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Tumblr media
Mafia yoongi x reader
Synopsis: you knows you shouldn't do this. You know it's forbidden. But why can't you stop? Why can't you forget him and be his brother's wife like you should be? Why now, of all the times did you decide to want something for the first time in your life?
Genre/warnings: mafia yoongi, yoongi, legal age gap(6 years), forbidden relationship, smut,fluff,angst, unprotected sex,fingering,oral(m receiving),inexperienced reader, mentions of killing, protective yoongi, younger brother's fiance au, deep throating,nipple play, breast play,riding, gun play.
@bunnyrhe @yoonaasa @creatorspalace @shymagda-7 @rosquilleta @raineandskye
Author's pov
Your chest heaved up and down as soft whimpers left your swollen lips, with your hands flying to grip his shoulders to support yourself as his raspy voice hit your ears like a melody "look at you so fucking wet for another man" he cooed mockingly as his thumb applied more pressure on your swollen bud causing you to moan his name as you slowly rocked against his fingers which were rubbing slow circles on your clit. "Y-yoongi" you gasped as he thrusted his long finger in and out of your cunt with purpose as he found your g spot so easily, as if he has memorized each and every part of your body. you would have been ashamed if you weren't so drowned in the pleasure he was giving you. Pleasing you as if you were his woman. Your heart ached at the thought.
A low groan left his lips as he watched your eyes rolling back,your face scrunched up in pleasure as you held him desperately. His gaze falling at your heaving chest, as he breathed heavily, staring at the swell of your soft breast which was exposed to his and his eyes only. But the silk gown you were wearing didn't do much to cover you, with your matching robe lying by his feet which was discarded the moment you stepped in his room. He could see the outline of your hardened nipples brushing against his firm chest which caused you to moan his name softly "Aren't you a fucking sight to see flower?" He grunted, quickening his movements and you whimpered at the nickname, your mouth hanging open in a silent scream as he whispered against your ear "come for me angel. Give it to me" his name left your lips like a chant as your high washed over you. If someone walked outside the door you were pinned to, they would be able to hear you clearly. And with the position you were both were in, nobody had to guess what was happening here. You pinned against the door of your fiance's older brother's bedroom. With his hand in between your thighs and your panties in his pocket.
But even with the high risk of getting caught, you didn't care. Not when he was holding you so tightly and so securely. Not when you knew that this might be the last time he holds you like this. He leaned his head against your shoulder, his one arm wrapped around your waist to hold you up as you clinged onto him, feeling your legs shaking and your knees giving in.
After a few seconds of silence, he looked at you with hooded eyes, your eyes were still closed as you panted with your arms wrapped around his neck. Breathing heavily he leaned his forehead against yours, closing his eyes for a moment as your hands gripped his jacket. He closed his eyes so he couldn't see the small tear that escaped your eyes and slided down your rosy cheeks, which you wiped immediately thinking he didn't noticed. "You with me doll?" He mumbled rubbing your cheek with the rough pad of his thumb, and he felt his chest tighten when you opened your eyes and looked up at him like he's the most precious thing in your life. Like he's the whole world.
You nodded shyly, as he loosened his grip slightly but still kept his hands on your waist,with you looking up at him from the curtain of your hair. As you bite your bottom lip nervously, his gaze followed your movement. And he raised his hand to gently tuck your hair behind your ear. You felt your heart racing as he slowly leaned in and pressed his lips on yours with the most gentle and soft kiss you've ever had. There was no rush or lust in it. It was slow, and gentle as he moved his lips over yours smoothly. It scared you. And it scared him too. Because he could no longer ignore how he felt for you. And it scared you because you knew how you felt for him. But he didn't felt the same for you. And you would have to return to the arms of a man who you were soon to be wedded with. A man who didn't cared about you. A man who was sleeping with your sister on the night of your engagement. That was the night you and yoongi became one for the first time. When he found you crying alone, under the rain. When he couldn't stop the anger bubbling inside him as you looked at him with a broken heart. When he kissed you for the first time. It's been almost 7 months since that night. And your wedding is in a week. After that night you found yourself knocking on his door again. Gripping your robe nervously as he opened the door with a cigarette in between his lips. That night you let him take you again. This time in front of the large window in his room. Where anyone could see both of your naked bodies if they only looked up. But you weren't scared even though your chest was pressed against the glass with him pounding inside you. Because deep down you knew that he would never let anything happen to you.
Unfortunately he wasn't your first. His younger brother hyunmin took your innocence the time your wedding was decided. He didn't stopped in a drunken haze even though you begged him to. You spent another 2 hours rubbing yourself under the shower to get rid of his scent until your skin became red and raw. But yoongi handled you so gently. So softly as if you were a glass doll.
He pressed you against the door, caressing your face softly while breathing heavily. But suddenly as if he has been burned, he pulled back. Leaving you dazed and hurt as he looked away with his jaw clenched. "Get on the bed" he mumbled pulling his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. But he was stopped when you held his arm. Almost timidly. Looking at you, he let you pull him towards the bed. Staring at your soft features as you avoided his eyes nervously. He let you push him on the bed. Staring up at you as you stood in between his legs with him sitting on the edge of the bed. "I-i want to.." you whispered not looking at him "what do you want doll?" He mumbled holding your hand softly "i-i want to make you feel good too" you whispered almost inaudible but he still heard you, as you looked at him. But as you went to go down on your knees, he stopped you with a grip on your wrist causing you to look at him confused. "You don't have to flower" he breathed as you kept your hand on his shoulder "i want to" you whispered but you were stopped again and it almost caused you to think that he just wanted to get it over with you so he wouldn't have to see you again.
But your heart soared as he took his suit jacket which was probably more expensive than your old house and placed it on the floor. You shyly looked at him as he didn't said anything just like he always does. Just like he always cares for you silently. You stood on your knees on his jacket and placed your hands on his thighs looking at him. And when he nodded with a hard glup, you gently pulled down the zipper and he raised his hips to let you pull down his pants along with his briefs. You gasped as his length plunged out and slapped against his abdomen, before standing tall. The tip of his cock an angry red as pre cum oozed out of it. Yoongi gripped the bedsheets with his jaw tight and rasped out. "Don't force yourself angel" you nodded staring at his huge cock, wondering how will it fit in your mouth completely oblivious to the effect you have on him. He has had many woman in this position before. Always so willing and desperately to suck his dick. But he had zero interest in them . They were only his means to release the pent up stress and frustration which comes with his job. Because they weren't you. He never thought seeing you on your knees, so willing to make him feel good will almost make him go crazy.
He grunted a low 'fuck' as you slowly wrapped your small hand around his rock hard dick. But he could still see some hesitation and confusion in your eyes. "Spit on it doll" he mumbled breathing heavily as you looked up at him "make it wet. It'll be easier for you" you gulped nodding and spit on his cock, before spreading your saliva and his pre cum all over it. And fuck he could cum right then and there at the sight of you rubbing his dick with your delicate hands. You took a shaky breath and held his cock in a tight grip before moving your hand up and down. The small grunt that left his lips caused you to look up at him and the sight made you whimper as you felt your slick running down your thighs. He was panting slightly, staring at you with hooded eyes as you whispered "i-is this okay?" He groaned when you increased your speed and nodded mumbling "perfect doll. S-so perfect " you took a deep breath and leaned down, kissing his tip before taking him in your mouth as much as you can. A long and loud groan left his lips and his head lolled back with his jaw clenched. You tried to relax your throat and slowly took his whole cock in your mouth, taking deep breaths through your nose to fight of the gagging reflex. After you were comfortable, you started bobbing your head up and down, your hands gripping his milky white thighs to support yourself as low and raspy growls left his lips. You looked up and moaned softly, watching his leaned on his elbows, panting heavily as he forced his eyes not to roll back and stared at your face. Fuck you looked like a damn angel. So perfect, so willing to please him.
You noticed his hands gripping the sheets so hard that his knuckles were turning white. You knew he was tryingro control himself. So breathing shakily you continued your movements and sucked him softly, with your hand going towards his. He let you hold his much larger hand and gulped with a low moan when you placed his hand on the back of your head. "Don't wanna hurt you angel" he breathed out, clenching his eyes shut to control himself but you shaked your head, willing him to use you however he liked. Groaning softly he gripped your hair, gentle enough to not hurt you as his hips buckled up. You purposely massaged his balls and at the same time sucked him harder , and he lost it.
Gripping your hair with a tight jaw, he thrusted his hips upwards, at the same time guided your mouth down by your hair. You whimpered as his thrusts got harder amd harder, your nose pressing against his pubic hair as he fucked your throat. You let him use you, and only supported yourself on his thighs as a line of drool dripped down your chin. He growled at the sight of small tears filling your eyes and thrusted in harder. His moans and low growls causing you to gush as he whispered praises of how perfect you are. You noticed his abdomen muscles clenching and moaned softly, the vibrations causing his eyes to roll back a he growled out "fuck I'm coming! Goddammit y/n-" the way he moaned your name caused a warm feeling in your chest, as his cock shot ropes and ropes of his hot cum inside your mouth. You whimpered at the salty and slight bitter taste as his balls emptied completely. He panted heavily, pulling his dick out of your mouth slowly as to not hurt you and looked at you with something you couldn't quite decipher. But you dared to think of it was affection as you gulped down his seed. He leaned down towards you and tapped your chin. You opened your mouth and he groaned, his head hanging forward and mumbled "come here doll" as he held your waist causing you to hold his shoulders as he pulled you up and made you sit on his lap. "You okay?" He murmured, his gaze switching between your eyes and you nodded shyly as he tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear "i didn't hurt you?" You shook your head looking down and gasped as he suddenly flipped you around so that you were laying on his bed and he was on top of you. "Why won't you speak?" He murmured staring at you, trying to read you as you tried to avoid his eyes but he made you look at him. "Talk to me" he leaned his head against yours, closing his eyes and you took a deep breath before whispering "b-because this is the last night i get to spend with you and i don't want to ruin it with my thoughts" and looked away when you felt his breath hitch.
You suddenly felt his weight shift and panic immediately started filling inside you when you realized he was getting up. Oh god this is why you were trying to keep your mouth shut. You knew you would ruin everything. Your hand flied to reach for him as you hastily said "I-I'm sorry i didn't mean-" "do you trust me?" You stopped your movements as he mumbled that and sat up, confused, watching him taking something from the side drawer and without any hesitation you said "i do" you heard him exhale softly before he turned towards you and your breath hitched when you noticed a gun in his hand. "W-what are you-" "relax flower" he breathed out and walked towards you. Your eyes were trained on his gun which he kept on the edge of the bed. He took off his unbuttoned shirt, staring at you intensely as he stood in front of you "do you trust me angel?" He repeated and you nodded "i trust you yoongi" his jaw muscle twitched as he softly kissed the soft swell of your breast before removing the thin straps of your night gown and you helped him remove it, leaving you bare and in your most vulnerable state in front of him. The gown joined his shirt on the floor and he gently pushed you down on the bed.
"Close your eyes doll" he mumbled kissing the side of your lips and you did as he told with a pounding heart. You felt him gripping your soft thighs in his large hands and he spread your legs, leaving a perfect view of your glistening womanhood to his eyes. "Y-yoongi?" You whispered, your hand reaching for him, and he immediately held it "relax for me flower" you took a deep breath but suddenly, a cold feeling pressed against your inner thigh which caused you to flinch and then, the same coldness pressed against your womanhood causing you gasp as you held his hand tightly when he shushed you. You immediately tried to close your legs but he didn't let you and kept them wide open.
You gasped as the coldness rubbed against your swollen bud and only then did you realized that the cold object was the barrel of his gun. But it was too late as he slowly, slided the barrel inside your weeping cunt. Your mouth hanged open at the stretch as the barrel slided in easily because of how wet you were. You whimpered softly as he slowly pulled the gun out, and slided it back inside your cunt. He watched your expression carefully. So he could stop immediately if there was any discomfort on your face. But he found none. Instead, he watched your face contort in pleasure as he increased his speed, biting his lip as he watched the barrel coming out of your womanhood completely soaked "fuck you love it" he whispered groaning as he felt his half hardened cock, hardening completely at the sight of his gun inside you.
"Y-yoongi..ah" you moaned loudly as the pleasure increased with his movements when he suddenly took your perky nipple in between his lips, sucking and rolling it around his tongue. Your hands gripped his soft locks which he is growing. You always thought that long hair suited him so much. But never had the courage to say it. He grunted when you tugged his hair and sucked dark hickeys around your breasts. With his one hand still holding yours, he switched his attention to your other breast, giving it the same treatment "y-yoongi I'm c-close hah" you cried out as he sucked your sweet spot, and at the same time the barrel of the gun hit your g spot causing you to tighten around the object and when he growled out "fucking cum" your 2nd orgasm washed over you like a truck. Your mouth hanged open and some saliva dripped down your chin as your head lolled back and pressed hard against his pillow. The whole time, he stared at your face, watching you coming down from your high. And when you opened your eyes, he looked away, taking his gun out. Your eyes widened in embarrassment when he raised the gun and you saw how soaked it was. Your cheeks only got warmer when he smirked, and placed the gun on the table before looking at you again "you good?" You nodded whispering a small yes.
Despite the slight pain in your legs, you gingerly got up on shaky legs and pushed him on his back so he was laying on the bed. He watched you silently as you climbed on his lap, biting your lip as you felt his hardness underneath you. You looked at him with your doe eyes and shyly whispered "c-can i ride you?" A groan left his lips at your words and he nodded with his jaw clenched. He leaned against the pillows so he wasn't fully laying on the bed and gripped your hips, helping you slid down on his cock which was standing tall and hard. But he immediately stopped your actions with a firm grip on your waist when you whimpered in slight pain. Still sensitive from the previous orgasms "don't force yourself y/n." You nodded taking a deep breath and slowly slided down, and once you were settled on his lap completely, he rubbed your clit gently, to ease your muscles causing you to moan softly and you rolled your hips slightly, the delicious pleasure immediately causing a loud moan to leave your lips while he groaned, his grip around your hips tightly as he massaged the supple flesh "still so damn tight" he grunted and you slowly rolled your hips, grinding down against the head of his cock with a small whimper of his name.
Taking a shaky breath you slowly started bouncing up and down, your hands gripping his shoulders to support yourself as your pace increased and so did both of your moans. He growled a low 'fuck' when you rode him harder, the sound of skin slapping getting louder and louder as his hips buckled up in a hard thrust every time you came down. "Yoongi!" You cried out as he hit your g spot, causing him to thrust up at the same angle which threw you into another level of pleasure "fuck just like that doll. Y-you're doing so good. So perfect " he moaned lowly, pulling you by the back of your neck and smashing his lips on yours in a messy kiss. He swallowed your every moan and cries of pleasure as his hips matched your movements, but soon ,the pain became too much to handle. Which caused your movements to get slower. So you gasped out "y-yoongi it hurts ah! M-my legs hurt-" before you could even complete your sentence, he flipped you around with a strong arm around your waist, and you sighed as the soft sheets enveloped you with his scent.
He wrapped your legs around his waist, and buried his face in your neck, biting your sensitive skin to muffle his groans as your fingers played with his hair, and your nails scratched his back with your eyes rolling back. He could feel your walls fluttering, signaling you were close. So he increased his movements and pounded inside you harder. Hard enough for the bed to shake and he growled watching your breast bouncing with every thrust, and a small bump appearing on your lower stomach. "Who do you belong to" he mumbled holding your jaw in a rough grip to make you look at him. And without a second thought, a secret you wanted to hide, escaped your swollen lips "you! Yoongi I'm yours!" Because you knew that even after you marry his brother, your heart, your body, your everything will only belong to him. You wished he knew that.
He smashed his lips on yours as his movements got sloppier "cum with me babygirl" he mumbled and both of your high washed over you. It almost became painful but it was mixed with the overwhelming pleasure as he shot his warm seed inside you. He buried his face in your chest, as you both panted heavily with him collapsing on top of you. You immediately wrapped your arms around him. Holding him close to you and he closed his eyes, his grip around your waist tightening. None of you wanted to let go. But he knew he had to. He has to let you go before it's too late. Groaning he gently pulled his cock out of your womanhood, frowning when you whimpered softly. Forcing himself to look away from you, to ignore how beautiful you looked, he walked inside the bathroom to bring a wet cloth. Spreading your legs with so much gentleness and being even more gentle and careful while cleaning your womanhood. All the while you avoided his eyes. Because you knew what was coming next. Every time he cleaned you up, it was time for you to go. But you weren't ready to part yet. You covered yourself with the sheets as he cleaned himself and wore his pants, picking up his shirt which was lying on the floor and silently gave it to you. You sniffled quietly and took it. The silence was becoming too much that you couldn't handle it anymore.
You knew you had to say it. Even though he didn't felt the same, you wanted to tell him. Have him reject you harshly so you can forget him. But you didn't knew that your eyes spoke before your voice. "Y-yoongi " you whispered watching as he didn't looked at you once "I-I want to tell you-" "no" you looked at him surprised as he looked at you with his fist clenched "you should leave. Aren't you going to pick your rings tomorrow? Go." After a moment of silence you said "so you're okay with it?" "What?" He looked at with narrowed eyes, his breathing getting heavier by the second "you're okay with me marrying him? You're okay with me wearing a ring of his name?" "Y/n stop-" "you're okay with him touching me and showing everyone that i belong to him?" "Y/n-" "you're okay with him taking me on the night of my wedding? With me carrying his child-" "i said fucking stop!" He growled pinning you on the bed and for the first time, he looked at you with so much anger in his eyes.
Your bottom lip trembled as he breathed heavily above you, and you whispered "i lo-" "don't " his eyes were cold as you looked at him with shock and hurt. So you got your answer. You weren't anything to him. The way he was looking at you right now. It showed and gave you your answer. Of course, why did you even hoped that he would feel the same? Tears filled your eyes and his eyes hardened when he saw you crying but you were shocked when he said "if you say it, I'll kill him" "w-what?" You whispered as he pressed a soft kisa on your forehead with his jaw tight with anger and pain."If you say those words, I'll kill him to make you mine" you gasped as he suddenly stood up mumbling "leave" but you grabbed his arm and said "i love you" his eyes clenched shut and he looked down, "i love you yoongi" you whispered with tears running down your face. He turned around and grabbed your waist, pulling you towards him and you kept your hands on his bare chest ,leaning against his hand as he wiped your tears softly "last chance doll" he whispered leaning his forehead against yours "this is your last chance to leave. Because after this, I'll never let you go. I'll kill every single person who tries to come in between us or take you away from me. Even my own brother" you looked in his eyes, finding raw emotions in them, as he looked at you with a pained expression. He can't control himself any longer. It hurts him physically to even think about you getting tied to someone else.
"I don't want to leave yoongi. I'm yours" you whispered pressing a gentle kiss on his lips, and he took a deep breath, mumbling "i love you flower. I won't ever allow anyone to as much as look in your way." He sealed that promise with his kiss, desperate and needy as he pulled you flush towards him, rubbing your bare cunt in his clothed cock which was slowly hardening again, and his one hand pulling off his shirt that you were wearing. To show you the love that he had kept hidden for the last 7 months.
"You're mine"
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So rumor has it that Yoongi is going to watch the Warriors play a match in Japan. Would shoot!Yoongi ever take oc to a match or perhaps she doesn’t care too much about it?
oc does ! she watches basketball too, and you can actually catch a glimpse of her favorite team in swish! yoongi’s her type for many reasons 😌🫶🏼
⇢ series: shoot your shot
⇢ drabble: courtside
“How on earth did you get courtside seats?” Your nose wrinkled. “When they said ‘you can smell the action,’ they weren’t kidding.”
Yoongi tugged your hand as the usher let you through the barrier, leading you through the water coolers and coaches to get to your seats. “You know the athletic department always gives away a pair to MVP of the season.” He flashes you a wide grin.
“You didn’t tell me you got voted MVP,” you squealed, hugging his arm. He chuckled, letting your enthusiasm run over him with a warm feeling.
“Here,” he gestured at the seat numbers on your ticket. “This is us.” He tried to contain his excitement, but looking around where you got to sit, his eyes shone like diamonds, taking it all in.
Meanwhile, you’re trapped around huge bodies and tall figures while you try to shuffle to your seat, the players looking bigger than ever at the close proximity. You lean closer to Yoongi, hugging him for fear of getting trampled. That is, until Jimmy Butler walks by.
“Oh my god—I LOVE YOU!” your mouth blurts before your brain can catch up, and he turns at the sound of the shriek, catching you with a smile and a thumbs up as he heads back to his team.
You whirl around, almost knocking Yoongi off balance. “Did you see that?” You swoon. “Jimmy Butler just smiled at me!”
“Nah, baby. I think he was looking at me.” He flourishes, tugging you down into your seat. “Sorry to burst your bubble.”
“You wish,” you snort, reveling in your celebrity moment. “He’s so much buffer in person, I think his bicep was the size of my head,” you daydreamed.
Yoongi shifted in his seat, tucking your arm into his, tiny pout on his face as he flexed nonchalantly. “Sure,” he leaned in cockily, “But I happen to know you have a thing for shooting guards.”
“You’re so right,” you agree, patting his arm. He sits back assuredly, proud smirk on his face, until—“Bradley Beal is the love of my life.”
He doesn’t have time for a comeback, not when the announcer’s voice blares through the loud speakers, signaling the start of the game. His pride is put on hold though, as you lean your heads together and gush about the game, screaming with every point scored, and holding your breaths with every free-throw shot, fingers intertwined the entire time.
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In Love and War (myg)
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This work does not reflect the true character of the real-life persons mentioned. Also, I do not own the picture above (though this picture owns me. Like, who isn't?!?!)
Yoongixreader; idol!au; romance
Part 1/3
At the time when most people are asleep, save for some who is swamped by table summaries which are to be presented later at the same day-
Labor was not your dream, but here you are, crunching nine zeroes for the capitalists. Who would have thought that real life could be this lucrative? Who would have thought creativity thrives in datasets and equations?
Almost everything could be translated into numbers.
1 for yes 0 for no
The scent of brewing coffee proliferated the space, it mixed with the fishy smell of cup noodles at three a.m. The AC was on full blast but you could feel your body sweat in self-generated body heat.
When was the last time  you took a bath?
Wetting your hair feels like washing away all the equations and tasks listed in your head. The coolness and refreshing feel of shower is not ideal right now that the presentation deadline is just around the corner. Specifically, later, in the morning.
If it wasn't just your late realization on some additional factors that could be significant on your projection, you wouldn't be this hairy oily mess. You blame your stupid brain for gearing up to be smart enough at the last minute.
If it were someone else, they could have just go through as planned, but not you. You hate doing things half-assed.
If there's something to milk out of the cow, you'll squeeze the tits high and dry.
In this case, that cow is Min Yoongi. Producer /  Songwriter / Rapper / Singer / Model / Influencer / The GOAT - not only of the Company you work for, but also of the industry he works in.
On that thought, cow isn't a fitting comparison.
"Hey, you're still here?"
Your ears perked up at the sudden noise that cut through your silent working space.
You found Min Yoongi, a.k.a the Greatest of All Time, by the door. His forehead scrunched as he sniffed the foul smell of your office.
"Do you live here?" he asked further.
You stood up from your swivel chair and subtly squirmed at the peeling off of your skin that has been in contact with the leather for hours.
"For the past three days, yes. Don't you dare report me to HR. They might ask me for my rent," you replied as you stretched out your spine and limbs.
Without an invite from your end, he welcomed himself to your temporary home. Yoongi shut the door without taking off his gaze full of disgust and judgment. He eyed you head to toe and back. Mismatched slippers on your feet, to your hideous elephant pants, faded brown oversized tee which matched your nest of a hair because to him you utterly looked like crap.
"Go home. You must. Look at you," he  reprimanded as he waved a hand to your direction.
"I'm almost done. Just one last check, making sure everything's good for the deck later. I'm gonna blow your mind," you replied, a smug grin plastered on your face.
He let out a chuckle, "You're blowing my mind already," he retaliated.
"I mean look at you, I, myself, couldn't stand this sight."
You clenched your teeth for the uncalled backhanded compliment.
Taking in a deep breath, you closed your eyes and reminded yourself that you're talking to the man who provides food on your table, a roof over your head, and satiates your strange addiction to the smell of new glossy colored books of anything under the sun.
Hardbound and thick ones.
Just like his attitude.
You faked a smile, and bowed down, "Mr. Min, thank you for your uncalled concern. I'll be heading home in a while."
Yoongi shifted his stance and cooly offered, "You can hitch a ride. I'm about to head home too."
He's quite a workaholic himself, but your dedication's still unmatched.
You waved your hands in front of you, shaking your head, "No, I'm alright, Mr. Min. My stench would only irritate you. You should be able to relax as you wind down. Both of us had a busy day, but I'm sure yours was more hectic seeing that you're still here at-"
The digital desk clock switched to display 4:00 a.m.
"-four in the morning."
Yoongi didn't back down right away. He weighed his options first before taking a step back.
From a concerned boss, his judging face came back before taking a step away.
"Okay, if you say so," he conceded before turning around.
He twisted the door open and stepped out of your office as he uttered a silent goodbye.
"Mm, yes, take care boss!" you politely greeted back.
Working with Min Yoongi has been easier as years go by. At first, he was in doubt of your capabilities. In all fairness, who would believe that data analysts could be of help in entertainment industry? He creates and put it out there and wait for people's reaction. If it works, then good, if it doesn't then he could try again on the next album release.
While you acknowledge that life is indeed full of trials and errors, perusing all the information at hand does not hurt. It works as a hedge in times of failure, and works as a catapult in times of success.
Soar high, fall with a plush on your ass.
That's the company's trade secret. They're willing to spend millions on data to gain billions.
They spend their money smartly on you. Though your six-digit monthly salary is not that obvious with your choice of clothing, people would gape at the fixtures and books in your penthouse.
That painting that occupied most of your foyer wall? You spent a million on that. It's a good investment though. The resell value is high.
The books that lined up your hallway crossed out the need for paint or decorations.
The sofa, oh, fine Italian leather that's expensive as your car.
You fell asleep on that couch and blacked out. You always do.
Apparently, three alarms were not enough to wake up a sleeping log like you.
That's why you almost slipped in the marbled bathroom to freshen up decently in five minutes. Showered in perfume, and slipped in to your formal suit.
Tying your hair into a bun is the easiest option.
Still, you made it 10 minutes before the meeting.
You barely slept, but the excitement to share the outcome of your research gave you an adrenaline rush.
You looked alive despite the bags under your eyes.
An alive dehydrated panda.
If there's such a thing.
But no panda will be as small as you, given that zookeepers do watch their weight. All pandas you've seen are all fluffy, while you look...
Anyway, you could care less. You're friends with your fitness coach who you haven't seen in three months, and your dermatologist who you haven't seen in six months. They could play fairy grandmother once you're free.
That means getting the board and the management to give your brilliant project a Go.
Watching Yoongi stroll in the conference room made you nervous a bit. You'll be talking about his career progression after all. You smiled at him as you take in his effortlessly chic outfit. You chose the right artist to work for. Only Yoongi could pull off an all black suit and steel framed eyeglasses and still look like a superstar instead of a businessman.
You're barely a people-person, but converting human behavior into numbers made it easier for you to fulfill your line of work. As important people filed in, you eyed your team on the side of the room as you gesture for them to give the deck materials.
Those papers were still quite hot as they just got printed this morning by your associate. They panicked when they learned you tweaked at the last minute but assured them you got them covered.
That's the downside of working with you. You deliver exemplary works, but you're a bad boss.
You haven't asked for a team really.
But Mr. Bang, the CEO, was quite keen on it. It didn't help much since you still worked until 4 am just a while ago.
As the meeting started, you gradually become excited as you go through the presentation. At the peak of it all, after presenting them the demographics of the fan base, the casual audience, and the target public, you excitingly showed them the graph version of your artist's discography vs. album sales.
Yoongi shifted uncomfortably on his seat as he eyed the steep incline on the screen.
"However, let's take a look here." You prompted before your associate proceeded on the next slide. A zoom in on his last three albums.
You shifted your stance as you pointed out, "We do have a steep curve, but the past three are on the flatter side. Ceteris paribus-"
Mr. Bang cleared his throat and you knew what that meant,
"If we continue in our direction, without changing anything, and not considering other unexpected factors, we will not be able to maximize and use to our advantage the untapped audience."
"We have 25 million users but the engagement is at 30%. This peaks at 60% when the artist releases content--"
"People do have their own lives," Yoongi interrupted but you did not let him disturb your practiced speech.
"This is worse than four years ago when we garnered more promising engagement--"
"People do grow up and have jobs," he interrupted again which by now turned some heads away from your deck and directed to him.
"With all due respect Mr. Min," you diverted to his direction, facing away from the powerpoint.
You took a deep breath, before starting, "I'm here to maximize your potential,"
He scoffed, "Are you my voice coach?"
That left you silent.
Yoongi's mouth formed a silent "Oh,"
"Maybe you're my runway coach? Art director? Publicist?"
"No?" he added further in a mocking tone.
You pursed your lips in a straight line, looking around the table to get somebody's defense. Your gaze finally settled on Mr. Bang.
He's not meeting anyone's stare, but browsed through the next pages of the material.
"My point here is," Yoongi declared, "I'm an artist first, Ms. Y/n, I create. Spontaneously. I do respect your numbers, but don't you think focusing on these takes away my authenticity as a person? You do forget that people vie for my honesty."
More like tolerating his attitude, you want to mutter under your breath but stopped yourself from doing so by gripping your fists by your sides.
"Let her finish. I find these projects interesting. Magazine interviews..."
Yoongi scoffed, "I've done that already,"
"But they're all limited to your music," you retorted.
With a flair of both of his hands, Yoongi reasoned out "Because I'm a musician, what else should I talk about?"
Mr. Bang then went back to reading out loud from the short bickering of the two of you, "Socials and fundraising parties, talk shows guesting, tell me about them, Y/n."
Yoongi answered before letting you, "I'm a performer, not some sort of personality."
"You are a personality, whether you like it or not. You're mysterious and people like that, but to keep them intrigued we have to let them peek at your personal life. People wants someone they can resonate with, or at least someone who inspires them in the middle of the mundane. As much as they do love your music, we will gain more if you let them have a peek," you defended.
"I'm in this industry for ten years. They've seen it all, Y/n."
"Not quite," you retaliated.
"They haven't seen you as an adult. They see you as a performer, yes. As I said, people love following personalities they can reach, even though vicariously, even if just on surface level brain stimulations. We give them understanding, comfort, healing, that's what the company is all about." "Look, you can continue your own creative process, but you just need to put yourself more out there. Press loves stories. Intriguing, good, bad ones. For a celebrity, you sure do love to keep to yourself."
"It's called privacy."
"While being a public figure?"
"There are boundaries."
"And we're looking for expansion of those boundaries. We can compromise. We have to. There are other celebrities who are willing to do more. We can't just keep on dropping big bombs once in a while. Small consistent contents will ball up like a snowball and will have a greater impact on your stability in the industry."
"I know you already made a name. We just have to squeeze it dry."
Yoongi visibly flinched at your metaphor. Regardless, you continued,
"You're an artist. Great artists take risks. At this point, we're doing a well-calculated risk, and there is no measure to how this will turn out but the projection looks good. Show them the chart, Lesley," you told your team.
"The only thing we can do is take it. There's no perfect science, but we have to try it out and see where it will lead us."
"It shows desperation, Y/n."
"It shows strategic business plan while giving you an avenue to challenge your creative process and authenticity. We will lift the contract off with Wrath, let their paparazzis swarm, we will save millions and divert 20% of that funds to your security," you rifled on.
"What's there to hide Yoongi? You're a clean person as far as we know,"
As far as you know
He clenched his fists, teeth gritting, at your proposal.
You could have told him you don't want to see him anymore.
What would happen to his Wednesday dinners with you?
The occasional getaways if you were kind enough to not work on long weekends. He must be the busy one in the relationship given that he's the biggest star in the Company. Turns out the kingmaker's the real star of the show, working behind the scenes, on the sidelines, crunching and nerding out on lines and graphs.
He has come this far while protecting his privacy. Yoongi always get away with the excuse that it's part of his image. Being mysterious. When in fact, he only enjoys the animosity when there are no cameras when he's with you. It's not that he's ashamed of the relationship he has, it was because you made it clear with him, that all this will end if everything blows up in the press.
Mr. Bang cleared his throat as he rested his chin on his folded fingers. He carefully threw you a look before the scrutinizing gaze landed on his most prized talent. It was a fraction of a second when he realized he got his two best people batting heads in front of the board and officers.
"Y/n is right," the vice chair voiced out. "I second," said someone from the board.
The rest of the men and women on the long conference table nodded in agreement. Some of them hopefully looking at Yoongi.
"Besides, whether it's a good  or bad image, publicity is publicity. We need to give something new for the country to talk about. They're interested in you, but they do respect your personal space most of the time," said one of the talent heads.
Mr. Bang spoke up, "How can we make sure Wrath will not release any of their wildcards against Yoongi?" he voiced out, looking at the Legal counsel.
"It's in the contract. Any materials on the artist enclosed within the contract period must be held with strict confidentiality. We are imposing grave penalty once they violate it if ever we decide to terminate the protection deal."
Mr. Bang nodded, "I'm absolutely sure that our artist is clean and does not have any criminal records. His school records are clean. We have filed them," he assured everyone on the table.
Someone chuckled and raised, "More than that, he's the most sought after bachelor. For sure everone's dying to know who he's dating."
You unknowingly took a step back as you listen to them exchanging opinions.
On the other hand, Yoongi is visibly not pleased with any part of the meeting.
"That's a private matter of our artist," Mr. Bang defended.
The person shrugged and quoted, "As Y/n said, he's a public figure. His life is meant to be under the public eye. It's not offensive at all if you ask me--"
"No one's asking for your opinion," Yoongi jabbed, the table fell silent.
"I don't agree with this. You will move at my own pace. If you can't ride with me, I can easily switch management." He declared with finality before walking out of the board room with his manager following suit and apologizing on his behalf.
A loud sigh escaped Mr. Bang's lips.
He took over the meeting and told everyone, "Y/n's idea is promising. We just need another meeting to discuss it while I'll talk to Yoongi for the mean time."
Everyone nodded in satisfaction before they started filing out of the room.
You stayed behind together with your team. Mr. Bang turned his chair to face you. "Please leave me with Y/n," he ordered your team.
The boardroom's door clicked shut before Mr. Bang started, "Thank you, Y/n. It was a wonderful presentation, though I wished I get to hear the end of it. I will review the deck and I'll get back to you. I do have a gist of what you're proposing, but..." he trailed off before tilting his head to one side as he tried to put together the words, "I see you haven't talked to Yoongi about it."
"Mr. Bang, I didn't because everything was not finalized until the last minute. Actually, same projects were retained but I thought diverting the angle on the important numbers and emphasizing these would bring light to the why of things. I only wish the best for his career. If you actually look at slide 25, you'll see the age distribution of the population, we're gathering young ones still despite his tenor in the show business. I looked deeper into the age bracket A and found that, based on consumer and entertainment index, lifestyle was the most common interest with other age groups. It is the strongest suit and tapping into this interest-"
"He wants to retire, Y/n," Mr. Bang uttered silently.
The news shocked you. Retirement was not in his vocabulary. He's been saying how he would perform on stage until he's all wrinkly and wonky. That's how much he loves his job as an artist and as a performer. Though you have noticed how he picked up on some collaborations involving his hands on its productions, performing his own work is still incomparable.
"The crowd just gives me so much energy. Most time I don't even know where I am, what timezone I'm in, but each stage feels surreal, new, it never gets old. I think I'll do this until I can't anymore," you remember him saying one time.
So it then became your purpose to help him achieve that dream. Now that he doesn't want it, out of the blue, perplexes you.
Your heart dropped to the pit of your stomach. You can't put a name on your emotions as of the moment. It was a mix of anger and betrayal, irritation and all negative things. He never told you, not that he's obligated to, but with the relationship you had with him, you thought he'll trust you enough to tell those things.
On second thought, it is a private matter. You have no say on what he wants, if retirement was his plan then okay.
But not without you talking him out of it.
----- It was freezingly cold in the studio and music was blasting together with the random beeps of camera shutter.
You were waiting for Yoongi to finish his schedule before he ends his day. It was in the middle of the week, the time when his photoshoots are usually scheduled. You mostly meet him too after for dinner, having formed a relationship with him. It was a good timing to bring up what happened and what you learned in that meeting the other day. You could have texted him, but that would be unprofessional of you. Besides, it's a work matter.
Crossing your arms by your chest, you observed him from afar. His long and messy hair surely suits him. His cheekbones were highlighted, giving a chiseling effect on the hollow of his jaw and cheeks. Yoongi pocketed a hand, his thumb out, before swaying his body lazily to change his body angle. You unknowingly smiled. In a proud way. He always do things in an elaborate manner while appearing effortless.
He caught your gaze, so you gave him an acknowledging nod. What he did next was unexpected. He paused the shoot, by raising his hand, before jogging to you. It left you flustered and suddenly anxious from all the attention you're getting. Everyone's gaze were on you, or rather on Yoongi. Eyes would always follow his every move.
You shifted, starting to feel uncomfortable being part of everyone's field of vision just because the Star is in front of you, sharing the same space as yours.
"You done with work?" he casually said, unaffected by the curious stares he's receiving.
You shook your head no before finding your voice, "Please finish your shoot, don't mind me, I can wait."
His brows furrowed in confusion before his gaze became softer, "Okay, you can wait in my dressing room," he said to you and it was your turn to be confused. You met his gaze, but he averted his, making you thought he got shy for a bit.
"I can't concentrate with you watching my shoot. I'm not used to it," he muttered, the confession was meant to be heard only by you.
"Okay," you nodded before turning your back on him and headed straight out of the studio.
As you walked through the hallway, you reprimanded yourself for not being able to think of that alternative. You rarely met him in his personal space, so it didn't really occur to you.
You didn't wait too long, you saw him walking towards the door of his room twenty minutes after. Pushing yourself off the wall, you greeted him with a curt bow. He looked surprised finding you outside.
"Why are you here? I told you to wait inside," he told you before ushering you in.
"Ah, that would be inappropriate. It's okay," you assured him.
He shrugged off of his coat outfit, leaving him in his black shirt. You watched him as he brushed his long hair back and was about to undo his pants before he remembered you were in the room. You quickly turned around, heading to the door. "I'm sorry! I... why are you changing in front of me? I'll wait outside, I--" you rambled as you hurry off, opening the door.
"Y/n! Wait!" he tried to stop you but it was too late.
Shock registered in everyone's faces, from Yoongi's manager, his assistant, makeup artist, stylist, and everyone else on his team. They glanced at Yoongi who was in the middle of undoing his pants and at you whose face were flushed red.
They quickly scurried away while one of them shut the door close as they shouted their apologies.
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Welcome to my I wanna sit in Yoongi's arms, arms and legs tangled in the warmth of the duvet wrapped around us, and watch the snow falls hour.
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close to you // myg 
Tumblr media
songs aren’t the only things BTS SUGA produces
just when your marriage with yoongi is finally reaching a conclusion, a moment for the shits and giggles causes signing divorce papers to delay for another 9 months
navi | m. list | ask me ! | send an ask to be on the taglist ! i will not be responding to taglist requests anywhere else !
Tumblr media
husband // idol!yoongi + wife // stylist!oc 
marriage // saving a marriage // pregnancy au
idol verse // workplace romance 
smut, crack, angst
social media au + written scenes 
implied + actual smut 
mentions of pregnancy and everything related in that topic 
toxic aspects such as: back and forths, concept of staying in a marriage just for the baby, gaslighting, concepts of manipulation, name calling, etc.
posting and schedule starts decemeber 2022
Tumblr media
only available on spotify !
Tumblr media
index # c2u myg
i . (0/5) can we stay like this
track 01
track 02
track 03
track 04
track 05
ii . (0/25) forever
Tumblr media
copyright © 2022, muniimyg on tumblr.  
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zehakoo · 24 days ago
sugar | myg
Tumblr media
pairings » ceo!yoongi x f. reader
genre » strangers to lovers, neighbours au, fluff, smut
summary » desperately in need of sugar to make coffee in order to ease down your headache, you find yourself knocking on a strangers door who happens to be your best friend’s friend and the finest man you’ve ever encountered.
warnings » drinking, swearing, kissing, pool party, cold yoongi, dom!yoongi, sub!reader, foreplay, blowjob, fingering, dirty talk, making out, some nipple play, begging, praise kink, orgasm control, hair grabbing, penetration, teasing, just yoongi being hot
word count » 11k
a/n » some italics part indicate past dialogues and some indicate personal thoughts.
Tumblr media
You had just finished placing the last few boxes in your new apartment with the help of your friend, Hoseok.
“Thank you so much Hobi! I don't think I could've done this without you.” You said, smiling at him.
“Are you crazy Y/N? Don't thank me, what are friends for?” He retorted, being offended by the fact that you thought he wouldn’t have helped you, whether you asked him to or not.
