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Tumblr media
pretty yoongi 🧎‍♀️
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To be loved. (prologue)
⇢ pairing: bts x chubby!femreader
⇢ alpha!Namjoon, alpha!Jimin, alpha!Taehyung, beta!Jin, beta!Hoseok, omega!Yoongi,omega!Jungkook.
⇢ genre: angst, fluff, eventual smut
⇢ word count: 2.9k
⇢ warnings: abuse, blood, injuries, hints at sexual assault but not detailed, bodyshaming, calroie counting, religious tones (from toxic parents), hints at ED, manipulation, and i believe thats it for now.
⇢ summary: after presenting late, your parents were embarrassed by you. In hopes of saving their image they arrange for you to be married to their friend's son, who turns out to make your life hell for years until you can't take it anymore. You'd rather die trying to get away then die not trying at all. As you run under the blue moon you can't help but wonder what is it like to be loved?
Prologue of a series I plan to start posting soon. I don't know when I'll post chapter one but I wanted to get this out! reblogs and feedback are always greatly appreciated! <3
Tumblr media
You were one of the few people who presented late when most present at 10-12. Presenting late usually is rare, almost never happens. When it does most people just turn an eye because although weird, it's just presenting in the end but not your parents. Presenting late caused your once semi loving parents to be embarrassed by you wanting and needing you to be as they said “fixed.” They tried everything from pills that made you sick to shots of home remedies they found on the internet.
Nothing made you less embarrassing to them. The eyes of the other rich families, your family did business with becoming too much for them to handle. So they arranged for you to soon get married to one of their friends' sons. Saying something like “it'll do our family image good.” you didn't want to be engaged or married unless it was to your love, your sun. your family, who was very religious, began to pray to god to “make her normal '' ever since you didn't present the day you should have. 
Even though you did present, they just felt like something was wrong with you. Your parents would claim that you presenting late has caused you to act differently.  Made you be “controlled by the devil '' all because you simply dyed your hair.  That's how you got engaged to him. They were sick of you embarrassing them, sick of you not being the person they wanted to mold you to be.
So your parents gave more money to that family so their son would hurry up and engage you and take you to his home. They trusted him because he's “rich y/n and a good christian man.” You didn't want to go with him already feeling your skin being burnt at the smile he's giving you. You cried and begged your parents to let you stay home. Tried To reason that you're too young to be sent away to a man, to be married. 
Only to get slapped in the face. Your mother had slapped you, looking down at you with a face of disgust.  “Stop making a fool out of yourself and us more than you already have and pack your bags.” you looked over to your neighbors to see him staring at you. You wish you both could run away and become someone new but you can't. You watch with tears as his parents usher him away. so you packed and was sent with the man your parents want you to be with.
You learned his name was jaebeom. He smiled at your parents and even grabbed your bags for you appearing kind. The car ride back to his place was suffocating as if your lungs knew this would be their last chance to breathe normally, to breathe air so calm. He asked you questions but you didn't reply. “That’s okay i'll get you to talk.” he said in a disgustingly soft voice. 
When you first got to his house he guided you to his room claiming “this is our room now.'' The first two days were fine. You assumed maybe you had the wrong impression of the guy but you know how the saying goes. “Always trust your gut feeling.” Your third day staying with him you went to eat but found he had locked all of the cabinets and changed the pantry door knob to one with a lock.
Confused, you turned back to find him staring at you with that same smile that burns your skin. He had told you that you were already chubby and that he was going to be willing to look past that but lately he found it overwhelming to look at you because you are getting too big. You argued that you barely eat and that it has only been two days, you wish you never said anything. 
You got hit in the face so fast you didn't even realize it until the pain settled in “dont talk back.” he said into your ear. You stayed there just holding your face. “Omegas are supposed to be pretty, I'm just helping you.” he claimed as he took you to the bedroom. You didnt wnat to have sex with him but you were too afraid to speak up, too afraid to be hit again.
So you stay quiet and you stay quiet for years but being quiet did nothing. You had been quiet ever since that day and still got treated lowly. Being hit for things you didn't even know you did wrong. “woke me up too early” hit. “You didn't speak to me in the right tone.” hit. The One that hurt the most because no matter how hard you try you couldn't fix this one.  “you're still too big” hit. Hit. hit. 
One night the abuse got so bad your fiance had gashed you in the face from your forehead through your eye to your cheek. You ran out the house to your parents telling them what happened, blood dripping down your face onto your neck but all they said to you was “it's too late for this, he's a good man y/n, a good alpha. You probably did something out of place. Besides,this may be God's will.” then they shut the door in your face. 
Their own daughter is bleeding and they can't find it in them to care. You have never hated god, never despised her no matter how much your parents use her against you but in that moment you did because if this is god's will, then you hate her. you hate her for putting these invisible chains onto your body, keeping you to this life of misery.
You feel hands grab you and pull you back a hand over your mouth as they throw you into the car. You could recognize that ash scent anywhere. “thought running away was going to do something omega? should have listened and this wouldn't have happened. I do everything for you and you decide to talk back. It's just food you'll be okay without it for another day.” he growls at you in the car. All you can think is oh, this isn't that bad at least you still have your sight. 
A week passed since your incident and nothing has gotten better if anything it's gotten worse. The only upgrade is you get a meal at 8pm everyday now. He watches you as you cook the meal everyday. making sure you only put  this much of that and this little of this. Making sure to read out the calories and carbs to ingrain in you how much is too bad. He claims “this should thin you out some but knowing you not much.” you wanted to cry from humiliation, cry from pain, but you can't and you haven't been able to in a while. Body dried up from tears since the first week of staying with him.
You were about to sit down and eat the small meal you made when he reminds you “remember omega lose a pound and you'll get to nest, gain a pound and you'll get in trouble and we wouldn't want that right?” nesting the only time you get to slightly indulge in such a thing is through your fantasy books. A reality you can never have. With how you presented late and was immediately thrown into the hands of someone who doesn't let you indulge in your instincts.
You have never nested. you don't answer choosing to be silent and pick a piece of broccoli. You feel your head being yanked back by your hair “right?” he growls “y..yes alpha.” he smiles that same smile. The same smile that burns your skin every time it reaches his eyes. Eyes full of toxic flames that fill your lungs with smoke. 
One day your fiance left to go to one of those rich people's parties claiming he had “business” that you couldn't be around for. You already embarrass him in front of his poor friends so he doesn't need you embarrassing him in front of the important ones. You always wondered what business he did but you were too scared to ask.  You got up from where you were reading a fantasy book. Something that always managed to take you away from here.
He had them around the house, he'd never read them claiming “only betas and omegas read.” you wanted to scoff you knew plenty of alphas who loved reading, especially your love, he loved reading to you and vice versa. You miss him.  You were slightly hungry having only one meal a day with a calculated water intake has made your appetite non existent but today you are for some reason. You know better than to dwell on it, it would only cause you to want a treat you can't have. 
You walk past the pantry and see it's open. All the food you don't get to have is now easily accessible to you. You..you shouldn't. Omegas are supposed to be pretty and he's helping you get pretty. So you ignore it until you can’t anymore, just one granola bar wouldn't hurt. So you sneak in as if someone will hear you, as if you make too much noise he’ll appear. You unwrap it slowly trying to make as little noise as possible.
You hesitate, this will cause you to gain weight. Your stomach will hold onto any food it can get right now. You go to take a bite and decide fuck it. It’s grainy, you haven't had one in forever that it almost feels like dirt is in your mouth but the flavor is good. Slightly sweet with a hint of salt. You go to take another bite when you hear the pantry door open, light from the kitchen shining on you as if to further humiliate you in front of the eyes of the man who has made you this way. 
He drags you out of the pantry and into the kitchen floor. You see he's not alone as laughter cuts through the room, gun powder you note, they all smell of gunpowder. “This is what happens when you take pity on the ugly duckling boys, no matter how hard you try and help her she just stays this way.” he says taking a knife out of his pocket and cutting your shirt slightly to expose some of your stomach. “You try to help her be pretty to become a good omega and she undoes my efforts by disobeying.” he says as he makes you stand “look at them “ he growls.
you don't listen and he grabs my face “i said look!” he growls louder. “You need to learn your place and i thought what better way to teach you then by having others help me huh?” your eyes welled with tears something that has been foriegn to you for  awhile now.  You shake your head and they all laugh “omegas don't get to say no.'' Your eyes pan the front door that's open. You would rather die trying to get away from this nightmare than die with the regret of knowing you didn't try so you run and you run fast. You eventually run so fast you make it to the woods. 
Run, keep running, just keep going. Is all you can think of as you run as fast as you can through the forest. You don't know where you're going, you've never been out of the hands of your fiance since you've been with him. Every Time you went out it was with him. You haven't had freedom and you've been hid away for a while. You believe it's because your parents wanted that, wanted the trace of you to be forgotten, even by them. 
Body caving deeper into survival mode because you knew if you stayed with him you would eventually die from his hands or yours. You feel the thorns cutting your legs, the glass in the dirt getting stuck in your feet. The cold night air burning your throat, the rushed intake of air making your lungs feel as if they're going to collapse but you can't stop. You can't stop until you can't see the light from the house until you can push no more. You look back to see that the house is no longer in your sight but you know better then to stop, then to get comfortable and recede to walking. 
After what feels like hours you stop running and catch your breath. Lungs aching as if needles are being punctured into them. You look up to see the moon big and blue hued. You haven't been out in forever. Haven't been able to leave the house on your own in years. You're finally alone and it's kinda scary but so free. You feel as if you're wind traveling on its own without anyone to stop or guide it.
Once your breathing has even out you decide it's probably safe to walk. Walking forward you begin to hear the sounds of cars but it only sounds like a few passing by. You see a light and what seems to be a small dingy store. You see a man sucking a lollipop while leaning against the side of his black truck. You know not to trust anyone but you don't have any other option, you don't know what else to do.  “Sir, do you mind telling me where I am?”  you ask through a strained voice. 
The man stares at me with wide eyes taking in my appearance slightly. He takes out his lollipop “sorry lady but i know better than to trust these kinds of tactics.” He says going to walk away but you grab his arm “no tactic swear! i just i..i don't know where i am and I have nowhere to go so I was wondering if maybe you can just tell me where I am please?” you say in a panic as you check the woods behind you, you doubt he would follow you but you want to check  
Namjoon finally looks at all of you and he almost gasps. Your legs are bleeding and feet puddled with the blood from your legs injuries. Your shirt ripped. Your face too has a huge scar on the left eye from your forehead down your eye to the middle of your cheek that looks as if it's in the stages of healing. He spots the bruises on your face and arms, legs spotted as well. He wants to say he doesn't believe you but with the way your pupils are blown wide and shaking, he does.
He doesn't know why but he helps. “Get in.” you look at him wide eyed “what?” “I said get in.”  you don't know why you listen but you're going to blame it on the fact that this man smells of peace. The smell of a sunny dewy morning hitting your nose and almost making you purr. You haven't smelt such a scent in years. you do as he says and get in the passenger seat. Namjoon backs up quickly, his tires definitely leaving marks as he pulls out. He starts driving and slows down after he realizes he was speeding a bit.
He was supposed to leave work, come get gas and then head back home. He didn't think picking up what he assumes is an omega was on the list. Your smell is nothing but blood and stale sour candy. He looks to the side to see you staring out the window, eyes empty of any emotion. Just what have you been through?
He hears his phone ring and picks up audio going to his airpod. “Hello?” “Namjoon hyung Jin is asking, What's taking so long?” Namjoon looks over to you. Should he take you to the hospital or his home? Jin could fix you up but he can't just bring you to the house unannounced “i'll be home in a minute and uh Hoseok tell Jin to get the med kit and things ready” he hears Hoseok gasp “why? Are you hurt?” he asks, full of concern Namjoon smiles at that.
He hears someone in the background say something along the lines ‘well is he?’ “No Hobi baby I'm okay I just..I'm just bringing someone who is injured and I need him to treat her is all.” Hoseok makes a noise of confusion and Namjoon can just imagine his head tilting. “Why not just take her to the hospital?” Namjoon glances at you and sees you shiver at the ac so he turns it off “somehow I don’t think that's an option.”
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Lovefool (JJK)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, smut, fluff.
Au: established relationship au.
Warnings: swear words here and there, Jungkook is a sweetheart, oral (f), dirty talk, fingering. That should be it.
Summary: You and Jungkook have been in a relationship for a couple of months now but recently, you can't help the anxious thoughts that pop into your mind. Thoughts about his past.
Tumblr media
If you want early access to all of my fics, and access to wips, exclusive sneak peeks and exclusive fics, head over to my patreon. (I've recently opened my patreon and any form of support means a whole lot to me).
Tumblr media
A pair of hands wrapping around you, momentarily stops you from stirring the delicacy you were preparing. But your movements soon resume when you let yourself relax and get comfortable, feeling the warmth of the body that now clings to you.
"I woke up and you were not there." The voice mumbles in a complaining tone, which you find adorable. Although you can't see him, you can just tell he has his eyes closed and has a cute frown on his face.
The thought itself makes you smile.
"I can't help it if you wake up at ten in the morning!" Elbowing him on the stomach, you add salt to your dish.
A whine is what he replies to you with, letting his feelings of displeasure known. "So what? Doesn't give you the right to take my cuddle buddy away."
You gasp as if offended but you make no move to remove his arms around you. "So I'm just a cuddle buddy, now? Here, I was thinking you were serious about me."
"I'm double guessing my choices, right now."
Finally, you swat at his arms which causes him to burst into a fit of giggles but he still refuses to let go of you.
"I'm sorry, sorry!" He chuckles, amusement clear in his voice, a sound which causes a chuckle to escape from your lips as well.
Once his chuckling dies down, he sighs happily and once again, buries his head in your shoulder. "Seriously, though, I wanted to be the one to wake you up and with my head between your legs."
"Jungkook! I'm cooking!" This time you turn around to face him. Stating the obvious, you try to hide how warm your cheeks have gotten in a matter of seconds.
Come to think of it, you probably shouldn't have turned around because if anything that makes it impossible for your red-tinted cheeks to be hidden.
You swat at him once again, this time at his chest. "Let me cook," you grumble and get back to preparing your dish.
Seeing his attempt partially fail, Jungkook huffs. He calls it a partial fail because he notices the way your cheeks have turned red and if he is to go by that, you are affected by the image that must have appeared on your mind as a result of his words. He knows you're close to giving in.
A fact, you both are aware of.
He resumes his previous position and starts peppering your neck with kisses. Occasionally, sucking and biting the soft skin to leave marks.
Unwillingly, a moan escapes your lips and your breathing gets quicker. Fuck, he knows just how to make you aroused. His warm kisses make you shiver and you feel wetness pool in your underwear.
One of his arms that were around you, now move to be under your or rather his t-shirt. He rests his palm on your stomach and gently draws circles on the surface. The gentleness is in stark contrast with his kisses which gradually get rough and desperate.
"Your skin feels so soft." He mumbles, his eyes now focused on the freshly made red mark on your shoulder.
His voice, however, snaps you out of your trance and you feel a wave of anxiety hit you. The same anxiety, that has been stopping you from being intimate with Jungkook.
Lately, you have been worrying if being sexual with Jungkook will make him realise that he's not really into the whole relationship thingy. It's not that you haven't been sexual with him. You have but there's no denying that it's all still very new. What if after a few times of being sexually involved with you, he gets...bored?
You don't doubt his feelings for you. You know they are genuine, well at least for now. You don't know where they will stand in a few weeks. The reason why your brain often thinks along these lines is because of his past.
Jungkook was known for sleeping around. While he wasn't known for just that, it definitely added to his popularity. He was and is still known as the guy who's good at almost everything, be it sports, studies, dancing or singing. The only difference in his reputation is, that now he's no longer known as the guy who woos the ladies with his charms but never settles down.
The reason behind that change of reputation is you.
Although, when you had first met him, you had never thought that you'd end up dating him. Forget about you dating him, you never thought he would ever be willing to be in a relationship. That idea was just absurd.
When you were his project partner (which is how you two first got acquainted with each other), you had overheard him saying to one of his friends that he does not see himself settling down or being in a relationship and does not see the point in it.
Which is why your surprise was obvious and reasonable when he started showing interest in you. At first, you had thought that he was just trying to get into your pants and thus, you had turned down all his attempts. But he was persistent. His persistence had caused you to believe that he's just not used to hearing 'no' and it was simply a matter of his ego.
Over time, your opinions changed. You could sense the genuineness in his efforts, could see how he was different with you, could feel his gradual change from the fuckboy to the boy he always was, underneath all those layers.
After much thinking, you had said 'yes' to going on a date with him.
You don't think you'll ever forget the look he had when you said that. His eyes lit up as if he held every star in the galaxy in them. His bunny smile was full on display and his nose had scrunched up in sheer excitement.
That's when you had an inkling that maybe, you won't regret going on a date with him.
And you didn't.
He turned out to be a completely different guy from what you had imagined him to be.
A few dates later, you found yourself developing feelings for him. From then on, it was only a matter of time for you to be his girlfriend.
As his girlfriend, you get to see an entirely different Jungkook. A Jungkook who makes you feel all the butterflies, makes you feel seen, makes you feel special. You also get to see a Jungkook who's vulnerable, kind, caring and loving.
