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Save That Shit
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dom!Taehyung x Sub/Fem!Reader
Genre: College/University AU, established relationship, smut
Summary: You and your boyfriend are mad at each other, but you are too horny to solve your problems before fucking.
Word count: 4.3k
Warnings: mention of alcohol, blowjob, face fucking, breeding kink (slightly?), toxic relationship, bathroom sex, unprotected sex, no aftercare.
A.N.: Reposted from AO3 (click here). To read the next part: not available yet. This one shot is kinda shitty because I rushed the smut... 🤡 but anyway don't blame me, it was better in my imagination. By the way, I gave the reader a name because PLEASE I hate using Y/N, it's so ugly. I wrote this fic on Google docs and Google docs doesn't tell me when I make terrible grammar errors! So I apologize in advance, one day I'll correct it. 😬
It was difficult for you to keep your cool while watching your boyfriend, Taehyung, flirting with another girl. Your fingers were crushing on your red cup, your friend looking at you with rounded eyes. 
Things were at odds between you two recently. Being really stubborn, none of you sent a text message to the other for forty-eight hours. Actually, since you both got into a fight. You had complained to him how his idea to apply to a different college (stupidly far away from your actual college) for third semester was literally foolish. In reality, you were just too much of a pussy to tell him you didn’t want him to leave you. 
He argued back, saying you were selfish and didn’t want his happiness. It wasn’t totally false, you were selfish for trying to stop him from pursuing his studies because you didn’t want to break up with him, but never would you not wish him to be happy. 
“Relax, you’ll have wrinkles at twenty-one if you keep that constipated face on for any longer.” You turned your head to face her, putting away your cup on the counter beside you. 
“I just can’t. Is it considered cheating? Gosh, why is he such an asshole!” You were questioning yourself right now on why the hell did you come to that party. You knew Taehyung would be there, you even thought you would reconcile with him, but how could you when this dumbass was this close to that girl? 
“He’s not even into her, breathe through your nose, ok?” Your friend suggested and for once, you actually followed her advice. “You’ll be good. Soon enough he’ll come to you.” She reassured you with a hand on your shoulder. 
You nodded. He had to come back. What would happen if not? He loved you, he would absolutely after two years of dating. It wasn’t the first fight you had after all. 
But the way she was giggling, surely about one of his shitty jokes, was driving you crazy. Her hand resting on his forearm made you feel like vomiting. You were angrily jealous, you should be at her place; Taehyung was your boyfriend. 
“Who this girl think she is!?” You almost started running after her before your friend held you back.
“Tiff’, com’on, why don’t we take a big bowl of fresh air?” 
Yeah, good idea, you thought. It’s better for her if she wants to stay alive. Your hand in your friend’s one, you walked to the porch’s door of the house. 
Taehyung was disappointed you walked away from his eyesight. He was aware that you were obsessively looking at him, your jaw contracting each time the girl he was talking to brazed him. He was now mentally cursing Leila from taking you outside. 
“Tae, what’s up?” The girl chuckled, squeezing his arm. He mindlessy looked down at her, annoyed. 
It was no longer fun if you weren’t watching, if he couldn’t sense all your jealousy coming out from your body. 
“Nothing, do you want another drink?” She smiled, confused. Her glass was still filled up as she showed him the interior of it. He had to escape from her, whatever if she didn’t really need a refill. “Great.” He took the cup from her hand, going to the kitchen where all the alcohol was. 
Alone in the kitchen, the boy let out a desperate sigh. He wanted you to have texted him, at least one message. Even a ‘Fuck you, Kim Taehyung’ would have been nice. He’d have come back home with a notification from you, a text written with all your frustration. He’d have smirked at it, knowing well that a fight like this would just end up with the more passionate sex session ever. 
But you didn’t and it has been two days now. A full day at college where both of you ignored each other in the hallways and even in class. That day was painful to Taehyung; seeing you walk past him without the possibility of touching you was so cruel. He smelled your perfume in the hallways, enough to make him hard considering how much he missed you. Your bitchy face, eyes straight in front of you, not once slipping on his frame. Oh, God.
The truth was that he literally didn’t have a clue on what he wanted to do in the future. The only reason why he wanted to go to that college is because it would have pissed off his parents. ‘You want to ruin your chances of getting your degree!?’ Absolutely. And there was you who didn’t do anything wrong. You being upset was understandable, but Taehyung needed to leave to discover himself and not to just disobey his parents. You didn’t seem to understand that. 
Outside, taking in the fresh air of October, you exhaled all of your anger through your nose. Leila laughed, observing your face. 
“This gotta end with you two in bed, ‘cause I won’t be able to handle more of this.” She took a sip from her drink, stepping closer to the poolside. 
You followed her, rolling your eyes. “Admit that I have a reason to be angry. Did you look at them!?”
Leila sat down and tapped the place beside her for you to sit. You finished your cup, throwing it on the grass, not caring at the moment that it wasn’t really nature friendly. You put your butt down where your friend indicated you. “I did. Tae probably doesn't even know her name.”
You shrugged, maybe she was right. You didn’t believe that Taehyung was trying to get in her pants just in front of you, he wasn’t like this. He was surely making you jealous, because he was devilish like that. 
Too busy thinking about your love life, you didn’t even notice the guy who was approching you two. Leila definitely did; already smiling as he made his way at her side. You smiled too, remembering that it would have been rude of you otherwise. 
“Hey girls, do we know each other? You really seem familiar.” He had plump lips, a sharp jaw and flawless skin that totally pleased your friend. 
“I don’t know, I’m Leila and this is Tiffany. What about you?” 
Hearing your name, the boy raised his eyebrows, pointing a finger at you. “You’re Tiff’? I’m Jimin! I’m Tae’s old friend.” 
Great, you thought. You couldn’t get your mind off of your boyfriend and even random people couldn’t, just for once, not mention him. “Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too, girlies. Well, I came to ask you guys if you wanted to play a game of beer pong?” 
Leila gave him her sweetest smile, nodding repeatedly. “Of course! Right, Tiff?”
“Yeah.” You weren’t that enthousiastic, but you needed to change your mind. What better than an alcohol game? 
Entering the dining room, you noticed Taehyung, hands in pockets. Your heart skipped a beat, you couldn’t control it from going crazy. 
He looked handsome, as always. White shirt, beige trousers, glasses. You could focus more on his appearance since there wasn’t a stupid girl around him anymore. 
Jimin excitedly placed the red cups on each side of the table with Leila while you were still holding eyecontact with your boyfriend. He was grinning, knowing the effect he had on your body. 
“Ok! Me and Leila against Tae and Tiff.” You snapped your head at Jimin when you heard you were playing with Taehyung. You didn’t think he would play at all. 
“He’s playing?”
“Yes, I am.” 
You closed your eyes, taking in the information. Ok, not a big deal, calm down, you told yourself. It was your boyfriend, you were just in a fight. You couldn’t avoid him anymore. 
You placed yourself at the end of the table where Taehyung was, not looking into his eyes once. You could do that, right? Like at college, easy. Well, if we excluded the fact that your hands became so sweaty when you felt his gaze on you. He wasn’t even hiding it, purposefully checking you out. 
As the game went on, you and Taehyung were losing drastically. You missed every cup, groaning in frustration each time. The boy was better though, often throwing the pingpong ball in one of the plastic cups. Which meant that you were leading your team to defeat. It was a little bit embarrassing. 
When it was your turn, Taehyung took the initiative to help you out. “Let me help you.” He stuck his chest to your back, putting his hand over yours that was holding the ball. “Look where you wanna throw it.” You nodded, staring at the cup in the center. “Which one?”
You felt his breath on your neck, making you shiver. You gulped, trying to concentrate on your objective; the ball in the fucking cup. “The one in the middle.”
He placed his other hand on your hip, stopping you from moving too much. “Good. Follow my movements.” He mimicked the throw twice for you to understand. “Got it?” 
You nodded again. He let you go from his hold, finally letting you breathe. Though, there was a part of you that wished he stayed longer close to you. 
“You can do it.”
Looking right at the cup, you repeated the movement that Taehyung showed you and threw the pingpong ball at the last second. You held your breath, hoping you would get it. As your boyfriend expected it, it went straight into it, making Jimin curse. 
The boy drank the cup while you were screaming excitedly, turning to face Taehyung who winked at you. 
Your feat wasn’t enough, because you and Taehyung still didn’t win. You were more bothered by it than him, sending death glares at the other team. 
You thought Leila would come back to you, but she left with Jimin the moment he proposed to her to follow him, leaving you alone with your boyfriend. 
“Next time we’ll win.” You looked up at him, shyly smiling. He walked to exit the room, turning around when he noticed you weren’t following him. “You coming?”
You couldn’t resist.
Taehyung brought you upstairs, opening the bathroom’s door. Your heart started to race; you knew exactly why he wanted you to come with him. 
When you entered the room, he was staring at you with a smirk plastered on his face, his head slightly down. He was so hot. Did you want this? Want him? Yes, without hesitation. Would it solve your problems? Not really. 
He approached you slowly, not looking away from your eyes once. He was now right in front of you, his gaze down on you. He was taller than you from almost a head. This simple fact was enough to make you weak at the knees. He extended his arm behind you and you heard the door being shut. You blinked at the sudden noise, making Taehyung chuckle. 
He caressed your cheek delicately with his thumb, diving in for a kiss. It was slow, your mouths opening and closing on each other, tongues brushing. You placed your hands on his back, gripping on his shirt. You were greedy for his touch; two days was too fucking long. Taehyung shifted his hand on your neck, deepening the kiss. He wanted to make out with you like there would be no tomorrow. He wanted it to always be like that; desperate and ruthless. 
He took off his lips from yours, catching his breath. “Do you know how much it’s painful to see you ignore me in class?” You didn’t respond, instead you just stood there looking into his eyes. “Do you?” He repeated himself, brows furrowed. He cupped your cheeks, pecking your lips one, two times. 
You did. How could you not? You didn’t want to reach him, because you always did. And he knew that. He knew that with little to no effort he would have you in his arms the next day, but for once you decided you wouldn’t crack. 
“You should apologize for that, baby.” He pouted and you couldn’t help but feel your body getting warmer. “Don’t you think you were a little too rough on me?” You tried to kiss him again, but Taehyung moved his head back before you could. "No. Apologize.”
You slid your hands up his chest, resting on his shoulders. “I’m sorry.” 
He smirked, pleased with how you submited so quickly. He placed his hands on your hips, leaning down to your neck, giving it small kisses. “For what?” He whispered in your ear, goosebumps running all over your skin. 
“For hurting you, Tae.” You looked up at him through your eyelashes with doe eyes. 
“I’ll accept them if you can proove me that you are being honest.” He stared at you with challenging eyes.
You kneeled in front of him almost instantly; there weren't a lot of ways to show him that you weren’t lying. Sucking his dick was certainly the most efficient. Taehyung grited his teeth, eyes down on your small frame. He stroked your hair gently, waiting for your next move. 
You glanced at him with an innocent face as if you weren’t sure of what you were doing, but God knows how you mastered the art of blowjobs. You pat his inner thighs, noticing his chest going up and down faster. His hand still in your hair, his grip on it tightened when he felt your hands getting closer to his crotch area. You slightly parted your lips as he clenched his jaw, not leaving each other’s gaze once. You caressed his dick, wanting him to get hard before removing his pants. Taehyung swallowed, showing his Adam’s apple. You felt your pussy throbbing at this beautiful sight. 
“I know you want to be good, baby, but don’t get me too impatient.” You nodded at his resquest. You obeyed, going for his belt buckle. 
You only hoped it wasn’t going to be a quick fuck. You could take your time, the party wasn’t near to the end and whoever was probably waiting outside the door could get screwed. You weren’t Taehyung’s hook up, you were his girlfriend. But the need to fulfill his desire was too strong. You wanted to please him, hearing him moan under your touch missed you as much as it was turning you on. 
You unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. The zipper was your favorite part, you adored it. The way it sounded when you unzipped it made your body shivered with anticipation, especially when you would hear it behind you as Taehyung was preparing himself to take you from behind. So you slowly pulled the zipper down, getting a glimpse of your boyfriend’s Calvin Klein underwear (a classic). 
He was finally growing hard as you delivered his cock from his boxer and he hissed when the air hit him. He collected your hair in a ponytail with his right hand, his left resting by his side. You saw his member pulsate as you finally paid attention to it. Placing your hands on his thighs to keep your balance, you licked his dick starting at the base and went gradually up, leaving a trail of your saliva on him. You delicately kissed the tip, showing Taehyung how much you wanted to take good care of him. 
You got a moan from him when you put your mouth around his long erection. You placed one of your hands at the base, because you knew you couldn’t take all of him in your mouth and Taehyung would probably end up fucking it anyway. 
“Tiff’, I missed you so-” He groaned when you choked on him, reaching your hand. He lifted his white shirt a little bit over his stomach to have a better view. “-so fucking much.” 
You laid your tongue flat while you sucked on him, breathing through your nose the most you could. You bounced your head slowly on his cock, you wanted his pleasure to last forever. You squeezed your thights together which didn’t go unseen by Taehyung. 
He chuckled and undid the ponytail he made earlier to pass his fingers through your hair. “Excited just by sucking my dick, baby, huh?” You lifted your eyes on him, thrusting deeper while your hand stroked the base. You let obscene noises leave your throat in the making of it. “Shit.” Taehyung cursed, gritting his teeth.
Yes, you were so turned on you could feel your core sticking to your panties. You loved his dick, how long and beautiful it was. You loved his moans, the way his hot cum would fill your mouth and the curses he let out as you palmed his balls. Taehyung was a sin himself, how could someone be so hot and so good in bed. Just the thought that he was all yours was driving you insane. Giving him head was so much fun, all of your strokes accompanied by a slight cry of his. 
Brows frowned, he licked his dried lips by the heavy breaths that were leaving his mouth. You went faster, bobbing your head as your nose brushed his pelvis at every thrust. “God, you’re hungry, aren’t you?” You lifted the corners of your mouth to form a smile, looking up again at his face. His cheeks were all red. 
He let you do all the work and you were starting to be a little exhausted. Your bare knees were on the tiles since you were wearing a skirt and it was getting painful. You moved them, trying to find a comfortable position. 
“Stop.” You stoodstill, stopping your head movements. With a hand on the top of your hair, he carefully let out his penis from your mouth, a strand of saliva sticking to it. “Tongue out.” He commanded and you did what you were told. Taehyung tapped his tip against your muscle and he bitted down on his bottom lip. Your heart started to race faster as you were wondering what he had in mind. Would he start masturbating himself to release his cum on your face? Would he decide to fuck you? Would he fuck your face? 
He slowly thrusted inside your mouth, hitting the inside of your cheek and he moaned at the feeling. He did it three or four times before pausing. “I’ll fuck your face, ok?” You felt your pussy pulsating at the thought of it. 
He placed his fingers under your chin to raise your head so you could meet his eyes. “Please.” He grinned at your eargerness. “But…” You began, unsure if it would ruin the mood or not.
Taehyung tilted his head and raised his eyesbrows. “Is everything alright, princess?” He was listening to you. God, how could he be so precious and an asshole at the same time?
“My knees hurt.” He sweetely smiled, patting your cheek before stepping aside to reach a towel that was resting on the sink counter. He let it fall on the ground and you placed it under you. “Thank you.”
“Nothing else?” You shook your head from side to side which pleased Taehyung. “Open wide.” He said while posing his hand behind your head so he could take better control. 
Your lips apart, your boyfriend inserted his cock inside of your mouth as he threw his head back. He went deep straight away, making you gag. “Shh, it’s ok, baby.” Taehyung stroked your hair, staying a couple of seconds in your throat before going back up. You whined as he let you take a break, but it didn’t take him long after he thrusted in again. You sinked your nails in his thighs, holding back your gag reflex the most you could. He groaned at the sudden pain, but didn’t stop fucking your face. Taehyung gripped at your scalp and you closed your eyes shut, a tear running on your cheek. “You feel so, so, so good.”
He sucked hair through his teeth, definetely trying not to come. He let go of you unexpectedly and you coughed several times, wiping your saliva off your chin with the back of your hand. “God.” He ran a hand through his hair, glaring down at your pityfull body. “Should I keep going and cum in your mouth?” You were about to answer when Taehyung continued. “Or in your little pussy?”
“Fuck me, Tae, please.” You rubbed your clit between your thighs as you imagined him pounding into you on the counter. 
He smirked, gesturing to you to get up. Your legs were wobbly, but you managed to keep still on them. He got you to sit on the counter with such swiftness before placing his body between your legs. He glided his hands up your hips, hooking his fingers under your underwear. He quickly removed it from you. He seemed really eager, wasting no time. He lifted up your skirt, exposing your wet cunt. 
He slid two fingers through your folds, collecting your core on them. “Always so wet for me.” He grinned and brought his fingers in his mouth, tasting you on his tongue. “Always prepared to take me in your little cunt.” You shivered at his words; they were painfully true. 
“I can’t be unprepared, can I?” You dared to respond, panting heavely. Taehyung took you by the hips, bringing your hole closer to his erection. You whimpered at your proximity, his cock brushing against your clit. “What a shame it would be.” 
His left hand was flat against the counter to support his body while his right was directing himself at your dripping core. “You’re right.” He slowly entered your hole, moaning at the tight feeling your walls were providing him. Pelvis against yours, he placed his free hand around your throat. “You’d be no use for me.” He began thrusting inside you, eyes locked with yours. You parted your lips letting a moan leave them as he hitted your clit when his hips came back to meet yours. 
“You know that’s a lie.” You locked your legs around him, looking at him with chalenging eyes. He couldn’t pretend he only wanted you for your body, not after he complained that you hurt him by only not sending him a message. 
He huffed, still pounding into you mercilessly. “You’re a slut. My slut. You can’t deny it.” He sent you a severe glare, teeth gritting. You contracted your walls around him and he groaned, his words had an effect on you. “You like it when I talk to you this way? You like to be treated as a bitch?” 
“Tae-” You cried out, a knot forming in your stomach. Your clit was throbbing, you felt the urge to touch it, but you didn’t want to come too soon. 
He tightened his grip around your throat, bringing his mouth to your ear. “Answer me, Tiff’.” He slowed down his pace, he wanted to control your pleasure. As always. 
“Please, Tae, please.” You let out a shaky breath, your hands coming on his shoulders to grip on his shirt. 
“Baby.” He warned you, his nails sinking into the skin of your neck.
“Yes, yes, I do. I love it. It turns me on so much.” Taehyung smiled, satisfied with your answer. He let go of your throat to stroke gently your hair. “Can you-” You began and got cut off by a sudden thrust. You gasped, your clit was so sensitive. 
“You’re close?” He asked, knowing damn well that you were. There was no doubt when you had this face on, flushed by pink. You nodded, eyes closed, as he looked at you to not miss any of your reactions. “Yeah?” He brushed your clit, going harder and faster into you.
“Yes!” Your orgasm finally hitted you, you legs trembling and hips rolling onto him. 
“Good girl.” Taehyung mewled against your ear, chasing his own orgasm. “I’m gonna cum too.” He pounded faster, his skin slapping into yours. The bathroom was filled with dirty sounds, but it couldn’t be more exciting to you two. “In your pussy.” He glanced at you, seeing if you were ok with that. You whined at his statement, brows furrowed as you were shamelessly moving your hips to chase your high. “You’ll like me filling you up with my cum? Huh, baby?” 
“Uh-huh.” You agreed with him. You couldn’t care less right now if he came into you, you wanted to pleasure him so bad. And it was probably too late anyway, his penis was already burried in your pussy. 
Taehyung hissed, placing his hands on your hips to keep you still as he pounded harder and harder each time. “Yeah, of course you’ll like that. You’ll carry my child.” As he thrusted another time, he felt his dick twitching. “Fuck-” You slipped a hand on his neck, caressing his hair. He kissed the corner of your mouth sloppily, switching to your mouth to suck on your tongue. You felt his hot cum hitting your walls as his moans were muffled by your mouth. His nails were deeply into your skin and you gladly took the pain. 
Going down from his orgasm, Taehyung kissed your jaw and cheek, a way to tell his love and gratitude. “Tae, I-” As you were about to speak, knocks were heard on the bathroom’s door.
“You in there, man? It’s Jimin. We’re waiting for you, we’re about to jump in the pool from the roof!” 
Your boyfriend lowered his head, passing a hand through his hair. He was still in you, cum dripping from your entrance. “H-huh, yeah, man. Coming.” 
Jimin’s steps walked away as Taehyung slipped his cock out of you. He rapidly took toilet paper to wipe his dick clean from both of your cores. You were still on the counter, watching him as he put his pants back on. He awkwardly avoided your gaze and you felt your heart broke a little. 
“Tae-” He grabbed the door knob, not hearing you calling his name. He left without a single word. You slammed the counter with your fist out of frustration. How could he? Was it because of Jimin's interruption?
You thought bringing you here meant your fight was over, but apparently not. He fucked you because he was horny. That was it. 
No, that couldn’t be it. He’ll hear about this.
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bad day | jjk | oneshot
Tumblr media
the front door slammed aggressively behind you and you wiped your tears away, quickly making your way up to your room. you threw your jacket on the bed and immediately stripped your clothes, leaving them scattered across the bathroom floor. before you hopped in the shower, you turned your phone off and threw that on the bed as well. the warm water didn’t do much to relax you. frustrated, you sat on the shower floor after cranking up the temperature of the water and began to cry again.
you hadn’t stopped crying until you heard a faint knock and the bathroom door opening shortly after. the shower curtain remained closed, but it didnt need to be open to know who was on the other side.
“baby are you alright?” your boyfriend jungkook asked; you could hear his worried tone. “can i see you?” he asked, but you didnt answer. you knew if you did you would immediately start crying again. when he pulled the curtain back and slowly revealed himself to you, you were right. he looked down at you huddled on the floor as you began to sob once again.
“honey whats wrong? tell me what happened.” he cooed, while reaching over to help you stand, completely ignoring the still running water.
“stop jungkook, your clothes are getting wet” you continued to sob while trying to get jungkooks grip off. he just continued looking at you with worry written all over his face.
“do you want to be alone?” he gently asked. you hesitated, but responded by shaking your head no. after confirming you didnt want him to leave, he quickly jumped in the shower with you. a soft laugh left you as he grabbed your forearms to steady the two of you. “you’re crazy” you told him and looked down at his now soaked clothes.
he smiled, hoping he could do just a little to make you forget whatever was making you sad. you hugged him and buried your face into his chest.
he said nothing, he just held you tighter as you sniffled. after some time, you slowly backed away from him. he let you walk out of his grip, but continued to hold your arm.
“how are you feeling? do you want to talk about it?” he questioned. you quickly shook your head. “i just want to get out for now.” he nodded; even though it hurt him to see you so upset, he wouldn’t pressure you to talk about it. all he could do was stay by your side.
after the two of you dried off, you let jungkook dry your hair and carry you to bed. he held you in his arms and played with your hair while you tried to forget about your bad day.
“thank you so much jungkook.”
“you dont have to thank me. i just want you to know that im here for you, and i love you with all of my heart”
you smiled against his chest “i love you too”
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jkoo-njoo · 2 days ago
College crush
Tumblr media
summary : college au | when the frontier between a crush and an obsession blurs, how can you draw the line ? 
pairing : shy n clingy bf! jk x black fem! reader
genre : fluff, soft yandere | headcanons
word count : 956
warnings : light stalking, fixation
author’s note : I have loooots of unfinshed drafts that have been pilling up and this is one of them !! This is my first time trying out headcanons AND a multiple part fic!!! Also this story is going to feature some yandere/oblivious type of reasoning. The title is very dramatic but nothing immoral or out of pocket will happen I swear. hope u enjoy ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚
next | masterlist
1 / the loving bird & the shining gemstone
Jungkook couldn’t be more bored while walking around campus going to his next class ; but when his eyes landed on the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, it was as if a thunderbolt hit him right at the top of his head.
- Him seeing you for the first time
He couldn’t believe what he was seeing,,, he was completly starstruck
You had such soft features. Your gorgeous almond eyes holding that fierce gaze of yours, your cute round nose and your beautiful plump lips were all so mesmerizing to look at.
You were sprinting around the campus, looking as absent minded as him, with your head in the clouds
Yet you had so much confidence in your walk, your long braids bouncing on your back with each step you took with assurance
He was so struck on you that he didn’t even notice how he stopped dead in his track in the middle of the pathway, starring at you with wide eyes and an open mouth
He felt so light-headed, like he just witnessed the apparition of an angel right in front of him 
Entering one of the doors leading to the campus’ library, you disappeared from his sight
He went on with his day, but he never stopped thinking about you. Even if he tried, he couldn’t get you out of his mind
He longed the feeling you gave him, in his stomach
It was... so sudden, yet so impactful..?
He absolutely needed to see you again.
- Longing you
A few weeks passed after the first time he saw you
And he has started to see you literally everywhere : in the hallways, in lectures, at the cafeteria, and even at the convenience store near the dorms
At the begining it was pure coincidence, or dare he say luck
But after sometimes, it was more so his doing, simply because he couldn’t go a whole day without trying to see you at least once.
You were fascinating to him. He was growing fond of all your daily habits and your little quirks
Like your favorite spot at the library ; or the one snack you take every single time to eat during your studies (triple chocolate fudge cookies - you need to eat more fruit >:() ; or even the way you run late to your classes sometimes and he thinks that’s it’s impossible to look this gracious while running around the campus
He wanted to know more, like your favorite fragrances so he could buy you 10 bottles of it,
Or your favorite flowers so he would fill your desk with fresh ones every weeks
Or which hoodie of his do you prefer so he can give it up for you to wear because you would look so good in them and he would melt knowing that you were wearing his clothes  
He craved more of you in his life so bad ; but right now, he just felt like a stalker.
And the fact that you lived in the building right next to his did not arrange this feeling, because he has to take the same route as you to go home  
Now, he wasn’t complaining, at all
At least he could make sure that no one followed you and that you could go home safe
And if anyone ever tries to harm you in any way he will be there to protect you
Also its ok because he never followed you right in front of your door step ; that’s going too far. He’d never want to make you feel unsafe
Nevertheless, he had to find a way to get in contact with you.  
Now, it was easier said than done : he’s always been a very shy guy, not very comfortable socialising or making new friends
Talking to you and keeping you close would be one of the biggest challenge he’ll have to face since he started his college life ; 
But you can’t get nothing unless you get out of your comfort zone, right..? 
- Anticipation and hope
He had a plan.
A long-time plan. He had to be commmited for it to work
And oh was he ready
So, he remarked that you were in a photography club on top of your law studies
This was an incredible find by the way because he didn’t even know this club existed and he absolutely loves photography himself
He already contacted the head of the club and they said that the applications to enter the club for the year would close soon
And that it was welcoming to any level of photographer
This was the perfect pretext to slowly and smoothly enter your social circle and eventually your life
Just thinking about being close to you while doing something he loves gave him chills
While in the club, he’d just have to wait until they plan a group project or something so he’ll introduce himself to you ; then you do the project together ; then you fall head over heels in love for him ; then you get married
What do you mean it’s not realistic.
It’s absolutely feasible. 
He even looked up researches in psychology that prove that love at first sight exists. 
He even looked at techniques on how to make anyone obsessed with you
He will provoke it by becoming a constant & familiar occurence in your life, so you have no choice but to choose him.
So, it’s set : tomorrow, he will go and apply to enter the photography club ; and the plan will begin
He was so excited at the idea of seeing you more often, and mayhaps sitting right next to you
Just thinking about the possibilities made his heart race
After calming himself with deep breathes and a solid journal entry, he fell asleep
That night, like most these days, his mind was filled with fantasies of you, and his face adorned the most content smile of all 
He finally had you at the tip of his fingers
And he will not let you go.
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Mold a Pretty Lie | Masterlist
Tumblr media
Pairing: professor!Jin x Fem undergrad!Reader
Genre: College!AU, Unhealthy relationships, toxic relationships, virgin reader, eventual yandere, eventual smut
Summary: They say love is like a garden that requires regular care and attention. Kim Seokjin, your kind and handsome professor, is more than happy to cultivate the vines that bind his heart to yours.
Word Count: Ongoing
Rating: 18+
AN: Dedicated to my beautiful wonderful perfect awesome @madbutgloriouspond
This is obviously going to end up a lot darker than any of my previous works so be warned!
Ch 1
Ch 2
Ch 3
Ch 4
... ?
Tags: @moonleeai @random-and-out-of-context @amenjiminsan @innebulae @lonewolfsinclair @seoqity @lilacdreams-00
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More than roommates? – feat. Jimin
College age!Jimin and fem!reader (and friend!Tae)
Summary: For college, you moved into an apartment with your childhood friends Jimin and Tae. While watching a movie, a cuddle session with Jimin gets slightly out of hand.
Themes/warnings: smut with a tiny bit of story, nipple play, fingering, hand job, protected sex, friends to lovers, mentions of masturbation, one swearword
Wordcount: ca. 2.7k
You munch on some chips, your eyes following the actors on screen. You’re watching White House down with Channing Tatum. Though you’ve seen it before, it still holds your attention. Or most of it.
Next to you, Jimin slurps his coke through a straw. He wraps his full lips around the straw in a way that makes you feel warm in a lot of places. Suddenly aware that you’re staring, you avert your eyes.
