and hold them next to each other. 
The purple and blue bracelet on Jimin's wrist that matches yours is the same one that both of those workers wore. 
"W-Why did I m-make this with purple?" Your voice is so quiet he almost doesn't hear you, but he does. 
Jimin gulps, "I guess you just liked the color-"
You shake your head, "Your f-favorite color is bl-blue, mine is yellow. W-Why would I make our fr-friendship bracelet with purple and n-not yellow?" 
Your eyes move to the yellow and black bracelet on your wrist, your mind flashing back to the worker you bumped into. 
Did he have the same one?
That would be impossible, you made this yourself...
Why did you make this for yourself?
Confusion clouds your brain. 
The one that cleaned the water definitely had the same purple and blue bracelet on. You're not crazy.
"Those w-workers had the s-same bracelets as us...A-Are you sure I m-made these?" You ask softly. 
Jimin clears his throat and pulls his wrist back gently, "I'm not sure, ____. It was over a year ago when you gave it to me, maybe you picked them up somewhere."
You swallow thickly and nod, "You're pr-probably right."
You head inside, saying a quick hello to the old woman at the front desk before making your way to the rooms. 
"G-Goodnight, Jimin," you say before going into your room and shutting the door. 
Crawling into the bed, you don't even bother changing out of your clothes, you just pull the covers up to your chin and hold the sketch of the little dandelion up to look at before falling asleep.
Tae's elbows rest on his knees as he looks at his best friend's face. 
When he doesn't get a response, he whispers, "I'm sorry. I don't know anything more than you do. I was just as shocked to see her today."
Jungkook just keeps looking out the window, his face void of any emotions. 
It's a perfect mask for what's happening on the inside. 
But not perfect enough to fool his closest friend. 
"Talk to me, Jungkook-"
"I did everything I was told to," Jungkook seethes, "I left because I was told to, I stayed away because I was told to, I tried to live my life because I was told to. For her sake."
Tae swallows thickly when he sees Jungkook's eyes water. 
"Why does the universe hate me so fucking much?" Jungkook chokes out, "Why would it put her right in front of me when it knows I'd do anything to be with her?"
"I know it hurts-"
"You know?" Jungkook's gaze turns hard as he looks at Tae, "You know? You don't know anything."
"No, you don't fucking get it, do you?"
Taehyung shuts his mouth before shaking his head slowly. 
"How do you think you know what it's like to see her again? To see her right in front of me, looking at me without a single ounce of recognition?" Jungkook's voice gets caught in his throat, "I tried everything I could to help with the pain since I left because I was told to move on for her sake, but nothing worked. Not a single fucking thing," He gestures out his tattooed arm and Tae knows exactly what he's talking about. 
The pain in his heart never ceased, no matter how much physical pain he put himself through to distract his mind and heart, "Because I don't want to fucking move on, I'm selfish and I want what I want. I want her. And then she's in front of me, and this time I'm not just seeing things. And all I can do is stand there like a fucking idiot because if I let my walls down, I wouldn't have been able to control myself."
The elder gulps and looks down. 
"I'm sorry-"
"Don't be," Jungkook looks back out the window, "You've got Yeona, how could you possibly know enough to say sorry?"
Tae's jaw clenches and he stands up, "You're the one that told me to accept Yeona, that told me not to give up on something that I cared about."
Jungkook ignores him, staring at the grass blowing in the summer breeze. 
"She was my friend too," Tae says hoarsely, "And I know that doesn't mean fucking shit compared to what she was to you. I'm sorry I was careless with my words just now, okay? I have no fucking idea how much it hurts for you right now. I don't know how to help you."
Jungkook gulps, but still doesn't look at him. 
"Don't shut me out, okay? I only ever wanted the best for both of you."
The younger just blinks, not acknowledging that he heard him. 
"Just leave me alone."
Tae bites his tongue before he can say anything else, then he leaves, the door shutting behind him. 
Jungkook finally looks away from the window, his hand slipping into the pocket of his lucky jacket and pulling out a torn and bloodied letter along with a few band-aids. 
The memory of you giving him the band-aids when he helped you clean your classroom the first time comes flooding into his brain. 
“I i-insist. I have p-plenty, and you n-never know when y-you’ll need a b-bandage.”
He gulps. 
The bleeding ache in his heart is going to need a hell of a lot more than a band-aid.
A few tears slip down his cheeks before he wipes them away and looks at the letter from you that Dae tore to pieces. 
He can only make out some of the words, but he read it so many times before the incident that it's burned into his brain anyway. 
"Fuck," Jungkook wipes at his eyes in frustration. 
It was a freak coincidence. 
He's never going to see you again after today. 
For your sake, he needs to pull himself together. 
For your sake he needs to bottle it up to make sure you live the life you always deserved, the reason he left anyway. 
For your sake. 
“P-Promise me, y-you won’t fall in love w-with me.”
Jungkook swallows the lump in his throat as he messes with the bracelets on his wrist, whispering in his mind the words he promised to say every day, no matter what, the promise he refuses to break, to this day. 
I love you, ____.
The next day, you still can't get those questions out of your head. 
Jimin notices that you're distracted during breakfast and while the two of you go to the beach and look out at the water. 
"What's on your mind?" He finally asks, knowing it has something to do with yesterday. 
"I j-just want answers," you say quietly, staring at the sea. 
Jimin clears his throat, "Are you sure you didn't just buy them at a stand somewhere?"
You shake your head, "N-No, it's the bracelet design I m-made when I was l-little."
He wants to tell you, he wants to tell you everything. 
Honestly, he's been looking for those two ever since they disappeared from the hospital. 
He knows they meant the best and that you were already struggling. He knows that Jungkook didn't want to drag you back into the hell you escaped from after losing your memories. 
But he also knows that you're meant to be together, there's no denying that. 
Searching high and low for almost a year and a half and he always came up with nothing. And now the two of you run into them in Busan? Over a year later? Only because he happened to be lucky enough to get tickets because of a cancellation, and then to mix up the dates and come early and then stay at that specific hotel and eat at that specific restaurant?
No one will convince him it isn't meant to be. 
But right now, is the best plan of action telling you everything? Or is the best plan of action letting you fall in love with Jungkook again naturally?
Did Jungkook find someone else in all this time? 
Maybe he's not even interested in pursuing you, as unbelievable as that seems. 
But he needs to make sure. 
He can't just tell you that that worker was the one you were so hopelessly in love with, the one you wanted to be with forever, the one that put you above himself in everything. 
Because what if Jungkook doesn't feel the same anymore?
As your best friend, he can't put that story into your head just for it to be ripped away from you because he found someone else. 
He needs to be one hundred percent positive and make sure everyone else is on board. 
What good is a wingman if he lets the love of your life get away?
As your wingman, he needs answers. 
And those will only come from one place. 
"I j-just want to go b-back and make sure I'm not crazy," you pout. 
Jimin gulps, then he nods, "Okay, we should go back."
You look at him, eyes bright, "Really?"
"Of course, besides, the food was out of this world."
Yeona smiles at Jungkook as she hands him a few dishes that need to be cleaned, "Think you can handle more?"
He just nods and takes them, dunking them into the water and scrubbing furiously. 
She frowns and walks over to Tae, who is busy plating food. 
"I'm worried about him," she whispers. 
Taehyung finishes up the plates he was doing, sends them out with Beomgyu, then takes her elbow gently and leads her to the back. 
"Did something happen?" She asks, worry creasing her brow, "Please don't keep stuff from me, especially when it's about you two. You know he's like a little brother to me."
Tae bites his lip, "I know."
"So, what's going on?"
"The table you served the other day, the one with the girl and guy in the corner..."
She looks thoughtful, "Oh, the one with the sweet girl that had the cute stutter?"
He nods, looking away. 
"What about them?" Yeona asks softly, touching his arm. 
Taehyung sighs, then he leans against the closed door. 
"Do you remember when we first met?"
She laughs, "Of course, I wasn't sure if you'd return my bike that day."
Tae smiles sadly, "Do you remember why I needed that bike?"
She thinks for a moment, then she nods, "You said you needed it because a friend needed help, right?"
He nods, "Yeah. Well, that girl was the friend."
"Ah," She looks a little confused, "Then...if she was your friend, how come she acted like she didn't know anyone here?"
"Because she doesn't remember us," Tae whispers brokenly, "She lost her memories a little bit before Jungkook and I came back here."
Yeona looks deep in thought as she tries to understand. 
"Is she the one..."
Before she even needs to say it, he nods, "She's the one he's in love with."
Yeona puts a hand over her mouth, tears filling her eyes. 
"But she doesn't remember him at all?"
Taehyung shakes his head, "No."
Yeona turns away for a moment, wiping her eyes. 
"I feel terrible for trying to have him bring that side dish over," she whispers tearfully, "I can't believe he had to go through that."
"It wasn't your fault," he says gently, taking her arms and pulling her into a hug, "You didn't know."
"That doesn't make it any better," she sniffles, "Poor Kook...I can't imagine the pain he must be in right now."
Tae holds her against him, trying to gather his strength, "He's in more pain than I can ever explain."
"What do you mean?"
"I'll tell you everything, just not today."
She looks up at him, "Does this have to do with you being an ex-hitman?"
He gulps and nods. 
Yeona stuffs her face back into his chest, "Ok, I'll wait for you to be ready."
Jimin pulls up next to a small blue car sitting outside of the restaurant a little after one in the afternoon. 
"So, what are you planning on doing?" He asks curiously, looking over to see you fiddling with your fingers. 
"Oh," you wave your hand dismissively, "I'm j-just gonna look at th-their bracelets, maybe ask th-them where they got them fr-from."
Jimin nods, "Sounds like a solid plan. And I will enjoy the heavenly food."
You laugh, your nerves quieting down as he chuckles. 
You're not sure why you were so nervous anyway, you just want to know where they got them and if you had just forgotten about buying them from somewhere. It's probably just a silly coincidence and you made up the memory of having designed them when you were little. 
The little bell clangs above the door as Jimin steps in and holds it open for you. 
The same old woman from last night hobbles around the corner and smiles brightly at the two of you. 
"Well, what a nice surprise! It's always wonderful to see returning faces."
"We couldn't stop thinking about your food," Jimin tells her sweetly, "I don't think I'll ever be able to eat anywhere else and be satisfied."
She laughs delightedly and thanks him, making small talk with him as she leads you two to the same table as the night before. 
"Thank y-y-you," you smile at her and she smiles back, but there's an almost sad look in her eyes that confuses you. She covers it with a bigger smile and says she'll be back with water. 
Jimin looks around, taking in the simple decorations, "It's so homey, I can't get over it. We're gonna need to make trips to Busan more often just to come here."
You nod in agreement, but you're a little distracted thinking about why she looked at you like that. It almost looked as though she had found a puppy she lost years ago. 
It made your heart ache and you aren't sure why. 
"You okay?"
You snap out of it and look at Jimin before nodding, "Yeah, j-just didn't get m-much sleep last night."
"Ah, wanna take a nap after lunch?"
You're about to answer him when the boy from last night with bleach-blonde hair comes over with cups and a pitcher, "Good afternoon, here's some water for you folks."
Jimin thanks him as he gives him a cup, then turns to hand one to you. 
He freezes for a moment, his eyes widening for a split second before he seems to come to his senses and hands you the cup. 
You thank him and he bows before leaving. 
"Hm?" Your best friend looks at you from over his cup of water that he's currently gulping. 
"Do th-they seem like they're a-a-acting weird to you?"
He sets the cup down and sighs in satisfaction before shaking his head as he wipes his lips, "No, why?"
"Oh...m-maybe I'm more t-tired than I thought."
Jimin watches you carefully for a moment, then the old woman comes back over to take your order. 
A few tables have people eating at them, but not as many as last night. It must be a quiet time for business around this hour. 
Both of you are fidgety, but neither of you notice the other one glancing around nervously. 
"Um, I think I need to use the restroom," Jimin says, standing up, "Too much water," he laughs a bit awkwardly. 
You just nod, "...o-okay."
The dark-blonde stands there for a moment, then he bites his lip and moves away to look for the restroom.
Turning the corner where it has a sign for the restroom, Jimin glances back to see you looking at your phone. 
The oversized floppy brown turtleneck you're in is practically swallowing you whole, the short black jumper dress over top of it bringing the outfit together perfectly. He smiles, knowing you would be delighted to hear how cute the outfit turned out, since you weren't so sure this morning. 
He makes a mental note to tell you after he's done with what he needs to do. 
Turning to look for the way to the kitchen, he bumps into someone. 
"Oh, pardon me."
The girl smiles at him kindly, "Can I help you with something?"
He nods, "Yes, actually. Is Taehyung working today?"
She seems a little surprised that he seems to know one of the workers, but she recovers quickly and nods, "Yes he is- wait a minute.. oh, you were here last night!"
He nods, "Yeah, my friend and I came back to try more dishes."
"Oh, wonderful!"
Jimin scratches his neck, "Um, would I be able to speak with him?"
"I'll go and see if he's got a minute, I'll be right back."
"Thank you."
You thank Beomgyu when he brings over the food, noting that he's acting normal this time around. 
Maybe you really did just imagine things earlier. 
You look around for Jimin, wondering why it's taking him so long in the bathroom. 
The blonde turns to see Taehyung walking over, a look of concern on his face. 
"Hi, Tae."
"Hey," Taehyung swallows the lump in his throat, "What's going on? I didn't think we'd see you guys again after last night."
Jimin purses his lips, "We're staying in Busan for the weekend. I had no idea you guys worked here."
"You couldn't have known," Tae says softly, "I guess the world works in mysterious ways."
"You can say that again," Jimin sighs, "I need to ask you something, and I need you to answer me honestly, don't sugarcoat a single thing. Do you understand?"
Taehyung nods, a serious look on his face. 
"I've been looking for you two since you left."
He sees the younger gulp at that but doesn't say anything. 
"I know you meant to stay hidden, and I understand. I have no doubt that you only did what you knew was best at the time. But now that we've all run into each other again, I need to know..."
Jimin bites his lip nervously as Tae watches him carefully. 
"Is Jungkook seeing someone else?"
Taehyung immediately shakes his head, "No."
"Has he seen anyone else?"
Another head shake, "Not a single soul."
"Nothing? No one? He hasn't even considered seeing another girl?"
Tae looks behind him, then he moves closer so that only Jimin can hear him, "I know it's been a long time. But Jungkook hasn't even so much as glanced at another girl. To distract himself he just started working out a lot and getting tattoos and shit to feel the adrenaline."
Jimin frowns. 
"Yeah, I know it wasn't the best coping mechanism. They look radical as fuck though, you should see them."
Jimin is about to say something when Tae cuts him off, "Every single tattoo he has is meaningful to him."
"Oh, I'm sure they are," Jimin assures him, "I wasn't judging-"
"I didn't think you were, I just meant," Tae moves closer and whispers, "The kid tattooed his body with reminders of her. You don't have to worry about him seeing anyone else."
Jimin gives him a smile, "Sounds like a simp."
"He's always been a simp for her," Tae pretends to gag. 
"Well, what are we supposed to do?" Jimin asks after they compose themselves. 
"I don't know," Tae leans against the wall, "I was up all night thinking about it. Now that I know you two are staying at least for a few days, it makes things easier...I think."
Jimin has been gone for at least fifteen or twenty minutes and the food is getting cold. 
You sigh and stand up, moving around the tables and walking over to where a sign points to the restroom. After walking around the corner and seeing the bathroom door open and the light off, you frown. 
What the heck?
Where did he go?
You walk further down the hall and end up at a back door made of glass. Outside, there are a few big trash cans and some pieces of scrap metal. 
Right before you turn around to head back, you see a flash of black out by the dumpsters. You stop and look out again to see the young man from last night. 
The one you spilt cold broth all over. 
There’s a black cat with a red collar circling his feet, its tail brushing against his legs.
Your cheeks burn a little as you watch him throw a few trash bags into the dumpster, his sleeve tattoo on full display. Even from here you can see a few bracelets adorning the wrist of the tattooed arm. 
You knew you weren't just seeing things. 
But you'll need to get a better look to confirm they're the same as yours. 
You're about to make yourself walk back and look for Jimin when you see him pull down the top of his unbuttoned button-down shirt so that only his shoulders are visible. He runs his hands through his hair and fans himself with his hands as he looks at the sky, facing away from you.  
Gulping, you try not to stare at the tattoo on his left shoulder that's not hidden by the muscle shirt he's got on under the button-down. 
It's a lotus flower. 
You trip over a piece of metal that was sitting on the steps after the door swings open suddenly. 
You hadn't realized you were leaning against it. 
Barely catching yourself before you faceplant, your arms swing in the air as you stumble. 
Looking up, you gulp when you see the young man staring at you, his eyes wide. The cat is gone, having took off like a bullet at the ruckus you made.
He's already pulled up his shirt and closed it, having done so when he heard someone coming. 
He didn't know it was you though. 
Jungkook feels his breath get caught in his throat when he sees you looking up at him through a mess of hair. 
Why does the universe hate him so fucking much?
You fix your hair clumsily and flash him one of your best smiles, hoping he doesn't yell at you for being out here. 
"S-Sorry, I was looking f-for my friend and got a b-bit lost."
He doesn't say anything.
Why did he have to have that one split second of hope, to think that you might have remembered him and come to find him?
Your look of complete and utter calmness and unrecognition stabs him in the heart.
The universe is so fucking cruel. 
"I hope I d-didn't break anything," You say as you turn to see the piece of metal lying on the ground, "I didn't s-see it there-"
"Are you hurt?"
You turn back to him, a smile finding its way to your face at the sound of his voice. 
Shaking your head, you look at him with those huge eyes he could never resist, "Nuh uh, I'm f-fine."
Thank goodness. 
He bites his lip as his fists clench. 
He needs Tae or someone, anyone, to come out here and save him before he fucks everything up. 
You fiddle with your fingers, looking down. 
"Fucking hell."
Jungkook startles when you look up at him and he realizes he just cursed out loud. 
"Nothing, sorry."
You smile at him again and he swears to God his heart has never hurt more than this. 
He's been through hell and back countless times his entire life, but nothing has hurt like this, not even close. 
Why can't he just escape pain for once?
Taking a step closer, you frown when he takes a step back. 
"So-sorry," you mumble, stepping away again. 
Jungkook gulps, tears welling up in his eyes as he stares at you, silently begging you to just remember him. To please not freak out if he embraces you right now because he can't fucking control himself.
He lets out a shaky breath and turns away to start walking in a random direction. 
Anywhere that isn't near you. 
He can't do it. 
He can't control himself, and he is not about to touch you when you think of him as nothing more than a stranger. He'd never forgive himself if he scared you like that. 
So, he needs to get away. 
Jungkook freezes, a huge lump forming in his throat that he's pretty sure is his actual heart leaving his body. 
Please, don't make this harder for me. 
"I d-don't mean to bother y-you, but I was w-wondering if I could ask y-y-you a question?"
Jungkook's jaw clenches as he mentally tells himself to keep fucking breathing. 
He finally turns around to face you again, but his eyes stay locked on the ground. 
For a split second, they land on your chunky white tennis shoes. 
They're still tied the way he did it, so you could slip them on and off, he'd swear those were the same knots he made so long ago-
"A-are you okay?" Your small voice reaches his ears, and he nods numbly after a minute. 
"What did you want to ask me?" His voice is hoarse, and you wonder for a brief moment if he needs a drink of water or something. 
"Um, it's a s-silly question, but c-could I see your bra-bracelets?"
You watch as he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth and gnaws on it gently. 
"Why?" He eventually asks. 
You gulp, not expecting him to question you. You thought maybe he'd just let you have a look and be done. 
"I just- I th-thought I remembered-"
His head shoots up and the look he gives you takes your breath away; the pain in his eyes making your heart hurt.
"You reme-" he cuts himself off when he sees the confused look on your face. 
Of course she didn't remember.
Jungkook takes a step back, needing to be farther from you so he can think clearly. 
He's gotta get out of here before he does something stupid. 
All his instincts are screaming at him to hold you and never let you go again. 
But he can't. 
For your sake. 
"I- uh...j-just thought we m-might've gotten them at the s-same place," you whisper, very unsure of yourself now. 
Jungkook holds his arm out and you stare at it for a moment, stunned. 
Then you snap out of it and move closer, inspecting the three bracelets there. 
You pull up the floppy sleeve of your sweater and hold up your wrist to place it next to his, not missing the beautiful ink decorating his arm and contrasting against your bare one.
His bracelets...
They aren't just similar to yours...
They're exactly the same. 
He has the yellow and black bracelet, the purple and blue bracelet, and even the silver bracelet with the exact same two charms as yours: the crescent moon and the angel wing.
You slowly look up and see him staring at you, his eyes a little shiny but his face emotionless. 
 A nervous laugh slips out of your mouth as your gaze falls back to your wrists, "They're th-the same."
It's quiet for a moment, then you hear him whisper, "I guess we have similar taste in jewelry."
You nod but continue staring at both of your wrists. 
Then your eye catches the image of two of your favorite flowers tattooed on his arm.
Dandelion and Agapanthus...
Wow, you must have the same taste in flowers too.
Not being able to control yourself, you let your gaze wander over more of the tattoos and see a few words just below the inside of his elbow. 
Live for what you love.
Your eyes slowly trace up his arm and to his dark ones that still bore into you. 
It feels like he's reading your very soul. 
"Who a-are you?" You whisper, not even aware of the words coming out of your mouth until there's no taking them back. 
He pulls his arm back and you see him gulp, eyes never leaving yours. 
"No one," his voice is barely above a whisper as it shakes slightly. 
You and Jungkook flinch at the sound of someone calling your name. 
You turn and see Jimin standing on the little concrete steps, holding the door open and looking at you in surprise. 
The other waiter from last night is standing behind him, a soft smile on his face as he looks back and forth between you and the young man behind you. 
You turn and bow to the dark-haired stranger, "S-sorry for bothering y-you, I'll be go-going now."
He doesn't say anything as you hurry over to the steps and climb them clumsily, grabbing Jimin's hand when he reaches for you so you don't fall.
You smile and bow to the other worker and he gives you a tiny bow back, the gentle smile never leaving his face. 
Jimin leads you back down the hallway. You only turn once to see the tall man going through the back door. 
"What happened?" Tae asks gently as he approaches Jungkook, who is still standing in the same spot, looking a bit sickly. 
"She just came out of nowhere," Jungkook chokes out, his eyes finally leaving the ground and traveling up to his best friend's smile, "Why are you smiling?"
Taehyung sighs, "Why do you think I'm smiling, Kook? They're staying in Busan for the weekend, it's fate-"
"It's not fate," Jungkook snaps, fixing his sleeves and clearing his throat before walking around Tae, "Don't pull that bullshit on me."
"Hey, now wait a fucking second," Tae grabs Jungkook's arm, ready to start an argument. 
But Jungkook beats him to it; the bottle coming uncapped and the agony inside exploding. 
"What the fuck am I supposed to do?!" Jungkook shouts, his voice breaking, "For over a goddamn year you told me to move on! You told me to move on for her sake!! Now you're telling me it's all clear?!"
He gets up in Tae's face, "You suddenly decide it's okay for me to love her? Now that she shows up and still doesn't remember a single fucking thing about my existence?! When she looks at me and sees nothing but a blank slate? Now it's safe for me to love her?!" 
Taehyung closes his eyes, letting Jungkook scream at him all he wants. 
He deserves it.
"I hate you for making me leave! I hate you for telling me not to be selfish and move on so that she can move on and live her life!! I hate that I can't fucking hate your stupid ass because you did it so I wouldn't be arrested, and you were right!! Is that what you want to hear?! You were right!! I never deserved her-"
"I never said that-"
"YOU THOUGHT IT!!" Jungkook screams, tears building up in his eyes, "WE ALL FUCKING KNEW IT!!"
Tae feels tears well up in his own eyes as he opens them to look at his best friend.
He shakes his head, "I didn't, I've never thought that."
Jungkook's jaw clenches and he almost looks like he's about to hit Tae in the face. 
But the glass door opens and Yeona calls out to them before he can throw a punch. 
"What's going on??" She hurries down the steps and shoves her way between them, keeping them each at an arm's length away. She turns to Jungkook, "Kook, what on earth happened? Why are you crying?"
