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All Tied Up - JJK
Tumblr media
your boyfriend can't keep his hands off of you, so you tie them instead ;)
» description: smut, fluff, soft dom jk is a total simp and lets reader tie him up :) (part 2 will be the other way around so if this isn't your boat STAY TUNED)
» word count: 2.5k (exactly...)
All Tied Up - jjk
Part 1 | Part 2 (tbc)
you beam with excitement as you make your way back to campus, shopping bags in hand and bidding goodbye to your friends after an afternoon full of drinks and shopping to commemorate the ending of a semester.
you’re not surprised to see jungkook when you open the door to your room. you haven't been with him very long, but long enough to notice and account for his clingy behavior.
he’s on his back in your bed, eyes glued to his phone until he hears you put your things down. he grins and sits up on the bed, waiting for you to come to him.
and of course you do, because what's more inviting than those strong arms begging for you and all too-enticing thighs. so you happily sit yourself on his lap and give him what you intended to be a quick peck, but he doesn't let you pull away, hand gripping tighter on your thigh until you’re forced to pull away to catch your breath.
you stare at his deep eyes and chuckle, “someone really missed me.”
he leans back in but you don't allow him to kiss you again, you had a surprise for him and kissing him again would ensure you wouldn't get to that today.
“how could i not,” he starts, you grin confused and he bites at his lip ring, “look at you, any man would be obsessed.”
you laugh and shake your head, “cute.” you attempt to stand up but he swiftly pulls you back down with a killer grin. “where are you going? i'm not finished.” his lips trail from your jawline to your neck and you fight every fiber of your being to move away from him.
“koo, i have something i want to show you.” he hums against your skin, busying himself with marking you and feeling you up. “let me get it first please.”
he whines but relents with a pout on his lips, holding onto you for as long as he can as you walk over to your bags, digging around before grabbing what you were looking for and putting it behind your back.
“hiding it from me?” he asks amused.
you straddle his lap this time and keep the object behind you, “haven't decided how i want to use it yet, but judging by the way you can't keep your hands off of me i think i know.”
his hands rub circles into your hips and thighs as he listens intently, “show me.”
you laugh, “give me your hands and close your eyes.” you can tell by the glint in his eyes he’s interested and a little hesitant, but he’s also a simp who would do anything you asked, so naturally, he does exactly as you said without complaint.
you flip his arms so they're palm down in front of you and take a moment to appreciate his hands, good god. the one covered in tattoos and the other shows off his veins. you’re brimming with excitement when you grab the surprise, a silk rope, and tie one around his eyes first, as a blindfold. he’s chuckling as if he’s figured it all out. and then you take the other one and begin to tie his wrists. you’d only practiced on yourself thus far so you were hoping you did it right, not too tight it'd hurt but tight enough you wouldn't be able to move them. “oh.”
“all done.” you tell him, leaning back to admire your boyfriend like this, all tied up and at your mercy.
he doesn't speak at first, and instead wiggles his wrists, to no use. he scoffs in amusement, then violently shakes his head, and the blindfold moves but still covers his eyes. “where the hell did you learn to do this.” he finally speaks, “and better yet, when are you gonna take it off of me and let me put it on you, pretty.”
you laugh and wrap your arms around his wide shoulders, pressing your bodies closer, “you’re not gonna let me have fun with you first?” you pout. this wasn't your plan. your plan was to show them to jungkook, and teach him how to tie them and test it on you, but now that you’d strayed from your original script you realized how much you were enjoying this.
“y/n,” he coos with a smirk, “you know i’d let you do anything you wanted to me,” your heart swells and you place a kiss on his neck, “but i've fantasized about doing this to you for months.”
you contemplate handing over control, and take his arms into your hands, toying with the silk and ready to untie it when you decide to level with him. “you’ll get to have me like this koo, as much as you want.” you whisper the last part into his ear and place a soft lick underneath his ear and squirms underneath you. “but i'm the one that took the initiative to actually buy this, so i think i deserve to use it first.” you grab his jaw with your pretty hands, “you agree?”
he sighs with a grin, “of course.”
“good, now arms up above your head.” he complies and allows you to lift his shirt off and you're extremely grateful for getting the blindfold, because you can ogle his body all you want without him knowing.
you run your hands along his chest and trace his tattoos gently with your nails, leaving a trail of goosebumps on his skin as you go. “you're so sensitive koo.”
you begin to place feather-like kisses along his jaw and neck, letting one hand tug at his hair, eliciting a moan he tried to fight back and leaning his head back into your hand as your other travels down his body, taking your time to truly appreciate him without the hurry of your unruly and impatient boyfriend rushing you.
you figured he’d complain about how slow you were being, but chuckle when you realize how much he was enjoying your slow and sensual touches and kisses.
“you’re lasting longer than i thought you would.” you tell him, running your tongue along the marks you've made on his neck and collarbone.
he breathlessly replies with a chuckle, “you thought i’d come before you even touched me?”
you shake your head (not that he could see it), “no, i thought you'd complain or try to take over.”
he laughs, “fuck no.” “i’ll sooner finish in my fucking pants than tell you to stop.”
you giggle amused, “i didn't think you'd like it this much.”
he shakes his head, “me neither.”
you hum, deciding he’s earned some real attention and letting your hand slide down between your bodies, ghosting over his length. he wasn't exaggerating when he told you he’d sooner come in his pants, he really was enjoying this.
he groans and tries to grind his hips into your hand, “god you're hard.” he hums, cheeks turning red and his bottom lip pinned between his teeth. you pull it free and kiss him for the first time, and he presses his lips against you needily. “so good for me koo.”
his lips are red and pouty, “please y/n.”
you smile, “please, what baby?” you run your fingers along his length once more and he mewls beneath you, “god please do something, anything.”
you chuckle, you were planning on taking him in your mouth and teasing him more, but he was close already, and there was just something about it, “i want you to cum in your pants koo.” he moans and kicks his head back and you grasp him over his pants with more vigor and allow him to roll his hips into your hand. “will you do that for me? make a mess in your pants, don't even need my mouth or my pussy do you?”
he’s panting and his skin begins to shine, “fuck, y/n.” he groans, “just need you.”
you smile, “good answer.” and lick at his lips, and he’s all too eager to kiss you back as he humps your hand until he whines into your mouth, “f-fuck i’m gonna come.”
you attach your lips to the sensitive spot on his neck and grip him harder as he finishes with a loud groan.
he gently nudges your hand away and you sprinkle his face with kisses, “you’re so hot jungkook.”
he doesn't seem to register any of the praise you're showering him with and you consider that a job well done on your part.
you slip out of his lap and walk to the bathroom, partially wetting a towel and coming back into the room when he calls out to you, “y/n?”
you place a hand on his knee, “right here.” you grab onto the waist band of his sweatpants, “lift your hips.” and repeat the same process your bus boxers until he’s left in nothing.
“can i not be blindfolded for the aftercare part?”
you laughed, “this isn't aftercare.”
he’s working on a response when you place your tongue on his lower stomach. you think he’s got a grasp on the situation now, “good god y/n.” he praises at the way you work your tongue around him to clean him. finishing off with the towel.
“lay down.” you instruct him, and he smiles, “i’m gonna need a few more minutes before you do anything else.”
you shake your head, as if you didn't know that. “i only need your tongue for this part. that still works, right?”
he chuckles, “for you, always.” he pauses for a moment, “please tell me you’re gonna sit on my face.”
you laugh, “only if you beg.”
he takes a deep breath, “god, fucking, please, let me taste you.” you sit beside him and run your fingers through his messy hair, “need more.”
he whines, “you must be so fucking wet baby, i can't imagine. want your pussy so bad, any way you'll let me have it.” you debate if that's enough, and you decide to let him have it, “use me please, baby.”
you chuckle and straddle his face, “tongue out.”
you sit yourself on his tongue and begin to drag your hips slowly, eliciting moans from both of you.
you'd hate to admit it but he knows you so well, and was spot on when he said you were soaking. you're sure he can feel it and that he loves it.
you continue using him, practically purring on top of him as his nose and tongue abuse your clit and you grip your breasts hard.
“fuck jungkook, bet you’re having the time of your life.”
you’re extra vocal for him, since he can't see you, and he rewards your comment with a hum against your clit and you tug on his hair. you feel your high approaching as you clench around nothing and lift yourself off of him before you can finish.
he licks his lips and grins, “you were so close, why’d you stop?” he says it teasingly.
you open your bedside drawer and pull a condom out, “because i don't want to give you the satisfaction of cumming on your face.” you hear him chuckle, “never stopped you before pretty.”
you roll your eyes, “what's the point in having you like this if i can't use you however i want?”
he nods and you reach for his dick, “knew you'd be hard as a fucking rock, didn't even touch me or see me.” you roll the condom on him and he hums, hearing you move around the bed and feeling your heat against him. “because i'm imagining you and all the things you're doing to me, and it's hot as fuck.”
you chuckle, grinding yourself against him before easing him in painfully slowly. you keep your hands against his chest and focus on yourself. he cusses beneath you, “god, you're fucking built for me, just for me.”
you hum, “you've got it backwards baby.”
he moans and struggles to reciprocate your banter, “you’re perfect, so fucking wet and warm.”
you lift yourself with more fervor and find a dreamy pace that has your body heating up and muscles contracting.
the room is filled with nothing but sex and both of your moaning and whining.
“fuck y/n, you're gonna make me cum again.”
you shake your head, “not before me.”
his jaw strains and his hands ball into fists, making his veins pop and you think you'll go feral if you keep staring at him fucked out like this. “c-can't help it baby.” he tells you, hips rutting beneath you and stuttering, he actually finished before you.
you sigh and get off of him and begin to undo his wrists. once he’s freed you wrap your hand around his fingers, “use these,”
you tell him, “need to cum around something and you're too fucking impatient, couldn't just wait, could you?”
his hands roam your body with the blindfold still on, and he pushes on your chest to get you to lay down with a smirk on his face.
“if you could feel your fucking walls you'd understand, so hard to control myself when you ride me so well pretty.”
he kisses your thighs, spreading your legs and finding your clit with his hand and alternating between kitten licks and flicking it. your back arches, as pissed off as you were, you knew he’d feel the need to make it to you. he licks you well, like a man deprived and eases two fingers in, immediately curling them as he slides his long digits along your walls.
you grab the sheets with both hands and mewl, purposely depriving him of your hands tugging at his hair knowing how much he loves it when you do that.
“always so rough and impatient jungkook.” you bait him, and he falls for it, pushing harder into you and sucking harshly at the bundle of nerves and it's a dangerously perfect mix of what you needed to push you over the edge.
his hand moves from your hips to grab at the blindfold wrapped around his eyes and tugs it off quickly just to watch you cum on his tongue. he watches you with eyes blown out, drinking in the sight of your back arching off the mattress and the way your hips push into his face as if you couldn't get enough, and above all, he thinks he is undeniably obsessed with you.
you pull him away from you and he stares for a moment longer as you breathe and relax. he grabs the towel you used on him earlier and cleans you as gently as he possibly can.
“thank you.” you tell him, looking into his eyes finally and ignoring the way he stares at you entirely differently.
“of course,” he smiles, “anything for you, pretty.” he leans down for a kiss, gently pecking your pink lips before pulling away with a grin, “wait until it's my turn."
* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚
thank u for reading, the tables are turned in pt.2 :) so stay tuned n kisses !! - ara <3
Tumblr media
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— new fic drop! [♡]
Tumblr media
banner by the uber talented jen @itaeewon​ !!
Tumblr media
➵ summary: despising the lack of offensive capability to your lackluster powers, your father, the school’s chancellor, signs you up for lessons with the magic university’s top-rated guard, park jimin. known to be an intense, reserved man with ruthless skills in battle, you come to learn he not only goes hard in a fight, but goes hard in another ruthless form of art—fucking. 
➵ pairing: mentor!jimin x chancellor’s daughter!reader
➵ genre: magic!au, university!au, student/mentor!au, bit of mutual pining, sexual angst, absolute porn but with some plot :]
➵ rating: 18+
➵ word count: 12k
➵ warnings: swearing, loads of bickering, delicIOUS angst, sexual tension, pining hehe, explicit sexual content, dom!jimin, making out, spitting, finger-fucking, sir kink!!, degradation, oral (f. recieving), public sex, sex in the rain, multiple orgasms & more <3
➵ release date: dec. 10th, 2022.
Tumblr media
taglist is open—please reply to this post in order to be tagged, MUST be 18 years or older to interact. those already on my taglist will be automatically tagged <3
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jimin pack + moment ໑ৎ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Seeing Red: Park Jimin Oneshot
Tumblr media
This is the inspo
There will most likely be a part 2 👀
Pairing- Jimin x reader
Genre- smut, dominating!Jimin, fem!reader, established friendship/work relationship, makeup play?
Warning-smut, dominating, oral sex, fem!receiving
Word count-1,956
Summary-You landed a job as Jimin’s makeup artist and his good boy persona gives you a run for your money.
“Do I make you nervous?”
Jimin looked up at you as you blended some blush on his cheeks lightly, you hadn’t noticed how much your hands were shaking.
You had been Jimin’s new makeup artist for the new tour. For the past few weeks you had been proving yourself to the team time and time again.
When you spent time with Jimin doing his makeup for the promotional material, he was so friendly and welcoming; this continued and eventually you two came to have inside jokes but something about him still made you nervous.
“No. Not at all.” You responded steadily.
You watched as Jimin continued to stare into your soul as you continued with the makeup. The way he looked up at you while you patted rouge lightly on his lips was making it difficult to focus.
Suddenly, the shout from one of the management team members summoning your idol broke the oddly building tension. In a way, saving you.
“Thanks for your hard work. I’ll be seeing you later,” Jimin spoke fondly.
You watched as Jimin stood up and winked at you before proudly walking off to where he was being asked. He looked better than ever. If that was even possible. His hair was dyed a fresh pink that he managed to pull off as if it was natural and he seemed refreshed compared to when you first met him.
Watching him as you put away your supplies you felt your eyes constantly roam over the shirt that hugged his toned arms and torso, then the leather pants that hugged his even more toned butt and thighs.
As if feeling your eyes burning into him he turned around briefly and wagged his brows in a playful manner that just about sent you flying into the vanity behind you.
“My apologies, Jimin had an earlier appointment today so as you know missed his makeup test run for the wardrobe change during the set switch.”
You nodded as your supervisor spoke.
“I’m sorry to ask this of you but you’ll need to stay after tonight and meet with him a little later and get this done. We have to make sure the performance is done right for this tour. Send me a picture of his final look so I can log it.”
You took in the words. It wasn’t like you had anything to do anyways. Your new job was what your life was now devoted to, even if you did had some free time this evening it wouldn’t be exploring the sights of Tokyo; it'd be passed out in your hotel bed from exhaustion.
You waited for Jimin watching the clock get closer and closer to 8 pm.
The hair and makeup room was dead silent, everyone else had went back to the hotel or went out for a quick beer and dinner.
Just you were left.
You and Jimin.
It was just three days before the concert, a lot was resting on everyone’s shoulders.
“Don’t look too excited for me.”
You quickly look up and lock eyes with Jimin, he’s smiling in a seductive way that makes your stomach turn in knots.
He was wearing a loose black button down shirt; unbuttoned lazily to expose some of his chest, a pair of black jeans that did little to hide any imagination and his usual Chelsea boots. The way he walked on his way over to you did something to your heart.
You shot up from your seat, “Sorry for keeping you waiting.”
His mouth upturned in a playful smile, “Why are you apologizing for waiting for me?”
In fact, you didn’t know why you apologized.
He towered over you and held your gaze with his dark eyes. “Your hands. They’re shaking again.”
“It’s ok, it might just be nerves because we’re so close to the big day.” You bit your lip and playfully laughed trying to remove the focus off of yourself.
He hadn’t seated yet, remained standing and watching you. You began to dig through lipstick and try to find one that captured what the team was visualizing.
You turned to hold it up to his complexion . “I think this will work.” He didn’t move his gaze just continued to stare at you, bedroom eyes.
“I think something else is better suited. Here let me show you.” He leaned his way past you and grabbed a deep red lipstick; one that was probably your favorite out of the options.
“Let me show you. Ok, sit.” He was in charge now and his demeanor was playful but something struck a chord. He was different. You decided to play along. You gladly took a seat in the makeup chair.
“Ok sir.” You laughed breathily.
You watched as he took the cap off the deep red and moved close to begin putting it on your relaxed lips.
“Jimin, you have to put it on that brush first.”
His eyes didn’t break focus, “Relax.” You felt the cold lipstick pat on your mouth and watched his face as he worked meticulously.
“My favorite.” He pulled back smiling his wicked grin you became accustomed to from him on the stage.
You felt your face heat, your cheeks probably turning crimson. You couldn’t find words.
“Mind if I see what it looks like on me?” Jimin cocks his head to the side, his eyes glimmering with playfulness.
“Yes, of course.” You felt your voice crack wearily.
Soon you felt his full, soft lips pressed against yours.
Your body jolted. Your brain was raising alarms how this crossed the boundary of your job but your body moved otherwise, tangling your fingers in his thick pink hair, deepening the contact. One of his hands snaked to pull at your neck as his lips pushed your mouth open more, allowing access for his tongue. A moan left your body, he suddenly pulled back.
His lips were smeared with the same red, he grinned wickedly as he turned to look at himself in the mirror. “I think this is the color.”
You were dumbstruck.
Jimin then turned back to you, you still seated in the chair in awe watching as he held the lipstick in between his fingers.
“This is my favorite color on someone. I really think it suits you especially.” He moved closer, his breath now hitting the shell of your ear. “I want to hear you moan like that again while covered in my red markings.”
Your hands gripped your thighs while they pushed together, his words alone sit shivers to your core.
A moan mixed with a sigh left your chest.
Jimin studied you, staring down at you as you tried to calm yourself.
“I’m so sorry”-“Open your mouth and sit back.”
Jimin cut you off during your panicked apology.
Your job was on the line if this got out , even more his own public image was at stake; despite those two hanging on thin threads you followed his instruction.
“Hold this lipstick between your lips. Don’t make a single noise.” You were confused but nodded, parting your lips. Jimin was everything you dreamed about. You watched as he pushed the lipstick container between your lips, your pursed mouth holding it in place with your teeth floating near.
“I’m going to give you a preview. If I hear a noise come from you it’ll blow our cover and I’ll have to stop. Got that?” You felt your face get warm, your body felt languid but you nodded eagerly and your hands gripped the armrests of the makeup chair.
Jimin moved swiftly, slowly parting open your legs as he held eye contact.
He then clicked his tongue against his teeth, his knuckles sweeping against your inner thigh covered in sheer tights. “These…,”His ring clad fingers pulled at the thin material,”Have to go.” And with that Jimin took both hands and pulled them easily apart exposing your panties to him. Your eyes widened in shock as he tore the tights down, shredded them.
“Don’t worry I’ll have a new pair sent to your room.” Jimin smirked as his fingers ran along your clothed core. You could feel the wetness pooling.
“So wet for me and we haven’t even started.” Jimin bit his lip before running his tongue along his bottom lip. You felt your lips press down on the lipstick fighting the urge to moan as you felt him pull your panties to the side and dip in a ringed finger. You flung your head back feeling your nails dig into the armrests, then you managed to look back down at Jimin. His eyes were narrowed and siren-like as he sinfully smiled.
You felt him pump and curve the single digit before he added a second. Your legs shook as you fought the urge to moan and ruin all of this.
As soon as he was in he removed himself, you wanted to cry at the loss of contact. You watched, your chest heaving as he pulled down your panties pulling them down your legs and past your heels. “I’ll keep these.” He carefully tucked them into his back pocket and looked back at you. You felt yourself melting under his smoldering stare.
“Remember these marks.” You watched as Jimin dipped his head between your thighs and left light kisses and residue of the red lipstick where he made contact with your skin.
His soft kisses made their way closer to your core. He softly nibbled on your right thigh leaving a much larger red stain.
His dark eyes didn’t break contact as he pulled slightly away, his lips murmuring against your skin, “I wish I could hear you moan right now.”
Your teeth bite down softly on the lipstick in your mouth as you feel him spread your legs further and run his tongue against your slit.
“God, I love how you taste already.” You continue to look down and watch him intently. Unable to hold back you run your hands through his thick hair, urging him to continue.
You felt as his tongue slid into your core and flicked against you.
Your head fell back languidly as he continued to pleasure you. Your hands tightened in his hair as you bucked your hips in an attempt to push him closer into you. You felt him hum against your core, pulling back to blow air. You fought hard against the urge to moan his name.
You felt yourself reaching edge as you felt Jimin nip at your clit lightly, soon he gave in and added back his fingers pushing them slowly into you as his mouth continued to work.
You couldn’t rip your eyes away from staring at the top of his head, the mess of pink strands between your fingers.
You had reached your peak, you felt your body shiver and jolt. Jimin pulled back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, smearing the remnants of red against his face. You looked down eagerly, your unclothed center was covered in red lipstick stain courtesy of this unhinged man.
Jimin then stood up unphased with lipstick smeared across his perfect features.
He leaned into you, face to face and pulled out the lipstick container from your mouth with a pop!
He smiled wickedly and tucked the makeup in your blouse pocket. “If you want to continue this, I’ll meet you in the hotel lobby tomorrow night at 10:30 p.m. Make sure to wear this.” He straightened himself up and watched you.
You exhaled all of the breath you were holding.
“Did we have something we needed to do?” Jimin prodded as he used a makeup wipe while watching you pull yourself together.
This man was utterly insane but just what you needed.
Part 2…Yeah I can’t resist🐥
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⏝ ︶ ࣪  . ⏝ ︶
(・  )o  🌳͜   ⊹ 𝓛. ı𝗄𝖾 ⍺ 𝗋𝗈𝖼𝗄𝗌𝗍⍺𝗋   :   รับมัน
𝗅ı𝗄𝖾 𝗈𝗋 𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 ꮊ ❟ ตกลง . .  ⪩⊹⪨
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀aqui meu bem, espero que goste. ♡
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀(✿˘͈ᵕ˘)⠀⠀⠀🎞️⠀⠀⠀⠀❁ ⠀⠀⠀﹐
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Jimin departing for the United States ✈️
Have a safe flight angel ❤️❤️
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Man Eater Hunting | JJK (m)
Tumblr media
Pairing | Jungkook x Reader
Word Count | 46K (It’s a long one.)
Genre | Idol! Jungkook x "Man Eater”! Reader, Hella Smut 
Summary | Namjoon’s never very aware of what he says when he’s drunk, and this time is no exception to that rule. Unknowingly, Joon creates a chain of events that lead to his youngest member actively chasing his best friend. All under the pretense that you’re an untouchable, unpleasable, man eater. 
Index | sexual content, dirty talking, Jungkook also gets praised a lot so kind of praise kink (?), fingering (both male and female receiving, oops), oral (both male and female receiving), unprotected sex, sub! Jk for the majority, soft dom! Jk at the end, overstimulation, hair pulling, jungkook is so shy and flustered around reader, big schlong jk, jungkook pinning like never before
A/N | They fuck A LOT. Also based off my previous post: Popular Jungkook who is just DYING to get into the readers pants. But she knows this and can obviously tell, so she makes it her absolute mission to tease him to hell and back...… … and does his absolute best to make her cum until her legs give out. 
Tumblr media
Parties were never really your thing, in high school, in college, and even into adulthood, they’ve never been very appealing to you. The loud, head splitting music, mixed with human bodies dancing and slamming into each other, and lastly the stale smell of sweat and spilt drinks is enough to make your mind reel. Namjoon, as much as you love him, is lucky that you’ve even shown up. Granted, he did tell you it would be “A small get together with my members and a few friends.” As the house continues to fill with bodies, you now realize that he’s used his intelligence to trick you into coming.
There's happy birthday signs strung up above the door frames, balloons tied to table centerpieces, and shiny streamers littered all over the house. Namjoon himself is wearing a crown (that you bought him as a joke), and a sash that reads an obnoxiously immature BIRTHDAY BOY!!! that came with the crown. Admittedly, despite it being his birthday, he does look a bit ridiculous as he welcomes guests in. 
From the couch, you watch and laugh at some of the guests' reactions to Namjoon’s outfit. Some aren’t surprised in the slightest, giving him a warm embrace before immediately making their way inside. Most people head for the kitchen, making themselves some sort of alcoholic drink before socializing. However, other’s are clearly taken back by his outfit, wide eyes beginning to question his choices. You can hear a faint, “How much money did it take to convince you to wear this?” from the door, causing you to smile. Namjoon answers with a heartwarming, “Y/N bought it for me.” This makes you smile even harder, watching your best friend since freshman year in college. 
Eventually, everyone is filtered in and mingling, finally giving Joon a break from his hosting job. Namjoon is holding your hands, dragging you up from the couch before you even have a chance to argue with him. “Jungkook is here, you gotta meet him!” Namjoon yells over the music, dragging you to the youngest member you’ve yet to have the privilege to meet. Every time you’ve visited Joon, Jungkook was always scheduled to do something else. You’ve never really thought much of it, assuming that you’d meet whenever you got the chance to. 
“Namjoon-Hyung!” Is yelled over the music, causing both you and Joon to spin around almost immediately. You can see the smile on Namjoon’s face even in the dark, Joon dragging you by the hand over to the voice. While you did hear it, you’re unsure of who it was as the mass of bodies collided with one another. 
“Jungkook! I was just coming to look for you. I want to introduce you to my friend from college, we’ve been good friends for years now. Jungkook, this is Y/N, Y/N, this is Jungkook, the youngest member of our group.” Namjoon quickly introduces you, a bright smile adorning his face throughout the entire interaction. “Y/N’s met everyone but you, Kook. You’re always so busy whenever she comes around.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jungkook.” You smile, bowing slightly to him. He quickly returns the gesture, bowing lower than you. 
“The pleasure is all mine, believe me. Namjoon-Hyung has told me so much about you over the years. You’re almost like a celebrity within our group.” Jungkook chuckles, earning a small elbow to the ribs from Namjoon, which he ignores. Before you can even fully register, Namjoon is being whisked away by another party guest. You and Jungkook are left standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, sharing glances but neither of you know what to really say. 
“It was really nice meeting you, I'll definitely see you around Kook.” You smile, giving him a small bow once more before making your way back to your comfort couch. Much to your surprise, Jungkook is following you back, taking a seat next to you. As you get comfortable on one side, you raise an eyebrow as he occupies the other cushion. “Kook? What’s up?” You question a small smirk playing on your face. From the way he’s sitting, you already can see what he wants. He’s leaning back, legs spread a considerable amount, one arm is the back on the couch, hand just barely behind your shoulder blades. His other hand rests on the arm rest next to him, holding his drink. 
He leans into you, “I’ve heard a lot about you, you know?” He says, his voice smooth and soft in your ears. You can almost hear the flirt in his voice. 
“Yeah? All bad things I hope.” You answer back, almost allowing your lips to graze his ear. At this, you can see him readjust his hips to face you a bit more. At the move, his arm is now closer to fully encompassing your body. 
“I can definitely say I’m not disappointed.” Kook answers back, “You’re very pretty, Y/N.” 
“You’re very attractive too, bun.” You mumble, allowing your lips to graze his ear. You can almost see him melt, hips now continuously readjusting as you place a hand on his closest knee. Spotting Taehyung across the room, you smile slightly. “Your band members are looking at you.” You giggle, nodding over to them. Jungkook slightly untangles himself from your pretzel, looking across the room to them. Taehyung is staring at Jungkook, eyes slightly wide. You can see Jimin standing by Tae, but you’re honestly not sure if he’s paying you any mind. “Was this your plan for tonight?”
Jungkook snaps his head back over to you, quick to open his mouth to refute the situation. He calms slightly as you smirk at him, hand just sliding up the slightest onto his thigh. “I think they’re just surprised you’re here, don’t pay any attention to them.” With a smirk spread across his face, he places a small kiss onto your jaw. A small hum is enough to spur him on, another kiss being placed lower onto your neck. 
“Meet me in the upstairs bathroom.” You whisper to him, glancing across the room one last time. Tae is still stealing glances, likely doing his best to see how Jungkook’s flirting is progressing. At the eye contact, his attention is quickly diverted to the floor. Jungkook almost jumps out of his skin, eyes blown wide at your suggestion. You offer a question. “Did I misread, bun? Is that not what you wanted?” 
“No, no it’s great. I’ll meet you there, you go first.” Jungkook answers, sitting back on the couch to allow you to get up. You do, making your way past Tae and towards the stairs. It’s almost 5 minutes before the door is opened again, Jungkook slowly stepping into the room. For a minute, you truly didn’t think that he would come and meet you in the bathroom. Unknown to you, Jungkook just whisper-yelled to Taehyung for approximately four and a half minutes before hauling ass to the bathroom. 
“I thought you said she was hard to bag!! She told me to meet her in the bathroom!” Jungkook answers, eyes wide as he stares at Taehyung. 
“Well, I don’t know! That’s just what I’ve heard. Maybe she likes you!” Tae answers, looking up at the stairs to ensure you’re not lingering. 
“Well what do I do?”
“Kiss her? Give her head? She gives you head?” Taehyung is throwing out any ideas from his brain, wondering just how Jungkook got himself into this situation. 
Taehyung heard once, from a very drunk Namjoon, that you were impossible to please. A ‘man eater, but without multiple partners’ as Joon drunkenly babbled. Thinking it was funny, Tae told this to Jungkook (who was then determined to prove Tae wrong.) Truthfully, Jungkook wasn’t really expecting you to offer a trip to the bathroom. After being introduced to you, Jungkook was expecting you to shut his attempts down immediately. You’re much prettier than he imagined, your looks and sweet personality going straight to his head. 
“So how do I woo her over?”
“Dude, she’s going to eat you alive.” Tae mumbles, pushing him up the stairs. At the shove, Jungkook slightly trips up the stairs as the toe of his boot hit’s the edge. It’s like sending your son off to war, knowing there’s a very real possibility of him being eaten alive. Glancing over to Jimin, Jimin can only giggle. 
“Didn’t think you were going to show for a second there.” You giggle, gently grabbing his collar and pulling him closer to your body. “Thought you were going to stand me up.” You smile, placing a hot kiss on his neck. Immediately, he’s putty in your hands as a small whimper falls past his lips. “What held you back, talking to Tae?” You ask, placing more kisses to his neck and jaw. He easily follows your lead, shuffling over to the closed toilet before sitting down. You follow, straddling his thighs and easily sitting on his lap. 
“How? …No.” Jungkook mumbles, “Nothing like that.” 
“Hm, is that so?” You smile, pressing your body closer to his. You easily tangle your hands in his hair, tugging slightly. Finally, your lips brush across his, the slightest touch making Jungkook keen. Eventually, you give in despite your better judgment, smashing your lips onto his. 
Easily, he kisses you back as if you’ve rehearsed it before. Each movement is precise, lips molding into one another's. You can taste the faint alcohol on his lips from his drink, a mix of strawberry and some other flavor. One of his hands holds your waist, the other resting on the curve of your ass as he pulls you closer to his chest. Without realizing, you're slowly grinding your hips into his. Each tug on his hair, each bite on his lips earns you a small whine.
“My whiny, needy baby.” You hum, earning another whimper from Jungkook. The tent underneath you is undeniable, Jungkook’s jeans clearly constricting him. “My sweet boy, sweet bun.” You hum, allowing your hands to slip underneath his shirt. Slowly, you rake your hands along his torso, feeling every inch of skin you can reach. “But, I’m not that easy Kook. Not sure what Tae told you, but I don’t sleep with every guy that gives me the slightest bit of attention.”
Jungkook’s eyes suddenly widened for the second time of the night, “No, no Tae didn’t say that. Nothing like that, I swear.”
“What did he say?” You hum, placing kisses along his neck. You listen to him scramble to explain what the situation is, obviously distracted as his hips begin to buck slightly against you. “Tell me what secret you’re passing around about me.”
Jungkook swallows hard before speaking, “We, uhm, we don’t think you sleep with everyone. W-we’d never think that of you. It’s the opposite actually…man eater.”
“Man eater?” You ask again, pulling a nod from him. You honestly have to fight that laugh that threatens to escape your throat. “You might get lucky next time, bun.” You smile, “Today though, I’m afraid you and Tae’s little scheme used up all your luck.”
“Wait-” You speak before he has the chance to continue his defense.
“I’ll see you next time, Kook.” You smirk, placing a small kiss onto the corner of his mouth before leaving the bathroom. Walking downstairs, you avoid Tae’s glance with a burning vigor. Your head is held low as you scurry past him and Jimin, darting as fast as possible into the kitchen. Quickly scanning the room, you find Namjoon by the sink pouring shots out. With a chorus of groans and complaints from his friends, you pull him aside. His eyes are slightly wide as he stares back at you, both concerned and confused. 
“Long story short, Jungkook hit on me but I could tell something was up with him and Tae. So I made out with him in the bathroom and left him with a boner because apparently Tae and him think I'm a man eater. And now, I'm trying to figure out who told them I'm a so-called man eater. Hm, Kim?” He’s a bit tipsy, and isn’t exactly processing your entire question. Namjoon’s eyes are wide as he stares back at you. 
“You made out…with Jungkook?” He points an accusatory finger at you.
“Yes, I just said that.”
“And he liked it? He got a boner?? He likes you then!”
“Yes, maybe? I don't know. Listen,” You’re a bit shocked at the lack of understanding, so you reiterate. “Namjoon, did you tell them I'm a man eater?”
“Sober? No.” Namjoon states, pausing to think. “Drunk… maybe.” Maybe? What does he mean by maybe?
