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first time together - hyunjin
Tumblr media
pairing: hyunjin x fem!reader
word count: 2.4k
genre: fluff, smut {18+}MINORS DNI
synopsis: in which a late night at the dance studio turns steamy
warnings: smut, fingering, some nipple play, teasing, unprotected
!my content is not suitable for minors! 18+ !
my writing is intended for entertainment and do not represent any real person! the names are just used for fiction! english is my second language so there may be some grammar mistakes! this post contains mature themes. by reading more you consent to nsfw content and take all responsibility!
Tumblr media
tangled limbs strained against invisible binds as the music changed tempos. each move melting into each other fluidly with each beat. the room dimly lit from the lights on the ceiling casting a soft shadow of his long elegant form. 
the soft yet sensual movements of his body drawing you in. eyes fixated on each movement he made. losing himself to the music until it finally ends. 
all that could be heard was the soft panting and hands clapping. you were absolutely marveled at his skills. his lips casting the softest smile while finally turning his attention on you. soft looks shared from across the room. 
“like what you see?, hyunjin teased while making his way over to you.
“you know I always do,” you tease back as he sits next to you on the cold dance studio floor while grabbing his water bottle and chugging it. droplets of water going down his long neck. the soft movements of his adam's apple going up and down. his long veiny fingers wrapped around the cold wet bottle. long wet hair sticking to his forehead and neck. he finished his bottle and tossed it aside while licking his pink plump lips. then directing his attention to you and facing you.
 “you know… I can't concentrate while dancing when you look at me like how you are right now,” he teased, having caught your staring. everyone in the world would agree that your boyfriend was absolutely breathtaking. so getting all his attention and being asked to see his new dance to the song “taste” was exciting. to say you weren't eye fucking him the whole time was an understatement. you weren't together that long and haven't taken things all the way. you were barely alone together. always with him and his members, constantly interrupted at his place by a bunch of the guys shirtless eating chicken breast and ranting about the gym. 
“well you should be concentrating on me instead, so…”you teased before cracking up at your boyfriend that's giving you a disgusted face and poking you in the nose before blushing and giggling at your comment. hyunjin loved to tease you and you normally wouldn't tease him back, but you were on a roll today. blaming your hormones and watching him dance like you've never seen before.
“was my dancing okay? I've been working very hard on it so I hope it wasn't too bad. the boys said I still had to practice and fix some things before our performance,” he whines and pouts while grabbing your hand in his. your hands molding perfectly into each other with his overpowering yours in size.
hyunjin would never admit he liked skinship, but in reality he craved it and needed it to survive. he needed constant physical touch from you to feel safe and assured. 
“my love… you did amazing. I'm not lying when I say you are the best dancer I have ever watched. each movement was smooth yet calculated. you are so talented. I wish you saw yourself how I see you… perfect,” you voiced while brushing his hair behind his ear and smiling as he leaned into your touch. you loved how long his hair had gotten and how he looked with a mullet.
he couldn't describe in words what the feeling was, but he felt light and warm. whatever he does, and whatever he sees he always thinks to himself if you would like it. he thought of you both as one.
he got distracted by the thought of you while looking into your eyes. getting lost into them as you finished speaking. he brought his hand up to your cheek making you now lean into his touch. brushing his hand softly over your cheek before looking down at your lips while licking his own and looking back up to your eyes. you looked down at his lips and blushed, giving him the confirmation to kiss you.
lips pausing before the kiss. just barely touching and breathing each other's air. feeling dizzy from the attraction and need for him. 
“never seen you look at me like that before. I got to say… it's really turning me on,” he says before giving in and crashing his lips to yours. lips molding perfectly together. the hand on your cheek slowly going to your neck while the other goes to your waist. you climb onto his lap and straddle him. both of your breathing getting louder and louder as the kisses intensify. his hand on your throat slowly gets tighter while the one on your waist goes to your ass and squeezes it catching you off guard which allows him to trace your bottom lip with his tongue causing you to slightly moan. tongues meeting and rolling over each other. your hands making their way to his long hair and tugging on it causing him to let out a loud groan. It was like music to your ears causing you to start grinding your hips on his lap. eliciting a sweet moan from the both of you. actions getting hotter and hotter until he couldn't take it anymore. lips parting while you both heavily breath.
“should we move this to the couch… the floor kind of hurts,” he giggles while panting. leave it to hyunjin to be goofy and dramatic at a time like this you said to yourself.
“mhmm,” you confirmed before attaching your lips to his neck.
“then hold on tight baby,” he whispers while putting both hands on your thighs, holding firmly. he gets up from the floor with your legs straddling his waist and arms holding onto his shoulder and neck with ease as if it was nothing. In a mere second he sat you both on the couch that was in the dance studio. the same position as before with you straddling his lap, except now on the black leather couch. one hand travels back into his hair while the other travels to his shoulder before ghosting over his neck. he gives you a slap on the ass which causes you to squeeze on his neck causing the loudest moan to escape his lips. your lips break away from the kiss as he looks at you with pure lust.
“you look so good with your hands wrapped around my neck baby,” he teases before picking you up and pinning you under him. his hand now gripping your neck while the other is on your waist getting closer and closer to your breasts. his hand squeezed over your breast causing you to groan into the kiss. 
you would always catch him staring at your breasts and whenever you would cuddle he would use them as a pillow which you eventually learned was intentional and not by coincidence. his hand went to the bottom of your tank top tugging at it asking for permission to take it off. you took your hand and put it on top of his guiding it to take off your shirt. lips parting as he hungrily takes your tank top off revealing you in a pretty white lace bra. his lips attach to your neck giving you sweet soft kisses then trailing down and stopping right before he reaches your bra.
“can I kiss and touch you here baby,” he asked, biting his lip in anticipation.
“yes baby, please,” you say right away, missing his touch and wanting him to take you completely.
“always so needy,” he groans before his hand slips under your back and in one swift movement unhooks your bra. It's off in an instant. his eyes locked on the beautiful sight. you were perfect to him. he wasn't the best with his words so he wanted to show you how much he cared for you.
once he was out of his trance his tongue found his way to your hardened peak flicking and swirling while his hand squeezes and flicks the other causing you painful but intoxicating sensations. he takes his time looking up at you and seeing what you like the best while moving onto the other hardened peak showing the same attention being more aware of what you liked.
you gripped his hair hard causing him to let go and giggle at your neediness for a second before attaching his lips to yours once again. your hands travel to his chest running up and down. one hand slowly goes towards his crotch lightly touching it while taking your hand away as if you hadn't done that causing him to groan and let go of your lips while sitting up and taking his shirt off before hungrily bringing his lips back to yours. your hands roam back to his crotch rubbing him up and down through his pants. hyunjin was not shy about making noise. he was moaning loudly into your kiss and making the sweetest noises, making you excited to hear him when he finally was inside you. hyunjin breaks your kiss and leans his forehead on yours, panting at how breathless he was.
“we don't have to do this… we can stop here… we are on a dusty sofa that isn't fit for a queen like you,” he said calmly until he laughed at the end when he said you were queen. hyunjin might have cringed at himself for saying that out loud, but he truly saw you as just that. when he dates someone its because he truly has deep feelings for them. you were his everything. you giggled with him then grabbed his face with both hands and looked into his eyes and gave him a kiss on the nose which caused him to scrunch his face and look at you with a pout. 
“my love… we could be almost anywhere and I wouldn't care… as long as I'm with you that's all that matters,” you voiced. he smiled warmly and kept eye contact. you knew he wasn't the best with his words, but you both had a way of understanding each other without words. he leaned back in and devoured your lips in a kiss. Your hands going straight for his waistband of his sweatpants and tugging. he took the sign and gave you one last peck before getting off of you and standing up.
his long fingers slowly made his way from his chest to his waistband when he finally stripped himself of his pants and boxers causing his hard long length to bounce up and slap his stomach. In the dim room you could see the pre cum on his tip glistening. you licked your lips causing him to smirk before reaching you again.
“I know you're on birth control, but do you want me to use a condom?” he grunts when you wrap your hands around his hard length spreading the pre cum with your fingers down his length before letting go causing him to whine and pout at you like the drama queen he is.
“no baby,” you seductively moan when his hands reach your waistband and takes them off in an instant. still standing next to you he plays with you and runs his long fingers over your panties to feel how wet you are. you cant help but whine.
“you're cute when you're whining for more… tonight I'll pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams,” he mutters before taking your panties off and climbing back on the couch above you. he latches his lips back on you while running his fingers over your wet folds. teasing you sliding up and down barely entering his fingers until you whine some more. he finally shoves two fingers inside you causing you to moan into his mouth. his fingers curving and hitting that spot that felt so good pumping in and out of you. adding a third finger stretching you some more and getting you ready for him. the closer you got to release the louder you got. he started pumping his fingers in and out of you erratically while you moved your hips with the rhythm losing composure. your kisses get sloppy with your nerves on fire, your hips jerk and you release on his fingers. he kisses you gently before letting go and putting his fingers in his mouth slowly savoring your taste. 
“I need you jinnie,” you whine, needing him to fill you up. he chuckles and smirks looking down at you.
“are you sure you want this,” he says, features softening while looking into your eyes for any discomfort. 
“yes jinnie, I do… I want you,” you reply with a smile. he gives you a peck on the forehead before lining himself up to your wet core. looking at you one last time before slowly pushing his long hard length into you. 
sweet moans leave both of your mouths as you adjust to his size. once adjusted he slowly rolls his hips, filling you up and massaging your inner walls. thrusting harder and harder feeling your juices spilling out knowing he's hitting the right spots for you.
“you look even more beautiful with my length in you,”he rasped in your ear. the breath tickling your ear and starting to make you dizzy from arousal.
moans leaving your mouth with each thrust. music to his ears causing him to grunt deeply knowing he's hitting all those spots for you and driving you over the edge.
raising his body up and lifting one of your legs putting them on his shoulder. hitting all new spots you didn't think were possible. eyes never leaving his as his slim muscular build contracts with each hard thrust and contorts with each pump. a long veiny hand coming to your wet nub and rubbing it vigorously. 
“god you're so beautiful,” he rasps. 
head dizzy, all that was on your mind was one another. feeling as one and feeling intoxicated with the other. wanting to feel good, but make the other feel just as good.
“f-fuck,” you whimper feeling yours walls flutter around his hard throbbing length. eyes rolling back as you clench on him and you release.
hips thrusting into you even harder and sloppier, overstimulating your wet core as he jerks flooding you with his cum. letting out a loud sweet moan from those pretty pink lips.
collapsing on top of you. refusing to let you go and wanting to stay buried in you. he felt safe. finally looking up at you, he stares into your eyes and looks at your lip giving you the sweetest peck. he takes one hand and intertwines it with yours.
“you make me so happy….. I feel like you and I are one…. I love you… and I want to be loved by you… you're my angel,” he whispers looking into your eyes, hopeful that you feel the same.
