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for what it's worth [1/3] (jjk)
Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jungkook x reader
genre: angst, fluff (this comes in a bit later), light smut, college student!reader x crush!jungkook
summary: you make an awful revelation about your crush of two years.
word count: 2.9k
warnings: none! except for the fact that this might read a teeny tiny bit creepy to some.
note: hello, here is me trying to give you this story before i scrap it because who knows? maybe some of you might not hate it! i need to edit it a little more but that happens later :) please tell me what you think! don't be silent! even if you think it's bad, i'd really love to know about it!
Tumblr media
“You know, this may sound delusional but I think he’s kind of into me.” You blush, hiding half of your blushing face behind your fingers. 
“Oh?” Jia smiles at you. 
“Yeah, I mean, I think so?” 
“What makes you say that?” Jia tilts her head, asking out of curiosity. 
“Well, during the whole ‘Antonio is homosexual’ discourse, he sided with me and he sat next to me for the third time this week--” You pause to take a sip out of your cranberry and lychee juice box, “And he drew in my journal. Roses and bunnies. There’s nothing he can’t do.”
Jia reached forward to play with your braided hair, “_____, is he, like, single?”
Anxiously biting at the paper straw that the café gave you, your response was immediate. 
“I think so. Nothing on his social media indicates that he’s, you know, not single. He barely posts!” you pout. “Jungkook’s so pretty, he could easily be a model. Super photogenic.”
“Hm, that’s true.” Jia bit her lip. “But what if he was dating someone? It would change things for you,” - “I mean, yeah sure, but I still think I want to confess when I have the chance to.” 
“Even if he wasn’t single? Isn’t that kind of an asshole move?” Jia snapped. 
Your eyes momentarily widen at her sudden outburst.
You grimace at her. “Um, yes. I wouldn’t-” you shrug, “if he has a girlfriend, I will not try anything, of course. But he doesn’t.”
Jia gave you a pointed look, “It was just hypothetical.”
“I know.” you pout.
It’s been a while since you first set your eyes on Jeon Jungkook. But never has the thought of him having a girlfriend ever crossed your mind. 
The first time you laid your eyes on Jungkook was at a mutual friend’s freshman mixer. You’d like to think you hit it off but couldn’t figure out how to proceed, with your schedules overlapping. Neither of you made the effort to switch around or make it work. So, you don’t feel too bad about it. You have never really crossed paths after that before he was out in the same class as you this semester. 
Most people know him as the secret weapon of the music theory and software development department. He’s easily the most beautiful man on campus but his smarts and personality somehow match up. You’re pretty sure if this was some shitty, unoriginal, K-drama, he could be the perfect second lead who never gets the girl he wants.
Naturally, after the night of the mixer, you couldn’t help but garner a small, minuscule, almost insignificant crush on the man; which has grown astronomically since then.
You can’t seem to understand what made Jia even ask you something like that. Unless---
“Why would you ask me that out of nowhere? Have you heard otherwise?” you suddenly interrogate her.
“What? No.” you hear her scoff, “I just realised we never discussed it before, ever.” 
She laughed it off while you stared at her, unconvinced. “I told you. Hypothetical.” she reminds you after taking note of your somewhat frazzled state.
Jia was usually never interested in anything you had to say about Jungkook.
Although, you’re able to catch on to some cues slowly. Jia gets annoyed when you blabber about Jungkook. It’s understandable though. You speak of him almost every single day. If Jia were to gush about someone to you, you couldn’t promise you’d receive it any better than she does.
Attempting to change the subject, you offer her a bite of your red velvet pastry, “I think they’ve stopped using the off-brand cream cheese.”
She opens her mouth, waiting for you to feed her.
You spoon a proper amount of cake to icing ratio and wave it in front of her nose.
“It does smell better,” She hums with a pleased expression on her face. “But, the overly sweet cake and bitter matcha was charming in its own way.”
An animated, pink, heart-shaped light bulb goes off in your head.
“Do you think Jungkook would like it if I brought him matcha or another drink? It’s a… you know, a gesture. Might put me on his radar.”
So much for wanting to stop discussing him.
You stare at her, eagerly waiting for her take on your little idea.
She snickered, but you swore it could be mistaken for a scoff, “Just leave him be.”
You quiet down but internally make a note to yourself to buy two cranberry lychee juice boxes instead of one tomorrow. Everyone likes cranberry, right? 
Recently, you’ve been finding Jia more irritable. Not just when you blab about some guy but even in general. You swore you could feel her distancing herself from you and that’s a chance you don’t want to take. 
Jia isn’t the only one on the receiving end of your love-foolish chatter. 
By now, you’ve discussed it with almost every friend of yours, excluding the mutual ones you share with Jungkook. Even the friends who don’t go to the same university as you know of your crush on Jungkook. Although, they’re more receptive to it than Jia. 
It’s embarrassing only if you really, really think about it. But, you generally brush the humiliation off as a secondary, less important issue.
Jia and your relationship started and ended right where it began--- at university. She’s your only friend in university with whom you share most of your classes, precisely six out of nine in total.
During your first year, you decided to stick together out of convenience, sharing a fashion designing and styling major and whatnot. It’s easier to latch onto each other when you’re expected to work in a group than find someone new and socialize at this level. The competition is pretty cutthroat, you wouldn’t want to risk working alongside someone you have no chemistry with. It’s too late for experimentation.
Jia, unlike you, lives off-campus and her bus arrives almost twenty minutes before your college shuttle that goes directly from the cafe to your dorm entrance. So, you accompany her to the bus station and wander off for a while.  
Remembering to run a small errand, you stop at a stationary store to buy ribbons and envelopes. Just in case.
It was a fifteen-minute walk to the store and back. You swing your fluffy, white bag and trot to your favourite place within a five-mile radius of your campus.
You liked to envision your relationships. It’s most certainly not healthy but Jungkook is just oh, so dreamy, you couldn’t help it even if you tried.
You stare off into the sky, daydreaming of your non-existent relationship with him.
You would write him love notes and letters frequently and decorate them with fresh, red, or pink lipstick stain kisses, maybe a few doodles and stickers as well. And when he’d buy you flowers, you’d do your best to dry them and preserve them so that you can look back at your relationship and swoon.
Maybe he’d take you to watch plays or concerts or maybe he’s the type to win you a stuffed toy at the carnival or to dress up for a theme party. And you could save the tickets and wristbands from those events.
You can’t even bear the thought of actually being able to go to a regular college party with him, being his date, the one who gets to dance on him, hold him and kiss him--- that’d disappoint quite a lot of people, you reckon. He is well-liked. A tiny bit private too. Maybe you could be his little secret. The thought of being his secret girlfriend turns you redder than a plum. Imagining yourself being his anything makes your heart pump blood twice as hard as the normal rate.
Involuntarily, you respond to your name being called, “Huh?”
“Hey, you’re holding up the line.”
Your eyes focus on the familiar-faced cashier. An embarrassed giggle escapes your lips. You quietly apologised to the customers behind you.
“Joon. Hi, sorry. Spaced out.” you blush. As if he knows what you’re thinking about, he smiles fondly, “I don’t know if it’s cute or creepy that you think of him this often.”
Furrowing your brows, “It’s innocent! I’m not, like, harassing him or sexualizing him or anything.”
Namjoon scans your ribbons and the packet of off-white envelopes, “I’m only messing with you, cloud.”
You hum knowingly. “See you in class.”
You wave him off.
Cloud. It’s one of the nicknames lovingly given to you by your seniors, Namjoon and Yoongi. Yoongi says that you think miles ahead and higher than anyone else he knows and Namjoon agrees. But, you’ve always thought it was because you’ve got your head up in the clouds most of the time. It’s like a permanent state of consciousness. It is your only indulgence. Time goes by way too fast, you’re busy all the time. The only ‘escape’ is your silly little daydreams.
While people find your crush on Jungkook cute, sometimes you can’t help but put yourself in his shoes. 
You wouldn’t want someone like you crushing on you, so why would he? It’s one of the things that has stopped you from actually asking him out. Although, you’re nearing the end of the semester and the beginning of your winter break. Soon, you’ll have all the time in the world.
This time, you refuse to get too ahead of yourself and fantasize about your prementioned relationship. Perhaps, it’s ambitious or even egoistical to call it a premonition.   
You’re on your way back to the shuttle pick up point when you notice another oddly familiar figure. 
You shake your nerves and walk as casually as you possibly can, to where he stood.
Secretly clearing your throat, you greet him with a shy smile, “Hi.”
When he doesn’t respond, you debate on shifting even closer, but that would be an awkward move and a serious invasion of his personal space. His dark hoodie seemed to interfere with his peripheral vision, too.
So, you tap him gently on the arm. His head swiftly faces yours, making you take a step or two back. “Hi,” you blankly stare at him.
Jungkook scrunches his brows, a little embarrassed that he doesn’t recognise you.
“Hey… how are you?” he recovers. “Good! A little cold.” you smile. 
It smelt like snow, but you wouldn’t want to creep him out with your odd senses.
Where did he know you from? He’s positive he has seen you before.
“Right, yeah. It smells like snow,” he responds.
That’s what you were going to say too!  
Your enthusiasm shows as you explain, “It does! I thought I’d scare you if I said something like that.”  
The corners of Jungkook’s eyes crinkle, complimenting the huge smile that adorned his face.
“I’m Jungkook. Or JK. What’s your name?”
Ow, you internally clench your heart.
Your face momentarily falls deep down into the ground, but you almost instantaneously pick it right back up.
The object of your secret affection doesn’t even know you. 
“_____.” you shyly brush your hair off your shoulder to your back, “We’re in literary theory studies with-” -  “Carmichael? Right! You’re Jia’s _____.” 
Whose what now? 
He nods, “I knew I saw your face before! I remember your elocution thing about Woolf. It left a mark on me!” He pats you on the back. Like you would a child. 
But, more importantly, Jia’s _____? You knew the girl had angelic looks and a godly personality, but- “Hey, is everything okay? I swear I meant it in the best way possible. I didn’t have much interest in literature, but ever since that speech, I’ve been focusing more on figuring out books by myself rather than depending on what the author tries to convey. It’s fun to be rebellious.” Jungkook elaborates when he sees your eyes dim.
You fail to register his compliments for a bit. A thousand thoughts are racing in your mind.
“_____?” Jungkook slightly bends his knees to get a better look at you.
“Mhm, right. Intentional fallacy.” you mutter. “I meant, thanks. I think?”
Although Jungkook’s a little confused, he nods anyway. “Yeah! I-”
Tilting your head to the side, you blurt, “How do you know Jia?”
Jungkook stares at you. 
“Sorry, I mean, I don’t know. She has never… mentioned you before?” you offer. 
“Oh. Well, I’m- Jia’s my girlfriend. She has talked about you a few times. Enough to know you’re good friends,” he blushes.
“Oh!” you squeak.
You clutched the bag of accessories tighter. You’re sure your nails have made little, crescent injunctions on your palm because of how tightly you gripped the handle.
“Yeah. She didn’t tell you it was me…?” Jungkook was starting to look worried.
“Huh? No, yeah.” You nervously laugh, “I must’ve glossed over it, I mean- you know.”
You’ve never stuttered so hard in your entire twenty years of living.
“Actually, yes, I believe she did talk about you. The- uh, the candles?” you suddenly, vaguely remembered Jia talking about making candles with an ‘almost boyfriend’ friend.
Talk about quick reflexes.
Just like that, Jungkook lets out a sigh of relief, “Oh, good! You looked like you were about to start crying. Because- well, she tells me about this girl with a creepy, schoolgirl crush on me or something. And for a hot second, I thought that’d be you.” 
You raised a brow. Way too many revelations are being made against your will. And your mind is empty.
“Yeah. I know it sounds strange, turns out I don’t even know this girl.” Jungkook looked down at his phone, “The bus is later than usual.”
It’s hard to make sense of everything. Why would he suddenly assume you were the girl even though you’re Jia’s friend? 
You press your lips together. “Do you think it’s creepy?”
“The- what?” He looks up from his phone, with his full attention on you.
“The girl. Who crushes on you or whatever.” You reiterate, “Do you find that creepy?”
Jungkook pauses. He tilted his head from side to side, deep in thought.
“Honestly?” He leans in closer to you and raises a brow, “Maybe a little. I mean, I don’t even know her. But, Jia does. They’re friends. Then again, maybe, creepy is an overstatement.”
You hum and stare at your feet. Sadness and cold do not go well together. This time, actual tears threaten to slide down your cheeks. You shift your weight from one foot to another.
“Why’d you ask?” Jungkook senses a shift in mood.
“Oh, just out of curiosity.” You flash him a small smile. It didn’t reach your eyes. Jungkook slowly nods and goes back to checking his phone for updates.
Part of you wants to admit to him that it was you because suddenly, Jia’s questions from earlier that day made sense. But then, you don’t want him to think of you as some creepy girl with a creepy crush. You weren’t creepy. People would’ve told you off if that were to be the case. They mostly encouraged you or at least didn’t stop you. With the exception of Jia, of course. Even then, she wasn’t entirely vocal about it.
Is it pity or sadism?
Was everyone hiding this from you? Did everyone but you know about it? You don’t believe that your and Jia’s friend, Sieun, would keep something like this from you if she knew. 
But then again, you never expected Jia to turn out to be so… sneaky.
Your sadness outweighs your embarrassment.
“Are you waiting for the shuttle?” he questions you with a raised brow. 
You open your mouth for a second or two before settling on nodding. 
“I don’t think the bus will get here anytime soon. It’s already snowed in on the fifth.” Jungkook turns the bright screen towards you. “We can Uber out of here before the snow sets in here. Unless you want to wait?”
“Sure,” you plainly reply. 
“Is that a yes to the waiting or?” Jungkook chuckled. 
“No. No more waiting. Uber’s good.” you softly spoke. 
“Great, I’m on it,” he affirms.
It’s still unsettling for you to have no natural, outward reaction to indirectly being called a creep by someone you admired for so long. Suddenly, your embarrassment skyrockets. 
You can’t comprehend your emotions; you feel like you’ve been punched in the throat with a stone brick. There are dead butterflies in your tummy--- moths. The wind feels colder, and you shudder.
You stare at the chipped nail polish on your thumb. 
A warm jacket suddenly dons on your shoulders. “You need it way more than I do.” Jungkook frowns, “Are you okay?”
You abruptly turn to him, thanking him gently for his jacket, “I was just cold.” 
You softly scoff, “You’re awfully kind.”
Jungkook pats you on the shoulder before he says, “Any friend of my girlfriend is a friend of mine! Plus, you’re cute.”
He’s really cheesy. Even though the single mention of Jia struck very thick, large needles in your tummy, you couldn’t help but smile at his words.
Au contraire to your expression, for the first time in a while, you’re not in the clouds but the complete opposite--- grounded, perhaps a more accurate term would be ‘devastated’. You’re absolutely, completely floored. Underground. Downright stumped. Confused. Definitely angry. 
You vowed to push your emotions away for the duration of your travel with Jungkook. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: Jeon Jungkook×reader
genre: fluff, college au, somewhat friends to lovers? still maybe, still idk
word count: 600ish, drabble
summary: why does jungkook know you don't carry umbrellas around?
warnings: none
a/n: uhm, so yeah pt.2 of the blue bird couple cuz i couldnt help myself...
"C'mon blue bird it's getting colder and I don't have anything to give to you we can do this some other night."
Well, that was a lie. Those words were playing back and forth in your mind ever since they left Jungkook's lips and they didn't look like they were leaving
It didn't happen some other night but you weren't actually surprised, you knew it in your head that Jungkook would never mean what you thought he did. He was just way too nice for his own good.
And for you too.
It fucking stings.
It fucking stings.
It fucking stings.
You hoped, somewhere deep in your heart, that he would maybe come and talk to you, or maybe even text you when he never did before.
He didn't.
Little butterflies tried telling you that he was looking at you, more than he ever did before. You wanted to listen to those voices, to believe what you were hoping might have become true but you couldn't.
It would hurt too much, much worse than you would even think that you knew. You were okay letting yourself believe something might have happened when it was late at night and you would dream of being in the warmth of Jungkook, feeling him closer than you ever did. Closer than that night when you finally got to get a taste of his sweet smell and home felt warmth.
Then you would wake up.
Wake up and go on with your day where you would maybe see him from afar and be okay with that. Then you would walk away.
He would walk away.
You might have been hallucinating about him smiling bigger and directly at you but that was too good to be true. Too good to actually happen.
You were almost about to pass out on the library desk when your mind once again drifted off to him. Not knowing when to stop when it came to him.
Ari knew you would be studying till late so you couldn't think of someone to text you at this hour.
1 message from Jungkook
Oh, you really needed to sleep.
Okay, maybe you weren't in one of your dreams.
Well, maybe you were because it certainly would make more sense for him to text you.
Jungkook: Which floor are you on?
Jungkook: Y/N? You are at the library right?
He must have been thinking this is funny right? Maybe a prank? Why was he asking you this? Was he-No.
-: What? Yes, I am but why?
Jungkook: Which floor?
-: 2nd.
Was Jungkook really here? But why would he be here? But if he wasn't why was he asking you that?
Before you could think of other reasons and excuses, you saw a figure approaching you, an umbrella in his hands but hair still dampened a little.
Why did he have to look this good with his hair wet from the rain?
How was this fair for you or your poor heart?
Had he no mercy? Apparently not.
"Jungkook what are you doing here?"
"It's raining."
"I know, but what are you doing here?"
"You don't like holding umbrellas."
Like that explains everything he stops, looking at you like he is expressing the very obvious fact.
Jungkook knew you didn't like carrying umbrellas? But how? Why?
What could you say to that?
"I'm walking you home blue bird." He said, smiling.
That damn beautiful bunny smile.
"And you don't have to carry the umbrella I promise."
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puppy love | jjk + kth x reader. ch.1
Tumblr media
you’d met jeon jungkook and his best friend kim taehyung in your first year at university. it didn’t take long for you to fall for jungkook, however it was clear that he was less than interested in romance. you pushed down the frustration and jealousy when jungkook talks about his weekend exploits and dating app matches, telling yourself that being friends with benefits was better than being nothing at all. you didn’t expect that one of the benefits of your arrangement with jungkook was going to be his best friend, taehyung.
↳ pairing: fuckboy!jungkook x reader, taehyung x reader (later chapters)
↳ setting: college au ↳ warnings: explicit rough sexual content, (assumed) alcohol consumption, pet names, teasing, spanking, jk is kind of an asshole, internalised misogyny if you squint.
↳ side note: just fyi, i’m basing this off the dorms at my uni which aren’t all shared rooms so that’s why there isn’t rly a roommate in this story hehe. also please like if u enjoy! this is the first work i've posted in a decade so i really wanna know if people like it!!
| next
jeon jungkook, to his credit, never strung people along. he was direct and clear about his distaste for romance while he was at uni. 'i’d rather just have fun'. you’d heard it from him a hundred times when the girls and boys from your lectures asked if he was single. this was one of the many reasons you kept your disgusting crush on him to yourself, telling him you were both totally on the same page and dating in university is dumb, anyway.
it seemed like a good idea when he suggested being friends with benefits. he would rather be hooking up with someone who ‘felt how he felt’. you had just nodded your head, taken another sip of your drink, and kissed him. that was four months ago now. not much had changed, really. you would still make fun of people over chat in lectures, get drinks with taehyung together, walk back to your dorms. the only difference was that when jungkook dropped you off, he would sneak right behind you into your room, wrap his arms around you and place his lips on your neck. he would whisper the filthiest things into your ear and slide his thigh in between your legs before he led you over to your bed.
that was it really.
in reality, you had begun to question your sanity. taehyung, of course, was the first to notice. he was jungkook’s friend first, but you had grown undeniably close as he was generous enough to be your study mentor. taehyung was two years your senior and had witnessed what you were going through more times than he could count.
“and that girl from tinder, jennie, she said i could bring some friends.” jungkook spoke excitedly about this upcoming house party he’d been invited to by ‘some girl from tinder’. you had to force yourself not to roll your eyes.
‘another one.’ you thought.
“no offence kookie,” taehyung sighed, his eyes darting between you and his closest friend. “but i think i grew out of house parties in my first year here.”
“please tae!” jungkook pleaded with a dramatic pout. “y/n, please say you’ll come at least.” he shifted his soft brown eyes to focus on you. your stomach churned at the sight of his full lips so close to you. he’d made that face to you many, many times before when he’d come over to ‘watch a movie’. he knew how effective it was.
“afraid you’ll have to tell jennie that your only two friends can’t make it.” you replied, poking him in the ribs as he swung on the barstool he was seated at. honestly, you didn’t really have plans. you just couldn’t stomach seeing jungkook sneak off to some upstairs bedroom with another glamorous rich girl while you were stuck with a bunch of strangers that you didn’t have any interest in on some gross couch.
taehyung saw pure frustration flicker over your face for half a second. he always caught it. every time jungkook mentioned that he was sleeping around with anyone who wasn't you.
“you guys are both boring.” jungkook sighed. of course he didn’t mean it, however, it was jungkook so the comment still stung, just a bit. “plus, you’re not my only friends.”
in sync, tae and you looked around at the empty seats at your groups table. “do you see anyone else here, y/n?” taehyung asked with a smirk pulling at his lips.
“sure don’t.” you replied, casting your gaze back to jungkook. he chuckled a bit, looking down at his phone to check the time. “i gotta go to this group project meeting soon,” he muttered. you knew that was a lie. taehyung probably knew it too. “i’ll probably just drop this one off to her room and then go- so i’ll see you tomorrow tae.” he sighed, feigning annoyance as he stood from his chair and placed his palms over each of your shoulders.
you didn’t really know why jungkook hid your arrangement from his best friend. it seemed like they shared everything else with each other. plus, taehyung had surely figured it out by now. there was no reason that jungkook had to walk you back to your dorm room while it was still light out. maybe he was just being polite.
“yeah, have fun.” taehyung dismissed his friend, placing his glass down and grabbing his bag to leave.
yeah, he definitely knew.
it had taken all of two seconds for jungkook to shove his way into your dorm room after you’d unlocked the door. “you’re not gonna be late for your group meeting?” you teased, raising an eyebrow at him.
“shut up.” jungkook growled, already tugging at the hem of your top to untuck it from your skirt. “need you now, today was so boring.”
you scoffed at the implication that you were merely entertainment for him. though, you couldn’t help the warmth spreading along your cheeks as you glanced at his tongue slipping over his lip ring as he worked to lift your shirt up.
“was hoping you’d be wearing this for me,” jungkook teased, his hands coming up to cup your breasts that were sitting pretty in a dusty purple lace bra.
“not for you,” you let out an exasperated sigh as jungkook’s thumbs slipped underneath your bra and brushed over your nipples.
“mmhm.” jungkook mused, unconvinced. he moved his hands to slip underneath your thighs, lifting you up swiftly as you locked your legs around his waist. he walked the two of you over to your bed. it was a single, but you knew how to make it work by now.
as your back hit the mattress, jungkook kneeled over you and bit his lip at the sight of your flushed face and exposed skin. he slipped his thigh in between your legs, slowly parting them as his hand grazed your soft skin sending shockwaves straight to your core.
you could feel your heat starting to dampen, craving his touch. “bet you’ve been waiting for this all day.” he teased, gently stroking you over your underwear with his thumb. “you gonna tell me you didn’t get this wet for me either?”
you let out a groan. he always knew which buttons to push to get you worked up in a mixture of frustration and embarrassment. “that’s all you,” you admitted, breaking eye contact as you looked down to his hands on you. he shuffled forward slightly and made quick work of removing your bra and palming your breasts. you felt the cold metallic feel of his lip ring as he brought his mouth to your chest, small kitten licks quickly escalating into sucking and biting.
you couldn’t resist letting out a soft whimper, your hand sliding along the cold wall as he continued sucking and palming your tits. you usually tried to be considerate of your dorm room neighbours by keeping things quiet- but it didn’t always work out, especially not with jungkook.
“such pretty tits.” jungkook groaned in between licks.
“please,” you begged, far too frustrated to indulge jungkook’s obsession with your chest anymore. “what do you want, baby?” he probed as he propped himself up to look over your body again. “your mouth.” you exhaled, still embarrassed after months of this.
without a word, he pushed himself so his face was right in between your plush thighs. he flipped your skirt up quickly and pushed his nose over your underwear, breathing you in. you flinched in response to the contact, his nose was so close to your clit that you almost gasped. you felt the pressure of his tongue over your panties, teasing you. “jungkook, please.” you whined. he smirked up at you and licked his lips. “but i like the sound of you begging.” he answered, fingers dragging themselves over you.
“j-jungkook please. i don’t wanna play games.” you pleaded with him, staring into his eyes earnestly. “i’m not playing games.” he snapped at you as he moved his face away from your heat, much to your chagrin.
“just tell me what you want, baby.”
every time he called you that soft, sweet pet name, you nearly melted.
he lowered himself back between your thighs and used his pointer to hold your underwear to the side. your breath hitched in your throat and you could barely think as he licked a stripe over your folds. “you want it like this?” he asked, fixing his eyes on your desperate expression. “yeah, please, more.” you begged.
he painted another stripe on your folds with his tongue, gently slipping between them and nudging the hood of your clit with his nose. you couldn’t restrain your moan this time. “so sensitive,” he teased. he readjusted his position to spread your legs further, putting your whole pussy on display for him. you tried to ignore the shame growing in your stomach.
he licked you up and down lazily before flicking his tongue over your clit, causing you to let out another strained moan. you could feel his fingers grazing your centre as he licked you and you were desperate for more stimulation. “‘kook,” you whined, bucking your hips towards him.
he pinned you down with his free arm, placing all of his weight on one of your legs and spreading you further. “so impatient, baby.” he sighed as if he was about to lecture you like a stern older brother. you pouted, desperate for more of him. “need you.” you mumbled.
you were grateful jungkook took sympathy on you as he slowly pressed a digit into you as his tongue slowly stimulated your clit. “need you too, baby.” he groaned into you, making your heart flutter and your head dizzy at the overwhelming mix of feelings. you noticed the strain pressing against jungkooks sweatpants. “i’ll turn the favour.” you breathed as you felt the pressure start to build inside you. jungkook curled his finger inside you, causing you to squirm underneath him. after hearing your begs for more, he slipped in another digit.
“gotta get you ready for me, baby.” he taunted as he stretched you on his fingers. you let out a shrill whine as you felt the world around you begin to disappear. “i’m getting close,” you whimpered as he picked up his pace while maintaining the short licks on your clit. your vision began to blur as your eyes started to water at the sensation. you could hardly make out what jungkook was saying with his mouth against your pussy. “such a good girl. cum on my tongue, baby, come on.” he coaxed you.
your orgasm erupted instantly at his words. you could only see flashes of white as you clamped your eyes shut, overwhelmed by the feeling of your walls pulsating around jungkook’s fingers. you hadn’t even noticed how loud you were being.
before you could even come back down to earth, jungkook crawled back on top of you and brought your lips together. he’d told you early on that knowing you could taste yourself on him always got him riled up. you moaned into his lips, still reeling from your orgasm. you froze when you felt him slide his sweatpants down and toss them onto the carpet. for a moment, he was sitting upright, allowing you to notice the tone of his arms,
his torso,
his thighs.
you felt a hot blush crawl onto your face at the sight, but if jungkook noticed, he didn’t say anything. ‘god.’ you sighed to yourself. it dawned on you, it was going to be impossible to get over your stupid crush like this. fortunately, that wasn’t your main concern at that moment. “feel good?” jungkook asked as he pulled you up into his arms. you nodded languidly, the post-orgasm mindlessness beginning to settle over you.
“be a good girl for me.” he whispered into your ear. your heart was going to beat out of your chest, and you were sure jungkook could feel it. you didn’t even need to look at him to see the smirk that plagued his glossy lips. he stretched his legs out over your duvet and leaned back against the wall, keeping his hands firmly planted on each of your hips. your faces were so close that you couldn’t resist kissing him again. he bit your lip as your weight shifted over his cock, and you felt his fingernails dig into your flesh.
he guided your hips back and forth as you withdrew your lips from his, finding them pressed to his neck. you licked, bit and sucked at his neck, drawing a moan from him as his cock twitched underneath you. “you’re gonna leave a hickey.” he breathed, his head thrown back asking for more. “i know.” you replied between kisses to the nape of his neck. you hoped he didn’t think too deeply into that. he usually didn’t, anyway.
you felt the sting on your ass before you even realised what was happening. “you think you’re clever, teasing me like this.” jungkook hissed as you looked into his dilated pupils. “you want to mark up my neck so everyone knows how well you take my cock.”
he smacked your ass again, unrelenting. you let out a pained whine in response which jungkook spanked you for, again.
“please!” you cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure. the throbbing of your ass brought you back down from the orgasmic high that you hadn’t realised you’d been floating on.
“look who found her manners,” he taunted with a playful smile resting on his face. “you think if you ask nicely enough, i’ll give you my dick?”
“please, jungkook.” you sobbed, not realising how badly you wanted to be filled. he continued to stare at you expectantly while he poked and grabbed at the stinging flesh on your ass. “i want your cock, i want you to fill me.”
that seemed to please him, as he hoisted you up for a moment to pull out his cock from underneath you. “go slow,” he whispered as if he was reluctant to show you kindness in this situation. “don’t strain yourself.” he reached over to your nightstand and reached into the top draw to grab a condom. as if this was his own room.
you nodded, suppressing the butterflies in your stomach as he wet his cock with his spit before he rolled the condom on. he swiped the tip along your entrance as you held yourself over him, hesitant. “don’t get all shy on me now, darling.”
you really couldn’t take much more of these pet names.
you nodded and slowly lowered yourself onto his throbbing tip, questioning if two fingers was really enough to prepare you for jungkook’s heavy cock. you rocked yourself on his tip, pulling your hips in small circles as you adjusted to the feeling. he let out a low moan and shut his eyes. his head fell back onto the wall as you sunk down further, the stretch and overstimulation stinging slightly. you couldn’t hold back another moan either as you clutched onto his shoulders.
for a moment, you held yourself from sinking any further as the sensation overtook you. you knew you weren’t going to last long before another orgasm hit you, so you needed to ground yourself. breathe. you heard jungkook whimper quietly in frustration, you looked up to see his eyes pleading with you. look who’s desperate now.
“i’m sorry,” he hummed before grabbing onto your thighs and sliding himself up into you, greedily filling you with his cock. a satisfied moan fell from his lips as you closed your eyes as tightly as possible. barely giving you any time to adjust, he repeated the motion, panting with every thrust. you gripped onto one of his thighs, feeling the definition and muscle stretch as he fucked you. “couldn’t wait any longer, you drive me insane.” he sputtered.
his eyes fixed on your chest as you bounced on his lap while he rammed into you. his tongue played with his silver lip ring, and a strand of hair fell onto his damp forehead. you had always thought he looked his best like this.
“touch yourself, baby. don’t you wanna cum all over me again?” he teased, tightening his grip around your thighs. you brought your hand to your core and placed it flat against your pussy so you could feel his cock as it thrust into you before sliding it up to your clit again. you released a soft moan at the pressure of his cock inside you mixed with the overwhelming sensation of touching your sensitive clit.
he worked himself into you, becoming rougher and greedier as the minutes passed. he nipped at your throat, licking you from your shoulders to your jaw. you quickly felt another wave approaching as he brought his hand to meet yours on your clit. the added pressure brought you to the edge, and your legs began shaking over him. your moan ripped through the room, bringing jungkook closer to his own end.
he laid you down as you continued to shake underneath him and fucked you through your second orgasm. he roughly grabbed at your hips to fuck you onto his cock as hard as he could. you moaned incoherently, head lulling to the side as you lacked the energy to hold it up. discontent, he grabbed your jaw and stared into your eyes, pupils almost completely blown out with pleasure. the fucked out expression you held was enough to finally tip him over the edge. his head flew back for a final time as his hips stuttered and lost their rhythm. you felt his cock pulse inside you as his cum leaked into the condom. he slowed down his pace and glanced back at you, his cock still twitching.
“fuck, baby.” he said, “i’ll never get tired of that.”
unfortunately, you probably wouldn’t either.
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euphorajeon · 2 days
Tumblr media
“You look puffed up, what’s up?”
You cackle as Jeongguk rolls his eyes while huffing, making his cheeks even rounder than they initially are.
“Ate ramyeon last night then fell asleep afterwards, you know I bloat up if I eat before going to sleep.”
You smile at his reply, finding amusement in his pursed lips and puffy cheeks. You poke a finger into his cheek, right over the scar on his left cheekbone that you’ve always liked though you’d never mention that aloud.
