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Tumblr media
poly!maknae line x afab!reader
genre: SMUT. Like SO MUCH of it. They’re all fuckin’. Porn with very little plot tbh
word count: 8.3k
summary: having gone years since your last real relationship and subsequent satisfying fuck, you decide its finally time to put yourself back out there at the club. For some reason, this club is full of sexy men-who all happen to be taken. As soon as you’re about to give up on men for the rest of your life, your night takes an extremely lucky turn. 
warnings: swearing, dom!maknae line x sub!reader, reader experiences some self-doubt, boys are poly and all in love with each other, use of pet names, name calling but y/n is into it, specific smut warnings: unprotected sex (simply don’t do this irl please), oral (male and female receiving), some mxm, face fucking, spit, spanking, praise kink and degradation kink at the same time, maknae line are fucking hung, dacryphilia (but very slight), double penetration, Taehyung loves readers tits, bi!maknae line, cum eating
an: I don’t proofread so if there are typos that’s why. As always, this is mature content so if you are under 18 and/or uncomfortable then please do not go beyond the cut! 
“You should really go catch a dick. Maybe that would make you less of a bitch.” The teenager pops her gum as she leaves, a loud complaint about ‘shitty customer service’ spilling to her friends as soon as she catches their gaze. 
As much as the girl was annoying-demanding a refund for a dress that had clearly been worn-her words did hold a small modicum of truth. How long had it been since you even had a satisfactory hookup? Your last long term relationship fizzled out about 2 years ago, and a few months after that you gave up on the dating scene altogether. There’s no denying the fact that you’re a bit lonely, and a lot horny, and that there’s an easy way to fix those problems if you’re just willing to put in some effort.
So you find yourself at a club for the first time in probably four years, the bass pulsing through the sticky wooden floors. A group of giggling girls pushes past you, forcing your body further into the writhing mass of dancing bodies. Your heels pinched your feet as you walked, but they made your legs look good, so you soldier through the pain to make it to the bar. The prices make you cringe, but you haven’t flirted with anyone in so long you need the liquid courage. You order two drinks, intent on sitting at the bar to get your bearings before going to well, catch a dick. The height of the stool makes you struggle to get into it, extremely out of practice when it comes to balancing in heels. The chair shakes under you as you try to settle into it, finally planting your ass down ungracefully. You puff out a breath, already feeling downtrodden about the night and looking forward to swallowing down the alcohol set in front of you. Just as you gather one of the glasses into your hand, a voice sounds from your side. 
“Excuse me, uhm,” you turn toward the source of the noise and thank the heavens you’re already sitting down. The man speaking to you is tall and built in all the right places, strong shoulders you want to sink your teeth into drawing your eyes upward until you reach his defined jawline, the plump of his pink lips that stretch into a boxed smile. His body is wrapped in a simple black button up with a subtle pattern, leaving only the top button undone to give you a glimpse of smooth skin and a chunky gold chain around his neck. Devastatingly handsome brown eyes peer down at you and you wonder when you got so fucking lucky. He seems to be alone, this perfect man, and he started a conversation with you?
He licks his lips, eyes darting pointedly down to your cleavage-thank god you chose this low cut dress- and then back up to meet your gaze. Sparks of excitement thrum over your body as he leans against the bar beside you. 
“Can I ask you what you’re drinking? It looks quite...delicious.” The deep timbre of his voice burns you from the inside out and you nod dumbly.
“They’re called electric lemonades. They’re definitely among the things I find...delicious.” You hope that you haven’t completely missed the mark in attempting to flirt back. In a different setting you would have cringed at the words, but tonight you were operating only on the desire to get fucked. The man cracks a smile and extends a hand your way. His fingers are long and adorned with rings, and you shudder at the thought of how they would probably feel inside of you. 
“I’m Taehyung,” he adds as you shake his hand. “And thank you for the recommendation...” he looks at you pointedly and you get the hint to provide your name. The feeling of his warm hand makes your voice waver as you answer him. 
“Thank you, Y/N” His hand ghosts up your wrist, giving it a small squeeze and holding on as he grabs the bartenders attention. Your heart is thrumming erratically; trying to decipher what the contact means, if your night was really going to be this easy. He turns back to you, fingers dancing on your delicate skin as you catch a whiff of what must be expensive cologne. Your head fills with lust, abandoning rational thoughts as words bubble out of you. 
“You, I think you’re-” Taehyung smirks at your stuttering, cocking his head to the side as you speak. “I think you’re really hot, and I- do you wanna get out of here?” You blurt, face flaming at the cliche you resorted to in the heat of the moment. Taehyung’s smirk morphs into a full blown smile, pearly white teeth on display. 
“Oh, Y/N. I would love to, but I’m actually-” His eyes slide over your head, gaze locking onto something, someone, behind him. Your heart stops, world crashing  in on you from overhead. 
“Oh god, no, I’m so sorry,” you scramble out of his grip on your wrist, all but leaping off of the stool to get away from him. His handsome face twists in what must be disgust of your desperation. 
“Y/N, wait, you don’t have to-” He speaks after you as you leave, drinks latched between your palms as you hurry away from the bar, desperate to find a new spot to sit and collect your mind. 
As busy as the club seems to be, you find a small booth table squeezed toward the service door that leads into the kitchen. It’s dark and secluded, the leather of the seat smooth and cold against the bare skin of your thighs. Heat still simmers at your core from your encounter, and you down an entire drink in a few gulps, welcoming the burn of vodka and sting of sour lemon juice to wash away the embarrassment of being rejected. Still, there were a lot of people here, and although you doubted you would find another as hot and captivating as Taehyung, you weren’t ready to give up just yet.
“I told you I don’t have time to talk right now!” You jump at the person who seemed to have materialized from thin air sitting at the other end of your booth. His hair is shaggy, pieces hanging around his eyes in a tantalizing fashion, the beginnings of a mullet type style evident by the long cut.  His short sleeved shirt shows off an arm of impressive tattoos you’re desperate to have a closer look at. 
“Holy shit!” You exclaim, hand clasping over your chest as your empty glass clinks against the full one. You don’t think he even heard you, dark eyebrows furrowed as he presses his phone against his ear. His free hand is digging harshly into his thigh, clearly annoyed at whoever was on the other end of the call. 
He glances your way at the outburst, a frown marring his handsome features. Your stomach dives as you process just how handsome this stranger is too. Did all the hot men in the area flock to this club tonight? His eyes don’t leave yours as he finishes up the call with a curt goodbye and you squirm in your seat at the attention. The desire to down your second drink burns in the back of your throat but you suppress it by scratching at the back of your hand. 
“I’m sorry if I scared you,” the man speaks and you catch a glimpse of his shining lip piercing. He extends a veiny, tattoo covered-hand across the table and you catch a glimpse of a delicate sliver chain around his wrist that likely costs more than five months’ worth of your rent. You extend your hand slowly to his own, hoping he can’t feel the way your hands are clamming up. 
“Jungkook.” He states simply, shaking your two times before dropping it gently back to the table with a deceptively adorable smile.
“Oh, hi. I’m Y/N. And it’s okay, really. I just didn’t notice you were here when I sat down...” His piercing eyes are still stuck on your form, eyebrows quirked in what now looks more like amusement. Your face flushes at his attention and you're worried that the heat will begin to melt your makeup off unintentionally. “I just, ah, hope that you’re okay. That sounded like an intense call?” 
He grunts, fiddling with the bracelet. “Been on worse calls. And at least this one brought me some good fortune.” For a moment you assume he means whatever business he must be in, but the way he licks his lips tells you a whole different story. You squirm, in utter shock at the way your evening has shaped up. “M-me?” You finally stutter, once again proving why you hadn’t been in the game for a long, long time. 
Yoongi’s eyes scan you, crinkling with a genuine smile that makes your stomach backflip. The hand you shook previously takes your own again, running a gentle line over your palm.  “Yes, you, pretty. Don’t know why you’ve secluded yourself to the furthest booth in the bar, but I won’t complain if it means I get to be the one to entertain you.” He cocks his head in a way that has no right being so attractive, and you feel your insides start to liquify. 
“Oh, thank you. I think you’re pretty too...” you deliberately dance your fingertips over his, hoping the teasing touch does a lot of talking for you. Jungkook’s eyes narrow in on the gesture, glazing over with what you believe is lust. Your heart kicks up in excitement, feeling like you had finally cracked the proverbial code. His grin widens and you feel your heart stutter at the way he suddenly grasps your hand between both of his own. “The things I would do to you, if only...” his face shifts, and you’ve done enough time in customer service to know it’s a look of disappointment. A shard of sadness strikes right through you as you wiggle out of his grip, quickly grasping your drink and downing it ungracefully in an attempt to wipe out the shame in your gut. You vaguely register Jungkook’s voice calling after you, but you power towards the dance floor, hoping to get lost in the press of sweaty bodies. 
Alcohol and embarrassment are an interesting comorbidity, and the ache to get away from the gazes of the two men you had already met persuades you to weave further into the dance floor. You don’t know the lyrics to the song that’s playing but the beat vibrates through the floor and straight into your blood, encouraging you to rock your hips. You’re vaguely aware of the heat of bodies around you as your eyes slip shut, vodka finally doing the job you wanted it to. Something loosens in your chest, a feeling not unlike taking off your bra at the end of a long day. A body presses in close behind your own, a hand skating over your side to rest just above your hip. The two of you rock along to the music and you look down to see the hand on you looks strong and capable. Your heart and pussy lurch at the same time and you dare to spin around as you rock your hips to the music. 
The man attached to the hand had to have just walked off of a runway. His eyes are rimmed in smoky eyeliner, even with his plump bottom lip trapped between his teeth you can see a hint of gloss. His hand tightens on your waist, seemingly pleased with your ogling. You lean closer to his warmth, linking your arms around his neck to pull him down to your height. He takes the bait easily, slotting his head next to your neck and ghosting a hot breath over your skin. A shiver escapes you, exasperated as the music changes and the man makes a point to press his hips forward into your own. An unbidden groan slips from between your lips and you swear you hear him chuckle. 
You move just as boldly as he is, rotating your hips forward pointedly. His hands wander to tease the curve of your hip before resting firmly on your ass at the same time he nips at a spot on your neck. 
“I’m Jimin, by the way,” his voice is devastatingly husky and low right in your ear. It makes you shiver, digging your fingernails into the lean planes of his shoulders.  “Y/N,” You answer back with a push of your hips further into his own, happy that the tight jeans he had on confirmed the bulge you thought you felt against you. A shuddering breath punches out of you and Jimin notices, nudging his nose firmly against the lobe of your ear. 
“What’s a beautiful thing like you doing out here alone?” He husks. 
“Tryin’ not to be. But I keep hitting on taken men, apparently.” Jimin abandons the spot at your neck to peer down at you, pretty eyes narrowed in to your own. Your veins thrum under his attention. There’s something in his stare you can’t explain, a quality so captivating that you don’t have it in you to look away. 
“Well, what a shame for those guys. You’re such a pretty little thing, I can’t imagine turning you down...” he smirks in a way he must know makes your knees weak, hands taking another generous handful of your ass. You pitch forward into his chest, the fabric of what you assumed to be a simple tank top feels silky and cool under your cheek. Jimin’s chest rumbles with a pleased hum, lips ghosting over the sweaty hairs on your forehead. 
“Fuck, baby. Should we get out of here?” 
Your heart jumps at his words and you nod immediately, the desire to hook your legs around his waist and let him carry you out of the club replacing all of your usual concerns. You settle for clutching at the fabric of his shirt as he begins to move the two of you out of the crowd. People part easily for the two of you and before you know it you’re in a much quieter and cooler spot. Your fingers finally unlatch from his shirt and find a place on his jawline instead, hesitating for a second before pulling him down and kissing him. You feel triumphant when he falls into your rhythm, biting playfully at your bottom lip before weaving his tongue inside of your mouth. Desire is burning in your stomach and you squirm against him, desperate to get the fuck out of here and onto doing what you’ve been craving for weeks. 
“Hey, what the hell!” Someone exclaims, obviously in close proximity. You jump, narrowly avoiding biting down on Jimin’s lips as you both turn toward the noise. He keeps you close in his grasp, arms tight over your waist- possessive in a way that makes your stomach clench. 
“Oh, hey guys. This is Y/N.” Jimin grins, nodding his head in a loose gesture towards you. Your stomach knots and flips with anxiety as your drinks threaten to make a reappearance. 
“Y/N, this is Jun-”
“Jungkook and Taehyung. Yeah, I um...” you trail off, wide eyes still in disbelief of the fact that your two failed endeavors are standing before you and seemingly are friends with Jimin. 
Jimin puffs a breath that ruffles your hair. “Wait, is she- she’s the same girl you guys were talking about? And they’re the guys you mentioned earlier?” 
The two other boys nod along with you, and despite the growing feeling of horror in your gut, you can’t help but feel hot under the gaze of all three of them. Jungkook locks his gaze on Jimin’s arms wound around you and his lip curls into a smirk. He moves in closer to your body until you can feel the heat radiating off of him. The tattooed hand you were so enamored with comes to tuck a sweaty strand of hair away from your face. 
“I really wish you would have stuck around when I called after you earlier, babe. Just lucky you found your way to Jimin.” His eyes dart to your lips and your heart pounds out of your chest. Every one of your senses heightens; the feeling of Jimin’s arms around you, the scent of Jungkook’s cologne, the way your vision is swimming with desire. 
“You can kiss him if you want,” Jimin offers, splaying his hand against your waist in encouragement. Your eyes go wide and you hear a throaty laugh- Taehyung- at your stunned expression. 
“Here’s the thing, Y/N. What you didn't let Jungkook and I get to is that we’re dating. Us, and Jimin. His eyes have gone a shade darker than they were at the bar and it makes your pussy clench. “So if you’d like to have all three of us. We’d all certainly like to have you.” 
You swear you forget how to breath as his words land and process, but the way your knees physically weaken is evidence enough of how you’re feeling. 
“Yes! I uh, yes. To all of it. Y-yes. Please.” Taehyung smirks, running his sinful tongue across his lips, and before you know it you’re all moving towards the door. You feel hazy in the best way possible as Taehyung and Jimin go to collect a taxi and Jungkook hangs back with you, attacking your lips with his own. The cold press of his piercing pulls a gasp from your mouth as he devours you in a kiss even nastier than the one you shared with Jimin. You’re more than happy to get lost in it, allowing Jungkook to guide you until you’re at the taxi, squeezing into the back seat with the other two boys. Jungkook settles you on his lap, holding you steady around the waist as the car starts and gets you back to their apartment. 
It’s a race to get up to their unit, and you can barely keep track of who is touching you where as the four of you ride the elevator up several stories. 
The inside of the apartment seems nicely decorated and clean, but you only have time to glimpse the living room before the three men are pulling you into a bedroom. 
“Look so fucking sexy, baby. I thought we’d lost you after you left me at the bar like that...” Taehyung shamelessly eyes your body, hands working underneath the fabric of your dress at your thighs. 
“Can we get you out of this?” Jungkook presses in behind you, pulling your hair to the side and playing with the delicate zipper on your dress.  “Yes, please.” You nod emphatically, head tipping forward to allow Jungkook more room. The gentle skim of his fingers on your back raises goosebumps and makes your nipples perk. 
“Shit.” Taehyung swears loudly when your dress slips down, leaving you bare aside from a simple pair of underwear. His lips immediately attach to your nipple, sucking with a fervor that your ex never came close to. Jungkook’s calloused fingers dip into the waistband of your panties and rub the soft skin at your hip before pulling them down your legs. You can feel your arousal smearing down your thighs with the movement, sure that there’s already a mess between your legs. Before you can open your mouth to defend yourself, Jimin appears, shirt already gone, to claim your lips again. 
Taehyung nips at the sensitive skin of your breast, leaving a mark that will be blooming in purple by the morning. He laves the spot with his tongue, humming against you as he helps himself to the expanse of you. Jimin lets up so you can both heave a breath. His eyes are much darker than they were on the dance floor, and the intensity of his gaze sends a shiver through you. He smirks, laying a possessive hand on top of Taehyung’s head as he continues to leave a path of marks on your torso. 
Your stomach hums with anticipation as you watch the two of them. The simple touch speaks volumes to the closeness of their relationship. Jimin grips your chin with his free hand, tipping your head upwards until you make eye contact. 
“You gonna be good for us?” You’re already nodding, and he lets out a dark chuckle. “Good little slut, letting us do whatever we want to you. Isn't that right?” A whine rips from your throat, as Jungkook’s hands find a new home in between your legs, teasing the sensitive skin of your inner thighs. Your body pitches forward, forcing Taehyung to back off as you move. 
“S-sorry,” you stutter, embarrassed at the way you bent over for them so easily. The feeling washes away as your angle brings you level with Taehyung’s cock, clearly strained against the fabric of his linen pants. You swear your mouth waters at the sight, itching to have him in you. Jimin’s hands find a home on your lower back, the gentle touch grounding you to the absurdity of the situation. 
Jungkook groans at the sight of your bared pussy, his hand immediately spreading your folds. You moan in tandem, eyes rolling at the pleasure.  “Shit, she’s so fucking wet.” He’s clearly speaking to the men around you, and the idea makes your cheeks flame. The squelch of your juices fills the room as Jungkook pushes a long finger inside of you. The stretch makes you gasp and quiver, having been embarrassingly long since you had anything inside of you. Your hands flail wildly until they land conveniently on Taehyung’s waist, just inches from his waiting cock. 
“Feels good?” He asks, latching his hands around your wrists and not so subtly inching them toward his cock.  “Wanna suck your cock,” you blurt the words as soon as your hand grazes him and are immediately rewarded with triplet groans from the men. 
“Go ahead, baby.” Taehyung encourages you as you find the zipper to his pants, struggling as Jungkook slips another finger inside of you and begins opening you up in a slow burn. You puff a breath when you finally get a look at Taehyung’s cock, heavy and flushed in your hand, with a prettily colored tip and strong veins under your thumb. You rub your thumb over the head and Taehyung groans, canting his hips forward into your touch. Anxiety stirs in your stomach at his size and your lack of experience, and your eyes widen at the prospect of trying to hold yourself up while being fucked on both ends. 
“Wait, I-” the words punch out of you, loud enough that the room stills. Jimin’s hands move, encouraging you to stand back upright as three concerned faces materialize in front of you. 
“Oh god, this is so embarrassing.” You groan, shutting your eyes tight. 
“We can stop!” Jungkook insists, voice surprisingly high strung. 
“No! No, I just.” You open your eyes again, licking your dried lips. “Its been a long time since I...you know. And I just, maybe we can move to the bed so I don’t like, fall?” Your eyes dart between them, expecting them to laugh or maybe tell you to just suck it up, but instead a low coo spills from between Jimin’s plush lips. 
“Poor girl, you haven’t been fucked in so long you’re worried you won't be able to handle us? Come on.” He leads you the few steps to the bed, laying you down with your back on the cool comforter. His pretty hair falls around his face and your hands are immediately in it, relishing in the soft feeling of his locks between your fingers in a way that grounds you to the moment. All you can focus on is how handsome he is, and how lucky you are to have found yourself in this situation. His lips descend on your own as if he can read your mind, grabbing at your waist with both capable hands. The kiss tastes like alcohol and you can't get enough, welcoming his tongue inside of your mouth in a messy swap of spit. Your noses squish together, as close as humanly possible to one another, until a sharp moan throws you out of your rhythm. Jimin lets up when you stop, leaning to the side casually to let you get a glimpse of the other two boys. The moan belonged to Taehyung, who had apparently stripped down while you were kissing Jimin, who was at the mercy of Jungkook’s hand on his cock. Jungkook had rid himself of his clothing as well, and you couldn't decide where to look first. 
Taehyung’s neck was on display, the muscular column inviting you to take a bite out of him as Jungkook works his deft fingers along the impressive length of his cock, all while his other hand grinds slowly against his own. 
“Aren't they pretty?” Jimin’s sinful voice snakes into your ear and makes you shiver. His hands deftly work down his own pants and boxers, and you’re given a hint of what he has to offer. 
“P-please, Jimin, want you.” He chuckles at the words but obeys you, quickly slotting himself between your legs. With no barriers between you, you can feel the thickness of his cock against your pussy, the girth of him taunting you. 
“As much as I wanna dive into your pretty little pussy, she deserves some more attention, don’t you think?” A knowing smirk graces his features as he lowers himself to your stomach, skimming the skin of your stomach with his tongue. The trail he leaves is electric, sending shockwaves of arousal right to your core as he gets closer. Your hands find a home in his hair again, happy to scrape against his scalp with a gentle pressure as he finally settles between your legs.
A stream of air against your clit makes you whimper, hips bucking off of the bed enough that he loops an arm over your stomach to hold you down. 
“Fuck, Jimin, please!” He giggles from between your legs and you think you might die before his mouth even touches you. Taehyung and Jungkook have turned their attentions to you, and the sight of them both hard in front of you is enough to make your head spin. You close your eyes, and as soon as your head drops back onto the bed, Jimin makes his move. 
Maybe it's just because it had been so long since you had someone eat you out, but the first touch of his tongue brought you spiraling toward an orgasm. Your hands tighten on his locks and he groans as he laps at you, circling your clit with his tongue in perfect little circles. The noises that escape you don’t feel like your own as you rush embarrassingly fast towards cumming. Your vision blurs with tears, and you cum without a warning. A pleasant humming fills your mind as Jimin continues to eat you out, lapping up whatever you give him with a fervor that makes your toes curl. Wet tears roll over your cheeks and into your hairline, mixing with the sweat that was already there. 
So lost in the pleasure, you barely notice that Jimin had stopped until your hands drop form his hair, limp at your sides. His lips and nose are glistening with your juices, and the sight of him makes you gasp. 
“You came so fast, baby. Were you really that deprived?” You lean into the attention and nod, whining to him when he coos over you. “Such a pretty little pussy deserves attention, doesn't it?” You know he’s relishing in your submission, but you’re more than happy to fall into it when you feel so safe. 
The bed dips above your head, and you know that it’s Taehyung and Jungkook finally joining you. You crane your head backwards to find them both staring raptly at your figure, the heaving of your chest as you recover. 
“Think she's ready for a dick?” Jimin asks casually, as if you’re not right under him. You whimper, nodding your head emphatically. He finally casts a gaze back down at you, smiling with genuine kindness. After a second he leans away, allowing cold air to wash over your body. A small feeling of alarm washes over you as he backs up, and your eyes dart around as he reaches into the bedside table a few steps away. The silver packet shimmers in the low light, as as much as you admire their willingness to be safe, you shake your head petulantly. 
Taehyung’s face hovers over your own in an instant, eyebrows furrowed as he examines you. You know he’s looking for signs of distress; assessing if you need to stop, but all he sees is your pouty lip and teary eyes. 
“I wanna-” you gulp down a swallow. “Wanna feel you raw. Please. I'm on the pill and I’m clean.” You plead your case to the man above you, knowing well that they’re all listening. “I just wanna feel you...” you try again when no one says anything. Then, Taehyung’s face lights up in a smile that would seem evil if you didn't know any better. 
“Hear that, guys? Our pretty little baby wants us raw.” Excitement passes through your stomach when you see how this is going. 
“If that’s what she wants...” Jungkook chimes in, pretending like his cock didn't jump and throb at your words. Jimin comes back to you, hands empty, and grasps the meat of your thighs, hoisting them up so that they’re bent at the knees. One hand drops, and you assume he’s going to play with your pussy, but it instead comes down harshly on the juncture of your ass and thigh. 
“You nasty little thing. Want all three of us to cum in you? Fill up your little pussy like you’ve been waiting for?” The gravel in his voice makes your pussy clench and he sees it, chuckling darkly. 
“What do you say, guys? Wanna cum inside her?” A collective groan of agreement falls from everyone but Jimin, who is busy lining himself up with your soaking entrance. You heave a breath in anticipation as Taehyung and Jungkook move to flank your sides, eager to have their hands on you. “We’re all clean too, baby. Nothing to worry about.” Jungkook suddenly assures you, tracing a gentle line down your arm closest to him. 
At your nod, Jimin presses forward, beginning his descent into you. The stretch is already unbelievable, much more intense than your tiny vibrator. He reads your body well, taking his time to enter you as you gasp and writhe. Taehyung and Jungkook do their best to soothe you, helping to pain morph into pleasure as Jimin is finally fully inside of you. 
“Holy shit, you feel so good.” His voice is airy with pleasure and it inflates your ego just a bit. He begins a steady rhythm, splitting you open with every movement of his hips. A gasp stutters out of you when you realize just how big he is, tears brimming once again at the pure pleasure he’s giving you. It doesn't take long for him to increase his pace, fucking into you so hard that you’re pushed further onto the bed, tears spilling freely. Jungkook and Taehyung have each taken the liberty to attend to one of your nipples, pinching and licking at them as they please while Jimin wrecks you. 
“Look so pretty when you cry, baby. Sweet little crybaby letting me ruin her pussy, huh?” Jimin’s words add fuel to the fire in your stomach, and you cry even more as he hits a spot inside you that you didn't even know existed. 
“I’m getting close, Jimin-” your voice is stolen from you as Jungkook takes the opportunity to work two large fingers over your sensitive clit, heightening every sensation into a burning desire in your stomach. 
“I’m cumming!” You’re impressed the words even make it out before you feel like you’re floating, cumming around Jimin’s cock. Neither him or Jungkook let up as you scream their names, hands scrabbling for something to anchor yourself. White spots cloud your vision, and as the sensation passes you realize that your whole body is trembling. Taehyung’s planting kisses on your collarbones, murmuring things you can't quite understand yet. Jimin and Jungkook’s eyes are glued to your pussy, and you can feel it fluttering with the aftershocks. 
“Fuck, gimme a turn.” Jungkook is suddenly on the move, practically shoving Jimin- who was still hard- out of the way. Jimin doesn’t protest, his chest heaving from effort as he lays down next to you on the bed, immediately stealing your attention with a kiss. 
“You are so hot, you know that?” He says, brushing stray strands of hair out of your eyes. “Crying like that got me fucking harder, somehow. Shit.” You almost feel bad that he’s still hard, but Taehyung steals your attention quickly with a kiss of his own. Jungkook’s hands dance on your thighs, admiring the red marks that Jimin’s hand had made on you. His hand comes down on the opposite cheek that Jimin slapped earlier, relishing in the way you whine into Taehyung’s kiss. He lands one more on each side for good measure, and you moan so loudly that you have to pull away from Taehyung’s mouth. 
Jungkook takes the moment to tease his head against your slick entrance, and you nod fervently to tell him you’re more than ready for his cock. He’s somehow longer than Jimin, the impressive length a bit imposing as he begins to slip in. Despite just having orgasmed, he still stretches your entrance considerably. Taehyung groans along with you, sitting up for a better look as he wraps his hand around his cock. You can see now just how needy he is, the tip red and leaking. You reach for him absently, trying to keep your eyes on Jungkook as his face twists into pleasure. 
“Think she wants you, Taehyung.” Jimin interjects, warm hands enjoying caressing your side. Your mind is fuzzy with desire, as Taehyung finally gets your cues and props himself up. The sight of his cock makes your mouth water, and you open it to him with no hesitation. Perhaps wisely, he sneaks a look down to your pussy, where Jungkook had started a slow and satisfying rhythm inside of you. As if he knew the exact timing, Taehyung shoves his cock into your waiting mouth at the exact same time Jungkook ramps up his speed. 
Stuffed on both ends, you moan, surprised and delighted at how well the men worked together. Jungkook’s pace is punishing, relentless with the way he batters your pussy like it’s made for him. Lewd groans spills from him in a constant stream, and paired with the way he stretches you, you would be screaming for the whole building to hear if not for Taehyung’s cock. 
You focus on him as well as you can, relaxing your throat to let him fuck your face as he pleases. Your gag reflex threatens to make an appearance but you fight through it, enjoying the burn of your throat expanding for him. Taehyung is surprisingly perceptive to your needs and speeds up his thrusts just enough to make you feel wonderfully numb, spit seeping around his cock. The wetness drips down your chin onto your chest, but you are far too gone to find it embarrassing. Jungkook is lost in his pleasure, hips moving at an inhumane speed that scrambles your brain and sends shockwaves through your pussy.
“Pretty fucking girl, slobbering on my cock. Lettin’ me fuck your throat like a whore while Jungkook fucks you. Just a good little whore, doing whatever we want you to do, huh?” You nod at his words as best as you can, the mixture of sweat, tears and spit making your neck feel stick, but it’s all worth it when Taehyung produces the deepest moan you've ever heard. 
Jungkook mirrors him, letting out a string of high pitched whines. You choke around Taehyung’s cock at the movements and he lets up, allowing your wrecked voice to fill the room alongside Jungkook’s. With Taehyung out of the way Jungkook leans forward and leaves a bite on your neck, gasping as you feel his release fill you. The warmth makes your eyes roll back, satisfied to finally be filled with someone’s cum. 
Jungkook continues to buck his hips as he cums, laying his head down on your chest as Jimin captivates him in a kiss of his own. You’re entranced by their embrace, watching the way their tongues slip against each others as Jungkook rests on your chest. A happiness settles inside of you, not even bothered that you didn't come, as Jungkook lets out an airy giggle. He stands up and finds the strength to pull out of you, eyes glued to the mess he made inside of you. 
His cum rushes out and you clench to keep it in, loving the heavy feeling inside of you. Jungkook swears, pushing his sweaty hair back off his gorgeous forehead. 
“Fuck, you look so pretty with your pussy filled.” You’re surprised to hear Taehyung say, as he rounds the bed. They fall into their natural rhythm again as Jungkook finds his place, cuddled into Jimin’s side as if they’re watching a show. Taehyung’s eyes glint with something you can’t explain as he works a hand over his cock. 
He sees your questioning gaze and smirks. “Had to stop fucking your mouth cause I only wanna cum inside of you.” His hands find your hips, massaging the flesh there with reverence. “Flip over.” His sweet playful tone is gone, replaced by a hard dominance that churns your stomach. It takes a second to get your muscles to work, but soon you’re on your knees and elbows, head buried in the soft comforter. Taehyung groans, clearly enjoying the change in scenery as he gropes your ass. His fingers split open your pussy, watching Jungkook’s cum seep out of it. 
He takes a swipe across your pussy with his tongue, sending a moan stuttering out of you. “Tastes so good, but I can't wait to be inside of it.” 
“Please fuck me, Taehyung. I need you so bad.” You whine. The desire to have another load of cum inside of you overtakes any decorum as you shuffle your hips back against him, hoping it will make him act faster. 
“You greedy little girl. Already been fucked twice and you can't get enough?” He teases but you can hear the hitch in his voice, the way the heavy head of his cock traces against your exposed folds. He takes extra time to run the head of his cock over your engorged clit, extra sensitive since you didn't cum with Jungkook. Without warning his cock is sliding into you, pushing through the wetness of Jungkook’s come and your arousal. 
By far the thickest of the three, Taehyung’s cock punches the air out of you with the new angle. Your manicured nails grip the comforter in anticipation, and before you know it Taehyung is pounding into you. You feel like you will never catch your breath again with the way he’s moving inside of you, deconstructing your nervous system piece by piece. You’re vaguely aware of Jimin and Jungkook next to you and you turn your head in curiosity. 
Jungkook, despite his tiredness, has his lips wrapped around Jimin’s cock, eyes closed in pleasure as he bobs his head. The sight sends a ripple of pleasure straight to your core, tightening around Taehyung so much that he slaps your ass in appreciation. Jimin’s eyelids hang low but open, dangerous eyes boring right into your own as if he could read your mind. The hand that isn’t propping him up is resting gently on Jungkook’s head, and even with the momentum from Taehyung’s thrusts making your vision blurry, you can tell that Jimin’s face is the picture of sinful pleasure. 
Taehyung’s fingers seek out your clit and your instantly clench around him, your walls spasming as you fall into sensory bliss, all but drooling into the fabric below you. 
“Love this greedy little pussy, baby. So lucky we met her-” a hitch of his breath accompanied by his hips stuttering. “Come on, cum for me so I can fill you up.” His fingers somehow move faster, strumming your clit in a way that makes your toes clench and your stomach unravel. You cum with a force you didn’t know possible, gushing around Taehyung’s cock in a sticky mess. He thrusts only a few more times before spilling inside of you, slapping your ass again for good measure.  Your ears ring, happy with the numbness of your world. You can tell there are several hands on you, but who they belong to is a mystery. Taehyung’s cock leaves you and you whine, immediately missing the weight of him inside you. His cum spills out behind him and you feel like you could cry as the fullness slips away from you. You try your best to voice it as your body collapses onto the bed, but you can’t tell if they can even hear you let alone understand you. 
The edges of your vision return, fingers and toes coming back to life. You finally make out the hands on your head to be Jungkook’s, who is laying down next to you, staring at you as if you were made of stars. He’s speaking lowly and you smile when you finally make sense of what he’s saying.
“Good girl, now there you are. Hey.” The soft tone he uses makes you feel at ease. “Can you tell me what you were just trying to say?” His eyebrows furrow cutely and you try so hard to focus on his question and not the way you want to kiss him so badly. It takes your mouth a few moments to catch up to your brain, and you finally wade through the happy haze of your orgasm. 
“I said that I-” you wince at how wrecked your voice is. “I don’ want all the cum to slip out of me.” 
Jungkook’s eyes widen at your admission, perhaps expecting you to have much more PG thing to say. He recovers quickly, allowing a sexy smirk to break through. 
“Jimin,” Jungkook says, and for a second you’re still confused, until the man he calls upon is taking his place. His makeup still looks impeccable, and this close up you can see the details in his irises. He says nothing, and you aren’t sure exactly what he heard, so you just start again. 
“I want to-”
“Have all the cum stuffed back into you?” His words shock you despite how lewd the entire night had been. “Are you sure you’re gonna be alright? That last orgasm really took it out of you, sweetheart.” 
Your heart jumps at his consideration, but there’s still a fire burning deep in your stomach that you know he could be the one to put out. You turn your head just enough to see that his cock is still hard, leaking precum against his toned stomach.
“Yes, I’m sure. Please. Please. I promise I’ll be good. Wanna make you cum. Wanna have you all in me.” Jimin’s eyes darken immediately, and his strong hands maneuver your pliant body back onto your back. A surge of confidence runs through you at the animalistic desire on his face. 
“Gonna get you all filled up, baby. Our perfect little cum dump. Lettin’ us all take our turns with you.” He spreads your legs, examining your puffy pussy lips and the remnants of cum that leak from you. He gathers up what he can with his fingers and shoves it back into you. You shudder at the intrusion, beyond sensitive to his touches. 