“No it’s just that you’ve been busy and I didn't want to bother you. I'd feel horrible knowing you can’t rest the one day you’re free just because of me.” You explained, feeling a bit guilty.
“Hey, it’s all cool. I'm glad you finally found yourself an apartment though, it's nice here.” He replied, looking around the place as you can see how satisfied he was with the amount of sunlight approaching the room.
“Indeed it is.” You nodded, agreeing with him.
It finally feels like home, your home.
“Better treat me to a nice dinner later missy.” He joked making you chuckle.
“Of course mister. After I set up the apartment properly that is.” You joked back.
“Do you need help with setting anything up? You know I can always jus—“
You sighed before walking up to him and intertwining your hands with his.
”Hobi, I'm fine. I want to do this all on my own now. I really appreciate your help though, you’ve been nothing but a hardworking and supportive best friend. Thank you so much for always being there for me, I love you.” You blurted out.
“Now, should I take that as you officially confessing your love for me Y/N?” He smirked.
You rolled your eyes, “As friends Hoseok, but seriously, thank you so much for everything.”
“Of course, anytime, I’m just a call away you know.” He said, wrapping his arms around you to pull you into a hug.
You hummed, instantly giving into his warm body with your head resting on his chest. Both of you stayed like that for a couple of minutes until the sudden ringing of a phone made you two pull apart. Hoseok fetched his phone out from the back pocket of his jeans and widened his eyes looking at the caller ID.
“Shit! I need to go Y/N. Sorry, I forgot I had to meet mom today.”
“It's fine Hobi, thanks once again and tell your mom I said ‘hi’.” You replied, leading him to the door.
“Will do.” He asserted, opening the door to walk out.
“By the way my friend lives in that apartment. If you need anything you can ask him, I'll let him know about you.” He said, pointing at a door across the hallway to which you nodded.
“Alright thanks Hobi, bye!” You beamed.
“Bye Y/N,” and with that he left. You went back inside, closed the door and leaned your back on it. You admired your apartment space and tried to figure out where to start setting up from.
After 10 long hours, you finally sat down on the sofa you had just finished arranging.
“My head hurts now.” You whined.
Knowing exactly what you need to ease it down, you made your way towards the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee. However, you realized that your plan of getting groceries today didn’t work out and you didn’t have any sugar left in the house.
A sudden thought of calling Hoseok to bring you some came to your mind but you quickly dismissed it knowing it’s 10pm. You didn’t want to bother him anymore. That's when your mind clicked, recalling Hoseok's words before he left.
His friend.
For a good 7 minutes, you debated on whether you should knock and ask for some sugar or not before finally concluding your decision. You definitely need a cup of coffee or your headache will get even worse and you know you won’t move a single inch to finish setting up the left bit of the apartment.
“Fuck it!” You mumbled and quickly slid a purple hoodie over your tank top before leaving your apartment.
Standing in front of a door similar to yours, you took a deep breath before knocking on it. You don’t even know why you’re so nervous, he’s Hoseok's friend and your neighbor. Neighbours help each other right?
Not getting any response back the first time, you knocked again. Still not getting any response, you decided to leave but the door suddenly opened. You stood there in shock, seeing such a handsome man standing by the door. He was wearing an oversized white shirt over black track pants with a white towel wrapped around his neck. It looked like he just came out of the shower and was trying to dry his wet locks.
“Yes?” He questioned in a deep voice, staring straight into your soul.
“Umm hey, I don’t know if he told you yet but I’m Hoseok's friend that moved in. I ran out of sugar and I needed it this instant, so is it okay if I can borrow some? I’ll make sure to give you bac—“
What the fuck. Did he just slam the door on your face? What does he think of himself? Of course you just had to encounter another person with good looks but a shitty personality. You never knew Hobi had such a rude friend. You scoffed and started walking back to your apartment but suddenly heard the door behind you click open again.
“Where are you going?”
You immediately turn around only to spot Hoseok's friend standing, peeking out his door.
“I thought yo—“ before you could complete your sentence you saw him walking towards you.
“Take the whole pack, I'm not wasting time taking out only a bit.” He stated, handing over a whole 2kg bag of sugar.
“Oh I don’t need that mu—“
“Just take it. Pay me a quarter back later.” He retorted, pushing it further to you as you took it.
Guess he’s not that bad, just a man with a cold personality.
“Uh okay, thanks—“ before you could even ask for his name or say anything, he was already walking back to his place. You watched him stop in-front of his doorway and reach his hand out to twist the door knob, before briefly glancing at you.
“It’s nice finally meeting you Y/N, I'm Yoongi.”
It's been two days since you moved in and had that encounter with Yoongi. You remember ranting to Hoseok about it yesterday which only led him to erupt into laughter.
“He’s just like that Y/N, at least he gave you some sugar. He was probably tired from work so don't think too much. Yoongi doesn’t talk much but he’s nice.”
Although he has good looks you wish to never face him again, but here you are. Hoseok’s words ringing in your head as you once again find yourself standing in front of his door. Before you could even knock, the door opened itself revealing Yoongi. You can see that he was also in the same shock as you. I mean why wouldn’t he be? He definitely wouldn’t have expected you out of everyone to be standing by his doorway, first thing on a Monday morning.
“Good morning! I just wanted to return your pack of sugar and pay for it, here’s the money.” You said, extending the quarter and the pack of sugar to him.
“Oh, thanks.”
Your eyes then finally travelled down to his outfit. He was wearing a black blazer with a white shirt underneath, neatly tucked into his black dress pants as one of his hands carried a pair of shades. You looked back up and noticed how his hair was neatly parted through the middle.
Fuck he looks hot.
One thing about Hoseok, that man has some really good looking fucking friends. You’ve met three of them before Yoongi. If you may recall, the three being Jimin, Namjoon and Seokjin. You don’t think you have ever seen a friend group consisting of such good looking people, to be honest. He hasn’t introduced you to the other two yet but you’re sure they’re probably hella fine as well.
“Do you need anything else?” You didn’t realize that you had been staring at him so his voice slightly made you flinch.
“Huh? Uh no sorry i’ll take my leave now, thank you once again.” You smiled to which he nodded, and you left.
“Mom you didn’t have to, you know?” You said to your mom as the two of you were in the elevator, going up to your apartment.
“Don’t be ridiculous Y/N. My daughter bought her own apartment with her own money for the first time and you think I wouldn’t come visit?” She retorted.
“I don’t mean it like that, it’s a 2 hour drive away and dad is sick.“
“Your dad is fine now and just recently started going back to work, don’t worry too much.” She assured, as the both of you had walked out the elevator and made it in front of your apartment door.
“Alright, I'm sure he didn’t come since he would be busy catching up with work so I’ll go meet him at the company sometime this week.” You said, opening the door with your keys.
“Of course, he’ll be so happy to see you.” She beamed.
When the two of you stepped foot inside, your mom began scanning the whole place. Going through the whole apartment, she kept the same look until the two of you had sat down on the sofa.
“Oh my god Y/N, it’s beautiful, I love it!” She exclaimed, making you chuckle.
“I’m glad you liked it, I worked hard on arranging everything nicely with the help of Yoora of course.”
“It looks wonderful! I'm so proud of you and speaking of Yoora, how is she and Hoseok?” Your mom asked, holding your hands.
“Yoora and Hoseok are both fine, just busy these days. They sent their greetings to you though,” you replied.
“Make sure to send my greetings back, tell them that I miss them and am very thankful that you have friends like them.”
“That would definitely boost their ego but will do,” you said, making the two of you laugh.
You spent almost 4 hours talking to your mom and even facetimed Hoseok and Yoora in the middle. The two complained about how busy they were with work while you were lucky enough to have 2 weeks off. The three of you have been best friends since you were 5 so all your parents loved the three of you like their own children. Your mom and the two had the time of their life talking to each other after so long. It was almost around 8pm when you heard knocking on your door. Who would it be at this time? You wondered.
“You had someone coming over?” Your mom asked.
“No but I think the parcel I ordered came in. Let me go check,” you answered as she nodded.
You got up and walked towards the door. Once you opened it, you were greeted by the sight of a huge brown box and a man dressed in a simple black hoodie and jeans. His hair was fluffy too. Very boyfriend material of him but he wasn’t a delivery man—
“Uh hey, you actually had this box outside your door this afternoon and you weren’t home so I took it to my place in case someone takes it.” He nervously explained.
“Oh my god, thank you so much!” You exclaimed.
“It’s a bit heavy, let me help you carry it inside.” He insisted, seeing you struggling to get the box in.
“Oh thanks, I'm so sorry you had to carry it to your place.” You apologized thinking of how he might’ve struggled to carry your huge and heavy parcel to his apartment. Hoseok was right, he is nice.
“Right here is fine Yoongi, thank you once again,” you said, finally placing the box down.
“It’s fin-“
“Oh my, who might this young man be?” You heard your mom ask.
Oh shit, you completely forgot she was here.
“He’s just my neighbour, don’t assume anything mom.” You declared before she could say anything more.
“You know you don’t have to hide anything from me right?” She smiled as you saw how Yoongi's eyes widened, understanding what she meant.
“Mom. I’m not hiding anything, he lives across the hallway we met just a couple days ago.”
“Well then invite this handsome neighbour of yours for dinner at least.”
“Mom!” You whined showing her exactly how embarrassed and mad you are.
“It’s nice to meet you ma'am and thank you for your invite but I’m afraid I can’t accept it as I have other plans and need to leave sorry.”
That was so formal, he sounded so nice.
“Oh I see, such a respectful man. Please come next time when you’re free, I'm sure Y/N can cook you some delicious food.”
“Uh of course ma'am, have a goodnight, I’ll take my leave now.” Yoongi stated before locking eyes with you and walking out the door.
As soon as you heard the door shut, you immediately locked it and rushed towards your mom to rant about what just happened and how embarrassing it was.
“We should go eat Y/N,” your mom said, having enough of you rambling on and on.
You sighed, “you’re right. I'm very hungry, let's go eat!”
You were now walking back to your apartment after dropping off your mom by the car your dad had sent for her to go back from. She left a little while after having dinner and made sure to convince you to befriend Yoongi and possibly start dating him.
There’s no way you would. You two don’t even know each other and he’s too rude sometimes.
Speaking of Yoongi, you need to apologize to him about your mom. You know there’s no way you’d face him after the embarrassing situation that occurred so you texted him instead. Surprisingly he texted back in just a few minutes.
[y/n] 9:38pm: Hey, this is y/n
[y/n] 9:39pm: I just wanted to apologize for how my mom reacted. I’m so sorry, she’s just like that, I hope you understand and forget whatever happened.
[yoongi] 9:43pm: it’s okay, I already forgot
[yoongi] 9:43pm: but how did you get my number?
[y/n] 9:43pm: from hoseok
[yoongi] 9:45pm: alright, well I gtg
[y/n] 9:46pm: oh ok bye goodnight
[yoongi] 9:46pm: gn
dry texter but whatever, now that that’s cleared, you can peacefully sleep.
“Yoora, I’m on my way to meet dad right now, I’ll call you later okay.” You said, eyes focused on the road ahead of you.
“You better call though, I have some important news to share.”
“Okay okay don’t worry, I will. I need to know your tea anyways.”
You heard her chuckle, “trust me you would love it.”
“On second thoughts, tell me now.” You retorted, getting excited about the ‘important news’ she wanted to share.
“Nope, call me later bye!”
“Yoora no!” You yelled but she hung up already.
You wondered what happened in the span of 3 days that got her so excited. The last time you talked was when your mom was here. She was completely fine and normal so something big definitely happened. Thinking about Yoora and her important news, you didn’t even realize that you already reached your dad's company.
Parking the car and walking inside the tall glass building, you were greeted by the two beautiful receptionists who immediately recognized you as the chairman’s daughter.
“Hey, is dad free?” You asked the receptionist at the front desk.
“He’s in his office Miss Y/N, but I’ll call him and let him know you’re here.” She responded.
“Uh no! I actually wanted to surprise him so there is no need to inform him. I’ll just go.” You protested.
“Alright but he has someone over right now.”
“It's okay, I'll just wait outside his office till he’s done.” You said.
“As you wish Miss Y/N.” She respectfully bowed.
You returned it and walked towards your dad's office being all excited to meet him and ready to scold him for getting sick. Once you reached the hallway to your dad’s office, you were surprised to see a familiar figure and someone you thought you would never meet here of all places.
“Yoongi? What are you doing here?” You questioned as you walked up to him.
“Y/N?” He raised a brow turning towards you.
“You two know each other?” Your dad beamed in.
“Dad!” You exclaimed and jumped into his arms.
“Hey sweetheart, how are you?” He asked.
“I'm all good, how are you now?”
“Much better, especially now that you're here.” He replied, ruffling your hair as the two of you chuckled.
“Anyways back to my question, you two know each other?” Your dad asked once again.
“We’re neighbours.” Yoongi and you retorted at the same time.
“Dad, how do you know him and why are you here Yoongi?” You questioned both of them.
“He’s the CEO of Min Productions, we just finalized a deal and collaboration.” Your dad proudly announced.
You were beyond shocked. Yoongi, Min Yoongi, your neighbour, Hoseok's friend, he is the CEO of one of the biggest companies in all of South Korea.
“I was going to tell you about him to help with your work but good thing you came. Maybe we can just discuss all that right now. If that’s fine with you and Yoongi of course.” Your dad said, eyeing the two of you.
“Sure, I don’t have any other schedule for today.” Yoongi confirmed.
“Perfect! How about you Y/N?” Your dad asked.
“Oh yea sure.” You replied, still baffled about the new information you had just learned about Yoongi.
With that, the three of you went inside your dad's office and discussed a few deals, details and designs you could all work on. Your dad had two companies and you were working in the other smaller one. The companies were known for their great interior house designing. Yoongi's company being the biggest and most famous one in that field.
“I want to do something big this time.” Your dad heaved out. He was sitting on the couch beside you and in front of Yoongi, deep in thought about what he can do.
“What do you mean by that dad?” You muddled.
“Maybe a showcase-like exhibition.” Yoongi remarked, ignoring your confused state.
“Perfect! That’s a great idea, we'll do that.” Your dad happily exclaimed.
“Wait, so we’ll hold an exhibition with our new designs? Like how Ikea has those fake displays?” You asked, amazed by the idea.
“Something exactly like that.” Yoongi confirmed.
“Oh my god, you’re so smart. I’m sure this will benefit all our companies ” You exclaimed jolting up from your seat, making both Yoongi and your dad look up at you surprised.
“Uh sorry I just got a bit excited.” You murmured and sat back down making your dad chuckle.
“Yoongi, do you have any set date for the exhibition in mind?” Your dad asked, looking back at him.
“How about 4 months from now? Our company is low on furniture stock right now so it’ll take about a month to get them and 2-3 months to set all the designs.” Yoongi replied.
“Hmm, I think that’s great. Within the month you guys get furniture we can make the presentations with selected designs and a location to display the exhibition.” You suggested.
“Yea sure, we can have another meeting to discuss that later.” Yoongi said to which you and your dad both nodded.
A few minutes later your dad’s words were interrupted by a spam of text messages on your phone.
“Sorry Dad, I'm just gonna check to see if everything is fine.” You said, pulling out your phone to which he nodded and continued talking to Yoongi.
[yoora] 2:13pm: are you done yet???
[yoora] 2:13pm: please tell me you are
[yoora] 2:14pm: it’s been almost 4 hours
[yoora] 2:14pm: I still need to share my news
[yoora] 2:14pm: it’s important.
[yoora] 2:15pm: pleaseee Y/N!!
[yoora] 2:15pm: reply or i’ll never tell you.
[y/n] 2:16pm: jeez woman you need to stop spamming!
[yoora] 2:16pm: fucking finally!!!
[y/n] 2:16pm: and fyi, it’s only been 3 hours
[yoora] 2:16pm: same thing
[y/n] 2:17pm: anyways, i’m almost done here so tell me where to meet you
[yoora] 2:17pm: my place.
[y/n] 2:17pm: alright, see you soon
[yoora] 2:17pm: okayy see you soon!!
“Dad I actually have to leave right now.” You announced, closing your phone screen.
“So suddenly? Is everything okay?” He asked, face frowning with concern. Yoongi was staring at you as well.
“Yes dad everything is fine. I just need to go drop by at Yoora’s place.” You responded.
“Oh I see, take care and send my greetings her way.” He said standing up.
“Will do, I’ll leave now and please take care of yourself.” You said, hugging your dad. Your eyes then landed on Yoongi.
“Uh it’s an honour to be working with you Mr. Min.” You said professionally, extending your hand towards him.
You heard him chuckle, showing off his gummy smile before responding to your handshake. “Just call me Yoongi.”
“You have a what!” You yelled, choking on the water you were gulping down.
“I have a boyfriend.” Yoora stuttered out, playing with her fingers.
“Oh my god Yoora, this is huge!” You exclaimed, putting aside the glass of water and holding her hands.
“I know, he’s actually coming over in a few minutes.” She said, making you widen your eyes.
“Why did you call me then! Do I know him? What’s his name? How long have you been dating?” You bombarded her with questions.
“Y/N calm down, I wanted to tell you before anyone and I don’t think you know him but you’ve definitely heard of him. He’s actually one of Hoseok's friends.” Yoora said, making you frown.
“Really? Who?” You questioned.
Before she could even reply, the doorbell rang.
“I think that’s him.”
You watched as Yoora walked over to the door, opened it and got crushed by a muscular figure hugging her.
“Hi babe, I missed you.” You heard a deep male voice, followed by a chuckle and a “I missed you too.” from Yoora. You smiled at that as you were beyond happy for your best friend.
As the couple walked in, you stood up from the couch and finally saw the man's face. Hoseok's friend huh? Once again very good looking.
“Hey you must be Y/N. I’m Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook, It’s nice finally meeting you.” He introduced himself, extending his hand towards you.
“So you’re the man that stole my best friend's heart and my other best friend's car. It’s nice finally meeting you too, Jungkook.” You joked whilst shaking his hand.
“I— let’s not talk about the car incident. Hoseok still hates me for that.” He nervously laughed, making both you and Yoora chuckle.
“Anyways how and since when have you two been dating?” You asked curiously.
“Uh we’d been talking for 7 months after the party we met in and started dating 3 months ago.” Jungkook said, making you squint your eyes at Yoora. She told you about meeting this hot guy at the one party you couldn’t attend, but never told you that they had been talking afterwards.
“I’m sorry, I know I should have told you sooner but we wanted to be sure about our relationship before telling anyone and don’t be mad, you’re still the first one to know anyways.” Yoora apologetically retorted and you immediately softened your eyes.
“It’s fine, I’m so happy for you both. Jungkook please keep her happy and never break her heart or I swear I’ll kill you.” You threatened him.
“I swear I won’t, I love her too much.” He confessed looking at Yoora. You saw the love he had for her in his eyes and how flustered Yoora got.
He’s definitely the one for her.
“Well I guess I’ll leave you two be, don’t want to to be a third wheel.” You laughed.
“No no please don’t. I know you’re free today and we haven’t been hanging out a lot lately. Jungkook doesn't mind, I already told him.” She pleaded. Your eyes wandered off to Jungkook for confirmation and he nodded with a smile.
“Are you sure?” You asked, still having second thoughts.
“We’re sure, we can watch a movie if you’d like.” Jungkook suggested.
You sighed and smiled. “Alright, sounds good.”
Yoora squealed and stood up, “I’ll go get the popcorn and some drinks ready!”
“Why don’t you two catch up and choose a movie while I go get that hm?” Jungkook insisted, leaving a peck on Yoora’s forehead before heading towards the kitchen.
As soon as he left, you immediately hugged Yoora.
“Oh my god! He’s so sweet and good looking, literally your type.” You quietly exclaimed.
“I know right! I’m so glad I didn't ditch that party Hobi took me too that day. The guys there and Hoseok's friends were so nice and hot. You would’ve found yourself a man as well.” She excitedly whispered back.
You quietly chuckled, “I admit Hoseok’s friends are really nice and hot but you know why I couldn’t come.”
“Right, speaking of that, I forgot to ask how it went with your dad. How’s he feeling now?”
“Much better, he’s been taking all his medications on time and started working again. Dad also sent his greetings your way.” You smiled.
“That’s great! Make sure to send my greetings back to him,” She replied, making you nod.
“Of course! Well, let's choose a movie now.” You said, grabbing the remote from the table.
“Marvel!” The two of you exclaimed.
“Spider-man!” You jumped up, causing you both to laugh out loud.
“I heard Marvel and Spider-man, I’m so ready to watch.” Jungkook beamed, coming out of the kitchen with popcorn, drinks and other snacks in his arms.
“Jungkook, you're a Marvel and Spider-man fan too!” You excitedly asked.
“No shit Sherlock, who isn’t?” He cockily responded, making the three of you laugh.
“Okay, okay, let’s watch!”
You didn’t even realize when the three of you finished watching 3 movies before ordering a take out and leaving her place. It was really fun and Jungkook was an amazing guy. You’re so happy for Yoora.
“Y/N please come to the party!” Yoora whined over the phone while you were cooking yourself some pasta for dinner.
“No buts, you’re coming and that's final.” She stated.
“I’m not sure about it though.” You sighed, leaning against the kitchen counter.
“Oh come on, Jimin literally called and personally invited you.”
“I know but we’re not so close.”
“So what? Me, Jungkook and Hoseok, we’re all going to be there as well.” She retorted, trying to convince you for the past 15 minutes now.
“Fine, but I don’t have a—“
“Don't even worry about that. I have a sexy black one piece you could wear. Just decide on a suitable dress or some shorts and a nice top to go along with it.”
“Okay, thanks.”
She knows you too well.
“Don’t thank me, you know our rule.” She said, trying to sound mad.
“Right my bad.” You chuckled.
“Oh Jungkooks here! I'll call you tomorrow and drop off the one piece.” She exclaimed.
“Yeah sure.” You replied.
“Perfect! I’ll see you tomorrow then, bye.”
“Yeah see you, bye.” With that, the two of you ended the call.
Jimin had called you three days ago, inviting you to his house for a pool party which was being held on Saturday. You weren’t sure if you’d go since you’d only met each other once and weren’t too close. However, now that Yoora had successfully ended up convincing you to attend the party, you realized it wasn’t such a bad idea. You could spend some time with Hoseok, Yoora and some other friends.
It had also been a little over a month since you had started working on the exhibition with Yoongi. As promised, you did all the research on possible locations and compiled various interior designs to use for display. You’d definitely be using this pool party as a way to unravel and celebrate the successful presentation you gave a few days prior. You’d been quite nervous as you didn’t want to disappoint your father or Yoongi. Despite your nerves, you decided to go ahead with it. Turned out that you had done remarkably well, impressing Yoongi as a turnout.
Today was Thursday, meaning you’d only have a day to prepare yourself. Most of tomorrow will be gone as you know you’ll find yourself drowning in work. The party is in the evening of Saturday so you’ll get everything ready the morning prior.
You stood by the edge of your bed, staring at the pile of mess you just made. You were frustrated and confused as to what to wear to the party later in the evening.
Not wanting to spoil your whole mood, you decided to facetime Yoora and let her decide. As you were about to call her, something clicked in your mind.
You totally forgot.
You knew it’d be rude to call her in the middle of this so you decided to break it down to two outfits. You took pictures wearing both and just sent her the pics.
[y/n] 12:18pm: Yoora I know you're having lunch with Jungkook and his parents but when you have time please choose which one I should wear.
*insert image*
*insert image*
After you quickly sent the text, you ran to the kitchen to grab some food to eat. You were really excited about the pool party. The one piece Yoora gave was indeed sexy and fits your body perfectly. You sure were going to have fun tonight.
As soon as you sat on the sofa with a bag of doritos, you received a notification. You smiled and clicked on it knowing it’ll just be Yoora but—
What the fuck!?
[yoongi] 12:23pm: Y/N? this is Yoongi, I think you’ve got the wrong person.
[y/n] 12:24pm: oh my god! I'm so sorry I think I misread yours and Yoora’s name.
[yoongi] 12:24pm: Oh it’s fine
Your heart was beating so fast right now. You accidentally sent two pictures of yourself to Yoongi. It took you about a good six minutes to calm down but as soon as you were okay, you received another notification
[yoongi] 12:32pm: If you're open to receive another opinion though, I'd say the second one.
You blinked your eyes and kept staring at the text. Not gonna lie, that did something to your heart. You felt butterflies in your stomach.
[y/n] 12:35pm: oh alright thanks
[yoongi] 12:37pm: np:)
[hobi] 5:56pm: hey I’m downstairs
[y/n] 5:56pm: give me two mins i’ll be down
[hobi] 5:56pm: okay I’m waiting
You quickly fix your hair, put on your wedges and give yourself a quick glance in the mirror before leaving your apartment.
You are going to go to Jimin's party with Hoseok today. It’s been a while since you last met him considering his sudden trip to Chicago for two weeks.
Stepping out of the apartment entrance, you saw Hoseok leaning against his silver BMW. He didn’t notice you as his eyes were too focused on his phone.
“Hobi!” You beam, running up to him.
“Hey Y/N!” He beams back, trapping you into a bear hug.
“You look nice.” He compliments, eyeing your blue jean shorts and black off shoulder crop top which show off your belly piercing and sharp collarbones.
“You don’t look too bad yourself.” You retort, eyeing his white shorts and blue striped shirt.
“I never look bad.” He states whilst adjusting the shades resting on his head, making you roll your eyes.
“Anyways, how was Chicago?” You ask.
“It was amazing! I met a girl there actually.” He answers, making your eyes widen.
“Oh my god what!” You exclaim, causing him to let out a chuckle at your reaction.
“I’ll tell you on the way, get in the car first or we’ll be late.” He remarks, already walking towards the driver seat.
“Oh yea let’s go.” You say, opening the car door and settling yourself in.
Once he starts driving, your curiosity grows bigger.
“So?” You start, staring at his side profile.
“So what?” He asks, taking a quick glance at you before staring back at the road. You know he knows exactly what you’re referring to.
“Jung Hoseok.” His name comes sternly out your mouth.
“Fine fine, her name is Aera. She's actually Korean and is currently studying at a law school in Chicago. She still has a year to go and then she’ll come back.”
“Stop, that's so cool. So you’ll wait till she comes back?” You curiously ask.
“Yeah we both seem to like each other and we’ve been talking ever since I got back.” He shyly replies.
“Hobi, that’s great! Omg I'm so happy for you.” You squeal as he thanks you before turning on some music.
“To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d be available to pick you up tonight so I was going to tell Yoongi to bring you along with him.”
“Wait. Yoongi’s coming?” You ask, horror evident in your eyes.
“Of course we’re all friends, he’s Jimin's friend too, did you forget?” He laughs, eyes still focused on the road.
Great, just great. Now you have to face him after accidentally sending him your pics. Can this get any worse and embarrassing? You know you had to face him on Monday for work but within 5-6 hour after the incident…
After about 15 minutes, you see Hoseok pulling up at a parking lot with a huge mansion behind it.
Jimin lives here what the fuck!
“This isn’t Jimin's house, it's his family farm house.” Hobi confirms, as if he read your mind.
“Oh I see, it’s really pretty.” You mumble.
“It is. Now quit staring at it and let’s go in, I'll finally introduce you to Taehyung as well,” he says, making you nod. You follow him to the door and watch him ring the bell. When the door opens, the two of you are greeted by Jimin himself.
“Hoseok! Hey bro.” Jimin pulls Hoseok into a hug before turning towards you.
“Y/N hey! Glad you made it, it's been a while huh?” He exclaims, reaching in for a hug which you gladly accept.
“It sure has, thank you for inviting Jimin.” You beam a smile at him.
“Of course anytime, we’re friends now.” He smiles in return.
“But she’s my best friend.” Hoseok speaks in between, making you playfully hit his shoulder.
“Yeah yeah anyways, come in and make yourself at home.” Jimin says, guiding the two of you inside.
As soon as you step in, you are hit by the smell of alcohol as the song Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars blasts loudly through the speakers. Of course the first thing you notice is the beautiful interior of the house, you were amazed by it. Then you notice people scattered all around the house.
Jimin takes it upon himself to lead you and Hoseok to the backyard even though Hobi seemed to know the way. Once you reach, you see many more bodies dancing around, drinking, smoking, making out and playing in the pool.
“The bar is right there, you can get whatever you want. Please enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask for anything else, I'll be around.” Jimin says, pointing at the bar where people were sitting and bartenders were serving drinks.
Jimin definitely seems rich. I mean, his family owns Park Motels after all.
“Yeah, till everyone actually gets here at least. We all know you’d be hooking up with someone soon Jimin.” Hoseok snickers whilst you press your lips together to try to hold in your laugh.
“Shut up! Don’t embarrass me like that. Geez don’t listen to him Y/N.” Jimin replies.
“It’s totally fine Jimin, it’s your party of course you’ll enjoy.” You assure.
“See! Y/N is so kind, not judging me unlike someone else here,” he says, glaring at Hoseok to which he responds by rolling his eyes.
“Hey Jimin!” the three of you look back to see Namjoon, Seokjin, Jungkook, Yoora and this other man you don’t think you’ve ever met walking towards you.
Maybe he’s Taehyung?
“Hey guys!” Jimin and Hoseok beam as Yoora comes and hugs you.
“Y/N! It’s so good to see you again.“ Seokjin politely says as Namjoon agrees and passes his dimple smile towards you.
“Likewise. How are you guys?” You ask.
“Perfectly fine. How about you?” The two say in return.
“I’m fine too.” You smile and wave at Jungkook who waves back.
“Oh and I believe you two haven’t met. Y/N this is Taehyung and Taehyung this is Y/N.” Jimin adds, pointing towards the man you’d assume was Taehyung indeed.
“Hey, I’ve heard a lot about you Y/N,” his deep ocean-like voice speaks as he motions his hand forward to you. You blink your eyes and immediately shake his hand.
He looks so dreamy and handsome.
“I could say the same Taehyung, nice to meet you.”
Soon enough, the 6 boys are chatting amongst themselves and you quietly start whispering to Yoora beside you, “How the hell are his friends so good looking?”
“I don’t know. Well let’s see, Namjoon and Seokjin have a girlfriend while me and Jungkook are together so Jim—“
“Really!” You exclaim louder than you thought, once knowing two of them have girlfriends. This makes the 6 men snap their heads towards you and Yoora.
“Any problem girls? You okay Y/N?” Namjoon asks.
“Uh yeah actually, me and Y/N are going to head to the pool now, is that fine?” Yoora asks, hooking her arm under yours.
“Of course have fun! The changing room is right there.” Jimin says, pointing to a door beside the glass window leading into the house.
“Got it thanks!” Yoora beams before holding your hand and dragging the two of you towards the change room. Of course after making sure she gives Jungkook a quick peck on his lips and cheek.
You can feel the gazes being thrown at you. You’re not even complaining because damn right you look sexy and amazing tonight. Yoora told you a thousand times before the two of you stepped out of the changing room seconds ago.
Making your way towards the pool, you already see Hoseok and his friends in there, shirtless. You look away spotting Jimin making out with a girl in a hot pink bikini only to find Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook talking to one another in the corner while Namjoon and Seokjin were each talking to a girl. Maybe it’s their girlfriends.
When you get into the pool, Hoseok, Taehyung and Jungkook swim towards you and Yoora, making sure to splash some water your way on purpose. As a reflex, the two of you bring your hands forward to block the water and look to the side.
“My girls are looking sexy.” Hoseok beams, snaking his arms around your bare waists. The two of you don’t mind knowing it’s just Hoseok and the three of you are very much comfortable with each other. I mean, you’ve practically known each other for twenty years now.
“Don’t we always.” You two retort as Hobi gives you both the ‘as if, I've seen you at your worst’ look.
“Anyways, we are going to start beach volleyball in the pool, wanna join?” Taehyung asks in between.
“We’d love to!” The two of you exclaim and so everyone gathers up to play.
After two long hours of playing around and having fun in the pool, You and Yoora decide to come out and dry yourselves up. You received a few drinks in the pool but the two of you needed to sit down to talk whilst enjoying another nice drink.
The two of you dry yourselves up in the change room before running towards the bar stools. You make sure to wear shorts over your one piece before you do though.
“One Margarita for me!” Yoora exclaims before turning to you, telepathically asking what you’d like.
“I’d like the same,” you respond, making the bartender nod and leave to get your drinks ready.
They served it in just seconds, wow.
“So how was lunch with Jungkook's parents?” You start, clinking your glass with hers.
“Oh my god I was literally nervous for no reason, they were like the sweetest people ever,” she coos.
“Really, that’s amazing! Still can’t get over how gorgeous you look tonight by the way. I bet Jungkook won’t be able to keep his hands to himself, not that he was in the pool anyways.” You tease your best friend who showed up in a yellow and purple two piece, paired with an off the shoulder, floral white dress to go over it.
As if on cue, Jungkoook makes his way over to the two of you and stands beside Yoora.
“Hey Y/N! Can I steal her from you for a bit?” He asks whilst licking his lips.
“Of course, take her for as long as you want. Have fun you two.” You sheepishly grin, glancing between the two and notice Yoora glaring at you while Jungkook stands there with a smirk plastered on his face.
“Oh we will, thanks.” Jungkook replies, eyeing your best friend before snaking a hand around her waist and taking her inside.
As soon as Yoora and Jungkook leave, you order another drink and patiently sit there while staring at the crowd. Half of them are in the pool and the other half are dancing.
“Mind if I join you?” Your eyes widen as you immediately jerk your head up to see Yoongi staring down at you.
“Uh no not at all,” you respond, fidgeting with the glass of red wine the bartender had just served to you.
“Great. A single malt scotch whiskey please,” he orders, taking a seat on the stool beside you which was previously occupied by Yoora.
For a moment you both sit there in silence while taking sips of your drinks. From the corner of your eyes, you feel Yoongi's eye on you so you slowly move your head to take a glance at him.
“Do you have something to say?” You ask, trying your best not to stutter knowing you are under his sharp gaze.
“Yes well, we have a meeting on Thursday, just a reminder.” He states to which you quietly nod.
“Right. Thanks for remin—“
“Y/N! Yoongi! Come on, don't sit around, let’s go dance.” Hoseok excitedly exclaims as he wraps his arms around the both of you before dragging you two to the dance floor.
Hoseok twirls you around before showing off some moves of his own. Taehyung being the gentleman he is, greets you before grasping your hand to sway you around a few times. You laugh and find yourself dancing along to the music. Such a nice and fun guy.
Yoongi stands there watching the three of you, well mostly you. Unknowingly he feels his heart racing. It was something about your exposed legs, collarbones, the belly piercing and wet hair. You look beautiful under the neon lights flashing over your face, swaying your hips perfectly to match the rhythm.
Soon enough, many more bodies start to join, making the space become tighter. Yoongi then realizes that your body was now pressed against his. Your hands are resting on his shoulder in need of support while his hands just stay by his side, not daring to touch you.
The two of you find yourselves lost in an intense eye lock. The loud music blasting in the background, starts fading away as Yoongi finds it harder to resist himself.
“Don’t look at me like that.” Yoongi growls, not taking his eyes off you as you don’t either.
“Like what?” You mumble, enough for him to hear. You make sure to squeeze his shoulders and biceps before slowly trailing one of your hands down to his chest. You don’t know where you got this sudden confidence from but you’re going to blame the alcohol for it.
“Fuck you’re gonna regret this,” he mumbles back, lightly flicking his tounge over his lips which you find super hot. You feel intoxicated with the tone of his voice, his strong breezy cologne and his not so minty but alcohol scented breath.
Your bodies are pressed against each other yet his hands are still not touching you. It was driving you crazy. He was driving you crazy.
You didn’t want to but you find yourself breaking the intense eye contact before moving your eyes down to his wet plump lips. You take your index finger and slowly trace it down his Adam's apple which you watch go up and down, indicating how hard he gulped from your movement.
“Y/N.” he warns. His voice, low and stern.
You look back up to meet his eyes, only to see them glued onto your lips. You were so desperate to have them pressed against his pink wet ones that you didn’t care about anything else at this point. In a swift moment, you grab his collar, pull him closer to you and smash your lips onto his.
Your eyes shut close as you feel Yoongi's lips perfectly mould into yours as if they’re only made for you. They were warm and soft just like how you’d imagine.
That’s where you finally feel one of his arms wrap around your waist and the other around your back with his hand tangled up in your damp hair. You secure your arms around his neck and slowly guide your fingers up to play with his long fluffy hair.
When you feel his hands move down to your hips giving it a little squeeze, you almost yelp and immediately pull out from the kiss.
Fuck you just kissed Yoongi.
He slowly caresses your cheeks and lightly brushes his thumb over your lips.
“You wanna take this upstairs,” he whispers, making you nervous. You may have planned on getting laid tonight but certainly not by Yoongi.
Yoongi feels your uneasiness and sighs. “Only if you’re okay with it. I’m not going to force you Y/N. We can forget whatever happened if you think this was a mist—“
“No!” You exclaim.
“I…I just…fuck. Okay fine let’s go!” You stutter and whine, being all frustrated with yourself. You know you’re overthinking but this might only be a one night thing and nothing else.
“Y/N once again I’m not—“
“Yoongi, I want you,” you cut him off, looking him in the eyes. You see them go dark with the same lustful gaze he held before the kiss. He clutches your hand and walks the two of you past the sweaty bodies to get in the house. From the corner of your eyes, you spot Taehyung and Hoseok happily dancing amongst the crowd.
They didn’t see the kiss, thank god.
Once Yoongi’s free hand slides open the glass door to enter the house, he leads you up the stairs as you mindlessly follow behind. He comes to a halt in front of the furthest door from the stairs and opens it, gesturing for you to step in.
Once you do, you feel his grip on your hand go loose as he leaves it to lock the door with his broad back facing you. When he turns around, he pauses and stares at your figure for a brief second before moving closer. He snakes his arm around your waist and quickly yanks you towards him so that both of your hands are pressed against his chest.
“You’ve been driving me insane all night Y/N,” he whispers, giving your hips a light squeeze.
“Could say the same Mr. Min,” you tease, knowing damn well how much he hates it when you call him that.
“Fuck Y/N, you sure you want this?” he asks, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
“Yes.” You breathe out.
“Are you clean baby?” He asks while opening the drawer beside you with one hand, possibly searching for a condom.
“Yes and I'm on pills so no need to look for a condom.” You assure, deeply staring into his dark orbs before locking lips with him again.
This time it was more rough and rushed. Both your tongues fighting for dominance and teeth clashing, leading into a messy make out session. His hands roam all over your body as yours begins to unbutton his black shirt and slide it off his built arms.
You yelp when he lifts you up and gently places you on the bed, hovering over you. Your hands make their way from touching his bare upper half to the back of his neck as you both continue to salivate each other’s lips.
“Yoongi please,” you whine, pulling out of the steamy kiss.
“Please what? I need words princess.” He speaks in a husky tone, making you even more weak and wet than you already were.
“Please touch me. Please fuck me, I need you in me.” You beg, receiving a quick low chuckle from him.
“Yeah? You want me to fuck you senseless hm?” He says, slowly caressing your thighs.
“Yes please.” You plead.
“Tell me exactly what you need then.” He demands.
“Need your dick in me fuck Yoongi just—mmph.” Your whining gets cut off by his lips that smash onto yours once again whilst his cold veiny hands begin to trace all your curves.
“Can I?” He pants, playing with the hem of your shorts. You nod and he immediately slides them off, throwing them somewhere on the ground.
He goes down to your thighs and spreads them apart, leaving wet kisses around the inner part before eyeing your clothed area. You were still in your one piece.
Yoongi hovers back up to lean over your face, gently holds your head and lifts your upper half off the bed so that you’re smug in arms. He unties the knots on the back of your one piece before sliding the straps off from both sides and completing discarding it from your body. Yoongi eyes your naked figure from head to toe and bites his lips before leaning down to your neck.
“I always knew you’d be beautiful in and out.” He whispers, biting your earlobe before leaving a trail of wet butterfly kisses from your neck, down to your pussy. You shudder at the feeling.
“So fucking wet for me aren’t you princess?”
“Hmm only for you, now take this off,” you mumble, pointing at his pants as you can already see how hard he is. Yoongi immediately obeys and takes it off along with his boxers, letting his hardened cock spring free. You almost gasp seeing his length, he was huge.
“Like what you see baby?” He smirks.
Fuck you want him. You want him so bad!
“Yoongi go on alread—shit!” You whimper, feeling his cold fingers rubbing circles over your clit.
“Need to stretch you out first.” He says, inserting two long fingers inside you.
“Yoongi oh my god.” You cry out in pleasure, pulling him closer.
“You like that baby?” He asks, groaning when you clench tightly around his digits.
“Yes Yoon— '' You moan out as he quickens his pace, fucking his fingers in and out of your dripping cunt. When you feel your orgasm approaching, you squeeze his arm.
“Fuck im so close,” you hiss as he hums in response before pulling his fingers completely out of you.
“Yoongi why’d you pull out!” You whine, feeling the sudden emptiness of his fingers in you while you were close to finishing.
“Cause I want you to cum all over my cock.” He responds, palming his member and stroking it before positioning it to your entrance.