“It’s okay, chubby cheeks look good on you.” You grin.
Jeongguk snorts, but lets a small smile take upon his lips as he stares at your eyes with adoration swimming in the galaxies beyond his irises.
“Thanks, your rhymes are cute too.”
That small smile breaks into a shy grin, and you decide that chubby-cheeked Jeongguk is your favorite Jeongguk.
Tumblr media
february 18th, 2019
masterlist | secreto
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sweetieguk · 4 hours
kiss me ; jjk ☙ blurb
Tumblr media
❝ You’re the cutest when you’re seemingly lost in your head, and Jeongguk finds himself getting lost in you all the same.❞  
・❥ pairing ・ jeongguk x (f) reader ・ ・❥ genre ・ friends to lovers ; soft smut and fluff ・ ・❥ rating ・ 18+ ・ ・❥ word count ・ 289 ・
content : soft smut; nudity, implied piv sex, jk is big, bc he is.
a/n: imagined as the let me in couple. i'm playing around with my use of tenses, so it might differ from the full fic. enjoy these breadcrumbs ♡︎♡︎♡︎
Tumblr media
     You gasp, your pupils blown and wide as saucers. They trail down the length of your bare body where his meets yours. Suddenly, you’re feeling a bit winded at the weight that rests against your thigh.
     “I’ll be gentle”, he assures, withdrawing from the warmth of your neck to look at you. “I promise.”
     “Okay…” you whisper, for no reason other than the fact that this moment seems too delicate to disturb with any other volume. Even the distant crackling of the fireplace in the living space can be heard from where you lie with Jeongguk; the soft bed linen hardly covering the two of you at all. Though you hesitate to speak, wanting to ask for something in addition but think otherwise.
     The sight of your brows furrowing isn’t lost on Jeongguk. You’re only a few breaths away from one another and he can easily trace the lines created on your forehead. You’re the cutest when you’re seemingly lost in your little head, and he finds himself getting lost in you all the same. “What is it?”
     “Huh, what-?” Your vision focuses on his face which is closer than you remember. Meeting his gaze, you swallow. They’re warm, inviting and encouraging. “When you—Do you think you could...”
     Your voice trails at the end, suddenly shy.
     “What, what is it?” He laughs softly in that cute boyish way of his where his nose scrunches, exposing his front teeth. Somehow he’s gotten nearer with his arms loosely framing your face, his fingertips just barely caressing the strands of your hair.
     Your eyes flicker to his thin lips before gingerly resting your arms at the nape of his neck and pulling in to close the gap.
     “Kiss me.”
scenario from let me in ; masterlist ; lost letters
Tumblr media
⤷ if you enjoyed this drabble, don’t hesitate to reblog, or comment. i’d love to hear your thoughts !! it’d mean a lot to me. love always,
— sana ♡︎
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chryblossomjjk · 4 months
practice | jjk
Tumblr media
→pairing: fuckboy!jk x inexperienced reader
→rating/genre: m/18+ | college au, fwb, smut
→word count: 8.1k
→warnings: mentions of bad sexual experiences, nickname you guys might find cringey (sorry babes), praise, a little degradation, a little manhandling, oral sex (f recieving), fingering, squirting, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, forced orgasm, very brief mentions of anal play, brief mentions of sex toys and masturbation, spitting, titty sucking, protected sex (hes a hoe but not a dummy), jk is kinda a himbo (scratch that last side note), jk running through twice members lmao sorry girlies, pining, maybe unrequited love, maybe not, ill let u decide, oc is in denial in the beginning, oc has that lemon water coochie!!, daddy kink + daddy kink slander (not seriously!), slight corruption kink
→summary: You usually spend Friday nights on your own. Tonight, however, your friend and campus fuckboy, Jungkook, decides to pay you a visit.
→notes: hi friends!! i’m back with my second fic!! i posted this last night but miss ting had a bad case of the typos rip. so I had it beta'd by my bby @kookstempo pls go give her love >:((( ! i found the smut a little easier to write this time. still not that good lol but not as mentally taxing! oc is totally definitely not a little bit of a projection of me haha thisficwassexuallycathartictowrite i hope you guys like it! i would love to know your thoughts! also would be v cool if you checked out my masterlist. love u bye!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s 10 p.m. on a Friday. 
The night of the week that lures college students out of their suffocating dorm rooms with the promise of parties and alcohol. After days of classes, hours of studying, and minutes of sleep, most people your age spend their weekends unwinding, hopping from frat house to frat house.
One of the many perks of living on campus is the social life. Being surrounded by young adults is exciting. It also means that everyone is horny. Ravenously so. Seriously. Anything with a hole or phallic-shaped appendage is a prime candidate for getting fucked. 
Anything and everyone, except you. 
It wasn’t that you couldn’t get fucked, per se. Although abundant, your options were limited. Given the environment, it was difficult to find a guy you actually felt comfortable with. He didn’t have to be in love with you, but he did have to respect you if he wanted to get anywhere near your sugar walls. With that being said, it was slim pickings.
You coped well, for the most part. But it was hard to shake the lonely feelings that bubbled in your chest from time to time. And the feral ones. Nothing a quick rub from your petite, manicured fingers couldn’t satisfy, you suppose…
Besides, all men do is disappoint you. The only two sexual partners you’ve had thus far were subpar, to say the least. Greedy. Disgusting. Selfish. Not an ounce of concern for your pleasure. As embarrassing as it was to admit, you’ve never orgasmed from sex. Not even close. That left a sour, lemony taste in your mouth. Ever since then, your pussy was on hiatus, locked away in the highest room of the tallest tower, until a worthy knight came to save it from this tortuous dry spell. 
You sigh, peeling the honey-drenched sheet mask off your face and tossing it into the trash with vigor. You eye yourself in the mirror with a scowl. Fluffy, freshly plucked brows knit together as you examine your appearance. You’re wearing a cropped white tank top, nipples poking through the little animated cherubs printed on the front. The baby pink Sailor Moon pajama shorts on your thighs left little to the imagination. White kitty ears headband keeping those annoying baby hairs out of your face. 
You’re cute, right?
Atleast you tried to look cute.
Your roommate, Mina, was visiting family for the weekend, leaving you the dorm to yourself. Without your extraverted lifeline, you decided it was the perfect opportunity to stay in and pamper yourself. 
You’ve already waxed your body, head to toe, with that expensive sugaring wax Mina begged you not to get. ‘It was worth it,’ you thought to yourself when you had spread your peach-scented lotion on the smooth canvas of your legs after the shower.
You even gave yourself a facial. Extractions and all. Much cooler and more productive than partying and getting laid.
You take your headband off, ruffling your thick hair until it falls into place. You reach for your candy-flavored Laneige lip mask, spreading it across your plump pout with your middle finger. Another overpriced purchase.
You exit the bathroom, shuffling towards your twin-sized bed and then falling face first into the plush, ivory duvet. So comfy. It wasn’t even midnight and you were ready to hit the hay. 
You had planned to study a bit before knocking out, but the warm shower left you sleepy. Plus, the past week has been hell. Two papers and an impromptu quiz from your least favorite professor. You were a good student. A great one, even. But you were an overachiever to the core, and still found yourself stressing over assignments you knew you aced.
You let out a small yawn, squinting at the brightness around you. Along the wall beside your bed were vine garlands, embellished with little fairy lights and pink roses. They were such a pain in the ass to put up. It took you and Mina nearly three hours, and a mental breakdown on your behalf, to stick them against the drywall in the right position. High maintenance, but cute, nonetheless. Kinda like you. 
The lights dim as your mind turns hazy, eventually turning into a silent black as sleep clouds your vision. Sweet, blissful sleep. You were teetering into the REM phase when-
Knock. Knock.
The booming noise startles you awake, rattling the brittle wood of your cheaply built door. The wall hangings flutter in its wake. 
Maybe you were being dramatic. The knocks were actually soft and melodic. Almost cheerful as they followed the rhythm of a made-up song. But you were pissed. Even the most heavenly sound would ring demonic and evil in your ears at the moment. 
You shove yourself off of your bed with an exaggerated groan, stomping towards the door and yanking it open, fully prepared to yell at whoever was behind it.
Jeon Jungkook. 
His expression is blank, doe-eyes widening as he takes in your expression. Your body language radiates hostility and violence. The silver barbell glimmers as his thick, dark brows twitch in confusion. He blinks before opening his mouth. “Hey,” he utters hastily. 
Under different circumstances, you would be ecstatic.
“What the fuck are you doing here, Jungkook?” 
“Woah, someone’s cranky,” he laughs hesitantly. “I was bored. Figured you were, too. Mina is gone, right?”
“Are you drunk or something?”
“What- no,” his plump lips form a pout, the matching silver ring on the bottom corner shining as well. 
You sneer at him, pupils darting over his outfit. Oversized gray hoodie, white t-shirt peeking from the unzipped portion at the top. Gray sweatpants. Your gaze lingers on the tight pull of the material in the front. He doesn’t seem drunk, and he isn’t dressed in his usual party attire. 
“I just want to hang out with you. Why are you acting so sus?” 
You roll your eyes, doing everything in your power to exaggerate your irritation. “Why are you here?” 
“Oh, come on, Bambi. Don’t be like that.”
That stupid nickname. 
You and Jungkook had met at a party after you were peer pressured into a game of beer pong. The super boisterous, super attractive stranger ended up being your partner by default. 
"What do you mean you’ve never played before?" He questioned you, voice laced with devastation when he realized you were about to cost him his undefeated streak. 
Despite Jungkook’s best efforts, Mina and her boyfriend, Taehyung, mopped the floor with you. 
"You know what, I like you. You’re a little bitchy but-,” he slurred at the end of the night, helping you gather the discarded solo cups, "Also innocent. Kinda like a baby deer. What the fuck was that movie?"
You answered him curtly with a scowl. 
"Bambi! Right… I can’t wait to ruin you." He was so wasted that night he ended up vomiting off of the second-floor balcony and onto the class president’s Honda Civic. Not drunk enough to forget the awfully humiliating, yet adorable nickname he had bestowed you. 
“Give me one good reason why I should let you in.”
“I have pancakes,” he beams with pride, bunny teeth peeking out. He raises both arms, showing you the crinkled takeout bags in his hands. “Chocolate chip-”
“That’s disgusting,” you scoff. 
“And blueberry,” he retorts with a squint. “Please? I won’t be annoying, I promise.”
You let out a contemplative noise. It wasn’t what you had planned for the night, but you guess company wouldn’t hurt. Especially his company.
If only you could mute your evil brain. 
“I thought you had plans with whatsherface,” you question, stepping aside to let Jungkook enter your room. 
He kicks his slides off at the door, something you’ve drilled into his head with violent words and empty threats. You remember him texting the groupchat a screenshot of his calendar, tonight being marked ‘PUSSY APPOINTMENT’ with the woozy face emoji next to it. The same one that was inked on his middle finger; it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. Tonight was one of many slots in his month with the exact same title. That picture was deleted from your phone as soon as you received it. 
“Sana,” he corrects, face unimpressed like he expected you to keep a mental catalog of all his flavors of the week.
You did. Every time a new name was added to the roster, your heart sank. You would never admit it though. 
“I did, but I guess she has a boyfriend now or some shit?” He plops down onto the baby pink area rug beside your bed, immediately digging through the takeout bags. 
“How dare she?” You gasp sarcastically, taking the styrofoam container that he held up for you and sitting criss-cross on your bed.
“I know, right? That’s what I’m saying,” he laughs, opening a syrup packet and pouring it over his pancakes. 
You cringe, foreseeing a sticky, impossible to clean mess all over your floor. “Please don’t fuck up my rug, Jungkook.”
“I won’t,” he mumbles halfheartedly, bringing the pad of his thumb to his mouth. The tip of his tongue pokes out to kitten lick at the sugary liquid before wrapping his plump, pink lips around it.
He sucks gently and then pulls off with a tiny smooch. 
Are you really that far gone? There was no denying that Jungkook was attractive. But were you really that touch starved that you were drooling over every minuscule, minute movement he made? 
“Maybe she was sick of you stringing her along,” you comment, trying to cover up the fact that you were totally just gawking at him.
“Nah,” he murmurs through chubby cheeks, mouth full of pancake. “She knew it was just sex.���
“Did she though? What about Dahyun?”
“Well aware.”
“Are you slut-shaming me?” He points his plastic fork at you, bringing the opposite hand to his chest in feigned offense. “Because I feel very attacked right now.”
You playfully nudge his shoulder with your thigh-high sock-clad foot, deciding to drop the subject. To be fair, he wasn’t wrong. Jungkook had a reputation on campus. Every girl who involved themselves with him knew what the outcome would be. He was very blunt about his desires and disinterests. Sex being the prior. Commitment being the latter.
But you suppose remaining detached was easier said than done. Something about him was… magnetic. He was bold, yet soft. Obnoxious, but endearing. A sweet talker for sure. And easily the freest person you’ve ever known. Add sex into the equation, and it must be nearly impossible not to fall in love with him…
Hm. That’s enough thinking for the night. 
You need background noise to keep intrusive thoughts at bay. He peeps an ‘I don’t care’ when you ask him what he wants to watch. You take it upon yourself. Sailor Moon it is.
The pancakes keep him preoccupied for a while. You glance down at him every now and then. His eyes sparkle as he watches the cartoon on your phone screen. There’s a little speck of chocolate on the corner of his mouth. His tongue makes an encore appearance, licking it away before fidgeting with his lip. How sinful. 
He starts getting squirmy about halfway through the episode. Antsy hands pull at the strings on the border of the carpet below him. Every now and then he draws a shape and erases it. One of the shapes is a penis, something you’d see on the back of a middle school textbook. 
He scoots with a sigh, pressing his spine against the edge of your bed, and then bending his head back. Fluffy dark strands tickle your legs as he peers up at you. “Can you play with my hair?”
“Why would I do that?” You huff, hot and bothered by the sudden contact.
“It helps me stay still. Please?”
“Oh, um- okay,” you oblige, gulping like you’ve dry swallowed a huge pill. You cautiously card your digits through his hair. It’s so soft and healthy. 
He purrs and closes his eyes. 
He's silent once again, enjoying your touch, even pushing into it a bit. Very cat-like.
That lasts for about three minutes. His inability to not speak every single thought that enters the void of his mind takes over.
‘I just realized they’re all named after planets.’
‘Wait, the moon isn’t a planet, is it?’
‘Why are they dressed so sexy to fight space monsters?’
“Jungkook, shut up!”
“But I’m bored,” he whines. “Is this really how you spend your Friday nights?”
“Excuse me, I’d like to see you take STEM classes for a week and then tell me how you feel,” you contend, leaning over to grab your phone off the nightstand. You don’t miss the way his gaze lingers on your nipples. It makes your palms clammy. “Sometimes, it’s nice to just chill.”
“You don’t masturbate?” He asks calmly as if he had just inquired about the weather. 
You give him an exasperated look.
“What? That’s how I destress,” he continues, shrugging nonchalantly. “Don’t you have a vibrator?”
“I- no! Why are you asking all these questions?” You shriek, absolutely mortified.
“What do you mean ‘no’?” He lifts his head off of your lap, craning his neck so you can see his appalled expression, your answer leaving him equally as mortified. “Damn, that’s wild,” he tuts in disapproval.
“I would rather not have to smuggle a sex toy into my dorm room, Jungkook,” you retort.
“You can borrow mine,” he smirks, turning his body to face you, obviously relishing in the reactions he’s pulling out of you. “It’s a Hitachi. It’s really strong too, like, most girls don’t even last five minutes.” 
“Why do you have- you know what, nevermind actually!” You clench your eyes shut, poking your fingers into your ears and shaking your head dramatically. Your reaction is mostly out of embarrassment and partly because the thought of him pleasing women who aren’t you hurts for whatever reason. “I’m done with this discussion!”
“Seriously?” He wheezes, thoroughly enjoying your tantrum. He wraps his long, nimble fingers around your wrists, pulling your hands away. Your skin burns under the touch. “I want to get to know you more.”
“Yeah, but you don’t need to know-,” you rip out of his grasp, flailing your hands around in circular motions, “-those things.”
“I’m just trying to make conversation,” he frowns. 
“Okay, um...” you look around the room nervously, searching for the right thing to say. “What’s your favorite color?”
“Black. What’s your favorite position?”
“I think missionary is my favorite. Very underrated,” he says, tapping his chin like it’s an answer only an intellectual would’ve given. “The kind where her legs are pushed alllll the way back,” he emphasizes the ‘all’ by balling his hands into fists and lifting them up by his head, showing you exactly where he likes them. “You hit the g-spot perfectly that way.”
You level him with a scowl, crossing your arms over your chest. Unamusement written all over. 
“Why are you so mad?” He laughs. “What? You’re embarrassed to talk about sex?” 
A pause. 
“You’re not a virgin, are you?”
“Jungkook, no…” you sigh, rubbing your temples in frustration. “I’m just not like you, okay? I don’t like sex as much as you and everybody else on this fucking campus does!”
He hesitates for a moment as he processes your sudden outburst. The first time you’ve ever seen him rendered speechless. You can picture the cogs turning in that thick skull of his. 
He inhales sharply, eyebrows raising up to his hairline as if something clicked. His tongue pokes at the inside of his cheek, cute dimple peeping out from the pull. His head drops as he huffs out a laugh.
“What’s so funny, Jeon?”
“Ah, I see now.”
“See what?” You groan, bothered by his vagueness. 
“Here's what I think, Bambi,” he mumbles in a low tone, sitting up from his spot on the floor so his gaze is aligned with yours. His palms are on either of your crossed legs, fingers curling into your white blanket. Forcing you to make eye contact with him- his pupils are black, nothing like the soft brown you’re accustomed to. “You’re so uptight because you haven’t had sex in a while- good sex, at least.”
Your breath catches in your throat. You say nothing.
“The guys you fuck don’t know how to treat you, am I right? They can’t make you cum?”
Your lack of response tells him the answer.
When you do speak, your words come out shaky. “Well, what makes you any different?” 
He shuffles closer, knocking his forehead right against yours, invading your space. He’s so close that you feel claustrophobic. Your heart pounds in your chest.
“I always make the girl cum.”
“Mhm,” he hums through curled lips as he nods, silver hoops swaying at the motion, nose brushing against yours. “More than once.”
His dilated pupils scan over your body, pausing at your chest for a moment, and then continuing their descent. A hand slides up your bare thigh, the warm touch leaving goosebumps in its wake. He grabs the hem of your shorts between his index and middle fingers, tugging gently. “These are cute.” He licks his lips, making them pink and glossy, like he’s ready to eat you. “I’d like them better somewhere else though.”
And then he's kissing you. 
It’s soft, like he’s afraid to scare you away by putting too much pressure into it. Little does he know you’ve been thinking about this for a while.
All your protesting and fighting up until this point was futile. Your hands unconsciously make their way to his cheeks. You swear you feel him smirking. It’s like he can read your mind, knowing exactly how bad you’ve wanted this.
He prods his tongue against your bottom lip, urging you to let him in. You do. He wraps an arm around your waist and guides you down, hovering over you.
“You taste like candy,” he whispers against your lips, hot and needy. Take that, Mina. A sneaky hand cups you through your shorts, right where he knows your clit is. The thin material does nothing to conceal how wet you are. “Do you taste like candy here too? Can I try?”
You’re anxious, but you can’t stop. Not when he’s so enticing. Not when the rumors of his sexual prowess are swimming around in your mind. Jungkook could ask anything of you and you’d gladly obey. You give him a small nod. 
“Don’t be nervous,” he teases through an airy laugh, breath fanning across your face. It smells like chocolate and syrup. He turns his head and presses a gentle kiss on your fingertips. You swoon.
Hooking his thumbs into the sides of your shorts, he pulls them below your butt. He dips his head down, biting into the side of your thigh. A predator sinking its teeth into its prey. Not hard enough to hurt. It’s just enough to rip a whine from you. “Fuck,” he grumbles, pulling your shorts completely off. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”
He’s been wanting this, too?
“Let’s leave these on though,” he sighs, speaking in reference to your socks. It was something you knew he found sexy, overhearing a graphic conversation with Taehyung about kinks and other filthy things. That may or may not have been the motivation behind your purchase.
You cringe. Being naked in front of someone for the first time in a long time was nerve-wracking. 
“No panties?” Jungkook asks, looking at you quizzically. “Dressed so skimpy, Bambi. All for me?”
“I didn’t know you were gonna show up...”
“Oh shit, you’re right,” he chuckles, caressing your legs with his large thumbs. You appreciate the gesture. 
Cool air brushes against your exposed core when he parts your thighs. His gaze locks onto your dripping center. You whine and cross your arms over your face. Maybe if you squeeze hard enough you’ll revert back into yourself and escape this dreadfully vulnerable feeling.
“I’m sorry, it’s just…” he starts, words dying out because his attention is elsewhere. Jungkook has seen a lot of pussy throughout his life, but yours has got to be the, “prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. So fucking wet.” He settles back onto his knees, hooking his limbs around your thighs and pulling you to the edge of the bed. 
Jungkook watches in awe as he spreads your lips open with his thumb and index fingers, stealing a peek at your shiny center. He takes a long, languid lick from your pussy to your clit. He moans when the wet muscle dips between your folds, eyes scrunching as his feature contorts into a scowl. You recognize that face. That angry face he makes when he tastes something he finds incredibly yummy. It’s the same one he made when he ate his pancakes. 
Have you really studied him so much that you’ve picked up on his subtle habits? Nevertheless, the fact that he actually seemed to be enjoying going down on you was jarring. You’ve never experienced this before. It felt so fucking good. You were already close and he has barely touched you. You let out a whimper.
“Mm, you’re so responsive,” he notes, absolutely loving the little sounds you’re peeping. Much different than the blaring moans and screams he is used to. Despite the ego boost they give him, your shy whimpers are a welcomed change. Each one makes his cock twitch, forcing him to bring a hand down, palming himself through his sweats. “When’s the last time someone ate you out?”
“I don’t see why not,” he coos sympathetically, shaking his head in disapproval. He gives you another lick, tongue pressed flat against you. “You taste like lemonade, so sweet.” 
That had you absolutely drenched.
You move up onto your elbows, watching as he throws your legs over his broad shoulders. He licks the pad of his thumb, this time actually sinful. He presses it right to your bud, rubbing it before pulling the sensitive skin taut, lifting the hood and exposing your clit. 
He tuts his tongue, whispering something so quietly you barely catch it, only making out a breathy iteration of the word ‘tiny’. Heavy eyes flicker up to yours as he places two soft pecks on it, then blows delicately.
“Jungkook, please…”
“Sorry,” he chuckles, “I won’t tease-,” sentiment interrupted with an open-mouthed kiss, “I know how bad you must want it.” 
He circles the tip of his tongue on your clit before suctioning his lips around it. You gnaw onto your lower lip, face twisting up in pleasure.
This is easily a far better form of self care than what you had planned. 
It’s obvious that this is something Jungkook does a lot. He is a photography major, and has never struck you as someone who is incredibly bright, but the way he touched is strategic. He has spent the better part of the past decade perfecting his craft, studying the way women move their bodies when he applies a certain amount of pressure. The beautiful noises they make when he stimulates them in certain spots. He has the exact equation to make you fall apart.
There is a pattern to it. He latches onto your swollen nub, cheeks hollowing with a few harsh sucks, before licking over it, letting his tongue dip into your entrance. You can’t help the subtle thrusts into his mouth with every glide of his tongue. The consistency had your stomach doing somersaults.
He sinks further down, lapping at your folds, never straying too far from your clit, burying himself so deep into your pussy that the tip of his nose nudges against it. A big palm slides up your torso, reaching under your tank top to grab at your chest, thumb flicking over your hardened nipple.
“Jung- fuck!” You croak, high-pitched and desperate. “I’m close.”
You expect him to pull away. He, instead, acknowledges you with an ‘mhm’, nuzzling even further into your cunt. 
You can’t help the instinctual, or more so learned, shame bubbling in your stomach. Your hips jerk away. Legs close tight around his head, attempting to save him from the brunt of your orgasm. He simply pries them back open, nails digging into your inner thigh. You grasp onto his hair, tugging it back as you curse under your breath.
He doesn’t like that.
He pops off of your clit with a sharp, annoyed growl. “Can you stop?” The stern edge in his voice makes you flinch, releasing your grip immediately. “You don’t have to control every situation. Just relax.” 
“I’m sorry,” you squeak.
His gaze softens immediately. He didn’t want you to apologize and he definitely didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. “You can touch me, Bambi,” he grabs your hands and places them back on his head, encouraging them to tangle in his tresses once again. “Keep me here, though. Wanna make you cum in my mouth.”
It’s strange, being pampered during sex. Taken care of. 
You peer down at him. His mouth and cheeks are dewy, covered in your arousal. Even the tip of his nose is wet. He’s not uncomfortable in the slightest. 
You push him down, giving him the green light to continue. The descent is quick. Starting in your stomach before it shoots through the rest of your body. You throw your head back, teeth digging into your lip as you desperately try to stifle the lewd moans threatening to escape.
Jungkook guides you through it, slowing down towards the tail end of your orgasm. He pulls away with a satisfied hum, standing up from his spot on the floor. “Taste?” He asks, squishing your cheeks with his big hand. His tongue licks right against yours when you stick it out, lips closing into a sloppy kiss. “Good, right?”
You don’t really taste anything, but you nod anyway. Maybe a slight hint of citrus. Or maybe you were delirious after the best orgasm of your life. The only partnered orgasm of your life.
His eyes are scrunched, but you can still see the stars in his dark pupils as he smiles down at you. You mirror him with the opposite expression, irises wide and blown out. He giggles, nuzzling into the side of your face and then nipping at your cheek. “You’re like a space girl,” your heart melts at the Sailor Moon reference. “So clueless. I wanna do everything to you. Teach you everything.”
“Like what?” 
“Have you ever squirted before?” 
You freeze. “No… I don’t think everyone can.”
“That’s not true. Everyone can squirt with a good partner and the right mindset,” he proclaims enthusiastically, shooting you a thumbs up. The tent in his pants on full display.
“Right mindset?” You giggle, raising a brow at him. 
“Yeah, it’s pretty intense.” He grabs a half-empty water bottle, your water bottle, off the nightstand, taking a big sip. “I can get you there,” he states, a droplet of water dripping down his chin. “You have to listen to me, though. You can continue your ‘girlboss’ bullshit after I’m done with you.”
You roll your eyes. If any other man said that to you, you would be livid. You would literally rain hellfire upon them. But it’s Jungkook. You know he’s joking, and the soft spot you have for him prevents you from ripping him a new one. 
He smiles when you agree, pecking your cheek before unzipping his hoodie and shrugging it off his shoulders. You watch his muscles work. Toned, firm biceps exposed for your viewing pleasures. He recently recolored the tattoos on his right arm. 
You remember him venting about his parents’ disapproval of them, and his major, when he walked you to your dorm after a party a few weeks ago. It was the only time you’ve ever seen the fun-loving, jovial man feel melancholic. You coin that night the night you developed... whatever it was that you have for him now.
“Alright,” he gestures to the cotton sweater, now spread out on your bed. “Lay here.”
“I mean…” he looks at you like you’re stupid. “You don’t want to get this wet, right?” He counters, pinching your blanket.
Cockiness just oozes out of him. It makes wetness ooze out of you. 
You comply, laying down on the soft material. It’s warm and smells like the delicate linen cologne he normally wears. You bask in the scent.
“I usually use lube for this, but…” he clicks his tongue, knowing you don’t have any. “We can make it work.” Leaning down, he lets a string of spit land on your clit. It tickles as it trickles down your folds. He’s quick to collect it with his fingertips, smearing the moisture all over.
“Take your top off, please. I wanna see those pretty tits.”
It’s barely a top. The jagged, raw hem only conceals half of your perked nipples. How ironic is it that you’re wearing an angel print tank while being absolutely defiled. You sit up, taking it off easily and tossing it on the floor before laying back down. 
“It’s not going to hurt, is it?” You wonder, reflecting on his earlier statements.
“Why, you nervous?” He teases with a lopsided grin. It drops when he sees the apprehensive look on your face. “It shouldn’t hurt, but if it does you’ll tell me, right?”
“Right,” you moan, another drop of saliva hitting your pussy. 
“Hold your legs up, keep them open,” he orders, sucking back the extra spit with a hiss.
Pink nails curl under your thighs, bringing them up to your chest just as Jungkook instructed. He pops his middle and ring fingers into his mouth, bringing them down to tease at your entrance before slipping in, palm facing up.
There’s an adjustment period, his fingers being much bigger than your own. You’re so aroused that the tenderness subsides quickly. “Fuck,” you yelp when he starts gently petting at your g-spot.
He doesn’t jam his fingers into you carelessly, an unpleasant sensation you’ve been subjected to in the past. His digits never leave you. Instead, they move in a sensual curl that makes you purr. Every touch is focused, intricately placed on that delicious spot.
“Pussy so wet,” his voice comes out as strained as his pants. He sounds so turned on and filled with lust. It makes you clamp around his fingers. He lets out the tiniest moan, using his free hand to grab yours, sucking three fingers into his mouth. “Touch your clit for me.”
You bring your hand down, rubbing side to side. “Uh-uh, circles.” 
Immediately, you follow his command. You look so delicious he can’t help himself, bending at the waist to latch onto one of your nipples.
“Please, Jungkook, more…”
“Yeah?” He mumbles against your chest, sending vibrations through the sensitive skin. You nod frantically. “I usually don’t give in this easily, but I think you deserve it. Been such a good girl. You can have more, Bambi.” You know it’s just sex talk. A stream of consciousness fueled by his horniness. All the blood leaving his head to fill his cock, making him more dumb than usual, but you can’t help but feel special. 
“It’s going to build up fast, okay?”
You mumble a small ‘mhm’. How bad can it really be?
Jungkook starts moving his hand rapidly, fingers thrashing up and down. There's so much force behind his movements that your hips lift and dip. 
You’re overwhelmed. Constant, vigorous stimulation right to your g-spot. A strange swelling feeling starts pooling in your lower stomach. High-pitched whimpery moans and wet squelching noises fill the room.
“J- daddy, fuck!” It is so intense you can’t form a coherent sentence. There’s faint laughter in the background. “No, no, no…” you plead, wrapping your hand around his wrist, nails digging into his skin. It’s too good. So good that it made you scared.
His movements halt. “Am I hurting you?”
“No, too much… fuck!” You shout when he continues at the same intensity, your body thrashing wildly. You feel out of control.
“Shh,” he whispers softly. “You can take it. Just let it happen.”
You inhale sharply, doing your best to calm down. It’s difficult when he keeps touching you like that. Your fingers curl into his sweater, bracing yourself. As soon as you stop fighting that full feeling, as soon as you loosen the tense muscles, it’s going to hit you.
You relax and a wave of the most intense pleasure you’ve ever felt ripples over you.
There’s an intense, world-shattering, euphoric release.
And then nothing. 
Your head is empty. Your ears ring. Your vision is distorted by white splotches. 
Complete solace.
Your senses come back after a few minutes of heavy breathing. It’s fuzzy, but you can see the ceiling fan swirling above you.
There’s a metallic taste on your tongue. 
You can feel droplets trickling down your inner thighs, a damp puddle under your butt, and a warm set of lips on your temple.
“Welcome back to planet Earth,” Jungkook jokes, pushing away the wispy flyaways that stick to your forehead. You blink absently as you slowly make out his features. You swear there’s a glowing aura around him. “You good?” 
“So good,” you confirm halfheartedly. “You’re so good.”
“You came so much,” he hums in satisfaction, placing a few pecks against your jaw. Jungkook was actually surprised at how much wetness he coaxed out of you. You just kept on cumming. The prettiest waterfall he’s ever seen. Damp fingers brush up and down your bicep, a comforting gesture. “You called me daddy.”
“Shut up,” you groan, covering your face. “Don’t talk about it.”
“I won’t, it was fucking gross,” he laughs, smiling down at you so genuinely that it reaches his eyes. This was just a hookup, you assume, but he’s just so pretty. You can’t stop yourself from pressing a sweet kiss to his lips. He reciprocates. It feels so intimate. Too intimate for a pair of friends. You’re so tired but you want more. Everything.
“Take this off, please,” you ball the white fabric of his shirt into your tiny fists, mimicking his words from earlier. “Let me see those pretty tits.”
He quirks a brow at you, standing up straight and pulling his shirt off by the collar. It’s discarded onto the floor, with all the other useless, bothersome items.
