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Can you do a drabble wherein the oc and jk make a bet where they try not to kiss each other!? Just imagine 🥺🥺🥺🥺
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To Be Loved By You | JJK
Tumblr media
⤑ pairing: jungkook x reader
⤑ genre(s)&au(s): sfw nc17+, fluff, romance, established relationship, domestic happiness, slice of life
⤑ w/c: 2k+
⤑ warnings: suggestive, making out
⤑ summary: you come across the 'try not to kiss' challenge on tiktok and you want to test your boyfie to see just how much he can resist.
⤑ note1: i love them sghdgfjshgfdh. thank you for this ask! im so thankful i have been able to write this <333 i hope it reaches your expectations my love!
⤑ note2: unedited and not betaed lmao but my beloved love @caelesjjk did read over it, thank you angel — this is for u!
Tumblr media
Early Saturday afternoons. Your favourite time of the week.
The time of week where you can let yourself be free of any commitments, the working week fully behind you. A day made up of zero plans.
Today couldn't be more idilic as the heavens sky opens wide, casting pillowy grey clouds over the city skyline and gentle pitter patters of rain drops against the glazing of your window. It eases your mind, furthering you into your state of bliss.
Your phone rests in your hand as you lazily lounge on the sofa, legs draped over your boyfriends lap as he continue to skim through tiktok, watching funny reddit threads and hairtoks while Jungkook rests his forearms across your legs, console controller in hand as he concentrates on the TV in front of you both, mindlessly walking through the map of the newest game he’s purchased.
He’s a natural beauty. With his hair parted down the middle and yet most of it is swept to the left, covering his eyebrow piercing that glitters when the sun decides to crack through the clouds and through the spaces in the blinds hung on the window. His eyes narrow as he becomes more absorbed into the fantasy world in front of him. A slope to his little button-like nose which ends just above the curve of his cupid's bow — heart shaped and pretty. You watch as your boyfriend’s tongue peeks out absentmindedly every so often, licking at the pretty little silver ring that rests beautifully on his lower lip. And his lips, oh goodness, his lips. Pink. Full. So so pretty.
What’s when the idea hits you.
Retracting your legs from Jungkook’s lap, you remove yourself from the comfort of your sofa and feign fixing something on the coffee beside you. Secretly, you place your phone horizontally down onto its side beside your favourite vase, making sure that the lens of your camera is facing Jungkook for what you’re away to do.
You turn back towards Jungkook and he moves his arms again, expecting you to place yourself back in your previous position sprawled across him but instead you take this opportunity to squirm into his lap, thighs on either side of his tiny waist as you nuzzle yourself into his neck, catching the fabric of his hoodie as you dip down. Inhaling, you catch the scent of jasmine and lily from the washing detergent you both use. You crack a smile as you nuzzle further into the smell, closing your eyes to bask and clawing your nails like a kitten finding comfort in your boyfriend.
Jungkook lets out a low laugh at your new position but entertains it nonetheless, completely oblivious as to what’s to come. He adjusts himself in the centre of the sofa with you still in his lap and resumes his game as he wraps his arm around your body; picking up the controller once more and continuing on with his game.
Five minutes pass and you decide that now is the time. You lift your head out of the crook of Jungkook’s neck and sit straight, now blocking his view of the TV. The buttons on the controller come to a full stop as your eyes follow the silence, watching him press on the pause button before placing the control down next to his knee on the couch.
“What’s gotten into you, darling?” Jungkook softly asks, his hands skimming past your cotton shirt and placing them directly onto your waist. You feel heat follow his touch as his thumbs rub back and forth on your skin. It’s gentle and loving.. just like Jungkook.
“Let’s play a game,” you say, a smile making its way to your face.
Jungkook’s eyes trail down your face and stare as your smile gets wider, a little cheekier too as you fully settle your body in his lap, the cushions of the sofa below your knees makes you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. Jungkook’s hands find your hair and you let him tangle his fingers through the strands delicately playing with the ends of them before tucking it behind your shoulder, exposing the skin of your neck. “And what game requires you to sit in my lap like this?” He asks with a raise of his eyebrow.
Your own hand is steadily pressed against his abdomen as you begin to trace your right index finger down his toned stomach, the ridges of muscle below tightening under your touch as your mouth waters at the sight.
Moving forward, you tilt your head to the side slowly and gently, watching as Jungkook replicates the movement in the opposite direction. You make sure to tease him a little more as your left hand raises your boyfriends chin to the side briefly, allowing you to press your lips to his neck, peppering open mouthed kisses along his throat and up towards his jaw, before finding a little spot to delicately suck rose petals into his skin.
The grip on your waist kneads at your flesh as the pleasure creates the hair on his arms to stand. You hear a little moan slip past his lips and you know that you have him exactly where you need him to be. Pulling away from his neck, you watch as a little love bite blossoms on his skin and you grin devilishly at your mark. 
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you entwine your own fingers together behind his neck and lean back towards his lips. Your eyes lock with his own dark irises, your mouth only a hair's breadth away from each other.  “The game where you try and not kiss me.” You whisper, your lips brushing over his own as you sound the words out.
Now it’s Jungkook’s turn to grin. It’s known to you just how competitive he can be — but he’s never competed for intimacy with you before.
He straightens his posture below you and pulls you closer to him. His palm reaches for your cheek, palm under your jaw and fingertips resting on your neck, pulling your head towards him, lips in front of lips, you can almost taste the mint on his tongue. His thumb strokes your cheek and your eyes flutter shut at the contact. “But you can’t resist me, darling,” he whispers, voice airy and light, teasing too and you can't help but whimper.
You take a deep breath, willing yourself to snap out of your daydream and look back into his eyes. Your tongue slips past the seam of your lips and you teasingly glide it along your lower lip before pulling the skin in between your teeth, biting down on it.
Jungkook giggles. It’s velvety and comforting. He moves his head an inch closer, your noses now grazing each other as he rubs up and down causing a giggle of your own to fill the space around you both.
At his words, you allow yourself to grind into his lap teasing him and you feel his hand around your waist tighten and watch as his breath stutters on the exhale and you can’t help but feel the rush of pride as you watch him weaken for you.
You don’t feign much better though. A warmth blossoms in your tummy and courses through your veins at your own movement and your automatic response is to kiss his pretty pink pouty lips. But with much vigour, you steer away from your thoughts and continue to stare deeply into his eyes. It’s been what? Three Minutes now? You think.
With a wandering eye, you side eye your phone which is still hidden behind the vase on the side table, smirk and stare back at him. “How’s your game going?” You ask, watching Jungkook’s own eyes flicker down to yours with the movement of your words, the sound light and airy with troubled confidence as you try to keep the proximity between you both exactly where you are.
“It’s…it’s going well. I’ve finally m-made it into the elite ranking,” he stutters his words at the movement of your hips in his lap.
Jungkook’s eyes darken immediately and his pupils blow out as the temptation begins to swallow at him. He swallows hard, his tongue darting out to lick at his lips and your instant reaction is to cradle his cheek in your palm. His head nuzzles into the warmth of your hand and you can’t help but trace your thumb over the wet skin of his lips, back and forth.
“I’m finding it incredibly difficult,” he starts, “having you this close to me, in this position, and not being allowed to kiss you.” His breathing is heavy and his hands are busy running up and down your sides, kneading, pulling, anything.
Your eyes flutter shut at the actions of his hands and your head falls forward, closer towards his awaiting mouth and he thinks he has you as his own lashes kisses the apples of his cheeks in preparation for your kiss. But your free hand juts out at the last minute against his chest to steady yourself.
“You know koo, you could just kiss me,” you whisper, your lips brushing across his own as you talk. “However I am so happy you ranked up,” you purr, rolling your hips harder on top of him, you feel your boyfriend’s movements match yours from below.
Jungkook’s resolve starts to break as his gaze settles on your lips, desiring a kiss that you’re toying from him. His hands slide down your ass and he quicks it a hard squeeze, his forehead now completely against yours. He rubs his own nose against yours once more and a growl deep from his  chest erupts as he maintains the last ounce of resistance in his body.
But Jungkook loves, adores, when you’re needy and whiny for him. It plays into his masculinity that his girl is there begging for him to make her feel good and that is just what you do.
Both of your hands slide to the back of his neck and lace within each other, resting your warm palms at the back of his head. “Koo, please, just kiss m-,” you mewl and pull at the long strands of his hair at the nape of his neck.
The desire that has been palpable between the both of you finally cracks and Jungkook’s lips surge forward and finally collides with your own, cutting off the end of your sentence.
The kiss starts off slow and gentle, pecks upon pecks on your lips but quickly everything devolves from there, moving into something deeper, with more passion, heat, filthy and wet. Jungkook pulls your lower lip into his mouth, nipping hard and exploring your mouth with his tongue as he pushes past your lips and tangles his wet muscle with yours.
It’s dizzying and all consuming as you get so lost in it that you forget that next to you there is a phone recording this for your tiktok account and yet you can’t find it in yourself to care. You press back into it with your eagerness, the warmth that was once in your stomach now a fully blossomed fire as you begin to fight for faux dominance against him, and Jungkook fights back just as much with a smile into the kiss and a rock of his hips pulling a whine out from you.
All too soon, he pulls away from you leaving you both with heaving chests, gasping for air as you both stare at each other's kiss bitten, swollen lips — wanting nothing more than to have him again and again and again. He smirks at you frivolously and his hand comes up to hold your own cheek in his palm.
“Don’t know what you’re smirking for, you just lost,” you grin at him.
Jungkook is quick to pull you back towards him with a laugh. “Worth it,” he mouthes as he kisses you intensely one more time.
Tumblr media
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Lovefool (JJK)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, smut, fluff.
Au: established relationship au.
Warnings: swear words here and there, Jungkook is a sweetheart, oral (f), dirty talk, fingering. That should be it.
Summary: You and Jungkook have been in a relationship for a couple of months now but recently, you can't help the anxious thoughts that pop into your mind. Thoughts about his past.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
A pair of hands wrapping around you, momentarily stops you from stirring the delicacy you were preparing. But your movements soon resume when you let yourself relax and get comfortable, feeling the warmth of the body that now clings to you.
"I woke up and you were not there." The voice mumbles in a complaining tone, which you find adorable. Although you can't see him, you can just tell he has his eyes closed and has a cute frown on his face.
The thought itself makes you smile.
"I can't help it if you wake up at ten in the morning!" Elbowing him on the stomach, you add salt to your dish.
A whine is what he replies to you with, letting his feelings of displeasure known. "So what? Doesn't give you the right to take my cuddle buddy away."
You gasp as if offended but you make no move to remove his arms around you. "So I'm just a cuddle buddy, now? Here, I was thinking you were serious about me."
"I'm double guessing my choices, right now."
Finally, you swat at his arms which causes him to burst into a fit of giggles but he still refuses to let go of you.
"I'm sorry, sorry!" He chuckles, amusement clear in his voice, a sound which causes a chuckle to escape from your lips as well.
Once his chuckling dies down, he sighs happily and once again, buries his head in your shoulder. "Seriously, though, I wanted to be the one to wake you up and with my head between your legs."
"Jungkook! I'm cooking!" This time you turn around to face him. Stating the obvious, you try to hide how warm your cheeks have gotten in a matter of seconds.
Come to think of it, you probably shouldn't have turned around because if anything that makes it impossible for your red-tinted cheeks to be hidden.
You swat at him once again, this time at his chest. "Let me cook," you grumble and get back to preparing your dish.
Seeing his attempt partially fail, Jungkook huffs. He calls it a partial fail because he notices the way your cheeks have turned red and if he is to go by that, you are affected by the image that must have appeared on your mind as a result of his words. He knows you're close to giving in.
A fact, you both are aware of.
He resumes his previous position and starts peppering your neck with kisses. Occasionally, sucking and biting the soft skin to leave marks.
Unwillingly, a moan escapes your lips and your breathing gets quicker. Fuck, he knows just how to make you aroused. His warm kisses make you shiver and you feel wetness pool in your underwear.
One of his arms that were around you, now move to be under your or rather his t-shirt. He rests his palm on your stomach and gently draws circles on the surface. The gentleness is in stark contrast with his kisses which gradually get rough and desperate.
"Your skin feels so soft." He mumbles, his eyes now focused on the freshly made red mark on your shoulder.
His voice, however, snaps you out of your trance and you feel a wave of anxiety hit you. The same anxiety, that has been stopping you from being intimate with Jungkook.
Lately, you have been worrying if being sexual with Jungkook will make him realise that he's not really into the whole relationship thingy. It's not that you haven't been sexual with him. You have but there's no denying that it's all still very new. What if after a few times of being sexually involved with you, he gets...bored?
You don't doubt his feelings for you. You know they are genuine, well at least for now. You don't know where they will stand in a few weeks. The reason why your brain often thinks along these lines is because of his past.
Jungkook was known for sleeping around. While he wasn't known for just that, it definitely added to his popularity. He was and is still known as the guy who's good at almost everything, be it sports, studies, dancing or singing. The only difference in his reputation is, that now he's no longer known as the guy who woos the ladies with his charms but never settles down.
The reason behind that change of reputation is you.
Although, when you had first met him, you had never thought that you'd end up dating him. Forget about you dating him, you never thought he would ever be willing to be in a relationship. That idea was just absurd.
When you were his project partner (which is how you two first got acquainted with each other), you had overheard him saying to one of his friends that he does not see himself settling down or being in a relationship and does not see the point in it.
Which is why your surprise was obvious and reasonable when he started showing interest in you. At first, you had thought that he was just trying to get into your pants and thus, you had turned down all his attempts. But he was persistent. His persistence had caused you to believe that he's just not used to hearing 'no' and it was simply a matter of his ego.
Over time, your opinions changed. You could sense the genuineness in his efforts, could see how he was different with you, could feel his gradual change from the fuckboy to the boy he always was, underneath all those layers.
After much thinking, you had said 'yes' to going on a date with him.
You don't think you'll ever forget the look he had when you said that. His eyes lit up as if he held every star in the galaxy in them. His bunny smile was full on display and his nose had scrunched up in sheer excitement.
That's when you had an inkling that maybe, you won't regret going on a date with him.
And you didn't.
He turned out to be a completely different guy from what you had imagined him to be.
A few dates later, you found yourself developing feelings for him. From then on, it was only a matter of time for you to be his girlfriend.
As his girlfriend, you get to see an entirely different Jungkook. A Jungkook who makes you feel all the butterflies, makes you feel seen, makes you feel special. You also get to see a Jungkook who's vulnerable, kind, caring and loving.
It's been two months since you said yes to being his girlfriend. But recently, with your feelings intensifying and knowing what it feels like to have him as yours, you find that the fear of losing him has also intensified. Your mind now comes up with scenarios where he loses interest in you.
If that were to happen, you know you won't be mad at him because after all, it's the first time he has been in a relationship. If he feels like it's not for him, who are you to ask him to stay?
You won't be mad but you'd be broken for sure.
Which is why you have been holding yourself back from having sex with him. So that, just in case, your fears turn into reality, you at least get enough time to savour Jungkook.
You're so lost in your thoughts that you don't notice the kisses stopping.
Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook notices the anxious frown on your face, the way your body has gone tense and your breathing pattern has changed. And it's not the kind of fast breathing that usually tells him that you're aroused.
"Baby?" Jungkook asks, concerned. He gently turns you so that you're now facing him. "Are you okay?"
You open your eyes and hope that your anxiety is not visible on your features as you try to smile at him. "I'm okay. Sorry, I'm just not in the mood right now."
Jungkook frowns. He knows that there's some lie to it. He doesn't mean to sound cocky but he knows the effect he has on you. He can tell whether you're turned on or not, just by your breathing pattern. And he knows that you were aroused. Hence, it's not about that. Something must have been worrying you for you to turn all tense all of a sudden. Something that you're trying to hide by saying that it's about you not being in the mood. Something that you're trying to downplay.
"Babe," he rests his palm on your cheek and gently rubs soothing circles. "I don't mean to sound pushy, but is there something bothering you?"
You glance away, wondering if you should talk to him about it or not. You don't want to hurt him by making him think that you doubt his feelings or him. Because you don't. It's just that no one knows, what they will feel in the future and with his given past, your mind thinks the possibility of him getting bored, is more likely to happen.
On the other hand, you know that your relationship is very fresh and new, and you don't want to bring your insecurities into it and ruin it.
Jungkook takes your silence and thinks you're taking his words in the wrong way. "It's not about you not being in the mood and all. You can say 'no' anytime you don't feel like it, you don't even have to explain it. Please, don't get it wrong. I'm not trying to ask you for an explanation for tha-"
"I know, Jungkook." You cut him off because you do know that. He's never made you feel that way. You know how much he respects you and values your words. You don't want to make him think that you don't know that.
He sighs. "It's just that, I feel like there's something more. I have noticed that lost look in your eyes recently and it makes me worry."
The thought of him noticing your lost look, makes you feel bad. You don't want to worry him. Should you just tell him about your worries? Will that be better? Will that make it easier for both of you?
He places his index finger under your chin and makes you look at him. "I know we have only been in a relationship for two months but if you feel comfortable enough to share what is bothering you, then please do. I just want to help."
His earnest eyes, his plea of letting him help and his warm touch make your eyes well up with tears and you bury your face in his chest to hide them. "It's kind of stupid." You mumble.
Jungkook lets you cry on him, not mentioning to you that he knows that you're crying. "Nothing you say is ever stupid to me." He reassures.
You sniffle. "It's just that I'm falling for you hard."
In usual circumstances, Jungkook's heart would skip a beat at your admission. But now, it causes him to feel anxious because he can sense a but coming. He prays to whatever higher power there is, that you're not giving up on him, because he does not know how he will deal with that. He was not used to good things happening to him but he took a chance with you. He wants to be good enough for you and at the same time, he wants to give himself a chance at happiness. 
He does not know where he will be if you give up on him now, just when he was starting to believe that he was deserving of happiness. 
But he keeps his thoughts to himself, letting out a hum as a sign to let you know that he's listening.
"I'm just scared that you'll leave." As soon as the words are out of your mouth, you feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders but that feeling is soon followed by the worry of how he'll react.
Jungkook thinks he could pass out from the relief that hits him. You're not breaking up with him. But then he realises the weight of your words. You're worried that he will leave you. He never thought that you'd ever worry about that, of all things. Why on earth would anyone be dumb enough to leave you? He thought that it was obvious.
Once again, he keeps his thoughts to himself, letting you vent. "What makes you think that I'll leave?"
"It's your first relationship, Jungkook," you whisper. "What if you get bored? What if you realise that this whole relationship thing is not really for you? What happens then?" You allow your fears to be out in the open and feel Jungkook's body stiffen under you.
Jungkook feels a sharp pain in his chest hearing your words. It doesn't make sense to him. To him, it had always made sense for him to feel that way because he's flawed as fuck, but you? You are fucking perfect in his eyes. He's lucky to be given an opportunity to be with you. He thinks you're a goddess who's decided to be kind enough to give him a chance. That part of him finds it ridiculous because he can never fathom the thought of leaving you.
But now, he thinks he should have considered that you too are a human, that you too, have your own set of fears and insecurities.
He pulls away from you, to look into your eyes. "Is that what's been on your mind, lately?" He asks, keeping his tone gentle. 
You nod. "I'm scared that after a few times of, uhm, having sex with me, you'll get bored." 
Jungkook's features morph into that of pure agony and hurt upon hearing your words, which causes you to hate yourself for ever making him feel that way. 
"Is that what you think of me?" Jungkook feels his heart break.
"Please, don't get me wrong. I don't doubt your feelings for me" You shake your head, desperately trying not to hurt him but knowing very well that you already have. "It's just that, as my feelings keep growing, it's as if my brain screams at me to have my guard up so that I don't get hurt and it always brings back your past to remind me why you might end up leaving me."
You take a deep breath, eyes fixed on the ground. "But I also want you to know, if you ever decide that you're not willing to settle down, don't hesitate to tell me and don't feel guilty about that either. I mean, not everyone settles down and there's nothing wrong with it. It's your choice at the end of the day-"
"That'll never happen," Jungkook says, his voice firm. Although your words hurt him, he understands where you're coming from. It's human instinct to be cautious of situations where they can get hurt and your mind has been romanticising one such scenario. Plus, there's no denying that he used to jump from bed to bed. He was known as the guy who only ever did sex and never relationships.
"Listen," just like earlier, he puts his fingers under your chin to make you look at him. He wants you to see that he means the words he's about to say. "Firstly, thank you for communicating with me. I really appreciate it. Secondly, you're not an experiment for me to decide whether I am a relationship kind of a guy or not."
"I knew what I was getting myself into when I asked you to be my girlfriend. Just because I haven't been in a relationship before, doesn't mean, I don't know what it is. I have seen my parents love and care for each other, and I have seen my friends being committed in their relationships. So, it's fair to say that I know what being in a relationship with someone means." He sees your eyes fill with guilt which causes him to briefly stop. He gently places a kiss on your cheek. "Please don't feel guilty, let me finish."
Despite feeling bad, you nod at him.
He takes it as a sign for him to continue. "Thirdly, and most importantly, I am falling in love with you and there's nothing I have been more sure of, in my whole life." 
You feel your breath hitch. You both have openly admitted to each other about your feelings but neither of you has ever used the word 'love' before. Perhaps, both of you felt that it was too soon to use that word. 
But hearing his admission makes you feel free. Free for you to feel the emotions you have been so anxious about. It feels like you can finally let yourself fall without the fear of crashing. Because he's into it just as much you're.
"Another thing," Jungkook says, noticing how your features have relaxed and although your eyes are teary, he knows that these tears aren't the bad kind. "I know I can be stupid sometimes but I'm not stupid enough to let you go and that's what a person would be if they were to let you slip; stupid and indescribably dumb."
Deep down, Jungkook is aware that words aren't enough. He knows that they might give you temporary relief, but somewhere the thoughts of insecurities are recurring as they keep coming back. For you to let go of that thought pattern, he will have to prove his words. Which will, undoubtedly, take time. But then again, it's only with time that one learns to trust wholeheartedly. 
"Just know that I'll prove it to you. I'll never let those fears come true."
Feeling an overwhelming rush of emotions, you hug him tightly and let yourself feel the relief that courses through your veins. 
You feel Jungkook's arms come up to tightly circle around your waist, making you relax against him. And perhaps, for the first time in weeks, you feel yourself relax both mentally and physically. 
"Are you feeling better now?" 
"I am," you hum in affirmation, speaking the truth. However, somewhere at the back of your mind, you know, you need to apologise to him for the hurt your words must have caused him. "I am sorry though. I know my words must have come across in a very wrong way but I-"
"Shhh, you don't have to worry about it. Like I said before, I am glad that you communicated." He gently stops you from explaining any further. Your words had indeed hurt him but if he were to be in your place, there's no denying that he might have felt the same. He does not hold it against you. "Although I won't lie, for a second, I thought that you were breaking up with me." 
Jungkook had said those words innocently if anything in a joking manner but his words cause you to remove yourself from his hold and to look at him. "Why would you think like that?"
Jungkook shakes his head, not wanting to make this about him. "I was just joking around, don't mind it."
You would have believed his words but then you know him. You know how insecure he can get at times when it comes to you and you're glad that he has always communicated to you about his fears. 
"I'm not going to break up with you and I will repeat that as many times as I have to." Wanting for him to feel the same level of comfort that he has provided you with, you stand on your toes and gently kiss his lips. "You're not the only one who's falling in love." 
As you murmur the words against his lips, Jungkook feels warmth spread through his body. The kind of warmth that removes the cold fears from his heart. Especially, hearing that you're falling in love with him, makes him want to hold you and never let go, simply because he never thought that someone would love him. Even though he knows that you're not in love with him yet, to know that you think he's worthy of it, means the world to him.
He will do everything he can to prove to you as well as to himself, that he's worthy of love. 
For the time being, he settles for expressing his emotions through the kiss. 
He kisses you gently but with passion. Occasionally, nibbling on your lower lip, he enjoys the soft sigh that escapes your mouth, every time he does that. Your hands come up to play with his hair and you gently tug them, making him groan into your mouth. The sound is enough for you to kiss him more vigorously. You let your tongue come in contact with his lips, silently asking for him to let you in. And he does. From then on, its tongues dancing and teeth clashing with each other.
When you both separate from each other, your eyes remain on his lips. The sight of his pink lips being swollen and glistening with a mix of both of your saliva makes it far too difficult for you to look away. 
His thumb coming to play with your bottom lip is what causes your eyes to drift from his lips to his eyes. It's then that you notice the want in them, a replica of the look you're sure, your eyes hold. Your gaze then moves towards his messy hair and boy does it make you imagine things.
Things like would his hair have looked the same had he woken you up the way, he claims he wanted to. Or would it have been messier?  
The thought makes you press your thighs together and you kiss him again, this time with a different kind of vigour. 
Jungkook is quick to understand your intentions, which is why after kissing you for some time, he pulls back. "Babe, you don't have to if you don't want to."
"I want to," you confirm, breathlessly. It's true. Even when you would pull away, you would still want him. It was only your fears coming in the way but now with your nerves gone, nothing is stopping you. 
Jungkook looks into your eyes to be certain that you're sure. When he finds no traces of doubt or fear but just sheer lust, his own eyes darken. 