He looks at your naked frame beneath him to ask for consent, to which you eagerly nod. When he enters your wet heat, the two of you let out a deep groan and whimper.
“Shit! You’re still so fucking tight baby. Should’ve eaten you out too,” he groans, feeling the burn as every inch of him stretches your walls to their limit.
“Fuck Yoongi, just move already.” You plead, extremely aroused by the dirty words he was throwing at you.
He is quick to oblige and nods before thrusting into you slowly. Once he catches his pace, you become a moaning mess under him. His name being the only thing coming out of your mouth while you grip his hair and sheets tightly. Yoongi loved it, loved feeling you squirm and be a mess under him, loved the sound of both your skins slapping filling the room while you chant his name over and over again. It was like music to his ears.
“You feel so fucking good baby.” He groans, using one of his hands to play with your hardened nipple before latching his mouth on, to suck it.
“Fuck Yoon you’re so good, shit right there.” You moan, rolling your eyes back while gripping Yoongi’s hair tighter as you feel him hit your g-spot. You only earn yourself a low groan from him.
“Shit shit shit so close Yoon fuck!” Yoongi hates to admit it but the way you were calling him ‘Yoon’ was making him go crazy.
“Fuck, you’re gonna cream my cock princess yea?” He asks gritting his teeth, nearly pulling out all the way before slamming back into you again.
“Yes! Please go faster!” You shriek, bucking your hips forward to feel him more.
“Faster? shit you’re making me go crazy Y/N.” Something about the way he said your name along with the amount of pleasure he was giving you almost made you dizzy.
“Gonna cum Yoongi!” You screech, shutting your eyes tight as you feel the familiar knot in your stomach again.
“Will cum all over my cock like the good girl you are?” He emphasizes each word with controlled thrusts.
“Yoongi yes fuck, please just— cant hold it.” you cry out.
“Cum for me then.” He murmurs, leaving a sloppy kiss near your jawline before pulling out of you to let you cream his cock. You wince and cry out at the feeling as your orgasm washes over you.
Yoongi surprises you when he gives your slit a nice long lick. “Just wanted to taste you,” he beams, plopping his sweaty figure beside you.
“You didn’t cum,” you remark, sitting up as your chest still heaves up and down.
“It's fine.” He mutters, still lying down as beads of sweat drip down his chest and forehead.
“No it’s not, you’ve been working so hard for the exhibition, I think you deserve a treat Mr. Min.” You retort, looking down at him and giving his veiny cock a nice deep stroke.
“Fuck, I told you not to call me that but you’re right, I do deserve a treat. Think you can give me a head?” He jerks up, brushing his hand through his hair.
“I’d love to, Mr. Min.” You respond, your tongue reaching down to lick his pink tip, precum already leaking from it with your own cum smeared over as well.
“Don’t fucking tease baby.” He grunts. You dip your head down and take him in your mouth, moaning at the sensation as Yoongi tries to fight back a moan himself. You swirl your tongue around a bit before bobbing your head up and down to suck him off and take as much of him as you can. Only Yoongi knows how pretty you look right now and he’d do anything to see you like this for the rest of his life.
“Fuck you’re taking me so well princess.” He hisses, gripping your hair and moving it out your face so that it wouldn’t be in your way. It only makes you suck him harder.
He groans and throws his head back, “Not gonna last long fuck.”
After giving him a few more sucks, you feel his dick twitch in your mouth. You knew he’d cum anytime soon so you already prepared yourself.
“Shit, gonna cum.” He curses before shooting his hot cum straight down your throat. When you pull out, you start coughing and your eyes were glistening with tears.
“Shit sorry, are you okay?” Yoongi apologizes, worriedly reaching down to cup your face.
“I’m good, just tired.” You tell him with an amused smile.
“Let’s get you cleaned okay.” He says, pecking your forehead and lifting you off him to lay you down on the bed.
Was this the same man a few minutes ago?
You watch Yoongi wear his boxers and go into the bathroom to bring a damp towel in order to clean you up. Once he is done, he gives you his black button up to wear and tucks you in bed before slipping under the sheets, right beside you.
“Yoongi if we sleep here, I'll need to tell Hoseok not to wait for me.” You mutter, instantly realizing and moving closer to Yoongi's body so that you are facing him.
“I’ll text him, don't worry, just sleep okay.” He replies, cuddling you while playing with your hair.
“Don’t tell him that we—“
“No way I would, I'll never hear the end of it.” He adds, to which you both let out a chuckle.
“Thank you for tonight, goodnight Yoongi.” You wish him, eyes closed as you’re already half asleep in his embrace.
Yoongi smiles and mutters back, “night princess,” before falling into deep slumber himself.
It’s been 3 months since that night. Neither you nor Yoongi had the time to talk about that certain topic or anything else other than work. Things had been really hectic and busy with the exhibition being just around the corner. In fact, It was going to be held tomorrow so you were really nervous yet excited at the same time.
You were seated on your kitchen counter stool, skimming through some details on the designs you will be presenting tomorrow, when you hear a sudden knock on the door. You sigh and walk over to open it, only to find Yoongi standing there.
“Hey Yoon—“
“We need to talk.” He says in a serious tone, making you worried. You let him in and close the door behind you.
“Is the display fine? Should I change anything? All the designs are okay right? Did something happe—?'' Before you could say anything more, he cuts you off.
“I can’t anymore.” He mumbles, staring at the floor.
“Cant what Yoongi? Are you okay?” You worriedly ask him, trying to catch a glimpse of his face.
“Fuck I just— I think I’m in love with you.” He confesses, looking up at you. You were too stunned to speak at the moment. The two of you stand there in silence for a few seconds, if only he knew how fast your heart was racing right now.
“You’re what?” You question him, making sure whatever you just heard was right.
“I’m in love with you. I know we haven’t gotten the chance to talk much after that night but I can’t stop thinking about you. I was actually attracted to you from the beginning and I slowly started liking you as a friend and a colleague but that night, I just knew I liked you more than that. So can we like…you know, will you be my girlfriend?” He nervously confesses.
“Is Mr. Min nervous?” You tease him, flashing him an amused smile.
“Y/N. I'm serious.” He almost whines. Seeing such a side of Yoongi apart from his cold demeanour that he has when working makes you so happy and giddy.
“Well, I’d love to be your girlfriend.“ You giggle in response as he stands there in shock.
“Yoongi,” you call out. He hums in return, eyes boring into yours.
“Just kiss me already goddamn it.” You whine, tugging on his shirt collar so that you could press your lips against his.
When your lips meet one another, It starts off as a slow passionate kiss which gradually turns into a rather hungrier one. Yoongi being Yoongi, squeezes your ass and tumbles you both over onto your couch so that he is hovering over you.
“How about you pay me back for borrowing some sugar that day, by letting me taste your sweet little cunt.”
“Oh my g— Yoongi!” You widen your eyes and lightly slap his arm. How did he go from being a stuttering mess to being so confident?
“Oh come on, I know you’d love it.” Yoongi mumbles, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.
“I would but I love you more.” You giggle pecking his cheeks.
“Not more than how much I love you though,” he retorts, pecking your lips and nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck.
“Tomorrow is a big day.” You whisper, hooking your arms around his nape.
“I know, but you did amazing. You worked so hard on this and I loved all the designs and presentations you gave.” He replies, gently holding your hand and rubbing circles over your knuckles.
“You’re just saying that because you like me.” You retort, making him lean up to face you.
“This is part of the reason why I actually started liking you baby, I couldn’t be more proud of you.”
“I should be the one saying how proud I am of you. You worked even harder on this than me. You even skipped meals and went home at like 2 am,” you respond, brushing your fingers through his scalp.
“Oh, were you observing me princess?” He asks you in a teasing manner.
“Hmm couldn’t stop staring at my handsome and hot neighbour. No wait, I mean boss, or is it colleague? Or should I say boyfriend.” You reply, not even denying it.
“Whichever you like,” he chuckles in response before getting off of you and lifting you up in bridal style.
“Yoon what are you do—“
“Getting you to bed. We need to get some good sleep to survive tomorrow.” He states, walking to your bedroom and placing you on the bed.
“Nice room.” He compliments whilst looking around. He’s an interior designer himself, of course he’d say something about it.
“Thank you, wanna stay over?” You ask, reaching to the side to turn off the lights from your bedside table.
“Would love to.” He responds, sliding under the sheets beside you. You switch off the lights, embrace yourselves in each other’s arm and fall into deep slumber.
The next day, your morning was occupied with last minute touch ups needed to be done for the designs. You kept wondering how your boyfriend was putting up with everything. When the two of you were having breakfast, he informed you that his parents were going to drop by as well. The news had made you even more nervous than you already were. I mean, the two of you just started dating yesterday and you were already going to meet his parents.
Anyways, the overall day went by really fast and fairly well. The exhibition went smoothly and a lot of people showed up including your parents, Hoseok, Yoora, their parents and Hoseok’s friends. When you met Yoongi's parents, they were really nice and looked so happy to meet you. When you told your parents, they weren’t even surprised, especially your mom.
“I knew you two would have something going on, the moment I saw him at your place that day.” These were the exact words your mom had uttered to you with Yoongi by your side.
Hoseok, Yoora and the others were very surprised. Jungkook and Jimin obviously couldn’t keep their mouths shut and exposed Yoongi by telling you how he kept asking them for some girl's advice.
“Never knew you’d be into Yoongi but at least we can go on double dates now.” Yoora had whispered to you.
“Can’t believe that even when you and Yoongi would talk to me everyday, I couldn’t figure it out.” Hoseok had beamed.
You are currently in Yoongi’s black Palisade, on your way back home from the restaurant Yoongi's father had made a reservation for. It was a fun day and nice dinner with both your families and friends. Both your parents got along very well.
You were staring out the window, recalling all the events of today when you suddenly feel Yoongi’s cold hand on your thigh.
“You know my offer from yesterday still stands.” He says, making you frown.
“What are you talking about?” You question him.
“Don’t act so innocent baby, you know what I’m talking about.” Once he states that, you knew exactly what he was referring to.
“Yoon, I already paid you back.” You reply, deciding to tease him and stretch out the conversation a bit.
“Hm, but that wasn’t enough.” He retorts.
“What do you mean I gave ba—“
“You made me fall for you. Never knew I'd fall for the girl that showed up at my apartment late at night to borrow some sugar. You stole my heart so make up for that.” He claims, looking at you when the traffic lights turn red. Your eyes immediately soften.
“I love you so much.” You confess, leaning in for a quick kiss before the lights turn green again.
“I love you too.” He responds, kissing you back before you pull out and properly sit back on your seat.
“Also, I’d like to accept your offer Mr. Min.” You assert, intertwining your fingers with his as his hand was still resting on your thigh.
“Oh my love, I hope you know you’re in for a long night then.” He smirks, squeezing your hand and taking a glance at you. You look away being all flustered so he wouldn’t notice you turning red.
Tumblr media
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taegularities · 6 months ago
sweetener | myg (m)
Tumblr media
Summary: You used to know how he sounded when you were wrapped around him, but circumstances have pulled you apart and sent you scattering in opposite directions. Feelings shouldn't reappear so easily by simple words, but when you find yourselves in the same place once again, this is exactly what happens.
⋙ pairing: Yoongi x female reader ⋙ rating: 18+ ⋙ genre: fwb/kinda enemies to lovers; fluff, smut ⋙ warnings: a misunderstanding, former fuckboy!yoongi, pent-up feelings, very light angsty bits buuuut mostly cute hot stuff, hobi – the frustrated wingman; explicit sexual content: dom!yoongi, sub!reader, making out in a bathroom, oral (f. & m. receiving), hair pulling, grinding, protected sex, dirty talk, teasing, pussy/tiddie slapping (i think), light spanking – yoongi slaps it all, degradation, praising, biting, he comes on her tits, spit, light choking, rough sex, manhandling, cum play, aftercare, some crack dialogue i guess, most of this is smut tbh. ⋙ word count: 10.3k ⋙ a/n: this was supposed to be a 5k pwp 😐 but anything for the BIRTHDAY BOY !! i adore this man, may only good things happen to him ever 😭 here’s my little love letter to min suga. genius. <3 also lowhighkey dedicated to @sugalaritae​ who brainstormed this w me (came up with this wonderful summary, too !!) and just, ugh – i just love her, she deserves to be spoiled <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You should’ve listened to your guts when they told you to stay home this morning. Maybe you could’ve avoided Yoongi’s presence for some longer that way.
Perhaps it’s a sign of growing old and daydreaming of quiet nights in the comfort of your bed – but you don’t think you’ve hated a party this much in quite a long time. You bought a skirt for this. Searched for no-make-up make-up looks for this.
And what you get in return is a room full of strangers you can’t assign names to, walking in circles until you land in front of the clothed table near the garden exit again. You feel out of place. Not in the mood to drink like everyone is.
There’s no one who’ll drive you home – and you’re not going to pay money for a cab just to step into the car drunk, pathetic and wasted in front of yet another stranger.
But it seems that things only worsen when you spot him here. Sporting a black suit jacket over a simple black shirt, silver hair parted in the middle, and a veiny hand holding a glass of water like it’s such a harmless thing to do when you’re–
Min fucking Yoongi.
You’ve successfully dodged his presence all night long, and the fact that he hasn’t noticed nor acknowledged your somewhat obsessive stares so far, fills you with pride. Only that you might be slightly off your observation radar.
Because right at this moment… he’s stepping closer. Undoubtedly to your form. Shit.
So much for success and luck.
“So you really won’t even say hi to me, huh?”
You almost forgot what he sounded like. Is his voice smoother now? A little crispier, softer, more mature? No. It’s not as though he grew from a croaky-voiced teen into a full adult. He used to be a college student – and right now, he looks just the same as he did back then.
Only that his hair isn’t pitch black anymore, and it doesn’t hang into his eyes but is brushed aside instead, his forehead on full display.
“Why would I?” you question back, crossing your legs as you lean into the table further.
“Because… we’re familiar with each other?”
“You’re familiar with a lot of people here, though.”
If you’re offending him anyhow, he doesn’t show, but laughs at your words instead. He stares through the blurry transparency of his glass before he looks up to you, asking, “How have you been all this time?”
“I’m okay.” Letting the nervous spot behind your lungs relax, you sigh. He did mean a lot to you once – and he’s being nice to you, at least. “How are you?”
“Bored.” An airy laugh escapes you by surprise, and you press your lips together as you watch his body step closer. “What? It’s such a lame party.”
“Right? What are we celebrating again?”
“Who knows. Their anniversary. Or was it a birthday?”
Despite your initial annoyance and reluctance to near him more than ten feet, his jokes ease the tension. Somehow, he still knows what to say to let your shoulders sink, relaxation flooding your chest as his voice seeps its way through your body and into your mind.
You hate that after three years of distance, his words and smile still don’t fail to ignite a little spark inside you that you thought you let go long ago. Yoongi captured your feelings and your heart the moment he met you, and it seems as if he never loosened his steadfast grip around them.
You wonder what he’s thinking. Wonder if he ever thought of reaching out to you again.
“Still not a fan of parties, are you?” you ask, tilting your head as you watch him shrug his shoulders.
With one hand buried in the pocket of his slacks, he clicks his tongue and reminds you, “We had that in common, though.”
“Explains why this interaction feels so out of place right now.”
“Right? It does, it does.”
One corner of your lips is still curled upwards as he looks at you with a smile so foreign, so familiar; but your heart soon drops, falling endlessly when he says, “I missed you.”
Three simple words throw you off guard, your eyes blinking fast, your stance straightening as your guts twirl and churn. This took a whole new direction very fast. He whispered it, merely letting you know what’s floating in some hidden chamber of his brain.
But god.
Too bold. Too sudden.
You clear your throat, gulping before you take a careful step aside. And before you know it, you’re nodding at him, walking away slowly with your eyes fixated on the staircase on the other side of the room.
Behind you, you hear him call your name, his voice confused and wondering. His steps sound close to yours, and you register one faint word, reminding you of when he still meant flowers and rainbows and not sorrow and gloom.
Tumblr media
“I’ve been waiting for ten minutes.”
“As if.” Yoongi shifted to his side fully, planting an arm under his face. “Three. Max.” 
You held his stare stubbornly. His eyes didn’t intimidate you anymore; you could gaze into them all day and night, if you needed to. You’d refrain from blinking if that was what his challenge consisted of.
You raised a brow, inhaling a deep breath before you asked, “What are you even doing?”
He shrugged, humming for a moment as he grabbed your cheeks and pressed into them, watching your lips purse in consequence as he cooed, “Can a man not appreciate a pretty girl in his own bed?”
“The fuck,” you laughed, pushing his nearing body away from you and into the mattress playfully. In his eyes, you were probably being feisty – in yours, you were trying to hide the loud thumping of your heart. “Here I was thinking you were gonna profess your love for me.”
“As if.”
Ouch. He didn’t have to be that blatantly bold – not that you didn’t expect it. But still.
“Alright,” you chimed, swinging your legs to lift your body and leave the bed for the first time in hours. “Gonna give you a break and get something to drink.”
His hand reached out for you, but you’d long discarded your spot on the mattress, sliding into the slippers he’d provided you. He ruffled his dark locks, yawning for a moment before he said, “I’ll do it.”
“I’m a big girl, and I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t worry. And don’t miss me too much.”
“No promises, kitten.”
Giggling your way out of his room, you flattened your hand over the shirt’s wrinkles that Yoongi had fished out of his closet, the other hand brushing through your knotted hair. Your laughter died when you nearly bumped into another body, flinching and gasping sharply as you heard him exclaim, “Woah, woah.”
As you met his eyes, you greeted him fleetingly, not bothered in the slightest when his gaze wandered from your bare legs to your face. Your body wasn’t covered in much; panties barely hidden, Yoongi’s shirt way too oversized for the both of you, and yet not covering your ass enough.
That’s fine, you thought. Nothing was worse than the one time Hoseok had walked into you when you were actually fucking like rabbits.
His hair was dishevelled, one of his tired eyes squinting shut as if he’d just woken up. Which he probably had – time was a social construct to him, and he enjoyed getting up around noon. He smiled at you, blinding teeth flashing as his freshly-woken-up voice mumbled, “Morn’.”
“How’s it going?”
He looked past you and laughed a little, ignoring your question before he asked back, “Y’all still fucking?”
Hoseok didn’t mean “You’re still going at it after this loud ass night?” – but, “All those months, and you’re still here? With Yoongi no less?”
Because Yoongi wasn’t one to settle on one partner for too long, always searching for new opportunities to get his dick wet. You were sure there had been flings now and then after he’d messed around with you for the first time, too.
That was how he waded through life; that was what he seemed to revel in. That is, until Hoseok had confirmed just a second ago that you were the first and last in ages to stay for longer than a one, meaningless night.
How flattering.
“Why?” you asked, wiggling your eyebrows with a tilted head. “Wanna join?”
“And if I said yes?”
With his fingers entangled behind his back, he closed the distance, teasing your shrinking self. You grimaced as your hands settled on his chest, shoving him back before you muttered, “Gross. Shut up.”
“You suggested it!”
You walked away with another delighted laugh, parting ways with him as you overheard him throwing sudden, vivacious greetings at his best friend.
You washed your face first. Then downed some of the leftover snacks that you’d abandoned on the kitchen counter last night. Gulped them down with a big refreshing glass of water before you strolled the short distance back to Yoongi’s bedroom.
And there, you halted, pressing your shoulder into the wall next to the ajar door as you heard Hoseok’s question sound from inside the room.
“Just curious why I don’t see your other chicks walking around anymore.”
“What other chicks?” Yoongi wondered, his voice dipped in playful mock and slight mirth. You could imagine the face he was probably making.
“C’mon. What’s with you two? I’ve not seen you hang out with other girls in, like, a really long time.”
“Is that a bad thing?”
“Nah, but… just curious. Feels new to me.”
You registered some shifting from inside, his bed creaking; and you nearly ran away, ready to act all innocent and oblivious to their conversation. But there were no steps approaching the door just yet; so, you relaxed, staying like that for just a little longer.
“So? She’s chill. And fun,” Yoongi argued, and you nodded, patting your shoulder mentally. “I don’t necessarily need my… other chicks.”
His voice was injected with a ridiculing lilt so clearly that you nearly laughed out loud. Smiled a little.
“But you’re still not official, though?”
Nope. Informal hook-ups, the bane of your existence.
Silence followed Hoseok’s question, and you faltered a bit, waiting as you pressed your back against the cold wall further .
And then, Yoongi eventually answered, “We’re not.”
Seemingly, it was Hoseok’s turn to shut down, nothing coming back as a response, and you thought the conversation was over. You tapped the glass in your hand quietly, taking a breath, ready to push the door open and step in as though you’d heard nothing, knew nothing.
But then, Yoongi spoke again.
“I don’t think I want a relationship just yet.”
“You know why. Long distance relationships never work.”
“Ever tried?”
“I don’t wanna try and be disappointed!”
Yoongi’s arguments were sharp and pointed, as if he firmly believed in what he was saying. He thought you weren’t worth a shot… was that it? And what long distance relationship was he talking about anyway? You weren’t going anywhere.
“I won’t be gone for just two days,” he then added, his voice quieter this time.
Ah. He was going away.
As the shuffling of your feet became too loud, you broke out of your stupor, finally knocking before you entered with a smile plastered on your seemingly clueless face. You placed the glass on his nightstand, plummeting onto the bed at the same moment as Hoseok rose with a sigh.
“‘Kay, that’s it. Gotta go.” Opting for the door you just came through, he waved you goodbye, a short explanation mumbled your way, “Lunch date with Joon.”
“Wait,” you called, eyes blowing wide as you leaned forward, “the guy you hooked up with?”
“My boyfriend.”
“Oh shit, it happened?” Your eyes darted to and fro, staring at the boys as you mouthed a wow, and then added, “Congrats!”
With a delighted thankful nod, Hoseok left the room and you alone with your thoughts. Your smile fell just a little, your mind soon blanking as you took in the quietude of noon. And you didn’t speak up again until Yoongi pulled you back into him by your waist.
Your heart raced at his touch, and he buried his face in the crevice between your neck and shoulder, asking, “Wanna get some lunch, too?”
You moved your head yes, but you were still too distracted to look straight into his face – something in you was certain he’d see the change in your expression. But he didn’t notice just yet after all; because his eyes were closed, and the sun shining through the window made him lazier, sleepier.
His hair tickled your neck, lips pressed against your skin and the hot breath escaping his nose warming your shoulder. In the serene moment, you cleared your throat, courageous hormones flooding your body as you threw caution out the window and questioned, “Where’re you going?”
He froze.
“You said you’d be gone.”
It took him a moment to make sense of your words, staring at one particle of dust in the air until he hummed and slurred, “You heard that?”
“Just this. When I came back,” you lied, hoping he didn’t catch the ingenuity in your words.
“Ah.” He lifted his head, his lips forming a thin line as though he was contemplating what the hell to tell you. Which explanation was short, informative enough? “Well… I’ll be gone for an internship. The place I applied for is pretty far, but I want to give it a try and then see what happens. Might not work there forever, though.”
An internship. A life changing decision full of opportunities. There was no way you weren’t going to cheer him on – if anyone deserved to explore his skills, it was him.
“Should’ve told you.”
“Yeah, maybe,” you agreed with a laugh, attempting to lift his worries – if there were any – and be happy for him.
“You’re not mad?”
“Nah. This is a great thing, and you don’t need to tell me everything.”
Admittedly, you were one of the few reasons that kept him shackled to home, dampening his mood whenever he thought of a two year long chance to leave. Not because you were being a hurdle of any kind or pulling him back on purpose. But because he’d grown used to you.
Unconsciously, unfortunately.
“True,” he then confirms, his grip around you tightening when you huffed in light, faux annoyance.
“You like me like that.”
Despite your cute, little pout, you pressed your body further into his, your words contradicting your touches when you said, “I hate you all the time, really.”
“Sure, sure.”
He laughed with you, thinking for a moment. He didn’t dare to meet your eyes, staring out the window instead as he took a route he wasn’t familiar with: keeping someone close to his heart; no one but them. “But. When I come back… you’ll be one of the first to know, yeah?”
“Oh… I’m honoured.”
“Please. You know I can’t go without this ass for too long,” he told you, his hand ghosting way too close to your butt as you wiggled out of his embrace with a snicker.
Pressing your lips against his briefly, you let your hand sneak to his arm, wrapping your palm around his as you said, “Lunch sounds nice.”
Tumblr media
“What do you want?”
Your voice sounds louder in the staircase, and you lower it once you realise how shrill your words must echo in his mind. But he doesn’t comment on it, following you closely with his hands still in his pockets. Whatever his interpretation of your miserable mood might be, he doesn’t seem too phased by it.
His tone is calm and collected, because he knows you can’t escape him forever. Despite meeting mere minutes ago, exchanging words again after years, he seems comfortable around you, laughing as he asks, “Where are you going?”
“What’s upstairs even?”
“Dunno. Let’s find out.”
He groans, but the glee in his words never dies; you imagine the little creases around his eyes the way they always used to appear, and you smile just a bit when he exclaims, “Ugh, woman.”
You flatten your blouse and your skirt, smacking your lips as you reach an unlit hallway, two doors on the right and one on the left side; you know that the closest to you leads to the bathroom.
You stop in your tracks, eyes scanning the walls for a light switch as you state, “Creepy.”
Yoongi comes to halt next to you, humming as he turns on the light with ease – he nudges your elbow, following your gaze. “Yeah, right?”
He begins moving when you do, and you raise an eyebrow, side-eyeing him before you ask, “Are you gonna follow me to the bathroom or what?”
“You want me to?”
“Gross, go away.”
His grin widens when you attempt to shoo him away, pushing the handle of the bathroom door down before he wraps his palm around yours. Wordlessly, he shuts the door in front of your nose again, and you turn around, fire burning behind your pupils as you spit, “What’s your problem?”
Yoongi doesn’t let it affect him – you wonder if you need to work on your intimidation skills some more. In his eyes, you seem like a lost puppy – but you want to appear like the hunting tiger instead. Why are you the prey, caged between him and the door?
Because. Because his gaze makes you weak. The cocky smirk makes you weak. His voice, his hand next to your head, the long hair at the nape of his neck, it all makes you weak.
A hint of confusion settles in his dark eyes as he asks, “Why are you mad at me?”
You scoff – but you don’t know the answer.
Your lips press into a line, and you blink at him, half pissed, half confused. And he seems to decode it perfectly.
“You’re just angry for the sake of it, kitten?”
Hell no. Not the old nickname resurfacing out of nowhere. It’s an attack you didn’t anticipate and it clouds your mind along with his body grazing yours. Yoongi is still so fucking bold – it’s unbelievable.
When you’ve collected your thoughts, you ponder for a second, your tongue poking the inside of your cheek as you seek an answer to his question. When did you start growing mad at him? When the both of you stopped being whatever you were back then? When you stopped holding onto some sliver of hope?
“You don’t know, huh?” he rustles, and your gaze wanders to a spot behind him, averting his eyes as much as you can.
Revealing to him what you feel appears easier when his stare isn’t piercing your heart, and you blend it out some more as you admit, “What if I said I missed you, too? We just. We never tried to like… do something about us properly. Even when you came back.”
“I called you. Not just once, by the way. And you shut me down with a new excuse every single ti–”
“Because,” you interrupt, shifting your weight from one leg to the other, “I didn’t know how long you’d stay this time.”
Confusion spreads across his face, and he backs away just a little. It’s as though he’s loosened his fist around your heart, giving you access to oxygen again as you breathe, “I know you said you wouldn’t work there forever, but… Hoseok told me you loved it there. And that they wanted to expand your contract and whatnot.”
For a moment, Yoongi focuses on inhaling. Exhaling. Watches you in silence, his jaw clenching. He still remembers the contract, still remembers endless nights spent laughing and working through projects with co-workers he’d grown fond of.
But he also remembers the loneliness that came with residing in a country without a friend with a familiar bond.
Hoseok wasn’t there. His cosy, warm, soft bed wasn’t there. The coffee from home, unsweetened, with the same old attachment he felt to it. Not there.
And you – the sweetener accompanying the bitter taste of his coffee in the morning. Tender kisses, saccharine and lovely; you weren’t around – and he thought back to you more than just once.
“Well,” he then begins, “I stayed.”
“I didn’t know.”
And then, life moved on anyway.
You grew busy with graduation; he stopped chasing you. You’re not pissed, because he hurt you. In fact, you don’t think he’s ever done anything to you that you deem unforgivable. He didn’t curse you with a memory of an unpleasant goodbye, but with thoughts of gentle touches you were afraid to lose – until you actually did.
Yoongi wets his lower lip, letting his hand fall from the door as he explains, “I turned it down, because I didn’t like being away from home.”
“And I wanted to see you again.”
The knot in your throat returns with an intense strength, his words punching you in your guts as you blink at him in confusion. You part your lips, surprised and shocked as you wonder, “You didn’t turn it down ‘cause of me, did you?!”
“‘Course not. But I still thought about you more than I should’ve.”
You fall silent.
In the golden light of the hallway, your eyes trail from the strands of his hair to his button nose, his round face yet again way too close to yours. Your jaw hardens and you keep your gaze locked on his lips – and for a moment, you think you might falter after all.
“You know.” He waits again, moving into you bit by bit. “In a country full of strangers, it’s nice to remember at least one familiar face to want to go back to.”
Tumblr media
“Had a long night?”
Yoongi nodded at his best friend, his face illuminated by nothing but the light of his phone. His room lay in darkness, and he munched on some snacks as he answered, “We went to some bar that Jin and Tae suggested.”
Hoseok pouted, humming as he leaned his phone against a stack of heavy books. He cupped his face in his palms, mumbling, “Your new best friends?”
“Shut up.”
Hoseok laughed, but Yoongi’s expression stayed firm and serious. Tired eyes stared at his phone and at the lagging video of his friend. If Yoongi hadn’t promised him to call tonight, he’d be sound asleep now, approaching yet another busy day at work.
But Hoseok never missed out on a call or left Yoongi hanging – the older man reckoned that the least he could do was show some appreciation for his friend back at home just as much.
“Why do you look like shit, though?” Hoseok asked, wiping the hair from his eyes.
“You guessed it already… long night.”
“What you do?”
Yoongi hesitated. He could already predict Hoseok’s upcoming words as the younger man shifted in his seat, laughing and shaking his head as if to reprimand his former roommate. A finger playing with his earlobe, he wanted to know, “Shit. Again? Do you never get bored?”
“She paid for the taxi ride.”
“Is that how to swoon you?” Hoseok laughed, and Yoongi joined him for a moment, pulling his blanket up to his chest. “Was it good at least?”
“Was okay. Nothing special. Talked about her ex a lot.”
Hoseok frowned, his heart-shaped lips falling as an expression akin to disgust laced his features. “Outrageous.” He shook his head again, leaning back a little. “Why don’t you sleep some then? Or got work to do?”
“So much work, man.”
Yoongi wiped his face, overworked as usual, but never faltering, never giving up until he was done, satisfied and ready to wrap things up. He brushed his damp hair back, still sleepy from the much needed, steaming hot shower.
And then, a thought occurred to him – one that didn’t surprise him much, considering that an old face kept trying to sneak its way into his consciousness a lot these days. The thought seemed omnipresent today – and no amount of work or hook-ups helped him refocus.
“Can I ask you something?”
In the following pause, Hoseok nodded; and then, Yoongi formed your name after all those months of separation and withdrawal again. Hoseok wished he could’ve been surprised – but considering your relationship before Yoongi left, he rather wondered why it’d taken his friend so damn long to finally spit your name.
But Yoongi did again, clearing his throat before he asked, “What’s she been up to?”
“Strangers in your bed, but you still can’t stop thinking about her, huh?”
“We just… we haven’t talked in ages. I was thinking of her today.”
Hoseok knew it wasn’t a matter of today. Anytime he’d mention you to Yoongi, his friend’s eyes would light up, his concentration fully shifting from whatever he was doing to the conversation as Hoseok rambled on and on about how fun or informative or fleeting some encounter with you had been.
He didn’t want to urge Yoongi to open up – but he was trying to pull something out of him at least.
“I dunno. I think she’s okay,” Hoseok said, his voice dripping in nonchalance purposely; careful not to prod, “she’s been talking to Joon more than me recently, but… I think she’s fine. Bet she’ll be over the moon once you come back.”
“You think she’d wanna go back to old habits, though? It’s really been quite some time.”
“Old habits? That’s what you want?”
Hoseok waited for Yoongi to shake his head; but the silence revealed more than he needed to know. Yoongi wasn’t looking to go back to old habits, but to expand them into something more meaningful – he was sure.
“Why, Yoon? What happened with the not-ready-for-a-relationship guy?”
“I’ll tell you then,” Hoseok chimed, preparing for a groundbreaking speech as he neared the screen, “you’ve abandoned him in an unknown corner in your new country and replaced him with the awakened, much wiser version of Min Yoongi. Who, by the way, craves nothing but the same lady for the rest of his life… all of a sudden.”
With each word that he added, Yoongi’s smile grew wider, a fond, tired laugh escaping once Hoseok uttered the very last syllable of his sentence.
Slipping down the headboard of his bed, Yoongi sniffled, wiping a nonexistent tear before he questioned, “Where did you get that poetic bullshit from?”
“Am I not a bard?”
“Totally. She’s not just any lady, FYI.”
“I know,” Hoseok confirmed, shrugging his shoulders, “she really is the greatest.”
As Hoseok slowly digressed, distracting the intern far away with new stuff, Yoongi’s focus fluctuated. Your activity on social media had increased in the last few weeks – perhaps the reason for your presence in his head was just that. But after the events last night, he’d realised a thing or two.
Most importantly: wasting nights with people he didn’t care about didn’t do it for him anymore. Their warmth didn’t suffice – it wasn’t yours.
But maybe he’d be able to bask in the heat you emanated once he came back again – if you let him.
Tumblr media
I wanted to see you again.
You must have been staring at him for minutes now. Hours? Years.
Yes - you’re not mad at him because he did anything wrong. You’re mad, because every opportunity to stay with him slipped out of your fingers way too smoothly. Misunderstandings. The fear of being left alone again. The suffocating stress of life and graduation and job-hunting and paying rent.
If you couldn’t have him, you wanted to drown your feelings in anger instead. And you realise – you were stupid, so stupid.
Quietly rethinking his words, you contemplate what to say or do next.
In a country full of strangers, he’d waited to see a familiar face again; counted down the days to feel their warmth again. It’s insane to you that you were the tender existence he’d needed. Insane that you let all the chances die.
And when your mind keeps blanking, he whispers, “I… I’ll kiss you if you don’t say anything.”
Is that a threat?
Because you’re way ahead.
You grab the collar of his jacket, pulling him close to you; he crashes into your body, tripping a little, and his hands plant back against the wooden door behind you reflexively.
When your mouths collide, you feel a sense of home and remedy wash over you immediately. His lips fit between yours perfectly, locking in place as they should. Like two puzzle pieces. Like a key to its lock.
Like a Yoongi to you.
The kiss doesn’t remain chaste and harmless for long, all your longing and year-long pining clear and discernible in your touch as his tongue breaks through the seam of your lips. This time, it’s him opening the door of the bathroom, pushing you in and against the wall again, once you find yourself alone with him in the comfort of the room.
His mouth stays attached to yours, and his fingers trail up and down your body, never settling anywhere. Fervently, his plush lips roam your face before sliding down your neck – he sucks and nibbles; then soothes the slight pain with his tongue. Entangles the fingers of your hands as he inhales sharply, grunting.
Fingertips graze your sides, journeying their way down; and when he squeezes your ass once, you mewl his name in a quiet whisper. A deep groan vibrates against the throbbing veins of your neck, and your mind spins and backflips when he asks, “You still on the pill, kitten?”
You’re really going there. Or are you? Can you?
“No… I’m not.”
Your answer catches him off guard, because – dammit. Blue balling in someone else’s house isn’t necessarily his favourite pastime.
“So–” you begin, but he lifts his face, lust written in his pupils as he interjects.
“Should I go and ask Jungkook if he’s got condoms in his bedroom?”
“Are you insa–”
“Totally kidding, but…”
You fast-blink at him, your eyes darting through the bathroom before you give up, nervousness spreading in your chest as you suggest, “I, uh– I don’t mind swallowing, if that’s…”
Yoongi freezes for a second, watching you incredulously. But once he snaps out of his haze, he laughs a little, brushing your cheek with the back of his fingers as he whispers, “No, baby. I won’t be the only one enjoying this.”
His words fill you with something that resembles a high school crush way too much. But you suppress your telling smile, waiting; thinking of possibilities as you trace the blood-vessels on the back of his hands with your thumb.
You think you could get lost in him, just by leaving an invisible trail of touches on his body. By looking at him, taking in his beauty.
But then, he interrupts your train of thoughts, asking with a mischievous smile, “Didn’t you agree that the party sucks ass?”
“I… yeah…”
“And uh… well, I have my own apartment now.”
You cock an eyebrow, trying your hardest to snap out of your daze and into your teasing, bratty self that he enjoyed so much, mumbling, “Oh, do we now?”
He’s waiting for an answer.
You know he won’t touch you or risk shit without your consent – but once you do give in, he’ll tear you apart. You know – you remember. All the nights you spent awake, waiting for his touch, waiting for his words… his heart beating against yours, his mouth whispering sweet promises to you…
Min Yoongi.
You’ve been patient for too long. And even if he’s become a stranger now, it doesn’t mean you can’t rekindle whatever you used to feel.
You can’t let this go again.
“Yes,” you finally breathe, your teeth gliding along your swollen lower lip, “please.”
And Yoongi would be damned if he didn’t hold onto you this time.
Tumblr media
There’s neither time nor motivation to glance around his quiet apartment when you arrive. From the lack of bumping into furniture, you reckon it is sparsely decorated yet cosy, much in Yoongi’s familiar style you still remember from the place he shared with Hoseok.
But he doesn’t give you a chance to take anything but his tongue in as he kisses and pushes your way to his bedroom. It’s dark inside, and he doesn’t bother switching on the light; merely the grey, dull shine of the evening shines through his blinds that he shut.
The summer day is coming to an end, and the heat and shiver mixing in the air becomes a sensation too ambiguous to define.
“Were you always this wild?” Yoongi asks as you fall onto his mattress with a faint thump.
You’re barely moving as you give your breaths a moment to steady; not that it’s possible with him floating above you, though – his hair falling like a waterfall, lips curled to a smirk. You put on your most innocent expression, questioning back, “What did I do?”
But you don’t think he buys your playful shyness all that much as he parts your legs, pushing his knee up enough to rile you up, but not enough to give you what you seek.
Min Yoongi knows how to tease; knows how to push your buttons.
“Think I’ve scratch marks on my back already.”
“Yeah… sure.”
“You think my burning skin is joking?”
You bite your lower lip, eager to see the light red scars emerge on his flesh with your own eyes. At the same time, however, you dig your nails into your palms with guilt flooding your chest, “Fuck. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. It’s kinda…”
He shrugs his shoulders, taking a deep breath with an expression you can’t quite categorise. You pout, eyebrows furrowed – you’re so cute to him; so dual, so confusing.
“Painful?” you ask carefully, ready to apologise yet again before he shakes his head.
“No. It’s hot.” Nimble fingers push down the shirt from your shoulder before he leans down. His lips kiss a trail along your upper arm and clavicles softly, angelically. The featherlight touch contrasts the words accompanying his actions. “You’ll get it all back tenfold anyway.”
His confession reaches a core deep down your body, but you giggle anyway – you don’t think you’ve enjoyed dirty talk like this in months. As he smiles at your joy, you pull him closer, asking with hooded, lustful eyes, “You gonna let me walk out intact tonight?”
“We’ll see, babe,” he answers, his hands pushing into the mattress further, “really don’t wanna let you walk out at all tonight.”
Oh. Damn. Damn.
Then you guess you won’t have to pay for a cab in the middle of the night either.
Reaching out, you sweep the suit jacket off his shoulders and tug at his thin shirt. There’s no time to waste – no patience left in any fibre of your being. And so you pull up his shirt and over his head, messing up his hair in the process until he follows your steps.
Impatient hands open the button of your skirt, shifting it over your thighs and down your legs along with your panties. His lips always find a way to stay busy – kissing your sides, biting into your flesh, distracting you as you rid your torso of your shirt and intruding bra.
“Someone’s eager,” you joke once his slacks land on the ground.
“Me and the guy down there, baby.”
You stare at the bulge forming under his last remaining piece of clothing. You feel incredibly exposed and vulnerable while he still kneels in front of you with his most precious part still hidden.
That won’t do.
Electrified and dizzy, you flash your most seductive gaze, whispering to him, “Need you naked for me.”
“I’m all yours, love.”
How dare he?
He backs away on the soft mattress when you sit up, covering one of your tits with one palm for just a moment before you attach your mouth to his stomach. He has your body trapped between his legs, and you stare up at him, your tongue licking its way down his torso.
Your fingers tug at his underwear, your lips sliding further South until they start placing tender kisses against his erection. His length rests sideways under the fabric, and your mouth travels along each inch before it wraps around his balls.
