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they really can’t go a day without teasing each other 😆 (cr. 0613data)
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Run | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: idol!jungkook x fem!reader
genre: smut, established relationship, secret relationship, fluff?
warnings: dom!jk and sub!reader | explicit language, teasing, marking, biting, overstimulation, breath play, choking, dumbification, dacryphilia, humiliation?, brief spanking, cum eating, mild degrading (one line), praising (forced?), rough sex, unprotected sex | reader is bratty in beginning, reader is secretly fucked over the phone and has to stay quiet, jk gets jealous/possessive | cute beginning to rough smut to loving ending
summary: Jungkook doesn't want you to leave him for some stupid karaoke party so he tries his best to make you stay. Although his intentions start out playful, they quickly grow corrupted, especially after your somewhat hurtful words.
wc: 6.7k
author's note: I really enjoyed making this one. Also my first try at writing second person pov, hopefully there are no errors. Smut is about halfway through, enjoy 😉
18+ Minors DNI
Tumblr media
"Why do you guys gotta leave now? Huh?" Jungkook whines.
You glance over at him as you enter the living room, "Because, they made the reservation tonight on accident so we're going a day early. I already told you this."
"I know, but you promised that it would be an at home day. One where we get to relax together."
"Jungkook, I know, but this is a big friend group thing. Not only are my best friends going to be there but so are others. People from university, mutual friends, significant others, and other distant familiars of mine. Everyone knows I'm coming so I can't just ditch them, it'll look bad."
"It's a karaoke thing, right? At the place downtown?"
"Ughh," he groans, "karaoke? But I love karaoke."
"I know," you huff, "I would bring you with but.. you know," you wave your arm at him, "your status kinda ruins that. Don't really wanna be leaking our relationship just for some stupid karaoke party."
He falls back against the couch, a pout clear on his lips, "How about I schedule a little karaoke party instead? I'll invite the boys, tell them they can bring their girls, and I'll even invite some other friends. That way we can go do karaoke together."
"Sure, but that doesn't stop the fact that I'm also going today."
He sighs, running his hands through his hair, "What about the relaxation day? I'm gonna be busy for like months once the week is over."
You frown, "I know baby, that's why I've been spending so much time with you. It's just one day, alright?"
He doesn't respond as he rests his head against the back of the couch, acting somewhat like a child throwing a tantrum.
You feel bad, horrible even. You want to stay home but the guilt you have from ditching your friends so much lately has been catching up, so you’re practically forced to go. You don't like the karaoke or the party part, but hey there's food. Plus you get to see people you haven't hung out with in a while, so why not.
You finish putting on your jacket and shoes. You then grab your phone from the side table at the entrance.
"I'm gonna go now, I'll be back around 10:30pm, alright?" you say from the door, your fingers on the door handle.
Jungkook looks at you from his spot on the couch, "That long?" he pouts, "Can you at least give me a goodbye kiss? Please?"
You narrow your eyes at him playfully, "Oh alright. But only because you asked nicely."
You take your hand from the door and head over to Jungkook, his lips curling into a smile as you get closer. You reach the couch and he reaches his arms out to pull you in. Once his hand is on the back of your neck he tugs you down, your hand flying out in surprise as you place it on his chest.
What you were intending to be a quick peck on the lips becomes a lingering, deep kiss. One that distracts you long enough from becoming aware of his ulterior motives.
His free hand carefully moves to the one you have on his chest, the hand that holds your phone. His fingers meet your skin as he caresses you softly but you realize a moment too late that he did it for a reason.
Suddenly the phone is stripped from your grasp.
You pull away, eyes opening as you look at your now empty hand. You reach forward to take it back but he just pulls it out of your reach.
You look back at him as you stand up straight, "Jungkook? I need my phone before I leave."
"I know."
Those simple words are enough to make you realize what's happening. The stupid grin on his face and the mischievous twinkle in his eyes only solidify your conclusion.
You can't leave without your phone, he knows that. What better thing to take when he doesn't want you to leave?
You need to grab it, quick.
You grip the back of the couch to have some stability as you reach forward quickly, but Jungkook is faster. He stands up in an instant, the phone still in his hands.
You stare at him in disbelief.
"Is this really happening right now?" you voice your thoughts aloud.
He's acting like a child.
"Yep." he smirks.
"I need my phone."
"Come get it then."
"You're being childish." you say, placing your hands on your hips.
The couch acts as a barrier between the two of you. If it wasn't there you could've already lunged at him and taken it.
"Maybe I am, or maybe I'm just being greedy. Who knows."
You ignore his words as you head to the other side of the couch, but as you do so he starts walking the other way. You stop immediately, your brow raising. He's actually going to run away if you try to get the phone. He really is being a child.
"Jungkook, I'm not doing this."
"Then I guess you're not leaving, huh?" he remarks, the mischief clear in his tone.
You’ve now swapped spots. He's behind the couch where you had been, and your in the front in between the cushions and coffee table.
If it weren't for your guilty thoughts prior to this you'd be mad at him. You’re not angry, just annoyed. If he keeps this up you’re going to be late, so you have to compromise.
"If you give me my phone right now I'll leave as early as possible. That way I can spend more time with you." you put your arm out, your hand within reach of his, "I promise."
His eyes narrow, his gaze moving to your hand, "Hmm," he taps his chin, his head tilting, "it's still a no. I want you all to myself. Like I said before, I'm greedy, so you're gonna have to take this from me by force." he flaunts your phone.
It was foolish to think that he was actually considering your offer. Hell, you were foolish to think he would think about it at all because clearly he never did.
Regardless, you still have to go.
"I mean it."
"So do I."
He's not going to give in, so there really is only one way to go about this. You have to take it by force.
He must've read your mind, because the moment you accept this situation his eyebrow quirks, his smirk returning.
You slowly start walking to the other side of the couch and he mirrors those movements. You get annoyed quickly, your slow walk turning into a sudden fast run.
Jungkook starts giggling, his free hand tracing the top of the couch as he passes by, "You gotta try harder than this, babe. We don't have all day."
"We?" you repeat his words.
"Yeah, you have to make it to your important karaoke outing and I—"
As he's talking you rush forward suddenly, it catches him by surprise and he cuts himself off as he extends this circle to the coffee table.
Your fingers were so close to touching him, and that gave you enough motivation to outright chase him.
His mischievous giggling turns into full out laughter as you track him around the living room. Every time you come close to grabbing him he somehow gets away. He's running slightly faster than you, just enough to get away every time.
"Jungkook!" you say in an exhausted annoyance, "Just give it to me!"
"Not a chance." he grins, making a beeline for the kitchen.
You follow him immediately, but you stop when you realize the predicament. You're at opposite sides of the table, it's the couch situation all over again.
You narrow your eyes at him as you lean forward, your hands clasping onto the chair in front of you, "I'm going to be late."
"I guess you should run faster then." he teases.
You know he has the ability to run far quicker than you, so the fact that you’re getting close enough is further proof that he's just toying with you. It's all just a game to him. He's not tired at all, not one bit, but you already feel yourself getting there.
He's not giving up, but you’re not either. You have to try a different strategy. It's clear that you won't be able to catch him with speed alone, so you'll have to use something else.
Perhaps you could use the environment. No, that's stupid. What would you even do? Throw something at him? That's ridiculous.
Maybe you could distract him somehow by using words to your advantage. That's a great idea.
You stand up straight, your hands still clasped onto the chair, "I actually have to get going. So what's it's going to take?" you ask him.
You don't want to ditch this gathering. Hopefully being genuine will work.
When he doesn't respond you sigh, taking your hands from the chair as you casually come walking over to him. He doesn't move, the distraction is working.
"Kookie, please give me my phone," you put your hand out, "I'll be back before you know it."
You’re right in front of him, just one more step and you can take it from him whether he likes it or not.
As you’re closing in he shifts slightly, and for some reason that triggers your movements to quicken. The casual walk, the soft hand you put out turns into a fast strike, one that makes him alert once again. Alert enough to move out of the way in time, stopping you from grabbing the phone.
You almost had it.
That was almost comical. You were right there. Your distraction was working, but last minute you messed up. You messed up just enough for him to get away.
"Using tricks now? How deceitful." Jungkook hums, now at the other side of the table.
You look up at him, your eyebrow quirking up in slight anger, "It wasn't a trick," you lie.
Even though the words you said were genuine, they were for the purpose of tricking him. Distracting him if you may.
"Honey, I know your lying voice. Nothing gets past me."
What's with him? Why's he being so egotistical when he's the one acting like a child?
You begin walking over to him and as you expected he mirrors you. Your steps mean nothing as you circle around each other, "Jungkook, I'm seriously getting angry."
"Don't care."
"When I go to the karaoke party, I'm staying for as long as possible. Forget about leaving early. When I get home it'll already be tomorrow morning."
He doesn't say anything, he just continues to stay out of your reach.
"I'll sleep in the guest room, and leave you alone. When I wake up, forget about breakfast, we're both going to starve because I'm not making anything."
He just shrugs, he knows it's an empty threat. He knows that either way you’re going to sleep in your shared bed and you’re going to make breakfast. Why would you go to sleep alone in a less comfortable bed, and why would you not make a delicious meal in the morning? That's absurd.
You start throwing out random threats, "Now that I think of it, the party is going to be so much fun. I'll be hanging out with my best friends, and some people from school too. Oo maybe there'll even be some cute guys there." you sigh, "It's not like I can tell them I have a boyfriend if anyone hits on me. Sorry, I'm dating Jeon Jungkook, you know, from BTS." you laugh, "I'll sound like a lunatic."
That gets to him.
Suddenly his movements stop, it's so sudden that you stop too, which doesn't make sense because you’re the one who's supposed to catch him. But it's something else that makes you stop too, it's as if his presence completely changed. The moment you said those words the atmosphere was flipped.
His playful smile, that twinkle in his eyes, the soft giggles escaping his lips, the childish movements he makes as he runs away, it's all gone.
Maybe you went too far. You didn't actually mean any of that, it was just meant as a way to get in his head. Clearly, it worked, a little too well actually.
His gaze is strong, his jaw is clenched, his frame wide, and his eyebrows furrowed.
You definitely did go too far. Sure Jungkook is being annoying but it's all just some stupid game. If he had said something like what you had just done, you would be furious.
You have to apologize.
"Jungkook, I'm—"
"Fucked?" he finishes your sentence.
Your eyebrows furrow, "Huh?" you say, clearly confused.
You watch as he puts your phone into the pockets of his sweats. He then starts walking towards you, his eyes piercing into your own.
"What are you doing?" you question, watching as he slowly makes his way over.
The look in his eyes is dangerous. Not dangerous in a scary way though, you just can't describe it.
You instinctively start moving the opposite way. Mirroring his movements as he had done yours. It seems as if the roles have been reversed.
The hunter becomes the hunted.
The moment you start moving he walks faster. You walk faster as well.
Is this really happening? You were once chasing him and now he's chasing you. You’re both childish.
You start giggling, just as he was doing when you were chasing him, "What are you doing?" you repeat, staying out of his reach.
"What do you think I'm doing?"
"Failing to catch me." you smirk.
He stops.
You stop.
His eyebrows raise, "Is that supposed to be a challenge?"
The once tense atmosphere is now purely an actual game. Your annoyance at his childish actions are gone and his anger at your hurtful words is as well.
The moment you see him lift a muscle, you bolt. You both know who the faster one is. In order to stay away from him you have to create distance.
You run to the kitchen island facing him briefly as he follows you. You're on opposite sides, your hands grazing the countertops as you lock your gazes onto each other. He moves left so you go to his right, he goes to his right and you go to his left.
It's continuous until suddenly he bolts forward. You burst out in surprised laughter as you run across the kitchen. You make it to the living room, standing next to the TV as you wait for his next move. He's now standing behind the couch, his eyes beaming in pure joy and you assume yours is the same.
"You're so slow, old man!" you taunt.
He laughs, "Old man? Huh?"
There's a moment of silence as you consider throwing out another annoying meaningless tease, but you decide against it the moment Jungkook starts moving again. You must've taken too long to reply.
He moves to the right and you immediately start going the other way, but it was just a fake because immediately he goes opposite. That movement surprises you as you let out a squeal of laughter, the noise alone makes Jungkook laugh as well.
It's not every day that you act like this. You’re so indulged at the moment that you forget why it's happening in the first place.
You run in circles around the living room, the sounds of laughter filling the room.
When you reach the end of the couch you run over to the kitchen now using the island as cover yet again. Jungkook follows and instead of continuing around the counter, you run through the dining area, pulling out a chair to block him at the last second.
You burst out in laughter as you watch Jungkook almost fall into the chair in your peripheral vision. You brace yourself against the counter as you start laughing so hard that you almost cry.
"You think that's funny?" he says, putting the chair back under the table, "That was a mere obstacle used to delay the inevitable."
His choice of words is just hilarious for some reason. That makes you laugh even harder, actual tears falling from your eyes.
"The inevitable, huh? What's gonna happen when that finally occurs?" you’re curious to hear what he'll say.
His gleaming eyes darken, "I'm gonna remind you of who you truly belong to. Only then will you think twice about threatening me with other guys."
The once playful excitement flowing throughout your body turns into something entirely different.
You almost forgot about the words that caused this whole ordeal in the first place. You truly didn't mean the words that you had said. It was so irrelevant that it almost escaped your memory.
The fact that he remembered it really shows how hard those words hit him, even though it was nothing to you. Yet again, if the roles were reversed you’d have it engraved in your mind as well.
"Oh yeah? Well, you're going to have to catch me first."
His eyebrow raises, and a moment of silence follows as you stare at each other. Your mind races with strategies you'll use to keep him away while he probably contemplates exactly what he'll do once you’re in his grasp.
The longer you stay away from him, the rougher he'll be once he finally catches you. Let's just say, that may or may not be exactly what you want right now.
His lips curl into a smirk as he turns to move forward, "I'm not gonna go easy on you anymore, ____. You'll be caught in seconds."
His words make your heartbeat skyrocket. You were struggling to stay away from him before and he was still going easy on you. Shit.
You do want to be caught, hell, you know you'll be caught either way but that doesn't stop the competitiveness that flows between the two of you.
"Catch me then." you taunt one last time before taking off.
You run through the living room, your legs pushing full force against the ground as you evade his advancing reach. He wasn't lying about not going easy on you anymore. You’re running the fastest you've gone tonight and he's already closing in.
You're both running so fast. He's so close to you that you can practically feel his presence. But since he's running so fast it'll be easy to fake him out.
Once you reach the back of the couch you turn to run around it but at the last second you pivot your body, your goal is to run to the kitchen instead. As you suspected he was unable to turn because of his godlike speed, so you’re able to get away, his fingers grazing your back as you're separated.
You laugh in victory as you reach the kitchen, the thrill of the chase reaching an all time high. That was the first time either of you have touched each other since this game began. If you wouldn't have done that move he would have caught you there.
He doesn't waste time as he turns to you in the kitchen, you run away immediately, not taking any chances. He's so focused on catching you that he's not speaking, and you’re so focused on staying away from him that you’re not saying a word either.
As you run to the living room, you strip the jacket you forgot you were wearing from your body. You throw it behind you, hoping to use it to your advantage. It only helps as a brief distraction, Jungkook's gaze leaves you for a fraction of a second. But in that second you slip between the couch and the coffee table whereas he's on the other side of the couch.
For a moment you stop briefly, thinking you had distracted him with your jacket for longer. His gaze snaps from the jacket on the floor and to you as he stops. You feel a grin spread across your face, did he give up?
He suddenly reaches forward and grabs the back of the couch and in one swift movement, he vaults over it. You’re unable to react, both because of how fast he did it and how impressive that was.
Time seems to slow as you watch his hand reach toward you. Your eyes widen, and you twist your body to run away but at that moment his hand grasps your wrist. His grip is like iron as he tugs at you slightly making you lose your balance.
Before you know it you’re on the couch, your back falling onto the soft cushions. It's only once he places himself on top of you, his knees placed on either side of your legs, that you realize you’re fucked.
As a last resort you’re about to push him away, but he catches both of your hands before they collide with his chest. He then brings them down and pins them above your head with his tattooed arm.
The inevitable occurred, he just caught you.
He won.
Your gazes lock on one another, "Any last words?" he teases, voice low.
Your chest heaves as his words echo through your mind. The adrenaline from the chase still coursing through your veins as you take in deep breaths. Although your senses are practically heightened, your previous defiance is gone. It's impossible to keep up the act with him on top of you like this, his eyes devouring as he restrains you from above.