"Yeah? You want me to make you feel good?" He asks rhetorically. Seeing you nod, he gently kisses the expanse of your neck, feeling you shiver underneath his touch. "Get on the kitchen counter." 
"Counter?" You ask to make sure that you didn't hear it wrong.
Fuck, you did not hear it wrong. 
Gulping, you let your feet carry you to the kitchen counter with your mouth on his. He helps you sit on the slab and softly moans when your hips make contact with his aching-hard length. 
"Fuck, baby you're so hard." Your hand comes to rest on his bulge and you palm him through his trousers, knowing very well that he's not wearing boxers. The sensation of the wet patch that greets you, makes you feel eager to get a taste of him.
Jungkook, however, seems to have different plans as he takes a shuddering breath before removing your hands from his bulge. "We can get to that later. First, I want to eat you out."
You want to object because you know it can't be comfortable for him to be that aroused and not do anything about it but then you notice the determination on his face and decide otherwise. He looks like a man on a mission and his current mission seems to be to please you. It's kind of cute with that adorable frown on his face. You'd have giggled had it not been for him taking a seat on one of the kitchen stools and positioning himself between your legs.
You are simply wearing his t-shirt and a black lace panty, which he thinks makes his job easier. He places his warm palm on your thighs and gently parts your legs. The sight that greets him, has him cursing under his breath. There's a dark patch on your dark piece of cloth, which has his dick twitching in his trousers.
He kisses the inside of your thighs and as he inches closer to your sex, the smell of your arousal greets his nostrils. "You must be so wet." 
You moan at his words, knowing very well that you, indeed, are incredibly wet.
Jungkook lets his nose graze on your clothed heat and his mouth waters at the thought of finally getting to have a taste of you. His tongue comes out to gently lap at the wet spot, making it even darker. 
A whine of complaint escapes your lips at his ministrations. "Don't tease me."
From where he has his mouth attached, he looks up to lock eyes with you. "You don't want me to tease you?" You vigorously shake your head. "Then what do you want me to do?"
"Eat me out." You say, not beating around the bush at all. From the few times that you have been intimate with Jungkook, you know by now that he enjoys and relishes it when you don't hold back and openly admit what you want him to do.
The effect of your words on Jungkook is visible as he quickly gets into action and gets rid of your underwear, leaving your nether regions exposed. 
His thumbs come up to part your lips and you shiver as the cold air hits you. "Fuck, look at that pussy, just as wet as I imagined it to be."
You're about to let out another whine as your patience starts wearing thin but you never get the chance to do so as Jungkook attaches his lips to your clit and begins sucking harshly. The whine that was stuck in your throat, comes out as a moan, instead.
He hums against your cunt, and taps your thigh as a sign for you to look at him while he eats you out. Doing as he wants, you lock eyes with him and the sight that greets you, has you gushing. His eyes look drunk in pleasure as if he's the one who's on the receiving end. The way he sits there with his mouth between your legs as if he is having the time of his life makes you grab his head and hold him there. A move which has Jungkook groaning, sending shivers through your whole body.
"You like this?" He asks, detaching briefly but then he quickly lets his tongue tease your hole. 
"Yes, fuck I love this." You state the obvious.
"Do you want me to tongue fuck you?" He knows very well what the answer to his question is.
"Yes, please." You breathily respond.
"Hmm, thought so. Your hole is clenching around nothing." He's aware you enjoy dirty talk just as much as he does. Your liking towards the crass words is only proved when your hole clenches once again, hard. 
As his tongue penetrates you, you moan loudly and arch your back at the sensation that shoots through your body. Still holding the back of his head, you tug on his hair strands, something you know he enjoys. "Fuck, don't stop. This feels so good."
Although he loves it when you watch him eating you out, the sight of your arched back is something he enjoys equally. He feels his cock leak beads of precum in agreement. His arousal only causes him to quicken his actions and he gets rougher with his tongue. 
"Ah, fuck, Jungkook." You remove one of your hands from his hair and start squeezing your boobs as if your life depends on it.
"Yes, baby play with your tits." He growls and puts his mouth back on your clit. This time around, two of his fingers curl inside your pussy. 
You whimper as you feel his fingers reach the spot that always has you seeing stars. You feel your stomach tightening at his fast and repeated motions, knowing very well that you're close to your edge.
"Jungkook, please don't stop," you beg, desperate to have your release. "I'm about to cum." 
He growls once again and starts flicking your clit with his tongue at a very fast pace. That added with the feeling of his fingers has you clenching and gripping his fingers like a vice.
Your orgasm builds and then it hits you like a tidal wave. As your back arches once more, you cry and close your thighs around his head. That, however, doesn't stop Jungkook from giving a few more licks, this time around a little gentler. It's only when you whine due to overstimulation that he removes his mouth from you.
Your chest heaves as he stands and gently kisses you. The kiss is soft and languid, enabling you to taste yourself on him.
When the two of you part, you look at Jungkook who has a soft smile on his face as if he's glad to have given you the pleasure, the afterglow of which, you're basking in. 
"That was amazing," you giggle, wiping at the corner of his lips where some of your arousal remains.
"Did you expect any less?" A smug look appears on his face.
You shake your head and give him a peck on his lips. "Don't get too ahead of yourself, now."
"I'm not getting too ahead-" he mocks your tone, "-I just know I'm great at giving head." Then, his eyes light up the way it often does. "Hey, that's like wordplay! Too ahead and a head." 
You roll your eyes with a smile. "That's not even funny."
"It is funny though." He grumbles cutely. 
Your heart coos at the sight of his pink lips protruding into a pout. Leaning closer, you place kisses all over his face until his pout is gone and is replaced with a big smile. 
"Is that your way of agreeing with me?" His big doe eyes gleam with playfulness.
"Nah, that's just my way of stopping you from pouting like a baby," you boop his nose and giggle at the way his big nose scrunches up. He's far too adorable for his own good. 
"Your baby," he boops your nose back, his heart feeling full and warm at the sound of your giggles.
In this light moment, you feel your brain quip at you about how what Jungkook said are probably just words and something which will lose meaning with time. This time, instead of giving into it and surrendering to that thought, you realise that it's just a part of you that's trying to protect you. Instead of feeling scared and guilty, for feeling that way, you acknowledge that voice inside your head as if thanking it for trying to protect you. It's only then, that you feel as if you're not powerless against that voice. 
Having found that place where your mind is no longer scaring you, you know you choose to trust Jungkook and his words. Because that's what love is about, choosing someone, choosing to trust in them. You'll let him prove his words to you. You will let yourself fall in love with Jungkook. You'll let that love consume you. And you'll put faith in Jungkook's love that it will erase all your worries and doubts. 
Instead of giving him a verbal response to his previous statement, you loop your arms around his neck and kiss him once again. This kiss is kind of silly, with you two smiling big like fools. But it's also with this kiss, that you feel this reassurance, that the two of you will be okay. 
Tumblr media
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borathae · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
↳ Index [Day 01 - Period Sex]
Pairing: aaol!JK x f.Reader
Kinks: sub!Jungkook, dom!Reader, Mommy kink, period sex, blood, vaginal penetrative sex, vibrator, edging, multiple orgasms (f.recieving), dirty talk, creampies, they are clean & on birth control, aftercare
Wordcount: 3.5k
a/n: if I read one asshole pseudo-intelligent comment about her using pads, I will personally skin you alive in the most painful way. Us monthly-bleeders should support each other instead of judging each other and that goes for what you feel most comfortable in during your period as well. So keep your ugly words to yourselves and enjoy this story. Now that this is out of the way, enjoy besties! 💗
Tumblr media
"My love?" 
You grumble as an answer.
"I'm home."
The bed dents, a warm hand rests itself upon your hip. 
"What's wrong?" 
"My uterus is shedding itself."
"Oh no, god", Jungkook clicks his tongue, sagging his shoulders, "that sucks so much. I'm sorry. Do you want me to pop down to the store for something?"
"Yes", you roll onto your back, looking at your husband, "can you buy me a new uterus?" 
Jungkook laughs, "how about vanilla fudge ice cream and rambokki?" 
"Yeah sounds good too", you mumble. 
“Yeah? Then I’m getting that”, Jungkook stands up and smooches your forehead, “brb, I won’t be long.”
Jungkook returns half an hour later with the fruits of his successful food vendor hunt. He smooches your forehead as a greeting, doing so with the cutest and proudest sparkle in his eyes.
You eat the rambokki and ice cream cuddled up on the couch together whilst watching a cake baking competition on TV and later Jungkook rubs your feet whilst telling you about his day. Quite frankly, it lifted your once horrible mood by ninety. Your husband always knows how to cheer you up.
Your mood probably would have been lifted by a hundred if it wasn’t for those pesky cramps literally torturing you once you are trying to fall asleep.
Jungkook lifts his head from the pillow upon feeling you toss and turn once again. 
"My love, are you still awake?" he whispers.
"Mhm", you answer him, breathing heavily. 
"Are your cramps really bad? You’re moving a lot", he asks, scooting closer to you in the darkness of your bedroom. He reaches for your back, scratching it softly to soothe you a little. It feels really nice.
"It hurts", you say, clutching your own tummy tightly. 
"I know", he kisses your shoulder, "should I get some pain meds?" 
"I already took some, but it still hurts."
"Nooo my love, that sucks so much", Jungkook whines, draping his arm around you just so he can place his hand on your tummy as a makeshift heating pad. He rubs you gently, drawing little circles as he does. 
It soothes the pain instantly. Jungkook must have magic in his touch or maybe it is because he does it with so much love and devotion that it really, really helps. He is truly the best heating pad ever.
"Does that help a little?" he asks. 
"Yeah, thank you", you say, finally feeling yourself relax. 
“Then I’ll keep doing that”, he says, making himself comfortable behind you to spoon you.
Jungkook rubs your belly for quite some time, enjoying the tranquillity of the night with you whilst slowly, very slowly, becoming droopier and droopier in sleepiness. 
His eyes are already heavy, when an especially angry cramp makes you tense up again. He puts more vigour into his rubs, kissing your neck and shoulder as he does. 
"Is okay", he whispers tiredly, "s'okay."
"God I hate it so much, I just want it to stop", you whine, "I was so sleepy and now I'm not." 
"I know, me too", Jungkook says, pecking your cheek repeatedly. His head is just a little bit heavy as it is fighting the cruel pull of gravity. 
"Can’t you just fuck an orgasm outta me or something? I heard that helps", you say completely jokingly, laugh contorted in suffering. 
Jungkook’s hand halts on your belly, his puckered lips are pressed against your cheek.
"You're not actually considering it, are you?" you ask him, sneaking a glance at him even if the room is dark.
"I mean", Jungkook starts only to get his hand slapped by you.
"Bunny, come on."
"What? You were suggesting. I'm just saying, maybe it helps. You don’t know unless you tried."
"And if it doesn’t help what then?"
"Then we had nice sex."
"What if it's not nice sex?"
"Of course it’s going to be nice. It’s with you", he says and snuggles into you cutely. He makes high-pitched little sound effects, nuzzling into you with all he got and melting your heart with it. He is such a cutie, you really can’t say no to him.
"Okay, okay fine. Let's try it. My cramps can't get worse can they?" 
"Really? Are you serious?"
"Yes, let's do it."
"Oh my god that’s so great. I wanted to try this for so long", Jungkook giggles, "I'm so excited right now."
"If I hear one comment about gross blood though, I'm divorcing you."
Jungkook snickers, "that won’t happen", he pecks your cheek, "relax my love, I’m getting everything."
And with that he turns the lights on and runs out of the room. Of his once supposed sleepiness, no trace is left. 
"Wait. What? Everything?" you mumble, staring at the bedroom door which he left open.
Jungkook returns from the playroom with a leakage proof sheet cover, some lube and a handy, little vibrator. 
"I come bearing gifts", he says.
"I can see that", you say in a chuckle.
"You'll love it. It’s your favourite vibe. Freshly charged for those extra aggressive vibes", he continues, making you smile. He knows you so well.
He helps you place the cover under your butt, kissing you with his hands on each side of your head for way too many seconds afterwards. When he breaks the kiss, your lips became just the slightest bit tender and your pulse is racing in your chest. He looks so excited as well, cheeks rosy and big eyes all sparkly.
"I'm so excited", he says and giggles.
"Me too. I'm starting to feel it."
"Yeah? Are your cramps better already?"
You shake your head, "we need to try more", you say, wiggling your brows. 
"Uuh, ohoho", Jungkook wiggles his brows, "more you say? Well then I shall provide for you, my lady", he says in a fake posh accent, making you laugh with it. 
"You stupid noodle, you."
He sits down on his heels and lifts the vibrator into your vision. With a click, he has turned it on to the lowest setting, now placing it against your inner thigh right where your knee is. He guides it down your leg, switching his gaze between your clothed middle and your face. 
The vibrations feel soft on your skin, gaining in intensity the closer to your pussy he gets. 
Jungkook reaches it and does a little swirl, missing your clothed heat to instead tickle your lower tummy with it. 
"Don't tease", you warn, opening your legs more.
"I'm not, I’m vibrating the cramps away", he says, swirling the toy right under your belly button.
You crack up, laughing loudly. It makes Jungkook grin cutely.
"You stupid noodle, I can’t believe you", you say between chuckles.
"Heh", Jungkook lets out and kisses your knee. He abandons your tummy to instead rub the vibrator up your other inner thigh.
"Mhm Bunny, not gonna lie, that feels nice", you sigh, "I want more."
"More? Like this?" Jungkook asks, running the tip of the toy up the middle of your pussy. The combination of pj pants, panties and pad barely lets any vibrations through, except for when he reaches your clit. Your hips chase the sensation, you sigh softly.
Jungkook, who realises you love it here the most, stays, turning the vibrations up by one.
"Wow, good", you gasp, "Bunny…baby."
"Are the vibrations enough?" he asks, rubbing the toy up and down just slightly.
"One more?" 
Jungkook obeys, gasping right with you as a jolt of pleasure runs through you.
"That's good, that’s really good", you moan, "keep doing that."
Jungkook watches you writhe in pleasure, feeling his pants slowly but surely become tighter in excitement. It turns him on so much to know that he is pleasuring you just right. Also seeing you be blissed out is the hottest view to him, so that doesn’t help with his boner either.
"This is really hot", Jungkook says, "can I take my cock out and touch myself, please?"
You peel your eyes open.
"Take your clothes off first. Wanna see your pretty body."
"Yes, Mommy", Jungkook says, nodding his head obediently. 
He sadly has to turn off the vibrator for now, placing it next to your foot. Then he undresses. First his shirt, then his pants. Both get thrown onto his side of the spacious bed. 
He looks at you with shy eyes, hands by his sides and chest heaving up and down quickly.
"Such a pretty boy. Look at your cute, little dick. Did you already get a little hard, mhm?" 
"Yes, it turns me on so much when you feel good", he says.
You smile. He is the cutest.
"Take off my pants, Bunny."
Jungkook obeys instantly, discarding the clothes on his side of the bed. He looks at your middle, eyes racing over the little flaps which hold the pad in place. He gets harder because of it. 
"You're so sexy", he says, running his fingers up and down your warm panties.
"You think so? You like how I look in my period diapers?" you joke, making him chuckle.
"Yeah, they're cute", he says, turning on the vibrator afterwards. He places it back on your pussy, tracing your entrance before returning to your clit. 
"Yes Bunny, mhhm yes", you moan, rolling your hips up repeatedly, "shit, that’s good."
Jungkook moans softly, wrapping his hand around his cock to jerk it off to the image of you. It won’t be long and he is completely rock hard. Touching himself just gets him way too good when he can get you off as he does it.��
"Keep going Bunny, keep going."
"This is so hot, Mommy. So, so hot."
Not long and your thighs are twitching in an approaching high, body filled with endorphins and head dizzy. The vibrations are intense on your clit and you can’t figure out if the wetness sticking to you is your period or utter horniness. Probably the latter. 
Jungkook is panting so much, looking so desperate with his cock all pink and swollen between his fingers.
"Stop Bunny, stop."
Jungkook obeys even if he is edging himself with it. He whines, pouting at you so incredibly sadly as his cock throbs in his hand.
"Me too."
Jungkook drops the vibrator, holding your thighs as you writhe in the pain of a denied orgasm.
"Urgh god", you groan, arching your back in desperation.
"I, I don't understand", he says.
"Want your cock, Bunny", you press out, "just need to be filled by you, love."
"Really? Are you okay with undressing?" he asks, kneading your thighs in excitement. 
You nod your head, "just don’t look too much."
"I won’t, but I'm not judging you so don’t worry", he says, hooking his fingers in your panties, "ready?" 
"How about I'll do it?"
"Yes okay, do whatever feels comfortable."
You sit up, tangling your legs over the edge of the bed to take off your panties.
"Sorry, I’m kinda weird about my pad. I don’t want you seeing that ‘cause it can be such a mess."
"It's really fine, don’t worry."
"Aaand it's…not even as bad as I thought it would be", you sneak a glance at him, "tmi. Sorry, I’m talking a lot. This is new to me? I guess?" 
"It's really okay. You know how I can get, I’m such an endless chatter when I'm nervous." 
You chuckle, "I know you are. Fuck, okay let's do this. Here we go", you lie back down, parting your legs, "my period pussy in its full glory I guess. Tada."
Jungkook looks at you, staying silent for way too many seconds (it wasn’t long, you are simply nervous).
"Say something please."
"Your pussy is so pretty, wow that’s how wet you are already?" Jungkook gushes, running his hands up and down your inner thighs, "your lips are really red right now because of the, you know, blood", he says and giggles.
"Don't say that, oh my god", you whine, trying and failing to close your legs as Jungkook holds them open. His arms tense as he fights you, but he shows no ounce of struggle.
"It's so pretty, you look so soft and warm", he says, gazing at your face with love drunk eyes, "I want to sink my cock into you so bad, Mommy."
Your stomach twists and turns in arousal. He is such a sweet talker. It works every time.
"Then do it", you order him, relaxing your legs again. You don’t want to close them anymore, not when Jungkook promises you the sweet future of his perfect cock.
Jungkook nods his head, wrapping his fingers around the base of his cock to lay it atop your pussy. He rubs it through your folds slowly, frenulum grinding against your clit each time he does. 
"So wet", he says, breathing speeding up, "and your lips are really swollen. Are you really turned on?"
"Yeah, so turned on. I want your cock."
"I want your pussy too", Jungkook says, pushing in two inches before slipping out again. He moans, furrowing his brows, "it's sticking to me. That’s so hot. My tip's so red now."
"Fuck Bunny, just slip in", you order.
"I'm sorry, it’s just really hot", he says with a grin, before pushing back inside.
He doesn’t leave you this time around, allowing his cock to connect with you inch by inch until he doesn’t have any more to offer. 
You feel not even a pinch of discomfort.
Bear in mind, you rarely do with Jungkook, but given how little foreplay you did in comparison to your other extensive sessions, it is truly remarkable how easily he slipped in. Your pussy is just naturally so wet and swollen and ready to be stuffed that his cock feels like heaven now that he is inside.
"Oh my god Mommy", Jungkook squeaks out, pursing his lips into a pout, "your pussy is so wet. Like really, really wet."
"I know, I feel it too." 
Jungkook starts rocking back and forth, "woah okay woah", he laughs and furrows his brows, "woahwoahwoah, woah."
He tilts his head back for a gasping breath, chest shuddering as he exhales and fingers digging into the softness of your thighs.
"Yeah, woah", you agree, staring at his face obsessively. He looks so handsome when he gets off good. His cock shifts inside you, rubbing against your g-spot repeatedly. Even inside, you are more sensitive than usual, feeling the need to curl your toes each time he grinds against your favourite spots. 
"Your pussy is insane. It’s so warm and so wet", Jungkook looks into your eyes with blown-out pupils, "that’s insane. It’s like you’re having a fever. You’re so warm."
"Bunny seriously, we should have done this sooner. I'm so sensitive." 
"You are?" Jungkook pulls a face of devastation, whining loudly, "Mommy I want to cry. I'm so happy that you love it."
"Don't cry, use the vibe instead", you tell him lovingly, eliciting a little chuckle from him.
"Yes okay. Like this?" he asks, turning it back on to place it on your clit. His cock he keeps fucking in and out of you, going slow yet precise.
"Yes fuck", you press out, back arching off the mattress, "fuck, Bunny, oh god that’s the spot."
Jungkook keeps rubbing your clit with the vibrator, eyes fixated on his cock. It turns him on how your pussy looks around it. How she stretches and moves and hugs him so perfectly as he fucks into you. His shaft is all red from your juices, glistening almost blindingly much. His pubes are covered in it as well, looking just as soaked as his cock does. 
"You're so wet, seriously so wet. Don’t wanna stop fucking you", Jungkook moans, thighs tensing with each thrust. 
He doesn’t go fast, but he makes sure to go as deep as possible to really make you feel his cock. He knows you love that. 
"Don't stop Bunny, you’re such a good boy. Your cock's the best", you encourage him, writhing happily. The vibrations are so intense on your clit. Like a constant source of warm electricity, which creeps deep into your every inch. Jungkook’s cock feels a million times better because of it, making you moan each time he hits your g-spot.
"Mommy, I love it", Jungkook croaks and falls to his elbows in a whimper, "love it so much. You’re so wet, it’s insane."
"Fix the vibe Bunny baby", you order.
"Can you do it please? My arm is breaking off otherwise."
You chuckle, taking the vibrator out of his fingers to place it back on your clit. Jungkook places his other elbow next to your head as well, using his fingers to play with your hair. 
"Love that", you croak, tilting your head so your lips were almost touching.
Jungkook moans, chasing you with parted lips and continuous sounds leaving him.
"It's so fucking nasty", you rasp, "I love having your perfect cock in my wet pussy."
"Please don’t talk like this", he begs in a whimper.
"Why not?"
"Wanna cum", he whines.
"Aww so sweet, you’re close because I talk dirty good to you?"
"Yeah", Jungkook drops his forehead against yours, "and 'cause your pussy's so fucking wet. Fuck", he adds in an aggressive whisper, cupping your cheek roughly so he can tilt your head up and kiss you as passionately and as deeply as possible. 
You moan, you groan, you growl into the kiss, tongues dancing with each other and lips never satisfied with the closeness. Shit, that kiss feels like paradise. Bringing you over the edge so well that you full on moan into Jungkook’s mouth. Jungkook whimpers as it happens, squeezing your cheeks in desperation.
“You’re so tight, oh god”, he keens.
"Cream me Bunny, cream me", you order him, pulsating around him as the vibrations on your clit force your orgasm to feel never ending.
"Mommy", Jungkook squeaks out and sobs, coming undone with a tremble of his limbs. 
His hot cum shoots up your pussy, covering your every inch. The fuck becomes even wetter than before, squelching sounds growing in volume and pussy feeling on fire.
"Fuck baby, Don't stop", you growl, forcing him closer by his hair, "hear me? One more."
"It's so tight", Jungkook sobs, "so w-wet."
"Close baby, close. My pussy's so sensitive. Close. Keep moving Bunny."
"So hard", he whimpers, twisting the pillow and curling his toes.
"Close", you croak, tensing up in anticipation, "Kookie n-now."
You cry out for him, kicking the sheets as your pussy spasm in her orgasm. Lesson learned. You can climax like a mad person on your period. Well, that is going to be one of your new obsessions.
"That shit feels so good", you wail, "so good, ah!" 
"It's so hot", Jungkook sobs, spilling tears, "I love you Mommy, I love you so much."
Jungkook has the tendency to confess his undying love for you when you cum especially good. It will never grow old.
"I..love…you-", a gasp and one last shake, "-too." 
You drop, skin sticky against the cover and head turning in dizziness. You turn off the vibrator with shaky fingers, discarding it with weak hands.
"Well fuck", you say and exhale loudly, "that was intense."
"Yes, so intense", Jungkook rasps, kissing your cheek repeatedly, "was I good? Did you like it?"
"I fucking loved it. Holy shit, Bunny", you cup both his cheeks, "you are the bestest boy. I feel so fucked, it’s amazing."
Jungkook breaks into happy giggles, attacking you with smiley kisses.
"I'm so happy, this was amazing for me too", he says, softening cock slipping out from all the movement.
"Mhm Bunny, I can feel it tripping out of me", you whine.
"I'm sorry, I came so much. I was so into this", he says, reaching for a tissue, "here, for you."
"Thank you", you accept it, pressing it against your pussy. You study him. He is wiping his cock clean with a tissue as well.
"That's so much blood" you cringe, "are you okay?"
Jungkook looks at you with big, shocked eyes, "of course I am! I don’t think it's gross", he insists loudly, shaking his head, "especially not after I felt how wet you are during your period. Are you okay?"
"Yeah, yeah I'm okay. It’s good to hear you aren’t grossed out. Fuck, it's so messy, isn’t it?"
"It's nothing a quick shower can’t fix", he grins cutely, "do you want to hop in under together and wash up?" 
"I feel like this is going to end with us against the wall."
Jungkook laughs, "maybe, let's see."
You roll your eyes, "you're such a stupid noodle. Goddamn. Fine, let's shower together. I really can’t say no to you, can I?"
