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my you - jungkook oneshot
Tumblr media
summary: jungkook calls you into his studio, and you leave with more than just his cum stuffed in you. pairing: jungkook x reader genre: fluff, angst, smut warnings: the change from smut to angst to fluff will give you whiplash, warning you now. explicit smut; studio sex (should that be a warning?) dry humping, a lot of dirty talk, also a lot of praising? unprotected sex PLS WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT! creampie, some emotional ass angst lol note: an anon requested this ages ago and i'm so sorry that i only just got to it :] i'd started writing it when i first for the request but only got a few paragraphs in before i lost the will to finish anything.. anyway i had a random burst of creativity so i wrote it all out. hope you enjoy <3 ALSO THANK YOU FOR 1.6K!!! ILY ALL MWAH
Tumblr media
You should've known the second you stepped off the elevator, boots thumping against the solid ground of the hall as you made your way to the door of his studio, that you were in for it.
Jungkook rarely called you in to his studio, valuing his privacy and solitude when he was there mixing beats or experimenting with chords and rhythms, but today he'd messaged you to come by after your lunch, and even if the text seemed a little ominous and demanding, you'd never say no to seeing your sweet boyfriend.
With a soft knock on the frosted glass of his studio door, you step back and wait patiently for Jungkook to open it. When no answer comes, you raise your fist to knock again but the door shoves open and Jungkook pulls you inside hastily.
In a blur, you're inside the studio, lights dimmed and buttons lit up on the console telling you Jungkook had been working before you came but you don't have time to ask how that's going when you're being pressed up against the wall beside the door and Jungkook is smashing his lips onto yours, capturing your mouth in a rather demanding kiss.
Your hands flatten against the firm planes of his abdomen, finding new muscles appear under your touch from all the extra working out Jungkook has been doing lately.
"Kook-" you moan out when he leaves your lips to launch an attack on your neck, nipping at the soft skin before smoothing over it with a kiss.
You hadn't expected an impromptu make out session when you read the text message from your boyfriend earlier, but you couldn't complain- wouldn't complain - when his mouth was on you.
"Baby," you call, pushing at his chest lightly to put distance between the both of you. Despite being the most romantic person you knew, you didn't think Jungkook would call you all the way to his studio during work just to kiss.
Not that you could complain.
Jungkook finally leaves you, pulling away from your lips to look at you while he keeps you pressed against his warm, hard body.
He stares down at you with a gleam in his eyes, and you run your hand through his hair that's been growing longer lately.
"Enjoy yourself this morning?" he asks, nipping at your shoulders, smoothing over the sting with a kiss.
You rack your brain trying to find what you did this morning that could have possibly set him off, and that's when it hits you.
You let out a laugh when you realise, much to Jungkook's chagrin.
"Oh, you think that's funny?" he quips, grabbing your ass and giving the flesh a firm squeeze, eliciting a moan from your lips.
"I was just trying to show Namjoonie-hyung a photo of our new bonsai and I see your pretty little ass wrapped in a red lace set," he half growls, but there's no real bite behind it.
"I forgot about the cloud," you laugh, making Jungkook scowl harder.
You'd taken the set out this morning after your shower, feeling more confident in your body and wanting to see it on yourself.
You'd taken the photos with the intention of sending them to Jungkook when he was on the way home, hoping he'd rush home faster in order to unwrap you and give you some brain-numbing sex.
What you find so funny about all of this, Jungkook doesn't know, frowning deep as you continue to laugh.
"You're lucky Namjoonie-hyung wasn't looking," he mutters, nipping your ear.
"I had to lock myself in my studio and rub one out because of you."
You can't help the smirk that forms on your lips at the mention of the boner you gave him, a wave of pride hitting you at knowing the effect you have on him.
Reaching between your bodies, you graze the front of his sweatpants, biting your lip at the sizeable bulge there.
"Seems like you're not quite done," you murmur lowly, gaze dropping to his plump lips and that mole below them that you just love to kiss.
You feel like causing a little trouble, knowing just what it will get you.
"Oh, we're feeling bratty today, hm?"
Your ass gets another harsh squeeze as Jungkook takes your lips in a punishing kiss, your moan swallowed up by his mouth.
Nothing about this feels much like a punishment, as if you could resent any of Jungkook's touches, no matter how cruel.
That's what you loved about him.
He could give you what you want, even if you didn't know what exactly it was you wanted. And not once would you ever be uncomfortable, because that was how well he knew you.
That one syllable, and the husky tone in which he says it with is enough for you to obey, jumping right into his arms and locking your legs around his waist.
Your arms wrap around his neck as you continue to sloppily make out, tongues tangling and dancing together as Jungkook grinds you into his now fully hard cock.
Jungkook walks you over to his console with ease, setting you down on the flat part of the desk without leaving your lips once.
"I couldn't stop thinking about you in that set," he mumbles against your lips, forehead coming to rest against yours.
How was he supposed to concentrate on making a song when he knew you were at home strutting around in those pretty little red panties and bra?
"I'm here now, aren't I?" you ask, kissing all over his cheeks, purposely avoiding his lips.
"Punish me, Mr Jeon.." you whisper before taking his bottom lip and sucking it between yours.
What your teasing earns you is a quick spin and a slap on the ass as Jungkook pins you to the desk until you're bent over the cool wood.
"I was going to treat you tonight, unwrap my pretty present once we're in bed and take you in more positions than you could imagine.. but since you're so cock-hungry, why don't I give you a little preview?"
He nudges your legs apart with a knee, lifting your sundress over your hips, giving him a perfect view of your plump ass.
Jungkook curses seeing the red lace set still on you, and the dark spot in the centre of your panties giving away just how much you were enjoying his dirty promises.
No warning comes before he smacks your ass, hard. You have to bite your lip in order not to scream, though a small whimper still escapes.
Jungkook places a wet kiss over the cheek he just slapped, before standing flush against you, rutting his crotch into your centre.
"Why so mouthy today? My good girl isn't like this," he tuts, running his hands down your body.
"Just missed you," you admit, and maybe it'll dampen the mood, but your lust filled brain doesn't have much of a filter right now.
"You have me, pretty girl," he says, his touches turning lighter, more delicate.
"I know, but you've been so busy lately.."
The sadness in your voice breaks his heart, and Jungkook feels the concern overcoming him.
You avoid his eyes when he turns you around, your dress falling back down as he positions you upright.
"Is that why you did all this?" he asks, no longer feeling the lust he was just overflowing with.
"You wanted my attention?"
You shamefully nod, still not meeting his eyes.
You felt selfish for wanting Jungkook all to yourself, when you knew he was working hard to produce songs for his fans.
He still came home to you every night, didn't he?
That should be enough, shouldn't it?
But you weren't the easiest person to love, you knew that. You wanted to be cared for and cared about, you needed to feel wanted, seen.
And Jungkook did all that, when he wasn't coming home at almost midnight, too tired to even wash his face.
"Baby look at me," he urges, lifting you up onto the desk and tilting your chin to force you to look at him.
"You have me in every possible way that a person could,"
"I'm sorry if I've felt like a ghost lately, I never knew you were feeling like this," his thumb rubs soothing circles on your hip.
"We've all been working hard, but that's no excuse for making you feel like you aren't the most important thing in my life."
Your brows furrow, shaking your head profusely, finding it unbelievable that Jungkook could blame himself for his busy schedule.
"Don't argue," he smiles, smoothing out your brows (a thing he's learnt to do so that you don't get forehead wrinkles).
"I love our fans, of course I do. But you're the one I'm gonna marry one day, when I'm grey and balding, you're the one who'll hopefully be by my side."
"Of course I'll be by your side," you return immediately. You'd barely talked about marriage with Jungkook, both of you agreeing you were still young, but you've known your answer for ever.
It's yes.
"You always have my attention, you know that? I'm always thinking about you, every moment of the day- I have it so bad for you, my beautiful girl."
Tears sting your eyes as he gazes up at you, eyes twinkling and glossy as if he was just as affected as you.
"I promise as soon as things slow down, I'll make time for us. Take you to that taco place you told me about."
You'd rambled about it one night in bed, you hadn't thought he'd been too tired to be fully listening since you'd just gotten a nonchalant hum in reply.
It hurt of course, but you couldn't be mad, knowing how hard he was working at the studio.
"I love you."
Three words.
The same three words he says instead of good morning, the three words he says when you finish making love in bed, and they still hold the same meaning every time.
You whisper the word back, feeling overcome with the love seeping through his every word and action.
You hadn't come her expecting a heart to heart, but it was exactly what you needed.
"I'll see you at home," you smile, kissing his lips once before making a move to get off the desk.
You're stopped by Jungkook's arm hooking around your waist.
"I'm not done with you yet," he says, eyes still doe-like and gentle, no matter how much he tries to sound seductive.
"You don't have to Koo," you assure, cupping his cheek and running your thumb over his smooth skin.
"You're not going anywhere," he says, surging forward and taking your lips in his. The kiss turns demanding quickly, and soon you're both back to where you were before, with you bent over his desk.
Jungkook buries himself to the hilt, groaning at the way he fits smug within your walls. He soothes away the burn, massaging your hips as you get used to the stretch of him.
He keeps your legs tightly together, heightening the pleasure for both of you as he slides in and out at a relentless pace.
Your soft whimpers fill the studio, and Jungkook has to keep from coming too soon every time you clench around him when he thrusts particularly hard.
"Koo, how's that demo going?" comes a muffled voice from outside the door.
Instead of stopping, Jungkook clamps a hand around your mouth and changes his pace for slow but deep.
"Still working on it, hyung!" he shouts back, and you're shocked at how casual he sounds.
"Do you want some help?"
Your eyes bulge out of your head when the door handle rattles, and you're suddenly aware of the position you'd be caught in if the door hadn't been locked.
"No, I'm okay, thanks hyung.." Jungkook calls, biting his lip to stop a moan from coming out when you start moving against him. He pierces you with a glare, pinching your ass hard before placing a kiss over the mark.
"Okay, just send it to me when you're done."
Jungkook managed an okay in reply before footsteps sound and disappear and Jungkook thrusts hard into you. It's so sudden you can't even stop the moan that comes out.
"Brat," he coos, continuing his assault until you're seeing stars and coming undone in his arms.
Jungkook isn't far behind, just a few thrusts before he's spilling himself inside you. You ride your highs out together, a messy tangle of limbs and lips as you milk him for all he's worth.
You squirm away from overstimulation when Jungkook uses his fingers to stuff his cum back into you, slipping your panties back in place to stop it from escaping again.
He seals the deed with a kiss before he fixes your dress back into place.
Jungkook grabs a water bottle from his mini fridge, passing it to you and ushering you into his desk chair.
He places a pair of headphones over your ears.
"Listen," is all he says before he presses a button on his computer.
His soft voice fills your ears along with the strums of a guitar and you quickly realise that it's a song that Jungkook has produced.
You listen closely to the lyrics, closing your eyes as you get lost in his voice as it wraps around you like a blanket.
Jungkook watches as you listen, nervous about what you'd think, but when the song finishes and you throw your arms around him, he think he's done well.
"It's amazing Koo," you say, wiping away a tear that threatens to roll down your cheek.
"It's for this special lady in my life," he grins, making you shake your head.
"She's proud of you," you say going along with it.
Your eyes flicker to the clock on the wall, seeing that you've been here for almost 2 hours.
"I should head home," you say, making Jungkook frown.
Though it would probably be for the best, he still had a song to produce after all.
You stand facing each other at the doorway of his studio, and you have to push Jungkook away when he doesn't let go after a goodbye kiss.
You loved how clingy he was.
As you walk to the elevator, you feel his eyes on you every step of the way and when you turn around he's leaning against his doorway with a lazy smile, arms crossed over his chest.
"I can't wait to unwrap you tonight," he says, voice carrying through the hallway. You roll your eyes playfully, still smiling despite it.
His eyes never leave you even as you step onto the elevator, and the last thing you see before the doors close is the wave he sends your way along with a mischievous wink.
His promise earlier is enough to have you blushing all the way to the car.
Tumblr media
when she doesn't upload for months and then uploads twice in 2 days 😍 felt goofy innit xx i know festa 2022 was like last month but my you is so underrated, give some more love to my baby >:3 anyway thought i'd include it in this oneshot cus i love it hejsjjssj
please let me know your thoughts on this!! your love and support is what encourages authors to keep writing, no matter how small your feedback is, it really means a lot to us <3
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LOST CAUSE PART 1. Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
My masterlist
Summary: Jungkook comes back to you after his 10 day trip to Busan, and you sense something different about him. 
Word count: 5.1k, cheating au
Ratings: 18+
Warning: cheating, mentions of sex and hand jobs, pregnancy, past trauma, panic attacks, lots of crying, and regret. ANGST.
Notes: this has been in my drafts since November 2021 and is a form of catharsis for my past trauma. Cheating on someone is wrong no matter what reason or person. This is just my opinion on how I would react now since giving another chance is kinda traumatic for me. No offense to people who try again, but it's just my opinion. I apologize if I hurt someone's sentiments through my words. Thank you for reading though hehe~ ily
Part 2
Today's a special day, Jeon Jungkook, the love of your life was back from his 10-day trip to Busan, courtesy of the company he worked his ass off for. Also, you had an announcement to make. You were pregnant, finally pregnant. After so many tries. You got so happy when the results came but since Jungkook was on a trip, you decided to keep it a secret until he comes back.
Anxiety, excitement, happiness, and maybe fear. What if he does not want the baby right now, with the workload and extra hours? These emotions are giving you a feeling that you are not able to place in your head quite clearly, but as soon as the sound of keys rattling reaches your ears, a smile appears on your face and joy wins the race against every other feeling.
You run towards the gate and hide against the wall that was beside the door giving you a spot big enough to put up your wedding picture frame. As soon as the door opens you jump and whisper a 'boo', which was meant to be adorable but made him gasp and drop his luggage on the floor.
You pick up the phone that he dropped and chuckle, hugging him, you whisper in his ears, "I missed you, baby."
When he doesn't hug you back your body tenses a little bit but before you can pull back he pulls you towards him and buries his head in your neck inhaling your scent. "I missed you too." You listen to him repeat the statement like a mantra, leaning back a little you look into his eyes...
Was he crying?
Noticing his tense behavior, you kiss him, trying to reassure him of your presence. Inhaling his natural scent which was also mixed with a few cigarettes. You frown in the kiss when you realize something is off because of the way he just kept his lips frozen.
Also, the cigarettes were his symptom of stress but you don't pay too much attention to the smoky feeling and kiss him trying to make him relax. The way he was holding you tightly but also with hesitation, 3 years of a relationship along with 2 years of experience in marriage has taught you both to read each other's body language making you a bit worried.
You step back to look at him properly and see that he had dark circles under his eyes, hair disheveled as if been run through by his hand many times. He does it again, proving your theory.
He is not making eye contact.
The single drop of tear dropping on his chin tells you something is wrong, his chest heaving as if trying to contain and also let out something. You realize he hasn't even looked at you once.
"Kook?" Hearing your hushed tone, he opens his eyes to look at your face for a second and then look away.
"Are you okay? Is everything okay? Did something happen, baby?" Your questions in a whisper-like voice made him tear up and say a distant 'yeah just missed you so much.' You look at his face that was now focusing on the picture you hung on the wall from your honeymoon trip, the hills in the background of the picture making you smile at the memory of your husband whining like a baby because of the cold.
The picture even has his nose red and all scrunched up while you were posing with a big smile on your face, your chin resting on his shoulder with your hands in his jacket's pocket while you hugged him from the back, fitting into each other like puzzle pieces.
You both look at the picture and almost zone out, then you notice the open door facing the hallways and a light chuckle leaves your mouth, saying sorry for not even letting him in and jumping on him. He shakes his gaze off the painting and rushes to close the door before he takes his shoes off and just tumbles across the entrance.
"You know I ordered a big pizza meal but then canceled it cause I suddenly changed my mind. It amazes me that I can change my mind in 35 seconds.." you scoff at how fast you felt nausea set in your stomach when you ordered the pizza.
Still nervous about how you're gonna tell him everything, you keep on blabbering. "But then I decided to cook some steak which I couldn't, cause I suddenly had a headache, so I decided that you can suggest something and we can order while you showe-- where are you going kook?"
You say in a confused tone when you see him opening the balcony door letting the cool air inside.
"Just need some air, Y/N"
Flinching at how he takes your full name, you realize it must've been your rambling that sent him off to the balcony for air. You feel sorry and walk towards the porch where he just stands and stares at the skyline from above, the sun still setting on the horizon painting the sky a pretty shade of purple mixed with a crimson red.
"I'm sorry if I annoyed you baby, just excited that you are back. You wanna shower first or eat something? You seem tired." He shakes his head at your question rocking your body a bit with his since you have yours attached to his back like a koala.
"Can I get some time alone...please?" You pull back with your eyebrows knitted together at his sudden request that makes you feel something in your stomach making you want to puke. "Um, okay. Take your time.." you step back into the lobby hesitantly when suddenly the puking sensation becomes too real and you run towards the bathroom with a hand clutched over your mouth.
Rushing into the bathroom you fall onto your knees in front of the pot, pouring out almost everything you had this morning. Jungkook comes running after you kneeling down immediately beside you, holding your hair back which you were not doing a good job at.
He rubs your back as you cough and try to breathe at the same time not being able to pay attention to his 'are you okays' or 'hey what happened' or 'it is okay, it's okay I am here.'
When you feel like you have nothing left in you, you sit up a little to flush the remnants of your indigested food into the sewer, falling back against the wall connected to the shower cabinet. Breathing heavily, you try to calm down when you notice a big pair of doe eyes looking at you in concern, he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear as you try getting up.
"I am sorry, you didn't have to help, seriously. You're tired, go take a shower then we can eat something okay?" You speak hoarsely and try to leave the tensed guy's embrace but he stops you, looking at you from top to bottom examining you like a doctor while you turn to use some mouth wash.
"I didn't have to help? You were literally wrenching your gut out, are you even okay?!" He asks you in a terrified voice turning you towards him after you spit out the mouthwash. You, not wanting him to tell him the baby details in front of a toilet pot, lie, hold his face in both of your hands telling him that it was stale fried rice that you had in lunch. Whispering an 'oh', he immediately takes a step away from you and asks you to be careful, adding a little 'please' at the end making your heart swell with love.
You both stand there silent while the tap water runs in the background. Yo Turning it off after some seconds, you break the silence by telling him that he can take shower while you can go order something in the meanwhile.
Walking towards the door, you ask, "Chicken?" he looks at you for a second and whispers a tiny 'yeah'. You smile and lean in to kiss his cheeks telling him not to take too long cause you have to talk about something. "Me too," he says in an almost inaudible voice, giving him a little nod, you walk back into the kitchen.
After a long 32-minute shower, according to your phone clock, he comes out in a black t-shirt and grey jogger combination.  You smile smelling his body wash from 2 feet away and immediately feel comfort seeping into you. hugging him you inhale his natural and soapy scent, running your hand in his damp hair.
"There's my perfect and not so travel-worn husband." You smile at him trying to make eye contact when he suddenly buries his nose in your neck, sniffling and tightening his arms around you, mumbling very inaudible apologies.
You try to pull back to talk to him but he doesn't let you, his body starts shaking as he starts to sob. Your heart picked up its pace as you've never seen him like this and you feel a clench in your heart as if something bad is about to happen.
"Jungkook, hey, what's the matter? Are you okay?" You pull back putting a lot of strength and see how his face is red and his tears are just flowing out. "Hey look at me.." you try to make him face you but he just shuts his eyes trying to face away from your worried ones.
He suddenly sits down on the chair with a thud, slipping from your hold. He clutches his head and keeps on coughing and crying. You try to calm him down with big wide eyes filling with tears as well.
You hear him say things like, 'I fucked up, I fucked up. I am so fucking sorry.' and your heart sinks somewhere you dread it from falling into. You kneel in front of him, taking his hand in yours, pressing short kisses on his tattooed fist.
After insisting a lot you finally make him face you but the expression on his face makes you doubt the curiosity in your heart because you have a very bad feeling about this.
Siting up on your knees coming face to face with him, both of you sniffling, his eyes and his nose all red, lips quivering.
"I love you Jungkook, okay? trust me, tell me what happened, please?" You say softly and the guilt and disgust he felt towards himself made him wanna vomit. How he wanted to just go back in time, to revert the fuck up he did, he ruined everything, everything he built, everything he had in this relationship. The love, the trust, he could see everything breaking including you and your heart.
Not being able to keep his eyes on you, he looks down at his lap and you have a feeling you're not gonna like his next words. Tightening his hold on your hands he said,
I cheated on you.
The silence between you two, after hearing the words come out of his mouth, was deafening. You can't even hear your heartbeats, did it stop? was this a dream? A nightmare if precisely termed, if yes you want out of it. You feel the air in your lungs escaping and a panic setting inside you.
"It happened just once, I am sorry. I don't know why I did it. I am really sorry. I don't know what to do.." he keeps going on and on but nothing reaches you.
There is this ringing in your ear that doesn't seem to stop and after a good 1 or 2 minutes of looking blankly at the body shaking and sobbing in front of you, you realize that you went blank. then the realization hit and you felt all alone in the room with silence, slow breathing, panic, and the "feeling of a life growing inside you". Questions. A lot of questions, came running at you with knives and swords piercing through your heart.
Why? Were you not enough?
Did he fall out of love?
What about the baby?
Did you do something wrong?
Did you gain weight?
What about the baby?
Were you boring?  
Did you cross any limitations on his privacy?
What about the baby?
Should you have worn more makeup?
Should you have gotten that surgery your aunt suggested?
Will he leave you?
Would you have to beg? Should you beg?
What about the baby?
Should you tell him?
What if he leaves?
What will happen to you and the baby?
The unfocused look in your eyes and the loosening grip of your hands made him jolt up in the chair and hold your hands tighter, pulling you towards his body, he left your hands and held you by your shoulders, trying to shake you out of the panic. He can almost read the questions in your eyes.
He wants to explain and give you answers, but he needs you to get back to him for it. Back to the lobby where you were looking into his eyes but not looking at him. you were not with him.
"Y/N. Look at me. Hey, Y/N, focus baby. Talk to me please. Yell at me. Scream. Hit me. Just talk please." He shakes you and your body responds with a limp movement which makes him leave the chair and get down on the floor. The anxiety, the panic, the betrayal, all making your breathing ragged. You want to scream but your body doesn't respond.
You've been cheated a lot of times in your life, many times. Including the one time, a guy used you for a bet to prove to his friends that he can fuck the arrogant nerd. In high school, the bullies of your school had bets on who can smack your ass or grope you in the hallways or in the classroom, forcing you to transfer your school.
Making new friends in the past was never easy for you and since everyone behaved well to you first and then betrayed you, giving you trust issues. So whenever you got serious with a guy, the issues made the relationship difficult ending up with him dumping you or with the infamous cheating.
After 5 and a half years of isolation from friends and love. You finally found Jungkook who proved in every single way that he can be your friend and lover at the same time. That you both can be happy together. Without anyone else. And as of now, if not him, you have no one. This leaves you with another question.
Are you gonna end up lonely in that depressing, dark pit where you cried and cried isolating yourself, wanting to kill yourself, and almost doing it?
The thoughts hit you like a punch in the gut and the amount of shaking Jungkook had you get out of the daze and finally focus on him. Looking at his face you remember everything you guys have done. The kisses, the movies, the cuddles, the teasing, the late-night walks, the crying sessions, the fights, the sex..
Before you can even think about the following genres of your memories, you push him back and clutch your head. Falling forward with your knees still tucked under your thighs, you pull your hair to stop the pain in your head and let out a screech that makes Jungkook sob harder.
He doesn't wanna see you like this, your body shivering, and the way your hands are shaking and your loud cries and wails that he never wanted to be the reason for. He knew your past. He knew every fucking thing. How could he do this to you? He vowed that he will never make you cry, he literally would kill anyone who made you upset.
Now, what should he do with himself?
You gasp as you take in the air, your body falling back as you reach for something on the ground to get support from. Jungkook tries to reach out to you but you yell at him to stay away. You can't stop the pictures in your head of him kissing someone, moaning someone else's name.
"Why?" You ask between sobs, mostly talking to yourself, not actually wanting answers. seeing you like this he cries harder, crawling towards you, trying to hold your hand, you struggle against him, trying to push him again but he pleads in front of you to listen to him explain.
"No!" You scream and push him off. Making him fall back against the floor, and you even stop for a second to check on him if he is hurt.
"Was I not enough for you?! Why did you, out of all the people have to prove that I am not worth putting people's time into?! What am I supposed to do huh?" you kneel in front of his body that was hesitant to reach out but wanted to comfort your panicked state. "You tell me Kook...Do you expect me to forgive you? Or do you expect me to trust you again and just forget that this.." you move your pointer finger towards both of your chests, "..ever happened?"
Getting up you get a dizzy feeling in your head and you can feel the room spinning. You lean against the kitchen counter, tears still flowing. You look at him who was getting up to sit on the chair still looking down at the floor. Suddenly you can't breathe without asking him the questions in your mind, you wanted to know, Why? Who? Where?
"Who was she?" You ask not able to hide the little crack in your voice as you looked at your husband, who promised to love you. Forever.
"She was the manager in the club I went to celebrate with hyungs." He speaks up without hesitation knowing that he owes an explanation.
That easy? Was it that easy to forget about you and fuck another girl?
"What was her nam- actually no I don't wanna know..." you felt bile rise in your throat at the thought of knowing her name, so after a pause, you got the courage to ask him, "Did you fuck her?" He looked at you flinching at the choice of your words.
"No." He said looking away tears still flowing. Before you could ask further, he explained himself. "I didn't fuck her, Y/N. Does it matter what we did? I am really sorry Y/N, please look at me." He said as he stood up to walk up to you.
You chuckled sarcastically, no humor present in your voice. You looked up and saw guilt in his eyes as he stopped in his way when he heard you let out the half-hearted laugh. It hurts to see him cry but you can't help but feel the pain in your chest overlapping your love. You doubt if you should even tell him about his baby. It was supposed to be a surprise but clearly, your husband had better a surprise planned.
You really want to, but you can't really see a future ahead of you now.
"We. It's such an easy word right kook?" You look at the ground thinking about how he used the word so easily which was supposed to be only his and yours. "We. Us.." You look up at him and say through clenched teeth,
"Yes, It matters Jungkook tell me. What exactly happened? I want to know where exactly I went wrong for you to go seek help somewhere else."
He wanted to protest but you shush him with an adamant 'Tell.Me.Jungkook'.
He looks at his feet and you prepare yourself for the heartbreaking details. "We met-.." Wincing, he looks at you and changes his words "I met her when she came to ask if our group needed something. Namjoon Hyung introduced all of us since she was his old friend. They wanted to celebrate the deal and since she was hyung's friend, we invited her, and I-I don't know what happened but I got really drunk and I just went to wash my face but she j-just grabbed me and pushed me against the wall and.." he started sniffling and you felt your body shake and long, heavy breathes leaving your lungs, eyes squeezed shut, with clenched fists, trying to hear the whole story without breaking down. "She started kissing me and.."
He pauses pleading with you to not let him continue.
"Continue please.." he can hear your heart, your voice, and your demeanor breaking at the same time. "Y/N please.." hearing this, you look at him with eyes that were emotionless, telling him that he fucking owes this much to you.
All the while he was speaking, you were thinking about the baby, the little person who did nothing wrong. Will his or her father leave? You feel your breath slipping away at the thought but you control the urge to scream until he finishes.
"..and then we just gave each other a handjob.." you flinched at the term making your knuckles go white. He sounds so distant, so small, the guilt eating him up.
"Did you cum?" you ask him, eyes shut as if trying to avoid the answers. He sighs and mutters a 'yes'. You inhale sharply trying to gasp for air looking up at the ceiling, "did you make her cum?"
He feels the knot in his throat fighting the food he ate earlier which was trying to come out, guilt and disgust seeping into his veins. This sounds so disgusting and you sound so broken. Your panicked breathing makes him feel pathetic. But after gathering some courage he admits cause he had to answer you.
It was supposed to happen if they did that kind of stuff but it made you feel sick to the stomach. You feel the world spin and you wonder if there is a chance that a nightmare could feel so true.
You don't know what comes over you when you call his name softly.
He looks up at you with blurry eyes and you reach up to his hand to hold it against your belly. He looks at you confused for a second but the moment you see him realize, you let his hand slip out of yours and his eyes sparkle for a second, he understands that finally he fulfilled his dream which was to be a father but loses it as soon as he realizes that he fucked up bad and what he did was irreversible, ruining three lives altogether.
And the baby.
He steps back as he realizes what he has done. Both of you have been trying for half a year and now, when he finally got the chance to be a father, to be a perfect husband, a chance to help you sit up, feed you, to do stuff for you cause you won't be able to do, since you would be having a big belly, with his baby inside, who will one day hold his hand and call him 'dad', he wanted to help you get through the labor so that he could hold the baby in his arms taking in his or her features while you sleep because you'd be exhausted, a family picture that he imagines being taken in the hospital to get it framed and put on the bedside wall.
What has he done?
You both stay silent after the reveal, the only sound audible was of you sniffing after crying for a time none of you could measure. Your thoughts whirling inside your mind, tiring you, not realizing when you blacked out.
Jungkook heard how your hiccups stopped gradually, making him look upward to see how you passed out and had your head rested on the wall behind you. Your body cold and your face wet with tears. He carries you to your bedroom and tucks you in, feeling sick when he sees your face and nose red. Black trails on the cheekbones. He tries to rub the smudges off but pulls his hand back when he realizes that he lost his right to do all this.
He places a glass of water on the nightstand which was his daily habit, cause he knows you always wake up at midnight, searching for water with grabby hands almost falling over one time, so he started putting it there every night.
You were his princess whom he liked to spoil even after your complaints of being a spoiled brat because of him, always smiling when he called you his baby. He made sure you didn't have to leave the comfort of your bed. He remembers how you smiled looking at him with your big doe eyes filled with love which were now red because of him.
He turns off the lights of the room to make sure your eyes don't strain while you sleep, since he would not sleep next to you, to help you get your relief by burying your head in his chest to avoid the lights. He lost the privilege.
All these emotions made him feel nauseous but nothing comes up. The feeling sitting inside him as he watches your pale face being lit under the moonlight coming through the gap in the window curtains. He didn't realize how the clock turned from eight in the evening to 01:05, midnight.
He sat on the floor next to your hand, not even daring to touch you trying to think of ways to solve this,  he doesn't want to leave you alone, afraid of you getting up due to a nightmare or morning sickness.
He doesn't want you to be alone.
Not realizing when he fell asleep, but when he wakes up he doesn't find you anywhere in the room, not even in the bathroom. Calling out your name in panic, he runs out to the lobby where he doesn't find you either. He calls for you in taking out his phone to call people who might know where you were, but the cool air from the balcony caressing his face takes him towards you on the balcony.
He rushed towards you and saw how you were crouched down on the floor sipping coffee or tea. It might be tea coz you don't like coffee in the morning. 'It makes me talk bitter all day' you told him once. The memory making him smile.
Walking inside the balcony area, decorated by you as soon as you both moved into the apartment 8 months ago, with plants, wall hangings, colorful pots, and a set of chairs with a little round table for your balcony date nights you had on Saturdays.
Sitting down he sees that your eyes are still swollen and he observes you were crying before he woke up. He wants to caress your swollen skin but doesn't, so he just sits across from you on the balcony floor looking at the floor underneath him.
After finishing the tea you keep the empty mug on the floor with a clink and without looking at him, focus still inside the empty vessel, you softly speak, "Kook, I don't know if I can see you, or feel the same way for you as I did before, b-but.. I think our child should be born with both the parents. Still together.." he looks up at you with hopeful eyes at the same moment you do but then you interrupt him with your statement,
"That does not mean that I can forgive you. You lost the place you had in my heart, Jungkook. I am strong. But I am not that strong to let you back in my life or take a chance with you and give our relationship a try. After what happened to me in the past, this was my last straw and I hope you know that I have loved you with everything I had... I still do. But I just... can't."
You feel your heart clench at the way he opens his mouth to say something but closes it the moment you start tearing up. He looks at his lap again, soft sniffles coming from his direction.
You don't want to leave him alone but still, you get up to leave the balcony with Jungkook looking at the floor not able to make eye contact with you.
With your back towards him, you say, "I am going to live at my mom's house for some time until I find an apartment, I dont want to stay here.." looking around you feel your heart sinking as every spot that screams about the time you've spent here.
"...the memories will fucking kill me. I will shift somewhere else after I find the apartment, uh, you can..um, visit whenever you want, as I w-want you to be an equal part of the child's life as I am, just.." he looks up at you with teary eyes at your words, "..don't expect to be a part of my life kookie. It's not easy but I can't risk it. I have to take care of us"
Us. You and the baby. Not the three of you, this realization makes him look away with watery eyes.
Seeing him try to control his breathing you couldn't help but walk back into the balcony to kneel in front of him. Leaning forward, you put your hand on the other side of his face and give a peck on his cheek. He holds your wrist in place so you could not move, you both sniff simultaneously while inhaling the air as if breathing is the most difficult thing in the world.
You feel your heartbreak at the Irony. He used to be your safe space. He helped you breathe.
You put your forehead against his and let his scent get absorbed and engraved in your mind. One last time, your mind tells you. You know you have to be strong. You don't want to live with the anxiety and fear of him cheating on you again. Your past has ruined your trusting instincts and now jungkook just put the cherry on the top.
You mumble a little 'I love you before nudging his nose with yours as he tries to not let you go, but eventually does cause he didn't dare to stop you after doing you so much wrong. You get up to leave when you hear a silent 'I love you too'
You let the tears fall silently as you left the apartment, breaking down as soon as you reach your car. Gripping the steering wheel you see the shiny ring on your finger reflecting the rays coming through the windscreen, towards the plushie sitting on your dashboard he gave you on the first day of your job. The little squishy duck looking at you with pity in its plastic eyes, as it now has witnessed your most happy and the most dreadful ones in approximately 8 months.
Everything was over. You and Jungkook, your perfect fairytale, your perfect family, kids,  the dream you've been dreaming of forever. Just gone. 
Part two
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dvljoon · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
summary; he knew all along that the girl of his dreams, wasn't just a dream but a sex demon who loved playing with his sex nightly. So he decided to chain her to this reality .
Au: Sucubus!!