“I love you too jinnie… and I always will,” you whisper back. both smiling and giggling like idiots savoring this moment.
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I'm going back to 505
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Black Suit | (seungcheol smut)
Pairing: MafiaBoss!Seungcheol X BossWife!Reader Synopsis: You just couldn't help if you husband looked so good on an all black suit. Genre: smut Word Count: 5.3K Warning: unprotected sex. clothed sex. public sex. vouyerism. creampie. breeding kink. daddy kink. petnames (good girl, pretty girl, baby, darling) name calling (whore, slut) manhandling. marking. biting. choking. face slapping. possessiveness. size kink. big dick cheol. seungcheol is very jealous. jeonghan is a little shit on purpose. Tag: - A/N: seungcheol on a black turtleneck has me on a chokehold I swear
He looked so good in all black suits. Not even he could deny how good he looked. The way the turtleneck blouse wrapped around his muscles, puffing out his chest and carefully carved his biceps muscles and forearms. The long coat that fell just in the right way and elongated his build figure, giving him an air of superiority. The high waisted pants, buckled with a leather belt that hugged his waist, the fabric of the pants being a little too tight for his strong thighs. You could not help but press your thighs together as you fawned over Seungcheol getting ready, his strong eyes scanning over his figure through the mirror. You were sitting on bed, all prepped and pretty, ready to leave for the important meeting you two had. But gosh the way your husband looked so delectable in that goddamn suit made you curse under your breath as you slowly lost your mind over having to leave and not being able to just have him right there and now. 
Seungcheol was too caught up on his own figure to notice you fiddling around in the edge of the bed, legs firmly held close as you tried to get some sort of relief through the thin lace fabric of your panties, eyes closing shut and mouth breathing a quiet moan when you felt the texture just barely rub onto your already swollen bud. You wished you had the guts to just tell him to fuck you right there but the words got caught up on your throat as you eyed him again, the way his face was so serious, fingers quickly closing the coat's buttons and wrists. 
"Okay, I'm ready. Let's go" You snapped back to reality as you heard his voice, quickly jumping to your feet as you felt your underwear stick into your folds as you got up and adjusted the dress. Seungcheol quickly grabbed his wallet and keys, calling you over with his hand, which you were quick to hold onto as you knew he could not stand the idea of walking around without having his hand on you in some sort of way. Possessive? Seungcheol? You never heard of it. 
The way to the meeting was the worst part. Trying to get your head out of the image of him with the suit, your mind doing its best to just focus on his voice and talking, but every time you turned to look back at him, you were met with the sight made in heaven of him wearing the black suit. Your thighs were mushed together due to how hard you were pressing them against each other, trying so badly to get relief yet failing miserably. It only got worse when he placed his hand on one of them, giving a tight squeeze and rubbing his palm of your bare and warm skin, wanting to feel your flesh under his touch. The way he was completely possessive of you, needing to have the feel of your body onto his grip in some sort of way always made you melt into a puddle. It was so hot seeing how jealous he got whenever another man tried to get funny with you, how he was quick to wrap a arm around your waist and hold it in bruising strength. Seeing his jaw clench when hearing the dude's stupid words, his lips curling into a satisfied smirk as he saw the man fumbling around while trying to talk. He was so intimidating and you could not help but lean into that from day one. 
When you met him for the first time at an event organized by your parents, you felt your legs almost turn into jello. The way he stared at you, curious to know who was the child of his parents biggest allies, a child he, somehow, had never met before. The way he was so polite, bowing to you as you got introduced and gently taking your hand, placing a kiss on the top of the back. The way he was quick to catch on your favorite conversation topics, making talking with him an easy and pleasant experience. From day one, you were on the palm of his hand, just like he was at your feet the moment his eyes landed on your figure. Your marriage was no surprise to the big names of the underworld, and your relationship was almost a goal for every single younger couple that saw you two together. You felt the car stop, looking right at the window and seeing the big ballroom that awaited you two. As you took your seatbelt off, Seungcheol opened the door for you, quickly giving you his coat as he saw you lightly shiver over the cold wind of the night. You could see his muscles perfectly with the thin shirt, wanting nothing more than just palm and squeeze them as his hands traveled around your body as well. 
"I promise this is going to be quick, okay my love?" He adjusted the coat on you, making sure it covered a part of your figure so you could get warmer "I sorta promised Jihoon and Soonyoung I would be here, but we don't need to stay much" He gave you a tiny smile.
"It's okay, I don't mind" You did mind, in fact you were dying to come back and plead in your knees for him to bang you all night "Lets get inside, maybe they have a few nice drinks" 
"My lady?" He offered you his arms, and you laughed as you linked with it. 
"Always such a gentlemen" 
"Only for you" Seungcheol winked at you, you two laughing lightly as you walked inside of the big building. It was just like any other ballroom: over the top and extremely rich looking. The chandelier was the prettiest part in your opinion, shining in an abnormal way, almost as if it was made with actual diamonds. Cheol was quick to navigate with you through the crowd of people, soon finding two men drinking together at a more reserved table, capturing their attention by just walking closer. 
"There you were, thought you two would never appear" The man with platinum blonde hair laughed, quickly giving both of you tight hugs as the other one just gave a polite head motion as a welcoming sign, calling over one of the servers for more drinks. You couldn't even be mad as you had known Soonyoung and Jihoon as long as you had known your husband. Jihoon was the son of a major politician and now head leader of an important information chain that covered the whole underworld throughout the country, gathering important and personal data about almost every single mafia family that existed. Soonyoung was the youngest of a family of five kids, child of one of the richest men of the crime scene, and yet he was the one selected to be the new leader of the family as he had proved himself to be a prodigy in the fine art of commiting crimes. Both of their families had alliances with yours, not as strong as Seungcheol's family, but just as important, and you were aware that the event you four were in right now was a big one for all three of their families. That's why you were cursing yourself for being horny at just an important situation. But god, couldn't Seungcheol just choose another day to be this attractive? 
You quickly grabbed one of the martinis the server brought, gulping on it quite hard to try and get your head out of the foggy needy state it was right now. 
"Do you by any means know when Jeonghan's arriving?" Jihoon asked Seungcheol, and you noticed how the grip on his glass of whiskey got tighter. His jaw clenched mid gulp, Adam's Apple bulging as he tensed at the mention of Jeonghan's name. They were not enemies, no, they were acquaintances. Mostly because of you. You were Jeonghan's childhood best friend, and the one he stuck to like glue. Neither of you liked each other, no. Jeonghan was already married by the time you met Cheol, and he was very happy with his partner. But he loved to tease Seungcheol for the shits and giggles. Hugging your arm, holding your waist, draining your attention to him, he loved seeing Seungcheol get worked up and annoyed by his closeness with you. And you couldn't even protest because every time Jeonghan appeared, Seungcheol took you to heaven and beyond by the time you were home. It was almost as if Jeonghan was aware of your manhandling kink and made that on purpose. 
"No, I'm not aware of when he is arriving" Your husband answered shortly, arm creeping around your waist and pulling you closer "I wasn't even aware that he was coming" 
"Yeah, apparently this event is a big one because of his partner's family, y'know?" Soonyoung answered, scrolling around on his phone "They are like the main investors on this scheme they are going to propose and he needs to be here because he's one of the it boys for the campaign's image, something like that. Nothing that us mere mediocre looking fellas would know about" He said, giving you a quick wink right after, causing you to giggle lightly as you knew he didn't think any of them were mediocre looking, nor did you. Your conversation was quickly disrupted by an amalgamation of sound coming from the rest of the party, seeing as some people whispered while someone traveled between the sea of humans. Soon enough, said person appeared in your vision, and it was no one other than Yoon Jeonghan himself. His eyes scanned through the tables, eyes lighting up as he met yours and a smile spreading across his handsome face, feet quickly making their way towards you. 
"Good evening, gentlemen" he slightly bowed, turning his attention towards you with a cheeky smile "Good evening, Y/N. Looking amazing as always" 
"Jeonghan, you always say that" You punched him lightly on the arm, laughing at his complement "I'm going to start showing up on a potato sack to see if you're still gonna say that" 
"Well I'm sure you would still look marvelous even on a potato sack" Jeonghan put his hands on his pants pockets, directing his eyes attention to someone right by your side "Don't you agree, Seungcheol?"
"Yes. Yes I agree" You could see the tension in his neck, vein popping out as he picked his inner cheek with his tongue, gaze fixated with rather hatred on your best friend "My wife looks amazing on anything she wears" The emphases on my wife, as well with the tight and strong grip around your waist made your skin get goosebumps, the pool between your legs getting wetter by the minute. You just wanted to drag Seungcheol to the nearest bathroom and fuck him there. You noticed Jeonghan's grin getting wider, chuckling to himself as he grabbed a drink from the server's tray. He could tell by the way your whole body was almost stiff that something was clouding your mind, and he was almost certain that something was your husband who now, was hugging you from behind, arms firmly wrapping your torso and chin resting against your shoulder as his piercing gaze almost burned a whole through your best friend's skull. Jeonghan gave you a funny look, indicating his mind had created one of his devilish tricks in order to get Seungcheol where you wanted him to be. 
"Do you two need a room or something? This place has some private bedrooms in it, y'know?" Jihoon mentioned with a sarcastic tone, a blush creeping through your cheeks as you felt Cheol sign in discontent against your ear, releasing your waist and adjusting himself to your side. It's not that the three men felt uncomfortable, they were already used to Seungcheol's antics when it comes to you. But the rest of the people at the party, some important investors and family leaders could disapprove of such "inappropriate" behavior, and that could cost your husband's family a huge deal. Soonyoung quickly fumbled around his phone, calling Seungcheol over to see something regarding the announcement that was about to be made during the event. 
That was Jeonghan's cue to quickly link arms with you and drag you out of there, pulling you through the maze of people and approaching a balcony, the glass doors quickly shutting behind you two as the cold air of the night hit you. Luckily, you still wore Seungcheol's coat, feeling the scent of his perfume hit your nose and fill your senses. 
"Finally I got you out of the wolf's grip" Han started, signing in annoyance "I know you find attractive the way he's extremely possessive of you, but dear god if he could he would murder me in a heartbeat" 
"Oh please, he would never" You took the last sip of your drink, placing your elbow against the rail of the balcony as the older gave you a wondering look "Besides, you are always teasing him. It's like you're constantly asking him to hate you" 
"I do it because it is fun. I even do it with my father in law" He shrugged "But seriously, he is just so… Aggressive when it comes to you. I'm needy for my partners attention but he is just next level obsessed" 
"And I'm okay with that" You gave him a cheeky smile, laughing as he rolled his eyes at your statement.