Jungkook shakes his head, "no", he giggles, "it's because I'm so cute."
"You aren’t wrong", you laugh, "fuck Bunnybaby, you’re such a cutie. My cramps are better too, you know?"
"Really?! Wooow, I’m so happy to hear that", Jungkook squeals, helping you sit up in bed just so he can smooch your lips.
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ughbtz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
RATED 18+ MATURE. A03 [ backup]
Tumblr media
REQUEST camgirl au!
Summary: with only a vpn and no access to porn in South Korea, he had found you as a cam girl. While he jerked off to your haven sent moans, hefinds himself climaxing to the point of passing out.
HARVEST MOON fiancé au! Idol au!
Summary; his parents and a few relatives decided to rent out a treadional place / area for the holidays, which ment being quiet was nesssary if he wanted to feel more than your clothed breast in his sleepy hands.
DEVILMAN succubus step bro au!
Summary: It was late at night and jungkook began having his lustful urges from lack of sex, the type of urge that made him go mad if he didn't fuck someone. So what did he always do, put you in a deep sleep while he fucked you like an obedient slut.
summary: while horny and half asleep, he used your sleeping body as his fuck toy.
Summary: Jungkook was horny and needed to get himself off with your body as nothing else could calm down his body's need for sex.
Tumblr media
100% COTTON.
Tumblr media
ENTERTAINER hostess au!
Summary: It's not constantly the club's owner visits by, but when he does he waits till the end of the night to get a private room for the both of you. After all, you're his favorite entertainer on and off the clock.
PRACTICE ROOM poly band au!
Summary: alone time with namjoon inside the band's practice room didn't last long before his bandmate catches him with his hands deep inside their shared girlfriend's cunt.
GUILTY cheating au!
Summary; he never regretted cheating with you and never has. Not even after the 13th time of doing so.
SHOWER bf au!
summary: a sex dream made you crave him bady, but when he was asleep you took matters on your own hand. Which only caused him to be disappointed when he saw your state, after all he wanted to be your main sorce of pleasure even if the dildo was similar to his.
INTRODUCTORY TOUCHES strangers au! Idol au
summary; Vips only have privileges when they have the money to back up anything they want. With his eyes on you in the club, he wanted more than your presence around him that night.
Apartment #852 boss au!
Tumblr media
summary; In 3 months you illegally spent over 400m of the company's cash with no way of paying it back, so your boss Mr. Kim arranged a private meeting in his luxurious apartment for the both of you to discuss details on payment.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐃𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬 🔞
(Jungkook x Reader)
Tumblr media
▶ Summary: Jungkook is mad at you for laughing at one of his bandmate's jokes about him- though they might've gotten some important details wrong.
▶ Tags: Smut, Short story, pwp, Idol!Jungkook, slight dirty talk, handjob (f receiving), foreplay, protected sex, established relationship
▶ Wordcount: Short
▶ Masterlist
"To be honest, I'm surprised she's not hard of hearing yet-" Jimin jokes, bumping his shoulder into his younger bandmate's. "-considering he snores so loud." he finishes, and you can't help but chuckle a little. Jungkook does sometimes snore very loudly- though you typically wake up from it, and wake him too. Not because you're annoyed however, but because he would wake up with a sore throat, and he hates that with a passion. You can understand that well.
Jungkook however doesn't seem to see the joke in it as he looka down at you next to him, sitting on the floor with the rest of the guys and him after having eaten some takeout food. His face is serious, tongue pushed against the inside of his cheek.
A clear sign he's irritated.
"ah but then again she's probably used to him being so loud." Jimin continues, as always not very careful of the boundaries he might cross with his jokes. "ah, please, please~!" he mocks, and it's then that your eyes widen, because Jungkook stands up, hand on your back threateningly moving to your neck before it disappears.
"Let's go home." he tells you, and while the other members try and negotiate with him to stay a little longer, it's clear that he's had enough of being tonight's victim of his bandmate's teasing game. In the car, it's silent- you're not sure what to do or say, and you're also not sure what his thoughts are, his gaze serious and straight up at the road, never sparing you a glance.
In your shared apartment, right after the door closes, he's all over you; caged in and pushed into a corner, arms leaning on either side of your face as you look up at him in surprise. "funny, wasn't it?" he asks, eyes challenging as he tilts his head in his signature manner- a habit he's picked up from his bandmate Hoseok over the years, one of many signs that the band shaped him growing up. "I saw you laughing. You know, I found it funny too." he says lowly, busan dialect clear as he doesn't care about it when he's with you. It's a blessing, a compliment and a curse- because you can't deny the effect his deeper voice has on you, thighs pressed together as the tips of your ears turn red from the realization what's happening. "Maybe I should've told them-" he starts, hands running over your sides before they rather roughly take your breasts into his hands, making you arch your back into him. "-I was simply mocking you?" he chuckles. "how you beg for me like a slave, hm? Cause my little princess just can't get enough of my fucking cock, no?" he says, simultaneously parting your legs with his knee, pressing it up into your core while you squirm from the sweet friction. "can hear how wet you are already."
You whine as you start to shift and shamelessly hump his leg like a dog in heat, well aware that he enjoys seeing you desperate for him no matter in what way. He likes having you needy for his attention- whether it be by craving a simple hug or the hold of his hand, or by trying to get his attention in more primal ways, he likes being wanted by none other than you.
His lips on you are desperate, messy and hurried- he's always just as affected as you are, even if he tends to take the leading role. He knows how much you like when he reminds you of his physical strength. He'd never hurt you intentionally, never, but its you he's talking about- you gladly welcome the bites and bruises be leaves on your body as proof of his ownership and love. And he likes the way they look on you, what it shows when you wear his marks.
Claimed. Owned. His.
On the couch, you're instantly entangled; your legs around his waist as if to pull him in, a gesture he takes note of with a smirk of his. You undress with a sense of urgency, writhing and squirming under the palms of his hands, fingers grabbing, holding, anywhere he can. His lips travel over your collarbone, between your breasts, down over the center of your ribs to your bellybutton.
Your hand finds his hair. Your fingers grab his raven locks. Then, you pull- and he growls at the feeling.
The love between you is both romantic and carnal, made up of emotions, dreams, and naked desire. Gentleness, loving words and adoring eyes. Roughness, chaos and a sense of hurry- as if every kiss is his last, as if he won't ever see you again, as if you're to disappear if he doesn't hold you strong enough.
He chases after the whimpers you make. He longs for the breathless pleas that fall from your lips. He craves the way you cling onto him, and bathes in the sight of you as you fall apart beneath him.
And in his haste, he can't help but be a little messy in the way he acts.
He doesn't mind the obscene sounds his hand makes as his fingers move inside your core- pushed in as far as they go, heel of his palm offering warm friction to you while the slick of your arousal makes movement easy for him. Your back lifts off the couch, as if you're pulled into him like a magnet, and his free hand runs upwards to your throat, gently holding, never applying pressure. There's a limit to what he's comfortable practicing- he knows what he's capable of, knows what not to do considering his tendency to get lost in the act sometimes once he enjoys what he's doing.
So he just let's his hand rest there, fingers feeling your pulse race, before they take hold of your lower jaw, your lips instinctively opening in submission to welcome his thumb on your tongue. His eyes can't help but focus on the sight of your clear and voluntary submission.
The rain crashes against the large panorama windows of the living room, darkness and nothing but the neon lights lf the city skyline outside illuminating you both as he sheds his own clothes, skin against skin providing enough warmth between you both for the time being. Kisses are being shared, open mouthed and desperate, whole eyes are closed, minds occupied by the other. He doesn't need to see what he's doing; he knows your body like his own by now, well aware of it's shape and curves.
He's glad he's hidden condoms underneath the couch's seat cushions- he knows by now where you typically end up entangled in desire and lust, has learned from past experiences. It makes it all the more smooth, hand eagerly finding the foil package before he opens it, rolling the contraceptive over his more than impatient length. He's hissing from the sensitivity, growing needy to push himself inside of you, where he knows he'll be welcomed by warmth and tightness.
You're perfect for him.
Your gasps are easily swallowed by his lips, his own breaths becoming louder, vocal as he himself can't help his whines and whimpers of pleasure. "I love you." he says, breathes into the crook of your neck, pace chosen surprisingly gentle for once as his hand finds your thigh, strong grip keeping you close as he positions your leg over his waist. Your toes curl when he repeats his confession, thrusts of his hips gaining speed, his own release already in sight when you come undone, clenching around him while your hands wrap around his wrists, needing to hold onto something as if you're about to be swept away by the force of your orgasm.
He follows not long after, eyes closed and jaw clenched as he groans in satisfaction, spilling his seed into the condom inside of you.
"Do you really think they heard us?" you wonder after a while, and he shrugs, chuckling before his hand runs through your hair, ending up at the side of your face where his thumb runs over the top of your cheekbone.
"Maybe? Probably when we stayed in some hotel." he simply says, visibly uncaring while you whine on embarrassment.
"Kook, that's so humiliating!" you complain, though he only hisses a little when he slips out of your warmth, pulling off the condom to tie it closed.
"Nah." he just says. "Hyung is provably just jealous I get to fuck a goddess." he winks, before standing up and running a hand through his hair, throwing the condom into the trash in the open kitchen before he returns to you. "And now I'm even gonna shower with one." he teases, picking you up and making you laugh.
"You're a lucky guy then?" you joke, and he grins at you with sparkling eyes.
"Lucky guy indeed." he confirms.
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Pairing- Jungkook x Named Reader
Word count- 6.8k
Includes- First meeting, wall sex, pussy eating, blow job, deepthroating, cum eating, table sex, multiple orgasms, fluff
Tag List- @mingtina @jaxxmine
@yeosayang @delightfulmoonbanana
@tannie13 @itstyraaxx @borntowalkaway
Tumblr media
Jungkook POV
I make my way towards Jin, who's sitting by himself listening to the music
I've mingled with the other idols at Hobi's listening party as well as hang with Jimin and Tae
I know Jin is uncomfortable not really knowing anyone but us, Bang and P Dogg.
He was anxious before the party, worrying about talking to people he doesn't know
We assured him he doesn't have to mingle and he's been sitting alone for awhile
I decided to keep him company for a little
"Hey", I say sitting next to him
"Hey", he answers
"What are you drinking?"
I roll my eyes, "No shit. What kind?"
"Beer", he answers, handing me his cup
I take a sip
Not bad
Handing it back to him, I look for Hobi
Tumblr media
And proceed to choke on air
There's a girl, hugging Hobi and she's drop dead gorgeous
And the clothes she's wearing, holy shit
So hot
"Who's that?", I breathe
"Who?", Jin asks, looking in the direction I am, "Oh. That's Jo"
Hold up
"Jo? As in his best friend?"
"I thought Jo was a boy"
Jin shrugs, "No she's a girl. I remember him telling us."
Yeah but her name is a guy's name
Hobi's only ever called his best friend from home Jo
"Her name is Jo"
"Short for Joanne. You don't pay attention when we talk"
Ok fine, I'll give him that
I don't listen for the most part so Hobi could have said something about Jo being a girl
Obviously he did if Jin knows her full name
"Like what you see?", Jin smirks
I give him the side eye, "Are you blind? She's hot"
"No I'm not blind", he snorts, "Yes she's very hot. But I'm noticing your reaction to her"
"Just her looks", I answer, "I don't know her"
"Maybe you should. Maybe you can finally date someone instead of fucking anything that walks"
"Hey!", I argue, "I don't do that"
He raises his eyebrow
"Fine. But it's not anything. I don't fuck all the time and it's not just anyone"
I mean it's people I know like girl staff members
I've had a few one night stands but he's making it sound like it's every night
It's not
"And FYI I don't need a girlfriend"
"Yeah but I don't think you should just fuck Hobi's best friend. I think he'll take issue with that"
"She's her own person", I say defensively, "If she wants to fuck then I'm not gonna say no"
He sighs, "Can you try to get to know her? She's important to Hobi and you can't just smash and drop her"
I roll my eyes
I should be able to fuck her if I want to but I also get Jin's perspective
She's Hobi's friend, she's going to be around
I may have to see her if she comes to something else for Hobi
"I can get to know her", I give in
"Great", he nods approvingly
"Do you think I should go over there?"
Jin shakes his head, "Hobi's introducing her to people. She already met Jimin and Namjoon. He'll make his way here"
He's right
I don't wanna seem desperate
Staying in my spot, I watch Hobi introduce her to Tae, hoping he gets to us soon
"Hi I'm Tae", Taehyung says, smiling and shaking my hand
"Hhh...hi", I manage to get out
"Nice to meet you", he says
"Yes very nice", I say, like an idiot
I can't believe I'm meeting BTS members
I had no idea that I would be invited to Hobi's listening party when I called him to congratulate him on his solo album
But he did invite me and here I am
Meeting my idols
"So Yoongi isn't here", Hobi says, as Tae goes back to talking to Jimin, "He's sick"
"Oh that sucks. I hope he'll be ok"
"He will", Hobi assures me
I'm so proud of Hobi
He's worked so hard for years, for BTS and I'm proud he's the first one to release an album
He's so talented and he deserves all this and more
I told him so on the phone and as soon as I got here
I missed my best friend but I understood when he left Gwangju for Seoul
He was following his dream
I'm just glad he never forgot me
Still kept in touch, still called me and now that I moved to Seoul, making time to see me, inviting me to his party
He's so famous and popular but he's the same Hobi I knew from childhood
"But he's here", Hobi says, wiggling his eyebrows
"Stop", I playfully scold, then ask, "Really?"
"Yeah, he's over there with Jin"
I casually glance over and catch an eyeful of Jungkook
Who's looking at me
I immediately turn away, my face so hot
Hobi is laughing and I glare at him
"Don't be scared Jo. He's just like any guy"
I raise my eyebrow, "You're kidding right? He's not just any guy. No one here is just any guy or girl. Except me"
Hobi shakes his head, "He's just a person like everyone else. And a huge pain in the ass. And a dork"
I giggle, "Yeah but all of you are dorks"
He puts his hand to his chest, giving me an exaggerated shocked face, "Excuse me"
I roll my eyes, "Oh please Hobi. You know you're a dork"
He smiles, "Yeah but I learned from you"
"Fair", I answer, smiling
"So you wanna meet him?", Hobi asks
I do
I really do
But I know I'm gonna be an awkward idiot
Jungkook is someone I've had a huge crush on for so long
Well as much as one can have a crush on a celebrity
And Hobi loves to make fun of me for it
"I uhh...I"
"You'll be fine. C'mon", he says, putting his arm around my shoulders and steering me in Jungkook's and Jin's direction
"He's already looking at you", Hobi says quietly, "The way he's looking means he wants to fuck you. Whether you do it or not is up to you"
"Uh what?", I gape
"You heard me. And you're a big girl, you can decide what to do on your own"
"You don't care if I chose to...you know?"
He shakes his head, "Nope. Have at it. Or not. Just don't get upset if he doesn't want anything more. He's kinda a man whore. So fair warning"
I mean why wouldn't he be a man whore?
He's fucking hot, the golden maknae of course girls are going to throw themselves at him
Of course he wouldn't see me any differently no matter who I'm friends with
It's slightly disappointing but I can't do anything about it
And I don't have to sleep with him
We can just be friends
All too soon we are standing in front of Jungkook and Jin and my legs are slightly shaking
"Kookie, Jinnie this is my best friend Joanne. Or Jo if she says you can call her that", Hobi says looking at me
I nod
"Jo it is", he amends
"Hhh..hi", I stammer like a complete moron
"Hi", Jin says standing up, "Nice to meet you"
"Yes. It's amazing to meet you", I say like a total fangirl
Jungkook stands up and I look up at him
"Hey", he smiles, "Nice to meet you too"
My whole face is on fire but I manage to smile, "Great to meet you too"
"So that's all the members that are here. You can meet Yoongi a different time now that you live in Seoul"
He better not be about to leave me alone with them
I just met them
I thought he'd stay with me awhile
He looks at me, "I'm gonna mingle some more"
Oh god
He's ditching me
I glare hard at him, "Hobi"
"Don't worry Jungkook and Jin don't bite"
I gape at him
I'm so gonna kill him
He's dead
"Actually I need the bathroom", Jin says, then excuses himself and leaves
No, I can't stay here with Jungkook alone
Where is Jimin?
Jimin is always attached to Jungkook in the behind the scenes videos they take
Or Tae?
Where are they?
"Alright well Jungkook will hang out with you", Hobi says
"Yeah, cool", Jungkook answers
"I uh-", I start
"Great. I'll see you later", Hobi interrupts
He kisses my cheek, then leaves before I could say anything
Oh god
I turn back to Jungkook, so fucking nervous
We just stand there for a few seconds then I say, "Uh actually I need the bathroom too"
He nods, pointing the way, "It's over there. I'll wait for you there"
He nods towards a table
He's gonna wait for me?
That's so strange
"Uh yeah ok", I answer, then turn and head straight to the bathroom so I can get a fucking grip and talk to him like a normal person
Jungkook POV
I sit at the table with my wine as I watch her practically run to the bathroom
She's nervous
I get it, I'm nervous when I meet celebrities too
I almost shit my pants when I met Charlie Puth
I saw Hobi talking to her, maybe warning her about me
I hope he didn't
She's so much more beautiful than I thought so that helps me want to get to know her
It's shallow I know but it is what it is
She walks back into the room and I call her name, waving her over
She comes, a wary look on her face
"Sit", I say, gesturing to the seat next to me
If I'm gonna get to know her, I should be able to hear her
"So, how long have you known Hobi?"
"Pictures Jungkook", Namjoon says as he walks by us
"Yeah in a minute", I answer
I'm too engrossed in her story of how she won the tug of war for a PS5
She grabbed it first but someone tried to take it from her
"The guy was strong but I wasn't letting go. It was mine. He knew it was mine. He keeps saying that I'm a girl so I don't need it"
I hate when guys think girls aren't gamers
I know lots of girls, online of course, who play games better than guys
And I discovered she is one
I discovered a lot of things about her while we talked
Her friendship with Hobi, her job as a video game designer, her likes, dislikes, favorite things
I already know her favorite video games are the assassin Creed series
I know she loves old games like Mario
I know she loves Pokemon and her favorite is Charmander
Her favorite color is black, she likes makeup, she loves chocolate especially Reese's, she lives in PJs, she's a black belt in taekwondo, she lives in a small studio apartment, she moved here from the U.S., her parents are both Norwegian, she has no siblings and she has a boy German shepherd named Rexy
She's so cool and for once I'm glad I listened to Jin
"Did you curse him out?", I ask
"Yes. He hit my hand to make me let go and I punched him in the face. That made him let go of the PS5"
"You punched....no way!"
She nods, "He hit me first. There were witnesses. One guy said he was going to deck him if I already hadn't. That's how I got my PS5."
"You are amazing", I gape, "Seriously so bad ass"
She smiles shyly, blushing, "Thanks"
I nod just as Namjoon screams my name
I snap my gaze to him, "I'm coming!"
"I'll go with you", she says, "If you want"
I nod, "I want"
Standing, I take her hand, tugging her along with me
As I pose for pictures, I see her taking some too
When we're done, I go back to her
"Lemme see", I ask, gesturing to her phone
She blushes but shows me the pictures she took
A lot is just of me
One where I'm doing Tae's peace sign, one doing the rock sign
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As I scroll I find a picture of me sitting at the table waiting for her when she went to the bathroom
Tumblr media
I show her the picture, my eyebrows raised
"You looked cute", she shrugs helplessly
I smile, seeing how cute she is
"It's a nice picture", I say, handing her the phone back
Standing in a minute of silence, I ask, "Dance?"
"Uh. I don't really-"
She hesitates then nods
Taking her near the guys, I face her, starting to move little steps
Tumblr media
She just stands there, her face on fire
"C'mon Jo. You can move. Just go side to side"
I show her, doing an exaggerated dance, making her crack a smile
She starts to move with me and I nod encouragingly
We keep dancing and she starts moving her feet too
As I watch her, I notice she can dance, I just think she's too self conscious
I can fix that
I offer her some of my wine and she shakes her head
"It's just a little", I encourage
She bites her lip then reaches for my glass
She sips some, smiling at me
I'm surprised that I'm having a lot of fun with her
I still want to fuck her, no doubt about that but I am having fun
After a few more drinks, we're both loosened up
Not drunk but loose
"Kookie", she giggles as I do exaggerated faces and silly moves, twisting my body around
Tumblr media
"Like my moves?", I ask, wiggling my eyebrows
"They're very nice", she snorts
"I don't think you can look away", I tease her
"Yeah, it's like a train wreck. I can't look away"
I pout as the song ends
"Fine", I sigh dramatically, grabbing my drink, "No more dancing"
Instead I lay down on the small stage, on my back, my knees up, holding my glass
Tumblr media
"Jungkook get up", she laughs
I giggle shaking my head
"C'mon", she says, coming over and taking my hand, pulling me towards her
Instead, I pull her to me and she tumbles on top of me
"Oof", she says, her upper body on my chest, "I'm sorry. Did I hurt you"
"Pft no, you're not heavy", I answer, moving on my elbow
"Yeah well I'm sorry anyway", she says, her face so close to mine
"It's fine", I say, my eyes moving to her lips
So pretty, so pink
I wonder if they're as smooth as they look
Without thinking, I close the distance between us, pressing my lips against hers
As soon as I do it's like everything in my world changes, everything flips
Holy shit
She kisses me back, her arms moving around my neck
"Guys", Hobi interrupts
We pull away as I look up at him
"Take this in the back room where there's no cameras", he says, warning in his voice
Right, shit
I so don't need this leaked anywhere
Hobi helps her up as I get up
"Don't be so stupid", he growls in my ear before walking away
"Come with me", I say, taking her hand
She nods and I lead her to the dressing room we all got ready in
Closing the door behind us, I face her moving closer
The second my lips touch hers, heat runs though my body
Jesus, her kiss is amazing
I kiss her harder, sliding my tongue in her mouth
She responds, her arms going around my neck, pulling me against her
Kissing her wildly, I roll my hips into her, my hard cock moving against her
Her hand fists my hair in the back of my head, pushing her hips into me too
As we hump each other, I slide my hands under her shirt, feeling her soft skin
She moans softly, pressing her body harder against mine
"We don't have to", I say, kissing her neck
I can't believe I'm saying this
I can't believe I'm not trying to take her clothes off yet
I want to fuck her but I'm not going to force her
I want her to want me too
"I...I want to", she says, breathlessly
"Are you sure?", I ask, still checking
"Yes, fuck yes"
"Good", I answer, finally moving my hands down, opening her pants as she kicks her boots off
I pull them and panties down while her hands shoves my Tshirt off
"Jesus", she breathes, looking at me
She bites her lower lip as she runs her hands gently on my chest, shoulders and stomach
My body trembles against her touch especially when she starts peppering kisses all over me
It feels so good
I start kissing her neck, pulling her shirt up and touching her body, her skin is so smooth and soft
And warm under my hands
I move my hands up more and more, pulling her shirt off
She immediately unbuckles my belt, pulling down my pants and boxers
I kick my shoes and clothes off, then undo her bra, pushing her against the wall
I lift her leg around me, kissing her as I touch her cunt
"Fuck you're dripping. Want me this much huh?"
She nods, whimpering softly
"You'll get me baby. I'm gonna fuck you so good"
I push my head into her and start to slip inside her slowly, inch by inch
"Fuck", she moans, grabbing my arms tightly
"Oh my God", I whimper, as I bottom out, her incredibly tight pussy spasming around my cock, "You feel so fucking good"
She feels amazing
I've never been with anyone as tight as she is, who I fit into as well as I fit in her
I start moving, in and out, feeling her tiny cunt open for me over and over, pleasure instantly running through me
I fucking love how she feels
And I love how she's clinging to me, her body right against mine
"Jungkook", she moans
I never knew I'd love hearing my name be called so much
"God Joanne, you're fucking perfect for me", I praise her, "Such a tight, wet, warm cunt for me. Perfect fit"
She really is
"Fuck Kookie, you're ppppp.....pppp....perfect for me too", she stammers, "you feel so..so....fuck"
God, I like that I'm giving her so much pleasure that she can't talk
I grab her ass, holding her as close to me as I can, slamming hard in her
"Oh god Kookie, fuck harder!", she yells
Yes, fuck yes
Grabbing her other leg, I hold her against the wall, going harder and faster, plunging my cock deep inside her cunt
"Jungkook, oh shit, Jungkook", she shouts, "I'm gonna cum!"
Fucking pure pleasure runs through me as she tightens on my cock, coming as soon as she finishes speaking, shaking and gripping my body so tightly
"Holy shit Joanne!", I yell, "Oh my God it feels so good. It feels so good"
Having a girl cum on me has never felt so amazing
Never been this good
And all I know is I want to feel it again
I keep slamming inside her over and over, listening to her shouts
"Jungkook, oh god Jungkook. You fuck.... your cock, you ..you're amazing!" she shouts
"Yeah baby? You like it?", I smirk
She nods, holding tightly onto me
I slam inside and I hit her spot that makes her scream and shake in my arms
"Oh fuck Jungkook", she screams, "Yes, yes, YES!"