Paring: jungkook x f.reader!
wc: 3k drabble.
Warnings; somnophilia, dream sex, ridding, teasing, fucked rough, big cock jungkook, dub-con, hickeys, slave soul, body glorification, Contract, whimpering, he's aware, manipulation, demon pussy, vocal kook, dirty talk,
Tumblr media
he simply wore a cotton pajama set to bed, with nothing less than black Calvin kline underwear on. As he slept on his side, his arms were wrapped around a pillow with a white silk pillowcase. With his body under a medium size blanket, he dreamed of a girl wearing an oversized black shirt of his. With his perversion in the dream, he licked his lips and walked to the girl dressed lightly in his clothes. Looking her up and down, he began to take in the appearance of her he was shown. she stood shorter than him with her hair black as night and skin soft as silk. Her body was curvy, full in places his eyes would have to undress to sew. As he caught her eyes he watched her sit in a room not much different from his bedroom. As he walked around viewing the bedroom similar to his, he soon stopped to watch you sit on the duvet of the bed, thighs spread apart wide enough to show off her black see-through panties in front of him.
Without realizing it, he turned on his back pillow still resting between his arms as he slept deeply. Meanwhile, in the dream, he watches the beautiful woman motion for him to come close. While he began walking closer, he realized that her eyes were obsidian black or simply an extremely dark almond brown. Although he knew people with said eyes, something about it made him curious. Almost in a way that excited him deeply. 
While jungkook met the dream version of you, your true form crawled up his bed and softly laid next to him. Gently getting his hands to move the pillow away, your hands began to undo the buttons on his shirt to uncover his semi-muscular body and small brown nipples. Closing your eyes, you tuned into his dream so he could feel what you were doing, almost like a consensual agreement but with movements. While you presented him with his ideal woman. 
Suddenly you feel the roughness of your body getting tugged out of the dream as if he was aware of your existence. Opening your eyes, you see that he's mistaken you as his pillow, and your nerves calmed down with ease. Using this as an advantage, you kneeled on each side of him as you shifted yourself on top and clicked your tongue to change into simply a black oversize tee, something you had seen when watching him sleep in once before.
Pushing your hips down on him, you rubbed your needy cunt on his pajama bottoms before wanting to feel his skin on your aching center. With a building need to feel his softened cock, you raised a finger in the air and swiped it down to take his lower half of clothing set off. Joining back with him you kept an eye on jungkook and enjoy the simple kisses on his neck as he rubbed your ass and played with your underwear in the dream.
"Mm, what a lovely surprise. Dressed lightly for me?" He teased, a hand swatting your ass in arousal. Hmming yes, you heard a soft groan from him in waking life as he did in the dream too. Only he wasn't aware it was coming from his waking life and not a dream, not even aware of how a demon turned physical to please his senses once again. After all, it wasn't the first time you did this, and certainly won't be the last.
"Do you like it, I took it from your drawer and put it on?" you mumbled in his ear, before moving your head up to nibble on the lobe.
"Mm I'd like it off of you, you seem needy" he whispered, hands now on your ass as he spanks one cheek at a time. Amused at your slight moan, he slid his lower half of clothing and grabbed his softened cock to slap against your ass gently. While the soft tap of his soft member surprised you, you still whined ever so shyly in response.  Liking the whimper, he teased the tip around your entrance as he listened to your light moaning in his ear.
"So aroused," he moaned back causing your body to send lustful urges to his sleeping body. smiling, you took yourself out of the dream to view sleeping him who was grabbing your ass like in the dream only his cock was stiffened and pushing against your entrance. While grinding a bit on it, you bit down on your lip, and you decided to take it to phase two.
Clicking your tongue two times caused your body to transform physically into the ideal woman jungkook wanted badly. Devshly smiling, you pushed him into a meditative state so you could not only hear him verbally but his body would react as if it wasn't a dream. Which only meant you'd get to feel the rawness of his needs and get a feel for what he wanted the most as he acted out of pleasure. However, you'd have to talk telepathically to speak a human language than a demon one, which was in a way more annoying and a good deal. But in good news useful, as he would hear the moans he wanted you to sound like, ones that could send him into an orgasm if anything.
Continuing, you felt his hands wrap around your back and nose nudge your neck as he tried to place his lips onto your neck. Getting the hint you slid closer so he could do what he wanted and as a reward, you felt his slightly pumped lips nibble at your neck as you moaned just how he wanted it; easy and constant in his ear. taking a hand you rubbed up and down his chest before feeling his hand move away. With closed eyes. he clearly said "mm if you're gonna touch me like that, you might as well lower it"
Taking his advice, you lowered your hands and moved them under your torso as you jerked his member slowly. Watching his mouth open a bit you heard the slight groaning as you jerked the tip in pleasure. As you continued staring at his lips, you saw his face contort in pleasure.
"don't stop baby"
"grind your cunt on me, you make me hard"
Liking the sound of that, you moved your legs down so they could lay flat and that's when he moved the both of you to the side. Surprised,  you moved his cock between your wet aching heat and simply closed your eyes to start communicating in his head. feeling his hands go to your breast, he toyed with them in his hands with ease as his cock twitched between your thighs and pussy with need. holding you close, you calmed knowing his body was getting used to the real feeling of your body pressed against his. Almost as if aware a person was with him, one with the body shown in his dream. Grabbing you and gluing you to his chest he turned on his stomach and as if half asleep began grinding between your lips.
"Baby, you seen so horny. Why all the kisses?" You asked faking the innocence he wanted.
"Because I am, now baby take me. Just take all of me. Focus on me" he asked, cock finding its way into your wetness just as you began desperately needing him. As he moved his hips back and forth, you made sure your cunt tightened on him enough to get him moaning in your ear. With verbal wants coming out his lips with ease, you moaned loudly into his ear as his head lay beside yours in comfort.  Whining you felt his body becoming more awake as your body urged him to chase his urges with no stopping.  With that, you kissed his neck and sent him into the final stage, the stage of being awake while feeling like it was a dream.
Awaking him, you moaned loudly to slam his hips. Feeling his cock, he takes in more of your body with want. moving his arm around your arm to place you in a light choke hold, he smirked knowing it wasn't just a dream, but a reality. A wet, tight reality. Soon after a few harsh trust he removed his arm from your throat and moved a bit to wrap his arms around your shoulder. Bringing himself closer to your ear, he placed his lips at the end of the lobe and nibbled them slightly as he sawyour lips open to moan.
"Mmm you can't hide from me, you can't act like a stranger to me. Not anymore as I know what you are" he whispered in your ears as chills shivered down your back in fear. kissing around your neck, he soon got his knees and moved you on yours as he let that little greeting soak in.
"Mm, I have videos on videos of you just appearing in my room at night, naked and toying with me. I know I'm not in a dream" he announced, moving his hands down to the middle of your back where your uterus would be and pushing down for your added pleasure.
"H-how?" You questioned truthfully as you fully got on your knees for him to enjoy the position that was doggy.
"I know a thing or two about your spices, I had a hard time understanding why I was undressed and would wake up dripping in cum. So I searched for it and found all the answers of your kind.   All I needed to do was not release my sexual urges, almost denying them for you to come to me, just like the website instructed" he told, moving his cock slowly as felt your cunt clench on him in fear.
"There's ℹnformation about us?" You questioned quietly, afraid of what else he could've learned or how he could hold you, hostage, until he was satisfied. he hummed and spanked your ass roughly as he picked up peace.
"I also know you come as an ideal body for my pleasure, how to keep you tamed, keep you chained to this reality-" he paused  to hear you moan out his name when he pounded his hips in.
"Good girl," he told, feeling his cock get drenched in wetness he couldn't comprehend.  Stopping his Information dump, he began to thrust deeper and deeper as a medium pace that suited to his needs as he pushed down your back as support.  Hearing you moan, made his louder and audible against yours as if competing in who felt the most pleasure. Removing his hands from your mid back, he pulled out and turned you on your back before pushing in to see your face up close. Leaning above you, his hips moved as close as they could causing your legs to spread wide for him.
"Mm with all that and more, I might as well keep you in my reality. Dating was a wait of time," he chuckled, moving his hips slowly as your breast pushed themselves up as you arched your back at the Sudden moments. "Mm, I belive the name I need is" he paused, coming down to your ear to moan each character as he thrusted his cock well into you walls. with your eyes big, you felt your heart chained to his very existence.  A feeling you never hoped to feel, but knew how bound you were to him. Not as a slave, but as a companion.  smiling, he kissed your neck more and allowed his cock to pound your cunt with ease as he enjoyed the wetness that poured out with every thrust.
"Fuck that feels good" he groaned, hands moving to push yours above your head to grip onto. Kissing down your neck, he went up to your lips and softly licked them in want. Moaning in deep unfelt plesure, your legs spread themselves Up and out begging his cock to feel every last inch of your throbing cunt as it cried and soaked the sheets below in response to his movements.
"ah, fuck. Take me there baby."
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borahaerhy · a month ago
Can you do jk fic where jk and oc are bff and roomates too obviously! ... they likkeee loovee each other but cant express it and then jk fake date to make sure that oc lovess him.. But oc didn't confess her feeling coz she think he's happy with her and then it frustrates jk and then confesses and they make out....( smutty..fluff )
Hope you can write it will wait for it..
By the way have a good day
You Make Me Happy
Tumblr media
Genre: Friends to lovers, mutual pining, Fluff, Angst, Smut
Warnings: Jungkook lies without technically lying, they're both idiots tbh, smut, unprotected sex (stop), slight dirty talk, multiple orgasms, fluffy ending.
Word count: 1.9k
Tumblr media
“Hey,” You pull your eyes away from your phone, where they’ve been glued for the past hour while you sat on your couch when you see Jungkook walk past you; his smile toothy and exaggerated as he rushed toward the door. 
“Hey, where are you off to?” You stood up, letting your phone fall onto the couch as you started following him. He was dressed in what he would consider nice clothes, tight jeans with a t-shirt that was actually his size, rather than the 4X he usually wears, and a leather jacket. 
“Uh, remember that girl I was telling you about” He stopped and turned to face you as you reached the door, him half bent over as he pulled his shoes on. You furrowed your eyebrows slightly as you tried to remember everything he had said about her, that you definitely hadn’t been thinking about obsessively since the last time you’d spoken about her. 
“Yeah, the one you met at the gaming convention?” He nodded quickly as he straightened himself out, pushing his still damp hair out of his face. 
“That’s the one; we’re going out to dinner,” You stood still for a moment, waiting for his words to sink in. 
“Like on a date?” 
“I hope so,” He gave another exaggerated smile, eyes wide as he opened the door and stepped out of it, leaving you alone in the entryway of your shared apartment. 
Jungkook, of course, wasn’t actually going on a date with her. Sure, he was going out to dinner with her, and her wife, but you didn’t need to know that. 
She was someone he could talk to about you: the woman that he’d been in love with for far too long to be living together in separate bedrooms. He’d met her a few months ago and they’d talk about you, and her wife, and gush about how much they’d loved you respectively until he let her know that you weren’t exactly his girlfriend. 
That’s when she convinced him to actually do something. He was a little iffy on the whole thing, seeing as you’d been friends for so long that starting to date now just seemed like it would create more problems than solve. But, now that someone else knew his feelings for you, and had convinced him that he’d be happier if he was actually with you, he couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like if he could actually come home and kiss your soft lips before falling asleep next to you every day.
So, when the two of you were having a conversation and a girl he knew and you didn’t came up… he got a little carried away testing the waters. 
He mentioned that they talked a lot, and they had a lot in common and that he thought she was very pretty, something you happened to agree with him on, even though it stung quite a bit.
Then, he wasn’t exactly planning on telling you he was going out on a date, but he did dress up nice intentionally, and when you asked him if he was a date, he couldn’t help but agree with you. He wasn’t the one to bring it up, after all. And he didn’t technically lie. 
So while you sit at home alone panicking about Jungkook being on a date with another woman, he was panicking thinking about your reaction, and what you might be doing since he’d left. 
The dinner with his friends ran a little longer than he’d expected as they caught each other up on the things they’d missed since the last time they saw each other in person; so Jungkook didn’t return home until a little later that night, where, from the conversation he’d had with his friend, he’d assumed you would’ve been up waiting for him. 
But you weren’t. 
He told them everything; the expression on your face and demeanor different than they normally would’ve been, and the sudden interest when he’d gotten dressed up. They told him that you definitely liked him, that there’s no way you would care that much unless you were interested in him. 
You’d no doubt be waiting up for him to hear how it went, to see if he had fun on his ‘date’. 
But you were in your room, lights out and door closed. 
Two days later, he went on another ‘date’, and you had little to no reaction. Internally, you were screaming, but on the outside, you kept up a cool image. 
Several weeks passed and Jungkook kept going on these fake dates, which were really just him hanging out with friends or running errands. 
Each time you seemed less and less interested, and on the off occasion that you’d be up and ask him how his dates went, you seemed genuinely happy for him to be happy with someone else. 
But you thought he was happy with someone else. How were you supposed to be anything but happy for him, your best friend, finding someone great that makes him happy? You couldn’t be jealous, or try to drag her, or magically get the courage to make out with him because he wasn’t even available anymore. He was happy, so you needed to be happy for him. 
“How was your girlfriend?” You asked as he walked in from one of his dates. He stopped before he could make it to his room and turned back to you, leaning against the counter. 
“Girlfriend?” He asked, brow furrowed and arms crossed. You straightened yourself out as you looked up at him, before shrugging and looking back down at the vegetables you were cutting. 
“You’ve been going out for weeks now, I just assumed,” There was a still silence, the only sound in the room was the gentle chopping of your knife that you desperately tried to make fill up the awkward space. 
“And you’d just be okay with that?” You looked up at him, confusion was written all over your face. 
“Why wouldn’t I be? If she makes you happy-” 
“She’s not who makes me happy,” Jungkooks heart was in his throat, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t do this anymore, he couldn’t take living with you and being in love with you and you just being so indifferent. He knew you liked him, so why were you acting like this? 
At this point, you had no idea what to say, what to think as nothing Jungkook said seemed to be making sense. You put the knife down and turned to face him, leaning slightly against the counter behind you. 
“What are you-” He didn’t let you finish your sentence before his lips were on yours, one of his hands on the counter behind you and the other on your cheek, gently holding you as you melted into the best kiss you’ve ever had, though it didn’t last long before you pushed him off of you. “Wait, Jungkook, what about-” 
“She’s just a friend,” You were still looking at him confused, begging him to explain more because things just kept making less and less sense. “Always has been; you’re the one that makes me happy, Y/n. I just wanted to see if you felt the same way-” This time you cut him off, pulling him into you, your hands on his face as he balanced himself on the counter and your waist. 
You’d both wasted far too much time being in love with one another and doing nothing about it, and you weren’t going to waste another second. 
Jungkook seemed to feel the same way as he pulled you tightly against him and deepened the kiss. 
His hands were all over you as his tongue explored your mouth, breathing deeply as you desperately clung to each other. It wasn’t long before your legs were wrapped around his waist and he was pushing you back onto the counter, pushing the cutting board filled with food to the side and into the sink, completely ruining what you’d planned to make for dinner, not that you cared at all at this point. 
Your clothes were discarded in a rush, as were his as his lips sucked and nipped at every available patch of skin he laid his eyes on, his hot breath sending countless shivers down your spine as your arousal began to pool in your panties, the hem of which Jungkook was rolling between his fingers. 
“Fuck, Jungkook,” His lips swiftly left your ribs below your breasts as he straightened himself out and pulled you into him. 
“What baby, what do you want me to do?” His voice low and rough as your eyes darted between his eyes and his swollen wet lips, his hands now under the hem of your underwear and gripping your bare hips as he gently and slowly moved his hips against yours. You groaned softly, gripping onto his shoulders as he nudged against your regrettably clothed clit. 
“I want you to fuck me, Jungkook,” You managed to whisper in his ear before you wrapped your arms around his neck to keep yourself stead as he wasted no time in ripping off both your panties and his boxers. 
Before you can even see his length he’s slipping into you as slowly as he can manage as you both moan out in pleasure. You kiss again, moaning into each other's mouths desperately as he begins to move, rocking his hips delicately against you. Small short thrusts followed narrowly by longer harsher ones, each even more delicious than the last. 
“Why the fuck didn’t we do this sooner?” his hands clung to your hips as if his life depended on it as your faces never got more than a few centimeters away from one another. 
“Because you were too busy pretending to have a girlfri- FUCK,” Jungkook snapped his hips into you roughly and his hand found your clit, effectively shutting you up as your forehead buried in the crook of his neck. 
His rough pace and skilled fingers didn’t take long to bring you to your climax, gripping onto him so hard to make sure you didn’t accidentally float away with how high your orgasm made you feel. 
Jungkook hooked his hands under your thighs and lifted you off the counter, your legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as he moved back the hall and into his bedroom. Your orgasm wasn’t even finished before he laid you down on the edge of his bed, his feet still on the floor as he pushed into you again, thrusting softly. 
Jungkook pulled his feet off the floor and pushed you further onto the bed, his fingers intertwining with yours on either side of your head as he kissed you softly. His movements slowed down considerably from the kitchen to the bed, his hands and mouth roaming over your chest and body as his hips moved into you sensually, trying to stay in this position with you for as long as possible. 
“I love you,” Jungkook whispers as his lips find yours again, your hand cupping his face softly as his thrusts sped up. 
“I love you,” Your whisper almost came out as a moan, as you finished for the second time, your walls clenching down on him roughly pushing him over the edge. 
You hold onto each other tightly as he spills into you, leaving kisses on your face softly as you both come down from your highs. You stay like this for a while, holding each other as you share sweet words with one another.
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jungk0oksthighs · 7 months ago
Over The Odds Collection *completed*
Tumblr media
ceo!jungkook, sugardaddy!jungkook, smut, angst, fluff, S2L
All chapters & drabbles will be updated in chronological order (banner created by the multitalented @opaljm THANK U SM)
Teaser | 1.6k 
In which you first encounter billionaire Jungkook and his best friend Taehyung.
Terms and Conditions | 5k
Jungkook makes you an offer you’d be a fool to refuse 
The Contract | 4.k
Being different to his usual sugar baby, you convince Jungkook to make some changes to his contract
➳ Drabble 1 | Blank Cheque | 1.2k jk pov ➳ Drabble 2 | Best Friend | 1.4k jk pov
Publicity | 4.4k
You and Jungkook go on your first official date 
➳  Drabble 3 | Unrequited | 1.5k jk pov ➳  Drabble 4 | Regrets | 3k  
Do Your Worst | 6k
You and Jungkook go on a trip
➳ Drabble 5 | Best Friend pt.2 | 1.9k jk pov
The Confession | 5.5k
Jungkook reacts badly when you bump into your ex in the club
➳ Drabble 6 | Best Friend pt.3 | 1.6k jk pov  ➳ Drabble 7 | 134340 | 1.2k
파트너 | 6k
In which you meet Jungkook’s parents
➳  Drabble 8 | Fallout | 3k jk pov ➳  Drabble 9 | Outside | 1.4k ➳  Drabble 10 | The Argument | 1.4k
Between Us | 4.4k 
You drunkenly admit how you really feel about Jungkook to your best friend Jimin
➳  Drabble 11 | Weird | 2.3k ➳  Drabble 12 | Regrets Pt.2 | 2.5k ➳  Drabble 13 | Slow Down | 4k jk pov ➳  Drabble 14 | Ruthless | 1.8k jk pov
Celebration | 4.6k
Your family host a welcome home party for Ruth
➳  Drabble 15 | Relevance | 1.8k ➳  Drabble 16 | Best Friend pt.4 | 1.9k jkpov
The Pretender | 6k
The series of events that lead to the leak
➳ Drabble 17 | Denial | 2.5k ➳  Drabble 18 | Sick | 1.5k jk pov
Family | 3.2k
Blood doesn’t always define a family
Surprise | 5.7k
You’re offered the opportunity of a lifetime
Decisions | 3.5k
You struggle to find the right thing to do
To The Future | 6k
You look forward to what the future holds
! OVER THE ODDS HAS BEEN READ/DISCUSSED/REVIEWED ON A KPOP PODCAST ! listen to @kpoppillowtalk ‘s podcast here, their whole first series has been dedicated to this fic. I would just like to take another moment to thank the hosts for approaching me about reading oto on their pod once again 💜💜💜
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redsaurrce · 2 months ago
Author's Note : Thrilled to announce that this will be my first ever kinktober series *YuHoO* and all of them will contain elements from my Google survey (tysm angels who filled it out).
P.S: this isn't in order of release, fics will be released in random order. Send in ask/dm me or reply under this post to get tagged. ♡
Taglist ꒱ @babyboo22 @theblueslytherin @yansob @apriljoon @xxxbangtanbabexxx @favfanfictsbts @seokjins-luigi @iffyleafy @effielumiere @getoutofthere @luvv2jade @bri-mal @xicanacorpse @emperatris-rinaka @strawberryjimin13 @eddiegirl-86 @jungkookminthairwhen @tornparts @telepathytae @taeisbae13 @inlovewithallmusic
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𓈈 Muñeca- Once upon a night, a neighbor decides to play with his doll.
◌ Yandere Neighbour Magician!Jimin X fem!reader
Tumblr media
𓈈 Can't Leave Ya! - In that one room of your house, you walk backwards in your memories. And your roommate being a rude asshole doesn't help either.
◌ Yandere Roommate!Yoongi X fem!reader
Tumblr media
𓈈 Stitch Me Pink - You were obsessed with pink and he was obsessed with you!
◌ Yandere Fashion Designer!Taehyung X Model fem!reader
Tumblr media
𓈈 Your Maid? OUR Maid. - You were the reason they couldn't divorce. But you were also the very reason they wanted a divorce.
◌ Yandere Master!Jungkook X Maid fem!reader X Yandere Mistress!Jungkook's wife (poly)
Tumblr media
𓈈 Red Secret - What happens when you try to discover the only secret your flawless "fake" boyfriend was hiding from you?
◌ Yandere Werewolf!Namjoon X Sceintist fem!reader
Tumblr media
𓈈 Dune Of Danger - Who would get killed between the fight of the good and the evil? No- Who would get killed between the fight of the evil and the more evil?
◌ Yandere Sand artist wizard!Hoseok X Evil fem!reader
Tumblr media
𓈈 Wrong Obsession - Just why were you so obsessed with his best friend instead of him?
◌ Yandere Jin X Yandere fem!reader
Tumblr media
#♡ see ya!
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Unorthodox | Masterlist
Tumblr media
Series: Unorthodox Pairings: Fem!Reader x OT7, Taehyung x Jimin (and more) Rating/genre: M (18+); smut 💖, fluff, light angst; Idol!AU, Reader-is-really-lucky!AU Summary: You meet BTS on vacation and everything is awesome! (read author’s note please) Warnings: Will put in each chapter. Minors please dni.  ***(General warning for the fact that this is a very self-insert work for me. As I am fair-skinned, small/average height, and have long hair, there may be things that reference these descriptors in this series, though I’ve tried to remove anything too overt.) Status: Ongoing
Tumblr media
PARTS (💖 = smut)
Something Like Happiness (3.7k)
The Noise Complaint (2.9k)
Ask Nicely (2.9k)
Playing With Fire (4.5k)
Never Have I (6.1k)
Not Anybody’s (5.4k)
Angel Baby (4.5k) 💖
Trouble (5.8k)
A Good Apology (6.7k) 💖
You Found Me, You Knew Me (7.1k)
Greedy (6.7k) 💖
Reciprocity (6.9k) 💖
Whatever You Want (8.6k) 💖
The Boss (5.3k) 💖
Hot and Cold (5.9k) 
Don’t Overthink (6.4k)
Mood Board #1 - Something Like Happiness
Mood Board #2 - Angel Baby
Mood Board #3 - Reciprocity
Setting Recreation: BTS Villa
Answered Asks Tag
Tumblr media
AUTHOR’S NOTE - please read :) 
This series is a long (ongoing) work of wish fulfillment and escapism that I never originally planned on sharing. It is not “good writing” per say; it doesn’t have a plot/story arc. It’s more slice-of-life. There’s only some light angst, so if angst is what you’re into, you probably won’t love this lol. It’s mostly fluff and smut.
Reader is involved eventually with all seven members. The focus is mostly on Taehyung, Jungkook, Hobi and Yoongi (slow burn here tho lol). A decent amount on Jimin. Some on Namjoon. And not a lot on Jin (and it’s not for a while). So, if you are Jin-biased or even Joon, you might not find this satisfying. If one of your biases is any of the other 5 then you’ll probably enjoy this.  
It becomes a poly/ENM situation. There will be smut with multiple partners/group sex. There will eventually be Male x Male smut as well as possibly other Reader x Idol relationships/smut, like SVT, SKZ, ATZ, and maybe others. Reader is pansexual so could be Reader x Female!Idol too. 
Oct. 23rd fic doc word count: 150,000 words + 53,000 words of extras that I have taken out and will slowly add back in as I continue writing. Of course, some will be cut but, yeah, there’s lots to come!
Tumblr media
Coming soon...
Chapter 17 💖
Chapter 18 💖
Chapter 19 💖
Chapter 20
Chapter 21 💖
Chapter 22 💖
Chapter 23 
Chapter 24 💖
**It goes without saying that this is a work of fiction and is for entertainment purposes only.**
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Wrong Right One [JJK]
Tumblr media
"I say we kill her," He presses the gun against your skin harder, making you whine in pain. Your tears start to fall involuntarily as you shake in fear but, your eyes showed little to no fear. In fact, you had no will to even try to fight back, or beg for mercy.
Because little did they know, you had no reasons to stay alive until one of the members of the most claimed mafia group accidentally kidnapps you, giving you a second chance to live.
• Jungkook x reader
• Angst, fluff, smut
Warning: This story contains strong language, sensible topics and mature content. Please read at your own discretion.
Content Table: Ch. 1-5 | Ch. 5-10...
!!!!! This story is originally from Wattpad. Updates in Tumblr will be slower as they will be made every 5 chapters in Wattpad.
Read it on Wattpad here
CH. 1 - 5
Word count: ~19.7K
Chapter one:
The pavement is blurry through your eyes as you walk under the cold rain. 
The weather has become colder, the thick fog covering most of the night sky making the setting somewhat uneasy and dangerous, but you couldn’t care less about your safety right now. 
In fact, you can’t find yourself to care about anything. 
After months of struggling, you found yourself losing everything you ever had. Your car, your house, your job and everything you’ve worked so hard for. It all started to go down the drain when you received a call from your lawyer, telling you that your assets have been sold to someone who completed the payment of the commodities you were paying in small installments due to your low income. 
You couldn’t understand how they could take everything from you like that, leaving you with no choice but to live in your office. And trying to survive within four small walls that had nothing but a desk and a big sofa was a pretty big challenge. 
However, you found yourself living comfortably and were able to hustle your way for a week, but you suddenly got kicked out of your office and had your psychology license placed on hold by your superior due to an “improper practice”, reported by someone anonymous who claimed to be your patient. 
You tried your best to stay positive in the situation, sleeping on the streets for a few days until you almost became a victim of a terrible assault, which happened just a few minutes ago while you were trying to get some refuge from the rain. 
Your body is shivering and your tears won’t stop falling, blending in with the rain that pours heavily on you as you walk with your head down and heavy steps to that big building you’ve always gone to when you needed a breather. 
But tonight you were going there to do the opposite. You were going to the building with no intention of walking out of it.
In fact, you have no intention of staying alive tonight. 
Life feels meaningless at this point.  With no family to support you and no friends to rely on, you decided you wanted to stop suffering and end this never ending nightmare your life has become in just two months time. 
The familiar building is now standing in front of you and you make your way to the emergency stairs on the sides of the building, taking a deep breath in before beginning the path to the last minutes of your life, the burden of the world and your overwhelming emotions rushing over your body, feeling heavier with every step you take to the last floor. 
You admire the skyline even through the fog and darkness, the lights of the building looking like blurry stars as you contemplate the horizon, taking slow steps towards the edge of the roof, sitting on the corner with your legs dangling from the edge of the building, the distance between your feet and the floor making your body ache. 
It's a long fall.
It’s definitely going to hurt if I make it out alive, you think to yourself, closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths before praying your last wishes. 
“I’m sorry this is how things have to end, you deserved better.” You tell yourself as you take a deep breath in, getting ready to jump. 
“Yeah, you do.” You hear the voice of a stranger behind you before you find yourself in complete darkness, a strange choking sensation tightening on your throat when you try to scream. 
You open your eyes and take your hands to your neck, realizing that someone behind you has placed a bag over your head and starts to tighten it by the neck, feeling the two hands move from your neck to your shoulders, wrapping around your arms and pulling you far off the edge. 
You can’t help but try to scream, your survival instincts kicking in as you struggle to set yourself free from whoever is trying to strangle you. You can feel your body weakening at the lack of air, slowly falling into a deep sleep and losing the fight with the stranger who, from all you could remember, had cold hands and a sultry voice. 
“What do you mean you got the wrong girl?!” 
You can hear a raspy voice next to you, the panic on their tone very obvious as you begin to awaken, the bag that was over your head now replaced by a blindfold, your arms and legs tied down by what felt like a very thick rope. 
You lay on the cold floor in confusion. If you are not the girl they were looking for… what happens now? 
“It was foggy and I couldn't see right. I know its a pretty bad fuck up but its done; she’s not who we are looking for.” 
You recognise the voice of your kidnapper, gasping in surprise at the sound of his voice, the fear growing inside you again as the room suddenly grows quiet. 
The voices of the two guys died down at the chattering of your teeth, the cold room giving away your conscious status to everyone in the room. 
A pair of loud heavy boots stomp around you. The steps growing louder as the presence of a man standing next to you makes you tremble in fear. You can feel his body heat closer to you as squats next to you, a squeal escaping your lips when you feel his hands on you. He manhandles you roughly, grabbing you by the shoulders and sitting you on your knees before taking the blindfold off. 
The sudden light makes your eyes hurt, blinking a few times before adapting to the light, your vision is too blurry to identify how many people are in the room right now. 
“If you scream I’ll shoot.” You hear the voice of the man behind you as he tightens the ropes on your hands, your palms sweating at the sound of his raspy and authoritarian voice. 
“Don’t, Hyung. We need to wait for the others. They should be here soon.” You recognise the voice of a third guy, his tone low and calm. Your vision is now clear enough to see two pairs of boots standing a few meters away from you, making that three people in the room with you. 
The others? How many of them are there? 
The loud sound of a door bursting open startles you, making you look up to the area where the sound came from, your eyes fixated on three other figures dressed in all black walking into the room and making it to where the other two are standing. 
“You fucked up big time, Jeon,” the blonde guy with a high pitched voice says before laughing mockingly, his hand landing on the hair of one of the guys who was standing infront of you while the others bickered between them loudly.
“Shut the fuck up, Jimin.” He knocks the hand of the shortest one away from him, gaining a roll eye from the blondie. 
You blink a couple more times before you look back up to them, looking attentively at the five guys standing in front of you. They all had fairly pale complexes, dressed in all black and they all looked surprisingly attractive and well groomed, somehow making you feel more uneasy. 
What did they want with you? Were they human traffickers? 
A loud hiccup escapes your lips, cursing yourself silently as the room grows quiet again and all eyes turn to you, the attention making you hiccup again. 
Why did you have hiccups when you were scared? Fuck. 
“Our apologies, ma’am.” The voice of the guy who was behind you startles you again, his figure coming to view as he walks towards the other guys, his sculpted silhouette and silver undercut making you hiccup again. “It seems like we got the wrong person, according to our friend here.” 
“Oh,” The sound escapes your lips, nodding to his words as you gulp loudly and scan the room again, noticing the eyes of the blonde guy glued to you as he tightens his jaw, clearly unhappy with his coworker for getting the wrong girl. 
The room grows quiet again as the silvered hair guy back up from your body, staring at you with his jaw tighten. A guy with long curly hair steps forward, his hand full of beautiful and refined rings landing on the guy with the silver hair, whispering loud enough for you to hear.
“What should we do with her, then?” He looks back at you with worried eyes, feeling uneasy at the sudden tension growing in the room. “Should we let her g-?”
“No.” Your kidnapper interrupts immediately, all eyes turning to him in confusion. “She’s seen our faces already, we can’t just let her go.” He adds, crossing his arms against his chest which draws your attention to his tattooed sleeve. 
“That’s true,” the silver-haired guy says, turning around to look at one of his friends who is standing behind everyone else. “ What do you think, boss? What should we do?” 
“I’m not sure yet,” A tall, broad guy walks forward, his fingers pushing his black hair back as he stares attentively at you. His eyes scan you slowly before a frown decorates his face. “Are we sure it’s not her?” He squats in front of you, his hooded eyes glued to you as he scans your features, feeling confused at the idea of you being the wrong person. “She has the same eyes.” 
“Would I lie to you, boss?” Your kidnapper says in a threatening tone, making the guy in front of you turn around with an incredulous look.
You can feel the tension between your kidnapper and their boss, a quiet but intense conversation happening through eye contact as everyone else looks to both of them with stone cold faces, unfazed at the challenging attitude of the youngest against the oldest. 
The blonde guy, whose name you remembered to be Jimin, suddenly walks forward. He clenches his jaw as he stares at you with fiery eyes before pulling his gun from his belt, the cold metal pressed to your forehead as he loads the gun with one hand, making you gasp in fear.
“I say we kill her,” He presses the gun against your skin harder, making you whine in pain. Your tears start to fall involuntarily as you shake in fear. However, your eyes showed little to no fear. You had little to no will to even try to fight back, or beg for mercy.
 At the end of the day, this is what you wanted: you wanted to die.
You close your eyes and bite your lips, waiting patiently for the gun to fire. “She is of no use and we can’t let her go. She’s better off dead.”  
The front sight of the gun is now against your forehead, the cold material making you weep as your entire body tenses, anticipating the bullet to perforate your skull.
“Hyung, move.” Jimin orders their boss, tilting his gun to the side telling him to move away, so his clothes wouldn’t get bloody, making you weep even harder when the gun is back to your forehead, this time pressing the gun against your skin harder. 
His jaw clenches as his fingers caress the trigger. The build up of the situation is making you feel sick, why couldn’t he just shoot you and end it all quickly? You gather the little energy in you to challenge Jimin, hoping he would just shoot you once in for all. 