His tits are pretty. Chest flushed red from exertion, nipples pink and tiny. His body is fit, but not overly muscular. Lean and toned. Just what you like.
You snake your legs around his cinched waist, constricting his pelvis flush against yours. 
“Is it my turn now?” He says, loving your sudden burst of confidence. His jaw goes slack when you start grinding on his clothed cock. There’s a slick spot where your bodies meet, heather gray turning dark as the fabric dampens. Jungkook lets you play with him for a bit, rutting against you until he physically cannot stand it anymore. “I’ve never wanted to fuck someone so bad.”
“Then do it,” you whimper, growing impatient. He sighs, hand coming down to fiddle with the sweater underneath you. You crane your neck, watching curiously as he pulls a square packet out of the pocket. 
There’s a sharp pain in your chest when you see it. “Did you plan on us hooking up?”
“Maybe,” he contends playfully. All the amusement in his face disappears when he flicks his bangs back and sees yours. Hurt and disappointed. “I always keep condoms on me, you know that,” he explains, voice soft and wary. 
It makes sense. He was sexually active. Very much so.
That scares you. You could possibly be just another girl he’s sexually active with. A last ditch effort to get laid because the first option bailed. The puzzle pieces start coming together.
You look him in the eyes. His pupils are brown again. They look pleading, concerned for your wellbeing. Afraid they’ve tarnished something so delicate. You can’t tell if it’s just your delusions, post-orgasm bliss. All you know is you never want him to stop looking at you the way he is right now.
“Can I put it on?” You ask, pointing at the condom in his hand, desperate to break the tension.
“I- sure,” he retorts, exhaling deeply like he was holding his breath, relieved. He gives it to you, using his other hand to pull his pants by the waistband, stopping mid-thigh. Too rushed and eager to take them off completely. 
He didn’t have underwear on either.
You squint, trying to read the white font on the packet. Large.
You glance up, eyes bulging out of your skull when they land on his cock. It’s big. So aroused that it points straight up, resting on his abdomen. The tip is bright pink, standing out against the background of his smooth milky pelvis. It’s shiny with precum, a little bead sitting right at the slight. Your gaze trails up the veiny underside, following the acute upward curve. You gulp.
“You good?”
“Yeah,” you say, jittery hands tearing open the foil packet. You cautiously wrap your hand around the shaft. It’s so firm. Rock solid and touch starved. It jumps in your palm as you slip the sticky rubber down, making sure to stroke him along the way. “Big, thas’ all.”
He nods, the corner of his lips pulling up in a smirk. He can tell your words are equally as worried as they are complimentative, though. “I’ll be gentle,” he promises, holding on to your ankle to lift your leg, kissing it through your white sock. Gaze locked on you, making sure you’re watching and that you know he can be soft with you.
He bends both of your knees up to your chest, tapping your outer thigh, indicating he wants you to hold them again. Tattooed knuckles wrap around the base of his cock, laying it flat against your pelvis. “Fuck,” he mutters under his breath when he sees the tip reaches just below your belly button, knowing exactly what to envision when he’s inside you. His cock so deep it’s in your stomach.
He smacks the shaft between your folds. Filthy, wet slapping noises overpower your coos and purrs. The tip tickles your entrance, rubbing up and down your folds, before he brings it to your abused clit again, flicking it up and down like a light switch. Watching your face intently to gauge your reaction, looking for any prick of discomfort. 
“Put it in,” you frown, growing impatient.
“So needy,” Jungkook teases, gripping his cock right under the crown and pushing in. Only the tip. He uses his fingers as a buffer, trying not to give too much too fast. Pulling back agonizingly slow and then diving back in, giving you a little bit more length this time. It was only an inch or so, but the stretch burned. You catch your bottom lip between your teeth, trying to hold back the tears that are threatening to spill.
He repeats this process, working you open little by little until he’s buried to the hilt. He lets out a pained grunt, overwhelmed by the way your warm wet walls just suffocate him. “Fuck, tightest pussy ever.”
You clench your eyes shut, trying to ease the feeling of getting impaled. Jungkook is so big. The veins that run along his shaft, the thickness, the curve. He leans down and pecks your nose sweetly. His thumb, rubbing tight circles against your clit, provides a decent distraction. You focus on the pleasure instead of the pain.
“Feel okay, Bambi?” He coos, feeling you relax under him. “Can I move?”
With furrowed brows, he pulls out a few inches before thrusting back in slowly. Heavy eyes glued on the way your lips petal around him when he gives you more. The way they resist when takes his cock away. “Good girl,” he praises, voice raspy as he tries his best to maintain a slow, shallow pace. “You take it so well.”
Any pang of discomfort is gone. He prepped you so well that there’s no friction, just seamless glides in and out of your leaking cunt. The upturned tip of his cock tickles that sweet spot in you. You moan, digging your almond-shaped nails into your thighs, arching your back for more.
Jungkook sees your body language. He knows what to do in this situation. One of the most useful sex tips he’s ever learned. He leans forward, pressing his chest against yours, swollen lips latching onto your neck. They suck a sore spot that his tongue quickly soothes over. “Hold on to me,” he commands, wet pout smushed to your skin. 
You let go of your thighs, leaving little crescent indents on the surface, and throw your arms around his shoulders. Hooking your knees into the bend of his elbows, Jungkook hoists you up effortlessly, supporting your weight with his large palms on your ass. The change in position spreads you even further, slides him in even deeper.
“Mmm, f-,” you moan, words cut short when he starts bouncing you up and down on his cock.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck!”
“Mmm, I knew it,” he chuckles sadistically, right into your ear. “I knew you were just waiting to be ruined. So fucking high-strung and- fuck!” He can feel your arousal dripping down to his balls. “Controlling.”
Arguing is pointless. You swear he's in your head, the tip of his cock scrambling your brain around so that you can’t even think straight. All you can think about is him.
You cling to him, resting your cheek against his shoulder as he lifts you in the air. Letting him have his way with you. You’re never felt more alive. 
‘Orgasms are the pinnacle of the human experience,’ you recall Jungkook telling you one day at the library. At the time, you rolled your eyes. Now, you know exactly what he meant. 
“You just needed some dick, huh? My dick?” You nod, drooling against his skin. “Doesn’t it feel good to let go?” All you can get out is a little moan.
A glint flickers in the corner of your eye. Mina’s mirror. It’s leaning against the wall right in front of you. You can see the expanse of his back. The taut skin on his shoulder blades. Biceps bulging as he moves you. His pants slid down to his knees, so you can see his cute butt dimpling when he thrusts up. Muscles working to make you cum.
“Okay,” he huffs, more to himself than you. Your pussy was so good that it derailed his original plan. Jungkook tosses you up a little, getting a more secure hold as he wraps an arm around your waist. The motion makes his cock slip out, the loss of contact makes you whine.
His free hand tosses his soiled hoodie out of the way. You cringe, making a mental note to mop tomorrow morning.
He places one of your fancy, cooling-gel pillows on the edge of the bed, laying you down on top of it. Your hips are elevated, tilted upwards. Giving him a clear view of your glowy core. He catches a glimpse of the only place he hasn’t destroyed.
“What about this?” He coos, pressing the pad of his thumb right against your clenching hole.
You squeak, shaking your head. Baby steps.
“Alright,” he chuckles, hand retreating promptly. “Maybe next time.”
He wants to do this again. Your heart flutters.
You watch as he guides himself back in, stuffing you to the brim in one swift motion. Much less cautious than earlier. His cock hits your g-spot perfectly. The pillow and his curve doing wonders. Your eyes roll back as your head hits the bed. “Like that, right?” He laughs, snapping into you. 
“Yeah, Jungkook,” you moan out, gripping your ankles and bringing them up by your head, just how he likes. “Don’t stop.”
He could’ve busted right then and there. 
“Fuck, keep saying my name,” he groans, eyes glancing up to your perky tits, jiggling freely with every snap of his hips. His pupils sneak down further, watching his cock plow into your tight, wet cunt, leaving it dewy and red.
You call his name like a metronome, ‘Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook’. Voice airy, following the rhythm of his hips. It makes him move harder and faster, feeling that familiar pooling at the base of his shaft.
Just like everything about him, his strokes are fluid. His hips aren’t locked and stiff. They move in a dip and roll that makes your toes curl. His pelvis mushes against your clit when he thrusts all the way in, balls smacking against the curve of your ass. It feels delicious. Your third orgasm of the night is approaching fast.
“You cumming, Bambi?” He hums, already recognizing the way your thick brows pull together when you're close. The way your hips rut a little, naturally guiding you to your orgasm.
“Mhm, make me cum Jungkook,” you mewl.
He hovers over you, placing his hands on top of yours, bending your legs back farther. Taking long, violent plunges into you. So close to a piledriver. He’s basically fucking you into the mattress, bed frame cracking against the wall beside it. One of your vine garlands falls down, but you’re so close you can’t even bring yourself to care. 
Your climaxes blend together. You first, clenching and unclenching around his length. Moans coming out sporadic and your shoulders off the bed. Legs trembling in his hands.
His orgasm is stunning. 
“Ah- fuck. I’m cumming,” he croaks through snarled teeth, head dropping to watch where you connect. Something he does often, you notice. He doesn’t stop, even after he spills into the condom, fucking you until he’s completely drained. You whimper, sensitive from the overstimulation. 
“Damn,” Jungkook huffs out a laugh, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. You fist the wavy strands at the back of his head, a little damp. 
“Thank you,” you speak shyly.
“I know you’re new to this,” he lifts up and looks at you quizzically, amusement tickling his features, “But that’s kinda a weird thing to say after someone fucks you.”
You laugh with him, eyes darting over his face. He has a small scar on his cheek, something you’ve never noticed before. 
“No, I just mean-” you cringe when he pulls out of you, feeling empty. “You’re the only guy who’s ever… I don’t know. You’re just different.”
He smiles with twinkling eyes, tying a knot at the end of the condom and tossing it into the pink trash can beside your nightstand. “You’re different, too,” he mirrors, plopping down onto the bed next to you. “Special.”
You sigh into his lips when he gives you a soft peck, thumb brushing against the newfound mark of his face. “I’m sorry that I made you do all the work.”
“Nah, don’t worry. Making you feel good makes me feel good.” His words are sweet but there’s a naughty glint in his eyes. “Besides, you can think of this as a practice round.”
“Practice round?”
He hums in conformation, tapping your ass lightly, making it ripple against his hand. “Alright, go take a leak before you get a UTI.” He laughs when you push his shoulder. The same old blunt, shameless Jungkook.
He stops you before you disappear into the bathroom. “I hope this won’t make things awkward between us. Like, we’re still friends, right?”
It takes all of your strength to give him a nod. You ponder over his words as you clean up in the bathroom. Why did you feel so... conflicted? You’re so happy, but you’re also kinda sad. It’s like your mood solely depends on Jungkook. His words have the power to pull you in whatever direction he pleases. You stare at yourself in the mirror.
All these emotions must mean you have a crush on him.
You sigh, flicking off the light and then heading back into your room.
Jungkook is hunkered down in your sea of pillows, soft snores leaving his parted lips. Chest rising and falling steadily. Hair messy, fanned around him.
He looks so beautiful and peaceful.
You tilt your head at the sight. He always told you that he never spends the night after a hookup.
The blanket is only covering his pelvis, strong legs poking out from underneath. His sweats are still on his ankles. You giggle, attempting to slide them off without waking him.
“Bambi,” he mutters sleepily, opening his big arms. “C’mere.”
You feel your cheeks heat up. You shuffle into bed, throwing the covers over both of your bare bodies. 
He wraps his arms around you, pecking your forehead before drifting back into slumber.
What have you gotten yourself into?
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whoreternal · 2 months
[baby don't go; i'm bad at being alone drabble] where the sanctity of a kitchen counter is ruined
w/c: 3.6k
warnings: breeding kink, impreg kink, slight d/s dynamics, jk is kinda mean omfg, fucking on a kitchen counter, they r soooooo fucking in love omg, unprotected sex which is BAD!
jungkook thinks there is no greater prize than domesticity. he has you, and every square inch of this shared apartment is a holy reminder of it; your framed photos on his walls, your lipstick prints on his coffee mug, your clothes in his drawer, you in his clothes, standing in his bathroom and in his shower and in the entranceway and in his kitchen.
wherever he turns, he finds something that reminds him that you’re with him, and he thinks each little speck of you in the nooks of his home are the answers — and if there’s just one true answer, he thinks it’s this.
to set the scene, picture a fall’s sunday morning somewhere in manhattan. there’s him, face still coated with sleep, footsteps heavy out of the bathroom, and there’s you. in the kitchen, a sweater too big for you hanging off your frame so the sun that pours in catches your skin like a halo. there’s you, with your hair pulled back to bare your neck, unraveled in all your glory, only for him to see. no lawyer, no boundaries, no walls put up, breathing life into every memory in the pictures hung up on his fridge when you move and the sun finally catches them, palms of your hand kissing the granite counters —
jungkook has these moments often, when he can feel the ground sweep from underneath his feet simply upon staring at you because how could he not? he’s spent half his life loving you, and the realization that he has you now settles between his ribs until he finds it difficult to fully inhale. 
it’s a sunday morning, and there may be just one answer in his life, and it’s you.
“you’re up?”
your voice gives him something to hold onto, something tangible to grasp as he blinks dumbly, trying to fathom what you’ve just asked when you look like that.
“huh? u-uh, yeah. mornin’ baby.”
you’re pulling a pan out of the cabinet that the both of you spent meticulously organizing on move-in day when he realizes that you’re about to make him breakfast, something he hates when you do alone. it really makes sense now; waking up before him and leaving him in bed when sleeping in on sundays is the ‘highlight of your entire week’, in your own words, the laced confusion in the tone of your voice when you’d asked him if he was awake.
jungkook crosses over the threshold of the kitchen, hands gentle on your wrists as he pulls the frying pan away from your hands, choosing to wrap them around his waist instead. he smells your shampoo from this proximity, smells his laundry detergent and his cologne in the knitted sweater you have on. he hears your yelp of surprise, and sees the way your eyebrows furrow when you realize his what his incentive is.
“i was gonna cook, jungkook, what the fuc—“
there is something about jungkook’s disdain for getting a meal cooked for him that you’ve never understood. back when you were kids, if anyone but his mother even attempted to make him food, he’d throw a fit, and that extended well into college when he’d snatch kettles for you when you’d try to boil him some water.
it’s never bled into his love for having other things done for him — he’d always be the first one to open his mouth and hand you a spoon to feed him, always be the first to ask you to do his skincare for him, he loved being taken care of but there was just something about having food cooked for him that he’d do anything to avoid, if the way his lips are attached to the side of your neck are any indication.
they feel soft on your skin, enough to make any rational thoughts, any questions as to why he hates you cooking for him; enough to make anything beyond the eruption of chills over your body dissipate into the cold morning. his inked hand splays across the expanse of your left thigh, calloused fingers dimpling your warm skin as he noses his way up to your jaw in soft nuzzles.
“what’s gotten —“ you pause to chuckle breathlessly and jungkook swears his eyes flash white for a second. “what’s gotten into you, hm?”
he pauses for a second, to tilt his neck up and smile against the angle of your jaw before laying a small kiss over the skin. “nothing. just, I think you look real pretty in my clothes.”
you open your mouth to protest, but jungkook takes advantage of it to slot his lips against yours before you can deny him the privilege of complimenting you. the way he bites your bottom lip, the silent permission he asks for before licking into your mouth with just enough fervency to spur you on, combined with his words hanging heavy in the air sends sporadic chills down your skin until they settle as a deep yearning at the pit of your stomach. 
it’s not often that jungkook takes you in the kitchen, preferring the couch, the bed or someplace where he can protect the sanctity of the literal meals you eat, but there’s something about the way you’re panting against his lips, hips bucking up into nothing when he hasn’t even begun yet, something about the desperation that laces your hands as they trace down the expanse of his back that has him throwing all rationality out the window in favor of twirling you around in his arm to press you against the granite.
your lips are pretty and pink, slightly agape as you tilt your head back into his shoulders, out of breath from how he’s just kissed you. he feels quite literally unhinged at the sight, his sweater falling off your shoulders when he pushes his hands down your body, aching, yearning to feel every square inch of you as soon as he can. jungkook’s body has a mind of its own now, hips pushing yours into the counter in front of you until your eyebrows knit in discomfort —
“wait, wait jungkook,” you turn yourself around in his hold, opting to lift your body onto the counter instead. his face searches yours, eyes wide in worry but you couldn’t care less, nothing but a breathy chuckle leaving your mouth as you pull him in between your legs, wrapping them around his waist. “nothing’s wrong. just this counter is really painful.”
he responds with another kiss, this time a lot more fervent as he tilts his head up into yours, lips moving in tandem with yours, hands intertwined with yours. it’s only when he breaks away to kiss down the column of your throat do you register just how hot this ordeal is; just how hot it is when he loses all of his composure to fuck you sitting on the kitchen counter. the thought barely lingers though, because you feel his deft fingers untangle from yours to run down the curve of your waist till he reaches the hem of his sweater, unceremoniously pulling it up and away from your body.
his kisses dot your sternum, body wracking with a shiver as the cold air envelopes you, but he doesn’t let you suffer for long, moving his arms so he can wrap you in his own body warmth. the small love bites he leaves are now filthy licks that he leaves, blowing on the trail of spit to torture your senses further, to leave you wanting him, wanting his embrace, needing him. jungkook seems pleased, too, finding your nipples hard from the cold when he finally trails the tip of his tongue down to your boobs. his hands cup the both of them, lips latching on to your right nipple, teeth grazing the sensitive skin until your back arches violently, hips lifting from the granite until he tsks against your chest.
“stay down, honey,” his voice comes out muffled, and you can’t tell if it’s because his mouth is full, or if it’s because your brain is so fuzzy from the pleasure that sparks against every nerve ending in your body. “be good.”
be good. his gentle assertion sends a wave of arousal down into your panties as he switches boobs, opting to pinch and flick at the one he’s wet so expertly with his mouth. your moans are choked out, head tilted to the ceiling, eyes shut tightly like you’re already on the precipice of release when he hasn’t even touched your pussy yet — it’s ridiculous how easy you are, something he mumbles out when he’s mapping out your stomach with his lips.
“jesus, baby. look at you. you’d fuck the counter if it meant getting off, huh?”
there’s a bite to his voice, just enough of a humorous lilt to let you know that he’s not actually being mean, and with the character of his words, the reassurance makes warmth bloom in your stomach, colored in with the arousal already settled in there. you can’t reply, something he doesn’t notice as he looks up at you, teeth nipping at the hem of your underwear. 
your hands travel down into his hair, manicured nails gently scratching at the scalp until his gaze on you falters, the reminder that he was sound asleep barely fifteen minutes ago making way to the front of his mind before he remembers the task at hand. 
jungkook shifts his weight to his knees, kissing along the fabric of your panties until you’re gasping, spreading your legs for him naturally —
this is natural; he’s come up to you and has you on the counter with your entire body unraveled for him. you have him on his knees and you haven’t even lifted a finger to make him feel a tenth as good as he’s made you feel. the two of you work in tandem, a testament to how well you fit each other, a testament to how soulmates don’t exist — how they’re made. it’s in the way he’s never too mean even when he’s engaging with his dominant side, the way you’re always responsive, the way the two of you have built your lives around each other. it’s the sacrifice and the redemption that comes at a head like this, with his face between your legs and the sun shining into your living room.
he gets you out of your head when he plants a kiss to your clit through the fabric of your panties before pushing his tongue against it, the adding friction from the fabric making the contact even more delicious. he has a routine, but he never makes it boring, if the way you’ve readjusted yourself onto your elbows so he can get a better angle is any indication. it’s a bit sloppy, the way he’s revving his throat up to spit onto your pussy, the way he’s licking at your clit like it’s the last meal you have, the way your broken moans color the air, echo through your home.
“shit — shit, jungkook. take ‘em off, fuck, please.” 
he pulls away to look up at you, eyes narrowing at the tone of your voice before he grabs the waistband of your panties, lulling you into the false comfort of thinking he’s going to heed to your request when he really does the opposite, pulling them up between your lips. the uncomfortable friction makes you grind downwards, counterintuitively making you whimper as your swollen clit makes contact with the drenched fabric. he tugs them up gently a couple of times, before pushing his head between your legs to continue eating you out, lapping up the arousal that pools from your pussy at the exorbitant dominance he’s just displayed, along with the pressure of your panties pressing onto your clit.
the discomfort doesn’t last long, though, not when he’s fucking you with his tongue, not when he’s shaking his head between your legs, and the way he has one hand between his legs to obsevenely rut into himself is indication that he’s just as turned on by this as you are. how could he not be, though, when your thighs are tense from how he’s making you feel, when your back is arched and your moans are choked in your throat because your breath is constructed from how he’s making you feel. 
the tension in your stomach makes you pull at jungkook’s hair, needing some sort of — any sort of — release, and his gentle hums reassure you that he won’t be pulling this high away from you. he moves his tongue up to your clit, suckling on it until you writhe on the counter so he has to use his free hand to hold you down, until your orgasm is close enough that you think you can taste it on your tongue, until he has you shouting his name out.
your legs tense when you look down at him and see his eyes on you, see his eyes staring at the jiggle of your tits, the curve of your body, the way your face contorts in his wake, and you feel yourself coming undone knot by knot. it’s powerful, but jungkook helps you through it, tongue stuck out so you can ride it out for as long as you need; so you can use him for as long as you need.
there’s a broken whimper of his name when he doesn’t pull away, and you suddenly become aware of how sore your elbows are when he lifts himself up, pulling your body with him so you’re sitting upright again. the weight of your orgasm settles between your ribs, making it a bit hard to breathe, and he doesn’t help by catching your lips in another kiss. you taste yourself on his lips, and his hands find their way to his sweatpants, shoving them down with practiced expertise before pulling away from the kiss.
his forehead presses against yours, eyes glinting as he smiles against your flushed skin. your breathing slows when he finally gets himself out of the confines of his boxers, and you instinctively get off the counter so you can return the favor, but his arms catch you before you can touch the ground —
“uh-uh, baby. not today, i gotta be inside you right now.”
from the looks of it, too, he’s not lying. his cock stands tall, nearly slapping the defined lines of his abdomen, pearly pre-cum dripping down the side as he jacks himself off a couple of times, pulling your legs in to wrap around his waist so he can align himself with your pussy.
he lets a small whimper out when the red tip makes contact with the warmth of your cunt, sliding it up and down until your eyes are squeezed shut in anticipation. this is part of the routine, you suppose, if you bar the times he has something to prove, bar the times he shoves himself into you all the way to the hilt until you’re preening under his body. today, he takes his sweet time, your moans mixing in the air and lingering as he mixes his pre-cum with your arousal, no doubt leaving a small puddle on your counter.
the filthiness of what you’re doing is part of what makes it so attractive; it’s like corruption in how you’re taking apart the sanctity of this part of your home, how you’re christening it with your bodies, how sex will make it purer, how it’ll leave an imprint on this counter — how neither of you will ever fully look at it without envisioning this moment.
it’s only when you move your own hand down to envelope his, to just get him in you, does he slowly push himself into the wet warmth of your pussy. the stretch is never easy, even though it’s been months, but he talks you through it. always.
“c’mon baby, almost in. good girl, yeah, breathe in —“ his eyes fix on your body, watching the slow inhales, the way your lips fall open, every inch of skin he can take in as he buries himself inside of you with a low groan. “that’s it honey. good job, baby.”
his tatted hand splays against your stomach, pressure just enough so you can really feel it, so you can feel more of him, even if his dick just kisses your cervix from this angle. the rock of his hips is intoxicating, slow and languid when he pulls himself out, gasping as every ridge of his cock is completely embraced by your pussy. 
“fuck, fuck, jungkook, that’s so good -“
“yeahh… yeah it’s good, can feel me all the way up here can’t ya?” he presses down on your abdomen, chuckling as a light squeak escapes your lips. “love your cunt, she gets all warm and soft after I get my tongue in her. look at her. go on, take a look.” 
his free hand tilts your jaw downwards, words coaxing your eyes open as you watch the pull of his cock in and out of your pussy, how he’s absolutely soaked whenever he pulls out.
“shit, i’m so wet, jungkook. this is so fucking good.”
for being so eloquent, you’re sure at a loss for words when you’re met with this sight, and he makes sure you know it.
“good enough for your silly head to just go blank, huh? not a thought in your brain when your cunt has a cock in it, yeah?”
you groan, gritty and needy in response, which only seems to spur him on.
“all mine, huh? yeah? gonna make me fuck a baby into you and make it true?”
jungkook and you talk about your future openly, and kids have always been part of this equation, but it’s been silently agreed upon that now is way too soon. regardless, though, it ignites something within you that you can’t suppress, and a moan tears itself out of your lungs, a gush of arousal pooling around his cock at his filthy words.
the worst part about jungkook, though, isn’t the dirty talk — it’s now observant he is. and he knows, and he’s never impartial to completely using it against you.
his hips still, using one finger to lift your jaw up again so you’re staring him straight in the eye. “you like that, huh? want me to fuck you full?”
you’re defiant, a bit embarrassed as pink coats your cheeks and you refuse to answer. he doesn’t take it, though, using his hand to grab your cheeks, smushing the skin a bit until he can move your head to answer for you. 
“gimme an answer, baby. want me dripping down your legs? hm?”
he uses the hold on your face to nod yes, continuing to fuck into you, rougher this time until the sting of his grip and the way his cock hits just the right spot makes tears gather in your eyes.
“right there, huh?”
“y-yeah, hnnngg, fuck! right fucking there, right there.”
it’s like a mantra, a repeated sequence of the only words you can think of — jungkook, fuck, right there, so good. he’s not much better at this stage, cock twitching inside you as you roll your hips up to meet him halfway.
a hand slides between your bodies, dipping down to gather the obscene amount of arousal from where his cock meets your pussy, before he uses it to rub tight figure-eights onto your clit. the coil in your stomach gets impossibly tighter, moans and the most filthy of squelching tainting the air along with skin slapping as he fucks into you relentlessly, fingers never losing their rhythm on your clit.
your head looks back, and his falls into the crook of your neck as he groan slowly into the sweaty skin. he’s beyond himself, and you’re not better if the way your legs tighten around his waist so as to bring him closer somehow is any indication.
the slam of his cock is delicious, even when it gets sloppy, even when neither of you can make out words anymore, your vision going foggy as the touch on your clit makes it too hard for you to hold off on cumming. 
“ah — ah, jungkook, please, gonna fucking — I’m fucking, fuck! gonna fucking cum.”
he doesn’t slow down, doesn’t respond other than a barely there nod into your neck, letting you get higher and higher and impossibly higher until you crash, body tensing in his tight grip as he jackhammers into you. it’s much rougher than your first, and you convulse as he holds you, as he forces you to just take it, hips getting sloppy and losing their rhythm when it dawns on him how close he is.
jungkook holds his end of the promise, moving you so your back presses against the granite, the cold a relief to your burning skin. he nearly bends you in half, cock slamming into you until he stops, burying himself all the way when you feel ropes of his cum painting all over your insides. 
he’s quiet, a breathy whimper of your name, eyebrows knitted together like the pleasure aches, and it’s the hottest thing you swear you’ve ever witnessed. 
you lay there, and he pulls back until his soft tip is all that’s left inside you like a plug. when he pulls it out, always true to his word, a lewd display follows, white on your skin as he leaks out of your cunt. jungkook, however, doesn’t seem to think of it as anything of the sort, simply watching it in amazement until he feels your eyes burn into his face.
the look you share after is soft, and jungkook could die in this moment without regrets, because he has you, and you’ve just soiled the kitchen counter and there’s nothing else that he could want from life anymore, especially when he hears your voice:
“you don’t like me cooking for you that much?”
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btsgotjams27 · 2 months
busted ~ jjk | drabble
Tumblr media
→ title: busted
→ pairing: biker!jungkook x f!reader
→ word count: 851
→ rating: m/18+
→ genre/au: fluff, light smut (?) | slice of life, parents, married
→ warnings: language, jungkook is having a quarter-life crisis, mentions deceased parent (jungkook’s), they have two small children, jokes about cheating, kissing, groping, fingering, breeding kink(?), reader is turned on by jungkook’s outfit, allusions to sex
→ a/n: i can't believe jungkook is giving us writers such good content. ily bby. i apologize to @bngtnbrat & @gguksflowers b/c i didn't give you what you actually wanted LOL. i got lazy and didn't want to write smut. don't hate me.
Tumblr media
"And where did you come from?" You asked, eyeing your husband from head to toe. "And what are you wearing?"
Jungkook jumped back, doe eyes widened, clutching his chest when you turned on the entryway light. "Holy shit, babe–you scared me." He was dressed in black, not unusual for him - but it wasn't his everyday outfit. He donned a moto-style canvas jacket, skinny jeans, and boots.
You stood there with a deadpan expression, arms crossed, waiting for him to answer. You wanted to see how he'd get out of this one.
He looked at his outfit, confused about why you were fussing over it. He was trying to play it cool and keep his seventeen thousand dollar Harley Davidson purchase a secret. "Why aren't you asleep?" He deflected, evading your questions, and he would never hear the end of it now.
You took a step closer to him, squinting at the orange letters etched in his jacket. "Why does it say Harley Davidson on there?" You already knew what Jungkook was up to, but you needed him to verbalize it.
The low rumbling of a motorcycle could be heard from outside when you checked in on your baby boys. Wondering who the hell bought a bike in your neighborhood. Was it your obnoxious neighbor, Taehyung? Did he finally bite the bullet and make the purchase?
When you peeked through the blinds, a person on an all-black motorcycle was sitting in your driveway. Someone must be at the wrong house, you thought. They pulled off the matte black helmet, lightly ruffling their long, dark, wavy locks - revealing it was not a random stranger but your husband. 
Jungkook gently pushed himself off the bike and glanced at the darkened house in front of him. You quickly stepped away from the window, hoping he didn't see you. Your eyes fluttered shut for a moment, and a deep sigh escaped. You told yourself that you wouldn't blow up on him.
Jungkook shrugged. "Just a jacket I bought," he said casually, brushing past you and setting down his backpack.
"Huh--" you turned to him. "Where's your helmet?"
He stopped dead in his tracks, beating himself up because you caught him red-handed. Jungkook slowly turned to face you, guilt written all over his face. He knew he couldn't lie anymore. Scratching his temple while dodging your gaze, he muttered, "It's hidden in the bushes."
Taehyung left for the weekend and forgot to give Jungkook the code to his garage. That's where he's been storing his new purchase.
When the two of you started dating, he expressed that owning a motorcycle was a dream of his, but with getting married and having two small children under the age of five - it became a pipe dream. A van was more plausible, not a motorcycle. So Jungkook never brought it up again until his mother passed away. Then there was endless talk about buying his dream bike because life was too short to not buy things that made you happy.
It's not that you didn't want him to have one, you wanted him to have everything he could ever want, but again, the two of you were responsible for little humans now.
"Is that why you've been going out late at night? To ride your bike? Thought you were cheating on me." You were relieved when you discovered it was a bike, not another woman.
He lightly chuckled, holding his arms out for you, bringing you flush against his chest. "I could never cheat on you, baby. You're the only one I want, the only one I'd want to carry my babies," he grinned, peering down at you.
"Kook–don't," you whined when he groped your fleshy cheeks under your oversized shirt. "The kids are sleeping." He was shameless, really, and wanted to fuck you anytime, anywhere.
Was this his way of apologizing for the bike? Fucking you into oblivion?
He connected his mouth to yours, letting his warm tongue find yours. He smiled when he pulled away, causing you to whimper. "Then you gotta be quiet, don't you?"
You broke away from his embrace, playfully hitting him in the chest. "We need to talk about this, you know?" You grumbled, "You're not gonna get away with this."
He chuckled, leaning in and trailing kisses across your jaw, tugging you closer into his frame. "Not gonna get away with what? My bike or you?"
You mewled when his hand found its way into your underwear, lightly touching your already sensitive bud. "Your... bike," you stuttered, eyes fluttering shut at his touch. Jungkook's never been shy regarding affection; he'd always give you hugs and kisses, even with the kids around.
"Can we talk about it later?" He asked, giving open-mouth kisses along your neck, gripping your waist, pressing you against his hardened length.
You had to admit, you liked him in this outfit. Who knew you'd be so turned on by a stupid motorcycle jacket and skinny jeans? God--you're easy.
Jungkook started removing his jacket, but your hands stopped him. "This--stays on." He flashed a shit-eating grin. "Everything stays on." 