"Of course you're okay with it. You're not the one almost getting its neck cracked" He gulped on the drink, placing the glass lightly on the rail of the balcony "Besides, we all know what happens when he gets jealous and you two go home" The suggestive smirk made you blush even more, eyes averting his teasing gaze as you shook your head negatively "Oh please, don't pretend like he doesn't rail you when he's this jealous and you don't like it" 
"I'm not, I just don't know how to react when people point out" You bit your lip, mind traveling back to the vision of him being tense due to Jeonghan's presence, his muscles getting even more visible through the black turtleneck he wore. Your best friend could see that your head was leading you through something, quickly remembering his plan from earlier. 
"It's the black suit, isn't" He knew you like the back of his hand "Seeing him in a black suit made you horny and you're trying to avert that but failing miserably because he keeps getting all touchy with you" He laughed, making you hit him on the chest as he shook his head "Oh gosh, you're two are worst than horny teenagers that just found out what sex is… I mean, that's kinda how it all started-" You hit him in the chest again, face red from his statements as you tried to hide your embarrassment. It was true, you two could not spend more than a couple of hours without getting into each others pants, getting to the point of arriving on places late because you two were fucking or simply missing family gatherings to dive into each others body throughout the whole evening. 
"Can you please just don't?" You asked, trying to hide your smile but failing. 
"What? Talk about the suit or that you two were horny teenagers?" His smile made you feel even more ashamed. Jeonghan knew how to make you embarrassed without needing much. 
"Both! Please, I'm trying my best to not just pounce on him in the middle of everyone" you sigh "It's not my fault that my incredibly handsome husband looks like an absolute five course meal on that all black suit" 
"I'm not saying it's your fault, I'm saying neither of you know how to control your hormones. I'm surprise I'm not an uncle yet" He took a last sip of his whiskey, chuckling lightly "I'm going to quote Jihoon and remind you that there are bedrooms in this place for some reason and that you two can just solve your problems by going there" 
"I don't think Cheol would like the idea of having sex outside of our house. Beside the walls in this place are thin as ice and anyone would he-" 
"Y/N!" You heard the door swing with a bang, startling both of you as you turned your heads to the familiar voice. Seungcheol's face was red with anger and jealousy, looking over at both of you as you could hear his teeth clenching against each other and his nails digging into the wood frame of the glass doors. You felt your knees start to give in, holding on to the rail so that you wouldn't fall on your face as he approached both of you with stomping feet. Yet Jeonghan didn't seem to be amused by it, appearing rather calm as your husband got on his face, eyes burning with anger. 
"Who do you think you are to just drag my wife across this fucking party and get her away from me?" His satoori accent popped out every time he was furious, making his voice tremble low and making you feel your folds clench against nothing as your core aches.
"We were just sharing a few laughs and talking, like best friends do" Jeonghan's snarky tongue made sure to put emphasis on best friends, assuring that Cheol only got more worked up as his first clenched, wanting nothing more than to just punch the smugness out of your friends face. Seungcheol grabbed your wrist with rather force, you were sure you're getting a bruise. 
"Jihoon is calling us, they are going to announce whatever the hell this event is for" The light on his eyes, whoever, did not lie to you "Let's go" Cheol dragged you along with him, leaving a smirking Jeonghan to sit there on the balcony, proud that he had accomplished yet again his goal of making your husband do what you wanted him to. Seungcheol took you across the place, quickly getting both of you lost on a series of corridors as he searched for something. It was not long before you found yourself in a corridor full of doors, each one labeled with a gold number plate. He impatiently searched around in his pockets, quickly finding a key with a tag that had the same number as the door you were in front. 
"I said it was going to be a quick event, nothing more than just an hour. But no" He angrily stuck the keys on the keyhole, opening the door and dragging you inside "He had to test my patience yet again and just drag you away from me" He closed the door with rather force, your eyes noticing how tense his forearms were "I'm getting fucking tired of his behaviour. He does it to get on my nerves, I know" He tossed the key on a nearby table, turning himself back to you. The look on his eyes, that dark lustful gaze he only gave you when he was going to ruin you. He approached you, your feet walking back until you hit the wall, feeling like a prey under his intense gaze. He caged your frame with his arms, resting them on each sides of your body as he slowly got closer to your flushed face, lips getting dangerously close to yours "Now I'm going to make sure the whole building knows who you belong to" 
It was the last thing you heard before you felt his plush lips crash against yours, mouth captivated in an intense breath-taking kiss. Your hands flew to his neck, feeling the baby hairs and gripping on his shoulder as his arms pulled you up against the wall, legs wrapping around his waist and dress getting bunched up in the process. You could feel your core rubbing against the leather belt that held his high-waisted pants, unintentionally grinding down as a way to get more friction. His hands gripped your ass, riding up your dress even more and making the fabric stop at your waist, his mouth traveling down south through your face, jaw and neck, sucking purple love bites across your skin. Your back kept arching towards his body, hands gripping on anything as your head lost itself to the feeling of his teeth nibbling at your sensitive spots. You tried your best to hold the inevitable moans coming out of your throat, but it was almost impossible as your husband was quick to slide one of his hands between your legs, long fingers rubbing your fold through the lace underwear. 
"You love to see me angry, don't you?" He growled, sending shivers down your spine as you felt your panties getting more soaked "Such a dirty little whore… Getting all wet and needy just from seeing me fight with Jeonghan…" He pushed the fabric to the side, fingertips gently touching your clit as he rubbed you in small teasing circles. You whined, hips halting and trying to search for more stimulation, making him chuckle low "You ask him to do that shit, don't you? To make him tease me and make me mad. You asked him, didn't you?" 
"N-No" It was all you could mutter, teeth gripping on your bottom lip as you felt one of his slender fingers slide inside of you, curling up inside and teasingly moving slow "H-He does it b-because he thinks its f-fun" You were trying so hard to not moan out loud, the fear of getting caught by someone hiking up the adrenaline running through your body. Your eyes were closed but you could hear him smirking. 
"Ah, sure. He does it because it's fun…" He added another finger, using his thumb to press against your sensitive bud and rub it very slowly, making you lose your mind "Well, I'm doing this because I think it's fun to see you melt on my touch like that" He whispered against the shell of your ear, biting and nibbling at your earlobe as you pressed your lips to muffle the moans. 
"C-Cheol, p-please…" It felt humiliating to beg for him, but he knew how much you liked to do so. Whether it would be on your knees or on his lap, he always had you begging and pleading for him to touch you in the right way. You yelped as you felt his hand come down on your thigh, a hard and loud spank marking the flesh of your skin and making it tingle in pleasure. 
"That's not my name, pretty" He hummed, kissing up your jaw, his free hand traveling up your torso and wrapping around your throat, squeezing lightly. You knew what he wanted to be called, and it made your face flush with red. 
"D-Daddy…" The smirk on his face made your walls clench, seeing him get cocky always made you turned on. And that only boosted his ego "P-Please… Need you…" 
"That's my pretty girl" His voice sounded so endearing, but his fingers kept doing the dirty job, pumping in and out of your pussy with zero resentment. He brought his lips closer to yours, an inch away from kissing you "You want me that bad hm? Since we left the house you've been like this…" Your breath hitched, body tensing, Did he notice your absolute neediness in the past hour? He chuckled low. 
"Think I wouldn't notice? You squeezing your thighs together, tensing up every time that I touch you, avoiding physical touch with me when I know that you love to have your hands on me… I'm handsome but I'm not dumb, y'know?" Hearing him brag about himself made your cunt clench around his fingers, his head shaking negatively as he smiled "I'm so fucking lucky to have you, aren't I?" You whimper, lips searching for his in a messy kiss as you pathetically tried to move your hips, trying to find that sweet friction that you oh so needed to tip over the edge. But you soon felt empty as his fingers left you, hand stopping you from moving as you tried to wiggle your way to your orgasm. You whined, pouting mid kiss as you heard him laugh lightly. 
“So you rather have my fingers inside you than my dick? Got it” His hands were about to leave your body, but you hurriedly stopped him, aggressively shaking your head no. 
“No, no, no, no, please. Daddy please” You begged, eyes round and pleading for him to not leave you stranded like that, hot and bothered. 
“Daddy what, baby?” You could feel the tease dripping from his voice, strong hands holding your waist as he pressed himself against you more, making you easily feel his bulge through the pants. Your eyes rolled back, breath hitching as you tried to say again the all mighty words that could give you anything you wanted. 
“Daddy, please fuck me” Your breath came out shaky, eyes diving onto his gaze with your best puppy look as you pleaded for him to do something, anything. He smirked.
“Always such a polite and good girl” His lips glued on your neck, sucking even more purple spots on your skin as you felt one of his hands fumble to open his belt and pants, one of your hands coming down to help him out “All mine… You get that right? You’re only mine” He growled low in your ear, earning a whine from you as you felt your cunt clench around the cold air. Your panties were ruined at this point, so it was not hard for him to swissfully take them off of you, the air hitting your slicked slit and making a shiver go down your spine. Your fingers were fast to start pumping his shaft once his cock was out of its confines, your hand getting messy with his precum as you lubed him up, earning low growls and small curses from his plush lips that kept biting and sucking the entirety of your throat. 
Seungcheol lined his tip with your entrance, slowly stuffing you up as his hands helped your hips sink towards his, both of you moaning at the feeling of relief. Your knuckles were white from gripping in his shoulder for support, and his were white from gripping on your ass, the flesh being marked with his rough fingerprints and leaving bruises you were going to admire later. With no previous warning, Cheol gave an experimental thrust, grinning wide once he saw your eyes roll back as your mouth tried to gasp for the air that got knocked out of your lungs. Dr leaned over you, one of his hands holding onto the wall behind your figure, pressuring you and consequently diving even deeper in your cunt, your walls gripping around his dick with enough force to make him moan loud. Your eyes widened, the possibility of getting caught running through your mind again. 
"Worried someone's gonna find us, baby?" He asked teasingly, face getting closer as his lips were less than an inch away from yours "Don't worry, I'm making sure that Jeonghan hears from whenever he his how much you love to bounce on my dick" His voice sounded husky and dangerous, the hand holding against the wall gripping on your jaw, slowly making its way down to your throat "And don't you dare to muffle your noises, do you understand?" 
You nodded, eyes glazed with tears as he started to pound into you at an inhuman pace. Your head could not get thrown back due to the wall, but that didn't stop you from letting out the most choked out moans you could, whining as his cock rammed against your walls and hit your sweet spot over and over again. Didn't matter how long you two were married, you never got used to his size, thick and long, making you feel full and cumming just from getting inside of you. The stretch you felt was unbelievably delicious, your pussy spilling more and more of your juices on his dick, the gushing sounds being borderline pornographic and making you even wetter. You bit your lip hard in order to muffle a really loud, borderline scream moan, feeling as your teeth cut through the flesh of your soft lips and the taste of blood caressed your tongue gently. It wasn't until you felt your face being slapped, the tingling sensation pulsating on your cheeks as your eyes opened and you were met with Seungcheol's burning gaze on you, the anger and lust clouding his dark pupils. 
