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10 moons, 3 crowns and matching colors with the cards and the layout of the books. I think you agree that must be a coincidence 馃槵馃槀. twitter. com/factkm58/status/1575073876433723392?s=20&t=PMmv4dHIS6_PG--J4yoeyA
Oh my f***ing god.
I've notices so much and that I didn't even notice??????
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Not a coincidence.
Enough with this shit.
Enough with "it might be another coincidence". That's just utter bullshit.
10 moons. 3 crowns.
Fucking 13.
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I'm not a swearing person...it's their fault not mine.
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JK | Virgin Sacrifice
word count: 7.2k
Tumblr media
Summary: Since the day you were born, your parents prepared you for your sacrifice. The whole village knew, and with that everyone stayed away from you. Thinking even just looking at your would make the demon in waiting made. The demon the has been praying on you since birth, but not on what you expected.聽
Paring: Demon!Jungkook x Virgin!Reader.
Genre: demon!au, virgin sacrifice, smut, angst
Rating: 18+
Warnings: neglectful parents, grooming, minor character death, jealousy, loss of virginity, vaginal sex, vaginal fingering, big dick!jk, marking, biting, rough sex, one-sided love, stalking, murder, blood
A/N: In the spirit of Halloween coming up, I鈥檝e written this story. By that I mean the scenario has been in my head for months and I finally decided to write it out. It鈥檚 different than what I usually write, but I really like the scenario of demon JK being in love with the person he鈥檚 meant to eat. I know I鈥檓 weird, but I guess it鈥檚 better than being normal and boring. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fic. Comment below if you want or message me through the request/ask button锟硷考. I love to stay connected with you guys, and I鈥檓 sorry I haven鈥檛 been heavily active a lot lately.锟 i鈥檝e just been really busy with work, school, as well as an internship. I鈥檓 trying to be more active. Okay鈥 I鈥檒l stop talking now鈥 Enjoy the fic! 馃槉
銆傘兓掳掳銉宦奥般兓銆 銆傘兓掳掳銉宦奥般兓銆 銆傘兓掳掳銉宦奥般兓銆
You always dreaded turning eighteen. You always dreaded turning the age that meant your death.
It was on the day of your birth that you were chosen. Chosen to be your village's sacrifice to the demon that stalked your town for decades before you were born. He came in a puff of smoke and chose you. Saying you were the next human he would take so your village would stay unharmed for another hundred years. You never saw the demon, and even if you did at the time, you were only an hour old, so how would you remember it if you did? But the whole village saw him. Heard him cast you as the next sacrifice for their prosperity.聽
You've been told since day one what you need to do and how you could ready yourself for him. Not understanding half of the measures, but also never getting answers. Your parents always treated you neutrally in the family since they knew what would happen to you one day and not really caring what you did with your life because of it.聽
Well... they did care about one thing.聽
You had to stay a virgin.
This was a request from the demon himself, but it was never asked from him before. You were the first.聽
The sacrifices were always female and cast when the girl was born, but making sure you were a virgin was a first. And this first was also promised by the demon to be his last casting.
You will be the last sacrifice ever taken from your village if you stayed a virgin until the day of your reaping. And you did stay a virgin, although no one in your town gave you a choice on the matter.聽
Everyone knew who you were because of the demons declaring, so no one pursued you. You were close to defying the rule one day when some travelers came into the village. They didn't know who you were or who you were meant to be. One traveler took your first kiss. You would have let him take more because you were always angry at age sixteen. Always mad at knowing you will one day die, and you'll never be able to enjoy the act of lovemaking.聽
So, you were going to let him do whatever he wanted to you out of spite, but the second his touches became more intimate. Just when his hands caressed the sides of your breasts. His eyes, once as blue as the sky, turned as black as night, and he ripped himself away from you like you were on fire and left you there bewildered.聽
He died the next day. Suicide they say. Jumping off a cliff into the pile of jagged rocks, they say. Killed by getting stabbed by a sharp rock into the stomach at the bottom of a trench.聽
You didn't see the massacre, but you didn't need to. You could smell the blood from a mile, and that's how you knew his body was not just simply stabbed, and there was no way it was suicide. You saw it in his eyes that night. He was murdered.
Since then, you knew you were being watched. Not just by the people in the village, or your parents, but by the demon himself. You weren't sure why he cared so much that you stayed a virgin, or why he looked after you the way he did, but it angered you for a long time. It angered you until your seventeenth birthday. One year before your death.
You would think at least your parents would cry at the fact that you were dying soon, but just like yourself they groomed themselves to accept your fate. The fate that you will die by the hands of a demon in one years time.
And that years time... was today.聽
The exact date you were born, on the exact time you were born, they prepared you. Prepared you to look your best for your death. Garnishing you with flowers in your hair with braids, and making you wear white to signify you're still standing purity. It was a simple white wrapping of fabric, but there was nothing underneath. Making everything easy for the demon to access for when he decides to eat every last bit of you.
You didn鈥檛 cry. You cried too much over the years to not have to on the actual day. Even while the priest prayed over you, rubbing holy water on your forehead, telling you to have safe travels to heaven after your death, you still聽didn't cry. Even when two men in all black strapped your arms and legs to a stone alter, making you all spread out and be in the position of an聽鈥榅,鈥 not a single pass of tears crossed your eyes.聽
You were completely done with it all, and were opening your arms to death. At least your village would be safe for eternity now, you told yourself. At least another girl wouldn't need to go through this in the future, you told yourself. Anything to ensure that this will all end up okay.... for everyone else but you.
It wasn't until a whole hour had passed, that you knew the demon was in the same room as you. There was no one left in the alter room besides you, and the only light you had was from a few candles left on the floor surrounding the alter. You only knew he was there by the smell.
It was a smell you have never smelt before. You聽couldn't even describe it if you were asked, but it was almost other worldly. Like a smell that was only made in his dimension, and no mortal would ever be able to copy it. But, in a way, it was comforting. Everything reminded you of death in this room, so the one outlying thing gave you this comfort. You grasped onto that comfort, and continued to stare up at the ceiling. Not caring enough to look for the demon who's about to devour you whole.
You're suspicions of him being there were confirmed, when he spoke.聽
鈥淲hat a lovely set up. You mortals really outdone yourselves this year.鈥 The demon then chuckled at his own comment, and you felt your heart stutter. You鈥檝e never heard such an enchanting voice in all your life, and it almost had you turning your head in search to find out who owned that enchanting voice, but you stayed still. Only twitching when the bindings around your arms began to itch.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 all for you, mighty demon,鈥 You said simply. You were couched early on how to act, and what was okay to say to the demon. Saying anything course to him would just invoke a painful death, so you followed the instructions from the town folk that you thought knew the most information about this ritual.聽
The demon laughed this time. You raised an eyebrow, confused on what you could have said that made him laugh this time, but finding your ears perk at the sound too. Everything about this demon so far was pulling at your senses, but your eyes stayed trained on the ceiling.聽
鈥淎ll mighty demon, you say? Funny thing to call me especially since you believe聽I'm here to eat you up.鈥
His last three words made you shiver, and you tighten your arms on your retrains, holding onto the tattered rope. You can tell he鈥檚 getting closer to you by the distance of his voice echoing around the room, and you're not sure what to do with that information.聽
鈥淏ut that is what you are, and what you will do. I - I have accepted that, and聽I'm happy to be your sacrifice.鈥
All of sudden, a gust of wind was felt. Making your stray hairs not in the braids move, and your skin crawl with goosebumps.聽
鈥淟ies,鈥 The demon hisses close to your ears.
This time, you can鈥檛 help it. Your defense mechanisms come in, and your bindings hurt as you pull at them, but once you turn to face the demon - you freeze.
Your not sure what you were expecting. Never seeing a demon before has rendered you 锟約peechless because out of all the things your expected him to look like you weren鈥檛 expecting that. You weren鈥檛 expecting him to look like the most handsome man you鈥檝e ever set your eyes on.
His once static expression turns into a smirk, like he can read your thoughts and knows that you鈥檙e聽thinking about him right now. You feel a soft hand caress your cheek, and twitch at the cold contact. Not expecting his skin to be soft either.