It's been two months since you said yes to being his girlfriend. But recently, with your feelings intensifying and knowing what it feels like to have him as yours, you find that the fear of losing him has also intensified. Your mind now comes up with scenarios where he loses interest in you.
If that were to happen, you know you won't be mad at him because after all, it's the first time he has been in a relationship. If he feels like it's not for him, who are you to ask him to stay?
You won't be mad but you'd be broken for sure.
Which is why you have been holding yourself back from having sex with him. So that, just in case, your fears turn into reality, you at least get enough time to savour Jungkook.
You're so lost in your thoughts that you don't notice the kisses stopping.
Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook notices the anxious frown on your face, the way your body has gone tense and your breathing pattern has changed. And it's not the kind of fast breathing that usually tells him that you're aroused.
"Baby?" Jungkook asks, concerned. He gently turns you so that you're now facing him. "Are you okay?"
You open your eyes and hope that your anxiety is not visible on your features as you try to smile at him. "I'm okay. Sorry, I'm just not in the mood right now."
Jungkook frowns. He knows that there's some lie to it. He doesn't mean to sound cocky but he knows the effect he has on you. He can tell whether you're turned on or not, just by your breathing pattern. And he knows that you were aroused. Hence, it's not about that. Something must have been worrying you for you to turn all tense all of a sudden. Something that you're trying to hide by saying that it's about you not being in the mood. Something that you're trying to downplay.
"Babe," he rests his palm on your cheek and gently rubs soothing circles. "I don't mean to sound pushy, but is there something bothering you?"
You glance away, wondering if you should talk to him about it or not. You don't want to hurt him by making him think that you doubt his feelings or him. Because you don't. It's just that no one knows, what they will feel in the future and with his given past, your mind thinks the possibility of him getting bored, is more likely to happen.
On the other hand, you know that your relationship is very fresh and new, and you don't want to bring your insecurities into it and ruin it.
Jungkook takes your silence and thinks you're taking his words in the wrong way. "It's not about you not being in the mood and all. You can say 'no' anytime you don't feel like it, you don't even have to explain it. Please, don't get it wrong. I'm not trying to ask you for an explanation for tha-"
"I know, Jungkook." You cut him off because you do know that. He's never made you feel that way. You know how much he respects you and values your words. You don't want to make him think that you don't know that.
He sighs. "It's just that, I feel like there's something more. I have noticed that lost look in your eyes recently and it makes me worry."
The thought of him noticing your lost look, makes you feel bad. You don't want to worry him. Should you just tell him about your worries? Will that be better? Will that make it easier for both of you?
He places his index finger under your chin and makes you look at him. "I know we have only been in a relationship for two months but if you feel comfortable enough to share what is bothering you, then please do. I just want to help."
His earnest eyes, his plea of letting him help and his warm touch make your eyes well up with tears and you bury your face in his chest to hide them. "It's kind of stupid." You mumble.
Jungkook lets you cry on him, not mentioning to you that he knows that you're crying. "Nothing you say is ever stupid to me." He reassures.
You sniffle. "It's just that I'm falling for you hard."
In usual circumstances, Jungkook's heart would skip a beat at your admission. But now, it causes him to feel anxious because he can sense a but coming. He prays to whatever higher power there is, that you're not giving up on him, because he does not know how he will deal with that. He was not used to good things happening to him but he took a chance with you. He wants to be good enough for you and at the same time, he wants to give himself a chance at happiness. 
He does not know where he will be if you give up on him now, just when he was starting to believe that he was deserving of happiness. 
But he keeps his thoughts to himself, letting out a hum as a sign to let you know that he's listening.
"I'm just scared that you'll leave." As soon as the words are out of your mouth, you feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders but that feeling is soon followed by the worry of how he'll react.
Jungkook thinks he could pass out from the relief that hits him. You're not breaking up with him. But then he realises the weight of your words. You're worried that he will leave you. He never thought that you'd ever worry about that, of all things. Why on earth would anyone be dumb enough to leave you? He thought that it was obvious.
Once again, he keeps his thoughts to himself, letting you vent. "What makes you think that I'll leave?"
"It's your first relationship, Jungkook," you whisper. "What if you get bored? What if you realise that this whole relationship thing is not really for you? What happens then?" You allow your fears to be out in the open and feel Jungkook's body stiffen under you.
Jungkook feels a sharp pain in his chest hearing your words. It doesn't make sense to him. To him, it had always made sense for him to feel that way because he's flawed as fuck, but you? You are fucking perfect in his eyes. He's lucky to be given an opportunity to be with you. He thinks you're a goddess who's decided to be kind enough to give him a chance. That part of him finds it ridiculous because he can never fathom the thought of leaving you.
But now, he thinks he should have considered that you too are a human, that you too, have your own set of fears and insecurities.
He pulls away from you, to look into your eyes. "Is that what's been on your mind, lately?" He asks, keeping his tone gentle. 
You nod. "I'm scared that after a few times of, uhm, having sex with me, you'll get bored." 
Jungkook's features morph into that of pure agony and hurt upon hearing your words, which causes you to hate yourself for ever making him feel that way. 
"Is that what you think of me?" Jungkook feels his heart break.
"Please, don't get me wrong. I don't doubt your feelings for me" You shake your head, desperately trying not to hurt him but knowing very well that you already have. "It's just that, as my feelings keep growing, it's as if my brain screams at me to have my guard up so that I don't get hurt and it always brings back your past to remind me why you might end up leaving me."
You take a deep breath, eyes fixed on the ground. "But I also want you to know, if you ever decide that you're not willing to settle down, don't hesitate to tell me and don't feel guilty about that either. I mean, not everyone settles down and there's nothing wrong with it. It's your choice at the end of the day-"
"That'll never happen," Jungkook says, his voice firm. Although your words hurt him, he understands where you're coming from. It's human instinct to be cautious of situations where they can get hurt and your mind has been romanticising one such scenario. Plus, there's no denying that he used to jump from bed to bed. He was known as the guy who only ever did sex and never relationships.
"Listen," just like earlier, he puts his fingers under your chin to make you look at him. He wants you to see that he means the words he's about to say. "Firstly, thank you for communicating with me. I really appreciate it. Secondly, you're not an experiment for me to decide whether I am a relationship kind of a guy or not."
"I knew what I was getting myself into when I asked you to be my girlfriend. Just because I haven't been in a relationship before, doesn't mean, I don't know what it is. I have seen my parents love and care for each other, and I have seen my friends being committed in their relationships. So, it's fair to say that I know what being in a relationship with someone means." He sees your eyes fill with guilt which causes him to briefly stop. He gently places a kiss on your cheek. "Please don't feel guilty, let me finish."
Despite feeling bad, you nod at him.
He takes it as a sign for him to continue. "Thirdly, and most importantly, I am falling in love with you and there's nothing I have been more sure of, in my whole life." 
You feel your breath hitch. You both have openly admitted to each other about your feelings but neither of you has ever used the word 'love' before. Perhaps, both of you felt that it was too soon to use that word. 
But hearing his admission makes you feel free. Free for you to feel the emotions you have been so anxious about. It feels like you can finally let yourself fall without the fear of crashing. Because he's into it just as much you're.
"Another thing," Jungkook says, noticing how your features have relaxed and although your eyes are teary, he knows that these tears aren't the bad kind. "I know I can be stupid sometimes but I'm not stupid enough to let you go and that's what a person would be if they were to let you slip; stupid and indescribably dumb."
Deep down, Jungkook is aware that words aren't enough. He knows that they might give you temporary relief, but somewhere the thoughts of insecurities are recurring as they keep coming back. For you to let go of that thought pattern, he will have to prove his words. Which will, undoubtedly, take time. But then again, it's only with time that one learns to trust wholeheartedly. 
"Just know that I'll prove it to you. I'll never let those fears come true."
Feeling an overwhelming rush of emotions, you hug him tightly and let yourself feel the relief that courses through your veins. 
You feel Jungkook's arms come up to tightly circle around your waist, making you relax against him. And perhaps, for the first time in weeks, you feel yourself relax both mentally and physically. 
"Are you feeling better now?" 
"I am," you hum in affirmation, speaking the truth. However, somewhere at the back of your mind, you know, you need to apologise to him for the hurt your words must have caused him. "I am sorry though. I know my words must have come across in a very wrong way but I-"
"Shhh, you don't have to worry about it. Like I said before, I am glad that you communicated." He gently stops you from explaining any further. Your words had indeed hurt him but if he were to be in your place, there's no denying that he might have felt the same. He does not hold it against you. "Although I won't lie, for a second, I thought that you were breaking up with me." 
Jungkook had said those words innocently if anything in a joking manner but his words cause you to remove yourself from his hold and to look at him. "Why would you think like that?"
Jungkook shakes his head, not wanting to make this about him. "I was just joking around, don't mind it."
You would have believed his words but then you know him. You know how insecure he can get at times when it comes to you and you're glad that he has always communicated to you about his fears. 
"I'm not going to break up with you and I will repeat that as many times as I have to." Wanting for him to feel the same level of comfort that he has provided you with, you stand on your toes and gently kiss his lips. "You're not the only one who's falling in love." 
As you murmur the words against his lips, Jungkook feels warmth spread through his body. The kind of warmth that removes the cold fears from his heart. Especially, hearing that you're falling in love with him, makes him want to hold you and never let go, simply because he never thought that someone would love him. Even though he knows that you're not in love with him yet, to know that you think he's worthy of it, means the world to him.
He will do everything he can to prove to you as well as to himself, that he's worthy of love. 
For the time being, he settles for expressing his emotions through the kiss. 
He kisses you gently but with passion. Occasionally, nibbling on your lower lip, he enjoys the soft sigh that escapes your mouth, every time he does that. Your hands come up to play with his hair and you gently tug them, making him groan into your mouth. The sound is enough for you to kiss him more vigorously. You let your tongue come in contact with his lips, silently asking for him to let you in. And he does. From then on, its tongues dancing and teeth clashing with each other.
When you both separate from each other, your eyes remain on his lips. The sight of his pink lips being swollen and glistening with a mix of both of your saliva makes it far too difficult for you to look away. 
His thumb coming to play with your bottom lip is what causes your eyes to drift from his lips to his eyes. It's then that you notice the want in them, a replica of the look you're sure, your eyes hold. Your gaze then moves towards his messy hair and boy does it make you imagine things.
Things like would his hair have looked the same had he woken you up the way, he claims he wanted to. Or would it have been messier?  
The thought makes you press your thighs together and you kiss him again, this time with a different kind of vigour. 
Jungkook is quick to understand your intentions, which is why after kissing you for some time, he pulls back. "Babe, you don't have to if you don't want to."
"I want to," you confirm, breathlessly. It's true. Even when you would pull away, you would still want him. It was only your fears coming in the way but now with your nerves gone, nothing is stopping you. 
Jungkook looks into your eyes to be certain that you're sure. When he finds no traces of doubt or fear but just sheer lust, his own eyes darken. 
"Yeah? You want me to make you feel good?" He asks rhetorically. Seeing you nod, he gently kisses the expanse of your neck, feeling you shiver underneath his touch. "Get on the kitchen counter." 
"Counter?" You ask to make sure that you didn't hear it wrong.
Fuck, you did not hear it wrong. 
Gulping, you let your feet carry you to the kitchen counter with your mouth on his. He helps you sit on the slab and softly moans when your hips make contact with his aching-hard length. 
"Fuck, baby you're so hard." Your hand comes to rest on his bulge and you palm him through his trousers, knowing very well that he's not wearing boxers. The sensation of the wet patch that greets you, makes you feel eager to get a taste of him.
Jungkook, however, seems to have different plans as he takes a shuddering breath before removing your hands from his bulge. "We can get to that later. First, I want to eat you out."
You want to object because you know it can't be comfortable for him to be that aroused and not do anything about it but then you notice the determination on his face and decide otherwise. He looks like a man on a mission and his current mission seems to be to please you. It's kind of cute with that adorable frown on his face. You'd have giggled had it not been for him taking a seat on one of the kitchen stools and positioning himself between your legs.
You are simply wearing his t-shirt and a black lace panty, which he thinks makes his job easier. He places his warm palm on your thighs and gently parts your legs. The sight that greets him, has him cursing under his breath. There's a dark patch on your dark piece of cloth, which has his dick twitching in his trousers.
He kisses the inside of your thighs and as he inches closer to your sex, the smell of your arousal greets his nostrils. "You must be so wet." 
You moan at his words, knowing very well that you, indeed, are incredibly wet.
Jungkook lets his nose graze on your clothed heat and his mouth waters at the thought of finally getting to have a taste of you. His tongue comes out to gently lap at the wet spot, making it even darker. 
A whine of complaint escapes your lips at his ministrations. "Don't tease me."
From where he has his mouth attached, he looks up to lock eyes with you. "You don't want me to tease you?" You vigorously shake your head. "Then what do you want me to do?"
"Eat me out." You say, not beating around the bush at all. From the few times that you have been intimate with Jungkook, you know by now that he enjoys and relishes it when you don't hold back and openly admit what you want him to do.
The effect of your words on Jungkook is visible as he quickly gets into action and gets rid of your underwear, leaving your nether regions exposed. 
His thumbs come up to part your lips and you shiver as the cold air hits you. "Fuck, look at that pussy, just as wet as I imagined it to be."
You're about to let out another whine as your patience starts wearing thin but you never get the chance to do so as Jungkook attaches his lips to your clit and begins sucking harshly. The whine that was stuck in your throat, comes out as a moan, instead.
He hums against your cunt, and taps your thigh as a sign for you to look at him while he eats you out. Doing as he wants, you lock eyes with him and the sight that greets you, has you gushing. His eyes look drunk in pleasure as if he's the one who's on the receiving end. The way he sits there with his mouth between your legs as if he is having the time of his life makes you grab his head and hold him there. A move which has Jungkook groaning, sending shivers through your whole body.
"You like this?" He asks, detaching briefly but then he quickly lets his tongue tease your hole. 
"Yes, fuck I love this." You state the obvious.
"Do you want me to tongue fuck you?" He knows very well what the answer to his question is.
"Yes, please." You breathily respond.
"Hmm, thought so. Your hole is clenching around nothing." He's aware you enjoy dirty talk just as much as he does. Your liking towards the crass words is only proved when your hole clenches once again, hard. 
As his tongue penetrates you, you moan loudly and arch your back at the sensation that shoots through your body. Still holding the back of his head, you tug on his hair strands, something you know he enjoys. "Fuck, don't stop. This feels so good."
Although he loves it when you watch him eating you out, the sight of your arched back is something he enjoys equally. He feels his cock leak beads of precum in agreement. His arousal only causes him to quicken his actions and he gets rougher with his tongue. 
"Ah, fuck, Jungkook." You remove one of your hands from his hair and start squeezing your boobs as if your life depends on it.
"Yes, baby play with your tits." He growls and puts his mouth back on your clit. This time around, two of his fingers curl inside your pussy. 
You whimper as you feel his fingers reach the spot that always has you seeing stars. You feel your stomach tightening at his fast and repeated motions, knowing very well that you're close to your edge.
"Jungkook, please don't stop," you beg, desperate to have your release. "I'm about to cum." 
He growls once again and starts flicking your clit with his tongue at a very fast pace. That added with the feeling of his fingers has you clenching and gripping his fingers like a vice.
Your orgasm builds and then it hits you like a tidal wave. As your back arches once more, you cry and close your thighs around his head. That, however, doesn't stop Jungkook from giving a few more licks, this time around a little gentler. It's only when you whine due to overstimulation that he removes his mouth from you.
Your chest heaves as he stands and gently kisses you. The kiss is soft and languid, enabling you to taste yourself on him.
When the two of you part, you look at Jungkook who has a soft smile on his face as if he's glad to have given you the pleasure, the afterglow of which, you're basking in. 
"That was amazing," you giggle, wiping at the corner of his lips where some of your arousal remains.
"Did you expect any less?" A smug look appears on his face.
You shake your head and give him a peck on his lips. "Don't get too ahead of yourself, now."
"I'm not getting too ahead-" he mocks your tone, "-I just know I'm great at giving head." Then, his eyes light up the way it often does. "Hey, that's like wordplay! Too ahead and a head." 
You roll your eyes with a smile. "That's not even funny."
"It is funny though." He grumbles cutely. 
Your heart coos at the sight of his pink lips protruding into a pout. Leaning closer, you place kisses all over his face until his pout is gone and is replaced with a big smile. 
"Is that your way of agreeing with me?" His big doe eyes gleam with playfulness.
"Nah, that's just my way of stopping you from pouting like a baby," you boop his nose and giggle at the way his big nose scrunches up. He's far too adorable for his own good. 
"Your baby," he boops your nose back, his heart feeling full and warm at the sound of your giggles.
In this light moment, you feel your brain quip at you about how what Jungkook said are probably just words and something which will lose meaning with time. This time, instead of giving into it and surrendering to that thought, you realise that it's just a part of you that's trying to protect you. Instead of feeling scared and guilty, for feeling that way, you acknowledge that voice inside your head as if thanking it for trying to protect you. It's only then, that you feel as if you're not powerless against that voice. 
Having found that place where your mind is no longer scaring you, you know you choose to trust Jungkook and his words. Because that's what love is about, choosing someone, choosing to trust in them. You'll let him prove his words to you. You will let yourself fall in love with Jungkook. You'll let that love consume you. And you'll put faith in Jungkook's love that it will erase all your worries and doubts. 