“”M not gonna last long, baby. I’m so fucking hard.” He whines, palming himself as he gets to where he needs to be, settled between your legs snugly.  “S okay, just want your cum.” You assure him sweetly, feeling the weight of the night as well. You weren't even sure you had it in you to cum again, but you knew you wouldn't end the night satisfied without having them all spill inside of you. 
Jimin wastes no time after your reassurance, and his cock slides right in as if you were made for him. The lubrication makes for an extremely easy glide. Every move he makes strikes pleasure in your pussy, the sensitivity of the muscles making your orgasm build with surprising speed. Jimin can feel you clenching around him and he gasps, knowing your tells after seeing you cum so many times in one night. He presses a nimble finger to your clit, and that’s all it takes for you to cum again. A slow simmering orgasm that makes your legs shake as you gasp, latching onto Jimin’s arms for support. He joins you not long after, giving a few short thrusts to make sure that he fills you up deep. 
He drops his full body weight on top of you and you relish in the secure feeling, his cock twitching while still inside you. The shake in your legs finally stills, and Jimin pulls out of you, careful to minimize the amount that slipped out of you. You closed your legs instinctively although you were exhausted beyond belief. As the adrenaline wears off and the sweat begins to dry you shiver under him. Despite the heat of his body, you were definitely in need of something else to cover you. When he feels you shiver he plants a kiss on your forehead before sitting up and pulling aside the comforter on the bed before leading you underneath the layers of warmth. He slips in right after you, wrapping his arms steady around your figure. Your eyes threaten to slip shut, but the absence of the others nags at the back of your brain. 
“Went to get clothes and water,” Jimin explains as if he can read your mind. His head barely lifts from your shoulder as he speaks, and the low hum of his voice against you soothes the very last of your frayed nerves. Seconds later the door glides open, a now-dressed Taehyung and Jungkook with bottles of water and fabric bundled in their hands. 
You and Jimin both take a water bottle, and the other boys settle down on the bed. Suddenly you realize the bed isn't quite big enough for all four of you, as Taehyung’s limbs sprawl overtop of Jungkook’s. 
Jungkook waits until you drain half the water bottle, and then shuffles the pile of clothes in his arms. 
“They’re uh- they’re my clothes, but I. Figured they'd be better than your...dress.” He blushes, gingerly holding it out to you. The sight makes you giggle, but you thank him, and pull the shirt on over your head while you're still in the bed. Feeling like you could trust your legs again you slip out of bed and pull on the boxers and sweatpants he gave you. The shirt falls to your thighs and the bottoms he gave you only fit because of their drawstring, but the enveloping warmth and comfort made up for the size difference. 
“Thank you, Jungkook.” You whisper your thanks, scared to ruin the comfortable low hum of conversation between Taehyung and Jimin. It's easy to slip back under the sheets, wedged between Jimin and Jungkook. Taeyhyung takes the other side of Jimin, barely having enough room for his body at the edge of the mattress. He doesn’t seem to mind, though, as he reaches an arm across Jimin to reach you. He gently places a hand on your arm, rubbing gently at the skin there. 
An odd wave of emotion crests over you and your eyes well. “Thank you, by the way.” 
To your complete embarrassment they all coo at once, squishing in closer to you. You all smell like sex and sweat, but the embrace is so sweet that you have to remind yourself it was only a one night stand. 
“We should be the ones thanking you, Y/N. Believe it or we don’t usually do...this.” Jungkook admits. He’s facing your back but you can imagine the blush on his cheeks as he speaks. The idea shocks you and a sound of disbelief punches out of you. 
“It’s true,” Jimin pokes your ribs gently when he sees the look on your face. “We’re pretty picky. But you...” He stops himself, seeming to be afraid of saying too much. A teasing glimmer of hope sprouts in your chest with the implications of his words. Was it too soon for you to suggest doing this again? Or just hanging out like normal people? There’s no denying that you’re wildly attracted to all of them, but does that mean its worth pursuing? “We can think about it in the morning.” Comes Jimin’s gentle voice. Taehyung nods from behind him, and you can tell that his exhaustion is catching up to him. You have no idea it was when you left the club with them, and certainly have no idea what hour it is now. Jungkook grunts his agreement into your neck, and you hope he can't sense the way your heartbeat speeds up at his proximity. 
“Well still, thank you. And good night.” You murmur, nestling into the surprisingly soft pillow. Your eyes shut, and sleep is just inches away, latched between the two men closest to you, when Jimin begins to wiggle. 
“Shit, guys. Let me out, I need to piss.” Triplet sighs follow his demand, and you all laugh as he flips you off on the way to the bathroom. 
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adoredcore · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis. ‘just a little taste, angel━really wanna taste you on tongue.’ warnings. implied cunninglingus. dirty talk; like jungkook has such a filthy mouth on him. (switch?)!jungkook. not implied, but curvy!reader. THERE MAY BE SPELLING ERRORS. FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED <3.
jeniyah says. literally stabbing myself in the eyes. #myworstoneyet
Tumblr media
it started off with a kiss. a little simple peck to the lips. but, isn’t that how it always starts off with jungkook? he takes things too far because he’s a horny beast who can’t keep his hands off his girlfriend even if he tried. even if his life depended on it, he would die a painful death.
he kisses the spot above your cunt where a tiny mole was placed. he’s obsessed with the mark and continuously tells you how cute it is. he has his veined hands down on your thighs, pressing the sides of them to the mattress. he lowers his lips to your right lower lip. kiss. “just a little taste, angel━really wanna taste you on my tongue.” just a little taste, your ass. once jungkook had his lips on your pussy, there was no stopping him. the faintest taste of you made him go fervent. just a little taste? that ‘little taste’ would lead up to him ripping at least 3 orgasms out of you.
his lips switch to your left lip. kiss. a small, fragile kiss. he wants more, you can tell. he’s waiting for you to give him the go to a completely annihilate your cunt.
he lets out a frustrated sigh. his head leaves the comfort in between your thighs and he sits up to rest on your chest. “baby . . . let me eat your pussy, pretty please,” he looks up at you before batting his eyelashes, “let me suck on your clit and fuck your hole with my tongue,”  his head then drops in the crevice of your breast. you feel his lips tattooed on your skin, as he mumbles out, “let me make you come, baby . . . let me have your pretty pussy in my mouth, please. i’ll fuck you so good━so fucking good━afterwards. i’ll hit your g-spot just the way you like, mama. might even make this pretty pussy squirt, but you already know i’ll clean it all up, hm?” he gives you no time before he attacks your neck with kisses and nibbles.
“mm━jung . . . kook, you’re being so nasty right now, my god.” 
“hmm,” his hand, unbeknownst to you at the moment, trails down your stomach, below your stomach, to your cunt. his index finger then slowly toys with your clit. “let me taste you, pretty mama.”
you give in, because at the end of the day, you both know that jungkook can have your pussy anytime he wants and there’s no denying that.
Tumblr media
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jeonjcngkook · 10 hours ago
Can you do a drabble wherein the oc and jk make a bet where they try not to kiss each other!? Just imagine 🥺🥺🥺🥺
say less 🥺
To Be Loved By You | JJK
Tumblr media
⤑ pairing: jungkook x reader
⤑ genre(s)&au(s): sfw nc17+, fluff, romance, established relationship, domestic happiness, slice of life
⤑ w/c: 2k+
⤑ warnings: suggestive, making out
⤑ summary: you come across the 'try not to kiss' challenge on tiktok and you want to test your boyfie to see just how much he can resist.
⤑ note1: i love them sghdgfjshgfdh. thank you for this ask! im so thankful i have been able to write this <333 i hope it reaches your expectations my love!
⤑ note2: unedited and not betaed lmao but my beloved love @caelesjjk did read over it, thank you angel — this is for u!
Tumblr media
Early Saturday afternoons. Your favourite time of the week.
The time of week where you can let yourself be free of any commitments, the working week fully behind you. A day made up of zero plans.
Today couldn't be more idilic as the heavens sky opens wide, casting pillowy grey clouds over the city skyline and gentle pitter patters of rain drops against the glazing of your window. It eases your mind, furthering you into your state of bliss.
Your phone rests in your hand as you lazily lounge on the sofa, legs draped over your boyfriends lap as he continue to skim through tiktok, watching funny reddit threads and hairtoks while Jungkook rests his forearms across your legs, console controller in hand as he concentrates on the TV in front of you both, mindlessly walking through the map of the newest game he’s purchased.
He’s a natural beauty. With his hair parted down the middle and yet most of it is swept to the left, covering his eyebrow piercing that glitters when the sun decides to crack through the clouds and through the spaces in the blinds hung on the window. His eyes narrow as he becomes more absorbed into the fantasy world in front of him. A slope to his little button-like nose which ends just above the curve of his cupid's bow — heart shaped and pretty. You watch as your boyfriend’s tongue peeks out absentmindedly every so often, licking at the pretty little silver ring that rests beautifully on his lower lip. And his lips, oh goodness, his lips. Pink. Full. So so pretty.
What’s when the idea hits you.
Retracting your legs from Jungkook’s lap, you remove yourself from the comfort of your sofa and feign fixing something on the coffee beside you. Secretly, you place your phone horizontally down onto its side beside your favourite vase, making sure that the lens of your camera is facing Jungkook for what you’re away to do.
You turn back towards Jungkook and he moves his arms again, expecting you to place yourself back in your previous position sprawled across him but instead you take this opportunity to squirm into his lap, thighs on either side of his tiny waist as you nuzzle yourself into his neck, catching the fabric of his hoodie as you dip down. Inhaling, you catch the scent of jasmine and lily from the washing detergent you both use. You crack a smile as you nuzzle further into the smell, closing your eyes to bask and clawing your nails like a kitten finding comfort in your boyfriend.
Jungkook lets out a low laugh at your new position but entertains it nonetheless, completely oblivious as to what’s to come. He adjusts himself in the centre of the sofa with you still in his lap and resumes his game as he wraps his arm around your body; picking up the controller once more and continuing on with his game.
Five minutes pass and you decide that now is the time. You lift your head out of the crook of Jungkook’s neck and sit straight, now blocking his view of the TV. The buttons on the controller come to a full stop as your eyes follow the silence, watching him press on the pause button before placing the control down next to his knee on the couch.
“What’s gotten into you, darling?” Jungkook softly asks, his hands skimming past your cotton shirt and placing them directly onto your waist. You feel heat follow his touch as his thumbs rub back and forth on your skin. It’s gentle and loving.. just like Jungkook.
“Let’s play a game,” you say, a smile making its way to your face.
Jungkook’s eyes trail down your face and stare as your smile gets wider, a little cheekier too as you fully settle your body in his lap, the cushions of the sofa below your knees makes you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. Jungkook’s hands find your hair and you let him tangle his fingers through the strands delicately playing with the ends of them before tucking it behind your shoulder, exposing the skin of your neck. “And what game requires you to sit in my lap like this?” He asks with a raise of his eyebrow.
Your own hand is steadily pressed against his abdomen as you begin to trace your right index finger down his toned stomach, the ridges of muscle below tightening under your touch as your mouth waters at the sight.
Moving forward, you tilt your head to the side slowly and gently, watching as Jungkook replicates the movement in the opposite direction. You make sure to tease him a little more as your left hand raises your boyfriends chin to the side briefly, allowing you to press your lips to his neck, peppering open mouthed kisses along his throat and up towards his jaw, before finding a little spot to delicately suck rose petals into his skin.
The grip on your waist kneads at your flesh as the pleasure creates the hair on his arms to stand. You hear a little moan slip past his lips and you know that you have him exactly where you need him to be. Pulling away from his neck, you watch as a little love bite blossoms on his skin and you grin devilishly at your mark. 
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you entwine your own fingers together behind his neck and lean back towards his lips. Your eyes lock with his own dark irises, your mouth only a hair's breadth away from each other.  “The game where you try and not kiss me.” You whisper, your lips brushing over his own as you sound the words out.
Now it’s Jungkook’s turn to grin. It’s known to you just how competitive he can be — but he’s never competed for intimacy with you before.
He straightens his posture below you and pulls you closer to him. His palm reaches for your cheek, palm under your jaw and fingertips resting on your neck, pulling your head towards him, lips in front of lips, you can almost taste the mint on his tongue. His thumb strokes your cheek and your eyes flutter shut at the contact. “But you can’t resist me, darling,” he whispers, voice airy and light, teasing too and you can't help but whimper.
You take a deep breath, willing yourself to snap out of your daydream and look back into his eyes. Your tongue slips past the seam of your lips and you teasingly glide it along your lower lip before pulling the skin in between your teeth, biting down on it.
Jungkook giggles. It’s velvety and comforting. He moves his head an inch closer, your noses now grazing each other as he rubs up and down causing a giggle of your own to fill the space around you both.
At his words, you allow yourself to grind into his lap teasing him and you feel his hand around your waist tighten and watch as his breath stutters on the exhale and you can’t help but feel the rush of pride as you watch him weaken for you.
You don’t feign much better though. A warmth blossoms in your tummy and courses through your veins at your own movement and your automatic response is to kiss his pretty pink pouty lips. But with much vigour, you steer away from your thoughts and continue to stare deeply into his eyes. It’s been what? Three Minutes now? You think.
With a wandering eye, you side eye your phone which is still hidden behind the vase on the side table, smirk and stare back at him. “How’s your game going?” You ask, watching Jungkook’s own eyes flicker down to yours with the movement of your words, the sound light and airy with troubled confidence as you try to keep the proximity between you both exactly where you are.
“It’s…it’s going well. I’ve finally m-made it into the elite ranking,” he stutters his words at the movement of your hips in his lap.
Jungkook’s eyes darken immediately and his pupils blow out as the temptation begins to swallow at him. He swallows hard, his tongue darting out to lick at his lips and your instant reaction is to cradle his cheek in your palm. His head nuzzles into the warmth of your hand and you can’t help but trace your thumb over the wet skin of his lips, back and forth.
“I’m finding it incredibly difficult,” he starts, “having you this close to me, in this position, and not being allowed to kiss you.” His breathing is heavy and his hands are busy running up and down your sides, kneading, pulling, anything.
Your eyes flutter shut at the actions of his hands and your head falls forward, closer towards his awaiting mouth and he thinks he has you as his own lashes kisses the apples of his cheeks in preparation for your kiss. But your free hand juts out at the last minute against his chest to steady yourself.
“You know koo, you could just kiss me,” you whisper, your lips brushing across his own as you talk. “However I am so happy you ranked up,” you purr, rolling your hips harder on top of him, you feel your boyfriend’s movements match yours from below.
Jungkook’s resolve starts to break as his gaze settles on your lips, desiring a kiss that you’re toying from him. His hands slide down your ass and he quicks it a hard squeeze, his forehead now completely against yours. He rubs his own nose against yours once more and a growl deep from his  chest erupts as he maintains the last ounce of resistance in his body.
But Jungkook loves, adores, when you’re needy and whiny for him. It plays into his masculinity that his girl is there begging for him to make her feel good and that is just what you do.
Both of your hands slide to the back of his neck and lace within each other, resting your warm palms at the back of his head. “Koo, please, just kiss m-,” you mewl and pull at the long strands of his hair at the nape of his neck.
The desire that has been palpable between the both of you finally cracks and Jungkook’s lips surge forward and finally collides with your own, cutting off the end of your sentence.
The kiss starts off slow and gentle, pecks upon pecks on your lips but quickly everything devolves from there, moving into something deeper, with more passion, heat, filthy and wet. Jungkook pulls your lower lip into his mouth, nipping hard and exploring your mouth with his tongue as he pushes past your lips and tangles his wet muscle with yours.
It’s dizzying and all consuming as you get so lost in it that you forget that next to you there is a phone recording this for your tiktok account and yet you can’t find it in yourself to care. You press back into it with your eagerness, the warmth that was once in your stomach now a fully blossomed fire as you begin to fight for faux dominance against him, and Jungkook fights back just as much with a smile into the kiss and a rock of his hips pulling a whine out from you.
All too soon, he pulls away from you leaving you both with heaving chests, gasping for air as you both stare at each other's kiss bitten, swollen lips — wanting nothing more than to have him again and again and again. He smirks at you frivolously and his hand comes up to hold your own cheek in his palm.
“Don’t know what you’re smirking for, you just lost,” you grin at him.
Jungkook is quick to pull you back towards him with a laugh. “Worth it,” he mouthes as he kisses you intensely one more time.
Tumblr media
⤑ note3: don't be a silent reader & leave some feedback in my asks, reblog with a nice comment or even a lil reply saying if you enjoyed — big or small, they go a long way! supporting writers is always important <33
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yoongiofmine · 2 days ago
Little do You Know | OT7 | Fifty Three
Tumblr media
Pair: Bangtan (ot7) x f!reader 
Summary: In a world where idols and actors can’t date, whether it be because of contracts, lack of time, or the dangers that involve having your personal life leaked, the market opened up for a new work field. Playmate Agencies emerged to supply the entertainment world with highly trained companions for hire. Bangtan is looking for new playmates. And you just happen to be the one all of them choose. 
Genre: Fluff, angst, smut, playmate au, idol au. 
Chapter warnings: Nothing in this chapter………… I’m sorry about chapter 54. 
WC: 1.5k
← Previous | Series Materlist | Next →
Tumblr media
“I can walk, you know?!” you yelled loud enough for everyone at the apartment to hear. 
You had been back at the apartment for the past three hours and the seven boys were ardently devoted to making sure you didn’t put any effort on yourself. Sejin had cleared their schedule for the day, after hearing what happened to you, so you had seven really cute and really hot nurses. At first it had been fun, being so spoiled and looked after. But it was starting to get on your nerves a little bit. 
The doorbell had just rang, and you knew exactly who it was. But Hoseok didn’t let you get out of bed and went to answer it himself. Hana was brought into your room by Jungkook. She had a red heart shaped balloon and a heart shaped chocolate box in her arms; no doubt foreshadowing the commercial holliday just around the corner. 
“I’m afraid I’ll have to confiscate that, Hana noona.” Jungkook said, trying to get the chocolate box from her. 
“Oh, please! I bought this myself, there’s no way anybody could have done something, and I’m not about to poison my best friend.” her eyes rolled as she let go of the balloon and opened the chocolate box in front of him. “But if you insist, I’ll eat one and you can check on me in an hour.”
Hana popped a chocolate into her mouth and ate it, making a show of proving she had swallowed it. Jungkook almost looked convinced, until she started coughing desperately and grabbing at her throat. 
“Noona! Fuck, somebody-”
Jungkook was so worried you felt sorry for the boy. Hana started laughing as you rolled your eyes at her childishness. 
“Don’t do that to him!” you scolded the girl, who was rolling on the bed from laughing too much. “I’m sorry, bun, she didn’t mean to make fun of you.” 
“Yes I did.” 
The boy was pouting when he walked up to you, leaning over to leave a small peck to your lips. “Call me if you need anything.” he kissed you again. “Or if you need me to kick her out.”
You only nodded, face positively red and warming up. Hana wasn’t laughing anymore, but she did have her eyebrows raised as she watched the exchange. After the boy was gone and the door closed softly behind him, you pulled the chocolate box to your lap. 
“Soooo.” Hana said, settling in front of you as her house slippers fell to the floor. “That was new.”
“You know I’m hooking up with them.” you told her with your mouth full of chocolate. 
“That wasn’t a ‘she’s my playmate so I want to kiss her’ kiss.” she snorted, choosing another chocolate for herself. “That was a ‘you almost died and I can’t live without you’ kiss.”
“If that’s the case, why aren’t you kissing me?” you puckered your lips playfully. 
“If I do that, they might actually poison me for real.” she laughed, back falling to the bed as she relaxed. “Besides, I know where your mouth has been now.” 
“Shut up!”
You groaned mid laugh. You had missed Hana a lot. Between your sister’s visit and the past two weeks you spent with the boys before their vacation ended, you hadn’t had a lot of time to see your best friend, only exchanging text messages and video calls. 
“How are you, boo? Truly.” Hana asked, hoping you’d be honest with her. 
And this was Hana, so of course you were. “I’m terrified.” 
“Do you really think it was that Twitter bitch?” her temper couldn’t help but be a little flared up. 
“It all points to that, yeah.” you pushed the chocolate box toward her, stomach clenching with the mere thought of the sasaeng. “Joon thinks she could be getting help from someone inside HYBE, but we don’t know who. There’s no trace of her at all.” 
“That’s really awful.” 
A knock on the door interrupted you, Seokjin coming in to deliver two glasses of orange juice for you and your friend. He had been making sure you drank a lot of fluids to help wash off any remaining toxins. You thanked him with a sweet smile and he left just as soon as he came. 
“You’re not gonna want to hear this, boo.” she started, after taking a sip of her juice. “But I wouldn’t be your best friend if I didn’t tell you.” 
“Go ahead.” 
You took a few gulps of your juice, knowing oppa would come back soon to fetch the empty glass and it better be finished by then. 
“You know you can leave, right? If this is too much for you… If it gets too dangerous. Your contract isn’t set in stone, you can ask Hyeon-nim to be transferred to another idol.” as Hana spoke, your heart clenched with every word. “I’m sure HYBE would understand, and the boys wouldn't hold it against you either.”
“I know all that. But they need me.” you nibbled on your bottom lip because you knew that was a half assed excuse.
“Do they need you, or do you need them?”
You sighed, unable to look her in the eyes. 
"Same thing.”
Tumblr media
“When will we tell her?” Taehyung had asked that same thing for the past seven days now. 
“She just got home from the hospital, Taehyungie.” Jimin muttered. “Even I don’t think this is a good time.”
“Then tomorrow?” he pushed. 
The boys were reunited in the living room of your apartment, mindlessly channel surfing while you showered. The dinner was heating up in the oven, just waiting for you to join them. 
“We should wait until Monday.” Jungkook mumbled, looking at his socked feet. 
“What’s on monday?” Namjoon asked the maknae. 
“It’s Valentine’s day.” Yoongi answered as he bit the corner of his thumb. 
The seven men were quiet after that, each thinking of all of the possibilities the date could bring. What they hoped it would bring. It was a good thing that they dropped the subject since not even five minutes later you walked into the living room, dressed in your old pajamas that always brought comfort to you. Your hair was in a crooked bun on the top of your head and you didn’t have a smudge of makeup on your face, but they never saw anyone more beautiful. 
“Why are you staring at me like that?” you giggled. 
“Just waiting for you so we could have dinner, sweetheart.” Seokjin got up from the couch and his movements set all the others off. 
“You didn’t have to!” 
You followed the men into your kitchen as Yoongi made you sit down at the table while they brought the plates and food to you. Jimin served your plate as Jungkook filled a glass of juice. Knowing Jin, he would hand feed you too, should you let him. 
“Did you call your father, kitten?” 
“He called me.” you answered him after biting half of a dumpling. “Sana saw it on the internet and told him, so he was worried.”
“Rightfully so. At least the news didn’t talk about what really happened.” Namjoon commented, starting to get riled up. 
“Let’s talk about something else, I just want to eat in peace.” Hoseok sighed, picking a good piece of meat from the grill and dropping it to your plate. “How’s Sukie?”
“She’s good. Having fun at school and learning new things.” you told them with a fond smile. “She said she’s making a card for Kookie.” 
“For me?” the boy lit up at the mention of his name. 
You nodded, telling him how she had told you over the phone all about her new school friends and teachers. Appa also told you she had been trying to be more social now, even asking to stay at school a little longer to play with the other kids. And you knew it was because of the boys and all of the forced socializing she did while staying in Seoul with you. 
The dinner moved on as it always did, food being devoured and loud boys being loud. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You couldn’t really explain why, but as the night moved on, you had a bad feeling in your gut. As if the little voice inside your head was telling you to not get comfortable. You chucked it aside, blaming your nerves and anxiety, you had been through a lot lately. And the conversation with Hana also didn't help all that much. You wondered if you'd ever get to a point where you'd have to leave them because it would be too dangerous for you to stay. 
After the boys had already left, you were in your bathroom brushing your teeth when your phone pinged with a new notification. You hoped it was one of the boys inviting you to sleep over, since your anxiety was making your palms clammy and your heart was trying to beat out of your chest, as much as you told yourself there was no reason to be worried. 
And you believed that.
Until you opened the text.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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borathae · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
↳ Index [Snippet #34 - Creampies & Fishnets]
"When you breed Jungkook in fishnets."
Pairing: Tattooist!Jungkook x Restaurant Owner!Reader
Genre: Porn haha, some domestic Fluff in the beginning
Warnings: bratty sub!Jungkook who turns good boy in the end, hard dom!Reader, sadism & masochism, degradation (she calls him slut, whore, bitch, cumhole), praise (she calls him good boy, her baby & puppy too), rough pegging, Jungkook is so vocal omfg, he loves talking back to get a lil punishment :), dirty talk, leather kink, tattoo & piercing kink, Jungkook wears make up and has his nails painted 🥴, he wears fishnets, primal play (she chases him & he has to escape), slight strength kink, huge squirting dildos, spanking, flogging, CBT, hair pulling, handjobs, rimjob, lube, anal fingering, use of glass anal toys, buttplugs, some nipple play, he has sensitive pierced nipples, orgasm torture, edging & forced orgasm, prostate milking, cumming untouched, multiple orgasms (m.recieving), subby boy!tears, Jungkook is such a size king, breeding with so much fake cum, creampies, the fluffiest aftercare!!, they love each other so much :(
Wordcount: 11.4k
a/n: at this point I'm just incredibly bi for both of them. I also wanna state that I have zero tattoos, but this couple makes me wanna get some hahaha. I also want to state that this stems from my horniest desires, this is pure jerk off porn holy fuck. I have to take a walk now, have fun besties 🏃🏻‍♀️🧡
Tumblr media
"Ah fuck, I messed up again. Stop moving so much", you grumble at him, reaching for the cotton swap.
"I'm not moving", Jungkook defends himself, watching as you soak the cotton with the nail polish remover to fix the mistake you made on his ring finger. 
"Yeah, you are. Each time you sing, you move your hand", you murmur, working precisely to clean around the edges of his polished nail.
Deep black with a glossy finish. It compliments his tattoos spanning all the way from his fingers up to his shoulder blades. 
"Oh? Now I'm not even allowed to sing?" Jungkook laughs.
"Not until I'm done."
He clicks his tongue, "mean."
"It's just one more nail babe, you'll manage."
You are sitting on the living room floor, having turned your coffee table into your makeshift nail art studio. The bluetooth speakers, which Jungkook installed throughout the house, are playing your favourite getting-ready-playlist, lifting your mood by a hundred.
Jimin and Yoongi asked the entire gang to come to a leather party in the neighboring town's most popular kink club and of course you and your husband agreed instantly. Leather was entirely your thing. Mix that with a chance to see your friends, an opportunity to dress up and an excuse to get out your prettiest gear and you two are at the front of the queue. Hoseok and Tashyung promised to pick you up on their way and told Seokjin that he can drive with them too. Jimin and Yoongi will pick up Namjoon later, who currently celebrates his well-deserved single life. The group chat has been busy the entire day and excitement for the party was grande.
"Jungkook!" you exclaim.
"What I do?" he gasps, widening his eyes in an innocent way (he knows that he isn’t innocent, but loves to act as if he was).
"Dancing isn’t better, you doofus", you complain, wiping off the huge plop of polish you left on his pinky finger. 
"You gotta tell me that", he says, earning himself a roll of your eyes. 
"I sometimes can’t believe you", you murmur, "there, all done." 
Jungkook pulls his hands from the table, examining them with his fingers stretched out. You close the polish in the meantime.
"Wow", he says, voice slightly pitched in honest awe, "they look so beautiful", he lowers his hands, "thank you so much, my love. I love them so much."
He wanted to reach for you and kiss you, but you flinched back.
"Careful, you'll ruin them. You gotta let them dry."
He sacks his shoulders, pouting so incredibly sadly. 
"But kissies", he murmurs.
You lean forward and smooch his lips. 
"Ye", he says with the goofiest grin ever. 
You pinch his chin and stand up.
"Imma make a pre party snack now. I'm too old to drink on an empty stomach. Want something too?"
"Yes, please."
You and Jungkook thankfully started early enough with your preparations to feel no ounce of stress right now. Quite frankly, your entire day was planned out with party preparations. A good workout in the morning to make your bodies really pop (Jungkook’s words not yours). Then after a shower and hair wash, Jungkook painted your nails a dark black and while you let it dry, made breakfast. If one was worrying. Bam was staying with your parents tonight. Jungkook and you drove him to them after your nails dried, staying for a glass of orange juice fresh from the oranges of their tree. Your parents have really been making an effort ever since you moved back home and while the start was a little rocky, you really love that spending time with them feels like it did when you were a child again. They loved Jungkook as if he was their own son and loved Bam as if he was their grandson, having agreed to watch your little puppy without hesitation. After coming home from your parents and some free time, which you spent cleaning the house because you both love coming home to a clean house after a night out, you painted Jungkook’s nails, now preparing both of you a quick late afternoon snack.
"I hope you like toast. I thought some carbs are the perfect base", you tell him, already munching on your buttered toast.
"I love it, thank you baby", Jungkook says, opening his mouth so you could feed it to him.
Tumblr media
You clean up the kitchen and your impromptu nail salon after finishing your snacks. By the time you finished, Jungkook’s nails have already dried enough that he can safely handle things. 
You find him in your bedroom, looking through the closet. 
"What's your vision?" you ask him.
"I'm thinking slutty husband", he says, making you snort. 
"You wanna identify as a husband?" 
He looks over his shoulder, studying you from head to toe 
"Yeah? Why?" 
You shrug your shoulders, "just thought you'd go with something like slutty biker who gets his dick wet each night." 
"Ooh I like the way you think, that does sound like me. What's your vision, babe?"
You join him by the closet, opening the drawer with your leather gear. 
"I was thinking super hot leather babe with great tits."
Jungkook chuckles, "that does sound like you", he mumbles mindlessly, flicking through his leather pants collection in search of that one distinct pair. It sits the lowest it can get and emphasises his ass and crotch maddeningly well whilst showing off his happy trail. Jungkook pulls it out of the drawer, taking a pair of tightly knotted fishnets with them. Black of course. 
He throws them both on the bed and then moves on to picking out the perfect shirt. There are three options for him. A leather chest harness which accentuates his muscles, a fishnet turtleneck and a body tight crop top without sleeves. He shows you all three options, posing in his briefs and white toe socks, which for some reason he pulled up all the way. 
"Crop top, no doubt", you tell him, "that shirt with those pants? Honey, you’re gonna get fucked tonight", you say.
"Message received, crop top it is", he says, putting the other clothes away again, "now jewellery. Imma change my piercings too. Need the ones you can see through the shirt. And my ears too? I think yeah", he is talking to himself and so you stop listening to concentrate on your own outfit instead. 
You decide to go with leather pants as well, combining them with a black mesh crop top that really shows off all the tattoos you have collected over the years with Jungkook. You really love showing them off, because most of them your husband did and you are so proud of all his work. 
"Two more hours babe, Imma start doing my makeup", you let him know on your way to the bathroom.
Jungkook, who is in the middle of changing out his nipple piercings, looks up.
"Okay, thanks for telling me the time", he says, returning to his task.
Tumblr media
He joins you in the bathroom ten minutes later. 
"Piercings successfully changed?" you ask him.
"Yup. Watcha think?"
He exchanged his silver eyebrow piercing for a black steel one, matching his earrings as well. His lip ring he kept intact, but he exchanged his barbell nipple piercings for heavy rings so they would really show up under the shirt. 
"You look so good. Shit, I forgot how sexy those rings look", you say, eyes lingering on his chest 
"Yeah right?" he rubs his hands under them, "I'm not used to how heavy they are. My nips are gonna be hypersensitive, I'm telling you."
"Hot, can’t wait to play with them", you tease, ignoring the longing gaze he sends your way to instead finish applying your skin care. 
"You're gonna give me a boner if you keep talking like that", he whines, cracking you up.
"Sorry boo, I’ll tone it down."
"No, no continue I like it", he assures you and opens his cabinet to finally begin prepping his face as well. 
With thirty minutes to spare before Hoseok arrives, both of you finally finish your make-up looks. You went for smokey eyes and glossy lips. Jungkook went for a smudged eye look and red tainted lips. You both also went for sparkly highlighter, which you helped apply for each other. 
It gives you just enough time to finish your looks until they were both perfect and you looked like two sexgods (Jungkook’s words not yours). You also somehow matched without actually initially planning to. But even if you hadn’t matched, people would have known you two belong together. There was just something in your energy and vibe that showed that you two were an inseparable team. 
You insisted on snapping a few pictures in front of the mirror and Jungkook agreed passionately. So you spent the entire remaining ten minutes taking photos, dancing to your favourite songs and almost making out atop the bed. 
You probably would have ended up making out, if Hoseok hadn’t rang your phone, informing you that they were there. You then grabbed your money and finally left for the night. 
Tumblr media
"You guys look so hot what the hell?" Hoseok greets you, looking like a leather god himself in his harness and tight pants.
"You look hot too, like damn" you tell him, "you too Tae, you look like a slut."
"Well thank you, that was my plan. I wanna get fucked tonight", he says, showing off his legs in the tiniest booty shorts known to mankind and a lowcut shirt over which he threw on a jacket.
You pick up Seokjin at his house, complimenting him on his scorchingly hot leather look. Longarm shirt and pants. It fit his shoulders so well. And then you are cruising down the coastline with loud music blasting in the radio and the mood being amazing. 
You meet the rest of your gang in front of the club. Jimin decided to not wear a shirt at all while Yoongi went for a leather vest with a newsboy hat look. Namjoon chose leather pants and a jacket, having mousse in his hair.
"Whore you look amazing", you greet Jimin.
"Bitch you don’t talk, you are such a slut", Jimin greets you, taking you into a tight hug, "I'd fuck you if I were straight."
"Well thank you", you laugh, breaking out of the hug to greet the others with a hug as well.
"You look so hot Joon. I see someone’s trying to get over that bitch", you say.
"Yeah, totally. She was the biggest mistake in my life, no joke", Namjoon says, "gotta make sure to replace those memories with actual good ones. I mean, she couldn’t even fuck for shit."
"I never liked her", Yoongi says.
"Me neither, I thought her breath always stank. I could even smell it through pictures", Taehyung agrees.
"Yeah totally", Hoseok says, nodding his head.
"You're better off single", Seokjin says.
"Totally", Jungkook nods his head.
No, the break up was not recently. His ex just turned out to be complete and utter human garbage, who not only cheated on him but also tried to start a rumour that he assaulted her, which he never did. He deserves to hate and you are all ready to support him like the family you were.
"I hope you get laid tonight, hun", you say, patting Namjoon's arm before stepping back and tugging Jungkook close to you by his exposed waist, "you ready to party?"
"So ready, let's go", Seokjin says.
"Are you gonna end up sitting in a corner and playing mobile games again?" Jimin asks him teasingly, slinging an arm around him.