He steps back and wipes at his eyes, confused when he feels that they're wet. 
Didn't realize he was crying...
When he doesn't answer her, she looks at Tae, "What happened?" She asks fiercely, "And don't you dare say nothing, Kim Taehyung."
He sighs and looks over at Jungkook, who is shutting down. 
"The customers can hear you guys screaming out here," Yeona scolds, looking at them both, "Would you care to explain why?"
Tae's face pales, "Did they hear what was said?"
Yeona shakes her head, "No, thank goodness. Just a bunch of shouting. Now, tell me what happened or I'll make sure halmeoni scolds both of you." 
Taehyung glances at the youngest again before pinching the bridge of his nose, "____ came back here and spoke to him."
"Don't say her name," Jungkook growls. 
Yeona looks back and forth between them, "I'm guessing this is the girl," she says softly.
When neither of them says anything, she turns to Jungkook, "Did Tae push it too far? Did he say something insensitive?"
Jungkook hesitates for a moment, then he shakes his head. 
"Are you sure?" She presses gently. 
He knows she always scolds Tae for being mean and he's grateful that she keeps him in line, but he just wants this whole thing to be done. So he nods, "I'm sure."
Yeona glances at Tae suspiciously, who holds up both hands in defense. 
"I'm gonna step away, I expect no one to throw a punch."
She steps away, then she sighs when no one moves. 
"Thank you. Now, Tae you have dishes you need to prepare. Jungkook, would you like to take your break?"
He nods and walks away before she can say anything else. 
Yeona turns back to Tae, who looks after the youngest helplessly, "You need to let him calm down."
He nods dejectedly, "I know."
"Would you like to help me in the kitchen?"
Tae nods again, letting her take his hand and lead him inside. 
"Why doesn't he want to try to get close to her again?" Yeona asks quietly as she and Tae make the food side by side. 
"It's not that he doesn't want to," Tae sighs, "It's that he's been convincing himself for almost a year and a half that she's better off without him. He won't admit it, but he's scared to drag her into his life again because he thinks she was happier before she met him."
Yeona frowns, "But they were in love, weren't they?"
He nods, "More than I've ever seen between two people. I don't know how to describe it...they never actually made it official because of all the bullshit happening. They didn't date like normal people do."
She just listens quietly as he tries his best to explain. 
"It was different, you could almost feel it. The way they looked at each other when the other wasn't looking. They always wanted nothing more than the other to be happy and safe. It was almost tangible when you walked into the room, but it was never awkward. I fucking hate couples, they're gross, but with these two; it was almost like the room was physically brighter when they were together..."
Yeona smiles softly as she gazes at him, "I've never heard love described that way from someone on the outside looking in."
Taehyung chuckles sadly, "I've never described it that way being the one on the outside looking in."
"If he loves her as much as he does, how is he able to keep himself from her?" Yeona asks as she pours seasonings into a big pot. 
"That's exactly it. He loves her so much that he lets himself hurt just to make sure she's happy, yet he still calls himself selfish," Tae plates up some food, "He really thinks she was happier before she met him."
Yeona stays silent as they finish up the last few orders in the small rush. 
Jungkook looks up from his bed when he hears a knock on the door. 
"Come in," he says, knowing who it is already.
The door cracks open and he sees Yeona slip in. 
She frowns when she sees him sitting on his bed, his eyes rimmed with red. 
He won't look at her, just stares at the wall. 
"Can I sit?"
He gives her a quick nod. 
She sits on the edge of his bed and joins him in staring at the wall. 
After a brief silence, she sighs. 
"You know you're like the little brother I never had, right?"
Jungkook nods but continues to stay silent. 
"Do you mind if we get deep for a minute?"
He hesitates, then he shrugs and mumbles, "I guess not."
"Alright," she turns to face him, "You were the one that made sure Tae and I could be together. He kept pushing me away again and again, until finally he let me in. And we both have you to thank for that."
Jungkook shakes his head, "You two are meant to be together, you would've ended up together anyway."
"And yet, how many years would we have wasted if his best friend didn't urge him to face me?"
He gulps, starting to understand her point. 
"Taehyung only briefly spoke about her to me all this time, and although I know a little more now, I still don't know everything."
She looks back at the wall he's staring at. 
"Would you tell me about her?"
"I- I don't know..." Jungkook whispers uncertainly, he's never even told Tae in detail all about what he sees in you, too scared to be vulnerable. 
Because look at where being vulnerable has gotten him. 
"Let's start easy, what's her favorite color?"
Jungkook feels a painful jab in his heart but he forces the word out anyway, "Yellow."
"Aw, cute...and what kind of stuff does she like to eat?"
"She loves sweet things... but there's a tteokbokki stand in Seoul that was always her favorite, and she would-" He cuts himself off when he realizes he's going off. 
"And she would what?"
"Never mind," Jungkook puts a hand to his head, "None of this matters anymore, it's not like it's useful to me."
Yeona frowns, "Why are you refusing to let her get close to you again?"
"Tae probably already told you, his big fucking mouth-"
"I want to hear it from you."
Jungkook sighs in irritation, she really is like an older sister, nagging at him all the time. 
"Because she's better off without me, okay?" He snaps.
"What makes you say that? Clearly she's taken an interest in you even though she doesn't remember-"
"Yeona. The first time I saw her, I was figuring out the best way to fucking kill her."
She looks at him in surprise. 
"She was my hit," Jungkook mumbles, "And she was the most innocent human I ever met."
She stays quiet, sensing that he's finally opening up as he gets this faraway look in his eye. 
"She always had this light in her eyes, no matter what happened. The light never dimmed, it was like she saw the world through the eyes of a kid. She saw beauty in the world that leaves us after we grow up, the magic that we all stop believing in."
He drops his head in his hands, "Then it was gone. There was no light left, nothing. I did that to her..."
"I did, I took that light away from her. And now she has it back," his voice breaks, "And if she gets dragged into my life again, she'll lose it forever."
Yeona stays quiet.
"She was and is happier without knowing me."
"Why can't you let her decide that, though?" Yeona whispers, "Why do you get to make that decision for her? Why should Tae get what he wants and you need to suffer? Yes, things happened that hurt all of you guys, but it's over now, isn't it?"
Jungkook gnaws on his lip.
"You're done with the hits, no?"
He nods, "Yes."
"So you haven't done a single hit since the last guy...Dae?"
Jungkook's jaw clenches at the sound of his name, but nods to confirm her question. 
"And the hits were more or less the center of it all...am I wrong?"
He shakes his head a little. 
"So, everyone needs to keep healing, it's going to take a lot of time...but, if she loved you as much as I'm sensing she did; don't you think she'd like to heal with you instead of alone?"
Jungkook gulps, "I wish it was that simple. But if she doesn't remember me, how is that going to work? I'm not going to lie to her and pretend like we didn't meet until now if we get closer. Nothing good has ever come from lying to her. I'm not going to do that."
"Good, because that would be the worst idea ever."
"So, what the hell am I supposed to do?"
She shrugs, "Well for starters, let Tae back in. He's the one that knows you two better than I ever will. And he said something about her friend...Jimin? He said that Jimin wants to find a way to get you two back together."
Jungkook feels his chest tighten, "It's not going to happen unless we tell her everything. And I am not throwing her back into those memories, I'm not going to do that to her for my own selfishness, not when she's finally happy again."
He stands up and walks to the door, "I'm going to the shops, halmeoni told me we needed some things earlier."
The door shuts behind him harshly and she sighs, hoping that he will at least take her words into consideration.
Jungkook grabs a few bushels of the vegetables halmeoni asked him to get, walking around the little stands where people are shouting different prices and what they have to offer. 
"Can I get five please?" He asks the little old man at the stand with cabbages. 
He pays the man, grabbing the bag and thanking him before moving on. 
At least halmeoni made him bring the cart this time. Usually, he insists he can carry everything, not wanting to lug around this silly thing. But there's definitely more to carry this time than usual. 
Jungkook walks over to the peach stand, glancing over them. 
The memory of you laughing and joking in his old apartment as the two of you make peach-filled mochi floods his brain. 
The peaches in front of him blur and he bites his lip harshly. 
Get it together, Jungkook. 
You don't get to be selfish anymore.
"What can I get for you, sweetie?"
He clears his throat and is about to answer, when another voice speaks up and he realizes the vendor wasn't even talking to him.
"C-Can I please get t-two?"
The sound of your stutter squeezes his heart painfully as he turns to the side to see you standing there, eyes wide as you look at the plump fruit. 
The lady at the stand nods and bags up two peaches, telling you the price as she hands them to you. 
"Thank y-you," you dig into your wallet and pull out some money to hand to her, then you frown when you realize you don't have enough.
"Um, o-one second," Rifling through your change purse, you bite your lip, then you hand the peaches back to her, "I d-don't have enough c-cash-"
You and the peach lady look to the side in surprise when someone holds out a few bills.
"Will this cover it? I'd like to get four myself please."
The lady nods and smiles, winking at you before taking the money in his outstretched hand and bagging up four peaches for him. 
"How is your halmeoni, Jungkook?" The old woman asks kindly. 
You just stare at him, shocked that you've run into him again for the second time today. 
That's a beautiful name...
"She's doing alright, thank you," Jungkook says politely, but you can hear a slight strain in his voice. 
He bows and turns to move on. 
You can't help but follow him to the next stand, missing the way his body stiffens at the close proximity. 
"Your n-name is b-beautiful," you say, coming up to his side as he forces himself to look at the radishes. 
"Thank you," he mumbles. 
"D-Don't you want to know m-my name?" You ask. 
Your name has been etched into my brain for two years, ____. 
"Jungk-kook," You try it out when he doesn't answer, smiling brightly. 
His throat closes up and he needs to stop for a moment, his hand gripping the handle of the cart until his knuckles turn white.
How can someone saying his name physically hurt like this?
It isn't just someone, though. 
It's you. 
Suddenly he can't breathe. 
Jungkook grabs at his chest, his breath becoming shallow as his eyes water. 
"A-are you okay?"
Your voice is faint in the background as the world turns fuzzy. 
The next thing he knows, he's kneeling on the ground, clutching at his bleeding heart and gasping for air. 
"Hey, are y-you okay??"
When he feels you touch his arm gently, he flinches away, not letting himself see the hurt in your eyes. 
"Please stop," his voice breaks painfully as he stands up and grabs the cart, "I can't take it anymore- just stop."
You watch sadly as he leaves, pushing through people in a hurry to get away. 
"____? What happened?"
"I- I ran into the b-boy from the restaurant," You whisper. 
Jimin's eyes widen, "Oh? Well, what did he say?"
"He t-told me to stop," You say sadly, "I d-didn't realize I'd made him unco-comfortable."
He frowns, knowing that Jungkook hadn't meant it in that way at all, but not sure how to tell you. 
"I got p-peaches though," you say with a tearful chuckle, holding up the bag. 
Jimin smiles softly, "I bet they're delicious."
You and Jimin grab a few more things before heading back to the hotel. 
Up in your room, you and Jimin eat some of the peaches as you talk. 
"So, what makes you so interested in him?" Jimin asks as he lays on your bed while you lounge in the comfy chair by your window, "Is it because he's hot?"
Your cheeks heat up instantly, "Jimin..."
"What?" He laughs, "Am I wrong? Those tats are pretty sexy-"
"S-stop!" You throw the pillow you were hugging at his head, making him laugh harder. 
"In all seriousness though," he says after he's finished chuckling, "Why him?"
"I d-don't know," You mumble, picking at a piece of thread on your jumper, "I just f-feel drawn to him for s-some reason...I guess...I d-don't know, it's silly-"
"It isn't silly," Jimin says gently, sitting up and looking at you, "Some souls are connected, I fully believe that."
"What d-do you mean by that?"
He swallows the lump in his throat, "I don't know, maybe you knew him in another life," he whispers, watching you closely. 
You look down sadly before shaking your head, "Or I'm j-just being a w-w-weirdo."
Jimin flops back onto the bed, deciding to change the subject, "Are you ready for the art show tomorrow?"
Your eyes light up and you nod, "Mhm! I c-can't believe I actually get to s-see Kim Junsoo's w-work in person!"
Jimin smiles, "I wonder if he'll be there..."
Jumping off the chair, you point at him, "D-don't put that idea in m-my head! I would d-die."
He laughs, "Well, it is his show. Hey, did you hear about how he's going to be showcasing some other artists' work?"
You shake your head, "I didn't, wh-who else's work is g-going to be there?"
"I'm not sure, there was an article I read about it last night that said he wanted to include a few unknown artists' work as well because he remembers the days when no one knew who he was. He said he wanted to give them the chance that he never got early on."
"That's s-so awesome," You flop down onto the bed next to him, "M-maybe we'll get some n-new artists to love!"
"That would be great," Jimin smiles at you. 
The next morning, Jimin knocks on your door and lets you know he's up and getting ready for the day and you call back to him that you're going to take a shower. 
You get in the shower and wash away all the sweat from last night. You're not sure why you were hot all night long, but it was a pretty icky feeling. 
"Ha," You sigh in satisfaction at the feeling of the water washing all the grime away. 
After your shower, you look through some of the clothes you bought on Friday. They had so many cute things that it was hard not to buy everything. 
Hmm, you want the outfit to be just right today...
Finally, you decide on the sheer white long-sleeved shirt that's sleeves are slightly puffed. Over that, you put on a pale pink dress with ruffles on the bottom of the skirt and ruffled two-inch sleeves; the rest of the dress is covered in strawberries and bunnies. Pulling on some white stockings, you look into the mirror and smile in satisfaction. 
After pulling on your shoes, you meet Jimin in the hallway. 
"You look great!" He exclaims and you blush. 
"Thank you."
He nods, "Definitely the right choice. What do you want to do until the show starts? It isn't starting until five tonight."
You nod, "I w-was trying to think of th-things last night. Sh-should we just g-go and look around the city?"
Jimin nods, "Sounds good to me! Let's go."
The drive to the city isn't too awfully long. You and Jimin walk around and look at the shops, grab a bite to eat, and then keep walking. 
It really is beautiful here. 
"Where are you going so early? I thought the show didn't start until five."
Jungkook looks up from tying his shoes to see Tae leaning against the doorframe. 
"I just felt like getting out," Jungkook says quietly, "I'm too cooped up in here; it always feels stuffy when we're closed."
Taehyung nods, "I agree. Halmeoni said she and Beomgyu will be there. Yeona and I will meet you at the show later too, that's still the plan right?"
The younger nods as he finishes tying his shoes, "If that's what you guys are still wanting to do it's fine with me."
Tae sighs quietly, then steps in front of the door when Jungkook tries to leave. 
Jungkook looks at Tae, not a single emotion showing on his face, "What?"
"I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry. I never meant for this to happen."
"For what to happen?" Jungkook asks. 
"This, all of this. I just wanted to protect you, I didn't want you to hurt anymore. But, I fucked up and I'm sorry."
Jungkook swallows the lump in his throat, then he looks at Tae, his face softening, "I know you didn't mean to hurt me, that's why I got so angry, because I knew deep down that it was me who did the hurting. You really only told me once to move on for her sake, I was the one that drilled it into myself for so long. And I know you only said that in a panic to try and help."
Tae purses his lips, not saying anything. He still feels responsible. 
"What were you supposed to do, Tae?" Jungkook asks quietly, "You were the one that saved me from being locked up the rest of my life. You didn't make her lose her memories. I guess fate just doesn't like me very much."
Taehyung gulps as Jungkook pats him on the shoulder, "At least I get to walk around outside, eat normal food, watch my best friend fall in love, feel the sun, and see that she's happy. Knowing she's doing well is what matters to me the most, even if seeing her is killing me. If it wasn't for you, I'd miss all of this. Thank you, I mean it."
Tae nods, a lump stuck in his throat as Jungkook moves past him to leave.
It's a few hours until the show and you and Jimin are walking around the park. 
You climbed the jungle gym a few times and slid down the slide a lot, now you're trying to convince Jimin to play hide n' seek with you. 
"What if you wander off and get lost?" Jimin cries. 
"We h-have phones!" You guffaw, holding it up to prove your point. 
"Oh yeah..." Jimin thinks for a moment, then he nods, "You know what, ok. Let's do it. You hide first and I'll find you."
You take turns counting and hiding, laughing your heads off when you find each other. Then you tell him the boundaries for the game are bigger now because it's too easy. He agrees but only because you promise to call him if you make a wrong turn. 
He sits on the swings, covers his eyes and starts to count. 
You take off for the trees that you've been eyeing for a while, trying to contain your giggles as you run as quickly as you can. 
There's a path through the trees that you run down, looking back to see Jimin still sitting on the swing. He's too far to hear though. 
You keep running down the path, turning your head every once in a while to make sure you can still see him. 
When your lungs are finally starting to burn, you glance back once more to see the Jimin speck moving. 
He's done counting already???
You squeal and turn back to the front to keep running, but you end up crashing into someone instead. 
Flying backwards from the impact, you land on your bottom with a grunt of pain. 
Looking up to apologize, you see Jungkook stumbling a bit before catching himself. 
He looks up at the sound of your voice. 
You see something flash across his face, but you can't tell what emotion it is. 
Jumping up from the ground, you grab his hand and pull him behind the big tree you were heading towards in the first place. 
Startled by your action, Jungkook doesn't even resist as you yank him with you, making him crouch and putting a finger up to your lips. 
"J-Jimin is looking for me," You whisper, eyes wide as you look at him, "Be q-quiet."
He nods, then his brows furrow before he leans closer to whisper, "Why don't you want him to find you?"
"It's a g-game," You giggle.
"Ah," He nibbles on his bottom lip, forcing himself not to focus on how fucked up the universe is for this. 
What are the fucking chances?
"W-what is that?"
Jungkook snaps back to the present and sees you pointing at his chest. He looks down to see that the chain with his mother's ring on it has come out from under his shirt. 
"Shit," He tucks it back in, "It's nothing."
"That n-nothing is beautiful," You whisper. 
Jungkook closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths. 
Don't fucking cry, you fucking wuss.
"She m-must be spe-special to you," you say quietly, looking at him carefully. 
Jungkook opens his eyes and looks at you, his gaze drifting over your face and for the first time since seeing you here, actually takes you in. 
He's not been letting himself look too closely, out of fear of fucking up. 
But he can't resist anymore, he just can't. 
He's too weak. 
And for the first time in forever, that doesn't bother him. 
"She is," He whispers. 
You smile at him, then you look around the tree trunk and put a hand over your mouth, eyes wide. 
Jimin has come farther onto the path, looking around carefully. 
Jungkook gulps as he just watches you, his heart breaking a little more every second, until it feels like a glass that's shattered to pieces. Too broken to be put together again. 
I love you...
Jimin ends up finding you because you couldn't keep your giggles under control. 
But when you turn back to thank Jungkook for not exposing your hiding place, he's gone. 
You look around sadly, not seeing him anywhere. 
He was so quiet, he slipped away too quickly. 
Part of you thinks you might have hallucinated the whole encounter because Jimin didn't even see him. But then you see the leaves that Jungkook was crouching on all crunched up and you know he was actually here. 
Walking up to the convention center, you feel your heart starting to beat faster and faster. 
"I bet he's inside those doors-"
"Jimin, st-stop!" You cry, hands cupping your cheeks as the excitement starts to take hold, "You're n-not helping!"
"Sorry," He chuckles, "Just remember, he's a man in his sixties that makes beautiful art, just a human like you and me."
You give him a long side glance, "He m-might be a human, but he's n-n-not like you and me."
Jimin guffaws and grabs the door, opening it and holding it for you to walk through. 
"Fair enough."
You step inside and immediately see a bunch of people milling about, soft music playing over the speakers as people dressed in white and black uniforms walk around with trays carrying tall glasses of bubbling liquid.
You and Jimin stand there in shock for a second, your jaws on the floor as you take it all in. 
"Well," Jimin eventually gulps, "At least we aren't underdressed."
You nod numbly, still in awe of how beautiful it all is and you haven't even seen the art yet. 
"How d-do they know who b-b-bought tickets?" You ask, then a second later, a man dressed in a burgundy outfit that looks like the ones the servers are wearing waves to you. 
Oh, he'd been standing there at a small podium looking thingy the whole time, you just didn't see him. 
"Good evening," He says politely, "May I have your tickets please?"
Jimin takes them out of his pocket and hands them to the man that bows after putting them in a little booklet you can't see very well, "Have a splendid time."
"We will," You say, smiling brightly before grabbing Jimin's hand and pulling him into the crowd. 
A lot of people usually make you nervous, but the excitement is overpowering that right now. 
"How c-can there be so m-many people?" You turn around in a circle, looking at the fancy dresses and suits, happy that you went with this outfit. It isn't as glamorous as some of these dresses, but it's definitely you. 
Chandeliers hang from the high ceiling of the spacious hall. 
"Where d-do you think the art is?" You ask jumping up and down. 
"I saw a sign that said it would be on the second and third floors, but they aren't opening it to the guests until five."
"Ohhhh," you look around until you see a staircase leading up and next to it is an escalator, one side going up and one down. There are a few security guards standing at the bottom and top, no doubt making sure no one tries to get up there early. 
"This is way more than I expected," Jimin says in an almost dreamlike state as he looks around. 
You nod, "M-Me too."
"I wonder if they have food?" Jimin muses, trying to see around people.
You laugh, "I th-think they do! I s-saw someone with some ch-cheese."
"Cheese?! Ok, I need to find that food table."
You and Jimin walk around for a while, looking at a few pieces of art that aren't a part of the show everyone's here for, but they're beautiful just the same. 
While looking at the different decorations, you stumble upon the food tables. Fruits, cheeses, crackers, and other little finger foods galore. 
You and Jimin gather as much as you can on the tiny plates, then you go to a corner where you can eat in peace. 
A few judging looks are thrown your way as the two of you sit on the floor out of the way and eat. Neither of you really care though, it's not like you're in their walkway. 
After eating the snacks you got, Jimin throws away the plates and walks back to you, "It's still about fifteen minutes until they open the second and third floors to guests, and even then, it's just walking around when you want, we don't need to rush or anything. Are you good while I go to the restroom?"
You nod and he pats your shoulder before walking away. 
It didn't take him long, but when he comes out again, he runs into a few familiar faces from high school. 
A text buzzes your phone and you grab it, opening it to see a message from Jimin. 
Jimin: I got nabbed by some old friends. They literally won't stop talking, I'll be over there as soon as I can, sorry.
You laugh and text him not to worry because you're fine and that you're just gonna walk around the hall and look at the art you didn't see yet. 
As you're walking around, trying not to get into people's way, you see everyone start moving in a certain direction. 
Looking at your phone, you realize it's five o'clock. 
Jimin: Hey, where should I meet you? They opened the upstairs and I finally got away. 
You reply quickly, telling him to meet you at the top of the escalators. 
A few minutes later, you're met with Jimin's smiling face as he waves at you, "There you are!"
Walking around the art gallery of one of your favorite artists is so surreal; it almost feels like you're walking on clouds as you look at all the gorgeous pieces he created throughout his life. 
After a while, you and Jimin decide to play a game and split up. You each have to find a piece of art on the second floor and the third floor that you think best describes the other person on the outside and on the inside. 
You find one on the second floor almost immediately after leaving Jimin. 
It's a giant painting of the seashore, so realistic you feel almost as though you can smell the ocean breeze and feel the water spraying your face gently. 
There's just something about it that reminds you of him. 
You make a mental note of where it is so you can bring Jimin back to it and show him, then you make your way around, glancing briefly and knowing that you can come back with Jimin and look at the art closer. 
Deciding to go to the third floor, you pass Jimin on the escalators, trying not to laugh as he makes a silly face at you. 
You see a lot more statues on this floor, inspecting them carefully and trying to see if any of them give you Jimin vibes. 
Nothing yet. 
You turn a corner and see a line of gorgeous paintings, your mouth dropping open as you walk in and see an older man looking at one of the paintings. He's the only other person in the room.
Keeping a distance so he doesn't feel uncomfortable, you look at the painting he's in front of. It's one of your favorites, always has been. 
The painting is of a bathtub, bubbles forming at the top of the water and covering most of the body of the woman inside, her hands pressed to her face and her hair in a knotty bun on the top of her head. 