Your crush on Jimin, whom you’ve known since before either of you could walk properly, has gotten out of hand lately. All too often you look at him longer than appropriate. And when you get off, more often than not it’s him you think of. The way he sticks out his tongue at you. His long tongue that can probably bring heaven to earth in more than one way. His hips and the way he moves th-
“I have a feeling who the bad guy is.” Jimin puts aside his drink and smiles at you. You can see the tiny dimple in his cheek. “If I tell you my theory, will you say if it’s right or not?”
“You know that’s not how it works.”
Jimin pouts. You swallow hard and return your eyes to the screen.
“Please, y/n. You know I like looking for the details and hints.”
You’re sure he’s still pouting. Jimin puts his hand on your thigh and squeezes. Your breath catches a bit too audibly.
“Oh sorry. Did I hurt you?”
The hand is gone.
“No, no. You just caught me by surprise.”
The hand returns, squeezing a bit more gently. You force yourself to meet his gaze. Instead of pouting, he now looks hopeful with playfully big eyes.
“Can’t you just look ugly or weird for a change”, you burst out. You instantly bite your lip after. What kind of bs have you said now?
“I look like a kid when I do the puppy eyes. You don’t think that’s weird enough?”
You look away. Shoot. What now?
“Not really. You still look cute. I mean…” You search for something, anything to say. “I look a lot younger without makeup as well.”
Is it your imagination or has Jimin come closer?
When you look back at him, his eyes have returned to the screen. His face is unreadable. Actually, it was your imagination. He’s back to where he was before. You let out a breath and your shoulders relax.
“Fine. Bounce your theory off me. If it’s right, I’ll tell you that.”
The next few minutes Jimin tells you what he thinks. He weaves in all the little hints he has collected up to now. He’s much more observant than you in that. No wonder he’s always done so well in math and sciences.
“It’s close. But not quite right. And no, I won’t tell you which parts don’t fit yet.”
He looks at you all fake mad. His cute grimace makes you laugh. You cup his face with your free hand.
“You’re right. It’s weird. Weird how you can literally look cute in any situation if you want to.”
He puts his hand on top of yours and leans into your touch. It reminds you of a cat looking for affection.
“I’m not just cute, though.”
“I know. Whenever you defend me, you flip a switch and suddenly look like a guy one shouldn’t cross.”
Jimin pulls down your hand and takes it between his. You can’t help but notice how high up on his thigh he places your linked hands.
“Gotta use that one for good at least.”
He sinks back into the sofa and props his feet up on the coffee table. Your hands slide to the crook between his thigh and hip.   
Since Jimin’s attention has clearly returned to the film, you do the same. You almost manage to forget how close he is, how you’re still touching him. You want to cuddle into his side. Whatever, you know he doesn’t mind being touchy. You roll onto your side and place your head on his shoulder.
Jimin looks at you with eyebrows raised.
“Can you cuddle with me? Please.”
He lowers his legs and lets go of your hand. You sling your leg over him, place your hand on his chest and relax into him. Jimin puts his hand on your thigh. Mh, you should do this more often. He makes an excellent cuddle buddy.
For some reason you now manage to actually watch the film. Jimin occasionally moves his hand a little on your thigh. It feels comforting if anything.
Finally, the build-up towards the end starts. Things get exciting and Jimin occasionally leans forward a little, mouthing at the actors to stop being so blind.
Jimin sits up straight. You nearly get tossed off the sofa. Instinctively, you grab a hold of his clothes to not fall off. Jimin stills and looks at your hand. So do you. It’s a centimeter away from his crotch. You’re both frozen for a few heartbeats.
“Uhm, I’m…. I’m sorry”, you try, your cheeks probably strawberry red by now.
“If you want me to take my clothes off, just ask, y/n”, he jokes. Though his tone sounds at ease, his body isn’t. You can feel the reaction of your closeness under your hand.
“Damn”, Jimin lets out between gritted teeth. For some reason you still haven’t taken your hand away.
“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”
His hardness is pressing against your hand by now. You look up at Jimin. He’s biting his lower lips, looking torn between being horny and embarrassed. Guess it’s up to you for once. You pry your hand open. Instead of taking it away, you run it over his hard dick. Jimin lets out a groan.
“Don’t tease me, y/n.”
 You run your hand over his length again. Jimin grabs a hold of your hand. He doesn’t take it away. He shows you how much more pressure he likes. You slide your hand up and down a few more times. His head is leaned back, eyes closed.
Your hand moves to the waistband of his sweatpants and pushes them down a little. His dick jumps out, head leaking. Jimin lets out a whine. With one hand you hold him, with the other you slowly slide from the bottom to the top with a good amount of pressure. You repeat that a few times. Jimin’s breathing comes quicker, interrupted by moans.
“If I’d known you are that good at this, I’d have initiated this way earlier”, Jimin says. He rolls his head forward and looks at you. “Sorry, that sounded like an ass. I mean that I’d have tried something sooner if I’d known you like me as more than a friend as well.”
“No worries. Probably not all that much blood left to make your brain function at the moment”, you say with a smirk. Jimin pushes his elbow into you lightly, but the crescent eyes and dimple say that he isn’t mad.
“Tell me to stop if it’s too much”, Jimin says. He takes your hands off his dick and pushes you backwards. You land on your back. He hovers above you, looking at you like a cross between lover and predator.
Jimin moves to your neck and sucks on your skin. It stings for a moment. He runs his tongue over it and places a soft kiss on the spot.
“Are you marking me or something?”
“No need for that, baby. They all think we’re secretly together anyways.”
You file that away in your brain to think about later as Jimin moves down a little and pushes up your shirt. Exposed to the air and Jimin’s eyes, your nipples contract quickly. Jimin licks over one of your nipples, making you shiver.
His eyes return to yours.
“Go on. I’m not cold.”
He licks a circle around your nipple. Low in your stomach you feel the first twitches of pleasure. You arch your back up.
“Greedy much?”
“Right now? Yes.”
Jimin smirks at you. If it weren’t for the smirk and predatory eyes, he’d look downright angelic.
“Patience, y/n. Tap me twice if you forget how to talk.”
You can’t even fully process that before Jimin sucks your nipple into his mouth and swirls his tongue around it. You blindly grip into the sofa as he coaxes moan after moan out of you. His tongue flicks back and forth over your nipple. It feels so good your orgasm builds quickly.
“Jimin, ahhh, Jimin, I’m…”
The waves crash over you, making you claw at the sofa. Jimin releases your nipple, which now feels sensitive. He moves upwards until his face is above yours.
“You still want to go ahead?”
You sling your legs around his hips and your arms around his torso and bring him down to you. He lets you until your lips nearly meet. You tilt your chin upwards.
“Words, baby.”
“Yes. Kiss me already, for goodness sa-“
He cuts you off with his lips on yours. They are soft and taste of coke. You open your mouth a little and poke your tongue against them. He lets you in. His tongue is much more agile, and he clearly has more experience kissing than you. He goes gentle on you.
All the while, you rub your core against him. Even with all the clothes, the friction feels heavenly.
Jimin withdraws. You can feel a pout come on automatically. He sees it.
“Do you want to continue this?”
“Then it’s time to shed some clothes.”
You sit up, pull off your shirt and throw it aside. Jimin catches it.
“Let’s move to my bedroom. You know Taehyung. Just in case.”
Tae is infamous for his impromptu plans in your friend circle.
Jimin takes your hand and leads you to his bedroom. He turns on the light, closes the door behind you and locks it. Jimin lets go of your hand. He takes off his sweater and throws it onto his chair. His abs look like chiseled by an expert sculptor. Of course, he notices you looking and raises an eyebrow. You run your hands over his sixpack. Down, up and down again. You hook your fingers into the waistband of his sweatpants and tug them down.
Before you can touch him again, Jimin pulls you into a kiss, walking you backwards. The edge of his bed hits the back of your legs. He swiftly pulls down your pants and underwear. You sit down and kick them off.
You lay down on his bed, legs spread.
Jimin opens his bedside table and pulls out a small foil packet. Before he puts on the condom, he pumps himself a few times. It is a hot sight to behold.
Your hand travels down to your clit and you draw a few circles, watching him. He bites his lower lip.
“Come, Jiminah, help me.”
You beckon him closer. He complies and places himself between your legs. Instead of instantly sliding into you, one of his fingers circles your entrance. You keep working your clit, your hips coming forward eagerly.
He slides one finger into you and adds a second one quickly. He curls them a little and hits your G-spot. You inhale sharply. He smiles softly and withdraws his fingers.
“Guess you’re ready.”
“No doubt. How about you?”
Instead of an answer Jimin finally pushes his length into you. Due to his thickness, you have to remind yourself to breathe slowly and deeply. Despite the slight discomfort, your walls clench around him, because he hits all the good spots that can be hit. You get now why he was taking it slow.
He draws back his hips a little and pushes back in slowly. His hair tickles your face as he hovers over you.
“You’re so tight, baby.”
“Maybe it’s because you’re big.”
His smile tells you that he likes hearing that.
“Remember to talk if you want anything, okay?”
“Mh okay.”
The talking has distracted you for a moment. When your focus shifts, he still feels big, but the discomfort is gone. Jimin’s thrusts go from slow and shallow to smooth and deep. You were right, the way he moves his hips in everyday life translates very, very nicely into sex.
You alternate between moaning and whining as he keeps hitting that extra nice spot. One of your legs is slung over his body, the heel of the other dug into the mattress so you have some control over depth and angle. At the moment, you don’t need to control anything though. Whatever magic Jimin is doing is working.
Your stomach muscles contract. The orgasm isn’t far. You open your eyes. Jimin’s eyes are on you. His mouth is open and he’s breathing heavily. His lips look very kissable. You stretch upwards and he gets the message. Your lips connect. This kiss is much less controlled than the last ones.
Your stomach muscles contract again. You moan into his mouth. Jimin draws back his head and grunts. The veins on his neck are prominent.
“I’m very close”, you whisper, feeling the first waves of the orgasm roll in.
Jimin takes that as his signal and starts pumping into you hard and fast. One of your hands grips the headboard.
You whine as the orgasm lets loose in you, contracting around him again and again. Jimin’s eyes are unfocused as he sloppily thrusts into you a few more times. Then he collapses on your chest.
You rest your hand at the nape of his neck. His dark hair feels damp, and his skin is slick. One of his hands comes up from your side and gently squeezes your boob.
“That was great, baby”, he mumbles into your skin. He sounds sleepy. You squeeze his arm.
“You should go get cleaned up before you fall asleep.”
With a sigh, Jimin pushes himself into a planking position and slowly pulls out of you. You hold your breath as his head withdraws. You feel weirdly empty. Jimin throws on a dressing gown, unlocks the door and pads to the bathroom he shares with Tae. Your legs still feel too wobbly to move, so you stay put.
He comes back a minute later, closes the door again, hangs up the dressing gown and rolls into bed next to you. You curl into his side.
“Would you come out on a date with me next week?”
“Hey everybody, I’m home”, Tae shouts in the living room.
“That was well-timed.” You giggle. “Yes, I would like that. When and where?”
“Friday. Just be ready at 6.”
You shuffle around a bit until the blanket covers the both of you. It doesn’t take long until you feel yourself drift off.
“I like your tongue.”
You think you hear a snort before you fall asleep, Jimin’s arm around you, your ear right above his heart.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lemonyko0 · 2 days ago
Mr. Jeon - Part 4
Tumblr media
the last words jungkook spoke to you before you fell asleep in his arms ring in your ears and in your mind days after. he's changed, you think you're a step closer to truly having him.
» genre: series, smut, fluff
» word count: 4.7k
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
i walk into school like i'm on cloud nine. i can't be bothered. i have nothing else to waste time on other than school and jungkook. i have nothing else going for me. no friends to hang out with, no parents to impress, what else am i supposed to do? ive never known anything besides what i've been taught to prioritize, which happen to only be those two things.
im disappointingly not in the maths wing until my last period, but my third to last class is adjacent to the math wing where his classroom resides. sometimes i can catch him outside of his classroom, preparing for his four classes.
today i see him for the first time by my locker, speaking professionally with another teacher.
what business would he have with a literature teacher? the new, young, and pretty one at that. they're smiling at each other and i have no reason to think it's anything other than professional, until he catches me staring.
he seems surprised to see me, he likely didn't know where my locker is and this isn't some elaborate set up. no flirting during school hours is a set of my rules.
i was going to smile and move on with my day, until he turns back to her, leaning his arm casually beside her on the doorway and acting cool. this is clearly a trick he's familiar with, he's oozing with attractiveness and she stutters on her words and slightly blushes. he grins and encourages her to go on about her favorite shakespeare works.
he continues to eye me as she talks, she doesn't seem to care a bit that he stares off for most of their one-sided conversation.
i decide, to discreetly do what i can, he's staring at me for a reason, might as well give him a show.
i smirk and turn back into my locker, reaching up into a little bin at the top where i keep the candy i've accumulated throughout the year as prizes, and i was correct in assuming i had a sucker in the mix.
i can feel his stare as i unwrap it and dart my wet tongue out to lick it, looking at him once i'm satisfied and putting it in my mouth and letting it sit against my cheek.
he ticks his head and looks back at mrs. book lover, acting as if he's disinterested and ignoring me but i know as soon as i look away he looks back at me.
i close my locker and sling my bag over my shoulder, holding miscellaneous folders and notebooks in my other arm. i notice a taller boy staring at me slightly in awe once i look up. i stare at him wordlessly and he plays cool, “y/n, right?”
i furrow my brows, “yeah?”
he smiles and sticks his hand out, “i-i’m jisung.”
i debate my options here. i know jungkook is watching me, now probably closer than ever, if i shake his hand he may definitely count that as a violation. i'm already on thin ice after my lollipop stunt.
suddenly a median solution presents itself to me and i sprint into action, stepping forward with a grin like i'm going to shake his hand, and instead letting the first few notebooks from the stack in my hands fall off and onto the ground, effectively attracting attention, avoiding having to touch him, and, bending down with my behind facing jungkook, an added bonus, teasing him.
jisung is quick to pick everything up and hand it to me, “i should get to class, nice to meet you.” i quickly tell him, turning around and walking towards my free period, which happens to be mrs. hot nerds room. jungkook is ogling me as i walk his way.
their conversation halts as i stand between them, “are you with me this period, erm…”
she looks at her clipboard of names for mine and i interject, “y/n, yes i am.”
she nods with a smile, “perfect you can take a seat-”
“actually mrs. soom, i came to take y/n as well. she failed her last quiz so she gets to spend every free period with me until she aces my next one.” jungkook smiles smugly at me, knowing i only did that on purpose and i may actually know math better than him.
she's shocked by his message, “oh well of course, y/n you really ought to be focusing more on your studies.”
i give her a half-asses bow, “yes of course, well i'll meet you in there mr. jeon.”
“nonsense i'll walk with you, make sure you don't skip out on it.”
i hum sarcastically as he escorts me away from my classroom. the bell rings and the hallways are quickly cleared, leaving only littered papers and gum wrappers on the floors.
we walk silently throughout the school, looking entirely normal, and i begin to run through every scenario in my head as to of what he could have in mind until he pulls me into a stairway, “why are we going downstairs? your classroom-”
“i know where my classroom is y/n.” he cuts me off rudely, not explaining further and dragging me down a set of stairs and into the basement level.
ive never actually been down here if not to fetch supplies for other teachers. there's classrooms on this floor but it's largely used by cleaning crew and summer school, which is why i'm unfamiliar with it.
he grabs my arm roughly and leads me to the front of a thick door, making quick use of his keys and locking it back after shoving me inside the room and turning the lights on to reveal a tiny workroom, only sporting a single, small desk and chair, an old copy machine, and some outdated books.
“don't you think it'll be suspicious-”
“nothings suspicious. it's true, you failed my last test. this floor is not off-limits to maths teachers as it's the only floor with math history textbooks, and the only floor without any functioning cameras. so if someone cares enough yes, they'll see me taking you down here. and if anyone asks, i was making you look for the seventh edition calculus textbook, and we couldn't find it, understood?”
i nod my head, “good story, b-but why did you actually take me down here? y-you said nothing was to happen during school hours-”
he leans into me, “yes, but i promised you something as soon as i saw you, and i'm delivering that.”
i scan back to two weeks ago, our phone call where he promised i could have him again as soon as possible if i recorded me touching myself and sent it to him.
i grin, “d-do you mean it?” hardly believing jungkook would be so nice to me, but his behavior entirely has changed since the hotel. i don't know what exactly sparked it, and it's subtle, but i know i am too afraid to ask.
he leans down and connects the tips of our noses, “whatever you'd like baby, a reward, for listening so well.” i close the gap between our lips and kiss him passionately, craving him always as soon as i part from him, he's like a scent constantly swirling around me, a song skipping permanently in my brain, every corner of my thoughts he consumes and it gets worse the closer he is to me.
so when he finally lets me be near him, to touch him, i feel as if ive completely lost myself.
his hands stray around my body, settling on unbuttoning the top part of my uniform and exposing my bra. he leaves my lips and leaves me panting, sprinkling slow kisses down my neck and chest until he mouths at my boobs, looking up at me, “you haven't told me what you want to do baby.” he lets a tongue slowly slip against my nipple and i whimper, “worship me, make me feel good, wanted.”
he smirks up at me, “you're precious.” he backs me up against the cold wall, beside the door, “wanna know another reason i took you down here?”
he continues to play with my chest, using his tongue, fingers, teeth, anything he pleases and i let him, playing with his hair as he goes. “yeah?”
he smiles, standing back up and hovering over me easily, his other hand ghosting over my crotch and running his digits along my slit, “so no one hears your loud mouth, you have no idea how terrible you are at being discreet.”
i giggle, “sorry, i just get so excited.”
he grins, “don't i know. you're so easy, you don't even know it.”
i hum, “isn't that why you like me?” his fingers continue to play with my clit through my panties, and the other with my nipple.
"your innocence is what first attracted me to you, but you're not so innocent anymore.”
i allow my quiet whimpers to slip past my lips and i frown at his words, “a-am i less attractive to you now that i'm not? i-i did it for you, i do everything for you-”
“quiet baby, i didn't say i didn't find you attractive.” he stalls me with a kiss and pulls my panties down as he works his mouth into mine before pulling away and instructing me to kick them off, “at first it was your innocence, but now it's the way you're completely infatuated with me.” i look at him confused and he continues, “is there anything you wouldn't do for me y/n? right off the top of your pretty head can you think of a single thing?”
i shake my head, “i-i just trust you, is all.”
he scoffs, “i don't know why, but that just makes you all the more sexy to me.”
i grin at his praise, “you should keep saying nice things about me. you've been so mean before.” i wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down to me with a pout, “you said it yourself right? i behave well.”
he connects our lips for a moment, “you're actually quite a brat, like that little tease show you put on in the hallway.”
i grin and chuckle a little at the thought, “i was so worried you'd be upset, b-but no one would have known why i did that, no one pays attention to me anyway-”
"that jock did. you mesmerized him.” im quick to shake my head, never having seen myself as the type of girl to incite that reaction out of men, “don't disagree, he was a bumbling mess watching you tongue that sucker. but he's gonna go home and wish it was his tiny cock on your tongue.”
i look him in the eyes determined, “i would never.”
he smirks, “you would if it was me.”
i nod, “of course.”
he lowers his eyes, “you astound me.”
i kiss and bite at his neck, “is that a good thing?”
he grins at my attempts, “of course baby.”
i come to a halt at his top, unable to kiss or touch any further with the fabric in my way. it dawns on me in that moment that jungkook and i have never actually been fully nude around each other. i place my hands along his shoulders and drape them down to his chest, “i-ive never seen you.”
he slowly takes my hands in his, “i know.” i look up at him, thinking for a moment before reaching for my top, unbuttoning it the rest of the way and letting it fall to the floor before reaching to undo my bra. i struggle with the clip and he laughs at me, “let me help you, turn around pretty.”
i do as told and face the wall, a blush forming on my cheeks as the fabric comes undone and i turn back around, letting it drop in front of his gaze.
he watches me with a familiar hunger, his hands not wasting for than mere seconds before groping my breasts and his mouth attaching to my neck, leaving me pressed against the wall again and gasping.
i feel something hard against my hips, rocking into me and recognizing it as his dick, and i busy myself with touching him best i can as he occupies himself.
“j-jungkook~” i whine, feeling impatient and wanting him inside of me already. i can feel my walls tightening in around nothing, aching for him only.
“what baby?” he growls in my ear and i moan as he nips at a particularly sensitive spot beside my throat.
“p-please, want you.”
he chuckles, “aren't you having fun now? you're so impatient.”
he rolls his hips against my palm, almost like he's fucking my hand, why do that when you could actually be having sex?
"jungkook please,” i grip and pull at his shirt, “n-need you now, it hurts.”
he steps back from me and smirks, unzipping his jeans and untucking his shirt before pulling it off of his body.
i ogle at his bare chest, mr. jeon occasionally wears shirts that he seems to have slightly outgrown, and is known to brag to his male students about how much weight he lifts, but i hardly payed attention to any of it until now. “wow.” i let myself touch him, almost unable to believe he's real, a built chest that slims down to a thin waist that accents his hips so well, and arms strong enough im certain he could throw me across the room if i begged enough. maybe one day i will.
“if you keep eye fucking me i won't have time to actually fuck you.” he teases.
i pout, “i asked you to be nice to me.”
he closes the gap between us and kisses my swollen lips, “i'm sorry baby,” i pull away from him and demand compliments.
he looks at me blankly and sighs, “im really holding myself back right now y/n,” he palms at his hard on through his boxers.
i shake my head, “cant fuck me until you tell me something nice. it's not that hard jungkook. you tell me i'm perfect all the time.”
he grins, “because you are perfect baby, you're so pretty,” he leans in closer, distracting me with his lips and the words slipping past them, “knew you were special when i first saw you, you always stood out to me,” he pulls his boxers down to his thighs as he speaks, “couldn't stop staring at your gorgeous legs, wanted to touch you so bad i couldn't stop myself, i was hoping one day i'd have any excuse to be alone with you.” i feel his hard tip against my heat, collecting my slickness and he drowns out my whimpers by shoving his tongue in my mouth.
before shoving inside of me he whispers, “the day you forgot your homework was the best day of my life. ive never been so excited, so captivated by someone.”
he angles his hips upwards and nudges my legs further apart so he can slide himself in. at the angle he can only he a little less than half, but it's perfect for now, still only the second time having something as large as him inside of me.
i wince in pain and to my surprise he doesn't ignore me, he uses shallow, slow thrusts to ease into me and plays with my clit until i'm completely relaxed and letting out quiet moans.
“see gorgeous? i care.”
i hum and smile, opening my eyes to view him, staring at me with an unreadable expression. i can tell he's holding himself back, “y-you can go harder, i can take it.”
he groans and laughs, “i'm fine, focused on you baby.”
“i-it's okay jungkook.” i insist, he's too smart and catches on.
with a scoff, “you think i'm not enjoying myself if i'm not being selfish?” i shake my head and he picks up his pace a little, “here's another lesson for you then baby.” he decided to be nice about it, i was expecting to be berated for underestimating him, “some people get off on pleasing others. like you.”
“like me?”
he grins, “yes baby. you like to satisfy me. don't care if you get anything of equal value from me.”
i hum in agreeance, “you teasing me is enough. j-just want to be good for you.”
i feel myself grow warmer and wetter between my thighs and jungkook grins and halts, grabbing the back of my thighs and picking me up and digging my back against the wall. “help me out will you baby?” he teases, looking downwards, needing me to direct his length into me. i do my best and he sinks right in, much deeper this time and i let out a moan that was loud enough for him to silence me.
he presses his lips against mine as he begins to thrust himself into me. his dick almost feels bigger than i remembered, or i'm just much more aware this time around of how he feels inside of me, stretching me deliciously and rubbing against my walls with an unmatched force, and his tip hitting something so sensitive it has my entire body reacting and moaning into his mouth.
he chuckles and mumbles a “found it.” before repeating this motion over and over again while i struggle to keep whatever composure i have left.
i can feel him staring at me smugly, his confidence peaking as he fucks into me in a rough rhythm that's perfectly abusing me.
he pulls away and tells me to cover my own mouth and i do, biting down on my lips and putting a hand over my mouth as the other grips his neck tightly, as if he'd drop me, he doesn't seem to be struggling an ounce.
“feels great doesn't it baby? you know what that is?” he says between groans, i shake my head and hardly manage to squeak out a no, my inability to speak only feeds his ego. “it's called your g-spot baby. can be hard to find, but it feels so fucking good doesn't it?”
i lazily shake my head, “so good jungkook.”
he smirks, “aren't you lucky im big enough to find yours? these little boys your age couldn't do this.”
“no one's like you jungkook.” i manage to say in a coherent sentence, whimpering at the end as he grazes it again.
“all about you right now baby.” he puts in extra effort to pick up his pace and fucks into me with admirable force and it's enough to have me coming abruptly around him without much warning.
he moans with me as i tighten around him, my back arches off the wall and my legs tighten around his slim waist, practically forcing him inside me, not that he fights me. he slows down to let me ride it out, keeping his word until the end and not focusing on himself at all. he didn't even do this when he took my virginity.
busy admiring his compassion he gently pulls out and murmurs to let go of him, holding me as he puts me down on my two feet again, “you good?” he asks and i nod, feeling very tingly but stable. he helps fix my hair as i button my shirt and fix my skirt.
he notices me looking for something and smiles, “stop looking for them.”
i glance up at him, “where are they? i kicked them off-”
“i have them.”
i pause, “well hand them over.”
he giggles like a teenager, “no.”
the softer, humorous side of him is a surprise to me. i suppose he, as every human, has that fun side, he's just never put his walls down enough for anyone here to see it yet, and i'm the first.
i grin before scoffing, “you can't just keep them! i-i’m messy i need them.”
he shrugs, “they're a reward for me. a reminder of a job well done.” he smugly grins in my face.
i frown, “whatever. i'll get them back.”
he hums, “okay.” and begins redressing himself, much to my confusion.
“what are you doing?”
he stops and looks at me, “getting… dressed?”
“you didn't finish, you can't go out there with a, erm.” i point at his crotch and he chuckles.
“a boner, a hard on, an erection.” he sings, teasing me for my lack of experience.
“y-yeah that.”
he shakes his head, “guys hide this stuff all the time, don't worry about it.”
“hide it all the time?”
he nods, “yeah, guys can get random ones every once in a while, or something little does it, or they get in their heads and it happens.”
“how do you hide it? wouldn't it be obvious?”
he grins, “strategies vary, tuck it in your waist band if you can, luckily i can,” he says with a smug smirk, im not entirely sure what he means but i continue listening, “or just cover it and pray it goes away.”
he grabs his jeans and i tug on his wrist, preventing him from further dressing himself, “please, i want to.” i pout. “you said anything i wanted.”
he sighs and checks his watch, then looks back at me, “you really want to?”
i nod eagerly, dropping to my knees in front of him like last time. he exhales heavily and looks down at me, “fuck i can't say no to you.”
i grab onto his length and smile, “help me be quick?” i ask, willing to do anything he asks so he can finish and we don't run out of time.
i grip him move my hand from the base up, using my tongue to lick at his head.
he cusses at the sight, “fuck, don't you worry, i won't last long.”
“is that a good thing?” i ask innocently, beaming up at him and he drinks in the way i look at him, so pure despite taking his length as far as i can into my mouth without hurting myself.
he kicks his head back and moans, his hand hitting the back of my head and gently moving me how he wants. “good thing right now, yes.”
i hum against his crotch and he responds with a gentle thrust into my mouth, startling me enough for my throat to close around him and pulling away coughing.
“fuck, sorry, you alright?”
i take a few breaths and go back in, looking up at him with tears brimming in my eyes and he groans before warning me, “fuck im close.” he exhales, “you wanna try swallowing it baby?”
i pull away from him and stroke him instead, “what?”
he whimpers, composing himself, “shit, stick your tongue out baby.” he moves my hand off of him and begins stroking himself. i stare at him in awe, never having seen this before. is this what he looked like over the phone? god i can only imagine. every muscle in him strains as he works himself onto my tongue and i taste a warm, almost salty, thick liquid on my tongue as he groans and cusses.
he finishes and takes a step back, admiring me as i sit on the floor with my mouth wide open for him. he chuckles out of breath, “you can close your mouth baby, if you don't want to swallow it i'll grab a tissue.”
i warily close my mouth and slightly wince as it goes down. i open my eyes and he stares at me with one eyebrow cocked up, “did you do it?” he says almost in disbelief.
i open my mouth to prove to him nothing was there anymore and he grins, “shouldn't have doubted you, my perfect girl.”
i grin widely as he helps me back up, quickly redressing himself as close to how he was before. he sighs and looks around, “okay…” before grabbing the first calculus book he can find and handing it to me. “seems like we had to settle on this one.”
i laugh and nod, “okay.”
he puts his hand on the small of my back and unlocks the door, leading us out and towards the stairwell again before putting some distance between us.
“i'll meet you in my room, go ahead and sit in your seat and work on your packet.”
“but where-”
“i'll be there in a minute, go, class ends in less than a minute.”
i pout and he gives me a stern look, guess he is a teacher after all.