Instead of giving him a verbal response to his previous statement, you loop your arms around his neck and kiss him once again. This kiss is kind of silly, with you two smiling big like fools. But it's also with this kiss, that you feel this reassurance, that the two of you will be okay. 
Tumblr media
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Pairing- Jungkook x Named Reader
Word count- 6.8k
Includes- First meeting, wall sex, pussy eating, blow job, deepthroating, cum eating, table sex, multiple orgasms, fluff
Tag List- @mingtina @jaxxmine
@yeosayang @delightfulmoonbanana
@tannie13 @itstyraaxx @borntowalkaway
Tumblr media
Jungkook POV
I make my way towards Jin, who's sitting by himself listening to the music
I've mingled with the other idols at Hobi's listening party as well as hang with Jimin and Tae
I know Jin is uncomfortable not really knowing anyone but us, Bang and P Dogg.
He was anxious before the party, worrying about talking to people he doesn't know
We assured him he doesn't have to mingle and he's been sitting alone for awhile
I decided to keep him company for a little
"Hey", I say sitting next to him
"Hey", he answers
"What are you drinking?"
I roll my eyes, "No shit. What kind?"
"Beer", he answers, handing me his cup
I take a sip
Not bad
Handing it back to him, I look for Hobi
Tumblr media
And proceed to choke on air
There's a girl, hugging Hobi and she's drop dead gorgeous
And the clothes she's wearing, holy shit
So hot
"Who's that?", I breathe
"Who?", Jin asks, looking in the direction I am, "Oh. That's Jo"
Hold up
"Jo? As in his best friend?"
"I thought Jo was a boy"
Jin shrugs, "No she's a girl. I remember him telling us."
Yeah but her name is a guy's name
Hobi's only ever called his best friend from home Jo
"Her name is Jo"
"Short for Joanne. You don't pay attention when we talk"
Ok fine, I'll give him that
I don't listen for the most part so Hobi could have said something about Jo being a girl
Obviously he did if Jin knows her full name
"Like what you see?", Jin smirks
I give him the side eye, "Are you blind? She's hot"
"No I'm not blind", he snorts, "Yes she's very hot. But I'm noticing your reaction to her"
"Just her looks", I answer, "I don't know her"
"Maybe you should. Maybe you can finally date someone instead of fucking anything that walks"
"Hey!", I argue, "I don't do that"
He raises his eyebrow
"Fine. But it's not anything. I don't fuck all the time and it's not just anyone"
I mean it's people I know like girl staff members
I've had a few one night stands but he's making it sound like it's every night
It's not
"And FYI I don't need a girlfriend"
"Yeah but I don't think you should just fuck Hobi's best friend. I think he'll take issue with that"
"She's her own person", I say defensively, "If she wants to fuck then I'm not gonna say no"
He sighs, "Can you try to get to know her? She's important to Hobi and you can't just smash and drop her"
I roll my eyes
I should be able to fuck her if I want to but I also get Jin's perspective
She's Hobi's friend, she's going to be around
I may have to see her if she comes to something else for Hobi
"I can get to know her", I give in
"Great", he nods approvingly
"Do you think I should go over there?"
Jin shakes his head, "Hobi's introducing her to people. She already met Jimin and Namjoon. He'll make his way here"
He's right
I don't wanna seem desperate
Staying in my spot, I watch Hobi introduce her to Tae, hoping he gets to us soon
"Hi I'm Tae", Taehyung says, smiling and shaking my hand
"Hhh...hi", I manage to get out
"Nice to meet you", he says
"Yes very nice", I say, like an idiot
I can't believe I'm meeting BTS members
I had no idea that I would be invited to Hobi's listening party when I called him to congratulate him on his solo album
But he did invite me and here I am
Meeting my idols
"So Yoongi isn't here", Hobi says, as Tae goes back to talking to Jimin, "He's sick"
"Oh that sucks. I hope he'll be ok"
"He will", Hobi assures me
I'm so proud of Hobi
He's worked so hard for years, for BTS and I'm proud he's the first one to release an album
He's so talented and he deserves all this and more
I told him so on the phone and as soon as I got here
I missed my best friend but I understood when he left Gwangju for Seoul
He was following his dream
I'm just glad he never forgot me
Still kept in touch, still called me and now that I moved to Seoul, making time to see me, inviting me to his party
He's so famous and popular but he's the same Hobi I knew from childhood
"But he's here", Hobi says, wiggling his eyebrows
"Stop", I playfully scold, then ask, "Really?"
"Yeah, he's over there with Jin"
I casually glance over and catch an eyeful of Jungkook
Who's looking at me
I immediately turn away, my face so hot
Hobi is laughing and I glare at him
"Don't be scared Jo. He's just like any guy"
I raise my eyebrow, "You're kidding right? He's not just any guy. No one here is just any guy or girl. Except me"
Hobi shakes his head, "He's just a person like everyone else. And a huge pain in the ass. And a dork"
I giggle, "Yeah but all of you are dorks"
He puts his hand to his chest, giving me an exaggerated shocked face, "Excuse me"
I roll my eyes, "Oh please Hobi. You know you're a dork"
He smiles, "Yeah but I learned from you"
"Fair", I answer, smiling
"So you wanna meet him?", Hobi asks
I do
I really do
But I know I'm gonna be an awkward idiot
Jungkook is someone I've had a huge crush on for so long
Well as much as one can have a crush on a celebrity
And Hobi loves to make fun of me for it
"I uhh...I"
"You'll be fine. C'mon", he says, putting his arm around my shoulders and steering me in Jungkook's and Jin's direction
"He's already looking at you", Hobi says quietly, "The way he's looking means he wants to fuck you. Whether you do it or not is up to you"
"Uh what?", I gape
"You heard me. And you're a big girl, you can decide what to do on your own"
"You don't care if I chose to...you know?"
He shakes his head, "Nope. Have at it. Or not. Just don't get upset if he doesn't want anything more. He's kinda a man whore. So fair warning"
I mean why wouldn't he be a man whore?
He's fucking hot, the golden maknae of course girls are going to throw themselves at him
Of course he wouldn't see me any differently no matter who I'm friends with
It's slightly disappointing but I can't do anything about it
And I don't have to sleep with him
We can just be friends
All too soon we are standing in front of Jungkook and Jin and my legs are slightly shaking
"Kookie, Jinnie this is my best friend Joanne. Or Jo if she says you can call her that", Hobi says looking at me
I nod
"Jo it is", he amends
"Hhh..hi", I stammer like a complete moron
"Hi", Jin says standing up, "Nice to meet you"
"Yes. It's amazing to meet you", I say like a total fangirl
Jungkook stands up and I look up at him
"Hey", he smiles, "Nice to meet you too"
My whole face is on fire but I manage to smile, "Great to meet you too"
"So that's all the members that are here. You can meet Yoongi a different time now that you live in Seoul"
He better not be about to leave me alone with them
I just met them
I thought he'd stay with me awhile
He looks at me, "I'm gonna mingle some more"
Oh god
He's ditching me
I glare hard at him, "Hobi"
"Don't worry Jungkook and Jin don't bite"
I gape at him
I'm so gonna kill him
He's dead
"Actually I need the bathroom", Jin says, then excuses himself and leaves
No, I can't stay here with Jungkook alone
Where is Jimin?
Jimin is always attached to Jungkook in the behind the scenes videos they take
Or Tae?
Where are they?
"Alright well Jungkook will hang out with you", Hobi says
"Yeah, cool", Jungkook answers
"I uh-", I start
"Great. I'll see you later", Hobi interrupts
He kisses my cheek, then leaves before I could say anything
Oh god
I turn back to Jungkook, so fucking nervous
We just stand there for a few seconds then I say, "Uh actually I need the bathroom too"
He nods, pointing the way, "It's over there. I'll wait for you there"
He nods towards a table
He's gonna wait for me?
That's so strange
"Uh yeah ok", I answer, then turn and head straight to the bathroom so I can get a fucking grip and talk to him like a normal person
Jungkook POV
I sit at the table with my wine as I watch her practically run to the bathroom
She's nervous
I get it, I'm nervous when I meet celebrities too
I almost shit my pants when I met Charlie Puth
I saw Hobi talking to her, maybe warning her about me
I hope he didn't
She's so much more beautiful than I thought so that helps me want to get to know her
It's shallow I know but it is what it is
She walks back into the room and I call her name, waving her over
She comes, a wary look on her face
"Sit", I say, gesturing to the seat next to me
If I'm gonna get to know her, I should be able to hear her
"So, how long have you known Hobi?"
"Pictures Jungkook", Namjoon says as he walks by us
"Yeah in a minute", I answer
I'm too engrossed in her story of how she won the tug of war for a PS5
She grabbed it first but someone tried to take it from her
"The guy was strong but I wasn't letting go. It was mine. He knew it was mine. He keeps saying that I'm a girl so I don't need it"
I hate when guys think girls aren't gamers
I know lots of girls, online of course, who play games better than guys
And I discovered she is one
I discovered a lot of things about her while we talked
Her friendship with Hobi, her job as a video game designer, her likes, dislikes, favorite things
I already know her favorite video games are the assassin Creed series
I know she loves old games like Mario
I know she loves Pokemon and her favorite is Charmander
Her favorite color is black, she likes makeup, she loves chocolate especially Reese's, she lives in PJs, she's a black belt in taekwondo, she lives in a small studio apartment, she moved here from the U.S., her parents are both Norwegian, she has no siblings and she has a boy German shepherd named Rexy
She's so cool and for once I'm glad I listened to Jin
"Did you curse him out?", I ask
"Yes. He hit my hand to make me let go and I punched him in the face. That made him let go of the PS5"
"You punched....no way!"
She nods, "He hit me first. There were witnesses. One guy said he was going to deck him if I already hadn't. That's how I got my PS5."
"You are amazing", I gape, "Seriously so bad ass"
She smiles shyly, blushing, "Thanks"
I nod just as Namjoon screams my name
I snap my gaze to him, "I'm coming!"
"I'll go with you", she says, "If you want"
I nod, "I want"
Standing, I take her hand, tugging her along with me
As I pose for pictures, I see her taking some too
When we're done, I go back to her
"Lemme see", I ask, gesturing to her phone
She blushes but shows me the pictures she took
A lot is just of me
One where I'm doing Tae's peace sign, one doing the rock sign
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As I scroll I find a picture of me sitting at the table waiting for her when she went to the bathroom
Tumblr media
I show her the picture, my eyebrows raised
"You looked cute", she shrugs helplessly
I smile, seeing how cute she is
"It's a nice picture", I say, handing her the phone back
Standing in a minute of silence, I ask, "Dance?"
"Uh. I don't really-"
She hesitates then nods
Taking her near the guys, I face her, starting to move little steps
Tumblr media
She just stands there, her face on fire
"C'mon Jo. You can move. Just go side to side"
I show her, doing an exaggerated dance, making her crack a smile
She starts to move with me and I nod encouragingly
We keep dancing and she starts moving her feet too
As I watch her, I notice she can dance, I just think she's too self conscious
I can fix that
I offer her some of my wine and she shakes her head
"It's just a little", I encourage
She bites her lip then reaches for my glass
She sips some, smiling at me
I'm surprised that I'm having a lot of fun with her
I still want to fuck her, no doubt about that but I am having fun
After a few more drinks, we're both loosened up
Not drunk but loose
"Kookie", she giggles as I do exaggerated faces and silly moves, twisting my body around
Tumblr media
"Like my moves?", I ask, wiggling my eyebrows
"They're very nice", she snorts
"I don't think you can look away", I tease her
"Yeah, it's like a train wreck. I can't look away"
I pout as the song ends
"Fine", I sigh dramatically, grabbing my drink, "No more dancing"
Instead I lay down on the small stage, on my back, my knees up, holding my glass
Tumblr media
"Jungkook get up", she laughs
I giggle shaking my head
"C'mon", she says, coming over and taking my hand, pulling me towards her
Instead, I pull her to me and she tumbles on top of me
"Oof", she says, her upper body on my chest, "I'm sorry. Did I hurt you"
"Pft no, you're not heavy", I answer, moving on my elbow
"Yeah well I'm sorry anyway", she says, her face so close to mine
"It's fine", I say, my eyes moving to her lips
So pretty, so pink
I wonder if they're as smooth as they look
Without thinking, I close the distance between us, pressing my lips against hers
As soon as I do it's like everything in my world changes, everything flips
Holy shit
She kisses me back, her arms moving around my neck
"Guys", Hobi interrupts
We pull away as I look up at him
"Take this in the back room where there's no cameras", he says, warning in his voice
Right, shit
I so don't need this leaked anywhere
Hobi helps her up as I get up
"Don't be so stupid", he growls in my ear before walking away
"Come with me", I say, taking her hand
She nods and I lead her to the dressing room we all got ready in
Closing the door behind us, I face her moving closer
The second my lips touch hers, heat runs though my body
Jesus, her kiss is amazing
I kiss her harder, sliding my tongue in her mouth
She responds, her arms going around my neck, pulling me against her
Kissing her wildly, I roll my hips into her, my hard cock moving against her
Her hand fists my hair in the back of my head, pushing her hips into me too
As we hump each other, I slide my hands under her shirt, feeling her soft skin
She moans softly, pressing her body harder against mine
"We don't have to", I say, kissing her neck
I can't believe I'm saying this
I can't believe I'm not trying to take her clothes off yet
I want to fuck her but I'm not going to force her
I want her to want me too
"I...I want to", she says, breathlessly
"Are you sure?", I ask, still checking
"Yes, fuck yes"
"Good", I answer, finally moving my hands down, opening her pants as she kicks her boots off
I pull them and panties down while her hands shoves my Tshirt off
"Jesus", she breathes, looking at me
She bites her lower lip as she runs her hands gently on my chest, shoulders and stomach
My body trembles against her touch especially when she starts peppering kisses all over me
It feels so good
I start kissing her neck, pulling her shirt up and touching her body, her skin is so smooth and soft
And warm under my hands
I move my hands up more and more, pulling her shirt off
She immediately unbuckles my belt, pulling down my pants and boxers
I kick my shoes and clothes off, then undo her bra, pushing her against the wall
I lift her leg around me, kissing her as I touch her cunt
"Fuck you're dripping. Want me this much huh?"
She nods, whimpering softly
"You'll get me baby. I'm gonna fuck you so good"
I push my head into her and start to slip inside her slowly, inch by inch
"Fuck", she moans, grabbing my arms tightly
"Oh my God", I whimper, as I bottom out, her incredibly tight pussy spasming around my cock, "You feel so fucking good"
She feels amazing
I've never been with anyone as tight as she is, who I fit into as well as I fit in her
I start moving, in and out, feeling her tiny cunt open for me over and over, pleasure instantly running through me
I fucking love how she feels
And I love how she's clinging to me, her body right against mine
"Jungkook", she moans
I never knew I'd love hearing my name be called so much
"God Joanne, you're fucking perfect for me", I praise her, "Such a tight, wet, warm cunt for me. Perfect fit"
She really is
"Fuck Kookie, you're ppppp.....pppp....perfect for me too", she stammers, "you feel so..so....fuck"
God, I like that I'm giving her so much pleasure that she can't talk
I grab her ass, holding her as close to me as I can, slamming hard in her
"Oh god Kookie, fuck harder!", she yells
Yes, fuck yes
Grabbing her other leg, I hold her against the wall, going harder and faster, plunging my cock deep inside her cunt
"Jungkook, oh shit, Jungkook", she shouts, "I'm gonna cum!"
Fucking pure pleasure runs through me as she tightens on my cock, coming as soon as she finishes speaking, shaking and gripping my body so tightly
"Holy shit Joanne!", I yell, "Oh my God it feels so good. It feels so good"
Having a girl cum on me has never felt so amazing
Never been this good
And all I know is I want to feel it again
I keep slamming inside her over and over, listening to her shouts
"Jungkook, oh god Jungkook. You fuck.... your cock, you ..you're amazing!" she shouts
"Yeah baby? You like it?", I smirk
She nods, holding tightly onto me
I slam inside and I hit her spot that makes her scream and shake in my arms
"Oh fuck Jungkook", she screams, "Yes, yes, YES!"
Fuck, I never had any girl react like this to me
Just the way she's screaming and clinging on me is everything
"There baby?", I smirk again, "You like it there?"
I slam against her spot again, hard
"YES!", she shouts
I keep moving, making sure I get that spot every single time
"C'mon, be a good girl and cum", I urge her
She's right there and I just want to feel it again
"Oh god, oh god, Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook!", she screams, exploding on me
Jesus, she feels so good and the pleasure is so intense, I'm struggling to keep standing
I adjust my hands, lifting her higher, slamming her against the wall
Shit, I didn't mean to do that
"More Kookie, I want more of you", she whines
"You can have me whenever you want baby", I groan, starting to thrust in her again
"Fuck Jungkook!"