"What did I say about muffling your noises, darling?" He hissed through grinned teeth, fingers yet again wrapping around your throat, his strong grip squeezing tightly and making you light headed. The feeling of being railed by his cock while he choked you made your head spin around in dizziness, your cunt betraying you and spilling more of your juices, ruining his pants and making the skin of your thighs wet. You could barely whine, tears falling from your eyes as you tried your hardest to form a cohesive answer, but to no avail, babbling nonsense.
"Tsk, can't even follow a simple rule. You're really a dumb little slut, aren't you?" You mewl, feeling the coil underneath your stomach start to build up as he quickened his pace "But I can't complain. I like you like that: cockdumb, whiny and ready to be breed. Can only say my name again and again, can't you?" Your answer was a dragged moan of his name as he hit your spongy spot with force, your cries sounding like music to his ears "C'mon baby, tell everyone in this fucking event who's the one fucking you just right" He whispered in your ear, a moan from him following right along as your walls clamped around his dick like a vice, ready to milk him dry. His thrusts started to halt, becoming more frenetic as his hands gripped on your waist, making the task of pouding you to oblivion easier. The coil got tighter, your mouth shouting his name like a mantra over and over as your orgasm finally washed over you, making you see white as your whole body shook from the hard climax. 
Just as the overstimulation started to make you sensitive, you felt Cheol's body tense against yours, his pink lips spilling a series of curses, moans and your name as you felt his cock shoot white ropes of warm seed inside of you, cum mixing with your own and making a mess. You two stood in silence, catching up your breath as you cockwarmed him, hugging his shoulder tightly as he hugged your waist, gluing his body to your even more. Your fingers brushed the dark strains of hair that stick to his forehead, allowing you to see his face better before searching his mouth for a passionate kiss, tongue diving onto his mouth and tasting the drinks from earlier. 
"I needed you so fucking bad…" You said as he slowly pushed out of your pussy, the mixture of your cum with his slowly dripping from your legs as you pulled the ruined panties up, all while he pushed his dick back to his trousers and closed up his zipper.
"I needed you really fucking bad. Do you have any idea how amazing you look in that dress? Couldn't wait to fill you up..." He whined, motioning towards your figure as you searched around in the drawers that existed in the room, finding a box of tissues and cleaning the trail of cum that slowly made its way down your leg. You could feel the pool of cum pilling up inside your underwear, the thought of being filled up again by your husband making you instantly clench "Baby?"
"Hm?" You looked back at him, a shiver going down your spine as you noticed how dark his gaze still was. It was like he knew what was going on through your mind, he knew you like the back of his hand. 
“Let’s go home. I’m not done with you yet”
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Still Life - RM (with Anderson .Paak)
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Felix: Ow! My armkle!
Minho: Your what?
Chan, sighing: His wrist.
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jisung — skz-talker ep. 52
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Strawberry Blond, 2013.
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kang taehyun … the man you are today
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⿸⠀ ﹐ 🍋 ⌑⠀⠀(❁˘͈ᵕ˘)⠀
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⿸⠀ ﹐ 🌼 ⌑⠀⠀(❁˘͈ᵕ˘)⠀
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𝖺𝗋𝗍.⠀ 美術 : 𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗉. 𝗈𝗇𝖾
𝖿i𝗋𝗌𝗍 𝗍i𝗆𝖾 𝗆𝖾𝖾𝗍i𝗇𝗀 𝗆𝗒 𝘆𝗲𝗼𝗻
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
𝗃𝗎𝗒𝖾𝗈𝗇 ’ 𝗌 — 𝗅𝗈v𝖾𝗋 : ♡ you are so pretty that hurts my little heart, 親切.
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
⠀ ⠀ 美術. 詩的な. 彼氏.
𝗏𝗈𝖼𝖺𝗅 𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝗌𝗆𝗂𝗅𝖾 𝗷𝘂𝘆𝗲𝗼𝗻
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
⎯⎯ when i am with my 𝗃𝗎𝗒𝖾𝗈𝗇, everything is 良い. ( 💭 ) because 彼は軽いです !
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Tumblr media
( 𠀋 ) ⎯⎯ 𝗈𝗋𝗂𝗈𝗇 · thcior
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Give me your best minju femdom
just how much are you willing to give for a dream that big?
IZ Days of Christmas: Day 7 - Kim Minju
Kim Minju x Male Reader Smut
Word Count: 7397 words
Tags: dominant_curator!Minju x aspiring_artist!you; mommy kink; MINJU LIKES BEING CALLED DADDY; blowjob; squirting; cum-eating; riding; ass-fingering; cunnilingus; cowgirl; degradation; #DomJu; femdom
T/W: pegging, SLIGHT DUB-CON, harsh criticism/insults from Minju
You asked for it.
Tumblr media
"I'll think about it."
Four words. Four words that are designed to make it seem that there's still a possibility lingering here, but actually pose a definite answer: no. And you would have believed in a potential answer of yes if it weren't for the curator's amused smile as you exhibit your artworks to her. There's no chance anymore; just by looking at her pink lips, you know what she actually means.
Your whole world falls apart. There's your hope, there's your lifelong dream, all cut into hopeless little fragments on the ground. And all you can think is: why? You've worked so hard for this. You've taken so many classes, so many days of coaching and endless painting. It's a difficult world out there, but you are certain that you deserve better than a " I'll think about it."
You deserve to have your painting in the country's biggest gallery. You deserve the recognition, the praise, everything. But the curator of this museum isn't quite convinced, and although she doesn't say it directly, her bored eyes say it all. To her, you're just another artist with a superiority complex, just another artist she can reject and move on without.
Even her quirked lips tell you that she's unimpressed. Probably even disgusted. How dare a niche artist like you demand to come to her personally and ask to have this... art—(if she can even call it that)—displayed?
Her heels clack on the marble museum floor as she runs her fingers along the frames of your paintings. "Honey," she says, testily, throwing you an amused glance, "this isn't even Picasso level talent. And, in case you don't know, Picasso was a pretty shit artist."
You're taken aback by plenty of factors in that condescending statement, because for one, Picasso was an excellent painter. He's your role model in the world of painting and the medium of art itself. You've visited museums in places you aren't even remotely interested in staying just to see his art in person. Hell, you took classes to be able to replicate his abstract style. How dare this woman speak of him as if he weren't one of the biggest names in art? How dare she? You bet that she probably doesn't know how to name any painting besides Starry Night.
"This one"—and then Minju reaches her bare arm, exposed by the loss of a sleeve attached to her black turtleneck top, to glaze her fingers across one of your pieces—"is probably my least favorite. It's rushed, it's not even colorful enough to attract attention. Not even gray enough to capture a sad mood."
How many pointed bullets has she shot at you this afternoon? You're losing count. "Well," you answer, quite shaken, "I don't believe in colors very much. It's the drawing that should matter. You see—"
"I don't want nor care enough to hear about your nerdy art bullshit."
The umpteenth bullet. It strikes your heart right through the core, and through the flat of your back. You take two steps backward for a reason you aren't sure of. It's a big museum, filled with towering sculptures created by lone artists many decades ago and paintings that take up two blocks, yet what intimidates you more than any of them is this woman:
Kim Minju, curator of the biggest art museum in Korea, and a professional asshole. You had to find that put the hard way the moment you started to crush on her. Who wouldn't? Her features—doe eyes, pointed nose, and thick pink lips—blend in together so perfectly, as if she were another masterpiece in the museum. But looks, you learn, are deceiving. Kim Minju is not as kind as she looks, nor are her words as pretty as her face.
Dress pants sway freely around her slim legs as she walks back to you. Her expressions never vary away from boredom, condescending, and angry. It's like those are the only emotions she is capable of having. She's such a complex person—you understand that although you've only been with her from eight o' clock today to three—but so, unbelievably uninteresting at the same time. You have no idea what to make of her yet, except for the fact that she can be pretty cruel.
Minju approaches you with crossed arms, then pauses when she's just another breath away from you. You try to meet her gaze, but it's too good at holding yours. Besides, the hate you have for the fact that she's taller than you doesn't help either. But you have to hold your ground. If you don't, there will be more pieces to pick up than your broken dreams.
"I'll give it to you straight," says Minju airily, "my museum doesn't have the time for your art."
That's another shot. One more and you're dead. Your cheeks already flush from embarrassment, but she drones on, clearly not caring about what you feel. Not that that's an unusual thing for her.
"I spent all day trying to listen to you talk about your credentials and art whatnot," she continues. "But I'm getting bored, and I don't like your tacky style or you. So I suggest you find another smaller place to start posting your art, like a kindergarten teacher's art class billboard."
You've died at least a hundred times with each word she spits. You're utterly humiliated; you've been through terrors of teachers but you have never received words from them as harsh as Minju's. Every syllable was fashioned to hit just the right spot, because yes, your art's first criticism is its tackiness from when you first started. Yes, it was a risk you took when the first place you decided to hang your art is the biggest museum in the country. But you're not like the other artists. You've improved so much over the years, and your art is nothing less than pleasing to the eyes now that you've found your own style.
You have to admit that they do slightly look out of place with all the other gorgeous paintings, but you can be as good as them. You just need a jumpstart, and you'll get to it. You swear on your own life.
"Miss Kim," you answer, not sure what to say, "I can be as good as Van Gogh, or whoever artist it is that you like. I just need a place to start, and I think your museum is a good place for that."
Minju laughs. "Van Gogh was as shitty as Picasso, dear thing. And your art is not good enough for this museum to be good. So please, take my advice and start at the nearest preschool. I'll hear from you when you've finally gotten into second grade."
Dear thing? Dear thing?! Oh, now she's royally pissed you off. Now, it's your turn to be cocky. Kim Minju is about to find out that two can play at this game.
"For your information, Minju," you reply, now with more confidence, "I'm not your dear thing. And I'm the best artist of my generation right now. You're going to be so sorry if you don't accept my art right now."
Minju nods condescendingly, as if she were listening to a small child rambling about dinosaurs. There's a laugh on her face, which makes you even more infuriated because she is just not getting the point. If she does, she doesn't believe in it. Oh, not in the slightest.
"'Best artist'? Let's not get ahead of ourselves right now. Your style is not unique. The topics you draw are not game-changing. Not even close."
"You just don't have the eyes for it," say you with gritting teeth. You hate how your lips are quivering. "You're, you're not even an artist yourself. You're just a curator."
"And a good one at that." She's just as assured in her own abilities as you are. Minju is unfazed by your amateur insults. She could hear better from a sixth grader. "You can drone on all you want, honey, but that won't change the fact that I'm not interested in taking you in. You can go or kill yourself in front of me. Either way, I won't care."
That's your breaking point. Your hands start to form trembling fists. You can't cope with all this right now, or with Minju. She's just another self-absorbed curator. What does she know about art?