The white tub is lined with gold, and if you look close enough, the woman has a streak of gold leaving her eye from behind her hands, the shiny tear going all the way to her chin. 
You always wondered if she was crying tears of joy or sadness. Nothing else in the picture gives you the answer, leaving you to figure it out yourself. 
"This one was always my favorite," The old man whispers, startling you. 
A smile spreads on your face after the initial surprise and you turn to him, "Really? M-Me too!"
You see a smile of his own light up his face before he turns to look at you. 
He looks kind of familiar...you probably saw him around the city earlier.
"What's your favorite part about this one?" He asks. 
"Mm, it's g-g-gorgeous, but I th-think my favorite part is th-that I can relate to it no m-matter what I'm feeling."
"How so?"
"I c-could never figure out if sh-she was crying because she w-was happy or sad..." You muse, looking at the image closely, "When I'm s-sad or happy, I f-feel like this p-picture is relatable and I c-can connect with h-her. I feel n-not so alone," You whisper.
He nods and looks back at the painting, his eyes a little watery before he blinks rapidly.
"Do you like to paint?"
You nod, "W-When I can, b-b-but I mostly draw because I always have c-colored pencils."
His smile grows a little more, "What kind of stuff do you like to draw?"
You hold up a finger and then reach into your bag, pulling out a few pieces of paper and handing them to him proudly, "I l-l-like to draw cute things m-mostly, just things I l-love."
He takes the pictures and looks at them, seeing childish drawings of bunnies, flowers, and candy. 
"These are beautiful," He says genuinely with a kind smile, "I can see the love you have for these things through your work."
Feeling a bit choked up at his words, you thank him quietly as he hands you the drawings back. 
"Don't ever give up on the things you love, okay?"
You nod, keeping the pictures pressed to your chest. 
"It appears as though I'm being summoned. I hope you enjoy the rest of the gallery," he says before bowing and walking over to a group of important looking people that waved to him. 
That's when it hits you. 
You turn and hear one of the men call him 'Mr. Kim' and your heart stops in your chest. 
Oh my gosh...
Your legs suddenly turn to jelly and you stuff the pictures into your purse before all but running from the room, avoiding his eye as you hurry past him. 
Did you literally just meet one of your favorite artists of all time?
Just by chance?
You need to tell Jimin. 
Trying to find your way back to the escalators, you start getting anxious because of the amount of people coming your way. Suddenly everyone decided to come to the third floor apparently. 
You try your best to get through them, but it gets harder and harder and you can't see over them. 
Now you're getting panicky. 
A man that jostles you roughly is what breaks the last bit of control you had not to freak out. 
You push past people, not wanting to hurt anyone but needing to get out of this throng. 
When you finally get out of the most crowded part, you look around frantically for a sign to the restroom. Seeing one almost immediately, you make a B-line for it. 
Against your best efforts, tears start to stream down your face and your chest gets painfully tight. A few people give you weird looks, but you ignore them as you finally get to the third-floor restroom. 
Inside the door, there's a fancy lounge area and two more doors, one for men on the left and one for women on the right. 
Since there's no one in this area, you hurry over to a couch and sit down, sobbing into your hands for a minute before scrambling through your bag and pulling out the drawing. 
You take a deep breath and focus on the little dandelion. 
"Give me anything, everything you can. I can carry it."
Your brows furrow when the voice echoes through your mind. 
Not knowing why it made your heart ache so bad, you put a hand on your head as you try to figure out where this memory is suddenly coming from. 
Just then, you hear a door creak and you turn to see the men's bathroom door is open and a young man is stepping out. 
He freezes when he sees you, then you see a concerned look flit across his face and he walks over to you. 
"Hey," he says softly, "Can I sit?"
You nod as you wipe your tears, a bit embarrassed that he's seen you like this.
Jungkook sits next to you on the couch, a gentleness about him. 
"Are you okay?"
You nod, "J-Just a little o-overwhelmed."
"Ah," he nods in understanding, "It is pretty crazy out there."
You tuck the small picture into your pocket and sigh gently before turning to him, "You l-like art?"
He gulps and nods, a sad look in his eyes as he gazes at you, "I love art."
"Me t-too," you sniffle and wipe your nose. 
It's quiet for a minute, then Jungkook looks back at you, "How are you feeling?"
Just being next to you is killing him. 
But he can't run, not now. Not when you need someone to be here with you. 
Not when you need him. 
"I'm o-okay," Your voice is a little shaky as you turn to smile at him, "How a-are you?"
Jungkook chuckles lightly, "I'm doing fine, thank you."
God, how he wishes he could just pull you into his arms and never let you go. His heart feels like someone just impaled it with a million tiny thorns as he watches you wipe your nose with the back of your hand and then use your thumbs to wipe at your eyes.
He was supposed to be the one to dry your tears, he was supposed to be the one that was always there and making sure that the only tears that slid down your cheeks were ones of pure joy. 
How could everything have gotten so utterly fucked up?
How is he going to be able to let you leave him for the second time?
"W-where is she?"
Jungkook startles at the sound of your teary voice, then he notices you looking at something and looks down to see that he's holding his mother's ring between his fingers, stroking it mindlessly. 
"Oh," He doesn't say anything else. 
You just watch him quietly, waiting to see if he'll tell you. 
"She..." Jungkook swallows the lump in his throat, "She's finally living the life she deserves...I hope."
You nod, watching as he hides it in his shirt again. 
"I'm s-sorry," You whisper. 
Jungkook can't tear his eyes away from the white carpet, "Me too."
"You m-must have really loved her..." 
He nods. 
I do.
It's silent again for a couple minutes, both of you just stuck in your own minds. His presence alone calms your nerves immensely.
Then, there's a voice over the speaker, announcing that the rooms with the new artists' work will be opening in just a few minutes. 
"I sh-should probably find my fr-friend," You say as you stand up, Jungkook following suit, "Thank y-you for talking to m-me."
"Thanks for letting me keep you company," Jungkook says gently, giving you what seems like a sad smile, "I think I'm gonna head out soon." 
"We'll prob-probably run into each other a-again," You laugh lightly as Jungkook nods, "Probably. See you later."
You bid him goodbye and leave, texting Jimin that you'll meet him at the rooms where the new artists' work will be shown. 
Jungkook watches the door swing shut behind you before he lets himself sink back down onto the couch, his head falling into his hands and his chest aching so deeply that he briefly wonders if his heart might actually stop beating. 
"Hey, are you alright?"
You nod to Jimin and give him a small smile, assuring him that you'll fill him in later. 
"I didn't think we'd run into you here."
You turn to see the other young man that works at the restaurant with Jungkook, a huge smile on his handsome face. The sweet waitress is next to him, also smiling brightly as she waves.
"Oh, hi!" Jimin exclaims, "What a small world."
"Were you guys here to see the new artists' gallery?" Taehyung asks. 
"Well, technically we came to see Kim Junsoo's work, we didn't know about the new artists until the other day, but we're definitely going to check them out."
The young man smiles kindly at you even though you hadn't been the one speaking, "I think you'll love it."
You smile back, a small ache in your heart once more that you again can't pinpoint.
"Well, we'll see you guys around," He gives you one more smile before walking away with the girl that slips her hand into his. 
Taehyung looks back at you when you aren't looking. 
Come on, ____. I know we're in there somewhere. 
"Wow, look at this," Jimin points to a statue that looks like it could be a million different things depending on the angle you're looking at it from. 
"C-cool," You muse, walking around it and inspecting it carefully. 
Your heart has been hurting ever since you were in that lounge area, no matter what you do to try and make it feel better, it won't. 
Walking around and looking at all the pieces, you and Jimin whisper about what you think the artists were going for or what might have inspired them. 
After a while, you get to a section that veers off a bit from the others, big and small paintings lining the white walls. 
Just walking into this area makes your body feel all warm and tingly. 
The first painting you see is one of a lotus flower, floating in the water. A closer look shows the reflection of a small boy holding a woman's hand. 
At first glance, one wouldn't even notice it. 
Gosh, it's beautiful. 
Tears spring to your eyes for some reason unknown to you. 
The next painting looks like a butterfly inside a cocoon, so lifelike and pretty.
You turn to see Jimin looking at a painting of a girl standing on the edge of a cliff. 
Walking over for a better look, your brows furrow in confusion. 
The girl's hair is flowing in the wind, and you can tell her arms are crossed in front of her as she hugs herself. 
It's gorgeous, but what confuses you are her clothes. 
She's wearing a short white skirt and a baby blue sweater. 
You have that exact outfit...
Even her socks and shoes look like yours...
"She looks like you," Jimin says quietly, turning to look at you, "Hey, she's even got your hair."
You swallow and nod, then you turn slowly and your breath gets stuck in your throat. 
The next painting your eyes land on is a girl lying in a bed, her hair covering most of her face as she sleeps soundly on a white pillow. It looks like it's through the eyes of the person lying next to her.
Jimin steps up next to you, "Is it just me, or does that also look like you?"
You turn again and see one of a girl wearing a flower crown, looking up to the sky as her arms are stretched above her head. It's only the back of her, so you can't see her face. 
But she's wearing another outfit that you could swear is in your closet and her hair looks just like yours. 
Jimin points at another painting, "Ok, you can't tell me that isn't you."
You breathe out shakily as you come closer to the one he's pointing at. 
The girl is on her knees, a pillow under them as she holds a needle and string in her fingers, seemingly trying to thread the needle.  
The view is from above, so you can't fully see her face, but you can see enough of it. 
Your heartbeat picks up as you force your legs to keep walking, eyes scanning the paintings. 
The same girl is in every single one. 
She's hiding behind a purple teddy bear you could swear looks just like Bonbon, she's running in a field of purple flowers, she's holding a giant cotton candy duck that covers her face, she's sitting between the viewer's legs as they run a brush through her hair. And she's always wearing clothes that you know you own.
In all of them, it looks like the painter is capturing how in love they are.
What is going on?
Jimin watches as you start hurrying from one piece of art to the next, until you stop in front of one. 
"Holy shit," Jimin breathes when his eyes land on what you're staring at. 
The girl is sitting in the cart of a Ferris wheel, lights of the fair behind her as she looks up at the person behind the painting. 
The lights shining in her eyes look like a million stars in the night sky. 
Her face is clear as day.
It's you.
You take a faltering step back. 
There's no denying anymore that the girl in the paintings is you. 
You're so confused. 
Breath becoming short and quick, you take another step back. 
You don't know what's going on. 
How could you be this artist's inspiration if you've never met them before?
These things never happened to you...did they?
You turn to leave so that you can clear your head, but you're met with the last painting in the small hall that takes the last of your breath away. 
Jimin stands frozen, staring at the painting that you're standing in front of. 
A tiny dandelion, trying its best to reach the sun despite the larger dandelions looming above it and attempting to cover its humble beauty.
"What the fuck," Jimin whispers, scanning the painting that perfectly matches the drawing in your pocket, the only difference being the size and the fact that it has color. 
You can't tear your eyes away from the image, an overwhelming feeling of grief striking your heart. 
Suddenly, you're at a small dining table, looking at the tiny picture and talking about how beautiful it is. The face of a handsome boy smiling shyly at you appears as he takes it and walks over to his nightstand to put it in the drawer there. 
The one you'll open later and take the picture from, tucking it into your pocket so that he doesn't see.
Being yanked back to the present, you stumble back, a hand pressed to your mouth as the whole summer before you fell into a coma comes crashing into your brain like a fast-forwarded movie. 
"____!" Jimin cries as he jumps forward to catch you as you trip over your own feet trying to back away from the painting. 
He's a second too late as you land on your bottom, whole body shaking violently as tears stream down your face. 
The last memory you had of him, lying in a pool of his own blood, causes a broken sob to leave you as you clamp your hands on your mouth tightly. 
"We lost him..."
Another sob leaves your throat as more people start to come into the hall, looking at the crying girl on the floor in confusion.
That's when it hits you. 
He isn't dead...
...he isn't...dead?
Jimin flinches when you scramble to your feet, tears pouring down your cheeks as you take off running down the hall. 
"Jungkook!" You run into the crowd of people, catching the attention of a certain young man that was about to enter the hall you were just in. 
"____?" Tae whispers in disbelief as he sees you sobbing and pushing through a crowd, screaming his best friend's name. 
"P-Please move!" You cry, shoving past people and not looking back once as you head for the restroom. 
Slamming into the lounge area, you look around frantically but don't see him anywhere. 
Did he leave already?
You turn and run out, now making your way to the escalators. 
Finally getting through the mass of people, you run for the stairs next to the escalators and grab the railing to keep your balance as you practically fly down them. 
"Jeon Jungkook!!"
Jungkook is about to walk through the front doors when he hears someone screaming his name at the top of their lungs. 
He turns to see you running across the giant hall, tears streaming down your face as your hair falls in tangles around your face. 
"____?" His voice seems miles away as he takes a step towards you. 
A sob tears itself from you as you reach your arms out for him. 
Before he can even think, his feet are moving and he's meeting you halfway, catching you when you throw yourself into his arms.
"J-Jungkook," You cry hysterically as you stuff your face into his shoulder, crying your heart out, his name falling from your lips over and over again. 
His hand cups the back of your head as he tries to understand what's going on, tears streaming down his face unashamedly as he holds you tightly. 
Do you really...remember him?
"I th-thought you d-died," You whimper, squeezing him.
"I'm right here," Jungkook's voice shakes uncontrollably, "I'm alive, I'm okay."
"You d-died, you died in m-my arms," Tears continue to pour down your soft cheeks. 
"I'm right here, sweetpea," Jungkook whispers, petting your hair, concentrating on the feeling of you in his arms, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." 
This is real. 
This is real. 
It's not another dream. 
You're here in his arms and you know him. 
This is real. 
Neither of you care about the stunned onlookers staring at you two in confusion.
Running across the hall and stopping a small distance away, Taehyung and Jimin freeze when they're met with the sight of you and Jungkook wrapped in each other's arms. 
"Holy fucking shit," Tae rasps, "She remembered."
You feel Jungkook pull you impossibly closer, "I missed you so fucking much, ____,” his voice breaks as the tears fall endlessly down his face. 
"I missed you t-too," You whisper into his neck.
Jungkook gulps and forces himself to keep breathing even as his brain and heart race. 
You finally pull away just enough to see his face. 
Laughing tearfully, you gently wipe his wet cheeks, "Y-You're alive," you whisper, salty tears still flowing even as a huge smile breaks out on your face, "You're a-actually alive."
He nods as you brush under his eyes, "I'm alive," he says quietly. 
Jungkook lowers you to the ground so he can cup your face with his trembling hands, "I love you, ____." It takes everything he has not to break down into uncontrollable sobs.
Your heart thunders in your chest as he leans down to slot his mouth against yours, the soft touch of his lips bringing fresh tears to your eyes after not feeling him for over a year. 
Jungkook's heart aches deeply in his chest, but this time, for the first time in so long, it's a good ache. 
It feels like he's drowning in you, and he doesn't want to come up for air. He's not going to let go of you again. He won't lose you, never again. 
"I l-love you too," You whisper when he finally pulls away to get a breath, your eyes staring into his, like you're reading his soul. 
It feels as though you're watching all of the agony he went through all this time. 
"I'm s-so sorry I forgot," you choke out, "I'm sorry I d-didn't remember you."
Jungkook shakes his head and smiles at you so softly it breaks your heart, "You came back to me, that's all that matters now."
"I'm n-never leaving again," You promise, lifting your hand and linking your pinky with his. 
After he wraps his pinky around yours and seals the deal, he pulls you into another kiss. 
Taehyung quickly brushes under his eyes before anyone can catch the few tears that escape as he fights a smile. 
I knew you'd come back, ____.
4 months later...
"Come on, hurry up, slowpoke."
You grumble at Jungkook's words as you climb the rocks going up the cliff. 
"Y-you did this l-last time," you huff and puff grumpily as Jungkook laughs, "There's a p-path and you a-always make me cli-climb this."
Jungkook reaches down and takes your hand, pulling you up the last few feet, "This is more exciting though, don't you think?"
You can't help the smile that spreads on your face as he winks at you. 
Looking around, you sigh happily, not so irritated now that you're at the top and get to look at the gorgeous view. 
"H-Has it really b-been so long?" You muse, walking over to the edge and looking out over the water, remembering the day Jungkook took you here for the first time. It's still hard to believe he was planning on killing you here. 
Jungkook smiles at the sight of your hair blowing in the wind, just like it was back then. 
Feeling his arms wrap around your waist, you let yourself relax into him as you watch the sunset; gold and pink clouds splattered across the sky. 
Jungkook tucks his face into the juncture between your neck and shoulder, "Love you, sweetpea," he mumbles before leaving a sweet kiss there. You smile and rub his hands that rest on your hips, "L-Love you too, s-silly."
He inhales deeply, breathing in your sweet scent and sighing happily. 
"Do you think Pumpkin and Yin are behaving?"
You laugh quietly, "They l-love Tae, Yeona too. I'm s-sure they're being good."
Feeling his tickly breath against your neck, you giggle. 
Jungkook smiles and kisses your neck once more before pulling away. 
You pout and turn to him, "W-why did stop?"
He visibly gulps and you look at him in concern, "H-Hey, are you okay?"
Nodding, he puts a hand in his pocket as he gulps again.
You're about to ask him what's wrong when the words get stuck in your throat as he kneels on the ground and gently takes your hand. 
You can feel his hand shaking slightly. 
He pulls his other hand from his pocket, and you see a small black box. 
Your heart races as he looks up at you. 
It's your turn to gulp as he pulls himself together enough to say what he's been wanting to say for so long. 
"My entire life, I was always searching for a way to be whole. I could never even imagine loving myself, let alone another person," Tears brim in his eyes as he squeezes your hand gently, "I never thought the person I would fall so deeply in love with would be you. And through loving you, I grew to learn how to love myself too."
You resist the urge to wipe the tears from your eyes. 
"I thought loving someone meant growing up, but that isn't what happened with you. I became a kid again and I've gotten to love you with no conditions, no strings attached, no worries to hurry and grow up. I can love you with everything I have and not worry that either of us will ever need something more."
Breathing out shakily, Jungkook opens the little box and you see the ring he's kept with him for so long, your heart pounding frantically. 
"All I want, all I need in this world is you, ____."
You cover your mouth with your hand so you can muffle the cries threatening to come out. 
"It took long enough for us to get here, and I don't want to waste any more time. I want to always be with you, spend every waking moment making you smile, drying your tears, and battling whatever fears come your way. I want to give you the life you deserve."
A soft cry falls from your lips as you nod excitedly at the silent question in his pleading eyes. 
He slips the ring on your finger carefully as his hands shake, a tear slipping from his eye when he sees that it fits perfectly. 
Jungkook stands up and pulls you into a gentle kiss, then he pulls back and smiles softly, "I want to live for what I love."
Remember, only give this precious gift to the person you fall in love with. It has magical powers and you will be together forever if you give it to them! Don't laugh and just believe me, okay?
You'll be okay, Koo.
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Broken Glock: The Announcement- JHS (M)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia King!Hoseok X Assistant!Reader
Hoseok is cold hearted, that's what everyone says. He is made of stone, no emotion runs through his veins, everyone believes it. Everyone but you. Because you have seen concern in his eyes and felt warmth in his touches. You have seen the real him, someone he doesn't acknowledge to be. And that's what has made you fall for him even though you believe you are nothing but a paid employee to him. But the reality is different. You're the only one that makes Hoseok a sane human being, he loves you with all of his heart, so much so that now he has started pushing you away from him to keep you protected from any harm. But will you two survive without each other? What if you can't? And what if you won't?
Theme: Angst, mutual pining, fluff and eventual smut.
Word count: Will be mentioned in the parts.
Warnings: Strong language, mentions of alcohol consumption, mentions of blood and violence, 18+ content (minors DNI)
A/N: I am back Ya'll, did you guys miss me? Hehe. Enough! Now let's get to the point.
This is my second mini series and as you can see I have brought Mafia Hoseok. But this story will be more on the emotional side than other stuff like violence and mystery. And the character of the reader may seem docile by the summary but my characters are everything but crybabies. It is very angsty but I'll definitely give you a happy ending. And I swear I'll start posting sooooooon.
Part 1 (TBA)
Part 2 (TBA)
Part 3 (TBA)
Part 4 (TBA)
Part 5 (TBA)
Part 6 (TBA)
Part 7 (TBA)
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Alexithymia. | JJK +18 [2 of 3]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demon!Jungkook x Reader 
Rating: Mature +18
Genre: Angst, Smut, SoulmatesAU
Word count: 15.8k
Description: Jungkook always had a pull to you. An unexplainable connection that brings him to your side daily, like a permanent routine.  Is it a hobby? An obsession? Or was the centuries old prince just bored? No… boredom doesn’t make his heart race. It’s not supposed to make him lose his own self control, or fill him with blinding rage, and it certainly isn’t supposed to have him hallucinating the strangest things until it drives him back home for answers. Maybe he just cares too much for you and he thought that it’d be better to wait than to give in, but the longer the prince of darkness spends his time away, the more he realizes he has absolutely no Idea what emotions have been festering since the very beginning. What if he could just turn them off? 
Warnings: Cursing, explicit language, mentions of blood, black blood, mentions of killing, priceless object is broken, sadistic friends, slight back stabbing (metaphorical) but its out of good?? intent, lots of sexual tension, mentions of suicide, heavy make out, eventual smut.
Song Inspo: Pretty- The Weeknd, Waves- Normani, Softcore- The Neighbourhood, Middle Of The Night- Elley Duhe
Author’s note:  This is a mini series of three parts due to the high word count lol Also In no way am I an expert on demons, all of this is from the top of my head or made up honestly. It’s more of an angsty self-indulgent plot to write demon JK for (several months) so please enjoy and if you want leave your thoughts on it as well! :)
Masterlist | 1 2 3
II. Emotional Deficit
Tumblr media
“Welcome back.” 
He hates that he’s hearing those words. It’s irritating at most but still, Jungkook couldn’t be happier when they’re coming from the two people he needed to see at this moment.
Sitting within their private room for the first time in years, he finds himself residing in the dual leather seats of their luxurious common space. The area itself was darker than he remembered of the two, the atmosphere closing in the second you found yourself there but somehow still inviting enough that you didn’t want to leave. They clearly changed a lot over the time he hadn’t been around.
 It's funny how much effort went into making it this way when the owners hate to have company. Jungkook thinks to himself as he shifts to get him comfortable within his tense position. Honestly, his back was still killing him and he felt as if he was running out of breath more often.
He’s really a dumbass for fighting Yoongi.
Jungkook suddenly clears his throat as he thinks about that-staring at the hard wood floors where his boots lay before he glances at the blood red hair falling messily around one of the judging couple’s heads.
 “Hi Jimin and…-Hobi Hyung.” Jungkook’s awkwardness shows through his uncomfortable stature, temporarily looking elsewhere to hide his slight embarrassment.
His body is stiff and frozen like ice while two pairs of naturally alluring eyes stare him down within the secluded room. It made him feel even more on edge than before, itching to go back to your apartment where he hopes you’re sleeping safely.
Right, Jungkook felt even more embarrassed, thinking about you…
He couldn’t believe how much of a coward he was when he left you standing there before, but sadly the reason he was here couldn’t be ignored if he’s going to be able to stand in the same room as you again. 
Unsurprisingly, the man had given up, showing up to those that could possibly understand the foreign emotions that were tearing him apart. Not only that but he refused to give Yoongi any satisfaction in knowing he was somewhat right, probably predicting that the youngest would make his way back home at some point. 
Jungkook clearly didn’t notice it for himself, but then again he didn’t notice a lot of his behavior that was gradually building up over the years.
Hoseok, after giving Jungkook a once over, arches a thick brow and runs a slender hand through his tapered jet black hair before he adjusts his black shirt. His legs then cross within his slacks putting on a professional position as he leans back within a leather chair in his common room. It was strange how serious he looked, completely opposite of his joyous nature, so Jungkook knew a topic like this had to be as important to his brother as it was to himself. 
He wasn’t sure what exactly he was in for, but if it meant getting back to you faster he’s willing to put up with it. Not only that, but putting an end to this torture that was plaguing his body and mind at the moment.