鈥淢y dear, you can鈥檛 still think after all this time I鈥檓 here to eat you, do you?鈥
Your eyes go wide at this. Not understanding what else he could possibly want from you聽besides eating you. You鈥檝e been prepared for it. You鈥檝e finally accepted - although still not completely - that your death was going to be by this demon. What else could he possible want besides-
Your thoughts are cut short when you watch his eyes cast down your body. He bites his bottom lip and suddenly the cold hand on your cheek turns warm. It slowly moves down your cheek, across your jaw, and settling on your collarbone. Mapping out your features.
No鈥 fricken鈥 way.
鈥淵es, way.鈥
鈥淲hat?鈥 You blink up at him. Not only has all your worries been flipped upside down, making everything you鈥檝e learned being completely unless, but he just read your-
鈥淵es, I can read your mind. How do you think I knew you didn鈥檛 accept this whole ordeal?鈥 He waves his hand around like the prospect of eating or鈥 making love to you, was such an easy one. 鈥淒id you really think I just wanted you to say a virgin for the fun of it?鈥
You blink a few times, take a moment to process his words, then shout out, 鈥淵es!鈥
The demon starts to cackle like a hyena. Like you thinking anything other then his cruelty was a joke. But he is cruel.
鈥淪uch a cruel devil,鈥 You say without thinking, and instantly regret it. His laughter ceases锟 altogether, and his smile completely falls. The eyes that once made you think the world was full of became black as night. His hand traveled up your trembling skin until it wrapped around your neck, applying slight pressure to your throat.
鈥淔irst off, sweetheart. Names Jungkook. Not demon, not devil, Jung-fucking-kook.鈥 His breathe fans your face as he talks. The demon now known as Jungkook is so close to you that he can probably see your hairs standing on end. 鈥淪econdly, your lucky I choose you instead of some other cunt with a death wish.鈥
Your once fearful state turns back into confusion. Jungkook backs away from your face, hand still wrapped around your throat, staring down at your defenseless form and making your squirm.
鈥淲-what do you mean lucky?鈥
It鈥檚 a understandable question. In which way did any of this render you lucky? Your whole life you thought you were going to killed by a demon, and never able to enjoy any part of life including intimacy with others. Now, you were told your going to lose your virginity to a fucking demon that鈥檚 probably eaten girls like you for breakfast.
Yeah鈥 no luck here.
Jungkook bites the corner of his lip, thinking over your question, but he decides to ignore it altogether. 鈥淓nough talking.鈥
Well, fuck me!
鈥淚 will soon,鈥 Jungkook says, reading your mind, with a smirk. You gasp, surprised by his vulgar words.
His eyes linger running down your body again. Him licking his lips like your the most delicious thing he鈥檚 ever seen. He lifts his hand, going to touch you, and you struggle in your retrains.
鈥淒-don鈥檛 touch me!鈥 You say, but your words fall on deaf ears. All Jungkook does is squint at you, and continue to smirk. He slowly places his hand on your stomach over the white cloth you鈥檝e been dressed in. The cloth you originally - and was planned - to be so he could eat you with no barer, but now there鈥檚 no barer for other things.
His hand slowly travels up your stomach to the valley of your breasts. You feel your face heat up when he brushes the sides of one of your breasts. He glances at your eyes one more time before gliding his singular finger around your breasts like he鈥檚 mapping out聽an infinity symbol. Teasing at what he鈥檚 going to do.
鈥淧-please鈥 don鈥檛.鈥 Even as your say those words, you don鈥檛 believe your own plead. This whole day has been about the complete opposite of what you want. The complete opposite of what you鈥檝e wanted out of your life.
In all honestly, your done with trying for anything. He鈥檚 also a very beautiful being. Would it be the worse thing to just鈥 let him? Maybe he鈥檒l even let you live after. Even if, you would have let the traveler do anything he wanted to you. Why not let the person you鈥檝e been preparing for to do the same?
His hand pauses on your sternum, his eye鈥檚 flash even darker than before, and his smirk becomes sharper. 鈥淭hinking about your last conquest, are you? How you almost let some vile man fuck you out of spite?鈥
Your eyes widen, and you feel his other hand travel up your leg. You start to struggle again, but not as much as before. Only moving because the feel of his hand on your knee surprised you.
Then it dawns on you that you were right. He knew about the man you gave your first kiss to. A guy that you barely even remember, but was significant enough in your life to remember what happened to him.
鈥淵ou did it, didn鈥檛 you?鈥
Jungkook doesn鈥檛 need clarification on what you mean. Of course, he was there. You knew he was, but you just wanted to hear the demon say it himself.
鈥淚f you only heard his thoughts about you that day, you would be thanking me instead of giving me that death look. You should actually be thanking me.鈥
In no way we鈥檙e you going to thank him. Instead, you set your jaw tight and once again yell, with more urgency this time, 鈥淒on鈥檛 touch me!鈥 Not wanting to feel the hands of a murder on your skin.
Instead of doing what you ask, his hand travels further up your leg until it reaches the inside of your thigh. Making your core clench when his hand touches a part of you that no one, but you had ever touched before. You swallow, hating your bodies reaction to the new feeling.
鈥淓nough talking about him,鈥 Jungkook hisses at you. 鈥淓nough talk altogether. I鈥檝e waited far to long for you, and I鈥檓 not waiting any longer.鈥
Before you could figure out what that meant, you gasp when his fingers touch your mounds for the first time. You don鈥檛 even realize how wet you were until he does. Maybe it was something he did to you. He can read minds, after all, but you have to bite your lip super hard to stop yourself from moaning when his fingers start to work you over.
You keep wanting to tell him to stop touching you, to stay away from you, but all that comes out is whimpers. His, clearly experienced, fingers working your neglected pussy over without even entering you yet. Flicking at your clit, rubbing at your entrance, and applying pressure in all the right places.
You feel a tear fall down your face, and you look away from him. Shutting your eyes, and trying to think that you鈥檙e anywhere else but here. His hand that was placed on your sternum then suddenly lands on your face. Gripping your chin and turning your face back to him. Jungkook鈥檚 face is once again inches from yours, and the heat of his breathe makes your eyes go wide open.
鈥淣one of that,鈥 He says. And then his fingers are entering you roughly. Making you see stars and arch your back up into him. Your chests hitting, and you don鈥檛 even register that his lips are on yours until a minute has passed.
Soft lips colliding with yours roughly and impatiently. Like he wants to consume your entire being with one kiss. You moan into his mouth when his once singular finger turns into two, and this reminds you of all the times you were to afraid to do just that. Now looking back at all the times you pleasured yourself at night, maybe your body knew this would come.
That you would need to stay clean even from your own touches for the demon above you. Stealing your breathe away with kisses, and plunging his fingers inside you on repeat. It鈥檚 all so overwhelming. The smell of him, the taste of him, the feel of him. It has you tipping over the edge faster than you ever thought possible, to the point you almost shout out his name as you orgasm. Luckily, you had some composure to hold yourself back from doing so. Not wanting to give him complete satisfaction that his name was what you wanted to scream in euphoria.
Jungkook could tell, though. That you held yourself back. Even though watching you come undone was quite literally the sexiest thing he鈥檚 ever seen, it鈥檚 clear by the way his eyes twitched that he wanted to hear you say his name. That he鈥檚 been waiting聽for you to scream out his name as you cum.
Suddenly, and with no warning, he rips the cloth covering your entire body right off of you. Making you completely bare, and your nipples perk up when a gust of cool air that came from his action hit your body. Your checks were flush before from your orgasm, but you鈥檙e completely red in the face now. No one has ever seen you this bare before, especially the way Jungkook is now.
Jungkook drinks up your naked body with his eyes, and wets his lips. He鈥檚 been waiting for the chance to see you bare up close, and have the ability to touch any part of you. Fingering you was his appetizer, but the rest of you is his dinner.
He climbs on top of you, straddling your stomach, and smooths his two hands up your arms. You watch in embarrassment as he continues to gawk at you to the point you whimper. His eyes shot back to yours when he hears that sound. Smirk returning.
鈥淏y the end of tonight, beautiful. I鈥檒l make sure the only name you鈥檒l ever be able to think about is my own.鈥
鈥淲hy wou-鈥
Before you could finish your question, Jungkook resumes kissing you. Not as rough as before, but it once again steals your breathe away. Any words you were going to say in return, were sucked right out of you. Dizzying you further when you feel his tongue attack your own.