It's all so intense, you can barely speak.
"Fuck me, Jeon." you say, your voice breathless.
He groans at your words as he leans forward, your lips meeting in a hungry kiss. The moment your lips meet your brain turns into mush. Jungkook takes his hands away from your wrists, trailing them down your arms and to your chest.
He pulls away from your lips, his eyes meeting yours briefly before they trail down your clothed body. His fingertips graze over your breasts as he makes his way to the hem of your shirt, pulling it off of you in seconds.
You reach forward to grab his, sitting up slightly from your spot below him, but he stops the advancement, pushing you back down. A surprised gasp leaves your lips as the back of your head hits the cushions.
When you try to reach forward again he grabs your prying hands, "Take it off." you whine.
"Did you forget who's in charge here?" he lets go of your arms, his eyebrow raising as if he's challenging you to try again.
Although the split between who dominates is almost equal between you, he still lets you do what you want when he's on top of you. So having him deny you something as simple as that ignites the flame of competitiveness within you again. If he wants you to listen he's going to have to make you.
"Ah, Jungkook, please," you croak, "more."
He lets out a throaty chuckle, "What's that baby?" he teases, "What do you want?"
It's so hard to speak, your head is cloudy, your body is rigid, and your breathing is unsteady.
"More what?" he presses, his hands squeezing your ass so hard you can feel the imprint of each of his fingertips.
You try to say something but the moment you do he lifts his hand and spanks you. A high-pitched whimper escapes your lips as you feel yourself involuntarily clench around him.
If it weren't for your clouded mind you'd be embarrassed at your current state. You rarely get this submissive. You feel so dumb, but in a good way, and you know Jungkook is loving every second of it. 
"What's that baby?" he does it again, earning another gasp from you, "I need you to speak up."
The sting from his hands is still lingering on your skin, "More, please, I need—"
Your words are cut off by a sudden loud ringing noise. For a moment you think it's all in your head but when you feel Jungkook reach down you realize what it is. 
Your phone is ringing.
Even through your fucked out state you realize who it might be. You try to look back at Jungkook but before you can, his free hand shoots down, pushing your face further into the cushions.
"Oh it's your friend," he says over the ringing, "she's probably wondering where you are, huh?"
You moan out in response. That's definitely the case, and she's without a doubt wondering just that. You told her you would come to the party, and you would have been there by now if it wasn't for Jungkook. He changed your plan for the whole night.
"Too bad you're too fucked out to do anything. Tell her you can't make it."
You’re a second too late to realize that he answered the call. He puts it on speaker as he holds the phone next to your face.
"____, where are you?"
Your friend's voice is able to put some sense back into you, but only enough to speak.
"I—" suddenly Jungkook starts moving again, slowly this time. You cut yourself off, trying not to let out any kind of noise.
This cannot be happening.
Sure Jungkook's been rough countless times before, but not this much. What's this supposed to be? Sexual humiliation?
You don't know what realization is worse. The fact that this situation could end up badly or the fact that you like the thrill of it.
"What? You cut out." she says.
"I can't come, I'm sorry." you say, your voice strained.
Jungkook's free hand starts traveling down your body, his touch soft yet teasing.
"Wait why? Most of the others are here. The food just came out, I know that was the part you were excited for the most."
Jungkook's hand reaches the base of your stomach, his fingers grazing over your clit. You suck in a whimper as you force your face into the cushions, but unfortunately, that wasn't enough. Before you’re able to successfully evade making any noise he places his fingers down and starts to massage the bundle of nerves teasingly.
You’re unable to hold back a muffled groan that you attempt to cover up with coughing.
"____? Are you okay?"
Jungkook leans down, his lips grazing your ear opposite of the phone, "Keep it together." he whispers, "Don't want her to figure out what's going on, now do we?" he warns.
You turn your head back to the side, about to respond. But being the bastard he is, Jungkook leans down and begins sucking at the skin of your neck, his lips grazing over the sweet spot under your ear.
You purse your lips, brows furrowing as you gather the strength to speak, "Yes, hello, I'm so sorry." you apologize, your mind hazy, "I don't feel too good right now."
Jungkook bites down on your neck, and his fingers press down harder. You feel a knot forming in the pit of your stomach.
"Shit." Jungkook groans into your ear, quiet enough that the phone won't pick it up.
His groans only add to the feeling in your stomach. It's all so much, his cock slowly fucking into you, his fingers playing with your clit, his lips sucking at your neck, his groans, the heat of his body above yours, and the thrill of not getting caught.
If your not careful you might cum too fast. You have to get off the phone, and you have a feeling Jungkook won't hang up, she will have to.
"Oh no," she pouts, "really? What is it?"
Leave it to your friends to want to know all the details. You have to say something to make her satisfied.
"My stomach," Jungkook makes a particularly hard thrust, one that halts your words momentarily, "I must've gotten food poisoning or something. It's so bad."
Your eyebrows knit together as you try to contain yourself. The feeling in your stomach is getting stronger. You’re getting close, too close, and you know Jungkook can feel it.
"Oh.." she hums, a sigh following, "well I hope you get better."
Yes, finally, she's gotta hang up now, right?
"But that doesn't change the fact that I'm sad. Ughh," she groans, "we haven't hung out at a place like this in forever."
Of course not.
A pang of annoyance flows through you momentarily but that's quickly replaced by pleasure as Jungkook starts nipping at your neck, quiet groans falling from his lips that go directly into your ears.
"I know," you say, your voice quiet as you force those words out, "but it's not like it's something I can control."
"I know.."
Jungkook shifts slightly, his cock somehow hitting the perfect spot. You let out a silent scream as you feel yourself clench against him, your hand shooting out to stop the movements of his fingers.
You’re close.
"Fuck," Jungkook groans, "did I hit your sweet spot baby? You're so tight." he whispers into the shell of your ear, his words going straight to the knot in your stomach.
He pulls out suddenly before slamming back in, hitting that spot again. You’re unable to hold back the cry of pleasure, but you turn it into a coughing fit to hide it. His lips are kissing the skin of your neck, and you can feel him smile at your reaction.
You’re so close.
"I'm literally gonna throw up," you say to the phone, "I feel like—shit." the last part comes out more desperate than what you had intended.
"Oh god, I better get going then." she says.
Yes, finally, now hang up.
"But first you have to promise that you'll make it up to me."
Why won't she hang up?
You hiss in clouded annoyance as your hand meets the one that Jungkook has on your stomach. First you have this asshole humiliating you and now you have this bitch on the phone who's letting it happen.
You’re so screwed. All you have running throughout your body is pleasure, anger, and adrenaline. You can't even filter your own thoughts anymore.
"Promise me—"
"Yes!" you exclaim, the annoyance clear in your tone as you speak, "I promise okay?"
The steady rhythm of Jungkook's fingers is adding up, it's too much. You’re actually going to cum. Your hand around his tightens, a silent plea for him to stop, to slow down, anything.
But he doesn't listen, he just continues his movements throughout your body. His cock hits the perfect spot every time he enters as his experienced fingers destroy your sanity. He silently chuckles, the rippling of his laugh clear against your back.
You've had enough of this, you have to hang the phone up yourself. You let go of his hand, and use all of your strength to quickly reach up in an attempt to swipe the phone away from him.
But you fail.
He quickly moves it away, his finger hitting the mute button, "Nice try ____, but that's not going to work."
"Jungkook, please," you plead, "hang up. I'm so close. Please."
"I know, baby, just let it go."
You whimper, he's not going to hang up. You were right, you have to make her hang up and you have mere seconds to make that happen.
Your friend said something while Jungkook was speaking but you have no idea what it was. You’re only able to hear the last part of what she says, ".. could also go there too but that could always be for another time."
"Son of a bitch." you groan in annoyance at the both of them, your eyes are screwed shut so hard it hurts.
You’re right on the edge.
"Excuse me? I thought you would've liked that idea." she sasses, thinking that you were saying that in response to her words.
Jungkook must have unmuted, but you couldn't see. You literally can't open your eyes. That asshole.
"Fuck," you say, coughing as you hold back a mewl, "shit, I'm literally going to throw up. What is wrong with you? I have to go." you ramble out in a clouded state of anger.
"Fine, okay, remember you promised to—"
"I know, I—" you cut yourself off as your hand flies over your mouth.
You’re right there, you can't hold it back much longer. It feels too good, you’re going to explode.
"You what, huh?" she says, expecting you to follow through with your words but you can't.
"Jesus Christ, hang up! Fuck!" you yell, your mind is so clouded that you burst out without thinking.
"Geeze, okay. Bye."
The moment you hear the beep that signals the ending of the call you explode. You can't hold it back anymore.
You cry out as your body is flooded with pure pleasure. It's so extreme that you feel your thighs shake, and your insides convulse around Jungkook's length.
"Fuck, it—" you gasp, "feels good. I can't—"
Jungkook lets out an amused laugh, "Didn't know you were into stuff like that. Who knew you could be such a little bitch, moaning in front of your friends?"
Your eyes are shut so tight it hurts, spots of white clouding your dark vision.
"I wasn't—" you croak out, unable to defend yourself as the feeling of pleasure continues, not showing any signs of declining.
"Just had to let them know who makes you feel so good. Who is that, baby? Who makes you feel good?"
"You." you practically whisper, all the energy in your body being whisked away at the trade of euphoria.
"You, Jungkook. You make me feel so good."
His hips stutter, his cock twitching. He's close. He drops the phone onto the floor, his hand grasping your neck as he pulls you up against his chest. The new position makes a new wave of pleasure flow through you. One that's laced with pain as he increases his pace.
You let out an almost pornographic cry, one that would've killed you of embarrassment if you were able to hear it. His other hand continues the circles around your clit, the once pure pleasure laced with pain from the oversensitivity.
"Wait, stop," you gasp, "I'm sensitive. It's too much."
He lets out a delicious cold laugh, "You can take it, I know you can. Can't you?"
The little bit of competitiveness inside you is enough to make you nod. You can take it, not only because of that competitiveness but because of the simple fact that you want him to feel good. It's been a while since he's been so rough.
"Tell me you can."
"I can," it hurts so good, "just for you."
He groans at your words, "That's right. All for me. You're mine baby, only mine."
The hand around your neck holds you tighter as he presses down at your pressure points. The lack of air only heightens the feelings from below.
"I'm yours." you repeat, not a thought behind your mind as those words escape your lips.
You’re lost, so lost in the feeling of him.
"Shit, you're clenching so much. I'm close." he rasps, a small whine following his words, his hand around your neck loosening.
You can barely hear him, but it was enough to understand bits of it, "Cum for me, please." you say in a breathless whisper, "I wanna feel you."
His hips stutter, his cock twitching, "I'm—" he cuts himself off with a whimper, one that surprises you considering the circumstances.
The moment his hand leaves your neck you feel a sudden wave of ecstasy. You gasp, your hands clawing at his, "Jungkook, I'm cumming again, fuck."
You both tip over the edge together. It's so strong you feel the breath being ripped from your lungs. Even through your heightened state of extreme pleasure, you can feel him cumming, his hot slick mixing with you own.
"Shit, baby," he says, his hand on your clit slowing down as he rides you through your second orgasm, "I knew you had it in you."
It's so good, it's too good. The pain, the pleasure, all of it. You haven't came this hard in a while. You feel literal tears forming in your eyes.
You let out broken cries, it's hard to even tell exactly what you say, but you assume it's a mixture of both his name and curses. Hot tears spilling down your cheeks as you completely let go.
Once the pleasure finally dies down, your brain is empty and your body is so tired it's limp. Jungkook notices this as he gently sets you down on the cushions, his now softened cock pulling out.
Your chest heaves as you attempt to gain back your breathing.
Jungkook hisses as he fully backs away, sitting down on the couch, "Fuck, you made a mess."
All you’re able to do is hum as a response, the post-orgasmic bliss still clouding your mind.
Before you can react you feel Jungkook's hands grasp your ass, pulling you up as he dives in. The moment his tongue meets your folds you whimper.
"Ah, fuck, it's too much, it hurts." you cry, your vision becoming blurry with tears.
All he does is laugh, the vibration of it causing painful waves of overstimulation to flow through you. You stuff your face into the cushions to muffle your cries as Jungkook cleans up the mess, making sure to lick up every last drop of your essences.
When he's finished he gives your cheeks one last squeeze, "So sweet," he teases as he leans forward, "you're so good for me, you know that?"
You groan as you lift your face up from the cushions, "Mhm.." you hum, resting the side of your face back down on the couch.
You literally can't move, your body is too heavy.
Jungkook's arms hook around your waist as he flips you over, your back resting against the couch and your messy hair falling against your face. You’re too tired to push it away, the silky strands of hair tickling your nose.
Jungkook giggles as he leans forward, softly pushing the hair out of your face, "I really did fuck the shit out of you, huh? So tired you can't even lift a finger."
He grins, his eyes scanning your face as your eyes flicker shut, "Did you learn your lesson?"
"Tell me, what'd you learn?" his head dips down, his lips leaving soft kisses on your stomach, kisses that turn into nips. 
He’s marking you.
When you don't respond he bites down particularly hard, and a groan escapes your lips, "Tell me, use your words." he orders.
The kisses slowly trail up to your breasts as he creates a line of bruises.
"I'm yours." you say, the words slurred and quiet.
"Hm? I can't hear you." he hums, his soft kisses turning rough.
Your eyebrows furrow and your eyes remain closed, "I'm yours, Jungkook. Only yours." you repeat, your voice stronger but words still slurred.
His lips reach your collarbone, "Say it again."
"Jungkook," you whine, "I'm yours."
He smiles against your skin, satisfied with your answer, but you continue, the words leaving your lips without a second thought, "You're all I think about, all day, just you."
His fingers find your waist as he massages your sides, his lips kissing your skin and teeth biting down softly.
"You're perfect. You're my everything. I'm yours, and you're mine." you continue.
He lets out a breathless moan as he reaches your neck, "I'm yours." he says.
His words give your rigid body a temporary boost of strength as you lift your arm. Your hand rests on the back of his neck as they move forward, your fingers tracing his jawline.
You open your eyes as he leans back at your touch, his eyes meeting yours. The moment your eyes meet an unspoken moment of silence passes, pure adoration melting each of your hearts.
How did something so rough lead to a soft moment like this?
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jeonjcngkook · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
head over heels just for him
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mercurygguk · 19 hours
risque jk mind telling us about that time u made oc squirt? 🤨 what else u keeping from us? 🤨🤨
wet and wild · jjk (m)
Tumblr media
— summary; jungkook makes you do something you’ve never done before.
pairing; jungkook x f. reader
word count; tba.
rating; 18+
content; drabble for risqué
warnings; fingering, dirty talk, squirting, mentions of multiple orgasms, praising, dom!jungkook, aftercare + cuddles :(
a/n; here you go, anon! risqué jk and oc’s squirting experience 😌 i hope you like it hsjdjs pls lmk what you think !! also, ignore my typos if there are any :’)
“you take my fingers so fucking well, baby–”
jungkook growls these words right next to your ear, watching how your pussy swallows his fingers for every pump of them, your arousal coating his digits in shimmering wetness. your back is arching off his chest, lips parted in silent cries of pleasure, chest heaving in short puffs of air as you fight to catch your breath. 
the tightened string in your abdomen is about to break within you for the fourth time tonight, jungkook can tell from the way your walls tighten around his fingers as he buries them deeply in you, your hips bucking as they chase your orgasm.
“look at you,” he chuckles softly, lips brushing your temple, “such a good girl… letting me fuck you with my fingers like this.”
your moans and whimpers of pleasure fill the room, your hands tightly fisting the sheets as you feel yourself nearing euphoria with the same force as a tsunami wave.
“kook-“ you whimper his name.
“yeah, baby?”
your head falls back into the hard panes of his chest, his heart hammering in its cage underneath you. he curls his fingers within you, brushing that spot you love so much.
“please- kook,” you cry, the hints of tears in your eyes. “please, i need it-“
jungkook’s lips curl into a soft smirk as he notices how your fists tighten around the sheets, gripping onto them for dear life as he hand moves at an inhuman speed, fingers continuously adding pressure to that specific spot that always causes you to see stars. your jaw falls open as your orgasm sneaks up on you.