He can still feel what he was feeling before…it hasn’t gone away. 
Jungkook then swallows, feeling on edge as he watches Jimin come within his casual attire to sit comfortably on the King’s lap, looking and acting as any normal couple would. 
Like how he wishes you could. He’s envious.
“I was told by Yoongi you left home to go see your girlfriend. Change of plans?” Hoseok begins after receiving a sweet peck from his lover. This causes Jungkook to frown not just in jealousy but from the title he’d given you so carelessly. 
Hoseok must have picked up on one of Yoongi's bad habits because Jungkook then rolls his eyes and curses the man mentally for spreading that private information. “I only wanted to check on her and she’s not my girlfriend.” 
“Yoongi said you’d say that.” Jimin suddenly chimes in, laughing softly and causing Hoseok to let out an easy chuckle. “—He also told us you were in deep denial. The both of you apparently are…”
Hoseok then shrugs with a smug smile.  “They’re the perfect example of an alexithymic bond, according to him.” 
“Kind of reminds you of a certain someone, huh?” Jimin cackles under his breath and Hoseok immediately tenses back up, a look of slight embarrassment behind his eyes as he chooses to focus back on the youngest.
Meanwhile, Jungkook stares irritably like a child, realizing, first he would need to talk with Yoongi again and set a few things straight about sharing his personal life and second, that watching two of his other friends find humor in his situation definitely wasn’t helping in the slightest.
“Are you done?” He scowls and huffs when Jimin motions him to speak. “Look, I didn’t believe Hyung when we talked earlier. I couldn’t think about anything else when I planned to stay with her. I thought at the time I could control myself, my emotions,  but I think they may be too out of reach. He told me I could come to you and that you knew how to fix this.” Jungkook finishes with a lingering sincerity in his words that causes a sorrowful atmosphere in the room.
Hoseok definitely understands this pain.
The man nods in thought. “True, if anyone knows how far it can affect you, he was right when he suggested you come to me…multiple times.” Hoseok emphasizes the last part and watches Jungkook’s eyes shift elsewhere, feigning innocence. “Though, I will say that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll tell you what you want to hear. What you feel might help, might not be what you think it is.” 
Jungkook couldn’t care less, he just needed this to stop. It's truly terrifying how secure he felt of himself before he saw you today and now he could say the exact opposite. “That's fine, Yoongi already told me about the bond and that it's screwing with me mentally. So I was curious, can it mess with what I’m feeling as well?” . 
Jungkook figured he’d run the risk of another hallucination with you, but not the aggressive emotions that came to him after being near instead. He would have never guessed that the rarest of these situations would end up as you somewhat bonded to him. 
“...Well, yes.” Hoseok stares at Jungkook to study him. “We’re not truly meant to have emotions, but once you complete the bond they should settle down.” He concludes as if it were that simple for Jungkook, truthfully it isn’t. If it were, he wouldn’t be here talking to them, he’d have you wrapped in his arms hoping you’d reciprocate what he’s feeling. 
Hoseok knows that.
“It's beyond that, Hyung. When I got near her..I felt something strange.” He inhales deeply, thinking back to the moment he’d seen you in front of your bedroom door. Whatever that weird feeling he had, it wasn’t nice and that only reminded him that there’s nothing about him that is. The horrifying image that began to form in his mind and started off so loving, could that be the trigger Yoongi had mentioned earlier? Was Jungkook truly becoming part of his worst self? 
Hoseok’s brows raise in curiosity, clearly probing to see where Jungkook was going with this. “Well of course, it's only natural to feel eager. Part of completing the bond will require you both to feel that urge.”
Jungkook frowns, until Hoseok’s words truly hit him and he then waves his inky hand out. “Hyung no…not like that. This wasn’t sexual-or it was?… I don’t know, it felt like I really wanted to hurt her.” Jungkook's eyes seemed to look a little lost as he tried to place it all together. “And it wasn’t out of anger or fear. For a second, it was like a sick combination of wanting to kiss her and then ripping her apart at the same time. I guess that’s what Yoongi was trying to warn me about.” 
“I-… don’t think you’ve ever felt that with me.” Jimin says looking down towards his pondering lover.
“It was more confusion and misdirected anger for myself…so not exactly.” Hoseok mumbles with a frown, but they don’t seem as alarmed as Jungkook thought they would be. 
Hoseok then  taps his fingers against the arm of the chair, having both Jungkook and Jimin look at him in anticipation. “She is human, right Jungkook? You had to have wanted this more than just one time. After all…we do feed on their souls every now and then. It sounds like you wanted to devour her.”
Jungkook is aware, but that didn’t stop him from hanging his head in acknowledgment. “I know, but I can usually ignore that with her and it's not like I have it often. Now it's just clawing at my insides, I-I don't know what else to do.” Jungkook looks up from his feet and meets them with sorrowful eyes. “I’ll die before I do that to her.” 
Jimin’s eyes drop from his last statement but he quickly recovers with a sweet smile. “Although I've never seen us harbor so much for one human, it's cute to see how much you care for her.” He says while clearly having an internal battle, which makes Jungkook cringe in embarrassment.
“I don’t think, wanting to eat her soul could be categorized as cute, right now.” He replies to Jimin. “Actually, nothing about our connection has been right. My hallucinations have only proven that.”
Hallucinations? Hoseok’s ears perk up.
“Jungkook–” Hoseok suddenly calls him in a serious manner. “I want to say that I understand where you’re coming from in this, but truthfully, I’m not happy to admit that there's ever been a point in time that I didn't see humans as a way to sustain life. However, I do understand the emotions inside of you right now and can definitely recommend that you’ve reached a breaking point within your connection to her.”
“So what does that mean? You’re saying it's too late? Can't anything be done?” Jungkook tries openly, but the way his stomach turns after hearing that is really solidifying his dilemma.
“I know you’re aware of what happened to Jimin and I when we were suddenly bonded to each other and we were always working together side by side. I won’t go into too much detail. However, you should know that Hallucinations were one of the last things I had begun to experience and each one had become more vivid and haunting than the last. Sometimes I’d even blacked out for hours until Jimin found me in one and...” Hoseok stops, swallowing before he glances towards the small scar above Jimin’s eyelid. Anyone could see the immediate regret on Hoseok’s face, including the lover in question himself. 
Jimin sends him a sad smile, but Jungkook could tell it was meant to reassure Hoseok, not pity him.
Jimin then screws his lips up together, taking over for Hoseok’s silence. “I think what he’s saying is. It's not common for anyone within our bloodline to grow an intimate attachment to anyone outside of here. Especially not to a human. So we can’t guarantee anything.” He says before looking at Hoseok apprehensively “However, there are other options and one you should consider before you actually end up hurting her- whether you meant to or not. You’ve already moved into a hostile state and by the looks of it, you’re lucky enough to have pulled yourself out. You can’t go back to her without our help.”
Jungkook straightens up at the mention of another option, but his chest stings at the thought of never seeing you again. “So there is something you can do? ” He asks, his eyes lighting up like a child’s on christmas morning. Both Hoseok and Jimin go warm at the younger’s expression, but it didn’t stop the massive amount of guilt for how they were about to crush it. 
They already know it isn’t going to be that easy.
“Yes…two actually.” Hoseok clears his throat with uncertainty and Jimin squeezes his lover’s hand with comfort. It was as if he knew exactly what the elder was thinking.  
Actually Jimin does know what Hoseok could be thinking… “It’s okay Hobi.”
“So- what is it?” Jungkook then falters, a deep dread filling his heart when he sees their body language shift. 
How could it possibly be worse than what they’ve already told him? 
Hoseok sighs. “It’s possible that in your case, your body is somehow mixing both forms of your infatuation with her. Drawn in by her soul and the connection that the bond has created for both of you. Judging from what Yoongi told me, your emotions are everywhere obviously, so even you can’t tell when you’re not thinking straight- which unfortunately has left you at a very unstable stage that you can’t fix unless you complete the bond… or break it.” 
Jungkook doesn’t say anything when Hoseok stops to let it sink in. He only stares before he says something that just might set Jungkook off. “How do you break it? Glad you asked. Well the only way possible to break your bond would be if one of you dies and clearly you killing her won’t be an option, so we could just throw that one out the window. Since you’ve willingly expressed killing yourself before it comes to that.” 
Jungkook blinks to control his sudden rage at the suggestion, he couldn’t even let the idea cross his mind for that to happen. But how could an option like this help him in any kind of way?
“Hyung, what exactly is the point of telling me that?” He grits his teeth. 
Hoseok shrugs, clearly showing how much he couldn’t care if that offended Jungkook or not.  “It’s better you know everything than me skipping on the details. The more you know, the easier it is to explain how serious this situation is not only for you but the girl as well. I don’t need anyone coming to me later on, because I half-assed on the information of how our bonds work. Now as I was saying, the real option here will actually be a lot harder than contemplating the other. It's the route I took and…it had a price to pay.” 
“One hell of a price.” Jimin suddenly grumbles bitterly, grabbing both of their attention and Jungkook’s curiosity. 
“Don’t exaggerate, it wasn’t that awful.” Hoseok warns sternly.
Jimin huffs in annoyance. “Easy for you to say, you’re not the one who had to deal with you while you were in that state. I held a lot of patience with you Jung Hoseok…and a lot of energy.” 
“...What is he talking about?” Jungkook’s eyes widened from Jimin’s sudden confession.
Hoseok’s mouth opens but it's cut short and Jungkook really wishes the guy would just get the hell on with it. Seeing his impatience, Hoseok then sits forward with a look that's sending chills over Jungkook’s body. 
“We think it would be best to shut off your emotions.” He finally says and waits patiently for Jungkook’s reaction. Which after a much awaited silence, Isn’t the one he was expecting.
“What—?” The couple watches shocked as the tension leaves his face. They take a glance at each other. “You start off with death and end with that?” Jungkook suddenly chuckles while sitting back within the chair as relief floods him. He exhales and might as well have laughed in their faces, which technically he is. It definitely explains the reason their gazes have turned into daggers towards him. 
“You could have at least pretended to take that seriously.” Hoseok says while rolling his eyes at Jungkook. 
 Abruptly, Jimin’s sassiness had surfaced again while seeing the amusement with the younger’s eyes. “What exactly is so funny about this?” He asks completely straight faced, quite frankly a little disappointed in how light Jungkook was taking this. Yoongi was right when he said that Jungkook hasn’t been himself. At a time like this, they’d taught him better to understand these situations. 
The raven haired man in question pauses “What? Turning off my emotions? I’m not a doll, I don't have an on and off button for what I feel. I thought I was going to have to do some fucked up blood ritual or something.” 
“No, but you almost splattered your girlfriend’s blood over her apartment walls. Therefore, I don’t think you have the luxury to laugh this off.” Jimin seethes within Hoseoks lap. “Maybe that could be the ritual you’re looking for.” Jimin then clips at Jungkook and he flinches from the harsh words.
Hoseok himself then moves his hand from Jimin’s hip and rubs soothingly towards the bottom of his back, comforting him the same way the other had done for him earlier. He then takes his chance to control the narrative once again. “What Jimin is trying to say, Kook, is that as I mentioned before- with us, there is no need for our emotions. We live, breathe and exist solely to keep order which honestly should be the only objective within our life span. Like we said, mating to humans or anyone else outside of us is uncommon and that's due to the high unlikelihood of a connection in the first place, plus the past members before us who have refused to complete their bond with them. So to say, Almost, if not all of them had broken those bonds as rare as it is. To go through with it, they learned to numb themselves from the emotional toll it takes.” He explained, and the longer he went, the slower he said them to the kid. 
Jungkook could feel this conversation making more sense, however he doesn’t like where his mind is getting to in the conclusion. He swallows knowing he should wait for Hoseok to explain, but he couldn’t help himself. “Are you telling me…they took away their emotions and killed their other half?”
Hoseok sighs. “Unfortunately, yes.” 
“Thats fucking stupid.” Jungkook exclaims. 
“Hey, It’s not stupid when you’re putting both of your lives in danger. Then again you don’t seem to give a shit about yours in the first place. So it’s not surprising that you can’t see the reasons behind it. ” Jimin speaks cautiously, but even then those weren’t a good choice of words.
 Hoseok tries to diffuse the conversation, but it's too late.“Jimin don’t–”
“So they decided their lives were worth more than the other? Her life is just as important as mine and despite what you think, I do care. Just not for a lifetime without her.” Jungkook’s nostrils flare as his chest rises harder and Both of the demons across from him are suddenly on high alert as they gauge his unstable temper. 
The last thing Hoseok wanted was for this situation to end  up just like Jungkook’s earlier encounter with Yoongi. It can be tricky trying to talk someone down who's only being driven by the slightest change of what they’re feeling.  
Hoseok then shoots a quick glare at the red head. Do not set him off…
He then clears his throat to gain their attention. “Calm down and stop pissing each other off. I swear sometimes I think you guys overestimate how my patience works.”
Jungkook can hear Hoseok say this through his deafening anger, nothing but the sound of his heart beating rapidly in his chest as he takes deeper breaths to do what his friend asks.
“However, Jungkook, know we are completely aware of the fact that you don’t want her to die and there is a way around that outcome. You can still choose the option of numbing yourself without killing her. In fact it’s to make sure that you’re stable enough to prevent your emotions from continuing their war with your mind. Otherwise we would have just told you to do it in the first place.” 
“Might as well have. The first thing you told me was that I had the option of killing her or myself. instead of just saying ‘hey, maybe if you shut off your emotions you can actually save yourselves’. ” He scoffs at them both and Jungkook could still feel the glare radiating from Jimin. “Could you imagine if I’d gone with the first option and decided to kill her anyway? Would you have stopped me?” 
Hoseok and Jimin stare silently at Jungkook, stunned into silence from his odd behavior. Hoseok doesn’t think he’s ever seen Jungkook this riled up, but it is a great question if he was being honest with himself.
 Would he have cared enough to stop Jungkook? 
“…I wouldn’t.”
 That answer suddenly shakes Jungkook to his very core, a prickling of goosebumps falling over his skin. 
“You are what's important and interesting about her life. Lets not pretend otherwise.” He then hears.
Someone who wasn’t in this room before had spoken up from behind Jungkook and Just like him, both Jimin and Hoseok's eyes widen as they stare right behind him. He couldn’t tell at first but the moment that overwhelming power had hit him and the couple- he knew very well who was there to greet him.
 He swore he was having the worst luck ever...
“Jin, always making an unforgettable entrance. I thought we asked that you at least give us a warning before coming here.” Hoseok sighs but it was clear he was too drained to be irritated with the elder’s intrusion.
“Though that doesn’t change the fact that you are here...what do you want?”  Jimin asks clearly, holding enough emotion for both.
“I was told our famous troublemaker made his way back, I thought I’d drop in to give him a welcome. Since apparently no one else is capable of communication.” Seokjin announces clapping a hand on the man's shoulder with a sly smile stretching across his face.  
The younger frowns skeptically.  It was odd, Jungkook wasn’t used to seeing him within his ‘Human’ form. So it surprised him when the platinum blonde look of his friend is who he’s met with on his side grinning like an idiot. Not only that but he had on the kind of all black suit only a CEO of his own company would wear. Meaning the man clearly had more important matters to attend yet he’s popping in at a time like this. 
Jungkook doesn’t trust it.
“He hasn’t been here for more than an hour. How could you possibly know?” Jimin frowns with astonishment while also looking over to Jungkook.
“He shouldn’t be able to…” Hoseok adds on.
“Why...Yoongi told me, of course. I always know what's going on with all of you, even down to that poor girl, Jungkook likes so much.” Jin beams with a handsome smile towards the three. It was one that made Jungkook uneasy, especially not after hearing what Jin had to say about you.  
Honestly, He loved the man, but his eldest friend definitely never knew when to shut the hell up about something he didn’t know and everyone knew it was only his status and ego to blame. Sometimes he wondered how Seokjin came to be at that level of power in the first place. 
Jungkook however couldn’t help when his fists balled up in his lap, staring head on at his friends. He then shoots his eyes sharply towards the king beside him. “You know nothing about her.” 
Jin grins while tilting his head in a taunting manner. “Now what makes you think that?” He asks, with an unwavering gaze. “Don’t make the mistake of thinking I wouldn’t be interested in the reasons you’ve been away from home. That includes whoever is holding your attention at the moment.” The implication sends a chill down Jungkook’s spine when he sees the mischief behind his friend’s black eyes.
He knew Seokjin’s sudden appearance wouldn’t be good.
“Have you been watching her? You wouldn’t…” Jungkook asks, fear laced within his voice. He may not like what he has to say, but if that's true and Seokjin really has taken time out of his day to go see you then there's no doubt there's some truth to his words. 
“No…I’ve been watching you and her.” Seokjin answers, but then a thoughtful look makes its way to the elder. “I also remember having a fairly entertaining conversation with Y/n not too long ago. She really misses you Jungkook and I have to say I’m a little disappointed in the way you’ve left her by herself. You never know who may try to get to her…” 
Jungkook shakes his head in disbelief, hoping none of this is true. “You spoke with her?” 
“Yes, many times actually. We’re pretty close I’d say.” Jin grins down at him with pride in his chest.
Jungkook’s eye twitches and it feels as if his world is beginning to crumble beneath him. “You’re lying, if you did I’d know.”
“Well of course you wouldn’t and neither would she. Every conversation I’ve ever had with her is buried deep in the back of that simple mind, she wouldn’t know who I am unless she sees my face. I got so bored of you not noticing that I left you a hint, remember?” Jin goes to sit on the spare couch beside all of them, shrugging as he puts his feet up on the expensive looking decor of Jimin and Hoseok coffee table. 
Jimin huffs in annoyance, but Jungkook knows the man can only bite his tongue. 
“You didn’t think we weren’t going to keep tabs on you while you were away did you? Why else do you think Yoongi agreed to help you so easily?” He laughs as if this was such a light hearted matter.
A hint…? Jungkook tries hard to rack his brain for whatever Jin could have left behind but nothing comes to him. When he saw you earlier nothing seemed to be off about you, in-fact you looked perfectly fine aside from the broken gaze that you unknowingly gave him when you realized you wouldn’t see him once again. That was to be expected, he’d tainted that hope in a matter of seconds, but it was only because he knew he couldn’t stay there with you. Not with everything that had happened before, his fight with Yoongi, his anger, and Hallucinations…
That image of him pulling you into his arms and holding you close for dear life. You looked shocked at first but eventually your beautiful smile rose on your face as your heart fluttered from your excitement. Jungkook focused so much on that small detail- mouth salivating the second he senses the purity lying with you. It was such a wholesome feeling- you and him. How happy the both of you were, but the thought of ripping that purity from you certainly wasn’t. 
Jungkook’s blood suddenly runs cold when he remembers vividly what was so out of place. The reason he nearly went insane while thinking of you and another-what was setting him off in the beginning.
“You marked her with your scent…just so you could piss me off?” Jungkook’s anger was piling on dangerously from the new information, a slight pain in his stomach from realizing how Yoongi may have been lying to him this entire time. 
Did he smell Jin too? That could explain why he was trying so hard to get him to leave.
Seokjin shrugs. “Did I? Oops…”
Jimin’s face turns down and he looks over toward Jungkook with sympathy. “Jin, you’ve overdone it.”
Jungkook knew something was off…He wasn’t going insane after all. “Are you fucking kidding me? Couldn’t you have respected my privacy? I’m not some goddamn child and it’s getting pretty old how often everyone is treating me like one. Nothing about this is okay.” He sneers, now wondering if Jin is the reason he couldn’t get to you this whole time. 
Hoseok shifts uncomfortably from the elder’s demeanor, after listening for a while. “While I personally don’t agree with Jin’s actions. You aren’t doing that great of a Job at proving us otherwise, Jungkook. Despite what you think, we do care if something happens to you.”
“This is your way of showing you care?” Jungkook replies immediately, but then something hits him. “-wait what do you mean we? Did all of you know about this?” He then asks and knowing the answer it was only going to make things worse.
The couple once again shares a look and this time they look to Seokjin as well, clearly having an inside secret that Jungkook didn’t know about. He waits for one of them to say something, but all he’s met with is a deep uncomfortable silence that only had him seeing pitch black once again. 
“You’ve got to be shitting me?” He almost growls when the heat in his voice takes over. Before he knew it, the demon was triggering a lethal state within the room, it was like finally watching a child throw a tantrum. Once again, that itch inside him was burning and he just really wanted to hurt something.
From where he’s sitting, Jungkook can see how Hoseok’s eyes had shifted as well- all whites going completely pitch black as the dark veins around his face came in under his control. It's just a safety caution, one that usually any of them always had to activate between the seven of their personalities over time. 
It's also what Yoongi used to protect himself earlier, Hoseok’s essence slowly seeping out to match Jungkook’s rising mana. 
“Jungkook calm down, If it pisses you off that much- there's a lot of talk of seeing you around with a human girl regardless. There's no avoiding it. Think about it, you have plenty of enemies, we all do. Did it ever occur to you how she hasn’t become a target from your recklessness? did you really think you were protecting her enough.” Jin raises a brow himself, watching just as on edge as Hoseok was. 
Jungkook knew it had to be because of how out of character it is for him, but those words only egged him on. Everything was spiking and he couldn’t stop it, passing over Hoseok and Jimin to glare daggers towards the eldest king. 
 “Don’t tell me about putting her at risk…You went behind my back to go see her. How about if I go around poking in your affairs?” He huffs aggressively.
“—Then you’d be an idiot, asking for death.” Seokjin simply answers. “We only discuss the important matters of your relationship and yes unfortunately that includes watching your screwed behavior. We had to be sure.”
“And Y/n? What did you talk about with her?” Jungkook suddenly rises from his seat and towers towards Jin.  
“Nothing you need to worry about. I simply wanted to meet her myself. I wasn’t there longer than 5 minutes, you can ask Yoongi if you need that assurance.” The man stares up at him with a blank expression, but never loses interest in Jungkook’s foreseeable burst of anger. It only pissed him off more to see how unbothered he was. 
Did his eldest friend really not care for his feelings towards this? Or was he just saying all this because he knew it would piss Jungkook off? Little did he know, there was always a method to the eldest actions.
Just what exactly is he playing at? 
Jungkook shakes his head, looking around the room. “If it was so important to lie to me, you could have done something. Or does everyone want to sit around and laugh? Does that make you feel better? Me admitting it out loud for your amusement. I had my head so far up my ass, I couldn’t tell my own friends were lying to my face. Well, as I already told Yoongi, you all can fuck off.” 
He didn't get it, He knew what Jin said was right. Jungkook was careless, too busy thinking about when was the next time he would see you- when he wasn’t even sure there would ever be a next time. It was too much at once, realizing how much he endangered you, but also how much Seokjin would actually be right. 
How everyone was right and he was too blinded to see what's been festering for years. How long has Jungkook been in the dark about himself? When did he start sweeping it all under the rug?
It made the blood in his veins boil from his stupidity. He felt like breathing fire just for that epiphany and so when he felt it overflowing- The bond, his emotions, his selfishness and how much he missed you, he’d abruptly lifted a fist and landed a perfect blow onto the mini table between everyone. A booming crack erupts within the space, causing the duo to be unsettled. The force violently shatters the entire object into pieces, knocking Seokjin’s feet to the floor and before he could realize it, Jungkook’s temper had taken a hold of him. It catches everyone including himself by surprise, sparking another very long silence between the group. 
After a while, Jimin was the first to speak, his fiery eyes glaring at the shattered table in front of him. He then shifts in Hoseok’s lap- taking a deep breath to calm his own temper. “Okay make this a note, no more meetings in our nest.” He says as he pinches the bridge between his nose and ultimately ignoring Jungkook for his benefit. “Actually no more company within our space, this is worse than when Namjoon knocked over that emerald vase.”
Hoseok, on the other hand, looks calm and collected. He stares at Jungkook but instead of rage he only holds sympathy and Hoseok must have known he caught that, doing well to cover his own anger again. “...Don’t get me wrong, if it weren’t for the fact that you have absolutely no control over your emotions- I’d pick each of your bones by one and use them as a replacement table. That was an eight century old piece Namjoon gifted us—” 
“—After he broke our vase.” Jimin deadpans bitterly.  