A moan is heard echoed in the room, but it鈥檚 not from you. Your eyes shoot open at the sound from the demon above you, and you're surprised with yourself when you want to hear it again.
His lips then detach from yours and travel south. With each kiss to your skin you quiver, and moan at the contact. Surrendering yourself to him, and giving up the victim act. You can鈥檛 deny that you want this. It鈥檚 always been a tease on your life, and always been a want of yours to feel like this. Wanted and praised by a man.
Maybe that鈥檚 why he wanted you as a virgin. To tease you from the very start and make this experience a hundred times better, and you a hundred times wetter on top of that. He smiles against the top of your chest, and you revel at the feel of his teeth against your skin.
Jungkook licks a stripe from the top of your chest back to your neck, and you receive a singular kiss there. Your feeling ten times lighter then before, and you think it鈥檚 because his lips alone have cast a spell upon you. Making every movement from him above you feel like electric coursing through your bones.
One second your feeling amazing, the next second a earthshaking painful bite gets driven into your neck. You open your mouth to let out a silent scream, and you look to see Jungkook is biting into your neck. His eyes rolling back when blood starts to pool in his mouth.
For a millisecond you think he鈥檚 going to eat, that all his words of not wanting to kill you were lies, but then he鈥檚 detaching his lips from your skin and licking at the bumpy surface.
鈥淢mm - I knew you would taste sooo good.鈥 He blinks up at you, rubbing his nose across your own. 鈥淵our everything I鈥檝e ever wanted.鈥
You force out your question before, not wanting to be distracted again when he suddenly moves south on your body again. 鈥淲hy did it matter that I was a virgin?鈥
His movements south stop at your words. His face right above your breasts, but his eyes on you. Widening for a second before he can compose himself. He cocks his head to the side, and smiles the most innocent smile that shouldn鈥檛 be on such a devilish face.
鈥淏ecause I鈥檓 the only one that can have you.鈥
You get about five seconds to process his answer until his lips attach themselves to your left nipple. The sucking along with his tongue has your back arching up into him. His other hand finds purchase on your other breast, and you roll your head back. How is it that his hands feel so much better than your own?
It鈥檚 then, before you can stop yourself, that you let out his name him in a whimper. Unable to control the full extent of ecstasy锟 you're 锟糵eeling from his mouth and hands, and you think you鈥檝e somehow lost a battle. But then he鈥檚 moaning against your breasts, and rutting himself against you... then your suddenly realizing your position.
He鈥檚 very hard, and very big. And that very hard and very big thing is going to enter you soon. Your nervousness doubles, but you moan again at the thought of him being inside of you. You feel crazy by just enjoying that thought, but don鈥檛 bring yourself to care.
Especially when he lifts himself off of you and strips himself of his shirt. Leaving himself bare from the waist up, and you feel your face redden again by the sight. Of course, he鈥檚 got fucking muscles. Of course, he鈥檚 cut like a god instead of a demon. He鈥檚 already handsome in the face, so why wouldn鈥檛 the rest of him make you wetter then a fucking fountain?
You bite your lip, trying and failing to look away from him, and drinking your fill of this beautiful man in front of you. He smirks, the devilish way he has been all night, and looks you in straight in eye in silence for a moment. You wonder what he's thinking, and wished you had his ability to read others thoughts. That way you could smile and smirk the way he's doing right now. As you think up all he ways he looks good. Boosting his ego by accident.聽
鈥淚f I knew all I needed to do was take my shirt off to make you want me, I would have did that from the very start.鈥澛燳ou roll your eyes at him stroking his own ego, which makes Jungkook chuckle at the fact that you just rolled your eyes at a demon, and him聽taking it as it was - funny.聽
Jungkook bends forward, putting both of his hands on either side of your head, staring down at you.聽He slowly inches his face back down to you until both of your lips reattach into gentle kiss. Each kiss has been so different.
Rough. Smooth. Gentle.
Almost like Jungkook can鈥檛 decide how to treat you. How to behave with you. You鈥檙e not sure how you feel about that, but then again you weren鈥檛 sure how to feel about all of this. Your head still spinning from it all.聽
More caresses are given, and each time you get into the kissing enough, you move your hands to touch him top or bend you knee to get comfortable, and then remember what you are to him. Just a virgin sacrifice. A virgin sacrifice that is now getting frustrated at the lack of action. It feels like it鈥檚 been an hour since you orgasmed last. You still feel the coating of your cum dripping down your leg, but besides Jungkook鈥檚 hands roaming your entire body he hasn鈥檛 even went down there since.
It gets to the point where even the kissing is making you ache. Is this how teasing is done? Is this how it feels when someone prolongs the inevitable? You guess so, since you鈥檝e never been in a situation even close to this one before.
鈥淛-Jungkook,鈥 you say his name and it feels like your tongue is fat in your mouth. Jungkook just got done ravishing your neck and breasts to the point they are purple and red all over. The bite mark on your neck being only one of many now littered down your body.
鈥淵es, sweetheart,鈥 He says with a drip of dark lust coming across his words.
Your eyes feel heavy, and your chest is heaving with air. You try your best to say what you want without completely embarrassing yourself. 鈥淲hen are you going to - you know?鈥
Jungkook bites his lip, trying to contain his laughter. He sobers quickly and fakes innocence as he cocks his head at you. 鈥淒o I know? I think you need to be a little more clear.鈥
You blow hot air out of your mouth in frustration, and wiggle in your restrains. 鈥淐ome on, stop teasing.鈥
Jungkook raises a pointed eyebrow at you. 鈥淭easing? I would never.鈥
Now who鈥檚 the lier.
He smiles.
鈥淔uck you too then.鈥 He laughs at that. When his laughter ceases all of a sudden the aura in the room has changed. Like what was once a room full of sex and heat has turned infertile and cold.
You stare up at the demon and see something pass through his eyes. An emotion you can鈥檛 quite understand. Jungkook leans down to be close to your face again, but doesn鈥檛 touch your nose or lips this time. He pushes your sweaty hair out of your face, and pets the top of your head. Staring at you now like it鈥檚 the first time, and he's using new eyes to see.
Your stomach swirls as he does this. Like he鈥檚 looking at a lover that鈥檚 he鈥檚 been missing for years, and not someone he鈥檚 just met and is using for his own needs. Nonetheless, you drink up the loving look he鈥檚 giving you. Never being able to have that look aimed at you before, especially by someone as enchanting as him.
鈥淚 finally have you,鈥 Jungkook whispers in between the two of you. Placing another gentle kiss on your now swollen lips. You don鈥檛 know what he meant by 鈥渇inally.鈥 You know it was always planned for him to take you, but it almost seemed deeper for him. Like he鈥檚 been waiting decades instead of eighteen years. You鈥檙e not so sure what he鈥檚 feeling, and your mind goes blank on the matter when you feel him start to rut against your core. Drawing out a long moan by you that is being swallowed by him.
Everything moves fast after that. He removes his boots, then goes right back to kissing you. He removes his pants, and you gasp when you feel the appendage that鈥檚 had your nerves spiking since the first time it rubbed against you through his clothes touch your thigh. Without even looking, you know he鈥檚 huge. Bigger then what鈥檚 considered average, and the thought has your core clenching once again at knowing someone as experienced and lucky wants you. Has wanted and waiting for you for eighteen years.
He says, 鈥淏reathe,鈥 against your lips. And you do. You breathe through the pain that accumulates through you when he starts to enter you. Your body stretching to new heights it鈥檚 锟糿ever expected to stretch to. By the time he鈥檚 bottomed out, his eyes still looking down at you with the same look as before, lips inches from touching yours, you鈥檙e feeling so full. So elated. So womanly. A feeling you never expected to be allowed to have.
Your breathing is harsh, and it takes you a moment to get adjusted to him. By the time you have, you realize he鈥檚 waiting for you. That you didn鈥檛 expect at all. Although he鈥檚 given you more reasons to like him then hate him this past hour, you can鈥檛 help but admit you thought this was always going to be a painful experience, but it isn鈥檛. It wasn鈥檛. Nothing even close once you鈥檙e fully accustomed to him.
Without words, you tell him, I鈥檓 ready. His eyes widen ever so slightly when he reads your mind, and once that second passes he starts thrusting into you at a slow pace. Making sure your body doesn鈥檛 feel any pain from his movements. You鈥檙e greatful for it but still confused. Innocence are like a demons favorite snack. Yet he treats you like fragile glass in this moment.