Fuck, I never had any girl react like this to me
Just the way she's screaming and clinging on me is everything
"There baby?", I smirk again, "You like it there?"
I slam against her spot again, hard
"YES!", she shouts
I keep moving, making sure I get that spot every single time
"C'mon, be a good girl and cum", I urge her
She's right there and I just want to feel it again
"Oh god, oh god, Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook!", she screams, exploding on me
Jesus, she feels so good and the pleasure is so intense, I'm struggling to keep standing
I adjust my hands, lifting her higher, slamming her against the wall
Shit, I didn't mean to do that
"More Kookie, I want more of you", she whines
"You can have me whenever you want baby", I groan, starting to thrust in her again
"Fuck Jungkook!"
God I love her screaming my name
"Scream louder baby. I want to hear you"
"Jungkook!", she screams louder, listening to me, "Harder Jungkook, harder! Fuck me harder! Ruin me on your cock"
Oh I will
I pound in her more forcefully, feeling her cunt clench me over and over, her slippery grip on my cock so tight
"Oh shit, you feel so good Kookie", she moans, putting her face in my neck
Her hands move to my upper arms and she grips me so fucking hard
But it feels so good at the same time so it doesn't hurt
I feel her pussy starts to throb uncontrollably and I'm so excited for her orgasm
"Yeah baby, you gonna cum baby girl?", I moan, "I feel you want to"
"Yes I want to Kookie. Fuck, make me. Please", she pleads, "I want to cum on you"
Fucking hell, she's making it hard for me to not cum
"Fuck Jo, I want you to cum on me too baby. You feel so fucking incredibly good when you do"
"Yeah? You like it baby?", she asks
"I love it. I had it twice and I already want it so much more. All the time", I murmur, "So give me baby"
Thrusting into her spot, she screams my name, her body shuddering against me and her hands squeezing my arms so damn hard
"Oh fuck baby", I yell, feeling the mind blowing pleasure
She rides out her orgasm on my cock and I pull out when she's done, setting her down
"But...but-", she babbles
Moving my mouth to her ear, I tell her, "I'm gonna eat your pussy"
"I...uh...what?", she asks, her confusion so cute
"I'm gonna eat your pussy", I repeat, "See I've been imagining what you taste like since you walked into the fucking party"
I move my hands down to her cunt, running my fingers on her
Fuck she's so wet
"And I want my mouth here", I tell her, "I want to see if you're as good as I think you are"
"Fff..fuck", she whimpers
"So I guess the question you have to answer is are you gonna let me eat this cunt?"
"Yes, fuck Jungkook, yes"
"Good girl", I praise her, then kiss her cheek before dropping to my knees
Excitedly, I open her legs, her cunt so cute, so pink and so wet
I run my tongue along her pussy once, making her moan
I never wanted to eat a girl out more than I want to eat her out
I start to lick her pussy quickly, sliding up and down, tasting her juice
"Fuck you taste so fucking good", I tell her, swallowing her juice while I feel it run down my neck
"Jungkook", she yells, her hand going in my hair, pulling
I'm so surprised at how good it feels and that I'm letting her as I don't like people touching my hair
But with her I'm more than ok with it
Swirling my tongue around her, her legs start shaking and she starts to fall down
"Stay up baby", I say
"I can't. I can't", she moans, "It feels too good Kookie. Your tongue feels so good. I can't"
I really like that
I like that my tongue makes her feel so much pleasure that she can't stand up
I pull away, standing up and she whines so loudly
Then I grab her and pick her up
He picks me up, carrying me to the table in here and lays me on it on my back
I watch him pull a chair to me, sitting down, immediately spreading my legs open wide, putting his hands on my inner thighs and holding my legs open
I feel his tongue slide up my pussy again, slowly
Pleasure hits me fast, making me shake
I still can't believe this is happening
I had sex with Jungkook
Jungkook from BTS
And he was fucking amazing
Not that I thought he wouldn't be
And now he's actually eating me out
And his tongue, fuck, he knows how to use it
My mind is blown
I can't believe he wants me like this
A nobody
"Fuck, baby you feel good against my tongue", he groans, "So wet, I love it"
Jesus Christ
He loves it?
I can't...this is insane
He licks my clit and I can't help but whimper, my hand burying in his hair
"Hmm my girl likes it there?", he teases
I nod, "Yeah"
He keeps licking my clit over and over, the tip of his tongue rubbing the same spot
"Kookie, fuck", I moan
God it feels so good, his tongue working me so well, pressing hard so I can feel everything
"Gonna cum baby?", he asks
I can't talk
The pleasure is turning my mind off
He puts his mouth around my clit and sucks
"FUCK!", I scream, my body arching from the table on it's own
"Good girl", he praises, then goes back to sucking
The pleasure is so intense, I can only feel
"Cum for me baby. I want to taste you", he pleads, "Please"
Is he really begging for my cum?
Goddamn that turns me on so much
"Give me", he begs
His next suck on my clit causes so much pleasure and I can't handle it
My body shakes hard and I cum so fucking hard, pulling his hair and screaming his name
I love screaming his name
"Jungkook!", I scream, "Oh god Jungkook"
He lets go of my clit, his tongue sliding down my pussy, while I cum
"Oh my God", he moans, licking over and over, "So fucking good baby girl"
"Www...what?", I breathe hard
Did he really just say what I think he said?
"Your cum tastes so fucking good", he repeats
Oh my god, he did say that
Holy mother of God
"Fuck baby can I have more?", he asks
"Yyyy...you....www....want...", I stammer
"More. Yeah baby", he says, sucking on my clit again, "Please?"
"Yyy...you can have anything you want"
He starts sucking my clit hard and fast, making me squirm under him from the pleasure
He switches to licking me, his tongue gliding all over me
"Oh Kookie, baby", I whimper
He slides his tongue inside my pussy, making my hips snap up into his face
"Oh shit", I yell
No one has ever done that to me before
I can't even describe how good it feels
"Baby likes my tongue in her pussy?", he teases
"Yes fuck, yes", I shout
"You want me to do it again?"
I feel his tongue slide back in and I fucking love it
He licks out and up my pussy then back down, going back in
I feel myself getting closer and closer with every lick
"Jungkook..fuck...I'm..I'm..", I whimper
"Cum baby", he says, then slides his tongue back in
I clench as hard on as much of his tongue that's in, coming all over it
He makes moaning noises while he licks and it's getting me so horny
I don't know how
I've never came this much and I've never just wanted more of someone
Only him
I just want to feel him inside, feel him move, feel his kisses, his hands grabbing me tightly, his skin on mine
I just want him
"Baby girl is so good", he moans, pulling away, "So fucking sweet"
"Yeah Kookie?"
He comes on on top of me, kissing me everywhere
"Yeah baby. I'm going to be thinking about how you taste all the time now", he murmurs
Oh damn
He pulls me up, helping me to stand
"I tasted you, it's only fair you taste me", he says, kissing my cheek
I mean it is fair
And I do wanna suck his cock
"Ok", I answer, dropping to my knees, licking his length automatically
"Fuck, baby", he moans
God his cock is so big, so thick and so hard, pretty veins along it
Moving my mouth around his head, I suck on it, keeping my tongue on the underside, licking as I go
His hand slips in my hair, gripping loosely, his head tilted back, eyes closed, moaning
God he's ethereal
And he looks like that because of me
God it's such a power trip
Breathing in through my nose, I push further on his cock, feeling the thickness open my mouth more
Jesus fuck, this thing fit inside me how?
And he bottomed out every time too
Sliding up and down his cock, suck too, loving how he feels in my mouth
Loving how he tastes, how every so often his cock throbs, loving the pretty sounds he's making
Every bob of my head, I take him a little more in
His head presses against the beginning of my throat and I choke
He immediately pulls back, concern on his face, "Are you ok?"
I nod, "Fine"
Taking him back in my mouth, I want to get him all in
I want to feel his huge cock in my throat
I've deepthroated before but none have been as big as him
I move him in to where his head is back at the beginning of my throat
I take a breath and push further, getting him in
I gag, with him telling me, "You don't have to baby. Don't hurt yourself"
Ignoring him, I keep taking him in, until I get him all in my throat
I suck on him softly, getting used to his size in my throat
It's not too bad once he's all in
"Baby, fuck. You're mouth is amazing"
If I could smile, I would
Moving my head, I start bobbing back and forth on his cock, fucking his cock into my throat
He yells in pleasure, my name coming from his mouth over and over, his fingers tightening in my hair
I continue pleasuring him, loving how his cock throbs in my throat
Why I love it, I can't tell you
I just do
"Baby, I can't. Fuck it feels so good, fuck"
I feel him move out of my mouth, his thighs shaking
"Open your mouth", he gasps
I do, sitting back on my legs
"Tongue out"
As soon as I do, he rubs the underside of his cock on my tongue over and over
"I'm gonna cum. Do you want to taste it or do you want me to cum down your throat?"
I want to taste it
Hands down
I need to know what he tastes like
"Taste", I manage to get out
"Fuck, good girl. When I cum, suck on my cock ok?"
I nod
I can do that
"Fuck, Joanne, fuck", he cries
I feel hot thick cum on my tongue and I immediately close my mouth around his length that's in my mouth, sucking hard
His taste hits me hard and oh my god, it's so good
Fuck, how does cum taste this good?
I don't know but I want fucking all of it
Sucking desperately, I swallow over and over, sucking everything out of his cock
"Mmmm", I moan
"Fuck you like it baby?"
I nod, still going at it hard
After a minute, he whimpers, "Stop"
I don't want to but I don't want to hurt him
Pulling off him, I'm shocked to see his cock hard
"You're sucking baby. Got me hard again"
Oh damn
He helps me up and suddenly he shoves me on the table, climbing on top of me, kissing me deeply
"Can I go back in baby?", he asks
I nod, "I want you"
The smile he gives me takes my breath away as he moves on top of me
I wrap my arms around his back, pulling him against me, feeling his soft skin on mine
He kisses me, his lips so soft against mine, his tongue so good against mine, his lip ring cool against my lip
He runs his fingers up and down my body, heating every nerve
I move my hands along his back feeling his muscles through his skin
Jungkook has a reputation for being very strong and that reputation is true
I can feel the strength in him and it's fucking sexy
He wraps my legs around his waist, still kissing me as he pushes in
God, he feels so good
We both moan and my body lifts off the table, pressing into his
My body just wants to feel his and he grabs onto me, keeping me against him
He starts moving slowly, in and out, waves of pleasure rolling over me over and over
"Joanne, baby you feel so good. How do you feel so good?", he murmurs against my shoulder
"I.. I don't know Jungkook. But you feel incredible. No one has ever felt like you", I whimper
That's a fact
It's just too bad this is a one night stand and that's all he does
He moves faster and harder, making everything feel so much better
"No baby, no one has ever made me feel as good as you do", he groans, kissing me, "No one compares to you baby. No one"
It makes me feel good to hear that although I know he's just saying it in the moment
He thrust harder, slamming into me, making me scream
"Yeah baby girl. I love hearing you scream"
Pleasure crashes over me with every thrust
I start moving my hips up, meeting his thrusts and he goes in so much deeper
"Holy fuck!", he yells
I grab onto his arms again, squeezing tightly, the pleasure intense
One of his hands is gripping my thigh so hard as I tighten on his cock and he shouts in pleasure
"Oh my god baby. Don't let go. Please don't let go", he begs
I love that he's getting so much pleasure from being with me
His next slam makes me snap and I scream, coming on him again
"Good girl. Again baby girl", he urges
Jesus Christ he feels so good moving inside me
I don't want him to ever leave
"Please baby, I need it", he moans, pounding right into my spot again
"Jungkook! Oh god!"
He starts moving so fast, smashing into my spot over and over, while I move my hips up, making the slams even harder
"Jungkook!" I scream again, my orgasm exploding all over me
My body shakes hard against him and I can't stop it
Oh god it feels so good
"Baby!", he yells, "I....I can't baby. I want to cum baby. I want to cum inside you"
Fuck me I want that so much too
"Yes Jungkook, fill me up "
He shouts loudly as he cums hard, his body trembling on mine
"Joanne oh shit! Baby!"
I wrap my arms around him, holding him while he cums
I don't know how I can feel it, but I feel him coming and holy hell it feels good too
Everything he does feels good
When he finishes he collapses on top of me
I just hold him to me, kissing his neck and shoulder, running my fingers up and down his back
We lay there for a few minutes, until he stirs, lifting himself off me
"I'm sorry", he says, "I didn't mean to squish you"
"You didn't", I assure him
"Oh", he says, then holds his hands out to me
I give him mine and he pulls me to a sitting position
He looks at me with an unreadable expression before he looks away, turning to get his clothes, I guess
Tightening on his hand, I pull him back, making him face me
Pulling him closer, I run my fingers in his hair once then kiss him
It's not a hard, wild kiss
It's a soft gentle kiss, one I just want to feel before I never see him again
Pulling away, I avert my eyes, scooting over to the side and getting off the table
Heading to my clothes, I dress quickly and when I turn back to him, I see him pulling on his shirt, the last of his clothes to go on
Getting my phone out, I look at the time
Jungkook POV
"Holy crap", she squeaks
"What?", I ask, startled
I don't know what I'm feeling right now
It's not something I feel after having sex
I want to hold her, fall asleep with her
I was almost out when I realized I was still on top of her
I've never fallen asleep with a girl I had sex with
This is the very first time I ever had a feeling that I want to
And that last kiss that just happened?
Totally blew my mind
I haven't been kissed softly or gently
It's always hard and rough because that's how the sex is
She just threw me for a huge loop
"It's 2am. Shit, I have to go. I have work tomorrow"
I just nod, ready not wanting her to leave
"I gotta find Hobi", she says
"Ok. Let's go", I answer
Getting back to the party, she beelines straight for Hobi
I watch her talk to him, smiling and giving him a big hug
I see her say 'I love you' to him and I instantly get jealous although I know it's friend love
I need to calm down
She kisses Hobi's cheek, then turns walking back to me
"So I'm gonna go", she says, "Thanks for hanging with me. And uh....um...you know. I had fun"
"Yeah me too"
"I guess I'll see you around"
"Yeah I'll see you", I say, feeling hesitant
She starts to turn around and I just speak, "So uh, can I have your number?"
She turns back to me, tilting her head, "Huh?"
"You're number", I repeat
She looks at me warily , "Oh uh look Jungkook, I'm not really a friends with benefits type of girl. I know we just....but I don't normally do that, so if that's what you're looking for, I'm sorry but it can't be with me"
I nod, understanding completely
"Well it's a good thing I don't want a friends with benefits thing with you", I answer, "I want to date you"
Her eyes pop open in shock, "You want...really?"
I nod
Yeah I like her
A lot
I got to know her a little like Jin asked me too and all that did was make me want to know more about her
Makes me want to try and see if we'll work
"Yeah. I wanna go out with you. Take you on a date", I say, "And we don't have to have sex again until you're ready to. I can wait"
She just stares at me and I think that she may not want to date me
Maybe I just assumed
"If uh, you know that's what you want?"
"Of course that's what I want", she blurts, then slaps her hand over her mouth, her face so red
But honestly I'm just smiling at her reaction
"It is?", I ask shyly
"Yeah Kookie. I.... I always liked you. As a fan. You're my bias. Meeting you was like a dream come true. And everything else that happened....I never expected it. Not in a million years", she says softly, "And I guess...I'm hesitating because I can't believe that you'd want to date me. A nobody"
"You're not a nobody Jo", I tell her, "I'm not going to lie ok, when I first saw you all I wanted was to fuck you. But Jin suggested I get to know you because you're not just any girl. You're Hobi's best friend. And I never listen to any of the guys but you have no idea how happy I am that I listened this time. I got to know you a little and all I want is to know more about you. I really really like you and I want to see where this with us can go"
She smiles and it really is beautiful
"Yeah Jungkook, I'd like that too"
I smile at her too, in relief and excitedness
We exchange phone numbers and say bye for now
I lean in, pressing a soft kiss to her lips
"I'll call you", I promise her
She nods, smiling, "Ok"
She kisses my cheek, then walks to the exit
I watch her and I know I have the goofiest smile on my face
I'm gonna call her tomorrow
I can't wait to take her out and spend more time with her
I think I may have just found the girl for me
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peachypinkygloss · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dom!Jungkook x Sub/Fem!Reader
Genre: College/University AU, established relationship, spooky season special 🎃, smut
Summary: Your boyfriend convinced you to visit an abandoned house at night.
Word count: 3.7k
Warnings: clit stimulation, butt slapping, ridding, unprotected sex, degradation (slightly).
A.N.: October first equals the beginning of spooky season. Jungkook inspires me so much for some reasons... Not complaining, though. By the way, I called the reader Sabrina because, again, it's spooky season and we love our witch girl Sabrina Spellman. 🐈‍⬛
"I'm sorry, not tonight, girl." You were walking side by side of your friend in the hallway, your books stuck to your chest as you both made your way to the lockers.
"What? Sab' it's halloween! You can't let me down." She stared down at you with insistence.
Arrived at your lockers that were next to each other, you did the code of your padlock and opened the locker. "I'm not letting you down. Halloween's in 2 weeks, you know that."
She sighed heavily, dropping her things in her locker. "Yes, but-" She looked at you, her hand resting on her locker's door, the other one was on her hip. "October's spooky season and we gotta go through our horror movies list! It'll be meaningless if we don't finish it before November."
You examined your face in your mirror that was inside your locker, styling your hair a little bit better. "Don't worry, we'll finish it. I just have something with Jungkook tonight."
"That's more important than horror movies?" She joked and you gave her a weak push on the shoulder. You grinned, laughing with her. "Ok, then." You closed your locker, your bag in hands and you turned your body to face her. "But tomorrow you'll come at my place."
You left to go outside, you both had no more classes to attend. "Of course. I'll bring some snacks."
She nodded. "What will you do with your boyfriend?"
"Oh, well, we'll eat at his apartment and after Jungkook wanted us to visit the abandoned house at the end of the town."
She snickered, looking at you with raised eyebrows. "Seriously?" You stood in front of the university parking lot, continuing your conversation there. "The crazy cat lady's house?"
"Technically, it's not hers anymore. She died long ago..."
Your friend huffed, rolling her eyes. "Still, I'm sure her ghost's in there." You scrunched your nose at that idea, your plan wasn't having a tea party with the crazy cat lady's entity.
You searched your car keys in your bag, pulling them out of it when you found them. "I hope not."
You said your goodbyes to your friend, driving your way to Jungkook's place.
Tumblr media
You and Jungkook were eating cups of noodle in his living room and he took his electric guitar from time to time to pick at the cords. You found him so handsome every time he had his guitar resting on his thigh, his face fully concentrated.
He was studying music at uni and he really seemed to enjoy it. He was a great musician and you won't lie, you kinda fell for it. You couldn't resist this man, his fingers tattoos facing you as he pinched the cords, the music flooding through your ears.
He started singing, making your eyes looked up from your noodles. "You don't know what love is," You smiled, your mouth filled of food. His fingers changed place on the guitar's neck, a different tun sounding in the room. "If you don't stay up all night," His voice was beautiful, making you shiver. "Crying."
He hummed the lyrics, his head moving to the rhythm of the song. You went along, admiring his lips, a piercing crowning the bottom one. "I swear you never seen it in your life." His knuckles shifted on the cords, doing the last beats of the melody.
You clapped your hands, smiling at him with your teeth. He chuckled, placing down his guitar. He brought his body closer to the table, leaning down to grab his chopsticks.
"They must be cold now, Kook." You had finish yours when he was playing music.
He shrugged, taking a bite. He swallowed and nodded. "Yeah, a little."
"I'll warm it up." You reached for his cup and he put his chopsticks away, mumbling a 'thank you' as you went to the microwave.
You set the timer to 1:30 and crossed your arms, waiting in front. You felt your boyfriend's hand slapping your butt and groped it, making you turn around. "Jungkook!" He lazily smirked at you, bringing you to his chest as he dived in for a kiss.
He gripped your jaw, deepening the kiss. You slid your hands on his chest, feeling his tight muscles underneath. You moaned quietly as his hand compressed your ass through your tennis skirt. Your tongues played together, your mouths hungrily moving on each other as drool rolled down your chin. It was a hot kiss, a French kiss in fact.
You were about to reach his belt when the microwave's timer ended, the bip sound making you jump. Jungkook chuckled, finding cute how you were already tensed up only by a kiss. "Calm down, baby, it's just my noodles." He smiled, pecking your forehead. You moved back so he could pick his food from the microwave.
You wipped the drool from your face with the back of your hand, following your boyfriend back to the living room with his noodle's cup in hand.
"You excited about our little adventure?" He asked, picking noodles from his cup with his chopsticks. He cocked an eyebrow, looking at you curiously.
You sighed, slumping on the couch. "I guess so..." You reviewed in your head the conversation you had earlier with your friend when she said the lady's ghost was probably haunting the place.
"Ah, don't tell me you're afraid? Come on, Sab'." He mocked you, playful eyes gazing you.
"Not even a little." You huffed, rolling your eyes at him. "We could've have just watched some movies, you know."
"Mmh, yeah. You're totally afraid." Jungkook teased you and you groaned, throwing a pillow at him. "Whoa! My noodles, be careful!" He yelled and you couldn't help but laughed at his surprised face. "You think it's funny, huh?"
You giggled and nodded, bitting down on your bottom lip as you saw him put down his food. You laid down on the couch, gaze following him as he stood up, stepping closer to you.
"Yeah?" He eyed your body up and down, resting a couple of seconds on your uncovered thighs, your skirt had raised up in your movements.
"Yeah." You confirmed, grinning as you noticed his eyes sparkled, excitement building up in him.
"You're going to regret this." He moved his knee over your legs, caging your body as he leaned down on you. He attacked you with tickles and you squirmed in his hold, laughing uncontrollably.
"No, Kook! Please!" He gave you light kisses all along your neck, his fingers still grazing your waist. His roughed fingertips slid on your skin, hooking under the fabric of your skirt.
"You tempt me too much, sweetheart." He hovered your face, reaching the screen of his phone on the coffee table, checking the time. "We should go before the night falls."
Tumblr media
You felt goosebumps running all over your skin as you scanned the house with your eyes. It was chilly outside, making you rub your hands over your arms to warm you up. "It's creepy."
"That's why we're here, baby." Jungkook wiggled his eyebrows at you and you sent him an annoyed stare. You hissed, the cold breeze hitting your naked arms. Your boyfriend gave you his leather jacket, putting it on your shoulders. "There you go."
"Thanks." You smiled. He could really be sweet when he wanted, even though most of the time he was being cocky. He stroked your hair, kissing your cheek gently. You closed your eyes at the contact, humming in contentment.
Suddenly, you heard a branch cracked, making you shift your head in confusion. "What was that?" You asked Jungkook, lips pouting as your heart started to race faster.
"What are you talking about?" He frowned, his hand still on the back of your head.
"The... The noise."
"I heard nothing, baby." He narrowed his eyes, looking down at you as if you were crazy.
You pushed him away, offended. "Don't look at me like that! I swear, there's something." You insisted. The bushes that were in front of the porch began to shake and you grasped Jungkook's bicep. "Oh my god!" You screamed and tightened your grip as something black came out of the bushes.
You heard your boyfriend laughing as you shift your gaze at the thing, realizing that it was just a black cat. You groaned and hit his arm as he straight up laughed at you. "Fuck you."
The cat slowly made his way to your legs, pressing his fluffy head onto you. You felt bad that you've been scared of such a cute kitty. "It recognized its owner." You bent down to scratch its little head, earning purrs in return.
"Hm?" You questioned Jungkook, eyebrows pinched together.
"Looks like Salem." As you looked even more confused, he rolled his eyes and explained further. "Salem. Sabrina Spellman's cat." You tsked at his joke. You stood up, following him as he headed to the front door.
Inside, all the furnitures were really dusty, spider webs in every corner. The stairs were in the entry, heading to pitch-black. At your right was the opening to the diner room, a big chandelier with candles standing over the table. The carpets had old patterns on them, the ones that you would see in a royal house. They were dark, wood dust spread all over them.
At your left was a cracked mirror and you approached it, looking at yourself in it. You noticed Jungkook's figure stepping in the reflection, glancing at him through the mirror. He slid his tongue on his lips, checking you out.
He grazed his eyes on your uncovered legs, on the hem of your skirt, following the curves of your hips and landing on your face in the mirror. He smirked at you, brushing his nose with his tattooed knuckle.
You saw him turning to the staircase, climbing the first one. You moved next to him, doing the same as he went up. On the first floor there were 4 doors, one already open where your boyfriend his walking up to. "Jungkook?" He looked behind him, gesturing to you to follow.
You did as you were told to, entering a big bedroom. There was not a lot of things, only a bed in the middle and a dresser in front of it. You hugged Jungkook's jacket around you as you heard the wood cracked.
The man sent you a cocky grin, teasing you again. "Stop being so scared, we are the only ones here."
"I'm not scared." You spit out the last word, exiting the room.
You opened the door of the bathroom, a window at the back of it. The lighting of the moon illuminated the room, making it look gloomy. The bath had an ugly green colour on it, the curtains all moldy. You scrunched your nose, disgusted.