Hoseok then frowns disapprovingly. “But do you now see why you’ll need to numb your emotions? What if that was your girlfriend instead? You wouldn’t need to worry about the bond or anyone coming after her for that matter, because she would have already died from you.” 
“How many times to I have to say shes not my girlfriend.” Jungkook sighs in defeat. The both of you aren’t together and again he didn’t need to be constantly reminded of himself on the matter.
Jin, who Jungkook had honestly forgotten to be sitting there, scoffs at the notion “Huh, Yoongi said you’d say that.”  He laughs clearly amused and completely unfazed by the kid, but somehow still adding fuel to the dampened fire.
Hoseok then switches his attention to the fellow king “Jin, man, please stop talking. You are the reason he just lost his temper and I don't think Jimin can handle losing another piece of our decor. You did invade his space after all.” He pleads while still consoling a much gloomier lover and Jungkook swallows thickly.
Seokjin huffs, his humor filled smile slowly dropping off when he sees the heavy emotions behind his friend’s face. Suddenly, he then claps his hands together- making a thunderous noise that has Jungkook jerking just a little. 
“Fine, I guess the kid is beginning to learn his lesson.” He starts, demeanor going deathly cold as he faces the youngest.
 Jungkook can’t help but to listen and take him as seriously as he’d put on, watching the way that darkness over takes his eye sockets. And the paleness in between his deepened veins. Its chilling, knowing only Jin was capable of that power.
“From what I heard earlier, you took everything Hoseok was telling you without much consideration. Which only shows me that obviously you’re not grasping the decision you are about to make. Not only that, but how you’ve decided to handle your own mistakes by taking it out on your family when we’re trying to help you fix it. There are times we spoil you, like letting you leave your duties here unattended or not reprimanding you when you’ve clearly lost any control on your own power and we do it because we want you to come into your own maturing. It’s sad that even with this freedom, you’ve caused nothing but trouble and too much attention- which is why I told Yoongi to watch over you since he seemed to be the most worried . Who knew you’d repay him by tearing his arm open in the process.” 
Jimin sighs, seemingly over losing one of his prized pieces. “Jin...it’s fine.” 
“No, it is not.” Seokjin glances at him with a harsh gaze, having the prince fall back into silence. 
Seokjin then goes back to a quiet Jungkook. “You’re lucky it's me here and not Joon, he’d probably take it upon himself to rid you of your connection to her despite you disagreeing. Fortunately, I didn’t tell him everything you’ve been doing, he only knows about Y/n and that you’ve definitely taken a liking to her. Maybe, we can keep it that way, but first you need to clean up your mess. Listen to Hoseok and turn off those damn emotions, before you end up killing Y/n and yourself.” 
“I-” Jungkook wants to defend himself, but when he thought about it...was there actually any point?
 He’s wrong and he knows it, plus the prince knows just how lenient they’ve been with him. He was fortunate to be where he is, he could have been at the bottom ranks- a no name slaving away for the rest of eternity...he would have never met you.  “Yes, Hyung. I’m sorry.” 
 “Stop apologizing, those are only words. We didn’t bring you here to watch you disappoint us, nor would we ever want you to fail.” Jin watches as Jungkook’s pride leaves his expression and sees the resolve in him instead. 
Meanwhile Hoseok looks at him and Seokjin, they both nod in confirmation- giving him the go ahead to continue on with Jungkook. He just didn’t know if this would be something Jungkook is capable of handling once it's done. “ I can help you turn them off Kook...however, turning them back on won't be easy. You might not even want to, it's up to you whether you complete your connection to her or break it. Do you think you’re up for that?”
“You can’t undo it by yourself, that's for sure. They’d gradually have to come back, either over time or I guess if something really special happens. There's no true way to tell how your relationship will continue with her.”  Jimin looks to him as well, everyone’s eyes falling on the poor prince and awaiting his answer as he thinks hard about it.
What other choice did he have?
Jungkook nods in understanding, the image of you and your smile coming to him and it hurts to know that at some point- that may no longer have his heart skipping like it is at this moment. Still, he’d rather have you and make you happy while he felt nothing - than to not have you at all. So once again his mind was made up he didn’t need another second to begin his transition. 
“Okay, let's do it..”
Hoseok nods.
He then stands from his seat, bracing himself as if he was going to go to war and both of the couple follow. Jimin gets up first and then Hoseok, standing apart and Jungkook waits when he sees the king rolling up the sleeves of his button down and how Jimin begins to move the furniture back. The broken table shards, the chairs, even the couch Seokjin had been lounging on.  
Jungkook is suddenly nervous from the strange preparations. 
“Wait, how exactly are you going to help me—?” He couldn’t get the rest out. Hoseok signals to someone and it wasn’t long before both of the prince's knees were being kicked in from behind, causing him to drop towards the ground and his arms abruptly being pinned behind his back by an incredibly strong force. 
Jimin stands to the side and Seokjin is nowhere to be found. Which makes Jungkook assume that’s who’s holding him hostage. Meanwhile Hoseok is approaching Jungkook, pitch black eyes staring straight at him as a nasty smirk makes its way on his face. 
“Now, usually you can do this on your own if you have the experience— but since this is your first time we’ll have to do it manually, so this might hurt…-actually no, it will hurt like hell.” He begins just as his calloused hands were grabbing the sides of Jungkook's head and he notices immediately how Jimin cringes in the background- yet he still looks as amused as ever. 
Jungkook then brings his attention back to the man in front of him as a foreboding slithers deep into the pit of his stomach. “Um, Hobi Hyung–”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle…” Hoseok somehow manages to smile comfortingly once he notices the shift in Jungkook.  “—Oh and I definitely won’t be thinking about the priceless decor you’ve just destroyed less than 5 minutes ago. So just relax and try not to swallow your tongue.” He then mentions with no remorse and immediately destroys any kind of comfort the kid might have felt previously. 
Sweat begins rolling down Jungkook’s back and Hoseok then looks up towards the elder holding him down. “Ready?”
“ Let's get this over with, I’m getting bored.” Seokjin sighs in return.
These sadistic assholes…Jungkook thinks to himself.
Hoseok focuses back on him, the black in his veins deepening and pouring through his arms as a smokey black essence begins to seep out and wrap around Jungkook's head like snakes. It’s hot like lava, a searing pain that follows in its path as it slowly inches towards his nose and eyes. 
 He’d say a silent prayer if he actually prayed…Instead he could only release a pained groan from the heat that was begging to enter his head. The essence falls in relentlessly, making Jungkook’s eyes roll back and not long after afterwards does Hoseok notice the dark blood beginning to drip from his nose, seeping from his eyes and ears in the same manner and Jungkook lets out animalistic scream.
He’s got him…
“Okay, let's begin.”
Tumblr media
You’re not sure whether you’d slept through most of the night well, but somehow while you were within a deep sleep, you felt an immense amount of pain washing over you within your dreams before leaving you completely numb and floating in an endless void. 
It was strange, how saddened you had been just moments ago after having a weird dream and then waking up instant without any cause. 
Just like that void, darkness is the only thing that engulfs you as you come to. Your senses are suddenly alert to any small thing around you and you’re jolting awake violently with intense heat swirling around in your head. Before it runs throughout your entire body, It then slowly begins to fade and you’re taking in a deep breath when you’re very much aware of the sounds filling your lonesome space.
When you glance in front of your bed, you’re shocked to see thick black boots clunking across your bedroom floor and heading purposefully in your direction. Your first instinct is to immediately panic, heart beat rising in the fear of some unknown intruder breaking into your apartment. But then, as your gaze quickly moves around in the darkness, it then follows up the tall figure striding closer.
 You’re terrified, immediately frozen with fear when you see how familiar it looks to you in the distance, a strange sense of an unknown emotion taking you  by surprise.
They weren’t attacking you, actually you were almost sure they’re doing the exact opposite. The movements are highly familiar and you’re too focused seeing an inked hand reaching towards the bottom half of your legs. In the process, you’re holding your breath and a wary look crosses your face when that same hand goes to grip the sheets you’d kicked off in your sleep. 
Realizing this, you know for a fact that the figure was getting ready to pull them over you- just like it always did when you were too hot to leave them on and this only aided in making you aware of how extremely cold you are at the moment. 
At times like this, you’d be too tired to refuse them letting him tuck you in on his own volition and you’d know you would just see him the next day. 
But this time, you’re wide awake, not knowing if it’s really who you thought him to be and you weren’t willing to wait and see. Without thinking, you shoot up from your position and daringly reach towards the hand you’ve been eying that entire time.
You barely let the name leave your mouth as what you thought to be a person freezes. Unfortunately, the second your fingers could feel the object, you were immediately met with the air of your bedroom and the entire image disappears like a mirage. 
Nothing, you were seeing nothing.
 No figure, no black combat boots, none of that beautiful natural ink that snaked up his hand and around his body like an art. Instead your excitement is quickly stunted when you’re suddenly knocked out of your bed from a force that couldn’t be stopped. Your entire body twists and hurdles quickly towards the floor and you’re bracing yourself to hit the ground face first. 
“Huh…-?” You open your eyes, suddenly jolting awake again. After a few seconds of awaiting that inevitable pain, you’re actually surprised to find yourself face planted into one of your pillows on your bed.
What… was that? You thought groggily as your eyes adjusted again, but it wasn’t to the darkness- instead you were being blinded by the light of your bedside lamp. You didn’t remember leaving it on and when you had awakened earlier it was off...right? 
You remembered sleeping and this weird emotion came over you before you were jumping awake to grab for…maybe it was your light? That would explain how it got turned on in the middle of the night. The only problem is, you could have sworn you fell out of your bed when you did. 
You then frown, head fuzzy with confusion as you tried to remember what exactly had just happened. As you moved, you felt more tired than usual, feeling as if a truck had run over your body and you slowly started  to sit up within your position, your throat feeling extremely dry after the past few hours. 
You sigh, turning to your side to look at the alarm clock that said 3:00 in the morning and your face turns down even more before rubbing at your eyes. How is that possible? You could have sworn that's when you fell asleep and just so you could ease this suspicion, you reach next to the clock to grab your phone, finding it to still be 3:00 am completely un-moving as well.
 Wondering to yourself how time hasn’t changed since you’ve been sitting there, you swallow slowly and attempt to get your thoughts together. It’s all too eerie for you and you couldn’t let yourself sit still for much longer, finally moving from your bed. 
 “It’s fine, you’re fine.” You grumble to yourself as you stand.
It’s times like this where you wish you could call on Jungkook, nervous to be in your own home alone. You never realized how much you’ve also grown to depend on him. Calling out for him whenever you wanted and he’d show up in a blink of an eye. Now no matter how hard you tried, he hasn’t shown and this time you felt like you needed him more than ever.
You stumble across the bedroom’s floor and out into the hall like usual when the atmosphere feels way off, almost spacey in a way. The hairs on the back of your neck are beginning to stand and your body shivers as a chill racks down your spine. You hold yourself once you've begun to walk through.  
You couldn’t explain the dreadful sense that was easing up on you, feeling as if someone was taking the same steps as yours. It’s like they were watching your every move and hiding, while you made your way to the kitchen. 
You huff when you  finally get close and unease fills your chest. It only makes it worse while you are traveling through the dark of your own apartment, unable to see who else may be waiting around within it.
Once you are by the entrance, you notice how warm your back is and you could swear someone is standing right behind you- transferring heat from their body to yours. Quickly, panic had begun to set in and you’re shivering in the freezing temperature, pulling your shirt down a bit more for warmth. A constant anxiety of knowing once you turn around you weren’t going to like what you’re met with in return. 
There’s nothing more terrifying than this as the overwhelming presence is getting closer. Hell, you could swear they were running to you over and over again, but you’re quick to shake that thought.
Maybe all of this is just in your head…
 Before you drive yourself even more crazy, you finally round the corner of your destination and feel on the wall to reach slowly for the light switch. You wanted to do it fast, but that would just ruin the stealth and you didn’t want to trigger whatever it is, but still you couldn’t see a damn thing. So your hand slowly crawls up more as you swallow down your fear and when you are close enough to feel the block shaped switch on the wall, you’re closing your eyes and taking a deep breath for bravery before you flick it upwards and a bright light gives you a clearer look into the housing—
Everything…is truly in your head and you need help.
You release the breath you were holding, looking back to see your living room in its neat and peaceful state. No one is there and neither is anyone else when you glance down the hallway from where you came. No axe murderers or night creatures stalking your movement- just you. 
You then laugh out incredulously, almost like a fooled mad woman and relief floods you after finally coming to the conclusion that you were actually alone. You make sure to calm yourself, running your hand over your hair and somehow managing to get it through this time without the knots. 
As if you aren’t stressed enough, working like crazy and having the biggest meltdown over your  friend, while also realizing your feelings for him. You’re probably going to have to consider psychological therapy, after clearly making up scary scenarios in your head.
 Tension starts leaving you little by little, but you’re so choked up from a drier throat- it suddenly has you padding over to one of your cabinets so you could grab a glass from the lower shelf.  You then head over to your fridge before reaching into it to grab the water jug, filling your glass in complete silence. 
It feels like nothing but that could help and as parched as you are, you’re  more than willing to take your first big swallow to soothe the dryness altogether along with your anxiety. The cool water goes down and you hum in appreciation, sighing in content before pulling the glass up against your lips, the only problem this time seems to be that you still don’t feel completely alone.  
Pausing altogether, that dreadful emotion makes its way back to you. Actually, before you could even think about taking your next sip of water- you were sure that you heard steady footsteps clunking from your side. 
Fear shakes you to your very core and before you could react, you’re looking towards the source only to see nothing, but clearly hearing them as they step around. Your heart is beating rapidly, so much you might as well have been put into the hospital from an unhealthy pace. —Abruptly, with a pitiful whimper you could feel your blood run cold and two arms are emerging from behind you, coming to wrap around your waist as a way of hugging you snugly from behind. Your throat wants to close up- the hairs on your body standing to alert because there was definitely someone’s breath falling heavily down the back of your neck. Steadily, not ragged as if they felt no kind of adrenaline or worse they’d been perfectly calm watching you this entire time.
Kind of like a natural predator.
Normal people would have screamed, moved- do anything other than releasing the fragile glass within their hand and letting it drop eventfully to the floor. You obviously weren’t within that category, stuck in place until you had the strong scent of mint hitting your nose.
 Only then did you feel like crumbling onto the ground.
  “When did you become a sleepwalker? You hate walking in the dark.” A deep but soft voice chimes from behind you. The melody immediately reminds you of your friend and you're taken back by the way your body is instantly covered in that similar wash of heat.
You slowly reply. “With good reason when you’re sneaking around my apartment.”
Jungkook tenses behind you from the reaction and leans down to place his chin on your shoulder, a simple chuckle rattling in his chest and vibrating on your back. “Technically I’m not sneaking if I let you hear my footsteps.” 
“Same, difference. I thought you were someone waiting to kill me.” You say rolling your eyes, but it was clearly all a front. 
His chest rises on your back. “Well you’d make it way too easy, stumbling clumsily. You weren’t exactly subtle and I definitely had plenty of tempting opportunities.” 
“Oh…” As much as you try to calm yourself, you are still in the aftershocks of your fear. 
“...Hey-…I’m kidding.” Jungkook then adds from your silence, but feels your body is shaking in his hold, trembling under his arms and weak as ever.  
He wonders if it could have been from you only wearing an oversized t-shirt in your deathly cold apartment or if you simply couldn’t handle the way he had himself wrapped around you for a surprise. He’s studying you, inhaling your scent when it hits him and he’s intrigued when his heartbeat still speeds up, however no excitement fills his chest-at least not in the way it used to. 
Now, while you are directly in his reach, it's too bad that whatever Hoseok had done to him, he could just barely feel the parts that had him completely enamored with you.
He’s empty, no happiness, or thrill for being around you. He isn’t sad not feeling anything for you either, if anything he’s just really horny and he likes how your touch sends euphoric shocks all around him. It actually reminds him of what Hoseok said earlier, how others before him did this so they could  kill their partners...In some way he can see why. 
There was only slight truth to the temptation, when he said it would have been easy to kill you. He just knows logically, if he did, he’d never forgive himself when the block wears off. To be honest he was actually facing a much different dilemma and that was figuring out a way to ignore the secondary effects. 
 Forcing himself away from the physical pull of you. 
Fortunately, he won’t have to worry too much on that aspect- in fact he’s not worried at all. Jungkook honestly doesn’t know how he was able to be so consumed with you before, but it was certainly clarifying without all those thoughts running around in his head. 
For instance, earlier, Jungkook didn’t realize how boring it was to watch over you- which is something he’s never noticed before. It should be heartbreaking for his lack of reaction. Him, appearing in your room as you slept away peacefully after not seeing you for weeks and he couldn’t be overcome with his joy once he was finally near you again. He wasn’t distracted with his love and excitement of finding you at a good time, though that doesn’t mean he couldn’t feel anything else.
He specifically remembers seeing how you’d kicked all of your covers off while sleeping like usual, but he couldn’t stop his eyes from running over your body and it seems the only thing he could succumb to is his natural instincts. 
He’s considered how he should intervene, afterall it would be the first time you’ve seen him in a while and he didn’t want to just thrust himself back into your life. He could have crawled into bed with you and held you close just to feel something, but he still wasn’t too sure at the time if you were safe. The last time he’d gotten so close he almost allowed the darkest part of him out and thankfully that doesn’t seem to be the problem anymore. Instead, he thought he could at least cover you with your blankets- consistently finding himself to be distracted and pulled to you the more your body was shifting maneuvering to find any kind of warmth.
He could’ve helped with that…wait no- he definitely shouldn't. At least not while he wasn’t not in love with you? It’s only fair.
He found himself wondering what it was you could possibly be dreaming of to have you in so much distress. With nothing else to entertain him- he couldn’t help it...curiousity overtook his thoughts and he wasn’t ready for the images and information he was met with after taking a short look within your head, throwing the man off furthermore into his visit and ultimately messing with his self control.
It was enough to have him thinking, swallowing back his urges and moving across your room to wait. Stupidly, Jungkook was so wrapped up in your thoughts, trying to process your new emotions, he didn’t pay attention to his own movements. A spark of fire suddenly flew throughout his head, causing him to stutter and he stomped forward at the same time your body jolted.
 In the end he only woke you from your sleep when he made too much noise, hearing you call for him out of the blue and shooting up to reach for him with no warning. Once you actually had his wrist in your hand- he froze looking down at your miserable hazy expression and it didn’t feel right the way he wanted to touch you or ravish you...he could feel a part of him scratching from inside- mouth salivating and canines growing longer. He was even thankful you couldn’t see the veins deepening around his pitch black eyes at that moment.
Wasn’t this supposed to help with his control? 
Shit...He thought, pupils dilating and before you knew it, Jungkook made the cautious decision to put you back to sleep, then moving as far away from you as possible.
It wasn’t until time had passed that he planned to visit you again, assuming that it would be better instead of waking you up in the middle of the night, especially after discovering what you’d had been going through while he was gone. Sadly, he still couldn’t resist, Hearing the way your heart beats rapidly in your chest, your waves of fear rolling off of you and beckoning his darkest nature to follow. Before he knew it, Jungkook felt too drawn to you as you entered the kitchen, listening to the whispers of your thoughts calling out for him. It was like the first time he heard it. You were just as scared and lonely, giving up on the reality that he would show and he was trying his best not to be affected by it.  It was actually kind of depressing... If the man hadn’t shown himself just now, you’d probably have given yourself a stroke, or burst into tears sooner than later—because apparently you are now being affected by the bond a lot more than him.
In that moment, he knew the ultimate ways to make it stop, fulfill the bond or break it. Jungkook was conflicted, he loves you and he knows this, even if he currently couldn’t feel it. But still… would this be something you wanted?
Jungkook paced back and forth, hands itching to reach for you and it almost got the better of him, until a sweet smell of almond had them shifting from their angle near the pulsing beat in your neck and wrapping around you- completely giving away his stealth. 
Jungkook inhaled, resisting the arousal forming inside. 
Yeah, he just fucked himself.
“Don’t stress yourself, I’d never let anyone hurt you.” He holds a little tighter hoping to calm your racing heart, but it only makes its beat faster. Oh the irony- considering how he really needs to protect you from himself.
“That's hard to believe when you’ve suddenly gone MIA Kook.” You scoff breathlessly, lowering your gaze to one of the hands around you and seeing the familiar markings all over it. Without thinking, you grab for it, hoping that once you did, you wouldn’t end up realizing you had been dreaming the entire time. Honestly, it was getting hard to tell at this point. “You were gone for a month and I thought you left me alone again.” 
He shifts uncomfortably, frowning in thought about how he’d been blocked from seeing you—which, he later learned may be due to the meddling of his brothers.
 He wished he could be pissed, having Seokjin conveniently reveal to him after Hoseok took his emotions temporarily. Apparently, it was their way of testing out their theory about his relationship with you, your bond to their youngest member. Which is now only proven to be completely true and Jungkook wouldn’t put it past Seokjin to have manipulated the situation as some form of punishment for him.
He was truly cruel when he wanted to be. 
“I-... had business to take care of at home, it just took me longer than usual.” Jungkook lies, but takes a mental note of how he will be speaking with Yoongi once he gets his emotions back.
“A little communication would still have been nice. Plus that doesn’t explain why you decided to pop in and scare the living hell out of me in the middle of the night.” You swallow the thick lump in your throat while trying not to let yourself be overcome with your feelings. It was hard to control how much your hands were actually shaking at that moment, Whether it be from what was left of your fear or just the overall excitement of having your good friend back. 
It's been two weeks and while you are concerned— you’re curious as to why he chose now to talk with you.
He shrugs “To be fair, you told me nothing about you working night shifts this entire week. I’ve tried looking for you every moment I got...” Your eyes widen from the confession, starry orbs filled with curiosity. He sighs, lifting his shoulders “-you were gone right under my nose.”
You’re silent for a moment.“...How did you know that?”
“Know what?” 
“That I was working more shifts?” You clarify in an expectant tone. 
He suddenly stiffens and you’re already sighing in disappointment when you figure it out. This wouldn’t be the first time Jungkook has found out something he shouldn’t know from you.
“Jungkook…” You say his name and he rolls his eyes, thinking he might have made the wrong move telling you that. “We’ve talked about this.”
He holds a little tighter  “I know, I know you hate it when I invade...I just wanted to know where you’ve been.” He continues to lie.
The problem is…why did he feel like he had to? Why is Jungkook putting off the inevitable? You are his soulmate and he will have to tell you that eventually.
“Working and trying not to be worried crazy about you...that would have been my answer if you’d just asked me.” 
“You need to be a little crazy to have someone like me in your life, Angel. Otherwise you’d have never come back, the moment you found me again.” He replies a bit too honestly.
“...Did you just call me crazy?” You finally crack a half smile and step forward out of his embrace.
Jungkook reluctantly lets you go and he hums. “No, I said a little crazy.”
“Yo-...You stalked my life for months and have a personal vendetta against my uniform shirt.” You’re ready to point it out. 
“Anyone would be scarred looking at that hideous outfit they force you to wear.” He rolls his eyes.
“Jungkook, you burned two sets of my work clothes and I almost got fired for that.” You balk in disbelief while he smirks, completely satisfied with himself.
“A small price to pay for salvation.” He immediately replies and you then move, turning around to face him when you recognize those words.
“Did you just quote Thanos?” The question leaves your mouth when a giggle rises in your throat from your friend and before you know it, you’re finally facing him and seeing him for the first time in a while.
Jungkook actually didn't do much, instead looking down towards you and slowly dropping his smile before running his eyes completely over your face. He falters, barely letting you catch on to the way his brows dip in concentration when your eyes meet and he can sense the change in your mind.
 You, on the other hand, couldn’t seem to catch your breath once you stared up at him and slowly went over his whole attire. 
Jungkook, no longer looked like his normal dress code. Sure he’s still wearing his thicker boots, but they weren’t the kind you were used to. He’s dressed way more mature than normal, black loose button up undone by the first three and exposing the top part of his chest, he’s sporting black leather pants fitted to the thicker chords of his thighs and you’re then switching to the matching leather jacket that goes with it.