One blissful groan later, you move on again and pull his underwear down. You gape at it for a moment, yelling at your lungs to provide you with the air you so desperately seek. The moles, smooth skin, protruding veins and leaking pre-cum pull your face closer as if they’re putting you under a spell.
And then, your mind fucks up your thoughts as it comes up with the most embarrassing line ever uttered in the history of foreplay, and he starts laughing before you even get to finish the last word.
“You have such a magical dick, you know?”
Heat creeps up your face as you realise what you just said, and you let your head sink with closed eyes; ready to hurry, ready to distract him with the suck of his life. But he chuckles over you, placing a finger under your chin to make you look at him and – much to your pleasure – segues, “You don’t have to. I wanna pleasure you instead.”
“I want to do the same for you, though,” you answer.
Your smile resembles heaven, but your ask is as sinful as the devil can get.
When he nods as permission, you finally give in, letting the tip of your tongue paint a wet stripe along his pulsating cock. Your hands toy with his balls, your lips wrapping around his girth. With a deep breath, you take him in as much as your throat allows; and soon, his fingers push your hair back, his focus fixated on the way you gag around him.
You slurp and choke, moaning around him; your eyes can’t decide whether they want to close or watch him throw his head back. Taking deep breaths through your nose, you hollow your cheeks, blending out any background noise except the voice that states, “No one sucks like you do, kitten.”
Proud and satisfied, you back away, spitting onto his dick; you twist your wrist around his cock, adoring his groans, lip bites and low, whispered curses. Then, you lean in again, rolling your tongue around the tip of his cock; kissing away his sanity – toying with his patience.
And suddenly, his demon rages, growling through him as he remarks, “My baby knows what she’s doing.”
“Like that?” you whisper breathlessly.
“Like that,” he says, a laugh and a sigh mixing to a new sound before he adds, “feels like you got even better at this and… your mouth always felt so… so perfect.”
The moment could remain hot and sweet; but your thoughts drift when the neighbour’s dog barks, your body flinching before you pull back and snicker. You wonder if his neighbours can hear you, too.
Yoongi shakes his head in disbelief but finds amusement in the situation, too – how does everything with you feel so real, comforting and homely when you were apart for so long? How do you manage to drown him in consoling domesticity instead of fabricated, pornographic meaninglessness?
Is he really not used to affection like this?
No time to think about it now, though.
Instead, he focuses on you diving in again, fogging his mind and bringing back the blazing, unfiltered lust as he asks, “Why are you being so quiet?”
A string of saliva breaks when you detach your mouth from his dick, drool running down your chin, the filth indescribable. An image of your face covered in his seed clouds his senses, but he catches himself fast when you answer, “Neighbours.”
“Who the hell cares? Won’t you be a good girl and let me hear you, babe?”
He licks his dry lips, his piercing gaze intense and his voice fucked out beyond imagination as he tells you, “If it was up to me, I’d let the whole world know I’m fucking this pretty little mouth of yours.”
You’re not sure what you want to argue back, but as the dog on the other side of the wall repeats his scolding, your bubble breaks anyway. Yoongi breathes out a huff of air, and you grin at him as he lets his body fall onto the bed. He clears his forehead off his hair, patting your ass before he orders, “Sit on my face.”
The sudden command comes unexpectedly, and you feel the coil in your stomach tighten as you ask, “Really?”
Your pussy cheers and buzzes, clenching around nothing when his hands attempt to pull you closer to his body. He wants it. When he said he wants to pleasure you, he really meant it. You’re lucky – way too lucky.
Moving carefully, you straddle him, feeling somewhat powerful in your new position as you look at him and ask again, “Seriously?”
“Do I look like I’m joking?”
You squint your eyes at him, taking in his earnest expression, pupils flooding with hunger and want. And then, you answer, “You look like you’re gonna eat me alive.”
“Intending to. Get on my face, baby.”
So you do.
You’d be a fool to decline anyway.
You place your nether lips over his mouth, sinking down carefully as you balance your weight with your palms against the wall. As his hot breath meets your aching core, your eyelids flutter shut, and you let him do his thing for a moment before you realise that he might want you to lead for once.
And so, you begin moving in oval forms, your hands curling into tight fists. It’s crazy how much you missed these acts – being with him feels so natural that you almost forget what being apart from him meant to you.
You were alone just yesterday. Just this morning – heck, even two hours ago. And now you’re here, bare, riding the man’s face who you’ve dreamed of so often? Really?
“Fuck, Yoongi, I–” you begin, your chest flaring up when he dips his tongue into your cunt. Lips french kiss your core, not too harsh; soft and slow, just the way you love.
You whimper and wince, hiss and moan, cry and yell out his name.
Too much. Too good.
Yoongi’s eager mouth licks you drier and wetter at the same time, his thirst never subsiding as he grips your thighs tighter. His nose tickles your clit, bringing you close to your release. When his eyes open, your fingers are digging into your mounds, nipples perked and inviting.
If he was able to speak, he’d tell you what his dark thoughts consist of.
Because he wants you pinned underneath him, a knotted cloth holding your wrists in place, panties stuffed into your mouth as he watches you squirm – hears you beg. Every inch of his body irks him to fuck you into the mattress, ruin your make-up, draw out one orgasm after the other.
If he told you, you might think he’s crazy.
So for now, he holds back. To a certain degree, that is.
Because he’ll fuck you anyway – and he doesn’t bother waiting any longer. His lips pull at your lower ones one more time, licking along the entire length of your pussy before he finally stops – when he pushes you off his face, he’s breathless.
And his eyes – remembering how to decipher his little, unconscious signals, you understand immediately what he wants. What he’s waiting for.
You don’t don’t waste the tiniest of seconds as you slide down his inviting, warm body. You’re sure he’s been working out; the bulge of his bicep does not look the way you remember it – not that you’d ever complain.
Placing yourself over his rock hard, begging length, you sigh as your nerves touch his smooth, damp skin. You don’t claim the throne that twitches underneath you; don’t let him split your walls and ruin you the way you both deserve.
Instead, you slide up and down the hardness of his cock, rubbing yourself as you throw your head back and mumble his name. From where he groans, palms pressing into your thighs and lips parted, he whispers, “God, really wanna just. Slide in and… fuck you raw.”
You flash him a cocky grin, proud that your teasing skills have still not faltered – apparently, you still understand his body as well as you did almost three years ago. Your tone is bratty and challenging, your toes curling at the tantalising touch as you suggest, “Wanna risk it?”
“As much as I’d love to, kitten… better not tempt me.”
The way he warns you makes you want to disobey out of spite – but you’re not stupid. You watch him push open a drawer, rummaging through its contents until he fishes out a fresh package from the very back.
It’s almost as though he stuffed it there and then abandoned it.
“Face down, sweetheart. Now,” he orders, not letting you overthink the scene too much as he nods to the spot next to him.
You’re impatient and dripping – fast to oblige.
Readying yourself, you bury your face in his pillow the moment he lifts his body. You shift to where you think the middle of the bed might be, your breathing growing erratic, accelerating. For a moment, you wait in anticipation – but then, his hands pull you up by your hips; onto your elbows and knees.
Still his favourite position apparently.
“What a damn pretty ass,” Yoongi presses, grabbing a handful before he lets go again, “wanna bite into it.”
“What a starved man you are…”
Your weak whisper escapes with a stutter, showcasing Yoongi’s effect on you so clearly that he lets out the smallest, softest of laughs. But then, he speaks on, fueling the fire in the pit of your stomach further.
“You don’t fucking know how much I’ve wanted to fuck you all day.” He waits; chuckles on as you feel his knees inch closer; his hips near yours. “Scratch that. All those years.”
“Do it now then,” you provoke, gathering all your concentration to form words and not drown in excitement and lust. “Fuck me like you mean it, Yoongi.”
Oh, if you knew.
There might be very few things he ever meant as much as he does this.
Not even the want to accept the internship might come close to just how much he means his affection and desire for you.
And then, it finally happens. After all this time, after all the yearning and waiting and wishful thinking, the glorious moment has arrived and returned – now more phenomenal than ever. Emotions rooted deep inside you, everlasting, manifesting in his touches.
“How’s that?” he asks as he pushes in, going at an agonising pace until he’s bottomed out.
“Good. Great. Want the best of you, though.”
You’re already clutching the sheets wrinkled around your body, your moans broken and light. He squeezes your bottom again, pulling your ass cheeks apart as he shifts into position and finally…
“Tell me to stop, if you need me to, yeah?” Yoongi voices from behind you. It takes all your strength to still your spinning thoughts, processing his assurances before he destroys your mind again and adds, “Because I think I… won’t be able to once I start.”
You squeeze your eyes shut, your heart bursting when he pulls back and glides in slowly. Your soaked walls, overflowing with arousal, suck him in easily. There is no stark or painful burn; no need to adjust or wait.
You’re brimming with thirst for him, craving all of him; right the fuck now.
“No one,” you begin, quietly, wondering if he can hear you at all, “told you to stop.”
“If that’s the case…”
His hips snap against yours once, and your body jolts forward. A hand pressed against the headboard, you mewl, ready to ask him to do it again before he transforms your thoughts into actions and fucks into you again. Slow, but hard.
“You’re this easy to rile up?” he teases, building a steady rhythm as he begins moving into you earnestly. “Still such a slut for my cock?”
It’s not like you’re weak for general degradation from just any partner you choose to be intimate with.
It’s more that you’re weak for this one specific man, always on your knees for him; always ready to be his slut, ready to be fucked dumb.
“Shit,” he mumbles as his cock buries deep inside you, exploring spots not even you’re familiar with, “why so tight all of a sudden? Like to be treated like my personal cum dumpster, don’t you?”
And again, your cunt clenches around him, answering in a way your mouth isn’t able to; it appears that it’s enough to him to unleash his beast, though. You knew he wouldn’t leave your guts unscathed when he pushed you onto the bed minutes ago; of course he’s pounding sanity out of you.
Of course you’re letting him.
Yoongi pushes his cock in to its hilt and pulls back each time, not leaving a particle of his length and your walls untouched. He savours the way your body squirms, putty in his grip and close to buckling. It reminds him of feverish nights in the distant past, when he’d pin you against the mattress, watch you crumble, render you breathless and speechless.
It’s not time to dwell on sentimentalities just yet.
With a firm slap against your ass cheek, he pounds into you once more before his hand travels along your body and buries in your dishevelled mop of hair. Ring clad fingers of his free hand settle on your neck as he leans forward and pushes you up.
“Yoongi–” you whimper, gasping when you find yourself kneeling, your back pressed against his sweat-soaked chest. “Yoon–”
He whispers your name back, his hot breath grazing the shell of your ear before he presses a sweet, chaste kiss behind it. The angle exhausts him more than the former position did – but he missed your touch; missed your breathing right next to his.
“Sounds so pretty,” he whispers, damp silver hair tickling your neck, “love how you say,” a brief pause, a hard thrust making your tits bounce, “my name.”
He applies light pressure to where his palm rests on your neck, holding you in place until your telltale yelps become too obvious, too loud. Gripping your jaw, he moves your face to his, his lips barely touching yours as he suddenly warns, “Don’t come yet.”
“What?” you voice, suddenly wide awake, wincing when his cock presses into your core incessantly. “Why not? I’m close, Yoongi, fuck.”
“I know. Control yourself, kitten.”
“Control?!” You place your hand on his wrist, your body begging to fall, fall and fall some more. “Don’t fuck me this good then.”
A low, teasing chuckle vibrates against your back and boils your blood, his voice amused but demanding when he says, “On your back then, baby. Wanna see you fall apart.”
You sigh in relief, hissing when he pulls out before you let your body turn into liquid. You shift and turn, lying down on the bed; you’ve barely settled and wiped the hair out of your face when he moves closer and spreads your legs again.
The condom wrapped around his cock is drenched in your essence, his shaft standing proud inches from his stomach. Drooling, you watch him take in the sight, eyes darting up and down slowly before he pushes his hair back. You realise just now how much it’s grown. Sticking against the nape of his neck, coloured a dark grey.
Time has surely passed.
With a deep groan, his fingers grip your knees, calloused and a little raw. You wonder if he still plays his guitar on weekend nights to wind down from work.
As his cock hits home, you cry out his name in a voice you don’t recognise, and he pushes your thighs back as much as your flexibility allows.
He plunges in with a moan too alluring, licking his lips before he questions through gritted teeth, “Are you doing this on purpose?”
You shoot him the most innocent stare you can muster, but he doesn’t let you deceive him – yet again. He clicks his tongue as if scolding you before he clarifies, “Clenching like that!”
“No, I told you I’m close!”
“Shit, I…” He pauses, not quite able to decide whether he finds you sugary sweet or unbearably sexy. You throw your head back, and he finally accepts that he must be dreaming. “I thought about this moment… a lot.”
He stares down at where you connect, exhaling a shaky, broken sigh as he watches his cock disappear. A roll of his hips elicits high-pitched keens out of you, and you feel your chest burn up; he pushes your legs together to create more friction, hammering into you with pointed, calculated thrusts.
Your unoccupied hands fumble with your perked nipples – it’s the only thing you can do with the distance lying between him and you. Screaming, you shut your eyelids painfully, your breathing heavy and unsteady when he pushes a hand between your thighs and begins drawing circles against your clit.
Fondly, he observes your movements and your wiggling body, and he gulps when you muffle your moans by pressing your lips into a thin line – before yelling out your craze into the open. Losing it once and for all.
Your words are incoherent, resembling cries as you spasm around him; and as he leans down to you, he mumbles, “What a… pretty sight you are.”
In your haze, you smile at him fondly, proud and brain-fogged. You lift your head to allow him access to your neck, and his lips attach to your skin immediately as they wander from your clavicles and along your goosebumps, settling on your jaw.
“You like it when I touch you like this?” Yoongi murmurs, his thumb still moving in an eight pattern on your bundle of nerves as his thrusts grow merciless. “Like to be fucked like this, yeah?”
“Yes, yes!”
“Yes what?”
Your brain struggles to function. You don’t know what to answer.
“What you just… just said.”
“Won’t you repeat it for me, darling?” he teases as he kisses his way down your shoulders, biting lightly.
Damn Min Yoongi. Damn his constant nicknames and self-control and skills and knowledge of your body.
“Love it when you touch me like that!”
“Oh, love.”
And then, your body revolts, your walls contracting around his cock. Your torso shudders and your arch your back, his mouth pressing wet, open mouthed kisses against your neck and cheek before your sweaty foreheads collide.
In the heat of the summer, he knocks the air out of your lungs when he opts for another sinful kiss, and you moan into his mouth loudly, your sounds high and bordering on insanity.
“You’ve always been the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, you know?” Yoongi states, cursing under his breath. “And fuck, this pussy… missed her so much, that little,” the fingers toying with your body smack your clit once, and you yelp as oversensitivity electrifies your body, “cunt. My cunt.”
A few more pumps follow before you pull him into you fully, tearing up at his actions as he whispers into your ear, “Don’t wanna come inside you.”
“Huh,” you voice, opening your eyes; you didn’t realise you’d squinted them shut so tightly until stars begin blurring your vision. “Why?”
“Wanna cover you… in my cum.”
He used to do this back then, too. Loved seeing you marked as his. You don’t hesitate to answer – and he doesn’t seem all too surprised at your eagerness.
“Okay,” you agree.
“Okay… okay. Where?”
“Face, stomach… tits. You choose…”
“Fuck.” And then, you’re suddenly empty, devoid of his touch as he pulls out and lifts his body. Hovering over you intimidatingly. “Fuck, okay.”
He rips the condom off, throwing it into the corner of his bed haphazardly before his hand wraps around his cock, jerking off, hooded eyes zeroing in on yours. The thin sheen of sweat glistening on his neck and chest draws an unwanted moan out of you; but he doesn’t hear it, too distracted by his nearing high.
The veins of his neck pop and his body shivers, his legs caging you in as he moves up the mattress and releases ropes and ropes of his orgasm on, under, over and between your tits. It feels warm and endless, messy on your sticky skin until he’s done and spent.
“An artwork,” is all he says before he takes a deep breath, his head spinning, shaking in disbelief. “So very gorgeous.”
You scoff with a roll of your eyes, and he laughs dryly, gulping before he spreads his cum on your tits and hears you ask, “The fuck are you doing?”
He doesn’t answer; too busy with painting onto your already dirty skin. He pinches your nipples for a moment before he collects some more cum on his forefinger – and when he’s finally done and ready, he winks, leaning down as he orders, “Open up, my little whore.”
With another tender laugh, you shake your head, scolding him mentally before you oblige and stretch your tongue. He places his finger into your mouth, and you relish the flavour you missed for so long, sucking his digit clean with quiet moans as he praises, “Good girl… you’d really do anything I ask you to, wouldn’t you?”
Puppy eyes stare back at him, devastating and inviting before he pulls his finger out with a pop and falls onto the mattress next to you. Your breaths mingle into a sound of exhaustion and relaxation, and your body shudders as the sweat begins to dry, exposed to the air of the room.
You pull your legs into an angle, letting your face drop to the side to peak at his striking features. But as your eyes meet, you realise that he’s staring at you already. Raising his eyebrows when you blink at him, a smile spreading across your countenance that he responds to with his own infamous smirk.
He winks once more, but both his eyes close at the gesture – he knows you’re weak for it, but you don’t think you’ve ever told him that it’s his slight inability to actually wink that you’re so fond of.
Soft fingertips tuck your hair behind your ear, and he admires your post-coital glow for a second longer before he inquires, “Can you still walk?”
“Um. I don’t know.”
“Okay, can you walk the distance to my bathroom at least?”
“The bathroom?” 
“I uh. Thought I could clean you up some,” he explains, a soft rosy blush and colours of fatigue dusting his cheeks. Even in the unlit bedroom, you can see years old emotions swimming in his eyes. “I have these bath bombs my cousin gave me, ‘cause she can’t use them in her shower, but I haven’t tried either, and–”
“Sure. Yes.”
“Yeah?” he confirms with the gummy smile you used to point out on the regular back then.
Back when you’d spend your night in his old room. When you were surrounded by clouds of maybes; floating above when things felt promising, and watching them dissolve when you analysed your relationship a little longer.
This time, however, you don’t want to crash to the ground again. Want him to give you a piece of heaven. You’ve grown too much to hope for another romance disguised as a fuck-buddy-phenomenon. No more hiding your emotions.
You drown a little in his blinding, joyful beam, his eyes two crescent moons and the button nose screaming for your kisses. What a sight – you missed this. Missed him.
And then you finally rise, letting him guide you to the bathroom, settling in the hot water and in his arms. While his hands wipe you clean, massaging your shoulders, he asks, “Back then… you heard more of the convo between Hobi and me than you admitted, right?”
You giggle at the sudden change of topic, shrugging your shoulders as you confess, “A little. Heard you say you didn’t need your other chicks, if I was here.”
“And… that’s it. You weren’t ready to make things official. And I guess even now, we need to get to know each other again. Things have changed.”
Yoongi hums, letting his palms glide along your arms and your stomach. He nods with his chin on your head, and you hear his heartbeat next to yours as he questions, “Nothing else?”
“You didn’t hear more than that.”
“No.” You pause, staring at the water and your shrivelled fingers under the surface. “Was there more?”
“Uhhh,” he makes, the sound vibrating through his chest, all too telling, “no. Nah, that’s it.”
“You’re lying.”
“I’m not. I–”
“You so are.”
He shuts you with a slap against your thigh, and you gasp in shock before you laugh out loud, collecting water in your palm before splashing it into his face. Frustrated yet amused, you play-fight in the comfort of the tub, pleading as sweetly as you can, “You won’t tell me? Pretty please? What was it?”
“That’s for me to know and you to find out, kitten.”
You puff out a breath of desperation, accidentally bumping your head against his nose as he cries out and joins your endless chuckles. Things feel new – utterly different from when you used to arrive at his place after sunset and left before your classes started.
This time, you want to stay nestled in his embrace.
And as if to voice your silent request, he asks, “Can we do that again sometime?”
With a sigh, you sink into his hug some more. The movements of the water still a little, flowing peacefully when you hum and nod softly.
“As often as you’d like.”
Tumblr media
my energy is gone after writing and editing this @[email protected] let’s rest some now. a very happy birthday to our kind, sweet, sexy, amazingly talented min yoongi again !! if u guys enjoyed this fic, i’d super much appreciate you liking/commenting under it, reblogging it and/or sending an ask !!
feedback means the world to me and talking to y’all is always fun !! love uuuu <3
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yoongiphoria · a month ago
your yoongi | myg
pairing: yoongi x reader warnings: yoongi’s a little tipsy, lots of lovey-dovey fluff, and smut (18+ only, minors dni) word count: 2.9k note: i’m baaaack again~ inspired by some tweet (can’t remember from where) i saw that described yoongi as someone who would love the cowgirl position eeek. also inspired by yoongi looking extra pretty these days with his long hair :’)
Yoongi's drunk.
Well, maybe not. He loves a crisp shot of soju or cold pint of beer as much as anyone, but he's almost never drunk. He doesn't like to lose his measured restraint, his careful self-control. It's not that he has an image to maintain, exactly—he just likes to cover all his bases, keep himself in check, and not be completely embarrassed the next day when he wakes up hungover with a distinct memory of vomiting all over your shoes. (The pair you didn't mind throwing away; you'd walk around barefoot for the rest of your days if it meant you could have Yoongi.)
So when he finally comes home, scarlet red in the face and eyes half-lidded, you know he's had either a particularly good or particularly bad night. You hope it's not the latter as you walk over to help him out of his shoes, in nothing but your most revealing pajama shorts (it's laundry day) and a sports bra you're wearing as a top.
"C'mere," he mumbles, voice low and throaty as you bend down to untie his laces. He pulls you up before you get a chance to pull his sneakers off, kicking his feet out of them himself as he hungrily works his mouth against yours.
You sigh softly, giving in. Good night, it seems. Bad nights have Yoongi going straight to your bed in stony silence. He tastes like peach soju, like IPAs, like greasy bar snacks.
It's not long before he's deepening the kiss, pushing you up against the wall—gently, he still manages to be careful with you even in this state—and pinning your hips down with his narrow ones. You feel his erection stirring already, poking up against you while you loop your arms around his neck.
Another thing about drunk Yoongi: He's horny as all hell, and with all his inhibitions out the window, he's not even a little bit shy about what he wants.
When you first started dating, both of you found it hard to indicate when you wanted to have sex. You had less trouble initiating, but Yoongi wasn't exactly prone to openly expressing his desires and needs. He needed to be coaxed, and you needed to read him carefully. You knew now to look for the little signs: his fingers lingering a little too long around your waist or on your shoulder, the vague, barely detectable hint of wistfulness in his eyes as they flitted over your chest or ass.
This Yoongi, though? The one who isn't waiting a second before kneading your ass through your shorts and moving his fingers toward where you ache for him the most? You don't have to read him at all. Shy Yoongi is nowhere to be found.
His lips are so soft, his tongue gently easing you open and sliding over yours. Even after so many years, he manages to make you feel like a fourteen-year-old getting her first kiss. He has electricity crackling in your head, pumping in your veins. He brings his hands up to run his thumbs along your cheekbone—you jolt a little at the feel of his fingers, slightly chilled from the brutal wind outside, gently caressing your face.
He pulls back. He looks just as dazed and dizzy as you feel, but with mild concern darkening his eyes. "Are you okay? Too cold?" He looks down at your skimpy outfit and laughs. "Nothing to wear?"
"Shut up." You roll your eyes, but you admire the view the same way you did all those years ago when you first ran into him at some house party. It would be months before he made a move—Yoongi needed time to warm up to people, needed constant exposure and presence to get comfortable around you. But even then, that first night, you remember thinking how pretty he was. Milk-white skin, delicate features, disarming eyes, a smile that felt like a reward.
He's smiling at you now, though it's not the toothy grin he flashes when he's laughing at you for accidentally putting ice cream in the fridge or ranting about capitalism. He looks up at you through half-lidded eyes, slowly running a tongue between his lips. You shudder, for an entirely different reason.
"I take it you've sobered up," you murmur, staring at his perfectly pink pout.
"Not enough," he says, his voice taking on the low, rumbling cadence that sets a fire blazing in your center. 
That's it, you think, taking his narrow wrist in your hand and tugging him to the bedroom. He wriggles his arm out of your grip and wraps himself around you, attaching his lips to your neck on the way.
"You're ridiculous," you laugh as the two of you shuffle the remaining four feet to your bed.
He wastes no time, yanking off his shirt in one fluid motion before his fingers are teasing at the clasp of your bra. You simply admire him for a second. So pretty. So beautiful, his unmarked skin stretching smoothly over bone and muscle, his hair falling in delicate strands around his face and curling around his ears and neck. 
God, how did you get so lucky? Which king did you save in a past life for this king to be standing over you now, looking at you like you're the prize? You can't help it—you well up with tears as he takes your face in his hands and kisses you again, while you work furiously to undo the button on his jeans.
"Hold on," he mumbles against your mouth, detaching with his brows wrinkled. "Are you crying?"
Your tendency to burst into tears at unpredictable moments is a bottomless well of amusement for Yoongi, who hardly ever cries. You've cried at passing puppies on the sidewalk, half-deflated balloons hanging off random tree branches, and once even at an air purifier commercial. He once confessed to you that he found it so funny because you're so rarely emotional otherwise—in fact, he found you quite difficult to decipher. So it was extra unexpected when you wore your heart on your sleeve for once, your tears being the only obvious manifestation of your thoughts.
He pouts as he wipes at your tears, fighting to hide a grin from view. "Aigo," he coos. "Why? What is it?"
"Y-You're just so beautiful,” you hiccup, hiding your face in your hands.
He laughs out loud, then, shoulders shaking. "You—oh my god." He sits down on the bed beside you, the mattress dipping rightward so that you fall naturally into Yoongi's side. He pulls you into his chest, sighing. You take comfort in his touch running up and down your arm, the warmth of his bare skin. "You are so much more beautiful, you know that?"
Past all the glittering lights, layers of makeup, and flashy outfits, this is your Yoongi. Laid bare, literally and figuratively, he's your perfect other half. 
"Plus," Yoongi says, and you can hear him struggling not to laugh, "I've seen you cry about a lot of things, but that has by far got to be the corniest thing you've ever cried about."
You push him away, trying not to smile, and wipe at your face. "Forget it. I take it back. Can't stand to look at you."
He laughs breathlessly, easily tackling and pinning you down to the mattress. "You don't." He kicks off his jeans before kissing along your jawline, your throat, your collarbone, drawing soft sighs of contentment. His hands pin your arms on either side of your head—you feel trapped in the best way.
Who could have imagined this, that night at some random celebrity's house party, that you—a friend of a friend, a plus one, an outsider by any measure—would be the one to catch Min Yoongi's eye? You didn't even expect to see him there, despite the rumors that he was tight with the host, having heard how studiously he avoided these unpredictable and loud and messy social gatherings. 
And yet, a few beers, awkward conversations, and chance encounters had led to this. To Yoongi bringing his leg up between your legs while suckling blooming marks over your chest, dancing around your nipples but never quite reaching them, and the slight friction from his knee against your crotch having you whining out loud for more.
"P-Please," you gasp as Yoongi releases one of your wrists to circle a thumb around your right nipple. "I need you."
"I can tell," Yoongi chuckles. He's an angelic vision above you, his soft skin reflecting the dim bedside light as he flicks his too-long hair back and leans down again. "Always so ready for me."
Yoongi had once told you, late at night when neither of you could sleep, that he had feared he'd never find love. While he never worried too deeply about finding a significant other, he found dating impractical, if not totally impossible. He didn't want to date fans, didn't want to date another celebrity, and he definitely didn't want to leave a significant other hanging while he pursued his music. It felt like a lost cause no matter which way he looked at it.
Then, he'd said, slowly intertwining his fingers with yours beneath the sheets, he'd realized most of those doubts had stemmed from a lack of self-love, self-worth. That whoever was right for him would make up for his shortcomings and wait for him when needed, and that love would come when he was ready for it.
He hadn't gone so far as saying it out loud, but by then you could easily read between his lines and hear the words he didn't say. You were it for him, your Yoongi.
Your shy Yoongi, your Yoongi who pretends to be dry and unconcerned but is really the most patient and sweetest man you've ever known. Your Yoongi who will do little things like tuck the sheets back over you in the morning and wipe your shoes clean and push your hair back over your shoulder while you eat. 
Your Yoongi, whose mouth is quickly descending toward the apex of your thighs while his fingers tease at the waist of your shorts. You lift your hips so he can pull them off—once you're naked and squirming below him, he licks up your core without warning.
You let out a broken moan, the long-denied touch finally soothing your nerve endings. He chuckles a little at the sound before beginning to eat you out in earnest, his tongue and lips doing things so skilled and sinful that you're struggling to breathe.
Yoongi's not one to talk much in the bedroom, and it's just as well because you think you'll die if he removes his face from you for one second. He moves up slightly to gently suck at your bud, his fingers teasing along your folds, and you think you might die right then and there.
"Yooooongi," you keen as he finally sheathes his index and middle fingers inside of you. His fingers are thin, delicate, but you feel so full with them inside you, the friction of his pumping motions driving you insane. 
"Yeah?" he mumbles against your clit, his fingers moving faster. He scissors them, curls them inside of you. Your eyes roll back in your head as he expertly strokes against your g-spot, over and over, and you feel yourself rapidly reaching your peak.
"Fuck.... I'm about to.... oh!”
You let out a cry as your body convulses without warning, the pleasure ripping through you like a thousand bullets, your back bowing off the bed. Yoongi patiently works you through it, removing his mouth from your bud but continuing the gentle pumping until you squirm from the overstimulation.
"God," you pant, throwing your arm over your face. "You're going to kill me."
He exhales in amusement before climbing on top of the bed. Your lip twitches when you see just how rock-hard he is, his erection straining against the cotton of his briefs. "Come here."
You realized after the first few nights with him that he likes being face-to-face with you while making love to you. Most guys didn't even bother to really look at you, just laser-focused on getting you off as quickly as possible so they could get the release they wanted. But Yoongi wants to make sure you're enjoying this. Your pleasure is his.
You help him pry off his underwear, trying not to salivate at the sight that greets you. God, even his dick is unfairly pretty. You gently lower your head and run your tongue over his leaking tip. He grunts in pleasure, throwing his head back against the headboard, gripping at the sheets.
"Get up here," he mumbles, running his hands—his gorgeous, veined, slender artist's hands—over his thighs.
You happily oblige. Yoongi's favorite position, because he can watch you fall apart, have you use him like a fucktoy. You straddle him, the drip of your warm arousal making him jump with anticipation, before you lift yourself up just enough to sink down onto him.
Perfection. There's a slight burn, as there always is, from the intrusion of Yoongi's sheer girth, but your body quickly adjusts to accommodate his size. You grip onto the headboard, head falling forward against his shoulder and breathing heavily, while you wait for the tingling pain and sensitivity to subside.
"All good?" Yoongi whispers, splaying his fingers over your hips. He presses a quick kiss to your temple, and your heart bursts.
You would give Yoongi the moon if he asked. You'd give him the stars, the ocean, every grain of sand. He's right—you are hopelessly corny. But only because it's him, looking flushed and lovely beneath you, his eyes blown out and chest heaving up and down in anticipation of your next move. No one else could make you feel like this. You can't even conceive of a person who makes you feel more whole than Min Yoongi.
You lift yourself up slowly before pushing back down again, eliciting guttural groans from both of you. Yoongi throws his head back, his pale skin glistening with sweat and flushed pink, his hands kneading at your thighs as you bounce up and down. The heat pools in your lower belly again, the sensitivity dissolving into pure need.
It's the way he's looking at you, his eyes wide like he can't quite believe the sight in front of him, that has you inching close to release again. He simply admires you the way you admire him, his hands sliding from thighs to waist, coming up to massage your nipples before settling back down at your waist again. You shudder as the heat rushes to your core all over again, the coil inside you tightening, aching for release.
He tilts his head back, tongue sliding over his bottom lip while he observes you through half-lidded eyes, and you swear you could come at that alone. Your thighs burn—noticing your movements slowing, Yoongi doesn't waste a second before holding you down by your hips and thrusting up into you. 
You choke out a moan. "God," you whimper, leaning back onto your hands. "I'm close."
Yoongi's thumb goes for the kill, landing on your clit, and he lets out a groan when he feels you pulse around him. "Come," he says. 
That single word, rasping and emerging from deep in his chest, is enough to have you whining with pleasure. "Yoongi," you cry out, your body spasming for a second time as the pure euphoria rushes through you. "Yoongi."
"Shhh," he murmurs, kissing gently along your collarbone. You feel his cock still rock-hard and throbbing inside of you, aching for its own relief, but here he is. Attending to you. Putting you first, as always.
Your thighs recovering, you start to bounce up and down on his cock again, sliding just enough so that only his tip stays inside before thrusting down. Yoongi massages your ass, bucking beneath you and making small grunting noises that you swear are the soundtrack to heaven.
You could die hearing those noises from him, knowing it's you who unravels him like this.
"Yoongi," you pant as he fucks up into you, "are you close?"
"Fuck," he mumbles into your shoulder. “I’m—fuck."
He comes quietly, letting out a barely audible gasp as his cum shoots out. You feel his warmth spreading inside of you, ropes of white and your arousal making a mess where your bodies meet.
"Oh, my god." He chuckles, his mouth pressed against your neck. "I've been neglecting you, haven't I?"
"Maybe a little," you say, teasingly. You know he can't help it that he gets lost in his work, that he's overwhelmed by the desire to commit to his craft. He could spend a month straight in the studio, probably without sleeping, if you weren't around to make sure he ate and got some sunlight.
And while you have felt a bit lonely, the way Yoongi looks at you and guards you like a jewel is incomparable. It's not always rainbows and butterflies, but there could never be anyone else for you. No amount of quality time with anyone else could surpass Yoongi. 
"I'm sorry." He kisses you again, and you relish in the pure, familiar feel of his warm lips against yours. He pulls back, mouth slightly open as if stunned but eyes locked firmly on yours.
Your Yoongi. Your perfect, lovely Yoongi.
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kithtaehyung · a month ago
sundress season (3tan) | myg
Tumblr media
drabble: sundress season | chapter: post-anytime pairing: 3tan!yoongi x reader(f) series: masterlist | three tangerines | fireworks | house party | basketball | stay | sidewalk talk | friends | dalo | like that | anytime  rating/genre: m (18+) ; fluff , smut ; brother’s best friend au, implied age gap au summary: you’re wearing a what.   warnings: language, his texts might need their own warning, yoongi on the phone, mentions of sexual acts, this gd outfit note: this takes place between 3tan8 and the upcoming 3tan9. if you haven’t read anytime or any of the three tangerines series yet, i highly recommend reading those first! it will make so much more sense lol note 2: again..... this literally happened bc of this post so it’s everyone’s fault lmaooo.. but since the goal was p big, i didn’t wanna slack on this one, so that’s why it took a bit longer to finish. i hope y’all know how much ily ! starting off the bday month with a bang. mood: wet dreamz - j. cole (sry lol i had to)  word count: 4.8k  release date: august 13th, 2022, 2:47pm est
“No, dude. Outta your league.”
“Fuck you, Chim.”
“I’m just saying.”
“What do you even mean? Hey, Yoong, look at this.”
Barely having paid attention, Yoongi only gets a bright screen shoved into his face before he retreats with a squint. “The fuck? What.”
“Shit, sorry.” His friend lowers the light before showing at a more acceptable distance, the only thing visible a photo of someone with her friends. “The one in the middle. I got a chance, right?” 
It only takes one good look to see that he probably doesn’t. “No.”
“Wow. Both of y’all can fuck off.”
“You asked,” Yoongi points out before taking a sip from his glass, the sounds of multiple conversations bustling around their table. 
It’s surprisingly busy for a Monday night, especially on this side of town. But who knows. Maybe this is their normal; he doesn’t come around here often. 
Besides, he’s only doing what he was told. Upscale hasn’t really been Yoongi’s thing, but Jimin’s newest way of cheering people up is to drag them to high-end, expensive as fuck restaurants. A bit different from inviting them over for drinks and a smoke. 
Tae probably has something to do with this.
Whatever. He’ll deal. Not like he has to eat anything. Frankly, he’ll shock himself if he ends up getting anything other than an overpriced cocktail. “If you really wanna know, just find out on your own.”
“Easy for you to say.”
Beside him, Jimin shrugs. “He’s right, Shiv.” 
“That’s because you both—People just—Look. This shit isn’t easy for me.” 
As soon as Yoongi says “we know” in tandem with Jimin, he huffs into his drink hearing the latter’s laughter. But this dude has been striking out lately, so he decides to soften the blows. “Just chill. You’ve been trying too hard.” 
“Yeah, I know. It’s just been rough since we split up.” There’s a big swig before Shiv continues. “Like if being myself caused that, then—”
“Nah, fuck that.” The thick leather of his chair pushes against him as he leans back. “Don’t let that get to you.”
“Just because she left doesn’t mean it was all you,” Jimin tacks on, bottle limp in a few fingers. “Especially when she dipped out of nowhere.”
Yoongi stares into his glass, unblinking as he peers through the dark amber liquid inside. “Exactly. She’s been wanting out for a minute.”
A scoff is all they get. “Is this your way of cheering me up because…” Shiv’s words fade out, but it isn’t until he says something else that his attention is given
“I fucking love summer.”
The hell is he looking at?
When Yoongi turns to look, all boredom and sense leaves his body. And everything else leaves his brain.
Because he spots you. Draped in a dress that feeds every goddamn fantasy he’s had since last week—maybe even longer than that.
What are you doing here? Was he always clutching his drink this hard? Shouldn’t he not be looking this long? Why does he frankly not give a fuck if he is or not?
You have to know how attractive you look right now. There’s no way you walked outta that house thinking anything else. 
And to think he almost stayed home.
Although, Yoongi’s a little regretful that he didn’t. Because seeing you without being able to do anything else has him on the brink. The edge. An edge he’s fucking close to ignoring because your ass looks even better than he imagined it would. 
You aren’t even doing anything. All you’re doing is waiting to be seated, your entire party talking and occasionally roping you into their conversation. 
And he can only stare. Knowing damn well he shouldn’t.
So damn beau—
“Oh, wait. That’s…” His friend that’s still very much present cuts into his thoughts. “Damn. Wait, that’s her? She looks a lot different now.”
Before Yoongi says anything he’d regret, Jimin goads, “Yeah? Different how?”
The dark, inward laugh that threatens to spill out of Yoongi’s mouth is potent, his tongue shoving all thoughts and responses into his cheek. 
Yeah, you’ve certainly matured. And sure, you look hot as fuck right now. 
But he guarantees that, above all, it’s your confidence that’s drawing everyone in. 
Calm. Unbothered. Staring right at everyone’s eyes as if they’re the most important people in the room.
You’re gonna be someone someday. 
And it terrifies him.
Suddenly, Yoongi hears your name leave his best friend’s lips, and it’s taking all of him to hope that you don’t hear him fuck you heard him. So damn loud…
But he laughs to himself in the end.
Because after all this time, you’re still so cute, with your looks of shock that are admittedly some of his favorites. 
Especially when he knows the main reason for them. It’s too easy to get a reaction out of you, and he’d be lying to himself if he said he didn’t fucking love it.
The only thing is: he can’t do anything. Absolutely nothing as you make your way to their table hold up why are you walking over? What the hell are you looking at—
Fucking Park. 
Of course.
“Hi,” you address in a sweep, looking even better up close. 
To Yoongi’s despair, it’s much easier to see how you accessorized yourself. And how well you fill that damn sundress that he still can’t believe you’re wearing. 
Of all the things to see you out in… 
Is there someone out to get him? Is this karma for all the shit he’s thought about? Or the way he had you on the phone last night?
He needs to not think about that, either. Not when he’s already dealing with you in the present. There’s no way he can handle both at the same time, especially since he’s already forcing himself to stay the fuck in his seat. 
At least he gets you tomorrow.
Wait, isn’t your interview tomorrow? Don’t you have work early, too?
Jimin’s compliment cuts through his realizations as it floats above the table, “You look nice.”
“Thank you!” 
Yoongi gives Shiv a once-over as you turn to greet him, and when you thank the guy for saying you look pretty, he hopes that you don’t face him next.
But you do.
And you give him a greeting that’s much to shy, for his heart does something stupid before he offers his own.
“Didn’t expect to see y’all here,” you comment, thankfully sparking conversation around him instead of with him. 
Which is for the best. He probably shouldn’t stare while thinking about how those nails would feel digging into his back. Or how you would react if he pulled you into a stall, one palm clamped over your mouth while the other can’t decide where to start. 
Another sinful laugh threatens to spill. 
Fuck, how he would ruin you if you let him.
Feigning nonchalance, he takes a slow sip from his glass while his eyes inevitably linger, finally tuning back in when you observe,
“It’s so busy right now.”
“Happy hour. It’s why we’re here,” Jimin responds before pointing at Shiv. “Cheering this guy up.”