“What? You know how I am when I’m drunk, I like to share my infinite knowledge with my friends.” He laughs at himself, half expecting you to laugh with him. Instead, you stare at him with a sense of disbelief. “Okay, fine. I think it was new year and it was only me, Tae and Yoongi I think. And I was kinda drunk, and I was telling them some college story about us. I think when we lived in that shitty apartment together, where you could hear through the walls? And it kinda smelt like paint all the time?” He explains, beginning to get off topic. One glance at you and he quickly returns to the issue at hand, “And I think I just blurted it out without realizing. And then threw up in the bathroom.”
“New years? Joon, that was so long ago!” You whine, fake strangling him as he laughs at you. Even if you really tried, you don’t think you could be actually angry at him. You’ve known him for so long now that you’re well aware that he genuinely didn’t  mean any harm, and sometimes he just gets ahead of himself. “Okay, I'm running out of here before Jungkook has a chance to catch me again. Since it’s your birthday, I won't kill you yet. Happy birthday, Joon. I love you, I'll see you later.” You wrap him in a quick hug before pulling back, gently fixing his tilted crown, and then effectively booking it out of there. You assume Jungkook would be by Tae, so you avoid the stairs as you exit the house. Driving home, you try to convince yourself that it could be worse. 
Tae easily grabs Jungkook as he sprints down the stairs, catching his elbow before he has the chance to scurry after you. “Kook? What happened? You get her?” Taehyung has the biggest boxy smile spread across his face, a hint of disbelief in his eyes. So much for you being a so-called man eater by Joon. 
“What? No. Not even close.” Jungkook mumbles, hands coming in front of him. 
Tae continues to hold his elbow, noticing the shift. Glancing down, Tae see’s Jungkook clearly trying to cover his crotch with folded hands. Jimin also notices the folded hands, mixed with the slightly embarrassed expression written all over his face. “Are you serious right now?” Tae asks, faking a gag as he rips his hand away. A small laugh comes from Jimin, furthering Kook’s embarrassment. “So what happened?”
“She sat me down on the toilet, made out with me, and then asked me to tell her what me and you were up to.” Jungkook mumbles, “and pulled my hair and called me her whiny needy baby.”
“That’s hot.” Jimin inputs his two cents, the three men all nodding slightly in agreement. 
“So what now? Did you get her number, maybe she’s just not the hookup in a bathroom type.” Tae asks, smacking Jungkook's arm with a smile. 
“All she said is she’ll see me next time, so that’s  good I guess?” Jungkook groans, “Tae, she’s hot. Like really, really hot.” 
As the next couple of weeks progress, Jungkook thinks that he’s never going to see you again. Purposely, he’s been going to group hangouts just on the off chance you come to one of them. The members notice this right away, teasing him out of a confession. Admittedly, the confession still doesn't stop the teasing. Jimin and Tae act as Kook’s wing men from then on, both slightly shocked that his liking to you wasn’t just a one time thing. When Jungkook mumbled, I think I kinda maybe like Y/N, Jimin and Tae shared a glance that could have conveyed 1000 words.  
To save him the embarrassment, the two of them take turns going to group events just on the off chance that you show. Jokingly, they made a 3 way pinky promise to text the group chat the second they catch sight of you. The group chat, consisting of the three of them, is called Mission Y/N : Kook’s Man Eater. (Jungkook’s complaints were met by deaf ears, and he was outvoted 2 to 1.) It’s a random Saturday night when the group chat is pinged (Jungkook even turned on notifications), the message “Hottie spotted, Yoongi, Joon, her and me at karaoke bar” from Jimin on his screen. 
Jungkook gets ready like a madman, doing his absolute best to put on an attractive outfit. This includes his signature chunky boots matches with various accessories. Before even replying to the group chat, Jungkook is running out of his house. Jungkook shows up relatively unannounced, shocking everyone slightly as he steps into the room. Jimin is the least surprised, Yoongi the most as he shouts “When did you show up?!” over the music. The commotion causes you to look over, honestly slightly surprised to see him too. Looking at Joon, he just shrugs it off, continuing to belt into a microphone. 
Everyone settles down, all taking their respective seats. Jungkook sits in between Joon and Jimin, you on the other side of Joon, and then Yoongi on your other side. Jungkook can’t even convey how badly he wants to switch places with Joon, but he doesn’t mention it. It’s not until Yoongi and Joon stand up, declaring “We ordered more drinks, but we’re gonna go help the staff grab them. We ordered a lot,” that Jungkook has a chance to interact with you. Seeing the obvious opportunity, Jimin delivers a slap to Jungkook’s back before following the two of them out, mumbling a small “I’ll help!” 
“Thought Joon said you weren’t gonna come?” You laugh, taking the chance to slide closer to Jungkook. He’s cute when he’s flustered, doing his best to maintain his composure and come up with answers that make sense. He looks good underneath the flashing lights, his piercings and jewelry sparkling whenever the light catches them. “You look good tonight, bun.”
The pet name immediately shoots to his core, a small hum falling past his lips. “Couldn’t miss you being here.” he smiles, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you closer to his body. 
“Think your luck is better today?” You smile, kissing his jaw. 
“I really want it to be.” Jungkook mumbles, almost sounding like a whine. 
“Surely not in the karaoke room?” You smile, leaning up to place a kiss onto his lips. His eyes are slightly hooded, taking and relishing in whatever touch you give him. He’s extremely sensitive as you slip your hand underneath the slightly unbuttoned shirt, gently pinching a nipple. His chest pushes forward against your hand, seeking more touch. “How’d you deal last time, find someone to sleep with besides me?” You tease, allowing your hand to fall to his lap. “Are you always this easy to rile up or do you just really like me?” You smile, gently grinding the palm of your hand into him. 
Jungkook let’s out a small moan, allowing his head to fall into the crook of your neck to muffle himself. “No, just really like you.” He admits, face flushing a bright red. Before you have another chance to tease him, he speaks up, “Let me take you on a date, please.”
“A date?” you smile, grinding your palm with a bit more pressure. “I thought you just wanted to fuck?” You laugh, watching as Jungkook pulls his face back slightly, heavy eyes staring at you as if his life depends on it. 
“Please, I wanna take you out. Anywhere you want, anytime.” He mumbles, leaning forward. Your lips easily connect, Jungkook is eager to taste you. 
Pulling back, you’re met with puppy eyes that search for any sign of wrongdoing. Quickly reassuring him, you pull your phone out. “I guess it could be fun, I don't know about anytime though, Mr. idol.” He doesn't respond to the tease immediately, focused on inputting his number into your phone. Looking at the name, you giggle slightly. It reads Jungkook (Namjoon’s group member.) “Oh Kook,” You laugh, changing it to “kook” with a bunny emoji next to it. You also send him a quick text so he has your number. 
“Also for you, anytime.” Your lips meet again before you can even fully register it, Jungkook easily uses his strength to hoist you onto his lap. Jungkook’s hands are immediately resting on your ass, kneading the flesh underneath his palms as much as he can given your outfit. Your hands tangle in his hair once again, pulling and tugging on his soft locks. Each tug makes him release a small groan, encouraging you to continue doing it. 
“What if we walk in and they’re butt ass naked-” that’s definitely Jimin
“They won't be, shut up.” then Yoongi
“Ew, don’t talk about my friend like that.” and lastly, poor Namjoon. 
The two of you almost shove each other away, you’re adjusting your clothes and Jungkook furiously tries to finger brush his hair out. You could honestly laugh if the other guys weren’t currently walking into the room. “Ugh, finally!” you complain, getting up and grabbing a cocktail off of Namjoon’s tray. “You guys couldn’t have taken longer even if you tried.” You laugh, resuming your spot on the sofa. Namjoon and Yoongi are immediately arguing with you, making you laugh. 
Jimin is eyeing Jungkook, trying to figure out if the two of you just sat in silence the entire time. If you did, Jimin would honestly feel bad for the two of you. After setting down the tray and taking his seat next to Kook, he can see his lips better underneath the dim lighting. His lower lip is slightly swollen and red, causing Jimin to plaster on his shit eating grin. Jimin makes a mental note to text the group chat later. 
With more drinks, everyone gets more comfortable and bubbly. You and Yoongi are singing and dancing with each other, jokingly holding hands as you swing your arms. Namjoon is dancing in his seat, and Jimin and Kook are swaying side to side as they drink. As the song winds down to its end, you grab one of the microphones before thrusting it to the general direction of Jungkook and Jimin. “You guys haven't sung at all, come on. Woo us over, boys.” You laugh, making Joon smile as Jimin tentatively takes the microphone. Jimin and Kook share a look of confusion, slowly getting up. 
“Yeah boys, let's go.” Yoongi giggles, the alcohol finally catching up to him. You laugh as Yoongi leans forward, slapping Jungkook's ass before he has a chance to avoid the strike. Jimin immediately notices, moving far enough away to avoid an impending slap. 
You, Namjoon, and Yoongi watch as the two of them pick a slow song, beginning to dance and sway to the music. You laugh as Jimin quickly turns it into a tease, gesturing to Yoongi before slowly dragging his hand along his face. Namjoon is next, Jungkook strutting over before grabbing a handful of his hair. The look on Namjoon's face makes you burst out laughing, Jungkook failing to keep his composure as he also cracks up. 
You’re well aware that it's your turn next, Jimin releasing Yoongi’s face and slowly making his way over to you. Jungkook realizes, moving to Yoongi in the meantime. The laugh you let out is atrocious, Jimin spinning around so his back is facing you. Slowly, he sat down onto your lap before reaching around and grabbing one of your hands. With a giant smirk, he places it onto his ass. “I can touch?!” You laugh over the music, lightly slapping the skin underneath your palm. The slap makes Jimin giggle before crawling up, now making his way over to Namjoon. 
Jungkook is making his way over before you even have a chance to recover, a giant smile spread across his face. He easily straddles your lap, knees on either side of the sofa as he sits down onto your lap. Yoongi lets out  a loud whoop that makes you laugh, Jungkook smiling so hard that the corners of his eyes are crinkling slightly. One hand holds the karaoke microphone to his lips, the other snaking around to grab a fistful of your hair. “Oh?” you ask, laughing slightly. He tugs on your hair slightly, making you peer up to him. Your hands rest on his thighs, squeezing them slightly. Slowly leaning in, you think he’s going to kiss you before he abruptly pulls away, a tease through and through. 
Him and Jimin make their way back to the microphone stands, finishing up the song. You and Yoongi let out loud whoops and cheers, Namjoon slightly shocked as he sits there and slowly claps his hands. You can’t help but laugh, reaching over to smooth out his hair that is still disheveled from Jungkook. The night basically ends from there, no one wanting to go up because “There’s no beating that performance.” Instead, the group finished up the drinks that were ordered while talking over soft music playing in the background. You learn a lot more about Yoongi than you previously knew, swearing up and down that his life experiences were the most interesting thing you've ever heard. (It may have been the alcohol talking, honestly.) 
While you’re busy talking to Yoongi, Jimin takes the opportunity to whisper to Jungkook. “What’d you two do when we left?” Jimin whispers, pulling Jungkook's head closer to him. “Don't tell me that you just sat here in silence the entire time!”
“No, give me some credit, jeez!” Jungkook whispers back, rolling his eyes slightly. “I got her number and asked if I could take her out on a date. I think it worked because she said that she’d let me.”
“That's it?! No making out, no grinding, nothing?!” Jimin asked, mouth slightly open.
“That’s an invasion of privacy.” He whispers, making Jimin's jaw fall open even more. Since when?? “Listen, I just don’t wanna tell her business too.”
Jimin still stares in disbelief at Jungkook, “I’m telling Taehyung.” He says before whipping his phone out of his back pocket. This statement makes Jungkook laugh, shrugging Jimin's vague threat off before joining in on the group's conversation. It’s somehow trailed off into college stories, you and Namjoon laughing and jokingly slapping each other. 
Once again, Namjoon opens his mouth just a bit too much and spills your sex life without even realizing. “Y/N was a complete bombshell in college, smoking hot, had boys wrapped around the block for her. Every single one was denied, apparently too fake daddy doms and unsatisfactory-”
You slap your hand over his mouth before he can even continue his words, a loud slap smack filling the room. You wouldn’t be surprised if you accidentally gave him a fat lip, but at that point it was little concern to you. “Namjoon doesn’t know what he's talking about.” You mumble through gritted teeth, still pressing your hand against his mouth. “You know how he gets when he’s tipsy.” You laugh, trying to lighten the situation. Jimin, Jungkook, and Yoongi all just stare at the two of you, Namjoon beginning to writher as you press his head back into the sofa. “Namjoon, I could kill you right now. I mean it.”
This makes Yoongi laugh, shrugging off the awkward situation. “Eh, understandable though. No one likes an annoying guy in bed, especially me.” This turns all of the attention from you to Yoongi, who realizes what he said as he’s met with slightly wide eyes. “I mean, theoretically. Anyway, I'm going to get going.” Yoongi mumbles, getting up out of his seat and collecting his belongings. 
“It’s okay, Yoongi. No one’s judging here.” You smile, giving him a thumbs up in an attempt to reassure him. “Get home safe, call a cab or something.”
“Oh, for sure.” Yoongi smiles, throwing back whatever was left in his cup before setting it back down. The gesture makes you laugh before standing up, giving him a small hug before he leaves. The others follow, bidding him a goodnight with a chorus of Get home safe! Don’t throw up in the car! 
The four of you stay, leisurely finishing your drinks as the night winds down. The horror that flashes across your face is undeniable, Yoongi sending you a video attachment. Without even clicking play, you can tell it’s your lap dances from dumb and dumber just from the thumbnail. Quickly, you push it out of your mind before anyone realizes. 
In the karaoke room, Namjoon is almost falling asleep, head resting on your shoulder as he fights his eyelids to stay open. It makes you smile, gently reaching over to pat his head, “Joonie, you should probably get going. If you want, I'll come with you to make sure you get in safely.” You smile, imagining Namjoon passed out in the back of the cab. Before he has a chance to reply, Jimin is jumping up out of his seat and hoisting him up.
“Uh, we live in the same building anyway. So, uh, yeah it just makes sense for us to go home together. Plus, that way we don’t have to call two cabs…”
“...Right.” You don’t buy it, but you still get up to hug them goodbye, wishing them a safe trip. Once again, you and Jungkook are left in that godforsaken karaoke room. “So Jimin’s what, your wing man?” You smile, jokingly punching his arm. You find yourself sliding closer to him once more, easily wrapped under his arm. 
“No, he just thinks he is.” Jungkook shrugs, a gentle smile on his face. “Let me drive you home.” 
“You drank-”
“Like one, and that was earlier.” He defends himself, pulling you closer to him. Your lips easily slot together, and it feels like you can't stay away from each other even if you tried. It's a much softer kiss than earlier, lips slowly sliding across each other. Your hand rests on his lower abdomen as the other wraps around his back, hugging him slightly. “Plus, if I don't drive home I'll have to come pick up my car tomorrow morning.”
“You interrupted our kiss to say that, really?” You tease, pulling yourself away from him. “Okay Kook, get up and walk in a straight line.” With a loud groan, he gets up and walks from one side of the room to the other, placing the heel of one foot onto his toe. After he makes it across (decent at best), you get up and begin to collect your stuff. Jungkook secretly celebrates behind you. “You’re lucky I’m not a cop, I'd arrest you.” You joke. 
You and Kook walk out with your arms linked, you embarrassing stumbling more than Jungkook. The car he leads you to almost stops you in your tracks, glancing up at him to see if he was joking. “Well, here we are.” He smiles, opening the passenger door for you and waiting for you to climb in. 
“You’re joking? A Benz, Kook?'' It's a beautiful car, wrapped in a sleek black wrap that makes it look even more appealing. You almost don’t want to get into it, the interior looking just as appealing as the exterior. “You couldn't drive some busted up Honda?” You whine, slowly climbing in and trying to make sure you don't knock anything with your shoes. Patting your pockets to ensure you have everything, Jungkook makes his way over to the driver seat. 
“What, you don’t like it?” Jungkook laughs, starting the car. 
“I forget you’re rich.” You laugh. The two of you sit in the car for maybe 3 minutes, you finally glance over to Jungkook. It finally hits you that he doesn’t know where to drive, but you’re also confused why he wouldn’t just ask for your address. You laugh, telling him and watching him type it in. “You’ve gotta be kidding me.” You laugh as the map comes up onto the screen, directing him where to drive. “I hate rich people.”
Jungkook just laughs as he begins driving, extremely carefully you notice. You decide not to tease him about it, thinking it’s sweet. It’s not until you get to your apartment complex that one of you speaks up, in this case Jungkook. “Let me walk you up.”
“I’d like that.” You smile, nodding. Just as carefully as you climbed in, you climb back out. “Don’t make fun of my housing situation though, I'll rip your dick off.” You threaten, linking arms with Jungkook as you walk in. 
“I’d never.” He laughs, letting you lead the way. You’re at your door before you know it, unlocking the two locks and stepping in halfway. 
“I’d invite you in, but I'm afraid you’d like that too much.” You smirk, watching his reaction. “Text me when you get home safe, Kook. Goodnight.” You smile, leaning forward and placing a kiss onto his cheek. Before he can respond, you’re darting back into the safety of your apartment before he has the chance to see you blush. Just as he was told, he texts you less than 30 minutes later with a cute, 
Made it home, good night :)
There’s a picture attachment, and for a second you think that it’s going to be some sort of nude. To your surprise (delight), it’s a picture of him and his dog laying down. You reply with a small, cuteeee, before allowing yourself to fall asleep. 
On Jungkook's end, Jimin and Taehyung are blowing up the group chat. Jimin’s outraged with Kook's sudden secret-ness, and Taehyung is more confused than anything. There's at least 5 text messages of What happened tonight? What? What do you mean he won't spill the details?? Turning off his notifications (he has your number now), Jungkook rolls over before falling asleep. 
The next morning Jungkook is sitting up out of bed, slightly confused, but quickly determining that it was a good night. In fact, he even pats himself on the back a little just as a personal pick me up. While he thinks it went well, he can’t exactly remember all of the details. He's flying to the group chat before another minute passes by. 
What happened last night?
We don’t know, dipshit. You won’t tell us anything.
Oh, right. That definitely was a conversation Jimin and him had last night at the karaoke bar. In his messages, he sees a random number without a saved name. Examining it, it doesn’t ring any bells before he’s clicking onto the chat. Oh yeah, that also happened. Jungkook thought he wasn’t drunk last night, maybe he got more intoxicated as his alcohol digested, whichever one it is doesn’t matter as he sits there trying to put together the puzzle pieces. 
On your end, you’re doing arguably better as you crawl out of bed and get ready for work. You have an early Sunday morning shift, thanking the heavens as it’s usually pretty dead. You’ve managed to get ready, make yourself coffee in a To Go cup, and remember last night's festivities all before the ripe time of 8 am. It’s almost a new personal record for you, walking out of your apartment door with a little more pep in your step than usual. 
It's about an hour into your shift when the front door rings, signaling a customer has entered. “Hello, welcome to Mochas. What can I get started for -“ Looking up from the display case you were currently stocking, it’s Jungkook. “What are you doing here?!” 
He seems just as confused to see you, glancing around the quiet café. “I just wanted a coffee! I didn't know you worked here! Why didn’t you tell me?!” 
“You’ve never asked!” At the small commotion, a few customers glance over at the two of you. Embarrassed, you push the bickering aside and move to the register, ready to take his order. “Whaddya want?” 
“Wow, customer service is 1/10. Bad yelp reviews all around.” Jungkook fakes in front of you, pretending to have his feelings hurt. It makes you giggle a little, which makes him smile. “A caramel iced coffee please, and whatever baked good you think tastes the best.” He winks, pulling out his card.
Handing it over to you, you grunt as it hits your hand, the stupid black card both heavy and cold as it’s some type of metal. “I hate rich people.” You grumble some more, making Jungkook laugh in front of you. You grab his baked good first, placing it into a small bag before extending it out to him. 
“Oh, you can keep it.” He smirks, doing his best to send you a wink. Truthfully, it does make your heart beat a little faster but he doesn’t need to know that. 
“I- Thanks Kook. But you’ve got to try it, it’s my favorite one.” You smile, trying to regain some sort of composure. Reaching into the bag, you pull off a corner before offering it to him. While you should’ve seen it coming, you didn’t expect it so early in the morning. He leans forward, taking the piece with his mouth and doing a very thorough lick of your fingers that held it. “Kook- don’t.” You vaguely threaten, watching him wiggle his brows at you. “Your order will be ready shortly.” 
While making his drink, you threaten multiple times to stick your fingers or spit in the cup. While you don’t think he’d care (obviously), it’s a threat nonetheless. For the sake of your job, you don’t really. “Thank you so much, pretty girl.” Jungkook smiles as he takes the drink from you, “I’ll see you soon, let me know when you’re ready for our date!” He grins before leaving, one of his signature Kook grins that reaches all the way up to the corner of his eyes. 
Right, the date that he’d let you pick the time. Texting Namjoon, you ask for their work schedule. While you’d like to test his promise of “For you, anytime.” You’d feel too guilty if you were making him miss something regarding his career. Namjoon surprisingly sends it right away, questioning your motives. Not having the time currently, you tell him you’ll explain the situation later. While you tell Namjoon a lot of it (you spare him some details about his youngest), you haven’t had the time to tell him about last night. 
The rest of work is uneventful, a few people coming in every now and then. As your shift begins to end, you gladly pass your responsibilities to the next shift leader. It's only 1pm when you get off, finally excited to have a day that’s not completely wasted by work. This also gives you time to actually look over the group's work schedule, seeing that both today and Wednesday were open. Today feels too soon to see him again, and you think you’d lose your mind with how fast everything is progressing. Re-watching the dreaded video Yoongi sent you was almost whiplash, the giant smiles on both yours and Kook’s face were enough to make you red in the ears. 
Pulling out your phone, you shoot him a quick text. 
Wednesday at 7 sounds good? I’ll let you pick the place. :)
He texts back surprisingly fast (in hindsight, duh. It’s his day off)
Wednesday at 7 works perfectly, it’ll be a surprise. Dress fancy. 
You think it’s too soon to say you hate rich people again, so you leave the texts at that and carry on with your day. Jungkook, on the other hand, is shitting himself. He really wished you would've just picked the place, because now he’s scrambling. The next text he sends out is embarrassing, and he almost has half a mind to rethink sending it on the off chance you see it. (You would tease him, for sure.)
Namjoon, please you gotta help me.
The next three days fly by in a blur, and you’re secretly cursing your past self for deciding on making the date Wednesday. You open at work, and get off at noon. So while you at least have time after you get off, without a nap, you’ll be dead the entire date. Jungkook sends you an endearing text the morning of, a sweet 
I’ll pick you up later :), 
on your phone screen making you smile. 
I’m at work :(( 
You text back, expecting nothing to come from it. 
What? You picked the day, dummy. I’ll swing by.
You could tell him don't bother, but you secretly want to see him. The bell rings continuously for the next 30 minutes, making you excited each time. After maybe the 20th ring, you don’t even glance up anymore. “What, no greeting? Wooowwww, customer service has gone down even more.” He complains, jokingly slamming his hands down onto the register counter. 
“Took so long, I didn't think you were gonna actually show up.” You smile, looking up at him. He looks just as pretty as always, a soft smile on his face. 
“You think that a lot.”
“Shut up, so what can I get for you?” You smile, preparing to type into the iPad register. 
“Hmmmm, I don't know. How about you explain the entire menu to me?” He jokes, leaning down onto his hands. It’s an excuse just to hear you talk to him, and you can tell as he peers up to you. “Well, go on.”
“Is that a caramel iced coffee I hear?” You jokingly put a hand around your ear before typing it into the system. “And what sweet treat would you like today?”
“Hmm, is that my favorite baked good of all time? Got itttt.” You giggle, also typing it in again. As you are finishing up, you can hear footsteps coming from the back. “My managers coming, if you still wanna talk you better act really pretentious.” You laugh, watching as Jungkook straightens up his posture. 
“Ask if we have any gluten free stuff, I don't know.” You say, this makes him laugh. Just as you expected, the shift manager comes out from the back to make sure everything is running smoothly. She obviously listens to your conversation with the customers, making sure there’s no issues to resolve. 
“Do you have any gluten free items?”
“Yes sir, we have brownies and cook-”
“And vegan? I can’t eat any animal products, against my moral beliefs.”
“Yes, we only have one which is an oatmeal-”
“Is that also sugar free?” 
The third question almost makes you laugh, physically having to stop yourself from giggling. The manager quickly understands the situation and almost books it away, which makes the situation even more funny. As the door closes behind her, you finally crack up. Jungkook is in the same boat, softly clapping his hands together as he giggles as quietly as possible. 
“That was good, that was good.” You laugh, finally reaching into the case to pull out your favorite. You split it in half this time, handing him the half. 
“What about my drink?”
“I’ll use my employee discount, I get free drinks usually. Unless they're, like, really expensive, but it’s just an iced coffee so it should be fine.” You smile, beginning to make his drink. You can almost feel his eyes boring into your back as you make it, watching every move. “It’s rude to stare, ya know. I’m not gonna poison you.” You giggle, finishing it up before handing it over. His fingers brush against yours as he takes it, making you smile. 
“I like watching you in your element, it’s nice. I’d blow up the barista station.” He easily makes you laugh again. “You should come watch us one time, in the studio or on dance practice days? Or maybe a concert?”
“I think Tae and Jimin would giggle at us too much.” You smile, pointing out his little wingmen that are painfully obvious. 
“No, no they wouldn’t. I’d beat them up for you.” Jungkook jokes, beginning to flex his muscles in the middle of your humble coffee shop. 
“Alright, alright. That’s enough.” You slap his arm away from your face (he made sure to lean in as he flexed,) laughing slightly. He’s smiling just as much, making your stomach feel slightly fuzzy. “You know Jimin and Tae would tease us the entire time. Anyway, what should I wear tonight? What’s the dress code?”
“Fancy dress?” Jungkook shrugs.
“Heels or no heels?”
“Red or black?”
“Red, definitely. It’ll match your complexion.”
“Jewelry or no jewelry?”
“If you want, yes. What do I want? Yes.”
“Alright, got it.” You smile, giving him a thumbs up. “You should probably get going so I can get back to work.”
“Nooo, I could sit here and watch you make coffee all day.” Kook whines, leaning over and jokingly placing his face against the glass display case. 
“Heyyy,” You push his face off, revealing a Kook-stamp as you called it. It’s the faint imprint of his cheek left on the glass. “You’re making more work for me.” You faintly scold before wiping the marks off with a rag. 
“Aren’t you going to be too tired for our date? If you fall asleep I won’t carry you.” He most definitely would. “You’ll be left in the passenger seat.”
“I’ll take a nap, dad.” You mock, jokingly rolling your eyes. “Shoo, shoo.” You smile, fanning your hands at him to get him away from the pick up counter. “I’ll see you later tonight.”
“I’ll pick you up!” He smiles, the bell above the door signaling his departure. He waves at you the entire time he walks past the windows, making you smile slightly. 
Hours fly by like minutes, and the I’m here! text that Jungkook sends you makes your heart stutter a bit in your chest. Slipping on your shoes for the night, a pair of pretty tan heels, you’re grabbing your keys before swinging the door open and stepping out. Your motion is stopped immediately, slamming into something that almost feels like running into a solid wall. With a small yelp, you jump away from whatever it was.
IT, being Jungkook. “I thought you were downstairs!” Your heart is beating unbelievably hard, making you clutch your chest as you try to calm down. “You scared me!”
“What kind of date is it if I just wait downstairs, we're not 16!” He counters, making you laugh. After your initial fright, you’re able to actually appreciate him coming up to your door to walk down with you. He’s holding a pretty red bouquet, making you smile harder than you think you’ve ever. (The poor flowers did get sandwiched between the two of you, but they’re still in good condition.) “These are for you.” He smiles, handing them over. 
“They’re pretty, Kook. Thank you so much. Come in, I'll put them in water really quick.” Jungkook follows you into your apartment, silently taking in all the furniture and decorations. It’s not exactly what he’s used to, but he almost prefers this to his own house. It’s a lot smaller and has a cozy feel to it, and he thinks that it matches you perfectly. “Hey, no judging, remember?” You threaten, making him laugh as he leans against the counter. 
“I’d neverrr, plus it’s cute in here. I like it.” Jungkook compliments, watching as you find a flower vase and follow the directions on the packet. “You look gorgeous, Y/N.” 
Glancing up from your flowers, you catch his eyes and can basically see the want behind them. 1) Inviting him in was clearly a bad idea. 2) Goddamn it he looks good. “Kook, it’s too early to be giving me those eyes, we haven’t even left.” You tease, “You gotta stop looking at me like that.” This makes him laugh as he straightens up, adjusting his casual (but still formal) suit. It almost feels like the two of you were going to a school dance together. 
“Fine, fine. I’ll be on my best behavior.”
“Yeah, I'm sure you will.” Sarcasm drips from your words, making both you and Jungkook giggle. You can already tell he won’t, but you suppose that’s part of the fun. “So where are we heading to?” You smile, placing the flowers in the middle of the small kitchen island as you finish with them. You grab your bag off the table and begin to make your way out, Jungkook following you. 
“It’s a surprise.” Kook smiles, grabbing your hand as you walk to the elevator. This makes you smile, the two of you walking to his car in silence. “M’lady…” He opens the passenger side door for you, making you giggle. You watch as he drives to the restaurant, trying your best to figure out where the two of you were going. 
“Kook…” you mumble as he parks, a small smile on your face. It's the restaurant Namjoon first took you to when he “got big and famous,” insisting on paying for your expensive meal. There's a small flower garden in the back that guests can go to, but usually it’s empty. “You talked to Namjoon, didn’t you?” You ask, making yourself laugh as he has a sheepish look on his face. “It's perfect.” You reassure him, rubbing his arm. 
“Let’s go.” Jungkook smiles, climbing out of the car and coming to the passenger side. He insists on helping you out, which you smile at. 
“I've never seen you act so gentlemanly.” You tease, taking his arm as the two of you walk into the restaurant. 
“Hey, you haven’t even known me that long.” He defends himself, making you laugh. 
“Yeah, and the past two encounters we’ve had are you trying to get into my pants.” This makes the both of you laugh, Jungkook's smile never quite fading from his face. He gives his name for the reservation, the host smiling as she walks the two of you to a table. 
“You two make a lovely couple-“ 
“Oh we’re not-“ Kook has his hands up as he interjects the host. 
“Thank you.” you smile, cutting Jungkook off. The host smiles softly as she leaves. 
“We’re a couple?” 
“I mean we’re on a date, right?” 
“Oh?” Jungkook raises a brow and has his signature smirk plastered on his face. 
“Ugh, forget it you freak.” You laugh, opening the menu. It's not long before a server comes by, offering to get you started on drinks and explaining some specials they had for alcohol. The two of you agree on a wine to share, ordering waters on the side. While the server is there, you go ahead and put in your meals as you already know what you both want. “So, tell me about yourself, Kook.”
“What do ya wanna know?” Kook smiles, leaning forward slightly as he becomes more engaged in the conversation. He looks cute, it makes you smile slightly. 
“I don't know, I'm sitting across from thee Jungkook of BTS. Some people would kill to be here listening to you talk about yourself.” You tease, leaning forward onto the palm of your hand. You stretch your feet out, linking them with Jungkook’s underneath the table. “Why’d you wanna join BTS?” You ask, shrugging as you start. 
“Damn, okay.” Jungkook laughs. “I was expecting you to ask my favorite color or something.” That makes you laugh, but you don’t say anything as you let him continue talking. “Ever since I was little I knew I liked music. I like singing the most, dancing was iffy at first. And when I tried out, I had so many different companies that gave me offers. I was so young, so it was really overwhelming, you know? When I came to see Big Hit when I was trying to figure out where I was going to go, I met Namjoon. And meeting him and talking to him was kinda the final nail in the coffin.”
“What do you mean dancing was iffy at first, you’re a fuckin amazing dancer, Kook.” You compliment, eyes slightly wide as you’re a bit shocked. 
It makes Jungkook giggle, “When I was younger, I was like a robot. I knew the dances and did them well, but it was just doing the moves. I wasn’t really into them.” He gestures, mocking the robot dance for a split second. 
“I see, I see.”
“What about you? How’d you meet Namjoon?” Kook asks, reaching across the table as he grabs the hand not holding your head up. Absent-mindedly, he plays with your fingers. 
“I think it was freshman year of college, god I've known Joon for so long.” You laugh. “I was walking to my morning lecture and this kid comes up behind me, stomps on the back of my shoe, and knocks it completely off. I was carrying all of my books, laptop and a coffee too so I just stopped, turned around, and stared at him.” You laugh. “He felt so bad, panicked and picked up my shoe, and then got on one knee and put it back onto my foot for me.” The story makes you laugh, Jungkook chuckling softly with you. 
“That sounds like a Namjoon story.”
“And after he put my shoe back on, we just walked side by side to our morning lecture because we had the same class.” You smile, “Eventually we started talking more after that, and once we were able to live off campus he proposed we split the rent. I suppose he’s saved my ass from the landlord breaking down our front door for rent a couple of times, so it’s even.”
“You went to school with Namjoon, yeah? What did you get your degree in?”
“I got a couple, but mainly journalism, advertising, writing stuff. Kinda boring.” You giggle. “I get to sit at home now and edit articles all day for work, so I love my degree.”
“Wait, but you work at a coffee shop?”
“Hey, sitting at home and editing stories gets boring after a while.” You defend. 
“Namjoon told me you were super smart back in college and that’s why the two of you got along so much.” Jungkook smiles. 
“We got along because I'd fix everything he broke in an accident.” You laugh. “What do you do at work, besides singing and dancing around?” 