 It’s...so mouth watering to say the least, but still made your throat run dry once your eyes went from the simple silver chain on his chest and up to his face. Which also brings you to the most surprising change that catches you off guard. It was the fact that he actually changed his hair. No longer was it draped to his shoulders and hung half-way back into a pony-tail but instead to be tapered shallow on the sides and parted into two directions-cropped right to the top of his forehead. The style itself seemed to add years onto him, making you notice the more structured part of his jawline.You even found yourself, noticing the fact that he had a piercing on his right brow or that his markings flowed further up onto his neck than you’ve ever seen before.
Oh... wow… You breathe and your eyes go wide when you realize you’re probably  staring too long. It was impossible to keep yourself from being starstruck. 
Jungkook looked like a completely different man and one who had the confidence of someone nowhere near your level. It was striking to say the least, but also just a little intimidating- especially being that you were only in a huge worn out shirt for night clothes. 
Immediately, you notice how his eyes go lax just a little, his usual black orbs staring straight into you, possibly seeing every sinful emotion you feel just by the first look at him. 
He definitely can and it’s excruciating for him to ignore.
 Jungkook clears his throat, ignoring whatever you’re doing to him. “I know I was born in hell, but you’re looking at me like I actually agree with his ideology...”  He chuckles.
—You quickly stop him and pull yourself together. 
“Kook, no. I... just wasn’t expecting you to look like this.” You say as you shake your head, trying to collect your thoughts, but still finding it hard to adjust to his gaze. For some reason it comes off way more alluring than usual and you have no doubt it was stemming from you suddenly wanting to jump his bones.
Jungkook stares at you a little too hard as if he was trying to figure out a puzzle. He then looks down, thinking about his appearance until it hits him. “Oh! yeah, I guess I’ve never had to show you this persona. I only use it while I’m home and not working.” He tries to explain cautiously.
“You mean, this is what you look like when you’re not here?”  You point out with a nervous tilt to your voice. “-Like a crazy hot dilf?” 
Jungkook frowns in a humorous manner. “Well, I am a prince...I have to look the part to be it. Believe it or not, being royalty there is like being an A-list celeb here, except with an insane amount of fear and respect.” He teases and yet something seems off. Jungkook didn’t seem like the type to care about whether he could impress others or not, he just does.
“Yeah, well not everyone rules over a section on the dark side mister, so we can’t all be hot demon royalty...well actually except for Yoongi...he at least has the attitude down perfectly.” You’re rolling your eyes before crossing your arms, only to land on the ground- where you recently remembered you just dropped one of your nice glasses. You then move, walking around your kitchen island to grab for a napkin and broom.
 “I’m sorry that I was born naturally hot?” He smirks while also catching you off guard. 
You lift your brow completely taken back by his arrogance and you’re not sure why but you could feel your stomach roll in reaction. 
“ Does cockiness also come with the new clothes or…—?” You trail off as you turn to walk back so you could clean up your mess, but you stop the moment you see it’s completely gone and Jungkook’s dusting off his hands in a haste. 
“No, but it does come with the title.” He chirps immediately catching on to your question and shrugs casually. When he does this, your eyes immediately zone in on his chest falling up and down and you’re quickly thinking of a way to pull yourself together. While doing so, you place the napkin gently onto the kitchen counter after putting the broom back in the corner.
 A deep breath escapes your chest when you take the time to control it and you’re leaning over your sink before checking the time on your electric stove. The clock now reads 6:53 am and you frown as you turn to look out of your kitchen window. From your view, the seemingly night sky was beginning to turn a lighter shade of violet. Indicating how soon the sun was to come. 
What the hell?
“...Jungkook?” You’re calling out into the air and before you knew it, you felt him again. 
You look back  and towards the rest of the kitchen- seeing him suddenly posted up against the entrance. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows as the mesh, silk shirt hugs him beautifully around his torso. When you’re staring at him again, you watch as he plays with the ring on his lip, but your stomach churns with unease.
“Yes, Angel.” He answers and the second you blink he’s appearing right by your side, startling you incredibly. It's been so long that you're surprised by such a common move with him. You step to the side, somehow more put off by how tall he seems next to you. It’s almost as if his height had changed too.
You cross your arms before asking “It wouldn’t be crazy of me to believe you’re hiding something right?”
With that one question to Jungkook, he tenses as a cautious look slowly enters his eyes and all playfulness is gone when he sees the confusion falling into place within your mind. 
“I don’t know what you mean.” He plays dumb.
Of course he is, he just didn’t think  you’d pick up on his mistake.
You turn, leaning back on the counter and put yourself to thought. “I went to bed at 3:00 am and woke up a few minutes ago at 3:00 am…it's almost 7:00 now.” You state more so as if you’re trying to piece it together yourself.
“You must’ve been dreaming or something. Don’t stress yourself out over it.”  He swallows, suddenly seeming on guard and it's almost unnerving how straight his face has gone to hide any expression. 
He looks hollow.
“Stop that.” You frown, seeing something completely off about it. “I know you’re reading my thoughts again...I can feel it.”
“I’m not always reading your thoughts, Y/n.” He huffs, stepping up and looking down at you completely convincing to the naked eye. Deep inside, you knew better. You stare at him and don’t back down from your concern. 
 “What is it kook, I know something’s not right.” You grit. 
“What's making you think something’s wrong?” He sends you a defensive look and shrugs. 
“That right there!” You point immediately. “ You’re getting upset.”
It feels like Jungkook had suddenly put his mask back up as soon as you said that, which isn’t something normal to happen between you both. You frown deeper, looking at him. It was little at first, but you realized why Jungkook seemed a little different to you- his voice, his demeanor…it was less familiar to you and whatever dialect he was using with you was more formal than endearing. It was like meeting him over again for the first time or maybe he just felt less lively than he usually is. You would even say it feels like he’s holding part of himself back.
“You seem different and not just the way you’re dressed but how you’re acting.” You say honestly. 
He smiles and it puts you at ease a little,  but you can clearly see there's something he's not telling you because it doesn’t reach his eyes. “I’m just tired, there was a lot to handle once I went back and I’m still adjusting.” 
 “Adjusting to what, did something happen to you?” After hearing that, you look at him disappointed. You clearly didn’t believe a word he said and that was simply because you could easily tell when he’s lying.
“Y/n, for your sake please let it go.” He pleads.
“No.” Your expression stays hard.
He sighs in slight frustration. “I’m trying to go about this carefully and you’re not making it easy. if I tell you why then-” 
“Since when has it been too hard to tell me the truth?” You then ask, with hurt filling your voice. “ I get that there's some things I don’t need to know about what you do and your family, but it doesn’t feel like this is something with just them. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now.”
You’re right…He’s not fond of how obvious that is, so Jungkook says nothing in return and watches how determined you look staring up at him.
“You can tell me anything, you know.” 
“I do know that, Angel.” He replies in a sincere manner, yet still it was lacking. “It’s just not that easy to explain, okay? I don't know how.”
How to tell you he almost devoured you and wants to fuck you at the same time? Yeah super easy.
The both of you stand there in an awkward silence and it’s like someone had sucked all of the words from both of you, well mainly Jungkook. 
Clearly, there’s unknown tension in the air and neither of you weren’t sure of where to lead after that. A small part of you wondered if it's because he was in trouble, or if he’d gotten hurt. If that really is the truth behind it, it only made you worry more if somehow it would come back to mess with him again. However this still doesn’t explain why there's almost a 3 hour gap between your time and why Jungkook seems like a totally different version of himself.
Was this the real Jungkook? Is this what he’s like when he’s not with you? 
When you look at him, your chest feels heavy and you can’t make those butterflies go away when he’s looking at you just as hard. It has you realizing just how much you truly are into him. His bunny face even in the newer version of himself, those big doe eyes and pouty lips. You used to love his longer hair, always playing with it and running your hands through it, part of  you wishes you could do that now-even with his new undercut. 
You don’t realize when your mind wanders, somehow envisioning Jungkook with his wild hair, your hands running over the natural inky skin of his body as your hands tug on the silky strands to your heart’s content. You wanted that- his kisses, his touch and so much more, that was evident with the trickles of arousal invading your abdomen from his presence. It's not the moment to think of this, but you couldn’t stop the images from popping in. You’re actually beginning to feel like it wasn’t of your own volition at this point.
“I just want to understand what's going on. You say everything is alright- but it doesn’t feel like that and honestly I don't think it is.” You shake your head, hugging yourself and shielding yourself away from him.
“Y/n...I know I haven't told you everything and maybe that's because I’m still trying to understand it myself. I think it would be too soon for you to handle. There's a better time than now, we can wait. ” He speaks out while listening to every thought you were having and his breath hitches, seeing the images that invaded your mind…He wanted that too and he thought he would have more time than this.
You’re not making this better. Stop thinking like that- fuck he wishes he couldn’t see it all.
 You listen back in when he speaks and realize you were just staring at him again. Honestly you hoped that he couldn’t see what you were thinking because otherwise you’d rather have been swallowed up whole in the ground.  You clear your throat and try to push down the nervousness that's slowly rising within you- a shiver racking down your spine when you take in the mint that's hitting your nose from him and the more you found yourself standing there with him, the more you were seriously finding it harder to not think that way. You honestly have no idea where any of it came from, but you were so on edge and you can’t control it.
Exhaling you, try to calm yourself.
“I’d rather know now, before you’re disappearing to who knows where again.” You say almost as low as a whisper and step forward to take his hand in yours. “And for your information, I don’t think anything will ever be as much of a reality changer as finding out about you and the fact that demon’s actually exist, it can’t be that much worse to handle.” You smile and Jungkook sees it, in your eyes, how much you feel when it comes to him. They're warm and inviting, completely sincere with every word you say because you truly wanted to know.
Damn- wait why is he noticing that?
Honestly It was like a punch to his gut, a stinging sensation burning on the sides of his head ringing throughout his nose and ears. He hisses, bringing his hands up to touch, but he couldn’t stop the small sense of relief forming after the realization. 
You’re definitely into him.
“Y/n…”  Something twinges from within his head, trying to break through and Jungkook is hissing from the sensitive heat that sears throughout. He grunts and his hands come up to grab beside his ears.
Your eyes widen in shock. “Kook, whats wrong?” 
Grabbing his hands to pull them away, you’re looking him over intensely and you begin to notice the odd appearance on the side of his head, closer towards his ears. Without thinking much more you lean up closer to him and as usual you notice when he tenses, inhaling deeply, but that doesn’t stop you anyway. You lift up your hand to touch his face, looking in to inspect him more and Jungkook watches you like a hawk, because so much is crushing down on him at this moment.
His body is lighting up from your proximity, a hand landing gently on your waist for support. A causal gesture, but the touch created tingling shocks in its wake. You would think this is a new territory for you two, it’s quite the opposite. It was normal for you to be this intimate with him, it’s just never in any way romantically… At least not like this moment, where you are very much aware of his hand and Jungkook fights the instinct to grip you tighter, pulling you onto him.  
He tilts his head curiously, feeling the soft caresses of your fingers on his face and he sees the moment you begin to notice the slight scarring on the sides of his head. Memories of what felt like burns that Hoseok created on him comes rushing in and suddenly he curses when he feels your hands run over it. Normally his kind are able to regenerate when needed, but because Jungkook was not only affected by someone stronger than him. What was done to him causes a much deeper wound that's harder to recover from. 
It could even be irreversible.
“What is this? When did this happen to you?” You ask, running your thumb over one side. 
He hesitates but finds it better to just grit his teeth, ignoring your proximity as much as he can. “It’ll go away...I got them with some help from my friend.” He answers honestly, but still sees the confusion on your face.
Jungkook feels as your finger follows it up into his hair, your fingers slowly seeping into the shallow parts, because you simply couldn’t help it. He instantly feels a shutter in his body, briefly closing his eyes the second you thought about pulling on it just a little. Suddenly before you could look more— he grips your hand tight and pulls it away gently before looking down at you in a more serious manner, burying the heavy lust burning within his chest. 
You’re way too close right now and should definitely move. Actually, he should move too, before he messes this up…but why can’t he?
“Oh-” You blink when you realize how distracted you’d gotten before clearing your throat. “D-Did it help?”
“...Not enough.” He breathes lower, desperately, but still watches you carefully as a darker look comes into your hazy stare in return. “-If only you knew.
You don’t notice the darkness seeping into his by the second, but the air around you both was thicker all of a sudden. Are you…are you seriously turned on by him right now? Oh no.
“Then maybe you can enlighten me, Jungkook.” He hears your voice, soft and curious as you stare up at him within his running mind and very much unaware of everything he’s holding back from you. 
Your scent is so overpowering at this point that even without his emotions, Jungkook definitely still felt how high his temperature could go and it wasn’t enough to stop him from being turned on by you. He only wished Hoseok had explained that part to him, or at least warned Jungkook how much he’d have the physical need burning within him. Better yet, maybe this is what Hoseok had planned from the start- with everything else everyone has done to manipulate his relationship, maybe Jungkook wouldn’t be surprised that Hoseok had only taken it upon himself to speed up the process.
Afterall, Jungkook had willingly let him into his head…Hoseok, what did you really do to him?
A monstrous desire chews at him to take you in any way possible, anywhere, and position—so many are going through his mind. The fact that he can still hear your thoughts definitely isn’t helping.
He shakes his head “Shit, I-...It’s too much right now.” The man says, fighting the erotic influence within his head.
“…Yes, because being best friends with a guy who appears and disappears out of my house everyday makes so much more sense.” You scoff up at him and he only rolls his eyes once more at your strange humor. “--I’m pretty sure I’ve watched you kill a guy once and while I’m still severely traumatized and seriously considering therapy, at least it was too quick for Yoongi and I to see.” 
Jungkook, bites his bottom lip, knowing of his friend’s act. He couldn’t wait to see the look on your face once you met the real king…wait…would you meet the rest of his family? Was that something he really wanted? Again, why is Jungkook thinking this far ahead- you don’t even know what you truly mean to him and vice versa. As much as he knows Yoongi lied to him and would never want to step foot up here again, he’s pretty sure the grumpy man would eventually miss you after a while. There was no acting when it came to your friendship with him, that much Jungkook knows is true, he talked about you half of the time- even when he wasn’t reporting to him. 
The matter still remains, was he truly ready to bring you around his dysfunctional family? And why did that spark something foreign in his chest? This is truly bittersweet.
If it weren’t for them, Jungkook wouldn’t have spent most of his time searching for you and going half crazy on your whereabouts. They literally drove him mad and for what? Because he wasn’t moving fast enough?
Fine, it’s fair to say that Jungkook was only being a coward when it came to you. He took his time, because the first time he showed you the real him- you pushed him away…Jungkook didn’t trust his own reaction if he told you how he felt and you didn’t feel the same. However, he never expected to be racing against an ancient curse and maybe…that's why he keeps putting off the truth from you. If you didn’t accept his feelings, he felt like it might truly kill him at the time… now would be the best while he couldn’t feel much right?
The problem is… Jungkook should really tell you about the bond first, because if this does go in his favor and the way his family clearly intended…Jungkook might actually end up completing it.
“—For your information he didn’t die until after I took him away so technically I didn’t kill him in front of you.” He corrects and if you weren’t so bent on figuring out his problem, you would have reminded him that hearing a human’s neck crack that violently is still disturbing enough to have anyone believing the complete opposite. 
“Whatever, Just tell me already.” You wait patiently for him to begin, watching the hard look on his face as he tries to battle his inner turmoil of what to do next. 
He really wanted to skip over this part, but Jungkook felt everything breaking down in an instant. Your thoughts, his hunger, the whispers…why did everything have to be so intense? Honestly he couldn’t take it anymore.
Fuck, is he actually giving in? wait.
“I-...hell.” Jungkook barely mumbles and you notice as his face goes completely blank, but he moves close enough to be a breath away. Jungkook then swallows, eyeing you strangely and though you had to admit while his gaze was drawing a forbidden emotion in your mind- you stare back at him expectantly, waiting for his next move. 
What you’re not ready for however, is when Jungkook’s hands are grabbing both sides of your face abruptly and pulling you towards him. Your body colliding against his hard front. The sheer force of his strength has you calling out in surprise, your face quickly coming so close to his and  he sends the deepest gaze into your eyes before something urges him to close the space. 
He couldn’t help himself, he’s supposed to wait!
 –His lips crash onto yours and catch your breath entirely from the shock of his sudden passion. You could feel your body reacting immediately—heat firing up in your stomach as he waits a second before moving them and you find yourself suddenly clutching his shirt for dear life. You were expecting words not a kiss- and definitely not for him to suddenly take this route with absolutely no cause whatsoever. You just couldn’t complain as a wave of lust shoots over your stiffened body and his minty scent becomes so much stronger to inhale. 
For a long time, there are no words or thoughts, just the feel of his lips molding and his body pressing into you to be closer. You may feel his tight embrace, but you had no idea of the fierceness he was fighting back to do more.
It’s definitely too late.
You guessed he was waiting for you to reject him, but after feeling his tongue swipe over your bottom lip for entrance, you’re more than willing to open your mouth- sighing in content when he slips the muscle in and licks almost desperately against you to get a better taste. His hands leaving your cheeks, Jungkook’s arms then come to wrap securely around your waist like before and he backs you up into the counter, definitely putting more emphasis into how much closer he wants you to him. 
It's not enough for him.
Not long after, you’re being lifted up, finding it hard to let yourself pull away and so does Jungkook. He grips one side of your legs, hoisting you effortlessly onto the counter and the flips in your belly are going crazy as his cold leather pants make contact with the inner parts of your thighs- putting himself comfortably in between. 
He just wants a taste…but something keeps pushing him. His own efforts to fight back are crumbling so easily.
Your mind is still running on another brain wave, one part of you completely lost and the selfish part of you present enough to enjoy the way his mouth is moving against yours, fulfilling the thoughts you were having all this time. 
His lips were just as soft as you imagined and it’s strange suddenly being able to share a moment like this with him. You exhale the breath in your chest, leaning your entire body into him and while melting easily as he shifts towards a sweeter end of your kiss. Your arms come up to wrap around his neck and your eyes shut when your arousal finally makes its way to your panties- no doubt beginning to cause a wet stain.
More, you want more.
Letting the mix of sweet almonds travel up his nose, Jungkook reluctantly pulls himself back, somehow managing to temporarily snap out of whatever urge had taken over him at that moment. Those same burns from earlier lingered on him the longer he felt himself standing there with you, he wished he waited until a better moment to kiss you. It was going to be impossible to control himself from you after this. 
Honestly…Jungkook really doesn’t think he can now.
You didn’t notice it, but he’d been taken by surprise when his vision had gone black out of nowhere, hands vibrating with the need to tear your clothes off. He couldn’t tell whether it was from him or if it was because of the bond pushing, wondering if this was possibly just another hallucination of his. However everything feels fine and you are in-fact sitting helplessly in his arms on your own counter. 
Jungkook just fucked himself once again…he’d only intended for a sweeter kiss as a test, not whatever that was just now. 
He’s left with a powerful hunger and it was running too deep inside him to ignore. Whether it was building up all this time or he’d always had it, Jungkook was overtaken by it and he’s wondering if it could be from the same hunger he felt to devour you. Only now it was dangerous to know there wouldn’t be any remorse if he did right now. This kind of desire was completely consuming him, or at least the mental block was slowly fading off, maybe that would explain why his head was lighting up over and over- until it was sending him into a fuzzy haze.
Jungkook stares down at you, getting a continuous light buzz when you try to chase his lips in return and when he doesn’t reciprocate, your eyes are opening- face stuck in a sinful daze when he hasn’t even touched you yet. 
He doesn’t know how he’s ever held himself from you before…now he’s tasted you and the filthy images racing in his head at the moment had him wanting more. The way he could bend you over your sink, fucking so deep inside you until you only knew him. He was only making himself worse by the minute- salivating as he came to wrap his hand around your neck and his eyes growing to pitch black as if you both were a part of his unusual dark fantasies.
You’re definitely not and there's one thing Jungkook was sure of at this moment…he wants to completely ruin you.
Tag List : @thisartemisnevermisses @vampyjk @taeilmom @outro-kook @bishuthot @mwitsmejk @irissilujm @vickyboo @awesomebabyyoda @hanzyyme @gerim-1995 @i-dont-give-a-fok @hwangheiress @hollyverday @seajae @oishee09 @jolinaprincess @yoongibabs​ 
a/n: I’m super sorry if some people couldn’t be tagged but tumblr isn’t allowing it.
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borathae · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
- Minors do not interact -
Always practice kink safe, sane and consensual & with lots of communication. Every sexual encounter portrayed here, follows said rules.
a/n: Order of drabbles could change depending on what I finish first, but I am trying to stick to this order as best as possible!
Tumblr media
#01: aaol!JK + Period Sex
#02: Hoseok + Body Worshipping
#03: Seokjin + Big Cock
#04: Knight!Jimin + Forbidden Sex
#05: Taehyung + Brat Taming & Pegging
#06: Yoongi + Nipple Sucking
#07: Namjoon + Shower Sex
Tumblr media
#08: Jungkook + Double Ended Dildo
#09: Yoongi + High Heel Kink & Cunnilingus
#10: Taehyung + Puppy Play
#11: Jungkook + Nippleplay
#12: SA!2seok + DPing
#13: Namjoon + Thigh Riding
#14: Caged Bird!JK + Choking
Tumblr media
#15: Yoongi + Kniveplay
#16: Jungkook + Loss of Virginity
#17: Jimin + Pole Dancing & Pegging
#18: Namjoon + Somnophilia & Blowjobs
#19: SA!Yoongi + Facesitting & CBT
#20: Taehyung + Lingerie & Bondage
#21: Jungkook + Red Lipstick & Photography
Tumblr media
#22: Seokjin + Amazon Position
#23: Taehyung + Sex on a Canvas
#24: SA!Jungkook + Fisting & Masturbation
#25: Yoongi + Studio Sex
#26: Jungkook + Gunplay
#27: Hoseok + Oil Massages
#28: Yoongi + Pegging & Restraints
Tumblr media
#29: Taehyung + Car Sex & Hair Pulling
#30: OGC!JK + Waxplay & Sensory Deprivation
#31: Sope + Threesome
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Call Me Crazy
Rating: T
Word Count: 6.7k
Warning(s): briefly implied racism, Y/N experiences paranoid thoughts, panic attacks, head injury
Summary: When Y/N gets her hands on the newest Samsung phone, she thinks at most she’ll get a little clout with her friends and fewer dropped calls. A direct portal to BTS? Not so much.
Genre(s): Strangers to Friends to Lovers| Crack Treated Seriously| Fluff| Comedy| Romance| Magical Realism
Tags: bts x reader | ot7 x reader | poly| FM!POC!reader
Ch.1 Ch.2: Star-Crushed
A/N: Hello, hello! Crashing in from life as a college student (why do I keep doing this omg) to provide another update! 😌 Feels like the true upturning of poor Y/N’s orderly life starts here. I also feel like OT7 fics haven’t been updated as much lately so this is my humble contribution. 🙇🏽‍♀️ I had so much fun with this chapter! So please feel free to tell me what you think? 🥺
Some habits were hard to shake. So despite having the day off, she woke up at seven sharp. Rolling over to squint across the room and find Binna still sleeping, she proceeded to shuffle out of bed. 
Thoughts of how to spend her day floated vaguely through her head as she shut the bathroom door behind her.
People would be surprised, she imagined, to find that she didn’t plan every minute of every day—she just planned the productive hours of most days.
 In high school, Y/N had been voted most likely to become a CEO before age thirty, and there were far worse superlatives to be associated with.
Maybe there was even some truth to that one, but it was coincidental. She was now studying business with every intention of climbing the corporate ladder to the very top. 
There had never been a doubt about how she would go about achieving her goals, either. Y/N was focused, level-headed and disciplined—according to teachers past and present.
But a small feeling of dissatisfaction she just couldn’t quash kept surfacing as of late. Somewhere along the line friends; family, maybe even classmates, professors and acquaintances, had come to think of her as predictable.
No, they didn’t phrase it in that way exactly, but it couldn’t be much more obvious. Spontaneity was not her strong suit, admittedly. But somehow the fact that people thought she was chained to routine and sameness made her feel…pathetic.