You gazed around, nothing really interesting except, maybe, the spider web shielding the bathroom's sink. An old soap was resting on it and surprisingly, it was not moldy like the ugly curtains.
You sighed, wishing that the ghost's of the old lady could make an appearance to entertain you.
You immediately regretted your thought as the sound of another crack made its way to your ears. You snapped your head to the side, hoping to see Jungkook, but there was no one. You gulped, your sweaty hands clasping around the jacket.
"K-Kook?" You stuttered, voice quiet. You slowly walked up to the doorframe, peeking your head through it. Again, no one was there. You let out a shaky breath, trying to calm you down, but it didn't work as your legs were trembling underneath you.
You took an unsure step out of the bathroom, fidgeting your fingers nervously. "Jungkook, where you are?" You spoke up. Nothing. Maybe he didn't hear you. "Jungkook!" You almost screamed, heart beating loudly in your chest.
There was no way he didn't hear you, even if he was downstairs. Did he think it would be funny to make you panic? Seriously? He had to be hiding somewhere.
You made your way to the top of the stairs, a hand on the handrail. "Jungkook, please! It's not funny." He couldn't possibly not hear you. "Ok! I'm scared, you're right, so please, come out of your hiding spot." You walked down the stairs, looking around as doing so. No trace of your boyfriend.
"Are you happy now!? I'm scared!" Your eyes began to watered. You grasped onto the jacket so much that the trace of the zipper imprinted on your hands. Back again at the entry, you really started to freak out. Was Jungkook still here...? "It's not funny." You muttered under your breath, crying out of fear.
You heard the floor cracking behind you, but before you could turn around, a hand grabbed your mouth and another one wrapped up around your stomach. You gasped loudly, your hands going up at the arm to pull on it. It didn't budge and you squirmed in the person's grasp, desperately trying to go away.
"Shhh." You froze on the spot, the voice comforted you, you didn't understand why. The hand caressed your skin, sending goosebumps all over you. It slid down, fingertips brazing under the hem of your skirt. "Be a good girl, Sab', hm?" You whimpered, looking down at the hand and saw dark ink on it.
You tensed down, blinking rapidly while your eyes gazed up at the ceiling. Your tears rolled down on his hand as yours let go of his arm. The roughed skin of his fingertips inserted your skirt and you got warmer. His fingers were cold, pinching your skin mercilessly as you moved your arms to grip on his t-shirt behind you.
You whined as he bruised your flesh, sending shivers on your skin. You watched his veiny hand disappeared in your panties, your stomach bubbling in anticipation. His manly hands handling you, his big body against your back, his breath hitting your ear as your eyes rolled back in your skull. Everything excited you.
His fingers slid on your pussy, pulling your lips apart as you clenched hard around nothing. You formed fist on his shirt, desperately holding on it for dear life. Your heart was pounding in your chest and you were breathing so fast you thought you might explode.
He glided his hands on you, going up and down, brushing your swollen clit against his palm. "You're so adorable when you scream my name in distress, calling for my help." He chuckled, his lips brazing your neck. "Because without me, you're helpless, unable to defend yourself." You spread your legs a little so Jungkook's hand could slip easily between them. He twisted your bud between his fingertips, pulling slightly on it, the way he liked to tease you.
"But baby, I'm the one you should be scared of." You cried against his hand, his words making you feel frightened, but also really, really hot. "And for some reasons, even after that, you'll still stay with me." His middle finger finally gave you what you craved for. He flicked it on your clitoris slowly, circling it. You looked down, watching the bump of his hand moved under your skirt.
His jacket fell from your shoulders when you bucked your back against his chest, head rolling next to his. He slipped his hand away from your mouth, going down to hold your breast. "Jungkook, Jungkook... I- I..." You didn't even know what to say, you just wanted to call his name because that was the only thing you were good at.
Your legs were shaking as he continued his assault on your sensitive bud, your core dripping from your entrance to soil your panties. "Already, sweetheart?" He laughed in your ear, seeing that your high was approaching. "You filthy slut." He removed his hand from your core, turning you around to lock your eyes with his.
He tilted his head to the staircase, telling you to follow him. He sat down on the third stair, patting his thigh. You shyly straddled his lap, breath caught in your throat as you could finally see his beautiful face. His lust-full eyes focused on you, eating you up alive. His hands gripped at your hips and you shivered, your hair standing up.
You wanted to touch him, discovering each corner of his skin over again. Your spine was on fire, electricity running along it. You guided your palms on his chest, going up to his neck. You were so hungry that you almost forgot that you were literally grinding your hips on your boyfriend in an abandoned house.
You caressed his face, tracing his jaw and lips with your fingers as he groped your ass, squishing it in his hands. He slapped your butt, making you lean on him, your boobs in his face. He smirked, taking a hold of your tit and gently bit your hardened nipple through your top. "Kook!" You got surprised, even though you knew that biting was his thing.
He snickered, cupping your breasts and shoving his face between them. You moaned when he delivered them from your shirt, the icy air hitting your sensitive nipples. The straps of your top negligently slipped from your shoulders, your boobs totally out at his mercy. Jungkook flicked his fingers on your hardened bud while kissing you, sucking on your tongue.
You gripped on his hair painfully and he took it gladly. You rolled your hips on his bulge, tearing your lips apart from his to throw your head back. Your boyfriend pressed your crotch harder on him, gritting his teeth. "Fucking fuck." He cursed, his nails sinking into your flesh. "I can't wait anymore, Sab'. I can't..." You whined, watching his hands leave your hips to fumbled on his belt.
His belt out of the way, he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, his hard cock screaming to break free from his boxer. You palmed his erection, earning a groan from Jungkook. "So eager for my dick, huh?" He caressed your thighs, going up under your skirt to hook your panties to the side.
"Obviously." You smirked, lowering his underwear to deliver his erection. It bounced up, resting to the side. He was massive, long and delectable. Your pussy throbbed at the sight of him, his veiny tattooed hand coming to grab his shaft and pump it a little.
"Tss." He mocked you, grinning as your eyes followed his movements on his dick. You let out a sob, telling him how much you were needy. Jungkook lifted his eyes on you, cocking one eyebrow. "You want to sit on it?"
You nodded quickly, swallowing as you grasp on his shoulders, bringing you closer to him. You positioned yourself over his erection, noticing it pulsating a little as Jungkook guided it to your dripping core. You lowered your hips, his tip sliding into you. "Mmmh." You swallowed in your moans, your boyfriend's hands grasping your ass.
The zip of his pants pinched the flesh of your thighs, but you didn't care, you even liked that. Your pelvis met his, his dick fully in. Jungkook growled, his nails leaving crescent forms on your ass. You clenched around him, your clit pulsating.
"Ahh, so warm and wet." He gritted his teeth, eyes on your pussy where his cock was buried in. You started to roll your hips sensually, the tip of his penis in the right place.
At first, it was slow and gentle because you had control. Jungkook was letting you move on your own, keeping your balance by holding on his shoulders. He was caressing your curves, lifting your skirt when his hands went up. His breath was steady and calm, focusing on your moderate thrusts, admiring the way you used him to pleasure yourself.
But then, he got bored. He kept you still by your hips, lifting his from the stair and pounded into your hole. You squealed, gripping at the hair on the back of his neck. "Fuck. I'm going to ruin your little body, baby."
You moaned, your hands caressing the side of his face. "Yes, please, Kook."
He grunted and knited his eyebrows. He sunk his feet on the ground so he could lift his hips and thrust in again, even deeper than the last time. "I could fuck this pussy all day long." He slammed his hips, his balls hitting your ass. His dick slipping in your juices made wet noises, echoing in the house. "Christ, you're so tight."
The knot in your stomach tightened, your fingers trembling in his hair. His belt buckle slapped against your thigh, making you pinched your eyebrows together. Jungkook ground his cock into you, your tits bouncing on your chest at his hard thrusts.
One hand on your hip and the other on the back of your head, he brought you closer to him, smacking your lips together. Your whines were muffled by his mouth while he fucked you senseless, your walls tightening around his erect penis. You were close.
Jungkook pulled your bottom lip by his teeth, gaze piercing into you. He let it go and you couldn't retain yourself. "Kook, I- I..." You swallowed in your moan, his skin slapping against yours making obscene noises. "I love you." He squinted his eyes, his fingers pressing into your flesh. You looked at him with pleading eyes, panting heavily. "I love you, Jungkook." You confessed under your breath, even though it wasn't much of a secret.
"I know, sweetheart." Cocky, but that was how he was. But he loved you too, he adored you. Especially all desperate under his touch.
"I'm gonna come!" You gripped on his shirt, eyes turning white. You rubbed your clit rapidly, rolling your hips on Jungkook as he bucked his into you. You felt your knot exploding in your stomach, your orgasm hitting you. "Oh! My god."
"Shit, shit." Your walls clenching on his dick was too much for him, slamming fast and deep into your pussy. He groaned, his tip leaking into you. His hot cum plastered your walls, his dick twitching.
He lazily thrusted again a couple of times before slumping his hips back down. He exhaled heavily, passing a hand through his wet hair. You felt sticky, your lust all over your inner thighs and his balls. His cum dripped from your entrance and you slipped his dick out of you, the emptiness making you whimper.
"We're... disgusting." You laughed, feeling Jungkook's shoulders wiggled as he joined you.
He took your jaw, locking your eyes with his. He pecked your lips and looked at you tenderly. "I love you too."
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mindlywritings · 2 days ago
Jungkook imagine
Tumblr media
Title: Legs, Hips, and Body
Genre: smut (Minors DNI)
Pairing: Jungkook x Chubby! Black! Reader
A/N: I told y’all I was gone make a fanfic where Jungkook worships that ass.
Tumblr media
There were a lot of things you were insecure about. Your legs, you weight, your hip dips, and you body in general. So you were wondering how you snatched up Jungkook, like at all. You looked at the physicality of this man and the only thing you can think of is A God. It’s like he was carved and made into this perfect human. From his physical feature, his body, his muscles, his height, to not so physical, his hair, his eyes, his smile, his personality. It was the whole package and more you wondered why you? Well today you decided to ask him.
You and Kook were at home relaxing on the couch when you decided to pop the question.
“Hey Kookie.” You asked.
“Yeah baby.” He said looking directly at you.
You loved how attentive he was, but that was besides the point you needed to focus.
“I was just wondering something, why did you choose me?” You asked.
“I’m sorry choose you for what?” He asked.
“Choose me as your partner.” You said to him.
He turns towards you and looks you in your eyes.
“What do you mean why did I choose you?” He asked.
“I mean you are so handsome and athletic, you are practically the opposite of me.” You said.
“Babe what are you talking about you’re beautiful.” He said taking your face in his hands.
“I mean with my weight, my legs, and my body is so much” you said.
He posted before picking you up over his shoulder.
“Woah! What are you doing Jungkook unhand me.” You screamed.
He ignored you and kept walking until you two went to the bedroom.
He pulls you up so he’s holding your legs.
“Jungkook why-mmm.” You moaned as he suddenly kissed you.
It was hot and heavy. Tongues intertwining and him groaning in your mouth.
“What do you mean why did I choose you, fuck Y/N you are a fucking Goddess yourself.” He said after kissing you.
You felt your face getting hot.
“But my legs…” you started.
“Are fucking delicious looking,” he said gripping them tight. “These legs that wrap tightly around my waist, thes connected to these wide hips that turn me on to no boundaries.”
He thrust his hips up to hoist you closer and you felt his hard member rubbing on the front of your pants.
“And your body, if I could worship you everyday and every night I would because I can’t believe your mine.” He said sucking his teeth.
“Me either.” You said moaning.
“Let me show you how much I want you.” He said messing with you neck kissing down it to your chest.
“Then show me please.” You whined.
He kissed you again but this time he set you down and removed his shirt and grabbed at your tank top lulling up and over your head.
You tits bounced a bit and settled in pace.
“Look at you such a perfect specimen. So perfect for me only.” He said.
You pulled at his pants and pulled out his dick. It’s red tip touched your lips and you slobbered at the thought of putting it in your mouth.
“Go on baby take it in your mouth.” He said tapping your lips again.
You opened your mouth and took him in. He hissed at how warm your mouth was and started to groan. You started hallowing your cheeks. You loved the way he started to thrust his hips forward.
"Can I baby, can I fuck your mouth?” He begged.
“Hmmm hmmm.” You said looking up at him.
“Don’t do that I’ll cum right away.” He said starting to hold your head softly and thrust in the back of your throat.
“Fuck baby you like that, you like me fucking your throat? He said slightly speeding up.
Your eyes rolled back and you gagged on his cock.
“Ooo such a pretty good girl.” He said. “Gonna fuck you dumb to the point that you only know my name.”
You popped off and said “Jungkook!”
“Yes baby what do you want from me?“ he said.
“Please!” She begged.
“Please what?” he said.
“Please fuck me.” She said.
“Atta girl.” he said pulling your shorts off. “No underwear, naughty girl.”
“Please.” You whined.
“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” He said.
He put his member on your clit and rubbed it.
“Ohhh so wet for me.” He said putting his tip near your hole.
He pushed in and took your legs and put them on his shoulders.
“These legs look best on my shoulders.” He said. “Don’t you agree?”
You desperately nodded.
“Me too.” He said thrusting into you.
He held your thighs and fucked you hard.
“Not worthy my ass.” He said with each thrust. “Lucky I don’t have you on me every second of the day.”
You moaned.
“Oh you like that you like the fact that only I can touch you.” He said pushing your thighs back.
He started hitting you g spot and fucking you like his life depended on it.
“Oh fuckkkkkk, babe right there.” You said.
“Right here, right here, am I hitting it baby.” He said thrusting harder at that spot. “Fuck it feels so good, you’re so nice and warm and tight around my cock, you like that don’t you, fucking love fucking you.”
“Junnnngggkook.” You stuttered out. “I-imma c-cum.”
Your eyes were rolling in the back of your head, your tongue hanging out you mouth and you start shaking cumming on his dick.
“Fuck I’m gonna-I’m gonna shiiiitttttt.” He said cumming in you.
You two lay panting.
“I love you and if I have to show you like that every time I will.” He said chuckling.
“I think I got the message, thank you Jungkook.” You said.
He kissed the side of your head and pulled you close.
Tumblr media
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milarson · 13 hours ago
notes: this is a repost from my sideblog
english isn't my native language so please excuse any mistakes and let me know
Tumblr media
Park Jimin
the place wasn't ideal, but you were really drunk and too horny to even think about running off for a quickie in the party bathroom.
the cold tile against your back was uncomfortable, the fabric of your dress was bunched up above your hips, your panties pushed to the side, arms around his neck as he kept both hands gripping the flesh of your thighs as he pushed with forcing against you. the sensation was so pleasurable that you couldn't contain your loud moans, so you hoped that the loud music outside would serve to drown out the erotic sounds coming out of your mouths.
Kim Taehyung
since you started dating taehyung, sex in the most unlikely and risky places has become very common. are you at the movies? with the softest expression on his face, he'll slip his hand surreptitiously down your thighs until he gets to your core, stimulate your pulse point and threaten to penetrate your needy entrance, but he won't really. he's sure to make you suckle him in the parking lot or ride his dick in the car, taehyung also makes a point of exploring your pussy with his tongue at the back of the library during your lunch break.
he's a fucking eccentric, provocative exhibitionist. you like it more than you like to admit.
Jeon Jungkook
it will never come from him, no way! jungkook is a shy guy who prefers to fuck you in the comfort and privacy of his room; while you, a needy, depraved little slut, love to tease him in public. quite a combination! for you it's always fun to see the shocked expressions, his face turning red and how he starts to stutter due to nervousness. you never went too far.
until that day.
you drank little, but you did not want to risk then you chose to take a ride with yoongi and his girlfriend. in the backseat, next to you were hoseok and seokjin, completely drunken chatting loudly while you were sitting on his lap trying to understand the subject of the older ones. he was so fucking hard and felt that he could blow up of so much horns before he got home, then took advantage of it was not possible to listen to his own thoughts due to considerably high music added to the scandalous conversation, and took his hand to your hip and forced a experimental movement.
as he made sure no one would pay attention, he hid his face on your shoulder and continued rubbing in you blatantly, repressing the moans with bites on your skin. he come so hard in his own pants and was ridiculously good.
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lolabangtan · 6 hours ago
STAY | 15
Back at the dorms, Jungkook misses you madly. Hate, heartbreak, and longing mix in his heart. In public, though, he’s still cold and hurtful towards you – until he discovers who’s his new roommate.
Tumblr media
index • previous • next
Tumblr media
Word count: 9k
Warnings: smut, dub-con fantasy, attempted infidelity.
# angst, delirious masturbation (?), clumsy anal fingering, noona and mommy kink, Jungkook is kind of messed up in this one (but who’s to blame for that except me lol), scent kink, cum play, crying, awkward hyung-junior bonding!!
A/N: thanks to Generic Club Girl 1 for starring in this chapter.
Tumblr media
“I will issue a restraining order if you keep doing this.”
It’s too early in the morning to put up with Kim Seokjin and his antics. You haven’t even finished your first coffee and here he is, standing in front of your door like a moron. Or a creep.
“Come on,” he says, still adamant, “I’ll give you a ride. Or maybe it’s better if your boyfriend doesn’t see us together?”
His words fuel you, and you frown; why should you refrain from seeing anyone? It’s his problem if Jungkook prefers to be petty and not talk to you. In fact, it’s on him if he’s got a problem with you talking to any guy at all. Especially when he’s not willing to talk things out with you.
You groan and go back in to collect your things. “Ugh, okay, let’s go. I’m late anyways, and I don’t have my car yet.” Keys swinging around your finger, you finally beckon Seokjin to follow you down the stairs. “How have you been doing these days since you came back? Do you already have a place to stay?”
“Yeah, I’m moving into the dorms. Namjoon is great and all, but… I don’t wanna feel like I’m taking up space in their tiny flat.”
You roll your eyes. “He’d never think that.”
Like the gentleman he is, he opens the car door for you, and despite your grimace, you get in.
“It won’t be long, just until I find a proper flat that doesn’t stink,” he says, taking the driver’s seat, and smirks. “I think it’ll be fun in the meantime.”
“I’m already sorry for the poor freshman who’ll have to put up with you.”
“Speaking of freshmen…” You close your eyes and throw back your head, already tired of his unfinished question. “You have a class with him today, don’t you? You’ll see him for the first time since last week.”
Ah, it’s been a week already? Felt like a year… Seven days since you last talked to Jungkook, seven days since that awful phone call in which you were called out for doing something you don’t know yet. They never told you. Seven days without seeing him, without hearing his voice, without feeling his warm skin or making him smile. The thought alone makes your heart throb in pain inside your chest.
If only you were not so mad at him to miss him – then maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much.
“You’ll work it out, you just need to talk things through with him,” Seokjin suddenly says, snapping you out of your thoughts.
But you’d have to get near him in the first place to do that.
And you have yet to figure out how Seokjin might fit into your life, or, for now, whether it is in your best interest to even let him in in the first place. Even though things have been patched up, you still feel a simmering resentment for him inside you; he can’t just show up and ask you to forget about the pain he made you go through in the name of friendship.
“You look different.”
His voice makes you turn your head away from the window. “Hm? I didn’t do anything, though.”
“Not physically, uh…” Seokjin purses his lips. “You feel different. Like, older, in a way – but I guess that’s what happens when time passes.”
“What on earth are you talking about?” you chuckle, frowning in confusion.
But Seokjin’s eyes look softer as they stay glued to the road. For a second you get it – he feels different too, older. Time passes for everyone, even if you are the only one who seems unable to grow out of your shelf of youth. Unable to mature and break through its naivety. Unable to do like everyone else and turn your pain into wisdom instead of letting it turn into resentment.
“You really think so?” you murmur with a hopeful rise in your voice. “Lately I feel like a tall child, crying and fussing about everything.”
He glances at you. “You’re the strongest person I know.”
“You must know very few people.”
“When did you know it was time to break up with her?” you suddenly ask, leaning back in the seat.
“Uh… It’s a gut feeling? Like, you start seeing signs that you’ve grown apart. I realised I didn’t care anymore, not in the way I should care about my girlfriend, anyways,” Seokjin explains while you stare at him.
His words make you ponder; you don’t feel yourself growing apart from Jungkook, if anything, you feel closer than ever. He’s just going through something, and you’ve probably hurt his feelings. This is all a misunderstanding, that’s it. You care about him in ways you never thought you’d care about anyone – you would live inside his brain and under his skin if you could.
The car pulls into the pavilion’s car park with a swift turn, and you collect your backpack from your feet.
“Just ignore everything I said earlier, you’re not old,” Seokjin jokes, closing the car door. “It’s just that I’ve had a lot on my mind lately too; we old people think a lot.”
“Don’t mention it.”
You shrug it off and say goodbye before he can even blink, not wanting anyone to see you together. Not that it’s a bad thing, but you’d rather avoid giving people something to nibble on. They have an imagination strong enough to come up with unsubstantiated gossip, they don’t need that kind of help.
The halls are as busy as always, lousy Mondays; people running up and down, beams of sunlight coming from the tall windows. It’s first thing in the morning and everyone wants to talk about their weekend.
Except you, maybe – you did absolutely nothing besides binge-watching a show and ignoring Seokjin’s texts.
Okay, here we go.
The words resonate in your head as you mentally prepare yourself to face the recently begun day when someone goes down the stairs behind you. They bump your shoulder on their way down, and you realise in shock that it’s Jungkook; Ari and Jimin are with him, and the former nudges him on the side at his rude gesture towards you. The pitiful look on her face is enough to make you want to throw up and bawl your eyes out.
Maybe this is your chance? Maybe he was trying to catch your attention somehow?
You follow him down the step. “Hey, Jungkook—”
“Let’s just sit there,” he mumbles, not even looking at you, and turns to Ari. “Noona, can you make room for me?”
With a sigh, your friend nods and scoots to the seat on her left so that Jungkook can squeeze in between them. Now the row is full, and there are pretty much no seats left except those in the front row.
At the sight, Soobin rushes to abandon his friends and sits down right in front of the professor’s desk. Jungkook watches the whole thing in silence.
“You never sit at the front,” he says when you take the chair next to him.
Does he think you’re blind—?
Oh, but you’re too tired to fight, so you nod in silence. “I guess I was feeling proactive today.” You suddenly close the book in front of you and turn to him. “So, what’s up? Neither do you.”
“I didn’t want you to sit alone… Everything cool with your boyfriend?” he asks, careful – enough to let you know that there is some gossip going around. “He looks mad pissed. Did you fight—? Sorry, it’s probably none of my business.”
“We didn’t fight,” you reply, “I just want to focus, hence my sitting here. Cool?”
The class starts shortly afterwards and goes on smoothly. You manage to take notes without letting Soobin distract you too much with his chatter, though the feeling of Jungkook’s gaze burning into the back of your head is far more noticeable than anything else. You don’t know if he enjoyed your little show with Soobin, but you’re pretty sure the kid’s in need of some tough love to learn about boundaries.
When it’s time for lunch, the professor dismisses his class, and everyone leaves the classroom either chatting or with their eyes glued to their mobile phones. You collect your things before Soobin does anything and flee up the steps.
“It was kind of sad, seeing you sitting all alone.” You turn around at the sound of Jungkook’s voice. You roll your eyes by instinct. “Guess you had it coming.”
You scan him head to toe; whatever the reason for the sudden attitude, this pseudo-bad guy thing doesn’t suit him at all. It’s almost embarrassing to watch, honestly, and you want your Jungkook back. Unfortunately, this Jungkook here doesn’t seem really willing to talk things out.
And, unfortunately, you’ve built back up your walls pretty easily, even with him.
“And what did you want me to do instead? Crawl back to the friends that lied to my face because I had no one else to talk to?”
The arrogance disappears from his face and is soon replaced by a slight blush of embarrassment. With a snort, you step forward to take his arm, but Jungkook frowns in pain and shakes off your weak grip.
“Don’t touch me,” he whimpers.
He looks so handsome today, you notice as your eyes are unable to move away from his face; he looks so precious, and you miss him so much. Your heart shrinks in your chest, but you can’t stop looking at him. Your eyes are hungry for him, willing to nourish all the yearning your hands and lips can’t satisfy.
“B— Jungkook,” you groan, his name nothing but a plea, “what is wrong with you? Can you just tell me what’s going on?”
Your words only seem to fuel his irritation. “You know what you did. Don’t come to me until you are ready to answer for it— hyung, noona, let’s go, I’m hungry.”
If looks could kill, Ari’s would certainly do nothing. She’s the last one to turn around and follow Jungkook out of the lecture hall, her eyes lingering with sadness on your face. Maybe she knows something, maybe she feels that there’s something off about this conflict he’s made up. Ari knows you better than anyone in this world, after all – only after Jungkook… or not.
Tumblr media
“Jungkook, you haven’t touched your food.”
Yeah, he knows. He knows he’s been staring at the tray ever since they got sat at the table. Jimin had proposed to eat out, but he didn’t want to go anywhere he’s ever been with you before— and even if it’s not like you’ve never been together in the university cafeteria, it hasn’t happened many times. Works for him.
Jungkook plays with the slices of pork, still silent and ignoring Taehyung’s voice, his dull face resting on the open palm of his hand.