"No? What the hell? I never do that?" Seokjin complains with red ears, which means he was very much planning on doing so. And he will, but he will assure you that he was having a great time with little waves and smiles at the rest of you as you were grinding on the dance floor. 
Namjoon will also be very successful in his task of getting laid, having to leave the party early with a beautiful woman by his side. 
Taehyung will be successful too, except that he won't be leaving the party but will engage in it in the VIP area just up the stairs. 
"They’re all having so much fun", Jungkook rasps against your neck. He is as close as the situation allows, lipstick smeared and eyeshadow smudged even more. His eyelids are heavy in sex, his hair is soaked in sweat. 
"Whatcha mean?" you ask him. You have your head rested against his chest, enjoying the electrifying feeling of having Jungkook’s strong hands on your hips as his tattooed arms are slung around you from behind.
"I can see Tae give it doggy from here", Jungkook rasps, "I wanna fucking rail you doggy too", he adds with his parted lips pressed against your ear.
You grind back into him, moaning needily. The music drowns out everything either way. Besides, nobody would care if you fucked right here and there, you wouldn’t be the only ones. 
"Seokjin’s having fun too, look", Jungkook speaks.
He is talking to someone, sharing drinks.
"What do you think they're talking about?"
"Maybe how hard your cock is?" 
Jungkook chuckles deeply, "fuck baby", he growls playfully, dragging his nose up and down the side of your neck, "you're so fucking sexy, can't help it."
You turn, hooking your arms behind his neck. Jungkook pulls your hips snug against his instantly. Next to you, Yoongi is currently fighting off Jimin slipping his hand down his pants.
"I need you so bad." and "not here, I’m shy", you hear something along that line and then the music drowns them out again.
Jungkook looks so fucking sexy under those lights. Reds and pinks and purples, all hazy because of the smoke and distorted by the people around you. 
It compliments Jungkook’s skin so well.
"I'm so fucking obsessed with you", you say, gripping his face harshly just so you can kiss.
Jungkook moans lewdly, biting down on your lower lip playfully. It makes you hiss and pull back just enough that you can stare at him. He is smirking. 
"I need you like crazy", he rasps.
You move closer, lips brushing against his', "and I wanna breed you like an animal."
Jungkook widens his eyes in genuine surprise.
"Damn babe", another genuine reaction.
"I'm serious, I want you bent over, ass bred and mind complacent."
"Shit baby, what the hell?" Jungkook laughs, squeezing your hips, "what's gotten into you?"
"You. Also, I drank a shot of tequila with Hobi when you were gone taking a piss."
Jungkook sneaks a glance at the latter, who is currently busy chatting up a very obvious leather daddy. He shifts his eyes back to you, gulping at how heavy they look in arousal.
"Wanna call a cab and dip?"
After saying your goodbyes to everyone except Taehyung as he was busy otherwise, you and Jungkook manage to snatch a cab back home.
You spent the entire ride home groping Jungkook’s body and slathering his neck in needy kisses. You also spent an unhealthy amount of fumbling with the hem of his fishnets which he pulled up his waist far enough so that it would peek out of his pants and accentuate his happy trail even more.
"I wanna rip that off of you", you whisper into his ear, "it's driving me crazy."
You try to slip your hand inside, needing nothing more than to play with his hair.
"Babe wait", Jungkook stops you in a quiet chuckle, "the cab driver."
You sneak a glance at the driver, dropping your head on Jungkook’s shoulder with a defeated groan.
Your manners last two minutes and then you start fumbling again, tracing Jungkook’s abs. His skin feels so sticky from dancing, now ice cold from being exposed in the fresh air for too long. But every touch you leave, returns some of that heat, riling Jungkook up even if he doesn’t let it show for the sake of the cab driver. 
"I wanna play your body like it's my favourite game", you rasp against his neck, "hear me? I won’t stop until I'm a pro at it." 
Jungkook tilts his head, kissing your forehead, "of course baby", he says lovingly.
He almost moans when you abandon his abs to instead rub his nipples over his terribly thin shirt. Not that the thickness of the fabric would have any difference. Just like Jungkook figured, the big rings made his nipples hypersensitive. Your messy, yet incredibly good touch goes straight to his cock. Everything stopping his cock from ripping through the seams, is Jungkook’s hand on it, squeezing it as tightly as possible to stop the blood flow.
"We're not alone", he whispers shakily, forcing his body to stay still.
"I need your nips in my mouth, baby", you rasp, "all swollen and hard from having to carry those big rings. I need them against my tongue."
Jungkook exhales shakily, "fucking shit", he whispers under his breath, tilting his hear back for a second to gain control again. He lifts it.
"Sorry Sir, but how long still?" he asks the cab driver.
"Five minutes Sir", he answers him and turns the music back up again.
"Okay, thank you", Jungkook turns to you, "five minutes, please baby."
"I can't wait any longer, I need you", you say, trying to slip your hand under his shirt. 
Jungkook grabs your wrist and pins it against his tummy.
"Five minutes, please", he says sternly.
"So uncool", you murmur, gazing at his lips. 
Tumblr media
The cab driver lets you out in front of your house, driving off quickly.
You turn to Jungkook now that you are alone, gripping him by his dainty waist to pull him close.
"Babe wait", Jungkook stumbles with a laugh, finding support on your shoulders.
"Shut up and kiss me", you hiss, pulling him into a passionate kiss. 
"Mhmbaby", he murmurs, almost falling over his own feet as you not only kiss him like crazy, you also push him closer to your front door, guiding the way without looking. It is a dangerous game you're playing, but you can’t stop.
All night long, you had to watch Jungkook dance and laugh and sing. All night long, you had to stare at his scorchingly hot legs in those tight leather pants and his well-groomed bush and that dainty waist of his' hugged by fishnets. All night long, you had to look at his messy makeup and feel his painted fingernails swirl over your skin and you have had enough. You need him like lungs need air and fins need water. 
The kiss breaks because looking for the keys is impossible. Jungkook fumbles with them, trying and failing to flee from you grinding yourself into him.
"Give me a minute baby, I can’t open the door like that", he chuckles.
"Hurry up, will you?"
"I'm trying. It’s hard when you’re humping me."
The door clicks and opens.
You rip it open for him and seconds later push him inside just so you can kick the door closed behind you and pin Jungkook against the dresser in your hallway. 
"Wait you-" he gets silenced by your lips, mewling into the sloppy kiss instead while you bend his body over that uncomfortable dresser. 
You have your knee between his legs, rubbing his cock and balls with such vigour he wonders if you want him to completely crumble here and now. 
"Ah please", he moans breathily, knees buckling and fingers gripping your thigh, "give me a minute to take off my boots."
You give him a growl as an answer, stepping back. You take off your own shoes in the meantime, discarding them in the middle of the walkway because you can’t be bothered to waste time.
Jungkook uses the opportunity to flee out of the entryway, getting chased by you all the way to your hallway leading upstairs. 
You grab his waist.
"Wait", he squeaks in a shy chuckle, squirming in your hold.
You twirl him.
"Baby wait", he laughs.
"What?" you ask, "why are you acting like that?" 
"Why are you acting like that?" 
"Because you- urgh" you press him against the railing harshly, knocking a needy moan out of him, "you fucking annoy the living shit outta me. How dare you flaunt your slutty little waist and your whore thighs all night long. You are such a slut, you fucking anger me", you growl, feeling him up hungrily.
"Jesus fucking Christ", Jungkook gasps, eyes comically big, "you're crazy."
"Yeah, crazy for you. I want you on my strap. Now."
"Okay, okay wait", Jungkook laughs, fighting off your hands trying to open his pants, "wait a minute, wait."
"Jungkook please", you whine, falling against him in a defeated manner, "pleasee let me fuck you open. Please I'm begging you, I need to fuck you. That’s all I need." 
Jungkook chuckles, "I didn’t say no, just give me a minute."
"No minutes, I need you now", you say, trying to kiss him again. 
He stops you with his fingers squishing your cheeks.
"I'm sweaty, sticky and stinky. I need a shower", he says.
"You don’t stink, you smell like sex", you whine, "let me smell you", you add, fighting his hold for a sniff of his neck. 
He lets you, laughing loudly when you do the most intense and honest nose breathe he has ever heard you do.
"Urgh yeah", you say in a deep voice, "I need this fucking packaged, you smell so fucking good." 
"Fine", he chuckles, "fine, then at least let me clean out. I don’t feel comfortable without cleaning out." 
You inhale again, grinding into him in a defeated, almost stubborn manner.
"Fine", you give in, "I want you to feel comfy. Go clean your ass, urgh stupid cleaning out, I just want your ass now. Why did nature make it dirty?" 
"Yeah big mood", Jungkook pecks your cheek, "give me twenty." 
"You get fifteen and not a second longer."
"Fine, fifteen. Good god, I married a crazy woman", he says and turns to hurry upstairs.
Tumblr media
Contrary to your first words, you both take a quick shower, exchanging your dirty party clothes for clean new ones in a similar style. You go for tight leather pants and a lace bra, knowing very well that more clothing is unnecessary. 
You knock on the closed bathroom door.
"You've got five more minutes. I expect you back in fishnets."
"Yeah, yeah. Where you off to?"
"Come and find me, will you?" 
"Babe wait!" you hear Jungkook call out and then you have already disappeared out of the bedroom, geared up with all the toys you need and more. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook comes out of the bathroom to silence and a dark room. 
"Babe where are you?" he asks, turning the lights off. 
"You wanna play games? Fine with me."
Jungkook decides to go for new fishnets, combining them with an oversized shirt to cover up his dick and the harness for now. He hopes that he will be forgiven for not choosing leather pants again, but he figured that those were unnecessary either way.
He leaves the bedroom, calling out for you again. Nothing. He looks into the guest bedroom and his room. Both empty.
"Darling where are you?" 
The lights turn on downstairs. He hears footsteps. He jogs down the steps, looking left and right.
The steps come from the living room.
He follows them, finding you in the middle of it with your back to him.
"There you are. Damn, you look hot. What are you doing here?" 
"I wanna play a game", you turn.
"Okay? Why are you holding our flogger?" 
Your lips curl into a crazy smirk. You hit your own hand with it once. 
Jungkook realises, gulping heavily.
"Babe no way…"
You lower your eyes dangerously.
"Run if you want it, stay if you don’t", you tell him, "five, four, three.."
"Fuck", Jungkook says and turns, setting off with a loud squeal.
"...two…one! Run faster little rabbit, run!" you call out, running out of the living room. 
You hear Jungkook squeal in the entryway. You cross the corner, watching as he presses himself against the door.
"Hello there."
"Let me tell you something, wait let's talk. Wait", he says, lifting his hands defensively.
"Gotcha", you say, inching closer to him with the flogger tangling by your side dangerously.
"No, listen. Hear me out", Jungkook says, "hear me out! I- eeek" he squeaks and dodges you by twirling around you and running off.
You turn with a laugh, "come back!" you yell and chase him all the way to the kitchen.
Jungkook dodges every single one of your grabby hands, laughing and squealing as he does. You two manage to do two rounds around the dinner table and then Jungkook runs to the living room.
"Come here you little shit", you spit, almost catching him. His shirt slips from your fingers again and with it, Jungkook.
He runs off laughing, getting as far as the staircase and then you have a bundle of his shirt between your fingers again.
You tug roughly, pulling him back.
"No", Jungkook stumbles hard, "please another chance", he begs with tears of laughter in his eyes, "I was warming up."
"Shut up, I caught you", you hiss, wrapping your arm around his waist harshly. You tug him with you on your way to your room.
Jungkook goes willingly, laughing squeakily.
"Not so fast, I’m not wearing underwear", he begs, hitting your arm gently.
"Not my problem", you hiss, kicking the door open and turning on your light with the handle of the flogger. 
"But it pinches my balls", he whines, trying to make himself heavier only to get shaken around as you tighten your grip on him.
"You're a pain slut, you’re into it."
"So now you’re me and know what I like?" 
"Shut up, whore", you spit, throwing him on your mattress.
Jungkook moans, squirming deliciously for just a second before he uses the opportunity to try and belly crawl away from you. Not that he comes far. Seconds later and you pin him down with your knee on his lower back, weight perfectly balanced to cut off his movements without hurting his spine or kidneys.
He wiggles under you like a little fish out of water, kicking the floor as he does. 
"Let. Me. Go", he grunts.
"No", you answer him, forcing his shirt up his torso to expose his ass to you. Like this his little waist is exposed as well, made even smaller by the tightly cut fishnet hem. The fact that he isn’t wearing any clothes underneath, makes you want to ruin him. 
You trace his butt, making sure the flogger was gracing his skin.
"Last chance. Say the word and I'll stop", you say.
"And if I don’t?" 
"I'll flog you like the stupid slut you are."
Jungkook squirms, earning himself a stronger grip from you. It squishes his cock between the edge of the mattress and his body so well. 
He shakes his head vigorously.
"No? Don’t wanna say it?"
"Don't wanna say it", he confirms, tilting his hips back.
"Holy- fffuck", Jungkook brings out, head shooting up and feet kicking the floor, "warn me." 
"Whores don’t get warnings", you spit, swirling your flogger skillfully to really land a harsh spank on his ass. 
Jungkook sucks in air, hips chasing the sensation the second it is gone. It comes again. Harsh, intense, hot.
You truly don’t have mercy in you tonight. Another harsh flog reminds him of that fact. Its aftermath makes his toes curl and his voice get stuck in his throat.
Jungkook feels the burn pulsate before it bursts through his vein and makes his head pound. 
"Fuck", he croaks, "give me a break, will you?" he spits, wanting to do nothing more than challenge you to hit him harder.
"No", you hit him harder, fucking scrambling his mind with it, "you don’t get breaks."
"Yes I do", he insists.
"No." Smack!
"No." Smack!
"Yes!" he moans, "give me a break."
"Shut up bitch", you spit, "fuck, you stupid brat", you bark, hitting his ass three consecutive times with the perfect technique to make it really sting, "first, you look like a slut the entire night, then you run away from me and now you wanna demand shit? The only thing you get to say are begs for me to go harder." 
"Well. Don’t." 
"Too bad", you growl, showing him how hard you can go with two timed spanks to his ass followed by a whip with the flogger.
Jungkook hits the mattress once, burying his face in the sheets deeply. Then he groans. He groans with such raw and honest ecstasy, you find religion in it. 
You love the sound the flogger makes. High pitched and sharp. Exactly how it feels to be struck with it. Sharp and with precise dots of pain sprawling all over his skin. Jungkook twists the sheets when you hit him again, kicking the floor weakly. 
You watch his kicking legs, running your eyes along his tensing thighs. The redness of his ass has spread down along them the slightest bit. 
"So stupid", you say, forcing them apart and keeping them that way by sticking the sturdy handle of the flogger between them. 
You lean forward, inspecting Jungkook’s rock hard cock stuffed into the fishnets.
You have to stop pinning him down with your knee in the new position, but Jungkook has been flogged into a state of droopiness, which means you can do things like force his legs apart and slip your knee from his back to instead straddle it. 
"So heavy and big", you rasp, placing your hand on his cock to rub it.
Jungkook lets out a delicious moan, rolling his hips into the mattress edge.
"Oh", his head shoots up.
You just spanked his balls, sending sharp pain through them.
He feels the fishnets rip right around his cock and then your fingers fish him out of the new hole you created. The position forces you to have to tug his cock back and squeeze his balls in the process. Jungkook swears he becomes soaking wet because of it.
"So wet", you rasp, digging your thumb into his slit harshly, "such a nasty whore."
Jungkook bites down on his lower lip, twisting the sheets. You are so rough, he's in heaven.
"F-fuck", he whispers, dropping his head, "fuck."
You are spanking his hard cock, holding it in your palm while your other strikes down on him without mercy. 
They are singular spanks at first until you turn into the cruelest person ever and begin slapping him without a pause. Just tiny little spanks, placed with care yet enough precision to torture his sensitive parts.
Jungkook squirms.
Jungkook kicks the floor.
Jungkook moans squeakily.
And Jungkook flees your spanks with honesty.
You tug him back, continuing your never ending slaps even if he is squirting precum everywhere.
"Please stop."
Jungkook begins begging.
"Please stop. Please stop, you’re making me cum. Please stop."
You laugh, stopping your spanks just to jerk him off three times. Harsh and angrily. 
"Fuck please. Please I'm cumming, please stop."
"Why should I?"
"Please", Jungkook groans, body twitching uncontrollably.
You stop.
"Please!" he wails, "I'm fucking begging you, please don’t make me cum." 
"You're so funny, imagine being such a pain slut that you cum from being hit", you say, dropping his cock harshly.
Jungkook sighs in relief, "thank you…"
You crawl off of him and lay down next to him. With a harsh tug on his hair you tilt his head up, locking eyes with him. He looks so high on pleasure.
"Your ass is fucking deep red", you tell him, smiling happily.
"Good", he says and gulps, blinking droopily, "fucking kiss me."
"Fuck, I love you so much", you fall into a passionate kiss, kissing him in the uncomfortable position until your necks ache. 
You break it with a moan, giving him a smile and soft caress of his cheek.
"I love you too", Jungkook mumbles. 
"Good", you say and giggle, dropping his head and sitting back up.
You crawl back on top of him, running your hands over his ass. His skin is as hot as coal. He flinches at the first contact, shivering afterwards.
The fishnets rip easily, making the most amazing sound as they do. So now you exposed his ass to you. He is at your mercy. No fabric in the world can stop you from doing whatever you want to him and he is loving it. 
"What are you doing?" he asks.
"Taking what's mine", you answer him, forcing his buttocks apart to expose his rim to you. 
He clenches it instinctively.
"Look at this slutty hole", you say, "stop clenching, will you?" 
Jungkook clenches even more, earning himself a flick of your finger to it. The pain is sharp and stings.
"Shit", he gasps, relaxing instantly.
"Better, I hate having to force my way into there. You know that don’t you?" 
"Just do it, will you?" he throws back.
"No", you say nonchalantly, lowering yourself afterwards to run your tongue over it. 
Jungkook shudders, growing completely limp in bliss. His thighs become so soft, his knees so weak, the tension in his back ceases to exist as well. Limp like a little doll, he lies on the mattress as he tries to rationalise the fact that your tongue is on his hole. 
You slurp deliciously, ending it with a gentle suck to his rim, "so yummy", you murmur, licking him with the flat of your tongue repeatedly, "so good, that’s so good."
"Don't stop", he begs, feeling so lightheaded. The contrast of getting his ass whipped sensitive to you running your tongue over his hole so gently, gets him way too good. The first heat was harsh and painful and now you replaced it with a comfortable heat, soft and gentle. Jungkook feels his head pounding because of it. 
You begin probing at his hole with the tip of your tongue, trying to get him to open up. And Jungkook really, really tries to relax. He swears that he tries with all his willpower. He wants your tongue inside so bad. But his body only works with him as far before he can’t physically relax any more and so he ends up with you lifting your head in defeat.
"Stop clenching", you hiss, spreading him further to force his hole open.
"I'm not, back please", he begs with desperate demand in his voice.
You spit on his hole, "shut up, I do what I want", you growl, picking up your spit to spread it around his hole harshly. 
Jungkook mewls and kicks the floor. He is not complaining, this feels so good. So good in fact that he reaches behind himself to take over for you with holding himself open. You study the way his painted nails dig into his red skin, feeling your pussy throb at the view. 
"Such a pretty slut", you praise, "keep yourself open, that’s it", you say, putting pressure on his rim.
Jungkook makes a sound of anticipation. The pressure is so intense, riles him up so well, leaves him aching. When does it stop? When will your thumb slip in? 
"Faster", he demands, rolling his hips up.
"Will you", you pin him down harshly and spank his left cheek, "stop demanding shit?"
"But you told me the only begs you want from me are begs to go harder", he throws back, wiggling his hips.
Another spank to his right cheek almost makes him sob. The position allows you to land it right on the more sensitive inner parts of his ass, missing his hole by a hair's width. 
"Will you be quiet? How dare you talk back", you say in an angry snarl.
"What do you want from me? I'm just saying" he throws back.
You spank him again, ending it by reaching between his legs to squeeze his balls harshly.
Jungkook shudders, body growing weak. His fingers slip from his ass just slightly, his thighs try to close and because of the flogger fail. The pressure on his balls grows.
"Any more bratty words from you?" you warn, tightening your grip.
Jungkook spills tears. Holy shit, his balls feel like bursting. Holy fuck, he can’t breathe.
"Are you behaving? Mhm?" you challenge, tugging on them with the pressure still intact.
"Yes!" he exclaims, "yes please I'll be good! Please stop, I'm gonna burst."
"Good boy", you praise, releasing his balls. You watch in delight as they throb in desperation, smirking to yourself. You edged him. You know that you did. Your pain slut of a husband almost climaxed from getting his balls crushed. 
"Such a slut", you say, caressing his heavy balls before returning to his hole, "hold yourself open."
Jungkook follows with shaky fingers.
"Good boy. See? It’s so much easier when you are a good little whore and listen to me", you taunt, tracing his pretty hole.
He huffs out air, furrowing his brows. If you keep taunting him like that he can't guarantee that he won't start talking back again.
Your weight leaves his body, your hand comes down on his ass to support your weight instead. Jungkook tries to sneak a glance at what you are doing, eyes lingering on your ass in those leather pants before flitting to your hand. You are fumbling with something on the ground and lift it into his view. The lube bottle. Jungkook bites down on his lower lip, trying to keep his breathing steady. So it begins. Next a small plug. A little longer than your pinky finger and just about thicker than his thumb. 
"Bigger", he says, making you look over your shoulder.
"Are you watching me?" you ask, studying his face.
He nods his head, "need it bigger, please."
"Tch slut", you say, clicking your tongue and turning away from him. You drop the small plug to instead go for another one. It is made out of glass, starting off small and becoming thicker at the end. Three balls, growing in size, make the entire experience so much more intense.
You look at him, "better?"
"Yeah", he whispers, eyeing it with such longing.
You turn away and sit back down on him.
Jungkook closes his eyes, wanting nothing more than get surprised by each second you stretch him open.
He tenses up when he suddenly hears the distinct click of the lube bottle opening. 
"More", you order and Jungkook tries his best to spread himself further. 
He knows he was successful when he feels the cold trickle of the lube on his rim, having to moan because of it.
"Cold?" you ask, discarding the lube bottle next to you. 
"Yeah", he answers you.
"Good", you say, poking your fingers into the lube to spread it. You run them all the way from where his tailbone starts down to his plumb balls. He needs to look the part and that means spreading the lube everywhere.
Once happy, you return to his hole, massaging it in circular motions. He relaxes it as best as possible, spreading himself apart more. 
One push to his rim and the lube and his willingness to get stuffed forces your fingers to slip in completely.
"Holy fuck", Jungkook croaks, bucking his hips up, "fuck, oh god." 
"Slipped in so easily, jesus christ you’re seriously such a whore", you taunt, fucking your fingers in and out of him. You don’t do this for long. Just a few time to get a good feel of him. This was solely to make sure his insides are coated. You slip out again to spread lube on the toy. 
Jungkook waits with his back heaving up and down quickly underneath you. He is seriously so adorable because of how eager he is to get stuffed. 
You rest the tip of the toy against his rim and push, watching with eager eyes as his hole swallows the toy all the way up to the second ball. Then he tenses, swallowing at the same time as he whimpers.
“Good?” you ask him.
“Really cold, burns”, he says.
“That’s what glass toys are, yeah”, you say, “relax, you can do it.”
Jungkook tries to do so with a squirm of his thighs. It sadly makes the flogger slip and for the makeshift spreader bar to cease working, but Jungkook is so far gone into wanting to be stuffed that he still keeps his legs open. You push, forcing his hole to open and close around the second ball. Further and further, making the smooth shaft of the toy glide inside until the biggest ball at the end stops you again.
Jungkook breathes in and out so deeply and loudly that you have to look over your shoulder. You can’t see a lot of his face as the ruffled sheets hide it from you but his fingers are relaxed on his butt which means he was good.
You push again, watching in delight as his hole opens up oh so slowly as that big ball slips inside. Fuck, the glass is giving you such a good view of how pink and tight he is inside, all pressed up against the toy and glistening in the lube. The thickest part of the ball slips past his rim, causing a domino effect of reactions. The toy slips in quickly until the flat base, Jungkook whines and tenses around it.
Almost salivating in arousal, you watch how he struggles and struggles without being able to close up again.
“Glass toys are seriously the best shit ever”, you say, running your fingers around the base, “I can see right into your slutty little hole”, you add, pressing down on the toy to shift it a little.
“It’s so deep”, he groans, pressing his thighs together.
You slap them apart again, “stay open”, you order, “I want to see your plugged hole.”
“C-can you see a lot?” he asks.
"I can see everything. Mhhm, you’re so tight and pink inside. And so wet too. You have such a pretty hole."
"Fuck I wanna see", he whines - no - sobs.
“Stay still”, you tell him and Jungkook obeys, waiting with perked ears for whatever you are doing. He can’t hear anything, he just feels you shifting around a little, “spread yourself.”
He follows, feeling the pressure inside of him grow afterwards as you fix the toy inside him. The pressure subsides, the intense stretch remains.
“There we go.”
A bright light, then a second and third time.
Your weight leaves his back, he feels the mattress dent beside him. Your hand running through his hair makes him open his eyes.
“Look”, you say, shoving your phone all up in his face.
Jungkook blinks to get used to the brightness, widening his eyes the moment they focused on the picture you are showing him. There it is. His stuffed ass on full display with the glass toy giving a good view deep into him. It makes his cock throb like crazy. So that’s how he looks right now. No wonder he feels as stretched as he does.
"Aren't you so pretty?"
"Yeah", je croaks, "what are you gonna do with that pic?” he asks, looking at you instead.
“I’ll keep them and look at them whenever I need a reminder that I married a slut”, you tell him with a sweet giggle, pecking his lips.
Jungkook lifts his head, kissing you back eagerly. You break the kiss way too early for his taste, leaving him to frown at you.
“Adorable”, you say, squishing his cheek.
“Kiss me again”, he begs, staring at your lips droopily.
“Nah”, you dismiss him, removing yourself just to sit back down on his back and return to his ass.
You wrap your fingers around the base of the glass toy so you can finally begin fucking it in and out of him.
“Oh god, yeah”, Jungkook groans, dropping his head and closing his eyes again. He doesn’t mind anymore that you didn’t kiss him again. You are fucking his ass and that’s all that matters. You do so until the very beginning of the toy, going oh so slow when you press it back inside to make him really feel the balls and going oh so fast when you pull it back out to overwhelm his little hole with pressing out the balls. Jungkook doesn’t know what’s harder to bear. The slow stretch or having to squeeze out the toy with such little patience. What he does know, is that each time his rim finally manages one of the balls, he feels his entire lower body convulse for a good second and his lower tummy tense like crazy.
“Don’t stop, please don’t stop, please keep going”, he begs, floating on the sensations.
It is not long and that delicious feeling of struggling with the balls has disappeared. Jungkook is so sad, it doesn’t feel so intense anymore. Why does he have to be so easily stretched open? Why does have to love anal so much? Can’t he struggle a little longer? He is so angry at himself for being such a slut. He needs to struggle again, please.
You know that he isn’t struggling anymore. Up until a few seconds ago, you felt a little resistance with each thrust, but now it feels as if you are fucking a smooth dildo into him. The balls do nothing for him anymore.
“You’re so loosened up”, you tell him.
“I know”, he sounds out of breath, “bigger, I’m begging you.”
You stuff the toy back into him and busy yourself with getting the next one ready. A good layer of lube and then it is ready. You pull the glass toy out, discarding it on the laid out dirty-toy-towel for later clean up. His hole looks stretched out even now that nothing is inside. All soft and differently shaped than it was when you started playing with him. So pretty.
You place the toy against his hole. You can’t wait to fill it up with your strap. Knowing Jungkook, it won’t be long anymore until he is finally ready and you don’t have to hold back any longer. Soon and you can rail him stupid.
You push, gasping with Jungkook at how easily it slips in. Inch by inch until you bottom out with your pinky finger squeezed between the base and his body.
You give him a few seconds of getting used to it. He tries to rub his thighs together, but you stop him wordlessly. So he rolls his hips up instead. Then he drops lifelessly and huffs out air oh so loudly.
“What is it? Don’t like it?” you taunt.
“It’s, it’s not….are you messing with me? Is that the same toy?” he asks, looking over his shoulder.
“No it’s not”, you say, shaking your head. You hide it from his view with your body.
“But”, he looks devastated, “it’s not bigger.”
“Yes Kook, it’s bigger. Quite a lot actually.”
“No it’s not”, he frowns, “you’re fucking with me. Give me something bigger.”
“Control your tongue”, you warn, forcing the toy deeper.
“Ah”, he lets out, furrowing his brows.
“Wanna know a secret, Kook?” you taunt.
He nods his head.
You lift your hips, revealing the toy.
“You’re taking the dildo I first pegged you with.”
Jungkook stares at the pink, glittery dildo peeking out between his buttocks with widened eyes. That dildo felt huge in that first fateful night. Jungkook worried for his poor hole back then, struggling so much that he wondered if his hole just wasn’t build for anal sex. It was so huge to him back then. And now it feels like nothing. He barely even feels it, almost as if he is lying there with nothing in his ass.
Jungkook crumbles, “please fuck me please”, he begs with little sniffles spilling out of him, “please I’m begging you, fuck me please.”
“I was hoping you’d say that”, you say, pulling the dildo out in one swift movement.
His hole makes the nastiest, sluttiest sound in surprise, spilling the lube everywhere.
“Fuck, god sorry that was so loud”, he says, clenching it as he has to laugh.
You chuckle, “I love that sound”, you say, holding him apart to check on his well-stretched rim. You lean down and trace it with your tongue.
Jungkook’s laughter cuts off abruptly. He drops his head and squishes his cheek in the process.
“Mhm so good”, you say, kissing his hole, “can’t wait to breed it. Take your shirt off in the meantime”, you add, climbing off of him to finally strap yourself into the gear.
The leather harness of your strap sits snuggly around your waist, spanning down to your upper thighs and ending there in two neatly done buckles. You secure them tightly, tracing the straps all the way up to where you secured the huge dildo. Ten inches in length and with a heavy girth. You can barely even close your fingers around it as you spread the lube on it. The best part about it however was the built-in tube which enables the cock to squirt cum whenever you wanted it to. And that was the hottest shit you have ever been able to do.
You force yourself between Jungkook’s legs, laying the heavy cock atop his ready ass. You lean forward, placing your weight on his back. With a harsh tug you tilt his head up, forcing his ear to brush against your lips as you speak.
“I’m going to breed you like the slutty, dumb whore you are and you are going to beg me to go harder, are we understood?” you rasp, feeling him shiver underneath you.
“Yeah, understood”, he squeaks out, nodding his head as best as your punishing hand in his hair allows him to.
“Good and what are we saying if it gets too much?”
“Red”, he croaks.
“Good job, remember it well. Puppy.”
“Fuck seriously”, he laughs breathily, “please just fuck me, I need it.”
“Mhm”, you drop his head harshly and straighten up.
You grind your big cockhead against his hole with slow rolls of your hips as your hands are busy preparing the lube for him.
“Such a slutty little boy”, you say, “you look so sexy in those fishnets, fuck.”
Jungkook wiggles, earning himself a spank.
“Stay still, I gotta prepare you”, you warn, placing the nuzzle of the already filled up lube syringe against his hole. You slip in without warning, Jungkook barely reacts because of how tiny it feels to him. You squeeze the lube into him and once again he barely reacts, mind occupied with nothing except finally getting that cock up his ass.
“There we go”, you say, discarding the now empty syringe. You slap your cock against his hole, spanking it repeatedly, “now you’re ready. Relax, I’m not gonna go slow.”
You thrust forward, forcing your huge cock into him.
“Ah!” Jungkook flees the harsh breach, squirming on the mattress and kicking the floor with such vigour that he accidentally lands one kick on your butt as well.
You pin him down, twisting his harness tightly to really have a grip on him.
He whimpers, tilting his head back and so you use the opportunity to tug his hair, forcing his panicky eyes to lock with yours.
“What’s wrong? Can’t take the cock? Mhm? Did you demanding little slut overestimate yourself?” you taunt, fucking the huge toy in an out of him slowly yet in its entirety.
Jungkook squeezes tears out of his eyes, reaching behind himself to grab your wrist tightly. His fingers are clammy.
He croaks out sounds then his lips fall open. Tears roll down his cheeks, his lashes flutter. Another attempt of talking. You paint circles with your hips as you are buried inside him to the hilt. A little sound escapes him then the shakiest and most pleasure-distorted “thank you” rolls over his tongue. Jungkook completely gives up afterwards, head slacking in your hold and eyes falling closed.
“Fuck baby, I love a well-mannered slut so much” you praise, dropping his head and harness to instead really straighten up. You grip his hips, ripping the fishnets further open for the sole purpose of needing them ruined. You need all of him ruined. His hair, his makeup, his fishnets, his ass. You need to ruin him for acting up the entire night. With a harsh tug, you tilt his hips up and then finally begin the promise you made him. No more slow thrusts to get him used to it, now Jungkook has to get used to the size by getting drilled stupid with it. If he wants to or not. 
Jungkook reacts accordingly, convulsing on the mattress with his knees starting a measly attempt to lift himself. You pin him back down, spanking his right ass cheek.
“Stay down, I’m telling you when I want you on your knees”, you bark, punishing him with a deep, harsh thrust right out of your hips. Skin slaps against skin, his hole is squelching and squirting, his little feet tap the floor repeatedly as he squirms and shakes.
Jungkook swears that he will have a sore throat at the end of this night. He can’t stop moaning and wailing for you. It feels so fucking good. Your cock is so huge. It is so goddamn huge. Jungkook feels it shift inside his belly from its immense size, hitting spots inside of him he never thought able to have hit. His hole is so stretched open, he spills tears at the sheer thought of how loose he will be for the next days.
“Fuck Jungkook that feels so fucking good”, you pant, “I’m fucking you with ten inches, you’re such a slut, ah”, you moan loudly, spanking his ass as a reward, “my ten inch slut, fucking shit, urgh.”
Jungkook’s moans pitch, growing in volume. Ten inches. He didn’t think that he had it in himself. But now he does. Quite literally. He has ten inches of your cock inside in him and he feels like a complete blissed-out whore.
“Yes, keep moaning like that. Such a whore, such a loud slut. Just for me”, you encourage him, squeezing his hips into the mattress just so you can thrust even harder into him. Your arms are shaking and yet you don’t want to stop, your back is so arched, your thighs are so tense. But you can’t stop. You need to fuck. You need to breed. Need to make him yours. Turn him into an open, loose cumhole.