But you've relied your dreams on her. If she doesn't give in, you're nothing. You'll never have a chance to make it big. Nobody cares about art nowadays, except for the classicals, making it even harder to make a name for yourself. You want to become so big in the world of craft that you're credited as inspirations centuries from now. You want to be the best that no one ever was. If Minju doesn't like you or what you make, you don't have a chance.
Gone is your oversaturated arrogance. Gone is the front you were trying to put up before Minju. Most importantly, your dreams are gone, snapped into pieces just like that by words. You're more than hurt; you're devastated. If you can't be a renowned artist—the only steady dream you've had your whole life—what are all your efforts worth now? They will remain fruitless if you don't put one foot forward.
Minju is your wall blocking the path to fame and recognition. A goddamned gorgeous wall who won't falter nor break for anyone, especially not you. No punch can break her foundation. No word from you can make her bricks detoriate.
Try to hold it back, but the tears are forming in your eyes. You're a mess, you truly are. You've been a fool for your dream, and you are just realizing now at the present that it was all for nothing.
"Please," you whisper. Break the staring contest with Minju and look at your shoes instead. Look at the marble floor no one would cross to see your works. Look at the ground where the pieces of your hopes and desires have broken.
"Please what?" Minju is clearly enjoying this. Her crossed arms quiver as she tries to hold back a laugh. Oh, she loves seeing pathetic men admit that they're nothing. It's what she feeds on. She can put their tears in a bowl and put cereal in it for breakfast.
"I'll—I'll do anything. Is that enough? I'll do anything for you to accept my works."
There's the smallest hope in you as you see that Minju is considering this. For a woman like her,and a man like you, she can make you do anything. She can make you mop the floors of the museum and yell "hakuna matata" on its roof and know that you would do all that just for her acceptance. That's what makes it so, utterly satisfying.
"That depends, to be honest," she says slowly.
Minju leans down a little and places a finger under your chin. Her nails are sharp, and they scratch your skin as she tilts your face upwards. Her smile is teasing; you hate that you like it so much. You hate that despite her clear description of how much she dislikes you as a person and you as an artist, your magnetic attraction to her remains.
"Just how much are you willing to give, boy toy, for a dream that big?"
She's degrading you again. It's strange how much it makes your skin tingle.
"Like I said," you sniffle, "anything. I'll give anything."
"Oh, you'll sooo regret saying that."
With a woman of her caliber? Of course you will. But you're a desperate person. It's your sheer need and your willingness to do whatever it takes to get it that get you to places. It's both an advantage and a disadvantage, a pro and con, light and dark. Chiaroscuro, if you will.
"W-what do I have to do?" you ask shakily.
"Simple." And she says this without any shame or sign of shame: "Call me mommy."
It takes a moment for you to register, and Minju uses your confusion as the perfect time to pin you to the wall, like you are a masterpiece, too. Not that she sees you in that light; you are too weak to be one. Too easy to be played with.
Minju is kissing your neck. Lipstick leaves fresh marks on your skin. And when she bites... oh, your knees do more than buckle. You almost collapse to the floor. Thank God (or not) for Minju's hands popping your shirt buttons; they keep you standing. They keep you knowing that all this is real.
She kisses you again, crudely. "What did I say?"
"Call you mommy..."
"Say it then."
She swiftly pulls off her black top, and in the bat of an eyelash, tangles your wrists in between its fabric behind your back. All the while, her kisses rampage your skin. She can't get enough of your pathetic submissiveness. She plays with you as if you were a toy, her toy.
Her mouth traces your torso like a pencil. Her teeth come out to play at times, specifically to see the alarm in your eyes. But nothing prepared you for her lips right above your jeans, or her daring eyes looking up at you and shooting glares into your soul.
"Say it."
That's the ticket. The zipper and button are undone by Minju's eager fingers. Your cock is easily fished out and taken into her mouth as if it were nothing. Your body tenses as your mouth falls open.
Although she is the one on her knees, Minju shows that it doesn't change that she's still in control. Her technique and pacing alternates between harsh, rough suckling to a snail's pace of blowing.She sucks you off not for your own pleasure, but for hers. Clearly, that is what she has put first most in this world.
"Fuck!" you can't help but cry out.
Minju spits on your cock and squeezes it tightly. Your hips jerk forward at the tightness and pain. "You're not allowed to talk unless I say so," she says firmly. She's serious about this, too; her eyes show clear and unbridled anger. "Is that clear?"
"Yes what?"
"Yes, hnghh!" Your moan echoes in the wide museum. Her lips have rounded your head again and provide great suction. "Y-yes, mommy!"
Satisfied, Minju continues to suck you off. She's unlike any other girl you've had sex with. The others put on innocent faces to entice you whilst their lips worked on your cock, and picked up the pace if you pleased. They let out the prettiest of tears as they called you daddy, whimpered out the sexual title in the midst of the shoves of your cock down their throats.
But Minju... she's a woman with the unhinged desire to belittle you. Even in sex, she remains taunting—the licks at the sides of your dick and in the tiny slit you have are only done to make her laugh at your shivers. It's pleasurable, yes, but degrading, too. Degrading in the sense that she's simply doing it to see you break yourself into something more pathetic, into the writhing, needy mommy's boy that you aren't.
Or... ?
"This dick is so fucking small." Minju spits on the shaft with disgust. "I bet you can't even fuck me properly, not even if I guide you along."
"I—I can," you say, defensively. Minju's saliva coats your cock with more liquid than the continuous stream of pre-cum, which she licks off, of course.
Minju rises to her feet. It is only then that you admire her body. You would say that her face is the real deal, and it is, but you're still rendered shocked by her form. Her breasts are not the biggest, but they're still pretty eye candies. Their nipples are tiny pink things atop small handfuls of flesh. Her hips are what tempt you the most; they're so fucking wide, bringing more shape to her slim stomach.
"Show me," she says. She smiles again, marking a new challenge. "Put that cock inside me or you'll never make yourself recognized. I can fucking crush your dream with a snap of my fingers, baby, so I suggest you move fast."
You can't do anything. Besides the fear of never making it in the real world or as an artist bubbling inside of you, she's so tempting. Even with her all-black outfit: black heels, black sleeveless top, black dress pants, a style you are not fond of almost as much as you aren't fond of pineapple pizza, she attracts you. It's like there's invisible magnets taped to her skin that pulls your fingers to her hips, pulls down the long pants, and grabs her close.
Like magnets, you rub together. Your cock lodges in the hole between her legs. It's met with an immediate contraction, but Minju shows little appreciation on her face. Yes, her jaw drops and her eyes are suddenly round and wide, but she doesn't care to tell you how good it is. Your quick thrusts outnumber the fucks Minju gives about catering to your wants.
"Yes... fuck, yes, fuck that cock into me." Minju humps your entering and exiting shaft determinedly. "Suck on my tits, toy. Suck them until they're red and sore."
That's not something you're adamant to disobey. Like her lips lubricating the shape of your cock earlier, your mouth finds her nipples and captures it. You do as she says, sucking it cleanly and hardly. It feels amazing in your mouth. You knew it would even before it slipped in between your lips. Minju lets out sighs of gratification. That was the only thing it took for her to be louder. She would have to turn up the volume, though; the slaps of your cock into her cavern are starting to boom.
While her breasts are a beauty of their own degree, Minju's cunt is just perfect. It's wet, grasping onto your cock and covering it with a sheen of juices, just like she coated it with saliva during her blowjob earlier. Her mouth was considerably warmer though. But you aren't one to complain when you're clearly the toy in this situation.
Besides, the texture of her walls is a welcome addition to the stimulus on your shaft. Your cockhead repeatedly dips onto the patches of sensitivity, provoking a surefire reaction of the tender walls closing around it tighter. Jerk your hips forward; if you were only more powerful, you could reach her cervix and make it a finishing line. But no, your focus is on sucking the life out of Minju's boobs, just like she commanded.
Minju whispers soft curses under her breath. Arms wound around your neck, she silently tells you to go deeper. No, it's not just a matter of telling; it's a command, as brazen and firm as her earlier order to tell you to suck her tits. She expects you to comply, and if she is disappointed by you not doing so, she'll discard of you. Simple as that.
Release her nipple from your lips and prove that you're worthy. Prove it with more powerful thrusts of your hips into her tiny hips. You string together every might in your body, although most of it is being drained by Minju's humps on your shaft, into pushing your cock deeper. Minju cries out in pleasure. Continue the cycle and never break it. Eyes closed, head tilted to the sky, and arms almost choking your neck, you know you've proven your value to her. All you have to do now is to maintain that.
"Fuck, that's right!" Minju yells out. Even she can't handle your pounds. You're knocking he rinto oblivion. "Fuck mommy's cunt like that, slut! Fucking stretch her out!"
You're already stretching her out enough. It's hard to see since Minju is so adamant on fucking herself on you, but your girth is practically spreading her pussy lips apart. Wonder if she'll become tighter if you fill her up to the base of your cock.
Test it out. Cock stiff and a compelled mind in action, you shove yourself as hard and deep as you can.
"Oh fuck!" Minju's fully penetrated by you now. Your cockhead nudges the end of her tunnel and slams into it repeatedly. Minju's high on the pleasure. She's fucking herself onto you as if she were possessed by a succubus. She's sex-crazed, she's rabid, she's a feral fucking vixen who won't play around when it comes to what pleases her. And right now, what's giving her so much bliss is your dick. She's never letting it go.
But she thinks she wants something else to add to the mix.
"Finger my asshole," Minju says bluntly. Another command. She takes your hand, undoes it from its constraints, and guides it to her round bottom. "Do it."
"B-but..." You're not used to butt stuff, to put it cleanly. You've never touched or inserted yourself in any of your girlfriends' asses. It has always been purely excluded from sessions like these. "I'm, I'm not—"
Minju leans over conspiratorially and rasps in your ear: "Now."
Can you still continue proving yourself worthy? Even if you can't, you have no choice. Your chance at making it big is in Minju's hands. Besides, you're pretty curious yourself. Does it feel good there for her, too? How good, exactly?
Pat your finger on the tensing brown circle. Minju's breath hitches in response. Hide your uncertainty by meticulous teasing, rubbing your fingertips around her asshole and only slightly putting some inside. But Minju is becoming impatient. Whimpers still escape her lips, but she makes herself clear with the reverse of her ass into your hand. She knows what you're trying to do, and she's not letting you get away with it.
Hold your breath and plug one finger inside her. Turns out that's all you needed to do for Minju to put her all into hugging you with her walls, for her neck and head to throw back, for her to cry out a scream that sounds a little fox-like due to its pitch.
"Mommy's cumming, mommy's cumming, ffffuhh—! "
Her voice cracks. It's that momentary weakness that compels you to burst inside her like a popped balloon, except that instead of helium, you release hot strings of wet white cum. You don't have the mind nor the care for a few seconds to worry about impregnating her. The grasp of her walls and the push of her manicured nails into your skin are too mighty in turning your attention away from that.