God I love her screaming my name
"Scream louder baby. I want to hear you"
"Jungkook!", she screams louder, listening to me, "Harder Jungkook, harder! Fuck me harder! Ruin me on your cock"
Oh I will
I pound in her more forcefully, feeling her cunt clench me over and over, her slippery grip on my cock so tight
"Oh shit, you feel so good Kookie", she moans, putting her face in my neck
Her hands move to my upper arms and she grips me so fucking hard
But it feels so good at the same time so it doesn't hurt
I feel her pussy starts to throb uncontrollably and I'm so excited for her orgasm
"Yeah baby, you gonna cum baby girl?", I moan, "I feel you want to"
"Yes I want to Kookie. Fuck, make me. Please", she pleads, "I want to cum on you"
Fucking hell, she's making it hard for me to not cum
"Fuck Jo, I want you to cum on me too baby. You feel so fucking incredibly good when you do"
"Yeah? You like it baby?", she asks
"I love it. I had it twice and I already want it so much more. All the time", I murmur, "So give me baby"
Thrusting into her spot, she screams my name, her body shuddering against me and her hands squeezing my arms so damn hard
"Oh fuck baby", I yell, feeling the mind blowing pleasure
She rides out her orgasm on my cock and I pull out when she's done, setting her down
"But...but-", she babbles
Moving my mouth to her ear, I tell her, "I'm gonna eat your pussy"
"I...uh...what?", she asks, her confusion so cute
"I'm gonna eat your pussy", I repeat, "See I've been imagining what you taste like since you walked into the fucking party"
I move my hands down to her cunt, running my fingers on her
Fuck she's so wet
"And I want my mouth here", I tell her, "I want to see if you're as good as I think you are"
"Fff..fuck", she whimpers
"So I guess the question you have to answer is are you gonna let me eat this cunt?"
"Yes, fuck Jungkook, yes"
"Good girl", I praise her, then kiss her cheek before dropping to my knees
Excitedly, I open her legs, her cunt so cute, so pink and so wet
I run my tongue along her pussy once, making her moan
I never wanted to eat a girl out more than I want to eat her out
I start to lick her pussy quickly, sliding up and down, tasting her juice
"Fuck you taste so fucking good", I tell her, swallowing her juice while I feel it run down my neck
"Jungkook", she yells, her hand going in my hair, pulling
I'm so surprised at how good it feels and that I'm letting her as I don't like people touching my hair
But with her I'm more than ok with it
Swirling my tongue around her, her legs start shaking and she starts to fall down
"Stay up baby", I say
"I can't. I can't", she moans, "It feels too good Kookie. Your tongue feels so good. I can't"
I really like that
I like that my tongue makes her feel so much pleasure that she can't stand up
I pull away, standing up and she whines so loudly
Then I grab her and pick her up
He picks me up, carrying me to the table in here and lays me on it on my back
I watch him pull a chair to me, sitting down, immediately spreading my legs open wide, putting his hands on my inner thighs and holding my legs open
I feel his tongue slide up my pussy again, slowly
Pleasure hits me fast, making me shake
I still can't believe this is happening
I had sex with Jungkook
Jungkook from BTS
And he was fucking amazing
Not that I thought he wouldn't be
And now he's actually eating me out
And his tongue, fuck, he knows how to use it
My mind is blown
I can't believe he wants me like this
A nobody
"Fuck, baby you feel good against my tongue", he groans, "So wet, I love it"
Jesus Christ
He loves it?
I can't...this is insane
He licks my clit and I can't help but whimper, my hand burying in his hair
"Hmm my girl likes it there?", he teases
I nod, "Yeah"
He keeps licking my clit over and over, the tip of his tongue rubbing the same spot
"Kookie, fuck", I moan
God it feels so good, his tongue working me so well, pressing hard so I can feel everything
"Gonna cum baby?", he asks
I can't talk
The pleasure is turning my mind off
He puts his mouth around my clit and sucks
"FUCK!", I scream, my body arching from the table on it's own
"Good girl", he praises, then goes back to sucking
The pleasure is so intense, I can only feel
"Cum for me baby. I want to taste you", he pleads, "Please"
Is he really begging for my cum?
Goddamn that turns me on so much
"Give me", he begs
His next suck on my clit causes so much pleasure and I can't handle it
My body shakes hard and I cum so fucking hard, pulling his hair and screaming his name
I love screaming his name
"Jungkook!", I scream, "Oh god Jungkook"
He lets go of my clit, his tongue sliding down my pussy, while I cum
"Oh my God", he moans, licking over and over, "So fucking good baby girl"
"Www...what?", I breathe hard
Did he really just say what I think he said?
"Your cum tastes so fucking good", he repeats
Oh my god, he did say that
Holy mother of God
"Fuck baby can I have more?", he asks
"Yyyy...you....www....want...", I stammer
"More. Yeah baby", he says, sucking on my clit again, "Please?"
"Yyy...you can have anything you want"
He starts sucking my clit hard and fast, making me squirm under him from the pleasure
He switches to licking me, his tongue gliding all over me
"Oh Kookie, baby", I whimper
He slides his tongue inside my pussy, making my hips snap up into his face
"Oh shit", I yell
No one has ever done that to me before
I can't even describe how good it feels
"Baby likes my tongue in her pussy?", he teases
"Yes fuck, yes", I shout
"You want me to do it again?"
I feel his tongue slide back in and I fucking love it
He licks out and up my pussy then back down, going back in
I feel myself getting closer and closer with every lick
"Jungkook..fuck...I'm..I'm..", I whimper
"Cum baby", he says, then slides his tongue back in
I clench as hard on as much of his tongue that's in, coming all over it
He makes moaning noises while he licks and it's getting me so horny
I don't know how
I've never came this much and I've never just wanted more of someone
Only him
I just want to feel him inside, feel him move, feel his kisses, his hands grabbing me tightly, his skin on mine
I just want him
"Baby girl is so good", he moans, pulling away, "So fucking sweet"
"Yeah Kookie?"
He comes on on top of me, kissing me everywhere
"Yeah baby. I'm going to be thinking about how you taste all the time now", he murmurs
Oh damn
He pulls me up, helping me to stand
"I tasted you, it's only fair you taste me", he says, kissing my cheek
I mean it is fair
And I do wanna suck his cock
"Ok", I answer, dropping to my knees, licking his length automatically
"Fuck, baby", he moans
God his cock is so big, so thick and so hard, pretty veins along it
Moving my mouth around his head, I suck on it, keeping my tongue on the underside, licking as I go
His hand slips in my hair, gripping loosely, his head tilted back, eyes closed, moaning
God he's ethereal
And he looks like that because of me
God it's such a power trip
Breathing in through my nose, I push further on his cock, feeling the thickness open my mouth more
Jesus fuck, this thing fit inside me how?
And he bottomed out every time too
Sliding up and down his cock, suck too, loving how he feels in my mouth
Loving how he tastes, how every so often his cock throbs, loving the pretty sounds he's making
Every bob of my head, I take him a little more in
His head presses against the beginning of my throat and I choke
He immediately pulls back, concern on his face, "Are you ok?"
I nod, "Fine"
Taking him back in my mouth, I want to get him all in
I want to feel his huge cock in my throat
I've deepthroated before but none have been as big as him
I move him in to where his head is back at the beginning of my throat
I take a breath and push further, getting him in
I gag, with him telling me, "You don't have to baby. Don't hurt yourself"
Ignoring him, I keep taking him in, until I get him all in my throat
I suck on him softly, getting used to his size in my throat
It's not too bad once he's all in
"Baby, fuck. You're mouth is amazing"
If I could smile, I would
Moving my head, I start bobbing back and forth on his cock, fucking his cock into my throat
He yells in pleasure, my name coming from his mouth over and over, his fingers tightening in my hair
I continue pleasuring him, loving how his cock throbs in my throat
Why I love it, I can't tell you
I just do
"Baby, I can't. Fuck it feels so good, fuck"
I feel him move out of my mouth, his thighs shaking
"Open your mouth", he gasps
I do, sitting back on my legs
"Tongue out"
As soon as I do, he rubs the underside of his cock on my tongue over and over
"I'm gonna cum. Do you want to taste it or do you want me to cum down your throat?"
I want to taste it
Hands down
I need to know what he tastes like
"Taste", I manage to get out
"Fuck, good girl. When I cum, suck on my cock ok?"
I nod
I can do that
"Fuck, Joanne, fuck", he cries
I feel hot thick cum on my tongue and I immediately close my mouth around his length that's in my mouth, sucking hard
His taste hits me hard and oh my god, it's so good
Fuck, how does cum taste this good?
I don't know but I want fucking all of it
Sucking desperately, I swallow over and over, sucking everything out of his cock
"Mmmm", I moan
"Fuck you like it baby?"
I nod, still going at it hard
After a minute, he whimpers, "Stop"
I don't want to but I don't want to hurt him
Pulling off him, I'm shocked to see his cock hard
"You're sucking baby. Got me hard again"
Oh damn
He helps me up and suddenly he shoves me on the table, climbing on top of me, kissing me deeply
"Can I go back in baby?", he asks
I nod, "I want you"
The smile he gives me takes my breath away as he moves on top of me
I wrap my arms around his back, pulling him against me, feeling his soft skin on mine
He kisses me, his lips so soft against mine, his tongue so good against mine, his lip ring cool against my lip
He runs his fingers up and down my body, heating every nerve
I move my hands along his back feeling his muscles through his skin
Jungkook has a reputation for being very strong and that reputation is true
I can feel the strength in him and it's fucking sexy
He wraps my legs around his waist, still kissing me as he pushes in
God, he feels so good
We both moan and my body lifts off the table, pressing into his
My body just wants to feel his and he grabs onto me, keeping me against him
He starts moving slowly, in and out, waves of pleasure rolling over me over and over
"Joanne, baby you feel so good. How do you feel so good?", he murmurs against my shoulder
"I.. I don't know Jungkook. But you feel incredible. No one has ever felt like you", I whimper
That's a fact
It's just too bad this is a one night stand and that's all he does
He moves faster and harder, making everything feel so much better
"No baby, no one has ever made me feel as good as you do", he groans, kissing me, "No one compares to you baby. No one"
It makes me feel good to hear that although I know he's just saying it in the moment
He thrust harder, slamming into me, making me scream
"Yeah baby girl. I love hearing you scream"
Pleasure crashes over me with every thrust
I start moving my hips up, meeting his thrusts and he goes in so much deeper
"Holy fuck!", he yells
I grab onto his arms again, squeezing tightly, the pleasure intense
One of his hands is gripping my thigh so hard as I tighten on his cock and he shouts in pleasure
"Oh my god baby. Don't let go. Please don't let go", he begs
I love that he's getting so much pleasure from being with me
His next slam makes me snap and I scream, coming on him again
"Good girl. Again baby girl", he urges
Jesus Christ he feels so good moving inside me
I don't want him to ever leave
"Please baby, I need it", he moans, pounding right into my spot again
"Jungkook! Oh god!"
He starts moving so fast, smashing into my spot over and over, while I move my hips up, making the slams even harder
"Jungkook!" I scream again, my orgasm exploding all over me
My body shakes hard against him and I can't stop it
Oh god it feels so good
"Baby!", he yells, "I....I can't baby. I want to cum baby. I want to cum inside you"
Fuck me I want that so much too
"Yes Jungkook, fill me up "
He shouts loudly as he cums hard, his body trembling on mine
"Joanne oh shit! Baby!"
I wrap my arms around him, holding him while he cums
I don't know how I can feel it, but I feel him coming and holy hell it feels good too
Everything he does feels good
When he finishes he collapses on top of me
I just hold him to me, kissing his neck and shoulder, running my fingers up and down his back
We lay there for a few minutes, until he stirs, lifting himself off me
"I'm sorry", he says, "I didn't mean to squish you"
"You didn't", I assure him
"Oh", he says, then holds his hands out to me
I give him mine and he pulls me to a sitting position
He looks at me with an unreadable expression before he looks away, turning to get his clothes, I guess
Tightening on his hand, I pull him back, making him face me
Pulling him closer, I run my fingers in his hair once then kiss him
It's not a hard, wild kiss
It's a soft gentle kiss, one I just want to feel before I never see him again
Pulling away, I avert my eyes, scooting over to the side and getting off the table
Heading to my clothes, I dress quickly and when I turn back to him, I see him pulling on his shirt, the last of his clothes to go on
Getting my phone out, I look at the time
Jungkook POV
"Holy crap", she squeaks
"What?", I ask, startled
I don't know what I'm feeling right now
It's not something I feel after having sex
I want to hold her, fall asleep with her
I was almost out when I realized I was still on top of her
I've never fallen asleep with a girl I had sex with
This is the very first time I ever had a feeling that I want to
And that last kiss that just happened?
Totally blew my mind
I haven't been kissed softly or gently
It's always hard and rough because that's how the sex is
She just threw me for a huge loop
"It's 2am. Shit, I have to go. I have work tomorrow"
I just nod, ready not wanting her to leave
"I gotta find Hobi", she says
"Ok. Let's go", I answer
Getting back to the party, she beelines straight for Hobi
I watch her talk to him, smiling and giving him a big hug
I see her say 'I love you' to him and I instantly get jealous although I know it's friend love
I need to calm down
She kisses Hobi's cheek, then turns walking back to me
"So I'm gonna go", she says, "Thanks for hanging with me. And uh....um...you know. I had fun"
"Yeah me too"
"I guess I'll see you around"
"Yeah I'll see you", I say, feeling hesitant
She starts to turn around and I just speak, "So uh, can I have your number?"
She turns back to me, tilting her head, "Huh?"
"You're number", I repeat
She looks at me warily , "Oh uh look Jungkook, I'm not really a friends with benefits type of girl. I know we just....but I don't normally do that, so if that's what you're looking for, I'm sorry but it can't be with me"
I nod, understanding completely
"Well it's a good thing I don't want a friends with benefits thing with you", I answer, "I want to date you"
Her eyes pop open in shock, "You want...really?"
I nod
Yeah I like her
A lot
I got to know her a little like Jin asked me too and all that did was make me want to know more about her
Makes me want to try and see if we'll work
"Yeah. I wanna go out with you. Take you on a date", I say, "And we don't have to have sex again until you're ready to. I can wait"
She just stares at me and I think that she may not want to date me
Maybe I just assumed
"If uh, you know that's what you want?"
"Of course that's what I want", she blurts, then slaps her hand over her mouth, her face so red
But honestly I'm just smiling at her reaction
"It is?", I ask shyly
"Yeah Kookie. I.... I always liked you. As a fan. You're my bias. Meeting you was like a dream come true. And everything else that happened....I never expected it. Not in a million years", she says softly, "And I guess...I'm hesitating because I can't believe that you'd want to date me. A nobody"
"You're not a nobody Jo", I tell her, "I'm not going to lie ok, when I first saw you all I wanted was to fuck you. But Jin suggested I get to know you because you're not just any girl. You're Hobi's best friend. And I never listen to any of the guys but you have no idea how happy I am that I listened this time. I got to know you a little and all I want is to know more about you. I really really like you and I want to see where this with us can go"
She smiles and it really is beautiful
"Yeah Jungkook, I'd like that too"
I smile at her too, in relief and excitedness
We exchange phone numbers and say bye for now
I lean in, pressing a soft kiss to her lips
"I'll call you", I promise her
She nods, smiling, "Ok"
She kisses my cheek, then walks to the exit
I watch her and I know I have the goofiest smile on my face
I'm gonna call her tomorrow
I can't wait to take her out and spend more time with her
I think I may have just found the girl for me
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dalchiid · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖊𝖗 2
A story of obsession, fear, and lust. You're a maid whose Masters forbid you in meeting their guests for the night but your luck runs dry when you run into them and catch the attention of Lord Hoseok himself. He's smitten from the beginning and thus, your fate has been decided.
Pairing: Yandere Vampire Hoseok x Fem/AFAB Reader
Word Count: 4,364
Warnings: 18+, Yandere, Obsession, Possessive, Angst, Fear, Blood, Biting, Dub-Con, Eventual smut
Will add or remove warnings based on what's in each chapter.
I do not condone the behavior being exhibited in my work. This is solely for entertainment purposes and I hope if any of you are ever in a situation like this that you have the chance and ability to run away from it. Take care out there.
DO NOT copy, edit, or repost my work anywhere.
Chapter 2 Warnings: Yandere, Possessive, Obsession, Mentions of masturbation, Non-consensual witness to the masturbation (Not with Hoseok), Fear, Angst, Blood, Biting
Prev | Next
A knock resounds from your door pulling you out of your half sleep. You subconsciously wipe at your mouth as if you'd been drooling but your hand remains dry. Your laptop is off but you're unsure if it's because the battery died or simply because it went into sleep mode. Another knock pulls you from your bed as you sluggishly make your way over. It's dark out and without your light on you stumble about. With a flick of your wrist, you squint from the light that drowns your room before opening your door to find a servant whose name escapes you. One of the newer ones you're sure as you've seen her face every now and then but never interacted with her as you have the others.
She bows before stopping herself short. "Sorry, I uh..." She seems nervous before giving you a smile to make you believe otherwise. "Master Hyun-Woo has requested for your presence." Her soft tone of voice is a blessing to your ears due to the oncoming headache that begins to plague you at the mention of your Master.
With a soft sigh you nod not knowing what to expect. You've experienced many sides to Hyun-Woo. Anger was not one of them. He seemed to calm after your little exchange. That was before the rest of the group stumbled upon you both and the mood began to grow sour for every exchange of words passed between each of you. So it's with weariness that you nod again to the girl before slipping your shoes on.