“okay.” i mumble and toddle towards his room, taking my seat in the second row beside the window and dragging my books out and onto my desk.
he was right, the bell rings and soon enough students start to pour in, all talking amongst themselves before class starts.
i turn to my desk mate, “did you see where mr. jeon was?”
she scowls then widens her eyes, “oh! i saw him talking to mrs. soom by the vending machine.” i frown and tell her thanks.
moments later he walks in and makes casual remarks to some of the students before meandering over towards my desk, noting my angry disposition as i avoid looking at him.
he continues to grin and make his way around the room. just when i think he's merely going to pass by me he bends down to my bag, “ah y/n,” he speaks, picking up a water bottle from the ground and placing it in my desk, “sorry, i knocked your water over.”
he grins, his hand lingering on the object.
i examine it, i clearly didn't have a water, and it's still cold and unopened, did he pretend to do all of that just to give me water?
i decide his act is enough to explain what he was doing before class, that desperate mrs. soom probably ambushed him when he was busy getting water for me.
i smile and open it, “it's okay, thank you mr. jeon.”
Tumblr media
wait no longer, if i had to guess i will wrap this series up with 5-7 parts total ... the end is near !! as always thank u for reading and i hope u have a good day <3 - ara :)
masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media
taglist: @marvelahsobx @jeonpendejo @notbotheredtho @fragmentof-indifference @jwnghyuns @heronstairsxd @carzjeon @jayunu @marcoswhore @isab3lita @shescharlie @kooookie @nickyisityou @karinahwang @jeonzll
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p0ckykiss · a day ago
i'd do it all again (if it was with you)
Tumblr media
summary - jungkook is faced with a tough decision, and you just want the best for him.
warnings - angst, zombie apocalypse, major character death
jungkook slams the door behind him, throwing his body weight onto the rickety wood. his chest is on fire and his breathing is erratic. he looks across to see you in a similar state in front of him and grimaces.
the two of you are sticky with blood and sweat, just barely escaping a horde of undead with their bodies unscathed. jungkook sinks down, now sitting against the door. he takes in the state you are in, both of your chests still heaving from the chase.
“y/n that was fucking insane!” jungkook exclaims, a glimmer of relief flashes in his eyes. your expression remains vacant. jungkook continues on in enthusiasm .
“we were fucking amazing, that was such a close call, holy shit,” he groans in pain, but is quickly replaced with excitement, probably from the residual adrenaline still pumping through his veins.
“they almost had us! It was so close, but luckily we pulled through,” he’s almost laughing at this point, voice heightening in pitch.
“listen, I-”
“and near the end? when that one almost got me? fuck and then you pulled tha-”
“I got bit.” y/n deadpans. jungkook falls silent, staring at you like you just grew a second head.
y/n lifts her left arm, just above her elbow, a bite the size of a tennis ball sat disgustingly. jungkook's body goes numb and suddenly it's so hard to breathe. he continues to stare at the wound for what feels like an eternity, shaking his head in disbelief.
“no, no no no no no no no no no.” jungkook repeats, now standing from the door, pacing in circles in the cramped bunker. he runs his hands through his hair in panic, aggressively pulling at the roots. frankly, jungkook has no idea what to do. he knew that it was always a possibility for one of them to get bitten, but he always thought it would be him, not you, and he sure as hell didn’t think it would happen anytime soon. fuck, this couldn’t be happening. a whine from you interrupts jungkook's thoughts.
“listen to me, gguk, you know what to do.” y/n says between breaths, she groans as she reaches at her waist, pulling out a small handgun. her head leans back, and she blindly shoves the device toward jungkook.
jungkook's world is spinning. he feels disgusted. the adrenaline from earlier quickly clears out and is replaced with a dismal dread that eats away at his mind.
“this wasn’t supposed to happen to you, fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. oh my god y/n, I’m so sorry, ohmygod.” jungkook's words collide into one another in a jumbled mess of gibbering panic. his breaths are erratic and rushed as he sobs violently. he still hasn’t grabbed the gun from you.
“this is my fault, gguk,I wasn’t careful. I guess you were right, I am gonna get myself killed one day,” y/n laughs, referring to jungkook constantly patronizing you for your recklessness on the field.
the duo goes silent for a moment, and all jungkook wants to do is vomit. this couldn’t be happening. they were doing so well, they could’ve lived through this. they were supposed to be happy. he laughs audibly, feeling so stupid for even thinking he’d be given the luxury. now, his whole world was laid on the metal floor of a rickety old bunker, in god knows where, with a deadly bite on his arm.
“just fucking do it, put me out of my fucking misery, jungkook.” she pauses for a moment, breathing deeply before continuing.
“I don’t know how much longer I have.” jungkook legs give up on him and he collapses to the floor.
he reaches towards the metal contraption with shaky hands. jungkook's handled guns plenty of times, loves the rush of it, but now, he's never felt more disgusted with himself. the device felt heavy in his hands, he feels bile rising in his throat. he didn’t know if it was because it was the gun y/n never let him touch, the one she prided herself in owning, or if it was because he was about to kill the love of his life. probably the latter.
he stands up once again, head pounding with pain. his body is sore, and he can’t feel his legs, yet he manages to stand straight. grimacing, he cocks the gun back, pointing it to you. you look up at jungkook, and smile.
“working with you,” her words cut off with a pained groan. jungkook's lip quivers.
“...made everything worth it, all the pain,” she coughs out violently, trails of blood following suit before continuing. “I’d do it all again… if it was with you.”
“keep living, for me. you have to.” she speaks up one more time, choking between her words. “I love you... so much, kook.”
looking away from you, he shuts his eyes, and jungkook feels his soul tear as a deafening shot rips through the air.
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i-am-baechu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Based on the couple from; The Way To Me (Warning: Sexual moments)
Spending your anniversary in Paris felt different. Y/N couldn’t explain it but the air felt different when you were in Paris with your partner. Taehyung planned their second anniversary with a bang. He surprised her with tickets to Paris and she was shocked to say the least because she fainted at the sight of the flimsy papers. This was their first real celebration of their anniversary because the year before that Y/N had to fly out to New York for a meeting. Taehyung begged Minho this year to let Y/N have a break and knowing how much Minho loved Y/N, he knew he would agree to it. 
This was the third day (anniversary day) and something felt different today. Today, there was this unspoken tension between them but she couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t bad but she couldn’t figure out the tension. The morning started with Taehyung bringing in a bouquet of red roses to her with a box of her favorite chocolates. To top off the morning, he brought in her favorite breakfast with champagne. She gave him his gift which was a vintage pocket watch and a painting that he’s been talking about for months to her. She felt bad because it wasn’t as much as what Taehyung had planned for her. 
They had dinner on the top of the roof of a restaurant with the lights of Paris shining behind them and the moonlight giving them the perfect stage light. He was dressed in a pink cardigan but he had no shirt underneath and the main thing that captured her eyes was the dainty necklace. She was dressed in a simple nude dress with her hair pinned back. Tonight felt different and it wasn’t because of the champagne. 
She placed the champagne down and really took a look at Taehyung. He was so beautiful, inside and out. His boxy smile brought out joy on days where it seemed impossible, his infectious laugh that brought the sun out, the way he always brought her in to dance even when there was no music, and the way he looked at her. The way he looked at her was something she only read in romance novels. He looked at her as if she was the most precious thing in the world and he would tell her that everyday, with no shame. She wondered if her younger self would believe that this man was hers and only hers. 
“Bear? You okay?” 
She quickly looked at him with wide eyes and flushed with embarrassment, “Oh, I was just thinking.” 
He let out a deep chuckle that sent a shiver down her spine, “I hope they were good things.” 
“They were wonderful things...they were all the reasons why I love you.” 
He raised his eyebrow and was surprised at the sudden confession. Y/N wasn’t the type to say her feelings out in the open like that but he didn’t mind, “And I love you just as much, my bear.” 
She smiled at him and hid her face behind her champagne glass causing him to let out a deep chuckle. She turned her head to gaze at the lights of Paris and glanced back at Taehyung who was already staring at her. She placed her glass back on the table and stood up, making him raise his eyebrow. Before he could ask any questions, she put her hand out to him with a soft smile, “Can you dance with me?” 
He gave her a small smirk and nodded his head. He placed his hand into hers and his large hand captured her small one with a heated touch. He placed his arm around her waist as the two started to slowly move on the ceiling. The only sound they had was the busy streets and the occasional airplane but that's all they needed. There was no love song that could possibly describe each other's feelings towards one another but the silence and the loving stares could. They continued to dance until Taehyung did a slow turn with her and she looked up at him with a look that he had never seen. 
“Taehyung...I love you so much.”
“Y/N, I love you so much that it hurts.” 
They both leaned forward and their lips gently touched one another with the moon shining brighter than ever. The kiss made her think back to her childhood when you felt excitement eating your favorite piece of candy after a bad day or when it was cold outside and you had a blanket wrapped around you. Kissing Taehyung made her world stop and she saw the scenery around her in a better light. Everything just made sense with his arms around her and his lips on hers. It was as if she was waiting for this her whole life. 
When they pulled away, she looked at him with a soft smile, “Taehyung...can we go back to the hotel?” 
“Oh, are you tired bear?”  
She shook her head and leaned upwards placing a kiss on the corner of his mouth, “I just want to be with you.” 
He was shocked by her again and the only thing he could do was nod his head at her. The two made their way back to their hotel but Y/N didn’t focus on what was happening around her. She was too focused on Taehyung’s back. Everything was a flash and they stood in the bedroom of their hotel with longing stares. Usually if she felt this stare from him, she would look away but tonight was different. He tried his hardest to keep his eyes on the eyes that he fell in love with but the tension in the room was telling him to glance down. 
“Y/N, I-” 
He was cut off when he felt her lips on his and he closed his eyes savoring it as if it was the last kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she wrapped hers around his neck. Her body pressed against his only made him feel more in love with her. When they pulled away, Y/N looked at him with the same look from earlier but now he understood the look, “Taehyung...I want to have a baby with you.”
There was nothing that could describe his feelings, maybe a heart monitor but even then it wouldn’t do it justice. He picked her up and spun her around in a circle as they both let out a small laugh, “Are you sure?”
“This is what I want.” 
Lips ghosting over hers as he looked to see her slowly closing her eyes. He connected them and gently laid her down on the bed making her feel like she was floating. Her hands went to his face to hold his cheeks and she felt the heat from his skin on her fingertips. He deepens the kiss with his tongue and she opens her mouth for him. The grip on her waist gets tighter and he breaks away with his lips shining in the moonlight, “Bear, move up a bit.” 
She nods her head and makes her way to the pillows as he watches with admiration. He goes to kiss her again, this kiss much heavier than before. She let out a small moan when he rocked into her as the moonlight highlighted her flushed face for him. Her dress skirt rose and he pulled away getting a full look of her. The fabric created waves against her thighs and they were calling out to him, “You look so perfect, bear.” 
Heart beating painfully against her chest as she continued to stare at him with a smile, “You're perfect, Taehyung.” 
He tips his head staring at the ceiling as he lets out a deep chuckle. He leaned forward and she felt him tracing his tongue on her neck and she wondered if he could feel her pulse. She moaned in pleasure and his hands made their way up to her thighs and up to her the lace fabric underneath her skirt, “You’re so wet...” 
“Only for you.” 
She undid his cardigan and watched him toss it across the room nonchalantly. He helped her out of her dress and he couldn't help but think he was the luckiest man on earth. The woman before him, the woman he loved so deeply wanted to have children with him. There was no emotion that could possibly describe what he was feeling, the only word that could describe his emotions was simple, Y/N. She was the essence of his heart and nothing was going to change that. 
They both fully nude but they didn’t make any movements towards each other. Instead their eyes were locked on to each other as if they were having a conversation with the stare. She slowly leaned forward kissing his lips and leaning against her forehead against his as he did the same. She leaned away and took a good look at his face as he did the same. He placed his hand on top of hers that was already resting on her thigh and kissed the tip of her nose, “Are you alright, bear?” 
“I’m better than alright, Taehyung.” 
He nodded his head at her and kissed her cheek, “Are you sure you want a baby?” 
“I do...I really do.” 
His thumb caressed the tops of her knuckles as he let a small tear escape, “You are my everything.” 
She quickly wiped away the tear and kissed the corner of his mouth again, “You are my world...happy anniversary.” 
“Happy anniversary...my bear.” 
He kissed her face over and over again as she let out a small laugh. She laid back as the white cotton surrounded her head and he watched. He towered over her as he kissed her neck and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He moved down to kiss the top of her collarbones before glancing up at her. He was asking the same question but this time with his chocolate brown eyes. She ran her fingers through his hair and nodded her head, “Yes.” That’s all he needed to hear.
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chimchimmarie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
POV: facetime with Chim. 😍
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peachypinkygloss · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sub!Jungkook x Dom/Fem!Reader
Genre: College/University AU, smut
Summary: Jeon Jungkook, the popular shy little boy, is obsessed with you, the mean girl known to reject every man who dares to ask her out.
Word count: 5.5k
Warnings: mention of alcohol, masturbation (m), breasts play, unprotected sex, clit stimulation, orgasm control, no aftercare.
A.N.: This one shot will also be posted on my AO3 (click here). The ending kind of implies a next part, but it's not sure. I prefer to have some freedom on the ending in case I want to pursue it. I took several Monsters to finish this. God bless me 💋
You were a pain in the ass for all the people you met. You were what older people would call “unladylike”. Rude, unapologetic, attitude problem and the worst of them all; feminist -according to men-. 
You were a threat to men. They liked to tell you that you were fatherless -boys liked to-, even though your dad was literally the one who taught you how to defend yourself around them. You were really grateful for that.
Then there was Jungkook who was shamelessly staring at you in every of your classes. You had psychology and economics together, which you probably never noticed because you surely didn't know he even existed.
Everyone was telling him that you were basically non-approachable. 'You're crazy for that one, Kook' Namjoon always told him, but Jungkook wasn't discouraged from that.
He was totally attracted to the way your hips would swung from left to right as you walked up to your seat. Or how your skirt would lift up on your thighs when you sat down, showing the boy a delightful sight of your skin. Ah, he really liked you, and yet, he never said a word to you.
He admired your participation in class, especially when you would almost only raise your hand to educate your teachers on a subject they were ignorant about. You would roll your eyes at how stupid they could be, daring to talk about something they knew nothing about.
You were kinda known to be the girl that rejected the majority of the guys that asked you out because, and you stated it, 'I don't do charity work'. Yeah, you were rude, and it was why he was so interested in you. He liked mean girls, he won't lie, but you had the looks too. God damn, you really had them.
You were always dressed neatly, exactly like a daddy's girl would, pleated skirt and knee high socks paired with, obviously, Louis Vuitton's heels. Jungkook, on the other hand, had usually sweater vests on and tight black jeans. He wasn't dressed horribly, he was just not on your level.
So when you entered the psychology class, books in your arms and hair styled straight flowing all over your shoulders, his jaw dropped. You looked straight in front of you like you were the main character. You passed by him, walking up the stairs of the amphitheater and going for your seat.
Jungkook wasn't sure about what the teacher was talking about as the minutes passed, but he supposed it was about hysteria since it was written on the teacher's PowerPoint. It kinda felt odd to him because-
"Yes, Miss Yn?"
You had this familiar glimpse of arrogance in your eyes; you were about to humiliate your teacher in front of the whole class.
"I thought hysteria was a biased term?" You asked a rhetoric question because you knew what you were on about. "Freud created it in an attempt of discrediting women. We shouldn't talk about this mental issue without touching on the fact it has sexist origins."
Jungkook couldn't help but smirk at your words. The teacher seemed to be speechless, avoiding all the suspicious stares students were giving them.
"Yes, huh- I'm so sorry." They looked at their feet, not knowing how to continue their teaching. "You're right, Miss. I'll correct that."
Namjoon sent a nudge to the boy who was sitting next to him. He lowered down his head, whispering into his ear. "I know I said she's a dangerous woman, but hey, you deserve a try, lil' man. I'll invite her to the party."
Jungkook widened his eyes at his friend. "What?..." He glimpsed at you behind his shoulder and turned back his head at Namjoon. "Yn? You'll invite Yn?" He spoke quietly, but he really wasn't subtile, looking at you like they were both gossiping about you.
You were not blind, you noticed how the shy kid beside Kim Namjoon, -the football team captain from your university, also known as 'I wish he could crush my skull between his huge fucking thighs'- was glaring at you every so often in class.
Jungkook was his name, if you remembered correctly. He wasn't that popular like his friend, but people knew who he was, he wasn't just the type of douche to make his presence known -really annoyingly- each time he entered a room.
"That's what I said, genius." Jungkook puffed at him, rolling his eyes. He was surprised about his decision, that was all... A little bit too much though, he'll admit. "Aren't you happy? You'll finally be able to fuck her."
He sent him a furious glare. He didn't thought about you like that, come on. Maybe just one time when you came in class with a shirt that showed your hard nipples. And the time you bent down to pick up your pencil right when he was walking in your direction.
Ok, yes, he was happy Namjoon would ask you to come party. He simply didn't had the balls to approach you. He really didn't want you to think he was some pervert, even though he didn't had sinless thoughts when it came to you.
"I can't ask her to hook up..." Jungkook turned down the man's assumptions, a little ashamed.
Namjoon chuckled. "Yes, you can. I do it all the times."
Ah, yeah, of course he did.
"Well, I'm not like you, Joon." The man leaned on his desk, watching the teacher nervously talking. Jungkook could picture himself in them, also being humiliated by you after he would have asked you out at the party.
"That's right, you're too much of a good boy." Jungkook tssed at him, a playful grin on his lips. "I'll ask her for you."
"No." He snapped his head at his friend, a severe look on his face. When he saw Namjoon grinning, he pleaded him, whispering a little too loudly. "No!"
Jungkook gave up as he noticed the class looking at him curiously, wondering what was going on with him. He bounced his knee up and down anxiously as he imagined the most embarrassing situation where he's getting rejected by you.
You entered Namjoon's house and you didn't see a lot of people. It looked like a private party; frat boys, the football team and the cheerleading team were hanging out around. You wondered why you would be invited because you really didn't belong here.
Nonetheless, nobody seemed to notice you. You guessed you were hiding pretty well as an imposter.
You sighed, thinking that it would be better to take something to drink instead of standing there like a loser. As you walked to the kitchen, you looked around for Kim Namjoon to ask him why were you here, but you didn't see a large, blue-haired man potentially flirting with a group of girls.
You analyzed the bottles of alcohol in front of you, not sure on what to take. You knew nobody here, so maybe something that will get you out of your comfort zone? But you also didn't want to regret it later, seeing pictures of you puking on someone posted on social medias.
You took the bottle of blue liquid in your hand; a fruity drink would do, just enough alcohol in it. You poured some in a red cup, drinking it right away after you put the cap of the bottle back on. The taste of it flicked on your tongue and you were pretty satisfied with your choice.
"Ah, Yn!" You rolled your eyes as you recognized Namjoon's voice. He finally decided to talk to you. You turned around to face him, a cocky grin plastered on his face.
"Namjoon." You crossed your arms, a hand sticking out to hold your drink. "You better tell me why I'm here."
The man left out an anxious chuckle, he had to tell you the reason why he had invited you to this shitty party. He didn't think much of a plan, at the moment he thought he was really smart, but now... He kinda wished he had thought of a better idea.
"Ok, so there's a friend of mine that had his eyes on you since the first day of uni." You raised your eyebrows at him. Was he setting you up with a douchebag? "You know, the boy with brown hair, lip piercing, always a hoodie on?"
His description didn't really corresponded to a football player or a frat boy. Well, if you thought about it, blue hair wasn't usual for footballers, but Namjoon had the personality of one, so he didn't count.
A person crossed your mind. "The shy little boy who's with us in psychology?"
Namjoon smiled, seemingly content that you knew who he was talking about. "Yes! Jungkook, that is." He scratched the back of his neck. Whatever he was about to ask you, it was enough risky to make him stressed. "He's very kind, an adorable boy, I would even say. He's really open minded and-"
"What do you want to ask, Namjoon?" You stopped him in his rambling, this night was already too long, no need to pursue it with unnecessary talk.
"Do you want, maybe, have fun with him tonight?" He frowned, a little bit scared of your reaction.
You put your hand on your hip, looking at him like he was an absolute idiot. "Excuse me?"
"Ok, listen, listen!" Namjoon placed his hand in front of him as if it would make him more convincing. "He's really into you, like really. He's just too shy to ask you out! I swear, he's a good boy, and I think you like that, right?"
He peeked your curiosity with this last phrase, you won't lie. "Maybe." You noticed the man was glancing intently behind you and you guessed a girl was surely waiting for him. You had nothing better to do and Jungkook was pretty handsome, so why not? You sighed, capitulating. "Where is he?"
Namjoon's eyes sparkled, showing his dimples. "You're the best Yn! He's in the living room." Without saying more, he passed by you, joining his girl friend.
You made your way to the open living room, a couple of people dancing and talking. You narrowed your eyes between them, searching a familiar face.
You finally spotted a head with fluffy brown hair, sat down on the couch. He was alone, checking his phone mindlessly. He was having as much fun as you did. Your lips perked in a smirk as you walked up to him.
"Jungkook, right?" The said man looked up from his phone, eyes widening as he saw you standing in front of him. You took his shocked face as a yes and sat beside him, particularly close. Your knee was brushing against his and he tensed up at the contact. "Thought you needed some company."
He swallowed thickly, his eyes couldn't leave yours. "Huh- yeah. Yeah, sure." He nodded and you couldn't help yourself from smiling. He was really cute.
"So, I heard we had psychology together?" You didn't hear, you knew, but it was funnier if you pretended like you weren't aware.
"And economics."
"And economics." You repeated, eyeing him up and down.
He was dressed up casually, a red hoodie, black jeans and Doc Martens on. A very beautiful face with rounded eyes. You wondered how you never paid much more attention to him before.
You took a gulp from your drink without breaking eye contact. "I'm sorry for Namjoon, by the way." You shook your head from side to side, telling him to not worry about it.
"I'm glad, after all. How could I miss on such a pretty boy, hm?" He looked a you, agape, face turning pink. You sweetly laughed at him, moving your free hand to cup his cheek. "Don't be so shy, Kook." His eyebrows perked at the nickname, which he absolutely adored coming from you.
"I- I wanted to tell you..." Jungkook stuttered out his words, shamefully looking down on his lap as he did so.
"What is it, baby?" You cooed at him, slipping your hand down from his cheek to rest on his neck.
"Your take on Freud, last class. It was really cool." He shyly confessed.
You smiled happily at him. Did you shared the same values too? He was quite an awesome man, then. "Oh, really? Thank you. This teacher literally pisses me off. How can someone be that ignorant?" You complained and he listened to every of your words.
"Freud's quite a dumbass. And the teacher too." You nodded in his direction, agreeing with him.
Ok, now you were kinda mentally thanking Namjoon for inviting you. Jungkook had a brain, the usual opposite of the male gender. "Right." You finished your drink, putting the empty away on the ground. Namjoon will clean it himself. "Let's go somewhere else, yeah?"
You jumped on your feet, extending your arm for Jungkook to take your hand. He glanced at you, a little taken back, but he took his hand in yours. When he got up, he was inches taller than you which made you bite down on your bottom lip.
You guided him upstairs, looking over your shoulder time to time with a grin on your face. You took him to an empty bedroom, closing the door behind you two. When you turned back to him, you pushed him on the bed, straddling his lap.
Jungkook was shocked, not sure if he had the permission to put his hands on your hips. He swallowed as he noticed your dress had raised up on your thighs. You weren't wearing tights, so that meant your panties were brushing against his jeans. The boy prayed for his cock not to grow hard in the next minute, he didn't want you to think he was depraved or something.
You slipped your palms up his chest, going to his neck. "Is everything good?" You frowned at him, his hesitation making you doubt. Maybe having fun wasn't implying sex. "That's what you want, right?"
Jungkook looked at you with big doe eyes, finally resting his hands on you. "Yes, yes..." He now glanced down where your ass met with his lap, embarrassed by his eagerness.
You cupped gently his chin in your hand, raising his head so he could look into your eyes full of desire. "Jungkook, don't hold yourself back." You pecked his lips as if you two were together, a strong couple whose hearts make one. "Tell me what you want, baby."
He couldn't believe that you were on him, ready to fuck him. He couldn't realize how his dream literally came true. The dream of feeling your curves under his palms, your hips on his. Your gaze finally on his person, acknowledging that he was being such a good boy.
He had you, all of you, just for him and now that he could finally fulfill his desires, he had no idea what to ask you. His mind was fuzzy, only clear enough to respond to you nothing that made really much sense. "Huh-, I- I don't know."
You chuckled, tilting your head to look at his cute face. "You don't know?" You asked, lifting one eyebrow. He shook his head. "Well, let's find out, hm?"
You repositioned yourself on his lap, spreading your legs more so your pelvis would meet his. You flicked your hair behind your shoulders, revealing your cleavage to Jungkook. His eyes looked at your breasts for a second before going back up to your face.
You grinned at his reaction. "My boobs?" The boy raised his eyebrows like he had been caught. You moved your hands to his shoulders, your fingers intertwined behind his neck. "Do you like them? Want to touch them?"
He glanced again at your tits, making sure they were still there, that you were real, but you were very much just in front of him. He trailed up his hands until they reached the under of your breasts. "Can I?"
You nodded. "They are all yours, baby." His eyes sparkled at your words.
Without waiting any longer, he took your tits in his hands, feeling that you had no bra on. He squeezed them a little, feeling how squishy they were. He slipped his fingers under the top of your dress, your bare skin against his own. He pinched your nipples, circling his fingers on them. He knew what to do, he knew how to please you and you loved it.
"Ahh, suck on them..." You told him and he observed your face, smiling, like you just gave a child candies.
He took out your boobs from your dress, the cold air of the room making your nipples hard. He directed his mouth onto your right tit, sucking on it and twirling his tongue around it. He played with the other with his hand like an expert, flicking his thumb on it.
You let out a whiny moan, your eyebrows frowned as you observed Jungkook martyrizing your tits. You kept your mouth open so your moans could slip easily, showing him how much he was making you feel good.
You started rolling your hips on his, your sensitive bud screaming for a little bit of friction. You felt Jungkook's bulge as you rubbed your poor clit against his crotch area and he left out some moans from his occupied mouth.
The boy switched his lips to your other boob, the one left out having the same treatment as the other had previously. You gripped on his hair, tugging on it desperately. "Baby, oh my god-" You're a little breathless, your pelvis moving non-stop against him. You felt your panties sticking to your core, some dripping on your inner thighs. "You make me feel so good."
"I- I-..." Jungkook stopped from sucking on your nipple, but still had his fingers flicking the other. He looked at you with pleading eyes, his chest going up and down so fast. "This is the best thing that ever happened to me."
"What...?" You were not sure why he was saying that, all you were certain of was having his dick inside of you. You stroked his hair, waiting for him to continue talking.
"It's just that..." He looked down, as if he hadn't your boobs covered by his saliva in front of him. "I was so afraid you'd say no or- or..." His free hand was on your hip, drawing circles with his fingers on your back.
You sighed, cupping his face in your hands. You raised his face to look in his eyes, to reassure him. "Baby, stop overthinking. Tonight we'll only have fun, ok?" You sent him a sweet smile which he returned it to you.
You left his lap, standing on your feet in front of the bed. You removed your heels and stripped of your dress, leaving you in your panties. Jungkook swallowed at the sight of your body, eyeing you up and down shamelessly.
You walked up back to him, resting between his legs. He instinctively moved his hands to touch you, but you gave him a slight tap on the wrist. "Not now, Kook." He frowned, retracted his arms from you and pouted. "Before you can touch me, I want you to tell me all the fantaisies you had about me."
The boy's cheeks turned pink as he heard your order. "Really?..." He asked shyly. He didn't think it would've interested you, he rather thought it would've offended you.
"Yes. Every time you stared at me, what were you thinking?" You put your hands on his shoulders, massaging them.
Jungkook nibbled on his bottom lip, wondering what he should say. Something not too pervert, soft a little bit and maybe sexy too. Yeah, something like that... "Your thighs..." Well, it leaded to interpretation, he guessed.
"Jungkook, I need more words than that." You laughed, making fun of his shyness. You caressed his cheek delicately, encouraging him to talk again.
"They're so big and... womanly." He gazed up at you, his hands forming fists on his thighs. He needed to touch you, this was torture. "When I look at them... I- I imagine myself pushing them to your chest while you're on your back, so I can have a look at your... pussy." He was shy, but he knew how to turn you on. You squeezed your clitoris between your thighs, hoping Jungkook wouldn't notice. You had control and you had to act like it. "And fuck you with my dick."
You leaned on his thighs, your face on the same level as him. "You have such a dirty mind, Kook. Are you sure you really deserve my hole?" You teased him, a cocky grin deforming your lips.
"Yes! I do-, I- I swear. Please." He gripped at your wrists, begging you with puppy eyes.
"So needy. You're totally obsessed with me, huh?"
Jungkook narrowed his eyes. "Yn, you're so beautiful it literally pains me." He guided your hand to rest on his crotch, feeling how hard he was because of you. "Please, I dreamt of this moment since the first time I laid my eyes on you." He whined when you pressed your fingers on his erection, his eyebrows frowning. "Ah-... Don't leave me like this."