“You deserve it, you deserve it so much. Slut, fucking slut”, you chant, spanking him every now and then to make sure his ass stays red and sensitive. His hole isn’t the only thing that should stay reminded of who owns him. You want him unable to sit for the next few days, maybe even dripping way too much cum for an extra little bonus.
“I’m such a slut! Holy fuck I’m so stuffed! Gonna cum so good!” Jungkook answers you, twisting the sheets as angrily as he can. His nipples and heavy piercings are rubbing right against the sheets and kt feels so fucking good. His tattooed arms are tensed, as is his sculpted back. The view is delicious, but not as delicious as his bubble butt taking your huge cock. His hole is so pink, moving around your girthy shaft, stretching so far, squirting so much lube, sounding so pretty. His ass looks so good in those ruined fishnets, his thighs are stretching the thin material to its limits. And those little hairs on his legs, all ruffled up and sticking out between the thin netting. You seriously could eat him whole.
“You are. You’re such a pretty slut, fuck Kook those fishnets make me so wild”, you pant, slowing down your movements for a quick moment to catch your breath, “gonna cum so hard too, hear me? Breeding your ass makes me cum so good.”
Jungkook swears he could pass out. Making you cum through his own actions? Spectacular. Getting used to make you cum? Amazing. Getting told that you are going to cum from pegging his ass? His death. Jungkook loves getting fucked by you so much and knowing that the entire act is so pleasurable to you too that you can cum, makes him want to cry for hours.
“Harder please!” and so he cries out to you, “harder, please harder. Harder!”
“Urgh shit, yes”, you growl behind him. You broaden your stance, pulling his hips back onto your girthy cock repeatedly as the newfound leverage allows you to really drill into him.
“Yes, yes, yes, I’m a whore! Feel so good! Harder!”
“You’re so cute”, you laugh manically, “I don’t even have to call you names anymore, fuck such a good whore.”
The floorboards beneath you creak, covered in a small puddle of lube, which you managed to already fuck out of him. It looks so wet and liquid by now, warmed up by his ass and your ruthless fuck. It looks so pretty as it runs out of and down his balls and throbbing cock until tripping on the floor. His cock. It rubs against the floor each time you are balls deep inside him and torture his deepest parts with angry thrusts. It lies there right in the tiny puddle, making you wonder if there was truly only lube dirtying your floors or if you are fucking him so well that his cock can’t stop leaking. You wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. Jungkook’s such an ass slut after all.
“Harder, harder, harder”, Jungkook chants, voice becoming higher and higher.
You growl, furrowing your brows. You know his squirming and that endless begging. You release the grip on his hips, placing your hands next to them instead. Jungkook begins instantly, fucking himself back onto your cock in messy, hard thrusts. Exactly how you figured. He has reached his peak sluttiness where your amazing, hard thrusts aren’t enough anymore no matter how hard you fuck him and all that helps is him meeting you in equally as hard squirms.
Jungkook groans and grunts, voice contorted in ecstasy. He doesn’t even truly sound like your Jungkook anymore. Except that he does. Because you know your husband and you know that the sounds he is currently making are the most honest and rawest sounds you will ever hear from him. They are because of you and just for you.
You tug his hips up until he can rest on his knees, knowing very well that he needs that. He keeps his torso pressed into the mattress, back so terribly arched you wonder if he wants to snap his spine.
"Yes! Fuck yes! Oh yeah! Yes, yes, yes" he chants in ecstacy.
Needing more leverage, you make yourself bigger, putting one foot down on the floor. It enables you to fuck Jungkook from the same height you fucked him in as he was lying down for you but with the added bonus of having new strength in your legs and truly going to town on him.
He slams into the mattress with the first thrust, air knocking out of him in a guttural “hrng” sound followed by a honest and desperate grunt and heavy moan.
“I’m going insane, you’re such a good slut”, you croak, watching the sweat drip from your forehead and landing on his fucked-open hole.
“I have to cum”, he wails, fucking back harder and harder, “I have to cum, Mistress. C-can you hear me?”
“I hear you. You can cum but-“
Jungkook interrupts you by climaxing with a wail of your name and his cock ruining everything beneath him. You fuck him right through it, holding his hips with your own knees buckling. Shit. You grind your teeth. You are so close. Your pussy is throbbing like crazy in your pants.
Jungkook wails up then, reminding you that you were still fucking him like an animal.
“Please wait please”, he chants, reaching behind himself as his hips lift themselves desperately.
“That’s your own fault for falling into my words”, you slap his hands away and force his fleeing hips back on your huge cock, “I wanted to say that you can only cum when you are aware that I have to keep fucking you afterwards. Your own fault when you dumb slut cum before I can finish my sentence.”
“Holy shit”, Jungkook collapses back on the floor right into his puddle of cum. Like this his cock is getting squeezed, giving you a good view of his continues streaks spilling out of him as you milk his prostate dry.
He sobs miserably, reaching behind himself to hold his clenching hole open for your girth.
“I know, I feel sorry too, but you were such a slut tonight, I have to punish you.”
“I can’t stop”, he somehow gets out and then you realise that he isn’t crying from too much fucking, he is crying because he can’t stop cumming because of you.
“That’s because you’re a dirty, pretty asswhore”, you say and spank him, “such a greedy slut for cock up his ass. You’re supposed to cum, hear me Jungkook? That’s what good bitches like you are supposed to do.”
“Fuck please slow down, I can’t stop”, his voice contorts into a loud and endless moan as his body squirms again in a torturous orgasm. It feels like fire is an understatement to Jungkook. Maybe lava. That’s hotter than fire, right? He is burning up from the inside out, fearing for himself all whilst riding on that fear like an addict. All that orgasming and cumming made his stomach so tight that he can now truly feel every single inch of your ten inch cock shift inside himself.
“Baby, Jungkookie baby”, your voice is trembling behind him, “baby, I’m cumming.”
Your hips still, your nails are almost breaking through his skin. Jungkook listens to the weak, yet terribly happy moans you let out as you shake in your high, fucking his hips back on your cock in desperate search for one more high. And then he feels it. Masses and masses of sticky, wet cum shooting up his ass.
“Mine”, you growl through your shakes, squeezing down on the pump with shaking fingers.
“Ah!” he gets out and then the thought of being bred by you like a whore sets him off for his last big crescendo of the night. Jungkook cries loudly, thanking you repeatedly while his entire body feels like floating.
“My slutty whore”, you croak, dropping your head in exhaustion, “holy fuck.”
The pump finally becomes empty, slipping out of your hands and rolling right into Jungkook’s cum puddle.
“Thank you”, Jungkook sobs, body twitching in the aftershocks.
“Yeah”, you let out a breathy laugh, “fuck, baby”, you place your hands on his butt, massaging it softly, “you did such a good job.”
“I can feel it inside me”, he says and whimpers.
“Good, that’s what you’re supposed to do”, you say, “you’re my bred slut now, hear me?”
“Yeah”, he nods his head, “I love being your bred slut.”
“I know you do”, you smile, caressing his sweaty lower back, “now relax, I’m pulling out. It’ll get messy.”
You slip out easily, gawking at Jungkook’s gaping hole presenting itself to you. It makes the wettest, most well-fucked sounds ever, squirting your white creamy cum.
“Shit”, he laughs, forcing more cum and sounds out of him, “you fucked me well, my ass says so too.”
“Yeah so good”, you chuckle, picking up your tripping cum, “you sound like such a well bred boy like this, love hearing those sounds.”
“God baby, don’t wanna be empty”, he whines, hole still so open for more.
“Need some training?” you ask him.
“Yeah, train me please”, he begs.
And so you push the biggest buttplug you own inside him again, plugging him up and forcing the rest of the cum to stay inside. You will exchange the plug for the next smallest one after some time and then the next smallest one and the next, but for now he needs to stay plugged up and filled with cum. Jungkook needs that kind of reverse training often, he says it's incredibly sensual to him.
“There all done”, you say, kissing his tailbone, “now you’re all plugged up. Nothing can escape now.”
“Good”, he says, “wanna stay bred forever”, he says, turning around to fall onto his back. Like this his hair is all sprawled out, cock lying completely ruined between his legs.
You laugh, “that’s very ambitious of you”, you say, crawling on top of him to straddle him.
Jungkook runs his hands up your legs and to your cock, jerking it off slowly.
“I can’t believe that was inside of me. It’s so huge”, he says, rolling his thumb into the cum hole, “that looks so realistic.”
“I guess, if your cock’s blue with silver sparkles.”
He laughs, “you know how I meant it. That looks like a real cockhead.”
“Mhm, if only I could feel through it”, you say, leaning down to cup his face and kiss him.
Jungkook runs his hands up your back until he has a bundle of your hair between his fingers to pull your closer.
The kiss only breaks because you both have to breathe. If air wasn’t so important, you would have kissed until dawn.
“Your cock’s the only one I need, I hope you know that”, he says, “it’s better than any real cock ever could be.”
“You really think so?”
He nods his head, cupping your cheek. His eyes are spilling over in love, still so glassy from getting fucked so well. His makeup is so, so smudged, cheeks carrying black streaks from all the crying he did.
“Thank you”, he whispers, “you tick every fucking box and more. I mean, who can say that they have a wife who can change her cock how she pleases? How cool is that? You’re like a shapeshifter, no wait, cockshifter.”
You snort, spilling some tears for unexplainable reasons. Maybe it’s because Jungkook makes you feel so happy and good and maybe it’s because he loves you so unconditionally that sometimes you wonder when those conditions finally come.
“Fuck, you idiot”, you press out, resting your forehead on his, “being a cockshifter actually sounds kinda cool. It makes me sound so badass.”
“You are so badass”, he insists.
“Thank you”, you murmur, sniffling quietly.
“I love you so much, you know?” he whispers, drying your cheeks.
You peel your eyes open, feeling the need to smile instantly. He is so pretty.
“I love you too, like crazy”, you breathe.
He smiles, tracing the little smile lines along your eyes.
“Phew”, he lets out, exhaling deeply, “do you think I’ll ever be able to close up again?”
“I don’t know”, you giggle, “you kinda gaped a lot when I pulled out.”
“I felt it”, he closes his eyes, settling back into the mattress and closing his eyes, “I hope I never close up again.”
“You’re wishing a lot of things tonight, aren’t you?” you laugh, settling on top of him with your face nuzzled into his neck.
“Yeah”, he grins, tracing your spine, “do you think the others are still at the party?”
“Probably? I’m glad we aren’t though.”
“Yeah? Cause we fucked?”
“Yeah, duh? Seriously, I don’t know if you noticed, but a bitch was horny tonight.”
“I couldn’t tell at all”, he says sarcastically and laughs.
You chuckle, snuggling closer to him.
“Sorry, sorry. I know I was wild”, you mumble, kissing his sweaty neck.
“It was perfect, don’t apologize. I love it when you’re like tonight. It’s so hot.”
“Good, cause you’ll be getting that again one day.”
“Good, I’m counting on it.”
You chuckle happily and so does Jungkook.
“We have to do so much cleaning though.”
“Can that wait? I want snuggies”, he says cutely.
“Of course, snuggies are the most important thing right now”, you promise him, nuzzling into him, “my cutie pattootie Googie Boogie Woogie Shoogie, love you so much, my sweetie.”
Jungkook giggles cutely, heart racing like crazy in his chest. Being loved by you is the best thing in his life!
Tumblr media
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moonlightkoo · a day ago
𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐃𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬 🔞
(Jungkook x Reader)
Tumblr media
▶ Summary: Jungkook is mad at you for laughing at one of his bandmate's jokes about him- though they might've gotten some important details wrong.
▶ Tags: Smut, Short story, pwp, Idol!Jungkook, slight dirty talk, handjob (f receiving), foreplay, protected sex, established relationship
▶ Wordcount: Short
▶ Masterlist
"To be honest, I'm surprised she's not hard of hearing yet-" Jimin jokes, bumping his shoulder into his younger bandmate's. "-considering he snores so loud." he finishes, and you can't help but chuckle a little. Jungkook does sometimes snore very loudly- though you typically wake up from it, and wake him too. Not because you're annoyed however, but because he would wake up with a sore throat, and he hates that with a passion. You can understand that well.
Jungkook however doesn't seem to see the joke in it as he looka down at you next to him, sitting on the floor with the rest of the guys and him after having eaten some takeout food. His face is serious, tongue pushed against the inside of his cheek.
A clear sign he's irritated.
"ah but then again she's probably used to him being so loud." Jimin continues, as always not very careful of the boundaries he might cross with his jokes. "ah, please, please~!" he mocks, and it's then that your eyes widen, because Jungkook stands up, hand on your back threateningly moving to your neck before it disappears.
"Let's go home." he tells you, and while the other members try and negotiate with him to stay a little longer, it's clear that he's had enough of being tonight's victim of his bandmate's teasing game. In the car, it's silent- you're not sure what to do or say, and you're also not sure what his thoughts are, his gaze serious and straight up at the road, never sparing you a glance.
In your shared apartment, right after the door closes, he's all over you; caged in and pushed into a corner, arms leaning on either side of your face as you look up at him in surprise. "funny, wasn't it?" he asks, eyes challenging as he tilts his head in his signature manner- a habit he's picked up from his bandmate Hoseok over the years, one of many signs that the band shaped him growing up. "I saw you laughing. You know, I found it funny too." he says lowly, busan dialect clear as he doesn't care about it when he's with you. It's a blessing, a compliment and a curse- because you can't deny the effect his deeper voice has on you, thighs pressed together as the tips of your ears turn red from the realization what's happening. "Maybe I should've told them-" he starts, hands running over your sides before they rather roughly take your breasts into his hands, making you arch your back into him. "-I was simply mocking you?" he chuckles. "how you beg for me like a slave, hm? Cause my little princess just can't get enough of my fucking cock, no?" he says, simultaneously parting your legs with his knee, pressing it up into your core while you squirm from the sweet friction. "can hear how wet you are already."
You whine as you start to shift and shamelessly hump his leg like a dog in heat, well aware that he enjoys seeing you desperate for him no matter in what way. He likes having you needy for his attention- whether it be by craving a simple hug or the hold of his hand, or by trying to get his attention in more primal ways, he likes being wanted by none other than you.
His lips on you are desperate, messy and hurried- he's always just as affected as you are, even if he tends to take the leading role. He knows how much you like when he reminds you of his physical strength. He'd never hurt you intentionally, never, but its you he's talking about- you gladly welcome the bites and bruises be leaves on your body as proof of his ownership and love. And he likes the way they look on you, what it shows when you wear his marks.
Claimed. Owned. His.
On the couch, you're instantly entangled; your legs around his waist as if to pull him in, a gesture he takes note of with a smirk of his. You undress with a sense of urgency, writhing and squirming under the palms of his hands, fingers grabbing, holding, anywhere he can. His lips travel over your collarbone, between your breasts, down over the center of your ribs to your bellybutton.
Your hand finds his hair. Your fingers grab his raven locks. Then, you pull- and he growls at the feeling.
The love between you is both romantic and carnal, made up of emotions, dreams, and naked desire. Gentleness, loving words and adoring eyes. Roughness, chaos and a sense of hurry- as if every kiss is his last, as if he won't ever see you again, as if you're to disappear if he doesn't hold you strong enough.
He chases after the whimpers you make. He longs for the breathless pleas that fall from your lips. He craves the way you cling onto him, and bathes in the sight of you as you fall apart beneath him.
And in his haste, he can't help but be a little messy in the way he acts.
He doesn't mind the obscene sounds his hand makes as his fingers move inside your core- pushed in as far as they go, heel of his palm offering warm friction to you while the slick of your arousal makes movement easy for him. Your back lifts off the couch, as if you're pulled into him like a magnet, and his free hand runs upwards to your throat, gently holding, never applying pressure. There's a limit to what he's comfortable practicing- he knows what he's capable of, knows what not to do considering his tendency to get lost in the act sometimes once he enjoys what he's doing.
So he just let's his hand rest there, fingers feeling your pulse race, before they take hold of your lower jaw, your lips instinctively opening in submission to welcome his thumb on your tongue. His eyes can't help but focus on the sight of your clear and voluntary submission.
The rain crashes against the large panorama windows of the living room, darkness and nothing but the neon lights lf the city skyline outside illuminating you both as he sheds his own clothes, skin against skin providing enough warmth between you both for the time being. Kisses are being shared, open mouthed and desperate, whole eyes are closed, minds occupied by the other. He doesn't need to see what he's doing; he knows your body like his own by now, well aware of it's shape and curves.
He's glad he's hidden condoms underneath the couch's seat cushions- he knows by now where you typically end up entangled in desire and lust, has learned from past experiences. It makes it all the more smooth, hand eagerly finding the foil package before he opens it, rolling the contraceptive over his more than impatient length. He's hissing from the sensitivity, growing needy to push himself inside of you, where he knows he'll be welcomed by warmth and tightness.
You're perfect for him.
Your gasps are easily swallowed by his lips, his own breaths becoming louder, vocal as he himself can't help his whines and whimpers of pleasure. "I love you." he says, breathes into the crook of your neck, pace chosen surprisingly gentle for once as his hand finds your thigh, strong grip keeping you close as he positions your leg over his waist. Your toes curl when he repeats his confession, thrusts of his hips gaining speed, his own release already in sight when you come undone, clenching around him while your hands wrap around his wrists, needing to hold onto something as if you're about to be swept away by the force of your orgasm.
He follows not long after, eyes closed and jaw clenched as he groans in satisfaction, spilling his seed into the condom inside of you.
"Do you really think they heard us?" you wonder after a while, and he shrugs, chuckling before his hand runs through your hair, ending up at the side of your face where his thumb runs over the top of your cheekbone.
"Maybe? Probably when we stayed in some hotel." he simply says, visibly uncaring while you whine on embarrassment.
"Kook, that's so humiliating!" you complain, though he only hisses a little when he slips out of your warmth, pulling off the condom to tie it closed.
"Nah." he just says. "Hyung is provably just jealous I get to fuck a goddess." he winks, before standing up and running a hand through his hair, throwing the condom into the trash in the open kitchen before he returns to you. "And now I'm even gonna shower with one." he teases, picking you up and making you laugh.
"You're a lucky guy then?" you joke, and he grins at you with sparkling eyes.
"Lucky guy indeed." he confirms.
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girl8890 · 2 days ago
JK | Virgin Sacrifice
word count: 7.2k
Tumblr media
Summary: Since the day you were born, your parents prepared you for your sacrifice. The whole village knew, and with that everyone stayed away from you. Thinking even just looking at you would make the demon in waiting mad. The demon that has been praying on you since birth, but not for what you expected. 
Paring: Demon!Jungkook x Virgin!Reader.
Genre: demon!au, virgin sacrifice, smut, angst
Rating: 18+
Warnings: neglectful parents, grooming, minor character death, jealousy, loss of virginity, vaginal sex, vaginal fingering, big dick!jk, marking, biting, rough sex, one-sided love, stalking, murder, blood
A/N: In the spirit of Halloween coming up, I’ve written this story. By that I mean the scenario has been in my head for months and I finally decided to write it out. It’s different than what I usually write, but I really like the scenario of demon JK being in love with the person he’s meant to eat. I know I’m weird, but I guess it’s better than being normal and boring. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fic. Comment below if you want or message me through the request/ask button. I love to stay connected with you guys, and I’m sorry I haven’t been heavily active a lot lately. i’ve just been really busy with work, school, as well as an internship. I’m trying to be more active. Okay… I’ll stop talking now… Enjoy the fic! 😊
。・°°・°°・。 。・°°・°°・。 。・°°・°°・。
You always dreaded turning eighteen. You always dreaded turning the age that meant your death.
It was on the day of your birth that you were chosen. Chosen to be your village's sacrifice to the demon that stalked your town for decades before you were born. He came in a puff of smoke and chose you. Saying you were the next human he would take so your village would stay unharmed for another hundred years. You never saw the demon, and even if you did at the time, you were only an hour old, so how would you remember it if you did? But the whole village saw him. Heard him cast you as the next sacrifice for their prosperity. 
You've been told since day one what you need to do and how you could ready yourself for him. Not understanding half of the measures, but also never getting answers. Your parents always treated you neutrally in the family since they knew what would happen to you one day and not really caring what you did with your life because of it. 
Well... they did care about one thing. 
You had to stay a virgin.
This was a request from the demon himself, but it was never asked from him before. You were the first. 
The sacrifices were always female and cast when the girl was born, but making sure you were a virgin was a first. And this first was also promised by the demon to be his last casting.
You will be the last sacrifice ever taken from your village if you stayed a virgin until the day of your reaping. And you did stay a virgin, although no one in your town gave you a choice on the matter. 
Everyone knew who you were because of the demons declaring, so no one pursued you. You were close to defying the rule one day when some travelers came into the village. They didn't know who you were or who you were meant to be. One traveler took your first kiss. You would have let him take more because you were always angry at age sixteen. Always mad at knowing you will one day die, and you'll never be able to enjoy the act of lovemaking. 
So, you were going to let him do whatever he wanted to you out of spite, but the second his touches became more intimate. Just when his hands caressed the sides of your breasts. His eyes, once as blue as the sky, turned as black as night, and he ripped himself away from you like you were on fire and left you there bewildered. 
He died the next day. Suicide they say. Jumping off a cliff into the pile of jagged rocks, they say. Killed by getting stabbed by a sharp rock into the stomach at the bottom of a trench. 
You didn't see the massacre, but you didn't need to. You could smell the blood from a mile, and that's how you knew his body was not just simply stabbed, and there was no way it was suicide. You saw it in his eyes that night. He was murdered.
Since then, you knew you were being watched. Not just by the people in the village, or your parents, but by the demon himself. You weren't sure why he cared so much that you stayed a virgin, or why he looked after you the way he did, but it angered you for a long time. It angered you until your seventeenth birthday. One year before your death.
You would think at least your parents would cry at the fact that you were dying soon, but just like yourself they groomed themselves to accept your fate. The fate that you will die by the hands of a demon in one years time.
And that years time... was today. 
The exact date you were born, on the exact time you were born, they prepared you. Prepared you to look your best for your death. Garnishing you with flowers in your hair with braids, and making you wear white to signify you're still standing purity. It was a simple white wrapping of fabric, but there was nothing underneath. Making everything easy for the demon to access for when he decides to eat every last bit of you.
You didn’t cry. You cried too much over the years to not have to on the actual day. Even while the priest prayed over you, rubbing holy water on your forehead, telling you to have safe travels to heaven after your death, you still didn't cry. Even when two men in all black strapped your arms and legs to a stone alter, making you all spread out and be in the position of an ‘X,’ not a single pass of tears crossed your eyes. 
You were completely done with it all, and were opening your arms to death. At least your village would be safe for eternity now, you told yourself. At least another girl wouldn't need to go through this in the future, you told yourself. Anything to ensure that this will all end up okay.... for everyone else but you.
It wasn't until a whole hour had passed, that you knew the demon was in the same room as you. There was no one left in the alter room besides you, and the only light you had was from a few candles left on the floor surrounding the alter. You only knew he was there by the smell.
It was a smell you have never smelt before. You couldn't even describe it if you were asked, but it was almost other worldly. Like a smell that was only made in his dimension, and no mortal would ever be able to copy it. But, in a way, it was comforting. Everything reminded you of death in this room, so the one outlying thing gave you this comfort. You grasped onto that comfort, and continued to stare up at the ceiling. Not caring enough to look for the demon who's about to devour you whole.
Your suspicions of him being there were confirmed, when he spoke. 
“What a lovely set up. You mortals really outdone yourselves this year.” The demon then chuckled at his own comment, and you felt your heart stutter. You’ve never heard such an enchanting voice in all your life, and it almost had you turning your head in search to find out who owned that enchanting voice, but you stayed still. Only twitching when the bindings around your arms began to itch. 
“It’s all for you, mighty demon,” You said simply. You were couched early on how to act, and what was okay to say to the demon. Saying anything course to him would just invoke a painful death, so you followed the instructions from the town folk that you thought knew the most information about this ritual. 
The demon laughed this time. You raised an eyebrow, confused on what you could have said that made him laugh this time, but finding your ears perk at the sound too. Everything about this demon so far was pulling at your senses, but your eyes stayed trained on the ceiling. 
“All mighty demon, you say? Funny thing to call me especially since you believe I'm here to eat you up.”
His last three words made you shiver, and you tighten your arms on your retrains, holding onto the tattered rope. You can tell he’s getting closer to you by the distance of his voice echoing around the room, and you're not sure what to do with that information. 
“But that is what you are, and what you will do. I - I have accepted that, and I'm happy to be your sacrifice.”
All of sudden, a gust of wind was felt. Making your stray hairs not in the braids move, and your skin crawl with goosebumps. 
“Lies,” The demon hisses close to your ears.
This time, you can’t help it. Your defense mechanisms come in, and your bindings hurt as you pull at them, but once you turn to face the demon - you freeze.
Your not sure what you were expecting. Never seeing a demon before has rendered you speechless because out of all the things you expected him to look like, you weren’t expecting that. You weren’t expecting him to look like the most handsome man you’ve ever set your eyes on.
His once static expression turns into a smirk, like he can read your thoughts, and knows that you’re thinking about him right now. You feel a soft hand caress your cheek, and twitch at the cold contact. Not expecting his skin to be soft either.
“My dear, you can’t still think after all this time that I’m here to eat you, do you?”
Your eyes go wide at this. Not understanding what else he could possibly want from you besides eating you. You’ve been prepared for it. You’ve finally accepted - although still not completely - that your death was going to be by this demon. What else could he possible want besides-
Your thoughts are cut short when you watch his eyes cast down your body. He bites his bottom lip and suddenly the cold hand on your cheek turns warm. It slowly moves down your cheek, across your jaw, and settling on your collarbone. Mapping out your features.
No… fricken… way.
“Yes, way.”
“What?” You blink up at him. Not only has all your worries been flipped upside down, making everything you’ve learned being completely unless, but he just read your-
“Yes, I can read your mind. How do you think I knew you didn’t accept this whole ordeal?” He waves his hand around like the prospect of eating or… making love to you, was such an easy one. “Did you really think I just wanted you to stay a virgin for the fun of it?”
You blink a few times, take a moment to process his words, then shout out, “Yes!”
The demon starts to cackle like a hyena. Like you thinking anything other then his cruelty was a joke. But he is cruel.
“Such a cruel devil,” You say without thinking, and instantly regret it. His laughter ceases altogether, and his smile completely falls. The eyes that once made you think the world was full of became black as night. His hand traveled up your trembling skin until it wrapped around your neck, applying slight pressure to your throat.
“First off, sweetheart. Names Jungkook. Not demon, not devil, Jung-fucking-kook.” His breathe fans your face as he talks. The demon now known as Jungkook is so close to you that he can probably see your hairs standing on end. “Secondly, your lucky I choose you instead of some other cunt with a death wish.”
Your once fearful state turns back into confusion. Jungkook backs away from your face, hand still wrapped around your throat, staring down at your defenseless form and making your squirm.
“W-what do you mean lucky?”
It’s a understandable question. In which way did any of this render you lucky? Your whole life you thought you were going to killed by a demon, and never able to enjoy any part of life including intimacy with others. Now, you were told you’re going to lose your virginity to a fucking demon that’s probably eaten girls like you for breakfast.
Yeah… no luck here.
Jungkook bites the corner of his lip, thinking over your question, but he decides to ignore it altogether. “Enough talking.”
Well, fuck me!
“I will soon,” Jungkook says, reading your mind, with a smirk. You gasp, surprised by his vulgar words.
His eyes linger running down your body again. Him licking his lips like your the most delicious thing he’s ever seen. He lifts his hand, going to touch you, and you struggle in your retrains.
“D-don’t touch me!” You say, but your words fall on deaf ears. All Jungkook does is squint at you, and continue to smirk. He slowly places his hand on your stomach over the white cloth you’ve been dressed in. The cloth you originally - and was planned - to be so he could eat you with no barer, but now there’s no barer for other things.
His hand slowly travels up your stomach to the valley of your breasts. You feel your face heat up when he brushes the sides of one of your breasts. He glances at your eyes one more time before gliding his singular finger around your breasts like he’s mapping out an infinity symbol. Teasing at what he’s going to do.
“P-please… don’t.” Even as you say those words, you don’t believe your own plead. This whole day has been about the complete opposite of what you want. The complete opposite of what you’ve wanted out of your life.
In all honestly, your done with trying for anything. He’s also a very beautiful being. Would it be the worse thing to just… let him? Maybe he’ll even let you live after. Even if, you would have let the traveler do anything he wanted to you. Why not let the person you’ve been preparing for to do the same?
His hand pauses on your sternum, his eye’s flash even darker than before, and his smirk becomes sharper. “Thinking about your last conquest, are you? How you almost let some vile man fuck you out of spite?”
Your eyes widen, and you feel his other hand travel up your leg. You start to struggle again, but not as much as before. Only moving because the feel of his hand on your knee surprised you.
Then it dawns on you that you were right. He knew about the man you gave your first kiss to. A guy that you barely even remember, but was significant enough in your life to remember what happened to him.
“You did it, didn’t you?”
Jungkook doesn’t need clarification on what you mean. Of course, he was there. You knew he was, but you just wanted to hear the demon say it himself.
“If you only heard his thoughts about you that day, you would be thanking me instead of giving me that death look. You should actually be thanking me.”
In no way were you going to thank him. Instead, you set your jaw tight and once again yell, with more urgency this time, “Don’t touch me!” Not wanting to feel the hands of a murder on your skin.
Instead of doing what you ask, his hand travels further up your leg until it reaches the inside of your thigh. Making your core clench when his hand touches a part of you that no one, but you had ever touched before. You swallow, hating your bodies reaction to the new feeling.
“Enough talking about him,” Jungkook hisses at you. “Enough talk altogether. I’ve waited far to long for you, and I’m not waiting any longer.”
Before you could figure out what that meant, you gasp when his fingers touch your mounds for the first time. You don’t even realize how wet you were until he does. Maybe it was something he did to you. He can read minds, after all, but you have to bite your lip super hard to stop yourself from moaning when his fingers start to work you over.
You keep wanting to tell him to stop touching you, to stay away from you, but all that comes out is whimpers. His, clearly experienced, fingers working your neglected pussy over without even entering you yet. Flicking at your clit, rubbing at your entrance, and applying pressure in all the right places.
You feel a tear fall down your face, and you look away from him. Shutting your eyes, and trying to think that you’re anywhere else but here. His hand that was placed on your sternum then suddenly lands on your face. Gripping your chin and turning your face back to him. Jungkook’s face is once again inches from yours, and the heat of his breathe makes your eyes go wide open.
“None of that,” He says. And then his fingers are entering you roughly. Making you see stars and arch your back up into him. Your chests hitting, and you don’t even register that his lips are on yours until a minute has passed.
Soft lips colliding with yours roughly and impatiently. Like he wants to consume your entire being with one kiss. You moan into his mouth when his once singular finger turns into two, and this reminds you of all the times you were to afraid to do just that. Now looking back at all the times you pleasured yourself at night, maybe your body knew this would come.
That you would need to stay clean even from your own touches for the demon above you. Stealing your breathe away with kisses, and plunging his fingers inside you on repeat. It’s all so overwhelming. The smell of him, the taste of him, the feel of him. It has you tipping over the edge faster than you ever thought possible, to the point you almost shout out his name as you orgasm. Luckily, you had some composure to hold yourself back from doing so. Not wanting to give him complete satisfaction that his name was what you wanted to scream in euphoria.
Jungkook could tell, though. That you held yourself back. Even though watching you come undone was quite literally the sexiest thing he’s ever seen, it’s clear by the way his eyes twitched that he wanted to hear you say his name. That he’s been waiting for you to scream out his name as you cum.
Suddenly, and with no warning, he rips the cloth covering your entire body right off of you. Making you completely bare, and your nipples perk up when a gust of cool air that came from his action hits your body. Your checks were flush before from your orgasm, but you’re completely red in the face now. No one has ever seen you this bare before, especially the way Jungkook is now.
Jungkook drinks up your naked body with his eyes, and wets his lips. He’s been waiting for the chance to see you bare up close, and have the ability to touch any part of you. Fingering you was his appetizer, but the rest of you is his dinner.
He climbs on top of you, straddling your stomach, and smooths his two hands up your arms. You watch in embarrassment as he continues to gawk at you to the point you whimper. His eyes shot back to yours when he hears that sound. Smirk returning.
“By the end of tonight, beautiful. I’ll make sure the only name you’ll ever be able to think about is my own.”
“Why wou-“
Before you could finish your question, Jungkook resumes kissing you. Not as rough as before, but it once again steals your breathe away. Any words you were going to say in return, were sucked right out of you. Dizzying you further when you feel his tongue attack your own.
A moan is heard echoed in the room, but it’s not from you. Your eyes shoot open at the sound from the demon above you, and you're surprised with yourself when you want to hear it again.
His lips then detach from yours and travel south. With each kiss to your skin you quiver, and moan at the contact. Surrendering yourself to him, and giving up the victim act. You can’t deny that you want this. It’s always been a tease on your life, and always been a want of yours to feel like this. Wanted and praised by a man.
Maybe that’s why he wanted you as a virgin. To tease you from the very start and make this experience a hundred times better, and you a hundred times wetter on top of that. He smiles against the top of your chest, and you revel at the feel of his teeth against your skin.
Jungkook licks a stripe from the top of your chest back to your neck, and you receive a singular kiss there. Your feeling ten times lighter then before, and you think it’s because his lips alone have cast a spell upon you. Making every movement from him above you feel like electric coursing through your bones.
One second your feeling amazing, the next second a earthshaking painful bite gets driven into your neck. You open your mouth to let out a silent scream, and you look to see Jungkook is biting into your neck. His eyes rolling back when blood starts to pool in his mouth.
For a millisecond you think he’s going to eat you. That all his words of not wanting to kill you were lies, but then he’s detaching his lips from your skin and licking at the bumpy surface.
“Mmm - I knew you would taste sooo good.” He blinks up at you, rubbing his nose across your own. “Your everything I’ve ever wanted.”
You force out your question before, not wanting to be distracted again when he suddenly moves south on your body again. “Why did it matter that I was a virgin?”
His movements south stop at your words. His face right above your breasts, but his eyes on you. Widening for a second before he can compose himself. He cocks his head to the side, and smiles the most innocent smile that shouldn’t be on such a devilish face.
“Because I’m the only one that can have you.”
You get about five seconds to process his answer until his lips attach themselves to your left nipple. The sucking along with his tongue has your back arching up into him. His other hand finds purchase on your other breast, and you roll your head back. How is it that his hands feel so much better than your own?
It’s then, before you can stop yourself, that you let out his name him in a whimper. Unable to control the full extent of ecstasy you're feeling from his mouth and hands, and you think you’ve somehow lost a battle. But then he’s moaning against your breasts, and rutting himself against you... then your suddenly realizing your position.