You eventually find yourself at his door and go to knock before feeling a rush of air pass in front of you as the door swings open. Hyun-Woo's arm reaches out and drags you into his room where he then shuts you both in in haste. Your back meets the door with a slam and for a moment you feel a little fear. Hyun-Woo rests his head upon your shoulder, his face tucked into the crook of your neck. His breath comes out in pants and it sends shivers down your spine.
He groans at the mild fear he can nearly taste off of you as it pulses along with your racing heart. "Don't do that."
"Don't do what," you whisper.
"Don't be afraid of me." His lips brush your neck in a soft kiss before he pulls back.
Your eyes widen for a moment after looking into his own eyes. The brown of his irises slowly turning blue in patches like ice.
"I couldn't stop thinking about you after the fact. I was anxious. Hoping you'd be okay."
You shake your head a little before correcting yourself with a nod. "Of course I'm okay, but you-"
"I know." He needed to feed. He wasn't due. You knew this but clearly something else was bothering him. Enough for him to be triggered for a feeding.
Without question, you bring your bare arm up to him. His hand comes to loosely grasp it before bringing it straight up to rest against his door and just above your head.
"Good girl," he groans.
His teeth graze your skin along with his tongue before he sinks his fangs in and hard. A gasp escapes you. It's not the first time he's bitten you this hard but you have to bring your other hand up to curl in his hair to try and reign him in a little. To keep him grounded.
Hyun-Woo retracts his fangs and takes the moment to suckle the blood down his throat. His other hand grips your waist before pressing his whole body into you. Soon enough he starts to struggle in getting the blood out and in retaliation to your body he bites again just underneath the first one. Your gasp turns into a yip of pain as he uses his bottom teeth as well and nearly chews into the flesh of your arm.
You stave off the need to cry and he seems to realize this as he tries to shush you in comfort. The blood gushes from his mouth at the sound and he has to stop himself from grinding into you because of the mess he's making.
He takes a few gulps more - your head feeling light from it all - and with a long swipe of his tongue he pulls back enough and buries himself into your neck once again. His breaths leave him in harsh pants while his arms curl around your middle. Keeping you flushed against him.
Hyun-Woo whimpers into your skin before moaning at the feel of your fingers scratching away at his head.
"Let me have this."
You frown in confusion. You could barely get the words out of your mouth before he repeated himself over and over like a chant.
"Let me have this. Let me have this. Please, let me have this."
One of his arms loosens from around you and it takes you a moment to realize what he is doing. The sound of his belt coming undone, the zipper being pulled down and a deep groan. Your mind is hazy from the loss of blood but you have fight in you - enough to stop him.
"Master don't," you slur.
Your shirt rises a bit unintentionally as his arm rubs into you as he no doubt pleasures himself.
"Please," he cries. "Aah please."
You push against him in a slight struggle. "Master Hyun-Woo please stop." You push harder. "Stop, stop, stop." There's a hitch in your throat and it forces him to freeze before pulling away roughly.
His eyes are wide and bloodshot. The brown completely replaced with blue. A bloody tear runs down his cheek at the realization of what he's done.
Hyun-Woo pushes off of you harshly before turning away in shame. He wanted you but not like this. Not if you wouldn't have him.
Your bottom lip trembles as you close in on yourself. Your arms curling around you to bring you some sense of support.
"I'll uh - I'll fetch one of the others." You try your best not to cry. "Maybe Leanna or Eunwoo?"
Fresh tears of blood spills from Hyun-Woo's wide eyes. His bottom lip pinched between his fingers. "Okay," he whispers.
You nod though he doesn't look your way. Forgetting yourself, you leave without bowing and race off into the halls.
In your hurry, you try and think but not many thoughts come to you. The main one is you telling yourself you have to find someone and quick. The other you want to say is focusing on what happened but you don't want to think about it. You can't because if you do you just might break down and that's the last thing you want to do.
You find yourself before Leanna's door and try to calm your breathing as you knock hurriedly. Hoping she's in her room by now and not out and about. Thankfully her door opens and it's with a shock she looks at you, face all red, tears threatening to pool out from your eyes, and a bloody arm pressed against your chest.
"Oh my god, Y/N. What happened to you?"
Your mouth opens and closes for a second before answering. "Master Hyun-Woo needs you. H-he's in a frenzy."
At this she pauses and it's like your time with him flashes before her very eyes. She knows why you're like this. It makes sense.
"Okay, okay." She rubs your shoulder before nodding. "Go get cleaned up. I'll take care of this."
You simply nod before stalking off towards the bathroom to clean up and it's there where you were once silent, you break down. You're glad to be alone because you don't want anyone to see you like this. Tears running down your face by the second seemingly endless as you run your arm under the sink. You can clearly see now where he bit you and they look ugly. Uglier now after the position he'd put you in. You don't hate him but you're unhappy and there's nothing more you want than to be alone. Alone and away from everyone.
You pull the first aid kit out of the cabinets off to the side of the wall length mirror before you and get to work. You curse out loud as the contents fall from your hands that shake with nerves. Bandages and antiseptic placed and wrapped securely - you just want to get this over with. It's after you're done, after your wounds are out of sight that you take a moment to breathe in and out deeply. You try your best to ignore your bloody shirt but the scent of iron still lingers heavily in the air. You rip the fabric off as another wave of nerves tries to flit within your chest and without hesitation you throw it away. You have nothing else to cover up with here and it's with a sorry sad of mind you walk out of the bathroom uncovered save for your arms that try and hide your breasts.
You don't care, you don't care, you don't care. You just want to get dressed and get out of here. Reaching your room you close it in haste and look for a new pajama shirt. You grab the baggiest you can find and you feel a sense of calm wash over you. No blood in sight. Just the ache in your arm but no more blood. It's better than nothing.
Rubbing your hands over your face you give a deep sigh. Your head aches from all the crying but you feel too enclosed. Hurriedly, you switch your shoes for sneakers and slip out of your room once more but this time not to your Master but the outside. Outside to the one place that truly brings you peace: the garden. It's the one place no matter the reason - whether working or relaxing - that you find any lick of peace. A place where your anxiety can wash off your body like dirt in the water. Your feet are quick and nearly silent down the steps. You don't see many servants about and very few look at you questioningly as you hurry about in your sleepwear. Clearly something is wrong, but they won't question it. At least not to your face.
You find yourself before the sliding door that leads out to the garden and like a breath of fresh air you push your way through. Then, silence. Silence but the few insects that chirp and the fountain in the distance. Your haven besides your room. A calmness rolls over your body and it's for a moment that you can forget about what happened. Just a moment.
You sigh before walking over to the railing of the patio and your thoughts begin to consume you. What triggered Hyun-Woo's frenzy? Clearly something was off about him from the start but you couldn't even begin to think what nor why. It was truly strange because he's never done this before. Never had he been so aggressively needy for you. Not even when he first found you that day with your hand between your legs. He stalked off if anything but why now? What actually happened?
"Pretty girl."
You nearly jumped from your skin at the voice just by your left. You look over to see one of the Lords of Bangtan before placing a hand to your chest. He'd startled you so bad that your heart begins to race quickly and clearly he knows this as a small smile graces his lips.
"Sorry for startling you," he supplies. "I was making my way through the estate when I saw you. You seemed frazzled. Are you okay?"
"Uh.. um." You nod. "Yes, I'm okay." You look out before you and back. "I just needed some fresh air."
He doesn't seem to believe you but he simply nods instead. "Hoseok, by the way."
Your brow creases in confusion. "Hmm?"
He chuckles. "Just in case you forgot my name."
"Oh! Right. I-I uh, didn't forget."
He looks at your nervous smile and a genuine one crosses his own lips. "Good."
There's a pause for a moment before he slips his hands into his pockets. "May I join you?"
Your brows raise high in shock and confusion. You would question him but you don't want to offend a Lord. "By all means."
His eyes light up for a second as he joins by your side. His arm nearly brushing up against your own. You try not to watch his beautiful hands rest upon the railing like your own and you feel yourself blush at your thoughts. His hands are beautiful. Truly everything about him was. From his sleek nose and high cheekbones. His delicate lips and the curve of his cupid's bow dotted by a beauty mark. You recall the beauty of his brothers from the full lips of one and the strong jaw of the other. They were gods among humans.
Lord Hoseok hums. "It's a beautiful night."
"It is."
"And relaxing."
He smiles. "You don't talk much do you?"
You look up at him startled. "I'm sorry." The last thing you want to do is disrespect your Masters' guest.
"Don't be, love." His smile is wider now. "Your presence is almost enough."
You frown. "Almost?" It leaves you in a whisper.
Hoseok shrugs. "I would just like to know more about you is all."
A soft laugh leaves you and it seems to bring a bright shine to Hoseok's eyes. "I wouldn't know why. I'm-" you shook your head. "I'm just a maid. Even then I wouldn't know what to say."
With a shake of his head Hoseok looks away for a moment then back. He thinks on what his next words will be before he speaks. "You're not just a maid. You're a person of interest. My interest."
Your face warms and you let out a nervous chuckle. "Again, I wouldn't know why."
"Let's play a game."
"What?" you laugh.
"I ask you questions and you answer."
"Well I know your name. How old are you?"
Was he? Was he going to play 21 questions with you now? You couldn't help the endeared smile to grace your lips.
"I'm 26."
"Your favorite color?"
He hums. "Do you believe in love at first sight?"
Your mouth drops open in small disbelief. "That kind of escalated quickly." He doesn't respond, clearly waiting for you to answer. "Um, I don't actually."
His face falls for a moment in what seems like disappointment but it quickly switches back. "That's a shame."
You shrug. "Well I mean I have a hard time believing someone can love another without getting to know them first."
"Hmm," he hums. "I believe in love at first sight." He says it so confidently you can't help but smile and nod.
"Now," he pauses for a second. "Do you believe in soul mates?"
"Yes, actually I do."
To this he smiles and his chest seems to puff out in response. "I do too."
He looks you over in silence. It unnerves you a little to have so much of his attention on you and if he realizes your heart beat is slowly increasing he doesn't mention it. He looks over your arms and from there he frowns.
"What happened to your arm?"
You look down at the bandaged appendage before pulling it down to your side.
"Um, an accident." You bite your lip nervously.
You know he can smell the blood and you wonder if he's noticed the smell on you all this time and has been waiting to ask or if he was so into his conversation with you that he hadn't noticed at all until now.
He reaches for your arm before pausing. His eyes looking for yours before asking, "May I?"
You hesitate at first. Unsure if it was a good idea before relenting. He was a Lord after all. You shouldn't deny him, right?
You nod in response before he takes your arm into his two hands. He raises it a bit, softly running his hands over the scars that peak around the bandages. Scars clearly from bite marks. You know he can tell what your purpose to your Masters is. Goosebumps run along your body at his soft touch before he runs it over the cloth covering your latest wounds. Claiming it was an accident was probably stupid and he looks at you for a moment before placing a small kiss to it.
Your face surely goes red as you can feel it warm up all the way to your ears. Your brain goes haywire trying to understand why he did what he did.
He places your arm down gently by your side again, an unreadable expression taking over his face.
"I would like to get to know you more but it's late. You should sleep." His words leave him softly. "Tomorrow?"
You bite your lip and his eyes follow the action. Eyeing the way your teeth press deeply into the plump flesh before you release it.
"I-I have duties to complete tomorrow." Your words leave you just as soft. Almost too afraid to break whatever feeling that took over the atmosphere.
"I'll find you."
Your brow creases for a moment. You didn't know how to take that but you try not to think too much on it.
"Maybe if I see you in passing. It depends on what my chores are for the day, but a Lord shouldn't worry over a simple maid."
To this he frowns. "You're more than just a simple maid."
An object of his interests, you think back to his previous words. But only the gods would know why.
You inhale deeply before sighing. You feel like if you attempt to argue you with him over this it'll lead you nowhere. Plus, he is a Lord and you didn't want to test his patience. So you agree.
"Tomorrow then."
Hoseok smiles a pure genuine smile. His lips parting into a heart shape with his teeth on display. It's like you're staring at the sun - his radiance shining upon you. You have to look away to gather yourself.
You nod as a goodbye to Hoseok before walking away. Your body is starting to shut down from the stress you experienced and it was time for you to try to lie down and rest. It's as you're by the sliding doors does Hoseok's voice call out to you again.
"Have you seen your Master?"
Your brows draw together as you tilt your head in question.
There's a pang in your chest by how hard your heart beats.
"He seemed off during dinner. Just wondering if you'd seen him. I just want to know that he's okay."
It's hard to get the words out. Like sludge coating your tongue and throat. Molasses preventing your appendage from flowing. You have to swallow a couple of times before you speak.
"H-he's okay." You nod fast and hard as if you're trying to convince yourself more than the Lord before you. "He's fine."
Hoseok says nothing as he watches you before a small smile reminiscent of a smirk plays on his lips. "Good."
Your nostrils flare before you bow to him and make your departure back into the manor and back towards your room.
It suddenly feels colder inside. Your arms coming to wrap around you. Occasionally your memory tries to replay what had happened but you use your time with Lord Hoseok as a way to overshadow it. Something about the way he asked about Hyun-Woo though felt off. Almost as if he knew what had transpired between the two of you but that wouldn't make sense. Your mind is playing tricks on you. You needed to sleep.
The halls aren't bustling with as much life as they were earlier in the day. Shift change is commencing as well as the night crew begin to show their faces in place of those from the day. You should be finishing up your shift as well if you were working though sometimes you overstayed your welcome whenever your Master needed to feed off of you. Most of the time though you worked while he and his brothers slept.
Very rarely would they be up when the sun was at its highest. Their skin too delicate to handle the rays of sunlight, but not all vampires are the same. They could handle minutes at a time out. Mostly preferring it when the skies were clouded and gray. Outside of that they spent most of their time indoors where they were surrounded by the royal blue of their curtains and floors. Walls aligned in eggshell white and portraits of previous Masters of the manor. Halls you occupied at the moment as you made your way back to your room.
It's when you near your door that you notice dark hair as the blackest of nights, the owner, a maid who sits crouched down with a tray of food by her side. She looks up at the sound of your approaching steps and her large eyes alight when she sees you. It's Hana and she stands up with the tray with a smile.
"I was wondering where you were. I brought you some food."
For some reason the sight of her makes you want to cry but you hold it in. Lest you scare her into believing something was wrong.
But there was. You try to ignore that side of your brain right now as there's nothing more that you want than to eat and sleep.
You give her a tired smile and reach for the tray she passes over to you.
"Thank you, Hana."
"Of course," she chirps. "We can worry about the dishes tomorrow. Right now just enjoy the food. I got a little bit of everything for you."
That need to cry again comes and passes rather quickly again. You're too afraid to speak. Afraid that if you do the dam will break.
She doesn't say anything else but gives you one of her heartwarming smiles before taking off in the direction of her room. You take the moment to step into your room where the light still shone brightly after you'd initially woken up. A shaky sigh leaves you as you go to sit at your desk to eat.
The hunger from way earlier into the night comes back with a vengeance. You curl into yourself as your stomach cramps from the lack of food. You look at the cutlets of steak and onions with a side of rice and a cup of crème caramel. The smell is appetizing and you place the glass of wine that sat by it onto your desk for later. You dig in trying to pace yourself lest you give yourself a stomach ache.
In moments like this where you sit alone to eat you would watch a video but you can't bring yourself to move and grab your laptop. You're captivated by your meal and it's with much surprise do you find that you finish it all. Not a crumb left in sight.
Harder now does the need for sleep befall you so you get up and curl in bed. Now your thoughts are all that accompany you. And you think, think, and think. You don't want to but of course your mind goes back to Hyun-Woo and now Lord Hoseok too. You were terrified. Never did you think you'd be in the position you were put in. And though it isn't excusable, you don't think Hyun-Woo would've done something like this to you even if he truly wanted to. Something ticked him off. Lord Hoseok said he seemed off during dinner. You don't know what could have caused it but whatever it was it was enough to make him act the way that he did.
You curl in further into yourself and feel a few tears escape. What would you say to him the next day? Would he even want to see you? Was it best if you two stay separated until everything blows over? No, you needed to talk instead of letting everything fester into what-ifs.
You sigh.
You think back to Hoseok now. You wanted to be alone and take in the night air. Feel peace, quiet, and whatever tranquility you could get from the outside but he came to you. He saw how frazzled you were and came to check up on you. What Lord or Lady would do that? Never in a million years would you have suspected such a thing to occur. Not that all Lords and Ladies were self-centered pricks but to come to the aid of a servant is unheard of.
You wanted to be alone but you're thankful you weren't. Lord Hoseok's presence comforted you. Distracted you from your problems even if for a moment.
He said he would find you tomorrow to talk more. You don't know how he would track you down so you won't hold him to his word. His business in the Baek manor would be of utmost importance over you and your job as a maid. Silly little things spoken in the night air to provide temporary comfort. You're sure that's all it was.
You sigh and look over at your laptop. You click the space bar and watch as it comes to life. It hadn't died but gone into sleep mode. You're thankful that's all it was because now you don't want to sleep in the quiet. You wanted to hear something to help ease you into rest. Something loud, something soft, something funny - anything to accompany you on this dreadful night. You check through different videos. From ones you've already watched and others you haven't. You settle on something you haven't watched before and listen to the voice that speaks to you. It's a while before you fall asleep. The time is pushing past 1 AM before your mind begins to grow hazy and your eyes heavy. You close them just for the briefest of moments before they shut again. You let the voice from your laptop lull you to sleep. Your mind filled with brown irises that grow cold and a smile that rivals the sun.