“wanna come, hm? wanna come around my fingers like a good fucking girl?” he grits the words out.
you nod vigorously, your legs tensing and trying to close around his hand between them. he hums in disapproval, his free hand grabbing a hold of your leg by the crook of your knee. he spreads your legs further apart, keeping them spread as he finger fucks you, bring you closer and closer to the edge.
“use your words.”
your squirm in his hold, the feeling of the string within you about to snap too overwhelming, your clit overly sensitive from your previous orgasms not too long ago.
“tell me what you need, ____.”
“i need to come!” the words burst from your lips, hanging in the air as you whimper and moan, tears rolling down your cheeks due to the pain and pleasure of being stimulated so many times in just one night. “wanna c-come so fucking bad- please, jungkook!”
your instant begging causes jungkook to growl against the shell of your ear, jaw falling slack as he watches your hips bucking as the orgasm reaches you.
“let go, baby- come for me,” he tells you, the guttural moan you instantly let out going straight to his cock, the blood rushing to the head and making his hard on so painful he might start crying himself.
you come around his fingers, a row of ‘fuck’ and ‘ohmygod’ leaving your lips in a rushed tone as you let go, letting the orgasm wash over you in tidal waves. the release you feel is intense, unfamiliar yet so fucking good you blackout for a brief moment. jungkook fingers you through your orgasms, eyes widened in surprise as he watches the wetness squirt from your pussy, soaking his sheets.
“fuck, baby-“ he mutters the words, sounding out of breath as he leaves a kiss on your bare shoulder. you’re heaving for air, trying to catch your breath as you fall limp against his chest, head lying on his shoulder. “my pretty, beautiful girl… you just squirted all over my silk sheets.”
“what- i don’t…” you try to lift your head to see what he’s talking about but you’re too spent to even do that, dropping your head back to rest on his shoulder. jungkook’s palms are sliding over your thighs in comforting strokes as he waits patiently for you to return to your senses, leaving kisses on your shoulder and neck. he can’t help but smile against your skin, feeling pride in his chest as he stares at the wet spot on his silk sheets, unable to get the image of you orgasming and a squirting out of his head.
an hour later of cuddles and comforting praises, jungkook returns to the bedroom after cleaning you up with a damp towel. he helps you into one of his oversized t-shirts before lifting you of the bed, carrying you bridal style out of the his bedroom and into the guest room across the hall.
“i didn’t know i could do that,” you tell him, the faint hints of surprise evident in your voice.
jungkook chuckles softly, “well, apparently you can.”
you’re still pretty worn out, eyes tired and droopy as he places you on the bed. he leans over you, kissing your lips softly a few times before standing up again. he’s about to leave the room and go fix his sheets but he never makes it far before you’re grabbing a hold of his hand. he glances at you, smiling softly when you tug at his hand.
“stay,” you mumble, sleep laced in your voice. “we can fix the sheets tomorrow.”
jungkook doesn’t need further persuasion, forgetting all about the sheets as he crawls into bed with you. you let out a satisfied hum as you cuddle up against him, burying your face in the crook of his neck as you throw a leg over his. jungkook can’t help but grin softly as you cling to him, your soft snores filling the air before he can tell you goodnight.
“goodnight, baby.”
he wraps his arms around you, pressing a kiss to your forehead before closing his own eyes and dozing off into a deep slumber, explicit images of you on his mind.
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minieggukie · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
jimin's very ordinary hobby of getting scolded by jungkook
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eoieopda · 2 days
Hi Jade 🫶🏻 I have a drabble request if you’re still taking them: Jungkook gets home from tour and is just the clingiest, cutest, softest bf 🙏🏻
yo this idea has me weak 🥲 i hope you like this!
Tumblr media
Judging by the clattering in your kitchen, your jet-lagged boyfriend had finally emerged from his seemingly endless slumber.
You’d been awake for four hours, and out of bed for three. It took longer than expected to carefully untangle yourself from the knot of his limbs, but he slept through your escape. And Bam’s excitement at having an awake parent to play with. And the unavoidable clang of pots and pans as you cooked a breakfast now finally in the hands of its intended recipient - at 2:00 in the afternoon.
You heard the floorboards creak as he shuffled out of the kitchen. His movements were incredibly slow as he padded up the hall to join you in the living room, like all the sleep he’d gotten hadn’t recharged his battery. Also audible was the faint crunch of newly toasted bread, which tugged the corner of your mouth into an involuntary smile.
Jungkook always needed a snack to hold him over until he brought his actual meal to a table. After all, he might waste away in the few moments it would take to make himself a place. You always joked that his stomach was a bottomless pit, but he maintained that he only ate this much when you were the one cooking. And when you scrunched your nose at his flattery, he’d kiss it until your cheeks turned into roses. Then he’d kiss those, too.
Laying on the couch with your legs stretched out across the cushions, your head rested on a plush, velveteen pillow. The heels of your hands were anchored against your chest as you propped up this week’s novel. You had to peek over the top of it to see Jungkook appear in the doorway.
Bleary eyes squinted against sunlight as he looked for you. The hood of his sweatshirt was pulled up over his hair, but you knew without looking that it was sticking up in every possible direction - which always confounded you due to how deeply he slept. Immovable, powered off completely. His shoulders still carried the weight of his exhaustion; and his cheeks puffed out as he attempted to chew what you assumed was - at minimum - half his slice of toast.
Of all the versions of him, this one was was a hard-fought favorite of yours: the silly, sleepy, soft Jungkook. The one that stirred the butterflies in your stomach just by existing, too out-of-it to notice the effect he had on you.
He groaned as he bent over to put his plate on the coffee table. You expected him to take his usual spot at the end of the couch and pull your legs over his lap - like he always did. This time, he deviated from the pattern. Not waiting long enough for you to set your book down, he wiggled his head between its bottom and your chest, and then let the weight of his body slump down on top of yours.
You giggled as he slid his hands underneath you and wrapped you up in his arms. With his chest pressed against yours, you could feel his deep, contented sigh as it left him. No longer accessible, you closed your book with an unseen smile and tossed it gently to the rug below. You couldn’t see how it landed, but you hoped it was graceful.
“You left,” He mumbled sadly with his face tucked under your chin. He breathed slowly through his nose; every warm exhale tickled the bare skin of your neck.
Your now-free hands settled into a familiar routine. One rested on his back; the muscles of which, you noted, had become much more defined since he left for tour ten weeks earlier. The other hand pulled back his hood in order to thread fingers through his soft - albeit messy - tresses. Fingernails scratching gently over his scalp, you chuckled, “You had your leg draped over me, pressing into my bladder. When I came back from the bathroom, you were spread out over the mattress like a sleep-deprived starfish.”
“I’m sorry, baby,” He cooed, squeezing you tighter. “The second-worst part about leaving is having to sleep alone. I forget how to share, and then you have to deal with the consequences.”
“Second worst?”
“The only thing worse than going to sleep without you is being awake without you,” he explained it casually, as if it wouldn’t make your heart do somersaults.
But it did, because this soft, sleepy man was yours - he was home - and he said things like that just as easily as breathing.
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ph4sies · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𓉡ㅤㅤ͓ㅤㅤ𝇃ㅤ𝗺𝗲𝘂𝘀 𝗼𝗹𝗵𝗼𝘀 𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗿𝗮̃𝗼 𝘚꯭𝗘꯭𝖬꯭𝙋꯭𝘙꯭𝖤 𝗲𝗺 𝘃𝗼𝗰𝗲̂ㅤㅤㅤ𝅰[ㅤㅤㅤㅤ꯭𝗧꯭𝗞꯭𝗞꯭ㅤ
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bukguhope · 3 days
Angrily in Love
Tumblr media
two mafia families, two heirs. they should’ve stay away from one another, they usually do. but a new threat forces them to work together. and you know what they say; the line between hate and love can be blurry
enemies to lovers, mafia member!jungkook, mafia tech! reader, bickering, pining, angst, little fluff, strong female lead, SARCASM. light smut. tw: MENTIONS OF death/murder. brief mention of prostitution (no character does this it’s only mentioned)
wc: 20.2k she’s a long one
12 months ago
London, England
You stand deathly still, spine straight and eyes forward. The cold metal of the gun strapped to your thigh makes your skin itch but you don’t move, not one inch. No one can see you, you were certain of that but then again you didn’t dare do anything that could even possibly garner any attention. No, you kept close to the tree who’s shadow was helping keeping you hidden. Not too far in front of you, but far enough to not be seen, a coffin is slowly moved six feet below. There was no sounds of anyone crying, not even a sniffle was made from any of the small group of people attending the funeral. They simply just watched, straight unwavering faves as two men began to shovel dirt on top of the coffin and as soon as the first load of dirt fell upon the casket- everyone in attendance turned and left without looking back. You waited, longer then you needed to, before walking over once the two men had finished their job of burying the coffin. Now you stood at the end of the freshly done grave, staring down at the headstone, blinking a couple times you bent down on your knees. A small smile graced your lips slowly.
“bye father, rot in hell”
New York, United States
It was silent, except for the occasional scrapes of metal cutlery against the plates, as you and your Grandfather ate dinner. Although no words were being exchanged, it was comfortable. This man had raised you his entire life and he doted on your every move since the day you were born, he was the reason you carried on in this trauma filled existence. Being involved in the underground dealings of the world should’ve been terrifying, you should’ve screamed and begged to not be inflicted in mafia business. But you didn’t, in fact, you thrived on this lifestyle. You were smart, more so then most men in this type of business and most of them knew that. The things you could find out with a simple laptop could crumble someone’s entire life with one click.
“y/n, dear, i have a job for you” This immediately peaked your interest, dropping your cutlery you looked to your Grandfather at the end of a rather large dining table. Well, it had to be big to fill the space- it was a mansion you were in after all. High ceilings, glamorous decor and extravagant windows.
“what do you need me to do?” There wasn’t a lot you wouldn’t do for him, all he had to do was give you the word and you were on it. He reached into his suit pocket, pulling out a white envelope before standing and walking the distance between the two of you. He placed the envelope in front of you before giving you a pat on the shoulder
“you’re not going to like this love, but it needs to be done” You furrow your eyebrows at this but remain silent and open the envelope
- Codes to a locked spreadsheet your father kept hidden: break into it.
- New group started, your father knew it would happen he has information.
- You’re partner for this: Jeon Jungkook
Your jaw tightens, the last person on this earth you’d want to work with was Jeon Jungkook. The rivals families heir? The cocky, insufferable bastard?
“get it done” Is all your Grandfather says before walking out of the dining room and off onto his wing of the mansion. Letting out a sigh you flip the sheet in front of you. On the back of the paper were several computer codes and you gave a little nod to yourself before sliding the paper back into the envelope and standing before retreating to your wing of the mansion. If this is what needed to be done, then you’d just have to suck it up and do the job.
London, England
He sat with a straight face, looking at the cards between his fingers before casually drifting his gaze to the men sat around the table. Smoke from cigarettes filled the air and the smell mixed with the scent of scotch.
“stop looking so serious Jungkook, this is a friendly game” Taehyung, one of his closest men, smirked as Jungkook’s remained unmoving. He always took poker so seriously, always the competitive type.
“i wouldn’t call ten grand at risk a friendly game” Yoongi quipped before the men around the table chuckled, they knew that amount of money meant nothing to them. It was pocket change if anything. “i fold” He sighed before placing his cards face down and taking a swig of his scotch before rising from the table and walking off.
“what will it be Jungkook?” Namjoon asked from across the table, just the two of them left in the game and it was up to Jungkook whether he folded or risked it and raised. Of course, he raised before showing his deck and leaning back in his chair with a raised eyebrow “you’re such a cocky bastard you know that?” Namjoon let out before showing his cards and standing from the table, leaving Jungkook to collect his winnings. Smirking he left the money on the table, he’d come back for it.
“Jeon, duty calls!” One of his fathers men shouting down into his den got his attention and he sighs before standing
“funs over, don’t take my winnings” He says before going up the stairs to the exit of his sanctuary before heading straight to his fathers office. Not that it was a quick journey, the mansion was not lack in size. The Jeon estate was one to be marvelled at, Jungkook’s wing alone was enough to be classed as a mansion in its own right. But once he did make it, he walked straight in not bothering to knock as he did so. His father didn’t flinch, used to his son barging in as he pleased.
“son, take a seat” He did so, eyeing the two men that stood behind his father, it almost made him chuckle. His own father felt the need to protect himself from him, although he’d be a fool not to. Jungkook had skills that any would dream to have mastered, he was undeniably strong with a quick brain. If he wanted to, he’d have both guards dead aswell as his father within minutes. “we have a problem” Jungkook quirked a brow, not saying anything, so the older man continued “theirs a new alliance brewing, we got wind of it last week but didn’t feel it was that worrying. But it’s important this gets squished now”
“stop talking around the topic and get to the specifics” Jungkook had no time for riddles, if there was a job to be done all information needed to be given to him now so he could do what he needed to
“before you were born there was a family that were said to be the most dangerous in the world. we thought every single one of them were dead, turns out we were wrong. and when i say we son, i don’t mean just our family” Staying quiet, Jungkook eyed his father urging him to continue his little story. “the y/l/n’s” He concluded and Jungkook’s muscles tighten. Their rivals, the bane of his existence and the worst of the lot? You. He met you a handful of times, all memory of them made him uncontrollably angry. You were a sarcastic little woman and every word that came out of your month made him want to cut your tongue off. The worst thing about it was how attractive you were, he always left the small altercations you two had extremely mad and half hard. But no matter what, they’d always be bad blood between the two of you- especially after last year.
“where do i come into this?” His father took a deep breath before leaning back into his chair, fingers interlocking with one another.
“i need you to take out that last family member. we just don’t know where they’re hiding, but someone can find out and they’re grandfather already agreed to a temporary alliance” Anger arose within him, fearing he already knew who exactly his father was talking about “you’re heading to new york”
New York, United States
You took a deep breath as you stood at the back exit of the airport, waiting on a secret runway. In a few short minutes your worst nightmare would be landing and coming out of his private jet. Why you had to come and meet him was beyond you, but your Grandfather asked and hell would freeze over before you said no to him. Although, it just might actually freeze over now it’s leader was about to land in front of your very eyes. The devil himself; Jeon Jungkook. You heard the jet above your head, you were quite a distance from the runway of course but it was still deafening. Tilting your head up, you scoffed as you looked at his jet
Jeon Air
It was all back with white writing, making it extremely obvious who owned the jet. Once it finally came to a halt, you didn’t make a move to walk over. choosing to stay by the door that led to the secret tunnels leading out. The door opened and you spot him coming out the entrance, deep black suit covered his muscles and shades hid his eyes. He spots you and you know he did because he tenses, it makes you chuckle. Walking down the steps he stops at the bottom of them as someone comes over with his suitcase, handing it over to him. Taking it, he extends the handle and begins to walk in your direction. Once he’s close, you turn and open the door and begin the walk out not even bothering to greet him. You simply didn’t want to.
“what a lovely warm welcome” He mumbled behind you and you roll your eyes and continued walking ahead, not wanting to get involved in his little game. The noise of his suitcase wheels grinding against the floor was echoing in the long tunnels. You felt him shuffle with something and you just knew exactly what he was doing, how predictable he was. Smoothly, you reach to your thigh pulling the gun from your strap and turning to point it straight between his eyes. You met the sight of the barrel of his own gun, pointing down at you as he stopped walking. Then it was a stare off, you felt ridiculous but he pulled his on you first and he did it while your back was turned- how pathetic.
“you’re not subtle at all, i heard the shuffling. you should work on that” His lip twitched, making your smirk. He was so easy to annoy and it bought you joy to do so.
“you think you’re so smart”
“i don’t think, i know” In one quick motion your leg raise, your ankle hitting his wrist making the gun slip from his grasp and you could see the shock on his face. Keeping your gun pointed at his direction you stepped towards him, hand coming up to grip his tie. “are you sure you’re a mafia bosses son? because disarming you was way too quick” Then you were pushing him, he was strong but you were quick. Now against the wall, he stared down at you breathing hard as your grip tightened upon his tie. “don’t underestimate me Jeon” The pair of you held your eye contact in silence, he could’ve pushed you away, in one quick motion he could’ve had your arms behind your back and face against the wall. But he remained still and you knew you had won this time. Finally, you released his tie and stepped backwards until your feet met his fallen weapon. You kick it and it makes a loud noise as it slides over to him on the concrete floor. Without a word you take off and continue walking, you hear him collect his gun and the noise of wheels on his suitcase fills the silence once again. Once you reach the end you push open the door and the sun beats down onto your skin and makes you squint slightly as you slip your gun back into the strap on your thigh. You were enjoying the warming of your skin from the summer heat before you felt him standing behind you, instantly spoiling the moment.