By the time you鈥檙e feeling so good, him hitting a spot inside of you that you could never reach before, you鈥檙e saying his name like a prayer, and that鈥檚 all Jungkook needs to be allowed to do what he鈥檚 been waiting for. What you鈥檝e been expecting from the very start.
He fucking ravishes you.
Holding the end of the alter in one hand and your hip in the other, to steady himself, he piston fucks you into oblivion. You didn鈥檛 even know hips could move that fast, but then again, you鈥檙e not fucking a human鈥 you鈥檙e fucking a demon鈥 and you鈥檙e loving every second of it.
You wail, scream, and moan out so many profanities as Jungkook鈥檚 cock fucks into you with earnest. Your mouth not closing as each thrust pounds the life out of you. All the while his face is in your neck and only some grunts can be heard.
鈥淔uck- Jungkook - Shit! God!鈥
Your last plead somehow has Jungkook smiling against your neck.
鈥淭rust me, love. There鈥檚 no god here.鈥
Maybe it鈥檚 him calling you love, or the way he explains how there鈥檚 god in this situation. Only you and a demon. But it has your second orgasm of the night rippling through you. Your restrains tearing at your wrists, you want to hold him so badly, especially when he鈥檚 not letting up on you whatsoever. Thrusting into you like your not currently close to blacking out from how good your first orgasm since losing your virginity feels.
Losing your virginity. You鈥檙e no longer a virgin. That thought alone has you moaning to the heavens. Or maybe even hell. Your not sure since the only thing right in this world to you right now is the being on top of you.
Jungkook moves his hands so there on top of your hands still in your restrains. He only slows down to adjust himself to the new angle, then he鈥檚 back to fucking into you - faster then before. Your screaming from the overstimulation, but there鈥檚 no pain coming from your screams. All pleasure. All want, and need, and lust, and fuck!
鈥淔uck your so sexy, Y/n.鈥 Your realize then that he just said your name for the first time tonight, and that has your mind coming out of the fuzz for just a moment. If he said anything else before that, your mind wouldn鈥檛 have been able to register a single word, but just your name alone has you focusing on the man above you even more.
Every sharp line on his torso. How his hips flex when he thrusts into you. The way his arm muscles jut out as he holds himself above you. Everything about his body is so erotic, no to mention his face is like the word sex was reincarnated into a being.
Jungkook鈥檚 licks his teeth, chuckling as he looks down at you. 鈥淎m I better then him?鈥 Your heart stops. 鈥淎m I better then you imagined him to be?鈥 You wiggle in your spot, barely moving besides when his hips thrust into you so hard they move you upwards. 鈥淚 wish I could kill him again. Knowing he touched you first. Knowing kissed you first. But he never got this.鈥 Jungkook thrusts into you extra hard to make sure you know the extent of his words. 鈥淗e never got to feel how good you feel.鈥
Suddenly, your wrists are free. You don鈥檛 get a chance to feel relived on the matter, though, because then Jungkook is picking you up into the air and thrusting up into you twice as deep as before. Your arms are wrapped around his neck tightly, and your screaming into his shoulder as each earth quacking thrust gets driven up into you. Even his name from your lips is coming out as jumble because of the way he鈥檚 fucking you.
You scratch at his back as your third orgasm rips through you. As good as it feels, going though the roller coaster of emotions this man - demon - is putting you thought, you realize he hasn鈥檛 even cum once, but you鈥檙e to much of a sweaty mess to contemplate that until another moment of rough fucking has passed.
Jungkook鈥檚 hands are full of your ass cheeks and he鈥檚 squeezing onto them so tightly that only that little bit of pain makes you come out of your dizzying post orgasm state. You take your face out of his shoulder, look at the demon that鈥檚 been making you see stars, and see something you haven鈥檛 expected or seen before.
You thought just the small grunts we鈥檙e what he does when he feels good, but his face is an entirely different story when it comes to pleasure. He must have been hiding it before, but the way his eyes are screwed shut, and his jaw is slack you can tell Jungkook is feeling just as good as you have been.
That鈥檚 why, for the first time, you kiss him first. You kiss his open mouth and hold onto his face as best as you can while still moving with each of Jungkook鈥檚 thrusts. He moans into your mouth, and it鈥檚 music to your ears now. You feel him grown even bigger - which is somehow possible - inside of you. All of this indicating that your demon is close to spilling his seed inside of you. Officially claiming in all senses.
First the orgasm by just his fingers. Then the multiple bites. And now he will claim you by pouring his cum as deep as possible inside of you.
You whisper against his cheek, wanting to drive him as crazy as he has you the entire time, 鈥淔ill me up, Jungkook. Make me yours like I was born to be.鈥
Jungkook hear you, widening his eyes, and then he鈥檚 slamming you back onto the alter, arms wrapped around your middle and head so you don鈥檛 get hurt by the impact, and thrusts into your so deep it's like he鈥檚 trying to split you in two. Then you feel it. The overwhelming heat inside of you as he spills every last drop into you. You start to tear up, it feels so good. Overly stretching you as each spurt goes inside of you.
Jungkook is praying it sounds like near your ear. In a different language you have never heard before. The only thing you鈥檙e able to decipher is your name being prayed along with whatever else he鈥檚 saying. By the time he鈥檚 completely emptied himself inside of you, your eyes have dried out too. Both of you breathing into each other鈥檚 necks, and looking like a mess of limbs. Your arms still wrapped around his neck, as his only get tighter around your waist.
It takes both of you a moment to look at each other, but when Jungkook makes the first move to exit your neck and look down at you again, you could cry all over again. That same look of pure love is clear as water now on his face. A look you鈥檒l gladly see every day.
A bunch of thoughts cross Jungkook eyes that he wants to say. So many things you think he should say. But out of all the things he鈥檚 planned to say in this moment, only three words seem right.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e finally mine.鈥
Jungkook has looked over this small village since the beginning of human existence. Even before God was a known being to the mortals, Jungkook was always there. Feasting off of their prayers, until someone like God was born in their lives. That鈥檚 when Jungkook had to get creative when it came to getting praise from the mortals.
He cursed the village with his presence. Destroying it with fire until it was nearly gone, and eating up all the villagers that stood to fight against him. Each person tasting even more vile than the last. Eating humans was never a necessary thing, but it was entertaining to watch them beg for mercy for he bit a huge chunk out of their bodies.聽The ones that were meant to die young we're the only ones that tasted appetizing enough to have Jungkook鈥檚 gums itch for more.聽
That鈥檚 how the ritual started. Every hundred years, Jungkook would search for a soul that was meant to die young, and let them live up until their eighteenth birthday. Stopping them from drying young since their paths would be changed. Each time he came to claim a victim, it was scary for the living to the point they would make their sacrifice have a terrible life, ignoring their existence, but that鈥檚 not what Jungkook wanted. He wanted to save them for awhile, but still get his praise and delicious feeding out of it.
It wasn鈥檛 until you were born, that he even considered stopping. Every hundred years he would view every mortal women that gave birth, and wait for the one that鈥檚 soul was meant to die before they turned eighteen. You had the worst way of dying. Dying by losing your virginity to the man, in fact. Him fucking you then murdering you at the age of sixteen. Some sick fuck you gave your purity too, indeed. 锟
But that鈥檚 not what changed his mind about the ritual, wanting to finally stop his torment on the village. Your soul was. He watched your entire life play out in a flash. Every time you laughed, cried, smiled, he watched it all.
By the time he blinked your world away, Jungkook was in love.
An emotion the demon never knew was possible for him, was suddenly fully opened up when he looked into your life. He wanted to hold you through every sorrow, laugh along with you to every joke, and hurt every person who hurt you. He wanted you to watch the world burn and then be reborn again with him. Things he never expected to want with another person, he wanted them all with you.聽
To wake up next to you at daybreak, and fall asleep next to you at night fall. To watch the wars go through the motions, and be there when a new religion was created. He wanted you as his partner, his lover, his everything.聽
That鈥檚 why, instead of his usual 鈥渟he鈥檚 the sacrifice, see you in eighteen years time鈥 bullshit speech he鈥檚 always given, he added something new. That you were to stay a virgin until you were sacrificed to him on your eighteenth birthday, and that would be the last sacrifice the village would ever need to give.