“Excuse you?”
God, he can’t do this. Your small, innocent pout is enough to break him down, which should never, ever be the case. 
If you ever pull one of those on him… 
Nope. He doesn’t wanna know.
In a dumb attempt, Yoongi fishes out his phone as you turn to add your own encouragement. Because of course you would. 
“You okay?“
“Yeah. Just a breakup.”
“Oh, damn. I hope you feel better.”
“It’s nothing, sweetheart.”
He pauses.
What did Shiv call you?
The look on your face says it all. Yoongi has to fight his lips from spreading any wider, your sorry attempt to hide your expression way too adorable to ignore.
He’s definitely gonna give you shit for that.
“Well, umm. That’s good,” you offer before looking over a shoulder he wants to kiss. “I should go.”
And Yoongi offers a bye along with the others, clenching his jaw when you walk off because what the fuck.
He might damn near groan.
Forget tomorrow. You need to be bent over his couch right fucking now. 
If he were younger, and if you were anyone else, there’s no telling what he would’ve done to you in those bathrooms near the back. Or in his car after he swerved off the road.
But on the same token, there’s another emotion lingering in his chest. Something deeper, fuller, more important than the outright attraction he’s hoping to god isn’t so obvious.
How can he have that in someone that isn’t his?
Is that normal? How he feels watching you walk with your chin up and a new sway to your hips?
He’s seen that same walk hundreds—thousands—of times. So why does it seem fresh and brand new when it’s you?
He huffs from his nose before staring into his glass.
Showing you off would be too easy. 
Whoever gets to do that better do it right, and often.
“Was that too much again?”
Yoongi lowers his eyes to his phone before scrolling in his lap. “Sounded fine to me,” he lies.
There’s a tinkle of laughs while the guy laments, “I knew it. I’m so bad at this now.” 
“You wouldn’t’ve gotten that one anyway,” Jimin chides with one more chuckle. “Let’s keep going.”
Yoongi officially checks out when they discuss other potential matches. Because he may or may not have noticed that your table is easily visible, and he may or may not have decided to not leave you alone just yet.
Not like he’s going anywhere soon.
He can’t even stand up if he needed to anyway.
Tumblr media
Tonight is supposed to be a fun, celebratory party for Dom. You put on a nice, comfortable dress, and freshened up more than you have in a long time. Feeling great is an understatement.
But seeing Yoongi throws you off in every which way possible and inside you feel like a wreck.
While you’re delighted that he gets to see you done up, you want nothing more than to mount his lap and ride him until he tears you apart.
Because holy fuck, he looks so fine.
It’s decided. You’re sure of it. The universe is testing you and you haven’t studied a single thing.
Did he have to have his hair like that? Did he have to look the most dressed up you’ve ever seen him? Why did he follow this restaurant’s dress code and not opt for a more casual fit instead? 
Just don’t think about it. Any of it. Especially the way his hair would look between your—fuck!
Tonight is for Dom. 
When everyone situates around a multi-table setup, you tell yourself to not be distracted. Yes, there are a bunch of people—most of which you only semi-know—but you still can’t get too sidetracked by his frame in that suit. By the chains on his neck. By the spread of his—
Just try to converse. Be social. At least Reia and Yuri are in front of you.
That’s when you feel a vibration.
And you already know who it’s from.
Attempting to appear normal, it’s a wonder you only choke internally when you view what he said.
Yoongi [8:03pm]: Hey sweetheart :)
Goddamn it.
It’s a struggle to not smile like a fool. Admittedly, you didn’t exactly hold back your expression at the stranger’s forthcomingness. Which is exactly why you’re getting this text.
If you weren’t mistaken, you’re also pretty sure you saw Yoongi react. Which was way too attractive in itself, but you don’t wanna give him even more unspoken praise. 
You [8:04pm]: oh my god
You [8:04pm]: was my face that obv
Yoongi [8:05pm]: Lmao
You [8:05pm]: 🥴 
Why is he texting you now? Aren’t you both in public? Surrounded by people you know?
Yeah, your brother isn’t here, but Mr. Sweetheart could know him. 
Then again… What does Yoongi have your contact saved as? Is it your name? Something else? Just your number and no name at all? 
There’s still so much you don’t know about him, and it excites you as much as it pains you.
Before you can mull over it more, he keeps the conversation going.
Yoongi [8:07pm]: Afraid he’ll never recover
If he’s gonna keep texting… 
Why not lean into it?
You [8:07pm]: damn
A couple minutes go by without anything, and you’re pulled into a discussion. When a few other moments pass with no texts, you assume that’s the end of your thread.
So much for leaning into it. You definitely spoke too soon.
Probably for the best that it’s already over, though. There’s no telling how future texts would go, with the thrill of him being here and looking like sin.
Fuck, he looks handsome.
And quite frankly, you look pretty decent, too. 
Hummingbirds flit about your stomach when you know Yoongi got to see you tonight. Because all the other times he’s seen you, what you’ve worn has mostly been casual. Comfortable. Dalo was the only exception, but you assume neither of you wanna count that night. 
You briefly wonder what he thinks about your dress before a road trip talk materializes.
“I haven’t been on one in awhile,” Reia sighs as she places arms on tablecloth. 
When Yuri agrees before facing you, you already know what she’s gonna suggest. “We should go. It’s summer!”
“I have work,” you groan, frustration pursing your lips. With this interview also hovering over you, there isn’t much thought you can pour into something like that. 
“No fun!”
“Sorry, y’all.”
Although… You start thinking about how one with—
Another vibration pulses in your lap, and you check to see who it could be. 
Yoongi [8:12pm]: Wdy look so cute for?
What is he doing!
The other texts were harmless. What the hell is he thinking sending this?
You [8:12pm]: 😳
You [8:12pm]: be serious
Yoongi [8:12pm]: K
You snort when you see the curt reply, knowing that if it was anyone else, you would’ve been mad as hell. But it’s so him that you can’t help but laugh.
At least he came to his senses quick. Gotta stay safe someho—
Yoongi [8:13pm]: Wdy look so fucking hot for?
Your foot abruptly slides forward, shoe clunking against the middle table leg in your shock. 
Everyone around you doesn’t notice, but Dom eyes you with a cocked brow from the head of the table. How did she know that was you? 
You wave her off before taking a sip of your drink to cool down.
You [8:13pm]: ……..
Yoongi [8:14pm]: :) 
In your haste to just reply and get this over with, you discover that he can make you flounder even over texts. 
You [8:14pm]: don got promoted !!
You [8:15pm]: don*
You [8:15pm]: dom**** fuck
Yoongi [8:16pm]: Lmaooo
Why the hell did you ever respond? 
You don’t know how it’s possible, but just his texts are enough to make you sweat. Beneath your dress, both of your legs slowly shift, your thighs rubbing against each other a bit too often.
If anything, Yoongi certainly knows how to compliment someone.
Distraction comes in the form of servers, getting everyone’s orders and gathering menus. A bit thrown by a potential vibration in your lap, you don’t even remember what you got and you hope to everything that it was a relatively cheap option. 
More conversation sprouts around the table, and you try to listen to what’s happening on either side. Some are talking about work troubles, others are lamenting the down period for sports. But they’re all lively and let you feel included, just like the one that invited them all.
You feel a little bad when you keep checking your phone, but at least they don’t really know you. To them, it would just look like you’re…
What? Talking to someone you like? Someone you may or may not be seeing? 
Where were you going with that?
Glancing down, you do see another text. And its contents affect you just as much as the notification.
Yoongi [8:30pm]: Isn’t your interview tomorrow?
You [8:36pm]: mmhmm. i’m dd🙄
Why are butterflies mingling with the hummingbirds? And why do you feel like smiling like an idiot in front of all these people?
Maybe how last night ended is still staying with you. Because you feel pretty damn good right now, and knowing that you have Yoongi’s attention like this in a public space makes you feel something dangerous. 
There’s another reason why you decided on your outfit today. Since you left that part out, you allow yourself to slide another message up, riding this wave as far as it will go.
You [8:39pm]: but yeah it’s sundress season !
Yoongi [8:39pm]: My favorite :)
You [8:41pm]: ofc it is
Yoongi [8:44pm]: 😊
You [8:45pm]: don’t even 
Yoongi [8:45pm]: Haha
Yoongi [8:50pm]: But I’m serious. You look nice.
That’s where it should end.
A natural close. 
Just say thank you and move on. 
…But what if you do something else?
Be it the thrill of doing this in a public space, or the fact that you want to jump his bones right now, you don’t know. There’s just a tiny flame you see in his words that you want to stoke.
So you do.
You [8:55pm]: how nice
Of course, you sometimes forget who you’re dealing with.
Because your plan completely backfires when his response comes way too quick.
Yoongi [8:56pm]: Meet me in a stall and I’ll tell you
What the fuck!
You can’t even pick at your food. Not when he’s giving you plenty to choke on already.
You [8:56pm]: ???? 
You [8:56pm]: here?(?
He’s not serious, is he? No. 
Even if he was, that would be crossing multiple lines. Texting is already pushing it, but it would be glaringly obvious if the both of you were absent from your tables for too long. 
Yoongi [9:01pm]: I’m kidding 
Yoongi [9:01pm]: But I’d be down
You [9:05pm]: no !!
Yoongi [9:06pm]: You don’t wanna? :((
You hate how much you like this side of him. Or maybe this is just him, and you still can’t believe that you get to witness him in his natural, lethal state.
If you told yourself from a year ago that things would come to this, you wouldn’t have believed it for a second.
But if you also told yourself that you’d grow in ways you didn’t even consider, you wouldn’t have believed that, either.
You [9:10pm]: i do
You [9:10pm]: but i’d rather go home with you..
Looking back, much has changed.
But when you glance over to see him lift his eyes your way, your heartbeat concludes that some things will always stay the same.
You don’t ever think you’ll get over him. 
Which is fine, because you don’t want to.
Yoongi [9:11pm]: You don’t want that lol
Of all the responses that he could’ve sent, that certainly wasn’t the choice you were expecting. Cocking a brow at your screen, you respond. 
You [9:12pm]: i do🥺
Yoongi [9:13pm]: Promise you don’t
You [9:13pm]: why not?
What the heck does he—
You hear your name being called, and it takes all of you to not react like you’ve been busted. “Hmm?”
“The party’s this Friday, right?” 
“See,” Dom directs to one of her friends. “Busy.” 
A small smile is offered on your end before impatience ropes you back to your phone. You’re sure the song that’s playing above your head is nice, and you can guess that the giggles in front of you are about Rohan. 
But your full attention is on an answer you’re zero percent positive about. 
What the hell does Yoongi mean? And why is he so damn enticing even over texts? 
Yoongi [9:14pm]: Just cus 
Enticing, your ass! 
You [9:15pm]: wow
Yoongi [9:15pm]: :)))
It’s like that, huh… 
This guy is something else. 
Questioning why you started texting him in the first place, you put your phone down to take a few more sips. Because you’re thirsty. Certainly not to cool yourself down. 
“Damn, where’s our dessert?”
“I was wondering.” 
Now that people mention it, you agree. It’s been quite awhile since you all ordered, and you feel a bit bad that your party is so big. Damn Dominique and her brilliant way of gaining friends and keeping them. 
She looks positively radiant as she tells another work story, and you laugh a little when you know exactly which one it is. 
Not many people can say they had a tough conversation with their CEO and came out unscathed. But when you save your company a bunch of time and money, no one can really do anything except let it slide. 
Well, and promote you. Which is why all of you were invited to a place like this.
What would she tell you to do now? How would she tell you to respond? 
Probably to press the man for an answer. 
Following sound advice that you manufactured, you go back to your device and start typing.
You [9:22pm]: tell me🥺
He probably won’t, given his stupid, short track record. But damn it, you wanna know! 
The only solace you get from minutes of no texts is that you can always hound him tomorrow. You know exactly where to poke him to make him flinch, after all. 
Yoongi [9:27pm]: Can’t. Heading out now :) 
Forget poking.
The both of you are gonna fight.
You [9:29pm]: RUDE???
You [9:30pm]: ok🙄
After you slip your phone back into your bag, you turn just in time to see him walking away with the others. When he playfully shucks Jimin off at the exit, you wonder if it has something to do with you.
You blink.
Why do you feel so… peaceful? Like life is okay and there isn’t anything that can bother you except the man strolling out the door? It’s such a serene feeling that you feel like smiling for no reason.
For the first time in a long while, the sky in your mind is spotless.
Thunderclouds can’t be seen for miles, and there lies an abundance of soft grass and flowers at your toes—a stark difference from the thick, muddy sludge you’ve been trudging through for days. Weeks. Months. 
And something else drapes over you like a warm blanket, a feeling from the night that you kissed under moonlight. Another time Yoongi blatantly disregarded where you were and simply did what he wanted. 
You craft the scene from memory, staring and realizing that those two have no clue what they’ll go through in the coming days. How the uncertainty between them is going to wither and fade, bit by beautiful bit.
And then you leave them alone.
You join the present with newfound tranquility. Everything around you rings clear, from the voices around the table to the clinks of glasses around the restaurant. The summer breeze announces its presence through open windows, and you wonder if it’s been trying to get your attention for awhile now.
Everything’s good.
Observing a decorative clock on the wall you never noticed before, you can’t believe that you’ve been texting Yoongi for over an hour. In public.
If only you could sit next to him next time. Or maybe even… 
A text comes through.
And you figure that things are fine as they are now. 
Yoongi [9:40pm]: So are you 🤕
Shit, you know you’re beaming but you honestly can’t help it. You truly didn’t know he’d like your outfit this much, and this new information makes you feel more than a bit dizzy. 
Suddenly shy, you text back and hope he sees it when not being orbited by his friends.
Dessert finally arrives a couple minutes later, and it isn’t until ten minutes after that when you get a reply.
You [9:42pm]: i wish i knew you liked them. i have a lot.
Yoongi [9:55pm]: Show me sometime 
You intend to. 
You [9:57pm]: if you behave🥴
Yoongi [9:59pm]: Haaaaa
The giggle you let out is the one that gets you caught. 
You raise your eyes to Yuri and Reia, the two of them giving you smug as fuck looks. “Huh.” 
“You’re so gone, dude.”
“I told you!” 
Swatting their comments down, you give them sheepish lips before muttering, “Shut up.” 
“You are!” 
“Why didn’t you invite him!” 
“She wants to keep him to herself, look at her.” 
“Stop!” you playfully grit. “I told you, we aren’t a thing.” 
“But you’re married?” 
You outright groan through a grin, feeling bashful and elated and giddy all at once as you laugh with them right after. 
“Go on, keep sexting your man.” 
“I’m not!” 
“Sure you aren’t.”
“Uh huh.”
When they mercifully let you go, you chuckle to yourself before texting back your reply, thrums of doves invading your stomach when he immediately responds. 
You [10:05pm]: jk. i will☺️
Yoongi [10:06pm]: Thank fuck
It should be a crime how attracted you are to this man. 
Well, no.
That isn’t the real issue. While attraction and lust are certainly problems, they aren’t the feelings you’re really worried about. 
Yoongi [10:08pm]: Have fun doll
The scarier feelings are the ones you have to sequester to the innermost parts of your heart. Because your finish line seems a bit too much in reach right now, and you don’t wanna trip right before you can cross it. 
You [10:08pm]: see you tomorrow<33
As soon as you click your phone shut, your head shakes with a tiny smile.
Because somehow, seeing him makes you more nervous than your interview does.
And you’re determined to make the most of both.
You can’t.
You can’t leave this alone.
What did Yoongi mean? What did he have on his mind?
After everyone’s made their way to the standing bar, you sneak away to lock yourself in a stall. Inhaling, you ring him up, hoping that Jimin or the other guy aren’t around. 
Thankfully, he answers.
“You okay?”
“I wanna know.”
Your voice comes out in a whisper, even though you know you’re alone. “What you would do. If you could’ve taken me home.”
The soft chuckle on the line makes you weak.
“You’re in the bathroom, huh.”
“Maybe so.”
“You’re stalling.”
“Maybe so.”
Suddenly, some people walk through the door, the sounds of the restaurant a lot louder for a few seconds. After perking up, you realize it’s some of Dom’s friends. 
Do you think they’ll care? Would they even know who you’re talking to? 
Have any of them been with Yoongi before? 
It’s that one stupid question that convinces you to keep quiet. 
“Mm. Can’t talk?”
“I—” Your voice is hushed. “Yeah.” 
“Poor baby.”
You almost think about hanging up on him, but the deep, knowing laugh that strokes your ear renders you useless.
“I’d blow your fuckin’ back out, doll.”
Breaths turn ragged in a second. Vision is somehow blurred.
You weren’t ready. Fucking hell, you were not prepared. 
“Make you sit on my face until you come.”
You almost moan his name, and you have to press a palm against your mouth to keep it in. 
“Is that what the baby girl wants?”
“Yes,” you whisper, impossibly small and undoubtedly hoarse. 
”What was that?”
“I said fuck you,” you grit a tad louder, lowering your phone volume when Yoongi outright laughs through your speaker. 
“Please do. But get your pretty ass back out there.”
Why the fuck is he so perfect? 
Sighing, you shudder out before obliging. “Okay.”
“And good luck tomorrow.”
It’s not the interview you’re worried about anymore. While you feel prepared for that, you don’t feel ready for what’s to come after it in the slightest. “I’m more nervous to see you.”
For some reason, Yoongi chuckles again. And you don’t have a damn clue know why. 
“Don’t say that.”
Why not? “It’s true.”
“Always so cute.”
Well, you figure you’ll find out either way tomorrow. 
Maybe you’ll think of some preemptive revenge, as well. 
“Bye, babe.”
“See you soon.”
Everything goes silent again, only the ambiance of the bar and the music in the speakers accommodating the space. 
When you stare at your dark screen, you realize a few things. 
One, you’re alone again. Two, you call him babe way too easily. 
And three? 
Whether in secret or not.
You’re seeing someone. 
For real. 
And it’s Min fucking Yoongi.
Tumblr media
A/N: DID YALL SEE HIS SELFIES TODAY?? HOW TF DID HE KNOW HE’D LOOK FANCY.. anyways, i dunno what else i can say other than this is hopefully a part that was worth waiting for! i’m just glad i could swing it between anytime and 3tan9. did i expect for it to be this big? no lol. but i figured that i would spoil y’all. it’s bday month! i’m feeling pretty good, what can i say skfjlshf but seriously, i love you all so much and i hope this was okay! A/N 2: this is not the end of sundress scenarios >:))) so stay ready  ++ feedback box: ⇥ of course, any reblogs/comments/messages are appreciated! ⇥ for the ones that are too shy to reblog with a review, comment on this, or send a message, i went ahead and made another anonymous form where you can send in what you think! ⇥ no emails collected, no need to put in a username. it’s literally just a comment dropbox :D feedback can be as short/sweet or as long as you’d like! ⇥ here! ++ ⇥ masterlist
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yoon2k · 2 months ago
swish | myg
Tumblr media
SUMMARY your boyfriend is the star of the basketball team—cocky, arrogant, and a bit of an asshole. And, you find out, jealous as hell. 
PAIRING basketball captain!yoongi x hot girl!reader
RATE 18+
WARNINGS slight exhibitionism, semi-public seggsual activities,,,,,, spanking, fingering, finger sucking, oral m!receiving, choking, kissing all nasty and shit <3, jealous (??) and cocky yoongi, protected penetrative sex, drunk sex, hickies nd marking, they’re so gross and cute, an unhealthy amount of pet names, oc is a certified Brat, capital B, and dickmatized as fuck xo
GENRE college!au, smut, establish relationship, series (can be read as a one-shot i think,,,)
WC 7.7K
A/N my babies are finally back <33 been working on this since last year, LITERALLY as soon as i finished part one. It was supposed to be a drabble at first, but i literally couldn’t thinking about this boy, and this friend group andddddd now we’ve hit the titanic :D hope you all enjoy this as much as i enjoyed writing about them <33
⇢ SERIES ✪ MLIST | prologue | shoot your shot | swish | buzzer beater
Tumblr media
“If I get this one, will you give me a kiss?” Yoongi calls out, head cocked all cute and innocent, but his smirk puts you onto his ulterior motives. 
“I can agree to those terms.” You nod, chin resting in your hand as you watch him from the bleachers, trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach at the sight of his smile. You were on the court with him earlier as he taught you how to make a three pointer, standing behind you with your back to his chest, soft voice in your ear as he guided your hand, showering you in praise when you finally made it. I have a good teacher, you said with a kiss on his cheek, his cheeks dusted in pink. Now, you two are playing your own version of HORSE, making up your own rules that basically just consisted of you listing locations for him to shoot from and tricks for him to carry out, and you rewarding him with prizes of his choosing. An excuse to make out, according to Yoongi’s choices so far. 
He lines up the shot from the position you had pointed out to him, sizing up the net from where he stands, before he takes the shot, ball flying through the air before swishing into the basket. 
He saunters over for his prize, a goofy smile on his face as he leans down to peck your lips, you pushing him away before it escalates. 
“Earn it,” you taunt sweetly with a shrug at the pout on his face when you pull away. 
“I think you just like seeing me show off, sweetheart,” he teases, grabbing the ball again and hitting a bank shot from where he’s standing, ball bouncing off the backboard and falling into the net easily. Impressive indeed. 
He turns back to you, cocky smirk evident on his face as he pulls you close, starting off by softly pressing his lips to yours before pushing his tongue in, deepening the kiss. You allow his tongue to roam your mouth, leaning into his touch, as he takes your breath away and causes hazy thoughts in your mind. He pulls back, clicking his tongue haughtily at the way your lips chase his. 
“What else you got for me baby?” 
You think for a moment, scheming thoughts whirring in your brain. “Backwards shot from the three-point line?” You request devilishly. 
He sighs as he shakes his head at your difficult demand, but he isn’t going to back down. He takes his position at the three-point line, “If I get this one, then—“
“Finger me?” You interrupt innocently. He almost drops the ball at your words, cursing under his breath. Of course, that was your endgame all along. Ever since you’d seen his pretty guiding hands around yours, long fingers covering the ball at each shot he took, as he dribbled, and as spun the ball on one finger. You’d been thinking about them thrusting into you for longer than you care to admit. 
He chuckles at your eagerness, throwing you a wink before discarding the ball over his shoulder expertly. You watch its arc as it flies through the air, before landing perfectly into the net. 
“Is that good enough for you, madame judge?” He teases, twinkle in his eye as he approaches you. “Was it worthy enough to let me touch you?” 
“I guess,” you roll your eyes, feigning indifference. But you spread your legs eagerly nonetheless, giving him a glimpse of your panties under your skirt. He settles himself beside you with a pretty grin, wrapping one arm around your waist to pull you closer. You giggle as he captures your lips in a fervent kiss, his hand skimming your body before sliding up your thigh, under your skirt, where your spread legs give way to the damp spot on your panties. “You really like seeing me show off, huh? Get off on watching me play? You were just waiting for my fingers weren’t you, baby?”
“Let’s not act like you don’t get off on watching me squirt all over your hands,” you shoot back, sentence ending in a whimper as he dips his hand in. 
“Don’t play, baby. You know eating you out is my favorite. But you’re not wrong,” he chuckles, bringing his mouth to the crook of your neck as he swirls his fingers in your heat, teasing at your hole without dipping in. You know Yoongi, he loves the buildup. But he doesn’t know how long you’ve been shifting in your damp panties while you watched him play, veiny hands dribbling the ball, muscles flexing every time he shot it into the basket. You arch your back, whining as you grind against his hand, begging for him to give you more. 
“Patience, baby—” his sentence is cut off and you’re suddenly deprived of his hand altogether, panties snapping back in place at the emptiness, the ache in your core throbbing in protest. You snap your head to look at him, complaint on the tip of your tongue, when you hear the loud slam of the gym door and the conversation that accompanied it. Even though Yoongi had slipped his hand out from your skirt in record time, the two of you are still sitting suspiciously close enough wherein, once his teammates spot you, they’re able to catch on to your activities.
“Hey! Get a room!” Kihyun shouts, approaching your frazzled states as you try to make yourself somewhat presentable, Daniel and Wonho following close behind him. 
“I didn’t know you guys were coming in here to practice,” Yoongi clears his throat, deep, faux nonchalant voice doing little to mask his disheveled state. 
“You would if you checked your phone,” Kihyun gives him a playful shove. “We wanted to practice that layup you were showing us before the game, but it looks like you’re busy.”
“You know it’s all in the wrist…” your boyfriend launches into his explanation, demonstrating the technique to his teammate. Soon as you hear the words “release point,” you’re tapped out. While, yes, he does look incredibly hot teaching his friend about something he was so good at, there is only so much athletic jargon you could handle. 
“Hey yn,” a soft voice catches your attention, bringing you back from the zoned out space you were in, lost in thought about exactly how mushrooms increased speed in Mario Kart. Were they just high? Was the speed all in their head? Or was it one of those drug-induced adrenaline boosts? You had questions! 
You send a polite smile his way, “What’s up, Wonho?” 
“You coming to the game tonight?” He’s making friendly conversation as your boyfriend goes on with Daniel and Kihyun's full attention. 
"Yeah, definitely. Yoongi's been talking about how big it is." Truly, half of your boyfriend's pillow talk consisted of him talking about strategy during upcoming games, predictions for the other team's techniques, mapping out plays. 
There’s a shift in Wonho at Yoongi's name, his face revealing that he’s feeling some type of way. You’re not too pressed, brain occupied with how long Yoongi had between now and the game, barely noticing the change in demeanor.
"Right… actually I've been meaning to ask you, do you still have my sweats? Pretty sure I left them at yours," he asks cheekily, feigning innocence by rubbing the back of his neck, as if it wasn't his choice to suddenly ask about sweats he hadn't missed for months now. 
You just opened your mouth when Yoongi took the response right off your tongue, turning his attention back to you and your conversation. "Actually, you can have it back. She doesn't need them anymore." He throws an arm over your shoulder and tugs you close, tucking you into his side before losing interest in Wonho and turning back to talk to his other teammates. 
Wonho, like a gentleman, simply nods at you with a sheepish smile, failing to restrike up a conversation. He should've known better, trying something in Yoongi’s presence. He should've known his teammate, and you. But, he couldn't help himself, the competitor in him urging him to give it a shot when he'd heard those pretty moans you made for Yoongi as soon as he'd stepped into the gym. 
You can’t be bothered, bored with the whole exchange. All you can think about is how quickly you can get Yoongi back into his room for a quick fuck before his game. If you'd calculated correctly, you have just about an hour to make it back by the time the coach had specified, and you’re planning to make good use of it. 
You don’t notice him waving his teammates goodbye, tugging you up and out of your seat as he leads you out of the gym, leaving them to practice. 
But Yoongi had other plans, leading you to his car rather than his dorm room. You shoot him a confused look as he holds the door open for you, eyebrows raised. "Just get in," he chuckles lightly. So you do, ache in between your legs still present as you sit in his car while he goes around to the driver's seat. 
"Saw a cute cafe I think you'd like," he offers up as an explanation, hands on the wheel and eyes turned to the rear window as he backs the car up. "It's just a few minutes away." 
Okay, cute! Your heart screams. It’s the first real date Yoongi’s taking you on, if you don't count the coffee in between classes or lingering around his practice sessions before going back to his to fuck. You honestly don’t know the difference between that and a real date, but all you do know is that you don’t want a big fancy ordeal. You don’t want to put on uncomfortable heels and go to a stuffy restaurant, or anything of the sort. And you had told Yoongi that, in order to ward off anything too over-the-top early. Not that Yoongi was generally an over-the-top kinda guy; he was more chill, like you. But, still. You were just getting the hang of this whole boyfriend thing, and you wanted to start off simple. 
Tumblr media
“Yoongi, we’re gonna be late for the game—”
“We’ve got time.” 
The leather is sticky against your back as your skin grows warmer, hot from the breathless kisses you’d been sharing for the past 10 minutes. He interrupts with another swift kiss, not giving you a minute to breathe. His hand, the one that had been fiddling with the hem of your shirt, finally slips under, tracing up your stomach to meet your bra—or lack thereof. Yoongi groans into the kiss as he covers your tit in his big hand, giving it a squeeze. 
Your date had run a little long, both of you losing track of time in between giggles and stolen touches. His gummy smile hadn’t left his face, and the butterflies you were feeling only intensified when he reached over the table to wipe off a bit of frosting on the corner of your lip before popping his thumb back into his own mouth. You couldn’t think straight after that. 
Which is probably how he managed to get you into the back seat of his Hummer,  a slight grope to your ass as you approached the car, a small nip to your neck and a whispered, “Can’t stop thinking about your mouth.” You were sold.
Fuck. As much as you’re enjoying the horny groping in the parking lot of the cute cafe, you are on a time table. He, mr. Most Valuable Player, should know that. You only have a short amount of time before Yoongi has to get back to the locker rooms, the pregame strategizing and prep left to the captain. 
You pull away slightly, leaving Yoongi chasing your lips with a slight pout. Once he realizes you’re not coming back, he opens his eyes, his nose scrunched. “You in a rush to see me on the court?” His voice is low as he busies himself with tugging on your tank top straps, but you can see the hint of a smirk ghosting over his face.
You roll your eyes. Who asked him to tease you and be right. “You know you’d flip your shit if you weren’t there at least 10 minutes before everyone else.”
“Damn,” he leans back against the leather seats, pushing his hair back. “Got me there.” 
“I know.” Your tone is arrogant, all know-it-all-like and condescending. It’s extremely hot. And he’s about to bend back down and nip at your neck to tell you so, except the low voice of the radio announcer catches his attention, his ears tuned in to the car speakers. 
“Fuck, is that the Wizards-Warriors game highlights?” He pulls away from you, leaning over his center console to turn the volume up. “I missed the game last night—” 
Yoongi’s sentence ends there, with a singular sheepish glance to your raised eyebrow. He seems to remember what made him miss the event on TV. Or rather, who he was tangled up in the sheets with while the basketball game announced on in the background. “Worth it.” He remedies quickly, a lopsided smirk on his face as he makes to kiss the back of your hand, one ear perked to the radio. 
“We can listen on the way back,” You roll your eyes, exiting the car to go around to the passenger seat. 
“Warriors have been shit lately.” He recounts. “Even more so than the Wizs usually are.” 
“First of all, watch your mouth.” You turn the volume up slightly, keen to hear how your team did. Without Yoongi’s smartassery, of course. 
No such luck. “C’mon, baby. You know they’ve had difficulty defending the three-point line all season. It all comes down to…” Queue your boyfriend launching into full basketball captain mode, complete with a rundown of their play style this season and suggestions on their technique. Hot as fuck.
Your brain turns to mush as he talks over the commercial breaks, a second away from resting your head on your palm and watching him with heart eyes. Ridiculous how easily he’s able to affect you—make you zero in on his hand gestures, waving about as he always keeps one on the wheel. His pouty lips befuddle your brain and make you think that stopping his wandering hands in the back of his car earlier was a bad idea. 
He continues his speech when you reach campus, clasping your hand easily as you walk to the locker rooms. “I mean, with the Warriors, people blame it on Curry’s injury, but really, if you look at it…” You aren’t really hearing the words coming out of his mouth, more focused on the mouth itself and how badly you want to bite his bottom lip. The boy keeps on, cutely unaware of your deeply depraved thoughts as you stare up at him innocently. 
“So, I’ll see you after the game?” He rounds, facing you. You blink up and realize you’ve reached the locker room doors already, your long walk cut into minutes with your mind running rampant. Yoongi nudges you with a cheeky grin, prompting you out of your daydream, “Gonna be cheering for me, baby?” 
“Shut up.” You roll your eyes. Of course you are.
You turn to leave before he catches onto the lewd thoughts plaguing you, rushing to get back to your dorm and change into the new skirt you’d bought. But a call behind you stops you in your tracks. 
“Where’s my good luck kiss?” 
You fight off the heat rising in your cheeks as you turn around, met with a cocky grin and an outstretched hand. He’s crazy, looking like that and asking you for a kiss. As if your body isn’t running rampant right now. 
The way he pulls you in by your waist and catches his bottom lip with his teeth as he looks down at you doesn’t help, either. The butterflies are going wild in your stomach, fluttering with each inch he nears. You don’t notice your hand reaching up to entangle in his long, black locks, pulling him closer, holding back a whine. 
Pretty boy, and he kisses good, too. What a dream. 
He pulls away with a smack, “See you.” He says against your lips, with a last tiny peck. And he’s gone. 
Leaving you with a wet problem between your legs. 
Tumblr media
“And that’s another point for the home team! They’re showing no mercy on their turf!” The announcer’s voice booms through the stadium. 
His words are evidenced by the tackle of Yoongi’s teammates onto him, congratulating him for another successful shot. His smile is big as he waves them off. Big and cute, you think grumpily as you shift uncomfortably in your seat. 
“Oh stop pouting, we’re winning!” Doyeon shoves your despondent, dramatic self. As if you don’t have a right to be upset! 
“I’m fine.” You grumble. 
“Yeah, okay Squidward.” Doyeon rolls her eyes. “Like we haven’t been watching you eye Yoongi like a piece of meat the entire game. He’s a man, you know. With like, emotions??” 
It’s your turn to shove her, but your light tap apparently isn’t that light because she ends up spilling her popcorn all over Seokjin’s lap, followed by an exasperated sigh of your name while you look on with a sheepish grimace. 
“Don’t take it out on us just because you haven’t had dick in the last 24 hours.” Seokjin says around a mouthful of popcorn he’d collected from his lap. 
“Yoongi’s spoiled you too damn much.” Doyeon snorts, sharing the unspilled popcorn from Seokjin’s crotch. Not that he necessarily minds. 
Your eyebrows furrow further and your pout deepens at the aforementioned name. With a resigned huff, your cheek rests on your palm as you watch the man of the hour get sweatier and sweatier on the court. 
Your team wins, of course. There was never a question, not with the way your team had pulled up like the monsters in space jam. And with the way your boyfriend walks off the court—make that is carried off the court by his teammates—the star player is obvious as always. He pulls his sweaty bandana off with a whoop, throwing it into the air in victory. 
“You coming?” Jungkook takes up your side, shaking you out of the daydream you’re about to have about that bandana. “The after party’s at Sigma Nu. Apparently they’re dumping soap in the pool again, because we ‘washed’ the competition.” He’s bouncing with excitement, his inner fuckboy coming out at the thought of a foam party that’d get not only everyone wet but also with considerably less clothing. 
“I might…” You trail off to catch a glimpse of the team captain who had long disappeared into the locker rooms, wondering how you could catch him alone. 
“Oh come on, you never miss a party.” A heavy arm falls around your shoulders. Taehyung’s, to be exact. “And besides, your boy is gonna be there.” 
“You mean your boy.” You shove his arm off effectively. “I don’t claim that fiend. He loves basketball more than me,” you fake-wipe a tear.
“And when he twirls the basketball on his finger for you and you giggle and kiss him, then what?” Hoseok points out. 
You’re silent after that. 
Tumblr media
You hate your friends and how right they are. The whole way here, the talk had been centered around all your little quirks for Yoongi, much to your chagrin. Talking about “you know she always stares at his fingers a little too long,” and  loud laughs followed by “no what’s even better is the way she gets after he comes back from practice—” 
The clown of the day with the way you were acting for Yoongi, safe to say you deserved it. He had you looking like boo boo the fool, and yet, all you could think about was how each step made your heart race faster with anticipation to see him. 
Fucks SAKE, even your own body betrayed you. 
Ignoring the pack of hooligans behind you (Seokjin was doing a full rendition of Yoongi’s wink-and-point move during games), you push through the entrance of Sigma Nu to find your boyfriend. Fuck the embarassment of that sentence. 
Namjoon behind you immediately veers to where the drinks are, the hand that had been placed on Jimin’s waist slow to move off. Not that Jimin minds, watching the big man go with a hard-earned puffy smile. 
Doyeon spots the chicken fights going on in the pool, and would’ve caught your arm on her way hauling ass over there had you not been on your own manhunt. Not that you didn’t love a good chicken-fight (you were the champ at your summer lake trip last year, trust), but you had more pressing issues than a wet bra and a foam-covered victory. 
As Hoseok heads to the dancefloor, scanning the many eyes that followed him, Jungkook and Seokjin immediately find the pong table while Taehyung claps one of the brothers on the back with a very dude-bro hug. 
You can’t be bothered, eyes searching for one head of long, fluffy hair and a gummy smile. You push through the crowd, gently tiptoeing around a girl who’s being helped up off the floor by her friends, and head to the back of the party, where it’s sure to be less crowded. And if you know Yoongi, the man would’ve made a beeline for the refuge. 
He hadn’t been answering his phone all night, and you were sure he’d left it in his locker yet again. Riding on the high of the win, it must’ve completely slipped his mind. Much like the time he’d caught you under the bleachers before his game, whispering “we have time,” to your mindful reminders that his game was about to start as he tucked his fingers under your skirt. His team was frantic, looking everywhere for the captain as his phone buzzed incessantly in his locker. Oops.
“Yn.” You whip around at the sound of your voice being called behind you, your hopes falling once you saw who it was. 
“Hey Wonho.” 
He looks good, a bandana tied around his head, pushing his fluffy hair back. The no-sleeve muscle tee’s purpose is being fulfilled, pairs of eyes devouring him as he pushes through the crowd towards you. But his eyes are too busy eyeing you up and down to notice. “You look great,” he comments politely (or as politely as his googly eyes would permit). 
“Thanks. Have you seen Yoongi?” You have a one-track mind, staring behind him as if the basketball captain would be close by. I mean, you’d found one. Birds of a feather, these athletic boys were.
Wonho shakes his head. “No, but I’m sure he’s around here somewhere.” He pauses, looking down at you thoughtfully. “You guys—You look good together. Happy.” 
You don’t detect any bitterness in his tone, just genuinity, which wasn’t a surprise from the boy-next-door Wonho that the campus knew. “Yeah, we are,” you nod. 
He bites his lip awkwardly, and it’s only then you detect the hint of sadness in the boy’s eyes and well-chiseled jaw. “Well, I wish you all the best.”
It hits you just then how abruptly things had ended with Wonho. Running it through your mind, you were hooking up with him one second, and the next, blowing him off like a tropical storm, jetting away and out of sight only to be found in Min Yoongi’s arms months later. Switching up quicker than Barbie switched careers. You hadn’t realized it at the time, the way things shook out going over your head. But it sucked, honestly. And you hadn’t meant for that at all. 
You touch his arm, “Thanks. You too.” He sends you an eye smile, one that you return. It’s the least you can do, offer him some type of closure. 
An arm on your waist signals another presence, Yoongi coming up next to you as the words leave your mouth. Wonho gives a cordial nod to the man, and a small smile at the both of you before taking off.
“What did he want?” Yoongi watches after him, his eyes following Wonho until he’s out of sight. 
“Nothing.” You turn around in his embrace, taking the opportunity to throw your arms around his neck and slide your hands into his wet, curly hair. You feel a weird calm settle over you the moment you feel his presence, rewarded for your relentless search. “Just said we look cute together.” 
“He’s right,” he asserts without hesitation.” But he said those words?” Yoongi’s eyebrow raises skeptically, but he can’t hold back a smile at the sight of you.
You shrug. “Pretty much.” 
“Huh.” Yoongi’s trying to act nonchalant, but you can tell there’s something else. He avoids eye contact with you, but his grip tightens around your waist all the same. 
“Wait.” There’s a mischievous twinkle in your eye as a teasing smile starts to spread across your face. “Wait, are you jealous?” 
“What? No.” Yoongi seems to realize he answers too quickly because he tries to remedy his blunder by clearing his throat, passing it off as a cough. But it’s too late—you’re already gripped with the giggles as you lean into him, cushioning in between his pecs as you try to hold your laughter back.
“It’s cute.” You manage, finding the way he’s avoiding your gaze extremely endearing. “But you know it’s your jersey I’m wearing every game, right?” 
“I’m not jealous.” He repeats, with a very purposeful-sounding deep voice, but the reminder of you being branded with his number lifts his spirits. “You can talk to whoever you want.” 
“For real? Bet.” You shrug, pulling away from him. The lack of your body suddenly blindsides him, and he’s pouting at you, before he’s schooling his face back when you look at him. “Think he’s still around here somewhere.” You’re looking past him, to the makeshift dance floor when your eyes light up. “Oh there!” You’re already shouldering past before he realizes what’s happening, but you don’t get far. 
“Wait,” his smile is sheepish when he catches your wrist, pulling you back into him. His body immediately relaxes when he feels your warmth again. “Wait.” 
You’re wearing a knowing grin, and it’s then he realizes you were teasing. You have him wrapped around your little finger, and he smiles internally at that fact. “Maybe I am jealous, doll.” His expression turns cheeky as he tilts your chin up. “Care to placate me?” 
You’re shocked at the summersault your stomach does when Yoongi admits to it. Let it be a few months ago, and you would have dashed away, sight unseen, at someone hinting at any sort of possession over you. You didn’t belong to anyone, and he knew that. But the way he was into exclusivity and assertion had you in all sorts of butterflies. Go you! Commitment-phobic you could never!