“Eh, sponsors want us to take pictures with their stuff. We record videos for our army, demo songs, sometimes record bigger things like bon voyage packages.” Jungkook shrugs. “It’s a lot but it’s not really a big deal-”
You scoff at this, shaking your head. “So humble, Kook.” You smile, playing back with his fingers. “You guys are so famous now, it’s crazy. I can’t even walk around the city without seeing Joon's face somewhere.”
Jungkook nods, “Yeah, we are pretty popular. It’s crazy, you know, we just wanted to make music.” 
You nod, following along. “I feel like a proud mom sometimes, seeing you guys do so well. Watching you guys grow up and grow with Joon, it’s like surreal.” Your food comes soon after that, the conversation being cut for now. “Remind me to ask you about the whole Tae, Kook, Jimin group that is going on too.”
Poor Jungkook chokes on his food as the two of you begin eating. The conversation is very minimal over dinner, the two of you eating the food that was brought out. At the end, Jungkook pays the bill before you even have the chance to pull up your bag, making you complain. “What date is it if the guy doesn’t pay?” He counters. 
“I’m telling the news outlets you're misogynist.” That makes him let out a hearty laugh, not quite expecting you to say that. “Can we walk in the garden!?”
“Of course,” Jungkook smiles, getting up from the table and offering you an arm. Jungkook must've caught the attention of people in the restaurant, people staring at the two of you. 
“...Maybe we shouldn't.” You mumble, catching the eyes of a few tables. “Let’s just go outside, yeah?” Jungkook's slightly confused (oblivious to the eyes boring into him) and leads the way to the garden. The two of you stroll through the garden, arms bumping into one another every now and then. “Jungkook, I don’t want to alarm you, but there’s someone in the bushes.”
“What?” Jungkook is about to whip around to look when you stop him. 
“They have a camera, they’re taking pictures of us…together.” You mumble. 
“Fuck…okay here’s the plan.” Jungkook mumbles, already having a feeling this would happen. “I can get to my car through the back exit here. I’ll go get my car and meet you in the front of the restaurant to pick you up.”
“Kook, what about your reputation.” The both of you continue to stroll through the garden and whisper to each other. 
“I’ll have my company say it was for a business deal, and nothing more. That way no one will try to find out who you are either.” Jungkook nods to himself. “I’m gonna go now, and I think he’ll follow me. Goodbye.” Jungkook mumbles, stepping slightly in front of you to bow. You repeat the action, bowing twice before turning to follow the plan through. Jungkook was right, the man following Kook deeper into the garden. 
Truthfully, it makes you extremely nervous for him, but you follow the plan out. You’re standing in front of the restaurant when Jungkook's Mercedes comes by, picking you up. “Kook, I hated every second of that.” You mumble. 
“I’m sorry, I thought no one would be able to get into the garden.”
“Did he follow you all the way to your car??” You ask, heart rate spiking. 
“Huh? Oh, no. He followed me until I went to the parking garage and then he left.” You nod, thanking whatever made him go away. “...I’ll take you back home.”
“Hey, it’s okay. It’s not your fault.” You smile, reaching over and taking a hand in yours. You rub your thumb into his hand, offering him a soft smile. Jungkook nods, smiling back to you. “Do you guys have to deal with that a lot?”
“Yeah, airports are a nightmare.” Jungkook smiles, “It’s definitely a negative to the life of a super star.” He says it jokingly, but you can tell it does bother him to some extent. 
“Okay, now you can tell me about the Taehyung, Jungkook, Jimin group that’s been going on recently.” You laugh. 
“God damn it, I was hoping you’d forget.” Jungkook sighs, smiling slightly. “When they found out that i was going to ask you out on a date, they wanted to help me. I don’t know exactly how much they really helped, but they swore they were so, I just let them.”
“Ohhh, so that’s how you knew I was at karaoke.” The look on Jungkook's face is priceless, a mix of embarrassment and cheeky. It makes your chest warm up, a fond feeling. “Alright I'll let the trio thing go for now. So what happens when they post those pictures?”
Jungkook lets out a small sigh, “I’ll let my company know beforehand, probably tomorrow, about what happened just to give them a heads up. They’ll probably wait until the pictures come out, deny any rumors or dating allegations, say it was for some fake business plan, and then threaten legal action.” Jungkook laughs at the legal action part. 
“Yeah, I totally look like a business woman.” You laugh, watching as Jungkook parks at your apartment building. Jungkook’s clearly ready to walk you up to your door, unbuckling and collecting whatever he’d need. There’s a small smirk on your face as you link an arm with him, walking inside. “I had a lot of fun, kook. Besides everyone staring at us in the restaurant and-”
“There were people staring at us in the restaurant?”
“Yes, Jungkook of BTS, people were staring.” You say sarcastically, eventually cracking and laughing slightly. “For some reason, when I was getting ready it never dawned on me that you guys are famous and people would obviously stare. I guess because I’ve known Joon and you guys for so long, that it’s just normal for me.”
The two of you guys are at the door of your apartment before you even realize, Jungkook stopping. He’s getting ready to say goodbye, fidgeting slightly with his fingers. “Do you wanna come in?” You smirk, watching his face light up. The two of you already know what’s going to happen, a cheeky look coming over his face. 
The two of you walk in, Jungkook making a show of dropping his jacket off with a sigh. You almost giggle as you watch him walk over to the couch, plopping down. His arms are resting on the back of the couch, head also thrown back. His legs are spread wide as he leans back. “You know, I really do like your apartment décor.” Jungkook compliments. 
“Your eyes are closed, you can’t even see it.” You smile, watching as he slowly peels his eyes open. You’re focused on the buckle of your heels, eventually getting them undone and allowing them to hit the floor. 
“It was a general observation.” He comments, making you laugh. He closes his eyes again. 
“You definitely look comfortable over here, Kook.” You giggle, swinging a leg over and resting onto his lap. Your long dress bunches up around your thighs and hips, leaving you almost bare besides your panties as you seat yourself. 
“Y/n?” He tries to sound cocky, but the look on his face was is anything but, he looks needy, whiny. 
“Hm, bun?” You smile, beginning to slightly tug and play with his hair. You’re truly not in any rush to move on, enjoying the small reactions you pull from him. Eventually his arms move, hands how resting on your waist as he pulls you closer to him. “I like you like this, all needy.” 
You place a small kiss on his lips, pulling back to watch the small whine it pulls from him. “You’re not wearing shorts under this, are you?” Kook mumbles, slightly sliding his fingertips underneath the edge of the dress. Both hands rest on your thighs, squeezing and rubbing the skin underneath his palms. 
“Nope.” You smile, allowing more weight to sit against him. Sitting fully down, you’re able to feel the hard-on underneath you. 
“Fuck me.” Jungkook whimpers, making you smile. 
“I don’t have any condoms, next time.” The promise makes him whine even more, hips shifting underneath you. He pulls you down even more, grinding against you slightly. The small whines and friction shoots straight to your core, making you clench around nothing. 
“Kiss me, please Y/n.” He whines, immediately giving him what he wants. Your lips easily connect, sliding against each other as if they were molded for one another. Jungkook's lips are soft against yours, a whine coming from you. Pulling away, the both of you have to catch your breath. 
“I wish I could mark you up, so bad.” You mumble, a hand coming to down to grab his jaw. You move his head to the side, placing a small kiss onto his jaw. Moving down slightly, you continue to place kisses onto his neck. “Wish so badly I could claim you as mine.” You mumble against his neck. Placing another kiss, you leave a light red mark this time. You continue to leave light marks, a triumphant feeling in your chest. 
“Can I take a picture of you bun?” 
“Can I take a picture of my marks?” You smile, “They’ll go away by the morning, they’re light.” Jungkook nods, watching as you fish for your phone that’s somewhere on the couch. You eventually find it, snapping a picture. The picture is arguably the hottest thing you’ve ever taken. His face is still cupped in your hand, slight indents in his cheeks from your fingertips. The marks are dark, but just light enough to be gone by morning. His eyebrows are slightly scrunched together, making the photo even more attractive. “Fuck, Kook.”
Your lips quickly find each other again, hands grabbing and holding each other everywhere possible. Jungkook’s hands continue to slip further underneath your dress, fingertips running along the straps of your thong before finally resting on your ass. He uses his hold to move your hips, the two of you slowly grinding against each other. Jungkook moans and whimpers into your mouth, making your mind even more fuzzy. 
“Kook, I wanna suck your cock.” You mumble against his lips, nibbling slightly on his bottom lip. His eyes shoot open, hips hips snapping up against you at the proposition. 
“No pushing my head or I'll tie you up.” You threaten, Jungkook moaning slightly as you climb off of his lap, shifting onto your knees. Jungkook easily lifts his hips up, helping you pull the dress pants down. He’s straining painfully hard against his boxers, the fabric stretching around him. “So sensitive, bunny.” You smirk, lightly dragging a finger across the bulge. 
It makes him twitch, every slight brush getting a reaction. “God Kook, you look so fucking good.” You mumble, dragging your nails across his thighs. It hurts, but he likes it (slightly surprising to himself, not so much to you.) “Can I give you hickeys on your hips? Surely no fans would see those, hm? Just me right, all mine?” 
“All yours.” Kook reassures, watching your every move. He wishes he could engrave it into his vision, you on your knees with the small smirk you always give him. With anyone else, he’d be the one in control. But that’s why he likes your touch so much, he’s not with you. You easily tease and torment him with the smallest gestures and moves. It drives him crazy. “Please mark me.”
“Well since you asked so nicely.” Hooking a finger under the waist band of his boxers, you’re able to pull it down just enough to mark. The small kiss you place first almost makes Jungkook's hips jerk, his senses on overdrive. The mark is dark, lightly biting and licking over the mark once you’re finished. You’re on your fifth one when jungkook can’t take it anymore, the feeling of your lips so close driving him crazy. 
“Please, I can’t take anymore.” A whine falls from him, hips trying desperately to find friction. Truthfully, you were going to stop at 5. But now you have to keep going. 
“Yes you can.” Your voice is stern, the tone making kook whine as his fists grab the back rest. His hips push slightly into you, flattening your nose. “Kook, be good. You can do that much right?” Your voice is even more stern, hands coming up hold his hips still. It’s another 5 before you finally return to his poor dick, even more hard with precum soaking the fabric. 
“It looks like you liked it, my whiny baby.” Kook groans as you finally tug the boxers off his hips entirely, cock springing up. “So excited to be touched.” The smirk on your face is irreplaceable, watching just how much of a hold you have over him. Poor Kook is always whimpering as you slide your tongue across his tip, collecting the precum and swallowing it. He’s watching through half open eyes, lids heavily as he try’s to engrave the image into his memory. 
Licking a strip from base to tip, a deep moan falls past his lips before he can even stop it. Your grip around his cock makes his mind fuzzy, easily pumping your fist with the precum and saliva acting as lube. He’s unable to keep his eyes open as you finally take him into your mouth, head thrown back against the cushion as you sink down. You repeat the motion, taking more length until you physically can’t. Your nose brushes slightly against his abdomen before coming back up to catch you breath. 
“You know, it’s not fun if I don’t get to watch your reactions bun.” You smirk, slowly pumping his cock as you tease. “You know I like it.” 
“I’m…afraid to come too fast…if I watch you.” He embarrassingly admits, ears turning a deep red. 
“Next time you break eye contact, I stop touching you completely.” You set the boundary before taking him back into your mouth. Easily, you sink completely down, swallowing as much as you can manage. From the base of his cock, you glance up to make eye contact. It’s a mix of amazement, need and lust. St the eye contact, you can feel him twitch in your throat. His brows quickly scrunch together as you move, bobbing your head. 
He lasts maybe a minute before he’s throwing his head back, “Fuck, Y/n. It feels too good I can’t-“ You pull off of him completely, finally taking a breath in what feels like forever. You also pull your hands away, placing your elbows against the coffee table behind you. “Shit wait I didn’t mean to-“ 
“There was one rule, Jungkook.” 
“I know but-“ 
“One rule and you broke it.” His poor cock is red, straining as it throbs slightly against Jungkook's abdomen. “Breaking rules, yet so needy to come. Tsk tsk.” You mumble, leaning forward once again as you graze a fingertip over his tip. “A bit of a oxymoron huh?” 
“I’m sorry, please I need it.” Jungkook's hips jut involuntarily up into your touch. “I need you bad.” The whine that he lets out makes you give in. 
“I'll give you a pass this once.” You grumble, watching his face light up. “And bun, cum in my mouth. I want you to feel good.” 
Finally Jungkook let’s himself loose, whining, moaning, cursing, and grinding like a mad man. His hands grip the couch with deadly force, knuckles turning white. He easily thrusts into your mouth, the sensation making him almost cry out as he buries himself in your throat. Seeing him like this is almost as good as getting off yourself, your thighs clamped together. 
“Fuck bun, finally acting how I wanted.” You roughly jerk his cock, catching your breath quickly. His eyes are fixated on the sight in front of him, watching as you allow him to use your mouth to please himself. The eye contact is still too much, diverting his gaze away often. The small moan you let out while having him in your mouth makes his hips sputter, whines immediately slipping past his lips. 
“Gonna cum soon. Can I come Y/n? I've been good, please let me come.” Jungkook babbles, eyes slightly glazed over as his eyebrows furrow. With a nod, his hips pick up their pace just slightly. He’s still afraid to hurt you, thrusting up carefully but with a decent speed. “…Coming” Is the half assed warning you get before his hips drive themselves as far as possible, nose flattened against his abdomen. 
Looking up from that exact position, Jungkook's face is nothing short of your expectations. He looks fucked out, sweat gathering above his brow. The eye contact makes his cock throb even more in your throat, whines filling the entire room. You gasp pulling off, almost choking as you regain air flow to your lungs. 
“Good job bun, are you all done?” You smirk, licking any cum left off his shaft. The sensation is too much for him, hands reaching down to roughly pull you up from your knees. (They crack like 10 times in the process of getting up, they ain’t like they used to be.) Jungkook roughly smashes his lips onto yours, tasting his own cum on your lips. “You did so good for me.” You mumble against his lips, pulling back to observe his expression. 
“Thank you, holy shit.” Jungkook smiles, leaning forward to kiss your neck. He nibbles on the skin gently, leaving light marks. “That was so good, thank you. let me return the favor-“ 
“No, it’s okay. I liked that too bun.” You place a kiss onto his forehead, “Love seeing you like that.” With a small peck to his lips, you climb off his laps and stand up. “I’m gonna go change, if you wanna stay the night you can. I have extra sweatpants and big t-shirts if you want?” 
Jungkook's chest pangs slightly. He wants to return the favor so incredibly bad, watch your moan and shake around his head. Respecting your choice, he doesn’t pry. “Yeah, anything will be good.” 
You quickly trail off into your room, digging to find something for you to wear. Truthfully, your cunt aches for any touch Jungkook could offer, definitely soaking through your panties. Changing quickly and cleaning yourself up, you bring Jungkook his change of clothes. “The bathroom is down the hall to your left.” 
“Thanks.” You can tell his mind is racing, but you don’t ask. You tidy up slightly before plopping down on the couch, a throw blanket ready to be placed over the two of you. Jungkook's a bit confused when he comes back out, seeing you sprawled out on the couch. 
“Come lay with me.” You invite, opening your arms. He takes it immediately, plopping down. His head rests on your chest, a content sigh coming from the both of you as the blanket is thrown over. “What, not a big aftercare person?” You laugh, turning the tv on and playing a random movie. Jungkook's arms wrap completely around you, snuggling his head in. 
“A really big aftercare person, actually. I didn’t think you’d be though.” Jungkook smiles, peering up for a moment. You take the chance to kiss his forehead, playing with his hair as he lays back down. 
“Nah, I gotta take care of my bun.” 
Jungkook falls asleep fast, which you were completely expecting. Light snores fill the living room every now and then, making you smile. You’re fast asleep soon after. 
“Kook?” Your voice is groggy as you peel your eyes open, glancing around the living room. The tv continues to play random movies quietly, now showing some documentary. “Kook, don’t you have to work?” You mumble, shaking the boy that’s dead asleep on top of you. 
“Kook.” You shake his shoulders harder, moving his entire body. His arms are still wrapped around you, hands somehow underneath your shirt as he holds your body. “You have work!” You smile, trying to pry yourself out of his grip. You’re eventually met with a groan and nothing else. “The boys will tease you to hell and back if you’re late.” 
That seems to finally get him as he peels his eyes open, glancing around. “Kook, work?” 
“Oh shit.” He springs up in no time, quickly snatching his clothes up from last nights date. “Shit, i’m late.” He groans, snatching his phone off the coffee table. Poor Jungkook scrambles like a madman for a solid 5 minutes, “Should I even run home and get ready? I only have my dress shoes and i can’t wear those to dance practice. But then I'll be even more late.” 
“Kook, just tell them you woke up late. I’m sure they’ll be fine until you get there.” 
“Okay, okay I'll do that.” He’s speed walking to the door with all of his belongings in hand. You giggle a bit at his outfit, your sweatpants and tshirt but his fancy dress shoes, which makes him stick his tongue out at you. 
“Wait a second.” He stops completely as you reach up, yanking the neckline of the t-shirt down. “Those ones are gone.” You’re yanking down his (your) sweatpants just enough to see the dark hickeys left. “You’re not wearing underwear right now?” 
“So what, they were all sticky and gross!” 
“You’re commando in my sweatpants!” 
“Trust me, this is the better alternative than my boxers being in here.” 
You genuinely laugh as you allow the waistband to snap against his hips. “My marks are gonna be there for awhile, so no stripping in front of other girls.” 
“Wouldn’t even dream of it.” He smiles as he unlocks the front door, stepping out. “One kiss, please.” He taps his bottom lip, waiting. 
“Ugh.” You smile, giving him a kiss. “I'll see you soon Kook. Have fun at practice.” 
“I'll try.” 
Jungkook did, in fact, get teased to hell and back. The amount of pictures and videos you’ve gotten from the members is atrocious, all poking fun at their youngest. Jungkook has a cheeky look on his face in all of them, ears bright red. 
Namjoon even sends you a text sometime through the day, 
Don’t tell me you did what i think you did. My youngest :,( 
We just went on a date, Joon-ah 
You smile, clicking your phone off before getting ready for work. It’s late and uneventful, the café never being really busy on Thursday evenings. You’re in the back collecting stuff to restock the front when the door bell chimes, “I'll be right there in a moment!” 
“Take your time!” The voice is oddly familiar. Sticking your head out, you begin to contemplate sending your coworker out instead. 
“C'mon guysss” You whine, coming out from the back to meet the 7 idiots sitting in the empty café. “Don’t do this to me, i’m almost off for the night.” Jungkook stands behind Joon and Yoongi, cheeks slightly pink. “I’m guessing dummy back there spilled that I work here, Joon wouldn't dare.”
“You guessed correctly.” Jimin smirks in front of you, leaning forward on the counter. “Now it’s my turn to guess.” Jimin’s hand is reaching up to your top, gently tugging the band down to reveal your neck and part of your chest. 
“Uh, what are you looking for?” You try your absolute hardest to not smile, knowing exactly what he’s doing. Doing your best, you try to act like you have no correlation to Jungkook's morning situation earlier today. 
Jimin is slightly embarrassed as he lets go of your shirt, “Oh uh, nothing.” 
“I’m reporting you guys for harassment, jeez.” You roll your eyes. “There’s gonna be banned signs with your faces on the front door.” 
“How will we get our morning coffee then?” Yoongi jumps in, making you laugh. 
“You guys have never even came here before.” You smile, “What can I get for you guys?” 
They each order their respective orders, each getting some sort of drink and some getting snacks or baked goods. They pay on one tab, which you’re grateful for. “Since Jimin harassed Y/n earlier, he pays.” Jin announces, making everyone but Jimin silently cheer. Tae delivers a slap onto Jimin's back that creates a train, each of the members slapping him before moving to the pickup window. You and Jimin are left staring at each other at the register, you trying your best not to laugh at him. 
“Your total will be $50.” You finally laugh. 
“Add something on for yourself, consider it my apologies.” Jimin laughs, handing over his card. “I was trying to play investigator with Kook, kid won’t tell me anything.”
“I’ll accept your apologies, the new total is $55.” You smile, swiping the card and handing it back. Jimin joins the others as you begin working on their food, bagging and handing them to their respective members. The boys make conversation throughout. 
“Isn’t she great at her job?” Jungkook comments, watching as you crank out drink after drink. You finish relatively quickly, dramatically brushing your hands off. Your manager peeks her head out from the back, eyes widening as she recognizes the boys in front of you. You're pushed out of the conversation (gently, but it’s clear that she wants you to go) by your  manager. A small don’t you have restocking to do? Sends you on your way. 
From your trips back and forth, and you hear bits and pieces of the conversation. The boys do their best to be polite, offering small smiles and head nods to whatever your manager was saying. They vaguely agree to visit again before your manager finally let’s them go, making her way into the backroom once again. 
“...Wow.” You sarcastically comment as you come out once more, restocking the stir sticks behind the counter. 
“She was definitely, uhm, enthusiastic.” Joon nods, cracking you up slightly. 
“When do you get off, Y/n?” Jin asks, checking his phone for the time. 
“Approximately 5 minutes ago.” 
“Do you wanna go out with us, we were gonna find somewhere to eat.” Jin offers, making your heart swell. 
“I’d like that a lot.” You smile at him, finishing up any tasks you have to do last minute and collecting your belongings. The group of you look dumb walking to the restaurant, people walking in pairs of two on the sidewalk. Your arm is linked with Joon, the two of you arguing for a solid 5 minutes of who should walk by the road. (You fight tooth and nail, eventually he physically forces you on the inner side.) 
“If you get hit, I’ll be blamed for BTS Leader Kim Namjoon’s Death.” You complain, tugging on Joon’s arm. 
“Be quiet.” Namjoon just laughs at you, jokingly slapping a hand over your mouth. “I think this is the restaurant.” He announces to the group, holding the door open for the whole group as you all filter in. It’s a nice restaurant, not really busy due to the late hour. The eight of you pick seats at the table, Namjoon and Yoongi on either side of you. Jungkook sits directly across from you, obviously jealous as he glances at both members beside you. You roll your eyes at him discreetly, making him smile. 
“I’ll cook the meat.” Jungkook announces, everyone looking over at him in slight surprise. 
“I’ll help so we don’t blow up the table.” Yoongi also announces, making you laugh. 
The two of them are completely focuses on cooking, almost in competition. Jungkook rushes each time to place meat on your plate, side eyeing Yoongi who notices each time. It genuinely makes you laugh, fighting the urge to softly scold him over it. 
“Jungkook! We’d like some meat too!” Jin calls from the end of the table, making everyone burst into laughter. You softly clap your hands, watching as Jungkook’s face flushes a soft pink. 
You can feel Joon shuffle next to you, leaning in as he begins to talk softly in your ear. “So I assume the Jungkook situation is going well?” He laughs, all of the other members beginning to argue and well over the meat. Jungkook is defending himself furiously, claiming that 
it’s only gentlemanly that the lady is served first!! 
His argument makes you laugh, watching as Jin prepared his rebuttal. 
The oldest get’s priority!!! 
Jin calls, making you laugh harder as Jin begins to strain. 
“Yeah, it’s definitely been fun.” You whisper back to Namjoon, shrugging slightly. “We’re still playing a cat and mouse game of sorts.”
Everyone begins to eat, conversation flowing smoothly between the entire group. Everyone loads their plates, passing dishes back and forth around the table. Hours fly by like minutes, your eyes threatening to close as your head naturally finds itself on Namjoon’s shoulder. Your stomach is full as you’re becoming sleepy, listening to the group conversation as if it were a live podcast. 
“Are you alright Y/N?” Jungkook mumbles from across the table, making you nod. 
“Just sleepy, I've been up for awhile.” You laugh, feeling his legs outstretch and link with your feet. You can only assume it’s Kook, the small smile on his face confirming your belief. “Kook…” You warn softly, stomping on his foot with your heel. 
“Do you work tomorrow?” Jungkook asks, leaning forward slightly against the table as the two of you talk. You nod, turning slightly to talk to the entire group who’s otherwise becoming quieter as conversation runs out. 
“Thank you, Jin for inviting me out with you guys. I really appreciate it, I open tomorrow so I’m going to get going. I gotta get some sort of sleep tonight.” You smile, gathering your things. “One of you text me my part and I’ll PayPal, or Venmo, or cash app, whatever you prefer. It was really nice being able to hang out with you guys, you should stop by the café more often.”
“I’ll walk you out.” Jungkook offers, standing up. The members beside him don’t move, making you giggle. 
“Nope, I got it.” Joon smiles, “Plus I gotta ask Y/N about an assignment I'm working on.” Jungkook take’s the embarrassment like a champ, sticking his tongue out at Namjoon jokingly. Namjoon laughs, Hobi getting up to let the two of you out. 
Walking you out of the restaurant, Namjoon stands by the road as he watches for cabs. “You’re a liar, I have to ask about an assignment.” You mock him, making the two of you smile. “So what’s up Joonie?”
“Just wanted to check up on the two of you, make sure you’re doing alright.” He shrugs, shoving his hands in his pockets. A bit counterproductive if he were trying to wave a cab over, but you don’t mention it. 
“We had one date, Joon. I know you helped him, I’m about 99% sure of it.” You tease, poking his chest. Namjoon looks around the street, pretending he has no idea what you could possibly mean. “But there was a photographer in the garden, and they took pictures of us. They’ll probably be a dating rumor sometime in the future. I told Kook I don’t want to ruin the reputation he has, but he doesn’t seem to care about his reputation.”
Namjoon looks a bit surprised, “Kook hasn’t mentioned anything about the photographer in the garden. He just said the date went well and he had fun.”
“Well then don’t bring it up until it’s posted.” You chuckle. “He said they’d say we were together for some business deal, but I feel like it’s too obvious we were on a date. Even if your company says that, I don’t think people will really believe it.” 
“I don’t think Jungkook really cares when it comes to you, he just likes being with you a lot in general.” Joon explains, making you blush softly. “He was more upset about you not holding his hand in the restaurant than the photographer.”
That actually makes you laugh out loud, not expecting it. “People were staring at us!” You finally see a taxi, calling it over with vigor. “I should get going, gotta wake up early unfortunately. Let me know if Jungkook starts talking shit about me to you, I assume he tells you a lot more than he’d tell the others.”
“Hmm, I don’t know what you mean. No clue actually.” He jokes, pulling you into a hug before you leave. It’s comforting and familiar. “Get home safe, text me when you make it to your apartment.”
“I will, Joon. Go back inside, they’re probably missing you.” You laugh, jokingly shoving him away. “Be quick before people start taking photos of us too.”
Namjoon rolls his eyes, closing the taxi door after you’ve climbed in. With a small wave goodbye, he heads back into the restaurant to likely herd the members together. You text Joon as soon as you enter the apartment building, trudging to the elevator and eventually making your way in. Placing your phone on charge, you see a text flash across your screen from Namjoon. 
Kook said don’t worry about the money, he’s got it.
You’re beyond exhausted, not replying just yet. You almost pass out immediately when your head hits your pillow. 
From then on, it feels like you see at least one member every shift. For the next week that you work, one of them always pop up. You’re slightly concerned how well their appearance rate is, considering they don’t know your schedule. 
It’s exactly a week after yours and Kook’s date when you see it. The article you’ve been dreaded every waking second of the last week. Your fingers are flying to your text messages at the speed of lightning. 
Kook, did you see?!
See what?
You could strangle him, you really could. You send him the link to the article. While they blurred out your face, the title makes your stomach churn. Jungkook of BTS Debuts with a New Girlfriend! WHO IS SHE?
Fuck, I already told the company. They should be on it within the next day. 
What if they find out who I am?
They wont, I promise. 
Kook, your fans hate me. Lol.
Its a flurry of hate, despite not even knowing who you are. You quickly exit off of the article, doing your best to ignore it. You cant believe how much of a scandal the photo caused, and now everyone is freaking out over it. You just hope that Jungkook’s company can sort it out quickly so it doesn’t negatively affect him. 
The next day, Jungkook shows up to your apartment, knocking on the door. 
“What are you doing here!” You mumble, dragging him in by his shirt. “Kook, we really shouldn’t be seen together for a little bit, just until things get sorted out and calm down. If someone sees you standing in front of my apartment door, you’re done for!”
“You stopped responding to my texts, I got nervous!” The door clicks shut behind him, followed by the lock being done. “And I wanted to tell you that they’re putting out a statement today, so hopefully it’ll be cleared up by tonight. You need to ignore the comments and responses, people never know what they’re talking about when it comes to idol related stuff.”
“They think i’m ugly, kook. That’s not idol related.” You laugh despite it bothering you. “I just don’t want it to mess up your reputation, that’s all.”
“I’d mess up my reputation for you.” He smirks, grabbing an arm and pulling you close to him. You smile as you slam into his chest, immediately being wrapped in his arms. “I don’t like you disappearing and not texting me back. Especially with everything going on.” He sighs, resting his cheek on the top of your head. 
“Your fans don’t like me very much,” You giggle, trying to fight off the overwhelming dread for the sake of Jungkook. 
“I like you very much.” He smiles, “And i’m happy here, so it doesn’t matter to me.”
“I hate to break it to you, but i’m not in the mood to suck your dick again so. If that’s what you’re trying to get here, we’re gonna have to raincheck.”
“What?! I cant just come over to check up on you?”
“Without an ulterior motive?” You laugh, “I highly doubt it.”
“Listen, I know you’re upset. But I'll make sure it’s all sorted out, I promise.” Jungkook's voice is softer than before, making your heart hurt just a bit. 
“I’ll be alright, Kook. I’m big and strong.” 
“Have you ate today yet?”
“Y/nnnnn, you’re breaking my heart.” Jungkook dramatically exclaims, pushing you away from him. “Go sit down and I'll make us dinner.” You follow, plopping down on the couch and watching as he walks into the kitchen. You smile as he begins to survey your kitchen, collecting ingredients as he sees fit. As he begins to cook, he finally realizes you’ve been watching him the entire time. “Hey, you’re supposed to be relaxing! Put on your favorite tv show or something.”
To ease his mind, you follow along. It’s a little less than an hour when he finally brings two bowls, placing them on the coffee table. He disappears for a couple of minutes, bringing back drinks and a small side dish. “Thanks Kook, a bit dramatic, but thank you.” You laugh, grabbing a bowl and sitting back. He makes himself comfortable, scooting until he’s close enough for your legs to be touching. 
“I really don’t want you to feel bad about that article, Y/n.” Jungkook mentions after a few bites of food, an episode playing softly on the tv. “And I don’t want you to worry about my reputation or the rumors. I WAS the one that asked you out, not the other way around.” He emphasizes. “And I mean, I don’t even care. I had a great time, and I wouldn’t change it if I could go back anyway.” 
Eventually, the statement from his company is put out. The two of you read through it, (Jungkook refuses to let you read the responses underneath the article.) It puts your mind to ease slightly, and you hope that it’ll be cleared up soon. “If we keep going out together, people will know.” You sigh, resting your head on Jungkook's shoulder. “Eventually people will know we’re not just business partners.”
“If it gets to that point, I'll just say we’re sucking face every day.” He shrugs, making you smack him in his stomach. “I’m kidding, I'll say we’re fucking every day.” Another hit. 
“Okay fine, I'll say you’re my favorite person in the whole wide world that makes me the happiest and cheers me up every day. And then fans cant be mad, because if they’re mad that means they don’t care about my happiness.”
The two of you stare at each other for an extended time, your face straight. “You’re a real smart ass, you know that?” You sigh, getting up and collecting the dirty dishes. You walk into the kitchen, beginning to wash them in the sink. Jungkook eventually comes to help, laughing slightly. 
“Just for you.” He smiles, leaning down to kiss the top of your head. As he helps you wash dishes, he sings softly next to you. 
The two of you clean up before settling back down on the couch, feeling like a domestic couple. You like it, but it’s more than you were ever expecting with Jungkook. Apart of your mind still thinks this is him, Jimin's and Taehyung’s elaborate plan to finally bag you. Truthfully, you hope that its not the reality of your relationship with Kook. 
“We have a performance coming up, a tv broadcast, this Friday. I want you to come.” 
“Kook, this Friday is tomorrow.”
“...Yeah. I still want you to come watch.”
“Wow, thanks for the early heads up.” You jokingly roll your eyes, tossing your legs over Jungkook's lap as you lay down. Jungkook’s hands immediately find your calves, massaging the muscle underneath. “How are you gonna sneak me in, so reporters don’t put two and two together with that article?”
“We put you in a STAFF shirt, obviously.”
“You’re lucky I like the other guys.” You sigh, making Jungkook dramatically place a hand over his heart paired with an obnoxious gasp. “Kook, can I have a kiss?” You smile, tapping your bottom lip.
“Don’t even have to ask.” He smiles, sliding in between your legs and easily slotting your lips together. Your hands find their place in his hair like always, Jungkook's elbows on either side of you keeping his weight up. “I love this.” he mumbles against your lips, quickly resuming the kiss. “Love just kissing you.” 
Jungkook's lips and hair are soft, easily getting lost in the feeling. He also allows his weight to fall onto you, his hands instead wrapping around your body and holding you close to him. Pulling away to catch your breath, you can’t help but smile at Jungkook who peers up to you. “Thank you for coming over to check on me.” You place a small kiss on his forehead. “And making me feel better.”
“Always.” Jungkook smiles. “We leave pretty early tomorrow morning.”
“I’m excited to watch you guys, not so much for cameras.” You sulk. 
“I’ll disguise you.” He laughs, placing his head onto your chest and beginning to watch the tv show. You continue to play with is hair, not paying much mind to the show and just thinking instead. Truly, you enjoy the little fling that you and Jungkook are having. You’re just a bit nervous with the media reaction and backlash you KNOW is under the articles. 
“Are you gonna spend the night, Kook?” You hum, twirling a piece of hair around your fingers. 