He’s very hard, and very big. And that very hard and very big thing is going to enter you soon. Your nervousness doubles, but you moan again at the thought of him being inside of you. You feel crazy by just enjoying that thought, but don’t bring yourself to care.
Especially when he lifts himself off of you and strips himself of his shirt. Leaving himself bare from the waist up, and you feel your face redden again by the sight. Of course, he’s got fucking muscles. Of course, he’s cut like a god instead of a demon. He’s already handsome in the face, so why wouldn’t the rest of him make you wetter then a fucking fountain?
You bite your lip, trying and failing to look away from him and drinking your fill of this beautiful man in front of you. He smirks, the devilish way he has been all night, and looks you straight in the eyes in silence for a moment. You wonder what he's thinking, and wished you had his ability to read others thoughts. That way you could smile and smirk the way he's doing right now. As you think up all he ways he looks good. Boosting his ego by accident. 
“If I knew all I needed to do was take my shirt off to make you want me, I would have did that from the very start.” You roll your eyes at him stroking his own ego, which makes Jungkook chuckle at the fact that you just rolled your eyes at a demon, and him taking it as it was - funny. 
Jungkook bends forward, putting both of his hands on either side of your head, staring down at you. He slowly inches his face back down to you until both of your lips reattach into a gentle kiss. Each kiss has been so different.
Rough. Smooth. Gentle.
Almost like Jungkook can’t decide how to treat you. How to behave with you. You’re not sure how you feel about that, but then again you weren’t sure how to feel about all of this. Your head still spinning from it all. 
More caresses are given, and each time you get into the kissing enough, you move your hands to touch him or bend your knee to get comfortable, and then remember what you are to him. Just a virgin sacrifice. A virgin sacrifice that is now getting frustrated at the lack of action. It feels like it’s been an hour since you orgasmed last. You still feel the coating of your cum dripping down your leg, but besides Jungkook’s hands roaming your entire body he hasn’t even went down there since.
It gets to the point where even the kissing is making you ache. Is this how teasing is done? Is this how it feels when someone prolongs the inevitable? You guess so, since you’ve never been in a situation even close to this one before.
“J-Jungkook,” you say his name and it feels like your tongue is fat in your mouth. Jungkook just got done ravishing your neck and breasts to the point they are purple and red all over. The bite mark on your neck being only one of many now littered down your body.
“Yes, sweetheart,” He says with a drip of dark lust coming across his words.
Your eyes feel heavy, and your chest is heaving with air. You try your best to say what you want without completely embarrassing yourself. “When are you going to - you know?”
Jungkook bites his lip, trying to contain his laughter. He sobers quickly and fakes innocence as he cocks his head at you. “Do I know? I think you need to be a little more clear.”
You blow hot air out of your mouth in frustration, and wiggle in your restrains. “Come on, stop teasing.”
Jungkook raises a pointed eyebrow at you. “Teasing? I would never.”
Now who’s the lier.
He smiles.
“Fuck you too then.” He laughs at that. When his laughter ceases all of a sudden the aura in the room has changed. Like what was once a room full of sex and heat has turned infertile and cold.
You stare up at the demon and see something pass through his eyes. An emotion you can’t quite understand. Jungkook leans down to be close to your face again, but doesn’t touch your nose or lips this time. He pushes your sweaty hair out of your face, and pets the top of your head. Staring at you now like it’s the first time, and he's using new eyes to see.
Your stomach swirls as he does this. Like he’s looking at a lover that he’s been missing for years, and not someone he just met and is using for his own needs. Nonetheless, you drink up the loving look he’s giving you. Never being able to have that look aimed at you before, especially by someone as enchanting as him.
“I finally have you,” Jungkook whispers in between the two of you. Placing another gentle kiss on your now swollen lips. You don’t know what he meant by “finally.” You know it was always planned for him to take you, but it almost seemed deeper for him. Like he’s been waiting decades instead of eighteen years. You’re not so sure what he’s feeling, and your mind goes blank on the matter when you feel him start to rut against your core. Drawing out a long moan by you that is being swallowed by him.
Everything moves fast after that. He removes his boots, then goes right back to kissing you. He removes his pants, and you gasp when you feel the appendage that’s had your nerves spiking since the first time it rubbed against you through his clothes touch your thigh. Without even looking, you know he’s huge. Bigger then what’s considered average, and the thought has your core clenching once again at knowing someone as experienced and lucky wants you. Has wanted and waiting for you for eighteen years.
He says, “Breathe,” against your lips. And you do. You breathe through the pain that accumulates through you when he starts to enter you. Your body stretching to new heights it’s never expected to stretch to. By the time he’s bottomed out, his eyes still looking down at you with the same look as before, lips inches from touching yours, you’re feeling so full. So elated. So womanly. A feeling you never expected to be allowed to have.
Your breathing is harsh, and it takes you a moment to get adjusted to him. By the time you have, you realize he’s waiting for you. That you didn’t expect at all. Although he’s given you more reasons to like him then hate him this past hour, you can’t help but admit you thought this was always going to be a painful experience, but it isn’t. It wasn’t. Nothing even close once you’re fully accustomed to him.
Without words, you tell him, I’m ready. His eyes widen ever so slightly when he reads your mind, and once that second passes he starts thrusting into you at a slow pace. Making sure your body doesn’t feel any pain from his movements. You’re greatful for it but still confused. Innocence are like a demons favorite snack. Yet he treats you like fragile glass in this moment.
By the time you’re feeling so good, him hitting a spot inside of you that you could never reach before, you’re saying his name like a prayer, and that’s all Jungkook needs to be allowed to do what he’s been waiting for. What you’ve been expecting from the very start.
He fucking ravishes you.
Holding the end of the alter in one hand and your hip in the other, to steady himself, he piston fucks you into oblivion. You didn’t even know hips could move that fast, but then again, you’re not fucking a human… you’re fucking a demon… and you’re loving every second of it.
You wail, scream, and moan out so many profanities as Jungkook’s cock fucks into you with earnest. Your mouth not closing as each thrust pounds the life out of you. All the while his face is in your neck and only some grunts can be heard.
“Fuck- Jungkook - Shit! God!”
Your last plead somehow has Jungkook smiling against your neck.
“Trust me, love. There’s no god here.”
Maybe it’s him calling you love, or the way he explains how there’s no god in this situation. Only you and a demon. But it has your second orgasm of the night rippling through you. Your restrains tearing at your wrists, you want to hold him so badly, especially when he’s not letting up on you whatsoever. Thrusting into you like your not currently close to blacking out from how good your first orgasm since losing your virginity feels.
Losing your virginity. You’re no longer a virgin. That thought alone has you moaning to the heavens. Or maybe even hell. Your not sure since the only thing right in this world to you right now is the being on top of you.
Jungkook moves his hands so there on top of your hands still in your restrains. He only slows down to adjust himself to the new angle, then he’s back to fucking into you - faster then before. Your screaming from the overstimulation, but there’s no pain coming from your screams. All pleasure. All want, and need, and lust, and fuck!
“Fuck your so sexy, Y/n.” Your realize then that he just said your name for the first time tonight, and that has your mind coming out of the fuzz for just a moment. If he said anything else before that, your mind wouldn’t have been able to register a single word, but just your name alone has you focusing on the man above you even more.
Every sharp line on his torso. How his hips flex when he thrusts into you. The way his arm muscles jut out as he holds himself above you. Everything about his body is so erotic, not to mention his face is like the word sex was reincarnated into a being.
Jungkook’s licks his teeth, chuckling as he looks down at you. “Am I better then him?” Your heart stops. “Am I better then you imagined him to be?” You wiggle in your spot, barely moving besides when his hips thrust into you so hard they move you upwards. “I wish I could kill him again. Knowing he touched you first. Knowing kissed you first. But he never got this.” Jungkook thrusts into you extra hard to make sure you know the extent of his words. “He never got to feel how good you feel.”
Suddenly, your wrists are free. You don’t get a chance to feel relived on the matter, though, because then Jungkook is picking you up into the air and thrusting up into you twice as deep as before. Your arms are wrapped around his neck tightly, and your screaming into his shoulder as each earth quacking thrust gets driven up into you. Even his name from your lips is coming out as jumble because of the way he’s fucking you.
You scratch at his back as your third orgasm rips through you. As good as it feels, going though the roller coaster of emotions this man - demon - is putting you though, you realize he hasn’t even cum once, but you’re to much of a sweaty mess to contemplate that until another moment of rough fucking has passed.
Jungkook’s hands are full of your ass cheeks and he’s squeezing onto them so tightly that only that little bit of pain makes you come out of your dizzying post orgasm state. You take your face out of his shoulder, look at the demon that’s been making you see stars, and see something you haven’t expected or seen before.
You thought just the small grunts we’re what he does when he feels good, but his face is an entirely different story when it comes to pleasure. He must have been hiding it before, but the way his eyes are screwed shut, and his jaw is slack you can tell Jungkook is feeling just as good as you have been.
That’s why, for the first time, you kiss him first. You kiss his open mouth and hold onto his face as best as you can while still moving with each of Jungkook’s thrusts. He moans into your mouth, and it’s music to your ears now. You feel him grown even bigger - which is somehow possible - inside of you. All of this indicating that your demon is close to spilling his seed inside of you. Officially claiming in all senses.
First the orgasm by just his fingers. Then the multiple bites. And now he will claim you by pouring his cum as deep as possible inside of you.
You whisper against his cheek, wanting to drive him as crazy as he has you the entire time, “Fill me up, Jungkook. Make me yours like I was born to be.”
Jungkook hears you, widening his eyes, and then he’s slamming you back onto the alter, arms wrapped around your middle and head so you don’t get hurt by the impact, and thrusts into you so deep it's like he’s trying to split you in two. Then you feel it. The overwhelming heat inside of you as he spills every last drop into you. You start to tear up, it feels so good. Overly stretching you as each spurt goes inside of you.
Jungkook is praying it sounds like near your ear. In a different language you have never heard before. The only thing you’re able to decipher is your name being prayed along with whatever else he’s saying. By the time he’s completely emptied himself inside of you, your eyes have dried out too. Both of you breathing into each other’s necks, and looking like a mess of limbs. Your arms still wrapped around his neck, as his only get tighter around your waist.
It takes both of you a moment to look at each other, but when Jungkook makes the first move to exit your neck and look down at you again, you could cry all over again. That same look of pure love is clear as water now on his face. A look you’ll gladly see every day.
A bunch of thoughts cross Jungkook eyes that he wants to say. So many things you think he should say. But out of all the things he’s planned to say in this moment, only three words seem right. 
“You’re finally mine.”
Jungkook has looked over this small village since the beginning of human existence. Even before God was a known being to the mortals, Jungkook was always there. Feasting off of their prayers, until someone like God was born in their lives. That’s when Jungkook had to get creative when it came to getting praise from the mortals.
He cursed the village with his presence. Destroying it with fire until it was nearly gone, and eating up all the villagers that stood to fight against him. Each person tasting even more vile than the last. Eating humans was never a necessary thing, but it was entertaining to watch them beg for mercy before he bit a huge chunk out of their bodies. The ones that were meant to die young we're the only ones that tasted appetizing enough to have Jungkook’s gums itch for more. 
That’s how the ritual started. Every hundred years, Jungkook would search for a soul that was meant to die young, and let them live up until their eighteenth birthday. Stopping them from drying young since their paths would be changed. Each time he came to claim a victim, it was scary for the living to the point they would make their sacrifice have a terrible life, ignoring their existence, but that’s not what Jungkook wanted. He wanted to save them for awhile, but still get his praise and delicious feeding out of it.
It wasn’t until you were born, that he even considered stopping. Every hundred years he would view every mortal women that gave birth, and wait for the one that’s soul was meant to die before they turned eighteen. You had the worst way of dying. Dying by losing your virginity to the man, in fact. Him fucking you then murdering you at the age of sixteen. Some sick fuck you gave your purity too, indeed. 
But that’s not what changed his mind about the ritual, wanting to finally stop his torment on the village. Your soul was. He watched your entire life play out in a flash. Every time you laughed, cried, smiled, he watched it all.
By the time he blinked your world away, Jungkook was in love.
An emotion the demon never knew was possible for him, was suddenly fully opened up when he looked into your life. He wanted to hold you through every sorrow, laugh along with you to every joke, and hurt every person who hurt you. He wanted you to watch the world burn and then be reborn again with him. Things he never expected to want with another person, he wanted them all with you. 
To wake up next to you at daybreak, and fall asleep next to you at night fall. To watch the wars go through the motions, and be there when a new religion was created. He wanted you as his partner, his lover, his everything. 
That’s why, instead of his usual “she’s the sacrifice, see you in eighteen years” bullshit speech he’s always given, he added something new. That you were to stay a virgin until you were sacrificed to him on your eighteenth birthday, and that would be the last sacrifice the village would ever need to give.
You’re all he needed, after that. Although making sure you stayed a virgin has some selfish reasoning to it, since Jungkook didn’t want you to get any physical affections - especially like that - from anyone but him, but also, the fact that the person that was meant to kill you was also the person that would take that gift away from you.
He watched your entire life play out in front of him, and he watched every second of it in real time too. From your first steps, to your first successful grade, even your first skinned knee. Times he saw you cry were always the hardest for him. Even if you were a child, all he wanted to do was reveal himself and hold you close. Keep you safe, and promise you protection forever. To at least tell you everything was going to be okay. He did sometimes. Revel himself to you, but each time he sobered you he would have to make you forget him. That made Jungkook’s own heart hurt. Knowing as soon as he had you out of his arm, you would forget his face and that he existed. 
You knew there was a demon coming for you one day, and the thought of him like that only served to radiate hate from you. Something he never wanted you to feel against him. 
But nothing, and I mean nothing, was more painful to Jungkook than to watch you be with another man. The man that stool your first kiss was a traveler from another village. He had brown hair and tanned skin. He was handsome. So handsome that no one would expect him to secretly be a ripper of the night. He would have sex with desperate women, and then kill them right after with any object he could get his hands on.
Any other person, Jungkook wouldn’t even bat an eye at him for what he did, but because he set his eyes on you, Jungkook had no problem using his powers to kill the man in the most gruesome way possible. At first, Jungkook let you play out your little spiteful game with the man. Clenching his jaw so tight his teeth almost broke as he watched and heard you feel so good by someone else besides him. 
Unlike all the times he watched you pleasure yourself, Jungkook was not smiling. He was not wishing for the day to join you. He was not happy to hear you moan or whimper as the man kissed you. And when the man went to touch your breasts, he couldn’t take it anymore.
He consumed the man’s mind with his darkness, and had the man peeled himself away from you. The look of shock soon fell from your face when you saw his eyes. It upset Jungkook a little that you were angry. That you knew it was he who stopped you from going further with this man, but you didn’t know what Jungkook knew. You didn’t know that this man would have killed you as soon as he was done with you.
Although you only knew the barest of details about this man’s death, Jungkook ripped him to shreds. Throwing his body away in a deep trench, and making it look like a suicide. It was clear by the mass of blood that it wasn’t a suicide, but your village wasn’t as advanced yet to think anything else but suicide.
Jungkook continued to watch you closely after that. Even closer then before. He was surprised you didn’t feel him somehow. Since his love for you was so strong. But you never knew he was there, at least not a hundred percent. You had your suspicions after the man you wanted to give your everything to died.
But you still didn’t know a hundred percent until your eighteenth birthday. It angered Jungkook that the village people continued to make your life feel so lonely like they did all the other sacrifices, but he also knew you weren’t going to die today. After today, you were going to be treated like a queen in his kingdom. Both of you ascending back into hell together after he claimed you as his.
Claimed you as his.
That thought alone had Jungkook stretching your wait for him. Usually the second the other mortals left the room, the one you were currently in, he would devour the girl on the alter. Instead, knowing what was actually going to go down, what Jungkook actually had plan for you, had the demon feeling nervous.
Nervous that you wouldn’t let him do anything. He could force you, but as someone who was actually in love with you he could never. He would never. He would butter you up and make you see and feel his love. The challenge was… well, that. Jungkook has never needed to seduce someone before. Women would always just flock to him when he reveled himself. But you’re also not just any other women crossing his path. You’re the one who stole his heart, and locked it away as forever yours.
He knew you hated him right now. Hated, but somewhat accepted your fate with him. A fate that was never going to come. You were never going to die tonight. You were never going to feel lonely ever again.
That’s why, after pining and waiting all this time, Jungkook says the first thing that comes to mind when he enters the room you’re in.
“What a lovely set up. You mortals really outdone yourselves this year.”
Because what else would a nervous, madly in love, reputation of being god awful, demon say for the first time when seeing the love of his life? It wasn’t until you spoke to him next, that Jungkook really breathed in the situation. 
“It’s all for you, mighty demon.”
And although you meant the room, Jungkook’s cock jumped in his jeans for what he took your words as.
You — being all for him.
And by the end of the night, you were exactly that.
The End.
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lavenjoon · 2 days ago
𝐛𝐭𝐬 𝐱 𝐜𝐡𝐮𝐛𝐛𝐲!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: cuddling headcanons with the members of bts bc I’m touch deprived and mad about it
genre: fluff!! fluffy as shit!!!
warnings/notes: mildly suggestive, use of profanity, plus-sized body appreciation <3
pronouns: none used
wc: 1.5k
a/n: thanks so much for being my first request! I hope you don’t mind me adding the rest of the members, I just couldn’t resist. :) Yoongi’s section has me twirling my hair and kicking my feet rn I adore him (p.s., if you’re new here, I write plus-sized reader fanfiction! If you’re into that, check out my blog!)
Tumblr media
kim namjoon
Namjoon isn’t one for pda, but behind closed doors is another story. It almost seems that he’s trying to make up for the lack of affection outside of your home, because when you’re inside he cannot keep his hands off of you.
You cuddle on the couch late at night when Namjoon’s reading, curled between his spread legs as he traces light fingers over the expanse of your thick thighs sprawled across his. In the bathtub when you lean back against his chest, sinking into the warm water as his hands rub at your soft, round stomach. And in bed at all times of day, your favorite being in the morning when you’ve just reunited after a night’s sleep on opposite ends of the mattress, because Namjoon kicks in his sleep and that’s a wrath you’d rather not face again.
Namjoon’s hands always roam lightly, lovingly, like it’s the only moment he’ll have to feel you, lay you out in his mind like a map for which every soft curve, crease and crevice is to be burned into his memory as if he lived for you and only you. Cuddling is always very intimate for you and Namjoon.
kim seokjin
With Seokjin it’s always lighthearted and fun. It’s giggling between freshly washed bedsheets, tucking fluffy hair out of his eyes and behind his ears so that you can lay your lips against his forehead and watch him smile up at you like you’re the only other person in the world.
He tickles you sometimes just because he wants to hear you laugh, because in those moments it’s his favorite sound. His fingers prod at your soft stomach, to which you twitch and swat at his hands playfully, wrestling over him and pinning his hands to the mattress. He promises he won’t do it again if you let him go, and you know it’s complete bullshit. Still, you let him go, and how quickly you pay the price surprises you every time. He rolls over you, attacking every ticklish area on your body until you’ve asked him to stop (because he’s a king who respects boundaries).
With Seokjin, it’s laying nose-to-nose, having deep talks about life late at night and sharing sweet kisses in between sincere words. Holding his face in your hands and telling him how beautiful he is and he, forgoing the confidence he wields on camera, flushing under your fingers.
min yoongi
Cuddling Yoongi is so frequent, it feels like a basic necessity. Like people need food, water, shelter, Yoongi needs a daily nap on your chest. And it’s his favorite that way.
He likes having you backstage with him the morning before a concert, so that he can lay you down on one of the couches in a secluded corner of the makeup room and cuddle up to you, no more than a few words or grunts exchanged.
And after a night of no sleep, he’s out like a light. His cheek squished against your chest, lips parted and exhaling soft breaths as you pet his hair and scroll through your phone, maybe even snapping a photo of the moment because Yoongi just looks the most peaceful in your arms.
It almost always stirs up the staff, because what they see of Yoongi in his waking hours is not nearly as gentle and relaxed as the Yoongi they see sleeping on your chest. They awe as they pass, smiling at you as if to thank you for providing the man that hardly sleeps a safe space to rest.
And when he wakes up with you rubbing his shoulder, smiling softly and speaking in a gentle tone, “Yoongi, you have to go get your hair done,” he huffs, grumbling as he stumbles to his feet and turns to walk away. Before he gets too far, he turns back, bends over you and pushes your hair from your face, planting a soft kiss against your lips before grumpily heading to his stylist.
jung hoseok
Cuddling with this bucket of sunshine is so casual, sometimes it feels less like cuddling and more like…hanging out…in really close proximity….
Hoseok’s not one for super intimate cuddle sessions unless he’s really needing it, then he’d welcome them happily. These are the days that the weight of being an idol falls just a little too heavily on his mind, where all he can do is sit in bed and worry about what hasn’t yet happened. It’s these days he asks to hold you close, wraps his arms around your shoulders and clings to the fabric of your shirt as if you’d slip between his fingers like sand at any moment. You remind him that you won’t, though, that none of it will, and your words calm the storm behind his worrying eyes.
But on the days that all is well, when he can enjoy his time with you in the moment because he’s not worrying about the what-if’s of the future, he loves the simple displays of affection. Like when you rest your head on his chest and he throws his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to his side while watching the newest Disney movies with the bandmates. Or when you’re both too tired for anything more than interlocking your pinkies as you fall asleep next to one another in bed. And when you caress the back of his palm with your thumb as he works on his newest album in his studio, his heart just melts.
park jimin
Park Jimin, a hopeless fucking romantic if I’ve ever seen one. This man just adores physical touch, so I have no doubt he loves cuddling, too. And he loves how perfect you are for cuddling.
You know all of the tricks, how he likes his scalp massaged, his favorite cuddling positions, when he needs what, not to mention how soft and plentiful you are. One of his most favorite positions is laying between your beautiful, full thighs, wrapping his arms around your soft tummy and nuzzling against it as you play with his hair. And if your stomach growled, (because I know mine most definitely would) he’d laugh and ask if you’d had enough to eat that day, just to make sure, because his baby ain’t skippin’ no meals. Not on his watch.
I think Jimin would especially enjoy cuddling after being intimate, when you’re both completely naked and vulnerable. He’d love to hold you close, or to have you hold him close, and savor the feeling of your bodies pressed against one another in a different kind of way. In a way that brings you closer, not just physically, but emotionally.
kim taehyung
I think cuddling with Taehyung could be either incredibly intimate or nonchalant.
There are days where he just feels like setting his head in your lap and closing his eyes, sinking into the feeling of your chubby fingers brushing through his soft strands and scratching lightly at his scalp. His sighs of contentment always tug a smile at your lips, and you know he appreciates the small gestures like this.
Other days, he grabs you by the hands and takes you into the living room, switching on the speakers that play whatever new jazz artist he’s been listening to, and grabbing you by your thick waist, pulling you to him and singing into your ear tenderly as he sways you both side-to-side.
Seeking out physical affection can be a little difficult for Taehyung at times, especially when he’s upset and isn’t sure how to verbalize his needs, so he always appreciates when you initiate it first. And after some time, you’ve picked up on cues, like the way he eyes your lap when he’s thinking about plopping his head onto it. When you catch on, you pat your thighs, smiling softly at him, to which he grins and obliges blissfully.
jeon jungkook
Jungkook can get really handsy while cuddling, so much so to the point where you have to tell him to knock it off at times, unless he wants to end up putting in more work than you both had originally planned. Wink, wink.
God, does he just fucking love the way you feel in his hands. When you’re laying against his chest, one of your thick legs thrown over his torso, he can’t help but grab handfuls of the flesh of your ass, squeezing playfully as you squeal and knock his hand away. It’s alright, though, because you get your revenge every time you catch him bent over with his backside facing you.
What? It’s fair game.
Though Jungkook loves your body and just wants to show you how much he does all the time, he knows where to draw the line. He most cherishes the feeling of you resting peacefully against his chest, and that’s a feeling he’d never compromise. He remembers you once telling him that he feels sturdy and safe, like home, and he wears that badge of honor with the pride of a lion.
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personasintro · 2 days ago
Mutual Help | 15
Tumblr media
❥𝒔𝒚𝒏𝒐𝒑𝒔𝒊𝒔; In order for you to pretend to be his girlfriend, he helps you with your sexual desires - he calls it a mutual help
❥𝒑𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈: jungkook x reader
❥𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: fake dating au, smut, fluff, angst, slow burn
❥𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: explicit language, nudity, oral sex (m.)
❥𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 9.3k+
Tumblr media
⇠ prev. | next ⇢
Tumblr media
Taehyung's ability to persuade you to do things you normally don't feel like doing still amazes you. You've no idea how the man does it but he surely has his ways. In your defense, you didn't let yourself be persuaded quickly.
"I'm not going to a bar on Sunday, Taehyung."
That's what you told him when he suddenly came up with an idea to go out in the evening. He had decided not to go home after breakfast, not that you minded his company. Not at all. Jungkook was busy finishing your bed after breakfast while you and Taehyung watched movies the entire day. It was a calm day – until Taehyung's extrovertness and need to go out came up to the surface.
"Relax, you're not getting drunk."
So the next ten minutes were spent with his attempts of getting you to agree to his plan, involving Jungkook as soon as he came up from the office room – which is going to be your room as well from now.
"We are just going to hang out."
"Come on. Jimin bailed on me and I'm lonely."
Just a glimpse of what he said to make you finally agree.
In the end, Jungkook agreed as well and offered to be the driver.
"I can't believe he made us go out on Sunday." you comment with a mutter under your breath, glancing down at your already finished drink.
Going to a local bar is what you mean.
Jungkook glances at you, arm outstretched behind your seat as he grins. "You're acting as if it's the first time that has happened."
Well, he has a point.
Taehyung scoffs, reminding you that he has heard you perfectly as he sits on the opposite side of you and Jungkook, adjusting the button-up Jungkook has borrowed him since he barged in wearing pajamas last night. He actually borrowed a whole outfit from Jungkook which seems kind of weird, because he looks like Jungkook. Minus the face and tattoos of course, but still. Their fashion style is kind of different, not totally but seeing Jungkook in that button-up before and now Taehyung wearing it is... interesting and odd.
Not that it doesn't suit him. Taehyung usually wears similar clothes when going out at night. It's the fact those clothes are Jungkook's but well, he looks good in them. The looks Taehyung gets from the women in this bar just proves that.
"Oh please, what were you two about to do on a Sunday anyway?" Taehyung raises his eyebrows at you lazily, "Fuck behind everyone's back?" he laughs, your entire face heating up as his name leaves your mouth in a hushed exclamation.
"Probably." Jungkook shrugs, not letting Taehyung get to him as you give him a look but he looks relaxed and not very bothered by your friend's jab.
The little twitch in the corner of his lips tells you last night has crossed his mind.
"Relax, I'm just joking," Taehyung rolls his eyes at you, "Is it really that bad to hang out with me?" Taehyung asks with a glare and edge to his voice, but looking at him you realize how the undertone of his question is plainly just sad and you immediately feel bad.
"No, Tae, that's not what I meant," you assure him, shaking your head as you prop your elbows on the table and lean closer to him. "It's just, it's Sunday and I have work tomorrow. All of us do actually. I don't want to go to sleep too late and then having to deal with Junho's annoying ass the whole next day. Plus, I can't get drunk."
It's not like you haven't done it before. It's not that big of a problem to be honest.
Everyone knows you want to get a good amount of sleep before having to wake up early in the morning. It's just how you prefer to do things and thanks to your friends, you get a good amount of clubbing and hanging out in public places a lot.
"Nobody is getting drunk. We are just having a few good drinks and that's it."
But you should've known to never trust him when it comes to drinking and having fun.
With more drinks on your and Taehyung's part, Jungkook gladly sticking to coke, the evening started to get more relaxed in terms of you relaxing and sharing a good laugh with your friends. Suddenly, getting more drinks didn't sound so bad and once Taehyung suddenly came up with another plan of visiting a nearby club, surprisingly you already stood up ready to go.
You're nowhere near dressed appropriately for a club. Just a pair of dark jeans, a nice top and heels – not your average good outfit but you don't care.
Not even when Jungkook reminds you of your work tomorrow, not very sold on the idea of going clubbing on Sunday night as you and Taehyung both wave him off. Sighing, he still joins you – not that he has a choice since he is both your driver.
It doesn't even make sense. You only go to the club to get more drinks which you could've happily got in the bar. Club is loud, full of people and stinky but in your drunken state, it seems like the most logical and greatest idea. You blame it on Taehyung.
You and Taehyung dance through a few songs though, something you wouldn't be able to do in a bar. Jungkook watches you two the entire night like a parent, and if you weren't so drunk you would feel bad for him having to stick to his non-alcoholic drinks while he babysits not only you but Taehyung as well.
He happily reminds you he's okay and doesn't want to get drunk, every time you drunkenly sit back down into the booth and pout at him.
"You're drunk," Jungkook comments, chuckling as his thumb brushes against the corner of your lips as you give him a lazy grin. "You should take it slow." he reminds you softly, snorting when you take a sip of your drink, ignoring his words.
You sheepishly grin at him, sitting back which happens to be on Jungkook's side as you cuddle up to him. Taehyung currently flirts with one of the women, which is also the reason you joined Jungkook because he shooed you away as soon as she approached you and him. Idiot.
However, he doesn't bail on you and joins you shortly after.
Jungkook reminds you two to stop drinking so much every few minutes but just like always, you both wave him off.
"Sober people are always annoying when others are drinking." Taehyung comments and you start giggling like it's the funniest thing he could've said right after Jungkook has scolded him for ordering another round of drinks.
"This sober annoying person is driving you home." Jungkook reminds him with a grumble, your giggling continuing.
To Jungkook's luck, you decide to end the night when you start getting tipsy, almost falling asleep on Jungkook's chest while Taehyung looks like he has had enough – equally getting tired and too drunk to barely stand on his feet.
How he manages to get you two in his car is beyond him, but he's glad when you're both seated in the back as he drives through the night to his apartment. Taehyung's car is in a parking lot in front of Jungkook's building, so there's no way he's driving him home. Also, he is drunk and doesn't want to waste time driving him home, having to actually get him to up his floor and apartment.
It's not like it's a bother to him for Taehyung to spend a night over. At least he is not left with blue balls this time.
"Well--this is new," Taehyung slurs drunkenly in the back, your head that's been leaned against the window lazily turns to him as you questionably look at him. "I haven't even kissed anyone tonight."
You snort, giggling. "Is that a bad thing?"
"No, it's just weird." he giggles to himself as you join him.
"You know what's weird?" you ask, pointing at your outfit as Taehyung cocks his head at you. "This outfit."
You both cackle right after, causing Jungkook to roll his eyes at the two of you and what a hangover you two are about to have. The last time you were even similarly drunk to your current state was at the New Year's Eve trip – something that's hard to forget.
"Nah, you look good." Taehyung murmurs, his words coming out as snort as he starts drifting away but your voice shakes him out of it.
"You really think so?"
You sound so hopeful and light, causing Jungkook to stifle back a laugh as Taehyung encouragingly nods like the supporting friend he is.
"No, you're just saying that because you're my friend." you grumble sadly as Taehyung drunkenly tries to reach towards you but ends up almost slapping you in the face which causes you to click your tongue at him in annoyance.
"No, I'm not!" he argues childishly as you cross your arms over your chest, not even caring your top makes your breasts almost spill out of it with how low it is tugged by your arms.
"You are!"
"No, you idiot!"
"I'm not an idiot!"
Taehyung sighs, fighting back the need to just close his eyes and sleep. "You are hot."
"You mean it?" you pout again, staring hopefully at drunk Taehyung but you're not the one to talk, looking just as hammered.
"Yeah!" Taehyung exclaims enthusiastically, "I would totally go for you if you were a stranger."
"You would?"
Jungkook listens to the absurd conversation, silently counting down the minutes to his apartment building. Why the fuck you sound so happy?
"Yeah!" he exclaims again, burping right after as you giggle. "I would totally kiss you tonight if you weren't my friend."
"Kiss me?"
Oh fuck, you're so drunk. You even sound interested knowing the thought of kissing one of your friends – excluding Jungkook of course – is like kissing your brother. But this doesn't even cross your mind.
"Mhm, you wanna kiss?" Taehyung proposes, drunkenly sending you a crooked grin as he leans towards you while you sit behind Jungkook's seat, grinning at him just as much.
Why not? What could go wrong?
You both start to lean closer to each other, pursing your lips like little kids do but before you can even get any closer, the car comes to an abrupt stop which almost makes you both fly through windshield if it weren't for the seatbelt Jungkook has so kindly put on both of you.
Before Taehyung can even open his mouth, taking him too long to realize what has just happened, Jungkook is out of his seat as the door on Taehyung's side is pushed open.
"Yah, what the fuck man?" Taehyung complains, slurring his words as Jungkook takes off his seatbelt and pulls him out of his seat.
Taehyung complains the whole time, your drunk mind having a hard time comprehending what is happening until Taehyung sits in a passenger seat, Jungkook clicking on his seatbelt with a frown before the door is shut.
You blink confusingly at the back, your stomach feeling funny from the harsh stop you just made as you're trying not to throw up.
"You're both so fucking wasted." Jungkook mutters under his breath, putting the car into drive fastly.
You both fall asleep for the rest of the ride, Taehyung waking up just as Jungkook parks in an underground garage where he only recently bought a parking spot. He already looks as if he can't remember a thing, blinking as he watches his surroundings with sleepy and bloodshot eyes – Jungkook chuckles once he notices Taehyung's dumbfounded expression.
Getting him out of the car is just as hard as he expected, Taehyung barely able to stand on his feet while Jungkook scolds him to at least try and stand for a solid minute while he tries to get you out of the car.
Taehyung leans against his car, palms messily outstretched on its windows as he leaves handprints all over it and Jungkook has to take a deep breath. Opening the door on your side, you're already sleeping with your head and neck in an uncomfortable position.
You're so out of it, he thinks as he tries to wake you up. Brushing a few strands of your hair off your face, he gently calls out your name while he shakes your shoulder but you murmur something under your breath, trying to swat his hand off.
Sighing, he grunts once he sneaks his arms around your frame and tries to take you into his arms. With your lack of response and difficult position it's not easy but eventually he successfully manages to pull you out, holding you bridal style as he shuts the car door with his hip.
"Why don't I get such a privilege?" Taehyung pouts, slurring once he notices you in Jungkook's arms while he's scared to let go of the car, guessing he won't be able to hold himself on his feet for long.
"Because you're heavy and my size," Jungkook answers nonchalantly, telling him to at least try holding his forearm, so he doesn't fall.
Carrying you in his arms with Taehyung attached to his side is even more difficult but by the time you make it into the elevator, he promises himself not to ever listen to you or Taehyung's drunk ideas.