However, to Minju, it doesn't matter if your cock is thick and big. She's paralyzed in shock. She can't believe you had the audacity to cum inside her.
"Fuck! What the fucking fuck did you do?" Her hands free themselves of their frozen to push you away roughly.
You only come to your senses after she slaps you. "I'm sorry, Minju," you say guiltily. Had you really lost all self-control after months without sex? Sex education literally revolves around protection! "Are you at least on the pill...?"
"Of course I am!"
The tension releases itself from your shoulders. At least God still has your back. "It isn't a problem then," you say. "We can—"
Minju pushes you again. This time, your back knocks hard into the wall. She grasps you by the neck tightly. There's true anger in her eyes now. None of it is an arrogant ploy anymore.
"Are you fucking stupid?" she asks, then rolls her eyes. "Oh, why did I even bother asking? Of course you are."
"The thing here, boy toy, is I don't want your cum in me! Clean me up!"
"D-do I get a tissue or...?"
"No. Lick it out of me."
You're stunned. What? Shake your head, bewildered. "No, I'm not gonna lick my cum out of your cunt, Minju!" you yell.
Her fingers grab your hair and pull it downwards. You fall to the floor in a heap. But you should get used to it. With the way she treats you like you're dust beneath her feet, you've always belonged here. It's only literal now.
You take a glance at her creampied pussy and cringe. It looks gorgeous; it's dripping out of her like a river. But now that you have to lick your own cum out of her, like you're some obedient little slave who can do nothing but obey and obey, it doesn't look so enticing at all.
Minju fires you another glare. It's a warning of the worse that's yet to come if you don't clean her up.
Oh, the things you do for your dreams. The things you do for money; for fame; for the tiniest bit of recognition...
How did you get to this point?
Fine, you'll lick.
At first, it's humiliating. Your ears burn red as Minju parts her legs and sits on your mouth, using you as a sex toy and chair. It's hard to support her weight on your face, even if she is light. It's easy to slip your tongue inside her though. You know it feels good when she moans softly.
"Come on," she pushes you on. Demanding, that's what Minju is. You wonder how she even became a curator with that kind of attitude. She slides herself up and down your tongue, which doesn't become flaccid in its licks due to the uncomfortableness of it all. "Clean mommy up. We still have a lot of things to do."
You take some of your cum from her creamed hole and drag your tip tantalizingly to her clit. Minju whimpers. Repeat the process for a few more seconds. You enjoy the shivers she does, and how tight she is around you. They make the experience much more bearable.
You haven't appreciated her thighs enough. She may be slim, but they are thick enough to choke the breath out of you. They encase the sides of your face tightly as she guides your tongue hotly. Her eyelids are fluttered lower than usual. Her breaths become more labored after the ones before them exit.
Glad that your hands have been freed from much earlier, you try to make this fun for you, too. Grab those honey thighs and push her down onto your mouth. Her gasp is satisfying. Her eyes flutter wide. They're all fun to watch: the shiver of her tight form, the expressions she makes, but pulling her down was a big mistake. Now you can't breathe at all. Your nose is nestled into her clit.
The muffled breaths you take end up pleasuring her cunt instead, much to your dismay. Minju doesn't mind; they make her more soaked than before. She sways her hips to and fro to get the feel of your nose swiping on her clitoris and your tongue entering and exiting her. The tip of your tongue excites her senses in the best way possible. She can't get enough of it. Hands on her nipples, she bounces herself on your pink appendage, overall satisfied with the work you've been doing.
"Such a good boy now," she remarks with a playful caress of your hair. "See how pathetic boys like you always end up in this position? Lick me faster."
The insults graze your pride because you know they are true. You became a whore for Minju. Her little boy toy. Weren't you just boasting about your own achievements a while ago? If so, why are you on your knees now? It's humiliating.
Close your eyes to stop the tears of embarrassment from flowing. The last of your dignity is gone. You can't give Minju the satisfaction of seeing you cry.
You increase the speed. Thrust your tongue inside her faster. Wiggle it around to hit the right spots. You discover that it isn't a matter of cleaning your cum up from inside her anymore. That was all a scam to get you to orally pleasure her. It shows in the way Minju refuses to let your tongue leave her hole, even to collect your semen. She's humping it too quickly for there to even be a chance of exiting her warm little hole. But it's too late to confront her about it now. You just have to wait until she climaxes again.
You have to admit: you do taste quite delicious. Turns out the girls whose mouths you pounded weren't pretending when they sucked off the semen from your tip. Your cheeks redden with the humiliation at that knowledge. However, there's a con in being aware of that. For example, it isn't so difficult anymore to lap at Minju's pussy. You willingly circle and dance your tongue inside her. It's fun to see her pleasured reactions.
When the opportunity presents itself, you pull your tongue out. Minju winces, but before she can voice out any frustration or order, you start to lick her labia back and forth. Her wide, shapely hips stutter. You have to take them in your hands and steady her to continue.
"Oh—mmmm! Fuck, such a good boy for mommy, eating her out so well!"
You would have been surprised at the compliment, but her silky voice never reaches your ears. Her thighs are compressing them too tightly for anything to be heard but wordless screams.
Her most erogenous part is her clitoris, clearly. She demandingly pushes that part of her center on your tongue. Twirl it at your tip, play with it, suckle it. Nibble at it to keep her on her toes. Show her how much you've tamed the brat in you, because once she did, it was apparent that there was no going back.
"Yes, that feels so good!" she cries. Her movements become more frantic and less graceful. It's like you're being waterboarded by a tsunami; she's a force of her own, a danger with the cleanest edge. "I'm gonna cum, baby boy! Mommy's gonna cum, she's gonna fucking cum all over your face---!"
When she does, it's like a sobering splash. Her screams symbolize the thunder, and the juices that squirt on your nose and mouth is the flood. There are no lifeboats anywhere to save you. Nor are there people that are going to. You just have to withstand the rain for a few more seconds
Close your eyes and wait for the storm to end. It takes a while to cease. You try to help yourself out by sticking out your tongue and catching her steady spray into your mouth, but you just choke on it. Minju finds her girl cum spilling down the sides of your lips and swirling in your throat amusing.
Through all that, her taste remains impeccable.
The stream stops. Minju's thighs are shaking. She slowly edges herself off your messy face. Her breasts heave with every heavy breath she takes. They're hypnotizing, but you file your eyes away from them. You have to remember that they belong to the cruel woman who told you to do away with yourself. This is still the same woman who used you. It doesn't matter if the only things you are appreciating in the moment are hr breasts; they still belong to her. She degraded and humiliated you in ways you never would have imagined.
Nudity is another form of art widely appreciated, for both aesthetic and gratification purposes. It returned and became popularized during the Renaissance and the Impressionism. Science was used to figure out how to create the right proportions for whoever is being sculpted, painted, or drawn. Mathematics was heavily involved, too. The golden ratio was used to present the figures in an ideal manner, whether the figures were of gods or historical icons.
You are glad it became popular through the years. You are glad at how normalized it has become for Minju's body looks exactly like another stunning sculpture. She may not have the golden ratio, but she has something even better than that. She's naturally curvy, naturally beautiful. Back in the day, they would have written sonnets about her.
She may be cruel, but she is quite stunning.
"We're not done yet."
The curator puts a stop to your daydreaming. Raised brows, fine creased lines on her forehead that scold you, Minju is flattered that you think this is over yet. It's quite entertaining to her, actually. You don't really think she's gonna give in after just a few sessions of fucking, do you?
Pocket your sore pride and face the challenge head-on. "What else is there to do?"
Her smile is haunting. "You're gonna find out soon. You might even like it."
The museum is closed today. There's a big sign outside with "CLOSED" plastered across the letters spelling "Now Open!". Minju had to shut its doors for the day due to your endless requests for a chance to have your works exhibited. Oh, if you knew what you had to do to get her to agree, you wouldn't believe it. You'd call it bullshit.
You and Minju clean yourselves up. There's no point in reusing her turtleneck; it's blotted with her squirt. And you have no business going out with a face drenched with the same liquid. So, while Minju gets into a change of clothes, you go to the bathroom and splash cold water into your face. You don't want to look in the mirror. You don't want to see the slut the man it reflects has become, because, if you were able to admit it to yourself, you'd say that you liked the way Minju treats you. You like the power she has over you that she achieved through such a short period of time.
But you can't say that. You refuse to.
Apparently, you were in the bathroom for too long. Minju's fist knocks three short sounds onto the door.
"You can't hide there all afternoon, babycakes!" she reminds you sweetly. She fires another five knocks. "Come out, come out!"
Roll your eyes with a tired huff. You weren't exactly planning to, but hey, that could work. She can't do anything about it but look stupid pounding onto the door like a maniac.
You get out. You find Minju dressed in a gray, sleeveless top with a jacket matching its color. She has undone her black hair and let it fall to her shoulders.
Tumblr media
She gives you a wide, scheming smile. "Let's go?"
Minju does not wait for a reply. She simply takes hold of your wrist and pulls you through the swindling doors, colorful galleries, and parked cars. She leads you to her own vehicle. It's a modest black car that's been around for ages, but still works as if it were new. You can tell from the light rust on the knobs.
"Get in," Minju says. She already peeks at you from the rolled-down window. Gesturing to the empty passenger seat beside her with a tilt of her head, her brows rise and stay at their impatient height until you get into the car.
You only learn later that it's more than mandatory to have a seatbelt on when Minju is your driver.
There's that red light she easily breezes through. And another. Your eyes are wide. "What the fuck, Minju?" you yell. Your hands frantically fly to your seatbelt and fasten its buckle into place. Not without flying around, of course.
"What?" she asks, really not knowing what's wrong. "You need a water or something?"
Anddd a near miss with a bus. The honk of the horn is deafening. "Do you even have a license?"
"Ha, nope. This car isn't mine. It's my—hey, fuck you, too, you old shit!" Minju gives an angry driver who nearly collided with her sideview mirror the middle finger. When she turns back to you, she grins calmly. "Anyway, it was my brother's. He taught me to drive when I was eleven."
"Well, that explains it," you mutter to yourself sarcastically. And you'd think that since she learned from an early age, she'd drive better than most. That's her second deception of the day, and the twenty-third broken law.
The car swerves and spins into curved roads as if it were dancing. You're constantly on the edge of your seat. Minju, however, is unbothered. This isn't an out-of-place habit for her, breaking at least thirty traffic laws the moment the wheels of her car start rolling. Nor is it for the traffic guards in the middle of the roads, it seems. They yell at Minju with a a warning, but disregard it after a few seconds. How many almost-crashes did it take for them to realize there's no dealing with her?
You almost break into song of religious praise when Minju finally parks near her house. But it's too early to celebrate. God has fashioned this day unpredictably.
Her home is as large as a mansion. It's not exactly a mansion, of course, but the combination of paint and placing is satisfactory enough to pass as a modern house. It stands out in the suburban division like a sore thumb, if a sore thumb were fancier.