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delugguk · 4 months
perfect timing.
Tumblr media
pair: jungkook x reader.
genre: best friends to lovers.
word count: 8.0k (omg this is the most I've ever written)
warnings: smut and a lot of pining?? there's a lot of tension.. I don't want to spoiler so you just.. get right into it *giggles*
summary: one night in a city full of life; what it's supposed to be a friendly and fun dinner date, ends up with a night full of unrevealed secrets and unexpected pleasure.
a/n: inspired by this request.
tag: @kookiecrumb ^v^
Tumblr media
can you trust yourself right now?
that's your most prominent inner question but before we all go under this.. mess of thoughts, let's better get right into the main issue. shall we?
chilly nights weren't your most favorite or.. well, who are you lying to? you definitely loved these type of nights. just not when you didn't had the time to plan an awesome outfit for it ㅡ wearing only a skirt with nothing more than your panties wasn't a good plan when the cold breeze freezed your legs to death everytime you walked around but looking at the bright side of it, the only good thing about it is that at least you got to pick a decent outfit.
jungkook told you to look cute tonight because he was taking you to an 'apparently good' famous restaurant here in vegas but he barely gave you time to dress and it was always like thisㅡwell, not actually.. but-
..you're normally used to take your own time when choosing an outfit! - you know you can take too long some days but come on, you don't think you're that bad?
he always teases you about it and with the little light fight you both had because of him hurrying you up, you still think he should've given you more time. but he's jungkook and he always has to win.. right? - you scoff by just thinking about how stupid that sounds. you should definitely win sometime. at least that's what you like to tell yourself.
"what's happening?" jungkook glances at you while his hands flick through the restaurant's menu.
"nothing, why?"
"I don't know, you just seemed annoyed." he comments with a light grin. "are you still mad?"
followed by that question, you hate him so much because why does his doe eyes have to be so big and bright... you absolutely dislike when he purposely give you those manipulative puppy eyes.
"I'm not mad. I just remembered how annoying you are sometimes." you sarcastically answer.
he laughs. "is that it?"
"yep." your body leans upfront to look at your menu.
"I thought you weren't going to speak to me tonight."
"nah, it's okay. at least I look nice so I'm alright." you smile at him.
"that's true." he confirms with a soft smile. but it doesn't last long when his soft expression is already turning into a worrying one. "..but aren't you cold? I feel sorryㅡI didn't know it was going to get this cold." he sadly pouts, inmediately taking off his denim jacket not thinking twice into giving it to you.
"oh- no! I'm alright koo, well- yes I'm a little cold but you don't have to-"
"agh" he chuckles. "just take it, yeah?"
"but you'll also get cold.." you pout in a lower voice, feeling defeated.
he clicks his tongue in response. "don't worry about me. I always use two shirts underneath me, have you forgot?" he smiles.
..and of course you remember. it's something he has been doing for years now. claiming is for 'fashion purposes' in all failures and practices, you've seen him master his layering techniques improving with each year so.. it clearly is something you can easily forget.
"how can I?" you return a warm smile. "thank you koo.."
quickly standing up, jungkook tries placing his jacket down on your legs being very careful with it and it's a nice gesture, but you can't help laughing about it. "jungkook, I think I'm alright. I can do this myself."
"ah- I know. I just, uhm-" cheeks gaining a little bit of color, "yeah you.. do it." he goes back to his seat. "should we order some food and then some drinks if you're okay with that?"
the sudden changes in his tone of voice trying to jump out of this moment almost makes you laugh again. you usually tease him in situations like this but you'll let it pass this time. why was he being so cute? he always was, but right in this moment, you truly feel like you could explode.
"yeah, that sounds cool." you answer as you fix his big jacket above and beneath your naked legs. - feeling relieved as soon as the nice warm embraces your skin.
Tumblr media
between having nice convos, probing the food, giving reviews as you both enjoyed this momentㅡthe restaurant's food is actually nice. totally worth its popularity.
you both weren't chefs or professionals but you could say this is one of your favorite things to do. being used to travel together, going here and there for many years now, getting to know new places (for you both) like this, was sort of your thing. - something nice because while doing so, you both have been able to gain a lot of knowledge through experiences and so, along with traveling the world.. that always made you start nice, very interesting, entertaining and debatable conversations. It could never get boring between you two. speaking about anything and everything just comes very naturally for the both of you. - which could also explain why you two have grown so good when it comes to giving very well done, reasonables reviews everywhere you go. - spending time together just seemed to get better and better each time and so.. with the amount of confidence you have with each other, it's easily to just talk about whatever.
"it's all good now?"
"yeah, I've already finished." you smile.
"this wine is starting to have an effect on me, I'm not gonna lie." jungkook laughs as you follow.
"well.. I'm not very much different than you." both smiling at the same time.
jungkook's lip piercing seems to be a bit.. shinier than ever, or is that just on your mind?
"I've already pay, by the way.." jungkook says, sipping a little bit of his now finished wine.
"hm? when did you-"
"when I told you I was going to the bathroom?"
"jungkook!" you whine. "I told you tonight was my turn to pay." you try to slap his body from your seat but fail miserably when he leans his body back into his seat, laughing at you. "ugh, you even dare to laugh." you mutter.
"come on princess, you'll do it next time." he softly smiles.
but.. your heart stopped beating a little. did he just called you princess?
did you heard that right?
"you don't like that nickname?"
"yeah but you've never called me-" he interrupts you.
"do you want to go now? It's getting colder and you're just wearing a skirt." he suddenly asks.
"I- uh.. we didn't used a car." It's true, you choosed walking around this time.
"I know. remember I told you I had a feeling we'll get sort of drunk tonight?"
you nod.
"well, we're both tipsy." he laughs. "I've already called an uber."
"ah." It's all you say.
"what?" he asks, observing your sudden change of humour. "are you upset this moment is ending?" he teases.
you playfully roll your eyes. "yeah.. I mean, I like it here." you softly say leaning back to your seat, hugging your own body while looking around the atmosphere. people laughing, having their own fun, people in love..
oh yeah, you were definitely getting drunk.
jungkook also takes a glance around as soon as you do but not longer like you. placing his eyes on you instead.
"you know we can.." he pauses, thinking about it. "still have our own fun back at the hotel, right?" he's expresionless and you wish you could tell what does his eyes mean as soon as your very own meet his.
"like we always do?" your eyes glistens.
but like you said, it could never get boring.
"yeah." he smiles and you mirror him.
fixing your posture, you push strands of your hair at the back of your ear with both hands. later on, placing both palms hiding beneath your thighs. - it's such a small movement, but jungkook notices.
"are your hands cold?" he questions, earnestly.
"uh.." you don't know why you hesitate to respond. "..a little?"
jungkook gives you a warm sided smile. "do you want us to go now?" endearing enough, he extends both of his hands at you. signalling for you to reach them.
the moment you feel his palms, you're astonished. "how are your hands so warm?" you ask, kindly squishing his hands.
It makes jungkook chuckle. "I'm always warm.."
and there's just something about the way he said it..
your heart should stop beating this fast. what was going on?
jungkook continues, "I think it's time for us to go, we better wait outside." then he remembers, "shit, right- only if you want though.." mumbling a tiny, "it might be colder outside.." in a very regretful voice.
but all you do is smile at him. you know you were mad at him earlier but that doesn't mean he had to feel so bad about it. you've already said to him you were feeling nice because you still managed to look great. him just acting like this was so endearing to you because he also was being so considerate and I mean, he always was.
there was just something about tonight. maybe the wine.
"It's okay, I have you. my human heater." you tease him and jungkook nervously chuckles.
"ah.." he awkwardly looks down your hands. "yeah.."
laughing about it you delicately unattach your hands off his. scrunching your nose in a smile, lending your arm at him to return back his heavy jacket. "let's go."
but he hesitates about if he should take it or not.
"no. keep it. it's way colder outside, trust me." he gently refuses, pushing your arm back but failing at it.
"I'm okay, jungkook. I won't turn into an ice cube, I promise." chuckling, you motion back again your previews gesture.
he takes it as he faintly glowers. "but wouldn't you get more cold?" he asks, trying to give you the piece of clothing back.
"no, I'm alright. I think I can survive outside." you giggle and he does too, feeling puzzled.
"fine.." he sighs. "but, just let me know if you get too cold okay?" finally, putting back on the sky blue item.
the sight of jungkook putting on a big jacket like this was.. uh, how can you explain this? the glasses looked so good on him and his little bucket hat could never be missing in times like these right?
he's justㅡthe white shirt marked all of his (what it seems to be like-) strong chest.. pectorals softly drawing a line in between, you feel like you should look away. - and you do. you don't know exactly why. you've seen him do this many times so why were you thinking this way? it must be the wine all over again.
but if you were going to blame on the wine, then how can you explain the way his eyes lingered on you the whole time? and why was he doing it so slowly? almost like teasing you?his eyes were so.. cloudy too? perhaps this wine was hitting strong on him too.. you don't know.
"uh- yeah, like always." you try to smile back at him but you believe your cheeks were embarrassing you right now.
trying to walk away from him, jungkook's faster into grabbing your shoulder, gently.
"why are you in such hurry?" he giggles. "here." taking your hand like he always does. - in any other day, you'll normally think this is something very usual, but tonight..
walking towards the exit, you don't expect feeling his hand play with his fingers trying to find yours so he could slowly fill the little empty gaps in between your fingers.
he's bold enough to lace them together, and it's a completely new feel to what it should be a normal intimacy between you two. - but then, you remember what he once told you once about holding hands with just the palms and the one lacing fingers.
"I just think it's very intimate" he states. "I wouldn't just do it with anyone. It's too intimate, I mean, I'm okay with just touching our palms but if I ever lace my fingers with anyone," he pauses. "then just know that's me being very much in love." he laughs. "I don't fuck around when it comes to those type of things and you know it."
and.. hell yeah you knew. not only you were a hopeless romantic but so was he. you remember agreeing to it.
discussing about it, he even told you he could never hold your hand that way because it'll feel way too weird. you couldn't agree more in that moment but if he's doing it now.. was it because he..? no. you don't think so. he's just tipsy right?
you can't help but feel your body tense as soon as he does and all you wish is for jungkook to not notice since he's sort of walking ahead of you but.. he's jungkook and so, of course he does.
"Is everything okay?" he glances back at your frame, stopping a little but you encourage him to keep walking.
"yeah, I'm.. alright." you try to give him a not-so-nervous smile and all he does is grin while looking back upfront.
is he crazy?
Tumblr media
stepping outside of the restaurant, jungkook wasn't lying when he said it'll be more cold. - to be honest you low-key knew it was all true but at the same time, you didn't wanted him having to sacrifice his own comfort because of you.
"our uber should be here in a couple of minutes." jungkook says as you nod your head.
still holding hands, you take your time to look around as jungkook's gaze reminds on you. you don't notice it but him gently squishing your hand caughts your attention.
"yeah?" you meet his eyes once again that are only hidden by his transparent glasses.
jungkook doesn't know if you think he's a fool but he can notice the way your body quivers. grinning to himself, he quickly manhandles your body against him into a hug.
"what are you-"
"I know you're cold, silly." with his big jacket still on, he manages to wrap it around your body. but not only before guiding your hands around his waist so you could hug him first which is now so...very, much close to him. "come here."
you were going to complain but.. the wine playing its role into making you not care about itㅡgot you absorbing how warm jungkook's body actually feels against you and all you could imagine are pure dangerous thoughts now. wondering how his naked body would feel against your skin because if he naturally feels this good with clothes... you just wonder how perfect it'll be.
but what were you thinking?
you shouldn't be thinking like this. he's your best friend, damn. for many years too! you can't just act silly because of you being tipsy.
tipsy. not even drunk. fuck.
"I'm very cold." but your subconscious didn't seemed to listen to your right mind.. taking all the control over your body needs and heart. It was a rare but very possible situation.
"I know baby." jungkook replies and it's just.. he first calls you princess and now.. baby?
you need to know if this is just him being tipsy because you've been tipsy, even fully drunk around each other before and none of those moments compares to what you feel and what he's doing tonight.
glancing up at his face, your chin buries on his chest.
he smells so good..
"baby?" you repeat and damn how you wish he wasn't wearing those glasses. wanting to see those pretty eyes up-close.
when he looks down at you, his face is so close to yours you feel like pulling out of his body but something in you tells you not to and that's when the staring contest begins.
silently looking into each other's eyes you both last a few seconds. seconds that feels like minutes. his trained arms wrapped around your body in a delicate hug that feels tight enough to ever let go. - your pupils move around his pretty face quickly enough to end up focusing on his lips. his lip piercing looking very tempting right now so it wasn't just your mind playing games earlier, you were growing this tiny desire of wanting to kiss him. very badly.
jungkook notices your eyes pattern. faintly grinning to himself, he licks his lips trying to provoke you. perhaps he's insane but giving him a very intense expressionless face, your eyes glisten so much, so does his and it's like as if you both were silently asking for something that you can't quite put into words but it's also something that's so obvious to guess. - so naturally, jungkook gives two tiny squeezes to your waist. again, something he usually does, but as your breathing was slowly increasing, this wasn't just a casual touch. you actually wanted more.
"what are we doing?" you whisper before even thinking about it.
"I don't know." he responds in the same way. tucking one hair that just seemed to fall over your face behind your ear. his gaze quickly going back to your lips while doing so.
"what do you want?" you dare to ask, you needed to know. this feeling only increases with time so it's only fair for you to know what's also going on in his head.
but just before he could answer, of course your uber comes.
lingering his gaze into your eyes, you could tell he was thinking. about what? you don't know, but he seems very doubtful.
"let's go. you'll get more cold." It's all he says.
and as soon as you blink, you're on the car.
Tumblr media
the way back to the hotel wasn't so awkward thanks to the person that was driving having a bright personality. there was just this one question they made that make your body tense for a couple of seconds but it was alright afterwards.
"you're both very pretty. are you dating?"
with a smile on his face and you glance at jungkook who's also waiting for you to respond.
"we are friends"
you both say at the same time. the person's driving just laughs and there's that look he gaves that yells I know something you don't but of course, doesn't mention anything.
"that's a shame." It's all he says later on after finishing up talking some more.
you should be used to that question. you both, actually. people always asked you this.
but you just didn't know what was happening tonight.
jungkook kept on watching the city lights as the car goes and you notice how he.. still hasn't let go of your hand. surprisingly enough? your palms aren't sweating. keeping all the warmth jungkook's hands was giving you and you wondered if your heart was the only one beating this fast.
the city lights didn't seemed so blurry as you go in the car, meaning you weren't drunk. but it maybe is because you were seating right now. once you get out of the car.. that's when you know the real deal.
still sort of feeling cold, the car didn't helped at all for your legs to stop quivering, so you have no other choice than to start caressing your bare legs with your only available hand and because of that sudden repetitive motion, jungkook notices as he finally nods his head looking at what you're doing.
"do you want me to tell the driver to turn the heater on?" he suddenly asks and the soft warm of his breath hitting your ear made you feel some things..
"h-huh?" you flinch, quickly reacting. "no, its fine."
silently staring at you all jungkook does is, let go of your hand. pinioning both of your legs slowly placing them at the side above his thighs with your entire body as he hugs your legs and one of his hands rest on your back so you could get close to him and it's justㅡhe was so strong he could only manhandle you so easily.. not that you complained though but you think that this is the most he has ever done that.
what the fuck is he doing? was your first thought.
the fact that he did this so casually, looked like he didn't seemed to care about how much this was going to affect you.. or maybe he didn't know?
In this position, jungkook could hug you side ways muffling only a portion of his jacket around you.
this feels nice was your second thought. already feeling his warm embrace.
fuck was your third. as soon as his hands started to leave slow caresses through the entirety of your legs. only close enough to your thighs.
"to keep you warm." Is all he says with a smile, but oh boy was that doing more than to keep you warm.
everything seemed to happen so fast so you tried your best to not do something stupid but jungkook was so.. damn. his hands touching your skin feels as if they burned your entire skin and you didn't know if that was because of you wanting to see just how far he could go. - explicit images fullfiling your mind of how many possibilities but fuck. you repeat to yourself once again how you shouldn't be thinking about your best friend like this.
at least not when you don't know if he feels the same.
but as soon as you say that, you find one of your hands moving naturally taking his glasses off. not because you hated them but because you wanted a clear view of his doe eyes. - jungkook's reaction draws a smirk to his face. lowkey knowing just how badly you've been wanting to do that and as expected, they looked very different now that you could clearly see them. well, not as clear yet because there's not really so much light in this car, but you get it.
saving up his glasses through one of his pockets, your face leans closer to his. "perhaps.." growing bolder, you tease him at the side of his ear. "you want to seduce me, jeon?"
"define seducing." is all he says, glancing at you.
"hm." you hum, nodding your head softly.
if he wanted you to show him, then that's what you'll do.
sensually biting your lips, you start guiding your anular and second finger, walking a path against his chest. teasingly. your head resting on one of his shoulders as you watch your hand go. - ending at the nape of his head, you start playing with the little strands of hair tangling on your fingers as your breathing is now brushing his neck when you purr, "this.." leaving a soft peck on his pretty neck for the first time ever. your lips has never touched jungkook like this or in any other way, ever.
"..is me.." another peck touches his hot skin, this time with a little trail of sensual kisses. "..seducing.." all of it while guiding your lips towards his jawline.
"..you." suddenly stopping as you whisper against his skin and something tingles inside of him.
It makes him automatically react by gripping one of your thighs and you swear you almost let out a tiny scream by how sudden it was. but your skin was basically crying wanting to be touched by him, it was only understandable.
feeling risky as you gain more confidence, you place a lingering kiss to his jawline. jungkook's starting to feel sort of hot and so, he bites his lip ring trying to cope with his desire.
not being able to stop whatever was happening right now, he immediately manhandles your whole body adjusting your thighs to be accommodated along his hips. body no longer beside him as you were now facing him and he makes sure to really open your legs so you could be perfectly close and at his center. he was getting so turned on but still, was trying really hard not to. he couldn't risk having a boner in front of you when he didn't know what you actually wanted from him.
despite not having so much light, you linger your gaze to each other. only the flickering lights could do some justice into lightning your bodies and faces. - staring for a couple of seconds, all you can hear is the car's smooth driving sound. there's no a single smile on his face but you on the other hand, were smiling seductively taking your lips in between your teeth.
gosh.. just what was wrong with you.
you thanked this car for being huge so the driver couldn't really see what was actually going on at the back.
he'll think of you as liers for sure..
when jungkook drags his eyes down your lips, all he wants to do is kiss you but.. he didn't wanted to make a stupid move when he isn't even clear of what you want.
"y/n.." he quietly calls your name. "what.." pausing, only to gather a little more of courage. "what are we doing?" now he's the one to ask. hands resting on your thighs, curiosity paints all over his eyes.
"I don't know." you sincerely reply. same eyes, same feels.
only for you to lean over his chest as your face remains just a few inches away from him. your face remaining with a few inches away, you can perfectly feel his breathing along with yours. - jungkook frozes for a few seconds.
but it doesn't last long as soon as he's saying, "we are both tipsy."
"I know." you giggle. "so?"
"so?" mimicking your tone and chuckling about it, "I don't want you or.. usㅡmaking something that will later ruin us.." he utters.
"ruin us?" you repeat.
he nods.
"are you speaking from my or your point of view?"
"y/n.." he humorously warns, with a hint of being serious. "I mean this."
"I know, koo." you aver very gently to him. "we can just let this go. It's all good." you mean that but still.. can't help but feel a bit disappointed.
and as always, jungkook can see through you. but he doesn't says anything as the driver calls for your arrival. - you quickly get off him, suddenly missing his body warmth but you guess that's all for tonight.
but only did you forget about one little thing.
Tumblr media
entering the room, jungkook's hands doesn't seem to leave your body despite what he said on the car. dancing almost all night, teasing each other with a hint of tension here and there, it was a great moment.
but the couple of stares coming from jungkook were getting harder to digest as the night progressed and so, standing in front of him right now felt like an actual nightmare. so before it all gets worst, after a few more drinks you both call it a night and prepare to take separated showers.
you low-key wished that taking this shower could make all of your strange thoughts turn into dustㅡbut apparently, the universe didn't wanted you to behave so here you are, laying in bed while jungkook's at your side, thinking about many things. dangerous things. things you aren't even sure what they meant.
or maybe you do..
..and that's why you're now looking at the pitch black ceiling. - all you can hear is the subtle blow of the air conditioner as you wondered if jungkook's mind was also flooded with heavy thoughts just like yours.
"are you sleeping?" you softly ask.
"nope." he says almost humorously making you chuckle. "I'm very much awake."
"so am I." you remark as your body slowly faces to his side and that makes you actually take a rough glance at what is like jungkook's body right now. you could only tell much because the only light functioning as your source was the moon peaking through the giant curtains. - with his body facing up the ceiling, you could take a view of his very familiar side profile. the pearly soft lights of the moon barely caressing his skin but you can still have a view of his very well defined jawline. his hair was slightly parted side ways and you wondered just how soft it'll be if you ever get to touch it again.
you suddenly get this strong urge of wanting to kiss him and just before you could think first about your future actions,
"jungkook.." your mouth is already speaking before you.
lifting your body, you seat up still facing directly to his side. "can we do this just one time?" voice small, definitely shy enough for him to note the lowkey nervousness of your tone.
"do.. what?" he's careful to ask.
without much thinking, your next move is to slowly but surely straddle his waist as you make sure he isn't feeling weird or awkward about it. - as he let's you place yourself on him, you continue. - eyes gazing at each others and your hands lay on his clothed chest. your face slowly leaning towards his.
jungkook doesn't have a clear point of what's going through your mind but whatever it was, he wasn't going to stop you from doing it.
"kiss me just once." you purr close to his lips.
"Iㅡare you sure?" he wasn't going to lie. that's something he has been wanting to do ever since you've arrived in vegas. but as always, just because he wants it as badly doesn't mean he won't care about what you feel first.
instead of just responding with a simply 'yes', all you do is place a very daring kiss to his cheek, closer to his lips and that makes jungkook feel sparks inside of his stomach and so then, he wanted to kiss you bad, oh so badly.
so he pushes his lips towards yours. a gently touch that soon turns into a deadly unstoppable heated session as gasping for air was a strong necessity. who would've thought of you two really going at it as soon as you touched your lips. is this your bodies communicating into how much they've been wanting each other? It definitely was something to think about later on.. but as of now, you'll just take the risk. take this momentㅡto saviour what you've been wanting to touch, wanting to feel, wanting to experience.
you wanted to know what every other girl get to feel when playing around with him. why every girl always seemed to run up to you the moment things were over, asking you for advice just so they could have him back. but jungkook wasn't an asshole with girls going around breaking their hearts. you always wondered why his relationships always finished almost too fast. but given to how desperate they always were.. made you wonder about many things. was he really that good? if we were to mention his personality.. yeah he has his flaws but don't we all? he still was so good for you. almost too perfect in your eyes but.. the only thing of him being unfamiliar to you was this. so what if once you get a taste, you can't escape? like all the other girls. what if you feel more after this? is this really okay? - you don't know, but as of now.. you were more than willing to find out. accepting all kinds of fate.
"touch me." you moan to his lips.
"where do you want me to touch?"
"anywhere and everywhere. I'm yours tonight." you say, mind already gone.
"are you sure about that, baby?"
he rasps and fuck that nickname, he already was making you feel crazy and you haven't even started yet.
"mhm" moaning, that's all you say. grinding your center against his as jungkook helps you get more friction, lifting his hips.
you seem very eager and jungkook likes that, so he starts by caressing your bare legs. all you have on is your very short silky pajama shorts with a cotton blouse and he doesn't know how you always manage to stay so pretty for him.. or not for him, but the thought of you ever doing that excites him. the movement of your hips seemed to get more prominent the moment he started gripping your thighs getting close towards your waist. he loved your body, he always has. he just hasn't find the right time to tell you that because he thinks it might feel too awkward. but he has been dying to tell you that for years now. maybe tonight could be the perfect time for him to do that, so he gives it a try. admiring your clothed body as he switch positions taking you down and kissing your neck. the feeling of his hands sneaking underneath your blouse only burning your body.
"I love your body so much, so perfect to me." he deeply mumbles against your neck, heat traveling all over your skin. "I wish I could just take this blouse off." desperately kissing you close to your ear and god, did you feel so hot right now.
"then take it off." you command. your hands sneaking through his shirt so he could also take his off.
jungkook doesn't think twice when he's already doing it. not after leaving a kiss to your lips though. feeling intoxicated by it, he comes back to taste your pretty lips, not getting enough of it.
his body looked so hot on top of yours, you liked the view way too much. his tattoos only being the second protagonist here, of course the main one it's him.
once your body's full bare, you were completely naked in front of him, except for your silky shorts. - not even realising it, he let's out a gasp.
"It's even better to what I've ever imagined." licking his lips as you bite yours, his eyes only darkens the moment he sees your nipples be erect and it's all because of him and there's something about it that makes jungkook want to keep you here and stay in this moment forever.
so taking one of your boobs, he's softly squishing them. fingers circling around it ever so slowly and soon enough, he's already tapping your mouth so you could open up and lick his finger for him. only to bring it back into your nipple, just touching directly this time. - he flicks, pinches and lick them with such detail and care, you feel you could faint as your legs start repeatedly pressing up against each other, only increasing their need for some type of friction. jungkook slowly watch as he silently enjoys your reactions and desperation about it. giving him satisfaction, but because he can't let you get your way just yet, your little cries could only affect him this much so that's why he gently sundered your legs apart so you could stop doing that and prevent him from wanting to fuck you right away.
you make him that weak.
"calm down baby, I'll treat you nice.. I promise." he kisses your lips but all you do is complain, moaning into his lips.
"I'm so wet, please do something about it." you arch your back as you slowly circle your hips in the neediest way, giving him those pleading puppy eyes an jungkook's mind almost stop functioning for a few seconds. you were so adorably fuckable, this might not last as much as he wants.
"fuck- you really want me to.." he pauses. "agh, fuck." hissing between his teeth he takes a step back getting comfortable in bed, opening more your legs as he got rid of your shorts. only letting you wear your white, now with a big round wet circle, underwear. "fuck. you really are so wet." he sighs, overwhelmed by the sight.
tracing one finger on top of where you want him the most, he teases you with long and slow traces as he watch your body twitch. god, you were so needy. he never imagined you to be this way and fuck does that turn him on so badly.. - your little whimpers are like music to his ears when he sees you caught your lips in between your teeth as soon as he keeps teasing you. just now adding a bit more of weight on his finger. you close your eyes and he let's your hips grind on it.
Intensifying your sways of hips, you seat up on your elbows as you keep your eyes glued to him, panting so much with your mouth mid-open as your arousal and orgasm increases. -jungkook suddenly flicks over your clothed heat and you flinch, just to feel your clit and walls pulsate because of it. "fuck" you cry as your head faces the ceiling. - jungkook grins at that seeing the way your hips grind on his hand more aggressively, he proceeds onto flattening his entire palm over your pussy and as soon as you know, he's giving consecutive mini slaps into it. making your breathing cut in between as your legs tremble.
"mm, are you going to cum pretty girl?" his voice so nice, so sensual. It just feels so right.
"euhng" you sob.
"is that all you can say?" he traces a long deep line in between your wet clothed pussy lips.
but you can barely talk as it's already so hard to breathe.
"it's okay baby.. you look so fucking hot right now." he rasps licking his lips. "so sexy.." in between his breath.
"cum.. make me c-cum." you plead with those eyes again.
you desperately nod with your eyes closed.
"is that what you want?"
"eung." you moan.
and it sounds so rich that jungkook doesn't wait any longer into taking your drenched panties off and rapidly enough, he gets comfortable to start eating you out.
"agh! fuck-" his tongue so warm against yours as he flattened it on top of your clit. his saliva just mixing with your arousal as his silky black hair just landed over his sweaty forehead - jungkook barely moved but he felt so hot and so turned on, his body was already condensing it all.
"so fucking good." he moans against your clit, kissing on it very passionately. he was so good that your hands couldn't find another spot other than to stay over his head.
you think you've never been more turned on in your life. he really wasn't kidding when he said he'll treat you nice. this was beyond good for you. he was incredibly so good.
introducing one of his fingers now, the feeling was so high that you couldn't wait more so you cummed on him, so god damn much, jungkook just enjoyed having to place your hips back down to bed because you were trembling so much. your moans enriching his ears... he wanted you so fucking bad. he don't think you could even imagine a portion of how much.
after reaching your end, your walls were pulsating so crazy along your clit. and you don't think you've ever felt this horny before. your clit just have this rich sensation of wanting to be stimulated all over again.. it's not even to the point of you wanting to feel some overstimulation, you were actually very horny again like you feel you could cum again if he wanted you to. you've already recovered so fast, you don't think somebody has ever made you feel this way..
"jungkook.." you seat down this time, arching your back and sticking up your ass as you almost cringe at how wet you are. only the soft and cold air of the room meeting your exposed private parts. jungkook mimics your position, only this time sort of manspreading. he's so horny too. you could see it from his pajama pants and they weren't even tight into his legs. eyes lidded and so dark, you don't think you've ever seen him like this but.. it was quite a sight. he was so damn attractive, fuck.
"take off your pants." you command and he does as you say.
once he reveals his dick, he's so hard it inmediately jumps back into his stomach. prominent and faded veins around it but they aren't much, just a few ones. the right amount. his tip being of an angry pretty red, you can't believe even his dick is so fucking delicious to look at. he just got it all, doesn't he?
the moment you delicately grab his dick, he stops you. "wh-"
"I want you to kiss me while you masturbate on top of me."
"huh?" your body astonished.
"just get on top of me and grind my dick with your pretty pussy, yeah?" he croaked very hotly.
he doesn't need to ask you twice.. your pussy clenches at the thought of feeling his bare dick and all that's on your mind is him right now.. not believing of the day for you to be doing this but look at you now, about to extend your juices along his length.
jungkook angled his head resting against the bed headboard as he lays down. - you seductively feel bold enough to crawl towards him with both of his legs forming a straight line. he motions his hands behind of his neck, all while a very devilish smirk plastered on his very tempting lips.
just how much more hot can this man get?
the moment you straddle his waist, both of your hands run through his abs and firm pectorals. you give him a few kisses. enjoying the way he sighed closing his eyes. you took your time to feel him whole, those gym schedules were doing their glorious work. - you kiss his neck, bite his earlobe, tease him a little, have fun a little. until your lips finally land on top of his lips. very nicely, very warm..
and damn it was a mess. not only down there but your feelings too.. just how much do you actually like him? those were your current thoughts.
placing your hands at both sides of his neck, your hips finally lowers into his length.
gasping in between kisses the moment your walls wrap around his tip ㅡ he feels so big, so thick, so rich.. you suddenly are in need of his warm touch so you take both of his arms, putting it back at the side of your legs to see what he'll do about it.
slowly swaying your hips back and forth, your pussy coated his dick so well.. it was messy, but so hot.. just something about teasing him getting inside but not entirely..
promptly grasping each side of your hips, jungkook takes his time into palming your ass. you're making so much sensual noises.. his heart couldn't stop beating. his breathing only getting heavier along with yours. he searches back into your lips. giving you a lingering kiss as he squeezed your body so nicely. he can't stop his emotions of wanting to tell you his feelings and so,
"I like you so fucking much y/n.." he finally confesses against your lips. his hips only twitching for the way your pussy slided against him. he was getting desperate just as much as you.
"fuck." It's all you say while lowering your head into his shoulder, slightly biting it and moaning about it because you didn't know him confessing to you like this could get you this horny. - maybe it was because of the fact of him feeling the same way as you.
"gosh, I want you like crazy. I'm so ffucking sorry." he whimpers, pressing down your ass right now.
but his apology is not welcomed because you want him to know how badly you also want him and like him. - you aren't stupid to like, not know that this is the perfect opportunity to confess your feelings so with nothing else to lose, you make it better to let him know just as much.
grinding slowly but eagerly into him, you unattach your face off his shoulder just so you could give him a very loving piercing look, breathing into his lips as you both lips are slightly parted. your face remains so close to him, chest almost touching his as your fingers tangles at the top of his head.
"don't be. I like you too, jeon." you reveal, panting against his lips.
jungkook felt his face froze for a few seconds, "you do?"
"eung." you moan against his neck, kissing all around it. "it's been 4 months now." very lost feeling the thick skin of his dick.