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justimagineok · a day ago
2:30 series - shopping
Tumblr media
masterlist here
"kook, my feet hurts… I wanna lay down on this floor.", you complained again for the 10th time. You've been asking for a break from following Jungkook around this Louis Vuitton store, but he keeps giving you his bunny eyes, making it impossible for you to say no.
"I'm almost finished, babe. Let's go.", he keeps walking holding your hand in his and with the other, he's carrying all his bags. You offered to help him carry but he denied it. "are you sure you don't want anything?", he questioned again, after you convinced him you didn't want anything.
"I'm sure", you smiled at him. Saying you didn't want anything wasn't it all true, but you didn't feel comfortable letting him buy all these expensive things for you. He already bought you so many presents that your mind didn't even want to wonder how much it was.
"hm…", he stops abruptly, letting go of your hand.
"What?", you questioned, when you see the frown on his face.
"babe. you're doing that thing that annoys me again.", he says all serious.
"what am I doing, Kook?"
"saying you don't want something when you want it. Not doing something you want to do.", he states.
"no. No Kook. I don't like when you do that.", he gets close to you again, holding your hand. "what is mine is yours, YN. You still don't get that? What I own has no use if I can't share it with you. It's ours. My time, my love, my life, and that also include my money."
"It's not my money, Kook. You worked for it. It's yours. I don't feel comfortable using it."
"what about when you buy me things? When you cook all those delicious things for me. When you take us out to do something and don't let me pay. That's your money, but I let you spend it on me 'cause I know you like to do that. "
"That's different."
"How so?"
"cause it's for you, Kook. I don't mind doing any of those stuff to you."
He squeezes your hand comforting you. "And I don't mind doing anything for you, YN. And if I can be honest, I feel a little offended when you stop yourself from doing something you want cause you're embarrassed to say it to me. It's just me, Jungkook. Your boyfriend, friend, and future husband if you allow me.", he smirks, making you laugh. "you don't have to wait for me to ask if you want something, baby. You can just take it. It's ours. Ok?"
You look at his eyes, he's waiting for your response with a smile.
"ok, then."
"for real?", he smiles even wider.
"for real.", you smile back. "now let's go buy me some things, huh?", you pull him by the hand. Four hours later, you and jungkook received glances at the store with how many bags you were both carrying. You tried to buy just a earring, but Jungkook was way too excited to let you buy just that.
You didn't complain.
Tumblr media
art from Gyung Studio - not mine
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kimnjss · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
little tingle
Tumblr media
— you met online with him requesting to fund your lifestyle. no idea who he is or what he looks like, but his offer is too appealing to deny. so you agree, sure you’ll never meet this man in person. but what happens when a regular at your club seems to feel a bit too familiar…
↫ masterlist
⇝ taglist: @agustdef @yoon2k @jaiuneamesolitaiire @darthamira @dee-ehn @gldnrecs @hopeworldjimin @preciouschimine @diminieshoe @silentlyimpractical @btsbangtanbois @agustneeds @redluvletmain @tae165 @joontopia @dionysusrage @hellotherehoneybee @certifiedcrazycatlady @morseszn @yoooonie @peachy-tata @lochness-butmakeitsexy @rikisnotforsale @v3nti @hobiismyhopeu @ggukkieland @telepathylftv @kxdrawhl @morndas @prdshobi @codeinebelle @rageyoudamnednerd @lil-sracha @arya-di-angelo @todorokiskitten @ayyyocee @salty-for-suga @stepheboo @bloomtilweache @taefect94 @jooniesbanoonies @bluewhale52 @stcrwhiz @sweeneyblue1 @minglossx @butterflylion @veronawrites @immafuckyoutilyouaint1 @megagrl​
A/N: timestamps make sense throughout the fic. if u want to be added to the tag list, send me an ask! + if you’ve asked to be on my permanent taglist, you do not need to ask to be added to this one !!
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muniimyg · 2 days ago
close to you // myg 
Tumblr media
songs aren’t the only things BTS SUGA produces
just when your marriage with yoongi is finally reaching a conclusion, a moment for the shits and giggles causes signing divorce papers to delay for another 9 months
navi | m. list | ask me ! | send an ask to be on the taglist ! i will not be responding to taglist requests anywhere else !
Tumblr media
husband // idol!yoongi + wife // stylist!oc 
marriage // saving a marriage // pregnancy au
idol verse // workplace romance 
smut, crack, angst
social media au + written scenes 
implied + actual smut 
mentions of pregnancy and everything related in that topic 
toxic aspects such as: back and forths, concept of staying in a marriage just for the baby, gaslighting, concepts of manipulation, name calling, etc.
posting and schedule starts decemeber 2022
Tumblr media
only available on spotify !
Tumblr media
index # c2u myg
i . (0/5) can we stay like this
track 01
track 02
track 03
track 04
track 05
ii . (0/25) forever
Tumblr media
copyright © 2022, muniimyg on tumblr.  
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dearsonyeondan · a day ago
Hello :)
I just found your blog and I enjoy reading your headcanon. And I love the fact that you write for plus size reader because it's hard to find here 😭
Can I request, aftercare with BTS? Hehe thank you
thank you for being patient and waiting on this request! i hope that you enjoy this small excerpt. 💜
Tumblr media
꒰ ꒱ pairing: ot7 bangtan x plus size reader.
꒰ ꒱ rating: 18+! please proceed responsibly.
꒰ ꒱ word count: under 1k.
꒰ ꒱ warning(s): orgasm, aftercare, fluff, hints that namjoon x reader break the rules often.
꒰ ꒱ note 4 reader: enjoy! sorry that it took so long to post, but i hope that it was worth it most importantly!
Tumblr media
“fuck, fuck!” you squealed, throwing your head back into a chest that felt more like a pair of pillows. the uncontrollable shake of your legs from your most recent orgasm had been something that you were embarrassed about, cheeks heating up at how worn you had been. 
“come back to us,” namjoon said softly, placing a soft kiss at your ear and engulfing you in his arms so that he could rub at your belly. catching your breath was the easy thing, facing the pair of eyes that was cleaning up your mess would be the hardest thing. 
“she’s done, that’s enough.” you could hear jin come into the room, placing a pillow underneath your thighs so that you could rest from keeping them in the air. against your own wants, your eyes opened to look at him and give him a weak smile. 
jungkook had been busy turning the toy off and cleaning it while jimin was preparing what appeared to be something for you to consume. “how was it?” hobi asked, scooting closer and placing a soft kiss at your lips. how could you even answer the question? you’d had a mind blowing, mind numbing orgasm provided from your lovers. 
“it was amazing, just a little sore..” you said and pouted at how your core had continued to throb. gee, did yoongi do a number on you. he knew it too, cleaning up your juices that had squirted all over the floor with a smirk. no comments from the cat like smirk had meant you’d made him proud. 
“taehyung should be quick with the bath, no worries,” jimin said, carrying the wooden board with assorted fruits into your bedroom. you desperately longed for the sliced apples on the board, but you knew the steps to this situation — 
fucked senseless from a member or few of your choice, multiple rounds of cumming and then a much needed soak in the bathtub with taehyung. you were the most spoiled girl in the world and you had 0 complaints. 
“mm,” you said once you felt namjoon carry you bridal style. there was something about the soft look in his eyes as he carried you up the two flights of stairs. “i know i’m heavy.” 
“don’t start that baby. you’re as light as a plush,” he said and you giggled, sucking on your bottom lip as you analyzed his features. you wouldn’t mind taking him for a ride… “stop looking at me like that. jin ate me alive for touching you after last time.” 
you pouted, the scent of the steamed bathroom coming into your nostrils. however, no taehyung was to be found. he was most likely preparing the vinyl with classics that you loved listening to. “just sneak into my room..” you requested after being placed in the bathtub. namjoon fought the temptation, but shared no response when taehyung came in with a towel around his waist. 
“we’ll be watching the notebook and listening to some bon jovi afterwards,” taehyung said in his most professional way possible, jimin laughing from the bedroom. he pouted and went to confront him on what was funny, your eyes lingering on namjoon as he exited. 
you submerged yourself in the tub, giggles from jimin putting you to peace. you were so thankful to be with bangtan. 
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kookiecrumb · 2 days ago
JJK || Lovely: a kookiecrumb
pairing: jungkook x fem!reader
summary: After being humiliated in front of the class, Jungkook chases after you and confesses to you on the roof.
warnings: language, bullying
tags: highschool au, fluff, angst, shy!jungkook, artist!jungkook
a/n: something classic, short, and sweet. Thanks for your patience.
Tumblr media
"I don't think you're ugly," Jungkook mumbles, looking down at his hands. 
"What?!" You shout, in tears. The wind rushes between you, a storm evidently underway. 
On the rooftop of the school building, you've abandoned your bag at a nearby bench with your lunch scraps inside. 
You needed to get the furthest away as possible from the room where Sam had pointed out to the entire class that you were the only one left without a date to homecoming, five minutes ago. 
"Not even Jungkook would ask you out," she laughed, gesturing loosely to Jungkook, who was absently drawing in the corner of the room. 
In utter embarrassment, you gathered your things just as the lunch bell rang, and ran up the stairs while avoiding any sort of confrontation. 
Jungkook promptly chased you up the stairs, having heard what happened. 
He finds you here, alone, and in need of support. 
"I said I don't think you're ugly! Jesus," he curses, embarrassed. "She's just a dick, okay?" 
"She's not. She's right. Otherwise, someone would have stopped her," you reply, wiping your face with the back of your fist. "Why didn't you say anything then?" 
Jungkook's heart sinks. "I just couldn't," he shrinks. "I'm sorry." 
"Yeah, well, are you gonna ask me to be your homecoming date, then?" You joke, waving your hands up in the air. 
"...No, I'm not going to homecoming. I couldn't get tickets. Otherwise, I totally would have asked you, Y/N," he says. "They never print enough of them." 
You hug your arms. 
"Look, you have…beautiful eyelashes and a cute nose…soft lips," Jungkook smiles, moving closer. "If she can't see that, then, too bad. I think you're pretty. You are pretty." 
Your face relaxes into a soft smile. "Thank you, Kookie…"
"It might be too late for us to go to homecoming together, but, it's never too late for you and I to maybe go out sometime?" 
Jungkook offers you his hand, his big eyes enamored by your sweet disposition. 
"That sounds lovely," you sigh. 
Tumblr media
permatag gang gang: @silversparkles11 , @lvoekook @sammy-steve-btsarmyakasammy , @kooliv , @koobsessed , @angelwonie , @hoseokgrecns , @bangsterz , @swyseren, @sxtaep , @koostarcandy , @hgema , @jjkeverlast , @nglmrk , @devilsbooksworld , @saweetspoiled , @exactlyfuriouscoffee and @unicornbabylover
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crystaljins · a day ago
Stars above | 01
Tumblr media
Characters: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 3.3K
Synopsis: Your nagging roommate is desperate for a third person to help meet the rent and your university just so happens to be running a fully-funded government grant for anyone who signs up to participate in the Intergalactic Exchange program.
Having an alien for a roommate is just asking for all kinds of trouble, though.
Alien!Taehyung x reader
Rating: Teens
Notes: So here it is! The beginning of the end! The long awaited alien!tae drabble series. 
For many of you, you may have heard that this is my last bts fic. It’s a bit of a cop out to do a drabble series as my last ever fic but it’s got 11 parts and I think it’s got enough content and a character arc to be satisfying, and I feel it’s fitting that I started this little blog with a taehyung x reader fic and I’m finishing it with one.
Thank you guys so much for the last few years and I look forward to going on one last journey with all of you. Without any further ado, I present to you the fic!
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11
You’re suspicious from the moment your roommate shows you the flyer over breakfast one morning. It’s brightly coloured, with information neatly categorised across the glossy surface and your university’s insignia proudly nestled against the corner. 
“Planet BTS-0713 exchange program?” You read out loud, through a mouthful of cereal. She nods enthusiastically, still brandishing the paper like it has the recipe to world peace printed across it. She seems absolutely smitten by the idea but you remain skeptical; after all, while Nayeon has a list of endearing characteristics, altruism unfortunately does not make the top 100.
“Doesn’t it sound exciting? And they don’t just cover our rent, we get extra since it’s part of that intergalactic-peace treaty-agreement thing they’re trying to establish.” She explains. Ah, there it is. The ulterior motive behind her sudden desire for an alien roommate. “It would really help after Yura skipped town last month. I know you’re struggling too.”
You pause, swallowing your cereal contemplatively. As skeptical as you are, there’s a strong element of truth to Nayeon’s words. Yura had always been a little bit of a dodgy roommate- she’d always get a bit weird about paying rent and seemed to think she shouldn’t have to pay the same amount because her room was the furthest from the bathroom, not to mention you’re sure she’d been secretly stealing your nutella despite her insistence that there would be strictly no splitting of groceries. But she’d hit her peak when you and Nayeon had returned home from a night out to find her packed and moved out, the day before rent was due. Of course, none of your calls or desperate texts came through. She’d literally vanished off the face of the planet and the two of you had had to scrounge together your savings to pay her share, and were now struggling to maintain a three-person apartment on the income of just two people. Financially, the government exchange program would help massively, especially since you haven’t been able to find a third roommate in nearly two months now. 
“I’d be keen if it were just a matter of giving them a place to stay.” You finally admit. “But the reason the government offers so much compensation is because you’re basically their legal guardian while they’re on this planet.” You inform her. “The extra money is allowance for showing them around and you’re supposed to help them adjust to all their classes and the transport systems and culture here. You can barely keep a goldfish alive- I had to bury Sergeant Sprinkles the first through to the fourth in Jin’s flower box on the roof. He’s getting suspicious. How will you manage an entire alien life form?” 
Nayeon wrinkles her nose at the thought, but then she steels herself. 
“It’ll be fine!” She insists. “They’re different to goldfish. And Sergeant Sprinkles the fifth has been alive for nearly two weeks now! Besides, I’d really love having a little exchange student to show the best places to get burgers and where the cheapest tequila in town is! Plus,” she glances from side to side as if there’s anyone to overhear you in your apartment at 8 o’clock in the morning. “I hear that they’re just really attractive versions of humans. I’ve been so lonely since Hoseok and I broke up. ” She confesses. And there it is- the final confirmation that altruism is the furthest motive from Nayeon’s mind. With a sigh, you gather your bowl and shuffle over to the sink. In truth, Nayeon has a way of getting her way. And it’s not like a third roommate will magically appear. Your bank account is zooming dangerously close to that dreaded elliptical number.
“Ok. If you’re really that determined.” You relent. You pause midway through your scrubbing of the bowl to point accusingly at her. “But you’re taking full responsibility for our alien roommate! If I hear a single complaint then you’re on garbage duty for a month.”
Nayeon nods eagerly and obediently before throwing her arms around your neck in excitement.
“Oh, thank you (Y/N)!” She cries. “This is going to be so fun!” She promises.
 Despite Nayeon’s promise, having an alien roommate is, unsurprisngly, not fun. Kim Taehyung is a nice enough guy- curious, with a sweet disposition and wide smile. And he certainly lives up to to rumours of the good looks of his fellow aliens. 
It’s just that he’s well... he really is an alien. You’ve never met someone quite so eccentric. 
Admittedly, he hadn’t arrived in your apartment with too much fanfare- you were working on an essay in your room and Nayeon had lead him into the apartment, narrating the layout of your apartment loudly enough that it filters into your room and you know he’s arrived. 
Other than a wide smile over dinner and a cheerful introduction, you had tried not to interact with him too much- you hadn’t wanted to adopt yet another of Nayeon’s responsibilities that she didn’t follow through. And judging by her constant swooning, you had nothing to worry about. 
But the next day is really when his alien nature had struck. You had come out of your bedroom to find him in hysterics over breakfast and Nayeon waving a spatula around in confusion. After much probing and hysteric crying from Taehyung, you had eventually discerned the source of his distress; Nayeon had made him scrambled eggs for breakfast. 
That in itself wasn’t the issue- scrambled eggs are one of the few dishes that Nayeon is actually good at. She’s mastered the art of a hangover breakfast and scrambled eggs is her specialty. No, the issues lay with Taehyung’s discovery of what eggs are. 
“You EAT their FOETUSES!” He had cried, eyes swollen and nose snotty. An interesting thing to note is that people from his planet have differently coloured tears to you guys- shimmering blue lines had traced down his cheeks and the effect would be rather hauntingly beautiful if it weren’t for the fact that even on Planet BTS-0713, their nose runs when they cry. 
“Stop crying!” Nayeon had cried back. “It’s not a FOETUS the eggs are UNFERTILISED.”
It had taken an emergency trip to the grocery store to buy vegan-friendly groceries for Taehyung (and obviously you had to do it since Nayeon wouldn’t know a vegetable if it slapped her in the face) and a bottle of strawberry milk (although you chose to withold the information of where milk comes from) to calm down his hysterics. 