“Just fucking do it alrea-”
“Put the fucking gun down!” The sound of a second gun loading makes everyone except Jimin turn around. 
Your kidnaper is now pointing his gun at Jimin, everyone’s eyes dancing between you and the tattooed guy who was now pointing his gun at Jimin’s back.
“Always trying to be the fucking hero dont you, Jeon?” Jimin laughs cynically as he turns around to look at the youngest, who is looking at you with tense eyes, smacking his lips and cursing himself under his breath. “I'm trying to save our asses here, Jungkook, you have no right to tell me what to do!.”
“We don’t kill innocent people, Jimin. Put the gun down.” He slowly lowers his arm, guiding his gun back to his belt before huffing. 
“Innocent my a-”
“Shoot me.” You beg, your voice coming out louder than you expected it to. The six men, with bulged eyes, turn their attention back to you. “Just fucking do it, please.” You can’t help your voice from cracking mid sentence, making some of them confused, while some of them are looking at you with pity. 
“Shoot me asshole,” you provoke him, your volume rising as you continue to talk. Your eyes are glued to Jimin’s as he hollows his cheeks, his hand shaking as his anger builds up from your challenging words. “You said it yourself, I’m better off dead. So what are you waiting for?!” You are practically screaming now, a burning sensation in your throat makes you swallow, the taste of blood invading your taste buds. “SHOOT ME!” You can feel your heart beating faster than ever.
The tears now fall uncontrollably from your eyes as the sound of a gun being fired makes you scream, your eyes closing suddenly at the feeling of the gun moving away from your forehead. 
“Jungkook’s right, Jimin, drop the gun.” You turn your head to the side where you notice a new guy approaching from the door.
He is about the same height as Jimin, but seems a bit older and has longer blonde hair. He walks towards the rest of the group; The smoke of the fired bullet comes out of the gun as he lowers his gun and walks towards you after giving his gun to one of the guys in the group. 
Your eyes look for the bullet, a small dent on the wall next to you shows you where the warning shot was aimed to, not too far from your body which makes you wip. 
You hear the steps of the newer guy approach you and Jimin, his hand taking Jimin’s gun and putting it on his belt, dismissing him to walk back to the rest of the group. He squats next to you as he stares at you with soft eyes, his empathy and calmness making you feel somehow better. He turns around to look at their boss.  
“I got this, Jin.” He says, gaining a nod from him as he turns to look at Jungkook, signaling to gather with him for a quick chat away from the group as the new guy handles the situation. Jin and Jungkook stand not too far from the group, whispering to each other with serious expressions. 
The new guy stares at you for a few more seconds before his hand grabs onto your jaw, turning your face to him as he inspects your face with a frown. 
“Jungkook’s right. It’s not her.” He says, a disappointed sigh leaves from his lips as he stands up straight and walks towards his colleagues.
“But nothing, Jimin.” He turns to look at the blonde guy with cold eyes. “We can’t kill her either so… what should we do?  Jin?” Everyone’s eyes turn back to who they referred to as boss before, both him and Jungkook staring at you with worried eyes. 
He hesitates before turning to Jungkook, who is now looking down with a frustrated look on his face, biting his pierced lip in distress.
“Jungkook,” Jin calls him, making him look up with big doe eyes. “This is your fuck up, how would you like to fix it?” You sob again before your eyes lock with Jungkook’s for the second time tonight. 
Kill me, please. You mouth to him with pleading eyes before your body violently shakes, the adrenaline making you feel extremely cold, your body becoming feverish as your vision becomes blurry once again. 
He stares at you hesitantly, the internal turmoil inside him making him nauseous as he takes one more look at you before he looks back at Jin, a determined look in his eyes. 
“She stays alive,” He says, which makes you sob loudly, gaining another round of confused stares from some of the guys. 
“No, please. Please just kill me.” You beg between sobs, the desperation building back up, the ringing in your ears becoming louder. “Please.” You cry now to Jin, who is looking at you with pitiful eyes.
“Give her some clean clothes, food, and a place to sleep. We’ll keep her hostage until I find a way to deal with her.” Jungkook says before glancing at you quickly, his eyes focused on Jin who nods at his statement. 
“You heard the man, make our guest feel welcomed.” Jin claps twice before everyone spreads around the room, most of them even leaving the room through the door they just came in. “Jungkook, Yoongi; Meet me at my office after this.”
“Jin, I don’t think this is a good idea..” Jimin whispers next to him, but he is quickly dismissed by Jin who walks towards you, snapping his fingers at the guy with the silver haired undercut. 
“Joon, help me untie her?” Jin says. Joon nods and kneels next to you, his hands working fast behind you as you feel the ropes fall loose. “Look at her wrists Joon, you almost cut her circulation!” Jin scolds him before slapping his friend’s shoulder. 
“I’m sorry about that… are you okay?” Joon asks you as he lets your wrists free and proceeds to untie your feet. You only manage to hmm in response, making them frown. 
Once you’re completely free from the ropes, your body hovers forward against your will, falling against Jin’s chest.
He makes sure to catch you before you crash your body against his, slowly cooing you into his chest as he embraces you in an awkward hug. You are now sobbing against Jin’s chest as he holds you tightly and he looks at Joon with anxious eyes, unsure of what to do. 
“Please,” You weep against his chest, his black shirt quickly becoming wet from your tears as you sob uncontrollably under his embrace. 
“I’m sorry sweetheart, I don’t know why you want to die so bad, but we can’t help you.” He says in a quiet voice, almost trying to comfort you with his statement.
“I know it doesn’t look like it, but we truly are not the bad guys here. We don’t want to harm you.” Joon says with a soft voice, hoping to ease your crying. But the warmth and comfort these two have brought you just after being under the point of a gun overwhelms you with emotions, unable to stop your crying. 
You just need today to be over. 
A loud clearing of a throat makes the two men shift their gaze up to the guy who shot the warning shot, his eyes glued to you as he stands next to his friends.
“Jin.” He starts. “We cleared a room for her already, She’ll be staying in room 17.” He announces, making both of the men nod at him before they stand up, struggling to hold your body up. Your limbs feel too weak and out of your control, making your body fall weak in their arms like you’re a rag doll. 
“Yoongi?” Jin says as he struggles to stand up with you. 
“Oh,” Yoongi approaches you and holds you by the waist as he throws your arm around his shoulders, holding you stable as Jin stands up and fans his wet shirt with his hands. “Can you walk?” Yoongi’s sultry voice rings in your ears before you shake your head, the numb feeling in your legs beginning to slowly become an aching pain. 
He sighs in desperation. “Jungkook?” He calls in a loud tone. 
“I’m here.” Jungkook comes out of the door where most of them have disappeared from, biting his lip at the sight of you. 
“She can’t walk,” Yoongi says. That's all it takes for Jungkook to understand what he wanted. 
Jungkook approaches you and carefully places his hands under your legs and your waist, carrying you bride style with ease as he makes his way towards the main door. Jin, Yoongi and Joon follow behind as your eyes begin to feel heavy, the world turning black for the second time tonight. 
Chapter Two:
A deadly headache wakes you up, adjusting your vision to the little light in the room before realizing you are now in a bed, and you are not alone. 
“Hyung, She’s awake.” The low voice of the curly haired man startles you, his figure sitting calmly by the end of the bed you were laying down on. 
“Thanks Tae, can you tell Yoongi she’s awake? He’s in Jin’s office I believe.” The one guy with red hair replies, coming into view as he approaches you from the door that seems to be the bathroom. 
Tae bows to his superior before walking out of the room with quick steps, leaving you alone with the red headed guy who is smiling at you with pitiful eyes. 
“Hey, you scared us there. We thought you weren’t going to wake up.” He places his hand over your shoulder and helps you to sit up on the bed, your head pounding as your headache gets worse.That was the idea, you think. “I’m Hoseok, but you can call me hobi,” He digs into his pocket and pulls out two small pills and places them in the palm of your hand, his free hand reaching for the water bottle that’s on the night table next to you. “It's ibuprofen. You must have a terrible headache,”
You stare at the guy carefully, noticing he is wearing a white coat that looks like a doctor’s coat.. Is he really a doctor? You blink a couple of times before looking back down to the pills that sit on your trembling hands, feeling skeptical about what exactly he was giving you to consume. 
“How do I know you are not giving me something else?” You ask him in a quiet voice, gaining a big chuckle from him as he throws his head back laughing. 
“That would be against my profession.” He says with a smile on his face. “We are not trying to hurt you, remember?” He reminds you before he opens the water bottle and offers it to you. “Feel free to not take them though, but you must be having a killer headache after fainting like that. I would take them if I were you.” 
You take the pills one by one and place them on your tongue, washing them down your throat with the cold water he offered you, the fresh beverage soothing your throat. Hoseok hums satisfied before turning around and going back to the bathroom. You stare at his back as he sings to himself while lifting small flasks and unpacks new, fresh needles.
He turns around with an injection on his hand, making you frown at the idea of receiving an injection from a complete stranger who worked with the guy who kidnaped you. However, your thoughts are interrupted by a soft knock on the bedroom door, Yoongi walking in with a tray that contained some food that smelled amazing. 
“Hey, glad to see you woke up already, you had us worried.” Yoongi says as he places the tray on the nightstand, the sight of stew and some rice makes you salivate. 
Yoongi notices you staring at the food, licking your lips unconsciously as your eyes are glued to the blue tray. “Here, we made you some stew.”  He hands you the spoon which you take after hesitating for a little bit. You weren't sure why exactly they were being nice to you, but you were too hungry to care, so you decided to eat it quietly, thanking them silently for the delicious and warm meal. 
“I’m Yoongi, I’m the knife specialist here in the circle.” you look at him with confused eyes. The circle? “And that’s hobi, our doctor.” He points at Hobi, who has been staring at Yoongi quietly this whole time. He clears his throat and nods before approaching you two and sitting next to Yoongi by the nightstand. 
“I prepared a small booster for you.” He says as he places a big syringe with a long, thin needle that's wrapped in the packaging, letting you know it was a new, clean one. “We ran some blood tests while you were asleep, and your levels of iron and vitamin c were really low. Once you finish eating you, feel free to take a shower and then inject this anywhere in your arm or your thigh and it should work just fine, if you are too scared to do it on your own just wait until we are back and I’ll do that for you.”
You bow lightly and they bow back, turning to the door to give you some space to eat and recover from your long slumber. You dive into your plate and eat the food in complete silence, the muted voices of the guys filling your ears now and then as they walk down the hallway laughing when you hear two of them playing around, a loud ouch making you giggle and choke on a grain of rice.
The door suddenly flies open, the curly haired guy coming to view as he stares at you with big scared eyes.”Are you okay?” He asks out of breath. You notice the tattooed arm behind him, his face sneaking a quick glance in before turning around and staring at the wall while whistling. 
You clear your throat before replying. “Yeah, just choked on a rice grain” you chuckle at yourself, taehyung joining your laughter as he nods and closes the door again, letting you finish your meal in peace. 
A satisfied sigh escapes your lips, resting the tray on your side before standing up and walking around the room, opening the closet to see a few clothes folded there, as well as a package of new underwear and socks for you.  
When did they get all of this?  You wonder, but quickly notice that it's men’s underwear. You realize that one of the guys must have had to sacrifice their new underwear for you, the thought of it making you giggle. 
Maybe they really aren’t bad afterall. 
You make your way to the bathroom and decide to take a long hot shower, pleasantly surprised by their choice of products, the smell of lavender filling up the shower as you condition your hair and scrub your body. 
You walk out of the shower feeling much better, your tender muscles relaxed thanks to the water pressure and the lavender. You dry your hair with the towel before opening the bathroom door and heading back to bed, deciding to take another nap since you still feel tired. 
A few steps into your bedroom you notice something different, the new things on your bed calling your attention. A pack of lotion, hair products and even a blow dryer were laying on your bed which makes you huff in disbelief. 
Why are they so attentive? Are all kidnappers this nice?  You think to yourself in a humorous tone, a small grin decorates your lips as you take the blow dryer and look for an electrical outlet, plugging it to the closest one to the mirror stand. 
You are ready to start the blow dryer when you notice the shadow of someone standing by the door. His reflection in the mirror startles you, making you gasp as you take the hairdryer against your chest. 
“Jesus Christ, you scared the shit out of me.” You mumble, pressing your lips into a thin line when you hear Jungkook’s giggles. 
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” He says with a smile,“ I knocked but I guess you couldn't hear it.”  He huffs, still finding your reaction hilarious which irritates you a bit. He stands next to the door in silence, his body leaning on the door frame while his arms are crossed in front of his chest as he stares at you through the glass. A small grin on his lips as he stands there in complete silence, making you a bit uncomfortable. 
You decide to ignore him and mind your business, applying the heat serum to your hair and brushing it lightly with your fingers before taking the dryer. You are about to turn the hair dryer on when his voice breaks the silence. 
“Why?” he asks. You turn around to see a serious Jungkook, his eyebrows frowned as he squints his eyes at you. 
“Why what?” You ask back, unsure of what he was referring to. You rest your back against the wall as you cross your arms over your chest, mimicking his posture. 
“Why did you um…” his eyes venture into the room, landing on the floor in embarrassment. “Why do you want to die so bad?” his voice now coming out as an insecure whisper. 
You blink a couple of times before swallowing loudly, startled at the sudden question. “Uhh…life,” You answer, shrugging your shoulders before his eyes land on yours again.
“Life?” he answers back with a huff. “That doesn’t really answer the question, but I won’t pressure you to tell me anything.” He shrugs his shoulders before taking his eyes off you which you take as a goodbye, turning around and blasting the blow dryer at full capacity. You begin to dry your hair peacefully as he scans the room, his eyes landing on Hobi’s booster. 
“You should take that” He says, but you are unable to really understand him due to the loud sounds of the blower. 
“What?” you ask, turning it off before turning around, noticing that he was no longer by the door, but by your bed. His hands reach to the small booster Hobi had made for you. 
“You should take this, Hobi’s boosters are great.” He unwraps the hygienic paper from the needle and looks at you, taking a few steps closer to you.
“Oh …yeah,” you say, covering your upper arm as you feel him getting closer to you, the smell of his cologne flooding your nostrils as he stands in front of you. 
“Here, I’ll help you.”  He holds your hand and removes it from your upper arm, extending it towards him as he searches for a good vein. 
“Wait” you say, pulling your arm away and sighing. Your heart beats faster as you take a deep breath in. His proximity and the needle in his hand both make you nervous.
He lifts an eyebrow in confusion, reading the worry in your eyes and taking a step closer to you, his free hand landing right over your collar bone. His thumb caresses the side of your neck slowly, waiting for you to look back up at him.  
You notice an unusual warmth in his stare, his eyes transmitting some comfort as he continues to caress your neck and collar bone, making your skin tingle. 
“It’s alright, you won’t even feel it, I promise.” He reassures you, his breath hitting your cheek as he slides his hand down your arm, extending it again. “Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.” He commands in a whisper. 
“One,” He counts. Your head is now against his chest, both of his arms wrapped around you as he soothes you, taking in the first deep breath. You flinch when you feel the cold cotton against your skin, disinfecting the area as he holds your forearm firmly, making sure you don’t move it as he guides the needle to your skin. 
“Two,” you close your eyes tightly, feeling a slight pinch on your arm as he makes the vein more pronounced, letting out a loud exhale as you wait for the next count. 
“Three,” you squeeze your eyes tighter, but notice how his arms loosen their grip on you. Your eyes land on his and then on the empty geringe on his hand as he turns around to wrap the needle in the cotton. “All done,” he whispers as you stare at him startled, confused on how smooth that was. 
He walks towards the bathroom and throws the needle away on the yellow box that was labeled for sharp objects only whale you work on regulating your breathing. His eyes land on yours as he turns on his heels and makes his way back to you. 
“You alright?” he asks, his hand grabbing your forearm and placing a small band aid on the tiny blood spot in your arm. “For someone who just tried to take their life and had a gun against their head, a simple injection should not make you this nervous.” He says in a serious tone, but the grin in his face reveals that he is trying to ease the tension that was built between you two. You huff, unamused by his comment as a smile appears on your lips, his eyes glued to the bandaid as he seems to zone out. 
His hair is wet, which means he had just taken a shower right before coming here. His clothes were more baggy than the ones he was wearing before, his oversized sweater drawing your attention. It was clearly a hand made, crochet sweater. The front is decorated by a cute little bunny, the contrast of his pierced and tattooed body to the sweater making you laugh silently.
You look up to find him still zoned out, his lips tighten up in a straight line, frowning as he stares into nothing. Your mind is now doing pirouettes as you tried to figure out how he ended up in a kidnapping gang. Most of them, except for Jimin, seemed to be good people, and clearly had no intention of hurting you. 
“Why did you save me?” the question slips out of your lips before you realize, cursing yourself as he looks up, meeting with your eyes. His face is now inches away from yours, his mouth agape as he scans your face, taken aback by your sudden question. 
He licks his lips before replying. 
“Life,” He whispers. 
You feel his fresh breath mixing with yours, his chest rising more violently as both of your breathings pick up, heaving as you lean closer to each other. Your lips are almost touching when a soft knock on your door startles you both. 
Jungkook cleared his throat before the door opened,moving away from you quickly as his body was now hovering over the bed to pick the blue tray with the empty plates, leaving you standing there in an euphoric state. 
“Ah Jungkook, you’re here.”Jin says as his figure walks into the room, turning his attention to you as he smiles. “Just wanted to have a quick chat with you if that’s okay?” He asks you, to which you answer with a sharp nod that he mimics. “Perfect, do you mind if we talk in my office?”
“No, that’s fine.” you reply in a hoarse tone, making both Jin and Jungkook frown. 
“Let’s go, I’ll make you some tea.” Jin turns around and signals you to follow him, which you do. But not before turning around and taking one last look at Jungkook, who was now turning on the blowdryer and using it on his damp hair while he looked at you through the now steamy mirror. 
Chapter Three:
“y/n?” You frown at the name. “Why do I need a new name?” 
“It’s just to protect you in the meantime,” Jin tells you, a serious expression on his face. “We already started the creation of your documents so it's a little late to change it. I apologize for not consulting it with you first.” He says as he squats down to reach the lower cabinets on his desk, pulling out a knife. 
“I guess I’ll grow on me with time.” You shrug, not giving it much thought. “Jin?” 
“Yes, y/n?” He grins when he sees you frown, trying his best to acostume you to the new name. 
“Why is your office the kitchen?” You question him with a raised eyebrow, staring at him in confusion as he takes the mushrooms and slices them into small pieces. 
Jin lets out a quiet chuckle and you look around before giggling, not expecting this to be the kitchen of seven men, let alone the office of someone that looks like Jin. 
The kitchen is modern, but it’s decorated with cute farm animals. The fridge is plastered with photos of when they were younger, especially photos of Jungkook. You quickly learned that they have been living here for forever, the whole complex belonging to the members of The Circle. 
You quickly learn thanks to Jin that The Circle is the association the guys are under, known to be one of the most dangerous groups in the area. You can’t say you are surprised to hear they work for the circle, making you question how the most dangerous group could have kidnapped the wrong person. 
Jin explains that they were given a very confusing task with little to no background information, which is why Jungkook made an honest mistake. A mistake he most likely is going to pay for when the guys leave for the headquarters tonight. 
“They won’t hurt him, right?” You ask quietly, scared to hear that he could be in real danger because of you. 
Jin smacks his lips together before rolling his eyes. “There's no way. Jungkook is The Circle’s baby. No one could ever lay a single finger on him. And even if they wanted to, I wouldn’t allow it.” He assures you. 
You sigh in relief to hear that he is a favorite within the group, silently thankful it was him that got you and not someone else who would’ve had a terrible future ahead if they weren’t as lucky or loved as Jungkook. 
The sizzling oil snaps you out of your thoughts, focusing back on Jin who is mixing the mushrooms into the pan as he laughs at your question. 
“Cooking helps me relax,” He confesses. “It helps me think and focus on my thoughts. I know it's not a very ‘manly’ setting, but it works.” He looks up at you and winks cheekly at you before turning around to take the heavy cream from the fridge. 
You engage in small talk with Jin, soon joined by Tae not long after the food is ready. He makes himself comfortable and serves you both a plate of the pasta Jin made for you, joining the two of you on the kitchen island for some small talk while having dinner. 
Tae takes his time to tell you all about him and his upbringing as you indulge in Jin’s delicious pasta. You learn that most of them grew up in The Circle, not really having much of a choice than to be a part of it and continue their parents' work. 
Tae is one of the guys who was born under The Circle’s watch, so he never knew life outside of it. His parents started to work on international missions ever since he turned three, which is why he never was close with them, and eventually lost direct contact with them. He catches them every now and then at the headquarters, but he considers the guys his family instead, Jin and Yoongi being the ones who take care of him the most. 
He tells you that the closest thing he has to parents are Jimin’s parents who took him with open arms and let him move into their family complex right after his parents left to the USA. 
Jimin has been by his side ever since, quickly becoming each other's best friends and life companions.
“We are basically soulmates,” He tells you with his mouth full of mushroom sauce, his eyes sparkling as he speaks about Jimin. 
“He clearly doesn’t like me” You say in a chuckle, giving Tae a napkin which he takes, mumbling a quiet thank you. 
“He doesn’t not like you, he just doesn’t know you.” Tae explains. “He’s skeptical about new incomers, especially when they are not part of the circle. He’ll warm up to you in no time.” He comforts you, but his words make you realize ‘no time’ could be a long time for you. 
You might be here for a while.
“Knowing Jimin for a while might take a long long time” Jin jokes, but it only makes you dive deeper into your thoughts.
I might be here forever, you think to yourself. 
A sudden sadness washes over you, quickly excusing  yourself from the table as Jin and Tae exchange a confused frown, unsure of what caused your sudden mood shift. You thank Jin for the food and  excuse yourself, telling Jin you are too tired and wish to go back to bed to which he just nods. 
“I’ll walk you to your room,” Tae says as he walks out first, and right as you are standing up to leave, Jin grabs you by the arm and pulls you closer. He whispers into your ear a reminder that, under any circumstance, shall any of the guys know your real name. 
“Things could get ugly for you if your real identity gets revealed.” Jin warns you.
“Why though?” you question him. His shifts in his place, his body resting against the counter before turning to look at the main door nervously, knowing Taehyung’s patience would send him back to the kitchen to get you any second and he could listen to the conversation. 
“Our high ups know I have a long lost cousin named y/n, so no one will question you if they associate you with me, but if anyone knows you are an outsider… they won't hesitate to kill you. And it won't be a pretty death, it will be slow and painful... So just to be safe, keep your real name between us both.” He whispers. “Now go rest a bit, Tae is waiting for you.” 
You walk the long, dark hallway next to Taehyung in complete silence. You can’t help feeling lonely, almost hopeless to be here as Taehyung scorts you back to your room, walking by your side as he stares at you in riddles. 
“Did I say something wrong?” He asks in a low cautious tone. 
You turn to look at him and notice his bottom lip trapped against his teeth, biting it nervously. 
“Huh? No, of course not Tae,'' You say, pulling the sleeves of your sweater down, covering your hands to keep yourself warm  since the temperature in the hallway continues to drop and it's making you shiver. “I’m just a little tired, that’s all.” 
He stares at you in silence for a second before humming in reply, not fully convinced by your answer. However, he doesn’t push it and shrugs it off, continuing to walk down the hall with you.
You silently thank him for not questioning you any further, feeling the knot on your throat starting to tighten at the thought of having to explain how you felt just now. 
“I’ll make you a sweater tomorrow. This place gets extremely cold at night ,and that sweater won’t do.” He says suddenly. 
“Huh?” You reply confused. “You’ll make me a sweater?”
“Yeah, I’ve made everyone a sweater!” He answers proudly, “I love fashion. And I learned how to crochet during my free time, so I made nice fluffy sweaters for everyone here.” He smiles, showing you a proud, boxy smile. 
“That’s cute” you reply with a smile, your mind drifting to Jungkook's fluffy handmade sweater. It was definitely made by Tae.
You can hear the muffled noises coming from behind the walls of the hallway, letting you know that most of the guys were up late and rumbling around their rooms. The hallway suddenly feels emptier, and that’s when you notice Taehyung is no longer walking next to you. 
You turn around to look at Taehyung, who suddenly stopped walking. He clears his throat to call your attention, and you take a few steps back and stand next to him in confusion, his squinted eyes and pouty lips let you know he is thinking about something. 
“Wait here,” He says before opening the door next to him and storming into the dark, empty room with quick steps. 
He snatches the blanket from the bed and quickly walks back to you, closing the door behind him. “Here’s an extra blanket for you,” He extends the soft gray fabric towards you, quickly refusing it. 
“You’ll freeze to death,” You reply worried about him. 
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll sleep with Jimin.” He says with a victorious grin, shaking the blanket in front of you, “Now take it, my arm is getting tired.” He jokes, making you smile as you take the blanket from his hands.
“Thank you, Tae.” You bow lightly, placing the warm blanket on your shoulders and wrapping yourself around it, the faint smell of a familiar cologne filling your nostrils. 
He nods before turning on his heels to continue the journey to your room. You walk next to him with a lighter mood, engaged in small chat as you try to guess everyone’s animal on their personalized sweaters. 
“You’ll get to see them soon enough!  I won’t tell you which ones you got wrong, but you did get a few right.” He giggles before opening your door, bowing like a butler. “Sleep well Miss y/n. I’ll see you tomorrow!” 
“y/n?” The voice of Jungkook echoes through the hallway making you both turn around to see his figure approaching you both in a strut.
You can’t help but stare at him, your eyes glued to him. He styled his hair differently, his long black hair now brushed back with gel, his full forehead exposed. He is dressed in a formal black shirt, the sleeves rolled up letting you see his tattoo sleeves. He also left some buttons of the shirt undone, leaving his chest exposed to your curious eyes. The closer he gets, the better he looks, making your body tingled at his presence. 
He matched the outfit with black formal pants and nice leather boots. 
He  is next to you when you notice his eyebrows are frowned and he is pouting his lips in confusion. “y/n? That’s your name?” He asks once he is in front of you, the familiar cologne slapping you on the face. 
“Uh, yeah.” You manage to say, too absorbed in his beauty to even try to pay attention to what he is saying.His eyes linger on yours, quickly catching up to your actions. 
He knows you are checking him out. 
His frown slowly turns into a shy smile, staring at you nervously before noticing the blanket around your shoulders. 
His blanket, to be exact. 
 “Wait” he says, pointing at you before turning to look at Taehyung. “That’s my blanket.” His tone is dark and angry, making you nervous as you stare at Taehyung who is looking at Jungkook with guilty eyes. 
Taehyung lips tighten into  a straight line as he side-eyes you, your eyes growing bigger as you stare back at him with your mouth agape, feeling betrayed by Tae. 
“I’m heading to bed now, goodnight!” Tae says before running two doors down, locking the door behind him and leaving you alone with a very annoyed and angry Jungkook. 
You make a mental note to kill Taehyung tomorrow morning. 
Your eyes land on Jungkook, who is now biting his lip with his eyes closed. He takes a couple of deep breaths before letting out a big exhale, clearly annoyed at the violation of privacy. 
You begin to remove the blanket from your shoulders, feeling so ashamed to be wearing his blanket without permission. “‘I had no idea, I thought it was Taehyung’s blanket I’m so s-” 
“It’s fine, keep it” He replies quickly, and you freeze midway, silently thanking him for letting you keep it. “I’m not sleeping here tonight anyway.” He shrugs before locking eyes with you. 
“You’re not sleeping here?” You ask with worried eyes, accommodating the blanket over your shoulder as you stare at him with curious eyes, not sure why you were suddenly so invested in his late night endeavors. 
But you wanted to know where he was going looking this good. 
“I’m going out with Jin, we have some things to deal with at headquarters,” He says in a monotone voice as he brushes his hair back with his fingers.. 
Right, because of you. 
“Ah, yes. Jin told me.” You reply, feeling even more guilty for being the reason why he has to go and spend all night at headquarters being punished because he kidnapped you instead of someone else. 
It was his fault, at the end of the day. But you can't help feeling guilty.
Are you seriously pitying a literal kidnapper right now? You think to yourself, rolling your eyes at the stupid moral battle you have just started with yourself. 
You are deep in thought before you are snapped back to life thanks to a sudden cold breeze that traveled down the hallway, making your body shiver involuntarily. 
You haven’t experienced this kind of cold in a while, and you’ve been feeling slightly feverish all day. You told yourself you were going to ask Hoseok for some medicine, but completely forgot to thanks to the entertaining conversation with Tae and Jin.
You know you aren’t in the best of health after spending a few nights out in the cold rain, and it seems like these last 48 hours are finally catching up with you.
And you feel fucking awful.
You are startled when you feel Jungkook’s hand wrap around your forearm, pulling you into your room and closing the door behind him quickly.
His sudden actions take you by surprise, and you  accidentally trip with your own feet and fall against Jungkoook’s chest, your hands accidentally landing on his biceps in an attempt to not fall to the floor.
“You’re so clumsy,” Jungkook laughs as he wraps his arms around your hips as he helps you find your balance again. “The breeze of the hallway is very bad for you,” He explains right after you stand up straight. You clear your throat and look at him with annoyance, the embarrassment taking over you when you notice you are still holding on to him. 
Quickly taking your hands off him, you stand in front of him without knowing what to say next. 
You’re not sure if you are angry at him for making you trip, or if you are thankful that he was there to catch you on time. And it’s cute that he cares for your health, but also, he almost yanked your arm off.
You humm in response, not sure what to say or how to acknowledge anything that just happened as he reaches for your hands. Your eyes widening in surprise.
“You are ice cold.” he whispers in a worried tone before he slowly cradles your hands with his, rubbing them fast enough to create some friction to warm you up, but gentle enough to not hurt you. 
His eyes are focused on your hands, a pout decorating his lips as he continues to create friction between your hands, the image making your heart flutter. 
“I’d say I’m pretty hot to be honest,” You joke, facepalming yourself mentally for making such a stupid joke during a time like this. 
You are about to apologize when you hear Jungkook snort  before giggling silently, scrunching his nose at your shenanigans. “You think I’m joking?” you whisper amused, a big smile plastered on both of your faces as you continue to bicker. 
“I never know with you” he jokes back, his voice only loud enough for you to hear. “I guess you are not not hot.” He whispers into your ear, making you shiver once more. 
His smile is short-lived once he feels you shake, dropping your hands and wrapping his arm around your waist and legs, swiping you off your feet with ease as he carries you bridal style all the way to your bed.
You squeal in his arms as he giggles, surprised with his strength as places you in the bed carefully, laying you down right in the middle of the bed, your head hitting the pillow as he lets go of your body. 
“I can walk, Jungkook.” You say in a low voice, feeling your cheeks heat up in embarrassment again as you remove the blanket from your shoulders and place it on your lap, your eyes glued to the soft material as you stroke it slowly. 
“I know.” He replies in a whisper before grabbing the blanket, making you look up to his big eyes that are already looking at you . “Come on, I’ll tuck you in.” Jungkook says in a soft voice.
He extends the blankets one by one and places them over your body, tucking you carefully. He makes sure every limb of your body is covered under the blankets, immediately feeling warm as you watch him fulfill his task in silence. He is fully focused as he finishes tugging your legs, the piercing on his lip drawing your attention as he bites his lip with concentration.
“Warm enough?” He asks once he is done. 
“Yeah, thank you,” you whisper, snuggling into the blankets. 
A shy smile appears on Jungkook’s face, and you reciprocate the smile as you both stare at each other in silence. 
“I-” He begins, but is quickly interrupted by a soft knock that makes you both turn to the door, slowly opening to show a freshly showered Jin, who is wearing a similar outfit to Jungkook’s. 
“Oh, You’re here.” He tells Jungkook, quickly ignoring his presence and turning his gaze to you. “We are heading to headquarters and will be back tomorrow morning.  If you get hungry just ask for Yoongi, he should be able to make something for you.” He informs you. “And if he’s not around, feel free to help yourself out.”. 
You nod before thanking him in a low tone. 
He nods back with a soft smile before redirecting his attention to Jungkook. “I’m starting the car now, We’re leaving in five.” He warns him before he closes the door again, the sound of the main door closing echoing through the hallway a few seconds later. 
You turn to look back at Jungkook, his eyes already on you as he smiles softly at your sleepy and cozy state. “Sleep well, and keep my blanket warm until I'm back.” He jokes. “I will need it back tomorrow though.” 
“Of course, thank you.” You whisper, closing your eyes as you feel the warmth of your cheeks increasing, not sure if it's because you’re sick, or because he is being extremely sweet to you and it makes you nervous.
To be honest, it's probably both.
“No worries,” he whispers before he brushes small strands of rebellious hair away from your face. His fingers ghost your skin and leave a tingling sensation, opening your eyes to notice the door of your bedroom closing.
The last thing you’re able to see is his back as he closes the door without looking back, the main door slamming shut a few seconds after, followed by dead silence. 
You snuggle against the blankets and can’t help but curse at yourself. 
Why did you feel so anxious about them going to headquarters tonight?
Chapter Four:
The rumbling of your tummy wakes you up again, making it impossible to ignore it this time around: you have to walk out and get some breakfast before your stomach begins to eat itself. 
You were trying to avoid leaving your bed too early, hoping Jin would already be back before breakfast so you wouldn’t have to bother the other guys, but you haven’t heard the main door opening at all today which means they were still out at headquarters, meaning there was no other choice but to look for Yoongi and ask him to make you some breakfast. 
You sigh in defeat and sit up in bed, noticing a small note on your nightstand, accompanied by a thermometer and some pills. 
‘I heard you seemed to have a fever last night. Drink these if you still have a fever and come see me when you can, I’m in room number one. - Hoseok.’
 Jungkook probably told him, you think, which makes you smile before laying back down in bed.
 The attention to detail from these guys was honestly impressive. 
You stretch your arm and reach for the thermometer, quickly checking your temperature and  smiling satisfied when you see that the fever is no longer present. One win at a time. 
You jump out of bed and quietly make your way down the hallway, hoping one of the guys will be out of their room so they can help you figure out something to eat. 
You are about to enter the living room and head towards the kitchen when you spot Yoongi sitting at the dinner table. 
Just who you were hoping for, you sigh in relief to see him. 
He is sitting by the long table that is now covered with papers and all sorts of books as he scribbles on a notebook, a confused but focused frown on his face as he curses the page before ripping it out, making you giggle. 