Fortunately for Jungkook and his sake, Taehyung finds his way to the couch and even though Jungkook had to scold him to take off his shoes before he enters his home any further, he slouches himself on the couch and falls asleep right away.
Jungkook manages to put you into your newly assembled bed and fresh sheets. The bed fits into his office room but with the lack of space, one side has to be pressed against the wall and it looks a little bit awkward but it's not like it's important.
While Jungkook is taking your shoes off, you start to shift on your spot as your eyes open with a few lazy blinks as you look around. It's funny watching you trying to figure out where you are, until you spot Jungkook's desk and computer before Jungkook himself stares at you with a tiny amused grin.
You suddenly pat your face, gasping. "My make-up."
For fuck sake, Jungkook thinks as he sighs and is ready to try to convince you to take it off tomorrow because he doesn't have the energy to get you to the bathroom and take it off for you while you will keep dozing off. He doesn't really need you falling and hitting your head or something. Why can't you just lay down and sleep like Taehyung does?
You're already standing up before Jungkook can somehow convince you to go to sleep either way, and he quickly pushes you back to bed. "Alright, alright, I'll be right here. Just wait."
A tiny part of him, okay actually a big one, hopes by the time he comes back you'll be already asleep but of course, it wouldn't be you if you listened to his never spoken pleas. He finds you staring at the ceiling with a lazy look, your eyes fighting for some sleep but you remain awake, looking at Jungkook who sits on the edge of bed.
He takes off your make-up, careful not to be too harsh with his movements. He brought way more make-up wipes than it's needed and if you were observant enough, you would definitely scold him for wasting your wipes like that.
Luck is on his side and you remain oblivious to the unnecessary waste but in his defense, he wants to make sure all of your make-up is gone and you won't curse him the first thing in the morning if you had panda eyes or new break-outs. Honestly, he thinks you would curse him out even if you hadn't any of those, just the thought of going to sleep with your make-up on would be a good reason for you to scold him.
He can't help but chuckle at his thoughts – at the sight of you who has a lazy smile spreaded on your lips.
"Did I really kiss Taehyung?" you suddenly ponder quietly, eyes slowly opening as you try to locate Jungkook ones.
"You almost did." Jungkook answers, gently rubbing the make-up wipe on your chin.
"Oh," you let out, surprised that it wasn't a figment of your drunken imagination. "Wow."
Jungkook glances at you for a second, eyes flickering to your astonished expression before he goes back to his task. "Yeah," he mumbles, "Didn't know you had a thing for Taehyung."
He knows you don't – that's why his tone comes out more light as he lightly jokes.
"I don't," you reply, "I mean... What's wrong about kissing another friend of mine?" you joke back, snorting at your joke while he frowns.
But he remains silent, not even sure what to say to that because you're clearly drunk. Sober you would be freaked out at the thought of kissing him.
"Jimin has a girlfriend now, so I can't kiss him too."
An audible but slight snort leaves Jungkook's mouth as you continue with your joking.
"Well, too bad it's only us guys." Jungkook jokes, your grin falling off your face immediately as he puts the last make-up wipe onto the floor before he informs you he's done, but that goes unnoticed by you as you sit up.
"What do you mean by that?" you ask, frowning as he catches you by your forearm when you totter and almost fall back. "You would kiss other girls?"
Jungkook tries to stifle back a laugh as your hardened and serious face is not too hard to miss.
"Weren't you about to kiss Taehyung?" he points out, still joking of course but in your current state you can't seem to notice the slightest twitch of his lips or the way he bites into the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from laughing.
This is actually interesting, he thinks, obviously he is just joking and it's not because he can't imagine having another woman or women in your small friends group of four. It's because he's already risking too much by being this close to you – but he purposely pushes any doubts and fears away – he surely wouldn't risk any other friendship by just kissing his friends.
Lifting your hand up, you sloppily trace his lips while he stares at you amusingly as you seem too deep in your thoughts. "Your lips are mine to kiss." you tell him, grinning drunkenly at him and he bites back a laugh, rubbing his nose to hide his grin instead.
"Yeah?" he chuckles and you give him one stiff nod.
"Yeah," you confirm, "I'm not allowing any other girls in our group."
"Alright," Jungkook finally laughs, nodding as he stands up and ushers you to lay back down. "You're the boss here."
Again, you miss his amused tone and expression, thinking he's completely serious as you nod.
"Of course I am," you purse your lips, "I don't want to sleep in my jeans," you mutter sleepily, trying to unbutton them but it's hard to do in your state. "Help me?"
Jungkook sighs, but helps you to get out of your clothes. He was hoping you would just go to sleep. It's not like he minds changing your clothes. He's not exactly a typical best friend and he has seen it all, like you would gladly remind him if he refused, but still – he doesn't find it comfortable changing your clothes when you're in this state. Purely out of respect for you.
Once you're out of your clothes, bra gone with your panties only shielding you, Jungkook tries not to look at your exposed form until he hands you one of your larger size t-shirts you sleep in. You ask for pants which he puts on you as well, the first one he has managed to find which happens to be with a Christmas motive.
"Okay, you're all set boss," Jungkook says, clapping his hands together as he's about to stand up but you grab him by his wrists, slowly sitting up as you tug him closer to you. "What is it?"
You just stare at him, fighting off the sleepiness as you inch closer and deliver a soft peck on his lips. Jungkook is stunned for a moment, staring at you confusingly as you give him a sheepish grin.
"I'm just staking my claim."
Jungkook snorts in amusement, shaking his head at you. "Because of who? I'm not kissing anyone else." he laughs and you frown, suddenly pouting as if you just remember what he is talking about. In your drunk and hazy mind, you have trouble trying to remember what happened in the car in the first place.
"As you shouldn't," you tell him smartly and he laughs quietly.
He knows you're drunk but if it happened while sober, he would actually think you're quite selfish for saying that considering you were about to drunkenly kiss Taehyung. But 'drunkenly' is the key point and he understands that. He doesn't even care, knowing you both got wasted that you barely knew what you were doing. He was just teasing you earlier, he wasn't expecting you to start talking about it.
"I'm getting cold, can you cuddle me?"
"Drink some water first," he says, handing you the glass of water he brought earlier along with the make-up wipes.
You do, gulping it in one go before you hand him the glass back, making yourself comfortable in your bed as Jungkook covers your body. Urging him to join you in bed, he tries to explain he needs to take a shower as you whine childishly. But he doesn't ask you, simply walking out of the room to take a quick shower.
He goes back to check on you, not expecting you to still be awake as you pat a free space next to you.
There's no escape from this, that much is clear to him and without arguing, he joins you in bed.
You start caressing the side of his face and he stares at you with a confused yet amused expression but that's until you give him a kiss. Is that a mint he tastes?
He frowns in confusion, wondering where the hell have you found it but then he sees a pack of mint dragees on the side table.
However, the kiss doesn't last too long because he pulls away and you pout immediately.
"You don't want to kiss?"
He doesn't know whether you're annoying right now or just cute.
"You're drunk." he informs you as if he just told you news, or at least that's how you currently look as you open your mouth and almost offendly stare up at him.
Your mind seems to be clouded and in your current state you don't understand there are a few reasons why Jungkook wouldn't want to kiss at this moment – but right now all you can feel is offended that he pulled away.
"No, I'm not."
Jungkook chuckles, looking down for a moment while he stays propped on his elbow. "Yes, you are."
You give him a glare, trying to look intimidating but Jungkook wants to laugh rather than feeling intimidated.
"Okay, maybe a little bit," you roll your eyes, "But we can still kiss?"
"That's not what a gentleman would do." Jungkook hums, lips twitching when you whine and slap sheets frustratedly instead.
"Then don't be a gentleman."
"You're so bratty when you're drunk." he comments, shaking his head at you with a grin as he leans over you.
For a moment you think he's about to kiss you but he turns off the lamp instead, causing you to frustratedly huff.
"I won't ever kiss you." you murmur, huffing again as Jungkook lets out another snort.
"We'll see about that." Jungkook mutters and you scoff.
"No, I won't. You can kiss my ass next time."
"Oh, I will," Jungkook grins, "Gladly,"
You turn around with your back to him, mind getting too hazy and tired to continue this argument – or whatever it is.
"Now go to bed, brat. You'll have a nice awakening tomorrow."
You barely register his words, murmuring something you can't even realize you're saying because you're completely out of it. You drift off to sleep with Jungkook scooting closer, enveloping you with his arm and warmth.
Tumblr media
"Fucking hell,"
Jungkook isn't even surprised when those are your first words as you join him in the kitchen, holding your head with a pained expression scrunching your puffy morning features.
He has heard voices before you came here, you and Taehyung both complaining about yesterday's night and how much you've overdone it. Not that he disagrees.
Sitting on the stool, Jungkook slides you some painkillers with a glass of water – the same thing he did to Taehyung before he went back to sleep.
"Thanks, you're a lifesaver."
Jungkook playfully rolls his eyes, preparing cereals for himself as he sends you a look across his shoulder. "Have you thrown up already?"
"Yeah." you embarrassingly admit, just right after you woke up and made it to the bathroom.
"That's good, you will feel better now. If it makes you better, Taehyung already threw up two times. Luckily I expected it, so I prepared a bucket next to him."
You give him a crooked smile, despite the pain your stomach and head is already experiencing.
"What about work?" Jungkook asks, glancing at the digital clock on his stove, seeing you should've been gone a long time ago.
He didn't want to wake you up, knowing you won't be able to wake up at six in the morning when you went to sleep around midnight completely wasted.
"I called Junho, told him I woke up feeling sick."
Yeah, some time in your still half drunk state with a raspy and gruffy voice.
"What did he say?"
"He wasn't happy," you wince, "I'm sure he added to my headache."
"He's a fucking idiot then." Jungkook shrugs, showing you his bowl of cereal in a silent offer but you almost gag, shaking your head with a hand on your mouth.
"Please, I'm the idiot here. Who gets drunk on Sunday when they have work the next day?" you deadpan, Jungkook snorting.
He gives you a grin across his shoulder and you reciprocate it, rolling your eyes at him.
"Maybe you'll learn from your mistakes."
"You're annoying." you comment, Jungkook holding his breakfast as he starts eating while standing.
You notice he's fully closed. Jeans, oversized emerald colored hoodie looking fresh which can't be said about you or Taehyung who's trying to sleep his hangover off.
"So were the two of you," Jungkook reacts right away, "Do you remember something from last night?"
"Just fragments," you cringe at yourself, "Did I do something embarrassing?"
Jungkook smirks, swallowing his bite as he leans back against the counter. "Well, let's see...you guys kept drinking despite me warning you. You just waved me off every time and oh, you and Taehyung were about to kiss,"
You wince, but not saying anything about it as he continues.
"I had to take off your make-up, as usual. Then you wanted to kiss me but you were drunk, so I tried to politely refuse but you got all bratty,"
He's enjoying it, it's not that hard to tell considering he's amusingly grinning. "You told me my lips are only yours to kiss."
"Oh my god!" you exclaim, hiding your face away from him as he finally breaks and starts laughing.
"Do you remember any of it?"
"Yes to Taehyung, even though it's pretty hazy and I don't remember much from there. But I do remember uh," you gulp, "saying something about your lips."
"Yeah, you got very serious about it."
"Shut up," you glare at him right away. "I was drunk! You can't take me seriously!"
"Didn't know you wanted to kiss me so badly." he continues to tease you as you groan, searching for something around you to hit him with and Jungkook erupts into another fit of laughter.
"I don't," you grit through clenched teeth, "My drunk self gets cuddly and loves affection." you mutter, pouting as Jungkook scrunches his nose as he grins.
"I figured."
"Please just shut up," you beg him, "Where are you going?"
Jungkook smirks, your attempt of changing topic doesn't go unnoticed by him but he decides no longer to make you suffer.
"I'm working till four and then I'm gonna hang out with Ester."
"Oh," you let out surprisingly, "Okay."
"She's joining me on my last shoot, I want her to see how I work so we can, you know, do a better job when we work on that project,"
Ah, yes. The project Junho wanted Jungkook on. You're supposed to work on it in a month or so, the date going back and forth but not too much that it would cause any problems to Jungkook, due to his busy schedule. It's pretty unusual for him to be still home at this time – but not completely rare.
"What are you gonna do today?"
"There's not much I can do with a hangover," you snort, "I think I'm gonna spend the day with Taehyung until he decides to go home." you shrug as Jungkook nods while he continues eating.
In that moment Jungkook's phone starts to ring, interrupting your conversation even though there wasn't much to be said as his eyebrows furrow in curiosity while he pulls the phone out of the pocket of his jeans.
"It's Jimin," he says, looking at the screen before he accepts it and taps the screen, putting the phone on the counter between you two. "Hey, you're on speaker."
"Finally!" Jimin exclaims, "Who's there?"
"Hey, Jimin." you call out, letting your presence known as Jimin greets you back.
"Where the hell is Taehyung? I tried to reach out to him but his phone seems to be turned off." Jimin asks, while Jungkook leans forward against the counter with his elbows, brows raising up as he glances at you and grins.
You shake your head playfully, "Don't worry, he's here at Jungkook's. His battery probably died."
"Ah, typical of him. I should've known it's nothing serious but what is he even doing there, Kook?"
As Jungkook opens his mouth, awake Taehyung joins you in the kitchen as he recognizes Jimin's voice immediately, not that it matters because he glances at the screen either way to make sure it's really him.
"What's up, traitor." Taehyung greets Jimin, a beat of silence on the other side as you and Jungkook snort.
"Where the hell have you been, man? I was trying to reach you but apparently your battery is dead. Were you partying again?"
Taehyung purses his lips as he stares at the phone with raised brows, which you have to admit is kind of funny especially with his puffy and totally hangover face. At least this time he doesn't stink of alcohol and you can smell mouthwash whenever he opens his mouth – not that you were any different though.
"I was, indeed. We were actually, you know, us single people, although..." he trails off and gives you and Jungkook a look.
Jungkook rolls his eyes and you glare at Taehyung, silently telling him to shut up. Thankfully, he just grins back playfully at you, enjoying teasing the hell out of you and Jungkook. Jimin doesn't catch Taehyung's implication and just continues to burble that he just wanted to talk to him, but as if he knew Taehyung will open his big mouth and most likely call him out on his new relationship, he just casually says Taehyung to call him.
It looks like Jimin is not sure whether you and Jungkook know about his relationship – which you do thanks to the mentioned Taehyung's big mouth – and it is kind of amusing to see him playing it safe when all of you know the truth.
However, you would appreciate Jimin coming up to you and telling you when he wants to. Even though, in your opinion, it's not a big deal at all.
Their call ends shortly after, Jungkook has to go to work and you and Taehyung are left to deal with your hangover alone. Left to just simply wait until it passes away because there's nothing else you can do.
That's until Taehyung realizes he has never called into his work to tell them he's not coming today.
You have a great moment of laughing at the way he tries to fake sickness while he keeps flicking you off, glaring at you as he warns you to keep your mouth shut.
Tumblr media
"Oh, you're awake,"
Surprised by Jungkook being wide awake, still lying in his bed while you tried to sneak-in into his bedroom to take some of your clothes, you expected him to be still asleep considering he starts working around lunch today.
The past two weeks have been pretty hectic for both of you, especially for Jungkook since he has barely been home and if he has, he spent it in his office anyway. There were a few times when you were falling asleep with him still editing photos in the room – something he always apologized for and tried to do his work quickly, so you could sleep peacefully. It doesn't matter how many times you assure it's okay and you don't really mind.
Yes, you prefer to sleep in complete silence and darkness, but there was something peaceful about the occasional clicks that lullabied you to sleep.
So the last thing you expected to see is him being awake at seven in the morning. Though his face is puffy and looking as if he has just woken up, he looks pretty awake for someone that can sleep a few more hours – you know you would.
Jungkook waves at you lazily, hoisting himself up so his back is leaned against the headboard.
"Sorry, I spilled my make-up on my pants and it doesn't match with my blouse, so I need to grab new clothes." you apologize, fully realizing you're just in a pair of underwear, completely exposed to Jungkook but you don't pay that much attention to it.
It's not like he has never seen you like this before. Yes, you don't usually walk around half-naked, that's his speciality, but you don't feel uncomfortable.
The office barely has space for your bed, so all of your clothes are actually in Jungkook's closet and drawers – that's why you often take your next day outfits to your room, so you don't have to barge into his bedroom every morning.
"No worries," Jungkook rasps out, voice tilted to more light and amused side. "I'm enjoying the view."
You straighten, suddenly realizing you've been a little bit bent over right in front of him, trying to search for one of your skirts you wear to work.
Giving him a look across your shoulder, you purse your lips and raise your brows at him, seeing him grinning at you widely with his eyes almost disappearing.
"Why are you awake anyway?" you ask, turning back around to search for your clothes. Luckily, you woke up a little bit earlier for some reason, so you've got some time to kill.
Where is the damn skirt?
Met with silence, you turn your head around, enough to see Jungkook eyeing your ass with tongue slowly licking his bottom lip as you exclaim his name in disbelief.
"Couldn't sleep," Jungkook shrugs, eyes still attached to your backside. "Are those new panties?"
Sighing, you ignore him as you finally pull out the right skirt, tossing it at the end of his bed while you search for a top that matches.
"Since when do you wear a thong to work?"
Clenching your jaw, you turn around to him with a hand on your hip, raising your brows. "Sometimes, I do."
"Mhm," he hums, eyes momentarily on yours before they drop down your body. "Come join me in the bed." he says casually as you let out a surprised laugh.
"I'm going to work, Jeon. I don't have time for this."
"I can be quick."
"I know you can," you hum, "I don't want to be late."
You're not one to refuse sex, not when the last time you had it was a little over two weeks ago and you're too ashamed to admit that your friend was in the next room. Ashamed, but still kind of excited when you think about it. Like you said, those two weeks have been hectic and when you had the time, Jungkook was busy and even when there was a little time to chat, times where he would join you on the couch, you would rather spend that time catching up and just spending time together rather than having sex.
"Okay, so just stay bended for five minutes then,"
He says it so casually that if you weren't listening to him, you would have thought he's talking about the most casual and random thing.
Eyes almost falling out of their sockets, you stare at him in utter disbelief as you notice the sudden movements under the sheets. "Wait–are you touching yourself?!" you exclaim in disbelief, Jungkook rolling his eyes at your reaction as he shrugs.
"I woke up with a hard cock," he answers nonchalantly, "I'm serious, just bend over. I'm gonna have to at least settle with a good view."
He's serious, you realize as you see him touching himself right in front of you, eyes locked onto yours while you stare with your mouth open, too shocked to speak. But you shake yourself out of it, shaking your head at his bluntness while you ignore the starting tingle between your thighs. There's just something about him being so worked up, wanting to use you for the visual that makes your skin hot.
It's also a huge boost of confidence and maybe that's one of the reason sex with Jungkook is so good. No one has ever made you feel so confident and good in your own skin, especially when it comes to sex. Sure, you felt more confident with Haneul compared to Haechan, only because Haneul hasn't been that much experienced and everything you knew, learned from Jungkook and having sex with him, you used with him.
Jungkook hands slowly pumping his length under the covers, you gape at him as you snort a little, turning back to the closet as you pull out a white turtleneck, coming to a conclusion it matches well with your soft pink powder skirt.
Tossing it along with a hanger next to your skirt, Jungkook whines when you're turned back to him, robbing him from the previous side of your ass and the thong that barely covers you.
But you join him in the bed, your knees on the soft mattress as you start crawling to him which makes his eyes sparkle with hope.
"You're really shameless, you know that?" you ask, sending him a grin once you slowly pull the cover off his lower body, revealing his hand wrapped around his hard length.
Trying not to salivate at the sight, you nudge his hand away and quickly replace it with your own as Jungkook sighs in delight.
"So are you," he sighs pleasantly, closing his eyes with head leaning against the headboard. "Come on, get on my lap."
As tempting as that sounds, you refrain yourself from doing as Jungkook pleases, only because you know there's not much time you've got left. You can't afford to take a quick shower, knowing you most likely would be running late to work and Junho is already annoyed at you for not coming to work two weeks ago, when you were hungover – which he hopefully doesn't know but still, it would be just adding fuel to the fire.
"I can't," you tell him, wrapping your lips around his red tip as you gently suck on it, causing his breath to hitch. You look up at him, hand pumping him up and down as you lick your lips. "I've got work, we can't have sex."
Well, at least he's getting something out of it and he doesn't push it. You go back to work, working your lips and mouth on him again, trying to take him deeper into the warmth of your awaiting mouth.
"You, uh, you still haven't told me about what you wanna–"
"Do you seriously want to talk or get your dick sucked?" You cut him off, simply because you already know what he was about to say. You knew he wouldn't just let go of your previous conversation.
But you don't get him a chance to finish his sentence, going straight for his balls as you know he loves, your mouth sucking on them while your wrist twists as you pump his hard cock. He curses under his breath, hand already wrapped around your hair as he puts it into a ponytail, tightening his hold on it.
"Fuck, you really are minx."
You smile against him, licking a long stripe up his length which glistens with your saliva.
"Are you sure you've got time for this?" he questions with a breathy chuckle, noticing you're not playing around and going right in with giving him a mindblowing blowjob.
Letting him out of your mouth with an audible pop, you glance up with a little smirk.
"I can be quick." you tease, seeing his lips curve into a familiar smirk before you continue.
"That's not fair–mhm, yeah fuck just like that."
You would snort if your mouth wouldn't be full of his cock. You just hope your make-up won't be ruined after this because even though you're not wasting any time, you're still careful enough not to gag around him or take him too deep which could make your eyes water. Jungkook seems pleased with what you're doing though, not really minding that he's not hitting the back of your throat because whatever you're doing right now, he's enjoying it.
And just when you think things can get any worse for you, considering the wetness between your thighs that's understandable and hard to ignore, Jungkook lets go of your hair and sneaks his hand under your bralette, palming your breast. You let out a sound, both of you not sure if it's to scold him or moan, Jungkook pinches your breasts which makes you whine around him.
Too ashamed to admit it, your heat is pulsing with need and desperation, and for a moment you wonder if you will risk it and let Jungkook have his way with you. Your responsible self is against it though, knowing you barely have the time to get to work just in time.
With your jaw already aching and your spit drooling down Jungkook length, you sneak your hand to his balls as you squeeze, knowing it will just fasten his orgasm. Jungkook breathing gets quicker, his own hips trying their best not to thrust into your mouth as you quicken your pace. A round of curses resound from Jungkook's mouth, a few words of him praising you how good you're taking his cock, he informs you he's close.
"Where do I cum?" he asks breathlessly, orgasm approaching every second. "You want it in your mouth?"
You hum in confirmation. Well obviously, you don't want to get your make-up ruined, you would tell him if your mouth wasn't full of him. And you definitely can't afford to feel his cum on your skin, knowing you would have to take a shower because there is no way you'll go to work with a sticky chest and dried cum on it.
"My little slut," Jungkook grits his teeth and if you weren't busy sucking him off, you would gasp at those explicit words you haven't heard in a while. Again, you feel your walls clenching around nothing and it takes a lot of restriction not to sit on his lap and ride him.
And then your mouth is being filled with Jungkook's warm and salty cum, your mouth eagerly swallowing it as you slow down your pace, letting him sloppily thrust into your mouth while he fucks himself through the orgasm. Once he's done, he lets out another but loud pleased sigh, head thumping against the headboard.
Pulling his softening cock out of your mouth, your thumb catches some of his cum in the corner of your lips as you suck on your digit, swallowing it just in the right time as Jungkook glances at you.
"You're amazing."
"Of course I am," you cock a brow at him knowingly, grinning as you get off the bed. "Is my make-up ruined?" you ask, quickly gathering your clothes as you start putting them on.
Your lipstick has to be gone, considering most of it is painting Jungkook's cock. At least you chose a nude shade this time.
"No." Jungkook answers, grinning at you as you sigh while you start adjusting your turtleneck.
Quickly making your way to the bathroom to check your appearance, you gasp. He lied. Not only is your lipstick no longer on your lips, it's smeared on the right part of your cheek and your mascara is a little bit smudged. Well, you used to look worse and considering the intense morning blowjob you just gave him, you do look pretty decent. Just not decent to go to work like this.
A sound of cackling is what you hear in return.
There's no time for scolding him, the time on your phone you quickly check shows you're already running a little bit late. You just hope you will manage to still come in time, not wanting to explain to Junho why you're running late. Not that you would tell him the truth of course.
Quickly yelling a bye to Jungkook after you get rid of the smudges and reapply your lipstick, you rush to work and luckily, the road hasn't been that busy which didn't make it even more difficult for you. You manage to arrive just in time which makes you relax.
It's only five minutes later when you sit behind your desk that you realize you never brushed your teeth or used a mouthwash after the blowjob, Jungkook's taste remaining on your tongue. When Benjamin offers you a coffee, you accept it with hot cheeks and a crooked smile.
Tumblr media
Jungkook returns back home in the afternoon before you, tidying up the place even if there's not much to begin with. He takes care of the laundry, feeling bad that you've been taking care of it for the past few weeks since he's been too busy to do most mundane things. He's glad he could've gone to the gym for a good work-out at least twice in a week, which is way less frequent from what he's used to.
That's why he purposely scheduled today to be more free, and had only one photoshoot to do before he came back home.
Ironically, he feels more exhausted than he usually does when he's totally busy and constantly doing something productive. But just as he plops down on the couch, eyes searching for the remote to turn on the television, his phone starts to ring.
Jungwon. Well, that's unexpected.
"Hey, bro." His brother's voice resounds from the phone even before Jungkook can open his mouth, noticing he's video calling him.
"What's up, hyung?" Jungkook grins, noticing the background of their living room as his brother sits down.
"You never call, I have to be the one who reaches out to you," Jungwon teasingly scolds him, earning a playful roll of his eyes. "Mom whined about it too. You barely call them."
Jungkook winces at the mention of their parents. "I'm so busy with work, hyung. But I try to call her as much as I can."
"She misses you," Jungwon grins, not saying anything new because she misses him all the time and she tells him every time they call each other. "Me like a good son, told her that."
"Well, you, a good son, live in the same city. At least she has you close." Jungkook remarks, a guilt spreading on his face at the thought of his parents, and mostly mom, knowing she probably just misses talking to her son.
Jungwon notices it though, dropping his teasing as he gives Jungkook a warm smile. "You're her youngest son. Always been her baby." he teases again, causing Jungkook to groan and throw his head back, though there's a smile spreading on his lips.
"I will call her tomorrow."
"I know, I was just teasing you. She is dramatic sometimes."
They both share a laugh, knowing their mom gets super sentimental whenever it comes to her two sons, no matter how old they are. It's true it's been a few weeks since he called his parents, which is longer than usual, though the latest call he had with his mom was anything but pleasing. When Jungkook's mom kept asking about Kiko, inviting them to visit them soon he just had to tell her the truth. Well, a part of it and that is revealing they're no longer together, and this time it's final.
To say she was surprised is an understatement. She was happy when Jungkook told her they're back together, simply wanting what's best for her son and she thought it's her. Surely, he kept a lot of private things away from her which he's not sure if she knew how she would react. Like it was mentioned, she is sentimental and he didn't want to hurt her any further by knowing the raw and cruel truth. At least not through a phone call and to be completely honest, he's not sure if he wants to tell her. It's not something he has thought about a lot.
He prefers not to think about it too much, simply just distracting himself from the unnecessary thoughts.
But he told her and so did he tell Jungwon as well the last time they spoke. He was just as surprised, but ultimately they've all been very supportive and to Jungkook's luck, they weren't talking or asking about it too much which he appreciated.
"How are you guys though? How's Haru?" Jungkook asks, cutting himself from the thoughts as he notices his brother's soft smile at the mention of his precious daughter.
"We're good, that's why I'm actually calling you." Jungwon grins sheepishly, scratching the back of his head as Jungkook raises his brow at him in question, knowing he probably has an ulterior motive for calling him.
"What is it?"
"We're planning a trip to Seoul next weekend, we've never taken Haru there so now that she's older it's more fun because she experiences more things and it's fun for her too. I'm actually planning on surprising Sona and I made a reservation at this very nice restaurant, but you know, I wanted it to be romantic and just us. I know you work during weekends sometimes, but I was wondering if you couldn't babysit Haru for us?"
"Hyung!" Jungkook exclaims, Jungwon giving him another sheepish grin.
Obviously, Jungkook loves his niece and always buys her gifts whenever he sees her, something he gets scolded for by her parents. He loves spending time with her and he misses her, though the thought of actually babysitting her makes him feel a little unsettled. The only people who have ever babysat her were his parents or Sona's.
What if she cries the whole time? He hasn't seen her for months now, the only visual has been through video calling.
"Please, tell me you're free." Jungwon pleads.
"I am but--"
"Please help us. We have barely had time for just ourselves, I really want to take her out on a romantic dinner. I already made a reservation."
"What if she cries? What if she--"
"Jungkook-ah," Jungwon sighs, a soft smile playing on his lips. "Haru absolutely loves you and talks about you almost all the time. She's gonna be fine. So will you."
"I don't know hyung," Jungkook scratches the back of his head, scrunching his nose a little. "Where are you guys staying?"
"I found a good hotel. But the dinner reservation is around seven, I don't know how long we will be there but it's gonna be around Haru's past bedtime, so I would be very very very," Oh, no. "happy if she could stay a night over there. We will pick her up the first thing in the morning, I promise."
"It's not about that and you know it," Jungkook sighs, "What if she really misses you and starts crying or something?"
"Then you will call us and we will pick her up." Jungwon says casually as if it's the easiest thing.
And it is. He doesn't know why he's suddenly so nervous about babysitting his own niece whom he loves very much.
"Fine." Jungkook mutters, rolling his eyes playfully as Jungwon exclaims a loud "yes", thanking his younger brother as if he just saved his life.
He supposes that's what happens when you get married and have a child. There is barely any time for romance, Jungwon's face of happiness clearly says it all.
Tumblr media
"Y/N, please!"
"Jungkook, I'm not a babysitter." you murmur, feet tiredly tapping against the floor as you make your way to the kitchen to get rid of your dry throat.
You've come home later than usual, you had to stay overtime with some of the co-workers, along with Yoongi who kept annoyingly showing his irritation every five minutes. Spending your day in heels for more than a half day, the last thing you expected was for Jungkook to jump at you as soon as you took off the annoying heels, trying to include you into something he promised to his brother apparently.
"But you love kids!" he exclaims, right at your heels as he follows you.
"I do," you nod, pulling out a bottle of water out of the fridge as you open the cap and take a short sip because of its coldness. "What if something happens? I don't want to be responsible for that."
"Nothing will happen," he assures you, "Come on, I thought you loved Haru."
"I do, she's cute," you argue, "But she doesn't even remember me. We were there last summer and ever since then I haven't seen her. How do you know if I don't have any plans for the weekend?"
You take a few gulps before you close the bottle and place it on the counter, met with Jungkook's stare.
"Well, do you?" He arches his brow at you as you purse your lips.
"I don't."
Jungkook scoffs, letting out a sigh as he slowly looks up at you. "Didn't you use to babysit? You've got to have some experiences."
His perseverance wants to make you laugh because this man never gives up.
"I did, back at home and it was a few years ago." you deadpan, causing him to sigh again as he slowly walks to you while you watch him warily.
"I could really use your help," he mutters, thumb wiping your undereyes where the mascara is a little bit smudged but you haven't got the time to see your reflection yet. It's been a long day. "Haru is sweet. She's not a spoiled kid, she's actually very calm and we'll have to babysit her just for a few hours because then it's her bedtime."
You stare into his dark orbs, finding them looking at you with those big eyes and a cute expression that makes you groan. It's not like you're against helping him or babysitting his niece. She really was cute the last time you've seen her.
"Fine." you roll your eyes, Jungkook clapping excitedly before you're wrapped by his arms, face pressed tightly against his chest.
Who are you kidding? Of course you would agree one way or another.
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bangtanficsforyou · 12 hours ago
Lovefool (JJK)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, smut, fluff.
Au: established relationship au.
Warnings: swear words here and there, Jungkook is a sweetheart, oral (f), dirty talk, fingering. That should be it.
Summary: You and Jungkook have been in a relationship for a couple of months now but recently, you can't help the anxious thoughts that pop into your mind. Thoughts about his past.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
A pair of hands wrapping around you, momentarily stops you from stirring the delicacy you were preparing. But your movements soon resume when you let yourself relax and get comfortable, feeling the warmth of the body that now clings to you.
"I woke up and you were not there." The voice mumbles in a complaining tone, which you find adorable. Although you can't see him, you can just tell he has his eyes closed and has a cute frown on his face.
The thought itself makes you smile.
"I can't help it if you wake up at ten in the morning!" Elbowing him on the stomach, you add salt to your dish.
A whine is what he replies to you with, letting his feelings of displeasure known. "So what? Doesn't give you the right to take my cuddle buddy away."
You gasp as if offended but you make no move to remove his arms around you. "So I'm just a cuddle buddy, now? Here, I was thinking you were serious about me."
"I'm double guessing my choices, right now."
Finally, you swat at his arms which causes him to burst into a fit of giggles but he still refuses to let go of you.
"I'm sorry, sorry!" He chuckles, amusement clear in his voice, a sound which causes a chuckle to escape from your lips as well.
Once his chuckling dies down, he sighs happily and once again, buries his head in your shoulder. "Seriously, though, I wanted to be the one to wake you up and with my head between your legs."
"Jungkook! I'm cooking!" This time you turn around to face him. Stating the obvious, you try to hide how warm your cheeks have gotten in a matter of seconds.
Come to think of it, you probably shouldn't have turned around because if anything that makes it impossible for your red-tinted cheeks to be hidden.
You swat at him once again, this time at his chest. "Let me cook," you grumble and get back to preparing your dish.
Seeing his attempt partially fail, Jungkook huffs. He calls it a partial fail because he notices the way your cheeks have turned red and if he is to go by that, you are affected by the image that must have appeared on your mind as a result of his words. He knows you're close to giving in.
A fact, you both are aware of.
He resumes his previous position and starts peppering your neck with kisses. Occasionally, sucking and biting the soft skin to leave marks.
Unwillingly, a moan escapes your lips and your breathing gets quicker. Fuck, he knows just how to make you aroused. His warm kisses make you shiver and you feel wetness pool in your underwear.
One of his arms that were around you, now move to be under your or rather his t-shirt. He rests his palm on your stomach and gently draws circles on the surface. The gentleness is in stark contrast with his kisses which gradually get rough and desperate.
"Your skin feels so soft." He mumbles, his eyes now focused on the freshly made red mark on your shoulder.
His voice, however, snaps you out of your trance and you feel a wave of anxiety hit you. The same anxiety, that has been stopping you from being intimate with Jungkook.