“If you’ll let me?” He has a hopeful look on his face, a small smile on his face. 
“Of course, Kook.” You smile, grabbing the blanket off the back rest and tossing it over the both of you. 
The next morning is an entire blur, Jungkook once again waking with a start as his phone rings off the hook. His panic sets into you, the two of you rushing to collect anything you’d need for the day. After you have everything you think you’ll need, the two of you rush over to Jungkook's house. (You insist on staying in the car.) Jungkook rushes out before speeding to the company building. 
The other members side eye you and Jungkook for a solid hour, you denying any allegations they speak out loud and Jungkook just laughing at you. “Here, I got you some merch.” Jungkook claims, earning a questioning stare from you and the others in the room. The “merch” is a shirt that says STAFF along the back, a black mask, and a bucket hat. “And to really sell it you can carry my drumsticks and Namjoon's bag that has all of his notes, and schedules, and speeches and other shit written down.” 
“Wow, so kind.” You roll your eyes, watching as Jungkook drops the two bags onto your lap. Surprisingly, Namjoon's bag is heavier than Jungkook's. 
“And you’ll ride in the passenger seat, get out after us, and then just follow us in.” Jungkook gives you a thumbs up, making you laugh. “Other staff will walk in with you, so it’s not just going to be you walking in on your own.”
“I’m glad you thought this out step by step, Kook.” You roll your eyes, moving the bags off of your lap for now. 
“And once you’re inside, there wont be any paparazzi or anything in the back.”
“Aw, lover boy has it all planned out.” Hoseok interjects, grabbing Jungkook's shoulders and shaking him around. It makes the group laugh, Jungkook beginning to fake fight with Hobi. As much as you tease and joke, you’re glad he thought of a way to keep you out of the cameras eye. 
The ride is longer than you thought it would be, awkwardly sitting in the front with the other staff member who drives. You glance back into the back to give Jungkook and Joon a dreadful stare, wishing you could be back there instead. It makes Namjoon laugh, Jungkook not so much as he also wishes you could be in the back. Arriving to the broadcast makes  you nervous, watching as an unbelievable amount of flashes go off as the boys climb out and head in. 
You follow Jungkook's master plan, walking in with the other staff. You thank the singular brain cell in Jungkook’s head, not a singular camera click going off as the group of you walk in. “See it worked!” Is loudly exclaimed the second you walk into the building, making you yelp and jump away. Jungkook stands to the right of the door, pressed against the wall to avoid pictures. 
“You have got to stop doing that.” You claim, jokingly placing a hand over your heart before slamming his drumsticks against his chest. 
Following Jungkook to the others, you squeeze past various camera equipment and staff, eventually entering the decently sized room where the boys are at. “Here you go, Joonie.” You smile, handing him his bag as you plop down next to him. “Jungkook’s plan actually worked.” You laugh, taking off your hat and mask. 
“That’s surprising.” Yoongi vaguely comments from another couch, making you chuckle. 
There’s not much for you to do, watching as the boys get ready and prepare for their performance. You watch the soundcheck and mic checks, the boys joking around. It’s about 30 minutes before the broadcast that everyone filters back into the room, everyone in their stage outfits and equipped with their in-ears and whatnot. You suppose this is the final little pow-wow as Namjoon begins to speak to the others.
“Are you excited to watch?” Jungkook beams, coming over and dramatically plopping down on top of you. “You can stay here and watch the tv, or come out to the stage and stand on the side and watch. I’d say you can sit in the audience, but you might draw some attention.”
“I think I'll just stand on the side of the stage, then.” You nod, making him laugh, 
“Don’t worry, if you come to a concert I'll make sure you have one of those VIP lounges.” He promises. 
“Wow, so sweet.” You roll your eyes. Namjoon has given you various opportunities to come to their performances and concerts, but you were often busy. You did go to some, don’t get it wrong, but it’s obvious to Joon that you can’t turn down Jungkook’s offers like you can his. 
“Okay, come on!” Jungkook hops up, grabbing your hand and dragging you up in one easy swoop. The boys laugh at the two of you, Jungkook leading the way. “You can stay here, you should have a pretty good view and I already told the staff about you. So they won’t think you’re a crazy lady or something.” You roll your eyes. 
“Go to your members, you need to get ready.”
“Give me a kiss before they come, please.”
“No one is around, no one will see. Promise.”
You really can’t say no to him as you finally give in. His arms wrap around you, pulling you closer to him. “Go, Kook. Before they get suspicious.”
He finally listens, disappearing in the chaos of staff running around and cameras everywhere. He runs quickly, and you’re sure he’s once again late. Trying to stay out of the way of actual staff, you hug the wall for the entire performance. The view, like Kook mentioned, is actually very good.  You smile the entire performance, watching the boys beam as their fans cheer loudly. It makes you happy to see them so happy. 
They wave their goodbyes, small bows as they slowly make their way off the stage opposite of you. Gathering up all of your brain cells, you do your best to retrace the way you and Jungkook came. It takes you a bit longer, but you eventually find your way back to the room. “You guys did so good!” You beam, a giant smile as you hug Yoongi who was the closest to you. You make your rounds, eventually hugging all of the members but Kook, who was the farthest from you. 
“Kook! You looked so good out there!” You smile, coming over to where he sat on a couch. He didn’t respond to you, elbows resting on his knees as he stared at the floor. “Kook?” You ask, crouching down in front of him to try and get his attention. “What’s wrong? Why, Kook?” You mumble, seeing his eyes glossy as he fights off crying. “No, Kook. No, what is it?” You whisper, trying to not make a scene. 
(It failed, the 6 guys are currently watching you and Jungkook.) 
“I messed up…” He sniffles, finally crying as he feels one of your hands come to his face. You furiously wipe the tears that fall from his eyes, hands cupping both sides of his face. “I wanted to do good, since you were here to watch.”
“You did, Kook. I didn’t even notice, no one noticed it.” You reassure him, “You did so well, I was smiling the entire time! Don’t be upset, Kook.” He eventually calms down in your hold, tears slowing. “I was really happy watching you guys.” You smile, smoothing his hair in an attempt to comfort him. Jimin shuffles past, handing you a box of tissues. 
It makes both you and Jungkook laugh. Jungkook speaking up, “Thanks.” Jimin offers a thumbs up, which makes you smile. 
“I think they’re waiting for you to take pictures.” You mumble, a slight teasing tone behind it. Jungkook nods, watching as you stand up before getting up himself. 
They shuffle to take pictures, everyone teasing Jungkook as they pull him into the center. You smile, watching Jimin poke Jungkook’s cheek. 
“Come over, Y/N.” Namjoon gestures, opening on of his arms. 
“Oh, it’s okay.” You shake your hands. Namjoon rolls your eyes, grabbing one of your arms and pulling you into the group. 
Jimin smirks, pulling you into the center with Kook. Kook wraps an arm around your shoulder, the other hand coming to squish your face. You laugh, the camera’s clicking. Now it’s your turn as you hassle him into a fake chokehold, another camera click filling the room. Jungkook has a giant smile in both photos, making you smile. 
“We’re leaving in about an hour, until then there’s food and drinks.” A staff member informs you guys, everyone thanking him. 
Everyone settles down, you finding your spot on the couch by Namjoon once again. Jungkook plops down next to you, making no move to grab something to eat. “Kook, you should eat.” You mumble through your bites of food. He doesn’t respond, making you roll your eyes. “You should listen to your elders more.” You scold, grabbing a bowl of noodles and placing them in his hand. 
You let go of the cup, leaving it to Jungkook to hold onto them. “You’re lucky this didn’t spill all over my lap.” Jungkook sighs, finally sitting up and beginning to eat the noodles. 
“It would’ve been your own fault.” You shrug, making Joon laugh beside you. 
Everyone eats and makes conversation with another, a smile on your face almost the entire time as you listen to them. The hour flies by, eventually everyone collecting their belongings. You grab Namjoon's bag and Kook’s drumsticks, placing your mask and hat back on. 
“We’ll see you in a bit, make sure you find the other staff members.” Joon smiles, giving you a quick hug before you have to run off. You once again thank Jungkook as not a single click goes off as you walk out, finding the right van and climbing in. 
You and the driver awkwardly sit alone in the van until the boys come out. Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jungkook climb into the van you're in. The other members getting into the one in front of you.  The ride back to the company building is just as long, Yoongi and Namjoon taking a small cat nap. 
“Y/N, come sit with me.” Jungkook whines from the back, making you raise an eyebrow. 
“I don't know if that’s a good idea, Kook.” You laugh. 
“Please, I just wanna nap. The window is too hard to rest on.” He explains. He’s sitting all the way in the back by himself, Namjoon and Yoongi in the middle two seats. 
“No funny business, Jeon.” You threaten, unbuckling. You apologize to the driver profusely as you climb over the middle, eventually making it into the back. You’re careful not to bump into Yoongi or Namjoon. With a sigh of relief, you finally make it. Jungkook smiles, unbuckling his seat belt and immediately resting his head in your lap. “Let me buckle up first, if we get into a car crash we both don’t have to die.”
One of his arms rests underneath your thigh, making himself comfortable. “Thank you, Y/N.” He smiles. 
“Don’t tell me you’re still upset, kook.” You sigh, hearing it in his voice. 
“I’ll be okay.” He smiles, glancing up to you before rolling back forward. 
“You did good, I mean it. And I'm just not saying that, I really think it was amazing. I’m sure all of your Army loved every second of it.”
“I know but it wasn't army it was for you-”
“Shhhhhh,” You slap one of your hands against his mouth, earning a lick to your palm. You wipe the spit onto his shirt, a look of disgust overtaking your face. “It was for me, and I loved every second of it. Stop being so hard on yourself.” You sigh, hands resting in his hair. “Take a nap, Kook.” 
You’re not sure when he falls asleep, but he eventually does. You’re unable to sleep, the position too uncomfortable but you really don’t mind. You stare out of the window the entire time, watching trees and numerous street lights pass you. It’s not until you hear a click that your attention is brought back into the car. 
“…Shit.” Yoongi mumbles, quickly hiding his phone. 
“Cmooonnnn” You complain, whining. Yoongi only laughs at your distress. 
“What? It’s cute, plus I wanna show the other guys. Maybe they’ll stop teasing the two of you so much if they know how much you mean to Kook.” He defends his actions. “And before you ask, because I know you’re about to, no I didn’t show anyone the video.” 
“…Thank you Yoongi.” It actually was the question you were about to ask him. “But don’t get my hopes up, I don’t think I mean all that much to him.” You sigh, glancing down to the boy in your lap. With the small trio they have, you’re convinced they’ve created some elaborate plan to get Jungkook into your pants and that’s the end of the little fling. You suppose you can only delay the inevitable so much. 
“Hmm, if you say so.” Yoongi side eyes you, eventually turning back around and placing an earbud in. He sends you the photo soon after, and you assume that’s also when he sends it to the group chat as you can hear Joon's phone also ping. 
From then, it’s not long after that you arrive at the company. Joon wakes up on his own, somehow knowing the van was stopped for real now and not just at a light. It’s almost scary, his intuition. Kook is still passed out in your lap, earning him a series of aggressive shakes. (You finally learned that Jungkook is a heavy sleeper, you gotta use some force.) After a bit, you get a very groggy “Huh?” 
“We’re at the company building, get up.” You answer, watching as he slowly pushes him self up off your lap. Glancing around, he finally gains his bearings. You follow Yoongi and Namjoon out of the van, stretching your legs and back for what feels like the first time in years. “Joon, I left yours and Jungkook's bags in the passenger seat.” He nods, wiping the remaining sleep out his eyes as he walks around to the front. Jungkook finally hobbles out, the car door being shut. 
“Okay, i’m gonna get going. Today really took it out of me.” Min dramatically explains, pretending to sleep on his hands. “I'll see you guys soon.” Yoongi smiles, giving the three of you a hug before making his way. 
“Where are the others?” You mumble, not seeing their van at the building yet. 
“Apparently they stopped for food on the way over.” Namjoon explains, “They’ll be here in like 10ish minutes probably.” 
“I’m tired, I don’t feel like waiting 10 minutes.” Jungkook grumbles, standing behind you and placing his cheek on your head. “C'mon, I'll give you a ride home Y/n.” 
“Get off of me,” You joke, pushing Jungkook backwards. “You just slept for like 2 hours. Plus I wanna say bye to the others and thank them for letting me come today.” 
“I'll add you to the group chat, let’s go.” Jungkook is dragging you away before you even have a chance to refute him. Namjoon just laughs at the two of you, watching as you jokingly scold him. 
“Bye Joon! Get home safe!” You call, waving to him before Kook rounds a corner. “Jungkoookkk, I wanted to say bye.” 
“They’d just tease us for the picture anyways.” He mumbles, eventually pulling you under his arm rather than dragging you by the wrist. He’s right about the picture, your face warming slightly. “Who even sent that? Yoongi? Namjoon?” 
You let out a small sigh, “Yoongi. He said it was cute or something, you know how he is.” 
Jungkook doesn’t say anything, walking to the car. He still opens the passenger side door for you, allowing you to climb in before softly closing it. You try to pinpoint why he’s acting so odd all of the sudden, but you really can’t. As he drives in silence, not even the radio playing, you know something’s for sure wrong. “Kook, it might be a bad time to ask. But what’s wrong…” You mumble, watching as he leans his head on his hand, elbow resting on a small divot in the door. 
“I just wish…I don’t know. That we didn’t have to hide I guess.” He mumbles. “From the cameras, from my members, from my fans.” 
It makes you smile, “Kook, I see where you’re coming from, but we’re technically just hook up buddies right now.” You laugh. “What would you say to your fans, here’s the girl i’m sleeping with!!” The joke finally makes him crack, a small chuckle coming from him. “|And your members only tease us because they love you, and you’re their youngest. They’ll get over it eventually.” 
He has a small smile on his face, nodding his head. “I guess you’re right.” 
“To cheer you up, let’s go to your house instead?” You propose, trying to hide the smile on your face. It eventually cracks through when Jungkook side eyes you, a hopeful gleam in his eye. 
“Anything for you, Y/n.” He smiles, redirecting to his house instead. He doesn’t live far from your apartment, maybe a 20 minute drive if you’re speeding (Kook was.) “And here we are, the Jeon household.” He dramatically claims as he pulls into his garage. 
“I hate rich people.” You and Jungkook say at the same time, your eyes wide as you stare at him. (You stop saying it after that.) 
“I knew you were gonna say that.” He laughs, climbing out. You follow, allowing Jungkook to lead the way in. “Bam, my Doberman, is at training right now so he’s not here. So you don’t have to worry about him.” 
“Holy shit you have a big house.” You mumble as you walk into the living room. “It looked big on the outside but it’s somehow bigger inside.” 
“I guess the designers were good at their job.” He laughs, sitting down on the couch. You take your spot next to him, easily finding yourself underneath his arm. “Maybe I shouldn’t take you to performances anymore.” Jungkook bluntly says, catching you off guard for a moment. He realizes, a small chuckle following. “Because I just wanna kiss and hug and cuddle you too much.” 
“God, Kook.” Is all you can mumble, making him laugh. “Right, make a group chat.”
“With all of the members, so I can thank them remember? We should do it now before we forget.” You smile, watching as he slowly reaches for his phone. He makes a show of pretending it’s the most painstaking task he’s ever done in his life. He sends a message, a small vibration in your back pocket as you reach for it. 
Kook: Y/n wanted to declare her undying love for me in front of everyone 
You: Jungkook’s brain is rotting 
You: I just wanted to say thank you guys for letting me come to the broadcast today to watch you guys perform. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. You guys all did amazing, i’m super proud of all of you! <3 
Jinnie: Awwww our little Y/n :,) 
Jin's message makes you giggle. 
Joonie: anytime Y/n, we always love having you around. You’re always welcome to tag along. 
Jiminie : sent an attachment 
It’s the photo Yoongi took on the way home, you finally using that as your cue to exit out of the group chat. 
“They’re already starting.” You laugh, placing your phone onto the coffee table. 
“See, I told you.” Jungkook cockily declares, reaching over and hoisting you up. “They would’ve just teased you if we sat there and waited for them.” 
“I don’t like it when you’re right.” You tease, allowing your hands to slide up the bottom of his shirt. You allow your hands to roam his torso, feeling any muscle they come across. “I don’t like not being able to tease you all day.” You continue to complain. “Or kiss you whenever I feel like it.” 
“You can around the members.” Jungkook smirks, voice slightly breathy. 
“Your little trio would enjoy it too much.” You smile, watching his reaction. “Jimin yanking down my shirt to look for any hickeys?” 
“Honest to everything, I didn’t think he was going to do that.” He defends, making you laugh. 
“He said you won’t tell them anything about us, so he wanted to do his own investigating.” You explain, watching as his ears turn slightly red. Before you can explain himself more, you hike the t-shirt up and over his head. You close the space in between the two of you, pressing your chest against his as your arms hold onto his shoulders. 
“I don’t want to tell them private details regarding you, because I feel that that’s an invasion of privacy.” He mumbles, making you smile. 
“Good.” You smile. 
“You know, this is fucked up.” Jungkook whines, making you raise an eyebrow. “This is like some fucking my coworker roleplay.” Your still slightly confused as jungkook’s face burns bright red. “Your shirt, look at your shirt.” 
Oh right, the staff shirt you were currently wearing that was slightly too big on you. It makes you let out a loud laugh, Jungkook slightly embarrassed. “I hate you, I really do.” You continue to laugh as you climb off his lap. “Where are your condoms bun?” 
“I uh, uhm, uhh. Sorry, in my bedroom on in the right bedside drawer.” He stammers, making you smile. 
“Okay, now where’s your bedroom?” Jungkook cant be anymore embarrassed, he thinks. 
“Go down the hall, at the very end make a left. Go down that hall and then at the very end the right.” 
You stare at him for a couple of moments. “I'll yell for you in case I get lost.” You laugh, beginning the journey. As complex as it sounded when he told you the directions, you find the room easily. There’s little action figures on a shelf, signaling that this is for sure Jungkook's room. Rummaging through the bedside drawer, you find what you’re looking for. “I found some stuff, bun!” You call, walking back into the living room. 
The look on his poor face as you present your findings makes you smile. “Goddamnit I forgot that was in there!” He complains, tossing his head back against the couch. To your delight, you found his Fleshlight and bottle of lube, both unopened. 
“You can’t leave toys in there and expect me not to play with them, bun.” You smirk, climbing back onto his lap. Placing the bottle of lube up to his lips, “Bite.” You watch as he easily follows directions, biting the plastic from the cap and easily tearing it off. “Y’know, you should look more enthusiastic than that or I'm not gonna let you cum.” You grin, watching his face fall. “Don’t worry bun, I'll make you feel good.” You smile, finally getting the box open and tossing the lube and Fleshlight aside for now. The box lands somewhere behind you as you throw it across the living room.
Your lips easily slot together, a satisfied sigh coming from Jungkook. “Can I please take off your top?” He whines against your lips, hands sliding just slightly underneath the fabric to rest on your skin. 
“Sure bun, but that’s it.” You mumble, watching him celebrate as he easily strips the staff t-shirt and tosses it onto the coffee table. Pulling you closer, the two of you let out a hum as your skin makes contact. Jungkook's skin is warm against yours, riling you up as you kiss him harder. It’s hard to feel through the thick material of your jeans, but by the way his hips grind against you, you’re sure Kook’s the same way. 
“I love this, Y/n.” Kook whines, pulling your body closer to his. “Like feeling your skin on mine.” He mumbles against your lips, biting them softly. 
“Can you get up for a sec?” He nods, following whatever you ask from him immediately. You could tell him to eat you out for hours and he’d do it. He watches as you shuffle to one side of the couch and sit sideways, patting the area in between your legs. “Strip, then sit with your back facing me.” 
“Fuck Y/n.” He whines, following. Your eyes watch every move he makes, his ears burning but your gaze making him even harder. He places himself in between your legs, both hands holding onto your thighs that rest on either side of him. “I'm not used to this.” Jungkook admits, softly placing his head back and resting it on your shoulder. 
“You seem to like it, Kook.” You tease, allowing your hands to roam his torso. Just before you get to the base of his cock, you slide your hands up. “Look how hard you are right now.” You hum, placing a warm kiss onto his neck. 
“I know.” He whines, hips twitching from the lack of touch. His hands squeeze your legs, fingertips making indents in your jeans. 
“You like this, Kook?” You ask, ghosting your hand over his shaft. 
“A lot.” Kook whines, finally letting out a small moan as you wrap your hand around him. You lazily jerk his cock, watching how his abs clench from the slightest touch you give him. 
“You’re really sensitive today, bun. Are you gonna cum early?” You tease, biting down softly on his shoulder but not leaving a mark. He whimpers as you move your wrist faster, head resting on your shoulder as he tries to minimize the sensation in his head. He only picks his head up when your hands disappear, looking for the reason. “My sweet Kook, buying a Fleshlight just to throw it in his drawer and forget about it.” You smirk, looking at the completely new toy in your hands. 
Jungkook can’t help but flush a bright red, watching as you play with the lips of the Fleshlight he’s never touched. Your fingers teasingly push the lips apart, dipping in your first knuckle as you feel the inside. “It’s okay if you cum early bunny, this is your first time with this hm?” You can just barely see the look on his face as you bring it up to his face, holding it just in front of his mouth. “Lick.” 
The hold you have over him is undeniable, Jungkook ignoring the slight embarrassment as he follows your instruction. You apply pressure against his tongue as he licks and sucks, lewd sounds bouncing around the living room. The sight is almost porn to your sore eyes, unblinking as you watch him eat out the fake pussy in your hand. Your legs involuntarily squeeze around his frame in between you, watching as his pink tongue easily slips into the clear center. Pulling the toy away, a sting of saliva connecting his lips to the toy, he lets out a shaky breath. “That was hot, definitely got you fired up now.” 
He embarrassingly nods his head, feeling his cock twitch. His eyes are fixated as you now fumble for the bottle of lube, eventually finding it on the cushion. Popping it open, you squirt a considerable amount onto his cock. “Ah, cold.” He whines, hips jerking up into the air. You quickly gather it on one palm, slowly jerking his cock to spread it around. You wipe the excess off of your hand and onto the toy, making Jungkook whine as he tosses his head back. “I can't watch this, I'm gonna cum too soon.” 
“Tell me when you’re about to come.” You whisper, watching as he nods his head on your shoulder. Passing the Fleshlight to your right hand, you can’t help but smirk as you slowly drag the toy along his shaft. His cock twitches at the new sensation, abs clenched as your hand rests on top of them. “Hopefully you’re ready Kook.” You smile, easily slipping the toy over his head. The moan he lets out is nothing but sin, your untouched core clenching around nothing. 
“It’s tight,” He whimpers, head still on your shoulder as you begin to slide the toy further down. His cock is almost too big, head just less than an inch away from hitting the top. The poor toy is stretched around him, bulging out at the end. 
“Bun, your cock is almost too big.” You whisper in his ear, making him shudder. “Look.” Slowly, he picks his head up. You’re right, his cock is almost breaking the poor toy. “That just means it feels even tighter wrapped around you.” You smile, beginning to move the toy. Your pace is agonizingly slow, watching as Jungkook twitches and bucks his hips slightly. The room quickly fills with moans and whimpers, Jungkook unable to hold them back. (He’s also not embarrassed anymore since you like them so much.) 
“My little Jungkook fucking a clear Fleshlight just for me.” You hum, licking along his ear. The sensation makes him shiver, hips jerking particularly hard as you gently suck on his lobe. You eventually move the toy faster, relishing in all the noises Jungkook whines into your ear. 
“Gonna cum already.” He whimpers, picking his head up slightly to watch as the toy sinks down onto him. “Cum-“ Before he can finish his statement you rip the toy off, using the heels of your feet to pin his legs down to the couch. His head falls back onto your shoulder, whimpers spilling from his lips. His hips try to buck into the air, cock twitching. 
“Calm down?” You smirk, setting the toy down carefully so that the open end doesn’t touch the couch. You take your time to tease, hands running along every inch of skin you can reach besides his cock. “Let me know when you’re not close anymore.” You smirk, gently flicking a nipple. 
“Yeah Kook?” 
“I never want you to stop touching me.” He whines, closing his eyes as he rests on your shoulder. “Okay, I'm good.” 
“How many more do you think you can take?” You smile, beginning your ministrations once again. 
“Without-fuck.” He hiccups as you slide the toy over him, “Without losing my mind, maybe two more.” 
“I'll be nice then and this will be the last one.” You smile, beginning to move the toy faster. You get an even bigger reaction from kook, watching his hips buck into the toy slightly each time you pull it back. The grip on your legs is even tighter, likely leaving little fingerprint bruises in your thighs. “You’re gonna leave marks on me, bun.” 
“Good.” He moans, face scrunched up in pleasure. you can see the faint reflection of the two of you in the window glass, definitely a sight to see. 
“You’re doing so good for me bun,” You smile, twisting a nipple with your free hand. It makes him whimper, body twitching at all the sensations happening at once. “So fucking hot, Jungkook.” You smile, kissing along his neck. Your forearm is on fire at this point, praying to god you don’t lose grip of the Fleshlight and send it flying. 
“Gonna cum.” Kook whines, fingers digging into your legs particularly hard. Once again, you jerk the toy off his length and watch as he searches for any friction. Your heels wedge themselves once again onto his legs, restraining how much he can actually buck his hips. 
“How was that one?” Jungkook can hear the tease in your voice, riling him up. 
“It hurts.” He whines, letting out a small hum as your hands begin to roam his body once again. “Wanna cum bad, really bad.” 
“This time you can cum all you want.” You smile, slipping his cock back into the toy without warning. His hips jerk forward, almost slamming into the end of the toy. The beginning pace is brutal, faster than the last two. It makes Jungkook whine without any restraint, body twitching hard. “Inside the toy or outside, bun?” 
“Inside.” He whimpers, readjusting his grip on your legs and holding closer to your calves. You assume it’s to stop you from hooking your heels over his legs and preventing his movement. You let it slide, you already said he could come this time so there’s no use in stopping it. 
“I'm close, Y/n,” He whimpers, turning his head slightly as he bites gently onto your neck. 
“Don’t leave a mark.” Your voice is stern as you move your wrist faster, watching as he begins to time his thrusts to meet the Fleshlight half way. 
“Coming.” Jungkook whimpers, hips stuttering as he comes. You continue to fuck the toy onto him, slowing down a considerable amount as you help him ride it out. He’s quickly overstimulated, one hand coming up to hold your wrist still as the other pulls your hand away from his nipples. “Holy shit,” He huffs, body still twitching slightly. 
“You’re almost touching the top.” You mumble, making him look down at the toy. 
“Fuck, Y/n.” He lets go of your wrists, watching as you slowly pull the toy off and flip it up. Jungkook's chest rises and falls rapidly, trying to catch his breath. The gentle kisses you place along his skin are slightly lost to him, mind fuzzy as he recovers. 
“You did good, Jungkook. That was honestly the hottest thing I've ever seen.” You smile, placing a final kiss onto his cheek. “I'm gonna go clean this out and I'll be back. I think you bought a cleaning set that was also in your drawer.” 
Jungkook sits up, allowing you to squeeze out from behind him and make your way down the hall. You snatch your shirt from the coffee table before making your way, but Jungkook doesn’t notice. You quickly wash it and set everything out to dry on the bathroom counter, trying not to laugh at how ridiculous it looks. Setting the cleaning solution back into his drawer, you can see various other toys that you survey before shutting the door. 
“Kook! Can I borrow some pants?!” You yell from his room, waiting to hear an answer. You jump slightly as the door swings open instead. 
“You scare easily.” He chuckles, walking into his closet. “I have my sweatpants that might be kind of big on you, or I have the ones you loaned me earlier that I washed and dried?” He offers the options, holding up two pairs. You take yours before heading into the bathroom. 
You’re met with the same situation as Kook the other week, the debate on if you wear your sticky underwear or not. With a sigh, you leave them on before changing out of your pants. “Also, everything has to dry before you put it back together. Otherwise it’ll be moldy and disgusting, and I'm sorry Kook, but I will not touch your moldy dick.” You lecture, making him smile as he falls down onto his bed in new pants, still shirtless. 
“You wouldn’t touch me?” 
“Ew…” That makes the two of you laugh, “Did you throw away the box that it came in? I just threw it somewhere in the living room.” You laugh, plopping down beside him. 
“Eh, I'll get it tomorrow.” He makes a brief motion towards the living room, brushing it off. You both agree on something to watch, Jungkook getting up and closing the door and shutting the lights off before climbing back into bed. 
“Did you enjoy it Kook, it wasn’t too much right?” You ask, watching as he opens his arms for you. You close the distance, wrapping your arms around him and softly rubbing his back. You can’t really see his face from how you’re laying, but you listen intently. 
“I liked it, Y/n. l like trying new things with you.” He hums, leaning over to kiss your forehead. “Also, I'm gonna repay the favor one day, and make your legs shake around my head.” 
“Hmm, I know you will Kook.” You smile, cuddling into him. “Not today though, I'm tired. I didn't sleep in the car.” You yawn, closing your eyes. 
“I had a feeling you were gonna say that.” He laughs, making you smile. “Goodnight Y/n.” Jungkook smiles, kissing the top of your head. 
You’re woken up by a loud banging coming from the living room, you slowly sitting up from the covers. “Kook?” You mumbles, turning to him and shaking him roughly. The banging is really loud, making you nervous. “Kook, wake up please.” You speak, getting onto your hands and knees and beginning to shove him around. 
“What’s wrong?” He mumbles, eyes still closed as he holds onto your forearm. “What is it?” He asks, finally opening his eyes and sitting up. 
“There’s someone at the door, they sound angry.” You mumble, releasing your grip on him and allowing him to sit up. “I didn’t wanna check it on my own.”
“Stay here, I'll go look.” He says, climbing out of bed. You stay in the room, watching the door that he just left. You can hear the front door open, Jungkook and another person talking back and forth. Getting up, you press your ear against the door. 
“Did you bag her yet?” It sounds like one of the younger members, but you can’t tell who it is through the distance and door. “Namjoon told me that you took her home last night.”
“No, man. It’s not like that.”
“What do you mean? It’s always been like that, finally getting the so-called man eater in bed.” You can hear footsteps walking around the living room. “Really, a Fleshlight? So you didn’t fuck her.” You can hear the box hit the ground as it’s likely kicked, not being picked up from the other night. 
“It’s not like that anymore, I thought you knew that.” 
“You’re full of shit, Kook.” You can hear him laugh, likely throwing the box out as they walk further away. 
“Don’t you have a flight or something to catch?” Jungkook sighs. You can hear the front door open, followed by a series of stomps which you can only attribute to them shoving each other regarding the door. “I’ll talk to you later.” And then the door closes. You shuffle your way out of Jungkook's room, belongings in hand from the other day. 
“Can you take me home Kook?” You ask, clicking your phone on to check the time. 
Jungkook looks stressed out, jumping slightly at the sound of your voice. “It’s not like that Y/N. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and that, what he said, isn’t true.” He’s gesturing around the room. “I suppose it was like that, but it’s not like that anymore.”
“It’s okay Kook, plus it’s not like we’re dating.” You smile softly, trying to ignore whatever the feeling in your chest is. “Technically we are just hooking up. I have work later…so I wanna go home and get ready.”
“Kook, just bring me home.” You sigh, holding your jeans and your dumb staff disguise from the broadcast. Your phone is in your sweatpants and your bag is over your shoulder. You feel unbelievably stupid standing in front of him. 
He sighs, “Give me a couple of minutes.” You nod, watching him speed walk past you. He gets ready quickly, coming back out. “Okay, we can go now.”
You nod, following him out to the garage. You slip your shoes on, feeling Jungkook’s eyes on you. You don’t say anything, avoiding his stare as you walk out to the car. He doesn’t open the door for you, focused on locking the garage door. You get in quickly, quite honestly not wanting him to open the passenger side for you. The ride is unbelievably quiet, music playing in the background the entire ride. Pulling into the parking lot, you can see Jungkook ramping himself up. 
“Y/N, I really don’t want you thinking-”
“Kook, it’s okay.” You smile. “I don’t think you should walk me up, though. Just in case someone sees us walking in together.”
Jungkook could cry, truthfully. “Okay.”
“I’ll see you around.” You smile as you place a quick kiss onto his cheek, climbing out of his car. As you walk in, you turn around and wave bye with a smile. You don’t have work until later on in the day, working a closing shift at the café. 
Yoongi, can you come over please. Before you answer, it’s about my Jungkook situation. So be prepared for a lot. 
Always, Y/N.
You send him your address, giving him a brief rundown of how to get to your apartment after arriving at the building. It takes maybe 30 minutes before you hear knocking at the door. Looking out of the small peep hole, you see Yoongi with bags in both hands. You open the door for him. “Heyyy,” You mumble, stepping out of the way and allowing him to walk inside. 
“I’m just gonna assume that something happened, so I brought over some food and drinks.” He smiles, showing off the bags. “And I'm already prepared to hear whatever inappropriate details that you inevitably are gonna spill, either intentionally or accidentally.”
You can’t help but laugh, walking into the living room after shutting the door. Yoongi follows, setting the bags down before plopping down. “I’ll try to spare you the details like I do Namjoon.”
“Please do.” That makes you laugh once again. 
“Okay so a brief rundown starting from when I first met Kook.” You tell Yoongi all of the major details that are essential to the plot, sparring the minor details that would scar his image of his youngest. You assume you’re doing a good job, because Yoongi hasn’t once made a funny face or shocked expression. You finally get to this morning’s event, eyes watering slightly. You laugh, slightly frustrated at yourself for being so upset over something seemingly stupid to you. You never were supposed to get so attached to Kook, you KNEW it was the man-eater story that sparked his interest in you. 