You kneeled still placed between his legs. You innocently smiled and batted your eyelashes at him. "Then show me that dick you desperately need to shove in my pussy. Show me how much you want me, baby."
You patiently waited on your knees as the boy was urgently removing his hoodie. As he was about to take off his black t-shirt underneath, you stopped him. "Keep this one on." He nodded; whatever you wanted you'd have it.
His shaky fingers came to unbuckle his belt while wandering eyes were glancing at your boobs. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, Calvin Klein's boxer sitting gracefully on his hipbones. He delivered his erection from his underwear, bouncing up to rest on his tummy.
Oh, Jungkook was big. Long enough to hit every of your sensitive stops and big enough to stretch you out. How came a sweet boy like him was hiding such a wonderful treasure?
His tip was red and swollen, pulsating as you observed it with hungry eyes. You wanted to touch it, take it in your mouth while gently massaging his balls. But you also wanted him to touch his cock himself, showing you how much he was deprived to the point of getting off to the simply sight of your naked tits.
"Well, baby, that dick won't thrust itself, hm?" You watched him slowly putting his hand around his erect penis. You gave him a slight smile, focusing on his face expressions.
He shivered when he gave himself a moderate thrust, a little bit embarrassed from the situation. He liked having your eyes on him, enjoying how he pleasured himself at your demand, but it felt naughty, really naughty. Jungkook never done this before with a partner and he wished he would have because it was totally turning him on right now.
He closed his eyes as he thrusted harder, his hand reaching the base of his cock. He parted his lips and threw back his head, pumping himself to a regular rhythm. "Ahh..." He moaned, concentrated on his pleasure. His eyebrows were frowned as his tongue came to lick his dried lips.
He heard you shifted positions, but he didn't open his eyes since he still felt your hands on him so he supposed he didn't have to worry. He leaned on the bed with his free hand, swallowing in deeply as he bucked his hips onto his hand. He wanted you instead of his hand, why did he bother to fuck his hand when he could fuck you? But he continued, imagining you jumping on his dick.
He tightened his grip, flicking his thumb gently on his tip. Your hands moved to his stomach, slipping under his t-shirt. His abs tensed up under your touch and he moaned softly, his head coming back up. He opened his eyes, making eye contact with you while still masturbating.
"Fuck." He cursed and fastened his pace, obscene noises being made as his hand met the skin of his pelvis at each thrust. Jungkook couldn't help but whined as he looked at you with pleading eyes. "I think I'll-" He couldn't finish his sentence, the pleasure building up was too good. He fucked his hand, his hips lifting from the bed to hit harder. "Uhh- Fuck. Yn, I- I'll-..." He moaned, his breath was out of control and his head kept rolling back down. "Come..."
You gazed down to his dick, pressing your thighs together as lust filled your eyes. You waited until you saw his erection twitched and grasped his wrist to make him stop all of his movements. Jungkook cried and fell down onto the bedsheets. His cock kept twitching a little, but nothing came out, luckily for you.
You crawled on him after getting rid of your soaked panties, ready to actually play with him. "Baby, don't be upset ok? I'm sorry," He glimpsed at you, pain written all over his face. "But you'll come soon, don't worry." The corners of your lips lifted as your fingers rested against his uncovered tummy to keep you still. You made sure to not touch his erection with your folds, your hips standing still over him.
"I was so close..." He complained, his hands coming up to caress your legs that were on each side of his body.
You pouted, finding him so cute and needy. "I know, Kook. I know." You babied him as you lowered yourself to catch his lips. You pecked along his jaw, feeling his hot breath hitting your cheek. Your fingers traveled his chest, running under his shirt. You passed it over his head, throwing it away somewhere on the floor. Your upper body came back down to his chest, your mouth against his ear. "Feel how wet I am because of your whiny moans." You took Jungkook's hand to your dripping entrance, his eyes growing wide as he brushed your slicks with his fingers.
He slid his middle finger through your folds, reaching up your clit. He slowly rubbed your bud which caused you to roll your hips against his hand. He glanced down to your pussy, watching his finger gracefully circling your clitoris with your fluid. "You're so hot." You moaned as he put more pressure on you, making you grip his shoulders and sinking your nails in his skin. "I still can't believe your pussy is dripping wet right on my dick."
You let out a rattle from your throat. "Shut up, Kook." You waited a little longer before pushing his hand from your crotch.
"Why?" Jungkook sighed, frustrated from your sudden resignation.
"Because you'll fuck me now." The boy's face lighted up, getting up immediately from the bed as you pushed yourself away.
You sat on the covers, checking him out as he got rid from his last pieces of clothes. Stripped down, he jumped right away on the bed and you laughed at how excited he was. You laid back, your boobs sitting on the sides. You reached the under of your thighs, sticking them up to your chest. Jungkook's gaze shifted from your face to your pussy as you sent him a cheesy smirk.
He brought himself closer to you, his hands moving to caress your flesh, mouth agape. He took a hold of his cock, slipping the tip through your juices and hissed at the sensitive feeling. You opened your mouth to tell him to hurry up, but all that came out was a shameless moan as he pushed himself inside of you. He stretched you easily, sliding up gradually to make you used to his size.
"Jungkook, you're so big, oh my God." He didn't respond, afraid that he would release too fast. His hips finally met yours, his balls touching your ass covered by your wetness. "You fill me up so good."
Breathless, he narrowed his eyes at you, eyebrows frowned. "I won't last long, Yn." Jungkook put your legs over one of his shoulders, so your thighs would stay together. "Your- ahh..." He carefully started to thrust into you, only his tip in you. He waited a second before pushing himself back all in. "Fuck. Your pussy..." He couldn't get a proper sentence out, too focused on controlling his orgasm. "Your pussy was made for my cock."
Your arms were lazily slumped by your sides, back arching as he pounded into your entrance. "Yes, baby. I'm all yours, just yours." You gave yourself to this boy, not caring about anything but his pleasure at the moment.
His teeth were bitting down on his bottom lip, eyes observing how his dick was slipping in and out of your hole. He was still going slow, knowing that if he went faster it meant he would collapse in you. You were a little bit impatient though, your walls clenching repeatedly around him. "Uhh- Don't- Don't do that..." He whined, his nails sinking into your thighs.
"But I'm so eager, Kook. I can't only take that..." Your tits bounced on your chest as he sunk his dick deeper into you, taking you by surprise. "Oh, God!" His skin slapped against yours, the noises filling up the room as Jungkook fastened his pace.
His hips rolled against yours, his dick slipping in your pussy like butter. You moved your hand between your thighs, reaching your clit. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." The boy muttered under his breath, leaning on you so he could push deeper in you if it was still even possible. "Nghhh-" He whimpered, pondering into your pussy like it was the last thing keeping him alive.
You rubbed your clitoris as fast as you could, so you would come at the same time as him. Your hands were shaking and sweat was rolling down his forehead, you both looked like a mess, but neither of you could care less. A knot was building up in your stomach, your high approaching.
"Yn, I'll come-"
"On my tits, Kook!" You cut him off, almost panting, and his dick slipped from your pussy, your legs falling on each of his sides.
He placed himself close to your breasts, one of his hands coming to support his body next to your head. You moaned at the sight of his hand fisting his cock fast, wet noises and Jungkook's whimpers were the only things you could hear.
You closed your eyes as your legs began to shake, your orgasm hitting you hard. You rolled your hips frantically against your hand and you finally felt hot strands of cum landing on your chest and breasts.
"Ahhh..." A sigh of contentement left Jungkook's lips as he chased his high, pumping himself dry.
You fluttered your eyes open, hand leaving your crotch area. The boy fell to your side, trying to catch his breath. You didn't look at him even though you felt his gaze on you. You stared at the ceiling, silently recovering from your orgasm.
He was cute, beautiful, sexy, kind, smart, ... But you didn't want to cuddle with an absolute stranger after fucking, you felt like an idiot just at the thought of it.
"Yn?" Jungkook's quiet voice got you out of your thoughts, tilting your head in his direction.
Strand of brown hair fell in front of his eyes, his puppy eyes looking straight into you. "Yes, Jungkook?" You let out a shaky breath. God, he was handsome.
"Did you like it?" He asked shyly, fidgeting his fingers. You smiled sweetly at him; you very much enjoyed it.
"Yes, of course. I really liked it." He nodded, smiling at you too. He looked so cute, even after having sex. You gazed back at the ceiling, waiting at least a minute before sitting up on the bed.
The boy watched you carefully slipping out of the mattress. You took some tissues from the box tissues that was resting on the nightstand to wipe his cum from your body. You threw the tissue in the trash can nearby and put your dress and panties back on. "Where are you going?"
You froze for a second on the spot, his question making you feel bad. You both had what you wanted, he couldn't expect you to stay. You didn't turn to face him, just casually answering him as you took your heels in your hands. "I'll go pee."
You held the doorknob, taking notice of Jungkook one last time. "Oh, ok." You exited the room, closing the door behind you.
He waited on the bed, your perfume invading his nose each time he breathed. After some time he dressed himself back up, checking the time on his phone that he left in his pocket; 00:53. He sat on the bed and 5 minutes passed. You didn't come back.
He passed his fingers through his messy hair, that was previously in your hands, gripping on it as he flicked his tongue around your nipple.
He shook his head, scrunching his nose as he walked up to the door; whatever.
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kofisips · 5 days ago
Hello! I love your work, could I ask you a request about Jungkook strong/intimidating aura but soft towards the reader who is shy, inexperienced and shy?🥺it turns him on but at the same time he feel protective towards her innocence. I would love to read a smut interactions between this two 🥺✨
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jeongguk + Reader Word Count: 4.1k+ words Warnings: shy virgin oc gets it with her buff! soft dom! short haired! tattooed & pierced! boyfriend! koo, oc and jk are cat people in this universe, typical overprotective boyfriend, size kink, he also spits on your pu$y, protected sex, pwp
Note: not beta'd. im in a rush lol sorry.
Requests are always open.
Tumblr media
This was not how Jeongguk planned to spend his day off. What’s a buff, 5’10 guy, all inked and pierced doing in the middle of the baby aisle? Looking like a dilf? It felt as if he was entering every circle of hell of his own accord every time his brother, Seokjin, asks him to run for a diaper supply. 
He adores his nephew, that’s a fact, which is why he spoils him so much whenever he comes by. What he doesn’t like is his brother bulldozing through his already set plans for the day.
The day is bright and the weather is clear, but Jeongguk complaining to his brother over the phone is making it seem like it’s gloomy.
“Hyung, I don’t fucking get this shit,” his brows furrowed as he studies the packaging intently. “How am I supposed to know what to get?”
“The size is on the left…I think?” Seokjin nervously gulps, hoping his memory serves him correctly.
“There’s nothing here,” Jeongguk sighs as he returns the diaper back on the shelf.
It was now Seokjin’s brows turn to knit, “Wait, what were you holding?”
He squints his eyes at the item he just returned, “Uhh it’s Pampers?”
“Ah, we usually buy Huggies for Iseul,” Seokjin shrinks in his seat as soon as he hears his younger brother inhale sharply. “Sorry I forgot…again.”
“You could’ve told me that earlier!” Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jeongguk threw his head back in frustration. “Okay, Huggies. What size?” 
“Size 4!” His elder brother’s enthusiasm made him pull his phone away from his ear. “While you’re at it, can you get me Frosted Flakes, too?”
“I don’t get paid enough for this shit. Goodbye,” he quickly ended the call, randomly throwing three packs of diapers in his cart, not even looking at it anymore.
Jeongguk turns his cart with little to no effort while whistling to ease his boredom as he makes his way to the next aisle. If his assumptions are correct, mostly based on his grocery shopping observations, this particular store doesn’t carry frosted flakes. But then again, it doesn’t hurt to try. 
“Frosted flakes…Frosted flakes…” Jeongguk mumbles as he scans every row for the cereal. When there was no sight of the blue box, he frowned. 
Jeongguk: There are no frosted fucking flakes [2:00 PM]
Seokjin Hyung: am sad ;-( [2:00 PM]
Jeongguk: You type like an idiot [2:00 PM]
Just as he was about to push his cart out of the breakfast aisle, a soft voice stopped him from doing so, “Excuse me? Can you help me reach the Lucky Charms?”
Looking over at his shoulder, he lifts a brow, “And why would I do that? Do I look like I work here?”
Your lips parted as you scanned him from head to toe. Somehow, you felt embarrassed that he assumed he was an employee when he’s wearing literally every black clothing there is to exist. A nice fit on his body, though, if you may add. 
“No, but I–uhm–you’re…taller than me,” feeling extra small and intimidated by his cold aura, you didn’t meet his gaze anymore. Instead, your eyes stayed glued to your feet, “Actually, it’s fine. I’ll just call the–”
He didn’t even give you enough time to finish your sentence. 
The next thing you know, his big body was blocking your vision as he reached for the cereal on the top shelf with ease. Jeongguk didn’t even need to tip his toes like you normally would and that was weirdly amusing for you.
“Here,” he hands you your box of cereal.
“Oh,” it took you a while to process what just happened so you blinked. Multiple times.
When your eyes slowly grew wide and your smile reached up to your eyes, Jeongguk could’ve sworn that love at first sight wasn’t an urban legend anymore. Like, who even bows at a full ninety degrees just for a mere cereal box? Definitely not him.
“Thank you so so much!” You waved the box to a dumbfounded Jeongguk who only nodded his head as you pushed your cart away. 
He just watched you walk away happily, maybe even trying to remember whatever tune you were humming as you walked away. 
Without breaking his gaze from where you once were, Jeongguk pulls his phone out and presses on his brother’s number like it was muscle memory, “Hyung, do you need anything this week?” 
“It’s all good, today was just a mishap,” Seokjin reassures. 
“Okay, how about next week? I can–uhh–run to the groceries or some shit,” he nervously asks, hoping his brother would never catch anything suspicious.
“I think we’re all good for now,” his brother says with conviction, but only because he doesn’t want to bother his younger brother for errands next time.
“You sure?” Jeongguk pushes.
“Yes, Jeongguk. I’m very sure,” Seokjin sighed. “...Are you flirting with the cashier again?”
“Fuck off, just wanted to help you while I buy cat food for Sage,” the tip of Jeongguk’s ears has now turned to red as he blatantly lied.
His elder brother snorted on the other line, knowing how much of a terrible liar his brother is, “Yeah right, you and your cat.”
“You’re full of shit,” Jeongguk once again ended the call before Seokjin could retort anything again. 
Maybe grocery shopping might be one of his new hobbies. 
Tumblr media
“Cooper?” You sniffed as you walked outside your building, softly calling out for your lost cat. 
It’s been 3 hours and you’re literally freezing outside, not giving up until you find your beloved pet. This isn’t the first time Cooper, your escape artist of a house pet, went out of your unit. The first time he got out, you found him at a nearby construction site because apparently, he thinks it’s a giant litter box for him to enjoy. The second was when he, for some weird reason, found himself stuck on the roof of your complex. How he got there, you wouldn’t ever know.
“Hey, Y/N! Oh– you’re crying,” your ever so cheerful neighbor, Jimin, stops in his tracks when he sees the tears pooling in your eyes. “Did Cooper get out again?”
You slowly nodded, lips quivering from trying to stop yourself from breaking down. Every time your cat goes for his so-called walk, you end up in tears. And every time he does, it’s always Jimin who always finds him and brings him back to your unit. 
“Say, if I do find him again – which I’m positive I will – I’ll be right by your door, alright?” He assures you with a smile. For some reason, everyone calls him the pet whisperer for always babysitting the neighbors’ pets, so all you can do is trust his words on that.
“T-thank you,” you mumbled under your breath with sadness. 
Jimin felt so bad looking at your state. Not when he’s so used to seeing you all full of spirit, “Why don’t you go up and make yourself something warm while waiting for him, hmm?”
And that you did. Only because the only choice you had was to patiently wait for your cat’s return.
Dragging your feet as you climbed the stairs, you were sure the rest of your neighbors could hear the lazy thud of your feet against the floor. 
With a head hung low and a slump on your shoulders, you tiredly sighed, wanting to reach your door so you could finally cry your worries out. A pair of feet waiting outside your unit is what made you raise your head. 
Leaning by your door is none other than your cereal hero from the other day, Jeongguk, who looks even scarier now than you last saw him. 
“God, fucking finally, you’re here,” the crease in his forehead quickly goes away when you can no longer hold back your tears. You covered your face from embarrassment and sobbed silently against your palms.
‘Should’ve bit my tongue there,' he thought. 
“I’m sorry,” he says with full remorse. “I can come back later when you’re feeling better.”
You slowly removed your hands from your face, wiping your tears with the back of your hands, “It’s…okay. I’m just having a bad day right now.” Hiccuping in between words and sobs, you still tried to form coherent sentences, “I–I couldn’t find my cat.”
“Cooper with the 9A tag?” Your brows rose at the mention of your pet AND your unit number. The look on your face says it all, “Yeah, I figured.”
“You–you found him!” Not gonna lie, there was a sense of relief that finally washed over you. At least Jimin doesn’t have to scour the chilly weather today.
Jeongguk scratched the back of his ear, clearing his throat nervously, “He–uhm–I–Why don’t you go inside for a while?”
Seeing his behavior as suspicious, you narrowed your eyes at him, “No. I wanna see Cooper now.”
“Sorry, sweetheart, but you can’t,” he says sternly.
‘Your devil’s spawn Cooper is fucking my Sage in the fire exit.’
“Why not? He’s my cat,” you retort.
Jeongguk’s brows knit together once again, slowly losing his temper over a mere house pet, “Are you rude or what? You just can’t see him right now. It’s not that hard to understand.”
You were so appalled with how he wasn’t making any sense right now. All you wanted was to have your cat home and snuggle with him after crying about him the whole day, “How is taking my own cat home rude? Do you have any common sense?”
“Do you have any common sense?” He mimicked the words with a mocking tone and a sarcastic chuckle. “I actually do. But do you have one? Because I’m sure as hell you wouldn’t like it if someone walks in on you mid fuck!”
Just as you were about to retort, he cuts you off, “Tell me your cat is spayed or I’ll go ape shit right now.” When you finally understood what he has been trying to tell you, your eyes widened. And when he finally got the hint your expression was giving, he rolled his eyes, “You’ve gotta be shitting me.” 
At this, you immediately shut up. There is nothing you want more in this world right now but to sink into the floor. Horrified would be such an understatement to describe the look on your face.
‘Oh, fuck. Did I offend her?’ Jeongguk mentally slaps his head.
He sighs, “Listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.” 
You slowly nodded your head, “Uhm, it’s okay…I guess.”
And then awkward silence filled the space between the two of you.
You were shuffling side to side while looking down at your feet. On the other hand, Jeongguk looked around, arms crossed and still leaning against the wall, still thinking of ways he can strike another proper conversation with you without sounding forced.
Not bearing the unnecessary tension anymore, he chose to break the silence, “So, we need to talk about our setup.”
“I’m sorry but what setup?” You didn’t know what you were getting into and you’re more than confused at this point. 
“For child support.” Jeongguk massaged the bridge of his nose with eyes closed, obviously regretting that it had to be him to bear you this news, “Clearly your cat is a fuckboy.”
You blinked, “...Oh, You mean kittens!”
“Whatever floats your boat, but I demand child support,” he shrugged.
“Uhm, okay.” Squinting your eyes in confusion with your head slightly tilted to the side, you asked, “And we need to settle that once and for all, right?” 
He nodded, “Right.”
Not sure where to start with your part of the deal, you suggested your idea meekly, “I–uhh–can send cat food every month for the kittens?”
Jeongguk looked up, thought about the idea at first, then nodded with approval, “Fair enough. Sounds good to me.”
You sighed with relief when he took it into consideration. 
Feeling as though the help you’re extending wasn’t enough ‘child support’ yet, you timidly peeked at him through your lashes and honestly admitted what you’ve been thinking about, “Sorry, that’s all I could think of right now. I don’t know how else I could compensate for my cat’s–err–behavior.”
He didn’t say anything. Yet. He just looked at you which made you jolt in the discomfort of being under someone’s watch.
“We could go out and eat or some shit?” Jeongguk’s ears slowly turned red. 
‘Jeongguk, you airhead. You can’t ask her out like this!’ When your lips, yet again, parted, he wanted to take back what he said until you beat him to it.
“There’s a nice cafe down the street,” when you gave him a soft smile, that’s when he finally returned one, too.
Jeongguk in disbelief was such a rare sight to see, ‘Fucking sorcery.’
“I’m Y/N, by the way. Cooper from 9A’s mom,” you extend your hand politely while pointing at your unit number that’s on your door.
“Jeongguk from 9B, Sage’s peasant,” As he takes your hand, he notes how his are bigger compared to yours.
Tumblr media
A lot can happen in a year and the next thing you know, the so-called “child support'' turned to cat co-parenting, then turned to moving into the same unit. 
Who would’ve thought that the intimidating, seemingly offish Jeongguk is actually a sweetheart? Definitely not you.
If you asked Jeongguk to list down ten things he likes about you, he’ll give you fifty. If you asked him anything under the sun, he surely knows all the answers to it because he’s that smart. If you make your eyes round enough like that of a doe, he would literally do anything you ask of him – which says a lot because Jeon Jeongguk hates a lot of things but never you.
One of the many things he liked doing is watching you reach over cupboards with a sly smirk grazing on his face. A cocky smirk that he could proudly wear because stools aren't shit when you’re naturally born tall. He watches you struggle, and when he’s had enough worry to rile him to step in, wraps an arm protectively around your waist and reaches over with ease. Oh, how he adored stepping in whenever you struggled. It makes him feel needed.
On the contrary, his self-control and patience are put to the test whenever he stops himself from shoving his cock balls deep inside your cunt whenever you would grind on him just to get off. At least you graduated him from thigh riding, right? The sexy lingerie you’d occasionally wear isn't of much help either. 
God, his temper is awful whenever he’s edged but he always tries.
The farthest Jeongguk has gone with you is to eat you out and finger you with, much to his surprise, three digits. The farthest you’ve done with him is a basic handjob and a hesitant blowjob because you didn’t know if you were doing it correctly or not.
You appreciate how he would never force you to do something you’re not yet ready to do. Knowing how losing your virginity (even at a big age) is overwhelming, he’d rather take all his time warming you up than making you feel bad just to satisfy himself. 
One of the few stimulating positions you enjoyed doing with your boyfriend is assaulting your wet pussy while laying on his buff chest, preferably in front of a mirror because Jeongguk loves watching your facial expressions as you reach your high – just like now with your discarded lingerie sprawled across the floor.
“Wanna see you insert another finger in there, princess,” he whispers against your ear in a husky voice, not breaking his eye contact off of you through the mirror in front of your shared bed.
You squirm against his sweaty skin when the added digit hits a new sense of pleasure, “A-ah! Can you please do it for me?” Jeongguk could’ve sworn his cock twitched when you begged with puppy eyes but he shakes his head, making you whimper like a brat. “Your…your fingers feel better…than mine,” you utter breathlessly with a pout.
He chuckles, still not budging to take over or say anything. 
Knowing how much your boyfriend loves to hear your pleas just so you can cum, your other hand reaches over to his cock, stroking it at the perfect tempo just the way you know he likes it. Under your touch, he hissed at the sudden sensation.
“Koo?” You say almost in a whisper, still stroking his shaft, “I…I want you inside me.”
“Baby,” he warns under his breath.
“I want…I want it to be with you,” you admit shyly. “I-I can take all of you, y-you know?”
Feeling as though he’ll lose this time, he sighs and reaches for the drawers to grab a condom, “If it hurts tell me to stop, alright?” You don’t say anything back but he could feel your heart race, “Need your words, princess. Or else we’re cutting the fun short.”
Out of panic, you think you jumbled the words out of your mouth, “Ah–yes! I will, K-koobear.”
“Koobear,” he scoffed, then poked his tongue in his cheek, eyeing you intently at the use of the nickname while ripping the foil open. “It’s either you call me by my government name or baby, but preferably when I fuck you,” he explains further while rolling the condom down to his shaft.
“Why? I like calling you Koo and you’re as big as a–Oh!” Your words are immediately cut short when the tip of his cock slowly enters your core. 
“Do you want to stop?” He asks with worry.
Shaking your head, you threw your head back and rested against his chest, “N-no, just a switch in our positions, I think.”
“You think?” He scoffs. 
In one swift movement, well more like a blink of an eye, it was as if you were manhandled by him when he flips the position in a snap – it was now him hovering over your body that’s small compared to his. He towers over you, pinning both of your hands with one hand, and he smirks at this. If anything, he’s enjoying the very obvious size difference between you and him. You felt small, heck curling up would make you even tinier, but the feeling of enjoying it is bubbling in your stomach.
Jeongguk’s brows lifted as he parted your legs, seeing how wet you’d already been. It’s so fascinating to him how such a tiny cunt could be so slick, “Jesus Christ, you’re wet as hell.”
“Don’t say that,” you shyly mumbled while watching your boyfriend through your lashes.
“What? Getting shy already?” He teases as he leans down to your dripping cunt.
Jeongguk spreads your legs apart, tracing his nose along your slit that’s enough to send shivers down your spine. He sure knows what he’s doing, alright. He then spits in your pussy and watches his spit dripping along your slit, humming in approval when your hole sucked in his spit. 
“Mmm, now that’s a needy cunt,” an amused smirk graces his lips when he notices your goosebumps. “I promise you won’t regret this.”
Chuckling, you replied, “I don’t think there was ever a time that I regretted anything with you.”
Your boyfriend leans in closer as he aligns his hardened member in your entrance, “That’s so good to hear from you, princess.” Slowly, he enters inside you making you wince slightly, “God, you’re tight as fuck.”
You let out a soundless gasp, lips parted, and eyes pooling with tears from the mixed feeling of slight pain and pleasure. Jeongguk notices this and briefly stops when his whole length is finally inside you, “You good?”
“Y-yes, it just feels…so different,” you assured. 
“I’ll move now, alright?” His thumb runs across your cheeks soothingly as he slowly fucks you until you adjust to his size. Underneath him, you look so fragile, so helpless, yet so submissive to him. 
Your hands trailed down to where he was bulging under your skin, rubbing his embossed form while your eyes fluttered, “Y-you’re so big, Koo. So deep inside me.”
“I’ll let you adjust to my length, babe,” there was a tinge of amusement inside of him as he studies every reaction your body makes.
“It’s okay, I can take it,” you say with conviction this time, and that made him somewhat proud – you take all of his fat and big cock with no fuss.
“This pussy is made for me, huh?” Jeongguk picks up the pace this time only because he enjoys watching your tits bounce as he rocks your body. “Makes me wanna do crazy shit like have your name tattooed on my rib,” you gasped, scratching lines against his back.
“Please look at me,” he gently moves away the stray hairs that stuck on your sweaty face. “Wanna see how pretty my baby is.”
You slowly open your eyes with a lust-filled gaze and this is where he lost his shit. He rams inside of you faster and harder this time, making you arch your back at the newfound pleasure he was hitting. 
“What if I break this condom off and fill you with my cum?” Your pussy tightens at the idea of his cum overflowing out of your cunts because it couldn’t take how much he had spurted inside of you. “Fuck, you tightened. You like that don’t you?”
Obviously not thinking straight because your boyfriend was fucking your wits out, you nodded, “I– yes, want you to fuck me harder ‘til it breaks.” And so he did fuck you hard.
It was like a magic word that made him cum so fast and you the same.
He could feel your body trembling, your breathing still fast. He waited for a moment or two for himself to soften up so he could pull out gently. Your still slightly clenching hole almost pushing his dick out of yourself. Meanwhile, he discards the condom with no mess.
You whined at the empty feeling, and he hushed you gently, moving around so he was sitting up against his headboard, your body on his lap, head on his shoulder. His hand moved back and forth over your spine, the other keeping your body steadily against him. 
“You did so, so good baby.” He gently whispered between your breaths, still coming out a little faster than they should. “I was actually kind of worried you wouldn’t be able to take it. You impress me too much, you know that?” He said, making you giggle. 
You weren’t quite back yet, still bathing in your own afterglow, and he simply waited for you to calm down, slowly becoming aware of your surroundings again. Legs still shaking from losing your virginity, you noticed a pool of wetness in your sheets.
“The sheets are soiled,” you frowned.
Jeongguk clicked his tongue teasingly, “That’s not very nice of you, princess.”
“I’m sorry,” you peeked at him with a tired pout.
“It’s fine. It’s time to change it anyway,” he runs his finger against your back, making soothing circles that made you fall asleep instantly.
Tumblr media
Wearing short dresses while out in the park is one of the small joys you enjoy doing with your boyfriend. Not to mention that sitting on his lap is a plus…except he gets overprotective whenever your skirt riles up like now – one hand over your lap, serving as weights to the fluttering fabric.
Guess guard dog privilege is real when Jeongguk is your boyfriend.
Peeking at him, your brows rose at his creased forehead, "Why do you look like you're ready to fight?"
"Because I am," he says without blinking, though his eyes are following those who would spare you a glance.
You blinked in confusion, "...What?"
"Yes," he nodded with assertiveness. 
Ah, of course. Being overprotective. Such a Jeongguk thing to do.
There are days when you don’t understand what your boyfriend is doing, but you can’t deny the fact that he’s fun to be around. Like always, you shrug it all off, sit on his lap, and wrap your arms around his neck as you nuzzle against his skin – a sure way to make him smile from ear to ear.