“if you’ve finished whatever you’re doing, i’d like to leave” Closing your eyes momentarily, you mentally count to five to calm yourself before walking to your car and he followed. It stood out like a sore thumb, a cyan tinted Bugatti Divo, your little baby. You unlock it before popping the boot to let Jungkook put his luggage in.
“put your shit in the boot, then get in and don’t touch a fucking thing inside” You gave your simple instructions before getting into the drivers seat, waiting for him. Looking in the mirror you see him rounding the back and heading for the door so you close the boot with a simple button as he opens the door and slides in. Wincing as he shuts the door a little too hard for your liking you side eye him. “don’t slam my doors you fucking imbecile” He gives you a look before reaching for the door, holding your stare he opens it and proceeds to slam it shut. Your jaw clenches, he smirks. “you’re lucky my grandfather wants you alive Jeon” With that, you turn the engine on and without warning speed out of your parking spot making Jungkook fly back in his seat, the idiot didn’t put his belt on.
The y/l/n Estate
His eyes explored the place as the grand gates opened to your estate, it felt strange. He was basically crossing enemy lines with no protection other then the gun tucked into waist. Flashes of you kicking it from his grip comes to his mind and then to you having him up against the wall. God why didn’t he push you back, teach you a lesson for putting your hands on him? Shaking himself from his thoughts he took note of his surroundings, your land seems to be slightly bigger than his own, a lavish little fountain was placed at the end of the long drive up to the mansion. Of course, the y/l/n family knew how to show off. You parked the car beside the estate, not uttering a word as you open the boot and get out of the car. Rolling his eyes, he opens the door and steps out
“slam that door and i’ll pin you against it” Your voice calls as you walk away, not even turning to his direction but you wait for him to get his stuff as you face the entrance to the home. Taking a breath he closes the door, softly, before grabbing his suitcase from the boot. As soon as it hits the ground you press your button to close the boot before locking the car and walking inside, leaving Jungkook to follow along. He argued about this, staying at your family’s mansion. All he wanted was to stay at a hotel and see you only when necessary but his father declined, stressing that your Grandfather had extended his hospitality and it would be much easier to work together under one roof. Huffing, he enters and takes a look around the place. If he were honest with himself he’d say he preferred this place to his own home, it was more welcoming. Photos of you and your grandfather hung all over the place, just the two of you. Well that was expected, he knew your father was dead and buried back in England.
“Mr Jeon!” A loud, booming voice almost echoed against the walls and his gaze turns away from the pictures to see your grandfather walking towards him from the top of the stairs. He was on edge to say the least, he was the head of his rivals and here he stood watching him come down the stairs, smile on his face until he stood in front of him. His age was evident, the full head of grey hair and greying beard. But you’d think he was your father then grandfather, he still looked young. “welcome to our home Jungkook” He waved a hand in the air and a guy, clearly a worker came over and took his suitcase from his grip and began retreating into the mansion “He’s taking it to y/n’s wing, you’ll stay there” He had to hold in the eye roll he wanted to let out, of course he was being put there. “We have a wing for guests but i think you’ll be more comfortable in her wing and it will be easier to work together” Jungkook gave a nod, not bothering to speak, he didn’t truly trust this man. There was no way he ever would, he knew what he was capable of. “Come, i’ll get you settled in, seems as y/n has disappeared” He begins walking in the same direction as the worker had and Jungkook followed, eyeing his surroundings as he did so. They reached an elevator and it was a huge one, your grandfather pressed the button and the pair entered together. It was silent as the doors closed and the lift began moving.
“i know you’re probably on edge, crossing enemy lines” Your grandfather broke the silence and Jungkook raised an eyebrow, keeping his eyes in front of him “but i promise you, while you’re under my roof no harm will come to you. i admire you actually” This took Jungkook by surprise, not even his own father said any sort of praise to him but here was the head of his rivals doing just that “you’re a strong kid, your head is screwed on right. iam happy to have this alliance, even if it’s temporary” With that the doors opened and your grandfather walked away and left Jungkook a little stunned. He took a moment before exiting the lift, his eyes widen slightly. It was like entering a completely different mansion. The walls were black, halloween-like decor filled the space, strangely close to what his wing looked like back home. “this is your room, y/n’s is down the corridor to the right. kitchen is to the left and there’s a staircase at the back leading to the land out back. there’s also a gym down the corridor opposite y/n’s room, iam sure you’ll want to take advantage of that” The man finishes by giving Jungkook a pat on his bicep, before leaving back in the direction he came from, he could hear the faint ding of the lift. Opening the door he takes it in, large king bed in the middle with black silk sheets. The walls matched while the units were bright white. Damn, he actually liked it better then his own place and he decorated that place himself. His suitcase was left at the end of the bed and he stepped in to unpack before loud music filled the wing. Turning in the direction it came from, his curiosity got the better of it and he followed it. The closer he got to the gym, the louder it got. He stopped outside, the the door made of glass meaning he can see right inside and he noticed you. In your exercise gear, leggings and sports bra, your back faced him as you punched into a bag hung from the ceiling. With music covering his sounds, he opens the door and stalks over to you- it was time to teach you a lesson. It was payback for the airport, he wasn’t just going to let anyone get away with disrespecting him. He wasn’t going to doing anything bad, trip your foot and pin you to the floor just enough to embarrass you. Inching closer, his hand raised you grip the back of your neck but it all happened so fast. Your right hand reaches behind your head, gripping his wrist as you swipe your leg into his while simultaneously pulling his arm forward. He flips over your back, onto the mat in front of you. In an instant your on top of him, blade pinned to his neck making him gasp lightly.
“you’re testing my patience Jeon” He looks up at you, eyes narrowed as you hold the blade flush against his neck. “keep it up Jungkook, see how long you last” With that you stand off him and walk over to smack a button, turning the music off before you stomp out of the gym. His eyes followed you until his head hit the mat, breathing hard as he stares at the ceiling.
The y/l/n’s Estate
You sat in the main living room floor, beside your grandfather’s legs as he sits on the sofa behind you. The pair of you working on a puzzle that was scattered on the table. This was an activity the pair of you did often, ever since you were a teenager you’d do puzzles with him. It was nice to do this, it had been a couple days since Jungkook arrived and all you had done was ignore each other.
“i hope you’re making our new house guest feel welcome” Your jaw clenches at the mention of him under your roof, not wanting to be reminded he was now settling into your wing instead of the guest wing.
“sure am” You get out through clenched teeth, not wanting to upset him. He chuckles as he fishes through the pieces trying to find the last corner piece.
“look, you may not like this y/n but this new group are bad news. they’re a great threat to us, it needs to be dealt with and the best way to do so is with this alliance.” Sighing you nod, understanding that he was right. You and Jungkook were the sole heirs to two massive empires, you both have the training and knowledge to deal with this problem. Although you knew this, you certainly wasn’t going to be happy about it.
“sir, Mr Jeon says he has some information he needs to share” A voice makes you look up and it’s Anna, your grandfather’s wing housekeeper. She basically raised you alongside him, been with you for as long as you can remember.
“tell him to meet me in my office please Anna, i’ll wait there” You ask, standing before giving a smile to your grandfather before heading off to your work quarters. It was a floor above your wing, the top floor of the mansion, anything business related got dealt with on that floor. Sitting down at your desk, it was large and deep black, you open your laptop and jump slightly when the door opens harshly.
“it’s polite to knock” You grumble as he swings the door closed and sits nonchalantly in the chair opposite
“it’s also polite to not be a raging bitch maybe you should stop doing that” Glaring at him from across the desk, he simply stares back.
“what’s this important information you’ve found?” Leaning back in your chair he clears his throat lightly before speaking
“my father said he found out a location they could be working from, we need to chase it up” Nodding you begin going through your laptops security camera programme
“address” You state simply and you hear him huff, probably in annoyance at your tone but you couldn’t care less, you had no time to be nice to him neither did you want to.
“here” He mumbles, throwing a piece of paper on the desk, you lean your hand out with even looking up and slide it over to you. Quickly typing the address into your laptop you pull up the information and find six cameras in the area. It only takes you a couple of minutes before you hack into them and pull up the feeds. It was a place holding shipment containers with a few warehouses near by.
“ok got it” Leaning back once again you begin flipping through the different cameras trying to find anything interesting
“got what exactly?” You don’t say anything, just lift you hand telling him to come over before moving you hand back to the laptop. Jungkook huffs again but stands and rounds the desk, leaning down he raises an eyebrow “the security cams for the address?”
“yep” For a moment you think you can see a look cross his face that seems he’s impressed but it disappeared before you could really tell.
“car pulling in, camera four” This has you pulling yourself into further into the desk and double click on said camera. A blacked out van stops just inside the entrance gates, you and Jungkook lean closer to the laptop as you watch in silence. A few moments pass before four guys hope out, all holding familiar looking guns making your eyes widen
“m2 smg’s, only military should be in possession of them” Jungkook’s turns to you at the information, this was a much bigger problem then he originally thought
“how could you tell what guns they were so quickly? the image is so grainy” He sounded genuinely curious, he was quite well educated when it came to guns but even he couldn’t tell that fast. You simply shrug
“found my fathers armoury at twelve, became obsessed with finding out what it all was” At the mention of your father he tenses, so do you. You regret it even coming out of your mouth so you quickly move on “if these guys are getting military grade equipment they must have killer connections”
“yeah, or they’re stealing. both are as bad as each other” He states, leaning away from the table shoving his hands in his suit pockets. You think for a moment, right now there wasn’t much that could be done. Rounding up people and storming down there would just end up in a blood bath, reporting them to police was out of the window- when it came to police that option was always out the window with your families. With a new thought suddenly coming to mind, you move your hands to your laptop and minimise the cameras before moving onto to something else. “what you doing?” Jungkook leans down to get a good look, again he sounds genuinely interested which makes a change for his normal asshole way of speaking
“serial numbers, all of those guns should have serial numbers. if i can track all the shipments the military have been sent of those smg’s, i could see whether they were stolen they have to report that. that should answer our question if they have connections or not”With that, you tapping at your keys while Jungkook watches over your shoulder- did he not know the term personal space? Nonetheless you said nothing, just worked on finding the information you needed. You had to block your IP Address, and make sure you were leaving no trace of you ever entering these programmes. This was going to take some time, so once everything was set and loading you stand making your shoulder brush Jungkook’s arm making him stand with you.
“what can’t do it? not as gifted as you thought?” His head tilts to the side to aide his snarky tone as his hands slide right back into his pockets
“it’s loading, i have to wait. what have no idea how these things work? too stupid?” You match his previous tone, tilting your head to the side aswell. He narrows his eyes at you but you bare it no mind and shoulder check him as you walk past him and out your office. Sure you could’ve walked the other way, but you were too petty for that. You stand in the hallway before turning back to face him “get out” He raises an eyebrow at your demand “like iam gonna trust you in there, you’re a Jeon after all” He lets out a breathy single chuckle before he finally moves his feet and then shoulder checks you at the door, before walking in the direction of the lift
“bitch” You hear him faintly mumble, you run your tongue over your top teeth before you slam the door behind you and let out a smirk when you notice his body jump slightly at the sudden noise.
The y/l/n Estate
He stares at the ceiling, not sure what the time was but he new it was late. or really early. Huffing he tossed and turned, he couldn’t fucking sleep ever since he was jolted awake from the stupid nightmare. The loud bang of the gun, the screaming, the blood- Yeah he definitely wasn’t going back to sleep anytime soon. It was pathetic really, he took many lives and he didn’t have an ounce of shame or regret about any of them. But that first kill- it kept coming back to haunt him. Sighing he flings the covers back, getting on his feet he leaves the room and heads straight to the kitchen. It was eerily quiet and dark, not a single sound was even coming from outside. The perks of living in a mansion in the middle of nowhere, he knew about that too well. He keeps his eyes downwards as he reaches the kitchen, hoping to find some sort of alcohol in there. Strolling in he jumps at the sound of a glass hitting a marble surface. His head jumps up, you’re standing at the marble island- scotch in your grip as you stare at him in the entrance way. It was a kind of scary sight, you standing there in the dark drinking with a gun resting next to the glass. Without any words you turn, grab an empty glass from the cupboard before placing it down and sliding it onto the surface towards him. An invitation to drink he supposed. Walking into the kitchen now he grips the glass as you now slide the bottle of scotch in his direction. He begins to pour himself a healthy amount as you drown the rest of your drink before walking around the island, just sporting a long t-shirt and socks.
“don’t drink all my shit, i will have to kill you in your sleep” With that, you’re gone and he lets out a chuckle with no humour in it. He didn’t doubt you actually would, you’ve been dying to put a bullet in his head for the last year, probably longer then that. Jungkook sipped on his drink as he stared out the window opposite him, the moonlight seeping in making it not total pitch black. He didn’t even know why you didn’t fight against having him here, you couldn’t stand him, you wanted him dead. Yet here you were, letting him sleep under your roof and drink your scotch. It annoyed him, infuriated him that you were showing an ounce of sympathy towards him, he didn’t need you to feel sorry for him. He was already feeling sorry for himself enough for everyone. Sighing, he refilled his glass a little but downed it all straight away. He needed to solve this new crew nonsense as fast as possible, he needed to go home, needed to get away from you.
Tumblr media
When the sun rose the next morning the faint sound of music filled his ears. His eyes fluttered open and it took him a second to remember where he was and when he did, he groaned. Stretching, he sat up and focused on the music he could hear slightly. It sounded like jazz, he could hear the occasional trumpet mixed with other instruments. He stands and slips on a plain white shirt before leaving the room, the music gets clearer as he does so. It’s coming from your gym, he furrows his brows as he stands in the hallway. why would you listen to jazz to work out? Moving his feet, he doesn’t know why but he walks to the gym- his curiosity got the better of him. The music gets louder and Jungkook turns the corner and he sees the glass door to your gym, he gets closer and peeks through. His eyes meet you and your Grandfather happily dancing to the music playing through the gym. He thinks it’s the first time he’s seen a genuine smile on your lips as your Grandfathers spins you by your arm making you let out a laugh. A pain struck his heart, so this is what a happy home could look like? He wouldn’t know, his mother left when he was a kid and his dad only wanted him to do work. God he hated this feeling, that empty gnawing pit at his stomach that let him know he was jealous, jealous at the fact you and your Grandfather were so close when the only true meaning of family he knew were his friends. Deciding he had seen enough he spun on his heel and went back to his room, feeling even more sorry for himself. As he was getting his outfit ready the music stopped and it was quiet before he heard steps coming in his direction. He stopped moving and waited before two knocks on the door echoed throughout the room.
“got a new lead Jeon, come to my office” With that, your footsteps retreated back from the door and he heard the faint ding of the lift. Sighing, he got dressed and smoothed down his blazer before doing up the buttons and leaving the room to make his way to your office. It’s silent as he rides the lift to your office and all he can bring himself to feel is annoyed. He hated that he had to be here and he hated having to work with you.
The y/l/n Estate
You’re tapping on you’re laptop, finally being able to search the military reports you had left loading the previous day. Not only did you have those reports now, you also had the information from beyond the grave. Aka: your father. Of course he withheld important information and kept it all locked up for himself. Sometimes, you felt guilty for being relieved he was dead- then you’d remember who he was and what he did. You don’t feel so bad then. Someone clearing their throat alerts you to their presence and you look up from your screen and see Jungkook standing in the doorway. You left the door open, not wanting him to burst in and have to teach him about basic manners. Lifting your hand you indicate to the chair in front of, telling him to sit and if you weren’t already drained from having him in your space- you would’ve told him to not only sit but to shut the fuck up for good measure. However, you were fed up and tired, so you chose to say nothing.
“what’s the lead?” He breaks the silence, and you look back to your screen momentarily to finish what you were doing before looking back up.
“military reported a shipment of m2 smg’s missing four months ago, i found out that a boat carrying those guns was raided by an unknown group.” Jungkook appears to think about the information, although you don’t care if he has anything to say so you continue “we have a confirmed location that the group likes to frequent” He seems shocked by this, but that expression is wiped away in a second.