“Hey, we can’t take three hours for lunch,” Ari suddenly barks. “Sort it out with your girlfriend or eat.”
He lowers his head. “Noona is not my girlfriend anymore.”
“She actually is,” Taehyung mutters; “you haven’t broken up yet, have you?”
The air feels awkward and silent, a cloud of tiredness heavy on their shoulders. Suddenly, the clinking sound of cutlery dropping on the tray gets their attention.
Jungkook groans loudly and shoves a spoonful of plain rice into his mouth in anger. “Uh, you’re supposed to be on my side, you know?” he then garbles with his mouth full, provoking grossed-out grimaces.
“Uh, we never took your side?” Jimin lets out a confused laugh and crosses his arms. “Never took hers, either. Friends don’t take sides.”
“Then why are you here?”
They share a look before Ari says, “Well, Y/N won’t talk to us, and it’s obvious you’re not okay.”
“So—” Jungkook straightens up in the chair out of pure shock. “You think what she did was right? Is noona the one giving you the cold shoulder? I’m—! Oh God, she was— this is so awful of you, guys.”
“Sorry, can you tune me in? I don’t see what the problem is now,” Jimin groans, his – and everyone’s – tray already empty. They seem no longer phased by the youngest’s fuss.
Ari frowns, totally baffled, and blurts out, “When did we say Y/N did nothing wrong—? Look, Kookie, I think you need to take the rest of the day off, you’re not okay…” Her boyfriend glances at her as if she was talking to a kid. “Take a nap, drink water, meditate, I don’t know… I know it seems like the end of the world, but you just have to, uh, process your feelings, okay?”
He hasn’t cried since the very day it happened. That night, he bawled his eyes out on their couch, weeping and calling for you as he curled up against Jimin. Jungkook can still remember the way his eyes burned the next morning.
Just picturing you with him makes him want to throw up.
With a dry goodbye, Jungkook gets up and decides to follow his friend’s advice. Soon, he ends up in front of the door of his dorm room; he moved in a few days after falling out with you. The dorm supervisor had called a month or so ago saying that he was accepted back in, under the obvious condition of not getting into a fight with anyone – Soobin or not – ever again. Of course, the choice between staying with you and sharing a filthy room with a stranger was clear.
Now it isn’t. At least, for the moment, Jungkook is alone in the room until further notice.
The room is dark when he walks in, closing the door carefully – Jungkook can’t risk the supervisor, who already has enough of a grudge against him, deciding to throw him out. This time he will have nowhere to go.
It’s not until he turns on the light and draws the curtains that he notices the half-empty box on the other bed. Does this mean that his days of sleeping alone are over?  Jungkook isn’t sure if he has the patience to share a room, but it all depends on what kind of roommate he’ll get. Oh, he’s bad at socialising. Nothing makes him more uncomfortable.
Curiosity gets the best of him, and Jungkook ends up walking up to the neatly made bed; there are some records, books, and figurines peeking out of the box. He can recognise a few.
Maybe having a new roommate won’t be that bad.
Now that he thinks of it, he left so much stuff behind after moving back into the dorms. Everything should still be in his room, or well, in the room you used to share. You’re not the crazy kind of ex who burns things— are you?
It won’t do him any good to keep thinking about you. For the time being, Jungkook should better focus on the club and get through the rest of the year. His parents won’t stop asking him about his freshman year at uni, so he needs good things to say. Especially if they start asking about the nice girl they met at the swimming tournament.
Jungkook wishes he could take the bus instead of his car, but he can’t bring his things back on the bus – being spotted is the last thing he wants because he knows any of your neighbours will start asking questions. ‘Oh, Y/N, where is that handsome boy?’ ‘Did you two fall out? What a pity!’ ‘Ah, so you dumped him. He wasn’t that handsome anyways.’ They will ask you, and you will say that you dumped him for an older guy who probably has all his shit together and can last more than five minutes.
He pulls into the car park after a short ride. Just like he predicted, the lot is empty, so your shiny new boyfriend hasn’t picked you up from work yet.
Sadly, the anger has started to fade into sadness. It gets harder every day not to miss you, not to wonder if there’s anything he could have done to keep you by his side. Should he have listened to you more? Should he have pleased you better, should he have tried harder to become a boyfriend you would not be ashamed of? Or did Jungkook never have a real chance to be with you?
The flat welcomes him with complete silence when he walks in.
After mindlessly standing in the middle of the hall for a solid minute, he finally begins to discern all the sounds he has become familiar with – the soft rumble of traffic, the muffled horns, and the chirping birds. The neighbour’s television can be heard through the wall.
How could Jungkook let himself get attached so foolishly to a place? Why did he allow his heart to feel at peace here?
If only he could go back in time and keep all his hatred inside. Letting go of it, letting it turn into wise, healing love was a mistake. Now all he has is the choking feeling that he’s missing half his heart.
Shaking his head, he realises he doesn’t really have much time to play around, so he goes to his room and unfolds the boxes. The only things he has left to take are useless decorations or outerwear that he won’t need until winter, but it’s best to get it done now. And, as he imagined, it doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes to empty his drawers.
He can’t find his black boots, though. And he loves those boots.
They can only be in your room. Yes, he remembers taking them out to clean them, as summer is coming to an end, so he would most likely have put them back in your wardrobe.
After rummaging around the room, Jungkook finally finds the pair of boots under your bed. He sits on the mattress, staring at them. Suddenly he feels exhausted – as if his body lacks strength; it’s been a week since he last slept in this bed, that morning when he woke up next to you.
That morning when everything still had meaning, when you were still with him.
Just gonna close my eyes for a second, Jungkook tells himself as he lies down on the bed. The blankets hug him, almost as if reprimanding him for staying away for so long. Like a mother’s nagging. The accidental thought that he deserves to be nagged crosses his mind— because he does; he deserves to be scolded for leaving you without talking things through first. Won’t you come back to him and scold him? So that he can say sorry and return to you.
He’s so mad at you but fuck he misses you.
Closing his eyes was a big mistake. Now all Jungkook can do is picture your body on top of his body, your skin soft and warm against his skin, your lips peppering tender kisses from his lips down to his throat and chest.
It piques his craving for your presence first, a physical need to be with you. You soothe him, make him happy.
But then the feeling begins to mix with something else, something that cries for your presence in a primal way. A connection so deep it can only be achieved when his body is inside yours. The urge to kiss you gets so strong that Jungkook’s breath hitches, and he has to clear his throat to avoid letting out a moan of utter want.
He would literally die, kill, rob, kidnap, hijack a goddamn plane to have you next to him right now.
The skin on his chest feels sensitive. With the images of your face and body plaguing his head, there is a knot inside him that engorges and throbs. In a way, he’s digging his own grave.
Surely Jungkook can’t be that insane, right?
Oh, but he is. He’s crazy with want and loneliness and he misses you madly. So bad that, without a second thought, his hand goes south to cup the already half-hard tent in his pants, whimpering at the feeling.
Jungkook pictures it’s your hand rubbing the engorged head of his cock through the fabric.
But this is not enough. Hastily, the boy unbuckles his belt and pulls down his trousers, with his underwear following the same fate not long after. His erect cock bounces against his belly, and Jungkook brings his hand to his lips to spit on it while he turns around to lie face down. He’s down the rabbit hole already, so—
“A-ah,” he lets out, taken by surprise when his hand starts squeezing the glistening tip. Is this your ghost truly guiding him? “Oh, fuck…”
The memory of your hands strokes down his chest, peppering kisses. Your voice is murmuring sweet nothings, words of praise because you’d always appreciate it when he was a good boy. If his teasing and misbehaviour ignited you, his compliance would always bring out your sweetness.
Such a good boy, it says. Jungkook’s fist starts pumping faster. My baby bun.
You draw your finger down his spine, to his buttocks, until it reaches his perineum, making him chuckle nervously. “Noona,” Jungkook breathes out, “w-where are you touching?”
Let mommy have her way, will you, baby?
“But I— I’ve never been touched d-down there,” he whispers to himself, burying his face in the pillow.
Won’t you let me touch your pretty virgin hole, Kookie? It’ll feel good, I promise. Bet it’s so tight. Just get me the lube, spread your legs, and stop whining. It might hurt at first, but you’ll like it.
Your harsh tone kind of upsets him, but he figures out that you must want him so badly that you can’t help but sound demanding. That’s just the way you love him.
Jungkook doesn’t really have much idea of what he’s doing, he just knows what Jimin and Taehyung have decided to share with him about anal sex throughout their friendship. Lube it up first, as much as you can— and so he does, spurting lots of the slippery substance onto his digits before he plays with his puckered rim.
His arm starts hurting, so he turns over on the bed. Way better, he notes; now he can spread his legs, even press them against his chest. Open wide for you, so pretty, you’d love it.
His spit-coated finger strikes again, and Jungkook brings the blankets to his nose. It soothes him, your scent. In this little space, you’re still with him, you still want him. That is your thumb playing around his thighs, those are your lips smirking down at him.
The blankets, at least, still smell like you.
Jungkook’s other hand wraps around his cock again, pumping it fast to help him relax. In his mind, it’s your, jerking him off with a smirk on your face. Oh, you love watching him fall apart. You would scoot in between his parted legs and slide his cock into your mouth, bobbing your head until he starts sobbing in pleasure.
His fisted hand picks up a faster pace as it jerks his cock off with its focus on the tip.
Meanwhile, his other finger has stopped teasing his entrance and has begun to probe. The lube makes it easier while the stimulation coming from his cock has shoved him into a relaxed mental state.
“Oh—” And it finally slides in. The feeling is odd but nice – like he’s stuffed. Jungkook starts jerking off even faster, the sounds echoing through the room. “Oh, fuck, mommy! Shit—”
Knew you would love it, bunny.
He lets out a muffled moan. “Yes, yes— l-love it so much.”
Your tongue playing with his slit, your gentle finger slowly starting to work him open – Jungkook feels about to burst out in flames. His ears feel so hot, he’s positive his blood is boiling right now. The memory of your touch is easily the second-best thing in the world.
His fist messily pumps his cock as Jungkook brings the blanket to his nose. The soft scent, utterly yours, invades his nostrils and intoxicates him to the point of making him salivate.
He wants your pussy on his face to make you come until you think he’s the best you’ve ever had.
Your pretty, dripping wet pussy. Shit, having your cunt on his tongue brings him peace. Flicking your clit with his pointed tongue to bring out those sweet words of how good he makes you feel, what a good boy he is. That he’s enough. Nothing in this ugly world compares to being inside of you, he was made to make love with you – it’s his fate and home.
“M-mommy,” he calls out, eyes shut tight and eyebrows knitted together, “slow, please—” But his hands begin moving faster until his finger finds an engorged spot inside of him. “Fuck! Oh, f-fucking Christ!” Jungkook can’t stop rubbing it; it sends shivers from his core up to his very fingertips while his cock grows harder in his other hand. “Y/N! Please, please, please—! Shit, mommy, b-bunny— come, bunny come!”
Your lips feel real against his ear shell. Yeah? Does bunny want to come while mommy fucks his tight ass? Jungkook nods. What a slut.
His back arches off the bed. “Fuck! Fuck, fuck!”
Legs now spread open, Jungkook sobs in pleasure, overwhelmed. There are so many sensitive spots being ravaged right now, and there you are, hovering above him, smirking since you know fucking everything. A surprisingly sweet, gentle sparkle behind your pupils.
I love you, Jungkook.
That’s it, that’s his tipping point. In a second, his hips go from thrusting into his fist to bucking, and soon he’s coming all over his hand, his walls pulsing around his other finger.
“I—” Jungkook coughs. “S-shit, Y/N, I— I love you too,” he whimpers.
As he comes down from his high, the room suddenly feels empty and quiet. You’re not here, he remembers. The heat in his cheeks feels embarrassing, he’s just that pathetic. Then he looks down at his cum-covered palm.
You’re not here, and you won’t come back. Even if Jungkook threw his pride and self-worth out the window and crawled back to you, you won’t take him. You don’t need him. You don’t want him.
The first tear falls down his cheek, leaving a salty trail in contrast to his burning skin. His breath hitches in his throat, and soon Jungkook has to cover his mouth not to let any of his sobs out. Why did he ever decide to just accept it without trying to fight for you? Is that why you are so cold towards him? Because he was a compliant coward?
After cleaning himself and finishing sealing the boxes, Jungkook hurries out of the flat.
He’ll forget the tears of shame, he’ll forget how much he wants and misses you, he’ll forget that he’s in love, he’ll forget all about you. This was the last straw, perhaps; a moment of closure before he can wipe the slate clean.
Jungkook slams the boot of his car shut and slumps into the driver’s seat with a tired groan.  When he starts the car, the radio comes on by surprise. Any noise mixes with the beeping in his head, so he hurries to turn it off before his headache worsens and sets off back to the university.
The corridors of the men’s dormitory are filled with students walking around in their underwear, passing a ball around, shouting – for some reason – or with their eyes glued to their phones. Jungkook makes his way through them as he catches a glimpse of Soobin’s face and other teammates in the crowd, but he chooses to ignore them, although he does wonder what their weird faces were all about.
After putting down a couple of boxes to turn the handle, Jungkook squats down to pick them up again and walks into his room with his back turned, pushing the door open with his ass.
“Shit, so it’s true.”
The voice sounds familiar, but not too much. So, he turns around, dropping the boxes on his bed, just to face the sight of fucking Kim Seokjin standing like an idiot in front of him. His entire body freezes, or it bursts out in flames, or maybe it gets struck by lightning— whatever. Jungkook just stands there, staring at him in complete silence.
“I thought those guys in the team were kidding,” Seokjin finally says. “Or at least I hoped so—”
“What are you doing in my room?” he cuts him off.
Oh, so this is what you meant when you said your boyfriend lived on another planet; it’s obvious this is his new room, knowing that he’s been bringing in his stuff the entire morning. The reason Jungkook is asking nonetheless, well, that’s a mystery to him.
Seokjin lets out an awkward chuckle. “I, uh… I was assigned this room.”
“Don’t worry,” the eldest says with a sigh, “it won’t be for long. I’m looking for a place already. This was just a favour from the supervisor.”
“Yeah, and there was no other room to put your ass in except this one, right?” Before Seokjin can even reply, Jungkook turns around in disbelief, hands on his hips. “He totally did this to get on my nerves.”
“Man, I… I have no idea. Just asked him for the favour.”
Wait, why is he having a conversation with the asshole who stole his girlfriend? And now he’s also his roommate. The universe hates him.
Jungkook rolls his eyes and turns around to start unpacking the boxes; maybe if he ignores him, it won’t be a deadly situation. Yeah, that’s it, Jungkook just has to pretend Kim Seokjin isn’t here, or even that he doesn’t exist at all, and he will get some of his peace back.
When he bends down to charge his phone, he notices that it’s busy charging another one already. The device makes a bubbling noise when unplugged, drawing his roommate’s attention as he recognises the sound.
Stifling a curse and making a grimace of realisation, Seokjin turns around with a smile. “Ah, yeah, I plugged your charger into my phone, I hope you don’t—”
“Well— don’t!” Jungkook unplugs the charger abruptly, the phone still in his grip. “You can’t just… go around taking my things, okay! God damn it, is there anything you’ll let me keep? Like a fucking robber…”
However, the device starts to ring, and a very familiar name shows up on the screen.
Y/N, incoming call.
Jungkook goes suddenly quiet, his shoulders now listless as he hands him back the phone. For a second, Seokjin forgets all about how nuts the guy actually is and gets a slight feeling of pity and remorse before taking the call and putting the screen on his ear.
“Hello—? Ah, yeah— sorry, didn’t see the time. Hm, yes, I’m on my way.”
Ah, yes, your Prince Charming is late to pick you up. The realisation makes him chuckle at first, but it soon turns bitter.
You truly have stopped caring for him.
The mere idea that he no longer has a place in your heart is terrifying. It’s unfair that this had to happen for Jungkook to figure out the actual depth of his feelings because now that he wants to, he… can’t do anything about it. But even if he could, could his pride ever allow him to? Crawling back to the woman who dumped him like he’s worthless.
Jungkook prefers to think it wouldn’t.
Tumblr media
The three of them look at each other in a newly established silence. More and more often their reactions to everything their young friend says cannot be otherwise.
“I mean, you know I never say no to getting wasted at a club,” Jimin finally says, frowning, “but are you sure that’s what you want? Wouldn’t you prefer, uh, I don’t know… staying over for a movie night, maybe?”
But Jungkook only scoffs. “What, like I’m a kid? I wanna party!”
“All right, all right! Jesus…” Jimin gets up to fill his cup with water and comes back, hoping his friend has calmed down. This attitude of his is starting to get on his nerves. “Okay, let’s go out tonight, then… How about you two sleep over so we can just grab a cab? You’re always the designated driver, Tae.”
“That’s not the point!” Jungkook suddenly blurts out. “I wanna— I wanna, like, not sleep at all. A-and I’ll get fucking wasted, and I— I’ll fuck! I’ll meet a hot chick and I’ll fuck her!” he cries out then.
Jimin and Taehyung share a look.
“Do you really think you’re ready to hook up with anyone that’s not Y/N?” the latter says, playing with his drink as he feigns disinterest. “There’s no point in messing around with a girl just to—”
“I don’t need her, I don’t want her! She’s a-a bitch!” Jungkook cuts him off.
Then he gets up and goes to open the fridge, looking for another beer. Taehyung rubs his eyes; this sounds like a night to remember, that’s for sure. And if it’s not, he’s pretty sure Jungkook will make sure no one forgets about it.
A couple of hours later, they’re getting out of the cab and walking toward the club.
Yes, he has everything under control, this is not something he’s never done before: he will get drunk and make eye contact, and then everything will go on fluidly, like always. It doesn’t have to be any different from what he used to do before he fell for you. Yeah, it won’t probably be the same; he won’t tremble in expectation the way he’d do when it was you, and their touches won’t feel like your soft hands roaming down his back. It won’t be your lips kissing him, or your voice praising him because, honestly, he just wants to be good for you.
He knows all that already.
“Everything okay, Kookie?” Jungkook snaps out of his thoughts. Suddenly, he’s standing in the line at the club’s entrance, and Taehyung stands next to him. “Don’t worry, Jimin just went off to talk to the bouncer. We’ll get in any second now.”
They had a few drinks before coming. The alcohol is bubbling in his blood like soda, he feels dizzy. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea – oh, he’s regretting it now. So, so much.
His friend stares at him. “You look pale.”
“It’s just the lighting,” Jungkook rushes to say, shrugging.
And Taehyung turns around.
Jimin comes back barely a few minutes later, holding a drink and waving at them on his way. With a cheerful call, he collects them and leads them to the entrance, where the bouncer nods and steps back to let them in.
“Good thing your dad knows the owner!” Jungkook exclaims as they walk into the club, but his voice is muffled by the loud music.
He was saying it to cheer himself up, so it doesn’t really matter.
They approach the bar, first things first. As soon as they each have a drink in their hand, they will go around looking for some fun or, at least, better music to dance to. Maybe the floors underground will satisfy them, or perhaps the roof terrace where the cocktails are better.
It was weird at first, hanging out with rich people. Jungkook was expecting to spend his freshman nights out at shabby clubs – which he’s had his fair share of, to be honest – but was surprised with fancy premises and colourful drinks. You’d always complain about what he had never had the courage, saying that you felt out of place surrounded by snobby folks.
The way his head spins as the crowd engulfs him makes him realise that, perhaps, he’s had a few more drinks at Jimin’s place than he had initially planned.
“God, I wanna dance, but the music is so… ugh.” Jimin comes back to him and rests his back against the column. “Don’t you agree with me, Kookie? Can we go somewhere else?”
Jimin rolls his eyes and yells, “I said, can we go somewhere else?”
“Where’s Tae?” he asks.
“Necking someone, I guess. Come on, let’s move! Everyone is, like, in their thirties or balding here.”
The roof terrace is their next destination. There are more people on the dance floor, swinging their hips and singing along to the music. They’re younger too, Jimin notices. At least he doesn’t feel like he died and went to hell.
“Hey, hyung, I—” Jungkook turns around as soon as he has received the drink from the barman only to suddenly find himself alone in the middle of the club. Jimin’s red outfit slowly vanishes into the dance floor crowd. After that, well, he’s completely alone. “Fuck, they always do this to me, shit.”
With a sigh of resignation, Jungkook takes the first sip of his edulcorated drink.
He’s dully checking out the rooftop when a bunch of girls catches his attention; they’re eying him, giggling and harping each other with the shoulder.
Jungkook watches how one of them eventually walks up to him with a shiny smile. She flaunts her shoulders as she approaches, quite charmingly. By the time the girl gets there, Jungkook is already sweating with anxiety; no, this was not a good idea at all. He’s regretting it already.
“Hey!” she exclaims, trying to get herself through the loud music blasting in their ears. “Saw your friend leaving! Poor thing.”
The conversation doesn't last long – a ‘hello, do you study or work, where do you study, have you come with more friends, my girlfriends are single too, what are you drinking’ – until the girl, whose name Jungkook didn’t quite catch on because of the loud music, proposes to move it to a quieter place. He follows her, not quite sure what’s going on anymore.
They spot a bench on the other side of the roof terrace, where the music is muffled, and the air is cooler.
She takes a sit. “Yeah, this is way better, thank you. Anyways, so, Jungkook… I guess you don’t have a girlfriend, right?” the girl jokes with a giggle.
Jungkook stares at her in silence first. For a few long, awkward seconds. His eyes seem to blank, it looks like nothing crosses his mind, and the words can’t come out of his mouth. A second later, though, the first sob breaks through his chest.
“Oh, shit, I—”
At the bewildered look of the poor girl, who inwardly can’t stop cursing her bad luck in her choice of potential flings, he begins to cry with his face buried in his hands. She pats his back with a grimace as Jungkook leans forward on the bench, trying to comfort him. After a few more broken sobs, he finally manages to sit up again.
“She… fuck.” Jungkook wipes his tears with the back of his hand. “She cheated on me with her ex.”
“Damn— I mean, I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Never mind.”
The girl picks up her glass from the floor and takes a long sip with a blank stare. Honestly, all her friends are in the most obnoxious mood tonight. She had hoped that a date for the evening would keep her entertained, or at least take her away from the boring conversation of her friends, talking about the same thing all the time. She was wrong. The least this Jungkook guy can do is to thoroughly take her through all the drama, and she will pretend she cares enough to give him her advice.
She glances at him as naturally as she can manage. “You can tell me if you want. It’ll do you good to get it off your chest.”
With a dramatic head turn, Jungkook doesn’t play hard to get and starts telling her everything; from how you met, all the way through the bet, and finally, the evening he found you in the room with Kim Seokjin.
“Talk things out with her!” she blurts out, making him flinch. “God, I can’t believe you just ran away without making sure it wasn’t a misunderstanding. And, of course, her ex was there to comfort her, Jesus. I’m pretty sure you fucked things up yourself—”
“There wasn’t much chance of misunderstanding—”
The girl rolls her eyes and gulps down her drink. “You men can be so stupid, really.”
“Hey!” Jungkook whines.
“You…!” Jungkook frowns at her, pressing his lips together. There are still tears drying up on his cheeks, and his eyes sting with the threat of more of them. “You don’t know anything! You have no fucking idea!”
“Well, dude, I can see why she dumped you.” The girl finally gets up and walks away, but he only glances at her when she grunts, “Fucking asshole…”
Jungkook sits on the bench like a pathetic loser until the next time he raises his arm to drink he realises that his glass is empty. Since Jimin and Taehyung aren’t here to get him another one, and a drink in a place like this would cost half his allowance, he decides to get up and walk back to the dorms. First, of course, he writes a message saying goodbye in case, by chance, at some point in the night, either of them realises that he’s not there.
Tumblr media
“Shit, shit, shit…”
You race down the stairs to the ground floor, backpack tightly hugged between your arms so that it doesn’t fly away. Your throat is dry, your chest is burning, and the back of your neck is covered with sweat from the effort, but you will make it; you will not be late.
Just as the clock strikes two minutes to twelve, you skid in front of the plastic door.
As you try to get in, however, someone pushes the door against you, and you have to step back for the safety of your face.
“Ah, Y/N, sorry!” one of the students says. “Didn’t see you there.”
“No biggie… Why is everybody leaving?”
Another girl, Nayeon, shrugs. “Doctor Lee has come down with something, so there’s no class today. We’re going to the cafeteria to grab a bite, wanna come with us?”
As you walk down the hall, Nayeon gets closer to your side, making you raise your eyebrows. She just smiles and waits until the rest of the group is engrossed in a new conversation before finally talking:
“So, did you hear the rumours?” she whispers.
You shake your head. “Uh, no.”
“Do you want me to tell you?” Nayeon looks conflicted all of a sudden. “It may upset you.”
“Is this about Jungkook?”
Knew it.
With a snort, you stand in the middle of the corridor as the others, unaware, walk away. “Okay, let’s hear it. What did he do this time?”
“Apparently, Tae, Jimin, and Jungkook went out the other day, and he hooked up with a girl,” Nayeon says quietly, watching how your face loses all colour. “So, I guess it makes you guys, uh… officially unofficial? I always hoped it was just a rough patch and that you would get back together, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” you murmur and keep going to catch up.