Lately, you have been worrying if being sexual with Jungkook will make him realise that he's not really into the whole relationship thingy. It's not that you haven't been sexual with him. You have but there's no denying that it's all still very new. What if after a few times of being sexually involved with you, he gets...bored?
You don't doubt his feelings for you. You know they are genuine, well at least for now. You don't know where they will stand in a few weeks. The reason why your brain often thinks along these lines is because of his past.
Jungkook was known for sleeping around. While he wasn't known for just that, it definitely added to his popularity. He was and is still known as the guy who's good at almost everything, be it sports, studies, dancing or singing. The only difference in his reputation is, that now he's no longer known as the guy who woos the ladies with his charms but never settles down.
The reason behind that change of reputation is you.
Although, when you had first met him, you had never thought that you'd end up dating him. Forget about you dating him, you never thought he would ever be willing to be in a relationship. That idea was just absurd.
When you were his project partner (which is how you two first got acquainted with each other), you had overheard him saying to one of his friends that he does not see himself settling down or being in a relationship and does not see the point in it.
Which is why your surprise was obvious and reasonable when he started showing interest in you. At first, you had thought that he was just trying to get into your pants and thus, you had turned down all his attempts. But he was persistent. His persistence had caused you to believe that he's just not used to hearing 'no' and it was simply a matter of his ego.
Over time, your opinions changed. You could sense the genuineness in his efforts, could see how he was different with you, could feel his gradual change from the fuckboy to the boy he always was, underneath all those layers.
After much thinking, you had said 'yes' to going on a date with him.
You don't think you'll ever forget the look he had when you said that. His eyes lit up as if he held every star in the galaxy in them. His bunny smile was full on display and his nose had scrunched up in sheer excitement.
That's when you had an inkling that maybe, you won't regret going on a date with him.
And you didn't.
He turned out to be a completely different guy from what you had imagined him to be.
A few dates later, you found yourself developing feelings for him. From then on, it was only a matter of time for you to be his girlfriend.
As his girlfriend, you get to see an entirely different Jungkook. A Jungkook who makes you feel all the butterflies, makes you feel seen, makes you feel special. You also get to see a Jungkook who's vulnerable, kind, caring and loving.
It's been two months since you said yes to being his girlfriend. But recently, with your feelings intensifying and knowing what it feels like to have him as yours, you find that the fear of losing him has also intensified. Your mind now comes up with scenarios where he loses interest in you.
If that were to happen, you know you won't be mad at him because after all, it's the first time he has been in a relationship. If he feels like it's not for him, who are you to ask him to stay?
You won't be mad but you'd be broken for sure.
Which is why you have been holding yourself back from having sex with him. So that, just in case, your fears turn into reality, you at least get enough time to savour Jungkook.
You're so lost in your thoughts that you don't notice the kisses stopping.
Unbeknownst to you, Jungkook notices the anxious frown on your face, the way your body has gone tense and your breathing pattern has changed. And it's not the kind of fast breathing that usually tells him that you're aroused.
"Baby?" Jungkook asks, concerned. He gently turns you so that you're now facing him. "Are you okay?"
You open your eyes and hope that your anxiety is not visible on your features as you try to smile at him. "I'm okay. Sorry, I'm just not in the mood right now."
Jungkook frowns. He knows that there's some lie to it. He doesn't mean to sound cocky but he knows the effect he has on you. He can tell whether you're turned on or not, just by your breathing pattern. And he knows that you were aroused. Hence, it's not about that. Something must have been worrying you for you to turn all tense all of a sudden. Something that you're trying to hide by saying that it's about you not being in the mood. Something that you're trying to downplay.
"Babe," he rests his palm on your cheek and gently rubs soothing circles. "I don't mean to sound pushy, but is there something bothering you?"
You glance away, wondering if you should talk to him about it or not. You don't want to hurt him by making him think that you doubt his feelings or him. Because you don't. It's just that no one knows, what they will feel in the future and with his given past, your mind thinks the possibility of him getting bored, is more likely to happen.
On the other hand, you know that your relationship is very fresh and new, and you don't want to bring your insecurities into it and ruin it.
Jungkook takes your silence and thinks you're taking his words in the wrong way. "It's not about you not being in the mood and all. You can say 'no' anytime you don't feel like it, you don't even have to explain it. Please, don't get it wrong. I'm not trying to ask you for an explanation for tha-"
"I know, Jungkook." You cut him off because you do know that. He's never made you feel that way. You know how much he respects you and values your words. You don't want to make him think that you don't know that.
He sighs. "It's just that, I feel like there's something more. I have noticed that lost look in your eyes recently and it makes me worry."
The thought of him noticing your lost look, makes you feel bad. You don't want to worry him. Should you just tell him about your worries? Will that be better? Will that make it easier for both of you?
He places his index finger under your chin and makes you look at him. "I know we have only been in a relationship for two months but if you feel comfortable enough to share what is bothering you, then please do. I just want to help."
His earnest eyes, his plea of letting him help and his warm touch make your eyes well up with tears and you bury your face in his chest to hide them. "It's kind of stupid." You mumble.
Jungkook lets you cry on him, not mentioning to you that he knows that you're crying. "Nothing you say is ever stupid to me." He reassures.
You sniffle. "It's just that I'm falling for you hard."
In usual circumstances, Jungkook's heart would skip a beat at your admission. But now, it causes him to feel anxious because he can sense a but coming. He prays to whatever higher power there is, that you're not giving up on him, because he does not know how he will deal with that. He was not used to good things happening to him but he took a chance with you. He wants to be good enough for you and at the same time, he wants to give himself a chance at happiness. 
He does not know where he will be if you give up on him now, just when he was starting to believe that he was deserving of happiness. 
But he keeps his thoughts to himself, letting out a hum as a sign to let you know that he's listening.
"I'm just scared that you'll leave." As soon as the words are out of your mouth, you feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders but that feeling is soon followed by the worry of how he'll react.
Jungkook thinks he could pass out from the relief that hits him. You're not breaking up with him. But then he realises the weight of your words. You're worried that he will leave you. He never thought that you'd ever worry about that, of all things. Why on earth would anyone be dumb enough to leave you? He thought that it was obvious.
Once again, he keeps his thoughts to himself, letting you vent. "What makes you think that I'll leave?"
"It's your first relationship, Jungkook," you whisper. "What if you get bored? What if you realise that this whole relationship thing is not really for you? What happens then?" You allow your fears to be out in the open and feel Jungkook's body stiffen under you.
Jungkook feels a sharp pain in his chest hearing your words. It doesn't make sense to him. To him, it had always made sense for him to feel that way because he's flawed as fuck, but you? You are fucking perfect in his eyes. He's lucky to be given an opportunity to be with you. He thinks you're a goddess who's decided to be kind enough to give him a chance. That part of him finds it ridiculous because he can never fathom the thought of leaving you.
But now, he thinks he should have considered that you too are a human, that you too, have your own set of fears and insecurities.
He pulls away from you, to look into your eyes. "Is that what's been on your mind, lately?" He asks, keeping his tone gentle. 
You nod. "I'm scared that after a few times of, uhm, having sex with me, you'll get bored." 
Jungkook's features morph into that of pure agony and hurt upon hearing your words, which causes you to hate yourself for ever making him feel that way. 
"Is that what you think of me?" Jungkook feels his heart break.
"Please, don't get me wrong. I don't doubt your feelings for me" You shake your head, desperately trying not to hurt him but knowing very well that you already have. "It's just that, as my feelings keep growing, it's as if my brain screams at me to have my guard up so that I don't get hurt and it always brings back your past to remind me why you might end up leaving me."
You take a deep breath, eyes fixed on the ground. "But I also want you to know, if you ever decide that you're not willing to settle down, don't hesitate to tell me and don't feel guilty about that either. I mean, not everyone settles down and there's nothing wrong with it. It's your choice at the end of the day-"
"That'll never happen," Jungkook says, his voice firm. Although your words hurt him, he understands where you're coming from. It's human instinct to be cautious of situations where they can get hurt and your mind has been romanticising one such scenario. Plus, there's no denying that he used to jump from bed to bed. He was known as the guy who only ever did sex and never relationships.
"Listen," just like earlier, he puts his fingers under your chin to make you look at him. He wants you to see that he means the words he's about to say. "Firstly, thank you for communicating with me. I really appreciate it. Secondly, you're not an experiment for me to decide whether I am a relationship kind of a guy or not."
"I knew what I was getting myself into when I asked you to be my girlfriend. Just because I haven't been in a relationship before, doesn't mean, I don't know what it is. I have seen my parents love and care for each other, and I have seen my friends being committed in their relationships. So, it's fair to say that I know what being in a relationship with someone means." He sees your eyes fill with guilt which causes him to briefly stop. He gently places a kiss on your cheek. "Please don't feel guilty, let me finish."
Despite feeling bad, you nod at him.
He takes it as a sign for him to continue. "Thirdly, and most importantly, I am falling in love with you and there's nothing I have been more sure of, in my whole life." 
You feel your breath hitch. You both have openly admitted to each other about your feelings but neither of you has ever used the word 'love' before. Perhaps, both of you felt that it was too soon to use that word. 
But hearing his admission makes you feel free. Free for you to feel the emotions you have been so anxious about. It feels like you can finally let yourself fall without the fear of crashing. Because he's into it just as much you're.
"Another thing," Jungkook says, noticing how your features have relaxed and although your eyes are teary, he knows that these tears aren't the bad kind. "I know I can be stupid sometimes but I'm not stupid enough to let you go and that's what a person would be if they were to let you slip; stupid and indescribably dumb."
Deep down, Jungkook is aware that words aren't enough. He knows that they might give you temporary relief, but somewhere the thoughts of insecurities are recurring as they keep coming back. For you to let go of that thought pattern, he will have to prove his words. Which will, undoubtedly, take time. But then again, it's only with time that one learns to trust wholeheartedly. 
"Just know that I'll prove it to you. I'll never let those fears come true."
Feeling an overwhelming rush of emotions, you hug him tightly and let yourself feel the relief that courses through your veins. 
You feel Jungkook's arms come up to tightly circle around your waist, making you relax against him. And perhaps, for the first time in weeks, you feel yourself relax both mentally and physically. 
"Are you feeling better now?" 
"I am," you hum in affirmation, speaking the truth. However, somewhere at the back of your mind, you know, you need to apologise to him for the hurt your words must have caused him. "I am sorry though. I know my words must have come across in a very wrong way but I-"
"Shhh, you don't have to worry about it. Like I said before, I am glad that you communicated." He gently stops you from explaining any further. Your words had indeed hurt him but if he were to be in your place, there's no denying that he might have felt the same. He does not hold it against you. "Although I won't lie, for a second, I thought that you were breaking up with me." 
Jungkook had said those words innocently if anything in a joking manner but his words cause you to remove yourself from his hold and to look at him. "Why would you think like that?"
Jungkook shakes his head, not wanting to make this about him. "I was just joking around, don't mind it."
You would have believed his words but then you know him. You know how insecure he can get at times when it comes to you and you're glad that he has always communicated to you about his fears. 
"I'm not going to break up with you and I will repeat that as many times as I have to." Wanting for him to feel the same level of comfort that he has provided you with, you stand on your toes and gently kiss his lips. "You're not the only one who's falling in love." 
As you murmur the words against his lips, Jungkook feels warmth spread through his body. The kind of warmth that removes the cold fears from his heart. Especially, hearing that you're falling in love with him, makes him want to hold you and never let go, simply because he never thought that someone would love him. Even though he knows that you're not in love with him yet, to know that you think he's worthy of it, means the world to him.
He will do everything he can to prove to you as well as to himself, that he's worthy of love. 
For the time being, he settles for expressing his emotions through the kiss. 
He kisses you gently but with passion. Occasionally, nibbling on your lower lip, he enjoys the soft sigh that escapes your mouth, every time he does that. Your hands come up to play with his hair and you gently tug them, making him groan into your mouth. The sound is enough for you to kiss him more vigorously. You let your tongue come in contact with his lips, silently asking for him to let you in. And he does. From then on, its tongues dancing and teeth clashing with each other.
When you both separate from each other, your eyes remain on his lips. The sight of his pink lips being swollen and glistening with a mix of both of your saliva makes it far too difficult for you to look away. 
His thumb coming to play with your bottom lip is what causes your eyes to drift from his lips to his eyes. It's then that you notice the want in them, a replica of the look you're sure, your eyes hold. Your gaze then moves towards his messy hair and boy does it make you imagine things.
Things like would his hair have looked the same had he woken you up the way, he claims he wanted to. Or would it have been messier?  
The thought makes you press your thighs together and you kiss him again, this time with a different kind of vigour. 
Jungkook is quick to understand your intentions, which is why after kissing you for some time, he pulls back. "Babe, you don't have to if you don't want to."
"I want to," you confirm, breathlessly. It's true. Even when you would pull away, you would still want him. It was only your fears coming in the way but now with your nerves gone, nothing is stopping you. 
Jungkook looks into your eyes to be certain that you're sure. When he finds no traces of doubt or fear but just sheer lust, his own eyes darken. 
"Yeah? You want me to make you feel good?" He asks rhetorically. Seeing you nod, he gently kisses the expanse of your neck, feeling you shiver underneath his touch. "Get on the kitchen counter." 
"Counter?" You ask to make sure that you didn't hear it wrong.
Fuck, you did not hear it wrong. 
Gulping, you let your feet carry you to the kitchen counter with your mouth on his. He helps you sit on the slab and softly moans when your hips make contact with his aching-hard length. 
"Fuck, baby you're so hard." Your hand comes to rest on his bulge and you palm him through his trousers, knowing very well that he's not wearing boxers. The sensation of the wet patch that greets you, makes you feel eager to get a taste of him.
Jungkook, however, seems to have different plans as he takes a shuddering breath before removing your hands from his bulge. "We can get to that later. First, I want to eat you out."
You want to object because you know it can't be comfortable for him to be that aroused and not do anything about it but then you notice the determination on his face and decide otherwise. He looks like a man on a mission and his current mission seems to be to please you. It's kind of cute with that adorable frown on his face. You'd have giggled had it not been for him taking a seat on one of the kitchen stools and positioning himself between your legs.
You are simply wearing his t-shirt and a black lace panty, which he thinks makes his job easier. He places his warm palm on your thighs and gently parts your legs. The sight that greets him, has him cursing under his breath. There's a dark patch on your dark piece of cloth, which has his dick twitching in his trousers.
He kisses the inside of your thighs and as he inches closer to your sex, the smell of your arousal greets his nostrils. "You must be so wet." 
You moan at his words, knowing very well that you, indeed, are incredibly wet.
Jungkook lets his nose graze on your clothed heat and his mouth waters at the thought of finally getting to have a taste of you. His tongue comes out to gently lap at the wet spot, making it even darker. 
A whine of complaint escapes your lips at his ministrations. "Don't tease me."
From where he has his mouth attached, he looks up to lock eyes with you. "You don't want me to tease you?" You vigorously shake your head. "Then what do you want me to do?"
"Eat me out." You say, not beating around the bush at all. From the few times that you have been intimate with Jungkook, you know by now that he enjoys and relishes it when you don't hold back and openly admit what you want him to do.
The effect of your words on Jungkook is visible as he quickly gets into action and gets rid of your underwear, leaving your nether regions exposed. 
His thumbs come up to part your lips and you shiver as the cold air hits you. "Fuck, look at that pussy, just as wet as I imagined it to be."
You're about to let out another whine as your patience starts wearing thin but you never get the chance to do so as Jungkook attaches his lips to your clit and begins sucking harshly. The whine that was stuck in your throat, comes out as a moan, instead.
He hums against your cunt, and taps your thigh as a sign for you to look at him while he eats you out. Doing as he wants, you lock eyes with him and the sight that greets you, has you gushing. His eyes look drunk in pleasure as if he's the one who's on the receiving end. The way he sits there with his mouth between your legs as if he is having the time of his life makes you grab his head and hold him there. A move which has Jungkook groaning, sending shivers through your whole body.
"You like this?" He asks, detaching briefly but then he quickly lets his tongue tease your hole. 
"Yes, fuck I love this." You state the obvious.
"Do you want me to tongue fuck you?" He knows very well what the answer to his question is.
"Yes, please." You breathily respond.
"Hmm, thought so. Your hole is clenching around nothing." He's aware you enjoy dirty talk just as much as he does. Your liking towards the crass words is only proved when your hole clenches once again, hard. 
As his tongue penetrates you, you moan loudly and arch your back at the sensation that shoots through your body. Still holding the back of his head, you tug on his hair strands, something you know he enjoys. "Fuck, don't stop. This feels so good."
Although he loves it when you watch him eating you out, the sight of your arched back is something he enjoys equally. He feels his cock leak beads of precum in agreement. His arousal only causes him to quicken his actions and he gets rougher with his tongue. 
"Ah, fuck, Jungkook." You remove one of your hands from his hair and start squeezing your boobs as if your life depends on it.
"Yes, baby play with your tits." He growls and puts his mouth back on your clit. This time around, two of his fingers curl inside your pussy. 
You whimper as you feel his fingers reach the spot that always has you seeing stars. You feel your stomach tightening at his fast and repeated motions, knowing very well that you're close to your edge.
"Jungkook, please don't stop," you beg, desperate to have your release. "I'm about to cum." 
He growls once again and starts flicking your clit with his tongue at a very fast pace. That added with the feeling of his fingers has you clenching and gripping his fingers like a vice.
Your orgasm builds and then it hits you like a tidal wave. As your back arches once more, you cry and close your thighs around his head. That, however, doesn't stop Jungkook from giving a few more licks, this time around a little gentler. It's only when you whine due to overstimulation that he removes his mouth from you.
Your chest heaves as he stands and gently kisses you. The kiss is soft and languid, enabling you to taste yourself on him.
When the two of you part, you look at Jungkook who has a soft smile on his face as if he's glad to have given you the pleasure, the afterglow of which, you're basking in. 
"That was amazing," you giggle, wiping at the corner of his lips where some of your arousal remains.
"Did you expect any less?" A smug look appears on his face.
You shake your head and give him a peck on his lips. "Don't get too ahead of yourself, now."
"I'm not getting too ahead-" he mocks your tone, "-I just know I'm great at giving head." Then, his eyes light up the way it often does. "Hey, that's like wordplay! Too ahead and a head." 
You roll your eyes with a smile. "That's not even funny."
"It is funny though." He grumbles cutely. 
Your heart coos at the sight of his pink lips protruding into a pout. Leaning closer, you place kisses all over his face until his pout is gone and is replaced with a big smile. 
"Is that your way of agreeing with me?" His big doe eyes gleam with playfulness.
"Nah, that's just my way of stopping you from pouting like a baby," you boop his nose and giggle at the way his big nose scrunches up. He's far too adorable for his own good. 
"Your baby," he boops your nose back, his heart feeling full and warm at the sound of your giggles.
In this light moment, you feel your brain quip at you about how what Jungkook said are probably just words and something which will lose meaning with time. This time, instead of giving into it and surrendering to that thought, you realise that it's just a part of you that's trying to protect you. Instead of feeling scared and guilty, for feeling that way, you acknowledge that voice inside your head as if thanking it for trying to protect you. It's only then, that you feel as if you're not powerless against that voice. 
Having found that place where your mind is no longer scaring you, you know you choose to trust Jungkook and his words. Because that's what love is about, choosing someone, choosing to trust in them. You'll let him prove his words to you. You will let yourself fall in love with Jungkook. You'll let that love consume you. And you'll put faith in Jungkook's love that it will erase all your worries and doubts. 
Instead of giving him a verbal response to his previous statement, you loop your arms around his neck and kiss him once again. This kiss is kind of silly, with you two smiling big like fools. But it's also with this kiss, that you feel this reassurance, that the two of you will be okay. 
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Harvest moon
Summary; his parents and a few relatives decided to rent out a treadional place / area for the holidays, which ment being quiet was nesssary if he wanted to feel more than your clothed breast in his sleepy hands.
au: finance reader! Idol jk
paring; jungkook x reader
wc: 2.2k
WARNINGS: masturbation, instructions, moans, oral (m), fingering, handjob, missionary, hard cumming, smut, big cock, dirty talk, trying not to get caught, staying quiet, wet pussy, loud moans, deep throat, vocal jungkook, needy jk
Sleeping next to you on the soft blanket-like bed, his hand softy roamed around your hips and chest like it was nothing. Like his body craved sometimes without telling. The two of you were staying at a traditional Korean house for chuseok with his family, so even if it were to progress it'd have to be quiet.
Awaking softy, he sees his hands gripping onto your slightly clothed breast strumming ever so lightly at your nipples. "mmm, so shameless aren't we?" He whispered in your ear. Smiling, he pulled you closer and pulled the shared cover up more. Before even daring to lift the black cotton shirt of his off, he played with the idea of having your breast bouncing under him. Almost as if that was the future of his actions.
Licking the bottom of his lip, he pinches and pulls at the hardned nipples before reaching over to cover your mouth.
"Shh, they'll hear these walls aren't you proof? the last thing I wanna do I let my parents hear us if I continue" he tells softly, uncovering his hand from your yawning mouth. Dazing across he sees the sun hasn't come up, making it nighttime. However, the moon's bright light came through the interior so beautifully he could've sworn it was morning. Taking a second to take in the atmosphere, he felt calm listening to the gentle breeze of the treea outside. Which was the opposite of him, a needy heart raced guy. A horny one if that.
Inhaling in the harvest moons calming energy, he softly closed his eyes for a second to deeply taken in the relaxed atmosphere in hopes of calming his body down a bit. However there wasn't even a minute between as he sat up to spread your legs apart.
"did you wake up from a wet dream again?" You questioned softly, eyes watching him position himself between your spread-out legs. Chuckling, he pushed his long hair out his face as he went to your eye level to speak.
"Again, I've never stepped getting them. Only this one felt more real and your breast felt so good squished up for my cock" he told, seeing you raise your breast a bit.
"Oh-" you hesitated out of shock, hands going to cover your shy smile before he swat it away.
"Shy now huh, cute" he smiled, sitting on his knees as he began to pull your underwear to your knees. Eyes watching his hands pull up the black polyester pair of panties softly roll up, to then see you quickly covered your hairy cunt.
"Ugh, what's with you and covering up? Scared a little hair would stop me or is it something else?" He teased, swatting your hand away from your lips and taking his thumb to feel up and down the folds gently. Feeling your hips lift a bit in response, he felt assured on taking it further than just his fingers.
"Mm your pussy is so squishy and small, my tip would love to do more than coat you with a layer of cum" he tells, focusing on your lips and the wetness he's feeling build from his words alone. Getting quiet, he takes his middle and index and softly rubs up to your clit as he watches your legs close around him.
"Good girl," he praised, fingers coated with your slick as he toyed with a bundle of joy softly.
"God you are so cute when I rub your clit, make some noise for me at least. Just not too loud, okay," he kindly asked, eyes locked on the simple motion that was circling your clit softly. Nodding you let out breathy whines as you felt his two digits begin pushing themselves ever so lightly at your entrance. With your eyes widening, back softly arched, your hands instantly covered your mouth as you felt the slow but rhythmic thrust of his fingers. With your heart pumping quicker, body oozing at the slightest increase in speed you knew a moan was threatening itself to come out. A loud one if that.
"Please jungkook~" You uncovered your mouth to moan at an arguably low volume. Liking that, he continued and softly pushed his cock through the fly or opening of his black boxers. Moving his eyes to your breast and hands to his cock he jerked himself ever so slightly. Placing your legs close to your chest, he watched your lips push together and puff up a bit between your thighs. Enjoying the view of that, he took your panties off and laid them to the side.
"Mmm would look better with a cock in between" he somewhat warned as he took his hardening cock and rubbed his tip like a credit card between the folds. Feeling the wetness he fell back on the floor and spread his legs open with a finger motion to come here. Raising a brow, you sat up and crawled towards him.
Attaching your lips to just the tip, you softly licked around and jerked the base for making up for the fact sucking him off would be simply too loud and a dead giveaway to those close by. Instead you dribble around the and lick around the head a few times as he watches his cock get excited by the feeling of warmth and wetness swallowing the most sensitive and far by most pleasurable place on his shaft. The orgasmic spot under his tip, the neck of the cock as he called it.
"Good, good, good" he moaned, closing his eyes as you let the fear of being caught up go and started pushing him deeper into your throat.
Moving his hand to the back ofyour head, he softly gripped at your hair to cobtrol the speed of your bobbing head. Hearing the sound of muffled gags, he spreads his legs out a bit further. looking up at him, you watched his black long hair part from his face as he leaned in his back in pleasure. Hearing small grunts and calls for more, you placce your hands at his thigh, gripping them to take him all the way.
Feeling the warm wetness of spit trailing from his tip down his shaft, he felt the slight pool under his ass and opened his eyes. With a big exhale, he took a mental screenshot of your spit covering his cock and another when he pulled your head off seeing it dribble over your chin and shirt.
"Mm, it's a quicky type of night, what position will make you the loudest?" He asked, taking his shirt off and throwing it in the corner. Smiling you sat back and wiped your chin, watching the mess you made on him disperse around his shaft.
"One were pounding can be felt deeply" you told throwing your shirt off near his. Watching it land next to his, you looked back at him, his bigger but soft hand rests on your bare thigh.
"I'm thinking, doggy. But missionary is more in favor here." He smiles, before taking the same hand to remove the damp underwear off and kneel his way over to you. Looking at your cunt, he spreads it open with two fingers to watch it clench on the cool air and without hesitation push himself in.
Moaning softly, you watch as he holds under your knees and thrusts in. Reaching behind your head for a pillow, he leans in a bit and moves his hips deeper. Dropping them soon after, he completely leans over and holds onto your upper torso in desperation.
"Fuck, if it wasn't for pussy looking so swollen to me, I'd take this slower. I need more than a quicky with you" he coughed up, his hips pushing themselves in deeper in your wetness. Moaning, you arched your back and gripped his for support as you listen to just how horny a simple movement made him. Moaning some more, your lips made contact with his and soon enough felt his tounge push it's self deeply as If looking for something. Moving his hips slow, he pulled himself a bit from the kiss to make it less slopy and more enjoyable. Practically Moaning in his throat, he smiled in the kiss while making sure he felt evey inch your body could offer him, even if it ment holding you down to do it.
"Fuck yesh" he repeated, watching your head fall back and eyes roll with it as he slowly went deeper. Watching your teeth sink into your bottom lip, made him pound hard once.
"Mm, let them hear. If they're gonna watch you walk down an isle, they can take a night of hearing you moan out my name" he insits, going back into a rhythmic pace. Understanding him, you alow you mouth to open as he pushes himself deeper to pound. With your body's immediate reaction beeing to spread your legs wide and up a bit, he pushed his own body closer and moved his groaning mouth to your ear.
With your body giving in, load moans left your body naturally as you enjoyed the feeling of your cervix getting pushed and touched by his tip. with your body, simply responding to his thrusts, he allowed his body to tense as if trying to build an orgasm slowly but filled with power. With your toes curling, your cunt lubricated his cock with creamy white cum. Loving it, jungkook bit down into your neck as he allowed his hips to take control of his pleasure.
"Mm, why so wet for me. Enjoying it that much I see." He teased, feeling your body tighten on his throbing membr. Taking the hint, he continued.
"Mm, that's it baby. Spread your legs wider for me" He told watching your legs raise higher and go back a bit more. Kissing your neck, he left a soft hickey and felt your body become oceanic as your cunt filled with wetness.
"There you go baby, say my name when you cum tho. Becuase why wouldn't they want to know thier son treats his love well" he moaned, causing you to close your eyes.
"I'm cumming"
"Say it"
"Jungkook I'm cumming" you repeated, his body enjoying the syllables of his name being yelled loudly in his ear. Feeling your cunt slime around him and his name being moaned without a second thought, it was simply just a recipie for cunt filled with his cum. Almost like begging for one. Instead he pulled out, sat so his cock could be between your breast and waited for you to squish them together with an added bit of tounge. Moaning, he slowly thrusted his tip in your mouth as he watched your perfectly shaped breasts in his opinion create a warm pocket for his pussy drenched cock.
"Good girl," he moaned, watching your breast bounce slightly as you squished them together. Pulling out, your mouth he got on his feet to stand and you got on your knees to suck him off, if not suck him clean. Bending at the knees, he watched your mouth not hesitating to deep throat him as he released strings of warmth down your throat.
"Cumming, ah I'm cumming" he yelled, roaming his hands in your hair softly as he some of his cum get choked up and drooled out your lips. Pulling out, you coughed a bit and he smiled rubbing your cheek a bit. Kissing his tip you watched is softly fall from hard and knew you did a good job. Dropping to his knees he pulled you in a hug and whispered
"I don't think you realize how much you've done to me"
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justimagineok · a day ago
2:30 series - shopping
Tumblr media
masterlist here
"kook, my feet hurts… I wanna lay down on this floor.", you complained again for the 10th time. You've been asking for a break from following Jungkook around this Louis Vuitton store, but he keeps giving you his bunny eyes, making it impossible for you to say no.
"I'm almost finished, babe. Let's go.", he keeps walking holding your hand in his and with the other, he's carrying all his bags. You offered to help him carry but he denied it. "are you sure you don't want anything?", he questioned again, after you convinced him you didn't want anything.
"I'm sure", you smiled at him. Saying you didn't want anything wasn't it all true, but you didn't feel comfortable letting him buy all these expensive things for you. He already bought you so many presents that your mind didn't even want to wonder how much it was.
"hm…", he stops abruptly, letting go of your hand.
"What?", you questioned, when you see the frown on his face.
"babe. you're doing that thing that annoys me again.", he says all serious.
"what am I doing, Kook?"
"saying you don't want something when you want it. Not doing something you want to do.", he states.
"no. No Kook. I don't like when you do that.", he gets close to you again, holding your hand. "what is mine is yours, YN. You still don't get that? What I own has no use if I can't share it with you. It's ours. My time, my love, my life, and that also include my money."
"It's not my money, Kook. You worked for it. It's yours. I don't feel comfortable using it."
"what about when you buy me things? When you cook all those delicious things for me. When you take us out to do something and don't let me pay. That's your money, but I let you spend it on me 'cause I know you like to do that. "
"That's different."
"How so?"
"cause it's for you, Kook. I don't mind doing any of those stuff to you."
He squeezes your hand comforting you. "And I don't mind doing anything for you, YN. And if I can be honest, I feel a little offended when you stop yourself from doing something you want cause you're embarrassed to say it to me. It's just me, Jungkook. Your boyfriend, friend, and future husband if you allow me.", he smirks, making you laugh. "you don't have to wait for me to ask if you want something, baby. You can just take it. It's ours. Ok?"
You look at his eyes, he's waiting for your response with a smile.
"ok, then."
"for real?", he smiles even wider.
"for real.", you smile back. "now let's go buy me some things, huh?", you pull him by the hand. Four hours later, you and jungkook received glances at the store with how many bags you were both carrying. You tried to buy just a earring, but Jungkook was way too excited to let you buy just that.
You didn't complain.
Tumblr media
art from Gyung Studio - not mine
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sugapiiee · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mindlywritings · a day ago
Jungkook imagine
Tumblr media
Title: Legs, Hips, and Body
Genre: smut (Minors DNI)
Pairing: Jungkook x Chubby! Black! Reader
A/N: I told y’all I was gone make a fanfic where Jungkook worships that ass.
Tumblr media
There were a lot of things you were insecure about. Your legs, you weight, your hip dips, and you body in general. So you were wondering how you snatched up Jungkook, like at all. You looked at the physicality of this man and the only thing you can think of is A God. It’s like he was carved and made into this perfect human. From his physical feature, his body, his muscles, his height, to not so physical, his hair, his eyes, his smile, his personality. It was the whole package and more you wondered why you? Well today you decided to ask him.
You and Kook were at home relaxing on the couch when you decided to pop the question.
“Hey Kookie.” You asked.
“Yeah baby.” He said looking directly at you.
You loved how attentive he was, but that was besides the point you needed to focus.
“I was just wondering something, why did you choose me?” You asked.
“I’m sorry choose you for what?” He asked.
“Choose me as your partner.” You said to him.
He turns towards you and looks you in your eyes.
“What do you mean why did I choose you?” He asked.
“I mean you are so handsome and athletic, you are practically the opposite of me.” You said.
“Babe what are you talking about you’re beautiful.” He said taking your face in his hands.
“I mean with my weight, my legs, and my body is so much” you said.
He posted before picking you up over his shoulder.
“Woah! What are you doing Jungkook unhand me.” You screamed.
He ignored you and kept walking until you two went to the bedroom.
He pulls you up so he’s holding your legs.
“Jungkook why-mmm.” You moaned as he suddenly kissed you.
It was hot and heavy. Tongues intertwining and him groaning in your mouth.
“What do you mean why did I choose you, fuck Y/N you are a fucking Goddess yourself.” He said after kissing you.
You felt your face getting hot.
“But my legs…” you started.
“Are fucking delicious looking,” he said gripping them tight. “These legs that wrap tightly around my waist, thes connected to these wide hips that turn me on to no boundaries.”
He thrust his hips up to hoist you closer and you felt his hard member rubbing on the front of your pants.
“And your body, if I could worship you everyday and every night I would because I can’t believe your mine.” He said sucking his teeth.
“Me either.” You said moaning.
“Let me show you how much I want you.” He said messing with you neck kissing down it to your chest.
“Then show me please.” You whined.
He kissed you again but this time he set you down and removed his shirt and grabbed at your tank top lulling up and over your head.
You tits bounced a bit and settled in pace.
“Look at you such a perfect specimen. So perfect for me only.” He said.
You pulled at his pants and pulled out his dick. It’s red tip touched your lips and you slobbered at the thought of putting it in your mouth.
“Go on baby take it in your mouth.” He said tapping your lips again.
You opened your mouth and took him in. He hissed at how warm your mouth was and started to groan. You started hallowing your cheeks. You loved the way he started to thrust his hips forward.
"Can I baby, can I fuck your mouth?” He begged.
“Hmmm hmmm.” You said looking up at him.
“Don’t do that I’ll cum right away.” He said starting to hold your head softly and thrust in the back of your throat.
“Fuck baby you like that, you like me fucking your throat? He said slightly speeding up.
Your eyes rolled back and you gagged on his cock.
“Ooo such a pretty good girl.” He said. “Gonna fuck you dumb to the point that you only know my name.”
You popped off and said “Jungkook!”
“Yes baby what do you want from me?“ he said.
“Please!” She begged.
“Please what?” he said.
“Please fuck me.” She said.
“Atta girl.” he said pulling your shorts off. “No underwear, naughty girl.”
“Please.” You whined.
“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” He said.
He put his member on your clit and rubbed it.
“Ohhh so wet for me.” He said putting his tip near your hole.