Yoongi looks up and scans the room with quick eyes, smiling back when he spots you smiling at him. “Good Morning, you’re up early.”
“Good morning,” You reply, feeling nervous all of a sudden. “Sorry to disturb you, but …Jin said to look for you if I got hungry.” you feel stupid, like a little kid. 
You stand there playing with your fingers nervously as you look down, hating the feeling of hopelessness thanks to the current situation you are in.
“No worries,” He replies with a soft smile. “Do pancakes sound good to you?” 
You look back at him with thankful eyes, your tummy growling at the thought of pancakes. “Pancakes sound incredible, thank you.” You smile softly.
He stands up and takes his laptop with him, leaving all his papers on the table and walking towards the kitchen, inviting you to follow behind him.
You follow him in silence as you approach the kitchen, the sticky note on the door making you smile as you realize Jin has written ‘No taehyung’s allowed in the kitchen without supervision.’
You walk behind him in silence as he sets the laptop on the counter and begins to take all the ingredients and all sorts of bowls to make the pancakes. 
“Would you like some coffee?” He asks as he pours some coffee onto his iced glass before turning to you with an eyebrow arched.
“Yes, thank you.” You bow but he misses it as he opens the top cabinets. 
“Hot or cold?” He asks as wiggles his fingers over the glasses and the mugs. 
“Hot, if that’s alright.” You say again, feeling shy at the domestic scenario. 
He hums in response, grabbing a mug and filling it up with freshly brewed, dark coffee.
He places the mug on a small silver tray before handing it to you. “Suit yourself.” He points at the sugar and milk on the tray with his head before going back to making the pancakes. 
You watch him for a few minutes, his back facing you as he prepares the pancake batter smoothly, humming a few melodies as he turns the stove on and begins to pour the batter into the heated pan.
You let out a loud sigh when you take your first sip of coffee, unable to remember the last time you had a nice cup of coffee like this. You thank him quietly as you drink your coffee in comfortable silence, the bitter taste helping you wake up as the smell of pancakes fills up the kitchen, making you hungrier.
“Did you sleep well?” He suddenly asks, turning to look at you as he sends the pancake flying into the air and catching it with the pan, flipping it successfully.
“Yeah, it was a bit cold.” You admit, “but, you know, better than sleeping on the streets.” You shrug your shoulders and take another sip of your coffee. “What about you?”
“Haven’t really slept,” He says, and you look back at him in awe. “I’ve been studying all night for my upcoming test.” He points at his laptop after sliding the pancake onto a plate and placing more batter on the pan. 
“Oh, can I?” You ask, pointing at the laptop with curious eyes. He hums in agreement while he focuses back on cooking.
You take the laptop and put the brightness up to see the word document he had opened, surprised when you notice these are all psychology notes. 
“You study psychology?” you ask in an incredulous tone, making him turn in a frown. 
“Is that a bad thing?” He replies in a sarcastic tone, which makes you laugh.
“No I just-, I never expected that to be honest.” You answer honestly. “I used to be a psychologist, until I got my license revoked.” you shrug and tighten your lips onto a thin line, grieving your career that ended so suddenly. 
Yoongi flips his fourth pancake before turning to look at you with big eyes. “You got your license revoked?!” He asks in disbelief, his tone making you roll your eyes. 
A loud sigh escapes your lips as you take another sip of your coffee. “Apparently I had a  malpractice with one of my patients and had my license placed on hold. I tried to refute the allegation but it ended up backfiring on me and they forced me to close my office and revoked my license for good.” You bite your lip to stop them from trembling, the memory of how you lost everything you worked so hard for is still very fresh in your mind.
“I’m sorry,” He replies with an honest tone. “That must have been a terrible experience, I’m sorry that happened to you.” He says as he places a plate of pancakes in front of you, the pile of pancakes decorated with some strawberries and honey. 
“Thank you,” you reply, for both his empathy and the pancakes. “So, you want to be a psychologist?” you ask him before cutting a piece of pancake and biting into it,  savoring the amazing taste of the buttery and sweet breakfast.
He finishes plating two more pancakes before sitting next to you, sipping on his coffee as he drags the laptop back to him. “I’ve always had an interest in psychology, but you know… being part of a gang doesn’t really allow you to go to university.” He chuckles as he takes the last sip of his iced americano. “I was lucky enough to find this online university but I doubt I’ll ever have the time to do the practices, I just take the classes for myself.”
“That’s very admirable of you, Yoongi.” You say against your mug, finishing your coffee right after finishing the first pancake. He hums in reply, getting shy at your kind words.
“Yeah, I guess,” He sighs. “The exams are a pain in the ass though, I can’t seem to absorb any of the information.” He chuckles lightly before rolling his eyes. 
You set your mug on the table and twist your body on the chair to face him. “I could help you.” 
Yoongi’s eyes grow bigger, “Would you really?” he whispers. 
 “Of course!” You nod with a smile on your face, excited to be somewhat useful. 
“Morning,” The high pitched voice interrupts your conversation, a tired Jimin appearing from the living room door. He turns to look at both of you, quickly directing his eyes to Yoongi and ignoring your presence. 
They exchange a few nods between them before Jimin approaches the counter and takes the two extra plates of pancakes his friend made for him. Mumbling a quiet ‘thank you’ before walking out of the kitchen as fast as he entered it. 
You can hear a door slamming shut and Taehyung’s laugh not long after, letting you know he probably sent Jimin to get him breakfast. 
“When could we start?” Yoongi asks in a shy tone, his eyes sparkling with excitement to finally have someone to study with. 
“Well, it's not like I have much to do here.” You shrug your shoulders and Yoongi looks down, feeling bad for having you locked up in the house thanks to Jungkook. “I just have to go to Hobi’s and then I can meet you at the dining table?”  You reply smiling at him.
He hums and nods before standing up, collecting the dirty dishes and placing them in the dishwasher. “I’ll see you in a bit,” He dismisses you as he picks his laptop and heads back to his initial sitting place in the living room. 
‘Uhh Yoongi?” You ask as he is about to head out of the door. He turns to look at you with wandering eyes. “Where is room one?”
He chuckles before tilting his head to the side, inviting you to follow him. You walk back into the living room with Yoongi, and once you are facing the hallway, he knocks on the first door that’s on your left.
“Come in!” The voice of Hoseok is heard from the other side of the door. 
“Thank you” you bow to Yoongi before turning around to open the door slowly, surprised to see Hoseok is not alone. 
“Oh,” a startled sound leaves your lips as you see the buff guy sitting next to Hoseok behind his desk. 
“Oh, Miss y/n. Glad to see you are looking much better.” He replies. 
“Thank you…” you try to remember if you ever got a name, but you can’t really remember much from that night. 
“Joon. I mean, Namjoon.” he chuckles. “But everyone calls me Joon.” He nods before looking at his friend who is searching for a file in his extensive folder. 
“Joon, nice to officially meet you.” You bow lightly before turning to Hoseok. “Thank you for bringing the stuff to my room.” 
Hobi shoots a quick smile at you as he continues to look through his files, “How’s your fever this morning? Did you take the pills?” He asks without looking at you, sighing in relief when he pulls the paper he was looking for from the folder and places it on his desk. 
“I didn’t take them, I had no fever when I woke up.” You reply, but you are quickly distracted by Joon’s gasp. His eyes are glued to the paper Hobi just pulled out, to which he replies with a quick “shh!”, slapping Joon’s shoulder. 
“You got somewhere to go don’t you, Joonie?”  Hoseok asks in a humorous way which makes you feel a bit uneasy. 
“Ahh I do, I’ll be back for dinner.” He announces before standing up and walking towards the door. “I’ll see you around.” He smiles at you as he walks past you, winking an eye before exiting the room. 
The room looks like a hospital suit: There are two hospital beds with all types of machines around, and then one big bed next to the wall that was on the other side of the room, barely on sigh as the room was pretty big and divided by a thin curtain between his personal space and his working area. 
“Come sit,” Hoseok offers as he points at one of the chairs that are in front of his desk. 
You walk slowly as you continue to look around the room, the smell of bleach and all sorts of medications making you feel dizzy as you sit down and wait for him to speak first. 
“So.. no fever, huh?” He asks, crossing his arms in front of his chest as he looks at you with a curious and friendly smile. You shake your head in reply and smile back. 
“I did feel a little feverish last night after dinner, but I guess I sweated it out during the night.” You reply in an enthusiastic but soft voice. 
 “That’s good news, y/n.” He gives you a nod of approval. “It’s normal to feel a little feverish after the booster, but I'm glad to hear it went by quickly. You must be a very strong person to recover that fast from it.” He takes the pen from his doctor gown and begins to write on the blue mysterious paper in front of him. 
You try to read some of the paper, but fail to be able to make anything out of the multiple words that are all over the paper. You could tell it was some sort of questionnaire, or something that needed to be filled up. 
“I called you in to do a quick health check on you if you are okay with it.” He begins, “A few blood tests, some general check ups to make sure you are all healthy and in perfect shape. Does that sound good to you?” He asks in a very professional tone. 
“Yeah, of course.” You reply in the same tone, making him smile ever bigger. 
“Great! It won’t take us too long, you can get changed to a robe in the bathroom. The robes are on the right side cabinets, the second one with the blue sticker on.” You look at him with big eyes, not expecting to have to get naked already. 
“A robe?” You ask shyly. 
“Oh, I thought we could run all tests quickly,” he blinks in confusion, “but, if you don’t feel comfortable with me doing the pelvic and mammary exams, you can just keep your underwear on and we’ll skip those until one of my female colleagues finds time to do them for you.” He says in a kind and understanding tone. 
You look around the room, and quickly deny his offer. “No, it’s fine. You are a doctor after all, my old gyno was a guy too. It’s fine.” you smile back before heading into the bathroom, taking a deep breath in before undressing yourself and putting a robe on, walking back into his office for your medical exams. 
It takes Hoseok almost two hours to finish with all the tests and exams, scheduling you down for some more blood tests for later to check your blood levels again. 
He kept a straight but friendly face all through the tests, asking you questions about yourself and listening carefully to your health history and the stories you would tell him that could potentially be of use for him when reading your results. 
“Great, we’re done for today! I’ll keep you updated with everything!” He claps his hands together as the door behind him labeled ‘LAB’ slowly closes. “Do you have any more questions?” He asks you as he looks in the drawers behind his desk, where all the medication was labeled in multiple drawers that went from the floor all the way to the ceiling. 
“Nope. You are an amazing doctor, Hobi. Thank you” You bow lightly as you fix your sweater and brush your hair with your hands. “I’ll see you around.” 
You are ready to leave his room when you hear your name being called, turning around to see Hoseok walking towards you with some sort of cream on his hand. 
“Take this with you,” He hands you the cream, smiling at you as you look at him confused, not sure what to use this cream for. “It’s a deep scar treatment.” He says in a quiet voice. 
You look at him with big eyes as he shifts in his place, feeling a bit nervous. “I-I.. um, I noticed you have a very prominent scar in your hip.” He says in a low voice. “You don’t have to use the cream if you want to keep the scar, but…” He hesitates to finish his sentence. 
You can feel the lump on your throat as he bites his lip, hating himself for making the whole thing uncomfortable for the both of you. 
“Scars like that are pretty hard to make, let alone heal.” He clears his throat before shaking his head, composing himself back up. “Anyway, the cream is yours. I just wanted to provide some help if I could.” He smiles, giving you a quick bow before turning around and walking towards his desk.
“Thank you, Hobi.” You are finally able to speak, the tears in your eyes making him smile with sadness, returning to his work as you make your way out of his room and quickly walking towards yours with tears streaming down your face. 
No doctor has ever commented on your scar, but instead, always asked about your mental health and if you were self harming. You were surprised to hear Hoseok’s very descriptive but also very vague words, almost like he knew exactly what caused that scar on your right hip, but was too scared to bring it up. 
You walk towards your bed and sit there, your head between your hands as you begin to sob. You haven’t thought about it for a long time, and eventually grew out of the trauma. You couldn't really remember much about that night, since you were so little you could barely talk.
You remember being in your mother’s arms as she tried to outrun your father and his friends. You remember there was screaming and crying, your mother begged your father to leave you alone as she tried to protect you but failed to move you fast enough from her arms, the knife striking you both as your dad watched your mom bleed out from her wrist, slowly laying you on the floor as she fell unconscious. 
Last thing you remember is waking up in a hospital with your dad sitting next to your bed telling you that everything was going to be fine. 
You didn’t care much about the memory itself, you were only two years old and it all felt like a blur, but you dreaded that you had proof of the night you lost your family for good. 
You hated the scar, and for some time, you hated your dad too.
You pretended to not remember anything about the incident, and you lived with your dad until you became of age and moved out of your house into college campus. 
The truth is, your relationship with your dad was never good. And after that, you couldn’t wash away the fear and the resentment you felt towards him.
 Still to this day, you wish it was him that died that night rather than your mom.
You take a few deep breaths to calm yourself before standing up and walking towards the mirror in the room, pulling your pants down low enough to reveal the scar you have dreaded your entire life. You tried all sorts of creams and treatments to remove it, but as Hobi said, it was a hard scar to create, and harder to remove. 
But for some reason, you trusted Hoseok. And with nothing to lose, you applied some of the cream onto your scar before pulling your pants back up and drying your tears, taking some time to cool down before going back into the living room to help Yoongi study. 
“So that would be a situational psychosis and not a chronic one, right?” Yoongi asks before taking a sip of his fifth glass of coffee. 
You smile, putting the paper down as you lean closer to Yoongi. “You got them all right, you did it!” You cheer for him as he closes his eyes and lets out a deep sigh full of relief. 
You have been studying for over three hours nonstop, feeling almost delirious thanks to Yoongi who kept messing up the neuropsychosis, driving both of you mad. 
“Fuck, thank you. Holy shit.” Yoongi laughs as he bumps his shoulder against yours. “Seriously, thank you. It’s so much easier to learn all of this when studying with someone who knows about this stuff.” He nods, a small smile plastered on his face as he scrunches his nose from the happiness he is experiencing. 
“Anytime! You are more than ready for that test now.” You bump your shoulder with his. “You better get all A’s” you threaten him in a joking manner. 
“Okay, let’s do this.” He hesitates for a second. “If I get all A’s, I’ll take you out for dinner.” 
You are taken aback by his sudden invitation, staring at him with wide eyes. “I thought I couldn’t leave the house..” you say in a whisper. 
“And I thought I was going to fail this test,” he laughs. “I’m sure they won’t mind if I take you with me for one night.” He adds as he shrugs his shoulders. 
You are about to accept his offer when the main door lock starts to shake, a heated conversation between two men behind the door make you and Yoongi turn around to face it.
It doesn’t take long for the door to open, Jungkook’s body dashing in as he walks through the living room.
 He directs his sight to you for a second, lingering his angry eyes on you before sprinting towards his bedroom without saying a single word. 
“End of discussion, and I mean it Jungkook!” Jin screams before a door is slam shut. 
The apartment grows quiet as Jin turns to look at you. “Sorry about that, he can be quite childish sometimes.”
He huffs before approaching you guys with a smile. “I see you’re adapting well here,  y/n.” He pats your shoulder a couple of times before walking into the kitchen, his tired figure struggling to walk in a straight line. 
“I’m baking some cookies, y’all want some?” He asks as he walks through the kitchen door, disappearing from your sight. 
“Woah, that was intense.” Yoongi is the first to speak after the room went quiet again for a whole minute, both of you trying to process what just had happened. “I’ll go check Jin, you should probably go to your room and get some rest.” He says in a low tone, making you understand it was your time to leave. 
“Uh, yeah. I’ll see you later.” You reply quickly before taking your mug and walking towards your room, the cold and dark hallway sending shivers down your spine as you walk past Jungkook’s room. 
You feel tempted to check up on him, but a sudden shattering of glass and a grunt from the other side of the door startle you, the mug slipping from your hands and falling to the ground, breaking into a million tiny pieces. 
“Fuck!” You hear Jungkook curse, his footsteps growing louder as he approaches the door. 
The door flies open before you could react, Jungkook’s bloody hand coming to view as he stands in front of you, his jaw tightening when he sees you. 
“Are you-”  Your voice shakes. Your eyes dance between his bleeding hand and his angry eyes.
“Yes.” He replies in a cold tone which makes you frown. 
“I-” You are left talking with the wind as he sneaks past you and walks towards Hoseok’s room. Not bothered with knocking before locking himself up in his best friend’s room. 
You hesitate for a moment, looking down at your bare feet that now have a few tiny cuts. The small pieces of porcelain that lay on the floor are scattered everywhere, and you are about to tiptoe to your room before a voice coming from the end of the hallway stops you.
“You are going to cut yourself if you move,” You are able to recognise Jimin’s voice, looking up to see him standing infront of his door, looking at you incredulously. 
“Oh,” that’s all you are able to answer back. 
You know Jimin doesn’t really like you, but he is right, moving would only injure your feet more, making it even worse. 
Jimin blinks a couple of times before sighing in defeat, opening his door and calling for Taehyung to come and help him. 
“Can you get some gauze and the tweezers from Hobi’s room? Someone got cut” he asks with his head peeking inside of his room. 
“Yeah I’ll get it in a minute.” Tae replies loudly, but his voice sounds distant, almost like he was in a different room than the one Jimin was peeking into. 
He closes the door and directs his gaze towards you, rolling his eyes and sighing in annoyance before making his way towards you. 
You look at him with big eyes, unsure of what to do as the awkwardness increases between the two of you. 
“Don’t move” He demands you, slowly making his way through the glass without stepping on it until he is able to reach you. 
Once he is in front of you, he turns around and squats down, inviting you to climb on his back. 
“Well then? Hurry up before Tae comes out of the room,” He whispers annoyed as he rolls his eyes, hating himself for putting himself in this position. 
You don’t give him time to regret it, and you don’t give yourself time to think about, quickly climbing onto his back. He stands up with ease, and you are surprised at his strength as he carries you without breaking a sweat through the hallway and your bedroom until you reach your bathroom. 
He gently lets go of you, sitting you on the toilet before fixing his clothes and hair, checking himself in the mirror before looking back at you with an unbothered stare.
“Wash your feet,” he demands again in a cold tone. 
You are annoyed at his indifferent attitude, but decide not to test him and stay silent,  mumbling a quiet thank you before slowly reaching for the shower head, washing the glass off your feet carefully. 
Before you turn the faucet off, Jimin is out of the room in a flash, and you stare at the door in confusion while drying your feet slowly. 
Well that was a surprise. 
Taehyung arrives soon after you walk out of the bathroom, and he is quick to check your feet for any cuts. You are both relieved to find that you had no glass on your skin, the cuts already stopped bleeding thanks to the cold water. 
He pouts before walking back outside, wanting to be of some help but failing to do so as the glass on the hallway has already been cleaned off. 
“Y/n?” A soft knock on your door wakes you from your nap. “We’re having lunch right now, would you like to join us?” Taehyung asks in a sweet tone before peeking his head through the door. 
You rub your eyes lightly as you nod, getting out of the bed slowly and sitting on the edge. 
“I’ll be there in a sec.” You reply in a raspy and tired voice before heading towards the bathroom, your feet dragging on the floor. 
“Okay sweet, I’ll wait here!” He replies in a louder and more cheerful tone as he enters your room and walks towards your bed, sitting on it as he begins to rearrange your pillows. 
You shake your head humorlessly, closing your bathroom door to get some privacy as you freshen up for lunch. 
“Okay, let’s go“ You walk out of the bathroom looking more alive, smiling at Taehyung who was already smiling back at you. 
He nods before standing up and following you towards the door, closing it behind him as you both make your way down the hallway to the living room. 
You are surprised when you notice that the table is empty, but there are three instant ramen on the living room table. Jimin is snuggled on the sofa, scrolling through the movie options on the tv. 
“What took you guys so long?” Jimin asks, his eyes glued to the screen. 
“We’re here now,” Tae replies in a sassy tone. 
“And what’s up with you dude? You seemed- oh. ” Jimin’s voice dies down as soon as he sees you, the awkwardness filling up the room instantly. His eyes grow bigger before they squint at Tae. “That’s not Jungook, Tae.” 
“I know, but he said no, so I invited her instead.” He shrugs before walking towards the sofa and getting comfy in the middle seat. “We made you some ramen” he points to the ramen cup and turns to look at you, waiting for you to join. 
That’s twice now, Taehyung.  You think to yourself, making a mental note to not trust Taehyung anymore as he continues to put you in the most uncomfortable situations.
You are about to excuse yourself and tell Taehyung you rather eat in your room when the main door opens, making all of your heads turn to see who has arrived at this hour. 
Namjoon walks in, his body and hair soaking wet from the rainstorm that was going off outside. He takes his boots out before acknowledging the people in the living room, a small gasp of surprise escaping his lips before he smiles at all of you. 
“Hey, why are you guys out here so late?” Nam asks, making his way to you. 
“We missed Jin’s dinner” Tae points at the ramen cups and smiles at his friend, who shapes an ‘oh’ with his mouth before nodding in understanding. 
“Where the hell were you?” Jimin twists his body on the couch to face him properly, his face cold and showing no expression as always. 
“Out,” He winks an eye to Jimin before tappin Tae’s shoulder a couple of times, waving a quick goodbye to you as he makes his way to his room. He completely avoided Jimin’s questioning and removed himself from the situation before he got interrogated. “Goodnight!” He screams from his door before he shuts it, leaving you with Jimin and Taehyung again. 
“Come on, let’s be civil tonight,” Taehyung says before you are able to excuse yourself, and based on Jimin’s reaction, he didn’t want you here either. “Let’s have some dinner, watch a movie and head back to bed.” Tae pulls your arm, forcing you to sit on the sofa. “I have a feeling we’ll have a long day tomorrow.”  
Chapter Five:
“No,” Jimin spits out. “Absolutely fucking not.”
“For once, I agree with him,” Jungkook crosses his arms in disagreement, his angry eyes glued to Jin. 
If looks could kill, you and Jin would be six feet under. 
You had a feeling that whatever happened at headquarters was not good, but nothing could have prepared you for the news Jin just delivered after calling for a group meeting in the basement. 
“I know it’s not ideal, but it's what we have.” Jin sighs, rubbing his temples as he tries to calm himself down. The tension in the room is loud, everyone waiting for the other to finally snap at Jin, or you. “It’s a headquarters order.” He adds in a cold tone, letting them know there is nothing he can do to change it.
Your eyes wander around the room, heavy frowns decorating everyone’s faces thanks to the news, you being the least excited of them all. 
After Jin and Jungkook returned from headquarters, their attitude has been very condescending. Jin locked himself in the kitchen, making an appearance every now and then in the common areas just to disappear again into Hoseok’s office and then back to his. He spoke only to Yoongi during this time, a faint smile would appear on his face when your eyes would meet at the common areas and during lunch, his tired eyes staring at you with both fear and sympathy. 
You could tell something was up this morning before Jin called for the meeting. 
Yoongi stayed by your side all morning, going over the psychology notes before as an excuse to distract himself, but the constant bouncing of his leg made it more than obvious that he already knew what was going to happen later today. 
Hell, he probably heard the news before anyone else did, which would explain why he looks the least surprised out of us all. 
“And what happens if I decide to not join, or if I don't pass the test?” You break the silence, your body entering fight or flight mode as the anxiety builds up. 
All eyes turn to look at Jin, who bites his lips nervously. His eyes linger on you before he shifts on his seat.
“They’ll probably kill you once they realize you are not my cousin, and then kill us all for treason.” The somber tone of his words send a shiver to your spine, the whole room going quiet again as his words settle in. 
You always said there are many variables in life, but you never expected being a part of a mafia group to be one of those variables for you. 
And now everyone‘s life is on the line because of you. 
“This is fucking ridiculous,” Jimin exasperates, standing up from his chair and pacing side to side as he brushes his hair back with his fingers, the anger finally lashing out. “I should've killed you when I had the chance.” He mumbles angrily, walking towards you with quick steps. “I should have fucking killed you!” He screams, launching himself at you.
A fearful gasp escapes your lips as you watch him trying to wrap his hands around your neck, but Namjoon stops him as he stands up in front of you, his body working as a shield between you and Jimin, who proceeds to stare at him with a defying glance. 
“That’s enough, Jimin.” Namjoon mumbles. “Killing her now won’t change anything, she’s one of us,” He sighs, looking over his shoulder to meet your eyes with pity. “At least for now.”
Jin quickly dismisses everyone after assigning the members different tasks to help shape you into one of them. You were informed training would start immediately, a big wave of relief washing over you when you hear your first ‘class’ is with Yoongi.
Headquarters has given you only three weeks before your first mission with Taehyung and Jimin.Apparently, being Jin’s cousin also means you have it in your blood, which is why they believe you can learn as fast as Jin did. 
You haven’t been given any information on what the mission is about, but the second you enter the training room, which looks like a huge highschool gym, Yoongi starts teaching you about knives, blades, and all sorts of different ways to use them. 
You are almost done with your first training when Yoongi finally eases down and goes from teacher mode to friend mode again, something you are thankful for as your body was giving up from his strict training. 
You are sweating in places you didn't know you could sweat.
“Not bad for your first time” He compliments you, offering a water bottle before taking one for himself. Both of you are rehydrating from all the sweating the training caused. 
“I’m dead, you are a tough teacher!” You whine to which he laughs before looking at you with pitiful eyes. 
“Well, good luck for the next class, you’ll need it.” he shifts his head to the side, pointing at the guns. So gun control was next. 
And with perfect timing, the doors fly open, and your next teacher is none other than the person who hates you the most in the world. 
“Break’s over, the sooner we can get this done, the better. I have shit to do,” He spits out bitterly, his eyes dancing between you and Yoongi as he works the lock that’s hanging from the gun’s protective glass.
Yoongi gives you a quick wave as he walks out of the room, running into Namjoon as he makes his way to you. 
“Quick!” Jimin snaps at you and you discreetly roll your eyes before placing your bottle on the ground. 
“Well isn’t this ironic,” you whisper under your breath.
“Don’t worry,” The voice of Namjoon startles you, turning to him as he looks at you with a cheeky grin. “I’ll supervise the class to make sure you don’t blow each other’s brains out.” He crosses his arms proudly before chuckling. 
You huff back with a small grin before making your way to Jimin who is holding two guns, one on each hand. 
“Hold this, I’ll teach you how to load a gun first, if you are good enough then we’ll practice target aim” His tone is sassy and judgmental, clearly not excited to be in the room with you, let alone be your teacher. 
“Fighting!!” you hear Namjoon cheering you from the corner, a quick encouraging smile decorating his lips before Jimin starts class, and your entire focus becomes the gun that’s now in your hands.
If you weren’t dead before, you are certainly dead now. 
“See you tomorrow for your next class.” Jimin speaks nonchalantly. “Joon, can you close behind me? I’m running late to headquarters.” He says as he stares at his smart watch, a frown on his face as he reads the messages. 
“You’re going to headquarters?” Joon asks which Jimin answers in a vague answer.
“Yeah, they wanted me to help with some administration.” And just as quick, he is out of the door after he promises to be back home soon. 
You and Namjoon look at the doors that flap back and forward, confused at the sudden hurry. 
“You don’t think he’s going to snitch on me, right?” You reply as you walk towards him, the thought of him going to headquarters to tell them the truth making you panic. 
“Jimin would never do that to us,” Namjoon replies confidently. “He might not like you, but he likes us enough to not do something that could hurt us.” He comforts you with his words as you sigh defeated. 
You slide your back against the wall and slowly make your way to the floor, letting out a big sigh as you rest your head against the wall and finish your water bottle. 
“Go rest, you’ve had an intense day.” Namjoon says as he picks the guns and places them back on the counter, locking it up and placing the keys in his back pocket. “Get some Iced cream at Hoseok’s on your way out, your shoulder will thank you tomorrow.”
You nod with your eyes still closed, ready to fall asleep on the floor at the fatigue wave that just washed over you. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow for our class, good night y/n” He says right before walking out of the room. 
You open your eyes to an empty, dark room. The last ray of sun that was lighting up the room went as quick as the guys left. 
You slowly make your way up, your body already feeling sore from all the exercise and stress. 
Joon’s right, you should stop by Hoseok’s to get that cream before taking a shower. 
You walk out of the shower feeling better. The cream tingles your skin as it does its magic on your sore muscles, mixed with the lavender oils of your shower products. 
You make your way to the dressing table and automatically connect the blow dryer and start to dry your hair without thinking much about it, your body working in auto pilot as you are too tired to even try. 
That’s until you are aware of the shadow that’s standing behind you. 
You scream loud enough to startle him as well, making him turn the lights behind him that lets you make out his features.. It was Jungkook. 
“You need to stop! Doing! That!” you scream again, turning the blow dryer off and taking some deep breaths, your hand on your heart as you look at him through the mirror. 
He huffs as he mimics your actions, “You did not have to scream like that, Jesus Christ” he tells you in a whisper. “You are the one using the blow drier at this hour. There’s people trying to sleep, you know?” 
“Oh,” you reply, not really knowing how late it was as you had no clocks around you, so you’ve been completely unaware of time. “Sorry, I have no sense of time here. You guys have no clock in the house.” you reply in a whisper, disconnecting the blow drier and brushing your semi-wet hair. 
“It’s almost … 3 am” he replies as he looks at his watch, walking into your room without an invitation as you finish your night routine. 
He sits on your bed in complete silence, watching you apply all sorts of creams on your face and body. 
“Are you entertained?” you ask in a funny voice, snapping him out of his zone-out. 
“Very much so, it's quite relaxing watching you do your skin care,” he shrugs, his eyes diverting from you to the bed, his hands playing with the sheets beneath him. “How was your first day? Were the guys good to you?” He asks shyly, his curious eyes coming back up to meet yours through the mirror, eager to hear your answer.
You turn around in your chair, making direct eye contact for the first time tonight. “It was intense,” you nod before sighing. “But you guys are awfully nice for being kidnappers in a mafia group.” you chuckle, but quickly regret it when you see Jungkook’s face turning into a frown. 
“We are not kidnappers,” he says in a bitter,cold tone. “I was just…looking for someone.” You humm quietly as a response, scared to make him even more upset with your words. There’s a long silence before he talks again, “We are good people, I promise.” He says in a whisper. There is some weight to his words and his tone, almost like a desperation for you to believe him, which you do. 
You stare at each other in silence for a few seconds, your eyes exchanging secret codes that not even you could figure out. 
You sigh heavily before standing up and making your way to the bed, sitting next to Jungkook who scoots to the side to give you more space to sit next to him.
“The guys have been good, You’ve all been very welcoming.. Well, almost all of you.” You chuckle, which he mimics as he places a hand on your shoulder, making you wince at the touch.
“Oh, you’re sore?” He quickly moves his hand away, his eyes growing bigger as you take deep breaths trying to control the pain. 
“Yeah, Jimin had me shooting like he was preparing me for war.” You rub your shoulder with a frown, making Jungkook laugh quietly as he places his hand on your shoulder again, this time he’s more gentle. 
“Let me help,” He whispers before he begins to carefully massage your sore shoulder. 
He applies just enough pressure to alleviate the sore muscle without hurting you, and you close your eyes and enjoy the free massage in silence, thankful for his magical hands. 
“Your muscles are too tense, you should get some acupuncture with Hobi tomorrow.” Jungkook whispers, snapping you out of your peaceful state. 
“Mmmhm,” You answer, opening your eyes and turning your head to look at him, “thank you for the massage,” you give him a small smile. 
“Anytime,” He nods in confirmation as he returns the smile, the tension in the room quickly increasing as you both run out of words. 
Your eyes shift to his lip piercing, focusing on how he moves it around nervously, making your heartbeat accelerate, growing nervous yourself. 
You bite your lip involuntarily, wondering how it would feel to have a piercing too. But your actions are caught by Jungkook, whose eyes have been dancing between your eyes and your lips, he is fully aware about where your attention is. 
“y/n…” Jungkook whispers, making you look back up into his eyes, your mouth opening slightly at the sight. 
His factions look softer, less tense. His fluffy hair falling on his forehead makes him look extra soft and cute which makes your heart skip a beat. 
He licks his lips nervously, your eyes dancing between his eyes and his now wet lips at a quick pace. 
You feel his shoulder against yours as he leans closer, his opposite arm reaching for your cheek as he pulls you closer to him, connecting your lips in a soft, warm kiss. 
Your hand lands softly on his cheek, kissing him back as you both deepen the kiss. You both move slowly, almost scared that the other will back out, but you are surprised when he sighs between the kisses, his breath picking up against your lips as he slides his tongue against your lower lip before he sucks on it, kissing you more intensely this time around. 
His hand reaches the back of your head, pulling you closer as he kisses you diligently, making you moan his name against his lips. 
Something ticks off inside Jungkook when he hears his name come out of your lips as a moan, making him break the kiss quickly as you both regulate your breathing. 
He lets go of you as he seats in his initial position, his eyes glued to the floor for a few seconds in complete silence.
You are still surprised about the kiss, your breathing agitated as you stare at him in confusion, unsure of why he suddenly stopped. You are about to ask him why he stopped when he speaks first, making you shut your mouth quickly. 
“I… you should sleep, I have to go.” He says quietly, his eyes not leaving the floor as he stands up, fixing his pants as a nervous tick as he looks around the room before making his way towards the door. “Good night y/n.” 
“Wait,” you call out to him, standing up quickly and walking your way to him. You don’t think twice when you grab his arm and turn him around, launching yourself to him as you connect your lips once more, his hands landing on your waist as he stabilizes his balance and reciprocates the kiss with a deep exhale. 
The kiss doesn’t last long, both of you moving apart after a few seconds. “Goodnight Jungkook.” You let go of his arm as he stares at you with a blank stare, surprised at your actions. 
He doesn’t reply, but instead sighs before walking away, closing the door behind him as you watch him walk away, feeling butterflies on your stomach even after the door is closed. A smile on your face as you get back on bed and turn the lights off.
You feel all giddy inside when you replay the kiss in your mind until you fall asleep. 
You just kissed Jungkook, and he didn't reject you.
[to be continued]
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JAZZified. || kth.
Tumblr media
❝It felt unreal. It felt too perfect to be real. You were convinced that these moments only happened in fictions, like books or movies, which made this whole scene even more unbelievable. Yet, as he began to gently spin you around while his smile brightened at your mesmerized gaze you knew this was real. It was like a fairytale, but it wasn’t just some fairytale. It was yours.  ❞
Tumblr media
➳ summary: your boyfriend taehyung wanted to take you out to a jazz club and maybe, maybe, fuck you afterwards with jazz music in the background.