“So yeah, I’m not sure which member it was that came over this morning. I asked Kook to take me home after that, and I can tell it upset him because he knew I was upset at him.” You laugh. 
Yoongi stares at you for a couple of moments, collecting his thoughts before beginning to give any of his advice. “I’m going to say something that you’re not going to like, and you’re probably not going to believe. You’re just gonna have to believe me here.” 
You nod, preparing yourself for whatever news he has. 
“Jungkook does actually like you.”
“Ugh, come on Yoongi.”
“Hey, I said you’re gonna have to believe me! This is not believing me.” He complains, pointing an accusatory finger at you. “I think that some of the members don’t believe him when he says that he likes you, but I genuinely think that he does. The way he talks about you and always wants you around him isn’t just wanting to hook up.” Yoongi explains, trying to get you to believe him. After this, you begin to eat the food that he brought over. 
“Yoongi, I heard this morning that-”
“Did Jungkook say it himself? That he just wanted to hook up with you and then dump you?” You shake your head no, he does have you there. “That’s just what whoever came over thinks, not what Jungkook thinks, trust me. I don’t think I've ever heard Jungkook talk about someone the way he does about you.”
“Okay Yoongi, you’re buying drinks when I eventually let him fuck and then he leaves.” You mumble in between bites of food. 
“Okay Y/N, you’re buying drinks when I’m right and that doesn’t happen.” He counters. 
“On second thought…I take that back.” Yoongi busts out laughing. “I hear that you’re right a lot. And you know Jungkook better, so whatever.”
“I promise you, he does like you. Before he invited you to the broadcast he was practically running around like a madman to accommodate you.” Yoongi explains, grabbing some food for himself. “He was so upset after the performance because he wanted everything to be perfect, not for himself, but for you.” 
“Stop getting my hopes up, Min.” You sigh. “It’s not good for my heart.”
“You have to stop being so stubborn. You’re just like him.” Yoongi laughs. 
“Yoongi, I kind of like him. Like actually like him.” You embarrassingly admit, your face flushing a bright red. 
Yoongi stares at you for a while. “No shit, Sherlock.” You’re even more embarrassed.
You and Yoongi spend the next couple of hours together, talking about whatever was naturally brought up in the conversation. Eventually, you do have to get ready for work. Yoongi understands, helping clean up from your shared meal. “I’m gonna go and let you get ready for work.” Yoongi smiles, wiping down the coffee table. 
“Thank you, Yoongi. Really.” You smile, wrapping him in a hug. You genuinely appreciate him coming to listen, despite giving you debatable information. 
“Anytime.” Yoongi smiles, hugging you back. “I’m happy to see my little kids falling in love, having their little fling.” He smiles. “I’ll come visit you at work.” He says before he leaves.
Yoongi carries out his promise, coming later on in the night. You scold him for being out so late, but you suppose he’s used to having late nights. You used your employee discount for his drink, sneaking the baked treat to him. You use the excuse that you throw them out at the end of the day and bake them fresh the next day, which is true but regardless. You had to convince him to take it. 
“I told Kook you’re working the nightshift.” Yoongi smiles. 
“God damn it, Min.” You sigh, shaking your head. 
“He’ll be here in maybe 10 minutes.” Yoongi giggles as he leaves the coffee shop, waving as he walks past the window. 
Yoongi is right often, and once again, he’s right about this situation. Jungkook comes in maybe 8 minutes later, a sheepish look on his face. You don’t even know what to say to him, the two of you looking at each other for an extended amount of time. 
“What can I get for you?” You smile at him, walking to the register. 
“Y/N, you have to believe me.” Jungkook whines, beginning his dramatics as he slumps over on the glass display case. He leaves another Kook-Stamp, making you smile. You could strangle him, you could. “I’ll do anything to prove it to you, I swear.” 
“Jungkook, you say that a lot you know.” You laugh. “I’m not mad at you, Kook. You don’t have to apologize to me.”
“I swear I don’t just want to hook up and then run, even though that’s what he made it sound like.” Jungkook continues to whine as he continues to drag his face along the glass. He’s doing a good job at making your job harder.
“Kook, even if you do that’s okay. That’s the pretense I started talking to you anyway.” You laugh. You don’t want him to say things he doesn’t mean, and right now it seems like he’s doing exactly that. “I like whatever little relationship we have going on.”
“Me too.” Jungkook nods. “I really like it too.” 
“What can I get for you, Kook?” You smile, reaching over and peeling his face off of the case. 
“When do you get off?” You’re still holding his face in your hand, watching as he melts into your touch. “I wanna take you out on a date.”
“You know that’s not a good idea.” You smile at him. 
“A date, at my house. Just me and you.” 
You roll your eyes, “Sure Kook, I’d love to. For now, what can I get for you?” 
You do the same thing as you did Yoongi, sneaking him a baked treat and a drink. You’re not sure your manager would really care, considering who they are, but regardless you pretend that you’re sneaking it. 
“When do you get off?” He asks as he sips on the ice coffee in hand, awkwardly holding his treat in the other. 
“In about 30 minutes.”
“I’ll wait for you.” He smiles, sitting down at a table. He does, watching every now and then as you do your closing tasks. He’s resting his chin on one of his hands, a soft smile on his face. You jokingly wipe him down with a rag, trying to wipe the table that he’s at. “Wow, a free drink and a free bath?” He laughed. “Customer service is really improving.”
“I need you to stand up from the table.” You laugh, Jungkook not getting the hint. He eventually stands up, watching as you wipe down the table and chair. “Okay, all done. Let me clock out really quickly.”
Afterwards, you meet Jungkook by the door. He makes up for not being able to open the door for you this morning, making a show of beating you to the passenger side. You can’t help but roll your eyes, climbing in. “Okay, to my house?” He smiles, buckling up. You nod, reaching over and grabbing his hand. Jungkook smiles, beginning to drive.
“I gotta ask, Kook. How much is this “date” going to be an actual date? And not just us fooling around on your couch.” It makes Jungkook burst out laughing. 
“I would say maybe 95% date, and 5% fool around on my couch if I get lucky.” You can’t help but roll your eyes slightly at him, trying hard to not laugh. 
The two of you don’t have much to talk about for the rest of the car ride, a comfortable silence falling over the two of you as music plays. Arriving at his house is no different, not a lot needing to be said as you head inside. Your interest is piqued as Jungkook walks through the house, making his way into the backyard. Without a word, you naturally follow him. The backyard is decorated with various fairy lights and small lanterns on the grass. The small path leads to a blanket, a small picnic arranged in the middle of the yard. 
“Kook, you’ve really outdone yourself.” You can’t help but smile at him, the effort making your heart fuzzy. 
“I know we can’t really have public dates, so I’ve gotta get creative and find other alternatives.” Jungkook laughs. “And Jin maybe, perhaps, helped me make the food. But don’t give him credit, it’ll go to his head.” He quickly explains, making you giggle. Jungkook dramatically plops down onto the fluffy blanket, patting the area next to him as he peers up at you. Eventually, you cave and plop down along with him. You easily find your seat underneath his arm. 
“I really appreciate your effort, Kook.” You smile. 
“Listen, I want to explain-”
Before he has a chance to continue on speaking, you slap a hand over his mouth. His eyes are wide as he stares at you, making you giggle. “Shhhh, you’re ruining the mood. You don’t have to, you don’t owe me an explanation.” 
“I want you to know that what he said isn't true. Not true in the slightest. I can’t really prove it right now, so in the meantime just take my word for it.” He explains. 
“Alright, if you say so.” You smile, rolling your eyes. You rest your head on him, eyes closing slightly. You’ve had a long day and you’re a bit tired, but enjoying the little date regardless. “I hope you thanked Jin for me.” You smile, reaching for a dish and beginning to eat. After a bite, you offer Jungkook some, feeding him. “I can feel  you staring at me, Kook.”
“Sorry.” You’re almost able to imagine the blush on his face. “I just think you’re really pretty, y/n.” 
Glancing over, he’s still staring at you. “I thought you said we would have a date. Stop trying to butter me up to sleep with you.” You tease, sticking your tongue out at him. It makes the two of you laugh. 
“God, can’t even compliment you anymore.” Jungkook complains, laying down on his back. He peers up at the stars, examining any constellations. You listen as he tells you about them, a fond smile overtaking your face involuntarily. He’s especially cute right now, wearing his signature comfy clothes as he shares his knowledge with you. Every now and then, he opens his mouth for a bite of food, which you give him. 
“You’re really cute right now, Kook.” You can’t help but smile at him as he glances up. 
“Wow, who’s buttering up who now?” He jokes. Eventually, you set the dish down and carefully join him laying down. Cuddled up to his side, you’re not exactly looking at the stars and more or less looking sideways. Jungkook continues to talk about the stars, moon, and planets as you listen. “You’re not even looking at the sky with me.” He whines, realizing after a solid 10 minutes. 
“I like listening to you talk.” On the verge of falling asleep, you have to sit back up. If not, you would definitely fall asleep on Jungkook’s chest. Jungkook asks about your day, and with a small pang in your chest you feel guilty. You could lie, but at this point it wouldn’t really matter. “I called Yoongi over to talk, because you hurt my feelings.” You laugh out loud, watching as Jungkook’s face falls. “Don’t worry, he reassured me. I’m not sad about you anymore.”
“...I don’t know what that means.” Jungkook mumbles. 
“No, Jungkook. I didn’t fuck Yoongi.” You roll your eyes, watching as he lets out his breath. He does an exaggerated whew which makes you laugh. He goes to the full extent of wiping fake sweat off of his brow.  “God, you really think I sleep with everyone. You have some issues.”
Jungkook sits up, wrapping you in his arms before easily dragging you down to the blanket. “Just gotta make sure, otherwise me and Yoongi would have to talk.” He threatens, holding up a fist before placing his arm back down. With your head resting on his arm, facing each other, you can’t help but smile. 
“Yoongi and I are good friends, Namjoon introduced him to me first.” You smile. “He’s almost like another Namjoon to me, but less clumsy.” 
“So like a brother?”
“Yeah, I suppose-”
“Good.” Jungkook cuts you off, a shit eating grin on his face. 
“What if I told you, you were also like a brother to me?” You laugh, watching his expression. 
“Well, that would be some fucked up step-brother porn shit.” He shrugs, allowing his eyes to close slightly as he pulls you closer. You genuinely don’t understand Jungkook and his porn references, but you assume it’s a young man thing. 
“You must watch a lot of porn, Kook. You’re always referencing it.” You chuckle. 
“What do you mean?”
“The co-worker role-play shit and now the step-brother porn scenario.” You laugh, realization finally washing over his face as he remembers his previous reference. “Yeah, you weirdo. You make them a lot.”
“Eh, you like this weirdo.” Kook smiles, pulling you in even closer so that your foreheads are touching. You can't open your eyes and look at him without laughing, so you close your eyes for now. “Y/n?” You hum slightly to acknowledge him. “What if we were to actually date? Like officially date, boyfriend and girlfriend?”
You laugh, thinking he’s joking. You feel like you’re in middle school again. “Your fans would assassinate me.” You joke. Jungkook doesn’t really laugh, but it doesn’t really strike as odd for you. “They definitely wouldn’t be happy that I somehow bagged the golden maknae, the sweet, hot, charming, funny, attractive, perfect, good at everything, youngest member.” You exaggerate, finally making him chuckle with you. “And also, it would probably make you less popular with the ladies, and what superstar wants that?”
“I only want to be popular with you.” He mumbles, making you smile. Your hands come to play with his hair, every now and then smoothing it back down. 
“What? No asking new girls to smash at every one of your shows? Is that not something super popular bands do anymore?” You continue to tease him, a soft smile never quite leaving your face. You like teasing him like this, leaving him defending himself. 
“We��re not some metal rock band, y/n.” That makes you giggle. 
“Doesn’t mean you can’t ask people out. What’s the one contract you have to sign, that says you can’t tell anyone you fucked a famous idol?” You continue to nag. 
“Yyyyyy/nnnnnnn.” Jungkook complains, shaking you slightly in his arms. 
“Okay, okay.” You smile, the shaking stopping. “I like this Kook, spending time with you.”
“I do too, a lot.” He nods, agreeing. The two of you spend maybe another hour outside, mumbling conversations every now and then. Your eyelids feel heavier as the minutes tick bye, eventually remaining closed for the entire conversation. You suppose Jungkook opens his eyes eventually, noticing. “Are you tired?”
You nod, feeling slightly bad. “I’m alright though, I’m enjoying the date you set up for us.” You can feel Jungkook shuffling slightly next to you, not really assuming anything. The kid moves around often, sometimes being unable to sit still for 5 minutes. In one easy swoop, Jungkook easily lifts you off of the floor. “Kook!” Your arms fly around his neck, eyes slightly wide. 
“I got you.” He smiles, easily walking into the house. Laughing at him pushing the glass door open with his ass, he continues in. He continues into his room, “Awww, jagiyaaaa.” He jokes as he carries you bridal style, tossing you onto his bed. 
“Ugh, I hate you.” You smile. 
“My sweet wife.” Kissing your forehead, he disappears back into the hallway. While he didn’t tell you what he was doing, you can only assume that he’s cleaning up the backyard. It would be unfortunate if the two of you woke up to raccoons in the backyard ransacking Jin’s food. He comes back in, dramatically plopping down next to you. “Not tired anymore?”
“My adrenaline is going from you launching me in the air, Einstein.” Jungkook smiles at you, clearly proud of himself. “Hmm, Kook?” He hums. “Kiss?”
“Fuck yeah!” He cheers, easily hopping onto his knees and making his way over. You hate him, you do. With a smile, Jungkook quickly finds his place in between your legs, connecting your lips. Your legs wrap around his waist, teasingly pulling him closer to you. “Oh?” He asks, a palm coming to hold your thigh that’s around him. 
“Shut up.” You pull him closer by his hair, earning a deep groan from him. Your lips slowly slide together, kisses extremely soft. It’s oddly romantic, something you’re not used to with Jungkook. While it’s unfamiliar, it’s not unwelcome. “Kook?”
“Fuck.” He complains, sitting up slightly. “You’re about to ask me to do some shit that doesn’t involve pleasing you.” 
“It does please me, you know I love seeing you like that.” You correct him, watching as he jokingly rolls his eyes. Leaning up, you place a small peck onto his lips. “I want you to-”
“Let me guess dry hump you until I cum?” He jokes, placing a gentle kiss onto your jaw.
“I mean, I was gonna let you fuck my thighs but yeah. I like that better.” His face goes blank, making you laugh. 
“I’ll take your deal, please I’ll take your deal.”
“Nope, too late. You can fuck my thighs next time.” You laugh. “Get to dry humping Kook, I wanna hear you.”
“It’s like I’m back in high school.” It makes you let out a loud laugh, unable to hold it back. As much as he pretends to hate it, he did come up with the idea. The feeling of your thighs squeezing around him goes to his head, mind running wild. After your little laughing fit, your lips softly reconnect. The both of your hips grind together, eventually finding a decent rhythm. Your kisses are broken up by Jungkook’s soft whines and whimpers, shooting to your core. 
“Do I make you feel good, bun? Do you like this?” You gently whisper, placing a kiss to his neck. A louder moan is drawn from him, head falling into your shoulder. “My sweet bun, so good for me.” You continue, pulling softly at his hair to pull his head up. You connect your lips, biting softly onto his bottom lip. 
Jungkook’s hands move to hold your hips, grinding them against himself harder. His moans and whines slowly become more frequent, beginning to get the signature look on his face. His eyebrows furrowed together slightly, sweat forming above his brow. His lips are red from kissing and biting them, slightly shiny. His eyes are also closed, losing himself in the feeling as his hips grind harder against your core. 
“Bun, you’re doing so good.” You smirk, grabbing one of his wrists slightly. He easily allows you to move it, unsuspecting as you slide it underneath your shirt. You allow your shirt to hike up, bra fully exposed. 
“Can I take it off?” Jungkook whines, lips finding your jaw once again. “Please y/n.” He lets out a small moan as you easily reach around, popping open the clasp. It’s torn off in zero seconds flat, quickly being thrown across his room. It almost makes you laugh but you suppress it for the time being. Jungkook’s mouth easily makes its way down to your chest, hot kisses leaving a trail. 
Jungkook does a thorough job of leaving hickeys on your chest, finally being able to leave a mark that won’t be seen. He’s too interested in your chest that his hips cease their movement, making you smile. “Alright, that’s enough.” You pull his head back up to kiss him, grinding your hips to remind him. 
“Never wanna stop kissing you.” He mumbles against your lips, grinding your hips against his harder than before. His fingertips hurt your hips slightly, holding them tightly. You watch as he loses himself once again, eyes falling closed. “Never wanna stop trying things with you.” He whines, kissing you harder as his hips continue to grind against you. It doesn’t feel amazing to you, but seeing Kook fall apart because of you makes your mind feel cloudy. You’ll never get over having him like this, just you and him. 
A particularly loud whine falls past his lips, head coming to rest in the crook of your neck again. There's a giant smile on your face, “Are you close bun? Do you feel good?”
“Almost.” He whines, slight frustration in his demeanor. 
“Kook, lay on your back.” You smile, watching as he immediately follows your instruction. He’s painfully hard in his sweatpants, hips jutting into the air. You easily straddle his hips, weight fully resting against him. “You’re so sensitive, bun.” You can't help but smile, pulling your skirt up slightly, Jungkook’s face scrunches up, watching your panties grind against his bulge. His head is thrown back slightly against his pillow. “Feel better?”
“Mhm, yes.” He whines, hips jutting up every now and then, whines spilling past his lips. The sight is almost too much for him, watching as you grind against him, one hand holding your skirt up to give him a show as the other rests on his thigh to stabilize your movement. Your tits sway with your movement, an extra sight for Jungkook's eyes. “Gonna cum.” A loud whine falls past his lips, hips beginning to grind in time with you. Your skirt eventually falls, both hands having to hold yourself up. 
“I can feel you, so warm.” Jungkook whimpers, hips stuttering slightly. So close but so far, his mind reeling. 
“Go ahead and cum, bun.” You smirk, watching as his head easily falls back. With a small whine of your name and his hips stuttering against you, you know. You continue your movement, watching as he twitches slightly underneath you. His hands come to your hips, stopping the movement before it begins to hurt. It makes you smirk. “You did good, Kook. You should clean up.” your lips easily meet, slowly sliding against each other as he comes down from his high. 
“If we ever argue again, no matter what it is, just know that it’s not true. I like this too much to argue with you.” Jungkook explains, making you roll your eyes at him. You have to fight the urge to laugh, still securely sitting on his lap. 
“Go change, nasty.” You tease, climbing off his lap and beginning to search for the bra that got launched across the room. You can finally laugh, the bra quite literally being all the way across the room. You get dressed, Jungkook disappearing somewhere into his closet to find new clothes. Exhausted, you happily climb underneath his covers. 
“Y/n?” Jungkook mumbles, coming out of the closet once changed. You hum. “When I get the chance, you’re coming 5 times on my tongue alone.”
“I’m sure Kook, I’m sure.” You smile, patting the bed. You watch as he sails through the air, landing directly next to you. You don’t have the energy to scold him, rolling your eyes as you scooch closer so you’re touching. 
“Not tonight.” The two of you say in unison, your eyes widening slightly as you try not to laugh. Jungkook has a cocky look on his face, slowly being able to predict your reactions. You finally chuckle, rolling your eyes as you slap a hand over his eyes. 
“Go to bed, just go to bed.” You sigh, making him chuckle. 
“Thank you Y/n.” Jungkook mumbles, wrapping his arms around you as he pushes his face into the crook of your neck. It makes you smile, twirling his soft hair in your fingers. You hum slightly, not knowing what he was really thanking you for. “For spending time with me, and treating me like a normal person. And not Jungkook of BTS.”
“If I treated you like Jungkook of BTS, it would go to your head too much.” You laugh. “I like Jeon Jeongguk more anyways. Always nervous and sweet and cute. If you acted like some stuck up superstar I think we’d fistfight.”
“I’d win.” He laughs, vibrations sprawling along your skin. 
“Nah, I'd punch you straight on your dick.” You comment, another laugh being pulled from him. “End the fight before it even starts.” Jungkook just hums, not saying anything else as he allows himself to drift off. You can’t help but smile, placing a kiss on his forehead before following. “Night Kookie.” 
You’re woken up by the door clicking shut, sitting up in the bed. Jungkook’s warmth lingers next to you, recently here. “Kook?” You mumble, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes as you glance around the room. A small Yeah? Comes from the bathroom, voice being drowned out by the sound of the shower. A bulb goes off in your brain, a giant smirk on your face. “Kook? Can I join you?” A shit eating grin is irremovable, plastered across your face. 
“I- huh? What? What did you say?” He stutters and you can almost imagine the look on his face. “I mean, if you want to. If you’re comfortable?”
“Close your eyes, don’t open until I say.” You smile, clicking open the bathroom door. You can see his figure in the glass, slightly foggy from the hot water running. You’re not 100% sure if his eyes are actually closed, but you give him the benefit of the doubt as you quickly strip down. The sound of your clothes hitting the floor is almost music to his ears, Jungkook’s mind going into overdrive as he faces towards the shower head (eyes closed because he listens.) 
His ears strain as he listens to you, hearing the soft pad of your footsteps make their way into the shower. “You really don’t have to if you’re not comfortable-” Jungkook speaks up, hearing you step in behind him. His words are cut short as he feels you press against his back, arms snaking around to rest on his chest. “T-this isn’t showering together.” His face is hot, ears a deep red. 
“I didn't say shower together, I said join you.” You giggle, allowing your hands to roam his body. “You can open your eyes now if you want, but you can’t really see much.” You chuckle, lightly dragging your nails along his skin. 
“You’re gonna be the death of me.” He whines, chest pushing into your palms as you glide them over his muscles. He can feel your tits against him, pressed flush together. “Can I hold you?” He whines as your hands move further down, almost agonizingly slow. 
“I'm not moving from behind you, so if you can find a way, sure.” You smile, resting your cheek onto his skin. Jungkook does find a way, reaching behind him and allowing his hands to rest just on your ass. It pulls you closer, your body now almost entirely flush together. 
“Fuck, I can’t believe you’re naked and I can’t even see you.” Jungkook complains, taking the opportunity to grab the flesh underneath his palms. 
“You’re so whiny.” You roll your eyes, gently taking his cock in one hand. “And so painfully predictable.” You tease, feeling the hard on in your fist. 
“I have a naked lady pressed up against me, it’d be more embarrassing if I wasn’t horny.” He justifies himself, making you laugh lightly. You take the time to rile him up, slowly moving your loose fist as the other hand continues to run along his skin. Your fingers easily find a nipple, pinching it just enough to earn a loud whine from him and feel his hips thrust forward. 
“Always a smart ass.” You smile, tightening your hold slightly. “You’re extra responsive today, what’s up bun?” You can’t help but carry on, feeling his cock throb in your hold. Your other hand comes down as well, both fists pumping his cock at a slow pace. 
“You’re just so close,” He whines, head falling back slightly. “And your skin feels so warm against me.” He continues, hips gently rocking as he gets used to the pace, meeting your hands each time. Jungkook's moans echo off the shower walls, mixed in with the running water. “I wish you could always be around.” He babbles, a small blush creeping up on your face. 
“Do my hands feel good wrapped around you, bun? Want me to go faster?” You mumble against his skin, kissing the shoulder you’re hiding behind. 
“Nope. Feels so good, enjoying the time with you.” He whines, hips thrusting forward slightly harder. 
“Are you watching Kook? I wish I could see you fucking my hands.” You bite his skin lightly, not enough to leave a mark. “You probably look so good.” You smile, squeezing your hands slightly to emphasize your point. It earns a throaty moan from him, cock twitching in your hold. 
“I'll come too fast, I wanna enjoy this with you.” He answers, voice soft. You swear he could melt you with words if he tried hard enough, the burning in your ears worsening by the second. 
“Y’really know how to sweet talk a girl, bun.” You crack a light joke, releasing one hand to roam his body once more. It’s more for you than him, fingertips tracing every curve and muscle that they come across. Jungkook also releases one of his hands, coming back around to his own body. You’re not expecting it to grab your wrist, catching you off guard as both of your hands stop their movement. 
You can't see what he’s doing, nor the soft smile he has on his face. He slowly pulls the hand up, placing the softest kiss possible onto your palm. He continues, gently folding your fingers before placing another soft kiss onto your knuckles. “Love spending time with you,” He whines, rocking his hips back into your stilled fist. It almost snaps you back in reality, momentarily forgetting what you both were doing since you were too focused on what he was doing. 
The burn in Jungkook’s face is undeniable, and he’s glad you’re behind him this time. His chest feels tight with too many emotions he can’t tell you currently, and even if he did you wouldn’t believe it. His heartbeat is erratic, beating so hard he can hear it in his ears. Saying I love you wouldn’t be right just yet, especially in the current circumstance the two of you are in. So for now, he’s just got to put love somewhere in the sentence. 
“Me too, bun. Me too.” You smile, tightening your hold and slightly picking up the pace in an attempt to recover your composure. Your other hand also comes down to resume the position the two of you were in before, Jungkook picking up the pace as well as he rocks his hips into you. “Wanna hear you bun.” 
He gives you exactly that, allowing soft whines, whimpers, and moans to bounce off the tile walls. The shower fails to drown out the noises this time, the echo of Jungkook overpowering the water. “Close.” Jungkook whimpers, eyes closing hard as he focuses on the feeling of your hands wrapped around him. “So close.” 
“You’re doing so good.” You mumble, kissing along his skin in between sentences. You gently tighten your hands, watching as his hips falter a bit in their pace. “My good boy-“ You can't even finish your sentence before Jungkook’s hips pause, a loud whine falling past his lips. His cock throbs slightly, fingers digging into your skin as he rides out the high. You know he gets overstimulated easily, continuing your movement to see how much he takes before he pulls your hands away. (Spoiler alert, it’s not much.) 
“That caught me off guard.” His face is bright red, trying to calm himself before he turns to face you. 
“The ‘My good boy’ bit or?” You chuckle, reaching forward to rinse your hands off. “You can finish your shower now, bun. I'll stop disturbing you.” You giggle, back hugging him and kissing his shoulder one last time. 
“Wait, can you wash my hair?” (He really wants you to stay longer, and he secretly not-so-secretly loves your hands in his hair.) 
“What, so you can look?” You jokingly groan, making him giggle. 
“I’ll close my eyes, pinky promise.” He dumbly shoves his hand backwards, pinky outstretched. You can’t help but roll your eyes, linking your pinkies anyways. He spins around quickly, eyes shut. Jungkook's palms immediately reach out to find you, finding their place on your waist and resting there. There’s light red marks from your nails along his torso, looking extremely erotic as he stands in front of you. 
“You’re so cute.” You giggle, genuinely not believing he’s standing in the shower in front of you with his eyes closed. “Let me get the shampoo.” As soon as your hands hit his hair, Jungkook realizes he’s struck gold. He instantly melts, head leaning into your palms as you massage the shampoo in his hair. A small hum of content comes from him, your fingertips massaging his scalp and temples gently. 
“Holy shit,” He mumbles, eyes closed as you continue the mini massage. The look on his face makes you giggle, thumbs gently massaging his temples once again. Leaning forward, you place a gentle peck onto his lips. 
You continue to place periodic kisses, Jungkook’s face permanently a smile. “You want me to condition too?” You laugh, stepping into him. He gets the hint, stepping backwards underneath the water as you rinse his hair. He nods with a shit eating grin. You repeat the process, your arms slightly burning from reaching up for so long. 
“I'll wash your hair too.” He claims, making you giggle. 
“With your eyes closed?” 
“Of course.” He begins to fumble around the bottles, looking for the shampoo bottle. You have to help him, placing the bottle (he wasn’t even close) into his palm. “Got it, got it.” 
“Please don’t get it in my eyes, Kook.” Pleading, you step closer to him and rest your hands on his torso. Feeling with the back of his hand, he finds the top of your head before beginning to lather the shampoo into your hair. It feels good, both of his hands massaging your scalp. You now understand the hype he gave this. Jungkook matches your antics, leaning down and giving you small pecks. 
The two of you laugh uncontrollably as you shift sides in the shower to rinse, feet shuffling as you spin 180 degrees. He carefully rinses your hair, trying hard not to get any shampoo in your eyes despite not being able to see. You one again shuffle around to rinse the conditioner in his hair out, small chuckles filling the shower. “Your hair is soft.” Jungkook mumbles, hands resting on the nape of your neck. 
“It doesn't even have conditioner in it.” 
“It's just always soft,” He shrugs. You watch him fumble around once again, looking for the conditioner bottle this time. You have to help him, this time setting it in front of his hands rather than passing it to him. He celebrates finding it himself, which makes you fight the urge to giggle. 
“Just the middle and end, Kook.” He nods in front of you, once again finding your head before following your instructions. He makes sure to condition it thoroughly before spinning the two of you around again, rinsing it. “If you wanna wash your body, you’re doing that yourself. You’d like it too much if I did it.” 
“I already did before you snuck in here, missy.” Jungkook smiles, “And that’s a missed opportunity for you.” 
“What’s that supposed to mean?” 
“Your hands would be able to touch every single inch of me,” Jungkook cracks, gently grabbing your hands and jokingly running them along his chest and abs. “People would kill to do that.” 
“Yeah, every inch right Kook?” You laugh, reaching around his body and grabbing his ass in your hands. It makes him jump slightly, a loud laugh bouncing off the shower tiles. 
“I mean hey, if you want.” He smiles, hands resting back in your hair. Kook gently pulls you closer, chests pressing together. 
“You can open your eyes now-“ His eyes shoot open immediately, “You won’t be able to see anything though.” It’s true, looking down the most he can actually see if your cleavage pressed against him. “Pervert.” You roll your eyes. 
“I like spending time with you.”
“You say that often.” You lean up, pecking his cheek. 
“It’s because I mean it.” He giggles, stepping back into the stream of water. You raise a brow as the two of you are covered with water. Jungkook laughs, easily connecting your lips and pulling you closer to him. “It’s like kissing underneath the rain.” It makes you laugh out loud, pretending to push him away. 
“Close your eyes, i’m getting out.” Waiting until he fully closes his eyes, you let go and almost scurry out of the bathroom. You steal the towel he had laid out for himself, collect your clothes from the floor, and begin making a dash for his closet to ransack his sweatpants and t-shirt collection. You can hear grumbles from Kook, complaining about the missing towel. You trail off into the living room, plopping down onto the the couch. Kook eventually joins you in the living room controller in hand, sitting in the corner of the large u-shaped couch and swinging his legs up.  
You don’t think much of it, watching as he powers on the large tv and his game system. With ease, Jungkook easily drags you over, pulling you across his thigh to sit in between his legs. “You always sit so far away from me.” He laughs, wrapping his arms around you as he easily pushes the buttons on his controller. Your back rests against his chest, head just below his chin as he easily peers over you at the screen. 
“All this couch space and we’re just taking up a little piece of it.” You giggle, resting your hands on Kook’s thighs next to you. “What are you playing?” You can almost see the grin on his face as he clicks on Overwatch, answering your question without actually saying anything. He easily starts a round, selecting Widowmaker without a second thought. “Woowww, pick the half naked girl with insane proportions. I should’ve guessed.” You tease. 
“I- what? She’s a good character!” Jungkook defends, making you chuckle softly. Despite defending his choice, he quickly changes it to McCree. Before you have another chance to tease him about his character change, he begins the round. 
There’s not much conversation after that, watching as Jungkook plays his game with well practiced skill. He’s extremely good, but it’s no shock to you. Eventually he does change back to Widowmaker, offering nothing other than a quick shut up, before he resumes the game. With the change of character, he’s just as good if not better. You assume that he uses her the most while playing, well adjusted to her fighting style. 
“Here, you play.” Jungkook announces, moving his hand off the controller and replacing it with one of yours. He goes the same with the other side, stifling his laughter as you lamely hold the controller in your hands. 
“I can’t, Kook. I don’t know any of the controls. I’ll get shot 2 seconds in.” It also doesn’t help that he’s high rank, meaning the difficulty level is super insanely unbelievably hard. 
“It’s alright, we’ll get used to it.” Kook says softly, placing his hands over your own and clicking your thumb down, beginning the game. You’re able to quickly conclude that this isn’t going to go well, but it’s going to be funny at least. Jungkook plays the game more than you, moving and jamming down your fingers whenever it is needed. You can’t help but laugh, Jungkook frantically trying to move your fingers from button to button as you’re being shot at. “Press L2!! L2 Y/n!” His body jumps slightly as you’re shot again. “Shit! Move move! Run away!”
You’re almost cackling at this point, trying hard to keep any tears out of your vision. “Wait wait! I can shoot them!” You laugh, finally familiar enough with the controls to actually act on your own. You get a couple of shots in before you have to run again, not even sure if they died. You just know that you at least did damage. 
“You got them!” Jungkook beams, “Baby’s first kill.” He begins the dramatics, wrapping his arms tightly around you and rocking you in his hold. You laugh, attention taken away from the game. You’re killed soon after that, but neither of you really care. “You’re eventually gonna beat my skill, maybe even kill me in a game.”
Rolling your eyes, the rocking slows to a stop. “I highly doubt it.” With a smile, you hand the controller back over to kook and encourage him to play another round if he wants. After a couple more rounds, Kook switching between characters as he felt, you’re finally feeling the results of not eating all morning. Slipping from his arms, you make your way into the kitchen in search of anything edible. 
“Whatta ya looking for?” Jungkook eventually asks as he hears the fridge open, clicking out of his game. With the new distraction, Jungkook stretches out on the otherwise empty couch. “I haven't been grocery shopping in awhile, so there’s maybe a singular crumb in the fridge currently.”