And then there’d been the time you’d had to sit with him in the emergency room because he’d watched a documentary on his planet about the pets that humans keep and had tried to pet a squirrel. Apparently the documentary had confused squirrels with dogs and he had gotten bitten. Luckily, he’d had his rabies shot before he came to earth but you’d still had to hold his hand while the doctor cleaned his wound and your favourite shirt was stained blue because he’d cried onto it. 
Probably the last straw, for Nayeon at least, is when the two of you find him throwing up into the sink. She’d left her Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Pallette open on the coffee table because she likes to do her makeup in the living room even though you keep telling her the landlord will get mad if she stains the carpet, and Taehyung had mistaken them for a snack they sell on his home planet. 
“Can we send him back?” She had begged you, a far cry from his first night where she’d insisted on sitting next to him the whole night and personally served him dinner. He’d only managed to crunch through one of the slabs of makeup before it had occurred to him that he’d made a mistake but the impression left by his teeth tells the story well enough. 
“He’s not a toy. You can’t just return him because you didn’t think things through.” You scold, hands on your hips. “Have you even taken him out once since he’s been here? What happened to taking full responsibility?”
She pouts, folding her arms and releasing an annoyed huff. 
“(Y/N),” she tells you with the most serious expression you’ve ever seen upon her face. “He ate my makeup pallette. Do you see this? This is a bite mark.” She says, brandishing the pallette for good measure. “You can’t seriously expect me to spend time with him.”
You groan. You should have known it would come to this when you agreed to let him stay. After all, you had just finished cleaning Sergeant Sparkles the fifth’s tank not an hour before because it had gone bright green and Nayeon had insisted that he was dead and that there was no point in cleaning the tank because she’d just be traumatised by his dead body. The clean had revealed him not only to be alive, but also possibly slightly mutated due to the near radioactive levels of faeces floating in his tank. She hadn’t managed to keep the goldfish alive for more than two weeks; you’d had to take over for her, like you usually do.
“One night.” You say. “Give him one chance, and do your job once. If you don’t end up enjoying it, then you can talk to the manager of the program.” 
She cheers in relief. 
“Thank you! Also can you help me fill out this compensation form? I want them to cover the cost of this pallette.”
You should clarify: Nayeon is a great friend and roommate. She never leaves dirty dishes in the sink and she usually remembers to ask your permission before having friends over. She’s always happy to offer outfit advice, and every now and then she’ll even give you lifts into uni because you hate finding parking. And even with all her personality quirks, she’s a peaceful roommate and you’d even go so far as to call her one of your closest friends. 
What she is not, however, is reliable. In any way, shape, or form. You can never ask her favours because she’ll forget and on the rare occasions you do need something from her, you have to send her a reminder text the day before and on the day of, stick sticky notes with reminders on her bedroom door, the fridge, her car keys, the front door and on her shoes and even then she’ll still sometimes forget.
So really, it’s on you for being surprised when she stumbles into the apartment the next night, drunk and without Taehyung in tow. 
“You went clubbing?” You cry, catching her before she careens face-first onto the coffee table. She squints at you and hiccups a little. “For his first night out on earth?”
“You told me to do something fun.” She slurs at you accusingly. You grimace, because you had said that when the two of them had left earlier in the night. You should have realised that that’s the coat Nayeon wears when she wants to hide the fact that she’s dressed to go to a party and not her friend’s place for a study night during exams. 
“Fine. Ok. But where’s Taehyung?” You demand. You look around for a sign that he was coming up a little later than Nayeon, but your scan confirms it; the hallway outside your apartment is decidedly lacking the presence of your intergalactic guest. 
Nayeon frowns, and her face wrinkles up in the way that it does when she’s thinking very hard. 
“We got separated during the night.” She recounts slowly. “And then I couldn’t find him so I assumed he made his own way home.”
You nearly drop her in horror. You grab her by the shoulders. 
“Nayeon!” You cry urgently. “He’s an alien! He can’t find his own way home. He asked me what a train is yesterday! And I’m still trying to convince him cars aren’t sentient after you made him watch that weird disney movie the other day!” 
She gasps in drunken offence. 
“Cars is a classic.” She insists. You’re too busy to answer, your heart sinking as you think about quirky, crybaby Taehyung, lost in the middle of the city and completely naive to the ways of Earth people. Not to mention that a lot of people on Earth are still hostile to people from his planet. You’d been so insistent that this not be another instance of you taking over for Nayeon and becoming a glorified babysitter yet again that you’d let Taehyung bear the brunt of your negligence. No matter how unreliable Nayeon is, in the end, you’d been the one to agree. You’d relented because you didn’t want to deal with her incessant nagging, and you’d ignored every sign that Taehyung needed more help and support than what Nayeon was willing to give him. 
And now he’s lost in a random Earth city with no money and no phone, abandoned by the closest thing to family he has on this entire planet. 
You feel like your heart has been pummelled with a sledgehammer and it is in that exact moment that you decide that it’s time to take responsibility for your actions. 
And to take responsibility for Taehyung.
You just manage to pry the name of where Nayeon had left Taehyung, and then you grab your keys and sprint out the door, still in your loungewear and house slippers. 
Taehyung regrets signing up for this exchange program. It was supposed to be his chance, to “prove himself”. All his friends and family had all insisted that he was too much of an airhead to ever make anything of himself and that he wouldn’t last two seconds on a cutthroat place like Earth. He’d just been foolishly stubborn- there had been something magical and enticing about the cultures and the landscapes shown in the documentaries that aired on his home planet. He’d thought he could handle it; how wrong he has been. 
For one thing, his roommates, his supposed legal guardians on earth, hate him. Nayeon hadn’t stopped complaining about the makeup incident for twelve hours now, and you had been quiet and recluse in the same way you always seem to be. Not to mention he’d overheard your conversation the day before- he had one chance to prove to Nayeon that he could live up to the fun alien roommate ideal she had in her head or he’d be homeless and stranded until the end of his exchange. 
Not that he’s even sure he wants to continue this exchange. Between the barbaric food (they eat unborn chicken babies!) and the unfriendly culture, Earth seems like the most horrible, primitive, cruel society to exist across all thirty galaxies and planet systems with intelligent life forms. He should have gone on exchange to MonX instead. 
At least then he wouldn’t be stuck here, in the rain, cold and wet and alone. He’s not sure where Nayeon went- she’d been quick to ditch him the second they made it inside the doors of the “fun place” she’d promised to take him to. Said “fun place” turned out to just be some horrible, noisy, crowded, dark room where humans seemed to lose their minds and drink a substance that sounded suspiciously like a potent neurotoxin when Nayeon had described it to him. He’d been kicked out soon after, and with no way of contacting Nayeon, he’d decided to wait out on the side of the road. Only, then a lady had come up to him and slapped him, unprompted, accusing him of being a “filthy space demon” and he’d been quick to try and find a new corner to loiter in and wait for Nayeon to take him home. 
It’s been a few hours now and there’s no sign of her. It’s also been raining steadily for at least an hour now and he’s soaked through and chilled to the bone. He feels stupid and childish when the hot tears start to trickle down his face but he’s scared and alone. 
He’s about to dial the “sos” alert they had given him for strict emergencies when he’d first arrived on this planet when he hears it. 
It’s difficult to discern through the steady stream of rain but it definitely sounds like his name. He squints forward, and he makes out a figure racing through through the rain towards him.
As the figure draws nearer, he’s able to identify it- it’s you. You’re sprinting desperately through the rain, still dressed in what he’s come to recognise as your house clothes, with your house slippers still on, soaked and muddied. 
He watches, bewildered, as you skid to a stop before him. Your hair and clothes are soaked through and you’re completely out of breath. 
“Are you ok?” You gasp, between pants. You double over, trying to gather yourself, and he just stares. When he doesn’t respond, you try again. “Are you hurt? Gosh, she didn’t even leave you an umbrella! I told Nayeon to check the weather before you left. And the bouncer at the club told me a drunk woman slapped you?” You crouch before him, examining the tender skin of his cheek which has probably gone a soft purple thanks to the swelling from the angry woman’s earlier slap. “Taehyung!” You call urgently again. With your fingers pressed into his cheeks, he experiences the rush of emotions coursing through you- panic, worry, guilt. It’s for him, he realises with a start. It’s a shock to realise that the standoffish, quiet girl who had a knack for acting like he didn’t exist and scolding her roommate was capable of this level of distress on another person’s behalf. And with the prolonged contact of your fingers to his cheek, the sensation only grows to the point that he’s baffled that anyone, let alone you, could feel like this towards a random alien they hardly knew.
It’s enough to shake him out of his stupor. It’s a bit embarrassing to say, but you’ve genuinely left him at a loss for words. He doesn’t know if it’s the way you’ve clearly raced straight from your apartment to get him, or if it’s the sheer relief at not being stuck on the side of the road on a random planet light years away from his actual home. But whatever it is, something peaceful settles within him. All the lonely days, the crippling embarrassment from silly errors, the homesickness, melts away at the sight of you, soaked in the rain and genuinely concerned for his wellbeing. 
He drops his head onto your shoulder, which is still warm despite the icy chill of the rain, and he’s crying before he knows it. 
He doesn’t really mean to spill his guts out to you, but one of the most valued things on his home planet is companionship, and he’d been sorely lacking in that since coming here. But he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders by the time he finishes. At some point during his rant, you’d wrapped your arms carefully around him and as the bare skin of your neck tickles his cheek he feels a rush of something through his body, though he’s not sure whether it’s from you or from him. It’s an unfamiliar emotion- one that feels warm and sweet, almost fond, but tinged with hesitation and concern. 
“I’m... sorry.” You finally say. “I didn’t realise it had been that bad. I’ll... I’ll try harder.” You promise. 
And when he pulls away and gazes into your eyes, he belatedly realises that you have warm eyes. Despite your aloof and sometimes grumpy nature, the way you regard him is gentle, and sweet, directly contrasting your supposed personality. But, glimpsing that, he knows from that moment that things are gonna be better. 
You lead him back to your car with the promise of dry clothes and a warm dinner at home, and Taehyung finally feels like maybe this exchange won’t turn out to be that awful. 
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Cathexis 🜍 PJM (masterpost):
🜍 Coming Soon 🜍
Tumblr media
Moodboard by the lovely @multiplefandomsfangirl
🜍Title: Cathexis
ca·thex·is/kəˈTHeksəs/ noun: the concentration of mental energy on one particular person, idea, or object (especially to an unhealthy degree).
🜍Summary: Possessing a power that was genetically passed onto him, Jimin has to face life’s struggles managing this burden alone. He finds himself back in a town he vaguely recalls , where he hopes to find some semblance of peace, but what he doesn’t expect is to come face to face with his past.
🜍Film: Firestarter 18+M
🜍Pairing: Jimin x reader
🜍Genre: Slight Yandere 🜍 Firestarter au 🜍 Thriller 🜍 Total WC:27k
Part ONE - Oct. 14 th Part TWO - Oct. 21 Part THREE - Oct. 28
There will be no taglist for this, so if you want to know when the next part is up, turn on notifs for my blog. The release dates are also listed above.♥️
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lost and found. (4)
⇢ pairing: bts x fem!reader
⇢ weasel!jin, jaguar!yoongi, bloodhound!hoseok, balck panther!Namjoon, arctic fox!Jimin, bear!Taehyung, wolf!jungkook
⇢ genre: angst, eventual smut, fluff
⇢ word count: 3.3k
⇢ warnings: jungkook being a bit of an asshole, bad weather, mentions of cuts on hands but no in depth details.
⇢ summary: when looking for the rest of namjoon's pack seems to not work out you're about to suggest to him to look tomorrow but you don't get the chance. Also what is it that Yoongi keeps hinting at? 
chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4,
And here's chapter four! Thank you to those who are keeping up with the story. It makes it worth writing! I'll be starting a new series soon so updates might get slower but I'll try to do it at least once a week! reblogs and feedback are always greatly appreciated! <3
Tumblr media
You sigh you started looking for them at around 4:30 this evening and still at 9:05 they are nowhere to be seen. You hear your gas light ding to let you know you're close to empty. “I have to turn to the nearest gas station real quick.” namjoon growls “no we need to keep driving.” You rub your temples. Namjoon has been barking orders to you left and right and you've been complying because you want to help him. He seems to know where they'd be better than you but he's been so rude about everything and it's kind of pissing you off.
“Im stopping to get gas namjoon.” I say annoyance lacing in my voice. “I said no we need to keep looking.'' Despite his disagreement I pull into the gas station anyways. “No we need to-” “the only way to keep looking is if i have gas. without it we would have no car. namjoon i get it you're worried and you want to find them but right now we need gas.” you say turning the car off and walking into the store to pay. Of course right when you step out of the car it starts pouring down rain. Just my luck. 
The old man greets you kindly “hi can i get 20 on pump..” you look to see where your car is “3.”  you say looking back at the man. He just smiles. He takes the money and goes to put it in the register but he's still tapping on the screen. It's about 3 minutes before he looks at me and says “sorry complications.” i smile “no worries.'' you  see someone behind the counter but you can't see them that well. Until they suddenly pop up “hi!” he says cheerfully and loudly. You blink your eyes a few times before getting your face back to normal from the shock. “Hi” I smiled at him. “You smell very peculiar” “thank you?” you say in a question because is that a compliment or?
The boy laughs “I mean well, you smell nice, just haven't  smelt such a scent. My name is Yeonjun!” he says enthusiastically. You can't help but giggle. He has so much energy at this time of night at such a quiet location he must have been waiting for someone to come in. The old man must have finished because he tells Yeonjun to tell me it's ready. “Well i hope you have a nice night yeonjun.” you say as you walk out, you hear a loud “you too lady that smells nice!”
I laugh to myself as I pump the gas. You get back into the car and crank it up and of course namjoon isn't pleased. “Had fun talking for an hour?” I groaned “it’s not my fault he was having complications and plus it was only like 7 minuets so calm your tits dude.” you say starting to drive. you hear a laugh and look in the rearview mirror to see jin giggling to himself. Taehyung fell asleep long ago saying “boba makes you sleepy” but you think he was just tired.
You ride around looking at streets, looking through alleyways until it's about 11:30 pm. You turn into the last street that you guys haven't checked. Looking out the windows you still don't see anything “namjoon i don't think-” before you can even have the thought to stop him namjoon is out of the car. you don't know how he didn't fall or hurt himself but good thing you were going slow.  It's raining so hard you tell him to hold up but he doesn't hear you.
You pull over to park and hop out of the car. Jin and Taehyung follow you “namjoon wait!” you say running through puddles after him “found them i think.” he says to you “you think?!” I yell exasperated. He jumped out of a moving car because he “thought” he saw them. This man is one of a kind. Looking behind you to make sure Jin and Taehyung are okay “you guys good?” you yell over the heavy wind and rain. They both nod, you walk a bit further to catch up to namjoon and he runs.
You groan, are we playing tag? Feels like I'm in gym class doing a damn pacers test. You almost lose him after he turns a corner but you follow after him. That's when you see him in front of a group of what looks to be about four men. You can't make out if they’re hybrids because of how heavy the rain is and it's dark out, nothing but an orange street lamp lighting the alleyway dimly. 
Before you can question if he found them you see a shorter man hug namjoon. You guess he did find them. Jin and Taehyung run past you to them, you see the silhouettes of the seven men all hugging each other. You watch with a smile, you don't want to interrupt but it's raining hard and you don't have a jacket. You walk up to them slowly and see them all look at you. Jimin's face lights up “y/n!” he runs to you “what are you doing here?” he asks, surprised.
I smile “me and those three.” you point to namjoon, jin and taehyung “have been looking for you four all day basically. Namjoon almost ripped my head off when we stopped for gas but we didn't stop because he was determined to find you all tonight.'' I said to him, The hybrids are all listening. “That doesn't explain how they wound up with you?” Yoongi says with accusing eyes. “It's a long story. Do you guys want to stay at mine tonight? It's raining pretty hard?” I ask hopeful.
I don't want them to sleep in this weather. They're already soaked and none of them have jackets except for jungkook. Namjoon growls “no.” Yoongi looks up at you “yeah no thanks we'll stay out here.” you look and see Hoseok shaking and yoongi is too but he'd never admit that, especially to you. They all are because no matter if they are half their animal counterparts they are still half human. That means they too get cold and sick
“You'll catch a cold and this isn't weather to sleep in. plus when's the last time you've eaten?” you question him. “We don't need your help so can you stop acting like you're our owner or some shit? We said we're fine out here so leave us be. You're annoying.” Jungkook says through chattering teeth. You want to argue because you know this is a bad idea but who are you to them? No one. They don't have any reason to trust you. You back away despite Jimin's whines.
“Okay.” you walk away and turn the corner. What Jungkook said kinda hurt your feelings because you didn't want to appear annoying or like you're demanding. You just care, you care and in the end that's what hurts you but you don't regret caring. You can't help but feel like you're leaving them to a death wish. Who knows how worse the weather could get? Despite your worries you just keep walking knowing there's nothing you can do.
Jimin looks at where you just disappeared turning back to his mates with pleading eyes “no jimin.'' Namjoon says with no room for discussion but Jimin isn't having it. “Its literally fucking pouring. Who knows if we'll survive the night. With how hard the wind and rain is. It could be a tornado coming or something worse. Look at Jin, he's freezing” they look at Jin and see him soaked with his arms wrapped around himself.