“I don’t know.” You frown as you push your tits against him. “I’ve been wet since you shot that three-pointer. Think you can help a doll out?” You’re tracing his pecs innocently as the next words leave your mouth. “Or should I ask Wonho?” 
“Fuck.” He groans, cursing under his breath. His hand naturally falls to your ass as he lowers his mouth to your ear. “Think he can touch you like me, baby? You’ve got me fucked up.” 
“Don’t know about all that.” You shift your legs, knowing you're fighting a losing battle. Your panties were sticking to you uncomfortably, and the heavy petting and close calls you got into all day didn’t help at all.
“Don’t know?” His big, NBA-bound hands give your ass a squeeze. You can feel his hot breath on your ear as his deep voice rumbles. He walks you backwards until your back hits a counter, pushing your bodies closer together. “You forget that I’m only one who fucks you right?” 
You’re tongue-tied as you look to the side for refuge, but your eyes immediately fly shut as Yoongi leaves an open-mouthed kiss on your neck. Your hand unconsciously goes to grip his white tee, gripping him for a semblance of balance. “Showing up in this,” he grips the hem of your pink skirt and scrunches it in his fist, “Barely dressed, screaming my name as I won a title.” He ghosts your lips with his, eyes staring into yours. “Don’t know who you think you’re talking to, but I’m the motherfucking champ, baby.”
You pout, batting your eyelashes as he tests the limits of your skirt, finding his way under it. It’s true, you knew what you were doing when you threw this little number on before the game, draping Yoongi’s jersey over it, his name and number with a cute pink miniskirt to match. Like his own personal cheerleader. Hoping to melt him like tuna at the sight of you.
Only two whiny words from you disintegrate his resolve. “Show me.”
You immediately feel the loss of his weight against you as he backs up, clasping your hand in his. As quickly as he moves off of you, you want to tow him back, squeezing his hand tightly as you follow him through a crowd that seemingly parts for him. You hear a few people call his name in congrats, some scattered comments mentioning you, and he takes it all with his signature grin. 
The room he leads you into is a fellow basketball player’s, you notice, game memorabilia and team pictures scattering the walls. But you don’t have time to take it in, the man of the hour bringing your attention back to him. Constant vigilance. 
“You’re cute,” he says, “When you think you’re slick.” He walks you back against the bed, tugging at your skirt.
“Bend over, sweetheart.” 
You grip onto the desk embarrassingly quick, sticking your ass out behind you with a pop of your hip. You feel Yoongi crowd you too, crotch pressed against your ass as he runs his hand down your back with a light chortle. “Thought you didn’t bend over for any man, baby.” He leans into your ear, “What makes me so special?” 
Fuck. Is now really the time to be bringing up one of your empowerment rants from your brief stint as a socio major? Feminist gods, if you’re watching please look away. “Shut up, Min.” 
The resounding smack that sounds through the room makes you jump, but the culprits grab a handful of your ass right after a solacing rub. “Hm? What was that, baby?” 
His deep voice is doing a number on you, your last braincell bouncing around in your head like the windows screensaver. You aren’t capable of producing a single thought with the lethal combination of that and his hands. “Nothing.”
His hands rub the offended skin soothingly, “Good girl.” You hate the way your heart jumps at the words, the praise making you more pliable, well on your way to playdoh. 
He doesn’t hesitate to pull the godforsaken skirt over your ass, pushing you down further on the desk to make you arch more prominently.  The small yelp you let out is offered no attention as his hands find the waistband of your pants, pulling them down in one smooth motion, dropping them to pool at your ankles. 
“Fuck.” He runs his fingers through your folds, confirming what he’d felt earlier—you’ve soaked your panties to the bone, remnants of the day revealing how frustrated you are. His poor, spoiled baby. 
Picking up where he’d last left off on the bleachers earlier, he curses at how easily you suck two of his fingers into your sopping cunt. A loud whine leaves your mouth, gripping the edge of the desk as a copy of My Hero Academia stares up at you. 
He pumps his fingers in and out of your pussy at an unforgiving pace, enjoying the smacks of the lewd, wet noises your cunt makes. “Sucking me in like crazy, doll. You want winning hands inside you so bad—” He nips your ear playfully as you moan in protest, about ready to bite back another response. But something else quickly fills your mouth instead, “There you go.” Yoongi sends you a shit-eating grin as he sticks his other fingers into your mouth, one hand still pumping your cunt. You stare back in a deadpan, eyebrows furrowed cutely. One beat passes. Then two. 
Then you started to suck. 
“That’s what I thought,” he mumbles loftily in your ear. 
The arrogant lift of his lips that accompanies his deep rumble is your kryptonite, but the cockiness is getting to you. On your knees for him any other day when he got cheeky with you, but today? With the whole school chanting his name? You aren’t about to become a strand of straw in a haystack.
You clamp down on his fingers gently, only teasing a bite. But he yelps and pulls his hand out in a haste anyway, “Brat.” He hisses. He doesn’t miss the dance of light in your eyes, or the innocent way you bite your lip as you look up at him. “Oops. Guess all winners have to lose sometime, right?” You nod at his hands, a hint of a smile lifting your cheeks.
Yoongi sucks his teeth in, but he can’t help the fire coursing through his veins at your antics. He shakes his head, smiling internally—you’d always keep him on his toes. 
You let out a loud yelp as you’re shoved down onto the floor, your knees burning against the rug as you come face to face with his crotch. He likes it when you’re being bratty, too, but playtime is over. “Don’t want that, guess I have to stuff your mouth with something else.” His voice is way too calm for someone who’s about to shove his cock down your throat, but you can feel the carnal urgency in his actions anyway.
“I won. I deserve to be congratulated properly, don’t you think?” Before you can respond, your lips are pushed open by his cock, his hand on the back of your head preventing you from moving away. Though originally a surprise, once you’ve adjusted to the new intrusion, your eyes almost roll back with the taste of him on your lips—you’d missed his dick all day.
“Yeah, you like that?” Yoongi grips your hair roughly, pushing his cock all the way into the back of your throat. He lets out a loud groan as your throat constricts around him, using the leverage your hair grants him to move you back and forth. He pulls you off slowly, then thrusts right back into your mouth with only a moment to breathe. 
Your hands are clasped, fallen in your lap, useless to Yoongi as you sit still as a ragdoll. His other hand comes down to stroke your face, thumbing at your lips softly. He pauses his thrusts, and you look up at him with watery eyes, taking his length in slowly as you keep eye contact. He’s making sure you’re alright—of course, even in the heat of animalistic desire, Yoongi’s still a gentleman. But you were better than fine, and you wanted more.
You keep his gaze, lowering your mouth slowly over his length, taking the whole thing down your throat until your nose is pressed against his stomach. “Fuck—” Yoongi hissed, his soft touches turning into a mean grip on your face. “Just like that, baby.” 
You can’t help the moan that you let out as your mouth fills with him, the vibrations of your hum making Yoongi throw his head back. “Shit—” He’s cursing under his breath in between sucking in air, his absolutely vulgar voice making you shiver with prickling excitement in your stomach. 
His mouth falls open as he fucks into your mouth, saliva coating his cock and dripping down the side of your mouth. At the sight, he pushes your head down and fills you to the brim, letting out a loud hiss as you choke around his dick. Tears stream down your face, but you savor the taste. 
He pulls you off slowly once he’s satisfied, steadily pulling his cock out of your mouth. You chase it as it slips past your lips, but he holds you back, thumb wiping away the stream of eyeliner that had ornamented your cheek. 
“On the bed.” The simple command is all he gave, his hard cock on the verge of bursting, red and leaking with precum. You scramble to move, plopping down on your back. But Yoongi’s big hand wraps around your waist, flipping you over easily, and making the bed bounce with the change in position. He pulls your hips up, your ass in the air, as he steps out of his pants behind you. 
Your body quivers in anticipation, hardly being able to wait. You were waiting for this all day! And the few moments he takes to push his pants away and roll the condom on, the mattress curving down under you as he climbed on, feel like the longest moments of your life. 
You jolt in excitement when you feel him rub the head of his cock against your folds—they’re embarrassingly slippery, messily drenched from being teased to the edge all day with no release. You slightly wiggle your hips, trying to entice him to finally give you what you want. 
And then he speaks. “Maybe I should bring Wonho up here.” 
Panic floods through you immediately, your body tensing up at the insinuation. You glance behind you to see if he was serious, and you’re met with a cocky tilt of the basketball star’s eyebrow. 
“No!” You wail, grabbing his arm with a desperate look, “Yoongi please, I want you.” You cry, sniffling in frustration. 
Yoongi uses the arm you’ve grabbed to push you back down, leaning over you with heavy eyes. He’s right above you, breath on your face, when he commands, “Say you’re mine, then.” 
His eyes are telling, and you realize he’s been drinking heavily tonight, surely guzzling down alcohol drink after drink in celebration of the win. He’s getting more possessive than he’s ever been. And it makes you clench tightly, pooling a fresh douse of arousal down your cunt. 
You nod. “I’m yours. I’m all yours, Yoongi. No one else’s.” Your eyes dart to his mouth. “Take me.” 
The crash of his lips on yours is messy, all heavy breaths and lewd bites, his tongue overbearing in your mouth. His satisfaction in your statement is heard in his grunts, filling your mouth up with the pleased sound. 
He uses your distraction with the kiss to push the head of his cock through your hole, sliding in easier than a waterslide on a hot summer day. Doesn’t stop the moan of surprise falling from your lips, eyes screwing shut as he bottoms out, stretching you out deliciously for the first time today. 
A tiny whine of his name leaves your mouth as he pulls back out, disconnecting his lips from you and leaving a saliva trail between you. He sends you one smug grin before pushing your face down on the pillow and gripping your hips. “Such a doll,” he cooes, spanking your ass with two quick slaps. “All mine.” 
His fingers dig resolutely into your waist, holding you steady as a horse as he pounds into you from behind. You squeal at the way he fits inside of you, like your pussy was made for him. He’s claiming it as his, just like the rest of you, ruining you for any other guy that comes along. 
Soft praises fall from his lips as he fucks into you, starkly contrasting the rought gropes of your skin and harsh slaps against your ass. “Been a brat all day just because you wanted to get fucked?” Yoongi pulls you up by your hair a few inches, grabbing your attention. “Hm?” 
You’re sure you look as stupid as you sound, babbling incoherently, collapsed on the bed, taking each slap of his hips against you with your mouth wide open and your eyes rolled back. The tantrum being fucked right out of you, you have no words other than teary cries of his name as your knuckles pale from gripping the sheets so hard. 
“I know, baby.” He growls under his breath, heavy pants taking up most of his lung capacity. The cacophony of lewd squelching echoes around the room, Yoongi’s hips not letting up one bit. You’re close, feeling the tip of his cock penetrate through to a sensitive bundle of nerves inside of you. 
“Yoongi, I–I can’t—” You try to push yourself up to warn him, but you flop back down instantly, dizzy with the onslaught of pleasure towering over you. “‘m gonna—” 
“That’s right, you gonna cream my cock?” Yoongi jolts his hips inhumanly faster, opting to beat your pussy like it’d insulted him. “Show me how much you missed me?” 
You nod feverishly, a loud scream of his name filling your lungs and bursting out when he drops his hand to play with your clit, sending you over the edge. You cry into the pillow, fingers gripping the plush fabric like a lifeline, as your arousal spills out of you and coats Yoongi’s dick in white. 
You’ve been relegated to a ragdoll as he uses the extra slick to fuck back into you, racing his way to his own orgasm. Your mind is hazy, but you’re lucky enough to have your eyes refocus just as he throws his head back in a roar, ripping from his throat as he comes. 
Sweat glistens on your skin, both of your breathing heavy, as he pulls out. Your body jerks with overstimulation as his cock glides through your walls, and your limbs crash as soon as he’s out, falling onto the mattress with a bounce. 
Between your drunken state, and post-orgasmic bliss, you almost don’t feel the presence of his body beside you—not until an arm wraps around your waist, and tugs you close. 
“All mine,” he peppers your shoulder in kisses, “and I’m all yours.” 
You wholeheartedly blame your intoxication for the words that next leave your mouth—because what you want to say is how full your heart is right now, how right it feels being pressed to him every day and night, and how not afraid of his statement you are, how much you agree. Instead, what comes out is a half-asleep, mumbled, “So true, bestie.” 
Tumblr media
“Five bucks says he strikes out, she throws her drink at him, and her friend shoves him into the pool,” Namjoon places his bet. 
“Fuck no, the first girl is definitely interested. The second one’s trying to cockblock, though—see! She’s trying to get her boyfriend’s attention.” Jungkook jumps up triumphantly, pointing at the guy who’d just turned around to see Hoseok running game on his girl. 
“I give it two minutes MAX before Hoseok is dodging punches,” Seokjin claims, leaning back and taking a sip from his drink. The girl in his lap, however, begs to differ. 
“You’re all idiots.” Doyeon says loudly, the alcohol she’s been sharing with Seokjin all night raising her already sonorous voice to new heights. “The guy can’t be her boyfriend because they’ve been dancing around each other all night like a pair of birds in a mating dance—they’re just fucking. Not tonight, though, because Hoseok is going home with both of those girls.” 
Loud protests follow her words, arguments and rebuttals ensue, but Doyeon just shrugs assuredly—having said her piece, she finds more interest in sucking face with Jin than entertaining the mayhem of the younger boys. 
You feel Yoongi’s chest vibrate with a humored puff, lifting his drink up to his lips. You intercept, catching his lips with yours first, and leaning back with a proud, goofy smile on your face. The corners of his eyes crinkle and the corners of his lips lift with a grin as he puts his drink down, opting to turn your quick peck into a messier, proper kiss. 
After your romp, you had found your friends earlier in the midst of a completely different argument, which had immediately ceased with Doyeon’s “oh thank GOD” once she’d seen the two of you together. She’d held out a wagging finger at Yoongi, “Don’t ever deprive her of dick again, she’s a nightmare,” which ended with you promptly pushing her off the couch arm she was situated on. 
You pull back from the kiss, Yoongi’s pretty features greeting you. Up close. Your hand trailed down his cheek, tracing the slope of his nose, admiring his eyelashes. You could get lost in his eyes forever. 
“What’s on your mind?” his voice rumbles deeply, tone only for your ears. You shrug, “I like you,” you pout, leaning further into him. His eyes soften and he looks like he’s about to reciprocate the tender moment when, “Think we can go back to yours and I can congratulate you again?” 
He chuckles at your insinuation and the innocent look you have in your eyes as you ask oh, so sweetly, and he’s ready to bend you over right here if necessary. But before he can respond, Doyeon’s thunderous victory screech fills your ears as she collects money from the bewildered and grumbling gamblers around her. “MAKE IT RAIN, BOYS.”
Tumblr media
— let me know what you think! ♡
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Tumblr media
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prod. suga - MYG
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❝you pay your boyfriend a visit at the that that mv shoot to support him, but he ends up supporting your legs as you ride him.❞
pairing — yoongi x reader
genre/rating — R | smut, fluff, pwp, idol au
warnings/tags — mullet yoongi 😩, hand kink, strong language, explicit smut — clothed sex, breast kink, yoongi has a filthy mouth ffs, a mix of degradation & praise 🤌🏻, light breeding kink, unprotected sex, exhibitionism, biting/scratching, name calling, hair pulling, nipple play, clit pinching, cowgirl, sloppy kisses, creampie, cockwarming, slight overstimulation
note: yeah i’m not explaining myself this is this & the only way i know how to channel my unhinged yoongi thirst because WTF he looks so fcking hot i love that man more each day it’s tough as a yoongi stan yoongi marry me 😩🫦🤰🏻 also tryna manifest yoongi selca from this shoot heh 🧘🏻‍♀️
selca - selfie
Tumblr media
“Hey cowboy.”
Yoongi’s face lights up as you approach him, a shy smile playing on his lips once you stand behind his chair, catching his gaze in the mirror. The sole reason why you decided to visit him, apart from offering your love and support, during your lunch break was because of the selca he had sent you a few minutes ago. And you know he did it on purpose – because he knows how much you love it when he has his hair combed back, forehead on display.
And his outfit – top buttons undone on his leopard print shirt, white coat.
He wasn’t supposed to be in the music video or even feature on the song, but you sure are glad he is. Seeing him in a cowboy costume once again had your pussy develop a heartbeat of its own.
He's fiddling with his sleeves, glancing at you in the reflection as you dip your head to place a sweet peck on his cheek, earning a pout from him.
Dropping his hands in his lap, he puckers his lips, tilting his head slightly so you can bend over again to find his mouth, fused with yours briefly.
His lips part with indignance, eyes wide, “really?”
You chuckle, hands sliding across his wide shoulders, “I don’t wanna ruin your makeup. Hey, you got the bolo tie and everything.”
“We’ll fix it before the shoot—” he informs, now interfering with the chain around his neck “—how was work?”
Bending over once again, you wrap your arms around his shoulders, pressing your cheek to his, “work was fine, until I got that selca from you.”
He flashes you a gummy smile, cheeks puffing up.
“You look sexy,” you whisper, lips brushing the curve of his ear, “so handsome. That pic didn’t do justice. So sexy with this shirt and—honestly you look good in anything.”
He cocks a brow teasingly, “anything?”
Grinning, you rise to your full height, now smoothing a hand down the back of his head, playing with the long strands of hair there, “anything. But you look even better naked.”
With your little distraction, you don’t notice the way his eyes darken, lips pursing.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
You meet his gaze in the mirror, fingers lingering on his scalp, “wh—”
“Come here,” he orders, sinking in his chair a bit as he spreads his legs, gesturing to his lap.
He wouldn’t have to tell you twice.
You’re about to sit on one of his inviting thighs, when he tuts, hands curling around your hips.
“The other way.”
Heat builds between your legs at his tone, making a timid turn as he helps you roll your dress up, his faint touches driving you insane. You straddle his lap, unable to find a comfortable position on the wobbly chair, but his lap is warm and welcoming. His gaze, however, is hungry and heated.
Your gaze drops to his pouty lips, glistening after his tongue darts out, head cocked to the side as his long, wandering fingers draw patterns on your thighs.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He repeats, not an ounce of mirth in his expression.
Before you can answer, his hands rest on your lower back, pulling you closer to his body. So close you can feel his heartbeat against your chest, equally as rapid as yours.
His breath fans across your lips, crotch dangerously close to your own. You’re afraid that you might crease his outfit. Plus, you saw his makeup artist waiting not too far from his dressing room, so she could walk in at any moment. Or any of the other staff working on set.
“Walking in here and calling me ‘sexy,’” he begins, eyebrows furrowing, “’handsome,’ teasing me as if you don’t know what that does to me.”
Mischievously, you lean forward to kiss up the line of jaw, tongue flicking across that one spot under his ear you know drives him crazy.
“That’s what you get for teasing me when I was at work,” you giggle, voice low and sultry, “thinking it’s okay to just send me thirst traps.”
His large palms squeeze around your hips, sending a flurry of emotions into your belly, settling right there in your core. You snap away when he bumps his shoulder into yours, staring at each other in silence. Challenging each other.
The corner of his mouth lifts in a smirk as he jerks his hips up into yours, connecting your bodies briefly, and the sensation of his bulge pressing into your clit has your mind reeling. Before he can say another word, you wrap your fingers around his neck and press your lips to his, moaning as he drags his ring-clad fingers up your scalp to angle your head the way he likes, tongue rolling against yours.
You moan into the kiss, body ignited with desire as his free hand roams all over your body, pulling down one of the straps on your dress just as you begin to kiss down his neck, hearing him groan as your tongue curls around his Adam’s apple, bobbing under your assault.
“This is what you came here for,” he grunts, head tossed back as you turn your attention to the sides of his neck, suckling on the flushed skin, “couldn’t wait till I’m home to get filled with my cock.”
With his words, he grinds his hips into yours, prompting a breathless whisper from your glossy lips, finding his once more. He kisses you sloppily, tongue licking into your mouth. Your pussy throbs incessantly, wetter with his deep, gruff voice rumbling through you.
“So fucking desperate for my cock, nasty little slut.”
Once you gather your thoughts, hands placed on his shoulders so you can meet each roll of his hips – he ceases all movement, eyes firm and heady.
“Sit on my cock.”
Your throat feels dry, blinking at him stupidly.
“I said sit on my cock, take it out.”
His voice laced with dominance sends a shiver down your spine, rushing to undo his belt with shaky hands. Your movements stagger when he reaches under your dress and finds your nipples, rolling them between his calloused fingers.
Yoongi seems to lose his patience when you take too long, slapping your hands away before he unzips his pants, thick, weeping cock standing tall against his shirt.
“You did this,” he grunts, rolling his palm across the tip loosely, you nearly drool at the sight, “so you’re gonna do something about it. Sit up.”
“Fuck—” he positions you so you’re kneeling on the chair, dexterous fingers pushing your panties to the side before he slides four of his fingers through your folds, a wicked smile on his face “—so wet. Such a fat pussy. I bet you were thinking about my cock all the way here. Or even all day, couldn’t help yourself after last night. Huh?”
You nod meekly because it’s the truth. He’s all you can ever think about, especially when you had a very satisfying night before.
“So fucking swollen,” he grits, gathering your slick on his hand then taking it to his cock, wetting his length with your juices, “you’re dripping. Bet I won’t have to prep you huh?”
Shaking your head, you reach for him, silently pleading with him to fuck you already. But you love how mouthy he gets whenever you fuck, it only has you dripping even more. At this point, you’re clenching around nothing, lips pressed into a thin line when he teases two fingers at your honeyed entrance.
“But you’re a slut for my fingers, aren’t you? You’d want it anyway, huh?”
“Yoongi, please,” you grit, thighs shuddering when he pinches your clit, “just want your cock.”
“How bad?”
“So bad.”
You jolt when he taps your clit with the head of his cock, core pulsing continuously because he’s so close.
“Beg for it,” he husks, now teasing apart your folds with his sticky tip, “that’s not convincing enough.”
“Please Yoongi,” you whine, eyes scrunched shut, “please I want your cock so bad. Wanna be filled with your cock. Want you to cum inside me and stuff me with your cum so I can—fuck!”
Your spine goes taut when he sets you down on his cock, walls stretching to accommodate his length as you grab his wrists, the burn simmering into pleasure a lot faster with the kisses he places on your neck.
Cracking your eyes open, you find him sitting back, head tilted up as he watches you with a malicious smirk twisting his lips, hands tight around your hips. Half of the buttons of his shirt are undone, once neat hair now falling onto his face. You clench around him involuntarily.
“Ride me,” he grits out, thumbs holding up the hem of your dress so you both can watch the way your pussy swallows his girthy cock.
Fingers wrapped around the armrests, you lean back as he grabs hold of both your thighs, whimpering when you lift off his length and slam back down.
“That’s it,” he grunts, bottom lip caught between his teeth, “faster.”
Sucking in a sharp breath, you roll your hips back and forth, aided by your hold on the chair to move even faster, moaning breathlessly as you feel his cock brush every ridge in your pussy, jaw unhinging.
“Fucking hell, riding my cock here, so fucking loud for me. Such a good girl.”
You nod obediently, ignoring the burn in your thighs as you feel yourself approach the edge of bliss, head lolling back.
He’s practically holding you up, moans joining yours as he begins to fuck into your from under, sweat beading his forehead. You whine when he buries his fingers in your, pushing your head forward so you’re looking at him through hazy eyes.
“Look at you, gonna cum? Huh?”
“Yes fuck Yoongi,” you cry out, your lower back pressing into his thighs as you fuck yourself onto him, breath tensing when you feel the tip of his cock nudge that spot deep inside you, slowing down to drag out the pleasure.
He tuts, guiding your hips onto his cock by himself, thighs now drenched in a mix of your sweat.
“I said faster, do you wanna cum?”
“Yes,” you shriek, eyes rolling back when his thumb flicks your clit, “’m so close.”
“Do you want me to cum inside you? Want me to fuck you full of my cum?”
“Yes,” you sigh, legs spreading even wider as you begin to roll your hips at your initial pace, the shameless sounds of your skin meeting his, squelches of his cock pressing into your pussy filling the air, “wanna feel your cum drip down my legs.”
He curses, nails nearly breaking the skin of your thighs as he holds you up with one hand, the other working on your engorged clit.
“Then you’ll be a good fucking whore and listen,” he grunts, speeding up his movements to have your mind going empty.
Nothing but the sounds of pure pleasure fill can be heard as you feel your mind go empty, trembling as he fucks into you feverishly, muttering under his breath when your walls flutter around him, signalling your release.
“Ah fuck.”
Your mouth hangs open, pussy sliding up and down his twitching cock as you bask in the bliss of your release, a strained laugh bubbling from your lips. He follows soon after, jaw set as he spills into you with three long spurts, one particularly loud moan echoing in the space.
“Holy shit, so fucking tight.”
Wrapping his arms around your shoulders, he gathers you in his arms, pressing soft open-mouthed kisses across your neck and collarbones, which has your heart stuttering in your chest, to finally land on your lips, mouth hot and sweet against yours. You feel his cock soften inside you, cum staining your clothing but none of you make a move, gazing into each other’s eyes before reality hits you.
“Shit, your outfit—”
He brushes a few sweaty strands of hair away from your face, dismissing your question.
“Don’t worry about it.”
A knock on the door has you jumping in his lap, but he holds you firm against him.
“Come in.”
His makeup artist opens the door, her eyes on the carpet which gives you the idea that she must’ve heard everything. But Yoongi doesn’t seem to care.
“Sorry, they’re waiting for you. I’ll come back in ten minutes.” With a bow, she’s leaving the room, door flying shut behind her.
All Yoongi can do is laugh, while you’re chastising him with a slap to his chest, grateful that your dress was long enough to conceal your dignity. He still refuses to let you get off his lap, feline eyes crinkling as he smiles. He brushes a hand through his dark hair, flopping back into his chair with a knowing smile, chest heaving.
“How do you get better and better each time?”
You grin, still catching your breath, “maybe I’m just trying to convince you that it’s better when I ride you.”
His expression doesn’t waver as your fingers cup his jaw, tonguing at his earrings.
“When you’re under me.”
Then you feel his cock twitch inside you, stiffening in your sensitive walls.
In a split second, he’s rising from the chair with you in hand. You gasp when he sets you on the floor, cock still snug in your pussy.
He shrugs off his jacket, the same expression from earlier returning as he hooks your legs around his waist, long eyelashes fluttering.
“Yoongi,” you warn, speaking into his kiss, feeling the tug in your lower belly return, “you have less than ten minutes.”
Ignoring your words, he drills his cock deep inside you, prompting a whimper from your spit slick lips. Your battered walls accept him despite your conflict, quivering around each vein of cock.
“Lock your ankles.”
You do so without protest, confusion fading into arousal.
“Let me remind you—” he sighs, drawing his cock in and out of your pussy with resounding squelches “—how it feels to be under me.”
Your smile falls, knowing he’s about to fuck you senseless.
“I will sue you, Min Yoongi.”
Tumblr media
🧘🏻‍♀️ let’s manifest a yoongi selca together 🧘🏻‍♀️ if you liked this, please send in feedback. I would love to hear what you think !! ✉️
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Tumblr media
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jiminrings · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x reader
wordcount: 3k
glimpse: shouldn’t this be the part where you tell him not to stay out too late?
alternatively, yoongi thinks you hate him because you don’t coddle him after a fight.
[ So Much Pining but they’re already in a relationship lol, some angst from a lil fight, yoongi likes being chased but u don’t indulge him this time, 10/10 wholesome ]
notes: a little something as i come back to writing <3 this is a new fic universe altogether and may be a slice of life series :O
as always, lmk what you think <3 send in feedback n love to my askbox anytime!! even replying to this post sends me over the moon :)
Yoongi relishes in being difficult.
He’s difficult in the way that he’s stubborn for whatever it is, no matter how low he could stoop. It’s definitely a working progress, but your husband just still hasn’t shaken the urge to always have the last say.
It wasn’t a deep control thing, honestly — Yoongi just really loves pushing your buttons. 
If Yoongi could find a route to piss you off, he’d take a million little detours in the process just for you to take the cake by the end of it. When you present to him a simple yes or no question, he’d find a way to shift the topic altogether for your conversation to go absolutely nowhere.
He’s annoying, there’s really no doubt about it. It was a learning curve at first because seeing your then-boyfriend (now your husband) become snarky at you for surprisingly no reason at all wasn’t exactly the best feeling. All it took was a simple call to Jin, Yoongi’s closest friend, to make you realize that he was just being playful. Your husband being a brat to you, simply put into words, is his love language.
It’s the tiny accumulative moments where he purposely irritates you that in hindsight, it’s become oddly endearing. 
When you pick where to order take-out because Yoongi keeps saying whatever, he whines to no end once the food arrives because apparently, it’s not what he had in mind. You used to be so pissed about it that you’ll order what he wants, but nowadays, you just tell him to suck it up and put more food on his plate.
When you do all the laundry in one go (no, the colors don’t bleed together) and Yoongi insists that you do separate batches for each color that he could enumerate, you would try and appease him by pretending to separate each one. Now, all that Yoongi gets is a high-pitched sarcastic compliment for knowing all his colors.
Whatever Yoongi purposely gave you to incite a reaction, it all melted into your understanding that this was just him. You’re no longer affected by the tiny little things because weirdly enough, they no longer serve its purpose of annoying you. 
It’s just like taking care of Ginger, the spoiled little family cat you grew to take care of back in your childhood home. When she was still a kitten, she’d purposely go up your shelves, look at you in the eye before dropping an item, and you’re leaping after the orange devil to reprimand her. When she became an adult, she still had the same annoying tendencies, and yet you evolved enough not to even bat an eye when she does it now.
Yoongi being annoying to you now isn’t the same thing of him being annoying to you back then. What you used to hate, you now tolerate. What used to piss you off, now makes you endeared. When your husband pushes your buttons now, you’re reminded of how much more mischievous he used to be and the memories that came with it.
This is now your peak — there’s really nothing Yoongi could do that make you fazed anymore.
In a great bout of karma, this is Yoongi’s trough. 
You barely give him an adverse reaction nowadays and that scares him right to his core because you used to be so enthusiastic over him. There’d be days where he picks fights intentionally and you’d spend the whole night trying to make it up to him, even if he necessarily wasn’t in the right.
Yoongi thinks that he’s witnessing himself being old news right in front of you and it scares him. 
You’re more well-versed when it comes to this. You’re the more attentive, more vocal lover between the two of you. You’re the one who can read minds and interpret actions. You’re the one who tends to be more confrontational and he’s the passive one. You’re the one who makes sure that a night wouldn’t pass without the two of you making up.
Yoongi, who thought this was the best thing he’s ever thought of until twenty minutes ago, decides to rekindle your romance by picking a fight with you.
Twenty minutes later, he’s never regretted a decision more in his life.
“I’m going out.” 
He announces as the last resort, head pounding because the fight became bigger than necessary. It’s 9 in the evening and he isn’t even dressed to be going out, his matching pajamas with you too soft and too worn to be even seen wearing while driving in the comfort of his own car.
Yoongi feels tears pricking in his eyes because clearly you laid onto him just as much as he made digs at you tonight, but what’s even more hurtful is that looking at you now, you don’t even look as startled as he is.
Maybe it’s just his mind. His silly, smooth, little mind that thinks the fight was bigger than it actually was. It was just a tiny argument about him baselessly accusing you of not putting in any effort that went off-topic for a brief second. In reality, it really was just a casual fight that most married couples have on a rare weekend but to Yoongi, it was explosive.
It was far more hurtful than he anticipated because in his eyes now, you don’t love him that much anymore.
“Okay. Go ahead,” you mumble for him to hear, putting away leftovers like any other night. You meticulously wrap the plates with cling wrap, your back turned to him when you mutter. “I hope the door hits your ass on the way out.”
“O-oh?” Yoongi backtracks when he hears your go-ahead, literally shell-shocked to see that you’re not stopping him. He wipes away his tears before you turn your neutral gaze back to him, swallowing the lump on his throat. “I’m going now. To get some air.”
“Okay, Yoongi.”
He’s done this before. There’s been fights where you tell him not to walk out on you and he complies. There’s also been fights where he walks out anyways, but you’d always tell him I love you and not to stay out too late.
He’s attempting the second option because clearly, you’re not pleading for him to talk this out and later on could the two of you get some air together.
“I’m really, really going now.”
He looks at you with shaky eyes, clearly pleading for you to indulge him by making him stay. 
You see right through him. You see right through your husband and in any other day would you just laugh this off, but tonight isn’t working for you. You were tired from work, Yoongi picked a fight with you for no reason, and you neither have the energy to tolerate nor chase him.
Every now and then, you should stop coddling Yoongi and give him exactly what he claims to want.
“Okay. Bye.”
You leave no room for any more replies, sauntering over the stairs without looking back.
Yoongi doesn’t want to look like a coward for not following through what he said so he audibly opens the door with the creak being heard all the way up the stairs. He’s not even a fourth out of the door but his bottom lip already blubbers, legs trembling from another type of chill that his pajamas can’t protect him from.
Shouldn’t this be the part where you tell him not to stay out too late?
( ♡ )
It’s 9:30 on a Saturday, Yoongi’s at a friend’s club wearing his sleeping pajamas on, drinking Pocari Sweat because crying on the way here really dehydrated him.
Yoongi is not doing well.
Jin’s originally here to survey his club at a peak night, but that plan went downhill as soon as Yoongi spotted him and immediately clung to his back asking for electrolyte water.
“Call Y/N using my phone.”
Yoongi mumbles when the two of them are settled at a secluded booth, all the noise being significantly decreased but not enough for it to be unrecognizable that he’s at a club through a phone call.
“And why exactly would I do that?” Jin snorts, already having an inkling to know where this is going from having a quick run-down from your husband himself.
He’s just about to lecture him with the words he’s always been wanting to say; something along the words that Yoongi’s bratty tendencies were eventually gonna bite him in the ass hard.
Seokjin doesn’t get to do that though because a phone is thrust to his face that it almost punches him, making him faux spit into nothing and wave off his bodyguards standing at a distance from him.
“Quick. She’s probably worried sick about me!” Yoongi convinces Jin, or atleast tries to because he’s the one that needs it. You’re probably wondering where he is, right? There may be no texts in his inbox, but who’s to say that you’re telepathically texting him to ask what time he’s coming home… right?
“No she’s not,” he sing-songs. He plans to annoy his friend for about 98% the time he’s going to be here (he’s gonna send him home to you anyway before 10:30) and the other 2% for semi-sincere consoling.
Then an idea pops into Jin’s head.
“What should I say?” he suddenly and eagerly takes up Yoongi on his request, not waiting for an answer before the perfect scenario pops in his head. “Ah wait, let me be in charge of that.”
Jin’s already pressing to call you much faster to Yoongi’s expectations because he really thought that it would take more amounts of convincing to do this. The phone’s put on speaker and as soon as it rings, Yoongi feels the urge to duck. He’s steadily about to snatch his phone back but you answer your phone even faster than he could do that.
“Hi Y/N!” Seokjin beams and it makes you smile from the other end, a clue already being filled in your head where exactly your husband went to. “Whatcha doing?” 
Jin makes conversation with you on Yoongi’s phone, sleazily smiling as he takes it off of speaker as soon as his friend hears your voice. Yoongi clearly takes an outrage with that but he contains it when Jin fully extends his arm out, holding him back by the face.
“Ugh, did you make popcorn? No way, not one burnt kernel? I knew it-!” Jin yelps when Yoongi bites his palm, quickly standing up from his seat in the booth so Yoongi couldn’t catch up with him. “I told you- I told you that brand’s way better!” 
“She’s not asking why you’re using my phone?” Yoongi whisper-yells as he circles around Seokjin, hands anxiously attempting to grab his phone back. “She’s not asking about me?”
Jin hears him loud and clear but he pretends not to, only sparing a glance. “Did you use the microwave preset? Personally I recommend only popping it in for two minutes and fifteen seconds because- motherfucker!”
Yoongi pinches him by the nape quite harshly like how you’d do with a kitten and it makes Jin freeze for a brief second, stealing his phone back with the call on-going.
“Y/N!” he almost yells to the phone, the momentary silence making it sink to him that he’s finally talking to you after so long. 
Read: it has only been forty minutes.
“What?” you groan into the phone, pushing your voice to be further disinterested. You’re no longer mad at him anymore — you’re just having some bit of fun at this point.
“I-I...” the words dissolve quickly on his tongue, the taste being bitter once again even when he was certain that the Pocari washed it out earlier. Yoongi says the next best thing he could that first pops up into his head, the random blurting of words being amusing even for Jin’s bodyguards.
“I uhm, I have a splinter.”
“Then take it out.”
“It hurts,” he whines at another attempt, screwing his eyes shut at the secondhand embarrassment because from the corner of his eye, one of the three bodyguards is actually clutching at his stomach from laughing. 
“Have Jin do it for you then.”
“Jin and I are in the club, by the way!” he reminds you, perking up slightly now that you indirectly acknowledged where he is and who he’s with.
Just one last pathetic attempt of skirting around and if it doesn’t work, Yoongi will immediately come home to you.
“Is the popcorn good?” 
Read: it doesn’t work.
Jin steals his phone back before he could even hear your response to his dumb-witted question, getting a painful run-down from his friend instead. “You’re painful to watch, y’know that?”
He sighs disappointedly at Yoongi, rolling his eyes before pressing the phone to his ear. “So? What’s it taste like? It’s not really oily, I told you already. The cheese doesn’t smell obnoxious either. Because actually — exactly! It doesn’t stain your fingers!”
Yoongi… will lose it. But before he loses it completely, he gathers all his remaining sanity to continue your tradition while Jin keeps you preoccupied. He spots two things quickly and puts it into his arms with no semblance of shame, even if Jin’s bodyguards saw him technically shoplifting. Yoongi thinks it doesn’t count as such because Jin already knows about the tradition between the two of you, and as predicted, his friend just waves him off in acknowledgement.
It’s a tiny tradition.
Whenever one of you goes somewhere without the other, it’s a rule to bring back a souvenir. There’s no specifications to it, just whatever item you could bring back as proof that you thought about the other while you were out.
Some of the souvenirs you brought home to Yoongi: a pretty rock, a duvet cover, a liter of hand sanitizer, a designer card wallet, and a scrunchie with his name embroidered on it.
Some of the souvenirs Yoongi brought home to you: a fancy teaspoon, a hotel pillow, ten perfume testers at the same time, a remote holder, and a teddy bear with his voice as its squeezable heart.
Yoongi thinks that he doesn’t have shoplifting tendencies but in hindsight of some of the souvenirs he’s gotten you, there may be a pattern to it.
“You brought home... a shot glass.”
You look at the tiny glass, the remnants of electrolyte water still swishing around it.
“Wrong,” he sternly replies, bringing an item from behind his back that couldn’t be anymore obvious even if he tried. “I brought home a shot glass and a tiny potted plant.”
“Since when did bars have potted plants?” you mutter in disbelief, taking the miniature bonsai from him and looking at it in wonder.
“Since tonight! Jin’s, I don’t know, entrepreneurial like that. I wanted to show it to you so I brought it home.”
Your husband says it’s like the most obvious thing to do; his desire for you to know that he indeed thought about you while he was gone manifesting into bringing home one shot glass, and one tiny bonsai to prove it.
“You stole it, Yoongs.”
The amusement lilts in your voice and Yoongi catches on to it, but he just can’t seem to let it go, a little upset that you’re focused on him “stealing” it instead of the fact that he’d go through whatever lengths for you.
“Again, I brought it home because I wanted you to see it!”
“You could’ve just sent me a picture,” you giggle, setting down the pot on your side table. You peel back the covers you momentarily left, patting the spot beside you and Yoongi clearly could not have went to bed any more eager than this.
“How was I supposed to know?” he mumbles in defeat, a frown on his face. “You probably would’ve iced me out.”
“You didn’t even ask me what time I’d get home.” 
Yoongi sighs and even if the moment’s already been significantly lightened with the souvenirs, it brings you a greater relief now that your husband’s choosing to say what’s exactly bothering him instead of pissing you off.
“You didn’t even chase me through the door! I didn’t even want to go!” he’s almost one step into a tantrum and you have to hold him by the arm to not get too carried away by reminiscing, rolling your eyes when you hold him closer.
“You went out because you thought I’d chase you.”
“Exactly,” he affirms, albeit a little upset now that he’s confirmed you knew all along. “Can’t you just chase after me?” Yoongi asks innocently, soft eyes staring you down.
The moment’s too tender that it makes your shoulders hunch, hand automatically moving to the side of his face to guide him into nuzzling into the crook of your neck — a move he looks forward to especially after tonight.
“I’m not always gonna chase after you, Yoongi,” you confide, lips brushing on his temple. “You’re just so damn stubborn sometimes. Like, makes-my-jaw-clench type of stubborn.”
“I’m sorry,” Yoongi sincerely apologizes, his face still buried to your neck with his arms clinging around your middle. “I guess I’m just so used to you making amends with me that it makes me act out on purpose.”
Yoongi faults himself at the end of the night this time, without your prompting, and you can’t deny that it makes your heart full.