“the location we saw them at yesterday?” You shake you head to say no before speaking, you didn’t want to mention that this was your fathers leads so you chose to leave that little bit out
“my grandfather gave me some codes to break into this whole load of information. before you came i started up up the programme and it’s finally done. on the list was a club the head of this group has been confirmed to frequent. we now have a name, face and location.” With that, you open your top desk drawer and pull out a packet you put together of the information you found. You didn’t really want to sit and explain everything to him, so this was the best option “read through that, memorise the leaders face, height, weight, name all of the above. later, we’ll go to the club” He stops flipping through the pages to look up at you as you stand
“we’re going to go? on our own? isn’t that something you should’ve consulted with me on?” Rolling your eyes you close your laptop, the sound echoing in your office
“iam consulting with you now” You pick up your laptop and walk around the desk to leave, he scoffs and stands up to block you from the door
“no, you’ve already decided the plan. we’re meant to work together stop being so fucking bossy and involve me in the decision making!” His voice started to raise, you sigh and sit on the edge of your desk gripping your laptop in front of you
“okay, what time do you want to go to the club ten or eleven?” He glares at you and you shrug “you wanted to be involved, we can go at whichever time you like sweetheart” You stand then, watching as his tongue pokes against his cheek clearly annoyed. God, you hated him but he was hot when he was angry. He steps forward, making your head tilt up slightly to look at him. You could feel his breathe on your face but you weren’t about to back down, he didn’t scare you.
“you’re intolerable” He gets out through gritted teeth and you smile up at him, it wasn’t sincere and you both knew that. Jungkook keeps his eyes on yours and you hold the stare, smile still planted on your lips.
“good, you’re the last person i want to make feel comfortable. i hope you hate every day you’re working with me” His jaw tightens, he leans his head down nose bumping against yours momentarily almost making you falter but you stay put “we leave at ten, be ready” You get out before stepping to the side and leaving your office, you’re about to rush off to your room but turn to stare at him still stood in your office. You’d never leave him in there, not one ounce of trust in your body for him.
“iam leaving, don’t wont to snoop around your office anyway. i have better things to do” He finishes his sentence with his back to you before he turns and begins to walk in your direction. Giving you one final look, he bumps your shoulder and walks away.
Albany, New York
Your heels click on the pavement and a tight red dress clings to your thighs and you walk beside Jungkook in the busy streets on New York. The dress didn’t allow for you to wear your gun on your thigh, it would clearly be seen, you opted for a blade tucked into your bra. You knew Jungkook had a gun tucked in the back on his belt, he always did and in some way that made you feel a little more relaxed. Turning a corner you spot the neon sign you’ve been keeping an eye out for, and stop your movement while placing your hand on Jungkook’s arm to get him to stop walking too.
“we’re here. remember the all information?” He gives you an exasperated look as you keep your eyes on the club and everyone going in and out
“not a rookie” Is all he says making you roll your eyes, he couldn’t just give you a simple yes or no?
“whatever, let’s go through the back entrance. front is too dangerous they could check for weapons” You don’t wait for a reply, just walk towards the alley behind the club and you hear his footsteps following you. The closer you get you notice a worker push open the door, you push yourself against the wall before the alleyway. Jungkook stands directly behind you, you can feel him as he pushes up against you to hide himself. Letting out a breathe you quickly jump into action when the worker goes back through the door. You run up and hold the door open, slipping through it and Jungkook comes right in after you. Silently, you both make your way down an empty hallway towards the music that continues to grow louder. At the end of the hallway was the back of the club, opposite through a small crowd of people was the bar
“ok, let’s head straight for the bar. get a drink and find a good view point” Jungkook simply nods, you knew he hated when you boss him around- so you made sure to always do it. The pair of you give each other a look before turning and entering into the crowd and walking over to the bar. You look around as Jungkook gets the bartenders attention, you were surprised that there wasn’t many people.
“what do you want?” You turn your attention to Jungkook as he waits for your order
“white wine” He nods and turns back to the bar tender, in a couple minutes he hands you your glass and pays for the drinks. Suddenly, the music turns down it doesn’t stop but it was too quiet for a club
“what’s happening?” Jungkook whispers to you and you shrug, maybe it was technical difficulties? You’re about to suggest that when people all around you start kissing, not softly either. Your eyes widen as some people get on floor to make out while some make use of the booths. Both you and Jungkook whip your heads around in shock but then it hits you.
“fucking hell, it’s a sex club!” You get out as you look to Jungkook, his hands in fists as he tries not to look around him. “we look so out of place, come on” You use your free hand to tug him to an empty booth, planting your wine on the table you turn and take his drink from him and putting it next to yours.
“what’s your genius plan now? we’re gonna get fucking caught!” Ignoring him, you’re pushing him down to sit in the booth. His eyes widen as you stand in front of him.
“just shut the fuck up and listen” You pull the hem of your dress up and little before sitting yourself down on his lap. He looks up at you, pupils shaking as you settle yourself onto his lap “keep a look out over my shoulder, try to find our guy. this is the only way we don’t get caught” Taking an inhale you move you lips to his neck, his hand slam onto the seat either side of him. “am only kissing your neck okay? we won’t stick out and you can still see everyone around” You get out your reason, it really was life or death if you were caught out, who knows what could happen? So, you suck up your pride and gently place a kiss beneath his ear. You hear him suck on a breath, most likely surprised but you continue. Placing another kiss in the spot you then move more towards his throat, sucking at a certain spot this time. His hands fly to your waist making you jump but you carry on. You move back up to below his ear, getting a little carried away lick a little strip up his skin ending at his ear. Another sigh escapes his lips and you grip his shoulders as you focus back onto the base of his throat. You can feel him swallow over your lips and you change between gentle kisses and sucking.
“fuck y/n stop” You detach your lips from him but don’t move to lean up
“what did you spot him?” His grip tightens on your waist as he shakes his head no “don’t tell me stop then we’re gonna look suspicious” Most of the club goers were mostly undressed now, if you were just sat here talking you really were about to get caught. You move your head back down but Jungkook moves his head away from your reach making you huff “i know this isn’t ideal but it’s for the mission! do you want us dead? why the fuck-”
“iam fucking hard y/n” He grits out as his head whips back in your direction, his breathing hard as he pushes you tighter against his lap and then you feel it. He is hard. “iam hard okay, that’s why i told you to fucking stop” He whispers under his breath before he leans his head back against the booth. You’re stunned, hands gripping his shoulders tightly. You should’ve probably got off his lap, ended the mission and gone home. But you stayed put, why? It turned you on, it ashamed you to admit it to yourself but god were you so turned on. All you did was suck on his neck and he was hard, were you that touch starved that you’d happily sit here and tease Jungkook- your enemy, rival even? Yes, you were. Slowly, one of your hands moved from his shoulder to his chest. His head flings up from the booth to look up at you on his lap “what are you doing?”
“staying in character” You whisper before sliding your hand from his chest to his stomach. He inhales hard as he watches you, his own hands sliding from your waist to smooth along your exposed thighs. It was like you were in a trance, everything about the man beneath you annoyed every bone in your body. But as he looks up at you, bottom lip caught between his teeth as he grips your thighs? You have no hate, just lust. With your fingers resting above his belt, you lean forward making Jungkook release his bottom lip from his teeth. You edge closer, your bottom lip grazing his top lip
“party’s over!” A loud voice makes the pair of you jump, you stand from his lap breathing heavy as you notice everyone putting their clothing back on in a haste and running out of the club. You hear a distance siren of a cop car making you and Jungkook share a look before he stands and grips your wrist pulling you off towards the back entrance.
The y/l/n Estate
You stand quietly beside him as the pair of you ride the lift to your wing of the mansion. Your red lip stick smudged, most of it over his neck, as you keep your eyes looking in front of you. Jungkook’s head is filled with the feeling of you sucking on his neck, specifically the spot under his ear. He can still feel it making his jaw tighten, the doors of the lift open and you rush out and walk ahead not looking back. He follows shortly after, making his way to his room but he stops at the door and turns his head in your direction. His eyes travel down and stares at your legs as the sound of your heels clicking on the hardwood floor fill his ears. Once you round the corner he finally tears his gaze from your direction and he roughly opens the door and slams it behind him. He leans against, closing his eyes as he sighs. Images of you on his lap, hand moving down his chest flash into his mind and his eyes snap open. Pushing himself of the door, he grips his tie loosening the knot before pulling it off over his head. Undoing the top button of his shirt, he walks into the en-suite and turns the light on. He turns to the mirror, he sees your lipstick smudged on his neck and as he leans forward he spots a more deeper mark below his ear. a hickey. A low chuckle escapes him
“you sure had fun” He mumbles to himself, aimed at you, before turning on the tap and grabbing a wash cloth. Running it under the tap he lifts it to his neck before stopping. His hand hovers over the lipstick marks with the cloth but he just stares at them through the mirror. He dick grows hard underneath his trousers and he scoffs at himself before throwing the cloth into the sink and turning off the tap. Jungkook grips the sides of the marble sink as his head flops and he looks down. Great, the mere sight of your lipstick on him gets him hard and he couldn’t even bring himself to wipe the shit off. Shaking his head he walks off and turns the light off before going back into the bedroom to get changed. Undoing the buttons of his shirt he rips it off his shoulders before throwing it on the floor before undoing his belt and taking off his trousers and chucking the clothing next to his shirt. He slides under the sheets, resting his head against the pillows as he stares at the ceiling. Jungkook couldn’t comprehend the mixed feelings roaming around his body, you’re the heir to his rival family and one of the people he should hate the most but the simple feeling of you sucking on his neck got him the hardest he’s ever been in probably the quickest time too. It was sick really, to feel that way knowing what he’s done- what he did. He shouldn’t feel regret or guilt, he did what he had to for his job. But he did, fuck he really did. As he lay there, under your roof, staring mindlessly at the ceiling he came to terms with it. He didn’t exactly hate you, no he just acted as he should towards the rival families heir. He acted that way because he hated what he did, hated that you could know. You could know exactly what he did but you never tried to get back at him, never tried to get revenge like any other mafia member would after knowing what he did. He’s lived on the edge, waiting for that revenge but you never did anything… So he assumed you didn’t know, but surely you did? It was confusing, no one hid what he did yet you never confronted him. He loathed not knowing. His thoughts halt when he hears feet padding against the floor, right past his door and in the direction of the kitchen. It was you, of course it was this was your wing it was only you and him here. Huffing he rips the covers off himself and before he knows what he’s doing, he’s grabbing a pair of joggers and slipping them on before opening the door and heading in your direction. His expression is fierce as he stalks to the kitchen, the door is open and the lights off but he knows you’re in there, he can hear a drink being poured into a glass. You hear him before you see him, he knows it because your body tenses as he looks at your back. Wordlessly, you slide a glass of scotch from in front of you to your side on the counter before you walk around the counter and grab another glass, pouring another before sipping at it. You still haven’t looked at him, but he keeps his eyes on you as he walks forward and sips from the glass you offered out to him. It takes a couple of minutes before you look up at him, his eyes meet yours and he notices your gaze slip to his neck. Clearing your throat, you turn away and bend to a low cabinet. Jungkook’s jaw locks when the baggy shirt you’re wearing rides up and he notices a lack of shorts underneath the top. You stand, fresh cloth in your hand you run it under the tap quickly before turning back in his direction. Raising your hand over the counter you offer him the cloth but he refused to move, choosing to stand still. Sighing, you move around the counter standing directly in front of him raising the cloth up to his neck you gasp when he catches your wrist in his hand.
“don’t” He mumbles out as he stares down at you, his gaze drifts down to your lips before pulling back up to your eyes. You stay frozen as he silently looks at you, his adams apple bobbling as he swallows nothing. In one swift movement he pulls you into him with the wrist he’s gripping, you stumble forward dropping the cloth. It hits the floor as his other hand lifts your hold the side of your face.
“what the fuck are you doing?” You finally speak, through gritted teeth but he doesn’t move nor does he release his grip on you
“would you have carried on?” He tilts his head, questioning you, he notices your breath catch in your throat “how far would you have gone? if the police didn’t show?” Jungkook adds onto the end, not really expecting you to answer “what did you call it?” He whispers, lowering his head to your ear as his hand on your cheek moves to grip the side of your neck “staying in character?” His breath fans over your ear and he takes not how you shiver slightly “let’s see how good of an actress you really are” With that he pulls back and let’s go of you only to grip the back of your thighs as he lifts you up. Your hands fly to his shoulders to keep balance as he moves you on top of the kitchen top. His lips attaches to your neck, sucking beneath your ear making a gasp leave your lips. Jungkook smiles when he feels your head move to the side, giving him better access to your skin.
“i really fucking hate you” You grumble out making him chuckle against you
“feelings mutual sweetheart” A deep moan escapes him when your fingers attach to the waist of his joggers, pulling him tighter between your legs. His lips go back to attack you neck, sucking little marks wherever he could making you sigh
“you better not be leaving any marks Jeon” He leans away, looking at the trail he’s left from the top of your collarbone to near your ear
“don’t look in any mirrors” You grumble but he doesn’t care, he moves his hands up your thighs and underneath your shirt, playing with the fabric of your underwear
“you really piss me off” He smirks before pulling at the fabric before letting it go to fling back onto your skin making you jolt
“good” Is all he says before sliding his hands into your underwear, his middle finger brushing over your clit making your head lean back as you let out a moan. “got anything else to say?” He offers, running a finger over your entrance before running it back over you clit. “no?” Jungkook asks again but you just whine as he circles his finger over you “didn’t think so” He grumbles before using his middle finger to push into you making you moan and grip onto his shoulders.
Tumblr media
He breathes heavily as he pulls out of you, head resting in the crook of your neck as he comes down from his high. Jungkook goes to plant a final kiss on your neck but is stopped when you push yourself of the counter and plant your feet on the floor. He starts redressing himself but as he does so, you take off and rush out of the kitchen. He turns to call for you but he stops himself. Mumbling a fuck under his breath he ties the string on his joggers before leaving the kitchen and stomping back to his room. With the door closed he flops onto the bed, thoughts filled with you. He lost control and that alone feels him with dread. It takes a a good hour of tossing and turning to finally get him to sleep.
He was wide awake as soon as sunlight hit the room in the morning. Groaning, he sat up before his phone ringing made him jump, leaning over he checks the caller id before answering it
“what do you want?” He huffs down the line
“well that isn’t a very nice greeting” Namjoon mumbles down the line, a small smile appearing on Jungkook’s lips. “how’s new york?”
“it’s” He searches for a word “fine” Not exactly an accurate description but he goes with it
“so life across the enemy lines is going good?” Jungkook didn’t necessarily want to be reminded at he was indeed rooming with his enemies, especially after what he did with a certain one of them last night
“it’s bliss namjoon, what do you want me to say?” He hears his friend laughs down the line
“alright snappy. just wanted to know how it was going? found that new group?” Jungkook gets out of the bed, moving over to the window. He peaks from behind the curtain and halts when he spots you “hello? you there?” Namjoon’s voice speaks down the line but Jungkook keeps his eyes trained on you. You’re seemingly doing yoga, in tight shorts and a sports bra
“uh yeah” He clears his throat “we have a confirmed name and some information on him” Jungkook leans closely to the window as you lean forward, your ass in his direction
“great work, shouldn’t be long until you squash this” Jungkook hums in response, not entirely listening as you lay on your stomach. “y/n annoying the shit out of you?” The mention of your name draws his attention back to the conversation as he watches you push against the floor bending your back from your led position
“more than you know” Jungkook grumbles before closing the curtain and moving away from the window. He hears Namjoon chuckle down the phone
“yeah thought so. Look, i’ll pick you up from the airport when you get back. Just let me know when you’re on your way yeah?”
“sure, see you then man” Namjoon mumbles out a goodbye and hang ups. Jungkook throws his phone onto the bed as he gets a suit together to put on.
The y/l/n Estate
You were up earlier then normal this morning, thoughts jumbled about having sex with your sole enemy. It kept you up for ages, you should’ve regretted it and never thought of it again. But, stupidly, it was the greatest sex you’d ever had and it was him: Jeon Jungkook. The most annoying, irritating man you ever had the unfortunate opportunity of knowing. For god sake he was the heir to your rival fucking family and all you could think about was the feeling of his hands roaming over you in the darkness of your kitchen. So, with those thoughts still swirling around your mind at the ass cracked of dawn you got out of bed to try and exercise the vivid memory away. It didn’t work. So, you stride back into the mansion- an angry expression painting your face.