Don’t cry, don’t cry. Don’t you dare cry. Not in front of everyone, not now that you’re finally aware of the way their curious eyes fix on you.
Whatever is going on with Jungkook, it seems like he’s set his mind on it. From now on, it’s not just a crisis or a ‘rough patch’, you’re officially broken. It’s just crazy that you still don’t know what horrible deed you’ve done to make up his mind.
You pick up the tray and go to take a seat next to Nayeon. Like a swift shadow, Soobin appears out of nowhere and sits on your other side. You can’t help letting out a tired sigh.
“How are you, noona?”
“Hungry,” you simply respond, bringing the chopsticks to your lips.
Soobin laughs. “Want some of mine, then? We could share.” Without waiting for your answer, he rushes to put some of his sliced pork on your tray. “There, you can take as much as you want—”
“Listen, Soobin…”
The boy stops right away at your serious tone and stares into your firm eyes with a gulp, expectant.
Today, tired and heartbroken, you don’t have the patience to put up with the boy and his shenanigans. Maybe you should have had this conversation a long, long time ago, but only now do you realise it. You’re not angry at him or irritated, just worn out.
“You’re a good guy, and I know what you’re trying to do when you do stuff like this,” you continue, this time more gently as you lean into him. “But… I’m not interested, okay?” His eyes darken all of a sudden, and your heart shrinks in pity. “You’re out of line most of the time. And whether I’m dating someone or not doesn’t change that, all right?”
“Even when he slept with someone else?”
You raise your head, eyes wide open totally astounded. “Excuse me?”
“Don’t you want revenge? He already hates me,” Soobin explains. “But only if you and Jin-hyung are not serious, of course… Or am I out of line now too?”
“So far away from it you can’t even see it, so it seems,” you reply with an unbelieving laugh, already getting up.
You stare at Soobin for a second before you walk away; he looks certain and confident about the conversation. Maybe because he still believes he ever had a chance, but there’s something else, something about him that you can’t quite get yet. Does he, though? Does he not?
With a sigh, you take out your phone.
[Monday, 12:42 AM] You: We need to talk.
[Monday, 12:42 AM] You: Where are you? Are you on campus?
[Monday, 12:45 AM] ✨Park Jimin✨: Just about to leave class, why? What happened?
[Monday, 12:49 AM] You: I think it’s time we talk things out.
[Monday, 12:49 AM] You: Also, I need to ask you something, and I need you to be completely honest.
[Monday, 12:50 AM] You: Could you do that for me?
A group of students pass by you, and among them you see Jungkook. He seems to be doing very well, you’ve never seen him make new friends before. Maybe the idea you had of him was quite wrong; maybe Soobin was right all along. Be that as it may, you first want to make sure that the rumours are true. Not just because you find it odd, but because something inside you refuses to believe it.
[Monday, 12:56 AM] ✨Park Jimin✨: Sure, see you in ten minutes in Kang’s lecture hall, after everyone has left.
[Monday, 12:58 AM] ✨Park Jimin✨: It’s good to talk to you again :)
You don’t reply to his last texts. Instead, you walk down the corridor and go upstairs to wait by the door. There’s ruckus coming from the other side already, so your guess is that everyone is already collecting their things to leave.
Jimin, who is still standing on the treads, bows to his professor as the old man walks out, and you greet him with a polite nod of your head.
You leave your backpack on the desk behind him. “Hey.”
“Good to see you,” he murmurs, looking up at you before you sit down. “How’s it going?”
“Did Jungkook really sleep with another girl?”
For some reason, Jimin did not expect any other question than this. The fact that Jungkook went around spreading the rumour doesn’t help either, but he has his hands tied on the matter; his friend doesn’t listen to him anymore.
“Do you want the long answer or the short one?” Jimin asks then.
You sigh. “The short one.”
“No, he did not.”
“Hm…” Frowning, you cross your arms, totally taken aback. “What’s the long one, then?”
Eyes looking down at his palms, the boy takes a deep breath. Maybe this is a breaking point, and he probably shouldn’t be talking about this. If this changes your mind about Jungkook, he will hate him forever. But if this helps you open your eyes to the situation, well, then Jimin will be happy – he just wants you two to be happy, together or not. And you deserve to know the truth.
“He didn’t, but he came close,” he explains. “At some point, the girl asked him if he had a girlfriend and Jungkookie burst into tears. Then he whined a bit about you, she comforted him, and the last thing I heard was the girl calling him an asshole.”
You gulp down, your stomach churning. Suddenly you feel out of breath. “So, he didn’t do it, but he tried to.”
“Well, yeah?” Jimin scratches the back of his neck, awkwardly shifting on the chair. “It was kind of his idea to go out and sleep around, but he just can’t.”
“So, he’s really going around trying to get into the pants of every girl he sees?”
“Why are you mad? He couldn’t do it! That’s— that’s good! It means he’s not over you yet,” he tries to comfort you as he kneels in front of you. “If it affects you so much, why did you choose Seokjin-hyung over him?”
You uncover your conflicted face. “If it ‘affects me’ so much…? I’m— what?”
“You sound jealous.”
That’s the last straw. With a spasm, you begin to cry, shrinking in your chair. Jimin freezes until he comes back to his senses and takes your hands, stroking them with his thumbs.
“How is ‘jealous’ the first word you could think of? How could I not be jealous?” you cry out.
“But you broke up with Kookie, didn’t you?” he murmurs, voice lower and lower. “You have no right to be.”
Suddenly calm, you let go of his hands. “Uh, yeah, that’s another thing I wanted to ask! Could someone please tell me when I broke up with him? Because, as far as I can remember, neither of us has ever sat down to talk about breaking up. He just… ghosted me.”
“But he says— he says you did. You dumped him for Jin-hyung, he heard you.”
You frown and look away as you try to find some logic. Is it an excuse? But you were doing great before finding out about the bet, so it couldn’t be that. You may be a depressive bitch, but his affection towards you seemed genuine… or not? Could this be just his long-term revenge for how bad you treated him in the past? But then, why would he crumble down instead of hooking up with that stranger? Maybe Jimin is lying.
“Are you lying?”
“Why would I?” Jimin replies with a scoff. “Jungkook begged me not to tell anyone. I’m telling you because someone has to seal up this fucking drama.”
Okay, if Jungkook did all of this out of pure convincement that you really dumped him for Seokjin, how the fuck did he come to that shitty conclusion? It couldn’t be Jin himself; you know him well enough. Maybe someone from the team? But Jungkook couldn’t be convinced like that in one day.
“I don’t know why, but Jungkook thinks I cheated on him with Seokjin, is that it?” you sum up.
“He says he heard you,” Jimin explains, sitting back on his chair. “And after what he had been hearing in the club ever since Jin-hyung came back, and knowing what he’s like, it’s no wonder that’s the conclusion he came to.”
“Sounds a bit extreme to me.”
Jimin shrugs. “Look, whatever Jungkook heard, it made him believe that you cheated on him and dumped him for your ex.”
Oh, fuck. Seokjin’s visit, that must be it. The noise from the entrance, the door closing. You contemplated the possibility that it was Jungkook, but now that you think of it— without context, it was a weird conversation. But it’s not like he caught you doing anything wrong either, right? It’s his problem for not asking. And besides, he didn’t bother to try to solve the problem either, he just ran away whining – like he always does.
You get up and put your backpack on your shoulder as you thank Jimin for giving up so much of his precious time to answer all your questions. At least now you have a clear view of what happened.
Jimin gets up with you. “I think you should talk to him. He must be on his way to practice.”
“Well, I don’t.”
“But you’re still together! That’s great!” he exclaims.
“After he tried to sleep with another girl?” you ask coldly, arching an eyebrow. “No, thanks. She can keep him.”
And you walk out of the classroom, hoping that the warm feeling in your chest will die soon. At least before you have to kill it yourself.
Tumblr media
Don’t hesitate to like, reblog, and leave some feedback if you liked it! It’s always good and encouraging to know what you think <3
“STAY” is copyright ²⁰²² Lola Bangtan, all rights reserved.
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sky-reads · a day ago
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Tumblr media
➛ hello, this is sky ( @jeonspub ) here, in this blog i’m going to share my favourite fics & masterlists.
➛ all of these fics contains smut and/or mature themes, thus, minors dni!
➛ make sure to leave a feedback after reading. happy reading :D
Tumblr media
╰˖⁺ 𐀔 ꒱・𝐭𝐲𝐩𝐞・੭
Tumblr media
╰˖⁺ 𐀔 ꒱・𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫・੭
𝖮𝖳7/𝗆𝗎𝗅𝗍𝗂𝗉𝗅𝖾 𝗆𝖾𝗆𝖻𝖾𝗋𝗌
Tumblr media
╰˖⁺ 𐀔 ꒱・𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭・੭
𝖶𝗋𝗂𝗍𝖾𝗋’𝗌 𝗆.𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍
𝖲𝖾𝗋𝗂𝖾𝗌 𝗆.𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍
𝖢𝗈𝗅𝗅𝖺𝖻 𝗆.𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍
Tumblr media
extras . . . ♡
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awrkive · 2 days ago
hey guys...
so I've been contemplating whether I should post this or not, because some people may think of this negatively. but i decided to do the former one because i ran out of options and i really have nowhere to go but here.
our finals for our first term is coming next week and we have to give our profs a permit so we are able to take our tests. but to do so, we have to make this payment first:
Tumblr media
However, last week on sep 24, my auntie (who is my sponsor for my tertiary education) and i had this conversation.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is a screenshot of the pending approval of my academic scholarship application.
Tumblr media
it's been months but my uni has been slow on granting their applicants the promised deduction. I have also applied for an external scholarship but i still haven't gotten calls, and honestly, I'm starting to lose hope if I can get them. i have a part-time job which is tutoring elementary kids Math every Sunday. It pays ok but most of it goes to my rent because i am currently living in a boarding house, far away from my hometown.
this genuinely feels really embarrassing to say, especially when I've been so inactive here. but im genuinely in need for your guys help. I currently only have ₱1250 (which is roughly $21) and my payment per exam is ₱3360 ($58).
i have reached out to anyone who could possibly help but here I am, ending up deciding to use this small platform of mine in hopes that you guys can give me a little help (words of encouragement to my inbox are very much welcome.. Im in need of a lot of those nowadays...)
If you have spare money to help me with, and if you really want to, here is my ko-fi where you can share your little blessings with me. i also do banner commissions and availing my services will really help me a lot ❤️🥹 you can refer here to know about it more.
thank you so much for reading. your time is much appreciated! ❤️
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ughbtz · 2 days ago
Harvest moon
Summary; his parents and a few relatives decided to rent out a treadional place / area for the holidays, which ment being quiet was nesssary if he wanted to feel more than your clothed breast in his sleepy hands.
au: finance reader! Idol jk
paring; jungkook x reader
wc: 2.2k
WARNINGS: masturbation, instructions, moans, oral (m), fingering, handjob, missionary, hard cumming, smut, big cock, dirty talk, trying not to get caught, staying quiet, wet pussy, loud moans, deep throat, vocal jungkook, needy jk
Sleeping next to you on the soft blanket-like bed, his hand softy roamed around your hips and chest like it was nothing. Like his body craved sometimes without telling. The two of you were staying at a traditional Korean house for chuseok with his family, so even if it were to progress it'd have to be quiet.
Awaking softy, he sees his hands gripping onto your slightly clothed breast strumming ever so lightly at your nipples. "mmm, so shameless aren't we?" He whispered in your ear. Smiling, he pulled you closer and pulled the shared cover up more. Before even daring to lift the black cotton shirt of his off, he played with the idea of having your breast bouncing under him. Almost as if that was the future of his actions.
Licking the bottom of his lip, he pinches and pulls at the hardned nipples before reaching over to cover your mouth.
"Shh, they'll hear these walls aren't you proof? the last thing I wanna do I let my parents hear us if I continue" he tells softly, uncovering his hand from your yawning mouth. Dazing across he sees the sun hasn't come up, making it nighttime. However, the moon's bright light came through the interior so beautifully he could've sworn it was morning. Taking a second to take in the atmosphere, he felt calm listening to the gentle breeze of the treea outside. Which was the opposite of him, a needy heart raced guy. A horny one if that.
Inhaling in the harvest moons calming energy, he softly closed his eyes for a second to deeply taken in the relaxed atmosphere in hopes of calming his body down a bit. However there wasn't even a minute between as he sat up to spread your legs apart.
"did you wake up from a wet dream again?" You questioned softly, eyes watching him position himself between your spread-out legs. Chuckling, he pushed his long hair out his face as he went to your eye level to speak.
"Again, I've never stepped getting them. Only this one felt more real and your breast felt so good squished up for my cock" he told, seeing you raise your breast a bit.
"Oh-" you hesitated out of shock, hands going to cover your shy smile before he swat it away.
"Shy now huh, cute" he smiled, sitting on his knees as he began to pull your underwear to your knees. Eyes watching his hands pull up the black polyester pair of panties softly roll up, to then see you quickly covered your hairy cunt.
"Ugh, what's with you and covering up? Scared a little hair would stop me or is it something else?" He teased, swatting your hand away from your lips and taking his thumb to feel up and down the folds gently. Feeling your hips lift a bit in response, he felt assured on taking it further than just his fingers.
"Mm your pussy is so squishy and small, my tip would love to do more than coat you with a layer of cum" he tells, focusing on your lips and the wetness he's feeling build from his words alone. Getting quiet, he takes his middle and index and softly rubs up to your clit as he watches your legs close around him.
"Good girl," he praised, fingers coated with your slick as he toyed with a bundle of joy softly.
"God you are so cute when I rub your clit, make some noise for me at least. Just not too loud, okay," he kindly asked, eyes locked on the simple motion that was circling your clit softly. Nodding you let out breathy whines as you felt his two digits begin pushing themselves ever so lightly at your entrance. With your eyes widening, back softly arched, your hands instantly covered your mouth as you felt the slow but rhythmic thrust of his fingers. With your heart pumping quicker, body oozing at the slightest increase in speed you knew a moan was threatening itself to come out. A loud one if that.
"Please jungkook~" You uncovered your mouth to moan at an arguably low volume. Liking that, he continued and softly pushed his cock through the fly or opening of his black boxers. Moving his eyes to your breast and hands to his cock he jerked himself ever so slightly. Placing your legs close to your chest, he watched your lips push together and puff up a bit between your thighs. Enjoying the view of that, he took your panties off and laid them to the side.
"Mmm would look better with a cock in between" he somewhat warned as he took his hardening cock and rubbed his tip like a credit card between the folds. Feeling the wetness he fell back on the floor and spread his legs open with a finger motion to come here. Raising a brow, you sat up and crawled towards him.
Attaching your lips to just the tip, you softly licked around and jerked the base for making up for the fact sucking him off would be simply too loud and a dead giveaway to those close by. Instead you dribble around the and lick around the head a few times as he watches his cock get excited by the feeling of warmth and wetness swallowing the most sensitive and far by most pleasurable place on his shaft. The orgasmic spot under his tip, the neck of the cock as he called it.
"Good, good, good" he moaned, closing his eyes as you let the fear of being caught up go and started pushing him deeper into your throat.
Moving his hand to the back ofyour head, he softly gripped at your hair to cobtrol the speed of your bobbing head. Hearing the sound of muffled gags, he spreads his legs out a bit further. looking up at him, you watched his black long hair part from his face as he leaned in his back in pleasure. Hearing small grunts and calls for more, you placce your hands at his thigh, gripping them to take him all the way.
Feeling the warm wetness of spit trailing from his tip down his shaft, he felt the slight pool under his ass and opened his eyes. With a big exhale, he took a mental screenshot of your spit covering his cock and another when he pulled your head off seeing it dribble over your chin and shirt.
"Mm, it's a quicky type of night, what position will make you the loudest?" He asked, taking his shirt off and throwing it in the corner. Smiling you sat back and wiped your chin, watching the mess you made on him disperse around his shaft.
"One were pounding can be felt deeply" you told throwing your shirt off near his. Watching it land next to his, you looked back at him, his bigger but soft hand rests on your bare thigh.
"I'm thinking, doggy. But missionary is more in favor here." He smiles, before taking the same hand to remove the damp underwear off and kneel his way over to you. Looking at your cunt, he spreads it open with two fingers to watch it clench on the cool air and without hesitation push himself in.
Moaning softly, you watch as he holds under your knees and thrusts in. Reaching behind your head for a pillow, he leans in a bit and moves his hips deeper. Dropping them soon after, he completely leans over and holds onto your upper torso in desperation.
"Fuck, if it wasn't for pussy looking so swollen to me, I'd take this slower. I need more than a quicky with you" he coughed up, his hips pushing themselves in deeper in your wetness. Moaning, you arched your back and gripped his for support as you listen to just how horny a simple movement made him. Moaning some more, your lips made contact with his and soon enough felt his tounge push it's self deeply as If looking for something. Moving his hips slow, he pulled himself a bit from the kiss to make it less slopy and more enjoyable. Practically Moaning in his throat, he smiled in the kiss while making sure he felt evey inch your body could offer him, even if it ment holding you down to do it.
"Fuck yesh" he repeated, watching your head fall back and eyes roll with it as he slowly went deeper. Watching your teeth sink into your bottom lip, made him pound hard once.
"Mm, let them hear. If they're gonna watch you walk down an isle, they can take a night of hearing you moan out my name" he insits, going back into a rhythmic pace. Understanding him, you alow you mouth to open as he pushes himself deeper to pound. With your body's immediate reaction beeing to spread your legs wide and up a bit, he pushed his own body closer and moved his groaning mouth to your ear.
With your body giving in, load moans left your body naturally as you enjoyed the feeling of your cervix getting pushed and touched by his tip. with your body, simply responding to his thrusts, he allowed his body to tense as if trying to build an orgasm slowly but filled with power. With your toes curling, your cunt lubricated his cock with creamy white cum. Loving it, jungkook bit down into your neck as he allowed his hips to take control of his pleasure.
"Mm, why so wet for me. Enjoying it that much I see." He teased, feeling your body tighten on his throbing membr. Taking the hint, he continued.
"Mm, that's it baby. Spread your legs wider for me" He told watching your legs raise higher and go back a bit more. Kissing your neck, he left a soft hickey and felt your body become oceanic as your cunt filled with wetness.
"There you go baby, say my name when you cum tho. Becuase why wouldn't they want to know thier son treats his love well" he moaned, causing you to close your eyes.
"I'm cumming"
"Say it"
"Jungkook I'm cumming" you repeated, his body enjoying the syllables of his name being yelled loudly in his ear. Feeling your cunt slime around him and his name being moaned without a second thought, it was simply just a recipie for cunt filled with his cum. Almost like begging for one. Instead he pulled out, sat so his cock could be between your breast and waited for you to squish them together with an added bit of tounge. Moaning, he slowly thrusted his tip in your mouth as he watched your perfectly shaped breasts in his opinion create a warm pocket for his pussy drenched cock.
"Good girl," he moaned, watching your breast bounce slightly as you squished them together. Pulling out, your mouth he got on his feet to stand and you got on your knees to suck him off, if not suck him clean. Bending at the knees, he watched your mouth not hesitating to deep throat him as he released strings of warmth down your throat.
"Cumming, ah I'm cumming" he yelled, roaming his hands in your hair softly as he some of his cum get choked up and drooled out your lips. Pulling out, you coughed a bit and he smiled rubbing your cheek a bit. Kissing his tip you watched is softly fall from hard and knew you did a good job. Dropping to his knees he pulled you in a hug and whispered
"I don't think you realize how much you've done to me"
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redsaurrce · 2 days ago
Hello! I love your work, could I ask you a request about Jungkook strong/intimidating aura but soft towards the reader who is shy, inexperienced and shy?🥺it turns him on but at the same time he feel protective towards her innocence. I would love to read a smut interactions between this two 🥺✨
Tumblr media
- Jungkook was your hot typical campus basketball alpha male captain
- Yeah it might look like exaggeration, but it was who he really is
- Everybody either wants to be his friend or at least not become his enemy
- He was extremely intimidating, even the bullies were scared of him
- Once he was arranging stuff in his locker when he spotted someone's shadow at a distance
- He tried going there to see who it was but the said person was already gone
- "please come up on the roof in ten minutes".. he read the message inside the envelope that was kept inside his locker
- naaaaaah.. given his personality, he wouldn't go, he's had these kind of messages way too many times for his own good
- but he went without wasting a single second
- he knew that handwriting like the back of his hand, your handwriting
- he quickly ran to the rooftop, all this while sentences floating in his mind that why would you call him? He means he was quite surprised to say the least
- Everytime he used to open his letters, he hoped to see your handwriting there
- but he never did.
- until today.
- he felt like a teenage boy who was going to meet his high school crush
- which actually was true.
- "Y/N?" He breathed as he saw your figure standing against the railing, you looked beautiful as ever, with the sunlight embracing your face
- you turned towards him and smiled softly
- he felt weak in his knees
- "h-hi Jungkook " He felt his heart will explode when you took his name
- "Hi y/n." He smiled ever so gently
- you liked this boy so much, it's been over a year since you had a crush on him
- you smiled shyly, you never thought he would come after reading your letter
- or perhaps he came without knowing it was your handwriting, he must have expected some hot or popular girl, guessing how he isn't even uttering a single word now
- your smile started fading at the thought
- you've always thought about him, even daydreamed about him, you would try to steal glances at him time to time
- all too shyly
- but you realized that you both belong to different worlds, personality wise, popularity wise and what not
- you both have nothing in common
- but when you saw him reject every single girl, you thought, why not just confess and get rejected and end these feelings once and for all
- on top of that, getting rejected in a place like this where there would be no one to witness your embarrassment would be best
- Jungkook took notice of your fading smile and you getting lost in your thoughts
- oh, has he ever told you how much he liked it whenever you were lost in thought? you were like an angel in his eyes
- a pretty angel
- you smiled slightly after you made up your mind
- let's end this crush for the final time, you thought
- "Jungkook I like you." You said it in a single breath and squeezed your eyes closed
- You contorted your eyebrows when you heard nothing for a moment since you expected him to atleast laugh at you or something
- "What??" To say Jungkook was in shock would be an understatement.
- you opened your eyes immediately and saw a very very very confused Jungkook with his jaw dropped
- what did he mean by what? Was he surprised that a girl like you would even think to propose to him? Is that why he was so surprised?
- you looked down and nodded to yourself, you saw this coming
- "It's okay, I know you would reject me, just go ahead." You said still smiling to yourself while looking down
- "Can I kiss you?" You shot your head up with eyes wide
- You blinked several times to process what you just heard, it was loud and clear but you still needed to cross check whether you heard it right or not
- Jungkook stepped closer to you and looked you in your eyes
- he felt like drowning in them forever
- your lips parted a little and you nodded lightly
- in no time he attached his lips to yours
- while you both were kissing, he grabbed your waist and lifted you up and carried you to the room on the roof few students of music band have kept decent
- it had a mattress in the middle
- he carefully laid you on it
- when you saw him opening his shirt, your eyes went wide because of two reasons
- for one, you were new to this
- and two, was he now treating you like a toy? Did you mistake his passionate kiss for a yes instead of doubting why he would kiss you out of the blue?
- was he playing with you while he got to know your feelings?
- "Jungkook!" He stopped unbuttoning immediately
- "What is it Y/N? If you don't want to do it then we can do it later if you want." He said with concern in his eyes
- you gulped. What if.. what if he actually would turn you down at the end? Alright, let's just end it all after having sex with your crush
-You don't want to wander with your lingering feelings until another day so you said
- "I just.. I'm new to this." Jungkook skipped a heartbeat at your words.
- "Are you saying you've never had sex before?" He asked you with curious eyes.
- "Yes, this is so embarrassing. " You murmured the last words to yourself but he had heard you.
- he shook his head in disagreement, if anything- he was really happy to be your first.
- "don't be embarrassed love. I'll help you out, just tell me whenever you feel uncomfortable, okay?" Your cheeks blushed at the nickname he gave you.
- soon your eyes flickered, Jungkook was puzzled to see a teardrop roll down from your eyes
- "What happened Y/N?" He asked worriedly.
- "You're not playing with me, are you?" Being called such a sweet nickname from your crush only to know that it must be a joke for him breaks your heart much more than any normal rejection.
- he was surprised that you think that way
- oh wait, you even said how you thought he would reject you in the starting
- his heart ached while thinking about it
- "that's not true. I'll tell you what I feel for you. Can I proceed?" He said and you were sure you could see pain in his gaze.
- "Alright." You gave the green signal.
- he started kissing your legs slowly by slowly, letting his lips rest on the spot he kissed for few seconds before he kissed at another spot
- he came up and lifted your skirt, you were already wet
- he smiled to himself
- seeing you this wet for him turned him on even more
- he gently pulled down your panty and sniffed your pussy
- you smelled like fresh lemonade, you smelled like a drug he never knew he needed
- he took out his tongue and swiped them up and down to lick in your juices
- you moaned when he bit your vagina lightly, you gave him euphoria
- he didn't leave a single drop of your juice as he licked you clean
- he then crawled up and unbuttoned your shirt, he said, "I love you Y/N. I have loved you since two and a half years now. The moment I saw your handwriting in the envelope I couldn't keep calm. "
- you were looking at him in disbelief, trying to find any hint of him lying or pretending but all you saw was sincerity.