He pushed in and took your legs and put them on his shoulders.
“These legs look best on my shoulders.” He said. “Don’t you agree?”
You desperately nodded.
“Me too.” He said thrusting into you.
He held your thighs and fucked you hard.
“Not worthy my ass.” He said with each thrust. “Lucky I don’t have you on me every second of the day.”
You moaned.
“Oh you like that you like the fact that only I can touch you.” He said pushing your thighs back.
He started hitting you g spot and fucking you like his life depended on it.
“Oh fuckkkkkk, babe right there.” You said.
“Right here, right here, am I hitting it baby.” He said thrusting harder at that spot. “Fuck it feels so good, you’re so nice and warm and tight around my cock, you like that don’t you, fucking love fucking you.”
“Junnnngggkook.” You stuttered out. “I-imma c-cum.”
Your eyes were rolling in the back of your head, your tongue hanging out you mouth and you start shaking cumming on his dick.
“Fuck I’m gonna-I’m gonna shiiiitttttt.” He said cumming in you.
You two lay panting.
“I love you and if I have to show you like that every time I will.” He said chuckling.
“I think I got the message, thank you Jungkook.” You said.
He kissed the side of your head and pulled you close.
Tumblr media
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smhtaehyung · a day ago
6 hours ➣ HOUR 2
Tumblr media
summary: After playing a game, things get heated after midnight with Jungkook.  
Masterlist - under construction
Pairings: fuckboy!tae x reader, crush!jk x reader,  jm x crush!reader , hoseok x random
Rating: 18+ minors DNI
Genre: smut, college au, nonidol!au, love cube sorta thing
wordcount: 3.3k
warnings: alcohol use, drug use, slight existential angst, innapropriate sexual comments, graphic depictions of smut, (chapt.2 ~ ), fingering, oral (f. m. recieving), kinky dares, slut shaming, protected sex, overstimulation, thigh kink, dirty talk, spit kink, multiple orgasms, degrading,  face fucking >> reader is in love with jk, jimin is in love with a reader, taehyung is just there being hot and flirty.
Taglist: If you want to be in the taglist, reply to this post or dm me to stay updated :)
Chapter 3 release:
1st of October 2022 > 8 p.m (CET)
Tumblr media
Hour 2 "Jungkook's dare."  Time: [12:13 AM]
 "He's not into you." 
Taehyung's blunt tone was irritating you. He was pointing at Jungkook, of course. 
 "Why are you stuck to me the entire night? I don't need your opinion. Besides, I'm not into him." You took a sip of your gin and tonic, ignoring Taehyung who stood next to you. You were leaning against the doorframe of the living room, observing Jungkook who sat at the couch with Hoseok and some of Jungkook's other friends you couldn't recognize.
 "I'm not!" You scoffed at him.
"Right right."
"What do you want? Am I really the most interesting person to talk to at your party?"
 "Yes." He took a large sip.
"Well I'm not interested." "Interested in what? Having a conversation?" Taehyung smirked, his tone softening. 
 "Okay, how about we go over to Jungkook to talk to him then?" 
 "Tae, stop." You softly pulled on his arm, so he immediately stopped, getting the touch he needed from you. 
 "You're boring. Predictable." Taehyung scoffed, trying to stop looking at you, but his mind was truly teasing him. He thought you were quite attractive but wanted his main mission to remain solid. Also, Taehyung wanted to keep an eye on you, noticing how fast already you were drinking. So, you could say he was experiencing quite a drunken dilemma in his brain.
 So, he made his second mistake of the night - stretching himself out over three plans- 
1. Seeing the party version of you 
2.Kissing you 
3. Taking care of you to feel comfortable, since Jimin had his mind in the gutter and couldn't serve as a friend liability tonight. 
"I don't know why I'm even talking to you. You're so annoying." 
 "Thank you." He giggled way too much at you. "Tae? Are you already shitfaced?" You spoke a sentence he always hated hearing. 
 "I thought you weren't like everybody else." He was so dramatic. 
You chuckled truthfully the first time tonight. Taehyung smiled upon realizing. "Sorry to disappoint you. I'm boring just like everyone else." You slapped his shoulder playfully. 
 "God damn it. Now I have to find the second coolest person here." He played off well with your humor which you appreciated, especially since you were tipsy.
 "Don't you mean the third, since I'm probably taking the second spot?" "Nah, I really think you're the coolest person here." 
He looked into your eyes for longer than a second, which made you overthink his presence. In the shared silence, the common intoxicated confusion hit you after recapping the interaction with Taehyung in your mind. You started to understand a glimpse of what Jimin was talking about. Taehyung wasn't really a bad guy, but a very confused one. You still couldn't tell if his persona was real or totally made up by him.
 "So, before you start acting all cute and I'm stuck with you, let's take a little tour then shall we?" You observed Taehyung, who was acting like a little boy, swinging left to right in a cute boyish manner. 
 "Yeah, I know a lot of gossip about people here." He sounded excited, guiding you towards the dance floor. 
 "No wonder why." You shook your head, following him. The open space living room with a dance floor was giving off a total different energy. You weren't a spectator from the kitchen anymore and you realized most eyes were pointed at you and Taehyung. In Taehyung's defense, this wasn't intentional at all. Okay, maybe a little bit. He just loved attention. Confusion hit you due to loud music that was chaotic to your drunk arms, legs and body, which didn't know how to dance like you're sober. So, you just bopped your head here and there, brining Taehyung closer, who was really enjoying the music and dancing quite well to it. Given he was drunker than you, it impressed you how little he cared.
 "Okay, that girl in the red dress by the sofa? 4 o'clock?" Taehyung sneakily pointed.
"3 o'clock but yeah, whatever. What do you know about her?" 
"Hoseok's party about two years ago. She lost her virginity in the bathroom. And she's one of those loud moaners, you get me? It was so funny." Taehyung's hand found a way to hold you by your waist and bring you closer so he could whisper to you. 
 "She was all like "Ah Jungkook... Ah, yes, like that, yes Jungkook!" He raised hit voice a little bit, making you shake your head at him. 
 "Why would you tell ME that? I don't want to hear that!." You crossed your arms, debating whether to leave immediately. 
 "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot, okay?" Taehyung was speaking somewhat truth. He just didn't pay attention to those things often. 
 "Okay, I definitely don't want to hear anymore gossips."
"Then let's dance." Taehyung pulled you closer to himself, dancing by playing his hands onto your hips, holding your firmly. His large arms made the music feel less obnoxious - you finally felt safe and under control, in a totally weird way. Dancing and drinking with him really was fun. You began to realize why Jimin hung out with him so much. He was fun, cheeky, maybe a bit too forward, but fun nonetheless. And Taehyung brought that fun out of you. So, one of Taehyung's plans for you was really happening in front of him. He was seeing the party version of you, that really reminder him of your younger self, dancing and having fun at parties, talking with many people and engaging in small yet funny conversations. 
You were really funny. You were so funny that Taehyung debated whether to stop making his plans come true and just leave you. You were playing with his mind more than you knew. Your hips moving were making him want to grip them and your cleavage showing off even more was making him want to take a peek of your breasts. He was really seeing you in a totally different light. So, naturally he despised alcohol for entangling his thoughts.
 He knew just what he needed to calm down and not do anything for now. Weed. 
 Before you knew it, you were slipping into a more deeper confusion. Weed. Enemy for the body, healthy for the mind at most parties. You also lost Jimin from the smoking circle in the living room, who after barely smoking any weed, ran off somewhere, first to dance then god knows what. After smoking yourself, you finally became calm enough to just sink into the sofa next to Jungkook, your shoulders touching so effortlessly. Jungkook had already drank a fair amount given by the fact he would close his eyes here and there and just pass on the joint without smoking it. His still and barely moving body gave you comfort, making you love how he seemed strong like a rock but his skin rested incredibly soft. 
It was weird that you were sitting on this couch, between him and Hoseok, who would lean over you to say something to each other every few minutes...or seconds, you couldn't catch up on the passage of time anymore. The usual time slowing high kicked in, making you hate how a whiff of Jungkook's perfume caught your nose without approval. 
While you were trying to observe him even more from your peripheral vision, Taehyung had been staring at you for quite some time already. His eyes changed moods faster than your drug induced brain, his eyes hooded and red from what he's been smoking. At first, he was just chuckling to himself, but soon, his deep voice got even deeper, and tone softer. 
Tick tock. Time moved way too slow and your posture was slouching too much. Soon, you felt as if you merged with the couch and became on, your right arm completely touching Jungkook's strong arm. He realized you made more contact, making you want to immediately start apologizing over the crowded dimmed smoke-filled living room.
 "Oh, sorry. It was so comfortable, I just slid right in." You chuckled at yourself. He thought you were cute. 
 "No, no. Get comfortable. I don't care." He stretched his arm, softly pulling you to himself. You were leaning against him, his warm arms giving you comfort you needed, especially in this blurry and time spinning moment. Taehyung was mad. He kept distancing himself away from any conversation, catching eye contact with you as you were inhaling quickly and many times, running away from sobriety. Taehyung's eyes really were the most powerful weapon to use in the room due to loud music. Taehyung sometimes believed in telepathy, so he was trying to signal you something but was tripping over his own thoughts. Jungkook did, in fact, gain your full attention once wrapping his arm around you, getting comfortable.
"Would you rather..?!" One of Jungkook's friends pointed at Hoseok, who was casually talking to a girl next to him, both flirtatious towards each other. At least someone was good at it. Now, it was a common game they did. Whenever they got bored at parties, someone would exclaim a random truth or dare or a would you rather game to start some conversation, action, drama. Usually everyone booed it at first, but gave into the game quite easily, wanting the drama and gossip. Taehyung loved it. As you couldn't really hear what the person dared Hoseok, you realized it had something to do with him sticking his tongue down the throat of the girl next to him. Taehyung cheered for his friend, laughing along the way. 
"You two. Jungkook." Hoseok got Jungkook's attention fast. "7 minutes in heaven or downing the "devil's" cocktail?" Hoseok asked Jungkook, making everyone intrigued. Jungkook smirked and gave himself a few seconds to decide his own fate. Usually 7 minutes in heaven game usually occurring in the small enclosed space like a closet which didn't involve sexual activity, based on your experience. Some use it for more intimate activities however in high school, on numerous occasions you spent 7 minutes in the closet with various boys, just talking and letting the time pass, avoiding the pressure of your peers who wanted you to fool around with someone. So it was quite flexible. You had quite a few soft kisses shared inside but drunken existential conversations were an reoccurring theme the last time you were at a party. On the other hand, the "devil's" cocktail was disgusting. 
Basically, the dare is that everyone in the room must pour a little of their drink in the empty cup in the middle, the dared one must drink it, and usually, a mixture of so many alcohol drinks tasted disgusting and no one wanted to do it. Jungkook scanned the room. A cocktail containing beer, vodka, white wine, red wine and gin didn't sound great. 
 "See you later." Jungkook smoothly got up and took you by your hand, earning a few cheers from others but you were too focused on Jungkook to even look at Taehyung, who sighed in a disappointed manner, but giggled at how easily you were dragged away by Jungkook. You gulped hard as the two of you were getting to Taehyung's room. He locked the door from the inside. Jungkook opened a quite spacious closet, moving some shirts to the side so both of you would fit. 
 "We really need to get inside the closet?" You chuckled. 
 "You think they're not gonna come and stand by the door...eavesdropping?" 
 "I think Taehyung will for sure." You nodded and obliged, sitting inside. Jungkook sat next to you, closing the blinds shutter. The music from downstairs was heard so faintly, as Jungkook's breaths were louder than it. The slight light was poking through the blinds on the closet door, making your see parts of Jungkook's gorgeous face, but not in it's entirety. 
 "So." He caught you completely off guard, pulling you to to sit on him: If only you were sober to realize how real this moment was. What really took you off guard in the dark was the moment you felt Jungkook's soft lips on yours, attaching themselves firmly. He was doing it so casually.
 "What are you doing?" You pulled away, whispering. 
 "Isn't this how you're supposed to play it?" He cocked his head to his right. 
 "Usually people just talk to avoid stupid dares like this from their friends." You were cursing yourself inside, completely disappointed that in this moment, you went out of your way to sabotage yourself. Pure, dumb panic. 
 "We played it a bit differently." He started squeezing your ass, his half erect member growing each second. 
 "Wanna play?" He chuckled through the whisper, kissing up your neck. His lips tasted of white wine and as you were kissing him, you grew hungry for his touch. He was grinding you onto himself, not letting your lips detach.
 "I want to touch you."  He whispered You hummed in approval, unbuckling his belt to wrap your fingers around his length. Jungkook threw his head back in pleasure, leaving his neck open. You took your shot and started kissing his neck, loving his perfume scent.
 "Hey, Y/N." 
 "We don't have a lot of time so what do you want to do?" He whispered, his voice making you shiver. "I want you to eat me out." You spoke a bit too fast, totally immersed in the moment. Jungkook smiled as he continued kissing you. You got off him and pressed your back against the wooden surface, opening your legs wide. In response, he crawled towards you just to bite down on your bottom lip. Jungkook really reacted fast, sliding his long fingers down your panties. He started rubbing on your sensitive nub in circles, making you moan. He sped up the pace, loving how you sounded. 
 "You like that?" 
 "Y-yes." You moaned, feeling inferior. He immediately took over the dominant role. He left slow sloppy kisses down your neck and chest, stopping at your breasts to play with them. He pulled your top up, sucking on your nipple as his fingers started playing with your other one. You moaned his name, causing his member to feel progressively harder. 
5 minutes left. Jungkook lowered his head towards your heat, causing your inner self to almost implode. He slid your panties off and began spitting on your already wet pussy, spreading the juices with his middle finger. Actually, Jungkook has never seen such a pretty pussy in his life, in this moment, he was so attracted to the dirty version of you, that was so desperate for him. Your fingers were going through his hair, bringing him closer. 
Jungkook buried his face in your pussy, licking between folds. His hands wrapped around your upper thighs as he held a grip of your inner things, spreading your pussy wider. His nose brushed against your clit multiple times, making you grow even wetter. He began kissing around your clit, pressing his tongue against the throbbing nub, making you moan loudly. He pressed you down slightly and you immediately felt his tongue lick circles around your clit, savoring your taste. 
 “Ahh, fuck.“ You gasped, grabbing his hair. Jungkook almost lose focus at how hot your moans sounded. You felt yourself panic a little bit, remembering the horrible gossip Taehyung told you about the girl who slept with Jungkook at a party. You wondered if you were quiet enough, but now you knew why she was moaning. Jungkook was so good at eating you out, it surprised you. It wasn't just because you had a crush on him, he was really proving himself during these few minutes. He flattened his tongue and licked a long stripe up you, groaning at the enjoyable taste. After a few painfully slow kisses and licks, you began grinding onto him, wanting him to speed up his movements. He took the initiative and began kitten licking your clit, making you arch your back and grind onto his face even more. His fast licks got in sync with your fast grinding onto his face. 
“Fuck, you’re so great.” You moaned out, only fueling up his ego even more to use his tongue even faster. 
“Ahhhh, Jungkook.” You moaned his name out as you grabbed his hair again, making him intentionally brush his mouth even harder against your pussy. He groaned as he moved down to your entrance, tongue-fucking you from below. One of his hands held you for balance and his other hand began rubbing your clit fast, the wetness of your heat spreading all over his chin and mouth. You moaned out very loudly, arching your back even further as he rubbed you harshly. 
 Jungkook's dirty mind kept giving him ideas way too quick, so he was really switching his skillful techniques a lot. He slipped aa finger inside you, the wetness making it easy. "
Fuck yourself onto them." He groaned, pushing another finger in immediately. You grinded your hips, taking his long digits inside you. Jungkook new one thing. He knew he needed to see you take his cock tonight because of how much you were squirming in front of him. He was teasing himself a lot as well, brushing his hand against his dick every once in a while. 
"Good girl." He groaned, attaching his lips with your clit. Jungkook spat on your pussy again, being a sucker for sloppy oral. 
3 minutes left. There was so much spit on you, mixed with your wetness. Jungkook sped up his pace, fingering you so fast, you almost felt yourself coming apart. He was really good with his fingers. He began pumping them harder, the sloppy noise filling the tight closet space. You squeezed your breasts, feeling your climax approaching. 
“Don’t stop. I’m gonna come.” You instructed him not to stop, the sensitivity making you whimper above him. Feeling him speed up his movements even more, you wonder how that was even possible. He was going so hard and so fast, you began uncontrollably moaning and wincing that you were sure you topped that other girl's moaning. 
 "Jungkook!” You exclaimed his name as your body stiffened, your orgasm washing over you. He was pumping you through your orgasm, smiling cheekily as he observed you. You shut your eyes and enjoyed every second, listening to his groans under you. Your leg twitched, feeling his tongue move up and down your folds and his hand grope your breast as it reattached from your clit. 
30 seconds. You both chuckled at each other as you pulled your panties, but you reckoned you still had some time left. You began kissing him, moving yourself to sit on him again. You brushed your hand against his rock solid length.
"Hey, why don't you meet me later? I don't think there's time." He giggled, kissing down your neck.
 "We can have a lot more fun." He added, making your almost drop your jaw at his flirty manners and smile. Was this finally happening for you? 
 "Alright. Meet me later." You kissed him again, your tongues playing with each other. 
 "Get out!! Time is over!! Stop playing!!" You heard people speak outside, both of you sighing. 
 "Fun." He spoke sarcastically as he got out of the closet, taking a tissue from the tissue box to wipe his hands. 
 "Very." You adjusted your dress and hair. 
 "You look normal. Pretty." He whispered, his shyness in total contrast to his perverted mind you just experienced.
 "Thank you." You smiled at him and got closer to the door. He cheekily groped your bottom as you opened the door.
 "See you later." He whispered, placing a kiss onto your earlobe. Sometimes, moments like these never feel real once you're at a party. Probably because you have no perception of consequences and  your drunk mind was sort of forgetting his touches. Whatever it was, you could only focus on being thirsty, both ways, really. So, as you opened the door, you made truce with being one of those girls Jungkook fooled with at the party. 
To your intoxicated mind, didn't seem too bad. 
 But were you going to become a product of Taehyung's never ending gossip?
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hisunshiine · 16 hours ago
—cures for idiosyncrasies | jjk
Tumblr media
→ pairing: wai! jungkook x reader → genre/au: victorian era!au, pride&prejudice vibes, fluff → chapter rating: M → wordcount: 3.2k words → chapter warnings: mentions of the patriarchy and sexism women face, alcohol use, hangovers, cursing, patient attacking medical professionals, minor injuries, drowning in Jungkook’s eyes, kissing    → credits: @peachiilovesot7 I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU, and @moonleeai​, you hype me up to the clouds! it makes me enjoy writing so much more because of the two of you and the feedback you provide. → an: I realized that in my world building, I did not adequately explain how debuting, courting, engagements, etc. work in the Whims & Inconsistencies series! Please enjoy this one shot featuring a side character, that touches base on this in a way that I hope is easy to understand but also is hidden within a fun one shot! → an2: This is part of the whims and inconsistencies series but can be read as a stand alone, though this chapter does contain a spoiler of chapter 6 of WAI and a lot more would make sense if you read this after chapter 6 (or 7) .
Tumblr media
whims & inconsistencies: series masterlist   map of Sonyeondan taglist: @[email protected]​ 
Tumblr media
You’ve lived in Sonyeondan all your life. This quaint town with a citadel in the middle is all you’ve ever known, never having ventured north to the capitol, as women are not allowed to go for formal schooling. Exceptions have been made recently, sure, but not in the areas that you are interested in. Your father is a physician, well known in Sonyeondan and surrounding areas, as he serviced several other towns nearby. Growing up following his long coat and lambskin bag of medical supplies, your interests are in medicine. 
Unfortunately, women are “too delicate and sensitive” to be in such occupations, so despite all of the knowledge you have gleaned over the years with your father, your choices in medicine are to be a midwife. Indeed, you did like babies and children, but you hate how limiting your options are. It feels like a waste to your intelligence to be stuck in one specific field of medicine, and for it to be looked down upon, as if child rearing in any capacity was delicate or sensitive. 
The patriarchy could suck bollocks for all you care, but you must abide by its rules nonetheless. Thankfully, you benefit from your father’s positioning within the hierarchy of professions, which means now that you have debuted into society, you’re able to have almost any man your heart desires, with a hefty dowry to the man who takes you into his family. 
Sitting at the table in the front room of your father’s clinic and apothecary, you check-in a man you know well. Park Jimin is lithe, with a lean frame and beautiful angles outlining his gorgeous face. He is best friends with Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook, who you know of pretty well. Taehyung and Jimin have been frequent flyers in the clinic more recently the past few months, often with a diagnosis from your father of a “two-penny hangover”. 
Lord knows the amount of alcohol the three consume could put the rest of the country to shame, and their behaviors that pair with it are best described as despicable. It wasn’t always that way, but ever since you heard that Lord Kim had fallen ill, Taehyung seemed to come around more often for tonics to cure his head ailments, dragging Jimin more often than not. 
Jeon Jungkook, the last of the scallywags, never dares show his face here when nursing his consequences from a night out, as he is the apprentice of your father. And what a handsome, muscular, infuriating apprentice he is. 
You’d instantly taken a dislike to Jungkook when you met him on his first day at the clinic almost a year ago. Proud and sarcastic, you hated the way he walked around as if he was so accomplished, when he was a novice in this world, your world, if the patriarchy would ever let you be more than a midwife or the secretary in your father’s business. 
With an exasperated sigh, you call Jimin over to you so that you can gather information for when he sees your father. Jimin is slow moving, but you can’t help but to eye his fluid motions, his body still spectacular despite his hangover.
“Could you possibly lower your voice, YN? My head aches fiercely.”
You roll your eyes as you hold the metal nib tightly in your hand, akin to clenching your fists. 
“I am but speaking in a normal volume, Park Jimin-ssi. Now, you should know this questionnaire by heart.”
“Indeed. Park Jimin. Twenty-six. Headache. Possibly from the amount of ales given to me at the tavern.”
“Wow, I’ve written this so many times over the past few months, if only I had access to a printing press to make copies so I no longer tire out my hand.”
Jimin laughs at your joke, despite it being at his expense, and you can’t help but smile at his good naturedness towards you taking the mick out on him.
“I’ll let my father know you are here, and get started on that tonic I am sure he will prescribe for you so you can get home and feeling better faster, okay?” Despite the reputation their gang has garnered over the last year or so, your interactions with Jimin never seem to line up fully with what you’ve been told. Nor Jungkook, but you push the thought out of your mind, not wanting to think about all you’ve gotten to know about the young, promising physician. 
“Thanks, YN, you are the woman of my dreams right now.”
You can’t hide the warmth that rises to your cheeks at his words, though you almost spill your small bottle of ink when you hear his friend's voice from behind you.
“Now, now, YN, shouldn’t you wait for your father to tell you what he needs? Wouldn’t want to go wasting any of the ingredients because of an assumption.”
“Hello to you too, Jungkook. I’m surprised you’ve made it in today. What with Jimin here as a patient, I would think you would be in a similar state hiding out from my father.”
He places his hands on the table you’re sitting at, leaning into your space with a wicked smile gracing his handsome face. You hate the way his proximity leaves your thighs rubbing together. You hate Jungkook. Why does he make you feel this way?
“YN, do you think so lowly of me?”
“Someone needs to—or else your hubris would take you aflight and carry you off to another town…actually maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.”
“Don’t deny it, you would miss me if I were to leave.” Jungkook brings himself impossibly closer, his lips almost brushing yours as he continues in a whisper, “I would surely miss you.”
You ache to pull him closer, part of you wanting nothing more than to punch that cute mole under his luscious bottom lip, and then kiss it better. He moves back suddenly, the patient slip for Jimin in his hand as he heads back through the door to deliver it to your waiting father.
Tumblr media
“Why do you toy with YN so much?” Jimin’s head feels much better now that he has rested and drank the tonic he was given. “One would gather that you were interested in courting her.”
Jungkook leans his head back onto his mattress from where he sits on the floor, resting after work while Jimin sits cross-legged atop his bed.
“She is just fun to wind up, Jimin. Plus, she’s smart, she jokes back with me instead of running off in tears, and I quite enjoy the view.”
“And still, you evade my questions. YN debuted at the beginning of the season. She has yet to be engaged to anyone. Your family must be interested in you starting a family—mine sure is, and our mothers gossip far too often for you not to be feeling the pressure as well as I.”
Jungkook nods as best as he can from the angle his head is at.
“I mean, yes, they want me to settle down, start a family, everything that I am sure they pressure you to do. Unlike Taehyung, we are not the third child free to do what we please, when we please.” He closes his eyes briefly. “Courting YN wouldn’t be bad, but since she has already debuted, would she not be expecting an engagement soon after?”
Jimin hums slightly, running his fingers through his hair, effectively messing up his tresses in a good way.
“Yes, if you had courted her before she debuted into society, you would have had much more time to get to know her and see if you would be compatible in a relationship. However, with Lord Kim’s condition—may he rest in peace—we did not have much time to spend on women in a serious capacity.”
“Yes, being there for Taehyung, while I would not trade that for anything, did seem to negatively impact my ability to marry for love.”
“Always the lover, you are. It’s a wonder you’re still on the market,” Jimin teases, lacking malice. He was happy that his friend wanted to marry for love. Yes, Jimin may have bedded several women in his lifetime, but love and sex were not the same to him. Jungkook, however, could not separate the two, and had yet to lose himself to the pleasures of being buried to the hilt below a woman’s skirts.
Don’t get him wrong, he had been close plenty of times, and had buried himself in mouths a plenty, not nearly as innocent as his heart on his sleeve would suggest, but Jungkook often wondered why he was still on the market too. Probably because he harbored a crush on his mentor’s daughter, the beautiful woman who couldn’t stand him.
“Though I think you actually know her quite well despite having never courted, if not YN, then…couldn’t you just choose any woman who pleases your eyes and then, I don’t know, use the engagement period to get to know her?”
Jungkook frowns at Jimin from below him.
“And then if she’s a total dimwit? Or what if we just aren’t compatible at all?”
“I know it is not…ideal, to end an engagement, but it won’t hurt you as much as her. She’ll seem as if something is wrong with her, but in a few weeks all of the girls will be flocking to wed you.”
Jungkook rakes his fingers through his hair, not liking the odds. It also was quite unfair that everyone assumed a broken engagement meant something was wrong with the woman. When people break off courtships, no one cares, but as soon as you cross into engagement, that’s when the woman becomes damaged goods.
“Or, Jungkook, hear me out. You could possibly talk to YN’s father. I’m sure that he would love to have his apprentice as his son-in-law, train you right up to take over the family business and have YN by your side.”
Sighing, Jungkook folds his legs until he is able to rise up off the ground and flop onto his bed dramatically. It’s not that he hasn’t already thought of this. He’s spent a lot of time around you at work, and he thinks you're beautiful, intelligent, passionate, and funny. You have similar interests and if you didn’t hate him, Jungkook is sure you would be open to the idea.
“Yeah, Jimin, I’ll think about it,” he says, hoping to get Jimin off his back about it. “I’ll talk to her, see if there’s a chance.”
Tumblr media
At home, you sit at the formal dining table with your parents for dinner. You had returned home before your father to help your mother with some sewing, and now the three of you dine and talk.
“YN, have you thought any more about men we could invite over? You’ve been out in society for some time now, and have yet to promenade or be courted by anyone for over a week. Why, that orphan was seen multiple times with Lord Kim Seokjin and she only just arrived back to town when you debuted. The men here have known you for ages.” Your mother clutches her porcelain cup in her dainty hands, sipping from it while she waits for your response.
“Exactly, Mother. We have seen each other grow up, witnessed each other's ugly years and embarrassing moments. I am probably no more attractive to them than they are to me.”
Your mother tsk’ed into her tea.
“Please, don’t be so dramatic, YN. What about that nice young man who works with your father?”
You and your father both say his name with different tones. You with incredulity and your father with interest.
“Yes, the Jeon boy. He’s grown into his features, which are rather striking. I hear the way the women talk about him when he’s brought up in conversation. You two would make beautiful children.”
Groaning, you use your hands to hide your face. You do not expect the conversation to detour into Jungkook being a potential suitor.
“I—Jungkook and I—You see, I am not sure he and I would be a compatible match.”
The eyebrows on your father’s face furrow in confusion.
“Really, YN? I disagree. As my apprentice, he shows a lot of the same qualities I see in you. Why, if you were a boy, you would be just like him! It is a shame though, really. I wouldn’t need to train him to follow in my footsteps if that were the case, but imagine! If you were to marry, the business would stay in the family.”
“But Father, he’s so prideful, walks around like he’s so great and knows everything—”
“Yes, quite identical to my only child seated across from me.” His eyes twinkle in the light, full of mirth. “Don’t think I am so old that I don’t hear the way you show off your knowledge in front of him.”
“But Father!”
“I love you, YN. But your mother is right. You have now debuted into society and the dowry sits there, gathering dust in our coffers. And we may not be old, but we would like to have grandchildren some time before we are too tired to play with them—”
“Really, Father! You want to sell me off to the highest bidder so you can have grandchildren? Was I not enough of a handful for you?”
“Oh, darling, you still are a handful!” Your mother laughs, and your heart squeezes at the way your father looks at her, reaching for her hand across the table in joint laughter at their pride and joy: you. 
This is why you haven’t settled yet. You want a love like what your parents have, to create a home warm and inviting after a long day of dealing with the turmoil of this world, with strong arms to wrap around you and keep you safe. Strangely enough, in your mind when you picture it, those arms look strangely familiar: muscular and in a coat that hangs next to your father’s at the end of the work day.
Tumblr media
It is to no one’s surprise when the Citadel’s homeless shelter sends word to your father’s clinic right at the end of the day that they need him to come help. Coughing, sick children fill their rooms, and they insist a physician is needed so that people can sleep through the night. 
You are about to leave to meet with your mom, leaving Jungkook to close up when said apprentice comes to you slightly panicked. He looks good as ever, hair pulled back in a short ponytail. It makes him look much more serious, respectable as a physician, and better allows you to see his eyes: doe-like and filled with warm fire-like embers. 
“Your father has been called away to the Citadel shelter and there is a man at the back door. He’s raving mad, and I can’t get him to make any sense to help him.”
You stare, a little shock running through you that his pride allows him to come to you for help, but then you’re moving to help, feet on autopilot.
“Let me see if I recognize him.”
Following Jungkook down the hall, you step into the room behind him, smelling the man in question before you see him. He doesn’t look familiar, with greying hair and more rotund then you expect him to be. Typically someone who cannot afford to dress well cannot afford to eat well either. He sits on the medical exam table your father built, and even in this position you can tell that he is tall. 
“Sir? Can you please tell me what brought you in this evening?”
“That dumb cunt, the audacity to mess with me things, grubby paws stealing me money.” He continues to ramble on in a gritty voice, clearly agitated. His hands gesticulate wildly as his mouth moves, volume dropping in and out. 
You step around Jungkook despite him reaching out for you, his hands grazing your waist. You regret leaving the safety he provides, but the man doesn’t seem to register that anyone has returned to the room. You approach him slowly, arms open and down by your side to show you aren’t a threat to him.
“Sir? We want to help you, but we need to know what’s wrong. Are you injured anywhere?” 
His eyes snap towards you with a quickness that startles you into stepping backwards. It’s not fast enough, and the man lunges for you, hands grabbing your throat.
“Cunt stole all me money! Give it back!”
It’s hard to breathe and your heart feels as if it’s trying to escape your chest. You fight back against his hold, arms scrambling against his fingers where they meet your neck, but your vision goes spotty, darkness on the edges creeping in. You hear loud noises, a voice yelling as air rushes into your lungs. You gasp, seeking oxygen to clear the fog that formed in your brain in the panic. Blinking several times, you take in the sight of Jungkook pinning the man to the ground safely. The man lays prone on the floor, Jungkook’s thighs on either side of him while he uses one hand to hold the man's wrists behind his back.
He doesn’t struggle, in fact, he lays still, muttering under his breath. Jungkook’s chest rises and falls quickly, his hair falling loose to frame his face from the hair band that he had used to tie it back. Letting the rest of his hair fall free to join the other strands, he uses the tie to bind the man’s hands behind his back. Testing the man’s movements, Jungkook slowly releases his wrists and the man just lays there, lost in his own world again. Jungkook looks to where you lean against the wall, those fiery, ember eyes wide and searching, sending a heat across your skin as he moves across the ground towards you and asserts that you are okay.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know he would become volatile when he saw you, I shouldn’t have put you in danger…your father will never forgive me.” His voice is a low whisper, so as not to disturb the raving man, and once he reaches you, he kneels and sits back on his heels. Hands reach for your face, holding you gingerly as he turns you this way and that, making sure you have full range of motion without any pain.
“It’s okay, Jungkook. Thank you for saving me.”
Your eyes lock with his, and for a moment neither of you say anything. His thumbs still, resting on your cheeks as his large hands cup your face. “I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you, YN.”
He moves in the time it takes for you to blink, eyes shutting as his lips press delicately to yours. You breathe him in, moving closer as if an invisible thread was being pulled to decrease the space between you until there isn’t one. His tongue flicks against your closed lips, and you separate them, allowing him to taste you. Deepening the kiss, you let out a soft moan, one that brings Jungkook back to the present. He pulls away from you slowly, as if he doesn’t want to, but there’s a senile man in the room with you and while you both appear pleased with this turn of events, you know that it’s neither the time nor the place for it.
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whims and inconsistencies series masterlist —thank you for reading! feedback is greatly appreciated!! please let me know what you think of this story!
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The Secret Garden | m.list
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Welcome to the secret garden! Come walk down the pathway and enter through the iron gates, and come find the wondrous surprises waiting for you. This is the place where dreams come to life; where wishful thinking and vivid imaginations become reality. This is the place where lonely hearts and broken souls can find their homes and where dreamers and lovers become one in the long summer nights filled with passion. Embrace the magic that lies between the spread of green grass, the flower beds, and the lines of thick, evenly cut hedges. Listen to the enchantments and whispered words of love echoing through the air, escorting you right to where you can find solace and freedom, and where your desires manifest into something that is honest and true.
❂ This month’s writing game was Hosted by House Yoonus and it’s Head, Professor Dia
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⁂ oxytocin ⤠ @chemicalpink​    ➳ jeon jungkook x reader         ↳   « begging, exhibitionism, clit spanking, blindfolding, delayed orgasm, overstimulation, light bondage, cum play, impregnation »
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⁂ heaven sent ⤠ @aquagustd​   ➳ jung hoseok x reader        ↳   « marking, spanking, begging, praise, breast play, sensory play (ice play), delayed/controlled orgasm, overstimulation »
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Past Quidditch Matches
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