“I’m reheating the food that Jin made, thank god for him.” You roll your eyes, unpacking the food that Jungkook put up on his own last night. You can hear Jungkook complain somewhere in the living room, mentioning Don’t give him too much credit, remember?
Once hot, you bring the food containers into the living room, setting them down on the coffee table. Jungkook immediately takes the opportunity, placing his head on your lap. “What if you just stay here?” Jungkook boldly mumbles, “And I can come home from work everyday to you lounging around my home.” You give him a look before redirecting your focus back to your food. “Come home to my sweet girl, make dinner together, kiss, cuddle on the couch, go to sleep.”
His eyes drift clothes, daydreaming. You deliver a sharp flick to his forehead, watching as he jolts up and places a palm over it. “Reality to Kook? I gotta go soon so let’s eat together, instead of you being a weirdo.”
“You have to go?? Just stay here with meeee, I'll give you half of my paychecks.” He complains, jokingly wrapping himself around you and pretending to never let go. You roll your eyes, beginning to wedge your feet in any crevices, shoving him away from your body. You shove him to the other side of the couch, keeping your legs on the cushions to maintain the distance. 
“You’re a freak.” You joke, offering him a bite from your spoon. He reluctantly takes it. “I have off on Friday if you wanna do something again.” You smile, already knowing that Jungkook is going to begin in antics. 
“Friday?! That’s so far away, 5 days!” Jungkook whines, hands coming up to grab your calves and thighs. “I’ll have to visit you at work everyday, otherwise I won't get by!” He continues to complain and whine, really cranking up the dramatics. 
“You’re a super busy idol, I'm sure you’ll have plenty to do.” You laugh, watching as he lays on his stomach in front of you. Jungkook’s really not sly in the slightest, but you’re also extremely used to his antics. Slowly, he places both of your legs over his shoulders as he crawls closer. “Ugh.” You joke.
“Y/n, you kill me. You really do, god what I'd give to just taste you once.” Kook whines, wrapping his arms around your thighs as he holds them. Turning his head, he places a kiss on your inner thigh through the sweatpants. “I’d give you a month’s worth of my paycheck, I would.” 
“Do you hear yourself right now?” Taking a final bite of the food, you place it over onto the coffee table. “You look like a starved man right now.” You jokingly place your hands in his hair, pulling and tugging as if he were actually eating you out. He groans softly, eyes falling closed for a moment. 
“I am, I've been starved since our first date.” 
“My poor boy, you're just DYING.” You joke, letting go of his hair as you get more comfortable. Your legs are still resting on his shoulders, Jungkook unmoving. “Soak it all in, because I've gotta go soon.” You roll your eyes, watching as he rests his head extremely close to your core. 
Leaving is the same as always, Jungkook trying hard to convince you to stay. He continues to make a show of opening the passenger side door, getting in, and trying to convince you once more before leaving. Once at your apartment, he tries to walk you up, being met with the usual saying. He knows you’re terrified to be caught, but he’s slowly losing his care for it. “We can't be seen TOGETHER, Kook! People will freak out!” You reiterate, watching as he fakes a tantrum. “I’ll see you Friday, Kook?” You smile.
“100%” Jungkook nods. You give him a quick kiss before getting out, waving to his car before walking in the building. 
Walking up by yourself is a bit lonely, and it’s almost like you’ve gotten too used to being with Kook. You don’t think the next 5 days would really be that bad, but as they begin to drag along you’re starting to feel like Jungkook in the car. 
Jungkook’s been just as busy, working every day. He visits only once, coming in for maybe 15 minutes. Despite being very much in public, he demands at least one kiss before leaving. 
“I’ll have my usual.” He smiles, pressing his face on the glass display case. You’re convinced that he does it now as his signature and to annoy you. He watches you make his drink and bag his treat, tossing it to bounce off his head. He barely reacts, likely tired from his long day of work. 
“Aw, my boy’s tired.” You coo at him jokingly, reaching over the glass to hold his face in your palms. He gladly accepts it, a smile forming on his face. “You have a long day at work?” He nods, seemingly too tired to talk. “I’ll hurry and finish your drink.” Jungkook shuffles over to the pickup area, still not saying much. “Kooook, you’re worrying me.” 
“I’m just tired. I woke up really early and alone. Would have so much more energy if I woke up next to you.” He smiles, watching as you roll your eyes at him. 
“I think it would be exactly the opposite.” You laugh softly, placing the drink in his hand. “But I miss you too, Kook. Since that’s what you’re trying to say.”
“I really do miss you.” He nods. “So much so that I want a kiss.” 
That makes you side eye him, searching for any sign that he’s joking. He’s unfortunately not, beginning your flurry of complaints to begin. “Kook, I’m at work. And people can walk in and see, or even walk by the shop.” You whine. Jungkook continues to stand in front of you, leaning over the counter towards you. “And my manager can walk out and see, or a coworker. Seriously, Kook.”
“Just a quick kiss, no one’s around. It's late Wednesday night, no ones gonna come.” Jungkook justifies his actions, puckering his lips. “Just a peck.”
“Kook.” You whine, watching as he’s obviously not changing his position. “You owe me.” You sigh, leaning over your half of the counter and kissing him. 
“I owe you a lot, I’ve told you this.” Jungkook smirks. “It’s just based on whenever you’re gonna let me actually make it up to you.”
You can’t help but laugh at him, “Get out of my store.” You push him away from the counter. “I’ll see you Friday.” 
Jungkook blows you another kiss as he leaves, “I’ll text you.” 
The days feel like they drag by even slower after that, Friday eventually coming. Jungkook texts you bright and early at 6 am. I have work until 4, but after that i’ll be over at your place. 100%  You kind of wish he also had the day off so you could potentially do something, but you understand regardless. Just as promised, Jungkook is beating on your front door at a prompt 4:30 pm. 
“God! I’ve never been more happy to leave work.” Jungkook whines, quickly walking in. He drops the bags he’s carrying onto your kitchen counter, immediately coming over to you and wrapping you in his arms. “It’s like torture, being away from you.” Jungkook whines, shuffling the both of you towards the couch. You giggle the two of you topple over, Jungkook landing on you with a small oof. “Jimin made fun of me for running out of the building.”
“You must’ve had to speed over here to get here in 30 minutes.” Glancing over to the bags on the table, you correct yourself. “15 minutes, since you picked up food.” You rub his back softly, your free hand coming to rest on his head as you hold him. His arms are wrapped around your torso, hugging you tightly. 
“Do you work tomorrow?” Jungkook mumbles into your chest, making you laugh. 
“Nope, do you?”
“Nope.” You can feel him smile into your skin. “I’m not leaving this couch with you. Gonna lay here forever.” It makes you smile. 
“We should go out later.” You smile, “Every time we’re together we sit on the couch and fool around.” It makes the both of you giggle. 
“I thought you didn’t want to be recognized?” 
“I don’t want YOU to be recognized.” You correct him. “But maybe if we go to a busy market, no one will notice us together. So if someone stops you, I can just keep walking and pretend I don’t know who you are.” You joke. 
“Wow, so romantic.” While you can’t see, you can imagine Jungkook rolling his eyes. 
“What do you suggest?”
“We go out and make out at the busiest club in Seoul.”
“...I’m no longer taking suggestions from you.” You pull his head up slightly to look at each other. “Your suggestion privileges are revoked. Anyways, smart ass, the market is maybe a 10 minute walk from here. If we leave around 12, and the market closes at 3 am, we should have plenty of time.”
“I’d love to go with you, Y/n.” Jungkook finally concedes, shifting up and giving you a kiss. “For now, we should eat before it gets cold.” 
The two of you seemingly have a routine, heading towards the kitchen. Jungkook grabs the food and brings it into the kitchen, you grab drinks, paper towels, and anything else you may need. Once sitting down on the couch, a show is quickly put on as background filler before the two of you begin eating. 
“The members are still giving you hell?” You ask in between bites of food. 
“The older members, no. They think it’s cute now I guess. But Jimin and Tae still think it’s funny I guess. It’s probably just because they’re so close to me in age.” Jungkook laughs, shrugging. “Plus, we always give each other hell. Tae and Lisa, from BlackPink, went to Paris together and Jimin and I wouldn’t stop making jokes about them smashing.” He laughs at his own joke. 
“Oh, so that’s who that was that morning?” You laugh. “Don’t you have a fLiGhT tO cAtCh!” You mock Jungkook’s voice, watching as his eyes widen slightly. 
“Listen, he didn’t-”
“Shut up.” You laugh, pretending to slap your hand over his mouth. At this point, you know that he’ll just lick your palm so you don’t. “I’m not mad at him, I don’t care Kook.”
He can only sigh in defeat, which makes you laugh. For the next couple of hours, the two of you don’t care to do very much. Jungkook is stuck to you like glue, complaining about his withdrawals he’s had since being away for 5 days. It’s a bit dramatic, but it makes the fond feeling in your chest grow even more. The two of you take turns lying on each other, only shifting when it begins to feel like one person is crushing the other. (Jungkook doesn’t feel like that, you insist on switching because you think you’re crushing him.) The conversation is minimal, the two of you mumbling random topics every now and then. 
“I still think you should come live with me.”
“I think you need to stop thinking.”
“I think it would benefit us both.”
“You’re thinking with your dick.”
You can only laugh at him, no rebuttal truly needed. It’s maybe an hour before you plan to leave that you make Jungkook get off, taking your time to get ready. He complains that you’re too far, following you like a lost puppy around your small apartment. 
“You really have separation anxiety, these last 5 days really killed you.” You tease, doing light makeup in the bathroom. Jungkook sits on the closed toilet seat, watching. 
“Can I put on your gloss?”
“You’re really killing me.” You can’t help but laugh, the sparkle in his eyes as he stares at you undeniable. You hand him the gloss, quickly finishing the rest of your makeup before allowing him to do the gloss. He’s about to get up when you stop him, sitting down on his lap. “Alright, knock yourself out.”
“The blood is rushing to my head.” Jungkook mumbles, making you laugh as you reach for his hair. “Other head.”
“I hate you.” You stop talking so he can put on the gloss, not wanting to get it all over your face. You choose not to indulge his dick talk, easily getting off his lap and making your way out of the bathroom. “I guess we’re ready to make our way out?”
“You look so hot, this isn’t fair.”
“I’m not even wearing anything that nice?” You question, shrugging him off. If he keeps it up, the two of you won’t be going anywhere besides your bedroom. “Stop trying to sweet talk me and put your shoes on. I hope you have a mask, or a hat, or something, Jungkook. You’re pretty recognizable.”
“I’ll cover up just for you.” He smiles. “But I have a hat in my car, so we’re gonna have to make a stop before we walk to the market.”
As much as he can be a smart ass, you genuinely enjoy spending time with Jungkook. Walking to the market is peaceful, the both of you rarely encountering another person on the sidewalk. The two of you walk arm in arm until you get closer to the market. Once you draw closer, maybe 8 minutes into your walk, the streets get significantly busier. You unlink your arms, putting a bit of distance between the both of you as you walk into the market. 
“If we do have to separate, just call or text so we can meet up at a vendor or something.” You explain, watching as Jungkook nods. “I promise you, if someone recognizes you and stops you, I'll continue to walk.”
“Fair enough.” Jungkook agrees, making you smile. 
The market is extremely busy, but it’s also fun to walk through together. Jungkook insists on buying things you pick up and genuinely seem to like, easily pulling his wallet out and ignoring your complaints. It’s small things like rings or necklaces that you like and pick up without thinking. After noticing, you do your best to avoid touching anything. 
Walking through the market, Jungkook isn’t stopped once. Most people who interact with him are small squeals and aggressive waving, which Jungkook returns. Anytime that happens, you pretend to not see it or know why, continuing your path. Since he hasn’t gotten fully stopped, you don’t need to play Where's Waldo to find each other.
“Do you think they have those cheesy corn dog things?” You smile, imitating a cheese pull to emphasize your point. 
Jungkook just stares at you for a moment, a blank expression on your face. You’re about to continue explaining, thinking he didn’t understand when he interrupts you. “You’re so cute.” He smiles, tossing an arm over your shoulder. It makes you nervous, scared people are going to see the both of you. “I think there’s some food vendors up here, we can go look.”
You walk with his arm around you, having to fight the giant smile that tugs on the edge of your lips. He insists on buying you the corndog, finding a place for the two of you to sit down in the meantime. “I can’t believe people recognize you even though so much is covered.” You state, thinking about the wide eyes and giant smiles that he’s gotten from fans over the course of the night. 
“I have to fight the urge to laugh while you pretend to not know me.” Jungkook smiles, a fond look on his face that you choose to ignore. 
As the hours tick by, the vendors begin to close. While the market is open until 3 am, some vendors close early if they aren’t getting that much business. Jungkook insists on walking through the rest of the market with arms linked, claiming there’s barely anyone around anymore. You have to indulge him, the look on his face leaving no room for you to say no. The walk home is significantly longer than the walk to the market, the two of you dragging your feet along the pavement the entire way.
“That was fun, it’s nice to go out instead of just sitting on the couch.” You smile, resting your head on Jungkook’s chest as you wait for the elevator to meet your floor. You can feel him reaching around, eventually holding the back of your neck gently. 
“I had fun too.” He smiles, placing the lightest kiss to your head.
“Are you tired from work?” You return the gesture, wrapping your arms around his torso. “You seemed worn out earlier.”
“I feel more energized now.” 
“Good, because you still owe me that thigh fuck.”
“God, it’s like we’re meant for each other.” Jungkook comments, making you genuinely laugh at him. 
There’s not much left to talk about when the two of you get into your apartment, Jungkook’s lips immediately finding yours as the door clicks shut behind you. His hands roam everywhere he can reach, more desperate than ever to have you close to him. Jungkook devours you as if he’d been starved, unconsciously pinning your body against the door. 
“Kook, my room is down the hall to the right.” You mumble against his lips, immediately connecting them once more. He wastes no time, hands easily finding the back of your thighs and lifting you in one swift motion. He surprisingly navigates well, pulling away from your lips one time to open the door. your back hits the bed, Jungkook following right after as he finds his place in between your legs. “Someone’s excited.” You giggle, wrapping your legs around his waist. 
“Unbelievably so.” He mumbles against your skin, head falling into the corner of your neck. “I wish I could carry you around in my pocket all the time.” 
“You really need to stop thinking, Kook.” You laugh. “Want you to fuck my thighs and imagine it’s the real thing.” You smile, watching as his head picks up slightly. The look on his face makes you giggle. 
“I'm gonna die, I really am Y/n.” He complains, sitting back on his heels. His hands rub your jeans, palms squeezing your thighs. “You’ll be the sole cause.” His hands rest on your hips, fingers inching towards the button and zipper. “May I?” He smiles up at you. 
“Of course.” You smile back, lifting your hips slightly. He easily undoes the closure, yanking them down in one swift tug. It makes you giggle as he rips them the rest of the way, sending the denim flying to the other side of the room. “You are always chucking my clothes across the room.” You giggle, sitting up in your spot. 
Your fingertips easily find the edge of his shirt, hands slipping up and beginning to hike the fabric up. It comes off in one easy movement, you deliberately tossing it as hard as possible towards the door. “So pretty kook, always so pretty just for me.” You smile, placing a kiss onto his abs. “Out of curiosity, how many people have you been with while we’ve been playing our little cat and mouse game?” While you wait for an answer, you’re hard at work biting light marks into his skin. 
“What? None, a big fat zero. Can't even imagine being with someone else.” He mumbles, hands nestling themselves in your hair. “…How many have you been with?” 
“None, no one would match up to my pretty boy.” You smile, glancing up at him. “Lubes in the top drawer.” You lay back as he fishes it out clumsily, pressing your thighs together in front of him. You had bought a new bottle just for the occasion, watching as he rips it open with his teeth. 
“This is so not fair.” He mumbles, a blush spreading across his face as he peels off his chunky cargo pants, Calvin Klein boxers the only thing remaining. 
“God, I wish I could take a picture of you.” You mumble, watching as he pulls your calves over his hips. “So hot, Kook.” 
“Do it then, go find your phone.” He smirks, this time watching you be the one to scramble for something. Thankfully it’s just on the nightstand, you’d die of embarrassment if you had to go out into the kitchen. 
“If you get too cocky I'll record you and your Fleshlight, all whiny and whimpering.” You vaguely threaten, laying back down. Jungkook just giggles as he pulls your legs further over his hips, thighs resting close to his waist. you snap a multitude, some with his face and some without. “Lay down.” 
He follows without even questioning, plopping down in the spot next to you. With a small huff, you push yourself up and over as you sit on his lap. “Fuck.” He whines underneath you, hips bucking slightly up. “Hope these pictures come out good.” He says sarcastically as you take more, his hands gripping your thighs. 
“Doesn’t matter, these are for me and me only.” You laugh, tossing it back onto the bedside stand. “Gotta remember you like this all because of me.” You can’t help but smirk, leaning down and kissing him slowly. He keens, a small whine falling past his lips as you pull away. “My pretty bun.” 
Jungkook flips your spots, once again in between your thighs as you lay on your back. He peels off his boxers, once again silently questioning how he’s naked while you’re basically clothed. “Gonna lose my mind.” He states for maybe the millionth time, making you giggle. 
“You ready bun, you really gotta give me a show.” Pulling him down, your lips easily slot together. Slowly reaching down, your fingertips make contact with his abdomen before trailing down, feeling the hardon. “Just gotta make sure you’re ready.” You smirk as he whines against your lips. You easily rest it against your stomach, pulling away slightly. “Look how big you are, Kook, don’t even know if it’d actually fit inside.” 
Jungkook glances down to see what you’re talking about, a whine immediately falling past his lips. His tip is resting basically on your stomach, hips not even fully flush together yet. “Y/n.” It’s blunt and dry, very clearly a warning. 
“Okay, okay.” You have to fight the smile off your face, letting go of his cock as you pull your legs up. “Make sure you use the lube, it’ll hurt you otherwise.” You remind him, squeezing your thighs together. 
He’s hesitant at first, and you don’t know if it’s because he’s never done it before or because you’re so close to the real thing now. With a small bit of encouragement, he’s finally slipping in between your thighs. His hands quickly replace yours, squeezing and pushing them together to his liking. He still has length sticking out when his hips meet your thighs, a whine spilling past his lips each time. “So warm.” He whines, fingertips digging into the soft flesh underneath them. 
“So big, Kook.” You smile, using a loose fist to cover what your thighs don’t. The extra contact makes his hips stutter slightly, beginning to pump harder into them. “Is this new for you bun?” 
“Y-yeah.” A small moan falls past his lips, finally finding a pace that works for him. The lube is all over your thighs, easily sliding his cock in between them. You begin to squeeze your thighs when Jungkook doesn’t, constantly catching him off guard. “I'm trying not to come too fast, you’re gonna make that happen if you keep doing that.” He threatens, watching the smirk spread across your face. “I'm serious.” 
His complaints fall on deaf ears, eventually giving up as he pushes your thighs aside and leans down to kiss you. “You’re gonna get lube all over your sides.” You laugh, trying to keep your thighs from touching his waist. He ignores it, continuing to liter you in kisses. 
“I'll take the risk.” He mumbles, making you smile into the kiss. After a bit, he leans back once again, gently pushing your thighs together. The lube’s cold now, a soon to be found surprise for Kook. “Okay, good to go.” He chuckles, fake wiping nonexistent sweat. As he slides back in, you can feel his muscles contract against the back of your thighs. 
“Cold?” You fight the urge to laugh.
He doesn’t answer, face turning slightly pink as he he begins to fuck your thighs once again. It eventually warms up from the movement, causing whines to spill from him once more. “Look so cute, bun.” You smile, squeezing your fist tighter each time he pushes into you. 
“Y/n, gimme a break.” He whimpers into your knee, head falling slightly. 
“You know I won't.” You giggle, pushing his cock down slightly. Each time he fucks into you, his head brushes against your stomach. Jungkook's cock is almost mind numbingly close to your pussy, brushing against it slightly with each thrust. 
“This is even worse.” He mumbles, peeling his eyes open slightly to watch. “So close, so warm.” His eyes fall shut again, genuinely trying to enjoy the feeling for as long as possible. Jungkook's fingertips leave small bruises underneath them, unconsciously clenching his hands roughly. 
“So close Kook, can feel you through my panties.” You almost whine, squeezing your thighs tightly. 
“Y/n, it’s too much.” Jungkook whines, “You’re so close and warm.” He whines, placing a kiss onto your knee. 
“Doing so good for me, always do good for me.” You mumble, hands reaching up to hold Jungkook's wrists. Each thrust rocks your body slightly, attempting to get any stabilization by holding onto Jungkook. His eyes screw shut slightly, head falling back as he focuses on the feeling. You continue to squeeze your thighs together for him, earning slightly louder whines. “Wish you could always be like this for me and me only.”
“Can I cum on your stomach, please Y/n.” He whimpers, thrusts speeding up. The back of your thighs are likely bright red from Jungkook's hips, skin slightly sore. 
“Go ahead, bun.” You smile, pulling your shirt up so your under-bra is showing. The sight is just enough for Jungkook, hips slowing as his head drops slightly onto your knees. You begin to rub your thighs together, watching Jungkook's face as he becomes more sensitive. He’s slowly getting better at being overstimulated, but it’s still not his favorite as he quickly pulls away from in between your legs. “We gotta get you used to overstimulation.” You smile, watching the dread wash over his face. 
“I’m trying, I really am.” He chuckles, “It’s just so hard to get used to.” Complaining, he crawls off the bed and shuffles around the numerous clothes on the floor. He easily slides on his boxers before making his way into the bathroom. 
“I’m coming!” Jungkook calls back, making you smile. Walking back into the bedroom, he has two rags in hand, a smile plastered across his face. “I hope you don’t think that I'd leave you laying here like that.” 
He cleans you up carefully, using one to wipe the lube off of your thighs and the other to wipe his cum off. They’re both warm, something that only Jungkook would’ve thought of. He jogs out of the room, throwing them into a hamper before jogging back in. The smile on his face is undeniable, once again laying on his stomach in front of you. You fight off the smile, watching as his arms easily wrap around your thighs as he kisses the inside of your thighs. He continues to crawl closer, teasing, placing the lightest kiss onto your panties. 
“One taste, just once.” He mumbles, placing a harder kiss onto the fabric. His eyes search for a yes, wide and slightly shiny as he stares up at you. “Your thighs are all red from me.” He groans, hands grazing the battered skin under them. 
 “Kook, i’m tiredddd.” You complain, reaching down and easily grabbing his arms that are still wrapped around your thighs. Jungkook follows, laying on your chest. It’s already almost 5 am, your eyes threatening to close on you. One of your hands rests on his bicep, the other in the back of his hair. “Tonight was really fun, I really enjoyed it. Maybe next time we can go to a club, but sit on opposite sides of the bar and pretend to flirt like strangers.” You laugh. 
“Yeah, for sure.” Jungkook mumbles against your skin. You’re extremely warm underneath him, easily drifting off. You’re out like a light in no time, Jungkook wide awake as he tries to stay still so he doesn’t disturb you. His mind is racing, trying hard to search for a reason or something he’s not doing right. 
You don’t like him? You don’t think he’s attractive enough to let him please you? Do you have some unspoken pact with Namjoon regarding him? You just don’t want to be seen with an idol? 
He eventually lands on you not liking him as much as you let on, a sinking feeling deep in his chest. Glancing up, you’re fast asleep, hand still buried in the back of his hair. He has to force himself asleep before he wakes you up and begins spewing nonsense, asking questions that would be embarrassing later on. Jungkook slowly allows himself to drift. 
Waking up is hard, already noon by the time you stir awake. Jungkook's dead to the world, mouth fallen open slightly as his head rests on your chest. It makes you smile, gently patting his hair. “Hm?” Jungkook mumbles, eyes opening slightly 
“Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to wake you.” 
“It's okay, I was waking up anyways.” Jungkook answers, shuffling off of you and standing up. He stretches his limbs, flexing slightly. Something seems to be bothering him, not teasing or stealing glances at you like normal in the mornings. 
“Kook, you don’t wanna stay in bed?” You joke, grabbing a pillow and pulling it into your arms. 
“Nah, I'm gonna go make breakfast for us.” He mumbles, shuffling out of the bedroom. That's another interesting behavior that seems to be new, confusion spreading all across your face as you follow him out to the kitchen. Sitting on the island's stools, you watch as he silently makes food. No singing, no jokingly dancing, no threatening to light the kitchen on fire, etc. Instead it’s dead silent in your small apartment. 
He walks past you, setting the plates on the coffee table. He comes back to get drinks, silently passing you once again. Confused expression equipped, you shuffle to your spot on the couch next to him, more silence. “Kook, I want a kiss.” You ask, watching as he sets his plate down on his lap and leans over. Yep, just as you expected, like pecking a dead fish. 
He resumes eating like nothings wrong. “Kook, you’re scaring me.” You mumble, “You’re acting weird.” 
“Huh?” Jungkook asks dumbly, glancing over at you before returning his focus to his plate. 
“You’re not clingy and cuddly like you normally are. And you just kissed me like a middle schooler.” You giggle. “What's wrong? Did I do something you didn’t like or were uncomfortable with?” 
You can almost see the internal debate in his head, seemingly fighting himself to say what he actually wants to. Not wanting to pry too much, you wait for him to eventually blurt it out. And he does blurt it all out at once, uncontrollably so. 
“Do you not like me?” He starts, your eyes widening slightly. “It’s just, you never want me to please you even a bit. And when I try you say next time, I'm tired and I don't want to do something you’re uncomfortable with. And I don’t want to force you into anything ever, so I'll respect it always. But I just want to know why? It’s okay if you don’t like me, I just feel bad that I'm the only one getting pleasure out of our relationship, situationship, friendship, whatever the hell you wanna call it..” 
“Kook, why would you think I don't like you?” You mumble, chest hurting. 
“It’s just, god this sounds so much like a drunk frat boy!” He exclaims, making you laugh. “Firstly, I don’t expect sex from you ever and am 100% okay if you don’t want it. I don't want it to sound like that’s what it is, that that’s all I want from you. Not having sex isn’t why i’m upset it just. Just….” 
“It’s okay Kook, I know what you mean. Go on.” 
“You just never get anything out of our interactions…in the bedroom.” His face flushes slightly, making you smile. “And I want to please you, I want to really bad. …and you also never want to be seen with me or go out and do stuff. And if we are seen together you pretend you don’t know who I am. I understand if you don’t like me because of the whole man eater Jimin-Taehyung fiasco, but I have to know now. Because I love you so much and I need to know if it’s unnecessary to continue-“
“…You love me?” You interrupt him. 
“I-I mean.” Jungkook stutters, avoiding your eye contact. “I mean we’ve been spending so much time together recently and I realized that I really do like you. And I mean love is just an extension of that so… I mean, yeah?” 
Jungkook can’t stand the shocked look on your face, staring at him. It may have been obvious to him, but it’s easy to see how you mixed up the interactions with the two of you playing the man eater hunter game. 
“Listen.” Jungkook sets his plate onto the coffee table. “Listen closely because I don't think I can repeat myself without dying of embarrassment. It starts with Taehyung telling me about the Namjoon man eater story of you in college. And it piqued my interest, and I always have to prove Tae wrong. So it did start like that, it did. But I met you and you were just so different than I thought, just so alluring and interesting. And I guess it changed then, and I was more interested in you rather than just the whole man eater debate. And the more we’ve been together, and the more you’ve made fun of me and threatened to stick your fingers in my coffee cup, the more I liked you.” Jungkook can’t stop blurting out, nervousness taking over his demeanor.
“Jungkook of BTS confessing his love for me, someone pinch me.” You dryly joke. 
“Y/nnnnn.” He complains, grabbing one of your folded legs and pulling it across his lap. It’s a nervous habit you assume, his hands trailing around and massaging the muscle. “You’re not making this easier for me.” 
“I do like you Kook, I really do. And it’s not that I don't want to be seen with you, it’s just that you’re so famous that it’s scary to have to face the media's reaction to it. I'm not embarrassed to be with you, it’s actually the opposite. I WISH we could go out in public and hug and kiss and carry on like idiots.” You laugh. “And the whole pleasing thing-“ You meet his eyes and it’s finally your turn to go bright red, embarrassed slightly. “Because of the whole bag the man eater fiasco, I've been afraid to actually give it to you. Because I'm scared that once you actually bag the man eater you’ll leave after getting your objective.” You explain, not exactly the most articulate but you don’t care. 
“I wish we met in different circumstances.” Jungkook complains, making you chuckle. He shuffles the two of you around, your legs wrapping around his waist as his hands come to hold you. “Y/n, I love you a lot. The past 5 days have been hell without you, I always wanna be around you.” He places kisses around your face as he talks, making you giggle. “Please be my girlfriend? I’ll get on my knees and beg if I gotta”
“While I’d love to see it, it’s not necessary. Of course kook, that might as well be a rhetorical question.” You smile, holding his face and pulling him into you. The smile on his face is huge, slotting your lips together. 
“FUCK YES.” He’s basically screaming, jumping off the couch and continuing to jump around the small apartment. If it was anyone other than Kook (and maybe Namjoon), you think you’d be annoyed. But watching him bounce around the living room all giddy makes your heart melt. “Me and my girlfriend.” He puts emphasis on the term, coming over to you and hoisting you off the couch. “Hold on, I'm texting the group chat.” 
By hold on, he meant literally hold onto him. The both of you laugh as you wrap your legs around his waist tighter, arms holding his shoulders. You peer over slightly, watching as his fingers aggressively type across the screen. You’re sure there’s numerous spelling errors that Jungkook doesn’t have the mind to care for currently. “Smile!” He mumbles, taking an extremely blurry selfie before sending it. 
You can only laugh as he continues to furiously type into the phone. “I’m gonna post it onto my Instagram!”
“No you are not!” You emphasize your point, reaching around and beginning to fight over possession of his phone. You’re at a disadvantage as you’re facing the wrong way and waving blindly with one hand. “Kook, I'll break up with you! I swear!” You threaten, watching as he finally concedes and hands over his phone to you. You smile, opening his camera to take another photo of the two of you. This time you place a kiss onto his cheek, taking the picture. 
“My close friend's story then?” Kook smiles, “I’ll let you decide if it’s the blurry one or the one you took.” He gently sets you down, making sure you’re fully on the ground before actually letting you go. 
“Fine, I guess the blurry one.” You’re plopping down on the couch with his phone in no time, searching for his Instagram app. “Who’s in your close friend's story?” You’re already clicking through the app to see his close friends before he has a chance to fully answer. 
“The members, the 97’ line, my tattoo artist, just people like that.” He shrugs. 
“...Your tattoo artist?”
“Hey, when he works on your arms for hours at a time you get pretty close!” Jungkook defends, plopping down next to you. His head rests on your shoulder, watching as you click on the blurry selfie to add to his story. It’s admittedly a cute photo, giant smiles on both of your faces. It’s blurry enough to hide details but not too blurry where it’s hard to make out the two of you. With a chuckle, you add #besties. “No, no, nope.” Jungkook is quick to delete the text.
“Okay fine.” You pretend to be annoyed, instead drawing on a cute pink heart. (It takes you multiple tries for it to look cute, Jungkook just watched silently.) “Cute.” You smile, clicking the close friend’s button. “If that picture gets out, we already have a list of suspects.”
“It won’t, trust me.” He smiles, wrapping his arms around you as he moves closer. He jokingly slaps his own phone out of your hands, fighting off the laugh as you stare at him with wide eyes. “Please let me make it public, please.” 
“I'll go talk to my company and do it officially and everything. I want to be able to go out on dates without annoying rumors, and hold hands, and kiss, and make fun of each other.” He babbles, “I want everyone to know I'm yours and see how happy you make me!”
“Even if your company puts out a statement or whatever, cameras will still follow us around when we go out.” 
“…Yeah, and then we kiss in front of them. Duh.” 
“People might hate you if you’re with me.” You sigh, beginning to play with his hair. 
“There’s nothing I want more than to be public with you. I don’t care about other people's opinions.” Jungkook sighs. “I really mean it, and if people get mad at me that’s their issue. They’re mad because I'm happy??” 
“Fine, but if people start throwing tomatoes at you on the street we have to fake a breakup.” You joke, watching as he picks up his head specifically to make sure you see his eye roll. 
“Never.” He smiles, resting his head on your chest once again. 
“Alright, you bagged the man eater. You know what comes next?” You wiggle your brows at him, leaning forward to place a kiss onto his forehead. 
“Nope!” He cuts you off, embarrassment and confusion all across your face. “Not yet, I want it to be natural. Not just Oh! You finally confessed so I guess we can fuck now!” Jungkook mocks your voice. 
“...Wow, so sweet. get away from me.” You laugh, beginning to fake push him away. “Your phone is also buzzing like crazy.” 
He picks it off the couch, looking at the notifications that flash across your screen. “My friends think we’re cute, and you’re pretty.” Embarrassment flushes across you again. “Let me take you out on a date tonight Y/n.” Jungkook smiles, pressing a kiss to your cheek. 
“Nope, you’re too popular.” You smile, reaching down to mess with him. You immediately start pinching his cheeks to bother him, pulling them so his teeth slightly show. “They’re gonna take pictures of us, and this time you’re gonna enjoy it too much.”
“Cmonnnn. Fine, if you want Namjoon and Yoongi are in the studio tonight. We can crash their producing songs party.” Jungkook smiles. “If you want we can wander around the company building and steal food from the kitchen.”
“...I would actually like that.” You can’t help but laugh, thinking of how stupid the two of you roaming around is. “If we ever break up, we gotta promise to not drag Namjoon into it.” You comment, holding out your pinky in front of his face. “Because it’ll hurt him too much if we make him pick sides.”
Jungkook slaps your hand away from his face. “It’s not a problem, because we won't break up. Ever.”