“Baby, can you take one of those polaroid pictures in that lingerie?” He asks with lips against your hair. Jeongguk has a habit of kissing the side of your head just because he can.
At this, your lips part at the sudden request; he’s never asked this before, “Why?”
“Wanna keep it in my wallet,” he only shrugged when you blinked at his answer. “I’m romantic as fuck.”
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yoon-kooks · 27 days ago
darkroom | jjk
Tumblr media
Pairing: Vampire!Jungkook x Reader
Genre: smut, fluff, vampire!au, college!au
Summary: When you somehow end up in an advanced photography class that you definitely shouldn’t be in, you seek the help of shy nerdy boy Jeon Jungkook to preserve your 4.15 GPA. It isn’t until after you stumble upon him in the darkroom that you realize your cute little nerd is actually a super hot vampire with an icy cold stare and beautiful burgundy eyes.
Word Count: 10.2k
Warnings: minimal blood (just him sucking away), sex on school property, oral (f receiving), dry humping, orgasm denial, jk has dom vibes, he's an arrogant asshole at times, mention of hemophobia, switches to jk's pov 3 times
A/N: i wrote a vampire fic for jk's bday 4 years ago, and here we are again with another vampire fic;;;; enjoy!!!
Tumblr media
“What do you mean I can’t drop a class I never signed up for?” Your head is about to explode. You’ve been fidgeting around in the most uncomfortable chair across from your counselor for what feels like ten hours, trying to get to the bottom of why you were placed into the Advanced Photography course when you have nothing to do with photography. “There has to be a way, right?”
“Sorry, this is already an under-enrolled course, which means the whole thing will have to be canceled if you or any other student drops it.” Great, he’s forcing you to stay for the sake of your professor and classmates whom you have yet to meet. That totally won't fuck up your 4.15 GPA at all.
“Okay, but I haven’t taken the prereqs for this course, and I’m not even majoring in photography.”
“Remind me what your major is again, Miss L/N.”
“Biochemistry?” You can’t even hide your disgust at this point. What an utterly useless counselor and waste of time. “Listen, I don’t mean to be rude,” (you definitely mean to be rude), “but you’re basically setting me up for failure over a dumb mistake that I didn’t make. If I don’t get accepted into med school because of this, that’s on you, sir.”
You storm out of the counseling office and make it all the way to an empty hall in the art building before breaking down into tears. It’s not fair. You’ve worked so hard to maintain your grades in the toughest of STEM courses, but this one photography class is about to fuck you straight in the ass.
You’ve never been an artsy person, which is why you’ve always stayed far, far away from anything remotely creative. The one “artsy” course you’d been forced to take as a graduation requirement was a coding design class, and it was a pain in the ass even though you came out of it with an A. But the point is, you’re not cut out for a photography class, especially not an advanced one. And it’s shitty to know that you’re stuck in one for a whole semester.
After patting your tears away, you regroup and walk into the photography room. Your counselor was right about one thing: this course is severely under-enrolled. There are more empty seats than taken ones. You count seven other students when there are supposed to be twenty. They all seem to be chummy with one another (perhaps from all those prereqs they took together), but no one even bats an eye your way, including the professor. It would’ve been great if you were allowed to drop this class and have it canceled altogether. Every single one of these assholes would have suffered the consequences instead of you.
A minute before the first class starts, a boy scurries to the corner of the room with big round glasses and the darkest eyebags you’ve ever seen. He has the look of someone who’d spent his entire high school career staying up until 2AM to study for the SATs and never quite recovered, someone who forgoes hanging out with friends to make an essay ten pages longer than it needs to be, someone who takes on multiple internships and jobs at once, someone who cries when people undermine his hard work, someone who actually gives a shit about school and his future. 
You’d know. You have that same look, that same aura. No one looks at him, either.
Your internal 4.3 GPA detector is going off.
“Welcome to the fall semester of our Advanced Photography course,” your professor begins, looking around at all the empty seats. “Since we have a small class this semester, it’ll give everyone more space to learn and expand on their photography skills. Let’s start by having everyone introduce themselves one by one, and just give me a brief idea of your experience with photography.”
You tune out as the first person is introducing herself because you really couldn’t care less about any of the assholes who ignored you and clearly already think they're above you. They all say the same thing anyway, reminiscing about their past projects from other photography classes they’ve taken. Yeah, you’re still bitter about the prereqs.
When it’s your turn to introduce yourself, you say the first thing that comes to mind. “I take photos for a popular Instagram model slash influencer.” 
That catches their attention. It’s not a lie, either. Your 3-year-old black cat has 40,000 followers and over a dozen sponsorships with brands like Greenies, Chewy, and even your local coffee shop. Her passive income is what’s putting you through school right now. And you can’t let all her hard-earned money go to waste by failing this photography class.
“What kind of camera and equipment have you used for your Instagram photos?” your professor asks. It’s a valid question, but you hate her for asking it anyway.
“My phone,” you say in the tiniest voice. That earns you a few chuckles and plenty of eyerolls, and it kind of hurts your feelings. You want to disappear. If anyone asks who your model is, you’re going to run out of the room and drop out of school altogether. Your Instagram-famous kitty will support you financially for a while until you can secure a STEM job that can overlook your dropout status.
The only person not ridiculing you is the boy you thoroughly judged and profiled for having dark circles. He introduces himself as Jeon Jungkook, someone with a few internships and a professional photoshoot under his belt. Your 4.3 GPA detector tells you he’s being modest about his experience and achievements, though. His voice is soft, and he’s terrible at making eye contact, but something about him is comforting. Maybe it’s that his presence makes you feel as though you aren’t the only outcast in the room.
As your professor is busy lending out very expensive-looking cameras and a shit ton of equipment to each student, you investigate the camera you were given. Your lack of camera knowledge is so bad that you don’t even know how to turn it on, or if cameras like this even have power buttons. In the end, you just look like a boomer who can’t figure out how to turn off their iPhone. You’re overwhelmed by unfamiliarity while everyone else treats it like it’s second nature.
You’ve always been the one to reach out and help others in your STEM classes. But in photography, you’re the one in need of help, and you don’t know how to ask for it from people who probably don’t give a shit about you.
Oh no. You feel the tears coming back.
“So… who’s the Instagram model you take photos for?” Your back arches up like a cornered cat until your mind processes who that soft voice belongs to. You turn your head to Jungkook standing there with the round glasses and dark circles and a lot more piercings than you’d expect from someone who most likely carries a 4.3 GPA. Damn, you really need to stop profiling people like that.
“Her name is Stella.” You pull out your phone, open the app, and hand it off to your curious classmate. Showing him your collection of cat photos is only slightly less embarrassing than explaining it with words.
“She’s cute…” he says as he scrolls through the chaotic adventures of Stella the cat. His thumb pauses over a post of her loafing and blepping. The photo quality and composition might not be up to the standards of this advanced class, but at least you can say you have an adorable kitty companion on your side. “You really don’t have any other experience with camerawork?”
You shake your head. “I literally know nothing about photography, and I’m not even supposed to be in this class, but my counselor won’t let me drop it because he’s a dipshit.”
“What was the reason he gave?”
“He said if one student drops the course, the whole thing would have to be canceled due to under-enrollment as if that would guilt-trip me into staying. Not that he even gave me a choice.”
Jungkook’s big eyes spot the tear about to fall down your cheek. You blink it away as fast as you can. The last thing you want is to look pitiful in front of another classmate. School is where you’re supposed to thrive, not be defeated.
“Anyway, thank you for letting me rant.” You give the boy a half-smile as you pack the camera back into its bag. You’ll have to watch some TikTok tutorials later. Especially since your very helpful professor has just handed out your first assignment to take a photo of “something cool” and make a print in “The Darkroom,” whatever the heck that is. You’re pretty sure it has to do with the occult club, and everyone else in the room is in on the joke except for you. Because you’re the only student who didn’t have the luxury of learning about The Darkroom in the beginner-friendly photography courses. Those damn prereqs.
But maybe, with Jungkook here, you don’t have to go through this shitty class alone.
Just as you’re about to leave the photography room with all your equipment, you turn to Jungkook who also has his mouth open with something to say.
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s POV
You were definitely about to cry. And as much as Jungkook would rather not get involved with a cuter-than-average human, you’re exactly what he’s weak to. Especially when you have that tiny sparkle in your eyes—not the sparkle from the tears but from the passion you have for school. Your counselor really screwed you over for no reason, and Jungkook just wishes you didn’t have to suffer the consequences. You don’t deserve that.
He’ll help you so you won’t have to cry anymore. All he has to do is scare that dipshit counselor a little—perhaps drain him of his blood until he agrees to wipe the class from your schedule… or he could stand in solidarity with you and threaten to drop the course as well. He’ll go with whatever seems more convincing.
“Um, Jungkook?” Shit. Your voice is so sweet like honey. He’d really like to taste you right about now. But he can’t. That would be inappropriate.
Jungkook nods slowly, still very much entranced by your beauty and innocence. He can’t even look you in the eye. If he did, you’d surely notice how red his irises are turning with lust.
“If it’s not too much trouble for you, do you think you could help me pass this class?” You look so weak and vulnerable like you’re being a bother to him for asking for help. You’re probably not used to asking others for help because you seem like the kind of person who tends to rely on herself. “A couple of study dates might be fun.”
He bites his tongue as his eyes travel down to the floor between you and him. How can he respond to that—to someone as cute as you? He doesn't hate the idea of study dates, but he can’t let himself do that. He’d get too carried away and end up hurting you. That’s what happens with most vampire-human relationships he’s heard of. Your blood probably tastes like sugar. You’d become his new addiction. As soon as he gets a taste, he won’t be able to resist you. That’s the power you hold over him.
“Or, I mean, they don’t have to be dates… I didn’t mean to assume you were single or interested in someone like me or—” You pause to study Jungkook’s face. He must be doing a horrible job of concealing his internal struggles. You probably think he’s a loser by now. “Nevermind. Forget I said anything. I’ll figure things out on my own.”
Your voice is shaky as you walk away. He needs to do something, anything to cheer you up. The thought of seeing you sad hurts more than a silver dagger to the heart.
“Y/N,” Jungkook finally speaks. “Which counselor rejected your request to drop the class? I just wanna talk.”
Tumblr media
As you lay on your bed and stare at the empty wall, you don’t really know how to feel after leaving that cursed class. Jungkook said he’d state his intentions to drop the course to put more pressure on your counselor, which was a kind gesture. But the boy also rejected your study dates. And that might be what hurts most. It’s a reminder of why you shouldn’t ask others for help. You’re the only person you can truly rely on.
After spending the rest of the afternoon feeling sorry for yourself, you finally look into some photography tutorials and set up a mini photoshoot for your cat. She cooperates at first but leaves you with a big scratch on your cheek for taking too long and getting too close to her with the lens. Great, even your own cat hates you.
By the time you’ve captured enough pics, it’s already dark out and way later than you thought. That works out, though, because it’s unlikely that anyone else will be in The Darkroom at this hour. The last thing you want is for any of your classmates to see you struggling in there.
The campus is eerily empty and quiet at night, and it’s at times like this when you’re thankful your apartment is only a five-minute walk away. The art building is empty too, but it’s going to take more than all those premature Halloween decorations to scare you off. After all, this totally beats the awkwardness of running into your classmates.
You hum as you open the door to The Darkroom. As one would expect, The Darkroom is quite dark. The red lighting screams occult club, but maybe that’s just you and your ignorance of both photography and the supernatural. Everything is fine until you hear a few things being knocked over. You’re not alone after all.
“Sorry, I didn’t know someone was in here. I’ll come back later,” you say without seeing which classmate it is. You suppose you can kill time by doing your daily Wordle on the bench in the halls. In honor of the premature Halloween decor surrounding you, your starter word will be “blood.” But before you can make a u-turn, you hear a voice that’s both familiar and different at the same time.
“I’m done in here. You can use it.” The voice exudes confidence and mystery in a way that’s luring you in. You step inside and see two glowing eyes staring back at you. The lighting makes them look almost burgundy.
“Wait, I didn’t just crash an occult club meeting, did I?” You probably did. That’s the only logical explanation (besides the lighting) for this person’s glowing red eyes. He could be cosplaying as a vampire for all you know. Apparently everyone is celebrating Halloween early this year.
“What?” he asks with a hint of amusement in his tone.
You walk further and further into The Darkroom until you can finally see who you’re talking to.
“Oh, it’s just you.” You breathe a sigh of relief. It’s just Jungkook. If it had been a cosplayer from the occult club or anyone else from your class, you would’ve opted for Wordle in a heartbeat. “For a second, I thought the occult club was doing their thing in here.”
“Their thing?” The boy’s brow piercing lifts. It takes a second for you to notice he isn’t wearing those cute round glasses, and you almost confuse his lip ring for a fang. His hand is also covered in tattoos that you’re 99% sure weren’t there before. He looks so different in this lighting.
“You know, like summoning demons, talking to ghosts. Stuff like that,” you hum, walking around The Darkroom like you understand what any of that equipment is used for.
“Or hunting vampires?” he plays along.
“Exactly,” you laugh. God, he’s so cute and definitely your type. It’s a shame your study date idea got shot down.
As soon as you make your way back around, you catch Jungkook staring at you, almost shamelessly. It’s a lot different from how he avoided eye contact with everyone during class.
“What happened here?” He points to his cheek, mirroring the spot where Stella the cat had her big meltdown. You're surprised he can see the cut in such shitty lighting without his glasses.
“My cat lashed out at me during our mini photoshoot. Are all models such divas?” As ridiculous as it sounds, that’s the direction your life is going in right now. If you can’t get into med school because of this whole debacle, you’ll be stuck as your feisty cat’s photographer for the rest of your life.
Jungkook narrows the gap between you and him until you can see the tiniest features on his face, like the cute little dot hiding in the shadow of his lower lip. The back of your thighs hit the counter as he cups your chin in his tattooed hand. His icy touch gives you goosebumps. The Darkroom suddenly feels too small to hold the both of you, like you’ll suffocate if you stay in there. You should probably leave, but something about the boy is enticing you to stay.
“It’s dangerous, you know. Letting your cat scratch you like that,” he whispers against your cheek. Despite how cold he may be, you feel your whole face heating up with him so close to you. The fact that he’s worried about a tiny cat scratch is so fucking endearing. You didn’t know such a boy existed.
“Yeah, it’s kind of unsanitary when their litter box claws cut into our skin like that, but I’m used to it,” you shrug.
“But you’re bleeding.” Jungkook’s burgundy eyes follow your thumb as you swipe it over the scratch. The wound does still feel a bit fresh.
“A little bit of blood won’t hurt anybody. Unless they have hemophobia.” It suddenly occurs to you that the boy might not fare well at the sight of blood. “Ah shit, do you have hemophobia?” you ask with the most concerned look on your face.
The boy shakes his head. “A vampire wouldn’t last long if they were scared of blood.”
He grabs ahold of your wrist and brings your hand up to his parted lips. Your thumb grazes the metal ring around his lip and then the sharp tips of his canines. His tongue caresses your thumb until there’s no more blood for him to taste.
Your head is spinning as he lets go of your wrist. You don’t need a biochemistry degree or an occult club membership to know that the boy pinning you against the counter isn’t human. And the cutie you met earlier with the round glasses is someone much darker and more mysterious than you could’ve ever imagined.
“Are you really a vampire?” you ask, looking right into those bloodstained eyes of his. You really hope so. A vampire would be a lot more socially acceptable than, say, a demon.
“Why don’t you test your theory?” Jungkook pulls the camera out of your bag and hands it to you. “Vampires supposedly don’t show up in photos, right?”
He’s not wrong, but you aren’t trying to waste any more time with that cursed film camera. Instead, you pull out your phone and—
“Hey, no cheating.” He snatches the phone from your grip and hands you back the cursed cam. You swipe your paw at him in hopes of reclaiming your phone, but he pulls it just out of your reach. Why is he being a dick all of a sudden? You liked him better when he was all shy and cute with the round glasses. But you suppose that was just a facade to distract people from what he actually is. “I’ll help you develop your film and make your print. Unless you were planning on going to TikTok for help.”
He’s not wrong, again. You did watch at least twenty photography TikToks with your cat before coming here, and even then, you’re not super confident about pulling the whole thing off without any mistakes.
“Okay fine,” you sigh, snapping a shot without even looking through the viewfinder. For a second, the alleged vampire looks like a deer in headlights.
“You do realize the lighting is practically nonexistent in here, right?” Unimpressed, Jungkook pulls you into the photography room across the hall and turns on the light. You squint the same way your cat does when you wake her up in the middle of the night to catch the creepy crawlies in your room. “And let me make sure your camera settings aren’t all fucked up.”
Once your eyes are finally adjusted, you get a better look at the boy fixing your camera. The red in his eyes isn’t as intense now, but they’re still really pretty. His hair is all ruffled in a super sexy way as opposed to the neatly combed style he had earlier in class. And all those hand tattoos make you wonder if there’s a whole sleeve of ink hidden beneath his shirt.
If he was cute as a button before, he’s hot as hell now.
“If you’re done drooling over me, you can take the picture now.” He takes his seat in the corner of the room and rests his legs on top of the desk like a gigachad. His icy stare into the camera is the icing on the cake. Turns out he’s good at modeling too.
“I wasn’t drooling over you,” you hiss. If he teases you one more time, you’re gonna lose it.
“Sorry, I meant eye-fucking me,” he hums as if that’s less of an insult. Whatever. You have to remind yourself that this arrogant boy is the key to passing this class. You can’t get into a scrap with him now or else your 4.15 GPA is as good as gone.
When the impromptu shoot is over, you have a decent amount of film ready to be developed. Hopefully Jungkook shows up in the prints whether or not he’s a vampire because you put a lot of thought into each composition. You’d also secretly want to keep the best one for your eyes only because that boy is truly a work of art. He may or may not be your new guilty pleasure.
Back in The Darkroom, Jungkook goes through the process with you step by step. He clarifies a lot of small details that your TikToks missed, like when you ask about the parts that need to be done in total darkness vs the red safelight. And he’s actually good at explaining it in a way that appeals to your scientist brain with all the chemicals and variables involved. He’d make a fantastic professor whom you wouldn’t mind bothering during office hours.
“We’ll let the film dry overnight and do the prints tomorrow,” the boy says as he gathers up his stuff and throws his jacket back on. Tomorrow? It’s a little concerning that you didn’t know this would be a two-day process.
“So I won’t know if you’re a vampire until tomorrow?” You’d like to know asap so you can rule out demon as a possibility because demons are kind of freaky. Although you’re sure Jungkook would find a way to make demons as seductive as vampires.
“Or I can answer your question right now.” He strides over to you and presses his lips into the nape of your neck. The way he sucks on your skin is delicate enough not to leave a mark but strong enough to send a naughty little signal down to the spot between your legs. “I’m told I’m not very gentle, though.”
Rough. He’s rough. And he could be rough with you. You wish you weren’t so turned on by that thought. This handsome vampire boy is really stirring the pot in that sacred section of your brain where all your sexual fantasies are stored away.
“I can wait until tomorrow,” you say before you can change your mind. No one said it would turn into sex (except for your dirty little mind), but now you’re curious to know what vampire sex might entail. Maybe it’s better than anything you’ve experienced.
“It’s better I leave before you tempt me with your other cat scratches, anyway. Specifically the ones on your thighs,” he says, ushering you out of The Darkroom and toward the exit of the art building. You’d like to know how he knows you have cat scratches on your thighs. Either vampire noses are extremely sensitive to blood, he has x-ray vision, or he’s aware of The Feline Urge to jump into your lap and knead your thighs with those tiny little claws. 
It’s much chillier outside now than it had been when you first arrived on campus. You didn’t think to bring a jacket, so you hug your camera bag in hopes that it’ll keep you warm on your walk home.
“Humans are so weak to the cold. It’s pathetic,” the boy says as if he doesn’t have any weaknesses of his own. Garlic? Silver? You make a note to yourself to compile a list of everything vampires might be weak to as soon as you get home. But instead of walking off like you’d expected him to do, he waits around and asks if you live nearby.
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s POV
He should’ve just kept his mouth shut and let you walk home by yourself in the dark on this chilly autumn night. That’s what any other rational vampire would have done. After all, vampires know better than to get involved with humans. It’s statistically proven that humans are safer without vampires around. By that logic, you would’ve been better off walking home alone. 
But he would never live it down if something bad happened to you on your way home. It doesn’t matter that it’s just a five-minute walk. Besides, you looked so fragile and needy the way you clung to your camera bag for warmth.
So after shedding his jacket off and throwing it over your shivering shoulders, Jungkook finds himself walking you home. The five-minute walk isn’t unpleasant, either. He learns that you’re a biochemistry major hoping to get into a good med school, though he doesn’t think it should be an issue for someone as bright as you. You also talk a lot about your cat Stella and all her little antics and how you firmly believe that black cats are good luck instead of bad. He’s never considered himself much of a cat person, but that tiny sparkle in your eye is making him reconsider everything. Maybe he’ll visit the animal shelter tomorrow (just to browse!) or spend the rest of the night watching cat TikToks.
The most intriguing part is that, even though you suspect he’s not human, you haven’t treated him any differently. Typically, when humans learn of his vampire roots, they either freak out or ask too many questions pertaining to Twilight. You, on the other hand, make him feel like less of an alien and more like a boy you have a crush on. And that’s something he hasn’t felt for as long as he can remember.
As the two of you reach the door to your apartment, you hand the jacket back to him and pause before heading in.
“Thank you for tonight,” you say in the most angelic voice. “For helping me with the assignment and walking me home and not letting me freeze.”
“No problem.” That’s not entirely true. There’s definitely one problem he can think of. Now that he knows where you live, there’s little stopping him from knocking on your door like a pathetic lost puppy whenever he’s craving your taste. He’s already struggling to control himself around you as it is. He would have bitten straight into your neck and sapped you of your sweet syrupy blood if you hadn't said you were fine with waiting to see what the prints show. Curse you and your patience.
A meow and some scratches from inside prompt you to open the door. Your eager little kitty completely ignores you and circles Jungkook like a shark. Her tail is extra bushy as she rubs her face against his leg.
“Does that mean she likes me?” he asks. He knows about cat language as much as you know about photography—not much at all.
“She likes you more than she likes me,” you say, wiping away a fake tear as you step through the doorway. “C’mon Stella, we have to let Uncle Jungkook go home now.”
Still ignoring you, Stella stretches her arms up Jungkook’s leg. He quickly picks up on the cue to lift her and cradle her like a baby. The warmth of the cat is soothing against his cold vampire body.
“She wants to come home with me.” His lips curve upward ever so slightly as the sleepy kitty purrs against his chest. If a seven-pound cat can emit this much warmth in his arms, he has much to look forward to when you and him—No, no. He shouldn’t be thinking with his cock at a wholesome time like this.
“Fine, you can be her new photographer. See if I care,” you say with a faux hmph. Two seconds later, you’re desperately trying to pry the stubborn Stella out of Jungkook’s arms. And although you eventually get the cat back, she flails around in your arms for the remainder of the farewells.
“It was nice meeting you, Stella,” Jungkook says, waving goodbye as he reverses out of your doorway and heads toward his apartment. “Oh, and Y/N, keep the vampire thing between you and me.”
“Sure, I won’t tell anyone,” you call out to him. He knew he could count on you to be a good girl. “But only if you agree to go on some study dates with me.”
Fuck. He should have known you’d put conditions on it. He already rejected your study dates once, but things have changed since then. He’d been scared of losing control and hurting you if he got too close to you, but you showed him that sparkle in your eye and now he’s committed to helping you succeed in any way possible. Even if that means going on a few study dates with you. He just has to learn how to keep his blood and sex cravings in check.
“Fine,” he says.
Tumblr media
@jjk817263: Hey, meet me outside the art building in 20 minutes so we can finish your prints.
@fairycatstella: sorry stella isnt taking on any more sponsorship requests at this time thank you
@jjk817263: No, no. I’m not a company contacting you about a sponsorship. It’s Jeon Jungkook. From your Advanced Photography class? The one with the glasses. I helped you develop your film in the darkroom.
You burst out laughing at your phone screen. Even after the night you spent with him in The Darkroom, he really thinks you’ve forgotten about him already. He’s as awkward online as he is during class with the round glasses. Except you don’t think he’s just pretending to be awkward right now. It’s kind of cute to see him squirm.
@fairycatstella: youre seriously asking me out on our first study date by sliding into my cat’s DMs??
@jjk817263: You didn’t give me your number.
@fairycatstella: you didnt ask for it! smh
@jjk817263: Whatever. Stop calling it a study date or I’ll suck you dry🧛
@fairycatstella: you dont scare me btw
@fairycatstella: unless youre actually a demon. demons are 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️
@jjk817263: What’s wrong with demons? What’d they ever do to you?
@fairycatstella: have you ever seen demon slayer
@jjk817263: Yeah, I’ve seen some demon slayers in my days.
@fairycatstella: 👁👄👁
@fairycatstella: nvm we can watch it together on another date. it’s good but too scary to watch alone
@jjk817263: I swear if you call it a date one more time, I’ll call up all my demon buddies and you can host a watch party with them.
@fairycatstella: DATE💋
You smile to yourself like an idiot. As much as you’d like to tease him about his cute little “threats,” you have a study date to get ready for.
When you arrive on campus, you immediately spot the boy with round glasses leaning against the concrete structure just outside the art building. It’s still early in the day, which probably explains why his dark circles are so prominent. That doesn’t make him any less cute, though.
“Hey,” you say, tapping on his shoulder. He looks up from his phone and nods, barely acknowledging your existence. Wow, you can’t believe you made an effort to look cute in your corduroy dress only for him to give you the cold shoulder. Literally. You suppose that’s where the expression comes from. “Ready for our study date?”
Jungkook narrows his eyes at the taboo phrase.
“Ready to meet my demon friends? I have a lot of them, you know. And they’re always hungry. That watch party isn’t going to be so fun when you see your grocery bill,” he throws back at you. He’s serious about it, too. 
“Oh no, that’s absolutely terrifying,” you snicker. You honestly don’t care what kind of wholesome threats Jungkook comes up with next. Sounds like he wouldn’t harm a fly, like he’d catch it and release it outside instead of swatting it against the wall. So yeah. You’re going to keep calling it a study date until he completely loses it, bites you, and introduces you to the forbidden concept of angry vampire sex.
He shuts his eyes, rubs his temples, and mutters something along the lines of, “for fucks sake,” as he drags you into The Darkroom.
As soon as the two of you step inside, Jungkook removes the round glasses. His dark circles slowly start to disappear as the red deepens in his eyes. His tattoos creep onto his skin like they’re drawing themselves in. What a beautifully mysterious creature he is.
You’re suddenly reminded of something worth mentioning. “I’ve been meaning to ask why you downplay your appearance so much with other people.” Or whenever he’s not alone with you. You get that the darkness plays a role in altering a few of his physical features, but no one’s forcing him to wear those glasses.
“You mean why I look like the nerdy kid sitting on a 4.3 GPA?” It’s as if he can read your mind. Maybe that’s one of his vampire powers.
You nod, although you don’t mean it as an insult the way it came off when he said it.
“So people don’t ask me out on study dates.” He cocks his head with a smirk. Oh boy, he really knows how hot he is and how many people would ask him out if he looked like this all the time. He’s like the opposite of a catfish, except his “nerdy kid sitting on a 4.3 GPA” look was still cute enough to bait you into asking him out.
“What do you have against dates?” 
He shrugs. As much as he likes to complain about study dates, he’s pretty quiet now. 
Ah, shit. Maybe he’s aromantic and you overstepped. Or maybe he’s just not interested in you. Fuck.
To fill the silence, you start on the next steps in making your prints, whatever those might be. You must look like a lost lamb because you’re pacing back and forth holding things and not knowing what to do with them. Thankfully, the boy steps in to guide you the rest of the way. Crisis avoided.
As your first print sits in the developer solution, you watch the shape of the boy’s body fade onto the page—his hands clasped behind his head, his legs propped up on the desk, and his gorgeous eyes that still pierce through you in black and white. You should’ve guessed he’d show up in the print, considering you did see him in the tiny negatives that developed last night. Still, it’s not like you knew at which point vampires were supposed to magically disappear in the photography process.
Does that mean he’s not a vampire after all?
“Still drooling over me, huh?” Jungkook says as he monitors his own print soaking in the solution. His photo looks like a small pond, but it’s hard to make out anything beyond that until it develops more. “Don’t forget to move the print to the next solution.”
You do as you’re told and move your print into the stop bath. Perhaps you’re a little biased, but your photo of the boy looks like it’s coming out pretty well, composition and all. Or maybe he’s just handsome enough to make any lackluster photo into something extraordinary. It’s probably a mix of both.
After letting your print sit in the stop bath and fixer solutions, you admire the finished product of your first attempt at traditional photography. Okay, yes, Jeon Jungkook is really, really hot, and he photographs well. You’ve already established that fifty times by now. But you’re also proud that you made some creative decisions and didn’t fuck it up the way you’d been half expecting. Maybe this advanced photography class won’t be the bane of your existence after all. And at the very least, you’ll come out of this class with some eye candy decor to liven up your minimalist bedroom.