She throws open the door. The interior of her home is just as impressive as the exterior. Posters and drawings decorate the walls. The space in each room is wider than the first floor of your own home. You'd give in to jealousy if you weren't more surprised at the thing Minju is brandishing.
"Surprise, surprise," she says. She sticks it in your face for you to see it better, but it's too close for you to even understand what it is. It is only when she moves it back does it finally sink in.
A foretelling personification, really. It's a strap-on. Or is it a dildo? Oh, it's whatever you call a pink plastic shaped like dick. But your difficulty in naming what it is isn't the biggest problem you'll encounter this day. Oh, you have bigger fish to fry soon.
"What the fuck, Minju?" you ask in disbelief. Shake your head again and again, still not coming to terms with what she plans to do. "I'm not gay! I'm not getting fucked in the ass by—"
"I never said you were gay," Minju points out. She's good at that, finding Freudian slips in the middle of your sentences to turn against you."I just wanted to try fucking a guy's ass, that's all. And since I have you... I thought that today is the day."
"Babycakes!" she says, with a grin that's a distorted mirroring of your worried frown. She grasps your chin and kisses you on the lips. "It'll be fine, I promise. You have nothing to worry about."
She really needs to stop calling you babycakes. It's annoying you already. But more than that, you don't trust her words. What if she's just using you again? What if she's lying to you, like she did when she said that she would think about taking your pieces in? When she's done, she'll surely throw you away like a trash bag, as if you were never really there, and replace you with a new and prettier one to dump everything she wants in.
But you find yourself walking to her bedroom. Slipping your jeans down. Putting them on the floor as Minju fastens the strap to her hips. Lying down on the bed and just waiting for it.
Wait, why the fuck is your dick hard?
There's a cold feeling on your asshole for a while. It's because of the lube Minju's lathering onto it, "for safety purposes," she says. "Damn, I'm pretty big! D'you think it'll be funny if I actually put a condom on the tip?"
But she doesn't, after an unamused roll of your eyes, and the pink tip penetrates your lubed hole. The intrusion is fought with the receiving hole's tightening. The sensation is weirder than anything you've felt before. Of course, you've never done this before, so you never could imagine what it felt like. But now, you discover that it's a sickly mix of pain and pleasure.
"Fuck, Min—"
"That's not the right word, honey," Minju corrects you. The drags of her cock in and out are slow. "Tonight, I'm not Kim Minju. I'm your daddy."
"Mmph! Please, Min— daddy," you whimper out. The word feels right when it slips past your mouth. "Daddy." Daddy, daddy, daddy. You're usually on the receiving side when your previous girls uttered it, but maybe it's actually fun to say it, too.
Minju's cock prods at your ass. It slips further inside as she giggles musically. "That's right. Open up for daddy, sweetheart~"
Even if, let's say, you refuse to, there's no other choice you can run to. You're on the bed, naked, with a woman whose hips wield a fastened dick. You can't escape.
Minju's strokes are almost loving. It's slow, sensual, and timed. She must have taken sympathy on you, for what might be the first time. Of course, her hand wraps around your own dick to provide an "everyday" stimulus, too. That, you enjoy, better than the pegging. You jerk into her hand with a clear need never spoken through words, but a series of helpless mewls.
"What a twitchy little cock," laughs Minju. She wraps her hand around it like a ribbon, and fastens it with quick, bold strokes. They're bolder than any step or curve you've drawn, any controversial piece you've made. "Your cock really likes daddy's dick, doesn't it? And her warm hand?"
You're leaning towards the latter as of now, but you nod anyway. What else can you do? Your virgin asshole can't do anything about it, your leaking cock can't do anything about it. Hell, your tears can't, either. But there's a secret joy formed inside of you at being under Minju's control, with nowhere to run or hide. It's sick, you know that, but you can't help what you feel.
Maybe you like being used and pegged by this harsh curator. Maybe you like her evil words, her tempting body, and her attitude that would make any grandmother die on the spot. Maybe you like the way she treats you like you're a particularly crude inconvenience in her way.
You're shaken by that realization. But what shocks you more is her hand slapping your ass cheeks hardly. You cry out, but the sound is quickly silenced by Minju's free fingers in your mouth.
"Shhh, quiet, baby," Minju coos softly. She leans over to kiss your back and neck. "I want to hear your cute cheeks slap together."
It's a sentence that can easily be used for comedic relief in a fucked-up sitcom. But to you, it's nothing but sexy. The way the words drip from her kissing lips just add to the hotness of her hand giving your ass a firm spank. Your bottom cringes, causing your legs to go weak. You've sunken onto the bed helplessly. At least it's a comfortable place to lie into. The bedsheets must be expensive. They have no other reason to be this silky and soft. Just how much is a curator paid? You might want to consider that career rather than go for being an artist.
Due to your fall, Minju takes your ass in a pronebone position. Sometimes, she isn't satisfied with your butt hole's gape, so she pries it apart with her own fingers. You squeal into the pillows. Pray the neighbors don't hear your scream when Minju takes matters into her own hands and slips a finger beside her strap.
Her strokes gain more strength as the present becomes soon. It's a sensation that you have no idea how to choose between liking and hating it. Your prostrate is constantly stimulated, and the brown walls of your butt are rubbed against, but there's the newness of it all. You aren't used to this. Part of you outright refuses to do it again, but the curious side of you is more than interested for another round. Maybe one or two more? You really wouldn't mind.
"P-please, please, daddy."
You start to beg of your own accord. Lewdly. Needily. You're starting to like this too much. With Minju corrupting your ass and her hand jerking you off, you accept your fate. Paintings don't matter anymore, just as long as it's Minju's cock lodged inside you.
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⠀ ୨୧ — long locs for twitter !
ℒovesick 𝒢irls ( bp. ) didn't wanna be a princess, i'm priceless, a prince not even on my list, love is a drug that i quit.
⠀ ㅤ
anti — fragile ( ls. ) 잊지 마 내가 두고 온 toe shoes, 무슨 말이 더 필요해? 무시 마 내가 걸어온 커리어, i go to ride 'til i die, die.
⠀ ㅤ
born pink ( bp. ) — track 06 : the happiest girl.
but tonight, i'll be the happiest girl in the world, you'll see like it never happened.
⠀ ㅤ
æspa ── dreams come true ♡
funny how i feel for you, it's going to be by your side, and also my dreamy future.
⠀ ㅤ
born pink ( bp. ) — track 07 : tally.
i say "fuck it" when i feel it, 'cause no-one's keeping tally, i do what i want with who i like.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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rumour - j.wy 18+
Tumblr media
🍬 pairing - wooyoung x afab reader
🍬 genre - smut and fluff, lil angst idk
🍬 word count - 3.2k
🍬 synopsis - wooyoung was tired of pretending he didn't want you
🍬 warnings - 18+ mdni, mean woo, like asshole woo at the start, reader also kinda mean, lil slut shaming but they don't mean it, unprotected sex, like no foreplay sorry they're horny, not super dirty just a lot of dirty talk
ateez m.list | old m.list
“Please Y/N, I want to go so bad.” 
“That pout doesn’t work on me Woo,” you rolled your eyes. That was a lie, you had already caved before he bought out the puppy dog eyes but you didn’t want to seem weak.
“I’ll do anything! I can’t turn up to Hongjoong’s birthday party without you, he’d kill me.” Wooyoung whined, he was wrapped around your arm like a little kid as he begged you to agree to come.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want to, in fact you really did. But seeing your best friend walk into your apartment wearing tight leather trousers and a button up that was far too revealing was sending you insane. You’d always been attracted to him, it was hard not to be, but recently those feelings were getting harder to ignore. One drop of alcohol and you knew you’d be ready to pounce on him.
“I’m sure you can survive one night,” you replied, trying to shake him off you. “C’mon Woo, I don’t know why you want me to go so badly.”
“Because,” he drawled, “it’s always you and me. Y/N and Woo. I can’t turn up anywhere without you on my arm.”
“You make it sound like we’re a couple,” you rolled your eyes. His words were affecting you though, knowing he thought that way was enough to send your delusions going crazy. It was enough to fuel your daydreams about finally having him to yourself.
Wooyoung just looked at you as you fiddled with the hem of your shirt, the corner of his mouth tugging up into a smirk that he quickly pushed away, “well, that’s what everyone else thinks.”
He shrugged nonchalantly as if it was nothing, but his heart was racing so fast that he swore you could hear it. Your eyes snapped up to meet his, one brow raised in question.
“And you just let them? You know how much I hate rumours Wooyoung,” you said with a sigh.
“It doesn’t have to be a rumour,” he muttered under his breath.
“What was that?” You said, tugging on his arm and leaning closer to hear him. Wooyoung sighed and looked at you.
“I said, it doesn’t have to be a rumour. I don’t know how much more obvious I have to be Y/N,” he whined dramatically, his childish tone was wearing you down slowly, but you felt irritated. “I’ve literally given you so many hints, how haven’t you realised yet.”
You froze up, he had to be fucking with you. Wooyoung was a known flirt, his body count was higher than you could even count to, since when was he interested in you? But in that moment, his eyes wide as he gauged your reaction, it didn’t seem like he was joking. In fact, he had never looked so serious in his life.
“What are you talking about Woo? This isn’t funny.” You replied, frowning a little at him.
“I’m being serious Y/N, fucking hell how dumb can you be?” He said angrily, one hand coming up to grip your chin between his thumb and forefinger. He wasn’t angry with you, not really, he was just mad it had taken him so long to confess this to you that he needed you to believe him.
“Dumb? You’re such an asshole sometimes Wooyoung, don’t fuck with me about shit like this,” you tried to jerk your head out of his grip, but he just held tighter, forcing you to look at him as his eyes flashed with anger once more.
“I’m not fucking with you, you’re just too blind to notice,” he replied slightly softer this time, his thumb brushed over your bottom lip and pulled in down gently. The rough pad of his fingertip pushed past your lips before retracting slowly.
“Fuck off, if you really liked me you wouldn’t be whoring about every weekend, explain that.” You spat, a little droplet of saliva falling onto his cheek from how close he was to you. Wooyoung only smirked at this, he had to stop himself from laughing.
“God just shut up, put that pretty mouth to better use,” he said, pushing his thumb into your mouth so that it could rest heavily on your tongue. You had to admit that his touch was doing something to you, but you couldn’t let him know it had an effect on you. You bit down slightly on his thumb, prompting him to withdraw it from your mouth with a hiss.
Wooyoung didn’t waste any time, he tugged you forward and pressed his lips against yours in a bruising kiss. Your hands automatically found their way around his neck, pulling him close to you as he took charge of the kiss. His tongue pushed past your lips and into your mouth, messily clashing with your own. A trail of spit dripped from your mouths, in any other situation and with any other person you would’ve found it gross, but with Wooyoung it was hot, you couldn’t get enough. You were entirely compliant in his hands, seeing this mean and harsh side of him was making you crazy.