You鈥檙e all he needed, after that. Although making sure you stayed a virgin has some selfish reasoning to it, since Jungkook didn鈥檛 want you to get any physical affections - especially like that - from anyone but him, but also, the fact that the person that was meant to kill you was also the person that would take that gift away from you.
He watched your entire life play out in front of him, and he watched every second of it in real time too. From your first steps, to your first successful grade, even your first skinned knee. Times he saw you cry were always the hardest for him. Even if you were a child, all he wanted to do was reveal himself and hold you close. Keep you safe, and promise you protection forever. To at least tell you everything was going to be okay. He did sometimes. Revel himself to you, but each time he sobered you he would have to make you forget him. That made Jungkook鈥檚 own heart hurt. Knowing as soon as he had you out of his arm, you would forget his face and that he existed.聽
You knew there was a demon coming for you one day, but thought of him like that only served to radiate hate. Something he never wanted you to feel against him.聽
But nothing, and I mean nothing, was more painful to Jungkook than to watch you be with another man. The man that stool your first kiss was a traveler from another village. He had brown hair and tanned skin. He was handsome. So handsome that no one would expect him to secretly be a ripper of the night. He would have sex with desperate women, and then kill them right after with any object he could get his hands on.
Any other person, Jungkook wouldn鈥檛 even bat an eye at him for what he did, but because he set his eyes on you, Jungkook had no problem using his powers to kill the man in the most gruesome way possible. At first, Jungkook let you play out your little spiteful game with the man. Clenching his jaw so tight his teeth almost broke as he watched and heard you feel so good by someone else besides him.聽
Unlike all the times he watched you pleasure yourself, Jungkook was not smiling. He was not wishing for the day to join you. He was not happy to hear you moan or whimper as the man kissed you. And when the man went to touch your breasts, he couldn鈥檛 take it anymore.
He consumed the man鈥檚 mind with his darkness, and had the man peel himself away from you. The look of shock soon fell from your face when you saw his eyes. It upset Jungkook a little that you were angry. That you knew it was he who stopped you from going further with this man, but you didn鈥檛 know what Jungkook knew. You didn鈥檛 know that this man would have killed you as soon as he was done with you.
Although you only knew the barest of details about this man鈥檚 death, Jungkook ripped him to shreds. Throwing his body away in a deep trench, and making it look like a suicide. It was clear by the mass of blood that it wasn鈥檛 a suicide, but your village wasn鈥檛 as advanced yet to think anything else but suicide.
Jungkook continued to watch you closely after that. Even closer then before. He was surprised you didn鈥檛 feel him somehow. Since his love for you was so strong. But you never knew he was there, at least not a hundred percent. You had your suspicions after the man you wanted to give your everything to died.
But you still didn鈥檛 know a hundred percent until your eighteenth birthday. It angered Jungkook that the village people continued to make your life feel so lonely like they did all the other sacrifices, but he also knew you weren鈥檛 going to die today. After today, you were going to be treated like a queen in his kingdom. Both of you ascending back into hell together after he claimed you as his.
Claimed you as his.
That thought alone had Jungkook stretching your wait for him. Usually the second the other mortals left the room, the you were currently in, he would devour the girl on the alter. Instead, knowing what was actually going to go down, what Jungkook actually had plan for you, had the demon feeling nervous.
Nervous that you wouldn鈥檛 let him do anything. He could force you, but as someone who was actually in love with you he could never. He would never. He would butter you up and make you see and feel his love. The challenge was鈥 well, that. Jungkook has never needed to seduce someone before. Women would always just flock to him when he reveled himself. But you鈥檙e also not just any other women crossing his path. You鈥檙e the one who鈥檚 stole his heart, and locked it away as forever yours.
He knew you hated him right now. Hated, but somewhat accepted your fate with him. A fate that was never going to come. You were never going to die tonight. You were never going to feel lonely ever again.
That鈥檚 why, after pining and waiting all this time, Jungkook says the first thing that comes to mind when he enters the room you鈥檙e聽in.
鈥淲hat a lovely set up. You mortals really outdone yourselves this year.鈥
Because what else would a nervous, madly in love, reputation of being god awful, demon say for the first time when seeing the love of his life?聽It wasn鈥檛 until you spoke to him next, that Jungkook really breathed in the situation. 锟
鈥淚t鈥檚 all for you, mighty demon.鈥
And although you meant the room, Jungkook鈥檚 cock jumped in his jeans for what he took your as.
You 鈥 being all for him.
And by the end of the night, you were exactly that.
The End.
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imposterogers 17 hours ago
hi! i鈥檓 jo. i鈥檝e been on semi hiatus for a while, so maybe some of u are not aware of my brand / who I am as a blogger. i鈥檝e been on this account since 2014, and from shit posting & shit talking i鈥檝e gained a modest following. somewhere along the way i鈥檝e realized I will never make you all happy. i鈥檝e tried!! but its close to impossible. I am always trying to learn and grow as a person, and if I ever misstep in a serious way I want you to feel comfortable enough to call me out. but when it comes down this is MY blog. I won鈥檛 always tag appropriately. I won鈥檛 always get to my asks (tho I鈥檒l do my best). i鈥檒l post and then immediately delete. my style of blogging is not for everyone and I get that, but also be understanding that if you have a suggestion about how I should run it鈥︹.no you don鈥檛 <3
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ffjj5 22 hours ago
Do you think Jikook's parents knew about them during the Tokyo trip ?
There's a chance they saw it a friends trip right.. especially since Jimin usually goes for trips with one or two of his friends.
This is purely my conclusion from reading about the timeline of their relationship and the information given from K-Army who saw them at the airport on their way to Tokyo.
My personal opinion is that by this point, the end of October 2017, both Jimin and Jungkook's families would be well aware of their relationship. I feel that once they both knew that their feelings for each other were serious and that the relationship was something they wanted to continue with in spite of the challenges, they would have told their close family.
I feel that the rest of BTS would have known earlier simply because of the amount of time they spent together and the close proximity of their living situation. Hobi was likely the first to know in my opinion, being Jimins room mate and JK always coming into their room. He would have seen the growth of the relationship and no doubt been a confidant being the elder and possibly being a member of the queer community himself. It's no wonder he is the CEO of the Jikook supporters club.
This is from Hobi's birthday Vlive in Februray 2017, make of Jimins comment in the background what you will 馃槈
Regarding the Tokyo trip it has been reported that both Jimin's dad and Jungkook's brother were at the airport to see them off. I won't post the picture as it was taken without their consent.
We know that Jimin's dad is a supporter of Jikook as Magnate is filled with both Jimin and Jungkook memorabilia. Not to mention the cafes recent posts as discussed by @kanmom51
Jungkook's brother has liked Jikook fan art in the past (Before my time as a fan so correct me of I'm wrong). But recently he has posted images on Instagram that show he is a supporter of his brother and Jimin.
He recently posted this picture of his dogs in their rain coats showcasing the Jikook colours that we see a lot.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And he had previously posted this picture of JK holding his dogs whilst they wear fluffy jackets that are reminiscent of the couples pyjamas worn by Jikook in the Life goes on MV
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So having gone off a slight tangent I will bring it back and restate my opinion, and it is just that, my opinion. None of us know for sure as it is their private life but from what little we do know I think close family knew the Tokyo trip was not two friends going on holiday, it was a couple taking a trip away to have quality time together and privacy, away from the dorm.
I couldn't write this without finishing off with the masterpiece declaration of love from JK to Jimin, GCF Tokyo.
Tumblr media
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illshineforyou a day ago
besties I鈥檓 sorry but if you don鈥檛 appreciate come in with the rain you can鈥檛 claim midnight rain it鈥檚 the rules
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turkitty5 a day ago
Tumblr media
idrc (unless? 馃憖)
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fire-bay a month ago
Tumblr media
Games good
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adventuresingingerland 3 months ago
Tumblr media
You know Lucius would pull this kind of stunt, and honestly? Good for him!
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kanmom51 2 days ago
Why do they continue to release these clips without captions (well, other than auto generated in Korean)?
Yet again, please do try to spot the differences...
Tumblr media
Oh shucks, I guess the little hearts are kind of a tell, no?
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tommyaa a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
馃悮馃鈿擄笍馃Κ 饟們饟們饟們 memories with me and you 锝. 啵 讌藲 .