“I’m sorry, baby.”
He lifts his head up to look at you directly, lips puffed into a pout with his eyes in slow blinks. “Yoongi’s very sorry.”
Maybe you spoke too soon. Maybe Yoongi’s just always gonna be slightly annoying.
“Did you just talk about yourself in third-person?” you mumble, eyes suddenly snapping open when it sinks into you.
“Isn’t it cuter that way? Is it working?” your husband heartily laughs, stretching his arms out to put around you and invade your personal space even more. “Why, do you feel it working?”
“I don’t know what to feel about it, that’s for sure,” you chuckle, the atmosphere completely lightened at this point.
“I promise I’ll try not to be difficult anymore. Won’t piss you off either.”
“That doesn’t happen overnight, Yoonie.” 
Yoongi’s just… mischievous. His love language was to pull stuff with you and although it keeps you on your toes more often than necessary, you wouldn’t be tired of him.
“Tell you what, promise me this instead,” you turn right when Yoongi was about to do it himself so he could bury his face to the crook of your neck again, blinking owlishly to listen at what you have to say.
“Try to chase after me too. Let me be the difficult one sometimes.” 
Yoongi smiles, the switch being more than intriguing. “M’kay. That’s not as hard to promise doing.”
The concept of it makes him happy too much that it lingers there, reverting back to calling you his term of endearment for you and that’s when you know that there’s nothing left unresolved between the two of you now.
“I like that, bear. You should try picking fights with me too. It’s fun sometimes, trust me!”
“I can tell,” you hum, blindly reaching out your arm to turn off the nightlight at your side.
“Yoongi likes that.”
“Stop talking about yourself in third person.”
“I think it’s already growing on me,” Yoongi admits, tilting his head and knowing for a fact that it would take more than fifteen minutes to sleep tonight while in thought.
“Is it gonna stick?” 
The groan leaves you automatically and by the lack of response, you already know your answer.
“Bear,” you hum. “If you keep doing that, I’m gonna pick a fight with you tomorrow, alright?”
“M’kay! Remind me tomorrow what time you’re gonna start pissing me off, yeah?” he grins from ear to ear, not requiring a nightlight to see that your husband looks at you so fondly.
“Good night, baby,” Yoongi finally bids you, pressing a tender kiss right to your lips before tucking you with the comforter exactly how you liked it. “Loving you is my favorite part of the chase.”
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lvoekook · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂.YOONGI FIC RECS | BTS 3 (=゜ω゜) 2022
┗ please leave feedback for the author after reading, it keeps them motivated ┓
٢ ❤ • ꒰ recs masterlist ꒱ ๑ ˎˊ˗
Tumblr media
*:..。o○ GENRES:
⊰*⭑Fluff | Angst | Smut ⁽ MINORS DNI ⁾⭑*⊱
Tumblr media
—– ✤ Alternative title @aquagustd. Gosh i love your fics YUS ✤ —–
prod. suga by @aquagustd
sweetener by @taegularities
stood up by @parkdatjimin 
souvenir by @jiminrings
family man by @yoon2k 
back 2 you by @hearts4joon 
vegas,baby. by @chimivx
how happy by @kimnjss
this christmas by @suga-kookiemonster 
stay by @sugarwithtea 
unexpected lovers by @jjkeverlast
rodeo by @bangtanintotheroom 
back burner by @yoonpobs
Not Around by @aquagustd
marry me,yoongi by @spideyjimin 
good part by @introlxv
taste by @allorareverz
bloom by @aquagustd
dawned by @aquagustd
not even a mouse by @softyoongiionly
first love by @lavienjin
ride or die by @ppersonna
kiss me at midnight by @jungshookz
stained glass by @buzzybee
subscribed by @aquagustd
friends  by @kithtaehyung
perpetual datejust by @jiminrings
glided morning by @mapofthesea
record(ing) by @aquagustd
a blueprint for love by @playmetheclassics
secret or sin by @aquagustd
trophy boyfriend by @sugar-petals
hard liquor by @chateautae
like that by @kithtaehyung
honey bunny by @lonelyhobi
i think he knows by @prodagustd
lucky strike by @softyoongiionly
the one where Agust D.... by @jungshookz
mine by @kookiecrumb
this christmas by @suga-kookiemonster
ugh f*ck by @kithtaehyung​
so it goes by @prodagustd
Tumblr media
Note : All of these are one-shots.
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unexpected lovers | myg
Tumblr media
-> pairing artist!yoongi x female reader
-> genre fake dating!au, romantic comedy
-> summary what happens when you meet min yoongi at the club, or well accidentally use him as your pawn to not get hit on. not knowing your cousins friend overhears and suddenly your whole family knows.
-> word count 11.k
-> warnings swearing, mentions of sex, alcohol, nude bodies, awkward meetings, cringy pet names, problematic family members, angst in the end :’)
(lil side note all credits go to the rightful owner of the yoongi pic)
Tumblr media
Lights flicked from each corner making the atmosphere more alive. The base booming so hard you could feel it in your feet. Swinging your hips back and forth to 'Work' by Rihanna, while your friend Amanda was hyping you up, making you laugh in the process but continuing letting yourself let loose for once.
Your family has definitely gone to your head. About the whole, 'isn't it time you settle down and find yourself a handsome young man?' talk which mostly consisted of your mom, but your dad was clearly on her side, agreeing with each point she had thrown at you.
You tried Tinder, but let's be honest, most guys on that app are just looking for a quick fuck, which yes sometimes might be fun, but it gets very boring in the end.
It's not that you 'don't believe in love'. No, you just didn't understand the point in seeking it. Growing up — romance novels, cliché movies filled a lot in your daily life. Your mother wanted you to create a romantic yet hopeful side of you when it came to love. But as soon as you entered college, that side of you, which your mother wished from you, were crushed. You fell into the hook-up culture at your college — you had your fun for a while, yet your mother maintained herself around your neck throughout your college years.
But now, it has gotten so out of control, resulting in you stepping out and go clubbing with your colleague Amanda. Both of you are working for  'Fashlance', a clothing designer firm. Mostly consisting of having to design clothes for certain celebrities. One of them being Kim Namjoon, owner of the art gallery 'Stigma' which had gained a lot of attention in the span of a few months. He was one of the kindest people you designed for. He occasionally, still dropped by the firm to thank you and Amanda for the help.
''Let's get one more drink!'' Amanda suggests, before dragging you towards the slightly crowded bar. Most people were sitting in booths in groups, others like yourself sitting by the bar countertop.
''Two vodka red bull.'' Amanda orders to the somewhat cute bartender. Amanda had quickly caught onto his good looks, her flirting button now being on — you, quickly catching on to it.
You grabbed your drink, letting Amanda flirt with the cute bartender. Now strutting your way back to the dance floor, drink in your hand.
Downing your drink in almost one go, made you slightly gag from the bitter taste, yet you remained on the dance floor, shaking away the bitter feeling on your tongue. Two hands were suddenly placed onto your hips, guiding you. You turn around being met with a tall stranger, with nothing but a smirk on his face.
''Sorry, not interested.'' You poke him in the chest, making him surrender his hands from you, mocking you lightly at your rejection.
''Calm down, just wanted to dance.'' He retorts. Making you roll your eyes at his best way to cover up the fact he wants a piece of you.
''Yeah? Well, dance with someone else.'' You snap back, wanting him to go back to where he came from. He shrugs you off, turning his back to you, before disappearing in the crowd of dancing bodies.
You caught a glimpse over at the bar, seeing the bartender now caressing Amanda's face with his fingers. You couldn't go back there, so you continued dancing alone.
''Hey, can I buy you a drink?'' a deep voice behind you asked, confronted with yet another total stranger who again was looking for a quick fuck. Okay, yes, you are at a club where most people just want to hook up, yet you don't want that. You've had your absolute fun — especially since that conversation with your parents about you needing to settle down has gotten to your head.
Which is why you politely decline any offers that could lead to meaningless sex, which you've had your fair share of.
''No, I'm okay.'' You decline politely, smiling a bit to not seem rude. The stranger doesn't get a hint of you turning him down, making him move a bit closer to you. ''Come on beautiful, one drink.'' He asks once again, semi-pressuring you when you've clearly said no. What a fucking jerk.
Not wanting to have to pull up with any guys' bullshit in this club, you come up with one stupid lie. ''I can't. I have a boyfriend.'' You reason yet laced with slight discomfort and awkwardness. You expected the guy to leave you alone once you've thrown the 'I have a boyfriend card' but it didn't seem to work.
''Well, is he here?'' He continues, now with a tight smirk plastered onto his face. Shrugging at his disgusting behavior, you went along with your lie, not thinking of the consequences that can be caused because of this.
''In a matter of fact, yes he is.'' You were now arms crossed. Not wanting to be put up with his bullshit any longer. ''Point me in his direction — need to see who I'm up against.'' He challenges you, now making the same movement as you, arms crossed over his chest.
You sigh before turning around, trying to get a good look at the people around you. Most of them were either in groups or already with a girl under the arm. Shit, this seemed absolutely hopeless, but you weren't going to give up just yet.
Scanning around the bar, you catch a glimpse of a very handsome gentleman, sitting at the bar countertop, looking down at his drink. Perfect.
''There he is.'' You point towards the gentleman, the guy quickly catching on making him sigh in defeat.
''Well, I'm gonna head back to him. I think he's starting to miss me-'' Getting cut off by the stranger in front of you, not expecting him to speak but to just simply leave you alone. ''I'll come with you. My friends already left like 20 minutes ago, could really use some company.'' You were just about to decline but he had already made his way towards the handsome stranger you had pointed at. That's embarrassing.
''I- give me just one minute alone with my boyfriend. He's uh- been feeling a bit down lately because of work.'' You explain as you had grabbed the stranger in the arm, not wanting him near your 'fake boyfriend'. You had to make him know about your stupid lie first.
The stranger nods, standing still near the dance floor, you excuse yourself walking towards the handsome stranger by the bar.
''I'm gonna need you to pretend to be my boyfriend. Just for tonight.'' You confess through gritted teeth, afraid the guy behind you would hear, ruining your uttermost plan to get rid of him.
He finally looked up from his almost empty glass of liquor. Fuck. He's really pretty. ''Your- wait what?'' He was obviously confused; you had just come out of nowhere asking for such a favor. It felt pathetic.
''Yeah- I- well, this creep won't leave me alone.'' you rubbed your hand on your right arm. 
He sighed, tilting his head to the side, trying to see the creep that has been bothering you. His gaze returned to you, adding a sympathetic smile, nodding his head. ''He's coming over-'' Before he could continue, the stranger had sat down next to the both of you. Fuck.
''Wassup man'' the bastard greeted your 'so-called boyfriend.' who's name you didn't even know. Well, this is definitely gonna end badly.
''Sup'' he answered short, keeping his cool as the stranger had now approached you, not wanting to leave you alone.
''So, you're the boyfriend?'' Fuck. This is where you die of embarrassment.
''Yeah.'' He kept his gaze on him, intimidating the fuck out of him. It seemed to work for a bit, until the rat decided to speak again.
''You guys don't look like a couple.'' He comments adding it with a slight scoff, trying to embarrass the both of you. ''Well we didn't ask for your opinion.'' You bite back with a bitter tone, earning a chuckle from the handsome stranger. ''That's my girl'' he praises you, both of your cheeks growing hot at the sudden praise and the fact he called you 'my girl', but it was just an act. You had to keep reminding yourself that.
You smile, resting your arm around his shoulders while nuzzling him in the nuke of his neck, side eyeing the creep who was actually looking like someone who wants to leave. Thank god.
''Well, you two have fun.'' He excuses himself, before finally getting out of your sight. A big sigh had released from you, needed after trying to get rid of him since he set his eyes on you.
''Thank you.''
He nods, taking the last sip of his drink, making you notice the silver rings wrapped around his fingers. He slightly coughed, making your head turn upward, not noticing you had lost your gaze on his hands.
''You can remove yourself from me now.'' He adds. You had forgotten how your arm was still resting above his shoulders.
''I'm so sorry about that- he just walked up to me, asked if I wanted a drink, I declined, no shit. And then this man had the audacity to continue after I declined? What a fucking jerk am I right? So yeah — had to come up with some sort of lie to get out of that one. So I looked around the club and you were the only good looking guy, well, not good looking. Wait, you're not ugly! You’re just-‘’ You paused, catching your breath before continuing, ''the first person I laid my eyes on and I didn’t really think about it so I just pointed at you aaaaand I can tell you didn’t even listen to a word I just said.” You finish. The handsome stranger didn’t spare you a glance and had walked away, leaving his drink on the counter. He had ignored you.
Great. You had tried your best to not embarrass yourself in front of that pig earlier and now you had, in front of the beautiful stranger instead.
You decide to run after him, as he had walked out of the bar not bothering to continue your conversation, okay so maybe you talked the most but hey! He could've just cut you off.
''Hey! Excuse you.'' You shout, finally gaining his attention which was needed much earlier. You just wanted to explain yourself and this idiot just left.
''Mhm?'' He hums, tilting his head, chewing on what seemed to be a piece of gum. He was so unbothered that not only did it piss you off, but it made him even more attractive.
''What kind of person leaves mid-conversation?'' You ask in disbelief, still in a loud tone to indicate that his behavior had pissed you off.
You expected him to answer you but no. He just scoffed before turning his back to you, disappearing through the dark alley.
Tumblr media
Running late was not your forte. It was ridiculous how your car found it hilarious to not start the minute you turned on the engine. You had to act quickly and decide to take the bus nearest you. Not expecting it to run ten minutes late which only made things worse.
Today was a very important day. Amanda had notified you that a new guest was arriving at Fashlance. You mentally cursed the entire route to work, disappointed in yourself for arriving late.
''I'm here!'' you shout, arriving at the main lobby where Amanda was standing with a male, his back turned to you.
Amanda quickly caught your stressed gaze and sighs in relief.
''Thank god Y/N!'' She exclaims, slowly walking over to you. The guest's back still turned, admiring the art piece hanging on the wall.
''Don't freak out! But our guest is very attractive.'' She whispers while hugging you, making it less suspicious that you were talking about him.
You grin while shaking your head.
''Hi! I'm Y/N.'' you introduce yourself to the guest.
He turns and your face immediately freezes.
It can't be-
''You.'' you mutter under your breath, him being able to hear and smirking a bit.
''Min Yoongi. I don't think we've met.'' He greets you, as a stranger, which sets a fire in the pit of your stomach.
You decide to swallow that anger and smile bitterly while shaking his firm hand.
Amanda slapped you in the arm, glaring you down with wide eyes. Shit- did you just say that out loud?
''Do you two know each other?'' Amanda blurts, causing you and Yoongi to turn your attention towards her.
Min Yoongi looks at you with confusion written all over his face.
You roll your eyes at his childish act.
''Okay, well we should think of some designs.'' Amanda suggests,  easing the clear tension between Yoongi and you.
You nod not wanting 'whatever the fuck is going on' to continue.
Amanda had already made her way towards the main office, you trail behind her, before a firm grip grabs your wrist, making you turn to see Yoongi with a yet relaxed expression plastered onto his face.
Amanda doesn't notice you and Yoongi and continues strolling towards the office.
When she's out of your gaze, Yoongi decides to speak.
''So, this is where my fake girlfriend works.''
You widen your eyes at his comment. He didn't forget.
''You-'' You whisper yell out of frustration, stopping yourself not wanting to cause a scene in front of your guest. Just stay professional, you kept telling yourself, mostly to remain calm and to act cold instead of bothered. Yet you were stunned because of how calm he suddenly was.
After all, you were at work, and yes, he's the last person you'd want to assist, but you had no choice.
He grins at your speechless response, retrieving his firm grip around your wrist, you don't even bother to wait for him, fleeting towards the office, before you lost your cool with him. This was going to be a long day.
''Ah! There you are.'' Amanda comments, already looking at a few designs you had sprawled around on the table.
The next twenty minutes were spent on trying to find the design Yoongi wanted for his suit. Kim Namjoon, owner of Stigma had eyed his work for some time, and had finally reached out to him, requesting him to showcase his paintings at his art gallery.
Namjoon had then recommended your firm, for his suit design, which he will be wearing for the exhibition.
It was mostly Amanda and Yoongi discussing each design. You just stayed quiet, keeping your anger hidden in a deep cave within you.
You felt a sudden buzz in your pocket, getting a hold of your phone, curious as to who might call you in the middle of the day.
It was your mother. Weird. She never calls, normally not in the middle of the day. Mostly when you already were off work. This seemed to be important.
You excused yourself, walking out of the office before answering.
''Mom?'' You ask out of confusion, maybe it was just a pocket dial.
''Darling! Why didn't you tell me?'' She questions, with a tint of excitement.
''I- Mom what is this about?''
''Your boyfriend!''
The spit from the back of your throat had now become a clump, causing you to suddenly choke.
''Sweetheart! Everything alright?''
You clear your throat before responding to the last thing you had expected to hear from your own mother.
''Where is this coming from?'' Was she dreaming? Did she dream that you had a boyfriend and thought it was real? This must be a joke right?
''Your cousin Marco! His friend saw you at the club, cuddling with a guy, and overheard a conversation about you two being a couple! This is great news. News I'd like to hear from you instead, young lady.''
What are the odds that someone who is in touch with your family is at the same club as you? Yes, absolutely zero. Well maybe like one percent. So why? Why did this have to land on you? Your life was already going down the drain, being single and having your parents poke you on and on about it.
''Mom-'' You start, wanting to explain yourself.
''But I can say that I'm very proud of you. For once, you've finally decided to take upon your father and I's advice.''
It wasn't often that your parents would praise you for something you've done. It felt somewhat comforting. A feeling you'd wish you could hold onto for much longer. But you couldn't. It's worse lying to your parents about a relationship which is very nonexistent, than having them poke at you more than once a week about your love life. You had to continue living with this, until you eventually found someone.
''But-'' You start once again, your mom is much quicker than you, as if she's planned the whole conversation already.
''No buts! I would love to meet the gentleman at your aunt's wedding next week.'' She insists, which caused a nausea to appear at the idea of having to bring someone, who well, isn't really a 'someone'. This was absolute hell. Your mother had always been very stubborn, causing this situation to worsen and your voice having absolutely no role in this whatsoever. As if you were having a strip of duct tape tightly sealed on your lips.
''Mom I don't have a-'' You were so close, yet again your mother was quick to interrupt, a habit she had which was stepping your buttons way too often for you to keep count.
''No excuses. I'll see you next week. Your father is calling me, bye.''
And with that the phone call ended. You froze. Not being able to move as if all your problems had crashed from the ceiling of the office onto you.
You were fucked. Utterly fucked.
''Y/N?'' the voice behind you woke you from your spacing out state.
You turned around being met with Yoongi, his eyes were set directly onto yours. ''You okay?'' The question startled you. Min fucking Yoongi wants to know if you’re okay?
You clear your throat before giving a quick nod, entering the office again.
''There you are!'' Amanda shouts in relief, as if you were gone for 3 hours.
''I'm sorry! My mom called- you know how she is.'' You excuse, not noticing Yoongi staring at you since you've both entered the office.
''Your mom? She called you? At this hour?'' Amanda questions, as if all the information you had put out was never said. You knew she was in shock; she knew your mother would never call you at this time of day and neither for some casual chit chat.
''Yes, yes and yes.'' You mutter, still swallowing the phone call you had.
She hums, not continuing it further, seeing your drowned out state. ''I'm gonna get you something to eat. You look like someone who's about to throw up their 9 am coffee.'' With that, she got up from her seat, speeding out of the office, leaving you alone with Yoongi.
''I'm fucked.'' You curse to yourself, covering your face with your hands, wanting to shut yourself out from the real world. The world where a 'rumor' has started in your family, about you. Fuck- that sound's terrifying, and it is. Very.
''I'm fucked, Yoongi,'' you exclaimed once again, pulling the roots from your hair out of frustration.
''Oh- did that rat from the club contact you?'' He grins, clearly joking with you to either cheer you up, or piss you off more than you already are.
You give him a dead glare, him quickly losing his smile. ''Okay, not the time for jokes, got it.'' He murmurs, looking down, showing his regret for whatever kind of joke that was.
''I need your help.'' Was the last sentence you wanted to throw at him.
''Aren't I the one who's supposed to get help?'' He smirks, lifting both his brows, stating his obvious point that yes, he's the one getting help from Amanda and you. But this was a different type of help, unfortunately.
''Just shut up and listen,'' you grew tired. Yoongi's irony, you and your mother's conversation, and now this awful idea which you were hiding from not only Yoongi, but also a big part of yourself. You didn't want this. You needed this.
To your surprise, Yoongi kept himself quiet, eyes fixated on you, indicating that you have his undivided attention.
''I'm gonna need you to pretend to be my boyfriend.'' There it was. That sentence once again.
Yoongi's eyes widened at your request.
''Again?!'' He shouts in confusion. Okay, maybe this actually was a bad idea. But it was the 'only' solution. No, okay, maybe the second-best solution to the whole thing. Of course, the first solution would be to tell your mom that it was all an act, but she never lets you speak.
You take a deep breath before nodding to Yoongi, yes, this was going to happen whether the both of you liked it or not.
''It's once.'' You respond with a sharp tone. You had to win this.
''Where is this coming from? Did the rat track you down?'' He asks, his tone laced with uncertainty. Now supporting his hands onto the table. Your eyes set on his hands for a split second remembering back to the night where you gawked at the sight of them. Now, was not the time-
''I don't even know where to start!'' You exclaim, throwing your hands around in despair. Everything seemed pointless.
''From the beginning.''
You nod, ''A friend of my cousin Marco saw us, that night.'' Yoongi closed his eyes, maybe it was his way of receiving such unpleasant information. He hums, signaling you to continue.
''So, now, my whole family thinks I'm dating you.'' You finish off, well this was just the beginning, but Yoongi needed to swallow that information first before you could allow yourself to proceed.
''Yeah- that's just the beginning.''
Yoongi freezes at your words, not knowing where this leads and you can clearly see the discomfort he feels about the whole situation. You wish yourself that this never happened. You should've never pulled that stunt in the first place.
''You- um, might want to sit down for this one.'' You propose, in which he does.
And so, you tell him, from you and your parents' often weird relationship to the conversation about your dating life involving your parents and ending it with the phone call from your mom.
''Yeah, would be great if you could help me out!'' You pleaded, needing this a lot more than you thought.
''What's in it for me?''
You chuckle, setting your eyes on his, ''An adventure you'll never forget.''
''So cliché.'' He retorts as if he didn't just use a cliché sentence himself. Asshole.
''Please. I'll do anything.'' Now you were almost begging.
''Anything?'' He parrots.
''Fine. Get on your knees.''
Your eyes widen at his order. Did this man really want head from you to play your fake boyfriend for one fucking weekend? This has to be a joke.
''I'm not sucking your dick Yoongi.'' You blurt out. Yoongi's lips start to tremble — is he really about to cry?
His mouth opens wide and he's laughing. Wow.
His laughter quiets down, ''Just do as I say.''
You carefully get on your knees, a bit far from Yoongi, still skeptical over what he precisely wants from you. You look up, indicating you are ready for new 'orders'. God that sounded wrong.
''Now, beg for it.''
''Please, please, please!'' you beg, still down on your knees.
''Please, what?''
''Please be my fake boyfriend again! I can't do this without you Yoongi.'' This had to be enough. You hope.
He sighs before revealing his answer, ''okay.''
You squeal out of happiness, before the door opens and Amanda walks in with a transparent white bag, the smell of fries erupts in the room.
''Why are you on your knees?'' You tilt your head in Amanda's direction, seeing a bewildered Amanda.
''I dropped something! Did you bring Popeyes?''
She nods, as you stand up to look through the bag of fried chicken and fries. You gave her a small kiss to her cheek and thanked her for the gesture.
Tumblr media
''Sit.'' you demand, while opening your laptop.
''Why are we here?'' Yoongi asks, noticing the small space you were sitting in.
You had invited Yoongi to come to your local library, as you wanted to clear the air about the whole fake dating thing. It had absolutely stressed you out, the thought of Yoongi certainly not knowing anything about your family. And if you had an actual boyfriend, he had to know every single detail, because you sure as hell ramble a lot about them.
''Do I need to remind you that the wedding is in two days?''
He scoffs, before sitting down in front of you. You turn the computer around showing him your handmade PowerPoint. You came prepared.
The title for the PowerPoint was, 'Everything you need to know about my shitty family,' Yoongi snickered at your ridiculous PowerPoint.
''You're kidding?''
''Shut it.''
First slide was an introduction to your parents, even though you've already made it clear that no, your relationship with your parents has been far from perfect. Ever since you moved out, your mother has given you certain advice, mostly involving men. You were her only child, so it wasn't hard to figure out why she was so uptight about the whole 'dating thing'. You were her one-way ticket for her to become a grandma.
Next is, your aunts and uncles.
''Let's start with Aunt Jennie, she can be a lot.'' You pointed out the slide showing a picture from your 18th birthday, where she had gotten so drunk, she started singing loudly 'Gangnam Style'. Everybody's attention had turned to her when that day should've been all about you.
''She's uh- well a bitch.'' You say in all honesty.
''Oh, do explain,'' Yoongi pressures, seeing your angry and pissed off face at the mention of her.
''You're not gonna believe me.''
''Try me.''
You took a deep breath, preparing yourself for a family secret to be revealed. ''She, how do I say this, well, I had a childhood crush, and she fucked his mother.'' You blurt out, Yoongi's eyes growing wide at the confession.
''That, I did not expect.''
You didn't want to go into detail, revealing how uncomfortable the situation made you feel. So, you moved on.
''Next is Aunt Pamela, she's very quiet. Don't expect much from her, but she is very kind. Probably my favorite aunt if I had to choose.'' You had picked a picture from her 30th birthday, where she had received her puppy, now named based on her favorite food. Kimchi.
''Kimchi is adorable!'' You didn't expect Yoongi to be a dog person. Well now you know more about him too.
''Moving on, Aunt Bridget. Let me just say this, stay away from her. That woman was born without a filter and will make you uncomfortable in a milli fucking second.'' You indicate, trying to show how serious you were about it, but all you earned from Yoongi was a stupid grin.
''Ohh, I'm so scared!'' He spoke in a terrified ironic tone. He can't seem to take you seriously, and you were about to lose your patience.
''Min Yoongi. I'm serious!'' You whisper yell, not wanting to cause attention around you, as you were situated in a public library.
He nods his head once or twice, motioning for you to continue. You press onto the keyboard, revealing your uncles.
''This is Uncle Sam and his husband Philip. If I had to give out an award for best couple, it would be to them. They have the best humor, and I would not mind if you spend more time talking to them than me.'' You explain in a cheerful tone. They always had your back no matter what. Always telling you the family gossip and being honest with you. Which made you guys grow closer over the years. Sam was your mother's brother, and he had scolded her once or twice for being so harsh towards you.
“Finally, two decent people.” He comments. You had a shitty family mostly, which is probably why Yoongi was surprised by the sudden compliment you had thrown.
“Ha ha ha. Okay, finally, Uncle Seokjin.” A slide showing a few posters from the k-dramas and movies he starred in. He was the definition of the cool uncle.
“Your Uncle is THE Kim Seokjin?” Yoongi’s doe eyes had become more prominent, indicating he had not expected that. You had no idea that Yoongi was a k-drama fan.
“Wow, might just date you for real to see more of him.” He throws in the open, making you gulp. Something about him mentioning you two dating for real, sent a few unexpected shivers down your spine. You decided to brush it off, instead throwing a comeback to his confession.
“So, you’d use me as your pawn?” You scoff.
Yoongi can’t help but laugh at your awful comeback.
“If I remember correctly, you’re the one using me as your pawn, instead of coming clean to your family.” A smirk now plastered onto his face, because he was right, and you both knew it.
Tumblr media
You were patiently waiting at the airport for Min Yoongi, or should you say boyfriend? Fake boyfriend? Pawn? No. Okay. Let's just get this over with. You sigh, still not catching a glance of Yoongi. Even after you had told him everything he needed to know, you still felt nervous. It was probably the fact that you're lying to your whole family. But you wanted to prove yourself to them, that you are capable of dating and don't just fuck guys from an app anymore.
You finally caught sight of Yoongi. He was wearing an oversized white tee, tucked into oversized black pants, added with a black cap. He looked good. ''And the adventure begins,'' you spoke first, gaining a grin from Yoongi as you both started walking towards security.
The plane ride was mostly silent, just as you were about to doze off, Yoongi decided to speak. ''Y/N?''
You shift in your seat, turning your face towards Yoongi, seeing a worried expression. You hum a yes, still a bit sleepy.
''We should set some ground rules.''
''Ground rules?'' You question, not knowing what kind of 'rules' should be set. You just have to act like a couple, it can't be that hard.
''Yeah, just like in every cliché fake dating movie, they set rules.'' Yoongi explains to you.
''Ohh- like in 'To all the boys I've loved before'?''
Yoongi nods. You didn't hesitate, asking the red-haired stewardess for a pen and a piece of paper — not long after she returned with it, you thanked her afterwards.
''Seriously?'' Yoongi comments, you are already scribbling 'Ground Rules' onto the piece of paper.
''Okay Min Yoongi, what is the first rule?'' You expect Yoongi to exclude disgusting pet names, or just plainly ask you to never call him something else than Yoongi — but that wasn't exactly the case.
''No kissing.'' He blurts out, his cheeks now a light shade of pink.
''No kissing?! How is my family gonna believe that we're together?'' You whisper yell, annoyed by such a rule. It's not because you wanted to kiss Yoongi — absolutely not. You just didn't want any suspicion to grow onto you and Yoongi this weekend. By not kissing or showing affection, it would be very hard to convince — especially your mother — that you are indeed dating.
''Hey, just not on the lips.'' He defends. Okay, that was at least better than nothing — if Yoongi and yourself just gave each other small pecks on the cheek, it might sell.
''Fine, no kissing on the lips.'' You repeat, writing it down under rule number one. Yoongi smiles in satisfaction.
As soon as you finish writing it down, Yoongi adds yet another rule.
''No matter what happens, after this weekend, the deal is off.'' Yoongi says sternly, as if something was bound to bring you in this situation again. You brush him off, not wanting him to worry.
''Second rule, deal is off after the wedding, no matter what.'' You parrot, while writing it down. Yoongi watched attentively, the pen leaving and submitting itself back onto the paper.
''Anything else?''
''No crazy pet names. I will gag on your shoes if you throw one at me.'' Yoongi threatens. You chuckled, before writing it down under rule number three.
''I knew you would say that.'' Yoongi laughed in the process, yet you knew he was dead serious.
''We should have a safe word.'' Yoongi suggests, you nod in agreement. For a minute, no words were exchanged, Yoongi and you were too focused to think of the perfect safe word.
Deep in your thoughts, the stewardess passed by the both of you, holding a tray with toast and avocado.
Yoongi noticed the tray too, looking at you before blurting, ''Avocado! That should be the safe word.'' You nodded in excitement before writing it down onto the paper.
''Okay, we're definitely ready now.'' You confirmed, Yoongi giving you a small smile.
The hotel was bigger than expected. For a minute you had forgotten how rich Aunt Jennie and her soon to be husband were. Okay, maybe not like 'Crazy Rich Asians' type rich, but definitely a close second.
Yoongi admired the details in the lobby where you two were standing, waiting for someone to assist you.
''I'm so sorry. How may I help you?'' A middle-aged man finally spoke.
''Hi, we're here for the wedding of Jennie Wong.'' you correspond, Yoongi still admiring the lobby ceiling being covered in ancient paintings.
''Name please?''
''Y/N L/N.'' Yoongi trying to hide a smile, now knowing your full name.
''Ah, room 206.'' The man checked you both in, handing you each a key card for your room. You both thank him, grabbing your suitcases, and now walking towards the elevators.
It didn't take long before you were standing in front of room 206, the numbers engraved in gold. You swiped the key card, opened the door, letting Yoongi in after you.
Just as you had closed the door, Yoongi shouted your name.
You don't waste another second, walking towards the bedroom.
''Fuck.'' you let out, seeing only a king-sized bed. How could you forget that your mother, who is quite invested in this 'very real relationship' would of course book a room, with only one bed. Now you felt like you were living in every book who included the 'there's only one bed trope'. You snicker at the comical scene in front of you. Yoongi's ears turn red at the idea of sleeping next to you. To your disadvantage, there wasn't even a couch to save you from this.
''Off to a great start!'' You declare in an ironic tone, placing your suitcase by the window. You started unpacking, not really having anything else to do — the rehearsal dinner first being tomorrow.
You unfolded your two dresses, not wanting them to be wrinkled, when you finally wore them. You turned around, seeing Yoongi place most of the pillows into some sort of barrier between the two sides of the bed. You scoff at his ridiculous act. ''Calm down, I'm not going to throw myself at you.'' You try to defend yourself, although Yoongi doesn't stop. ''Well, you never know what might happen if alcohol is involved.'' He points out, leaving you stunned that he even thinks you can't control yourself because of alcohol.
You don't think for another second when you pull one of the pillows away from Yoongi's grasp.
''Yoongi, for this whole thing to go as planned, you're gonna have to trust me.'' Yoongi's grasp on the pillow slowly softened. You took it as a sign that he gave you right. Almost sighing gracefully, Yoongi's grasp yet again tightened, you falling over onto the bed, landing face flat onto the sheets. ''Ow!''
''The barrier stays.'' Yoongi insists.
You lift yourself up from the covers, seeing a stable Yoongi, not daring to move.
You grunt in annoyance, your one arm swings, catching onto the pillow. ''Yoongi. Let go of the pillow.'' You demand.
Yoongi shakes his head, yanking the pillow towards himself, almost causing you to fall once again. ''Yoongi!'' You scream, still holding onto the pillow for dear life. He still doesn't bother, causing the both of you to yank the pillow back and forth, until one of you decides to give up.
And that isn't exactly what happens, instead the pillow rips into two, the feathers spreading all over the bed. You sigh in defeat, finally letting go.
''Okay, okay! Fine. The barrier stays.'' You exclaim, Yoongi cheering at the victory. ''Now clean this mess up.'' You add, before going to the bathroom to take a warm bath.
Yoongi grunts in annoyance, instantly regretting pulling the pillow too hard.
The night ends on a somewhat positive note. Still, as you laid in your shared bed, you could feel one or two feathers, which itched you throughout your sleep — you mentally threw a tantrum to Yoongi in your head, before finally drifting off to sleep.
Tumblr media
You woke up to the sun shining in through the window, blinding your eyes as you slowly opened them — now rubbing them to finally adjust to the light. You turn to see a sleepy Yoongi, mouth a bit agape, small snores escaping his lips in the process. You smiled at the sight, stretching right after, letting out a small moan from the pleasure of your morning stretch, hitting you just right. Yoongi doesn't notice the small moan escaping your lips — thank god.
You don't wake up Yoongi, letting him sleep in while you get ready. As you brush your teeth in the mirror, it clicks for you that today you're gonna have to push through all your family members. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
You lightly slapped both of your cheeks, hyping yourself in the mirror. ''Y/N, you got this. No one is going to suspect a thing.'' You kept reassuring yourself. You pulled yourself out of the bathroom, seeing Yoongi trying to comb his messy morning hair with his fingers.
''Morning.'' you spoke, Yoongi turning his head towards you, repeating your words.
You check your phone, once you've sat back down on your shared bed.
mom remember, rehearsal dinner at 5:30 p.m. [11:56 AM]
You don't bother answering, instead turning your head to tell Yoongi the information from your mother's text.
''The rehearsal dinner is-'' you pause, noticing the prominent bulge through Yoongi's boxers, as he stands to stretch his arms. Morning wood. Shit — don't look Y/N. You try your best to not look down at his boxers, making you look confused as your gaze searched everything else in the room than him, ''-it's... at 5:30.'' You finally finish, your gaze still trying to regain onto everything but Yoongi's boner.
Yoongi acted way to chill for your liking, did he know you could see his boner? Did he want you to see his boner? Okay, no. That's crazy. He's the one who came up with the no kissing rule and the barrier in the bed, so for him to want you to see his boner, would not make sense. You got so lost in your thoughts, that you didn't notice how Yoongi had left the room to get himself ready.
You face palmed yourself, letting your brain even reach the idea of Yoongi wanting you sexually — you didn't want him sexually so why even bother thinking that?
Up until the rehearsal dinner, you decided to start the crime novel you had brought from home, if ever you needed to pass time — or to stop yourself from thinking about the fact you've seen Yoongi's boner.
Ah yes, the rehearsal dinner.
Yoongi and you finally reached the main floor, your hands now clammy the closer you reached the doors, leading to the room or more so the arena where the wedding would be held. Yoongi must have noticed your sudden nervousness, his hand reaching down to yours, squeezing it lightly to reassure you. The gesture itself was sweet, but your mind was too occupied with what might happen as soon as you walked through those doors.
''Relax. It's gonna be okay.'' Now Yoongi was trying to reassure you with words, yet you remained the opposite of calm. You tried to recollect your hyped-up words to yourself, you've got this.
''Okay, let's go.''
And with that you both entered the dining arena, the first person that caught your eye was your mother. She quickly notices you, making you gulp from nervousness. ''Y/N! You came.'' She excitedly spoke to you, while Yoongi's hand was still intertwined with yours. You gave her a small peck to the cheek, her returning back to where she stood, getting a good look at Min Yoongi, your fake boyfriend for the rest of this weekend — you had to remind yourself.
''So, you're the fine gentleman my daughter has been hiding from me.'' She comments, side eyeing you in the process to scold you for it, without Yoongi having to notice.
''I'm Yoongi. Nice to meet you.'' Giving her a small smile, to show politeness and kindness as well.
''Honey! Come meet Yoongi.'' Your mother called out to your dad, a glass of champagne in his hand, talking with what seemed to be Aunt Bridget.
He excuses himself, walking over to greet Yoongi and you. ‘’Hi, I’m the dad.’’ He introduces in a silly tone, maybe to ease the clear tension between your mother and you. It doesn’t work that well, not until Yoongi cracks a light joke about the tables being ‘too’ round, you didn’t really hear as much, your mind being anywhere but at this rehearsal dinner.
Yoongi took quick notice of your behavior, squeezing your hand occasionally to make sure you’re here. You always brushed him off with a smile, not wanting to go into detail about how much your mother’s behavior affects you.
‘’Oh! I think Aunt Bridget would like to speak with the both of you, go on.’’ Your mother spoke, lightly giving you a push on your back, encouraging you.
When you reached Aunt Bridget, Yoongi side eyes you, knowing she is that one person you should stay the fuck away from.
''Y/N, how good to see you again!'' And now the official show begins. You put on a smile, pressing onto Yoongi's arm for more support.
''How are you?'' You decided to ask first, trying your best for Aunt Bridget to keep talking about herself, so she wouldn't throw an uncomfortable comment at you or even worse Yoongi.
She couldn't help but laugh, as if your question was said by a comedian at a stand up show.
''No, how are you my dear?'' Aunt Bridget, was of course smart about this, turning the conversation towards you. She wiggled her eyebrows when she caught onto Yoongi, with a half crooked smile not knowing what to say, as your words from earlier this week had gotten to his head.
You fake a smile, wanting this to end as quickly as it could, in reality that was 2 hours and 3 minutes from now; but you weren't counting.
''I'm fine, this is Yoongi, my boyfriend.'' The word boyfriend came out a bit too natural for your liking, you only took it as a good sign. It showed you were warming up to Yoongi and this whole fucked up plan you cooked up in your brain.
Aunt Bridget's eyes slowly moved from Yoongi's face to his feet, but shortly stopping at his crotch. You refrain yourself from letting out a loud sigh at her behavior; knowing this was indeed not new.
''Yoongi was it?'' Aunt Bridget let out, letting her hand roam on his arm, Yoongi only threw you a side eye, internally panicking over her behavior. You wanted to let out a laugh, especially since Yoongi didn't take your words seriously when you told him about Aunt Bridget.
''How good is it?'' She turned to you, with a smirk on her face. You knew what she indicated and Yoongi's sudden laugh quickly turned to a cough to cover up the fact that you were indeed embarrassed.
''Aunt Bridget! How much champagne did you drink?'' Quickly saving the both of you from more embarrassment, she only scoffs in response, looking down at her glass merely filled, eyes full of guilt.
You quickly apologize, taking Yoongi by the hand leading the both of you elsewhere. ''I'm so sorry about that-''
''No, don't be. You warned me. I just didn't think it would be that bad.''
Normally, you would say the classic 'told you so' but seeing how uncomfortable Yoongi was because of Aunt Bridget, you held yourself back.
''Oh, there's Aunt Pamela.'' Hastily you changed the subject, catching onto Aunt Pamela sitting by her table, not chatting with anyone.
While walking towards her, Yoongi's hand squeezed yours a little tighter for a second, as if he was afraid you would let go. You didn't dwell on the thought for too long, focusing on your Aunt in front of you.
''Y/N, my beautiful niece! How are you?'' Her eyes, smiling towards you as well as her pearly white teeth.