He pulled back, gripping your cheeks in his hands as you panted out harshly, “do you believe me now? Or do I need to fuck some sense into you?”
Your eyes widened, only prompting him to smirk once again at you. He dipped his head down, mouthing against your neck and pressing his lips to the sensitive skin there. Before you knew it, he had sucked a dark red mark onto your skin, claiming you as his for the night. You bit back a moan as his teeth sunk into the bruised skin before he pulled back and kissed over the mark he’d made.
“You really are something Wooyoung,” you said with a breathy laugh. “Fuck, how am I going to cover this up tonight?”
You ran your fingers over the tender mark as you looked in the mirror, Wooyoung just grinned next to you looking very pleased with himself.
“So that means you’re coming, right?” He said, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you close to him. 
“You think I’d let you go to a party dressed like that alone? How do I know you’re not going to throw yourself on the next person who gives you attention?” You teased light heartedly, but Wooyoung didn’t take it that way, his eyes once again narrowing at your words.
“Were my previous actions not enough? Do I need to bend you over and stuff you full of cock for you to realise it’s you that I want?” His fingertips dug into your waist but not enough to hurt, he was teasing you, “you’re mine Y/N, and that means I’m yours too. I don’t want anyone else.”
He was gentler now, becoming more sentimental as his words turned less dirty. You had never imagined that your feelings would be reciprocated and so when he confessed to you it took a while for it to sink in. 
“I could listen to you say that all day,” you smiled, reaching up to tame a few stray pieces of his hair. “Sorry I called you a whore.”
“Sorry I was mean and called you dumb,” he replied. “But the offer of fucking some sense into you still stands.”
You laughed, bumping shoulders with him. You would never tell him, but you enjoyed mean Wooyoung, it was exciting to see him riled up like that because it was so different to how he was usually, the vulgar words he let spill from his lips was a side you wanted to see more. The atmosphere was lighter now, the two of you basking in the aftereffects of finally confessing your feelings to each other even if it was a little unconventional.
“Maybe later, yeah? First I need to find an outfit for this party.” You said, standing up and out of his grasp.
“You’re actually coming?” He got up excitedly, following you like a lost puppy.
“Of course, I don’t think I can keep my hands off you long enough to let you go alone,” you held out a hand to him and dragged him over to you closet. “Now can you pick me something whilst I shower?”
Less than an hour later you were at Hongjoong’s, fashionably late and hanging off Wooyoung’s arm. It was no different than usual, the two of you had always been touchy. But the large hickey you were sporting was a tell-tale sign that something had changed between you two. Wooyoung refused to let you cover up the mark, stating that he wanted everyone to know you were taken and the cocky smirk that covered his lips showed just how smug he was.
“There they are, finally- Woah Y/N, that’s some love bite you have there,” Seonghwa said as you approached your friends. They were all sat around drinking in the garden and Yunho offered you a cup as soon as you sat down, which you gratefully took to ease some of the nerves you felt.
Wooyoung pulled you close to him, his arm resting around your waist as he eyed the group. San was the first to speak up, clearing his throat dramatically to gain everyone’s attention.
“So, I’m guessing you finally told her?” He said, his words directed at Wooyoung.
“You could say that,” he replied with a small laugh, squeezing your waist tightly. You could see a look of confusion wash over the rest of the group.
“Is anyone going to fill us in?” Mingi said, glancing at the others for answers but they were all as confused as he was. 
Wooyoung shrugged, downing his drink quickly before pouring another, “I thought I’d made it pretty obvious I was into Y/N, but apparently not. Anyway, I finally grew the balls to tell her.”
“Grew the balls? You mean you called me stupid and attacked my neck?” You said, one eyebrow raised at him as a collective laugh circled the group. Wooyoung just rolled his eyes, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as he leant in to press a kiss to your temple.
You fell into easy conversation, letting the alcohol settle in your system and leaning into Wooyoung more. He had been talking to Jongho next to him but quickly turned his attention back to you once he felt you slump a little in his hold, wrapping his arm around you and shifting you so you were half on his lap. You glanced up at him, your eyes meeting his soft gaze as he leant down to kiss your forehead softly.
“You ok baby?” He asked, any trace of the mean Wooyoung from earlier was gone. You would never admit it, but you missed that side of him a little bit. However, you loved the soft caring side of him just as much.
You hummed, “yeah I’m good, you’re just so comfy and warm.” Pushing your head closer to his neck you kissed over the fabric of his shirt, pulling a smile from him at the gesture. 
“Did I tell you how good you look tonight?” He replied, kissing the top of your head since it was the only part he could reach now.
“Mmm, like four times now, but it’s nice to hear still,” you looked up, resting your chin on his chest. Wooyoung laughed, leaning down to kiss you properly. He could taste your strawberry lip gloss and the vodka mix that Yunho had made you. He went to pull away but you chased his lips, pushing harder against him as your tongue darted out to lick into his mouth. Wooyoung moaned softly, his hands grabbing onto your thighs to pull you onto his lap fully.
You pulled away briefly, tugging his bottom lip gently before going back in to kiss him again. His palms spread over your thighs, the warmth of his skin on yours felt incredible against the cold air outdoors. You understood you were out in public surrounded by your friends, but at that moment all you could think about was Wooyoung and how good he tasted.
“Get a room,” Yeosang complained, pulling the two of you out of your little bubble. “I don’t want to watch two of my best friends getting it on in the garden.”
Wooyoung groaned in annoyance at being interrupted, he pulled back and pouted at you before standing up with you still wrapped around his waist. You gasped, clinging onto him as he held you in his arms. 
“Fine, if you need us, we’ll be in the guest room,” he said, turning and carrying you into the house. You giggled, hiding your face in his neck away from the eyes of nosy partygoers. You could hear your friends cheering you on as you made your way up the stairs, legs tightly wrapped around Wooyoung’s waist until he dropped you down onto the soft mattress of Hongjoong’s guest bedroom. You had slept in this bed before with Wooyoung, but now it was different, and you could feel the butterflies filling your stomach.
“Fuck Y/N, you look way too good to not be wrapped around me,” he said, staring down at you as you laid spread on the bed below him. “I can’t keep my hands off you baby.”
You reached up to tug on the beltloops of his trousers, bringing him closer as he hovered over you, “then don’t.”
Wooyoung whined low in his throat, crashing his lips down onto yours as he yanked the material of your dress down your arms quickly. He was needy, the years of pining over you made him pent up with frustration that was now spilling over since he could finally touch you. You reciprocated this, unbuttoning his jeans and tugging them down so he could kick them off into a pile on the floor.
Soon enough you were left in your underwear, Wooyoung with his shirt unbuttoned the whole way as it hung off his shoulders to expose his chest. You couldn’t help yourself from running your fingertips over his skin, tracing the lines of his muscles.
“I want to fuck you so bad,” he groaned as your hand inched to rest over the bulge in his boxers. “I want to feel your mouth too but that’s going to have to wait for another time.” 
You were secretly glad, as much as you wanted to do everything under the sun with him, you were sure you would explode if he didn’t fuck you now. You’d been turned on the moment he stepped into your apartment in those leather trousers, your underwear already dripping with arousal as he tugged them off your body to toss into the pile with the rest of your clothes.
Wooyoung ran his hand up your pussy slowly, dipping in a fingertip to tease you. That alone was enough to send your mind spinning, he pushed a finger into you to ease you open, adding another when you became restless. Once he had you writhing on three fingers he knew you were ready, you needed him fully.
“Please Woo, need you,” you whined as he withdrew from you to tug his own boxers down. “Want to feel you raw, please.”
“Fuck, are you sure Y/N?” He groaned, his hips pressing down onto yours so you could feel him. He was big, bigger than you anticipated, and your thighs clenched together at the thought of taking him.
“Yes Woo, I need you so bad,” you didn’t even care about the risks, Wooyoung was worth it. You hooked your legs around his back, pulling him impossibly closer as you rutted up against him, “make me yours.”
That’s all it took for Wooyoung to push into you, his cock stretching you out as he pinned you to the bed. Once he was halfway inside he pulled back, easing you onto his cock little by little until you were a panting and babbling mess beneath him.
“Feel good baby? Does it feel good to be wrapped around my cock?” He breathed out, leaning down on his forearms so his face was close to yours. You could feel the slow drag of his cock inside you until he was flush against your body, completely connected.
“God Woo, please I’m not going to last long,” you whined, wrapping your arms around his neck to hold him close. He honoured your wishes, grinding his hips against you in a pattern that had you seeing stars.
“I’m not going to last long either sweetheart, you feel so good around me I don’t want to stop,” he gasped, hips stuttering a little each time you clenched down on him. You were both close, teetering over the edge of an orgasm you didn’t want to stop.
Wooyoung leant up a little, eyes catching yours as he took in the way your hair was sticking to your forehead and the way your eyebrows furrowed each time he hit that sensitive part right where you needed him. He was undeniably in love with you.
“Want you to cum first baby, cum on my cock for me,” Wooyoung said, punctuating his words with kisses along your neck and chest. “Cum for me and I’ll make you mine.”
That’s all it took for you to be pushed over the edge, crying out his name loudly over the sound of the thumping music below. He held you close, coaxing you through your orgasm as you grabbed on to whatever part of him you could, lips finding their way to his. Wooyoung pushed his tongue into your mouth, silencing your moans as he thrusted his hips harder against you to chase his own release.
“Fuck Y/N, you’re so good for me, making me feel so good,” he whined, forehead coming down to lean against yours. “Going to cum in your cunt, fuck, going to make you mine yeah?”
He was babbling out incoherent sentences as he desperately chased his release, “cum for me Woo, please. Want it so bad.” 
He didn’t need much more convincing than that, coming with a shout of your name as he held you close to him. You felt a sudden warmth fill you, your bodies becoming a tangle of limbs whilst you coaxed him through his own orgasm, shaky breathes brushing against your face. 
Wooyoung slumped over you, holding himself close but never once putting too much pressure on top of you. It was those little things that made you realise you were in love with him too. 
“I don’t think I’ve ever had sex that fucking amazing,” he said, slowly pulling out and lying down next to you. You whined at the emptiness, wishing to feel him for longer still. Wooyoung laughed softly at this gathering you into his arms and kissing your temple once again, “as much as I want to stay like that forever, this door doesn’t have a lock and I don’t fancy drunken men walking in and seeing my girlfriend butt-ass naked underneath me.”
“Girlfriend?” You asked, turning to look at him with a small smile.
“Baby I just came inside you raw and you think you’re not my girlfriend?” He asked, rolling his eyes at you. You whined, hitting his chest lightly.
“Be nice to your girlfriend,” you said, smiling at him properly now. He laughed, rolling over until he was leant above you, his breath tickling your lips from the proximity. 
“I’ll make it up to you,” he said, lips once again finding yours.
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