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hadaka-z 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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jeonverselol 2 months ago
want more (m) - jjk
a/n: first of all, this is pure filth - porn with no plot whatsoever. this was a result of raging hormones and DMs saying they want more jjk sexy fics.聽
summary: after being awaken by the thunderstorm, all you could think about is how jungkook fucked you so good a couple of hours earlier and now all you can think about is how you desperately want him inside you again聽
warnings: minors dni pls this is too much - daddy kink & degradation (double D seems like a jk standard these days), big dick jk (i mean what else), dom jk, sub reader, mild subspace? squirting, praising, body worshipping, pussy-whipped jk, reader loves being filled lmao, spanking, nipple play, rough sex, tongue fucking, clit slapping, overstimulation, fingering, unprotected sex (yeah don't ever do that), creampie, cum play, cunnilingus, clothed sex? (partially clothed i guess), slight anal play (don鈥檛 worry nothing major don鈥檛 be scared)聽(and in case i miss anything out: all other nasty things sheesh)聽
word count: 3.9k聽
genre: smut and no other; established relationship聽
pic credit: lehren
Tumblr media
Dressed in one of Jungkook鈥檚 t-shirts and a black lacy thong, and him just clad in his boxers, the two of you were sound sleep with your back pressed against his chest and his arm around you. It was about 1am in the morning and the rain outside was pretty heavy. It seemed like it probably started raining a while ago considering it was pouring. The skies roared from time to time, and the sound of the rain was therapeutic enough to lull anyone to sleep. A sudden loud roar of thunder jolted you awake from your slumber suddenly, making you panic for a millisecond before realising it was just nature鈥檚 alarm in this ungodly hour. You pressed your head back into your silk pillow and shifted deeper into the blanket, trying to seep into much warmth as possible.
The shift in your body caused Jungkook to shift with you, pulling you closer to his chest with a groan. His arms slithered from your waist to your thigh and his palms found comfort on the side of your thigh as you shifted your leg into an L shape. His lips were nestled in the crook of your neck and in a mere seconds you hear faint snoring coming from Jungkook.
All of a sudden, the sound of the rain and the few seconds of moving made you feel conscious about your surroundings and your focus shifted on how Jungkook鈥檚 big hand was on your thigh, close to your exposed ass.
Memories from few hours ago came flooding through and you remembered just how Jungkook had fucked you into oblivion, making you cum twice on his tongue on the couch before fucking you against the armrest, making you squirt before he blew his load into you. It was a long week for you both as the two of you had been busy with work. Jungkook had a particularly rough day today due to some business deals he had to rush. He was cranky since he woke up so you gave him blowjob before he left for work, which was deeply appreciated by him. When he came home just minutes after you arrived home and showered, you could tell he was still tensed. After dinner, you decided to put on a movie so that the two of you could relax. The two of you managed to sit down to enjoy a movie but needless to say, the movie served more of a background music when the two of you started cuddling, then making out, and one thing led to another and Jungkook needed to fuck his stress out on you. It was only when the moans died down you realised the credits were rolling. Being too tired to move, Jungkook slipped on his boxers and covered your naked form with his shirt and the two of you waddled your way to your shared bedroom. You picked out a fresh underwear to put on and slumber took control of the both of you the moment you both plopped on the bed. 聽
Biting your lips, you replayed each steamy scene that happened just a couple hours ago, and you soon started to feel yourself getting hot and bothered. The more you tried to shake off the thoughts the more it etches into your brain, and you even replayed every dirty word Jungkook uttered into your ear. You feel your lower region started to ache and you just knew if you were to sneak a touch down there, you鈥檇 certainly be wet. All of a sudden, the need to re-enact your previous fucking session seemed to be a necessity and it was all your brain could think of. Every little memory soon branched out into memories from other times the two of you had sex and you found yourself thinking about every possible time that Jungkook has ever fucked you. You were desperate now.
You debated on shaking him awake but thought of a better idea. You ground your hips slowly to see if it would elicit any reaction from him. Although you felt bad for waking him up you were starting to get riled up from the memories and with the way you were glued to his half naked body, it was all you wanted from him. Seeing how he wouldn鈥檛 budge and your slick dripping from your core, you brought a hand down and slipped a finger slightly into your folds just to feel how wet you were. The thong you were wearing barely covered up your puffy nether lips, and if anything, it was adding more friction to your centre, and you could feel your essence leaking out from the poor excuse of fabric. As your fingers touched your centre you suppressed a moan from how much wetter you became and you looked back from your shoulder to see Jungkook still sound asleep like a log.
You gave up and decided to take matters into your own hands, literally. You weren鈥檛 thinking of getting off, but you were going to just play with yourself enough to stop the ache and tried to divert your attention elsewhere. Seeing how you were stuck in Jungkook鈥檚 arms you didn鈥檛 want to move much to wake him up either, thinking he must be really exhausted. You brought your middle finger to place it on your clit and rubbed it in a very slow motion before sliding it down to your folds. You slowly inserted the tip of your finger in to feel around your aching pussy lips. Feeling a little frisky, you decided to bring another finger to your folds and inserted both the tip of the fingers in, this time a little deeper to feel a bit of your slick walls. You tried to think of other things, but you couldn鈥檛 stop thinking about Jungkook鈥檚 big cock. You brought your thumb to your clit to fiddle it, but this caused you to elicit a loud gasp.
鈥淔uck. Didn鈥檛 you have enough earlier?鈥 You heard Jungkook鈥檚 low raspy voice behind you. His eyes were still closed but you feel him move his lips from the crook of your neck to the shell of your ear. Unbeknownst to you, even though your movements earlier were slight, it was enough to bring Jungkook out of slumber and no matter how much he tried to concentrate on sleep, he could feel some movement on the lower half of your body, considering how you were basically glued to him.
You halted your movements and silently cursed yourself, feeling embarrassed that he caught you in the act. 鈥淎nswer me baby,鈥 He croaked, his sleepy voice made his next sentence ten times hotter. 鈥淎re you that much of a slut that you had to touch yourself again? Next to me? Just after cumming and squirting all over me hours ago?鈥
The room was rather dim, not too dark considering the moon light was shining through from the side window. Even so, you鈥檙e just lucky he can鈥檛 see you blush. 鈥淪orry Kook. I couldn鈥檛 help myself.鈥 You hear a low groan from him, one laced with slight annoyance but you could tell that he was slowly foregoing the idea of forcing himself back to sleep. 鈥淔ucking slut,鈥 he said directly into your ear and you decided that you could either go to sleep horny or resolve it.
鈥淣eed you Kook, please. Need you daddy,鈥 your sentence came out as a messy plea. You pushed your ass back into his crotch and lifted the shirt you were wearing to expose your naked chest. You brought his hand over your boobs, gasping when he began toying with your nipple. You moaned at the touch and used your free hand to pinch the other unattended nipple. You feel him getting harder and you moaned even more, wanting him to be inside of you. 鈥淪uch a dirty whore for me, aren鈥檛 you? Begging to be fucked again even though I fucked you a couple hours ago.鈥
You rubbed your thighs upon hearing his words, your nether region aching for his touch. 鈥淭ouch me daddy.鈥 His one hand still pinching your pert nipples, the other hand came down to slip into your thong from the side to touch your folds. You hear him cuss at how wet you were. 鈥淔uck, so fucking wet. The wettest pussy in the world, all mine. Fuck, my perfect girl always so ready for me.鈥 He gathered some of your slick and rubbed your clothed clit and planted wet kisses on your neck, and you became a writhing mess, desperately in need of a release. You bucked your hips, and bit your lips, wanting more. 鈥淜ook... fuck, need more.鈥 He lightly slapped your clit before playing with your thong. He loved seeing you in those. You didn鈥檛 always wear it but when you did Jungkook felt like a kid who was given some candy. He loved that he could just push it aside and fuck you, especially for quickies and any public escapades. The amount of times he made your wear a skirt just to push your thong aside and finger you in public was more than you could remember. There was even one time where he fucked you against the car at 4am after a drunken night out, thankfully there was no one around, the sorry excuse of fabric made your pussy so accessible for him and he loved that. And most important of all he loved how you ass looks so good in them 鈥 it was functional enough to serve as underwear, but he loved that your round ass - his favourite asset of yours - was bare, your front was covered enough but your puffy pussy lips peeking from the bottom so ready for taking. He pulled your front of your thong higher against your clit, and you moaned at the friction. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e such a desperate cumslut for me, aren鈥檛 you? Dirty girl begging to be filled.鈥
鈥淲ant your cock daddy please鈥 You spread your legs slightly for him, feeling yourself getting wetter by the second. Perhaps it鈥檚 the mix of tiredness and sleepiness as well, you just really needed to feel him fast.