"can you fuck me now? I want you very badly..." you moan. oscillating your hips, coating more of his dick with your arousal as you're looking at him very sensually with a bite to your lower lip into a grin.
and jungkook tries to process this new information from entering his brain. he doesn't have other choice than to push it away for now.. - deciding he'll do the second thing he has been wanting to do for years. the first one being already done.
"I'll fuck you good." he smirks.
It's all he says before he's already hovering on top of you, dick in hand teasing your walls, he slowly enters. gasping at the same time, he let's you take your time to adjust while he tastes your lips and it's just - your lips were already so addicting to him.
once he moves, he marks a slow pace feeling you whole. he feels so full inside of you.. - jungkook's eyes doesn't leave yours as time progresses. fucking you hard, he takes both of your hands guiding them at the side of your head. lacing his fingers together with yours and the moment he does, something inmediately shifted with just the delicate change of synchronizing both your fingers.
suddenly, jungkook started fucking you in a different way. it was no longer hard but deep, sensual.. very overwhelming as he started kissing your boobs, feeling your body up, biting you here and there.. - you decide you wanted him close and so your legs naturally fondle around his waist. his breathing now burning your neck, you were getting closer with how heavy his body feels against yours and so, when you finally cum, it doesn't take longer as soon as he follows you up.
breathing between each others bodies, the only thing that can be felt right now was the same old soft sound of the air conditioner and your very delighted heartbeats.
and suddenly, after taking a very well deserved cold shower, an already sleeping jungkook lays on this shared bed and all you can think about is.. once tomorrow comes, how different things going to be?
Tumblr media
"why didn't you tell me and waited for four months?" jungkook insisted. "you could've told me."
"It isn't so easy.. you know?" you scoff at him. "we have been friends for so long, it was almost impossible for me to ever think you felt something for me too.."
"wasn't I obvious?"
"obvious?" you laugh. "you didn't even gave me hints!" defending yourself. "four months is okay, I could've spent a lifetime and you still wouldn't know."
he rolls his eyes. "why do you think my relationships always ended so quick y/n?"
"..why?" curiosity filling your eyes.
"because of you!" he says as if that was something extremely obvious for like.. giving you hints.
you narrow your eyes. "do.. you really think that's a good hint?"
you burst into laugh. "please, I just thought you were bad at relationships" you fake cry. "even though wondered a lot about why they kept coming back after a break up.."
"well, now you know why." he laughs.
"shut up, that ain't even everything about you."
"oh so there's more?" he teased.
..and you're glad that with jungkook's bright personality, everything seemed to be okay.
if anybody were to ask you about why you were so scared into confessing your feelings.. you don't know. but one thing you do know is..
that once that time comes, as long as you trust your feelings and let things flow, it'll automatically become your perfect timing.
so, trust that. your own timing.
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onlyswan · 2 months
Tumblr media
summary: in which jungkook kisses you for the first time.
> fluff, lowkey suggestive ig / wc: 1.5k
> warnings: kissing <3 ?
note: something short and sweet. but also think i had like three heart attacks writing this.
“i’m bored now. do you want to kiss?”
power interruption at midnight. too small of a kitchen. your chair at the end of the table, infront of the fridge. jungkook on your left, behind him- the sink. a laptop that died in the middle of a ‘the good place’ episode you had downloaded the night prior, few inches away from the candle light illuminating your wide eyes looking at him innocently.
you dip the popsticle stick in the jar of honey yet again, smearing the sweetness across your lips. it seaps in between the crack, and you swallow it down unwittingly, your tongue almost numb from the past fifteen minutes of dipping the stick and sucking the honey from it.
jungkook is rendered speechless, following your seemingly sinless actions with an awe-struck expression on his face. his breath hitches when your thumb swipes under your bottom lip and you suck on it as you feign naivety.
but boy, does he know better.
you frown at him in impatience, tapping your cold foot against the leg of your chair. “mkay. guess not. no hard feelings.”
the more time jungkook spent with you, the bigger of a fascinating enigma you became. your tongue rises without much ado to speak out whatever’s on your mind, and you ask him if he wants to kiss the same way one asks another about the weather. you make either the corniest or dirtiest jokes then hit him on the arm or thigh before hiding your face. you never not cry when watching a pixar movie, and you bawled your eyes out once over the phone ranting about the bad day you had and it’s correlation to murphy’s law.
at the same time, it doesn’t take much to make you smile. cat videos. tulips. remembering that your favorite flower is tulips. tteokbokki. chewy boba balls. good morning and good night texts. butterfly-shaped things. cloudy sky. holding hands. touching his hair. his voice. nostalgia-inducing songs. the show he’s been watching with you for the past week— the good place.
oh my god. he hasn’t kissed you yet. he knows all these things, and he hasn’t kissed you yet. how does he know you’re ticklish above the curves of your waist but not the feeling of your lips against his?
cracks form on your little facade of nonchalance when you lose feeling in your hands all the way to your fingertips, the jar of honey slipping away from your weakened grip. it doesn’t break but rolls on the ground, a steady stream of the sticky liquid spreads on the oak flooring, saturating its rather light color.
because you learn that jungkook is the type to hold your neck when he’s kissing you, and his hand moves to back of your head to grip your hair when he starts using tongue, almost as if he knows you’ll need to be tugged back into reality because oh my god, you can feel yourself drowning in him. you’ve always known he is a passionate lover, he has to be, but all the nights you spent imagining your first kiss did not prepare you for this. not rushed or slow, but addictingly sensual and sweet. coaxing you to fall deeply in love, to make him the center of the universe.
good heavens, his lips are so soft.
there is no oxygen in your lungs or coherent thoughts in your head. jungkook and honey. the only two things that make sense. the only two things you perceive.
but you will yourself to lean back, pushing away his shoulders lightly. his drunk eyes meet yours, tongue darting out to lick off the remaining honey on his cherry pink lips. he can only taste and smell honey. in fact, he even feels it seaping past the heels of his feet. uncomfortable. wet. sticky. but he can’t give two fucks because if he doesn’t taste more of it from your tongue he’s convinced he will die from the yearning of a broken heart.
“no, more. c’mere.” he murmurs in a daze, bending over to your level with his head tilted to the side, desperate to satiate his thirst, but you lean back again to avoid his lips.
“no ‘more’. the next person to kiss me has to be my boyfrie-”
you’re rudely interrupted by his voracity. he stubbornly cages your face in his big hands and connects his lips with yours. your hands close into fists, and you punch your thigh in frustration because you don’t have the strength it takes to pull away for the second time. not when you’re enjoying it this much.
it feels far too real to be a dream, but you’d hate yourself for being wrong and depriving yourself of an experience that feels as raw and heavenly.
he leaves a tender peck on your lips before completely pulling away, shaky and breathless as his heart races inside his chest. he anchors each of his hand on your chair and the table, leaving you trapped with nowhere to go. you look up at him with glossy eyes as you try and process what the fuck just happened.
this man made of dreams, tan skin kissed by the warm glow of a flickering flame, has made it his mission to mess with your head and to make a home in your heart.
“i am your boyfriend, baby.”
the pet name forces you to bite back a foolish smile, but god, you want to run laps across the street and scream at the edge of a cliff because why does it sound so sweet and loving coming from him?
fuck it being cliche. to you, he invented it.
you roll your eyes, unable to hide the giddy smile growing on your face. “well, you kissed me again so you have to take responsibility. i don’t just let anyone kiss me as much as they want, you know?”
jungkook chuckles in amusement. you never fail to sound so convincing. if you endorsed a rag as a luxury item, he would definitely buy it.
he actually needs one to clean off the spilled honey all over your kitchen floor. where do you keep those again?
he turns your chin to his direction, greeting you with a playful grin. “then that means i’m allowed to kiss you all i want from now on, right?”
“jungkook! the light is green!”
your familiar voice and the continuous honking from behind snaps out your boyfriend from watching the flashbacks of your first kiss playing inside his head like a movie scene. his car finally starts moving forward, and he glances at you briefly with a wince.
“you need to stop daydreaming on the road! what if i wasn’t here?” you scold him with a whine, the angry honking of the car from earlier still ringing in your ears.
this is why driving isn’t for you.
“sorry, baby. i swear it doesn’t happen often.”
you frown, glaring at him from the passenger seat. “better not. can’t have you in a car accident or i’ll go insane.”
jungkook smiles guiltily. “don’t worry. can’t have you going insane either.”
you don’t respond anymore, sinking back on your seat as you entertain yourself with watching the terrifyingly tall buildings of seoul fall behind you like dominoes.
that’s until your gaze falls on jungkook’s hand intertwined with yours on top of your thigh.
“i love you.”
“i love you too.” you reply softly, pressing a small kiss on the back of his hand.
meanwhile, jungkook finds himself oddly disappointed to see that the bee on his sideview mirror has flown away. when did his little winged friend leave?
as soon as he stops at another red light, he hastily removes his seatbelt to reach over for you. you watch in bewilderment as he almost hits his face with it.
“baby, may i have a kiss?”
you giggle, amused with your man pleading for you with his wide doe eyes. what kind of daydreaming was he so invested in back there, huh?
“you need it that bad?”
he nods eagerly.
you grant him a sweet smack, but he knows what he wants, and he gets it for himself. he pulls you back in by the neck for a deep kiss, slower than usual, almost as if he’s memorizing the feeling, burning it into memory. you get swayed by the intimate communication of his affection, and your nails unconsciously dig in on his forearm. he swallows down a hiss.
every kiss shared with you since four years ago tastes the same to jungkook. the honey lingers in his memory, in his mouth. and still, he finds himself craving more of it in his every waking moment. you truly did something life-changing back then, coating your lips with a lifetime’s worth of a love spell.
he settles down on the driver’s seat with a satisfied smirk painted across his face. you squint at him suspiciously as he fastens his seatbelt back on.
“what’s that smile for?”
the cheeky raise of his eyebrow says otherwise, however. you got yourself a bratty boyfriend, you think to yourself with a sigh.
“yah, what’s that sigh for?!”
you teasingly exaggerate the shrug of your shoulders as you scrunch your nose.
taglist! @alanniys @jjkeverlast @queenofdragonsandcats @yvesismywife @enhypenslay @cramseys @witchfqllen @virgogentlejk @rkie @jeonwiixard @monilyv @bermudaisy @ameliejeannelaurent @takochelle @the1921-monsters @investedreader @seagulljk @yeow6n @yoonqkiss @hopeworldjimin @lllucere @unnatae @zqynmlk @bxbyyyjocelyn @zkdlllin @koostarcandy @tswisal1 @fragmentof-indifference + send an ask / dm if you want to be added (or removed) :D
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jeogku · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: prince!jk x princess!reader
summary: masquerade ball your father planned didn’t go as you imagined
genre: smut, angst, fluff
word count: 1,8k
warnings: enemies to lovers (idk), y/n gets SAd but jungkook comes to rescue, angry kook, jungkook takes care of y/n in the best way possible, needy!kook, he’s also shy shy shy, y/n is a total angel (pls i love her, my poor soul), oral (m receiving)
author’s note: i didn’t expect this to have 1,8k words but 🤷‍♀️, I hope you enjoy reading this!! (english is not my first language)
Tumblr media
“Miss Y/n you need to hurry up, your father is waiting for you at the ballroom.” Currently you were getting ready for another boring masquerade ball. Your father planes them every Halloween, it's been a tradition in your family for years.
Every year hundreds of people come to your castle. You don't know most of them, except for one family. The Jeon’s. Mr. Jeon is a very well-known king in a kingdom not far from yours, he's a great friend of your father. He and his wife are very nice people, well you can’t say that about their son.
Jeon Jungkook, the motherfucker has been annoying you the second you were born. He is two years older than you but still acts like a toddler. Of course, there are moments when you enjoy his presence. Like the one time 4 years ago on your 20th birthday, he came to your rescue when he saw prince Han getting way too close to you.
After 40 minutes you were finally ready. Red ball gown, and a matching red mask with black rhinestones. Your hair was down with a little black tiara decorating your head. You looked stunning. When you walked into the ballroom all eyes were on you, people showering you with compliments. Well most of them were mothers of the princes that were here, all they wanted was just to get their sons to be your future husband so they could steal money from your father.
“Ah Y/n, you're finally here!” Your father cheered as he came to you and gave you a small peck on your forehead. “Yeah, the maids wanted to do their best.” You chuckled and walked away to the buffet. Different types of drinks and desserts on display. While you were deciding between wine or liquor a familiar voice rang through your ears.
“Y/nnn.” Jungkook whined putting his head on your shoulder. “You're out here drinking without me? How rude.” He continued. “Good to see you too.” You lowered your shoulder so his chin almost fell on the ground. “You love me.” He teased as he continued to walk by your side. “Yeah, yeah, keep dreaming loser.”
“Oh my, Y/n you look gorgeous!” Mrs. Jeon gasped when she saw you, giving you a big hug and kissing you on the cheek. “You look gorgeous as always Miss Jeon.” You complimented her. “She’s pretty and polite, you raised her well, my friend.” Mr. Jeon said as he came to you, hugging you. “Thank you, Mr. Jeon.”
While you were enjoying your time dancing on the dance floor prince Han came to you. “Look who's here.” He chuckled as he eyed you up and down, eyes stopping at your cleavage. “Good to see you too Han.” You gave him a fake smile as you continued to slowly sway your hips to the music. “Looking alone, your prince charming isn’t here today?” He kept on coming closer to you and you started to get uncomfortable. “Firstly, Jungkook is not my prince charming. Secondly, I already told you that I don't want to have anything with you.” You declared.
Han’s face was covered in something mixed with anger and shock. He grabbed you by the wrist and took you to the nearest room. “Hey! What the fuck do you think you're doing!” You shouted as he covered your mouth with his palm. “Let me show you how you should respect a man.” He spit and his nasty fingers started to undo the strings on your corset. He was almost done undoing your corset when the door flung open.
“What the fuck is going on in here!” Jungkook screamed, pure anger in his eyes. He looked at Han first then you, he saw your scared expression and already knew what was going on. “You son of a bitch!” Jungkook shouted and punched Han in the face. Blood splattered across Han’s face as he fell on the ground, blacked out. “Y/n are you okay?” He came to you, a warm hand cupping your cheeks, fingertips rubbing your tears away. “N-no, can we go?” You sniffled coming closer to Jungkook softly trembling. “Yeah, sure let me just tie your corset.”
When Jungkook was done he gently took your hand and led you out of the room. Your lipstick was smeared and your hair was messy. But you couldn’t give two fucks about that right now, the only thing you wanted was just to be in your room with Jungkook by your side.
“Which room is yours?” He asked as you two ran through the corridors. “The last one on the left.” You replied, feet hurting from the heels you were wearing. You and Jungkook entered the room, the familiar scent of cinnamon hitting your nostrils.
“Take off your clothes and I'll prepare a bath for you.” He said and gave you a small peck on the lips. You were too shocked by the fact that he kissed you to even process what he was saying.
While you tried to get the massive dress off your body you heard a knocking on the closed door. “Hey, you alright in there?” Jungkook’s muffled voice came through the door. “Yes, I just ca- fuck!” The heel of your shoe pierced through the bottom of the dress, tearing the skirt completely. “Y/n!” Jungkook opened the door immediately covering his eyes when he saw your bare legs. “D-do you need my help, or s-should I just go?” He was too startled to even comprehend full words. “Kook it’s fine just help me out of this dress.” You assured him and peeled his hands off his eyes.
Jungkook’s hands took off the remains of the skirt. “Kook could you maybe help me with the corset too?” Big doe eyes staring up at you. “You sure? I mean after what happened.” “Yes Jungkook. I trust you.” Jungkook’s hands went to your back, untying the knots. The corset slid off your body showing off your black lace bra.
Jungkook’s cheeks were tinted a rosy color, his breath quickened and the bulge in his pants started to grow. “You okay Kookie?” fuck, how could he be okay when you’re here in your laced underwear looking so fucking beautiful “Yeah I-I’m fine, I think the bath is ready.” He stuttered, quickly leaving the closet.
You weren’t stupid, you knew Jungkook since you were kids. He always had this ‘big spoiled brat’ persona, but when it came to you he was a stuttering mess.
Tumblr media
You have to admit, the bath is very nice. Warm water relaxing your muscles, bubbles swaying around you and muffled sounds of the tv coming from the bedroom.
You closed your eyes, letting the warmth of the water swallow you. Thinking about the previous events that happened. How could Han be such an idiot, thank God Jungkook noticed that you were gone. What if he didn’t come, would Han rape you? You knew Han for about 6 years, he was always quite shy and didn’t like being around people. That changed when his mother tragically died in a car accident and since that, he’s been acting like a total douchebag.
“Y/n?” Jungkook’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. “Yes?” You turned the faucet so you could hear him properly. “Can I come in?” His voice sounded so small and fragile. “Yeah.” The doorknob turned allowing Jungkook into the room. As soon as he saw your naked figure covered by bubbles his ears turned bloody red. “I-I think I have forgotten I- uhm m-my.” “Kookie it’s fine don't be nervous.” you leaned against the bathtub, head resting on your forearms. You've never seen him like this, he looked as if he could crumble under your touch.
He was staring into the ground, avoiding your gaze. “What have you forgotten?” His eyes looked up at you, traveling up and down your body, stopping at your plump lips which were still a little stained with lipstick. “Uhm I can’t find my glasses, I-I thought I left them here but I guess not.” You looked at him and then snorted. “What?” “You're wearing them on your head silly.” You giggled, the bubbles moving around exposing your body. Jungkook gulped, his bulge now fully visible.
He followed your gaze and then quickly covered his crotch area with his hands. “Fuck I'm sorry Y/n, I-I didn’t mean to, you just looked so pretty and I couldn't.” He was full-on blabbering right now. “Hey Koo, look at me.” Doe eyes find yours, nervousness leaving his body. “It’s okay, I can help you.” His lips quickly turned into a smirk. How could he look like the cutest being on this planet and then look like a total sex God.
“Y/n fuck!” Jungkook was a whimpering mess right now. Hair messy, eyes rolling to be back of his head, thighs trembling. “Shit, if you keep sucking me off like that I'm not going to going to last- ah!” Hot spurts of cum went down your throat. “I'm so sorry, I-I didn’t mean t-” “Open.” You pushed two fingers into his mouth. Sucking them slowly, he tasted the bittersweet taste of his cum. “Good boy Jungkookie, just like that.”
While you and Jungkook were having the time of your lives your father called from the other side of the room. “Y/n are you okay? I heard some whimpers are you crying?” Jungkook’s eyes almost popped out of his skull. He quickly stood up picking up his clothing. “No dad, everything’s fine.” You assured, getting dressed up too. “Alright then, and please if you see Jungkook tell him that his parents are looking for him.” And with that, your father left.
“We should go shouldn't we?” Jungkook stared at you, cheeks pink from the orgasm. “Yeah, yeah we should.” You were done tieing the laces on your heels when you felt Jungkook’s hands on your waist. “This will be our secret right?” “Of course bunny.” You giggled and gave him a small peck on his lips.
Tumblr media
“Ah finally, where have you two been?” “Sorry, Mr. Jeon, we were just walking around the castle.” “I see.” He smiled and walked away. “Jungkookie what is that red mark on your neck.” Jungkook almost shit himself, looking at you in panic. “Oh, don't worry mom it's just a scratch.” He assured her. “Oh okay then dear.” She smiled.
“‘It's just a scratch’ Really Kook, you will need to work on your lies.” You mocked and grabbed him to the dance floor. “Okay next time I'm eating out that sweet pussy of yours and then we are going straight to your father, how about that?” “Ah that offer sounds delicious.” You giggled and started to dance to the rhythm of the music.
Tumblr media
© JEOGKU 2022. All rights reserved.
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minniesvenus · 5 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: Jeon Jungkook×reader
genre: fluff, college au, somewhat friends to lovers?,
word count: 800ish, drabble
summary: turns out rainy nights are warmer when Jungkook is there walking with you
warnings: none
a/n: okay so I still don't know if this is really turning into a drabble series of some sort but they have my whole heart and I can't stop thinking about them so bare with me till I figure it out pls, i hope you'll enjoy this too <3
pt.1blue bird/pt.2umbrella
"You really are gonna stay there till I finish?"
You were looking at Jungkook with eyes popped out of your head, shocked at how relaxed he was, sitting there, right next to you like he always did this.
Surprise surprise, he didn't.
And you were panicking.
He was sitting there, looking all pretty and over the world, not breaking his eyes out of you and your studying frame. Well, your supposedly studying frame because there was no way you would be able to focus when he was watching what you were doing.
Why was he doing this? And why was he acting this was the most normal thing in the world?
Why was he doing this? And why was he acting this was the most normal thing in the world?
Stupid Jungkook with his equally stupid beautiful face.
It wasn't even half an hour later you decided to stop, realizing there was no reason to keep trying to study when all you could focus on was Jungkook and his eyes that were looking at every corner of the library, including you. You more than the other places and making you anxious to even breathe.
You needed to get out of there.
"I'm done."
You blurted out suddenly, closing your book a little too fast and too loud, immediately regretting how you acted and this time silently packing everything so you could go.
"Mhm, I'll continue some other time."
"You could just finish everything though I was fine waiting."
Yeah and that's the problem idiot, you shouldn't be.
You just shrugged and waited for Jungkook to get up on his feet to go.
When you finally stepped outside, you saw the rain pouring down, hesitating to go and walk under it.
You normally loved the rain, carrying wasn't the only problem with umbrellas, you also liked feeling the drops hitting your face, making you feel alive and happy. You really liked it.
But you could almost feel the cold you'd catch if Jungkook wasn't here with the umbrella because there was no way you would be able to survive this rain without it. You were just glad it was good enough to walk under it.
"I think you'll thank me for insisting after this."
Jungkook said, almost laughing at the situation and probably your face. If it was some light rain, you might have convinced him to go but you knew that would be the dumbest thing you could have said. You couldn't handle him being around but you would cry yourself to sleep if he thought you were dumb more. You knew that much so you just nodded, thanking him softly before he finally opened the umbrella to step into the rain.
It was a peaceful walk, the one that made you want to stick your hands out and just be in the rain. The sound of the rain was nothing but the prettiest background noise as you walked silently next to each other, Jungkook's warmth you were now getting used to feeling was still there despite the cold, especially when you would bump your arms as you took your steps. It was making your heart race.
And incredibly fast too but it was nice. Nice enough for you to dream about more, more where you weren't anxiously silent and weren't afraid to speak.
Nice enough to hope rainy nights were made for you and him, for you to live and breathe, for you to feel warm in all that cold.
The reality wasn't that nice though.
The walk took less than you hope it would, less than you ever felt when you were walking alone and you were almost at your door.
"Thank you for doing this Jungkook you really didn't have to."
"I wanted to."
His response came so fast, faster than you could even register what his words meant before his smile covered his whole face.
"I would give the umbrella to you but I think I'll hold onto it for other rainy nights."
"Good night Y/N."
Jungkook said, smiling all the way to his eyes, and started walking backward, not removing his eyes from you till he waved goodbye, making it impossible for you to break away from his spell.
Like it was even possible in the first place.
Like you wouldn't spend the whole night crying over how adorable and beautiful he is.
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soft4gguk · 5 months
just a little... | jjk drabble
Tumblr media
Description: jungkook x reader, best friends to lovers? fwb??
Content: mostly porn, but a little plot :) 18+
Word Count: 5k
Warnings: loads of making out, dry humping, oral (f. receiving), protected sex, lots of dirty talking, spit kink?, aftercare
Author’s Note: shout out to jungkook and his competitive nature because this was totally based on the fact that he’s been diligently playing in the seom for days now and jumping levels like it’s easy <3 he’s so hot for that x
★ masterlist ★
This is a work of fiction. Please respect the members and their privacy. x
just a little…
“Okay, that’s enough.” 
“Jungkook,” you whine, eyes still glued to the screen, fingers not faltering once.
“You’ve been stuck on that level for five minutes now,” he whines back. “I don’t want Namjoon to catch up with me. Or worse – pass me.”
You roll your eyes, indifferent as you focus on the game. “You’re such a child.”
Those two seconds of distraction to voice your snarky remark put him at an advantage, snatching the phone from your grasp as he succeeds and gives a little noise of triumph. You snarl at him in half shock, half annoyance. You can’t believe him, he’s been so serious about this mobile game it’s pretty much taken all of his weekend, sleep and let’s not even mention his bank account. He’d cancelled on you and your friends on Friday night, though you didn’t push him, not a fan of crowded clubs with shitty music yourself. But then he’d cancelled brunch on you for Saturday, and so this is where your Sunday night found you. On a supposed movie night with your best friend, that so far has consisted on eating all the snacks you’d gathered for the scary movie of your choice and trying to beat level 100-and-something of this godforsaken game. 
“Hah, cleared it. God, what took you so long?”
“Asshole, give it to me,” you reach for the phone yet again but he turns his body to you, keeping his phone at a distance. Okay, maybe you do get the obsession with it.
“Come on, it’s my turn! You do one, I do one, remember?” Your voice mocks innocence, giving him a slight pout.
“That’s not gonna work on me this time. This is serious business.” 
“Fine. Let’s tussle then.”
You all but jump him, arms stretched out trying to snatch the phone away from the vice like grip he has on it, fingers reaching out but it’s to no avail because his free arm blocks you from getting too far. You groan and whine, and even try to tickle him, and when all of these deem unsuccessful, you follow your competitive instinct, using your whole body as you try to get closer to him. You don’t necessarily know how it happens, but suddenly you’re wound up on his lap, legs at either side of him as you straddle him, hands reaching upwards as he stretches his arms above his head, phone yet again out of your reach. 
“Give it,” you jump, “to me!” and with one last attempt, his phone is in your possession before you’re landing back on his lap rather abruptly, making him let out a grunt. Before he can even muster strength to fight back, you put a hand in front of his face, raising a brow as you say, “easy. Don’t even dare. I’ll just win one way or the other.”
And he doesn’t fight back. Mostly because as competitive as he is, he likes a clean game, and partially because he’s trying to shut down every nerve of his body you’ve just awoken the moment you fell onto his lap. He simply raises his hands in defeat and this makes you smile, giving a little celebratory dance that his dick very much appreciates. His moral? Not so much. Keep it together, he begs, though he doesn’t know who to address – you, him, or his brain who seems to be rapidly descending south.
“Fuck- whoever made this level must be a sadist.” Your contemplations receive no feedback, the room suddenly quiet after your previous ruckus but you don’t give it much thought, fully focused on the task at hand – literally. 
Jungkook just observes you. He sees the way your face falls into deep concentration, a small frown taking over your features, wrinkling your forehead slightly as your eyes squint. Your eyes dance around the screen as they try to keep up with your fingers. It’s all cute to his eyes, but that’s no ground-breaking news to him, no. He’s well aware you’re cute – matter of fact, he tells you it all the time. You’re cute and smart, and so very pretty and it’s hard for it to go unnoticed, so yeah, he’s aware. What hits him like a glorious epiphany – heavenly choir and all – is that you’re also hot. Your lips are plump and cherry red, like you’ve been kissed for hours, and when your bottom one gets caught between your teeth, he has to close his eyes to try and compose himself and the thousands of inappropriate thoughts that swarm his head. 
You’re his best friend, for fuck’s sake. The girl that sat next to him in the cafeteria on his first day of freshman year when college felt way too intimidating and your kindness seemed fake at first. You liked him even though he was an awkward and quiet kid, and you didn’t stop even when he grew into his confidence and became an obnoxious sophomore, fuck boy title well-worn and all. Now you’re both juniors and you still like him, could very well say you love him, even though he’s seemed to have combined the two – awkward and quiet and at times a fuck boy, shitty at texting back and prone to cancelling plans if he so happens to hyper fixate on silly things like mobile games and decorating islands for the little round characters on his screen. 
So, he urges – no, begs his mind and body to keep it together. I mean, it’s not like you guys haven’t been physically close before. He’s pretty sure your love language is physical touch, and as for him? well, he’s just easy like that, giving in every time, being your designated little spoon and allowing his head to fall to your lap during movie nights, letting your hands run through his hair. It feels nice and warm, but it’s always been friendly. So, you being perched on top of him shouldn’t be sending him into a frenzy, but alas. 
You snap him back into reality, catching him off guard when you’re letting out a big celebratory squeal as you clear the level. Your body engages in said celebration, specifically your hips, right against his crotch, much to Jungkook’s despair – or luck, he doesn’t even know at this point.
 “Fuck,” he says before he can stop himself, hands coming down to hold firmly onto your hips to halt your movements. 
You’re confused at first, finding his eyes with yours and realizing he’s just as puzzled, yet something else lingers in his dark ones. It takes a minute, but then it clicks – he’s not giving much away, gaze still in yours, seemingly clueless as to what just happened but you feel it. You feel it in the air around you that suddenly grows tense, and you most certainly feel it in the way his erection presses against your inner thigh, increasingly noticeable by the second. 
You don’t know what to say, so you go by instinct, and instinct has you giving a subtle roll to your hips, eyes still locked on his so intensely you don’t miss the way his threaten to flutter closed the moment he feels you. His grip on your hips tightens and you do it again, a bit more determined this time, granting you friction as well. You’re wearing leggings, the thin material doing wonders as it molds perfectly against his jeans, and the feeling has you drawing your bottom lip between your teeth, biting into the flesh to suppress a moan. 
Jungkook’s brain is static noise and you. The way you look, the way you feel – fuck, you haven’t even touched him yet, hands still glued to his damn phone like you’re not driving him to insanity right now. The soft material of your leggings has him wondering how the soft of your skin would feel in his hands, and he wants to touch you so badly, but he has no idea what the two of you are doing right now. 
You don’t let him ponder on it for too long, because before he can plant the seed of a thought, you’re kissing him.
Phone discarded and long forgotten, you lean into him, hands on his shoulders as you bring your lips to his. It’s soft, a mere peck as if you were testing the waters, something innocent lacing your actions and he melts, letting his pink mouth form a little pout as he kisses you back. You keep it short and sweet, pulling away slightly and letting your lips follow with a bit more hesitancy. Nose still touching his, you let out a giggle. 
“What are you doing,” he asks, lips slightly pouty still, like they’re betraying him.
“Just kissing you a little…” he can feel your minty breath on him when you say this.
He chuckles, but it’s soft. “Is this what we do now?”
He looks up at you, those big eyes of his that are always so starry bright boring into you and the answer is yes,
“This is what we do now.”
“Okay,” it’s a whisper, the word getting lost in the way your lips mold together, soft but passionate now that it’s been decided that you’re doing this – you’re kissing, just a little. 
There’s no argument in the world that could convince Jungkook to pull away from your giving lips, from the way your body draws closer to his, hand draping around his nape as your nails scrape through the soft skin there. His tongue glides across your bottom lip, biting it some before you’re opening up for him, granting him access. Your hips circle slowly, tentatively, as your tongues mimic the movement and he groans against your mouth, pleasure settling into him quick like wildfire, and burning too. 
His hands that had been obediently placed at your hips free themselves from his mental restraint and make their way to your ass, fingers stretching over your cheeks before he’s giving a harsh squeeze, making you mewl. You bring him closer with fervour, kiss him harder, encourage him to touch you further because that’s all that you want. You crave him so vehemently that there’s not an ounce of questioning behind your actions – just need. 
Your hips pick up pace with the aid of his hands on your ass and Jungkook’s cock throbs inside the tight constraint of his jeans, you feel so good – layers and all – and it has him parting from your lips as his head falls to the back of the couch. The moan he lets out is like music to your ears and soon after you’re attaching your lips to the exposed skin at his neck, right above that mole you love so much. You always poke it, a you’re cute most likely following the action because he was, and you liked to let him know, because it only made him cuter. 
What can you say? You’re weak. You’re so weak it clouds your judgement as you lick at the warm skin, puckering your lips before sucking, painting little purple blossoms in his pretty honey skin, all the way to his jaw.  
Your hips don’t lose their pace, growing more impatiently the more your need for him turns physical. The outline of his cock so prominent against your clothed slit, your clit throbs with each movement he guides and it feels so good, but it’s not nearly enough as you grow uncomfortably wet between your legs. 
It’s overwhelming – the way you move on top of him, the way you sound, and fuck, the way you look. So fucked out already and he hasn’t even done half the things he wants to do to you. Eyes glassy and lips ten shades of red and plump like ripe fruit, it’s no wonder that the minute he reconnects his lips with yours, his tummy tightens as the pleasure threatens to tip him over the edge. 
He panics, hands coming to your waist to gently stall your movements and push you away, reluctantly. He has no doubt that another minute of your little dry humping session will have him blowing his load in his pants like a horny teenager. 