“The whole thing about vampires and photos is just a myth, you know.” Jungkook walks over to your station and points at himself on your print. “I can confirm that this guy you’re drooling over is really a vampire.”
You nod, relieved that he’s not an evil demon prince or anything scary like that. At this point, it would’ve been a bit of a letdown if it turned out he wasn’t a vampire. It also puts your mind at ease to know there’s some sort of explanation for his fetish with your cat scratches, even if it’s not a scientific one.
The thought of vampire sex doesn’t even cross your mind. Until it does. For some reason, you imagine that cute boy with the round glasses losing himself in a desperate lust and longing for your body after getting the tiniest taste of your blood. You hope he’s as rough as they say he is.
To distract yourself from those wildly inappropriate thoughts, you look through your strips of film for more photos to print. You pick the one you took of your cat just before she pounced at you and another of the vampire that focuses on the details of his hand tattoos.
While you process those prints one by one, you examine Jungkook’s completed pond print. It gives off quiet, cozy vibes with a family of ducks out for a swim and a couple sitting in the grass with their sketchbooks out. How do you know they’re a couple? You don’t, but that’s the assumption from the onlooker's point of view. And it’s a tender moment that you wouldn’t expect from a guy who acts like dates are taboo.
“This might be a dumb question, but can vampires feel things in a romantic sense?” You really hope the question doesn’t come off as insensitive in any way. But you’re curious to know more. After all, he’s still very much a mystery to you.
Jungkook nods. “Unfortunately, yeah. We can feel whatever humans feel. Less of some things, like the cold. And more of other things.”
Heartbreak. You wonder if heartbreak is to blame for his dark response to your question and his distaste for dates.
“You asked what I have against dates,” he continues as you move your cat print from one solution to the next. “I don’t have anything against them. I just avoid them to avoid feeling certain feelings.”
“You don’t want to feel romantic feelings?” You finish the cat print and start on the one with Jungkook’s hand tattoos. 
“It’s complicated for vampires.” He frowns at your cat print. It’s a cute pic of Stella’s dilated pupils, but the blurriness isn’t going to work for your assignment. You suppose you’ll just hang it up next to your eye candy decor. “And it’s especially complicated when said vampires let themselves fall for humans. You look like the kind of person who’s seen all the Twilight movies ten times, but you don’t need to be a diehard fan to realize the consequences of that sort of relationship.”
Perhaps he’s afraid of endangering the human he falls in love with. You don’t exactly know how much self-control vampires have over their lust for blood, but regardless, it’s in their nature to prey on humans. By avoiding close interactions with humans (ie. your bothersome study dates), nobody catches feelings, and nobody gets hurt. If you had to guess, that’s the reason why Jungkook tries to be so distant and cold with you. Because if he outright hated you, he wouldn’t waste his time guiding you through the basics of photography.
“First of all, how dare you profile me and assume I’ve watched the Twilight movies ten times.” You’ve actually seen them over twenty times each, but who’s counting? “Second of all, is the Volturi coming for us? Don’t answer that. And lastly, does a relationship really have to be off the table for you?”
Jungkook shakes his head. “It’s situational.”
That’s true. You can’t always control how you feel or who you fall in love with, no matter how hard you try not to. But that’s all you really needed to hear from him—assurance that he’d give love a chance if that’s where his heart’s pointing him.
“Anyway,” he says, clearly ready to change the topic. You barely hear him because you’re busy humming away as you pull your last print from the fixer solution. “You look awfully happy making all those prints.”
“I think I finally got the hang of it.” You glance at the hand tattoo print and decide to submit that one for the class assignment. You captured the details of his tattoos pretty well, and the exposure is just right. It also helps that Jungkook’s face is out of frame so that your classmates can’t start any rumors. Mission accomplished.
“Weren’t you crying just yesterday about not being able to drop this class?” he teases you. You knew it. He’d seen the tears you tried to blink away, he’d heard your cry for help when you ranted to him about your dipshit counselor, and he did what he could to help you find your footing again after you’d hit rock bottom.
“That was before you agreed to my study dates,” you remind him. “Before you helped me realize I’m not actually terrible at photography.”
“So you’re saying I threatened your counselor into letting you drop the class for nothing?”
“You got him to change his mind?” Your eyes widen. Who would’ve thought that worthless counselor would have a change of heart. “What’d you threaten him with? A tea party with the boys?”
“The boys?”
“Your hungry demon buddies, obviously. I’m sure they’d love some biscuits and scones.”
“They prefer meat, actually. The expensive kind,” he plays along to your banter. “Are you taking notes for your grocery run before the big watch party?”
As much as you’d love to conquer your fear of demons, you don’t want a big watch party. You want it to be just you and him—a party of two that involves minimal watching and lots of touching.
“Well, regardless of your method, thank you for dealing with that headache of a counselor for my sake,” you say. He didn’t have to do that for you nor did he have to teach you everything you know about photography. But he did, and that means the world to you. He might act all cold and arrogant sometimes, but you know he’s still as caring as the bespectacled cutie you first met in class. 
“So what’s the verdict? Are you gonna drop the class or stick around?”
“I would have dropped it,” you start off. If not for a certain vampire, you’d be running down to the counseling office as fast as you can to banish that class from your schedule. But since Jungkook’s willing to keep up these study dates for the rest of the semester, you’d like to think you can pass the class without jeopardizing your chances of getting into a good med school. You’re sure your cat’s influencer status will also benefit from all the photo tips and tricks you’ll learn along the way. “But right now, you’re giving me every reason to stay.”
“Good.” He eyes you up and down, more so out of admiration than lust. Looks like your efforts to look cute are paying off after all. “You’re the only one I can tolerate in that class.”
“Aww, you’d be lonely without me?” you tease with a big fat smile on your face.
“I didn’t say that.” Deny, deny, deny. You don’t buy it anyway. “It’d be a lot more boring, though. That’s for sure.”
Jungkook steps closer until you can feel the chill of his body robbing you of your warmth. He pulls the prints out of your hands and tosses them aside onto the counter behind you. With your hands now free to roam, you slide them up to his neck and comb them through the stubborn tuft of hair sticking up. His eyes are the reddest you’ve seen them. That’s not all, though. Under the red lights, everything feels more intense—the intimacy, the temptation, and the kind of danger you aren’t afraid to explore.
He slips the strap of your dress off your shoulder and strokes his thumb against a sensitive spot along the nape of your neck. The chills you get from his cold touch fuel the heat down below, right between your legs. You’re curious to know how good it’d feel to have his icy fingers all over your hot little pussy. Amazing, probably.
You feel something sharp and jagged graze your skin like a cat claw when Stella paws you politely for attention. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s also not cutting into your skin at all. The boy pulls back for a second to hold your gaze.
“It’ll hurt a lot more than a cat scratch, you know.”
“More than a cat bite, too?”
“More than a lip piercing?”
“More than a tat—”
“Y/N,” he puts an end to your rambling. You only shut up because you like the way it sounds when he says your name. “It’s painful, and I’m not just saying that to scare you. I won’t do it if—”
“I’ll be okay,” you assure him. You may or may not have cried once when your cat bit your toe in her teething days, but he doesn’t need to know that. The last thing you want to do is chase away the boy who’d avoided close human interactions up until this point.
He nods before spinning you around and pinning you against the counter with your ass facing him. You tilt your head to the side and let him grope one of your breasts from behind as he finds that sweet spot on your neck once more. Your grip around his arm tightens in anticipation.
Before you know it, all you feel is a rush of pain. The kind of pain you’d imagine if your cat evolved into a saber-toothed tiger and made you her next meal. You can’t tell if it’s his fangs sinking deeper into your skin or the rapid draining of your blood that hurts more. The boy bites down harder, and a whimper escapes your throat against your will. This one feels more like an injection with the fattest needle the doctor can find. A different sensation from pain quickly invades your body. It’s burning with intensity.
The two holes in your neck suddenly feel hollow as the boy pulls back to check on you. You look over your shoulder. His eyes are wide with concern, and his lips are beautifully plump and drenched in your blood. It looks more like a sweet strawberry glaze. Is it bad that you want him to kiss you with those lips?
“You okay?” He wipes the blood from his mouth and licks it off his thumb before it can drip down his chin. His tongue cleans up your neck as well. To your surprise, the pain vanishes, or maybe you’re just numb to it. 
You nod. You might not have been okay a few seconds ago, but you are now. Your body just feels hot. Really hot. Like if Jungkook doesn’t get you out of your dress right now, you’re going to lose it. 
You spin around to face him and press your body against his. Your fists cling to his black crewneck, your eyes beg for him to undress you, your body aches to be touched.
Finally, the boy takes a hint and slips your body out of the dress. He lifts you onto the counter and stares at you in your cutest lingerie, perhaps plotting where he might bite you next. Before he can think too much about it, you throw your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist.
His lips collide with yours. Your tongue gets tangled with his. It’s messy, dirty, loud, but you love every second of it. Not even the hint of blood you taste can spoil the moment.
“Mm, you're driving me mad, Jeon,” you whisper down his throat as you start grinding against his crotch. That big bulge in his pant has been tempting you for far too long. You wonder if anyone’s ever been kicked out of photography class for having sex in The Darkroom. Thankfully, there’s a lock so no one can walk in while you’re being fucked on top of the counter… or while negatives and prints are being developed.
You feel his hands sneak down from your waist. The tips of his fingers loop around your panties and slip them off your booty with such finesse. You’re ready to return the favor by freeing what you assume is a nice and swollen vampire cock trapped in his tight jeans, but he keeps on going with his own agenda. You’re not complaining.
He lifts one of your legs and leaves a trail of eager kisses up your inner thigh. His lips are so soft that you almost forget about his fangs. He could very easily bite you again, but he doesn’t.
As his lips get closer to your center, you can’t stop thinking about how desperately you need his tongue to soothe the unbearable ache between your legs. You haven’t even been touched yet, but you already tell that you won’t last long.
Before he goes in for a taste, he glances up at you helplessly pleading with your eyes for him to start pleasuring you already. Your face is so flushed with heat and sex, and it’s apparently distracting enough for Jungkook to stare at for a good minute instead of touching you.
Impatient and frustrated, you move your own hand down, but you’re immediately caught. He holds your wrist with a firm grip and gives you a devilish smirk. “I want to watch you squirm some more for me.”
You knew it. He gets a real kick out of torturing you in such an aroused state. You whine like a hungry little kitten as you roll your hips out of desperation, but there’s nothing to grind against, nothing to rub away your thirst for raw and rough sex. You’re so powerless.
“Good girl.” Pleased with your behavior, the vampire licks his thumb and strokes you once between your wet folds. You cry out in pleasure with your head thrown back and almost come on the spot. That’s how well your body responds to his touch and the sound of his voice.
“More,” you beg. You’re back to square one with nothing but a soaked pussy that isn’t being tended to. Who knows how long he intends to keep toying with you like this. “Please, more.”
He throws both of your thighs over his shoulders and pulls you in by the ass until he’s got the perfect view of your poor little pussy all drenched in your own lust. You don’t think you’ve ever been this wet in your entire life. 
You admittedly have a kink for guys eating you out, but all the other guys you’ve slept with had to be convinced to test the waters (they were shitty), and a few of them didn’t even bother hiding their lack of enthusiasm (they were shittier). So the fact that Jungkook’s mouth naturally gravitates down there is not only a pleasant surprise but also a huge turn-on. You wonder if he somehow picked up on that kink of yours, or if it’s a byproduct of being a vampire who lusts after the taste of his lover.
Without warning, his tongue presses into you and flirts with that swollen aching bud of yours. You grab a fistful of the boy’s hair the way you’d be clawing bedsheets if the two of you weren’t stuck doing it on campus. God, he must be so fucking good in bed where no one has to worry about knocking over expensive photo equipment or spilling chemicals out of the trays neither of you bothered emptying before things got physical.
The first time he sucks your clit between his lips, the raw and filthy moan you let out is comparable to the moans you usually reserve for the best orgasms. That’s how fucking good his mouth feels. Hopefully, the walls can block sound as effectively as they block light.
“Don’t come yet,” he warns, still very much into your pretty little pussy. You nod submissively even though he’s far too invested in eating you out to look up. There’s something so charming about a guy who likes giving oral as much as he likes being the dominant one. Jungkook clearly knows how to do both.
You really start to come undone when he feasts on your clit like a lollipop, working his tongue and sucking at the same time. It must be the best lollipop in the world because he’s really going at it with impassioned moans and groans of his own. Hearing him enjoy it only brings you closer to hitting your high. Your eyes roll back and your lewd sounds keep leaking out of you like a broken record, as if your body has completely surrendered to the pleasure he’s giving you.
“Fuck, Jungkook, please, I—”
There’s a knock at the door.
Your whole body stiffens. You’ve never been interrupted during sex. What do people normally do? You’d ask Jungkook, but he’s still busy with your lower half.  And he obviously knows there’s someone waiting outside because he snorts at the muffled gasp you almost fail to contain.
“Um, we’ll be out in a minute, sorry,” you call out in as steady of a voice as you can manage while on the verge of coming.
A second later, the boy finishes you off with a soft and sneaky bite and a whole lot of tongue to help you ride out your orgasm. It’s probably the only vampire bite that’s all pleasure and no pain. You wish all of them could be like that.
Your sex sounds would have been much louder and filthier if someone wasn’t waiting on the other side of the door, but the soft whimpering you do isn’t exactly wholesome either. Even after the pleasure fades, you need to take a moment to catch your breath and come back down to reality. 
Jungkook does the same, dropping your legs from his shoulders and licking your creamy lust off his lips. He waits at the door for you to straighten up and slip your dress back on since you were the only one on the receiving end. It’s an absolute tragedy that his cock didn’t get any action, but you’re hopeful there will be a next time.
“Would you have kept going?” you ask after the two of you escape The Darkroom. He’s walking you home without even offering.
“Did it seem like I was done with you?” He narrows his eyes at your ignorance.
“No… but I mean, how much longer were you going to make me wait?” If you had to guess, you’d say he had another solid twenty minutes in him. After all, he was savoring every bit of your taste.
“That’s for you to find out next time,” he says so nonchalantly. So there definitely will be a next time. Good to know. Now you have time to mentally prepare for the long and delicious torture ahead. “You’re gonna wish someone interrupts us again.”
Sounds promising.
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s POV
“Hey, can I tell you a secret?” you ask him with that dang sparkle in your eye. He nods, of course. “I think I enjoyed our quickie in The Darkroom more than any sex I’ve had in the bedroom.”
That’s because vampire fangs contain a special venom that temporarily enhances the sexual urges and pleasures of the humans they bite. Apparently, it brings their pleasure up to the same intensity that vampires feel (aka a lot more than the average human).
The problem is that Jungkook doesn’t know how to bring it up to you. You clearly didn’t handle the bite all that well, and he doesn’t want to sound like he’s just pressuring you into giving him your blood in exchange for a better sexual experience.
“Do the Twilight vampires have any special venom?” he asks.
“It turns humans into vampires, I think,” you shrug. “Why? Are you planning on turning me into a vampire?”
“No, no,” he waves off your valid accusation. That’s a loaded question for some other time. “The venom I injected you with—”
“You injected me with venom?”
“Yeah, but it’s harmless… kind of.” He’s digging himself into a hole. It’s probably better to just be frank. “It’s like a sex enhancer so humans can feel the same level of pleasure as us.”
“Oh.” You purse your lips in thought. Your duck face is quite adorable. “Is that why I felt so hot after you bit me?”
“Yeah,” he nods. “I should’ve told you soon—”
“Wait, so are you actually bad at giving oral, but I just enjoyed it because of the sex venom?” Another valid (but rude) accusation. He can tell you’re just messing with him, though. You do this cute little nose scrunch thing whenever you’re being flirty.
“Fine, I won’t bite you next time.” All this talk about a next time. Hopefully you want a next time as much as he does. He’s already yearning for your body to be his again. “Then you can tell me how much you hate it while your wet little pussy rubs itself against my tongue and—”
“Okay, I get it. You’re a good lay with or without the sex venom,” you snicker. The way you keep referring to it as “the sex venom” is so endearing for no reason. Everything you do at this point is charming the fuck out of him. That’s how bad he has it for you, though he’d never outright admit it.
When the two of you arrive at your doorstep, Jungkook waits for you to pull out your keys and say goodbye. But instead, you stand there and blink at him. He blinks back.
“Do vampires need to be invited in?” You sound so shy all of a sudden. Maybe you like his company. Maybe you want someone to cuddle up to while watching that demon thing you won’t shut up about.
“Is that your way of inviting me in?”
“We could watch Demon Slayer?” you suggest as you open the door and usher him in. He still has no idea what Demon Slayer is, but he’ll watch it with you if it means you’ll never lose that mischievous little sparkle in your eye. 
Jungkook nods. He’s starting to feel like what the kids these days call a “simp.” Except, the things he does for you are unconditional. He’s never looking for anything in return, not when he talked your counselor into letting you drop the class, nor when he decided to help you out in the darkroom. The only thing he’s made you promise is to keep the vampire thing a secret. And that just comes with the territory.
“Don’t invite your demon friends, though.” You throw your arms over his shoulders and give him a nice long kiss. God, he loves how good you taste. Kisses aren’t supposed to be sweeter than blood, but yours are. “I want you all to myself.”
He carries you to the bedroom, plays with your cat, and decides that Inosuke is his favorite Demon Slayer character. He even helps you hang up your new wall decor even though it makes him feel like he’s your new celebrity crush. 
But his favorite part is the way you run your little fingers across his cold skin, the way you trace his tattoos and say you want one too, and the warmth you radiate when you’re with him.
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Mold a Pretty Lie | 02
Tumblr media
Pairing: professor!Jin x Fem undergrad!Reader
Genre: College!AU, Unhealthy relationships, toxic relationships, virgin reader, eventual yandere, eventual smut
Summary: They say love is like a garden that requires regular care and attention. Kim Seokjin, your kind and handsome professor, is more than happy to cultivate the vines that bind his heart to yours.
Word Count: 3,701
Rating: 18+
No. There was no way.
You paused for a moment, grabbing your phone to check the time and place and confirmed yes, these were the people in your group project.
The two handsome boys you had noticed the first day of lecture were loitering in front of the library, once again laughing about something or other. Dang, maybe this really was your year. A sexy, nice professor to work with, and hot classmates in your group project? You were living the dream.
You walked up to them with a smile, hoping to make a decent impression, and they both grinned back at you. They were even prettier up close, and you found yourself praying you didn't do anything to embarrass yourself.
"Hi! Are you [y/n] or Crystal?" asked the paler one with plump cheeks that highlighted his high cheekbones. His hair was styled jauntily, similar to Dr. Kim's, and he was wearing surprisingly tight jeans that highlighted just how plump his rear was.
"I'm [y/n]," you replied, trying not to stare at the cute way his eyes almost disappeared when he smiled. "Jimin and Taehyung, I presume?"
"Jimin," the boy responded, taking your offered handshake with a hand you noticed was almost the same size as yours.
"So you're Taehyung," you said, turning to the other boy and letting his hand engulf yours in a warm grip. His skin was a little more tan than his friend's, and he had fluffy, wavy hair that fell in his eyes. He had an adorable, boxy smile that made his dangerously handsome face less intimidating, and you felt heat creep up your face when he held your hand a little longer than necessary.
"Nice to meet you," he chirped cheerfully, finally releasing his grip when your final group member appeared.
"Sorry I'm late," she said lazily, not looking very sorry at all. You mentally sighed, realizing you were probably not going to get a ton of work out of her. Well, at least Jimin and Taehyung seemed nice. And gorgeous, which was a definite plus.
Your suspicions were confirmed as the four of you discussed project topics. Well, it was more like you gave ideas and Jimin and Taehyung pitched in, while Crystal either tried to converse with the guys or fiddled boredly with her phone. It was kind of annoying, but at least it was only one member of the group. The universe probably had to restore its karmic balance or something.
By the time the group disbanded, you had decided on a topic, assigned roles, and exchanged numbers. You tried not to feel too giddy at the knowledge that the two prettiest boys you had ever met were now contacts in your phone, especially since it was for school and not for more desirable reasons. Hah! If only Phoebe could see you now!
Or not, actually. Then they'd probably forget you existed and she'd have two more pretty notches in her belt.
After your new acquaintances left, you stayed at the library a little longer to get ahead on some other schoolwork. As you left, you realized you had new texts on your phone.
New Group SMS
Jimin Hiiiiiiiiii!
Group name changed to A Cute Triangle
Taehyung That's better Hello new friend!!
Jimin Helloooo Tae I think she's ignoring us :(
Taehyung Maybe she has a life, unlike us
You Lol Hi guys I do not in fact have a life I was still at the library
Taehyung That is gross and sad :(
You Why isn't Crystal in this group?
Jimin I mean, do you really want her to be?
You Er, well…
Taehyung Exactly Instead of a cute triangle, we would be a frustrated rectangle
You These are very strange analogies
Jimin Wow Tae is she implying we aren't cute?
Taehyung I think so, Chim :(
You Oh my god You guys are babies
Jimin Your babies?
You turned off your phone screen, face hot and chest fluttering as you fought the urge to toss it across the quad.
"What the fuck?" you whispered to yourself, staring at the black rectangle and ignoring the group of people behind you who complained that you had stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. You barely even heard them as they grumbled and split around you. "What is happening?"
Your phone buzzed again, lighting up with a notification of more texts and you shoved it into your backpack. Was Jimin just teasing? He did seem like a natural flirt. But even if he was, you were so unaccustomed to this sort of attention that it felt like you were in an alternate universe. You'd figure out what to reply to them when you had dinner and cleared your mind.
Except when you got to the cafeteria, there they were. They spotted you the same time you saw them, and before you could duck away, Taehyung was jogging over to you and pulling you to their table. You let him, too baffled by your circumstances to do anything to resist.
"I thought Jimin scared you away! I'm glad you decided to join us," he said with a warm, wide grin that made your stomach flutter just as much as the way he was just nonchalantly holding your hand. You blinked as his words finally registered in your brain. Join them? Maybe you should have read the rest of their texts earlier.
"[Y/n]! I knew you couldn't stay away from your babies!" Jimin chirped across the table, with a huge smile that made his eyes vanish. You choked a little at his statement, noticing how some familiar-looking girls nearby narrowed their eyes at you. That couldn't be a good sign.
"You guys are ridiculous," you sighed, dropping your backpack to the side and sinking into your seat in defeat. Jimin beamed as if you had given him a compliment. "Will you watch my stuff while I get my food?"
As you were walking back with your loaded tray of mediocre but edible food, one of the girls by your table got up quickly, jostling you. You yelped and dodged precariously, your meal just barely making it unscathed, and began to apologize.
"Oops so - "
"Watch it," the girl interrupted with a sneer, her hostile tone making your mouth snap shut in surprise. Then your hanger caught up to you and you glared back.
"It's a cafeteria, maybe you should watch it yourself," you replied coldly, making the girl gape then scowl. Before anything else could happen, you quickly walked past her to your table, dropping your tray a little more forcefully than necessary.
"Don't ask," you muttered when Jimin and Taehyung gave you questioning looks. They glanced at the table of girls glaring, including the one who had bumped you, and a mischievous grin appeared on Jimin's face.
"Want to piss them off?" he asked innocently, making you cock your head at him in confusion.
"What do you mean?" you asked, bringing a french fry to your mouth. To your surprise, Taehyung leaned in and plucked it out of your fingers with his teeth. He helped himself to another one of your fries before putting one to your own lips, and you were too busy gaping to realize Jimin had gotten up until he plopped down on your other side.
Taehyung took advantage of your open-mouthed surprise to drop a fry on your tongue, his gaze a little too intent for your suddenly racing heart to handle. Jimin giggled next to you.
"Oh, they look livid," he said with an impish grin, and you broke away from Taehyung's keen eyes to take a peek. The girls did, indeed, look like someone shit in their cereal. It sent a spark of satisfaction through you even if you were a little worried about the outright antagonistic looks on some of their faces.
"You two really are ridiculous," you finally managed to say with a nervous laugh as you turned to eat your food. The two little hellions stayed glued to your side, pestering you for scraps as if they couldn't just go get their own. "Why are you doing this, anyway?"
"You're our friend," Taehyung said in surprise, as if it was obvious. The matter-of-fact way he said it made your heart warm, and you felt a pleased smile take over your face. "They were rude to you."
"Plus you're cute," added Jimin, making you choke on the food you had just put in your mouth. He giggled as Taehyung gently patted your back, and when you could breathe again you took a long drink of water, hoping you didn't look as out of your element as you felt.
What was with these guys? You weren't used to male attention, and the way they went from sweet to saucy was giving you whiplash.
"Definitely cute," Taehyung agreed, making you want to sink into the floor and die. As if sensing your discomfort, Jimin stole another fry and booped your nose with it as his cheeky grin squished his eyes.
"And so are we! Hence, A Cute Triangle!"
Their taste in girls might be suspect, but you definitely couldn't disagree that these two were adorable. Though despite the group chat name, it seemed they also enjoyed being willfully obtuse.
It was a day like any other. Or at least it would have been, if someone hadn't taped a sheet of paper with SLUT written on it, large enough to fill the entire area of the seat.
A strange ringing filled your ears as if you were experiencing it from underwater, while your racing mind processed the situation. It finally came to a conclusion of what the fuck, as you wracked your brain - you didn't party, hadn't kissed or fucked or otherwise inadvertently done anything with anyone's boyfriend, and you spent most of your time studying.
Maybe this was the wrong seat? Or a weird prank? Definitely a prank, right? This was a weird thing that happened in soap operas and high school dramas, not real life.
Then you heard some snickering and your eyes zeroed in on a group of girls you recognized from the cafeteria. And, you realized belatedly, from Dr. Kim's office hours.
Oh. So that's how it was.
"[Y/n], is everything alright?"
You had been so absorbed that you hadn't realized Dr. Kim had arrived, and was looking at your tight face with concern.
"Kiss ass," you heard one of the girls mutter, so quietly it didn't carry to the front of the hall. You felt your face grow hot with shame and anger, and decided you wouldn't give these assholes the satisfaction of seeing you crumble.
"Fine, just thought I saw a cockroach," you responded with a forced smile as you discreetly ripped off the paper and crumpled it in your palm. It was fine. You were fine. If you ignored them, they'd get bored and stop.
Except they didn't. Each day, you would get jostled and bumped in the cafeteria. Each lecture, you would arrive early to rip off the paper taped to your seat, because at this point you had been sitting there long enough for it to be associated with you.
Once you actually began working on Dr. Kim's project, he became increasingly chatty and friendly before and after lectures, which only exacerbated the issue. Instead of enjoying his jokes or staying to talk, you found yourself actively avoiding him outside of the project. It was miserable.
Dr. Kim wasn't blind, either. Which was why you were now standing outside his office at his emailed request, working up the courage to knock. Was he annoyed or disappointed with your behavior? You took a deep breath that did absolutely nothing to soothe your nerves, and rapped your knuckles gently on the hardwood door.
To your surprise, instead of just calling you in, the door opened to reveal your handsome professor smiling down at you. You swallowed, still not past being struck by just how beautiful he was up close.
"Come in," he said, stepping aside to let you pass him. You obeyed, somewhat eased by his smile, though you felt a spark of anxiety when he clicked the door shut behind you. Had you done something wrong? Was he going to scold you?
You chewed your lower lip as you sank into one of the seats, looking at him with uncertainty that morphed into confusion when he sat next to you, instead of his own chair across the desk. In a way it felt more intimate, as if he was willingly giving up the authority of his desk to meet you on your level.
"What did you need to see me about, Professor?" you asked tentatively, shifting your chair so that it was angled more towards him. He followed suit, his legs long enough that his knees almost knocked into yours, and his gentle smile helped ease the knot of anxiety in your chest. Until he spoke.
"[Y/n], can you tell me what's wrong?"
Your stomach dropped, and you scrambled to rearrange your face into something casual and breezy.
"W-what do you mean?" you stammered awkwardly, hoping against hope that it wasn't what you thought he meant. "Nothing's wrong!"
By his raised eyebrow, Dr. Kim clearly saw through your feeble lies, and you felt your face heat up in embarrassment while your stomach roiled in discomfort. Then he pulled some crumpled sheets of paper on the desk in front of you and you felt your heart sink. Was it possible to somehow make the ground swallow you alive?
"You'd think that after two weeks, they would've gotten more creative," you mumbled, staring at the insults your professor had apparently found in the trash when you threw them away. His own eyes widened at your admission.
"Two weeks?" he asked incredulously, and you flinched at his tone. Your sweet, kind professor sounded furious, and the thought that it was directed at you made your eyes burn. His face softened at your expression, and he shifted as if he meant to pat your arm.
"I'm not upset with you," he assured you as you fought back sniffles, hating yourself for being so pathetic. "I'm angry with myself for not noticing sooner."
Somehow his kindness hit you harder than anything else, and to your utter mortification, you felt a few tears escape down your face. God this was so embarrassing, so fucking juvenile. You wished you were anywhere other than here. Death by angry freshman girls might have been preferable to crying in front of your beautiful professor.
A blurry box of tissues entered your vision as Dr. Kim placed it softly in your lap, and he hesitated before setting his hand on your shoulder, giving you a reassuring squeeze. It sent butterflies to join the anxiety churning in your stomach, and you felt a peculiar mixture of elation and nausea. You resisted the urge to learn into his warm grip, because you had definitely embarrassed yourself enough. Probably for the entire semester.