鈥淚 should be punishing you for touching yourself in the first place. What makes you think you deserve to cum?鈥 He halted his movements and licked a long stripe across the side of your neck. You whined desperately for him. 鈥淣o daddy please I鈥檓 so wet all you need to do is just put your cock in, I鈥檓 ready.鈥 Something about hearing you wanting him to fuck you so badly inflated his ego and the size of his boner. Feeling the constrictions of his boxers he slipped them off, grinding his erection against your ass. 鈥淥h yes daddy fuck, put it in me.鈥 You pressed your ass closer to his dick, slick from your pussy running down to slightly coat the tip. You bring your hand to the back hold his head for support.
鈥淲ant me inside you pretty girl?鈥 He slides his dick up and down your folds. He continues massaging your breasts and teases your nipples with one hand and forms a V shape with his fingers from the other hand to spread your pussy lips, teasing your hole with the tip of his angry cock. You were drunk on the ecstasy of his precum mixing with your slick and his tip hitting your clit lightly. Jungkook contemplated whether to just slip his dick in and fuck you rough like this or take his time torturing you by cockwarming and making you rub yourself out.聽
鈥淵our fingers, tongue or cock, anything please just need you inside,鈥 you begged and Jungkook groaned because he could never say no to the perfect goddess you are. 鈥淔uck baby girl I鈥檒l give it to you.鈥 He rubbed your clit a little bit more and licked his fingers, groaning at the taste of you. His cock was aching but he was addicted to the the taste of you. 鈥淪hit baby, need to taste you, you鈥檙e leaking so much. Wanna tongue fuck you first.鈥 Hearing that, you eagerly spread your legs and pushed your thighs even further. 鈥淔uck me please, want your tongue inside.鈥 He got up instantly and brought his face to your entrance.
He loved seeing you so desperate and dumbed out for him. 鈥淪uch a good girl for daddy. Daddy鈥檚 gonna give you what you want princess.鈥澛 He caressed your folds with two of his fingers and spread them apart. You clenched when you feel the cold air hit your bare and open pussy, hole throbbing and waiting for his hot tongue. Jungkook eyed your pussy with hungry eyes, always fascinated with how your body reacts to him. He proceeded to slowly push his tongue into your opened folds. You filled the room with loud pornographic moans and pushed your legs wider than it was before, Jungkook spread your lips further before pushing his tongue inside your pussy and swirling it in a consistent motion, slurping your essence like a starved man. Your lewd screams battled the loud pattering of the rain, and you grew wetter. Your took off the shirt you were wearing then arched your back and toyed your nipples as slurping noises continued to fill the room. 鈥淵eah just like that, oh my god!鈥
鈥淔uck baby girl how are you growing so wet I didn鈥檛 even play with your clit.鈥 He deliberately avoided your clit so that he wouldn鈥檛 overstimulate you. He wanted to make you feel good but edge you enough, he loved seeing you beg for him. He wanted you to be all subbed out for him.
鈥淵our tongue feels so good daddy. Need you inside.鈥 He could sense you were feeling extra sensitive today seeing how you squirted a lot earlier. He plunged two fingers inside without warning, replacing his long tongue. You gasped at the sudden fullness. 鈥淵es yes yes daddy so good!鈥 He drew kitten licks on your clit and you elicited a high pitched moan. You tried to close your legs, but he pushed it apart. 鈥淣uh uh baby girl, you were so desperate to be fucked weren鈥檛 you? So take it like a big girl.鈥 He shifted his body up to lick your perky nipples and continued to assault your pussy with his fingers. Your fingers found his hair and tugged on it while bucking your hips. 鈥淧ut another finger in daddy.鈥 You whined and Jungkook lifts his mouth from your nipple before swirling his tongue around it. 鈥淪uch a fucking greedy slut I have here.鈥
Instead of complying, he withdrew his fingers, and you felt your pussy clench around nothing. 鈥淣o no please, need you inside.鈥 He brought his fingers up and you hungrily sucked his fingers, even to the extent of going deeper, moaning and gagging, staring at him with tearful, lustful eyes. You brought another finger of his into your mouth, hoping he would give you what you want. Jungkook smirked at the sight of his independent girlfriend being such a dumbed-out slut for him. He loved the duality you have. You were a strong, independent, and capable woman who carried yourself well. But in the sheets, you were his baby girl, his little whore. He knew what to do just to get you desperate for him. Despite being the dominant one, he was eager to please you in every way he can, showing you that he can give you what you want, whenever and however you want. He loved that he was able to have that effect on you. And with that, you were always so good to him.
鈥淔ucked you so many times tonight and my princess wants more doesn鈥檛 she? Just had to be a slut and touch herself? Woke daddy up and can鈥檛 even get a shut eye after a long day and fucking you senseless. What a fucking brat.鈥 Slapping your boob, he slightly pinches your nipples as you continue gagging on his fingers, moving your tongue as if it were his dick. His other hand caresses your outer thigh softly. He edged you so many times in the last possibly 30 minutes this has been going on and he wasn鈥檛 going to torture you any longer. 鈥淢y perfect goddess. Best pussy in the world. You know I can鈥檛 say no to you don鈥檛 you? You know you have the best cunt and you use it against me, ain鈥檛 that right baby doll?鈥
You rubbed your thighs together when you feel your wetness overflowing, sticking to your thighs. The earlier memories of you squirting and him filling your pussy with his cum flooded your thoughts again and you so desperately want that feeling again. You were sore but you loved the pleasure. Jungkook lifted his fingers from your mouth and slapped your clit three times, hinting for you to spread your legs wide. He inserted all three inside you and you moaned at the fullness, loving how you stretched out you were for him. He went in with a slow pace and curved his fingers to hit your spot. You looked down at the veins of his strong hands. Then you saw hard bare cock and all of a sudden his fingers weren鈥檛 enough.
鈥淒addy please fuck me鈥︹ Jungkook鈥檚 dick was already soaked with precum and he needed to be inside you as well. He took out his fingers and aligned his cock against your entrance. Before he could enter you hurriedly said 鈥淲ait!鈥 and he looked at you confused. 鈥淲ant you to fuck me from behind.鈥 He smirked at your words and you turned around arching your back and lifted your ass against him. He pushed aside the thong and he slipped in easily with how wet you were and you both moaned out loud when he bottomed out inside you. Usually he would need to prep you to adjust to his size but this time you sucked him in so easily. 鈥淔ucking tight pussy. Don鈥檛 get how you can still be so tight after being fucked so many times.鈥
鈥淒addy you鈥檙e so big鈥︹ You moaned in ecstasy. You clenched around him as he pounded mercilessly into you. 鈥淵es yes harder daddy!鈥 Jungkook spanked your ass roughly a few times and you got embarrassingly wetter, slick coating the outer parts of your pussy and leaking to your thighs.聽鈥淢ore daddy, want more...鈥 With no shame you arched your ass higher and his palms find your ass cheeks again with harsh slaps. The sting on your ass hurt in a good way and you swore you would be able to see red handprints on them tomorrow. Your unattended puckering hole came into view and Jungkook looks at it with dark eyes. Even though the two of you never ventured into that he couldn鈥檛 help but ghost his thumb across it. Your breath hitch at his touch on the foreign region.聽鈥淣ot gonna do anything you don鈥檛 want babe.鈥 No matter how horny Jungkook was he always prioritised your comfort. You bit your lips as he continued rubbing your hole from the outside, careful not to slip his finger in.聽鈥淜eep doing that daddy鈥, you whined.聽鈥淔uck, you鈥檙e perfect.鈥 He continued toying your hole and you loved the extra stimulation.聽
Seeing you slumped forward,聽Jungkook wrapped his hands around your throat and made you arch your back against his chest. Jungkook started out rough and fast the moment he entered you and gave you no time to accommodate his speed but that was how he wanted you. 鈥淧erfect pussy. My pussy.鈥 He sucked a spot on your neck and brought his hand down to play with your clothed clit, fingers alternating between rubbing in fast motions and pulling the fabric against it. 鈥淐ome on baby, cum for me. Wanna hear you scream. Wanna see you cry for my cock.鈥 The overstimulation heightened and you feel your orgasm approaching. 鈥淕onna cum daddy!鈥 Just seconds after, you let out a scream and a string of yes鈥檚 then slumped down onto the sheets, sobbing from insane pleasure from your first orgasm.. Jungkook continued his pace and instead of letting you ride out your orgasm he increased his pace and fucked you rougher and your tears continued coming out. 鈥淐ome on baby I know you got more you slut. That鈥檚 right, that鈥檚 my good girl.鈥 Your pussy grew wetter than before upon hearing his words and you continued clenching around him. Your pussy was sensitive, but this meant it was easy for you to cum again. 鈥淣ghh don鈥檛 stop! Harder daddy!鈥 Jungkook held your hips in place and hit you deeper and harder than before. 鈥淚鈥檓 close daddy!鈥 Jungkook lets out a scoff, mocking you, 鈥淎lready? So fucking easy aren鈥檛 you? What a whore. Cum then.鈥 You came for the second time around his cock and Jungkook could feel you cream his cock.