“Shit- wait,” he pants, eyes closed but he can feel you pout against his lips, displeased.
“Why?” You kiss down his jaw again, and he subconsciously cocks his head to the side, granting you permission to kiss on top of the hickeys you’d left minutes prior. 
“Felt like I was gonna cum,” he huffs, moaning softly when you run your tongue all the way to his earlobe, letting your teeth play with it gently. 
You giggle and the vibrations against his skin sends shivers down his spine. 
“Yeah? Don’t you wanna?” he can barely pay attention to what you’re asking, teeth nibbling at his most sensitive spots. 
“No- yes. Fuck, yes.”
Another sweet giggle passes your lips and he cusses himself over how not-so-innocently it affects him. “Then let me make you cum.”
He’s never heard you be so crass, had never even discussed topics like the one you two were very much involved in right now – with each other. You’d always kept the tales of your hook ups vague, a simple nod from across the bar to make sure you were both safe and light teasing when the night was followed by hungover brunch and the walk of shame here and there. But now here he had you, dirty talking him. He was about to lose his damn mind. 
“Should we be doing this?” 
“Should we not? Am I making you uncomfortable?” Your question has softness attached to it, and when you look into his eyes, hands massaging his shoulders, he sees his best friend, just genuine and sweet. 
“No. Far from, actually.” His hands travel back to your hips, hands sneaking inside your oversized sweater.
“Hm,” you smile, “then just…,” he kisses you before you can finish your sentence. “Yeah that. Just do that.”
Your kisses grow hotter by the second, charged with need as you allow yourselves to give into it entirely and it’s not much after that Jungkook’s grabbing a hold of your waist and laying you down on the couch. You smile up at him in that way he’d only gotten to see today, seductive and so very enticing he almost misses the way your hands trail down your body before they’re pulling your sweater off of you. Your bra’s a pretty lacy purple that leaves very little to the imagination, a silver bar peeking through the material.
“Oh?” He says, tone playful but you can tell he’s genuinely shocked.
“Do you like it?” You ask, hand cupping your breast and pushing the cup of your bra down to reveal the shiny piece of jewellery.
“Fuck, I love it.”
He kisses down your neck, tongue licking at your collarbones until his lips touch the soft skin of your breasts, sucking, making sure he returns the favour of that little number he’s sure you left all over his neck. Your fingers get lost in his dark hair, tugging at it the moment his mouth closes around your perk nipple, his tongue playing with the piercing, setting your every nerve ending on fire. You hiss, feeling overstimulated already and his mouth travels to your other nipple, kissing gently before he’s letting his lips glide across the supple flesh. You whimper when the silver hoop at the corner of his mouth touches you, the cold sensation surprising you as you choke out a moan. 
“Can I take these off,” he asks as his index finger hooks inside the waistband of your leggings, gliding teasingly over your skin. 
“Please,” it’s a whine, a desperate little sound that has his dick twitching in his pants.
“Fuck- don’t beg, baby.” He pleads, already walking close enough to the edge as it is just for you to quite literally turn into his every wet dream and further throw him off it.
“Don’t call me baby, then.” You tease, hips raising so he can pull the tight material off your legs. 
He smirks, so devastatingly it has you clenching around nothing, a wave of arousal taking over you that there’s no doubt that your underwear is ruined by now. 
“Why’s that? You like it a little too much?” He stands between your legs, lowering his body until his lips are hovering above yours.
“Just a little,” you capture his bottom lip in between yours, letting the softness linger in there.
“Just a little? The same way you were gonna kiss me just a little, hm?” He deepens the kiss, not a single pause as he dives straight in for passion, making you moan against his lips. It’s all that you can feel – his lips on yours, so much so that the gasp that leaves you is one of surprise when his digits find your clothed clit, circling around it deliciously slow. 
“Fuck yes, that feels so good.”
“Wanna eat you out.”
“Just a little?”
“No. A lot actually, want you to cum all over my tongue.”
You moan, arching your back at his filthy words, another please leaving your lips as your nails scrape against his scalp in raw desperation. He’s in between your legs in a matter of seconds, big hands pushing your thighs apart as his hot breath hits your clothed cunt. You circle your hips at his proximity, silently pleading for more. His arm circles around your leg until his hand rests on top of your tummy, pushing into it slightly to keep you still; the pressure feels so good you can feel a new stream of arousal gushing out of you. 
He doesn’t make you wait – he doesn’t think he could even if he wanted to, your scent alone intoxicating him to the point of hunger. He hooks his fingers inside your thong, pushing the flimsy material to the side until you’re revealed to him. His middle finger glides through your slit, parting your folds until your clit comes into view, so pretty and inviting it has his mouth watering at the thought of having a taste of you. 
“Shit, you’re so wet,” he says, teasing your opening as he collects your slick before circling it around your sensitive nub. You whimper at the feeling, eyes closing and fingers running through his soft hair, letting your body tell him how good you feel. 
He gives a tentative lick, letting the thick of his tongue part your folds, licking you clean before his mouth is closing around your clit, making a mess of you all over again. Your lips part in a silent moan, basking in the pleasure his mouth provides. It’s overwhelmingly good, has your mind spiralling as your body asks for more. 
He teases your opening with his tongue, fucking you with it and drinking your juices in – you taste so sweet it has him groaning against your cunt, rutting his hips into the sofa in need of friction. His fingers push past your tight walls, curling at your insides until he’s met with that spot that has your legs instantly shaking. You look down at him, picking up the smile that forms at his face in pride with the way his eyes get all puffy. He looks almost innocent like this, and you’d buy it if it weren’t for the lewd sounds that fill the room as he fucks his fingers into your wet cunt, slurping sounds coming from his lips as he licks and sucks at your clit, finding the perfect rhythm.  
“You taste so good, could eat you out forever,” he breathes against your pussy, the vibrations inching you closer to your high.
“Yeah fuck, don’t stop, Kook. Don’t stop,” it’s a breathless moan, whimpers leaving your mouth as your body grows tense, the tell-tale signs of your orgasm taking over every inch of your body and he begins to read you, not wanting to miss a single detail about the way you’re coming undone for him, because of him. 
His fingers stay inside of you, massaging your spongey wall and giving it their undivided attention. You’re crying out in pleasure, pushing his bangs away from his face as your gaze finds his, your pretty eyes widening in shock the more he throws you over the edge. 
The tip of his tongue circles your clit slowly, so softly it’s barely there, contrasting with the force his fingers are working with inside of you. It feels so good, your focus dancing from one feeling to the other until the coil inside of you breaks and you’re throwing your body back against the couch, letting it all consume you. 
“I’m c-cumming,” it’s a whisper that barely leaves you, body shaking in pleasure, eyes closing as you bite your lip so hard you can taste blood. 
He hums, sending flutters down your tummy at the feel of it, mewling when his tongue doesn’t stop its ministrations, licking you clean, eyes on you as his fingers follow the same fate. 
“Fuck you’re so sweet,” he says, tasting your arousal one last time. 
“You’re good at that, Jesus Christ.”
He chuckles. “I’m good at a lot of things.”
“That so?” He nods, traveling up your body to capture your lips in his yet again. “Show me then.”
He kisses you deeply, lips only parting to allow you to yank his shirt off his body, allowing for you to run your hands all over him. He feels warm to the touch, the hard ridges of his toned body contrasting with the baby soft of his skin. You could touch him all day, feel the way he hisses into your mouth when your thumb grazes his nipple on its way down, tracing down his abs, feeling the way his tummy tenses at your touch in anticipation. You waste no time, eager hands palming at his cock through his jeans. 
“Are you sure?” He looks at you, laughing softly at the string of saliva that connects you two for a second too long. 
“Jungkook, you not fucking me right now could be what ruins our friendship. I need you so bad, I’m so serious.”
He laughs at this, shaking his head; he wants to tell you off for it, but he can’t find it in him. It still shocks him a little how you can be so casual about all of this. Nonetheless, his hands are making quick work of undoing the button of his jeans, letting your nimble fingers push down the zipper. He pushes himself free from the uncomfortable fabric, boxers joining, letting them slide down his legs. He sighs out in pleasure as his hard cock finally breathes.
All you can do is gawk at him – his length, his girth, the pretty vein that runs from base to tip. Jungkook has the prettiest cock you’ve ever had the pleasure to see and it makes your mouth water, pussy clenching at the mere thought of the delicious burn taking him all will set inside of you. 
“You’re so big,” you speak your mind, unabashedly.
“You can take me, baby.”
Fuck yeah you can, and you will. 
His hand reaches out for yours and you take it, letting him help you up from the couch and guide you towards his bedroom. You’ve made this journey a million times, but never has it felt this exciting. The lights in his room are dim, the soft blue and purple hues coming from his gaming set up illuminating it prettily. 
Your bra comes off first, thong following its same fate soon after. You let yourself fall on top of his bed and he chuckles as you make yourself comfortable, being awfully used to the sight of you clogging the middle of the bed and getting cozy against his pillows, only this time you’re naked. Gloriously so, might he add. 
He gets a condom from his bedside table before his knees hits the mattress, making his way to you and settling between your legs as you open them up for him. 
“How do you like it,” he asks, sitting on his haunches as he massages your thighs. 
You look up at him, giggling as his soft touch tickles your skin. “I want you on top.”
He wiggles his eyebrows at you and you kick him lightly with your feet. 
“Missionary, a classic. I like that.”
“Don’t call it that,” you whine, hands coming up to cover your face.
“Why?” He laughs.
“Makes me sound boring.”
“Oh, trust me, you’re far from.”
You give him that smile – your smile, and he melts. His body melts, too, falling on top of yours as he kisses you, the both of you laughing though you can’t tell why. He pulls away, only a little, bringing the little foil square between his teeth and ripping it open. You take it from him and grab a hold of the condom as he makes some distance between your bodies to let you glide it over his throbbing length. Even the slight contact from the act has him growing feral with desire.
“God, I need to fuck you now.”
“Fuck me now, Jungkook, please.”
His tip prods at your opening, the burn almost immediate as your walls stretch for him, face contorting slightly in both pain and pleasure as he pushes in, leaving tender kisses at the corner of your mouth, your cheeks, your temples, as he hisses in pleasure. He tries to pace himself, go as slow as he can as to not hurt you, the feeling of your warm pussy so tightly wrapped around his cock one he can see himself getting addicted to.
“Shit baby, you’re so tight around me,” he says, bottoming out, head falling down the crook of your neck. He stills, kissing at your warm skin, fingers running soothing circles over your hips. 
“You can move… want you to fuck me, Kook.”
He looks into your eyes for any sign of hesitation but all he gets is lust, angling his hips back before he’s thrusting back in – hard. You gasp for air, a breathless moan leaving your lips as he rocks into you at a delicious pace. You feel so full, so supple under whatever spell he put on you when he let you kiss him, just a little. 
And now he’s fucking you, hard and deep, sweaty bangs framing his beautiful face as his eyes fight a battle to stay open, mind too stubborn on not letting pleasure win because he wants to see you. He wants to see what he does to you painted all over your face, laced in every single moan and whimper that leaves your mouth, latched onto every tug at his hair and nip at his skin. He wants it all – he wants you all.
“Shit- you feel so good,” he pants, hands at either side of your head against the mattress, pretty red bitten lips parted in pleasure as the clenching of your walls have his tummy tensing, the vice like grip you have on him addicting, just like all of you. 
“Fuck, Jungkook,” you sob, hand coming to push at the headboard to keep your head from hitting against it at the force of his hips. “I could get used to this.”
You voice out his thoughts, and there’s something about how bold you are about it that turns him on beyond means, makes him lose his mind and throw the last bit of rationality out the window. 
“You could- we could,” your pussy clenches around him, legs wrapping around his waist. “Fuck baby please stop doing that or I won’t last long.” 
“I c-can’t. I’m so close, Jungkook.” You cry, glassy eyes looking up at him. 
You see the way his jaw locks, rearing up spit before he’s sitting back a little, letting a glob of saliva fall from his mouth right onto your mound, thumb gliding over your clit easily with the added lubrication. The dirty act sends the slow build-up of your climax into rapid fire, spreading through your body deliciously as he toys with your clit. Seconds after, he’s sending you right over the edge, pulling a second orgasm out of you and all you can do is shake and wail under him, your pussy massaging his cock with every clench of your walls. 
“Nnngh- I’m gonna cum, fuck,” he lets out in between moans, hips stuttering a bit as he spills into the condom, the warm spasms of your walls milking him until he’s left hissing and cringing slightly in overstimulation. 
You both just stay there for a minute, catching your breaths and trying to come back to your bodies. Jungkook smiles at you, pulling out of you a little reluctantly before he’s making his way to the bathroom to discard the condom. 
When he comes back, he’s holding a towel, running it softly between your thighs – it’s wet and warm and feels soothing against your core. You blush a little, smiling at him and thanking him. He simply returns your smile, throwing the towel somewhere on his floor and throwing himself next to you on the bed, head cozying up into his pillows.
“So…,” you start.
“So…,” he mimics.
You both start laughing, unable to stand the tension that threatens to fall upon you, you simply do what you do best – laugh it out. It’s comforting, and feels good knowing that a little exchange of pleasure didn’t totally break your common sense. 
“We just fucked,” you say.
“God, don’t make it sound so crass.”
You laugh at this. “Sorry, kind sir, we just engaged in sexual relations.”
“Much better.” His laugh follows.
“Do you think we’ll do it again?” Your question is sincere, albeit a little awkward. 
“Don’t ask me that right now, I’m pretty sure my dick is still hard.”
You look down at it, wanting to see it for yourself, and surely enough, you’re met with confirmation to his suspicions. 
“Well, I liked it,” you say, plopping back into the pillows, eyes fluttering slowly as sleepiness begins to fall over you. 
“Me too…” he stares at the ceiling, exhaustion settling upon him, too.
“So, if you ever wanna… we can always… just kiss a little.”
Jungkook’s face grows angelic as he falls asleep, a smile on his lips that he’s pretty sure is still there when he wakes you up late into the night, in hopes that you want to kiss him a little, too. 
I hope u enjoyed! if you did, please do let me know <33 also, stream more, left & right and proof!! okay love u loads xx
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starshapedkookie · 6 months
At the End of the Day
Tumblr media
summary: You and Jungkook have been best friends for 8 years, going through absolute hell and back together. After senior year of high school, you and Jungkook began a tradition of taking annual vacations together during the summer months. This summer is no different, with you and Jungkook celebrating graduating college just a couple months prior. You're set to move to NYC after the summer, with you and Jungkook soaking in the sun and as many moments as you can together. You'd think nothing could ever tear your friendship apart with him, but when you've sat on the beach for too many days in a row watching him surf, you can't help but wonder - when did your best friend get so hot?
➢ pairing: jungkook x female reader
➢ genre: high school friends to lovers, ex-baseball player jungkook, beach/vacation au, fluff, smut, a little angst
➢ warnings: language, angst, use of edibles, drinking, graphic depictions of smut (fingering, fem. receiving oral, light choking, dom-ish(?) jungkook, protected sex, obscene use of term baby) also i know that in the little mood board i created, the girl is a teeny white girl & i don't want to alienate any of my poc readers at all - i just thought these pics fit the vibe so take them with a grain of salt 😊
➢ word count: 13.3 k
➢ mini playlist: at the end of the day by wallows, satellite, late night talking, carolina by harry styles, no angel by beyonce, ICE (we should do drugs) by labrinth, unusual you by britney spears
posting this in honor of BTS' 9th anniversary. i think i will be sad about their hiatus for the next few days, but i know amazing things are coming for them. bts has saved me more than anyone could imagine - and this story feels like a love letter to jungkook. i hope you all enjoy.
You’re secretly watching him through your sunglasses, bottom lip tucked between your teeth in your observation. The sun’s rays are hot and you should probably reapply your sunscreen, but you can’t budge in your chair. From this distance, he probably thinks your eyes are still focused on the open book in your lap but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
You’re not exactly sure when Jeon Jungkook became so sexy. It was definitely a slow burn of growth and puberty overtime, still shocked that your best friend of 8 years looked like this now. Muscles covering his body; leaned out and defined just enough. His hair cut immaculately after a few rough stints of trying to grow it long the last two years of college. Multiple piercings in his ears and you can’t even get started on the eyebrow and lip piercing he’s gotten in the last six months. Tattoos—god his fucking tattoos—covering the entirety of his right arm; shoulder to hand. The only thing that remained the same about him was his goofy personality and lame attempts he called jokes. 
When you had first met Jungkook, he was 15 and you were 14, only a few months younger than him. High school orientation is where you met to be exact. Perhaps out of privilege, both of you ended up at the same private high school—nationally ranked for its academics and sports. It’s not hard to guess what you were there for and what he was there. Jungkook was one of the shyest people you had ever met at the time. You’d later find out that he was scouted by the high school’s baseball coaches to join the program. He was skinny like a tree branch, had a black bowl cut, and a nose too big for his face. You don’t know exactly why the two of you ended up becoming best friends but either way, you were grateful that he was in your life. 
It’s just now, your friend just happens to be insanely hot and more confident than ever. Like you’ve said, you’re not sure when this transformation happened or how you were able to ignore it for so long, but goddamn—
You quickly shift your gaze away from Jungkook as he begins to make his way back to your chairs from the water. Your focus goes back to the pages of your book—a contemporary beach romance—very fitting for your vacation to the beach this year. Jungkook makes his appearance as you’re adjusting your sunglasses, setting down his surfboard on the sand with a thump—a hobby he’s picked up in the last couple years. 
You bring a hand up to further block the sun as you smile up at him, “How’s the water?” You ask. 
A playful smirk slowly spreads across his face and you soon regret your words when he leans over you, shaking his head of hair like a dog. 
“Jungkook! Quit it!” You yelp at him when the cold water its your skin, holding your book out to protect its precious pages. He laughs, clearly proud of himself—you having to make a conscious effort to ignore how his abdominals contract with each suck in of his breath. 
“It’s alright, waves are pretty easy today,” he says running a hand through his wet hair to get his bangs out of his face.
“Just be careful out there, please,” you tell him like it’s a warning. 
“Yeah yeah, I know,” he pauses as he takes a long drink of water. “How’s the book?” He asks as he sits down in the chair beside you, throwing on his pair of sunglasses. 
You gulp, almost not even hearing his question. 
“It’s cute,” you say, book marking your page and setting it down on the towel that’s between you two, “Kind of repetitive though.” 
He nods once before looking away from you, outstretched beneath the sun, “All the books you read are the same,” he chuckles, shoving his feet into the sand. 
You narrow your eyes at him even though he can’t see you behind your shades, “I’d beg to differ,” you tell him, “Just because I like romances with happy endings doesn’t mean they’re all the same,” you defend yourself. 
He glances at you, a smile playing on his lips, “Sure.” 
“Fuck you Jeon, when’s the last time you’ve even read a book?” You challenge, “The last textbook you ever had to read in college?” 
He makes a hum in not-so deep thought, “Probably,” he shrugs and you roll your eyes with a laugh escaping your lips. Though Jungkook doesn’t voice it, he likes hearing you laugh. “This reminds me of the first trip we took,” he adds in. 
You hum in agreement, a small smile forming across your face. 
Both of you then lay in silence as you pick up your book again, soaking up the sun and sound of waves crashing a few hundred yards away from you. Silence is never awkward between you two. It hasn’t been for years at this point. You enjoy his company enough that there’s no need to talk to each other constantly. You know everything about him and he knows everything about you—minus the minuscule crush you’ve developed for him overtime. It’s innocent really; Jungkook was your best friend, funny, attractive, and you talk to him nearly everyday. It would be abnormal if you didn’t feel a twinge of something beyond friendship with him occasionally. 
At least, if you tell yourself that enough; you’d hope it would be true. 
As you peak at him again over your sunglasses, he’s closed his eyes in relaxation, and you begin to think about the journey that’s led you to this very moment. 
After you and Jungkook made it through high school, both of you happened to receive scholarships to the same university in the city. You on a nearly full-ride academic scholarship and him on baseball scholarship. Though right before both of you shipped yourselves off to university, you two decided to take an unplanned long, beach weekend trip back to his home in Busan. It took quite a bit of convincing for your parents to ultimately let you go on a trip with just Jungkook alone. Though after Mr. and Mrs. Jeon explained that they had two extra bedrooms in their beach house and you two were ensured you had to check in with whatever you decided to do, your parents caved. You’re not even sure you and Jungkook would call it a vacation now, but at the time, it was so fun. So fun in fact that both of you decided after that trip, you two would continue to take summer trips together after the school year ended. 
Throughout your semesters at university, both of you worked part-time jobs despite your busy schedules to save up for your trips. Jungkook usually worked more hours in the Fall, given his baseball schedule in the Spring was more demanding. Yet you two somehow always made it work. The year after freshman year, the two of you went to Seoraken National Park for five days, hiking and taking multiple dips in the hot springs. After sophomore year, you both decided to save a little more and fly to Tokyo, though staying in the absolute most-dirt cheap hotel you could possibly find. 
It’s after this summer where Jungkook’s life completely fell apart—every time you look at the scar on his knee, a chill is still sent down your spine. You remember the day so vividly—an open scrimmage in the Fall with the rival university in the city. Of course, you went to support Jungkook with your roommate Lisa, excited to see Jungkook officially play as captain—an unheard of accomplishment for a junior on the team. You’ll never forget the scream he yelled out as soon as he slid into the home plate, the opposing catchers cleat getting twisted up under Jungkook’s knee. He rolled onto his side, clutching his leg in agonizing pain as the crowd watched in shock. 
Jungkook had torn his ACL and MCL, as well as multiple smaller ligaments and muscles in the surrounding area of his right knee. In a fucking scrimmage, he would say through anger, frustration, and tears. The injury was career ending and that was the only time you’d ever seen Jungkook cry in your years of friendship. Jungkook had gone from someone who was expecting to be drafted in the first or second round, to someone who had lost their baseball scholarship and a fucked up knee for the rest of his life. Jungkook almost didn’t even finish school after that, though through the pressure of his parents and you, he walked across the graduation stage with you less than two months ago. You were proud him, star baseball player or not, though you know it’s something he still struggles with to this day even if he doesn’t voice it. 
After Jungkook’s knee had healed through physical therapy and other treatments, he ended up working more hours and working with little league teams in the city for extra money. By the end of the Spring semester, both of you had saved up enough money to where it was feasible to pretty much go wherever you wanted. You settled on flying to Europe, doing a two week excursion that was exhausting—but worth every penny you spent. There had been some squabble on that trip between the two of you and a third party, but the last thing you wanted was to think about that. 
Now you’re sat on Jeju Island with him, enjoying every moment you can get with your best friend before your life changes forever. Through countless hours of working, volunteering, and two internships, you had landed a dream job of being an editor in New York City. You weren’t due to move until the Fall, but the prospect of not seeing your friends and family made you extremely sad. It’s also why you’ve realized that whatever feelings you’ve harbored for Jungkook, must be kept secret deep within your body. It wasn’t reasonable to act upon them when you would be leaving—you wouldn’t ruin your friendship and leave Jungkook here in that way. 
“Earth to Y/N?” Jungkook’s voice knocks you out of your long reverie. You hadn’t even read a full page of your book as it’s still on the page you folded in the corner earlier. 
“W-what? Sorry,” you snap out of it, turning to him as you put your sunglasses on your head. 
“I said do you wanna head up soon? Make some dinner? Watch a movie tonight or something?” He asks. Your heart strings pull at the domesticity and you’re nodding before you even speak. 
“Yeah,” your expression is soft, “Though you’re in charge of the cooking tonight. I’ve done it the past two nights,” you warn him. 
He smirks, digging around his beach bag for his t-shirt to pull on, “Fine. Only if I get to pick the movie we watch.”
“Hey! That’s not fair!” You pout. After he pulls his shirt on—which you’re thankful for—he reaches over to pinch your thigh in retaliation. You jerk in reaction, “Asshole.” 
He laughs again, both of you beginning to pack up your things. Though you don’t voice it, you love hearing his laugh. 
Jungkook prepares a small array of yummy dishes—tteokbokki, a chicken stir fry, cucumber salad, and of course a side of kimchi. Neither one of you had been to the store since you two arrived to the island on Sunday, so there wasn’t much else to work with now on Friday. You make a mental note to create a new list and go again tomorrow, still having another week of your two week trip. The cottage AirBnB was small but had everything you two needed for the vacation. A kitchen, dining room, living room with a pullout couch (that wasn’t being utilized), a bedroom with a king bed which even had a small balcony that overlooked the beach. You definitely lucked out in terms of booking the AirBnB on the quieter side of the island, having most of the beach to yourselves the last few days. 
“Excuse me?” You’re laughing as you look at Jungkook dumbfounded from his words. 
His mouth turns up in the right corner as he smiles, “You heard me,” he remarks, “We should do drugs.” 
He carries on his task of drying the pan he used for the stir fry, looking at you with a kink in his pierced eyebrow. You narrow your eyes at him, leaning against the counter as you watch him, fighting your own smile. 
“And where are you going to find drugs on this island?” You say pointedly. 
“Sweetheart, you know I have connections,” he retorts back, putting the pan back into his respectful cabinet. If there was another thing that Jungkook did to turn you on; his cleanliness. He was the most organized man you had ever met—unsure if he was actually part of the male species given the track record of your other guy friends. He was cleaner and more organized than you most of the time. 
“You’re ridiculous Jeon,” your roll your eyes, “Can I trust said drugs?” 
His smirk spreads even wider, knowing that he’s got you now. 
“Of course, Yoongi wouldn’t sell me anything sketchy,” he says quickly leaving the kitchen. You have no idea who this Yoongi guy is, but you go along with it. You cross your arms as you lean against the counter, your eyes drifting off to the beautiful sunset over the water. You felt lucky to spend your time like this with Jungkook. He quickly comes back, a plastic bag in hand. 
“What is it?” You ask him curiously. 
“It’s a chocolate chip cookie edible,” he pauses, holding up the bag as he observes it, “Think of it as a two for one; dessert and a high.” 
You let out a laugh through your nose, grabbing the bag from him as you inspect it from the outside. As with any edible, it looks just like a normal cookie. You purse your lips, thinking about it for a moment. You hadn’t got high in awhile—since right before graduation actually. You and your roommates shared a nasty bong, with Lisa ultimately keeping it after you all moved out. You and Jungkook had your fair share of getting high together, whether it be at parties at the baseball house or his apartment on Sundays with his roommate Taehyung. 
You open the bag, sniffing it as Jungkook watches you, clearly amused. You break off a small piece of the cookie, plopping it into your mouth knowing it will take at least an hour for you to start to feel the effects of it. It tastes good, although there’s still that tinge of THC that never goes away fully with baked edibles. 
You walk up to Jungkook, shoving the bag into his chest, “I’m going to shower,” you announce. He nods, biting his lip as you walk away from him, his throat feeling slightly clogged. He watches your frame as you disappear into the bathroom, calling after you quickly. 
“Don’t use all the hot water!” He says from the kitchen, digging in the bag to take out his own piece of the cookie. Maybe this would help him clear his head from you. 
You’re giggling uncontrollably as you scroll through your phone, small cackles coming from you lips occasionally. 
“Y/N stop! Give me that!” Jungkook reaches over, attempting to take your phone away from you, but his own laughter taking control. 
You and Jungkook had decided to forgo the movie, opting to enjoy the balcony attached to the bedroom. It was well past 10 PM now, the sun fully set and a couple small candles and the lamps from the bedroom the only light sources. For whatever reason, both of you had been on a path of looking at old pictures of each other, you hysterically laughing at one of them from high school when both of you decided to go to the school dance together as friends. You were mainly laughing at the way he styled his hair, even then at 16 you thought it was ridiculous. 
“I don’t even know why you still have that picture,” he mutters in defeat on his side of the couch. 
You furrow your eyebrows at him as you push his leg with your foot. He’s sat up, right leg underneath him, head resting on his hand as he looks at you. You’re laying on your back, legs outstretched over his lap. 
“Why wouldn’t I?” You push, “I think I have every known picture of you thanks to your brother.” 
It’s the truth—you had more baby pictures of Jungkook on your phone than you did of yourself. He was just too damn cute and awkward. You and Jungkook’s older brother had a good relationship throughout the years, Junghyun, always making sure to send you gems of your best friend when he found them. They looked similar, though Jungkook pulled more features from his dad, including the big eyes and big nose, whereas Junghyun looked more like their mother. 
“God I can’t stand him,” he groans running a hand through his freshly dried and showered hair. He’s wearing a pair of sweatshorts and a t-shirt, his tattoos disappearing in the darkness. You’re wearing a tank top and sweatpants, feeling much better since your shower, even better since your high has kicked in. 
“This was a good idea,” you completely change the subject, not even really sure of your own words. 
He smiles at you, “I’m full of good ideas Y/N.” 
His smile make your heart thump, unable to keep your mind from going there. Your intrusive thoughts only took over when you were intoxicated. You stare at his lips a little too long before you look at your phone to change the song playing lowly from Jungkook’s bluetooth speaker. 
The thing about being friends with someone of the opposite species for so long—it’s that your friends could barely hold themselves from being shitheads sometimes. It was sophomore year—right before Jungkook’s accident—when you were at one of the many baseball parties you attended throughout college. While you were drunk, you knew that succumbing to truth or dare was your own doing. You should have seen it coming from a mile away when a mutual friend and teammate of Jungkook’s—Park Jimin—dared you to kiss him. If you had been more sober, you probably would have just taken the bitch cup and moved on with your life. Though being drunk and a little too curious after your years of friendship with Jungkook, you turned to him and pressed your lips against his. He—along with the entire group seemed taken aback at your actions—hearing whoops and ooo’s during the kiss.
Neither you nor Jungkook spoke about that after the party. It was almost as if it had never happened. It didn’t bother you too much given you were drunk and being silly. It was a brief kiss, no tongue, but enough to satiate your curiosity. At least at that point in time. Now, your curiosity was getting the best of you in other feats—though you’ve sworn to yourself you wouldn’t ever cross that line. 
“Do you ever think about life in like, ten years?” Jungkook suddenly asks, his gaze off to the distance over the balcony. From the cottage, you could faintly hear waves still crashing. 
“Hm,” you mumble, “I guess? I don’t know…” 
He looks over at you, “I do,” he says simply. 
“What does the Jeon Jungkook think about then?” You press, deciding to sit up some on the couch. You grab a pillow to support your back as you settle against the armrest of the couch. 
“I think about being married, having kids, that sorta thing,” his voice is low, yet serious. Through your hazy gaze, you bite your lip nervously.
“That’s very adult of you,” you try to lighten the mood with a giggle. He doesn’t laugh, only returning a fainted smile. 
“Do you not?” He looks away from you sounding rushed and little nervous, picking at loose skin along his cuticles. 
You suddenly feel a lump form in your throat, pulse uneasy, anxiety rises in your veins. Of course you did. 
“I mean yeah,” you offer weakly, “I guess I’ve just always been more concerned with the present,” you tell him honestly. 
He nods, fully understanding—it’s how he used to think too until his accident. He never truly had to put much thought into his future until that day on the field changed his entire life. His future was set and then suddenly it wasn’t. Now, he worries about his future everyday and where life is going to take him. He thought he was going to play professional ball until his thirties, making enough money that he’d never have to worry about a real job. Turns out, life had other things in store for Jungkook. And with you leaving thousands of miles away; his life really wasn’t panning out how he thought. 
“I like the idea of marriage you know?” He says with a hidden adoration in his tone. You find yourself softly smiling at him. “Like just having that one person for you, sharing a life together, does that sound stupid?” he exhales heavily after his question. 
You quickly shake your head, “Not at all,” you say pulling your legs to sit criss-cross, “We’ll all get there one day.. I feel like our paths are set for us.” 
He shrugs, feeling a little pessimistic, “I don’t know,” he breathes heavily, “I thought everything was going to work out a certain way… but I don’t know anymore,” he sounds defeated and sad. You look at him concerned, though you’re sure he’s just spitting high word vomit. You know a lot about Jungkook, but you’ve never heard him speak of such things—except during his relationship with Park Chaeyoung. 
Chaeyoung was Jungkook’s first serious relationship in the time span you’d known him. They met at the end of sophomore year, but only officially began dating at the beginning of junior year. While Chaeyoung was beautiful and smart enough to make you feel insecure, you weren’t her biggest fan. She kept her distance from you and you don’t know if you could exactly blame her. You were Jungkook’s best friend who happened to be a female. You want to say if you were in her shoes that you wouldn’t care who was Jungkook’s best friend, but you’re not sure could 100% say that. 