➳ pairing: kim taehyung x reader
➳ genre: idol!au, established relationship!au, they're so whipped for each other help, fluff, smut
➳ warnings: taehyung & y/n smoking together, taehyung smoking is hot okay leave me alone, fingering, oral (f. receiving), sex without a condom (reader is on birth control tho), breast/nipple play, creampie, clit stimulation, big dick tae
➳ wordcount: 6k
➳ a/n: hello y'all! this is my very first work here and I'm very excited to post this.☺️ criticism is always welcome, I'd be also happy if you'd interact with this post lol. hope you enjoy reading this! <3 also the cover was made by one of my gorgeous friends tysm Janina <3 sadly she doesn't have a tumblr blog so I can't tag her but I'm very grateful for it it's beautiful❤️please share & comment, this would help me a lot since I'm still new here! also please keep in mind that this is the first time I've ever written smut, so if it's bad I'm really sorry, I'll try my best to improve my writing <3
[this was also posted on ao3]
Tumblr media
When you first met Taehyung you were convinced the two of you didn’t have anything in common. Because damn, while you were just – well – you, he was a fucking superstar. He lived in a totally different world than you, which was simply way out of your league. He was way out of your league. Yet the two of you still found your way to each other, slowly falling in love, despite all the differences you had. While you were quiet and reserved most of the time, Taehyung was cheerful and had these boyish charms everyone would fall in love with, often hanging out with his friends or going to clubs was his way of enjoying himself. You didn’t mind that at all.
So once the two of you got to know each other more, slowly becoming comfortable with the other one around, you spotted an interest the both of you shared together:
Tumblr media
You slowly made your way to the bar, drawing the waiter’s attention with a wave of your hand. You sat down on the bar stool, very keen to not ruin this gorgeous dress that made you feel bad and poor just by looking at it. It was a short, black dress made from chiffon with transparent sleeves that accentuate your curves in all the right places. You truly felt confident and sexy in this.
The dress was a gift from your boyfriend, Taehyung. It was the first time you accompanied him on a tour, and as the two of you went shopping a few days ago you spotted this dress, immediately falling in love with it. But after seeing the price, you knew you couldn’t afford it, so you had to leave it at the store with a heavy heart.
The two of you had a date tonight after his concert, which you sadly couldn’t go to due to work zoom meetings you had to attend. Taehyung found this Jazz Club online, giving you his puppy eyes which you could never resist so you agreed on this date, despite being not much of a club person. But it was for Taehyung and the two of you didn’t have a date for a long time, so why not going to a nice Jazz Club in Las Vegas, the city famous for its nightclubs. The only thing you were sad about was that you couldn’t wear the dress you loved – well, little did you know that your boyfriend really loved to make you happy.
You really had a whole jump-scare as you spotted the dress this morning, laying neatly folded on your bed with a handwritten letter on it.
Wear this tonight for our date, my love. You looked so gorgeous in it. Can’t wait to see you later.
- Love, Tae.
So here you were, waiting for him in this beautiful dress at the club. Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra was playing in the background, and you immediately smiled. Taehyung and you loved this song. You wished he was here with you right now, dancing to this beautiful song like all the older people surrounding you did.
It was funny how there were only elder people in this club. Sad to think that your generation didn’t appreciate the beauty of Jazz anymore. Well, they were clearly missing out.
As the song slowly came to an end, your gaze began to wander. Not many people were in this club, a few couples were dancing on the dance floor while other people were just sitting at the tables, enjoying the music while having a few drinks. You knew why Taehyung wanted to go to this club. It wasn’t too loud or overwhelming, it had nice songs, classics mixed with new hits and a welcoming atmosphere which made you feel safe in here.
Just as your thoughts began to wander, you felt a presence behind you. Wanting to turn around, you were caught off guard when someone suddenly covered your eyes. You wince, a tiny yelp escaping your lips.
“I swear to God! Taehyung!”
You put your hand on your chest, your heart beating like crazy due to the sudden shock. He let out a deep chuckle, his lips kissing your hair while your head fell on his chest, his smell making you feel dizzy. His arms wrapped around your shoulders, as he swayed his hips to a song in the background while his lips continue to kiss your hairline. You felt him smile, so you automatically started smiling too.
“How was the concert?”, you asked as he sat down after awhile next to you on a bar stool. He waved to the bartender, ordering drinks for the two of you. Then his attention was back to you. Only you. One of the things you appreciated the most about Taehyung was that whenever you talked, you had his whole attention, like only you existed at this moment. When you first started dating it made you a little bit uncomfortable, because he didn’t take his eyes off of you for just one second, watching every move you made. But after you got used to it, it truly made you feel special. You could practically see the love he had for you in his eyes, which in return made you love him even more.
“Amazing. I loved seeing Army again and performing with the guys. I just wished you were there to see me”, he said. You lowered your gaze as you sighed. “I know babe. I wished I could’ve seen you perform as well, you’re always so amazing up there. I’m so proud of you, congratulations to another successful concert.”
You raise your glasses in a toast, celebrating his success. The wine Taehyung ordered tasted sweet, with just a hint of sourness of the grapes, mixed perfectly with the alcohol. You could always count on your boyfriend’s taste.
As Taehyung drank another sip, you took the time to take a closer look at him. Your boyfriend always looked gorgeous, but something about him sitting here in this club just wearing a white button-down shirt with black trousers had you almost drooling for him. He still made you feel like this, despite dating him for almost 4 years. Well you were not to blame, anyone would be stunned by his beauty.
“Are you done starring at me, my love?”
“No, you have to appreciate beauty when you see it. And right now, it’s right before my eyes, so I can’t leave it there unappreciated.”
“Is that so?”, he asked with his deep voice, giving you one of his famous smirks. You felt the temperature rise, or at least you thought you did, because it was getting really hot under your boyfriend’s gaze. You smiled slyly, leaning over from your chair. His eyes widened a bit which made you smile even wider. You knew he could see directly in your décolleté, the way you pressed your boobs together clearly turned him on, you could see that.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and you put yours around his broad shoulders, stabilizing yourself.
“It was definitely the right decision to buy this dress for you.”
“You really think so?”, you asked, playing with the fabric of your dress. He gulped, shifting in his seat to distract himself. You took the opportunity to slide your fingers between the strands of his curly hair, scratching gently at his scalp and causing a slightly shaky breath to leave his lips.
“You look so fucking good babe”, Taehyung said, his eyes heavy with lust as you lean in to kiss his plump lips. His tongue slipped inside your mouth, gentle but demanding, which caused you to claw your hands into his shirt, pulling him harder against you. You felt him smirk against your lips, but as soon as your hand found his biceps, caressing him slightly, he groaned softly, low in his throat, and pulled you and the chair you’re currently sitting on closer to him.
“They’re all looking at us, Tae.”
“Let them, babe. Let them fuckin-“
“No”, you cut him off, smiling as he whined at the loss of your body pressed against his, your lips not longer meeting his. “I thought we were here to dance, Tae”, you said, raising an eyebrow at him. He looked so good, his lips red and swollen from the kiss. You probably didn’t look any better. It seemed like he was only realizing now where the two of you were, in a club full of people who now looked at you disgusted and slightly annoyed, which made your boyfriend visibly blush.
“We really had a whole make-out session right before their eyes, huh?”
“Yup, pretty much”, you said, smirking slightly when he blushed before you stood up which earned you a raised eyebrow from the man in front of you.
You reached your hand up to him, an amused smile on your face as you looked at him. Your opposite seemed to catch the message and slowly took your hands in his warmer ones. He gave them a short squeeze. You started to pull him up, liking the feeling of his larger hand covering yours. It seemed to fit perfectly. He seemed to fit you perfectly.
“Well then, shall we dance?”
He chuckled, his low tone instantly sending shivers down your body. He dragged you with him to the dance floor, which was almost empty and you laughed as he playfully spun you around, before pulling you against his muscular chest, causing you to blush slightly.
“You look so beautiful, my love. This dress was made for you”, he said, his hands ran down your sides, slowly, causing you to shiver. Taehyung noticed that, of course he did, and he smiled at you with mischief, his eyes sparkling with excitement. “Thank you, handsome. You don’t look so bad yourself”, you admitted, and your hands find their way to his shoulders, then to his muscular chest as you opened the first two buttons of his shirt, grinning up to him. He only raised his eyebrows, chuckling, but let you continue with it nonetheless.
A new song began, the familiar tones of Singing in the Rain by Doris Day made you sigh in pleasure, and Taehyung, your beautiful Taehyung, gently took your hand and grabbed your waist, pulling you closer against his strong body. The two of you started to move to the beat, slowly at first, because nothing else mattered right now. Nothing but your boyfriend, his pleasant, almost intoxicating smell and the song, your song the two of you danced to.
It was an incredible feeling. The way the two of you looked into each others eyes made you forget everything around you. You didn’t know where you were and for what reason, because it wasn’t important anymore. The only thing you could see, feel was him. His beautiful eyes that only seemed to be looking at you. His smooth and soft looking lips that drew you a smile, almost shy, which made you smile in return. His fluffy brown hair was glued on some parts of his face due to the sweat that seemed to be slowly running down his pale and flawless skin. It was hard to resist the urge to trace the trail of sweat with your fingertips. His hands kept you steady as both of you slowly moved around the dancefloor along with the music. It felt unreal. It felt too perfect to be real. You were convinced that these moments only happened in fictions, like books or movies, which made this whole scene even more unbelievable. Yet, as he began to gently spin you around while his smile brightened at your mesmerized gaze you knew this was real. It was like a fairytale, but it wasn’t just some fairytale. It was yours.
As the song came to an end, your head was on Taehyung’s chest, your eyes closed as he continued to rock slowly to the music with you in his arms. “You seem tired.” Taehyung’s low voice pulled you out of your thoughts. Only now you realized that yes, you really were tired, his presence and the music made you forget all the stress you had to deal with the last days. You looked up at him and he pressed a kiss to your forehead, smiling as he saw you yawning.
“Should we head home?”, he asked, while he put his large hand on your right cheek, stroking it gently. You pull him closer, too tired to speak as you close your eyes yet again. He chuckles.
“Don’t fall asleep on me, will ya?”
“Shut up.”
He gasped and dramatically put his hand on his chest. “You’re so mean. I was just asking man”, he pouts cutely. You rolled your eyes at him, and as another song starts in the background, you just fall against his strong body, too tired to even care. He catches you, of course he does, and laughs as you make no effort to move. “Let’s just go home, Jagi”, he whispers in your ear, slowly going backwards to the bar with you.
Now it’s your turn to sulk.
“But we only got here.”
“Yes, but you’re tired.”
“I’m not!”
“Now you’re straight up lying, my love.”
“No”, you whine, “I want to keep dancing with you.” He raised his eyebrows, chuckling at first. But then, then, he saw your serious expression, and he stopped, looking at you with full attention. “We can always go back here”, he assured you. “Really?”, you asked, hopeful. You wanted to dance with him forever, never wanting this beautiful moment to end. But it had to, of course it had to, and it wasn’t a bad thing, you realized.
“Let’s go back to the hotel.”
Tumblr media
The two of you walked outside the club, holding hands. Even though it was the middle of the night, the streets were full of people, laughing and just enjoying themselves after a week full of stressful work. Nothing surprising, you were in Las Vegas after all. You snuggle closer to your boyfriend, almost freezing to death. Pretty stupid of you to only bring a vest with you, huh? Well, at least you had a hot boyfriend who could warm you, right?
Said boyfriend casually wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him, while he used his other hand to get out his cellphone to order an Uber which would take you both back to the hotel. “It’ll be here in five minutes, babe”, he announced, chuckling slightly as you hugged him even tighter. “You heard me, Y/N?” “I did. Jus’ cold, that’s all”, you mumbled, taken aback by the warmth he radiated. He could literally be your personal heater – oh wait, he already was.
He kissed your head, which made you smile despite still being in the cold. Taehyung was trying to move, grumbling when he couldn’t reach whatever he was searching for. “Babe, just lemme smoke, will ya?”, he asked and you could hear the click of a lighter. Ah, so he did found what he was searching for after all.
“Only if you give me a cigarette, too”, you said, to which Taehyung only gave you a confused look. You were pretty shocked yourself, usually you would always pass when someone would offer you a cigarette, but right now it sounded pretty appealing to you, and to be honest, the thought of smoking together with your boyfriend was kinda hot. “Since when?”, he asked, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and putting one between his lips, his gaze still lingering on you.
You only shrugged your shoulders. “Why not? Might just give it a try”, you respond, and as he offered you the pack of cigarettes, you simply took one and put it between your lips. He lighted his cigarette, looking at you intensely, which made you gulp, your legs rubbing together deliciously, and as you thought he would give you the lighter, you were taken aback when he leaned down and lighted your cigarette with his own.
You almost moaned out loud. God, why was it so hot seeing your boyfriend smoke? It turned you on so much, yet you didn’t know why. But there wasn’t enough time to care. His eyes looked at you intensely, so many emotions and unspoken words lingering in his gaze, making you shiver, and he exhaled the smoke in your mouth, before kissing you deeply. What you thought would be a huge turn off made you gasp instead, and you exhaled the smoke too, and damn, you were so turned on, just by him. Your smoking hot boyfriend.
“You’re so needy”, Taehyung said in a lower register, his voice so deep, so needy itself, and you just nodded, because you couldn’t deny it. You wrapped your arms around him and he pulled you closer to his warm body, giving you a smirk, your cigarettes colliding as the two of you smoke in silence, waiting for the Uber to arrive.
Which it did. A few minutes later, while you had the cigarettes between your fingers, trying to extinguish it. “Let’s go home, Tae”, you said, smiling, and then taking his hand. The smell of cigarettes surrounded the two of you, but you didn’t get sick surprisingly, no, today you liked it, because it was so Taehyung. Maybe you should talk to someone about your newfound cigarette kink though.
When you got into the back of the car, Taehyung told the driver the address of the hotel and he drove off. The traffic was heavy, so the ride dragged on and you became more and more impatient. You wanted your boyfriend so bad, and the fact that he was sitting next to you, looking like that, made it even harder for you to be patient. So you spent the whole drive looking out the window as the lights and skyscrapers of the big city passed by. It actually did help to distract you.
Now Taehyung and you were standing in the hotel lobby, and while you admired your environment again – because damn, dating Taehyung came with such luxury you still weren’t used to – your boyfriend talked to one of the employees, nodding, and then coming back to you. You gave him a smile, which he returned and then he took your hand, walking to the elevator. He pressed one of the buttons for the upper floors and the elevator began to move. After a few seconds you were at the top, and apparently your boyfriend couldn’t wait any longer, because he literally dragged you out of the elevator in the direction of your room.
“Who’s the needy one now?”, you whispered, mocking him fondly. For a second you actually thought he turned red, but he turned his face away from you, making you giggle, while he fished the key to your room out of his pocket. As you entered the room, the two of you were met by darkness, but neither of you turned the lights on. You could only see Taehyung’s silhouette in the darkness, but something about this turned you on, and apparently he thought the same, because he kicked the door shut and came over to you, smirking almost devilishly.
“This fucking dress on you drove me insane all night”, he muttered, and he was so close that you could feel his breath on your lips. He kissed you like it was his last meal, and you moaned, pulling him closer, every curve of your body meeting his, so that they could merge perfectly together.
You stumbled backwards into the room. His hands were all around your body, your shoulders, your breasts and then your stomach, wandering deeper, deeper, and it took all of your self control not to burst. Your back hit the wall, and the way Taehyung bent lightly over you, looking at you like you were his prey, made your knees weak. Weak for this fucking man.
He leaned down, nibbling at your ear, causing you to moan, your hands to find their way to his fluffy hair, tugging it, and then he whispered: “I will fuck you so hard in this dress, ruining it, so that no one else will ever see you in it again. Is that want you want, my love?”
“Yes, p-please”, you answered, your voice sounding hoarse, which made your boyfriend smirk proudly. He kissed you again. His insistent mouth was parting your shaking lips, sending wild tremors along your nerves, evoking sensations from you you had never known you were capable of feeling. You just knew one thing; he completely ruined you for every other man, which wasn’t a bad thing, because you won’t ever get rid of him anyway.
His lips wandered deeper, down to your neck, where he left a trail of kisses, agonizingly slow. You turned your head slightly, giving him more access to your neck, and he bit down hard into the flesh, marking you as his, because that’s what you were.
“Taehyung.” His name left your mouth like a prayer, yet it was more of a sin.
“What? Tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you”, he murmured, his voice so low, so dirty, as his hands found their way to your legs, kneading the flesh of your inner thighs, dangerously close to your heat. “Jump”, he ordered, and you did as you were told, your legs wrapping around his torso, and as his clothed erection met your core, he took a sharp breath, his eyes meeting yours in the dark, where you could see the lust and love in.
As Taehyung made his way towards the bedroom, you kissed him again, biting down on his lips, which made him open his mouth to let out a deep, breathy moan. You took the opportunity to slide your tongue into his mouth, to explore his mouth, hot and wet and so perfect. Taehyung pushed the door open and before you knew it he was laying you gently on the bed, your head meeting the soft pillows, because no matter how wildly the two of you would make out, Taehyung would always put your safety first.
You panted heavily and you could feel how wet you were for him between your legs. There was no way you could wait any longer, you needed him in you right now, so you pull him closer to you, desperate to feel his cock buried deep in your pussy.
“Taehyung, please”, you moan, your legs rubbing together desperately.
“Please what? Use your words, princess”, he said, smirking down at you. Your hands explore his body like he did before, stroking his shoulders, his muscular arms and then sliding down his chest, which made him groan, down to his pants where his erection was clearly visible. He was painfully hard, you wonder how he still didn’t complain about it.
Feeling bold suddenly, you straighten up a bit, your hands finding his neck and pulling him closer to you, your lips finding his ear, his weakness, and you bit down, smiling when Taehyung moaned out loud, his grip around your body tightening. You whispered in his ear: “I want you to eat me out, Tae. Want to feel your hot lips in me, slowly, while you make me cum in this dress. You love it so much, right? And then I want you to fuck me in it. Want to feel your big cock in me so bad.”
Taehyung felt himself becoming harder at that, your filthy words making him feel dizzy. “Your wish is my command”, he said, leaning down to kiss you passionately. God, he would never get tired of your lips, so soft and sweet.
His lips began to wander, again, starting at your neck where he could already see the marks he made, and then finally down to your breasts. He looked up to you, your eyes closed while moaning out loud when his fingers pinched your nipples through the fabric of your dress. You roar up, and he had to push you back into the sheets.
Gosh, his name sounded so heavenly on your lips, voice so hoarse, filled with so much need. For him.
His lips sucked on your nipples through the thin fabric of your dress, biting them lightly, and the scream that escaped you drew a grin from him. You were a mess for him, he loved it, but damn was he a mess for you too. He would show you that later. But now… no, something was missing. Something important.
You looked at him as he straightened up, confused. “Tae, wha- “Wait here, my love. I’ll be back in a minute”, he said, and then he was already gone. You sighed, confused but still horny, and then your head fell back against the pillows. A few minutes later you opened your eyes again. The soft tones of Jazz music rang out, instantly making your whole body relax and you smiled fondly as Taehyung appeared in the doorway again.
“Ah, I like this Taehyung”, you sigh, waiting for him to got closer to you again, and as he hovered over you, you kissed him again. The kiss was accompanied by music, slow and sweet, but also strong and passionate like the melody in the background.
Taehyung pulled his shirt over his head, and it landed somewhere on the ground, and your gaze wandered over his body. Your fingers traced his six pack, the strong yet soft skin beneath your fingers was hot, and Taehyung moaned as you came dangerously close to his erection. He pulled your fingers away, instead led them to his soft lips and kissed them, so tenderly and lovingly that your heart felt heavy at the sight.
His weight pushed you back, deep into the mattress as he leaned towards you again and continued his journey. His lips caressed your breasts one last time, before he moved downwards to your stomach, leaving kisses along the way. You gasped as his lips found your core, your hands pulling at his hair, closer, you needed him closer.
You were leaking for him. Taehyung could taste you through your panties, and gosh, your taste was everything. His fingers pulled your panties down, slowly, and he groaned when he saw how wet you were. Just for him. His dick twitched in his pants, now painfully hard, but no, he would take his time to eat you out first, just like you wanted it.
He inserted one finger into your heat, and you bucked, moaning loudly as he began to move. The obscene noises caused by your wetness were music to his ears, and it only caused him to move faster. “Tae, oh god, Tae”, you moaned, desperately to feel more of him. So he put a second finger, and then a third, and you screamed out, clenching so tightly around his fingers he almost lost it. He looked up at you, and as he saw how your eyes rolled back and how hard your hands clenched around the bed sheets a proud grin appeared on his handsome face.
“More, please.”
He pulled his fingers out, and you whined at the loss, but Taehyung led them to your mouth instead. “Taste yourself on my fingers, princess”, he whispered, his voice sounding so low. And as the song in the background came to an end, your lips sucked his fingers, hard, tasting yourself.
“Look how you taste yourself on my fingers. Good girl. Do you like how you taste?”, he asked. You could only nod, too lost in the pleasure to form any words, yet alone sentences. As you released his fingers he moved downwards again, his breath hitting your bare pussy.
“Taehyung!”, you screamed as his tongue dug deep into your wet folds. His fingers stimulated your clit meanwhile, and it drove you crazy. He drove you crazy.
Taehyung himself moans at your taste but also the sight of you shamelessly fucking yourself on his tongue, leaking all over him. You look absolutely sinful using him for your pleasure, head thrown back and playing with your breasts. His cock feels unbelievably hard and as much as he’d love to fuck into your tight pussy, he needs to feel you cum on his face.
You felt ready to burst as his tongue moved faster, buried deep in your heat. You clenched around his tongue, which made him only move faster, harder, making you scream his name. “I’m so close, please”, you whine, pulling at his hair. He hummed, the sound vibrating in your core, and you screamed, cried his name out as you came on his tongue.
“Oh my god”, you whispered, your head falling back as Taehyung continued to explore you with his hot, wet tongue. “You taste so delicious, my love”, he spoke in a lower register, and as you looked down at him, you moaned at the sight; his chin and lips were dripping, wet with your juices.
“Come here”, you whispered, and he did as he was told, leaning down, his lips meeting yours in a steamy kiss. You could taste yourself on his lips, his tongue as he slid it in your mouth, exploring it shamelessly. “I need you, Tae”, you begged, your hands moving down to his pants, and he bit down hard into your lips.
“I need to be in you, right now.”
He unzipped his pants, took them off along with his boxer shorts, and tossed them carelessly behind him. His cock sprung free, hard and already leaking with precum, and he pumped himself a few times. “Fuck me raw Tae, please”, you whined, and his eyes widened. He could swear his cock became even harder. “Fuck really? Are you sure?”, he asked. This was too good to be real.
“I’m on the pill”, you answer, and he could burst at the amount of happiness he felt right now. Just the thought of fucking you raw almost brought him over the edge.
“Are you ready?”
You just nodded, impatient, because you needed to feel him already. He guided his stiff member to your entrance, and when his tip met your heat, you both moaned out together. He thrusts into you, hard and fast, and a scream escaped your throat. He bit into your earlobe to keep himself from moaning, but when you clenched around his dick he let out a deep growl.
“You feel so good babe, so fucking tight around my cock”, he whispered, his voice sending shivers down your entire body, your nails leaving deep scratches on his back, but that didn't bother him. It was the complete opposite; he loved it.
“Faster, oh God please move faster babe.”
Your wish was his command. He lifted one of your legs over his shoulder and at the new angle he could thrust deeper into you in places that made you scream. Your lips crashed together in a messy kiss, teeth colliding and tongues moving together as Taehyung continued to thrust into you in this pace. You lift your back, still playing with your hard nipples and moan out load when he hit a particularly deep spot.
“Yes, there. Feels so good, oh god”, you moan. He was so big, so deep buried in your tight pussy, it made you see stars when he only continued to thrust harder into you. You could feel how close you were, again.
Taehyung too felt close to his orgasm, panting heavily. The obscene noises even put the music in the background.
You whined when he pulled out of you, shit, you were so fucking close. “Turn around for me, princess”, he spoke, and of course you did. Now laying on your stomach, you could only feel the sheets moving when Taehyung took his new position. His fingers found your pussy again, caressing it, and then his big cock was back in you again, filling you out completely. The stretch was deliciously.
This position made him hit new spots in you, spots you didn’t even know existed, and his fingers found your ass, kneading the flesh. He thrust into you, hard, over and over again, and you felt your orgasm slowly building up again. You were complete butter in his hands. He could practically do anything to you right now, you wouldn’t care, you only needed his dick buried deep into your pussy.
Taehyung grunted loudly and grabbed your ass with both hands, helping you to move your hips. It felt good, this entire position felt just so fucking good. You placed your knees on the bed and spread your legs as far as you could, your hands still gripping the bed sheets firmly, and you started to move your hips back and forth slowly. It felt really good, and it only started to feel better when Taehyung started to knead your ass and grunt loudly, and you could only imagine what view he had – his cock sliding in and out of you as you rode him, your ass on display, your legs spread wide for him. You knew he loved that, you could tell by the way his grunts slowly turned into high-pitched moans.
“Fuck, Y/N, you feel so good.”
He panted heavily, both of your bodies covered in sweat as you moved together shamelessly. You were so wet for him you just kept sliding up and down his length, over and over again.
His legs began to shake, but he couldn’t stop moving, not when he was so close, so desperately close. His fingers found their way between your legs, rubbing your clit.
The moan that left your mouth the second you felt his fingers against your clit sounded so carnal and animalistic that you were almost embarrassed, but it was hard to focus on anything else other than Taehyung’s cock inside of you and his fingers on your clit.
All you could think of was his fingers on your clit, and the way his big, fat cock filled you out completely.
“Milk my fucking dick, babe. Come all over my cock”.
That was the last straw.
You held onto Taehyung’s thighs and started moving as fast as you could, but your movements got sloppier and sloppier each time you bucked your hips into him and you knew you were coming when your eyes rolled to the back of your head as Taehyung’s fingers mercilessly rubbed your clit.
Your orgasm rushed over you. A scream left your lips, then your head met the pillows again. Panting heavily, you could only lay there as Taehyung still thrust into you, chasing his own release.
You could hear the whines and grunts leaving his mouth, and as his movements became sloppier you realized he was close. So you tried to clench your walls around him. Taehyung kissed your shoulders, leaving wet kisses everywhere when his orgasm hit him, shooting his load deep into you.
The whine he let out when you clenched your walls around him to milk every last drop of his cum out made your head spin. The room was filled with your heavy breaths and the smell of hot, steamy sex. You sank into the mattress, too tired to care that his cum was leaking out of your pussy. Taehyung dropped down next to you, immediately pulling you against his warm body.
“That was amazing”, he kissed the top of your head, causing you to smile. You nodded, your hands caressing his cheeks. You just got up quickly to finally take off your dress and immediately got back into bed, snuggling tightly around his body as he pulled a blanket over the two of you. You felt exhausted, yet so pleased and happy you could burst. You snuggle closer to him, and your breathing slowed until you finally fell asleep together, his hand on your back while yours laid on his chest, where his heart laid.
The notes of jazz music still rang out and the melody haunted both of you, even in your dreams.
Tumblr media
uploaded: 05/23/22
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wnderkoo · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: in the heat of the moment, tiny flickers of thoughts can easily turn into a wildfire of emotions that blow up in your face. pairing: jungkook x reader. genre: established relationship | fluff, angst, smut word count: 4.4k tags: mentions of cheating, oc kinda insecure at times, explicit smut; eating out, fingering, unprotected sex, cream pie, two idiots in love
Tumblr media
You never thought you were particularly lucky; with an almost always bare face and chubby thighs, you don't know how you could have possibly landed the gem of a man that is your boyfriend.
Jungkook was a hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle, bordering on 6 feet tall and using every inch of his height to his advantage by holding things out of your reach just so he can have you all up on him before he snakes an arm around your waist and smothers you in kisses. Despite the softness of his character, his body was the complete opposite, with biceps that you've wanted to be choked with and thighs you've enjoyed yourself riding on, he was the whole package. With tattoos and piercings decorating his perfect body and completely contrasting his playful attitude, Jungkook was everything you've ever wanted and more.
He's always patient with you, despite your colourful personality and your gallery of emotions. He's gentle, and kind, and just all things sweet. No one else puts up with your unhealthy obsession with Avatar the Last Air Bender like he does, even when he wakes up in the middle of the night to find your head on his chest and your Appa plushy sandwiched between the both of you.
He brings out the best in you, and on game nights, sometimes the worst.. but you wouldn't choose anyone else to spend annoying for the rest of your life.
You've really met your match in Jungkook.
"Morning," Jungkook murmurs, smiling at you from where he stands in front of the stove. He watches lovingly as you waddle into the kitchen, stretching your arms above your head sleepily.
"Morning," you yawn, crossing the remaining distance between the both of you and finding your place in his arms. Jungkook wraps two warm arms around you, hugging you to his body and kissing your head.
Mornings with your boyfriend were always overly domestic, when you didn't wake up snuggled up against the warmth of his body, you usually found him in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
There was no better way to start the day than by walking into the kitchen and seeing Jungkook in a pink apron, cooking eggs.
"Got any plans today?" he asks, helping you down into a seat at the table and placing a plate of bacon and eggs in front of you.
Jungkook was always one to defy gender roles in the relationship, loving to cook for you and do the laundry, doing just as much as you around the house.
"Not really," you reply, waiting for Jungkook to sit down before you both began eating. You get in about three bites of your toast when Jungkook speaks.
"Why don't you go out with Sena? You said you guys wanted to get your nails done didn't you?"
Your fork freezes against your plate and you slightly frown behind a mouth full of eggs as you meet Jungkook's gentle eyes from across the table. He misses the way your eyes flash with hurt, easily hidden by the way you concentrate on swallowing.
"Um, yeah.. I'll text her." you mumble, trying not to let your brows furrow.
Today was the first day in a week that you didn't have work, and instead of spending time with him, Jungkook wanted you out of the house.
You wouldn't have thought about it twice if it wasn't for your flickering worries.
It had happened more than once in the last few days, you'd notice Jungkook's attention focused on something on his phone, being more secretive and keeping it out of sight whenever you were next to him.. and while he had never done anything to make you doubt him before, it had planted a seed of doubt in your stomach.
You trusted Jungkook and you knew he would never be capable of doing something like cheat on you, so you pushed your worries aside and tried not to let the guilt consume you.
Tumblr media
"You sure you're alright babe?" Sena asks from beside you, attention half divided as she picks a nail colour out from the display in front of her.
She'd picked you up an hour ago from your apartment, and Jungkook had laid a sweet kiss goodbye on your cheek before you climbed into her car. Despite your worries being in the back of your mind while you sung your heart out to the Beyonce song playing on the radio, your thoughts couldn't help but creep back in when you were sitting in the comfortable leather chairs of the nail salon.
Trying to lie to your best friend was a worthless effort, she could tell just from your millisecond of hesitation before you replied with 'I'm fine' that you were not in fact fine. The way your brows furrowed when you thought she wasn't looking, as if you were at war with yourself and your thoughts.
You stir up an excuse that you were just feeling early symptoms of your period, and you think it convinces Sena, at least enough to let the subject go.
After a decade of being friends, she knew every telltale sign that you were upset. Sena knew inside out, upwards and sideways, and she knew by the way you bounced your knee uncontrollably everyonce in a while, that you were upset.
She also knew that in a busy nail salon, with up turned ears, and prying whispers, this wasn't the best place to comfort and console you.
It's only an hour later when you're sitting in your chair with a fresh manicure, that all rational thought leaves your mind.
Sena had left her phone on the table as she went up to pay, and the notification that appeared on her screen was enough for your mind to cave in on you.
Two new messages, sent by the one and only Jeon Jungkook.
You feel the uncomfortable poison of jealousy in your veins, warming your blood uncomfortably as you stared at the screen and debated every reason your boyfriend could be texting your best friend. A flaw in your character: you're easily consumed by your jealousy, so every reason was one you hoped wasn't true.
"Ready to go?" Sena smiles, appearing in front of you. You barely register her words, for the fact that you're still processing whatever it is you saw on her phone. She grabs said phone, glancing down at the screen before pocketing it quickly, thinking you didn't see.
You don't know wether to be relieved that Face ID had hidden the exact contents of the message, or wether it just added more fuel to this shit storm of a fire, but you know that for the next few hours, until you get home and overthink yourself to death, you'll barely be able to hide the emotions swirling around in the pit of your stomach.
"Yeah.." you nod, swallowing hard.
Grabbing your bag from the chair, you thank the nail lady before following Sena out of the salon. Your eyes are glued at the way she walks, each step taken with such certainty as if she knows where she's going and what she's going to do, as if she didn't even need to try or know and she'd still look like she did.
Each of your steps was a question, not really sure where you were going, still trying to make it through the millions of thoughts running through your head. Next to Sena, you were a mess.
Jungkook would absolutely chastise you for the way you compared yourself to Sena, but it was hard not to. She looked like a cut-out from a magazine, with the most amazing personality to match, you couldn't be offended if he wanted her.
Sena and Jungkook never seemed particularly close. She was your best friend and he was your boyfriend so obviously they were friendly.. but now you've come to question just how friendly they really are.
Tumblr media
By the time you get home, the sun has sunk below the horizon, submerging your walk up to the apartment in darkness, save for the small lights lining the footpath to the lobby. You wave Sena off, watching as her car disappears into the darkness before riding the elevator up to your floor.
The apartment is dark when you open the door. No lights, no candles, not even the nightlight Jungkook keeps on in the living room for the cat.
"Kook?" you call into the empty space only to be met with silence and an eerie feeling of dread that creeps up the back of your neck.
"Jungkook!" you call again, biting your lip anxiously as you wait for his voice to echo back. Any second he'd wake up from the nap he was having, and his sweet voice would call for yours and your heart would rest easy.
When no answer comes, you trip hastily towards the bedroom, flinging the door open in hopes of finding your boyfriend sleeping soundly beneath the covers. It wasn't like him to leave without telling you where he was going, but you had been working more usually, so your wishful thinking told you he'd just forgotten.