It was no matter, though. Y/N endeavored to do what she always did to stave off self-pity. It had worked for years and it was unlikely to fail her now. She would seize the day, and fall into productivity. Of the relaxing sort, of course.
In record time, she had showered, groomed and dressed. Since it was her day off, she likely could have made do walking around in sweats and a t-shirt (not that she owned many casual articles of clothing), but dressing to impress at all times was a mantra she had lived by since starting university. 
Y/N put on a pressed blouse with a warm, woolen cardigan and starched slacks. Her slip on flats were casual enough to make up for it, plus comfortable.
As she stood and adjusted the collar of her shirt so that it overlaid perfectly on her cardigan, Binna lifted her head, hair messy and voice a groggy whisper. “Thought you were off?”
“I am.” Y/N began to search for her bag, passing her new phone and plucking it from the charger.
“Dressed like that?” A prickle of hesitation jabbed its way in as she paused to stare down at herself.
“Why not?” She asked, the tiniest bit of insecurity seeping into her tone.
“That’s our Y/Nie.” Binna smiled sleepily, her lips shiny from the bit of drool on her mouth. “Always prepared.” Then she threw her head back into her pillow, and light snores promptly followed.
Y/N couldn’t help but chuckle. Binna would be in for a rude awakening when her alarm clock went off in fifteen minutes. But, she supposed for the time being the poor girl could enjoy that extra fifteen minutes of blissed out sleep. She seemed to need it.
Y/N was quiet as she exited their bedroom, feet silent in the carpeted hall on her way into their utility kitchen. Figuring Binna wouldn’t want much when she got up, just some toast and cereal, she decided it was okay to focus on fixing her usual: an egg white omelette with two shakes of pepper, some low-fat vanilla yogurt and granola, and a black coffee with extra creamer. While she brought out the pan and got the stove ready, Y/N flitted back and forth between her breakfast items and the coffee machine. Binna had brought it with her when she’d moved in, but Y/N probably got more use out of it than its owner.
The eggs sizzled in the pan as she cracked the shells and separated them from their yolks, the coffee machine’s gentle hum the perfect background noise. It wasn’t too loud or too jarring, which gave her time to think. Normally, about class work or her internship, but this was a day off Y/N reminded herself. So maybe something like yoga at the park instead? Hmm…but she wasn’t really dressed for that.
The coffee machine chimed twice, signifying her fresh brewed bliss was ready, and Y/N wasted no time pouring herself a steaming cup. The creamer was added in short order, and while it cooled enough to be drinkable, she finished neatly folding her omelet and stirring granola into her yogurt.
Sitting down with her foodstuffs, she began digging in, the sound of the spoon touching the bottom of the plastic cup, or the fork clinking against the plate as she ate her omelet piece by piece the only noises in the apartment. Some might find a silent breakfast lonely , but Y/N appreciated the way in which being alone with her thoughts allowed her to process things.
After she had lost her parents, people always saw her as quiet and a little intense, oddly put together for a recently orphaned child. Her aunt and uncle had been at a loss at first, seemingly trying to piece together how to approach talking to her. It had taken some rocky attempts, awkward small talk that petered into stuffy silences, but they had eventually all learned how to coexist.
Actually, maybe she should call them. It had been a while, hadn’t it? She reached for her phone, shiny and new, sitting on the table. It displayed the time as she dragged it closer with one finger, having to momentarily pause eating to flip it open.
Nice compact design, smooth interface, and lots of unexplored features. Y/N had to reluctantly admit…she was impressed. She still had to transfer all her contacts into it though. If she were like most college students her age, she would be pulling her hair out, her contacts lost in a tragic spill. Being ‘old-fashioned’ had its benefits, she thought a bit smugly. Later on today she could put all the contacts she had copied down into the notepad where she kept numbers into her phone.
Y/N began thinking about what else people normally did upon purchasing a new cell. Spam text everyone apologetically about how their phone number had changed? Maybe later.
The conversation in the car on their way back from the phone store came to mind. “Since you’ve finally joined everybody in the twenty-first century, you should download some apps!” Binna had suggested. “They come in really handy.”
Apps, huh? Well, Y/N had never been much for them, aside from keeping an eye on the world of app development—the creator of the next Twitter might be out there, a business partner waiting to be snatched up—but using them herself would be a first.
“I’ve got the time,” she reasoned. “I’ll just see what all the fuss is about.”
Five minutes tops. That’s all the time she would devote to scrolling the app store.
There was a crick in her neck and her back ached. She was also pretty sure Binna may have been through with her shower, considering she could faintly hear the blow dryer going from down the hall.
Wow. She’d really spent nearly thirty-five minutes looking at apps. But, in her defense, no one told her about the sheer number of them! If Y/N had known there was a pocket schedule and planner app, she may have gotten on board sooner. 
Downloading that one and several more she saw that might be helpful, Y/N wiggled. She was already excited to begin using them, reading the reviews as she tidied the kitchen until the only trace of her breakfast was the pan she had used scraped and in the sink, ready to be washed later.
 Satisfied, she called out a goodbye to Binna, who came bursting from the bedroom, fully dressed and fixing her hair into buns. “Heading out?” She asked, slinging her messenger bag higher on her shoulder. “Let’s walk together.”
“You don’t even know if I’m headed the same way.” Y/N snickered, “And don’t you want breakfast? You know you’re no good at thinking on an empty stomach, and you’ve got that presentation right before lunch.”
“Y/N!” Binna pouted, “Omo, such a mother hen. I’ll be fine. I can get a breakfast bagel at the cafe.”
“The line’s really long this time of day,” Y/N pointed out.
“It’ll be fine!” Binna repeated, throwing her hands up, “I still want to walk with you.”
“Okaaay,” Y/N opened the door and stepped aside, waiting expectantly. “Lead the way.”
The smell of egg and cheese wafted enticingly through the air, Y/N glancing over to find her friend happily munching her breakfast sandwich, perfectly in step with her.
 It was a gorgeous, mild fall day out. Leaves were getting that nice autumnal tone, and despite the swift changing of seasons, the school’s lawn was as bright green as ever—thanks to the help of artificial means of course.
Y/N was surprised that the little spot on campus that only stayed open until noon and served Western breakfast foods didn’t have a longer line.
 There were more than thirty thousand students attending Korea University, and it felt like over half of them were scurrying everywhere at all times of the day and night.
Binna looked up in time to see her staring, chewing and swallowing the bite in her mouth, then offering the rest to her. “Want some?” she offered.
“I’ve already eaten breakfast,” Y/N smiled gently, lightly pushing Binna’s arm down to keep the avocado sauce on the breakfast sandwich from spilling onto her cardigan. “Thanks though.”
“But Y/N,” Binna whined, taking another big bite, “You always have such a small breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason!” Spoken like a pre-med student, Y/N mused.
She could just see Binna’s future office, set up to be child-friendly with charts about nutrition depicting smiling vegetables and fruits on the walls.
“Yes, yes eomma, I know.”
Taking another bite of her food, Binna huffed, “Fine. But just eat a decent meal later, okay? You’re off today so there’s no reason for you to be skipping lunch.”
“Now who’s the mother hen?” Y/N tutted, pulling out her phone and putting in a reminder for a twenty minute lunch break. “There. I did it. Happy?”
She was met with silence, which was always unusual for Binna. Worriedly, she turned to her friend, only to find a very sly smile on her lips (and a bit of egg and avocado sauce in the corner of her mouth). “What’s that look for?”
Binna tittered, shrugging as if to say ‘oh nothing, nothing…! Except…’
“…You like it, don’t you?”
“You like your new phone.” She clarified. “You were fiddling with it last night when I went to bed, and you were never attached to your old one like that.” Binna finished off her sandwich, eyes narrowed disbelievingly. “Last week you told me playing with my phone before bed would cause me to wake up unrested.”
“Well it will.” Y/N maintained matter-of-factly, “It disrupts your brain’s ability to find its proper circadian rhythm. Studies prove that.”
“Right, sure,” Binna scoffed, “And suddenly you’re willing to risk it because…what, you discovered technology can actually be fun and not just for convenience?”
“Bin, please. It’s just a phone.” To prove her point, Y/N promptly closed the device and stuck it in her pocket.
“It’s not just any phone,” Binna exclaimed, crumpling her sandwich wrapper up and throwing it away as they passed a trash can. She made the shot from about ten feet away, and two boys that had been sitting nearby on the grass saw it and cheered dramatically like their favorite team had scored a goal. 
Binna played along, posing cutely and giving a thumbs up. Y/N rolled her eyes. Sports fanatics. “Like I was saying,” Bin continued, smoothing her beige sweater vest into place. “Y/N you got the Galaxy Z Flip 4: Army Edition.” She whispered conspiratorially, glancing around as if someone might overhear. “I didn’t even know that phone actually existed until yesterday.”
Ah yes, yesterday. Where Y/N’s simple quest for a new phone had taken an unexpected turn.
Suk-kyu slunk from the store’s stockroom, while Y/N waited patiently with her friends in the lobby. He was clutching a box to his chest as if was some precious national treasure. Bemused, Y/N watched him set it down on the table with reverence and lift the lid. “I know you chose another color, but you seem like a very discerning customer. So I wanted to offer you this instead.”
The lid came up fully and Binna squealed, hopping in place, “Oh! My! Goodness!”
Y/N turned to Chin-Mae for clarity, since Binna was currently occupied gushing over the phone, but he shrugged, as clueless as she was. “This can’t be what I think it is!”
“A Galaxy Z 4?” Chin-Mae drawled.
“No, no, no!” Binna waved him off, “I mean well, yes. But look at the colors; that’s the Army Edition! I thought it was just a rumor.” The phone was a sleek chrome gray on one side and white on the other, but otherwise appeared identical to the other Galaxy Z’s Suk-kyu had shown them.
“It is, as far as everyone else knows.” Suk-kyu winked. “There are seven colors available, our BTS editions. The Army edition is the rumored eighth color, very exclusively available right now. Won’t be on the market for a while. So what do you say? Would you like this one?”
“Say yes, Y/N!” Binna shook her arm. “Say yes. Oh gosh, now I wish I needed a new phone—I’m so jealous!”
“I…” Y/N tried to concentrate as she continued to get shaken and her teeth clicked. “I don’t really think I get it. I mean it’s a rare color, right? Why not save that for a true fan who’d appreciate it more?”
Suk-kyu only smiled, a twinkle in his eyes. “I think the person who’d appreciate this phone the most is already standing in front of me.”
And so, somewhat reluctantly, Y/N had taken the phone. The ultra-rare Army Edition that Binna told her fans would kill for. “I don’t know why I even let that kooky salesman talk me into buying it. If it’s as big a commodity as you say it is, I could get robbed for having it.”
It wasn’t unheard of. Being a business major, Y/N had heard many times about what happened when hot items were in short supply and high demand. 
People did desperate things to own rarities. She remembered a case that happened not far from her when she lived in America, someone being attacked and stabbed over a pair of limited edition shoes.
“No way,” Binna said, though there was a touch of concern in her eyes. “You’ll probably get lots of compliments—oh!”
“Binna!” They spotted a group of three girls waving at her friend, other pre-med students that Binna liked to study with. “Yo, you ready for that presentation?”
“Totally!” She fist pumped. “I’m fueled up and ready to go.”
“Oh, hello Y/N-ssi,” Binna’s unnie greeted politely. Choi Ji-Hye was like the calm, reliable upperclassmen in a drama, so Y/N totally understood why Binna looked up to her so much. 
Ji-Hye was also rumored to be from a very affluent family. Not that it was surprising. Plenty of students attending one of the country’s top schools came from wealth.
But Ji-Hye had the looks, background and demeanor that one would associate with the traditional heiress.
 Today, she was wearing a maroon sweater vest— something that her friend looked ready to swoon over when she noticed—and pressed short sleeved blouse paired with slacks similar to Y/N’s own. 
Her auburn red hair was pin straight as usual, her bangs cut at a very precise length that didn’t hide her lovely arched eyebrows. When she smiled a little, everyone saw the deep dimple in her right cheek.
“Good morning, sunbaenim.” Y/N returned.
“You could call me unnie, too, if you wanted.” Ji-Hye said, and some of the stiffness in the air dropped. While Ji-Hye was always friendly towards her, she got the sense that Binna’s other pre-med friends didn’t care for her much. 
Not that she would bring it up to her bubbly friend, who enjoyed seeing all her associates get along and thought strangers were just friends you hadn’t met. Oh, to be that naive.
“I can drop the honorific from sunbae,” Y/N bargained as a compromise.
“Deal,” Ji-Hye agreed, “We’re all going to our first lecture, but you should join us for lunch.” Ah yes, Ji-Hye was a TA in Binna’s first class.
“That would be lovely,” Y/N discreetly glanced at the two antsy med students behind Ji-Hye, likely hoping she would say no. “But it may have to be some other day. I have some assignments to catch up on that may cut into my lunch hour. I wouldn’t want you waiting for me,”
She ignored Binna’s very skeptical expression as Ji-Hye nodded in understanding. “That’s unfortunate. I do hope you take breaks as needed. Binna’s always speaking highly of your diligence, but overworking is a fast track to illness.”
“I understand, sunbae.” She bowed. “Good luck on your presentation today, Bin.”
“See you later, Y/N!” Binna waved, being tugged along by one of the other girls.
Y/N expelled the breath she’d been holding as they left, though she could hear one of the girls, Ha-Eun, whispering loudly. “Is she always stiff and intense like that?”
“Y/N’s really great. You just don’t know her,” Binna immediately defended.
Y/N felt warm inside over her loyalty.
“And whose fault is that?” The other girl giggled. Y/N thought her name might have been Iseul or something, which she only remembered because Binna had gushed about her also being an Army. “She seems to like you, but from what I see, keeps to herself. I bet she turned down unnie’s invitation for no reason.”
Before Binna could voice a retort, Ji-Hye’s calm voice cut in. “That’s uncharitable to assume the worst of others, Iseul. I’m sure Y/N has her reasons.”
They got too far to hear the rest of the conversation after that, not that Y/N was really interested in overhearing more. She was very aware that people had a lot of preconceived notions about her.
 It was one of the many things she had learned to tune out upon returning to Korea at the end of high school. People had assumed she was a foreigner and treated her accordingly, whispering this speculation or that.
 It was true her father had been American, and she’d inherited his complexion and hair texture, which brought its own set of… problems at times.
Still, Y/N had decided to come back to Korea and go to the college she had always told her mother she wanted to attend, her alma mater. 
She wanted to reconnect with her Korean heritage too. She just never thought about how different it would all be when she was seeing through a lens that was no longer that of an oblivious child.
Regardless, it was her day off, and flaky attitudes be damned, Y/N wasn’t about to let that get her down. She was going to be productive and enjoy herself.
This was the worst possible time to be in proximity to someone else’s clumsiness.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Kang Myeong looked very close to falling to his knees as he whimpered in the face of the fire in Y/N’s eyes. 
She stared at the ugly blot of ssamjang on her blazer, nose crinkled. This was going to be the end of her. Her colleague’s one act of clumsiness was going to sink her career before it started.
The president and CEO of LG Electronics, one of the largest companies in the country, would be walking in any minute. 
It was the perfect opportunity for networking, the only real reason she had agreed to attend her internship’s party in honor of its hard-working students—Binna, Min Su and Chin-Mae may have also begged her to attend and actually mingle like a normal person.
Always able to sniff out a problem from a mile away, her internship supervisor hurried over, his eyes wide behind his spectacles. “Oh, what happened there?” He frowned.
“It was my fault,” Myeong confessed instantly. “Y/N, I…I’m so sorry. I had no idea you were right there when I turned around.” 
Her greedy coworker had made a beeline for the refreshments and she just so happened to be standing near it, talking to one of her other internship colleagues when disaster struck.
“We’ve been over that.” She grumbled, not in a forgiving mood at present. She didn’t even attempt to wipe it out. If she did, that would undoubtedly make it worse.
Mr. Hong pulled something out of his pocket, a key. He held it out on the tip of his finger and Y/N watched the small silver key swing back and forth as he spoke. “Here, use this and go to the presidential bathroom down the hall. Try to get it out before Mr. Koo arrives.”
Nodding in thanks, Y/N wasted no time, ignoring Myeong as he continued to grovel. She had a mission and it was saving her future career! No one was going to take her seriously with a sauce stain on her front.
 Mr. Koo would take one look and write her off as a joke. And if one of the most powerful businessmen in the country thought that way, no one else was going to take a chance on her.
It was rare, hadn’t happened in years, actually. But by the time she had fumbled with the key and charged into the extremely elegant bathroom, her throat felt cottony and her head was spinning. Y/N staggered over to the sink, seeing double as she looked into the mirror.
No one knew about her panic attacks. Not her aunt and uncle, and not Binna and Chin-Mae. She forced them down, as much as she was able. Hiding behind the projection of control she wanted others to see until she believed it herself.
Yes, yes she had everything under control. Her hands shook as she fought to turn on the sink, only to realize it was motion activated. Shoving her hands beneath the faucet, it lit up and came to life.
 Y/N took the time to dab her eyes, wet a paper towel and press it firmly to her thudding pulse before she even tackled the sauce on her jacket.
Her teeth sank hard into her bottom lip, before she thought about how poorly it would be taken if she walked back into the party with a bloody lip—or worse, had to reapply her lipstick and get the stain off her teeth.
That caused her to let her lip go, blinking rapidly and wiping small, frustrated tears from her eyes. “L/N Y/N,” she breathed, staring herself down hard in the mirror. “You will be fine. Because you always are. Get back out there and blow them away.” 
Gasping, she reached for her phone to check the time. How much time did she have before Mr.Koo arrived?! What if he was already in there? Pushing the device back into her blazer again, Y/N went to check her face in the mirror one last time.
Instead of slightly puffy eyes or a determined grimace, what she saw had her jaw dropping. Was that…was that another room?! 
Whipping her head around, Y/N surveyed the lavish bathroom behind her, and didn’t see anything remotely identical to what was in the mirror. Whoa. She rubbed her eyes harshly. 
It had been about a week since that time she had hallucinated a man’s face in place of her own while brushing her teeth. Since then, she had chalked it up to not enough sleep and tightly wound nerves from all the deadlines she was trying to meet.
This was probably the same thing. She was in a highly stressful situation, and she was seeing things. Although, it was a little concerning that no matter how many times she dabbed at her eyes and blinked, the scene didn’t change. 
Frustrated, Y/N stepped back, squinted, then moved closer again. Against her better judgement, she leaned further into the mirror, intending to skim the glass with her fingertip, to prove to herself she was just a little tired.
Until she was overcome by the strongest sensation of vertigo she had ever felt, head falling forward as if it was full of lead. When it cleared, and she felt able to pick her head up, the practical, ever logical thinking Y/N was unprepared for what she saw. 
Everywhere, absolutely everywhere, was a vast, rippling room of nothing. It was like being trapped inside a drop of mercury, another impossibility. Y/N waved a hand in front of her face, and a cool, liquid sensation passed through her fingers, although nothing was on them.
 “Hello?” She called, trying not to grow frantic. “Where the hell is this?” She took a tentative step, finding it was a bit difficult to move forward but not impossible. “Uh…what did I eat in the last twenty four hours?” 
Was it an allergic reaction? Yeah right. She quickly dismissed the notion on account of very few allergic reactions she could think of causing hallucinogenic effects.
Her straining ears caught sound to her right, and she moved forward, calling out again. Still no response, but the sound got a little bit clearer. 
It probably wasn’t the day to be wearing pumps, but damnit, it’s not like she counted on this to happen. Whatever was happening…
Y/N stopped, but not for lack of trying to move forward, but because there was…an invisible wall there. A clear one, in which she could now see the same room as before.
 An empty dance studio. The strains of sound she’d picked up had been music. Classical music, more precisely. That was all she really had time to discern before the door opened, someone walking in.
A lone person, a young man maybe slightly older than her. He shut the door behind him and set down his bag. She watched him look around, brow furrowing as he stopped to listen to the music playing.
Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty had just begun, a popular song at ballet recitals. He seemed confused to hear it, making Y/N wonder if he wasn’t a ballet dancer at all. There was also something about him she almost wanted to say was familiar, but she couldn’t place what.
Looking around at both sides of the room as though his reflection would rat him out, the young man slowly began to fall into a few experimental steps, growing more charged and confident as the song continued.
Y/N watched, stunned. Forgetting all about what had been going on before, how she had come to even be here, she remained hidden and spellbound, the handsome man’s fluid control of his body and contemporary dance moves putting her soul at ease. 
It was like each step he took, each twirl and leap smoothed down the frayed edges inside that had caused her anxiety to begin creeping in. She watched in rapt attention as he commanded the space with her, his only audience.
At one point, his dancing brought him closer to Y/N’s side of the mirror. He didn’t seem to notice anything amiss at all, didn’t seem to feel her presence there.
 His shiny hair caught the light when he spun, and not for the first time, Y/N had the tugging knowledge just out of reach. 
She knew him from somewhere… Pressing ever closer against the surface, she was able to see every line of his solid physique, the hours of work he had put into training his body evident.
The song had reached its crescendo, and he was still going strong, hardly even sweating. Y/N was awed, face pressed to the cool, invisible glass in an undignified manner—lipstick stains be damned.
Perhaps because she had suspended her disbelief so much already, she was not expecting reality to very literally come crashing back in. Y/N let out an abrupt scream when the barrier suddenly gave way, and she found herself falling right through, toppling into him.
He hardly had time to turn before they were crashing together, and then laying in a heap on the floor. There was a very concerning crack as his head met the unforgiving wood.
Temporarily putting aside her bemusement and astonishment, Y/N swallowed down the horrified yelp in her throat. The man who had been practicing such a graceful technique just a minute ago was sprawled underneath her, having taken the brunt of the fall.
 His eyes were squinted and unfocused, and Y/N’s heart accelerated at the thought of how hard he must have hit his head.
 Quickly jumping back, her stockings catching on the polished wood floors at the friction, she inspected him, phone gripped tightly and uselessly in her sweating palm. It only vaguely dawned on her that she had never let it go.
Now, Y/N let it tumble to the floor with a clatter, far past caring if that did any damage. Maybe that was for the best…it went against absolutely every logical thought she had as an aspiring businesswoman but there was something to be said about correlation and causation.
When she had briefly hallucinated in the bathroom that night, and during…whatever was happening now, she had the phone nearby. Both times. Was that…really a coincidence?
 She had scoffed over the conspiracy theorists online every time a new 5G phone model was released that would proclaim they could control thoughts and cause illnesses. But what if this was a psychotic break?
The dropped device buzzed an inch or two across the floor, Y/N seeing a message from Binna. Oh yeah…Binna.
Her dear friend and roommate had been texting her a lot lately. According to her, if she was going to posssess an Army phone, she might as well actually become an Army.
 Not that Y/N had taken that seriously, or had much time to actually look at what Binna had been sending. Her nerves were far too thin in the days leading up to the party. 
It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and all her time not spent working on school assignments was spent tirelessly rehearsing what she would say to Mr.Koo if she got the chance to talk to him.
For the first time in a while, Y/N actually read Binna’s messages.
—Okay last one! I know you said no more but I couldn’t resist and he just looks so good here!
The picture popped up without warning, a beautiful man with blood red hair, propped up on his side in a white, nearly translucent button-up. 
There was a sliver of skin visible between the bottom and the waistline of his pants, and he looked at the camera with a startling smolder, accentuated by the coy half-smile on his full red lips and the immaculately applied eyeliner he was wearing.
 Y/N’s throat went dry, life flashing before her eyes as she whipped her head back down to the person still lying unnaturally still on the floor. It was…it was the same guy!
 The hair color was different—a moonlight silver now—and he was in a plain t-shirt and some loose joggers, but it was undoubtedly the same man Binna wanted her to swoon over.
That meant one thing.
“BTS…” Y/N whispered under her breath. Suddenly he looked frighteningly familiar. The model looks, the style in those practiced dance moves. How couldn’t she see it earlier? 
Yeah this was definitely one of Binna’s BTS boys, who beamed down at them from the poster in their dorm room. Forgetting her phone, Y/N clambered closer, wondering if she should check for a pulse, but also afraid to touch him in case it brought him further harm. 