You first realized that Chaeyoung wasn’t particularly fond of you when you met Jungkook at the hospital after his accident; waiting to confirm his surgery date and time. Even though Jungkook didn’t want you to go, you were the one that actually ended up leaving to not make Chaeyoung uncomfortable. Throughout the rest of junior year, tension built between you and Chaeyoung, and some distance grew between you and Jungkook. You’re sure that she never knew about the kiss you two had shared the year before; she would have freaked the hell out. 
Jungkook was in love with Chaeyoung though. He fell hard and he fell fast—giving all of his love and extra time to her. You can vividly remember him talking about how he thought she could be the one. He was a hopeless romantic at heart but it’s when Chaeyoung told him he couldn’t go on the Europe trip you two had been planning for months that he finally stood up to her. It didn’t go over well, with her jealously taking over to the point where he broke it off with her a couple weeks before you two departed. 
You thought that the trip was going to be good for him to get his mind off her but when they were consistently communicating behind your back, that’s when arguments throughout the two week trip conspired between you and Jungkook. Finally, with four days left of your trip, he decided to stop contact with her and everything between you two only went up again from there. 
Though right here, right now; you can’t help but think his words are about Chaeyoung. You knew that they were acquaintances this past school year and always cordial when they saw each other. You suddenly feel insecure in the dim light, but you plaster a fake smile on your face to rid your mind of Jungkook and his ex.
“Don’t sound so doom and gloom Jungkookie,” you push yourself up and over to him, trying to make him feel better. You sit on your knees up next to him, pinching his left cheek between your fingers. He giggles but you don’t stop, pinching from his cheek to his chin, to his ear. 
“Y/N I swear to god—“ are his last threatening words that you should have taken seriously because it’s not long until you find yourself being tickled to death by him. 
“Jungkook! Stop!” You laugh, trying to fight yourself away from him, but his grip is too strong as he keeps you in place against the couch. You’re kicking your legs to try to get away from him as he attacks your side with his own chuckles filling up the space. To any outsider listening in, it probably sounds like a fucked up murderer situation.
You don’t even realize what’s happened until you open your eyes fully, Jungkook pinning your wrists down, his body hovering on top of yours. He’s stood with one leg on the ground, his bad knee resting between your legs on the couch. It feels like the world has stopped as you stare into each other’s eyes, your breath hitching in your throat. Jungkook has to make a conscious effort to not stare at your cleavage rising up and down as you breath in and out heavily. 
“I-I might go to bed soon,” you say nervously, breaking eye contact with him to unraveling yourself from his grip. He rises as you do to give you space, wiping his hands on his shorts. 
He nods, “Me too,” is all he says. 
You leave the balcony to go brush your teeth and change into your pajamas. Jungkook stays behind to blow out the candles and turn off his speaker, feeling a heaviness between you two now. As he turns the bed down, his own hands are clammy, his high waring off faster than he would like. Both of you had no issue sharing the king bed when you booked the AirBnB a couple months ago, but now he’s fully regretting that decision. When Jungkook comes back from the kitchen with two glasses of water for you both, he finds you already climbing into bed in your cute matching, purple PJ set. 
“Thank you,” you smile at him as he hands you the glass. You take a sip, feeling cotton mouth arise from the edible. 
He climbs into bed soon after, turning off the lamp on his side of the bed encasing both of you in pure darkness. 
“Goodnight Y/N,” are his last words that evening. 
“Night Jungkook,” you say weakly as you’re facing away from him on your side. While you two have already made invisible boundaries when sharing the bed this past week, you make more of a conscious effort than ever to keep space between you two as you both drift off into sleep. 
It’s been a few days since your edible escapades with Jungkook. Both of you have seemingly moved on from the conversations had, the tension that had built up subsiding over the next few days. Now you two are back again at the beach in your normal routine. Jungkook’s just go out in the water from surfing and you’re laying on your tummy, starting the second book of your vacation. You decided to go with something different for you—a thriller about a writer brought in by another author’s husband to finish her books for her as she lies in a coma. Weird. 
You know Jungkook’s back from the water when you feel water droplets scatter across your back. You look up from your book to find Jungkook sat down on his towel beside you, rubbing his right knee. 
“You okay?” You ask him with concern. His major surgery scar is still less than two years old, therefore it’s still quite white and reflective in the sunlight. 
He glances over to you before nodding, “Yeah I’m good, it’s just kind of stiff from surfing on it so much.” 
You can’t help but feel an extreme amount of sadness when you watch him massage his skin. Your resting your chin on your hand as you study him carefully. From the moment you met Jungkook, baseball was his complete identity. It’s why people came up to him even if he didn’t want the attention. It’s what taught him discipline and hard work ethic. It’s what made him happy. The fact it was taken away from him so quickly terrifies you. You can’t even imagine the internal battles he’s had ever since that fateful day. 
“Swim with me?” He suddenly asks. 
Through the top of your sunglasses you glare at him, a groan leaving your mouth, “Jungkook you know how much I hate swimming in the ocean.” 
He rolls his eyes at the dramatics, “Y/N there aren’t sharks in this part of the ocean,” he laughs. 
You close your book not wanting to lose your place, “You don’t know that!” You retort. 
He laughs again, this time ruffling your hair slightly, “I’ll protect you…” he trails off, a small pout crossing his features, “Plus it’ll make this feel better,” he’s referring to his knee. 
Ugh, he really knew how to convince you. 
You then agree, both getting up at the same time. You adjust your bikini to which Jungkook stares shamelessly. Your skin goes hot and you pretend you don’t see him doing so. You walk side by side to the water, a yelp leaving your lips when you feel how cold it is. 
“Fuck Jungkook! It’s cold!” You whine as he continues his descent deeper. You’ve stopped at where the water hits your ankles, he’s at his knees. 
“C’mon princess,” he whines back and the nickname gives you butterflies, “I’ll drag your ass in here if you don’t move woman!” 
“Ugh,” you spit, “I’m coming,” you slowly walk towards him as he continues to walk deeper until he’s about to his chest, finally letting himself float against the waves after he gets over where they break. 
“Y/N,” he says threateningly as you’ve stopped where the water hits your waist.
“Jungkook,” you respond but suddenly your heart sinks when he dips his body below water, disappearing beneath the surface. Your eyes widen as you look around paranoid. You know exactly what he’s up to. Though you’re expecting it, you have no time to brace yourself when Jungkook has suddenly grabbed your leg, pulling you beneath the water. You’re screaming, bubbles escaping your mouth until you reach the surface. 
Jungkook has broken the water only a few inches from you as he laughs loudly, tipping his head bad. You push water towards his face, anger filling your body. 
“Fuck you Jungkook!” You yell, his continuous laughter pissing you off even more. 
You launch at him in the water, hiking yourself up onto his back as punishment. You wrap your legs around his torso and he adjusts you comfortably. If he was going to protect you, he really was going to protect you. 
“I really hate you sometimes,” you mutter into his ear, his back rumbling against your chest as he chuckles. 
“You love me,” he retorts. 
You really do. 
“See this isn’t too bad,” he then says looking over his shoulder to meet your gaze. 
“We’re sitting ducks Jungkook,” you mumble, eyes looking around the water, still slightly paranoid. There’s a few other people in the water and a couple surfers which makes you feel a little better. 
“It’s okay to get out of your comfort zone you know,” he raises a brow when you climb off his back, deciding to swim close in front of him. Both of you float with only a few inches between you two, water at your chests. 
“Mhm,” you say sarcastically, “That’s what they all say before they’ve gotten their leg bit off,” you move your arms around to keep you wading. Thankfully it didn’t take long to get used to the chilly water. 
He bites his lip as he watches you with an amused expression. You push away the way it makes you feel. 
“You know that’s why I wanted to be your friend right?” 
You furrow your eyebrows, moving to float on your back. Jungkook being the gentlemen he is, he ends up beside you, his arms giving your back some support in the water as you float. 
“What do you mean?” You ask him. 
You can’t see his expression as you’ve closed your eyes, the sun too bright to keep them open. His fingertips graze your skin every few seconds and you swear it feels like electricity running through your spine. 
“You’ve always been the one to get me out of my comfort zone,” he points out like it’s obvious—though you’ve never had an inkling of this. 
You open one eye at him in a squint, his face a lot closer to yours than you expected, “I don’t think so,” you laugh a little awkwardly as you give up on floating, settling back to your normal swimming position with him in front of you. 
“I wouldn’t lie Y/N,” he laughs in return, “You’ve known me for a long time, you know how fucking weird I used to be.” 
“Hey you weren’t weird,” you defend him, “Just a little awkward and going through puberty.” 
He rolls his eyes, “Fucking weird,” he repeats, “I just mean I’ve never had a friend that’s always pushed me to do things I normally wouldn’t do. Hell just the vacations we’ve taken together is just one example,” he pauses, his next words cutting him a little deep, “I feel like you’re the reason I ever had a life outside of baseball.” 
You bite your lip under the water as you don’t break his heavy eye contact. You’d never realize Jungkook thought that highly of you. It makes you feel giddy on the inside, but also a little sad that you were never that confident in your abilities as a friend. If anything, you thought Jungkook brought you out of your shell more. 
“I’m just a small part of your life Jungkook,” is what you settle on. 
They way his face falls doesn’t go unnoticed, “Trust me,” he pauses beginning a swim back to shore for you to follow him, “You’re a pretty big part Y/N.” 
It’s now Friday, which means you and Jungkook only have one and a half days left of your trip. The thought makes you sad, though you know that it’s not like you wouldn’t be seeing Jungkook afterwards. He lives in the same neighborhood as you for chrissakes. But given the loom of your impending move in a couple months, you couldn’t help but feel a finality of your life here coming soon. 
You and Jungkook had gone out a couple times since being here, though neither of you had fully committed to getting too drunk. You had a feeling though that tonight you were ready to full let loose. Jungkook complimented you as soon as you were ready to leave, sending heat through your body. You were wearing a white two piece set—a small bralette type top with a matching mini-skirt that wrapped around your waist nicely. Your strappy heels gave you some height to Jungkook and you’re sure to any other tourist, you two looked like a couple. 
Jungkook looked absolutely ravishing, the familiar lump of the past couple weeks forming when you laid eyes on him. He was dressed in an extravagant short sleeve button that was a yellow and white along with white pants to tie everything in. You almost laughed one, being you’re 99% sure the shirt is Fendi—how the hell did he afford that?—and two, you’re not sure you’d seen him in anything in sweatpants and t-shirts since graduation. Even then, it took you and Taehyung a lot of convincing for Jungkook to wear dress pants under his cap and gown. 
You and Jungkook had ate dinner at a local sushi bar, getting a couple drinks there to pregame your evening. You don’t know how Jungkook ate and drank so much and keep the figure he had. It had to be genetics; there’s no other way. 
It was now a little past 9 and both of you were feeling drunk—a good drunk—a happy drunk. The bar you two were at was partially outside, with a dance floor and good drinks. You and Jungkook are talking to a couple who also happen to be on vacation. 
“Honeymooning is fun for sure,” the woman says, her words a little slurred, “Are you two honeymooning too?” 
Both you and Jungkook begin to stutter, shaking your heads awkwardly, mumbling your words together. 
“We’re not together,” you manage to get out as you lean against the bar for stability. Jungkook’s stood behind you, his chest touching your shoulder as his arm sits behind your frame protectively. 
The new husband’s eyes widen, “Could’ve fooled me,” he says, “Right honey?” 
“I agree Joon,” she eyes you up and down, clearly shameless as she does so. “Let’s go dance baby!” She suddenly exclaims. The couple—Namjoon and Camille—bid their farewells to you and Jungkook, leaving you two alone again at the bar. 
You suddenly feel a little awkward under the strangers gaze, looking up and over at Jungkook. He’s giving them a straight smile before his eyes watch them walk away, an amused expression filling his eyes as he begins to laugh. 
“You want another drink, honey?” He suddenly asks through a joke and you crack a smile, turning around to playfully push him. You catch a whiff of his scent as you stare at him intently, trying to ignore the deep stir of heat in your tummy. His gaze his vibrant as you take his sunglasses tucked from his shirt and place them over your eyes. 
“If you’re paying Jeon,” you smile at him wickedly. 
Jungkook orders both of you tequila shots, both of your faces scrunching up when you bite the lime for some relief. You have chills running down your spine, trying your best to keep the contents down. 
“We’re going to be hurting tomorrow,” you say, sliding the shot glass back towards the bartender. 
“I don’t even want to think about it,” he groans, suddenly reaching out to grab his phone. It’s buzzing in his hand, “It’s Junghyun,” he looks at you, “I’ll be right back?” 
You nod, telling him you’d be right here. You watch as he walks away from you, a deep exhale escaping you. You’re intoxicated again—intrusive thoughts taking over your brain. You reminiscence over the last two weeks with Jungkook here. He makes you so incredibly happy and you’re sure that if you let yourself, you’d fall deeply in love with him—more than you already are. You’ve been through thick and thin together. You can’t let yourself go there though—it couldn’t happen. The friendship you two had between each other was too important to you. You’re not even sure Jungkook could even feel these feelings towards you. For all you know, he was just talking about his shitty ex the other day. 
Your thoughts are interrupted when suddenly a man appears in front of you. A man that’s not Jungkook. He’s leaning his elbows on the bar as he waits for the bartender to take his order. He gives you a glance and you stare shamelessly. He’s quite attractive, that’s for damn sure. 
“You want a drink sweetheart?” He suddenly asks, the pet name not sounding as good as it does coming from your best friend. 
You find your voice over the music, “I’m good, thank you,” you smile at him knowing if you drink anymore, you’d be crossing the line of fun drunk to a miserable blackout. 
He nods respecting what you’ve said, ordering two shots of whiskey for himself. You look around the bar trying to find Jungkook. It’s loud and crowded, but you haven’t been able to spot him in that ridiculous yellow shirt. You wonder what Junghyun needed that’s taking so long. 
“What’s your name?” The strangers asks you as he turns his body to face yours completely. 
You lean towards him some to save your voice, “Y/N,” you tell him. 
A charming smile spreads across his face, “Well miss Y/N, why is a beautiful girl at this bar alone?” 
You’ve dealt with many men of this caliber, so his words don’t creep you out much. Internally you applaud him for using the term beautiful, and not the typical hot or pretty. 
“I’m not alone,” you tell him. He looks around the area you both are, your point not withstanding, “What’s your name?” You change the subject. 
He downs his second shot of whiskey, “Jackson. It’s nice to meet you,” he offers his hand graciously and you shake it in return. 
“Well Jackson,” you pause, feeling that tequila shot getting to you, “Why are you here at this bar alone?” 
He laughs, raising an eyebrow at you, “I’m not alone either,” he retorts. 
You nod slowly, a small smile spreading across your lips. Again, your eyes do another dance around the bar to spot Jungkook to no avail. 
“Do you want to dance with me Miss Y/N?” He suddenly asks taking you completely off guard. You open your mouth then close it, only to open it again to say nothing. You should say no. You know in your heart you should say no. However with no sign of Jungkook and this Jackson guy seeming like a normal guy, you felt no guilt when you take his hand for him to take you to the dance floor. 
The bar has great club and house music playing, making dancing an easy feat. Jackson is a great dancer, finding the rhythm to the songs easily as the DJ switches them rapidly. You find yourself comfortable with him, resting your hands lazily on his shoulders as he guides you through the motions. Maybe you’re too drunk, or you’re just relaxed, but you feel good in this moment. It reminds you of being a college freshman with Lisa, when you two would go to sweaty frat and baseball parties, dancing the night away with water bottles filled with cheap vodka. 
The tide between you and Jackson folds when you turn around, unknowingly pressing your back to his chest. You both are swaying in the changing lights, his arms resting on your waist protectively, his head resting on your left shoulder. You’ve always been a decent dancer too, Jackson finding it impressive as you keep up with each other. When you find a hand gripping at Jackson’s hair pulling him closer to you, it’s when reality hits, time freezing in that very moment. You’ve opened your eyes after sometime, across the bar Jungkook walks in, his eyes finding yours instantaneously. His lips part, a painful expression crossing his features. He watches you only for a moment, his heels turning himself around to leave you be, heart feeling like someone’s crucifying it. 
You suddenly panic, creating immediate space between you and Jackson. You turn around and lean up to his ear. 
“I’m sorry, I really have to go—“ you tell him in a rush. He’s clearly confused but before you can listen to whatever he has to say, your feet pick you up to the path Jungkook must have taken to get out of here. It’s difficult to get through the crowd of people, especially in your heels and drunkenly, but you manage. 
When you go to the outsider area of the bar, you don’t spot him. Shit, you think, where did he go? You start to panic, reaching for your phone out of your purse. You quickly scroll to his name, hitting the call button. You groan with an eye-roll—of course he isn’t going to fucking answer you. 
You’re not completely sure he’s not in the bar anymore, but you chance it, leaving the bar alone. Thankfully the streets are well lit and there are plenty of people around to make you feel safe. You’re typing him a mean text as you walk back towards your cottage, ready to curse him out when you see him. That is, until you actually see him—then your mind goes blank. 
Jungkook’s sat on the curb of a small, local convenient store eating what seems to be an ice cream sandwich. You’ve got to be fucking kidding. 
“Jungkook!” You nearly exclaim, “What the hell are you doing?” You approach him, stumbling slightly in your heels. 
He quickly notices how unstable you are, standing up to steady you, “You okay Y/N?” 
You push him off you, “No the fuck I’m not okay,” you spit at him, “You just left me there?” You’re drunk and frustrated, that’s all you know. 
“Here,” he offers the rest of his ice cream sandwich. You can’t resist him and you take it, eating it in two bites. He watches you carefully before saying, “Sorry, I just thought you were preoccupied.” 
You throw away the paper wrapper, looking at him like he’s crazy. 
“Are you for real Jungkook?” You press, not caring if you’re bringing attention to the two of you as people pass by. He shoves his hands into his pockets, exhaling heavily. 
“You want to go home?” He asks with straight lips. You cross your arms over your chest angrily, what the hell was his problem? 
“Do you want to go home?” You ask him in retaliation. 
He only looks a you a brief moment before nodded slowly. This conversation is seriously sobering you up faster than anything has ever before and nothing productive has even be said. 
He turns around, “C’mon,” he says. 
“What do you mean?” You ask him confused as he’s widened his stance, as if he’s ready for you to plow over him. 
“Hop on Y/N,” he says, “And don’t even try to fight me on this. I know your feet are killing you.” 
He wants to piggy back you home. You stay put, hands playing with each other awkwardly staring at his back. He glances over his shoulder and says your name again. 
“B-but your k-knee Jungkook,” you say hesitantly. You knew Jungkook weight lifted and did enough cardio for him to live until he was 105, but the last thing you wanted was for him to injure himself again, especially because of you.
“It’s fine Y/N, I promise,” he says, “I just want to get you home.” 
As you brace yourself on his shoulders, you try to jump as light as possible to lessen the blow to his body. He catches you gracefully, adjusting your knees in his hands. And home is where you two go. 
After you two walk into the threshold of the cottage—you insisting on walking the last little bit of the way—a parable tension that could be cut with a knife has settled between you two. You tried your best to talk to him on the way back, but his answers were short and uninterested. You only had remnants of your drunkenness left inside you and if anything, you were tightening back up, even angrier than when you left the bar. 
Jungkook’s about to walk into your shared bedroom before you call after him. 
“Wait Jungkook!” You say. He stops in his tracks, turning to look at you. His face is unreadable in the dim lights of the cottage. “What the fuck happened back there?” You ask him as you take off your heels, leaving them by the couch. 
“It’s nothing Y/N,” he brushes you off, turning around to continue his path to the bedroom. Of course you follow him; he expected it. 
“Jungkook, come onnn,” you press, “Are you that pissed that I was dancing with someone else?” You can’t hide your anger and frustration if you tried. This wasn’t fair to you. He had paraded girls throughout college— parading Chaeyoung for a year and a half in front of you—and you never said anything about it no matter how much it bothered you. 
“Y/N it’s fine, can we just,” he pauses as he looks over at you, “Just drop it?” He’s taking off his rings and bracelets, your lip tucked between your teeth. 
You make an unsatisfied noise, stepping closer to him, “No we fucking can’t. What’s your problem Jungkook?” 
He leans on the dresser with both hands, his muscle definition showing through his shirt as he tenses up. His jaw clenches as he closes his eyes in deep reverie. You watch him carefully, knowing you probably should tread lightly given he’s pissed. But you know what? You’re pissed too. He can’t act like that with no explanation—that’s not fair to you. 
“Junghyun called me about you, you know,” are his first words as he looks over to you. 
“M-me?” You stutter, confusion lacing your tone. 
He pushes himself off the dresser, though he keeps distance between you two. He suddenly runs a frustrated grip through his hair, messing it up slightly. 
“You know, since you’re moving halfway across the fucking globe,” he sounds bitter, though deep dejection is mainly what you hear. You moving had been a sensitive topic with him ever since the interview stage happened with you months ago. It hurt you to speak about it with Jungkook the most. The thought of leaving him crushed both of you which is why neither of you had brought it up these past two weeks. 
“He was asking me if I had done it yet,” he laughs sarcastically, “Of fucking course he was.” 
You’re more confused than ever and you say his name in a whisper, but he continues. 
“You know the other day when you said that you were only a small part of my life, that’s when it really hit me,” he pauses, “You really don’t know how much you fucking mean to me Y/N. You’ve been my best friend for so long, been there with me through so much of my bullshit—my accident, losing my scholarship, losing my fucking life—“ he inhales deeply and you suddenly feel dizzy, unsure of where this conversation has turned.
“—And now I’m fucking losing you and I can’t even be honest with you because it doesn’t matter,” his voice breaks off as he looks at his feet. You start to panic, a roller coaster of emotions pulsing through you. 
You step towards him hesitantly, “Jungkook you can always be honest with me,” you grab his forearm, “I’m your best friend for fucksakes—stop with the hysterics and just tell me what’s wrong,” you plead with him. If your words weren’t enough, your eyes were giving a show. 
His bottom lip trembles as he meets your gaze. You have adrenaline running through you as he moves to rest his hands on your waist, gripping the skin tight. 
“I love you Y/N,” he says letting out a deep breath before he can second guess himself. 
“I know,” you tell him, “Jungkook you know I love you too.. you’re scaring me—“
“No Y/N,” he shakes his head, “I’m in love with you—like fucking crazy about you Y/N.” 
His words take your breath away, stumbling slightly as you can’t believe the words he’s saying. He’s what? Jungkook’s in love with you? You part your lips, unable to form sentences, shaking your head stunned 
“You don’t have to say anything,” he looks down, his forehead brushing yours, “But I couldn’t let you move without telling you—I don’t know how long it’s been but it just happened one day and I haven’t stopped since.” 
“Jungkook,” you finally whisper after some silence, your palms finding solace on his broad chest, “I-I don’t know what to say,” you pause looking up through your lashes. You feel like you could cry from the up and down of your emotions. 
You both stare at each other, unsure of who is going to make the next move. You decide that it will be you. 
“B-but when we talked the other night about the future and stuff… I thought you were talking about Chaeyoung,” you admit, feeling a little dumb now that this secret has been spilled. 
Jungkook lets out a laugh, unsure he heard you correctly, “Y/N—what, no, I haven’t spoken to Chaeyoung in months at this point,” he pauses, his strong hands gripping your forearms gently, “I was talking about you.. it’s always been you.”
There’s a silence that falls; a war raging in your head as you go through as many memories as you can with Jungkook. He’s been there for you at any moment you’ve needed him and vice versa. You couldn’t imagine a life without him and right now—you’ve finally decided in allowing yourself to be honest. 
“Y/N I know this is unfair since you’re leaving but—“
“I love you too Jungkook,” you interrupt him to which he responds with a mellow what, “I know that I’m in love with you Jungkook—I have for some time now, I just didn’t want to admit it.. I-I was scared and I didn’t know how to bring it up, fuck I’m sorry—“
You’re suddenly cut off with Jungkook’s lips covering yours. You instantly melt into his lips as your eyes close, your hands finding their way around his neck to pull him down to you. After a few moments, he pulls away from you, rubbing his nose against yours. 
“Is this real?” He asks, a small smile playing on his lips; all anxiousness leaving your body at once. You return a small smile, nodding in his delicate hold. 
“Real,” you whisper back, chasing after his lips once again. 
This time when your lips meet his, it’s more aggressive from each side, pouring out all frustration and built up pining over the years into it. His tongue opens your mouth wider and you sigh into him, tangling your fingers into his soft hair. His hands slither down from your waist to over your ass, pressing your hips into his. 
You’d never thought kissing someone could feel this good. Your entire body feels aflame as you both discover each others mouths piece by piece. Jungkook’s walked you backwards against the wall, holding you up against it firmly as you both continue to kiss each other feverishly. You rest your head against the wall as his lips move from yours to your neck, your breathing intensifying as he kisses and nips gently. 
“Jungkook,” you breathe heavily, as he places a kiss on your exposed shoulder, moving the flimsily strap to your top down. You get bolder with your own actions, maneuvering your hands underneath his shirt feeling his muscles tense under your touch. 
His lips find yours again, “I wanted this for so long Y/N,” he mumbles against your skin as you pull him taut to you. “Remember sophomore year? When you kissed me for that dare?” 
“Mhm,” you murmur in response as his hand experimentally trails its way up to cup your left breast, “How could I forget?” You tell him through a slight whine when he squeezes you through the thin material of your top. 
He smirks against your lips, tugging on your bottom lip ever so slightly, “I was so happy when you didn’t drink that bitch cup,” he admits. You can’t help but giggle at his words, one of your hands resting on the back of his neck to hold him close to you, “And this is much better than that.” 
You nip at his mouth again, “I agree,” you pause, your other hand playing with the buttons on his shirt, “Can I take this off?” You ask through your lashes; your voice soft and patient. 
Jungkook emits deep groan from his throat, “Is this okay with you?” He suddenly asks. 
You immediately nod, “Yes, yes, of course,” you begin your slow assault at his shirt buttons, undoing them one at a time. 
He kisses your forehead, “Okay… I just,” he pauses, “I’m just a little nervous,” he admits as he grapples at your waist again, pulling you flush against him. He’s got a growing bulge in his pants, making your squeeze your thighs together. 
“Why are you nervous?” You gaze at him with stars in your eyes, finding everything about him endearing and so lovable. 
He rests his forehead against yours, “I don’t know I’ve just thought about this for forever,” he pauses, “I want you to feel safe.” 
You smile sweetly at him, “I always feel safe with you Jungkook,” you tell him reassuringly. You lean forward, placing a kiss on his exposed chest when you finally undo the last button. You waste no time pushing the fabric off his golden skin, tattoos and all on fully display. 
“When did you get so hot?” You pout in between his kisses along your neck and collarbone. He chuckles into your skin, his hands now exploring both of your breasts through the fabric. 
“I’ve been wondering the same with you,” he kisses right between your cleavage, his fingers finding the zipper at the back of your top. 
“Please—“ your breath hitches when the cold air makes your nipples taut as he drags your shirt away, “Have you seen yourself?” You’ve barely finish your sentence until Jungkook’s lips are wrapping around your right nipple, sucking and teething at the sensitive. 
“Have you seen yourself Y/N?” He mumbles into your skin, paying attention to your left nipple now. “My pretty girl,” he breathes out pulling away from you, sending a fire through your veins. He grabs your hands and pulls you towards the bed not too far from the wall. 
You straddle him as you reconnect your lips together, rutting against him as your hips grind down. A shiver of pleasure runs through you, a subtle moan vanishing in his mouth. 
“Fuck,” he says, “Do that again, I like hearing you.” 
You chuckle, kissing near his ear, “Make me,” you challenge. Jungkook bites his lip, the grip on your hips tightening. 
Being as competitive as he is—it’s a challenge he’s willing to accept. 
Jungkook is suddenly flipping you two over, settling between your thighs, tits shaking as you readjust yourself. You spread your legs a little so he can sit comfortably on his knees between you, his bulge more prominent than ever, straining in his white pants. Your mouth literally waters as his hands push up your skirt, exposing your skimpy little lace thong that’s barely covering your cunt at this point. 
“Goddamn,” he gulps at the sight, his eyes flicking to yours quickly as your chest rises up and down in anticipation. You’re already so turned on—so wet just for him. If it was any other guy, you’d probably feel embarrassed but you were telling them truth when you said you felt safe with him. 
His tattooed hand slides down to your inner thigh, a couple of his fingers running over your clothed heat. Your hips cant outwards as he does this a couple times before he decides to ultimately pull your panties off, leaving them strung across the room somewhere. 
You hold his gaze as he spits onto his fingertips, now finding your bare pussy exposed for him in all its glory. He doesn’t waste time in dipping a finger inside you to test the waters. When your mouth falls open, he takes it as a good sign when you start to beg him for more. 
“Jungkook please,” you push out your hips, trying to get the most of one finger though it’s no use. “I need more,” you whine. 
He leans down, placing a kiss to your lips, “I know baby, I know,” you gasp when he adds in another finger, a steady strong of moans escaping you when he begins a gentle rhythm in and out of you. It’s torture the way it feels so so good, yet it’s still leaving you wanting more. 
He gets a hold of your right leg, holding it up slightly so he can penetrate deeper inside with his fingers, his thumb rubbing up against the hood of your clit. 
“Hold yourself open for me baby,” he says to which you obey, holding onto the side of your leg just as he was, “Good girl,” he praises you, which creates even more slick arousal. 
From here, he takes one of his hands to pull your clitoral hood open, using his other to circle your bud and enter your pussy in alternating motions. 
“Ah, shit—“ your hips jerk against him when you begin to feel yourself start to climb that hill to an orgasm. Your continuously moaning was sending him mad and your glistening cunt was a full invitation for him. 
He shifts his weight, his lips meeting your center to which your back arches off the mattress, a strained whine from you as he flicks his tongue over your clit. It’s obscene the way he gives you head—it’s hot and messy, little to no friction as he goes from focus on your hole with both his fingers and mouth, to sucking heavily on your clit. You could feel yourself dripping on the sheets underneath you, the wetness making Jungkook involuntarily push his cock into the mattress. 
“Jungkook—I’m gonna come,” you manage through your tight breaths. 
“Yeah baby?” He muses against you, the vibration of his voice sending a shockwave through your already swollen clit. You nod desperately into the bed, holding his head down with your left hand as your hips chase to meet his movements. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” chants fall from your lips when you feel yourself tip over the edge, falling heavily into an orgasm that overtakes your entire body. You don’t even care if you’re loud as you moan and rile beneath him, your pussy clenching around his fingers before he pulls them out to watch your cunt clench around nothing. 
“God, you’re so fucking sexy,” he marvels as you come down from your high, your body clearly relaxed now as you find time to catch your breath. You lean up on your elbows as he meets you halfway to kiss you again. He tastes like you as he tongues the inside of your mouth carefully. 
You scoot your body down some, hands finding the front of his pants. You can tell he’s big just by running your hand over his cock through the clothes. He inhales a sharp intake of breath when you squeeze him a little. You break your kiss to focus on getting him out of the fabric, unzipping and unbuttoning his pants quickly. You take notice of his white Calvin Kleins as he helps you push them down past his ankles. 
In a rush, you tug down the front of his boxers—breath hitching in the back of your throat. He was big—the biggest you’ve ever seen—thick and long between his muscular set of thighs. 
You whine when you take him in, never experiencing a want for someone so badly in your entire life. 
“Can I please suck it?” You whisper, your words sounding like sweet saccharine to his ears. As tempting as that sounds for him, he wasn’t sure how long he would last with you, and he needed to be inside of your pussy when he came.
“Not right now baby,” he says firm in his tone, “I want to be inside you so bad,” he sounds just as desperate as you feel. 
You nod quickly as you begin to take your skirt off since it’s still the last piece of clothing on you. Jungkook’s hands stop you quickly.
“No, no,” he chuckles, “Gonna fuck you in this pretty skirt,” he places a zealous kiss on your lips one more time before he suddenly gets up hurrying over to one of his duffle bags. He returns quickly and you watch carefully as you notice him tearing open a condom packet, his abs visible each time he breathes. 
“You brought condoms?” You ask him curiously. 
He smirks as he begins to roll it down over his fully hardened cock, “I’ve been bringing them with us everywhere since we went to Europe,” he explains as he instructs you to scoot back some. The thought makes you feel bubbly on the inside, laughing at him some. 
“So you’ve just assumed that we’re gonna fuck one day then?” You ask him as he settles between you, rubbing his tip against your folds. 