What you find when you open the door to your bedroom is bittersweet, covers tucked and pillows fluffed- even your appa plushy in the middle, the neatly made bed shouldn't make you frown as hard as it does.
Jungkook wasn't home, and he didn't tell you where he was. Every alarm in your head was sounding, and you still didn't want to believe the worst.
Your Jungkook wouldn't do this.. and you drowned in guilt every time you thought for even a second he could be capable of doing something like this.
Your mind was a constant battlefield, and today you'd stepped on one landmine after the other until what was left of your heart was shreds.
Until you're left a wreck on the floor beside your bed, clutching the blankets that smell like your boyfriend to your chest as you soak them in your tears.
Sure, you were emotional at times, especially watching movies, but you were never one to break down so easily. But the stress of the past week, and the thought that Jungkook wasn't satisfied with your relationship was all you needed to cry and sob yourself to to the brink of exhaustion.
Jungkook's eyebrows furrow in confusion when he shoves his key into the hole and twists, only to find it already unlocked. He had checked twice before he left earlier that it was locked, and an uneasy feeling settles in his gut when he notices your keys on the kitchen counter.
"Yn?" he calls into the apartment, waiting for your sweet voice to call him. After the day he'd had, all he wanted to do was crawl into your arms and fall asleep to the way you comb your fingers through his hair so lovingly.
Unconsciously smiling, Jungkook makes his way to the bedroom, ready to flop onto your body, crushing you as he expresses how much he missed you.
When he finds you sniffling on the floor instead, his heart sinks to his stomach.
In an instant he's next to you, bringing your shaking body into his arms despite your weak attempt to push him away. The crying had exhausted your body to the point where you could only lean against his firm chest, the gentle rise and fall of it as he breathed calming you despite everything.
"Baby what's wrong?" he asks quietly, stroking your back. You just cry harder, tears soaking the fabric of his shirt but Jungkook doesn't relent.
"What happened?" he asks again, smoothing the hair that had stuck to your face out of the way and placing a gentle kiss against your temple.
You don't have the energy to reply, already feeling weak from the heavy weight squeezing your heart, so you bury yourself further into his chest, letting him hold you.
The next ten minutes pass in silence, and Jungkook's legs hurt from being in such an awkward position, but he's not moving until you tell him what's wrong.
You'd stopped crying by now and were focusing on his calm breathing as you slowly calmed your own. You focused on the arms that cradled you in the warmth you were familiar with and you just let yourself get lost in Jungkook's presence.
"Yn.. please," his soft voice against your hair is a reminder that you probably just freaked your boyfriend the fuck out.
You find your voice, looking up at him as you do.
"I thought you were cheating on me.." you grumbled and Jungkook notices the way your bottom lip juts out in an almost pout. You feel stupid for jumping to that conclusion so willingly and wished you could've gone about this differently.
You expected Jungkook to push you off, yell at you maybe and think you were pathetic, but you didn't expect the rattle of his chest or the laugh that fills your ears.
"Why are you laughing?" you ask, frowning at the easy grin on his face.
"Oh, you're so precious," he coos, kissing your cheek.
You level him with a look, brows knitting in confusion.
"I'm not cheating on you, Yn." he says finally, smiling so hard you want to slap his face.
Jungkook doesn't explain immediately, much to your chagrin. Lifting you up easily, he sets you back against the pillows on the bed, disappearing into the bathroom and returning with a warm towel he uses to wipe your face.
His touch is so gentle, it's almost not there at all.
The bed dips beside you when he finishes, and he brings you into his arms once more before continuing the conversation from earlier.
"I'm not cheating on you." he says, that stupid grin on his face again. You're almost at the point of annoyance, but Jungkook continues.
"Tomorrow," he says, tilting your chin so that you meet his eyes.
"Is my lovely girlfriend's birthday."
Jungkook breaks out into a grin, watching as the realisation dawns on you..
You'd been so caught up with work that you'd forgotten your own birthday.
The secrecy on his phone..
Messaging your best friend..
Mysteriously disappearing..
You groan against his shoulder, wishing you could take back the last twenty four hours or just shrivel up into a hole. Your boyfriend had done all these sweet things for you, planned a surprise for you and you'd accused him of cheating.
"I'm so sorry Jungk-"
Your apology is cut short when Jungkook takes your lips in a sweet kiss, a hand caressing your cheek as if it were any other night. As if you didn't think he was cheating on you. Naturally, you end up on his lap and as much as you want to let yourself get lost in the kiss, you know he deserves more than that.
"Wait," you sigh, pushing him gently despite his best effort to stay attached to your lips.
"Let me say sorry," you frown. Jungkook's eyes were warm and loving as he gazed at your pouty face and he couldn't help but lean forward and peck your nose before holding you close in a hug.
"You don't need to be sorry," he murmurs against your hair, you smell like his shampoo and Jungkook can't help but smile.
You're not quite ready to let the subject go, but Jungkook clearly is. Grabbing your thighs in his hands, he flips you back against the bed, your head meeting the pillows with a soft thud before Jungkook is caging you between his arms and leaning his head down to kiss you passionately.
You whimper against his lips, the thought that you could have lost him tonight a plaguing idea in your mind. To imagine a life without Jungkook.. it hurt more than the idea of him cheating.
No one could put up with you quite like him.
But with the way he was kissing you, nothing could ever take Jungkook away.
And he was determined to prove that.
Pressing you against the bed, your body blanketed by his own warmth, Jungkook kisses your mouth like it's the first time and the last. It's delicate yet starving at the same time, filled with emotions he'll talk about later, but all that Jungkook wants to do now is prove to you how much he loves you.
Your tee-shirt had disappeared, you could barely remember when Jungkook had pulled you up just to peel it off your body before he was crashing his lips back onto yours.
The two of you kiss until you're breathless and your lips are bruised and sore.
Only then does Jungkook break away from you, trailing his kisses down to your neck and over your breasts, across the skin of your stomach until he's face to face with your shorts.
Your fingers slide into the softness of his hair, and Jungkook gazes up at you for a moment, eyes flashing with a certain emotion you've come to know as adoration.
The only warning you get is a devious bunny like grin before Jungkook tugs down the fabric of your shorts along with your panties, leaving your core bare and exposed to the cool air of the room.
That, along with the way Jungkook's eyes glaze over with desire as he stares down at your centre has arousal dripping out of you and onto the bedsheets.
Jungkook loved to admire, whether he did it to tease or was in genuine awe of you every time, he spent a good fraction of sex just staring at your body.
And as heartwarming it is to think about after, it has you rubbing your thighs together in search of friction when his hooded eyes phantom fuck you.
"Jungkook," you sigh breathily, using the hands in his hair to nudge him to where you want him.
Jungkook doesn't hesitate to attach his lips to your swollen nub, sucking the soul out of you and giving you no time to react before he's making out with your pussy, so tenderly and soft despite the vulgar notion.
Your small breaths and sighs only urge Jungkook on, arms hooking under your thighs and bringing your knees over his shoulders as he continues to give teasing licks and delicious sucks on your cunt.
"You taste so sweet," Jungkook mewls, the shiny film of your arousal coating his chin and lips as he gives you a wicked smile from between your legs.  
Jungkook was a man of service, and while he would never object to you on your knees, he absolutely loved going down on you- finding pleasure in pleasuring you.
His cock is already uncomfortably hard just from eating you out, and he slowly starts to grind against the mattress as he tries to find satisfaction without tearing away from his main objective.
You don't care how embarrassingly fast it takes you to tip over the edge, your boyfriend delivering you to release with his expert tongue to the point your legs squeeze around his head like a vice and he has to hold back a chuckle as he forces them apart.
Despite your orgasm still riding itself out with the help of Jungkook's kitten licks, you find yourself already desperate for more, tugging Jungkook's head up to yours as you kiss him deeply. You taste yourself on his tongue and the way he presses you against the bed along with this intoxicating kiss is enough to make you lightheaded.
Without disconnecting his mouth from yours, Jungkook sneaks a hand between your bodies, easily sliding a finger into your heat before dragging it back out, finding a slow, lazy rhythm as he continues to kiss you.
You don't even realise he slides a second finger in, your wetness allowing him to slide in with barely a stretch. Jungkook catches every moan in his mouth, still not letting your lips go as he kisses you.
As much as you love his fingers, they're simply not enough.
"Jungkook," you sigh against his lips when you break away, lifting your hips to nudge against the bulge in his pants.
Jungkook winces at the friction, as delicious as it was that you were so desperate for him, he wanted to do this properly.
"Not so fast baby," he tuts, tucking your hair behind your ear with a smile.
"Tonight's not gonna be just a quick fuck.."
His breath against the shell of your ear along with the way with his fingers pump slowly in and out of you has a sweet sigh of a moan leaving your lips.
"I've clearly been doing a shit job of showing you how much i love you, now we can't have that, can we? Gotta show my queen how much i love her."
He finishes his vow with a kiss on your breast, so soft and gentle that it completely contrasts to the way he's delivering you to your second orgasm of the night. His fingers curl inside you, dragging amazingly against your walls until you feel that coil in your stomach snap, eyes shutting in overriding pleasure as you writhe under Jungkook.
You're not sure how much you can take of not having Jungkook in you.
Your second orgasm brings tears into your eyes, completely overwhelmed and over-loved by the man above you.
"Shhhh, don't cry~" Jungkook murmurs, kissing your eyes gently.
Slowly, he tugs his pants down, and you tear up even more seeing his throbbing length spring free. Jungkook continues leaving kisses all over your face, eventually capturing your lips in his as he lines himself up to your entrance, teasingly pushing in ever so slightly you whine out.
"I love you," he says simply before pushing all the way in. The stretch is deliciously harsh, and Jungkook stills once he fills you to the brim, pelvis meeting yours until it's impossible to see where you end and he begins.
When you give him the go ahead, Jungkook draws his hips back, before filling you up again. He repeats the motion until he sets a steady pace, not to rough to hurt you, but not to soft to bore you.
He knows his girl.
"You are perfect." he says, massaging your hips as he continues to thrust into you. You don't think you're crying, but tears continue to fall as he makes love to you.
"Harder please," you sigh against his lips, biting his lip to tell him you want more. Jungkook smirks, looking down his nose at you with utmost adoration.
His hips speed up their pace, his stamina making it easy for him to go for rounds and rounds- and even if he couldn't, he would for you.
You grab his hands, bringing them to your breasts as you crane your neck and expose more skin for him and Jungkook doesn't have to be told twice, leaning down and marking your neck with kisses and bruises, brands of his love.
"Silly girl thinks I'd ever look at someone other than her.." Jungkook tuts, delivering a particularly deep thrust into you as he hits back up. There's a teasing tone in his voice yet his face is soft and loving as he kisses your face all over.
"These hands, baby?" he coos, squeezing your hips as he brings them to meet his own with a few shallow snaps of his hips.
"All for you... these lips?" he brings his lips to your breasts, flicking a nipple with his tongue before his mouth completely closes over the swollen nub and sucking on it harshly.
" All for you.. this cock? Only you satisfy this cock, sweetheart. And don't you ever think different."
Jungkook slows his pace for a moment, still thrusting in but so softly you barely register it, he kisses your lips once, then twice.
“Cried yourself silly thinking I didn’t want you anymore” he says more gentle this time. He kisses you softly. 
"I love you, and only you."
More tears roll down your cheek, but you don't even care anymore.
"I'll only ever need you, no one else." Jungkook says, and your heart feels so full you think it would burst if he kept going. His words are what tip you over the edge, and Jungkook feels the clenches around him as your orgasm rushes through you.
He leans down, kissing you through your orgasm and helping you ride it out, thrusting into you until his hips stutter and he's releasing himself inside you and painting your walls white.
He collapses on top of you, dick half hanging out but he only nestles into your neck, panting against your neck erratically. Sweaty skin on sweaty skin, you hold him close to you, panting just as hard from not only one, but three orgasms your boyfriend had given you.
Jungkook makes a move to leave, probably to get a towel and clean you up like he always does, but you close your arms around him tighter, murmuring to stay. He knows you'll complain about it tomorrow, but Jungkook can't exactly leave either, not when you're clinging to him, arms and legs, like a koala.
He rolls the both of you onto your sides, dragging you into his chest and smiling down at you.
"You really thought I was cheating on you," Jungkook grins, acting like it was so hilarious.
You groan, hiding your face in his bare chest. He was definitely going to bring this up whenever he could.
"No offence but Sena's not my type," Jungkook teases and you raise an eyebrow at him.
"Oh yeah? Then who is?" you ask, pecking his lips when he leans forward to do the same.
"She's super cute, 5'4, has a stupid Appa plushy that she loves more than me-"
Jungkook grins widely when you roll your eyes and you feel the start of a laugh rattle his chest, you can't help but laugh along.
Moments like these are exactly why the two of you are perfect for each other.
To be two idiots in love would be you and Jungkook. The laughs and cries you've shared over the years and will share far into the future, can only ever amount to the love you both have for each other.
Everything was worth it when it came to him, there was no doubt about that.
Two idiots in love who stare at each other in bed like it's the first time, sneaking kisses like you're not two grown adults who can do what they want. Your laughs fill Jungkook's heart to the brim, until it's painfully overflowing with the love he has for you.
His perfect girl.
Limbs tangled beneath the covers, you gaze up at the man you've fallen in love with, the man you love with every fibre of your body, and smile.
"And for the record.. I love you more than Appa."
Tumblr media
guess who’s alive! yes it is i back from the dead... thank you for sticking by me, yall are the realest <333 and just incase you didn’t know, i’m holding a q&a so if you’re curious about anything (me, fics, bts, whatever) feel free to ask HERE!
ALSO I THINK ILL MAKE A PART TWO since jk was in fact planning a birthday surprise for her and not cheating on her with her best friend, hopefully you'll like it!
「❀」taglist; @mwitsmejk​ @kookiwu​ @rageyoudamnednerd​
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kooksbunnnn · 2 months ago
Love Language - Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
My masterlist
Summary: Just Yoongi and his love language. 
Warnings: MATURE CONTENT. Kissing, heavy making out, fingering, mentions of squirting, unprotected sex (please don't), Yoongi's long fingers, big dick Yoongi, mentions of Namjoon third wheeling. Porn with plot but mostly porn. Marriage au.
Words: 3.8k
Ratings: 18+
Waking up on a Sunday without your husband's warmth around you makes you whine into your pillow. You turn around to feel his side of the bed, and you feel it's still warm. He must've woken up not long before you did. You go down the stairs to find him in his study, busy on his phone, probably talking to Namjoon according to the dongsaeng-but-formal tone he is using. 
Seeing him in those black sleeping shorts and the incorrectly buttoned up white shirt you tore off of him last night sends a tingle between your legs. You almost throw your head back in need when he puts on his glasses, pushing his hair back trying to find something on his desk.
When he sees you standing there, he hangs up telling Namjoon he will call him after he finds whatever he was trying to find, hanging up he smiles at you. "Hey, have you seen the black binder you gifted me some months ago?" He asks with his eyes and hands busy on his table.
Lifting his head he notices your confused expression so he stops to explain with his hands. "Yay big and yay high, it was gold plated on the ends?" You look at his description and immediately recognize the binder, the one you gifted him for the aesthetic of his file drawer. Black and gold. 
"Yes that is in the bed room lemme get it for you." he nods at your statement smiling and you run and bring the binder back. When you come back you see him clutching his hair in his hands and oh his hands. 
The veins, making you want him to wrap his hands around your neck while he fucks you- No.
Get it together Y/N, its 10 am in the morning! Although the morning pound down doesn't sound bad, he seems very busy.
A kiss doesn't sound bad though.
You walk towards him bringing his file behind your back with a smile, he hears your footsteps and turns towards you with a smile.
"Thankyou baby." He says in his oh-so raspy voice and you melt. He reaches out to take it from you but you lift both of your arms to wrap them around him, the file still in your hand. He giggles and kisses you, his hands finding their way to your ass. Squeezing your flesh to make you moan with him still attached to your lips.
"Good morning to you too Y/N." Speaks a bored voice from the speaker of your husband's phone and you detach from his face with wide eyes trying to get away but he pulls you towards him with a lazy smirk on his face. You hit your husband playfully but embarrassed and also answer the greetings from your friend.
"Hey, u-um good morning Joon. Didn't know you were on a call and I'm sorry I should probably go."
"No no nothing so urgent that I should be a cockblock. Call me later hyung. Happy humps." Without giving your husband a chance to retaliate at the hump comment he hangs up and you smile guiltily at your husband.
"Yeah. I'm gonna smack this little motherfucker's head for this mmph-" you cut him off his rant as you kiss him again, giving him the lead as soon as he slips his tongue in. Moaning at the way he grabs your hair at the nape, biting onto your lower lip making you gasp. 
He traces his hand down your spine to reach the hem of his oversized T-shirt you borrowed last night and he swears it's hotter taking it off than any of the dresses he's ripped off of you. 
He lifts it up to your waist and ties it in a knot, you watch his long fingers make a knot just below your breasts and then trace them along your waistline "Wanted to fuck you in my T-shirt but didn't want it to come in the way so." He shrugs at the end of the sentence and you chuckled before being cut off by getting turned and bent over the desk suddenly. 
He bends down to the level of your cunt with a knowing smile and keeps one of his hands over your lower back to keep you in place. The cold desk wood under your tummy makes you hiss, but it turns into a short moan when he spreads your ass cheeks and runs his index finger between them over your damp folds.
He pushes his finger with pressure to tease you over the cloth making you squirm in place. Your heels rise making you tip toe when he drags his fingers towards your clit with the same pressure. 
"Fucking ready. Every fucking time." He grits out to himself and you let out a small whine at his delay, squirming in place. He scoffs at your impatience and pulls your underwear down, slow and teasing. 
"Baby, please" you whine at his slow movements but he suddenly slaps at your clit making you jolt. 
"Impatient huh?" You nod and breathe shakily at the sting but feel more wetness drizzle out, moaning at the feeling. 
"Look at that" he pushes two fingers in you and you both groan at the same time. You feel like you will curl up due to the feeling his fingers give when he twists them and rubs them around like he is trying to find something and oh-
He does. He fucking does. 
Your knees buckle when he finds that spot and you start panting when he keeps rubbing the spongy area. Cooing at your whimpering self, he picks up his pace, rubbing and jabbing your spot making your head go dizzy at the pressure. You try lifting yourself up but his hand's pressure tells you to take it just like he is giving it to you. 
A vibration causes you to flinch and you see him get up and flip his phone towards him to check the caller id. Panicked you pull yourself up to convince him to not pick up the phone, making him slip his fingers out in the process. 
"Yoongi don't you dar-" but before you could finish your sentence, he motions you to stay silent with his finger on his lips. You shake your head knowing you couldn't stay silent while he talks if he goes anyway further than his fingers still hovering over your entrance.
A voice booms from the phone on the table which kinda replicates yours, but with a different reason of panting. You guess he is running around. 
"Hyung, I am so sorry but you need to call and decide the order and topics for the four presenters for tomorrow.." the rest of the voices go deaf around your ears when Yoongi stuffs his fingers in your pussy and covers your mouth at the same time, muffling the gasp. 
He scoffs in your ear and whispers in his low raspy voice, "Pathetic little slut." Jabbing his fingers harder at every word. He changes the angles of his fingers making you clench and roll your eyes back. You hold his wrist over your mouth for dear life while he holds your body in place. 
You feel tears brim in your eyes as he hits the spot again and again and again. Your legs shake and you tighten around his fingers and he chuckles at your ministrations, he knows you like this. Every time Namjoon speaks you try to keep your voice in and it gets you wetter at the thought of getting caught. 
You snap out of the daze when he speaks addressing the younger business partner, "Joon I requested Y/N to attend the party next week and I think she wants to come" he licks your earlobe at the end of the statement and you nod vigorously.
Bringing his hand to the front he rubs your clit with three of his fingers, making you spread your legs out of instinct. You buck your hips and try grinding on his fingers chasing your high, the rush in your ears blocking out any kind of conversation around you. 
You start feeling the telltale of the upcoming orgasm and your body shakes and twitches when the heat passes out of you. Your eyes roll back to your head when he bites on your earlobe, removing his hand from your lips and you watch him hang up. 
You have no clue when the conversation ended but your shaking body falls on the table and you cry out. He slows his hand down to let you ride your high while you grind on his fingers absentmindedly rolling your hips, eyes squeezed shut as you breathe heavily. 
He removes his hand and smiles at you when you turn your head to glare at him, breathing heavily.
He helps you stand up and hold you by your waist when your knees buckle and has this shit-eating grin on his face. Pulling you towards him he gives you an open-mouthed kiss but you push him away panting. "Fuck you, Min. What if he heard something?!" He chuckles and grabs you by the waist tucking your hair behind your ear, tilting his head to make better eye contact. 
"Then he would hear how I make you cry when you come." His low and deep voice sends cold shivers in your lower back.
"I gotta work now baby, or Namjoon will physically come here and make me do it." He pats your butt to get you going but you raise your eyebrows at him before nodding down to the boner he has. He laughs and holds your cheeks making your lips pout. 
"As tempting as you sucking me off sounds, I would rather fuck you." He gives your pouted lips a chaste kiss before letting you go but you step forward and kiss him while grabbing his dick over his shorts making him growl in your mouth. 
"Fuck me good babe. I'll be waiting."
"Oh I will." He grins, shaking his head while watching you turning around, knot still above your ass and you make your way out of the room with your ass on full display. Groaning he turns his head towards his desk and then looks at his dick. 
Yeah. A cold shower. 
You gave him the whole day, trying to distract yourself with the work you had left incomplete and sending it to your HR, changing the bed sheets, sending your blazers to dry cleaning since it was a sick leave for your housemaid, buying grocery and bringing him his usual box full of tangerines and snacks with some beer to store in for football-match-with-the-boys-wuhoo! As Jungkook said.
It was 5:38 in the evening when you were cleaning the kitchen after having your second cup of coffee when you see him enter the room rubbing his neck. You felt really bad for him when you made eye contact with his tired ones, he took a shower and changed his clothes into a clean pair of black sweatpants and a white T-shirt.
He padded across the room to reach towards you to kiss you. Kissing him back you giggle and pull away, asking him softly, "Have you even eaten anything, baby?" He immediately nods to your question and lists the amount of frozen food he microwaved since you were not home.  
Shaking your head at him you say, "Yoongi, you did know I made some shrimp sandwiches for you? I texted you about that too."
He looks back at the kitchen counter and finds an oven tray covered with plastic wrap filled with some sandwiches. Chuckling he lets go of you and sits on the black stool matching the breakfast counter.
"Sorry, I guess I was distracted with work, I just finished the sorting process for tomorrow's meeting with Namjoon, and he was constantly making sure that he was making the right decisions. This deal means a lot to him and I merely got 5 minutes of time when It hit 2:30 and I was horny, hungry, and exhausted at the same time. Wanted to fuck you so bad, baby, but then I didn't see you at home so I had to suffice my other biological needs..." rolling his eyes he continues. 
"Sorry I couldn't eat the sandwiches." He looks at you with guilty eyes and you couldn't help but smile at him. He didn't need to explain anything but he elaborated the reasons why he couldn't eat the sandwiches?
You did marry a gentleman.
You step towards him and kiss his cheek. Flicking away the long hair that was coming into his eyes as you say, "Listen, baby, you don't need to explain anything. I know how much this means to you and Joon so please don't apologize. I just wanna know you're resting enough to not get exhausted. Okay?" He nods at your statement and you bend to kiss his lips while standing between his knees, his hands automatically coming up to your waist. 
You don't realize when the kiss became hungrier, was it at the first groan you let out? Or the moment he pushed his tongue in and took control in his hand? Neither of you care about what led you to jump into his arms when he took you to the master bedroom removing your summer dress and his t-shirt in the hallway.
Laying you down on the bed, he hovers over your red flushed face. "Gonna make you cum so much, we would need to dry off the mattress." You chuckle at this and he gives you an open-mouthed kiss, making his way down licking and kissing all the way down from your neck to the collarbones, through the valley of your breasts, tweaking your nipples a couple of times before taking them into his mouth. 
Gasping at the warmth from his tongue around the bud you grab the sheets beside your head with one hand and the other finds home in his hair making him growl. He leaves your nipples and traces his way with his tongue over your clothed pussy. 
Instead of teasing this time he pulls the underwear all the way to your ankles before throwing it into some dark corner of the room. The dusk hours make the yellowish brown lights reflect on your honey skin, leading him to bite into your thighs while pressing his thumb over your clit. 
Your impatient whine makes him determined to make you come hard, he loved teasing you but loves to watch you fall apart for him. So he digs in with his tongue tracing patterns all over your folds and your bundle of nerves which you couldn't decipher due to the soon entering fingers inside you, the cold sensation of his ring, and the stretch feeling heavenly, you know you wouldn't last long this time. 
He finds a rhythm in which he feels you tightening around his fingers and lets out a chuckle at the way you were clenching. "I know you're close baby, come for me. Make a mess on my fingers." And as if on call, your body spasms and he rubs your clit with his other hand making your body curl up. He stares at the way your cunt flutters and almost drools after he pulls his fingers out, watching it drizzle your sweet slick. Bending down he licks up a stripe over your pussy making you gasp. 
"Yoongi- s-sensitive. P-please." You gasp but still roll your hips trying to match his tongue. He hums pushing his tongue inside you and you almost feel it in your stomach. Your body arches as he swirls his warm muscle inside your hole and Yoongi groans at the taste and the thought of you clenching on his cock.
You feel the heat building up again at the slow pace he is licking you up at, not overwhelming your nerves but instead making them feel at ease and when he sees your limbs shaking he looks up and smirks at you who was already watching him eat you out. He winks at you and increases the pace of his tongue flicking at your clit.
You gasp at how he is making you feel the heat in your ears and toes, stretching your feet and tightening your muscles to reach the orgasm faster, your hands fly in directions to hold on to something.
"F-Fuck, don't stop-don't stop-don't stop. Fuck b-baby!" You cry out grabbing onto his hair with wide eyes, mind focusing on achieving that high. His groans make you reach it faster.
The constant flicking along with his long firm fingers rubbing your folds with pressure without entering, just massaging it to make it feel the pressure and pleasure makes you come and he pushes his tongue inside you at that exact moment making your eyes roll back. Your legs try to snap shut but he holds them open. Your legs shake continuously and you feel yourself ooze out a little bit of your soul. 
He gets up with a gummy smile on his face making you laugh and you both start laughing when he hovers above you. "You really boost my ego baby, coming so much. I must be doing something right?"
He sounds cocky but you know he is saying the truth, nobody has ever made you feel like he does, emotionally, physically, and mentally safe. 
"Wanna taste?" He asks you with mischief in his cat-like eyes and you nod with dizzy eyes, making his eyes darken, keeping eye contact he dips one of his hands and pushes inside you making you gasp a little which he mocks by gasping in a high-pitched voice and smirking later at your wide and embarrassed eyes.
He lifts his finger up and spreads it apart to show you the strings your slick creates between his fingers, you push your tongue out and he smirks, proud. "My filthy baby." He pushes those fingers in your mouth rubbing the taste of your cum on your tongue. Groaning at the taste you swirl your tongue around his digits, which he watches with dark eyes. 
He pulls the fingers out and wipes them on your cheeks, grabbing your face with his fingers he opens up your mouth. "Now for the main course." Spitting in your mouth he watches you moan at the feeling and gulp it in, which he kisses you, proudly. 
He gets up and removes his sweatpants and you feel your mouth water at him pumping his dick while watching your cunt leak. He smiles when you spread your legs wider and hover above you, tilting your face towards his, making eye contact, he enters you slowly and you feel your body arch at the girth of his cock. 
Min Yoongi has been the best dick you've been fucked by, with the perfect length, perfect width, and the prettiest features. Pretty, just like him. He knows you have a thing for eye contact, he observed this in the first 3 months of the relationship when you couldn't hold his stare, he knew it would turn you on while he fucked you, he loved seeing you squirm so it made his dick hard too. You proved his theory when he fingered you in front of the mirror making eye contact and making you watch yourself come undone for him, surprising him by squirting on his fingers. Just Perfect. 
Your eyes widen and he shakily exhales. "Fuck. You're so perfect and so wet. Reminds me of your mouth. You're warm on every end, baby." He grits through his teeth but none of his words reach you when his hips start hammering you into the mattress. 
He fucks you slow taking in every expression, watching your eyes roll back, dragging his cock slower making you scratch his back with your nails. Groaning in your ear his strokes getting hard and fast, hard and short, he tries every angle he loves seeing you twitch in. He pulls up both your legs over his waist, still fucking in at a slow-hard-deep pace and you whine loudly making him grab your thigh at the control he is showing not to bust at your voice's high pitch and neediness. 
"Fuck Yoongi, right there. Right there. Faster, please. I'm gonna die if you don't go any faster. Make me come please make me." He looks at you and you clench, growling at the tight grip you have around him, he gives you what you want. Faster-harder-deeper. Your body jolts back at every stroke but the expression on your face makes him lose his control, he grabs both your hands and pins them beside your head.
Your body arches into his, your nipples touching his bare chest, you cry out in pleasure, walls spasming and tightening around him. 
"Gonna come. Y/N fuck baby" he growls in your ear while you say his name like a mantra, digging your nails in your palms. You both come at the same time making you tremble in his hold and feet digging in his lower back. He bites your neck when he feels you lifting your hips meeting his strokes to reach the end of both your highs. 
Slowing down when you whine in overstimulation, he pulls out. You both stay there watching the lights on the ceiling which were never turned on and you realize, it's dark outside. Checking the digital clock you see it's been more than 35 minutes since you entered the room. You laugh at the heavy breaths you and your husband are letting out but soon you cringe because of the sticky sheets under you. 
"You need to change them this time, I just did them in the afternoon, Min."
"Let me breathe a second woman? Why are you so bossy?" He gets up feigning annoyance but you hear the breathy chuckle he lets out. You roll your eyes at his accusations while he helps you get up, laughing at the faces you make when you feel the warm sheets mixed with the weird temperatured cum. 
After-care with warm showers and thigh massages was an important part of the sexual routine you and Min Yoongi had, but the best part? The best part was when he feeds you the food he cooks with so much love and furrowed eyebrows due to the concentration he has in that apron with a cat with its middle finger out, the intense amount of attention towards the dish makes him unconsciously poke his tongue out through his lips while he plates the dish. 
Bringing you a pair of fresh wooden chopsticks and wine, his face smeared with flour as he made you some fresh and greasy kimchi jeon. You know he loves cooking you food but would never admit it. 
So, not wanting you to do much after the sweat session, he just cockily said 'Don't strain your already jelly-like legs, you tiny human.' Which secretly means, rest because you're sore. He is not very outspoken about his feelings so he might seem a little concealed, it's just that, he has a different language for love, he just needed somebody to decode it.
Luckily, it's you.
Tumblr media
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dvljoon · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
summary; starting with being scammed badly, to then coming home to his wife not wanting to deal with him or his job anymore, really made the night feel like a never-ending day of disappointment. So with a needed outlet to express his anger and to straighten himself out, he sends a text to the only other person who'd give him a chance at feeling better. You, his mistress and beloved ex-teammate of his.
au; aged! Cheating! Mistress!
paring: jungkook x f.reader!
wc; 3.2k
Warnings; infidelity, alcohol, aged up, smoking, sleeve tats, lip, and eyebrow piercings, slight fighting w/ physical alterations, detailed oral, bruises, strip tease, mistress, face ridding, mentions of abuse, verbal abuse, praise, smallmouth, tight pussy, breeding kink / impreg kink, switch jungkook, verbal jungkook, Semi dom jungkook, missionary, fingering, cowgirl, dirty talk, creampie, deep throat, he cums a lot, big-cock jungkook, the reader cums while being fucked I just don't mention it, raw, etc
Tumblr media
With a lick of his inner cheek and furrowed brows, he listned away to his deal of imported materials being declined. With anger, he griped the glass, strength almost enough to break the glass of ice in his hand. Looking down he picked up the glass cup and swirled the ice around before placing ir back down and looking up at the guy with lowered eyes.
With the conversation advancing he took a deep breath in and then out before his eyes began darkening with anger as he was once again getting talked into another cop out deal. Looking back down, a soft sigh left his mouth as he regretted even working with scums of a high end tech company.
"I belive I'm getting a call, excuse me," he interrupted reaching in his back pocket for his phone, the lie not being seen as he stood up from his bar stool. with a nod from executive director, he gave a fake smile and walked in the direction of the bathrooms. Stoping mid way he turned his head slighty left to see the guys attention going to his cup rather than jungkooks movements which ment he could leave without a notice. And so he did.
With no regret, he walked out the back shutting his eyes as the cool night breeze hit his face. Opening his eyes, he smirked devilishly and began walking to his all black Mercedes as he unlocked it with the car keys in this right pocket. Getting in, he put the keys in the engine and took out a box of cigars and a lighter out the glove department. Taking a bud out, he lit and placed it between his lips before stepping in the car and lowering the windows. taking the bud out with two fingers he blew the smoke out and placed his free hand on the wheel as he began driving out.
With the smoke going out the window and his now left hand holding the bud he tapped the ashes off by using his window as the red light appeared infront of him. Waiting, he sat back in his chair and took another blow as he looked at dark sky above. With a few honks and curses being given as he sat at green light for a bit, he lowered his gaze and soon drove forward. Ignoring the person's words, he licked his dry bottom lip before bitting down as he soon arrived at the complex.
just like the key to his car, he opened and closed the door. Only this time greeted by his wife lounging in her usual nightwear, taking off his shoes he rolled his eyes.
"Not a hi, hello. Welcome home?" He scoffed, watching her head turn and then turn back to the television series she was watching.
"Surprised you're sober enough to care" she spit, leaning back on the couch. Staying quiet, he walked up to the tv and unplugged it.
"I mean I didn't see you get a job at your mother's spa place, maybe you'll bring home money and a fuck to care for once," he told, taking off his suit's blazer.
"and get what, a backache and sore muscles from men who'd probably have better income- she paused standing up and coming close to him as he stood with arms crossed leaning on one side. "maybe your right, maybe then they'll know how to treat women who are not meant for the house life" she scowled, coming closer as he lowered himself to her height.
"Then go" he suggested, grinding down on his bottom teeth for composure.
"Then leave huh, I built us with nothing but luck and illegal deals-" he paused pushing himself against her, hands pushing on her shoulder as he pushed away. "I made what we have now, you living in luxury as my company bleeds in my hand" he yelled, hands pointing towards the door.