You can’t argue with him, a fond smile taking over your face. “I’m so glad I don't have to be nervous when we're intimate anymore.” You can’t help but laugh, playing with his hair. “And don’t have to keep telling you no at the end of everything, my poor pussy probably wanted to die every time. Completely blue balled her, constantly.” This makes both you and Jungkook burst out into laughter. 
“Wow, you really mean it?” Jungkook laughs, watching as you nod to answer him.
“Please let me make it public, please.” Jungkook doesn’t even have to look up from his spot to know what face you’re making. He’s already combating your complaints before you even have a chance to speak them out loud. “No, I don’t care about the public. No, I don’t care about the news articles. No, I don’t care about people being mad at me because I know real fans will be happy for me. No, the members won’t be mad. They’ll actually probably be happy for me. Any other questions?”
“What if your company tells you you’re not allowed to make it public?”
“They won’t.” Is all he says, shrugging it off. Jungkook places soft kisses onto your chest, slowly making his way up. You smile, watching as he pecks your lips. “I love you.” He pecks your lips once more. “I love you.” Jungkook kisses you once more, pulling back slightly to watch your reaction. 
“Love you too, Kook.” Smiling, you watch as his face lights up. Jungkook looks genuinely happy as he lays with you, your chest filling with fondness. 
Going to the building isn’t unfamiliar to you, as Namjoon and Yoongi have taken you to many late night music sessions. However, going to the building with Jungkook is unfamiliar. You easily follow along with Jungkook, knowing where both Yoongi and Joon’s studio is at. Once he takes a right, you know you’re heading to Namjoon’s studio.  
Jungkook’s about to knock when you punch in the door code, the lock clicking open before you’re grabbing the handle. “Joon!” You call, a giant smile spread across your face as you catch sight of him sitting by monitors. He’s spinning around in a second flat, (with a slight jump, you actually scared him.) 
Once his initial fright is over, he gets up to wrap you in a hug. “Y/n!” Joon giggles, giving you a very familiar hug as you beam at him. “And look who it is!” Namjoon booms, looking over your shoulder as he catches sight of Jungkook. “The talk of the town.” Joon continues, making you laugh as he releases you and reaches for Jungkook. Jungkook's face is turning red as Namjoon wraps him in a fake chokehold, beginning to ruffle his hair. 
While Joon continues to tease Kook, you greet Yoongi who’s watching the interaction on the couch. “See, I told you he liked you.” Yoongi whispers to you as you hug him. 
“We haven’t fucked yet, we’ll see how he feels after.” You whisper, joking. Once Namjoon is finally done teasing Jungkook, it’s Yoongi’s turn.
“Jeon!” Yoongi starts, making you cackle as you take his spot on the couch. “You better play nice, you hear me young man?” He grabs Kook by his arms, staring at him. His next line is a whisper, the only reason you can even hear it is because the entire studio is so quiet. “And you better not hurt her. I’ll break your figurines and lock you out of your studio.”
Jungkook’s face is bright red at this point, a giant smile on his face as he fights off his laughter. “Don’t plan on it, Yoongi.” Jungkook giggles. 
You all eventually settle down, you and Jungkook sprawled out on Joon’s couch while the other two are busy at work. Namjoon spins around every now and then to eye the two of you, making you laugh every time. It’s a comfortable atmosphere, your legs thrown over Kook’s lap as you lay back. Yoongi’s taken to calling you the love birds, each time makes you blush lightly. 
“Okay, we got one preview done. Wanna hear?” Joon smiles at you, watching as you scramble off the couch and over to the computer. Yoongi plops his headphones over your ears, making sure you can hear the audio. It’s a cute love song, a giant smile on your face. You absolutely love hearing unreleased music that the two of them make, it genuinely makes you feel close to the group. 
“I really like it, it’s dreamy.” You smile, handing the headphones over to Jungkook who stood behind you. He easily passes them over his head, leaning forward over your shoulder to avoid pulling the cord out. 
“It’s Jungkook’s song lyrics. Guess who it’s about?” Yoongi comments, glancing up at you. “Wrote the lyrics himself.” 
A hand is slapped over his mouth before he has a chance to continue. You and Jungkook stay by the monitors now, you sitting on a stool as Kook sits on a small table he’s dragged closer. The two of you watch closely as they work to finish the song. 
“You think Tae could come in?” Joon asks, glancing back at Kook. “He’s the only part we still need to record. If you could text him to just see if he feels up to it.”
You pretend to not hear, swallowing hard as Kook nods and texts him. Tae does come to record his part and stays to watch the two work much like you and kook. It’s an awkward atmosphere now, Taehyung still not knowing you were in Jungkook’s room the day he went on his man eater rant. Sitting on the stool, you do your best to avoid eye contact with the two youngest of the group. 
You suppose Kook notices, his arm coming to wrap around your waist. A small tug pulls on your lips, unable to fight it back completely. “And DONE!” Yoongi celebrates, making you immediately begin celebrating as you softly shake Joon who sits in front of you. 
“First listen, first full listen.” You beam, reaching in front of yoongi as you turn the speakers on. 
“First listen!” Joon smiles, turning the volume up slightly as he begins to play the song. 
The five of you listen closely, a giant smile on the faces you can see from your seat. While not confirmed, Yoongi’s fun fact almost makes you giddy at the thought of Jungkook writing a song about you. You congratulate the four of them, offering a small round of applause that Yoongi and Joon join. 
“First track down.” Kook smiles, climbing off the table he’s sitting on and stretching out. “Come on Y/n, imma teach you one of our choreographies.” 
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, I may die.” You joke, not having much options as Jungkook tugs on your elbow. Easily, you follow Jungkook to the door. 
“Wait, Kook. Can we talk to you for a sec?” Yoongi speaks up, by we, he means him and Joon. With a hard swallow, Jungkook nods yes. Thus, you and Tae stand outside of the studio awkwardly. 
“Your part was really pretty, I liked it.” You compliment him, not knowing what else there is to talk about between the two of you. 
“It was about you.” Tae mumbles. “Uh, not my part specifically. That’d make it weird between Kook and I. The whole song was for you, Kook wrote it.” Now you really have to fight the blush that spreads across your face. “He’s really happy now, with you.”
“Thank you, Tae.” You smile. “That makes me really happy as well.”
Eventually, Kook comes out of the studio. Him and Tae switch, Tae slipping back into the studio to hang out with Yoongi and Namjoon. “Me and Tae made amends.” You mumble as you and Kook walk to the practice room. 
“What is that supposed to mean?” Jungkook giggles, jokingly raising a brow at you. 
“He told me that you’re happy with me. I feel like that’s a step up from him telling you to just sleep with me and get it over with.” You hide the giant smile on your face from Kook. “Kook, I don't really wanna dance.” Your list of complaints begins. 
“Well what do you wanna do?” Jungkook genuinely asks, pushing open the door as he leads you into the practice room. He flicks on one set of lights, lighting up the room but not so much it’s hospital lighting. “We have the whole room to ourselves.” There’s a hint of mischief behind his tone, but you choose to ignore it. 
“Hmmm, you should perform My Time for me.” 
“Is that not the song's name?” You laugh, running over to sit by the mirror. “I wanna see you dance My Time.”
“Why that one?” Jungkook raises a brow, already too aware of why. 
“Hm, no reason.” 
“You want the whole dance break and everything?” Jungkook smiles, pulling his phone out and beginning to search for the instrumental of his song. Your eager nod makes him smile harder, eventually finding it before sliding his phone across the floor to you. 
You’ve seen the choreography before, been at the performances where they filmed their online concert. It’s a performance for the books, truly. You watch with peeled eyes, not wanting to miss a single second of his performance all for you. Jungkook's shy at first, smiling through the lyrics as he avoids your eye contact. As he continues, he begins to loosen up, maintaining eye contact as he does the full moves. (Rather than half way like he was at first, almost as if he was marking rather than performing.) 
You realize he’s caught on when he comes closer to you, switching from knee to knee in front of you. You can’t help but beam as he rises back up, dragging a hand along his inner thigh before continuing the dance. The songs coming to an end, the cants finally turning into wills. Kook draws closer once more as he sings the final post-chorus, beginning the outro. Unknown to him, your face is bright red as he squeezes in between your legs, lips brushing dangerously across your ear as he sings “oh” over and over. Kook makes a conscious effort to sound whinier each time, voice slightly breathy in your ear. 
“Not done yet.” He teases, continuing. The song ends, the instrumental beginning to repeat as he pulls away with a shit eating grin. “You like My Time?” Jungkook chuckles, hands wrapping around your thighs that rest by his waist. 
“You're lucky I didn’t get my hands on you back then, I would’ve fucked you in your black leather outfit.” You can’t help but laugh, pulling him closer to your body. “Leather pants, studded jacket, mesh leopard print top and all.” 
“Sounds like I'm unlucky, actually.” Jungkook smirks, leaning in to kiss you. Your lips meet with ease, well practiced at this point as they easily slide against one another. Jungkook's lips are always so soft, one hand finding the back of his neck to pull him closer. Your other hand finds his hip, pulling his body closer to yours. He quickly places one arm next to you on the floor, the other holding your waist. He pulls away with a small groan, making you question him. “We can't, not here. With my luck Joon would walk in, kill me immediately.” 
“I just wanna kiss you, nothing more.” You shrug, pulling him back in. As much as he wants to fight it, he can’t as he loses his thought process as your lips meet his. You pull away this time, having to catch your breath. “So hot, Kook. If you ever perform that privately for another girl I may kill you myself.” 
Your tone is clearly joking, your arms coming to wrap around his torso as you pull him to you, pecking his lips softly. “I'll be okay with that, a good way to go out.” He mumbles against your lips, finally connecting them fully after he finishes. this time he’s rougher, hands pulling you as close as possible as your chests press flush together. Your hand easily slips underneath his t-shirt, grazing along his muscle. 
“Hm?” You smile, “I thought you said not here. Looks like you’re getting worked up.” 
“I just love being so close.” Jungkook whines, pressing a hot kiss onto your jaw. You already know he’s going to trail down to your neck before he even does it. 
“I’ll let you fuck my face in your studio, but that’s about as far as i’ll go in your company building.” You can’t help but giggle, feeling as his head dips down into your shoulder. 
“God damn it.” He groans, “Now we gotta.” 
The two of you laugh as you climb off the floor, Jungkook’s feet carrying him much faster than yours as he drags you along. You can’t help but laugh through the company halls, Kooks grip tight around your wrist as you struggle to keep up. Your laughter makes him laugh as well, the two of you frantically running to his studio before you’re caught by staff. The door almost slams behind the two of you, making you laugh harder. 
“So much for being sneaky.” You smile, finding your place in his arms easily. “You think someone’s gonna come check on you?”
“Hopefully not.” Jungkook smiles down at you, kissing your forehead softly. 
Unconsciously, you smile into the kiss as you connect your lips with his. Kook leans down slightly to kiss you, pulling you close to his body. Your hands leave his torso, trailing down as you begin to unbuckle his belt. “We gotta be quick in case people start looking for you.” Kook nods at you, allowing you to do as you wish. “Do you wanna try something new?” You mumble against his neck, Jungkook eagerly nodding. “You trust me?” Once again, Jungkook eagerly nods. 
He’s left a little embarrassed as you pull out a condom from his wallet, pretending as if he definitely doesn’t carry it around just in case. Jungkook doesn’t notice you roll the condom onto your fingers, mind distracted by you. You finally begin, Jungkook watching with wide eyes as you kneel down. His hands rested at his side, making you smile as you reached up to grab them. “Tell me if you don’t like anything, yeah? Face fuck, Kook.” Placing his hands in your hair, you easily free him of his confines. 
“Holy shit.” He mumbles, gently pulling your head closer. It makes you smile, dragging your tongue along his cock as he gets used to being in control. “I can…uh…push and pull?” His voice is just barely above a whisper, staring down at you. Jungkook jumps slightly as he feels one of your hands reach under him, gently pressing against the area. Jungkook lets out a shaky breath, realizing what you were doing. 
“All you want.” Gently taking his head into your mouth, you know you’re in for it as he begins to gather your hair up in a ponytail. It's a new side of Kook you haven’t seen before, finally giving him control in the situation. Once he’s gathered all of your hair, a small moan is pulled from you as he slowly pushes you down onto his cock. 
“So good to me, I finally get to pull the strings.” Kook moans out loud, feeling your throat contract around him before pulling back. “So pretty with my cock in your mouth.” You can’t help but moan around him, his words going straight to your head. The next push is rougher, hands tightening around your hair. “Even more pretty with my cock in your throat.” 
You slowly slide a single finger into him, the small hiss you pull from him is pure sin, making you squeeze your thighs together. “Shit, fuck Y/n.” He moans, voice slightly broken as he chokes out the words. His hips rock slightly into your mouth, getting used to the new sensation. 
“You’re okay, relax bunny.” You coo, hollowing your cheeks to distract him. Curling the finger inside him, the whimper that Jungkook lets out shooters straight to your core. Jungkook finally relaxes, allowing himself to thrust into your throat without tensing too much. As he rocks back, he easily slides down the length of your finger. 
“Shit, shit. What was that?” Jungkook’s hips jolt, thigh muscle tensing underneath your palm. “Do that again, please.” He moans, loud and whiny as he sinks into your throat. You give him exactly what he wants, finding the specific spot inside of him and purposely targeting it. Pressing another finger in, Jungkook thinks he’s going to lose his mind. You’re relentless, viciously targeting the specific spot inside of him. The two fingers give you more strength, roughly fucking into him with no remorse. 
Your one hand digs into his muscle, searching for any source of stability besides Jungkook’s hands in your hair. Jungkook chases the feeling, fucking deep into your throat with each push. Your fingernails make small indents into the skin underneath, leaving small crescent marks. “Gonna start moving my hips harder, alright baby? Lemme know if it’s too much.” He waits until you give him a nod of approval, beginning to easily roll his hips into you. 
Jungkook's vocal, knowing his studio should be sound proof and if not, it’s the least of his worries currently. Moans and curses fall from his lips with each thrust, burying himself to the hilt each time. Pulling back, he easily slides back onto your fingers, roughly hitting the spot inside of him without fail. He was timid the first time you offered a blowjob, but he knows you can take it now. You fight your gag reflex, eyes watering each time your breathing is restricted. It makes your kind fuzzy, thighs pressed together tightly as you peer up to watch Kook. “Crying? My girl is crying?” He smirks, biting back the moan that threatens to overpower his words. Riling you up more, he reaches to wipe a stray tear. “Crying with spit dripping down your chin, so lewd.” He teases, roughly shoving your head down. 
Each thrust is rough, nose brushing his abdomen each time. You eventually find a breathing pattern that works, breathing in each time he pulls back to avoid choking. Your fingers also are relentless, each time Jungkook rocks back onto them you purposely grind your fingertips onto his prostate. “That's a girl.” Jungkook smirks, noticing your adapting to his movement. “So good, so tight and warm around me. Gonna cum soon.” 
Jungkook’s cock throbs in your throat each time you hold eye contact, hips slightly hurling forward to bury himself deeper each time. He relishes in the scene before him, you eagerly allowing him to fuck your face with tears and spit. Your eyes are shiny as you peer up at him, slight moans vibrating against him as he sinks into your throat. Your jaw is sore, but you’re 100% focused on not scraping him even in the slightest. “Gonna cum in your throat, take deep breaths now alright.” He smirks, watching as you follow his direction. Each time he pulls back you take deeper breaths than before. 
Your tongue is rougher against his head when he pulls back, fingers fucking into him harder than before, trying to get him there faster. It seems to work as his moans get even louder, hands pulling on your hair harder. “Gonna cum.” Jungkook whines, thrusting all the way into your throat. You whine around his length as he throbs against your tongue, grinding slightly as he rides out his high. “Fuck, feels so good. So tight.” He moans, your throat contracting around his head. 
Jungkook has never came harder in his life, legs feeling numb as your fingers fuck into him to help him ride out his orgasm. It feels like his mind goes blank, body shuttering as he full body cums. The way his thighs shake in your hold almost makes you give in to him, the urge to let Jungkook fuck you into next week at an all time high. 
Once he finally pulls away, you involuntarily gasp. “Holy shit kook.” You smile, wiping some drool before it has a chance to fall on your lap. You pull the condom off of your fingers, thanking god jungkook just so happened to have lubed condoms. “Didn’t know you had it in you.” 
“Right, right tissues.” He scrambled, yanking up his pants as he scurried over to the desk. It's admittedly a funny sight, but you fight the laughter away. Jungkook is crouched down in front of you in no time, wiping any spit and tears away with the box of tissues next to him. “I love you so much.” He mumbles, roughly pulling you closer to him as he tosses the tissues aside for now. Your lips meet with bruising force, feeling Kook gently bite at your lips. You return to gesture, sliding your tongue across his bottom lips before gently biting it. In no time, Jungkook’s hands are sliding underneath your shirt before there’s a chance to process everything. 
“Alright, alright!” You laugh, “I said face fuck was the furthest I'd go in the company building.” Your smile is huge, pecking his lips softly as you joke. 
“The members can never know about this, the studio part.” Kook mumbles against your lips, making you smile harder. “My ass!?” He almost whispers, making you laugh out loud. “Where did that come from? We gotta do that again sometime.”
“Well Einstein, I wasn't exactly planning to tell your members. Unless you were?” 
“Nope, never.” Jungkook states promptly, easily picking himself off the floor. He helps you up before grabbing the tissues and condom, smirking slightly as you rub your knees. Now that the two of you are done rushing, you’re actually able to look around Jungkook’s studio. It’s amazing how quickly the two of you can go from borderline fucking to domestic, something you love with Jungkook. 
“Kook, I thought we talked about this.” You begin, picking up a Widowmaker figure from his shelf. You’re joking in all aspects of the character, but the look on his face makes you nag him constantly. “Wow, young men these days. I think I should head out.” You pretend to overreact, smile tugging the corner of your lips the entire time. Jungkook knows, smiling like an idiot as you grab a random jacket off his chair and pretend to storm off outside. 
Jungkook lets you get right outside of the studio door before he chases after you, easily catching up and wrapping his arms around you. “No! Honey, I swear it’s not what it looks like.” He plays along, making you laugh before getting back into the fake drama you’re acting in. “I swear, you’re the one I love. Not her.” he states, carefully spinning you around to face him. 
“I just don’t think it’s going to work.” Almost tempted to fake cry, you can’t bring yourself to do it without bursting into laughter. “After all we’ve been through! you just go behind my back and cheat on me, with A…..A PURPLE WOMAN!!” 
“OH MY GODDDD.” The voice makes you jump, closing the distance between you and Jungkook as he holds your frame. Glancing down the hall, Joon is hunched over with his hands on both knees. “I thought you two were serious!” 
Kook and you absolutely lose it, cackling like crazy people as Kook claps his hands. Joon eventually stands back up, clutching his heart as he shuffles down the hall to you. “I’m leaving, I can't take this. You two get home safe, unbelievable.” He rambles as he walks past, making you and Kook laugh harder. “Thought I was gonna be in a lose lose situation.” Finally at the door, Namjoon shakes his head one last time, finally smiling at you both, before leaving. 
Once your laugh fit is finally concluded, Kook takes the initiative and begins the journey out of the building. Yoongi would likely stay a bit later, but besides that everyone else likely went home already. You naturally follow, Kook’s arm eventually resting on your shoulders as you walk beside him. “Can't believe Joon was eavesdropping.” Once in the elevator, you finally joke. 
“Yeah right? That was good timing.” He pulls you closer, leaning over to kiss your head. “I still wanna make us public, and put out a statement. But say the word and I won't.” 
“If you want to, then I want to too.'' The grin that overcomes you is unbeatable, glancing up to look at your boyfriend as you descend the floors. “We should just say you’re in a relationship though, I feel like saying my name is unnecessary.” 
“Anything for you.” Kooks smiles, fondness in his chest as he kisses your head once again. 
“Ugh, c'mon.” Jokingly pushing him away, you sprint out of the elevator doors as soon as they open. He chases, catching you quickly in his arms. “Okay okay enough mushy stuff.” You laugh, prying his arms from around you as staff begin to steal glances at the two of you. 
“Back to yours?” He smiles, interlocking your fingers and making his way to the garage. with a simple nod, the two of you are off. 
Arriving at your apartment, the two of you seem worn down as you hit the couch. Jungkook follows, laying on top of you as you rub his shoulders and back. A random tv show is put on the living room tv, lulling the both of you to sleep. “Kook, let’s go to bed.” Mumbling, you’re met with a half asleep hm? “Let’s go to my room, go to bed.” The reiteration sticks, the two of you shuffling into the comfortable embrace of your soft bed. 
“Night Y/n.” Jungkook hums, not needing much to pass out as he hits the pillow. 
“Night Kook, see you in the morning.” Your heart feels full, unbelievably so. When you first talked, you never in a million years thought you’d be here with Kook, your boy, your bun. A lot has changed, but Jungkook hasn’t shown one second of dislike for you, always the opposite. Before you finally succumb to sleep, you mumble the last thing on your mind. “Love you, Jungkook.” 
Jungkook's draped all over you as your eyes pull themselves open, likely tangling together all throughout the night. A leg is thrown over both yours, an arm underneath your head, and the both behind your back holding you close. His head is tilted up slightly and you can only assume his chin tested on your head at some point throughout the night. 
“Kook, it’s late.” You grumble, already one in the afternoon. You can't remember if he works today or not, not sure if he even mentioned it. “Kook if you have work you gotta get up.” Resorting to the usual method, aggressive shakes are the only option as he begins to open his eyes. “Do you have work?” 
“No, all day off.” He mumbles, closing his eyes and shuffling to be closer to you. 
“Wow, two days off! That's a new record.” Joking, you also close your eyes.
“Two days spent with my girl.” Jungkook hums, kissing your face. Eventually making his way to your lips, he places a deep kiss before you have the chance to tease him more. The both of you are still half asleep, instinctively pulling one another closer as you reciprocate Kook's actions. He easily pushes himself up onto one elbow, hovering over you slightly. 
You can't help the small groan that falls from you, pulling Jungkook's arm slightly to encourage him to move over some more. You can feel him smirk into the kiss, shuffling in between your legs and gently pulling your legs up around his waist. “Want you close, Kook.” You mumble, pulling his waist closer to you as he leans down. 
“I’m about as close as I can be.” Jungkook chuckles softly, connecting your lips gently and interlocking your fingers. The kiss and slow and gentle, hips beginning to gently grind together. Small hums and groans fill your room occasionally, the two of you holding one another as close as possible. Unlinking your fingers, you reach down and easily tug on the edge of his t-shirt, easily pulling it off over his head. Jungkook’s hesitant at first, not immediately going for your shirt. You encourage him, placing one of his hands on the bottom of your shirt. 
The shirt is shed in no time, tossed somewhere in the room. Your hands immediately meet his torso, pulling him close as your chests press together. His weight is comforting on top of you, humming as your torsos are flush together. “Wait, before you get too excited I have a present for you.”
“That’s scary.” Jungkook chuckles, leaning back as you sit up, fishing around your bedside drawer. Plopping back down, you present your so-called present. “Cock ring!”
“God damn it.” He sighs, making you burst out into laughter. “First my ass and now a cock ring.”
“You’ll cum too fast without it.” You laugh, tugging at his shorts. He side-eyes your statement but doesn’t ask about it any further, helping as he pulls his shorts down. “Don’t get hard, think about dead puppies.”
“Wow, really setting the mood.” Kook rolls his eyes, making you stifle your laughter as you slide it over him. 
“If it hurts too much, let me know. But I got the biggest size for you.” You shrug, gently dragging a fist along his length. “Have you tried one before?” He shakes his head no, eyes slightly shut. “It might feel odd then for you, but it shouldn’t be like excruciating pain.” You lick your hand, stoking him slightly rougher to get him hard. “Feel alright?”
“It’s okay.” Jungkook lets out a small pant, head falling slightly into your shoulder. A smile overtakes your face as you snap his shorts back up against his hip. 
“Kook,” you hum, taking one of his hands and placing it on the band of your sweatpants. He gets the message immediately, almost ripping them off your legs as you lay back down onto the bed. “Wow, excited?”
“Unbelievably so.” Jungkook nods, making you smile as he tosses the sweatpants off of the bed. Your face is bright red as he sits back on his heels, soaking in the sight of you laying in front of him. “So beautiful, y/n.”
“Stop, you’re making me nervous.” You laugh, trying to get him to kiss you again. 
“I gotta take it all in, this is a first.” He genuinely does bathe in the sight, cock straining against its confines. Besides being in the shower together,  this is the most exposed he’s seen you. For once, you’re more undressed than he is. “So pretty just for me.”
“Just for you Kook, always.” You smile, sitting up and placing a soft kiss onto his chest. Slipping your fingers underneath the waistband of his shorts, you easily slide them down. “Alright bun, you get to have the control now.” Laying back down, his face is almost ghastly pale. Your heart beats a bit erratically in your chest, a hint of nervousness in your demeanor. Shoving it aside, you reassure yourself that Jungkook made it extremely clear it’s not like that. 
“Don’t tell me that, I might cum in my boxers.” Jungkook laughs, placing his arms on either side of you as he holds himself up. “Love you, so unbelievably much.” He mumbles softly, holding eye contact for longer than necessary. “I want you to feel that I love you, and not be nervous.” 
“I’m not nervous-“ 
“It’s okay, Y/n.” He cuts you off, gently placing a kiss onto your forehead. “I know, I know how it seems. But I really do love you, have for a while. Let me know if you ever want to stop and we will.” Jungkook reassures you, gently kissing you and making sure you reciprocate it. Of course, you do, pulling him close to your body as your legs rest on his waist. You’re able to quickly realize that while he has the control, it’s still going to take him a bit adjusting before he gets rough and nasty with you. It's clear in his demeanor that he wants to please you, likely leaving edging, punishment, and filthy language for another time. 
He kisses you so soft and slow, hands holding you as if you’d break in them. Jungkook's hands roam your body slowly, warm palms leaving goosebumps in their wake. He gets to your knee before trailing all the way back up, this time stopping at your bra. Technically you handed over the control, but the pop of your band open makes you gasp slightly. “What? I have the control , remember?” He smiles, talking against your skin. 
The teasing tone riles you up, thighs squeezing his waist between them. Jungkook's lips leave yours, placing soft kisses along your skin as he makes his way down. Your hands find his hair in no time, lips easily meeting the soft skin of your chest. “Gonna mark me up this time Kook?” Now it’s your turn to tease as he glances up, raising a brow.
“Of course, baby.” He smirks, leaving a dark mark on your skin. “I'm gonna do a lot more than that though, if I have my way.” His tone is playful yet oddly seductive, making your legs tighten. A flick across your nipple snaps you out of your thoughts, pulling a groan as he gently bites down. A small smirk tugs at the corner of his lips as he swirls his tongue, moving on to give the other the same treatment. 
It feels like you can finally breathe again when he pulls back, but it’s short lived. Jungkook trails kisses down to your hips, determined to leave a mark on your hip. “You can always tell me to stop.” He reminds you, pushing himself up as he sits back on his heels. Involuntarily, the entirety of your face is consumed in a blush as he examines you, his hands teasingly rubbing along your thighs. “Fuck, Y/n. Can’t believe you look this good and you’ve been hiding from me.” It makes you smile. 
“Yeah, whatever. Soak it up, Kook.” Is the best you can muster together as his eyes burn holes in your skin. 
“I will, I am.” Jungkook cheekily adds, his hands roam, squeezing, holding and kneading any bit of flesh he can touch. 
Slowly, Jungkook lays down onto his torso, peering up at you with a shit eating grin. You don’t have anything in you to tell him off for it, watching each move with attentive eyes. He does a thorough job of teasing, nipping, sucking and biting your inner thighs. You’re almost whining, each contact not enough as your hips threaten to grind against him. You’re sure he notices, his grin growing. 
Finally, a delicate kiss is placed on your core through the thin fabric of your panties. The next one is the exact same, and the one after. 
“What?” Jungkook smirks, continuing his actions without paying you much mind. “Too slow for you?” He asks, clearly having no intentions of speeding up as the next kiss is almost ghostly on your skin. 
“Please, I need it badly. It hurts.” You whine, watching as he continues his usual pace. “Jungkook, please I want it bad.” You can’t help but whine, hands tugging on his soft hair. You accidentally pull his head closer. 
“So fucking whiny.” He groans, against your core, wrapping his arms around your thighs and pulling you closer to his face. “Soaking wet, all because of me.” He teases, eating you out through the fabric. “Haven’t even touched your bare pussy and you’re shaking around me.” 
Jungkook easily pulls out soft moans from you, your hands finding their purchase on the bed sheets. Your eyes drift close as you focus on the feeling, thighs shaking in his grip. “Mmm, just intrigued.” You make up an excuse, hearing a soft scoff from him. 
You can feel him pull away, softly dragging a finger pad along your clit. Your panties are soaked all the way through, easily sticking to your folds. Truly, you’d be more embarrassed if Jungkook wasn’t looking at you like the most attractive woman in the world. His eyes are dark and slightly hooded as he hears you moan due to his actions, fixated on every sound you make and every reaction your body gives him. 
“Jungkook can you please just…get on with it.” You whine as he continues to slowly rub circles on your clit through your panties, making you restless. He pretends to think about it, placing a soft kiss directly onto your clit. “Koookkk.”
“What Y/n?” Jungkook smiles, “You gotta be really specific, tell me what you want.”
“I want you to touch me-”
“I am.” He smirks, rubbing your thighs with the palm of his hands. 
Your face blushes a deep red, realizing what he wants. “Bun, please eat me out until I cum, please. I need it, I want it.” You beg, grinding slightly against his fingers. 
“There’s my good girl.” Kook hums, hooking his fingers underneath the band of your panties. It feels agonizing slow as he takes them off, cheeks deep red as they hit the floor. “Begging to cum like my good little slut.” He mumbles, catching you slightly off guard, a small moan falling from you. 
Jungkook looks like a kid in a candy store, long, firm licks across your core. You can’t help but clench around nothing, thighs threatening to clamp down around Jungkook’s head. A moan escapes you as he peers up with eager eyes, your head immediately falling back into the pillows underneath you. You’re just now understanding Kook’s inability to maintain eye contact with you when you give him head, the visual overwhelming. 
“Feels so good Kook, so good to me.” You can’t help but whimper, a loud moan spilling from you as you feel his finger easily slide into you. Your breath hitches in your throat as he easily gives you pleasure, brushing against your g-spot with almost no struggle. He’s able to easily find a rhythm that works, finding what gives him the biggest reaction and not stopping. Slipping in another finger, he easily targets your g-spot as he continues to focus on your clit with his tongue, eager eyes continuing to stare at your reactions. Loud moans fill the room, shocks shooting through your body with increasing pleasure. 
“I'll never fit if you tighten up this much.” Kook teases, slowing his ministrations as he feels you clenched around his fingers. Without giving you much time to recover, he quickly continues his actions.
“Please let me cum, bun. Please.” You whine, beginning to rock gently against his face. There’s a gleam in his eye, allowing you to grind against his face. Jungkook takes you there with little effort, seemingly knowing your body as if he’d studied it. He seemingly knows what you like and what you don't, pleasure racking through your body. “Gonna cum, please. Bun, need it bad.”
“Cum, baby. Cum on my mouth.” He groans against you, easily pulling a moan from you. You cum hard, hands making fists in his hair as your legs shake slightly around his head. Jungkook groans into you as you pull on his hair, making you cum harder. Jungkook doesn’t slow after you cum, continuing the pace. 
“Kook, wait.” You whimper, pulling his hair. “It’s too much kook.” 
“Want one more. You gonna cum again for me?” He mumbles, never pulling his head far back. Pushing your head into the pillows, you can't stop shaking as you cum again. He slows this time, riding you through it thoroughly before pulling back. Kook’s lips easily find yours, interlocking your fingers against the bed. “So good for me, came so hard for me.” He mumbles softly, pulling your arms above your head as he deepens the kiss. 
“I want you to fuck me.” You almost blurt, a bit out of place. Jungkook’s face makes you laugh softly. “Wanna cum around your cock, bun.”
“Y/n, we don’t have to. I’m happy-”
“Kook, fuck me.” You interrupt him, gently breaking free of his hold as you pull him toward you. Your hands easily find his hair, tugging softly on his hair as you kiss him. “I have lube in the drawer.”
“Do you have condoms?”
“No, but it’s okay.” The look on his face is once again priceless. He’s almost jumping at your bedside table, slinging the top drawer open in record speed. You giggle as the contents slam against the front from the momentum, Jungkook quickly fishing them out. You’re in trouble as he pulls out the bottle, along with your vibrator. 
“Oh?” He smirks, returning to his spot as he rests back in his heels. He’s straining painfully hard against his boxers, easily tossing them aside. The sight makes you whine, pressing your thighs together as he purposely takes his time applying the lube. With a gentle slap to your inner thigh, he encourages your legs to open once again. 
“Bun, just be gentle at first, please.” 
“Of course, baby.” He nods, shuffling slightly closer. He’s once again teasing as he slowly rubs his cock against your folds, each brush against your clit makes you moan. Gently pushing his head in, he’s extremely observant of your reaction. “Relax baby, it’s okay.” Jungkook’s gentle voice meets your ears, hands comforting rubbing along your skin. His hips gently rock as you accommodate, waiting for a nod before sliding in deeper. It’s a slow process, Jungkook's mind reeling as you fall apart because of him. 
With a loud whine, Jungkook’s hips finally meet yours, fully seated inside of you. You already feel on edge, wondering how Jungkook has such a hold over you. “Kook, wait, wait.” You can’t help but clench around him, Jungkook leaning forward as he hugs you close to him. “Hurts, but feels good.” You whimper against his lips, “So deep kook.” You moan, encouraging him to gently grind his hips into you. 