“you’re looking more angry then usual this morning” You look over to your Grandfather, walking out of his wing with a smile on his face.
“hm, not angry” He looked to you, not believing a word that came from your lips. Well, he always saw through you he basically raised you how could he not? “just, didn’t sleep well last night” It wasn’t exactly a lie, just wasn’t the whole truth either
“sleep is important darling.” You nod to agree as he indicates for you to follow him as he walks through the mansion “how’s the job going?”
“good. we have a name and some information. but our last mission failed, we didn’t get a confirmed sighting” He nods as the pair of you walk in the main living area, he takes a seat on the cream sofa and you join him
“well, you and Jungkook are the best. you’ll get it done” You smile at his encouragement, for a feared mafia boss he sure was soft. Sighing, you lean down and plant your head on his leg.
“just want to make you proud” Your Grandfather chuckles above you before smoothing his hand over your head.
“you’ve already made me so proud y/n” Your eyes flutter closed, suddenly emotional at the sudden heart to heart. “Mr Jeon” The sudden greeting makes your eyes snap open, you see him stood in the entrance of the living room. His hands tucked into his pockets as he looks over. Sitting up you watch as he walks a little bit closer to the both of you
“sorry to intrude, i just needed a word with y/n” Your Grandfather smiles over at you, you offer a small one back before standing and leaving the main living area. You hear Jungkook’s footsteps behind you and you stop in the foyer of the mansion, turning to his direction.
“what do you need?” He raised an eyebrow at you as he shifts his weight between on his legs
“last night”
“iam on the implant if that’s what you’re worried about” You cut him off, one of the thoughts that kept coming back to your mind was the fact no protection was used. It wasn’t hard to assume that a guy like him would be worrying about the risks
“good to know, that wasn’t what i was about to say. you’d know that if you didn’t interrupt me” You glare at him, staying quiet. Honestly, you didn’t want to talk about last night ever again. “wanna talk about it?”
“no” With that you turn on your heels and begin to walk away, you don’t get very far before you feel his hand grip your upper arm. You huff as he stops your movement and comes to stand in front of you once again.
“you’re testing my patience”
“you’re also testing your luck, get out of my way” You go to move but his grip tightens on your arm
“that smart little mouth of yours is gonna get you in trouble” Letting out a dry chuckle you look up at him
“i know something little of yours too, don’t think it’s gonna get you into much trouble though” You glance downwards to his crotch before looking back up, smirk etched onto your face
“didn’t hear you complaining about size last night” It was quiet then, silence engulfing the pair of you as you stare at each other his grip on your arm tightening a little
“let go of me Jeon” You mumble through your teeth
“stop being a bitch and i will” Huffing you push on his chest, catching him by surprise, you tear your arm from him and stumble back.
“i want to forget it ever happened. let’s get rid of this fucking new group and get back to our lives” Jungkook’s breathing grows heavy as he stares at you, his teeth clenched together.
“fine” He grumbles before pushing past you and heads out of the main doors of the mansion leaving you alone in the foyer. You hand no idea where he was going, you didn’t even know if he knew his way around New York but you refused to have an ounce of care about him. Turning, you’re about to go to the lift to retreat to your room but your feet don’t make it far before they stop. Closing your eyes you take a deep breath before turning on your heels and storming over to the doors. You pull them open and stomp out you see nothing in front of you but spot him leant against the wall of the mansion out the corner of your eye, cigarette hanging from his lips. “awh, caring enough to see where iam sweetheart?” Rolling your eyes your turn to face
“just making sure you don’t get yourself killed, don’t wanna start a war over your stupid ass” He chuckles before taking a long drag and blowing out the smoke. There’s a moment of silence as you move to stand next to him, you’re not sure why you do it but for some reason there’s just a strong pull between you and him. It was unexplainable, at this point you didn’t even try and justify your actions. Jungkook lifts the cigarette in your direction, you glance at him before taking and placing it between your lips to have a drag “my Grandfather might kill me if he sees me smoking” You admit, blowing out the smoke before taking another drag
“hm, doubtful. he adores you” Raising an eyebrow at him, you hand the cigarette back to him. “dont pretend he doesn’t” You look down at your feet, smile on your lips
“yeah, guess he does”
“count yourself lucky” He mutters, taking a final drag before flicking the end away onto the ground. Your curiosity peaks at his words
“you saying your father doesn’t adore you?” An empty laugh makes its way out of his throat, you can’t help it, you feel sorry for him
“don’t feel sorry for me” Your eyes snap to him, his own already looking at you. “i can see it, your sympathy is very evident”
“would never feel sorry for you. i relate to your father” It wasn’t true, which is why he smirked at your comment. Clearly you felt sorry for him, the look of pity so evident on your face. This atmosphere was foreign for you too, it was almost peaceful as the two of you stood in silence gazing out into the long driveway of your estate. It was confusing for you, comfortably stood next the person you supposedly hate the most yet the same person you had sex with last night. Sighing, you push off the wall making Jungkook look at you. He startles you as he lift his hand up to you, brushing your hair over your shoulder before tilting his head. Just the way he did last night before he hoisted you onto your kitchen counter.
“lucky you have long hair sweetheart, wouldn’t want your Grandfather to see what the son of his rival did to you” You furrow your eyebrows in confusion before they widen in realisation. A hand flies up to your own neck, remembering what he left there last night.
“asshole” You mumble before storming back into the mansion, hearing him chuckle behind you. moving your hair over your neck as you rush to the lift and press the button to your wing.
For the entire rest of the day you lock yourself up in your office, furiously tapping on your laptop. The last mission was a failure and you were more determined then ever to put an end to this ‘new group’ that seemed to have your Grandfather and Jungkook’s dad so edge they decided to team up. The more you searched into the name you had, the more confused you grew. There were no confirmed sightings of him for over four months, it was like he completely disappeared. His real name nor aliases weren’t on any rent agreements in the United States or Europe. No bank cards in his name has been used anywhere, neither had any new accounts been set up. Everything you looked into had turned up empty, it was infuriating. A set of knocks on the door draws your attention away and before you can say come in, Jungkook bursts through the door. Crossing your arms you watch as he casually closes the door and strolls in before sitting on the seat opposite you
“why knock if you’re just gonna walk in?” He shrugs, nonchalantly before leaning back in the chair.
“found anything interesting?” You sigh, leaning back in your own chair
“this man is fully incognito, no bank cards being used, no houses under his name.” Jungkook takes a moment to think, it was incredibly unusual.
“what’s the most recent activity from him?”
“a card under his name was used at that sex club four months ago. that’s it” He leans forward, a certain look on his face
“check death records” You narrows your eyes, this man couldn’t possibly be dead. The pair of you have been sent on a mission to find him, your Grandfather and is Father would definitely know if he died. “just check” He seemed to have sensed your confusion, sighing you open your laptop and begin to search. First, you look at New York’s records- setting up a program to automatically scan through each areas records, looking for his name. You wait in silence, not expecting a lot but in a few moments your laptop makes a noise and your eyes widen. “what?” Jungkook rushes out before getting on his feet and hovering behind you to look at your screen
“he’s dead, apparently ” You get out, looking up at him at the same time he looks down at you. This was impossible, did he fake his death? was he really dead and did your Grandfather know already that? “i need a drink” You grumble before standing and immediately walking to the kitchen, not even stopping to tell Jungkook to get out of your office. Not that it mattered, he followed you anyway. You rip the top off your now half empty scotch, getting two glasses out of the cupboard before pouring the drink into both glasses. Jungkook is suddenly beside you and you lift the glass to him, he takes it. Tipping the glass to your mouth, you gulp a generous amount before leaning against the side.
“i think we drink too much” Jungkook suggests making you chuckle a little as he sips on his own drink. “what do you think, fake death or we were sent on a dead mission?” You inhale a deep breath before shrugging
“don’t even want to think about it” He nods and you finish of your glass, in the quiet Jungkook surprises you when he lifts his hand up and moves your hair over your shoulder just as he did earlier. Glancing at him, you watch as he eyes the marks on your neck. “you’re getting a good kick out of these hickeys ain’t you” He smiles, tucking some stray hairs behind your ear. It’s strangely intimate. Without any words his hand fingers smooth over the marks, running down your neck. Placing his glass on the side he moves to stand in front you, hands gripping either side of the counter behind you.
“does this kitchen turn you into a raging sex maniac?” He lightly laughs, leaning into you a bit more.
“it’s not the kitchen, it’s the annoying bitch stood in it” You should’ve been offended, but you were far from it as you meet his dark gaze. This was wrong in so many ways, but right now you didn’t have time to think about it. As you stare up at him, you realise his lips never actually met yours during your escapade the previous night. He seems to be have the same train of thought as his eyes dip to your lips
“no ones ever annoyed me more then you” You let out through a sigh as his lowers his head, his lips just grazing over your own
“good, then iam doing my job” He mumbles, then his lips press into yours groaning as he does so. It’s softer then you thought it was going to be, you expected fast and furious but it was gentle and slow. His hands move from the counter to your waist and pulls you flush against him making you whimper. His tongue moves between your lips, meeting with your own as he deepens the kiss. Your hands fly up to his neck, you feel him sigh against you. This was bad, before now your night could be left at a crazy one time thing but now his lips danced with you’re own, something deeper grew. You’ve never felt like this, heart beat going crazy as he towered over you. Feelings of hatred dissolve into something you couldn’t really pin point. He breaks the kiss and moves down to your neck, planting kisses on the marks he made on you. You moan as he sucks over them, probably deepening them as he does so.
“who knew you were into such childish things like hickeys?” You feel his lips smile against before planting a kiss over his work
“want everyone to know what you’re letting your rival do to you behind closed doors” Rolling your eyes you turn back to look up at him, heavy breaths being exchanged between you both.
“we’re playing a dangerous game” You couldn’t help but mumble out your concerns, if any of your families knew what you were up to it was done for. Jungkook seemed to halt at your words, realising something you couldn’t tell but it was enough to make him pull away.
“you’re right” Your left in shock as he walks backwards before retreating out of the kitchen, you don’t think as you follow him. You finally came to terms with the fact you felt something other then hatred for him, he kissed you and now he was running away.
“what just happened?!” You huff out as you trail behind him down your hallway, he turns to face you and you don’t stop until you’re right in front of him
“i agree, it’s too dangerous” He shrugs and you look at him, confused. You had just opened your eyes to the fact you wanted him, needed to feel him against you again and he runs away over a little comment?
“it was a passing comment!” Jungkook says nothing and you grow frustrated, the look on his face was unreadable. “i don’t just kiss anyone Jeon. you can’t just do what you did and run away from me!”
“well iam!” He’s suddenly shouting and it makes you jump “just forget it y/n, iam not doing this!”
“doing what?!” You raise you’re own voice now, too many emotions build up in you and it’s hard to hold them down
“we hate each other” His voice is now low and calm, almost giving you whiplash “that’s how it stays” He turns then and marches straight into his room, slamming the door behind him. You stare at the door, you were enraged but all you could think about was how- you don’t hate him, not anymore. You really wanted to, wanted to turn back to just a couple of days ago when you didn’t feel this way. But you couldn’t, so you simply walk past the door and straight to your room.
The y/l/n Estate
He hadn’t slept for more then a few hours each day for the past week, his last conversation with you swirled around his mind tormenting him. What made it worse was that he kept thinking about the kiss, that fucking kiss. Your lips moulded against his perfectly, almost like you were made for him. The irony. In reality, you weren’t made for him you were made to be his rival and with everything he’s done he couldn’t bring himself to carry on. Your comment last night clearly wasn’t about anything serious but it made his brain jump into gear. How could he possibly carry on with whatever the two of you were doing? He seemed to have forgotten all the bad blood he created not too long ago. The worst part was he wanted to carry on, it was like you had a magnet inside you personally for him. But he couldn’t suppress his suspicion of you’re motives. Sure, you seemed to want him as much as he did you but why? Did you have ulterior means? Bottom line was that he couldn’t trust you, it was still possible you knew everything he’s done and this was all some ruse to catch him off guard. Then his brain would remind him he actually came onto you first and his whole mental debate would start again. Although now he’s already been with you, it would be hard to let you go now he knew how it felt. He slipped out of the bed, heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Silently he cleaned his teeth, brain still filled with the thought of having to work with you, having to see you, talk to you. Finishing up he moves back to his bedroom, jumping in fright when he spots you stood in the room. It was the first time he’s seen you since he ran away, middle of making out
“y/n what the fu-”
“just shut up Jeon” Your tone was ice cold, opposite from the playful one you sported since having that smoke with him last week. “that guy is really dead. gone, buried, six feet under” Clearly you were angry, arms crossed over your chest. He allows himself to glance over your body, you’re wearing your usual large shirt and he found himself wondering if you were wearing shorts this time. He breaks away from that thought
“how are you so sure?” You scoff at this and stomp to his bed, sitting on the edge of it, right leg bounce rapidly
“i saw his fucking autopsy! little picture of the body was attached and all, killed four months ago. wanna know the best part?” He had to admit right now, he was a little scared of you. Your eyes were dark with fury and he worried for anyone who’d step in you way today “he died out at sea, with a shipment of stolen guns. the way he supposedly died? strangulation” The realisation hits him, that was his fathers famous method of killing. He connects the dots quickly, there was a new group rising- four months where his father took care of the problem. Not a threat anymore.
“my father sent me on a dead mission.” He mumbles, rage slowly filling him as thinks about his smug father back at home probably laughing at his son trying to solve an already finished job.
“no, not just your father my grandfather did too. it was his coroner that signed off the autopsy” That shocked him more then his father, your grandfather actually loved you. He couldn’t say the same about his father.
“but you hacked the cams, we saw that group with the smgs?” You shrug at this before flipping back onto his bed, he spotted black fabric. Shorts. Although he was seething, he was revealed you had something on underneath the shirt this time
“it was recorded footage Jeon. Planted in the codes my Grandfather gave me. we’ve been hustled” Sighing he sits next to you on the bed, mainly because he couldn’t stand staring at your bare thighs. At least from beside you his gaze wasn’t naturally towards you.
“but why? what’s the fucking reason for sending us on a pointless job?” You don’t answer, sitting up suddenly. Jungkook stares at you as you abruptly stand, he turns his head upwards trying to ignore your ass that was now eye level with him.
“well, at least you can go home now.” You move to leave but Jungkook’s quicker, he leaps in front of you making you stop
“am not leaving” Giving him a blank stare you try to step around him, but he steps in front of you again.
“get out of my way and go home” You grit out before stepping to the other side but once Jungkook plants himself in front of you. “move” He doesn’t, just looks down at you as you seethe up at him. Jungkook doesn’t know why he’s being stubborn, this was what he wanted right? To leave whatever you two did behind and fly back home as soon as he could? But with that now being an actual option, he didn’t want to. “what the fuck is your problem huh? you don’t have to work with me anymore, don’t have to live with me anymore. can go home knowing you screwed the enemy in her own kitchen, bet that one will get you a couple of pats on the back from your mates!” Hearing enough here bends and quickly lifts you over his shoulders, you gasp and try to wiggle your way out but his grip his tight as he throws you onto the bed. You go to sit up but he pushes you back down, holding your wrists above your head as he hovers over you
“i can assure my mates will never know any details of what we did in that kitchen. that’s only for me to know, i’ll fucking kill anyone who even thinks about you in that way!” He breathes heavily as he stares down at you, the shirt you have on had ridden up your legs making your shorts poke out.
“spoken real possessively for someone who hates me!”
“i don’t hate you!” His grip tightens on your wrist and you stare up at him with wide eyes
“then why did you run?! why did you say you did?!”
“because i killed your fucking father!” Silence. Just the sound of both your breathing filled it. You seemed confused, to say the least.
“i know” You whisper, his stare is intense as he lets go of your wrists hands moving to sit upright on the bed once again. He was surprised, finally he had confirmation that you knew exactly what he did last year. Yet, you did nothing to avenge your father.