"Fucking leave, take nothing. in fact strip, dirty yourself, and live somewhere else if you can't even do the simplest things as-"
"As what, come home filling the apartment, the car, and probably the building with cigarette smoke huh" she interrupted, making her hands into fits as she hit his chest in anger.
"I have to cover all these allegations of theft and bribery, murder for what huh? HUH? NOT EVEN AN ONCE OF RESPECT FOR SOMEONE WHO COVERS YOUR ASS AS YOU GET BUSY MAKING MESSY DEALS WITH FUCKING IDIOTS! " she screamed, making her hands flat as she hit his chest in sadness.
"Leave," he muttered.
"Leave? Leave, LEAVE. YOU'RE TELLING YOUR WIFE TO LEAVE?" she screamed, tears becoming more apparent to him. Ignoring he turned around and began walking before feeling a grip on his shirt. Turning around, he looked her up and down before raising an eyebrow. Looking at her hand, he grabbed it and pushed it off of him. Doing it once again, she grabbed and this time ripped his shirt. With big eyes and a bit of fear, she got on the floor and apologized.
Turning, he grabbed her by her shirt to lift her before looking her in the eyes and glaring deeply. Teary-eyed, she looked away and that's when he let go pushing her onto the ground with force.
"Fine, I'll go straighten myself," he told, grabbing his suit jacket as he looked for his keys and phone. Stunned, she watched him go into the bedroom to grab a spare of clothes before leaving with a slam of the penthouse door. Without a second thought, he rang you up with a simple and detailed reply of needing to air out some of his troubles. Agreeing, knowing what he meant, you got yourself cleaned up and waited for the next text.
"silk looks better with red wine" you read the text aloud as you looked through the robes and the matching set of lingerie in black. With a lip bite, you chose the simple silk set and with a glance at your clean and soft nude appearance in the mirror next to you smiled. After putting it on, you walked to the bathroom to pull out the most appealing color red lipstick making sure not to mess up the lines without a trace and before you knew it knocks where heard.
Running you decided to leave the robe open, making your body visible to his eyes as you unlocked and opened the door. Greeting each other, you see his hidden appearance in all black with a baseball cap and mask. Not saying anything about his condition, you felt hands wrap around your waist as he brought you into his embrace. Hesitantly hugging him back you soon felt soft kisses around your cheek and neck. Smiling you pulled him away and took of your jacket.
"Thought I went soft huh?" He chuckled, taking off his shoes as you hung his jacket.
"Well yes, a hug instead of what" you paused, seeing light bruises towards his neck and chest. Walking up concerned, you lifted his shirt up and looked around with a worried expression. "Shit jeon, again? She hit you again?" You questioned, feeling around the marks with your thumb as he flinched slightly with each slight push.
"you've met her, you think she wouldn't have gotten something out me pushing her away. it's a never-ending saga of fights with her" he told, placing his cap on the table besides you, hand sneaking around your waist.
"she's strong, a fighter if that. But weekly kook? this is practically abuse" you insisted, his hands pulling your waist close to meet his.
"That's why I run here, why I buy you all of these things huh. The apartment, clothes, jewelry, and cars. Why else would I treat someone this well huh, it's deserved for giving up something as minimal as time" he explained hands getting naughty enough to grab your ass.
"Divorce looks just as bad as a fair, but only when it gets caught" he mentioned, unwrapping his hand from your ass. Nodding, you understood how much times like this was needed and the urgency of quotess with them.
"Besides, what someone doesn't know, won't hurt them. It'll make things easier" he murmured, coming closer to your lips. "We both know how deals work don't we, not like we haven't had our fair share of time together as teammates." He continued, lips attaching to your neck as your hands moved to play with the backknof his jet black long hair.
"You know my body as good as my company, that not even I can deny" you chuckled, taking your dominant hand to move his left hand towards your breast. Smirking, he took your hand and pulled you into essentially his room aka the 'guest' room. Pulling you down on him, you chuckled surely, straddling his Crouch in response. Loving the view of your clothed breast in the silk bra, he licked his lip slow enough to taste the metal ring of his lip piercing.
"you always said things look better in black, but I never knew you liked the color this much" you questioned ever so slightly as the robe draped your shoulders before swiftly falling down to your inner elbows.
"expensive taste, that's all. Besides you'd look better with white diamonds around your neck" he added, hands going to cup your ass to get you to move on his Crouch. With a shocked face, you looked down as you wached him lean up to sit up.
"mm, what can't like white around your body?" He questioned, the question implying more than just jewelry. Raising a brow, you leaned closer watching his eyes follow your lips closely as you move them towards his ear.
"Perhaps I feel like white looks better around your own body. Not like it wasn't a few days ago when you needed to feel accomplished" you reminded, lips sinking into his neck to leave more than a stain. Humming in delight, he agreed and decided that he too wanted to speed things up a bit. After all, the restriction of both of your clothed bodies began to feel like a nuisance.
Pushing his hips up slightly into yours, his soft hands paraded around your hips before tugging the fabric of your robe and panties. Sitting up, you look at his red-stained neck as you begin striping your clothes off one by one. Waiting, he watched the fabric of your panties gradually get pushed down your hips and legs revealing a trimmed area of hair as he breathes out heavily.
"Mm," he hummed, striping himself off his shirt and leaving the bottom half for you. Giggling you covered your mouth as you crawled up his body, his head knowing where to go when you bring your cunt to his face. Clenching your hips, his tongue immediately attaches, causing your legs to slightly close as he swirls and dips his tongue around the nerve.
Moaning, you grab his hair and without needed instructions grind your clit against the wetness of his mouth. Throwing your head back, his hands made it to your ass and spanked it a few times to hear the small gasping whimpers leave your mouth.
"Fuck, jeon you-" you moaned, words stopping as his tongue slithered around almost in a sloppy manner. Holding onto your thighs, he stroked them while you hovered over his mouth in want. Pressing his nose between, he pushed you harder on his face so he could suck and pull at the throbbing bud with ease. Loving it, you thrust yourself on his tongue as wetness oozed and covered his face in excitement. Holding you down, your moans became loud, high, and more persistent as your orgasm came close.
Allowing you to cum, he closed his eyes and just listened to your mouth giving him everything you had as his cock sprung, threatening the seems of his joggers to move. Getting off your legs was a little shaky, but not noticeable at first until you tried to sit on your knees. Smiling he helped you lean against the pillows, slouching you a bit in a way that could make your head more accessible on his knees.
Getting on his knees, you panted softly as you pulled down and off his clothes watching the shaft spring back up. Jungkook had girth on him, curved to the side, and a tip big enough to make even himself cum by touching it. He wasn't as clean-shaven as you, but he had a nice shape to it. A beautiful appearance if anything.
Admiring how you looked at him, he watched your lips not even hesitant to fasten around the tip as he moved closer in range.
"God I miss this mouth sucking me off like this," he moaned, your tongue coming out as you lick around the tip and under. Moaning, he felt the urge of just fucking your throat to cum but soon settled on making you suck his tip as he was known for coming quickly. Throwing his head back, he leaned more into your mouth with a hand on the walls watching his cock get sucked like a vacuum when he moved his head back. Cursing and grunting from his lips with ease, you looked up taking your tongue and licking the sides of his cock, hands holding his thigh as you listened to the hard breathing and slight whimpers leaving his mouth.
"Fuck yeah" he moaned, hips moving without a thought as you watched in anticipation of the next move. With a quick lick up to his tip, you began sticking your tongue out to glide his cock while also remembering to breathe from your nose.
"Good, fuck. Ah, fuck please" he begged, pushing his cock down your throat as you looked doe-eyed at him. Staring down, he watched how the girth of his cock stretched your mouth to full capacity. Cock is coated by saliva and sucked with maximum force while thrusting in and out with need. Moving even closer, you felt the rough tapping of his balls on your chin as he pushed your face closer. Grunting louder, he pulls out and jerks the tip as you connect to his balls to slightly suck and pull. Rubbing his thighs, you play around his ass griping and slightly spanking it with pleasure. Pulling your hand away he sat on his knees as his eyes drifted around your breast with ease.
"Name a good position where I can watch your breast bounce on me, darling, one worth cumminghard to" he teased, body hovering himself over as he pulled your legs to meet his crotch.
"There are so many good ones," you told, thumb teasing the tip with your entrance. "However how fast do you plan on cumming or should I say how many times are planning to?" You added, sliding him in as he leaned in close to your face.
"Enough to cause a definite pregnancy" he joked, leaning his face into your neck to bite and bruise. Biting on your lower lip, you semi-hoped he was serious as the feeling of cum in you made your womb clench and throb around just the tip of him.
"Fuck I like that clench. Besides I'm at the age where children should be in question and ill get them even if I have to fill you up twice a day for months. Fuck I'll even do it then when your tits and stomach are huge. Just ask and I will" he insisted, kissing your neck as your eyes closed and your body ached around him with every word.
"Do that again, clench on it. Go on, let me feel how good those words are to you baby" he whispered, whines leaving your mouth as you felt his thrusts push his cock deep into your body. Kissing the side of your neck he decided know would be a good time to make your legs open and so he did with a hard thrust. Grabbing onto him, your breast pushed into his chest and your legs opened with ease. Holding your legs back, his cock was able to. fuck further as he stared deeply at your face.
"Jungkook! Ah, please don't stop," you whined, body getting plowed into the covers and cunt crying and filling the room with were noises.
"It's cute you think I'll stop fucking you, keep begging for it tho," he asked, cock going in as he let go of your legs to focus on his pleasure.
With each thrust going deep, he soon enough increased his pace to shorten and give your body less stress to clench around him. With high stamina and cock that craved the attention it was getting, he soon put himself back on his knees and watched how his cock was being drenched in white cream. Panting slightly, he showed down and softly began toying at your clit with his thumb as he enjoyed the throbbing sensation on the tip of it.
"Mm, the amount of anger I had before this was insane," he joked, whiping the accumulated sweet off his face after moving his hair back.
"I could tell, not like you used to somome other than me making you think of cumming that much in someone" you mentioned, pulling his cock out to rub the tip around the lips of your pussy.
"I can admit to that, feels like I could cum right now" "then do it, make yourself orgasm" you teaased, pushing him back in. Biting on his piercing, he looked down and up.
"Then, in that case, fuck me, baby. Make it cum for you" he insisted, pulling out and going to the edge of the bed to man spread. Taking the hint, you crawled behind him first and wrapped your hand around his cock, lips sucking and pulling at the already bruised skin as he hissed in slight pain.
Taking his cock you gripped it watching his head fall back on your breast in pleasure. With an open mouth, he just immersed himself with the feeling as his hands played and teased his balls.
"Enjoy it" you whispered, peppering his face with kisses as if he needed that encuegemet. Seeing his face crunch you let go and he opens his eyes.
"Fucking tease" he curses, as you get up and walk to straddle him. You slide down on his cock and he smacks your ass harshly. Whimpering, he leans his head into your breast again and sucks softly on the buds. Moaning, he closed his eyes as you watched his tattoed sleeve and hand pinch the other breast as you moved your hips down on him. Moaning, you played and toyed with hair, pushing it back as nibbled and sucked on your nipple in gratification. Pulling off, he bucked up feeling a bouncing sensation on his length.
"Fuck it baby, shit. Ah yes, yes, yes" he yelled, allowing himself to focus on himself and the feeling of your cunt bouncing on his cock. Leaning back a bit, his head was pushed by yours as you semi-forced him to lay on his back. Allowing it, you moved his hands around your back as his hips buckled up.
"Fuck me" he groaned begging to himself to cum. Listening, you looked at his nipples and decided to pinch and pull them a bit to help. Loving it, his chest puffed up and hands went to each side of him to grip the bed. Cursing as you went faster, he hated how his body needed to keep his orgasm back to build an stronger and if not deep one.
"So good, so hard" you repeated, head also young back as you took advantage of the moment for your own needed pleasure. Opening his eyes, he watch your breast bounce and head back as you reached your high. A feeling that was sucking and tugging him in deeply. Seeing he needed to give in, he buckled his hips up into you causing you to fall forwards on him. Taking the open space to grab into you he did, lifting and spreading his legs wide. Grunting and moaning in a yell, he fucked up into your warm embrace letting the frustration in him shoot out in white deep inside of you.
Calling his name caused more than just moans and deeply needed words, but for his tip to spill out of cum as he let his hips push it inside of you with urgency. With his climax not stopping, he just kept fucking and chasing the high as it felt too pleasurable to just stop at once. Holding onto you, he kissed your cheeks and gripped your ass as he kept pounding his orgasm out. Weeping, your legs shook and shivered in over stimulation.
"Fuck I'm cumming" he announced delayed, head going back roughly against the pillows. as his balls emptied once again. Cursing in ecstasy, he closed his eyes feeling faint, thighs and legs falling as well. Following him, you heard a hiss as the sensitivity of cock kicked in hard.
Panting, he embraced you with a hug and kissed your forehead making sure you were okay and not severely damaged. After all, was good, the two of you lay there, slight movements feeling like threats of pain as you cuddled under the covers. Bathing out the question until you both could move without the pain.
"So about earlier?"
"Mm so you'll take offer now?"
"Who said I declined it"
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lavenjoon · a month ago
𝐜𝐮𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 || 𝐛𝐭𝐬 𝐱 𝐜𝐡𝐮𝐛𝐛𝐲!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: cuddling headcanons with the members of bts bc I’m touch deprived and mad about it
genre: fluff!! fluffy as shit!!!
warnings/notes: mildly suggestive, use of profanity, plus-sized body appreciation <3
pronouns: none used
wc: 1.5k
a/n: thanks so much for being my first request! I hope you don’t mind me adding the rest of the members, I just couldn’t resist. :) Yoongi’s section has me twirling my hair and kicking my feet rn I adore him (p.s., if you’re new here, I write plus-sized reader fanfiction! If you’re into that, check out my blog!)
Tumblr media
kim namjoon
Namjoon isn’t one for pda, but behind closed doors is another story. It almost seems that he’s trying to make up for the lack of affection outside of your home, because when you’re inside he cannot keep his hands off of you.
You cuddle on the couch late at night when Namjoon’s reading, curled between his spread legs as he traces light fingers over the expanse of your thick thighs sprawled across his. In the bathtub when you lean back against his chest, sinking into the warm water as his hands rub at your soft, round stomach. And in bed at all times of day, your favorite being in the morning when you’ve just reunited after a night’s sleep on opposite ends of the mattress, because Namjoon kicks in his sleep and that’s a wrath you’d rather not face again.
Namjoon’s hands always roam lightly, lovingly, like it’s the only moment he’ll have to feel you, lay you out in his mind like a map for which every soft curve, crease and crevice is to be burned into his memory as if he lived for you and only you. Cuddling is always very intimate for you and Namjoon.
kim seokjin
With Seokjin it’s always lighthearted and fun. It’s giggling between freshly washed bedsheets, tucking fluffy hair out of his eyes and behind his ears so that you can lay your lips against his forehead and watch him smile up at you like you’re the only other person in the world.
He tickles you sometimes just because he wants to hear you laugh, because in those moments it’s his favorite sound. His fingers prod at your soft stomach, to which you twitch and swat at his hands playfully, wrestling over him and pinning his hands to the mattress. He promises he won’t do it again if you let him go, and you know it’s complete bullshit. Still, you let him go, and how quickly you pay the price surprises you every time. He rolls over you, attacking every ticklish area on your body until you’ve asked him to stop (because he’s a king who respects boundaries).
With Seokjin, it’s laying nose-to-nose, having deep talks about life late at night and sharing sweet kisses in between sincere words. Holding his face in your hands and telling him how beautiful he is and he, forgoing the confidence he wields on camera, flushing under your fingers.
min yoongi
Cuddling Yoongi is so frequent, it feels like a basic necessity. Like people need food, water, shelter, Yoongi needs a daily nap on your chest. And it’s his favorite that way.
He likes having you backstage with him the morning before a concert, so that he can lay you down on one of the couches in a secluded corner of the makeup room and cuddle up to you, no more than a few words or grunts exchanged.
And after a night of no sleep, he’s out like a light. His cheek squished against your chest, lips parted and exhaling soft breaths as you pet his hair and scroll through your phone, maybe even snapping a photo of the moment because Yoongi just looks the most peaceful in your arms.
It almost always stirs up the staff, because what they see of Yoongi in his waking hours is not nearly as gentle and relaxed as the Yoongi they see sleeping on your chest. They awe as they pass, smiling at you as if to thank you for providing the man that hardly sleeps a safe space to rest.
And when he wakes up with you rubbing his shoulder, smiling softly and speaking in a gentle tone, “Yoongi, you have to go get your hair done,” he huffs, grumbling as he stumbles to his feet and turns to walk away. Before he gets too far, he turns back, bends over you and pushes your hair from your face, planting a soft kiss against your lips before grumpily heading to his stylist.
jung hoseok
Cuddling with this bucket of sunshine is so casual, sometimes it feels less like cuddling and more like…hanging out…in really close proximity….
Hoseok’s not one for super intimate cuddle sessions unless he’s really needing it, then he’d welcome them happily. These are the days that the weight of being an idol falls just a little too heavily on his mind, where all he can do is sit in bed and worry about what hasn’t yet happened. It’s these days he asks to hold you close, wraps his arms around your shoulders and clings to the fabric of your shirt as if you’d slip between his fingers like sand at any moment. You remind him that you won’t, though, that none of it will, and your words calm the storm behind his worrying eyes.
But on the days that all is well, when he can enjoy his time with you in the moment because he’s not worrying about the what-if’s of the future, he loves the simple displays of affection. Like when you rest your head on his chest and he throws his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to his side while watching the newest Disney movies with the bandmates. Or when you’re both too tired for anything more than interlocking your pinkies as you fall asleep next to one another in bed. And when you caress the back of his palm with your thumb as he works on his newest album in his studio, his heart just melts.
park jimin
Park Jimin, a hopeless fucking romantic if I’ve ever seen one. This man just adores physical touch, so I have no doubt he loves cuddling, too. And he loves how perfect you are for cuddling.
You know all of the tricks, how he likes his scalp massaged, his favorite cuddling positions, when he needs what, not to mention how soft and plentiful you are. One of his most favorite positions is laying between your beautiful, full thighs, wrapping his arms around your soft tummy and nuzzling against it as you play with his hair. And if your stomach growled, (because I know mine most definitely would) he’d laugh and ask if you’d had enough to eat that day, just to make sure, because his baby ain’t skippin’ no meals! Not on his watch!
I think Jimin would especially enjoy cuddling after being intimate, when you’re both completely naked and vulnerable. He’d love to hold you close, or to have you hold him close, and savor the feeling of your bodies pressed against one another in a different kind of way. In a way that brings you closer, not just physically, but emotionally.
kim taehyung
I think cuddling with Taehyung could be either incredibly intimate or nonchalant.
There are days where he just feels like setting his head in your lap and closing his eyes, sinking into the feeling of your chubby fingers brushing through his soft strands and scratching lightly at his scalp. His sighs of contentment always tug a smile at your lips, and you know he appreciates the small gestures like this.
Other days, he grabs you by the hands and takes you into the living room, switching on the speakers that play whatever new jazz artist he’s been listening to, and grabbing you by your thick waist, pulling you to him and singing into your ear tenderly as he sways you both side-to-side.
Seeking out physical affection can be a little difficult for Taehyung at times, especially when he’s upset and isn’t sure how to verbalize his needs, so he always appreciates when you initiate it first. And after some time, you’ve picked up on cues, like the way he eyes your lap when he’s thinking about plopping his head onto it. When you catch on, you pat your thighs, smiling softly at him, to which he grins and obliges blissfully.
jeon jungkook
Jungkook can get really handsy while cuddling, so much so to the point where you have to tell him to knock it off at times, unless he wants to end up putting in more work than you both had originally planned. Wink, wink.
God, does he just fucking love the way you feel in his hands. When you’re laying against his chest, one of your thick legs thrown over his torso, he can’t help but grab handfuls of the flesh of your ass, squeezing playfully as you squeal and knock his hand away. It’s alright, though, because you get your revenge every time you catch him bent over.
What? It’s fair game.
Though Jungkook loves your body and just wants to show you how much he does all the time, he knows where to draw the line. He most cherishes the feeling of you resting peacefully against his chest, and that’s a feeling he’d never compromise. He remembers you once telling him that he feels sturdy and safe, like home, and he wears that badge of honor with the pride of a lion.
Tumblr media
copyright © 2022 lavenjoon | all rights reserved. do not copy or translate any of my work.
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namjooningelsewhere · 4 months ago
If I Cant Have You - #1
Tumblr media
➤ Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
➤Angst: Angst (Shit Ton of it), Smut(Mature Content), Fluff.
➤Rating: 18+
➤Warning(s): Swearing, self doubts, crying,Cheating. Mentions of smut, sexual content, Lots of Yelling, Swearing, Heart break (Pretty Brutal). Taehyung is pretty heartbroken,Reader is confused. A lot of Heartbreak and angst, Sohee is a [email protected]#$%.
➤Au: Idol au, cheating au, arranged marriage au.
➤Word Count: 8.5k
➤Summary: Loving Taehyung is easy. It's easy to get lost in his adorable smile, his glimmering eyes, his saccharine words and everything that is him, Thats what your best friend told you the ten years she had been dating him. But your life turns upside down when your best friend abandons her love and your chldhood friend at the altar and out of extra ordinary circumstances instead of Sohee its you whos staring at the same pair of glimmering eyes, wearing the white gown meant for her and feeling the weight of an expensive ring on your fingers and before you know it, you say 'I do'.
➤A/N: Thankyou for this wonderful banner Kiri @rkivian. Thankyou so much for making this for me at such short notice. Thankyou Nikki @xpeachesncream for letting me discuss this with you and taking a look on it for me, Youre the best.
@hobateas firstly, i am so sorry for missing out on such an important detail of mentioning you. That was jackass of me. Secondly, thankyou so much for helping me out so much with this fic, for everything. I don't know what i would have done with this if it weren't for you lending me a helping hand. Thankyou for being my go to for everything. Thankyou for being my bestie and for always cheering me.
This was supposed to be out a while ago, But work caught up and i had to legit dive head first into it. But im finally back after a lot of back and forth, Im definitely going to be more active now. Please let me know what you think about it, It makes me so happy when you guys leave comments or reblog it and send in asks.
➤Taglist- @bri-mal , @fr0g-queen , @justmewondering-recs , @halesandy , @craving4suga , @tetesland @astoriasx @kissme-ornot, @peachytanyaaa , @deliciousdetectivestranger
You checked yourself once more in the mirror, making sure you looked perfect. The long flight hours had definitely taken a toll on your skin and the flight back tomorrow was definitely going to take a toll again too. You had just landed in Seoul for the bachelorette party of your best friend Sohee and your childhood friend Kim Taehyung's wedding.
The bride and the groom were your close friends. You knew Sohee since you both were in middle school, and Taehyung became your friend when his family moved in next door. You definitely played the matchmaker when Taehyung confessed to having a crush on your best friend. And you were more than aware of Sohee's crush on Taehyung when she had started visiting, way more than often under the excuse of some stupid homework and some lame project. It didn't take long enough for both of them to fall in love.
Taehyung and Sohee had a love story fit for a drama or a movie and you were extremely proud of the couple. Of the long way, they had come. It wasn't easy when Taehyung moved to Seoul to debut under his company. And it wasn't easy when Sohee moved to London with you to pursue her higher education. Time zones and different countries couldn't keep the love birds apart and they ended up crossing every hurdle until today when Sohee was an established DOP and Taehyung a global superstar.
"Y/n my dear, How have you been?" Mrs. Kim's cheerful voice stopped you in the lobby and you immediately ran into the arms of the older woman.
"Good as always Auntie, How have you been?"
"I'm good as ever dear. Why are you still here? The others left a while ago."
"Blame the flight Auntie, There was a delay. But I better rush now before Sohee and Tae have my head."
"That they will, But we definitely need to catch up. You should come over sometime."
"I would love Auntie, But I am leaving tomorrow after the wedding. Catching a flight back to New York."
"New York?" Mrs. Kim looked at you in a little confusion but was smiling sweetly nonetheless.
"I'm continuing my masters in The School of Drama in New York."
"Oh My My Y/n I'm so proud of you darling. Always the ambitious one." Mrs. Kim hugged you and patted your head fondly. You were about to bid her farewell when your mother's loud voice pulled you out of the older woman's embrace.
"There you are." Your mother pulled you in for a hug and Mrs. Kim chuckled, looking at the interaction between the mother and the daughter.
"Eomma you are ruining my hairstyle." You complained about trying to fix your hair.
"Kids these days."
"Where's Appa?"
"Oh, he's at the Bar with Mr.Kim."
"I'll get going unless you want everyone to kill me." You quickly bowed to the two women who just laughed at your antics.
You were about to make a beeline towards the entrance to the resort when a loud boisterous voice stopped you dead in your tracks.
"Yah Y/N have you no shame? How can you be late to your own best friend's bachelorette?" You were mortified would be the least to say. The lobby grew silent as Kim Seokjin walked towards you with a smirk on his face, followed by Jungkook, who was about to burst with the laughter he was trying to hold back so badly.
"Kim Seokjin, I will kill you." Jin laughed and pulled you in a hug. while Jungkook greeted you with his usual fist bump.
"Well, the married couple is hell-bent on having you dead for being late and arriving one day before your good friends got married. Sucks to be you."
"Jungkook let's go, let this old man keep bickering." You pulled Jungkook towards the door leaving a yelling Jin behind.
You met the bangtan boys in their second year of debut; Courtesy of Taehyung and Sohee, of course. You had known them for a couple of years between your and Sohee's transition to London and their intensely packed schedule. Your apartment was a den to the boys whenever they came to London.
The drive to the club where Taehyung and Sohee's parties were happening was fun-filled, to say the least. Jin and Jungkook had been specially instructed by Tehyung to haul your ass to the club somewhat by the lines of you would be late and only arrive after the party ended. Trust Taehyung and his over-enthusiastic ass.
"You better explain why you are late to the party Y/n? Your best friend is getting married for god sake." Taehyung enveloped you in his signature bear hug before he held you tightly against himself as if he was making sure you wouldn't disappear once his hold loosened.
"Blame the flights." You huffed and Taehyung rolled his eyes at you.
"And who do we blame for arriving just one day before your own best friend and childhood friend's wedding huh?"
"My finals. They just ended yesterday. I literally rushed to the airport after the exams."
"Oh, you better do it. You must know by now I can get out of murder." You elbowed Taehyung in the ribs and he let out a yelp, making you giggle.
"Speaking of, Where is the lady of the hour?"
"Oh, my wife is busy in the powder room touching up her already flawless face."
"Ooh, wife and all? The wedding is tomorrow Kim Taehyung."
"Oh please she is going to be my wife on papers tomorrow, I already married her in my head a few years ago." You rolled your eyes again at his comment. He was the biggest cheese ball in the group and an adorable one at that.
"How did ARMY react to the news of your wedding by the way? Must have been a ride."
"Oh don't ask, It's like the world has stopped revolving ever since the company announced my marriage. But we're keeping Sohee's identity a secret for now. Everyone will know I'm getting married but to whom that would be a secret." You were left speechless after Taehyung's confession. Damn, this must have been hard on the couple.
"I understand, People might go a little overboard if her identity is revealed. Her safety is the most important."
"See that's why you're my favorite, You seem to automatically get everything."
"Go away cheeseball." You playfully shove Taehyung away, who just tightened his arms around your shoulders.
"So when are you getting married babe? When can we expect an invitation to your wedding?"
"It's going to be a couple of years before you get that invitation, Taehyungssi. Who knows you might have mini versions of you and sohee running around by the time I walk down the aisle."
"Who said I was going to wait for a couple of years to have miniatures of me and Sohee running around?"
"Eww Taehyung, that's gross. I definitely didn't need to know that." Taehyung wheezed at your reaction and you just hit him playfully once again.
"So have you found a hot British Boyfriend yet?"
"Nope, I'm happily single and I definitely don't need to change that."
"Y/n if you and I are single when we are thirty, Then let's get married." Your eyes widened comically at Jungkook's statement, who had somehow managed to squeeze himself into the conversation.
"Oh god, you guys are insufferable." Taehyung and Jungkook laugh at your statement while you excuse yourself to find your best friend. You had to at least make sure you weren't getting killed for arriving just a day before your own best friend's wedding.
You were mentally prepared for an outburst when you and Sohee met in person, albeit being in touch almost every week; she still had threatened to have your head shattered when she would see you when you had revealed your exams would end just a day before her wedding.
But what you were definitely not prepared for was to see your best friend sitting near the bar, calmly sipping on her champagne, her eyes staring blankly into the wall in front of her.
"You okay there babe?" You asked Sohee, gently placing an arm around her shoulder.
Sohee made no movement and kept staring at the wall in front of her. You shook her a little more vigorously, and that seemed to have shaken her from her parallel universe.
"Hi." Sohee smiles at you. And you immediately mark that as the weirdest smile you've ever seen on your best friend.
"Just Hi?"
"Yeah. How was the flight?"
"Sohee what's wrong?" Sohee seemed to have realized something and that made her sit up.
"Oh nothing Y/n, I was just a little out of it."
"You're okay right?"
"Yeah yeah I'm okay, I'm getting married to my boyfriend of ten years, and everything is perfect." You start feeling a little uneasy at her statement. It sounded like she was trying to tell herself that. You don't question her further chalking it up to wedding jitters. Sohee quickly orders your favorite and you settle beside her.
Throughout the night you caught Sohee zoning out multiple times. There was definitely something wrong with her. She was still absent from the conversations when all the seven members gathered around you and she teased Taehyung and Sohee about their honeymoon and the number of children Sohee was going to have to give birth to. All she did was smile half-heartedly.
And you weren't the only one to notice, though, Namjoon and Yoongi caught you in a while, trying to inquire subtly if you knew something was up with Sohee. Honestly? You had no idea and nothing could come close to the feeling of not being there for your best friend. What had you ended up missing in your best friend's life while you were buried nose-deep in your books?
Sohee's eyes seemed to speak a lot more than the wedding jitters. There was definitely more to it than meets the eye like the normal situation. Where the bride and the groom would be joined at the hip before the wedding, Taehyung and Sohee were the exact opposite. Taehyung seemed to be over the moon with the wedding. His eyes literally shone every time he smiled. Sohee's eyes looked cold and empty.
You made a mental note of asking Sohee when no one was around but that immediately went down the drain exactly half an hour later Taehyung carried Sohee to his car. She ended up passing out because she had a little too much to drink. Taehyung quickly left with his driver to drop Sohee back at the hotel, promising he would be back once he tucked her in.
The rest of the guys and the people invited made themselves comfortable and soon enough within an hour, Taehyung was back.
"Is she okay?" Yoongi asked Taehyung as he made himself comfortable. Taehyung just sighed and had a sip of his drink.
"She is, She was a little overwhelmed but she said it was fine when I spoke to her this afternoon."
"You're sure, right? Sohee looked like too out of it? Isn't she getting enough rest?"
"Past few days have been a little busy with the travels and the wedding preparations and then the announcement."
"Understandable." Taehyung nodded and took another considerable sip of his drink and everybody dropped the topic, not wanting to probe further. It was assumed they might have had the discussion if anything was the issue.
By the time the party rolled to an end, most of them were already hammered. including Taehyung. Fortunately for you, alcohol seemed to kick in quite slowly. But the sleep that was overtaking every brain cell you had in you.
"Fuck, Fuck fuck." You scrambled out of bed and rushed towards the bathroom to quickly have a shower and get ready for the wedding. The jet lag may have caught up to you. Which ended up in you sleeping in and waking up exactly an hour and a half before the wedding. Somehow, luck was never on your side for Sohee and Taehyung's wedding. First the exams, Then the flight, and now your sleep.
You got ready in record time and while you rushed out of the door and waited for the lift. A pleasant surprise awaited you when the doors of the lift opened. Jeon Jungkook smiled at you sheepishly when he saw you, and you smiled back at him. Busted.
"What's your excuse?" Jungkook looked up from his phone and gave you a questioning look.
"What excuse? We had stepped out in the backyard to drink some coffee." You burst out laughing at his excuse or the lie, but nevertheless, you showed him a thumbs up since this was going to save your ass as well.
"That I am."
"Why hasn't anybody called yet, it's just half an hour to the wedding."
"Come to think of it, that's surprising. How come none of the Hyungs have called yet?" Jungkook checks his phone, too, and there weren't any notifications from any of them either.
"Maybe they're all busy running around or just with Tae."
"Yeah maybe, I just put my phone on silent though. The entire internet is blowing up right now waiting for updates on Taehyung's wedding." You and Jungkook exit the lift and walk towards his car. You were thankful, at least you had some company.
"Leave your phone in the car, phones are not allowed inside the venue." You quickly deposited your phone along with Jungkook's in his dashboard.
"That's some high-level security."
"That's not only it, you need to go through a check once you enter." You were amazed by the amount of security that had been put together. No electronic devices had been allowed inside the venue; special security measures were put in place to make sure of it.
After all, it was the wedding of the year, Kim Taehyung from BTS was getting married. Taehyung had taken special measures to prevent any kind of leak that would disclose Sohees' identity. According to Jungkook, only a few photographs would be released to the public, which would be taken at an angle where Sohee's face would be covered.
You and Jungkook went through security, and as soon as you walked to the venue, both of you blinked in confusion. The venue was unusually silent. It was still half an hour to the wedding, but there was an unusual amount of silence in the venue.
Although there were only forty people that were invited to the wedding, it looked like the place had been deserted. You both walk inside only to find not even half of them were being seated. None of the other members or your parents or Taehyung's could be seen.
Jungkook leads you to the room assigned to the groom and you find Jimin and Hobi frantically speaking on the phone right outside Taehyung's room. Their expressions looked scared as fuck, which made Jungkook sprint to his Hyungs
"What happened Hyung?" Jungkook asked Hobi, a little close to panicking, unable to figure out what had actually gotten them so scared.
Hobi raised a finger to Jungkook, signaling a minute.
"What happened?"
"I have no idea. I'll go inside, Can you please check on Sohee it's right down the hall. Something isn't right"
"Be right back." You ran the few steps to her room, your legs already hating you for running in your heels. The moment you open the door and enter her room is empty, and it doesn't look like there has been anyone in there before. You kind of were expecting a tornado in there considering there would be an army of stylists to help the bride get ready. But looking at the undisturbed state of the room and the wedding dress on the bed, it looked like there had been no moment here at all.