Jungkook is losing his mind, keeping it together for your sake. He’s determined to please you as much as you’ll possibly let him, trying hard (and failing) to not think too hard about you wrapped around him. Kissing you as if his life depends on it, he moans softly as your nails drag along his back.  He’s sure there are marks left behind, a groan being pulled from him from the pain. “Wanna cum like this, bun.” you whine, clenching around him as his abdomen also grinds against your clit. 
“I’m barely even moving, baby. Already falling apart, so so good to me.” Jungkook teases lightly, pushing himself up onto his hands to watch your expressions. His chest tightens as you blush at him, a fond smile overtaking his face. “Cum as much as you want baby, wanna feel you cum on my cock.” Jungkook smiles, continuing his pace as you seem to like it, nails digging harder into his shoulders. 
“Cumming…” A loud whine fills the room, legs shaking around Jungkook's waist as you tighten around him. Your mind feels fuzzy, grinding against him as you ride out your high, Jungkook continuing until you begin to twitch especially hard. Stilling inside you, he returns to hold you close, kissing you gently as you come down from your high. “I love you, Jungkook.” You almost whisper against his lips, running your palms along the textured marks from your nails. 
“I love you too, Y/n.” He mumbles back, slowly leaning back onto his heels. You can feel him throb inside of you, reminding you of his situation. 
“Didn’t cum yet?” You giggle, leaning forward to run your fingers along his abs. His chest is flushed pink, golden skin glowing in the sunlight flooding into your room. The tattoos along his arms pop, piercings shining brightly in the sunlight as well. As Jungkook's palms hold your legs carefully, almost lovingly, you unconsciously clench around him. 
“Don't do that.” Jungkook huffs, making you smile. “Can’t cum as easily thanks to your little surprise present.” There’s a glint in his eyes as he easily lifts your legs, encouraging you to fold slightly, slipping deeper into you. 
You’re caught off guard as he slides out, thrusting into you in one swift motion. Your breath almost gets caught in your throat, a loud moan mixing with Jungkook’s own whine. The smirk on his face makes your core throb as he continues thrusting into you, snapping his hips slightly as he bottoms out. He easily places your legs onto his arms, watching every reaction and changing his movement accordingly. “Fuck Kook, good, it feels good.”  You moan and whine, grinding your hips together each time he bottoms out. 
Both hands remain at your sides on the bed, holding himself up as he fucks into you. Your faces stay unbelievably close as he folds you in half, noses brushing against each other’s every so often. It makes you clench around him as you both moan into each other’s mouth, not quite a kiss but lips brushing together. “I love seeing you like this, making such sweet sounds for me.” Jungkook groans, balancing on one hand as the other shoves itself between your bodies. It’s too late to protest when you realize what he’s doing, the vibration making your swollen clit ache more. “My sweet girl, so overwhelmed and pretty.” 
Your skin burns hot, every touch Jungkook gives feeling intensified as you try to focus on one at a time. You feel drunk, mind fuzzy as he rubs against your g-spot almost every thrust, bolts shooting throughout your body as your toes curl. Peeling your eyes open, tears absentmindedly stream down the sides of your face. “Sweetheart? Too much?” Jungkook slows, moving his head to get you to make eye contact with him. 
“No, no, don't stop. Just feels really good.” You reassure him, hands coming to wrap around his torso, holding his shoulders as your nails find purchase in his skin. Jungkook lets out light pants, eyes screwing shut as he tries his hardest to ignore how hard you’re wrapped around him. 
Slowly, Jungkook peels back, no longer hovering over you as he fucks into your heat. The new position makes you mewl, toes curling. Jungkook also has a much better view from this angle, applying more pressure with the vibrator. Your hips unintentionally buck against him, body still extremely sensitive from your previous orgasms. Jungkook snaps his hips harder, body rocking with each movement. 
“Dirty girl, taking my cock so well, like you were made for me. So fucked out you can’t even think.” Jungkook almost coos at you, making you whine as his movements become rougher. “You should fuckin see it, Y/n. So fuckin tight around me.” Your stomach tightens, Jungkook's words make you gush around his length. The next moan, Jungkook is sliding his thumb  against your tongue, a giant smirk across his face as you suck the digits. “Good girl.” Jungkook smirks, sliding his finger out, a string of saliva connecting it with your bottom lip. He easily replaces the vibrator with his thumb, using the saliva as lubricant as he rubs tight circles against your clit. 
“Kook, close.” you whimper, hands creating fists against the bedsheets. You’re sure Jungkook is covered in your cum, the faint sound of wet slapping filling your ears when you focus closely. Jungkook doesn’t seem to care, small groans falling from his lips when you tighten around him. 
“Go ahead baby, make a mess for me.” Jungkook smiles, continuing the same movements to ensure he doesn’t lose the spot. “Cum all over my cock, wanna feel you around me again.” He spurs you on, making you whimper. 
When you cum this time, it's unbelievably hard as you wrap around him hard. Jungkook slows his movement, almost unable to push into you. Your legs shake in Jungkook's arms, his palms comfortingly rubbing along your thighs in an attempt to soothe you. Your eyes screw shut tightly as you ride it out, head burying itself in the pillows. 
“Holy shit, that was so fucking hot.” Jungkook speaks softly, leaning down just enough to place a soft kiss on your cheek. Finally getting your bearings, a small chuckle falls from you as you softly place a kiss onto his lips. 
“I want you to cum with me.” You mumble against his lips, purposely clenching around him to emphasize your point. “I think it’ll be harder but you should be able to cum even with my present on.” You giggle, sitting up as Jungkook carefully pulls out. Maneuvering yourself up onto shaky legs, you smile as Jungkook carefully watches. His arms extend to either side of your body, ready to catch you if you topple over. It’s a fair precaution, considering how badly your legs shake with your weight on them. 
Jungkook watches as you maneuver around, facing your back to him. He’s slightly confused, finally understanding when you place your hands down. “You’re going to be the death of me.” Kook groans, watching as your arms fold, ass sticking up into the air. Your back is arched, jokingly wiggling your ass as you spur him on. 
He gives in, hands gently slapping the flesh underneath him as he moves closer. It makes you whimper softly, Jungkook quickly getting the message as he places a harder slap against your skin. He’s quick to rub the reddening handprint, a loud moan muffled by your pillow. Jungkook could cum on the spot, placing a couple more slaps just to redden the skin underneath his palms. “All cock drunk and whiny, like my own little slut.” Jungkook almost mumbles to himself, barely loud enough for you to hear. 
His words alone are enough to make you shutter, a small mewl threatening to escape from your throat. Feeling his thighs against the back of yours, you can't help the small whine of Jungkook's name that falls past your throat, begging for him. “Oh I know, honey, I know.” Jungkook coos, almost teasingly as he takes as much time as possible to line himself up. Kook pushes in slowly, purposely moving at a snail's pace as he listens to your whines and complaints. “Shhh, shhh. Do you feel how fucking tight you’re wrapped around me? So fucking warm, so fucking wet, pulling me in, y/n.” He hums to you, smiling at your legs shaking as he bottoms out. 
“So big, so full.” You call back, mind fuzzy as you fight to form full, comprehensive sentences. 
“Am I fucking you stupid, hm? Are you my stupid girl?” Jungkook continues teasing, leaning over and pulling you up slightly so his chest is flush with your back. “My dumb slut, hm? So overwhelmed, so desperate to cum.” He coos into your ear, one hand gently finding its place around your throat as he holds you against him. Jungkook hips are firmly pressed into the soft flesh of your ass, body's as close as physically possible. 
“Yes, your stupid girl.” You almost babble, peering over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of Jungkook’s face. “Your dumb slut.” His cheeks are flushed, eyes hooded as his eyes fill with lust. You’re likely not much better, cheeks likely flushed, lips bitten bright red, tear streaks slightly visible down your cheeks. Yeah, you’re definitely not doing better. “Bun, cum in me. Please, I want it, I need it.” 
You finally get a true whimper from him, words shooting straight to his dick as you wrap around him. “Anything for you, y/n. Always.” He mumbles softly, leaning forward the slightest bit more to kiss you. You’re in for it as he peels back, hands finding purchase on your waist as he begins rocking his hips. “So fucking perfect.” He mumbles, definitely to himself as you just barely catch it. 
Jungkook’s whines finally match yours, his staved off orgasms finally catching up to him. Kook’s hips snap into yours hard, leaving the skin underneath a soft pink. “Kook, need a little more.” You whine, frustration building as you become desperate to cum with him. “Wanna cum with you.” You whine, glancing back to catch the slightest glimpse. 
“I got you, just relax baby. Just feel for a sec, yeah?” Jungkook easily calms your nerves, easing your frustration. “Buns got you.” An arm sneaks around, easily finding your swollen clit as he rubs tight circles into the bead. 
Doing your absolute best, you try not to fight it, focusing on all of the sensations that Jungkook so graciously lends you. Your hands absentmindedly find your nipple, adding one more sensation that finally sends you over the edge. “Fuck!” You whimper, orgasm wracking over your entire body as you shove your face into the sheets. “Kook, cum please. Cum in me.”
Jungkook’s moan cracks in the middle of it, hips stuttering as he buries himself as much as possible. You force him to ride it out, rocking your hips back into him. Your body feels weak, Jungkook’s hands wrapping around your waist to stop your movement. “Cock ring always from now on.” Jungkook almost pants, slumping down against your back. His weight, along with your legs shaking for the past 2 rounds, make you immediately fall onto the bed. Kook lands on top of you with a small huff, not expecting it. 
Jungkook almost scurries off of you, forgetting how many times you came. “God, Kook.” You whine, willing your sore body to roll over onto your back. You can only offer him a lazy smile, completely worn out. 
“I love you.” Jungkook immediately says as you smile at him, the fond feeling blooming in his chest more than ever. 
“Can you…get tissues. Then come and lay on me.” Giggling, Jungkook immediately follows, cleaning you up as gently as possible. After, he leans off the bed, holding onto your ankle to let you know he’s still close by. “Wanna kiss you.” You don’t have to ask him twice, you never have. He immediately gives into you, slotting your lips together with ease. His weight helps ground you, holding each other close. 
“You okay?” Jungkook mumbles against your skin, trailing kisses over to your neck. 
“More than okay, Jungkook. I love you so much.” 
“I’ve loved you since you left me in that small-ass bathroom.” Jungkook jokes, pulling a hearty laugh from the both of you. “Completely blue-balled me.” Once again, you laugh out loud at the stupid comment.
Your heart is full, chest feeling tight as you peer at him. Your Jungkook of BTS, your bun, your Kook, your Jeon Jeongguk, Your everything all in one. All yours, always.
Tumblr media
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adorejungkook · 25 days
Baby Got Back!!
Tumblr media
Synopsis; Jeon Jungkook has the fattest fucking crush on you meanwhile Jimin and Taehyung don’t find you too hard to look at either. Now Jungkook has to find a way to confess his feelings, maybe even show you,  before the other two find their ways into your pants during your “staycation”. 
Warnings; series, eventual (almost immediate) smut, pining, the boys are horny they talk a bit raunchy about you, big dick!jk (they call it small tho they're just bullying) ,first chapter is pretty tame, you canonically have a nice booty <3
chapter. 1 , 2, 3, 4 , 5
Jungkook hated it when you were around.
You were just so fucking nice, so pretty. He could barely think around you.
The best days were when you decided to let Jimin drag you to lunch along with him and the other two boys. 
“Wait, you’re really leaving us for a whole week? Whyyy,” Taehyung whined, leaning into your side, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you closer. They were all so comfortable with you, Jungkook had no idea how. He knew he’d combust if he was in his friends position, especially with the way you were running your fingers through his hair. 
Was it weird to wonder how you smelled right now?
“ Not even a whole week!” you say, giggling a bit when Tae groans at you pushing him off you a bit, “My parents really wanted me to come home for like three days, you’ll live.”
“You promised you’d come with us this weekend,” Jimin puffs, pushing cerulean strands away from his eyes, “I already rented our Airbnb and it was expensive as shit! If you don’t come I’m just gonna assume you hate me,” 
It was so hard to focus on the conversation, with the way his friends were sandwiching you between them. He looked down, knitting his eyebrows and running his tongue along the side of his cheek. He kept his eyes on his plate when you said you had to leave early and pushed out a small ‘bye’ when you squeezed his shoulder on your way out.
“Kook, you can stop crying now,” 
“I wasn't!” Jungkook huffs, whipping his head up to pout at his older friends laughing at him. They only made his situation harder, teasing him about you every chance they got.
“Uh, why are you yelling at me when I just got your girlfriend to come on the trip?” Jimin asks, a hand over his heart to feign hurt. Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows at the younger boy before stealing a couple fries from his plate.
“What? She said she was coming like a week ago hyung,” 
“Oh my god,” Jimin snorted, “Have you not been paying attention? What were you doing for like the past twenty minutes?” 
“Probably looking at her ass,” Taehyung interjects, waving his salt covered fingers in Jungkook’s direction.
“She was sitting down bruh,”
“I know. Her ass is still amazing,”
Jimin pauses for a moment, staring at his grinning friend. 
“You’re right, though,”He giggles, eyes turning to crescent moons with his bright smile.
Here they go again. Jungkook’s friends were never shy about their attraction to you, even though they knew about his long held crush. He figured it was because they thought he’d never act on it. They were probably right.
“Listen, she was thinking about going to her parents for three days but I convinced her to only go for the weekend so that she could still come with us,” Jimin smirked, puffing out his chest as if he deserved a medal for his ‘work’. 
Well, considering he just saved Jungkook a good two hours of sulking, maybe he did.
“Thank god, I packed like 3 pairs of grey sweatpants and no underwear! I would’ve wasted all my ‘sexy’ on… you two,” Jungkook said, pretending to gag with a finger in his mouth.
“Ew, bruh.” Jimin grimanced .
“I’m gross but y’all were just sitting here talking about ___’s ass?”
Taehyung patted his shoulder from across the table, giving him a pitiful stare.
“Her ass is actually sexy and your little dick is like a Kandinsky painting.”
“Beautiful?” Jungkook snorts, a smile creeping onto his face.
“Nah, abstract!” He replied, falling back on his seat in a fit of giggles.
It was going to be a long two days without you. 
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oi, achei as locks do jinie tão lindinhas! você pode fazer igual a primeira mas do jimin?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
aqui, anjo! ♡⁠˖⁠꒰⁠ᵕ⁠༚⁠ᵕ⁠⑅⁠꒱
▌don't repost anywhere! ᵔᴗᵔ
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yooboobies · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the holy tiddy... i mean trinity!
+ encore
Tumblr media
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ghiwyz · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
be mine, make me yours @jkdbye
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namsoek · 27 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yoonlattesworld · 2 months
Main masterlist
Tumblr media
Mafia yoongi x reader
Synopsis: you knows you shouldn't do this. You know it's forbidden. But why can't you stop? Why can't you forget him and be his brother's wife like you should be? Why now, of all the times did you decide to want something for the first time in your life?
Genre/warnings: mafia yoongi, yoongi, legal age gap(6 years), forbidden relationship, smut,fluff,angst, unprotected sex,fingering,oral(m receiving),inexperienced reader, mentions of killing, protective yoongi, younger brother's fiance au, deep throating,nipple play, breast play,riding, gun play.
Forbidden au drabble: possessive much?
@bunnyrhe @yoonaasa @creatorspalace @shymagda-7 @rosquilleta @raineandskye
Author's pov
Your chest heaved up and down as soft whimpers left your swollen lips, with your hands flying to grip his shoulders to support yourself as his raspy voice hit your ears like a melody "look at you so fucking wet for another man" he cooed mockingly as his thumb applied more pressure on your swollen bud causing you to moan his name as you slowly rocked against his fingers which were rubbing slow circles on your clit. "Y-yoongi" you gasped as he thrusted his long finger in and out of your cunt with purpose as he found your g spot so easily, as if he has memorized each and every part of your body. you would have been ashamed if you weren't so drowned in the pleasure he was giving you. Pleasing you as if you were his woman. Your heart ached at the thought.
A low groan left his lips as he watched your eyes rolling back,your face scrunched up in pleasure as you held him desperately. His gaze falling at your heaving chest, as he breathed heavily, staring at the swell of your soft breast which was exposed to his and his eyes only. But the silk gown you were wearing didn't do much to cover you, with your matching robe lying by his feet which was discarded the moment you stepped in his room. He could see the outline of your hardened nipples brushing against his firm chest which caused you to moan his name softly "Aren't you a fucking sight to see flower?" He grunted, quickening his movements and you whimpered at the nickname, your mouth hanging open in a silent scream as he whispered against your ear "come for me angel. Give it to me" his name left your lips like a chant as your high washed over you. If someone walked outside the door you were pinned to, they would be able to hear you clearly. And with the position you were both were in, nobody had to guess what was happening here. You pinned against the door of your fiance's older brother's bedroom. With his hand in between your thighs and your panties in his pocket.
But even with the high risk of getting caught, you didn't care. Not when he was holding you so tightly and so securely. Not when you knew that this might be the last time he holds you like this. He leaned his head against your shoulder, his one arm wrapped around your waist to hold you up as you clinged onto him, feeling your legs shaking and your knees giving in.
After a few seconds of silence, he looked at you with hooded eyes, your eyes were still closed as you panted with your arms wrapped around his neck. Breathing heavily he leaned his forehead against yours, closing his eyes for a moment as your hands gripped his jacket. He closed his eyes so he couldn't see the small tear that escaped your eyes and slided down your rosy cheeks, which you wiped immediately thinking he didn't noticed. "You with me doll?" He mumbled rubbing your cheek with the rough pad of his thumb, and he felt his chest tighten when you opened your eyes and looked up at him like he's the most precious thing in your life. Like he's the whole world.
You nodded shyly, as he loosened his grip slightly but still kept his hands on your waist,with you looking up at him from the curtain of your hair. As you bite your bottom lip nervously, his gaze followed your movement. And he raised his hand to gently tuck your hair behind your ear. You felt your heart racing as he slowly leaned in and pressed his lips on yours with the most gentle and soft kiss you've ever had. There was no rush or lust in it. It was slow, and gentle as he moved his lips over yours smoothly. It scared you. And it scared him too. Because he could no longer ignore how he felt for you. And it scared you because you knew how you felt for him. But he didn't felt the same for you. And you would have to return to the arms of a man who you were soon to be wedded with. A man who didn't cared about you. A man who was sleeping with your sister on the night of your engagement. That was the night you and yoongi became one for the first time. When he found you crying alone, under the rain. When he couldn't stop the anger bubbling inside him as you looked at him with a broken heart. When he kissed you for the first time. It's been almost 7 months since that night. And your wedding is in a week. After that night you found yourself knocking on his door again. Gripping your robe nervously as he opened the door with a cigarette in between his lips. That night you let him take you again. This time in front of the large window in his room. Where anyone could see both of your naked bodies if they only looked up. But you weren't scared even though your chest was pressed against the glass with him pounding inside you. Because deep down you knew that he would never let anything happen to you.
Unfortunately he wasn't your first. His younger brother hyunmin took your innocence the time your wedding was decided. He didn't stopped in a drunken haze even though you begged him to. You spent another 2 hours rubbing yourself under the shower to get rid of his scent until your skin became red and raw. But yoongi handled you so gently. So softly as if you were a glass doll.
He pressed you against the door, caressing your face softly while breathing heavily. But suddenly as if he has been burned, he pulled back. Leaving you dazed and hurt as he looked away with his jaw clenched. "Get on the bed" he mumbled pulling his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. But he was stopped when you held his arm. Almost timidly. Looking at you, he let you pull him towards the bed. Staring at your soft features as you avoided his eyes nervously. He let you push him on the bed. Staring up at you as you stood in between his legs with him sitting on the edge of the bed. "I-i want to.." you whispered not looking at him "what do you want doll?" He mumbled holding your hand softly "i-i want to make you feel good too" you whispered almost inaudible but he still heard you, as you looked at him. But as you went to go down on your knees, he stopped you with a grip on your wrist causing you to look at him confused. "You don't have to flower" he breathed as you kept your hand on his shoulder "i want to" you whispered but you were stopped again and it almost caused you to think that he just wanted to get it over with you so he wouldn't have to see you again.
But your heart soared as he took his suit jacket which was probably more expensive than your old house and placed it on the floor. You shyly looked at him as he didn't said anything just like he always does. Just like he always cares for you silently. You stood on your knees on his jacket and placed your hands on his thighs looking at him. And when he nodded with a hard glup, you gently pulled down the zipper and he raised his hips to let you pull down his pants along with his briefs. You gasped as his length plunged out and slapped against his abdomen, before standing tall. The tip of his cock an angry red as pre cum oozed out of it. Yoongi gripped the bedsheets with his jaw tight and rasped out. "Don't force yourself angel" you nodded staring at his huge cock, wondering how will it fit in your mouth completely oblivious to the effect you have on him. He has had many woman in this position before. Always so willing and desperately to suck his dick. But he had zero interest in them . They were only his means to release the pent up stress and frustration which comes with his job. Because they weren't you. He never thought seeing you on your knees, so willing to make him feel good will almost make him go crazy.
He grunted a low 'fuck' as you slowly wrapped your small hand around his rock hard dick. But he could still see some hesitation and confusion in your eyes. "Spit on it doll" he mumbled breathing heavily as you looked up at him "make it wet. It'll be easier for you" you gulped nodding and spit on his cock, before spreading your saliva and his pre cum all over it. And fuck he could cum right then and there at the sight of you rubbing his dick with your delicate hands. You took a shaky breath and held his cock in a tight grip before moving your hand up and down. The small grunt that left his lips caused you to look up at him and the sight made you whimper as you felt your slick running down your thighs. He was panting slightly, staring at you with hooded eyes as you whispered "i-is this okay?" He groaned when you increased your speed and nodded mumbling "perfect doll. S-so perfect " you took a deep breath and leaned down, kissing his tip before taking him in your mouth as much as you can. A long and loud groan left his lips and his head lolled back with his jaw clenched. You tried to relax your throat and slowly took his whole cock in your mouth, taking deep breaths through your nose to fight of the gagging reflex. After you were comfortable, you started bobbing your head up and down, your hands gripping his milky white thighs to support yourself as low and raspy growls left his lips. You looked up and moaned softly, watching his leaned on his elbows, panting heavily as he forced his eyes not to roll back and stared at your face. Fuck you looked like a damn angel. So perfect, so willing to please him.
You noticed his hands gripping the sheets so hard that his knuckles were turning white. You knew he was tryingro control himself. So breathing shakily you continued your movements and sucked him softly, with your hand going towards his. He let you hold his much larger hand and gulped with a low moan when you placed his hand on the back of your head. "Don't wanna hurt you angel" he breathed out, clenching his eyes shut to control himself but you shaked your head, willing him to use you however he liked. Groaning softly he gripped your hair, gentle enough to not hurt you as his hips buckled up. You purposely massaged his balls and at the same time sucked him harder , and he lost it.
Gripping your hair with a tight jaw, he thrusted his hips upwards, at the same time guided your mouth down by your hair. You whimpered as his thrusts got harder amd harder, your nose pressing against his pubic hair as he fucked your throat. You let him use you, and only supported yourself on his thighs as a line of drool dripped down your chin. He growled at the sight of small tears filling your eyes and thrusted in harder. His moans and low growls causing you to gush as he whispered praises of how perfect you are. You noticed his abdomen muscles clenching and moaned softly, the vibrations causing his eyes to roll back a he growled out "fuck I'm coming! Goddammit y/n-" the way he moaned your name caused a warm feeling in your chest, as his cock shot ropes and ropes of his hot cum inside your mouth. You whimpered at the salty and slight bitter taste as his balls emptied completely. He panted heavily, pulling his dick out of your mouth slowly as to not hurt you and looked at you with something you couldn't quite decipher. But you dared to think of it was affection as you gulped down his seed. He leaned down towards you and tapped your chin. You opened your mouth and he groaned, his head hanging forward and mumbled "come here doll" as he held your waist causing you to hold his shoulders as he pulled you up and made you sit on his lap. "You okay?" He murmured, his gaze switching between your eyes and you nodded shyly as he tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear "i didn't hurt you?" You shook your head looking down and gasped as he suddenly flipped you around so that you were laying on his bed and he was on top of you. "Why won't you speak?" He murmured staring at you, trying to read you as you tried to avoid his eyes but he made you look at him. "Talk to me" he leaned his head against yours, closing his eyes and you took a deep breath before whispering "b-because this is the last night i get to spend with you and i don't want to ruin it with my thoughts" and looked away when you felt his breath hitch.
You suddenly felt his weight shift and panic immediately started filling inside you when you realized he was getting up. Oh god this is why you were trying to keep your mouth shut. You knew you would ruin everything. Your hand flied to reach for him as you hastily said "I-I'm sorry i didn't mean-" "do you trust me?" You stopped your movements as he mumbled that and sat up, confused, watching him taking something from the side drawer and without any hesitation you said "i do" you heard him exhale softly before he turned towards you and your breath hitched when you noticed a gun in his hand. "W-what are you-" "relax flower" he breathed out and walked towards you. Your eyes were trained on his gun which he kept on the edge of the bed. He took off his unbuttoned shirt, staring at you intensely as he stood in front of you "do you trust me angel?" He repeated and you nodded "i trust you yoongi" his jaw muscle twitched as he softly kissed the soft swell of your breast before removing the thin straps of your night gown and you helped him remove it, leaving you bare and in your most vulnerable state in front of him. The gown joined his shirt on the floor and he gently pushed you down on the bed.
"Close your eyes doll" he mumbled kissing the side of your lips and you did as he told with a pounding heart. You felt him gripping your soft thighs in his large hands and he spread your legs, leaving a perfect view of your glistening womanhood to his eyes. "Y-yoongi?" You whispered, your hand reaching for him, and he immediately held it "relax for me flower" you took a deep breath but suddenly, a cold feeling pressed against your inner thigh which caused you to flinch and then, the same coldness pressed against your womanhood causing you gasp as you held his hand tightly when he shushed you. You immediately tried to close your legs but he didn't let you and kept them wide open.
You gasped as the coldness rubbed against your swollen bud and only then did you realized that the cold object was the barrel of his gun. But it was too late as he slowly, slided the barrel inside your weeping cunt. Your mouth hanged open at the stretch as the barrel slided in easily because of how wet you were. You whimpered softly as he slowly pulled the gun out, and slided it back inside your cunt. He watched your expression carefully. So he could stop immediately if there was any discomfort on your face. But he found none. Instead, he watched your face contort in pleasure as he increased his speed, biting his lip as he watched the barrel coming out of your womanhood completely soaked "fuck you love it" he whispered groaning as he felt his half hardened cock, hardening completely at the sight of his gun inside you.
"Y-yoongi..ah" you moaned loudly as the pleasure increased with his movements when he suddenly took your perky nipple in between his lips, sucking and rolling it around his tongue. Your hands gripped his soft locks which he is growing. You always thought that long hair suited him so much. But never had the courage to say it. He grunted when you tugged his hair and sucked dark hickeys around your breasts. With his one hand still holding yours, he switched his attention to your other breast, giving it the same treatment "y-yoongi I'm c-close hah" you cried out as he sucked your sweet spot, and at the same time the barrel of the gun hit your g spot causing you to tighten around the object and when he growled out "fucking cum" your 2nd orgasm washed over you like a truck. Your mouth hanged open and some saliva dripped down your chin as your head lolled back and pressed hard against his pillow. The whole time, he stared at your face, watching you coming down from your high. And when you opened your eyes, he looked away, taking his gun out. Your eyes widened in embarrassment when he raised the gun and you saw how soaked it was. Your cheeks only got warmer when he smirked, and placed the gun on the table before looking at you again "you good?" You nodded whispering a small yes.
Despite the slight pain in your legs, you gingerly got up on shaky legs and pushed him on his back so he was laying on the bed. He watched you silently as you climbed on his lap, biting your lip as you felt his hardness underneath you. You looked at him with your doe eyes and shyly whispered "c-can i ride you?" A groan left his lips at your words and he nodded with his jaw clenched. He leaned against the pillows so he wasn't fully laying on the bed and gripped your hips, helping you slid down on his cock which was standing tall and hard. But he immediately stopped your actions with a firm grip on your waist when you whimpered in slight pain. Still sensitive from the previous orgasms "don't force yourself y/n." You nodded taking a deep breath and slowly slided down, and once you were settled on his lap completely, he rubbed your clit gently, to ease your muscles causing you to moan softly and you rolled your hips slightly, the delicious pleasure immediately causing a loud moan to leave your lips while he groaned, his grip around your hips tightly as he massaged the supple flesh "still so damn tight" he grunted and you slowly rolled your hips, grinding down against the head of his cock with a small whimper of his name.
Taking a shaky breath you slowly started bouncing up and down, your hands gripping his shoulders to support yourself as your pace increased and so did both of your moans. He growled a low 'fuck' when you rode him harder, the sound of skin slapping getting louder and louder as his hips buckled up in a hard thrust every time you came down. "Yoongi!" You cried out as he hit your g spot, causing him to thrust up at the same angle which threw you into another level of pleasure "fuck just like that doll. Y-you're doing so good. So perfect " he moaned lowly, pulling you by the back of your neck and smashing his lips on yours in a messy kiss. He swallowed your every moan and cries of pleasure as his hips matched your movements, but soon ,the pain became too much to handle. Which caused your movements to get slower. So you gasped out "y-yoongi it hurts ah! M-my legs hurt-" before you could even complete your sentence, he flipped you around with a strong arm around your waist, and you sighed as the soft sheets enveloped you with his scent.
He wrapped your legs around his waist, and buried his face in your neck, biting your sensitive skin to muffle his groans as your fingers played with his hair, and your nails scratched his back with your eyes rolling back. He could feel your walls fluttering, signaling you were close. So he increased his movements and pounded inside you harder. Hard enough for the bed to shake and he growled watching your breast bouncing with every thrust, and a small bump appearing on your lower stomach. "Who do you belong to" he mumbled holding your jaw in a rough grip to make you look at him. And without a second thought, a secret you wanted to hide, escaped your swollen lips "you! Yoongi I'm yours!" Because you knew that even after you marry his brother, your heart, your body, your everything will only belong to him. You wished he knew that.
He smashed his lips on yours as his movements got sloppier "cum with me babygirl" he mumbled and both of your high washed over you. It almost became painful but it was mixed with the overwhelming pleasure as he shot his warm seed inside you. He buried his face in your chest, as you both panted heavily with him collapsing on top of you. You immediately wrapped your arms around him. Holding him close to you and he closed his eyes, his grip around your waist tightening. None of you wanted to let go. But he knew he had to. He has to let you go before it's too late. Groaning he gently pulled his cock out of your womanhood, frowning when you whimpered softly. Forcing himself to look away from you, to ignore how beautiful you looked, he walked inside the bathroom to bring a wet cloth. Spreading your legs with so much gentleness and being even more gentle and careful while cleaning your womanhood. All the while you avoided his eyes. Because you knew what was coming next. Every time he cleaned you up, it was time for you to go. But you weren't ready to part yet. You covered yourself with the sheets as he cleaned himself and wore his pants, picking up his shirt which was lying on the floor and silently gave it to you. You sniffled quietly and took it. The silence was becoming too much that you couldn't handle it anymore.
You knew you had to say it. Even though he didn't felt the same, you wanted to tell him. Have him reject you harshly so you can forget him. But you didn't knew that your eyes spoke before your voice. "Y-yoongi " you whispered watching as he didn't looked at you once "I-I want to tell you-" "no" you looked at him surprised as he looked at you with his fist clenched "you should leave. Aren't you going to pick your rings tomorrow? Go." After a moment of silence you said "so you're okay with it?" "What?" He looked at with narrowed eyes, his breathing getting heavier by the second "you're okay with me marrying him? You're okay with me wearing a ring of his name?" "Y/n stop-" "you're okay with him touching me and showing everyone that i belong to him?" "Y/n-" "you're okay with him taking me on the night of my wedding? With me carrying his child-" "i said fucking stop!" He growled pinning you on the bed and for the first time, he looked at you with so much anger in his eyes.
Your bottom lip trembled as he breathed heavily above you, and you whispered "i lo-" "don't " his eyes were cold as you looked at him with shock and hurt. So you got your answer. You weren't anything to him. The way he was looking at you right now. It showed and gave you your answer. Of course, why did you even hoped that he would feel the same? Tears filled your eyes and his eyes hardened when he saw you crying but you were shocked when he said "if you say it, I'll kill him" "w-what?" You whispered as he pressed a soft kisa on your forehead with his jaw tight with anger and pain."If you say those words, I'll kill him to make you mine" you gasped as he suddenly stood up mumbling "leave" but you grabbed his arm and said "i love you" his eyes clenched shut and he looked down, "i love you yoongi" you whispered with tears running down your face. He turned around and grabbed your waist, pulling you towards him and you kept your hands on his bare chest ,leaning against his hand as he wiped your tears softly "last chance doll" he whispered leaning his forehead against yours "this is your last chance to leave. Because after this, I'll never let you go. I'll kill every single person who tries to come in between us or take you away from me. Even my own brother" you looked in his eyes, finding raw emotions in them, as he looked at you with a pained expression. He can't control himself any longer. It hurts him physically to even think about you getting tied to someone else.
"I don't want to leave yoongi. I'm yours" you whispered pressing a gentle kiss on his lips, and he took a deep breath, mumbling "i love you flower. I won't ever allow anyone to as much as look in your way." He sealed that promise with his kiss, desperate and needy as he pulled you flush towards him, rubbing your bare cunt in his clothed cock which was slowly hardening again, and his one hand pulling off his shirt that you were wearing. To show you the love that he had kept hidden for the last 7 months.
"You're mine"
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