“Please…” she licked her bottom lip, “Do me a favor…Jimin.” Thanks to all of Binna’s gushing and coaching she was fairly certain that was his name. “Don’t be dead, or seriously injured. Don’t be anything that could get the book thrown at me in a court of law.”
 Assaulting an idol. And not just any idol, but one of the ones that belonged to a group that was practically the nation’s national treasure. Her career would be flushed. Oh, and the rabid fans out for her blood would never let her know peace.
“Hyung…?” He muttered, and Y/N pushed down any indignation that cropped up at the thought of being mistaken for someone’s hyung.
“Okay, you’re talking. Good.” she sighed. “I mean not good, but…not bad. Damnit, I should call emergency services. For all I know you could be concussed.”
Jimin blinked drowsily at her. Shit, how hard did she make him hit his head? Shit, shit! “It’s not the worst hallucination in the world. At least I’m imagining someone pretty.”
Y/N’s jaw dropped, she stammered for a response and came up short. Was he…flirting?! At a time like this? His head might be broken and she might be on her way to ten years behind bars and he was flirting?!
 The flustered college student could feel her cheeks redden, irritation flaring up inside. If he wasn’t already hurt she might just be tempted to ignore the difference in their statuses and smack him upside the head.
Y/N stilled, hearing broken pieces of conversation from just outside the door. No, no, no! Witnesses to her crime! They were going to take one look at the downed dancer and assume the worst.
 Either that she had attacked him or that she was there for…a creepier reason. Binna had told her about sasaeng attacks being a serious problem for popular idols. No one was going to believe she didn’t know how she’d gotten there.
Although Jimin was probably going to be fine, now that people who could help him had arrived, Y/N did feel guilty just leaving him there. It was her fault, sort of.
She had precious seconds, and every racing tick of her heart knew it. Whoever was coming into the studio were chatting outside the door, but who knew how long that’d last. 
Her uncle and aunt had always praised her for being quick on her feet, and this was the worst time to prove them wrong. ‘This is crazy,’ Y/N’s spinning head protested. ‘I fell through a mirror into an idol’s dance studio and now I might be going to jail, unless—’
She hesitated only slightly, figuring the impossible had proved possible so far. The crazy could continue until she woke up from this mental breakdown she was having, and then she would start searching for the nearest qualified therapist to examine her. At best, she was right, and at worst she was about to be carted off to the hospital, then jail.
Sucking in and holding a deep breath, Y/N charged at the mirrored wall as fast as sensible pumps would allow, fully prepared for the pain of smacking into it face first. 
There was a startled moment of realization, and then deep relief when she tumbled through the glass, which rippled coolly like she was breaking the surface of a quiet lake.
 Y/N turned, silently witnessing the studio door open at that moment, revealing another young man in sweats. He had short, bouncy russet brown hair, his bangs parting in the middle. 
He spoke to whoever was standing out in the hall one more time, something about some changes to a choreography routine they were trying out. The door closed, and Y/N watched his eyes fall to the floor, noticing Jimin for the first time.
 “Jimin?” He called, sprinting over and sinking to his knees at the answering groan. “What’s wrong? What happened?” Y/N knew she should bolt while she could, guilt a tight ball in her chest. But she only stood there in Mirror Land as the other man tried to get Jimin to tell him what was wrong.
‘I fell out of the mirror and plowed him over.’ she thought, wincing.
“Hobi-hyung, I’m okay. I just tripped…” he said softly. What a beautiful speaking voice, Y/N mused. It was easy on the ears, even when it sounded strained.
Hobi…Hobi…Binna had said that was someone’s nickname. If he was Hobi then that must have meant his stage name was J-Hope. ‘Er, what’s his real name again? …Hyun…Hoseok?’
Whipping out a phone, his hyung frowned a little. “Hard enough to hurt yourself? Can you get up?” Jimin began righting himself, albeit slowly, and Hoseok assisted, arm bracing him around the shoulders. “I’m going to tell the staff you’re injured and need to be examined.”
“Nope,” Hobi shook his head, phone to his ear now. “There’s no point practicing choreo if you’re not at your best anyway.” He turned his attention to speaking to whoever had picked up his call, explaining that they had an accident in the studio. “Yeah, he’s awake, but pretty dazed.”
There was a pause, and J-Hope tilted his head, staring at Jimin thoughtfully. “Did you hit your head?”
“It looks like it.” Hoseok relayed, and Y/N bit her lip, anxiety picking back up. ‘How am I supposed to tell Binna I met one of her favorite idols and broke him?’
Jimin was sitting up on his own now, hands on the floor and legs crossed. Hoseok removed his arm from his friend’s shoulder and began to gently massage his head.
“Hyung,” Jimin whined, leaning away from the touch. “Careful, it’s tender.”
“You’ve got a bump the size of a baseball.” The older male informed him matter-of-factly. “I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.”
“What happened to the girl?” Jimin asked abruptly.
Y/N felt her hands start to tremble. Why was she even still hanging around? This was her opportunity! 
Oh yeah, because she wanted to be sure the young man whose head had gotten bonked would be okay. Damn guilt.
“Girl?” Hoseok gave him a scrutinizing look, not at all like the wide, energetic smile he wore in Binna’s poster. “Jiminie…what girl?”
The silver-haired idol shrugged helplessly. “The one who knocked me down. I think…”
“Somebody knocked you down?” Hoseok asked sharply. “Was it a staffer?”
“I don’t know. It happened so fast. She wasn’t familiar...”
“Okay,” The older idol said slowly. “After we make sure you’re okay we’ll get security to check the cameras.”
The cameras?! Shit, so she wasn’t safe after all! Oblivious to her rising woe, Hoseok continued, “Well, I think you’re probably concussed, so no practice for you.” 
His eyes drifted away from Jimin for the first time since entering the room, and that split second was all it took for their gazes to lock.
Y/N let out a wordless yell, flailing back. The sound of running water filled her ears, and she picked her head up to find her own reflection. 
She was clutching the edge of the same modern sink she was admiring before, standing in the same private bathroom. Laying innocently near the right handle was her phone.
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cutest-bunny-writings · a day ago
Healing Waters (Part 3)
Warning: MC's anxiety, Namjoon's possessiveness and horniness, some sarcasm.
Note: Sorry if this part kinda sucked.😅
Pairing: carnivorous!koi hybrid!OT7 X (f.)reader
You've started going to the window first thing in the morning to look at the pond.
You're growing nervous because any day now your koi will change for breeding season.
Oh Christ. Namjoon might get possessive of Yoongi and it's not going to be good if Yoongi is first and Namjoon might-
You bolt out the door in your oversized tee to the edge of the pond, completely forgetting that you should've put on pants.
"What is it?" You're panting and Taehyung's laying on the bank so you run back for the stretcher and a towel.
Once before.
Namjoon laying on the bank and breathing heavy.
Namjoon was really upset when he woke up and couldn't find Yoongi anywhere near him.
"Where's Yoongi?!"
"He's still in the pond, Joon. He hasn't changed yet. You can go out and visit him if you want."
You ended up having to keep Yoongi in a tank, close to the bed, on the side where Namjoon slept until Yoongi changed.
Taehyung is heavier than you anticipated, lifting him onto the stretcher proves to be a challenge.
And so does wrapping the towel around his bottom half without staring.
Dragging the stretcher is also a challenge since Taehyung is currently deadweight as his newly acquired feet flatten the grass into parallel matching trails.
You can hear Namjoon's tail splashing around behind you at the idea of Taehyung getting first taste.
You're going to be in for it for sure.
It's a good thing you didn't lock the door before getting Taehyung because there's no way you would've gotten back in without dropping him.
You do your best to slide Taehyung into the way too big tee that you have stashed in the wardrobe of the guest bedroom.
"I can't believe it was you this time. I hope I'm doing everything you need." You're sitting on the bed next to Taehyung and holding onto his thigh before you remember something.
He always sleeps while holding something or someone.
You grab an extra throw pillow from the closet and press it against his chest, a relieved breath leaving you as he curls around it.
"May you rest well." One final thigh pat and a pair of shorts later, you're back outside.
"Namjoon, you stop that right now. We can't predict when these things happen and you're going to have live with that fact."
"But I wanted to go first!" More angry tail splashing and Namjoon splashing the water as he shoves his hands into the ground to look bigger and puff out his chest.
"Such an intimidating sight." You sarcastically deadpan.
Namjoon dives for your legs to pull you into the water but you jump back in time. He can't go far out of the water until he changes.
"Why don't you keep Yoongi company instead of fussing over me? I'm sure he's lonely right now."
As if on cue, Yoongi pops out of the water.
"See. You should take care of the smallest of your gasp first, they're the most vulnerable." You gesture towards Yoongi who smiles with crescent eyes.
Something clicked in Namjoon's brain with those words as he swam over to Yoongi and held onto the smaller koi, taking him back down into the pond to leave you with your thoughts.
My asks and submissions are always open!😘
I hope you enjoyed and I love you, my fluffies!🥰
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aegrotamograine · 2 days ago
Genre: Smut+fluff Pairing: Namjoon x Reader Tags: Daddy Dom Namjoon, DDLG (for instance, reader has a bedtime), sub reader, established relationship, orgasm control/denial, unprotected vaginal sex, vaginal creampie, spanking, manhandling, implied size difference, naked woman-clothed man, Namjoon is in his Sexy Nukim outfit, soft aftercare, they’re in love your honor!  Wordcount: 1108 Author’s note: My first Namjoon Tumblr fic! Is this my first Namjoon/Reader fic, whaaaat? Sexy Nukim Namjoon lives in my mind rent free and I’ve recently been corrupted with DDLG so here, have this dirt I just woke up thinking about today.
Tumblr media
“Daddy…” you whine. Your fingertips sink into the strong muscles of his shoulders, crumpling his pristine white shirt. “Don’t “Daddy” me.” Namjoon grits out, his large hands holding your hips in a vice grip. You whimper, tears collecting in your eyes as your pussy helplessly flutters, his tip merely teasing your opening with how he pulled you off when he recognized you were close. He’s been going at it for what seemed like hours, tossing you around like a ragdoll and fucking into you any way he pleased. You were shivering, your mouth loose with pleas, body covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and pussy squelching any time he’d thrust into it, his big, fat dick shaping you to itself and making you feel stuffed exactly how you adored. Namjoon stands up from the armchair then, securing your shaky legs around his waist as he moves toward the bed, the tip of his cock still in you and you hate how teased, how empty you feel. “I have half a mind to bend you over and just take your ass.” He murmurs darkly into your ear and you whine in protest. You just want him deeper in your dripping cunt, you don’t want him to now take ages to- “But that would take forever.” Namjoon sighs as he lays you on the bed and taps your hip and you know what to do. You flip over and present all pretty, face in the pillows and red ass high in the air for him, your juices undoubtedly glistening on your inner thighs. You feel his weight shift on the bed behind you, a hand stroking your glowing butt cheeks, where he’d started the evening by spanking you when he found you disobeying him. He slides back into you in one smooth thrust, the material of his pants against your clammy skin. “And the only reason we’re doing this…” He gives you two gentle little thrusts before he slams into you and you moan when his hips hit your sore ass: “Is because baby was up past her bedtime. Playing with what’s not hers.” Namjoon has been busy recently. He often is and you understand, deep down. But you also do love pushing on his buttons and bratting him every once in a while when you feel you haven’t been getting enough attention. He groans with a breathy chuckle when your pussy predictably squeezes him at that and he bends over you, collecting your hair in his hand, wrapping it around his fist until he’s holding you tight and pulling your head toward his lips on your earlobe: “Whose little cunt is this?” You whine and flutter around him, hating that he knows you so well that he stopped mid-thrust. You have been able to cum just from him saying that before, after all. “Y-yours, Daddy, please…” Tears have spilled down your cheeks now, having been brought to the edge and kept from falling so many times but Namjoon doesn’t care. Once he decides to punish you, there’s no changing his mind. Which is at the same time very hot and so infuriating. “That’s right, mine.” A sharp thrust and you wail, knees sliding apart on the sheets. Namjoon pulls you back onto his cock by your hips, establishing a slow, yet harsh rhythm: “And I decide when it’s getting played with, not you. I decide how it’s getting played with, not you. Thought we were clear on that, baby.” His thrusts gain momentum as if he’s telling you the discussion is over and every word you try to form is met with another smack on your already red behind. You recognize him chasing his peak and you’re so close too, you’d just need a little rub on your clit and- Namjoon grabs both your wrists as if reading your mind, pulling them behind your back. You’re helpless and groaning in frustration when he finally climaxes, fingertips squeezing your wrists and cock balls deep in you, every pulse torturing you as you feel him coat your battered walls in warmth. His ragged breaths and your little whimpers are the only things in the room for a few moments. And then he shifts slowly, releasing your hands and wrapping his arms around you, lips gentle on your temple: “Don’t move, okay baby?” You barely nod, wincing when he pulls out when you still want him so much, his seed dripping out of you on the sheets when you helplessly collapse, your knees finally having given out. You feel the warm wet washcloth wiping your inner thighs, being extremely gentle on your pussy lips and red butt cheeks, you feel the fingertip pushing a droplet of his cum back in and you circle your hips in instinctive hope, but the hand then slaps your pussy. You feel the cool gel being spread on your ass and you feel the soft cotton of panties that Namjoon pulls on you once he deems you clean enough. You’ve been flipped on your back for this and you open your eyes, looking up at him, fingers tracing the waistband of your panties and you recognize them without having to look. White, ruffly waistband. With red cherries on them. One of his favorites. Namjoon’s hair is messy, sweat beading on his hairline, shirt buttons almost completely undone and cock tucked back into his black pants which you, as you now see, thoroughly ruined with your juices: “I’m sorry, Daddy.” You whisper, meaning both the pants and your transgression. He tilts his head, a big dimpled smile making an appearance: “I know you are, baby. Just get some sleep now and you’ll have been forgiven when you wake up, hm?” Your poor clit throbs but you know you’ll fall asleep in minutes no matter how wet you still are. “Kiss me?” You pout and Namjoon chuckles, tucking you in and giving you several soft pecks all over your face before he kisses your lips. Gentle. He’s not meaning to rile you up but he must know he is anyway because he pulls back, eyes glimmering in amusement: “Okay, baby, go to sleep now. I’ll go have a shower and join you. Don’t wait up, it’s way past midnight already.” You pout weakly but your eyelids are fluttering shut by themselves. You still vaguely feel Namjoon getting into bed later, he always tries to be as subtle as possible but you always have just enough consciousness to feel him anyway, soft T-shirt pressed against your bare back as he wraps himself all around you and lays a soft kiss in your hair. You can’t wait for the morning.
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bonny-kookoo · 2 days ago
Prey: Cold Waters (Teaser)
Tumblr media
In which Jungkook dreams- of warmth, love, and the soft comfort of safety. The only issue? Louri never dream without reason.
Tags/Warnings: Alien!Jungkook, blood (minor injury), protective!koo, prey jk purring and cuddling, dead dove do not eat
Story length: mid
All content can be found under the Tag #Prey
Jungkook hasn't ever seen himself like this.
The mirror shows a reflection of someone that looks like him- but strangely doesn't feel like it's him. Pupils blown wide, roots of his hair longer and unfamiliar in their deep black color, his face just as disbelieving as he himself. The splash of cold water did nothing to wake him up it seems.
He's still in shock.
A knock on the door makes him turn around- fearfully and more or less making him jump at the sudden sound, but Jin seems understanding as he sighs. "I know it's hard." he tells the younger Louri.
"Why is this happening to me?" Jungkook asks, voice trembling. "Why.. Us?" he almost whispers.
"I don't know." Seokjin sighs empathetically, a hand on the younger one's neck as a sign of comfort. "But I'll be with you until the end." he says, while Jungkook himself averts his gaze.
Unsure what's going to happen to the both of you now.
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imnotlauriane · a day ago
Here will appear every stories that I plan on writing eventually, from ot7, to pairings, to solo, it's all here.
If there are stories you want to see in particular, don't hesitate to drop a comment or even an ask about it!
I'm honestly just copying/pasting from the source lmao.
Every stories here are my own ideas and although they aren't written yet, I would kindly ask anyone to not use any of them for themselves!
Tumblr media
Starting with the BTS x reader
Cursed Inn (Magic AU)
Your Ladyship (Fantasy AU)
My stars (Space travel AU)
Warm blood (Ghoul/horror AU)
Hiraeth (Soulmate AU)
Stars and bonds (Idol/possessive AU)
New beginning (Normal life AU)
You and I (Zombie apocalypse AU)
Metanoia (Dragon/vampire mates AU)
Tumblr media
Continuing on with the pairings x reader
Cinderella (Vampire AU)
Past and present don't mix well (Fantasy AU)
Theirs (Hybrids/mates AU)
The new hybrids (Hybrids AU)
HER(O) (Superhero AU)
Tumblr media
Lastly with the solo member x reader
IM(PERFECTION) (Robot AU) - Coming soon!
Back for you (Normal life AU)
His pocket fairy (Fairy AU) - Coming soon!
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mindlywritings · 2 days ago
Jungkook X Black! Plus size! Reader- Happy Halloween
Tumblr media
Happy (early) Halloween everyone!
Parring: Jungkook X Black! F! Plus Size! Reader
Genre: smut (MINORS DNI), unprotected sex, squirting, cussing
Synopsis: Jungkook meets you at a party and y’all get connected in more ways than one.
A/N: I am working on writing smut a blot better than I have been as well as writing longer scenarios. If you have some tips lemme know.
Tumblr media
Your friends begged you to come to this costume party another friend was hosting. They had been talking about this party for weeks and how everyone and their mama was gonna be there. So naturally you couldn’t back out, even though your whole being wanted too. It was gonna be people everywhere, hardly space to breathe or get comfortable, but you promised your friends you’d go.
“Oh hell no.” You said looking at the costume they choose for you.
“Come on.”Yasmine said.”You’d look bomb as fuck in this and you know it.
“She has a point Y/N!” Sasha said in the background getting ready.
The party was in a couple of hours.
“Plus we don’t have the time Y/N.” Chloe said.
“FINE!” You gave up and snatched the suit, which was a one piece devil suit showing thighs and boobs.
“Everyone is gonna be looking at my thighs and my ass.” You whined.
“Yes that’s what you want bitch.” Jade said. “Lemme do your makeup too.”
“Bitch can I have a cover or something?” You complained.
“Ugh fine but we are telling you, you look fine.” Sasha said giving you a cape from her little red riding hood outfit.
“Thank you, Jesus.” You said.
“Everyone is gonna love us.” Yasmine said wearing her Black cat outfit.
Everyone was getting ready and you were just dreading going. After everything was done you all went to the party location and there were so many people there already.
“This party is lit!” Jade said.
“Welcome ladies, the refreshments are over there along with the drinks.” A sultry voice told them when they came in.
“Oop that’s me, see you girls later.” Sasha said going that way.
The other two moved quickly through the place and were saying their greetings to other friends, leaving you alone.
“I knew I should have stayed at home.” You said starting to feel insecure as you saw some people watching you.
You started moving throughout the crowd. There was people everywhere and you almost got swallowed.
“Woah!” You said as you feel forward into someone’s arm. “I am so sorry.”
“No it’s okay, are you okay?” He asked.
The guy was wearing a suit and some glasses. He looked very attractive, but business at a party confused you.
“I’m sorry, but who are you supposed to be?” You asked him.
“Oh Tony Stark.” He said.
“Oh okay, makes sense.” You had said before looking around.
“Are you okay? Would you like to get some air?” He asked.
“Yes oh my gosh.” You said following him to the bathroom.
“Ah.” You sighed taking a deep breath.
“Not used to parties huh?” He asked.
“Uhh absolutely not, my friends begged me to come and put me in this outfit only for them to leave me as soon as they got here.” You said.
“Well if it makes you feel better, you look absolutely amazing.” He said.
“Really even though I am kinda bigger.” You asked.
“Oh yeah especially since your bigger, you have a lot more features that pop out and make you noticeable though, like your eyes, your face, your smile.” He smiled as you smiled.
“Oh really.” You said faced getting hot.
“Yeah your curves aren’t the only thing I see.” He said.
“Oh I haven’t even introduced myself, I’m Y/N.” You said reaching out a hand.
“Jungkook.” He said taking off his glasses and shaking your hand.
You noticed the lip piercing already, but the bar on his eyebrow you just saw.
“So besides this party situation, what do you do for a living?” He asked.
“Ummm shouldn’t we leave?” You asked.
“Nah the party isn’t going anywhere and neither is everyone else, not for a while and there is another bathroom upstairs, plus it looks like you could us a break.” He said.
“Well okay…I am a writer.” You said. “I write stories for a big company.” You said.
“Oh cool, maybe I’ve worked with you before I work in photography.” He said.
“Oh cool, yeah maybe we have met up before.” You said sitting on the sink.
You guys talked for a while about each other’s job and then did 20 question and by the end you felt like you truly knew Jungkook.
“And my friends they were so crazy for putting me in that situation.” You said.
“Yeah I agree.” He said now standing in front of you.
“Yeah…well I gotta thank you, this has been the most fun I’ve had in a while.” You said.
“What do you not have a boyfriend or even a little buddy.” He asked.
“No I haven’t met someone I actually want and I don’t believe anyone would want me as a fuck buddy.” You said.
“Well that’s crazy, someone must want you, I mean who wouldn’t.” He said.
“Well I am bigger.” You started.
“Fuck that, whatever man can’t handle these curves and a lil extra weight is a wuss.” He said.
“So do you think you could handle it?” You asked.
“If you gave me a chance I would show you just how beautiful you are in my eyes.” He said getting close.
“Why don’t you then?” You said biting your lip.
He smiled before leaning over to kiss you.
“Well your lips are so full and delicious I just can’t help but to kiss them.” He said before removing your cloak. “These arms are so warm enough to be in. “Don’t get me started on your body.”
“What how disgusting it is.” You said.
“No, your breast are so round and voluptuous.” He said bitting the skin on top and sucking bruising the skin.
You moaned.
“And this body.” He said peeling off the costume. “And this ass and legs.”
He started caressing them pulling you closer.
“I’m just addicted to you.” Kissing down your body until he gets to your sex which is hot and wet.
You moaned as he ate you out.
"Mmm" he moaned tasting your juices.
"Please Jungkook." You said grabbing his head.
"Please what, tell me baby what do you want from me." He said kissing you.
"I want you." You said.
"You have me." He said pulling his tie and jacket off.
He took off his shirt and you saw a line of tattoos on his arm which did nothing but arouse you. He took off his pants and pulled down his underwear.
"You're huge." You said.
"You'll be able to take me I know you can baby." He said. "You're mt good girl right."
She moaned at the praise and nodded.
"That's my girl." He pulled you up with your legs over his arms and lifted you.
"Wait, I'm heavy." You said panicking.
"Believe me baby, I can take it." He said sliding his tip on your clit before sliding in and moaning with you.
He started bouncing you up and down on his cock.
"Ooo fuck Jungkook, fuck, fuck." You whined as he bounced you around.
"Yeah baby, you like that, you fucking love this cock." He said.
"Yesssss." You said head rolling backwards.
He laid you on the counter and left one leg on his shoulder while he drilled in you.
"Look at this gorgeous body and feel how this pussy takes my dick so nicely. Shit so perfect for me baby." He said speeding up. "Im close."
You started screaming as he hit your spot and finally you just couldn't hold it anymore and squurted on his dick.
"Mmmm fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck." He said cumming inside you.
You both panted and laughed a bit.
"So am I worthy of being your boyfriend?" He asked.
"Oh absolutely." You said laughing.
"Happy Halloween Jungkook." You said smiling.
"Happy Halloween Y/N." He said.
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ratherbefangirling · a day ago
Yandere characters of my fics: when you both are in a life threatening situation
In too deep Jungkook will let you die if he had to choose between the survival of both of you that's not to say he wouldn't try his best to save you , because he can trust himself to keep loving you but not you to keep loving after his death because to him even death can't keep you away from him when him and you are the same
Will you be mine Taehyung would prefer dying together like he can't imagine his world without you
The Truth Untold Namjoon would save you because he knows he will haunt you and with this you would never be able to move on from him. Also he has a bit of a saviour complex in this one. Especially cause he can't save himself.
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