"Can you tell me what happened?" he asked gently, making your insides shrivel up in discomfort. It was humiliating, but you were helpless to deny your professor when he looked at you like that. And this was Dr. Kim, a man who had been nothing but kind, understanding, and nurturing since you had met him.
He already clearly had an idea of what was going on, so there was really nothing to be lost by telling him the truth. Other than your already dubious dignity.
His warm chocolate eyes soothed the apprehension in your chest, and you nodded, taking a deep breath.
"Um, I think it started at your office hours…"
Seokjin was having a hard time tempering his rising anger as you told the laughably simple events leading up to this meeting. He didn't want to upset you more, not when his earlier frustration had put that heart-wrenchingly distressed look on your face. Yours was one made for smiles and laughter, not anguish.
He didn't know you that well, of course. But from his years teaching, he had developed a decent ability to detect bullshit, and he sensed none of it from you.
If anything, the way you shrank into yourself as you spoke, vulnerable and unsure, made him feel oddly protective. From the pointed accusations he had found, he'd assumed perhaps you had gotten into some unfortunate entanglement, as college students were often prone to. You were too genuine to willfully hurt someone.
Seokjin hadn't expected that his popularity - perhaps mixed with the attention of some of your male peers - was enough to drive students this far. The realization that he had been showing his favoritism enough to impact you like this made his heart sink. College was a time for you to grow into yourself and find your path, not be subjected to pointless bullying by envious classmates.
Professors weren't supposed to have favorites, sure, but it usually tended to happen anyway. Especially in large lectures that most enrollees took as an easy credit. When a student showed up who was bright, motivated, and willing to learn, it was inevitable that he'd be more invested.
You had also just started working with him as a research assistant, and you were driven and inquisitive. He never had to explain a concept more than once for you to grasp it, and your quips and smiles had become a bright spot to look forward to. Seeing you upset like this broke his heart, seeding the cracks with something subtly insidious.
"I'm sorry," you hiccuped when you finally finished your story, making Jin frown again.
"There's nothing to be sorry for," he insisted, wishing he could do more to comfort you than just give you tissues and pat your shoulder. "You've done nothing wrong."
"B-but I'm causing you problems when all you've done is help me," you sniffed, looking down at your lap as fresh tears began to fall. Jin's heart twisted, and he resisted the urge to wrap you in his arms. "And now I'm crying over something unnecessary like a baby."
More anger flared at the realization that not only were some of his students bullying you out of some misplaced, petty jealousy, but that you were blaming yourself for it. Ignoring the part of him that said it was a bit too intimate of a gesture for a student, he leaned forward and took your hands in his. You looked up in surprise, eyes glistening with tears.
"None of this is your fault," he said softly, giving your hands a reassuring squeeze. They felt warm and fragile in his own, and that protective feeling surged through his chest. "It's not a problem to look out for my favorite student."
"You're not supposed to say things like that," you said with a wet giggle, scrunching your nose cutely at him.
"It'll have to be our little secret, then," he replied with a wink, relieved to see your cheerful demeanor return. Your eyes widened at his words, and you bit your lip and looked away, clearly flustered. Taking pity on you, Jin decided to speak again.
"Do you have a specific way you would like to handle this?"
"Y-you're asking me?" you said in surprise, looking up at him again. Jin gave you a reassuring smile and squeezed your hands again.
"Of course. I'm here to support you, whatever you need."
To his dismay, tears filled your eyes again and you pulled your hands away to scrub at your cheeks, leaving his own achingly empty.
"What's wrong?" he asked softly, clenching his fists in his lap to keep from reaching forward again. You gave him another watery smile, and his chest gave a painful squeeze.
"You're just - you're just being so nice," you said through broken giggles and hiccups, plucking a tissue to blot your face. "I don't know how to deal with it."
"What do you mean?" asked Jin in confusion, grabbing another tissue and dabbing gently at your other cheek. Your mouth dropped open in surprise, and he realized that this was perhaps more intimate than was appropriate, but it was too late now. He continued his ministrations on your rapidly heating skin and you cleared your throat, trying to get yourself together.
"I'm just kind of used to dealing with stuff on my own," you mumbled with a self-conscious shrug, lashes fluttering shut as Jin's hand dabbed closer to your eye. He was momentarily struck by the tears that clung to them, sparkling like precious gems, before your words registered. "My parents and teachers had more important things to worry about."
"Nothing's more important than your well-being," Jin said with a frown, and he felt your skin warm against his hand once more.
"T-thanks, professor," you said with a wobbly smile, gazing at him with a mixture of fondness and admiration that made him feel his own ears heat up. His throat suddenly felt tight, and he pulled away from you with an awkward cough.
"Anyway, what would you like to do?" Seokjin asked, trying to reorient himself and shake off unnecessary thoughts. "If you have proof, we can have them dropped from the class, and potentially follow it up with a disciplinary committee." Your eyes widened in alarm at his words, and you shook your head vigorously.
"That seems excessive," you protested, fiddling with the tissue box still in your lap as you chewed your lip in thought. It seemed to be a nervous habit of yours, and Jin found his gaze drawn to the swollen flesh before he realized what he was doing and snapped his eyes back to yours. To his relief, you didn't seem to have noticed. "I just… I just want them to stop, I don't need anyone to be punished."
"If that's what you want," Jin agreed, feeling a spark of irritation at the idea that the girls who had caused you such distress wouldn't face any consequences. Still, your smile was more than enough to soothe his ire, and he found himself smiling back.
Unbeknownst to either of you, that smile was enough to water the seeds you had planted in his chest, and they had already begun to take root.
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musicloverxoxo7 · a day ago
They’re the bad guys – feat. Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung
Mafia!BTS maknae line   x   fem!reader
Summary: You’re just a junior employee. Until you walk in on your bosses plotting bad things. And who could better seduce their target than you, who has history with him?
Themes/warnings: smut with a story, nipple play, fingering, bit of breeding kink, unprotected sex (don’t fall for bad mafia guys and do that!!), exes to lovers, bad guys, bit of fluff
Wordcount: ca. 3.5k
I do not own BTS. They merely inspire me. None of this is related to their persons in real life.
It’s already been a long day and you’re not done yet. Most other coworkers have left their desks and are on their way home. Yet you still need to finish that stupid campaign. It’s the first solo one your superior has given you and it needs to be really, really good.
“Goodnight”, you say as the last coworker turns off her desk lamp and walks to the elevator. Now you’re all alone in the big space, surrounded by glass walls.
It’s creepy and nice and quiet at the same time. You work on the campaign another half hour. Finally, you decide to stretch your legs a little. Maybe the small kitchen still has some leftover snacks.
You walk along the well-lit hallway. Your heels clack against the floor. All doors are closed. Except for one. You hear low voices from within. You stop in your tracks. You’re pretty sure you’ve just heard the word “kidnapping”.
The voices within grow quiet. Suddenly, the door opens wider. One of the two big bosses of the company stands in front of you: Kim Taehyung. He looks outstanding in a dark green suit, his hair perfectly in place even at this hour.
“What are you doing here this late?”
His voice is soft, not accusatory.
“Y/n, right”, Jimin asks, appearing at Taehyung’s side. You still find it crazy that with hundreds of employees beneath him, Jimin seems to know everyone by name.
“Yes. Y/n. I’m working late.”
“Dedicated. I like that. What do you say”, Jimin turns to Taehyung.
“Might work. We know he likes them pretty.”
You blush at Taehyung, the most handsome man you’ve ever seen, calling you pretty.
“Would you like to do an extra assignment this weekend, y/n? It obviously comes with extra pay and a generous bonus. We’d only need you for a few hours on Saturday.”
“Uhm, why not?”
They both step back. Taehyung beckons you in. You step into the room. He closes the door behind you. The light in this office is low. There are curtains to shield the glass wall. The wooden furniture is welcoming. Much more inviting than the rest of the offices combined.
Jimin stands on the other side of the desk, rubbing his hand over his chin. You remind yourself that he’s your boss. Like, the big boss.
“Okay, y/n. What we’d like you to do is meet a prospective client. He’s a bit secretive, so it will be in a bar instead of our offices. We’ll provide a security detail, so you don’t feel threatened due to those circumstances.”
Sound dangerous. And thrilling. You think of the campaign you’re putting together. It sounds like a good work-balance to add some spice.
“And what do you want me to do with the client?”
As soon as that’s out of your mouth you realize it could sound dirty. You bite your lip and laugh. Jimin catches your eye and smirks along.
“Nothing like that. We’re thinking of taking over his company. Find a way to make that as appealing as possible. I saw the other campaign you’ve worked on. You can sell anything to anyone.”
Your eyebrows shoot up. Jimin saw your work?
“I like to keep my eye on promising employees”, he says, reading you right.
Not only do you have a security detail for tonight, you’ve also been driven here by one of the companies sleek, black cars. Here being a high-end bar with low lights and plenty of very rich people.
You’ve put on your favorite dress and a pair of heels that allow proper walking. This place is so exclusive that one actually has to make reservations. You approach the lady standing behind a high table, tapping away on an iPad.
“Excuse me? Table for two, reserved for Park and Kim marketing.”
“Thanks. Yes, got it. Please follow Hyeonho to your table.” She smiles and waves at a handsome waiter with slicked back black hair. “Table 7.”
Hyeonho leads you to table 7. As you approach, you spot a dark head of hair already at the table. The tables are in little round nooks, so you can’t see more yet.
“What drink would you like to have?”
“Club soda with lemon, please.”
“Noted. Here’s your table, ma’am. I’ll be right back with the drink.”
The waiter disappears quickly to another table that is waving for his attention. You turn to the table – and freeze.
In front of you sits Jeon Jungkook, your high school boyfriend. And college boyfriend. His hair is cut short, and you spot a lip ring. That one’s new. The leather jacket looks like painted onto him. Your insides feel like a maelstrom. Better get a grip.
“Hello. We’re supposed to meet here. I’m from Park and Kim Marketing.”
Jungkook turns his head to you and blinks a few times. His mouth opens, then closes. He gets up, steps out from the bench, and pulls you into a hug. Instinctively, you hug him back. He smells fresh and musky, and your bodies still fit together perfectly.
Finally, you step back and straighten your dress. Goodness.
The corners of his mouth pull upwards at the old nickname. Only you ever called him that.
“Please, take a seat.”
You do. The waiter delivers your drink and hurries off again quickly.
“I think he’s scared of you.”
Jungkook shrugs his shoulder non-committedly. You notice your security detail sitting at the bar, sipping on a drink. He seems at ease but keeps an eye on you.
“You work for Park and Kim now?”
“You don’t like them?”
“That obvious?”
“The corner of your mouth is pulling downwards.”
“Ah, I forgot how well you know me.”
“Knew you”, you correct.
“It’s only been 3 years, y/n. I haven’t changed that much.”
You nod towards the lip ring. He waves his hand dismissively.
“I also have some new tattoos. You can see them later if you want. I mean, I’m not that different a person.”
His insistence on that makes you a little suspicious. Is he going to reveal something that will make you think otherwise any second?
“So why have those two sent you?”
“They say they want to take over your company. I didn’t know you work in a marketing-related field.”
“I don’t.”
Your suspicion grows. You feel as if there’s a crucial detail that has been left out.
“Maybe they’re expanding?”
“That’s one way of putting it”, Jungkook mutters. When he sees your questioning eyes, he chews on his lip ring. Seems like he does that nowadays when thinking. You file that away for future reference. Then you mentally slap yourself. You’re not going to see Jungkook again. Period.
“They’ll make it worth your while.”
“They’ve already been trying to do that for the past half year. Say, y/n, do you have any idea what work Park and Kim do?”
“They lead one of the biggest marketing companies in South Korea”, you say, completely confused. Any dummy could find that out on the internet in 2 seconds.
“That’s what they have their people do, yes. But what do they work as? Have you ever seen them work on any marketing campaigns?”
“Uhm, no. I guess they have CEO stuff to do. That’s where we come in.”
You shake your head. Jungkook is not making a lot of sense yet.
“What are you trying to get at? Just spit it out already.”
Jungkook chews on his lip ring again, takes a sip from his drink. From the looks and smells of it, it contains about as much alcohol as yours. Aka none. Another one who wants to keep his mind sharp.
Suddenly, Jungkook slides along the bench until he is sitting next to you, though still at arm’s length. What in the world is going on?
“Listen carefully, because I won’t repeat any of this.”
You see movement in your peripheral vision and stop Jungkook from saying anything further. Your security detail comes to your table. He does not look amused.
“You okay, ma’am? The guy bothering you?”
“No, not at all. We went to high school together. Just catching up.”
He looks relieved and walks back to his seat at the bar. Jungkook leans in as if to take something out of your hair.
“Tell me if you’re bugged”, he whispers. You shake your head.
“Follow me. Quickly and quietly.”
You step out of the booth and grab your handbag. Jungkook takes your hand and pulls you along. You come up in front of a locked door behind booth number 7. Jungkook pulls out a keycard and unlocks it. He pulls you through and closes it behind you. You follow him a few steps down and to another door. This one leads to a side alley; you see as you step outside.
Jungkook sets a quick pace. You just about manage to follow on your heels. He leads you to a parking lot. You spot his black motorbike. The one that has been his pride and joy since college times. Once next to the bike, he pulls out an extra helmet and hands it to you.
“Hurry, love.”
You don’t notice he’s called you by the petname until you push up the skirt of your dress and sit down behind him. The closeness feels very intimate. But you’ve made your choice. Something isn’t adding up and you’d trust Jungkook over your bosses any day. With your arms around his waist, you zoom off into the night.
The ride through night-time Seoul isn’t long. Ten minutes, perhaps 15. All the colorful, blinking ads and company signs make everything seem harmless. In your stomach, though, you know it isn’t.
Jungkook parks the bike in an underground garage. It’s not particularly well-lit. Stiffly, you start to climb off the bike. Maybe you’re taking too long, because Jungkook places his arm around your waist and pulls you off. Your feet finally touch the ground, but your legs feel wobbly.
“Give me a sec.”
“Still not used to it?” He smiles, holding you against his side.
“How should I be? I’d never ride with anyone but you.”
Outside the garage, there’s the sound of a car driving by way too fast. Jungkook’s eyes narrow. He crouches down, lets you fall over his shoulder and stands up again. It all happens too quickly for you to react.
“I can walk again, I think.”
“Not risking it now, sweetie.” He walks towards a staircase.
You grind your teeth. The leather jacket feels weird against your face and Jungkook’s hand is a bit close to your ass. Granted, he has to hold you in place. But does he have to touch you for that?
You know you’re not making sense, but you’re feeling mad. Your bosses tricked you into something. And Jungkook probably tricked you into something else. Right this moment, you’re tired of men.
Jungkook climbs three sets of stairs with you, acting as if you weigh nothing. He’s not even out of breath when he sets you down in front of a door. You cross your arms in front of your chest while he unlocks the door.
“Welcome home. Come in, love.”
Your gut instinct tells you to follow him, so you do. He closes the door and locks it with a floor bolt, a dead bolt, and a chain. You watch him with your eyes narrowed. Jungkook straightens up and sees that.
“It’s to keep others out. You want to leave, tell me.”
And why would you not believe him? You’ve known him since he was a scraggly teen with huge eyes, asking to borrow an eraser.
“I think you have a few things you need to tell me. Right now.”
“Alright.” Jungkook leans against the door. “Park and Kim don’t only run the biggest marketing company in South Korea, they also run the biggest mafia empire.”
“What does that have to do with you?”
“Except for mine.”
“Except for your what?” Your jaw drops as you connect the dots. “You are part of organized crime?”
He inclines his head.
“How long…”
“My mom has been running it since I was about three. I took over right after graduating from college.”
“Is that why you left me out of the blue?”
“Romantic partners don’t do well on the side of someone like me.”
“Then why did you spend so much time being with me? You could have just left earlier. I thought-“ You break off. No need to go there. Your throat suddenly feels tight, and you have to swallow hard to not cry.
Jungkook’s eyes are soft, sad.
“You thought I’d give you a ring instead of breaking up.” You nod. “I was going to. The night before our graduation, they got my cousin. He was supposed to take over the business from my mom. She’d prepped him for years.”
“Did he-“
“Yes. They thought I wasn’t prepared and would be a pushover.”
“Which you aren’t.”
“At least not as much as they want me to be.”
Jungkook pushes off the door and slides out of the leather jacket. He hangs it up on a hook. The black t-shirt does absolutely nothing to hide his defined pecks and slim waist. Your eyes snag on his nipples. You bite your lip. You can’t be thinking about that in such a situation. Get a grip. You shake your head.
“Wait. You said you were going to propose?”
He rubs his neck, suddenly shy.
“Uhm, yeah. I already had the ring.”
Your eyes widen. Plot twist after plot twist tonight.
“So, what now”, you ask.
“I’ll make some arrangements. In the morning, a car will bring you to a safe house. We’ll get you a new identity. You can decide where you want to go.”
“But my life is here. I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to ruin any chance of ever seeing y-“ You break off. What once was is gone now. You can’t have it all back just like that. Jungkook is watching you very closely.
“Finish that sentence, love.”
“If you want to have it, finish the sentence.”
“I don’t want to ruin any chance of ever seeing you again.” You close your eyes as your cheeks warm.
“You want to see me despite the danger? Despite what happened to my cousin? You want to be my weak spot? They’ll know to get me to do anything, they just need to get a hold of you.”
“Maybe they already found that out. That’s why they sent me.”
Jungkook frowns. For a few moments, neither of you speaks.
“You’re right. It’s a mighty big coincidence. And Park and Kim are well connected. Did you apply to them for a job, or did they invite you for an interview?”
“They invited me after a shared campaign with my old company did extremely well.”
“Mh. It’s possible. It doesn’t matter right now, though. Get some sleep, sweetie. I’ll make calls.”
Your heart sinks. There you thought you’d made your desire to be with him clear. Maybe he just doesn’t want the same. You head towards what you think might be the bathroom.
“Hey.” Jungkook comes after you and slings his arm around your waist. You stop. “I’m not sending you away. But I need to talk with some people and see if anyone leaked something about our past.”
“You can stay by my side for as long as you want to. As my best friend, or-“ Jungkook pulls until you face him. His face is a few centimeters above yours. Instead of continuing the sentence, he closes the distance. Your lips meet. All softness is forgotten as urgency takes over.
He backs you into the nearest wall and presses his thigh between yours. Your hands slide under his t-shirt and run over his smooth skin. His strong, muscular thigh feels very good between yours. You rub your core again it, breathing harder at the pleasure.
Your hands move to Jungkook’s nipples. You give them a twist and tug. He groans, detaching his lips from yours. He tugs his t-shirt over his head and stands in front of you half-naked. You notice that his sleeve of tattoos is nearly complete. His hands return to your ass, moving your hips against his. Your breath catches as you feel his hardness. It’s been too long.
You twist his nipples back and forth again. He exhales a moan. The sexiest sound in the universe, definitely.
One of his hands slides up your thigh and under the waistband of your underwear. His fingers find your sweet spot and draw circles on it. He has your legs shaking in under two minutes.
“JK… JK… I…”
“Let go. I’ll catch you.”
A few more circles and pleasure spasms through you. You grab onto his shoulders, riding out the high. His thighs and other hand have you secured so you can give into the warm, powerless feeling that floods through you.
He gives you a few more moments to catch your breath, before hoisting you up.
“Come on, love. Let’s continue this in the bedroom.”
It’s only a few steps into the bedroom. Jungkook lowers you onto the cold sheets. They feel nice against your burning skin. Hovering over you, Jungkook places gentle kisses on your cheeks, your jaw, your neck.
You reach out your hand and slide it down his stomach until your hand hits his pants. You undo the button and zipper and run your hand over his boxershorts. He inhales sharply but returns to leaving trails of kisses all over your body.
You apply more pressure as you keep running your hand over his erection. When he still doesn’t stop, you twist a little and pull down his boxershorts. You wrap your hand around him and guide him closer.
You push aside your underwear. His head makes contact with your wet folds. You run it over your clit a few times.
Jungkook has buried his face against your neck.
“Ride me.”
You let go of him. He lays down on the bed, getting rid of his clothes in the process. You just dump your underwear. You climb on top of him. It reminds you of the first time you had sex. When he got insecure and asked you to be on top first. He doesn’t look insecure now, gazing up at you. But his boyish smile reminds you that, like you, he is only 25.
“What, you’re not going to ask me what would happen if the pill doesn’t work”, you tease. Like he did during your last year of college, the first time you didn’t use a condom. He smirks.
“Well, you said “if it doesn’t work, we’re having a baby. And you better be there to help me raise it.” Worked for me then, works for me now, love.”
The confidence with which he says it makes you feel things. And that he still remembers that.
You rub yourself against his erection. His hands come up to grip your waist. Finally, you hold him upright and push down. With his thickness, it’s a nice stretch. You move slowly at first, adjusting. Then you start bouncing up and down faster while rubbing your clit.
The sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room.
“Mh, JK. You feel so nice.”
“Yeah? Like me better than all the others?”
You chuckle.
“What others?”
Jungkook grunts as you start moving your hips back and forth more.
“Three years? Not one date?”
“Plenty of dates.” You’re panting. Jungkook is working with you now, pushing up into you. “Plenty of kisses. None I wanted to take into bed with me.”
“You drive me crazy, woman.”
You want to laugh, but a moan comes out instead as Jungkook stills your hips and his thrusts become harsher. You keep working your clit the way you like it. You whine as another orgasm quickly heads your way.
Jungkook feels you clenching around him.
“Cum for me, love.”
As if this were the magic formula, you slump forward, coming apart. Jungkook holds you against his chest, fucking into you hard and fast.
“Please… please look at me”, he pants. You raise your head and meet his dark, sparkling eyes. A few more thrusts and he stills too, the veins in his neck prominent as he breathes through his mouth.
He pulses within you. His cum filling you up feels warm and familiar.
“You know what?” Jungkook tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. “I hope the pill does work until we’ve settled you securely in Busan with me.”
“And after that?”
“After that we can start planning a family, if you want.”
© musicloverxoxo7, 2022
Please do not copy or repost my work. Doing so will make you legally liable for stealing intellectual property.
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sxtaep · 3 months ago
ALL I WANT - JJK | one
Tumblr media
you fall into the temptation of fucking your best friend, aka the biggest fuckboy on campus.
Tumblr media
pairing — jungkook x female reader
genre — fluff, smut
word count — 9.3k
warnings/tags — bf2l, fuckboy!jk x textbooknerd!reader, dom!jk, sub!reader, annoying jk, awkwardness, tension, some pining, teasing, making out, cursing, a little body worship, grinding, hickeys, nipple sucking, groping, dirty talk, oral (m receiving), praise, spit, choking, fingering, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, guys), penetrative sex, sudden confessions, creampie, false denial, a little soft near the end
a/n: ahh omg finally!!!! i’ve been having issue trying to post this on tumblr for the last three weeks so we out here using google docs 💀
please refrain from sharing the link with others as it may reach the wrong people and my email address is tied to this. i’ll be sharing the link individually to everyone :) but feel free to like and reblog this post as a sign of acknowledgment 🫶
please either dm me or comment below and i’ll forward the link to you 💗
part one | part two | part three | part four
Tumblr media
perm taglist: @aliceaflor5-blog @kookiecrumb @jjkeverlast @prettyghost @kooliv @koobsessed @gimmethatagustd @pb-n-juju
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delugguk · 2 months ago
perfect timing.
Tumblr media
pair: jungkook x reader.
genre: best friends to lovers.
word count: 8.0k (omg this is the most I've ever written)
warnings: smut and a lot of pining?? there's a lot of tension.. I don't want to spoiler so you just.. get right into it *giggles*
summary: one night in a city full of life; what it's supposed to be a friendly and fun dinner date, ends up with a night full of unrevealed secrets and unexpected pleasure.
a/n: inspired by this request.
tag: @kookiecrumb ^v^
Tumblr media
can you trust yourself right now?
that's your most prominent inner question but before we all go under this.. mess of thoughts, let's better get right into the main issue. shall we?
chilly nights weren't your most favorite or.. well, who are you lying to? you definitely loved these type of nights. just not when you didn't had the time to plan an awesome outfit for it ㅡ wearing only a skirt with nothing more than your panties wasn't a good plan when the cold breeze freezed your legs to death everytime you walked around but looking at the bright side of it, the only good thing about it is that at least you got to pick a decent outfit.
jungkook told you to look cute tonight because he was taking you to an 'apparently good' famous restaurant here in vegas but he barely gave you time to dress and it was always like thisㅡwell, not actually.. but-
..you're normally used to take your own time when choosing an outfit! - you know you can take too long some days but come on, you don't think you're that bad?
he always teases you about it and with the little light fight you both had because of him hurrying you up, you still think he should've given you more time. but he's jungkook and he always has to win.. right? - you scoff by just thinking about how stupid that sounds. you should definitely win sometime. at least that's what you like to tell yourself.
"what's happening?" jungkook glances at you while his hands flick through the restaurant's menu.
"nothing, why?"
"I don't know, you just seemed annoyed." he comments with a light grin. "are you still mad?"
followed by that question, you hate him so much because why does his doe eyes have to be so big and bright... you absolutely dislike when he purposely give you those manipulative puppy eyes.
"I'm not mad. I just remembered how annoying you are sometimes." you sarcastically answer.
he laughs. "is that it?"
"yep." your body leans upfront to look at your menu.
"I thought you weren't going to speak to me tonight."
"nah, it's okay. at least I look nice so I'm alright." you smile at him.
"that's true." he confirms with a soft smile. but it doesn't last long when his soft expression is already turning into a worrying one. "..but aren't you cold? I feel sorryㅡI didn't know it was going to get this cold." he sadly pouts, inmediately taking off his denim jacket not thinking twice into giving it to you.
"oh- no! I'm alright koo, well- yes I'm a little cold but you don't have to-"
"agh" he chuckles. "just take it, yeah?"
"but you'll also get cold.." you pout in a lower voice, feeling defeated.
he clicks his tongue in response. "don't worry about me. I always use two shirts underneath me, have you forgot?" he smiles.
..and of course you remember. it's something he has been doing for years now. claiming is for 'fashion purposes' in all failures and practices, you've seen him master his layering techniques improving with each year so.. it clearly is something you can easily forget.
"how can I?" you return a warm smile. "thank you koo.."
quickly standing up, jungkook tries placing his jacket down on your legs being very careful with it and it's a nice gesture, but you can't help laughing about it. "jungkook, I think I'm alright. I can do this myself."
"ah- I know. I just, uhm-" cheeks gaining a little bit of color, "yeah you.. do it." he goes back to his seat. "should we order some food and then some drinks if you're okay with that?"
the sudden changes in his tone of voice trying to jump out of this moment almost makes you laugh again. you usually tease him in situations like this but you'll let it pass this time. why was he being so cute? he always was, but right in this moment, you truly feel like you could explode.
"yeah, that sounds cool." you answer as you fix his big jacket above and beneath your naked legs. - feeling relieved as soon as the nice warm embraces your skin.
Tumblr media
between having nice convos, probing the food, giving reviews as you both enjoyed this momentㅡthe restaurant's food is actually nice. totally worth its popularity.
you both weren't chefs or professionals but you could say this is one of your favorite things to do. being used to travel together, going here and there for many years now, getting to know new places (for you both) like this, was sort of your thing. - something nice because while doing so, you both have been able to gain a lot of knowledge through experiences and so, along with traveling the world.. that always made you start nice, very interesting, entertaining and debatable conversations. It could never get boring between you two. speaking about anything and everything just comes very naturally for the both of you. - which could also explain why you two have grown so good when it comes to giving very well done, reasonables reviews everywhere you go. - spending time together just seemed to get better and better each time and so.. with the amount of confidence you have with each other, it's easily to just talk about whatever.
"it's all good now?"
"yeah, I've already finished." you smile.
"this wine is starting to have an effect on me, I'm not gonna lie." jungkook laughs as you follow.
"well.. I'm not very much different than you." both smiling at the same time.
jungkook's lip piercing seems to be a bit.. shinier than ever, or is that just on your mind?
"I've already pay, by the way.." jungkook says, sipping a little bit of his now finished wine.
"hm? when did you-"
"when I told you I was going to the bathroom?"
"jungkook!" you whine. "I told you tonight was my turn to pay." you try to slap his body from your seat but fail miserably when he leans his body back into his seat, laughing at you. "ugh, you even dare to laugh." you mutter.
"come on princess, you'll do it next time." he softly smiles.
but.. your heart stopped beating a little. did he just called you princess?
did you heard that right?
"you don't like that nickname?"
"yeah but you've never called me-" he interrupts you.
"do you want to go now? It's getting colder and you're just wearing a skirt." he suddenly asks.
"I- uh.. we didn't used a car." It's true, you choosed walking around this time.
"I know. remember I told you I had a feeling we'll get sort of drunk tonight?"
you nod.
"well, we're both tipsy." he laughs. "I've already called an uber."
"ah." It's all you say.
"what?" he asks, observing your sudden change of humour. "are you upset this moment is ending?" he teases.
you playfully roll your eyes. "yeah.. I mean, I like it here." you softly say leaning back to your seat, hugging your own body while looking around the atmosphere. people laughing, having their own fun, people in love..
oh yeah, you were definitely getting drunk.
jungkook also takes a glance around as soon as you do but not longer like you. placing his eyes on you instead.