Your mind immediately rushes into the possibility of Sohee's safety, what if someone found out or what if she was sick. You immediately push the door close and head to Taehyung's room, only to be greeted by a sight you would have never imagined in a million years.
Taehyung sat in the middle of the room, crying silently while the rest of them sported a similar expression. Namjoon, Jin, and Yoongi were bent over to Taehyung's level, desperately trying to talk to him while the younger one kept sobbing.
You had no idea what had happened here, but looking at the situation, it looked like something deeply disturbing had happened. Mrs. Kim and Mr. Kim were being talked to by your parents and the rest of the elders, but it didn't make sense to ask them either.
Your eyes met Jungkook, his eyes wet from the tears, and he clutched a paper tightly in his hands. He wordlessly walks towards you and hands you the paper and walks out of the room, wiping his tears away.
You flip the paper which seemed like a letter, and just the beginning of it caused your head to spin and suddenly Shoes' behavior yesterday made a whole lot of sense.
Dear Tae,
I am really sorry to do this, but I really couldn't gather the courage to do this in person. 
I really, really can't get married to you knowing my heart lies somewhere else. I met Mark a year ago when I was visiting New York for work. He and I had a lot of common interests professionally and that led to us becoming friends. 
Unknowingly, we started falling for each other, and before the project was over Mark confessed. I didn't return to his feelings, but I knew deep down I felt the same as him. I tried to avoid the feelings or the way I was suffering inside, knowing that I was doing wrong by you; I had been engaged to you after all.
I tried to suppress every feeling, every emotion I felt for him until yesterday and I thought it would be easier once I got married to you. but all of that changed when I arrived at the venue to get ready for the wedding. The moment I wore my wedding dress was the moment I knew I couldn't do this to you and I couldn't ignore the way I felt for Mark. So I decided to do what I know best, run away.
Please don't blame any of this on yourself. Tae, it wasn't you. I don't know what happened or why I grew apart, but none of this was your fault. Mark and I really tried hard to put our feelings aside and do what was right, but it just didn't happen. 
I may be the biggest bitch on this planet, but I would have been a bigger one if I would have gone through with the wedding knowing that I was in love with another man. 
I don't know how else I am supposed to ask for forgiveness from the man who had nothing but unconditional love for Me. I am really sorry for what I did and I truly believe it. But this is better than living a life out of a lie with you, and that would have broken you more.
I am sorry, Taehyung, and I will always love you and I want nothing but the best for you. I pray that one day you will forgive and find a person who gives you the same love in the same capacity as you do.
I am truly sorry,
The moment you finished reading the letter tears welled up in your own eyes as well. How did Sohee never once mention all of this? She had been in touch with you until last week and she seemed okay; it wasn't like you could have figured something was wrong over the phone either, but all of this came as a shock to you as well. You had been best friends with her since you were ten.
You step out of the room. Seeing Jungkook standing by the window, looking out, lost in his own thoughts, you decided to walk to the youngest. You didn't want to imagine what he must be going through seeing his own best friend like this.
''Did you know about this?" Jungkook's sudden question startles you.
"Do you think I would have let any of this happen if I knew?"
"I will never ever forgive her for doing this to him, she broke him."
"I am neither."
"I don't want to imagine what Hyung must be going through right now. I don't even know how we are going to fix him. He's suffering for no fault of his"
"He must be dying from the inside. The person he loved and trusted the most betrayed him in the worst way possible."
"Y/n can we have you in here for a second?" Namjoon's voice interrupted your conversation with kook; you nodded and followed him inside while Jungkook tailed close to you.
The atmosphere in the room immediately shifted when you entered behind Namjoon. Suddenly all the eyes were on you except Taehyungs. He was still seated lifelessly on the chair, the only movement being the tears flowing on his face.
"Y/nah we need to talk to you." A man probably in his forties stepped forward, followed by another man who looked a little older, you recognized as Taehyung's boss stayed close to him.
"If you're going to ask if I knew any of this, trust me I swear on my life I didn't know any of this. She never told me, didn't even hint that she was going to do something like this." You spoke everything in a single breath, and the man only nodded his head furiously at your confession.
"That's not what we want to talk to you about." Taehyungs boss finally spoke up and you looked at him in confusion unsure of how you would be of any help in this situation.
"We need your assistance."
"I am sorry but I'm not quite following."
"We have a request to make, you must be well aware of the situation on the internet and we don't think that announcing the wedding cancellation is a good idea"
You kept silent still, not understanding your role in this; but upon your silence, the man continued.
"It wouldn't be wise to let the world know that the wedding has been canceled, everybody has been waiting with bated breaths for Taehyung's wedding albeit the identity being kept a secret."
This still didn't make any sense to you, but the hopeful eyes of the people around you had your gut feeling uneasy as hell.
"Could you marry Taehyung?" You choked on air at the boss' question, you looked at him again, trying to confirm if you had heard something wrong. Did he just ask you to marry Tae?
"I'm sorry what?"
"I know what I'm asking for you is absurd but this is the only way out. This is the only way out to avoid any kind of harm done to Tae's reputation and there is no chance of letting people outside this room know Sohee ran away." You stood frozen in your spot, absolutely rooted to the ground. The room was already spinning in front of your eyes; you wanted to pinch yourself to check if you were dreaming. How the hell could this possibly be true?
"You're joking right?"
"Does this look like a joke to you?"
"I know we're asking too much of you, but please take some time to think it out. You would be helping your friend out of a potential public mess. Please he doesn't need this mess right now when he is this close to breaking down"
You had no words to counter that question. Taehyung was in a really bad state, and right now he definitely didn't need the internet passing judgment or a million theories floating about why his wedding was called off.
But you also didn't know how in the hell you could be obliged to the boss' request. You were to attend your best friend's wedding, and you were supposed to fly to New York tonight. You had the entire three years planned for you and the wedding was something that didn't even remotely fit in there.
" Can we talk to her please?" Your father spoke to the older man who just nodded.
Your parents and Taehyung's parents led you out of the room to the room right next door.
"Y/nah we want to know what you're thinking?" Your mom quickly sat you down on the bed while Mrs. Kim took a seat right opposite you, while your dad and Taes dad stood next to each other a little further from you.
"Eomma this is, ugh I don't know" you threw your arms in the air in frustration. Taehyung was an absolute sweetheart and an extremely close friend. Hell, you didn't have any kind of feelings for him romantically, either. He was always the goofy guy who you adored initially, and then he was one of your close friends and then Sohees boyfriend. And it had been that way for the past ten years.
"Y/nah if you ask me, I would say do it for your friend. What Taehyung needs right now is some support and this isn't just something that can be solved by a single statement considering how popular he is"
"Appa I__ Mrs. Kim's loud sob absolutely shattered your heart and you looked at her with tears in your own eyes. Never in your life had you seen this sweet woman cry like this; she was almost a mother to you, and seeing her in this state was heartbreaking to you, too.
"God I wish he had never met that woman" Mrs. Kim spoke in between her sobs, and you hated Sohee right at this moment. She could have definitely done things better.
"This changes everything." You let out a sigh, panic settling in your veins at the mere thought of going out and doing what was being proposed. Never in a million years did you ever think you were flying out to attend your own wedding.
An hour of emotional breakdowns, confusing questions, and logical and emotional reasoning later, your parents and the rest of the guys convinced you to go through with the plan.
You agreed for the sake of your friend who was sitting in the next room; his dreams, his smile, and his life taken away forcibly from him. But as much as you loved your friend, you still were your own person, and there were a couple of things that you wanted clarity on.
All eyes were on you again the moment you walked into the room again, your face still etched in a frown at how eventful this wedding had turned out to be.
"Are you absolutely sure there is nothing that can be done besides this? How about you lie that he got married today and just say a year later he got divorced or something? The identity would be a secret right"
The man who was a little younger than the boss looked at you like you had grown a second head.
"Do you know how big of a scandal this can cause if by any chance the truth gets out that the marriage never happened?" You obviously didn't know, you were studying to become a director and definitely not someone from PR
"Listen y/nah we can compensate you if that's what you like?"
"No. I am not getting paid at the expense of my friends' misery. Thank You very much."
"Please understand we have to do this."
"Tae" you called out to Taehyung, but the guy even refused to look up. He didn't even move an inch when you called out to him, not even when Yoongi tried. Jimin and Jungkook stood by Namjoon, absolutely heartbroken to see their soulmate in this state.
"Please do as they say.'' His broken voice pulled out another sob from Mrs. Kim and you couldn't help but walk towards Taehyung and get on his level trying to at least get the guy to speak.
"Tae please say something."
"Do as they say please." Tears rushed out of his eyes furiously, and Taehyung made no effort to wipe them away. Jin quickly placed a hand on his shoulder and nodded his head in a no and you got up. There was no way he was thinking straight. The pain took precedence over logic.
"Namjoon, can I please to all you guys for a minute?" Namjoon quickly got up and the rest of the guys followed you both outside the room
"Do you really feel this is the only option, you guys are his friends? You tell me, without weighing the professional outcomes.
"Y/nah I wish we could give you a different outcome or an answer but unfortunately this is the only way that makes sense without doing any further damage."
"You're the best way out y/n" Hobi speaks up, and you look at the six men helplessly. No matter what, this still didn't make sense to you, but you weren't even that selfish to let Tae suffer. He was your friend, after all.
"Namjoon can you do me a favor"
"Please make sure that if anytime in the future Tae feels uncomfortable or he doesn't want to go ahead with this marriage please make sure he has an easy way out of it." Namjoon smiles lightly at your suggestion, the least you could do is to make sure he wouldn't be trapped if he didn't want to do anything with this weird relationship.
All the six boys gave you a hug and walked out of the room, leaving you alone with your thoughts. This definitely wasn't the way you had imagined your trip to Seoul.
It was supposed to be a fun-filled wedding and a return trip to New York to settle in for your first set of masters. But life always showed a middle finger to your plans, and you should have known it would be the same this time, too.
You walked back to the room; everybody was being instructed on what and what not to do. You felt a wave of suffocation when you watched the atmosphere being handled so professionally, although it was just you, the guys, your parents, and Tae. Sohees parents had passed away when she was twenty-two, other than that you didn't know if she had any relatives. This was a touchy subject for her.
While the world was waiting with happy smiles, broken hearts, and endless sobs because of the heartthrob of the millennium Taehyungs wedding.
You stood at the altar with the sad man who had nothing but tears in his eyes, his soul shattered, and his heart broken beyond repair, with the worst possible way you and Kim Taehyung had become man and wife.
You didn't think you had ever seen a wedding that went by in such a short time as yours. You had never given much thought to your wedding. That was something you planned for in a far-away future. But sadness, confusion, doubt, and absurdity were never a part of it.
The loose ring on your finger was living proof of the changes that were going to happen in your life now. Nobody uttered a word even after the wedding was long over. Everybody seemed to be shocked to the core at how the events of the day turned out to be. Taehyung had not uttered a word either. His eyes were swollen and red from all the crying. You hated Sohee for what she did to him.
The industry that Taehyung belonged to was the easiest to sway. Money, Fame. Temptations came as easy as breathing, but the guy had never let any of that sway him. You had been there since the beginning of Taehyung and Sohee's love story and you were by Sohee's side when both of them cried when they couldn't see each other often.
Taehyung was a one-man woman and his loyalty to Sohee for the past ten years had never moved an inch. It was Sohee and it was always going to be Sohee for him. No one could come close to what Sohee was for Taehyung, and yet she decided to throw all of that away for what? You cursed at Sohee for losing the best thing that had happened to her.
"Miss Y/n we need you for the photo shoot." The photographer's voice broke your train of thoughts.
"I'm Sorry?"
"We need to do a photoshoot for the photos that are going to be released to the public. I am sorry but it's already too late and we can't cancel this." You nodded and looked around the room for Taehyung, but he was nowhere to be seen.
The rest of the members immediately scurried away to find him while you waited on the balcony that was already painted in the shades of sunset. The view and the beautiful sky would have been a magnificent background if only both the bride and the groom had been happy. In your case, Taehyung was heartbroken and betrayed by the love of his life. You were a total mess for different reasons. Where do you go from here? What happens to all the plans? What about your masters that you were supposed to start in a week? Could you even go to the US now or would you have to start a different life in Seoul because you were married?
Never ever in your entire life had you felt any human hands so foreign on your body. Although Taehyung just held you by the waist and the fading light was enough to highlight both your silhouettes in the picture, you could make out the hesitation in his touch.
The photographs were taken quickly given the situation and the tears and the slight sobs coming from Taehyung. While your wedding photograph looked straight out of a dream, the truth behind it was the stark opposite.
While the picture screamed unison, love, and romance the reality was exactly the opposite, behind the fading lights and dark silhouettes lay the ugly truth of a man who was heartbroken and close to shambles and the girl who just got thrown in a mix of an unfortunate situation, who was finding it equally confusing on where exactly she stood in life.
Taehyung didn't spend a minute after the photos were taken. He pulled away his hands like they were burning and you didn't even have it in you to react.
You stood at the end of the balcony watching the end of the day, while the people continued to wrap up the equipment. While there was enough noise to drown on that terrace, your mind drowned itself in the chaos of the situation and the silence of your decision.
"It's out." Jungkook's voice broke you out of your thoughts and you gave the man Kane a confused look. He quickly pushed his phone into your hand and you sighed deeply when you saw the picture. Wasn't it a few moments ago that the picture was taken?
Your eyes watered seeing the comments and the likes raining on the photos like no tomorrow. Taehyung was a global superstar, and it was no surprise that millions of his fans were just waiting with bated breaths to have a look at their newly hitched idol and his wife.
"Don't think too much about it, they're just probably excited." You nodded as you handed his phone back to him. You could do nothing but think about this, how you were partially in the spotlight. Although the company as promised, had taken strict measures to not let your identity be revealed, the fact that you were actually unknowingly trending on every possible social media platform, news website, and news channel was a little unsettling.
"What do I do Kook? I have no idea where to go from here?" Jungkook gently linked his arms with yours, and the tears that were just waiting to be spilled finally let themselves out after you voiced your fears for the first time.
"I have no idea y/n, I'd be lying if I gave you any kind of reassurance right now. The entire situation is just too weird right now."
"How's Tae?"
"The worst. I've never seen him this low Y/N. He hasn't stopped crying at all. He isn't speaking either."
"God, I wish there was some magical way to take away his pain."
"You know, since the time we debuted Taehyung was the only guy who had a fight with the managers about his girlfriend. While the rest of them broke up or didn't prioritize their relationship, Tae was the only one who was fighting for him. Eventually, the managers gave up but the guy didn't."
"I really wish Sohee didn't do this to him."
"Me too y/n. Let's go inside, it's getting dark"
You unlink your arms with the maknae and begin walking toward the exit of the terrace, a small prayer repeating in your mind to let this falling darkness be the end of the damn day.
The moment you got down you saw people already arranging to exit the venue, the reception being canceled long ago.
Everyone already seemed to have been waiting for you from the site before you. Without a word you followed your parents and took your parents into the cars.
You didn't wait for anyone to say anything as you hastily made your way to your room; the moment you opened the door to your room, the suitcases neatly lined up in the corner broke out a sob from deep within. Your flight to New York was due in seven hours.
Every passing second seemed to put weight on your shoulders. What exactly were you supposed to do now? Do you leave like you planned or if you would have to forget everything you planned and devote yourself to this new life?
The harsh knock on the door startled you and you quickly wiped your tears and got up to open the door.
"Ms.Y/n the boss wants to see you." The man from earlier politely spoke while your heart started drumming faster against your rib cages, trying to take a guess what possibly could be left now?
You follow the man who introduced himself as Sejin and led you to a balcony on the same floor. Your eyes widened when you saw everyone present there except Jimin and Taehyung.
"Y/naah have a seat."
"What is this about?" The boss quickly placed a thick stack of papers along with a pen in front of you and your eyes almost popped out.
"These are some contracts that you need to sign."
"What contracts?"
"Consider them as a safety measure."
You picked the one on top and the contents of the contract started giving you a headache. It was an NDA, and the more you read about it, the more you began to contemplate your decisions. Without giving a fuck about them, you quickly pick up a pen and start signing it.
There are loud gasps in the room when you quickly start signing the contracts without reading much. The first page of the first contract was enough to give you an idea of what to expect from the rest of them.
"It's not like I have any Ill intentions anyway." You mutter to yourself as you sign the last page and push the stack to its original place, in the hands of the big boss.
"I have a copy sent to you in your email." He quickly checks them once more, and when he looks like he had cross-checked everything, you take that as a cue to leave.
"If that's all, I'll take your leave. I have a flight to catch."
"Where are you going?"
"New York."
The second loud gasps in the room decorate your skin in goosebumps, everyone's loud arguments draining out any kind of mental energy to fight back.
The sad part of the entire chaos was the way everyone seemed to care about Tae, but not once did anyone think about you, including your parents. You had been tangled in this mess, too. You were confused earlier, but you weren't about to let go of the plans you had. You worked hard to get things in place. Why should you let them go?
"Y/n you're married now, you can't just leave everything and go." Your mother's harsh voice broke your heart a little.
"Eomma what about my master's?"
"You can do that here y/nah, there are good universities here too."
"Eomma School of Drama New York is the best in the industry. I worked hard to get in. I can't just leave."
"Y/nah you can do it here, we'll arrange for the best colleges for you in Korea."
"Namjoon it won't be the same. That University is a gold mine."
"We can help you intern with some of the best directors here, it will be easier for you." Your eyes widened at the boss' suggestion, you didn't need a shortcut to your hard work.
"I don't want the easy way out, I've worked hard till here, and I want to continue to do so."
"Y/nah you're being stubborn." Yoongi's voice broke the second part of your heart. Why was fighting for your dreams stubborn? How were you in the wrong in all of this?
"No, don't be like that Tae needs you." Jungkook's words were the last straw for you. Your head was threatening to burst when everyone else agreed to it.
"What my son needs is a little space to grieve what he went through and what y/n needs is a little time and space to process this situation and to let her work towards her dream." Mrs. Kim's voice cut through all the tension in the room.
"My son is what he is today because he never gave up on his dreams and y/n doesn't need to give up on hers just because she's married now."
"I agree with Chae-won. The kids will figure the rest themselves. Right now what they need is a little space to process this." Mr. Kim agreed with his wife and everyone visibly deflated their strong stance.
"Y/nah get ready, me and Taehyung's father will drop you at the airport." You nodded at Mrs. Kim's request and quickly made a beeline to your room. You need to get out of here now.
You quickly shove your remaining belongings in your bag and get changed in record time. The moment you open the door to your room, you almost fall back in shock. Everyone except Taehyung and his parents were waiting outside. You immediately decided to give them a piece of your mind if they were here, to convince you to stay back just because you were married now.
"Y/nah we're sorry." Namjoon was the first one to speak. Your eyes wandered out to your parents, who were standing right next to Jin. They looked guilty, and that kind of gave you relief. You hated fighting with your parents and so far you have been lucky.
"We were just thinking about your well-being, But I guess you're big enough to decide that for yourself. We're sorry." Your eyes widened at your father's words. You nodded and decided not to question anything further. The situation was doing that enough already.
"That's okay, Really." You quickly hug everyone. Even though the lobby looks a little small for eight people. Your mind calmed a bit after that considering the earlier incident had left a sour taste in your mouth.
See, you had no problems with everyone being concerned for Tae. They should have been. He was hurt, rather, he was destroyed after what Sohee had done to him. But pushing that on you was unfair. You had not even the slightest hint in your wildest dreams that you would end up marrying your best friend's boyfriend.
Everybody muttered their share of apologies and walked you down to the lobby where supposedly Mrs. Kim and her husband were waiting for you. Mrs. Kim stopped talking to her husband and rushed to your side.
"All good Y/nah?"
"Yeah, Auntie. Let's go." The staff provided their assistance with your bags and your parents quickly gave you another hug before you left. Just as you were about to thank the heavens for finally concluding the day. You were proved wrong the very next second.
"Y/n.." A heavy baritone voice stopped the three of you dead in your tracks. You blinked your eyes twice to check if you were dreaming again, Mrs. Kim let out a loud sob seeing her son, and Mr. Kim let out a gasp. Taehyung was rushing towards you, barely managing to walk properly. His hair was disheveled, his shirt tucked out, eyes red, and a slur in his speech.
"Taehyung." Mrs. Kim tried to hold her son. But the said man just brushed her hand off and charged towards you. Before you could react to it, Taehyung grabbed your hand roughly and snatched the wedding ring on your finger, and walked away just the way he had come out of nowhere. Mrs. Kim's sobbing had now turned into angry shouting, but Tae paid no attention to his mother.
"Kim Taehyung came back here." Her angry outburst had no effect on Tae whatsoever, who just stumbled inside.
"Y/nah I'm so sorry, He's not in his right mind. Let me go get your ring." Mr. Kim began taking quick steps in the direction Taehyung went. But you quickly stopped him. That ring wasnt definitely yours to keep.
"Let it be Uncle, It was made for Sohee. It wasn't mine anyway." Mr. Kim gave you a sad look which made you feel like shit for a second. You hated pity with your entire existence and somehow today proved to be doing just that.
"But Y/nah–
"Auntie please, Let him. Let's leave. We are getting late."
"Y/nah I'm so sorry for what Taehyung did and also for the situation earlier."
"Auntie you don't need to ."
"No Y/nah a lot of things were on the line out there. Sohee had no right to do what she did."
"Uncle, I really don't know why she did what she did. If there was any chance that I could undo what happened, Trust me I would. Both of them are my friends and I don't want one suffering because of another."
"You're a good girl Y/nah, I don't know how to thank you for what you've done for my son."
"Auntie now you're just being formal, Trust me when I say I don't know how or if this is going to work out."
"I know, But I'm glad. It's You."
The interaction between the three of you had to be cut short because of the flight announcement. But you left with reassurance from Mrs. Kim and her husband, and with their numbers as well, promising them that you would keep in touch.
Taehyung had never ever imagined in his wildest dreams that he would be specifically having these two thoughts about his life.
One, he would have never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would hate where he is today. It was because of who he was, that he had to marry his childhood friend. It was because of what he was he had to sit there and agree to whatever his boss told him, who knew the best way to minimize the damage that would be done to his and his band's reputation. It was because of who he was, that he had to throw away the idea of being selfish because he had six more others to care for. It was because of who he was. He was supposed to care what the world thought about him.
He had no chance to even process his pain, the moment the letter reached his hands, and he couldn't even read half of it because the tears had already started gushing down his face. All he knew was that his love had left him for another man.
The second being, he never had imagined in his wildest dreams of Sohee, leaving him. Never ever. He thought he and Sohee had found what others were looking for. That one true love.
Sohee wasn't only his love. She was the reason he wanted to do better every single day. She was the reason everything seemed alright in the world. She was the force that grounded him. She was the air that he breathed, and she was the soul of his body.
It pained him to even think of the fact that his Sohee had fallen in love with someone else. They had risen through everything, the pain. The urge to fly across countries and hug each other and never let go, the rising stardom. The recognition of everything. Taehyung loved all that he achieved because Sohee was with him. She taught him how to stay true to his roots and never forget them. She was the one who was by his side when things weren't working, and she was still the one who was by his side when he reached the highest pinnacles of success. And now she was gone, and he could do nothing.
Taehyung hated himself for not being able to notice the signs. He should have been more careful, if he had noticed he would have reminded her of their love, their memories, the dreams they saw when they set out to make it, and the promises they made when they had achieved it. Everything.
He would have reminded her of all that held them together for so many years.
Now she was gone, just like the smile on his face. Now she was nowhere to be found just like his happiness. Sohee hadn't just walked out of his life with another man. She had taken his soul and his hopes and dreams of a happy future with her. He was lost.
Now he was all alone, married to his childhood friend, and while his fans celebrated his happiness and wished him, love, Kim Taehyung sat locked in his room with his best friend, drinking his worries away and trying to forget his pain for just that night.
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aajjks · 3 months ago
Bad boy!Jungkook Headcanons
Tumblr media
tw: NONC*N/DUBC*N KISSING, yandere themes, bad boy!jk, mentions of sex, sexual thoughts, asshole jk tbh, yn queen, extreme possessiveness, extreme jealousy, sexual undertones, degradation, cussing. name calling, he’s a manwhore tbh.
viewer discretion is advised.
note. THIS IS PURELY FICTIONAL, DO NOT ROMANTICISE THIS BEHAVIOUR, I don’t condone this behaviour at all, this does not represent bts’ jungkook irl!
Tumblr media
Jeon jungkook, the most clićhed notorious bad boy you can find in this world.
He is one of those classic tropes of bad boys.
popular, cocky, fuck boy, ready to fight anyone and shy (surprise)
This man likes to think with two things, his fist & his dick
Not the brain.
He is the most rude person you can imagine, a fucking bully who likes to do it to battle his own inner insecurities.
He hates the idea of love.
Girls are like tissues to him, throw em’ away after using them w/o a single thought. He only likes to get his dick wet.
You should absolutely be no exception.
Jungkook doesn’t find anything really interesting about you, yes you are okay to look at, he’ll admit.
But he thinks you’re so fake.
Yes you are fake, you know why?
Cus you don’t want him.
He’s the fever dream, the walking greek God, sex on the legs.
He scoffs, what a dumb bitch you are.
Jungkook acts like he isn’t bothered by your ‘supposed’ disinterest in him.
Buy only God knows how desperately he wants to be the one you obsess over.
The one you can’t stop thinking about, the one who you dream about day & night
The one who’s name you moan out loud between the four walls of shitty bedroom.
Gosh. He just wants you to notice him. At first though, Jungkook thinks that it’s his undeniable lust for you that’s driving him insane.
I mean…. He is kind of a sex freak.
But then…. He likes to think that you have a problem. Why? Of course because you don’t even look at him, like them other girls.
Why? WHY? At nights, when he’s not stalking you… he grabs his hair out of frustration, his tattooed fingers grabbing onto the dark curly locks of his, his mind going crazy with the thoughts of you.
You are not just special, you shouldn’t be this special to him.
So why does his chest hurt like someone fired a million bullets directly at his heart when he sees you the next day laughing along with Jaehyun?
That fuckin son of a bitch.
He can’t help it, he tries to hold his bubbling jealousy in, biting the insides of his cheek in order to stop himself.
He continues to glare at you. The way you smile so beautifully at NOT him but that fucker makes his veins fill with rage.
Jungkook wants to kill Jae.
He’s not even that handsome… he’s not cool enough like him…. He’s not him.
He’s not simply not meant to be with you.
It’s jungkook who’s meant to be with you.
You-You…. How can you do this to him…?
Don’t you see how much jungkook loves you?
Is this your way of punishing him for sleeping with so many people? For being so… unfaithful to you?
YES HE EVEN ADMITS IT NOW…. He knows he’s so much in love with you… finally after months…
He wants you. Only to himself.
Jungkook clenches his fist, no… he can’t let his rage takeover… jungkook- he doesn’t want to destroy you because of it…
He’ll just have to tell you.
Just how much he loves you.
And he tries to,
Later that night when he’s towering over your trembling figure, his eyes lost in your tear filled ones.
Oh Goodness…. He thinks. You’re so fuckin terrified, how pretty.
Jungkook finally takes his hand away from your mouth, you’re too frozen to speak as he finally leans in grands your body into his arms and crashes his lips onto yours.
Swallowing your screams away, his hand grabs your face as he pushes his lips depose into yours, kissing you like there’s no tomorrow.
He should know that what he’s doing is wrong, so fucked up onto so many levels.
But he doesn’t care.
Your tears don’t stop, so does his kissing.
Jungkook can’t help himself, you’re just so addicting.
He wants you so bad. You need to realise that.
And his kiss will make you realise his ‘love’ for you.
Because his confession couldn’t.
He’ll just have to take you away now.
Not that he minds really.
As long as you’re with him, nothing really matters.
You’re finally his, forcefully?
Yes. But at the end of the day.
You’re all his.
“I love you so much… please love me now… don’t hate me… you’re my good girl right?”
Tumblr media
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seokjins-luigi · 2 months ago
I hate everything about you | pjm | teaser
Tumblr media
release date ↠ october 13th ~ 5:30pm (GMT-3)
pairing ↠ ex! Jimin x ex! f! reader
genre ↠ exes to lovers | a bit of love triangle | angst | smut | fluff
banner: by the amazing @kookdiaries
summary ↠ accidentally, you bump into your ex who, mind you, previously cheated on you. so you're 99% sure the only feeling you have left for him is sheer hate. but the 1% leaves you questioning.
A/N ↠ this story's been on my doc list for a while, after listening to I hate everything about you by Three Days Grace (probably listened to this one about 500 times in a week). decided to take a look at it again and ended up liking the idea again, so... here's a teaser. hope you like it. I'm still trying to come back, but, y'a know, babysteps.
feedback is always appreciated 💜
permanent taglist ↠ @goldenhoney-cas @yuugehn
Tumblr media
There are about eighteen thousand bars in Seoul. You know this because you’ve just googled it. Out of curiosity? Not really. Just because you couldn’t wrap your head around the fact that out of all the bars in Seoul, all the eighteen thousand bars in Seoul, Jungkook had to pick the one where your ex is currently working. 
Not to blame it on Jungkook, poor guy. There was no way in hell he could know this and you’re sure that if you told him, he’d be crushed, since, according to him, he’s been trying to muster up the courage to ask you out for months. To be fair, you didn’t even know Jimin had left his partner, Seokjin, and his own bar to start working behind the counter again. Not that it's any of your business, anyway. He can go to hell for all you care, especially after dumping your ass three days before your four year anniversary for some random girl he met on that stupid fucking bar of his.
That fucking stupid bar he clearly didn’t even own anymore. Joke’s on him.
It broke your heart in a way you’re not sure it’s ever going to heal. He meant the world to you, all that butterfly bullshit and everything. When he left you, it felt like your world was falling to pieces. You shared a life, even shared a home. A small apartment near his stupid fucking bar, you were so happy when you two finally moved in together. 
Building intimacy takes time, compromising to someone else’s well being and happiness costs more than only your time. Learning how to share your space, your insecurities, your feelings. That shit takes time. Giving yourself to a person takes more than that. It takes courage. 
You gave all of that and much more to Park Jimin. But you regret doing so with every fiber of your being. Learning to live your life again without having him in it was one of the hardest things you’ve had to do so far.
You had your share of revenge after fucking his best friend, Taehyung, and making sure to tell him about it when you went to your apartment to get his stuff back. If you felt like shit, you had to try to make him feel at least one percent of the heartbreak you had been feeling. After that, you heard that he and Taehyung got into a physical fight and had cut ties. 
It was definitely not a very peaceful break up experience, both of you were extremely proud people and could not stand losing. It took you a great amount of therapy sessions in order to stop dreaming and thinking about him 24/7. 
Do you still believe in love after that? You’re not sure, but probably not, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Jungkook was a very sweet and flirty distraction in the middle of your heartbreak. Not to mention the guy is hot as fuck, but right now, you swear you could just punch him in the face. 
Because out of all the bars in Seoul, here you are. At the one your fucking nasty ex boyfriend works in. 
As soon as you walked in, you felt something was off with this one. It felt like the universe itself was trying to spare you from this experience. Of course, you didn’t listen to your intuition, especially because Jungkook told you a friend of his has been talking wonders about the drinks from this specific bar. 
Once you looked over at the bar, you saw him. For a split second, you froze. He looked as gorgeous as ever, dark locks obscuring his eyes from where you could see. You didn't allow yourself to feel any type of way with the sight of him, you were over him, you definitely didn't want to go back to the pit where you recently came out of, thank you very much. He was too busy with whatever he was doing at the moment to notice you, fortunately. You just rushed over to Jungkook, locking your arms out of nervousness, leaving him quite giddy about it. 
Did you ask him to leave and look for another place to spend the night? No. 
Should you have done so? Maybe.
But you wouldn't deny yourself the satisfaction of showing Jungkook off to him in the place Jimin works. It didn't matter that only looking at him made you miss him more than words can ever say, you know that he’d feel pissed out of his mind. You’d deal with your feelings some other time.
“Looks nice, huh?” Jungkook asks you with a sweet smile hanging on his pierced lips, bringing you back to planet Earth.
You nod faintly, showing him a warm smile. 
“There's a balcony back there, do you see it?” He asks again, holding your hand now. You weren’t even able to react to Jungkook’s gestures properly, you were too lost in your thoughts about Jimin. “It’s got a very nice view of the city, if anything, we can take some nice photos here. You look hot, by the way”.
“Oh- I- Thanks, Jungkook. You too, by the way”, you tried smirking. “A-Are we getting a table or what?”
You usually don’t get thrown off by his compliments. You love when it happens, of course, but you’re usually good at flirting, you see he gets slightly puzzled as to why would you react like that all of a sudden.  
“Are you okay, Y/n?” He asks you, caressing the back of your hand with his thumb, a little concern can be sensed in his voice tone. 
“Of course! Why do you ask?” You reply, tilting your head a bit, trying to sound convincingly confused. 
You would not simply ruin your date by mentioning your ex boyfriend is the bartender he’s been listening compliments about.  
“Nevermind… Why don’t you go ahead and grab us a spot on the balcony? I’ll do the honors and order our drinks. Any preferences?”
“Surprise me”, you challenge him, squeezing his hand before letting go of it, still trying to hold the confident demeanor he’s used to. 
You head over to the balcony, not really looking over at the bar, trying your best to forget about the fact that Jimin was here and could notice you’re here too at any moment. The most annoying thing about this situation is that you’re feeling too nervous about seeing him. Much more than you should be.
So what Jimin is here? You’re over him, remember? Get your shit together. You’re here with Jungkook, enjoy your date.
You try distracting yourself by scrolling on your social media, not really paying attention to anything in particular, just trying to keep your mind away from Jimin. You can’t really understand why you feel almost shaky, maybe that’s how your body reacts to someone you hate. 
You only had the courage to look into his direction again when you felt Jungkook was coming back to your table, with a warm expression adorning his beautiful features, holding two drinks in his hands. It would have been the beginning of a nice date, if you couldn’t see Jimin’s eyes shooting daggers in your direction from above Jungkook’s shoulder. 
Yes, he’s seen you already. Of course he’s seen you.
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