“i killed your father and you do nothing? what i did should’ve started another war between our families” He grew quiet, he felt vulnerable but he’s held this in long enough. “why? what are you planning y/n?” Jungkook hated how his voice faltered, the only reason he dreaded the thought of this job was because he assumed as soon as he was here he’d be dead. He killed your father, in cold blood and your family hadn’t even tried to get back at him
“revenge?” You finally get out “i would’ve thanked you if you gave me the chance” Jungkooks pupils shake as he looks down at you, sighing you move to sit up. “my father was an awful, awful man. sure what mafia leader isn’t but, he went above and beyond. he lead prostitution rings, beat anyone who he deemed worthy of it. men, women, children. i hated him, never even spoke to him since the day i turned eighteen, the day he tried to sell me to the ring” He tenses, he would throw his own daughter into a prostitution ring? “my grandfather stopped him, took me and i’ve been with him ever since. we stayed in London because my father would just track us down anyway, the day i found out he was dead? happiest day of my life” Jungkook noticed the small smile on your lips as you speak, you genuinely were glad he was dead. His body felt light, the entire year he waited to see you appear and take him out. Only for you to be happy he killed your father?
“he was my first kill” You seemed shocked at his confession, you’d assume he had killed others being an heir to his fathers business “it’s why my father doesn’t engage with me, probably thinks iam soft. had nightmares for a while afterwards” You place a hand on his back, attempting to comfort him but you remove it too quickly for his liking
“don’t lose anymore sleep over him, not worth it. it’s good he’s gone” Jungkook leans back on his hands as he eyes you
“what the fuck happened to us?” You laugh, a proper genuine laugh and he thinks it’s the first time he’s ever heard it.
“i don’t know but you still piss me off more then anyone” He smirks at this, still eyeing you. “stop looking at me Jeon, giving me the fucking creeps” Barking out a laugh he suddenly grips your leg and hoists you onto his lap. You fumble and grip his shoulders as he looks up at you.
“why don’t you just shut up and use that pretty mouth for something other then shouting profanities at me?”
“profanities? that’s a long word for you Jeon” He grumbles before leaning up to press his lips to yours but you lean away. “don’t” Is all you say before standing off him and he hates the way his body yearns to pull you back “you have sex with me, try to again but run out because you killed my father and thought i might be planning some sort of revenge? you can’t trust me and honestly, i can’t trust you either” His tongue pokes against his cheek, getting annoyed. Sure everything you said was correct, but he couldn’t help himself. It wasn’t going to lie to himself, not anymore, there was a clear attraction. He felt a pull to you like no one else, that much was obvious with how easily you got him hard
“you don’t trust me but you opened your legs for me?” He regretted it as soon as he said it, your face contorted and he felt so fucking stupid for uttering those words “no i-”
“fuck you” You cut him off and storm out the room but he’s quick on his feet to follow you, slipping on the hard floor when he tumbles out the door and rushes to stand in front of you.
“no!” He flinches “you need to go back to London and never even think about showing your face in New York again” You side step him but he grips your arms and you start to try and wriggle out of his grip.
“iam not going anywhere y/n!” He gets out while struggling to keep you in his hands “i’ll stay here for forever if i have to!” You stop moving then, looking at him as if he was mad and right now he felt like he was.
“are you crazy?!” Jungkook shrugged, more or less confirming to both you and himself that he probably has gone crazy.
“maybe, but i need you to understand me when i say- i can’t go back like nothings happened” You stumbled back a little bit he kept his hold of your arms. “yeah, maybe i’ve gone mad. but no one makes me feel the way you do. i normally have perfect control of myself but suddenly i don’t have control of shit because of you!” He felt so stupid, you probably more then just hated him right now and he was teetering along the edge of a love confession.
“what the fuck are you on about?!” You get out through gritted teeth and his upper lip twitched in annoyance.
“iam not going anywhere until you get your head out of your ass and realise we have something between us!” Your eyes widen, and mock chuckle escaping your lips
“you’re full of shit Jeon” A low rumble comes out of his throat before his grip on your arm to push your back against the wall beside you.
“i’ve had enough of this y/n” His voice is calm and low “we will find out why we’ve been sent on a dead job and then we will talk like grown ups about what’s going on between us” With that, he drops his grip on your arms and steps back. Giving a final look he turns and begins to retreat to his room, his heart heavy as he does so.
Albany, New York
The bartender slid another wine in your direction, you nod your head as a thank you, not really wanting to speak right now. You had left the mansion as soon as you got dressed after the heated conversation with Jungkook. It had been hours since you left, not wanting to be under the same roof as him. Most of the day was spent at the movies, you watched about three movies before the staff began to look at you weird so you retreated off and ate dinner before stalking off to any bar that was open. You were on your third wine, deciding to nurse this one you only take a small sip before placing it back on top the bar. Not only did the whole ordeal with him stick on your mind, you were also thinking about your grandfather and that stupid dead fucking mission he made you attend to. You wanted answers, wanted to storm up to your grandfather demanding answers. But right now, you couldn’t. Jungkook had filled your thoughts, his stupid idea that there was something between you two. No, you were the stupid one because deep down you foolishly agreed. Of course there was, you weren’t blind to your emotions, you happily slept with him as soon as his lips touched your neck. Even before then, during the night of the pointless mission you went to go further after he admitted he was hard. There was something deeply wrong with you, you concluded. You were sat here, sulking over your attraction to your enemy, the very person you hated not that long ago. Sighing, you gulp down the whole glass of wine before shoving some money on the bar and leaving. The cold air of the night bit your skin making you shiver slightly before you walked off. You knew you couldn’t go home, not with Jungkook and your Grandfather there. Both the conversations you needed to have with them could wait, you walked to a nearby hotel glad to have entered and be out of the chilly night. The receptionist smiled when she noticed you coming and you mustered up the best one you could for her
“do you have any rooms? just for tonight” You ask, folding your arms across your chest
“i’ll just double check for you, it might be a bit pricey seems as it’s not pre booked” She warns and you nod, indicating it was okay. You’d pay any price to just be out of the mansion. Your phone vibrates in your pocket, not the first time today, you ignore it knowing who it was. “ok, i have a room available it’s-” You simply hand your card to her, making her stop her sentence. She gives another smile before putting it through the system and handing you it back with a room key “enjoy your stay”
“thank you” Checking the room number you head straight to it, looking around finally you took note that this was quite a fancy place which probably did cost a fortune. But, that was just a plus of being the granddaughter of a mafia boss. Jamming the key in the door it gives a little beep telling you it’s open and you walk in. A nice double bed and pretty view greet you, but you didn’t care about the look of the room. You just wanted to sleep a forget everything so you take of your clothes leaving your underwear and slip under the covers.
Tumblr media
It couldn’t have been more then three hours later when a commotion outside your door jolted you awake. Loud voices and a banging against your door made your heart rate pick up, you were still a little drowsy from sleep but you jumped up and yanked the gun from your handbag.
“sir! you can’t go in!” You assumed that voice was a security guard, and you quickly slipped on the complimentary robe keeping your gun tight in your grip. This could be anyone, enemy of your fathers or grandfather and without the protection of your mansion- this could have been their perfect opportunity to pounce. Another bang against your door made you aim your gun directly at the door as your etched closer. “hey! i said you can’t-”
“i don’t give a fuck!” Your head tilted, was that Jungkook? “open this fucking door you imbecile i know her!” Yeah, it was definitely him alright. Sighing you drop the gun onto the bed and stomp over to the door.
“i told you i can’t do that, i’ll call the police!” You gave mental props to the security, Jungkook was a scary guy but he wasn’t letting up
“call them then! but iam not leaving until-” Swinging the door open you’re met with a furious Jungkook who stops arguing when you open the door.
“iam sure the other people staying don’t appreciate the yelling” That only seemed to piss Jungkook off even more as he storms pass you and into the room. The security makes a move to go after him but you raise your hand. “it’s fine thank you for keeping him out but, unfortunately, i know him” You hear him scoff behind you as he paces the room “sorry for the disturbance” The guard looks at Jungkook over your shoulder one more time before looking back and offering a smile before he walks off, you sigh and shut the door. “have you lost your mind?” Your turn and walk over and he stops pacing to look at you
“have you?! you disappear all fucking day without a word and don’t come back! anything could’ve happened, do you remember who you are? who your grandfather is? anyone could be out for your neck and you’re here without protection!” Oh he was seething, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him so angry. He’s visibly shaking, veiny hands waving around with each word he shouts
“well, you couldn’t get in so would say iam relatively safe” That was probably the wrong thing to say, no it definitely was- his jaw locks and he stares at you with an indescribable emotion.
“i’ve been looking for you, all fucking day. at one point me and your grandfather had to discuss the fact that you might be dead!” You say nothing, you couldn’t. “when you are who you are, you don’t disappear without contact y/n!” He flings his hand in the air and you flinch, you weren’t scared of him but the sudden action made you do it. You notice his face soften and be sighs before sitting on the bed, momentarily looking down as your gun slides to his thigh. He chuckles “at least you have some brains on you to bring this”
“i bring it everywhere” You mumble, taking it from him and sliding it back into your purse before turning back to him. There was a moment of silence, you realise your mistake and that he was actually right- which pained you to admit. “iam sorry” You start and he looks up at you “my grandfather properly sent you through hell looking for me”
“you think he sent me? i was searching before he realised you were gone” This took you by surprise, why on earth would he break his neck looking for you if it wasn’t for your grandfather? You must look confused because he sighs and stands up. “i was looking because i was worried you dumbass” His sudden insult made you roll your eyes “i told you this morning that i thought there might be something between us and your first thought was to disappear, iam a bit offended to be honest” You try to suppress a smile that wants to appear, not wanting to find the man in front of you funny when he’s just tracked you down and tried to break into your room.
“stop trying to be funny” You grumble before sitting yourself in the chair in the corner of the room, he sits himself back on the bed “i just needed sometime to myself” You don’t know why you were explaining yourself, normally you wouldn’t but Jungkook did actually seem concerned
“you could’ve told me where you were, or your grandfather. with the lives we have, that’s important” You agree with him, you really do. But you’re human after all and just needed some time away.
“a lot was happening, all i did was go to the movies and then the bar” His head snapped in your direction make your jump a little
“you went to a bar?” You nod, confused “bring a man back here?” There was a beat of silence before you laugh while he glares at you
“you’re ridiculous”
“so you didn’t?”
“no!” He looked relieved and you couldn’t even fathom how you got into this situation with him. “would it matter if i did?” Jungkook’s stare was icy cold as he looked over at you.
“he would’ve been dead by sunrise” He seemed sincere and you didn’t know whether to swoon or be angry
“what’s gotten into you?” Your voice was calm, filled with pure confusion
“you. you have y/n. i realised something while i bent over backwards looking for you, i was scared.” This shocked you, him being so open with his emotions. You’d never seen him like this “look i don’t know what’s happening here, i dont understand myself but there’s something here. i feel something so deep for you and it’s so consuming” His voice is hoarse and your heart thumps against your chest. You understand him, you really do because ever since you slept with him you knew. Knew that even though you thought you still hated him, you don’t. It was different, it was weird and scary. But, nonetheless, it was there- whether it a sick attraction or some sort of love you didn’t know. But it would be stupid to deny it, when you so obviously felt it. You took a deep breath before standing, his eyes followed you. Without another word you untied your robe making Jungkook’s eyes widen slightly. You didn’t take it off, just let it swing open to reveal just your underwear underneath
“fine, there’s something” His teeth enclosed on his lower lip as you step closer, standing between his spread legs “iam done talking, we can finish the conversation in the morning” His hands come up, sliding underneath the fabric of the robe to grip onto your waist 
“that’s fine by me” Jungkook mumbles before his hands smooth over the curve of your ass before pulling you into him. You straddle him, knees digging into the bed either side of him, hands gripping his shoulders. He tilts his head up as you look down “don’t ever fucking disappear again” Is all he says before finally planting his lips against yours.
The sun was bleeding through the curtains as your eyes fluttered open, you didn’t immediately recognise your surroundings but remembered it was the hotel. What you also remembered was what you got up to last night with a certain mafia heir, the tattooed arm draped tightly over your stomach was reminder enough. Jungkook held you firmly against him as his head rested in the crook of your neck. A shiver slipped down your spine as you felt his breath hit your skin. It was still weird territory, the person who usually pisses you off the most, lay cuddled into your back. Surprisingly, you slept extremely well you’d never really shared a bed opting to not bring anyone to the estate. It was dangerous to do that so anyone you saw it stayed outside the mansion and you never stayed overnight. So, you welcomed the feeling of having something keeping you warm. You shift a little, trying to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep. You hear a groan from behind you, worried you woke Jungkook up you stop moving but he doesn’t saying anything so you shift ever so slightly trying to get cozy.
“hm please stop” You freeze when he grumbles out, morning voice deep and croaky.
“sorry i didn’t mean to wake you up” He hums, pulling you tightly against him before he smirks his hand over the top of your thigh
“well you wiggling your ass against me is not gonna keep me asleep” Your lips purse before their slipping upwards into a smile and you stare shifting again but with more of a purpose this time. He grips a handful of you upper thigh making you stop, smile now fully on your lips “you really enjoy pissing me off don’t you?”
“it’s my favourite hobby” He grumbles under his breath before sliding his hands back up to your waist
“and you’re so good at it” You chuckle at this before making a move to sit up but you don’t get very far, Jungkook holds you back down making you huff as your back hits the bed. “this is the nicest you’ve been to be ever, not really ready to put a stop to it yet”
“well, iam not a particularly nice person so get your ass up” Sighing he lets you sit up and he rolls onto his back
“and the dream ends” Rolling your eyes you push the covers off and stand up before you look around for the robe as you stand in your underwear. You whip your head around and spot Jungkook’s eyes staring right at you, raking his eyes up and down your body.
“pig” You mumble as you spot the robe thrown over the chair and you go over to grab it
“didn’t hear you complaining last night” Scoffing, you tie the robe around you before gathering your clothes and throwing them onto the bed. You pick up your top, pause and turn before launching it directly at the man in the beds head. His hands raise instinctively before ripping it off his face and throwing you a glare. “was that necessary?”
“yes, checkouts in half an hour get up”
“bitch” He mumbles and you stare at him, he gives a sarcastic smile before getting out of the bed and stretching.
“carry on calling me names Jeon, remember how easy it is for me to flip you over my shoulder” You know he remembers that day in your gym by the way he gives you a pointed look.
“caught me by surprise” He says under his breath as he begins gathering his own clothes and you chuckle to yourself
“sure, whatever helps you sleep at night” You bend to pick up your jeans from the bed as he circles his arm around your legs. He picks them up making you fall face first onto the bed making you gasp. Then, he flips you onto your back and you meet his smirk as he looks down at you.
“see, easy when you get caught off guard” You tilt your head, moving your hands to hold onto his neck. He seems to falter when you lift your legs to circle around his waist, pulling him tightly against you. Jungkook lowers his head to yours, you fan your lips over his and smile as his eyes flutter closed. Quickly, you twist his body and use your legs to drag in onto the bed next to you. You end up on top of him as his eyes fly open to look up at you.
“yeah you’re right” He huffs as you get up and untie your robe, starting to get dressed.
“show off” You laugh out loud as you slip on your jeans, zipping them up and popping the button closed. The pair of you dress quietly and he waits by the door while you check everything’s in your bag. When you’re happy, he opens the door and lets you walk first and you have to stifle a laugh when you get the the lobby and Jungkook has a stare off with the guard from last night.
“have a good stay?” A new receptionist asks as you hand the key back
“yes thank you” You smile and as you walk past the guard, you slip a couple notes from your bag and offer them to him. Jungkook side eyes you as the guard confusingly takes the money from your hand “a tip, well more of an apology for having to deal with him” The guy lets out a chuckle and Jungkook wraps an arm around your waist as he escorts you out of the hotel
“really?” He mumbles as he holds you close while the pair of you walk away and you simply laugh as a response.
The y/l/n Estate
He lets out a little smile when your grandfather runs up to you as the pair of you enter the foyer. When you had run off yesterday Jungkook was worried after only an hour, he ran around the Estate looking and when that search turned up empty he told your grandfather. Initially, he wasn’t as worried as Jungkook but after a couple hours he was shaken up. So, when Jungkook did find out where you were he told your grandfather and went storming to the hotel
“y/n darling!” He wraps his arms around you and Jungkook steps away momentarily to let him have his moment “where were you?! we were worried sick, you had Jungkook destroying the place!” His eyes widen when you look over at him, embarrassment creeping over his face as you grandfather rambled on. “we’re gonna have to redecorate that spare room because-”
“okay!” Jungkook gets out “iam just gonna freshen up” He lets out before rushing over to the lift and climbing in before he could hear your grandfather expose him further. He’ll admit, he did lose it around the fourth hour you were gone. By then, every scenario had run through his mind- kidnap, death and so on. As the lift made it to your wing, he made his way to his room and opened the door. It was truly wrecked and he grimaced as he looked around. A giant mirror was smashed to pieces, the drawers broken all over the floor. Not to mention the mattress was mostly off the bed from his foot booting it, sighing he tip toed around the mess to get further into the room to grab some fresh clothes.