"you know we can.." he pauses, thinking about it. "still have our own fun back at the hotel, right?" he's expresionless and you wish you could tell what does his eyes mean as soon as your very own meet his.
"like we always do?" your eyes glistens.
but like you said, it could never get boring.
"yeah." he smiles and you mirror him.
fixing your posture, you push strands of your hair at the back of your ear with both hands. later on, placing both palms hiding beneath your thighs. - it's such a small movement, but jungkook notices.
"are your hands cold?" he questions, earnestly.
"uh.." you don't know why you hesitate to respond. "..a little?"
jungkook gives you a warm sided smile. "do you want us to go now?" endearing enough, he extends both of his hands at you. signalling for you to reach them.
the moment you feel his palms, you're astonished. "how are your hands so warm?" you ask, kindly squishing his hands.
It makes jungkook chuckle. "I'm always warm.."
and there's just something about the way he said it..
your heart should stop beating this fast. what was going on?
jungkook continues, "I think it's time for us to go, we better wait outside." then he remembers, "shit, right- only if you want though.." mumbling a tiny, "it might be colder outside.." in a very regretful voice.
but all you do is smile at him. you know you were mad at him earlier but that doesn't mean he had to feel so bad about it. you've already said to him you were feeling nice because you still managed to look great. him just acting like this was so endearing to you because he also was being so considerate and I mean, he always was.
there was just something about tonight. maybe the wine.
"It's okay, I have you. my human heater." you tease him and jungkook nervously chuckles.
"ah.." he awkwardly looks down your hands. "yeah.."
laughing about it you delicately unattach your hands off his. scrunching your nose in a smile, lending your arm at him to return back his heavy jacket. "let's go."
but he hesitates about if he should take it or not.
"no. keep it. it's way colder outside, trust me." he gently refuses, pushing your arm back but failing at it.
"I'm okay, jungkook. I won't turn into an ice cube, I promise." chuckling, you motion back again your previews gesture.
he takes it as he faintly glowers. "but wouldn't you get more cold?" he asks, trying to give you the piece of clothing back.
"no, I'm alright. I think I can survive outside." you giggle and he does too, feeling puzzled.
"fine.." he sighs. "but, just let me know if you get too cold okay?" finally, putting back on the sky blue item.
the sight of jungkook putting on a big jacket like this was.. uh, how can you explain this? the glasses looked so good on him and his little bucket hat could never be missing in times like these right?
he's justㅡthe white shirt marked all of his (what it seems to be like-) strong chest.. pectorals softly drawing a line in between, you feel like you should look away. - and you do. you don't know exactly why. you've seen him do this many times so why were you thinking this way? it must be the wine all over again.
but if you were going to blame on the wine, then how can you explain the way his eyes lingered on you the whole time? and why was he doing it so slowly? almost like teasing you?his eyes were so.. cloudy too? perhaps this wine was hitting strong on him too.. you don't know.
"uh- yeah, like always." you try to smile back at him but you believe your cheeks were embarrassing you right now.
trying to walk away from him, jungkook's faster into grabbing your shoulder, gently.
"why are you in such hurry?" he giggles. "here." taking your hand like he always does. - in any other day, you'll normally think this is something very usual, but tonight..
walking towards the exit, you don't expect feeling his hand play with his fingers trying to find yours so he could slowly fill the little empty gaps in between your fingers.
he's bold enough to lace them together, and it's a completely new feel to what it should be a normal intimacy between you two. - but then, you remember what he once told you once about holding hands with just the palms and the one lacing fingers.
"I just think it's very intimate" he states. "I wouldn't just do it with anyone. It's too intimate, I mean, I'm okay with just touching our palms but if I ever lace my fingers with anyone," he pauses. "then just know that's me being very much in love." he laughs. "I don't fuck around when it comes to those type of things and you know it."
and.. hell yeah you knew. not only you were a hopeless romantic but so was he. you remember agreeing to it.
discussing about it, he even told you he could never hold your hand that way because it'll feel way too weird. you couldn't agree more in that moment but if he's doing it now.. was it because he..? no. you don't think so. he's just tipsy right?
you can't help but feel your body tense as soon as he does and all you wish is for jungkook to not notice since he's sort of walking ahead of you but.. he's jungkook and so, of course he does.
"Is everything okay?" he glances back at your frame, stopping a little but you encourage him to keep walking.
"yeah, I'm.. alright." you try to give him a not-so-nervous smile and all he does is grin while looking back upfront.
is he crazy?
Tumblr media
stepping outside of the restaurant, jungkook wasn't lying when he said it'll be more cold. - to be honest you low-key knew it was all true but at the same time, you didn't wanted him having to sacrifice his own comfort because of you.
"our uber should be here in a couple of minutes." jungkook says as you nod your head.
still holding hands, you take your time to look around as jungkook's gaze reminds on you. you don't notice it but him gently squishing your hand caughts your attention.
"yeah?" you meet his eyes once again that are only hidden by his transparent glasses.
jungkook doesn't know if you think he's a fool but he can notice the way your body quivers. grinning to himself, he quickly manhandles your body against him into a hug.
"what are you-"
"I know you're cold, silly." with his big jacket still on, he manages to wrap it around your body. but not only before guiding your hands around his waist so you could hug him first which is now so...very, much close to him. "come here."
you were going to complain but.. the wine playing its role into making you not care about itㅡgot you absorbing how warm jungkook's body actually feels against you and all you could imagine are pure dangerous thoughts now. wondering how his naked body would feel against your skin because if he naturally feels this good with clothes... you just wonder how perfect it'll be.
but what were you thinking?
you shouldn't be thinking like this. he's your best friend, damn. for many years too! you can't just act silly because of you being tipsy.
tipsy. not even drunk. fuck.
"I'm very cold." but your subconscious didn't seemed to listen to your right mind.. taking all the control over your body needs and heart. It was a rare but very possible situation.
"I know baby." jungkook replies and it's just.. he first calls you princess and now.. baby?
you need to know if this is just him being tipsy because you've been tipsy, even fully drunk around each other before and none of those moments compares to what you feel and what he's doing tonight.
glancing up at his face, your chin buries on his chest.
he smells so good..
"baby?" you repeat and damn how you wish he wasn't wearing those glasses. wanting to see those pretty eyes up-close.
when he looks down at you, his face is so close to yours you feel like pulling out of his body but something in you tells you not to and that's when the staring contest begins.
silently looking into each other's eyes you both last a few seconds. seconds that feels like minutes. his trained arms wrapped around your body in a delicate hug that feels tight enough to ever let go. - your pupils move around his pretty face quickly enough to end up focusing on his lips. his lip piercing looking very tempting right now so it wasn't just your mind playing games earlier, you were growing this tiny desire of wanting to kiss him. very badly.
jungkook notices your eyes pattern. faintly grinning to himself, he licks his lips trying to provoke you. perhaps he's insane but giving him a very intense expressionless face, your eyes glisten so much, so does his and it's like as if you both were silently asking for something that you can't quite put into words but it's also something that's so obvious to guess. - so naturally, jungkook gives two tiny squeezes to your waist. again, something he usually does, but as your breathing was slowly increasing, this wasn't just a casual touch. you actually wanted more.
"what are we doing?" you whisper before even thinking about it.
"I don't know." he responds in the same way. tucking one hair that just seemed to fall over your face behind your ear. his gaze quickly going back to your lips while doing so.
"what do you want?" you dare to ask, you needed to know. this feeling only increases with time so it's only fair for you to know what's also going on in his head.
but just before he could answer, of course your uber comes.
lingering his gaze into your eyes, you could tell he was thinking. about what? you don't know, but he seems very doubtful.
"let's go. you'll get more cold." It's all he says.
and as soon as you blink, you're on the car.
Tumblr media
the way back to the hotel wasn't so awkward thanks to the person that was driving having a bright personality. there was just this one question they made that make your body tense for a couple of seconds but it was alright afterwards.
"you're both very pretty. are you dating?"
with a smile on his face and you glance at jungkook who's also waiting for you to respond.
"we are friends"
you both say at the same time. the person's driving just laughs and there's that look he gaves that yells I know something you don't but of course, doesn't mention anything.
"that's a shame." It's all he says later on after finishing up talking some more.
you should be used to that question. you both, actually. people always asked you this.
but you just didn't know what was happening tonight.
jungkook kept on watching the city lights as the car goes and you notice how he.. still hasn't let go of your hand. surprisingly enough? your palms aren't sweating. keeping all the warmth jungkook's hands was giving you and you wondered if your heart was the only one beating this fast.
the city lights didn't seemed so blurry as you go in the car, meaning you weren't drunk. but it maybe is because you were seating right now. once you get out of the car.. that's when you know the real deal.
still sort of feeling cold, the car didn't helped at all for your legs to stop quivering, so you have no other choice than to start caressing your bare legs with your only available hand and because of that sudden repetitive motion, jungkook notices as he finally nods his head looking at what you're doing.
"do you want me to tell the driver to turn the heater on?" he suddenly asks and the soft warm of his breath hitting your ear made you feel some things..
"h-huh?" you flinch, quickly reacting. "no, its fine."
silently staring at you all jungkook does is, let go of your hand. pinioning both of your legs slowly placing them at the side above his thighs with your entire body as he hugs your legs and one of his hands rest on your back so you could get close to him and it's justㅡhe was so strong he could only manhandle you so easily.. not that you complained though but you think that this is the most he has ever done that.
what the fuck is he doing? was your first thought.
the fact that he did this so casually, looked like he didn't seemed to care about how much this was going to affect you.. or maybe he didn't know?
In this position, jungkook could hug you side ways muffling only a portion of his jacket around you.
this feels nice was your second thought. already feeling his warm embrace.
fuck was your third. as soon as his hands started to leave slow caresses through the entirety of your legs. only close enough to your thighs.
"to keep you warm." Is all he says with a smile, but oh boy was that doing more than to keep you warm.
everything seemed to happen so fast so you tried your best to not do something stupid but jungkook was so.. damn. his hands touching your skin feels as if they burned your entire skin and you didn't know if that was because of you wanting to see just how far he could go. - explicit images fullfiling your mind of how many possibilities but fuck. you repeat to yourself once again how you shouldn't be thinking about your best friend like this.
at least not when you don't know if he feels the same.
but as soon as you say that, you find one of your hands moving naturally taking his glasses off. not because you hated them but because you wanted a clear view of his doe eyes. - jungkook's reaction draws a smirk to his face. lowkey knowing just how badly you've been wanting to do that and as expected, they looked very different now that you could clearly see them. well, not as clear yet because there's not really so much light in this car, but you get it.
saving up his glasses through one of his pockets, your face leans closer to his. "perhaps.." growing bolder, you tease him at the side of his ear. "you want to seduce me, jeon?"
"define seducing." is all he says, glancing at you.
"hm." you hum, nodding your head softly.
if he wanted you to show him, then that's what you'll do.
sensually biting your lips, you start guiding your anular and second finger, walking a path against his chest. teasingly. your head resting on one of his shoulders as you watch your hand go. - ending at the nape of his head, you start playing with the little strands of hair tangling on your fingers as your breathing is now brushing his neck when you purr, "this.." leaving a soft peck on his pretty neck for the first time ever. your lips has never touched jungkook like this or in any other way, ever.
"..is me.." another peck touches his hot skin, this time with a little trail of sensual kisses. "..seducing.." all of it while guiding your lips towards his jawline.
"..you." suddenly stopping as you whisper against his skin and something tingles inside of him.
It makes him automatically react by gripping one of your thighs and you swear you almost let out a tiny scream by how sudden it was. but your skin was basically crying wanting to be touched by him, it was only understandable.
feeling risky as you gain more confidence, you place a lingering kiss to his jawline. jungkook's starting to feel sort of hot and so, he bites his lip ring trying to cope with his desire.
not being able to stop whatever was happening right now, he immediately manhandles your whole body adjusting your thighs to be accommodated along his hips. body no longer beside him as you were now facing him and he makes sure to really open your legs so you could be perfectly close and at his center. he was getting so turned on but still, was trying really hard not to. he couldn't risk having a boner in front of you when he didn't know what you actually wanted from him.
despite not having so much light, you linger your gaze to each other. only the flickering lights could do some justice into lightning your bodies and faces. - staring for a couple of seconds, all you can hear is the car's smooth driving sound. there's no a single smile on his face but you on the other hand, were smiling seductively taking your lips in between your teeth.
gosh.. just what was wrong with you.
you thanked this car for being huge so the driver couldn't really see what was actually going on at the back.
he'll think of you as liers for sure..
when jungkook drags his eyes down your lips, all he wants to do is kiss you but.. he didn't wanted to make a stupid move when he isn't even clear of what you want.
"y/n.." he quietly calls your name. "what.." pausing, only to gather a little more of courage. "what are we doing?" now he's the one to ask. hands resting on your thighs, curiosity paints all over his eyes.
"I don't know." you sincerely reply. same eyes, same feels.
only for you to lean over his chest as your face remains just a few inches away from him. your face remaining with a few inches away, you can perfectly feel his breathing along with yours. - jungkook frozes for a few seconds.
but it doesn't last long as soon as he's saying, "we are both tipsy."
"I know." you giggle. "so?"
"so?" mimicking your tone and chuckling about it, "I don't want you or.. usㅡmaking something that will later ruin us.." he utters.
"ruin us?" you repeat.
he nods.
"are you speaking from my or your point of view?"
"y/n.." he humorously warns, with a hint of being serious. "I mean this."
"I know, koo." you aver very gently to him. "we can just let this go. It's all good." you mean that but still.. can't help but feel a bit disappointed.
and as always, jungkook can see through you. but he doesn't says anything as the driver calls for your arrival. - you quickly get off him, suddenly missing his body warmth but you guess that's all for tonight.
but only did you forget about one little thing.
Tumblr media
entering the room, jungkook's hands doesn't seem to leave your body despite what he said on the car. dancing almost all night, teasing each other with a hint of tension here and there, it was a great moment.
but the couple of stares coming from jungkook were getting harder to digest as the night progressed and so, standing in front of him right now felt like an actual nightmare. so before it all gets worst, after a few more drinks you both call it a night and prepare to take separated showers.
you low-key wished that taking this shower could make all of your strange thoughts turn into dustㅡbut apparently, the universe didn't wanted you to behave so here you are, laying in bed while jungkook's at your side, thinking about many things. dangerous things. things you aren't even sure what they meant.
or maybe you do..
..and that's why you're now looking at the pitch black ceiling. - all you can hear is the subtle blow of the air conditioner as you wondered if jungkook's mind was also flooded with heavy thoughts just like yours.
"are you sleeping?" you softly ask.
"nope." he says almost humorously making you chuckle. "I'm very much awake."
"so am I." you remark as your body slowly faces to his side and that makes you actually take a rough glance at what is like jungkook's body right now. you could only tell much because the only light functioning as your source was the moon peaking through the giant curtains. - with his body facing up the ceiling, you could take a view of his very familiar side profile. the pearly soft lights of the moon barely caressing his skin but you can still have a view of his very well defined jawline. his hair was slightly parted side ways and you wondered just how soft it'll be if you ever get to touch it again.
you suddenly get this strong urge of wanting to kiss him and just before you could think first about your future actions,
"jungkook.." your mouth is already speaking before you.
lifting your body, you seat up still facing directly to his side. "can we do this just one time?" voice small, definitely shy enough for him to note the lowkey nervousness of your tone.
"do.. what?" he's careful to ask.
without much thinking, your next move is to slowly but surely straddle his waist as you make sure he isn't feeling weird or awkward about it. - as he let's you place yourself on him, you continue. - eyes gazing at each others and your hands lay on his clothed chest. your face slowly leaning towards his.
jungkook doesn't have a clear point of what's going through your mind but whatever it was, he wasn't going to stop you from doing it.
"kiss me just once." you purr close to his lips.
"Iㅡare you sure?" he wasn't going to lie. that's something he has been wanting to do ever since you've arrived in vegas. but as always, just because he wants it as badly doesn't mean he won't care about what you feel first.
instead of just responding with a simply 'yes', all you do is place a very daring kiss to his cheek, closer to his lips and that makes jungkook feel sparks inside of his stomach and so then, he wanted to kiss you bad, oh so badly.
so he pushes his lips towards yours. a gently touch that soon turns into a deadly unstoppable heated session as gasping for air was a strong necessity. who would've thought of you two really going at it as soon as you touched your lips. is this your bodies communicating into how much they've been wanting each other? It definitely was something to think about later on.. but as of now, you'll just take the risk. take this momentㅡto saviour what you've been wanting to touch, wanting to feel, wanting to experience.
you wanted to know what every other girl get to feel when playing around with him. why every girl always seemed to run up to you the moment things were over, asking you for advice just so they could have him back. but jungkook wasn't an asshole with girls going around breaking their hearts. you always wondered why his relationships always finished almost too fast. but given to how desperate they always were.. made you wonder about many things. was he really that good? if we were to mention his personality.. yeah he has his flaws but don't we all? he still was so good for you. almost too perfect in your eyes but.. the only thing of him being unfamiliar to you was this. so what if once you get a taste, you can't escape? like all the other girls. what if you feel more after this? is this really okay? - you don't know, but as of now.. you were more than willing to find out. accepting all kinds of fate.
"touch me." you moan to his lips.
"where do you want me to touch?"
"anywhere and everywhere. I'm yours tonight." you say, mind already gone.
"are you sure about that, baby?"
he rasps and fuck that nickname, he already was making you feel crazy and you haven't even started yet.
"mhm" moaning, that's all you say. grinding your center against his as jungkook helps you get more friction, lifting his hips.
you seem very eager and jungkook likes that, so he starts by caressing your bare legs. all you have on is your very short silky pajama shorts with a cotton blouse and he doesn't know how you always manage to stay so pretty for him.. or not for him, but the thought of you ever doing that excites him. the movement of your hips seemed to get more prominent the moment he started gripping your thighs getting close towards your waist. he loved your body, he always has. he just hasn't find the right time to tell you that because he thinks it might feel too awkward. but he has been dying to tell you that for years now. maybe tonight could be the perfect time for him to do that, so he gives it a try. admiring your clothed body as he switch positions taking you down and kissing your neck. the feeling of his hands sneaking underneath your blouse only burning your body.
"I love your body so much, so perfect to me." he deeply mumbles against your neck, heat traveling all over your skin. "I wish I could just take this blouse off." desperately kissing you close to your ear and god, did you feel so hot right now.
"then take it off." you command. your hands sneaking through his shirt so he could also take his off.
jungkook doesn't think twice when he's already doing it. not after leaving a kiss to your lips though. feeling intoxicated by it, he comes back to taste your pretty lips, not getting enough of it.
his body looked so hot on top of yours, you liked the view way too much. his tattoos only being the second protagonist here, of course the main one it's him.
once your body's full bare, you were completely naked in front of him, except for your silky shorts. - not even realising it, he let's out a gasp.
"It's even better to what I've ever imagined." licking his lips as you bite yours, his eyes only darkens the moment he sees your nipples be erect and it's all because of him and there's something about it that makes jungkook want to keep you here and stay in this moment forever.
so taking one of your boobs, he's softly squishing them. fingers circling around it ever so slowly and soon enough, he's already tapping your mouth so you could open up and lick his finger for him. only to bring it back into your nipple, just touching directly this time. - he flicks, pinches and lick them with such detail and care, you feel you could faint as your legs start repeatedly pressing up against each other, only increasing their need for some type of friction. jungkook slowly watch as he silently enjoys your reactions and desperation about it. giving him satisfaction, but because he can't let you get your way just yet, your little cries could only affect him this much so that's why he gently sundered your legs apart so you could stop doing that and prevent him from wanting to fuck you right away.
you make him that weak.
"calm down baby, I'll treat you nice.. I promise." he kisses your lips but all you do is complain, moaning into his lips.
"I'm so wet, please do something about it." you arch your back as you slowly circle your hips in the neediest way, giving him those pleading puppy eyes an jungkook's mind almost stop functioning for a few seconds. you were so adorably fuckable, this might not last as much as he wants.
"fuck- you really want me to.." he pauses. "agh, fuck." hissing between his teeth he takes a step back getting comfortable in bed, opening more your legs as he got rid of your shorts. only letting you wear your white, now with a big round wet circle, underwear. "fuck. you really are so wet." he sighs, overwhelmed by the sight.
tracing one finger on top of where you want him the most, he teases you with long and slow traces as he watch your body twitch. god, you were so needy. he never imagined you to be this way and fuck does that turn him on so badly.. - your little whimpers are like music to his ears when he sees you caught your lips in between your teeth as soon as he keeps teasing you. just now adding a bit more of weight on his finger. you close your eyes and he let's your hips grind on it.
Intensifying your sways of hips, you seat up on your elbows as you keep your eyes glued to him, panting so much with your mouth mid-open as your arousal and orgasm increases. -jungkook suddenly flicks over your clothed heat and you flinch, just to feel your clit and walls pulsate because of it. "fuck" you cry as your head faces the ceiling. - jungkook grins at that seeing the way your hips grind on his hand more aggressively, he proceeds onto flattening his entire palm over your pussy and as soon as you know, he's giving consecutive mini slaps into it. making your breathing cut in between as your legs tremble.
"mm, are you going to cum pretty girl?" his voice so nice, so sensual. It just feels so right.
"euhng" you sob.
"is that all you can say?" he traces a long deep line in between your wet clothed pussy lips.
but you can barely talk as it's already so hard to breathe.
"it's okay baby.. you look so fucking hot right now." he rasps licking his lips. "so sexy.." in between his breath.
"cum.. make me c-cum." you plead with those eyes again.
you desperately nod with your eyes closed.
"is that what you want?"
"eung." you moan.
and it sounds so rich that jungkook doesn't wait any longer into taking your drenched panties off and rapidly enough, he gets comfortable to start eating you out.
"agh! fuck-" his tongue so warm against yours as he flattened it on top of your clit. his saliva just mixing with your arousal as his silky black hair just landed over his sweaty forehead - jungkook barely moved but he felt so hot and so turned on, his body was already condensing it all.
"so fucking good." he moans against your clit, kissing on it very passionately. he was so good that your hands couldn't find another spot other than to stay over his head.
you think you've never been more turned on in your life. he really wasn't kidding when he said he'll treat you nice. this was beyond good for you. he was incredibly so good.
introducing one of his fingers now, the feeling was so high that you couldn't wait more so you cummed on him, so god damn much, jungkook just enjoyed having to place your hips back down to bed because you were trembling so much. your moans enriching his ears... he wanted you so fucking bad. he don't think you could even imagine a portion of how much.
after reaching your end, your walls were pulsating so crazy along your clit. and you don't think you've ever felt this horny before. your clit just have this rich sensation of wanting to be stimulated all over again.. it's not even to the point of you wanting to feel some overstimulation, you were actually very horny again like you feel you could cum again if he wanted you to. you've already recovered so fast, you don't think somebody has ever made you feel this way..
"jungkook.." you seat down this time, arching your back and sticking up your ass as you almost cringe at how wet you are. only the soft and cold air of the room meeting your exposed private parts. jungkook mimics your position, only this time sort of manspreading. he's so horny too. you could see it from his pajama pants and they weren't even tight into his legs. eyes lidded and so dark, you don't think you've ever seen him like this but.. it was quite a sight. he was so damn attractive, fuck.
"take off your pants." you command and he does as you say.
once he reveals his dick, he's so hard it inmediately jumps back into his stomach. prominent and faded veins around it but they aren't much, just a few ones. the right amount. his tip being of an angry pretty red, you can't believe even his dick is so fucking delicious to look at. he just got it all, doesn't he?
the moment you delicately grab his dick, he stops you. "wh-"
"I want you to kiss me while you masturbate on top of me."
"huh?" your body astonished.
"just get on top of me and grind my dick with your pretty pussy, yeah?" he croaked very hotly.
he doesn't need to ask you twice.. your pussy clenches at the thought of feeling his bare dick and all that's on your mind is him right now.. not believing of the day for you to be doing this but look at you now, about to extend your juices along his length.
jungkook angled his head resting against the bed headboard as he lays down. - you seductively feel bold enough to crawl towards him with both of his legs forming a straight line. he motions his hands behind of his neck, all while a very devilish smirk plastered on his very tempting lips.
just how much more hot can this man get?
the moment you straddle his waist, both of your hands run through his abs and firm pectorals. you give him a few kisses. enjoying the way he sighed closing his eyes. you took your time to feel him whole, those gym schedules were doing their glorious work. - you kiss his neck, bite his earlobe, tease him a little, have fun a little. until your lips finally land on top of his lips. very nicely, very warm..
and damn it was a mess. not only down there but your feelings too.. just how much do you actually like him? those were your current thoughts.
placing your hands at both sides of his neck, your hips finally lowers into his length.
gasping in between kisses the moment your walls wrap around his tip ㅡ he feels so big, so thick, so rich.. you suddenly are in need of his warm touch so you take both of his arms, putting it back at the side of your legs to see what he'll do about it.
slowly swaying your hips back and forth, your pussy coated his dick so well.. it was messy, but so hot.. just something about teasing him getting inside but not entirely..
promptly grasping each side of your hips, jungkook takes his time into palming your ass. you're making so much sensual noises.. his heart couldn't stop beating. his breathing only getting heavier along with yours. he searches back into your lips. giving you a lingering kiss as he squeezed your body so nicely. he can't stop his emotions of wanting to tell you his feelings and so,
"I like you so fucking much y/n.." he finally confesses against your lips. his hips only twitching for the way your pussy slided against him. he was getting desperate just as much as you.
"fuck." It's all you say while lowering your head into his shoulder, slightly biting it and moaning about it because you didn't know him confessing to you like this could get you this horny. - maybe it was because of the fact of him feeling the same way as you.
"gosh, I want you like crazy. I'm so ffucking sorry." he whimpers, pressing down your ass right now.
but his apology is not welcomed because you want him to know how badly you also want him and like him. - you aren't stupid to like, not know that this is the perfect opportunity to confess your feelings so with nothing else to lose, you make it better to let him know just as much.
grinding slowly but eagerly into him, you unattach your face off his shoulder just so you could give him a very loving piercing look, breathing into his lips as you both lips are slightly parted. your face remains so close to him, chest almost touching his as your fingers tangles at the top of his head.
"don't be. I like you too, jeon." you reveal, panting against his lips.
jungkook felt his face froze for a few seconds, "you do?"
"eung." you moan against his neck, kissing all around it. "it's been 4 months now." very lost feeling the thick skin of his dick.
"can you fuck me now? I want you very badly..." you moan. oscillating your hips, coating more of his dick with your arousal as you're looking at him very sensually with a bite to your lower lip into a grin.
and jungkook tries to process this new information from entering his brain. he doesn't have other choice than to push it away for now.. - deciding he'll do the second thing he has been wanting to do for years. the first one being already done.
"I'll fuck you good." he smirks.
It's all he says before he's already hovering on top of you, dick in hand teasing your walls, he slowly enters. gasping at the same time, he let's you take your time to adjust while he tastes your lips and it's just - your lips were already so addicting to him.
once he moves, he marks a slow pace feeling you whole. he feels so full inside of you.. - jungkook's eyes doesn't leave yours as time progresses. fucking you hard, he takes both of your hands guiding them at the side of your head. lacing his fingers together with yours and the moment he does, something inmediately shifted with just the delicate change of synchronizing both your fingers.
suddenly, jungkook started fucking you in a different way. it was no longer hard but deep, sensual.. very overwhelming as he started kissing your boobs, feeling your body up, biting you here and there.. - you decide you wanted him close and so your legs naturally fondle around his waist. his breathing now burning your neck, you were getting closer with how heavy his body feels against yours and so, when you finally cum, it doesn't take longer as soon as he follows you up.
breathing between each others bodies, the only thing that can be felt right now was the same old soft sound of the air conditioner and your very delighted heartbeats.
and suddenly, after taking a very well deserved cold shower, an already sleeping jungkook lays on this shared bed and all you can think about is.. once tomorrow comes, how different things going to be?
Tumblr media
"why didn't you tell me and waited for four months?" jungkook insisted. "you could've told me."
"It isn't so easy.. you know?" you scoff at him. "we have been friends for so long, it was almost impossible for me to ever think you felt something for me too.."
"wasn't I obvious?"
"obvious?" you laugh. "you didn't even gave me hints!" defending yourself. "four months is okay, I could've spent a lifetime and you still wouldn't know."
he rolls his eyes. "why do you think my relationships always ended so quick y/n?"
"..why?" curiosity filling your eyes.
"because of you!" he says as if that was something extremely obvious for like.. giving you hints.
you narrow your eyes. "do.. you really think that's a good hint?"
you burst into laugh. "please, I just thought you were bad at relationships" you fake cry. "even though wondered a lot about why they kept coming back after a break up.."
"well, now you know why." he laughs.
"shut up, that ain't even everything about you."
"oh so there's more?" he teased.
..and you're glad that with jungkook's bright personality, everything seemed to be okay.
if anybody were to ask you about why you were so scared into confessing your feelings.. you don't know. but one thing you do know is..
that once that time comes, as long as you trust your feelings and let things flow, it'll automatically become your perfect timing.
so, trust that. your own timing.
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