''I'm doing great! I want you to meet my boyfriend, Yoongi.'' Yoongi stepped forward, shaking her hand lightly with a bright gummy smile.
''Oh my! What a fine gentleman.'' Adding a grin, seeing Yoongi blush at her comment to his appearance.
''I've heard you have a dog named Kimchi!'' Yoongi excitedly mentions, remembering your PowerPoint, which made you smile at the thought.
You've never seen Aunt Pamela talk as much as she just did with Yoongi, them talking from Kimchi to art in a millisecond.
''Y/N, you've hit the jackpot.''
''I really did.'' You look up, being met with Yoongi's eyes already set on yours. It was a short moment of eye contact, but the longest you've had, noticing how brown his eyes were and the length of his eyelashes.
''Seokjin! I was wondering where you'd go.'' That made Yoongi immediately turn his head, seeing the one and only Kim Seokjin standing next to Aunt Pamela.
''I couldn't find the bathroom, have you seen the size of this hotel? It's like the Maze Runner.''
Yoongi grinned at Seokjin's joke, his eyes filled with hearts. Okay, yes he freaked out when you told him you were in family with Kim Seokjin; you just didn't peg him for a big fan.
''I'm glad my joke is appreciated. Kim Seokjin, it's my pleasure.'' Reaching his hand towards Yoongi's, giving him a firm handshake. Yoongi's mouth was agape, still processing when he touched Kim Seokjin's hand.
''Min Yoongi. It's an honor.'' You had never seen this day coming; Min Yoongi fangirling hard over your uncle.
''I'm sensing you're a fan of my work.'' Seokjin chuckling over Yoongi wildly nodding his head.
Yoongi starts rambling about every k-drama your uncle was in. Seokjin grinning, amazed how Yoongi remembered by heart every k-drama he starred in.
''At least someone is a fan.'' Seokjin's side glaring at you, to showcase that you'd want to get on Yoongi's level if you wanted to meet the hot k-drama actors.
The rehearsal dinner turns out better than expected. Yoongi and you were seated next to Aunt Pamela and Seokjin, grinning over Aunt Bridget's drunken state, her mumbling far too much TMI information to the whole family.
''Yoongi, what do you do for work?'' Seokjin asks, casually sipping on his white wine, being disgusted by the sweet champagne which Aunt Bridget seemed to like a bit much.
''I'm an artist, well a painter.'' He corrects himself, to be more precise.
''Impressive!'' Seokjin adds, raising both brows in the process.
''I'm having an exhibition next month, you should come!'' Yoongi spoke too quickly. In a month, your deal would be done for good and having Seokjin come to it would be difficult having to either explain a complete disaster of a story or just stretch out the deal for one more evening.
''I'll make sure to be there.''
Yoongi nervously chuckled, sensing your glare next to him. Giving you a 'I panicked, okay?' look, making you roll your eyes.
''Pumpkin is such a good artist.'' You were bitter, Yoongi had just broken one of his own rules so he needed a taste of his own medicine; cringe pet names is the way to go.
Yoongi choked on his rosé, when the nickname reached his ears.
''But nothing beats your designs, Muffin.'' Now Yoongi's hand landed on your thigh, giving it a firm grip which made you lightly gasp. He was too good at this.
''Stop it Poopsie! We've been over this.'' You rolled your eyes, seeing Pamela and Seokjin awkwardly chuckle at your act.
Yoongi fake grinned, leaning towards your ear, ''If you call me one more pet name, I'm taking the first flight home.'' You gulped, it was a clear threat and knowing you overstepped did give you a sense of victory over this little war, but now Yoongi warned you and you immediately stopped the silly act.
As the rehearsal dinner reached its end, Yoongi got more exhausted than he intended, wanting nothing more than a warm shower before bed.
''Hey, I'm gonna go take a shower. You can stay if you want.'' He whispers casually, while you were sitting with Seokjin chatting over his latest drama. You nod, before he disappears through the big entrance.
You continue your conversation with Seokjin. Him telling you all about his female co-star Park Min-young. They apparently had to film a love scene, the boom operator accidentally dropping the boom stick on Seokjin's head, making him fall flat onto Park Min-young. He processed to show you the deleted scene, you laughing till tears started forming.
''Y/N.'' Your laughter quickly dimmed, seeing your mother in a very stressed state. What does she want now?
''Take Aunt Bridget to her room. She's too drunk.'' Your mother ordered. You caught a glimpse of Aunt Bridget trying to force Aunt Jennie to take a sip of her champagne, Aunt Jennie quickly refusing with a red covered face.
You excuse Seokjin for having to leave, him nodding and smiling in understanding.
''Aunt Bridget! Let me take you to your room.'' She quickly agrees, locking herself to you, stumbling a bit on the way out. Aunt Jennie mumbles a low thank you to you, seeing as if Aunt Bridget had been a huge embarrassment for everyone.
''So how good was that champagne?'' You snicker at your own joke, seeing Aunt Bridget mimic your sentence in a high pitch tone with a lot of blurted words. Thankfully, the elevator was quick and you were already walking towards her room.
Her room was right next to yours, 206. The familiar letters engraved in the door in gold details. Aunt Bridget doesn't hesitate before trying to open, not even bothering to detect her room key. You decide to help, rummaging through her green velour handbag. You instantly lose all your patience, walking towards your room before you go back down to the rehearsal dinner and look for the lost room key.
So, the next best thing to do is take her to your room. You had forgotten all about Yoongi taking a shower and leaving earlier — until now. 
Aunt Bridget was the first one to catch sight of a naked Yoongi once you opened the door for the both of you. Her being already drunk off her mind, didn’t exactly help the awkward encounter. 
‘’Oh, so it is good.’’ A smirk grew on her face, after she’d caught sight of Yoongi’s dick. Yoongi looked like a deer caught in headlights, quickly covering his private area with his hands. You smacked Aunt Bridget’s shoulder, still stunned from catching a glimpse of it. 
‘’I couldn’t find the towels.’’ He explained, while you covered Aunt Bridget’s sight with your hand. You pointed in the direction of the towels, almost catching a sight of his butt when he slightly turned to reach for the drawers with towels. Until he found a towel, you remained with your eyes set on the ceiling. 
‘’Okay, all clear.’’ 
Aunt Bridget removed your hand, slurring mostly her words, ‘’I can’t believe you found a man with a good face and a long di-’’ 
‘’I think that’s enough!’’ You cut her off, not wanting her to say such a thing in front of Yoongi who’s probably still very embarrassed over not only you but your Aunt as well seeing him naked. 
To your luck, Seokjin had found Aunt Bridget’s key card, helping her quickly to her room. It left an awkward tension between Yoongi and you, and for the first time you were glad that the pillow barrier was between you. 
You were laying in silence, the only sound in the room being the AC and your breathing. You wanted to say something, anything. But you didn’t and it resolved into a night with almost no sleep and awkward silence. 
Tumblr media
Thankfully it was the wedding today, which meant one more day of this fake dating and you’d both be out of your merry way. The morning was as awkward as expected, only a good morning being exchanged between you. It was all quiet until Yoongi suddenly threw a tantrum. 
‘’Of course! Of course I forget a second suit!’’ He exclaims and you feel as if he’s talking to himself and not you – due to it still being awkward between the both of you. It’s first when Yoongi sits down and turns to you, his gaze begging for help that you speak up.
‘’Maybe Uncle Seokjin can borrow you a suit! Last I remember he overpacked three too many.’’ You had accidentally overheard Aunt Jennie gossiping to her soon-to-be husband about Kim Seokjin’s tendency of overpacking. He might just be the only solution for Yoongi's suit emergency. 
Yoongi looks at you blankly, his eyes blinking way too much, not knowing if you’re serious or not. 
‘’I’ll be back.’’ With that you walked out of your shared room and directly to Seokjin’s. Seokjin’s room wasn’t far away, just longer down the hall and you were surprised to see that Seokjin wasn’t standing alone. Aunt Jennie was there as well. 
‘’Ah, my favorite niece!’’ Seokjin caressed your back, seeing your uncomfortable state near Aunt Jennie. She looked stressed and it seemed she tried to find support through Seokjin. 
‘’Seokjin? Do you have a suit for Yoongi, he apparently forgot his second suit back home.’’ You explained and Aunt Jennie only looked down to her feet, trying not to laugh. You ignored her for now, not wanting to cause a bicker for nothing. It was her wedding day after all. 
‘’Of course! I’ll drop by your room in a minute.’’ You thanked him before returning to your room. Yoongi was reading your crime novel and seemed more invested than you’d imagine, him reading a crime novel was the last thing you imagined happening on this trip; yet again you don’t really know much about him. 
‘’Do you like it so far?’’ Yoongi swiftly turns his head up, his brown hair covering a bit of his eyes and he only shakes it, closing the book in an instant. ‘’I’ve already read it.’’ 
‘’You like crime novels?’’ 
‘’I would rather say love than like.’’ You only hum in surprise not expecting Yoongi to love crime novels as much as you do. 
‘’Oh! Seokjin will drop by with his suits.’’ That makes Yoongi finally relax as his shoulders slump and he finally exhales a long awaited sigh of relief. 
After a few time passing conversations, a knock is heard and it reveals Seokjin, standing with as said three suits too much. Yoongi becomes nervous whenever Seokjin is in his presence – his inner fanboy is screaming right now. 
‘’All right Yoongi. Strip.’’ Seokjin lays out the suit on the bed and Yoongi looks at you worried, while slowly unzipping his pants. He obeyed Seokjin too fast and you instantly got sent back to the night where you caught onto the sight of Yoongi wet and naked – with Aunt Bridget being drunk out of her mind. 
‘’I’m– I’m gonna go get ready in the bathroom! I’ll leave you to it.’’ You only heard a soft mumbled ‘okay’ from Seokjin before you grabbed your dress and scurried hurriedly to the bathroom. Your heart was pounding – quicker than it should. You were just scared for the actual wedding; not anything else at all. Your thoughts drifted off as soon as the warm water made contact with your skin. 
‘’You look great!’’ You heard Seokjin shout out of excitement, right after you were done getting ready. Unlocking the door you almost choked at the sight. Yoongi was wearing a classic black suit, his brown hair slightly parted. He looked good, like, really fucking good. You had maybe noticed for a bit too long, Seokjin laughing at your gawking expression towards your fake boyfriend. 
‘’You’re gonna have to wait till later to jump his bones, not now.’’ It was a lame joke by Seokjin and normally you would laugh but hearing Seokjin throwing a comment about you having sex with Yoongi, sent a rush to your heat and your cheeks grew hot. Yoongi on the other hand, laughed lightly at Seokjin’s joke, thanking him once again for the suit, all while you were focusing on not to drool over Yoongi in a black suit. Focus Y/N, just focus. 
Seokjin left the room not long after, sending a wink your way which you turned down with a slap to his shoulder making him grin before being out of sight. 
‘’Can’t believe I’m wearing Kim Seokjin’s suit! Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming.’’ You rolled your eyes, pinching him in the arm making Yoongi wince yet smile knowing he was indeed not dreaming. 
‘’You ready to go?’’ He nods in approval and you both step out, walking towards the wedding ceremony. 
It was more crowded, seeming as if over a hundred people were invited, excluding you and Yoongi. To make sure you wouldn’t lose sight of one another, you held onto him firmly, his cheeks turning pink and you figured it was probably because of the heat in the room; although the AC was on full blast. 
‘’You look great Yoongi.’’ You turn, seeing he’s already looking at you. ‘’Thank you. You look beautiful.’’ His eyes roam your body, taking in the sight of you in a beautiful dress. You thank him and that’s when you see it, a tiny little sparkle in the corner of Yoongi’s right eye. You keep looking at it, being too mesmerized by it until you’re interrupted by your cousin, Marco. 
‘’Oh wow.’’ He comments, making you turn quickly and lose sight of Yoongi’s sparkling eyes. 
‘’Marco!’’ You remove yourself from Yoongi’s embrace, hugging Marco tightly knowing you haven’t seen him for over a year; due to him getting married himself and now awaiting a child. 
‘’Wow! You look great!’’ He notices your dress and you smile at the compliment. 
‘’This is Yoongi, my boyfriend.’’ You move aside as Yoongi and Marco share a firm handshake, both smiling gently towards each other. 
‘’Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N’s cousin, Marco. But you already knew that.’’ He smirks, knowing you too well. 
‘’I’m gonna have to say it. You two complement each other really well.’’ 
You take a hold of Yoongi’s hand in yours; to play along, ‘’We sure do.’’ You agree, smiling towards Yoongi who’s blushing – wow, he can really act well. 
‘’Seems like the ceremony is about to start, I’ll catch you at the bar later.’’ With a received nod from you, Marco is slowly disappearing between the big crowd in the hotel arena. You and Yoongi find your seats not long after, the violins begin to play and the wedding ceremony is officially in motion. 
Everything was beautiful, the dress Aunt Jennie wore, their vows to each other and mostly the details decorating the arena, mostly white and sage green colors. 
‘’Drink?’’ Yoongi asks beside you, when people are starting to move towards the tables to eat. You nod, taking his hand in yours; liking the warm feeling it gave you against your own palm. At the bar you catch onto the sight of your two favorite uncles, Sam and Philip. They wave excitedly at you and Yoongi is quick to notice your favorite uncles. You embrace them together, them hugging you firmly and Yoongi stands with a small distance, admiring the interaction, seeing you shine brightly by being in the presence of Philip and Sam. 
‘’Who’s this gentleman? He’s cute!’’ Phillip whispers in your ear and you laugh lightly while removing yourself. 
‘’This is Yoongi,’’ you pause, looking at him before continuing, ‘’my boyfriend.’’ Somehow your smile grew at the words and so did Yoongi’s. You were doing much better than expected at this fake dating act, you took a mental note to tell Yoongi later. 
‘’I’ve heard great things about you from Y/N. You guys mean a lot to her.’’ Yoongi tells naturally to Philip and Sam who seem in awe of this information, as well as yourself. Yoongi shakes both of their hands and they seem delighted to stand with him. 
‘’Y/N means a lot to us as well, which means you better not break her heart. If you do…’’ Philip starts off, Yoongi immediately feeling threatened by the change of tone in Philip’s words, but Sam finishes off, ‘’Just don’t.’’ With a pleasant smile, yet bitter to send a threatening warning. It doesn’t surprise you for your uncles to be overprotective. They know how hard it’s been for you in this family, especially your relationship with your mother, who’s always been troubling and difficult to handle on your own. She was your first heartbreak. Which does explain you not being able to date someone seriously, afraid of the hurt if they do decide to leave you. 
Yoongi only chuckles dryly, not knowing what to say, knowing the deal will be off after the wedding. The closer Yoongi has gotten to your family, the worse it gets. He's clicked with all your family members, especially Seokjin and Pamela. So for it to end so suddenly after, sends an unwanted rush and you immediately lose your smile. You’ve become anxious again. How do you break the news to them? Will they be disappointed in you? Will your mother step you down – more than she already has? 
‘’Hey. You okay?’’ Yoongi hands you your drink, noticing the smile from your face fade so quickly. You nod, drinking your drink in one go. Sam and Phillip look worriedly at you, asking you if you were okay once again. 
‘’I’m fine! Seriously, I’m okay.’’ You grunt in annoyance of them asking. You didn’t like bringing attention to yourself – even though they only asked because they care. 
‘’Let’s dance.’’ You don’t think for long, taking Yoongi by the hand leading him to the dance floor. Couples are dancing to the slow song playing in the background, you notice it, it’s one of your favorites, Pluto Projector. The version was slowed, making it soothe under your skin and create a slow ambiance on the dance floor. 
You saw Aunt Jennie and her husband dancing, with admiration in both their eyes, full of love. Your heart fluttered at the sight, although it sank right after, seeing this might never be you. Someone falling in love with you, your true self, it was… hard to believe. It was reality. You were never more than a one night stand, a fuck buddy –  if lucky. You were nothing – except the body you carry. You don’t know where all these thoughts came from, it was probably because of the song and the fact that this lie you brought upon yourself was slowly eating you up by the minute. 
‘’Hey, I know I already asked but are you sure you’re okay?’’ Yoongi was worried, anyone could see that. He saw how empty you suddenly looked, all the fun in you had disappeared and he was now met with someone who wasn’t you. Not the Y/N he’s been spending so much time with, laughing, bickering over stupid pillows. No, this was different. As if you realized a lot of things and it all came crashing down unto you. 
‘’I– I don’t know.’’ You wrap your arms around Yoongi’s neck, both of you swaying slowly to the song in the background. 
‘’Tell me.’’ 
‘’I’m sorry.’’ 
Yoongi pulls you closer, noticing the watery sparkles in your eyes. You look away, trying to push back your tears, not wanting attention to gain upon you and especially not from your mother. 
‘’Y/N, why are you sorry?’’ 
‘’For bringing you into this mess. I’m sorry Yoongi.’’ 
‘’Hey, hey it’s not all your fault. I agreed to this remember?’’ Yoongi tries to remind you of when the deal first started. He didn’t only agree because you semi-pressured him. He could see how much you needed help and some part of him just couldn’t help but say yes. 
‘’Y-yeah.’’ You look up now meeting his brown eyes, the sparkle reappearing. It made you want to look forever into Yoongi’s eyes, never seeing yourself grow tired of that beautiful sparkle that filled them. 
As the song continues on playing, Yoongi and you find yourselves moving closer to each other. Noses almost touching and his lips so close to yours. Yoongi leans in a bit closer, your lips slightly brush and that makes you pull away slowly. 
‘’Thank you for everything. Your acting is really good, I’m surprised.’’ 
Yoongi tightly smiles, ‘’It’s- it’s no problem.’’ 
Yoongi’s expression made you shiver out of discomfort. He looked hurt and embarrassed. Shouldn’t he feel relieved that you didn’t break one of his rules? He was clear on the no-kissing-rule, so it only surprised you when Yoongi excused himself and left you alone on the dance floor, your heart slowly sinking as he walked out of your view. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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"Inspire me, baby" — Min Yoongi | One Shot
— all rights on this text reserved by dreamypjm.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing — Yoongi x F! Reader
Genre — Idol AU, Producer/Rapper Yoongi, Smut, Fluff, Pwp (with a little plot but not really), sub reader & dom Yoongi, a little humour, adoring, intense loving, some aftercare
Age rating — 18+
Word Count — 5.1k
Summary: Casually (or not so casually..) checking on your producer boyfriend, who's been working all day, escalates a little after he told you about his current lack of inspiration.
Warnings: swearing, unprotected sex (kinda imposed but with indirect consents as it's been badly craved for a while), domintating, obey & follow the instructions, a little overstimulation, controlling the climax, teasing, making fun of you but in a humoured loving way, kinda blackmailing but with loving intensions
Another Disclaimer: Since english isn't my first language, it's possible it contains grammar and any other kind of mistakes. I apologise in advance!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're standing infront Yoongi's studio with your phone in one of your hands and stare at the locked door. He once told you the code but also said you shouldn't disturb him producing new tapes and only use it in case of "emergencies".
Well, this is an emergency you think to yourself and tap the code into the door lock. You hear a quick clack, slowly open the door to the studio and peek through the door gap before stepping inside. It's silent and you wonder what Yoongi would be doing right now. Finally, you slide the door wide enough open to step inside the room.
Y/N: "Babe, you haven't left the studio in hours"
You softly close the door behind yourself and walk across the room towards Yoongi's desk before you realize he's not here. You sit down on his super comfortable chair and put your phone on the desk. You start to lean back and forth in his chair a few times, impatiently waiting for him to get back here.
Y/N: "He must be in the bathroom" you mumble to yourself and rotate the chair in circles a few times until you stop and stare at the computer screen. You don't know a lot about those things but to you it seems like Yoongi barely got anything done today.
You take a closer look at the screen trying to figure out what he's been working on.
YG: "What are you doing there?"
You turn around to see Yoongi right infront of you, freshly out of the shower with his lower body wrapped in a towel.
"Oh", you say in a suprised tone as your eyes wander up his body, over his lightly defined abs towards his face. His hair is dripping a little on his shoulder.
 "I didn't know you had a shower down here", you say amused.
YG: "Babe"
He walks towards you and when he reached you, slides his hands over your cheek. He grabs your chin, tilts your head a little up and leans down to place a tender kiss on your lips.
YG: "Get off that chair", he laughs and you obey. He lets himself fall into it with a sigh.
Standing beside him, you softly run your fingers through his wet hair.
Y/N: "What's wrong?"
YG: "I don't know"
He looks at you and his expression quickly changes from exhausted to a slight smirk.
YG: "Didn't I tell you to only come down my studio in case of emergencies?"
Y/N: "Well yeah.."
You blush a little and avoid his gaze.
Y/N: "I though it kind of is an emergency..", you scratch your neck.
Y/N: "And also, I've been feeling a little lonely up there since you haven't left your studio in hours"
YG: "Mhm.."
He squinches his eyes and watches you carefully.
"I might need a little inspiration..", he says in a deep, low voice while still looking at you as if you were a criminal.
YG: "Look at this"
He points at the screen of his computer. You step infront of him and take another look at the screen.
Y/N: "So? I can't see anything"
YG: "Exactly"
He suddenly grabs your hips and pulls you backwards onto his lap. He warps his left arm around your waiste and gently places his chin on your shoulder.
YG: "I kinda have a block today. I took a quick shower to clear my mind but it didn't really help"
He sighs while his right hand on the computer mouse clicks through some apps.
Y/N: "Can I help you somehow?"
You place your hand on top if his, slide your fingers between his and then take it off the mouse. At the same time you lean your head back onto his shoulder. Yoongi turns his head a little and you feel his warm breath on your neck.
"Yeah..", he whispers and kisses your neck. His soft lips on your skin cause goosebumps over your whole body.  Right from the beginning, he didn't seem to be mad about you entering his studio without an emergency. On the contrary, he seems to be glad you're here.
"Turn around..", he whispers.
You obey, get off his lap just to turn around and sit back down on the towel on his lap. He then grabs your head and starts kissing you passionately. You run your hand over the naked skin of his upper body. After a little while of making out, you break the kiss, lick your lips and look at him a little insecure.
Y/N: "Does anyone else know the code to your studio?"
Yoongi smirks.
YG: "Are you scared of getting caught and being accused distracting me from work?"
Y/N: "Mhm.. I just wanna make sure the two of us won't get disturbed while you're finding new inspiration.."
YG: "Don't worry"
He pulls you back in and kisses you again. His kisses now slowly wander sideways down your face to your neck. He presses his lips against your skin.
"You're the only one", he mumbles and continues kissing your neck.
A relieved smile forms on your lips while you kiss him back. Yoongi wraps his arms around your body and slides his hand under the shirt on your back to open your bra a second later. You quickly slip your arms out of the straps and let the bra fall out of your shirt, down to to the floor. Yoongi looks down. "Interesting.." he says in a flirty tone as he sees your red lace bra lying on the dark floor tiles.
YG: "You planned this, didn't you?"
You smirk and slowly slide your hand down his body, over the naked skin.
Y/N: "The text you've send me earlier gave me a strong feeling you needed this today"
Yoongi quickly looks away and laughs.
"What do you mean?", he asks innocently.
You raise your eyebrows, grab his chin with your free hand and turn his head towards you. A little while ago before you got down here, Yoongi had sent you a text message saying that work.. or something else.. is extra hard today.
"IT.. is extra hard today.." you imitate Yoongi's text in a sarcastic tone.
"I've been talking about work", he tries to suppress a mischievous smile.
"Sure", you say and get off his lap.
"Babe?", he looks at you confused with raised eyebrows as you stand infront of him.
YG: "Wait, I didn't mean -"
He abruptly stops as you open your jeans and slip out of them without a warning.
Y/N: "Alright"
You look at Yoongi who's staring at you suprised with his mouth slightly open. Just a few seconds later, his facial expression radically changes to a playful smile and his gaze wanders down your shirt to your red panties that are matching your bra that's laying on the floor.
YG: "Damn, babe"
He leans forward, grabs your butt with his veiny hands and pulls you back onto his lap. His hands slide into your shirt and wander up your stomach to your chest. He strokes over both your nipples before he softly grabs your boobs and starts kneading them. A slight moan escapes your mouth as you enjoy his touch. He suddenly grabs the hem of your shirt and you immediately lift your hands so that he can pull it over your head and arms. He aggressively throws it into the room and burries his face into your breasts.
"I love them so much..", he whispers against your chest. One of your hands grabs his neck while the other one leans on the chair armrest and you slowly start grinding your hips on his lap. Yoongi lets a low moan out, breathing against your skin.
YG: "Keep going"
He takes his face off your body and looks deep into your eyes as you start grinding a little harder on his body. Feeling his thing getting hard and pressing against your panties through the towel, you start placing kisses on all over Yoongi's neck.
"You know exactly what I like", he exhales contently.
YG: "And I know what you like"
His hands let go off your boobs and slide into your panties, one in the back and the other one in the front. He grabs your butt while the fingers of his other hand glide into your cleft and he starts rubbing your clit with his index- and middle finger. They intensively go in circles, again and again until you start breathing faster, let go of his neck and lean your hand against the chair's back. You softly bite Yoongi's shoulder as his fingers starts moving faster and you let out a few louder moans.
YG: "Yeah, moan for me.."
His hard thing under the towel starts twitching a little. Yoongi pulls his hands out of your slip, grabs your waiste and lifts your body up.
YG: "Take those panties off"
You do like he says, strip them down and quickly slip out. Before he lets you down on his lap again, you pull the towel off his body and look down at his errection that literally leaps out at you as soon as it had the chance to. Yoongi searches for your gaze and as soon as you look back at him, he smirks and gently lets you down on his hard thing. You moan out loudly as he penetrates deep inside you and seems to feel extra pleasuring today. For a little moment, you hold in and take a deep breath as a thought crosses your mind.
Y/N: "Babe.. the condom -"
YG: "It's alright, isn't it a safe day today?"
Yoongi seems to know exactly about your cycle. Of course he does, he's always keeping track of that incase of something going wrong, such as a torn condom and stuff. It's not like he strictly doesn't wanna start a family with you someday but it's just not yet the right timing since his work doesn't allow it yet.
Y/N: "You're right but.."
To be honest, you and Yoongi never had unprotected sex before even tho the both of you have been craving it for a long time. But Yoongi always insisted wearing a condom since you're not on birth control pills. In fact, you totally understand that. And besides the fact that he would never make you take any hormone changing pills, you would never force him going all unprotected. The more suprised you are now, that he suddenly goes for it without any warning. But well, you wouldn't complain.
"It's okay, let me feel you.." he whispers. You slightly nod and let yourself sink more down on his lap, letting out a savoring moan as it pushes him deeper inside of you.
YG: "Oh fuck"
He sharply breaths in and throws his head back against the chair.
YG: "It feels so much better like this.."
Your body gently starts moving on him as you grind your hips back and forth. Yoongi looks up at you, smiles in errection and straightens his position up. He then pulls you closer to his body and looks deep into your eyes while you keep riding him softly.
"It feels even better than I thought", he groans before he starts thrusting his hard thing into you. Both your breaths start getting faster and the both of you moan out in passion. You lean in an start kissing him roughly while he increases the pace of his hips. Pounding even deeper and faster into you with every minute that passes, you lean yourself back into his arms and your boobs bounce up and down right at his face.
"Just like that..", he says under strained breathing. The chair under your bodies starts squeaking through the extreme pressure of bouncing up and down.
YG: "The studio luckily is super soundproof"
The both of you laugh a little in heavy breathing. You lean forward to Yoongi and starts sucking the skin on his neck.
"Mark me like I'm yours.." he moans and so do you. You leave a few dark hickeys on his skin what turns him even more on. The longer you keep riding him like that, the louder the squeak of the chair gets. Yoongi suddenly slows the pace down, grabs your waist and lifts you off his lap onto the desk behind you. He strokes his hard cock up and down your labia to tease you while you bite your lip and wait for him to slide it back into you. He keeps doing that until you get impatient.
"Stop teasing me", you sigh.
Yoongi smirks but you grab his buttcheeks and pull him closer.
Y/N: "Give me all your hard work until I spill the inspiration.."
Yoongi widens his eyes astonished before he suddenly pushes his fingers into you. You moan out suprised since you didn't notice his hand down there until now.
"I can feel how bad you want me", he says as he moves his fingers in your wet pussy. He pulls them out and quickly pushes them right back into you, again and again, faster and faster, until you almsot can't hold it anymore.
"Yoongi- ", you moan his name and burry your head against his chest.
Y/N: "Slow down, slow down - "
Out of breath, you lean back onto the desk as he finally pulls his fingers out of you.
Without either one of you noticing, your elbow accidentally got on the keypad of his computer on pushes some of it's keys.
YG: "We're not done, baby"
He spreads your legs and steps between them. Then he reaches for a button under his desk and pushes it what makes the desk start to slowly go down.
YG: "It's really nice to have an automatically adjustable desk.. You can get up while working, move the desk up and continue doing ,whatever, while standing for a bit. That's good for your back."
The desk keeps going down while you look a bit surprised at Yoongi who's fully focused on that. Astonished about Yoongi who's even while making love still the technique nerd he always was, when it's about studio equipment, you giggle a little.
You love that about him.
YG: "In our case.. however, let's continue to lower it..."
While you patiently wait for him to find the right position, you adore his body that's slowly being revealed infront of your eyes by the desk, the more it goes down. It's like a presentation of a product and you're waiting for his "product" to be finally shown.
He lets it down a little lower until you're in the perfect position right infront of him to simply slide his lenght, that's now reaching over the edge, into you. He moves closer to you, presses his body against yours and starts kissing you passionately.
You softly grab his hard thing that's pressing against your lower belly and stroke it up and down a few times before you gently push it down and rub it against your clit. Yoongi moans while you're still kissing. His breath heavily blows out of his nose as you keep rubbing it down there and pleasure yourself with it. He takes his lips off yours, quickly slides the keyboard behind you aside and pushes you down on his desk. You grab the edge of the table with both hands and hold on tight, ready to have Yoongi thrust his cock deep into you. He leans onto the desk with his left arm while the other hand goes down on you, grabs his cock and a moment later pushes it into you while letting out a highly agitated moan.
"Oh my gosh, baby", he leans down to you and whispers into your ear.
YG: "You're so wet and I love to feel it"
Before you're able to say anything, he starts moving and thrusts deeper into you what makes you moan out in passion. His hip is getting faster with every breath, roughly moving back and forth. You start moaning louder and so does he, until you press your lips together and hold yourself a little back.
YG: "Don't"
Yoongi groans into your ear.
"Don't hold it back, baby.. moan as loud as you can. This studio is safe", he whispers in a shaky voice of excitement. His hands slide down your naked skin to your thighs and pull them up. You give into to it and wrap your legs around his body.
As he keeps roughly pounding into you, a strand of his dark brown hair falls into his face and tickles your nose. It's still wet and starts dripping on your face. You take one hand off the table and stroke his hair back when suddenly your body slides to the back, due to Yoongi's power.
YG: "Hey, where do you think you're going?"
He laughs, grabs your hips and pulls you back forward right on the edge of the table, which makes it possible for him to go deeper on you again. He straightens himself up, puts his hands on your waiste and holds tightly onto it as he starts taking out even further with his hip to thrust into you even harder. Everytime he pushes into you, he also pulls you towards his body with his grip on your waiste so that he hits just the perfect spot inside of you. Your body arches itself up in errection and you moan out really loud. Yoongi starts sweating like hell while he keeps going like that. The sweat runs down his face and body before he suddenly slows down and pulls you up to sit. He lays his arms on your shoulders and breaths heavily as he smiles at you.
YG: "Damn, I'm getting so close already"
He laughs and let's his head down on your shoulder aswell. He holds in like that, not moving for like a minute, just breathing deeply to calm his body a little down.
"Me too", you giggle and breath as if you've been running a marathon. He places a soft kiss on your shoulder and lifts his head.
YG: "I'll be able to create a masterpiece after we're done"
You both laugh and he gently starts moving his hips again. He keeps the pace down for now and kisses you in such a passionate way, that you feel like levitating until his tongue starts getting involved the kisses. You let out a low sigh in memory of what his tongue was able to do to you whenever he went down on you. Well, dating a rapper had it's benefits.
YG: "What are you thinking about?"
He stopped moving as he notices your thoughts drifting away since you unconsciously stopped kissing him back. You feel caught, turn away to avoid his glance and blush slightly. Yoongi squinches his eyes and smirks as he saw you blushing over his questions.
YG: "Babe"
He grabs your chin and turns your face back to him. You look at him sheepishly.
YG: "I think I know what it is"
He provokingly licks his lips while you're eyes carefully follow his tongue.
"You're tongue..", you mumble a little embarrassed.
YG: "Oh you mean.."
He smirks and disappears out of your sight as he starts licking your neck. He runs his tongue over your skin, downwards your body. You take a deep, sharp breath when his tongue reached your belly. Out of sudden, he stops, pulls you close to his body and lifts you up. Out of reflex, you immediately wrap your legs around his waiste.
"What're you doing?" you ask a little confused. He doesn't respond but suddenly walks across the room with you in his arms. He steps towards the black leather sofa that's standing on the other side of the studio and gently lays you down on it.
His hands clenched into fists, he props himself up on the leather as he leans over you.
"Giving you what you crave so badly", Yoongi whispers and disappears above you. The next thing you feel is his tongue on your belly slowly sliding down until it gets between your legs.
Y/N: "Yoongi.. "
You put your hand on his head, run your fingers through his still a little wet hair and let out a sigh of enjoyment as he starts licking you down there. He starts off gently and slow, sucks a little here and there and licks gently over your clit. You let a few deep breaths out of your nose, trying not to freak out yet while he didn't even start to put much effort into it. You try your best to hold back but you just can't resist it since he's so good with his tongue. You start moaning but a little self-conscious.
He chuckles amused, seeing you try so hard not to give in and continues going soft and slow to tease you a bit longer.
"You're so mean..", you groan, look down on him and pull his hair to make him look up to you. When he returns your gaze, he laughs and nods slightly before he continues what he started. He grabs your thighs, spreads them a little more and starts going faster.
Yoongi could move his tongue faster than anyone else you've ever known. And if he wanted to, he could take you to heaven just by using his tongue technology.
He finally understood the assignment and kept going faster and faster while your body arches itself up and down. He tightly holds on to your thighs as you're body is starting to get out of control.
"Wait-", you moan heavily but Yoongi keeps going.
Y/N: "BABE - "
Right before you were about to literally explode, he emerges his face out of your legs, quickly slides his body onto yours and pushes his still hard thing into you again. It seems like hearing and seeing you like this turned him on even more.
A loud, lustful moan escapes him as he shoves it deeper into you. He let's his whole body sink onto yours and gets so close to your face, that his lips softly touch yours. He then slides his arms under your arms along your back, places his hands directly under head and grabs it, so that he's completely holding you now.
His body tightly pressed on yours, he starts grinding his hips onto you, back and forth, thrusting faster but softer into you than he did before. You wrap your arms all around his body and grab his head aswell. Holding on to eachother so close with your lips and noses touching, you look intense into his brown cateye shaped orbs that are deeply craving and adoring you.
As he keeps thrusting into you with such a passion, you close your eyes for a moment and groan.
"Please don't stop looking at me", Yoongi whispers in heavy moaning. You immediately obey and open your eyes just to see him smile relieved and still look into your eyes with such a deep glance.
YG: "..even if you feel like floating away.. keep looking at me, please. Don't take your gaze of me. I wanna see it in your eyes when I take you there"
He pulls one of his arms out under your body and the next thing you feel is that he intensively starts rubbing your clit while bouncing his lenght into your cunt faster and faster. His fingers down there match their pace perfectly to his hips. Your moans start getting louder and more ragged with ever thrust until you can't hold it anymore and your body starts shaking underneath him. You do your best not to let your eyes fall back but to keep looking him in the eye as the tension in your body increases. The sound of him slipping in and out of you gets more slippery the wetter and closer you get.
"Inspire me, baby", Yoongi moans in a highly agitated tone as he increases his pace until he can't go faster.
When you finally give into it, your eyeballs slightly roll back and you loudly moan his name as you cum on his thickness. He keeps thrusting deep into you and his lenght starts wildy twitching inside of you.
"Fuck", he groans and watches you closely arching your back up the couch, moaning in such huge pleasure that the combination of you moaning so contentedly and cumming all over his cock, almost leads himself to a climax. Yoongi tries to hold everything inside while his breath becomes extremly ragged. He doesn't slow down at all what makes you immediatly build up tension again right after you just had one of the best orgasm you've ever felt. You start to purposely squeez your cunt to tease Yoongi and get him close to cumming inside of you.
"Fuck, baby", he moans so loud it almost sounds like a beg to stop.
"I want you to cum so hard like you never did before", you whisper into his ear with a low moan.
"I want you to cum right inside of me and fill me up", you go on in a ragged moaning voice.
"Oh damn, baby" he moans in a tone like he couldn't believe your words.
YG: "Are you sure?"
You nod and continue teasing him by squeezing your pussy more and less around his cock. "You feel so fucking good" he moans at you out of breath.
Yoongi keeps slipping his thing in and out so intense, that you feel like your next climax had to be right there any moment.
"Fuck babe, I'm so close again" you say as you scrape your fingers down his back and grip his butt while Yoongi heavily moans his soul out in a deep agitated tone.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Yoongi", you yell as he keeps hitting just the perfect spot inside of you. He seems to be way too close aswell to respond. Both of your moans get escalating loud and ragged as you still look at each other. Yoongi never took his glance off your eyes at any time since he's been laying on top of you. He desperately sighs your name as he couldn't hold it back anymore and finally cums right inside of you, in the highest pleasure he's ever felt. You pop off aswell as you feel him filling you up and the two of you cum together full of passion. Going through another intense orgasm under Yoongi's gaze, your legs shake so hard that he grips your thighs and holds on to them to calm them down. Trying to calm your pulse after two so fucking good highs, you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. "Wow", Yoongi sighs extremly satisfied and burries his face into your shoulder.
You turn your head aside and stare into the studio while you're trying to process everything that just happened. But Yoongi still hasn't fully stopped moving inside of you what suddenly causes a few aftershocks intensly rolling through you.
"Oh damn", you jerky moan into the room as your body arches off the couch in torture and pleasure at the same time.
Yoongi laughs mischievously and pushes his cock a few more times deep into your soaked pussy before he lifts his hip and gently pulls it out.
He lets himself sink back onto your body and places his head next to yours on your shoulder. Still totally out of breath, you wrap your arms tight around Yoongi's body, who's nestled all up on you. You suddenly start to giggle as you remember you kind of distracted him from work.
Y/N: "Shouldn't you use the inspiration I just gave you to produce something?"
YG: "Hold me just a little longer, please" he mumbles and closes his eyes.
You chuckle. The next few minutes go by without either one of you saying a word until you raise your voice again.
"Did you really just fuck me like that?" you laugh in disbelief as you realize this had to be the best sex you've ever had.
Leaning his arms on the leather, he pushes himself up and looks down on you.
"I did", he smirks and jumps off the sofa.
He grabs a pack of tissues and your clothes and softly throws it at you with a satisfied chuckle before walks out of your sight into the bathroom to also slip back into his clothes.
You grab a tissue, carefully wipe off his cum that's dripping out of you down there and put your clothes on. You then lay back down on the couch, totally exhausted. Yoongi steps back into the room, fully clothed and lets out an amused laughter when he sees you laying there as if you've been going through the hardest sport exercises someone could ever make up. He then takes a pillow and a light blanket out of a closet and walks back to you.
He gently lifts your head, puts the pillow under it and then spreads the blanket over you to cover you up. Before he turns around, he places a soft kiss on your forehead.
"Is it okay if I stay here a little longer?", you yawn.
YG: "Stay as long as you want, babe. Take a rest" he smiles and takes a seat at his desk. He puts on some of his super stylish headphones and gets back to work. You peacefully close your eyes and snuggle up into the blanket.
A little while into listening to the sound of mouse clicks and keyboard tapping, you're about to fall asleep when Yoongi suddenly bursts out in laughter.
YG: "What the hell?"
You squint your eyes in confusion and also a little annoyed since you almost fell asleep.
"BABE", he yells in a weird laughter. You refuse to open your eyes but respond with a low "mhm?"
YG: "I guess I have my next hit here..".
He can't stop laughing, plugs his headphones off the computer and starts playing an audio through the studio speakers. A few seconds later, you suddenly tear your eyes open and hardly believe your ears as you recognise the sound of it.
"OH MY GOSH, DELETE THAT" you scream embarrassed as you blush until your face looks like a ripe tomato.
"You could've told me that you wanted to record such kind of tape", he smirks.
It seems like you accidentally pushed the recording button on the keypad while Yoongi and you we're wildly humping on his desk.
"I would've changed something in the setup first", he continues teasing you, "but it still has a very clear sound, no chance I'll just throw this away", he turns around and mischievously grins at you.
You pull the blanket all over your head in embarrassment as the sound of both your loud moans keep blowing through the speakers.
YG: "I'll keep this masterpiece until we created an even better one, hah.."
The next thing you hear is his dirty lustful laugh and a few mouse clicks.
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