- "I didn't tell you anything because I thought you felt nothing for me. Everytime our eyes met, you'd instantly look away even before I could smile at you. Sometimes I even thought if you just disliked me."
- "No that's not true." You said in protest, the reality was that you were too shy and, "I just felt flustered at those moments that's why I used to look away. I've never disliked you, not even once."
-You told him the truth to clear his misunderstanding.
- he smiled softly as he caressed your cheek, "I'm so glad. Even though you are so shy you managed to be bolder than me when it came to confession." He grinned and you chuckled breathily.
- "Then let me take care of you, baby." He said.
- you nodded, "happily!"
- he leaned down to kiss your nipples and then he kept making love to you till the end of the school.
Tumblr media
Oh no no no I'm going jail for this ㅜㅜ💧
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purrfectfae · 21 hours ago
I'm sorry guys, I haven't been so active lately . I've been writing exams nonstop and it was tiring. I have prefinals at the end of Oct too but that is for future me to face😪.
Anyways, I've been writing another oneshot..
Yandere prince! jungkook × warrior princess! reader . Royalty, medieval era au.
I'll prolly drop it next week so pls look forward to it.
A little snippet under the cut. Enjoy. 💌
" Thirsty ? ", he mocks in your direction but you lower your gaze to rid yourself the temptation of nodding and making a fool out of yourself.
He seems displeased with it causing him to pull you between his legs by the collar wrapped around your throat.
" want some?", he asks again making you nod slowly.
He smirks smugly as he chugs down the whole tonic in one go. He makes a show out of it by grabbing your nape and slamming his mouth to yours with his nose pressed to your cheek. You swallow, miserably throwing your arms around his neck and pulling him closer so you don't miss a drop. He chuckles into your mouth at your desperation as you suck his tongue to squeeze out anything you could get. You push at his chest after you lap and suck his tongue dry, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. He grabs your wrist and licks the place where you wiped making you blush profusely. He then shoves your hand away roughly before muttering , " get the hell out of my face ".
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ffion451 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Chapter Seventeen: Breathe Differently | Diving: JJK (m)
▷ Jungkook prepares for change  ❯❯❯ ❛ Now there’s nothing in his way and those chances are spread out invitingly, as expansive as the warm pink sky beyond the window, as limitless as the blue ocean on the horizon, unbound and limitless ❜
Chapter characters/pairings: Jungkook x reader, brother-in-law!Namjoon
Genre: non idol au, fluff, teeny amount of angst, smut (see warnings below) see series m.post for fic summary etc.
Chapter warnings: Smut (rough, unprotected penetrative sex) ⚠️🔞No minors please🔞⚠️
Beta credit: Thanks to @abitjess for reading through this for me 💛
Word count: 4.9K
Note: Sorry for the delay in publishing this one. I haven’t been well and so it’s taken a while. To quote a beloved reader after she read the last chapter, “I just need some happiness from them for a while now”… well, here it is! Well, it’s my attempt to write something soft and fluffy and warm. We may all come to regret it… Let me know what you think!
<<< Chapter Sixteen | Chapter Eighteen >>>
Tumblr media
You lie sprawled over the sofa; a geometry of light cutting shapes across your face, illuminating every feature. Golden light suffuses the room, the setting sun, just visible on the horizon through the window, is a fiery orange haze. Jungkook, with soft barefoot steps, circles the sofa, placing the steaming cup of tea intended for you on the coffee table. He nurses his own in his sweater-covered hands, smiling softly as he takes in your face, drinking in every curve and plane as he sips his tea.
Jungkook has known crushes, lust, desire and the heady obsession of a new fling, and has been disillusioned with them all. Thanks to you, he’s also come to experience the desperate pangs of unrequited love and all its aching yearning; though he’s enjoyed the thrill of a new feeling, the pain accompanying it has been much less welcome. This feeling, the one he’s in the thrall of right now, is also new to him and he’s struggled to put it into words or even fully understand it. He had thought that loving you was the best feeling in the world, a heady euphoria from which he’d never come down, even if the pain of its one-sidedness stung, but this, this is so much more than that. Loving you may have felt euphoric while he suspected you loved him back, but now that he knows you do, it’s a whole, new world. The experience has been transformative, in many ways it’s been like learning to dive; he simply has to learn to breathe differently and take the plunge with you.
In the last few days you’ve changed completely with him; in confessing your love and apologising to him you seem to have unburdened yourself, the walls and barriers that stood between have vanished. Jungkook had felt like your heart had been surrounded by an impenetrable case of crystal-clear glass; he could see what lay within, his nose pressed to the cold glass, he could see all the opportunities and possibilities for love that were so tantalisingly close, but always beyond his touch. Now there’s nothing in his way and those chances are spread out invitingly, as expansive as the warm pink sky beyond the window, as limitless as the blue ocean on the horizon, unbound and limitless. 
If he had to put words to it, Jungkook would say that being loved by you is like when the sun emerges from behind a cloud on a cool day; suddenly everything has become brighter, everything glows and is bathed in warmth. That light-hearted silliness he was so keen to eke out of you in momentary molecules now flows freely, streaming from you in rays of easy laughter and broad smiles: every day since has felt like the best day of his life.
Now, after a day walking the coast with the dogs and trying to keep up with Jungkook’s fast pace, you have passed out from tiredness on the sofa at some point whilst he was brewing tea for the two of you; he feels a little guilty for dragging you along at such a speed and for such a distance, but these days he seems to have more energy than he can use. He watches you exhale softly, dead to the world; the tea will go cold, but what does he care? He’ll make you another when you wake, there’s plenty of time for tea. There’s plenty of time for everything; before, the dread of losing you hung over his head like the sword of Damocles, but now there’s nothing but time ahead of you.
He takes a blanket from the basket beside the fire, discarding the first one of rough twill and picks the softer wool one that he knows you prefer. He drapes it over you gently before he arranges the grate, kindling a small flame that grows and crackles rapidly, forming a blaze that warms the room; it doesn’t take a long time for the two tired dogs to lollop slowly into the room and collapse flat out beside the fire’s warmth, throwing accusatory glances at Jungkook for tiring their legs out too.
After some apologetic head rubs to the dogs, Jungkook softly lowers himself to the floor beside you, wanting to be near you. Resting his back against the sofa, his head gently settles near yours as he smiles to himself and recalls the last few days of bliss, thinking on your very first date: true to your word, you’d taken him on the date you promised, though he had to interfere, refusing to let you drive in your little lemon of a car and bartering you into splitting the bill, his pride not allowing him to let you pay outright. 
The restaurant was expensively furnished and dimly lit; the soft amber light was absorbed by the rich, damask walls and thick velvet of the seats, only reflecting from the occasional burnished copper surface. Soft piano music tinkled from the bar as you were led into the quiet part of the dining area. With all the expertise of his trade, the maitre d’ had noted Jungkook’s nervous, darting eyes and thrumming anxiety and escorted the two of you to a round booth in a quiet corner; the sly smile he shot Jungkook as he departed confirmed Jungkook’s suspicions that the man knew Jungkook needed all the help he could get. 
Jungkook is rarely nervous, yet from the moment he collected you he’d been in a foggy daze, his mind clouded by the vision of you dressed up: it wasn’t that you’d overdressed, if anything you were demure and elegantly understated, perhaps that was what had so unsettled him. Jungkook had only ever seen you casual and relaxed; dressed for walking or for work. Seeing you dressed so differently, he took in every detail, from your makeup and jewellery to the easy grace of your movement in your high heels. He’d never really thought about it before, but now, seeing you like this, he understands how you fit so perfectly into Mina’s wealthy world, even if that kind of money was as foreign to your upbringing as it was his. You stole his breath away, he was left lightheaded by this part of you, realising how much he has yet to learn, how many sides of you there are that he has yet to see.
So, sat stiffly beside you in the booth, Jungkook had realised that he hadn’t been on a date in forever and felt strangely nervous of how to act. That was the moment that he realised that something had changed in how you behaved with him.
“Jungkook, are you ok?” you’d asked softly, taking his clammy hand in yours, “If you’re not comfortable we can leave.”
You’d been so keen to reassure him, though it was clear that you too were nervous and disappointed that he didn’t seem to be happy; he realised then how badly you wanted the date to go well, sensing your own eagerness for the night to be a success. Jungkook had seen you nervous many times, but not like this before, not this sweetly, and he melted for you. Again, he was back on safe ground, as he always was when you needed him to take control. 
The rest of the date passed smoothly; more than that, it was probably the best date of his life. Somehow everything was the same and yet different: you were still the same two people you’d been these last months but the texture was somehow entirely different. Before, a slim, diaphanous thread tried to stitch you together, prone to coming undone; now, as he’d dreamed so long ago on the beach, a strong red thread binds you together, the weft and weave binding you.
The two of you talked fluidly, you opening up more than ever before, and the distance between you closed as you ate. By the end of the meal as you licked the last of the cream from your spoon the two of you were speaking in heated, whispered voices, knees and arms pressed close together: one kind of hunger sated, another growing quietly ravenous in its place.
Now, sitting beside you on your floor, he blushes at the memory of all the things he’d done to you when he got you home and a soft chuckle escapes him.  
A sensation of warmth pulls you awake, your lids tingling from the heat of the sun, your ears alive to the musical sound of Jungkook’s laughter and you smile at the sight of the back of his head so close to your face as your eyes flutter open.
Given everything you two have been through, or, more accurately, everything you’ve done, you’re still surprised that you can call this man yours. You can’t help but smile as you think, and what a man he is... You hadn’t fully allowed yourself to appreciate that, your understanding fogged by your lust for him and the guilt and shame you felt for having those feelings. Mina’s white-hot judgement had burnt the last of that fog away and in those clear skies left behind you saw Jungkook for everything he was and is.
If you had to put words to it, you could only say that Jungkook seems to be love personified. Seemingly infinite in his patience, generosity and warmth. In opening your heart to him, you’ve been rewarded by more love than you could have ever expected to feel again in your lifetime; being with him makes you want to be better, his boundless energy and enthusiasm energise you and make you believe in the possibility of a happy future: you’re drunk with love and it’s a high you don’t think you’ll ever come down from, nor do you want to.
Your mind drifts back to your date, how sweetly nervous he’d been and how he’d slowly warmed and opened up. That first date had felt like a fresh start, a blank slate on which you could write your love story afresh. Over the course of the meal, you’d noticed things you never had before: how he stutters over his words when he’s excited; the way his brows knit in a frown each time he tastes something delicious and the approving nod that follows; the adorable nyuk-nyuk-nyuk sound that follows his excited laughter… With every course, you fell that bit more in love with Jungkook as though you were seeing him with new eyes. No, not with new eyes exactly, rather with untainted eyes; Mina had helped you to see that your love for Jion had turned toxic and was poisoning you and how you saw Jungkook, freed from that at last, a whole new world lay before you.
You’re not naive; you’re not simply now healed, it could never be so simple. Rather, you can see your guilt and shame for what they are and can choose whether or not to let them control you. Mina had thrown a new light on your thoughts when she sat you down and forced you to properly discuss your feelings about Jungkook, Jion and the whole mess you’d created. She pointed out that there was a selfish and casual cruelty in the way you still cling to Jion, freezing yourself and those around you in an impossible moment, spreading pain and unhappiness like oil on water. That had been it, finally, finally, you realised the damage that you were doing to those you loved and, in a bizarre serendipity, the shame of that freed you from the shame you were cleaving to. 
You’d been swimming against the tide, pushing on in darkness through a featureless seascape of pain and despair, driven seemingly by stubbornness rather than hope. Mina had simply suggested that you turn your head and seek the light instead. It was easy to find; Jungkook was the lighthouse in the storm, beckoning you to shore and safe harbours, all you needed to do was follow the current pulling you back to shore, and your heart.
You watch as Jungkook places his empty mug on the coffee table and as he leans back, you stretch out your hand to tangle your fingers gently in the soft hair that gathers at his neck. He doesn’t even flinch, instead humming happily as your fingers turn to massaging his scalp.
“I think your tea should still be warm,” he says with a smile, “Want it?”
You smile and sit up as he passes it to you; he moves to sit beside you and hooks your legs over his lap as you sip on the still-warm, soothing brew. He offers to make you another of this one isn’t perfect and you’re warmed by his eagerness to attend to any little thing you might need all whilst assuring him that it’s not necessary.
His hand runs up and down your shin, gliding over the smooth fabric of your leggings, “What time do we need to leave tomorrow?” he asks.
Ah, tomorrow. Jungkook now only has a fortnight until his course begins and so the need to find accommodation in the city is urgent; you’d decided together that you’d tackle it as a pair, staying with Mina for a few days while you searched. You’re not anxious about any of it, confident that you’ll sort something out. If anything, you’re nervous of the time you won’t be with him, specifically the day that Mina will take him to visit Jion. All these thoughts fly around your head, but all that comes out of your mouth is that you need to make an early start.
It doesn’t matter though, Jungkook is well-versed in the silent language of your face, “If you don’t want me to visit him, I won’t,” he offers simply.
You smile at his ability to read you, putting down your drained mug and moving to straddle his lap. His hands quickly come to rest on your waist as you brush his hair from his face with feather-light caresses, your lips ghosting across his cheekbones and nose.
“I love you,” you breathe, “so much. I know you want to go, it’s ok.”
Jungkook wants to say something meaningful, something deep, but your mouth is too close, your soft breath tickling his cheeks; without thinking his mouth is on yours, his hands slipping under your tee as each kiss bleeds into the next in a slow, lazy display of your love for each other.
Finally, with swollen lips and racing hearts, you break apart. You know where this will lead and you feel a need to be responsible and not give into blind lust, after all there are dishes to wash and dinner to prepare,  “I’ll take these mugs out,” you pant breathlessly, “I’d also better start thinking about making dinner.”
Also breathless, Jungkook nods, trying to find words through the fog of desire clouding his mind, none come before you’re already clambering off him and leaving the room.
Noting the still sleeping dogs, Jungkook eases himself to his feet and moves silently towards the kitchen, pulling the door shut behind him with a soft click. Jungkook learns from his mistakes and the last thing he wants is to feel Bertie’s sharp teeth sinking into his ass when he’s balls deep inside you, he suspects it might kill the moment.
You don’t notice Jungkook approaching, lost in thought, standing at the kitchen sink washing up. Jungkook can tell from the tense knot of your shoulders and your tight breaths that you’re as horny as he is and that you’re trying to push the thoughts from your mind. Still, he notices how your thighs clench and he knows you’re throbbing for him, your walls craving something to tense around… the thought sends blood rushing to his cock, his broad palm rubs at his straining bulge as he smirks to himself.
At the sink you gasp as Jungkook’s hands close around your waist, his soft mouth kissing your neck as he grinds his erection into your ass, “Want you,” he breathes into your neck in a desperate slur.
You moan in soft reply, pulling off your rubber gloves, all thought of dishes, dinner and responsibility gone with each press of his lips, each thrust of his hips. He’s impatient, and his hands dip into the warm soapy water before bringing them to massage into the material of your tee, causing you to squeal in shock and delight. He kneads your breasts through the thin fabric, grateful that your bra had been quickly discarded when you’d settled on the sofa, as he rolls his hips against you.
“Speak up, baby,” he teases as he pinches your nipples in his soapy fingers, drawing another guttural gasp of desire from you.
“Don’t tease, Jungkookie,” you whine, “please just fuck me.” 
He’s too far gone to hold back: in swift movements, your leggings are swiftly pulled down, then you’re pulled by your waist away from the sink before you’re bent over, your hands clinging at the edge. You lick your lips and pant in anticipation as you hear him shrug off his sweats, swiftly pressing his blunt tip through your wet folds, gathering your slick across his cock.
“Ready?” he growls in a voice filled with barely-restrained hunger.
“Go hard,” you plead without embarrassment, the need in your voice matching his own.
He merely grunts in satisfaction as he breaches your tight entrance, drawing a deep shudder from the both of you. He pushes in slowly as you hiss through your teeth, “That’s it baby,” he praises, his grip on your hips tightening, “take it like a good girl.”
You whine needily at the praise, it makes his cock pulse and his balls tighten. In one swift movement that is both him pushing forward and pulling you onto his cock, he sinks his full length inside you, drawing a cry from you, “Good girl, good girl,” he soothes, grinding his hips against you, “so good for me, you take me so fucking well.”
When he feels you push back against him, he knows he doesn’t need to restrain himself and sets a rhythm of rapid, deep thrusts, jackhammering into you with a desperate ferocity. You brace yourself against the sink and he drops a hand to your clit, tracing fervent circles as he pounds you relentlessly, the kitchen filled with the slap of skin against skin, of breathy moans and heavy grunts.
His high is so close he can almost taste it at the back of his throat, he can certainly feel it in the tightening of his balls and the building heat inside him; he listens carefully, alert to the small whimpers that you’re making. Fuck, he thinks, as he stills his movements, you’re not even close. Gone are the days where Jungkook is satisfied with pumping you full of his cum and then taking care of you, he needs you to come before or with him. 
He groans in frustration as he pulls you back against him, one arm across your chest, hand firmly attached to your breast, his other hand between your legs; all frustration with you is lost when you whine needily at the feel of him slipping from you, “It’s ok babe, need you to come for me first then I’ll fuck you up,” he reassures and simultaenously urges, replacing his cock with two expertly curled fingers, the heel of his hand rubbing against your clit.
He loves the way you shudder against him, hands clawing at his, your head lolling back against his shoulder as he sucks at your neck with furious need making you groan in pain and pleasure. It’s not long before you’re crying out, coming undone for him yet again as he shoves you forward, desperate to plunge his aching cock back into your spasming walls.
The deep groan he releases is pure sin, and he almost comes undone right there, your wet, warm walls fighting every inch of his intrusion as you spasm, “Is it ok?” he asks, worried at how hard he’s had to press.
 Beneath him you’re a panting, sweaty wreck and each word is an effort, “Cum for me,” you moan.
It’s all the reassurance he needs; he weaves his hands into your hair, careful to get close to the scalp so he doesn’t hurt you, the other hand pressing into the small of your back, forcing your ass higher so he can bottom out with each thrust, “Hang on,” he warns, watching your knuckles turn white as you brace yourself.
He pounds into you then, desperately chasing his high; you cry out with each thrust, he knows he’s hurting you a little but he knows you can take it, he knows you want it… You don’t have to hold out long, he reasons, after edging himself he’s nearly at his limit again.
Underneath him, you try to hold back your cries as he pounds into your aching walls. You love sex with Jungkook in any way and any position, but sometimes the lust for each other can only be sated by not even attempting to hold back, even if its a little too much to take. Finally his hammering starts to lose rhythm and he’s jerking into you before he forces one final, deep thrust. You’ve come to love this feeling, his need to be as deep in you as he can get, his balls pressed to your body when he releases inside you. Then he’s coming, with a yell and a sharp bite to your shoulder as he collapses on top of you.
Moments later, his vacant blissed-out mind refilling with thoughts, Jungkook wraps an arm about your waist and pulls your weak body against his chest, realising that under his weight you were about to collapse. Chivalrously passing you some kitchen roll to catch the mess, he slips from you and follows your uncomfortable waddle, leggings still around your calves, to the washroom, where the two of you clean up.
You giggle at each other, him leaning against the seat while you struggle from the toilet. With a soft stroke of your sweaty hair, eyeing your wet tee, Jungkook smiles, “Take out for dinner?”
You nod, laughing tiredly, “Definitely take out.”
Namjoon rubs his full stomach happily, stretching back into the comfortable plush fabric of his chair. Before him delicate tableware houses the little food remaining, a banquet of empty dishes litter the elegant table. Mina and her housekeeper had worked together for most of the day to prepare this feast to welcome you and Jungkook and it was worth it; all four of you sit around the table now, replete and smiling.
“I want you to relax whilst you’re here,” Mina insists, “you can both come to the spa with me,” she cajoles.
You smile generously, but your tone is firm, “We’d love to, but we have to spend our time -”
Jungkook, who had been happily cleaning his bowl of the remnants of his dessert, looks up to see why you’ve paused, his gaze flickering between your eyes that are narrowing with suspicion and Mina’s which dance with a kind of smug mirth.
He smiles as you laugh, his newest favourite sound, “I see there’s a scheme in the works,” you sigh, splaying your hands in a gesture of surrender, or perhaps simply resignation, “Please go ahead.”
Mina requires little prompting, “Oh, it’s not my plan, dearest,” she says, sharing a look with Namjoon.
Leaning forward at the dining table, Jungkook sips at his beer and watches as your eyes narrow again as you fix Namjoon with your enquiring stare, “Joonie?” you ask.
Namjoon smiles, “Relax,” he reassures, “It’s a good plan. Eomma was telling me all the things that Jungkook wanted: somewhere quiet, close enough to campus, no young students, somewhere only to stay in the week so he could get back to Little Cove at weekends, privacy but perhaps someone else around for company in the evenings...”
You nod, “It’s a tall order, I know.”
Namjoon merely grins, “Except it isn’t. It’s been on my mind for a while now that I have all of those things and more. So when Jimin moved out a couple of months ago, I couldn’t quite bring myself to rent the room out again,” he turns his attention to Jungkook, “It’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to and so it’s entirely up to you, you can come over and check the room out first,” he explains.
Jungkook splutters on his drink in surprise, “I’m sorry?” 
Namjoon laughs, “I have the space and we know we get along,” he argues convincingly, “I work long hours, and I just like quiet evenings. The only time I have people over is on weekends and you won’t even be around then. I think we’d make good roommates. Also, the rent I charged Jimin was far less than you’ve been expecting to pay. It makes sense to me to keep things in the family. After all, I think you two aren’t planning on breaking up anytime soon.”
Jungkook is surprised to feel your hand slide over his, “I hope not,” you say softly, “I have no intention of letting him go.”
Jungkook’s heart sings, fireworks of joy exploding in his chest and fizzing through his veins; this is everything he wants, acceptance into your family and a sense of security about what the future holds for the two of you. He believes in his heart that your relationship will survive his weekday absences, but something like this feels reassuring. He turns his bunny smile to Namjoon, “Yes please, I’d really like to see the room,” he grins eagerly and everyone around the table chuckles softly before they fall to discussing it properly.
Jungkook and Mina make coffee together shortly after; it’s a deliberate decision on Mina’s part. The photos that had been developed from Jion’s camera have arrived and Namjoon wants to tell you about them, she knows you and he need privacy for that conversation. Jungkook is not troubled by it, now secure in your love for him, the past holds no threat.
“You’ve made him so happy by saying you’ll see the room and think about his offer,” smiles Mina as she pours hot water into the large cafetière.
Jungkook shrugs off the compliment, “He’s the one doing me a favour,” he insists.
Mina smiles and lays a hand on his forearm, “He was always such a force in Jion’s life, he was so good at being an older brother and I know he misses it terribly,” she explains, before quickly adding, “Not that you’re replacing Jion, of course. But Namjoon is very fond of you and having you around will be as helpful to him as it is to you.”
Mina worries for a moment that she’s said the wrong thing; she’s suddenly aware that she and Namjoon may be overwhelming for him, that Jungkook may feel he is being moulded and groomed into a new version of Jion. 
Jungkook smiles, “I don’t have any brothers or sisters,” he confesses as Mina arranges cups and saucers onto a tray, “Hobi-hyung at home is the closest I have, it’s a nice feeling.”
Mina speaks her fears, asking Jungkook if they’re being too much, pushing him too hard, all whilst he tries to reassure her that they’re not. She elaborates, “You might not realise it, but you and Jion couldn’t be more different. He was as optimistic as you, yes, but in personality, you’re nothing alike at all.”
Jungkook shifts awkwardly, “Really?” he asks sheepishly, “But you still think we’re a good match?” he says, gesturing in the direction of the dining room where you sit.
“The best match,” Mina asserts, “She was very young, naive and tender when she met Jion and they fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. She’s a different woman now, she’s older and has been shaped by her suffering and grief. As beautiful a soul as Jion was, I don’t think he’d be a good match for her now. She needs a Jungkook: she needs your determination, honesty and uncompromisingness. You’re her soulmate now.”
Jungkook smiles weakly, despite his pleasure at her words, that honesty of his bubbles to the surface and he speaks his doubts, “What happens when she feels better? Grows stronger? She might not need me anymore.”
Mina laughs, gently cuffing his arm, “Stupid boy,” she says affectionately, “Do you think she’s weak now?”
He shakes his head, “No, she’s the strongest person I know after my Dad,” he enthuses as Mina presses the tray into his hands.
Mina smiles softly, “She feels better because of you. She’s not drawing strength from you, she doesn’t need you in that way,” she explains, taking her time, needing him to understand her meaning, “My girl has learnt to stand on her own two feet, that’s been hard won. She’s with you because she wants you, she’s chosen you, and somehow I think that’s stronger than needing someone to simply love her, don’t you agree?”
Jungkook nods, thinking of the last few days and multitude of soft moments that have passed between you. He realises the truth of Mina’s words, of how well-matched and suited the two of you are, how lucky you’ve been to find each other. As they walk back to the dining room together he offers her a shy, but firm smile, “I do.”
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