“what the fuck happened in here?” He jumps, losing his foot and some glass crunches under his boot.
“jesus y/n!” You chuckle as you look around the torn up room and he turns his head away from you and pick up his chosen clothes
“my grandfather said you went on a rampage. miss me that much?” His upper lip twitched as he moved into the bathroom with his clothes, ignoring you. He hears some glass crunch behind him making his whip around as he catches you walking over to the en suite.
“be careful” Jungkook moves to the doorway and offers his hand, you take it as he keeps his eyes on your feet making sure nothing pierces through your trainers. He didn’t know when he started caring so much, but it was hard to stop at this point. Dropping your hand he turns and flips on the shower as you lean against the sink.
“i didn’t know you’d be worried, iam sorry” He was taken back by this, you were always strong willed and he wouldn’t lie and say he didn’t love it- because honestly he absolutely did.
“wasn’t even stressed dont worry about it” Of course he was being sarcastic and it made you laugh, he hated that he instantly smiled at the sound- this was not the usual dynamic but he knew that was long gone. Your head turns back into the destroyed room before turning back to him.
“yeah clearly not” You kicked some glass that was close to the door and it clatters “come to my office after your done, it’s time we find out why were hustled into this pointless job”
“you didn’t ask down there?” Jungkook had no time to even think about asking your grandfather about the dead job yesterday, well he was too busy wrecking the place and tracking you down to care.
“no, we should have this conversation together” And that’s just what they do, about hour later he, you and your grandfather sit in your office. Your grandfather seemed a little confused about why he was asked up here, seems he never really visited your office space.
“we know” Is all she says and Jungkook chooses to stay quiet, he knew he’d have to have this exact conversation with his father and he wasn’t particularly looking forward to it.
“know what darling?” He smiled at the cute nickname, loving how much this man adored you. Jungkook was starting to understand why he did so much.
“the job we’re doing, we know it isn’t real” Her grandfathers face falls and he shifts in his seat as she just looks at him and waits for an answer
“iam sorry sweetheart” He looked down, seemingly ashamed with himself. Jungkook could only wish to have someone who cared that much about his feelings, when he confronted his father he’d probably get a shoulder shrug and sent on his way.
“why?” You didn’t sound angry, just confused.
“me and Jungkook’s father made a deal” Jungkook’s eyes widen as does yours, the two biggest rivals in the mafia empire made a deal?
“you’ve been in contact with the Jeon family?” Jungkook rolls his eyes at your mention of his family, he didn’t think you meant much by it but you sounded a little disgusted.
“yes, iam sick and tired of this bloody rivalry. it was stupidly started by your father and i wanted to end it” Your eyebrow raise in shock as does Jungkook’s, this was a decade long war and your grandfather wanted to end it?
“where does our pointless job come into this?” You asks and your grandfather side eyes Jungkook next to him before looking back to you
“well, we decided that a good way for our families to bury the hatchet was to- join us together.” You blinked rapidly and Jungkook swore steam might’ve came out of your ears “we wanted you two to marry” Your eyes bulge and Jungkook has to stifle a laugh, deeming it not appropriate for this moment. You might have ripped his head clean of his shoulders if he did. “we knew you disliked each other, so we came up with the idea to have you work together. maybe that way you could get closer.” The thought of his father agreeing to this shocked Jungkook, he’d assumed he would just try and force the two of you together. He had no patience for things like this.
“with respect, that is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard” Her grandfather shrugged at her with a pout
“worked didn’t it?” Jungkook actually did laugh at this, your grandfather was just so funny he couldn’t help it. No one would believe this man was feared by thousands. You whipped your head in his direction, throwing your hands up in exasperation
“oh you find this funny?” Jungkook shrugs, similarly to how your Grandfather did as his laughter dies down. You lean back in your chair, sighing and he could tell you were trying not to smile. “i can’t believe you put a whole scheme together” She says to her grandfather, luckily the plan did actually work otherwise this whole conversation might have involved a lot more shouting
“i know, i truly am sorry. we won’t force a marriage. but with how he reacted to you being gone for a couple hours, i’d say a marriage for you is inevitable” Jungkook frowns in your grandfathers direction, not enjoying being exposed by him.
“honestly i think burying the rival is a good idea, but not with marriage”
“why?” Jungkook surprised himself with his own question, you and your grandfather look over at him in sync making him grow embarrassed
“what you want to get married?” He looks up in thought, the silence making you shake your head “Jeon!” You shout making him jump and your Grandfather laughs at the pair of you “why are you even thinking about it?!”
“you asked me a question! of course iam going to think about the answer!” Your grandfather laughs harder and a smile creeps it’s way to his lips as you glare at them both
“this is ridiculous i hate both of you” He laughs with your Grandfather “grampy can you leave so i can talk to this idiot in private” Still laughing your grandfather stands and exits the room, his laughter can still be heard as he descends the hallway until it faded away. “we are not getting married”
“i know y/n” He pauses “not right now” You close your eyes and exhale
“you sleep with me twice and you’re starting to plan a proposal?” He sends a look you’re way and it makes you chuckle “we just started playing around with the fact that there’s something between us, what if it’s just a simple attraction? this isn’t a relationship Jeon, you’ll be going back to London soon what happens then?” He tenses at this, he’s already come to terms with the fact this isn’t just attraction for him. No way he would’ve tore that bedroom apart and hunted you down if he just wanted to sleep with you. Sure, he knew your weren’t gonna get engaged any time soon but he hated the thought of being far away. He didn’t wanna go anywhere while you two were exploring what you had.
“y/n, this isn’t just sex for me. look at the mess i made of that room for evidence of that. whatever this is, is more then that. i think we both know that” You silently nod, confirming his thoughts “yes i will return to London, after you promise me that you understand right now we belong together” You seem surprised at this, this was his actual first declaration that he wanted to be with you seriously. But he was done playing around, the idea of him going home without knowing for sure you felt the same didn’t sit right with him “y/n?” He questions and grows annoyed when you roll your eyes at him
“fine, i agree”
“could seem a little happier about it?” You stare at him and he stares right back. Some things just don’t change and he thinks your bickering with each other would never end.
“am thrilled” Your monotone makes him scoff and he stands before rounding the desk and and holding your arm, pulling you to stand
“your enthusiasm is blinding” He remarks before lowering his head to plant a kiss onto your lips, he pulls back before planting another one “take me to the airport tomorrow?”
“not if you plan on slamming the doors on my beauty again” Rolling his eyes he plants a hand on your lower back, walking out the room with you
“you treat that car better then me”
“my baby doesn’t annoy the fuck out of me” Jungkook grumbles as he moves his hand to sling his arm over your shoulder as you walk to the lift.
London, England.
“iam sorry son” Jungkook has to fight the surprise on his face, his father sat on his desk chair across from his with a genuine look on his face. He’d expected to leave this conversation severely pissed off, but this was an unexpected twist. “you’re too good to be sent on a dead mission and for that i really do apologise” Jungkook bit onto his lower lip, a raw feeling of emotion erupting. “iam an old guy and i don’t often express much of anything. but iam proud of you” He had to pinch himself at his fathers words, not wanting tears to spill.
“i, appreciate that” His father nods, small smile on his face. It was clear he felt regret, in this type of work emotions are just seen as weakness but his father should’ve been more expressive with his own son.
“i heard the plan seem to work?” Jungkook chuckled, he was missing you right now so he guessed it did work. “i always liked her, she terrifies my men with that little laptop of hers”
“oh yeah, she figured the whole thing out in record time. she’s what quite nifty with that laptop” His father nods, smile on his face
“i knew you liked her, before you even knew it” Jungkook makes a face “you may not have known but it was quiet obvious, after you killed her father you were so guilt striken. you assumed it was because he was your first but, i always thought it was because he was her father.”
“probably. i put it down to worrying about her revenge but i guess, i just admired her and didn’t know it. felt guilt for taken her father away” His dad nodded before leaning back in his chair
“and i assume you found out the truth about him?” Jungkook’s jaw tenses, remembering what you admitted about him but nods “he was a terrible man. his father though, he sure is something” A chuckle leaves his father mouth and Jungkook’s head tilts in curiosity “we’ve been talking back and forth for a while now, god is he amusing”
“found a new friend father?”
“you could say that” Jungkook laughs, not believing that the rivalry finally came to an end and it was all over. This whole conversation was surprising him more and more by the second. “we’re gonna announce the rivalry over officially next week, then” He pauses “we’re moving operations to New York” Jungkook was floored, his shock must have been evident because his father laughed “not only is the rivalry over, but we’re joining forces. easier to do that in the same country”
“that’s, great” His father smiled making Jungkook slightly nervous.
“you’ll be happy to know y/n’s Grandfather said you can stay at his estate full time. i heard about your little meltdown when she ran away” Jungkook’s cheeks heat while his father simply continued to smile
“i doubt y/n will put up with me living there” He mumbles, but deep down he was happy to be going back there knowing he could stay.
“with the way you destroy one of her rooms? probably not” Jungkook groans before standing
“ok conversations over” He grumbles before leaving the office, his fathers laughter loud behind him. After that, he felt a lot lighter. It was like a new chapter in his life, his rival was no longer that and was now his girlfriend. Additionally his father finally opened up, apologised and said he was proud of him. He walks off to his wing and pulls his phone out, calling you. It rings for a while before you finally answer
“what a warm greeting” Jungkook grumbles and you laugh on the other end of the line
“what’s up Jeon?”
“is that how you address your future husband?”
“i don’t know haven’t met him yet” Jungkook rolls his eyes as he enters his room and sits on the bed
“sorry” He mumbles and you chuckle into his ear and reluctantly he smiles “my father is moving us to New York, he says for business but i think he wants to be closer to his bestie- your grandfather”
“oh i heard, he won’t shut up and your father coming out. says their gonna go for a drink” Jungkook laughs, not being able to imagine his father letting loose at a bar.
“i don’t know how we ended here, but iam not going to complain”
“ew stop being sentimental”
“ok fine i hate your fucking guts” You bark a laugh down the phone
“feelings mutual, you’re not living here by the way. not risking another room in your hands when i leave the house for an hour” He’s had enough reminders of that day for a lifetime
“oh iam sorry for assuming you were dead because your stupid ass couldn’t answer your phone and iam moving in, you can’t stop me”
“i know, iam too irresistible you can’t stay away” He scoffs, moving the phone from one ear to the other
“whatever you say sweetheart, make some room for my stuff in your room”
“who says you’re staying in my room Jeon?” He wants to reach through the phone and throttle you, your sarcasm never ends and although he admires you strong will. He also wants to zip your mouth shut
“i did, now shut up iam flying out today”
“just can’t stay away can you? i’ll make sure to bring my gun in case you want to point yours at me again at the airport” He stands from his bed and opens his cupboard before pulling his cloths out and onto his bed
“keep talking and i will pull it on you again” He knows you’re rolling your eyes, can basically feel it as he gathers all of his things to pack away
“it’s easy to disarm you, am not worried”
“you’re intolerable” He grumbles and he hears some shuffling through the phone, guessing your led down
“good, my job is done” Jungkook smiles without realising it. He knows that you’ve got him wrapped around your finger, he can’t even spend more then day away from you. He’s already packing to run right back to you. It’s funny because beforehand he’d have done anything to stay from you, his enemy, his rival- but now he’s itching to get back. It was a surprising turn of events, but he wasn’t going to overthink it- he’s just going to get back to you as fast as his jet can take him.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𓈒 ◌   𓇼 𓈒 𝐏𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖘, 𝖎𝖓 𝟣𝟪𝟫𝟨 { ゚ ₊ 🎢
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ𓋺   ᜔ 🚲 ࣪ 𝅼 ﹙𝖼𝖺𝗎𝗌𝖾 𝗂'𝗆 𝗌𝗈 𝗂𝗇𝗍𝗈 𝗒𝗈𝗎﹚ ⠀ นางฟ้า ! ࣪   ҉ 𓈒 ○  
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
he looks like my husband attending our kids parent teacher conferences together.
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thirst scenario.. oc gets moody and bratty with jk
tags: mean!jk, slight dom-sub dynamics, heavy degradation
you're running on thin ice at this point, jungkook doesn't really like this little game you're playing with him. the slamming doors, cursing under your breath, ignoring him and having to make him repeat himself at least twice. he doesn't like it.
jungkook tries his hardest to think if he made you mad or he fucked up. the dishes were washed (it was his turn the night before), he walked bam already, and he even brought you the groceries you sent him through text. so what was happening with you?
"baby?" he softly says, "i brought you some pasta. i left it on the counter so we can eat together."
"i'm not hungry." you mumble back.
jungkook frowns, "babe-"
"i said i'm not hungry!" you snap angrily, looking at him with fierce little eyes.
it only takes jungkook a split second to react before he's standing over you, hand in your hair as he tugs your head back to look up at him. "what's up with you today huh? been a snarky little bitch ever since i got here this mornin'. you throwing a bitch fit cause i didn't fuck you last night baby, is that it? you need something in that slutty cunt of yours to be happy? answer me." he growls.
a tiny meek whimper escapes your lips, " 's not that!" you fuss.
"then what is it?" he glare. you look up at him shyly and bite your lip, unable to answer because of the small twinge of excitement you felt from his anger. "cat got your tongue baby?" he easily slips you into his lap and stares up at you, "can feel your little pussy through your shorts baby, are you wearing any panties?" he breathed out.
you timidly nod, too shy to answer. "course you are, 's all you know how to do, might as well keep you hanging off my cock like the dumb little slut you are." he purrs, "go on baby, use my thigh to get off, because you're gonna cum my way, or no way." he smirks evilly.
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jung-koook · 12 hours
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jungkook doing some boxing~
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can u do watching christmas movies together pls
>>> Watching Xmas movies together: BTS
A/N: I wanted to make this since it's December! I hope you guys enjoy it<3
Jin would instantly be up for it, the two of you curled up together on the sofa surrounded by different kinds of snacks and blankets. The two of you would cuddle while you watch all kinds of Christmas movies, from the classics to hallmark movies that are incredibly cheesy.
As much as he would claim he didn't want to be sat watching movies with you, he was loving every second of it. Even getting super focused on the scenes that you were watching. When you eventually got too tired to carry on Yoongi begged for you to finish the last movie with him first.
It was a tradition that the two of you had together, every day as a count-down to Christmas you would find and watch a new Christmas movie. It didn't matter if it was cheesy or silly, the two of you would devote the time to watch the movie every day. It was your own mini version of an advent calendar
"You're not supposed to talk all the way through the movie," You whined as Namjoon continued to list off all of the things that were wrong with the story that was being told. Even though the two of you would watch movies a lot, you never quite got used to him talking throughout the entire thing.
It was Jimin's idea on Christmas eve to sit and watch movies to make the day past by quickly. It was the first time he was going to be spending the entire holiday with you and you alone and he couldn't have been more excited for it, "Snacks?" he questioned while looking around the living room, "check," you laughed looking at the piles of food you had at the ready. Then the two of you got cozy and began to snack away.
Every year Taehyung always seemed too busy in the lead up to Christmas and you thought that this year would be the same but Tae ended up surprising you with a break away at a cabin. The whole time the two of you cuddled by the fire while old VHS tapes of Christmas movies played on the TV
Jungkook wanted to make sure every second of Christmas was planned out perfectly, for the first time since the two of you had started to date you were going to spend the holidays together. No other members around to bother you, just the two of you. But he'd spent so much time trying to perfect everything it was all going wrong. "Why don't you just come and watch movies with me?" You giggled, looking at your boyfriend who was a little upset at the burnt cookies in front of him. "I wanted this to be perfect," he mumbled, slowly sitting beside you on the sofa and laying his head on your shoulder. "It is, as long as I have you," you told him, quickly pressing your lips to the top of his head.
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⊰⁠⊹ฺ nights of dancing and madnessゞ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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✿ ◦ ‹ ‹ 𝟹 ˚ 🗯️ 𔘓
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✿ ◦ ‹ ‹ 𝟹 ˚ 🌿 𔘓
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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i just miss them a bit (a lot) 
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