He closes his eyes briefly, before smirking again, “Never assumed, just hoped,” he lines himself up with your entrance, having to fight not to just slam right into you, “I’ll start slow okay?” 
You nod as you grip behind his neck and shoulder with each hand. Once Jungkook begins to push into you, you literally forget how to breathe. Jungkook groans as he bites his lip in full concentration, pushing a little farther. 
“It’s okay, breathe baby,” he encourages, “I know you can take it. My baby can take it, right?” 
He knows very well you can—he just wants to hear you say it in your voice that’s laced in honey and arousal for him. 
You nod faster that you ever had, “God, yes Jungkook I can, yes I can,” you finally find your oxygen as he pushes in slowly to the hilt. Your jaw was slack as his forehead rests against your own, a burning between your legs but pleasurable enough that you begin to involuntarily clench around him. 
“Shit baby, don’t do that,” he warns, “This tight little pussy is all mine, right?” 
“Of course Jungkook—“ he pulls back, then pushing back in, your hips canting upward to help him fulfill every inch inside you. “Oh my god—“ you whimper as he slowly begins to find his pace. 
“Are you okay?” He asks. 
“Yes, fuck yes, Jungkook just please don’t stop,” you beg, “Go faster, please.” 
One of his hands grip your right hip, the other fisting the sheets by your head as he does as he’s told, picking his pace up slowly but surely as the seconds pass. Its blissful heaven having him fill you up so good. You’d never thought you’d be in this position with Jungkook, but as time passes you wish that you two had got around to it a lot sooner. 
With each snap of his hips, your body moves upwards given force. A mantra of noises come from you as you watch his brows furrow from above you, strained groans and breathes escaping his lips. You could feel the simmering of another orgasm approaching you as his perfect stroke hits your g-spot. You grab at his face to steady him; his pace thrown off a bit when you lean up to kiss his lips gently. 
“Let me get on top,” you whisper to him. He tugs on your lip, unsure if he wants to give up control but with you, he’d relinquish any day. He pulls out, leaving you hallow with you quickly pushing him off of you and down to the mattress. His back is rested against the pillows and headboard to which you grab with one hand, using your another hand to line yourself back up with him. 
After you sink down, your arousal making it easy this time—you begin to find a pace against him that’s calculated to hit your insides in all the right areas. Jungkook grips your hips, pushing your skirt up slightly as he marvels up at you, drunk in a haze of you and you only. With uneven breaths, you can tell you’re on the verge of coming again, so he licks his thumb before he places it on your clit. Each touch of your hips presses firmly against his finger, explicative falling from your lips in a rush. 
“God—Jungkook, I-I can’t,” you choke out, squeezing around him tightly as he begins to push his own hips up to meet yours. 
One of his hands makes it way to your throat, pulling your forehead down to his as he takes the oxygen away from you. It’s too much—it’s all too much. 
“Yes baby, you can,” he encourages, “My pretty girl, come with me,” he adds after he begins to hold you in place some, shoving his hips up in a brutal pace to chase his own climax. 
It doesn’t take long for your second orgasm to hit, hit tipping backwards as you let out a half-scream of his name, jumbled together with high pitched moans. It goes on longer than your last one, convulsing around his cock as you lean forward in a daze. 
Jungkook’s close—his lip tucked into his teeth, brows deeply furrowed as he continues his pace up inside you. With a bated breath, he announces he’s going to come and you encourage him just as he did you. He spills into the condom with a whiney groan in submission to you, his movements coming to end an end shortly after he rides his climax out. 
He’s got his arms wrapped around your torso and you cradle him to your chest as you both try to catch your breaths. He lifts your hips slightly to let himself fall out of you, though he keeps you close to him after, looking up at you through a lazy smile. 
You return one to him, meeting your lips to his. The kiss is gentle and love worthy as your heart swells so much it feels like it could burst for the man beneath you. 
You pull away from him, “Can I take this skirt off now?” 
He chuckles before nodding, placing a kiss on your shoulder before you move off of him to discard the final article of clothing on your frame. You climb back into bed after you throw on a slinky tank top and use the bathroom—a UTI was not going to plague you. Jungkook pulls on a pair of briefs, opening his arms up to you once he climbs back in. You cuddle up right next to him, an arm slung around his bare chest, leg over his as he pulls you closer with one arm. The two you mindlessly talk about nothing before you feel yourself drifting off to sleep. The last thing you recall is Jungkook placing a kiss on your head, telling you that he loves you again, leaving little to no space between each other this time on the bed. 
The bright sun is what wakes you up the next morning, a strained mumble coming from you as you stretch out on the bed. You’re halfway on your back, halfway on your side when you open your eyes. You rub them with your knuckles to clear them of any matter. When the room fully focuses, you freeze in your position, stomach dropping a little bit. Your head hurts from the alcohol but it wasn’t enough alcohol to make you forget what happened. 
You and Jungkook had had sex and professed pining love to each other. 
You quickly turn over to find yourself alone in the bed, your anxiety and cortisol levels skyrocketing. You also take notice that Jungkook’s not out on the balcony that connects to the room. You sit up a little too quickly for your headache, taking a moment to steady yourself. 
You grab your phone off the nightstand, checking the time and any messages you have. There’s only a few that you decide you’ll answer later. Nothing from Jungkook. 
You push the sheets and duvet off your frame, hurrying over to your suitcase to pull on a pair of shorts. You quickly make your way out of the bedroom, finding the living and kitchen space empty. Maybe he was in the bathroom? 
“Jungkook?” You call out. No answer. 
You suddenly feel like you’re going to get sick. Insecurity and all other horrifying thoughts cross your brain. Did he leave you here? Did he get scared and go home? Did he really fuck you only to leave you? 
You feel like you could cry as you lean onto the couch for support. You hold back your tears, breathing heavily in and out to keep yourself calm. 
Where the fuck—
The door to the cottage is suddenly unlocked, pushing open to reveal your best friend in all his glory. He’s dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants, carrying a brown bag in one hand, balancing two coffees on his arm. 
“Oh, good morning!” He flashes his million dollar smile at you as he sets down all of his belongings on the kitchen island. 
You stand there with a pout, not saying anything to him. He looks at you slightly confused, walking over to see what’s wrong. 
“Are you okay?” He asks with concern, grabbing gently behind your elbows. 
You push at his chest with flat palms, “I thought you left me,” you whine. A smile cracks open as he laughs some. 
“Why would I have left you?” He questions you, “I just went and got us some breakfast while you were still sleeping,” he explains. 
“Well I can see that now,” you push back, “I just thought.. maybe you got scared and left,” you trail off, looking away from him now that you feel a little dumb for jumping to such horrible conclusions. 
Jungkook pulls you in for a hug to which you return it like a kid grabbing onto their teddy bear tightly. 
“I would never do that Y/N,” he says placing a kiss to your head, squeezing you playfully as he sways you dramatically, “I’m kind of offended that you think I would,” he then says with a pinch to your ass cheek. 
“Ow!” You push yourself off of him with a laugh, “Sorry, it’s just,” you chew on your lip when you meet his gaze, “I don’t really know how to go about this whole friends to lovers thing.” 
He pulls you to the kitchen so you two can begin to eat your breakfast. The coffee is great; just what you needed to cure your headache. 
“It’s simple,” he says as he sits down beside you after he’s placed your breakfast sandwiches out. 
“Is it really?” You push through a mouthful of food—gross you know, but Jungkook was the last person to care. 
He quirks that pierced eyebrow at you that just drives you absolutely mad, “Hell yeah. We’re still best friends we’re just gonna have lots of sex now.” 
You look at him stunned before you both are laughing hysterically together. Maybe he is right. Simple. As the two of you eat your breakfast, you can’t help but feel so very happy but also so very sad. The two of you have created a bubble of paradise and it’s going to burst as soon as you get back on the plane to head back home. 
“Jungkook,” you say, turning the conversation serious after you both have finished your meals. He responds with a hm? “I’m still moving after the summer,” you bring it up hesitantly given how touchy it is; but there was no escaping and hiding from the truth. You were leaving; Jungkook was staying here. 
He tenses up in his seat, pursing his lips as he glances over at you, “That’s another reason Junghyun called me last night,” he begins. You look at him confused, asking what he means, “I’ve been thinking about telling you about my feelings for so long Y/N, and I clearly have shit timing,” he laughs ironically, “But Junghyun has known for awhile now—I think before I even knew it but um,” he pauses, “He made me promise to him that by the end of this trip that I would tell you, so he was on my ass about it last night.” 
You smile at him sweetly, resting your hand over his, “Well now you can tell him you kept that promise,” you offer. 
His gaze doesn’t quite meet yours, “Yeah, but that’s not all,” he pauses as you listen to him, “I’ve been applying to jobs in New York,” he admits. 
Your lips part as your eyes widen, “What?” You’re nearly breathless as you ask the question—feeling like Jungkook took a baseball bat to your chest. “Why would you do that?” You press. 
He swallows heavily, “I just, I knew whenever you said you were going there that I just couldn’t not try with you,” he pauses, his gaze looking almost apologetic, “I didn’t want to be four thousand miles away from you so I panicked and started applying for jobs there,” he explains, “I don’t want you to be mad, and I’ve already talked to my family about it and they’re all okay with it,” he says in a rush, “I just didn’t want you to be alone there, whether I confessed my feelings to you or not.” 
He’s chewing on his lip and you can tell he’s nervous. You turn over his palm so you can intertwine your fingers together, giving him a soft gaze. 
“While this has completely caught me off guard,” you say honestly, “I would never be mad at you over this,” you squeeze his hand for reassurance, “Did you really apply to jobs there because of me?” 
He nods a few times before he hangs his head low. You take your other hand and push his shorter fringe away from his face. While you’re positive many more details have to be worked out, that fact Jungkook made this decision makes you feel an amount of butterflies and love you’ve never experienced before. 
“And you’d for sure want to be in New York?” 
He looks up at you with those big doe-eyes that haven’t changed from the day you met him, “I’d go wherever you were Y/N. It could be the worst fucking place in world and I’d go there with you.” 
You lean over, pressing your lips to his gently. 
“I love you.” 
He smiles in return, “I love you more.” 
You pout some, “That’s not fair—no one is allowed to ‘love more’.” 
He kisses you again gently as he pulls you from the bar stool to stand between his legs. His hands squeeze your ass playfully as you try to pull away. 
“Well I can be the exception,” he leans into you, his arms wrapping around you protectively. You roll your eyes, a short laugh escaping your lips.
“You know what this means?” You ask inquisitively. 
“Lots of sex to be had,” you emphasis, “And even more of blowjobs.” 
His eyes widen, his jaw slightly clenching and you swear he whines as he looks up at you, pressing your front to his crotch, “Can we start that sooner than later?” 
You give him your answer through another kiss and moving your hands at the waistband of his pants. God, you think as you take in the already domesticated environment you two have made together, you could really get used to this. Jeon Jungkook was your best friend and at the end of the day—all you two needed was each other and somewhere to go.
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forevababy · 6 days
“We aren’t going anywhere until you put that dress back on”
Jungkook x Reader
Smut ;)
Most boyfriends would would want their girlfriends to cover up whenever they leave the house, but not Jeon Jungkook.
Your boyfriend went feral at any sight of your skin. He loved it when you wore shorts around the house that would ride up ever so slightly and give him perfect views of what belonged to him, he loved it when you wore crop tops that gave him easy access to your middle for when he wanted to feel your soft skin. But most importantly, he loved when you wore things that showed off your shoulders whenever he would take you out, because it meant he would get the opportunity to show everyone just how much you were his.
You were both going out to eat with a group of friends, and you had a baby blue, off the shoulder, ruffle hem dress that you'd been dying to wear for the longest time. What better chance than right now?
Jungkook was sitting on the bed, mindlessly scrolling on his phone, as you walked out of the bathroom into your shared room. He looked up to ask if you were ready, but was immediately rendered silent at the sight of your exposed shoulders.
Exposed shoulders are an opportunity for him to leave his mark all over you in a place where everyone can see. And so, as you turned to face the mirror on your dresser and began putting on your earrings, Jungkook knew what he had to do.
His phone was quickly discarded onto the bed as he got up and walked towards your figure. Once he reached you, his hands went straight for your hips. As you put on the last earring, you felt his lips attach soft to the top of your shoulder.
"You look so pretty" he murmured against your skin in-between soft pecks.
"You like my dress?" You asked, smiling back at him in the mirror. You took a moment to admire his own outfit, his white button up bulging where all his muscles were, the top couple button left open and giving a sneak peek of what laid underneath.
"Love it, you should wear things like this more often."
You giggled slightly, knowing he's the reason you never can wear off the shoulder things.
"I would but I never can because you always leave my neck full of-" You gasped in surprise at the feeling of Jungkook's kisses turning into bites. As he sucked on your skin, you knew that he would make you late, but he'd also make you have to make some modifications to your outfit. Your boyfriends mouth was too tempting though, so you closed your eyes and angled your head slightly, giving his mouth more room to work.
Jungkook worshipped your shoulders and neck for what seemed like forever, he never could get enough of you. Alas, when he remembered that you both had somewhere to be very soon, he reluctantly pulled away, his eyes sparkling as he admired his work.
As soon as you felt his lips leave you, you opened your eyes and gasped again, this time in shock.
You knew your boyfriend liked to give you hickeys, you were about to tell him that he was the reason you couldn't wear off the shoulder clothes before he began to prove your exact point. As you looked in the mirror, you counted at least 5 majorly noticeable red sploshes adorning your shoulders.
"Jungkook!" you exclaimed in a whiny tone. He met your eyes in the mirror, not a hint of guilt in them at all.
"What?" he said, playing dumb even though he knew exactly what he did.
"Did you have to leave that many? I'm all red!"
"Whoops" he replied sweetly as he gave one final peck to your cheek. He headed back to the bed so he could put his shoes on and you two could finally leave. He wasn't at all sorry. If anything, he was now even more excited to take you out and show you off.
"You're something else, Jeon Jungkook." You grumbled as you made your way over to the closet. It was too hot to wear a jacket, or to put excessive amounts of makeup to try and cover anything up. The only solution was to ditch the pretty dress all together, and go for something that would hide your boyfriends love marks.
As you peeled the dress off, Jungkook looked up from his shoes, ready to take your hand and leave. However, his face fell once he saw the dress that he loved so much on the floor.
"What are you doing?" He asked, dumbfounded as he stood to walk over to you.
"Looking for a new dress" you muttered to him as you combed through your closet.
"What's wrong with the one you had on?" He asked sincerely, not grasping the larger issue at hand.
"Jungkook, there's no way I'm gonna go out showing my shoulders when they look like this."
Again, the idea of Jungkook taking you out with his marks on display for everyone to see was something he was very much looking forward to. He was not going to give up this fight easily.
His hands quickly went to wrap around your middle, putting a stop to your frantic search for a new outfit.
"We aren't going anywhere until you put that dress back on."
His words weren't very provocative, but the tone he used made the area between your legs throb in a delicious way. You were probably already late, what's a few minutes more?
"Make me."
"You think I won't?" He replied as his hold on you tightened.
"Hmmm, what I think is that I'll wear a long sleeve today."
There was no going back now as Jungkook pulled you over to the bed and laid you down a little less than gently. He crawled on top of you as his hungry eyes raked over your body that was still just in your matching bra and panties, the baby blue dress still on the floor. It wasn't gonna be hard for him to get what he wants
"Wear the dress" He muttered as his lips attached back to where they were a couple minutes ago. Your arms wrapped around his neck instinctively.
"I can't"
"Why not? It was a very pretty dress." He looked up to smile at you childishly. You rolled your eyes at him, but luckily for you, he had already returned his attention to your body, this time kissing just above your boobs.
"Because its embarrassing, our friends are gonna see how horny you are. "
"How horny I am, or how willing you are to let me touch you?"
He did have a point, you knew exactly what he was gonna do as soon as you put on the dress. Despite that simple fact, you wanted to see how far you could take this.
"Definitely how horny you are." By now, he had made his way from your shoulders all the way down to your lower stomach, attaching his mouth wherever he could as he chuckled slightly.
"I don't mind everyone seeing how much I love you, in fact, I want everyone to see."
"Well I don't."
He finally reached exactly where he wanted to, and where you needed him most. The only thing in his way at this point were your panties, which you gladly assisted him in removing by lifting your hips up. He smirked at your eagerness, which only turned him on even more.
"Wear the dress" he growled slightly as he kissed your inner thigh.
"No" you replied, slightly out of breath from the proximity of his mouth to your core.
"Well I say yes." His warm breath felt amazing, and you're sure it elicited more wetness than was already down there.
"Well I don't care what you say." That was a lie, but you were getting impatient.
Your words made him reach up and grab you by the hips, pulling you down even closer to him, he stopped just before he could make any contact though.
"Really? Because.." He stopped to lick a long stripe from your opening to your clit, then looked up at you as he licked his lips. A whiny noise left your mouth, complaining at the incredibly brief contact. "How wet you are for me says otherwise."
"Jungkook please" All of your restraint was out the door now, your need for him to immense to ignore.
"Please what baby?" he knew exactly what he was doing.
"Please touch me" your needy whine were definitely tempting, but he had yet to get what he wanted.
"Please wear the dress then."
You couldn't respond to that, too focused on arching your back, fighting to get his mouth on you quickly. After a couple seconds of you not replying, Jungkook pressed a swift, open mouth kiss to your clit, which made you grip the sheets beneath you so tightly that your knuckles turned white. You were ready to concede.
"So you'll wear the dress?" He smiled at you sweetly with triumph in his eyes.
"yes what baby?" Another kiss landed on your clit, this time three seconds longer.
"Yes I'll wear the dress Jungkook, just please-"
That was all he needed to finally give you what you both wanted, his tongue entering you so quickly and suddenly that your hands went to his head to make sure he wouldn't leave.
There wasn't much need for words after that. Jungkook put all his attention to devouring you. His mouth worked wonders on your opening, switching between sucking and licking. The only sound in the room at this point being the sinful wet noises that resulted from his actions between your legs, and the tiny moans that escaped your mouth, letting him now how much you enjoyed what he was doing.
It didn't take long for you to start feeling that delicious warmth in your lower stomach and core that only Jungkook knew how to give you.
"Baby, I-I'm almost there" you cried out softly, your whimpers picking up significantly.
He had already been feeling your opening tighten a little before you opened your mouth to let him know that you were close, he was more than familiar with your body and orgasms. To make sure that you were more than satisfied, he placed a thumb on your clit and began rubbing into the spot that always got you going. You let a deeper moan leave your mouth.
"Come on my mouth baby, show me how much you love me"
That was the absolute end for you. The knot snapped in your stomach instantly, your eyes shutting close as pleasure waved all over your body.
Your boyfriends mouth would not, could not, stop there. Jungkook made sure to lap up every juice your body gave him, making sure his mouth didn't leave until your opening stopped throbbing around his tongue.
You caught your breath a few seconds after, your chest no longer rising up and down as fast as it had moments prior. Jungkook then crawled back up your body and kissed you, allowing you to taste yourself on his tongue. You both moaned into the kiss.
When he finally pulled away so that you could both catch your breath, his smug smile was so big it was hard to miss.
"Now, where did you leave that pretty little dress?"
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jeonjcngkook · 14 days
What about a drabble where the oc hasn't seen jk in a while and when they are hanging out, she like finally sees him and smothers him with affection, kissing his moles and you know just giving him kisses and he's all giggly and blus.... Omg what have i done.
right where you left me | jjk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x female reader genre(s)&au(s): sfw, fluff, romance, established relationship, domestic happiness, slice of life word count: 2.7k warnings: mention of alcohol + 1 sip bcs oc rather be drunk on luvin koo 🤤🥴 oh bet believe we r bringing back blue haired koo just 4 u sarah 🙃, making out, kisses kisses kisses 😚😚 — srsly i say it 24 times n its still !! not !! enough !! grr, ((maybe a surprise daddy koo who fuckin loves his baby ??)), how many times can i call koo 'pretty' ; the answer is also not enough 🥹 !! um, suggestive hints at sex 🫣 & jords being her typical self and never letting the est rel romance agenda go — srsly i cant do anything else 🫠. rating: mature nc17+ for suggestiveness note1: unedited asf 🤷🏻‍♀️… ive had this lil request in my inbox for a while n wanted so save it for something special. so for @caelesjjk — i hope this makes you smile as much as it did me writing this. happy bday angel ♡ and for the anon who requested this, tysvm i love lil fluff requests like these n hope to do more 💘 hopefully you also like it too
Tumblr media
Sighing a sigh of relief, you have never felt so happy to kick your shoes off at your front door after being away from work for so long. The all too familiar feeling of your feet sinking into the plush grey carpet beneath you fills you with a sense of comfort completely overriding the homesickness that once hovered over you like a bleak grey cloud.
The house is quieter than usual, the only sounds are from the floor creaking as you swap your shoes for your fluffy slippers filling the empty spaces. You pick your keys that you had just thrown on top of the shelf at the front door and hang them up next to your husband's set of car keys; the sight of them hanging gives you the answer that you’ve been asking yourself.. Jungkook should be home.
Making your way further into the living space, you notice that the house is kept in the exact same condition it was when you left last week for a girls getaway trip to London. There are the odd toy lying on the floor but other than that, it’s spik and span. The lack of sound from the TV, which is usually showing a rerun of Jungkook or your own favourite show is almost deafening, used to always hearing something playing in the background. Come to think of it, there are also no signs of melodic sounds from Jungkook’s usual soft r&b playlist either. 
The smell of cooking fills your nose and your mouth starts to water immediately. If Jungkook is unaware of the fact you’re home then you decide that you would keep this up and slowly tip toe into the kitchen in hopes to surprise your husband.
Slowly, you creep through the warmth of your living room and into the kitchen area where Jungkook doesn’t seem to be. You frown at the lack of husband in the room, a little worried about his whereabouts. He knows you’re returning today, even offering to pick you up at the airport when you land himself but you refused as your friend’s boyfriend was providing you transport home already.
However, as quickly as your frown came, it left when you find a bottle of red wine sitting on the island in the middle of the kitchen, and sitting next to it are two glasses and you can’t help but gnaw on your bottom lip to try and suppress your smile. You decide to rummage through the drawers, pulling out a corkscrew and removing the cork from the neck of the bottle. With a pop, the wine bottle opens and the scent of the fruity alcohol mixes with the smell of dinner, which is in the slow cooker behind you and you can’t help but let out a low hum of satisfaction. You pick up the bottle and pour the liquid into both glasses until half way.. If you're going to surprise your husband then you may as well do it with a glass of wine to greet him with.
Picking up the glasses in each hand, you decide to head up the stairs to the top level of your home to find Jungkook. As you pass the stairs, you stop and look at the wall which is filled with pictures of you both together as well as pictures of your family. You smile as you look at the images of family holidays, special occasions and fun times you’ve spent together. Your wedding picture of you both is centred in the middle and you can’t help but smile wider at the image.
Dressed head to toe in white lace and tulle with a diamond centrepiece on the dress, which glitters in the picture as the camera caught a moment between you and Jungkook staring at each other with love and admiration for each other. Jungkook stands next to you in his custom made all white wedding tuxedo and a matching diamond brooch clipped onto his suit jacket. One of his hands was wrapped around your waist as the other was playing with the ends of your hair. You remember in the moment that Jungkook was laughing a boisterous and beautiful giggle right before he kissed you so tenderly for the picture.
It wasn’t an image that was meant to be taken but it ended up being your favourite from the wedding shoot.
You move on and climb the rest of the stairs slowly and quietly. As you reach the top, your head turns in the direction of your shared bedroom and immediately you see the door is wide open and the room empty meaning there is only one other place Jungkook could be. You head in the opposite direction when you see the last door at the bottom of the hallway cracked open slightly, only to let a sliver of red light into your view from the hallway.
The faint sounds of keyboard clicks can be heard as you approach the room. Gently, you push the door open to be greeted with Jungkook’s dual monitor screens lighting up the room along with the dark LED’s. The top of Jungkook’s head can be seen over the headrest of his gaming chair as you see his giant headset resting over his ears, blocking out the sound of the outside world as he continues to click away at the buttons on his keyboard, successfully managing to kill an opponent on the opposite team of the game he is playing.
On one of the monitors, you manage to see the little pop up figure of his body in the corner and notice that he’s shirtless, which isn’t something he usually does when he streams. You scrunch your eyes slightly to find that Jungkook has your eight month daughter wrapped up in her favourite white blanket resting herself on his chest as one of his hands sits underneath her to keep her placed comfortably. It’s now that you register the little snores coming from your baby girl as you lean against the doorway and take in the sight in front of you. Your little girl has her tiny palm opened and resting against her daddy’s skin and her chubby cheek pressing into the bare skin of his chest.
You hear Jungkook hum as he watches over the comment section of his stream as he continues to play, making sure to answer people as quickly as the comments come.
“...Yeah, it’s proven that skin to skin contact between newborn babies and their parents improves bonds long after birth,” you hear Jungkook say and you grin at his answer. You bought those books on pregnancy for you but you swear you caught Jungkook amongst the novels more than yourself. Every night through your pregnancy,  Jungkook would tell you a new fact that he had learned for the day and couldn’t wait to share it with you.
“It also lowers stress levels for babies and parents too, as well as promotes a healthy breastfeeding cycle for the little one. I’d do anything I can to help out _____ in any way I can. She’s brilliant. She gave me everything I could ever want right here,” Jungkook says as your little girl rustles slightly against him. “Speaking of ______, she should be home soon,” he thinks out loud.
Placing both of the wine filled glasses on top of the table on the side wall, you’re able to rummage your hands in your pocket to pull it out. You snap the image in front of you of him on the monitor with your baby in his arms before opening your thread of texts between each other and captioning the moment before sending him the picture.
Jungkook’s own phone lies on the desk with the screen up; lights up with your notification. You watch as he’s quick to grab it and clicks into the notification to enter in your direct messages together.
You [8:32pm] : {image attached} shes already home ;)
Jungkook turns around and sees you standing there waiting for him with the glasses in your hands, smiling fondly at both him and the infant in his arms. He immediately replicates your smile before turning back to the camera he has set up and announcing his departure from tonight's live stream.
Slowly, he moves out of his gaming chair and makes his way over to you. In the week you have been gone his hair has already grown out a few extra inches, the blue ends now long enough to touch his jawline. The front of his hair falls over his face in pretty black wispy curls while some fall from the sides and have been clipped back by a few of your hair clips. He’s just so beautiful. His bare chest rises up and down gently and slowly while the eight month old girl continues to snuggle herself against her father. You take in the image of intricate swirls and patterns of ink that extend over his shoulder, flexed bicep as he keeps your daughter secure in his arms, all the way down his forearm and hands. He’s just the prettiest.
“Welcome home, sweetheart,” he whispers as he bends down ever so little to meet you halfway into a sweet kiss. You reach a hand around his neck and pull yourself towards him as he kisses you, chasing his pretty cherry flavoured pouty lips.
“It’s so good to be back home,” you admit. “How long has she been asleep?” You ask as you run your fingers delicately through her hair.
Jungkook thinks for a moment before telling you it’s only been a couple hours. Jungkook had already fed her and bathed her before he started his stream, so all there is to do now is to put her to bed in her crib.
You exit the gaming room with Jungkook following right behind you. In your bedroom, you place down the wine glasses and you’re quick to sift through your wardrobe to pull out a comfortable outfit to lounge around the house in, one that you hadn’t spent falling asleep in on an aeroplane for hours. Jungkook bends over the wooden structure of the crib and places the baby inside. The latch of the crib is secured once more and the sound of her hanging mobile sounds out a soft melody.
Once dressed, you make your way over to Jungkook who is admiring you from the other side of the room having missed his beautiful wife for a week. With his hair now removed from the hair clips and almost fully covering his glittering eyes, he flashes you that all too familiar, signature pretty smile he has before reaching out for you and enveloping you in his arms.
You jump into his embrace and lock your legs around his waist from behind, cupping his cheeks as you smother each other in kisses, whispering soft greetings and compliments.
“I’m so happy to see you again,” you whisper faintly as you continue to press kiss after kiss after kiss onto his lips. “I’m so lucky to have you as mine,” you finish.
Jungkook smiles as he starts to walk out of the room, reaching for the baby monitor as he keeps you secured in his arms and you reach for the wine from behind him, taking a generous, long overdue sip. Jungkook carries you down the stairs and into the kitchen where he places you down on the kitchen island and closes the gap between the both of you, placing his lips back on yours quickly and much more demanding than the last few times.
He grins at you, a glimmer in his eye and he hums suggestively. “I’m right where you left me darling,” he winks, his accent lacing his words as you listen to him attentively.
After years of being with each other, it never stops getting exciting being with Jungkook. The warmth that was once in your tummy has spread all over, goosebumps now covering your skin. Being in his arms definitely feels like home; a sense of safety and security that you yearn for that only Jungkook can provide you.
Deepening the kiss, you push your tongue past the seam of his lips eagerly and let it tangle with his own. You both smile into the kiss as his grip on your waist tightens, pulling you closer to the edge of the marble island and further into his embrace.
You can’t help but whimper when you break the kiss in favour of leaning into his neck and kissing the skin there. You lick your lips and make sure to leave wet trails as you travel further down towards your desired target. You give the little mole on the side of his neck a sweet peck, over and over, the wet sounds of your mouth leaving his skin fills the space.
A small growl vibrates through Jungkook’s chest, his hold on you becoming slightly tighter as you continue to dote on him. It isn’t long before your kisses turn into soft bites and vigorous sucks, planting cherry shaded blossoms over the mole on his neck. 
“_____,— mm, baby, am I not the one that is meant to be taking care of you tonight.. afterall you have just come back?” Jungkook moans.
Jungkook pulls away from you and stands taller to await your answer. Gazing into your eyes, you watch as his own eyes do that pretty thing where it smiles before Jungkook physically smiles. It’s your favourite trait he has.
“And who said that was the case, huh?” You jest with a light and teasing tone before continuing, “you’re taking care of me by letting me kiss my pretty husband. You’re taking care of me by letting me make you feel good.”
The only thing Jungkook can do in response is giggle, a light sanguine blush finding home on the apple of his full cheeks and you can’t help but wrap one of your hands around his neck and the other flat against the taut, hard muscle of his pectoral, caressing the skin back and forth before pulling him back in to chase his lips once more.
The kiss is unhurried, soft and gentle, yet with a hint of hunger for each other as the both of you take your time to enjoy being together once more. You bite Jungkook’s lower lip, drawing a shaky moan out of him as your teeth grazes his bottom lip and then letting it snap back into his smile pleasantly.
You can’t help but peck at the tiny mole under his lip and smile back at him, your silent way of telling him you love him. And then a thought pops into your head, one you know that Jungkook loves that you do.
Drawing Jungkook back in towards you, you press another little kiss to his bottom lip mole before travelling a little further down and kissing on the beauty spot just on top of his chin. You make a scene of it, letting out a loud ‘mwah’ sound as you continue to kiss away.
Moving on, you find the next two moles that are top and bottom of each other close to his ear and bathe them in love and affection just like you had done to the other two previous.
Jungkook loves when you’re soft and delicate with him. It isn’t something he would admit too to his group of friends but being dotted on, being cared for and loved admirably the way you do melts at his heart.
“Baby,” he whines as you tilt your head back slightly to plant a tiny kiss on the tip of his nose, your favourite place to kiss kiss kiss.
His hands slide under the fabric of your sweater, his hands warming your skin up more than the material did. “The last time we started off doing this,” he exaggerates his words by squeezing at your hips and then removing one of them to point towards the ceiling, “that happened,” he grins as fond memories of filthy kitchen antics replays in his mind.
His words ignite something inside of you akin to fireworks as he mentions your sleeping baby currently curled up in her cot. You react by wrapping your dangling legs back around his frame, pushing him further into you by your ankles as you heat up at his words and grin at him playfully.
“And what would be so wrong with that?”
Stunned, Jungkook doesn’t seem to know how to react to your words. It hasn’t been a topic of conversation about having another baby this soon, although you both have agreed that you both want a larger family.
“This soon?”
Now you ponder his words for a split second, already knowing your answer and already knowing that you want to start trying again for another baby as soon as you can. You lean in closer, your lips ghosting his as you close your eyes and breathe in your husband’s natural scent. “Take me to the dining table, koo.”
Tumblr media
note2: don’t be a silent reader & leave some feedback in my asks, reblog with a nice comment or even a lil reply saying if you enjoyed — big or small, they go a long way! supporting writers is always important <33
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