“And look at poor hobi he can barely keep his teeth from chattering. One night won't kill you ya know? It doesn't make you any weaker to say yes to her offer. But staying out here for the night isn't smart.” Jimin states angrily. Namjoon just stares at him but Jimin isn't backing down on this, not when he knows he’s right. Namjoon sighs and rubs his hands over his face “fine but one night, nothing more.” 
They run to catch up to you. They see you're just about to get into your car “y/n wait!” you hear jimin say looking up you see the hybrids jogging to you “does the offer still stand?” “always.” you reply without a second of hesitation. It shocks namjoon that you still said yes to them despite some of them not liking you, despite some of them being hesitant to you.  It must be Jimin's charm that made you say yes. 
(poor joonie doesn't know that you said yes because of all of them, not just because of jimin.)
They all pile into your car and good thing you have a suv because if you didn't it'd be an uncomfortable ride back to the house. It's a quiet drive, you try your best to drive safely. It's a bit difficult to see with how your windshield is filled with rain no matter how much your windshield wipers wipe it. Luckily you get home safely with no accidents. Everyone gets out and follows you to the door. Your hands are numb and shaking from how cold it is tonight.
You hear someone groan behind you “do you know how to open a door?” Jungkook says annoyed. You hear someone hit his arm “ow..” he whines. Eventually you get it unlocked and right when you walk in it's like getting hugged by a blanket. Warmth spreads through your body and you accept it gratefully. It makes your body tingle and sting as if you're thawing out but you move on from the feeling quickly too immersed in the warmth to care.  
You decide to make a fire in the fireplace real quick to warm up the place a bit more. You feel all of them watching you but you ignore their eyes. Once the flames are alive you turn to them. “I'm about to go get you guys some clothes. There's two bathrooms upstairs and one down here, not counting the one in my room so you can all take turns.” Yoongi laughs “what?” Did you say something funny?
“why would we take turns showering when we all fu-” you hear hoseok gasp before hitting yoongi in the back “yoongi!” confused on what he was about to say you just walk away to fetch them the clothes. You walk back with your hands full and lay the clothes on the couch. “Be right back.” you yell before hurrying down the hallway back to your room. You couldn't carry the towels with the clothes because your hands were full. You come back and drop the towels too. 
Namjoon is just staring at you. “You gonna take em?” you question. Without saying anything they grab the clothes they each want and towels and head to the showers. You yell loud enough for them to hear “oh and uh sorry about the no underwear cause you know uh yeah..” you trail off at the end you hear someone laugh and you groan. Because why would you say that? You could have just ugh, never mind! you decide to not let the embarrassment sink in too long because you also need to shower. 
You get to your bathroom and undress before getting under the hot water. God you can't help but think on how this even happens. I mean how does one even run into 7 hybrids in the span of 2 to three weeks and then find out they’re a pack? You have been so caught up with the crazy things life has been throwing at you that you haven't started any commissions. You need to get on that really soon. Though you still have the money from your mom, you want to make your own and stay as stable as you can. You decide to take a bit of a long shower. Wanting to relax but you can't seem to no matter how hard you try. You think back on little things you've noticed but left unsaid about the pack. 
The way when you argued back with namjoon a bit loudly he flinched. The way Jimin got nervous when you quirked your eyebrow at him as if that signaled you were angry. The way jungkook was barely conscious but tried to stay just conscious enough to defend himself. How yoongi and hoseok watch closely to everything you do as if you're going to try something. All the way down to how Jin gets nervous when you stare at him for too long as if you'll try something because you either like what you see or don't.
Taehyung though he doesn't act much in any kind of way which makes you curious. He didn't seem angry or nervous that you helped like Namjoon and Jin had he asked you for a drink. He didn't talk much either as if when he spoke you'd think something of him, judge him. The only thing you noticed about taehyung was how he talked. It was very short and basic sentences.
Most of all you can't help but think why they all got split up when they obviously didn't want to be. You remember Jimin saying the person who hurt Jungkook was Timmy? Tanner? No, that wasn't it, what was it? Tony! Tony was the guy who hurt jungkook and you don't know tony but fuck him for hurting jungkook. Jungkook may be a bit of a jerk but I think it's for protection or he could just not like me, who knows?
You finish up your shower and get dressed. You look in the mirror as you brush your hair, once finished you go to open the bathroom door but you hear something break. Rushing to the kitchen to see what happened you see Taehyung crouched down near a broken vase. Everyone is standing watching you and your reaction. They all seem scared and nervous. it's the one your mom bought you when you were younger. It's special to you because it reminds you of her but you're not angry because things happen but taehyung takes your silence as anger.
He's on the ground instantly picking up the glass with his bare hands “sorry I'm sorry” he's crying as he keeps picking it up. you walk closer but taehyung just sobs harder “no please didn't mean too” “hey taehyung it’s okay” you say gently bending down to stop him from picking up more pieces but taehyung doesn't hear you, he only sees that your getting closer and he drops the vase pieces to put his hands up to block himself “please don't hurt me” he looks up at you through teary eyes his face one of pure fear.
You can't help but step back. Who has hurt him this bad and scared him this much to where he would think you'd hurt him over a broken vase, an accident. You put your hands up in the air “taehyung i'm not going to hurt you i would never, it's okay. I'm not mad at you things happen you didn't mean to break it.'' you say softly. He puts his hands down slowly and just stares down at his cut up hands.
With the way he was picking up the pieces so fast it was bound to cut his hands. You say as gently as you can “do you mind if i clean your hands?” he looks up at you and then to someone behind you as if he wants, no needs confirmation that this is safe, that this isn't a trap. Whoever he is looking at must nod because Taehyung gets up and follows you. “No one touch that okay? I'll clean it after I'm done with his hands.” I say without looking behind me. 
Once I pulled taehyung into my bathroom I sit him on the toilet. I look under the sink for the bandages, gauze and neosporin. “I'm going to clean this okay?” he nods but doesn't look up at me. I take his hands one by one into mine and clean it. He hisses but doesn't try to pull away. As I'm applying the ointment to his hands I decide to talk to him a bit “you know that i'm really not mad right, it's just a vase. My mom gave it to me when i was young.” he looked up at that face showing his guilt “but you wanna know a secret?” he doesn't respond so you continue “it was pretty ugly.” you whisper to where only you and him can hear.
He giggles at that, showing a cute boxy smile to you. Your heart warms at the sight. You wrap his hands and help him stand up. “There you go bubs. If they hurt too bad let me know but the most they'll do is sting because they're little scratches, nothing too bad “ you say to taehyung as you both walk into the kitchen.
You look down to see the glass gone confused. You look around but all the hybrids just stand in the same spots that they were before. “I don't know who cleaned it even though I said not to because I didn't want any of you to get hurt but thank you, truly.” I smile at them all. You have a feeling the person who did it is a special someone who didn't want to come here or be under your roof again with how his cheeks turn pink but you decide to look away before he gets angry.
“I know it's late but are you guys hungry ? if you're not up for something heavy i’d suggest and prefer you eat a snack at least.'' I say, I turn to jimin who's already looking at me expectantly “jimin” he nods and smiles. He was hoping you would ask him to show them where everything is because it makes him feel useful and makes him feel like he's returning your kindness. He shows them where the snacks are and where the drinks are at. Even shows them where the cups and silverware are too. 
Once they've all picked their desired snack they just stand nobody sitting. Maybe they want to eat in their rooms? you know they must be tired ”you can eat your snacks in the rooms ya know?.”  you say through a yawn, damn you must be tired too. They look at each other and decide to do just that. They all walked into the room where Jungkook and Jimin slept. “There's about four extra bedrooms so you can all sleep in pairs if you want.” you tell them.
Yoongi laughs again “why would we sleep in separate rooms when we fu-” this time it's jimin who stops yoongi “yoongi stop!” Jimin says with red cheeks. You don't know what yoongi keeps hinting at but whatever it is, it makes the others embarrassed. You want to ask what he keeps hinting at but decide against it, must be an inside joke. “Well goodnight guys. Feel free to come get me if you need anything. Jimin knows where my room is at.” you say as you start to walk away from the doorway. You hear about two ‘good nights’ assuming one from jimin and the other sounded like hoseok. 
Hopefully tomorrow the weather is a bit better because you know how much they don't want to be here but you'd never be able to sleep knowing you didn't try to get them under a roof tonight. Knowing Jungkook cleaned the glass even though he's a bit of an ass made you  giggle to yourself.
He's just a big softie you think as you close your eyes. Maybe they all are, maybe they had to be tough to survive. Listening to the rain is calming as you close your eyes. You were just about to go to dreamland but dammit, there's the sounds of the window again. You need to get that fixed soon.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @oxziee, @zae007liveve, @laylasbunbunny, @canarystwin, @gooooomz, @singukieee, @teeheelittlebitch, @tinyoonsblog
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hoseok: I like your top.
taehyung: thanks, his name is jungkook. he's loved by many.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
my beautiful yoongi 🧎‍♀️
Reblog if u want to support a small artist :)
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kwanslvr · 2 days ago
jealousy | k.taehyung
Tumblr media
genre: jealous tae, fluff, friends to lovers
warnings; none
pairings: taehyung x gn!reader
summary: hes jealous because he is kim taehyung 😭
you had came to hang out with your best friend, taehyung. youve known each other for the last 5 years. you love hanging out with him and his bandmates. it didn't help that you also might have developed a bit of a crush on him over the years.
besides the point, you came to their dorm to hang out with them and taehyung of course. you walked into their dorm house to find jin and jungkook bickering as usual, jhope, taehyung & jimin on the couch playing video games. yoongi was probably napping or writing up some cool lyrics. and namjoon was trying to stop the two from bickering.
no one seemed to notice that you walked in which to you, didn't bother you since majority of them were 'busy'. you sat next hobi putting your legs over his lap. hobi wasn't particularly bothered by your gestures since everytime you hung out with them you'd always cuddle with jhope.
taehyung on the other hand noticed you from the corner of his eye. when you started walking towards him hed thought you'd stop to ruffle his hair, just like how you'd usually do but this time you sat next to jhope and swung your legs over his lap.
this made him stop his game and pout.
"taehyung, why aint you playing ?" jimin said turning to him to see that he was glaring at jhope. jimin looked over and saw you were sat with hobi.
jimin chuckled before throwing a pillow at taehyung.
"are you going to play or you just gonna stare at that couple ?"
taehyung looked over at jimin before standing up and taking your hand.
which took you by surprise. he led you to his bedroom and made you sit on his bed. you looked at him confused.
"is everything okay ?" you asked. taehyung stood there with his arms crossed.
"tae-" before you could continue he opens his mouth to speak.
"i like you"
"i like you so much. i only just realised that i like you, maybe love you at this point" he blurts out. you suddenly burst out laughing. taehyung looks at you with wide eyes. did he say something wrong ?
you stood up off the bed, and lean towards him. he thought you were gonna kiss him but nah. you kissed his cheek and ran out of the room.
you couldn't believe he'd like you back but you hoped that was enough for him to take a hint that you liked him back..
(a/n: thank you so much for your support lately. i feel very loved lmao. again thank you)
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bts-hyperfixation · 3 hours ago
Kinktober day 1
Namjoon - Toys
Dildo, slight degradation, exhibitionism, rimming, oral
"Come on Y/N, do you really think we need to include toys in our sex life?" Namjoon eyes the dildo in your hand apprehensively.
"I don't think we need to Joonie, I just think it'll be fun... but if it makes you uncomfortable and insecure we don't have to." You reassure him, reaching to put your favourite toy back in its drawer.
"No, I want to do this for you, I want you to be completely satisfied." He holds his hand out for you to give him the offending-ly pink plastic item. You hand it over and watch as he measures the weight in his hand. "How do I turn it on?"
"Just hold and press that top button."
 He does as instructed and the inanimate object springs to life in his palm, almost wriggling free.
"Do you need lube for this?"
"Have I ever need lube for you?" You raise an eyebrow.
"I'd like to think I can turn you on better than this hunk of plastic." He huffs.
"If it helps I'm always thinking of you when I use it. You'll just have to get me good and riled up." You wink at him.
"Right... okay... of course." He still seems apprehensive.
"Do you want to try this another day?"
"No, I want to watch you unravel now." Namjoon places the vibrator off to the side and sweeps you
into his arms. He starts slowly, kissing you gently as his hands reach down to knead your
ass. He lifts you slightly and pulls you to sit in his lap on the bed. "Going to get you so good
and ready”
He takes his time, caressing your back, kissing you softly, subtly grinding against you.  A hand leaves your back and music starts playing from the speaker in the corner of Namjoon’s dorm room.
“I have a feeling this is going to get loud, and Kookie is home, don’t need to traumatise the poor guy.”
“Do you think my moans are traumatising Joonie?” You pout.
“Exactly the opposite, my love, but it’s not fair to be forced to listen while never being able to touch. The poor guy already pines after you far too much, his favourite Noona.” He dips his head and kisses along your neck, occasionally nipping the sensitive skin. “But maybe you’d like for him to think of you like that? Want him to think of you when he masturbates tonight?”
You groan at the thought, unable to stop yourself, you’ve always been a show off. Just because Namjoon doesn’t like to share, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to taunt. He knows you wouldn’t turn down a pass at the younger man, eager to play into the fantasy he has of you, his perfect Noona. But you wouldn’t want him without Joon with you, showing the maknae what he can never truly have.
He flips you on to the mattress, covering your body with his, hovering just far enough from your lips so you can’t reach him. He smirks as you try in vain to bring him down to your level. He instead takes his time, eyes raking over your face, admiring the view. 
“Please Joonie” You pout your lip out comically far, emphasizing your displeasure.
“Please what baby?” 
“Please touch me, make me yours.”
“Only mine?”
“Only yours.”
“I don’t know if you deserve me baby, moaning at just the mention of another man getting off to the thought of you.” He slides backward, leaving you alone on the mattress. You stay put, knowing any movement will only delay your pleasure. 
You listen for him as he wanders around the room, unable to pinpoint his footsteps on the soft carpet. The buzzing sound piques your interest though. He returns to you slowly, forcing your legs apart to make room for himself between them. He drags the dildo along the seam of your shorts, the vibrations making you wriggle in anticipation. He quickly bores of the teasing, signalling for you to remove your underwear and turn over. His free hand drags along your newly exposed skin before landing with a loud slap making you cry out from the surprise. Two more quick hits land squarely on your right cheek before he dips to his knees.
The vibrator gets momentarily abandoned next to you on the mattress as he uses both hands to hold your arse apart for him to take a good look. He leans forward and dips his tongue from your pussy to your rim. He then takes a moment to blow along the damp strip he created, making you shiver.
“What if I just forced it in back here? No lube. No prep. Just straight in deep? Do you think that would keep your dirty mind from wandering?” He presses his middle finger against your hole, just enough to start stretching. Before you get a chance to respond, he pushes on your hips to turn you over. You whimper and do as told.
“Colour baby?” He asks
“Green.” You confirm, and he leans in to peck you before returning back to his knees between your thighs. He takes the dildo with him, pressing it against your entrance just enough for the tip to slip in. His mouth follows suit, leaning forward to suck at your clit as he teases you with the plastic, dipping in and out in shallow thrusts. Each time he goes deeper, he sucks harder, and you moan louder. The base of the fake phallus gets wider the further down you sink. You wiggle your hips to try and get him to go faster but it only succeeds in getting a punishing nip and a stern glare when you peer down at the man between your legs.
You can’t help thinking how sexy Namjoon looks with his mouth full.
He doesn’t allow you long to settle when you finally bottom out, immediately taking the toy away from you, leaving you to clench around nothing. He chuckles as you whimper, mourning the full feeling. He reaches out for your hand, interlocking your fingers to keep you grounded, before his other hand thrusts he dildo back inside of you.
This time his pace is relentless, tongue moving in tandem to get you to the edge as fast as he can. He gets you so close to the edge you can taste it, teetering over just as he pulls away. His lips come away as the vibrations stop. All the air releases from your lungs as the feeling fades. 
Just as you start to complain, the motion starts up again. The vibrations are stronger this time, you can feel them in your stomach as he pumps the toy in and out. He leaves little bite marks along your thighs as he edges you. Loud moans tumble from your lips as you approach your high again, wordless prayers that this time he will let you finish.
You find yourself having no issues falling over the edge this time. The problem arises when he continues well past the point where you’ve finished. Your free hand twists into the duvet, as the knuckles holding onto him turn white. He switches the vibration off but continues to thrust the dildo in and out as you writhe from the overstimulation. He licks softly at your clit, coaxing another orgasm from you. 
Only when you begin to cry does he stop. Kissing along your pussy as he removes the toy and discards it on a nearby towel. He then trails all the way along your body, leaving tiny kisses along the exposed skin until he reaches your lips and claims them for his own.
You can taste yourself on his tongue. He doesn’t let you indulge in him for too long, only waiting for your heart beat to return to normal. Then he drags you up to sit on the edge of the bed, positioning himself behind you so he can hold you close. He reaches for the remote and turns off the stereo.
“Was that what you wanted, baby?” He whispers in your ear. You nod sleepily in response. “Good, what do you want to do after we shower? Watch tv? Have dinner?”
“Yeah, dinner sounds nice. Maybe we should order pizza? See if JK wants some?”
“Sounds good to me baby.” He kisses your cheek and snuggles you close for just a little longer.
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