Feeling Jungkook still moving inside you, you felt oversensitive and writhe in his grasp, only to have him snap his hips against your ass, 鈥淚鈥檓 not done with you princess. You鈥檙e gonna let me fucking use you however I want. That鈥檚 for waking me up.鈥 Even though you felt tears escaping the brim of your eyes, you loved this. You loved it when he used you as his fucktoy. A relationship with Jungkook was a dream. He treated you like a queen everyday and fucked you like a rag doll.
鈥淐ome on baby, stay still for a while more.鈥 He altered his pace to let you get past the sensitivity, and when he hears you moaning again he quickens his pace. 鈥淕onna cum so hard princess.鈥 You pushed your ass back against him, eager to chase another orgasm of your own because you鈥檙e that spoilt. 鈥淥h yes fuck, princess.鈥 You bring your fingers down to rub your clit fast and with how soaked you were you knew you were not going to last long. Still reeling from your earlier orgasm, your next one hits you like a truck as you feel a gush of liquid leaking from your hole. Jungkook notices this and pulls his dick out, chest beaming with pride as he sees a string of liquid gush out. 鈥淔uck yes baby you squirted again! So fucking sexy. You鈥檙e the hottest thing I鈥檝e ever laid my eyes on.鈥
Drunk on his own high, he plunges his dick back into you hard. You were extremely sensitive but you always wanted more when it came to Jungkook and he never lets you settle for less. 鈥淣ghh cum inside me daddy! Please fill me up!鈥 You whined as you were so eager to please him, wanting him to praise you further. Jungkook was never picky about where he came but he liked it messy, always switching between cumming inside your mouth, on your tits, on your ass and his favourite was always cumming inside you, and you knew that. It was also your favourite too, loving the way his hot cum coats your walls as he marks you with his load. 鈥淎lways my cum dump aren鈥檛 you? My perfect cockslut.鈥 He smirks before shooting his load inside you, warm spurts filling your to the brim as he slowly draws it out to coat your pussy lips with the remnants. His orgasm ripples through as he rides out his high. He plants soft kisses on the side of your head as he slowly takes his dick out and sees a string of his cum leaking out of you. You fall on your back and steady your breathing before perching yourself up with your elbows. You looked at Jungkook鈥檚 fucked out expression, glowing even though the room was dim, the outline of his abs prominent and tattoo sleeve making him look ten times hotter. His heavy breathing and sweat just made him look absolutely delicious. Fuck, why do you always want more?
You looked down in between your legs and bit your lips. You take off your soaked thong and Jungkook stares at you with hooded eyes and brushes his hair back. You slowly widen your legs and see Jungkook鈥檚 confused expression - actually, it was more of an astonished one. 鈥淧ush it back in?鈥 You say innocently. He sees the way your pussy throbs and clenches and some of his cum leaking out. Your pussy was puffed up and your clit so swollen. He chuckles at this and you pout. 鈥淵ou always do daddy.鈥 His eyes grow darker when you spread your lips for him, staring at the white liquid with pride and possessiveness. He kisses you fervently and brings his fingers to push his cum back in. 鈥淟ove it when you fill me up. Want your cum.鈥 You moaned against his lips in satisfaction. 鈥淟ove filling you up baby girl.鈥 He slowly pumps his fingers in and out and as soon as he hears your breath hitch and a high pitch whine escaping your lips, he quickens his pace and brings his tongue down to suck your sensitive clit. You bit your lips as you relish the feeling. 鈥淒addy you always make me feel so so good.鈥 He hums, vibrations sending waves to your body as he continues to suck harder, eyes looking up to see your fucked out expression. It wasn鈥檛 new but he loved seeing it every time. Your nipples were perky and breast glowing with sweat.聽鈥淧lay with your tits for me baby, tug those nipples.鈥 You do as you鈥檙e told and he brings out his fingers to gather any cum that slipped out to push it back in with his middle and ring finger. 鈥淢y dirty, dirty girl.鈥 He chimes before licking your clit fast. 鈥淐um for daddy again baby girl. I wanna feel you soak my fingers again.鈥澛
You oblige his command and buck your hips towards his face, feeling his tongue rub circles on your clit and fingers playing with the cum inside you. He brushes against your spot you roll your eyes back 鈥淩ight there yes daddy! Feels so fucking good! Don鈥檛 stop! Fuck, don鈥檛 stop!鈥 you breathe out as you cum for the umpteenth time tonight. He taps your clit a few times and you twitch. 鈥淭hank you daddy.鈥 He brings out his cum-stained fingers to your mouth and you lick him dry. 鈥淕ood girl.鈥 He admires your fucked out state and cum-stained thighs and face before kissing your lips. 鈥淚 love you so much baby,鈥 he says in between kisses, genuinely in love with you and work stress long gone. Your fingers tangle themselves in his locks, humming in approval. 鈥淚 love you too Kook, always.鈥
鈥淔uck the bed is soaked.鈥 He says as a matter of fact. 鈥淎nd so is the living room couch,鈥 he says to himself. He looks around and then carries you in his arms to bring you to the couch at the opposite of your bed. It was small but wide enough to accommodate you two. 鈥淐ome on baby let鈥檚 sleep. Don鈥檛 think so you鈥檙e gonna need more orgasms tonight, do you?鈥 He chuckles and kisses your forehead before setting the both of you down. He rubbed the redness of your ass and cupped your pussy to massage away the soreness before bringing both hands to wrap around your worn out frame. You snuggle into his chest as he brings a blanket over your naked bodies. 鈥淐an鈥檛 guarantee that Kook.鈥 You say softly before dozing off. Jungkook hums, internally laughing your remark as if he wasn鈥檛 planning on fucking you again in the morning.
a/n: time to repent my sins
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hobis-suga 29 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Not long ago you said "I hope that the number one priority in your life may become yourself" and I just wish you live by these words as well. Thank you for being an inspiriation to many.... thank you for being you Jungkook. Very Happy Birthday, Our Golden Boy馃挏 {cr. namuspromised,聽 youthJK_97}
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ffjj5 a day ago
Tomorrow is D-Day.
My alarm is set for 2:30am ready for the release of the photo book at 3am (UK time).
This man's photo book HAS to be mine. My BTS merch collection shelf wouldn't look right with JK's folio but not Jimin's
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And this little detail is very interesting 馃
Tumblr media
Cr: factkm58
And this because I adore Lie by Jimin
The description of Jimin's concept is beautiful. He is telling us through this art form the struggles he has faced and still faces and the desires he has for himself and his life 馃グ
The unconscious self, chaos and the desire for freedom.
Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and Jimin 鈥業D:Chaos鈥
Tumblr media
This photobook created based on Jimin鈥檚 own ideas,unveils different moods Jimin creates from the same costumes,the strength Jimin has discovered in himself, the meaning of light in his confusing consciousness,the moment Jimin鈥檚 inner self and persona finally met and his chaotic and finally, an immature journey to finding the true 鈥渕e鈥.
Good luck everyone, may the odds be in your favour tomorrow when buying the photo book
Stay strong 馃挭
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you ever get so horny you just start squirming and moaning from the idea of a cock in you?
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